Five-way family

FIVE-WAY FAMILY is the story of a teenage girl and her aunt and uncle's family. They find themselves victims of the ravages of sexual need, and seek release in the heat of each other's body. They have no trouble setting aside the traditional taboo against incest, as their lust becomes the most important factor in their lives.

Once they break the taboo, one perversion leads to another until they are enmeshed in a sordid affair of lasciviousness. They are drawn into the web of carnal delight and their lives are devoted to greater and greater pleasures.

This account of sexual aberration is strictly fictional, but we all know that some of our neighbors and acquaintances are acting out these scenes in their real, everyday lives. In these pages, those of us who've had no firsthand knowledge of these practices can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the drawn drapes of middle America.

Chapter ONE

The woman's voice floated over the veranda in the night air. "Big and hard," she said. "That's the way I like it. I'm going to sit on it and fuck it!"

Alison Jordan froze at the sound of her Aunt Mabel's voice. The girl had been unable to sleep and had come out on the veranda to sit under the stars. She'd arrived at the house only a few days before and she was still unfamiliar with the family routine. She'd thought her Aunt Mabel and Uncle Luke would be fast asleep by now. Instead of sleeping, they were obviously screwing. Not only was the window open, but the lights were on too. Alison was shocked and embarrassed. She believed sex was something very private between two people, and she was, amazed that Mabel and Luke could go at it without being afraid that someone would overhear them.

Alison was eighteen and still a virgin. She had terrible conflicts about sex. She was determined that the first man she would sleep with would be her husband. Her ideas concerning love and marriage were thoroughly romantic. She felt more comfortable that way. She had strong inhibitions about sex, and her notion that her physical needs had to wait until after marriage helped her accept the way she was.

She knew she was pretty. It wasn't that men found her unattractive. She had long dark hair and bright-green eyes and a gorgeous body. Her body was soft and ripe, her tits and ass were shapely and she was always drawing the stares of men. Her long legs were lovely and slender. She was a tall girl, almost as tall as her Uncle Luke and her cousins, Brian and Curt. I Yes, she knew she was pretty. She could tell it in their eyes. Sometimes she wished she could cover her body with the ugliest clothes so that men wouldn't look at her. But this also brought her conflict. She liked to be looked at. She liked to be admired. She told herself she was a silly girl who did not know what she wanted. Everything seemed to be a problem for her. She insisted on remaining a virgin until marriage, but at the same time she masturbated nearly every day. Telling herself she had to take care of her physical needs, she would frig her pussy in secret until she exploded in a series of violent orgasms.

Now Alison heard Mabel and Luke again. Mabel was giggling. Alison tried to picture them doing nasty things on their bed. Her pussy quivered at the thought of her aunt and uncle fucking. She'd seen pictures of people fucking. She couldn't help but see those things when the kids passed them around at school, but she'd never thought of her aunt and uncle that way. The idea that they were actually fucking no more than ten or fifteen feet from where she was sitting made the young virgin tremble with a mixture of curiosity and lust. Did she dare peep into their bedroom? She could see the shade was not pulled all the way down and the curtains behind it were transparent. If she moved carefully, she might be able to crouch down and look into the room at the level of the windowsill.

Alison finally yielded to the urge within her. Leaving the glider on which she sat, she tiptoed carefully to the window and crouched down. She peered inside the room and muffled a gasp.

They were both on the bed naked. Mabel was straddling Luke and slowly bouncing up and down on his juice-drenched cock.

Alison shuddered as she watched them. The stark reality of what she was seeing overwhelmed her. It was so much more exciting than a photograph. Just seeing them naked would have been enough to turn her on, but having them fuck like this right before her eyes was almost more than she could bear. The girl bit her lip, her eyes wide, her heart pounding as she watched Mabel sliding up and down on Luke's erect cock.

Aunt Mabel was a luscious blonde. Her tits were like two ripe cantaloupes, heavy and drooping a bit, but very sexy. Alison was turned on by the sight of her aunt's large pink nipples. Mabel's curvy ass was also something to look at, sleek and full, each asscheeks almost a perfect hemisphere.

The young virgin was dying to see her uncle's cock, but Luke's prick was buried inside Mabel's pussy, and it was only when Mabel rose up on the upstroke that Alison could see his glistening cockshaft. His cock looked terribly big. Alison decided it must be as thick as her wrist. The girl shuddered as she imagined her own pussy being split by a rampant prick as big as that of her Uncle Luke's. The thought of it frightened her. She wondered if she wouldn't be better off becoming, a nun. As a nun she'd be protected and there would be no possibility of a man sticking his big awful thing inside her little pussy. Alison wondered how Mabel could take it all, but it was obvious the sexy blonde was enjoying herself. Her tits bouncing up and down like two pink-tipped balloons, Mabel aggressively squirmed her cunt on Luke's cock and moaned with pleasure.

Alison told herself that what she was doing was terribly sinful. But of course that made it even more exciting. She was thrilled at the idea of secretly invading the privacy of her aunt and uncle, at the idea of watching her aunt and uncle fucking while they thought no one could see them. This was real live sex, the first that Alison had ever seen, and the young virgin moaned softly and trembled as she watched them.

Now Mabel leaned forward to hang her heavy tits over Luke's face. Her fat pink nipples oscillated over his nose. Alison quivered as she watched her uncle open his mouth like a baby. His wet tongue came out of his mouth like a snake, and he began licking Mabel's thick nipples until they glistened with his saliva.

"That's good!" Mabel groaned. "I love when you do that! Taste good, honey?"

"You bet," Luke said.

"You still like my tits as much as you used to? They're bigger now, aren't they? And hanging a little. Remember how I used to get off when you sucked them?"

Luke smiled. "Remember that first tit-fuck on your back porch?"

"And how!" Mabel laughed. "You came all over my neck and I thought you were crazy."

"You loved it."

"I sure did. Mmmmm, your cock feels good tonight, honey! I always liked a big cock."

Reaching back, she curled her fingers under his balls, lifted the sac and bounced his nuts on her fingertips.

"The tank is full," she chuckled. "You've got a big load in here for me, haven't you?"

Alison quivered. She couldn't see much of her uncle's balls, but she imagined them loaded with his jism. Soon he would squirt his spunk into Mabel's cunt. The young virgin thought of her uncle's jism streaming out of his hose-like cock and shivered with lust. A friend had once told her a man's jism was thick and sticky, slippery white stuff with a tangy smell. Alison knew there were women who liked to take a man's cock into their mouth and sack him off, suck all the jism out of his balls and swallow it down. The girl pictured herself doing that to her Uncle Luke and had to stifle a moan.

Luke had his hands on Mabel's ass now, his palms running over her lush asscheeks, his fingers digging into her asscheeks. He massaged his wife's butt as he continued licking and nibbling her nipples. His hands pulled Mabel's asscheeks apart to widen her asscrack. Alison suddenly wished she were behind her aunt so that she could look at Mabel's asshole. The girl trembled at the lewd thought. How sinful she was! She suppressed a giggle as she imagined herself staring at Mabel's brown shithole. Did Luke ever fuck her there? Alison knew that sometimes men fucked women's assholes. Her own mother had once told her as much in an unguarded moment. Alison wondered if that was the reason for her own fear of cocks. The idea of a man's cock tearing up her shithole was frightening.

The young virgin could no longer resist the urge to touch herself. She slipped her hand inside her pajama bottoms and delicately ran her fingertips over the mound of her pussy. The crotch of her pajamas was soaked with her cuntjuice. Her pussy always gushed a flood of cuntjuice when she was turned on, and now she was sopping wet. The insides of her thighs were sticky with it. She touched her cuntlips. They felt swollen. She pulled at the larger lips, teasing her hairy flaps and quivering with excitement as she watched her aunt and uncle on the bed.

The first touch of her fingertip on her clit brought a moaning sound out of the young virgin's throat. She tried to remember if she'd masturbated already that day, and then she remembered that she'd done it in the morning after waking up. It didn't matter. She'd never been as turned on as much as she was now. She felt like frigging her pussy for a solid week and having hundreds of orgasms.

Alison imagined she could hear her aunt's cuntjuice slurping as she pumped her pussy up and down on Luke's thick cock. Alison could see the veins on Luke's cock each time Mabel pulled up. She could see more of his balls now. They seemed huge. His hairy ball-bag looked bloated. The hair was matted with. Mabel's dripping cuntjuice. As Alison looked at her uncle's crotch it occurred to her that when people fucked they really looked like animals. Her aunt was a mare and her uncle a stud horse. Her uncle had his stallion cock inside her aunt's dripping cunt.

Mabel suddenly pulled her cunt off Luke's cock. "Suck my box, lover," she said.

Alison held her breath as she watched her aunt slide forward. Was it really going to happen? Luke certainly seemed willing. In a moment Mabel had her crotch on his face, her bush of cunthair pressing against his nose, and Alison knew that Luke's mouth was plastered against her aunt's wet pussy and his tongue working inside Mabel's oozing cunthole.

The thought of Luke sucking Mabel's pussy drove Alison wild. She was uncertain whether to be sick with disgust or excited to the point of fainting. He was actually sucking her cunt! Licking and sucking all the slimy goo in her twat! Of course Alison had heard that people did such things, but she'd never imagined her aunt and uncle were that perverted.

Perverted or not, they were certainly enjoying themselves. Mabel squirmed her hips and mewled as she ground her cunt down on Luke's face. Luke seemed to be having a time of it, digging into her crotch, his mouth sucking and chewing her dripping cuntflesh.

Then with a start Alison realized that now for the first time she could see all of Luke's cock and balls. His hairy balls looked huger than ever, and his juice-drenched cock looked monstrous and frightening. His extended rigid prick lay against his stomach and at intervals it twitched. The young girl stared at her uncle's fat almost-purplish cockhead and trembled as she imagined the huge knob pushing its way into her virginal cuntchannel.

Alison moaned softly each time Luke's cock twitched. She had a yearning to see the jism spurt out of a man's cock, and now as she looked at her uncle's big fuckpole she imagined jets of white hot spunk shooting out of the slit in his cockhead to cover his belly. God, she would like to see that! She wondered what it was like to suck a prick. She tried to imagine the feel of hot cockflesh in her mouth and she found the thought of it terribly exciting.

Maybe that's the answer, Alison thought. If she could get excited about filling her mouth with hot cock, maybe a man could find it exciting to fill his mouth with a woman's pussy.

Was Luke really sucking Mabel's cunt? He certainly was. Alison had no doubt about that. She imagined Mabel's cuntjuice running over Luke's tongue and filling his mouth. Her aunt was a luscious woman and her pussy probably became flooded when she was excited. Luke seemed to love it. Alison's heart pounded as she watched her uncle suck and slurp at the oozing fountain of her aunt's hot gash.

Mabel was more excited than Alison had ever seen her. "Suck that pussy, honey!" the blonde groaned, gyrating her hips as she mashed her cunt against Luke's mouth.

Alison's blood raced as she watched Mabel lift her hands to her tits. Mabel's tits did turn her on. So big and motherly! The fat pink nipples just made for sucking! Alison knew she was being naughty, but she told herself there was no harm in imagining things. Was it terribly perverted to think of herself sucking her aunt's big tits? Maybe it was, but she couldn't help it.

"How is it, honey?" Mabel said, craning her neck to watch Luke's mouth working on her pussy. "Nice and juicy, isn't it? I love it when you suck it like this, with me sitting on top of you! You've got your nose right on my clit and it feels wonderful! Oh, yes, stick your tongue all the way inside! That's the way! That's good, honey! That's delicious!"

Alison quivered as she listened to her aunt. Her own pussy was gushing cuntjuice in a flood. She could smell it. The girl's blood raced as she realized she was turned on by the smell of her own cuntjuice.

I'm a pervert, she thought, I'm a nasty little slut and God will punish me! Her crotch was so wet she felt as though she'd peed in her pants. She looked at Mabel and Luke again.

With Mabel sitting on his face like that, it was easy to imagine Mabel peeing in Luke's mouth. Alison's breathing was ragged as she thought about how nasty that would be. Did people do such things? She suspected they did. Sex was nasty and slimy and when people had sex they behaved like animals.

Alison imagined Uncle Luke sucking her pussy. She imagined herself sitting on his face, her thighs squeezing his head, her slimy cunt pressed against his mouth. She thought of him sucking and swallowing her hot juices. She thought of his tongue fluttering in and out of her sopping cunthole. The images drove her wild. Her hand worked furiously on her pussy, fingers pulling and rubbing her cuntflesh. She found her clit and massaged it with two fingers, furiously jerking it back and forth as her mouth hung open and her breath came in gasps.

Mabel suddenly shifted backward, pulling her cunt off Luke's mouth. Alison could see the cuntjuice coating Luke's face. Mabel moved back until she had her crotch suspended over Luke's prick. Gripping his stiff cock in one hand, she eased her cunt down on his rigid pole of cockflesh.

"Come in my snatch!" Mabel moaned, squirming her hips and getting his cock solidly inside her cuntchannel. She began to fuck up and down. "Shoot it inside my pussy!"

"You're a wild woman tonight!" Luke laughed.

Mabel grinned. "That's what you like, isn't it? Wild women and wild pussy! Did you enjoy eating my pussy, honey? Did you get lots of juice out of there?"

"You've got a luscious cunt," Luke said.

"Better than the others you've eaten?"

"You're damn right!"

"What about Alison? Would you like to eat Alison pussy? Would you like to suck the juice out of her lovely young snatch?"

"You know I would."

Alison's ears burned as she listened to them. The young virgin's heart pounded with excitement.

Mabel was riding him faster now, bouncing up and down on his stiff cock, her big tits flying, her head thrown back and wailing sounds of pleasure coming out of her throat.

The big blonde gurgled with lust as Luke now slipped his fingers into her asscrack and drilled a fingertip into her asshole.

Alison thought she'd faint as she watched her uncle's fingers stretching her aunt's bung.

Mabel certainly liked it! The girl could see Luke's finger moving in and out as it fucked Mabel's shitter.

Mabel cried out now, bucking up and down on his cock, her body racked by a series of shudders as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

The tightening of Mabel's cunt soon brought the jism boiling out of Luke's balls. Alison could tell he was coming by the way he pumped his ass up and down. The girl imagined her uncle's cockhead erupting in thick white jets of ropey jism.

Mabel stayed on his cock until her cunt had finished wringing the last drops of cum out of Luke's prick. Then the blonde rolled off and moaned softly as she collapsed on the bed beside her husband.

Her fingers sticky with her cuntjuice, Alison quietly slipped back to her own room. She locked the door. Dropping her pajama bottoms, the young virgin stretched out on her bed and began frigging herself in a frenzy.

Chapter TWO

When Alison awakened the next morning, it was a while before she remembered what had happened. Then it came back to her, the image of her aunt and uncle fucking once again burned in her brain. The young virgin realized she would never again be the same. Now that she had actually seen people fucking all her ideas about sex would forever be different.

She wasn't yet ready to break her vow to remain a virgin until marriage, but she knew that somehow she had to quench the fire in her body. She just had to do something with a boy! She wouldn't go all the way, but she just had to do something!

Alison's attention focused on her cousin Brian. He was only a kid but he seemed capable enough. She'd often noticed the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. The fact that he was so young meant that it would be easy to control things.

Alison imagined herself sitting on a chair and Brian kneeling in front of her. She imagined him kissing the insides of her thighs and then slowly moving his mouth to her pussy. The young virgin's clit twitched as she pictured her cousin's tongue slowly lapping up and down over her swollen cuntlips. She would open her legs wide and let him suck the hot juice out of her cunthole.

The lewd images made Alison shudder with lust. The fact that Brian was so young made it all the more exciting. She could get him to do all sorts of nasty things. She quivered as she imagined Brian's tongue fluttering down from her cunthole to her asshole. God, how lovely that would be! How marvelous to feel his young tongue tickling her tight shitter! Alison blushed at the nastiness of her fantasy. For a moment she was ashamed of herself, and then the young virgin's lust got the better of her. She slid her hand between her legs and began stroking her pussy with her fingers.

That afternoon Alison trembled with uncertainty when she found herself alone with Brian. Everyone else was in town. When Alison asked Brian if he'd go down to the lake with her for a swim, the boy eagerly accepted the invitation.

When she came back from her room wearing a bikini swimsuit, Alison was amused at the way Brian's eyes raked over her body. He might be only a kid but he sure knew how to look a woman up and down!

They walked the short distance to the lake. Alison allowed Brian to walk behind her most of the way in order to give him a good look at her curvy ass. Was she turning him on? At intervals she glanced at his crotch, and before they reached the lake she was rewarded with the first sign of a healthy hard-on.

Alison's heart pounded with excitement. Seducing Brian was turning out to be much more exciting than she'd realized. She was amazed at her own nastiness. It seemed awful to take advantage of a young boy like this, but there was certainly hunger in his eyes and the way he looked at her led her to believe he'd already had some experience with women.

The lake was deserted. "Let's have a short swim and then sit on those rocks," Alison said. "Is that okay, Brian?"

