Horny family fun

Today's middle class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex for the adult and teenager alike and, for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents' so-called "mature" lifestyles. The mark is made, the effect lasts a lifetime.

This is the story of a family and its gradual progression toward debauchery where family relationships mean nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to these parents and their children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily form. Bullshit? Not for the characters in this story -- outwardly yes, but in reality no.

HORNY FAMILY FUN -- a novel which reveals what is really happening behind the closed doors throughout America.

Chapter ONE

Patty Cannon looked sheepish, twisting her hands and biting her lip. She acted more like a little girl than a high school senior.

"I'm sorry I've been bad, Daddy," she murmured in a childish voice. "I know I deserve to be punished."

Her father nodded in agreement. At his side, the fingers of one hand twitched with anticipation. "Well, since we both know you've got it coming to you, young lady, let's get started," Ed Cannon said to his daughter, licking his lips.

"Okay, Daddy, I guess I'm ready to take my medicine," Patty said. "Let me have it."

Patty got into a familiar position. She draped herself over her father's lap, making her bottom the highest point of what now became her helpless body.

"Yes," Ed Cannon said approvingly. "Perfect."

His breath quickening, Ed pulled up Patty's short skirt. Underneath, she wore childish, white, cotton panties. However, what filled them was far more advanced.

Her ass-cheeks were plump, like a pair of ripe melons straining through the white cotton. And when Ed began inching down her panties, soft, pink flesh showed.

"Mmmmmm..." He chuckled as his daughter's bare bottom was gradually revealed. "Seems almost a shame that such a sweet ass has to be whipped so hard. Whipped bright red!"

"But I asked for it, Daddy," Patty readily answered, her breath ragged, too. "Do what you have to do to me, Daddy. What I deserve."

"All right, then. Get set."

Ed raised an open hand, and his daughter braced herself. Down came the first stinging slap, the immediate welt it raised spanning between Patty's squirming ass-cheeks.

Taking in the sight, Ed murmured, "Ahhhh, just look at that! Glowing already!"

"More, Daddy, more!" Patty urged. "I'm only just starting to feel it. You can spank me a whole lot harder than this!"

Yes, he certainly could, Ed enthusiastically agreed. Down his open hand smacked again. Adding to the first one, the mark turned Patty's ass beet red. However, rather than crying out in pain, the paddled girl reacted with pleasure.

"Oh, Daddy!" Patty moaned. "Keep giving it to me! Down lower, the next time you hit me!"

Her panties had been lowered halfway when the spanking started. Now, her father slipped them all the way to her thighs. Between her battered ass-cheeks was the wispy beard of her teenaged pussy.

With his daughter's cunt-bush peeking out at him, Ed set himself to deliver another blow. This time she was struck less on her ass and more directly against her cunt. On impact, that crucial part of her body squished aloud.

"Right, Daddy, that's the way it hurts the best!" Patty yelled. "Don't stop now!"

Ed quickly whacked her again in the same place. Patty started trembling, pussy-juice leak big down her inner thighs.

"One more time, Daddy!" she urged.

Her father's open hand rose and fell once more, turning Patty's cunt into something which now resembled an oozing wound. Ed Cannon's spanked daughter shuddered from head to toe.

"That did it to me, Daddy!" Patty breathlessly reported. "Did it to me so gooood!"

"Yeah, sure did!" Ed agreed, knowing the telltale signs quite well, after all the private spankings he'd given his little girl.

Patty was cumming.

"Now, do something even better than spanking me, Daddy!" she cried when her orgasm had run its course and she was eager for another one.

Ed responded with his hand flush to her cunt again. But this time, his touch was gentle rather than violent, as he tenderly rubbed the girl's pussy.

"Now the rest, Daddy!" Patty requested steamily. "The rest of it!"

She swiveled around on her father's lap. No longer over his knee, she straddled him with her legs while facing away.

Ed unzipped his fly. His prick was so hard as it lodged in the crack of Patty's ass. At her cunt, Ed had gone from rubbing to finger fucking. His daughter lost no time in having a second climax.

"Just gets better and better!!" she cried. "Every time we do this!"

Ed grunted with agreement, massaging his rigid prick between her ass-cheeks. His balls were starting to churn from the rising tide of jizz that would soon have to erupt.

"Daddy, don't hold back!" Patty called. "Give it to me as soon as you can!"

She reached back, squeezing her ass-cheeks as tight as she could around her father's pumping cock for maximum friction. Ed groaned, his hips bucked, and his cock burst.

"Fantastic!" Patty cried, feeling the liquid warmth from her father's gushing prick abruptly splashing her bare ass. "Shoot your jizz all over me, Daddy!"

Ed's prick spurted wildly for a long, creamy moment, then slowed to a dribble. His spilled cum had made a sticky mess of his daughter, having splattered her ass-cheeks and trickled down her ass-crack to melt into the groove of her rear-spread cunt.

"Mmmmm, gets me so hot when you cum all over me after a spanking, Daddy!" Patty said. "So hot for so much more!"

She slid off her father's lap, tumbling in a slow-motion somersault when she hit the floor. She wound up propped on her elbows, looking up at Ed, her legs yawning to showcase her glistening cunt.

"Here I am, Daddy!" Patty beckoned to her father. "Ready for more, as usual. A whole lot more!"

Her father left his chair and landed on his hands and knees before Patty. She smeared his jizz all over her crotch, from thigh to thigh, from clit to asshole.

"Now, lick it up, Daddy!" she commanded. "Lick it up!"

Ed Cannon didn't hesitate, burying his face between his daughter's legs. His tongue went to work, lapping Patty's slimy crotch from top to bottom, starting with her cunt and ending between her ass-cheeks. In the process, she had an orgasm so wet that by the time her father had finished, he was licking up her cunt instead of his.

"Okay, Daddy," Patty said when he was finished, "it's time for the big one next. Ready?"

Ed bobbed up, his cock stiffer than ever. He was raring to go.

Patty quickly stripped away the rest of her clothes, while her father did the same with his.

"Fuck me!" Patty said with stark simplicity. "Please, fuck me, Daddy!"

However, her father did not plunge between her inviting thighs, with his jutting prick leading the way toward her waiting cunt; he clasped her hips with his hands and abruptly flipped her over onto all fours.

"Wh-what's this, Daddy?" Patty gulped with surprise, their routine having become so set since they had discovered the forbidden magic of father-daughter incest.

"Just something a little different tonight," Ed whispered in her ear, but with an edge to his voice. "Trust me."

Patty didn't know what to think. Her father had always been so predictable in the past. That's what had made her feel safe about having sex with him. A girl could never be sure when she went on a date what might happen -- could be anything from zero to rape. But with her own dad, Patty just counted on him having her best interests at heart.

Patty's seduction of her father had started years ago, when she was a little girl. That's when he'd spanked her for the standard reasons. And even at that tender age, she'd realized how good it hurt, especially when she felt the hard bulge at Daddy's crotch while he paddled her bare ass.

Those early days had resulted in Patty's first orgasm, and a lot of misbehaving on purpose to get spanked on a regular basis. Then, by the time she was in high school and tired of the boys she dated, she'd decided to turn back the clock and recapture the erotic highlight of her childhood.

It had been an instant success. As simple as telling her father, one night when they were alone together, how much she missed the spankings he'd given her when she was younger. Knowing that he'd cared enough back then to make her behave, she'd explained, was something special she could use again.

"Just because I'm older now, doesn't mean I'm not a bad girl anymore," she'd said.

Her gulping father had asked her what that meant. Patty had proceeded to tell him how bad she was capable of being.

Her father had been shocked, believing she was still a virgin. Most girls would have begged for forgiveness, but Patty begged for punishment. She had pleaded for a whipping to straighten her out.

She'd planned it perfectly. Once her father had caught a glimpse of those little girl's cotton panties she'd cleverly worn, he was hooked. When he spanked her, she'd most noticeably cum while rubbing her damp cunt against his uncontrollably hardening cock.

But now, for the first time, Patty didn't know what to expect from her father. Instead of sinking his prick into her cunt on schedule, he was still concentrating on her ass. While he bent over it and massaged her ass with his probing fingers, his warm breath gusted between her spread asscheeks.

"Ooooh, Daddy, what're you gonna do to me?" Patty asked, fluttering with curiosity. "Always before, your cock had already be in my cunt. You are gonna fuck me tonight, aren't you, Daddy?"

Ed Cannon assured his daughter that indeed he planned on fucking her. "But your cunt can wait."

"Th-then where at?" stammered Patty.

"Where it's tightest, baby," Ed answered.

He poked a finger into her asshole. Patty jumped, not sure she wanted to go that far, even with her own father.

"I-I'm still," she choked in admission, "still..."

"Cherry there?" her father said, a note of triumph in his tone.

"Yes," Patty murmured.

"That's what I was counting on," Ed said. "And I want to be first. You owe me that much!"

Patty had never thought about a debt to her father before, having always figured she was doing him a favor by letting him fuck her. But now, it occurred to her that it wasn't all gravy for him. The poor guy was risking plenty, in fact. Getting caught screwing your own daughter could land you behind bars until you were too old to get it up for anybody again, Patty realized. There were stories in the paper about it all the time.

"Yeah, Daddy, guess you're right. Suppose I do owe you. Didn't sink in until now, but you've been taking most of the chances, not me. I'm not the one who'd go to jail if Mom or somebody caught us. If I can still be cherry for you, it's the least I can let you do to take advantage of it."

"Then let me hear you ask loud and clear for it," Ed Cannon said, jabbing with his finger for emphasis. "Not in so many words -- straight out."

Patty took a deep breath. "Okay, Daddy. Fuck me... fuck me in the..." she interrupted herself with another deep breath, then finished speaking the bottom line, "... fuck me in the ass, Daddy!"

"That's better," Ed sighed with relief.

Patty realized that if she wanted to change her mind, she could easily get away with it. But now, her cherry asshole had started gurgling at its depths in anticipation of something more than just the finger-fucking her, father had always given her there.

"Will it hurt, Daddy?" she asked, seeking whatever information she could get in advance to prepare her for this new brand of fucking.

"Probably some at first," her father admitted. Then he added hopefully, "But I think you'll get used to it. And I'll go slow. Bring you along until you're ready."

"Then I'll leave it all to you, Daddy," Patty said. "You know best."

Ed Cannon was, in truth, more nervous than his daughter. But that pleased Patty, reminding her of the shy way he'd behaved the first time she'd seduced him. Guys her own age acted like animals when they were making their move, but she could still count on her dad to be a gentleman, even when he was about to fuck her where she shit.

Like now, as he withdrew his finger from her asshole and replaced it with his gentle tongue. He went on to give her a rhythmic rim-job, not missing a beat.

"Oh, Daddy, I wasn't sure at first," Patty moaned. "Wasn't sure I really wanted this. But now... oooooh, yes. I'm begging for it, Daddy! Had your finger, then your tongue, and now I'm begging for your cock fucking up my ass!"

Ed Cannon ended the rim-job. But, before he switched to his cock, he rubbed his band against his daughter's cunt. Maybe her pussy wasn't going to get his prick in it this time, but there was nothing better than its plentiful nectar to lube his prick for a slippery trip up the narrow passage of Patty's cherry asshole.

"Mmm nice 'n' wet," Ed whispered, briefly jacking off his hard cock to a slick sheen with a stroking hand greased with fresh pussy juice.

"Daddy, I've waited long enough now. Hurry up and give mc your cock in my ass," Patty said. "I'm even more excited about getting ass fucked the first time, than I was when I lost my cherry in my cunt. That was just to some dumb boy. But in my ass, it'll be you, Daddy -- your loving cock fucking me first."

"This is it then, little girl," Ed replied. "Hang on!"

Patty felt the head of his cock against the pucker of her asshole. The sensation of being a virgin all over again made her lightheaded and anxious. But then her father loosened her up by massaging her cunt before giving her an assful of dick. Indeed, his thumb and finger finding and pinching her swollen clit had frigged her to the brink of an orgasm.

"Soon as your cock's in my ass, Daddy, I'll cum right away!" Patty said excitedly.

Ed Cannon set his hips, then bucked his crotch and fucked his prick halfway into his teenaged daughter's virgin asshole. And Patty, true to her word, mightily climaxed on the spot, cherry in no sense any longer.

"Oooooh, what a trip!" she cried. "More, Daddy, more! Deeper, deeper!"

Ed pushed again, treating his daughter to a sharp, muscular pain inside her ass, along with the rest of his surging prick. He'd hilted her asshole to his balls now, with the wiry hair of his crotch scratching against the cheeks of her squirming ass.

"God, I've never been so full of anything in my life!" Patty groaned. "Daddy, you just started, and already it's the best you've ever fucked me!"

Ed was moaning, too, holding tightly onto his daughter. For the moment, he only moved his cock a little way in and out of Patty's asshole, getting used to it as much as she was. But then, even though she was the one who'd been cherry, Patty began stepping up the action's pace.

Into her cxmt went two of Patty's fingers, and the wall between her cunt and her asshole was so thin that she could feel everything happening. It was such a turn-on the way she could stroke her father's ass-fucking cock through the skin of her own pussy.

"Daddy!" she cried. "It's like I'm almost jacking you off through my cunt at the same time as your prick's up my ass!"

"Christ, sure as hell is!" Ed Cannon happily agreed. "Keep it up, baby, if you want to shoot more cum for you than I ever have before!"

That sounded like heaven on earth to Patty. To get all the cum possible out of her father's ass-fucking prick, she added more fingers inside her pussy until her cunt had stretched to take her entire hand. Then she massaged the bulging outline of hiscock in her adjoining shit-pit.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm doing everything I can now to make your prick explode!" she cried. "Cum, stud, cum!"

Ed Cannon grabbed his daughter's dangling tits for leverage, and jack hammered his prick into her asshole with his deepest thrust yet. Patty responded by managing to grip his ass-hilting cock shaft through her cunt.

"Jesus!" Ed cried with disbelief at how much he was abruptly cuming. Instead of unloading in a series of spurts, his prick gushed with a continuous stream of liquid fire. It was as if Ed were pissing cream into his daughter's fucked ass.

Patty had trouble believing it, too. She exclaimed, "Daddy, where are you getting it all!"

"I don't know," Ed said.

"Well," Patty declared, "then it must be a miracle. And when you are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of those, you just hang on until every drop of jizz you could get swamps your fucked shit-pit."

Finally, Ed's prick slowed to a dribble. But the flow hadn't stopped, only now it went in the opposite direction. For, her insides brought to a boil by her father's massive flood of molten jizz, Patty had lost control. She was hopelessly shitting all over her father's cock.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm so sorry!" Patty gasped with a combination of embarrassment and unavoidable pleasure. "It just felt so good to let go, that I couldn't stop myself."

Ed Cannon was too woozy from cuming so hard to complain. Nevertheless, his daughter vowed to make her accident up to him.

Patty pulled ass and cock apart with a loud pop. Ed keeled over backward as a result, his strength as drained as his jizz. He wasn't even fully aware of how his daughter set herself to pounce on his crotch -- until, that is, her mouth was full of his filthy cock and she was sucking him clean.

"No," he groaned, "you don't have to do this."

But his instantly revived hard-on was more then eager for the blow job Patty gave it, fresh out of her dirty asshole. So, as Ed Cannon weakly maintained that he should have had enough, he simultaneously fucked his daughter's mouth with increasing strength.

It ended with yet another load of scalding jizz from Ed's overworked cock. Patty swallowed every drop. Her father had truly reached the end of his rope. When his hard-on collapsed for good, so did the rest of him for the rest of the evening. Ed had been fucked and sucked until he'd passed out.

Patty was glad her mother was out of town. She guessed that was why she and her father had felt free to go even farther than usual tonight. With the house to themselves, anything went. Just too bad, Patty thought, with her asshole no longer cherry and wonderfully sore from its first fuck, that it couldn't be like this all the time.

"Maybe something will happen to Mom. Like an accident while she's driving," Patty wished aloud in a moment of total selfishness.

The phone rang, leaving Patty afraid to answer with the sense that she'd somehow foretold the future with her careless remark. It was with dread that she managed to force herself across the room and pick up the receiver, which felt like lead in her trembling hand.

"H-hello?" she muttered.


Patty sighed with relief, the burden of guilt leaving her sagging shoulders.

"Darling," her mother said, "I just called to remind you that you have to make sure your dad catches his plane tomorrow morning. Ten o'clock sharp."

"Oh, sure, Mom."

"I knew I could depend on you," her mother said. "And something else, honey. I might be gone an extra day or so. Okay? So don't expect me back until after the weekend. No problem with that, is there?"

Patty said there wasn't, then mechanically talked her way through the rest of the conversation until her mother said goodbye. Once the phone was back on the hook, Patty felt so drained that, within seconds, she'd surrendered to the soft cushions of the sofa, sound asleep.

Chapter TWO

The morning sun flooded through a living room window, its warming glow angling across sleeping Patty's face. She drowsily stirred, then bolted up, wide awake, as she realized she'd spent the night on the sofa without doing anything about her father.

He was still sprawled on the floor, snoring lightly. When Patty looked at the clock, she saw that it was eight-thirty, giving her less than two hours to get her dad cleaned up, packed, and on his plane.

Dealing with him was difficult, like trying to sober up a drunk. Patty had to shake him awake, ply him with black coffee, then steer him into the shower. When he staggered back from the bathroom, dripping wet, she had to coax him into the clean clothes she'd laid out for him, as if she were the parent and he a balky child.

"Don't wanna go," he whined when he was finally dressed.

