Suck show for the sitter

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he or she is more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment the young person rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in an open society like ours.

Darla Adams' story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way. Breaking the moral code she has believed in. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any wanton new experience. Indeed, she makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that this girl is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just the pleasures of the flesh.

SUCK SHOW FOR THE SITTER -- the story of a young girl's struggle to find herself, and the experiences that carry her over the threshold into the young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.

Chapter ONE

Darla Adams sat absorbed in a late-night movie on TV, hoping the film would get a lot naughtier than it already was. It was a French movie, but she wasn't bothering to read the subtitles.

The petite teenager was on the edge of her seat as she watched the movie couple, a young man and woman, taking off their clothes. They started kissing and caressing, and Darla shivered with excitement.

Maybe, finally, she was going to learn all about sex.

The movie couple slipped onto a bed, and the action got even hotter. They were really kissing now, sticking their tongues in each other's mouth, and the guy was playing with the girl's tits. Darla felt her own tits swelling with arousal, her nipples going stiff.

The young man ran his hands lower down the girl's sleek body, but the movie didn't show what he was doing. Darla moaned with impatience. She was dying to know what men and women did in bed. The girl in the movie was whimpering with excitement.

Then the camera started moving lower, and Darla saw that the man was touching the girl between her legs. The pretty teen almost slid out of her chair. If the movie went an like this, she'd soon have the answer to all her questions.

Then Darla leaped up with a startled cry as the front door opened. The couple she was babysitting for, Carol and Tom Carter, walked in the door. Carol took one look at the. TV screen and frowned with disapproval.

"Darla, shame on you," she said. "You know you shouldn't be watching stuff like that."

"Oh, I know, Mrs. Carter, I was just about to change the channel," Darla lied.

"Ah, honey, don't be so hard on her," Tom Carter laughed. "It's just natural curiosity."

But Carol wasn't going to change her mind. "Turn the TV off, Darla," she ordered. "It's time you went to bed anyhow."

"Yes, ma'am," Darla sighed. "I'll see you in the morning."

Darla had an arrangement with the Carters to stay over night at their house whenever she babysat. The Carters went off to their room, and Darla made up a bed on the couch. She wished she could watch the rest of that fascinating movie, but she didn't dare. Carol might come to check on her.

Darla changed into her nightie and crawled under the covers, but she didn't feel a bit sleepy. She just felt a weird kind of restlessness, and her virgin pussy was all swollen, hot and steamy. She could never sleep when she felt like that.

She wondered why she got that hot sticky sensation between her thighs every time she thought about sex or saw a cute guy. If only her mother would tell her these things! But Mom was such a prude and so strict! She insisted that only bad girls were interested in the facts of life.

Well, Darla didn't feel like a bad girl, but she was dying of curiosity.

She wondered if the Carters were going to make love tonight. They were a young, attractive couple, very much in love, and they were always kissing and hugging in front of Darla. Maybe they did a lot more than that in the privacy of their room.

Darla slipped off the couch and padded barefoot down the hall. She knew it was wicked to spy, but she just couldn't resist. She had to get the answers to her questions. She reached the door of the master bedroom, dropped to her knees, and peered through the keyhole.

Tom and Carol were taking off their clothes. Carol was down to her bra and panties, and she was standing at the dresser brushing out her long blonde hair. Tom couldn't take his eyes off her as he stepped out of his pants.

"Did you like the movie, honey?" Carol asked.

"Yeah," Tom leered, "but I like you a lot better."

Wearing only his jockey shorts, he crossed the room and stood behind his wife, reaching around her and cupping her fully packed bra. He grinned at her in the mirror, and Carol grinned back, then shook her head.

"My God, you're a sex fiend," she laughed.

"Any objections?" Tom said.

"Mmmmmmnm, no," Carol purred as he squeezed her tits.

Darla was really glad she'd decided to spy. This scene was as good as the movie she'd been watching. Nobody was going to turn the program off, either. She had a hunch she was finally going to get the sex education she craved.

Now Tom was unhooking Carol's bra and slipping it off. Her tits were big and gorgeous. Darla sighed with envy, wishing her own apple-sized tits looked like that. But maybe she still had some growing to do.

Tom grasped the waistband of Carol's panties and started to inch down the little lacy garment. Carol shivered and sighed. He helped her out of her panties and remained on his knees, kissing and playfully nibbling her cute little ass. Carol giggled and set down her hairbrush.

"I bet I know what you want," she said.

"Yeah, and I want it right now," Tom said hoarsely.

He rose, picked her up, and carried her over to the bed. Darla was ogling the young wife's body, envying her mature curves and her lush golden cunt bush. Carol really was a beautiful woman. No wonder Tom could hardly wait to get her into bed.

But what were they going to do when they got there? That was the big mystery to Darla. Her parents wouldn't tell her anything about sex, and they'd even forbidden her to take the sex education class at school. In fact they wouldn't even let her date.

So Darla wanted to know a million things.

She watched breathlessly as Tom set Carol down on the king-sized bed. Carol reached up and gabbed his shorts and tugged them down. Darla clapped a hand to her mouth, stifling a gasp of surprise.

She'd known men were different from women, but she hadn't known just how some of the older girls at school told her that guys have a thing called a cock. She figured she was looking at one right now.

It was enormous and scary-looking. The thick slab of meat stuck out stiffly from Tom's lower belly. It was bulging with blue veins and dripping cream. He stepped out of his shorts, and Carol wrapped her fingers around his cock and started pumping it, smearing the cream over his meat.

"Mmmmmm, you have such a beautiful prick, honey," she sighed.

So that thing had another name? Darla was storing up every bit of information she could get. In the fall, when she went back for her senior year of high school, her parents were finally going to let her date and she wanted to be ready.

As Carol petted Tom's prick or cock or whatever it was, he got kind of flushed and began to breathe loudly and harshly. He seemed impatient. Finally he just rolled onto the bed, rolling Carol with him, and he ended up half on top of her.

"You're driving me wild, baby," he growled. "If you don't watch it, you're gonna get fucked."

Carol just giggled, but Darla turned red. She'd heard the word fuck before, and she'd seen it written on walls all over town. She knew it was a very naughty word. She just didn't know how exactly what it meant.

Now Tom was saying that he was going to do it to Carol, and she didn't seem upset about it. Just the opposite. She put her arms around his neck and started kissing him, sticking her tongue in his mouth. She arched her body and rubbed her pretty golden cunt bush against his cock.

Darla didn't understand much of what was happening, yet it was making her hotly excited. Her virgin cuntslit was so swollen and hot, it ached. She had a strong urge to touch herself there.

She'd had that urge many times before, but she'd remembered her mother's stern warning never to touch herself between the legs. It was evil and dirty, Mom said. But Darla wondered why she wanted to do it so badly. Her every instinct was urging her to do it.

What the hell, Mom wasn't here watching her. She could get away with it. While she watched the Carters rolling around on the bed kissing and pawing each other, she slipped her hand between her thighs and touched her own pussy for the first time.

"Mmmmmm," she gasped.

It felt great to touch herself there. But she had to be very quiet. No more sighs or gasps, because it would be so humiliating if the Carters heard her and caught her spying.

She ran her fingers over the swollen scalding folds of her cunt gash, finding out where it felt best to be touched. Tom must be doing the same thing to Carol now. He had a hand between her legs, and she was moaning. Darla wished she could see exactly what he was doing.

"Mmmmmni, honey, you're getting me so hot," Carol moaned.

"Yeah, that's the whole idea," Tom chuckled.

His hand moved faster between her thighs, and it was very frustrating to Darla, because she couldn't tell what he was doing. She did some experimenting of her own, touching every inch of the hot engorged flesh between her legs. She soon found the place she liked best -- a small lump at the top of her pussy.

It was supersensitive and throbbing, and just her lightest touch there felt fantastic. She rubbed her finger stiffly over the pulsating bud and felt hot stabs of pleasure. She could hardly keep from whimpering and moaning.

"Unnnnhhhh, yes, Tom, play with my cunt!" Carol gasped.

Darla saw that he was rubbing at the top of her pussy, just where Darla was rubbing herself. That thing had a name, too. It was a cunt. She was definitely enlarging her vocabulary tonight. And she was learning how to give herself incredible pleasure.

She kept rubbing her finger over her clit as she watched Tom arousing Carol. Soon the pretty blonde housewife was sobbing with excitement, and Tom's hand was covered with her spurting cream. He drew back, grinning wickedly.

"How'd you like some of this, baby?" he said, wagging his rigid cock at her.

"Oh, God, would I ever," Carol moaned. "Tom, you devil, I'm so horny I could scream." Horny? Darla thought she understood that word, too. It meant the way she and Carol were feeling right now, with their pussies on fire, and their excitement at the boiling point. But what was Tom going to do with his cock? He'd asked Carol if she wanted some of it. Darla didn't understand.

She soon found out. Carol bent and spread her nice long legs, fully exposing the soaked pink flesh of her cuntslit and its pretty fringe of blonde curls. Panting and flushed, Tom knelt between her legs and fisted his massive prick.

"Yes, darling, stick it in me," Carol moaned. Darla went wide-eyed. What did Carol mean by that? Tom pressed the huge purple head of his cock against the mouth of her cunt and started pushing the thing into her. It looked like her delicate pussy lips were going to split.

Darla trembled, waiting for Carol to scream with pain. But it didn't happen. Instead the young blonde moaned with delight, her pretty face twisting into a lusty mask. Thick hot cream spurted from her cunt and ran down her ass crack.

"Ohhhhbh, yesssss!" she wailed, "get into me, Tom, fuck me."

There was that word again. Darla forgot playing with herself. Her whole attention was on the Carters as Tom eased his huge hard cock deeper and deeper into Carol's cunt. To Darla's amazement, it didn't seem to hurt Carol at all. In fact she loved it.

"Give me all of it, honey," she panted. "Mmmmmnim, God, yesssss!"

"Ahhhhh, Jesus!" Tom groaned.

So this was fucking? This was what men and women did in bed? Darla was really surprised. She hadn't expected anything like this. But then she'd never seen a cock before, and she hadn't known what they were used for.

NOW she was finding out. Tom pushed his cock as far as it would go into Carol's cream slick pussy hole. Then he started pistoning it inside her, his ass knotting and jerking. The big blue-veined slab of prickmeat jerked in and out.

"Yeah, fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" Carol wailed.

"Ummmmhhhh, baby, your cunt's so hot!" Tom moaned.

Darla couldn't understand why that would feel good to Carol, but it obviously felt great. Carol was clawing the bed and jerking her hips to Tom's movements, taking his fat hard prick as deep as she could get it.

"Oh, darling, I love you to fuck me!" she sobbed.

"You better believe I love fucking you, baby!" Tom panted.

Darla felt her own hot pussy sizzling and throbbing against her hand. She started playing with her clit again, and it felt so damned good. She sawed her finger stiffly over the swollen nub and drenched her fingers with her dripping cream.

Meanwhile Tom was fucking Carol faster and faster. Darla could hear an obscene sucking noise as his thick cock reamed out his wife's pearly cunt juice. She could hear their hot sweaty bodies slapping together. It looked brutal, but they were having so much fun.

Darla was having a pretty good time herself. She was getting her curiosity satisfied at last, and she found it really exciting to spy on the fucking couple. But the most fun thing of all was learning to play with herself.

How come Mom had forbidden her to do this? Darla couldn't see anything wicked or dirty about it. It just felt great, and it was easing that strange ache in her pussy. She rubbed her finger faster and faster over her swollen clit.

"Harder now, honey," Carol moaned, "fuck me as hard as you can, Tom."

Tom snarled with lust and fucked into her so hard that the big bed began to rock and creak. Darla thought the bed was going to collapse. Clearly Tom and Carol didn't care if it did. They were going at each other like rutting animals.

"Unminhhhh, honey, I'm gonna come so good!" Carol sobbed.

There was another new word, come. Darla didn't know what it meant, but she was very close to finding out. She saw Carol's body arch and stiffen, and then a second later the pretty housewife was bucking and screaming.

"Ooooooooh, Tom, you did it to me, I'm cominggggg!" she cried. "Ooooooooh, shit, whaaahhhhh!"

"Take my load, baby, awwwwww!" Tom bellowed.

Darla didn't know what all the excitement was about, but a second later she was in on the secret. She rubbed her finger hard across her clit and started climaxing like crazy. Pleasure ripped through her body as she experienced her very first orgasm.

"Ooooooh, shit, aahhhhhh!" she howled.

She was lucky. Her helpless cries were drowned out by the noises Tom and Carol were making. She rolled around in the hall, her body wracked with pleasure, till she'd drained every last drop of sensation from her spasming cunt.

"Wow!" she breathed, "sensational!"

Chapter TWO

The next night Darla was babysitting for another young couple.

Kim and Bob Warner. She'd agreed to alternate between them and the Carters for the sum, ma. But she was finding it hard to concentrate on her work.

She got the kids to bed as early as she could, then curled up on the couch to watch TV. Her thoughts soon drifted from the program. She couldn't forget all the exciting things she'd seen last night when she spied on the Carters.

She wanted to see more. She'd be allowed to go out with boys in the fall, and she wanted to be ready. If a boy tried to make out with her, she wanted to know how to behave, so the more information she got, the better.

That was what Darla told herself, anyhow. What she really meant was that she wanted to spy on the Warners.

Okay, so it was naughty, but she just couldn't resist. Spying on Tom and Carol had been the most exciting experience of her young life. Tonight she might have another opportunity, and she wasn't going to pass it up.

When Bob and Kim got home a little after midnight, Darla was already tucked in her bed on the couch, pretending to sleep. The young couple looked in on her and quietly turned off the lights, then went down the hall to their bedroom. Darla slipped from her bed and followed.

She peeked through the keyhole and saw them undressing. Kim was saying, "Darla's such a nice girl. I'm so glad we got her for a babysitter."

"Yeah, she's nice, all right," Bob replied, "but sometimes I worry about her. Her parents are so damned strict. They haven't told her anything about real life."

"But Bob, don't you think kids grow up too fast these days?" Kim said. "Maybe her folks are doing her a favor."

"I don't think so," Bob said. "My God, she's going to be a senior, and she obviously doesn't even know the facts of life."

I do now, Mr. Warner, Darla thought mischievously.

And tonight she was going to add to her knowledge. As they undressed and talked, Bob was giving his wife hungry glances. Darla didn't blame him. Kim Warner was a stacked redhead, fantastically built.

Kim removed her bra and went walking around bare-titted. Her tits were the size and shape of big melons, wobbling yet firm. Bob looked at them and licked his lips. He got out of his clothes very fast, leaving them in a pile on the floor.

"Bob, you animal," Kim laughed, "aren't you going to pick up your clothes?"

"Later," he leered. "I've got something else on my mind right now."

He walked over to Kim and pulled her to him, kissing her hard on the lips. He slid his tongue into her mouth, and she moaned. She slipped her arms around his neck and rubbed her cunt mound against his cock.

Darla watched his cock grow. When he'd first stepped out of his shorts, his prick hadn't seemed so big. It had been much smaller than Tom Carter's cock. But now it was growing right before her eyes, and she stared in wonder.

Bob's prick ballooned, going long and thick and rigid as a steel beam. Now Darla knew something else about cocks. She still found them kind of scary, but at the same time she felt a mounting excitement as she watched his prickmeat swell and harden.

At last Bob and Kim came up for air, and she grinned and reached for his cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and gave it a teasing pump or two. Bob snorted with lust and pulled down her panties, the last thing she had on.

