Teen Femdom

Despite my awkward position, I managed to sleep well, as I awoke to
the sounds of love making on the bed above. I lay there and tried to
remember my dreams of last night. I recalled one vivid dream
involving Karen, perhaps brought about by her stocking feet smell from
the thigh highs still tied under my nose. In the dream I was licking
her feet after a particularly intense basketball game in which she was
leading the cheers. I was allowed to progress at my own pace and had
just finished cleaning every nook and cranny of her delicious feet. I
licked my way up those marvelous legs, enjoying every inch. My cock
was unencumbered by the harness. I reached her divine temple and
slowly teased her into a delirious state. She came in torrents and
began peeing as she lost control in the waves of multiple orgasms
washing over her. I drank all I could as it cascaded over my face,
shuddering from my own orgasm of cataclysmic proportions.

Kim woke me from my delightful daydream as I had reached the brink of
release again only to be denied by the cock and ball harness. She
dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, and carried a gym bag she had with
the stuff she brought with her yesterday. She removed the thigh highs
and anklets from my mouth and unlocked the cuffs from the steel ring
at the base of my sac. "Let's go I'm in a hurry." she said.

We drove quietly to a dance studio about fifteen minutes away. I was
still naked.(not choosing to count the G-string that amounted to
nothing) I parked and let Kim out, kissing her sneakers as she picked
up the leash and walked me into the studio. Luckily, it was still
early Sunday morning and no one was around.

Inside Kim was greeted by a lovely woman dressed as a ballerina. She
appeared mid thirtyish but in incredible shape.

"Kim darling how are you? I see you have a foot man."

"Definitely not a foot man, foot slave would be stretching it. How
are you Chantelle?"

"Just fine dear. Why did you not tell me you had a foot man--- I mean
foot slave?"

"I picked him up only on Friday."

"Nonsense, he is already branded with your mark, that takes quite some
time to convince someone to do, and he seems well trained."

"He's not branded yet, though that may come," pointing at the tattoo
on my ass, "but I kid you not, his training commenced Friday night,
although I must admit I have dedicated far to much time and effort to
the worthless creature."

I prostrated myself before Kim, attempting to show total devotion and
servitude. The threat that she would cut back the time she so
benevolently spent with me was so disconcerting. I slowly slithered on
my belly till I reached her sneakers and pecked adoring kisses to
their tips.

"This is most impressive, darling, if you ever grow weary of him
please think of me to take him off your hands."

"I just got a similar offer last night, but I don't think she is up
for it anymore. Go greet Lady Chantelle, Slave Shoelicker."

I crawled up to this woman, obviously a well-trained ballerina. She
extended her foot in a lovely point toe and placed it down just in
front of my nose. The slippers she was wearing were a ratty old pair
probably just used for practice. The smell was heavenly. I closed my
eyes and softly placed delicate kisses to the tip of her point toe.

"So respectful," Chantelle remarked, surprised by my performance.
"And you say just two days?"


"Darling you have more potential then the great mistresses of Paris,
and your slave here may have potential to match yours in quite the
opposite direction. We begin shortly, get ready."

Kim took out the cuffs and my hands were once again behind my back and
under my ass. Tightly secured to the ring at the base of my scrotum
insured I would remain immobile. My Goddess undressed before me,
tying her sneaker to my face. I inhaled the now familiar scent of
those fantastic feet. She dressed in tight fitting spandex shorts and
matching spandex sports bra. Kim sat before me and added white
anklets and ballet slippers. For the next five or ten minutes she did
stretching exercises before me. Never before had I seen such graceful
movements. She would extend her leg over my head, putting her toe in
an extreme point. My eyes were about even with her knee. I could look
up at the perfect features of her calf and the shapeliest foot on the
planet. As I looked down I saw her well-toned and limber thigh.

Kim stood up and turned away to stretch her upper body. As she bent
forward her ass was thrust at my face. So well rounded, almost heart
shaped. Firm as any I'd seen, perfect in every way. My mouth watered
at such a magnificent sight. Would I someday be so lucky as to be
near it?

