Sex slave

Take off your clothes--let me have a look at you.
In the future, failure to do as I ask or to respond
incorrectly will mean
some sort of disciplinary action. Such a thing is not easy
for me to
dispense to my slave, but if it must be done to correct a
wrongful action,
then so be it.
However, I shall place this thin band of silver
around your neck and
clasp it securely. It is there to show that you are my
slave-in-training, and
to remind you that you belong to me.
Once you have proven your worthiness to be my slave,
it will be my
pleasure and privilege to brand you with my insignia of
ownership in the
tender flesh of your buttock.
I am not a harsh and cruel master, I am gentle but
firm. I do so very
much like to be pleasured, and I expect you to pleasure me
in whatever way I
desire, when I desire.
Follow me.
Get up on the table, then get down on your hands and
Slave, your hair must be grown long and be kept
clean and well-
groomed. That is the way I want it to be.
And you must keep fit for me. I like a strong,
supple slave--not overly
muscular, but lean and firm, for you may one day have to
wrestle for me
and I expect you to win over your opponent.
The size of your breasts matter not to me, just as
long as there is
something to hold and squeeze and suckle at, and enough for
me to press
together and slide my cock between if I so desire.
Spread your legs.
Let's have a look at your cunt. Mmm, very nice.
Slave, your cunt must
always be kept clean and smelling of delicate flowers in a
garden. I love to
eat pussy, and I will eat yours many times. So it must be
kept in good
shape; do I make myself clear?
You have my permission to ask questions of me any
time, but the
questions must be asked in a proper manner befitting your
Such as--
"Master, your humble and most unworthy slave desires
to know if her
pussy meets with your approval."
A question asked in this manner will most certainly
get my attention
and you shall receive a forthright and truthful response.
Questions asked
in any other manner shall be ignored. Too many
questions will result in disciplinary action.
To continue--you will shower before I arrive, and
anoint your body with
a sweet-smelling, but not over-powering perfume, preferably
a floral scent
since I do not like the odor of spices.
Let me taste you now...
Although the taste is sweet, and the smell is good,
you will do whatever
is necessary to make it taste heavenly, like the delicious
nectar of the gods.
Eat fruits, for this will cause your cunt juices to taste
sweet. Anoint yourself
with honeyed oils.
And your asshole--that, too, must be kept
immaculate, do you
understand? I will one day pay particular attention to it,
and it must be
clean and ready for me.
Your pubic area must be shaved bald--I love the feel
and look of a
totally-smooth pussy.
Does it feel good, slave? Do you like it when I
lick your pussy? You
have my permission
to tell me what you like and, if you please me, then I shall
pleasure you in
whatever manner you desire--but not now.
Get off the table.
Now, Slave, I want you to make me hard with your
hands and your
mouth. Masturbate me in whatever way you wish until I fill
your mouth with
my cum. Just as I love eating pussy, I love receiving good
oral ministrations.
You have my permission to begin now, and you have my
permission to
tell me what you are going to do.
Then, after you finish drinking my cum, you have my
permission to
Pleasure me now.

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