Fathers Day Shower

It started out as a normal fathers day weekend, "okay hun" my wife said" I have found a sitter for the kids and we have dinner plans and a suprise". we went out for a steak dinner and headed home. "go jump in the shower and I will go get your suprise ready for you". I got in the shower and started to soap up when I heard the door unlock, I thaught well here is my suprise, maybe she is wearing some sexy lingerie or something, when she pulled the curtins back I saw her standing there with a waterproof strapon w/ a 7" rubber cock on it. "what the hell do you think your going to do with that ?" I'm going to show you what it's like when you beg to fuck my ass and I let you !" she told me. she climbed in the shower and started lathering up my body with soap. Slowly rubbing my chest moving over to my shoulders and then down to my stomach, rubbing her hands up and down and then moving further down, she grabbed my cock, which had gotten hard with excitement, slowly stroking it with the soaped up sponge, gliding her hand up the length of my shaft then down rolling my balls in her hand and then moving back and carressing my ass occasionaly sliding a finger in my virgin hole.
At first I didn't care much for it but as she kept stroking my dick with one hand and carefully fingering my ass I started pushing back onto her finger. "ohh that feels good, are you sure you don't like this as much as I am?" I asked. "well wer'e not done yet". She turned me around and I leaned up against the wall and she rubbed her cock up and down my ass crack "your going to take this and Im not letting up untill you cum". I could then feel pressure at my ass as she started probing for my hole, she kept pushing but could not find the spot so I reached between my legs and guided her in. Once she got lined up she started pushing, slowly but steadily she pressed untill just the head of the rubber dick had passed my ring, "aahhh" I jumped, but she held tight to my hips so I couldn't get away. She reached with one hand and started stroking my dick and whispered in my ear "just relax and you'll like it". I took a deep breath and she slowly began pumping in and out, sinking her fake dick in deeper and deeper with each gentle thrust untill finaly she had sunk the whole seven inches into my asshole. "now here comes the fun part" she said smirkingly.
She slowly pulled out untill just the head remained in and then drove it back in. "holy shit" I cried, "what are you doing to me? ", "oh don't worry, you're going to get to love this" she told me. Thrusting in and out she kept going for about 5 min while reaching around and jacking off my cock it was feeling great, better than I had ever thought it could. "I'm cumming" I yelled, my first shot hit the wall and started sliding down, the rest rolled over her fingers as she pulled her cock out of my ass and kept jacking me off. Once I finished cumming she brought her hand up and rubbed my cum all over my lips and turned me around "Happy Fathers Day babe" she said just before leaning in and licking my lips and I opened my mouth and we shared my cum.

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