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The story of June Richards may be totally shocking to some readers who have little contact with today's teenagers and their attitudes regarding sex and sexual behavior. To even the most enlightened and permissive adults, the degree to which young girls have embraced the ideas of those who have fostered the sexual liberation movement is disturbing. Psychologists, psychiatrists, sex-research clinics, and many social workers, are today confronted more and more frequently with cases of incestuous behavior among the young. No solution has been found, nor many answers obtained to the question of why some teenagers choose members of their own family group, as sexual partners.

Abnormally close family ties frequently result in expressions of love, in the physical sense, stemming from emotions, events and just plain circumstances surrounding the daily life of children with their parents. The fact that such love, expressed through sexual ways, grows so strong that it destroys normal taboos seems to be regretted by all save those actually involved. Incest seems to "just happen", and while sternly forbidden by law and condemned by time-honored social attitudes, definitely seems to be on the increase in this century.

June Richards' story, told here in her on uncensored words, reveals with the utter candor of her generation the thoughts, emotions and sexual attitudes of a beautiful teenaged girl, the daughter of upper-middleclass parents who, to the outside world, are typically solid American citizens. Within the walls of their comfortable home, however, a most bizarre story begins to unfold.

Chapter ONE

June Richards smiled lewdly as she and the two men stripped naked. Both of the big strong studs had huge pricks, and June's tight cunt was hot and dripping even before Hank Latimer grabbed her massive tits and kissed her hungrily on the mouth.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned. "Put those great big hard cocks in me, you bastards! I want 'em both at the same time!"

Lanny Bates laughed. "By God, I heard she was a hot one," he said.

"Yeah, that's what I've been hearing, too," said Hank, grinning. "You've been with this company how long, June? Just a month?"

"Mm-hmm," June answered, stroking his stiff prick as it pushed against her belly.

"But, by damn, you've already got one hell of a reputation," Hank said. "Damn near every truck driver who works for this company and who's been here at the home office in the past month claims to have stuck his cock in you." He kneaded her tits, and her big pink nipples wiggled around against his hairy chest.

"Out on the road I run into our drivers all the time at truck stops or talk to 'em on the CB," Lanny said, "and I didn't believe all that shit they told me about you, June."

"Neither did I," said Hank. He kissed June passionately, then pushed her down to her knees as Lanny walked up beside him. June grasped both stiff pricks and began squeezing them warmly. "When Lanny and I happened to get back about the same time this afternoon and you started coming-on to both of us, it really surprised, me," Hank added.

"Hell," June purred, "both of you guys had been on the road for six weeks. I know that studs like you can get lots of pussy when you're on the road, but it still must be tough to get all you want. And being on the road is tough anyway. You guys deserve a reward."

"Shit," Hank said, "You just like to fuck!"

June smiled wickedly. "Yeah," she said.

"And suck, too!" Still squeezing both immense pricks, she wrapped her rich, moist lips around Hank's bulging cockhead and ran the tip of her hot tongue all over it.

"Aawwnnhh!" Hank groaned. "Go on, baby, take it into your mouth! Suck it all in! I know it's big, but I bet a slut like you can do it!"

"That's a bet you'd sure as hell will!" June whispered.

Taking her hand off Hank's cock she pushed her head forward slowly, sliding her lips along on his prick-flesh. She moaned lustfully as she took more and more of his cock into her. Her tongue raced back and forth along the underside of his prick.

They were in the otherwise deserted main office of the large trucking company that all three of them worked for. June was one of four women who handled the secretarial work for the half-dozen executives at company headquarters. She was eighteen and had gotten the job right after she'd finished high school.

She did okay with typing and shorthand, but she'd figured from the beginning that the main reasons she'd been hired were her lovely face, her voluptuous body, and the way she displayed that body to her job interview she'd, worn a short, tight skirt that hugged her wide hips, big ass, and full thighs, and a tight, low-cut sweater that left the top three inches of her huge tits showing. She'd worn no underclothes.

June grunted and abruptly pushed her head forward to get the rest of his tremendous cock inside her. His prickhead was at the bottom of her throat. She constricted her throat, drew in her cheeks, and sucked hard. At the same time she squeezed Lanny's prick fiercely.

"Yeah!" Hank cried. "But, Goddamn, baby, don't make me shoot yet! I want some of that pussy!"

She began pulling her head backward, smacking her lips on Hank's cock and whipping her tongue across it. She stroked Lanny's prick teasingly, drumming on it with her fingers. When she pulled her head off Hank's cock, she and Hank let go of each other, and she quickly put her hands on Lanny's hips and started licking his cockhead. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and shoved her head forward, taking his great prick into her without touching it with her lips. Only when his whale cock was inside her mouth and throat did she close her lips around it.

"Aannhh!" Lanny breathed. She sucked on him, puffed hot air on him, and sucked on him some more. "Got great, bitch!" he whooped.

As she dragged her lush lips backward, he carefully lowered himself to his knees, and, just as carefully, June edged her knees backward in the thick carpet and tilted her upper body forward until she moved her hands down to the carpet and caught herself. Knowing that Hank would go around behind her, she planted her knees wide, worked her loin.

Before the interview, she'd worried that such an outfit on a body like hers might be considered too distracting for a respect able place of business, but June always wore revealing the sand she had no intention of changing her ways. The vice-president in charge at hiring had spent two-thirds of the interview staring at her tits and looking up her skirt all the way to her cunt, and he'd hired her on the spot.

That evening, he'd kept her late at the office rammed his big, hard cock up her cunt, much to her pleasure. Since then he'd stuck his cock into her several more times, and all the other home-office executives and the vast majority of the truck drivers who worked out of that office had had their pricks in her at least once.

Right now, it was 7 o'clock on a Friday evening. Everybody in the office had worked late, as they usually did on Fridays, but everyone except June -- and these two truck drivers -- had gone home twenty minutes ago.

She moved her head forward even more slowly as she felt Hank's cockhead going into the top of her throats. She wasn't going to gag. She'd deep-throated lots of cocks as big as this one. She just wanted to tantalize Hank.

"Come ooonnn, honey." Hank groaned, curling some of her long light-brown hair around his fingers and taking hold of her head. Moving his slim hips, he started pushing his prick forward muscles, and gaped her eager cunt open for him. Half of Lanny's prick was still in her fiery mouth, and he clamped his big hands against her head and started pumping his prick in and out of her mouth and throat. She poked his cock with her tongue as he fucked her pretty face.

Hank knelt between her legs, and after rubbing her engorged clit with his cockhead, he stuck his cockhead into her wet cunt. Taking hold of her hips, he rammed every bit of his prick into her burning pussy in one savage thrust.

"Mmmm!" June whined around Lanny's stroking cock as both pain and pleasure bolted through her. Hank wiggled his hips, making his prick squirm around inside her cunt. When he stopped wiggling his hips, June snapped her pussy around his cock tightly and wiggled her ass, rubbing her ass back and forth against his lean belly.

Hank grunted, clenching her hips harder with his strong hands. "Shitfire, you're tearing me up, honey! Lanny, this slut's got a snapping pussy!" As June kept wiggling her ass and holding Hank's prick in a vise-like grip with her cunt, Hank reached down and grasped her enormous tits. He began squeezing her tits hotly, his rough palms smashing her taut nipples.

June's pain disappeared as more pleasure flowed through her. She relaxed her pussy and drew her hips forward, sliding her pussy of about half of Hank's long cock. Hank pulled his hips backward until only his cockhead was inside her. Then he paused for a moment and watched Lanny fucking her mouth. Just as Lanny thrust his prick into her mouth and throat again, Hank jerked her tits backward and sailed his own prick into her juicy cunt.

June moaned excitedly as she felt both cocks filling her at the same time. The two men kept their strokes together, pulling their pricks out of her simultaneously and shoving them all the way back into her simultaneously. She started pumping her hips in time to the fuck-strokes, moving her hips forward as Hank's cock slid almost completely out of her searing cunt and pushing her hips backward as Hank drove his prick into her pussy again. And Hank kept jerking her tits back every time he skewered her pussy with his magnificent cock.

The young woman's joy soared as the two pricks kept filling her cunt, mouth and throat at the same time while her tits were yanked and squeezed. She started rotating her hips as she pumped them, heightening her and Hank's lascivious pleasure. As his cock stroked in and out of her pussy, she began snapping her cunt quickly around his prick, adding even more pleasure.

"Aaahhhh, yeah, work me over with that pussy, doll!" Hank raved. "Come on, Lanny, it's give it to her faster!"

"You got it, pal!" Lanny replied, and, keeping their strokes in unison, the men stepped up the pace of the luscious double fucking.

June moved faster, too, keeping up with them. Her tongue flew wildly at Lanny's cock in her mouth, then curled against his prick sensually, then attacked it wildly again. She sucked sharply on his cock for an instant every time he buried it in her mouth and throat.

"Aagghh!" Lanny gasped. "Ooohhh, you're givin' me beautiful hell, baby!"

June moaned delightedly each time the two pricks drove into her. She felt an orgasm gathering inside her, like an animal getting ready to spring. The orgasm started leaping through her, grabbing her hot pussy and shaking it, sending waves of pleasure through every inch of her shapely body. More juice rolled out of her cunt walls.

"I'm cumming!" she squealed as Lanny's cockhead drew back to her lips before he thrust his whole prick into her mouth and throat again. Her hips jerked with every contraction that hit her, but she did her best to keep them moving in time to the strokes of Hank's cock in and out of her pussy.

"Shit, I can feel her cunt grabbing at my prick!" Hank yelled. He began twisting his hips as he drove his prick into her pussy harder and yanked harder on her fat tits.

June wanted to scream at him to tear her tits off and batter the living hell out of her pussy with his huge prick, but with Lanny's prick sliding swiftly in and out of her mouth, she didn't have enough time. So she moaned more loudly and flung her cunt back faster onto Hank's thrusting cock. Both Hank and Lanny speeded up their fuck-strokes again.

"Ooohhh, Jesus, I'm gonna cum!" Lanny shouted. "My load's gonna fly straight down into her belly! Aaaiiiii!" His prick heaved and his scorching jism began spurting into her mouth and throat.

"Aaannnhhh! I'm shootin' off, too, buddy!" Hank roared. And his cum started bursting into her cunt while Lanny's jism was still squirting the other end of her.

June grunted as the double-blast of jism launched her into another orgasm of her own. She shuddered with pleasure as she pumped her hips, and she began gulping Lanny's cum down into her belly before the jism in her throat could choke her.

For years she had fucked and sucked with any man whose prick would get hard. And wherever she was now, she was probably still at it, although no one knew for sure. Her husband, Ben Richards, the father of Sharon and June and their younger brother, Will, had finally reached his breaking point one night about two years ago and had thrown Carolyn out of the house. Nobody had heard from her since.

There still had been no divorce. Sharon had pressed her father to file for one, but all Ben had ever said was that it didn't seem right to divorce Carolyn when no one knew where the hell she was or how to notify her of the divorce proceedings. Sharon suspected that he still cared bout Carolyn and that he was secretly hoping that she'd come back someday, a thought which disgusted Sharon to no end.

And Sharon's sister, June, did nothing but add to Sharon's disgust. June was just as big a slut as their mother was. June Richards had been getting cocks shoved into her hot cunt, moth, and asshole since she was just a kid. She'd stopped wearing underclothes years ago and everywhere she went, her oversized tits jiggled, her broad hips swung, and her big firm ass bounced, drawing stares, whistles, and dates from a multitude of men, none of whom June ever disappointed. The situation had gotten worse when June had finished high school a month ago and gotten a job as a secretary for that damn trucking company. Sharon was sure that June was now spreading her thighs and opening her mouth for the cocks of her boss and a large number of truck drivers.

"Well, at least that slimy bitch gets to go out on dates all the time," Sharon murmured as her hands sneaked back to her own tits and cunt lips. "What the hell is wrong with men, anyway? All they're interested in is pussy. A whore like June goes put on dates all the time while a decent girl like me never goes anywhere!"

Almost angrily, she squeezed her tits and pinched her big brown nipples. She forced a finger into her tight young cunt but immediately hit her cherry. Oh, God, she'd love to get fucked! She yearned to feel a big, hard prick driving deep into her aching pussy, pumping up and down inside her, making her cum. But she was determined not to let a prick inside her until she got married, and after that they only prick she would ever take on would be her husband's.

What the hell, though, no normal person could live completely without sex. Although she wouldn't let any pricks get stuck into her until she got married, she guessed there was no real harm in giving herself pleasure with her hands. It wasn't as if she hadn't done it plenty of times before.

And it wasn't as if she were likely to get caught now. Her father was downstairs watching TV, and if he did happen to come up to talk to her, he'd knock before he came in. Her brother, Will, had left minutes ago on a double-date with a friend of his. June hadn't come home yet. It was 7:45 Friday night and June often worked late Friday nights.

Sharon moaned and dug her fingers deeper into her big tits. She rubbed her pussy lips faster and started massaging her clit with her thumb. Her beautiful body twisted excitedly.

Then someone knocked on her bedroom door.

Sharon jumped. Immediately, she pulled her hands away from her tits and loins, snatched the sheet up over everything but her head, and picked up a magazine from her bedside table.

"Come in," she called.

She'd expected to see her father open the door, but, to Sharon's disgust, it was June. Sharon grimaced.

"Hi, Sis!" June said brightly. She closed the door after coming in, then walked up beside the bed.

"I didn't know you were home yet," Sharon said sullenly. She never bothered to hide her dislike of her sister.

"I just got here," June said. "Say, you're in bed early. How come? I know! I bet you've been getting yourself off again!"

June laughed merrily as Sharon gasped. Then, moving too quickly for Sharon to react, June grabbed the sheet and pulled it down, exposing Sharon's young, naked body.

"You bitch!" Sharon cried, jerking up into a sitting position.

"You shouldn't call me names, Little Sister," June said with a grin. "I've come to help you improve your social life. How would you like to go out on a double-date tonight with me and a couple of truck drivers?"

"You and a couple of truck drivers? Shit!" Sharon sneered.

But even before those words were out of her mouth, Sharon was reconsidering, although at first she tried not to show it. Even going out with her slutty sister and two truck drivers would be better than staying home.

June seemed to read Sharon's mind. "It'll beat sitting around here," June said.

Sharon grimaced again, trying not to show how tempted she was. She knew that the truck drivers would want to fuck her, of course, but, what the shit, she'd fended off guys before. She'd even kept horny football players' pricks out of her pussy, and if she could do that, she could sure as hell handle truck drivers. That would really piss June off, too, which would make things much more fun! Still, Sharon wasn't sure whether she really wanted to go or not.

Oddly enough, what made Sharon's mind up for her was her own lust. She happened to look over and see a small trickle of juice slipping down June's thigh, just below the bottoms of her short skirt Sharon had never seen a man's cum before, but she felt instinctively that that was what this juice was. June must have already had those truck drivers' cocks in her tonight! Sharon thought and shivered. Suddenly she wanted very much to go out on the date although she was still determined to fend the truck drivers off.

"All right," Sharon said, still sounding half-angry. "I'll go."

"Terrific!" June bubbled. "While you get dressed, I'll change clothes and call them. They're doing some drinking at a bar not far from here."

It wasn't until June had left the room that Sharon realized she'd forgotten to ask June where the hell the four of them were going!

Thirty minutes later, Sharon and Lanny were in the back seat of Hank's station wagon, June and Hank were in the front seat. They were at a drive-in movie. Lenny had Sharon crowded against one of the doors, and he had an arm around her shoulders. Sharon was wearing a bra, panties, a long-sleeved blouse that was buttoned all the way up to her neck, and a loose-fitting, knee-length skirt. But she was wishing that she'd worn a girdle and a slip, or a girdle and a tight skirt.

The loose-fitting skirt was just making for the big truck driver. He'd slip a hand under the skirt a few minutes ago and begun rubbing his way slowly up her creamy thighs. She'd pushed his hand out from under the skirt once, but he'd put it right back. She had her thighs clamped together, naturally, but all that had done so far was keep his hands on the tops and outer sides of her thighs. His hand was about halfway between her knees and her panties now. And the hell of it was, his rubbing was starting to feel good to her. But she was still determined to keep his prick out of her cunt.

Over the top of the front seat, Sharon could see June and Hank kissing each other with growing urgency. They'd been at it ever since Hank stopped the car here five minutes ago.

"Ooohhh!" June breathed. "Help me get my clothes off, baby. And then I'll get that great big prick out of your pants. I want it inside me again!" June turned away from him so that he could untie her halter, and a few seconds later she held it up high before tossing it down. Then she came up to her knees so that he could get at the catch and zipper of her shorts. Sharon saw June's huge naked tits.

"That's right, June, give old Hank some more of your hot pussy!" Lanny said. "You never know, I may decide to suck his prick all the way off -- just like I did yours!" June answered.

She sat back down and maneuvered around before holding her shorts up high and tossing them down. Then she vanished from Sharon's sight, but after a few seconds, Sharon heard her say, "Ooohh, there's that gorgeous, massive cock! And it's already as hard as iron! God, I'm just gonna eat that fucker up! Yummy!"

Sharon heard obscene licking and smacking noises then and realized that June's lips and tongue were working ravenously on Hank's prick. The noises were needlessly loud and Sharon knew that they were being made for her benefit, just as the halter and shorts had been held up for her to see.

And it angered Sharon that all those things were having exactly the effect that June had intended. Sharon's nipples and clit were stiffening. Her virgin cunt was heating up, and she felt a wet spot forming on the crotch of her panties as juice oozed out of her swelling pussy lips. She craved to have a cock shoved up her cunt, but, at the same time, she was more determined than ever to keep her cherry.

Lanny took her by surprise when he twisted his head down in front of hers and kissed her hotly on the lips. His tongue shot into her mouth and Sharon trembled with pleasure but quickly pulled her head back. Lanny's head moved with hers, though, and his lips stayed glued to her lips. His tongue darted repeatedly at her tongue.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, half in protest, half in delight.

His hand slid up to her panties, skipped-up to the top of them, and slithered under the waistband and down through her pussy hair. He wedged the hand between her clamped together thighs and started rubbing her juice-coated cunt lips.

"No! No, you can't!" she whimpered.

"Bullshit!" Lanny said. "You're hot as a fuckin' furnace, doll, and wet as a river!" As he French-kissed her again, he twisted the arm he had around her shoulders. The big hand at the end of that arm hooked around and began deftly unbuttoning her blouse.

"Yeah, Lanny, fuck my Little Sister!" June cried from the front seat. "Don't fight him, Sharon! You're gonna love having his huge prick up your pussy!"

Sharon pushed uselessly at Lanny's broad chest, although her young cunt was getting hotter. He had her blouse unbuttoned now, and he pulled it free of her skirt. His thumb found her clit and started massaging it. He grasped her bra between the cups and yanked brutally. The catch gave way and the shoulder straps ripped and he pulled the torn bra off her body and flung it down.

"Ooohhh, nooo!" she whined, but he began kneading her big tits passionately. She groaned with pleasure and he ducked his head and sucked on her tits, lashing the distended nipples with his tongue, and her pleasure grew.

But she pushed harder at him as he brought his hand out from under her skirt, slipped the hand behind her, and unfastened and unzipped the skirt. He forced her hips up and pulled the skirt off her.

"Don't! You can't! I'm a virgin!" Sharon cried, but then he was peeling her blouse down her arms, forcing her arms straight, and pulling the blouse completely off her.

She pounded him with her little fists, but he got both her wrist in one of his hands, reached across her with his other hand, and did something to a lever on the side of the seat. The back of the seat went backward and fell flat and they went down with it. He dragged her off it, onto some blankets in the back of the station wagon. She pounded him, clawed at him, but he held her down and kissed her and got his pants and shorts down to his knees.

"Aawwnnhh, my God!" she gasped with both lust and revulsion as she saw his immense hard prick.

June was sitting up now and she and Hank were staring back over the front seat. "Yes, get her, Lanny!" June squealed. "Rip her panties off! Fuck her!"

"Yeah! Fuck her!" Hank rasped.

