Daughter's hot mouthful

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

DAUGHTER'S HOT MOUTHFUL -- a frank story of one young woman's approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

Bambi finished rubbing her naked, shapely body dry. She dropped the oversize pink bath towel. In her bedroom, she turned before the wall mirror. Slowly she drew her fingers across her flat, naked belly. Sticking her index finger into her belly button made her giggle. She bounced on the balls of her tiny feet. Her snowball-sized tits jiggled. Her nipples were hard. But soft to her touch.

"Daddy, my tits don't sag like Cheri's tits. I know mine ain't as big as her tits. But you always say, over a mouthful is wasted."

Bambi walked away from the mirror and watched over her shoulder her bouncing ass-cheeks. Her perfectly rounded ass-cheeks moved up and down. Not satisfied, she walked away from the minor five more times until her cute asscheeks bounced seductively. Up and down with a small bounce.

"Daddy, that will make your cock hard. And I'm going to dress pretty, but sexy. I'll be ready for my birthday present. You promised ever since I was a little girl you would give me what I want most. You don't think I know. But it's your stiff cock I want. And you want me. I can tell by the way you look at me. I'm ready for your hard, throbbing cock." She squeezed her erect pink nipples. "Ooooooh, Daddy, that feels soooo goooood. It'll be better when you lick, suck and kiss my tits!"

Bambi sat on the pink chair before the mirror. Taking a tit in each hand, she squeezed.

"Ooooh, that feels sooooo good."

Lifting her tiny bare feet, she placed the heels on the front edge of the chair. With her knees bent, she slowly spread her smooth white legs. Looking down at her virgin pussy, she licked her lips. Her pussy was covered with fluffy, golden pussy-hair.

"My beautiful virgin pussy, you're not wrinkled like Cheri's cunt. Daddy will kiss and suck you tonight. And when my sweet pussy is hot and wet with virgin pussy-juice, he'll ram his rock-hard cock home. All nine inches of his meaty cock. Ohoooooh, I just know his cock is the biggest and sweetest cock in the whole world!"

Bambi stuck her right index finger into her round mouth. Her soft red lips closed around her finger. She sucked her finger so hard dimples appeared in each cheek. She pulled her finger out with a pop.

"Daddy, I'll suck your throbbing hard cock like I sucked my finger!" She touched the soft skin around her virgin pussy with her wet finger. Slowly she rubbed her pussy-skin. She licked her finger. "Daddy, my virgin pussy is sweet, tender and juicy. My pussy is dripping with virgin pussy-juice. Ohooooh, Daaaaadeeee, you'll love fucking my pussy still closed by my cherry. Daddddeeee, my pussy aches to be fucked!"

Bambi stood and turned slowly in front of the mirror. Her blue eyes sparkled as she admired her naked body. Unblemished skin curved over her rounded ass-cheeks. She stopped turning with her cute ass-cheeks facing the mirrors. Spreading her legs, she bent over, and with her small hands spread her ass-cheeks. She stared at her tender pink asshole reflected in the mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the mast tight whole of them all? I do. Daddy, Cheri don't have a virgin pink ass hole that looks like a small rose ready to bloom. Your red-hot cock will have to be covered with Vaseline when you fuck my asshole!"

Bambi licked her index finger until spit dripped from it. Then she slid the wet finger around her smooth, tight pink asshole.

"Ohooooh, ummmm that's good. I'm saving my two fuck-holes for your cock, Daddy. No finger or vibrator is going to break my two cherries. Only a real meaty, throbbing cock!"

Bambi reached for the bottle of red nail polish on the dresser. Carefully she panted each toenail. She blew on them to hurry the drying. Liking the hot breath feeling, she bent her head as low as possible between her legs. She blew at her virgin pussy.

"Ohoooooh, hot breath feels soooo goooood!" She tried to lick her virgin and hot pussy. Her tongue couldn't get closer than one inch from her fluffy golden pussy hair. She blew again. "Ohoooooh, Daddy, I can't wait to have you blow on my pussy!"

Bambi painted her fingernails red. Standing, she picked up the rose-scented box of body powder. Taking the cover off, she took the pink powder puff and moved it under her nose. The powder made her sneeze. Then wider her arms and between her legs she dusted powder. Finally she covered her firm tits with powder. And rubbed each erect nipple several times. She brushed the excess powder off her golden pussy-hair.

From the closet, she selected a black, silk teddy. Carefully she slipped her right leg then the left leg into the teddy. Slipping the thin shoulder straps in place, she admired the wide V plunging neckline. It exposed her soft white tits. She picked a pair of black fishnet stockings. Her long, slim right leg slid into one stocking followed by her left leg. After smoothing out all the wrinkles, she grabbed a red garter hanging from the black silk teddy. She hooked the right stocking then the left.

Turning before the mirror, she murmured, "Ummmmm hummmm. Daddy, my teddy and fishnet stockings will make your cock throb!"

Bending over, she looked between her legs into the mirror. After straightening the black seam in each fishnet stocking, she licked her lips.

"Daddy's cum will dribble out his piss-hole when he sees me dressed like this!"

Bambi stepped to the closet, watching to make sure her ass-cheeks moved up and down. Rummaging through her robes, she picked a sheer white silk. Alter sliding her bare arms into the slinky robe, she stared into the mirror and smiled.

The black teddy and fishnet stockings showed through the sheer white robe. She knew that would drive Daddy wild. And make his cock throb. Carefully she applied bright red lipstick, blackened her eyelashes and added green eyeshadow. Scanning the top of her dresser, her eyes stopped on a bottle of perfume. Picking up the prick-shaped bottle, she read the label.

"MAN TRAP -- Guaranteed to bring the animal out in MEN."

Removing the bottle cap, Bambi sniffed. Her eyes rolled toward the ceiling. "It's irresistible!"

Bambi dabbed MAN TRAP under her arms, on her half-covered tits, and the crotch of the black teddy. The sexy fragrance filled the room. Wiggling her feet into high-heeled black shoes, she looked two inches taller. Walking down the hall, she moved her ass-cheeks up and down seductively. In the living room she stopped before the large mirror.

"Will Daddy's big cock tit in my small mouth?" Smoothing the robe over her hips, she sat on the couch. The robe fell open, exposing her fishnet-clad legs. Not satisfied she tried sitting four more times until she got the robe to fall away exposing her most attractive female parts.

Just a peek at the crotch of the teddy showed, with a few fluffy golden hairs peeking out on each side of the crotch. And lots of bare skin showing between her round firm tits. Her erect nipples pressed dents into the skin hugging teddy. The door chimes made her jump.

Jerking the door open, she felt a disappointed look cross her face.

"Cheri, what are you doing here?"

"Bambi darling, happy birthday. When I turned legal age, I'd been fucked by every guy in the neighborhood. Are you still cherry?"

Bambi nodded as she stared at Cheri.

Cheri's dress exposed most of her melon-sized tits. Her large, hard nipples pressed against the black silk dress. Cheri's body and large tits always made Bambi want to snuggle into her anus. And to suck her large nipples.

"Bambi darling, do you want to suck my tits?" Bambi nodded. Cheri's hands grabbed the back of Bambi's neck. Then she crushed her large hot lips to Bambi's sweet tender mouth. Cheri's hot darting tongue danced into Bambi's moist mouth. Cheri's body rubbed against Bambi as she slipped the black silk dress off her shoulders. Grabbing Bambi's head, Cheri pulled it toward her tits.

"Cheri, Daddy told me to dress pretty because he'll be home early."

"Yes, Bambi darling, he'll be home. But you have time to suck my tits."

Bambi looked toward the door and shook her head from side to side.

"Bambi darling, you want to suck my tits. And tit-sucking makes my cunt hot!"

"Cheri, Daddy is going to give me my birthday present. I don't know why he asked you to be here."

"Bambi, darling, hurry and suck my tits. Ohoooh, I love having my tits sucked. My brother sucked them every night when we slept together. And he would finger-fuck me. Do you finger-fuck while you watch Daddy and I fuck?"

"How'd you know I watched?"

"I can see your eye in the peek-hole. But I never see you finger-fucking."

"I don't," Bambi said, walking to the couch and sitting down.

"Bambi, darling, don't wait too long. They say an old cherry will turn green like an olive."

Bambi wanted to suck Cheri's tits and she wanted more. But if Daddy came home... "Bambi darling, you've taken good care of Daddy and I just know you'll love his birthday present. It's something you always wished for."

Bambi closed her eyes and knew it was Daddy's large hard cock he would give her. That's the only thing she wished for the past couple of years. But why did Daddy tell Cheri? Maybe he asked Cheri to be here today so he could tell her he wasn't going to fuck her anymore. Their year-long fucking relationship was over.

"Bambi darling," Cheri cooed, moving close to her on the couch, "suck my tits. My cunt is dry and tit-sucking will make it hot and wet. And then I'll show you all the tricks of fucking."

"No, Cheri. I've got a teacher who will teach me how to fuck soon. And I heard Daddy tell you last night he wished your cunt was pink and juicy like my pussy."

"Yes, Bambi, darling, Daddy did say that. But he still fucked me. Oh, how your daddy can fuck."

Talking about fucking made Bambi's virgin pussy twitch. She squeezed her legs together, wishing Daddy would hurry.

"Cheri, I've watched you fuck Daddy every night so I know how to fuck."

"Yes, Bambi, darling, you saw but you need a good teacher to show you how to fuck. How to suck. How to make your man go wild with delight as you ream his asshole. Bambi, darling, you need Cheri."

Bambi smiled as she thought how good Daddy's hot breath was going to feel on her hot, wet pussy.

"Bambi, darling, if you suck my tits now I'll suck you."

"Suck what?" Bambi asked.

Cheri pulled Bambi against her ample tits. Hornily she whispered in Bambi's ear, "Suck your virgin pussy."

"No, Cheri, I'm saving it for my teacher."

"I'll be your teacher, Bambi darling. Pleaseeee. Bambi!" Cheri dropped to her knees in front of Bambi and hugged her fishnet-covered legs. Bambi got up. Cheri hugged her around the hip. Bambi's virgin pussy dripped more pussy-juice and wanted to be blown on. She spread her legs. Cheri jerked Bambi's virgin pussy to her hungry mouth. She kissed Bambi's virgin wet pussy.

Bambi felt Cheri's hot breath and wet tongue as it licked her crotch.

"Bambi darling, let me undress you or I'll have to eat the crotch out of your sexy teddy."

Bambi wiggled her hips. She pushed her virgin pussy toward Cheri's hungry mouth.

Slipping the teddy shoulder straps off, Bambi cooed, "Blow on my pussy."

Loud footsteps and talking made them stop. Cheri jumped up, covered her tits with her dress. Bambi slipped her arms back through the straps holding the teddy. The door flew open.

"Bambi, look what I got you. Uncle Die..." Bambi rushed into Daddy's open arms, pushing Cheri aside.

Daddy kissed her cheek. Bambi turned his head with her hands and kissed him on the lips. Her hot small tongue darted into his moist mouth.

"My Gawd, Bambi, that's a real man's kiss for your daddy!"

Bambi kissed him again and probed his mouth with her tongue. Daddy pushed her away and took the large box that Uncle Dick was carrying.

"Bambi, this is your birthday cake. And I got another surprise gift for you."

Bambi set the cake box on the coffee table. She took the cover off and licked her lips. Cheri leaned over and touched the red frosting with her finger.

"Bambi darling, that's a man-size cake cock with a red-headed prick and balls. Your daddy loves buying you a cake shaped like a prick."

Cheri grabbed Daddy and kissed him. Daddy squeezed Cheri's enormous ass-cheeks. Bambi glanced at Uncle Dick.

The bulge in Uncle Dick's pants was bigger than the bulge in Daddy's pants. Bambi opened her arms. Uncle Dick hugged her. She could feel his hard cock as he pressed himself against her belly. Her virgin pussy twitched. Uncle Dick patted her cute, rounded ass-cheeks.

"Niece Bambi, you're old enough now. Got a man in mind?"

Bambi nodded and looked toward Daddy, who was still kissing Cheri and squeezing her large asscheeks. As Cheri slid her cunt up and down Daddy's leg, a pang of jealousy hit Bambi.

Why didn't Daddy tell Cheri and kick her out? Then he could give me my other present, she thought.

Daddy moaned as Cheri continued to rub her at on his leg. He looked at Bambi.

"Uncle Dick is going to baby-sit you, Bambi."

"Daddy, I don't need a babysitter. I need my other present."

Daddy stepped away from Cheri. "Bambi, like I said, Uncle Dick is going to baby-sit. That's so I can give you what you wanted more than anything else since your mother ran away."

"Yes, Daddy, yes, I'm ready."

"Cheri, show her," Daddy said.

Cheri held out her left hand. A large diamond sparkled on the ring finger. "Bambi darling, Daddy and I are getting married."

"Yup," Daddy added, "we're eloping right this minute."

Bambi was stunned into silence. A frown wrinkled her forehead.

"Bambi, I thought you'd be happy that I'm giving you the mother you need. You need a mother to talk about fucking. You know I can't talk about fucking. All I know is fucking, not talking. Are you happy, baby?"

"Yes, Daddy," Bambi said, turning toward Uncle Dick. She hugged Uncle Dick as tears dripped from her eyes. Her six-year dream about Daddy's big hard cock was shattered.

I should have known I couldn't compete with Cheri, she thought. But feeling Uncle Dick's large hard cock against her belly made her smile.

"One more thing, Bambi," Daddy said. "Uncle Dick is babysitting because I don't want anyone fucking you!"

Uncle Dick pushed Bambi away. Daddy poked his brother in the chest with his finger. "Big Dick, if anything happens to my virgin Bambi, I'll cut your prick off and shove it up your asshole."

Uncle Dick nodded as Bambi watched the large bulge in his pants disappear.

Cheri licked her lips. "Daddy, why do you call him Big Dick?"

"Because he's got the biggest prick in our neighborhood. They called him Elephant Dick, but he didn't like that."

"Daddy, your brother is so cute," Cheri cooed. "Maybe we better stay here and entertain them. Big Dick and Bambi are so horny -- I mean young."

"Cheri, my brother Dick heard me. I'll tear his prick out by the roots if anything happens to our virgin Bambi."

"Daddy, if we stay home, I can teach Bambi fucking."

"Cheri, you can't teach fucking until I teach you. That's why we're taking a honeymoon. To fuck!"

Daddy hugged Bambi and patted her round soft ass-cheeks. "Goodbye Bambi, and take care of yourself for Daddy."

Cheri hugged Bambi and kissed her ear as she whispered, "Bambi darling, I'll hurry home so I can kiss, lick and suck your sweet virgin pussy."

I won't be a virgin when you get back, Bambi told herself. Smiling, she walked toward Uncle Dick.

"Brother Dick," Daddy said, "you got to drive us to the airport."

As the door slammed, Bambi screamed, "Dumb shit Daddy! Wanting Cheri just because she knows how to fuck. Her cunt is wrinkled and has lips like elephant ears. Her asshole is brown and flabby. I'll show Daddy. I'll fuck and fuck until I learn how to fuck every way. Then he won't turn me down."

Bambi leaned over her birthday cake and touched the prick-head frosting. She licked her finger.

"Ummmmm, that's good." She tasted the pink frosting on the balls. "Ummmm, that's good too. I wonder if a real cock is sweet like my cake cock."

Her pussy twitched. She rubbed her crotch. The silk teddy crotch was wet with virgin pussy-juice.

"Uncle Dick, hurry back or I'll cum in my teddy." The door chimes made her run across the living room.

Bambi jerked the door open and looked at the wide-shouldered blond.

"Is there something I can do for you?" Bambi cooed, imitating Cheri.

"I'm collecting."

"Came in," Bambi cooed, turning sideways so he had to squeeze past her lusciousness.

Bambi felt disappointed because there was no bulge in his cut-off jeans. Sitting on the couch, she let her robe fall away from her fishnet-covered legs. She spread her legs slightly and pushed the robe off her smooth white shoulders. The rounded parts of her tits were exposed.

"Collecting what?" she cooed.

"For the paper."

"You're not my paperboy."

"My brother is sick and asked me to collect."

"Is that all you want?" Bambi kicked off her shoes and placed her tiny feet on the coffee table. With her legs spread, she watched him stare. Wiggling her ass-cheeks, she watched him lick the sweat off his lip.

"Can I collect?" the blond hoarsely whispered.

"How would you like a piece -- a piece of my birthday cake?"

He looked at the large prick-shaped cake and nodded.

Bambi saw a small bulge on the right side of his cut-off jeans. "Daddy gave me this cake because today I'm a woman. I'm old enough to do anything. What's your name?"

"Tiny, you don't look Tiny to me," she said, glancing at the bulge in his jeans. The bulge was small but she knew cocks got bigger because she watched Cheri made Daddy's grown. "Tiny is my college nickname."

"You go to college?"

"I play football."

"What else do you do?"

"Drink beer and stuff."

"Stuff?" Bambi blinked.

"You know," he replied. "What kind of stuff?"

"We ball a lot," Tiny replied.

"Why do you cry in college?" Bambi wanted to know.

Tiny grinned. "Balling isn't crying. Balling is..."

He made a circle with his left thumb and forefinger. Quickly he pushed his right index finger in and out of the circle.

"Oh, you mean fucking," Bambi said, smiling. "Yaw, but we call it balling."

"Tiny, you scared of me?"

He shook his head. Bambi patted the couch beside her hot body. Stepping across the coffee table, he sat. Bambi squeezed his muscular leg. He grinned and squeezed her leg.

"Ohooooo, your fingers are so strong, Tiny."

She leaned toward him. Their lips touched. Long and lingering, they kissed. Bambi moved over and sat on his lap. Wiggling her ass-cheeks, she tried to find his cock to sit on. Then she put her finger in his ear like she watched Cheri do to Daddy many times.

"Tiny, open your mouth."

Her lips met his and her hot tongue darted around in his mouth. She ran her hand up under his T-shirt and played with his nipple. Breaking their French kiss, she sucked and licked his ear.

"Tiny, don't you like me?" she whispered in his ear.

"Yes, but..."

She stopped him with a French kiss. She wiggled her ass-cheeks in his lap. Pulling up his T-shirt, she kissed one nipple then the other.

"Tiny, do something to me." He kissed her face. "More." He kissed and licked her car. "More."

Tiny kissed her nose, her throat and her shoulder. Bambi pushed his head lower. Feeling his hot breath on her erect nipple, she slipped the teddy off her shoulders. He licked her erect nipple.

"Suck my nipple," Bambi cooed.

His lips closed around her nipple. Bolts of pleasure shot from her sucked nipple to her twitching and wet pussy.

"Ohoooo! Ummmmm!" Bambi pressed his head hard against her tit. "Tiny, suck my other tit."

His lips found the other nipple and he sucked. "Ahhhh! Ewwwww!" Bambi squealed, wiggling her ass-cheeks. His other hand pinched her erect nipple. She wiggled her ass-cheeks faster and pushed his head lower. He continued kissing until he reached her belly button. Bambi pushed hard on his head as she lifted her ass-cheek.

"I ball, but I don't eat cunt," Tiny said.

"Shame on you, Tiny. Married women have cunts. I have a pussy. Do you eat pussy?"

"No, I just ball."

"Tiny, ball me!"

"Your own pussy is dripping. Have you got the clap?"

"No, Tiny. That's my pussy-juice."

