Karen the human toilet

Twenty-two year old Brenda found a strange letter in her mailbox upon arriving home from her day's work. Curiously she turned the pink envelope over several times, checking for a return address. Finding none, she opened her apartment door and stepped inside and tossed her work things on the couch along with this strange letter. However, her curiosity made her sit down and slice open the letter. It read: Dear slut,

I know you're a slut. How I know doesn't matter, all that matters is that I DEMAND your presence at the address below this coming Friday evening, at six! Don't be late!!


Brenda re-read the letter several times, trying to find some clue but, finding none, she tossed the strange letter on a nightstand before going into the bathroom. Sitting on the porcelain throne, she grunted several times before her bowels turned loose their heavy load and it plopped in the water as her stream of piss started. While this was going on, her thoughts returned to the strange letter. Who was this Sybil? And how had she ever gotten her name and address? Getting up, she quickly wiped herself but, before she dropped the soiled tissue into the bowl, she gazed down into the bowl at the two turds floating in the yellow stained water. Quickly, she flushed the toilet as she blushed and hurried out of the bathroom. Again she picked up the letter and re-read it, unconsciously blushing as she read. A slut? How did this Sybil know that? But the letter demanded that she go to Sybil's home address, so she would go just to find out what this was all about. She peeled off her clothes and flopped back on the bed, spreading her legs widely apart so her fingers could practice what they had long ago been taught to do... masturbation. And, while she masturbated, she thought about this Sybil. All at once, Brenda pushed one finger back to her asshole and began to push it in. As she rubbed her clit, she rotated that single finger inside her anus until it loosened up so she could push a second finger inside her body. She lay there, halfway on her side, as she rubbed her clit and rotated the two fingers in her ass. Pulling the two fingers out of her rectum, they were slightly covered with a brownish mixture. She stared at her two fingers a moment and then popped them into her mouth and began sucking on them as her fingers went mad with her clit. Faster and faster her fingers went on her clit until she bucked up in a violent orgasm. Then, relaxing a moment, her thoughts still on this Sybil, she pondered this woman and what she wanted. Getting up, she walked towards the bathroom and ran some water in the tub for a long, luxurious bath.

Friday came and the whole day she thought about this Sybil. Hurrying home after work, she barely had time for a quick shower and to dress before she started her drive out to the swankier side of town. When she arrived at Sybil's home, it was far and above what she was used too. It was a two-story, stone building with balconies all around and huge trees on a two-acre plot. This Sybil must be very wealthy, Brenda thought as she parked her car and rang the doorbell.

The door opened almost immediately and a young girl, maybe 12 or 13, answered. "You must be Brenda, come on in. I'm Vickie. Mother is waiting for you in the den. Follow me."

Brenda followed this young girl down a hall, watching her tiny butt. She could have been no more than 5'1" and weighed no more than 100 lbs. She was pretty, not overly pretty, but pretty just the same.

But the girl was nowhere as pretty as her mother, Sybil. Sybil could have been no more than 35 at the most. She had long, red wavy hair which was braided into a single braid that hung over her left shoulder. She was nearly nude, wearing only a bra with huge holes at the front which allowed her nipples to push through. Her large nipples were erect. She was also wearing a garter belt hooked to pale blue nylons, and no panties. Brenda blushed scarlet at this sight.

Sybil looked at her watch, "You're four minutes late! I don't allow any girl to be that late!"

"I'm sorry... Sybil. You see, I had to shower when I got home and then dress and drive way out here," Brenda lamely tried an excuse.

"You're probably wondering why I wrote that letter to you... SLUT! Notice that projector and screen over there," Sybil pointed. "It will answer a lot of your questions. Turn it on, Vickie."

Vickie turned the lights down and the projector on. Brenda gasped as it showed her in her own bedroom, nude and masturbating. She almost died of embarrassment when the film went on to show her putting her two fingers in her ass, removing them, and staring at them a moment before she popped them into her mouth and sucked them as she reached a violent orgasm. The film shut down and Vickie turned the lights back up again.

