Suckalot wife

We live in a constantly changing society, where conventions and traditions change not only from generation to generation but from day to day. What was taboo or forbidden last year or yesterday may be totally accepted tomorrow or a year from now.

Especially under fire is the role of women in society. Once, it was taken for panted that a woman would eventually, marry and spend the rest of her life with a single man. Now, of course, that is not always the case. Many women are starting careers outside the home, and fewer women are seeking motherhood as the final justification of their existence.

Those women who do get married are discovering that the conventional limitations of marriage are sometimes too binding for them, that they must seek fulfillment with other men.

In SUCKALOT WIFE Irene Boyer discovers that her husband, Danny, is not enough for her. She loves him, but still finds herself attracted to other men. Her method of dealing with her situation is, at once, unusual and effective.

Chapter ONE

"Oh, yeah, Danny, fuck me! Ooohhhh, that feels so damn good!" The lithe blonde on the bed writhed in ecstasy, her luscious, naked body glistening with a sweaty sheen as her handsome husband fucked his prick in and out of her syrupy cunthole.

The bed quaked beneath the lovers, and Irene Boyer savored the delicious scents and sounds of their passionate fucking. She was humping up and down, slamming her furry pussy up to meet every one of Dan's fierce fuck-thrusts. She squealed each time their bodies collided and his engorged prick-knob sliced up into the churning depths of her cunt channel. Her larger-than-average tits jiggled and swayed, tantalizing her horny husband's hot gaze as he fucked his cock into her seething fuckhole.

For the twenty-two-year-old wife, her year of marriage had been filled with nights such as this, and Irene could only crave more of the hot action. She had come so far from the shy virgin of her wedding night. Now the lusty blonde needed fucking almost as much as her husband.

Dan's large hands kneaded the pliant flesh of her big tits as he moaned his pleasure. "My fucking balls are on fire, honey!" he gasped. "Shit, your hot pussy drives me wild!"

"I know, darling. I know," she groaned. "Just keep fucking me. Ooohhh, I love it when you bang me so hard with your big prick!"

Her welcoming cunt opened up to his penetrating cock. Her creamy cuntwalls squeezed around the invading fuckmeat, greedily choking his prick as Dan slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. Irene's throbbing little clit seemed to grow as his rubbing cockshaft massaged it while filling her pussy cavity and triggering the steady flow of her clear, sticky fuck juices.

Irene bounced her shapely ass up and down, then started rotating her hips in wide circles, altering the penetration of his tireless prick. She giggled with delight as his pistoning cock attacked her tender cunthole from a different angle, and she impulsively wrapped her long legs around his bucking ass. She clung to her husband, digging her fingernails into his strong, broad shoulders and continued to hump back at his pounding fuck-strokes.

Her love and desire for her husband melted together as she experienced the familiar outpouring of sensation and affection while their bodies locked. She couldn't get enough of him, and it thrilled her to know Dan was constantly hungry for her body.

She closed her eyes and tried not to think about the, troubling feelings of sudden lust she had felt earlier in the evening while chatting with their neighbor, Pete Howell. For weeks, Irene had been making excuses to bump in to the thirty-eight-year-old neighbor, but it wasn't until tonight that she faced up to her behavior.

I must be crazy, she told herself as her pussy milked ocher husband's pile-driving fuckmeat and she cried out in ecstasy. I'm either crazy and becoming a slutty nympho!

She tried to ignore the troubling thoughts as she concentrated on the exquisite fucking Dan was giving her. She was only partially successful. Despite the joyous sensations engulfing her, Irene remained a prisoner to the disquieting notion that she was horny for Pete Howell. Jesus, what had happened to the shy virgin she had been just one short year ago?

In quieter, more reflective moments, Irene guessed that Dan had unlocked the seething desires boiling inside her curvaceous, young body. After all, it had been Dan who had taken her cherry on their wedding night. It had been Dan, and only Dan, who had fed her a steady supply of cock during the year of their marriage. It had obviously been Dan who had addicted her to fucking and sucking and other lewd sexual experimentation.

In and out Dan fucked while Irene whimpered and moaned beneath him. "Oh, oh, oooohhh!" she sighed. "Oh, honey, don't stop! Whatever you do, don't stop fucking me! I need it so bad! Fuck me with your hard, big cock! Aaahhh, yes, yyyeeesss, I love that so fucking much!"

"I'm gonna come, baby," Dan warned as his body suddenly stiffened. "Oh, shit, your tight little pussy is sucking the come right out of me?"

"Don't worry, Danny," she gasped. "Don't hold back, darling, give me your come. Shoot it into me. Fill me up with your hot spunk! Oh, fuck, it blows my mind when you blast your hot load into my pussy!"

His warning promise, nit always did, fired her pussy and caused her cunt to convulse even more violently against him. The first time Irene had ever felt the glorious sensations of an orgasm had been on her wedding night, right at the moment Dan had spewed thick, pulpy jism into her. From that time to the present, feeling his foamy jizz spurting into her pussy usually triggered her own climax, like a conditioned response. It had become an automatic thing, and Irene certainly wasn't complaining.

She had listened to the terrible tales of neighbor ladies and other friends reciting their inability to come with their lovers. Irene could merely smile and remember how wonderful it was not to have such a problem. In fact, she enjoyed multiple orgasms more often than not, occasionally coming even while sucking Dan's cock. It was just another example of her horny nature developing.

Her handsome husband had taught her everything she knew about fucking, and Irene could only conclude that he was responsible for her ability to come so readily and satisfying. As her erotic thoughts wandered toward Pete Howell or any other attractive male stranger she happened to spot while shopping or driving around town, she couldn't help but also wonder if a stranger could make her so fast on the trigger.

She screamed loudly as she felt her husband's cock surge inside her trembling fuckhole. He continued to batter her pussy with his bloated cock, and she prepared herself to accept his jetting load. Her cuntwalls flexed and spasmed and her pussy tissues vibrated in a frenzy. Involuntary shudders rocked throughout her juicy cunt channel, and Irene knew their twin explosions would soon rip through them.

"I want it, Dan!" she cried, a raspy, throaty plea. "Give me your came! Oh, honey, I want to feel it shoot inside me! Hard and deep! Flood my pussy, darling! Aaaahhhh, I know it's coming, baby! I know it! Please, Danny, fill me up! Give me every precious drop of your hot load!"

Coherent thought became impossible. The only reality for Irene now was the grinding, thrusting, humping motions of their bodies convulsing toward orgasm. Over and over they heaved and arched, straining for the rapture that was just seconds away.

The slow build gathered speed and intensity, and the hard waves of ecstasy crashed over Irene's taut nerves. She felt it coming, a thunderous explosion waiting for the ultimate peak before tearing through her lust-contorted body. The fierce spasms gripped her cunthole and threatened to turn her tender pussy inside out, and still Dan hammered his trembling cock in and out of her overheated fuck-tunnel.

"Aaahhh, ooohhhh!" Irene shrieked. "Ohhhh, I'm coming! I'm coming, darling! Keep pumping! Keep fucking me!"

Her body controlled her completely as her orgasm swept over her. Up and down she gyrated, matching the tempo of Dan's powerful fuck-thrusts.

"Take it, baby!" he howled. "I'm coming, too! Here it is! Ooohhh, yes, yes, take it all, baby! Suck it up with your hungry pussy!"

His prick exploded deep inside her, sending spurts of boiling come channeling into her. Irene went out of her mind with lusty abandon. Her own cunt contorted with mindless ecstasy again and again as she flooded the shooting cock with her cunt cream. She couldn't control the sobs that accompanied her release, nor did she want to. It felt so good, so incredibly good!

The fierce ripples spread out to every region of her lust-drenched body, jarring her limbs and bones and finally weakening the leg-lock, she employed on her husband's pumping waist and hips. She felt her legs unwrap and open back up as her greedy pussy sucked up his spurting jism.

Dan's deep, guttural growls of pleasure trembled her nerves as he expressed his own ecstasy. Irene savored the moment and clung to him. Her pussy involuntarily spasmed around his twitching prick, milking every single drop of his come, and Irene was left to contemplate the joyous sensations filtering through her glowing body.

Finally, her husband's body went limp and he collapsed down on top of her, burying his face against the fleshy cushion of her big tits. She stroked his dark, curly hair and moaned as his hot, gasping breaths bathed her sensitive tit mounds and stiff, tingly nipples.

"I love you, Danny," she whispered. "You make me so happy, darling. You're my marvelous, sexy stud."

"Oh, baby," Dan moaned, rolling off to one side of her, his wilting prick glistening with her pussy juices. "You are the best. A guy couldn't have a better wife."

"Do you mean it, Danny?" she asked, timidly, suddenly feeling very guilty for her lusty thoughts about other men.

"Are you kidding?" he snorted. "The only thing I regret is not marrying you sooner. Of course, if you didn't have to be such an old fashioned girl wanting to wait until we were married to fuck, we could've been enjoying each other like this that much longer."

"I'm sorry, Danny," she whispered. "I think back and realize how silly I was to make both of us wait for the wedding. But, hell, my mother always drummed it into my head that a man who really loved me would wait. I know that's dumb, and that I cheated us out of some great times."

Dip chuckled and playfully tweaked one of her nipples between two fingertips. "Stop apologizing," he said. "We're making up for it now, aren't we?"

"You bet," she giggled, making a quick grab for his slime-coated prick. "Think you can get it hard again so we can enjoy some sloppy seconds?"

"Has my cock ever failed you yet?" Dan laughed. "Just give him a little encouragement, sweet lips, and we'll try it again."

Irene giggled throatily. "We'll keep trying until we get it right."

He lay on his back, his deep laughter bringing fresh lust to Irene's pussy. Her eyes swept over his muscular body, lingering on his twitching, reawakening prick and egg-sized balls. A hot shiver zipped through her, and she groaned as she leaned forward, wedging herself between his spread legs. She swooned as she licked her tongue-tip up his inner thighs, moving from one leg to the other, giving each leg equal treatment with her hot, wet tongue-tip.

She drew her knees up under her and her lovely round ass lifted up as she brought her nibbling lips closer and closer to his hairy ball-bag. She teased the outer edges of his ball-sac with her tongue-tip, thrilling to the way her husband squirmed and groaned in excited anticipation.

The scent of his manly crotch mingled with the sweet smell of her sticky nectar residue on his prick and balls quickly ignited more lust inside her, quickening the pace of her licking. Her tits throbbed and her nipples stiffened while she felt the wonderful feelings of her pussylips quivering in overheated expectation.

Finally, the sexy blonde housewife dragged her wet tongue over his plump balls. The soft, damp hair covering his ball-bag tickled her tongue and lips, delighting her as she bathed his leathery sac with saliva.

Suddenly, unable to contain her own maddening lust any longer, Irene opened her mouth wide and gulped his balls between her wet lips. She moaned happily as his meaty orbs filled her mouth. She began to munch delicately on his balls, loving the way they slid against her brushing, caressing tongue. She juiced them generously with her hot spit before slowly removing them from her mouth.

By now, Dan's cock was jutting stiffly up from his hairy crotch, towering straight up like a steel missile, shiny from her recent cunt spendings, crisscrossed with purple veins and topped with a slick, mushroom cap that totally captured Irene's attention.

She started licking her tongue slowly up the bulging underside of his fuck shaft, savoring the sweet-salty taste of her own cunt juices still glazing the cockflesh. The heat radiating from his prick was incredible, practically scorching her tender tongue-tip. Her own arousal stirred even more passionately as she gradually worked her mouth and tongue up to the slender thread of flesh connecting his circumcised cockhead to his fuck shaft. She carefully and precisely flicked her tongue-tip along the sensitive string of flesh, fascinated by the way his whole slab of fuckmeat jerked and spumed against her searing tonguing.

"Damn, Irene, you get wilder by the day!"

Dan rasped, reaching down and stroking her long, silky blonde hair, framing it around her lovely peaches-and-cream face. "Suck it now, baby," he hissed, his arousal leaping inside him. "Take it in your hot mouth and suck hard. God, I can't wait to feel your mouth sucking me off!"

She obeyed his command only after teasingly swirling her tongue around his engorged fuckknob. She tickled the tiny piss-slit with her tongue-tip, making him groan with guttural need, then opened her lips wide enough to gulp the swollen cock-head into her mouth.

Her husband jerked his hips the moment she sucked his cockhead into her mouth. The force of his bucking sent his prick deeper into her slick mouth, and Irene groaned. She used the opportunity of his penetration to slide her lips down to the very base of his prickshaft. His bloated cockhead nudged the back of her throat, momentarily choking her, but she didn't care. She liked the sensation of his cockmeat choking her.

She used her fingertips to caress and fondle his saliva-soaked balls as she stifled bobbing her lovely face up and down on his trembling cockshaft. Her lips glided up and down the thick, fat prick as she quickly increased the speed of her cock-sucking. She feasted on his tasty fuckmeat, relishing the smells and feelings inside her mouth. She felt every quiver and wobble of his ballooned cock, and her pussy stirred in horny lust as the same time.

Desperately Irene wanted to savor her husband's come splashing thickly down her throat, but she also wanted him to juice her pussy again. It was an increasing problem, and one which the horny young blonde figured had nudged her into lusty thoughts of other men. If her true fantasy could be realized, Irene Boyer would love nothing better than to be sucking her husband's cock while jetting her pussy fucked by Pete Howell's prick.

A little yelp escaped her cock-stretched lips as she involuntarily gave in to her secret fantasy. At the same time, she popped Dan's prick from her wet mouth and hastily mounted the towering fuck pole. She straddled his hips and waist as she anxiously lowered her dripping pussy down onto the fat fuck-knob. She threw her head back, a shower of golden curls falling down her flawless back, and squealed with joyous delight as she impaled herself on her husband's sturdy fuckmeat.

"I love you, darling! I love you so much!" she gasped, reminding herself of that fact as much as providing Dan with the message.

"Ooohhh, I need your big cock all the time!" She bounced up and down on Dan's prick, screaming and gasping as her overheated cunthole gripped him. Her big, heavy tits flopped lewdly and she rocked her head from side to side, racing toward the massive orgasm she so urgently craved.

Chapter TWO

Pete Howell met her just as she climbed out of the car. Irene had just returned home from the grocery store and had planned to fix herself a simple lunch before spending the afternoon finishing her housecleaning chores before Dan arrived home from work. Suddenly, there was Pete, smiling and offering to carry the two sacks of groceries, and Irene had the distinct feeling that her long-standing fantasies were merging with reality.

An hour later, Irene was sitting beside Pete on the sofa in her den, the two of them sipping iced tea and chatting. Their conversation had turned toward personal matters, and Irene was feeling surprisingly nervous. Her fantasies about Pete had never included doubt or unease, yet she was discovering how different reality made things.

Pete was most definitely very alluring to Irene. He was a husky, well-conditioned thirty eight-year-old security guard. He worked nights and spent his days, the rumor mill said, enjoying the fact that working husbands left lonely, bored housewives throughout the neighborhood. Pete was divorced, again according to the rumors, because of his daytime prowling into the neighborhood bedrooms. His ex-wife had moved back to her hometown in another state, taking their son with her. The boy was coming to spend a month of the summer with Pete, and it was the boy that Pete talked to Irene about as his leg casually brushed against hers.

"The kid is not a kid now, Irene," he was saying, slipping his arm behind her and resting it on the back cushions of the sofa. "A crucial age for a boy. I remember, for instance, that I was his age when I got my first piece of ass."

Irene giggled nervously. "Pete!" she gasped, feeling her face blush. "You don't have to confess anything to me."

"Oh, I know that," he said, grinning at her embarrassment. "It's just that Rory living with his mother has probably been too sheltered. I'm worried that the kid will get off to a rocky start in life if he doesn't have a father figure around to explain certain facts of life to him. Know what I mean?"

She nodded slowly as her fingers trembled on her iced tea glass. "That makes sense," she said. "I guess it's lucky that Rory will be staying with you this summer."

"Well, that's what I've been wanting to talk to you about," he said, clearing his throat and easing himself even closer to her. "I'd like you to help me a little with the kid."

"Sure, but how can I help?" she asked, only half hearing his words.

A faint smile danced across his lips as his eyes searched her face and the enticing bulge of her big tits. "I want him to learn about life and about women in the right way," Pete said softly.

"I still don't know what that has to do with me," Irene said with another nervous chuckle. She felt his breaths on her face and she didn't trust herself to look into his eyes.

"Let's talk about the kid later," Pete said as he suddenly leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. As the same instant, he dropped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against him, crushing her body against his. "You smell so damn good," he breathed.

"Pete!" Irene gasped, trying feebly to escape his embrace. "What are you doing?" Her pulse was pounding suddenly and her heart was racing. Panic and excitement surged inside her, making her tremble as her mind reeled in confusion. "You shouldn't..."

He blocked her words by pressing his lips over hers and immediately stabbing his tongue into her mouth. He increased the pressure of his hold on her as he Frenched her mouth.

Irene uttered muffled cries, but inspite of her panic, she felt her body responding to his bold activity. Involuntarily, she began sucking on his invading tongue and automatically yielding to his powerful embrace. Before she realized it, her body was tingling with lusty excitement. The crush of his body, husky and hard, seemed to smother her weak protests while flaming the secret desire that had been boiling inside. Suddenly, her fantasies about Pete were happening, and the forceful sensations that resulted were both frightening and thrilling.

Her mind was spinning, signaling the control she had so quickly lost, yet recording all the wanton pleasure sweeping through her lusty body. She sucked greedily now on his tongue as she melted against him. His embrace became an enveloping security. She told herself she couldn't resist him, that he was too strong for her. Of course, she gave only token resistance to his demanding kiss, and she sighed as she gladly surrendered to him.