Tiny stood up and Bambi slid off his lap. Bambi unbuttoned his cut-off jeans. Reaching under his jockey shorts, she felt, his hard-on.

"Oh, Tiny, you're not tiny at all. Undress me!" Tiny pulled her robe away and jerked the black silk teddy down over her hips. He unhooked the garters and pulled the teddy off her legs.

"Ohoooooh, Tiny, you got a big cock!" He stepped out of his jockey shorts. His rock-hard cock stood erect. He grabbed her around the waist and pressed his hard-on against her belly.

"Ohooooooh!" Bambi squealed as he pressed harder.

Stepping back, Bambi fell onto her prick-shaped birthday cake. Her ass-cheeks slid on the frosting and her legs hung over the side of the coffee table.

He leaned over her. His throbbing hot cock touched her virgin pussy-lips.

"Ewwwww! Mummmmm!" Bambi cooed. Tiny jabbed his hot cock at her hot, dripping, virgin pussy. "Aaaahhhh!" she squealed as the pointed head of his cock opened her tight pussy-hole. He jabbed with his cock. "Aiieeeeee!" Bambi shouted. Tiny pushed harder and his throbbing cock-head parted her pussy-lips. "Ohoooooh! Ooooohhhhh!" Tiny lifted his ass and thrusted downward. His cockhead stretched her cherry and tore it. "Owwwwww! But it hurts good!" His ass pounded his throbbing cock deeper into her tight, wet pussy-hole. "Aieeeeee!"

Bambi shrieked, digging her nails into his asscheeks. In and out he fucked. Pussy-juice made his cock-shaft slippery. His cum-filled balls bounced off her ass-cheeks. Hot cum spurted through his pinhole. His cum splattered into her hot pussy-shaft. His hot cum mixed with her sweet virgin cum. He foil on top Bambi, gasping for breath.

"Moooooore!" Bambi begged. "Tiny, my pussy is on fire. Fuck mooooore!"

Tiny stood and pulled on his jockey shorts, cut-off jeans and T-shirt. Turning, he left.

Bambi slipped her finger up her pussy-hole.

"Ohoooooo!" she squealed as she finger-fucked herself. Faster and faster she finger-fucked. Pussy-cum splashed over and past her finger. Bambi shook. Hot cum ran out of her pussy onto the smashed prick-shaped birthday cake. Bambi removed her finger and licked it clean. Then she slid her finger along the smashed cake and got a big gob of frosting. She stuck the frosting in her mouth.

"My pussy-juice is sweeter than the cake frosting." She watched the last drops of cum run out of her pussy.

After dumping the smashed cake into the trash can, she walked to the bathroom. In the shower she washed all the frosting off her ass-cheeks and beck.

"I'll be ready for Uncle Dick. I know he'll fuck me with his man-sized cock."

Chapter TWO

Bambi briskly rubbed her wet body with the towel. With care, she dried the skin between her ass-cheeks. After patting her crotch dry, she seductively waked to her bedroom. Sitting on the pink chair, she spread her legs and stared at her pussy.

"A little red, but not wrinkled," Bambi sighed. "Little hot pussy of mine, I'll get Uncle Dick to give you a man-sized fuck."

After dipping her finger into the jar of body cream, she rubbed her finger around her pussy. Her soft, velvet pussy-skin made her smile. Standing before the full-length mirror, she studied her pink skin. She couldn't find one blemish. Picking up the soft powder puff and bending over, she spread her ass-cheeks with one hand and dusted her ass-crack with powder. Running her finger around her tight, pink asshole made her hips shake.

"Ooooooh, powder makes my skin soft and smooth!"

Bambi brushed her golden fluffy pussy-hair with a soft baby brush. She picked up the prick-shaped bottle of wild musk perfume and sprayed where she had powdered. Spreading her legs, she gave her pink pussy a big squirt.

"Ohoooooh, that stings sooooo goood! Hurry home, Uncle Dick, and you can lick my pussy sting away!"

The musk and powder fragrance filled the room, making her pussy twitch. From the dresser, she picked three matching sets of panties and bras. Laying them side by side on the bed, she couldn't make up her mind which set to wear.

"Daddy says black panties are the sexiest. Cheri swears that lavender panties make men's pricks grow. But white panties are virgin looking. I still feel like a virgin at least in one fuck-hole. So I'll wear white."

Before slipping on her panties, she took a tube of red lipstick and rubbed it around her pussy.

"The red will make Uncle Dick believe he broke my cherry."

She giggled, slipping into her white panties. After pulling the panties tight over her ass-cheeks, she sucked in a deep breath.

"Silk panties make my skin feel smoother."

Bambi squeezed her spongy soft tits into the white silk bra. Then she slid white silk stockings on each leg. With her right index finger, she pulled golden pussy-hair out from under the panty crotch.

"Pussy-hair showing will make Uncle Dick's cock throb."

She stood and fastened a white garterbelt around her slim smooth waist. The garters almost touched the stocking tops. Slipping a slip over her head, she wiggled her hips. The slip slithered over her full rounded hips. She rubbed the palms of her hands over her ass-cheeks.

"Ohoooooo, that feels good. Silk on top of silk is a smooth and slick feeling!"

She picked a cream-colored dress from the closet and slipped it over her head. Wiggling her body, she slid the dress past her hips and ass-cheeks. The sheer white lace on the top of the dress showed the tops of her lovely tits. She turned before the mirror and patted her ass-cheeks.

Then she brushed her hair. Sitting in front of the dressing table, she applied mascara, eyeshadow, and red lipstick. She made her lips look sexy. Like lips that wanted to be kissed. She slipped her tiny feet into silver, high-heeled shoes. After attaching earrings shaped like men's balls, she smiled.

"I wonder if Uncle Dick's balls are bigger than my earrings? Bet they ain't smooth like my earrings!"

The dress stretched over her young ripe body as she walked seductively down the rug in the hall. The smooth silk on silk feeling made her pussy hot. The front door flew open.

"Uncle Dick!" Bambi shrieked, running to him.

She grabbed him around the neck and kissed him on the lips. She tried to push her tongue between his teeth. He kept his mouth closed.

"Uncle Dick, you don't love me," Bambi pouted. "Sure I do. My Gawd, you're dressed for a ball."

"Uncle Dick, do you want to ball?"

"Naw. I'm too happy to cry."

"Uncle Dick, not that kind of bawling."

"That's the only kind I know. Here's the key to your daddy's videotape cabinet. Get me one to watch."

"All right. You know Uncle Dick, you're cute with lipstick on."

"Damn junk you women wear," he mumbled, wiping his lips on his shirt sleeve.

Making her ass-cheeks bounce gently up and down, Bambi walked down the hall. In Daddy's bedroom she unlocked the video cabinet. The cabinet was full of tapes with naked women labels and some sex helpers. Bambi picked up a twenty-four-inch rubber prick belt had a prick-head on each end.

"This is the prick I saw Cheri using. She stuck one end up her asshole and the other into her cunt. No, it's the one Cheri and her girlfriend used when they fucked each other." Bambi picked up a prick-shaped vibrator and turned it on. "Ohooooh, that would make me cum!" She dropped it and picked up the hand vibrator that had two prick-heads. "This is the vibrator Cheri used. The big prick was in her cunt and the little prick was in her ass hole. I'll have to try it some day."

Bambi picked a videotape and walked down the hall. Her ass-cheeks bounced. Approaching Uncle Dick, she swayed her hips from side to side.

"Uncle Dick, I got a video."

"What's the name?"

"'Back Door Lover', or 'Doggie Fuckin''."

"I haven't watched that. Stick it in and get the party going. Then you have to go to your room."

"Uncle, I'm of legal age today. I won't start it or show you how if I can't watch."

"Jeeeezus! Promise you won't tell your daddy."

"Daddy will never know," Bambi assured him as she sat on the couch. She pushed the start button. Sliding her skirt up, she exposed her silk-covered thighs. Uncle Dick sitting at the other end of the couch stared at the TV.

A redhead in a black dress with a silt up each thigh ran to meet the man entering the door. She jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"My little old working man is home. Tootsie's cunt has been crying for your hard sweet prick all day. Will you fuck me? Will you fuck me now?"

"Tootsie, I've told you over and over not to phone me at the office. Your seductive voice made my balls ache. I had to jack off twice today to relieve my ball ache..."

"Me, too, my sweet little working man. I used my thumb because the vibrator broke. Will you buy me a new and bigger vibrator?"

Bambi watched Uncle Dick out of the corner of her eye. He was rubbing his crotch with both hands. Bambi stood and pulled her skirt above her asscheeks. Sitting, she turned her body toward Uncle Dick. After kicking off her shoes, she placed her feet on the couch and pulled her heels toward her asscheeks. Spreading her legs exposed her wet silky panty crotch. Glancing at the TV, she saw the man sucking Tootsie's large nipple.

"Oh, Uncle Dick. I thought only babies suck tits."

"Naw. Just watch and don't disturb me." The man sucked and Tootsie's eyes rolled toward the ceiling. Bambi slid toward Uncle Dick.

Uncle Dick's prick was stretching his jeans tight. Bambi lifted her right foot and gently touched Uncle Dick's throbbing prick. He stared at the TV. Bambi rubbed his prick-shaft while watching the video.

Tootsie unbuttoned the man's pants. His pants fell to the floor and he turned sideways. His eight inch prick stood out.

"Uncle Dick, what is that?" Bambi asked. "What is what?" Uncle Dick answered in an irritated tone.

"That big long white thing with the red top," Bambi cooed.

"Jeeezus! Wish my brother and Cheri would hurry back. Can't believe how dumb you are about fucking things."

"What is it, Uncle Dick?"

"Cheri will teach you when she gets back."

"Oh," Bambi cooed, rubbing her foot harder on Uncle Dick's throbbing prick while watching the video.

"Bark, you bitch, bark!" the man was shouting. Tootsie was on her hands and knees. "Bark, or I'll spank your big ass-cheeks."

Tootsie turned her ass-cheeks toward the camera. Her unbolt was big and brown. Not pink like mine, Bambi thought.

"Woof, woof, woof!" Tootsie barked. The man got down on his hands and knees behind her big asscheeks. Holding his prick with both hands, he steered it toward her asshole. He jabbed his prick and it parted her ass-cheeks. He fucked Tootsie's asshole faster and faster.

Uncle Dick groaned. Bambi worked her toes up and down Uncle Dick's big prick-shaft. Uncle Dick slid lower on the couch. Bambi worked his thick prick-shaft faster and faster.

The man fucked Tootsie's asshole faster and faster. The faster he fucked, the more Uncle Dick wiggled. And the more sweat dripped from his upper lip. He was so hot he wanted to fuck Bambi, but he was scared.

"Fuck me hard, you Great Dane!" Tootsie shouted. He fucked faster. Tootsie wiggled her asscheeks back and forth and up and down. Together they fell onto the floor, ending the video.

Uncle Dick turned toward Bambi. "My Gawd, Bambi, all that's covering you is them silk panties."

"Yes, Uncle Dick. Kiss my panties!" She slid toward Uncle Dick. His scared eyes glanced toward the front door. Bambi slid faster, finally sitting on his lap. Her panty-covered ass-cheeks rested on his large, hot, thick prick-shaft.

Bambi kissed Uncle Dick. When he couldn't open his mouth for her French kiss, she reached under her asscheeks. Grasping his hot, throbbing prickshaft in her small hand, she stroked it. Faster and faster she stroked his prick-Shaft.

Uncle Dick started bucking like a wild horse. He moaned and his prick-shaft got smaller. Bambi squeezed his prick-shaft. It was as small as her thumb and wet with his own. Uncle Dick fell asleep.

Bambi stood, licked her lips and walked to the telephone. She dialed the numbers for the Pizza & Beer Shack.

"Will you deliver a large pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, and cheese. And a cold twelve-pack of beers."

Looking at Uncle Dick made her disgusted. "What a dumb birthday. No party. My cake is smashed. The only present was Tiny's small cock. I hope the delivery boy is good-looking. I'm thirsty and horny."

Bambi sat in the overstuffed chair with her legs spread wide. The cool air felt good on her hot pussy.

The door chimes made her shout, "It's open. Come in."

The delivery man poked his head through the door. He had a neatly trimmed pay beard.

"Someone order beer and pizza?"

"I did," Bambi cooed as she watched the delivery man more.

She could feel his eyes trying to see under her wet panty crotch. The man licked his lips. Bambi read his name tag.

"Nick, put the pizza on the table. And hand me a cold beer."

"Yes, ma'am," Nick said without taking his eyes off her wet panty crotch.

"Nick, this is my birthday. Will you drink a beer with me so I can celebrate?"

Nick looked toward Uncle Dick on the couch.

"That's my Uncle Dick. He's my babysitter. Nick, today I'm twenty-one. You've heard about the girl who turned sixteen and never been kissed?" Nick nodded. "Well, I'm the girl who turned twenty-one and never been fucked."

Nick groaned. Bambi pushed the stood toward him and motioned for him to sit down.

Nick sat and squinted. Like he was trying to see better between her silk-covered legs. Bambi wiggled her ass-cheeks. Nick licked his lips. Bambi glanced down and saw her fluffy golden pussy-hair peeking out on each side of the wet panty crotch. She pushed her beer can toward Nick.

"Here's to the resident virgin. Nick, that's me." The beer can clicked. Nick took a gulp. Bambi sipped and leaned back. Then she thrust her chest out. The bra strap broke. Her tits, free of the bra, stretched against the lace dress. Nick gulped more beer. Bambi sipped as she thrust her tits toward him. Nick dropped his beer can and moved his mouth toward her tits.

Bambi felt his hot breath before be started kissing her nipple. Not satisfied, Nick jerked the top of the dress off. He planted his lips on her erect pink nipple.

"Virgin tits are so good to suck," Nick moaned.

He licked and sucked. Bambi grabbed the back of his head and crushed his head hard against her tit.

Bolts of hot desire shot to her twitching pussy. Pussy-juice dribbled in her cunt.

"Ohooooh, Nickie, suck harder!"

He took her nipple between his teeth and gently pulled his teeth across it.

"Ohoooooh, Nickie. Y-Yes... Oooooh! Ummmmm! Take me to my bed!"

Nick stood and picked Bambi up. Walking down the hall, he continued to suck her nipple. He laid her on the bed and unzipped her dress.

"Undress me quick, Nickie," Bambi cooed.

Nick pulled the dress and slip off her young body. He grabbed her panties and jerked them down her legs. Bambi lifted her ass-cheeks. The silk panties slid over her ankles at her pussy dribbled cum. Nick unbuttoned his white pants. His large throbbing prick bounced out.

"Ohooooh, your cock is big!" Bambi cooed.

But she thought Daddy's cock was bigger. She spread her legs wide. Nick crawled between her bare white legs.

"Nickie, you won't hurt me, will you?"

"No way will I hurt a virgin fuck," Nick moaned. Nick clamped his mouth onto her nipple. With one hand he steered his throbbing prick toward her pussy. His mushroom-shaped prick-head touched her pussy-lips.

"Oh! Ohooooh! Nickie, it feels so big!"

"I won't hurt you, Bambi." Nick slowly pushed his cock-head between her pussy-lips.

"Ahhhh! Ewwwww!" Bambi squealed as Nick pushed harder. "Aahh! Oooooohhhhhh." Bambi cooed as his prickshaft slipped up her cunt. His trembling ass drove his throbbing prick in further. "Ow! Owwww! Nickie, your cock broke my cherry!"

His low-hanging balls slapped her ass-cheeks. "Oooohhhhh! Aaah... Y-yessss. Fuck meeee!" Nick's ass pumped up and down. Sweat dripped off his balls and mixed with her pussy-juices. Faster and faster he fucked.

"Mooooore!" Bambi squealed. "Mooooore!"

With one powerful fuck-thrust that made Bambi's whole ass shake, Nick's balls bounced off her asscheeks. His body shuddered. Hot cum from his full balls shot up his piss-hole.

"Ow! Wheeeee! C-c-c-cummmmmmming!" Bambi shrieked as her pussy-cum splashed around his slippery cock-shaft. His hot cum squirted into her hot, soft pussy-tunnel. Nick pulled his limp cock out.

"My Gawd, my prick has your cherry-juice on it! You was a virgin!"

Bambi smiled, knowing that the lipstick she rubbed around her pussy worked. She curled up and foil asleep.

Chapter THREE

Bambi woke and kicked the satin sheet off. Her black silk PJ's were trimmed with sheer lace. The pink bows on each hip held the panty to her skin below her bare belly button. Another pink bow held her bra together over, her tits. The valley of flesh between her tits was exposed. Her erect pink nipples pressed against the bra. Untying the top bow, she let the bra fall. Her round tits with their hard nipples looked like two scoops of ice cream. Squeezing her spongy soft tits, Bambi squealed.

"Tits love to be sucked and kissed. Who shall I get to do that today?"

Untying the bows, she let the flimsy silk pajamas slide off her rounded ass-cheeks. She sat on the pink satin chair. Pulling her legs up, she bent her knees and placed her heels on the chair edge. She looked at her pussy.

"My golden, fluffy, hair-covered pussy, you have been fucked two times. But you don't have one little wrinkle. Dear sweet little pussy, did you like Nick's meaty cock last night?"

Laughing, Bambi walked to the bathroom, wiggling her ass-cheeks. Soaking in the hot sudsy water, she washed her pussy. Carefully she soaped her finger and slipped it up her cunt. Wiggling her finger, she made sure her cunt was clean. Then she wiped her finger and eased it into her tight asshole.

"Oooooooh, that's good. Soon I'll get a man to ass-fuck me like Daddy ass-fucks Cheri."

After drying her body, she chose a blue nylon leotard. Her rounded body looked like it had been poured into the tight stretched leotard. The nylon clung to her ass-cheeks as tight as her skin under it. The only protruding bumps were her erect pink nipples. Bending over, she looked into the mirror. The nylon-covered crotch had a slight slit down the center. Walking into the front room, she saw Uncle Dick sitting on the couch.

"Good morning. Uncle Dick. Did you sleep well?"

"Yaw. Bambi, you know what a wet dream is?"

"No, Uncle Dick. Tell me."

"I came in my shorts last night. They are as stiff as cardboard this morning."

Bambi leaned over and kissed Uncle Dick on his mouth. He kept his lips shut.

"Uncle Dick, if you don't let me give you a wet tongue-kiss, I'll begin to believe you don't love me."

"Bambi, I do love you. But then tongue-kisses ain't for relatives."

"Uncle Dick, you're just an old-fashioned boy."

She looked down. There was ho bulge in his pants. Walking to the kitchen, Bambi made sure her asscheeks bounced seductively. After pouring a glass of orange juice, she returned to the front room. Uncle Dick was rubbing his crotch. He jerked his hands away and Bambi saw the rising bulge in his pants.

"Uncle Dick, I'm going to exercise. Do you mind?"

"No Bambi. You go ahead. I'll watch."

Turning her back to him. Bambi bent over and touched the floor with her fingers. Spreading her legs, she could see Uncle Dick between her nylon covered limbs. He looked funny upside down as he rubbed his crotch and licked his lips. Bambi straightened up and turned to face Uncle Dick. Stretching her arms above her head, she thrust out her tits. After stretching, she got onto the round trampoline. Uncle Dick turned on the TV.

Bambi ran in place on the trampoline as the four shapely females ran in place on the TV. In the wall mirror, Bambi watched Uncle Dick's head move up and down while he stared at her ass-cheeks. Her asscheeks were moving up and down in rhythm with the TV exercise music.

