See the family come

In many cases today's family is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between people rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family; and the use of others for thrill-seeking -- and often deviant -- purposes as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

SEE THE FAMILY COME is the story of one middle-class family, outwardly normal, that discovers an eagerness to satisfy lustful cravings. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.

Chapter ONE

Ginny Rayburn sat up in bed, yawning, still half asleep. The young girl's curly blonde hair was all tousled, framing a lovely face. She had soulful brown eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. She yawned again, then stretched. The sheets fell away, revealing a set of cute tits capped by pink, perky nipples.

It was a Saturday, and Ginny didn't have to get up for school and she considered staying in bed for a while longer -- maybe to get a bit more sleep, or maybe to play with her pussy. She liked a morning hand-job now and again.

She tilted her head down and looked at her tits, then began to finger the tips. She pulled gently and experimentally at the rosy nubs, checking to see if she was horny enough to warrant finger-fucking.

It felt nice to feel herself up -- and although not nearly as nice as when a boy did it, of course but the nubile little minx wasn't really in the mood at the moment. She had slept soundly and been unexcited by naughty dreams.

She knew from experience that she could get herself worked up easily enough, between fondling and imagining things, but it seemed pointless to provoke randiness. She decided to save her ritual finger-fucking until she needed it.

That was going to be sooner than she thought. She threw the covers back and got up, pausing before the mirror to admire her sexy body. Her youthful tits were firm and thrusting, the nipples gently swollen. Her legs were long and shapely, her hips pneumatic, her ass delightfully hard and high and rounded.

Her cunt mound glittered with a curly vee of silken blonde down spreading out on her gently curved belly. She dipped at the knees and parted her thighs so that she could see her crotch reflected in the glass. Her pussy was slightly damp and her cuntlips were parted and her clit poked out saucily, but her pussy wasn't really juiced up for action.

She turned to see her slim, shapely body in profile, then turned farther and looked back over her shoulder to admire her adorable ass.

Ginny had a lovely body and was well aware of the way that men and boys looked at her. She loved to imagine them jacking off while they had fantasies about her pussy or mouth. It pleased her to believe that cum by the bucketful must have been spilled out over memories of her pert tits and beautiful ass.

She slid a hand down and fingered her clit.

It tingled pleasantly but, as her nipples had, failed to really respond.

She shrugged and moved away from the mirror, going to the dresser. She opened a drawer and rummaged through her panties. They were all sexy bikini types. Ginny liked to sit with her legs nonchalantly parted and give guys a chance to look up her skirt and, naturally, she wanted her loins to be clad suitably and provocatively.

She selected a pair of sheer black panties.

And then she made a remarkable discovery.

The panties felt kind of sticky. And when she held them up, she could see a film of some mysterious milky substance in the crotch band.

Ginny was puzzled.

Had she creamed her panties and somehow put them back in the drawer unwashed?

It seemed unlikely, but there was definitely a coating of congealed slime in them. The girl held them to her face and sniffed at the crotch. Fucking Holy Shit, she thought.

The familiar, starchy aroma wasn't cunt juice at all -- it was definitely jism!

Just to make sure, she pushed her tongue out and lapped at the milky coating. Her taste buds registered the flavor of jizz, verifying what her nose had deduced.

Ginny was mystified.

She tried to remember if some guy had dry humped her recently, shooting off onto her panties.

But she couldn't recall having been dry-humped in weeks.

Yet she was positive it was cock cream. She knew what cunt nectar tasted like, because she often licked her fingers when she was frigging off, and the aroma and flavor of that milky film hadn't come from a pussy.

Some guy had cum in her panties -- no doubt about it!

But who and when and where? Ginny considered, tilting her head, still holding the soiled garment to her face.

Then she grinned impishly.

She could think of only one possibility -- and it was a very stimulating thought.

Her big brother, Jimmy, must have sneaked into her bedroom while she was out and jacked off in her panties!

Jimmy was eighteen, a good-looking, athletic young man. And Ginny had often been aware that he gazed at her lustfully -- especially when she was sitting with her legs apart so he could look up her skirt.

The idea of the boy jerking off over fantasies of her, and cumming into her underwear, excited her tremendously. She licked at the slimy crotchband again, enjoying it more now that she figured it was sibling spunk.

She could just imagine how the youth must have looked as he stood there, his face all twisted by passion, pounding his prick into those sexy panties!

How she wished that she could have seen it! As her fevered mind danced with the image, her body began to react accordingly. Her tit tips shot out like little pink rockets launched from the areola pads, and her clit echoed that action in her cunt slot.

She was definitely ready for a hand-job now! Grinning mischievously, she went back to the full-length mirror and watched herself in the glass as she danced her tongue in the cummy film.

Too bad that Jimmy wasn't watching as she did that, the naughty nymphette thought.

She rubbed her tits in the bikini, working jism into the perky peaks. Then she lifted her tits in her hands and dropped her head dawn. She began to lick and suck on her swollen clit nubs, making them throb and tantalizing her taste buds by the yummy flavor of jizz.

Her cunt was open in a wide oval now, the slot flooded with pussy juice and her clit standing out like a little pink stump in a swamp.

She dipped the panties into her groin and rubbed them around. Her pussy soaked up her brother's cum, absorbing it like a sponge. Her ass and hips jerked as she ground her cunt on the garment.

She wished that she were nimble enough so that she could get her head down between her thighs and suck Jimmy's jizz off her clit, as she had from her nipples.

