What would you do with a passed out maiden?

Chris stood there, panting heavily, and felt his pulse slow.
Georgetta was quiet, not making a noise. She was hanging loosely in
the chain from the ceiling, her weight partially supported by the
cuffs and chains on her wrists and partially on Chris's prick buried
deep inside her.

Slowly, Chris eased out of her. The head of his rod popped from
inside her pussy with a soft popping sound.

"Wow," he thought to himself. That was some orgasm that the two of
them had just shared. He moved around Georgetta and looked at her
face. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly.

"Georgetta?" he asked her. "Georgetta??" he said again softly. He
brought his hand up and softly caressed the side of her face. She
didn't stir. "She's either faking this or she really did pass out
from that last orgasm," Chris thought to himself.

He stepped back from her and walked to the nightstand. He pulled
several tissues from the bedside table and wiped his penis clean,
tossing the tissue into the basket beside the dresser.

Looking at the suspended form of his girlfriend, an idea struck him.
He walked to the bed and fished through the duffel bag, and pulled out
the set of nipple clamps. He had originally thought of including
these in the package he had left on her doorstep, but thought that the
device might be pushing it a bit. The vibrator had been a major risk
as it was, as he hadn't been sure if she would go through with even
that. Up until now, there sex life had been pretty straightforward.
Incredibly good, but other than different types of lingerie, pretty
basic. The vibrator and the leather and the light bondage had really
been a big step over that previous line.

He walked over to Georgetta and admired her breasts. The nipples were
still erect and upright, resting beautifully atop each of her
wonderful firm breasts. He thumbed open the clip on one end of the
chain and brought it up to her right nipple. "If she's faking, this
should bring about a response" he thought. He closed the clamp around
the base of the nipple, expecting a sudden shout or movement.
Georgetta remained motionless, with just her soft breathing and motion
of her chest continuing.

Chris applied the other clamp to her left nipple and stepped back.
The two clamps were joined by a gleaming golden chain, that matched
the golden chain around her waist and neck and the gold hoops in her
ears. He hooked the one pound lead fishing weight into one of the
center loops of the chain and set it swinging slightly. Not much
weight, but she would certainly notice it.

He found the vibrator on the floor where he had tossed it and turned
the ring on the bottom to its lowest setting, and then walked behind
her. He kneeled down and pressed the buzzing tip of the toy against
her lips, carefully pressing it against her. As wet as she was, with
both his last load of cum and her own juices, it slipped right in, and
he had no trouble pushing it fully into her until only the end knob
protruded from within her.

The leather panty she had been wearing earlier in the evening was
still around one leg, and he slid it carefully up her calf and then
pulled it up into place on her right hip. He fastened the clasp on
her left hip, and centered the fabric over the vibrator, pushing it
firmly into place.

He stood up and walked back in front of her, appraising his handiwork.
"She should be waking up in a moment or two," he thought. Perhaps
I'll have a glass of wine while I await her, and walked past her and
into the kitchen, still naked.

* * * * *

A few minutes later, Georgetta opened her eyes and looked around her,
blearily. It took her a few minutes to recall what was going on, why
her hands were above her head and why her feet were starting to hurt.
It took her another few minutes to recall what that buzzing feeling
was inside her. But what really was causing her some puzzlement was
why her breasts were tingling so much - that is until she looked down
and saw the chain and the weight and the clips on her breasts and

Georgetta's breasts were incredibly sensitive, and the pressure from
the two clips, even as small as they were, was pretty intense. She
bit her lip as the tightness of the clips combined with the buzzing of
the vibrator started her on yet another orgasmic hill. She turned her
head from side to side, trying to spot Chris, but saw no sign of him.
His jeans, boots, and black Harley Davidson T-shirt were still
scattered on the floor around her, so she assumed that he was still
around. Even that little bit of motion set the weight suspended
between her breasts swinging, and she felt her nipples protest at
being tugged and pulled on like this.

She had enjoyed the evening up until now, but this was just about too
much. Time to get Chris in here and stop this, she thought. "What
was the word he had written in that letter that would let her stop
this?" she thought to herself, and then remembered. "Thunderbird!!!",
she cried out. "Thunderbird, Thunderbird, Thunderbird already. God
damn fucking Thunderbird right now!!" she yelled over her shoulder in
the direction of the bedroom door.

Chris walked in a few seconds later and came around to stand in front
of her. "Hi honey," he said. "Did you say something to me? He
asked, smiling all the time. He was naked in front of her, holding
two glasses of wine. She couldn't help but look down at him to see
that he was semi-aroused already.

As clearly and calmly as she could, Georgetta said to him, "I said
Thunderbird - time to take a break from this." She was surprised at
herself for saying "break" and not "end". "Could I really be enjoying
this that much?" she thought to herself. And then she felt another
twinge from that part of her body that was refusing to listen to her
logical thought and was responding to the feelings the vibrator was
engendering inside her, that was causing little waves of pleasure to
ripple from inside her pussy up through her stomach and to her breasts
and nipples.

