Suzi the whore

Suzi had always been quite adventurous when sex was any
part of the equation. The 24-year-old, who had spent most
of her life thus far living in and around Seattle, was known
as one of the "easiest" girls to bed during her high school
and college years. Not only was she wanton and loose in her
ways, but Suzi was also beautiful - and she knew it. Suzi
made several men her victim by charming them with her body.
Her hair was naturally-blonde and went down well past her
shoulders, to the midpoint of her back. She was tight and
compact at 5-foot-5 and 101 pounds, and was stunning with a
36d-23-34 figure. Suzi had an excellant tan and was more
than willing to show off her charms in sexy, tiny outfits.
She made it a practice to date a lot of guys throughout
high school and college, but never stayed with anyone for an
extended period of time until Michael came along. Michael,
age 25, had been dating Suzi for almost two full years. But
at the same time, Suzi was far from faithful to him - and he
knew it. In fact, Michael liked the idea of his girlfriend
going out and having sex with others. It turned him on.
So, Suzi could keep Michael as her main boyfriend, but
she also had the freedom to go out and see others. One
thing which really endeared her to Michael was the fact that
he had been arranging gang-bangs, with her as the featured
attraction, once a month for well over a year. Suzi liked
being at the center of gang-bangs, because there were plenty
of willing men who would do their best to satisfy her. But,
Suzi had never been satisfied. She always wanted more. No
one - not even a group of men - had ever fully satisfied her.

2. Suzi's Weekend - No Holes Barred!

As was often the case before an imminent gang-bang, Suzi
was very excited. The young woman and four of her regular
gang-bang partners - Michael, Brett, James and Nick - had
ideas of spending the weekend in a forested area of Canada,
about 20 miles from the U.S. Border. The guys had rented a
resort cabin - with the sole intention of fucking Suzi from
every conceivable angle and position. Suzi, of course, was
looking forward to being drilled and pounded by her men.

Suzi's insatiable hunger for having sex with multiple men
at the same time started about four years ago. At the time,
two of Suzi's boyfriends almost got into a fight over her,
each claiming they had a date with her on that particular
evening. Not the type of person who enjoyed violence, Suzi
didn't want to see the two guys fight, so she told them not
to - "Don't worry... I'll fuck both of you."
And on that night, a legend was born. The legend of
Suzi! Throughout her hometown of Seattle, many guys knew
her as the spicy slut who would fuck just about anyone.

Suzi and her four gang-bang guys packed enough clothing
and personal items to last them for three days. The plan
was to drive up to Canada on Friday afternoon in Michael's
van, and stay until late Sunday evening. But on the other
hand, none of them would really need a lot of clothes this
weekend. The guys wanted to do nothing but fuck Suzi.
Likewise, the bimbo only wanted to fuck her men, too.
All of them took three days off from work to make the
weekend in Canada a possibility. The trip from Seattle to
the province of British Columbia was only about 100 miles in
length. Since the group had to go through customs, it took
them a little more than three hours to make it to the cabin.

Upon their arrival, Suzi was already "in the mood". In
just a sleeveless white blouse and flower-print miniskirt,
the slut was dressed for the occasion. Since she was not
wearing a bra, the very thin, see-through blouse did next
to nothing to hide Suzi's breasts. In fact, her thick,
plump nipples were visible under the stretchy lycra fabric.

Being "in the mood", Suzi found herself in the arms of a
man no later than one minute after arriving at the cabin.

* * *

Indoors, Suzi and James were locked in a tight embrace,
as they shared a very deep and passionate kiss. Meanwhile,
the other guys quickly gathered all the luggage from the
van, then made their way into the cabin as well. They did
not want to miss any of the action.
As usual, Suzi and James gave their personal audience an
entertaining show. With a lot of tongue and lip action,
both of them swapped and stole hot kisses from one another.
James' hands were already on Suzi's ass - he had pulled her
little miniskirt up, and was busy massaging her bottom. The
trio of Michael, Nick and Brett were all delighted at this
particular show - Suzi was not wearing panties, either.
When James began to finger the slut's puckered anus, Suzi
responded by slipping her right hand between their pressed
bodies. She found his cock, hidden by his trousers, and
openly gripped and squeezed it. James moaned against her,
while intensifying the heat of the kiss. At the same time,
he prodded his fingertip against her anus a bit harder.
Erections shot up around the room as Suzi gyrated her
pelvis against James' in a lewd, nasty way. Her rotations
were in exact rhythm with James' finger, which also moved
in circles upon her tight anus. At the same time, the trio
of Michael, Nick and Brett started to undress. Soon, all
three knew, it would be their turn with Suzi.