"Answer some questions?" Sybil grinned.

Brenda hid her face in her hands.

"Take your hands away from your face and look at me while I'm talking to you!"

Brenda lowered her hands a moment before she looked up at Sybil.

"You're a dirty girl, aren't you?" Sybil got up and pulled a straight chair over before Brenda and, once she sat down, scooted her ass back and Vickie dropped to her knees behind Sybil and buried her face between her mother's buttocks. "Like what you see?"

"Is Vickie... ?" Brenda stared, knowing good and well what the girl was doing.

"Is she what?" Sybil wiggled her rump around.

"That's incest!" Brenda gasped.

"Let me rephrase that. It's filthy lesbian incest! You see, I trained my daughter to give me this delightful service... oh, about two years ago. And now she eats right out of my ass! But I need to find her some help, you see. She has been getting a lot of diarrhea lately, sooooo..."

"I won't do that! That's positively filthy!" Brenda almost moaned.

"Oh, you'll do it all right. If you don't, I'll see that your family receives a copy of that tape," Sybil smiled again.

"You wouldn't do that. Would you?" Brenda knew the answer before she ever heard it.

"Try me," Sybil closed her eyes a moment. "Ooooh, my daughter is making my asshole feel good!" "I'm not a lesbian!" Brenda tried to worm her way out of this.

"I don't care if you're a lesbian or not, YOU WILL EAT MY SHIT!" Sybil replied. "I'm going to make a HUMAN TOILET out of you!"

"My family will be expecting me tonight," Brenda tried again.

"I've taken all that into account. I know where you work and I called them, pretending to be your mother, and asked if you might have a week's leave of absence. Right over there is a phone. Call your mom, tell her whatever you like, but remember, if you deny me this right, I'll see that she gets a copy of that tape!"

Brenda choked back a sniffle and dialed the phone. "Hi mom, it's me, Brenda. Oh, I'm fine... you?... The reason I'm calling is to tell you I have to make a little trip, St. Paul... in about a week... you take care of yourself too... bye."

"That was very thoughtful. Now you get down on your knees beside my daughter. I'm going to shit in her mouth and she'll chew it up real good. Then she'll get into a nice juicy, slimy french kiss with you and transfer that mouthful of shit into your mouth. And you'll swallow it! Understand?"

Brenda choked back a sob and dropped to her knees behind Sybil, right beside Vickie. But she was fascinated by this happening, "Ms. Sybil, this is your own daughter!!!!"

Sybil did not say a word as she pushed hard and her asshole began to open and the blunt end of a turd began to show itself. Vickie leaned forward and began licking the small section hanging out her mother's ass. She licked at it a few moments before it began to crawl out, very slowly, until it was approximately three inches long. At this point, Vickie bit it off. Turning to Brenda, Vickie began chewing up the big mouthful of shit. Fascinated, Brenda watched the young girl chewing up her mother's shit. She must have chewed this lump twenty times until it was a filthy sodden mess in her mouth and at this point, Vickie took Brenda in her arms and placed her mouth right on Brenda's. Pursing her lips, she spit a big mouthful of this slimy, chewed-up shit into Brenda's mouth.

"SWALLOW IT!" Sybil demanded.

Brenda swallowed and felt her stomach start to roll and she made a horrible face.

Sybil got up off her stool. "Let Brenda got her clothes and get out of here. She doesn't want to play this game with us. But naturally, I will have to send out that tape of her!"

"NO! NO! I'll do it!" Brenda moaned in fear at her tape getting out to her family.

"Well, you just made a horrible face, so I don't think you like the taste of my shit. Get out of here, slut!" Sybil waved Brenda away from her.

"I agreed to do it, didn't I?" Brenda pleaded.

"BEG me for it! BEG to eat my tasty shit!" Sybil smiled and walked over to the stool and sat down. "You get down on your knees before me and beg for it."

Brenda dropped to her knees and looked up at Sybil.

"Wait!" Sybil turned to Vickie. "This should be on video. Get the camcorder and we can get it all on video. This nasty slut begging to eat my shit!"