His free hand slipped under her skirt and roamed higher and higher up her thighs. Irene started to moan as his fingers stroked closer and closer to her damp panties. Her tits tingled as they pressed into his body, and Irene suddenly couldn't wait for him to make the rest of her fantasy a reality.

His fingers grazed her moist cunt through her panties and lightning streaks of pleasure jolted her senses. She groaned and threw her arms around his neck, abandoning all her reserve as she accepted the terms of surrender.

He obviously recognized his victory and wasted no time pressing his advantage. He broke off the kiss and moved his lips over her chin and neck, nibbling her sweet, flawless flesh wetly as he headed down to those mammoth, jutting tits. His hands flew over her blouse, tugging it up over her head and quickly exposing her heavy, ripe tits.

His eyes blazed as he stared at her luscious tits. Irene loved the examination of his hot eyes, and she felt a tremendous rush of pride that this experienced stud would be so obviously thrilled by her tits. Her plump, pink nipples stood out stiffly, flaring into sharp tips. Her meaty, full tit-melons throbbed and ached, and Irene squealed deeply when Pete finally placed his strong hands on them.

He tweaked her sensitive nipples with his fingertips and pinned lewdly. "Quite a pair, young lady," he rasped, watching as her tits jiggled under his touch. "You could definitely stop traffic with these tits. Shit, you sure stopped me more than once," he added with a snicker.

"Oh, Pete, we shouldn't be doing this," she whimpered, making no effort to cover her naked tits or to stop his caressing.

"Take it easy, honey," he whispered, squeezing her tits in his hands while leaning forward to nuzzle the rosy tips with his lips. "I've watched you shaking your cute little ass in my direction. Now don't tell me you're nothing but a cock-teaser."

"Oh, no, no, I would never do anything like that," she protested. "I mean, I wouldn't knowingly..."

"Stop explaining and just enjoy," he interrupted, flashing a wide smile. "We both know what I want."

There was no time for guilt or doubt now as Pete damped his lips around one of her stiff nipples. Instant flashes of white-hot pleasure scared through her and she swooned. He flicked his tongue vigorously across her trapped nipple, whipping the stinging bud into a frenzy.

Irene gasped and groaned as she clutched at Pete's shoulders. Arousal drowned her thoughts and trembled her body. His tongue was driving her wild even before he switched his attention to her other nipple. This time he held the nipple in place with his teeth, then started the tongue-whipping.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth wide and gulped in as much of her titflesh as possible. Irene howled out her delight and felt the room spin before her eyes. Her body shuddered and she felt her pussy slicks.

This was real, she kept telling herself. The luxuries of fantasies no longer existed. Yet, Irene was too horny to concern herself with guilty feelings about Dan. Pete had simply overwhelmed her and had brought out her sensual longing for him.

"Am I terrible?" she whispered in a weak, breaking voice.

"You're beautiful," he responded, mumbling around her tasty titflesh. "Now is no time to start worrying. We both know I'm going to fuck you. We both know you're going to love it as much as I will."

Maybe I've always been a slut at heart, she told herself as she swooned under the wild lapping of his tongue. Both of her nipples were now glistening with his spit and the fire raging in her cunt was making her spasm uncontrollably.

As he munched greedily on her tits, he moved his hands beneath her skirt to her panties. Without hesitation, Pete started tugging her panties off, jerking them down ever her squirming hips and ass, then dragging them down her long legs. Irene did what she could to help as he stripped off her panties, but she made sure his mouth kept feasting on her tits.

Finally, her panties a thin nylon rope around her ankles, Pete bunched her skirt up around her waist, exposing her golden, bushy cunt. He fondled and caressed her pussy as she widened her legs to give him access to her cunt. He continued to chew on her tits, moving from one to the other, as he fluttered his fingertips through the dense muff of her cunt.

She stirred on the sofa and let out a moan when he moved his fingers into her creamy pussy gash. His fingertips sliced along her slit, teasing and stroking the sensitive tissues, traveling right up to her erect little clit. He touched her magic button and made her squeal with delight.

"Oh, damn, Pete, I've wanted this to happen since we first moved here," she gasped without thinking. "You know exactly what I want and need."

He chuckled hoarsely and continued to toy with her clit. He lightly pinched the horny little bud between two fingertips, making her squeal out again. He laughed louder, loving the power he had over her.

He slipped his fingers back down through her juicy slit, fondling the meaty cunt flaps and pussy pulp while her cuntwalls flexed and spasmed beyond the stroke of his fingers. Her arousal was peaking fast, and Irene constantly purred and sighed and panted as his fingers played her pussy like a sweet instrument.

She wiggled around as he teased her cunthole with a stiffened finger. God, how she wanted him to plunge his finger up into her quivering fuck-tunnel. But, he had another trick to perform, and all Irene could do was grasp as he slipped his fingers down along her ass-crease.

His fingertips were slick with her pussy nectar, and the lubed fingertips skimmed over her brownie.

"Oooohhh, you marvelous, wicked bastard!" she blurted.

"You love it, don't you?" he rasped, nibbling her tits. "You love it especially because you don't know what I'm going to do next. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, oh yes!" she sobbed, digging her fingernails into his shoulders. "I'm so horny for you, Pete!"

"I know," he snapped, flashing a smug smile. "Get on the floor."

She blinked at his order, but recovered and obeyed. As gracefully as possible, she sat on the floor at his feet, then leaned back flat, never moving her eyes off his smiling face.

"Pull that skirt back up over your ass, honey," he said. "I want to keep looking at that pretty blonde pussy."

She could practically feel his hot eyes on her cunt, and Irene trembled. A surge of wanton excitement swept through her as she smiled wantonly up at him. At the same time, she slowly drew her knees up and parted her cuntlips with her thumbs. She could smell the rich aroma of her exposed pussy and she made soft purring sounds deep in her throat. She had never realized how exciting exposing and displaying herself to her handsome neighbor could be. She felt a sort of pride knowing she had the power to momentarily mesmerize the husky stud just by flashing her pussy at him.

He gazed at her cunt for a long time. His gaze crawled over her dark-pink pussy meat and her inner cuntlips. Her clit stood out, quivering and wet at the top of her puffed out pussy gash. Her curly blonde pussy hairs were dark and slippery with the constant oozing of her warm nectar, obviously adding to Pete's own excitement.

"Finger-fuck yourself," he uttered, his voice deep and hoarse.

Slowly and carefully, she used her index finger to rub the edges of her slit. She was covered with pussy juice and her fingers slid around noisily, gliding over the pink pulp until she suddenly snaked a single finger into her cunthole.

"Is this what you like?" she cooed in a soft yoke as her finger vanished inside her cunt.

He nodded, his eyes glued to the erotic sight. She poked her finger knuckle-deep into her churning pussy chamber and felt the pleasant vibrations all the way to her toes. She closed her eyes tightly, her blood racing and her whole body caught up with the sensations in her pussy. She bit her lower lips and cried out sharply, breathing deeply while she rubbed her clit with a circular motion as she fingered her cunthole.

She was shocking herself with this lewd, blatant behavior, but that, in itself, was thrilling. Not even in her fantasies had Irene imagined sprawling out on the floor and masturbating shamelessly in front of Pete or any man other than her husband. What she had found herself doing now only stirred her erotic sensations and increased the intensity of her pleasure.

Her convulsing cuntwalls squeezed around her stabbing finger, and Irene hollered a shrieking whine as the deep rumblings of a climax roared from her depths. Her frigging finger was getting drenched with her hot, sticky cunt fluids, and her clit was heaving mightily, signaling her arousal and passion. She blinked open her eyes and instantly gasped when she focused on the spectacle of Pete, his cock jutting up through his open fly.

Pete, still sitting on the sofa and his eyes still riveted on her activity, was stroking his towering prick with his right fist. Her immediate shock gave way to girlish giggling as her eyes widened at the sight of his cock. Fresh tremors rocked through the horny housewife as she studied her neighbor's prick. It was larger than Dan's, but not quite as thick. Still, Irene shuddered as she imagined his long, bony cock slicking up into her creamy cunthole.

"What's wrong?" he said, adding a throaty chuckle, but not stopping his jacking off motions. "Hubby doesn't beat off for you?"

"Not lately," she said huskily. "We're usually top anxious to get down to business."

He laughed. "Young love is something special," he chided. "I hope this doesn't offend you, but I couldn't help it. Watching you fingerfuck your pretty pussy just got to me."

"I love your cock," she whispered, a dreamy expression slipping aver her lovely face. "I can't wait to have it inside my pussy."

"Well, honey, just keep stirring the juices and I'll give you your wish," he chuckled. "Stick another finger into your cunt and really give it a workout. I want your sweet little pussy boiling before I fuck you."

Irene didn't hesitate as she added a second finger to her convulsing fuckhole. She felt giddy and hot as she buried her fingers into her seething cunt. She broke out in beads of perspiration as her orgasm began to erupt.

She squealed and squirmed on the floor as she climaxed. Urgent little gasping sounds escaped her throat and her entire body spasmed. She felt her pussy clutching at her stabbing fingers, sucking the digits deeper and harder into her churning fuck-tunnel.

"Hey, that'll be enough of that, young lady," he jokingly scolded, coming off of the sofa and letting his slacks fail to his ankles. "You're beginning to enjoy that shit too much." He stepped out of his shoes and slacks.

"Don't worry, Pete," she cooed, stretching her long legs and grinning up at him. "I could never forget that you are here. Being married to Dan has certainly taught me that fingers are no substitute for a real flesh-and-blood, hard cock."

Pete laughed as he lay down beside her on the floor. Impulsively, Irene climbed over him and lowered her head between his legs. She pushed her hair over one shoulder and kissed the tip of his cock. She swirled her tongue hungrily over his fuck-knob and held his prickshaft in her fist while she polished his cockhead with the flat of her tongue.

"Good girl!" Pete rasped, reaching down to stroke her soft blonde curls. "I like women of action. Go to it, lady. Wet down my cock before I fuck you."

He lowered his hands to her jiggling tits and played with them while she licked and sucked his beefy cock. He lurched forward suddenly and shoved his cock into the back of her throat.

Irene moaned, loving the blistering friction of his long prick gliding between her wet lips. His cockhead, unusually fat and bloated, nudged the back of her throat, and the horny housewife savored the sensation. Gagging on her husband's fuckmeat had never bothered her, and she was happy to discover similar erotic pleasures when Pete's cockhead threatened to clog her windpipe. She loved the challenge of being able to take his whole cock into her sucking mouth, and she worked furiously to complete such a task with Pete's long prick.

She dipped her hands down to his balls and started fondling his hairy orbs as she slurped up his fuckmeat. She bobbed her head up and down the long, veiny fuck shaft, soaking it with her hot saliva. Her active tongue kept tickling the sensitive surface of his prickflesh, making him groan and twitch in pleasure.

"That's enough!" he snapped suddenly, gripping the sides of her head and unexpectedly pushing her face off his crotch. "Get on your back, honey. It's time to fuck."

"Whatever you say," she chuckled happily, quickly obeying.

She stretched out on her back and sighed in eager anticipation. As Pete parted her thighs, she shuddered under the waves of horny arousal washing over her nerves. She was about to meet reality head-on, and she couldn't wait.

All that was left was for Irene to discover if reality could match the wild imagination of a sexy, passionate twenty-two-year-old blonde who had never been fucked by a man other than her husband.

Chapter THREE

Irene's breath was coming in gasping pants as she waited for Pete's cock. Afternoon sunlight was filtering through the curtains covering the row of den windows, shedding soft shafts of glowing heat over her lust-consumed, naked flesh.

She trembled as Pete crouched down over her and unceremoniously placed his prick at the entrance to her cunt. He rested her feet on his shoulders and leaned over to rub his cockhead up and down her slippery cunt slit.

Irene squealed and writhed against the sparking sensations that popped throughout her cunt channel. The slick flesh of her pussy pulp shivered against the stroking, rubbing cockhead.

Pete didn't give her any warning when he suddenly whipped his hips forward and fucked his engorged prick-knob inside her gripping cunthole. She cried out from the force of his thrust and from the feel of a strange cock lodged just inside the entrance of her fuckhole.

"Oh, oohhhh, damn, that feels so good!" Irene crooned, momentarily frozen from the fierce penetration of his cockhead into her clutching cunthole. "Ooooohhhh!"

She savored the ecstasy of her cunt muscles flexing around the imbedded head of his cock. The fat fist of a fuck-knob plugged her tender, juicy cunt opening, and her overactive cuntal membranes choked around the mushroom crown. Her breath rasped and hissed through her clenched lips as her pussylips quaked and quivered. Her pussyhole was stretched to the limit, gripping his cockhead into a greasy fist, milking automatically.

He peered down into her lust-contorted face with a thin-lipped grin. "I knew you'd have a tight little cunt, honey," he said. "I could just tell watching you walk. That nice, round ass of yours just meant you had a tight, hot pussy between your legs. Now, I know that for sure." He jerked his hips once again, this time fucking more of his cockshaft into her shuddering cunt channel. Irene belched a guttural cry of pain and pleasure as her pussy gobbled up more of his fuck shaft. The movement had started, and neither of them could stop. The force of his most recent thrust did the rest. His long, bony cock fucked straight into her slippery cunthole, stabbing right through the vibrating canal of her pussy. His hairy crotch and pelvis bone slammed against the velvety saddle of her crotch and inner thighs, and she shrieked.

"Aaahhhh, at last I've got your prick!" she babbled, tossing her head from side to side on the den floor. "Your cock is in me! Ooohhh, Pete, it feels wonderful! Fuck me now, Pete! Show me why all the women in the neighborhood can't wait to entertain you. Oh, darling, fuck me! Fuck me hard and deep!"

As if her hot words ignited his own passions, Pete immediately started fucking his long prick in and out of her buttery cunthole. He lowered himself over her and soon his chest was crushing her tits. His manly ass bucked up and down as he quickly developed a blinding pace to his fucking motions.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as they fucked. He fucked his cock inside her to the hilt and her breathing became labored as the fire in her clit raged.

He wedged his hands beneath her ass and brought her cunt up to meet his violent fuckstrokes. They blended together as one, their bodies mingling and melting together, their position sealing them, into this most intricate of embraces.

There was no doubt, no guilt now as she fucked back at his pile-driving prick. For Irene, the girlish fantasies were distant memories. There was no mistaking the reality of what was happening. The sensations were too real, too pure and too intense. Her whole body trembled and shuddered as a fast-approaching orgasm swelled in the depths of her spasming cunthole.

His strong hands squeezed into her firm, round asscheeks as he fucked his cock into her cunt. She held his face between her hands and guided his lips down to hers. They kissed as they fucked, their eager tongues tangling even as their bodies slammed together.

His animal-like, brutal fuck strokes sizzled her tender cunthole and sent sensations blazing to every nerve in her body. There was nothing pretty about their intense, urgent fucking. It was an exercise in physical desperation -- two lusty bodies feeding on each other, taking fierce pleasure from each other before quickly giving back any pleasure to the other.

"I'm coming! Oh, fuck, I'm coming!" she panted, her lips still chewing on his and his darting tongue. "My pussy is splitting in two! Ooohhhh, yes, yyyyeesss, fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me!"

She slammed her feet against his back as the gyrations rocked her body. Her climaxing pussy shuddered and sent waves and waves of nectar streaming down over his driving prick. His meaty balls spanked her upturned ass, making lewd sounds as her cunt juice trickled down to soak the tender area between her cock-filled pussy and her asscrack.

His cock relentlessly fucked into her spasming pussy, jolting Irene with endless vibrations and convulsions. Her tremendous orgasm built into another one, and the blonde shrieked hoarsely.

Pete's face was crimson as he continued to fuck the sexy blonde's spasming pussy. He seemed to be holding his breath as he fucked his cock into her. He maintained the fierce pace of his fucking, making her howl each time his long cock knifed into her. He used his strong hands to part her asscheeks, giving himself more leverage as he fucked his prick into her soggy cunthole.

Her hands roamed over his back and shoulders, and she continued to plunge herself up to meet every one of his fuck-thrusts. Her greedy pussy wouldn't stop flexing and convulsing, and her slick cunt honey gushed endlessly, lubing his pumping prick and adding to her own ecstasy.

She felt his fingers edge close to her asshole, but nothing could lessen her concentration on the marvelous sensations engulfing her fiery cunt. Her multiple orgasms left her squealing and trembling, but still very much ready to receive the blast of his load.

Perspiration dripped from Pete's face to her bouncing, swaying tits. His belly slapped hers as they rocked together as one. Irene thought she felt his meaty balls tighten against her ass. In the next instant, his body tensed and he growled a deep, hoarse cry of raw passion. His cock surged inside her squeezing cunthole, then a river of hot jizz shot into her.

"Ooohhhh, darling, keep fucking me!" she panted as his come splashed into her. "It's so good! So fucking good! Don't stop fucking me, darling! Don't ever stop!"

His cock erupted, spitting thick wads of foamy spunk into her cunt channel. The hot fuck cream filled her quickly, and Irene screamed at the top of her lungs.

He collapsed on top of her, his mouth grabbing for her tits as his cock drained into her pussy. He twitched and snarled as his cock continued to jerk and surge inside her milking pussy.

They lay clutching each other for long minutes, listening to the sounds of their breathing and feeling the mutual pleasures of fading orgasms. Pete was the first to stir, and Irene whimpered softly when he eased his cock from her cunt and rolled away.