"You've got to make a living, Daddy," Patty sharply reminded him, noticing how much she sounded like her nagging mother.

"Aw, who needs it?" Ed Cannon grumbled. "Why can't you and I just go off somewhere on our own, and let the rest of the world go by?"

Last night, when they were hacking, if her father had said something like that to her, Patty would have thought it very romantic. Now, though, responsible for more than just getting the most out of his cock, Patty was just annoyed.

"C'mon Daddy, we're already running behind," she snapped. "Let's get a move on."

The ride to the airport, with Patty driving, was mostly silent. There was just enough time for her to get her father on his plane and out of her hair. She kissed him on the cheek, watching him disappear toward the boarding area, then left.

"Never knew Daddy could be such a pain," she mumbled as she made her way out of the airport. "God, don't know if I'll ever get married."

All Patty wanted to do was get back to the house and get some more sleep in her own bed. Alone, with the place all to herself.

However, when she arrived home, Patty immediately sensed that the unexpected was waiting for her. The lights were on, she saw through the windows, and when she tried the front door, it wasn't locked as she'd left it.

A burglar? she wondered, breaking into a cold sweat.

Something within her made her go ahead and enter. Just to be on the safe side, she picked up the nearest weapon available -- a flower pot. She'd brain the bastard, she thought, deciding that she was sick and tired of being inconvenienced by other people.

It was no burglar that Patty found in the living room, sitting there, drinking beer with his dirty sneakers propped up on the coffee table.

"Hi, Sis," he drawled.

"N-Nick," Patty stammered. "What're you doing here instead of at college?"

Nick Cannon took a swig of beer and laughed. "College and I decided tt go iur separate ways."

"Y-you dropped out?"

"I was kicked out," Nick said, grinning like he was very proud of his latest screw-up.

"What for?" Patty asked, curious in spite of herself about how her brother had gotten into trouble again.

"Aw, you don't wanna know, Sis," Wick said. "Might be too much for your virgin ears."

"No, tell me," Patty said insistently, deciding she definitely wanted to know the facts.

"Thought I'd wait until Mom and Dad are here," Nick said with a lopsided grin. "So I can watch 'em turn blue when they hear what their bad boy has been up to."

"Afraid we're stuck with just each other," Patty replied. "Mom and Dad are both out of town, so I'm taking care of the house."

"Hmmmmmm, they never trusted me like that."

"With good reason," Patty said. Then, friendlier, she added, "So, c'mon, why don't you tell me what you did wrong this time? Don't worry about shocking me. I'm not as innocent as you think."

"Okay, kiddo, why not? You gotta learn the facts of life sometime. It's as simple as this yours truly got caught fucking the wrong chick."

Patty didn't even blink, boldly asking, "Who, Nick? Who did you fuck?"

"Uh, the dean's daughter," Nick hurriedly said, distracted from his story by his sister's surprising language and attitude. "But, hey, what about you? When did you get so salty, Sis?"

Patty passed over the reference to her self and bluntly quizzed him about the dean's daughter. "Was she a good piece of ass, Nicky?"

Caught off balance, Nick muttered, "Yeah, sure... all right, I guess."

"Worth getting kicked out of college?"

Trying to get back on an even keel, Nick wisecracked. "Anything that gets the job done. She wasn't that great in bed, but college is such pure shit that I'd have done a lot worse to get the hell away from it. Suppose you could say that fucking her so her daddy'd catch us was the easiest way out."

"Well, that's about par for the course for you, brother dear -- the easiest way out!"

"Forget about me. What about you, Sis? When did you get so interested in fucking?"

"Why should I tell you?" Patty asked. "You're just my brother -- all I can do is talk to you about it. And since actions speak a whole lot louder than words, why waste my time with you when I can get the real thing somewhere else?"

"That supposed to mean you're not cherry anymore, Sis?" Nick asked, on the edge of his chair.

"What's it to you?" Patty challenged him, and for the life of her she wasn't sure exactly why she was steadily painting herself into this corner with her brother.

"Never thought I'd say this," Nick said. "But, damn, Patty, the way you're leading me on, if you weren't my sister, we'd be doing more than only talking."

Patty issued another challenge, listening to herself as though she were two persons -- one recklessly leading Nick on, and another who couldn't believe what she heard.

"Well, then why don't you forget who I am," she said, "and just go after what I am?"

"Wh-what's that?" asked Nick.

Could she actually bring herself to say it? she wondered. She didn't know until it was out of her mouth and she'd pushed the situation considerably toward the point of no return.

"What am I besides just your kid sister?" she asked steamily. "The same as any other girl who's outgrown being a dumb, little virgin-cunt!"

Nick reeled like he'd been punched in the jaw with somebody's best shot, but he bounced back to counter with his own punch. "Prove it, Sis!" Patty didn't even pause. Her hands had automatically fallen to her jeans, abruptly pulling them open so her zipper whined on its rapid way down.

Underneath, panties were not part of her attire. She hadn't put any on while hurriedly dressing this morning to get her father to the airport. And now, the result was her bare cunt's hairy bush on bristling display before her brother's popping eyes.

"Wanna see more?" she beckoned, hooked on the effect she was having on Nick, just like the first time she'd seduced her dad.

Nick slowly nodded.

Patty let her jeans go to the floor. Then, as she stepped out of them, she drew her sweat shirt over her head. A bra was missing along with panties, which meant that she was suddenly stark naked.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Nick blurted in response.

"Your cock hard for me now, brother dear?" Patty asked.

"As hard as it gets, Sis!"

"Then show me, Nicky! Let me see your big, hard cock the same as you're already looking at my tits and pussy!"

Nick stood, drawn to his feet by his sister's hypnotic gaze. Then her riveting eyes dropped to his bulging crotch, commanding him to strip.

Nick trembled. Breathless, he sweated like he was in a steam bath. Nevertheless, he managed to unhitch his pants, which slowly sagged to expose his crotch. Underwear wasn't an item in his wardrobe, either, so, with a surging twang, his jutting prick was on abrupt exhibition.

Seeing how her brother was hung, Patty was certain she was doing exactly the right thing. Nick had a cock so long and thick that any girl would have to be cuntless to pass it up once she'd checked out its throbbing size.

"God, what a monster!" she moaned, more to herself than anything. "Don't even know if I can suck all of such a huge cock, but I'll never forgive myself if I don't give it a try."

Patty kneeled in front of her brother, wrapping her slender fingers around the barrel of his hard cock, drawing his chunky prick-knob to her opening mouth.

"Oh, salty," she groaned, slurping a mouthful of his cock-head. "My favorite flavor when I suck a prick. Gets me so thirsty for all the sweet cum I'm gonna get before long?"

"Jeez, Sis, I'm seeing it, feeling it, but I'm still not sure I believe it," Nick Cannon murmured. "Didn't think you even knew what head was, let alone could give it like this!"

"But, brother dear, I'm just getting started," Patty answered. "You won't find out what kind of head I can really give until I've got you totally fucking my mouth!"

Then Patty gobbled well past Nick's cockhead, forcing it well into her throat as her lips traveled at least halfway down his cock-shaft. She squeezed her brother's balls, making him buck his hips so he was the one who powered the rest of his prick to the hilt in her mouth.

"Shit, now I believe it!" Nick cried. "Got a buzz right down to my toes! Couldn't have a wet dream about getting head this good, 'cause the horniest guy in the world couldn't dream up a fucking mouth like yours, Sis!"

Taking full advantage of Patty's deep throating suction, her brother began grooving his prick back and forth. In return, she kept squeezing his balls with one hand and started probing his gritty asshole with the middle finger of the other. However, Patty had yet to reach to the bottom of her bag of tricks when it came to oral sex.

Her philosophy was simple. When the sucking got serious, a cock in her mouth ought to be only half the story. After all, a guy had a mouth, and Patty had a plenty suckable pussy between her legs.

Patty, along with the blowjob, began tugging at her brother's hips. She was stronger and Nick couldn't keep his balance. His sister pulled him down on top of her. She stretched out beneath him and controlled the action from below.

Patty began jerking Nick's ass around, so he couldn't help but figure out what she was after now. Nick may not have been able to back college, but he was a whiz when it came to pinpointing the mathematical formula that led to total head.

"Sixty-nine!" he called out.

He swiveled all the way around on top of his sister, his cock corkscrewing in her fucked mouth, so that he wound up facing down between her spread legs. Patty's waiting cunt was wide open, its rising fragrance making Nick's nostrils flare.

He briefly savored her musky pussy-scent, then took the plunge to taste what he'd smelled. Abruptly, his mouth sealed his sister's cunt, and his tongue was poking inside as deeply as he could travel.

"Mmmmm," Patty moaned, all she could say with a mouthful of so much cock. She proved again how action spoke louder than words, increasing her suction even more to answer her brother's squirming tongue up her cunt.

Over the following few minutes, there was such constant slurping by brother and sister between one another's legs that the living room sounded like a beach at high tide, waves lapping against the shore. Occasionally, though, a gurgled shriek would interrupt the steady rhythm. Patty was crying out in ecstasy from cumming in her brother's mouth.

Nick Cannon had never tasted such delicious pussy-juice, which was of no small significance since his major at college had been chicks. But none of them had been able to feed him the brand of female cum that his sister could. Damn, he thought as he feasted on her pussy's matchless flow, the least he could do was return the favor with his cock in her mouth.

Patty made that easy, the way she was sucking her brother off. Once she'd started cumming, the only thing that would satisfy her next was a spurting load of Nick's jizz.

"Oooooh, I'm cumming now!" Nick moaned into his sister's cumming cunt.

His cock exploded down Patty's throat. There was so much jizz shooting so fast that most girls would have gagged on it. But Nick Cannon's sister gulped down his gushing cum-flow as fast as it arrived. Indeed, by the time his climax had slowed to a dribble, he was the one who was overmatched, with Patty absolutely refusing to relax the oral pressure until she'd milked every last drop of jism.

"God! Enough, is, enough!" Nick cried for mercy. "I don't have anything left to give."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that," Patty said, teasing him. She released her brother's drained cock. "Here, feel this and find out for yourself!"

She took one of her brother's hands and guided it to his cock. To Nick's surprise, he still had a crowbar jutting from his crotch in spite of all the jizz he'd just spilled. "Yes, I'd bet my life you still have plenty to give me!" Patty giggled from below. "Or, better yet, to give my cunt."

She wriggled out from under their completed sixty-nine. Then she showed her brother that Patty Cannon wasn't a girl who hesitated for a moment when the time arrived to turn sucking into fucking.

Giggling some more, she asked Nick, "Have you ever been raped, brother dear?"

"No, but I think I'm about to be," Nick murmured.

He couldn't have reasonably predicted otherwise. His naked sister roiled him onto his back. She kneeled astride his loins, her dipping cunt closing in on his cock.

A drop of pussy-juice fell like a magic potion on Nick's cock-head, and in the widening shadow of his sister's lowering cunt, his prick jumped to quivering attention. At a right angle from his crotch, his cock defied gravity. Patty plunged, piercing her cunt with the spike of all that prick.

"Wow, you're hung!" Patty squealed, rocking in the saddle of her brother's loins to ride his hilting cock-shaft. "When I first saw your cock, I thought it was huge. Then, when I sucked you off, it seemed even bigger. But now that it's jammed up my pussy, it feels biggest of all!"

"Maybe that's 'cause you've got the tightest pussy I've ever fucked, Sis," Nick answered, returning the praise. "Balling you'd make any guy feel hung like a horse!"

"But in your case it's true, you really are! I don't expect to ever suck and hick a bigger cock than yours, Nicky. It might have got you kicked out of college, but it's sure letting me welcome you home in style!"

"Then why don't you celebrate by cumming for me, Sis," Nick suggested. "I dig it when a chick I'm balling starts cumming and doesn't quit until after I have finally shot my wad into her pussy."

"Then why don't you go ahead and make me cum -- on your terms, stud," Patty said.

Nick got the message, his sister's invitation for him to take charge spurting him on. Thrusting up from underneath he roiled Patty and himself over so he abruptly wound up on top. Now, instead of her controlling the tempo, he was fucking his massive prick down into her pussy. Patty hooked her legs over his shoulders, making the angle of his brutal cock-thrusts even more severe.

"Well, what about it, Sis?" Nick asked. "Gonna cum for me now?"

"Almost there!" Patty gasped. "Just want a little something extra to push me over the edge with a big bang. Something kinky."

This was a request Patty was in the habit of making to her father when he fucked her. Would her brother meet her need as well? she wondered.

"God, yes!" Patty cried when Nick made his move. "That's perfect!"

He'd grabbed her tits, one in each clutching hand, bruising them on wrenching contact. It created the kind of pain that went straight to Patty's soul, adding explosively to her pussy full of pistoning prick. Her senses were ablaze, as she mightily came.

"Oooooh, I'm cumming even harder than I thought I would... than I thought I could!" Patty shrieked. "Maybe too good for me to stand!"

"Then I guess I'd better go ahead and put you out of your sweet misery, huh, Sis?" Nick asked.

It sure didn't seem like he was showing any mercy to Patty, though, when he squeezed her tits with increased force and jack hammered her cunt with his huge cock. Patty hysterically begged him to end the torture that had her in the helpless agony of too, much ecstasy.

"You're fucking me to death!" she yelped, really believing it. "Kill me!"

"Okay, Sis," Nick said. "You're home free!" He let go of her mauled tits to grab her ass, grinding her crotch against his after burying his cock in her pussy for one, last stabbing thrust. He let all that friction from his sister's tight pussy finally take its toll on his big prick.

"Yeah, take it, Sis. Take it!" he screamed, while his prick gushed with a torrent of liquid fire into the depths of Patty's cunt.

"Ahhhhh, thank you, thank you SOOOO much, Nick?" Patty cried with breathless gratitude as she was swamped with her brother's flood of jizz. "You're really giving it to me, stud -- the perfect end to the perfect fuck!"

Nick could only agree, but couldn't honestly take all the credit. Not when his sister had given him the best piece of ass any guy could ever hope for. And something told him that once they recovered from their first fuck, it could only get even better.

His cock dribbling the last of his cum in Patty's cunt, Nick thanked her in reply. He thanked his horny sister for having made dropping out of college the smartest thing he'd ever done.

Chapter THREE

Judy Cannon felt like a silly fool. She'd so carefully covered her tracks to get away from her family for a fling. What's mare, when things seemed even more promising that she'd originally anticipated, she'd bought herself some extra time by calling home and arranging not to return until after the weekend. And now, after all her plans, Judy had been abandoned in a cheap motel room.

"That son of a bitch!" she cursed the young man who'd so raised her hopes, then so cruelly dumped her. "Damn, I should've known better."

He'd been so good-looking, though, she thought as her voice trailed off. She wanted to kick herself for falling for him like she'd been a horny teenager. Yet, recalling how it happened, Judy wasn't so sure that she'd be able to resist him if she had it to do all over again.

She'd signed up for tennis lessons with him, after he'd come highly recommended with a knowing wink by a good friend. It had been hot the day they'd met and he'd taken off his shirt. Judy had found herself practically drooling at the sight of his tanned, muscular torso, which was set off perfectly by the handsome bulge at his crotch. In short, she wanted him for more than just tennis lessons.

He knew the score before they'd played a set. Indeed, Judy never found out if he really did know that much about tennis. They'd wound up necking in her car like a couple of high school kids. He didn't fuck her then, but Judy had given him a blowjob that left the taste of his salty cock and sweet cum in her mouth when she went home after the lesson was over.

She'd also gone home with the promise of a whole lot more. They had agreed to meet for a lost weekend, which was why Judy had invented the excuse of having to visit her aunt to explain her absence.

Her first day and night of sin had been beyond her wildest dreams. Judy had cheated before, however, this young stud made her previous lovers seem as boring in bed as her husband. His big, hard cock was tireless, fucking her repeatedly in the mouth and cunt -- but, best of all, up the ass, the first time Judy had ever taken a prick in her shitter.

The next morning, though, Judy woke up in bed alone. When she checked the room, all traces of the guy were gone. And so, she discovered to her shock, were all her credit cards and money from her wallet.

After having called her daughter to extend her trip, Judy had no further reason or means to stay on. At least, she saw with relief when she looked out the window, her car hadn't been stolen. And she remembered filling up the tank just before she'd arrived at the motel, so she probably had enough gas to limp back home.

An hour later, Judy had showered the cum and sweat from her body, dressed, and was on the road. As she drove, though, her ass constantly squirmed. No amount of soap and water had been able to remove the aching reminder of his big prick ramming her where she shit.

"Might as well face it," Judy said to herself. "It was probably worth it to finally get fucked in my ass, just to find out what it's like. Expensive, but... mmmm, it hurt sooo gooood!"

The next time she got the chance, Judy knew for sure, she'd take another cock up her horny whole. Of course, she thought, she'd definitely make sure its owner was more reliable than that bastard had turned out to be.

Judy drove into the city limits. Home was only a few miles away, so she switched her focus from sex to thinking up an alibi as to why she was back early.

Fortunately, reasoned Judy, her husband had left on business this morning, so she'd only have to deal with her daughter. And Patty would be the last one to ask any embarrassing questions.

"I'll just tell her I decided to come back today because I didn't feel well, or some such thing," Judy said. "No big deal. Patty'll buy it."

She drove nearly the rest of the way with confidence. But then, just blocks from borne, she had a last-minute attack of anxiety. How much more convenient, Judy thought, if she didn't have to face anybody right away... had time to get a little more back together.