She brought the panties back to her face and tongued them again. They were even more flavorsome now that cunt juice was mixed with the cock cream.

Ginny was certainly not a lesbian, but the girl had to admit that pussy juice was scrumptious and to wonder what it would be like to suck a mouthful straight out of a hot, wet, perfumed pussy. She didn't fancy going to bed with a dyke but if one of her sexy girlfriends was game for some cunt-lapping, Ginny was surely interested.

At the moment, however, she was thinking more about cum -- her big brother's cum, specifically.

Her pretty face contorted with lust, eyes narrowing, lips moist and parted. She was panting. The tip of her pink lapper slid slowly across her mouth as the youngster drooled over her daydreams.

She moved back to the bed and sat on the edge, facing the mirror. She had angled the mirror so that it reflected her bed. She liked to watch herself when she creamed off. And she was certainly ready to cream off now. How lucky it had been that she hadn't wasted a hand job before she had made her fascinating discovery!

She felt up her tits, rolling the tips and moaning as they exploded in her fingers. She kneaded the firm tit mounds and cupped them together, lowering her face and lapping at the pink tips some more.

Then she moved her hands down to her groin.

With the heels of her palms resting on her groin, she dipped her fingers into her crotch began to rub the tips up her unfurled cunt and to brush her fingertips against her clit.

"Ummmmm," she sighed, trembling at the sensation.

Her clit felt like a smoldering fuse, ready to set off an explosion in the core of her cunt. She could have cum in a matter of moments, if she chose to, her body already aroused by her lively imagination. But Ginny was enjoying playing with herself, body and mind, both, and she was in no hurry to reach the creamy conclusion. She wanted to enjoy a long and lingering handjob before she melted.

She drew her hands away and leaned down over her thrusting tits, gazing into her groin. Then she looked at herself in the mirror. Her cunt folds were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy, pink flower now, and cunt juice was streaming down her crotch and seeping into the tight crack of her ass.

She dragged a finger up, getting it juicy, then brought it to her lips. She licked at the tasty film, then pushed her finger into her mouth and sucked on it, sliding it in and out as if it were a tiny prick she was sucking, a prick that had just been dipped in a wet pussy.

It made her tongue damned near as hot as her cunt.

She spooned up some more cunt juice and licked it from her palm. Then she hiked her hip up and slid a hand under her ass, fingering the crack of her ass and nudging into her taut little asshole. She lapped at that finger, too, savoring the tangy aroma and the flavor of her own ass.

It felt nice to finger-fuck her asshole -- making her wonder what it would feel like to have a hot, hard cock ramming in and out of that snug passage.

Ginny was really hot now, knowing that she couldn't hold back her cumming much longer. Her open cunt slot was flowing below her golden vee like a sluggish stream winding through a sunlit jungle.

She began to work on her pussy with both hands again. She frigged into her fuck-hole with one hand, holding three fingers bunched together, while she rubbed away on her clit with the other. She swayed on the edge of the bed, her pelvis undulating, her head going up and down as she looked at her mirrored image, than gazed down at her pussy.

Her whole groin was lathered with pussy seepage. Ginny was amazed at how hot and creamy she had become. She brought a hand to her mouth and licked it, then began to alternate hands. One sank down into her cunt, wet with saliva, as the other rose to her lips drenched with cunt juice.

She snatched up the panties again and wrapped the crotchband tightly around her fingers, then began to shave it into her pussy, whimpering at the knowledge that some of her brother's jizz was soaking into her cunt tunnel.

Waves of joy began to race laterally across her loins and shoot like electric current up her trembling thighs. The waves came faster and higher, each spasm rushing upon the one before, starting to merge into one tidal crest.

Her clit exploded like a stick of dynamite. A deeper detonation burst in the depths of her cunt hole. Ginny gasped, vibrating all through her lush, ripe body.

As her cunt melted, her frantic mind dwelled on images of her brother beating his meat, adding a psychological thrill to the physical sensations.

The fiery, creamy spasms joined, a swirling tide of desire tumbling through her seething loins.

She clung at the crest, half crazed by the sensations and the emotions. Her hands kept stroking as she made certain that she had worked off every spasm.

Then, trembling, she dropped back along the bed.

A dreamy smile turned up her moist lips. The girl was physically satisfied and content -- and yet her mind was still aroused by images of her brother and the knowledge that he lusted for her enough to spill his cum load out into a pair of her sexy panties.

What did he think about when his hand was humming on his cock and his jism began to squirt? Ginny wished that she could read his mind -- and watch him jack off, too.

Well, maybe she could watch him, at that! The girl began to consider the possibilities, scheming as to how she could arrange a private viewing, setting her brother up for a performance she could witness.

Cunt-cum was still oozing from her pussy, and she scooped it up in her hands and then lapped clit front her palms, enjoying it immensely. She had to mop her sodden cat muff up before she dressed, anyhow -- and why waste such delicious stuff on a washcloth?

By the time that she had dried her groin by dining hand to mouth, she had formed a clever plan.

If she were to let Jimmy believe that her bedroom was unoccupied, it seemed likely that he would sneak in for some further panty-fucking. And if she happened to be hidden somewhere in that room, Ginny could watch him do it!

She thought about biding under the bed.

But it was possible that the boy might lie on the bed while he jacked off, delighting her hearing but depriving her eyes of the fascinating sight.