Bambi watched him reach into his pants and stroke his bulging cock. Uncle Dick pulled his throbbing cock out of his pants. His fingers squeezed his thick cock-shaft. His purple cock-head popped in and out of his foreskin. Faster and faster Uncle Dick stroked his throbbing cock. She saw a gob of cum shoot out of Uncle Dick's throbbing pisshole.

Bambi kept running, not wanting to let Uncle Dick know she saw him jack off. When he put his limp cock back in his pants and wiped the cum off the coffee table, Bambi turned around.

"Uncle Dick, do you think I'm as sexy looking as them exercise girls on TV?"

"Bambi, your lovely body is perfect. If only you wasn't my niece, I'd..."

"What, Uncle Dick?" Bambi asked as she stopped running. "What did you mean, Uncle Dick?"

"Bambi don't let no one in the how while I'm at work."

When the door slammed, Bambi ran down the hall to Daddy's bedroom. She opened the video cabinet. Picking up the rubber two-headed prick, she touched one end to her lips. Then she opened her mouth and pushed the rubber prick-head inside. Bambi sucked hard enough to make dimples in each of her cheeks.

"Ohhhhooooh, I'm going to have to suck Uncle Dick's cock tonight!"

Bambi dropped the rubber prick. Picking up the vibrator, she read the label.

"Double-header for front and rear entry."

"I bet this will make both my fuck-holes cum!" she said. Then she picked up a videotape.

"'Rear End Approach', or 'Fucking Both Fuck Holes'."

Skipping down the hall, Bambi placed the tape into the video machine. She turned it on. A sexy lady in long pajamas was cooking in the kitchen. The door opened and a man rushed in.

"Honey Bun!" he shouted as he danced into the kitchen. "Honey Bun, I'm ready to fuck!" He kissed her lips and squeezed her ass-cheeks. "Honey Bun, what are you making for dinner tonight?"

"Your favorite, sweetie. Want to fuck or eat?"

"Let's fuck. Then I can eat and fuck again before going to bed."

"Yes, sweetie. Remember you promised to fuck both my fuck-holes tonight."

"Yes, Honey Bun. I'm ready to fuck my prick into both your fuck-holes. The pink fuck-hole in front and the brown fuck-hole in the roar."

"Sweetie, your talking dirty makes my cunt wet. Feel my cunt, sweetie." She spread her legs. He felt her cunt. Then he slipped his finger up her wet fuckhole. Removing his finger, he licked it.

"Honey Bun, your front fuck-hole is ready." He slipped the thin straps off her milky white shoulder. Her large tits flopped out and hung down. On his knees he sucked one nipple then the other. As he licked and squeezed, he dug his fingers into her fleshy ass-cheeks. Her soft ass-cheeks popped beck to their regular shape when he removed his fingers. He pulled her pajamas down over her large hips. Then he stuck his finger in her asshole. She smiled.

"Honey Bun, your front and back fuck-holes are ready. Undress me!"

She removed his coat. Then his tie. After unbuttoning his shirt, she jerked it off bin back. His T-shirt she ripped away from his hairy chest. She fumbled with his pants button. Then they dropped down around his ankles. She grabbed his jockey shorts and tore tern from his ass-cheeks. His throbbing prick popped out. She bent over and kissed the tip of his prick-head.

"That should help your cock slip in my asshole," she cooed.

Then she got down on her hands and knees. Her bare ass-cheeks and asshole pointed toward his throbbing prick. He bent over and spit on her brown asshole. He worked his finger in her tight brown asshole. Pulling his finger out, he stuck it into her cunt. Dripping with cunt-juice, he slipped his finger up her asshole again. Then, grabbing his throbbing prick, he steered it toward her wet brown asshole. He pushed. His prick-head parted her tight asshole. He pushed his prick with his hips and ass. His prickhead slipped up her asshole. He rammed his prick all the way in. Then he pulled it out and rammed it into her hot wet cunt. Then her asshole. Then her cunt. She squealed with delight.

"Fuck me harder in both fuck-holes with your hard prick-shaft."

Faster and faster he changed fuck-holes. Panting like a dog chasing a bitch in beat, he fucked her asshole and cunt. His body shuddered. They fell to the floor.

Smiling and blinking her eyelashes, she said, "Sweetie, that's the best fuck you ever gave me. But next time please fuck my cunt first."

"Yes, Honey Bun," he said as the video ended. Bambi rubbed her pussy-crack through the nylon leotard. Faster and faster she rubbed. The door chimes made her jump. She hoped it was Uncle Dick coming home early.

A redhead, freckled young man asked, "Are you the lady of the house?"

"Yes. What'd you want?"

"I'm George, the vacuum cleaner man. I want to demonstrate the best vacuum cleaner on the market. It will do anything!"


"Invite me in and I'll have the vacuum cleaner do anything you ask."

Bambi looked at the bulge in his pants. "Do come in, and start with cleaning this rug."

George assembled his vacuum cleaner and started cleaning the rug. Bambi watched from the couch. When George bent over, Bambi looked at his cute ass. And she wondered if he wore jockey shorts or was naked under his pants.

"Anything else I can do?" George asked.

"Can you clean the couch?"

George put on another attachment and cleaned the couch while Bambi planned how to get him into her bedroom.

"George, I'm not sure it's as good as you say."

"Bambi, I'll vacuum clean the hall and bedrooms if they have carpets."

"Yes they do, George. Is it hard to run the vacuum cleaner?"

"Bambi, you try it."

"George, will you show me how?"

George handed Bambi the vacuum cleaner handle and stood behind her.

"Push the switch to on," George urged. His hot breath next to her ear made her pussy twitch. She pushed the button and moved the vacuum over the carpet. George followed. Bambi stopped and George bumped into her. His hard-on pressed against her soft ass-cheeks. Knowing George was hot, Bambi wiggled her ass-cheeks against his hard-on.

"George, I spilled powder on the rug in my bedroom. Will you show me how to clean it up?"

"Bambi, you're doing great."

"George, I want you to show me." He took the vacuum cleaner and moved into the bedroom. Bambi looked at the bulge in his pants. It was bigger than the vacuum cleaner handle. Bambi climbed onto her bed. She cupped her chin in her hands and watched his bulge.

"Bambi, it's clean. Are you impressed?"

"Yes, oh yes, George. Does it have a vibrator attachment?"

"No, Bambi. Can we make a deal?"

"George, I'm ready for any kind of a deal. What kind of a deal do you have in mind? Sit by me, George."

George sat on the bed and pulled an order book out of his shirt pocket. Bambi walked her fingers up and down his thigh. George glanced at her. Bambi squeezed his hard prick.

"Oh, Bambi that's good but I just got back from my honeymoon." Bambi squeezed his hard prickshaft again. "Bambi, don't."

"George, I want this kind of a deal first." She stroked his throbbing prick-shaft.

"Bambi, I've never..."

"Fucked anyone except your bride. Is that what you're saying?" George nodded vigorously. "George, I'll show you how to make your bride believe you are the world's greatest lover."

Bambi squeezed his throbbing prick-head.


"Kiss me, George."

George turned his head toward her. Bambi grabbed the back of his head and forced his lips to meet hers. Bambi's tongue danced into his moist mouth.

Bambi slipped the nylon leotard off her shoulders. "George, suck my tits!" Her pink nipples stuck out.

Timidly, George kissed her nipple.

"Suck I said!"

George sucked and whimpered like a baby nursing his mother.

Bambi lay back as bolts of hot desire shot from her nipple to her twitching pussy. When she thought she was going to cum in her leotards, she pushed George's head off her tit.

Bambi kissed George on the lips and her tongue massaged his tongue. At the same time, she stroked and squeezed his throbbing prick. George was breathing fast. Just the way Bambi wanted him. Hot enough to cum so he wouldn't turn down her demand.

"George, undress." He pulled two buttons off his shirt and took it off. As he dropped his pants, his large throbbing prick waved up and down. His throbbing purple prick-head wasn't covered with skin.

"George, do you have a bald-headed prick?"

"Bambi, my foreskin was cut off when I was about five days old."

"Oh, foreskin. That's what covers a man's prickhead."

George nodded as he pushed his meaty prick toward Bambi. She peeled off her leotards. Getting on her hands and knees, Bambi motioned far George to get behind her.

"Bambi, I've never fucked this way."

"George, you fuck my pink asshole first, then my pussy. And you keep changing from asshole to pussy."

"Bambi, I don't know."

"George, your bride will love it. All women loved to be fucked in the asshole. Start right now!"

George moved up behind Bambi's ass-cheeks. Holding his thrusting prick-shaft with both hands, he steered it at her tight, pink asshole.

Bambi yelped. "Push your prick in! Fuck my asshole!"

George tied again. His prick-shaft bent, and his throbbing cock-head slipped up her ass cheek.

"I can't get it in!" he wailed.

"Spit on my asshole." Bambi shouted. George leaned over and spit on her pink tight hole. Grabbing his prick-shaft with both hands, he steered it to her asshole. He couldn't push his throbbing prick's purple head past her tight asshole.

Bambi got a jar of Vaseline and greased his meaty prick. Then she rubbed Vaseline around her pink, tight whole.

"George, work your finger in my whole until it is loose enough for your prick."

George pushed his finger past Bambi's tight ass-muscle.

"Ohoooooh, George. You're naughty but nice. Fuck my whole asshole."

George pressed his throbbing purple prick-head against her tight pink asshole. His prick-head slipped in and past her tight ass-muscle.

"Aieee! Fuck my pussy!" George withdrew his meaty prick-Shaft and rammed it into her hot dripping pussy. Then he fucked her whole. Back and forth he fucked.

"Aahhhh. Aaaahhhhh!" Bambi moaned. "Fuck me faster!"

George pumped his ass up and down. Faster and faster he pumped. As Bambi pushed her ass and hip up to meet his fuck-thrusts.

"I'm cummmmming!" Bambi shrieked, sitting up onto his prick-shaft.

His hot cum spurted from his full balls up his prick-shaft and into her tight asshole. She squeezed her ass-muscle. His limp prick slid out.

"Fuck my asshole more!" Bambi demanded. George dressed and left. Bambi's hips and asscheeks were still shaking. She put her thumb in her pussy and her trigger finger into her tight asshole.

"Ohooooooh! Uncle Dick come home quick. I need a real big prick like yours. I want moooooore!"

Chapter FOUR

Bambi finger-fucked herself as she walked to the bathroom. Turning on the hot water, she poured a cupful of rose bubblebath into the tub. Removing her finger from her pussy, she got in the tub and sat into the mound of bubble. Carefully she washed her body. Using her fingers, she made sure her pussy and asshole were clean. Alter drying herself with a large towel, she rubbed lotion around her asshole. Then she stepped into Daddy's bedroom.

Bambi picked a video and hurried to the front room. She placed the video into the player and sat on the couch with her legs spread. Her pink pussy and asshole wanted to be fucked by Uncle Dick. The TV screen turned green and the title appeared.

"'Pussy-Eating Grandpa' or 'Gumming It'."

Bambi rubbed her soft pink pussy as she watched the man on the screen take his teeth out. Grandpa laid the teeth on a table and then waked to the naked girl sitting on a chair.

The girl had long blonde hair that hung down over her large white tits. Her erect reddish nipples parted her blonde hair. Her belly button was large. Just below her belly button, the top of her cunt-hair started. Her cunt-hair was dark. Almost black. Not blonde like the long hair an her head. Grandpa smacked his lips together as he looked her naked body over.

"Blondie, want me to gum your tits?"

"Yes, oh yes... yes gum my nipples, you naughty old man!"

Grandpa got down on his knees and blew the blonde hairs away from her left nipple. He took her nipple between his gums.

"Ohoooooooooh, you dirty old, man! You suck better than a newborn baby. Suck my tit harder!"

Grandpa sucked one, then the other nipple. Bambi kept rubbing her soft pussy in as she watched Blondie and Grandpa. Blondie rolled her eyes toward the ceiling and wiggled her ass-cheeks. Grandpa sucked the nipples hard.

"You dirty old man, eat my cunt!" Blondie shouted.

Grandpa removed his gums from her hard nipple and licked her belly button. With a hand on each of her knees, he spread her thighs. He kissed and licked her left thigh until he got to her dark pussyhair. Then he licked and kissed her thigh.

"Eat my cunt, you dirty old man!" Blondie shouted.

Grandpa took his thumbs and spread her cuntlips. Her hard clit stuck out like a nipple. His tongue flickered across her hard clit, and Blondie moaned.

"Tongue my cunt and gum my cunt-lips." Moving his head up and down, he let his tongue touched her cunt-nerves. Blondie arched her hips up as Grandpa licked faster. He stopped licking and took her cunt-lips between his gums. Then he licked the inside of her wet cunt again. Blondie lifted her legs and hung them across Grandpa's shoulders. He licked, sucked, and ate her wet hot cunt.

"Ohooooph, you dirty old cunt-licker. You got me cummmmmming like a horse fucking a mare. Ohoooooooh!"

Grandpa got up and put his teeth back into his mouth. Blondie, smiling like a satisfied, well-fucked woman, walked away wiggling her ass-cheeks up and down.

Bambi stroked her pussy-lips very fast as the video ended. "I'm going to make Uncle Dick lick my pussy and eat my pussy like Grandpa did in that movie!"

She got up and hurried to her bedroom. From the dresser she took the gift-wrapped package.

"This panty and bra set I ordered from Denmark is just tight."

Bambi held up the panty and pushed her little finger through the open slot in the panty crotch. Then she read the card that came with the package.

"This two-piece open nipple sheer bra with matching crotchless panty makes you as delicious to your man as a piece of cake."

Slipping on the panty, Bambi felt the open crotch slot. Bending over in front of the mirror, she looked between her legs. Her hot, pink pussy was exposed in the open crotch. Golden, fluffy pussy-hair curled out on each side of the crotchless panty. Bambi slipped on the bra. She liked the nipple holes in each tit-holder. She squeezed her erect pink nipples.

"Ohoooooh, I want Uncle Dick's mouth to suck these!"

From a hanger in the closet, Bambi picked a sheer white blouse. She pulled the silk blouse over her head and looked into the mirror.

"Just right. My nipples show. They will make a tit-sucker like Uncle Dick go wild?"

Bambi slipped on a white-pleated skirt. Turning quickly before the mirror, she let the skirt billow up, exposing her panties. After brushing her hair and applying makeup, she slipped her bare feet into black spike-heeled shoes. Walking down the hall, she made her ass-cheeks move up and down. She turned on the overhead fan in the front room. Sitting on the couch with her feet on the coffee table and her legs spread wide, she looked at a magazine.

"Owwwwweeeee! That fan will keep my hot pussy cool until Uncle Dick gets home!"

Bambi opened the magazine to the centerfold. A man was eating a girl's pussy while another naked girl sat on her face. Staring at the long tongue that just touched her cunt-lips made Bambi's ass-cheeks wiggle.

"Boy, oh boy, does that look like fun!"

"What looks like fun?" Uncle Dick asked as he rushed through the front door.

"This," Bambi replied, handing him the magazine opened to the centerfold.

"Bambi, a nice clean virgin girl like you shouldn't be looking at this stuff."

"Daddy does, and you are."

"That's different."

"Uncle Dick, what's different about it?"

"This is a man's magazine."

Bambi picked up another magazine. "Cock & Balls".

"Okay, Uncle Dick. I'll look at this woman's magazine."

The naked centerfold was holding his big cock with both hands. Bambi licked her lips as Uncle Dick sat across from her in the easy chair. As Bambi studied the naked centerfold, she opened her bare legs wide. She wanted Uncle Dick to see her pink, hot pussy-lips. Looking at all the men's cocks in the magazine made Bambi horny. She got up and crossed the room.

Sitting on the arm of the chair, Bambi saw that Uncle Dick's cock was bulging under his jeans. She looked at the centerfold he was staring at.

"Uncle Dick, is pussy good to eat?"

"I don't know. I never ate my cunt."

"Uncle Dick, I thought the magazine might say pussy was good to eat. That man is eating pussy and the woman is eating pussy. So pussy must be good to eat."

"Bambi, I look at the pictures and don't read."

"Uncle Dick, you didn't kiss me tonight when you came home."

He looked at her. Bambi clamped her mouth on his lips. This time she got her tongue inside his mouth. Half turning, she got her hips in a position so she could put her knee between his legs. Holding her mouth to his, Bambi probed every part of his moist mouth. At the same time she rubbed her knee against his hard cock.

Uncle Dick tried to break the kiss. Bambi hung on and worked her knee faster and faster against his hard throbbing cock. Uncle Dick managed to push her head back. As he gasped for breath, Bambi crushed her tit against his face. And she continued to rub his cock with her knee. She felt his hot breath on her nipple. The hot breath sent a bolt of desire shooting down to her trembling, hot pussy. Wiggling her ass-cheeks made her asshole quiver.

Bambi grabbed Uncle Dick by the hair at the back of his head and jerked his head up. Her mouth found his. As her tongue darted into his mouth, he moaned. Bambi worked her knee against his throbbing cock faster and faster. Again Uncle Dick pushed her head back.

Bambi thrust her tit at his mouth. His hot breath made her nipple send shivers of desire to her hot pink pussy. Bambi pushed Uncle Dick's head lower. His lips slid across her belly as she rubbed his cock faster and faster.

Uncle Dick jerked his head up as his body became tense.

"Ohoooooh, shit," he moaned.

Bambi jumped up and pushed her open panty slot toward his mouth. He ducked his head and crawled between her legs. Bambi turned and saw the large wet spot on the front of Uncle Dick's jeans.

"Uncle Dick, even if you shot your cum in your pants you can still eat my hot pussy!" Bambi cooed, puffing her skirt off.

Uncle Dick ran down the hall and Bambi ran after him. He slammed the door to the guest room. Bambi turned the door knob. The door was locked.

Bambi pounded on the door. "Uncle Dick, I understand you don't need a hard-on to eat my virgin pussy. Open the door. You can eat all my virgin hot pussy you want!" Getting no answer, Bambi kicked the door and left. "Dum shit Uncle Dick!"

Bambi stepped onto the front porch and looked across the street to the park. She heard a mother call, and the kids playing left. Hurrying across the street, she got on a swing.

As Bambi got the swing moving, she noticed a man sitting on a bench looking at her. Higher and higher she went, spreading her legs wide. The cool air made her hot pussy twitch. She got tired of swinging so she climbed the slide. Her skirt flew over her head as she went down the slippery slide. When her feet bit he ground, she made sure her legs were spread wide. She felt the man's stare as he leaned toward her.

"Seems like you're enjoying yourself," the man said as he licked his lips.

"Yes I am. It's so much fun. I haven't done this since I grew up," Bambi said, blinking her eyelashes. "It's soooo much fun."

She walked to the small merry-go-round. The man followed her.

"I'll give it a push."

He pushed and Bambi's skirt flew up a little. She spread her legs. The man pushed harder. The harder he pushed, the higher her skirt twirled. As her skirt twirled waist-high, exposing her panty-covered hot pussy, the man ran out of breath. He sat on the end of the wood teeter-totter. When the merry-go-round stopped, Bambi walked seductively toward the teeter-totter.

"Mister, will you teeter with me?"

"Sure thing, Miss."