"I thought I was going to pass out," she admitted, lowering her hands down over her puffy, come-soaked pussy. She patted the bushy cunt protectively, soothingly and smiled at her husky neighbor. "I can sure see where you get your reputation as a cocksman, Mr. Pete Howell."

He chuckled and shrugged as he reached over and helped her to her feet. "Just wait until I get you on a nice, comfortable bed, lady," he said with a fast wink. "I don't do my best work on a hard floor."

Irene giggled as they strolled toward the bedroom. His hand rested on her swaying hips as they entered the bedroom. She sighed, loving the squishy feeling of his come inside her cunt.

Pete unzipped her skirt and watched as it fell to the floor. Irene shivered as she stood totally nude in front of his appraising eyes.

"Very, very nice," he said, reaching out to squeeze her mammoth tits. "I knew you and I would get around to becoming close friends."

"That's what you say to all the ladies in the neighborhood," Irene giggled. "I've heard about you, Pete. Word is out on you. You're the swinging cocksman of the neighborhood. No female with hair is safe with you on the prowl."

Pete snickered as he maneuvered Irene back onto the bed. "Safe! My ass!" he laughed. "I could claim rape in a few cases. I never saw so many horny ladies in one area in my life. Shit, you can't blame a guy for doing his best to soothe whatever aches them."

Irene merely chuckled. It crossed her mind that Pete was a divorced man today just because he saw it as his duty to satisfy the bored, horny house wives in the area. Meanwhile, she wasn't about to remind him of that small detail. She was having too much fun enjoying the way he was rubbing her nipples and massaging her tits. Besides, she didn't want to think about her own situation. Wasn't she doing the same as Pete? Wasn't she risking her own marriage just to get her lusty kicks? The troubling thoughts lingered in her mind just long enough to momentarily cool her horny arousal.

"What's wrong?" Pete asked, eyeing her with concern. "You're getting tense all of a sudden."

"Oh, it's nothing," she said lightly, hoping to avoid the subject.

"You're worried about Dan, aren't you?" he said, pressing the point as he teased her nipples. "Look, Irene, you might as well face the fact that you need more than one man to take care of you. I've known lots of women like you, baby. You've got a super hot cunt, and one man just can't put out your fire. Understand? You're cock-crazy, honey. Plain and simple."

"Pete! You make me sound like some slut or nympho," she said, squirming beneath his manipulations of her tits.

"Don't let it piss you off," he said, grinning as he ducked his head down closer to her tits. "Hell, most men love hot-blooded women. At the same time, you owe yourself the fulfillment of your needs."

The way he said it made perfect sense to her.

Irene closed her eyes and savored the wonderful sensations of his active tongue lashing across her nipple. She moaned as the pink bud stiffened and tingled. At the same time, she felt a flutter of excitement in her cunt, and she knew the brief freezing of her passions was thawing.

Pete kissed and licked his way down Irene's body, pausing at her hairy pussy and soft, white, inner thighs. Irene shifted her ass and opened her legs even wider, silently offering her hot pussy to his nibbling, prying lips.

He kept his hands on her tits as he bobbed his head over her twat. He flicked his tongue through her bushy cunt muff, licking the clinging drops of syrupy from her slick pussy pulp. Irene instantly yelped and arched her back, thrusting her pussy up and against his hot mouth.

"Oooohhh, Pete, you make me feel so good!" she swooned. "Eat my pussy, darling! Tongue-fuck me just like..."

He glanced up, grinning. "Just like your husband," he said, finishing her wards for her. "Is that what you were going to say?"

She nodded, but kept gently humping her cunt up and down, offering herself to him.

"I'm about to make you forget your husband. At least temporarily," he said. "Just wait and see."

Good to his word, Pete wasted little time slicing his tongue through her creamy cunt gash. Irene gasped, then shrieked as his tongue played with her clit. He lapped his tongue back and forth over the slippery button, driving her wild with desire.

"Oooohhh, God," she cried, bouncing her ass up and down on the bed. "I can't stand it, Pete! You're killing me!"

He kept tongue-whipping her clit mercilessly licking the tender button, giving it no rest. Soon, Irene was convulsing involuntarily and her cunt was awash with thick, clear fuck nectar. Still Pete lashed his tongue across her stiff clit.

Just as her orgasm rippled throughout her fuck-tunnel and twisted her body into lewd gyrations, he lifted his juice-smeared mouth, gripped her thighs and heaved her over onto her face. It happened so fast that Irene was helpless to prevent it or to understand what was about to take place.

He propped her up on her knees making her shapely ass lift up lewdly as he settled behind her on his knees. In the next instant, Irene felt his spongy cockhead poking against her asscrack. She felt a tiny tremor in her cunt and moaned throatily as his prick-knob pressed inside her ass-crease.

"I'm going to stick my cock right into your asshole, baby," Pete warned. "I'm going to make you love it."

He rubbed his cockhead up and down her asscrack, creating a fierce situation across this most sensitive region of her body. His nectar glazed fuck-knob lubed her puckered asshole and made her shiver in horny anticipation. Her asshole flexed automatically, and her pussy convulsed as she moaned into her pillow.

Suddenly, his hands gripping her hips, Pete fucked his cock forward and grunted as his enormous prickhead popped into her tight asshole. Irene cried out as the initial penetration happened. Her body jerked forward as her wails deepened. Her head bolted up and her hoarse, guttural scream came unhindered from her mouth.

"It gets better," he rasped. "Just hang on." He fucked forward once again, this time driving more of his fuckmeat into her gripping shitter. Then, following a moment's delay, he shoved the rest of his cock to the hilt into her shit-chute.

Irene bucked beneath him, howling cries of pain and pleasure as his cock stabbed her ass. Her buttery brownie enveloped the pile-driving fuckmeat as sizzling sensations gradually overshadow the scorching discomfort. The pain gave way to pleasure even as Pete started withdrawing his prick from her asshole.

"Give it to me, Pete!" she squealed. "Ooohhhhh, fuck, don't hold back now!"

He hammered his long cock back into her shitter, almost knocking the breath out of her. After two or three more deep fuckstrokes into her ass, Pete was gathering speed with his thrusts, and Irene was beside herself with raw ecstasy. Her pussy burned with desire almost as much as the overwhelming heat blazing inside her tortured asshole.

"You wild bitch!" Pete rasped, slapping one of her upturned asscheeks. "I knew you'd love getting your ass fucked."

He fucked his cock in and out of her tight ass as Irene shrieked with pleasure. He reached around and clutched her naked tits as he settled into a steady rhythm of fucking.

"Aaahhhh, it's so deep!" she wailed, pushing her ass back to meet his hearty fuckstrokes. "DO it, Pete! Don't stop! Fuck my ass, darling! Make me love it!"

Pete chuckled hoarsely as he squeezed her dangling tits and pistoned his prick in and out of her asshole. His strokes were steady and deep, driving his fat cockhead right into her bowels.

All of the previous pain had vanished, leaving Irene engulfed in sensation. "Oooohhh, God, I love it, Pete! I love it so fucking much!" she yelled, her big tits swinging back and forth in his hands. "I'm coming, Pete. My pussy is coming!"

Her shitter squeezed and milked Pete's prick. In the next moment, Pete grunted and blasted his load into her bowels. Impulsively, Irene responded by jamming her right hand back between her legs and stuffing two fingers up into her churning, juicy cunthole. Furiously, she finger-fucked her pussy tight through her tremendous orgasm as her ass gobbled up Pete's thick spunk.

"That's it, baby!" Pete hissed, hammering his cock frantically into her shitter. "I'm creaming your sweet ass!"

Her asshole and pussy convulsed at the same time, leaving Irene weak and trembling as she sobbed her pleasure and collapsed flat on the bed. She clutched at the sheets and wailed, thrilling to the sensations of her shitter squeezing around Pete's spurting prick.

At last it was over, and Pete had freed his cock from her brownie. They giggled like a couple of teenagers, excited and thrilled by their wanton activity and the satisfying glow it had given them both.

"Yeah, I think my kid will really appreciate me for lining him up with some hot little lady," Pete mused, lightly rubbing Irene's round asscheeks. "I'm tempted to keep you all to myself. That's how special you are to me, honey. You and your hot pussy."

Irene had momentarily forgotten their earlier discussion about Pete's son coming to visit them, and her role in the boy's sexual education. Now, her original doubts surfaced.

"Pete, I'm not sure it'll be a good idea for me to give your son lessons in fucking," she said. "Teenage boys can be very shy. I'd hate to frighten him."

"Honey, he'll take one look at you and beg me to let him stay with me permanently," Pete snickered. "The kid'll think he's died and gone to heaven!"

"Well, I just hope I'm doing the right thing," she said, masking the delicious, intriguing prospect of breaking in a teenaged stud.

Already she felt a tingling fluttering in her pussy as she mulled the wanton idea through her mind. Damn, she thought, I really am a hot cunt slut!

"When did you say Rory was coming?" she asked innocently.

Pete laughed and gave her ass an open-palm slap, reading right through her innocent act. She didn't bother to hide her blushing face from him as she joined in his throaty chuckling.

Chapter FOUR

The evening had become an emotional mixed bag for Irene. Dan had come home from work with the news that he had to leave for a convention the following morning and he would be gone for three days. It was to be a working convention in which wives were discouraged from accompanying their husbands to the out of state meeting. On the other hand, Pete's son, Rory, was expected to arrive the next morning to begin his month-long visit with Pete. With Dan safely out of town, Irene could devote uninterrupted attention to the teenager's sexual education. The notion made her pussy hot and wet, and substantially lessened the pain of being separated from Dan.

"This has to hold me for three days, baby," Dan whispered, corkscrewing his prick in and out of his wife's juicy cunt. "Shit, I don't know if I can take being away from you that long."

"Me, too," she whispered, panting as his stabbing prick ignited an intense spasming inside her pussy passage. "I'll miss you so much, darling."

"At least we have tonight to say our good-byes," he rasped, his cock surging inside her vibrating pussy.

Irene was sprawled in the bed, her legs spread wide and her knees elevated, giving his pounding prick a perfect target. She groaned as her pleasure intensified, and smacked her lips. She could still taste his fuckmeat from the recent mouth-fucking he had given her, and the pleasant memory caused waves of erotic tremors to rock through her. Having his cock where his tongue had so recently been was also a marvelous way to cap off their last night together for three whole days.

Dan had so thoroughly licked and lapped at her pussy that he had driven, her to three separate climaxes. Now, with his cock pistoning in and out of her soupy snatch, a fourth orgasm was threatening to erupt momentarily, and she gritted her teeth as her nerves grew taut and her body shuddered.

She had suffered moments of guilt ever since her wild adventure with Pete, but nothing as distressing as she had feared. She seemed to have convinced herself that Pete had been on target when he suggested she was just too horny for one man. Besides, Irene knew fucking with Pete had nothing to do with love. Her true love and affection belonged completely to her husband, and she was sure that wouldn't change, regardless of how many times she enjoyed Pete's cock.

Her clit danced crazily as Dan's prick stuffed her cunthole. She squealed with delight each time his invading prick rubbed against her clit. Sizzling sensations tickled her entire twat and her creamy fuck-tunnel sleeved her husband's cock with loud, lewd sounds.

"Harder, honey!" she gasped as she humped up and down against his impaling fuckmeat. "Give it to me hard and deep! Ooohhhh, yes, yes, Danny! That's why I love you so much! You know just how I like it!"

"Shit, I should," he snorted. "I'm the one who taught you how to fuck."

"Oh, yes, yyyeeessss!" she shrieked, her orgasm booming through her pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck mmmmeeee!"

He clutched her tits in his hands as he banged her pussy fiercely. His manly ass whip-sawed furiously and his labored breaths left his whole body heaving. His cock pumped viciously in and out of her syrupy cunthole, drilling through the shuddering membranes of her cunt canal and stretching her slippery cuntwalls to the limit. Her gushing nectar drenched his prick, showering the engorged male-meat.

It was during these particular moments that Irene realized how satisfying Dan's cock was. She loved the fat fullness of his fuck shaft and the way it plugged her cunt cavern. Pete's long cock, capable of deep penetration, didn't gave her as much pleasure as her husband's. In that instance, her secret fantasies about fucking Pete hadn't matched the reality of the action. Still, the novelty of a strange cock inside her was more than enough to thrill her. And, very soon, she would get to experience yet another strange cock!

Her senses buzzed as she wondered what young Rory's prick would be like. For the first time in her life, Irene was discovering just how unequal men were created. Then, suddenly, the gleeful ecstasy of her current climax washed away all other thoughts except those of Dan and what his cock was doing to her.

She squealed and contorted beneath him as her trembling twat shook his plowing prick with a frenzied series of spasms.

Dan's cock leaped inside her coming cunt just as his frothy spunk blasted into her womb. He growled and slammed his spurting prick to the hilt into her clutching pussyhole. He left it wedged there briefly until the first wave of his jizz splattered into her, then he started pumping his fuckmeat in and out of her cunt once again.

Irene instantly threw her legs around his waist and arched her back. Her greedy pussy sucked up his spunk as the man and wife yelled out their ecstasy.

Later, they lay in a tender embrace and slept. Irene enjoyed especially pleasant dreams as Dan left his spent cock lodged inside her pussy throughout the night. His morning hard-on was put to good use when they awoke.

Irene spent a busy morning and early afternoon taking care of some last-minute shopping and housecleaning while keeping an anxious eye open for Rory's arrival. She realized Pete would probably want to spend some time getting reacquainted with his son before turning him over to her, but she couldn't dismiss her growing impatience as the afternoon turned into early evening.

She made excuses to find chores needing her attention outside so that she could watch for the boy's arrival. As dusk approached, however, Pete's house remained dark and empty. They're probably having dinner together out somewhere, she reasoned as she fixed a meal for herself and sat down to eat.

After dinner and washing the dishes, Irene watched TV and tried to ignore the lonesome feelings creeping over her. The house was too quiet without Dan. She hadn't realized until now just lonely she felt being separated from her husband for the first time since their marriage.

Shortly before ten the phone rang, startling her. It was Pete announcing he and his son had just gotten home from an afternoon and evening on the town.

"The kid's a chip off the old block, Irene," Pete said prideful. "He eyed every chick that passed us on the street. The kid's gonna be a real stud."

"Just like his daddy," Irene chuckled dryly. "Yeah! Wait till you meet him." Pete laughed. "He'll drool when he sees you. Boy, I'll really make points with the kid! I'm sending him over."

Before Irene could speak the phone went dead. The day-long wait and anticipation had drained her and now she wasn't so sure she could be as receptive to the teenager as she and Pete had planned. Additionally, anger flared inside her from the way in which Pete had calmly announced he was ready for her to offer his son whore services. She hadn't heard a word from him or his boy all day. Now, at Pete's convenience, the boy was being sent over for her sexual tutoring.

Despite her anger Irene rushed to brush her long blonde hair and recheck her light makeup. She was applying fresh lipstick when the doorbell rang.

Rory Howell was a surprise in more ways than one. First, the boy had a self-assured swagger, and that instantly put Irene on the defensive. She had expected a meek, virginal boy, timid and withdrawn, needing her gentle coaxing and guidance. Instead, the teenager she ushered into her house boldly eyed her curvaceous body, flashed a lewd, approving grin and winked.

"Shit, the old man said he'd fixed me up," Rory sneered. "I was expecting some old cow, but, motherfucker, the old dude has some snap after all. I'm startin' to like his style."

He brushed aside her offer of a Coke and helped himself to a beer from the refrigerator. He guzzled the beer in a way that proved it wasn't his first. Throughout their brief introduction, his hot eyes appraised the generous swelling of her tits through her silky blouse, and he repeatedly made known his approval.

"Why don't we cut the shit and fuck," Rory finally said, downing his beer and belching.

"You're a pretty fresh kid, aren't you?" Irene said, on the verge of calling the whole thing off and sending the brash young stud packing.

He shrugged. "Just don't dig wasting time when my balls are so fuckin' heavy," he said with a world-weary sigh. "You some kinda prick teaser?" he added, squinting his eyes.

"Ask your father," Irene snapped, her anger on a fast rise.

The boy laughed. "Hey, take it easy," he said, stepping up to her, his eyes glued to her tits. "I thought everything was arranged. I mean, I figured we both knew why I was here. Right?"

There was something about the boy that, for all of his bravo smugness and cock attitude, Irene found strangely appealing. It was at this moment she realized her second surprise while confronting Pete's kid. The boy was quite cute in a scruffy, Huck Finn sort of way. His sandy colored hair and bright blue eyes were a perfect compliment to his freckles. Also, a fast glance down at his fly told her he wasn't bashful about the throbbing hard-on he was sporting. In short, Irene decided the boy might be fun having around the lonely, quiet house for the night.

"Did I give you that?" she said, pointing toward his crotch.

Her sudden boldness obviously surprised him, but he recovered quickly. He laughed, but couldn't hide the light blush that slowly colored his boyish face.

"You bet," he snapped, stepping closer and wrapping his arms around her back.

"Hey, down boy," she giggled, moving out of his embrace. "Turn away. I want to see your ass. It's the first thing I notice about a guy."

He kept grinning as he slowly turned around. "Shit, this feels weird," he said. "You want me to do a strip now?"

"I'd rather you just showed me your cock," she said, enjoying her role of bluffing the boy with bald talk. "Turn back around and whip it out."

"Maybe we better go to the bedroom first," he said, his voice carrying a slight quiver for the first time.

"Maybe you better do as you're told when you're in my house," she snapped. "I've got to see if you're worth my time, kid."