"Sure," the boy said, his eyes fixed on her tits. "Whatever you say, Alison."

She'd been sensible enough to bring along a picnic basket with some food and soft drinks, and after the swim they sat on the rocks and ate the food. Alison questioned Brian about his girlfriends. They sat facing each other and she found it hard to keep her eyes away from the crotch of his swim trunks. He certainly looked well-hung for a teenager.

"I bet all the girls are crazy about you," she said. "Do you have a steady?"

Brian blushed. "Not really."

"Then you sort of play the field," Alison laughed.

"That's right."

She moved closer to him. "Do you think I'm pretty, Brian? I've noticed the way you look at me. I guess my bikini is a little revealing. Does it turn you on?"

Before he had a chance to reply, she slipped her hand between his thighs and briefly squeezed the intriguing bulge in his crotch.

"Oh, my," she said, "you're fully equipped, aren't you?" She moved her fingers into his crotch again and ran her fingertips over the outline of his cockshaft.

This was the first time Alison had ever touched a boy's cock and she was amazed at her own courage.

If Brian was upset by what she was doing, he showed no sign of it. He spread his thighs to give her hand more room. A soft grunt came out of his throat when she found his balls beneath the material of his swim trunks and gently squeezed them.

Once again Alison thought of young Brian sucking her pussy. How marvelous it would be to have her juices mixing with his saliva as he licked and nibbled her swollen cuntflesh! She wondered if he was a virgin. She wondered if he'd ever sucked a girl's pussy. For a moment she was fearful that if she even suggested such a thing to him it would turn him off completely.

Theft she decided it would be worth a chance. Things were different now. She was no longer the same girl she'd been yesterday. Everything had changed. After seeing Mabel and Luke in their bedroom last night, she could no longer hold back the urges within her.

Alison suddenly leaned forward and plastered her mouth over Brian's lips. The boy was caught by surprise, but he soon responded. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and quivered as he eagerly accepted it. When she finally pulled away, they were both breathing hard.

"Do you like to kiss?" she said.

"Sure," he replied. "I like to do other things, too!"

"I bet you do," Alison chuckled, "and I bet you're good at them, too!" She kissed him again, this time working, her lips more firmly against his, and then sucking his tongue until she felt him quivering in her arms. She found it exciting to turn him on. The feel of his boyish body under her hands was thrilling.

Moving away once more, Alison teased Brian by stretching out on the rock and provocatively undulating her body. She felt voluptuous. She felt beautiful. The lust in Brian's eyes turned her on. She imagined his pink young cock throbbing beneath his swim trunks. Rolling over onto her belly, she looked at him coyly. "Touch me, Brian. Put your hands on me."

A croaking sound came out of him as he moved close to her. Alison quivered when she felt his hands on her ass. He stroked her asscheeks through the wispy material of her bikini. He jiggled the lush globes, his fingers caressing her hot flesh.

"Get the pants off!" she hissed, lifting her hips so that he could slide her bikini bottom down over her ass and thighs. "Play with my ass, Brian!" she moaned. "Your hands feel so good!"

She mewled with pleasure as the young boy worked his fingertips into her asscrack. He found her asshole with his thumb and briefly pushed inside to stretch the elastic ring of her shitter. The feel of his finger probing her asshole drive Alison wild.

Abruptly she sat up. She faced him and opened her thighs wide. She watched his face as he looked at her cunt. "Look at my pussy, Brian," she said. She ran her hands along the insides of her thighs, her fingers moving into her crotch. Taking hold of a cuntlip with each hand, she pulled her pussy open to show the boy her sapping cunthole.

Her clit was swollen and stiff. Thick white juice oozed out of the brimming mouth of her fuck-channel. "Do you like my pussy, Brian?"

He nodded, his eyes wide as he stared at her steaming gash.

"We can't fuck," she said. "I'm a virgin and I don't want to lose my cherry. But we can do other things, can't we?"

She slowly rubbed her clit with her forefinger, smiling at the hunger in the boy's eyes, her heart pounding as she toyed with her cuntflesh. Her fingers soon glistened with her cuntjuice. She teased him by raising her fingers to her mouth and slowly licking the juice off her fingertips while her eyes remained on his face.

Now she moved her hands up to her tits. Quickly peeling off her skimpy bikini top, she palmed her large tits and squeezed her thick nipples with her fingers.

She felt herself lost in a fog of lust. She wondered if the boy thought she was crazy. There she was sitting before him totally naked, with her legs spread wide to show her cunt and her hands playing with her boobs. God have mercy on me! Alison thought. The Lord will smite me down for my sins!

She kept her eyes on Brian's face as she played with her body. She could see his response. She could see the hunger and lust in his boyish face and it thrilled her. She realized she had discovered something about herself. She realized how much she enjoyed exposing her body, how much she enjoyed having her eighteen year old cousin look at her gaping cunt and heaving tits.

"Smell my pussy," she said suddenly. "Come on, Brian, get your face down there and sniff my box." She giggled as she leaned back on her elbows, her thighs spread wide.

Brian moved as though hypnotized, creeping forward, his body pushing between her legs, his face approaching her crotch.

"Just smell it," Alison hissed, her eyes glittering as she watched his young face approach her cunt. "Don't do anything but smell it. If you do more than that, I'll go home right now."

He obeyed her. When his face was almost touching her pussy, he stopped moving. She watched his nostrils quiver as he sniffed at her cunt.

"What does it smell like, Brian?" she said. She laughed when she saw how flustered he was. "Don't be bashful, Brian. Come on, tell me what it smells like."

"Like fish," he whispered.

"Do you like it? Do you like that fishy smell of pussy, Brian?"

"I like it," he said, his eyes fixed on her oozing gash, on her thick cuntlips which had been spread open by her fingers, on her gaping cunthole and swollen pink clit.

"That's enough," she said. "Now get your trunks off and show me what you're hiding down there."

She remained as she was, leaning on her elbows, her legs spread wide and her cunt exposed. Brian rose to his knees and pushed his swim trunks down to reveal his cock and balls.

Alison hissed with excitement as she gazed at his stiff pink cock. "Skin it back," she said. "Show me your cockhead."

He took his prick in his hand and slowly retracted his long foreskin to expose the pink knob. As Alison watched, a gob of clear cockjuice oozed out of his pisshole, dangled a moment on the tip of his prick and then fell in a long thread onto the rock between his legs.

Alison was thrilled at the sight of her cousin's juice oozing out the slit in his cockhead. Last night had been the first time she'd ever seen a cock, but her uncle's prick had been far away and she'd been unable to get a good look at it. Now she had Brian's gorgeous young cock right in front of her eyes. It looked tasty. His swollen cockhead looked adorable, and she imagined herself taking it into her mouth and gently sucking it. Was it a sin? She didn't much care any more. At that moment she was sure that having Brian's teen prick in her mouth would be the most wonderful thing in the world.

She had to get her hands on him. Sitting up, she leaned forward, slipped her hands along his thighs, tickled her fingers around the base of his cock, and finally grabbed his tight pink nuts in her hand and gently squeezed. "Does that hurt, Brian?"

"No," he replied. "It feels good."

She giggled and pulled at his ball-bag, her fingers rolling his nuts, her fingernails gently scratching the delicate wrinkled skin of his sac. His balls felt cool in her hand. She remembered reading somewhere that a man's balls were always at a lower temperature than his body. They felt lovely. She imagined his nuts full of young hot jism, thick ropey spunk that would shoot out of his cock like a fountain.

His pisshole was leaking a steady stream of cockjuice now and strings of it dangled from the tip of his cock. Alison was thrilled by it. His cock looked so impatient for fucking, a wet throbbing tool ready for stroking in a woman's cunt. But not today, she thought. She'd promised herself that she'd keep her cherry a while longer. She'd promised herself she wouldn't give in. No matter how much she wanted Brian to fuck her, she would not let it happen.

An idea suddenly came into Alison's head. It was something she'd heard her friends talk about one time. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. Pulling her hand away from his balls, she once again took hold of her tits.

"Put it between my tits," she said. "You can slide your cock back and forth between my tits and make believe it's a pussy. Would you like to do that?"

His answer was a grunt. Alison giggled as she lay back on the rock and allowed her teen cousin to straddle her body. He shuffled forward until his cock and balls rested in the deep valley between her big tits.

She took her tits in her hands then pressing her titflesh around his cockshaft, jiggling her boobs back and forth and rubbing his prick with a regular rhythm.

"Does that feel good, Brian?"

"Yes!" he hissed.

She bent her head, her chin touching her chest, her hot eyes gazing at his swollen cockhead. His cockjuice had leaked all over her tits and her skin glistened with it.

God, how turned on she was! Her cunt was sopping wet, the insides of her thighs a sticky mess. She had no need to touch herself to know that her cuntlips must be swollen. She'd more than once looked at herself in a mirror when she was turned on, and she knew what her cunt looked like when it was oozing juice and twitching with lust.

Brian suddenly groaned and shuddered. Alison kept her eyes riveted to his cock, and a moment later she cried out as the boy's thick jism foamed out of his pisshole. He began spurting in heavy jets that splattered against her neck and chin and face. She could smell it. She could smell the musky smell of his spunk. Rubbing her tits more forcefully up and down on his cockshaft, she did her best to get all the cockcream out of his balls.

When Brian seemed to be finished shooting his load, Alison pushed him away. She rubbed his jism into the skin of her tits and then scooped it off her face with her fingers and coated her nipples with it.

"God, Brian, do you always come that much?" she giggled.

Breathing heavily, the boy nodded. "I always shoot a big load."

Alison shuddered with lust. He was still half-hard and she knew it wouldn't take much to get his prick completely stiff again. She'd be able to get another load of jism out of his balls, some more of his thick cum to rub into her skin like lotion. She decided to stop while she could. She was too hot now and she was afraid that if she continued she would give into her impulses and let Brian fuck her. She didn't want that. I really don't know what I want, she thought. A sudden feeling of fear and shame overwhelmed her. Just a touch on her pussy would make her come. But now she was afraid that if she did that much she would have to go all the way.

"That's enough," she said. "Come to my room tonight when everyone's asleep. Will you do that?"

"If you want me to," he replied. "Will you let me fuck you?"

"I'll let you suck my pussy. You'd better be satisfied with that or you won't get anything at all."

Later, alone in the privacy of her room, Alison rubbed her cunt with a towel until she had four orgasms. By the time she finished she was totally exhausted. Her cuntbush and thighs soaked with her juices, her cunthole twitching and gaping from the stretching produced by her fingers, she fell asleep.

Chapter THREE

At the stroke of midnight Brian slipped into Alison's room. She quickly locked the door and kissed his cheek. She wore a baby-doll nightie, its hem barely covering her ass and her dark nipples clearly visible through the thin material.

She giggled as Brian's hot eyes feasted on her body. She could see his hard cock tenting his pajama bottoms.

"Let me see it," she said.

Brian shuddered with excitement, his fingers slipping into the fly of his pajamas to bring out his hard pink cock.

"Your balls, too," Alison said huskily, her eyes glittering.

She watched him pull out the leathery bag of his nuts.

"I'm not going to let you put your cock up my pussy," she said, "but we can do other things."

Holding up her nightie with her left hand, she slipped her right hand over her belly and into the dark bush of hair that covered her cunt. Using two fingers, she spread her cuntlips apart and showed her cousin the glistening pink meat of her gash.

"Do you like pussies, Brian?"

He nodded, his eyes fixed on her gaping cunt.

"You'll suck it for me, won't you?" she said.

He nodded again. Alison found it intensely thrilling to show him her wet pussy like this, to expose her steaming cunt to his eyes. He was hungry for it. She could see it in his face. He looked like a wild animal about to gobble a plate of raw meat. God, her pussy was hot! The juice had now bubbled out of her cunthole to stream down the insides of her thighs. She knew she was behaving like a wanton slut, but she didn't care. She'd convinced herself that as long as her cherry remained intact she could do whatever she wanted. Still holding up her nightie with her left hand, she turned to show Brian her ass. Would he kiss her there, too? She imagined his mouth running over the firm globes of her asscheeks. Maybe she could get him to kiss her asscrack, or even her asshole. God, that would turn her on!

Just the thought of Brian's lips on her asshole made her shiver with lust and anticipation. She told herself he would never do it. She told herself no man would ever do that to a woman. It was just too nasty. It didn't hurt to dream about it, but she never expected anyone would ever lick her asshole.

"Let's get on the bed," she said, walking away from him with her ass wiggling and the fingers of one hand still in her cunt. She stretched out on her back and pulled her knees back to her tits. She opened her thighs wide and again spread her cuntlips apart with her fingers to show him her cunthole and throbbing clit.

"Suck my pussy," she said. "I know you're good at it. I can tell. Suck my hole, honey."

She pulled her nightie up to her neck to expose her tits. Her nipples were long and stiff. She fondled her tits with one hand as she continued playing with her pussy.

Brian knelt on the mattress in front of her, his eyes on her fingers as they worked over her wet cuntmeat. Alison sighed with satisfaction when he curled his hand around his cockshaft and slowly stroked his prick as he watched her toy with her cunt.

The rumpled sheet tickled her asscrack. She squirmed her hips on the mattress to settle herself in. She almost wanted to delay having his mouth on her pussy. She knew that delaying it would make it all the more pleasurable when it happened.

Watching him pump his cock was definitely exciting. His dark pink cockhead seemed about to explode. She imagined the white jism gushing out of his pisshole like water out of a firehose. Some day she'd be married and she would have a husband who would hose her cunt day and night.

Brian leaned forward now, his head slowly moving between her thighs. Alison watched with hot eyes as his mouth approached her cunt. She stared at his lips, moaned softly when his tongue came out. Both hands pulling her knees back, she rolled her crotch up to his mouth.

"Oh, yes, baby!" she groaned. "Suck my pussy! Suck my wet cunt!"

His tongue touched her cuntlips. He began licking up and down, running the flat of his tongue over her wet cuntflesh. She slipped her hands down over the backs of her thighs to pull her aunt open for his mouth.

"Get inside my cunthole!" she hissed. "Get it inside! I want to feel your tongue inside!"

A gurgling cry came out of her throat as he plastered his mouth against her cunthole. He began fucking his tongue in and out of her cuntchannel.

She fondled her asscheeks with her hands, then pulled them away as Brian's hands took over. His fingers gripped her assflesh as he continued fucking his tongue in and out of her cunthole.

Alison quivered and moaned. The feel of his mouth on her pussy was marvelous. She could feel him sucking the juice out of her fuckhole. She could feel his wiggling inside her sopping cuntchannel. His nose pressed against her clit, and as she looked down she slipped her fingers into her cuntbush and pressed her cuntmeat more firmly against his nose and mouth. She giggled as she wondered if he could breathe. Did he like the way she tasted? She imagined the thick slime of her cuntjuice oozing into his mouth. It was disgusting. She decided her young cousin was really a pervert. Only a freak would enjoy licking and sucking a woman's pussy like this. But she loved it. It felt heavenly.

As Alison squirmed and pumped her crotch under her cousin's mouth, young Brian sucked greedily at her oozing pussy. He loved the taste of her cuntjuice. He loved the way she smelled. He wished his tongue were a foot long so that he could get it all the way up her snatch. His cock was as hard as an iron bar, his cockshaft throbbing, and his cockhead bloated and ready to explode. He tried to imagine what it would be like to fuck her. He pictured his pink cock sliding into her wet pussy and sucked harder at her gushing cunthole.

"Up higher," Alison said. "Do my clit now. Suck on my clit."

Her hand moved to the back of his head and she pulled his face more firmly against her crotch. She could feel how messy she was. Her asscheeks were wet with a mixture of his saliva and her cuntjuice. Her crotch was bathed in it. Brian's mouth made slurping noises as he continued sucking, and now as he began working on her clit sharp lightning strokes of pleasure bolted up her spine from her pussy.

His mouth still firm against her cunt, Brian raised his eyes and looked up at her. She smiled down at him, her face flushed, her body shuddering as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her spasming pussy.

He was at her cunthole again, his lips sucking at the brimming cavern, his tongue swirling in the steaming juice-drenched opening.

"Suck me dry!" she groaned. "Suck all the juice out of my hole! Oh, yes, that's good! I can feel that! I can feel your tongue in there!"

She mewled with passion as the boy rhythmically worked his thick tongue in and out of her twitching cunthole.

By the time Brian finally pulled his face away from her crotch, Alison had been convulsed by four orgasms. Her thighs and ass were coated with cuntjuice and saliva. Her cunt gaped like a raw wound, her cuntbush flecked with a white froth.

She watched Brian wipe his face with a towel, and then her eyes fell to his turgid cock sticking out of the fly of his pajamas. She had a yearning to suck him off, to feel his hot jism blasting into her mouth and down her throat. Then a need to be cruel overwhelmed her. As nice as it would be to suck him off, it would be more fun to deny him. She would use his mouth again. She had an idea he would do anything she wanted, no matter how nasty. Yes, that was it, she would use his mouth again.