Brenda colored all over but she didn't have a choice.

Vickie brought out the camcorder and played it up and down over Brenda's naked form.

"What do you want to do, my dear?" Sybil smiled.

Vickie played the camcorder right on her face.

Brenda was dying of embarrassment. She knew good and well after this video, that she would be a slave to this woman and her daughter. "I want to eat your shit!"

"What?" Sybil's voice sounded shocked.

"Please allow me to eat your shit!" Brenda began her begging. "You know I didn't have anything to eat before I came over, and your shit would make a wonderful meal!"

"You can't eat my shit! That is disgusting!" Sybil played her role.

"I promise to eat it all. Make me into a HUMAN TOILET. I know it's disgusting, but please allow me that privilege... PLEASE!"

"A girl wanting to eat another woman's shit, to be a filthy HUMAN TOILET!" Sybil shook her head.

"PLEASE! My stomach is rumbling right now and the thought of that sweet waste going into my mouth makes my mouth water! PLEASE, Ms. Sybil, allow me the greatest honor of letting me consume the sweet brown sugar that comes out of your hot pink asshole! PLEASE! I'm begging you, I'm pleading with you!"

"It will be so bad tasting, you'll make a horrible face," Sybil grinned at making this girl squirm in front of the camcorder.

"No, Ms. sybil, I won't either. I LOVE the taste of shit! I'll prove it to you by chewing each mouthful at least ten times before I swallow it and open my dirty mouth for more of that sweet, sugary taste!"

"You've begged well enough to do this filthy deed." Sybil scooted her ass back on the stool. "But first, pay homage to my asshole!"

Brenda kneed around behind Sybil and thrust her face up between the cheeks of Sybil's ass and kissed her asshole. "Pretty asshole, please dump a BIG mouthful of your delicious waste into my mouth. I promise to show it's fruit the proper respect!" and her tongue slid out and began rolling around over the puckered pink hole that was already beginning to dilate. Brenda drew back to watch the heavy log come sliding out of its chute and she began to get excited. Closing her mouth over the filthy log, she bit through its bulk with only her lips, leaving a huge amount of gooey shit behind.

"Stare into the camera as you eat my shit!" Sybil ordered.

Brenda lowered her shit-streaked mouth down within sight of the camera and began her chewing duty. Not once did she make a face over this distasteful lump in her mouth as she chewed over and over and then swallowed. "Piss, give me some piss to wash it down!"

"Piss? I don't have any piss," Sybil shook her head. "You'll just have to chew it longer until it is a watery slime. Now get your mouth back up there and lick my asshole clean!"

Immediately, Brenda thrust her face back up into Sybil's ass and began licking at her shit- smeared asshole. Because of the condition of her mouth, all she did was smear the shit stains out further and thinner before the hole began to expand again. Brenda opened her mouth and felt the thick rope sliding between her lips until she felt it at the back of her mouth and she again bit it off, using only her lips. But this time she chewed the obnoxious waste at least twenty times before she swallowed and then plastered her mouth back on the asshole that had just given her this treat. She licked at it several minutes as her fingers found their way between her thighs to her pussy and she began fingering herself. But now Sybil was almost empty - all she had left was small pieces that came out in juicy chunks which Brenda chewed up as fast as she could and reopened her mouth. She was still licking at Sybil's asshole when Sybil got up.

"MORE! MORE!" Brenda rasped.

"Mommie, can I feed the human toilet?" Vickie asked excitedly. "I know I've got much more for her than you gave her. Can I, Mommie?"

"Well... sure, why not? The little slut is really getting into it now. Brenda, you lay on the floor, face up, as my daughter squats over your mouth. She's going to give you some more of my shit, that which she ate last night. Since my little girl often has diarrhea, it might be real juicy and runny!"

"I don't care!" Brenda laid back. "Vickie, FEED ME!"

Vickie squatted astride Brenda's mouth and at once pushed out a six-inch, slimy pile of crap which Brenda shoved into her mouth. "Is she eating it, Mommie?" Vickie asked as she rubbed her clit.