Sharon wriggled wildly but Lanny got hold of the crotch of her panties and tore it all the way across. Then he tore the panties down both sides and she was naked.

She was shocked to find herself trembling with overwhelming passion. It thrilled her to be naked and to know what a huge prick was about to fuck her virgin cunt. Her head tossed back and forth and she threw her thighs open tide.

"Yeesss!" she sobbed as Lanny lay down atop her. "Ooohhh, yeesss, give it to me! Fuck my hot little pussy, you big bastard! Unnnnhhh."

"That's the spirit, Little Sister!" June whooped. "Pop it to her, Lanny!"

Sharon clutched Lanny's slender ass as he wedged his enormous cockhead between her slick pussy lips. He slowly, pushed his cock downward until his knob bit her cherry. As June and Hank cheered, and Sharon herself groaned and babbled with passion, Lanny's hips and prick shot downward. Sharon's cherry burst and hot pain sliced through her as Lanny's gigantic prick surged deep into her fabulously tight young cunt.

"Aaaiiiiiiii!" Sharon screeched, digging her fingers convulsively into Lanny's ass-cheeks.

"Wonderful!" June cried. "Put the rest of it into her, Lanny! Make her take it all!"

Good God! Sharon thought feverishly. There couldn't be more! It already felt as if the trunk of a giant redwood were inside her pussy! But, Goddamn it, if there was more cock to be had, she wanted it!

"Yes!" Sharon panted. "Give me the rest of your prick, baby! Split me open with it." She pulled her legs up, bending them at the knee.

"You asked for it, doll!" Lanny replied. Planting his hands by her shoulders and straightening his arms, he raised his body at a slant, slightly changing the angle of his cock. With a deep breath, he began shoving his rigid prick deeper into her seething cunt. Sharon's pain had subsided for a moment but now it grew again. But her pleasure grew as well, as she felt his cock forging deeper into her wet pussy. Then his belly just above his cock pressed against her erect clit and she knew that his prick was totally inside her.

"Aaahhh!" she sighed. "Ooohhh! God it's so big!"

"Now work your pussy muscles!" June whispered.

"Huh?" Sharon grunted, wiggling her ample hips to rub her clit around delightfully against Lanny. Her pain faded again and this time left her entirely.

June and Hank climbed over the top of the front seat and lay down on the back seat. "Work the muscles in your crotch," June said as she licked Hank's stiff, awesome cock. "As much as you've gotten yourself off, you've probably made yourself own enough that you can work them a little. They're the same muscles that contract when you have an orgasm. If you can work them anytime you want to, you'll have a snapping pussy!"

Sharon chuckled lewdly. It would be nice to be the kind of girl who had a snapping pussy. "Yes!" she breathed, and she concentrated and tried to make her loin muscles move. Her hot cunt hugged Lanny's prick more tightly for a second.

"Oh, shit, now she's doing it again! Ummgghh!"

Sharon kept snapping her pussy around a cock. The sensations were terrific.

"Ooohhh, it's wonderful, June!" she purred. Lanny grunted wildly and started pumping his hips, stroking his prick up and down in Sharon's sweet cunt. Sharon moaned as her pleasure mounted. She began pumping her own hips, thrusting her pussy up to meet Lanny's descending prick, then pulling her cunt downward as his cock moved upward. He drew only half his cock out of her before burying it all inside her blazing pussy again.

She looked over at Hank and June and saw June come up to her knees and hunch over. Hank sank his big fingers into June's tits and started squeezing as she took his cockhead into her mouth. June's head plummeted and Hank's whole prick disappeared into her mouth and throat. June began twisting her head from side to side and moving it slowly up and down, sliding her lush lips along on his bulging cock.

Seeing this excited Sharon even more, and without even intending to do it, she started grinding her hips as she pumped them up and down. Her pleasure doubled as the splendid motions made her cunt grind around on Lanny's prick and gave her straining clit a better rubbing against his cock hair and his belly.

"Aaahhh! Oooo!" she whimpered.

"Way to go, baby!" Lanny gasped.

He began grinding his own hips in the opposite direction, creating more friction and more joy. He slowed his fuck-strokes and began pulling everything but his cockhead out of Sharon's juicy pussy before skewering her on his whole prick again. Sharon slowed down, too, and reveled blissfully in the sensual fucking his cock was giving her cunt. She kneaded his ass-cheeks and twisted them, and once more she started snapping her pussy at his great prick.

"Aaawww, yes!" Lanny sighed, and she was thrilled to see his face contorting with the intense pleasure she was giving him.

She felt herself building toward orgasm and she began clenching Lanny's cock more strongly every time it filled her pussy. Then she clung to him for a few seconds and wiggled her hips, rubbing her clit against him lusciously and making her torrid cunt wiggle around against his prick.

"Ooohhh! Oh, fuck!" Lanny wailed. "You're gonna make me cum, honey! Uunnggghhh! Aaahhh!"

"Yes, baby, yes!" Sharon cried. "Splatter your juice into my pussy, lover! I'm gonna cum! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaaaggghhh!"

As Lanny yelled mindlessly, he started pumping his cock up and down in her pussy faster again, battering the hell out of her. Her orgasm erupted, and as her powerfully controlling cunt squeezed his prick, his scalding cum began shooting deep into her happy pussy.

"Aaaahhhh, dear God!" she howled. "I love it! I love your cum! Aaaiiieeeee!" She pumped and ground her hips frantically, getting every bit of pleasure she could before his shooting finally stopped.

Lanny rolled off her then, but June cried, "Stay where you are, Sharon! Hank's gonna fuck you now!"

"Great!" Sharon gasped, keeping her thighs flopped open. "Put it to me, Hank, baby!"

Hank was already scrambling atop her. She grabbed his hips as he stuffed his cockhead into her yawning cunt. He thrust hard, and his stiff prick slammed all the way into her sopping pussy. She moaned, clamping her cunt around him and writhing joyously. When she relaxed her cunt, Hank made a few more swift fuck-strokes before he started sliding his giant cock up and down in her cunt with tantalizing slowness. Keeping her big ass on the blanket at first, Sharon began grinding her hips, but then she began pumping them up and down to match Hank's rhythm.

June crawled onto the blankets and took hold of Lanny's soft cock. Gently, she licked his cum and Sharon's pussy juice and cherry blood off his prick. Then she took his entire prick into her hot mouth and began sucking his prick warmly and caressing it with her tongue. His prick started swelling, ballooning from her mouth into her throat.

"Yes," Lanny whispered, "get my cock hard and I'll fuck your horny pussy! You two sisters will get fucked side by side!"

June moaned as she felt Lanny's cock growing, crawling deeper into her until it was fully hard and all the way down her throat. Pulling her head off him, she straddled him on her hands and knees, and he reached around her and fitted his prickhead between her slippery cunt lips. When be moved both his hands to her mammoth tits, which were resting on his chest, she slowly pushed her hips backward and impaled her sweltering pussy on his stupendous cock.

"Feels as good as I knew it would!" Lanny murmured, kneading her tits lightly.

"And your big old prick feels great to my cunt!" June breathed. Smiling, she began swinging her hips delicately from side to side and moving them forward and back, fucking her pussy on his bulging cock.

Sharon gazed at Lanny and her sister while she herself kept pushing her cunt up to meet Hank's slowly thrusting prick. Sharon almost couldn't believe what had happened, or what was happening now. In full view of the sister she had so intensely disliked, Sharon had gotten her cherry fucked away by the huge prick of one of that sister's many boyfriends. And as soon as that fuck had ended, she had eagerly taken on the cock of another of her sister's boyfriends, and his cock was fucking Sharon's hot pussy right now! It was incredible, but in just fifteen or twenty minutes she had gone all the way from virgin to slut. And now she admired her sister and even understood their wanton mother. Being a slut was not so bad. In fact, it was wonderful!

"Faster, Hank!" Sharon groaned. "Ooohh, sweet fucking Jesus, I'm gonna cum!" She slid her hands up and down Hank's back, squeezing his big muscles, urging him on. Hank grunted and began pumping his cock in and out of her steaming cunt faster. Sharon moved with his rhythm and her pussy convulsed wildly.

She swung her legs across Hank's thighs and hotly rubbed his legs with her feet as she revolved her hips up and down in short strokes. Hank was pulling all but two inches of his prick out of her before ramming it all back into her sultry pussy.

Sharon saw June look over at her. Smiling vulgarly, June speeded up her own fuck strokes as she worked her cunt forward and back on Lanny's long, thick cock. She also started grinding her hips and snapping her sweet pussy around Lanny's prick. Sharon smiled in return and whispered to Hank to step up the pace.

Hank growled and his huge prick slapped into her snug young cunt faster. Every time his cock was completely inside her, Sharon clenched it with her feverish pussy and twisted her hips. Hank cried out and began speeding up his thrusts even more until he was hammering her cunt crazily with his great prick. He grunted with every thrust.

"Come on, Lanny, zap me!" June demanded. "Launch that great big prick up into my pussy! Aaahhh, aaahhh, ooohhh!" Lanny was obeying her and his fuck-pace steadily accelerated. June screwed her hungry cunt along on his prick faster to keep up with him. He wrenched her heavy tits every time he drove his cock into her oven-hot pussy. Both sisters were getting fucked at top speed now.

"Aaaannnhhh! I'm makin' it!" June cried as an orgasm jolted her.

"And I'm gonna make it in you!" Lanny shouted as his whopping prick bucked crazily and his blistering jism began splashing into her boiling pussy.

"And I'm gonna let your sister have it, June!" Hank bellowed. "Take my load, Sharon, honey! Oooohhh!"

Sharon howled as Hank's colossal prick started heaving around inside her. His white hot cum began blasting into her flaming cunt, and she writhed with joy as she had another orgasm, her cunt twitching against his stroking cock.

Chapter TWO

June strolled down the second-floor hall of the Richards' home and knocked on her sister's bedroom door.

"Come in," Sharon yelled.

Opening the door, June stepped inside. "Hi slut!"

Sharon gasped. "Not so loud," she whispered.

"It's okay," June said. "Dad's already left to go bowling with his buddies, and Will's in his room watching TV."

"Oh. Well, in that case, hi slut, yourself. You know, I really feel like your sister now. I had a great time with you and Lanny and Hank last night, and, well... thanks Sis. But I guess I've already said that."

"Yeah. Twice," June laughed, closing the door.

June was wearing snug, faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt, which was stretched tightly over her huge tits, letting the pink of her big nipples show through. From the chair she was curled up in, Sharon eyed this outfit speculatively.

"That bar you're intending to go to tonight to try and get picked up by some guys must be a real dive," she said.

"Yes, it is a real dive, and it is too bad that you're too young, but I'm not going," June said.

"Oh? Did you get lined up with a date?"

"Nope. Not going out at all tonight," June replied.

Raising her eyebrows, Sharon gave a purposely poor imitation of a shocked look. "What? My Big Sister not going to get a cock shoved up her hot cunt on Saturday night? I don't believe it!"

June walked up beside her sister's chair and smiled knowingly. "Now, Sharon," she said, "I don't think. I said anything about not getting a cock shoved up my cunt tonight."

"Someone's coming over here?" Sharon asked with a look of delight. "Hank and Lanny maybe? Whoever it is. I hope there're at least two of them!"

"Nobody's coming over here," June said. Now Sharon looked confused. "How would you like to do something really wild?"

"How wild?" Sharon asked carefully.

Looking at Sharon intently, June pulled off her T-shirt, tossed it down, and bent over and kissed Sharon tenderly on the lips. "How would you like to suck your own sister's tits and eat your sister's pussy?"

Sharon's eyes had widened when June kissed her, and now Sharon's eyes widened more. "I-I'm not sure," she breathed.

June kissed Sharon again, this time with greater urgency. For a second, Sharon just sat there stiffly, but then her lips parted and June's tongue darted between them.

Sharon groaned. Her tongue caressed June's tongue, and with both hands the girl reached up and squeezed June's naked, dangling tits. Straightening, June pulled Sharon's head to her tits and Sharon stuffed as much soft titflesh into her mouth as she could and started sucking like an overeager baby, lashing the nipple with her hot tongue.

"Oooo!" June whispered. "That's it, Little Sister, suck my big old titties! Aaaaaaahhh!"

Sharon shifted her head to June's other tit and sucked avidly, kneading both heavy tit globes. June stroked the girl's long black hair for a moment before moving her hands to her own jeans. Once she had the jeans down to her knees, she reached for Sharon's blouse and unbuttoned it. Still sucking one of June's tits, Sharon took off the blouse and her own shorts. Naked, the girl let the tit slip out of her mouth, got out of the chair, and finished stripping June.

The sisters dropped to their knees, French-kissing each other, squeezing each other's tit. June lay down on her back on the plush carpet, and Sharon leaned over her sad started licking and sucking June's enormous tits again.

"Ooohhh, Jesus," Sharon purred. "I wish my tits were as big as yours." She bit both nipples lightly while she prodded them with her tongue.

"Your tits are pretty big now," June said, grasping her sister's tits and slowly stretching them downward.

Sharon found June's swelling clit and massaged it until it strained with tautness. She stuck three fingers into June's moist pussy and stroked them in and out until the pussy was slick with juice. Then Sharon moved her head away from June's tits and licked down June's belly to her pussy hair. Sharon bit into some of the hair, tugged it back and forth, let go, and went for June's cunt lips.

"Hold it!" June whispered. "Have you ever eaten a pussy before, you filthy bitch?"

"Of course not," Sharon answered.

"Neither have I," June said. "So let's start together. Get your cunt back here in my face and we'll sixty-nine!" She pulled her legs up, bending them at the knee.

"Groovy!" Sharon sighed. On her knees and elbows she got astride her sister and lowered her head to June's pussy lips just as June raised her head to Sharon's pussy lips. Their tongues shot at each other's cunt lips simultaneously. "Yes!" Sharon squealed.

June whined as she sliced her burning tongue between Sharon's cunt lips, stuck it into the girl's tight pussy, and swirled it around and around. Meanwhile, Sharon was licking June's pussy lips from top to bottom repeatedly. June tingled with lust and pleasure. With her fingers she pulled Sharon's cunt lips open wide. She reeled her tongue out of Sharon's pussy, began jabbing it at Sharon's erect clit, and pushed four fingers -- two from each hand -- into the girl's hot, wet cunt. She started driving two of the fingers deep into the pussy, then pulled them almost completely out while she thrust the other two in deep. Her tongue kept fucking Sharon's clit.

"Uunnhh! My God!" Sharon grunted. She wiggled her tongue into the slippery folds of June's pussy lips, and June worked her crotch muscles and made her cunt gape open. Sharon's tongue started spinning as she pushed it into June's pussy. Sharon stroked her spinning tongue up and down in the sultry cunt while she rubbed June's turgid clit with her lower lip.

"Ooo, shiiiit!" June sobbed. "I'm gonna cum, Little Sister! Aaahh, aaaiiieeeeee!" Her pussy twitched wildly and fresh juice flowed out inside her. Sharon lapped up all the juice her tongue could reach but more juice kept oozing out of June's cunt walls.

June speeded up her finger-fucking of Sharon's pussy and dragged her tongue around Sharon's clit time after time. Sharon moaned and squirmed in pleasure. Sharon's tits were mashed down against June's belly, and Sharon's belly was pressed down against June's tits. So the girl's squirming added more delight for both herself and June. June raked her tongue back and forth across Sharon's clit and Sharon's moans got louder.

"Now I'm cumming!" Sharon cried. "Ooohhh, Goddamn! Mmmm, aaahhh, aaahhh!"

June could feel Sharon's pussy contracting against her stroking fingers and began twisting the four fingers as she pumped them in and out of Sharon's streaming cunt. Sharon squirmed even more but never pulled her pussy away from June's fingers and tongue. Sharon's tongue hopped out of June's pussy and feverishly attacked June's clit.

"Aaawwwnnnhhh!" June groaned. Sharon slid her hands under June's ripe ass and started squeezing it, increasing June's pleasure. June's cunt got hotter and flew into more convulsions. "I'm cumming again!" she howled, and whipped her tongue faster across Sharon's bloated clit.

"So am I, slutty Sis!" Sharon raved. And again June felt Sharon's pussy walls bouncing against her fingers. Each sister tongue-lashed the other's clit crazily until their orgasms were over.

Sharon rolled off June and sprawled on the rug, and the two wanton females panted for a moment before Sharon spoke.

"Say, didn't you say something a while back about some cock?" the younger sister asked.

June chuckled. "Yes," she replied. "I was thinking maybe we could get Will's prick in us!"

"Will's?" Sharon purred, obviously interested. "He is a good-looking young bastard, but, well, he is our own brother, after all!"

"So what? I bet he'd love to fuck us, even if he's never thought about it."

"Sure! I've fucked lots of boys. Besides, I happen to know that Will is well-hung even for a grown man. I've spied on him a few times when he was in the bathroom!"

"You would!" Sharon giggled. She sat up and kneaded her own tits. "All right, let's go get our brother's cock in us!"

Sharon put on her shorts and blouse, but simply tied the blouse together under her big tits without buttoning it. June got into her tight blue jeans and white T-shirt, but she left the zipper down and rolled the bottom of the T-shirt up and tucked the front of it up under massive tits. The white fabric covering the bottom curves of her tits was lower than the rolled-up part of the T-shirt.

The two sluts went down to the end of the second-floor hall, and June knocked on Will's closed door. "Okay, stop that jacking off in there!" she yelled merrily. "Sharon and I are coming in!"

"Come ahead!" Will shouted back. "If I start jacking off, you'll both get an eyeful!"

June quickly opened the door and stepped inside along with Sharon. Will was sitting in an easy chair. His only visible garment was a pair of jeans, but they were zipped up and both of her hands were in sight. One of his hands held a nearly empty 16-ounce soft drink bottle.

"Aw, shit, you're not jacking off," June said, sounding disappointed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm watching a sexy movie on one of the cable channels," Will answered, gesturing toward the TV, which he had not yet looked away from. "And I'm finishing this." He held up the soft-drink bottle, put it to his lips, downed the last swallow, and set the big bottle down on the rug beside his chair.

"Oh? What's the movie?" June asked. Will looked annoyed but he muttered the title of the show.

"Never heard of it before," June said.

"Neither have I," said Sharon.

Will looked more annoyed. "It's an eight-year-old skin-flick," he said, never taking his eyes off the TV. "You wouldn't be hearing of it now if the main broad in it hadn't gone on to become a big TV star. That's the only reason they put this movie on. They figured everybody'd want to see what her big tits looked like naked. And it was a great idea. Christ, her tits are flopping all over the place!"

June and Sharon walked up beside Will's chair and looked clown at the TV. On the screen was a beautiful big-titted babe naked from the waist up. June recognized her as a woman who'd become famous in the past few years as the star of a popular TV series.

"Not bad," June said. "Goddamn, Will, if you weren't jacking off, you should have been!"

"Maybe I will if you two bitches'll get out of here."

"Now, Will, that's not nice," June said cheerfully. "But if you're going to be mean and spiteful, so will I. That bitch in the movie toes have nice tits, but, shit, mine are two or three times as big as hers. Sharon's tits are bigger than hers, too. Why don't you lack off over Sharon and me, you little bastard?"

Smiling playfully, June snatched up the empty soft-drink bottle and stepped around in front of Will's chair, blocking his view of the TV.

"You bitch! Get out of the way!" Will snarled. Then, for the first time since his sisters had entered the room, he took a good look at them. June saw the look of lust in his eyes before be forced his look of annoyance back onto his handsome face.

Smiling obscenely, June stuck the top of the soft drink bottle through the opening in her jeans where she'd left the zipper down. Will gasped and the lust flared up in his eyes again. With her other hand, she pulled the openin in her jeans open wider to give him a better view of her pussy hair. A large bulge appeared in the crotch of his pants and she knew that his cock had sprung erect.

"Good God!" Will whispered, licking his lips involuntarily and squirming in his easy chair. "I must be going nuts! You can't really be doing this!"