One of the closets seemed a better vantage point, she figured.

There were two closet acts in her bedroom. One was private and the other, larger one had two entrances. She and Jimmy shared that closet and it connected their bedrooms. The larger closet would make a more comfortable place to wait, but it seemed quite likely that her brother might sneak into her bedroom through that one so that he wouldn't risk being seen going in the door. The smaller closet was the obvious choice.

But what if he stood with his back towards it? How awfully frustrating it would be to see his shoulders shifting and his ass humping while, facing the other way, he shot his cum-load off out of her sight. Ginny didn't want to miss that spectacle. But she figured that if he was turned away from her, she could at least see him in the big mirrors.

With her ringside seating arranged, Ginny thought it might be a good idea to leave a prop.

The black bikini panties she had finger-fucked herself with were nicely juiced up with a milky film of cunt cream, perfectly suitable for her designs. She took them over to the dresser and replaced them in her underwear drawer, leaving them atop the flimsy stack, arranged so that an intruder would be certain to notice that the crotchband was sodden with girl-cum.

Then she dressed quickly, in very tight jeans and a white cotton tee-shift that seemed to have been painted over the mounds of her tits and showed her nipples in twin peaks.

She checked her appearance in the mirror and grinned, satisfied that Jimmy would become excited by looking at her.

Then she went down to breakfast.

Chapter TWO

On Saturday mornings, Mike and Barbara Rayburn seldom bothered to get dressed until after breakfast, which they were just finishing now. Mike, a tall, dark and handsome man was wearing an old flannel robe. And Barbara, a spectacularly voluptuous woman who looked a great deal like her daughter, but more fully curved, was wearing a nightie that was both short and semi-transparent.

Jimmy had gotten dressed before he joined them -- and now the front of his tight jeans had started to swell alarmingly as he gazed across the table at his mother's big tits.

It embarrassed the dark-haired youth to get a hard-on over his own mother, but he couldn't help it. Her nightie showed a lot of deep, creamy cleavage and her tit tips were poking out against the material tantalizingly. He could see the dark rings of her areolas through the sheer garment.

Was his mom aware of his lustful interest? No, that couldn't be true. He guessed that she still thought of him as an innocent boy and didn't realize she was turning him on. Otherwise, he felt sure, she would have dressed less provocatively.

It never for a moment dawned on the naive youth that his mother might get a kinky kick out of flaunting her charms and making her son horny.

Very much aware of the lump rising steadily in his groin, Jimmy slumped over the table. He was trying not to stare at his mom's big tits, but his willful eyes just kept jumping back up of their own accord.

Her nipples seemed to be getting bigger.

His prick certainly was!

Jimmy blushed slightly, hoping like hell that she didn't see his hard-on, and hoping even more that his father didn't notice that incestuous reaction.

Then Ginny joined them.

The sight of the nubile teenager, all bouncy and squirmy in her snug, sexy clothing did nothing whatsoever to reduce the hardness of her brother's cock.

She sat next to him, her slender back swayed and her firm tits thrusting out. Jimmy's gaze danced back and forth between his mom's huge tit mounds and his sister's pert tits. He was enchanted by both mouth-watering sights.

And more embarrassed than ever.

How in the hell was he going to leave the breakfast table with such an enormous cock bulge in his jeans?

Someone would be sure to notice.

It was a frustrating situation.

The boy was eager to give himself a relieving hand-job, yet didn't dare stand up and expose his condition. He guessed that he would have to linger at the table until everyone else had left the room -- and he hoped that he didn't get so horny that his cock would cream off in his jeans.

Ginny didn't remain at the table very long.

The girl had a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee, claiming that she wasn't hungry.

Then she made a point of announcing that she was going out.

She got up and left the room, her ass swaying saucily, her hot pussy squishing between her thighs with every stride. Her face was glowing radiantly, her whole body vibrant with lust.

She sure hoped that her plan worked!

She went down the hall and opened the front door, then closed it loudly -- remaining inside the hall.

She tiptoed back past the kitchen and went up the stairs, hurrying to her bedroom. She left the door slightly ajar, making the room seem to be unoccupied. She quickly squirmed out of her tee-shirt and jeans, wanting to be naked and all ready to play with herself when the time came.

Then she slipped into the closet, pulling the door closed enough to conceal her presence, but leaving plenty of space through which to look into the room.

She waited for Jimmy to show up, breathless with excitement. Her cunt felt like a smoldering ember between her thighs, and pussy juice was running down her legs. But she didn't start to caress herself yet. She was waiting for something to watch before she gave herself a hand-job.

A few minutes passed and she began to get restless, afraid that her plan had failed. She was so hot that she figured her naked body must be glowing like a neon light in the darkness of the closet. The perfume of her aroused pussy was permeating the small chamber.

The fragrance of her own hot cunt wafted to her nostrils, enhancing her horniness.

The urge to finger-fuck herself was becoming unbearable. Her pussy was smoldering so fiercely that she half expected it to suddenly burst into flames -- except that it was much, much too wet to burn.

She slid a hand down her gently rounded belly, trembling with desire. Her fingers tingled for a touch of her want, and her clit throbbed for that contact. She had never felt so hops before. She thought that she was liable to blister her hands when she cupped her cunt.

Her hand rested on her downy blonde we. Ginny thought that she was going to have to rub herself off or else her pussy would just cream on its own.