"Eating it? No, she's devouring it! Flush it down your human toilet mouth. Flush it down your stinking throat!" Sybil exclaimed.

Brenda swallowed but, before she could get her mouth up to her object of lust, Vickie cut loose with a big long fart, sending streams of pasty, runny crap all over Brenda's face. Brenda did not mind as she raised her head and began licking and sucking at the runny hole. She licked it several moments before her neck tired and she laid her head back at the same time Vickie blasted out another juicy fart, all over her face.

Brenda only raised her head and licked this slimy, foul digested food from Vickie's asshole. Another blast went right into Brenda's mouth. It almost choked her it went into her throat so hard but she swallowed again and thrust out her tongue to lick at the tightly-puckered opening. After fifteen minutes of this, Brenda's face was completely covered and Vickie stood up.

"You really like shit, don't you? Vickie giggled. She turned toward her mother. "Mommie, since she likes shit so much, maybe we should take her over to the club."

"I was thinking the same thing," Sybil said.

"What kind of club?" Brenda asked.

"I belong to a club, a toilet club of four women, where every member has a daughter about Vickie's age. We meet every two weeks and use one of the girls as a toilet! A human toilet! All the girls take a turn serving us ladies and the other girls," Sybil explained.

Silently, Brenda counted up the females, "That's eight females! I'd get sick eating that much shit!"

"Well, not exactly. We always allow a new girl to throw up. But you'd better get your mouth open to catch some more, because if any hits the floor, you'll be punished severely. And, you'd only allowed to throw up that one time!"

"One time?" Brenda shivered.

"Yes, only that once. And you'd better tilt your head back and open your mouth for some more," Sybil explained.

"Mommie, can't you call a special session tomorrow afternoon?" Vickie asked.

"I suppose so," Sybil thought. "Why not? It will be fun to bring a new girl to that club. Girl, you human toilet, you are going to get much, much more shit that you've ever dreamed of!"

Brenda swallowed hard, "Can't I just serve you two?"

Sybil smiled, "Afraid? When I get through showing those ladies this film I just made, they'll be dying to use your mouth in the filthiest ways that they know! But first, I want to call these ladies. They'll be anxious to know whom I've come up with!" Sybil went off and started calling her lady friends.

"Mommie forgot to mention - the lady with the biggest turd gets to keep you overnight for a night of solid asslicking!" Vickie giggled again.

Sybil returned, "It's all set. Tomorrow afternoon. So we'd better fix you a good meal tonight, because you won't get anything tomorrow except shit!"

The next day followed quickly for Brenda, too quick. Soon they had her ready for this adventure and were on their way to the club, which rotated around from one lady's house to the other.

Brenda was showed into the swanky home and was soon greeted by cheers from the group of ladies with their young daughters. All were in a state of undress to some degree or another.

"Tell me, Sybil, where did you dig up this charm?" a lady came up to Brenda and ran her hands over Brenda's titties.

"That's a secret. But you ladies all have a seat. I'm going to show you a film I recorded yesterday afternoon. Brenda here is the main actress," Sybil laughed.

Several of the ladies laughed and Brenda blushed furiously, recalling the begging part of the tape. The tape started rolling:

"Oh, listen to that cunt beg for Sybil's shit!" one of the ladies laughed.

"You'll see in a moment she meant what she said!" Sybil laughed back.

The ladies jabbered back and forth as they watched the video, right through Brenda eating Sybil's shit as well as where her face got plastered with Vickie's runny shit.

"Ladies, let's all go into the playroom and get ready. I'll take Brenda into the toilet booth and give her the instructions as well as the warnings if she fails to fulfill her duties here. You ladies start deciding right now, which of you will be first!"

Brenda was taken into the playroom, a room that was about 6x8 with only a small stool in one corner. Here she was told to undress. As Brenda was undressing, she noticed the ladies filing into a room on the other side of a big plate glass window. About this time, a naked young girl entered the room.

"Hi, I'm Mary," the girl introduced herself.

Brenda nervously smiled at the young girl, who could have been no more than eleven. "I'm real nervous."

