Dildo Daddy

A man is shocked to discover a dildo in his daughter’s room. He later
confronts her with it and ends up pulling out his own impressive tool
for her use.

I was in my room late one Saturday afternoon, reading a book in lieu of
studying for an upcoming Biology test when there was a knock at my
door. I knew something was up from his expression when he came in the
room. He looked unsure or a little nervous, which was pretty unusual
for him. He sat down on the chair by my vanity saying that we needed to
talk. His noticeable discomfort was making me uneasy, because he is
usually so forward and in-control.
He stated that this morning he had been putting away some laundry and
had found something he needed to talk about. My mind raced; what could
he have found that would have him acting this way? I was at a loss.
He reached his hand behind him and pulled something out of his back
pocket. He brought his hand around and I felt my stomach do a little
somersault and almost gave a little laugh (I’m not sure why, but it
struck me as a little funny at first to see what had gotten him so
flustered). In his hand he was holding a black, rubber (or silicone, or
polyethylene, or whatever they make them out of) cock.
It was a dildo I had ordered from some Cosmopolitan or maybe even a
Playgirl I had looked through last summer while at riding camp. I had
ordered it out of curiosity, it had only been like twenty bucks; and I
felt daring and dirty to do it. It had arrived at camp two days before
I left (I was getting afraid that it might not arrive in time, and would
get forwarded home) and I had brought it to a late night gathering of a
group of friends, a kind of last night party. Well, it was a pretty
crazy evening, we were telling stories and joking and being pretty wild
and I had pulled it out of my backpack and tossed it to one of my
friends when she made some sort of comment about penises or sex.
Everyone thought it was hilarious, they all thought it was funny, some
said ‘gross’, but everyone there was curious to see it and hold it.
Someone asked where I had gotten it, someone else asked if I had used it
- I laughed and said ‘No!’; I explained how I had ordered it. I’m
pretty sure I jumped up a couple of cool points for my daring; it wasn’t
much - but almost everyone had seen them, but never thought of buying
one. Well, after playing around with it, shoving it in peoples faces,
walking around with it between their legs pretending to be a guy, etc;
they gave it back to me. To one-up them and again show my bravado and
daring, I slid it between my lips into my mouth. They whooped at that;
then it got put away.
After being home for about a week, I used it for the first time. I
didn’t use it every time I masturbated, but it did turn me on to hold
it, look at it, rub it over my body and between my legs, and even suck
it, while I did. I probably got it out to use about half of the time
and probably actually inserted it less than half of the time I used it;
so I guess I ended up using it pretty often - a lot more than I thought
when I’d ordered it.
Well, he asked if it was mine; I said ‘yes’. (I mean, c’mon, I
couldn’t say I was holding it for a friend or something, could I?)
He started talking about how it was natural to be curious about sex and
stuff at my age, guys, dating, protection, peer pressure, etc. I
wasn’t really listening to him, I was still kind of surprised. It was
pretty strange, I was surprised, mildly embarrassed, angry (that he had
looked in my dresser, at the bottom of my underwear drawer - he usually
would drop my clothes on my bed for me to put away), and I have to admit
that seeing my father sitting there with it in his hand and looking at
me, gave me a queer little sexual jolt.
I was wondering if he was going to take it away or punish me or
something, when he asked if I’ve had sex. I said ‘yes’ without really
thinking - I was still a little surprised by this whole episode. He
took it a lot calmer than I expected, he hardly paused, saying he should
have expected it. I was still wondering why I’d said yes when I heard
him saying what an attractive woman I’d become and he should have
expected some lucky guy to have gotten me by now, and how if he were
back in school, he’d have been trying.
He asked if I masturbated a lot - I was surprised; I didn’t know what
to say - w hat is a lot anyway? Then he asked what I thought about when
I masturbated!? What kind of question is that? Then he asked if I
thought about guys I dated. After a pause, I answered that sometimes I
did. He asked if I thought about guys in school. Again I said that I
sometimes did. He asked if I ever thought about older men like my
teachers. I said yes, thinking about Mr. Paulus, my Chemistry
What! I stopped. He stopped. I think he was surprised to have said
that. He gave a ‘er . . . uh,’ then saying that if I did choose to be
sexually active I should . . .
‘Sometimes,’ I answered softly, not looking at him.
‘What?’ he asked.
It was true. Sometimes I would think about my father . . . sometimes
about him pulling down my pants and spanking me like he hadn’t done in
years; I’d be thinking about doing it with some guy in my room, and him
spying on us; about him slipping into the shower with me, naked and
hard; about kneeling down before him and taking him in my mouth while he
held my head in his hands . . . ‘Sometimes,’ I answered again.
He stood up, saying he’d better leave.
I stood up also. He is looking at me, and I feel a little nervous and
a little excited. He places the dildo on my nightstand without a word
and I watch as his eyes travel over my body, seeming to scrutinize my
form in a more deliberate way than I’ve ever seen him before. I was
suddenly conscious of the short skirt I was wearing.
Then he hugs me, holding his body against mine. He tells me what a