Chantelle returned and practice began. She shot me a look with a
snicker at my humiliating position. I sat in awe as I watch my
Goddess move so gracefully on the dance floor. Each move so fluid and
performed by her perfect body. Her face so serene and angelic, it was
impossible to imagine the wickedness she was capable of. I have no
idea how long she practiced as I was entranced by what I saw. My
penis stood at full mast saluting my Goddess as she performed

With practice over, I bid good-bye to Chantelle, in the proper manner
of course, and we departed for home. There we met Karen who had
returned from cheerleading practice. The girls decided to get a real
good workout going on the stairmasters, so we headed for the den.

Before beginning they decided to have some fun with me. I was
relatively unencumbered, with just my slave collar and cock and ball
harness on. To my amazement, Kim released the harness and I was naked
but for the collar. Things didn't stay that way for long as my
handcuffs were added and once again I found myself with my hands
behind my back and under my ass. The cuffs were locked to the steel
ring at the base of my balls, and I was helpless again. For good
measure my ankles were cuffed. Then with a devious smile on her face
Kim appeared with two short chains. She attached one each to each of
my nipple rings. Kim pulled down on the chains and stretched to
connect them to the ring on the underside of my cock, just behind the
head. The chains were fairly short and I had to hunch forward or risk
ripping one of the rings out of a very tender spot. I was leaning
forward to the point I almost fell over on my face. I had to arch my
back, sticking my ass up and out to act as a counter balance.

"Look at how his ass sticks out!" Karen exclaimed. "I think we should
put it to use before we workout."

"Excellent idea, Karen." Kim replied.

Karen returned with an old high heel. It looked to be at least four
or four and a half inches. She held it before me and I kissed it
passionately, attempting to smell Karen's fragrance as she moved it
around in front of my face, occasionally the opening appearing under
my nose. The sole was exposed to me and I lapped at it greedily.
Karen slowly pulled the heel away and I had to check myself as I
leaned forward to get at the object of my desire. She was now fucking
my mouth, and I sucked that heel with great effort, knowing it had
once graced Karen's foot. She took it away, removed her saddle shoes,
allowing me several worshipful licks before hand, and then put the
heel on. She disappeared behind me and I wondered if we were through.
Then I felt something enter my ass. I realized Karen was fucking my
ass with the heel she had put on. She entered slowly but continued
until the heel was buried to the hilt in my ass. She twisted it
around some and I moaned with pleasure.

Kim slapped me in the face to bring me back momentarily from the
nirvana state in which I was entering, she grabbed my chin and said
"Don't you dare cum!" gathering up all the phlegm and mucus she
could, Kim then spit in my face. It landed on my upper lip and I
hungrily reached out with my tongue for the tasty treat so generously
offer from my Goddess.

Karen was now fucking me good. Withdrawing almost all the way and
then ramming it home. She would have knocked me over on my face
except with each stroke I thrust my ass back to greet it. It must
have been a sight to behold since Kim had gotten the camcorder and
laughed as she documented my humiliating disgrace.

When Karen tired, she stopped, removing her foot but leaving the heel
up my ass.

Kim surveyed the situation. With my hands cuffed just below my anus,
and the chain locked to the ring, I was able to hold the heel. Kim
summized that there was just enough leeway with the chain of the
handcuffs for me to move the heel about 3-4 inches back and forth.
Kim ordered me to continue, fucking myself with the heel. I must have
looked ridiculous, moaning in pleasure as I rammed that heel, over and
over, up my ass.

The girls began their workout on the stairmaster. Kim was still
dressed in the spandex outfit she practiced in. She had just the
white anklets on her beautiful feet. Karen was in her cheerleading
outfit with just a pair of blue anklets on her feet. They had pretty
yellow lace trim to match the blue and yellow school colors. I
continued on with the heel and sat mesmerized by the unbelievable
sight before me.

After a solid forty minutes, the teens ended their workout. They
looked magnificent, radiant from the glow they achieved. It was easy
to see why they looked so incredible.

Kim disappeared and returned with a glass of water and a package. She
stood before me looking so luscious in the sheen the sweat produced.
She tossed the package in front of me saying "These are the negatives,
you are free to go Don. All you have to do is ask me to set you

I was speechless, as I continued to fuck my ass with the heel, unable
to stop. The doorbell rang and Kim left to get it.