Chris lifted one of the glasses upwards, bringing it into contact with
her right nipple. The coldness of the glass coupled with the physical
bump surprised her, and she jerked away. Of course, this caused the
weight to sway and tug on her nipples again, sending further tremors
through her breasts. She felt like her nipples were connected
directly to the nerves inside her pussy, and then both sets were
hooked up to the pleasure center in her brain, and her knees staggered

In the sexiest and most sensual voice she could muster up, she said to
him, "Let me out of this and I'll give you the fucking of your life!"
She realized that she indeed meant it too. She was incredibly turned
on, and wanted to feel his prick buried deep inside of her again.

Chris bought the wine glass that was near her right breast up to her
mouth and tipped it to her slightly, allowing her to take a few sips.
The wine was cold and refreshing, and she leaned forward to take
another gulp. He turned away from her then and walked over to set the
glasses down on her dresser.

He stepped back in front of her and dropped to one knee in front of
her. Standing on the milk crates like she was with her legs still
spread apart by the bar attached to her ankles, she felt completely
exposed to him, even though she knew he had placed the panty back
around her. She felt his hands reach up and undo the catch on the
side of the panty, and then slide it down her other leg. He reached
up to grab the vibrator, but it seemed to her that his fingers were
suddenly clumsy, as he twirled and twisted the end several times
inside her before grasping the end with one hand. She closed her
eyes, moaning loudly and not caring at all. She felt like her body
was betraying her, refusing to answer to her direction and commands.
All she could think about was how incredible the feelings in her
breasts and pussy felt at that moment.

And then she felt him withdraw the vibrator from inside her. She
opened her eyes and looked down to see him twist the knob at the
bottom and turn it off, setting it down on the milk crate next to her
boot. She sighed softly, and he grinned up at her. He stood up and
brought his hands up behind her neck, and she could feel him fumble
with the clasp on the necklace. She could feel him pressing against
her slightly, his chest against her breasts and nipples, his penis
rubbing against her. Her hips moved, involuntarily she thought,
trying to press herself against his rod. She smiled innocently at

He brought his hands down holding an end of the necklace in either
hand, and took the silver keys from the chain. He kneeled down
between her legs and unfastened the bar from her left ankle, and then
turned and did the same to her right. An idea struck her as she was
watching him unlock her legs, and turned her wrists and hands inward,
securely grabbing hold of each end of the chain attached to her
wrists. After he unlocked her right ankle, freeing her legs and
started to get up, she pulled down on the chain and swing her legs out
around his head, and pulled his face directly into her pussy. She
locked her legs behind his head and rested her thighs on either
shoulder, positioning his lips and tongue directly in front of her
throbbing and very wet pussy.

Chris brought his hands up and grasped one of her butt cheeks in each
hand. She felt his tongue between her legs and then pressing between
her lips to lick fiercely at her clitoris. She rolled her head back
and closed her eyes, and a moan of pure lust escaped from her lips.
"OH my God, Oh-my-God, Ooh-my-god" she screamed out as Chris worked
his tongue up and down over her lips and clitoris, tongue fucking her
and then teasing her. She felt the rush and brought her legs up and
around his head, locking him between her thighs and letting her weight
rest on his shoulders as the orgasm took her.
"Oh-my-gooooooodddddddd! She screamed, letting the word slowly escape
from her lips as Chris's magical tongue kept up its pressure on her
tender clitoris.

Slowly, Chris stopped the tonguing action between her legs, and she
felt his hands slowly prying her thighs apart from around his head.
He guided each of her booted feet onto a milk crate and then stood up
in front of her.

"I know you really enjoyed that, but you were cutting off my oxygen
down there, my love" he said to her. He brought his hands up to
softly caress her breasts and brought his lips to hers in a kiss. She
kissed him back, strongly and fiercely, tasting herself on his lips
and tongue. Their tongues exchanged jabs and thrusts. Then she felt
his thumbs pass over her nipples and tug slightly on the chain, which
sent waves through her aching nipples, and kissed him harder.

"That wasn't part of my plan!" he said to her, but his smile let her
know that he had enjoyed her bit of rebellion as well. Another idea
struck her, and she waited for him to finish untying her. She licked
her lips suggestively, and asked him "Won't you finish untying me,
stud?" She tried to smile at him with her most winsome,
"gee-aren't-I-so gorgeous-and-wonderful-and
every-man-does-anything-I-ask look. A flutter or two of her eyelashes
finished setting the hook.

He stepped away and bent over to the floor, picking up the keys where
they had fallen from his hands. He stepped up and raised the keys to
her wrists, unlocking one end of the chain from the cuff on her right
wrist. He let that end of the chain go and carefully brought both her
arms down. The chain still attached to her left wrist slid through
the ring in the beam on the ceiling, and he caught one end of the
chain and then unfastened the clasp from that wrist as well. She
brought both her arms down around his shoulders and pulled him to her
for another series of passionate kisses.

Suddenly she gave him a hard shove. Slightly off balance, he fell
backwards onto the bed behind him to look up at her.