The man got up and let the other end of the teeter-totter down to the pound. Bambi pushed her skirt up from under her ass-cheeks as she sat. The man got on. Up and down the teeter-totter went. Bambi kicked her legs up in the air every time the teeter totter bit the pound. And her skirt flew up, exposing her nylon-covered pussy.

The man licked his lips. Then Bambi placed her feet on the teeter-totter in front of her. Spreading her legs wide, she made sure he could see her hot, pink pussy-lips. The man slammed his end of the teeter totter down and held it on the pound. He leered up at her hot pussy. He opened his mouth to say something, and Bambi saw he had no teeth. "Mister, this is fun but I think I got a silver in..."

He let the teeter-totter down gently. Bambi got off and walked toward the man.

"Mister, do you have a needle I can use?" She batted her eyelashes.

"Not here, but I have a first-aid kit in my apartment."

"Oh, I'll just go home and get a needle."

"Miss, I live in that apartment across the street. It's pretty close."

"Do you think it will be alright for me to go to your apartment?"

"Certainly it's no problem as far as I'm concerned. A man should help out a lady in distress."

"But what about your wife?" Bambi cooed.

"She left me a year ago. Just packed up and left."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Bambi took the man's hand and they walked toward his apartment.

"Miss, do you know what being impotent means?"

"No, I don't," Bambi cooed.

"Well, Miss, I'll try to explain. You've heard of a woman being frigid?"

"Yes, but I think that's awful."

"That's kind of what happened to me. I wasn't frigid. I just..."

"Just what?" Bambi squeezed his hand.

"Miss, I never lost the desire, but I just couldn't... know what I mean?"

"Mister, you must mean your cock won't stand."

"That's it. My cock won't stand. And the old lady was horny all the time."

"Ohooooh!" Bambi cooed, squeezing his hand again.

"Miss, I tried to satisfy her, but she wouldn't let me do it the way I want too. Know what I mean?"

"Not really," Bambi cooed as he opened his apartment door.

Bambi stepped inside and he hurried to the bathroom. When he returned, he had a first-aid kit.

"How did you try to satisfy your wife?" Bambi asked.

"The old lady would only let me use these," he said, holding up two fingers.

"What else could you use to satisfy a woman?"

"What I suggested, she said no way. Packed her bags and left me. It has been a long time without any loving. I still have the urge. But like you said. My cock won't stand." He took a needle from the first-aid kit. "Where's this silver?"

"I don't know. You'll just have to look and find it," Bambi said, batting her eyelashes. The man licked his lips and grinned.

"Which end first?" be asked. Bambi flipped her skirt up over her hips as she bent over. She patted her rounded ass-cheeks.

"Mister, I think the sliver is back there." Bambi felt his hot breath as he looked for the sliver. His fingers moved over the rounded parts of her ass-cheeks. The soft, smooth fleshy part of her ass-cheeks stuck out from under the panty.

"Can't find the sliver there," he said. "Maybe it's in front, but that's... that's a very personal part of my body..."

"I'll look and be real careful!" he shouted. Bambi sat on the end of the coffee table. He got on his knees. Bambi spread her legs. He leered at her pink, hot pussy.

"Mister, maybe the sliver is here," Bambi cooed as she parted her hot pink pussy-lips.

"Can't see a sliver," he said.

"Maybe you have to get closer, Mister," Bambi cooed.

He moved his head closer. His hot breath made her pussy-lips wiggle. She spread her legs wider.

"Don't see the sliver," he gasped as his hot breath touched her hot pussy.

"Mister, show me what you were going to do to your wife. The thing she wouldn't let you do."

He pushed his nose against her pussy-lips. His hot breath touched the bottom part of her pink, hot pussy. And the top of her pink, tight asshole. His tongue shot out and touched her pussy-lips.

"Wheeeee!" Bambi squealed.

He licked her wet pussy. Then he opened his mouth wide and covered her hot dribbling pussy with his toothless gums. Bambi felt his tongue as it flicked in and out. And across, from pussy-lip to pussy-lip. He pulled his head away and took a deep breath. Again he covered her dribbling hot pussy with his open mouth. His tongue flicked in and out like a snake's tongue. His upper lips pressed on Bambi's hard little clit. Her asscheeks shook. She humped her hot dribbling pussy upwards.

"Aieeeee! Yiiiiiipppppie!" Bambi shouted as she grabbed the back of his head. She pulled his head up until his tongue liked her hard clit. "Lick my clit! Suck, you pussy-eating man! Suck my clit harder! Eat pussy until you're full!"

Bambi bucked her ass-cheeks up and down. Something exploded in her head.

"Ow! Ooowwww! Aaahhh! I'm cummmiiinnnng, you adorable licking and sucking man! Ram your tongue in further!"

Bambi pushed his head hard against her pussy, which was dribbling with pussy-juice. She fell back onto the table. The man kept licking and sucking until every last drop of her cum was licked up.

"Miss, you're clean as a whistle. Any time you need that pussy of yours licked out, come over and see me!"

"Mister, you can suck and lick my virgin hot pussy any time. When my pussy is hot, I'll look for you in the park!"

Bambi walked out, making sure her ass-cheeks swayed.

Chapter FIVE

Later, Bambi finger-fucked her pussy while she looked at the new issue of 'Cock & Balls'. The large pricks and hairy balls made her horny. She wished Uncle Dick were home from work. The door chimes irritated her. Bambi got off the bed and looked at her naked body in the mirror. Then she slipped into white baby doll PJ's. Walking seductively down the hall, she made her ass-cheeks bounce up and down. The baby dolls just covered her ass-cheeks. A few golden fluffy pussy-hairs showed on each side of the nylon PJ crotch. Bambi opened the door.

Bambi looked at the large woman in the red suit. Her tits were bigger than Cheri's. The woman carried a briefcase and a large purse. The woman's eyes traveled down Bambi's bare legs and back up, stopping at her nylon-covered crotch. The woman licked her lips rapidly.

"Miss, I'm the government census taker. May I come in, dearie?"

"Census taker?"

"Yes, dearie. The government wants to know all about you. And what you do. They sent me to your house to find out."

Bambi motioned for her to step inside. The woman turned sideways and stepped through the door. Her large tits brushed against Bambi's tits. Inside, the woman set her purse and briefcase on the coffee table. She looked around.

"Dearie, are you alone?"

"Yes. Daddy is getting married to Cheri and Uncle Dick is working. He's babysitting me while Daddy and Cheri are on their honeymoon."

The woman looked Bambi over from head to toe. Then she opened her briefcase. She picked up a black pen and a large printed questionnaire.

"Dearie, what is your name?"


"Bambi. My, oh my, that's a pretty name. It sounds kind of animal-like. Is that real fur trim on your baby doll pajamas?"

"I don't know," Bambi said as she sat on the couch next to the woman.

The woman felt the fur across the top of Bambi's tits. "I believe that his real rabbit fur. But I've got to be sure." Her fingers traveled along the white fur around each of Bambi's legs. "I'll put down on the questionnaire that it's real fur."

"Is that real important. Mrs. Census Taker?"

The woman removed her large, horn-rimmed glasses. "Dearie, my name is Dutch. And yes, each detail is very important to our government. Ronald Reagan cares about you, and what you do."

"Dutch, I'll do anything to help our government."

Dutch patted Bambi's bare leg. "Bambi, that's so beautiful. You're going to make my day very interesting, I can see that."

"Dutch, I like this already," Bambi said, opening her legs.

Dutch put on her large glasses and stared at Bambi's crotch. She licked her lips. "Bambi, we better get on with the rest of the questionnaire. Then I'll show you how our government rewards those who help the census taker. Bambi, how old are you?"

"I was twenty-one yesterday. And do you know what?" Dutch shook her head. "I got a birthday cake all decorated."

"Bambi, was it good?"

"Yes. But not as good as..."

"As what, Bambi? YOU must tell the truth."

"Dutch, I've had no experience so I don't know what to compare it to. But it was shaped like a man's prick. It had red frosting on the cock-head and balls."

"Bambi, that's interesting. I once got a cunt shaped birthday cake."

"Oh, Dutch! Was it good?"

"Yes, Bambi, but not as good as the real thing. The real thing is always best, don't you agree?"

"Dutch, I don't know one thing about a real cock. All I've ever seen was the picture in 'Cock & Balls' magazine."

"Bambi, I read 'Tits & Cunts'. It's more my type of magazine. I can safely put down that you are virgin."

"Oh, yes, Dutch. Daddy would kill me if I wasn't."

Dutch patted Bambi's legs. Bambi's bare skin felt hot under Dutch's strong fingers. "Bambi, I need to take your measurements. Will you stand and face me?"

Bambi got up as Dutch pulled a tape measure from her brief case. She stretched the tape measure around Bambi's chest, puffing it tight against her erect nipples.

"Bambi, our government needs exact measurements. Can I remove your baby doll pajamas top?"

"Yes, Dutch, please do!"

Dutch let her fingers feel the soft fur trim around the bra before untying it. As the bra fell to the floor, Dutch licked her lips. Bambi's erect nipples pointed right at Dutch's mouth.

Dutch took the tape measure and wrapped it around Bambi's bare chest. She leaned close to Bambi's erect nipples as she read the measurement. Bambi felt her hot breath on her bare tit.

"Thirty-three. Bambi, you must be a C-cup."

"Yes, Dutch. My daddy says my tits are just the right size. He says all over a mouthful of tit is waisted."

"Bambi, there's nothing wasted about your beautiful tits, or the rest of your ripe young body."

"Oh Dutch, you make me feel soooooo good."

"Bambi, I have to give you the pencil test. It won't hurt."

"What's the pencil test, Dutch?"

Dutch picked a yellow pencil from the many in her briefcase. Holding the pencil in her left hand, she placed her right hand over Bambi's right bare tit. Dutch lifted Bambi's tit and placed the pencil under it. She removed her hand from Bambi's bare tit after giving it a squeeze.

"Oh, Dutch, I like this test."

The pencil fell. "Bambi, you are the perfect model for a woman of twenty-one."

"Did I pass Dutch?"

"Yes, Bambi. Your tit doesn't sag one bit."

"Dutch, I don't understand the test. Can you show me?"

Dutch smiled as Bambi stared at her large tits. She just had to know it Dutch's tits were bigger than Cheri's. Dutch removed her coat. Carefully she unbuttoned her white blouse. She folded the blouse neatly and set it on the coffee table. Then she slid her pink bra around so the holding hooks were in front, between her tits. Dutch pulled the bra straps together and unhooked the bra. Her thirty-five D-cup tits dropped down onto her bare waist.

"Bambi, lift my right tit up and place this yellow pencil underneath."

Bambi did as she was instructed.

"Let my tit down on the pencil."

Bambi gently lowered the large tit. It folded over the pencil. Dutch shook her chest. The pencil stayed wedged under her large bare tit.

"Bambi, can you see that my tit holds the pencil?" Bambi nodded as she studied her large red nipple. She wanted to take the nipple in her mouth and suck it like a baby.

"Then you can see that I would fail the government tit and pencil test. You passed because there is no sag to your perfect tits."

"Dutch, will my tits ever be as big as yours?"

"Bambi, what a darling question. I'll have to look up the answer to that one. But I promise you I will and have the answer next time I take the census. Now I have to do the belly button dime test."

"Ohooooh, Dutch this is so much fun!"

"Bambi, you will have to lay on the couch for this test."

Bambi lay on the couch. Dutch took a hand full of coins from her purse. She placed a quarter over Bambi's belly button. Shaking her head, she replaced the quarter with a new dime. The dime fit perfectly into Bambi's belly button.

"Bambi, you have a dime-sized belly button. With a perfect belly button like yours, you can become a belly dancer!"

"Oh, Dutch, you mean I can learn to belly dance?"

"Bambi, you can learn anything and everything. Do you want Dutch to be your teacher?"

"Oh, Dutch, would you?"

"Yes, Bambi. But first I must finish my census job." Dutch felt the white fur trim on the legs of the baby doll pajamas. "Bambi, I'll remove the bottom of your pajamas so I can give you the five-finger test."

"Ohooooh, Dutch. I want to take all the government tests. And then will you teach me some sex things?"

"Bambi, I'll teach you everything I know about sex!" Dutch slipped the baby doll bottom over Bambi's bare ass-cheeks. She squeezed each asscheek as she did so. "Bambi, will you spread your legs?"

Bambi spread her legs.

Dutch felt her golden fluffy pussy-hair. "I'll put down you have curly virgin blonde pussy-hair. And this next part will feel good. Dutch will be very gentle so she doesn't break your cherry."

Dutch slipped her little finger between Bambi's pink pussy-lips. Pulling the little finger out, she slipped the next finger in. Then the middle finger.

"Ohoooh, Dutch, I can feel that finger stretching my pussy-muscle. Is that good? I mean, it's gooood!"

"Bambi, you have a middle-finger-sized pussy. Perfect for a virgin. Now I have to test the asshole."

Bambi lifted her ass-cheeks off the couch. Dutch took a small jar of Vaseline from her briefcase. She pushed her little finger into the jar. With her finger covered with Vaseline, Dutch pushed it against Bambi's pink asshole. Bambi wiggled her ass-cheeks.

Dutch pushed. Her little finger stretched Bambi's tight pink ass-hole. The finger popped past her tight ass muscle.

"Ohooooooh, Dutch. It hurts, but sooooo good!"

"You have a little-finger-sized asshole. A perfect virgin asshole if I ever felt one. And believe me, as an official government census taker, I've felt some assholes."

"Dutch, can I ask you a favor?"

"Bambi, I'll do anything to please you."

"Can I give you the five-finger test?"

"Oh, Bambi dearie, I was sure you would ask. Yes, you can give me to the five-finger test."

Dutch unbuttoned her skirt. It dropped to the floor. She slipped her pink panty off her large hips and down over her bare ass-cheeks. She lay on the couch and spread her legs. Bambi pushed her little finger between Dutch's large cunt-lips. Then she put the next finger. When she got to the thumb, it slipped in with no trouble. Bambi pulled her four fingers together and pushed them up Dutch's cunt.

"Oh, Bambi, I must be a four-finger-sized cunt. Measure my asshole."

Bambi looked at Dutch's brown, flabby asshole. She put her thumb into the jar of Vaseline. Then she pushed her thumb up Dutch's asshole.

"Oh, Bambi, I can feel it. Am I a thumb-sized asshole?"

"Dutch, can I ask one more favor?"

"Darling, you can ask and have anything!" Bambi licked her lips as she stared at Dutch's large red nipples.

"Can I suck your tit nipples?"

"Dear Bambi, yes? Suck my nipples and suck them hard. But you have to keep your thumb up my asshole so I can practice muscle control."

"I will, I will!" Bambi cooed as she moved her mouth over one of Dutch's large tits.

Reaching between Dutch's bare legs, Bambi pushed her thumb up her flabby asshole. Dutch squeezed her ass-muscle around the thumb.

"Oh, Dutch, you are squeezing my thumb. How do you do that?"

"Dearie, close your eyes and think about your pretty pink ass-muscle, then squeeze."

"Can I do that?"

"Sure, Bambi dearie. I'll put my middle finger in your pussy. Now think about your pussy-muscle and squeeze."

"Oh, Dutch. I can feel my pussy-muscle gripping your finger. Would that work on a man?"

"Women who love their men know how to grab their cocks with their asshole and pussy-muscles."

Bambi closed her lips over Dutch's large red nipple. She sucked and rolled her tongue around the hard nipple. Then she bit it lightly with her teeth.

"Ohoooooh, Bambi dark, I love that. Bite a little harder!"

Bambi sucked and pulled her teeth over the large nipple. At the same time, she worked her thumb in and out of Dutch's asshole. Dutch patted Bambi's ass-cheek.

"Bambi, dearie, it's my turn!"

Bambi removed her thumb. She lay down on the couch. Dutch crawled up between Bambi's bare, hot thighs. She started sucking Bambi's pink, perfectly shaped, nipple. She sucked one nipple, then the other.

"Bambi dearie, I got a tongue hard-on. Can I lick your pussy?"

"Is that part of the government test?"

"Bambi, dearie, this is all part of the government secret test. No one will ever know but you and I."

Dutch's head moved down Bambi's bare chest. Bambi felt her hot breath and darting tongue on her flesh. Dutch moved her head lower. She moved down the left leg. At the toes she took each toe into her mouth and sucked it. She moved to the other foot. Again she sucked each toe. Then her darting tongue moved up Bambi's smooth white thigh.

"Bambi, dearie, turn onto your belly so I can test the skin on your back."

Dutch's lips and darting tongue moved up one side of the spine and down the other. She covered each rounded ass-cheek with kisses. After licking and kissing the back of Bambi's legs, Dutch put her arm under Bambi's belly.

Dutch pulled Bambi's ass-cheeks toward her waiting mouth. Bambi slid her knee toward her chest. Dutch's tongue moved down the crack between Bambi's ass-cheeks. Carefully Dutch parted Bambi's ass-cheek. Bambi's pink, tight asshole was one inch from her tongue. She couldn't believe she had found a virgin asshole to tongue-fuck.

"Bambi, dearie, this is the official census tongue test of your virgin asshole!"

Dutch's pointed tongue touched her tight, pink asshole.

"Oooooh, Dutch! Umrnmrn! Unnnnn!"

Dutch pushed her hard tongue against Bambi's tight pink asshole. The tip of her tongue parted the tight ass-muscle. Her tongue moved inside Bambi's tight asshole.

"Ahhhh! Ewwww! Mmmmm! Yeahhhhhh!" Bambi squealed as Dutch pushed her tongue in as far as possible.

"Bambi, dearie, you passed another test. Now I've got to give you the final virgin secret government census taker test. Sit up, please."

Bambi sat up, even though she wanted her asshole licked and sucked more. Dutch got on her kneel in front of Bambi. Gently she spread Bambi's smooth, white legs. She reached toward the patch of fluffy golden pussy-hair.

"Bambi, dearie, your pussy-hair is softer than silk. I will now give it the lick test!"

Bambi felt Dutch's hot breath as her mouth got close to her pussy. Dutch took a few of her golden, fluffy pussy-hairs between her lips. But her horny feelings got the best of her. Her tongue licked down Bambi's virgin pussy-crack and touched Bambi's pink, tight asshole. Then Dutch moved her tongue up her pussy-crack. Up and down her tongue traveled. Enter and faster.

"Ooooh! Ooooohhhh!" Bambi squealed.

Dutch pushed her tongue between Bambi's pussy-lips.

"Ow! Oowww! Aaaah!"

Dutch flicked her tongue inside her pussy like a snake's tongue flicking for a fly. Bambi bucked her ass-cheeks up and down. In and out Dutch's tongue moved. Faster and faster.

"Y-Yess... tongue-fuck me good! Ohooooooh tongue-fuck meeeee!"

Dutch's head was bobbing up and down as her tongue flicked into her hot, pink pussy. Pussy-juice started leaking from Bambi's cunt. Dutch's tongue moved in deeper and flicked faster.

"Ohhhhh, Dutch, I'm squirting my virgin pussyjuice!"

"Bambi, dearie," Dutch said, jumping up and then falling onto the floor on her back. "Sit on my face so I can get every drop of your sweet cum."

Bambi placed her hot, dribbling pussy above Dutch's face. She lowered her pussy until Dutch's lips touch her pussy-lips. Dutch's tongue darted into her pink fuck-hole.

"Ahhhhh... I'm cummmmmming!" Bambi squealed as she sat down hard on Dutch's face. Dutch continued to lick and suck until every drop of pussy-juice was gone. Bambi stood up.