The panties slipped to her feet, and she stepped out of them, kicking them away. Her neat little cunt bush was the same pretty flame color as her hair. Bob cupped her pussy mound and squeezed it, and she gurgled with excitement. Then they walked over to the king-sized bed.

Bob tried to roll Kim onto her back, but she laughed and pushed him onto his back instead. "Let's not rush, honey," she said. "I love to take my time with you."

"And just what do you have in mind, you evil woman?" Bob chuckled.

"You'll find out," she grinned.

She pushed his legs apart and crawled between them. Darla paid very close attention, wondering what the lusty young housewife had in mind. Kim fisted the fat hairy base of Bob's cock and brought her lips within an inch of the swollen purple cockhead.

"Ahhhhh, Jesus!" Bob gasped as her tongue shot out.

Darla barely stifled a gasp herself. Kim stuck her pink tongue out fully and began lashing it all over her husband's fat hard cock head. Bob shivered and moaned with excitement as she lathered the taut flesh with her hot saliva.

"Yeah, baby, go for it," he groaned.

Darla had never heard of anything like this. It wasn't fucking, and it wasn't kissing and hugging. This was something brand new and very kinky. She tried to memorize everything Kim did. It seemed a sure-fire way of getting a guy excited.

Bob soon got red in the face, and he was breathing harshly. His eyes were hot and glassy with lust. He watched his wife's little pink tongue running around and around the head of his cock, and he groaned with pleasure. Kim was tonguing his cock like it was a big fat ice cream cone.

"Mmmmmm, uuununmm," she moaned.

Darla noticed that fat gobs of cream were oozing from the dark cleft of Bob's prick. They didn't stay there for long, though, because Kim licked them right up and gobbled them. Darla ached to know what cock cream tasted like.

Well, in just two more months she might find out. As soon as she was allowed to date, she intended to make up for lost time. She was going to try everything with her boyfriend, whoever he turned out to be. But first she had to learn what everything was.

Mentally she listed what she'd learned so far from her spying. Tom and Carol had kissed and caressed, and Tom had played with Carol's pussy. Then they'd fucked. But there was a lot more to fucking that that, as Darla was learning now.

Eagerly she watched Kim racing her cute little tongue around the drooling head of Bob's cock. Kim was lapping up every bit of cream that oozed from his prick. Bob was getting more wildly turned on by the second.

"Lady," he growled, "you keep that up and you're gonna get a face full of come."

"Oh-oh," Kim giggled, "I don't want it in my face. I want it in my mouth."

She opened her lips very wide and started sliding them down around her husband's thick cock. Darla's eyes almost popped. This was the kinkiest thing she'd seen yet.

"Ahhhhh, Jesus, yeah!" Bob groaned.

Kim slid her lips down till she'd taken almost all of his massive cock into her hot steamy mouth. Then she drew in her cheeks and started sucking loudly and fast on his cockmeat. Bob almost flew off the bed.

"Shit, yeah, baby, you do that so good!" he rasped.

Darla's head was spinning, she was learning so much in such a short time. She just wished she could get in some practice. She wanted to taste cook cream, and she wanted a big hard cock in her mouth. But she'd just have to wait till fall.

Meanwhile she'd continue her studies. She watched Kim's copper hair flying, her head bobbing up and down, as she sucked loudly and greedily on her husband's drooling boner. Her throat muscles worked as she gobbled his cream.

Bob was almost beyond words, his handsome face contorted with pleasure, his teeth bared in a lusty snarl. His cock gleamed with Kim's hot spit. She sucked faster and faster, till at last Bob lost control of himself. He grabbed her head and started jerking his stiff cock in her mouth.

"Unnnnhhhhh, unnnhhhhh!" he growled.

Kim went right on sucking as he fucked her mouth. Bob's eyes rolled crazily, then closed tightly. His powerful body began to shudder. Suddenly Kim's cheeks swelled like a couple of balloons, and Bob let out a lusty yell.

"Eat it, baby, aaaggghhhh!!" he cried.

Darla wasn't sure what was happening, except that Bob was out of his mind with excitement, fucking like crazy into his wife's mouth and yelling. He was filling her mouth with his hot cream till her cheeks looked ready to burst.

Then Kim gave a big gulp and swallowed all of his jism. He sank back with a loud sigh, then grinned at her.

"Honey," he said, "you give fantastic blowjobs."

Darla filed away that new phrase, then heard Kim reply, "Thanks, darling. You're a fantastic pussy-eater, too. How about giving me a demonstration?"

Pussy-eater? Darla could hardly keep up with all the new terms and techniques she was learning. But she sure as hell wasn't bored. She watched eagerly as Kim stretched out on her back and spread her legs.

Bob crawled between her legs and flopped down on his belly, his mouth just an inch from her creamy pink cuntslit. Kim shivered as his hot breath tickled the sensitive flesh. Then his tongue shot out, and she threw back her head and wailed.

"Ooooooh, yeah, honey, lick me all over!" she cried.

This was the weirdest thing Darla had seen yet. Bob was lashing his big hot tongue up and down Kim's cuntslit and driving her wild. The pretty redhead was gurgling and squealing, her face contorted with lust.

Darla tried to imagine how that would feel. She'd rubbed herself down there, and it had felt terrific. It dawned on her that a hot wet tongue would feel even better than her fingers. Hell, it would be fantastic.

She creamed heavily as she thought about it. This was definitely something she wanted a guy to do to her, when she finally got to date. But that would be a long time from now, and she was horny that very moment.

Enviously she watched Bob lathering every inch of Kim's cunt gash with his hot spit. She felt hot cream running down her legs, and her pussy seemed to be on fire. Why not play with herself, like when she spied on Tom and Carol?

At least it would give her some relief from the burning lust she felt. She slid a hand up under her short nightie and touched the puffed wet flesh of her pussy gash. She ran her fingers back and forth over the smoking pussy flesh.

"Mmmnnn, yeah," she gurgled, then reminded herself that she had to be very quiet.

She kept massaging her hot virgin cuntslit while she spied on the couple. Bob had now zeroed in on the most sensitive place of all, Kim's throbbing clit. He tickled it with the stiff tip of his tongue, and Kim moaned hoarsely.

"That's great, honey," she cried, "but I'll go crazy if I don't come. Please, get me off."

Bob jammed his lips onto her clit and staffed sucking it. Kim gave a violent shudder and spurted hot thick cream all over his face. She closed her eyes tightly and showed her nice white teeth in a lusty snarl.

"Ohhhhh, God, yessssss!" she groaned.

Darla tried to imagine some guy sucking her clit and she shivered with excitement. Yes, that would have to feel great. But she had no guy, only her fingers. She tried her best to imitate what Bob was doing to Kim.

She grasped her clit between her thumb and forefinger and started kneading the swollen slick nub. It was the most intense pleasure she'd ever known, and she could hardly keep from wailing with excitement.

Meanwhile Kim was exploding into a body wracking orgasm. She threw back her head and howled, "Unnnhhhh, honey, I'm comingggg, aaaahhhhhh!"

"Oh, ohhhhh, wow," Darla whimpered.

She felt feverish lust as she watched Kim coming, and she kneaded her clit faster and faster. She ached to have a guy of her own sucking loudly and hungrily on her clit. Kim was coming very hard.

But she'd hardly finished coming before Bob was rolling her over onto her hands and knees. He positioned her in that crouching position and knelt behind her, grasping her hips. He pressed the tip of his rigid cock to her dripping cunt mouth.

"Oh, yeah, honey, do it," Kim panted. "Fuck me with that big hard prick!"

Darla stared. She still didn't understand how fucking could be so much fun far a woman. How could Kim possibly take that huge slab of cockmeat into her little cunt and not be torn in half?

But Kim was not only taking it, she was loving it. Bob snorted with lust and pushed his massive hard-on deep into her pussy, she moaned in ecstasy. Thick rivers of cunt juice poured down her inner thighs.

"Yes, yes, give me all of it," she wailed.

Bob gave it to her, pushing into her till only his big hairy balls showed. Completely skewered on his cock, Kim whimpered with bliss. Then he began fucking her hard and fast, his belly slamming her cute little ass. She clawed the bed and wailed as she took the deep lunges.

"Yeah, fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!" she howled.

Darla shook her head. She'd never understand the thrill of fucking, not till she tried it herself. That would be a long time from now. She'd make do with her fingers, and she was doing pretty nicely, rolling her throbbing clit and kneading it to give herself hot stabs of pleasure.

She could hear the steady slap-slap of Bob's belly against Kim's ass. She could hear the lewd sucking noise his big cock made as it reamed out Kim's hot fuck cream. Those sounds made Darla very aroused, even though she didn't understand the pleasure involved. She kneaded her clit harder.

"Ohhhh, baby, give it to me real hard," Kim sobbed, clawing the bed. "Fuck my brains out, Bob."

With an insane leer on his flushed face, Bob fucked into her with everything he had, making her shapely body shudder with the impact. Her big tits swung heavily back and forth, and rivers of pearly cream coursed down her thighs.

"Unnnngggghhh, I love it!" she gurgled, "I love to fuck."

Darla was practically coming, but she slowed down the hot massage of her clit. She didn't want to miss a second of this very informative scene. A moment later Kim began to convulse and writhe, a gigantic orgasm thundering through her body.

"Oooooo, God, whaaahhhhhh!" she wailed.

"Unnngggghhhh, Jesus, awwwwww!" Bob bawled, jetting his load into her spasming pussy.

Darla gave her clit a long firm press and exploded into climax. She dropped to the floor and rolled around, convulsing and softly whimpering. She wanted to yell her head oft the sensations felt so great, but she couldn't risk being caught.

Finally she stopped coming, and she rolled to her knees and peered through the keyhole again. The show was over. Bob was just reaching for the bedside lamp. As the room went dark, Darla sighed and returned to her bed on the couch.

Sex was exciting, all right, but she just wished she could experience it for herself.

Chapter THREE

A couple of nights later Darla was babysitting for Tom and Carol Carter again. She'd had a few nights off, and she'd tried to talk to her mother about sex, but all she'd gotten was an angry lecture.

"Darla," Mrs. Adams had snapped, "I've told you again and again, I won't discuss those filthy things. Only bad girls are interested in sex. I'm beginning to wonder if I should even let you date in the fall."

Of course Darla had dropped the subject fast when her mother said that. She didn't want to miss the chance to date. She'd waited so long. Most of her friends had been dating since junior high.

Still she felt resentful and frustrated. Why were her folks such prudes? And what was so awful about making love? She just didn't understand it. But one thing she knew for sure. Anything she learned about sex, she was going to have to learn on her own.

As she sat waiting for the Carters to come home, she listed all the boys at school she wanted to date. There were lots of them. The problem was, school was still two long months away, and Darla didn't know if she could wait that long to try sex. She felt so horny right now.

She tried to get interested in TV to take her mind off her seething pussy, but it wasn't much help. Finally she drifted off to sleep on the couch and didn't wake up till she heard Carol and Tom coming in the door.

"Sssshhhh," Carol said, "Darla's asleep."

"Yeah, you better tuck her in," Tom said. "Honey," Carol yawned, "I'm beat. About all I can do is fail into bed. Will you tuck her in for me?"

"Sure, babe," Tom said. "Goodnight."

There was a kissing noise, and then Darla heard Tom stepping softly toward her. Suddenly she had an outrageous idea. Why not get Tom to teach her a few things about making love? He was an expert, after all.

Carol would be asleep, so there'd be no risk of getting caught. Darla loved the idea. As Tom started shaking out the sheets and blankets for her bed, she pretended to be fast asleep. Pretty soon he touched her gently on the shoulder.

"Darla," he said, "wake up. I want to get you into bed."

Funny, Darla thought, that's just what I want, too.

She yawned, acted groggy, and slipped her arms around his neck. He gasped with surprise. Before he could recover, she kissed him on the mouth. Imitating what she'd seen the adults do, she shoved her hot little tongue into his mouth.

Tom gave a muffled gasp as Darla probed his mouth with her slick little tongue. He was bending over her, off balance, and she easily pulled him down on the couch beside her. She pressed her nubile little body hard against him.

It was her very first kiss, and she really got off on it. She wriggled her tongue all over in his mouth and rubbed her pussy mound against his crotch. Her natural lusty instincts told her what felt most exciting.

But Tom finally got control of himself, wrenching his face away from hers.

"Darla," he cried, "what in hell are you doing?"

Darla blinked at him, acting innocent. "Gosh, Tom, I must have been dreaming."

"Yeah, I guess," he said with a nervous laugh. "Now let go of me, kid. I wanna make your bed."

"Oh, wait, Tom," she cried. "Just kiss me one more time. That was so neat."

"Darla, no," he began.

But that was as far as he got, because Darla was jamming her lips onto his again, kissing him hotly and hungrily. Her slippery hot tongue shot between his lips and wickedly probed his mouth. He gave a helpless lusty shiver.

Tom wished to hell the girl would stop. It was almost too much temptation for him. He adored his wife Carol, and she was fantastic in bed, but they'd been married five years now, and his thoughts had started to roam a little. Now and then he thought about making it with other females.

Most of all he thought about very young girls. Maybe he was some kind of pervert, but he really was attracted to teenagers. He had a secret letch for their babysitter, too. Darla was so cute, and she did have a luscious little body.

But letching after her was one thing, and actually making it with her was another. He was a married man, after all. He struggled to work his mouth away from hers, and he tried to ignore the hot pressure of her cunt mound against his cock.

"All right, brat," he panted, "that's enough. Save that stuff for boys your own age."

"But my folks won't let me date yet," Darla protested. "It's so unfair, Tom. I feel horny all the time."

Oh-oh, Tom thought, a warning light going off in his head.

"Honey, I agree it's unfair," he said. "Your parents are very strict. But I can't help you. I'm married, and I'm way too old for you anyway."

"But Tom, that's just it," Darla cried. "You've been around. You could teach inc everything. Please, just get me off. That's all I want. I'm so horny I could scream." She pushed her pussy mound hard against his crotch.

Tom felt his cock start to rise, and he struggled to break the girl's hold around his neck.

"Darla," he said, "that does it. You make your own bed. I'm leaving."

But having gone this far, Darla wasn't about to give up. She felt hornier than ever, now that her body was pressed against the hard hot body of a male. She quickly reached down and cupped the growing bulge at his fly.

"Darla, dammit, stop!" Tom cried.

She paid no attention to his frantic protests. She started squeezing the big lump in his pants, and to her delight it grew. It swelled till it overflowed her hand. It was hard, hot, and throbbing.

"Hey, Tom," she cried eagerly, "your cock got hard for me!"

"No shit?" he groaned. "Listen, Darla, you're so young. You don't know what you're doing. Sure, I'm turned on, but I can't make it with you. Forget it."

"No," Darla whimpered. "This is silly. Why can't we get each other off? Nobody will ever know."

Tom found his will power fading fast. Darla was right -- no one would know if they had a little fun together. Carol and the kids were sound asleep. Of course he wouldn't go all the way with the girl, but they could still have a pretty exciting time. He felt his cock swell to its full dimensions.

"Okay," he whispered, "we'll get each other off. But we'll do it my way, and you have to promise never to tell."

"Oh, I promise, Tom," Darla cried, "and I'll do it any way you want."

Tom started taking off his clothes, and Darla watched with hot excitement. She was right next to his strong hairy male body, and it aroused her like crazy. She stared at his enormous stiff cock as he removed his shorts.

Then she grasped the hem of her little nightie and quickly pulled it off. Tom gawked hungrily at her small curvy body, taking in her apple-sized firm tits and the faint dark puff of her pussy bush. He could hardly control his lust.