She thrilled as Rory slowly unbuckled his belt. His smug expression was already fading, and that encouraged Irene to maintain her act a little longer. She sat down at the kitchen table and crossed her long legs. She allowed her skirt to hike up high on her thighs as she watched the boy with a clinical, aloof expression. Inside, her excitement was surging, matching the racing of her pulse as the boy unzipped his fly and slowly pulled out his teenaged cock.

It was then that Irene received her third surprise. His cock practically leaped out of his open fly and surged into a fat and long hunk. She couldn't help but gasp.

"Get your slacks out of the way and step over here," she ordered, her voice tight and husky.

The boy obeyed, dropping his slacks and shorts to his ankles. He stepped out of them and moved toward her, the huge prick wobbling delightfully as he walked.

"Well?" he said, a degree of hit well-deserved smugness coming back into his tone. "Am I worth your time?"

Irene giggled throatily as she reached out and curled her fingers around his fat fuck shaft. "I may keep you locked in my bedroom," she said.

In the next instant she slipped off the dinette chair and crouched down in front of him. This time Rory, gasped in surprise at her bold action, and Irene grinned. She licked her lips and started teasing him by squeezing his bloated cockhead. She pretended she was about to suck his cock into her mouth, then changed her mind. He gazed down at her with a combination of lust and bafflement. His bloated cockhead swelled as she squeezed the base of his cock.

Now her pussy was steaming and she stopped teasing the boy. She flicked her tongue out against his pisser, and Rory instantly shuddered and growled. His hands pressed into her silky hair and his prick wobbled.

"Ooohhh, that's more like it," he rasped.

Irene suddenly jerked her head back and peered up at him. "I can stop this anytime I want," she said firmly, deciding to keep the smug teenager off balance a little longer. "In my house, I make the rules. If you don't like it that way, you may leave right now and go back to your father."

"No, no," he said quickly, shaking his head. "Whatever you say, lady. Just, please don't stop licking my cockhead. It really feels great!"

"Well, a stud like you is probably accustomed to pretty ladies licking your cock," she said, smirking. "Isn't that right?"

"Well, no, not really," he stammered, his blush deepening on his face. "It's happened before, but never with a woman as pretty and sexy as you."

Irene smiled, then casually sucked his fat cockhead into her mouth. She sucked with increasing pressure, making the teenager groan and tug on her hair with his clenched fingers. She cupped his surprisingly meaty balls in her palms as she licked all over his cockhead. She thrilled to the way the boy squirmed on his feet and gasped with pleasure. She knew she had him in her control as she tongued his prick-knob.

Taming this self-assured, brash young man was starting to get to Irene. Her own mounting arousal sizzled her nerves and she felt her cuntlips quiver. Her horny little clit tingled and throbbed and her nipples stiffened as she flicked her tongue up and down the underside of his rigid fuckmeat.

"Oh, fuck, this is great!" the boy rasped.

She damped her lips around his fuck shaft and lapped her tongue over the base of his prick. She slipped her hands off his balls and reached around to squeeze his asscheeks. She explored his asscrack with her fingers as he automatically pushed his cock deep inside her sucking mouth.

Her moist lips were stretched wide by his gigantic cock, and Irene trembled in erotic anxiety as she feasted on the boy's huge prick. If she could tame his insufferable attitude, she knew this boy with his man-sized prick could bring her hours of pure sensation. Instantly, she was determined in her efforts to get more out of the boy than he was expecting to give.

As he moaned and panted and started fucking her face faster and faster, Irene abruptly pulled her mouth off his prick. She grinned up at the bewildered teenager and smacked her lips.

"Mmmmm, not too bad for starters," she said. She rose, curled her fingers around the thick base of his cock and turned to step from the kitchen. "Follow me!" she snapped, tugging on his hard, aching cock, using his prick like a leash.

"Hey, take it easy, lady!" he protested, his high-pitched giggle testifying to his nervousness and confusion. "If you think I'm about to run away, you've got another think coming."

Irene's mind reeled as she pulled the boy into her bedroom. She had learned a thing or two about men in the course of her marriage and also during her brief affair with Pete. While men generally had good intentions about taking care of woman sexually, Irene knew they performed such tasks much better if the fire remained in their balls. With this young, cocky stud, she wasn't taking any chances. While his stiff cock was saliva-slickened and wobbling with rigid need, she decided to get the most out of him.

Her heart pounded as she quickly stripped off her clothes. God, she was hot! Sucking the boy's monster prick had stirred her pussy into a fluttering, overheated cave, desperate for attention and aching to encase the boy's tremendous slab of fuckmeat.

When she was nude, she faced the gaping boy and smiled. She cupped her heavy tits in her hands and squeezed the ripe melons.

"What's the matter, stud?" she chided. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Naw, shit naw," he mumbled, drinking in the sight of her luscious, naked body. His cock wobbled lewdly as she gazed at her golden haired cunt and the wet sliver of pink meat that peeked through the dense blonde.

"Get on the bed, Rory," she and cooed, softening her tone automatically as her own excitement soared. "With all of your worldly experience, I'm sure you like to eat pussy."

"Well, really, lady, only a few times, but."

She didn't allow him to finish the stammered words. She climbed over him and pressed him down flat on his back. Without hesitating, she crawled up and straddled his face.

"Show me how much you like my pussy, Rory," she purred, pressing her wet cunt down firmly on his mouth. "Show me what you can do."

The boy gasped under her and thrashed his its wildly, unsure initially as the blonde-haired pussy abruptly covered his face. Then, almost in self-defense, he gulped and munched on her plump pussy flap. He made strange choking sounds at first as he accustomed himself to her suffocating cunt.

Electric jolts of pleasure shot through Irene's clit as the boy's awkward mouthing fired her horny membranes. She shifted around on his face, rubbing her juicy cunt against his lips, chin and nose. Her pussy convulsed and slits felt the immediate willing of rich nectar from her cunt hole onto his slurping mouth. The sexy blonde arched her back and shrieked as the incredible orgasm rocked her senses.

At the same time, the boy seemed to catch on to a proper rhythm of tongue-stroking and licking, adding to Irene's ecstasy. As her body shuddered, she turned around on his face, ducked down across his squirming body and eagerly popped his huge cock into her wet mouth.

Rory's groan of pleasure caused wondrous vibrations throughout Irene's spasming cunt channel, and he was instantly rewarded with more gushing cunt honey. As he drank down the horny housewife's pussy juice, Irene slobbered over his jutting prick.

She feasted hungrily on young fuckmeat, marveling at the mammoth size of the prick. Her fingers busily and frantically milked his come bloated balls as she nursed on his cock. She bobbed her head up and down, sliding her moist lips over the long length of his fuckmeat.

When he blasted his thick load into her mouth, Irene groaned passionately and choked it down her throat, unaware of Pete standing in the doorway, pumping his own hard prick furiously in his fist and grinning in lewd excitement at the erotic activity taking place on the bed.

Chapter FIVE

"You look real natural sucking a cock," Pete said, chuckling as he moved toward the bed.

Irene was stunned and practically choked on Rory's rich spunk as she jerked her head up and saw Pete strolling toward her. He was still holding his rigid cock in his right hand, and he was making it obvious that he intended to use it on her.

"Pete!" she gasped. "What are you doing here!"

He shrugged and started stripping off his shirt and slacks. "Had to check on my kid," he said. "Besides, I knew you're a big girl who shouldn't have much trouble taking care of a boy and his old man." He winked as he finished stripping. "You should be more careful about locking your backdoor. Especially with your husband out of town."

Almost as an afterthought, Irene moved off the teenager and fought to recover from the shock of Pete's surprised appearance. Rory blinked up sheepishly at his dad, his boyish face smeared with the horny blonde's cunt cream.

"She's everything I said she was, right, kid?" Pete said to his son, flashing an ear-to-ear grin.

The boy licked his lips and nodded eagerly. "You bet, Dad," he said, reaching over and rubbing Irene's shapely ass. "She's a real tiger."

Irene listened to this father and son reunion with blinking dismay. Still, she couldn't ignore the surge of excitement swelling inside her body. Two cocks, she had heard, were better than one. The small fact that she was between a boy and his dad only made the situation more erotically appealing.

"She's about to be a well-fucked tiger," Pete said, snickering as he stepped to the foot of the bed and wiggled his prick at Irene. "Crawl over here, honey, and put your lips around this little fella."

Irene obeyed, actually crawling over the bed on her hands and knees until she managed to lean forward and swirl her tongue over Pete's engorged prick-knob. She lapped at it like a dog tongue-swiping a bone. Residue of Rory's come still moistened her lips as she tongued Pete's cockhead. Erotic shudders caused her body to sway and tremble as she licked and nibbled on the tip end of Pete's prick.

Seconds later, she felt Rory's hands delving curiously over her upturned round ass and occasionally exploring between her trembling, naked thighs. He was tickling her puffy, juicy cuntlips from behind when she gulped Pete's cockhead inside her mouth.

Irene moaned as she feasted on Pete's cockknob. At the same time, Rory was becoming bolder and bolder behind her. She shivered joyously when the boy slid a finger over her clit and started to toy with her swollen button. Then, he sank a finger into her tight, deep cunt canal, feeling the soft, slick walls.

Irene, keeping her lips clamped around Pete's cockhead, glanced up at the older man's proud expression. It was apparent that he approved of his son's wanton probing, and Irene couldn't deny the churning sensations swirling through her cunt as the teenager toyed with her.

Pete held Irene's face between his hands and started pumping his prick deeper into her receptive mouth. "That's the way, honey," he rasped. "Take all of my cock inside your mouth. This is all so damn educational for the kid."

There was no way Irene could forget about the boy behind her. She expressed her soaring ecstasy by slobbering and sucking wildly on Pete's cock, but Rory's cunt-fingering was driving her into a passionate frenzy. The boy skewered his finger in and out of her pussy in urgent little jabs, and her greedy pussy sucked and squeezed on the poking digit.

She groaned and rolled her head in small circles while securely gripping Pete's prick between her lips. All the while, Pete drove his cock harder and deeper into her mouth, fucking her beautiful face with mounting intensity.

"This is great, Dad." Rory said as he shoved his finger in and out of the blonde's syrupy pussy. "Shit, I never knew visiting you would be so much fun."

"Glad to hear that, Son," Pete said hoarsely, his prick surging inside Irene's sucking mouth. "You having fun back there?"

"You bet!" the boy gushed, suddenly withdrawing his finger from Irene's aunt and skating through her asscrack. "I'm getting hornier than hell!"

"Do something about it," Pete chuckled, tightening his grip on Irene's head and pumping his cock faster into her mouth. "This little lady is craving it."

Irene uttered a tiny squeal as Rory suddenly poked his cunt-juiced finger into her shitter. Automatically, she lunged forward, gulping more of Pete's cock inside her mouth than she had planned. She gagged momentarily as the older man's fuck-knob struck the back of her throat. At the same time, her buttery tight asshole clamped around the teenager's invading pain-pleasure that finger and she felt the scaring accompanied any initial penetration of her brownie.

Irene's heart pounded with wanton excitement. She continued to squirm helplessly as the boy's bold finger sank deeper into her ass, roaming her ticklish shit-chute. Pete thrust his prick in and out of her mouth. Being in the middle of this lewd sexual sandwich seized her with a strange exhilaration. The very shamelessness of her helpless position and being forced into such a perverted situation in which her wildest fantasies could be performed, caused her smoldering passions to boil and overflow.

"Her asshole is so hot and tight!" Rory hissed in hoarse awe. "I don't know which one to fuck."

Pete laughed. "Fuck 'em both," he said, stroking Irene's soft, blonde hair as he fucked her face in slow, deep strokes. "It won't matter to her. She just needs a hard cock shoved inside her. Let's don't disappoint the lady."

Rory giggled as he suddenly withdrew his finger from the horny housewife's ass and braced himself behind her on his knees. A moment later, Irene shivered as she felt the boy's mammoth cockhead rubbing against her upturned cunt. His bloated, slick prickflesh grazed her wet, pink pussy pulp as he rubbed his fuck-knob deeper and deeper into her cunt gash.

She groaned and sighed and squealed when the boy finally left his cockhead lodged against her spasming cunt. She munched furiously on Pete's cock even as Rory pressed his prick-knob harder against her pussy opening. The boy's hands rested on her upturned asscheeks, bracing himself for the sudden thrust. Then, without warning, the boy fucked his cockhead into the slippery tight channel, quickly stuffing his fuckmeat halfway into her pussy.

The tremendous bulk of the boy's fuckmeat crammed into her pussy chamber made Irene shriek. The guttural sounds ripping through her throat sounded around Pete's pumping prick as her cunt hole opened up to the invading slab of teenaged cock.

"Ahhhhh, shit, this is the fucking best!" the teenager grunted, driving his huge cock deeper and deeper into the seething cunt canal. "It's so fucking tight!"

"Wait till you fuck her ass!" Pete said.

The boy's enormous prick tore through the shuddering cunthole, clogging Irene's quaking fuck-tunnel. The lusty blonde continued to shriek and cry as her pussy was forced to take more fuckmeat than ever before.

She swooned and almost passed out when, suddenly, Pete's cock jumped inside her mouth and sect a thick shower of spunk straight down her throat. She choked down the older man's load, gasping and panting and sobbing as her pussy burned and churned against the teenager's invading prick.

"I'm taking care of one end, Son!" Pete announced through grunts and growls. "You just keep giving her pussy a real workout!"

Rory's fingers dug into the flesh of her asscheeks as he fucked his cock in and out of the blonde's sizzling cunt. He hissed and moaned, his entire body trembling with raw passion as he fucked her cunt front behind.

With his load jetting into Irene's mouth, Pete lowered his hands from her head and reached forward to grip her dangling, huge tits. He squeezed and caressed the sensitive, jiggling tits as she drank down his foamy wad.

Meanwhile, Rory was picking up the tempo of his fucking, hammering his giant prick in and out of the blonde's convulsing cunt. Wild tremors rocked Irene's body as volcanic-like explosions occurred in the depths of her cock stuffed pussy. The lewd sounds of the boy's cock fucking in and out of her juicy cunt mingled with the noise of her squeals and pants as she battled to choke down Pete's streaming load of jizz.

Orgasms swelled up inside her cunt, then exploded violently. Her pussy shook and shuddered and spasmed, jerking the boy's prick along on the wild ride. Her cuntwalls sealed around his imbedded prick as her slick fuck juice flooded her cunt tunnel. She cried out, gargling Pete's come in the process.

"Drink every drop, you horny slut!" Pete rasped, chuckling hoarsely as he massaged Irene's tits. "Don't waste any of it!"

Irene wailed with delight as her orgasms overwhelmed her. Then, unexpectedly, the boy jerked his big cock from her grasping cunthole and wasted no time ramming his prick against her snug asshole. At the same time, Pete whipped his wilting cock from her mouth, causing the blonde's face to drop to the bed. Rory kept her ass and cunt propped up on shaky knees with his prick.

"It'll kill me!" she panted huskily, clawing at the bedcovers with her fingernails and tossing her head from side to side as the boy stuffed his huge cockhead into her tight asshole. "Ooohhh, please, take it slow and easy!"

"Give it to her, Son," Pete encouraged with a snicker. "She's begging for it."

The boy didn't lessen the pressure until his swollen cockhead popped into her gripping shitter. Irene bellowed an animal-like squeal as her tortured little asshole was forced to accept the huge cock-knob. She quivered and quaked and felt the sizzling pain-pleasure of the invasion. Clawing at the sheets and shrieking, Irene squirmed and contorted, trying to dodge the inevitable penetration of the boy's mammoth fuckmeat.

"Ooohhhh, no, no, noooo!" she wailed, dragging her tits across the sheets as Rory's cock plugged hey asshole. "It's splitting me in two! Please, stop! Stop before your cock rips my ass in two!"

"Don't let her bullshit you, Son," Pete said, his eyes large and excited as he stared at the lusty scene. Already, his drained prick was beginning to twitch into fresh, aroused life. "Fuck her ass! She loves it!"

Rory's lust-contorted face spread into a lewd grin of satisfaction as he fucked his cock into her ass-guts. Irene's wails rang through the house, and her whole body smoldered from the electrical jolts of surprising sensations that gradually swept through her. There was no escaping his huge cock, and her struggles faded as glorious pleasure took over.

"Oh, ohhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck my ass with your big prick! Yes, yyeeessss! Fuck my ass, you young stud! Fuck my ass!"

Pete laughed huskily as his son fucked in and out of Irene's upturned ass. The horny blonde shrieked and squealed as the boy's tremendous cock fucked in and out of her buttery, flexing shitter.

Pure ecstasy engulfed Irene as she endured several rapid-fire, mind-blowing orgasms. Her pussy convulsed and shuddered, gushing her juices as her asshole milked vigorously on the pile-driving fuckmeat. She couldn't believe her tiny asshole could capture the full, wide size of Rory's huge cock, but the feeling overwhelmed her. Her squeals grew louder and more hoarse as the series of spasms erupted throughout her pussy.

Rots cock leaped inside her shit-chute and Irene bellowed another guttural cry. In the next instant, the teenager blasted his load. His heaving cock, imbedded to the hilt inside her ass, shot frothy spurts of rich boy-jizz into her.

She pressed her face flat on the bed and muffled her screams of pleasure with the bedcovers, still clawing at the sheets as if to steady the wild gyrations whipping her body in every direction.

The teenager rode her ass down onto the bed, his big cock lodged firmly inside her spasming asshole. Their moans gradually reduced to whimpers, each signaling personal pleasure fulfilled.