Pulling her knees back to her tits once more, she rolled her crotch up, slid her hands down her thighs and over her asscheeks and tugged at the tender skin surrounding her asshole.

"Right here," she said, her voice sultry and coaxing.

Brian looked puzzled. "What?"

"Right there," she giggled. "Lick me right there."

A flush came to the teen's cheeks. He stared at her pink bunghole, at the tight opening surrounded by her fingers.

Alison held her breath, wondering if he would do it. She relaxed with a long sigh as he lowered his face to her ass and began lapping her twitching shithole.

"Ooooohhh, that feels good, Brian! That feels lovely! Oh, yes, you're licking my asshole, aren't you? I can even see it! Move back a moment and let me see your tongue. That's the way. Now touch it again. Oh, yes, that's lovely!"

She urged him on, encouraging him to lap and lick her winking asshole. She groaned when he finally stopped licking and simply plastered his mouth against her asshole with a smacking noise. A cry came out of her throat as she felt his tongue slithering inside her shitter. It was lovely. The feel of the teen's thick tongue stretching her shithole drove her wild. She came twice, her body convulsing, her legs waving in the air as Brian continued sucking her ass.

At last Alison pushed her cousin away and made him stretch out on his back. She hovered over him, one hand holding his balls and the other hand fisting his cockshaft. Lowering her face, she swirled her tongue over his cockhead. She probed at his pistol and washed the lobes of his knob with her wet tongue-tip.

Brian's hand slipped between her legs, his fingers pushing her cunthair aside to get at her dripping cunthole. She closed her lips over his cockhead at the very moment he slid two fingers into her oozing gash.

She pushed her cunt at his hand, pressing her wet cuntbush against his palm and squirming her ass until she could hear her cuntjuice making a squelching noise on his fingers.

Alison suddenly pulled her mouth off Brian's cock and stripped, away her nightie. She cupped her heavy tits in her hands and pinched her nipples with her fingers until the rubbery spikes were long and hard. Then, still holding one of her tits with her hand, she leaned down and touched her nipple to Brian's oozing pisshole. She giggled as she used her nipple to smear his cockjuice over his knob. She covered both nipples with his cockjuice and then rubbed the clear fuck-oil into her tits with her hands.

Her tits dangling like ripe melons, she swooped down on his cock again. This time she opened her mouth wide and took his cock all the way in until his cockhead tickled the back of her throat.

Cupping his balls in her hand, she gently squeezed his nuts as she began a rhythmic sucking of his fuckpole. Her head slowly bobbed up and down. The tight ring of her lips pulled and pushed the silk-like cockskin that covered the cylinder of his fuck-muscle. She fucked him with her mouth, swirling her tongue over his hot cockflesh, swallowing down the juice leaking out of his pisshole, her stretched lips dribbling saliva over his cockshaft and balls.

Brian gazed down at his pretty cousin as she worked on his prick. His eyes fixed on her mouth as it moved up and down on the pole of his cock. He had a yearning to reach down and grab her hanging tits, but he was afraid to do anything to disturb her sucking. Jesus, what a mouth! She worked on his cock like a demon, taking him all the way in until he could feel her throat muscles tightening around his cockhead. Each time she pulled back, she left a flood of saliva on his twitching cockshaft. She had a mouth made for cocksucking. As young as he was, he could see that. This wasn't the first time a girl had sucked his cock and Alison was as good as any of them. She was a beauty. He remembered her asshole, remembered the way his tongue had stroked inside, remembered the way her tight ass had clamped down as he tongue-fucked her shitter. He'd never done that to a girl before. He'd been shocked when she asked him to do it, but the sight of her winking little asshole had been too much for him. A girl really had two holes. You could do as much with one as with the other. He wondered if Alison would let him fuck her asshole. She could keep her cherry then. He could fuck her ass and she'd still be a virgin. He wondered if she would go for it.

Her mouth fucking up and down on Brian's cock, Alison's pussy was on fire again. A flood of cuntjuice gushed out of her cunthole, washed over her thick cuntlips and bathed her crotch. She wanted Brian's jism, she wanted his hot spunk shooting out of his cock and into her mouth, she wanted the feel of his tight balls twitching in her hand when he came.

One hand holding his nuts, she curled the fingers of her other hand around his cockshaft down near the base of his cock. She began vigorously pumping his prick as she sucked on his cockhead.

Brian threw back his head and groaned. The feel of her hot lips clamped over his knob and her soft hand fisting his cockshaft was pure heaven.

"Suck my dick, Alison!" he croaked. "Suck it hard! I'm going to come soon! Oh, fuck, that's good!" His mouth opened as he let loose a wailing sound. His tongue dangled between his lips and he snorted deliriously.

Her hand flying up and down his cockshaft, Alison sucked hard on his swollen knob. He suddenly lurched, cried out and began pumping wad after wad of hot jism into her hungry mouth. She took it all. She kept her mouth closed on his spurting cockhead, gulping and swallowing as he shot his load.

When his balls were finally drained, she squeezed one more drop out of his pisshole with her fingers and giggled as she licked it off and swallowed it down.

Chapter FOUR

Alison thought she'd spend the summer playing secret games with her cousin Brian, but a few days later she made a discovery that changed everything.

Returning in the afternoon from a downtown shopping trip, Alison found the house unusually quiet. She wondered where everyone was, and then suddenly she heard laughter coming from upstairs.

The teenage girl decided to find out who was home. She climbed the steps to the second floor. She was halfway there when she heard another sound, this time a deep moan. Alison quickly recognized that something special was going on. Something very private. Was it possible Mabel and Luke were fucking? But Luke was at work. It had to be something else.

Feeling devilish, Alison quietly tiptoed down the hail towards Mabel's room. The door was partly open. Alison positioned herself in the darkness of the hallway and peered inside into the bedroom. What she saw made her eyes grow wide and her heart pound.

Mabel was in the bedroom with her son Curt. The luscious blonde was stripped to the waist, her heavy tits hanging as she leaned forward to offer them to Curt.

The boy's eyes glittered as he handled his mother's tits. Spellbound, Alison watched Curt deftly caress Mabel's heavy jugs. His fingers squeezed her thick nipples. He ran his hands lovingly over her titflesh, jiggling the fat creamy globes and obviously enjoying the way they bounced.

The sight of mother and son indulging in sex play set Alison on fire. She could feel the heat in her pussy. She could feel the swelling of her cuntlips and the oozing of her juices out of her twitching cunthole. Incest. The word burned in Alison's brain as she watched her cousin Curt squeeze and fondle his mother's heavy tits.

Alison had an urge to run back to her room and masturbate, to stick her fingers in her cunthole and asshole and frig herself to exhaustion. She'd never seen anything as exciting as the scene she was witnessing now. She'd already seen Mabel with Luke, but this was different. This was mother and son, and watching Curt play with his mother's tits was incredibly erotic.

Mabel whispered something to Curt now, putting her hand on his head and pulling his face forward. The boy extended his tongue and began lapping one of his mother's nipples. He licked the thick pink stalk until it was wet and then moved to the other one.

Alison's knees trembled as she watched Curt moving his mouth over his mother's hanging tits. The girl's hand slipped down to her crotch. She fondled the lips of her pussy through the material of her dress and panties. Her cunt was thoroughly juiced up. She could feel the dampness on her fingertips.

Mabel suddenly pushed Curt's face away from her tits and pulled him to his feet. She sat down on the edge of the bed and maneuvered his body until he was standing between her legs. Alison held her breath as she watched Mabel's fingers working at the zipper of Curt's fly. A moment later the boy's thick cock was dangling out of the front of his pants.

"Well, you're hot and ready!" Mabel chuckled. "My baby has a beautiful hard-on!"

Alison had to agree that it was beautiful. Curt's cock was much bigger than Brian's. His fuckpole was a thick flaming stalk of male muscle. His fat cockhead was almost purplish in color and the slit in his knob oozed a steady flow of fuck-oil.

Curling her fingers around her son's cockshaft, Mabel began to gently frig his prick.

"Does that feel good, honey?"

"You bet!" Curt groaned, his hands on his mother's bare shoulders as she expertly worked his cockskin back and forth over the hard cylinder of his prick.

Mabel now slipped her free hand into the fly of his pants and scooped out his balls. Alison bit her lip as she watched Mabel jiggle her son's hairy nuts with her fingers. Curt's balls looked as if they were bloated with jism. Was she going to take him all the way? Was Mabel going to jerk off Curt and relieve the hot tension in his swollen nuts? Alison quivered as she thought of Curt's jism, thick and white, spurting out of his huge cock.

Alison's fingertip found her clit and she rubbed it in a frenzy. She finally slipped her hand beneath her dress and into her panties. The first contact of her fingers with her wet cuntflesh brought a soft moan out of her throat. She stifled the sound, praying that they wouldn't hear her. Her eyes were fixed on Mabel's hand as it slowly pumped Curt's throbbing cock.

Guttural sounds came out of Curt's chest as he gazed down and watched his mother play with his prick. The boy's face looked feverish, his eyes hot and glittering. Alison realized this couldn't possibly be the first time they were doing this. They seemed so thoroughly at ease with each other. Mabel sat there with her naked tits swinging back and forth, so relaxed and at ease as she pumped her son's cock with her hand.

I'm envious, Alison thought. She wished she were in there doing that to Curt. Her blood raced as she watched Mabel lift one of her tits with her hand and bring the nipple to the dripping point of Curt's prick.

"Do it, Mom!" Curt said.

Mabel looked up at him and chuckled. "Do what, honey?"

"You know."

She laughed again. "You want me to put it in my mouth? You want Mommy to suck your cock, is that it?"

"Don't tease!" he hissed.

"Suck my tits first, baby. Come on, you sit where I'm sitting and I'll hang a tit right into your mouth. Suck my tits and get me good and turned on. Then it'll be my turn to do a little sucking. Is that a deal, baby?"

Breathless with excitement, Alison watched as they once again changed positions. This time, as Curt sat on the edge of the bed, he had his cock and balls dangling out of his pants. Alison watched Mabel stuff a tit into her son's mouth. The blonde forced the boy to open his jaws as wide as possible. She urged him to suck hard, to pull in as much of her titflesh as he could. Once again Alison was envious. She thought of how marvelous it would be to have Curt's warm mouth sucking at her boobs.

Curt's hands slipped around his mother's hips to grab her asscheeks. Mabel squirmed her ass under her son's fingers, mewling with pleasure as he sucked her tit and squeezed her assflesh at the same time.

"Now suck the other one," Mabel said. "Do them both, honey. I love it when you work on my tits like this! Look how swollen my nipples are! Isn't that nice?"

The boy was too busy sucking to answer. He slurped and slobbered over her dangling jugs. Alison watched enthralled. Her hand was busy between her legs, her fingers massaging her cuntflesh and smearing her cuntjuice all over her cuntbush. Her pussy was so hot she thought it might explode.

The teenage girl was dying to see her aunt's cunt. She imagined Mabel's pussy would be thoroughly wet by this time. She remembered what Mabel's cunt looked like from the time she'd seen Mabel and Luke fucking, but she wanted to see it again, this time with Curt doing something to it.

Watching Curt pinch and fondle his mother's ass was a real turn-on. Alison knew what that felt like. She'd found it thrilling when Brian had squeezed her asscheeks in his hands. Alison suddenly wondered if Mabel played with Brian the way she was now playing with Curt. Was that why Brian seemed so adept in bed? God, she'd give anything to watch them fuck, to watch Curt shove his big dick in and out of Mabel's snatch!

"Okay," Mabel said at last, "now it's my turn, honey." She pulled him to his feet, unbuckled his belt and helped him drop his pants and shorts down to his ankles. Then she once again sat down on the edge of the bed and moved him between her legs. This time, as Alison watched with wide-open eyes, the luscious blonde palmed her son's nuts with one hand, curled the other hand around his cockshaft and swooped down to engulf the bloated knob of his prick with her mouth.

Alison watched as Mabel tightened the ring of her lips behind the flange of Curt's cockhead. The blonde began sucking, fucking her mouth back and forth on his meaty prick. He fingers toyed with his balls. Her tongue swirled over his cockflesh. Saliva dribbled out of her mouth and streamed over his cockshaft and hairy nuts.

Alison's mouth watered as she imagined Curt's hot cockmeat stretching her own lips. Her fingers vigorously rubbing her overheated cunt, the girl watched Mabel suck her son's prick.

Curt's eyes were closed, his head thrown back, his mouth hanging open and snorting sounds coming out of his throat. He quivered as his mother slurped on his rampant dick. His hands gripped her shoulders and then moved down to grab her hanging tits. He squeezed her thick nipples between his fingers. "Oh, yeah, Mom, that's good! Suck it, Mom! Keep sucking! That's good!"

Mabel seemed lost in her own world, her eyes closed, her nostrils flaring, her stretched lips moving up and down his pink rigid cockshaft.

Masturbating in a frenzy as she watched them, Alison now slipped one hand over her ass and pressed her fingers into her asscrack. She tickled her whole at the same time as she continued frigging her pussy. She'd lost track of how many times she'd come. Her panties were drenched with cuntjuice, her crotch sopping and sticky with her slime. This had to be the most exciting thing she'd aver seen, and nothing in the world could pull her away from it.

Curt's chest heaved and croaking sounds came out of his mouth. His lips worked spasmodically as his mother continued sucking. He was moving now, gently thrusting his prick in and out of her mouth, fucking her face with an easy rhythm.

Mabel had one hand on his ass, her fingers digging into his assflesh. She squeezed his butt as she worked her mouth like a cunt over his rampant throbbing prick.

What turned Alison on more than anything was the sight of all the saliva dripping out of Mabel's mouth. Some of it flowed over Curt's cockshaft and some of his just dropped on Mabel's thighs. The sight of all that spit coming out of Mabel's mouth somehow drove Alison wild.

Curt was fucking Mabel's mouth mote vigorously now, pumping his prick in and out of the ring of her lips as she remained motionless. Alison found it thrilling to watch. The boy was using his mother's mouth like a cunt. His cockshaft glistened with her spit as it slid smoothly in and out of her open mouth. Each time he thrust forward, Alison imagined his cockhead jabbing at the back of Mabel's throat. Sometimes the girl could see Mabel's tongue swirling over her son's cockflesh. He always pulled out until half his cockhead showed, and then with a grunt he would ram his fuckpole back into his mother's face.

Mabel never let up her grip on his balls. Now as he fucked her mouth with a steady rhythm, she held his ball-bag tightly. She pulled on it as his prick pistoned in and out of her mouth.

Would Mabel let him come in her mouth? Alison quivered as she thought about it. She imagined Curt's jism blasting out of his piss-hole to wash over Mabel's tonsils. She remembered the tangy taste of Brian's fuck-cream. She certainly couldn't blame Mabel for wanting a load down her throat. It was certainly weird for a mother to suck off her own son, but as long as they were doing it, it seemed natural to Alison that Mabel would want Curt to come in her mouth.

Mabel's hand dropped away from Curt's ass now. The blonde pulled her dress back to reveal her creamy thighs. She fondled her tits a moment, tugging and squeezing her thighs and began frigging her pussy.

Allison's heart pounded as she watched her aunt play with her cunt as she continued sucking her son's cock. Mabel still had her panties on, but Alison could clearly see her aunt's hand digging away at her juice-drenched cuntflesh.

One hand working in her cunt, Mabel now dropped the other hand from Curt's balls and slipped it around to his ass. Alison could see Mabel's fingers working up and down Curt's asscrack. Curt suddenly grunted loudly as one of his mother's fingers found his asshole.

He fucked her mouth more rapidly, pistoning his cock in and out with long solid strokes. Alison held her breath as she watched them. Mabel looked completely abandoned, one hand fingering her cunt, one hand playing with her son's ass, her mouth filled with his stiff pumping cock.

Alison's own fingers were busy with her sopping pussy. She could smell her own cuntjuice. Her tongue hunge loosely over her lips, her eyes half closed as she gazed at the pair in the bedroom.

Mabel's naked tits looked delicious, and Alison had an urge to jump in there and get her mouth on one of her aunt's fat nipples. The thought of doing that while Mabel sucked Curt's prick brought a gush of cuntjuice out of the young virgin's pussy. She rubbed her cuntcream over her steaming cuntflesh.

With his asshole clamping down on his mother's finger and his cock pistoning in and out of his mother's mouth, it wasn't long before Curt started to show the signs of an impending orgasm. Allison could see it was about to happen. She drew in her breath as she watched. Mabel seemed anxious to have her son's full load in her mouth. Alison could see the way her aunt's finger corked in and out of the boy's ass.

"Oh, fuck, it's coming, Mom!" Curt suddenly cried. "Here comes my load."

He shot off. Mabel gulped and swallowed, her finger furiously frigging his asshole, her lips sucking on his twitching, spurting cock.

Alison came with them, her cunt spasming, a flood of cuntjuice gushing into her palm, a wailing sound coming out of her throat.