He wanted to throw her down on the couch and fuck her. He imagined how exquisitely tight her virgin cunt would be. But fucking her was out of the question. She was jailbait, and he was a married man. They could do everything short of fucking, he decided, but they weren't going to take that final step.

"Let me get you off, Tom," Darla said eagerly. "Do you want me to suck your cock?"

He gawked at her. "Now how in hell did you know about that?" he demanded.

"Some of the older girls at school mentioned it," she lied.

She wasn't about to confess that she'd spied on him and Carol.

"Yeah, but do you know how to do it?" he asked.

"No, but that's the point," Darla said. "I want you to teach me. Please, Tom, I wanna learn from somebody who knows how it's done."

Tom just couldn't resist. "Okay, honey," he said, "you get down here."

He sat on the edge of the couch, with his legs parted, and had the girl kneel between them. Darla didn't wait for further instructions. Having spied on the grown-ups, she knew what came next. She grasped the thick hairy base of his cock and stuck out her tongue.

"Jesus," Tom gasped.

The kid seemed to be cock-hungry. She ran her hot little tongue all over his prick, lathering it with her hot saliva. He watched in a lusty daze, and she didn't miss an inch of the huge blue-veined column.

Thick globs of cream began oozing from his piss hole, and she went for them, spearing them up with the pointed tip of her tongue and gobbling them. It was Darla's first taste of cock juice, and she loved it. "Mmmmmmmm, yeah, mmmmm!" she gurgled.

Tom gave a lusty shudder and almost came in her face. The scene was turning him on like crazy. Whenever he jacked off, he liked to imagine a cock-starved teenaged girl going down on him, and now it was actually happening. He snorted with excitement as she gobbled up every last drop of his cock juice.

Then she opened her lips as wide as she could and slid them down around his wrist-thick boner. She didn't get very far before she choked on it. She sighed with frustration, realizing she couldn't take as much cock as a grown-up lady could. But she'd do her best.

With half his massive prick in her mouth, Darla drew in her cheeks and started to suck. Tom groaned, and his prick throbbed hard on her tongue. She suctioned the hot salty cock juice out of his piss hole and greedily ate it.

"Oh, yeah, honey, terrific," he groaned. "Shit, I don't have to teach you a thing."

Of course that was because she'd already learned by spying. Darla was imitating everything she'd seen the grown-ups doing, and it was working great. Tom shivered, moaned, and fed her glob after glob of hot cock cream.

"Hey, kid," he finally growled, "you better stop now, or I'm gonna come in your mouth."

Darla released his spit-soaked prick just long enough to pant, "But I want you to come in my mouth, Tom."

"Oh, Jesus," he groaned as she stuffed his prick meat back into the steamy cave of her mouth.

She started sucking very hard and fast on his nearly-bursting cock, and Tom just lost control of himself. Grasping her head, he started fucking her mouth. Darla made a choking noise, and he drew back a little, but he couldn't stop his helpless humping.

"Unnnnhhhh, shit, unnngggghhhh!" he groaned.

"Unnnnnhhhh!" Darla gasped.

Suddenly she was taking her first mouthful of jism, and she wasn't prepared for it. It filled her mouth and made her cheeks swell up so big, she thought they'd burst. Hot come was squirting from the corners of her lips, as she gulped his load.

"Ahhhblih, Jesus, fantastic!" Tom sighed as he slumped back on the couch. "You did great, honey."

"Thanks, Tom," Darla said, wiping the last drops of his jism from her lips. "Now could you please get me off?"

"You bet, kid," he laughed. "You earned it."

He picked her up easily and positioned her on the couch, her legs bent and spread. He crawled between her thighs and brought his flushed face within an inch of her beautiful virgin pussy. He felt his mouth water.

As his hot moist breath tickled her cuntslit, Darla gurgled with anticipation. She was dying to have a guy go down on her. Then Tom's big red tongue flashed out and contacted her swollen, pussy gash, and the pleasure was fantastic.

"Ooooooh, eeeeee!" she shrieked.

"Easy, honey, we don't wanna wake Carol," Tom warned.

Darla tried to control herself, but it wasn't easy. She had to put her hand over her mouth because she wasn't able to stay quiet. Tom's tonguing just felt too damned good to her. He was whipping every inch of her horny little cunt gash.

Darla still had her doubts about fucking, but she was one hundred percent in favor of cocksucking and pussy-eating. This was incredible fun. She'd loved sucking Tom off, and she loved him tonguing her cunt even more.

"Mmmmmm, Tom," she gurgled, "I just love it! Don't stop, please."

"I won't stop till I make you come," he promised.

Tom didn't want to stop, either. He was a real pussy-eating freak, and he was gorging himself on Darla's virgin cunt gash. He was wildly aroused to know that he was the very first guy to go down on her. He loved her response, too.

The girl was totally innocent, yet she was responding like a little harlot. She was naturally hot-blooded. Each lash of his tongue made her squeal, shiver and cream. He lapped up her hot tangy pussy cream and drooled all over her cunt slit.

Soon Darla was shaking with excitement. She'd never felt so horny in her young life. This was so much better than playing with herself. Oh, she loved to masturbate, but she'd much rather have a man's big hot tongue lashing her pussy. She knew she could never get enough of that, not in her whole life.

"Tom," she sobbed, "I'm going out of my mind. I just have to come."

"Okay, honey, I can do that for you," he rasped.

Sure enough, he knew just what to do. Darla was so glad she'd chosen an experienced man for her first sexual experience. He caught her throbbing clit between his lips and started sucking it, and she almost passed out with pleasure.

"Ooooooh, shit, oooooh," she moaned.

She warned herself not to be too loud. It would be awful if Carol caught them. She covered her mouth and made muffled sounds of ecstasy as Tom sucked faster and faster on her supersensitive clit.

She felt like she could come any time, but she greedily held back, wanting the fantastic pleasure to go on and on. She arched her body and shoved her cunt hard against Tom's sucking lips, getting all the hot sensation she could.

But the moment came when the horny teen just couldn't hold out a second longer. She felt a monstrous orgasm bursting from the base of her clit and ripping through her body like thunder. Her petite body convulsed violently.

"Unnnhhhhhh, shit, whaaahhhh!" she howled, smothering the cry just in time.

She splattered sizzling come-cream all over Tom's face. He cupped her jerking ass and steadied her, sucking hungrily on her exploding clit and drinking up her hot pussy juice. Darla whimpered with the aftershocks of her come.

"Oh, Tom, that was fantastic," she sighed.

"Good, honey," he said. "Now I better get to bed."

But as he rose to his knees, Darla exclaimed, "Oh, gosh, Tom, your cock's hard again."

Chapter FOUR

Tom reddened. He'd hoped the girl wouldn't notice that he'd gotten another aching hard-on for her.

"Yeah, while I was going down on you, I got kinda excited," he muttered.

"Great," Darla cried. "Now we can fuck!"

"What?" Tom gasped.

"Oh, Tom, you heard me," she laughed. "Come on, fuck me. I want know what it's like."

Tom stared at her. She didn't seem like the polite, innocent Darla he'd hired to baby sit his kids. All of a sudden she'd become a little sex fiend. He wished he could give her what she wanted, but it was out of the question.

"Forget it, honey," he sighed. "I'm not gonna do that. Just wait till you get to school this fall. You'll find plenty of guys who'll be glad to help you out."

"But I can't wait that long," Darla moaned.

"Come on, Tom, please. I'm so horny!"

"No way, Darla," he said. "Good night." He started to get off the couch, and Darla grabbed his cock. She got a good firm grip on it, and he couldn't go any place. Then she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and started licking his prick meat. Tom shivered with pleasure.

"Darla, damn it, stop that!" he groaned.

She didn't pay any attention. She just kept lashing her hot little tongue around and around the swollen head of his prick. Tom was going out of his mind. He struggled to control himself, but it was a losing battle.

Big thick bubbles of cock cream began oozing from his piss hole, and the girl eagerly lapped them up and ate them. She had a natural talent for giving head, and that didn't make Tom's problem any easier. He was snorting and shivering with lust.

He reminded himself that his beautiful wife, the woman he loved, was sleeping just a few yards away. He didn't want to do anything that might endanger his marriage to Carol. He thought hard about that, and he waited for his cock stand to go away.

It didn't happen. His cock seemed to have a mind of its own, and it was throbbing lustily while Darla ran her slick tongue over it. His prick was drooling a thick steady river of cream. His balls felt ready to explode.

He thought of how deliciously snug Darla's teenaged cunt would be. He was positive the girl was a virgin. He groaned as he imagined easing his engorged cock into that tiny velvet-lined tunnel. It just about killed, him to say no, but he summoned up the last shreds of his self-control.

"No, Darla," he croaked, "forget it."

Darla's response was to pop the fat head of his cock into her mouth. She slipped it into the steamy wet cave and started sucking on it like it was candy. Tom groaned and damned near shot his load down her throat.

"All right," he panted, "you can suck me off again, but that's all. Then I'm going to bed."

Darla drew her head back and said, "But I don't wanna suck you off, Tom. I want you to stick your cock here."

She flopped onto her back and bent and spread her legs. Tom stared hungrily at her cute pink pussy slit. It was soaked with pearly cream, and at the very center was the tiny, enticing mouth of her virgin cunt. His cock gave a lusty jerk and dripped hot blobs of cream.

"Please, Tom," she whimpered. "It's safe. Everybody's asleep. And I'll never, never tell. I just want you to fuck me so bad."

Something snapped in Tom's mind. He just couldn't hold out any longer. He couldn't pass up a chance like this. He'd be kicking himself tomorrow if he turned down this adorable sex hungry teenaged girl. And like she said, nobody would ever know.

"Okay, Darla, you win," he groaned.

"Oh, terrific!" she squealed. "I can hardly wait to find out what it's like."

Tom knelt between her legs. She was so small and slim, he didn't risk lying down on her. He fisted his hard-throbbing prick and pressed the swollen head against the juicing little mouth of her cunt. Darla shivered with excitement.

"Oh, wow!" she breathed.

This was it, the big moment when she lost her virginity. She was scared, but her curiosity was stronger than her fear. She just had to know how it felt to fuck. All the adult women she'd spied on had loved it so much.

His handsome face was red with horniness, and Tom started easing his stiff cock into her very slowly. Darla felt like she was going to split in half, but she concealed her panic. She didn't want to act like a baby. Tom might never fuck her again if she made a fuss.

"Unnnhhhh, unnnhhhhh!" she gasped.

Her pussy lips were being spread incredibly wide. She didn't see how she could possibly take his enormous rock-hard cock. But she gritted her teeth and didn't make a sound. She was determined not to chicken, out.

Meanwhile Tom was practically shooting his load. Her cunt was even tighter than he'd dreamed, tighter than any other pussy he'd fucked. He moved very slowly, not wanting to hurt her. He wanted her first fuck to be a good one.

"Ahhhhh, Jesus, you're tight," he panted. Darla didn't reply. It was taking everything she had just to keep from moaning. His cock didn't exactly hurt her, but it was scaring the hell out of her as it slowly but steadily sank deeper into her tiny, untried craft.

She felt so full of cock, she could hardly breathe. She just didn't understand how those grown-up ladies could take something this big into their cunts. Maybe after they did it a few times, they stretched. Yes, that had to be the answer.

Tom had to stop and catch his breath when he was only halfway into her. This was turning into a bigger job than he'd expected. He glanced at Darla's face and suddenly realized that the kid was in a panic.

"Honey," he said, "maybe we better quit. I'm hurting you."

"No you're not," Darla insisted. "Please, Tom, I want you to do it. Don't stop."

Tom could tell she was lying. She was scared out of her mind, but she was determined to lose her cherry anyway.

"Okay, honey," he said hoarsely, "but take some advice. Relax. Relax as much as you can."

Darla nodded grimly. He started pushing into her again, and she tried relaxing her tight little cunt. To her relief, it helped. If she stayed loose and relaxed, his cock went in easier. She felt him pushing right to her womb.

"There," he panted, "you got it all now."

"You mean I'm not a virgin any more?" she asked.

"That's right," he grinned.

"When does it start being fun?" Darla wanted to know.

Tom snorted with laughter. "We'll just see what we can do about that," he said.

He slid his hands under her hot little ass and drew her up against him so that his cockshaft rubbed her clit. Carol had often told him how much pleasure she got out of that rubbing action. He started fucking the girl in long, slow, deep strokes.

"Ooooooooooh," Darla squealed, "is this fucking?"

"Yep," Tom rasped, "this is fucking."

Darla tried to decide whether she liked it. She was still pretty scared of his big cock, but she enjoyed that in-and-out motion. When his hard cockshaft rubbed over her clit, it felt really nice. She gave a little gurgle and started to cream.

Tom felt that little spurt of sizzling juice around his cock, and he breathed a sigh of relief. The girl was starting to enjoy it. He kept up his slow gentle fucking, even though he wanted to tear into her like a pile driver.

It didn't really matter what he wanted, not this time. It was Darla's very first fuck, and he wanted it to be a total success for her. If he did it wrong, if he hurt ar scared her, he could screw up her emotions for good. She might never like or trust men again if he didn't do his job right.

So he was patient, easing his throbbing cock deep into the hot pulp of her tight little pussy hole, going slowly and giving her time to get used to the sensation. She creamed more and more, and she made little gurgling noises, like she was beginning to enjoy it.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, hey," she gasped.

"Better?" Tom asked.

"Yeah, I think I might like this," she answered.

"Mast people do," Tom chuckled.

He tried speeding up just a little, and Darla took it without panic. Her pretty face was getting flushed, and she was breathing fast. Molten cream oozed around his cock, making his fucking more slick and easy. Yes, she was definitely starting to like it.

Darla could have told him that, if only she'd found the right words. It was hard to describe all the things she was feeling as she took a cock in her cunt for the very first time. There were a whole lot of things she liked about it.

She liked being crammed full of that throbbing column of prickmeat. She liked feeling it move inside her. She really loved it when his stiff cockshaft massaged her swollen cunt. Her joy button was so greedy for pleasure.

His fingers and tongue and lips had felt great on her cunt, and his sawing cock felt just as good. She got a steady buzz of pleasure from it. And the more she enjoyed it, the more she creamed, her little pussy getting slick and wet.

"Oh, yeah, baby, I feel that," Tom groaned. "You're getting nice and wet for me."

Darla gurgled with excitement. When Tom talked to her like that, she felt like a grown-up woman. That was how he'd talked to his wife, the night Darla spied on them. She remembered how wildly excited Carol had been as she fucked Tom's pistoning prick.

Now Darla was starting to understand that excitement. Her body was responding with a mind of its own. Even though she knew nothing about making love, her body knew what to do. So she just went along with it.

Her pussy was creaming heavily now. Her hips were starting to jerk in time to Tom's fucking. She found herself reaching out for him and pulling him down on top of her so she could rub her horny body against him.

"Darla, I'm kinda heavy for you," he groaned.

"No, you're not," she panted. "I like it this way. This makes it better."

It really was a lot better. She loved rubbing her tits against his hair-matted chest. Even more, she loved rubbing her clit harder against his sawing cock. She was getting very hot pleasure from that. Tom caught her excitement and fucked into her harder and faster.

"Too rough for you?" he panted.

"Noooooo," she squealed, "it feels great. Yeah, I really love that, Tom!"

Tom was finding it hard to restrain himself. His every horny instinct was to fuck into her with all his speed and force, to fuck her brains out. But he knew his patience would pay off. He kept a slow steady pace.