My parents appeared in the den, shocked at what they saw. For some
reason, I didn't react the way I expected. While I felt incredible
shame, on display like this, before my parents, shoving a heel up my
ass over and over again, I didn't wish that I could run and hide, and
I didn't mind that they saw me like this.

After some commotion, Kim got them to sit on the couch. She explained
to them that I was free to go, all I had to do was ask to be set free.

"How about it Don?" Kim asked, "Do you want me to let you go or do you
want another option?" I was silent, still stroking my ass. Karen was
filming once again.

"Let's see. another option. Hmmm. I know, you continue to be my
slave. What about that."

"Yes," I whispered.

"Oh no you must convince me that I should let you be my slave."

"Donny, what are you doing. Get a hold of yourself." my father was

"Tell them to go Donny, please." my mother pleaded.

Kim turned her back to me, as I began to plead from the deepest depths
of my soul for Kim to accept me as her slave. I summoned all the
sincerity and inner feeling I could muster. I begged with more
passion then humanly possible for Kim to grant the ultimate gift of
utter and complete slavery upon me. I knew full well that my life
would cease to exist, and I would be transformed into something less
then an animal, and yet I renewed my efforts with greater emotion.
Pleading and begging at the top of my lungs I continued as Kim swayed
her ass before my face.

Continuing my plea, "Oh Goddess Kim, as unworthy as I am, I pledge to
unceasingly, with every ounce of strength and every fiber of my being,
to live each and every second with the single thought of servitude to
you. I will live for you, and you alone, without any thought for
myself. I will supplicate myself before you with every drop of
feeling I can muster, if only you would grant this greatest of honors,
this supreme privilege. I am lower than the dirt under you toenail,
unworthy to ask to be your slave. My only hope, that you will perform
the most generous act of kindness in human history and accept this
miserable being before you."

I was exhausted beyond belief. So much emotional effort had I
summoned. My mother sobbing uncontrollably, my father in total shock,
no longer able to speak.

Kim's swaying ass, her magnificent, supreme ass inches from my face.
She lowered the spandex shorts and said, "Seal your fate Slave

Kim bent over, presenting her glorious butt to me. The sweat of her
workout still glistening upon it. In my hunched over position I had
to strain to reach it, the object consuming my entire conscience. The
chains pulled my nipples out, and stretched my amazingly engorged
penis. Finally my lips brushed her rosebud. The feelings washing
over me beyond description. A thousand times more intense then
anything I felt before. Kissing it with every drop of feeling that
every atom in my body could generate, I shuddered. Kim pressed back
and I eased my tongue into her anus, that holy shrine. I sucked and
slurped for all I was worth, basking in this ultimate gift from my

Just then something began pushing my tongue away. Her royal shit
entered my mouth. Pushing to the back and then expanding to fill my
cheeks. The holy feast kept coming, filling my mouth to practically
overflowing. Kim stepped away. The sensations beyond belief. Far
tastier the most succulent steak.

I exploded in orgasm. The most viscous one I ever experienced. Jet
after jet spewed forth, at least a pint of cum. From my hunched over
position caused by the chains attached to my cock and nipples, the cum
had no where to go except right in my face. Cum covered my face, my
hair. It was in my nose, it covered one eye. Had my face not been in
the way, it would have hit the ceiling twelve feet above.

Slowly I chewed the precious gift, savoring every morsel, and moaning
in total ecstasy.
My Goddess appeared before me, wearing her shiny pink patent maryjanes
over the white anklets. With her shoe, she twisted my face towards my
parents. I could see them out of the one eye not covered in cum. Kim
scraped her shoe along my face, collecting a large quantity of semen.

"Mr. and Mrs. Conway," she said coolly, "Meet Slave Shoelicker."

Kim presented her foot to me and I dove after it, greedily lapping up
the cum as if it were the first bit of food for a man who hadn't eaten
in a week. I gave myself totally to Kim. Waves and waves of delight
hitting me as I abased myself before my goddess.

With my mother crying uncontrollably, and my father hanging his head
in shame, they headed for the door. As the turned to take one last
look, the could see my ass, the heel still being shoved up my anus
next to the tattoo "property of Goddess Kim." Nothing more needed to
be said.