"I'm only getting started," June purred. Her hips softly from side to side, June tuned the bottle upside-down and pushed the neck of it down toward her cunt out of sight. As June pumped the bottle slowly up and down, Sharon glided up next to her. The younger girl got Will's attention by untying her blouse and taking if off. Next, she slipped her shorts off and stood naked before his lustful eyes. After squeezing her big tits sensually and sticking two fingers up into her young cunt, twisting them around for a few seconds, and pulling them out wet with her pussy juice, she stepped behind her older sister. Reaching around June, she got hold of the rolled-up part of June's T-shirt and pulled it down until it was free of June's tits, then pulled it up over them, leaving June's tits naked. After rolling the T-shirt up some more so that it would stay in place, Sharon reached down and unfastened June's blue jeans. Dropping to her knees, she peeled the jeans down to June's ankles, and June lifted one foot at a time and Sharon pulled the jeans off her.

Immediately, June set her feet wide apart and turned the soft drink bottle upright. She pulled her dripping cunt lips open and shoved the top three inches of the bottle up into her fiery pussy.

"Jesus H. Christ! I don't believe it!" Will gasped. His eyes were bugging put. His mouth was hanging open. The bulge in the crotch of his pants grew larger.

Sharon stood up behind June again, looked over June's shoulder, reached around, and started kneading June's fat titties. The big pink nipples poked out between her fingers.

"Aahh! That's right, Little Sister!" June moaned.

June was sliding the top three inches of the bottle slowly up and down in her cunt. She began swinging the bottle back and forth slightly, stretching her cunt from side to side. Will's eyes almost popped. His hands went to the top of his thighs and his fingers dug in as he writhed around in his chair.

"Go ahead, Will," June whispered. "Get your big prick out of your pants and jack off! Jack off while I fuck my red-hot pussy with this huge bottle, the bottle that your hands and lips were touching just a few minutes ago!" The bottle was eleven inches long, and she jammed two more of those inches up into her tight cunt. This stretched her cunt much more because above those two inches the bottle finished widening.

Will said nothing. He was panting heavily and staring at June with awe.

"Yes, Will, jack off!" Sharon hissed, still kneading June's titties. "We wanta see your big hard cock! Get it out, honey!"

Will breathed faster as his lust overwhelmed him. His hands flew to the catch and zipper of his jeans. In his haste, he almost tore the jeans, but he go them and his shorts down to his knees. He grabbed his big stiff prick and began stroking it hotly. He whimpered dementedly.

"Ooohhh, yeeessss, Will, do it!" June cried, pumping the top five inches of the bottle up and down in her frothy pussy. "My God, baby, you've got a gorgeous cock!"

"Yes, a gorgeous cock!" Sharon echoed breathily. "Ooohhh, I've gotta suck it! Ooohhh!" Letting go of June's tits, she lunged around June and fell to her knees beside Will's chair. Sharon leaned forward, pressing her tits down against the wide comfortable chair-arm as she lowered her head to her brother's prick.

"Oh, my God, you can't! You're my sister!" Will shouted. "But do it anyway! Suck my cock, Sharon! Aaaggghhh!"

Frenziedly, he grabbed her head as she opened her mouth. She plunged her head downward and took all of his generous prick into her humid mouth. Her full lips closed around the base of his cock and she began pumping her head up and down rapidly, sliding her lips along on her brother's prick while she flailed it with her scorching tongue. Will groaned with pleasure.

"Beautiful!" June whined. She fucked her pussy faster on the big soft drink bottle, shoving two more inches of it up into her cunt. Bending her knees, she started doing wild dips, driving her eager pussy down to meet the bottle as she thrust the bottle upward. She knew she was about to cum, and with her other hand she started massaging her swollen clit feverishly. Her orgasm broke loose, her cunt snapping strongly.

"Aaaiii! I'm cumming!" she screamed. Her pussy kept contracting, and like a crazy woman she began shoving more of the bottle up into her cunt on every thrust. Eight inches, nine inches, ten inches of the bottle were going into her tremendously stretched pussy.

"Yyyeeesss, fuck yourself, June!" Will roared as Sharon's clinging lips and darting tongue moved swiftly up and down his rock-hard prick. "Put it all in you, June! Suck me, Sharon! Aaahhh, my God!"

June put her palm against the bottom of the bottle and pushed upward savagely. She shrieked and thought she was going to split open as she banged every bit of the bottle up into her hungry cunt. Grinding her hips in wide circles, she kept rubbing her clit and brought her other hand upward and began wrenching her tits furiously. All of the bottle was still inside her pussy.

"Aaawwwwnnnhhh! I'm cumming again!" she howled.

"Look, Sharon, she did it!" Will cried. "She's got the whole fucking bottle up her cunt! Oh, Christ! Look!"

Sharon was looking and she pulled her head off Will's prick. "Fabulous!" she moaned.

Still grinding her hips and wrenching her tits, June moved right up against the front of Will's chair. She released one of her tits and forced the thumb and all four fingers of one hand up into her magnificently full pussy and pulled the bottle all the way out. The bottle was covered with her pussy juice. She held it out toward her brother and murmured, "Here, Will, lick my goo off!"

"Yeah!" Will whispered. His head came forward and his tongue shot out. He began lapping June's hot pussy juice off the bottle eagerly, groaning lewdly as he licked. When he was finished, June tossed the bottle down, the stuck the thumb and four fingers that had held the bottle into his mouth one at a time, he stared fixedly at her oversized tits as he licked off the pussy juice.

Pulling the last finger out of his mouth, June smiled lasciviously at him and got into the chair, planting her knees on either side of his thighs. She pushed his upper body backward until it was leaning against the chair back. "Now you're going to fuck me!" she said. Will nodded hungrily and she grasped his big hard prick and stuffed his cockhead into her cunt.

"Yes, June, yes!" Sharon hissed. "Fuck our Little Brother!"

June grasped Will's shoulders and shoved her hips downward, impaling her flaming cunt on his prick. Working her pussy muscles, she squeezed his cock sensuously. "How does it feel to have your prick up your sister's slimy cunt, to be committing incest?" she breathed as she moved her hips backward and forward, bumping her belly against his.

"Ooohh!" Will whispered. "Fought to feet shiny but I don't! I feel great!"

"So do I!" June said, weaving her hips from side to side now, rubbing her erect clit against him pleasurably. "Am I your first pussy?"

"No," Will answered, taking bold of her incredibly full tits. "I've fucked two girls already. But you're the hottest!"

"Honey, my cunt's hotter than any other cunt in the world," June said, "with the possible exception of my little sister's and maybe our mother's." Abruptly, June moved upward until only his cockhead was inside her. She worked her pussy muscles several times, hugging his cockhead tantalizingly.

"Oooo!" Will sighed, and began kneading her tits.

Sharon knelt on the rug behind June and started squeezing Will's thighs and licking June's ass. "Aaahhh, good, Little Sister!" June moaned. She began pumping her hips slowly down and back up, sliding her wet pussy all the way down on her brother's throbbing prick, then back up until his cockhead was between her engorged pussy lips. On one stroke she moved her hips forward and back, and on the next she swung them from side to side. She gave his cock little squeezes with her cunt almost constantly.

"Uunnhh!" Will grunted. "Ooohh, Jesus, June! That's terrific! You sure fuck a lot better than those other two girls I've fucked!" He twisted her tits as he squeezed them.

"That's because June's a bigger whore than they are!" Sharon purred. She stuck her glowing-hot tongue into the crack of June's ass and began dragging the tongue up and down, from the top of the crack down to June's tight little asshole.

"Aannhh, yeeess!" June whined. Her hips wiggled in excited response to her sister's tongue. June leaned forward a little and shifted her hands to her brother's head. Pulling his head forward, she cried, "Suck me, Will! Suck my great big titties! Aaahhh!"

Will yanked one of her tits to his mouth. He flicked the distended nipple with his tongue, stuffed a big chunk of tit-flesh into his mouth, and started sucking avidly. His tongue prodded the tit-flesh, beat at it, swirled over the nipple. He grunted vulgarly as he licked and sucked.

"Aaaiiii! That's it, lover!" June ranted. "Ooohhh, you're doin' it right!" She slid her searing pussy up and down his long cock faster. But at the same time she swung her hips from side to side wildly as her passion rose. Yet Sharon managed to keep her tongue in the crack of June's ass most of the time, and as the darts of Sharon's tongue became frantic, June's pleasure rose even more.

"Aaaggghhh! I'm gettin' off!" June wailed as an orgasm jarred her shapely young body. She clutched Will's head more tightly, pulling his face deep into the tit he was sucking. His teeth sank into the tit-flesh and he shook his head back and forth. He wrenched both tits fiercely.

More juice was rolling out of June's cunt and down his prick onto his balls. Sharon drew her head back, then darted it forward whenever June's pussy was sliding up Will's cock. Sharon licked his cock and his balls and June's pussy lips.

"Yeeess, oh, sweet holy Christ, yeesss!" June babbled. "I'm cumming again!" More contractions swept through her cunt, and radiated outward to every nerve-ending she had. She speeded up her fuck-strokes again, grinding her hips now, rubbing her clit delightfully against her brother every time she spiked her pussy on his big prick. Another orgasm ripped through her.

"Mmmm, mmmm!" Will groaned into her tit as her cunt twitched against his cock. He started flexing his ass muscles, making tiny upward thrusts with his prick as she drove her pussy down onto him.

"Yes, Little Brother, fuck it up into me!" June yelped. She was churning her cunt madly up and down on his prick, filling herself with him on every stroke.

Will jerked his head back and wrenched her tits harder than ever. "I'm gonna shoot off!" he crowed as his big cock began pulsing. "I'm gonna cum in my sister's pussy! Oh, my God! Aaawwwnnnhhh!"

"Marvelous, baby!" June sobbed. "Squirt it to me! Uuunnnhhh, ooohhh!"

His searing jism started blasting up into her cunt, and a new set of contractions began rampaging through her. Sharon's tongue darted faster, lapping up Will's cum as it rolled down past June's pussy lips. June shrieked in joy.

As soon as her and Will's orgasms were over, June swung off him. Will leaned back to relax, but June got down on the rug with Sharon and the two sluts grabbed his legs.

"Hurry, before his prick goes soft!" June shouted.

"What the hell?" Will cried. He gripped the chair-arms but his sisters roughly hauled him down onto the carpet.

On her knees, facing him, Sharon straddled his lower belly and took hold of his cock. His prick had lost a bit of its hardness but was still erect. After sticking his cockhead into her tight cunt and grasping her own tits, she sat down on him, skewering her cunt on his prick. Then she started snapping her pussy around his cock and his prick quickly swelled back into raging hardness.

"And now, Little Brother," Sharon said, "I'm going to show you that my cunt is just as hot as June's."

"All riiiight!" Will answered. "A minute ago I wanted to rest, but I can't believe the way you got me ready to go again so soon!"

"Any decent whore could have done it," Sharon said proudly. She began rotating her hips, massaging her turgid clit against him, before she also began working them up and down, spiraling her hot juicy cunt up and down his stiff prick.

"Aaahhh!" Will sighed. "Goddamn, your pussy does feel as great as June's! But I didn't know there was any such thing as a decent whore!" He grinned.

"Shit," June said. "Whores are the only decent women!" She, too, was on her knees, and, facing her sister, she threw a leg across her brother's head. "And this decent woman is just about to sit on your face!"

"But some of my cum's still in your pussy!" Will cried. "I..."

Whatever else he'd intended to say was smothered as June plopped her juice-drenched cunt down onto his face. She ground her hips rapidly a few times, smearing the juice all over his face, then stopped with her cunt lips right over his open mouth.

"Eat my fucking pussy, Will!" she whooped. "Get your tongue up into my slimy cunt and lick up my juice and drink your own dirty cum!"

She worked her pussy muscles and opened her cunt wide. His own creamy jism started dripping into his mouth as he thrust his tongue up into her sizzling pussy. As he whipped his tongue around inside her, he reached up and began kneading her mountainous tits. Her pleasure soared.

Sharon started clenching his prick hotly with her sweet cunt every time she sat all the way down on him. And she kept revolving her hips then, grinding her clit against him. When she moved her body upward, she screwed her pussy all the way up his long thick cock before slowly screwing her cunt back down on him.

Letting go of one of her own tits, she reached for June's loins and started rubbing June's taut clit between two fingers. June moaned and grabbed both of Sharon's big tits and began squeezing them zestfully, pinching the large nipples between her fingers.

Sharon grunted rapturously. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum! I'm makin' it with my brother's cock up my cunt and my sister squeezing my titties! Aaaaggghhh!" Sharon's moving pussy contracted deliciously against Will's hard prick. Her hips jerked as she pumped and ground them.

"Ooohhh, I think I'm next!" June breathed as Will kept swirling his tongue around in her torrid cunt and kneading her whopping tits while Sharon warmly rubbed her clit. "Yeesss, I'm gonna cum! Aaaiiiieeeee!" June's pussy convulsed and ecstasy exploded through her.

Fresh juice streamed out of her pussy walls.

Will swirled his tongue faster, beat it from side to side, and swirled it again, but now he added an up-and-down motion to his tongue, sending more pleasure lancing through June's overripe body. He pumped her tits up and down fervently as he squeezed them.

"Aaahh, Jesus, I'm gettin' off again!" June howled as another orgasm shook her. She had to force herself to keep her climaxing cunt over her brother's mouth instead of bouncing around with joy.

"Aaahh, aaahh, aaahh-uunnhh!" Sharon whimpered. She spiraled her steaming pussy up and down Will's bulging cock even faster. She came again, bliss shooting through her. "I'm there! Ooohhh, fuck me back, Will, honey! Bang your prick up into my cunt! Aaannnhhhh!"

Will started moving his hips, thrusting his cock up into Sharon's pussy as she shoved her pussy downward. Every time he drove his prick up into Sharon's cunt, he jerked June's massive tits downward.

June grunted heavily each time he yanked on her tits. She was so turned-on that instead of hurting her, the yanking just added to her intense pleasure. Will was still spinning his tongue around in her seething cunt and reeling it in and out. And Sharon was not only massaging her clit but was also lightly pinching it between her fingers.

"Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!" June screamed deliriously as more contractions kicked at her pussy. More orgasms followed, with only a few seconds between the end of one and the beginning of the next. Hot juice kept flooding out of her cunt, oozing all over Will's cheeks or rolling down his tongue into his mouth.

"Aaawww, shit!" Will crowed. "I've already shot off in one of my sister's pussies, and now I'm gonna cum in my other sister's pussy! Uuunnnhhh, aaaaahhhhhh!"

His prick was bucking and his scalding cum started jetting up into Sharon's cunt. "Oooooohhh!" she wailed; "I'm makin' it, too! Aawwwnnnhhh!" She slammed her pelvis up and down a few more times as her boiling pussy convulsed. The last time she slammed her cunt down around his spurting cock, she stayed there, and let her contracting pussy finish milking the jism out of him.

Chapter THREE

The following Tuesday night, June was home alone with her father. Both Will and Sharon had dates. As usual, Will was double dating and one of his buddies was doing the driving. Sharon had spent much of Sunday and Monday prancing around the neighborhood, bouncing her big braless tits and flirting lewdly with guys, hoping that one of them would ask her for a date, despite her old reputation as a frigid, narrow-minded bitch. One boy had finally asked her out for Tuesday night, and she'd said yes, fully intending to let him stick his cock into her as many times as he could get it hard. Then, she hoped, he'd tell all his friends about her, her reputation would improve, and she'd have loads of dates.

She would never disappoint any of them, either. She wanted to please them all. She'd give every guy what he wanted, and in the process he'd give her what she wanted. The pleasure would be shared.

June smiled as she thought about it. Sharon had really blossomed since getting her hot little cunt fucked for the first time last Friday night. From a sour, hard-to-get-along-with bitch, Sharon had become a smiling, happy young girl who loved everybody. All because her strong sexual needs were at last being satisfied, making it easier for her natural, good qualities to come out, instead of being buried beneath sexual frustration. June was proud of her sister, and proud of herself.

"But what am I going to do about Daddy?" June muttered to herself in the privacy of her bedroom. Ever since he'd tossed her mother out two years ago, he'd been depressed as hell.

June knew that he thought about Mom all the time and that if Mom would stop being a slut, he'd like to have her back home, if he could ever find her, again. But June also knew that Mom would never stop being a slut, just as June knew that she herself would never stop being a slut.

In any event, though, no one knew where Mom was. The problem June had to deal with was Daddy.

"Goddamn. I bet the poor bastard hasn't had a piece of pussy since he booted Mom out," June murmured. "And, shit, he's not forty years old yet, and he's healthy as a horse. He's bound to need some pussy. He just doesn't want to act the way Mom acted. But if he'd start getting pussy again, it ought to cheer him up. Hmm..."

For the next thirty minutes, June thought about all the women she knew, hoping that there was at least one who might be suitable for her father. But, one by one, she discarded them all. Some had faces that were too unattractive, some were too skinny or too fat, some were married and did not seem to be the sleep around type, some were too devoted to silly religions.

"Shit," June sighed. "Well, I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open for a good one, and then it hit her. The obvious solution!"

It wasn't as if it would simply be a mercy fuck. He'd be insulted if that were all it was. But Ben Richards was broad-shouldered and ruggedly handsome. The sight of him had made June's thighs tremble more than once. And with all the sexual tricks he should've learned from Mom in his years with her, he ought to be able to satisfy any woman.

The only question was, would he be so shocked that he would never even give June a chance.

June stripped naked, then put on her shortest, tightest shorts and her skimpiest halter. More than half of her overabundant tit-flesh was on display, as were the bottom three inches of each of her big, firm ass-cheeks. And the crotch of her shorts was sucked into her pussy-slit.

She looked at her reflection in her full-length mirror, smiled, and said, "I guess that'll do -- if anything will."

Then she went downstairs. Her father was in the living room. It surprised her a little that he wasn't watching TV. He was sitting in a big comfortable chair, his feet up on a stool, and was looking at a magazine while he drank beer straight from the can. The wall-to-wall carpeting made her footsteps almost noiseless, and as she approached he kept staring at the magazine.

When she was ten feet from him, June started to say something but then she got a better look at his magazine. It was a girlie magazine!

June stopped, stepped sideways a few feet, and walked forward again, coming up to his chair from directly behind. Her father was still intent on the magazine. Leaning over, June saw color pictures of a slutty-looking, huge-tittied woman.

"Wow!" June breathed. "Her tits are nearly as big as mine!"

Ben Richards gasped and nearly jumped out of his chair. A second later, he was on the edge of the chair and he jerked his head around and looked at her.

June grinned. "Hi, Daddy!"

Her hurriedly closed the magazine and held it down in front of his chair where she couldn't see it. Looking guilty, as if he'd been caught with his hands in the world's largest cookie jar, he sighed. "You shouldn't sneak up on people that way," he said.

"I wasn't sneaking," June said airily, noticing that he was eyeing her tits as she stepped around beside his chair. "It's these thick rugs. But you'd still probably have heard me if you hadn't been concentrating so hard on -- this!"

As she spoke the last word, she leaned over and snatched the girlie magazine from his hand. He got halfway out of his chair and reached for the magazine, but she sprang nimbly backward, and he sank down.

"Naughty Daddy!" she said, looking mischievous.

"Haney, give me that thing," he said.

"NOOO, not yet," said June, swiftly flipping the pages and glancing at the lurid photographs of naked women. "Gee, they've all got huge tits. But not quite as huge as mine!" Holding the magazine out to one side, she twisted her shoulders hard several times, and her fat tits jiggled wildly and popped out of the too-small cups of her flimsy halter.

"June! My God!" her father said.

Giving him a silly smile, she held up the magazine, showing him some pictures of the hugest-tittied woman in it. "See?" she squealed. "Mine are bigger!"

"June, this is not the right way to act," he said, but she noted that his eyes were swinging back and forth between her naked tits and the magazine. She also saw an enormous bulge in the crotch of his pants. Her nipples stiffened. "I know you've been running wild for the last three or four years," he went on. "And ever since your mother left, I've let you do it. Maybe you'll work the wildness out of your system by the time you get married. But this little trick right now is just too much! You shouldn't fool around like this with your own father."