"My turn!" Pete snapped, grabbing Irene's arms and tugging her across the big bed.

Rory giggled as he yanked his cock out of the curvaceous blonde's ass and rolled over onto his back, still savoring the wonderful fucking. Irene glimpsed the smiling teenager before focusing her attention on the boy's father. Pete was rolling her over on her back and quickly climbing between her legs. His cock, still glistening with her saliva, was once again twitching and wobbling in a sturdy hard-on, his arousal obviously stirred by the lewd show he had watched between her son and his son.

Irene wasn't sure she could handle another cock right now, but she realized she had little choice. Pete wasn't asking. He was determined to fuck her.

"Oooohhhhh, Pete, let me rest!" she pleaded, whimpering.

He didn't respond except to excitedly fuck his long cock into her pussy. She groaned as his cock sank deep into her. His body smacked against hers, and she gasped as his crotch stuck her cuntlips. She yelped as he immediately jerked his cock back out, only to fuck back into her juicy cunthole.

Despite the recent orgasms that had rocked her tender cunt canal, Irene was amazed at how familiar lusty sensations resurfaced. Her pussy, still slick from earlier climaxes, shuddered with renewed arousal. Her pussy sucked and milked the invading prick.

"Gettin' your money's worth tonight, baby!"

Pete hissed, grinning as he fucked into her.

He fucked her in a frenzy, rearing and plunging as if racing to make his pleasure peak. Meanwhile, Irene loved the harsh impacts of his deep, hard fuck-strokes. The jolts of building ecstasy made her tits quiver along with her pussy, and she knew she had a long way to go before the two studs would have her all fucked out.

She locked her arms around Pete's neck and drew him lower. She felt his panting mouth closing in on her heaving tits, and she squealed with delight when he finally chomped on one of her stiff nipples with his teeth and lips. He chewed on the tasty tit-bud, thrilling the horny housewife and driving her to the very edge of consciousness. She pressed his face down onto her tit, anxiously feeding him her tingling tit as she humped her pussy and bounced her ass up and down.

"Yes, Pete, oh, yyyyessss!" she breathed. "Fuck me! Keep fucking me! I can't get enough! Oh, God, help me, I can't get enough!"

Her belly rippled and her pussy squeezed and spumed around his pounding fuckmeat. Her hoarse pleas faded, replaced by gasping pants and whimpers as she banged back against his fucking cock, wantonly impaling her pussy on Pete's long prick.

Impulsively, she grabbed for Rory's semi hard cock and possessively squeezed his prick in her fist. She started pumping the teenager's prick furiously as the boy's father fucked his own cock in and out of her climaxing cunt.

Irene was in a world of total sensuality. Her whole reality was comprised of the wild sensations flowing though her body. She squealed and yelped and screamed as Pete grunted and shot his boiling load into her womb. A second later, Rory's prick swelled in her flying fist and spewed a thin river of jizz into her face.

Irene yelled as her own orgasm carried her into a vortex of mindless pleasure. She glowed as the boy's spunk showered her face and Pete's jism filled her pussy.

She was still gasping and trembling when the bedside phone rang. It was Dan saying how much he missed her and how he couldn't wait to get home to her.

"Oh, me too, darling!" she panted. "I'm so lonesome!"

Chapter SIX

A week later, when Pete took Rory home to his mother, Irene was momentarily relieved. Pete and his teenaged son had become constant visitors in her bedroom whenever Dan was at work. Her evenings with her husband remained passionate, but the sexual exhaustion was beginning to get to her. Irene worried that her husband would start to suspect something if her wanton affair with the neighborhood father and son combo continued.

Two days after Pete and Rory had left town, however, Irene was missing them. She hadn't realized how addicted she had become to the teenage stud's enormous prick and his father's lusty appetite. Dan was still the loving, horny husband, but Irene could only enjoy him after work. She had, admittedly, become accustomed to regular fucking, and the days now seemed to drag by with agonizing slowness and boredom.

It was the middle of just such an endless, boring afternoon when the phone rang, interrupting Irene's daily masturbation ritual. As if caught in the act, Irene gasped and jerked her fingers from her gooey, sticky cunt at the first sound of the phone. She blushed self-consciously, wiped her slick fingers on the bed sheets and grabbed the phone.

"Irene? This is Michelle," the feminine voice said through the phone after Irene had answered it. "Have you seen Pete Howell lately?"

The sudden question startled the blonde housewife. Her heart pounded and her mind reeled as she struggled to give her neighbor a proper answer. She wasn't anxious to telegraph to the neighborhood her own recent involvement with the local Romeo, and she knew from gossip that Michelle Daniels was one of a long list of neighborhood women Pete fucked regularly.

"Not in a couple of days, Michelle," Irene said slowly. "I think he's gone to try and patch things up with his ex-wife."

"I was afraid of that," Michelle said, a sigh coming through the phone receiver. "I knew his kid was in town. I might have known that bitch would send her kid here to lure Pete back to her."

"I wouldn't know about that," Irene said innocently, trying to calm her racing pulse.

"Sure, I bet," Michelle scoffed with a snicker. "If you aren't busy, honey, I'd like to drop by. I was on my way to the store, but I'd like to have a little chat with you."

"Well, Michelle, I'm busy and..."

"Won't take a minute of your time, honey," Michelle persisted. "Besides, you and I have too much in common not to become friends."

The phone went dead before Irene could respond. Now her nervousness leaped as she hung up the phone and hurried to make herself presentable to her unwelcome guest.

Michelle Daniels was a curvy brunette in her late twenties who, Irene had heard through neighborhood gossip, had been a model before meeting and marrying her husband. Michelle's husband was in his fifties and, according to the rumors, had won Michelle's heart due primarily to his senior position with a local hardware store chain. The hardware chain was known for rewarding long-time employees with liberal retirement benefits, and it was an open secret that Michelle was anxious to help her husband enjoy his generous retirement benefits to the fullest. In the meantime, Michelle had been filling her days engaged in a torrid relationship with Pete Howell. It was clear to Irene as she slipped on shorts and a t-shirt and brushed her long hair that Michelle was hinting about that when she had mentioned the common link between the two women.

Michelle arrived five minutes later, stepping into Irene's house with an aloofness that put the younger woman immediately on the defensive. The brunette appraised Irene openly with a smirky expression, as if sizing up the competition, then helped herself to a chair in the living room.

"Let's don't waste time, Irene," Michelle said frankly, lighting a cigarette and blowing the smoke toward the blonde. "We've both been fucking Pete, and now there's a chance the bastard will go back to his ex-wife. Now, where would that leave the two of us?"

After recovering from the shock of the older woman's boldness, Irene had to chuckle. She couldn't believe this was happening. It struck her as outrageously funny. Also, strangely, she felt a twinkling of admiration for the older woman who spoke so plainly and openly.

"I don't think there's much we can do about it, Michelle," the blonde said finally, sitting opposite the brunette and meeting her stony gaze with a smile. "What Pete does is his business."

"Don't be stupid," Michelle snapped. "I'm not anxious to give up the prick just because he's got some romantic notion of becoming a father to his kid and a husband to the boy's mother again." Michelle's brown eyes narrowed as she peered straight at the blonde. "I don't think you are eager to stop fucking Pete either."

"Actually, I miss the boy more than Pete," Irene blurted before she could stop herself.

Immediately, Irene was thrilled by the obvious shock that spread across the brunette's startled face. Irene's blurted statement had produced the desired result. Shocking Michelle for a change had been well-worth it.

Michelle's shocked expression gradually crumbled into a lewd grin. A husky giggle escaped the older woman's throat, followed quickly by a booming laugh.

"Shit! You aren't lying!" Michelle said through her laughter. "You actually were fucking the kid. I heard the rumors but I brushed it off as general bullshit. Most of the sluts in this neighborhood watch too many soap operas, I figured. But, fuck, you were really fucking them both the whole time the kid was here."

Irene smiled and nodded as the older woman continued to laugh. "And you don't know what you missed, Michelle," Irene had to add.

The laughter gradually faded, then Michelle eyed Irene with a thin-lipped smile. "I've underestimated you all along, honey. That's a mistake I'll never make again."

"How about a drink?" Irene said suddenly, standing.

"Something strong and straight," the brunette snapped, also standing and following Irene into the kitchen. "I'm deciding if I should give you a toast or something."

Irene giggled girlishly as she poured bourbon into two cocktail glasses and handed one to her guest. "Forget the toast, just tell me why you're so worried about Pete and what he does. You can get any guy you want."

It was certainly true, Irene thought, as she gazed at the tall, shapely brunette. Her rich complexion gave Michelle an exotic, sensual look that Irene didn't miss. The older woman's figure was more in tune with that of a nude model than a fashion model. Michelle's full, ripe tits pressed against her blouse, creating a generous bulge that Irene also didn't miss.

The woman's eyes locked momentarily before Michelle laughed quietly and spoke. "Maybe I just got used to Pete," she said, her voice husky and deep and as richly smooth as her skin. "He was a convenient diversion. Hell, the stud gave me some wild fucks."

Irene grinned and nodded, reflecting on her own experiences with the lusty neighbor. At the same time, she felt a small feeling of sorrow for Michelle. It was apparent Michelle's marriage wasn't as solid as Irene's. For Michelle, apparently, Pete had filled quite a void. Michelle did have the look of a very passionate woman, and Irene guessed a much older husband would have trouble satisfying such a constant need.

"Tell me about the kid," Michelle suddenly blurted, her pretty face beaming a lewd smile. "He as good as his old man?"

"Better!" Irene gushed, chuckling.

The blonde housewife went on to describe in vivid detail the boy's gigantic prick. Michelle was instantly intrigued and begged for even more details. When Irene described the first threesome that she, Rory and Pete had enjoyed, the sensual brunette panted in arousal.

"Shit, that makes my pussy wet," she whispered, squeezing her long legs together and clutching her own big tits through her blouse. "I miss all the good stuff," she added, pouting in such a way that made Irene giggle.

"Mine, too," Irene admitted. "Just thinking about it turns me on."

A strange silence followed as the two women gazed into each other's eyes. Irene felt a slow blush seep over her face as her pulse began to quicken. She didn't understand what was happening to herself, but she recognized the familiar signals of mounting passion. Before she realized it, Irene found herself viewing the pretty brunette in a way that she had never before looked at another woman. It was an odd, disquieting feeling, but not at all distressing.

"I can see why Pete went after you," Michelle whispered, moving slowly up to Irene.

Strange impulses tugged at Irene's inner nerves as she made a cautious step closer to the brunette.

The melted together in a natural embrace. Their lips met and Irene trembled as she received the older woman's prying tongue into her moist mouth. She sucked on Michelle's darting tongue and groaned, rubbing her body against the brunette's. Electrical flashes flared throughout her body as she touched feminine flesh.

Irene's mind reeled as all of her thoughts mingled. Her senses immediately overloaded, and the horny blonde didn't consider that she was passionately kissing and holding another woman. All that mattered to her were the sensations zipping through her, and the strong impulses directing her to continue caressing the older woman's shapely ass.

When they broke off their kiss, their lust glazed eyes locked once again. Then, without speaking, they walked hand-in-hand toward the bedroom. Gently, each began stripping off the other's clothes.

Irene couldn't think about what she was doing so willingly. All she knew was she craved the touch and embrace of this sensual brunette. Her body teemed with anticipation as she stood nude, watching until the luscious brunette was also naked. Irene continued to watch as the older woman sat on the edge of the bed.

Irene stepped up between the brunette's parted thighs and reached automatically for the older woman's enticing tits. The blonde had never touched another woman so intimately, and the new experience sent fresh chills of pleasure up and down her spine. Irene felt her knees become rubbery as she panted and hefted the big tits in her dainty hands.

Michelle moaned softly and reached up to cover Irene's hands with her own. She seemed to assist as Irene started caressing and fondling the brunette's luscious tits. The silky smooth titflesh seemed to scorch the blonde's fingertips, but Irene couldn't get enough of the touching and stroking.

At that moment, Michelle leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on Irene's flat belly. Irene shuddered and moaned and automatically squeezed the firm, huge tit-globes resting in her hands.

Michelle whimpered softly as she started licking her tongue down the blonde's belly. She tangled her tongue-tip in the furry patch of Irene's golden muff, and the blonde threw her head back and squealed.

Michelle wasted no time increasing the tempo of her tongue-lashing as she lapped through the dense forest of cunt hair. The experience overwhelmed Irene. Michelle's tongue-strokes had a gentle, tender quality that Irene had never known. Michelle's tongue-tip sliced perfectly up and down the blonde's creamy slit.

With the older woman's hot breath warming her cuntlips, pussy pulp and clit, Irene was quickly reduced to trembling flesh. She swooned throatily as she continued to fondle and squeeze Michelle's big tits.

"Kiss it, Michelle!" Irene rasped, tweaking the brunette's nipples. "Kiss my cunt! Oh, yes, yyyyeeeesss, kiss it! Oooohh, that's so nice!"

Michelle reached her arms around and gripped the blonde's round ass as she pressed her face firmly against Irene's cunt. At the same time, she flicked her tongue wildly, lapping up the syrupy goo that clung to the blonde's flexing pussy meat.

"Oh, yes, oooohhhh, my God!" Irene shrieked, sensations whipping every nerve in her body. "Aaahhhhh, yyyeeessss, lick my pussy!"

Michelle made loud slurping sounds as she heartily feasted on the blonde's delicious cunt. The older woman used her tongue like a small cock, rubbing it deeper and deeper between the puffy cuntlips, then shoving her stiffened tongue against the blonde's twitching clit. She toyed with Irene's sensitive clit for several seconds, making the blonde shriek and gasp in ecstasy. Finally, the brunette sucked the hard little button between her moist lips, held it firmly and lashed her tongue back and forth across the trapped bud.

Irene strained to stand on her toes and elevate herself just enough to impale her pussy on the brunette's stabbing tongue. She wobbled and swayed as she managed the slight move, and was rewarded instantly as Michelle ducked her head and poked her tongue up into Irene's churning cunthole.

Irene yelled and savored the glorious pleasures that swept through her. She didn't stop to think about why she had so readily taken to lesbian sex. All she cared about at the moment was soaking up the exquisite sensations bombarding her.

She felt a fierce orgasm boiling up in the depths of her pussy, and Irene started to rotate her hips and ass in fast little circles. She yelped and gasped and humped her cunt against Michelle's snaking tongue.

Just as the climax rumbled through her cunt channel, Irene screamed, feeling one of Michelle's fingers drilling into her asshole. The horny blonde twitched and bucked, thrilling to the double invasion attacking her curvaceous body. Her twin holes were being plugged by the amazing brunette, and Irene couldn't get enough of the wanton treatment.

Her orgasm sent a river of clear, sticky nectar down, washing over the brunette's stabbing tongue, nibbling lips and rubbing chin. At the same time, Irene felt the searing sensations of Michelle's digit corkscrewing deeper and deeper into her tight asshole. Her hot asshole sucked up the driving finger, and her orgasm intensified.

Suddenly, driven by her own impulse to return the wonderful favor to the sexy brunette, Irene squeezed Michelle's tits and pushed her back onto the bed. The brunette fell easily, her legs falling open wide. Irene slid down the brunette's body, dragging her soupy cunt over the feminine flesh until she was kneeling at the edge of the bed, her own hot mouth inches from the dark-haired pussy.

Irene whiffed the sweet aroma of the older woman's cunt. She trembled in excited anticipation as she pressed her face into the honey glistening cunt. Going on pure instinct, Irene flicked her tongue through the puffy folds of the older woman's pussy, tasting the sweet-salty cunt meat and loving it when the brunette reacted immediately with wails.

Irene felt the brunette's thighs close around her head, locking her face in a velvety vise as she lapped her tongue up and down the juicy cunt gash. It was so strange to be tonguing a pussy, but Irene thrilled to the lewd action. If only Dan could see her now! The shocking thought had come from a dark corner of her mind, momentarily freezing her.

When she once again began swabbing the brunette's cunt with her tongue, Irene seemed excited by the outlandish prospect of her husband watching her perform such blatant lesbo activities. She sensed that Dan would be as excited by it as she was in performing.

Irene wiggled her tongue deep inside Michelle's churning cunt chamber and gulped down the spilling gobs of syrup. The fleecy hair of Michelle's cunt muff tickled her lips and chin as Irene plunged her tongue as far as possible into the older woman's cunt.

Michelle yelled and humped furiously, slamming her pussy hard into Irene's face. She timed her movements to meet the blonde's tongue strokes as if a stiff cock was fucking in and out of her pussy.

Her orgasm rattled through her long, shapely body, and Irene kept her lips glued to the brunette's climaxing cunt. She sucked deeply, drawing every bit of Michelle's nectar into her mouth and swallowing greedily.

When Irene had gulped all of Michelle's steamy juice she crawled up over the brunette's body and immediately started licking Michelle's stiff nipples. She swirled her juice-slick tongue over the plump, pink tit-tips, moving eagerly from one to the other. She wiggled around on top of the brunette's curvy body, relishing the gentle caresses Michelle employed over her back and ass.

Eventually, the two women stared into each other's face and kissed passionately. Irene tasted the residue of her own cunt juices on the older woman's lips and tongue, and it sent shivers of pleasure all over her.

"I've never done anything like this before," Irene admitted quietly several minutes later.

Michelle grinned sheepishly into the young blonde's face and delicately brushed a blonde curl away from Irene's eyes with her fingertips. "That makes two of us," Michelle said, once again shocking Irene. "It just sort of seemed to come naturally."