To Nick, Suzi was incredible. She was a goddess to him.
Never before had Nick thought he could find a woman so
beautiful, yet so slutty at the same time. He often thought
of Suzi as a radiant contestant in an international beauty
contest. She had those type of looks. Combine the angelic,
virgin-like appearance of most beauty contestants, along
with the lewdness and nastiness of a female porn star - and
you have Suzi. That was what Nick thought, anyway.

Still locked in an embrace with James, Suzi's right hand
continued to frig and pump away upon his cock, through his
trousers. Likewise, James never stopped prodding her anus
with his hard fingertip. He drove it in heated circles upon
her tight rosebud, never yet relenting.
However, James could do nothing but stop once Suzi broke
the kiss and then dropped to her knees in front of him. Her
little, flower-print miniskirt still stuffed up around her
waist, Suzi began tugging away at James' trousers. She got
rid of his belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers.
An instant later, she pulled them down, along with his
briefs. Much to her delight, a thick, fully-erect cock
popped out and suddenly dangled before her hungry mouth.
Suzi's lovely face shined with passionate lust as she
gripped the base of James' cock with her right hand. With
two fingers from her left hand, she tickled the hot, fleshy
underside of his balls. In response, James could do nothing
but moan and sigh. He knew more than anyone - NO ONE could
provide oral pleasure quite like Suzi. NO ONE...
Smiling with glee, Suzi extended her tongue and swiped at
the very tip of James' shaft. His bulging cockhead twitched
in response to her oral advances - which the slut liked.
She gave it a few more licks and lashes, before opening her
mouth and sliding his prick inside.

Off to the side, Michael could not help but to smile as
he watched the full length of James' shaft dissapear between
Suzi's red, pouty lips. Michael felt extremely lucky that
Suzi considered him her main boyfriend. She was not like
any other person when it came to sex. Instead, Suzi was
like a machine... a fucking machine. She could go on for
hours and hours and hours... and never become tired. That
was, of course, Michael's kind of woman!

Suzi's blonde head bobbed back-and-forth in a wild,
frantic motion as she continued to suck and slurp away at
James' shaft. With his shirt also off, James stood nude
before Suzi, as he sighed and breathed in heavy gasps. He
truly believed that this slut had the type of cocksucking
skills which could bring about world peace.
Never wanting to rush things, the 24-year-old woman took
her own, sweet time in paying homage to James' cock. Though
some of her movements were fast and frantic, none of them
were rushed. She just liked to vary her technique; really,
from second to second.
In fact, Suzi loved sucking cock, even MORE than James
(or any other man, for that matter) loved having her suck
his cock. Suzi was a real pro at it, too. She took great
pride in her oral skills... ALWAYS wanting to bring her man
the absolute, maximum amount of pleasure.

As she continued to slurp and praise James' shaft, Suzi
let out a faint giggle. She was thinking about how right
this situation was. On her knees sucking cock, with three
other men waiting for her. After all, Suzi thought she
BELONGED on her knees. It was her right place in life.

The bimbo squealed with delight as she felt a hard cock
brush up against her ass. She turned around quickly, only
to find Nick on his knees behind her. Completely naked with
his erect cock in hand, Nick offered the young lady a grin
and said, "Hey there, Little Suzi Sleaze. Are you ready to
PLEASE another man just yet?"
Giggling, the slut peered down at his bulging cock for an
instant. "Sure!" she replied, looking back up at him. "Put
that thing in me, and FUCK ME!" Suzi turned her face back
toward the front, and started working on James' cock again.
"Where does Little Suzi Sleaze want to be fucked?" Nick
asked in a quiet tone. "Does she want me to fuck her pussy?
Or, does she want to be called ButtSlut Suzi?"
"Fuck my ass!" the nymphomaniac demanded, her mouth full,
with James' pulsating cock.
"Ahh, Little Suzi ButtSlut..." Nick grinned. "She wants
me to fuck her sweet, little ass." Grinning himself, Brett
gave a tube of anal lubricant to Nick, who dutifully smeared
it all over Suzi's 'backdoor'.
Still on her knees, the blonde leaned over so Nick could
have better access to her ass. With her mouth still stuffed
with James' cock, Suzi then squealed as she felt Nick's hard
shaft press against her puckered anus. After a few nudges,
Nick groaned in pure delight as he popped himself into her.
Likewise, Suzi growled in sheer lust as Nick inserted his
cock fully into her ass, all the way up to his balls. But
at the same time, Suzi somehow managed to keep her lips
wrapped around James' shaft. Inside her mouth, the slut's
tongue flicked over James' cock at rapid-fire speed.
Nick grasped Suzi's hips with both hands, then started to
thrust his cock in-and-out of her anus at a good pace. Her
eyes squinted, Suzi growled again as she continued to suck
and slurp away upon James' prick.