Chapter FIVE

Two nights later Uncle Luke came to Alison's room after the rest of the family were asleep. "What's wrong, Uncle Luke?" she said, trying to hide her nakedness behind the door.

"Let me in, honey," he said.

"Wait until I cover myself," she said.

She closed the door slightly and hurried to put on a robe. She had been about to go to sleep naked so she could more easily masturbate. After seeing her sexy aunt and big pricked cousin together, she was hornier than ever and couldn't wait to get her hands on her pussy.

Now she shivered as she opened the door and let her uncle into the room. Her mind raced as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Did they want her to leave before the summer was over? Had they discovered she'd, been spying on them? Worse, had her aunt and uncle found out about her fooling around with Brian? The boy was only a teenager and even though she hadn't let him fuck her his parents might be angry.

She crept under the covers, pulling the blanket up to her chin and staring at her uncle. He began talking and she couldn't help picturing his big dick and the way it had looked streaking in and out of Mabel's cunt.

"I hear from Brian you're still a virgin," he said.

"He told you!" she breathed.

"My boys and I are very close."

"I'll never do it again, Uncle Luke!" she cried. "Honest! Please don't send me home!"

"Hey, wait a minute..."

"I won't do it again," she said, tears beginning to fill her green eyes and slide down her cheeks. "My folks will kill me! Oh, please!"

She flung herself into his anus and wept loudly. He patted her hair and murmured softly in her ear.

"Ssshhh," he said. "You're aunt's got ears like a cat."

She raised her head and gazed into his eyes. "I didn't let him fuck me," she said. "I'm still a virgin."

She burst out crying again and he rocked her in his arms. "Ssshhh," he whispered. "I'm not sending you home. Stop crying."

Finally she relaxed against his broad chest and wiped her eyes with a piece of tissue. "Oh, Uncle Luke," she gulped happily as she brought his legs up on the bed.

"There, there, honey," he murmured turning onto his side. Her body felt like liquid wax and she cuddled against him.

"I'll never do it again," she said. "I don't know what came over me anyway."

"You're a woman, honey," he said. "That's what came over you. And you're still pretending to be a child."

"Is that what you think?"

"Shit honey, anytime a ripe little number like you hangs on for dear life to her cherry, she's scared shitless of growing up."

"Oh, Uncle Luke," she said, tears welling up in her eyes. "Do you think there's something wrong with me mentally?"

"Nothing a good fucking won't cure."

"But I've been saving myself for my husband," she said.

"Nowadays no real man wants a woman without plenty of experience."

He rolled over and rested his leg in her calves. His robe fell open and revealed his balls. She trembled, her tits heaving and her nipples poking against her sheer robe. His balls looked bigger than ever. I'll bet they're just full of spunk, she thought.

"Oh, Uncle Luke," she sighed. "Maybe I better give myself to someone."

"Yeah, honey," he snickered, noticing her gaze on his balls. "I think you're looking at something."

He reached down and opened his robe all the way, gripping his dick with his fist and pointing it in Alison's direction.

"If you want your old uncle to show you the ropes I'll be happy to make the sacrifice."

She gazed at his prick-knob. "Oh, Uncle Luke!" His prick looked so big!

"It'll get even bigger," he chuckled, lewdly stroking his fuckpole. "How about it, honey? Do you want your old uncle to get rid of your cherry for you?"

"You're not old," she whispered, wondering how his huge dick would ever fit in her virgin pussy.

"Did you like getting your tits fucked?" he said.

"It was great."

He continued stroking his cock and the horny virgin noticed how thick it was growing. "I liked sucking Brian's cock too," she said shyly.

"I think it runs in the family," he smiled. "Your Aunt Mabel likes a good mouthful of cock too."

Alison remembered when her aunt had fucked her older son and how hungrily she'd sucked his dick. She felt less guilty about being with Luke when she thought about her lusty blonde aunt in bed with Curt.

"Why don't you take that thing off, honey," Luke said, tugging at the belt to her robe. "I'd sure like to get my mouth on your pretty tits."

"But won't Aunt Mabel wonder where you are?"

"Aw, she's fast asleep," he said. "I sucked her off real good and she went out like a light."

He hovered over her now and yanked her robe open. He licked his lips as he gazed at her naked boobs. They were huge and her nipples were already puckered with lust and very, very long.

He slipped her robe off her arms and the horny virgin lay back like a rag-doll and let him drop it to the floor. "You're pretty as a picture," he said.

"Do you really think so, Uncle Luke?" she teased. Now that she was naked in front of him, all her shyness disappeared. "I'm glad you think I'm pretty."

"You little vixen," he said, tossing his robe aside and settling back down on the bed. "Come here onto my lap and let me play with your titties."

The horny teenager climbed onto her uncle's lap. Her heart pounded as he began fondling her firm boobs. He squeezed and pulled her lust-stiff nipples and stroked her massive tit melons.

Her eyes closed, she rocked against him. "Oh, Uncle Luke!" she sighed. "That feels so good!"

He worked his strong fingers over her throbbing boobs and toyed with her nipples. His massive prick stirred against her ass and wiggled her hips. She felt his cock stiffen and throb against her skin. It was so exciting to have this effect on a man!

Now that she had decided to finally lose her cherry, she was glad she was losing it to her favorite uncle. Shivering violently, she felt Luke probe a finger around her fur-covered gash. His fingertip stirred inside her cuntflaps and the teenager sighed as he stabbed it against her cunthole.

"Oh, Uncle Luke, that's so nice!" she said. He lay her down on her back on the bed and stretched out next to her on his side. His cock stood straight up at a forty-five degree angle. His foreskin was peeled back and his cockhead thrust out, big and mushroom-shaped and oozing fuck-juice.

"Get on your belly," he said and Alison rolled over onto her belly.

"That's same ass you've got their, girl," he said.

He stroked his hand up and down her spine and gradually worked his fingers over her asscheeks. "You're a long drink of water," he chuckled. "A man could really get lost up and down those gorgeous long legs."

He leaned over and cupped her butt-flesh in both bands. Alison felt her cunt heat up as his fingers massaged and squeezed her sensitive ass. She gasped when his fingers snaked down to her asscrack.

"I won't do anything to your butt tonight," he said.

"Oh, Uncle Luke, I'd just die if you did!"

"Don't you worry your pretty head," he said, stretching out between the teenage virgin's legs and lowering his face to her body.

Alison hugged the pillow as her uncle licked his long tongue over her thighs. He worked his lips down to her shapely calves and then slid them back up to her thighs and butt-cheeks.

He worked his tongue and lips up and down until her legs were wet with saliva and her pussy tingled with excitement. So this was how a grown man made love to a woman! He was so different from a young kid like Brian. Brian had made her feel lovely, but nothing like this.

Luke parted her asscheeks with both hands and brought his face down to the crevice between them. She automatically spread her legs open as he slid his tongue up and down her bung.

"Oh, honey, your little asshole is twitching away like you wouldn't believe," he said.

He licked and tongued her butt-hole and Alison moaned softly. Her entire body quivered as he teased and stroked around her tight virgin-bung.

"One day I'll take your ass-cherry, too," he said. "Would you like that, honey?"

"Oh, Uncle Luke, your cock is so big! I don't know how it's going to fit in my pussy, let alone my asshole!"

"Oh, it'll fit okay," he chuckled. "You'd be surprised how these little things open up when a nice big cock's pushing against them."

He forced his tongue-tip into her asshole and the teenager squealed with excitement. "Uncle Luke I could come right now!" she said.

"Well, let's slow down," Luke said, picking his head up and turning her over onto her back. "The slower we go, the better it'll feel."

"Does my ass taste good?" Alison giggled as her uncle gazed down at her splayed cunt.

"Dynamite!" he said, staring with glittering eyes at the girl's black-rimmed twat.

The pink wet meat of her gash peeked out of her tight cuntlips and soft swirls of curly cunthair that framed it prettily. She placed her hands on the insides of her thighs and swayed her hips.

"Suck my pussy, Uncle Luke!" she hissed.

Without a word, Luke buried his face against, the girl's snatch. He made snorting noises with his lips as he sucked gluttonously on the succulent meat of her gash.

He pushed her hands aside and substituted his own on her inner thighs. He twisted and turned his face against the wetness of her cunt and the teenage virgin shivered with excitement.

Soon she would feel his cock sliding inside her cunt. Soon she'd be filled with her uncle's thick dick and she'd never again be a virgin. But she didn't care anymore about losing her cherry. She was anxious for it to happen and wished he'd stick it in and fuck her brains out.

But he settled in for a good long sucking of her cunt. He seemed obsessed with licking her pussy. He lashed his tongue back and forth over her clit and into her cunthole. He swallowed down the juice he scooped up from her pussy-hole and swirled his tongue over her cuntfolds.

Her tongue-fucked her cunt until the brunette thought she'd lose her mind. "Take me!" she begged. "Please, take me!"

He pressed his nose into the nest of her cuntbush. "What is that you're saying, girl?" he said.

"Take me!"

He inhaled her pussy fragrance and chuckled. "I don't know what that means. Do you mean you want me to fuck you?"


"Mmmmmmmm, sweet pussy," he muttered.

"Oh, Uncle Luke, fuck me!" she cried.

"Not so loud, honey," he said. "You'll wake up your Aunt Mabel."

"But I'm so hot!"

He thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy-hole and wiggled it round. "You don't want to go too fast, honey," he said. "It's a lot sweeter if you wait until you just can't stand it anymore."

Alison forced herself to rein. His tongue did feel lovely in her twat. And he was probably right. The longer she waited to bring herself off when she masturbated, the better it felt. He continued tonguing her hungry little gash and the teenage virgin writhed around on the bed under his slobbering mouth. Her pretty face was contorted with passion and she tossed her head from side to side on the pillow.

She tore the sheet and blanket with her nails, clawing wildly every time Luke's tongue shot inside her pussy-hole. His fingers were busy too. He stroked and caressed and fondled her thighs and asscheeks while he devoured her snatch.

She humped her ass up and down on the mattress and stroked her flopping tits. His lips worked tirelessly on her twat and his fingers teased her most sensitive parts.

"Oh, God, Uncle Luke, I'm going to come right now!"

He stretched his tongue until it was root deep inside her cunthole. He slowly withdrew it from her frothy depths and swiped it hotly over her throbbing clit.

He sucked frantically on her love-button and the little teenager stuffed her fingers into her mouth to keep from crying out.

"Baby, I'm gonna fuck you right into the ground!" he said.

He picked his face up from her steaming snatch and stretched out on his back. He opened his arms and motioned to Alison. "Get over here, honey."

She knelt between his legs and gripped his dick. She slid his foreskin all the way back and marveled at the way his cockhead throbbed in her hand.

She rolled his meaty organ between her palms and felt it grow thicker and longer. She remembered how excited, she'd been when she'd seen him fucking Aunt Mabel. And to think he would soon be fucking her!

She moved one hand to his balls and felt them throb. God, they were big! Much bigger than Brian's! His cockhead stirred against her palms and a glob of fuck-cream leaked out of his piss-slit.

She wrapped her hand around his fuckpole and inhaled his pungent aroma. She wasn't accustomed to the fragrance of a grown man's cock and it thrilled her as nothing ever had.

She felt her mouth water and realized she wanted his cock in her mouth. Ever since she'd sucked off her cousin she'd thought about nothing else.

Holding his cockshaft with one hand, she wiped up his juiced-up cocktip with her thumb. She gazed at the veins, blue and bulging on his fuck-stalk.

As if reading her mind, Luke winked and told her to suck his cock. "It's okay, honey," he said. "I know you want to."

"Oh, Uncle Luke!"

She lowered her lips to his cock and panted as her moist pink tongue circled his cockknob. She licked around the flared rim under his cockhead, excited by the taste of his fuck-stick.

She licked up the drop of jism in his pisser and rolled it around on her tongue. God, it tasted delicious! More spunk bubbled out of his tiny hole and she sucked it up before sliding her pouty lips over his cockhead.

"That's the way," Luke said. "Take it all the way."

Her lips were stretched wide around his fuckpole and she only had his knob in her mouth. She didn't think she'd be able to fit any more in her mouth, but decided to try.

She worked her hungry lips gluttonously over his cockhead, sucking him ravenously before spitting his cockknob out of her mouth and taking a deep, breath.

"Here goes!" she breathed, sliding her lips down half of his cockshaft.

Her mouth was stuffed with his tool and she only had half of it inside. She slid the ring of her lips up and down his stalk, swirling her tongue vigorously over his bulbous head.

"How come none of those young studs at school ever got in your pants?" he said.

The saliva on her tongue mixed with his fuck-cream and she released his dick. "I don't know," she said. "I was always taught to save myself for my husband."

"What a dumb idea," he said.

Alison sucked his cockhead back into her mouth. It seemed to grow as she dragged her tongue around his stalk. His cockhead throbbed and when he pushed forward and plunged another three inches of his fuckpole into her mouth, she shivered violently.

I might choke to death, she thought, but what a way to go!

She sucked feverishly on her uncle's dick, bobbing her head up and down and sliding her pink wet lips up and down his meaty shaft. She toyed with his jism-filled balls and realized she'd never be able to get his entire prick in her mouth. It was simply too big.

She knew now she'd never be satisfied with a small cock. The bigger the better, she thought. But still, he hasn't fucked me yet. It might hurt when he tries to get it in my little cunt.

Luke became more and more excited. He thrust his ass up off the bed, forcing more and more of his boner into her delicate lips. She tried to take in more, but she gagged when his big cockhead tickled her nostrils. And only half his fuckpole was in her throat!

She almost wished she would blast off in her mouth. She'd loved drinking down Brian's spunk. But she knew that if he came he wouldn't be able to fuck her and oh, dear Lord, she wanted his big prick inside her virgin cunt!

Just then he pushed her over and pulled his cock out of her sucking mouth. "Let's try this on for size," he said, beaming down at her as her legs sprawled open.

She gazed at his huge hard-on. He squeezed his cockroot as she stretched out on her back. She couldn't take her eyes off his tool. It glistened with her saliva and the fact that his big dick had been inside her mouth made it all the more exciting.

"You won't hurt me, will you?"

She thought she ought to pretend to be afraid, but in truth she wasn't. She was happy to be losing her cherry. It had become a curse to be a virgin.

She eyed his thick rod. She'd been right in thinking it was as thick as her wrist. It was. Maybe thicker. Her heart pounded when he crawled between her thighs, still pumping his dick and squeezing his cockroot. She quivered with lust as he swabbed his fuckpole up and down the steamy heat of her twat.

He worked the massive tip of his prick between her still-tight cuntlips and she felt the friction of her clit. Her cunthole stretched as he pushed in and the little virgin bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming.

"Don't hurt me!" she cried.

"Stuff a pillow in your mouth!"

She bit down on the pillow as he lurched forward and broke her cherry.

"Oh, God!" she wailed.

A searing sensation of pain filled her cunt, but it didn't last long. He plunged in and soon his cock was streaking in and out of her stretched cunt.

"Oh, God?" she yelled, biting her lip and wrapping her legs around his back.

Her cuntmouth stretched around his dong and she humped her ass up and down, fucking back at his dick. She instinctively tilted her ass up and down, fucking back at his dick. She instinctively tilted her ass up and draped her legs over his shoulders, the feel of his cockshaft on her clit driving her to untold heights of lust.

Suddenly he pulled his prick out of her cunt and held it over her face. "Seethe blood?" he said. "Now you'll never bleed again. You're a woman, honey!"

He thrust his cock back inside her cunt and the horny brunette moaned. "Oh, Uncle Luke, that feels so good!"

The entire length of his tool was inside her and she felt his big hairy balls pressing into her asscrack. After one deep thrust, he remained motionless above her.

"Don't stop!" she cried. "Don't stop fucking me!"

Terrified he would pull out and leave her, she wiggled her ass frantically and tried to force his prick to move in and out of her girl cave.

"I'm not going anywhere." Luke chuckled, beads of perspiration running down his face. "I'm right here. You like the old in and out, huh?"

"I love it!"

"Keep moving like that. That's the way to do it. Never stay still. When you move you get a lot more friction on your clit. That's the way. You're a natural. Shit, you're tight! Yeah, baby, keep moving like that. Keep moving. Don't stop. Shit, you're killing me!"

He pulled his bulbous cockhead out of her cunt and rubbed it lightly over her joy-button. Then he pushed his entire tool back into her pussy and pistoned it in and out for a few moments.

She still felt a little pain. The inside of her widely stretched cuntwalls felt raw, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered, but the feel of his prick inside her.

"Fuck me, Uncle Luke!" she moaned. "Fuck me!"

Luke didn't answer. He grunted as he slammed his massive dick in and out of her virgin-cunt with a corkscrewing motion. Alison's pussy was filled with warmth she'd never experienced before and she knew at that moment that masturbating would never satisfy her again. She had to have a cock inside her to make her happy. Preferably a big thick one.