His eyes widened. As he'd talked, June's smile had gradually changed from silly to sultry. Gazing with hot eyes at him, she closed the magazine, dropped it, and reached behind her. Her halter fell away.

"Looking at pictures of naked women is nice," June purred, "but sticking your hard prick into a live pussy's a hell of a lot better!" She unfastened her shorts, unzipped them, and peeled them down her thighs. After two seconds of tantalizing hesitation, she dropped the shorts and stepped out of them.

Her father got up, holding his hands in front of his crotch and bending over slightly to try to conceal his hard-on. He started backing away. "No, June, it's wrong," he said. "You're my little girl!"

"No, Daddy, I'm not your little girl," June said, still smiling as she walked slowly toward him. "I'm one of your two big girls. I'm not ten years old and you're not raping me. You're just giving me what I need, and I'm giving you what you need."

Stopping, she ran the fingertips of one hand over her pussy lips, stuck her forefinger deep up into her wet cunt, pulled the finger out, and held it up. It glistened with her pussy juice. Her smile growing, she popped the finger into her mouth, slowly drew it almost all the way out and just as slowly pushed it all the way back in. Her father gazed hungrily at her as she pulled her cheeks in and sucked on the finger, twisting her lips obscenely.

He made a choking noise and stopped backing up. His hands seemed to move of their own accord, rubbing his cock through his pants, fumbling at his catch and zipper. Then he groaned and jerked his hands to the outer sides of his thighs. He clutched his thighs, squeezed them.

June stepped toward him. As she reached for him, he turned sideways but kept squeezing his thighs as if he were afraid to let go. In five seconds she had his pants and shorts down just low enough and she took hold of the biggest prick she'd ever seen. "Oohh, it's beautiful, Daddy!" she moaned as she fell to her knees. She stroked the stiff cock lovingly. She kissed and licked the purple knob.

Ben gasped as if he were strangling. "Don't, June!"

She darted her tongue at his prick just under the knob and he shivered. He groaned as she dragged the tip of her tongue down the underside of his cock clear, to the base. She stroked his cock some more with her hand as she licked his big balls tenderly.

"Uunnhh! My God, June, you've got to stop!" he pleaded, but she could tell that he didn't really mean it. What little was left of his resistance was fast crumbling under the onslaught of lust, lust which had been building up for two years and which his whore of a daughter had made overpowering.

She took his cockhead into her hot mouth and tickled it with her tongue. Then she began repeatedly opening her mouth, moving her head forward, and closing her lips snugly around his thick cock. It was as if she were taking bites of his cock without using her teeth. Her tongue whipped against his turgid prickmeat as she took more and more of it into her mouth.

"Aawwnnhh!" he cried, taking hold of her head. "No! No! No!" But with each "no" he was thrusting his hips, driving his great cock deeper into her mouth, into her, throat.

"Mmmm!" June moaned. With three-fourths of his prick inside her, she clamped her lush lips around him and sucked hard.

He whined. Again he cried out but thrust his prick farther into her every time. June was glad she'd deep-throated other huge cocks, or he'd have choked her with his prick. His lust was driving him blindly on, and she knew he wouldn't stop until every bit of his colossal prick was inside her. There was only another inch of his cock to go now, and with two short, fierce jabs he shoved that inch into her mouth. His cockhead was in the very bottom of her throat now, and his thighs were pressing against her fleshy tits.

She sucked on his prick again, sucked harder. He trembled and started crying, "No!" again, all the while thrusting his hips. Since there was no way for his cock to go deeper, he simply drove her head and upper body backward, recoiled and brought her with him, and thrust again.

June whimpered and inhaled through her nose and exhaled through her mouth, blowing hot air on his prick. Her tongue beat at his prick madly.

His convulsive thrusts did not stop until his knees buckled. His cock was being pushed forward and June moved backward on her knees. She pulled her head off most of his prick but kept about a third of it in her mouth and kept sticking on it.

Ben's knees hit the rug before his hands did. He went sideways and backward, lying down.

June maneuvered and stayed with him, falling forward and catching herself on her hands, part of his throbbing prick still inside her greedily sucking mouth.

She started pumping her head, sliding her lips up to the tip of his cockhead and then all the way down to the base of his engorged prick shaft. But she paused often and moved her head from side to side, twisting her lips around on his prick. She kept her tongue constantly in motion, though, letting it slither over every inch of his cock.

"Ooohhh! Oh, yeeessss!" he raved, clutching the rug, pulling at it. "Yes, suck me, June! Suck my cock, Daughter! Aannhh! Aaaiiii!" His small ass bounced up and down, stroking his cock up and down in June's mouth, and he let go of the rug and grabbed some of her long light-brown hair and one of her massive, dangling tits.

June loved feeling her father's huge prick in her mouth and throat, but as he began squeezing her tit, her pleasure multiplied. Her pleasure was made more intense by the knowledge that he was no longer denying what she was doing to him. He was accepting it now, admitting his incestuous lust for his own daughter, admitting the excitement he felt with his prick inside her.

As he squeezed her tit, he started pulling it sideways. "Come on, bring yourself around her, honey!" he said hoarsely. "I wanta eat that hot pussy of yours while you suck me off!"

June pulled her head up. "I think it's time for me to be an obedient daughter!" she said slyly.

She winked at him, licked his bloated cockhead as she took it back into her mouth, and began pushing her lips down his prick again. At the same time, she swung around until she was straddling him. She was still on her hands and knees with part of his prick still in her mouth, but her tits were resting pleasantly against his belly, and when he raised his head, her juice-coated cunt lips were right in his face. He grasped her hips.

Pressing his face against her pussy lips, he shook his head crazily, getting juice all over his face. He wriggled his tongue between her pussy lips and began darting it in and out of her tight young cunt.

June groaned delightedly around his prick. She plunged her head down and got all of his cock inside her mouth and throat again. She prodded his cock with her tongue, sucked at him, and drew her head slowly upward, smacking her lips on his prick-flesh.

With his tongue as deep in her pussy as it could go, he wiggled his tongue from side to side. He kept wiggling it as he pulled it backward. He whipped the tip of his tongue around the mouth of her cunt a half-dozen times, then ran his tongue down almost to her swollen clit and back up to her hot cunt several times, popping the tip of his tongue into her cunt before running the tongue downward again. Next, he danced his tongue around and around her clit, tightening the circles, widening them, and tightening them again, giving her pleasure but driving her insane with the desire for him to lick her clit itself.

She pumped her head faster up and down on his hard cock, hoping to encourage him. Inside her scorching mouth, her tongue whipped up and down in even faster strokes against his prick.

"Uunnhh!" he grunted. "Aaahhh, yes, wicked Daughter!" He chuckled vulgarly, and at last his tongue pounced on her yearning clit.

She squealed as bliss rushed through her electrically. He lapped at her clit passionately and an orgasm started belting through her. "I'm cumming!" she moaned happily around his cock. "Cumming! Mmmmm!" She sucked vibrantly on his prick as her lips slid up and down it.

He licked the tip of her clit once, making her shudder because the sensations were almost more than she could stand. He ran his tongue up and down the sides of her clit, and more pleasure bounded through her. Moving his tongue upward again, he made it dive deep into her sweltering pussy and jump out. Then he licked up and down in the sensitive area between her cunt and her asshole.

"Aannhh! Mmmm!" June whined as she nibbled on his cockhead. She started moving her head up and down again, but at first she took only a couple of inches of his prick into her mouth. On every succeeding stroke, though, she took in a bit more of his incredibly long cock, her full lips wiggling around deliciously on his rock-hard prick.

When she was taking two-thirds of his cock into her mouth and throat, her father began licking around and around her hot little asshole, closing in on it thrillingly. He was going to eat her asshole! He slid one of his hands from her hips around to her cunt, stuck two fingers into her pussy, and started massaging her clit with his thumb.

As she took more of his prick into her mouth and throat with every pump of her head, his tongue circled closer to her asshole. Then she went all the way down on his cock, and he thrust his fiery tongue onto the super-tight opening of her shitter.

June moaned as more contractions tore at her juicy pussy. He cupped his tongue, and holding it stiffly, he forced at least half of it into her humid, smelly asshole. She wanted to writhe with joy, but she didn't dare let herself, for fear of dislodging the tongue that was sending so much pleasure shooting through her voluptuous body.

She tightened her throat, drew in her cheeks, and sucked madly on his prick. She slid her tongue up and down his prick hotly. His tongue came almost completely out of her shitter, and he wiggled the tip of his tongue zestfully back and forth inside the opening of her asshole while he kept rubbing her straining clit with his thumb.

Another orgasm burst out inside her, and she dragged her lips all the way up his cock. "Ooohhh, Daddy, I'm cumming again!" she cried before wrapping her lips around him and pushing her head down, all but swallowing his prick once more.

"And now I'm gonna cum, Daughter!" he shouted. "Take my juice in your mouth, honey! Uuunnnhhh, aaawwwnnnhhh!"

His oversized prick was buckling wildly now, and his burning jism started blasting into her mouth and throat as she pumped her head feverishly up and down. She groaned rapturously as his cum shot into her, and she sucked at him for every drop his balls could give.

Finally she had it all, and her cunt gave one last twitch.

Swinging off him, she smiled down at him, gulped all his jism down into her belly, and obscenely licked her lips. "You've got a hell of a tongue, mister," she said.

Her father came up to his knees, caressed her tits, and kissed her lips tenderly. "So have you, baby," he whispered. "And you're right. You're no little girl anymore. You're a passionate woman. Your cunt -- hell, your whole body -- has a woman's hunger, a hot woman's hunger." His next kiss was more urgent, and he thrust his tongue into her mouth. He squeezed her luxurious tits. She felt his prick pushing against her belly, and, remarkably, his prick was still iron-hard.

"Ooohhh, Daddy, fuck me!" she moaned, grabbing his cock. "Put this huge prick in your big daughter's hot pussy!"

"Honey, there's no way I could keep myself from fucking you," he whispered. "And I wanta be sure. Yes! Yeesss!" she breathed. She quivered with lust as he turned her around and bent her forward. On her knees and elbows, she planted her knees wide. He pushed his cockhead into her pussy and grasped her hips. "Yeeess!" she cried again. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your whore of a daughter!"

He began shoving his tremendous prick into her tight, wet cunt slowly. June started pushing her hips back slowly, reveling the feel of her father's thick cock gradually pushing back the soft walls of her torrid pussy. He wiggled his hips and worked them in up-and-down circles, increasing her pleasure.

Her immense tits were hanging down so far that her big pink nipples were digging into the rug. Her father ran his hands down her thighs and back up, forward along her sides, and then down onto her velvety tits. He rubbed her tits lightly as he kept shoving his prick into her cunt.

"Aaahhh!" she whispered. With three-fourths of his cock inside her pussy, she began working her crotch muscles, snapping her sweet cunt repeatedly around his prick, drawing his prick deeper into her.

"Aannhh!" he groaned, squeezing her tits. "Jesus, you already got a snapping pussy!" Then he laughed, "of course, your mother always could snap her pussy!"

Her father laughed again as he finished pushing his gigantic cock into her cunt, giving her a feeling of marvelous fullness. She snapped her pussy around his prick and held on.

"Ooo, God!" she sighed. "Now that I've had your cock in two of my holes, I understand why Mom used to call you Big Ben!"

"That's me!" her father answered.

She let the pussy-pressure off, waggled her ass, and started pulling her hips forward. Her father pulled his prick backward until only his cockhead was inside her. He began grinding his hips as he thrust his prick back into her cunt. It was a slow thrust but not nearly as slow as his first one had been. As June shoved her hips backward to meet his thrust, she snapped her pussy around his cock some more.

He kept rotating his hips as he stroked his prick slowly in and put of her cunt. Every couple of seconds he kneaded her tits and since his hands weren't on her nipples, her nipples were pushed back and forth in the rug, which gave them a delightfully scratchy massage. As her pleasure grew, June started revolving her hips, proving more of the sensual friction that good fucking gives to both prick and cunt.

Her father kept moving slowly but he gradually shortened his strokes, pulling less and less of his cock out of her before burying himself in her searing pussy again.

When his fuck-strokes were only a few inches long, he changed tactics again. He started lengthening his strokes bit by bit, pulling more of his cock out of her pussy before thrusting back into her. But at the same time, he gradually picked up the pace of his strokes so that his prick was totally filling her cunt as often as before. June increased the speed of her hips to match his fuck-strokes. Her pleasure kept growing, and she snapped her dripping pussy more strongly around his cock.

"Uunnhh!" he grunted. "You're gonna bite my prick in half, baby! Aannhh! Ooohhh!" He began twisting her tits every time he impaled her cunt on his cock. Her distended nipples got scratched more by the fibers of the rug.

"Aaawww!" she cried. "Aaww, I think I'm gonna cum, Daddy! Aahh, aaahhh!"

As he drove his whole prick into her pussy, June clamped her cunt around his cock fiercely and began wiggling her hips. He groaned, and stretched her tits downward, pushing more of their sensitive flesh against the rug. Then he twisted her tits back and forth several times, and she came wildly.

"Aaaggghhh!" she screamed. "Yeeesss! Yes, I'm there! I'm cumming with your great big prick up my cunt, Daddy!"

"Wonderful, darling!" Ben Richards yelled.

Her head tossed. She started pumping her hips again, faster now. Her father followed suit, meeting her hungry thrusts. They were driving their hips straight at each other, but each time he spiked her pussy on his awesome cock, he gave his hips a quick twist, making his prick twist around in her sizzling cunt. He started yanking her tits backward and up as he shoved his cock into her pussy, then swinging her tits forward and down again to rub and scratch the in the carpet as he drew most of his prick out of her.

Another orgasm rocked her. "Aaannnhhh! I'm gettin' off again!" she sobbed. "Yes, sock it to me, Daddy! Fuck, prick, cunt, fuck, fuck, fuuuuccccckkkk! Oooooo!"

Her father began grinding his hips again as he drilled her boiling pussy with his prick. Juice was streaming out of her cunt and down her thighs, but more juice was constantly rolling out of her pussy walls so his mammoth cock slid in and out of her tight cunt easily. She came again, her pussy contracting frenziedly.

"Aaaiiieeeee! Cuming, fucking, cumming!" she howled.

She twisted her hips as she pumped them hotly. She speeded up her fuck-strokes, and her father kept pace with her. As he thrust his prick into her seething cunt he yanked her tits back and up farther and farther until he was pounding both of the massive tits against her belly everytime he pounded his cock into her pussy.

He panted as he reamed her out. "Uuunnnggghhh! Christ, I love your pussy, Daughter! It's as sweet as your wild-ass mama's fucking cunt!"

His wild yanking on her tits and his furious fucking of her steaming pussy detonated more orgasms inside her lust-crazed body. Her cunt seemed to be almost chained together, and she lost count of them as ecstasy poured through her.

"Yes, yes, yyyeeesss!" she wailed mindlessly as she kept flinging her cunt back to be skewered on his driving prick.

"Oooohhh, I'm gonna shoot off, June!" he shouted. "I'm gonna shoot off in my daughter's pussy! Uuunnnhhh!"

His monstrous cock heaved as he drove it into her pussy. June was still cumming herself when his white-hot jism began squirting into her blazing cunt. He pulled her tits straight back and hammered her pussy harder with his great prick. She writhed joyously and her contractions grew stronger.

"Aaaggghhh!" she shrieked as she flung her cunt back at him. "Aaahhh, yeess!"

Chapter FOUR

Two nights later, June and Sharon, both naked, were sprawled out lazily on June's bed. They'd been sucking each other's tits and eating each other's sweet pussy.

So far, June hadn't told Sharon or Will about getting their father's prick in her. Nor had she told their father about making it with Sharon and Will. June knew that her father, sister, and brother would commit incest, but she wasn't sure just how much incest they would go along with. They might think she'd gone overboard.

Still, she thought it would be better if she told them. If they found out some other way, it might look as if she'd been trying to hoard the action for herself instead of sharing it.

"Sharon," June said, "there's something..."

She stopped when she heard Will cursing loudly out in the hall. It occurred to her that she might as well tell him now, too. She could tell her father later. Ben was home now, but if her family members were going to raise hell with her, she didn't want all three of them doing it at the same time. Two of them at once would be enough.

"Just a second," she said to Sharon.

Getting up, June walked swiftly to the door and opened it. She saw Will going into his room. He was still cursing, but his sounds were only mutters now.

"Hey, Will!" she called. "Could I talk to you for a minute?"

"What for?" he asked, stopping and turning to look back at her. She stepped out into the hall, letting him see that she was naked. "Oh," he said. He looked slightly more cheerful as he walked down the hall toward her, but not much more. After he was in her room, she followed him in and shut the door.

"What's wrong?" she said.

"Aw, three of my pals and I had some plans for tonight, but one of them just called me on the phone and told me that the most important part of our plans wouldn't be able to make it tonight."

"Oh? What was her name?" chirped Sharon, sitting up on the bed.

"How did you know it was a she?" Will asked.

"From that downcast look on your face," Sharon replied.

"So you and three of your buddies were going to gang-bang some girl, huh?" June said.

"Yeah," Will answered, "but she came down with a cold and backed out. You know how bad colds are in the summer like this."

"They're really shitty," said June. She idly fondled her tits as an idea came to her. She decided that telling Sharon and Will about herself and their father could wait.

"You two want to have some more fun?" Will asked. "Is that why you called me in here?"

"Some more fun with you is definitely tempting," June said, "but something else just occurred to me. Why don't you call your buddies and tell them you've found another slut for the four of you tonight? And Sharon'll go, you can tell them you've found two sluts!"

"I'll go! I'll go!" Sharon cried, bouncing up and down on the bed.

"Well, I'll be Goddamned!" Will said. "I had the solution to the problem right here under my own roof and didn't even know it." He grinned. "I've got the two greatest sisters in the whole world. I'll go call the guys right now and give them the good word."

"Just don't tell them that the two sluts are your sisters," June said. "If you told them that, they probably wouldn't believe you. Just tell them that who the sluts are is a surprise that they'll find out when we get to wherever we're going."

All three of them went in June's car to Kevin Gardner's house. Kevin's parents were at a party and they never came home from a party before 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. Kevin had no brothers or sisters. June and Sharon had met Kevin before. He was handsome, tall, and well-muscled. According to Will, the other two boys would be Ray Sutton and Craig Malone.

Neither June nor Sharon had met either of these boys, but, in the car, Will told his sisters a bit about them. Ray was short, heavy-set, and a member of his high-school wrestling team. Craig was of medium height, and slim. Will added that both guys were good-looking.

When the three of them got to Kevin's house, Kevin opened the front door in response to Will's knock. June and Sharon stood off to one side.

"Hi, Will. Come on in," said Kevin. "Say, where are the girls?"

"Yeah, I'm dying to know who they are," said Ray Sutton. Both he and Craig Malone had already arrived.

"That goes double for me," Craig chimed in.

Will stepped into the living room, gently pushed Kevin back, and held the door open himself. "The whores are right outside," Will said. "Kevin, you'll recognize them right away. All right, you two miserable cunts, you can come in now?"

Smiling broadly, June and Sharon pranced into the house. Both of them were wearing low-riding tube-tops and short, tight shorts.

"Shit!" Kevin said, his face dropping in disappointment.

"Now is that any way to greet the sisters of one of your best friends?" June asked with a twinkle in her eyes. She noted that Will was just closing the front door.

"Sisters?" Ray yelped as if he were in pain.

"You mean you're Will's sisters?" Craig gasped.

"Yeah, they're Will's sisters," Kevin said. "The one with light-brown hair is June. The one with black hair is Sharon. Girls, I apologize for greeting you like that. It's just that for certain reasons you two were literally the last two girls I expected Will to bring with him. Will has pulled a little trick on us, though, and as soon as you to are out of sight, Ray and Craig and I will probably beat the living shit out of him!" Kevin smiled devilishly devilishly.