She pulled the car over. Checking her purse, Judy found a stray quarter at the bottom. She used it to call the house. There was no answer, her daughter apparently gone. Able to go home in peace now, Judy started looking forward to a stiff drink or two by herself to settle her nerves.

Within minutes, Judy Cannon had slipped in through the front door, automatically checking -- the way people do when they return to familiar surroundings -- to make sure things were the way she had left them. And she froze!

Scattered around the living worn floor were two sets of clothes. Not just her daughter's, who was supposed to be here alone, but male and female attire. And the stains on the carpet were shockingly similar to the ones Judy herself had left behind on the motel room sheets.

A sensual moan drifted from upstairs.

"Oh, do it to me, stud! That's how I want your big cock now! Only been fucked this way once before, but that was enough to know I love it!"

"P-Patty!" Judy Cannon stammered.

Judy's mind reeled between the possible courses of action on her part. She could just leave, giving her daughter time to finish with the boy she had upstairs. Or she could march in on them and put a stop to it right now. Or...

Judy sneaked up the stairs, trying to tell herself that she hated herself for giving in to such a sleazy urge, yet listless with anticipation at the prospect of spying on her daughter in bed with a boy.

Judy reached the room in question. The door was slightly ajar. She cautiously nudged it open farther, looked inside, and froze again.

Patty was stark naked. She kneeled on the bed like a bitch in heat. The equally naked boy was turned away so his face was not visible from the doorway, but what he was doing was certainly obvious enough, as he aimed his cock to fuck Patty from behind.

"Unngghh!" he punted in a rumbling tone that couldn't be recognized by Judy Cannon.

His prick sank with a loud squish into Patty's cunt. But only for a moment. With another squish, he pulled his cock out, his prick lubed from tip to root with glistening pussy-juice.

"Now that you're nice 'n' slippery, stud," Patty called back, "put it up to your balls where I'm tightest!"

The boy aimed his cock-head. Looking on, with the memory of her own, similar experience the night before, Judy Cannon was well aware of what kind of sex was about to occur.

"He-he's going to fuck my little girl in the ass!" Judy stammered under her ragged breath.

The cheeks of the boy's ass clenched. Then the middle part of his body surged to power his big prick into Patty's narrow asshole.

"Ooooh, that's it!" Patty whimpered, her voice frayed by equal portions of agony and ecstasy. "Hurts sooo goooood!"

From afar, Judy Cannon knew exactly how her daughter felt. She'd had the very same reason to being fucked in the ass. Indeed, her own shit-pit sympathetically spas med as she watched Patty getting all that cock where it hurt the best.

"Mmmmm, I envy you, baby!" Judy said quietly. "The cock you're taking back there is even bigger than the one I got last night! Oh, I'll bet it has you near cumming already, if your ass is anything like your mother's!"

Patty, as if on cue, swooned.

"Another few inches of cock and I'll cum twice as much as I do when I'm getting my cunt screwed!"

The boy's massive prick was about halfway in.

He corrected that with a bucking thrust, abruptly buried to his balls.

"That did it!" cried Patty. "I'm cumming like it'll kill me!"

Watching, with her envy mounting, Judy Cannon whispered, "God, I wish it was me getting all that prick where I shit. Lucky Patty, finding somebody to fuck her in the ass who's that hung. Just wish I had the nerve to catch him on his way out and set up a date for me to try his big cock for size on me."

"With the fucking this tight, any guy can almost taste his own jizz right from the start! Can't hold back for much longer than I already have from shooting it!"

Hearing the boy's voice, immediately Judy tried to convince herself that it was just a coincidence.

"A lot of people sound alike, especially boys who are the same age," Judy reasoned out loud.

"So what're you waiting for then, Nick?" Patty urged. "Nothing I want more than an assfull of your hot jizz as soon as I can get it!"

Judy Cannon made a last-ditch attempt to stop the emerging truth, weakly supposing that it could be merely another coincidence that the name was the same.

However, seeing was believing. And, as he announced to Patty that his jizz was on its way, the boy jerked his head so his full profile was on display.

"N-no!" Judy gulped when she saw exactly who was ass-fucking her daughter.

"Yes! Yes!" Patty squealed, suddenly on the verge of an assful of spurting jizz.

Nick Cannon, home from college, came in his sister's tight asshole while their wide-eyed mother watched in a stunned trance.

"My own N... my own... fucking!" Judy Cannon tonelessly muttered. "My own Nick fucking my own Patty in the ass!"

Judy shuffled back, away from the incestuous scene as if it would physically harm her to remain as a spectator. She wanted to find a dark corner somewhere away from it all, curl up there and slip into a void where her mind was a blank.

But it wasn't that easy for Judy. She was a helpless prisoner of what she saw and heard with the knowledge that it was sister-brother sex.

"Oooooh, Nicky," Patty murmured when her brother had pulled his dripping cock out of her swamped asshole, "look what a mess I am!"

"Mmmm, you sure are, gig," Nick agreed. Patty reached behind herself to yank apart her ass-cheeks so her freshly fucked shit-hole creamily drooled with excess jizz that trickled into the slice of her cunt. "Looking at you this way's getting me turned on all over again."

"Figured it would!" Patty said smugly. "But, just in case you need a little more help to get your cock back up, I've got something nice 'n' dirty in mind that's guaranteed to put plenty of fresh steel in your prick, if you've got the balls to handle it."

"Just try me, Sis," Nick said eagerly.

He was overwhelmed. For, springing backward from her knees, Patty bowled over her brother and sat right don on his face with her ass-cheeks spread wide open.

"Yes, Nicky," she urged from her perch, "eat my ass... Suck your own cum out of me with your tongue, just as good as your cock put it into it."

Witnessing the kinky turn of events, Judy Cannon tingled with fresh envy at her daughter's wild behavior. Would she herself be as bold as she is now? she wondered.

So often, Judy recalled, she'd yearned to be the one who followed up a fuck with something that kept the voltage humming without a break. But she'd always counted on the man to force the issue -- waiting, always waiting to be dominated, her timid husband slipping away from her in the process, while a sequence of strangers took advantage of her.

Mr. Tennis had hardly been the first Mr. Right who turned out to be Mr. Wrong. Judy had been used and then tossed aside like a cheap whore more times than she cared to remember. And, maybe worse, anybody who did come back for more -- like her husband -- was usually someone who simply felt comfortable with her, instead of burning with the ongoing passion she wished she could arouse in a member of the opposite sex.

But, Judy could see full well as she witnessed the action in the bedroom, her teenaged daughter had no such problem. Patty definitely made things happen and strictly according to her own desires.

"Tongue, Nicky, tongue!" Patty demanded. "That a boy! Shoot it up my ass the same way you did with your cock!"

Judy could hear Nick's tongue slurping inside Patty's narrow shit-channel from all the way across the room. He was swabbing his own jizz out of Patty's asshole.

"Oh, just look at that beautiful, new hard on Patty's given her brother!" Judy Cannon sighed. "Wonder what she'll do with it while Nicky's sucking her ass."

Judy guessed that if she were in her daughter's place, she'd want to lean down and suck Nick's fine, young prick. But Patty put on an even better show than that. Bending over from her perch on Nick's face, she brought her tits into play.

Patty didn't have anywhere near the largest set of tits around, but she knew how to fuck a hard cock with them, as sure as she could with her pussy and asshole. Squeezing her tit-mounds around her brother's hard-on, she began rubbing his cock-meat with expert rhythm.

Her mother, who'd never fucked anybody with her tits, panted with admiration.

"Patty, oh, Patty! God, how I wish it was the other way around between us. If I was the daughter and could cum to you and ask for advice so you could teach me all the tricks?"

Judy Cannon felt so ordinary watching her daughter, having never tit-fucked. She had never even found the courage to dare fantasize about having sex with her own brother for more than a shamefully fleeting instant at a time.

"Maybe, if I'd been more honest about Hank," Judy said softly, thinking about her brother who'd been killed in Viet Nam, "I'd have never settled for marrying Ed."

All Judy could do was try to lessen her personal frustration by taking pride in how much better her daughter had turned out than she had.

"Nicky," Patty moaned from on top of the unusual ass-eating, tit-fucking sixty-nine, "I'm gonna... but that's just half the story. 'Cause, stud, you're gonna come right along with me. That's an ordcr!"

She began rubbing her tits even tighter and much faster round her brother's cock while he reamed her asshole. He and she began twitching together, both below the waist in a telltale fashion.

"Oh, cum, cum!" Judy whispered unheard encouragement from afar. "Cum together, my darling babies!"

Her children didn't disappoint Judy Cannon. All at once, Patty was cumming, and celebrating the strength of her cum. And with her mouth open to squeal with pleasure, it provided an ideal target. Nick's cock leaped from between her tits and erupted with a fresh load of cream.

Patty's reaching tongue was instantly lathered with her brother's cum. She slurped all the way down on Nick's gushing prick and took the rest of his jizz with a deep-throating blowjob.

"Yes! Suck it, baby, suck it!" Judy moaned, just wishing that she could actually spur on her daughter in person. "Suck that cock! Suck his jizz!"

Judy knew that when Patty was finished sucking Nick's cock, his prick would pop up as hard as ever. Judy knew that sister and brother would fuck wildly all over again.

Ending the blowjob, Patty released Nick's glistening cock from her drooling mouth. Patty thought Nick had seemed to be hung with at least ten inches, but now his prick seemed to be more like twelve inches.

"Oh, baby, you've got him harder and bigger than ever!" Judy moaned from her distance. "Fuck him, Patty, fuck him! Fuck him this time just for me! I think that if you fuck him one more time, I might cum just from watching."

Seeming ta have heard her mother, Patty said, "Nicky, I'm telling you straight out. You're not off the hook until you fill my cunt with cock. You've fucked me everywhere else since we came upstairs -- in the mouth, up my ass, between my tits. So now it's time for the old reliable. I'm just an old-fashioned girl, I guess, but until I get my pussy balled, I just don't feel all the way fucked!"

"Won't get any argument out of me, Sis!" Nick said. "I've got one last hard-on and one more load of cum in my balls before I have to crash."

"Then, brother dear, here I am!" Patty called. "All cunt!"

She lay back, her raised knees spread over a foot apart so that her thighs yawned to showcase her cock-hungry pussy. It wasn't only her brother, though, who drooled at the sight of Patty in her classic pose.

"She's so beautiful!" Judy Cannon said of her spread-legged daughter. "Almost makes me wish I had a cock so I could fuck her!"

As it was, Judy's cunt was yearning with arousal as she looked across the room at Patty's teenaged slice of pussy. She watched Nick's big cock sink into his sister's welcoming cunt, saw Patty's legs wind around her brother to rock him in the cradle of her thigh, and was witness to the flawless example of fucking which followed.

As she looked on, however, Judy Cannon knew that the future held more than just her daughter and son in bed together. While her eyes focused on them fucking, her imagination raced ahead to include a third party to incest... herself!

Chapter FOUR

Judy Cannon had left the house after watching her son fuck her daughter everywhere his big cock could fit. The car still had enough gas in the tank to make it to the nearest bar. Judy's stolen funds presented no problem when she persuaded the lonely guys sitting on the stools beside her to compete with one another to buy her all she could drink.

It was dusk when she staggered back out onto the street, just drunk enough to be ready for almost anything. Behind the wheel of her car, she cautiously nosed her way back home. A cop started following her, nonetheless.

When she was stopped, Judy knew there was no way she could conceal that she'd had too much to drink. However, the way things worked out, she wound up glad for it. Judy boldly made the cop an offer he couldn't refuse. Within minutes, she was on her way again, her driving record still clean, and the bittersweet taste of the cop's cum lingering in her mouth from sucking his prick.

Judy pulled into the driveway for the second time that day, and, when she entered the house, she called out loud and clear that she was home. There'd be no surprise, she decided -- except, that is, those of her own making.

Patty greeted her, clearly flustered.

"Gee, Mom! Thought you weren't, uh, gonna be back till a couple of days from now."

With enough alcohol in her system to set her tongue in motion before she thought better of it, Judy asked point blank, "Where's your brother?"

"H-huh?" Patty stammered, stepping back. "I'm waiting for an answer, young lady," Judy said, making up the distance her daughter had temporarily put between them.

Realizing that she was outgunned, Patty must pretend, "God Morn, how did you know, Nicky was in town?"

Rather than explaining, Judy sharply repeated, "Where's your brother?"

"Upstairs. Asleep in his old room," Patty said, telling the truth. "W-want me to wake him up so you can talk to him?"

"No," Judy said without hesitation. "I want to be alone with you, young lady."

"Wh-what for, Mom?"

"First, to tell you what I saw today," Judy said. "Then, to decide what you and I are going to do about it."

Patty reacted with such sinking feeling that her knees almost buckled. All the color drained from her face, leaving her drawn expression ashen.

"That's right," Judy Cannon said, "what I saw today is just what you're afraid it is, young lady. You... and him. This is the second time I've been home today. The first time, you didn't know I was here."

"M-me and..." Patty gagged.

Her mother nodded, but pulled no punches. "You and your brother. How else did you think I knew he was home? I saw you both. Saw you... well, why don't you tell me?"

"F-fucking," Patty admitted painfully, realizing that she'd been caught. She managed enough courage to add the logical question. "Wh-what're you gonna do to me, Mom?"

Judy Cannon's reply was crisp, but not angry. "That depends on you, my dear."

"I-I don't understand, Mom," Patty muttered truthfully.

"Oh, but you will," her mother mysteriously told her. "And what you do about it will make the difference between getting grounded or having your allowance doubled."

Patty became hopelessly confused.


"Relax, darling," Judy purred. "And leave the rest to Mommy."

Judy Cannon stroked her daughter's soft, brown hair with one hand and rubbed Patty's ass with the other. Patty didn't have any idea how to respond, but when the crucial time came, she performed automatically. Judy and Patty kissed -- not a usual mother-daughter kiss, but one flush on the mouth, which demanded that their darting tongues be intertwined.

"Now do you know what this is all about?" Judy Cannon asked when their wet kiss was broken.

Patty breathlessly asked the only question that made any sense.

"Mom, are you... bi?"

"I wasn't," her mother answered readily, "until I watched you fucking your brother. I suppose I should've been turned on by Nick's big cock, but, instead, it's my little girl who's had my pussy soaking wet ever since."

She briefly paused, letting the electricity build. "The most beautiful girl I've ever seen darling," she told her daughter with yearning sincerity. "The only girl I could ever imagine that I'd want to do... well... this with?"

Judy kneeled. Her hands were on her daughter's jeans. She yanked them open, and then pulled the jeans down.

"Mmmmm, no panties in the way!" Judy panted at what she'd uncovered. Instantly, her mouth was on Patty's exposed.

"Oh, Mom, that fells so good! Suck it, Mom, suck my pussy so I can cum in your mouth!"

Judy Cannon's tongue surged into Patty's cunt and wriggled like a make. In return, Patty rolled her hips as if she were being fucked by a cock.

"Yes, I'm gonna cum right away, Mom!" Patty moaned with mounting pleasure. "Just keep it up and you'll have all my pussy-juice you can swallow."

Judy's tongue pumped harder, reaching the depths of her daughters pussy. Patty shuddered from head to toe, and then her senses exploded. "I-I'm cum-cum-cummming!" she cried. Spurred on even more by the flavor of her daughter's deliciously climaxing cunt, Judy pulled Patty down to her knees. Then she stretched the writhing teenager on the living room floor and dived between her legs for the rest of Patty's wet orgasm.

"Wow, Mom!" Patty moaned when she'd finished cumming. "You get me off so good; it's enough to make me forget all about guys!"

"Then let me just make double-sure that you do, sweetheart," Judy said, looking up from her daughter's crotch with a sticky grin.

Judy swung around on top of Patty, setting the stage for a lesbian sixty-nine. Patty lifted up her mother's skirt and drooled at the sight of the woman's plump ass-cheeks and flexing cunt encased in tight, stained panties.

"Mom," Patty said, "I wanna eat your cunt as much or more as I ever wanted to suck any cock!"

"So, what're you waiting for, darling?"

"Not a blessed thing, Mom!" Patty replied, promptly peeling away her mother's panties.

Her mother's cunt pressed against Patty's face, and the girl's nostrils flared from the naturally perfumed pussy-scent. If her mother's cunt tasted as good as it smelled, Patty thought, then heaven and earth might be right here between her mother legs.

As Patty's mouth sealed over her mother's cunt the welcoming pussy-juice which oozed in like a drug so powerful, that the first taste turned her into an instant addict.

"Mmmm, you love my pussy as much as I do yours!" Judy moaned in response. "I can tell by the way your tongue's already way up inside me get set for me to cum in your mouth right away, darling."

Judy sat on her daughter's face and angled even more of Patty's tongue up her cunt. She bore down and climaxed immediately.

Patty gulped down her mother's cum as if her life depended on swallowing every drop. Maybe a sucked cock shot its wad with more spurting force than a pussy delivered its oozing honey, Patty thought, but that same cock could only cum once before it had to recover. A pussy, however, kept right on bubbling for as long as she sucked it, replacing one orgasm with another.

Judy Cannon was cumming nonstop in her daughters mouth. But Patty's wide-open crotch as there to be feasted upon too. Judy's tongue angled -- not for teenaged pussy -- but a notch below.

"Oooooo, Mom!" Patty squealed with surprise, temporarily interrupting her own oral efforts. "How did you know how much I dig it in my ass?"