Her tight little cunt sucked wildly at Luke's cock. Every nerve ending in her crotch throbbed. Luke pushed her knees back to her tits as he pounded his cock in and out of her depths.

She felt herself screaming. Luke slapped a hand over her mouth and her shrieks were muffled against his fingers. Her tits wobbled with abandon and she thrashed her legs in the air.

"Sweet little cunt," Luke muttered as she clawed at his shoulders.

He speared her savagely, stroking his fuckpole deeper and harder into her twat. Her pussy bubbled cuntjuice and she felt it clamp down on his cock every time he entered her. Loud sucking noises filled the room, obscene noises made by his cock as it plunged in and out of her juiced-up gash.

"I feel it coming," she muttered, grinding her clutching pussy against the base of his dick.

"Let yourself go!" Luke said.

An explosion erupted in her snatch, filling her with jolt after hot jolt of the most incredible pleasure she'd ever experienced in her young life. Just when she thought she'd reached the peak of ecstasy, she rocked with yet another hot sensation.

She came again when Luke trembled violently and sent a torrent of thick jism into her pussy-hole. The force of it sent her reeling and she sighed with satisfaction when his spunk-spewing prick continued drilling in and out of her twat.

Chapter SIX

For the next week, Alison felt on fire. She expected Luke to return to her bedroom, but be didn't. And he and Mabel appeared to be as happy as ever together.

The teenager felt somewhat depressed. Since her uncle had taken her cherry, she half expected that he felt something for her, something like love. Now she knew he didn't and she was being silly. He was simply a lusty man who wanted to break her in to the mysteries of fucking.

Except now that she was broken in she was terribly horny. More so than ever. She tried to get Brian to fuck her, but he was always off somewhere playing basketball. And Curt didn't seem interested. He and Mabel were always giggling about something and Alison remembered that the boy and his mother were having an affair.

He's probably in love with his own mother, she thought one morning as she made her bed. What chance have I got with him?

Anyway, he was only a kid, and Alison knew she ought to meet boys her own age or older. She was older than Curt and Brian.

She wondered how old Mabel was. She knew her aunt had been very young when she and Luke had gotten married. And Curt had been born about seven months later. That would make Mabel around thirty-eight. Suddenly that didn't seem very old. Mabel had a figure that could put plenty of teenage girls to shame. Alison's cunt twitched at the thought of her pretty aunt.

She finished straightening her room and began to dress. Picking up a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, she went down the hall to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

She was about to step in when she heard a knock on the door. "Can I come in?"

It was Mabel. "Sure," Alison said. "I'll be right out."

Alison was about to slip into her robe when Mabel stormed in and sprawled down on the toilet. "Man, do I have to pee!" she said.

Alison blushed and tried to avert her eyes from her aunt's cunt.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed," Mabel laughed. "We're both girls, after all." And she stared pointedly at Alison's tits.

Alison toyed with her hair, trying to act cool, but her eyes kept returning to Mabel's cunt and the thick stream of piss erupting from her hole.

"Oh, you're wondering if I've been saving it up for a year, aren't you?" Mabel giggled. "That seems to be the case, doesn't it? I always wait too long. But then when I finally pee, it feels so damn good. Almost like getting laid, if you know what I mean."

Alison leaned against the tile wail and waited for her aunt to finish. The blonde wadded up a huge piece of toilet paper and wiped her pussy carefully and in full view of Alison's eyes.

"I'll bet you think I'm terrible," Mabel laughed. "Does it embarrass you to see my pussy? It doesn't embarrass me to see yours."

"Sort of," Alison mumbled. She was more turned-on than embarrassed at this point.

"Say, as long as you're showering, mind if I join you?" Mabel said. "It'll save on the water bill."

Without waiting for an answer, the sexy blonde pushed her shorts down and stepped out of them. She wore no panties and she untied her halter-top and climbed into the shower.

Alison followed her, feeling strange about being so close to a naked woman, but not knowing what else to do. Mabel picked up the soap and began lathering her cuntbush.

"Thick and curly!" she laughed. "Luke always tells me a man can get lost in it!"

When she had lathered her pussy and tits, she handed the soap to Alison.

"Soap up, honey," she said.

Alison's hands trembled when she took the soap from her aunt's hand and began lathering her body. When she was covered with lather, she stepped under the shower-spray and closed her eyes.

She wasn't entirely surprised when Mabel moved behind her back and wrapped her arms around her waist. "This is nice, isn't it?" Mabel said. "We haven't spent enough time just the two of us since you've been here. Just girl-stuff, you know. What do you say we do that today?"

Alison nodded dumbly and turned to face her aunt. "I'd like that," she said.

"You're really a neat kid," Mabel said, drawing her closer. "I used to think you were square, but you're okay."

They stood under the shower spray, their faces close together. Alison's blood raced when her aunt pressed her warm lips against her mouth.

It began as a gentle kiss, a gesture of friendship between two women. But then Alison felt a sort of urgency emanating from her aunt and her own body responded to the sexuality of the embrace.

Mabel made the first move, but Alison accepted it without protest. The older woman darted her tongue briefly into Alison's mouth, tasting the teenager's lips.

The results were electric. Alison moaned deep in her throat and there was no doubt that she was giving her aunt permission to continue.

Mabel pressed her mouth more urgently against Alison's lips. Her tongue plunged into Alison's mouth and Alison sucked on it and caressed it with her own.

Mabel drilled hers tongue in and out of Alison's accepting mouth, dueling sexily with the young girl's tongue and licking her lips. Alison's breathing became ragged and she heard Mabel groan and breathe heavily too.

"Let's get out of here," Mabel said, and both women climbed out of the shower and dried off hurriedly. They dashed down the hail to Alison's room and slammed the door behind them.

"No one's home!" Mabel said, her eyes glittering as she climbed onto the bed. "We have the place to ourselves."

Alison shivered as she sank down on the bed next to her aunt. Mabel reached up and closed her arms around the teenager's waist. She held her protectively, hovering over her and pressing her big tits against Alison's slightly smaller ones.

Four stiff nipples met and Mabel brushed her lips over Alison's. Once again she kissed her long and hard and when they finally broke apart their eyes were glazed with lust.

"This is your first time, isn't it, honey?" Mabel said.

"Yes," Alison whispered.

"I like to do it with another woman once in a while," Mabel said.

"It seems so strange, I figured you for a virgin."

Alison blushed. "Well, I'm not."

Mabel gazed at her quizzically. "Do you like cock?"

"I love it," Alison blushed again, turning her head.

"Don't be ashamed of loving cock," Mabel said. "I love it too."

The lusty blonde pressed her lips against Alison's and playfully tongued the corners of her mouth. She ran one hand over Alison's long thick hair and snaked her tongue into her mouth.

"Are you shocked by some of the things you've seen around here?" Mabel said.

"Not any more," Alison said.

"But you were when you first arrived?"

"A little."

Mabel laughed out loud. "I'll bet you never expected to see me going around in the raw in front of my boys."

Alison admitted she hadn't. In fact the morning Mabel came down to breakfast naked, Alison had been terribly shocked. Even more so then when she'd seen Mabel and Curt fucking.

The lusty blonde continued stroking Alison's hair, a big grin splitting her pretty face. "You just wait until you're married and the mother of teenage boys," she said. "You know, I never wanted a daughter. But now that you're here I realize how much I've missed. There's nothing like a girl to understand another girl."

"I..." Alison began. "I love you, Aunt Mabel."

"And I love you too, honey," Mabel said, throwing herself across Alison's tits and pressing the entire length of her body on the younger woman's.

Alison gasped when Mabel's pussy rubbed against hers. She felt the dampness from Mabel's gash and she automatically humped her ass up off the bed to meet the older woman's.

She felt the love-juice gush out of her pussy and wet the bed. She spread her legs when she felt her aunt's hand moved between their bodies and caress her tits.

Mabel played with her nipples as she lashed her with her tongue. Alison felt desire in every pore in her body. "Yes," she moaned. "Yes, Aunt Mabel. Yes!"

Mabel kissed her with more urgency. She grunted loudly and slid her warm wet lips down over Alison's throat and neck. She let her hair graze the younger girl's tits and moved her lips back up to her face.

All the pent-up lust of the past few days erupted in Alison's pussy. The teenager wrapped her thighs around her aunt's ass and her arms around her neck.

The idea of making love with another woman had never occurred to her. But now that it was happening there was innocence about it that Alison found thrilling.

Mabel moved her knee against Alison's slit and dry-humped her with the bony part. Alison felt the beginning of an orgasm in her gash as the delicious tingling sensation engulfed her.

Shivers of excitement coursed through her, but she forced herself to hold back. Luke had taught her that waiting for an orgasm made it more intense and she knew he was right.

The thought of Luke made her feel a trifle guilty, but not for long. She knew now that the entire Jordan family was a lusty group and her participation would only add to their excitement.

She felt a surge of power in her own sexuality that turned her on even more. Mabel obviously found her exciting and certainly Luke had. Even Brian had turned on to her and now the only one she had to seduce was Curt.

For an eighteen-year-old virgin, that's not bad, she thought to herself with a giggle. Ex-virgin!

Mabel hovered over her and used both hands to caress one of the younger girl's tits. She cupped it in her fingers, squeezing and kneading the silken-skinned flesh and teasing her nipple with her thumbs.

"You like having your titties played with, don't you?" Mabel cooed.

Alison nodded and Mabel squeezed hard on her stiffened nipple.

"Should I suck it?"


"You, Alison Jordan, are about to have the tit-suck of your life!"

"Please, do it," Alison whimpered, writhing her ass on the mattress as her aunt stroked both velvety jugs.

"What's your hurry, honey," Mabel giggled.

"Suck my tits!" Alison breathed. "I'm so turned-on!"

"Suck my titties, I'm so turned-on!" Mabel mimicked.

Alison giggled too when her aunt tossed her long blonde hair over one shoulder and lowered her mouth to the younger girl's tits. Alison wantonly cupped her tits and offered them to Mabel's lips.

Mabel ran her tongue up and down Alison's cleavage. Alison shivered at the feel of the other woman's tongue in the tunnel between her tits.

Mabel blew her warm breath over Alison's boobs while Alison clutched them in her hands. Her nipples stood out stiff as berries and Mabel flicked her tongue-tip over one and then the other.

Her long hair fell over onto Alison's body as she swirled her tongue hungrily over Alison's jiggling boobs. "Sweet titties," Mabel crooned.

She went from one throbbing tit to the other. She pursed her lips and sucked her nipples. She lapped her tongue in circular motions over the girl's melons and rasped it on the underside of her heavy boobs.

Alison's eyes were glued to her aunt's head as the older woman sucked gluttonously on her jugs. Her legs were spread wide and Mabel crouched between her thighs. Mabel's tits hung down and grazed Alison's belly and the young girl had a sudden desire to have her aunt's tits in her mouth.

She stroked Mabel's hair and held her mouth firmly against her tits. Mabel lashed her tongue back and forth over her pink nipples and Alison trembled and hugged her thighs against Mabel's body.

Suddenly Mabel began concentrating on one boob. She sucked it into her mouth, suctioning in as much as would fit. The suction on Alison's nipple made her cry out and Mabel toyed with her other tit simultaneously.

She bit down on the tip and Alison panted with lust. It was indeed the tit-suck of her life! No one had ever done it so well. She felt that she could come just from having her titties licked and sucked. Her cunt gaped open and gushed pussy-cream while the hard-sucking blonde devoured her boobies.

"If your mother could see you now she'd probably shit," Mabel giggled.

The thought of her mother brought Alison down to earth for a moment. But Mabel dragged her lips from Alison's tits to her belly and the teenager forgot about her stern mother.

"Oh, Aunt Mabel!" she sighed when the blonde licked in a circular motion around her navel.

She dipped her tongue-tip in and out of Alison's belly button and squeezed and stroked her tities. Her long hair tickled Alison's sensitive inner thighs and Alison's cunt churned with excitement.

"I'm going to eat you up!" Mabel hissed.

"Oh, Aunt Mabel!"

"I'm going to eat that sweet little cunt and make you see stars and then you're going to do mine!"

"Yes, I want to! I want to! Eat me! Oh, God, Aunt Mabel, eat me!"

Alison raised her hands to her hair and feverishly pulled on it while her aunt stroked her hands up and down the girl's thighs. The scent of the girl's arousal reached her nostrils and her eyes were slits as she waited for Mabel to carry out her sinful promise.

Alison's crimson cunt glistened invitingly. Tiny whimpers of lust escaped her throat and she stretched her arms out as if to enfold her aunt.

Mabel placed her hands on Alison's knees and pushed them back against the girl's tits. Alison held them there and watched with rapt attention as the older woman lowered her sultry mouth to her gash.

The teenager's mouth watered as she gazed at the expression on her aunt's face. Mabel looked totally mesmerized as she stared at Alison's twat. She seemed fascinated with the sight and smell of the girl's gulch.

"Hold it open," Mabel said, her eyes glued to Alison's slit.

Alison kept her knees back, but moved her hands to her cunt and did as the older woman instructed. She held her still-tight cuntlips open and exposed her excited wet gash. Mabel sighed and inhaled deeply before lowering her head and plastering her mouth over Alison's cunt.

"Oh, sweet baby," Mabel sighed. "You taste delicious!"

Alison shrieked and held her cuntlips wide open as her aunt's warm wet lips caressed her female-meat. She tried to bring her legs down, but Mabel told her to hold them back. She wanted to have total access to the girl's gash and held her hands over Alison's thighs as she swirled her tongue over her steaming twat.

Alison thrashed her legs in the air wantonly as Mabel flicked her tongue over her clit. She twisted her ass into the mattress and flung her cunt at the older woman's mouth.

Quivering, she felt herself begin to spin into an orgasm as her aunt licked lovingly on her cunt. She begged her to suck harder and the older woman responded by forcing her tongue-tip into the girl's cunthole.

Alison had never felt anything like it in her life and she crashed through an orgasm like none she'd ever experienced. Gasps of pleasure gurgled out of her throat and she gazed at Mabel's blonde head wedged between her legs.

"Oh, Aunt Mabel, that was a wonderful orgasm!" she gasped.

"I can't stop sucking you," Mabel said. "You're so damn sweet and juicy."

"Aw, gee, Mom, aren't you gonna give a guy a chance!"

The two women scrambled around and gazed at the doorway. Curt had entered without making a sound and now he walked into the room, a big grin on his face as he began stripping his clothes off.

"Don't stop, Mom," he said, struggling out of his skin-tight jeans. "Watching you suck her out really tuned me on."

Chapter SEVEN

When the initial shock died down, Mabel giggled and invited the boy to join them. "He's a horny little bastard," the blonde woman said to Alison. "He's got prick enough for both of us."

Curt climbed onto the bed between the two women, his cock standing straight out and a tiny drop of white cream brimming in his piss-slit.

Alison couldn't resist staring at his prick. It looked very much like Luke's. It was just as big and thick around and he had the same blue veins popping out on his fuck-stalk.

"It certainly looks like it," Alison gulped, her eyes glued to his dick.

She was still floating from the intensity of her orgasm and cuddled against the pillow next to Curt as Mabel toyed with his hair.

"Isn't he adorable?" Mabel giggled. "Isn't that just about the nicest dick you've ever seen?"

"Oh, Mom," Curt chuckled, tousling her hair. "Alison'll think we're crazy."

"We are!" she giggled, pressing her cheek against the boy's shoulder. "And isn't it wonderful?"

She ran her hand up and down the teenager's thigh. She squeezed her fingers under his ass and Alison watched with rapt attention as she forced them over his asscrack.

The boy rolled over onto his belly and Mabel reached over and held his asscheeks apart. "Cute, huh?" she said to Alison, one fingertip caressing his asshole.

Curt snickered as his mother rubbed his shitter and Alison trembled at the wanton scene. She leaned back on the bed and watched as mother and son played.

Curt grunted when Mabel's fingers rubbed up and down his asscrease. He reached over and grabbed her long flowing hair, pulling her face closer to his dick.

"Suck it, Mom," he said, almost casually.

Alison's eyes widened at the statement and moved her hands to her hot cunt as Mabel deliberately tickled his groin with wisps of her hair.

Curt was laying on his side now and Alison was behind his ass. Mabel lay in front of him crouching down until her mouth was an inch away from his dick.

Alison remembered the day she'd seen them together. Still, this was even more exciting. She squeezed her legs together when Mabel closed her lush lips over the boy's purplish cockhead.

"Shit, Mom, that's great!" he said, plunging the rest of his rod into the blonde's mouth. "Take all of it!"

Mabel took all of it, up to his balls. Her mouth was stuffed with the boy's boner and Alison watched and learned as Mabel's cheeks sank in.

After a few moments, Mabel released his cock and licked up the whitish fluid oozing out of his piss-slit. Alison licked her lips and wondered if she'd have a chance to suck Curt's dick.

The teenager girl's mind whirled as her aunt assaulted Curt's cock. She rubbed her stiff little clit as she watched her aunt bob her head up and down as she mouth-fucked Curt's prick.