"So was I the first time I served all these ladies. You will eat shit until it's running out your ears! But don't worry, I will help you all I can. Not eat it, that's your chore or duty. I will tell you what's required of you. Notice that toilet hole right above your head?"

Brenda nodded.

"That's where the ladies will sit. They'll draw their legs up on the seat so the other ladies will see the poop coming out of their asshole. The first thing you have to do is take that stool over there," Mary pointed, "and set it right below the lady sitting up there. Then you get up on that stool, stick your mouth up between the lady's ass sitting up there and worship her asshole. And I mean WORSHIP! Each lady will grade you on what kind of asslicker you are... and if you don't pass their grade..." Mary shuddered.

"What will happen to me if I don't pass their grade?" Brenda asked.

"They will all whip you till you bleed!" Mary promised, then leaned close. "Moan a lot when you're licking. They like to know you're enjoying their asshole and what comes out of it! Notice out front, the ladies are getting warmed up for this special meeting!"

Brenda looked out at the ladies now all seated with a young girl kneeling between their thighs, eating each lady's pussy.

"Brenda, I think my mom will be first to use your mouth. She was just getting ready to feed me when your Mistress called, so she just put it off. She hadn't shit for three days at the time, so you will have to eat four days of shit."

"Won't I get sick eating that much?" Brenda drew back.

"These ladies are all clean and healthy, but don't you dare throw up right after my mom, there will be a lot more. The other ladies might have a big load for you. Remember, you are allowed to throw up only ONCE! Now, my mom likes to play a game she calls pink-browning with a new girl."

"I've never heard of it," Brenda said.

"She makes the girl stick her tongue up into her rectum and then she tries to shit. It is the girl's misfortune to try and keep the shit from coming out using only her tongue!" Mary explained.

"I might be able to do that," Brenda tried to imagine.

"Don't count on it. My mom can really flex out her big asshole. She and another lady, a member of this group, have been anally fisting each other for years. About the time you think you can do it, she'll flex out her asshole!"

"Does she do this to you?" Brenda dared ask this young girl.

"Sssshhh! Here comes my mom now!" Mary warned Brenda.

Brenda looked up and saw a face looking down at her, smiling. "I want you to bathe my sweet asshole with your tongue!"

"Yes, Mistress," Brenda waited for the lady to sit down and pull her legs up.

Scooting the stool over beneath the lady, Brenda stood on it and glanced at the size of her asshole. It was hanging open now about the size of a half dollar with the tell-tale signs of a heavy load to come - juicy brown sludge oozing out of her rectum.

Brenda licked up and down the crack a few times before her tongue found that very center, that half-dollar hole and started rolling her tongue around in it. She began moaning, not because Mary had told her to do this, but because her lust was taking over.

"Now stick your tongue up as deep as you can into my rectum, and just hold it there and see if you can keep me from shitting in your mouth!" the lady said.

Brenda could easily slide her tongue up the big hole and she held it still.

"My asshole is immaculate compared to your dirty mouth! But I'm going to brown your mouth anyway. You're a dirty cunt who needs her mouth browned!" and she pushed down. "Hey, you're pretty good at this, you useless cunt! But I've got news for you. I pushed three suppositories up my ass about an hour ago! It won't make my shit runny, just real SOFT! Soft, gooey, slimy! Just right for a good long, thick crap! And your nose is right there, so you can smell it. You human toilets are all the same, you love the smell of human shit!" She tried to push it out again but Brenda's tongue kept it all inside of her body. But she knew from past experiences, all she had to do was keep a constant pressure on her bowels and before long, her shit would be filling Brenda's mouth.

Brenda's jaws began to tire and she felt the oozing of filthy shit along her extended tongue. She heard the lady laugh at her as she tried valiantly to hold back the big load of shit. She widened her mouth to encircle the ever-expanding asshole. Then she felt and tasted the shit completely encircling her tongue and ooze on down into her mouth. She could no longer hold her tongue in this extended position and pulled it back into her mouth as the shit followed her tongue and at once filled her mouth. She kicked the stool aside, but kept her mouth open for this monstrous turd and she sank lower and lower to catch it. The ladies out front began cheering the lady and her game and the monstrous turd. Brenda sank lower until her knees touched the floor and still the turd hadn't exited the lady's rectum. It began to sag to the side and all at once plopped down over her face and along her neck and the ladies out front went wild cheering the lady and her HUGE turd.