Irene nodded, not knowing what to say. She didn't worry too much, however, about becoming a true lesbo. Already she was warming to the idea of bringing her husband into her next scene with Michelle. She guessed that Michelle wouldn't object. And she knew her husband was the sort of man who would believe fucking two cunts was better than one.

Chapter SEVEN

On Friday evening Irene met Dan at the backdoor when he arrived home from work. Irene greeted her husband with a sexy grin and an affectionate kiss. She was wearing nothing beneath her light weight blue gown, and Dan eagerly, fondled his wife's ripe tits through the flimsy material as he tongued her hot mouth.

"Now this is the way to start a weekend," Dan said, rolling Irene's stiff, pink nipples between his fingertips. "You must've been reading my mind, baby. I've been dreaming about your sweet body all day."

"Hold the happy thought, dear boy," Irene teased, grabbing his hand and leading him toward the bedroom. "I've really got a surprise for you."

Convincing Michelle to share Dan for the evening had been almost too easy. Irene, in fact, even felt a flutter of jealousy when she whispered her scheme to the lusty brunette. Michelle's eyes had gaped wide and bright, and she had admitted that she had often fantasized fucking Dan. It was Irene's first experience with knowing another woman wanted her husband. Pride mixed with jealousy, leaving Irene suddenly unsure about her wanton scheme. She wasn't sure if she could enjoy watching another woman making love to her husband's cock. After all, Dan had belonged to her, and now she was going to see another woman share him. It was slightly unsettling, but the horny blonde felt she couldn't back out of the scheme. Frankly, she worried that, with the notion planted in Michelle's mind, the experienced brunette might seduce Dan anyway. At least this way, Irene reasoned, she would be present and able to see whatever Dan and Michelle did together.

"Looks like you two are already pretty well acquainted," Dan said with a raspy chuckle as he tugged off his shoes and slacks. "How long has this been going on between you two?"

"Mmmmmmm, not nearly long enough," Michelle cooed as Irene continued to tickle the brunette's nipples with her tongue. "Your wife has been bragging about you, Danny. Hurry up and show me what she's been talking about."

Dan smiled, his eyes feasting on the wanton sight of his wife eagerly tongue-lapping the shapely brunette's nipples. Quickly, he was naked, his hard cock wobbling out from his groin, throbbing automatically.

"You'll have to stop bragging about me, honey, to your friends," Dan teased as he approached the bed. "You might disappoint some lady."

"So far this lady isn't disappointed," Michelle snickered, boldly reaching for Dan's jutting prick. She wrapped her fingers around the thick fuck shaft and moaned. "I can almost feel it inside my cunt right now."

"Well, feel it inside your mouth first," Dan said, crawling onto the bed and shoving his prick toward the brunette's face. "Irene probably told you that I call the shots in my house. That won't change now."

"Mmmmm, I like a man who masters," Michelle cooed as Irene giggled happily.

Irene sat up and watched as Michelle eagerly gulped Dan's cockhead into her mouth. The sexy blonde housewife was suddenly more proud of her husband than ever before. Her heart was pounding mightily and her pulse raced. She felt her pussy throb in anticipation as she started tweaking her own nipples. At that moment, she loved Dan more than ever.

Man and wife exchanged fast glances and traded winks as Dan gripped Michelle's long dark hair and pulled her face closer to his rigid cock. He forced the brunette to take more of his prick inside her wet, hot mouth, then began fucking his cock in and out. He jerked his hips as he fucked his prick into the older woman's mouth.

"She's good, isn't she, darling?" Irene whispered to her husband, licking her lips as she watched.

"She's done this before, that's for sure!" Dan snickered, dropping a hand down to Michelle's huge tits. He massaged the plump titflesh and stabbed his prick against Michelle's throat. "Slick it up good, Michelle. I want my cock wet and hot for Irene's pussy."

"What about me!" Michelle gasped, suddenly spitting lug prick out of her mouth.

"I'm doing all the work round here!"

Dan and Irene chuckled. "Relax, baby," Dan said soothingly. "I'm thinking of putting my face in your pussy."

"Well, shit, that's more like it!" Michelle yelped, clapping her hands in girlish gee. "What are we waiting for?"

The lusty brunette fell back on the bed and spread her long legs wide. She rubbed the insides of her thighs provocatively and seductively, allowing her fingertips to trace the outline of her own hairy cunt.

"You'll love it, honey," Irene whispered, her excitement raging. "Michelle's cunt is good enough to eat."

Dan flashed his wife a surprised expression then playfully pushed her down beside the brunette. He knelt on the bed between the two women and stuck a finger into his wife's cunthole. Irene moaned and immediately began rotating her hips in small circles, humping gently back at his fucking finger.

"Oh, oohhhh, darling, don't tease me," Irene pleaded in a whimpering tone. "Fuck me. Fuck me with your marvelous cock. I want Michelle to see your prick sliding into my wet pussy. Please, honey, fuck me now!"

"Yes, Dan! Oh, yes, fuck her! Fuck her pussy hard and deep!" Michelle rasped, her wide eyes aglow with raunchy excitement. "Get that cock in her pussy. Make her scream for it!"

Both women grabbed wildly for Dan's cock, and the horny man merely chuckled as they pawed his prick and balls. His cock twitched under their desperate caresses, but he continued to stall, making them boil.

He leaned forward and played with both pairs of tits, pinching and pulling on the two sets of pink, stiff nipples, making each woman gasp and squeal with delight. He roamed his hands leisurely down over their bodies, thrilling to the smooth, silky flesh stretched put in front of him. He tangled his fingertips in the two cunt bushes.

"Aaahhhhh, you wonderful bastard!" Michelle sighed, bucking her ass up and down and impaling her pussy on Dan's finger.

"Fuck both of us, Danny!" Irene blurted, humping up and down and hearing the lewd sounds of her husband's fingers fucking in and out of the juicy cunts. "Fuck us, darling! We want it so bad!"

"All in good time, my dear," he chided with a smirk.

Irene gaped at the horny sight of her husband's rock-hard prick glistening with Michelle's spit against her flying fingers. Pride swelled inside her as she realized how much her handsome young husband was also turning on the sophisticated Michelle. The older woman was panting and squirming deliriously with desire, and it was Irene's husband that she craved!

Irene was so horny she could hardly stand it. She started to obey her horny husband, but altered her plans at the last minute. She straddled one of his muscular thighs instead and lowered her mouth to his cockhead. Her tongue swirled up and down the length of his prick, licking and slurping, wetting the entire surface of his fuckmeat. She sucked out a few drops of his pre-come fluid and gulped greedily before returning her attention to the underside of his cockshaft. She fluttered her tongue-tip furiously up and down the veiny surface, moving from his balls up to the tip of his cock.

Meanwhile, Michelle didn't have to be told twice what to do. She eagerly climbed astride Dan's face and pressed her bushy pussy onto his face. She shifted her weight slightly, rubbing her cunt into place over his nibbling lips, then squealed as Dan flicked his tongue over the creamy folds of her curt.

The lewd sight encouraged Irene to increase the tempo of her cocksucking, and the lusty blonde did just that. She suddenly gulped her husband's balls, into her hot mouth and munched leisurely on them. She thrilled to the fullness of his meaty balls as she swabbed her tongue against them. Then, anxiously, she freed them from her mouth and gulped his cockhead back into her mouth while rubbing her juicy pussy up and down on his leg. She licked and sucked on his prick as she thrilled to the sensations of his rougher skin against her soft pussy.

Irene groaned throatily through her cock clogged mouth as she started to rub her twitching clit back and forth against her husband's thigh. She rode his leg like a huge, hairy log, savoring the rapidly building fire raging inside her cunt canal. At the same time, she kept glancing up to watch as Michelle swayed and gyrated atop Dan's face.

Irene felt her own orgasm coming before she could react. In the next instant, she came on her husband's thigh, washing down his leg with her thick, clear cuntal nectar. She sucked harder and faster on his prick and squealed as the pleasure flooded her.

Almost immediately, Michelle started to pant as her shapely body tensed and convulsed. The brunette leaned forward and braced herself and continued to squeal and cry in ecstasy as Dan slurped up her gushing cunt juices.

"Ooohhhhh, shit, that's great!" Michelle wailed, bucking her pussy and ass across Dan's face. "Ooohh, yyyyeeeesss, bite my clit! Yyyeessss, ooohhhhh, fucking yes!"

Dan nibbled her clit with his teeth and that action sent another river of fuck juice over his face. Again and again Michelle's cunt convulsed and spasmed as he stabbed his tongue up into her fuck tunnel.

The sights and sounds and sensations were too much for Irene. The horny blonde could no longer resist stuffing her husband's fat cock up her spasming pussy. She climbed wildly above his groin and aimed her puffy, creamy cunt at his engorged fuck-knob. In the next instant, she dropped her weight and impaled herself on the sturdy cockhead.

She threw her head back and shrieked a cry of pure passion. Her sizzling pussymeat split apart and gripped the bloated knob in a firm grip. Dan chose that precise moment to jerk his hips and fuck his cock deeper into his wife's flexing cunthole. Irene's bellowing shrieks grew louder and more hoarse as his fuckmeat pistoned up all the way into her syrupy pussy.

"Aaahhhhhhhh!" Irene shrieked, her big tits bouncing up and down on her heaving chest as her pussy clutched at the hot, hard prick. "Ooohhh God, I can't get enough of your cock!"

She rubbed her pelvic bone against her husband's, grinding her cunt down on the base of his prick. She had totally engulfed his cock, taking his prick to the hilt inside her smoldering, churning fuckhole.

Gradually, as she overcame the initial wave of ecstasy, she blinked open her eyes and focused on the smiling, serene expression covering Michelle's lovely face. The older woman was obviously still gripped in the glorious throes of her intense climaxes, and the sight ignited even more joy inside Irene's burning cunt.

The blonde watched intently as her friend squirmed her cunt over Dan's face, feeding him every bit of her juicy twat. At the same time, Irene thrilled to the way her own pussy clutched possessively on her husband's prick. She racked back and forth in a slow, erotic dance on her husband's prick, savoring the sensations of her pussy flexing and squeezing the hard, thick fuck shaft.

She whimpered and gasped as pleasure soared inside her, rushing her toward another fierce orgasm. Then, her eyes locked on Michelle's dreamy expression, and the two women passed an unspoken message between them.

It was a tender moment of intimate sharing as Michelle reached out and touched the blonde's big tits. At the same time, Irene started bouncing up and down on her husband's prick and returned Michelle's embrace. She clutched the brunette's tits in her hands, squeezing the plump tit-globes and pinching the pink nipples as she fucked Dan's cock.

The two women gradually leaned together until their moist lips met. They kissed passionately, eagerly as their bodies churned and contorted on top of Dan.

"Uuuunnngghhh, aahhhh!" Dan muttered, the full sounds of his cries muffled by the continuing flood of Michelle's cunt juice into his mouth and the pressing weight of the brunette's delicious pussy. "Aaahhhhhh, I'm coming!"

His prick spurted and leaped, shooting thick gobs of jism into his wife. He arched his back and ass, fucking his erupting prick deep into Irene's pussy passage as Irene shrieked and was tossed to and fro by her husband's wild gyrations.

The spunk shot from his cock and caused his body to toss and turn violently enough to throw Michelle off her perch. With a laughing squeal, the brunette fell across the bed, her big tits flopping and her shapely ass jiggling as she sprawled haplessly near Dan's head.

Irene squeezed her thighs and knees against her husband's hips and sides as her pussy greedily gobbled up his spurting jizz. She came and came again, thrilling to the vibrations storming the depths of her pussyhole. Her thick cunt soup drenched Dan's shooting prick, mingled with his white, searing load and created a rich lather on his crotch and balls.

Dazed by the thunderous multiple orgasms and the exquisite sensations of capturing his jetting come in her milking pussy made Irene topple forward over her husband. Her huge tits mashed against his heaving chest as she hugged herself against him. Her pussy continued to flex and squeeze his spurting prick, and the delirious blonde frantically kissed her husband's nectar smeared lips.

"Mmmmmm, that's sweet!" she cooed, tasting Michelle's cunt juice on Dan's lips, mouth and tongue.

"I know," Dan whispered hoarsely, grinning into his wife's beautiful, lust-contorted face. "And this is only Friday. We have the whole weekend ahead of us."

Irene shivered, the erotic chills ringing her nerves. Her cuntwalls squeezed Dan's leaking prick and she savored the feeling of his hot jizz seeping over her pussy tissues. She inhaled the intoxicating aroma of Michelle's cunt cream on her husband's face and nodded happily.

"The three of us can make a weekend seem like a lifetime," Irene breathed, basking in the warm glow of satisfaction.

Chapter EIGHT

"This beats cold hot dogs and warm beer, doesn't it?" Bill Jordan said, lazily tickling one of Irene's nipples.

Irene lay stretched out naked on the bed in Bill's apartment. She smiled when she thought about how he had come on to her yesterday at the company picnic. Her smile broadened as she realized how easily he had gotten her to his apartment and into his bed. It was true that she had always thought of Bill Jordan as a good looking stud, but Irene had never seriously imagined she would end up fucking the blond bachelor.

Bill Jordan worked with Dan and had recently received a promotion that made him Dan's immediate supervisor. Bill had a reputation, according to Dan, as the company playboy. But Irene suspected Bill's reputation was due more to the fact that he was the only bachelor among the male employees.

Bill was twenty-nine. He had curly blond hair and a lifeguard's tan and physique. At various company parties, he had occasionally flirted with Irene, but she had never taken his passes very serious. Bill flirted with all the young wives of other employees. But yesterday at the company picnic, his attentions to Irene had seemed more intense. When he had whispered his address to her and told her that he was off the next day, Irene had been surprised.

They lay back while Bill lazily played with her tits. Irene sighed happily, congratulating herself for following her impulse and taking Bill up on his proposal. She still managed to shock herself whenever she surrendered to her lusty instincts, and this was one of those occasions. After one glorious get-acquainted fuck, Irene felt like she'd known Bill for years.

"I've got a nice little surprise for you," Bill whispered.

Irene giggled. "What's left?" she chided. "You've given me all the surprises I can stand far one day."

"What would you say if I told you your husband might be dropping by a little later?" Bill said.

Irene gasped and sat up. "You wouldn't?" she asked, her heart suddenly pumping wildly.

"What's wrong?" Bill said, grinning. "Dan is a broad-minded guy. You think he'd be jealous?"

"Shit, yes," Irene snapped. "I've got to get out of here."

Irene's mind reeled. Bringing Dan into a sexual threesome with another woman was one thing, but having him walk in on his wife fucking a male co-worker was quite a different matter. Dan would be furious, she figured, and she wasn't anxious to ruin a perfectly good marriage just so Bill Jordan could get his strange kicks.

"Hey, take it easy," Bill said, pushing her back down on the bed. "We've got time before he shows up."

"Is Dan really coming here?" she demanded. Bill nodded. "He's coming after work to discuss a promotion. I've put in a good word for your hubby." Bill smiled and started stroking Irene's tits once. "I'm going to tell Dan how to handle it. He needs to know who to butter up and kiss up to. That's all. I just think it'll be nice if he sees how much his pretty little wife is helping his career by fucking the right people."

"Namely you," Irene stated flatly.

Bill snickered. "Right. Now you're catching on."

"I'm not sure Dan would appreciate this kind of help from me," Irene said.

"You worry too much," he said, moving a hand between her legs. "You and Dan have a strong manage. Have a little confidence in your old man, honey. He'll see that you're helping his career. Give him sonic credit."

He held her pussy with one hand and stroked her tits with the other. Irene spread her legs wide and let her thighs splay open. "You could have given me some warning," Irene pouted. "I just hope Dan doesn't go nuts and beat the shit out of both of us."

Bill laughed and nuzzled her tits while he stroked her cunt. "Your husband is the last of the wild men, baby," Bill said. "He'll get off on this kind of action. He knows he's got the sexiest little lady in town for a wife. I don't think he's so selfish that he won't share you. Especially, if he understands it's be for the good of his career."

Irene had to smile at Bill's remarks. She thought of how willing Dan had been to join her and Michelle in bed several days ago. The vivid memories brought a fresh glow to her lovely face and she moaned.

She reached for his prick and began squeezing his fuck shaft. She fondled his balls and felt his cock stir. She smiled again when she realized it was growing hard so soon after spurting a thick load of come into her pussy. It was great to be able to turn a man on. Irene knew she'd never get tired using her womanly charms to arouse a healthy, normal man.

"See what you do to me?" Bill chuckled, pointing to his hardening prick. "He likes you."

"He's just horny," Irene giggled, giving his thickening prickshaft another affectionate squeeze. "I think ha wants a little kiss, don't you?"

Bill smirked and winked, "I think that's a perfect idea."

She swooped down and run her tongue over the tight silken skin of big cockhead. She groaned as she tasted the manly cockflesh. She thrilled to the taste of his pre-come fluid just inside his pisser, and she used her tongue-tip deftly to scoop out the brimming juice.

Bill growled and squeezed his cock-root while she sucked his fuck-knob. She rested her cheek on his thigh while she lapped her tongue over his piss-hole, then swirled her tongue all around the mushroom dome, polishing it with his pre-come fluid and her saliva.

"Jerk me off for a while," he whispered, his voice urgent.

"Really?" she said, surprised by the request. "You've got my mouth and my pussy, but you want my hand?"

"Baby, I want every part of you," he laughed, taking her right hand and guiding down to his prick. "Jack me off nice and slow. Yeah, grip it tighter. That's it! Yeah, that's good!"