It helped to imagine Darla years from now, a married woman with kids and a nice husband, who still couldn't forget her first lover. He hoped she'd remember that her first fuck had been fantastic and that she'd always be grateful to him for it.

She was coming along nicely. Her slim hips were jerking to his rhythm, meeting every deep thrust of his cock. She arched up to take his prick, then moaned and creamed as he sank his throbbing cock to her molten depths.

"Unnnhhhhh, yeah, it's really great now, Tom!" she moaned. "It feels so good."

"It sure the hell does," he groaned.

Her cunt was so fantastically tight. It was hot and velvety, slick with cream. He could feel her greedy cuntal walls sucking and tugging at his cockmeat. It all made him want to bellow like a bull and flood her pussy with gallons of jism. But he didn't want the fun to end, either, and he managed to hold back.

Darla was clawing at his shoulders, nibbling his neck and sticking her tongue in his ear. It was all instinctive, nothing she'd learned. The girl was born for this. She was born lusty, uninhibited, and hot.

Darla didn't realize any of that. She just knew that she was having more pleasure by the second and that she was really starting to love to fuck. She let her body go, writhing and bucking and creaming.

"Ohhhhh, Tom, do it to me faster now!" she whimpered. "I can take it."

"Okay, but if it buns, you tell me," he panted.

He speeded up some more, almost to a regular hard rhythm, and Darla went right along with him, her hips keeping the hot pace. She drenched his jerking cock with scalding cunt juice and clawed deliriously at his broad shoulders.

"Yeah, yeah, I love it," she gurgled.

Tom loved it, too, but he didn't know how he could hold back his climax much longer. It was the most exciting fuck he'd ever had. It was like one of his dirty fantasies come true. He was fucking a horny teenaged virgin and making her love it.

"Harder!" Darla whined. "Faster!"

"Don't wanna hurt you," Tom babbled.

"You won't," she moaned. "Just do it, Tom fuck me as hard as you can."

That did it for Tom. He didn't have any mind left. His body took over, and he hammered his prick into her hard, and fast. Their bodies slapped loudly together, and the couch began to shake and creak.

"Unnnnhhhh, shit, yessss," Darla sobbed. A few minutes ago she wouldn't have been able to take this heavy pounding, but now she craved it. She wasn't afraid of his cock any more, she was wild for it. She creamed furiously and jerked her hips hard.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!" she wailed.

"Unnnnhhhh, Jesus, honey, I can't last much longer," Tom groaned.

But he knew he'd hold out till he got the job done. He'd see that the frantically horny girl got off. He fucked into her deep and hard, rubbing his stiff cockshaft rapidly over her clit. She stiffened for a second, gasped, and then began to writhe and shake beneath him.

"Ooooooooooh, Tom, it's happening, I'm cominggggg!" she wailed. "Ohhhhh, yesssss, whaahhhhhh!"

She was howling so loud, he thought she might wake Carol and the kids, so he kissed her to muffle the sounds. Her cunt was having hard, hot spasms around his cock, sucking and squeezing it, and he gave a muffled bellow and started hammering his load into her.

"Unnnhhhh, unnnggghhhh!" he cried.

Darla took her first load of jizz with ecstatic whimpers. She came and came, the hardest climax she'd had so far. When it was finally over, Tom kissed her and rolled off her, reaching for his clothes.

"Okay, brat, you got what you wanted," he grinned. "I hope you're not sorry."

"Oh, wow, no," Darla gurgled.

She wasn't at all sorry, and she could hardly wait to do it again.

Chapter FIVE

The next night Darla was babysitting for Kim and Bob Warner, and there was only one thing on her mind. Would she get a chance to come on to Bob?

She didn't feel like a husband-snatcher or anything. She didn't want to take away anybody's husband. She just wanted to borrow Bob for an hour.

She waited for the Warners to come back from the movies, and she didn't even bother to turn on the television set. She was reliving every exciting second of her experience with Tom Carter and getting horny out of her mind.

Darla had to laugh now to think that she'd been afraid of fucking. Now that she'd actually done it, she sure wasn't scared any more. She could hardly wait to do it again -- but that depended on Bob being available and willing.

At last she heard the Warners' car pulling into the driveway. Her eager pussy was hot as fire, and she'd been creaming heavily as she thought about getting laid again. She smiled as the couple walked in the door.

"Hi," she chirped, "have a nice time?"

"Yeah, good movie," Bob said. "How'd it go with the kids? They give you any trouble?"

"Oh, no," Darla said. "They were good."

"Fine," Kim said, yawning. "Well, I guess we all better go to bed. It's late."

"Yeah, good night, Darla," Bob said.

"Good night," Darla sighed.

She'd been hoping Bob would stay up, but no such luck. He followed Kim down the hall to their bedroom and closed the door. The horny babysitter could have screamed with frustration.

Well, she couldn't get lucky every night. And even if she couldn't have fun with Bob, she could spy. She tiptoed down the hall and knelt at the door of the master bedroom. She peeked through the keyhole, hoping for a good show.

Kim was fumbling out of her clothes and yawning. Bob was watching her with frankly lusty eyes. When she was down to her bra and panties, he came up behind her and slipped his arms around her, cupping her tits.

"I could hardly wait to get home and get you into bed," he rasped.

Kim turned to face him. "Oh, honey, I know you're horny," she said gently, "but I'm so tired. Could we wait till tomorrow morning? It'd be a lot better for me then."

"Yeah, sure, honey," Bob sighed, releasing her. "I guess I'll stay up awhile and read."

"Okay, good night," Kim said, heading for the bed.

She discarded her bra and panties on the way, not even bothering to pick them up. As she slipped naked into bed, Bob looked ready to groan with frustration. But he didn't say anything, just walked quietly toward the door.

Darla went racing back to the living room and switched on the TV. She had to pretend she'd been there all the time. The Warners would be furious if they knew she'd been spying on them. A moment later Bob walked into the room.

"Oh, good, Darla, you're still up," he said. "I wanted to watch TV, too."

"I hope it's okay," Darla said. "I know Mrs. Warner said to go to bed."

"Oh, she's just extra tired tonight for some reason," Bob said, joining Darla on the couch. "Anything good on?"

Darla glanced at the screen for the first time. It was a late, late sexy movie, like the one she'd been watching at the Carters' the other night. A young couple were rolling around on a big bed, kissing and pawing each other. They were in their underwear.

"This looks interesting," Darla grinned. "Yeah, it does," Bob chuckled. He didn't notice Darla inching closer to him.

She scooted so close that she could feel the heat of his body. Bob was glued to the tube, watching the screen couple making love. The boy took off the girl's bra, and Bob began breathing harder. Then the boy started molding and squeezing the girl's pretty ripe tits.

"Oh, wow, I didn't know this stuff was on TV," Bob said.

"Only very late at night," Darla grinned.

Pretty soon the screen couple took off the rest of their clothes, only the camera was careful not to show everything. The boy rolled on top of the girl, and his ass started knotting and jerking. The girl moaned and clung to him.

"Holy shit!" Bob breathed. "I can't believe they're showing this. I mean, those people are actually fucking."

Then he looked at Darla. She was sitting thigh-to-thigh with him, grinning, and her stiff nipples showed through her bra and T-shirt. Bob slowly turned red.

"Jesus," he said, "what's the matter with me? You shouldn't be watching this stuff. You're just a kid."

He jumped up and switched off the set. While he was doing that, Darla discarded her bra and T-shirt and started wriggling out of her jeans. Now was the moment to strike. Bob was horny, his wife was asleep, and Darla was alone with him.

"Sorry about that," he said.

He turned to look at the babysitter again, and his mouth dropped open. Darla was sitting right where he'd left her, only now she wasn't wearing anything but a tiny pair of bikini panties. His eyes swept helplessly over her petite nubile body.

"We don't have to watch a movie to have fun, Bob," the girl purred.

"Darla, what in hell?" he exclaimed.

Darla grabbed him and pulled him down on the couch. She slid onto his lap and snaked her arms around his peck. He was still in shock when she planted her mouth on his and kissed him, slipping her tongue between his lips.

The big man shuddered and gave a muffled groan as her hot little tongue explored his mouth. Darla wriggled her firm little ass around in his lap and felt his cock start to swell. So far, so good. She just hoped she had the same luck as with Tom.

Gradually Bob collected his wits and tried to pry her arms from around his neck. She wouldn't budge. He wrenched his mouth away from hers and stared at her. He seemed confused, and that was just the way she wanted him.

"Honey, this isn't like you," he said hoarsely. "You're such a nice little girl."

"I'm growing up, Bob," Darla smiled. "I'm not a little kid any more. Haven't you noticed?"

Bob turned red. As a matter of fact, he had noticed. Darla had been babysitting for the Warners for years, and he'd observed her body maturing. He'd developed a secret letch for her. But he'd never dreamed the feeling was natural.

"Well, honey," he said with an awkward laugh, "I guess you are growing up, but I'm a married man, and I can't get involved in something like this."

Darla kissed him again. With one hand she pushed up his T-shirt, then rubbed her naked stiff-nippled tits against his hairy chest. She wiggled her ass suggestively over his mushrooming cock. Bob shuddered, and his prick grew even bluer and harder.

"Bob," she said huskily, "Kim and the kids are asleep. I'm feeling really horny. You could help me out, and nobody would know."

"I can't believe this," he said hoarsely.

Darla did something to make him believe it. She wiggled out of her panties, and he gawked at the tiny dark puff of her cunt bush. Then she slid off the couch, down between his legs, and unzipped his pants. She grasped his pants and shorts and pulled them down to his feet.

"Darla, hey, no," he gasped.

She paid no attention. She was beginning to understand that a man's words were one thing and his thoughts were another. She pulled off his pants, shorts, and shoes, leaving him naked except for his socks and T-shirt. She ogled his cock, which was still rising and swelling.

"Darla, you gotta stop!" he croaked.

Darla just grabbed his cocks and started pumping it. Bob gave a low hoarse groan, and his prick inflated fully in her fingers. It grew huge and hard, and it throbbed lustily as she ran her hand up and down the blue-veined cockshaft.

"Wow, it's so big," she breathed. "You've got a hard-on, Bob. You must be horny, too. We could really help each other out."

Bob just shook his head in wonder. Darla had always been such a shy and nicely behaved girl, he couldn't believe she was coming on to him like a mature horny woman. His fantasy had come true, but he wasn't prepared to cope with it.

But thought his mind wasn't ready, his cock was. His cock was having a grand old time. As Darla pumped it, it throbbed eagerly against her fingers and started leaking big hot blobs of cream. The girl stuck out her tongue and started licking up the cream and gobbling it.

"Oh, Jesus!" Bob groaned.

Darla hungrily lapped up his hot salty cock juice and ate it. She had a hunch that Bob was going to be easier to seduce than Tom. He just couldn't seem to get his brains in gear. He was just sitting there staring, letting her do whatever she wanted.

She drilled the pointed tip of her tongue into the deep hot cleft of his cock and reamed out all the rest of his cock juice. Bob was panting now. His nostrils were flared, and his eyes were rolling. The big man was helpless with surprise and lust.

"You like this, Bob?" Darla purred.

"Well, sure, honey," he rasped, "but we really shouldn't."

"Why not?" she said. "Nobody will ever know. We can do anything we want."

She jumped up, planting her feet on the couch, straddling his lap, and brushing his face with the soft warm fur of her pussy bush. Bob breathed in the enticing young female scent, and his cock lurched hard and leaked a thick river of prick juice.

"You know what I'd really like, Bob?" Darla cooed. "I'd just love for you to go down on me."

Bob finally got a coherent idea. If he went down on the girl, that would satisfy her crazy lust and she'd leave him alone. If she didn't leave him alone, he was going to do something he'd regret.

"Okay, Darla," he said, "but then you have to promise to go right to bed."

"Sure, Bob," she lied.

She braced her hands against the back of the couch and stood there with her cunt against his face. Bob folded back the soft fur and exposed the tiny pink lump of her clit. He slid his tongue out and used the pointed tip to tickle the sensitive button. Darla squealed with pleasure.

"Ooooooh, yeah, great!" she cried.

"Ssshhh, baby, not so loud," Bob warned. "If we wake Kim, the shit will really hit the fan."

"Right," Darla panted.

He ran the stiff tip of his tongue around and around her throbbing joy button, and it felt fantastic. Darla just loved having her pussy licked. The only problem was, she could hardily keep from wailing with pleasure.

Scalding cream gushed from her aroused pussy and ran down her legs. Bob shoved his tongue deeper between her thighs and licked up some of the tangy juice. Like Tom, he seemed to have a real thirst for pussy.

Then he returned to her clit, racing his tongue around and around the highly sensitive nub and giving her a steady buzz of pleasure. For the moment, Darla forgot all about fucking. She couldn't think of anything but how fantastic his tongue made her feel.

"Ooooooh, Bob, I love it!" she gurgled.

Bob shifted to another technique, lashing his big hot tongue up and down over her clit. That felt even better to the hot-pants babysitter. She gurgled and whimpered, and rivers of cunt cream poured down her legs. The harder Bob tongue-lashed her cunt, the more excited she got.

"Oh, wow, I just have to come!" she panted.

"We're getting there, honey," Bob chuckled, "but it's too good to rush."

He was really getting off on licking her cute teenaged cuntslit. He gobbled up her hot tangy cunt cream as fast as he could get it. Kim said he was a pussy freak, but she never complained about it, and Darla wasn't complaining, either.

He wondered if she was a virgin. Yesterday he would have said yes, for sure. But she was a different girl today. The demure and well-mannered babysitter had turned into a hotblooded little tramp. Bob wasn't laying any bets.

Still he knew her teenaged cunt would be incredibly tight. She couldn't have had much experience with sex. He imagined sticking his swollen rock-hard prick into that tiny hot pussy hole, and he almost shot his load.

Forget it, Bob, he told himself. She's off limits.

He'd better stick to his original plan, which was to eat her off in a hurry. He had to get away from this powerful temptation. He'd never cheated before, and he loved his wife. He whipped his tongue faster and harder over the girl's clit.

"Oh, yeah, Bob," she gurgled, "that's it, do it to me real fast. I need to come so bad."

Bob needed to come pretty badly, too, but he tried to ignore that. Later, when he'd satisfied the girl, he'd go jack off in the bathroom. Right now he had to end this hot temptation, and he thought he knew just the way to do it.

He eased her legs even farther apart and shaved his tongue deep between them. He found the tiny opening of her cunt and stuck the tip of his tongue inside. On target, he pushed his whole tongue into her, right to the root.

"Ohhhhh, unnnnhhhh!" Darla moaned.

She'd never felt anything so delicious and exciting. Bob crammed her tiny teenaged clit full of wet hot tongue meat. Then he started fucking her with his tongue, and she just about went crazy with pleasure. She splattered his face with spurting cunt juice.

"I love it!" she sobbed, "I just love it. Don't stop, honey, get me off this way."

That was just what Bob had in mind. He worked his tongue like a jackhammer in her horny pussy hole, rocketing her toward climax. Darla closed her eyes tight and blotted out everything but the intense pleasure she was feeling. A gigantic orgasm exploded out from the depths of her cunt.

"Ohhhh, yeah, unnnihhhh, whaaahhhhh!" she howled.

Bob just prayed she wouldn't make Kim or the kids, she was moaning so loud. He felt her tiny teenaged cunt having fiery spasms around his tongue, and he imagined how great it would feel to have his cock in there instead.

"Ohhhhhhh, shit, that was great," Darla sighed at last.