Then she heard the door gently open. She smiled in delighted anticipation. She had expected her brother to come sneaking in through the communal closet that joined their bedrooms, but it didn't matter how he entered her room -- not as long as he had come to put on the performance for which she yearned.

She drew her hand away from her pussy, willing to wait now, her eyes as hot as her cunt.

The door closed softly and footsteps sounded on the floor, moving towards her field of view.

She held her breath, wild with expectation.

C'mon, Jimmy, she silently urged.

Then a figure stepped into her sight.

Her whole nubile body stiffened, her eyes bulged out and her jaw dropped open wide. She stand in astonishment at the intruder moving across the room.

It wasn't her brother who had come so stealthily into Ginny's bedroom -- into the trap she had set.

It was Daddy!

And her father went directly to her panty drawer.

Ginny was overwhelmed by shock. Then that shock ebbed away and was replaced by a surge of lust even greater than she had been feeling before.

Her daddy had obviously been there before. It was her father's cum that Ginny had licked from the crotchband of her panties! That sweet slime had sprung from her daddy's paternal prick -- the stuff she had found so delicious was the same stuff that had created her. Her head spun and her mind reeled. Incestuous lust for her father was even naughtier than for her brother, she thought -- and all the more thrilling because of it!

Ginny almost fainted.

But she fought against it, damned if she was going to black out and miss the show.

Mike Rayburn looked a bit sheepish, as was only proper for a man who had the hots for, his own little girl and had come to spill his spunk in her underwear. But guilt and shame did not deter his desire.

He drew the drawer open -- and gulped when he saw, right on the top of the panty pile, a pair of tiny black bikinis that had been worn and not washed.

He took the panties out. They were so wet that they were dripping, and he wondered how long it had been since those sexy bikinis had been clinging to his daughter's cunt.

Grinning, all of his embarrassment fading away as pure lust filled him, he held the panties up to his face. He sniffed, inhaling her sweet aroma, sighing as he breathed that tantalizing fragrance in.

He began to lick the crotchband.

Ginny saw her father's tongue gliding through the film of cunt-cum that was congealed in the crotchband.

He lapped and sucked on the flavorsome wisp of black cloth, then stuffed the panties into his mouth and chomped, shaking them in his teeth tike a terrier shaking a wet rat and Ginny swayed, panting like a steam engine.

She was afraid he might hear her breathing so heavily. But Mike was panting just as much, himself, and the rush of blood in his ears had impaired his hearing.

He was sucking her pussy nectar up ravenously.

Ginny just had to wonder what it would feel like to have her handsome daddy go down on her, burying his head between her thighs. It was evident that he relished her cunt juice -- think how he would cherish drinking it by the mouthful, right out her pussy.

Ginny's fantasies had been limited to playing the peeper -- up until the moment. Now she was starting to think about the thrill of audience participation.

She couldn't have sex with her father, the young girl told herself. Could she? She was too horny to think clearly, and all of her inhibitions were melting away in the intense heat of her depraved desire.

Her pretty face had become a mask of passion, eyes narrowed, lips slack. Her tits heaved and her pussy spilled out lavish flows of cunt juice. Every nerve in her splashy young body her own carnal passion and taboo emotions. Her lovely little face was like a looking glass, reflecting the twisted desire that was contorting her daddy's features.

He grunted, whipping his prick through his pounding fist as he neared the peak. Ginny could hear his hot cockmeat hiss through his palm.

Knowing he was going to get his rocks off at any second, the horny girl began to rub her cunt and massage her clit, timing her cumming to his.

Mike growled like a beast, hammering at his cock in a savage assault, as if he were driving an iron spike into his own loins, trans fixing himself on his own hard-on. His balls were swinging in and out below his prick, heavy as weighted blackjacks and swelling more with every stroke as they neared the blow-out point.

Cum, Daddy -- shoot your jizz out, Ginny silently pleaded, at the horny heights and holding.

Then Mike shot his cum-load.

He rammed his ass and hips out and dragged his fist back on his cockshaft, bellowing with the sensation. His balls blew so violently that Ginny imagined she could hear the hairy bombs explode. His jism sped up through his cock and foamed from his piss hole.

His cum was trapped in her panties, but Ginny could see the black material expand as his heavy load filled it. The milky jism was soaking through the cloth. Mike shot a second spurt as his fist pulled up and his cock recoiled, then came again as he pumped back towards his balls.

He was filling her panties with thick cock slime. The gossamer black material swelled out from his cockhead, a heavy glob of cum dragging the crotchband down from his cock-knob. He was filling her panties like a condom.

His balls seemed bottomless, his cum-load endless, his sexual vitality boundless. He blew spunk out steadily, cumming on the upstroke and the backstroke, both, as he continued to pound away as if stabbing his lower belly.

His legs began to shake and tremble, as if he were shooting out his muscle and bone, his body going limp as he pumped his loins to a void.

Ginny was creaming just as dynamically. Her clit and cunt were going off like crazy, repeated pumped his prick.

Ginny could see the outline of his enormous prick sheathed in the black panties, the material molded to the contours of his bulging cockhead and thick cockrod. As he pulled his fist up, his foreskin rolled over the ledge of his prick-knob, like a fleshy carpet draped in black silk. Then he pumped back towards his loaded balls and his cockhead flared out wide.

A damp, sticky patch was starting to spread out where his piss hole was seeping freely, the pre-cum oozing through her panties.