Off to the side, Michael and Brett were really enjoying
the show. Both men were completely nude, and Brett was busy
pumping his own cock, with his right hand. He especially
liked watching James thrust his cock in-and-out of Suzi's
mouth, while Nick's body pumped back and forth as he filled
and fucked her ass. Between the two men, Suzi's petite body
bounced back and forth like a pinball.
Brett, of course, was new to this. He had only known
Suzi for a few months. Although he had taken part in two
prior Suzi-bangs, Brett still felt brand-new to this idea.
As he watched the action unfold before him, Brett COULD
NOT wait to get his hands on that sassy little blonde.

Suzi continued to scream and growl in delight as James
and Nick kept pounding away at her from different ends.
Knowing her well, both men were a bit forceful and rough.
They knew that Suzi really enjoyed sex when things got a
little rough. She was not the type of person who wanted to
be loved and caressed. Rather, Suzi wanted to be drilled
and pounded during sex. She LOVED men who were physical.
Much to Suzi's delight, James' cock suddenly exploded in
her mouth. That meant, of course, that there was a fresh
helping of sperm for her to swallow down. For an instant,
Suzi's mouth nearly overflowed as the cum spewed out from
James' cock. As a result, she choked twice, then managed
to guzzle the juicy, delicious load down her hungry throat.

When James pulled his drained shaft out of Suzi's mouth,
Nick became very happy. Now, he had the chance to have Suzi
all for himself... at least for the time being.
Still thrusting his cock in-and-out of her anus, Nick
decided to get all of Suzi's attention by giving her ass a
hard slap with his right hand. Not expecting that, Suzi
yelped and jumped at the same time.
"Naughty Little ButtSlut Suzi," Nick grinned, smacking
her ass with his right hand again. "Naughty little sluts
like you... you need to be spanked."
"Yes!" Suzi encouraged him, gyrating her ass against his
pelvis. She leaned all the way over - onto her hands and
knees. "Spank me! Spank me like the naughty slut I am!"
Still using quick, short fuck-strokes to invade her anus,
Nick grinned as he gave Suzi's right asscheek yet another
sharp, stinging slap. Then, he did the same to her other
asscheek, with his left hand.
Suzi screeched in delight as she pounded her fist upon
the carpeted floor. When receiving a prolonged spanking,
the young woman usually hit the floor or bed - whatever she
was on - with her fist. It was an outlet for the mixture of
pain and pleasure she felt.
"Spank and fuck my ass!" Suzi encouraged him. "SPANK AND
Not surprisingly, Nick granted her request. He continued
thrusting himself in-and-out of her anus, while giving each
of her sweet, round asscheeks a series of hard, sharp slaps
with both hands.
The sounds of sexual slapping - hand upon ass, and body
upon body, echoed throughout the cabin for at least another
half-minute... until Nick could not contain himself any
longer. Suzi's little anus had gripped and squeezed his
cock so forcefully, that Nick could not help but to deposit
a fresh helping of cum deep within her bowels.
As Suzi's anus was being flooded with Nick's spermy load,
she experienced an orgasm of her own. In fact, the pair of
lust-lovers rocked together in orgasmic ecstasy, their
bodies still rubbing and gyrating together, in unison.

When Nick finally pulled himself away from Suzi, the slut
found herself with no time to rest. Michael and Brett,
neither of whom had fucked her yet today, were right there.
Suzi, who didn't really need any rest when sex was part of
the equation, was ready for them, too.
The blonde, who was still fully dressed, was undressed in
a hurry by four different hands - two each belonging to both
Michael and Brett. Suzi had sucked James' cock and been
ass-fucked by Nick, with all of her clothes on. During that
time, though, her miniskirt had been stuffed up to her waist.
Brett was the one who had the honor of disposing of
Suzi's white blouse. As a result, he seized the opportunity
to grope and squeeze her luscious, full breasts. The young
woman giggled with sexual glee as she watched Brett fondle
and caress her breasts. He paid special attention to her
plump nipples, rolling and tweaking them with his fingers.
At the same time, Michael got rid of Suzi's miniskirt and
high-heels. From behind, he reached around her waist and
palmed her pussy. It did not surprise Michael to find that
his girlfriend's hot slit was absolutely soaked with cum.
"I want you guys to fuck me," Suzi said, turning her head
toward Brett, then Michael. "Fuck me... double-fuck me."
She gave a sneery little pout and added, "Please?"