Judy was too busy beginning the rim-job to answer, but Patty quickly figured out for herself why her mother had targeted her shit-pit. Of course, Patty thought, if her mom had watched the action earlier today, then she had to have seen her ass-fucking with Nick.

Patty's mind shifted from receiving to giving. Drooling with anticipation, Patty spread her mother's ass-cheeks. What a delicious sight it was, Patty thought. Her mother's cunt-hair grew all the way up into her crack, swirling around the dusky pucker of Judy's shit-hole.

"Mmmmm, I hope it's as good as it looks!" Patty moaned, then fucked her tongue to take the plunge.

As she began the rim-job in her mother's irresistible asshole, a bittersweet flavor made Patty's taste buds tingle with delight. Traces of just enough female shit gave Patty the additional, dirty sensation which she craved.

Swiftly, their ass-reaming sixty-nine got even more exquisitely nasty for both daughter and mother. Together, Patty and Judy Cannon sweetly farted in one another's sucking mouth. As they swallowed their fumes, they tongue fucked harder and deeper than ever, soon reveling in simultaneous climaxes.

Their cunts were slobbering and pulsing Patty and Judy celebrated their orgasms by ending their rim-jobs and returning their mouths to one another's syrupy cunt. Every drop of pussy-juice was devoured, before daughter and mother bobbed up to ask each other what was next.

"Just wish I had more bi experience," Judy sighed. "Then I'd know for sure exactly what more to do to you, darling."

"Just do what comes naturally, Mom," Patty said.

"Uh, what I have in mind isn't so natural," Judy replied sheepishly.

"Let me be the judge of that, Mom. C'mon, lemme hear it."

"Well, I was just thinking while I was eating you, how fantastic it'd be if I could," Judy haltingly said, finishing on a wistful question mark, "... fuck you?"

Patty's face lit like a Christmas tree.

"Oh, Mom, that's the same as I was thinking! Us really going all the way! Me 'n' you actually fucking without a guy in sight!"

"But," Judy said with regret, pointedly looking toward the cockless crotches, "I don't have to tell you what the problem is!"

"Leave me to me, Mom!" Patty said. "One way or another, our cunts were made to get fucked by each other!"

Bounding to her feet, Patty scampered from the living room and disappeared into the kitchen. From the living room, Judy could hear the refrigerator door opening and closing. Patty returned with a grin from car to ear and something hidden behind her back.

"Y-you found something that'll work, didn't you, darling?" Judy stammered with hopeful excitement.

"Lay back, spread your legs, close your eyes and feel for yourself, Mom!"

"You mean, like a surprise?"

"The best one I could ever give you, Mom. Guaran-damned-teed!"

Judy Cannon fell back on the carpet, as she raised and parted her knees so her thighs yawned at their crux.

"Oh, that's it!" Patty said, praising her mother's centerfold-come-to-life pose. "If ever cunt was ready for a cock, it's your cunt, wide open for my cock!"

The idea of her daughter being magically hung with a hard-on had Judy Cannon squirming with expectation. Never had she wanted anybody to fuck her more than she wanted Patty to turn into a female stud and ram her to the womb with whatever it took for a daughter to fuck her mother.

"Hurry up, baby, hurry!" Judy cried impatiently, her eyes still shut. "I can't wait!"

"Mmmmm, neither can I," Patty answered. "Just give me a sec to set things up." Patty reached between her legs with an object she's brought from the kitchen, and jammed half of it up her own cunt while her mother remained sightless. Then, kneeling, the girl fucked the several thick inches jutting from her crotch toward her mother's pussy.

"Can I look yet, darling?" Judy asked. "When I've counted to three Mom." On the first number, Patty slipped her hips between her mother's thighs. With the second number, she brushed her mother's clit and clit-slit with the blunt end of the device she was going to fuck her with.

"Ooooooh!" Patty groaned, abruptly hilting her mother's pussy so their female crotches smacked together. "Three, Mom, three, three!"

Judy Cannon's eyes flew open as her clit was jammed, and her senses soared. She found herself face to face with her daughter, who was directly on top of her.

"My God!" Judy moaned with awed delight. "Don't know how you're doing it, baby, but somehow, sure enough, you're actually fucking me! Fucking me so deep!"

"Not any deeper than you're fucking me back, Mom!" declared Patty. "This is one cock that works both ways!"

"What is it, baby? What're we fucking each other with? Seems sooo real!"

"Then that's all you need to know for now, Mom. As long as we're fucking, just keep telling yourself that it's as real as it feels."

Patty pierced her mother's cunt with a hilting thrust, which in turn jammed her own pussy. Judy Cannon stopped asking questions and start cumming. Patty came right along with her.

"Feel it, Mom? Feel us cumming together?" Patty cried, orgasmically gasping into her mother's ear.

"Oooooh, do I!" Judy squealed. "It's like we have the same body... the same cunt!"

"So let's keep it going for us as long as we can, Mom! Fucking each other... cumming together... harder, harder!" As the hips of mother and daughter rolled in erotic harmony, their shared cock rhythmically see-sawed between their pussies. They pawed one another's tits to bring their orgasms to an even faster boil.

"I've never been fucked this good, cum so much!" Judy Cannon eventually cried. Then she admitted, "Don't know how long I can take so much of such a good thing."

"Well, I'll stretch you to the limit, Mother." One of Patty's hands left Judy's tits and traveled to her mother's crotch. Into the crack of her mother's ass her fingers probed. She fucked for her mother's asshole.

"Oh baby! Baby!" Judy groaned to her daughter. "Don't know how much more time I have before I fall over the edge, but as long as I last, please don't stop finger-fucking my asshole while you're, fucking my cunt and squeezing my tits!"

"I feel exactly the same way, Mom!" Patty cried. "So do everything back to me, just the same as I'm doing to you. If it's too much for us, then we'll pass out the way we've done everything else this far -- together!"

Judy immediately responded, slipping a hand into the split of her daughter's ass. She snaked a finger into Patty's asshole.

"That's it, Mom!" Patty moaned. "That's the ticket! Now, c'mon, let's take it to the absolute max!"

Patty added another finger in her mother's shit-pit. Judy returned the favor, then upped the stakes with a third finger in her daughter's shithole. Patty abruptly caught up, and weather mother one better. But Judy swiftly answered in kind -- and so on, until mother and daughter both had their entire hands lodged in one another's fantastically stretched asshole.

Their knuckles curled within their tight, but yielding shitters. They began punching to the same brutally erotic rhythm.

"God, we're practically killing each other, aren't we, Mom?" Patty yelled with hysterical glee.

"And -- ahhhh -- what a way to go!" Judy shrieked.

Judy and Patty Cannon reached the peak of lesbian incest.

"I'm shitting!" Judy cried.

"Same here!" Patty moaned.

"And cumming, too, just like I am?"

"Yes, yes, yes! Shitting and cumming, right along with you!"

"How much longer do you think we can stand it?" Judy asked.

"We'll find out soon enough, won't we? 'Cause if I know you like you know me, neither one of us is gonna stop until both of us have had enough!"

"When do you think that'll be?" The cock connecting Patty and Judy's cunts suddenly snapped in two because of the thrusting knuckles in their fist-fucked assholes. Judy and Patty Cannon realized it was time to quit before they were unconscious, or they seriously hurt each other or both.

"Oooooh!" Patty moaned, starting to ease her slippery fist out of her mother's shitty asshole. "If that wasn't enough fucking and cumming for us, then we just aren't human!"

"Amen!" whimpered Judy, also beginning to remove her filthy knuckles from Patty's shitter. "Don't think I'll be able to sit down for a week."

"If you need a nice, soft place, Mom," Patty said, "you can always try my face!"

"... you dirty, little girl!"

"The dirtiest daughter any mom ever had!" Patty boasted, then turned it around. "Just like you're the dirtiest mom any daughter ever had."

"Baby, you talk almost as sweet as you suck and fuck," Judy said lovingly. "It was all so... so... perfect!"

"But there's still dessert, Mom!" Patty said with a devilish twinkle in her eye. She chuckled. "That is, if you have a taste for cucumber."

"Wh-what?" Judy asked in confusion.

"Simple, Mom," Patty said with a smirk. "What do you think we fucked each other's cunts with, anyway?"

Judy gulped.

"Y-you mean..."

"Exactly, Mom. Straight out of the refrigerator and straight into our cunts. See for yourself."

Arching back to flare her crotch, Patty reached into her pussy and pulled out a tell tale hunk that was green on the outside, white on the inside. The cucumber was oozing seeds from the pulpy center where it had broken from too much fucking.

"I-I don't believe it!" Judy muttered in awe. "See it with my own eyes, but I still can't believe we really fucked with that!"

"In this case, Mom," Patty said, kissing her mother. "Feeling is believing. Does your pussy feel fucked?"

"Mmmmm, better than it ever has before," Judy said dreamily.

"Then reach inside your own cunt and pull out your half of our cock, Mom!"

Judy did it, looking in wonder at what had felt so wonderful while it was jamming to her womb.

"Now, Mom," Patty said coaxingly, "let's feed our pussy-soaked halves to each other and have our dessert."

Mother and daughter ate their cock. For dessert on top of dessert, they licked one another's chocolate fingers fresh from one another's fist-fucked assholes. They kissed, cumming one last time from trading their tangy tongues down their deep throats.

Chapter FIVE

"So, I never did find out," Judy said, smoothing down her rumpled skirt. "Besides getting into your pants, just what is your brother doing back here at home, anyway? Has he flunked out of college?"

Patty sighed in reply that what had happened between her brother and herself had started as a spur of the moment thing. Then she went on to fill in her mother on the story that Nick had told her about why he'd left school.

"Figures," Judy remarked at the end of Patty's story. "Now if we could only get Nick to join the Army or something, before your father gets back from his business trip and tries to strangle that boy."

"Or Nicky strangles Daddy first," Patty said. "I can tell he's just itching for a showdown. I know Nicky, so I'm sure that this time he's gonna have it out once and for all -- not just with Daddy, but you, too, Mom."

"Hmmmmm," Judy murmured, considering what Patty had just said. "Then, just maybe that's the answer to what to do about your brother. Yours, truly."

"Not quite sure I understand what you're getting at, Mom."

"Simple. Before your brother has a chance to make your father hit the roof about dropping out of college, he'll want to try out his act on me first. Right?"

"Sounds like Nick," Patty said, agreeing with her mother so far.

"Well, then suppose that, instead of him getting to me, I turn the tables and get to him," Judy said with fucking grin. "Get the poor kid so twisted up in knots that I can talk him into anything by the time I'm finished."

"Talk him into leaving before Daddy gets back?"

"It can be done," Judy said confidently to her daughter.

"This I have to see," Patty said skeptically.

"Oh, you will, honey!" Judy chuckled. "I could never bring it off if I didn't know you were watching, cheering me on and maybe, even joining in if I need some help."

Patty was confused again, showing it with a puzzled frown.

"Trust me," her mother said, grinning like the devil. "You just be ready tonight -- for anything!"

Patty nodded in agreement, feeling inside like she was on a roller coaster ride.

Judy was waiting for Nick in the living room when he drowsily stumbled down the stairs after waking up. Expecting to find his sister, he stopped short when he saw Judy instead of Patty, blinking his eyes as if he couldn't quite believe what he saw.

"Well aren't you going to say hello?"

Judy called out musically to him, looking up from her long, bare legs which she'd been massaging at the thighs with some lotion.

"Yeah, sure," Nick Cannon muttered. "Uh, hi, M-Mom."

Judy noticed that her son's gaze had fastened on the way her robe had fallen away at her loins. "I just shaved my legs, and I always like to give them a rubdown afterward to keep them nice 'n' smooth. I'm through now, though, so why don't you sit down so we can talk?"

Nick nervously took the chair directly across from his scantily clad mother, unable to help noticing that she did nothing to pull down her robe, even though, she'd finished stroking her glistening thighs. And, he thought, unless his eyes were playing tricks on him, she wore no panties.

"Uh, suppose you wanna know why I'm not at college, huh, Mom?" Nick asked, continuing to mutter.

"Wait, don't tell me, let me guess!" Judy answered playfully, shifting her legs just enough so her son saw for certain there were no panties. "It had something to do with a girl, I'll bet."

Nick squirmed, wondering how she'd figured that out. He didn't think Patty had told her, not without checking with him first. But, in any case, his mother had hit on the truth. He went ahead and nodded to her that she was right.

"You fucked her, then," Judy Cannon said evenly.

Nick nodded again, not used to such a conversation with his mother. He'd planned to tell her about getting kicked out of school because of fucking the dean's daughter, but on his own terms. He was the one who was supposed to be shocking his mother, not the other way around.

"Was your little girlfriend a good piece of ass, Nicky?" Judy Cannon asked her son, her tone as eerily calm as her question was bold.

"God, Mom, what do you expect me to say to you about something like that?" Nick blurted out.

Judy ignored his protest and, calm as ever, tattooed her reeling son with a series of even more startling questions.

"Did she have a hairy pussy, Nicky? Was it tight for your big cock when you fucked her? Juicy? Did she scream when she came?"

As her words overwhelmed Nick, Judy's body language hypnotized him. Indeed, the hairy pussy he was thinking about didn't belong to the dean's daughter but to his mother, as Judy's robe gave way to her partially spreading thighs. Judy left nothing to Nick's imagination.

Noting Nick's ashen face, his mother asked, "What's the matter, darling? Am I going too far?"

"J-just that," Nick groaned, "this is kind a embarrassing."

"Oh, don't be so modest about me making you out to be too much of a stud, if that's what's bothering you," Judy answered, all but purring. "I know my little boy has grown up, most of all where it matters most. That you're hung with a cock any mother would be proud of."

"H-how're you so sure of that, Mom?" stammered Nick.

"Because," Judy said without hesitation, and she openly purred while pointedly staring at Nick's crotch, "I'm looking at you at the same time you're looking at me. And since your cock is bulging as hard in your jeans as my pussy is wet, we both must like what we see."

Nick was in a daze. His brain strained to accept that the boring family he'd left when he'd gone off to college was the same one he'd come back home to now.

"You do like what you see, don't you, son?" his mother asked.

Judy Cannon stood to provide an even better look. Off came her robe, leaving her stark naked. Not a flaw marked her splendid body, which was highlighted by her perfect tits and the bushy triangle of her cunt.

"Now it's your turn," Judy cooed to her son, "to, shall we say, let it all... mmmmmm... hang out!"

Judy unzipped his bulging fly, kneeling in front of him to get at his cock.

She had his rigid cock out in the open in just seconds, and she drooled.

"Just looking at this whopper's not enough for yours truly. Got to suck it!"

Instantly, she had a mouthful of her son's stiff prick. Nick stared down in awe, his bails churning. Quite simply, if his mother kept sucking his cock, he was definitely going to cum.

As he was deep-throated, Nick Cannon wondered what the odds were that a guy could have both a sister and mother who were so horny to fuck him. Was he the luckiest guy in the world, he wondered, or riding for a fall that would make all the other messes he'd gotten into seem like nothing?

Nick's hands automatically grasped his mother's head to guide her suction, increasing the friction between her mouth and his prick.

"Oooooh, shit! Am I gonna shoot a load!" he moaned, giving in to the inevitable.

His prick erupted halfway down his mother's throat. She swallowed his jizz as fast as it spurted. The only blow job he'd ever gotten to equal it was when his sister had sucked him off.

Nick let his mother keep sucking until he was sure she'd downed every drop of his cum.

"Yeah!" he sighed with relief as he pushed his mother's face away from his crotch, never so glad to see his prick soft. Then, louder, he said, "Sorry, Mom, but you can see for yourself -- you took everything I've got!"

Challenging his fuck, his sticky, grinning mother replied, "Fiddlesticks? A boy your age always has mare for the right piece of ass."

Nick ran his mother's last, telling phrase over in his mind: "piece of ass". That could only mean one thing. That she fully expected him to fuck her.

"But, then again," Judy Cannon wistfully said, "who am I to decide about the right piece of ass for you, Nicky? No mother should be that pushy."

She looked her son straight in the eye.

"You fuck whoever you want to, darling," she said, her attitude completely turned around in a matter of seconds. "Don't think you owe me anything, just because I'm your mother. I'm willing to forget everything that's happened tonight if you are. It's probably for the best."

Judy walked away from her puzzled son toward the stairs. Watching her go, Nick was at a total loss as to what to think say, or do -- and he had to admit, feeling disappointment that she had walked out on him.

Nick slumped in a chair, trying to make some kind of sense of his bizarre homecoming. Deep in thought, he completely failed to pick up on the hurried footsteps which followed his mother's up the stairs.

Patty had watched the whole thing, and she scurried to compare notes with her mom.

"Well, how'm I doing so far?" Judy asked her daughter when the latter appeared in the bedroom doorway.

"Fantastic!" Patty said with approval. "What a blow job! Nobody could suck a cock any better than you did Nicky's!"

"Except maybe you, darling," Judy affectionately replied. "But the main thing is, was it good enough to get him upstairs for a shot at my pussy? Did it get him thinking that he has to fuck me, no matter what?"

"He's only human, Mom," Patty readily answered. She haltingly added, "What I can't understand, though, Mom, is why you didn't just go through with it downstairs. You could've given Nicky another hard-on down there if you'd halfway tried. Got him to fuck you easy. But this way -- well, by the time he gets here, it'll be because he thinks he has something to prove. He might get rough."

"Mmm-hmmm," Judy agreed. "The rougher the better!"

"Gee, Mom, almost sounds like you want to be raped?"

"Every woman worth her cunt does," mother told daughter, "no bones about it."