Ginny breathed in. The closet was permeated with the rich scent of her creamy cunt, but now she could detect the aroma of hot cockmeat and pre-cum, as well. She hardly realized that she was smacking her lips and whipping her lapper out as she stared at her daddy's big prick like a hungry child gazing at a hunk of ripe but forbidden fruit.

Ginny was eager to get her tongue slurping away in those sodden bikinis as soon as she got a chance. But first she had the thrill of a creamy climax to enjoy she slipped a hand into her crotch, cupping her cunt, all set to frig herself off but waiting until her daddy shot his wad so that they could share a simultaneous orgasm at a distance -- a sort of incestuous visual daisy chain.

His piss hole was gushing heavily, filling the narrow band of her panty crotch and oozing out around the edges. He was humping, his ass cock screwing and his loins pumping as he fucked his panty-clad prick through his fist.

His handsome face contorted, lips squaring back from his teeth in a grimace. His expression was so intense that his face seemed to have blurred, gone out of focus. But maybe that was because her eyes had misted over, clouding with spasm racking and rocking her slim body as she figged herself through a prolonged knee trembler of a hand job.

Watching her father fucking his fist had inspired the girl to unknown heights of passion, and she knew that she was going to keep on going off like a machine gun as long as he continued to squirt his cum out.

Mike's balls deflated slowly as they drained off, the swollen bags sinking in and turning slack. But his cock stayed big and stiff. He pounded a last spurt of cum into her bikinis and kept on stroking his cock, milking out the last gooey dregs in trickles that seeped into her panties.

Finally he stopped jacking off and stood there, panting, his chest heaving.

A really strange look came over his face, like a gleeful fiend satisfied by some sin.

Ginny guessed that he figured it was naughty to cum in his little girl's undies -- and that he was all the more satisfied because it was so depraved. She felt much the same way as she finished off her pussy rubbing and kept her eyes glued to his groin.

Her hands massaged and she jerked her hips and churned her ass, working of the final sweet spasms.

She has to lean against the closet wall or support, her legs turned to water.

She supposed that her daddy would leave her bedroom now -- and she was really looking forward to a chance to lap his fuck-juice out of her drenched panties. She had loved licking, it up earlier, before she had identified the supplier -- and how much more satisfying it would be now that she knew that it was her daddy's jizz and the new load was still fresh and hot!

But he was just standing there, recovering from his exertions, her cum-filled bikinis still festooning his prick. Ginny licked her cummy fingers, tasting her own pussy cream as a sort of appetizer as she waited for the main course of her father's fuck-juice served on a panty platter.

Then Mike unpeeled the soaking panties from his prick, drawing it off like a rubber. He gazed at the sodden undies, grinning. Then he looked down at his cock, where his daughter was also concentrating her gaze.

His balls had collapsed as if they'd had a blow-out but his prick was still standing, angled up before him, the purple knob extended almost as high as his breastbone. His cockhead was all slathered with cum. It looked like a fat purple plum drenched in whipped cream. Ribbons of the slimy stuff were slowly unwinding down his cockshaft and dripping onto his balls, as if returning to the source.

If his jizz would taste lovely lapped from her panties, Ginny could just imagine how scrumptious the stuff would be if she sucked it from his prick!

A hot flash shot though her loins. Ginny felt as hot as if she hadn't cum in a month. Her clit flared and her tongue salivated. The girl was amazed by the depth of her depraved desire.

Peeping had been a kick -- but now she needed more.

Her incestuous urges were overwhelming all of her qualms, submerging her inhibitions. The girl was longing to break the taboo and taste the forbidden fruit, and even the fear of rejection was fading away.

After all, it was her daddy who had started it. He was the one who had come sneaking into her bedroom, where she had every right to be standing innocently in her own closet. It was all his fault, so why should she feel ashamed? If the man lusted for her lingerie, then how much more must he be yearning for her nubile body?

Then she saw, to her awe and respect, that his balls had started to fill up again already. Drop by precious drop, another cum-load was seeping into the sacs. His prick pulsed like a valve, inflating the balls at the base.

Mike was standing with his head tilted down, frowning slightly, as if he, too, were impressed by his potency. Then a wicked grin dragged his lips back from his teeth. He gripped his prick by the hilt and gave it a shake.

Droplets of cum sprayed from the weighted cock-knob, falling on the floor. He cracked his cock like a whip, and more cum dripped from it.

Holding his prick by the root, he moved back to the dresser. Tossing the soiled panties into the drawer -- obviously hoping that his little girl would soon be stuffing her nubile crotch into them and soaking up his second-hand cum in her cunt -- he fumbled around for another pair into which to spill his next load of jism.

Ginny shuddered. The pole of his prick was drawing her like a magnet. Her swollen clit and stiff nipples and drooling tongue were all straining towards his loins.

She couldn't bear to see her daddy waste another sweet cum-load by his own solitary efforts.

Naked and trembling, Ginny came out of the closet.

Chapter THREE

Barbara Rayburn was teasing her son inmercifully -- and enjoying it enormously. The woman was well aware of the way he was staring at her tits, and that the crotch of his jeans was packed with a huge hard-on.

Jimmy was trapped at the breakfast table, ashamed of his hard-on, not daring to stand up. He squirmed uncomfortably and beads of sweat dotted his brow. He was pretending to linger over breakfast, pouring more coffee and nibbling at a piece of toast -- and wishing that his mother would stop leaning over the table that way. Her heavy tits were shamelessly exposed in her bodice, showing her deep, smooth cleavage damned near down to the fat nipples.