"You god-damned-son-of-a-bitch!" she yelled at him. She stepped down
off of the milk crate and took the two steps to the side of the bed to
stand in front of him. "You asshole!!!!" she screamed at him
(although it took every ounce of control she had not to immediately
stagger and fall to the floor when the motion from the swinging weight
between her breasts from the simple act of stepping down was pure
torture to her tender breasts). She tried to ignore it and continued

Chris moved slightly back away from her, moving onto the bed. His
face showed a look of confusion. She glanced into the mirror beside
the bed above the table and caught a glimpse of herself. Her hair was
disheveled and askew. Her breasts were red and heaving, the nipples
erect, and the chain between her nipples was gleaming in the lights
from beside her bed. The black stockings were still somehow around
her thighs. She looked incredibly sexy, and she knew it.

She stepped up carefully onto the bed, balancing carefully on the
heels as the mattress gave slightly beneath each booted foot, again
ignoring the messages her nipples were sending to her brain, and stood
above him, glowering down at him. He lay on the bed, reclining
backwards, resting his upper body on his elbows as he looked up at
her. There was uncertainty on his face, not quite sure what she was
saying and meaning. She knew he was confused. His cock, however, had
no such confusion - it was standing straight up in the air, pointing
up at her.

She stood with a booted foot on either side of him. She brought the
toe of her right boot up and nudged his dick with the tip. "What is
this, you piece of shit? You expect to fuck me after what you did to
me this evening???"

He looked down at her toe as it pressed against the tip of his dick.
She was enjoying this, watching him afraid of her. But enough was
enough, she thought to herself. She moved her foot away from his
dick, and stepped beside his hip, placing her feet squarely on either
side of his hips. Suddenly, she sat down, carefully grabbing his
penis and impaling herself onto it, jamming it smoothly inside of her
wet pussy.

The sudden feeling of him penetrating deep into her was incredible.
She leaned her head back and yelled at the ceiling in pleasure. She
tilted her head back down and looked at him, and then leaned forward
and kissed him hard on the lips. She dropped her arms to his chest
and pushed upwards, lifting herself off of his penis only to let
herself plunge back down, sinking him even deeper inside of her. She
started moving on top of him, slowly and deliberately fucking him,
lifting herself up and then back down onto him. He slowly recovered
from his surprise and begin moving his hips to her rhythm, meeting her
stroke for stroke. His hands grasped her waist and lifted her
slightly before allowing her to thrust into her depths again.

His hands came up then and grabbed either breast. She felt his
fingers go to her left breast and grab the nipple clamp. He thumbed
the release and she gasped as the blood rushed back into her swollen
nipple. She stopped moving and stayed there, hung on his penis inside
her as the feelings in her pussy rushed through her body and up to her
breast. She felt like every sexual impulse in her entire body was
linked somehow to the tip of her left nipple, screaming in agony and
release as she felt feeling restored to the breast. He brought his
head forward and kissed the breast, softly licking and caressing the
nipple and aureole.

He brought his hands over to her other breast, but to her surprise she
reached up and stopped him. She grabbed his fingers and lifted them
to her lips and kissed the,. "Leave it," she said to him. "I'm not
sure I can...Uhhh...stand...it...if...you...Uhhhh ...release...that
...one...Uhhhh...too" she gasped to him, the words coming quickly and
breathlessly from her lips. The small fishing weight now hung
entirely from her right breast, and each time she raised herself up
off of Chris it pulled down on her nipple.

She dropped her hands to either of his shoulders and pushed up, slowly
lifting herself off him again. She settled into a rocking motion,
lifting and dropping herself to a sensuous rhythm. He watched,
amazement on his face as she fucked him back and forth. Every few
seconds, she would slow down and then contract her vaginal muscles,
giving his cock a friendly squeeze. She knew he loved this. She
watched his face and could see that he was getting close.

She stopped her movement and carefully brought first one heel up next
to his hip, and then the other. She reached up above him and grabbed
hold of the headboard with both hands. Flexing her thigh muscles and
pulling on the headboard, she lifted off of his prick almost entirely
and then slowly lowered herself back onto him. He knew what she was
doing and used his hands to support her thighs and butt, and together
they started the motion. This was their favorite position, as it was
incredibly stimulating, and she knew that neither of them would last
for too long doing this. Besides, she had forgotten about the nipple
clip and its associated weight, and she almost screamed as it flopped
back and forth as she lifted and lowered herself onto him.

She locked eyes with him and then looked down to watch his penis
disappear inside of her, and increased the up-and-down motion, This
was too much for him, and after several up-and-down thrusts she heard
him cry out as he exploded inside her. She could feel the liquid
gushing inside as she rocked back and forth on his hard shaft. She
lifted up off him one last time and then dropped quickly onto him,
driving him deep inside, and she came as well. The strength in her
legs gave out, and she felt him lifting her slightly up and down,
continuing the thrusting sensations. Finally, he stopped lifting her
and she collapsed forward on top of him, her hair covering his face
and neck.

He looked up at her and said to her "Thunderbird". She collapsed in
giggles on his chest. She could feel the small tears in her eyes as
she looked up at him and smiled. "Payback is a bitch, you realize..."

Chris looked up at her and smiled, and kissed her.

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