Irene watched her handiwork with a lopsided grin, pumping his thick cock in her fist. She marveled at how his cockshaft swelled and bloated inside her fingers. His fuck-knob seemed to balloon as she stroked his prick. She loved the way it throbbed and jerked inside her hand. It was really something to see!

"Now you do it," she suggested, the wild idea suddenly forming in her lusty mind. "I want to watch you jack off for me. I'll pose for you, Bill. It'll be a real kick watching a guy beat his meat in front of me."

Bill snickered and playfully pinched one of her nipples. "I wonder what other wicked little thoughts you're keeping in that active mind of yours," he said with a lewd wink. "AU right. Stretch out and spread your legs. Show me lots of cunt. I need some inspiration."

The blush on her face deepened as she complied with his wishes. She licked her lips sexily and flashed her blonde-covered pussy for his inspection. "How's that?" she murmured.

"Good, but it can be better," he said, already pumping his cock in his fist. "Finger yourself. Spread those wet lips and show me how much it excites you watching me beat off."

She was timid at first but that feeling soon passed. She edged a fingertip along the hairy edges of her cunthole, rubbing the slippery pink pulp until she felt electrical jolts of pleasure beneath her scooting finger. Soon, Bill was stroking his prick faster and harder, and Irene was plunging a single stiffened finger in and out of her syrupy cunthole.

Finally, he grabbed her hand and moved it over his balls. She rolled around on the bed and took his cock out of his hand. "That was fun to watch, but I think it should be my job," Irene said softly, her hot eyes riveted on his swollen cockhead and veiny cockshaft.

She bent down and sucked his engorged prickknob into her warm, moist mouth. She swirled her tongue rapidly over his cock-dome, then swished down the underside of his prickshaft.

"Damn, Dan should keep you chained to the bed at home," Bill blurted breathlessly. "If you were my wife, I think I'd retire and stay in bed with you all the fucking time."

Irene giggled as she continued to clog her mouth and throat with his fuckmeat. She loved the flavor of his prick and she made that obvious as she nibbled and munched and licked on the towering, jerking cock. She fondled his meaty balls, milking them with her fingertips, then rubbing gingerly with her palms.

"That's enough teasing," he snapped suddenly. "Suck it some more. Gobble it up, honey."

She clamped her lips over the swollen cockhead and started to suck. He grabbed her head as she slid the moist ring of her lips halfway down his fuckmeat. He held her tight and then plunged forward until his cockhead hit the back of her throat.

His cock-bush tickled her lips. She pulled back and released half his cock. She sucked his cockhead into her cheeks and then released the fat head and began licking his balls.

Bill's cock was totally hard and glistening with her saliva. As she touched his balls with her tongue, his cockshaft wobbled obscenely above her, enticingly and invitingly. Suddenly, Irene wanted the glistening slab of fuckmeat crammed into her juicy cunt cavern. She moaned and panted as she licked on his hairy ball-sac and wiggled her ass suggestively. Soon, he seemed to read her mind and reached down for her.

"Get up here on my prick before your lucky husband comes," he said huskily. "We've got time for a quickie before he gets here, I hope."

Irene, gasping for breath and flushed with erotic fever, hurried into position. She straddles his lap and pushed him down flat as she mounted his tall prick. She lowered her juicy pussy straight down on the engorged fuck-knob and squealed as the fleshy cockhead wedged itself between her puffy cuntlips.

Irene shrieked as she dropped her full weight down onto the sturdy fuckmeat. His prick pushed straight into her cunt tunnel, filling her pussy as her wails of pure joy rang through the apartment. She moved up and down on his cock, picking up the pace a she went along until her movements were a blurred frenzy of fucking.

Irene was in the middle of her ecstasy when the doorbell rang.

"Shit," Bill said, pushing her off. "That's got to be your hubby. It'd be rude keeping him waiting on the porch while I finished fucking his wife."

Irene had to snicker even though her frustration was severe. Her pussylips continued to quiver as Bill climbed off the bed and made his way to the front door, wrapping a robe around his nude body.

Irene felt a sudden wave of panic slip over her and quickly jerked the bedcover up over her naked body. Her mind reeled at she waited for her husband to enter and find her in bed. Fresh doubts clouded her mind. She could only wonder how Dan would react as Bill guessed he would.

Her heart was pounding wildly when Dan finally did enter the bedroom. She looked at he husband over the bedcovers which she had pulled up ever the lower half of her face. She felt instant relief when she saw his sheepish grin.

"I think you two knew each other," Bill said, chuckling as he stepped up to the bed and glanced back at Dan. "You're a lucky man, Dan. Your lady really wants you to get that new promotion. I think she deserves a reward for her services on your behalf."

Dan smiled slowly, then nodded as he nonchalantly began stripping. Irene watched speechless as her husband got naked and climbed onto the bed.

"I think this is a pretty good reward," Dan said, gesturing toward his jutting prick. "Here, baby, wrap your lips around this thing."

Bill joined them on the bed, slipping in on the other side of Irene. He chuckled as he started fondling Irene's big tits. "Sounds like a wonderful idea to me," he said just as Irene leaned forward and sucked her husband's cockhead into her hot mouth.

Dan moaned as he slowly sank onto his back. His wife moved right in on top of him, her mouth glued to his rock-hard prick. She started sucking gluttonously on his fuckmeat, savoring the familiar cock as she gobbled his prick deep into her throat.

Bill sat nearby pumping his cock. He moved even closer to continue fondling and massaging the blonde's ripe, heavy tits. At that moment Irene pulled her mouth off Dan's prick sucked Bill's cock into her lips. She went from one to the other, giving both cocks equal attention with her lips, mouth and tongue. She rested on her knees between the two men and held a cockshaft in each hand.

Her mind finally caught up with her actions and she suddenly realized what she was doing. She shivered with excitement as she realized what a lewd image she must be presenting. God, I've turned in to a real slut! she thought.

A wicked grin spread her lush lips as another idea sizzled through her mind. She decided to tease the men by releasing their cocks and putting on a show for them. She sat back on her haunches and ran her hands over her huge, upthrust tits. She searched both men's faces as she fondled her own tits.

She used her long fingernails to tickle and tease her pink nipples as both men stared and pumped their cocks. She loved the way they panted like hungry dogs while watching her play with herself. Her own excitement mounted steadily and she felt her fluttering pussylips dampen with slick fuck juices. Her active little clit jerked and twitched as her arousal grew, and Irene knew she couldn't wait much longer for the men to go into action.

"Okay, you sexy bitch, it's our turn!" Dan rasped just as both men rushed her onto her back and grabbed her.

Irene shrieked joyously as one of the men sucked her tit and the other buried his face against her wet pussy. He opened her cunt flaps and flicked his tongue over her clit. She didn't know which one was doing those wonderful things, and she didn't care. The excitement of having two horny men stroking and licking her was driving her crazy with lust.

The man sucking her tits worked tirelessly on her massive tit-globes. He squeezed her big tit melons and sucked her nipples. She writhed around on the bed and the other one swirled his tongue back and forth over her swollen tit.

"Oh, oooohhhh!" she cried, thrashing beneath the clawing, sucking men. "Fuck me! Please, fuck me!"

Suddenly she felt herself being pulled up onto her knees and hand. She wagged her ass and craned her neck just as her husband moved behind her.

"You fuck her, Dan," Bill said. "I'll stick my cock into her mouth and give her something nice to chew on while you ream out her pussy from behind."

Irene squealed with excitement, but the sounds were immediately blocked by Bill's fuckmeat. He forced his prick into her throat while she swayed her hips back in Dan's face. She sucked hungrily on Bill's cock while Dan buried his cock deep inside her hot, grasping pussy.

Her husband fucked his prick in and out of her pussyhole. He fucked her with deep thrusts. He was rapidly building the pace of his fuckstrokes, leaving Irene's cunt cavity burning from the wonderful, searing friction of his pistoning fuckmeat in and out of her fuck tunnel. Her spasming cuntwalls shuddered violently and automatically.

Her overcharged desire allowed her mouth and pussy to churn furiously, milking the two invading pricks. Overwhelming ecstasy flawed through her and the lusty blonde wailed as she climaxed.

Suddenly Bill's cock exploded and sent a load of thick hot jism into her mouth and throat. She choked as he flooded her mouth, but after a moment she regained control and swallowed hungrily.

She continued ramming her cunt back at her husband's prick. He held her assflesh while he fucked his cock in and out of her upturned pussy. The last thing she remembered was his cock splitting her in two while he came. After that everything was a blur.

Irene gladly received the dark peace of total satisfaction, relishing the sensations of boiling spunk filling her milking pussy and, at the same time, sliding down her throat.

What else could a girl ask for? she thought just as she drifted into blissful unconsciousness.

Chapter NINE

Dan got the promotion but for Irene it was a decidedly mixed blessing. The additional money was nice, but the additional responsibility kept Dan at work longer. His hours were no longer regular. Many evenings Irene ate dinner alone and was already asleep when Dan would finally arrive home.

It was just such a lonely evening when Michelle phoned and invited Irene to have dinner with her and her husband. Irene accepted eagerly, not anxious to spend another evening watching TV and wondering when Dan would arrive.

Irene dressed casually for the dinner party in slacks and a pullover sweater. As she made a last-minute check of her hair and makeup in the dresser mirror, Irene smirked. Another wicked thought blazed across her mind. Maybe she and Michelle could get together for some sexy dessert after Michelle's middle-aged husband trotted off to bed following dinner. It would be a pleasant way to end a neighborly dinner, she concluded, giving her big tits a playful squeeze through her sweater. She left the house with a wanton grin.

She rang the bell, and was pleasantly surprised when Michelle's husband, Gus, opened the door and ushered her inside with a spattering of compliments.

"My, my, what a beautiful young lady you are," Gus said leading her into the living room. "Does my old heart good to be in the company of such two exquisitely sexy ladies this evening. Now, my dear, what are you drinking?"

"Whatever is convenient," Irene said, smiling and sitting on the sofa.

She had a nodding acquaintance with Gus Daniels, but this was the first time she had been invited into his home while he was present.

Immediately, she found him a dapper, energetic man, trim and tanned and obviously in good shape for a man in his mid-to-late fifties.

"I was mixing sonic martinis when you arrived," Gus said, pouring her a glass from the pitcher, "I think this will refresh you, my dear."

"Darling, Irene looks plenty refreshed to me without the booze," Michelle said, laughing as she entered the living room. She kissed her husband sweetly on the cheek, then beamed at Irene. "You look marvelous as always, honey."

"Thanks. So do you," Irene said, admiring Michelle's sexy, tight-fitting blue silk dress.

Michelle took a glass and sipped her martini and crossed one shapely leg over the other.

"To the two sexiest ladles in the neighborhood," Gus said in toast, lifting his own martini.

The two women chuckled, then the three sipped their drinks, Gus sat on the arm of Michelle's chair and draped his hand over one tit. He performed the motion with casual ease, and Irene was impressed by the couple's obvious closeness. She instantly wondered how much of Michelle's earlier complaining about her sex life was warranted. She suspected that Michelle had a hot pussy that needed lots of attention. Irene ginned and sipped more of her martini. After all, she thought, it seemed to be her own problem as well.

They chatted for several minutes, and Irene was soon squirming on the sofa while watching the way Gus continued to fondle and rub his wife's tit through her dress. Gus continued to spread out compliments to both women, and when Michelle excused herself to check on the dinner, the middle-aged man moved across to Irene. Smiling down on her, he surprised her by touching her thigh.

"I'm sure your legs are much too pretty to cover them with slacks," he said, winking.

"You're so right, Gus," Michelle said, coming back into the room and sitting beside Irene on the sofa.

Michelle ran her hand up and down the younger woman's thigh and smiled. "It's a crime to cover such sexy legs."

Irene turned from one to the other. She felt light-headed from the martini and vaguely aware that both Gus and Michelle were stroking her thighs.

"Why don't you take off those damn slacks?" Gus said huskily, leaning forward and caressing Irene's back.

"Yes, honey, you should get more comfortable," Michelle whispered, still fondling her thigh.

"Well, I don't know..." Irene murmured as husband and wife unzipped her slacks and tugged them down over her ass.

"That's much better," Michelle said as Gus drew the slacks down to Irene's ankles and finally off her feet.

"She has such lovely skin," Michelle said softly. "Doesn't she, Gus?"

"You weren't lying, dear," Gus said to his wife while fixing his leering grin on Irene's face. "Such nice, silky legs were made to show off."

Irene squirmed uneasily on the sofa, feeling more naked than she actually was. After all, her panties provided very skimpy cover as she felt the husband and wife eyeing her bushy cunt through the thin material of her bikini panties.

"I really shouldn't be sitting here this way," Irene said with a weak giggle.

"Don't worry, darling," Michelle cooed soothingly. "I'll take of my dress if it'll make you feel more comfortable."

Before Irene could react, Michelle was up and slipping off her dress. Quickly, Michelle stood in front of Irene with her legs apart and her hands on her hips, displaying her luscious, curvy body proudly.

"You see?" Michelle said. "I'm not ashamed of my legs."

Gus chuckled and reached for his drink, but suddenly froze in mid-motion when his wife knelt down between his legs and reached for his fly.

"Hey, wild woman, what are you doing?" he protested amid his raspy chuckles.

"I think Irene would be much more comfortable if you were also half undressed," Michelle explained, going about the chore of unzipping her husband's fly and fishing out his prick.

Irene gasped at the sight of Michelle withdrawing her husband's throbbing cock.

Michelle smilingly gazed up at the horny blonde housewife and winked. "This is what both of us crave, isn't it?" Michelle said to Irene, shaking her husband's prick.

Irene blushed and glanced nervously at Gus who merely grinned back at her. Irene squirmed again, her nervousness competing with the sudden flaring of arousal.

"My dear, you mustn't be embarrassed," Gus scolded mildly. "Surely you've seen your share of these things?"

Michelle giggled throatily and started stroking her husband's stiff prick. "That's an understatement," she said, winking at Irene.

"Gus knows about us, dear," she whispered. "I've told him everything. We have nothing to hide."

As if to prove her point, Michelle slowly lowered her head and opened her mouth over her husband's cockhead. With Irene gasping in surprise, Michelle swirled her tongue up and down her husband's cockshaft and caressed his balls with her fingers.

Irene blushed as she gazed at the lewd scene. Despite her embarrassment, she felt a trembling excitement filtering through her nerves. It was quite an arousing spectacle.

"Don't feel left out, my dear," Gus said to Irene. "Surely you two ladies won't mind sharing me." Irene's pussy felt especially syrupy as she slid down to the rug at Gus' feet. She leaned on his leg and ran her tongue lightly over his fuckmeat.

Gus tangled his fingers in both women's hair and Irene felt his prick pulsate under her lips. When Michelle released his cockhead, Irene sucked the prickhead into her mouth. And when Michelle grabbed the cock away from her, she pressed her lips against his ball-bag. For a few seconds, the women tried to outdo each other in their quest to gluttonously devour the middle-aged man's prick and balls.

Finally, Michelle and Irene settled on an unspoken accommodating arrangement whereby they took turns sucking the bulbous cockhead and nibbling on the surprisingly plump fuck stalk. They took turns toying with the man's balls and dribbling their spit over the hairy sac. Irene eventually feasted on the man's balls, nuzzling her nose against the base of his prickshaft while Michelle concentrated on her husband's cockhead.

Irene drenched his balls with saliva and sucked first one and then the other into her mouth. She sucked them both in and closed her lips over the root of his ball-sac. She moved both balls into first one cheek and then the other, alternating the lusty procedure and thrilling the alder man in the process.

She soon realized that Michelle was staring at her. Michelle was pumping her husband's prick and gazing at Irene's ball-filled mouth. Michelle was turned on by the sight, and Irene thrilled as she realized how horny all three of them were.

"I can't wait any longer to get him naked," Michelle hissed, suddenly tugging on her husband's slacks and shorts.

Irene giggled girlishly as she helped. She took hold of the older man's shorts and pulled them down over his legs. Michelle grinned lewdly as she watched the younger woman boldly strip her husband. Gus swooned and offered no struggle as the women undressed him on the sofa.

"I seem to be at the disposal of you ladies," Gus said, smiling brightly as he sat back naked against the sofa cushions. "Treat me good, ladies. And don't forget to give my asshole some attention."

The women exchanged smiles as Irene moved a hand over the older man's ass. Michelle closed her moist lips over his cock-knob and slid her lips eagerly over his prickshaft just as Irene slid a finger along Gus' asscrack, searching blindly for his asshole.

Gus gasped, then groaned when Irene slid her finger inside his bung. She churned her finger around inside the flexing shitter while Michelle slid the ring of her lips all the way down his cockshaft. Gus lurched up and blurted that he was about to come.

The women paid no attention to his announcement, but merely continued their work on him. A few seconds later, Gus growled and humped vigorously on the sofa, fucking his spurting cock deep into his wife's mouth.

Michelle reacted immediately. She jerked her head off his spewing prick and directed his spunk over her lovely face. A thick spurt hit her lips and she licked it up as the next wad splattered her cheek.

Irene thrilled to the lewd sight as she kept drilling her finger deeper and deeper into the man's asshole. She gazed at Michelle's jizz littered face and wiggled over beside the sexy brunette. She gripped the man's pulsing cockroot in her left fist and directed his spurting prick toward her own greedy mouth. A glob of pungent-tasting jism filled her mouth and she clamped her lips over his cockhead and took the rest down her throat.

Michelle pushed Irene aside and took the last few drops into her own mouth. When she could get no more out of his piss-slit, she sucked his soft prick into her mouth and rammed her cunt against his leg as she brought herself off.