"Good," Bob said as firmly as possible. "Now it's bedtime for you, young lady."

He slid away from her and started to get up, but Darla grabbed for his achingly swollen cock.

"Wait, Bob," she cooed. "You can't go to bed like this. Let me take care of it for you."

Chapter SIX

"Oh, no," Bob groaned. "Forget it, Darla. I'm a married man, and I'm not gonna cheat on my wife."

Darla very patiently held onto his cock, keeping him from going anywhere. "Bob," she said, "Kim and the kids are sound asleep. They won't ever know."

She'd had the same argument with Tom the night before, and she knew how to handle it. She started running her fingers up and down Bob's wrist-thick boner, and the big man groaned and shivered. Thick hot cream started oozing from his prick.

"Mmmmm," Darla exclaimed, "just what I wanted."

She dipped her head down, and Bob saw her little pink tongue flash out. As it contacted the swollen sensitive head of his cock, he gasped with pleasure. In fact he damned near came in her face.

"Damn it, Darla, cut that out," he croaked. Darla didn't seem to hear him. She was swishing her hot tongue all over the purple head of his prick, lapping up his dribbling cock cream. She rolled the stuff around in her mouth, savoring it, and then gulped it down.

"Mmmmm, yeah!" she gurgled. "I love doing this, Bob. I hope you enjoy it, too."

"Oh, shit!" Bob sighed.

For years he'd fantasized a cock-hungry teenaged girl going down on him, and now it was happening. He could hardly control his lust. He knew he should get away from her, but it felt so good, he didn't want to move.

"Darla," he said shakily, "this is wrong. I'm married, and I'm almost old enough to be your father. You really oughta get it on with guys your own age."

Darla was too busy eating his cock juice to reply. She could have told him that her folks didn't let her date yet and that he was the only man available to her, but why bother? In a few minutes she'd have him so turned on, he wouldn't care.

As fast as the hot salty cream bubbled up in his piss hole, she speared it up with the pointed tip of her tongue and drew it into her hungry mouth. She felt like she could never get enough of the stuff. She found herself drooling all over the engorged head of his prick.

Meanwhile Bob was having a fight between his conscience and his cock. He knew right from wrong, but his cock didn't care. It just wanted more of that exciting tonguing. It drooled away very happily, feeding Darla more and more hot prick cream.

Bob tried reasoning with himself, but he got it all backwards. He found himself wondering what was so wrong with letting the girl lick his cock meat. After all, he'd gone down on her, so why shouldn't she do the same for him?

He just wouldn't fuck her, that was all. He grimly vowed that no way on earth would he do that. But it would be okay to let her give him some head. That wasn't really cheating on Kim. Or so he told himself.

"Okay, honey," he said hoarsely, "let me get more comfortable."

Darla grinned triumphantly. She had him now, she was sure of it. She let him stretch out on the couch, and then she crawled between his legs, lowered her head, and went on licking up his delicious thick cock juice.

"Mmmmm, uuummmm," she moaned.

Now that Bob had given up fighting her, he could completely relax and enjoy what she was doing to him. With hot horny eyes he watched her little tongue racing around the head of his cock, and he felt hot stabs of pleasure.

Then she dug the stiff tip of her tongue right into his piss hole and reamed out all the hot juice she could get. She cleaned out the cleft of his prick. Wanting still more cock cream, she opened her mouth wide and slid it down around his rigid throbbing cockshaft.

"Awwwww, shit, yeah," Bob groaned, "suck my cock, baby!"

It would be the perfect conclusion to their little scene, he thought. He'd preserve his marriage vows and satisfy his conscience by not fucking her, but he'd still have a hell of an adventure. It was enough for them to eat each other.

Darla's mouth wasn't very big, and she couldn't take in very much of his massive hard-on, but she did a terrific job with what she got. Drawing in her cheeks, she sheathed his cockhead in hot juicy flesh and began to suck noisily and greedily.

"Oh yeah, honey, that's great," Bob moaned.

He felt her velvety hot mouth all around the sensitive and swollen head of his prick, suctioning out the hot cream, and he closed his eyes and just went with the pleasure. His cock was on fire, his balls swollen almost to the bursting point. He was glad now that he hadn't passed up this adventure.

As for Darla, she felt she was very close to her goal. All the things they'd done to each other had been fun, and she'd especially loved his pussy-eating and tongue-fucking. But what she wanted most was to fuck him. She'd worked very hard to achieve that.

She just wondered why grown-up men struggled and protested so much. They always ended up doing it anyway.

"Mmmmmm, unnhhhhh," she moaned, sucking up more of his tasty hot juice.

"Kid," he rasped, "that's terrific. But I gotta warn you, I'm about to come."

"Thanks for the warning, Bob," Darla said, suddenly letting his cock snap from her lips.

He grinned at her. "How you gonna finish me off?" he asked. "With your hand?"

"Nope," she chirped. "I'm gonna do it this way."

She moved so fast, she took him off guard. She hopped up and straddled him, her knees hugging his hips tightly, her moist cuntslit poised right above his stiff-standing cock. Then she plunged her hips down hard.

"Unnnnhhh," she gasped.

"Oh, hey, no, aaaggghhh!" Bob cried.

The crazy kid was sitting down on his cock, impaling herself on the long thick column of prick meat. She did it so fast, Bob wasn't able to stop her. The next thing he knew, his prick was encased in her deliciously tiny and slippery pussy hole.

"Oh, shit it's big," she breathed.

"Darla, damn it, get off!" Bob groaned.

"Uh-uh," she panted.

She worked her cream-slick cunt down farther and farther around his rigid cock. Then only his balls were showing, and she was totally skewered on his thick prick. Bob almost shot his load. He'd never been into a cunt this tight.

"Come on, Bob, move," she whimpered, "fuck me!"

Bob had another baffle with his cock, and this time he lost. He just couldn't pass up a chance like this. It was like all his horny fantasies come true, a cock-hungry girl begging him to fuck her. Hell, he was only human.

"Okay, kid," he growled, "if that's what you want, here goes."

He reached up and held her by the waist. He started working his steel-hard cock inside her. Darla gasped and whimpered, and he could tell he was doing it too hard. His cock was so engorged, and her pussy was so tiny.

"Darla," he groaned, "you're not a virgin, are you?"

"Oh, no, of course not," she panted.

But she didn't tell him that she'd only had one fuck before this. She wasn't going to act like a scared little kid. His prick felt enormous to her, practically splitting her tiny cunt, but she was going to ride it out.

To her relief, Bob slowed down a little. He fucked her in deep slow thrusts, and she really liked that. She soaked his prick with hot, floods of cream, and that made his fucking slicker and easier.

"Oh, yeah, that's good," she gurgled. "I really like that."

Bob groaned. He wanted to fuck into her like a crazed animal. But he didn't want to hurt her. He managed to control himself, bringing her along slowly and patiently. When he felt her sizzling cream squirting all over his cock, he knew he was doing the right thing.

Gradually she got over her fright. His cock didn't seem too big now. She was riding it with gurgles and squeals of pleasure, and she was creaming steadily. Bob tried speeding up a little, and she seemed to like that, too.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, honey!" she moaned. "That feels so nice."

It felt more than nice to Bob. It was one of the best fucks he'd ever had. He loved feeling her tiny, greedy cunt suck and tug at his cock meat. He loved watching her get more and more aroused. He just wondered how long he could hold back his climax.

He just had to fuck her faster. It was driving him crazy to go slow. He speeded up again, and she squealed with excitement. She creamed so hard that the molten juice overflowed her pussy and gushed down her legs.

"Yeah, Bob, that's great," she moaned. "I can take it now. Fuck me as hard as you want."

"Thank God," Bob muttered.

Now he could follow his instincts. Snorting with lust, he hammered his nearly-exploding prick into her smoking little cunt. She rode his hard-driving cock with wails of bliss. He watched her cute little tits bobbing crazily. He knew he was almost on overload.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" Darla squealed.

Her cute face was all twisted with lust, and her eyes were rolling. Her head bled back, and she closed her eyes tightly. Bob sensed she was right on the verge of coming. He sure as hell hoped so, because he couldn't hold out another second.

"Take my load, baby, unnggghhh!" he groaned.

"Oooooh, shit, whaahhh!" Darla howled.

The first hot blast of his jism set her off. Her petite body rocked and writhed in a violent orgasm. She gurgled and moaned as Bob flooded her cunt with successive floods of molten come. She went on coming for almost a minute.

When she opened her eyes again, Bob was lying there flushed and gasping for breath. He looked done in. Darla wasn't at all tired herself. It was weird. She'd just come like crazy, and already she wanted to fuck again.

"Well, that should take care of you, young lady," Bob grinned. "You got what you wanted."

"Well, actually, Bob," she said, "I'd like to do it again. I don't know why, but I still feel horny."

"Oh, no," he groaned, "I don't believe this."

"It's true, Bob," Darla said desperately. "I still feel so hot. Please, can't we fuck just one more time?"

Bob gave a big sigh. It really was a shame to lose out on an opportunity like this, but he'd always been a one-shot guy. Right now he felt totally fucked out.

"Darla, honey," he said, "I'm an old man. I get really tired. I just can't go another round."

"Oh, bullshit," Darla said.

She figured that if she just stimulated his cock a little, he'd bounce back. And no way was she letting him off that couch! She started using her strong young cuntal muscles to squeeze and massage his cock meat. Bob gasped and looked up at her in surprise.

"You just don't give up, do you?" he asked.

Darla only grinned. She liked what she was doing, and it was a trick she'd invented all by herself. She found she could squeeze and suck at Bob's cock just by using her pussy. With a little practice she got a good hard rhythm going.

"Ooooh, this is fun," she cried. "Do you like it, Bob?"

"How could I not like it?" he groaned.

He couldn't believe this girl. Just a few days ago she'd been the picture of innocence, completely ignorant of sex, and now she was practically raping him. It was as if all her natural lust, suppressed by her parents, had boiled over.

Well, he wasn't complaining. He'd never cheated on Kim before, and he probably never would again, but he'd always treasure this little encounter. He felt his cock responding to Darla's naughty massage, slowly swelling and stiffening. Maybe he wasn't a one-shot guy after all.

"Oh, hey, I feel your cock getting hard, Bob!" Darla cried.

"Yeah," he leered, "so do I. You got a great technique there, kid. It's really working."

Darla wished he wouldn't call her kid, but that didn't slow her down. She kept squeezing his prick, sucking at it with her hot and hungry cunt, and pretty soon his cock meat swelled up to its full hardness and thickness, cramming her pussy.

"I think we're ready now," she grinned.

"I know I sin," Bob grinned back.

He took her by the waist again and started fucking her. Darla gurgled with delight. She felt like she could fuck all night. His cock slid deep into her boiling little cunt and she answered with a thick hot flood of cream.

"Yeah, Bob, fuck it to me!" she moaned, "fuck me forever."

"I just wish I could, honey," he groaned.

Tomorrow he'd probably wonder why he'd taken such a crazy risk, but tonight was for enjoyment. He wasn't going to worry about a thing. He was just going to get all the fun he could out of this incredibly horny little girl.

He began speeding up his fucking, and this time she took it without a whimper. She rode his pistoning cock like it was a bucking bronco, bouncing up and down, her little tits wobbling. She kept drenching his cock meat with soaking pussy cream.

"Oooooh, yeah, fuck me, oooh," she howled.

Again Darla wondered why she'd ever been afraid of cocks. They looked big, for sure, but her hungry little cunt could expand to take even the biggest prick. She loved feeling her cunt crammed full of Bob's throbbing cock.

He was getting very red in the face, and his breathing was harsh and loud. He tightened his grip on her tiny waist and fucked into her even harder. Darla bounced up and down on his massive steel-hard prick, gurgling in ecstasy.

"Ooooh, I love to fuck," she moaned.

"I noticed," Bob rasped.

This little girl was going to turn her school upside-down, he was sure of it. Once she was allowed to date, watch out! Bob loved fucking her, but he knew that he and ten other guys wouldn't be able to satisfy the hot lust she had to offer.

Still it was fun trying. He gave it everything he had, fucking into her with all his speed and force, and she took it with wails of bliss. She closed her eyes as she hovered on the brink of orgasm, savoring each thunderous thrust of his cock.

"Unnnhhh, Bob, yeah, it's happening, unnhhhh!" she gasped. "Yeah, I'm coming!"

Bob felt her sizzling little cunt flattening his cock, sucking at it furiously. His balls exploded. He yelled and started humping like mad, jetting his load into her. He didn't know where all that jizz came from. There seemed to be gallons of it. And he'd thought he was all fucked out!

"Take it, baby, take it, awwww!" he bellowed.

"Oh, yeah, Bob, cream meeee!" Darla wailed.

Now Bob really was finished. He could hardly get into his clothes and stagger back to his room. Darla watched him with a satisfied grin. It really had been a terrific evening.

The only thing was, she was hooked on fucking. She had to get more, and she had to get it often. Luckily her babysitting job would lead her to the men she needed. Bob and Tom didn't know it, but she wasn't finished with them yet.

Chapter SEVEN

Darla wasn't called to baby sit for another three days, and she just about went crazy waiting. She needed Bob or Tom, the only men available to her. At last Carol Carter asked her to sit.

It was a very long evening for Darla. She played with the kids, fed them, watched TV with them, and finally tucked them into bed. Then the hours dragged as she waited for Carol and Tom to come home.

The big question on her mind was, would Tom want to make love with her again?

Oh, he'd want to, she was sure of it, but would his silly adult conscience let him? She didn't understand grown-up thinking, but she had to accept it. Grown-ups were always resisting something they really wanted to do.

Just after midnight the Carters came home at last. Carol was yawning, and that was a good sign. "Gosh, I'm just beat," she said. "All that dancing tired me out."

"Well, you goon to bed, then, honey," Tom said. "I don't feel sleepy. If Darla wants to stay up, we'll watch some TV."

"Oh, that'd be fine, Mr. Carter," Darla said, trying to sound innocent.

Her heart was hammering with excitement. It sounded as if Tom wanted to be alone with her. He sat down on the couch beside her as Carol went off to bed. They waited till they heard the bedroom door shut.

"Oh, Tom," Darla smiled, "I'm so glad we can get together again. I was really hoping we could."

But Tom was frowning at her. "Darla," he said grimly, "I only stayed up because I want to talk to you about what happened the other night."

Oh, shit, Darla thought, here comes a lecture.

"Yes, Tom?" she said. "What about it?"

He gave a big sigh. "Darla, we should never have done it. I shouldn't have cheated on Carol, and you should be going out with guys your own age."

Darla sighed, too. They'd been over all this the other night. Tom had said all the same things, and they'd ended up fucking anyway. So why was he wasting time?

"Anyhow," he went on, "I just wanted to tell you that it's not gonna happen again. I've come to my senses now. So just promise me you'll forget it, okay?"

"Okay, Tom, I heard everything you said," Darla answered. "I understood it. Now can we cut the bullshit and have some fun together?"

He gawked at her. "But Darla," he said, "you don't get it. I really mean what I'm saying."

"I'm sure you do, Tom," the girl replied. "I'm just wondering why your cock's hard."

Tom looked down at his fly and blushed red. Sure enough, there was a big hard bulge there. He'd gotten a cock stand without realizing it, just from sitting next to the sexy babysitter and talking to her. He looked mortified.

Darla started to giggle. "Come off it, Tom," she laughed. "Oh, I know you had to say all that stuff, but you don't really mean it, do you? You'd still like to get it on with me."

"Sure I would," he sighed, "but I'm not gonna."