Michael could do nothing but laugh at her display. Suzi
was such a tease! Here she was, nearly BEGGING for some
double-penetration. Yet, Suzi did not have to ask. She
knew full well that Michael and Brett would give their right
arm, if neccessary, to double-fuck her.

"You slutty little tease," Michael grinned.
Suzi looked back at him and giggled. "Oh? Is that so?"
She giggled again. "What's wrong with saying 'please'?"
Michael shook his head and paused for a few seconds,
before finally saying, "Slutty little tease."

A short time later, Suzi's request was granted - there
was a big, throbbing cock in her pussy, with another in
her ass... at the very same time.
Laying down upon the floor, on his back, Michael had
Suzi on top of him, with his cock firmly entrenched in
her pussy. Suzi was leaning all the way over, so her
breasts were squished against Michael's strong chest.
Meanwhile, Brett was on his knees behind Suzi, his cock
planted deeply within her anus. The men were fucking both
her pussy and ass, simultaneously.

The blonde, of course, was in sexual heaven. She enjoyed
ALL types of sex, but none more than the double-fuck. If
Suzi had one last request in life, getting fucked in both
her pussy and ass, at the same time, would be her choice.
There was little doubt about that.

It wasn't too long before Michael and Brett both caught a
rhythm. Working in tandem, Michael would thrust his hips
upward, causing his cock to go deeper within Suzi's pussy.
Then, Brett would thrust forward, which drove his shaft far
into Suzi's anus. They would repeat this process over and
over again... that was how Suzi liked it.

Going by her words, Suzi LOVED this treatment. Her mouth
was spewing out incoherent words at warp speed. But at the
same time, one could easily tell that her words were ones of
pure, sheer lust.

Both men pounded away at Suzi with every last ounce of
strength within their bodies. They wanted to be as forceful
with her as possible, yet did not want to cum just yet.
Both Michael and Brett wanted this double-Suzi-filling to
last for several more minutes.
However, lasting was always a problem for any man who
fucked Suzi. Many guys would swear that Suzi had the
smallest, tightest anus they had ever come across. Plus,
each time her ass was fucked, each man felt as though her
anus was putting an absolute vice-grip upon their cock. At
the same time, her pussy was incredibly tight as well.

So with all the friction created by such tight fits, it
was no wonder why men had problems lasting when they fucked
Suzi. Nonetheless, each and every man considered Suzi the
best fuck of their lives. She was, in a word... incredible.

The blonde's pussy and anus were putting their respective
vice-grips on the cocks of Michael and Brett. Both men were
growling with lust, trying their absolute best to fend off
the explosions which were forthcoming. But the more they
tried, the tighter Suzi's orafices gripped their cocks.
"GONNA CUM!" Michael screamed, before letting out a
deafening roar. When Michael's cock erupted within Suzi's
pussy, Brett found that he could no longer contain himself,
either. He buried his shaft in the blonde's anus, all the
way up to his balls. Then, Brett let the explosion commense.
Suzi writhed and screamed in sexual bliss as thick, gooey
helpings of sperm were being pumped into both her pussy and
ass, simultaneously. At the same time, Michael and Brett
continued to roar out in lust. Sex with women was always
great for them. But sex with Suzi... it was overwhelming.
Words really could not describe how exquisite it was for
them... or any man who was with Suzi, for that matter.

When Michael and Brett finally mustered enough strength
to pull out of her, Suzi once again felt delighted. She was
smiling in a lustful way, looking up at Nick and James as
they stood before her... each pumping their own cocks.
"Now it's your turn to fuck me... again," the slut cooed
at both of them. She giggled and added, "Come and get it..."

* * *

The rest of the weekend was more of the same for Suzi.
The guys - Michael, Nick, James and Brett - made sure that
Suzi's mouth, pussy and ass were filled again and again.
They did what they wanted - they fucked her from every
conceivable angle and position. They fucked her in every
room of the cabin. They even fucked her outdoors.
And likewise, Suzi did what she wanted. She was fucked
for three straight days, nearly non-stop, by four hot men.
It's the thing fantasies were made of... (!)
But still, Suzi was not satisfied. She had NEVER been
satisified. So after returning to Seattle on Sunday night,
the four guys felt exhausted. They headed home to rest up.
Suzi, meanwhile, hit the town. She was determined to find
some more men who would fuck her.

Not surprisingly, the slut was successful.

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