"I think we've found something much more satisfying than dinner to make us happy this evening," Michelle said, gasping as the last of her shuddering climax faded across her nerves. She beamed a bright smile and smacked her lips. "Let's get to a bed!"

The three of them made a mad dash into the master bedroom, giggling and squealing as they made lewd grabs at each other. Gus sprawled out leisurely on the bed while the two women finished stripping. He obviously enjoyed the visual delights as their mammoth, shapely tits came into view. He laughed hoarsely when the two women started examining each other's tits and fondling the ripe melons.

"You two don't forget about me," he protested mildly. "Might as well use me while I'm here."

"Well, Gus, in that case, you should get to work," Michelle said with a smirk as she climbed onto the bed. "Why don't you eat Irene's cunt now?" she suggested to her husband as she stretched out beside Gus and started pulling on her enormous pink nipples.

"Sounds marvelous," Gus said, turning to Irene with a broad smile. He licked his lips eagerly as his eyes riveted on the blonde's golden cunt muff.

Irene trembled with excitement as she positioned herself on the bed and spread apart her lovely legs. Michelle leaned on an elbow and watched as Gus scooted around and buried his head between the blonde's thighs. He stabbed his tongue inside the puffy tissues of Irene's cunt and made slurping sounds.

"Don't you two let me interrupt a thing," Michelle said as she moved behind her husband and knelt in front of his ass.

She pushed her face under his crotch and sucked his cockhead into her mouth as he worked on Irene's pussy. Gus raised his ass to give Michelle access to his thickening prick while he rubbed his face against the slimy folds of Irene's slick pussy.

Michelle sucked his balls into her mouth and Irene strained to watch even as glorious sensations blazed through her own nerves. The middle-aged man was quite a cunt-lapper! His tongue was swabbing vigorously over her spasming pussy folds, delighting her sensitive tissues and making her squeal joyously.

Irene cried out when Gus finally shoved his stiffened tongue directly into her overheated fuck-tunnel. The young blonde shrieked and convulsed and fucked back against his pistoning tongue as if a nectar-glazed prick was fucking up into her shuddering cunthole.

"Ooohhhhh, my God!" she bellowed, savoring the exquisite pleasures that rang her senses. "Tongue me, Gus! Ooohh, yyyeesss! Eat my pussy, you wonderful old bastard! Aaahhhh, that's it! That's driving me wild!"

She corkscrewed her ass in small, tight circles, urgently humping her cunt into his invading tongue. Her shrill squeals pierced her own ears as a violent orgasm erupted in the churning depths of her cunt.

Meanwhile, Michelle was getting off sucking her husband's plump balls and twitching cock. She strained as she wedged her head between his spread knees from behind, munching greedily on his fuckmeat. Irene's mounting pleasure and excitement seemed to ignite similar responses from the lusty brunette, and she worked furiously to gobble up her husband's growing prick.

Irene was screaming through her second orgasm when Gus suddenly lifted his face away from her spasming pussy and peered down on her with glistening lips. His sudden movement dislodged Michelle, but the brunette didn't seem to mind. Michelle quickly scrambled over and straddled the blonde's head before lowering her pussy down onto Irene's mouth.

Gus lifted Irene's legs and draped them across his shoulders. In the next instant, Irene felt the older man's saliva-glazed fuck-knob poking against her asshole. She squealed and gulped a gob of Michelle's furry cunt meat into her mouth.

Irene had little choice but to suck the brunette's cunt in a frenzy of lust. Irene licked the slime-coated cunt flaps and speared her tongue up into the flexing fuckhole as Gus hammered his prick deeper into her own squeezing shitter. Irene's cries were blocked by Michelle's pressing pussy, but the blonde didn't mind the suffocating feeling. She was totally delirious from the wild sensations consuming her body. The middle-aged man's prick was now fucking in and out of her buttery asshole, creating a fiery friction that melted her senses.

She continued to gluttonously suck and lick and tongue-fuck Michelle's gaping pussy as Gus fucked his cock in and out of her own shitter. Michelle cried out when she came a moment later, and fell over onto her back to recover while her husband kept fucking his cock into Irene's bung.

Within seconds, Gus sent a shower of foamy jizz into Irene's bowels, and the horny blonde housewife yelled as her own orgasm overpowered her. She thrashed wildly, screaming gleefully and loving the way her asshole clamped around the spurting prick.

Chapter TEN

It was a typical late afternoon, and Irene had finished her house cleaning chores and was preparing the evening meal when Dan came home unexpectedly.

"Darling!" she said excitedly. "What are you doing home so early?"

Irene's naked tits were bulging inside a loose fitting shirt that was unbuttoned to her navel. She was wearing a pair of skin-tight white shorts. Her long blonde hair was freshly combed and gleaming, the curls cascading down around her shoulders. From the lusty light flashing from Dan's eyes she quickly realized just how enticing she appeared to her husband.

He gazed slowly over her, devouring every inch of her luscious body with his hot eyes. A slow smile curved his lips and he began to nod slowly.

"I quite my job today," he said casually. "I did it to spend more time with you, and I'm glad I did."

His words hit her like a hammer. He laughed as the shock registered across her beautiful face.

"Baby, I was starting to worry too much about the new position and all the responsibilities, and I was forgetting that you are the most important thing in my life," Dan said, stepping up to her and embracing her. "But don't worry. We won't starve. Bill Jordan gave me my old job back."

"Oh, darling, I'm so proud of you!" Irene yelped happily as she threw her arms around his neck. "I love you so much!"

They kissed passionately, their tongues tangling as they hungrily, urgently Frenched. Irene's plump nipples instantly stiffened as her tits mashed against her husband's body. A radiant heat engulfed her, enveloping her body and igniting a trembling passion inside her.

Arm in arm, they walked out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. Dan peeled off her shirt and cupped her huge tits in his hands. "I could never be happy just giving you half of my attention," Dan whispered.

"Oh, Dan, you make me so happy," she said softly, melting against him.

His hands lowered to her shorts and she helped him as they slipped them down over her hips and let them drop to her ankles. She stepped out of them just as Dan eased hex down on the bed. He hovered over her as he caressed her tits with one hand and covered her moist cunt with the other.

She quivered with excitement and arousal. She sighed deeply and squirmed, rotating her ass on the bed and thrilling to the sensation of his strong hand resting on her pussy.

Her entire body felt feverish as he caressed her. Her tits tingled under his touch and she squealed with delight as her pleasure soared. He nibbled her earlobes and his lips kit hot and wet and greedy.

She closed her eyes and fully savored the exquisite sensations ringing her nerves. She loved the way his hand teased her cunt as he kissed her throat and dragged his lips down to her heaving tits.

"Ooohhhh, darling," Irene cooed. "You love me so good."

He dropped his lips to the top of her tits and kissed and licked her nipples. He swirled his tongue around each of her pointed nipples, wetting them generously with his saliva. Then, he leaned down and bit the stiff nubs, making Irene howl her ecstasy. At the same time he sank a finger inside her pussy, fingering her with a slow, tantalizing rhythm.

Irene yelled throatily as the sweet aroma of her cunt juice invaded her senses. She moved her hips in a fucking motion and moaned hoarsely when he found her clit and massaged in a circular motion.

Dan squeezed her clit between his forefinger and his thumb and pulled her nipple with his teeth. Irene went wild. She thrashed beneath him and made mad grabs far his fly.

"I need your cock, Danny!" Irene crooned, fumbling with the zipper of his pants fly. "Please, darling, give me your big prick. I need it so bad!"

Dan snickered with confidence and pushed himself off of his wife. Immediately, he unbuckled his belt and removed his pants and shorts. He whipped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes, the whole time beaming lustily down on his wife's naked body.

His cock surged thick and hard, wobbling as he eased back down on top of her. His big prick throbbed against her inner thigh, and Irene moaned with pleasure as she reached for the inviting slab of fuckmeat.

"Ooohhhh, darling, I love you so much," she breathed, wrapping her fingers around his fat fuck-knob. "You are all I've ever wanted."

Dan responded by slipping a finger back inside her juicy cunthole. He skewered his finger around, teasing and massaging the slippery cunt pulp, thrilling the sexy blonde into gyrating contortions and loud shrieks.

He lowered his lips to her stiff nipples and chewed gently on them, moving from one to the other, adding to her pleasure. Meanwhile, Irene busily stroked her husband's raging hard-on, her fingers flying up and down his thick fuck shaft. The lovers panted and groaned as their ecstasy boiled.

Gradually, Dan kissed lower and lower on her body until finally his face was buried between her luscious legs. His downward movements forced her to lose her grip on his cock, but her disappointment was adequately soothed by the glorious sensations caused by his flicking tongue tickling her puffy cuntlips.

She opened her thighs wide for him and savored the ecstasy of his tongue on her pussy meat. She arched her back and squealed as his tongue penetrated her smoldering cunthole. His nose and chin wedged against her pussy gash as he fucked his tongue in and out of her pussyhole, driving her insane with pleasure.

She clutched his head and jerked on his hair as he feasted hungrily on her cunt. His tongue knifed deeper and harder into her fuckhole, bringing her suddenly to the verge of a jolting climax. She tossed her head from side to side, her wails of joy growing louder and louder as he tongued her pussy.

Just as a mighty orgasm rattled her senses, she raised her knees up to her tits and humped her cunt back against his drilling tongue and nibbling lips. He gulped down her flowing nectar while keeping his lips glued to her spasming cunt flaps.

"Ooohhhhhh! Sssoooooo good!" she babbled, her words, hoarse and husky. "Aaahhhhh, you're so good to me, Danny! Please, oohhh, don't ever stop loving me!"

Suddenly he pulled his face away, leaving her gasping and begging for more. He smirked wickedly at her and ordered her to roll over. He grabbed her legs and twisted, helping her out of her lusty fog and into motion. Once over on her face, he playfully slapped her upturned ass, startling her and exciting her at the same time.

"What's that for?" she pouted teasingly.

He laughed. "Because your ass was so handy to reach," he retorted, lifting her ass even higher and poking his cockhead between her thighs.

He gave her asscheeks several more spanks, each harder than the previous one, until the sexy blonde housewife was whimpering and squirming in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The sting of his blows made her flesh sizzle and her senses jump. She had never felt anything so erotically stimulating! Her overheated pussy was churning and convulsing and threatening to splash even more juice as he spanked her ass. She swayed and rocked her ass in slow, gentle circles, offering herself to his blows and loving every special minute of the lusty punishment.

Her man was back in charge, in total control of her, and Irene was thrilled. Dan was once again devoting all of his attention to her and to her needs. This sexy punishment was a way for him to let her know that he was the dominate figure in their bedroom and in all areas of their life.

She panted and gasped and squealed while bucking back and hitting his spongy cockhead with her upturned cunt. Still he brutalized her ass with his opened-palm slaps, reddening the tender flesh and sizzling her senses. Her pussylips quivered each time his cockhead touched the delicate tissues, and Irene quickly became desperate for him to plunge his fuckmeat to the hilt into her seething cunt.

The heat of his spanking blows seemed to merge with the overpowering heat radiating inside her cunthole. The horny housewife felt herself about to come again, and she screamed throatily as her clit tingled wildly.

She couldn't understand her strange reaction to his sudden brutal treatment, but she knew it added a magic ingredient to their lovemaking. For whatever reason or motivation, Irene was thrilled by Dan's aggressive treatment. Her pussy passage seemed to vibrate from each blow of his hand. The pain and discomfort could no longer be separated from the intense pleasure sweeping through her.

Then, without warning, the spanking stopped and his cockhead nudged against her cunthole. The fat, spongy knob pressed against the delicate membranes and finally popped through, filling her pussy socket and making her squeal a guttural whine of approval and need.

"Aaahhhh, yes, yyyyeeessss!" she shrieked. "That's what I want!"

"That's what you'll get!" he promised with a growl as he hammered his cock all the way into her shuddering fuck-tunnel.

Irene squealed as he stabbed his cock to the hilt into her pussy. Her cuntwalls collapsed against his invading prick, squeezing the veiny fuck shaft.

Dan gripped her asscheeks as he pulled his cock from her grasping fuckhole. He hesitated a brief second before plunging his slime-covered prick back into her burning cunthole. His meaty balls slapped the backs of her thighs as his cock nailed her pussy, and she bellowed a guttural wail of raw pleasure as his bulbous cockhead pierced into her womb.

"Oh, fuck me, darling! Fuck me good!" Irene gasped between squeals. "Give me your wonderful cock, lover! Give me all of your cock!"

"I always do," he snickered as he fucked his prick in and out of her flexing cunthole. "Just relax and take it, honey! I never get tired fucking your sweet pussy!"

Irene was in heaven as her husband fucked her from behind. Her big tits jiggled and swayed as she fucked back at his pile-driving fuckmeat.

Her tight, hot pussy sleeved his prick as her cuntwalls spasmed around the drilling cock. She screamed and yelled, her pleasure overwhelming her.

Dan slipped his hand round and cupped her dangling tits without interrupting the steady, pounding rhythm of his fuck-strokes. He hammered repeatedly and relentlessly into her pussy as he fondled and squeezed her luscious tit-melons.

His prick scraped against her overactive clit each time he thrust into her syrupy depths. She shrieked louder with every brutal fuck-thrust and loved her husband more and more with every stroke. Her mind reeled and her senses went into convulsions that matched the turmoil attacking her body. Every nerve felt singed by the wanton fucking he was giving to her.

"I'm coming, Danny!" she yelled the instant her pussy shuddered and convulsed. "Ooohhhhh, I'm cccooommmiiiinnnggg! I can't stop coming."

He didn't slow the pace of his fucking even as her orgasm spilled through her body. Her wet pussy squeezed his prick and drenched it with her hot juices, yet Dan continued to plow her cunt to the hilt. He rocked her nerves and battered her womb with his punishing prick.

He uttered a strangling gasp when his cock suddenly exploded and sent a shower of pulpy spunk into her pussy. His cock seemed to swell as it spit thick globs of jizz into her, and Irene received the prized flow with glee. She rammed her ass and cunt back, fully impaling herself on the erupting prick as her pussy gobbled up his rich load. She squealed as he grunted and groaned and emptied his balls into her steamy cunt.

They swooned together as they collapsed on the bed. His cock remained lodged inside her gripping, squeezing fuckhole as they panted for breath and tried to recover from the wondrous fucking.

"Oh, Danny, ooohhhh!" she crooned as the sweet sensations filtered through her. "You're the best husband in the world."

"I'm pretty lucky myself, baby," he said, still squeezing her ripe, heavy tits. "I was a fool to accept that damn promotion. I didn't realize until it was too late what I would be giving up here at home."

"It wasn't too late, darling," she purred, loving the way her pussy continued to twitch around his sated prick. "But I'm sure glad you gave them back the big job. Having you home with me at night, fucking me and keeping me happy is all I need to make me the happiest woman in town."

"Well, honey, keeping you happy is gonna be my number one job from now on," Dan said, nibbling the side of her neck as he pinched her nipples between his fingertips and eased his wilted prick from her clutching cunthole.

"Oh, no, darling," she protested weakly. "Don't leave my pussy. I miss your cock whenever it's out of me."

He chuckled as he scooted up beside her face. "Don't worry about that either, honey," he said with a lewd wink. "Just give my tired cock a nice kiss and let him know you still love him."

"That's easy!" she gasped excitedly, ducking her head toward his juice-greased prick. "I do some of my best work with my mouth."

Dan laughed and moved around until his face was inches from his wife's blonde-haired pussy. They assumed the classic sixty-nine position and eagerly mouthed each other; Irene sucked his slimy cockhead into her wet mouth and moaned as she tasted her own nectar on him. Meanwhile, Dan made loud slurping sounds as he feasted on his wife's come-filled pussy.

Their eating was accompanied by animal-like sounds as they devoured each other. Dan lapped his tongue over her tasty snatch and sucked greedily, taking in bet juices as Irene licked and sucked every inch of his stiffening fuckmeat.

Irene closed her eyes as she enveloped his entire cock with her mouth. She thrilled to the feeling of it growing steadily inside the warm oven of her mouth, gradually filling out and ballooning against her coaxing tongue and squeezing lips. At the same time, she thrilled to the feeling of his lips on her snatch. No one ate her pussy like Dan, not even Michelle. He knew just where and how much pressure to apply, and when to tease her clit with his teeth and tongue.

She felt the wet warmth bubble inside her churning pussy and knew she was seconds away from gushing clear pussy juice into his sucking mouth. She redoubled her efforts on his stiffening cock while massaging his balls with her fingers.

As his cock surged inside her mouth, Irene gave the throbbing fuck shaft a parting lick with her tongue and slowly eased it from her mouth. With a wanton grin she eased her husband down flat on his back and climbed onto his lap.

"A woman's work is never done," she sighed, smirking as she sat down facing him.

His cock slipped inside her cuntlips and Irene shuddered as she groaned. She fell forward, lowering her lips to her husband's and they kissed passionately as her cuntwalls flexed around his imbedded fuckmeat. She squirmed her ass down on his balls as her pussy gripped his cock. She sucked on his tongue and savored the reawakening lust that suddenly sparked throughout her body.

Irene shivered with excitement, basking in the glorious glow of having a husband who put her ahead of his career. She knew she faced a future full of love and sharing with the man most important and precious to her. The fact that Pete Howell had come back home yesterday ready to renew their daytime affair didn't account much for her current happiness and excitement.

Well, not too much, she reflected with a secret grin. Tomorrow was another day.


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