Dutch smiled. "Bambi, dearie, I want you to tongue-fuck my cunt."

"Dutch, I'm not an official government census taker, and that would be against the law."

"Bambi, dearie, I'll appoint you an official pussy licker -- I mean census taker."

"Dutch, you'll have to come back and show me how to do all these super tests."

"Oh, Bambi dearie, Dutch will be back!" Bambi watched as Dutch took a small vibrator from her briefcase. The vibrator had a top set of red ties and a bottom set of black ties. Dutch put the small vibrator between her legs and tied the ties.

"Dutch, is that another government test?"

"No, Bambi dearie, this is my butterfly. It will keep me aroused until I get back to the office so I can use my deep-stroker vibrator."

"Dutch, you are a good government census taker. And I'll be waiting for you to return."

"Bambi, dearie, I'll be back sooner than you think. Because I want you to be a cunt licker -- I mean, official census taker."

Dutch dressed and left. Bambi wondered what she should do until Uncle Dick got home. She knew she had to get Uncle Dick to fuck her soon, because Daddy and Cheri would be back.

Chapter SIX

Bambi was dreaming about a room full of rubber cocks when the door chimes woke her. She jumped up, rubbed her eyes, and hurried to the front door. She jerked the door open, expecting to see Uncle Dick.

"Dutch, you are back so soon!"

"Bambi, dearie, I couldn't wait until next year to complete the government test. I want you to become an official cunt -- I mean census taker today."

"Oh, Dutch, I'm glad to see you. I just had the most wonderful dream."

"Tell Dutch about your dream."

"I was in a room full of rubber cocks. That's when the chimes woke me!"

"Bambi, dear, it just so happens the next part of the government test is with rubber pricks. That's a good omen!"

"Oh, Dutch, are you going to start over, or just teach me some new tests?"

"Bambi, dearie, you're so tasty. Like pure honey. So I'll go on to the next tests even though I would like to."

"Like to what, Dutch?"

"Eat your pussy, Bambi, dearie. But I must get on with the tests."

"Can we try the pussy taste test later, Dutch?"

"Yes, Bambi, dearie. This test is called 'How To Fuck Yourself If There's Not A tongue Available'."

"Dutch, that's a sexy title. What do I have to do?"

"Bambi, dearie, we should take a bath together. That will give my tongue a rest and... we should know each other. Especially our bodies, so we can carry on the best tradition of the Census Bureau."

In the bathroom, Bambi turned on the faucets. Adjusting the water to a perfect warm, she poured in a box of bubblebath. The bubbles grew, only the bubbles were warm not cold. Dutch patted Bambi's bare ass-cheeks.

"Bambi, dearie, I'll get you a job in my office so we can continue to cunt-fuck... I mean do the lick tests and other things."

"Dutch, should I go to college first and learn how to ball?"

"Bambi, dearie, you think of everything. College would be grand if only it wasn't for all them horny boys."

"Horny boys?"

"Bambi, dearie, all college boys want to do is fuck. They never stop and learn how to lick a good clean cunt. They'll just fuck your pussy until it's raw."

"Ohoooooh, Dutch. Do they really fuck that much?"

"Bambi, dearie, I'll teach you all you need to know. And you must promise not to let them college kids touch your honey sweet pussy and pink tight asshole."

"Dutch, I'll never let anyone but you touch me. You are my teacher and I'm your student."

"Bambi, dearie, get into the mound of bubbles, you sweet delicious virgin."

Bambi stepped into the mound of bubbles. The bubbles reached her white knees. Sitting, she felt the bubbles slowly move up her soft white thighs.

Bubbles glistened on the ends of her fluffy golden pussy-hair. The bubbles covered her belly button. Then her nipples disappeared into the bubbles.

Dutch stepped into the mound of bubbles. Sitting, she felt the bubbles touch the lips of her cunt. Wiggling her large asscheeks, she sat in the tub. She faced Bambi. Lifting Bambi's legs over hers, she bent forward and kissed Bambi. Her stiff tongue moved slowly into Bambi's mouth.

Bambi sucked on Dutch's tongue. Her flat, hard tongue reminded her of a sucker. Only it tasted like a woman instead of sweet like a sucker.

"Bambi, dearie," Dutch swooned, "your lips are soft and sweet. Just like your pussy-lips."

"Dutch, I like sucking your tongue. I hope my sucking it will take the soreness out so you can give me the taste test again."

"Bambi, dearie, it will. It will. I promise my tongue will be ready for your sweet pussy."

Dutch took a sponge and started washing Bambi. With great care she washed each firm pink nipple. Then she kissed each clean nipple. Gently and slowly she washed Bambi's stomach.

"Bambi, if you stand. I can get your sweet pussy washed."

Bambi stood. Dutch washed her pussy-hairs. Then she washed between Bambi's legs. She used her middle finger to wash inside Bambi's tender pussy.

Dutch leaned toward Bambi. Her tongue touched her clean pussy.

"Bambi, dearie, your pussy is honey sweet and clean."

Dutch washed Bambi's legs and feet. "Bambi, dearie, turn around, please." Bambi turned. Her smooth ass-cheeks dripped soapy water as Dutch started washing. Dutch worked the soft sponge up and down the crack of Bambi's ass-cheeks. She scrubbed her tight pink asshole. Dutch's little finger inside her pink tight asshole made Bambi squeal.

"Dutch, your finger feels sooooo goooooood! I like this lesson. If you put your middle finger in my pussy and your little finger in my asshole, I'll cum!"

"Bambi, dearie, don't cum yet. You have to wash me clean, and then we'll do the taste test again."

"When will we do the vibrator or rubber prick test?"

"Bambi, dearie, right after the taste test." Bambi washed Dutch as carefully as she had been washed. Starting with her nipples, Bambi washed and then kissed. Lower and lower she washed, kissing each clean body part as she finished. Completing the washing, they stood. Dutch grabbed the shower spray handle and adjusted the water so it spurted.

"Bambi, dearie, bend over and I'll rinse your pussy and asshole."

Bambi bent over and spread her ass-cheeks. The hot stream of water shot down the valley between her soft ass-cheeks. As the water bit her asshole, her body got tense. Bambi gritted her teeth because she wanted to stop herself from cuming until Dutch licked her pussy. But when the stream of hot water bit her pussy-lips, she couldn't prevent her pussyjuice from spurting. Bambi moaned, hoping Dutch wouldn't notice.

"Bambi, dearie, rinse me."

Bambi took the spurting sprayer and rinsed. First Dutch's asshole, then her large cunt. As Bambi steered the jet of water into her cunt, she had an urge to kiss her large cunt-lips.

"Bambi, dearie, we are ready for the final taste test."

Dutch wrapped Bambi in a large towel and rubbed her dry. Then she had Bambi do the same to her. Putting her arm around Bambi, they walked into the bedroom.

Their lips met as Dutch crushed herself to Bambi. Her cunt rubbed against Bambi's hot pussy.

"Bambi, dearie, let's suck each other's tits before we get to tasting."

Dutch took Bambi's erect nipple between her lips. She worked both nipples as Bambi kissed her nipple. Bambi loved nursing her big nipple. She felt comfortable with her head against Dutch's chest. She sucked and sucked. Dutch pushed her mouth away from Bambi's slippery nipple.

"Bambi, dearie, sit on my face."

Dutch lay on her back with her mouth open. Bambi straddled her. As Dutch's tongue flicked her hot clean pussy, Bambi kissed Dutch's belly button. Lower and lower she kissed. The black cunt-hair tickled her nose. Dutch's tongue touched her tight pink asshole.

"Wheeeee! Tongue-fuck my pussy, Dutch." Dutch's tongue flicked back and forth, as Bambi let her entire weight down on Dutch's face.

"Dutch, ohooooooh. You pussy-licking darling." Bambi flicked her tongue between her black cunthair. Her pointed pink tongue moved from the brown asshole to the flabby pussy-lips. She sucked and kissed. She licked. She tenderly chewed on Dutch's cunt-lips.

"Dutch, I'm hotter than a firecracker. Tonguefuck me fassssssster!"

Dutch stretched her hard tongue as far as it would reach. As Dutch's tongue touched her nerves, bolts of hot desire made Bambi wiggle her ass-cheeks. She pressed her pussy and ass-cheeks onto Dutch's face Dutch licked and sucked like Bambi's pussy was the best meal she ever had.

And at the same time, Bambi buried her mouth and tongue between Dutch's cunt-lips. "Ohooooh, Dutch. Ohooooh? Aaaaaaah! My pussy... I'm cummmmmming! Ohooooh, you beautiful tonguefucking census taker."

Bambi rested in Dutch's arms with her head next to her nipple. Playfully she squeezed her hard nipple. At the same time, Dutch played with Bambi's tight pink whole.

"Dutch, give me the vibrator test?"

Dutch got the hand vibrator from the briefcase. She placed a rubber head with small fingers on the vibrator. Starting at the back of Bambi's neck, she massaged.

The rubber fingers made Bambi's skin tingle. As the vibrator fingers crossed her ass-cheeks, her pussyjuices started to drip. Dutch stopped at her feet.

"Bambi, dearie, turn over."

Bambi turned onto her back. Again Dutch started at the neck. Carefully she ran the vibrator fingers over each perfectly shaped tit. But she avoided Bambi's hard pink nipples. As the vibrator crossed Bambi's flat white stomach, she wiggled her asscheeks. She could feel her pussy-juice dripping down the valley between her ass-cheeks. Again Dutch stopped at Bambi's feet.

"Bambi, dearie, open your legs."

Bambi did, and felt her pussy-juice dribble onto her tight pink whole. Dutch moved the vibrator up each white leg. But she stopped just before reaching Bambi's dripping hot pussy. She jerked the finger head off the vibrator and grabbed a head with two small pricks.

"Ohooh, Dutch. What's that for?"

"Bambi, dear, the finger size is for your honey tasting pussy. The smaller one for your pink tight asshole. This will really make you cum!"

Dutch moved the jiggling prick-heads between Bambi's legs. Gently she touched each prick to one fuck-hole, the larger to Bambi's hot juicy pussy, the smaller to Bambi's tight pink asshole. Pussy-juice made each fuck-hole slippery.

"Ohooooooh! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" Dutch pressed the vibrator against each fuck-hole. The cock-heads slipped past the tight pussy and asshole muscles.

"Moooooore!" Bambi squealed. She bucked her hips wildly. Up and down. To and fro. "Owwwww! Wooooo! Shove it to me, Dutch!"

Dutch pressed as hard as she could.

"Y-yesss... yeaaaahhhh! The fucking rubber prick is fucking me sooooooo good! Ohoooooooh, I'm... cummmming!" Gasping for breath, Bambi rolled her eyes, wondering if any real cock could be that good.

Dutch handed Bambi the vibrator. After putting on the head with the tiny lingers, she followed her teacher's example. At the back of the neck she started. Down the back and the legs. On the front side she did the same. Dutch didn't move. "Dutch, you don't seem to be enjoying the massage."

"Bambi, dearie, I am. But it takes longer to get me as hot as you."

"What should I do."

"Bambi, dearie, try the round ball-type head. And work real hard on my hot spots!"

Bambi changed the vibrator head. The round ball slid smoothly ova Dutch's naked body. As Bambi worked the vibrator on her ass-cheeks, Dutch moaned.

"Bambi, dearie, you are getting me there!" Bambi worked hard on her teacher's body. Her swat dripped onto Dutch's body. Deciding maybe Dutch was ready for the two-headed vibrator, Bambi changed.

"Bambi, dearie, my cunt-juice isn't running yet. So use some Vaseline."

Bambi dipped the two rubber cock-heads into the Vaseline jar. Dripping with grease, she pushed them between Dutch's legs. Turning the vibrator on high she felt the rubber prick shake. Dutch moaned softly.

"Bambi dearie, get Big Bertha and the curved asshole rubber prick."

Bambi found the extra large rubber prick. It looked bigger than Daddy's cock. And she took the long, slender rubber prick from the briefcase.

"How do I use these, Dutch?"

"Big Bertha, Bambi, dearie, has batteries. The asshole one you use by hand."

Bambi placed Big Bertha into Dutch's cunt. Then she carefully slipped the asshole-curved rubber prick up her asshole.

"Bambi, dearie, you have to straddle me."

"Why, Dutch?"

"Bambi, dearie, sit on my chest, and when you get me going hot and fast I'll eat... I mean suck all the sweet honey cum you have in your virgin pussy!"

"Oh, Dutch! You are the best teacher!"

Bambi straddled Dutch. Her ass-cheeks rested on Dutch's sagging tits. She turned on Big Bertha.

The vibrator shook in her hand. She moved the asshole rubber prick in and out. Dutch started wiggling her hips. The faster she wiggled, the faster Bambi worked both vibrators. In and out with Big Bertha and the asshole prick. Dutch was shaking her hips so hard the bed was moved from side to side. She grabbed Bambi's hips and pulled.

Bambi's hot pussy slid up and onto Dutch's mouth. Dutch stuck her tongue into Bambi's dripping pussy. Bambi moved her mouth close to Big Bertha. When she felt Dutch's tongue touch her cunt, she sucked on the big hard clit.

Sucking hard on Dutch's clit made Dutch dig her fingernails into Bambi's soft ass-cheeks. Bambi sucked harder as she moved the vibrator and assfucker in and out. Then she felt Dutch's tongue flicker across her clit.

"Ohooooooh, Dutch! Mooooooore! Aieeeee!"

Dutch flicked her tongue across Bambi's clit.

Bambi sat up and worked her ass-cheeks across Dutch's face as fast as she could move her hips.

Gasping for breath, Bambi lowered her mouth onto Dutch's hard clit. At the same time, Dutch took Bambi's clit between her lips.

"Ooooooohhhhh... ooooooohhhhh! Aahhhh! Dutch! Dutch! I'm cummiiiiiinnnnnggggg!" Bambi fell off Dutch's hot wet body.

Bambi hugged Dutch as she gasped for breath. Big Bertha slipped out of Dutch's cunt and rolled onto the floor. Bambi sat up and hugged her own knees. The pussy-juice that Dutch missed with her tongue dribbled across her tight pink whole.

"Dutch, did I pass my final teat?"

"Yes, Bambi, dearie. You passed with an A." Dutch got dressed and kissed Bambi goodbye. "Bambi, with a little more practice you'll be the best cunt-licker in my district."

"Oh, Dutch, you say the nicest things. And you're the beet teacher I've ever had!"

"Bambi, dearie, I'll be back to take the census again."

Bambi curled up into a naked ball and fell asleep on the couch. She dreamed about real large live cocks. The cocks in her dreams tasted like an all day sucker.

Chapter SEVEN

As Bambi slept, her mind drifted into a variety of sexy dreams. She was in a room where the walls had thick, long, hard cocks sticking out. All the cocks were attached to men behind the wall. She kissed the tip of each cock, trying to decide which tasted best. As she tasted the last cock, the only door opened.

Uncle Dick in a tuxedo held his arms out. Bambi rushed into his arms. Their lips met. Their tongues danced in their mouths.

"Bambi, my most gorgeous niece, you look eatable in the evening gown. I'm going to take you dancing, but I want to eat your pussy first."

"Oh, Uncle Dick, do. Doooooo! Eat my hot pussy now! I'm clean and sweet, just like a virgin should be!"

Uncle Dick slipped the evening gown off her shoulders. He kissed her shoulders all around. Unzipping the back of her dress, he kissed her bare skin. Bambi stepped out of the gown. Uncle Dick pulled her slip down over her round hips. He bent over and kissed each of her bare ass-cheeks. As the slip drifted to the floor, he unhooked her stockings.

He continued undressing her. Reaching her toes, he sucked on each toe. Then he stood. After unhooking her bra, he took an erect nipple into his lips. He worked the nipple with his lips and tongue. Then he moved to her other nipple. Carefully he worked each nipple. Back and forth he moved his mouth.

"Ohoooooh, Uncle Dick. I love it."

His mouth kissed all the bare white skin between her tits and belly button. Moving lower, his tongue traveled outside her black silk bikini panty. He rolled the smooth panty down over her round ass-cheeks. Sticking his tongue out two inches, he licked her asscrack. Then he spread bet ass-cheeks and kissed her asshole. Bambi's eyes rolled skywards as his tongue parted her tight asshole. Working his way by kissing, he reached her golden fluffy pussy-hair.

He kissed around the outside of her golden fluffy pussy-hair. Then his tongue, darting like a snake after a fly, parted her pussy-hair. The flicking tongue touched her hot, wet pussy-lips.

"Ohoooooooh, Uncle Dick!" Bambi squealed, jumping up and falling to the floor. "I was dreaming. Uncle Dick isn't home."

Bambi tried to stand, but her back hurt. As she wondered what to do, she rubbed her back. She pulled herself upright. After slipping into a blue jumpsuit, she hobbled to her car. Smiling, she turned into the parking lot of the health club.

"Glad no one is here. Their standard joke is, did you hurt your back fucking."

Inside the cool building she looked for Viking, the masseur.

"Bambi, darrrrrling," the muscular blond purred. His wavy hair made him look like a girly magazine centerfold. His bulging muscles filled the short sleeves of his shirt. Bambi glanced down at his crotch. There was no bulge, which reminded her of another health club joke.

Viking was six feet tail, weighed two hundred pounds, and all muscle. Yet he moved with the grace of a cat. Bambi wondered if the joke was true.

"Viking is built like Tarzan but hung like Mickey Mouse."

Bambi couldn't imagine Viking with a cock the size of her small finger.

"Darrrrrling, what can Viking do for you today? Does your flesh need to be toned up?"

"Viking, I hurt my back muscle, and I didn't do it fucking."

"Naughty, naughty, darrrrrllling. Let me feel." His long slim fingers touched her back. "Oh my, oh my. We do have a pulled muscle. Viking will relax that muscle and all the other tense parts of your body." He handed Bambi a large rose-colored towel. "Go to the dressing room, darrrrrling, and disrobe."

Bambi slipped out of her jumpsuit. She squeezed both her bare tits. Then she wrapped the large towel around her body. She pulled the towel tight across her bare tits and pushed one corner underneath to hold the towel in place. Walking to the therapy room, she let her ass-cheeks move up and down.

"Darrrrling, into the whirlpool." Bambi stuck her toes into the hot swishing water. Viking jerked the towel from her body. "Darrrrrling, remember the rules. No towels in the whirlpool."

The hot water bubbled around her. Her body relaxed. She thought about getting out and leaving, but wanted to stay. To stay and maybe find out if his cock was tiny like a mouse. Relaxing, she closed her eyes. Almost asleep, she felt Viking's hands on her shoulders.

"Darrrrrling, time to hop like a bunny onto the therapy table."

Bambi's body dripped water as she walked to the table covered with a white cloth. Viking picked her up ad laid her on her stomach.

His hand started kneading her back muscles. He poked, pinched, and pulled her body. First he worked up to her neck. Then he worked lower and lower. As his long fingers pushed and pulled the tight flesh of her ass-cheeks, Bambi felt her pussy-juices getting hot. She wiggled her ass-cheeks.

"Naughty, naughty," Viking said as he slapped her ass-cheeks.

Bambi lay still. Viking worked on her legs. From just under the cute curve of her ass-cheeks to her feet. Then he turned her onto her back.

"Darrrrrllng, you have big... big, oh, the nipples look like pencil erasers. I'll work around them!"