End of part 10---to be continued---post comments

By Slave Shoelicker

Warning!! Do not read if under twenty-one, or easily offended by adult
sexual material. This material is only intended for adults. All
minors should read no further!!

Teen Femdom Part 11 By Slave Shoelicker

My Goddess continued to scrape her lovely pink patent leather maryjane
across my face, collecting the huge quantity of jism that had exploded
all over my it. She would then present her shoe before my lips and i
devoured the mess, lapping at it until her pink shoes shined brightly
enough for me to see my hideous reflection in them. The cum was
drying in my hair and smeared everywhere. Karen had now stopped
filming and was heading upstairs. Kim left as well, leaving me there
to contemplate what had just taken place.

My acquiescence to Kim was complete. The degradation in front of my
parents was total. i was nothing more than a sycophant, a toady, a
bootlicker, a lickspittle, a lackey. i was an obsequious, fawning,
groveling, ass-kissing, shit eating supplicant. i was no longer a
man. i was no longer Don Conway. i was slave shoelicker, property of
Goddess Kim. i existed only for her. She owned my body, mind and
soul. i would no longer be able to go a second without thinking of
her, my devotion so complete.

After some time, Kim returned with a woman i recognized to be her
mother. She was a woman, late thirties perhaps, who could pass for
early twenties. It was easy to see where Kim picked up her habits for
taking care of her body. Mrs. Walsh was somewhat shocked at my
appearance and Kim asked her to sit so she could explain.

Kim was going to move in to my(?) place, she told her mother. Mrs.
Walsh was opposed to the idea stating that Kim was only 18, and she
didn't like the idea of her daughter living with a man, especially
under the circumstances. "It's hard to imagine a more worthless human
being you could be involved with, look at him.," her mother said.

"You're missing the point mom," Kim returned, "he's not a man, and not
a human being. He belongs to me the way a dog does, only I would
treat a dog as a higher life form. He's my slave, but more than that,
he has no free will. He exists solely at my pleasure to do my
bidding. He is whatever I want him to be."

Mrs. Walsh was not quite convinced, and felt i might someday pose a
danger to her young daughter.

"I could make him do anything. Piss on him, shit in his mouth,

Her mother was still not fully convinced. Just then, Karen returned
and had heard the last bit of conversation. She plopped the videotape
into the VCR and sat next to Mrs. Walsh. She rewound to the part
where my parents came in, and hit play.

Mrs. Walsh watched me plead from the deepest depths of my soul to be
Kim's slave. i also watched somewhat amazed at the passion and
sincerity i displayed. It was as if i was pleading for my life, the
emotion was so intense, perhaps more so, as indeed i felt my life
would end if Kim had not accepted me as her property. There would
have been nothing left for me to live for. As she watched her
daughter' royal shit enter my mouth, and saw the expression of sheer
ecstasy on my face as i exploded in orgasm, she stated she saw enough.
She sat in amazement, but no longer objected to her daughter's

"Well you never cease to amaze me dear, just how did you do it?"

"You always told me I was the greatest, mom, and that I would have
everything I want. I always knew you were right. Now is the time for
me to start moving to attain my goals. Making him my slave was easy,
and moving in here is just the first step along the way. I want it
all and I can't wait any longer to have it."

Kim raised the sole of her pink maryjane just high enough for me to
reach, as i strained at the chains connected to my nipples and cock
head. Helpless to resist the desire inside me, i licked at the sole
like the crazed animal i had become. Passionately devoting every
fiber of my being to the degrading act which consumed me. Without my
cock and ball harness in place, another earth shattering orgasm
exploded into my face and onto Kim's shoe. Presented with the shoe, i
lapped at the cum, my only thought to return the shoe to its perfectly
clean shiny look befitting my supreme Goddess.

Mrs. Walsh laughed at my utter humiliation. "Well dear don't be a
stranger," conceding to her daughter's wishes to move next door.

"Do stop by anytime, mom," Kim said taking the object of my lustful
desire away, leaving me to groan in agony as Kim walked her mother out
the door. When Kim returned, she released me from my bonds and told
Karen i was all hers.