Mabel sucked lustily on the boy's fuckpole and soon his prick was sliding smoothly in and out of the ring of her lips with a lovely sucking motion.

The boy wiggled his ass and Alison slid closer to his back. She rubbed against him, her legs open wide and her hot cuntmeat sliding wetly over his back.

"Hey, Mom, that's good sucking," Curt said, twisting his hips and gazing back at Alison. "She's dry-fucking my back," he said to his mother and Mabel grinned at Alison.

"You're catching on, kiddo," she giggled.

The older woman worked her lips over the boy's dick and Alison flung her leg over his hip. When Curt begged his mother to let him come in her mouth, Alison gasped with amazement.

"Let me shoot off in your mouth, Mom," Curt said. "Let me fill your mouth with my hot come, the way you like me to do."

"Not yet, honey," Mabel said. "I want to suck you a while longer. And don't forget we have a guest here. Alison deserves a little taste before I get my favorite mouthful."

Curt turned his head and grinned at Alison. "Sorry, Alison," he smiled. "I forgot my manners."

"That's okay," Alison said. It was all so crazy! Here he was, apologizing for not letting her suck him off! How her life had changed for the better!

She rhythmically finger-fucked her pussy while she watched Mabel purse her lips and suck Curt's cockknob into her mouth. The blonde slid her lips down and took him root deep into her mouth and Alison smiled when his balls slapped her chin.

His cock and balls were bigger than his brother's. But her mouth watered when she remembered how delicious Brian's nuts had been. She tilted her ass up and played with her shitter while she masturbated her gash.

It's too bad I don't have three hands, she thought.

Curt groaned now and Alison glanced at the boy and his mother as they writhed and squirmed on the bed. Mabel's eyes were shut tight and her cheeks caved in as she sucked the boy's entire fuckpole into her throat.

It seemed incredible to the inexperienced girl. Where did his big cock go? It seemed much too big to fit into Mabel's mouth. But it was there, nonetheless, imbedded in her frenzied mouth.

Mabel squeezed his balls while she deep throated him. Curt lay on his back while Mabel crouched over him and slid the ring of her lips up and down his fuck-stalk.

Her long blonde hair flew wildly around, covering her son's crotch while she took his dick all the way into her throat. The boy's face was contorted with lust and he tangled his fingers in Mabel's hair and pulled her firmly against him.

Alison felt her pussy heat up as she frigged her gash. The sight of mother and son next to her on the bed was the most thrilling thing she'd ever seen.

"Yeah, suck it good, Mom!" Curt hissed.

Mabel twisted and turned her mouth and the boy arched his back and thrust up to meet her lips.

"Sweet baby," Mabel whispered. "Delicious cock!"

She plastered her lips back over his dick-knob while Alison watched his cock once more disappear into his mother's throat. She rubbed her clit and snaked a finger into her asshole while Mabel chomped on the teenage boy's dick-meat.

Incredibly turned-on by the incestuous sight, Alison parted her cuntflaps and rubbed the palm of her hand, over her clit. Then she sank two fingers into her horny cunt and humped her ass up off the bed.

Her belly quivered and her thighs fell completely open as she came. The orgasm took her by surprise and she shrieked as she rolled over, her head landing on Curt's chest.

She thrust a third finger into her twat and frantically clawed at her tits while the sensations of the orgasm overwhelmed her. When she recovered her senses, she slid back onto her side of the bed and squeezed her thighs around her entire hand.

"Why'd ya stop, Mom?" Curt said suddenly.

Alison opened her eyes and quivered at the expression on Mabel's face. The older woman had a dream-like look on her pretty features and she reached over and took Alison's hand in hers.

"I want to lick Alison's sweet pussy while you fuck me, Son," she said softly. "I may as well do both of my favorite things at the same time."

Alison stretched out on the bed next to her aunt. Mabel sat up and bent over the girl and in a moment their tits rubbed together. Alison's pussy still quivered from the intensity of her orgasm and she wiggled her ass in a snake-like manner.

Mabel continued on her mission. She lay outstretched on the bed and glanced at her son. "Slip it in, Son," she purred. "I'm wet and hot and I want that gorgeous prick of yours inside!"

Alison watched as Curt moved closer and hovered over his mother. His cock thrust forward like a baseball bat as he crouched between her thighs.

Mabel reached out and grabbed his cockhead. "I'll be with you in a minute, Alison," she said. "Right now I want this boy's fuck-stick in my cunt."

Alison finger-fucked her pussy as she watched her cousin slide his hands under his mother's round asscheeks. He squeezed the lush globes and Alison sucked in her breath as he spread Mabel's legs wider apart and let his dick graze her pussy-mound.

"Stick it in, Son!" Mabel hissed.

Curt held her thighs and thrust his hips forward. With that one thrust his prick plunged balls-deep into his mother's pussy-hole. Mabel cried out and wrapped her shapely legs around his back, locking her ankles around him and pulling him deeper inside her gash.

Alison was wild with excitement. She frigged her hot pussy as she watched the incestuous scene next to her. Curt sank his dick in and pulled it out of his mother's cunt as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Alison's gaze darted from Mabel's face to Curt's and then to the junction where cock met cunt. Their pleasure was evident in their expressions. Mabel looked like she was in heaven and Curt's eyes glittered with a combination of love and lust.

She wondered what her mother would say if she knew the kind of atmosphere her daughter was in. She smiled to herself as Curt whipped his teenage-dick in and out of his mother's twat.

I'll never tell her, that's for sure, she thought. No use in giving her a heart attack.

But she was sorry for her mother now that she knew how a woman Mabel's age could enjoy herself. Mabel wasn't that much older than her mother, but they were worlds apart in attitude.

She stopped thinking about her family back home as she gazed at Mabel's long silky hair, spread out in tangles on the pillow. She had never looked more beautiful or more female with her wildly flying hair and the beads of perspiration glistening on her face.

Meanwhile Curt continued pounding his dick in and out of Mabel's pussy. He leaned over and nuzzled her tits as they fucked. He kissed her jiggling mounds and bit and licked her nipples. She crooned and held his head, feeding him her massive boobs.

Her tits were soon wet with his saliva and Alison thrust two fingers deep inside her twat. She wondered when Mabel would get around to sucking her cunt. She hoped the blonde hadn't forgotten about it.

"Shit, Mom, you're so damn tight!" Curt grunted.

"Keep fucking, Son!" Mabel moaned. "Don't stop fucking!"

Mother and son seemed to be racing toward a mutual climax. Mabel dragged her long crimson fingernails up and down his arms, leaving red welts on his skin. Alison wondered what Luke would say if he saw the scratches. He'd probably think Curt got lucky with one of his girlfriends, she thought.

She sighed deeply as she frigged her cunt and Mabel turned to gaze into her eyes. A concerned expression crossed her aunt's pretty face.

"I almost forgot you, honey," Mabel gasped.

"I'm still here," Alison said.

"Get your cunt over here and I'll send you flying," Mabel said.

Alison pulled her fingers out of her twat and looked confused.

"Sit on me," Mabel giggled. "Just get over here and sit on my face so I can love you up."

"Are you sure you want to?" Alison said breathlessly, getting to her knees, her arms around her boobs.

"Sure I'm sure," Mabel said. "Come on! Don't be shy!"

Alison smiled nervously and moved to the front of Mabel's head.

"First kiss me," Mabel said and Alison bent down and planted her lips on her aunts. She held her hair back and tongued Mabel's mouth and the blonde suctioned her tongue into her own mouth. Alison's pussy-juice flowed. Perspiration ran down her cleavage and they finally broke the kiss.

The horny girl straddled her aunt's face and faced her teenage cousin as she climbed into position for the perverse act. Her knees rested on each side of Mabel's face so most of her weight was on her own legs. Her cunt hovered over Mabel's face, but didn't mash it. She wanted to give her plenty of room to give her cunt a good sucking.

Her pussy was inches from Mabel's mouth and she gazed at Curt's prick sliding more slowly in and out of his mother's cunt. The boy's balls bounced and he gritted his teeth as he fought to control his climax.

"Get it down here!" Mabel hissed.

Alison shivered and hugged her arms against her tits as she lowered her cunt to her aunt's mouth. In a moment her pussy was hiding Mabel's face and Mabel reached up and stroked the girl's ass.

Alison raised her ass to give the woman breathing room. Mabel rammed her tongue over Alison's pussy-hole and the brunette gasped as the older woman's tongue explored her silt.

She gazed at Curt's cock as it slid in and out of Mabel's cunt. She pawed her tits as Mabel licked and sucked and devoured her snatch. She rocked up and down, careful to give Mabel plenty of opportunity to breathe.

Mabel appeared to be in heaven. She made gurgling sounds deep in her throat. She moved her head from side to side and licked up the juice gushing out of Alison's cunt.

"I'm gonna come soon, Mom!" Curt yelled.

"Not yet!" Mabel said, and Alison knew the boy would fuck his mother as long as Mabel demanded it.

She was glad because she could have sat on her aunt's face all day. Mabel's tongue and lips and teeth were doing wonderful things to her pussy and she didn't want it to end.

Curt slowed his stroking and bent down to lap his tongue over his mother's tits. Mabel released Alison's thighs and gripped her son's head.

"Suck my tits real hard, Son! Real hard, the way mother likes it! And keep moving your cock around inside me! I love it, baby! I love the way my baby boy fucks me!"

Alison bounced up and down on Mabel's face, rubbing her hungry slit back and forth, her weight on her own knees. She reached over and grabbed Curt's arm.

"Suck my tits too," she said.

"Do it, Son!" Mabel cried.

The boy leaned over and fastened his lips to Alison's right tit. The girl stretched forward and ground her snatch down on her aunt's mouth while she held her tits in her hand and fed them to the teenage boy.

The bedsprings squeaked until Curt left his prick imbedded in his mother's cunt and concentrated on licking and sucking his older cousin's tits. The room was filled with the sound of their breathing and groaning and Mabel's sucking lips on Alison's snatch.

Suddenly Curt released Alison's jugs and began pounding his cock in and out of his mother's cunt. "Shit, Mom, your cunt is so fucking hot!"

"Keep fucking, Son!" Mabel shrieked.

Alison pinched and pulled her long hard nipples as she swayed back and forth on her aunt's face. Her cuntflaps were open and Mabel's face was covered with her slime. She felt her pussy about to explode and sat very still for a moment while Mabel inserted her tongue in her cunthole.

"Oh, Aunt Mabel!" Alison gasped.

Her climax overwhelmed her senses. She shut her eyes as the sensations rocked her. She held her arms against her tits and bounced up and down, the ecstasy of her orgasm raging through her.

Mabel continued darting her tongue in and out of Alison's cunthole and then Curt came, thrusting his hips forward as he filled his mother's pussy with his teenage jism.

Mabel mumbled and sucked gluttonously as the boy's prick pistoned in and out of her gash. She raised her ass up and fucked back, her legs clamped tightly around his waist.

She pushed Alison off her face with a force that startled the younger woman as her own pussy exploded in an orgasm. "Oh, my God, I'm coming!" Mabel screamed. "Fuck me, Son! Fuck meeeeeeee!"

Chapter EIGHT

When Mabel announced that her father was coming for the weekend, Alison was happy. She'd known the old man for years and had always liked him. Charlie was the kind of man who always had a pocketful of candy and gum for children and did a variety of magic tricks that had always intrigued her.

Now she was grown up and she wondered if they would still get along well. She hadn't seen him in years and a person could never tell. He might be a creaky old man now.

The day of his arrival came and Mabel made a big dinner with all of Charlie's favorite foods. The whole family spent the evening talking about the old days and playing funny card games.

The next day Luke and Mabel went out and left the boys and Alison alone with her father. "You amuse him," she said, to Alison. "Luke and I have to check on some property on the other side of town."

Alison didn't mind spending the day, with the old man. She didn't even mind when the boys ran out to play ball. She and Charlie went into the den and chatted for hours. Then she made lunch and they returned to the den to talk.

Charlie told a few harmless jokes. She giggled and patted his hand and he grew bolder and told a few dirty jokes. Alison enjoyed it. If it amused the old man to shock her, it was okay.

After the first few jokes, he told her a story about a friend of his and for emphasis grabbed her hand and rubbed his thumb over her palm.

"Excuse me, honey," he said, dropping her hand. "I didn't mean to get carried away."

"That's okay, Charlie," she said.

"You turned out to be such a pretty girl," he said, peering at her over his glasses. "So nice and tall."

"I've always thought I was a little too tall," she said.

"Ain't no such animal," he said. "I always liked a tall drink of water myself."

He chuckled as he licked his lips and continued telling her about the old days when he'd been a bootlegger during the depression. She took a deep breath and pulled her feet up on the sofa, conscious of how her tits poked against her tee-shirt when she exhaled.

She realized then she wanted old Charlie to find her attractive. She knew it was crazy, but somehow admiration coming from a man like Charlie, who had known dozens of woman in his time, meant a lot to her.

Mabel's mother had been dead for years and Charlie had never remarried. Alison wondered what he did for sex. If anything. Now that he was older, he probably just had his dreams. But surely when he was younger he'd been sexually active. He still had a glint in his eye that told her he appreciated a good pair of tits.

Her nipples throbbed against the thin material of her tee-shirt and she wondered if Charlie noticed them. She glanced down at her tits and met Charlie's eyes. He'd been staring at her stiffened nipples and she blushed at the realization.

"You can't blame an old man for dreaming, can you?" he chuckled.

His eyes were trained on her tits and Alison smiled self-consciously. The intensity of his eyes had an effect on her that made her squirm on the sofa-cushion. It was almost physical, as if he were stroking her boobs and her nipples responded by stiffening even further.

She tried to breathe less deeply, aware that her boobs were pressing tautly against her tee shirt. Once again she met Charlie's eyes and he grinned, stabbing his tongue over his lower lip in an obscene way.

"Did you bring me candy and gum like you used to do?" she said, a feeling of confusion flooding her.

"You're a big girl now," Charlie said and when she gazed at the bulge in his crotch she knew he was right.

Their eyes met again and an electric current seemed to pass between them. Alison licked her suddenly dry lips, and tried to avert her gaze.

"Would you like to play cards or something?" she said.

"I'd rather the or something," he said.

He shifted around on the sofa and draped his arm on the back near Alison's long dark hair. He caught a wisp of hair between his fingers and she shivered slightly at the sensual feeling.

Breathing deeply, she wondered when the boys would return. There was a feeling in the air that she didn't understand and which therefore made her uncomfortable.

She nervously slid her tongue-tip back and forth over her lower lips, a habit she had when she felt jittery. Charlie laughed when he saw it and stuck his own tongue out in the same gesture he'd made before.

He dropped his arm and his fingers grazed her shoulders. She flinched as another electric like current shot through her. Almost in a trance, she moved closer to him on the seat and closed her eyes as he leaned over and brushed his lips over hers.

Her pussy lurched at the feel of his mouth on hers. The heat from his lips penetrated and she automatically opened her mouth. But he pulled back then and stroked her check while he gazed into her eyes.

"Sometimes an old man's dreams come true," he said, caressing her face as if she were still a child.

Her nipples ached and pressed more firmly against her tee-shirt. She took a deep breath as he pressed his thigh against hers. Shivering, she closed her eyes and once again he brushed his lips over her, but this time he just barely ran the tip of his tongue over the corner of her mouth.

She heard someone moan and realized it was herself. His eyes looked glazed when she finally opened her eyes and looked at him. He bent down and planted his lips on her neck and she leaned back against the sofa and moaned again. He nibbled lightly on her neck and throat and earlobe and she folded her hands in her lap and breathed rapidly.

"I wonder when the boys are coming back?" he whispered softly, the meaning of his words clear to them both.

"I don't know," Alison said, her voice husky with excitement.

He rose up and took her hand and the hot cunted teenager stumbled to her feet and followed him upstairs and into his bedroom.

Once inside she stood in the middle of the room with her hands at her sides and waited for him to make the first move.

"Sit down, child," he said, urging her toward the bed.

She sat down on the edge and Charlie held her hand while he lightly caressed her throbbing tits. "You've got gorgeous knockers," he said.

"I'm glad you think so," she said hoarsely. "I never could resist a big pair of boobs," he said.

He dropped her hand and moved his other hand to her tits. He closed his fingers around both jugs and Alison closed her eyes and sighed as he flicked his thumbs over her nipples.

"Open your eyes and watch," Charlie said. "I like to see the expression in your eyes."

She met his gaze and he continued stroking and fondling her tits until she thought she'd go made with desire. He realized he was turning her on and she knew now he was deliberately moving slowly in order to tantalize her.

He moved his hand from her tits to the bottom of her tee-shirt and raised it up slowly until it was bunched around her neck. Her tits were naked except for the lacy bra imprisoning them and he stared at them, sucking in his breath and letting out a long wheeze.

He gripped her bra-covered boobs and squeezed hard, leaning down and kissing her lightly on the lips. This time he slid his tongue partway into her mouth and she lay her head back and trembled violently.