"Well," June sighed, "if you want to beat the shit out of him, go ahead. But I hope you won't hurt his cock or his balls. Sharon and I both think he's a hell of a fine fuck!"

Kevin, Ray, and Craig all gasped at the same time. "Huh?" Kevin whispered.

"Before you beat him up, though," Sharon said, "there is something June and I would like you three to do for us."

"Yes, there is," said June, taking hold of the bottom of her tube-top and sweeping the garment upward and off over her head.

As Sharon peeled off her own tube-top and Kevin, Ray, and Craig stared open-mouthed at the two pairs of luscious naked tits, June went on, "You see, Sharon and I came over here to get some hard pricks stuck into us. That's what Will promised us, and if we don't get some pricks in us, we'll help you guys beat the shit out of him!"

As she'd talked, she and Sharon had taken off their shoes and shorts, leaving themselves naked. June put her arms around Kevin, crushing her massive tits against him, and kissed him fervently. Through his jeans, she could feel his stiff cock poking against her belly. Within seconds, she had his jeans and shorts down onto his thighs, and she grasped his prick as she kissed him again. She shivered. His prick was immense!

"Ooohhh, baby!" she moaned. "I want this great big cock inside me right now!"

"Then let's do it!" Kevin breathed as she dragged him down to the carpet. June rolled him onto his back, and facing him, she sat across his loins and stuffed his tremendous cockhead into her dripping pussy. He grabbed her quivering tits, and shooting her hips downward, she impaled her cunt completely on his huge prick. He grunted. "You know, I don't think we'll beat the shit out of Will, after all! Goddamn, you've got a hot pussy, June!"

June snapped her cunt around Kevin's cock and began slowly grinding her hips as he kneaded her tits. "You're damned right I've got a hot pussy," she said. "And it never cools off! Will, get your ass naked and stick your big cock in my mouth!" She kept grinding her hips, rubbing her taut clit against Kevin, and her pleasure grew rapidly.

"I'm already naked," Will said, stepping up to her and getting astride Kevin. Will's prick was hard and he shoved it between June's eagerly parted lips and began pumping his hips, stroking his big cock in and out of her mouth and throat.

"Jesus Christ!" Kevin rasped. "You're making it with one of your own sisters, Will!"

"Yep," Will said, caressing June's neck and shoulders as she started lashing his prick with her hot tongue. "And before the night's over, I'll make it with the other one. As I said just before I called them into the house, they're both whores! And, by God, they're proud of it!"

"Hell, yes!" June murmured as she licked Will's cockhead before pushing her head forward so that he could start fucking her mouth and throat again. As Will's cock slid into her, she pulled her cunt up Kevin's long prick. Then as Will's cock slid out of her, she sat down all the way on Kevin's prick. She continued rotating her wide hips as she moved them up and down, fucking her aching pussy on Kevin's swollen cock.

Ten feet away, Ray and Craig were standing and staring fixedly at the beautiful obscene spectacle as June got pricks in two of her holes. But now Sharon moved up in front of Ray and Craig, and they looked at her gorgeous, naked body. Smiling, she unzipped their pants at the same time, reached inside and got her hands under their shorts, and took hold of their hard, throbbing cocks.

"Which one of you gets my pussy, and which one gets my mouth?" she purred.

In less than a minute, both boys were naked and Sharon was on her knees and elbows. Craig knelt behind her and slowly pushed all of his big prick into her tight, wet cunt. Ray lay down in front of her and spread his legs wide to get his cock under her head. Ray's prick was average length but it was as thick as either of the cocks of the two truck drivers who'd fucked her the night she'd gotten her cherry popped. She lovingly licked every inch of Ray's stiff cock while Craig kept sliding his prick in and out of her seething pussy.

Then, as Craig shoved his prick into her cunt, she pushed her lush ass back at him, meeting his thrusts, and simultaneously wrapped her moist lips around Ray's cock and moved her head downward until he was totally inside her, his cockhead going down just past the top of her throat. Greedily, she tightened her mouth and throat around Ray's prick and clamped her pussy around Craig's prick, thrilling to the feel of having two cocks in her at once for the first time in her life.

"Mmmmm!" she groaned as pleasure filled her.

"All riiiight!" Craig cried. "Yes, snap that pussy, baby!"

Sharon waggled her ass, wiggling both her cunt and Craig's prick. She twisted her lips around on Ray's cock and ran the tip of her tongue up and down it.

"Uunngghh!" Ray grunted, grasping her head and squirming.

Sharon loved having two pricks in her at once and she promised herself that tonight would not be the last time it would happen.

But she knew it was time to get moving again, so she started pulling her cunt forward and her mouth upward. Craig slid his cock backward until his knob was between her clinging pussy lips, and as he drove his prick into her sweltering cunt again, she pulled her face off Ray's cock for a moment.

"My tits!" Sharon whispered. "Grab my tits, Craig! Work on 'em!"

Craig reached down and took hold of her big tits, his palms crushing her erect nipples. He twisted her tits every time he drove his prick into her pussy. Again, she took Ray's cock into her mouth and started pumping her head, timing her strokes so that she went down on his prick as Craig thrust his cock into her juicy cunt.

"Aaahhh!" Sharon moaned.

Across the room, June was digging her fingers into Will's firm little ass. She squeezed his ass every time he pushed his big prick into her mouth and throat. With the squeezing, she urged Will into greater speed as she spiraled her hot pussy faster up and down Kevin's prick. Her pleasure was soaring.

"Mmm! I'm gonna cum!" she mumbled excitedly around her brother's prick. "Ooooo!"

Her cunt started convulsing, its walls bouncing against Kevin's huge cock. She sat down on his prick and wiggled her hips joyously while Will kept fucking her face.

"Aaggh." Kevin gasped. "Ooohhh, God, you're tearing me apart, honey! Aawwnnhh!" He writhed. His hips started bucking and she rode him happily, keeping her twitching pussy skewered on his cock. Her jerked her fat tits downward each time his hips shot upward.

"Yeah, give it to her, Kevin!" win shouted. "Fuck the hell out of my filthy sister's cunt! Aannhh, uunnhh!" Will stepped up the pace of his strokes some more as he slid his bulging prick in and out between June's hotly pressing lips. She whipped his cock with her tongue and sucked on him wildly.

As June's orgasm subsided, she began screwing her slick pussy up and down Kevin's cock again. His hips were still bucking and she met his thrusts fiercely. He hauled on her tits harder and fucked her searing cunt faster.

"Uuunnnhhh! I'm gonna shoot off!" Kevin grunted. "Right in your sister's pussy, Will! Aaahh, yeeeessss!"

"My balls are lettin' go, too!" Will ranted as he banged his prick deep into June's throat.

Both blistering cum-loads started splattering into her at the same time. The double blast of juice ignited another orgasm inside June's lustful body, and she moaned loudly as the contractions shook her. With her mouth and cunt, she milked both cocks for every last drop of jism.

As soon as all three of their orgasms were over, June let both pricks out of her and swallowed Will's cum. Then she began fondling and licking both cocks to keep them hard. But she also watched her sister as the girl kept sucking Ray's cock and kept getting her pussy fucked by Craig's cock.

Sharon was moving her head and hips faster now but was still taking both pricks into beret once. Craig's fuck-thrusts were keeping pace with hers, and he was twisting her tits harder as he drilled his generous cock into her steaming cunt. Her pussy started quaking.

"I'm cumming!" she whimpered blissfully around Ray's prick. "Mmm, mmm, mmmmm!"

Her hips jerked as she pumped them, and she lost the fuck-rhythm and just hurled her cunt wildly back onto Craig's prick every time a spasm leaped through her. The up-and-down strokes of her head became jerky as well, but she sucked at Ray's cock frantically as she slid her lips and tongue along on it.

"Ooohh, God, I'm gonna fill her mouth with my cum!" Ray bellowed.

"And I'm gonna fill her pussy with my cum!" Craig yelled.

The two pricks heaved and started launching their scorching jism into Sharon's mouth and cunt. She came again herself and squealed with joy. Her head and hips moved crazily until all the cumming stopped.

Craig pulled his cock out of her and she raised up off Ray's cock. But immediately Kevin and Will sprang over to her and began kissing her passionately. They pushed her down onto her back and Kevin snatched two decorator pillows off the couch and shoved them under her rich ass, raising her gaping puss to the level of his prick as he knelt between her thighs. His awesome cock was still raging-hard.

"Yes, fuck me, Kevin!" Sharon cried. "And you fuck me, too, Will! Fuck my titties!"

Kevin grasped her hips and began slowly pumping his huge prick in and out of her sopping cunt, fucking her with long, deep strokes. On his knees, Will straddled her upper belly, sank his hands into her big tits, and mashed her tits together around his bloated cock. Sharon raised her head, and as Will thrust his prick forward in the midst of her titflesh, his cockhead emerged from between her tits and she licked it avidly until he pulled backward.

Meanwhile, June sucked ravenously on Ray's and Craig's pricks. When she had both of them erect again, Craig lay down on his back and she straddled him on her hands and knees. He stuck his cockhead into her juice drenched pussy and she pushed her broad hips backward, impaling her cunt on his big prick. Then she drew her cunt forward about an inch, letting her pussy lips play out along his cock.

She looked at Ray. "Get some juice off my pussy lips and smear it all over that thick cock of yours and in the opening of my asshole," she said. "Then ream my ass out with that gorgeous prick!"

"You bet, honey!" Ray answered, and started getting some of the abundant juice off her cunt lips. After coating his cock with it, he stuck two juice-covered fingers into her super tight asshole and began twisting them as he moved them in and out.

June groaned. Slowly, she pumped her hips for a minute, sliding her sultry pussy forward and back on Craig's prick. But when she felt her asshole loosening up, she impaled her cunt on his cock again and stayed there.

"Now, Ray!" she breathed. "Stick your prick up my ass, baby!"

She felt his wide cockhead press against the opening of her asshole. He took hold of her hips and began shoving his log of a prick forward. The tight ring of her ass opening stretched spectacularly wide as he gradually forced his cock into her hot asshole. Pain knifed through her, but the pain was already mixed with pleasure.

"Yeeess!" she whined. "You're splitting me open but I love it, stud! Uunnhh!"

"Jesus, Ray, I can feel your prick!" Craig whooped.

"And I can feel yours!" Ray bubbled. He hesitated, gave another shove, and sent the rest of his cock into June's snug little asshole.

She moaned and worked her crotch muscles and snapped her asshole and her cunt around the two pricks. She felt exquisitely full and she wagged her ass in delight. Her pain faded away. "Squeeze my tits, Craig!" she growled, and started pumping her hips again, moving her pussy and her asshole forward and back on the two cocks, filling herself with both of them at the same time. Ray pulled his cock backward as she pulled her asshole forward, and he shoved his prick forward as she pushed her ass back at him.

Her weighty tits were hanging down against Craig's chest, and Craig latched onto them and kneaded them deeply as her cult stroked along on his rigid prick and her asshole stroked along on Ray's stiff prick, her turgid nipples wiggled around against Craig's chest every time he squeezed her tits, adding to her lascivious pleasure.

She heard Sharon sobbing joyously and looked around to see Kevin battering Sharon's boiling cunt with his great cock while Will fucked her plump tits and she whipped her tongue across Will's cockhead.

"Aaaggghhh! I'm cumming!" Sharon screeched. She wriggled ecstatically and rubbed and squeezed Will's thighs as he kept sliding his big prick along in her silky tit-flesh.

But then June knew that she was on the edge of orgasm her self and she looked down at Craig and watched his handsome face contort with pleasure that her sweet cunt was giving his cock. That pushed her over the edge and the glorious contractions began rocking both her pussy and her asshole, making them snap at the pricks inside her.

"Aaaiiieeee!" she wailed. "I'm making it, you bastards! Uuunnhh, uunnhh, aaaahhhh!"

She pumped her hips faster but also started grinding them slightly, heightening the wonderful sensations that were lancing through her voluptuous young body.

Ray's fingers curled deeper into her lush hips, and he speeded up his cock's fuck strokes in and out of her slimy asshole. Craig kept kneading her whopping tits, but he kneaded them more strongly each time she spiked her overheated cunt on his hard prick.

She grunted as another orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy and asshole were convulsing every time she skewered herself on the two cocks, and she paused a second then and shuddered and twisted, rubbing her distended clit hotly against Craig before pulling her hips forward to begin the next stroke in her wonderful double-fucking.

She heard Will and Kevin and Sharon all howl that they were cumming, and she looked over there for an instant and saw Kevin pounding his giant prick furiously into Sharon's cunt as Will raised up and let his creamy jism fly out of his bucking cock and splash obscenely all over Sharon's face and tits.

"Beautiful!" June shrieked. "Aaawwwnnnhhh! I'm there again myself! Aaaiiiii!" Her body twisted wildly as the contractions jarred her and she ground her hips frenziedly, impaling her sizzling cunt and asshole as many times as she could on the two stiff pricks.

"Ooohhh, shiiiit, I'm gonna cum!" Craig raved as his cock started heaving madly.

"I'm gonna let fly, too, pal!" Ray crowed as his pumping cock began jerking around inside her humid asshole.

"And I'm gonna cum again!" June screamed. "Aaaaahhhh!"

Her orgasm started belting through her just as scalding jism erupted out of both pricks. She impaled herself on the two cocks and writhed with ecstasy as spurt after spurt of cum shot into her twitching asshole and flaming cunt.

Chapter FIVE

Driving home that night, Sharon and Will kept chattering about how great a time they'd had, and June never could find the right moment to tell them her secret. After they got home, she decided to get some sleep. She had to get up early in the morning.

The next day, Friday, June worked all day, as usual, and that night she had a date with a truck driver. So there wasn't much chance to tell Sharon and Will about the fun she'd had with their father, or to tell their father about what she'd been doing with Sharon and Will. On Saturday, Sharon, Will, and Ben each kept trotting off to various places all day, and that night. June had a date with another truck driver.

On Sunday afternoon, though, all four members of the family were at home and none of them had plans to go anywhere. June got Sharon and Will into her room. Ben was downstairs in the living room, watching a baseball game on television. June looked at her brother and sister nervously and cleared her throat.

"What's with you?" Will said.

"I'm trying to figure out how to go about this," June answered. "Sharon, how would you feel about getting daddy's cock in you?"

"Daddy's?" Sharon blurted, as if the idea amazed her.

Will grinned. "I should've known that sooner or later one of you sluts would think about getting daddy's prick in you," he said.

Sharon looked thoughtful. "Hmmmm, daddy's cock," she murmured. Slowly, a lewd smile spread over her pretty face. She shivered, and her hips twisted. "Yes, I'd love to get daddy's cock in me. And I guess you're intending to get it in you."

"I'm intending to get it in me again," June corrected.

Sharon's breath caught. Will gaped. For about five seconds there was silence. Then Will laughed.

"I can see possibilities for some real family togetherness," he said. His voice sounded half-joking, but also half-serious. "I wonder what it would be like to have my prick in one end of one of you while Daddy had his prick in the other end?"

"Have you told Daddy about making it with us?" Sharon asked.

"No," June answered.

"How many times have you made it with Daddy?" Will asked.

"Just a couple of times last Tuesday night," June said. "I got to thinking that he was probably horny as hell so I seduced him. And it was fan-fucking-tastic! I wanted to tell all of you about everything sooner, but I never could seem to find the right words at the right time."

"Well, when are you going to tell Daddy?" asked Sharon. "Or should all three of us sort of tell him together?" She smiled slyly.

"That sounds like a good idea," Will said.

"That's what I've been hoping you two would say," said June. "Let's all three get our clothes off and I'll go downstairs and bring him back up here."

Will and Sharon agreed, and all three of them stripped naked. Then June went downstairs. Sweeping into the living room, she turned off the TV and winked at her father.

"June!" he whispered. "My God, your brother and sister are home!"

"I know," she said, "but you don't have to worry about them." Cupping her huge tits, she oozed toward him.

Ben got up and glanced around uneasily, as if he were looking for Will and Sharon. June pressed against him and started unbuttoning his shirt. "I told you not to worry about them," she whispered. "I've taken care, of everything." She got Ben's shirt off him, kissed him on the lips, and began undoing his pants. She got him naked, punctuating her movements with rubs, squeezes, and warm kisses. His mammoth prick was rock-hard.

"Come on up to my room," she said, taking his hand.

"My room would be safer," he whispered. "I'd better take in my clothes too, so Sharon and Will won't see them if they come down here. If we go in my room and close the door, they'll just figure that I'm taking a nap and that you've gone out somewhere."

June kissed him again and massaged his cock. "My room," she said. "It'll be all right."

And this time when she tugged at his hand, he followed her. Looking around nervously, he tip-toed all the way up the stairs and along the second-floor hall to the doorway of her room. There he let go of her hand and stepped quickly inside, as if darting into a hiding place to escape the eyes of some lurking enemy enemy.

"Hi, Daddy!" Sharon squealed. She'd been standing against the wall right beside the doorway, and she lunged against him and hugged him. Molding her lush, naked body to his and thrusting her belly against his stiff prick, she kissed him fiercely on the lips. Will stepped out from behind the door, grinning.

"My God!" Ben gasped. "All three of you!" He started to pull back from Sharon, but June stepped up behind him and pushed her own body against his, mashing her tits against his back. June slipped her arms around him, and Sharon dropped to her knees and began licking Ben's cock.

"Ooo!" Sharon purred. "You've got the biggest prick I've ever seen, Daddy! June didn't tell me it was this big!" She licked his balls, took his cockhead into her mouth, and tickled it with her tongue.

"Ooohhh, shit, both my daughters!" Ben groaned. "Look, I'm not sure..."

"Just relax and enjoy yourself, Dad," Will chuckled. "You might as well. They're not going to let you get away, and besides, you've already had your prick in June!"

Suddenly Ben laughed. "Yeah, I guess you're right. And, hell, Sharon's really getting to me! Aannhh!"

Sharon moved her head forward, taking more of her father's tremendous, bulging cock into her hot mouth. She sucked on his prick and let her tongue slither all over it. June kneaded his chest muscles and wiggled her upper body, moving her tits around against his back. Sharon kept pushing her head forward, edging her full lips along on his throbbing cock.

"Yes!" Ben breathed. "Suck my cock, Sharon! Take it all!"

"Don't worry, Dad, she'll do it," Will said, kneeling behind Sharon and sticking a finger up into her damp cunt.

"Uunnhh! Mmm!" Sharon grunted as her lips slid forward.

With only a couple of inches of her father's prick not yet inside her, she choked, paused, and pushed her head forward again, taking the rest of his stupendous cock into her mouth and throat. His prickhead seemed to be all the way down into the top of her chest. She moaned with pride and pleasure.

"Yeah!" Ben whooped. "Beautiful, baby! You did it!"

Sharon tightened her throat, pulled in her cheeks, and sucked intensely on her father's pulsing cock. She cupped her tongue against the underside of his prick and worked her tongue forward and backward inside her mouth. She felt Will's finger moving up and down in her warm pussy, and now felt him begin rubbing her clit. Her clit swelled and her pussy quickly grew hot and juicy.

Slowly, she drew her head backward, twisting her lips around on Ben's prick, smacking her lips on his prick, lashing his prick with, her tongue. She pulled her head off him, got up, and, smiling enticingly, backed away toward June's bed. Lying down on the bed, Sharon rolled over and came up to her hands and knees. She looked over his shoulder at her father and made her aching pussy gape open.

"Now, fuck me, Daddy!" she growled. "Fuck your younger daughter like a dog! I want your cock up my cunt while Will's cock is in my mouth!" She started closing her pussy and then making it gape open again, time after time.

"Yes, fuck the dirty whore!" June breathed, letting go of her father.

And with a roar of lust, Ben charged across the room and jumped onto the bed, landing on his knees. He grabbed Sharon's hips, moved in close to her, and jammed his bloated cockhead into her hot cunt.

"Yes!" Sharon cried, and shot her hips backward just as her father shot his hips forward. His massive prick smashed all the way into her tight young pussy, and a feverish combination of pain and pleasure tore through her shapely body.