Darla ran out of patience. She was sick of grown-ups' crazy ways of thinking. The only thing to do was take action and not pay any attention to what Tom said. His hugely engorged cock was telling her how he really felt.

She just reached out and unzipped his pants.

"Hey, Darla, no!" he gasped.

She grasped his pants and shorts and gave them a hard pull, drawing them down to his knees. His stiff cock snapped free, and she felt a rush of excitement. His prick was thick, rock-solid, and bulging with blue veins. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around it.

"Darla, cut that out," he said hoarsely.

Darla firmed her grip on his cock and started pumping it. Just as she'd expected, he groaned and slumped back on the couch, letting her play with his cock meat. Why had he wasted all the time with his ridiculous talk?

"Does, this feel nice, Tom?" she cooed.

"You know dammed well it does," he moaned.

She pumped faster and watched thick bubbles of cream well up in his piss hole. Tom watched, too, as if he couldn't believe what was happening. He'd prepared that stem speech for her, but his cock had other ideas.

Darla dipped her head down, drooling with anticipation. She stuck out her tongue and began licking up his cream. She really got off on that special taste. Tom shivered and got all red in the face. His nostrils flared.

"Damn it," he growled, "I just can't resist you, baby. But I swear I'm not gonna go all the way with you."

"Fine," Darla cooed, "there's lots of other fun things we can do."

"Yeah," Tom chuckled, "now that you mention it, there are."

He'd really come home prepared to lay down the law to the lusty young sitter, but now he decided that it would be okay to fool around a little, just as long as they didn't go all the way. Carol was a sound sleeper, and so were the kids. He could have one last little fling with Darla.

"So what do you wanna do, honey?" he leered.

"Just a second," Darla said.

She was busy cleaning up every drop of his oozing cock cream. She reamed out his piss hole with her greedy hot tongue and swallowed the last of the hot juice, gurgling with lust. Then she straightened up and spoke to Tom.

"I want you to teach me some things," she said. "I want to know all the ways a guy and a girl can have fun without fucking. Of course, I'd love to fuck you, too."

"No way," Tom said quickly. "But, sure, I'd be glad to teach you those things."

"Then let's take off our clothes," she said. They stripped, ogling each other's body. Tom breathed harshly as he studied Darla's curvy little body, and she stared hungrily at his well-muscled arms and legs and hair-matted chest. But as always, she was most interested in his cock.

"I know one way to turn a guy on," she giggled.

"I know you do, baby," Tom laughed, "and you're very good at it. You wanna try it now?"

"Sure," she said, pushing him down on his back and crawling between his legs.

Tom lay back and relaxed, letting her do everything. The girl had a real hunger for cock. She licked up some more of his drooling cock cream, then started sliding her wet lips down around the massive head of his prick.

"Oh, yeah, honey, go for it," he groaned. Her small mouth couldn't hold much of his cock meat, only the fat head and another inch or so. She squeezed his prick in the hot velvet of her mouth. She pulled her cheeks in as deep as she could and started to suck hungrily.

"Mmmmm, unnnhhh," she moaned.

"Yeah, baby, terrific," Tom sighed.

Her lips were stretched almost to bunting around his enormous cock head, but that didn't stop her from greedily sucking out his cock cream and gobbling it. Tom watched her with rapidly mounting lust. So much for all his good intentions.

Well, at least he wasn't going to fuck her. He'd made up his mind about that. A little blow-job and a little pussy-eating was no big crime. He forgot about his wife and his marriage as the babysitter hungrily sucked his cock.

Her head jerked up and down, her dark curls bouncing, and she made hungry lewd slurping noises. Tom watched her cute little tits swaying back and forth. Everything about the scene was turning him on like crazy.

He wished the excitement and pleasure could go on all night, but he was damned close to shooting his load. All evening, while dancing with his wife, he'd been thinking about the babysitter and what he was going to say to her. And when he thought about Darla, he couldn't help getting horny.

He'd come home ready to lecture her and dying to fuck her. Maybe this was a happy compromise. Her mouth was boiling hot around his prick meat, sucking ravenously, and he was feeling incredible hot blasts of pleasure. His balls swelled with a huge steaming load of jism.

"This isn't gonna take long, honey," he panted. "Jesus, I'm just about to shoot!"

Darla drooled all over his cock. She could hardly wait to get a whole hot mouthful of his delicious come. She sucked as hard as she could on his wildly throbbing boner, and Tom groaned and rocketed out of control.

"Yeah, shit, suck!" he yelled.

He grabbed her head and steadied it, then began fucking her mouth. He wanted to cram his cock right down her throat, but he was careful not to choke her. She gurgled and gave muffled squeals of excitement. He groaned and jetted his load to the back of her mouth.

"Eat it, baby, unnhhhh, awwww!" he bawled. Darla gulped down the salty flood of come, and Tom slumped back with a happy sigh.

"Honey, you're terrific at that," he said, "and now you're gonna get your reward."

Darla knew that that meant, and she shivered in anticipation. Tom arranged her with one leg up over the back of the couch and the other dangling off the side, her cute pink pussyslit completely exposed. She felt his hot breath tickling the swollen cunt folds, and she creamed heavily.

"Oh, yeah, Tom, eat my pussy!" she panted.

She saw his tongue flash out, and she kit hot pleasure scaring through her cunt gash. He was lashing the wet cunt meat up and down, not missing an inch of her horny pussy. She clawed the couch and whimpered.

"Shit, that's so good!" she moaned. "Don't ever stop, Tom. I just love it!"

Tom snaked his tongue into every steamy fold and cranny of her pussyslit and lapped up her squirting cream. He'd always liked eating pussy, and this delicate teenage cunt gash was especially exciting to him. He gobbled her pussy juice as fast as he could get it.

After he'd thoroughly tongued her cuntslit, he concentrated on the most sensitive spat of all, the throbbing button of her cunt. Darla moaned in ecstasy as his stiff tongue tip nudged and circled the hot clit nub.

"Ohhhh, yeah, lick me there, don't stop!" she cried.

She closed her eyes tightly and forgot everything else. Tom's expert tongue ran swiftly around the shaft of her clit, giving her a steady buzz of pleasure. She couldn't stop creaming. The scalding pussy juice ran down her ass crack and puddled on the couch beneath her.

His tongue raced faster and faster around the pulsating cunt button, and she arched her body till her ass left the couch, greedily shoving her clit harder against his tongue. He soaked the stiff cunt bud with his hot spit.

Darla never wanted the pleasure to stop, but she was also aching to come. She'd been three days without sex, and she was horny out of her mind. She shoved her cunt harder against his tongue, knowing the hot friction would get her off.

"Make me come, Tom!" she moaned. "I just have to come."

Tom knew just how to take care of that. He jammed his mouth onto her wildly throbbing clit and caught the slick bump between his lips. He started to suck, and Darla almost flew off the couch.

"Oooooh, shit, yesss!" she hissed. "That's it, that's gonna do it."

Her face twisted into a lusty grimace as Tom sucked hard and loudly on her supersensitive clit. Hot bolts of pleasure ripped through her belly. Just a few seconds later she felt a violent orgasm shaking her body. She drenched Tom's face with a huge burst of creamy come.

"Unnnhhh, yesss, whaaahhhh!" she howled. Tom couldn't keep his lips around her clit, she was bucking and writhing so hard. He watched her coming, amazed at how powerful her climax was. It was hard to believe that less than a week ago she'd been an innocent virgin.

Now she was famished for sex. She'd hardly stopped coming before she looked eagerly at him again and said, "Get me off once more, Tom, please."

"I figured you'd say that," he chuckled, "and I'm ready."

This time he put her in another position, lifting her legs up and draping them over his broad shoulders. He licked up all the hot tangy cunt cream from her pussy, and Darla gurgled with lust. She could never get enough of his expert tongue.

Then he used the pointed tip of his tongue to rip and tease the tiny mouth of her cunt. It drove Darla wild. She jerked her hips frantically, trying to impale herself on the slick slab of meat, but Tom wouldn't let her do it.

"Come on, Tom, honey," she whined, "stick it in me. Fuck me with it!"

"Easy, baby," he laughed. "I'm getting there. There's no big rush."

Darla didn't agree. She was dying to get off again, and she ached to feel his whole tongue in her pussy, probing and cramming. But at last Tom gave her what she wanted. He made his tongue long and stiff, then shoved it as far as he could into her molten little pussy hole.

"Ohhhh, yeah, unnnhhhh!" Darla howled. Now she was in ecstasy, her small but greedy cunt crammed full of Tom's big hot tongue. He slid his hands under her ass and pulled her tight against his face, sinking his tongue almost to her womb. He began fucking her with it, hard and fast.

"Yes, ohhhh, shit, yesss!" she moaned.

This was the sensation she craved, feeling her hot little pussy reamed to the depths. Molten cream spurted from her cunt and soaked Tom's face. She just couldn't stop that heavy creaming. She clawed the couch and whimpered with bliss.

Tom tongue-fucked her steadily, and she felt herself sailing toward another body-wracking orgasm. She didn't care now if they fucked or not Tom's tongue was every bit as fun as his cock. She started tightening her hungry cunt around the slippery slab of meat, gorging herself on the delicious friction.

"Ooooh, shit, I'm almost there," she gurgled.

Tom speeded up, giving it to her as fast as he could, and that put her over the edge. The orgasm started in the fiery depths of her cunt and exploded out to shake her whole body. She convulsed violently, spraying her sizzling come into Tom's flushed face.

"You did it to meee, I'm comingggg!" she wailed. "Ohhhh, fuck, whaaahhh!"

Tom tongued her all the way through that powerful climax and left her a very satisfied girl. After he'd tiptoed back to his room, Darla lay there grinning. Once again she'd overcome his silly adult scruples and gotten what she needed.

Tom might think he wasn't going to fuck her again, but he was wrong. After all, she had two long months of vacation left, and she didn't intend to spend them without sex.

Chapter EIGHT

A few nights later Darla was called to sit for the Warners.

As they left for the evening, Bob shot her a hungry glance. She could tell he wanted to get it on with her again, but would they get the chance? It all depended on how tired Kim was when she got home.

Darla waited restlessly, and she was delighted when the couple arrived home well before midnight. However, her delight didn't last long.

"We're going right to bed, Darla," Kim said. "Stay up and watch TV if you want, but keep the volume low."

"Yes, Mrs. Warner," Darla sighed.

Kim didn't look a bit sleepy. In fact she and Bob were holding hands as they went down the hall to their bedroom. Darla tiptoed after them and bent to look through the keyhole. What she saw wasn't very encouraging.

Kim had her arms around Bob's neck and was kissing him. "Honey," she giggled, "I don't know what got into me, but I've been horny for you all evening."

"Shit," Darla muttered.

There went any chances for her getting laid that night. But at least she could spy on the grown-ups and maybe learn something new. She settled comfortably in front of the keyhole and watched Bob and Kim undress. The sight of Bob's big hairy body was almost too much for her, but her curiosity was burning, as always.

Naked, Kim hopped onto the bed, her big ripe tits bouncing. Bob slipped a hand between her thighs and played with her pussy.

"Mmmmm, that feels nice," Kim gurgled, "but I know something that'd feel even nicer."

"And what's that?" Bob laughed.

"I don't really think I have to tell you," Kim grinned.

She rolled onto her hands and knees, presenting Bob with her firm little ass. His nostrils flared with excitement, and he knelt behind her, grasping her lustily wiggling hips. He pushed the swollen purple head of his cock against her cream-slick cuntal opening.

"Yes, honey," Kim moaned, "stick that big prick into me, fuck me good!"

Darla barely stifled a moan of envy and longing. She would have done anything to be in Kim's place just then. Her own cunt was burning with need, and it was torture for her to watch Bob slide his massive hard-on deep into his wife's eager hot pussy. Kim clawed the bed and moaned.

"Unnngghhh, yeah, darling, give me all of it!" she cried.

Bob's thick cock spread her cunt lips wide and forced out a hot river of cunt juice. The glistening cream ran down her legs. Kim dug her nails deeper into the bedspread and whimpered in ecstasy as he filled her hungry cunt. He pushed into her till only his big hairy balls were showing.

"Oh, my God," Kim sobbed, "give it to me, baby, fuck me!"

Bob snorted with excitement and started pistoning his big steel-hard boner into her juicy pussy hole. Kim's eyes rolled, and her face twisted with lust. She whimpered blissfully as her husband worked his massive prick in her starved pussy.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" she howled.

Darla was whimpering, too, but for another reason. She was going out of her mind with envy and frustration. She'd hoped so much that she could fuck Bob tonight, but his big cock was making another female happy.

She watched the thick blue-veined slab of prick meat hammering in and out of Kim's pussy hole, forcing out her thick cunt cream. Her own near-virgin cunt ached for attention, and she thought of playing with herself. But somehow the idea didn't attract her so much tonight.

Masturbation seemed like kid stuff now. It couldn't take the place of what she really wanted, a huge hard cock pounding in her cunt. Sure, she could get herself off with her fingers, but the only lasting satisfaction would come from fucking. Her pussy seethed and burned as she watched Kim getting all the action she herself craved.

"Harder, baby," Kim whimpered, "really give it to me!"

Red-faced with lust, Bob pounded his huge cock even harder and faster in his wife's cream spurting cunt. Kim closed her eyes tightly and bared her teeth in a lusty snarl. Darla sensed that the horny housewife was very close to coming.

"Just a little more," Kim sobbed. "I'm almost there!"

Now Darla could hear Bob's belly slapping Kim's ass as he fucked her with all the speed and force at his command. Darla felt hot cream dripping from her cheated cunt and soaking the crotch of her panties. She ached to feel Bob's enormous rock-hard cock in her hungry pussy.

Well, not tonight. It just wasn't going to happen. Bob was using all his energy on his wife, fucking into her like a pile driver. Darla could only watch and writhe with need. She felt so frustrated, she could have screamed.

Now Kim was throwing back her head and wailing. "Ohhhh, Bob, you did it to meeee! Unnnhhh, yessss, ahhhhh!"

"Awwww, shit, unnnhhh!" Bob groaned, hammering his load into her.

Darla caught herself rubbing her thighs together in a hopeless attempt to ease the burning need in her pussy. Maybe she'd have to masturbate after all. Obviously it was the only way she was going to get off tonight, because Bob had just shot his wad.

"Mmmmm, thanks, honey," Kim murmured. "That was just what I needed. Now I can sleep."

"Okay, baby," Bob said, kissing her. "I don't feel sleepy yet, so I think I'll watch TV for awhile."

"Okay, good night," Kim muttered, already half asleep.

Bob put on a robe, then turned out the light and left the bedroom. Darla had already streaked back to the couch, switched on the TV, and started pretending that she was absorbed in the program. Bob came and sat beside her on the couch.

"Mind if I join you, Darla?" he asked. "Oh, of course not, Bob," she cooed. But he didn't move close to her, didn't come on to her. He just kept giving her wistful looks, as if he wanted to do something but couldn't. Then Darla remembered what he'd told her before -- that he'd always been a one-shot guy.

Well, that was what he thought. She'd proven him wrong once, and she could do it again. She scooted right up next to him, till their thighs touched, and she put her hand on his knee. Bob looked at her and turned red. Darla grinned wickedly at him and stroked his knee in an enticing way. But the big man just sighed.

"Forget it, honey," he said. "Kim wanted to get it on. I'm through for the night."

"We'll just see about that," Darla said, sliding her hand inside his robe.