He ran his tongue over her lips and the corners of her mouth and down to her throat. Then he pulled her tee-shirt up to her neck and over her head and tossed it to the side of the bed.

Moving slowly and deliberately, he reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her heart pounded when he drew the flimsy cups off her tits. He cupped his hands under her boobs and gazed down at them, his lips parted and his eyes two narrow slits.

"Gorgeous!" he croaked, leaning down and sucking one of her swaying nipples into his mouth.

He lashed his tongue over the turgid tip and Alison swung her legs up onto the bed and leaned back on her hands. She let her legs fall open while the old man darted his tongue over her nipple.

Her short skirt had slipped up over her knees and he moved one hand aver her crotch. He stroked his fingers back and forth over her slit. It was slimy with cuntcream and throbbing with passion.

She heard his breathing quicken and her own became ragged as he released one round boob and sucked the other one between his teeth.

"I think I'll get my things off, child," he said, spitting her tit out and rising to his feet.

Alison nodded silently and watched as he stripped his shirt off. He was amazingly well built for a man his age and she shivered when she saw his flat belly and curly mat of hair covering his chest.

She automatically moved her hands to the hook on her skirt and pulled the zipper down. She pushed the garment down the length of her long legs and off her feet. She lay back on the bed, aware of his eyes on her panty-covered cunt.

She let her legs fall open obscenely, aware of the tendrils of dark cuntmuff that peeked out of the tiny crotch of her panties. When he stepped out of his pants, he turned to face her, the bulge in his crotch enormous.

He climbed onto the bed and hovered over her, pulling her juice-drenched panties off her ass. He held the panties in both hands and brought the wet crotch up to his face.

He sniffed it, an expression of pure bliss on his face. She felt her checks turn pink with a combination of embarrassment and lust and when he finally lay the panties to the side he used his fingertips to fluff up her curly cuntbush.

Scrambling out of his shorts, he stretched out on his side next to her and continued slowly stroking her pussy-thicket. His prick jutted out and grazed her thigh and Alison was impressed by its size and thickness.

One hand stroking her lust-crazed cunt, he moved his lips to hers and brushed them over her mouth. He stabbed his tongue into her mouth, thrusting in and out with an urgency he hadn't exhibited earlier.

He leaned over and crushed his chest against her tits, his cock pressing hotly into her thigh. He moved slightly and his prick slid between her legs, landing on the parted lips of her pussy. It rubbed deliciously against her inflamed snatch and she felt her clit stiffen and throb with hot excitement.

He crouched over her until his cockhair ground down over her cuntbush. Her breathing became more and more rapid and she knew that soon his cock would be inside her.

Kissing him more fiercely, she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him. She pushed her body against his, trying to force his dick inside her desperately hungry twat.

"I'm sure glad you're not a prude like your mother," he said.

Alison suddenly felt defensive of her mother. "She can't help it," she said.

He reached down and mashed his prick-knob against her sodden pussy-folds. "Don't get mad, child, but your mother had all of us worried. She can do what she wants with her own life, but she was well on her way to making you a dried up old-maid." Charlie chuckled then as he gazed down at her swamp like cunt. "But there's no fear of that, is there, child? You're a hot number, like your Aunt Mabel. She's not your blood relative, but you're a lot like my girl. Hot and wet and always ready for a good hard fuck."

Alison wondered how he knew about Mabel's sex life. Her thighs quivered and she pulled Charlie closer to her, finally realizing that Mabel and her father had probably fucked together before Mabel's marriage.

Throwing one thigh over his hips, she pulled his prick more firmly against her snatch. His cockhead slid around her cuntflesh, until he directed it over her slick clit. "Let's not talk now!" she hissed.

Holding his dick against her hot pussy, he leaned down and once again sucked one of her round pink-tipped tits into his mouth. She held his head, aware suddenly of his thick salt and pepper hair.

She twisted her ass, moving up and down slightly and squeezing her thighs around his fuckpole. Hot currents of excitement shot from her tits to her cunt and back again. She loved the way Charlie made love to her. He moved more slowly than Luke had and much slower than Brian. She decided that men became better lovers the older they got. Lord, there was so much to learn about men!

Now Charlie climbed between her legs and held her thighs far apart. He grunted loudly and sank his face down over her cunt. He pressed it back and forth the lush swamp of her pussy and his tongue snaked out and teased her overheated meat.

She shivered and gasped and gyrated her hips as his fingers dug into her silken thighs. He rooted his tongue inside her tight inner cuntflaps and she caught his head between her hot thighs.

"Oh, Charlie, that feels wonderful!" she breathed.

He grunted and finally sat back on his heels, surveying her succulent pussy. "I'd like to fuck your little asshole, child," he said.

"What?" she gasped.

"I promise I won't hurt you," he said.

"Oh, no, Charlie!" she said. "Oh, no, you can't!"

"I think you'll change your mind," he grinned, bending down and closing his talented lips over one of her boobs.

He sucked hard on her pink nipple, biting lightly and holding her other tit in his free hand. She tightened her thighs around his body and thought about what he'd said. The idea of having his big prick in her asshole terrified her. She hadn't believed people really did things like that and here Charlie was suggesting he do it to her.

Suddenly she felt his hand on her cunt and she mindlessly squeezed her tits when he snaked two fingers into her pussy-hole. He thrust then in and out like a tiny cock, his thumb firmly caressing her clit.

She began the exquisite journey toward a climax when he suddenly pushed her over onto her belly. She gasped when she felt his cock plunge into her pussy from behind. She fell forward on the bed, hugging the pillow to her tits and waiting for the hard thrusting to begin.

But he left his dick imbedded in her cunt and whispered in her ear. "Let me fuck your asshole, child," he said.

"Oh, Charlie, no!"

"It'll feel so good," he said soothingly.

He stroked his prick back and forth in her overheated snatch and the horny brunette felt totally confused. She began hi speak, but he pulled his cock out of her cunt and held it against her butt-crease.

"What are you doing?" she hissed. "Don't do it! Don't, Charlie!"

"Give it a chance, child," he murmured.

"If it hurts we'll stop."

She held her breath and pressed her cheek into the pillow as his prick lodged inside her asscrack. She felt him hunting for her tiny shit-chute and gasped when he pressed his cockhead against the puckered hole.

Holding her breath, she tensed up and tried to lock her bung, but he kept murmuring for her to try it and she finally relaxed her asshole muscle.

He held her asscheeks with one hand, pulling them apart and wedging his cockhead inside her hair-rimmed hole. She sucked in her breath when his cockknob squeezed inside, the intensity of the pain almost causing her to faint.

She cried out, shrieking for him to take it out, but he continued on his savage journey and in a moment his entire fuckpole was deep inside her shitter.

She pounded the mattress with her fists, certain that he'd torn her delicate membranes. But then incredibly the pain dissipated and she felt the most wonderful sensations in her cunt and ass.

"I'll just start fucking now, okay?" Charlie murmured.

"Oh, Charlie!" she breathed.

"I told you it was good," he chuckled as his prick stirred inside her.

She rotated her ass as he began thrusting in and out of her shifter. He pulled out until only his huge cockhead remained in her bung and then surged in again with a brutality that rattled her teeth.

But the more aggressive he was the more turned-on she became and soon she was ramming her ass back to meet his strokes. He fucked her hard and deep and she lost herself in the exquisite sensations that filled her body from head to toe.

When she came, it was the most intense orgasm she ever experienced. She tossed her head from side to side and babbled incoherently as he continued thrusting savagely in and out of her butt-hole.

He moved one hand around and rubbed her clit while he fucked her asshole and the teenager went crazy. She came twice before he shot off, filling her bowels with his thick jism.

When he was through she fell asleep in his arms, and when she awakened she begged him to do it again.

Chapter NINE

One evening Luke asked Alison to go to the movies. She thought it was strange, since Mabel was staying home. During dinner the boys looked flushed and eager and Mabel kept shooting them teasing glances.

Alison had no sooner finished with dessert than Luke pulled her out of her chair and announced they'd be late if they didn't leave right away. The teenager followed him out to the car and in five minutes they were parked in a drive-in a mile from the house.

She was disappointed when Luke didn't make a pass at her. She'd suspected from his eagerness to leave that he wanted to make out with her in the car. But apparently he had no such plans and when the movie was over he beat the traffic out of the lot.

They arrived home and strangely enough Luke didn't pull into the driveway, but parked the car a block from the house. When she asked him why, he told her she'd find out soon enough.

Once at the house, he told her to slip her shoes off and then took her hand in his. They tiptoed around the veranda until they reached the window that looked into the master bedroom. When he crouched down and peeked inside, he motioned to Alison to do the same and she finally realized what was going on.

She peeked into the room, the same room in which she'd spied on Luke and Mabel so many weeks ago. And what she saw made her skin prickle.

Mabel was sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed. Brian and Curt stood side by side in front of her and both boys were stroking her big tits.

From the angle of the window Alison could see the bulges in both their crotches and she caught her breath when Mabel reached over and ran her hand over Curt's.

Alison turned to Luke, her eyebrows arched and a tiny smile playing over her lips. "Is this why you wanted us to get out of the house?" she whispered.

"Yeah," he grinned. "I heard Mabel making plans with the boys and figured you'd enjoy watching with me."

Alison turned her eyes back to the lewd scene inside the room. "I guess you don't mind when Mabel does this sort of thing," she said.

"Hell, no," Luke said. "I love it. It turns me on like nothing else. Look at that!"

Mabel was fumbling with Curt's zipper and in a moment she tugged it down and pulled out the boy's half-stiff prick. The window was open slightly and they could hear the voices in the room if they listened very carefully.

"Hey, Mom, take it easy," Curt said.

"Look who's giving instructions," Mabel giggled, curling her fingers around his shaft. "It seems to me you like it, baby. You're certainly getting hard."

"Oh, Mom!" Curt blushed, his eyes glued to his mother's fingers.

Mabel glanced at Brian and she smiled lovingly at the younger boy. "I haven't forgotten you, Son," she beamed. "Mother's enough woman for everyone."

Mabel wrapped one arm around Brian as she continued stroking Curt's dick. She hugged her younger son against her lush tits and kissed him on the lips.

Alison clearly saw her aunt's tongue-tip slither over Brian's mouth and then the older woman yanked his zipper down and pulled his cock out of his jeans.

"Isn't she something?" Luke hissed. "Isn't she wonderful?"

Alison had to admit she was. Mabel now had one hand pumping Curt's dick and the other pumping Brian's. Both boys swayed forward as their mother caressed their cocks.

"Touch my titties, boys," Mabel said and both boys reached over and grabbed a tit.

Alison couldn't believe her eyes. Only a few weeks ago she'd been a virgin and now here she was watching her Aunt Mabel frig her teenage sons!

The brunette teenager shivered and leaned against Luke's shoulder as she watched Mabel squeeze the two cocks. Her juices flowed at the depravity of the scene.

"Darlings, mother's going to make you feel so good," Mabel said.

Both boys were pawing her boobs. Brian had wedged himself between her legs and slipped his hand down Mabel's dress. Watching the teenager's hand disappear inside his mother's dress and bra filled Alison with excitement.

Curt bent over and kissed his mother on the mouth. He extended his tongue and Mabel automatically squeezed his dick-root. The boy grinned down at his mother and outside on the veranda Alison leaned against Luke, her knees weak and her pussy wet.

"Watch this," Luke hissed. "Look at my boy french her!"

Alison stared at Curt as the boy tongued and licked his mother's lips. Mabel returned the kiss, curling her tongue around the teenager's as she continued pumping both pricks.

Brian moved in on his brother and soon Mabel was kissing her younger son. She went from one to the other, kissing them wetly while she caressed their cocks and squeezed their balls.

Out on the veranda Alison felt Luke's arm on her shoulder and she leaned against him as she watched her aunt stab her tongue first into Curt's and then Brian's mouth. She felt her pussy twitch at the wanton scene and suddenly she felt Luke's hand graze her tits.

She turned to face Luke and he smiled. He placed his free hand over one of her boots.

She had a tight tee shirt on with a low neckline and he easily slipped his fingers inside to caress her cleavage.

"Let's have a little action of our own," he murmured, pressing his lips against the girl's and cupping her tit in his big hand.

Alison's cunt moistened with the excitement of his caress and she continued watching her aunt french kiss her teenage sons.

Suddenly Mabel crouched on the floor and forced the boys to sit on the edge of the bed. She yanked Brian's jeans down and Curt scrambled out of his.

Her face contorted with lust, Mabel closed her hungry lips over her younger son's cock while she stroked Curt's. She squeezed the boy's dick-root and swirled her tongue eagerly over Brian's plum-shaped cockhead.

"Look at that bitch!" Luke said proudly. "Isn't she something?"

"She's incredible," Alison whispered.

"You're pretty swell too," Luke hissed. "Some day, when you're Mabel's age, you'll be as sexy as she is."

"Thanks, Uncle Luke," Alison whispered. "You're proud of Aunt Mabel, aren't you?"

"You bet!" Luke grinned.

Inside the room, Mabel was squealing. "Your juice tastes so good, honey," she said to Brian. "Just delicious!"

"How about mine, Mom?" Curt said. "You boys are so competitive," Mabel beamed. "Yours tastes wonderful too," she said to the older boy. "But neither of you taste as good as your father."

Luke chuckled softly and squeezed Alison's boob. "What did I tell you! Isn't she too much?"

Mabel extended her tongue and slid it up and down Brian's piss-slit. Alison felt weak in the knees as she leaned against Luke and sighed as he stroked her tits.

She wished he'd put his hand inside her bra and as if reading her mind, suddenly his fingers slid inside her tightly packed bra and landed on her naked boob.

"It's a real turn-on, watching my old lady, huh?" Luke grinned.

Alison's eyes were glued to her aunt. Mabel switched from Brian's prick to Curt's, opening her jaws wide and sliding her lips down to the base of his dick.

The teenager raised his ass off the bed and pushed his prick deep inside his mother's throat. Mabel's long blonde hair hung down her back as she gurgled with lust.

Alison felt Luke's hand on her ass as she watched Mabel slide her lips up and down Curt's fuckpole. Mabel kept one hand on Brian's prick and stroked it lightly while she sucked off her older son.

"What a fucking mouth my wife's got," Luke hissed. "Look at how she's sucking him off."

Luke pushed Alison's skirt up and rested his hand on her ass while they watched Mabel devour Curt's prick. The blonde applied only enough pressure on his dick to tease the boy, but not enough to make him come.

Both boys stared at their mother with adoration in their eyes. They groaned each time she licked or pumped their cocks and occasionally she switched around and sucked Brian while she licked Curt. Allison watched her lick the juice put of their prick-tips and heft their juice-filled balls in her hands. It made her mouth water to watch her aunt in action and she wanted a prick in her mouth too.

She turned to her uncle to see the expression on his face. He looked totally mesmerized while he watched his wife suck his sons off. Mabel was nibbling on Brian's dick, suddenly suctioning it into her throat and chomping on his dick-head.

"Suck it, Mom!" the boy moaned.

"She's sucking it!" the other one chuckled.

Suddenly there was a flurry of activity on the bed and Mabel rose up and began stripping. Soon the boys followed her lead and Alison watched with pounding heart as they all climbed naked onto the bed.

"Fuck me, boys," Mabel said, her arms outstretched and a mixture of lust and depravity in her voice.

She lay back submissively while her sons hovered over her. They stared hungrily at her huge, slightly wobbling tits, which stuck up in the air like two ripe melons. Her pink nipples looked huge to Alison, like two long spikes of quivering flesh.

"You're sure built, Mom," Brian said.

"Yeah, like a brick shit-house," Curt said.

"What a family I've got!" Luke chuckled softly, lightly stroking Alison's ass.

Alison instinctively moved her hand to Luke's crotch and felt a gigantic hard-on in his pants. He tugged his zipper down and moved her hand inside his fly.

"That's better," he said. "Play with it, honey, while we watch the action."

Mabel spread her legs, and while Curt stroked his mother's tits, Brian reached down and ran his fingers over her thick cuntbush. Mabel smiled her encouragement and on the veranda Luke slipped his hand inside Alison's panties and squeezed her bare assflesh.

"That's right, Son, play with Mother's pussy," Mabel crooned.

The boy gently parted her thighs still further, exposing her raunchy-looking cuntpulp. Alison held her breath as she viewed the incestuous sight. She gasped when Brian leaned over and thrust his almost hairless face against his mother's slick cuntmeat.

Mabel shivered visibly as the boy's tongue played over her cuntlips. Brian separated the furry lips of her pussy and exposed her oversized clit.

Luke turned to Alison, squeezing her ass while she stroked his dick. They clung together as they watched Brian lap his tongue over Mabel's love-button.

"He's good, isn't he?" Luke hissed. "He knows how to lick a cunt."

"Yes," Alison sighed, and Luke turned to her and grinned.

"You've tried it, huh?" he said.

She nodded. "Yes, Uncle Luke."