"Not this girl," Patty insisted, shaking her heard. "Fact is, if that's what you're expecting from Nicky, don't know if I even want to watch anymore."

"But you have to, dear," Judy said. "Somebody has to catch your mother-fucking brother raping poor me. Can't think of any better way to get him over a barrel than his own sister as an eye-witness, can you?"

"That's how you're planning to get Nicky out of the house?" Patty asked, astounded at such cruelty. "By making him think he'll wind up in jail if he doesn't go on the run?"

"Trust me."

"No, Mom, I can't!" Patty snapped back. "Not anymore!"

"Then let me put it this way," Judy said. "If you agree to watch, whatever you decide to finally do will be all right with me. If you don't trust me. I trust you."

"Forget it, Mother, you've gone too far," Patty said, maintaining her decision. "I'm splitting."

When she started to leave, though, Patty stopped in her tracks. She heard charging footsteps on the stairs -- her brother! She'd run right into him if she went out the door. So, helplessly, she looked for some other route of escape, and wound up being directed by her mother toward the closet. What else could she do? she thought. She went to the closet out of sight just a Nick stormed into the room.

"Okay, Mom, I've made up my mind!" he blurted out, displaying a throbbing, hard cock. "I wait your pussy! You're as good as fucked!"

Judy Cannon's performance was expert. She shrank away from Nick as if she were a fair maiden and he some sort of monster.

"Hey, what's the deal, Mom?" Nick blustered. "You know you want it!"

"No... no..." Judy convincingly whimpered. "Please go away. Whatever happened between us before didn't happen as far as I'm concerned now. Come one step nearer and I'll scream!"

"Damn!" Nick shouted with frustration. "You Goddamned cock-teaser!"

"I'm warning you..."

Nick took a deep breath, then closed the distance between them. Judy screwed on cue. Uncrossing her arms, which had been hiding her naked body, she now began lashing out at her son, scratching and slapping his face.

Nick was not driven back. Instead, he gained momentum from his mother's attempt to fight him off.

"Yeah," he snarled, on a macho roll, "I think I like it better this way. Me making you cum on my terms, bitch! Making you take my big cock in your cunt no matter how much you try and stop it!"

"You pig!" Judy Cannon yelled at her son. She raised her hand to strike him again. Nick blocked her blow with one arm, then looped the other one to slap her across the face, instead. Judy crashed to the floor, thumping on her ass with the impact spreading her legs so her cunt showed.

"Go ahead, Mom, try and stop me!"

Judy kicked at him. He avoided her kick, calling on his youthful reflexes to seize her ankles and make her helpless.

"Bitch, you don't have a chance!" he yelled.

He bent her legs all the way back over her head. Her ass was the highest part of her jackknifed body, her spread ass-cheeks revealing the hairy wound of her cunt.

"I was born out of that big, old pussy," Nick mumbled to himself. "And now, all these years later, I'm gonna fuck it. No, better than that! Rape it! Mother-fucking rape the same pussy that squeezed me out into this crazy world with my big, mean cock!"

Judy pleaded for mercy. "You can't -- can't do something like this to me, Nick!"

Her voice was very shrill. It got on her son's nerves. Nick decided to shut her up by bringing her as far down as he could.

"This is your last chance to shut the hell up on your son, Mom!" he warned.

"I wish you'd never been born!" Judy Cannon defiantly shrieked.

"You asked for it, bitch!" snarled Nick.

His cock erupted, and that was the end of his mother's outcries. Abruptly, the only sound from her was a drowning gurgle. With a gushing stream, Nick was pissing straight down into her mouth.

His golden shower backed up in her throat and overflowed, pouring down her chin and spilling all the way to her tits. Seeing her so degraded turned Nick on more than ever, so that, when he let go of his dripping prick, it twanged back up at an even sharper angle from his crotch than it had jutted before he'd pissed on her.

"Now for the best part, Mom," he said. "I swear, once I'm finished raping you, I think I'll cum as much in your cunt as I just pissed in your mouth."

Kneeling, he took aim with his rigid prick again, this time at his mother's quivering cunt. He taunted her, rubbing his cock-head from her clit all the way down the groove of her pussy lips to her asshole.

Judy's naked flesh broke out in goose bumps. She sputtered in anticipation of what was about to happen to her, still gagging on her son's piss. Finally, her wait was over.

"Arrgghh!" Nick blurted, as if he were crying out in pain, the sword of his prick stabbing to the hilt in his mother's captive cunt with a brutal surge. "Take it, bitch! Take my cock so deep in your pussy you're sure I'll split you in two. So you're scared out of your mind I'll fuck you to death!"

Judy's son became a merciless machine, his cock a jack hammering fuck-tool that his body powered with relentless thrusts. He raped his mother's cunt.

"Oooooh, you're killing me!" Judy cried. "You bastard!"

"Bastard, Mom?" Nick laughed as his cock pumped nonstop. "That'd mean you and Dad aren't really married. Ought to come up with a better name than that to call me."

"Son of a bitch!"

"Then you know what that makes you, Mom," Nick said, taunting Judy. "C'mon, Mom, why don't you go ahead and call me what I really am?"

Judy accurately cursed her son.

"Y-you mother-fucker!"

"More like it, Mom," Nick said proudly. "That's me, all right -- one bad-ass, mother fucking stud!"

Nick repeatedly forced his huge prick into his mother's raped cunt with pile-driving friction. He could not keep up this furious pace, though, without soon having to shoot his wad.

"Looks like you'll be lucky to get out of this alive, Mom," he said. "But no way you're gonna get out of it without cumming, if I can help it."

Judy breathlessly gurgled something that was so garbled it didn't mean anything to Nick. Having only a short time remaining before his cock erupted with jizz in her pussy, Nick was determined to force her to cum along with him.

"Cum, damn you! Cum!" he snarled. "Cum, if you know what's good for you!"

Judy responded with more gurgling sounds. Nick's hands found his mother's tits, each tit grasped in his gouging fingers. He squeezed them, then wrenched her tits round almost double as his means of vicious persuasion.

"Cum, Mom, cum!" he demanded some more. Then he threatened, "I'll rip your damned tits off, if you don't cum for me!"

Judy screamed as loud as she could, her naked body shuddering. It was impossible to tell whether it was because of an orgasm or unbearable suffering. Nick's body abruptly bucked out of control. Nick was cumming, too.

"God, what a load!" he groaned. "What a hot load of jizz I'm shooting into your pussy, Mom! So hot it burns my cock on the way out!"

It took him several seconds for his cock to finish spilling his cream, as he sang the praises of his gushing climax. And when his cum had run its course, as drained as he was, Nick remained keyed up. He impatiently waited for his fucked mother to admit what a stud he'd been.

Judy Cannon, however, slipped into complete silence. What's more, she went limp as a rag doll, totally unresponsive.

"Damn you, Mom, Goddamn you!" Nick yelled, seething with frustration. "I fucked you with everything I've got. You had to feel it!"

He continued to receive no reaction in any form from his speechless, motionless mother, and his blood boiled. He pulled his dripping cock out of Judy's swamped cunt. Nick had a hard-on that hadn't surrendered an inch to all that fucking and cumming. When he saw his hard cock, he could only think that fate had given him another chance to prove himself.

"This time, Mom," he said, holding his jutting cock-shaft the way he would a weapon, "there's no way out for you. Either you'll cum like your life depends on it, or you'll damned well wish you were dead after the way I'm gonna fuck you next!"

Judy said and did nothing.

Chapter SIX

From the closet where she bid, Patty Cannon watched her brother rape their mother every step and cock-thrust of the way. At first, Patty had been awe struck by the violent poetry in motion, then numbed by her brothers mounting brutality -- and now, finally, horrified by what Nick was on the verge of doing.

"No, too much," Patty whispered with alarm. "I know Mom brought out the worst in Nick on purpose so she could frame him with rape, but now it's gone too far. She doesn't even seem to know where she is anymore. He'll rip her to pieces, if he goes ahead and does this."

And if anybody was going to stop Nick, Patty knew, it would be have to be herself. Her mother was helplessly being twisted into position so she'd be raped by Nick's big cock where the fucking was tightest and most dangerous.

"Just can't stand by and let this happen!" Patty said quietly, breathlessly making her decision. "Can't let Nick fuck Mom in the ass while she's this out of it!"

Nick's cock-head was already poking between the forcibly raised and spread cheeks of Judy's ass. He was set to ravage, and Patty had to make her move at once.

So out of the closet she burst.

"Hold it right there, Nicky! Just forget all about ass-fucking Mom."

"Yeah, Sis, well you and who else is gonna stop me?" Nick snarled.

"Just me'll be enough," Patty snapped back, talking as tough as she could and praying that she could back it up.

She didn't scare her brother, but at least she had his attention enough, so that his cock left the target of their mother's ass when he turned for a glaring face-off with Patty.

"Don't know what you were doing here to begin with, Sis. But right now, I really don't give a damn!" Nick yelled. "I'm a lot more interested in finding out how you plan to stop me from fucking Mom where she shits. C'mon, Sis, I'm waiting -- daring you to try."

Patty had to put up or shut up, knowing her mother had placed her in that position by design. But that was with the idea that Nick would permanently flee if faced with an eyewitness who could nail him for rape, and the original script was no longer playable, Patty realized Nick was too far gone to so easily outsmart, with their mother's reckless fun and games turning into something a lot more like life and death.

Saying it as fast as she could, before she had second thoughts, Patty blurted, "Fuck my ass, instead!"

Nick hadn't expected this. Catching him off balance gave Patty a few extra seconds to make her case.

"Mom's so out of it," she hurriedly said to her brother, "that she wouldn't even know what you're doing to her. You'd might as well be fucking a corpse. Dead meat..."

She briefly paused when she heard herself describing her mother in such ghastly terms. But before she had openly cringed, Patty was listening to the desperate sound of her own voice.

"But I'm alive and kicking, Nicky," she said. "I'll cum for you the way poor Mom can't. Cum so hard from your stud's cock jamming up my ass. Yes, Nicky, just look at how ready my horny asshole is for your big prick. I know you'll want to fuck me there!"

Nick bit.

"Show me, Sis!"

Patty wasted no time in dropping onto all fours in the classic female position for backdoor sex. Bottom up, she hurriedly unfastened her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties, to her knees. She showed her brother her asshole, hoping he couldn't resist, reaching behind to spread her ass-cheeks so her shit-pit puckered in plain sight.

As she showed her inviting asshole, Patty heard her brother's breath quickening to a ragged tempo. A good sign, Patty thought, so she went for broke.

"I'll even grease the way for you, Nicky," she called over her shoulder. "Get myself nice 'n' slippery for your big cock, so you can start ass-fucking me to your balls right away."

One of her hands dipped into her cunt, going after some pussy-juice for a lube job. Her thumbnail fucking her clit aroused all the fresh supply she needed. When her fingers emerged from her pussy and shifted toward her asshole, they were dripping.

She quickly put one, two, three of her fingers into her tight shitter, widening her asshole for the bulk of her brother's cock. For the first time since she'd decided on this strategy, Patty was actually starting to look forward to getting fucked up the ass in place of her mother.

The only problem with her plan, Patty thought, was that her brother had still not agreed that she would be the one on the receive big end of his rigid prick. He was breathing hard, but until he was safely locked in where she shit, Patty couldn't take anything for granted.

So, she knew, she had to show Nick even more to get his cock to make up his mind for him. She removed her fingers from her asshole and highlighted how fuckably her shitter was stretched.

Her fingertips snagged the rims, then tugged at either side, wining her ass-channel into a likeness of a miniature cunt, showing inner pink. She could not do any better at convincing Nick that her shit-pit had just taken over from her real cunt as her number one fuck-hole.

"Ye... how can I turn it down? I can smell it from here. Real funky... if ever there was an asshole just waiting for me to fuck the shit out of it, this is the one."

Hearing him, Patty tingled on the brink of success. Her brother lined up directly behind her, took aim with his prick, set his hips, and fucked Patty's asshole.

"Ooooh, it hurts soooo gooood!" Patty squealed with a sudden assfull of her brother's thrusting cock-shaft.

"Your cock's not even all the way in me yet, and, wow! I'm cumming already!" Patty screeched.

Nick looked down at his crotch while his wriggling sister climaxed. She was right. He still had about three inches of prick in reserve to shove up her ass. But he waited to do it until her first orgasm had nearly run its course. The jolting result was timed perfectly, fueling Patty's senses so they were ablaze all over again with another, even hotter, cumming frenzy.

As his sister went wild from within, Nick could only wonder if he was locked into too much of a good thing. Her spazing asshole was like a set of jaws around his cock, chewing up his prick.

"Okay, Sis, lighten up a little now," he told her. "Your horny ass is about to twist my prick off at the root if you don't let up, or at least, it sure as hell feels that way!"

"Let up? No way! Couldn't if my life depended on it!" Patty called back. "You're plugged in for the rest of the ride, brother dear. So all you can do is fight back. Try my tits, why don't you? They'd just love to be squeezed, pinched, bruised and however else you can make them black and blue!"

Nick ripped her flannel shirt all the way up the back, then yanked both halves so the buttons down the front went flying and the sleeves were torn from Patty's arms. She wore no bra, so hex tits dangled as she kneeled on all fours. Nick took a spongy tit-mound in each hand with mauling force. Patty's scream was hair-raising. She was cumming again, harder than ever.

"It hurts toooo goooood. Too good for me to stand!" Patty yelped in one breath. She hollered, "Don't stop, Nicky, don't stop what you're doing, except give me even more. Give mc any less than more and I'll never forgive you!"

Nick willingly poured it on. His cock was pistoning nonstop up her asshole. Gripping with his fingernails, his clawing hands were doing terrible things to his sister's tits, which she found wonderful. When Nick drew blood from her mangled tit-flesh, Patty groaned as if it were a new, bright-red form of female cum.

"I can't stop... can't stop cumming!" Patty cried. "You could rip my tits and fuck my ass forever, Nicky, and I'd never stop cumming for as long as you were ripping and fucking my tits and ass!"

"Oooooh, Sis!" Nick admitted, reacting to the rising tide at the pit of his loins. "Sorry, but it's gonna be all over for me pretty damned quick. Can't hold back. Have to cum so bad I can almost taste my own jizz!"

"If that's why you'll have to quit," Patty readily accepted his excuse, "then, believe me, that's the one reason I'll forgive you for. The only one. The best one! My fucked ass full of your hot, thick jizz."

"Then I should shoot it, Sis?"

"Whenever you're ready, stud, then so am I!"

Nick reined as much as he could at his peak of passion, the kinks in his crotch loosening as he prepared to go with the natural flow from his thoroughly fucked cock. Then, it seemed to Nick, Patty was making it even more of a one way street by the magical something she was doing to his balls.

"Damn, don't know what it really is, Sis, but if I didn't know better, I'd swear you're somehow sucking my balls!" Nick moaned with pleasure. "Anyway, it's gonna just make me cum all that much harder!"

"Huh?" Patty answered with confusion. She started to say that she hadn't touched her brother's balls, except to have them slap against her cunt while he screwed her ass from behind. But then, all at once, Nick's cock exploded.

His jizz gushed like molten lava to the scalded depths of his sister's bowels. As she was flooded by the liquid fire, Patty forgot about everything but how wonderfully his cum burned and how hard she was cumming right along with Nick. Patty's asshole erupted from within, and their molten flow was in two directions, her fiery shit seeping around the length of Nick's spurting prick.

Their peak passed, followed by their dreamy afterglow of cumming, as Nick's prick dribbled with the last of his jizz, and Patty's shit oozed. It was like floating on a cloud, Patty thought.

"Oooooh, Sis, you're still doing that same number on my balls!" Nick moaned. "And damn, if it doesn't feel just as good, now that I've finished shooting my wad, as it did when I was getting ready to cum."

"But," Patty said, "I'm not touching your balls, Nicky. Haven't been the whole time."

"C'mon, Sis, stop kidding around."

"I swear it!"

To prove what she meant, Patty held her hands out from her sides. And obviously, Nick realized, her mouth couldn't have been involved since her face was farthest away from her brother's crotch while she was on all fours.

"Then," he asked, "what the..."

Cautiously, almost frightened, he reached down. And below, he felt a face which could only belong to one person.

Patty looked over her shoulder and read in Nick's eyes what he'd discovered. He nodded, reading her mind in reply.

"M-Mom!" they stammered together.

Releasing her oral grasp on her son's balls, Judy Cannon bobbed up into view and gleefully declared, "God, I hope you kids love the way this is turning out as much as I do! Isn't how I planned it -- but a whole lot better!"

"P-planned? Planned what?" Nick stuttered, bolting to his feet between his mother and sister, swinging his gaze from one to the other. "Sis, you were in on this the whole time, weren't you?"

"Yes and no," Patty answered honestly. "Yes, Mom talked me into being here. No, I didn't know exactly what for, at least in the beginning. Then, I thought I d... but now I'm more confused than ever."

"Well, then, perhaps yours truly ought to explain," Judy Cannon said to her children with classic understatement, an equally classic twinkle in her eye.

After she'd spied on Nick fucking Patty, Judy explained, her idea had been to get Nick hot for her, too. That had gone according to schedule, thanks to the blowjob in the living room. Then, getting him ready to fuck her, cock-teasing him was the next step. Enough to lure him upstairs to where she'd infuriated him into raping her, with Patty watching.