As Ben pumped his cock rapidly in and out of her cunt, Will leaped onto the bed, knelt in front of Sharon, and jammed most of his big, hard cock into her mouth. Taking hold of her head, he shoved the rest of his prick into her, his cockhead going halfway down her throat.

Sharon moaned, trembling with delight as she felt her brother's prick buried in one end of her while her father's prick stroked away in the opposite end of her.

Will wriggled his hips, making his cock squirm around inside her. Then he began pumping his hips, fucking her mouth and throat with long deep strokes of his cock just as their father was doing to her cunt. Will pulled his prick backward as Ben's prick went backward, and then both of them shoved their cocks totally into her at the same time.

June stared as her brother and her father fucked her sister's mouth and pussy. June tingled and shuddered as her own body heated up. Her clit and her big pink nipples swelled and hot juice began trickling out of her cunt. Still gazing at the double-fucking, she walked up to the bed and crawled on to it. She lay on her back and wiggled until her head was under one of Sharon's fleshy, dangling tits. June stuffed as much tit-flesh into her mouth as she could and started sucking greedily. She poked the distended nipple repeatedly with her tongue and began squeezing both of Sharon's tits.

"Aaahhh, suck me!" Sharon cried as she whipped her tongue across Will's cockhead. Then Will was filling her mouth with his prick again as her father's cock rammed, into her burning cunt.

"Ooohhh, God, you've got a sweet pussy, Sharon!" Ben raved. He started rotating his slim hips as he slid his great prick in and out of her cunt. Letting go of one of her hips, he reached down under her belly, trapped her taut clit between two fingers, and began massaging it zestfully.

Sharon squealed and writhed joyously, then started grinding her ample hips as she shoved her wanton pussy back to be skewered on her father's driving cock. "I'm gonna cum!" she sobbed around Will's prick as it stroked in and out of her mouth. A wild orgasm burst out inside her. She sucked at Will's prick more fervently and flailed it with her tongue.

Will groaned. "Yes, tear me up, red-hot Sister! Aaahhh! Ooohhh!"

With his cock completely inside Sharon's mouth and throat, he paused as she sucked on his entire prick. When he started sliding his cock backward and forward again, he was pulling his prick out of her mouth as their father was thrusting his cock into her pussy. And as Ben drew his prick out of her cunt, Will was burying his own cock in her mouth and throat once more.

June smiled as she saw the delicious one-two punch her sister was getting from the two erect pricks. Letting Sharon's tit out of her mouth, June wiggled some more until her own tits were under Sharon. June grasped one of her own tits and one of Sharon's tits and stretched them toward each other. Their large turgid nipples met, and June began rubbing them sensually against each other, sending more pleasure blitzing through both sluts.

Sharon moaned as a fresh set of contractions shook her torrid pussy. More juice poured out of her cunt walls and some of it streamed out between her pussy lips and down her thighs. She kept churning her hips, pushing her cunt back to meet her father's thrusting prick. His fingers on her clit were driving her crazy with lewd delight. She moaned every time he spiked her pussy with his cock, and she grunted every time her brother drove all of his prick into her mouth and throat. She shivered as one of her nipples got rubbed by one of June's nipples.

"Aaannnhhh! Oohh! Ooohhh!" Ben panted as he drilled his awesome cock into Sharon's fiery cunt. He changed his fuck rhythm and battered her pussy with a few short, deep strokes, drawing his prick back only two or three inches before impaling her cunt again completely.

"Uuummmm! Ooooo! Uuummmm!" Sharon whimpered. Another orgasm blasted through her, her pussy convulsing violently against her father's iron-hard cock.

"She's cumming again!" Ben cried. He changed his fuck-rhythm again, going back to long, swift strokes, pulling his cockhead almost back to her pussy lips before sailing his whole prick into her cunt once more. But his and Will's thrusts were together again, both cocks driving into Sharon at the same time. "Let's fuck her faster, Son!" Ben grunted. "And keep it together!"

"Terrific!" Will breathed, and both studs stepped up the pace as they stroked their pulsating pricks in and out of her.

Sharon speeded up her hips and matched her father thrust for thrust. She snapped her cunt furiously around Ben's cock each time it slammed into her pussy, and she sucked on Will's prick voraciously every time it surged into her mouth and throat. She felt June's nipple fall away from her own nipple and then felt June pumping her big tits up and down hotly.

"Mmmmm! Cumming!" Sharon whined as another orgasm started jolting her.

"So am I, Sis!" Will shouted. "Uunnhnh, uuunngghh!" His searing jism began erupting into her mouth and throat as he kept sliding his cock in and out of her.

"Aaawww!" Ben roared. "I'm shootin', kids! Yeess!" His rapid fuck-strokes became short but deep again as his scalding cum started squirting into his younger daughter's climaxing pussy. Both pricks kept ramming into her until both sets of balls were dry.

After both cocks slipped out of her, Sharon moved sideways past June's head and flopped down on the bed, struggling for breath. But June came up to her knees and began fondling both pricks warmly, trying to keep them hard. She ducked her head to Will's prick and sucked on it, then turned to her father's prick and sucked on it. When she was sure that the two pricks would stay stiff, she let go of them.

"Now I want 'em both in me!" she whispered.

"We wouldn't have it any other way, doll," her father answered with a grin. "Will, it's your turn to get some pussy."

"Now that's the kind of thing a son likes to hear from his daddy!" Will chortled. "Hmmm, I wanna fuck her like a dog, just like you fucked Sharon!"

"Okay, but instead of kneeling in front of her, the way you did with Sharon, I'm going to lie down," Ben said. "Then Sharon can sit on my face!"

"Groovy!" Sharon purred.

Ben sprawled out on his back, and between his spread legs, June dropped to her knees and elbows. She licked up and down the underside of her father's hard cock as Will knelt behind her and pushed the knob of his own engorged prick into her yawning cunt. Then Will reached down and sank his fingers into her huge tits. He squeezed her tits softly as he started shoving more of his cock into her slick pussy. He moved his cock in short strokes at first, pushing a bit more of it into her cunt on each gentle thrust.

"Oooo, uuunnhh, mmmmm." June groaned as she began pumping her hips in short strokes to match what Will was doing, and she snapped her pussy at his prick to try to draw him deeper into her hot cunt.

At the same time, she took her father's bulging cockhead into her mouth, ran the tip at her tongue all over it, and started moving her head up and down with the same kind of short strokes she and Will were using. And as Will's prick gradually penetrated deeper into her tight pussy, she gradually slid her lips farther clown Ben's long thick cock. She swung her tongue repeatedly from side to side across the underside of his prick.

Sharon got up onto her knees and facing June, she straddled her father's neck and lowered herself, moving her loins backward and down until her swollen pussy lips were against his lips. Ben opened his mouth wide and licked her clit until it surged into tingling erectness. Then a drop of his own cum dripped out of her cunt into his mouth, and he wiggled his tongue up into her sultry pussy and began swirling his tongue up and down. More of his jism rolled down into his mouth.

"Aaaiiii!" Sharon squealed. "Yes, Daddy, drink your cum out of my filthy pussy! Uunnhh, aaahh!"

Ben churned his tongue up and down in Sharon's cunt faster. Reaching up around her, he latched onto her big round tits and began kneading them as he ate her snug little pussy. He gasped as he felt June take the rest of his throbbing prick into her mouth and throat.

June moaned happily. She was all the way down on her father's cock, and her brother's generous prick was totally inside her sweltering cunt. She prick vigorously and sucked at Ben's snapped her pussy at Will's cock.

Will grunted. "Christ, it feels like your cunt's chewing my prick up, Big Sister! Ooohhh, Goddamn!" Squeezing her whopping tits deeply, he started pumping his hips with short strokes again. But this time they were hard deep strokes as he drew his cock back only an inch or so before slamming it forward, fucking away at her snapping pussy.

June's head flew upward. "Aaaahhh! Ah, yeeess, I'm gonna cum!" she cried. Her cunt quaked magnificently, and she worked her hips frantically, pounding her ass against Will's belly and pounding her cunt on his harshly thrusting prick. She nibbled wildly at her father's cockhead and flicked it with her hot tongue.

As her orgasm subsided, she started pumping her hips in longer, slower strokes. Will did the same with his hips until he was pulling everything out of her but his cockhead and then pushing his whole prick back into her sizzling pussy. She began working her head up and down on Ben's cock again, using long, slow strokes here, too. She flapped her tongue at Ben's cock constantly and snapped her cunt hungrily at Will's prick. She slid her rich lips down Ben's cock as Will's prick slid out of her pussy, and she drew her lips up her father's prick as her brother drove his cock back into her cunt.

Ben shoved his tongue as far as it would go up into Sharon's sopping pussy and waggled his tongue crazily. Sharon moaned and writhed but kept her cunt over his mouth. Then he reeled his tongue out of her pussy and began licking her straining clit.

"Oooo! My God, I'm making it!" Sharon whined as an orgasm started kicking through her gorgeous body. "Aaahhh, uunnhh, aaahhh!" More pussy juice flooded out inside her and rolled down into her father's mouth. He twisted her ripe tits as he kept darting his tongue at her clit.

June began grinding her broad hips as she pumped them. Her pleasure grew and she came again. She whimpered as she slid her lips along on Ben's colossal prick. She speeded up the lascivious motions of her head and hips. Will drove his hard cock into her seething cunt faster and started grinding his hips in the opposite direction to the way she was grinding hers.

"Aaawww!" he groaned. "Yes, throw that pussy at me, June! Dynamite, baby! Ooohhh, Jeeesus! Go to it!"

Still squeezing her mountainous tits, he also began pulling them farther apart and then smashing them together. Another orgasm jarred her but she kept her head and hips moved in the same quick rhythm, impaling her mouth and throat on her father's prick and then impaling her twitching pussy on Will's thrusting cock.

"Aaaaggghhh! I'm gettin' off again!" Sharon wailed. "Oooohhh, shit, pop that tongue to me, Daddy!" Her whole body jerked as her cunt contracted powerfully. Ben's tongue crawled swiftly back and forth all over her turgid clit and she sobbed with joy.

June grunted blissfully as she came again, too. She started grinding her hips faster, and when she was taking both pricks into her simultaneously, she kept her head and hips moving in unison. Will speeded up the strokes of his cock in and out of her steaming cunt to keep pace with her, and he kept beating her tits against each other as he rammed his prick all the way into her juicy pussy. She shuddered uncontrollably as one orgasm after another blasted through her voluptuous body.

"Aaaiiieeee! I'm cumming!" Sharon howled as Ben's tongue slapped her clit wildly, launching her into another delicious orgasm.

"Ooohh, dear God, I'm gonna cum, too!" Ben yelled. "Take my load, June!"

"And my balls are lettin' go!" Will bellowed.

Both excited pricks started bucking madly. One load of blistering cum began spurting into June's mouth and throat, and the other load began splattering into her boiling pussy. She sucked on her father's prick dementedly and hurled her cunt back onto her brother's cock as many times as she could. She moaned as she came again, and her spasms shattered everything in the world except her hot pleasure.

Chapter SIX

With a sigh, June pushed back from her desk and looked up at the clock. Then she smiled. It was 4:45 and she'd just finished typing a letter that would probably be her last piece of work for the day. Unless bad luck attacked, she could relax until 5 o'clock, which was quitting time this Wednesday.

It had been a good day. She'd had plenty of work to do but had always done it quickly so that she'd had plenty of breaks. During two of those breaks a couple of the company's truck drivers had reamed out her hot wet cunt with their hard pricks.

At home, things were still going great. She and her sister, father, and brother had had two more orgies and there was an air of excited happiness in the house.

"Oh, shit," she muttered.

Pete Brewer's door had just opened, and Pete was standing in the doorway, looking straight at her. Although only about forty, Pete was president of the company. He and two other men had been in his office all day, except for the two hours the three of them had spent at lunch somewhere. The other two men were co-owners of another company, and Pete was going all-out to land a contract with them. He'd expected the negotiations to go on for another day or two, according to what he'd told June, but June had a sinking feeling that he'd just clinched the deal and that he now wanted one of the secretaries. And since all the other secretaries were busy at the moment, she was going to be elected.

It would mean taking a lot of complicated notes in shorthand. It would mean typing those notes into a rough draft of the contract. It would mean working an extra two or three hours tonight. Damn!

Pete came toward her and she sighed heavily.

He stopped beside her desk and bent over, resting his forearms on the desk top.

"I guess Pete told you why Jack and I wanted to talk to you," Milt said.

Looking Milt straight in the eye, June reached down, unzipped his pants, fished her and pulled out his big, hard prick.

"Pete didn't say a damn thing about talking!" she answered, and squeezed Milt's stiff cock. She started stroking the cock sensuously and felt it swell even larger.

Milt grinned from ear to ear. "Jack, I think our friend Pete has brought us a live one!"

"I'm inclined to agree," said Jack in a bass voice that made June shiver with desire.

Jack stepped behind her, tugged her sweater off her shoulders, and peeled it downward until her huge tits were naked. Then he reached around, pinched her big nipples, and kneaded her tits deeply. Through their clothes, she felt his hard prick pressing against her back, just above her ripe ass.

"Get down on your knees and suck my cock, baby!" Milt whispered.

June would have gone down willingly, but Jack pulled her tits downward brutally and kept pulling, forcing her to her knees as he dropped to his knees behind her. She felt an obscene mixture of pain and pleasure, and her nipples and clit stiffened. She licked. Milt's bulging prickhead lovingly.

"Take my whole cock, bitch! Now!" Milt growled, fastening his hands against the sides of her head. Jack wrenched her tits harshly and more pain-pleasure sliced through her.

"Aawwnnhh!" she groaned. Opening her mouth wider, she pressed her lush damp lips round Milt's prick just behind his knob be fore slowly pushing her head forward, taking more of his cock into her hot mouth. But evidently she was too slow. Milt jerked her head toward him and at the same time thrust his hips forward. His whole prick went into her mouth and throat. She moaned and tightened her throat, drew in her cheeks, and sucked at him like a vacuum cleaner. She whined as she sucked, and she made her silky tongue crawl around on his pulsating cock.

"Uunnhh! That's it, you slimy whore!" Milt grunted. He twisted his hips with pleasure a few times, then started pumping both her head and his hips hard and fast, fucking her face roughly with his big prick. He and Jack obviously wanted to be rough on her right away. Maybe that was the way they liked their sex, or maybe they just wanted to dominate the hell out of her in front of Pete to impress him with their forcefulness so that he would soften up in their business negotiations. To June, though, the reason didn't matter. She could take anything these bastards could dish out, and she could get off on it. Her magnificent body was getting hotter, especially her tits, cunt, and clit. Juice was trickling off her pussy lips and down her thighs.

She whipped her tongue avidly back and forth across Milt's hard cock as he rapidly fucked her mouth and throat. She felt Jack let go of her tits and reach for the catch and zipper of her tight skin. Within ten seconds the skirt was in a crumpled heap around her knees. After snatching her shoes off her, Jack tapped her inner thighs and she planted her knees farther apart.

He spread her dripping pussy lips open with one hand, then pressed all five fingertips of his other hand together and forced them up into the opening of her snug young cunt. He put an arm around her, his forearm biting into her belly, and then shoved upward savagely with the hand he had at her pussy. All five of his fingers went completely up into her tight cunt, stretching her cunt violently. A jagged pain ripped through her.

"Aaaaggghhh!" she shrieked around Milt's cock as it pistoned in and out of her mouth and throat. Her pain got worse as Jack curled up his fingers inside her pussy until his hand was a fist. Her pain doubled when he twisted the fist and slammed it upward, deeper into her wildly gaping cunt. His entire hand went into her pussy.

"Aaaagggghhhh!" she screamed in agony.

"Yeah, Jack, fuck the hell out of the slut's Goddamn pussy with your big fist!" Milt raved. "Beat the shit out of her filthy cunt!"

Jack pulled his fist downward, then slammed it upward again, even deeper into her tremendously stretched pussy. His hand and at least three inches of his forearm tore into her cunt and she thought she was going to split wide open.

"How do you like that, bitch?" Jack ranted, twisting his fist around in her hot pussy. He started pumping the fist down and back up again, socking her cunt fiercely time after time. June gave a muffled yelp of hurt around Milt's stroking prick every time Jack's fist smashed up into her slick pussy.

She'd had her hands on Milt's hips but now she shifted her hands down to her tits. As Milt kept fucking her mouth and throat with his large cock and Jack kept pounding his fist up into her agonized cunt, she cupped her huge tits and caressed them, sliding her fingers lightly over the sensitive flesh. She knew that her wanton cunt would get used to the pounding fist and that her pain would fade, but she was giving herself pleasure to make the pain fade faster.

She ran her fingertips over her swollen nipples and her pleasure grew. She pressed her palms against her nipples, spread her fingers out on her white tit-flesh, and began kneading her tits gently as the prick and the fist kept hammering at her mouth and her searing pussy. Bit by bit, she sank her fingers deeper into her swelling tits, rubbing her nipples against her palms. Her pleasure heightened more and she concentrated on her tits and on the pleasure that Milt's pumping prick was giving her mouth and throat.

Almost before she knew, it, her pain had lessened, and even in her cunt she was beginning to feel faint stirrings of pleasure. She moved her left hand over to her right tit, pressing her left forearm and upper arm into her left tit. She moved her right hand down to her taut clit and started massaging her joy-knob while she kneaded her right tit and rubbed her left one. Her pain faded faster as her pleasure spread.

Jack's pounding fist was feeling mostly good to her juicy cunt now and she moaned in obvious delight. She began whipping her tongue across Milt's stroking cock again, then teasing his cock with her tongue, then whipping her tongue across his cock once more. She kept moaning delightedly.

"Well, I'll be Goddamned!" Milt gasped as he kept fucking her face with his hard prick. "She's having fun! Pete, this is one hell of a slut you've got here!"

As Milt jerked her head forward and back to make her full lips slide along on his cock, June glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Pete grin. Milt started moving both her head and his prick faster but he kept driving his whole prick into her mouth and throat on every thrust. Jack speeded up his fist as he pistoned it up and down in her yawning pussy. He was still turning the fist as he pumped it.

"Christ!" Jack panted. "This doll's cunt turns, out more juice than any fucking cunt I've ever seen!"

June's pain had vanished now. She was loving the big fist that was battering her sweet pussy. She sucked sharply on Milt's cock every time it plunged into her. She felt her body reaching toward orgasm, and she stepped up the pace as she rubbed and kneaded her fat titties and massaged her trembling clit. Turbulent spasms shook her sweltering cunt and radiated outward to shake her entire body.

"Mmmm! Cumming!" she managed to sob around Milt's generous prick.

"Sensational, honey!" Jack cried. "God damn, I can feel her pussy contracting against my fist! Ooohhh, shiiit, yes!"

June whined loudly as joy rolled through her. She whipped her fiery tongue even faster back and forth across Milt's swiftly stroking prick.

"Aaannnhhh! I'm gonna cum!" Milt howled. "Take my juice in your sucking mouth, baby! Aaaiiieeee!"

She grunted happily as she felt Milt's cock jumping around in her mouth. She was still cumming when his white-hot jism started blasting into her mouth and throat. Moaning, she sucked at his prick passionately while Jack's fist kept hammering up into her cunt. She had her last contraction just as the last drop of Milt's cum shot into her mouth. Then Jack pulled his fist out of her and she leaned back and swallowed every bit of Milt's jism.

She laughed. "I wonder if anyone in the outer office heard any of the beautiful noise we made," she said.

"I doubt it," Pete replied. "Things didn't get loud until just after 5 o'clock, and I'm sure everyone out there left right on the dot of 5."

"Who cares whether they heard us or not?" Milt chuckled. "Come on. Let's go have some drinks and dinner and then have some more fun."

After June called home to tell her family that she'd be very late, she and the three men all went out for a few drinks and a leisurely dinner. Then they all went to Milt's room in the plush hotel where he and Jack were staying. Less than five minutes later, all four of them were naked, and June was being passed from one man to another, all three studs kissing her on the lips and rubbing and squeezing her shapely body. She massaged all three pricks until they were hard. Jack and Pete were as well-hung as Milt was, and as her lust rose, she knew what she wanted.