Lady Karen, still dressed in her cheerleading outfit, was a sight to
behold. Surely the most heavenly creature who walked the earth. She
was beautiful beyond description, even after cheerleading practice and
the workout on the stairmaster. She sat before me as i knelt in my
servile position, still violating my anus with her heel in an act of
absolute degradation. She extended her magnificent leg toward me.
Once again i was giddy at the fantastic sight before my eyes, my loins

"Place the shoe on my foot." she commanded.

Gazing at her lovely foot, encased in the blue anklet with yellow lacy
fills, i removed the heel from my ass. Delicately kissing the sole
just at the toe tip, i ever so humbly placed it on Karen's foot,
bowing my head to offer total subservience to my Lady.

Putting the toe of her heel under my chin she raised my head and
looked into my eyes. i returned her look relinquishing all that i was
to the splendor of her beauty. She brought the heel to my lips
encrusted with the sewerage of my bowels. There was no feeling of
revoltion. Quite the contrary, i was burning with desire for my Lady
to grant me the honor of cleaning her shoe. Reverently i parted my
lips, closing my eyes. Karen entered my mouth, forcing the four plus
inch heel into the back of my throat. i slurped at it with complete
dedication to the abject task, paying homage to my Lady for the
magnanimous gift she offered.

Lady Karen satisfied the heel properly worshipped, ordered me up to
the bathroom. Once there, she handed me a razor and several jars of
nair hair remover. On my knees, bent over the tub, Karen liberally
applied the nair to my back. That job finished she ordered me to
clean myself thoroughly and see to it that every hair is removed from
my body except that on my head. i was thankful that Lady Karen should
care about my cleanliness.

i eagerly performed the humiliating chore, wondering if there was
anything i would not do if asked by these young teen vixens. After
assuring that all hair was removed, i dried off and crawled to the

Karen was sitting in a wicker chair reading Seventeen magazine. i
slithered to her and prostrated myself at her feet. She had me kneel
and affixed my collar, cock and ball harness, and cock leash. My
hands were then cuffed behind my back and attached to the ring at the
base of my balls.

"My toenails need painting." she advised. "But first my feet will
need cleaning. The combination of the stairmaster and cheerleading
practice have left them quite soiled."

i looked at the wondrous sight before me. Karen still in her
cheerleading outfit. The short skirt exposing most of her legs. Her
long luscious blond hair matted slightly at the temples with the sweat
of her workout. Her breasts standing high and firm under the tight
fitting sweater.

My heart was aflutter at the thought of what was to come. My elation
too much to restrain. Karen raised her fantastic foot to my face,
placing it over my nose. The aroma created an immediate state of
euphoria. My cock swelled to full mast, straining at the harness. i
inhaled the sweet fragrance of delight. Time passed unnoticed as the
sensations overwhelmed me. Lady Karen was far more generous than i
could ever hope for.

Her foot was gone and i was brought back to reality. She removed her
anklets exposing her heavenly feet. i was captivated as i stared
longingly at the objects consuming my every thought. Slowly Karen
brought her foot to my face. She traced my lips gently with her big
toe. My mouth watered and drool freely flowed out as my senses were
once again assaulted with her scent, so pungent yet so wonderful. She
pushed her toes into my mouth and the taste, oh the taste, so
succulent. Sweet, salty ambrosia. i lost control as i reveled in a
pleasure so sublime. i moaned in sheer ecstasy. Never had i had a
more delectable morsel. i felt as if in a state of constant orgasm as
the cock harness dug deeply into the base of my penis, preventing

i would never be able to show how thankful i was to Lady Karen for the
unselfish benevolence she bestowed upon me. The experience so
intense, i would die for the opportunity to perform it again, so
unworthy was i of so precious a gift.

Satisfied her lovely feet were adequately clean, Karen decided to move
on. She placed a bottle of pretty pink nail polish on the floor by
her feet and nodded for me to begin. With my hands virtually glued to
my ass, i stooped over and picked up the brush with my mouth. Ever so
carefully i painted her toenails, holding the brush with my teeth. i
took my time as i was blessed with the magnificent view of those
perfect feet just an inch or so in front of me. i was barely aware of
the agony this awkward position caused in the small of my back, and
had no wish to end the task before absolutely necessary.

Having finished, i replaced the brush in the bottle and placed my
forehead obsequiously to the floor before Lady Karen's feet.