She was tormenting him!

But, of course -- he supposed -- she hadn't the faintest idea what she was accidentally doing. Surely his mom wouldn't play the cock-teaser with her own son.

Presently she stood up, moving towards the stove. Jimmy tensed, all set to make his escape as soon as her attention was elsewhere. Then she bent down, seemingly to pick up a stray crumb from the floor.

Her shortie nightgown drew up on her flanks and Jimmy gulped as he realized that she had just given him a flash of her hairy cunt, nestled under the firm globes of her ass.

The youth groaned helplessly. His balls were swollen it felt as if he were sitting on a basketball. His hard-on seemed to run right through his body, rooted in his asshole, transfixing his [missing text].

Her ass hiked up and her thighs parted as she stooped over, and Barbara grinned, imagining the effect she was having on the boy.

But then she took pity on him.

Knowing that he must be desperate to rush to his bedroom and empty his balls, she moved over to the sink and pretended to be occupied with doing the dishes.

She heard his chair scrape back as Jimmy got up from the table. She couldn't resist the impulse to glance at him from the corners of her eyes.

He was moving towards the door, walking awkwardly, almost thrown off balance by the burden of his hard-on and stepping like a bowlegged cowboy around his balls.

Barbara smiled, amused and delighted by the results of her flagrant exhibitionism. But then her lashes fluttered and she sighed.

In making her son so horny, the woman had also caused her own cunt to simmer and steam. She loved the thought that her lean, good looking son was going to beat his meat while he thought about her body.

But she was wishing that she could see him do it, too.

She didn't want to embarrass the boy, certainly. But could she manage to sneak a look into his room without having him become aware of her observations? The very idea of it was making her pant. Her nipples felt as if they were going to burn right through her sheer nightie, and her pussy was spilling cream down her inner thighs abundantly.

Barbara, to her credit, felt a bit ashamed of herself -- but the chance of seeing her son jacking off was too good to pass up.

If he did catch her peeking, she could simply make light of it, assuring the youth that jacking off was only a normal and healthy pursuit for a teenaged boy. And if he didn't notice her attention, she might just have the pleasure of watching him cream off!

Enthusiastic about her plans, Barbara left the kitchen and went quietly up the stairs.

She wasn't going, to get the particular thrill she hoped for.

But she was about to get a whole lot more...

The door to her son's room was standing open as Barbara tiptoed down the hallway. That was strange, she thought -- and not very promising, either.

If Jimmy was beating his meat in there, surely he would have closed the door. Still, maybe the boy was so desperate to get his rocks off that he hadn't even thought of privacy. Maybe so much blood had rushed into the building on his erection that he was light-headed and not thinking straight. She moved on hopefully and looked into his room.

To her disappointment, the room was empty.

Barbara stood in the doorway, considering. Had her son gone to take a cold shower instead of jacking off? She couldn't hear the shower running, though. She was puzzled.

But then she had a brilliant idea. She felt pretty sure that Jimmy, would have to relieve himself soon, no matter what had distracted him at the moment.

And what if she were to hide in his closet and wait for him to show up? It seemed an excellent plan. Excited anew, she crossed the bedroom and stepped into the closet.

It was the communal closet that connected Jimmy's room to his sister's, of course, and Barbara's plan to peek was about to bear fascinating fruit...

She drew the door partly closed behind her then noticed that the opposite door was standing ajar. She didn't want her daughter to happen to glance in and catch her spying on her son, so she moved through the closet, intending to pull the other door closed.

What she saw as she looked into Ginny's room caused the woman to gasp in surprise.

Her husband was standing by the dresser, his bathrobe open and his enormous prick exposed, standing like a stone pillar before his belly.

Barbara was shocked -- and then she was delighted.

After all, she had gotten hot by flashing her body at their son, so how could she castigate her husband for having fantasies about their daughter?

Mike drew a pair of panties from the dresser. Barbara surmised that he intended to jerk himself off in their little girl's bikinis and saw, too, from the way his cock was glistening, that he had already shot at least one load of jism out recently.

She slowly and quietly sank down to her knees, eager to play the voyeur.

Watching her husband beat his meat wasn't nearly as exciting as it would have been to see her son jacking off, of course, but it was a kick. And the thrill was made more intense by the fact that he was going to spill his cum-load into their young daughter's sexy lingerie.

Settling down to a pleasant peeping, Barbara cupped a fat tit in one hand and her cunt in the other and waited to watch all the juicy details.

Then Ginny stepped out from the, other closet.

Holy fuck! Barbara thought.

Ginny's caught Mike in the act! What on earth is she going to think? What will she say? How will he explain it?

She expected the girl to be dismayed, shocked, and scandalized -- to cry in outrage, maybe even to faint.

But then she realized that Ginny was smiling and that the sexy girl was stark naked, her nipples staiiding out and her cunt foaming heavily, lathering the insides of her thighs.

Barbara blinked -- then she grinned.

She wasn't at all sure what was going to happen in that bedroom -- but whatever it was, she was sure as hell going to watch it in fascination.

Mike, his back to Ginny, hadn't yet realized that his daughter was approaching him.

Holding his cock in one hand, he brought the panties up to his face, sniffing and then licking. He sighed as he inhaled her lingering fragrance.