"Oooo! I want some cocks in me!" she groaned. "I want all three of you!"

"That's just what Jack and I were hoping you'd say, doll," Milt answered. "You game, Pete?"

"Hell, yes!" Pete said. "Let's put it to her!"

After Milt greased his cock and her asshole with some of her abundant pussy juice, all four of them got onto the big double-bed. Jack lay on his back and June straddled him on her hands and knees. He stuck his cockhead into her cunt and grasped her enormous tits with both hands. She pushed her hips backward until she had virtually all of Jack's big stiff prick inside her sultry pussy.

She snapped her pussy rhythmically around Jack's prick while Milt knelt behind her, between Jack's spread legs. Milt pressed his cockhead against the superbly tight opening of her ass, grasped her wide hips firmly, and began shoving his hard thick cock into her asshole. Pain lanced through her, but it was nothing compared to the pain she'd first felt during the fist-fucking of her cunt. She wiggled her hips, partly to help Milt wedge his prick further into her asshole and partly to rub her distended clit against Jack and give herself pleasure.

"Ooohhh! Push harder, Milt!" she cried. "Get that cock in me all the way! Unnnhhh, aaahhh!"

With a grunt, Milt shoved harder, and his big prick slid all the way into her super-snug asshole.

She yelped as more pain shot through her. But she clamped her cunt and her asshole around Jack's and Milt's cocks and wiggled her hips some more, and her pain disappeared. Her pleasure blossomed tremendously as she thrilled to the feeling of haying two pricks inside her at once.

"Now stick your cock in my mouth, Pete!" she moaned excitedly.

She licked her lips eagerly as Pete knelt down in front of her, his large erect prick standing out proudly. Her head was sticking out past Jack's head so there was no problem as Pete took hold of her head and began pushing his cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his prick and taunted it with her stabbing tongue as he thrust every bit of his cock into her hot mouth and throat.

She whined blissfully. It was the first time she'd had three pricks in her at once and she trembled with excitement, already on the verge of orgasm. She sucked at Pete's cock and snapped her cunt and asshole feverishly around Jack's and Milt's cocks. Jack squeezed her tits, making her big nipples squirm round against his upper chest. She started wiggling her hips again, rubbing her clit against Jack's lower belly just above the base of his prick.

Then her torrid pussy and ass were snapping on their own as her orgasm began bouncing through her.

"Jesus fucking Christ! I think she's cumming!" Jack whooped.

"Yeah." Milt cried. "Come on, Pete, let's get our pricks moving!"

"You bet your balls!" Pete laughed.

Pete and Milt pulled their cocks backward slowly, almost out of her mouth and her asshole. At the same time, June slid her twitching cunt forward, almost off Jack's prick. Then, simultaneously, Pete shoved his cock back into her mouth, Milt thrust his prick forward in her humid ass, and she pushed her pelvis backward, driving her pussy back onto Jack's cock and her asshole back onto Milt's cock.

"Aawwnnhh!" she groaned, reveling again in the fantastic feeling of triple fullness. She shuddered crazily as waves of pleasure washed through her.

Pete and Milt kept drawing their pricks backward in her mouth and her ass as she dragged her cunt forward on Jack's cock. And Pete and Milt kept slowly driving their cocks back into her mouth and her slimy asshole as she again impaled her flaming pussy on Jack's prick.

She tongue-lashed Pete's big cock and sucked on it constantly as it slid in and out of her mouth and throat. She clenched Jack's and Milt's generous pricks with her cunt and her asshole every time they were buried inside her, and then she wiggled her hips to heighten her pleasure. Jack squeezed her oversized tits repeatedly as she worked her pussy forward and backward on his iron-hard cock.

"Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm!" she whimpered as another orgasm belted through her.

"Let's sock it to her faster, Pete!" Milt grunted.

"Okay by me, pal!" Pete breathed.

June started pumping her hips faster as Milt speeded lip his fuck-strokes in and out of her seething shitter. Pete began sliding his rigid prick in and out of her hot mouth faster, still thrusting his cock into her at the same time her boiling cunt and asshole were being skewered on Jack's and Milt's pricks.

More sweet spasms jolted her and she filled up with ecstasy and kept stroking her pussy and her asshole along faster on the cocks inside them. Milt and Pete kept stepping up their pace to match hers, so that she was still getting all three pricks inside her at once. More orgasms kept sweeping through her, each one stranger than the last.

Then Jack shouted, "Uuunnnhhh! My God, here comes my load, doll!"

"Ooohhh, I'm shootin' off, too!" Pete crowed as she sucked harder on his cock.

"By damn, it'll be a triple blowout, then!" Milt bellowed.

All three pricks were heaving now. Jack's scalding cum started spurting into her first, but Pete's and Milt's balls began unloading only a second later. She was cumming again herself and she moaned loudly and joyously as the loads of scorching jism shot into her three steaming holes. She pumped her hips and shuddered wildly until every last bit of cum was inside her.

Chapter SEVEN

Pete, Milt, and Jack were all in a jovial mood the next morning, and they wrapped up their business deal on terms that pleased both sides. The next week, Pete gave June a raise.

At 5:30 Friday afternoon of the week after her raise, June was working late, as she usually did on Fridays. She was going over some routine papers brought in by one of the company's truck drivers who had returned to the home office that day, but her mind was no more than halfway on her work. Hank Latimer, one of the two truck drivers who'd fucked her and Sharon the night Sharon got her cherry popped, was due in today, and June was getting anxious. Damn near every one of the company's truck drivers had fucked June by now, but Hank was her favorite. She'd been expecting him ever since noon, and she was beginning to wonder if he was going to get here today.

A few minutes later, the door to the hall opened and Hank strode in. He grinned as he walked toward her, and she smiled in return. When he got to her desk, he tossed some papers down onto it.

"I'm supposed to give you these for you to check over," he said. He glanced down at her tits, which her low-cut neckline left exposed almost down to her nipples.

"I'll get to them in just a minute," said June. "How you been?"

"Gettin' pussy anywhere I can. How about you?"

"Getting cock anywhere I can," June answered. Her smile widened. "And I do mean anywhere! Say, how come you're so late? I figured you'd be here sooner."

"Rain slowed me down," Hank said. "Rained hard on me all day till about an hour ago."

He sat on the edge of her desk and they made more small talk while she worked. When she finally finished her work about 6:30, she said, "Well, I'm free now for the rest of the night."

"I'm free for the next five days," Hank said. "God, I love these breaks between those long runs, especially if I can spend some time during the break with a gorgeous babe like you. How about dinner tonight? We can eat at my place."

"Great," June replied, "I've never been to your place."

"Well, it's not much," Hank said. "Just a dinky little apartment, but it's okay for a bachelor who's gone most of the time. Come on, my station wagon's out in the parking lot. I'll hop in it and you can follow me to my place in your car."

"I'll be right behind you all the way," said June.

Hank's apartment was only a short drive from the office. After they got out of their cars, June looked the nice apartment building over and decided that his place probably wasn't dinky at all. They went on into the building, up to the second floor, and down a long hall until Hank stopped in front of a door and fished a key out of his pocket.

"This is it," he said, but suddenly he looked nervous. "Uh, there's something I've been meaning to tell you, but I never could decide how to say it. I've got a surprise for you inside."

"Oh? A good surprise or a bad surprise?" June asked lightly.

"I don't know," Hank answered. "I met her at a truck stop last night, a few hundred miles from here. She was a waitress there and she and I wound up spending the night together. While we talked, we found out we had more in common than our love of sucking and fucking -- we both knew you. So this morning she quit her job and climbed into the truck with me. I dropped her off here this afternoon just before I came to the office."

"She knows me? Who the heck is she?" June asked.

"You'll see," said Hank, sticking his key into the lock. "You may not want to see her, but she really wants to see you -- and a few other people, too." He opened the door and they went in. The living room and the kitchen were empty. "She must be in the john or the bedroom," Hank said. He led the way down a short hall and stopped at the open bedroom doorway. June looked inside.

A gorgeous, naked woman in her mid-thirties was sitting up in the bed, her back against the pillows and the headboard. She had broad well-shaped hips, a trim waist, huge hanging tits with large pink nipples, and long shining brown hair. She was just putting down a magazine and looking up at June. June recognized her immediately.

"Hi, doll. You've grown since I left," the woman said. "Especially in your tits. You're looking great!"

"Mom!" June gasped. "You old whore!" Then she ran to the bed and embraced her mother, Carolyn Richards.

Both Sharon and Will had dates that night, but when June called and told them to break their dates because she had an important surprise, they did it eagerly. She said she'd be home to pick them up in twenty minutes. She drove home alone and told her father that she, Sharon, and Will were going to a party that was strictly for teenagers. Ben told them to have a good time.

After June drove Sharon and Will to Hank's place, Sharon squealed and hugged Hank in the living room, then introduced him to Will. Then June, Hank, Sharon, and Will stripped naked, and June let the way into the bedroom, where Carolyn, still naked, was waiting.

Sharon and Will were just as glad to see their mother as June had been, particularly after Carolyn explained that she'd wanted to see them sooner but had been afraid of what Ben might do. Carolyn also said that she'd tried to call them on the phone but that she'd found that their number had been changed and that the new number was unlisted. Ben had gotten the unlisted number the day after he'd kicked Carolyn out.

"Hey, June's told me some wild things about all of you," Carolyn said, "and since you're ail naked, I guess at least some of them must be true. But she says you've been having orgies with your father!"

"Yep!" Sharon said gleefully. "And he's really great at fucking and pussy-eating!"

"Of course he is," said Carolyn. "I taught him how! He must've really changed since I left, though, or he wouldn't be sticking his great big prick into his own daughters!"

"June changed him a few weeks ago," Will said. "And then she got all four of us to having orgies together."

"It was easy to change him," June said. "He was horny as hell. I think I was his first piece of cunt since you left, Mom. I think he misses you."

"I kind of miss him, too," said Carolyn. "But we can worry about him later." Will was sitting next to her on the bed, and she French-kissed him and hugged him, pressing her enormous tits against his chest. "If you people are as great in bed as June says you are, I want in on the fun!"

"All riiight!" Sharon cried.

"Welcome to the fun, Big Mama!" Will murmured, kneading one of Carolyn's tits and running a hand down her belly to her pussy lips as their wet mouths met again.

June and Sharon piled onto the bed and started kissing Carolyn, too. Tits were squeezed until their nipples were swollen, clits were rubbed until they were stiff, and cunts were finger-fucked until they were hot and dripping.

"Ooohhh, Lord, I don't know who to make it with first," Carolyn said, stroking Will's big hard cock.

"Do it with Sharon and Will first," June replied as she pulled Hank down onto the bed and grabbed his huge prick. "Since I made it with Daddy before they knew anything about it, it's only fair that they have first shot at you. And I'll be more than glad to have Hank's big old beautiful prick rammed up my pussy while I watch the three of you!"

June French-kissed Hank fervently and rolled atop him. She jammed a few inches of his bulging cock into her horny cunt, then sat up, astride him on her knees. Shoving her hips downward, she skewered her pussy on his prick and started grinding her lush hips. She kept grinding them as she pumped them up and down, screwing her snug cunt on his cock. Hank latched onto her luxurious tits and squeezed them as she worked her pussy up and down his prick.

"Go to it, June!" Carolyn cried. "Fuck my older daughter, Hank? Squeeze her titties! Ooohhh, that's beautiful!" Carolyn licked Will's cock and balls, and then licked Sharon's tits and pussy lips. Then Carolyn moved the pillows and lay her own big ass down on them.

Throwing her full thighs open, she breathed, "Stick it to me, Will! Fuck your mama's hot nasty old pussy with your gorgeous young prick! And, Sharon, I want you to sit on your mama's face so I can nibble on your hot young cunt!"

"You've got a deal, Mom!" Will crowed. He knelt between his mother's thighs, rubbed his cockhead across her bloated clit, and slammed all of his big erect prick into her surprisingly tight pussy.

"Aaahhh!" Carolyn groaned. "Yeeess!" She clamped her juicy cunt around his cock before he could pull it backward, and she wiggled her hips crazily, rubbing her clit against him.

"Here's a meal for you, Mom!" Sharon bubbled, getting onto her knees facing Will and straddling her mother's head. Carolyn's tongue shot out and jabbed Sharon's tingling, juice-covered clit a dozen times, and Sharon moaned with joy. The girl sank her fingers into her mother's mountainous tits and began kneading the tits deeply.

"Oooo!" Carolyn moaned. "Yes, thrill my titties, Daughter! Aawwnnhh!" Carolyn raced her tongue around and around Sharon's pussy lips, then used her own fingers to spread the pussy lips open wider and sent her tongue charging up into the girl's sultry cunt. She wiggled her tongue from side to side, spun it around repeatedly, and reeled it down and darted it back up as deep into Sharon's pussy as it would go and wiggled it some more.

"Yes!" Sharon crooned, twisting her mother's tits. "Yes, eat my pussy, Big Mama!"

Carolyn kept wiggling her tongue as she drew it downward, but this time she pulled it completely out of Sharon's cunt and again darted it at the girl's clit. Carolyn's tongue slithered all over the joy-knob, danced on it, fucked it. She wrapped her legs around her son and started grinding her hips in small up-and-down circles as he stroked his cock in and out of her sweet pussy. She snapped her cunt around his prick each time he buried it inside of her.

June watched her mother, sister, and brother as she spiraled her own flaming pussy up and down Hank's immense cock. It was a real turn-on watching three of her family members fuck and suck with each other while she got fucked herself. It was exciting to hear their cries of lustful joy, especially when she knew that had it not been for her, those cries would not have been happening.

June howled and her hips pumped and ground faster, then jerked spasmodically as the contractions hit her. Fresh juice flooded her blissful cunt and streamed downward, rolling out of her pussy to soak Hank's balls and mat his cock hair.

"Yeah, go wild, baby!" Hank whooped. Squeezing her tits harder, he began working his hips, launching his prick up to meet her cunt every time she pushed it downward. She writhed in delight as another orgasm exploded through her. Her excitement grew as she heard her mother, brother, and sister crying out with their own excitement.

"Aaannnhhh! I'm cumming!" Carolyn wailed. Her hips wiggled madly as her hot pussy convulsed. Then she started making tiny thrusts, shoving her pussy forward to meet Will's driving cock.

"Throw that tight cunt at me, Mama!" Will yelled. He banged his prick into his mother's pussy faster and began rotating his hips, creating more friction between his cock and her climaxing cunt.

"Ooooo! I'm getting off!" Sharon whined rapturously. "Gettin' off on my mama's beautiful tongue! Aaaggghhh!"

Carolyn kept licking Sharon's bursting clit but stuck two fingers up into the girl's wet pussy. After twisting the fingers around, Carolyn pulled them out and forced both of them into Sharon's super-snug asshole and started sliding them in and out roughly.

Sharon shrieked. "Ooohhh, my God, Mother! Aaahhh, aaahhh-unnhh!" Sharon was on the brink of another orgasm and then Will reached out and took hold of her big round tits, his palms over her swollen brown nipples. He started kneading her tits hotly and the glorious contractions started smacking her wanton cunt. "Squeeze me, lick me, eat me, suck me I'm cumming again!"

"So am I!" Carolyn grunted as she shuddered deliriously with another oven-hot orgasm.

June was cumming again, too, as she screwed her torrid pussy faster up and down Hank's long prick. She sobbed with pleasure and her head tossed wildly. Hank began pumping her huge tits up and down and ramming his cock harder up into her cunt.

"Yes, God, yes, yeess." June chanted mindlessly. She kept churning her pussy up and down on Hank's stroking prick, grinding her hips, swinging them, grinding them some more.

"Ooohhh, shiiit, my juice is gonna fly!" Hank roared.

"Let me feel it, lover!" June screeched as she felt his cock heaving. His blistering jism started spurting up into her cunt and she cried joyfully as she came again herself.

"Aaahhh, give me your cum," Carolyn babbled. She snapped her pussy powerfully around his thrusting prick, and his hips started twisting and his cock started bucking.

"Yes, Mama, I'm doin' it!" Will shouted.

"I'm creaming in your fucking cunt! Aahhuuuuuunnhhh!" He yanked Sharon's tits furiously and his furnace-hot cum began shooting into his mother's burning pussy. "Aagghh, yeess, Will!" Carolyn screamed.

"I'm makin' it, too!" Her own cunt contracted, she tongue-lashed Sharon's clit feverishly and Sharon started bouncing up and down.

"And I'm makin' it three!" Sharon squealed, laughing obscenely as another orgasm whipped through her splendid body.

A minute later, all five people lay in a tangled heap on the bed. But although she was still panting, Carolyn got up onto her knees and elbows between June's flopped-open legs and lapped like a thirsty dog at the combined man-cum and pussy juice on June's distended cunt lips.

"Oooohhh," June sighed. Greedily, she put her hands on her mother's head and pulled Carolyn's pretty face right up against her slick pussy lips. Then June wriggled crazily, smearing juices all over her mother's face. Carolyn plunged her tongue into June's sweet cunt and swirled the tongue around and around.

Just then, Sharon got up onto her hands and knees behind her mother and began licking Carolyn's wet pussy lips and clit.

"This is really snack time," Carolyn chuckled as she taunted June's turgid clit with her tongue, and then sent her tongue spinning back into June's cunt while she rubbed the clit with her nose.

Sharon's tongue sliced between Carolyn's pussy lips and wiggled deep into Carolyn's cunt. Then Will got behind Sharon and spread her pussy lips open and started prodding her clit with his tongue.

It wasn't long before more juice was seeping out inside all three sluts cunts and their ripe bodies were heating up again. And by that time, Hank's and Will's cocks had stiffened again.

"I want Hank's cock in me now!" Carolyn breathed. "And I want to see Will and Sharon fucking while I eat June's pussy!"

Sharon lay down on her back and thrust her legs up into the air in a large V. Will knelt in front of her, then tilted his upper body forward as Sharon pulled her legs closer together, putting her calves across his shoulders. His body tilted farther forward, pushing her thighs down into her pillowy tits, and after he caught himself on his hands, he raised one hand and stuck his bloated prickhead into her tight cunt. Then he put that hand back on the bed and slowly thrust his big hard cock balls-deep into her red-hot pussy. He ground his slim hips several times, stirring his prick around inside her, and Sharon worked her crotch muscles and her cunt gripped him more tightly.

"Baby, I'm really going to fuck the hell out of you," Will rasped.

"That's exactly what I want," Sharon whispered. She relaxed her pussy and Will started pumping his hips, fucking her with long, deep strokes. He moved slowly at first but picked up speed bit by bit.

Meanwhile, Carolyn was still on her knees and elbows eating June's pussy, but Hank had knelt behind Carolyn and pushed his rigid prick totally into her eager cunt. Carolyn gave his cock several quick snaps with her pussy, and he groaned and wiggled his hips with pleasure. Reaching down, he grasped her enormous tits and began squeezing them.

Carolyn moaned. "Now get that prick moving again!" She bit June's pussy lips lightly, then let her tongue wallow all over June's clit.

"Uuunnhh, yes, Mama!" June grunted. She took hold of her own mammoth tits and started kneading and twisting them. She squirmed excitedly as her mother's tongue crawled back and forth across her clit, slapped her clit, and crawled on it some more.

Hank slid his prick backward until only his knob was inside Carolyn's sweltering cunt. After curling his fingers deeper into her tits, he abruptly yanked her tits backward and slammed his whole cock into her snug pussy.

Carolyn whined. He pulled his prick back again but his next thrust was teasingly slow and he pushed only half his cock into her yearning cunt. The thrust after that was fast, though, and he kept alternating fast thrusts and slow ones. Carolyn started pumping her hips to match his odd fuck-rhythm, and she moaned softly on the slow thrusts and whined or grunted sharply on the fast ones.