Mary stepped over and caught the section over Brenda's face and along her neck as Brenda began eating the part that was already in her mouth. With her face still tilted back, Mary began breaking off pieces and sticking them into Brenda's mouth. As Brenda was eating this foul, left-over food, she glanced up to see the lady grinning at her through the toilet hole.

"Thank you, lady," Brenda managed to mumble. She kept up her moaning as she chewed the HUGE load of shit up. Slower and slower she kept up her chewing, but finally Mary shoved the last of it in her mouth. As she chewed up this last mouthful, Mary leaned over her and began licking her face, which had a lot of gooey, slimy streaks. Finally, she swallowed the last and burped real load.

"You did real good," Mary whispered in her ear. "The ladies will let you rest a little before your next meal!"

"I hope it won't be as big as your mom's. I don't think I could eat another one that size," Brenda gasped.

"Hold it down!" Mary whispered. "If you throw it up now, you won't be able to throw up again... without severe punishment!"

"It's not going to come up... yet!" Brenda promised.

"Good, because here comes Mrs. Larson. She likes to make a real mess of her ass all along the crack and have you lick it all off her ass," Mary explained.

Brenda looked up at the empty hole until she heard high heels cross the bathroom floor and then the woman looked down through the toilet hole. "Hello, toilet mouth. Are you ready for another big turd?"

"Yes," Brenda answered as she got the stool and stood on it.

"Just a minute, I'm going a make a big shitty mess of my ass, and then you'll lick it clean!" Ms. Larson stooped somewhat and grunted while she looked down through the toilet hole. Then she reached behind her and smeared the shit up and down the crack of her ass, then thrust her hand down through the toilet hole. "Suck my fingers clean!" she demanded as she thrust a finger into Brenda's mouth as her other fingers left a brown streak across Brenda's cheeks. Brenda sucked each finger clean before she started licking the palm clean. It took her about ten minutes before she had Ms. Larson's hand reasonably clean.

Mrs. Larson pulled her hand back, "Now lick my ass clean!" and she plopped her ass down over the toilet hole.

The girls were still on their knees out front licking pussy, although they had switched around often.

Brenda noticed the ass above her and she couldn't make out an asshole, that was how deep the shit was smeared through the woman's ass crease.

She faintly made out the woman's asshole beneath its covering of filthy shit and she thrust her tongue up into this loose opening. As her tongue licked up this dirty mess and it went into her upturned mouth, she swallowed bits and pieces. She wallowed her tongue around in the dirty opening several long minutes before she started licking up the crack, again collecting pieces of filthy waste.

Using a hand mirror, Ms. Larson was able to watch Brenda at work with her tongue on her ass, and she directed certain movements and places that needed more licking and sucking. Finally she got up and looked back down through the toilet hole as she wiped her ass with pieces of tissue from a nearby roll. She pushed the soiled tissue into Brenda's mouth, "Your mouth is far too dirty to clean my ass properly."

Finally Mrs. Larson was gone and Brenda felt herself about to heave.

"Hold it down, baby, hold it down!" Mary hugged Brenda.

"I think I'm going to throw it all up!" Brenda gagged.

Mary watched Brenda until she finally fought the urge away. "Good, you fought it off. You need to fight it off as long as you can," Mary said.

"I'm going to throw up soon!" Brenda fought back the impulse.

"NO! Don't! You've only eaten two turds so far. There's two other ladies out there as well as the four of us girls!" Mary explained. "Whatever you do, when you throw up, get your mouth open back up there in a hurry, like you want more of their shit. It wasn't you who rejected the shit, it was your stomach!"

"My tummy is stuffed right now!" Brenda rubbed her stomach.

