Sweets Stories

All through mass on Sunday morning, Sweets thought about the noon meeting at
the men's club. Even knowing her identity would be protected by head cover and
blindfold did not lessen her apprehension.

She pictured herself on a table wearing only her socks and undershirt and felt
a little excited by being so exposed. Knowing how much those old men liked
looking at her bottom was exciting as she liked to show it to an old man and
watch his mouth water as he licked his lips.

Old men were so much nicer than young boys who wanted hair there. Old men loved
the pink plump parts and putting their finger between them where it was warm
and wet. She imagined holding onto that finger with her cheeks and watching
them moan aloud as she moved a little. She imagined hearing them ask for a
taste of her and hopping from one foot to the other rubbing themselves while
they waited for her to say yes.

She imagined their eagerness to put their tongues on her small pussy and how
thrilled they would be if she parted the cheeks so they could see her pee hole
dripping and waiting for them to suck on it.

She just loved Charlie and Sam, too. They knew what to do to make her drip and
squirt at their mouths even before they opened them and put them on her pretty
pink pussy.

They were so good at that she wondered why her Daddy never did it to her like
they did to their daughters. She thought about Doreen and how she had all the
good stuff whenever she wanted it from Sam.

She bet that all Doreen had to do was to show her bottom to her Daddy and he
would play with her as long as she wanted. She envied Doreen. Doreen's Daddy
even got a vascetomy so she could have some of his great big penis which even
Charlie would not let her have.

She must ask Doreen how to get Charlie to put his big penis on her and between
her legs sometime. She just bet that felt good keeping her thighs apart to
accomodate the fatness of it right there.

Charlie was a stickler for doing none of that or even letting her watch while
he played with his. Sometimes he was a meanie, especially when he slapped her
bottom to make her behave and turn red so bad that only his sucking her pee
hole made her all better.

She could not wait to ask Doreen what Sam did to her and how it felt. Doreen
had even said she wanted a picture of Sweet's bottom! Imagine that! Sweets
never thought of that. She did not want a picture of other girl's bottoms. Why
would Doreen want one?

Then she thought of Sadie, Eleanor's mother and how she liked tasting Eleanor
so much while Charlie did her doggy style. She wondered why Sadie liked tasting
Eleanor and how she could do two things at once like that. Sweets would not
want to put her mouth there, especially if she had a penis in between her
thighs like that. It would be too confusing, wouldn't it?

Sweets wondered about all this and realized she was getting wet in church and
had better stop thinking of this stuff. She noticed she had been rubbing her
pussy against the ridge behind the pew in front and how good it felt.
Reluctantly, she moved back and took out the hymnal to begin singing with the
others in the church.

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