"I drew the line," Patty said, cutting in on her own behalf. "Wasn't going to let my own mother frame my own brother for rape. And that's what Mom expected me to do, Nicky. Jump out of the closet and put you on the spot by catching you red-handed. But, I decided, leave me out, Mom was getting just what she deserved."

"Ah, but I figured I could get around that by upping the stakes," Judy said cheerfully, resuming her stow. "By turning Nick into such an animal, that my darling daughter would get scared and try to save me. How was I to know what'd really happen?"

"But, Mom," Patty muttered, automatically defending herself, "I did try and save you."

"Agreed," Judy said. "But I didn't think it'd be by putting your own ass on the line in place of mine. Thought you'd call the police, or hit your brother over the head with something. Whatever it took to get it through his thick skull!"

"What?" Nick blurted. "Get what?"

"Mom set you up to rape her, and set me up to stop you. Anyway, once you were caught in the act, she counted on you doing what you usually do when you're in a tight spot -- running away from it. It was the best way she could think of to get rid of you, but still try on your cock for size in the bargain."

"Get rid of me?"

"You're a helluva cocksman, sonny boy," Judy said affectionately. "Which is exactly why I don't think your father's heart could stand having you around doing stud service on your sister and me. Sooner or later, your dad would catch you sucking or fucking with one or both of us, and the poor guy would keel over and probably never move again. And, you know, he does pay the bills around here."

Nick was clearly shaken by his mother's cold calculations. He remembered that he'd said it hadn't worked out as she'd planned, after all, and that she was glad for it. Haltingly, Nick brought this up and asked her what she'd meant.

"Simple," Judy Cannon said.

She paused dramatically. Patty was back on pins and needles, along with her brother.

"There's more than one way, to keep your father paying the bills. Should've thought of it in the beginning," Judy Cannon said, then spelling it out father... as American as apple pie. We three stay together, and a judge makes your father pay for it after I cut him loose.

Nick gulped. "Then?"

"You're not going anywhere, stud!" Judy assured her son. "After tonight, I wouldn't give up your big cock any more than I would your sister's sweet pussy. Your dad's the odd man out in this family. No room for any part of him anymore -- except, of course, for his big, fat wallet."

Her cold-blooded attitude made her children flinch. But then, Judy Cannon moved to heat things back up. She went to her daughter, held her in place, then licked down Patty's naked front until she was kneeling at crotch-level and sucking teenaged cunt.

Nick had never watched one chick going down on another in the flesh before, and with his own mother and sister being the first pair of bi females he'd ever seen in action, the effect was especially startling.

"Oooooh, Mom!" Patty moaned, swaying with helpless pleasure above her pussy-eating mother. "I know what you're trying to do, but I can't fight it. Trying to get me so turned on all over again that I'll agree to go along with dumping Daddy, aren't you?"

"Mmmmm, you bet," Judy Cannon said, readily admitting her bribery with a hairy, juicy faceful of cunt. "It's the only way."

Patty didn't deny it. She couldn't. All she could do was moan with helpless pleasure as her mother's talented tongue slipped into her cunt and started tongue-fucking her. Already, the energy of an orgasm had begun to mount in Patty's rolling loins.

"What about Nick, Mom? Is he supposed to just watch us act like a couple of dykes?"

"He'll figure out what to do next," Judy said, her voice fuzzy with pussy. "I'll make sure he does."

Her face buried even more solidly between her daughter's thighs, Judy adjusted her knees so she was posed like a bitch in heat while she ate Patty's cunt. Painted toward her son was her flexing ass, her plump ass-cheeks seductively parted to showcase her own rear-spread cunt.

"Nick, Mom wants you to dog-fuck her at the same time she's eating my pussy," Patty said.

Staring at the hairy female cunt which yawned so invitingly before him, Nick nodded.

"Gonna?" his sister asked. "Gonna dog-fuck Mom, then, Nicky?"

Nick replied by shifting his gaze to his own crotch. He had his cock in his hand, and then slipped his chunky cock-knob just within the gap of his mother's meaty pussy-lips. Then, before he took the plunge, he summed up the situation with crystal clarity.

"Let's face it, Sis," he said soberly to Patty. "Morn's got us hooked. So long, Dad."

Nick bucked his crotch to bury his prick to the root in Judy's welcoming cunt. At the other end of the action, Patty could almost feel his cock-thrust herself, cumming on the spot in her mother's pussy-sucking mouth.

Chapter SEVEN

Patty Cannon felt as guilty as sin. The sin, however, was not incest. Betrayal was the name of the dirty game in which she held one of the three hands.

"I love sucking and fucking with Mom and Nicky," she sighed, alone in her room and thinking out loud. "But I love Daddy, too."

If she'd been sure it would straighten her things out, Patty would have gladly told her mother and brother about herself and her dad. But could not predict what their response might be. What really disturbed Patty was her dad's reaction if he found out he had to share her body with the entire family.

"Daddy can handle me and him," Patty said, summing it up the way she saw it, "because I'm his very own little girl. His special piece of ass. The rest of the time, though, he's straight as an arrow. Uptight about almost everything, except fucking me. No, he could never stand coming home to a family where everybody was hopping in and out of bed with everybody else."

And if she was right, Patty thought, that meant her mother was, too. A divorce was the answer.

Still, Patty rejected the inevitability of that solution. She had to admit it seemed to add up, but she hadn't given up all hope that there was a missing piece of the puzzle that might reveal a different picture than the one now staring her in the face.

"If only there was somebody I could trust, who I could talk to about this," she said. "Somebody who could help me decide what I should do about Daddy. Somebody who knows him inside and out, even better than I do."

There was only one likely candidate, Patty realized. The only problem was that he and her dad had had a falling out over something or other several months ago. But perhaps that would work in her favor, Patty reasoned. Just maybe, whatever had come between her dad and his twin brother was exactly what she needed to get her Uncle Jason to level with her about what really made Ed Cannon tick.

Dr. Jason Cannon was one of the area's leading psychiatrists. Handsome and never married, there was no more eligible bachelor around town than he. More than one woman had gone into treatment with him because her real motive was adding some spice to her life by being alone with such a charmer.

Dr. Cannon didn't let them down -- if they were young and pretty enough. Fucking his choicest patients was as much a pad of his practice as the leather couch in his office on which those in his care reclined to pour out their problems. Indeed, spread legs and the couch almost always went together.

The afternoon Patty came to his office, the doctor was at his best.

His patient was pretty enough to be an angel, young enough to be his daughter -- and groaning with delight as she came from his big, pumping cock in her tight cunt.

"Oh, Doc, Dad," she cried. "Now you cum, too, before I stop. Fill my thirsty pussy with your jizz, we're both cumming at the same time!"

"Mmm-hmmm," Jason whispered hotly in her ear, "just what the doctor had in mind."

The girl promptly wrapped her legs around him, pulling his large prick even deeper into her spuming cunt. Then she rolled her hips so her bare ass-cheeks squeaked against the leather couch.

"Cum, Doc, cum, cum, cum," she steamily chanted, rubbing her tits.

And Dr. Cannon earned his fee by unleashing a load of scalding jizz that did more for his thrilled patient than all the standard therapy in the world would have been able to accomplish. She screamed so loud with uncontrollable pleasure that Jason had to clap his hand over her mouth to keep her voice from carrying outside of his office any more than it already had.

"What was that?" Patty asked, her uncle's nurse as she waited in the outer office.

The middle-aged woman in the starched, white uniform smiled knowingly to herself for a fleeting instant, then resumed her usual frown and said, "The doctor will be free to see you soon. I believe this appointment has been nearly completed."

Moments later, a dizzily grinning girl only a couple of years older than Patty tripped into view. Seeing Patty waiting there, she said, "Oh, honey, if this is your first time here, let me just tell you that you'll love the doc to pieces. He's super. Just glad I got to him today before you did."

"Uh, we'll be seeing you next week at your usual time, Miss Martin," the nurse sourly told the girl. "Run along now. And remind your parents to pay this month's bill promptly."

The girl drifted out toward the elevator as if she were on a cloud. As for Patty, whenever she herself behaved that way, it usually after she'd been fucked really good -- which made her start to wonder about her uncle's method of treatment.

"Go in, please," the nurse snapped. "The doctor doesn't have much time to spare between his regular appointments."

Patty got up and went through the door out of which the other girl had just emerged. Her uncle had been expecting her, but clearly not so close on the heels of his previous patient. He was zipping up his fly.

The instant Jason realized that his niece had seen what he was doing, he darted behind his desk. He punched a button on the intercom to apparently chew out the nurse for allowing someone to walk in on him before he was ready. But there was no reply.

Patty glanced back through the doorway, saw no one outside anymore, and said, "I think your nurse has gone to lunch, Uncle Jason. And don't be angry at her for letting me pop right in."

She briefly paused, trying to decide if she would say what she really wanted to next.

"Fact is, Uncle Jason," she told her father's brother, "I'd already pretty much figured it out for myself. It was written all over that other girl's face."

Jason Cannon hemmed and hawed, trying to deny what his niece was talking about. But the truth was written all over his face, which was blushing as red as a beet.

"Don't be embarrassed, Uncle Jason, I understand completely," Patty said recklessly, calm on the outside, but with a squadron of butterflies in her stomach -- and, most telling, a moist knot between her legs. "She was a very attractive girl. You just did the same as any normal man would naturally do if he had the chance."

Patty paused again. Her pulse boomed in her ears as she got ready to speak the bottom line, while her glassy-eyed uncle stood there like a zombie.

"Yes, Uncle Jason, any other man would've fucked that girl, if he thought he could get away with it!" Patty said.

"Okay, all right, so you've got me dead to rights," he said, then started to weasel to save his career. "But I'll make it worth your while to forget all about it. Just get my checkbook and I'll write out any amount you think you deserve to keep your mouth shut about this."

Patty was sorely tempted. Squeezing a thousand out of her desperate uncle would be no trouble at all. But, once again, she fell into the pattern of not being sure what she'd say until she heard it herself.

"No, Uncle Jason. Money's not what I want from you."

"Then name it," he said. "Anything, Patty, baby, I mean it!"

"Well, you can start by coming out from behind that desk."

Jason did as he was told, his movements awkward.

"Wh-what do you want?" he stammered.

"You'll figure it out quick enough," Patty answered. "And if I can't get you to give it to me without black mail, then I'm not the jerk I think I am tell you what, Uncle Jason, just think of me as another one of your patients. Same as, uh, your last one."

Patty began unbuttoning her blouse. As it fell open, her tits swelled in her bra. And so, too, did her uncle's crotch.

"Mmmmm, glad to see you're already getting the idea, Uncle Jason," Patty purred, her eyes pointedly focusing below the belt. "But we still don't want to leave anything to chance, do we?"

Her blouse slid down her arms to the floor, then Patty went to work on her bra. It was the kind which clasped between the cups in from. Suddenly, her naked tits had jumped out at Jason, while her discarded bra joined her blouse at her feet.

"Do you like my tits, Uncle dear?" she asked, flicking her erect nipples with her fingertips.

It was an unnecessary question. The answer bulged in her uncle's pants -- a hard-on that was as glaring as a neon sign.

"You can see for yourself what kind of shape I'm in," Jason muttered.

Patty nodded, then added, "But both of us seeing more'll be even better."

She wore a wrap-around skirt. Then, within seconds, she wasn't wearing it anymore, unfastened and swirled it away so she stood before her uncle in just her yellow bikini panties, their crotch stained gold with leaking pussy juice. Rather than peeling them off next, though, she pulled them in the opposite direction, tugging them up into her pussy's gash so the meaty lips and puffs of her cunt-bush oozed and bristled in exposure.

"And now," she said as she posed, "the next move is up to you, Uncle Jason. What's it gonna be? I'll get dressed and leave if you want me to. My lips sealed. That simple, you won't owe me anything. Or, if you want me to stay... well, prove it!"

Jason took such a deep breath it seemed as if it might be his last. Then, holding all that air in his lungs, he tried to make up his mind what he should do. But, really, his mind had become a temporarily useless instrument by now -- his cock was doing his thinking for him at this point.

Down his hand went, finding the tab of his zipper and yanking at it so the metallic whine of his lowering fly filled the air. Then his hand was quickly in and out of his open pants, emerging with twelve brawny inches of throbbing hard cock in his white-knuckled grasp.

"Mmmm, that's not only better," Patty moaned, seeing that her uncle was hung even more than she'd expected -- even bigger, it looked, than her brother, "that's the bat?"

"The couch... the couch!" Jason whispered.

Patty eagerly went there, removing her panties on the way. She stretched out in the nude on the leather cushions, knees raised and thighs apart to offer her teenaged cunt in the classic fucking pose.

Her uncle followed her there. Standing over the couch, he loosened his tie with one hand while dropping his pants and shorts with the other -- kicking off his shoes, he stepped out of the puddle of clothing, stripped from the waist down except for his long, black socks.

He was, Patty thought, like a Mr. Right who'd stepped out of every young girl's fantasy about an older man. So sleek, so handsome -- so hung. Indeed, Patty had forgotten all about the other older man in her life -- her father, and how she'd originally planned to discuss him with her uncle.

"Oh, you stud!" she said to Jason. "Just seeing your huge cock when it's hard is almost enough to make me start cumming even before you fuck me!"

Reaching up to touch her uncle's magnificent cock for the first time, Patty did, in fact, aim. And, as she climaxed, she guided his knobby cock-head to her watering mouth and treated herself to a salty, sucking taste. But she did not turn it into a blow job, having too much of a craving for an immediate cuntful of all that male cock-meat to settle for anything less.

"Now fuck me, Uncle Jason, fuck me!" she cried when her flash orgasm had run its course. "Fuck me just like I'm one of your crazy patients!"

"With pleasure!" the doctor replied, ready for his specialty.

The leather couch was large, nearly the size of a bed. And Jason Cannon had performed his services on it so many times that it was almost like a second home to him, the most familiar part of his office. He expertly climbed aboard, no wasted motion in his smooth approach. And then there was his luck -- no matter how many other girls he'd used it on, Patty made herself believe she was the first one to whom it had ever been spoken.

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever fucked," Jason said to his niece. "And your emit is the most beautiful part of you of all. It's a privilege for me to do this..."

Patty moaned that the honor was ail hers, as her uncle slipped his big cock deeply into her welcoming cunt. And, once again, she came on the spot.

"Ahhh, I can just tell that this is gonna be one of those fucks where I don't stop cumming the whole time," Patty groaned.

To help keep her orgasmic juices boiling, she wrapped her legs around her uncle's waist to jog him in the cradle of her thighs for maximum friction. The tit between cock and cunt was perfection, and the movement of male and female loins was poetry in motion.

"I feel like we're fucking on a cloud!" Patty said. "I've had it just about every way you can think of -- rough and gentle, straight or kinky, like I was a little girl, like I was a whore -- but this fuck is in a world of its own!"

"I've heard a lot of things on this couch," Jason Cannon answered, and there was no way Patty could detect that he was being anything but truthful, "but never anything as sexy as what you just said."

"And flattery will get you everywhere," Patty murmured. "Especially with your fantastic cock fucking my pussy to go along with it!"

"How about this, too, princess?" Jason asked, lowering his face below his niece's chin.

"Oh, yes... yes, Uncle Jason," Patty said, "Suck my tits while you fuck my pussy. Suck me, fuck mc, and make me cum twice as hard for you!"

Jason proved to be every bit as much a master with his mouth as he was with his cock. Squeezing his niece's teenaged breasts together, he wound up nursing both nipples at the same time. Patty could feel wondrous vibrations all the way down in her cunt, adding mightily to the pressure on her clit from Uncle Jason's big prick pumping between her legs.

"God, I'm starting to cum almost too good!" Patty declared. "Don't know how much longer I can take it!"

"Want me to ease up some, then?" her uncle asked.

"Don't you dare!" Patty yelled. "You've already given me as much as I can stand, Uncle Jason -- now go even farther!"

Anxious to please her, Jason dropped his mouth back to her tits and experimented with his teeth. It was just what the doctor's patient had ordered.

"Fantastic! Bite me! Ow, bite me!" Patty squealed with painful pleasure. "Hurts soooo goooood!"

But she still wasn't finished getting the most out of her uncle. With her tits and cunt accounted for, there was one logical place for him to thrill her more.

Grabbing one of Jason's wrists, she guided his hand to where she wanted it.

"That's right, my ass!" urged Patty. "Finger fuck me where I shit." The doctor's middle ringer probed into her tight, gritty shit-hole. Patty excitedly farted in reply, widening her narrow shit-channel, so her uncle automatically added a second finger Patty asked for more.

"Two's company, but three's a crowd!"

She tuned again. Her uncle responded us she'd hoped he would, with a third finger up her asshole. The trio of fingers in her shitter was like an extra cock to go along with the real one already fucking her cunt.

The dual effect as just as striking for Jason, too. The result, as far as he was concerned, amounted to a sensation of jacking himself off through the thin skin between his niece's ass and pussy, while he fingered the one hole and fucked the other a notch away. The friction on his cock had been doubled, and no man could stand that for long without answering nature's call.

"I-I'm cumming!" Jason blurted out, abruptly past the point of no return.

His prick loaded with gushing force into his niece's cunt, there was too much of his cum for Patty's cunt to hold it all. As Jason's prick continued to spurt, though, she immediately called out with a suggestion to keep his dreamy dim from going to waste.

"Hurry," she said breathlessly, "before your cock's finished shooting hurry and pull it out of my pussy and finish cumming in my mouth!"

Jason acted on cue. Out of Patty's swamped pussy and toward her face lurched his squirting prick. Her open mouth surged to swallow every inch of his cock-meat, and his balls were drained the rest of the way by a deep-throating blowjob.