Bob gawked at her as she slid her hand up his muscular thigh and found his cock. The situation wasn't too promising, but she was going to give it everything she had. She fisted his prick and started pumping it. Bob sighed again, louder this time.

"I'm not a teenager, Darla," he said. "You're wasting your time."

But Darla had more than one trick up her sleeve. She slid off the couch, opening his robe and wriggling between his legs. Again she fisted his cock, gripping the thick hairy base, and she dipped her head down. She stuck out her tongue and started licking the sensitive head of his prick.

"Hey," he gasped.

He shivered, a sure sign that it felt good. Darla whisked her hot little tongue all over the big fat head of his prick, lathering it with her hot saliva. Bob started to get flushed in the face, and his nostrils flared.

"Jesus," he muttered, "that feels good."

So she was on the right track. She lashed her tongue faster around his big purple cock head, and she felt his prick meat start to throb and swell in her fist. She was definitely getting somewhere now. She dug the tip of her tongue into his pin hole and tasted his salty cock cream.

"Holy shit!" Bob groaned.

Pumping his cock and licking it, Darla gradually coned it into hardness. She shivered with excitement when she felt the big column of cock meat swelling and hardening in her fist. Bob was breathing hard and loudly now, and his prick throbbed eagerly.

"I'll be Goddamned!" he panted.

"I told you so," Darla giggled.

Bob didn't feel any nervousness or guilt this time. His wife was well-fucked and sound asleep, and this cute babysitter wasn't taking no for an answer. All he was doing was pleasing the women in his house, and giving them what they wanted. How could that make him a bad guy?

"Good work, Darla," he chuckled. "You deserve a reward. Just tell me what you want."

The decision wasn't easy. Darla loved everything about fucking. She loved sucking cock, she loved having her pussy eaten, and she loved fucking. But tonight the need to fuck was strongest. She'd watched Kim get it, and she was seething with envy.

"I want you to fuck me, Bob," she said. "I wanna do it every way there is."

"Christ," he laughed, "I just hope I can hold out."

"Sure you can," Darla grinned. "Let's go." She hopped up to straddle his lap, her slippery hot cuntslit grazing the massively swollen head of his cock. Bob snorted with excitement and grabbed her waist. He socked the thick head of his prick into her tiny but juicy pussy mouth.

"Unnnhhh, yeah!" Darla gasped. "Get into me, Bob, honey, give me all of it."

She realized she was parroting some of the things his wife had moaned to him a little while ago, but Bob didn't seem to notice. He grunted and panted as he worked his wrist-thick boner into her tight teenaged pussy hole, not stopping till he'd hit her womb.

"There, you got it all," he panted. "Now I'm gonna fuck your brains out!"

"Terrific!" Darla laughed.

He wasn't kidding. He wasn't slow and gentle like he'd been with their first fuck. He pounded his cock meat into her, making her whole body shudder with the impact. But Darla wasn't complaining. She was hot for it. She needed a steady hard pounding to satisfy the hot lust she'd stored up.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, Bob!" she moaned. "Fuck me good, baby!"

Bob could hardly believe his luck. He'd just finished making it with a sexy mature woman, his wife, and now he was fucking a hot-pants teenager. He'd never had this much action in one night. He just hoped his cock was up to the task.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" Darla whimpered.

Bob watched the petite babysitter riding his jerking cock. Her cute face was all contorted with pleasure, and her little cone-shaped tits were wobbling like crazy. It was an enticing sight for the horny married man.

But the most enticing thing of all was watching his thick boner slicing up and down between her widely-spread cunt lips and digging deep into the hot pulp of her cunt. Every time he did it, he felt his cock meat drenched with her sizzling pussy cream.

"Oooooh, shit, oooooh, I'm gonna come!" Darla whined.

"Already?" Bob exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm so horny," she moaned.

She didn't tell him how she'd gotten so horny. She didn't think he was ready for that. He'd be shocked to know that she'd been spying on him and Kim when they made love. That was just going to be her little secret.

"Harder," she groaned, "faster!"

"Oh, Jesus!" Bob panted.

He went high gear, giving it everything he had, and a second later the girl threw back her head and wailed as a giant orgasm rocked her slim little body.

"Oooooh, Bob, yesss, whaahhh!" she howled.

Bob groaned as her tiny red-hot cunt spasmed around his cock. That greedy clamping action made him want to shoot his load. But luckily he had his second wind and he was good for a lot more fun. Provided his cock didn't wear out, that is.

Darla had hardly finished coming before she drew herself off the thick skewer of his cock and rolled down onto her back. She spread her legs wide, bending them at the knees, and grinned, shamelessly at him.

"Do it to me this way flow," she invited.

Bob gave a horny snarl and threw himself onto her. He dug his steel-hard prick deep and hard into her seething pussy hole, not afraid of hurting her. This horny kid could take the hardest fucking he had to offer.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, great!" Darla howled, arching her body to take his prick as deep as she could.

Bob slid his hands under her hot little ass and started fucking into her like there was no tomorrow. Darla clung to him and wailed with delight. She matched his strokes, jerking her hips lustily.

"Unnnhhh, that's it, fuck hard," she sobbed. Bob couldn't believe how fast she came. The kid was incredibly horny tonight. He'd been fucking her only a minute or so when he felt that delicious clamping and squeezing action around his cock, signaling her orgasm.

"Ohhhh, shit, unnnhhhh!" Darla gasped.

But she wasn't finished. The moment she'd finished coming, she wriggled out from under him and assumed the dew position, on her hands and knees with her cute little ass sticking up. Bob snorted with lust and went for her.

"Yeah, yeah, get into me, honey!" Darla panted. "Make me come again."

Bob was beginning to wonder if the horny sitter could ever get enough sex. His cock was going to need splints when she was finished with him. He hammered his prick meat into her, forcing out thick blasts of sizzling pussy juice.

"That's it, give it tome as hard as you can," she wailed.

Darla took the deep rough blows of his cock, clawing the couch and moaning in ecstasy. This was the longest, hardest fuck she'd had yet, and she was loving every second of it. Steadily she tightened her seedy cunt around his jack hammering prick.

"Christ, honey, you're gonna get me off!" Bob groaned.

"Yeah, come with me!" she panted.

He dug his throbbing cock to her fiery depths, and she threw back her head and howled, "Ohhh, I'm cominggg, aaahhhh!"

"Awwwww, Jesus, awwwww!" Bob bawled. Darla whimpered with ecstasy as she took gallons of his thick steaming jizz into her greedily sucking pussy. Then Bob dizzily put on his robe and smiled at her.

"Seems I just can't keep my hands off you," he chuckled.

"Great," Darla grinned, "'cause I'm gonna need you all summer, Bob. I hope you'll be able to help me out."

"Honey," Bob sighed, "I got a feeling you'll get whatever you want from me."

Chapter NINE

By the time school started that fall, Darla already had an education. Bob and Tom were never able to resist her when she came on to them, and she figured she knew everything there was to know about sex.

Now she was going to try it out on boys her own age.

The first day of school, she studied the boys carefully. For her first date, she wanted a real hunk. Now that her folks had finally given her permission to go out with boys, she'd go for the best there was.

By sixth period, she'd made her choice. He was Jason Reed, a senior and captain of the football team. He was tall, blond, fantastically built, and very cute. In fact he was the biggest hunk in school.

Of course all the girls wanted a date with Jason. They followed him around in droves, giggling and staring at him. Darla had never been part of the in-group, and Jason paid no attention to her at all. He could pick and choose from the most popular girls in school.

Well, Darla thought she knew a sure-fire way to get his attention. All she had to do was be alone with him for a few minutes.

She waited for her chance, but it didn't come till after school. Most of the kids went home, but she noticed Jason heading for the gym, and she followed him. She slipped inside the gym and saw him heading for the boys' locker room.

Darla brazenly followed, even though she knew girls weren't allowed in there. Jason was just puffing off his T-shirt, and he gawked as the pretty petite brunette entered.

"Hey, no girls in here!" he snapped.

"I just wanted to talk to you for a second, Jason," Darla purred.

He frowned at her. "Who are you?" he asked.

"My name's Darla Adams," she said. "I guess you never noticed me before."

"No, I didn't," he said angrily. "Now get the hell out of here!"

Darla calmly studied him. He was acting like a snob and a jerk, but he was so cute. And she knew ways to get him to change his behavior. She already had two grown men wrapped around her little finger, so Jason shouldn't prove much of a problem.

"Go on, damn it!" he snarled. "I want to change my clothes."

"Well, go right ahead," Darla laughed. "I'd love to watch."

Jason didn't know what to make of her. He got red all over. He stood there with his shirt off, glaring at her, but he couldn't figure out how to make her go away. She wasn't like all the other girls who jumped to obey his every command.

"Hey, look, uh, Darla," he said at last, "what do you want?"

"I want to show you something, Jason," she smiled. "It's something I think you'll really like."

She set down her books and pulled off her T-shirt. Jason's eyes got huge as he studied her little lace bra. Darla unhooked the bra and let it drop. Her pert cone-shaped tits stood out firm and flawless, capped with little red nipples.

"Well, Jason?" she said. "Like what you see?"

Jason tried to answer, but he only made a horny croaking noise. He wandered closer, his eyes locked on her luscious apple-sized tits. Darla thrust her chest out, flaunting her pretty teenaged tits.

"Want to touch them, Jason?" she cooed.

"Yeah," he growled.

He came right up to her and cupped her hot little tits. He shivered lustily as he began squeezing and molding them. Darla liked it but she could tell he didn't have nearly as much experience as her grown-up lovers. Maybe she could teach him a thing or two.

But there was no rush. They were alone in the gym, and all the other kids had gone home. She backed up against the wall and let Jason fondle her hot silky-skinned tits, getting more aroused by the second. Hot sticky cream began to leak from her pussy, moistening her panties.

"You like this?" Jason leered.

"Oh, it's okay," Darla said, pretending to yawn, "but you could make it more exciting."

"How?" he asked, looking embarrassed.

Darla could hardly keep from laughing. Of course Jason Reed considered himself the biggest stud in school, and it was a shock to him when she told him he could improve. Well, it wouldn't be the first time she'd shock him.

"Lick me," she said huskily. "Suck my tits." Jason reddened, and his nostrils flared with excitement.

"Sure," he said hoarsely, "I can do that. I can do it as good as any guy."

Darla had a feeling he was bluffing. He dipped his head down low, stuck out his tongue, and started clumsily licking her cute rosy nipples. The little buds responded instantly, going stiff and hot and throbbing against his tongue.

"Mmmmmm," Darla gurgled, "that's pretty good."

Jason didn't want to be pretty good. He wanted to be the best. He lashed his tongue faster and harder over her pulsating nipples, and Darla shivered with excitement. He still wasn't as good at it as Bob or Tom, but she saw that he could be a fast learner. And he'd be so fun to teach!

"That's nice, Jason," she gurgled, "real nice. Now suck them."

Jason didn't usually take orders from girls, but this Darla was different. She seemed to have some weird kind of power over him. Whatever she asked, he wanted to do. He wanted to turn her on like crazy.

So he slid his hot wet lips down around one stiff nipple and started to suck. Darla whimpered with excitement, and he felt her little nipple throbbing hard against his lips. She laced her fingers through his hair and moaned.

"Yeah, real good!" she panted. He seemed like an amateur compared to the men she'd been getting it on with, but he was motivated and horny, and she knew he'd get better at it. She slumped against the wall and creamed hard as he sucked her tits.

He worked her right nipple into a rigid spit soaked bud, then went for the left one, drawing it into the steamy heat of his mouth. Darla was really turned on by the guy, and she was getting excited in spite of his clumsiness. Now she was creaming right through her jeans.

She thought of pulling him down on the floor and fucking his brains out. She knew he was ready, and it was really tempting. But it wasn't part of her game plan. If she fucked Jason now, she wouldn't get everything she wanted from him.

What Darla wanted was to be the steady girl of the biggest hunk in school, and she'd planned her attack very carefully. Everything had to be done just right. This was only the very first step in her scheme.

Now Jason raised his flushed face and stared hungrily at her glistening stiff nipples.

"How was that?" he asked.

"Pretty good," Darla said coolly. "But how are you at giving head?"

Jason turned beet red. "I don't do that to girls," he said.

Darla laughed. "You don't?" she said. "Well, I better get going, then. I'm wasting my time with you. I'll find another guy to have fun with."

She started to reach for her bra and shirt, but Jason cried out, "Hey, wait, Darla. Do you really get off on that stuff?"

"Any girl does, Jason," Darla said. "I wouldn't go with a guy who didn't give head."

"Well, I'll try it, then," he said. "Come on over here." He led the way to an exercise mat. Darla tried not to show how excited she was as she slipped out of her sneakers, jeans and panties. She saw that Jason had a terrific hard-on, almost tearing its way out of his pants.

In fact he looked like he was going to come in his jeans as she stood before him naked. His eyes locked onto her little dark cunt bush, and the bulge in his pants swelled up even bigger. Darla let him look for a second, then got down on the mat. She settled on her back, bent her knees, and opened her legs wide. Jason stood there as if frozen with lust, staring at her cute pink pussyslit. He ogled the dainty fringe of dark curls and the moist rosy cunt flesh. His cock gave a lusty lurch, sharply tenting his fly. Darla wriggled impatiently.

"Come on, Jason," she said. "You gonna do it or not?"

"Oh, yeah," he panted, "yeah."

He crawled clumsily between her legs. It was obvious that he didn't have, a clue about how to eat pussy. Darla folded back the lightly furred lips of her cunt bush and exposed her whole gleaming pussyslit to his lust-glazed eyes.

Jason shivered and said hoarsely, "Hey, Darla, how about if we just fuck?"

"No way!" she snapped. "I'd never fuck a guy that I don't even date. And I wouldn't consider dating you, Jason, till I find out how good you are. So go ahead, show me."

Jason gawked at her. He wasn't used to being turned down, and he'd never taken orders from a girl. But he wanted this girl very badly, so he brought his face within an inch of her hot cuntslit and stuck out his tongue. Awkwardly he started moving his tongue over the puffed folds of her cunt gash.

Darla enjoyed it, but the guy had a lot to learn.

"Faster, Jason!" she panted. "Get with it."

"Right," he croaked.

He speeded up his tonguing, whipping the wet meat up and don her pussy gash. That was better. Darla gurgled with excitement and fed him a hot rush of tangy pussy cream.

"Mmmmm, yeah, that's real good!" she moaned.

Jason agreed. It was his first taste of pussy and he was astonished to find that he really got off on it. He liked gobbling her cunt cream and he really enjoyed making her squeal and moan just by using his tongue.

No question about it, this sure aroused the hell out of him. He'd seen her around and even thought she was cute, but he'd never spoken to her before because she wasn't part of the in-crowd. Now he saw that he'd made a big mistake.

He'd dated lots of the popular girls at school, and they just didn't put out. Well, a few did, but they would just lay there like dead bodies. Darla was different. Darla was hot-blooded and eager, and she'd obviously been around.

He raked his tongue faster and faster over her swollen cuntslit, drinking up her hot musky pussy juice as fast as it spurted from her cunt. She moaned and writhed and clawed the exercise mat. Jason found himself drooling all over her tasty cunt gash.

Then she was pointing to a small hooded lump of flesh at the very top of her cuntslit.

"Lick me there, Jason," she panted. "That's the best place of all."

Jason was cager to please her. He wanted to impress this sexy girl. He started whipping his hot tongue back and forth over her clit. Darla squealed with delight and soaked his tongue with a searing flood of cunt crew.

"Ohhhh, yeah," she moaned, "that's real good!"