"One day, they'll feed you until you look pregnant! Your tummy hasn't even started to bulge yet," Mary expressed as she ran her fingers between Brenda's thighs. "Ooooh, you're wet! You like being a human toilet, don't you?"

Shamefully, Brenda nodded her head yes.

"You better be ready, here comes Ms. Rhodes. She always has a short one, real firm. Which do you like the best?" Mary asked.

"I don't know yet, I've just started eating shit," Brenda explained.

"You chew up Ms. Rhodes turd real good or it might get lodged in your throat!"

"Yeah, rectum face. My turd might get lodged in your throat if you don't chew it up properly." Brenda looked up and saw Ms. Rhodes looking down at her. "How's our new human toilet doing down there, Mary? I know she hasn't thrown up yet, but I bet I make her throw up," and Ms. Rhodes got down on her knees before the toilet so she could look down into Brenda's face more closely. "Look at you, on that stool with your mouth open, a mouth coated with dirty, rotten, stinking shit! And you are enjoying it, aren't you? Cum is just running down your legs! From eating SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! You enjoy eating shit - bowel food that a woman has already digested, and you're eating it again! It's been baked and is decaying, and you're eating it again! Putrid leftovers! SHIT! Decomposed food that comes out as sodom's love fruit!" Ms. Rhodes kept degrading Brenda like this until she got up and turned around to sit back on the toilet. "Lick my asshole, cunt. Lick it real good and I might give you another taste of filthy waste, and you want that terribly filthy stuff in your mouth, don't you?" She grunted several times as Brenda licked at her widening asshole. "Slide your tongue up into my candy factory so shit can just ooze down your waiting tongue!"

Brenda slid her tongue up into Ms. Rhodes' rectum and felt the shit sliding past it and on into her mouth.

"Can you taste it yet? I suppose not with all that other shit in your mouth. Well, you'll taste it as you start chewing it up. Bite it off and start feasting on it! From the way cum is running down your legs, you were born to be a human toilet!"

Brenda bit the chunk of shit off and began chewing the hard lump. It was sticking to her teeth and several times she raked her tongue across her teeth to capture the grainy, almost dry turd. She chewed at least fifteen times before her saliva had mixed with it enough to enable her to swallow the first mouthful of this woman's shit. Again she opened her mouth obediently.

"You're a real shit-pig, aren't you, Brenda?" Ms. Rhodes looked down between her legs at Brenda standing there with her mouth wide open. "Tell me you're a shit-pig!"

"I'm a shit-pig!" Brenda voiced.

"You want more of my dirty shit, don't you, cunt?" Ms. Rhodes laughed.

"Yes! Grease my mouth good with that nasty taste!" Brenda found herself saying.

"You just stand there with your mouth open and soon you'll get a BIG mouthful," Ms. Rhodes grunted hard and her shit factory opened up as a turd started crawling out. It hung down about six inches before it dropped out and into Brenda's mouth and it stuck out of her mouth as she started chewing on the end. Little by little it dropped between her lips as she swallowed more and more. The entire room had an odor of shit and Brenda inhaled the odor deeply. She was beginning to enjoy this ordeal. Finally she swallowed the last of the turd and had to lick Ms. Rhodes' asshole clean.

"I think you're gonna make it," Mary again started licking Brenda's lips to get the bits and pieces. "The next lady is Mrs. Frederick. You will be able to drink her shit. It always comes out real runny!"

"Then you girls will feed me?" Brenda questioned.

"Yeah, but here comes Mrs. Frederick." Mary pushed Brenda onto her stool.

Mrs. Frederick looked down through the toilet hole, "Hi, toilet-mouth, have you been enjoying your meal? All kinds of bacteria in shit, but you don't care, you just want to eat it, right? Well, I've got some shit-soup for you. Hot... slimy... with chunks in it. Do you want it?"

"Yes, Mistress," Brenda voiced and opened her mouth wide.