Again he started kneading. When he reached her flat stomach, he did something different. Viking extended his fingers and used the side of his hands in a chopping motion. The rhythm made Bambi's pussy-juices run down the crack of her pussy. And down across her pink tight asshole. Bambi couldn't remember when ac had felt so relaxed. He playfully turned her on her right side and spanked her ass-cheek.

"Darrrrrllng, into the steam bath!" Viking closed the door. Bambi sweated. Water dripped from her head to her toes. When she thought she was going to boil like a lobster, Viking opened the door. Taking her hand, he led her into the shower room. He adjusted the water. The warm water felt good on her hot pink flesh. But she got a shock.

"Viking, nooooooo!" He had flicked the water to icy cold. Bambi shivered. The cold water stopped. Viking wrapped her body in a large pink towel. As he rubbed her body dry, Bambi giggled.

"Darrrrrling, are you laughing at me?"

"No, Viking. It's just a private joke."

Viking picked Bambi up like she was a feather. He laid her on the table under the ceiling mirror. A bottle of warm olive oil set next to the table. He took the bottle and poured oil on her pink bareback.

"Darrrrrllng, your skin is squeaky clean, so now I'll lubricate it."

His nimble fingers worked the oil into every pore of her soft back. He worked extra hard on her asscheeks. Then he massaged the backs of her legs down to her feet. Again, he used his chopping movement to relax and oil her tender ass. Turning Bambi on her back, she looked in the mirror.

She watched every move he made as he worked oil into her skin. He massaged her tits but didn't touch her erect nipples. She wanted him to suck on them but was scared to ask. As he finished at her feet, he glanced into the ceiling mirror.

"Darrrling, did you like watching me?"

"Yes, Viking. You move as graceful as a cat."

"You mean I'm a pussy cat?"

"No, Viking. You just move like one."

"Darrrling, are your muscles relaxed?"

"Except for my two virgin muscles."

"I can relax your virgin muscles. But are you sure you want me to touch you there? Sometimes Daddy gets mad."

"My daddy is on his honeymoon. And my pussy gets so tight at times I can't pee."

"Darrrling, I can fix that."

Viking placed a pillow under Bambi's asscheeks. He poured more warm olive oil on her golden pussyhair. As the oil dripped down her pussy-crack, his fingers mixed with the oil. He rubbed around her pussy-lips. He massaged the firm skin between her hot pink pussy and her oily pink asshole. His fingers moved up and down and made Bambi's ass-cheeks wiggle.

"Ohoooooooh, that's so good!"

Viking worked harder, kneading her tight pussy skin. As he did so, Bambi moaned and started bouncing her hips. His long slender forefinger entered her pussy-lips, past her tight pussy-muscle. As Bambi bucked her hips, Viking worked his finger in her hot juicy cunt. Faster and faster she bucked her hips.

"Ohoooooooh, my pussy-juice is starting to flow!" Bambi moaned.

Viking got excited and touched her tight asshole with his little finger. In and put he worked both fingers as Bambi fucked his two fingers.

"Ohoooooooh, Vikiiiing! Do something! Do something naughty to me!"

"Darrrling, is your muscle relaxing?"

"Yesssssss! Yes!" Bambi grabbed his wavy blonde hair and pulled his head to her tit. As his lips closed on her erect nipple, Bambi bucked faster. He sucked her hard nipple and she fucked his two fingers. "Mooooooore!"

"Darrrling, your muscles are relaxed and ready for the Viking test."

"Ohoooooooh, test me. Fuck me! Make me cum. Eat my hot pussy, pleassssseeeee!"

Viking stepped back and pulled his fingers out of her hot pussy and asshole. He stripped off his shirt. Then he peeled off his pants. Bambi was disappointed. He was wearing a jock strap, and there was no bulge.

"Viking, how you going to fuck me if you ain't got a cock?"

"Darrrling, is that why you were laughing before?"

Bambi nodded. Viking slipped the jack strap off. His cock looked like a wet noodle. It just hung down.

"Darrrllng, I'll fuck you, but first you must make me hard."

"How, Viking?"

"Darrrling, I don't fuck until the woman takes my prick in her mouth. When she sucks me hard, I'll fuck her until her eyeballs hurt."

Bambi sat up as Viking jumped onto the table. He lay back and Bambi took his mouse-sized cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked but his tiny cock didn't grow. Her jaws were getting sore. Lifting her head, she looked at him.

"Darrrling, give me a trip around the world. That should do it!" Viking said.

He turned on his stomach. Bambi started at his neck. Her tongue flicked in and out like a snake. She worked her way lower and lower. As her tongue traveled down his ass-cheeks, she pushed her finger up his asshole. He turned onto his back and almost crushed her hand and finger. Her tongue started again at his neck and worked lower. She nursed each nipple. Then she started giggling.

"Darrrling, tell me the joke."

"Viking, my nipples are bigger than your cock!"

"Darrrling, you lay down and I'll give you a trip around the world. Or my famous tongue-massage?"

Bambi lay on her belly. Viking worked on her back with his tongue and teeth. He had a tender way of chewing on her soft skin. When his tongue touched her tight pink asshole, Bambi almost lost her load of cum. But he moved down one leg and up the other. Turning her over, he sucked her earlobe. Tenderly he sucked each nipple. Then he spread her legs. His tongue parted her pussy-lips and licked all the pussy-juice that ran out.

"Darrrling, are you shooting your cum?"

"No, I'm holding back. That's just pussy-juice. If you want my load of cum, you will have to fuck me."

"I'm ready, and I'll fuck, but only if you can get my prick into your mouth!"

Before Bambi could laugh, he jumped on top of the table. His tiny cock had grown until it was the biggest cock Bambi had ever seen. The foreskin pulled back. She was looking at a purple mushroom shaped cock-head. Leaning toward it, she kissed his cock-tip. Then she licked around the rim of his purple cock-head. He thrust forward. His large hard cock slid past her cheek and hit her ear.

"Darrrling, take me into your mouth. Not your ear!"

Bambi pulled her head back. She opened her mouth as wide as possible. Her lips slipped over his cock-head. She took all of it she could, until his cock-head hit the back of her mouth. She sucked. Viking started moaning. He pulled his slippery cock out of her mouth.

"Darrrling, now I'm ready to fuck."

Bambi lay on her back. Viking spread her legs. Holding his hard throbbing cock with both hands, he moved it toward her hot pussy. His cock-head touched her pussy-lips. He thrust, and his cock-head slipped down to her whole. She reached for his throbbing hard cock. She pulled it up to her hot pink pussy. "Push!"

Viking pushed. His throbbing cock bent in the middle, but his cock-head parted her pussy-lips. He pushed again, and his cock-head popped inside her cunt.

"Fuck me good!" she squealed.

Viking lifted his hips and bare asscheeks. When the rim of his purple cock-head felt her pussy muscle, he dropped his ass. His muscular ass rammed his cock home.

"Ohoooooooh, Viking. Deeeeeeper?"

Viking lifted his ass and rammed again. Bambi at the same time lifted her hips. His slippery hard cock shot into her cunt. In and out. Up and down his ass-cheeks moved. And Bambi's hips moved with his ass-cheeks. Faster and faster he fucked. The faster he fucked, the hotter Bambi got. "Fuck meeeee, mooooooore!"

The table shook. His ass-cheeks bounced up and down, driving his cock-shaft deeper and deeper.

"Deeeeper! Ram that slippery cock deeeeper!" Viking was fucking as fast as he could. His balls were filling with cum. Bambi wanted his cock in her asshole and pussy at the same time. But it felt so good in her pussy, she didn't want to change fuckholes.

"Fuck me harder and deeper! Fuck me! Stick your cock to the bottom! Pleeeeease!"

Viking fucked his cock in and out. In and out his fuck-pole slid.

"Ohoooooooh! Soon! One more fuck-thrust!" Viking rammed his cock all the way in. His full balls slapped against her tender ass-cheeks. His balls started pumping cum up his cock-shaft.

"I'm cumming!"

Bambi's hot cum splashed down over his slippery cock-shaft. As his hot yellow cum shot into her cunt, he thrust twice more. His cum continued to shoot into her pussy. And her cum dripped out past his limp cock-shaft and ran down the crack of her ass.

"Viking, you broke my cherry. But I still have my asshole cherry. Can I come back some day?"

"Darrrling, you'll have to give me time to rest up."

"I will. I promise I will. All my muscles are relaxed, except my asshole."

"Darrrling, save it until our next therapy session!"

"Viking. I promise. No one will ever fuck me except you!"

Bambi drove home and flopped on the couch. Rubbing her itching pussy, she wished that Uncle Dick would hurry home. Viking had fucked her, but that had made her more horny.

Chapter EIGHT

The more Bambi thought about cocks, the more horny she became. She decided to dress up real sexy and maybe she could get Uncle Dick to fuck her. She pulled the bra and panty drawer from the dresser and dumped them all on the bed. Just feeling the silk underwear made her pussy ache for a large cock. She chose the white silk bra and panty because white would make her look virgin. And she liked the white fur trim around the panty legs and around the bra cups. She picked up the prick-shaped bottle of perfume and sprayed her body. After spraying under her arms and over her tits, she gave a good squirt to her pussy and asshole.

"Ohoooooooh, that always stings so good! If I could, I would kiss my pussy and take the sting away!"

Slipping into the tight panty, she ran her hand over her rounded ass-cheeks. Then she put on the bra. Turning before the mirror, she admired her virgin look. She couldn't decide if she should wear silk stockings. She looked at the stockings and shook her head.

"I want to be ready for action, so no stockings or dress." Slipping on her white silk robe, she walked seductively down the hall. Her ass-cheeks bounced just the right amount. And her ass-cheeks sway from side to side was perfect she told herself. Sitting on the overstuffed chair, she rubbed her damp panty crotch.

"Uncle Dick better get home soon, or I'll have to finger-fuck myself."

The front door popped open. Bambi jumped up and ran to the door. Her robe was wide open as she kissed Uncle Dick. The small man behind him she didn't know.

"Uncle Dick, you're home early."

"Yaw, we worked fast today so we can watch the Friday night football game."

"Who's your handsome friend?" Bambi flicked her eyelashes as she looked at his crotch. The large bulge made her lick her lips. "Uncle Dick, are you going to introduce me?"

"Bambi, this is my best friend, Rocky."

"Rocky what?" Bambi asked, extending her hand.

"Rocky Stone," he replied as he looked her over from head to toe.

"Rocky, you're cute," Bambi cooed.

"Bambi, I told Rocky he can't fuck you. Because if your daddy found out, he'd cut my balls off and make me eat them."

"Uncle Dick, is it all right if I shake hands with Rocky?"

"Yaw, but that's all."

Bambi grabbed Rocky's hand. Her puffed pussylips ached for a large meaty cock. Viking's cock was big and meaty, but all it did was to make her pussy itch. Rocky's hand closed over Bambi's.

Bambi scratched the palm of his hand with her long painted fingernail. She gave him her most seductive smile. His look told her he was interested.

"Bambi, get Rocky and me a cold beer."

"Sure, Uncle Dick. And I'll have one too..."

"Maybe one won't hurt you, Bambi. But no more," he admonished.

Bambi pumped her ass-cheeks up and down and swayed them from side to side. Rocky's eyes followed her ass-cheeks. She got the three cold beers and returned to the front room. Handing one to Uncle Dick, she turned toward Rocky. Her white robe was wide open. Rocky's eyes bulged as he stared at her golden pussy-hair. The hairs were sticking out from her tight bikini panty.

She handed Rocky a beer. Then she ran her tongue around the outside of the beer can in her hand. Rocky sucked in his breath. Bambi smacked her lips loudly. She looked at the bulge in his jeans and saw it move. She knew his cock was hard. Seductively, she walked to the overstuffed chair. Sitting down, she wiggled her ass-cheeks.

Rocky and Uncle Dick turned toward the TV set. Bambi got disgusted. She lifted her leg and rested it on the other arm. Her pussy was getting hotter and hotter. She wondered if she could finger-fuck herself in the chair without them noticing. Slipping her finger under the panty crotch, she rubbed her pussy-lips. Her ass-cheeks wiggled. When the first commercial came on, she jerked her finger away.

"Uncle Dick, did you give me this panty set?" Uncle Dick looked at her and shook his head. Bambi got up and walked in front of the TV. "Uncle Dick, I'm sure you gave me this set."

"Maybe. But sit down so we can watch the game."

Bambi pumped her ass-cheeks up and down as she walked to the couch. Rocky's eyes followed her. She sat on the opposite end of the couch. Again she ran her tongue over the rim of the beer can. Rocky started rubbing his crotch. The bulge looked like it was going to rip his jeans. Bambi put her thumb into her mouth and closed her lips. She sucked until dimples appeared in each cheek. Then she pulled her thumb out with a plop.

"Jeezus, Rocky, did you see that pass?"

Rocky jerked his eyes away from Bambi and looked at the TV. He wished Dick wasn't there so he could catch the pass Bambi was tossing.

"Rocky, do you think it's hot in here, or is it just me?" Bambi cooed.

"I'm hot -- I mean it's hot in here. Yaw, that's it. It's too hot. Maybe another beer would cool me off."

Standing, Bambi kicked off her high-heeled shoes and let the white robe fall. Thrusting out her chest made her nipples stick straight out. She stepped in front of the TV. Their eyes traveled up her legs. She turned toward the picture. The quarterback was bent over the center.

"Uncle Dick, why has that man got his nose so close to the other one's ass?"

Uncle Dick and Rocky broke out laughing.

Tears rolled across Dick's cheeks. "Bambi, get us a beer. This is a man's game."

"Only if you explain the game to me. It seems silly. Like the one is smelling the other's fans."

Bambi returned with three ice cold cans of beer. After handing one to Rocky, she rimmed the can in her hand with her tongue. Rocky pushed his hand between his legs and rubbed.

"Well, does the one like to smell fans, or just look at the man's ass?"

"Bambi, the one in black is the quarterback. The other is the center. That's the way they pass the ball."

"Oh, I see. The quarterback gets the center's ball. What happens to his other ball?"

"Bambi, I told you this is a man's game. It's too complicated for you."

"Not if you show me how they pass the ball," Bambi cooed.

"Bambi, I'll show you," Rocky said. Bambi got close to Rocky. Rocky placed his hands on her shoulders. "You bend over like the center. I'll be the quarterback."

Bambi bent over and spread her legs. Rocky moved up close behind her. Bambi could feel his hard-on as he pressed his body close to her asscheeks.

"Hand me the ball," Rocky said.

"Rocky, I don't have any balls. Maybe you better play center."

Rocky changed places with Bambi. He bent over. Bambi moved up behind him.

"Hand me the ball," she cooed. Nothing happened. She reached between his legs and grabbed his balls. Giving them a gentle squeeze, she smiled. "Rocky, I think I understand. Show me more."

"Bambi, you bend over and be the quarterback. I'll be the fullback right behind you."

Bambi bent over. She felt Rocky's hot breath on her hot crotch.

"Hike," Rocky shouted.

Bambi turned and looked at him. "What do I do now?"

"Pretend you're running," Rocky said as his breath came in quick gasps. Bambi ran in place. Rocky grabbed her around the thighs. He started kissing her ass-cheeks where they weren't covered by the white panty.

"Oh, this is so much fun. Uncle Dick, why don't you play?"

"Okay. It's halftime. Let's huddle."

"Uncle Dick, what's a huddle?"

"We get together like they do in the football game."

The three of them bent over and put their heads together. Bambi could see the bulge in Uncle Dick's pants. She looked at Rocky and saw his pant's bulge was bigger.

"We'll use this pillow for the football. Bambi, you'll center the ball... I mean pillow. Rocky will go out for a pass."

"Undo Dick, why can't I go for the pass?"

"Okay. You play fullback." Uncle Dick bent over. Rocky was behind him. "Hike!"

Bambi stepped toward the kitchen. Rocky throw her the pillow. Then Uncle Dick and Rocky both tackled her.

"Ohooooh, this is fun. I like this part best, where you tackle me."

"Bambi, you've got to play center this time."

Bambi bent over and held the pillow. Rocky bent over behind her. His hot breath made her hot pussy drip. His tongue touched the bare skin of her thigh. He licked.


Bambi handed him the pillow. Uncle Dick ran toward the kitchen. Rocky threw the pillow, and then licked around her crotch faster.

"Rocky, the game is back on."

Rocky kept licking. Bambi wiggled her ass-cheeks. Then she reached back and pulled the panty crotch away from her hot pussy. Rocky's tongue flicked toward her hot pussy.

"Ohoooooooh, that's good!"

"Rocky, you dumb bastard. Get your nose out of her asshole. Jeezus, her daddy will cut our balls off. Get over here and watch the game."

Bambi jumped up and flopped on the couch. As the two men watched football, she fingered her hot pussy. Getting up, she switched on the ceiling fan. Then she sat with her legs apart. Pulling the panty crotch away from her body, she let the fan cool her pussy.

"Bambi, get us a beer," Uncle Dick said.

Bambi swayed her ass-cheeks from side to side as she walked between them and the TV. When she returned, they were both on the couch. She sat down between them as she handed them each a cold beer. While they stared at the TV she removed her bra. Her pink nipples stuck out. Uncle Dick glanced at her.

"My gawd, cover your tits. If your daddy walked in now, he'd cut my prick off."

"It's so hot in here. My body is burning up. How about you, Rocky?"

"I'm not only burning up, but my balls ache," he replied.

"What makes your balls ache?" Bambi asked.

"Jeezus, Bambi!" Uncle Dick snapped. "Wish your daddy and new mom would get home. Then Cheri can answer all them fuck questions."

"Uncle Dick, can't you teach me?"

"I'm watching the football game." Bambi smiled at Rocky. Rocky was rubbing his bulging crotch. She thrust her chest toward him. He reached for her nipple. Taking it between his fingers, he squeezed.

"Ohoooooh, that's good!" Bambi felt bolts of electricity shoot from her nipple to her pussy.

"Dick, her nipples are firm but not hard."

"Jeezus, Rocky, you're getting me horny playing with her tits!"

"Uncle Dick, this tit is yours!"

Uncle Dick licked his lips. He looked at the inviting nipple, then back to the football game.

"Jeezus, look at the ass on that guy!"

"If it's ass you want to see, I'll show you a real ass!" Bambi jumped up and slipped off her panty. She bent over in front of Uncle Dick. "Look, this is a real ass. That on TV is just a picture. Give me your hand."

His hand shot toward her. Bambi grabbed it and placed it on her rounded ass-cheek. "Squeeze that."

Uncle Dick squeezed her soft, fleshy ass-cheek. "Bambi, my balls are aching. Give me a hand-job?"

"Uncle Dick, I'm going to tell Daddy you're talking dirty unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Unless you two are nice to me. And I mean nice."

"We'll be nice. Just tell us how."

Bambi shut off the TV. She sat between them. "I want Rocky to suck my left nipple and you my right."

Their hot breath on her tits made her ass-cheeks wiggle. As they sucked, she squeezed the bulges in their pants. She leaned back and wondered what to make them do next. She wanted to be sucked and fucked. Fucked in both fuck-holes at the same time. But she couldn't decide which one she wanted to ass fuck her first.

"Uncle Dick, I want you and Rocky to fuck me at the same time."

"We can't get both our pricks in your virgin pussy."

"Oh, that reminds me of something. I'll be right back."