"Oh, baby!" Uncle Jason sighed to his niece when his load of cum was drained. "No man could turn down the kind of sucking and fucking you put out. Now that I've had my share, I know that any guy who passed you up would be the one who needed help -- no matter who he was."

There was something about what he said and his wistful tone which snapped Patty out of her orgasmic afterglow and put her on alert. She couldn't resist going fishing, sensing in her gut that she just might reel in something even bigger in its own way than her uncle's cock.

"What are you talking about, Uncle Jason," she said, trying to sound as casual as possible. "You have anybody, uh, particular, in mind?"

Jason's face was suddenly red again, just as it had been when his niece had first started coming on to him.

He muttered, "Aw, forget it. I was just talking... didn't mean nothing special by it -- except, of course, how special you are."

Now an absolute siren had gone off for Patty. "Didn't mean nothing special," her uncle had just said. And he was a doctor, a man who'd received the finest education money could buy. No way, Patty reasoned, that somebody with that kind of background would use such terrible grammar unless he was uptight as hell about something. Now, how to pry it loose from him? she wondered.

Patty went for broke.

"Uncle Jason, this other guy -- are you, by any chance, talking about somebody you know who's already fucked me?"

Jason didn't admit anything. But the most telling part of his silence was that he denied nothing either. Patty felt like a bloodhound on the trail of a kill.

"Tell me!" she cried. "Tell me who he is!"

Jason tried to look away. But Patty wouldn't let him. If her hot body was as irresistible as her uncle bad already indicated, then she'd be a fool not to use it here to get what she wanted. Drawing back her legs, she reached down to seductively spread her rear ass-cheeks.

"It's as simple as this, Uncle dear," Patty said. "If you want to fuck me in the ass, tell me what you're biding!"

Jason helplessly stared at his niece's inviting shit-pit. Even more helplessly, his hard-on jumped back up to full, massive power.

"I'd die to fuck that ass," he confessed with continuing helplessness, talking more to himself than Patty.

"The price isn't that high," Patty said. "All I want is the truth about Mr. X, in trade for what you want -- your big cock up my tight ass. So, who is he?"

Dr. Jason Cannon had made a handsome living by coaxing the secrets from other people's minds through out his career as a psychiatrist. But now, he was the one on the hot seat. His patients confessed because they'd be wasting a hundred dollars an hour if they didn't. But in his own case, the stakes were far higher -- fucking the sweetest young ass he'd ever seen.

Jason was many things. A respected professional, almost rich, and handsome enough to turn any female head -- but, most of all, he was a typical, human male. And, faced with such an exquisite female asshole for his cock to fuck, he was a prisoner of sex, tortured by temptation.

Chapter EIGHT

Even more exciting than his huge cock up her ass as the wealth of information her uncle traded Patty beforehand for the chance to ass fuck her. Indeed, the information was what she'd actually been after to begin with -- but far more valuable than she'd ever anticipated.

"Your dad," Jason told his niece, "made an appointment to see me through my nurse about six months ago -- didn't even tell me about it in advance. He just showed up one day like any other new patient. And thank how he said he wanted it, for me to treat him like any other patient instead of my own brother. I wouldn't take his money, of course, but he was so desperate that I had to listen."

"And?" asked Patty.

"And then I couldn't listen, either," her uncle said. "Even a doctor can only hear so much from a patient before he has to call the police or be guilty himself of letting a criminal run loose."

"Daddy's a crook?"

"As sure as if he robbed banks for a living," Jason said. "Fucking your own daughter will get you behind bars for a long vacation, just as much as stealing other people's money."

Patty automatically stood up for her father. "I made him do it. Seduced him -- Daddy didn't have a chance."

"Yeah, I know that now," Jason groaned. "After today. But this is now and that was then."

"So you sent him away?"

"Had to. I was skating on thin enough ice myself, fucking my own patients -- couldn't afford to take on covering up for my brother fucking his own daughter to boot. Told your dad I'd forget what I'd heard if he'd forget he'd told me. And just to be on the safe side, I got a little nasty and warned him to stay as from way from me as possible from then on, or I'd blow the whistle on him."

"Gee, you rotten bastard!" Patty cursed her uncle. "Your own brother!"

"I know... I know," Jason muttered, sheepishly accepting the charge or disloyalty. "But there was more to it than what I've told you so far. Something I sure as hell couldn't let your dad know, because I didn't want to admit it to myself."

"Such as, Uncle Jason?"

"I was jealous," Jason said after a long pause. "Jealous of my brother for having a daughter of his own to fuck. I could fuck all of my patients I wanted, but none of them would ever be more than just ordinary pieces of ass, no matter how young they were -- never my own flesh and blood."

He paused again, coming to grips with his inner self.

"I'm a psychiatrist the human mind is my bread and butter," he said soberly. "So if anybody ought to know, it's me -- that, down deep, every man wishes he had a little girl of his own he can fuck into a woman. Your dad did and I didn't. I hated his guts for getting the kind of piece of ass I never could."

"And now?" Patty asked. "Now that you've fucked me, too, same as Daddy?"

"Baby," Jason said with wrenching honesty, "you're as close to my own little girl as I can get. But in a way, that just makes it worse. Feel like a rat fucking you behind your dad's back -- stealing pussy from my own brother when I'd probably kill him if it was the other way around and you were my daughter."

Her uncle's raw emotion cut to Patty's soul. She'd only experienced anything so moving, so true once before -- and that was after the first time her father had fucked her and had poured out his feelings about the great sin he believed he'd committed.

With her father, Patty had reassured him that anything that felt so right could never be wrong. He'd bought it, and the rest was incestuous history. Would her uncle be equally persuaded by the same brand of logic? she wondered.

"Trust me!" she asked of him.

He started to say that the real problem was trusting himself.

"I've got all the answers," Patty told him with ringing conviction. She slyly added, "But you have to go ahead and fuck me in the ass like we agreed on before, or you'll never get them. Deal?"

Her rear ass-cheeks were spread, showcasing her dusky ass-pucker to dramatically invite her uncle's hard cock to take the fuck where she was tightest.

"I said it before and it was the God's honest truth -- and I'd be a liar if I didn't say it again," Jason said, panting. "I'd die to fuck that ass!"

He had ass-fucked her, as deep and hard as it could be done. To Patty's squealing delight, the ass-fucking ended with even more jizz shooting into her ass than when her uncle had fucked her cunt.

"Trust me," Patty had told her uncle, and she'd meant it. So, after he'd fucked her ass, she went back to what he'd told her about her father.

The plan Patty spun off the top of her head was so crazy that it took a psychiatrist to appreciate how much sense it made. Forgetting all logic but hers, Jason bit -- hook, line and sinker.

Ed Cannon received the telegram as he was coming out of a business meeting, where he'd just wrapped up an important contract ahead of schedule. Good thing, too, he thought, because the message from home seemed urgent.

"Daddy, you've got to get back right any," it said. "Don't let me down. Checked the flights there's one tonight. I'll be waiting at the airport. Explain when you get here." It was signed, "Love, Patty."

Even if he hadn't sealed that contract, Ed Cannon would have been on the plane. Not just because he was worried, either. His cock had been hard for his little girl ever since he'd left on his trip, making him ready for an excuse to return to her hot, young body.

Ed credited his success on the contract to dumb luck. The whole time he'd been going through the motions of negotiating, his mind had been elsewhere. His mind was not on the contract he was supposed to get signed for his job, but on another one he was determined to break in his personal life.

A divorce that's what Ed Cannon had decided on. He'd give Judy all the money she wanted in return for ending their marriage, and anything else to get loose of her. All that he'd ask for in return was partial custody of their daughter.

Any reasonable judge, Ed anticipated, would give him weekends with Patty. He'd take an apartment on the other side of town, making it possible for them to live as much like man and wife as a father and daughter could do when they were together.

But, in the meantime, there was the urgency of Patty's telegram for Ed to consider. Had something happened at home like Daddy was big what he was up to with their daughter? If so, instead of the solution to all his problems, he might be going back to hell on earth. Whatever; fate inevitably called either way. Ed called the airport and made the reservation for that night's flight.

They were fucking like there was no tomorrow upstairs, so her mother and brother didn't notice when Patty slipped out of the house to borrow the car without permission. The airport was twenty miles away, and she got there a mile a minute. Another twenty minutes after that, her father was waving in the midst of the other passengers when he spotted her waiting for him.

They embraced and kissed on the mouth when they closed the distance between them, exchanging tongues. Passers-by grinned and winked when they saw Ed and Patty, especially the men who envied this middle-aged guy with what they assumed was his cute, young wife, Patty treating Ed to a crotchful of rubbing knee.

"What about your luggage, Daddy?" Patty whispered into her father's ear when their kiss had broken.

"Had to send it on another flight to get a ticket on this one at the last minute," Ed said, panting. "Won't get here until tomorrow."

"Good, then I won't have to wait to get you alone in the car. I'm so horny for your big cock I can't stand it."

Patty openly squeezed her, father's bulging crotch in plain sight. Of those who saw it, most of the men nodded with approval and most women frowned with disgust. Then Patty left them all to their imaginations, grabbing her father's hand and leading him as fast as she could to the privacy of the car.

"Oh, Daddy, take it out! Take it out!" she cried the instant they were in the front seat. "I wanna suck it soooo bad!"

Ed Cannon still needed to get to the bottom of that telegram, but that seemed a lot less important at the moment than a blowjob from his teenaged daughter. So, no questions asked for now, he unzipped his swollen fly and hauled out his rigid prick for the benefit of Patty's hungry mouth.

She dove for his cock-meat. A single, slurp and she was deep-throating his cock to his balls. Ed's hand was inside her blouse as she went down on his prick, massaging her braless tits.

"This long away from you, baby, and you know I'm gonna cum quick," Ed said, warning Patty. "Hope you're thirsty."

Patty sucked even harder to trigger his jiz. Success was instantly hers. Her father's prick abruptly gushed down her throat. She swallowed his scalding cream as it spurted. She came herself, as thought she owned an oral cut somewhere at the depths of her fucked mouth.

"Ahhh, I needed that!" Ed Cannon sighed when his daughter had licked up the last drop. "Nothing like a blowjob from his own little girl to relax a guy after a long, hard business trip."

Ed leaned back on his side of the front seat, loosening his tie. In truth, he wasn't as relaxed as he'd claimed to be. That telegram from Patty simply had to be accounted for.

"Say, uh," he said, frying to sound casual, "is there something going on at home that made you and send me that wire, baby? Some kind of trouble with your mom or something?"

Patty had, of course, been expecting his question, answering according to plan.

"It's nothing I can't wait to tell you until after you've fucked me proper, Daddy. My horny cunt's just dying for every inch of your big, stiff cock and every drop of your next load of hot, thick cum. Here, just feel how hard-up I am."

She took her father's hand and guided it under her skirt. No panties were underneath. Ed Canon suddenly had his fingers full of juicy, teenaged cunt-hair and pussy-meat, and his prick was throbbing steel all over again.

"Okay, angel," Ed readily agreed when he felt her matchless pussy. "Let's get in the back seat where there's more room to hick!"

"No, not in the car, Daddy. I've got my heart set on you fucking me in a soft, warm place. If I can wait until we get to one, so can you. Just drive where I tell you to."

Ed guessed she had some motel in mind. While he drove and she gave him directions, Patty kept both him and her red-hot. She treated his unsheathed prick to a hand-job that was carefully kept shy of drawing cum. At the same time, she clutched him at the wrist between her thighs and squirmed from a slow finger-fuck in her cunt. Unlike Ed, Patty could afford to cum all she wanted, it only increased her ability to climax all the more in the nonstop female fashion.

By the time Patty told her father to park the car, her leaking pussy-juice was dripping from his arm all the way up to his elbow, soaking his shirt and jacket. Meanwhile, Ed's cock was practically glowing in the dark. He was so desperate to get his cock balls-deep into teenaged pussy that he failed to notice the neighborhood to which Patty had led him.

She lovingly put his prick back in his pants, assuring him was only temporary. I had him follow her from the car into a nearby high rise building which also didn't register with Ed Cannon. It was only when they were in the elevator that it occurred to him that it was not was what she'd expected.

"I thought we were going to a motel," he said.

"Does it make some difference if we don't?" Patty purred. She swiftly unzipped her father's bulging fly to reclaim his rigid cock from his pants, distracting him from the button she pushed with her other hand to stop the elevator.

Her father shifted from one foot to the other for several seconds, mentally grasping at something that was just beyond his mind's reach. Then he knew.

It was an odd thing to recognize, but suddenly, Ed Cannon blurted out, "I-I've been in this elevator before! It stops on the thirteenth floor!"

Patty responded by squeezing his cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed from his purplish prick head. She reached down with her free hand, wiped his liquid pearl away, then licked her sticky fingertip.

The elevator rumbled to a stop and its doors whooshed open on the thirteenth floor.

"J-Jason," Ed stammered, aware now that he was just up the corridor from his brother's office.

Patty just stood in that corridor, a few steps away from her father, and took off all her clothes. Then, stark naked with her dimpled ass swaying, she ran to the door with the name plate on it which spelled out, "Dr. Jason Cannon, M.D." The office wasn't locked. She disappeared inside, leaving her dad in her eerie wake.

Ed Cannon looked dawn at his jutting prick. It was pointing the rest of him toward the open door. He took one step, then another, and all the serious questions buzzing in his brain were put on hold as he drew nearer.

"Just fuck her now and worry about the rest of it later," he heard himself say when he was at the threshold, as though he were listening to his horny cock actually speaking.

The door to the inner office was open as well. On the leather couch inside, lay Patty in all her glory. Flat on her back with her knees raised and thighs parted, her cunt was a shining beacon which no normal man could ignore, even under the most extraordinary circumstances.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" she said.

Ed Cannon helplessly went to her. She reached out with her long legs and caught him when he arrived, wrestling him on top of her with a scissor-hold. His cock required no further guidance, automatically finding and sinking into her waiting pussy. Male and female hips started to move to the same rhythm, and -- just like that -- father was fucking daughter.

Ed could have thought of a dozen reasons why it was the wrong thing to be doing at the wrong time in the wrong place. But for now, he bottled them all up and let his cock have its way. His prick pumped in and out, tugged with every stroke by his daughter's irresistible cunt.

Patty finally spoke again, moaning, "Oh, Daddy, I'm cummiing now -- cumming for you."

The walls of her orgasming pussy spasmed around the length of her father's hard-on. The vibrations from her climax entered Ed's body through his cock and traveled from his head to his toes. But the main impact was on his balls, which began to churn with a batch of cum which would soon have to be released in a gushing torrent. "Baby, whatever else happens, all that'll ever matter to me in the end is that I got to fuck you as many times as I could. Every time was better than before, and the last time I fuck you will be the sweetest piece of ass of them all."

"And you think that this might be it, don't you, Daddy?" Patty said, responding directly now to her father's anxiety. "Our last fuck -- this is a trap, but you're going ahead with it anyway because you're already in too far over your head to save yourself?"

"Baby, all that matters tome is fucking you," Ed said. "You're the one who brought us here, so you must have a good reason. So, after I cum, I'll take whatever else comes."

"Then you trust me?"

"Don't have any choice the way you make me feel when I fuck you, darling. Fucking you is the only time I'm sure I'm a real man. The rest of the time, I'm just a shell, going through the motions."

"Well, mmmnm, you're sure as anything going through some pretty macho motions right now, Daddy," Patty teased, her father's cock continuing to rub in the vise of her cunt. "Want me to cum for you again?"

"Nothing would make me happier, baby. The more you cuin for me, the better I'll wind up cumming for you. The way it's always been when we fuck."

"Right on!" Patty sighed with agreement. Then she reached down to the top of her cock filled cunt to give her clit an orgasmic fuck, climaxing on the spot.

"Yeah, sooo gooood!" Ed Cannon cried, panting in response. "Cum, baby, cum. Keep cumming for daddy!"

"Then help me, Daddy, help me! You know how! Something kinky!"

Ed reached automatically for Patty's tits, one in each hand. He clutched them so hard that her nipples oozed between his fingers, so he could pinch the trapped tit-buds of flesh. In reaction to the welcome pain, Patty squealed with delight, her orgasm reaching a higher plane.

"Now more, Daddy, more!" Patty urged her father. "Do something to my ass along with my tits!"

To honor her request, Ed pulled out all stops. From his daughter's cunt, his cock abruptly withdrew. Then, a notch below, his cock-head pushed against her puckered asshole for entry. Patty reached down to help, guiding his big prick into her shit-hole. Slippery with pussy juice, his cock surged deeply into her horny shitpit without delay.

"Oh, Daddy, an ass full of your cock does it to me best!" Patty cried. "Fuck, fuck! Fuck my ass until you're cumming as hard as I already am!"

Her strong thighs rocked her father on top of her, making his prick piston back and forth in her shit-chute. She could feel his cock-meat stiffen even more with every cock-thrust, while his balls were so hot they burned her ass-cheeks every time they rhythmically slapped against them.

"Won't be long now, will it, Daddy? Until you shoot your wad?" Patty asked. "Of all the times you've ever fucked me, I swear your cock's never felt more like it's ready to cum inside me than it does now. You must have to cum so bad you can taste it!"

Ed nodded in agreement, then groaned with breathtaking pleasure as his hilted cock erupted into the depths of his daughter's fucked ass.