"Do you like the taste of my pussy, Daddy?" the girl said, her voice all husky with emotion.

Mike jumped as if electrocuted. Blushing furiously, he spun around to confront her. His cock came around like the turret gun of a battleship, aiming at Ginny. Then he realized what he had done and abruptly turned his back to her again.

"Errrr -- I-I was just -- ahhhhh..." He was searching for some possible explanation. But he could think of no reasonable excuse.

Then he realized, too, that the girl must have all ready been watching when he jacked off the first time!

She was naked. And she was smiling. She had remained silent while he fucked her panties once already -- and it dawned on the horny man that his little girl was anything but annoyed or shocked.

Bold as brass, she marched around and faced him, looking down at his hard-on and giggling. Mike's face had a haunted look of disbelief but his prick was looming up lewdly. Whatever reservations the man might have had, his prick was shameless.

"Ummmm, Daddy? Does my pussy excite you?" she purred, pushing her belly out and tilting her groin up so that he could see her open cunt slot bubbling.

She stared at her father's cock and balls, and he found himself staring at her cunt. They stood that way for a long moment. Then they looked into each other's eyes.

"If you wanna lick my cunt, it's okay," she whispered, moving her hips sensuously and invitingly. "I want you to tongue-fuck me, Daddy."

He groaned and grimaced.

"You licked my panties out -- do my pussy now -- please give my pussy a plating, Daddy," Ginny moaned.

Mike still hesitated, torn by doubts. His daughter obviously had no doubts at all -- nor did Barbara as she watched from the closet. If oral incest was wicked, that only served to make it more exciting to secretly watch it, the wanton woman was thinking.

How could Mike resist such an offer? Barbara thought. Her daughter's cunt looked so juicy and scrumptious that Barbara would have loved to suck it, herself!

"Honey, I -- we shouldn't..." Mike was mumbling.

But Ginny could see that his resolve was weakening. His nostrils flared, and she knew that he was breathing in the tantalizing aroma of her overheated cunt.

She know the things that excited a man, too. Reaching into the dresser drawer, Ginny groped around and found the cum-drenched panties.

She pulled them out and held them up, like evidence exhibited at a trial, making Mike blush anew.

"So much spunk," Ginny sighed.

She brought the panties to her face and her tongue flicked out, slurping at the thick cum.

"Ummmm -- yummy!" she purred.

Her daddy -- not to mention her mother -- stared at her in a dumbfounded way.

Her pink lapper slid through his creamy cum, lapping it up. She curled her tongue from her lips, letting him see the cummy film coating her taste buds. Then her throat pulsed as she swallowed some.

"Your jizz is so delicious, Daddy -- I just love it! I wanna swallow a lot of it," she rasped, taunting him, dipping her tongue into the gooey pool.

Her lips formed an oval, teasing him with the prospect of plunging his prick into that moist facial fuck-hole. Her tongue slid across, dripping cum and spit down her chin.

"Eat me out -- then I'll suck you," she whimpered.

What man could have resisted?

And what randy mother could have failed to watch?

Barbara didn't know which she envied more her daughter's cunt, about to get licked, or her husband's tongue, about to sink into that creamy cunt.

Mike gave a whimper, then a sigh, almost of resignation -- and certainly of readiness.

He had convinced himself, abruptly, that oral sex wasn't really incest, like fucking would be.

"Yeah, honey -- I'll suck your cunt," he said nervously.

And Ginny trembled in expectation. The girl moved to the bed and sat on the edge, where they could have the added pleasure of seeing themselves reflected in the big mirror. Her slim, shapely thighs were parted, her legs trailing to the floor.

She tilted her pussy up as if she were serving it to him on a tray. Her cunt slot was flooded and her pink clit was standing like a rock in a creamy tide.

Her father moved towards her, his stiff prick thrusting out, his head and shoulders thrown slightly back as if to counter-balance the weight of his big prick.

He went down on his knees. With his cock towering so tall, he seemed to be sliding down a pole, like a firefighter called to a raging inferno. His cockhead loomed so high now that it was damned near brushing him under the chin.

He didn't touch her for a moment. He knelt there, drinking her in with his eyes, like a glutton presented with a banquet and salivating over the feast ahead of him. He gazed at her cute tits, then into her groin, licking his lips hungrily as she jerked her pussy up.

Her cunt looked like a delicate pink shellfish served in a French cream sauce.

Leaning forward, he flicked the tip of his tongue against a swollen tit tip. He licked the other nubbin and ran his lapper up through her cleavage. Turning his face from side to side, he nursed on her stiff nipples in turn, whetting his appetite for the main course below, steaming in her crotch, wafting up succulent aromas to his nostrils like a caldron of boiling stew ready to be served.

Ginny arched her back, grinding her tits around in his face, cradling his head to her adoringly. Her tit tips were expanding in his lips. It felt lovely. But Ginny was much, much too hot and horny to need any foreplay, and she knew his mouth would feel even better on her cunt.

"Daddy -- Daddy -- go down on me!" she whined.

Mike groaned and began to slide down, licking her tummy and probing into her belly button, lingering over the preliminaries as he approached the fragrant feast.

His tongue ran through her blonde cunt down. Teasing her -- and himself -- he by-passed her pussy and began to lick up the flesh of her inner thighs, tasting the cunt juice that had already trickled down from her foaming fount.

Ginny hiked her ass up, shoving her cunt out. "Do me, Daddy -- I'm so fucking hot!" she begged, jerking her groin convulsively in his face.