Without another word, Mrs. Frederick sat down and Brenda began licking her asshole. As she was licking the smelly hole, rivulets of brown scum began to ooze out into Brenda's mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could before she felt her stomach starting to upchuck. This slimy mixture came up into her mouth and she swallowed it again, tasting all the bitterness of her stomach and she opened her mouth for the less-bitter taste of this lady's shit-soup. Her mouth soon filled and she closed her mouth to swallow as a cascade of thin watery shit flooded out over her face. Mrs. Frederick got up then and looked down at Brenda, "SHIT-FACE!"

Again Mary started licking Brenda's face. She licked it several minutes until she took Brenda by the hand. "It's time for us girls to feed you and you haven't throw up once. That's great! You might love that nasty taste! But now I'll take you out in the hall where there will be a big platter and the four of us girls will shit on it. And you will eat it all with a knife and fork!"

Brenda was led out into the hall, her face still smeared with dripping shit. There was a big platter right in the middle of a table and the ladies were all sitting around the table. At once, one of the girls climbed up on the table and squatted astride the platter and began to shit. It wasn't a very big turd, only about six inches long, and then another girl climbed up and did the same. Another and another girl followed and soon there was a huge pile of shit in the middle of the platter.

Brenda just stared at the huge pile of shit until Sybil came up to her and forced her face down into this muck and then pulled her face back up, "Look at this shit-faced bitch now, ladies!"

Brenda was now wearing a mask of shit, covering her entire face. One of the girls set out a knife and fork and took up a wine goblet, which she soon had filled with piss and she put it beside Brenda's plate.

"Brenda, these girls have produced a fine meal for you; it has been baking for twenty-four hours. But you like to eat shit, don't you?" Sybil asked

"Yes, Mistress Sybil, I love the taste of shit! I never dreamed that I would enjoy it so much... but my tummy is full!" Brenda sputtered behind her shit mask.

"EAT IT!" Sybil pointed at the plate of smeared-shit.

Brenda dug her fork into the slimy left-over food and raised it to her mouth. She chewed this mouthful several times... until...

"Dribble it back out onto the fork!" Sybil laughed.

Brenda began to push the overly slimy brown mixture out onto the fork and it dripped between the tines back onto the platter.

"Look at her mouth, ladies! It's an asshole shitting!" Sybil pointed.

"She's a rectum-mouth," Ms. Rhodes laughed.

"EAT MORE!" Sybil ordered.

"Can I swallow it this time?" Brenda asked.

"But you won't be able to enjoy it's flavor. The ladies would like to see you eat it twice. Right, ladies?" Sybil turned to the ladies.

"Yeah," they all echoed.

"Let her lay that knife and fork down. A real shit-pig likes to eat it straight from the platter. That way, we can watch her asshole mouth shitting it out all over the section she hasn't chewed up yet!"

"That's a splendid idea! Lay your knife and fork down, but this time really take a BIG mouthful. That way we can see your mouth really shitting," Sybil laughed.

Brenda leaned down and tried to get as much as she could into her mouth, a piece almost three inches long, and began chewing. She chewed this mouthful maybe twenty times before Sybil pointed at the platter and Brenda leaned over and began to dribble out the shit in her mouth, all over the unchewed section.

"Look ladies, look at her asshole mouth shit! Isn't that filthy? But now she has diarrhea of the mouth. See how loose and watery her shit is?" Sybil laughed. "Brenda, you may swallow as soon as you've chewed up that whole amount and dribbled it back out. Only then!"

For the next twenty-five minutes, Brenda chewed up mouthful after mouthful to only dribble it back out again. But then she was handed a spoon, "Now you may swallow it."

Brenda was glad this ordeal was over, with the ladies all laughing at her, shoving scatological insults at her, but now she had to drink all this very slimy shit mixture with a spoon. It took her another fifteen minutes before she got it all down and at once Sybil began scraping the shit off Brenda's face and shoving it into her mouth. Would there ever be an end to this shit party?

Finally the party was over and Mary's mom won the title of having Brenda for the night, because she produced the biggest, longest turd.

Oh, by the way, right after the ladies all left, Brenda ran into the bathroom and it all came up... ALL OF IT!!!

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