Sex fantasy

I've had this fantasy many times, as often when I'm with a man as when I'm
alone, masturbating. The steam bath is empty. I don't know this when I first
enter, wrapped in my towel that the gym supplies. The steam is so thick I can
barely find my way to one of the tiled seats, where I sit, with my feet up,
hugging my knees. As my body begins to sweat, and my eyes become accustomed to
the steam, I realize that I am alone. I begin to fondle myself, to gently
stroke myself with my finger, reaching inside myself for the warm syrup that
always begins when I, or anyone touches me there. But I don't need the wetness
from inside my body because the sweat and the steam run down my legs and my
pubic hairs, that whole area is drenched.

I have not heard the door to the steambath open. My eyes have been closed, my
mind enveloped in the growing excitement, and I only realize there is someone
else with me when I hear a noise, quickly look up and see another body on the
tiled slab opposite. I am petrified.

Christ, did she see what I was doing to myself? I am too frightened to move
and I pretend that I am drowsing, closing my eyes again. I lie down full length
on the slab, pulling the towel up so high that it almost covers my face. I am
asleep, or so I pretend. The next thing I know, a hand is on my thigh, slowly
moving up it. I gasp, hidden beneath my towel. The hairs on my legs bristle
with excitement, part fear...should I run?

But the towel protects me, hides me, and I remain passive. I leave the problem
of another person entering and finding us to her; she will watch. Her hands are
on both my thighs now, slowly massaging them, her fingers reaching up higher,
higher, until they gently part my legs. I wait for her mouth and she leaves me
thus for endless seconds. My lips beneath the towel now plead silently --
please, please, don't stop, kiss me, kiss it!

Her fingers have parted me, exposing my clitoris to the warm heat, and it seems
to grow, to expand toward her, reaching for her mouth...and then suddenly,
softly, tenderly her lips are on me, her tongue warm against me, moving.

Half of my mind can't help but wonder what will happen now if we are discovered,
but I have no choice. I am hers. I cannot leave those fingers, that mouth.
The sweat pours over my face, the steam swirls all around me, I feel, have felt
nothing of her but her hands and her mouth. Otherwise she is formless.

I can feel the syrup pouring from me know, and she drinks it, her saliva, her
sweat, my sweat all mingling in my cunt. Her lips are so full, and her tongue
so warm, slowly licking me, all the way from my ass up to my clitoris, but
stopping on it, lingering on it, then her tongue moving in small circles all
around it, teasing it, but always returning, and when the tongue returns, the
lips too, the full kiss again and again. The heat is so intense, and my own
exxcitement, I am afraid I will faint, that I will scream out. I bite hard on
the towel, raising my buttocks suddenly so that her whole tongue is in my cunt
when I come.

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