Bambi hurried to her bedroom, she picked up the tube of red lipstick and rubbed it around her pussy and pink asshole. Then she ran back to the front room.

"Boys, how are we going to do this? One gets my pussy, and the other my tight asshole."

Rocky was dripping spit from his mouth. "Flip a coin."

Bambi took the quarter he handed her.

"What do you want, Rocky?"


Bambi flipped the coin. "Heads it is."

"I'll fuck your pussy, and Dick can be the asshole bandit."

Rocky lumped up and undressed. As he pulled off his jockey shafts his cock stood out like a flagpole.

"Rocky," Bambi squealed, "you look big enough to tear my pussy wide open!"

"Let me at your cunt and I'll tear it open for you!"

"Rocky, first I have to see if it's too big."


"Come closer," Bambi cooed. Rocky got right in front of her. His cock was throbbing. Bambi leaned over and kissed his cock-tip.

"Oh, Bambi, take me in your mouth!" Bambi opened her mouth as wide as possible. She moved her head down toward his throbbing cockhead. His cock-head looked like it would burst. She grabbed his cock-shaft with both hands. Slowly she lowered her head. His cock-head parted her lips. She got his whole cock-head into her mouth.

"Oh, Bambi, I'll shoot my cum down your throat."

Bambi moved her lips lower as she played with his balls. His ball sack was full of cum. Rocky started fucking her mouth. But Uncle Dick grabbed Rocky around the waist.

"She's my niece, and she's got to try my prick on for size."

Bambi lifted her head and flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock-head. She turned to Uncle Dick.

Uncle Dick was holding his cock in both hands, slowly jacking his prick off. Bambi kissed the tip of his cock-head. He rammed his prick toward her mouth. She opened her lips wide, and Uncle Dick's cock-head slid into her mouth.

Bambi sucked. She was disappointed because his cock wasn't sweeter than the others. She played with his balls. He started thrusting faster and faster.

Bambi jerked her head back. "Uncle Dick, you and Rocky stand next to each other. I want to see who has the biggest."

The two cocks waved like flagpoles in a high wind. Bambi squeezed Rocky's cock-shaft. She touched his piss-hole with the tip of her tongue. Then she took his enormous cock-head and cock-shaft into her mouth. She sucked as she moved her head up and down his long, thick cock-shaft. She pulled her head back, and his wet cock-head slipped out of her mouth.

"Oh, Bambi, that's torture. Let me fuck your mouth or..."

"Rocky, be a nice boy while I test Uncle Dick." Bambi squeezed Uncle Dick's throbbing cockshaft. His piss-hole opened. She touched his piss hole with her tongue. Then she took his large cock head into her mouth. He started fucking her mouth. Bambi loved it as his cock-head touched the back of her mouth. But her pussy was hot, and needed to be fucked. She slipped her mouth off his slippery cock-head.

"Bambi, please don't stop! My balls feel like they will explode."

"Rocky," Bambi commanded. "Lay on your back!"

Rocky lay on the rug, on his back. Bambi positioned herself over his cock-shaft. "Uncle Dick, you fuck my asshole while I fuck Rocky's cockshaft!"

Bambi lowered her hot pussy over Rocky's throbbing cock-shaft.

She sat. "Ohoooooooh, I'm cummiiiing." Her hot cum splashed down over Rocky's hot and slippery cock-shaft.

Bambi wiggled her ass-cheeks. "Fuck my asshole."

Uncle Dick, holding his throbbing cock-shaft in both hands, moved behind Bambi. His cock-head parted her tight pink whole.

"Boy, we got to fuck together!"

Rocky thrust his hips. Bambi held her ass still. Uncle Dick thrust down. Faster and faster they fucked her fuck-holes.

"Aieeee! Fuck me harder!"

Rocky and Uncle Dick fucked as fast as they could. Uncle Dick's balls slapped against Bambi's rounded ass-cheeks. His arm started shooting up his piss-hole. Rocky gave a hard fuck-thrust. His cum shot out his piss-hole into Bambi's hot wet pussy.

"Ohoooooooh! Aahh! Aaahhhh! Yessss!"

Bambi sat as hard as she could on Rocky's throbbing and squirting cock-shaft.

"Mooooooore! Ohoooooooh, fuck me more!"

"Jeezus! Bambi!" Uncle Dick moaned. "I shot my wad!"

"So did I," Rocky said.

Bambi lifted her hot cumming pussy off his limp cock-shaft. She stood on her head. "Eat my fuckholes until I'm done!"

Uncle Dick started licking her pink asshole. Rocky ate her pussy. As they licked her cum up, Bambi squealed.

"Ohoooooooh! You're making me cum more! Mmmmmm! Eat my fuck-hole. Ummmm! Ohooooh! Cummmmmmiiiing!"

Uncle Dick laid Bambi on the couch.

She smiled at him. "Uncle Dick, you and Rocky are delicious. Can we fuck more?"

"Jeezus, give us a chance to rest! And then we'll fuck you all night. But you won't tell Daddy, will you?"

"Never, if you fuck me all night!" Bambi got up and walked across the room. She made sure her ass-cheeks were bouncing seductively. Rocky followed her. In the bedroom, Bambi jumped onto her bed and waited.

Chapter NINE

Uncle Dick caught Rocky before he could enter Bambi's bedroom. "Jeezus, look at the red blood on my prick!"

"Mine too!" Rocky said.

"Rocky, you better leave before Bambi's daddy gets home. He'll cut our balls out. Bambi ain't a virgin anymore!"

Bambi jumped off the bed and hurried after Rocky. "I'll open my bedroom window and you can climb in."

Rocky nodded. Bambi lay on her bed, waiting for him. She smiled and watched Rocky climb in.

"Rocky, my pussy is hot just for your large hunk of cock!"

"I gotta take a piss!" he said.

Bambi followed him into the bathroom. She licked her lips as he pulled his sausage-sized prick out. A yellow stream of piss hit the water in the toilet bowl. His cock got smaller and smaller.

"Rocky, your hard-on is gone."

"I had a pins hard-on. It must be the beer."

"I'll make you hard. Take a bath with me!" Bambi cooed.

Rocky undressed. His prick hung halfway to his bees. Bambi thought his cock was bigger than Uncle Dick's and Daddy's. But when it got bud it didn't get much bigger. Turning on the water, she poured bubblebath into the tub. The bubbles rose.

"Rocky, I'll wash you first, and then you can wash me."

"I'll do anything that turns you into a red-hot fucking animal."

Placing her foot into the mound of bubbles, she smiled, thinking about his cock. She reached for his limp piece of cock. A gentle tug made Rocky get into the tub. She pulled back his foreskin, and his cock-head peeked out. With a soft washcloth, she washed his limp cock. She gave his empty balls a good washing. His arms, chest, and legs were washed clean. Spreading his ass-cheeks, she used her finger to wash his tight asshole.

"Bambi, you're making my prick come back to attention!"

Bambi looked and saw his large cock wiggle. Bubbles dripped off his cock-head. She worked her fingers into his asshole.

"Jeezus, I've never had a girl stick her finger up my asshole before! I like it."

"Rocky, your turn to wash me."

With the soapy washcloth, he washed her shoulders and back. Spreading her ass-cheeks, he washed her asshole.

"Rocky, I bet your cock will feel better in my asshole than your finger. But your finger is sooooo good!"

He finished washing her legs. Then he started washing her tits. After finishing her second nipple, he washed her belly. Bambi spread her legs. He washed and scrubbed between her legs. His finger found its way into her hot pussy.

"Ohoooooooh, your fingers are making me hot, but it's not as good as your cock!"

"Look at my prick. It's getting hard. I'm ready to fuck!"

Bambi turned the faucet so water sprayed out of the hand-held showerhead. She rinsed the bubbles off his body. After adjusting the showerhead to jet, she aimed the stream of water at his growing cock.

"Jeezus, if you keep doing that, I'll blow my balls up to the ceiling. Let's fuck!"

"Rocky, rinse me."

He grabbed the showerhead and rinsed. Her nipples turned a glowing pink. As the stream of water got close to her pussy, Bambi spread her legs and bent over. The jet of water hit her pink soapy asshole.

"Ohoooooooh, Rocky. You do the nicest things!" He aimed at her pussy. The bubbles disappeared as the water squirted between her pussy-lips.

"My pussy will be clean for your tongue and cock."

"I want to fuck, not eat cunt."

"Rocky, have you ever had a trip around the world?"

"Shit, no! I'm a mechanic, not a sailor."

"I mean in fucking!"

"What are you talking about?" Bambi grabbed a towel and tossed it to Rocky. "Dry me and I'll show you."

He rubbed her body until her skin was pink. Not pink like her nipples, but rosy pink. She dried his body, and then squeezed his growing cock-meat.

"It's getting hard. But a trip around the world will make it hard like I like a cock to be!"

"Let's fuck and skip this travel thing."

"Rocky, set on the bed on your belly. I'll give you a trip around the world. Then it will be your turn to be the travel agent."

"Oh, shit. Guess it can't hurt."

Bambi got on her knees alongside Rocky on the bed. Kissing and licking, she covered his shoulders with her tongue. Down one side of his spine to the crack of his ass-cheeks. Then up the other side of his spine.

Bambi pressed her lips to every joint as she worked her way down his back. She moved across his asscheeks and down his left leg. Then up his right leg. When she reached his ass-cheeks, she stopped. She stuck out her tongue as she spread his ass-cheeks. Her tongue darted down the crack between his asscheeks. Licking his brown asshole made Rocky moan. She forced her tongue into and past his assring.

"Shit, you're gonna make me blow my balls into the sheet if you keep that up."

"Don't you like it?"

"You can suck and lick my asshole all day. But I want to fuck!"

"Not until you do the same to me. Use your tongue on my back!"

Bambi lay on her belly. Rocky nibbled on her ear. He kissed every inch of her skin. Down over her ass-cheeks his mouth traveled. He finished the back of her left leg and up the right leg. He started kissing her ass-cheeks. As his tongue touched her pink tight asshole, she squealed.

"Ohoooooooh, that's sooooo good! Mooooore!" Rocky licked and sucked her pink asshole. His tongue got tired, "Can we fuck now?"

"Not until I finish giving you the front trip around the world. And then you do the same to me."

Rocky lay on his back. Bambi kissed him on the lips. Her pointed tongue reached every place in his mouth. Breaking the kiss, she closed her lips over his nipples. Then she licked and kissed down across his belly. Grasping his cock, she squeezed.

"Let's fuck," he said.

"Your cock will get hard when you finish giving me my trip," Bambi cooed.

Taking his one ball into her mouth, she sucked it. As it slipped out of her mouth, she sucked the other ball. His ball sack was filling up. She kissed the seam running from his balls to the base of his cock-shaft. As her tongue traveled up, his cock got harder. She pulled his cock-skin down toward his balls. She flicked her tongue across it.

"Oh shit, if you do that again I'll blow my balls." Bambi rimmed his cock-head with her tongue.

Then she stuck the tip of her tongue into his pinhole. Opening her mouth wide, she slipped it over his cock-head. His throbbing cock-head stretched her mouth wider.

"Oh shit, let me do you so I can fuck!"

Bambi's head popped up off his slippery cock. She lay on her back. Rocky started with her right nipple. He hurried to her left nipple. Swiftly his head moved down across her belly. He blew at the pussy-hair covering her pussy-lips. Then he sucked and licked. His tongue went in as far as it could. Pussy-juice dripped out past his tongue. He licked up her pussy-juice.

"Can I fuck you now?"

Bambi nodded. Rocky got between her legs. He steered his stiff cock for her hot pussy. His cockhead parted her pussy-lips. His cock-head stretched her pussy. Again he rammed his ass down. His cock slipped up her cunt.

"Ohoooooooh, Rocky! You've hit bottom! Fuck meeeee!"

Rocky pumped his ass-cheeks up and down. Bambi thrust her hips up. Faster and faster they fucked. His full balls bounced against her ass-cheeks. Cum shot out his piss-hole. The spurting cum splashed into her cunt. Gasping for breath, he quit fucking.

"You can't stop. I haven't got done!" Bambi shouted.

"Suck my prick and balls, and I'll get hard!"

Rocky pulled his limp prick from her hot fuckhole. He lay on his back. Bambi bent over and sucked his limp cock, while he licked her hot pussy. Up and down she moved her mouth. At the same time she played with his dry balls. She sucked and he licked. His cock stayed limp.

"Rocky, you got to get a hard-on and fuck me!"

"Suck my asshole. That may help."

Bambi moved her head between his legs. Her tongue touched his brown asshole. She forced her tongue past his tight ass-muscle. As she tonguefucked his whole, he licked hers. They sucked and licked each other, but his cock stayed limp.

Disgusted, Bambi pushed her finger up his brown whole. His cock started to grow. She took his limp cock in her mouth and sucked. As she sucked, she finger-fucked his asshole. His cock grew bigger and bigger. The faster she sucked his cock, and the faster she fucked his whole, the faster his cock grew. Bambi continued to suck, and used her hand to jack him off at the same time. His cock became hard.

Bambi pulled her finger from his whole and straddled his body. She placed her hot wet pussy over his hard cock. Holding his hard-on, she steered it into her hot pussy.

"OWWWWW. Ooooooooh!" She sat hard on his cock. Lifting her hips made her pussy slide up his cock. Dropping her hips, she let her pussy slide down his meaty cock. Wiggling her ass-cheeks from side to side made his large cock touch sensitive places in her pussy.

"Wooooow! Your cock is fucking me good!" Faster and faster she moved her hips. Up and down. From side to side she fucked his cock, which kept getting larger.

"Eeeeee! Wow! No one told me it was this good!"

Rocky started bucking his hips. He lifted his hips as Bambi dropped her ass-cheeks. Her cunt slid up and down his cock.

"Ow! Ooww! Aaah! I feel like I'm riding a merry-go-round. Your cock is so hard and slippery. Fuck me fassssster!"

Bambi's bare nipples touched Rocky's bare chest. Up and down she rode. Up and down he bucked. Bambi was breathing very hard. As she gasped for breath, his slippery cock slid in and out.

"In and out!" she squealed. "In and out!"

Her ass-cheeks lifted high, his slippery cock slid out of her hot wet pussy. She dropped her asscheeks. His bulging cock-head slid past her tight asshole.

"Fuck my ass, if you want. But please, fuck meeeeeee!"

Rocky grabbed his slippery cock with both hands. He tried to steer his cock back to her pussy. Her bouncing ass-cheeks made his slippery cock miss her pussy and slide past her tight asshole.

"Get your fuck-pole in one fuck-hole or the other."

Bambi reached between her legs and grabbed his slippery cock pole. She pointed his cock at her pussylips. Then she sat on it. His cock slid into her cunt. Rocky lifted his hips. Bambi sat hard on his cock. His bulging cock-head hit the bottom of her wet, hot fuck hole.

"Wheeeee! Fuck me, Rocky!"

Rocky bucked his hips up with a sudden burst of energy. He bucked so hard that Bambi fell off his body. His slippery cock waved in the air. Bambi fell onto his stomach. She grabbed his cock, and closed her mouth over his bulging cock-head.

"Shit, Bambi, let me get on top and fuck you!" Bambi lifted her mouth off his cock. She moved off his naked body and lay on her back. On his knees, Rocky got between her legs. He kissed her hot wet pussy.

"Pussy-juice is better than honey. Let me lick you clean!"

"Oct on and fuck? My pussy is ready to squirt my hot cum! Fuck me!"

Rocky steered his cock to her pussy-lips. Then he moved his cock-head lower. He rammed.

"It's in my ass, but sooooooo good. Fuck me!"

Rocky started pumping his ass up and down. Bambi moved her hips so every other fuck-thrust was in her pussy. His cock slid in and out of her tight asshole and hot pussy.

"Y-yessssss! Fuck meeee!"

Together they moved up and down. Faster and faster. She bucked up. He thrust down.

"Aaieeee! Mmmmmm! Yeahhhhhh! Fuck me!" Rocky pumped his ass up and down. Bambi bucked like a wild horse. Both bodies were covered with beads of sweat. Bambi lifted her legs up over Rocky's head and rested her legs on his shoulders.

"Your fuck-pole is pumping me full of cum! Fuck me!"

Rocky's full balls slapped against Bambi's asscheeks. Every time his balls hit her ass-cheeks, they got fuller with cum. Pump. Slap. Pump. Buck. Rocky lifted his ass-cheeks until only the tip of his cock-head was touching Bambi's pussy-lips. Pussyjuice dribbled down the crack of her asshole. He dropped his ass-cheeks like a sledge hammer. His balls slapped her soft ass-cheek. His full balls spurted cum out his piss-hole. As the first gob of cum left his piss-hole, Bambi bucked and failed.

"Oohhhhhh! Ooooooooh! Aaah! Aaahhhh! My pussy is spurting cum! Ohoooooooh, Rocky! I'm cuuuuummmmming!"

His cum splashed into her cunt and mixed with her pussy-juice and spurting cum. The mixture of pussy-juice and cum leaked past his throbbing cock. The sticky mixture dribbled down her ass-crack.


"Shit, my balls are dry. My prick is sore. I can't move!"

Bambi shook her ass-cheeks. Cum continued to drip from her sticky hot pussy. Gradually she quit wiggling her ass-cheeks. Rocky's limp cock was squeezed dry by her tight pussy-muscle. Her pussy muscle squeezed his limp cock again and again. One final squeeze of her pussy-muscle and his limp cock slipped out. It was covered with white cum, that was drying fast.

"Rocky, you're the best fuck there is. Never will I let anyone else fuck me. Only your cock will ever use my pussy for a hot fuck again!"

Rocky rolled on his side and started snoring. Bambi curled up next to his damp body and played with his limp cock. Maybe I can get him hard again so he'll fuck me once more, she thought to herself.

But the front door slamming made her jump up. "Bambi, baby, we're home!" Bambi heard Daddy calling.

Bambi pushed Rocky off the bed. He didn't wake up. She got on her knees and pushed his body under her bed. Then she patted his limp cock.

"Rocky, Daddy is home. So please don't snore."

Footsteps approached her bedroom door. Jumping in bed, she pulled the covers over her body. The door opened.

"Daddy, there's our virgin baby. Curled up like the innocent virgin she is. I'll have my fuck talk with her tomorrow."

The door closed. Bambi sighed and fell asleep.

Chapter TEN

Bambi kicked the covers off and stretched. The house seemed so quiet she wondered if Daddy and Cheri had really come home. Or had she been dreaming? Looking down at her pussy-hair, she noticed dried cum. Jumping up, she tried to brush it away. Some remained. So Bambi hurried into the bathroom. Standing under the showerhead, she felt the water run over her bare nipples. She squeezed each nipple.

"Oh, my nipples are rum this morning. I think I'd better find someone to fuck."

Bambi took the bar of soap and rubbed it between her legs. After washing her crotch, she slipped her finger into her pussy.

"I really need a fuck. My pussy is getting hot!" She washed her pink tight asshole and worked her little finger past her ass-muscle.

"My pussy and asshole feel tight like a virgin, so no one will ever know the nice cocks that have been in each!"

Bambi turned the showerhead to jet spray. The stream of hot water hit her asshole.

"Ohooooh, that's good!" Spreading her legs, she aimed the jet of water at her pussy. "Wow!"