"I thought so," Luke whispered. "Good girl. I'm glad. One day before you leave you and I and Mabel will have to have a party."

Alison gazed into the room and watched Curt tenderly cup his mother's tits and rub his thumbs over her massive nipples. It was obvious that Mabel loved being the center of attention. She gazed from Curt to Brian and encouraged them by telling the boys how hot she was.

By now Brian was lashing her clit with his tongue-tip and licking up the cream pouring out of her honey-pot. Curt captured a pink nipple between his lips and was sucking it into his mouth.

Alison felt a jolt rage through her body as she watched. She pretended she was inside the room being made love to be the two teenage boys. She reached up and touched one of her tits, actually feeling Curt's mouth on the puckered bud.

Brian's face was buried in his mother's pussy. He seemed to be sucking on Mabel's clit because the oversexed blonde shrieked for him to suck harder on her love-bean.

She grabbed Curt's head and pulled his mouth firmly against her tits. "Don't stop sucking my tits, honey!" she moaned. "Keep sucking that way! It's wonderful!"

She writhed and moaned loudly as the teenagers worked her over. Alison was amazed at her own reaction. At one time not too long ago she'd have been appalled by what she was watching. But now it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. And why shouldn't a woman fuck her own sons? She gave birth to them, didn't she? And sex was the most natural thing in the world, wasn't it? Every animal in the jungle engaged in it.

She wondered if the man she married some day would be as open and honest about sex as her Uncle Luke was. She decided she just wouldn't marry anyone unless he agreed their family could be like Luke and Mabel's.

It suddenly occurred to her that she might have daughters and she smiled at the possibility. If she did, her daughters wouldn't remain virgins until they were eighteen. No, she'd show them the ropes early and they'd never have to agonize about jerking off alone in their rooms late at night.

Now she concentrated on the pleasure radiating from her cunt as Luke crouched down and slid his hand inside the crotch of her panties. He played with her pussy while they Utah gazed into the room and watched Mabel wiggle around on the bed.

"I'm coming, boys!" she yelled. "I'm coming! Don't stop sucking, either of you! I'm coming!"

The intense orgasm rocked her body and she thrashed her legs wildly and yelled hoarsely as she climaxed. After she stopped shouting and calmed down she opened her eyes and smiled at her sons with shining eyes.

"Boys, you were great!" she grinned.

She rolled over onto her belly on her hands and knees with her lush ass in the air. She turned her head and winked at the teenagers.

"Come and get it," she said. "Who wants to be the first one to fuck me?"

"I'll do it, Mom!" Brian said.

"No, I'll do it, I'm older!" Curt said, Curt reached her first and gripped her hips while he stuffed his stiff prick deep inside the warmth of her cunt. Alison shivered as she watched her aunt's pussy suck up the boy's dick.

Luke chuckled when Brian straddled his mother's face and slid his cock into her mouth. "That's my kid," he said proudly. "Resourceful to the end."

Mabel sucked eagerly on the boy's, dick while she thrust her pussy back at Curt's stroking prick. She looked the picture of depravity and reminded Alison of a photograph she'd seen one day in the den.

She wondered if Mabel had gotten the idea of fucking and sucking simultaneously from the photograph and she resolved to examine the pornographic pictures for ideas too.

Mabel's tits flopped and swayed as she devoured Brian's fuckpole. Each time Curt thrust his dick into his mother's cunt, she fell forward and sucked more of Brian's fuck-stick into her mouth.

"Get over here and bend over," Luke said suddenly, pushing Alison over to the porch railing. "I'm gonna fuck you!"

Hating to tear her eyes away from the scene inside the house, Alison nevertheless did as her uncle asked. Bending over with her ass in the air, she sighed as Luke pulled her panties down to her knees.

She turned her head when he drilled his prick into her cunt, trying to no avail, to see inside the room. When he began stroking in and out, she lost herself in the glory of her own lust.

Chapter TEN

One evening Mabel and Alison were in the kitchen baking cookies. Luke was keeping them company and the boys had gone out with some friends.

They talked about distant relatives and how much fun it had been to have Alison staying with them. Mabel looked flushed and her eyes sparkled, but when Alison questioned her she said she was just feeling mellow.

When the last of the cookies were out of the oven, Luke opened a bottle of wine and they sprawled out on the sofa in the den and continued their conversation.

After finishing the first bottle of wine, Luke glanced at his watch and opened a second. Alison felt nicely dizzy and soon the second bottle was empty and Luke returned to the kitchen to get another.

The two women were startled to hear a loud knocking on the front door. "Will you get that," Mabel said to Alison. "I don't think I can make it to the door. My legs are like rubber."

The blonde had brought her legs up on the sofa, her tits spilling out of her blouse and her skirt up to her thighs.

Alison went to the door and looked around. There was no one there. She started to close the door when a hand grabbed her wrist and pushed into the house.

She screamed. She pierced the air with her shrieks, but then another strong hand grabbed her other wrist and two masked men pulled her into the den.

Mabel sat up on the sofa, her face frozen in a terrified expression as the men dragged Alison into the room. Alison screamed again and one of them held his hand over her mouth to muffle the sound.

Both men looked young. It was hard to tell just how old they were because their eyes and noses were covered with a black mask. They had baseball caps on their heads so not much of their hair was visible and they both wore tight jeans and tee-shirts.

The younger one held a baseball bat in his hand and he threatened to smash the skull of anyone who tried to break away. "Is your husband home?" he said to Mabel.

"Yes!" she hissed. "He's in the kitchen, but he's coming right back."

"We'll be happy to meet him," the older one chuckled.

Alison realized they had something in their mouths that muffled their voices. She looked closely and realized they had the kind of wax teeth that children wore on Halloween covering their teeth and disguising their voices.

"We're not gonna hurt you ladies," one of the boys said. "If you just do what we say and make us feel real good you'll be okay."

"You'll be sorry if you don't leave right now," Mabel said. "We've got connections in the police department."

"I'm scared to death, lady," the older boy said sarcastically. "But I think maybe we'll take our chances."

Alison's heart pounded with terror. The younger boy was stroking her ass and she knew deep in her heart that they were going to rape them.

"You two ladies are sure pretty," the younger one said, gazing insolently at Alison's tits. "It's been a long time since I've had me a piece of ass as pretty as yours."

Alison wondered why Luke was taking so long in the kitchen. She relaxed slightly when it occurred to her that he might have heard the commotion and was this very minute calling the police.

"Looks like we hit pay-dirt tonight," the older boy said. He had grabbed Mabel's hand and pulled her to her feet. "Look at this chickie's butt, would you, Slim."

The boy rolled his eyes and licked his lips, grabbing one of Alison's tits in his hand. "I love 'em big," he grinned. "I love to fuck 'em in the ass."

Alison shivered at the sound of his obscene words and the look in his eyes. Luke still wasn't back and she wondered if there was a third man somewhere in the house holding him captive.

Suddenly Luke walked into the room. He looked startled and Alison realized he had heard nothing. He had a bottle of wine in his hand and the boy called Slim grabbed it from him.

"That one your wife?" he said, pointing at Mabel.

Luke nodded, beads of perspiration erupting on his forehead. "How'd they get in?" he said to Mabel.

"Do what they want," she said. "They won't hurt anyone if we do what they want."

The older one had pulled a small revolver out of his jeans and he pointed it directly at Luke's head. "Listen to the lady, mister," he snarled. "Get over there into that chair and keep your mouth shut."

"Do what they want, honey," Mabel begged. "Just do what they want and they won't hurt us."

Luke sat down on the chair and the younger boy snickered. "That's telling 'em, Jock," he said.

"I think we better tie him up anyway," Jock said.

He pulled a short piece of rope from his jeans and grabbed Luke's wrists. He tied them behind his back and then tied his ankles. "Now he can watch the show without bothering us," Jock snickered.

Alison shivered when Jock turned to her. "Get over here, pussycat," he said. He sat down on a straight back chair and rubbed his crotch obscenely.

Even thought she was trembling with fright, she knew she had no choice so she walked over to him and stood with her hands loose at her sides.

"Get your mouth on it, sister," he hissed.

She hesitated so he reached up and pulled her down to her knees. She turned to see what Mabel was doing. The older woman was sitting on the edge of the sofa watching, an expression of sheer terror on her face.

"You've got to do it, Alison," she whispered. "He's got a gun pointed at my head."

Sure enough, Alison looked at Slim. The boy had the gun trained at Mabel's head. She turned back to Jock, a sob escaping her throat as she reluctantly unzipped his fly.

"That's more like it, pussycat," he said, tilting his ass up and helping her pull his jeans down. "That's right, baby, you're doing just fine. You're gonna give old Jock a real good blow-job, right?"

She caught Luke's eye, but he showed no expression on his face. She knew now there was no escaping her fate so she proceeded to take Jock's prick out of his shorts.

"Pull 'em down!" he hissed and she pulled his shorts down to his knees and gazed at his rock-hard cock.

Thank God he looks clean, she thought as she stared at his crimson-colored fuckpole. Incredibly, she felt her pussy twitch as she gazed at his bloated balls and the drop of fuckcream oozing out of his jizz-slit.

Still, she trembled at the thought of sucking this strange, evil man's dick. God knows what kind of disease he has, she thought.

Her reverie was interrupted when he grabbed her wrist roughly and forced her hand over his cockshaft. "Suck it!" he hissed.

Her fingers curled around his cockstalk. Her blood raced and he leered down at her. "You're gonna get those pretty lips around it, or do I have to get rough?"

"I'll do it," she whispered.

"I think she's dying for it," Slim snickered. "I think she's a horny bitch."

"Yeah, I think you're right," Jock said. He looked at Alison, a menacing expression in his eyes. "You better start sucking, sister!"

Holding his prick-shaft in one hand, she lowered her mouth and inhaled deeply before closing her pretty lips over his cockhead. Luckily he smelled fresh and although she almost gagged, she managed to control herself. She used her fingers to pump his shaft while she held his knob in her mouth and gingerly sucked on it.

He grabbed her ears and yanked her forward, forcing her lips down half his fuck-stick. He brutally pushed his meat into her mouth and in a moment his cockhead was tickling the back of her throat.

She was helpless in the face of his cruelty. He raised his ass up off the chair and forced her to suck most of his long thick cock between her lips.

She could hardly breath as he lammed his prick into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and her tongue swirled over his rod. She was torn between bringing him off quickly and the horrible prospect of having him shoot off in her mouth. Because there was no doubt in her mind that he would shoot off hi her mouth. Unless she was able to direct his come over her hand he would make it pour down her throat.

I'll die, she thought, even as her pussy throbbed. I'll die if he comes in my mouth.

By now she was bobbing her head up and down as her moist lips slid up and down his fuckpole. His breathing was ragged and perspiration dripped down his face, drenching the black mask that covered his eyes and nose.

She took his entire fuckpole in her mouth, and without realizing what she'd done she began squeezing and caressing his balls. His cock throbbed and grew larger in her mouth and he grunted, still holding tightly to her ears as he directed her lips on his dick.

"She's a hot number!" he moaned. "She's getting off on it!"

"Yeah," the young boys said.

Alison couldn't see the others, but she heard Mabel sigh and she heard the distinctive sounds of sucking so she knew the other boy was forcing Mabel to suck his cock too. How awful for Luke to have to watch it!

Now Jock pushed his chair around and Alison had no choice but to move too. She could see her aunt and the younger boy in the same position as she and Jock. Slim was sitting on a chair and Mabel was crouched in front of him, her pretty face contorted as she chomped vigorously on his dick.

Alison was shocked to see how happy Mabel looked. There was no mistaking the glint in her eyes and the enjoyment she was obviously getting from sucking the boy's fuckpole.

Do I look like that? she thought, her pussy aching with excitement, and in that moment she knew that she did.

"Get it in there, pussycat," Jock said. "Get that cock all the way into that pretty mouth."

He clutched her long dark hair and fucked her mouth with deep brutal thrusts of his cock. Luke had relaxed as best he could with his hands tied behind his back and an expression of excitement crossed his face as Alison gazed at him. If she didn't know better she would have thought he was enjoying the rape.

Her nose pressed into Jock's cockhair and she felt his balls jump and knew he'd be coming soon. Sure enough he grunted and gripped her ears again as he strained to release the juice in his balls.

"Take it, cunt!" he cried, shooting a thick load of jism down her throat.

He held her head still as he battered her mouth with his exploding dick. Spunk slid out of the corners of her mouth and drenched his balls. Let after jet of man-cream shot out of his pisser and filled her mouth and she found herself drinking it down with relish.

"Good blow-job," he mumbled through the wax teeth as he released Alison's hair.

She fell back onto the floor, dazed and humiliated. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend it wasn't happening. She could still hear Mabel sucking Slim's cock, but she didn't want to watch.

Suddenly Jock grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "Look at your girlfriend," he said.

Mabel was naked, stretched out on her back in the middle of the rug with her legs widespread. Slim crouched over her, his jeans and shorts off and his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he sniffed at Mabel's snatch.

"Roll over, bitch," he said and Mabel rolled onto her belly on her hands and knees.

"Don't hurt me," she begged, turning her head, but Alison saw no real fear in her eyes. Could it be that her sexy aunt was getting off on this? Then she remembered her own hot cunt and blushed as she lay on her side on the floor and watched the depraved scene.

Slim ran his long wet tongue over Mabel's butt-flesh. He licked her hairy cuntlips and ran his tongue up and down her asscrack. He pushed his nose into her asscrease and Mabel actually purred with excitement.

Mabel's huge tits hung down like cantaloupes. Her nipples were puckered with excitement. Suddenly Slim grabbed her hips and guided his prick into her blonde-rimmed cunt. He was inside her in a moment, pumping his dick in and out of her gash with short quick strokes.

Alison turned to see Luke's expression. His face was flushed and he was breathing rapidly, but he looked more excited than angry. Alison turned back to watch her aunt's humiliation. Slim's ass was humping back and forth as his cock streaked in and out of Mabel's pussy.

"Fuck me!" Mabel moaned wantonly.

"Fuck my brains out!"

"Oh, God!" Alison moaned, turning to look at Luke who was grinning openly. She's enjoying it! Oh, God, he's enjoying it! she thought. They're both enjoying it!

She knew now that she was witness to the biggest depravity of all. She'd become accustomed to the entire fucking and sucking going on in the Jordan household. But this was different. She had just been forced to suck a strange man's cock and now Luke was watching another strange man fuck his wife. Yet Mabel and Luke were both getting off on it.

She gazed at Luke's crotch. His cock bulged, pressing against his fly and threatening to split the zipper. She began to stumble to her feet, forgetting that the men had a gun. She was about to run from the room when Jock grabbed her arm and twisted it, throwing her back down on the floor.

"Watch, cunt!" he hissed. "You're gonna get it soon too!"

She lay on her belly and he leaned on her ass, his gun pointed at her head. Slim was still pistoning his cock in and out of Mabel's cunt and incredibly Mabel was getting off on it.

The blonde hit her fists on the floor and yelled for him to fuck her harder and deeper and the boy lunged in and out of her cunt with machine-like speed and derocity.

Alison felt her own pussy moistens and she automatically brought a hand, to her crotch. She rubbed her cunt, hardly aware anymore of the gun pointed at her head.

"Look at this cunt!" Jock chuckled. "She's hotter than a bitch in heat!"

Slim finally came, filling Mabel's slit with his load. He continued pounding away at her cunt until he finally collapsed on the floor behind her ass.

The blonde turned over onto her back and threw herself down over the boy. She cradled him in her arms and Alison looked from them to Luke and back to them.

There was something strange going on in the Jordan house, and she meant to find out what it was. She rubbed her cunt slowly, turning to face the boy who was yanking her jeans off her ass.

"I don't think you're going to use that thing," she said, pointing to the gun. She decided to take a chance and call their bluff. She didn't think the gun was loaded. It suddenly occurred to her that Luke and Mabel had played a trick on her and now she would find out what it was.

"Go ahead and shoot me," she said, but still her heart pounded like a drum. She lay on her back and thrashed her legs in the air. "I dare you to shoot me," she taunted Jock. "Go on, give it to me."

She lay there, her blood racing as the boy pointed the gun at her naked gash. "Here goes, cunt!" he snarled, his finger on the trigger. "Say goodbye to the world!"

He pulled the trigger and Alison automatically shut her eyes. She felt a stream of water shoot onto her cunt and opened her eyes to see Jock yanking his mask and wax teeth off to reveal Curt's grinning face.

"Hi, Alison," he said.

"Hi, Alison," another familiar voice said and now the other boy, the one named Slim, pulled his mask and wax teeth off to reveal the smiling face of Brian.

Luke rose up from his chair and easily broke the bonds on his wrists and ankles. He knelt over Alison and Mabel scrambled over and held her in her arms.

"You don't mind our little game, do you, Alison?" she giggled. "We thought you'd get off on it."

"I did," Alison smiled as her aunt and uncle finished stripping her clothes off. "I did and I do."


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