Jason really was learning fast, she thought. He seemed to like what he was doing, because she could feel him drooling onto the pussy folds of her pussy. Now he was tongue-lashing her clit and giving her hot stabs of pleasure.

She raised her pelvis and shoved her clit harder against his tongue, getting more hot friction. She closed her eyes and gave herself up completely to the wonderful sensation of having her clit tongued. It would be easy to come, but she was in no hurry.

She wanted Jason to learn. Cute as he was, he wouldn't be much of a date until he learned how to please her, and how to excite her in every possible way. She let him continue his furious clit-licking till he mastered the technique.

"Okay, good," she panted. "Now I want you to get me off, Jason. This thing you're licking is my clit. I want you to suck it."

He obeyed instantly shoving his lips against her throbbing clit, capturing it. He started sucking noisily and clumsily. Darla didn't mind the clumsiness. At least he was trying, and it felt really nice.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, a little faster!" she whined. "Yeah, that's it, perfect."

Jason could feel that funny little clit button throbbing like crazy between his lips and she was squirting hot cunt crew into his mouth. Darla was shaking with pleasure, steadily whimpering and squealing. He was getting her very hot, and that made him hot, too.

Between his belly and the mat, his cock was throbbing as hard as Darla's clit. It felt ready to burst. Jason had been horny plenty of times in his teenage years, but never like this. He was practically going out of his mind with lust.

Well, maybe if he did a really good job of sucking Darla off, she'd let him fuck her. He sucked hard and fast on her pulsating clit and she arched her body and shoved the wet nub even farther between his lips.

"Ohhhh, yeah, I'm almost there!" she whined. "Suck real fast now, Jason."

Jason gave her what she wanted, and a second later she stiffened. Then a violent shudder went through her body, and she began to wail. His face was splattered with her molten come-juice.

"Ooooh, slit, you did it, ahhhhh!" she howled.

She writhed and bucked so hard, he couldn't keep his lips on target. He rose to his knees, watching her come and aching to stick his cock into her hot teenaged pussy. His balls were so swelled up, he thought they'd explode.

Finally Darla went still and grinned at him. "Hey, that was all right," she said.

"Thanks," Jason replied almost meekly. "Now can we fuck?"

Darla frowned. "I told you, Jason, I don't fuck boys I haven't dated," she said.

"Well, then let's go out Friday night," he begged. "I'll take you to dinner and a movie and everything."

Darla's heart hammered. Her plan had worked. She'd gotten a date with the most desirable guy in school. But she managed to sound cool and calm when she answered him.

"Why, that'd be fine, Jason," she said. "Here, let me help you out."

She proceeded to give Jason the quickest hand job he'd ever had. It didn't take long, because she knew what she was doing and he was horny out of his mind. Her hot little fist zipped up and down his engorged cock, and his handsome face twisted into a lusty grimace.

"Unnnhhhh, jeez, wow!" he moaned.

Darla grinned as she jacked him off. She had him right where she wanted him. Of course it had just about killed her not to fuck him, but holding out was part of her plan -- and it had worked. She felt his cock bucking and shooting in her fist.

"Awwww, shit, awwww!" he bawled. He jetted his jam all over the place, then sank down on the mat with a happy groan. Darla quickly dressed, waving to him at the door.

"See you Friday, Jason," she purred. "Maybe then we can talk about fucking."

Chapter TEN

Darla's parents had been nervous about finally letting her go out with boys, but even they were excited and impressed when she announced that she had a date with Jason Reed.

"Darla," her mother exclaimed, "he's the most popular boy in school. He's always getting his picture in the paper."

"He's the captain of the football team," her father said. "You did okay, honey."

Darla intended to do even better on Friday night. She wore her best dress and had her hair done especially for the occasion. When Jason arrived to pick her up, she could tell he liked what he saw.

"Gosh, Darla," he said as they drove to dinner, "I must be an idiot. I can't figure out why I never noticed you before."

"You preferred popular girls, remember?" Darla teased.

"You're popular enough for me," Jason said. He took her to a nice restaurant, then to the movies. He was on his best behavior, not even trying to hold hands, but of course Darla knew what was really on his mind. It happened to be on her mind, too.

As they left the movies, he got a little red in the face and said, "Would you, still, like to drive somewhere, Darla?"

"Yes, Jason, I would," she said. "How about going out to the lake?"

His face lit up. The lake was the most popular place for kids to make out. He got there as fast as he could without breaking the speed limit and found a very private place for them to park. Darla turned to him with a mischievous grin.

"I can tell you've been here before, Jason," she teased. "You drove right to the spot. This must be where you bring all your dates."

"A lot of good it's done me," he sighed.

"You mean they wouldn't put out for you?" Darla grinned.

"Not very often," he admitted.

"Why, Jason, I find that hard to understand," she said. "I thought you were the biggest stud in school."

Even in the moonlight she could see him blush. "Yeah, well, even popular guys don't score that often," he confessed.

"Well, then, we'll just have to do something about that right now," Darla purred.

She started unbuttoning his shirt. Jason looked at her very expectantly but didn't touch her. He was letting her call the shots. For the first time in his life he was intimidated by a girl, and eager to please.

He shivered with excitement as she undressed him. She removed his dress shirt, tie, and jacket, then unzipped his pants and drew them off along with his shoes and socks. That left only his shorts. Jason reddened, for there was nothing he could to do bide the obscene big bulge at his crotch.

Darla just grinned when she saw it. Then she grasped his shorts and pulled them off. His stiff cock snapped free, standing up in a belly hugging hard-on. He had a gorgeous cock, Darla thought, and she could hardly wait to enjoy it.

Still, she liked teasing him and making him wait, so she took her time undressing. Jason watched her so intently, he didn't even blink. He ogled her luscious little tits and the small dark patch of her cunt bush. His cock started to drool thick rivers of prick cream.

"Okay, Jason," she grinned. "You wanted to fuck. Let's do it."

"Right now?" he croaked. "You really mean it?"

To prove that she did, Darla got into position, lying down on her back and throwing one leg up over the seat. She let the other leg dangle off the edge, completely exposing the wet pink flesh of her pussy.

"Come on, honey, fuck me!" she leered. "Oh, wow," Jason groaned, "oh, boy!"

Luckily she didn't have to teach him how to do this. He'd, scored a few times before. He eased himself on top of her and sank down between her hot silky thighs. She felt the rock-hard head of his cock filling her cunt mouth.

"Uuuummm, yeah, baby, stick it in me!" she moaned.

Jason groaned and plunged his cock all the way into her, hitting her womb in one hard horny thrust. Darla wailed with excitement and drenched his prick with molten cream. She arched her body to take his fucking, but all he did was give a violent shudder and one jerk of his hips.

"Awwww, fuck, shit, awwwww!" he yelled, jetting his load into her.

Darla moaned with disappointment. The fun had hardly started, and he'd come already. She squirmed with frustration. Jason writhed and groaned for a few seconds, then raised his head and looked at her with mortification.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry," he groaned. "I didn't mean to come so fast. But you got me so excited, Darla, and I've been thinking about this all week."

"Okay, Jason," she sighed, "no need to apologize. We'll just start over again. Stay right where you are."

She used the same technique she'd used on Bob. Working her strong young cuntal muscles around Jason's cock, she gave it a sexy wet massage. She squeezed and nipped at his cock meat, and he snorted with excitement.

"Hey, wow, what are you doing?" he cried.

"Getting you hot," she grinned.

It worked even faster than it had with Bob. Of course Jason was a teenager, perpetually horny, and he was soon panting with excitement. Darla felt his tireless cock welling and hardening in her greedy little pussy.

"Mmmmm, yeah, good," she gurgled.

"Oh, wow," Jason groaned.

He'd never had a girl do this to him before. Most of them wouldn't even let him get under their clothes, and even if he did manage to fuck them, they never wanted seconds. Darla was like an adolescent jack-off fantasy come true.

Her cunt was searing-hot and slick with juice, and it was sucking hungrily at his prick meat. He could hardly wait to fuck her again. His prick ballooned into a steel-hard column, throbbing against every inch of her tugging cunt.

"I'm ready now," he said eagerly.

"You sure are," she laughed. "Okay, go for it."

Jason started plowing his engorged cock up and down in the velvety slick tunnel of her cunt. At lass Darla was getting the sensation she craved. There was nothing she liked more than feeling a hard cock sawing in her endlessly thirsty cunt.

"Ohhhh, yeah, honey, fuck it to me!" she moaned. "That big thing feels so fuckin' good."

"Oh, shit," Jason panted, "fantastic!"

It really made a difference when the girl responded to his fucking. He'd never had that happen before. Girls gave in to him because they wanted to date him, not because they liked to fuck. But Darla liked everything about him, including his cock.

"Mmmmm, unnnhhh, I love it!" she moaned, soaking his cock meat with blast after blast of sizzling cunt cream.

Her excitement was catching. Jason snorted with lust and fucked into her faster and harder. She responded with wails of delight and hot floods of pussy juice. She clawed his shoulders and nibbled his neck.

"You like it, Darla?" he asked anxiously. "Is this the way you want it?"

"Mmmmm, I love it, Jason," she gurgled. "Just keep fucking me like this, don't ever stop."

Jason was in total agreement with that. He wanted to go on fucking this incredibly uninhibited girl forever. If she wanted him to, he'd fuck her till his cock wore out. Groaning lustily, he fucked into her even faster.

"Yeah, yeah," she panted, "really give it to me, honey. I love to fuck hard!"

Jason began to wonder if he was dreaming. He'd always wanted a girl like this, one who loved to fuck and just couldn't get enough of it, but he hadn't known they really existed. Darla was fucking right back at him, jerking her hips to his hard horny rhythm and taking his pistoning cock as deep as she could get it.

"Ooooh, shit, oooooh!" she squealed. "Fuck me as hard as you can, baby, give it all you've got!"

Jason was delighted to obey. He took a deep breath and really hammered it to her, their naked young bodies slapping loudly together. The car began to creak and rock. Darla wailed with lust and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Yeah, motherfucker, that's it, fuck me crazy!" she howled.

Jason was glad he had his second wind, otherwise he would have been shooting his load. Her lustily writhing body and her hoarse naughty words were driving him wild with excitement. He felt her hot little cunt getting steadily tighter around his cock meat.

"Unnnnhhh, I'm almost there!" she sobbed. "Keep fucking me real hard, baby don't stop!"

"I won't," the boy groaned.

Keeping her legs locked tight round his waist, Darla lifted her ass off the seat and round her clit hard against his jack-hammering cockshaft. That was all it took to send her into orbit. She felt a violent climax rising from the burning depths of her cunt and thundering through her body.

"Oooooh, Jason, you did it to meee!" she howled. "I'm cominggg, whaaahhhh!"

Jason groaned as he felt her cunt clamping and sucking at his prick meat. She rocked hard beneath him and soaked his belly and balls with her spurting hot come-juice. Her climax lasted a full minute. He hadn't realized girls could come that hard.

"Mmmmm, super," she gurgled.

"I'm glad you liked it, Darla," Jason sighed. He figured she was satisfied and would want to call it a night. Unfortunately his cock was still hard and ready. It wouldn't be the first time this had happened to him. He'd just have to jack off when he got home.

"Let's do it some more," Darla said.

"Huh?" Jason exclaimed.

"Your cock's all hard," she grinned. "You wanna fuck some more, don't you, Jason?"

"Shit, yes," he cried. "I just thought you might be tired."

"Me?" Darla laughed. "No way. I wanna get off again. But let's do it another way this time. Let's get in the back seat."

"Anything you want," Jason said blissfully. She really was a dream come true to the constantly horny teenaged boy. He'd fantasized for years about a hot-cunted female who just couldn't get enough of his cock. Darla slid over the seat, and he followed, panting with eagerness. She crouched on the back seat, on her hands and knees.

"Fuck me this way, Jason," she invited.

Jason had never done it like that before, but it wasn't hard to figure out what to do. He knelt behind her and grasped her hips to steady himself. He could easily see the drooling fur fringed mouth of her cunt, and he socked the hard head of his cock right into it.

"Unnnhhh, yessss!" Darla hissed.

"Ohhhh, Jesus!" Jason groaned.

Panting with excitement, he shoved his stiff young cock in as deep as it would go. Darla's molten cream boiled around his prick, drenching it, and her hot little cunt sucked and tugged at his cock meat.

"Fuck it to me!" she panted, "fuck me good, honey!"

To Jason, his parents and friends and school were a million miles away. He wasn't aware of anything but the velvety wet walls of Darla's cunt gripping his cock. He panted and snorted like a rutting animal as he began pistoning his prick inside her.

"Oooooh, yeah, fuck!" she shrieked.

Darla didn't think she could ever get enough fucking, not even if she lived to be a hundred. She loved feeling Jason's steel-hard boner pumping in her greedy little cunt. Each hard deep shove gave her a delicious shock of pleasure and made her cream heavily and helplessly.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, you big bastard, fuck my brains out!" she wailed, "Fuck me all night!"

Jason, his face contorted with lust, hammered his stiff cock into her harder and harder. His balls slapped her pussy, and his engorged young cock dug deep into her hot pussy pulp. Darla clawed the seat and wailed.

"Ooooh, shit, so fuckin' good!" she cried. Jason's flat belly was hammering her ass, and again the car began to rock and creak. Darla found she could take his hardest fucking. She loved it. The harder and faster he did it to her, the more wildly aroused she became.

But she was always greedy for more pleasure, and she started tightening her cunt around his pile-driving cock, getting all the hot friction she could. Jason felt the clamping action and moaned with excitement. He fucked into her even harder.

"Yeah, that's it, honey, you're fucking me so damned good!" she howled.

Jason grinned with pride. He really wanted to impress this girl with his love-making, and it looked like he'd succeeded. She was the sexiest, hottest girl in school, and he wanted her, all to himself. If he fucked her good enough, maybe he'd get lucky and keep her.

"Oooooh, just a little more!" Darla squealed.

Jason pounded it to her, and a second later she started coming. Her cunt went into hard spasms around his prick, and her petite body bucked and rocked.

"Ooooh, shit, yessss, oooooh!" she howled. Jason rode out her climax, snorting with excitement. She'd hardly finished coming before she jerked herself off the skewer of his rigid cock, turned, and eased him onto his back. She climbed aboard and sat down on his prick, taking it to her womb.

"Finish me this way," she panted.

"Shit, yeah!" Jason cried.

He'd never fucked in that position before, either, but he really got off on it. He loved watching Darla ride his jerking cock, her cute tits bouncing and her pretty face all twisted with lust. He loved watching his cock hammer up and down in her squirting pussy hole.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meee!" she moaned.

Darla knew now that her older lovers had been right -- she needed a guy her own age. Only another teenager could match her energy and stamina when it came to sex. For the first time she was getting all the fucking she craved.

Of course she wasn't sorry she'd fucked Bob and Tom. Hell, they'd taught her everything. Without her little summer coarse in sex, she wouldn't have been able to impress Jason. So she silently thanked those two older men.

Then she forgot all about them as a powerful climax ripped through her body.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, I'm cominggg, ahhhh!" she screamed.

"Take my load, baby, aaaggghhhh!" Jason yelled, coming right along with her.

The two horny teens rocked and writhed together till they collapsed in each other's arms, satisfied and panting.

"That was terrific, Jason," Darla sighed. "You really are a stud."

"Darla," he said adoringly, "how would you like to go steady?"

"I'd love it," she grinned.

She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. She'd gotten the guy she wanted, and she knew just how to keep him.


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