beautiful woman I am and he’s worried about me and the wrong guy, but
shouldn’t be because I’m such a smart girl, etc. Then he kisses my
neck, his hands rubbing my back, keeping my body pressed up against his
hard, broad chest. His hands held my shoulders as he continued kissing
my neck and cheek. I just stand there in shock.
His hands slide down to hold my arm and he pushes me back to the bed;
the back of my legs hit the bed and I sit. He kneels down in front of
me. For some reason, seeing my father kneeling in front of me, a look
of lust in his eyes, really turned me on. His hands reach up and
unbutton my blouse. I can’t speak; I know I should say something,
anything. I know that if I say anything, he’ll stop: part of me
doesn’t want him to stop though.
He completely unbuttons my shirt and pulls my breasts out of my bra.
He murmurs how beautiful they are as his head bends lower. I gasp as he
starts to nibble on my nipple as his other hand starts to push up my
skirt. His finger pushes around my panties and into my cunt. Now I’m
really aroused, I don’t think about stopping him.
His body is pushing up against me and I can feel his bulging cock, hard
and hot pressing against my leg. I pull him up to my lips. Our mouths
part and I feel my father’s tongue against mine, the first touch is
electric; and we kiss deeper. I grab for his cock and start caressing
it through his pants. I unbutton and unzip his pants. I reach into his
pants, roughly pulling open his silk boxers, and pull his cock out.
I break the kiss to look at his cock in my hand. It is beautiful;
long, thick, perfect. I look at my father’s cock in my hand, massive
and stiff. Hard because of me, hard for me. Just seeing it makes me
want to taste it in my mouth. God, I really needed to suck his cock
after seeing it in my hand. I want so desperately to feel it sliding
into my mouth, to taste it, to have my mouth full of his hard cock.
He sees the longing in my eyes and knows what I want. He stands up
before me, pressing his cock into my mouth.
I spread my lips and lean forward, slowly taking it in my mouth. I
slip my tongue around his smooth round tip. Then all at once I slid his
entire staff into my mouth; filling my mouth with my father’s cock, as
he moans loudly. As I suck him I slide a hand down to my drenched
pussy. I start fingering myself, bringing myself closer and closer to
climax. Seeing me masturbate gets him even more excited. He places his
hands softly against my head and begins thrusting his cock into my
sucking mouth.
The excitement of sucking my father’s stiff cock, combined with my
fingers in my wet pussy made me orgasm quickly, moaning around the hard
shaft filling my mouth.
He pulls out of my mouth and bends down, pushing my skirt up around my
waist and pulling off my panties. He moves forward between my legs and
guides his cock between my thighs. He sticks his dick into my pussy in
a quick motion. I gasp in pleasure as I am filled with the full length
of my father’s swollen cock. I look down between my legs, hardly
believing that my own father’s cock is buried in my heated pussy.
He moans, telling me how tight and wet I am. He begins to thrust in
and out of me. After an incredible minute, he pulls out just as quickly
as he pushed in.
He lifts my leg above his shoulder, exposing my ass. He pushes his
cock up against my asshole and starts to thrust it into me. Gently at
first, then he pushes further and harder into me. Finally, my father’s
entire staff is in my ass. It feels so good in me. I feel so filled
with his hot cock in my ass.
He begins slowly thrusting into me. I reach a hand down to stroke my
torrid pussy. I am so excited, so close; I feel so totally lustful and
wanton; my deepest, darkest, and most intense masturbation fantasy; I am
fucking my own father, taking his massive, blood-engorged cock deep in
my ass. I scream loudly, incoherently, clutching at his broad chest,
pulling him against me as the most intense orgasm of my life rips
brutally through my passion-filled body.
As I relax, I realize he has stopped. Then he begins again to slowly
thrust his cock in and out of my ass. As he’s thrusting into my ass, he
reaches over to my nightstand and grabs the dildo. He starts slapping
my cunt with it as he fucks into my ass, getting me really excited
again. He then pushes it into my pussy. I am so wet, it slides in
easily. I feel so full with the dildo filling my cunt, and my ass
stretched tightly around my dad’s hard, thrusting cock.
After a while, he pulls out. He tells me to stand up. He turns me
around and pushes me forward. He bends me over so that I am bent at the
waist with my hands on the bed. My dad moves up behind me and thrusts
his cock into my ass once again. He grabs my hips and starts thrusting
harder and harder. He pulls out right as he reaches his climax. My
father’s warm cum spurts all over my back and ass.
He tells me to sit back down and hands me the dildo. He tells me that
he wants to watch me use it and to do whatever I want with it. I push
it in and out of my pussy while rubbing myself with my other hand. My
father sits back down by my nightstand, watching me and stroking his
cock. It’s not long before I bring myself to another orgasm. Just as I
climax, I look over to my father and watch as his cock erupts, spurting
out thick, ropy strands of cum on his chest and stomach.
My father left pretty quickly. At dinner and at breakfast, he didn’t
say anything. I told him I’d be spending most of the day over at a
friends and would be home around five. He said he was going to mow the
lawn and clean up the house. He asked if he should straighten up my
room. I said yes.
I wonder if anything will happen when I get home. I left out a garter
belt and stockings on my nightstand.

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