"Ahhh, so hot! So much of it!" Patty said, delighting in her father's gushing jizz. "The hottest and the most you've ever cum in me yet, Daddy! And that means the absolute, fucking best!"

Ed's cock kept spurting the creamy fire long after a normal load of jizz would have been exhausted. Then, when his balls finally were drained, the slimy tide in Patty's swamped asshole reversed direction and began seeping around Ed's buried cock-meat.

"Shit, Daddy, shit!" Patty moaned. "When you fucked my ass full of your hot cum, you fucked the shit out of me, too. Now that you've cum in my ass, Daddy, I'm shitting all over your cock. Is my hot shit keeping your cock hard, Daddy?"

Ed panted and said that it was.

"Good, Daddy, 'cause I want you hard when you fuck me in the next place," Patty groaned. "Fuck me in the mouth with your hard cock fresh out of my fucked ass, so I can taste my own shit."

Ed was helpless to resist. She was so dirty, his Patty. So able to wrap him around her little finger, no matter what she wanted. So very much one of a kind -- his own precious daughter for whom he'd do anything, anytime, anywhere, regardless of the consequences.

Without hesitation, Ed pulled his cock out of Patty's filthy shit-pit and shifted on top of her to fuck her mouth. And she hungrily gobbled his prick down her throat as if it were coated with Dutch chocolate.

While she gave him the kinky blowjob that already had his balls brewing another batch of jizz, Ed Cannon glanced at his surroundings, reminding himself of where his daughter had brought him.

His brother's office had paneled walls dotted with Jason's diplomas. And there was the desk behind which Jason had smugly sat several months ago the last time the brothers had seen one another, when Ed had confessed that he was fucking his own daughter and had been told that he was a sick criminal.

As his prick was being slurped by ibis daughter's mouth, in a way which felt too good to possibly be criminal or bad, Ed suddenly guessed that Jason had really been jealous that he didn't have a little girl of his own to fuck Jason couldn't stand for Ed to have something that warn't available to him, Ed realized.

Jason appeared just as he gave in to Patty's suction and was cumming in her mouth. And if Jason Cannon still disapproved of his brother's incestuous behavior. Ed wondered, then why was he unzipping his bulging fly to take over with his hard cock on Patty just as soon as Ed left off?

Chapter NINE

It had worked out so beautifully. Patty still couldn't congratulate herself enough for bringing it off.

The expression on her mother's face bad been priceless when she had been asked for a divorce instead of the other way around. Patty bad been so proud of her dad that day, the way he called the whole family together to break the news that he had to leave home to find his own space. Of course, Patty pretended to be sad that he was leaving, but inside she sang with joy over the way he'd come through for her.

Patty's morn took it hard at first, not because she was sorry to lose a husband -- but because she hadn't been able to end the marriage on her own scheming terms. But, later, Patty had reminded her that divorce was what she wanted, wasn't it? And the financial arrangement had certainly been generous enough, hadn't it?

Judy Cannon had sighed.

"Guess so. As long as I get some money, the house, and you kids to suck and fuck whenever I want to, that's the bottom line." Then she shook her head in wonder, though, and added, "But that bastard dumping me before I could do it to him first still rubs me the wrong way. And so he can move in with that bachelor brother of his to chase ass. I hope they both get the clap!"

Hearing that, Patty had smiled to herself. If her dad and Uncle Jason got the clap, she'd be the one who gave them the dose. For hers would be the ass they'd be chasing.

Divorce was the perfect arrangement for a horny girl who wanted all the family-fucking she could get when her parents couldn't get along. Just keep Dad and Mom across town from each other, away from each other's throats, Patty thought, and what she'd created was heaven on earth.

When she was at home, Patty slept in the same king-sized bed with her mother and brother in a nightly threesome -- except on weekends, that is, when Patty stayed over with her father at Uncle Jason's apartment as part of her folks' divorce settlement. Her mother still didn't like it, but had to go along since she'd agreed to it in court.

And Judy Cannon would have liked it a whole lot less had she been aware of the details of those weekends. But Patty operated on the principle that what her mom didn't know, wouldn't hurt her.

"No, Mom," Patty would say when she was getting ready to leave for the weekend, "how many times do I have to tell you that Uncle Jason's apartment isn't crawling with women when I go over there to stay with Daddy. I'm the only one there with them."

And Judy Cannon would answer, "Well, that better be the way it is. No funny business. I don't want you exposed to your father's second childhood. Because God only knows what goes on over there the rest of the time. But, okay, I'll take your word for what happens when you're around. Or what doesn't."

Then off Patty would go, her mom none the wiser. And once across town, it was the reverse side of the same coin. What her father didn't know wouldn't hurt him either...

"Your mother treating you okay, baby?" Ed Cannon would ask. "She hasn't moved some guy into the house to take my place yet, has, she?"

"No, nothing like that Daddy. It's all very homey. Mom just doing the best she can, and since Nick's there, too, he's helping out all he can. The three of us get along fine. No problems."

One particular day, Jason overheard the conversation and popped in to say to his brother, "Face it, Eddie. You and Judy are making divorce look good. Everybody's a lot happier since you untied the knot. If I knew it'd work this well for everybody who's still married, I'd recommend splitting up to all my patients."

"That's easy for you to say, when you're skimming off all the cream while I'm paying most of the freight," Ed grumbled to Jason. "Supporting an ex-wife's as much of a bitch as she is!"

"Ah, but I am letting you live here rent-free," Jason pointed out. Then he said, "In return for, of course, certain considerations, I admit. Which, I might add, I'm most interested in taking advantage of right about now."

He casually unzipped his fly. Patty went to him after winking at her father. Jason's big cock was out by the time she kneeled at his feet to suck it.

"Well," Jason said as his niece gave him slurping her ass was a smiling at her father about the true nature of her life. "See that another week of being a good, little girl hasn't left you any less bad for your old man and me once you're untied from your mama's apron strings. That is, if your old man is planning to do more than just watch."

Ed Cannon frowned from the taunt. He and Jason were closer these days than they'd ever been, but Jason still knew how to get under his skin the way brothers do. Indeed, sometimes Jason acted like Patty was his daughter instead of just his niece, getting his cock into him first whenever he had the chance and leaving Ed to play catch-up.

Thinking it over, though, Ed supposed he really didn't have much of a gripe. After all, Patty always made sure he caught up in style.

"Daddy," she said impatiently, gurgling with a mouthful of Jason's prick, "what're you waiting for, anyway? You're not really gonna wily watch, are you? I'm too horny for just one cock, you know that, Daddy."

Ed had to grin. His sexy, little girl definitely had the knack for making sure he didn't wear a frown for long when she was around. Just as she also had the knack of coaxing his hard cock out in the open to plug into the action, no matter what she was already doing with her uncle.

Patty worked her cock-hardening magic on Ed by scooting back on her knees while continuing to go down on Jason's prick, raising her plump ass so the seam of her tight jeans ran down between her ass-cheeks to the crux of her thighs, a stitched version of her ass-crack and cunt's slit.

She popped open her jeans, wriggling them down her sloping hips. With no panties underneath, she was quickly down to the bare facts. Her jeans sagged around her knees, her asshole puckering in plain sight between her parted ass-cheeks, and a notch below, the juicy slice of her rear-spread cunt. Her father had the choice of fucking either fuck-hole.

Trying to decide which fuck-hole suited his fancy, Ed had his cock in jutting readiness. Then he took potluck. Lining up directly behind Patty, he temporarily closed his eyes, aimed his hard-on at a can't-miss angle, and flexed his crotch toward whichever female fuck-hole his cock-head bumped first.

He immediately recognized the stretching kiss of meaty lips, and knew he was sinking his prick into Patty's pussy. His loins bucked, her pussy squished out loud, and he was fucking her dog-style.

Jason reacted first to his brother plugging into the action.

"'Bout time you got cracking Ed. You and I both know that when ever it's more than one of us she girl gets twice as much of for her job from her once she starts getting fucked, too. Two cocks are always better than one with Patty."

Ed had to agree. He and Jason ganged up on Patty more often than each fucked her separately. And she always responded to taking both their cocks at once by putting out twice as much as she did when she was just going one-on-one.

Now was no exception. Her mouth fucked her uncle's prick, and her cunt once again demonstrated its talent for relentless suction on her dad's cock-shaft. What's more, although she'd started on Jason before Ed had fucked in, she soon had them on the same timetable. She sucked and fucked them so both of them would cum together when she was ready for their jizz.

However, before her mouth and cunt were swamped by male cum, Patty had her own orgasmic needs to satisfy. It wasn't very difficult to turn, since her clit was thoroughly activated by her father's dog-fucking cock in her cunt. Also, she'd recently trained herself to imagine that the cock she sucked had its head rubbing against a phantom, oral clit down her deep throat. Patty began to buzz at both ends of the action, with the vibrations spreading from her fucked mouth and pussy toward a sweet spot within her which she could only identify as her very soul. There, the twin forces would combine, and when they did.

"She's cumming!" Jason cried.

"You're telling me!" Ed answered. "God, is she cumming!"

"Then what about us?"

"You have to ask?"

"No, not really. I'm ready if you are. Together?"

"As usual. What the hell else? You know that I can't hold back now anymore than you can. So..."

"What're we waiting for?"

"Not a fuckin' thing!" The Cannon brothers bucked their crotches, and their hilted pricks erupted within a split second of one another, Jason's creaming wad pouring down Patty's throat and Ed's gushing load swamping her cunt. And on the receiving end of an instant bellyful and wombful of scalding jizz, Patty knew who she was -- the horniest and luckiest damned girl in the fucking world!

"Ooooh!" she murmured when it was over. "That was soooo goooood that all I can think about is more, more, more!"

She had wriggled loose from all drained pricks of her father and uncle, with their hard cocks having temporarily dipped to half-mast. But Patty knew how to take care of that. Making pricks stand at attention was as natural to her as breathing. And the kinkier her method for getting results, the more she got turned on for continued action along with her male partners.

Jackknifing herself, she drew her freshly fucked cunt directly above her face and let Ed's dripping jizz slide down the funnel of her tongue into her open mouth.

"Well, Eddie, looks like your cum's winding up in the same place as mine this time around," Jason said to his brother. "Damn, if this little girl of yours isn't one for the books! I've had plenty of cunts who were patients hung up on sex, and fucked most of them, but none of them could turn fucking into an art like your Patty does. Just look at my cock now... hell, look at yours, Eddie!"


"Well, the little girl didn't turn us back into a pair of hung studs again so we could stand around and jerk off while we watch her fly solo," Jason said. "C'mon -- let's jump her all over again. More is what she told us she wants, so let's pour it on!"


Then their rigid cocks leading the way, the Cannon brothers poised in on their favorite piece of ass. But Patty jumped up, and, giggling like a schoolgirl, scampered away from her oncoming father and uncle.

The master bedroom was her destination. It was like a miniature palace devoted to raw sex. Over the years, Jason had added on to it until no person could enter without immediately being struck by the urge to suck and fuck.

The ceilings and walls were all mirrors. And the bed was fit for a sultan and his harem. It was so wide, so soft, and its satin sheets so exquisitely erotic, almost capable of causing an orgasm by themselves when bare flesh slid across them. At least, for Patty anway, and that's where she was when her bare-assed father and uncle caught up with her.

"Hi, boys!" she greeted them. "Thought you'd never get here!"

Then, spreading her legs, she started finger fucking her exposed cunt with one hand while pushing a button beside the bed with the other. The button activated Jason's sound system. He had once piped in tapes he'd secretly recorded of the moaning patients he'd fucked. But these days, the moans all belonged to Patty herself, collected, of course, with enthusiasm.

"Mmmmm, I love to listen to myself cum," I moaned, as one of her orgasms from the recent past drifted from the loudspeakers. "I like that one, too. It was the night I got fucked the ass and pussy at the same time!"

"It could happen again, little girl," her hard cocked dad said.

Patty grinned and immediately switched off the tape.

"That's what I'm here for!"

She pushed another button, that one to record her newest series of climaxes. Then she roiled over on her belly.

"Come and get it, Daddy and Uncle Jason!" she called.

When they joined her on the huge bed, she pushed herself up on her hands and knees to spread her cunt from the rear. Their nostrils flaring, her father and his brother could smell as well as see her cunt.

"Well, somebody hurry up and go in," Patty said impatiently. "Give me a cock in my cunt, right now!"

"Be my guest, Eddie," Jason offered.

"Oh no," Ed replied suspiciously, "I know your game. You want me to fuck her pussy again so you can fuck her ass. But forget it. Her shit-hole is reserved for my cock."

"Why, just because she happens to be your daughter?"

"She sure isn't yours!"

"But this is my apartment."

"Jeez, will you guys stop fighting over my damned ass?" Patty cut in to pout at her bickering father and uncle. "You make my poor cunt feel like an orphan. Okay, if neither of you want to give me a cuntful of cock, I'll just use this."

Reaching back, she clenched her fist just outside her yawning pussy-lips.

"Of course, once I start fist-fucking my own cunt, you boys'll just be left watching," she teased.

"Well, on second thought," Jason said quickly, "guess that tight, young pussy's just where my cock belongs, after all."

"Better hurry then," Patty teased some more, nudging her clustered knuckles just within her cunt's stretching rims.

Jason got into position without further delay, scooting feet first beneath his niece on his back until his crotch was directly under hers. Satisfied, Patty stopped threatening to fist-fuck herself and reached down, holding Jason's twelve-inch-cock upright. Then, tilting her hips, she centered her cunt and his prick and dipped to jam her pussy on her uncle's jutting fuck-tool.

"Ahhhhh," she sighed whether pussy was clamped down on Jason's prick to his balls.

"Excuse me, but..."

She came on the spot. Not a long climax, just enough so her seeping pussy-juice soaked her uncle's hilted prick.

Patty looked over her shoulder toward her father.

"Okay, Daddy, now I'm ready for my second cock!"

Ed grinned with ass-fucking on his mind. Her asshole was throbbing in the fuzzy split of her flared ass-cheeks.

"Gonna fuck the shit out of her tonight," Ed said to himself under his ragged breath.

But, overhearing him, Patty said, "Maybe later Daddy, but not now."

Surprised, Ed muttered, "Huh?"

"Forget about ass-fucking me, Daddy," Patty told him point-blank. "I don't want your cock in my ass, after all!"

"Huh?" Ed repeated.

Patty read her father's mind and assured him, "No, Daddy, you don't have to just watch Uncle Jason fuck me. Don't worry, I want your cock in me, just as much as his."

"Then what... where?" Ed muttered in confusion. "Fuck you in the mouth, baby?"

"Nope, not there!"

"Between your tits?"


"Then what... where?" Ed asked.

"In the cunt, Daddy! I want you to fuck my cunt!"

"But your uncle. He's already..."

"Mmmmm, I know!" Patty moaned, bearing down on Jason's prick with her squishing cunt. "Which is exactly why I want you to fuck my cunt, too, Daddy. I've taken your two cocks at the same time with one at one place and the other somewhere else plenty of times. But never both of them in the same place, rubbing together inside me!"

And her cunt was perfect for it, Patty went on. If a woman could squeeze out a baby, then a horny, young girl ought to be able to squeeze in a pair of pricks. Maybe not every inch of them, but enough to more than make it worth her while -- especially when it would wind up with her pussy full of twice as much jizz.

Ed Cannon protested that it was a foolish idea. Then, his daughter countered, he would just have to watch his brother fuck her after all.

"Yeah," Jason said from below, his bucking crotch powering his prick straight up Patty's cunt for emphasis. "Neither of us will blame you, though, Eddie, if you have to go ahead and jerk off while we're giving you a show!"

There was no way Ed was willing to be reduced to the role of mere spectator. So, he decided, why not? Why not call his daughter's bluff and give her what she claimed she wanted? he asked himself. She'd probably lose her nerve once his added cock started stretching her cunt to the danger point and beg him to switch to her ass.

Ed lined up. His brother even cooperated, withdrawing at least half of his prick from Patty's cunt to leave a small, but definite, space. Going for it, Ed nudged his cock-head in there.

"Oh, more than that, Daddy," Patty said. Ed shoved, until half of his prick had joined the half of his brother's. And Patty not only seemed to be feeling no pain, except the pleasurable kind, but she began rolling her hips to ride the joined cocks within her pussy.

"It's even better than I thought it'd be!" she moaned. "What kept me from trying this before, I'll never know!"

Then, aware of where the bidden microphone in the wall was located, she climaxed aloud directly into it so her rapture would be recorded loud and clear.

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, you studs!" she moaned. "Fuck my cunt, Uncle Jason! Daddy, fuck my cunt! Both of you fuck my cunt with your big, hard cocks!"

She urged her father and his brother on. Ed and Jason came. It didn't take long. Their pricks rubbing against one another, in addition to the tightness of Patty's packed cunt, made sure of that.

When the time arrived for them to shoot their wads, they screamed and yelled with ecstasy. Patty answered them with the female version of ecstasy, as their twin jets of jizz flooded her double-fucked cunt.

Then the peak had been passed. The tape rolled on. But there was one thing it couldn't capture in the aftermath of the excitement. And that was Patty's thoughts, her private knowledge that as super as tonight was with her dad and Uncle Jason, just as much awaited her when she got back home to her mother and brother Nicky. They were willing to do anything to her she wanted, too. Seven days a week of sucking and fucking, that's what Patty had. Nothing could stop her, but herself. And since she was a creature who constantly craved more, with two sides of her family to give it to her, the weekends and weekdays fed each other like gasoline and fire she just hoped she didn't burn herself out...


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