June was getting hotter and hotter as her pleasure built. Raising her head, she saw her mother's face and moving tongue as she licked June's straining clit. Looking up, June saw Hank's belly working as he stroked his prick in and out of Carolyn's blazing pussy. Then June looked over and saw Will's ass going up and down rapidly as he reamed out Sharon's hot, young cunt with his big cock. But best of all to June was feeling her mother's tongue on her own engorged clit.

"Aaawww! You're making me cum, Mama!" June cried blissfully as a wonderful orgasm surged through her.

"Terrific!" Carolyn growled with a vulgar smile.

She jammed three fingers into June's sopping pussy and began churning them in and out. At the same time, Carolyn started rotating her broad hips as she pumped them, yielding more sensations as Hank's great prick slid in and out of her own seething cunt. She snapped her pussy around Hank's cock hungrily, and with a groan he shifted gears and started ramming his prick into her pussy fast on every thrust, jerking her tits back as he sailed his prick all the way into her juicy cunt.

"Aaahhh, ooohhh, aaahhh!" Carolyn whimpered as her pussy leaped into frantic contractions. "Aaahhh, I'm making it! Pound me, lover!"

A few feet away, Will was still pistoning his cock up and down in Sharon's boiling cunt. He was burying his prick inside her on every harsh thrust, but now he was gradually pulling less and less of his cock out of her before ramming it completely back into her pussy.

"Aaaggghhh! I'm cumming!" Sharon wailed. She dug her fingers into Will's shoulders as her pussy twitched wildly.

Hank speeded tip his fuck-thrusts but his strokes, too, had gotten shorter as he pulled his prick only halfway out of her pussy before impaling her once more. Carolyn was keeping pace with him and was hotly clenching his prick with her cunt for an instant every time he filled her.

"Aaawwwnnnhhh!" Will crowed as he drilled his cock into Sharon's steaming pussy. "Take my juice, hot-cunted Sister!" His prick started heaving, jetting his creamy cum into her cunt.

"Ooooo, yeeess, Little Brother!" Sharon sobbed as another orgasm ignited inside her shapely body.

"Uunngghh! I'm gonna shoot off!" Hank bellowed. His cock jumped as he kept reaming out Carolyn's overheated pussy. His scalding jism started splashing into her cunt, and a new set of spasms broke loose inside her.

"I'm there again!" Carolyn raved, flinging her pussy back to be skewered by his charging prick. She flailed June's clit madly with her tongue, setting off fresh contractions inside June's sizzling cunt.

"Aaaiii!" June howled, squirming joyously. "I'm cumming again, too! Do it, Big Mama, do it! Uunnhh, aaahh, aaaahhhh!"

Chapter EIGHT

As all five of them were lying lazily on Hank's bed a few minutes later, June slowly sat up and pursed her lips. Then she raised her eyebrows and smiled.

"Mom, how would you like to live with your family again?" she asked.

"I'd love to," Carolyn answered. "But do you think your father would take me back? I don't intend to change my slutty ways, and I'm not going to lie to him about that."

"Well, as we told you, daddy's changed," June replied. "I think we can get him to listen to reason."

"From what you told me, I'm sure that he's changed," Carolyn said, "but the trouble is that as soon as he sees me, he may explode and kick me into the next county before anyone can get him to listen to reason."

"Oh, I think we can fix it so that he'll almost have to listen," June said. Her eyes twinkled.

They set things up for Saturday night. To make the scene wilder, June invited Hank Latimer and Kevin Gardner, Will's buddy. Both guys said they'd be there. Early Saturday afternoon, June, Sharon, and Will talked their father into having an orgy that night that would include Hank and Kevin.

Ben was a bit reluctant to go along with the idea at first, but June and Sharon kissed him and rubbed their luscious bodies against him while Will told Ben how wild and wonderful it would be to watch the two girls get fucked by a teenaged boy they all knew and a truck driver whom Ben would be meeting for the first time. Ben caved in quickly, saying that it all did sound marvelously lewd. Nobody told him that his wife was going to show up.

The fun started at 8 o'clock that night, just after flank and Kevin arrived. In the living room, June put a brassy record on the stereo and she and Sharon stood side by side and did a slow striptease. Naked, the sluts kissed each other, sucked each other's tits, and licked each other's juicy cunt. By that time, all four studs' cocks were bulging inside their pants, so June and Sharon pulled the guys, one by one, to their feet and stripped them naked. Then all six people headed upstairs to June's bedroom.

But before June left the living room, she turned out all the lights except one dim one.

That was the signal to her mother to come on inside in a few minutes. Carolyn was outside in Hank's station wagon.

Upstairs in June's bedroom, June, Sharon, Ben, Will, Hank, and Kevin all piled onto June's big double-bed. Both sluts licked all four guys' cocks and balls, and all four studs lapped at both girls' hot pussies. Both girls squealed constantly, to cover up any small noises their mother might have been making downstairs.

"Let's see, I wanta get, mmmmm, Hank's and Will's pricks in me first!" Sharon cried. "Come on, you two!" She got up onto her hands and knees, and Hank knelt behind her and shoved his huge hard prick into her aching pussy while Will knelt in front of her and pushed his big erect cock into her mouth and throat.

Sharon moaned loudly as Will started sliding his prick backward and forward between her slinging lips, and she cupped her tongue against his cock inside, her mouth. Grinding his slim hips, Hank began stroking his prick slowly backward and forward in her snug young cunt, and Sharon ground her hips as she shoved her pussy back to meet his thrusts.

June sprawled out on her back with her legs spread wide. "Come here, Kevin," she growled. "I wanta suck that two-ton cock of yours! And, Daddy, how about eating my dirty pussy some more?"

"Great!" said Ben. He was obviously getting more and more turned-on by the wild scene. As Kevin knelt beside June's head and she raised up and took a few inches of his immense stiff prick into her hot mouth, Ben hunched over between her thighs and started licking her swollen clit and pussy lips.

That was the moment that Carolyn Richards chose to make her entrance. She'd sneaked into the house and had been standing in the dark upstairs hall and peeping into the well lighted bedroom through the open doorway. Now she stepped into the room.

"Well!" she said indignantly. "This is a hell of a hello!"

Everyone on the bed instantly looked around at her, and Ben gasped in shock as his eyes went wide. He started to say something but his wife didn't give him a chance.

"I come home to see my Goddamn family," Carolyn rushed on, "and I find my narrow minded Puritanical husband in bed naked with my three kids and two other guys! The son-of-a-bitch who booted me out of the house because I whored around too much to suit him is lapping away at one of my daughters' cunts! And here I stand, supposedly the original whore of the universe, dressed practically like a fucking nun!"

Carolyn was wearing a drab, brown, long-sleeved dress that covered her from neck to ankles. The only thing that hinted at her true nature was that her massive tits were obviously braless beneath the dress thin fabric. She'd bought the dress that afternoon just to add a little to Ben's shock tonight. She put her hands on her hips and let her hips swing as she walked up to the bed, glowering down at her stunned husband.

"C-Carolyn!" Ben whispered. He was still hunched over between June's thighs, but his head was twisted sharply now so that he could gape up at his wife.

"I was considering letting you take me back, Ben, but now I'm not sure that I want to come back," Carolyn said haughtily.

"Carolyn, I'd love to have you back," Ben panted, "and..."

"You'll have to act the way a man ought to act," Carolyn said. "Have you been enjoying sticking your prick into our daughters?"

"Yes," Ben admitted reluctantly, "I have. But if you'll come back to me, darling, I'll stop fucking them. I'll..."

Carolyn grabbed him by the hair of his head and jerked his head and torso up. Ben came up into a sitting position, his legs folded under him.

"The hell you will, you idiot!" Carolyn snarled. She let go of his head, grabbed his wrists, and yanked his hands to her awesome tits. "If you know what's good for you, you'll rip this Goddamn dress off me right now so I can join the fucking fun!"

Ben looked confused.

"I haven't changed a bit," Carolyn said, "but I'm glad to see that you have. Our kids told me all about it and we set you up tonight. We'll tell you everything later. Now, are you going to rip this Goddamn dress off me or not?"

Ben ripped. He ripped wildly, gloriously, laughingly. The dress came away in large uneven pieces and Carolyn was standing there naked. Ben grasped her huge hanging tits and pulled her down onto the bed where they French-kissed passionately. Carolyn was atop him but abruptly she lunged up and threw her arms around Kevin.

"Fuck me, you beautiful young bastard!" she cried. "Fuck me while my husband watches us and fucks my daughter!"

She pushed Kevin onto his back and straddled him on her hands and knees. June held his tremendous prick for a second while Carolyn pushed her hungry cunt back onto his cockhead. Then June turned and lay on her back with her rich ass at the edge of the bed, her legs dangling off. Ben got up off the bed and stood between June's thighs, and June wrapped her legs around him. After sticking his bloated prickhead into his daughter's cunt and taking hold of her broad hips, he looked over at his wife, and Carolyn smiled obscenely and slowly shoved her big ass backward, impaling her burning pussy on Kevin's raging hard cock.

"Oh, baby, I love your prick!" Carolyn breathed to Kevin as she stared at her husband. She clamped her cunt around Kevin's cock and wiggled her ass.

Ben smiled back at Carolyn and slowly shoved his own stiff prick all the way into June's hot cunt. June clenched his prick with her dripping pussy and wiggled her hips.

"Aawwnnhh! That's nice, Daughter!" Ben groaned. "Carolyn, she's got as much talent as you have!"

"Fabulous!" Carolyn said. "I'm proud of her -- and of Sharon and Will." Carolyn let the pussy-pressure off Kevin's cock and started pumping her hips with a revolving motion, screwing her cunt almost off Kevin's prick and then totally back onto it.

June relaxed her pussy, and Ben began rotating his hips backward and forward, stroking his cock almost out of June's cunt and all the way back in. Ben moved his hands from her hips to her enormous tits, and every time he buried his prick in her pussy, he squeezed her tits and she hugged his prick with her cunt.

Kevin grasped Carolyn's tits and started kneading them as she slid her fiery pussy along on his cock.

Will had slipped his prick out of Sharon's mouth, but now Sharon squealed, "Ooooo, let's go, you two! Drill my cunt, Hank! Stick your prick back in my mouth, Will! Aaahhhh!"

"Sounds good," Hank said, and began pumping and grinding his hips again, pulling all of his cock except his prickhead out of Sharon's hot pussy, then pushing his whole cock back into her cunt.

Will started pushing his hard prick back into Sharon's mouth, and Sharon tongue-lashed his knob until it was too far into her mouth for her tongue to reach. Then she pressed her lush lips around his cock and swung her tongue back and forth across the underside of his shaft as he kept sliding his prick in and out of her.

Sharon moaned around her brother's cock. She began pumping her hips in time to Hank's slow fuck-strokes, and Hank reached down and started squeezing her big titties and rubbing them against each other.

"Uunnh, uunnhh, uunnhh!" June grunted as heir father fucked her sultry cunt with his colossal cock. "Ooohhh, yeeess, Daddy!"

She felt completely happy? Her mother was beck home for good, and people were giving each other pleasure. June put her hands on her tits and helped her father squeeze them each time he shoved his cock into her wet pussy.

"Ooooo! Faster, Daddy!" she whispered. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes, June, cum with your father's prick up your cunt!" Carolyn cried. "Kevin, pull these great big tits of mine to your mouth and suck 'em! I think I'm gonna cum, too!" Kevin stretched her heavy tits until they were against his face, and then he twisted and squeezed her tits into odd shapes and brought both of her long thick nipples into his mouth at the same time. His tongue whipped back and forth, licking both nipples and adding to Carolyn's delight.

"Aaahhh! I'm there!" June sobbed as Ben stroked his huge prick in and out of her cunt faster and her sweet pussy convulsed. Her fingers dived deeper into her titties, and she squirmed joyfully.

"And I'm makin' it!" Carolyn whined as an orgasm shook her.

"Mmmm! I'm cumming myself!" Sharon whimpered as Will pulled everything but his cockhead out of her mouth. Contractions were slapping at her pussy, making its walls bounce zestfully against Hank's stroking prick. She started sucking on Will's cock greedily every time he sent it into her mouth and throat.

June began grinding her hips in up-and-down circles as Ben pistoned his prick in and out of her cunt. Her taut clit got rubbed more and she felt her voluptuous body surging toward another orgasm. Her head tossed as the spasms hit her.

"I'm gettin' off, Big Daddy! Uuunnhhh."

"Beautiful, honey!" Ben raved. He was still rotating his hips as he fucked June's glowing hot pussy, but he stepped up the pace again and started jerking on her tits every time he drilled his cock into her cunt.

"Ahhhhh, pop it to me, pop it tome!" June panted, and as she ground her hips, she also started pushing them toward him, thrusting her cunt at his driving prick.

"Aaawww, Jesus, I'm gonna unload, Sharon!" Hank yelled as he shoved his cock into her flaming pussy. His huge prick began jumping and his cum began splattering into her cunt.

"So am I, Sister!" Will shouted, and his heaving cock started firing hot jism into Sharon's mouth and throat. Sharon moaned wildly and came again herself.

"Uunnhh! Goddamn, I'm gonna cum!" Kevin ranted. Both his prick and his hips bucked, and his squirting jism in her cunt and his lashing tongue on her nipples set off another orgasm inside Carolyn.

"I guess it's my turn!" Ben crowed as he drove his leaping cock into June's snug pussy. His cum started bolting into her and he wrenched her tits as he pounded her cunt with his shooting prick.

"Aaaggghhh!" June howled as more contractions kicked at her hot pussy. "I'm makin' it with you, Daddy! Aaahhh! Aahh-uunnhh!" Her ass bounced up and down until their orgasms were over.

When Ben pulled his prick out of June, June moved backward until she was completely on the bed. Ben started to sit down on the bed, but Carolyn cried, "Stay where you are, hubby! It's time for you to fuck your slutty wife! And you can share me with our son! Come fuck my titties, Will!"

Carolyn got into the same position June had been in, and Ben still had just enough of a hard-on to get it into Carolyn's yawning cunt. When his semi-erect cock was entirely inside her, she began snapping her pussy around it greedily. While her husband's prick was swelling inside her cunt, Will came over on his knees and straddled her upper belly. His cock was limp now but both he and Carolyn grasped her stupendous tits and crushed them against each other with his cock in between. Then they squeezed her tits rhythmically, making her tit-flesh massage his prick. His prick grew.

June and Sharon sucked Hank's and Kevin's cocks until they were fully hard again. Then June lay on her right side and looked up at Hank. "Get around behind me and shove that super cock up my pussy!" she growled. Hank lay down on his right side just behind her, and June raised her left leg and threw it back over Hank's legs as he began shoving his oversized prick into her eager cunt.

"Now get down here and eat my pussy, Sharon," June demanded, "and I'll eat yours! And Kevin, you can fuck Sharon from behind!"

"Yes, and I want you to fuck me in my ass, Kevin!" Sharon breathed as she lay down on her own right side.

Sharon's head was even with June's pussy, and June's head was even with Sharon's pussy. Hank was stroking his throbbing cock slowly in and out of June's cunt, and Sharon began fucking June's clit with her red-hot tongue. June started licking Sharon's clit while Kevin greased his prick and Sharon's asshole with her pussy juice.

After Kevin had finger-fucked Sharon's asshole and it had loosened up a bit, he lay down behind her and she pulled her left leg up, bending it sharply at the knee, and rested the knee on June's shoulder. Then Sharon took hold of her own left ankle, and Kevin began forcing his massive cock into Sharon's asshole. Her ass was still exquisitely tight, and she groaned in pain-pleasure as his prickhead wedged through her ass ring. Then his prickhead burst past the ring and he slowly pushed his stiff cock as deep as it would go into her humid asshole.

"Aannh, yeeess!" Sharon groaned. Her pain was already fading and she snapped her ass around Kevin's prick a few times. He started pumping his cock backward and forward in her sweltering asshole, still moving slowly, and Sharon's pleasure built.

June stuck three fingers into Sharon's young cunt, began churning them in and out, and kept licking Sharon's turgid clit while Sharon's tongue sensually prodded June's taut clit. With one hand, Hank reached over June and started kneading Sharon's plump titties while he kept sliding his giant prick in and out of June's torrid cunt. And Kevin reached over Sharon with one of his hands and started squeezing June's whopping tits as he fucked Sharon's asshole.

June moaned rapturously. "I love it! Ooooo, fuck, lick, and squeeze! Ooohhh!"

Both Ben's and Will's cocks were fully hard now. Ben was stroking his huge prick in and out of Carolyn's slick pussy and he was swinging his hips gently as he moved them forward and backward, increasing the pleasurable friction between her cunt and his cock. She was constantly making small snaps at his prick with her pussy, heightening the pleasure for both of them. Will was sliding his big cock along between Carolyn's mashed-together tits and was squeezing and twisting her tits as he fucked them.

Carolyn grunted. Raising her head, she began whipping her hot tongue across Will's prickhead when it emerged from between her tits as he pushed his cock forward. When his purple cock-knob vanished back into her titflesh as he pulled his cock backward, she licked her tits hungrily as she waited for his prickhead to reappear. Taking her hands off her tits, she reached around Will and started rubbing her husband's belly and kneading Will's ass. Then she stuck a finger into Will's tight little asshole and started working the finger in and out.

"Yeah fuck our son's asshole, wild wife of mine!" Ben shouted.

"Aaaiii!" Will yelped. "Ooohhh, Christ, Big Mama!" He speeded up the strokes of his prick as he fucked her pillowy tits.

"Yeeess, that's right, Will!" Carolyn cried. "Aawwnnhh, shit, I'm lettin' go! Aaahhh!" A terrific orgasm began sweeping through her. Ben started grinding his hips as he fucked her twitching cunt faster. Carolyn wiggled her own hips every time his cock skewered her furnace hot pussy.

June was rising toward orgasm herself. Hank was gradually stepping up the pace as he pumped his tremendous prick in and out of her blazing cunt. Kevin's hand was going swiftly back and forth between her fat tits and squeezing both tits strongly, making her distended nipples rub pleasurably against Sharon's belly. She and Sharon were tongue-lashing each other's swollen clits wildly.

June howled as the contractions jolted her. "Sweet fucking Christ, I'm cumming! Anhhh, aaahhh, ooohhh!" She started pumping her hips feverishly, meeting the thrusts of Hank's great cock with her happy pussy. But Sharon's tongue stayed with June's clit, licked it madly. June jammed a fourth finger into Sharon's gaping cunt and churned the fingers around an in and out faster.

"Aaannnhhh! I'm makin' it, too!" Sharon sobbed as her slimy asshole convulsed around Kevin's stroking prick and her seething pussy convulsed around June's fingers. Kevin speeded up his thrusts as he reamed out Sharon's ass, and Hank squeezed Sharon's big tits harder as he speeded up his thrusts into June's boiling cunt.

"Uuunnnhhh! I'm there again!" June wailed as more spasms beat at her, making her pussy twitch powerfully against Hank's driving cock.

All three sluts moaned and raved joyously as they came again and again. More and more juice gushed out of their overheated cunts and they writhed with obscene delight.

Then Ben yelled, "Ooohhh, Goddamn, I'm gonna flood my wife's pussy?" And his blistering jism started blasting into Carolyn's sopping cunt.

"And I'm gonna splatter my juice all over her!" Will ranted as his cock bucked. He raised up, gripped his prick, and spurted his white-hot cum all over Carolyn's face and her mammoth tits.

"Aaaahhhh, yeeess!" Carolyn screamed as she came one more time.

"I'm shootin' off in Sharon's asshole!" Kevin roared as his scorching jism began erupting into Sharon's sizzling ass.

"Aaaiiii!" Sharon whooped, and more convulsions belted through her cunt and her asshole while she and June kept licking each other's clits frenziedly.

"And I'm cumming in June's sweet pussy!" Hank bellowed. He battered June's cunt harder with his gigantic prick, and his scalding cum started tearing into her, detonating another fantastic orgasm inside her shapely body.

"Aaaagggghhhh!" June shrieked, and her steaming cunt exploded with ecstasy.


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