"Dry my toes." she ordered, and i began gently blowing breaths onto
her toes. Karen giggled slightly as if tickled. A giggle so innocent
and virginal it sent shivers up my spine that i should be graced with
the honor of abasing myself at her young feet.

Satisfied her toes were dry, she flexed her feet to admire the job i
had performed. She playfully pushed my face away with her newly
painted toes and got up to leave. She turned at the door and i looked
at her wantingly with begging eyes. She bounced back to me and said,
"You may thank me slave shoelicker."

i fell at her feet an summoned all the feeling i could as i lightly
pecked all ten of her beautiful toes. She spun around and was gone.

Tomorrow was a school day and Karen had to return home to prepare.
Kim returned and released my hand from their bonds. She took the cock
leash and walked me downstairs. She took a seat and began swinging
her foot with the pink maryjane and the white anklets that she wore to
ballet practice this morning. i was mesmerized at the glorious sight.
Her finely shaped leg still in the spandex shorts.

Suddenly her foot stopped moving. i looked at her and she at me.

"Although I am convinced of your absolute devotion to me, I feel that
I must show you what will happen if ever you disappoint me. It is
necessary to complete your training, if only to make you fully aware
of what I am capable of. I intend to whip you to obliterate any
possible thoughts you might have that would not offer total
subservience to me. I would have done this sooner except I didn't
want this done in front of Lady Karen. Beg me to thrash you," she
said as she extended her foot in that ballerina's toe point. The
muscles of her leg accentuated so perfectly by the point toe.

i wormed my way to her foot, my eyes meeting hers and silently
pleading my Goddess to abuse me. i reached her foot and gave myself
completely to her. Through the absolute adoration of this act of
supplication i petitioned my Goddess to brutalize me. Lapping at her
sole with reverence, i conveyed the craving and burning desire within
me to submit to her beating.

"Remove my shoes."

i quickly jumped to the task, my stomach turning slightly at the
thought of what was to come. i undid the buckle and slid the pretty
pink shoe off her delicate feet. i humbly bent to the floor and
placed loving kisses to the tips of her white anklet clad feet. The
perfume of her feet removing any apprehension of what was to come.
Kim allowed me several minutes basking in the joyful experience
demeaning myself at her feet.

"Remove my anklets."

i removed the anklets and knelt motionless, entranced at the sight of
Kim's feet. Kim took the anklets and placed them in my mouth. i
moaned in pleasure as the taste caused waves of delight to wash over

"You will not be restrained," as she removed the cock leash. My hands
and feet were free and all i wore was the harness, slave collar and
rings imbedded in my flesh.

"Bend over the coffee table." These were the last words she would say
as she prepared for the whipping. Kim appeared in front of me with a
riding crop, but this one much longer than the one she used on that
first night. She held it in front of my face and i kissed it, the
object about to inflict immeasurable pain upon me. Kim moved behind
me and i could hear the woosh of the crop as it whizzed through the
air on one of her practice strokes. This clearly added to the
suspense, as i was never sure when the beating would begin.

A moment of silence lingered. It commenced. The first stroke ten
times more painful than anything i had felt before. The flesh on my
ass felt as if it were being flayed. i resolved not to make a sound
and endure the caning in silence. i concentrated on the feelings the
acrid taste of the anklets aroused within me. So overwhelming were
the sensual desire these wondrous socks inspired, i was able to
completely block the incredible pain Kim inflicted with all her
strength. The pain was beyond the point where i surely would have
passed out, yet i moaned in ecstasy, not pain, as i sucked the

Kim tired and the beating stopped, though i was oblivious. Kim
wrapped a towel around my ass to soak up the blood caused by the
viscous caning. She plopped on the couch before me, drenched in sweat
and exhausted from the energy expended. She raised her bare foot to
my lips, and i summoned every ounce of loving passion within me to
thank her for accepting me, as wholly undeserving as i was. Over and
over again i tenderly kissed Kim's perfect foot.

Strangely, the beating had not tired me, yet the intensity of the
emotion that i was expending making love to Kim's foot drained all my
strength. Kim could see that i was to the point of collapse and
removed her foot. I drifted off to sleep, truly thankful for the
wonderful life she graced me with.

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