She picked up the soap and rubbed it around her tight pink asshole. Then she worked her little finger past her tight ass-muscle. Holding the jet of water aimed at her pussy, she let the water pelt her pussylips. When the beads of water hit her clit, her eyes rolled toward the ceiling.

"Ohoooooh! I'm cummmmming!"

Sitting down in the tub, she smiled.

"If I can't find a big cock, I'll take another shower and use the jet!"

Bambi took a large towel from the rack. She rubbed her body dry. Then she stepped before the mirror. Bending over, she turned her ass-cheeks to the mirror.

"My asshole is pink!" Spinning around, she sat on the pink chair. Spreading her legs, she placed her heels on the chair. "My pussy looks just like it did before I got fucked. Fucking hasn't changed it. I don't have hanging pussy-lips like Cheri?"

Thinking of Cheri made her lick her lips. In her mind she saw Cheri's large nipples. And she wanted a large nipple to nurse. Getting up, she grabbed her sheer white flimsy robe. The robe showed all her good features, her erect nipples, her patch of golden pussy-hair, and the outline of her long, slim legs. Satisfied, she walked down the hall, bouncing her small ass-cheeks.

"Oh, Cheri, I wasn't dreaming. You're home!" Cheri jumped up and ran to Bambi. Kissing Bambi on the lips, Cheri patted her small ass-cheeks.

"Bambi, darling, I missed you so much. But now your mommy is home. Come sit with me, and toil me what happened while I was gone."

"Nothing happened, Cheri. Uncle Dick and I watched TV. That's all."

Cheri petted Bambi's leg. "Bambi, darling, I want to get started teaching you all the good things about fucking."

"Cheri, first tell me about your honeymoon."

"We fucked and ate and then fucked more. Daddy is a great fucker. But I'll show you. Daddy wants me to prepare you for when you lose your cherry."

"Ohooooh, that sounds like fun. But something is bothering me."

"What's that, Bambi, darling?"

"Can I suck you?"

"Certainly you can suck Mommy!"

Cheri slipped her black see-through pajamas off her shoulders. Her large tits hung down against her stomach. Bambi placed her head on Cheri's chest. She moved a large tit to her mouth and closed her lips over the nipple.

Bambi sucked her hard tit, and Cheri's hands roamed over her lovely young body. One nipple then the other was sucked. Lifting her head clear of the nipple, Bambi smiled at Cheri.

"Cheri, how big is Daddy's cock?"

"Bambi, darling, it's not how big that counts. It's how he uses it."

"But how long is paddy's cock?"

"Is that important?"

"I want to know!"

"Bambi, darling, I measured it. Five inches limp, and eight inches hard."

"Ooooooh. Is that a really big cock?"

"No. A really big cock is nine inches or more. Like Uncle Big Dick has."

"What if a man had more than nine inches?"

"Bambi, darling, with more than nine inches of cock, a man would have all the girls in the neighborhood chasing him."

"Oh! Cheri, start teaching me!"

"Bambi, darling, when you suck my nipples it makes my pussy hot. That's the way sex works. But first I'll teach you the French kiss."

Cheri clamped her mouth to Bambi's. Her large tongue darted into her sweet young mouth. Every dark corner of her moist mouth her tongue touched. Bambi felt her pussy getting hot. Cheri broke the kiss.

"Did you feel anything?"

"Your tongue in my mouth."

"Bambi, darling, I mean between your legs?"

"My pussy is warm."

"Good." Cheri nibbled on Bambi's ear. Then she licked the inside of her tiny ear.

"Cheri, that's making my pussy warm, too!"

"That's how sex works. You kiss and suck each part of the body. When your pussy is dripping with pussy-juice and you feel like a firecracker, you're ready."

"Cheri, get me ready, please."

Cheri took the white robe off Bambi's shoulders. Then she kissed her bare neck and shoulders. Lower and lower she kissed. With her fingers she played with an erect nipple. Sucking and squeezing, Cheri worked her young firm nipples.

"Cheri, I can feel that in my pussy."

"Good." Cheri's mouth moved lower. She kissed every inch of the pink young body. Her lips traveled down Bambi's left leg and up her right leg.

"My pussy is getting warmer!"

"Good." Cheri spread Bambi's legs. She looked at her pink pussy-lips. They were small and her pussy-crack was tight. Below her pussy, she saw her pink asshole.

"Bambi, darling, your fuck-holes are precious. You must always take care of them. Now I'm going to kiss your pussy so you'll know how hot you should be before fucking."

"Cheri, who will fuck me if I'm hot?"

"Bambi, darling, I'll tongue-fuck you and you'll never want anything else in your sweet pussy."

"Does that mean I can't put my finger in my pussy?"

"Why use a finger, when you got a mommy with a hot darting tongue?"

"Is that what Daddy does to you?"

"He licks and sucks my cunt to get me hot. Like I suck and lick his balls to make him hard. But remember, Bambi, darling, we're married."

"Cheri, has Daddy gone to work?"

"Yes. So we got all day for me to teach you how to do all them nice fucking things."

Bambi's pussy was hot with pussy-juice. So hot that the pussy-juice was dripping down the crack of her ass-cheeks.

"What do I do, Cheri?"

"Bambi, darling, I think we better go into the bedroom. That way we'll be more comfortable." Bambi jumped up and started walking down the hall. Cheri, licking her lips like a hungry dog, followed. Bambi lay on Daddy's king-sized waterbed. Cheri positioned herself between Bambi's smooth legs. She gently spread Bambi's legs.

"Bambi, darling, bend your legs and pull your heels back toward your cute little ass."

Bambi did, and Cheri had a perfect view of Bambi's tender hot pussy. And pink tight asshole.

"Bambi, darling, when you eat pussy, you got to remember to work on the clit."

"What's the clit?"

"Look here at the top of your pussy-crack. See that little red bump?"

"I guess so."

"It's your clit. It's the same as a man's prick!"

"You mean I have a cock like a man?"

"No, silly girl. You have a clit. It's like a prick. Your clit is full of sex nerves. When it's licked or kissed, it'll make you hot!"

"Cheri, do you have a clit?"

Cheri sat on her large ass-cheeks and spread her legs. She held the flabby lips of her cunt apart with her fingers. A red mound as big as Bambi's nipple popped out.

"Bambi, darling, this is my clit."

"Ooooooooh, Cheri. It's big. Almost a mouthful for a young virgin like me!"

"I know, I know. And I'll show you how to suck and kiss it after I work on yours!"

Cheri positioned herself on her knees between Bambi's legs. Her tongue stuck out like a thirsty dog. She flicked her tongue and it parted Bambi's golden pussy-hair. Then she kissed Bambi's pussy.

"Oooooooh, that's good!" Bambi squealed.

Cheri blew her hot breath on Bambi's hot pussy and tight pink asshole. She couldn't decide which to suck first. But the virgin smell coming from her pussy made her choose that. Her tongue parted Bambi's tender cunt-lips. She lapped up her pussyjuice like she would have licked an ice cream cone. Not wanting any to be wasted, her tongue traveled down across Bambi's pink tight asshole.

"Ohoooooooh, Cheri! My pussy is hot. Do something!"

Cheri pushed her thumb into Bambi's hot, wet pussy. Bambi squeezed her pussy around her finger.

"Bambi, darling, your pussy is so tight it's crushing my thumb. Oh, you beautiful daughter!"

Cheri's tongue licked and sucked all the pussyjuice from Bambi's pink tight asshole. Removing her thumb from Bambi's pussy, she eased it into her pink tight asshole. At the same time, she stuck her tongue in Bambi's hot juicy pussy.

"Ohoooooooh, Cheri. My pussy is burning! Fuck me with your tongue!"

Cheri pressed her mouth over Bambi's wet, hot pussy. Her tongue darted around inside her cunt. Pussy-juice dribbled out past her tongue. And dripped down across Bambi's tight pink whole.

"Ohoooooooh, Cheri! You're the best tongue fucker there is. Tongue my asshole, please!"

"Holy shit! Bambi, what's going on?" Uncle Dick, with his hard prick in his hand, stood in the doorway.

"Cheri is teaching me all them good fuck things!"

"Shit, she's eating pussy. What will Daddy do? She ain't got no balls to cut off!"

"Uncle Dick, if you tell Daddy I'll tell... Holy shit! Eat pussy, Cheri. But I'm going to fuck you while you do!"

Uncle Dick got behind Cheri and steered his large prick toward her big ass-cheeks.

"Don't. Uncle Dick. Give me that ruler!"

"What do you want a ruler for?"

"I'm going to measure your cock!" He handed Bambi the ruler. Cheri kept licking and sucking Bambi's hot pussy. Bambi held the ruler. Uncle Dick placed his hard-on on the ruler.

"Eight and a half inches. You're a half inch bigger than Daddy."

"That's why they call me Big Dick. Now let me at her cunt!"

He steered his large hard-on toward Cheri's asscheeks. His cock-head slipped up her brown asshole. Cheri lifted her head.

"Bambi, darling, your uncle is fucking me in the ass!"

"Cheri, keep sucking my pussy. I want to be hot enough for a slippery cock!"

"Bambi, darling, I'll keep tongue-fucking you."

Cheri stuck her tongue in Bambi's hot pussy. Uncle Dick rammed his hard-on at Cheri's flabby cunt-lips. His prick slid down to her asshole.

"Eeeeeeeeohhhhhhh! Big Dick, you fucked the wrong fuck-hole. But I love it."

Uncle Dick started fucking his prick in and out. Cheri lost interest in sucking Bambi's pussy. Disgusted, Bambi left and went to her bedroom. She flopped on the bed.

"Oh shit!" The muffled voice came from under the bed.

"Rocky, are you still here?"

Rocky crawled out from under the bed. His cock stood up like a flagpole. Bambi spread her legs. He got on the bed and mounted her.

His throbbing hard cock spread her wet pussy-lips. He pressed his cock in all the way. His bulging cockhead hit the end of her cunt.

"Ow! Ram your fuck-stick harder!" Rocky pumped his ass-cheeks up and down.

Bambi's ass-cheeks wiggled like a bowl of jello. He fucked. She took his hard fuck-stick into her hot wet pussy.

"Ahhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!" Bambi chanted.

Rocky pumped his ass-cheeks as fast as he could. His balls slapped her ass-cheeks. Cum shot up her piss-hole. When his hot cum hit Bambi's cunt, she shot her load.

"Oooooooohhhhh... oooohhhhhh! Your cock did what Cheri's tongue couldn't! I'm commmiiiinnnnggg!"

Bambi's hot cum splashed over his slippery cock. Rocky held onto her naked body. He wanted to fuck again, but his prick went limp. Getting up, he looked at Bambi's dribbling pussy.

"Bambi, I'll piss and then come back and lick your pussy clean. Will you suck my prick?"

"Hurry, Rocky. I want to have you and your cock in every fuck-hole in my body. Please pins and hurry back!"

Bambi could hear his pins hitting the water in the toils. She thought that Rocky's cock was bigger than Uncle Dick's, or Daddy's. But to make sure, she got a foot-long hotdog from the refrigerator.

"I'll use this to measure him with. I know he's bigger around, but I want to know how long!"

Bambi smiled when she heard the toilet flushing.

Chapter ELEVEN

Rocky came out of the bathroom and picked up his pants. As he put one leg in, Bambi jumped off the bed.

"Rocky, what are you dressing for?"

"Your daddy is borne," he whispered. "I ain't sticking around and having my balls cut out."

"Daddy's at work."

"But Cheri is home?"

"Come here and I'll show you what Cheri is doing." Bambi opened the closet. She put her eye to the peek hole. Cheri was sucking on Uncle Dick's limp prick. He was licking her cunt and asshole. "Take a look!"

Rocky placed his right eye to the peek hole. "Shit, this is better than them videos. But her cunt looks as big as a wash tub. And his prick looks like a small hotdog!"

"Rocky, your prick is bigger than Uncle Dick's!"

"I don't know. When I saw him in the front room before we fucked you, his prick looked like a piece of horse-cock."


"Yaw, that's what the Army calls them big baloney. It looks like a horse's prick. Jeezus, I'd like to be in there fucking Cheri!"

"What's wrong with my pussy? It's small and tight!"

"Yaw, but she's got experience. Wow, look at the way she sucks his prick. She does it like a kid sucking a popsicle!"

"I can do that."

"Shit, Bambi, I want to keep my balls. You know a guy can't fuck without balls. And his voice changes into one of them sopranos."

"Rocky, Daddy won't be home till late this afternoon. And you can jump out the window if he does come into my room."

Rocky grabbed his limp prick with his hand. He kept his eye pressed to the peek hole. Bambi lay on the bed. She picked up the hotdog and rubbed it against her pussy-lips.

If Rocky won't fuck me, she thought, I'll use this. Rocky turned and looked at Bambi. "Shit, Bambi, don't ruin a good hotdog!"

"I want to be fucked. And if you won't fuck me, I'll use this. Unless I can find a bigger cock!"

"Bigger than Dick's?"

"Yes. That's what I want. The biggest cock in this town. Come here -- I want to see how big your cock is."

Bambi grasped Rocky's limp cock. She laid it on top of the foot-long hotdog. "Rocky, your cock is longer, but I think Uncle Dick's is bigger!"

"Use a ruler. Them hotdogs ain't good for measuring or fucking yourself. They are to eat!"

"I'll eat your hotdog!"

"Get a ruler!"

Bambi got a ruler and laid his limp cock on it. Seven inches. "Your cock is longer than Uncle Dick's. But I want to know how long it is when you got a hard-on. Fuck me, Rocky!"

Rocky held his limp prick in his hand. "Shit, Bambi, I want to fuck you. But just thinking about your daddy makes me feel like I got to pee. But I don't."

"Forget Daddy. Come to bed with me. And when your cock gets hard, we'll measure you again. I think you'll be bigger than Uncle Dick."

"Jeezus, then I could brag at work that I should be called Big Dick. Or maybe, Rocky the Cock. I'll get some business cards printed with my measurements."

"Rocky, if we don't get started, we'll never know."

"Let me take one more look." He pressed his eye to the peek hole. "Shit, he's ass-fucking her now."

"Rocky, you can do that to me."

"Yaw, I know. But, Jeezus, it's exciting to watch someone else fuck!"

"I'd rather fuck than watch, Rocky. Come to bed now."

Rocky lay down beside her. Bambi pressed her lips to his. She pushed her tongue between his teeth. Their tongues danced as she reached for his limp cock.

Taking his cock in her hand, she squeezed. Up and down her hand moved. His foreskin slid over his cock-head. She squeezed his cock just below the head. Rocky broke their kiss.

"Bambi, your little hands have magic in them. Keep going!"

She milked his cock and kissed his ear. Again, she kissed him. Then her lips moved down to his tiny nipples. She sucked.

"Shit, Bambi, you're making me horny."

"Suck my tits, Rocky."

His mouth closed over her erect right nipple. Rocky sucked. Bambi felt her pussy getting warm. She milked his cock faster. He sucked harder on her nipple.

"Rocky, finger-fuck me!"

He slipped his trigger finger into her hot pussy. Her cunt was wet. As he worked his finger in and out, she milked his cock.

"Stick one finger in my asshole, please."

Rocky pushed his sticky trigger finger in her tight pink asshole. Using his thumb, he fucked both her fuck-holes. She reached below his balls. Touching his asshole made him squirm. She pushed her tiny finger past his tight ass-muscle.

"Shit, Bambi, that's making my prick tingle. Finger-fuck my asshole good."

Bambi milked his limp cock with one hand, and finger-fucked his asshole with the other. His cock started growing. She kissed his cock-head.

"Suck me off!" Rocky said.

"If you'll lick my pussy!"

"Shit, yes!"

Bambi straddled his body. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her hot pussy over his mouth. He licked. Bambi sucked. The faster Rocky licked, the faster Bambi sucked his cock. His cock got bigger and bigger in her mouth.

"Shit, Bambi, I'm ready to fuck!"

"Rocky, I want to make sure your cock is all hard. I got to know if your cock is bigger than Uncle Dick's!"

Rocky licked her pussy and her tight pink asshole. Bambi sucked his cock and his balls. Then she moved lower. Her tongue fucked at his asshole. As her tongue touched his asshole, his cock got bigger. She licked and his cock kept growing.

"Let's fuck!" Rocky cried.

Bambi lifted her head and grabbed the ruler. She stood the ruler next to his waving cock.

"Nine and a half inches. Rocky, that's a record!"

"Get on your back because I'm going to fuck!"

"No! You stay on your back. I'm going to enjoy this cock of yours."

"Shit, if you keep sucking it'll be a raw piece of cock."

"I'm going to fuck your cock!"

Bambi straddled his legs. Crawling, she got her hips over his waving cock. Taking his hard cock in her hand, she steered it toward her hot, dripping pussy. When his bulging purple cock-head touched her wet pussy-lips, she squatted.

His cock-head parted her hot pussy-lips. The rim of his cock-head slipped past her tight pussy-muscle. Then Bambi dropped her hips. His cock-head touched the end of her cunt. She lifted her hips. Her pussy slid up his cock. She pumped her hips up and down. She turned her pussy on his slippery cock. His cock slid up her cunt.

"Bambi, that's good. But can't you fuck faster?" Bambi smiled. And she kept pumping. Up and down his cock her hot pussy slid. Then she felt her pussy-muscle tighten. She knew her cum was getting ready to shoot. So she pumped faster and faster. Up and down his slippery cock her hot juicy pussy slid. Rocky started bucking his hips up to meet her fuck-thrusts.

"Aieeee! Oooooooh! Finger-fuck my asshole!"

Rocky slid his finger down the crack of her asscheeks. Reaching her tight pink asshole, he pushed his finger in.

"Oooooooohhhh... oooooooh! That's good!" Bucking his ass-cheeks up and down, he worked his finger in and out.

"Y-yessss! Aaah! Shit, Rocky, I'm blowing my wad. I'm cumming!"

Bambi stopped pumping her ass-cheeks. But Rocky kept bucking. "Fuck me!"

Bambi lifted her leg and turned on her back. Rocky positioned himself between her legs. Holding his prick, he moved it toward her dripping hot pussy. He rammed. His cock slid into her cunt. He started fucking so fast his cock slid out. Bambi grabbed his hot cock and steered it back into her cunt.

"Wow! Your fuck-stick is hot!" He pumped his ass-cheeks. She lifted her hips. His balls hit her bare ass-cheeks. "Oowww! Yeahhhhhhh! I'm cumming again!"

He stopped pumping his ass-cheeks as his load of hot cum shot up her cunt. They held onto each other as their cum mixed in her cunt. His balls were dry of cum inside, but sticky with her cum on the outside. Bambi worked her pussy-muscle. As it squeezed every last drop of cum out of his limp cock, his cock slid out.

"Rocky, you got the biggest cock in this house. My window will always be unlocked."

"I'm scared that your daddy will catch us."

"Rocky, look at this wet sheet. We must have cum a quart together. And it's exciting fucking when someone is in the next room!"

"Yaw. And I can watch them fuck and suck before we fuck and suck!"

"Rocky, promise you'll come back..."

"I'll come back, but I don't know if my balls will have any cum."

"We don't need cum to fuck. But I'm sure your balls will fill up today."

Rocky got dressed and climbed out the window. Bambi grinned as she stripped the wet sheets from the bed. Her thoughts were on cocks. Big cocks. Not just any cock, but a cock bigger than Rocky's cock.

"I wonder if there is a man out there with a cock bigger than his. If there is, I hope he'll phone. My number is..."


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