He shot his tongue out and tapped the tip against her frenzied clit. Ginny gasped at the contact. He drew back for a moment, savoring that first taste of his little girl's pussy, then ducked in for another slurp.

"Yeah -- yeah! Lick me good!"

Mike began to flutter his lapper all over her pussy, licking her open cuntlips and her swollen clit and stabbing up into her fuck-hole as far as his tongue would reach. He was turning his head and forcing his lapper in to lave at the moist inner pussy folds. Then he tongued her cunt slot, using his lapper to spoon the cream out.

He held her by the hips, turning her pelvis in his hands and grinding her groin in his face. Ginny undulated and squirmed with the joy of that fatherly attention. When he fucked his tongue in, her cunt hole sucked on it just like a bearded mouth being French kissed.

He pushed his nose into her cunt gash, breaking in, then panting up her fuck-tunnel. His lapper whisked and flailed and ladled into her pussy again. He was using only his tongue, at first. Then he clamped his open mouth to her cunt mound and began to suck on the unfurled slot as he tongue-fucked her cunthole.

"Oooooh! Suck me, Daddy -- suck my cunt off!" she squealed, pumping against his eager face.

His tongue felt fat and bloated, filling her pussy. His lips were glued to her pussy as if pasted to her by cunt juice and saliva.

Cunt cream streamed over his taste buds and bubbled past his lips, into his mouth. He sucked and swallowed, adoring his daughter's dewy delicacy, drinking her incest oil down with enthusiasm.

His lips fastened an her clit, sucking steadily, feeling the swollen bud spark and ripple. Mike was eager to bring her to a creamy cumming in his mouth, because he was longing to give her the pleasure of creaming and keen to gulp down her sweet pussy nectar -- and also, of course, because she had promised him a blow-job, in exchange.

Opening his mouth wider, he clamped it over her whole dribbling cunt, nursing the rim as he lashed his lapper into the sodden fuck-chute.

Ginny clamped her thighs around his head for a moment, holding him locked in a velvet vise. But then she threw her legs wide apart again. There was no need to hold him where he wanted to be. His mouth was stuck to her cunt like a rubber plunger to a clogged drain. He inhaled her fragrance and ingested her cunt juice.

The sweet flow was getting hotter and thicker and creamier as the youngster's cunt juice turned to sweet girl-cum.

Her feet rose up, pedaling in the air behind him as if she were riding a bicycle up a bill. Her heels drummed on his back and shoulders. She arched and twisted, her nubile body churning against his face.

His hands shifted down from her hips and cupped her under the trim cheeks of her little ass, lifting her loins higher, as if her fuck-hole were a goblet he was draining to the dregs. Her flow kept getting richer and steamier with every suck. His face was buried in a seething swamp.

Cunt-cum oozed out from the coupling of mouth and pussy and trickled down her crotch, seeping into the crack of her up thrust ass.

Mike dipped down and stuck his tongue in that musky canyon, lapping the overflow back up. He began to tug his tongue up with long, slurping strokes that started in the crack of her ass and dragged up through her smoldering cunt slot and wound up in her cunt bush.

He drew back for a moment, gazing at the scrumptious pussy he was so hungrily devouring. His tongue was dripping like an overfilling spoon. Then he dove in again, his lips plaster ing to her pussy like a suction cup.

"Cum, baby -- cream, honey!" he moaned, the words muffled on her pussy.

"Ahhhh, Daddy! I'm melting!" she wailed. Her cunt juiced lavishly. The stuff was foaming from her fuck-hole now, lathering her crotch, soaking the bed underneath her ass. The girl's groin looked as if someone had sprayed it with whipped cream.

Mike wallowed in her crotch, sucking rapturously on his little girl's pussy. His mouth filled with cunt cream and he gulped it down.

She was so juicy now that his tongue was floating up her cunt tunnel like a pliable pink raft. He stabbed in against the seething tide and cunt-cum broke over his lapper in frothy, creamy waves.

Her clit detonated in his lips and the core of her cunt dissolved again. Her slim body bridged as if shot through by a high-voltage charge. She cried out in ecstasy as her pussy kept melting in his mouth.

With his lips on her cunt slot and his tongue stuck up her cunt hole, her father's face turned, his tongue fucking deeper, pivoting in her pussy.

"Ohhhhh -- oooooh! Drink me, Daddy! Eat me out -- milk my cum-juice!" Ginny was wailing, twisting and jolting and writhing in pure rapture.

"Umnunm-ummmm! Keep creamin', kid!" he gasped, gulping more cum from her cunt. "Don't stop, baby -- feed Daddy every fucking drop!"

She peaked, cried out, peaked again. The waves were speeding savagely through her belly and up her thighs as she hovered at the crest of a sustained cumming.

Mike was soaked with her cunt cream from forehead to chin as he frolicked in her foaming fuck-hole, tonguing and sucking and swallowing from her brimming goblet. He couldn't seem to get enough -- but she was feeding him plenty.

Kicking and jerking, the young girl rippled through the spasms of her cumming. The waves subsided slowly.

She finally stopped writhing and lay back with a happy smile.

Her father sucked the last of her cunt-cum from her pussy, then began to use his tongue to slurp up the stray drops that had escaped his lips and run down her groin. He tongued pussy cream from the creases where her thighs joined her crotch and lapped more out of the crack of her ass.

Still smiling, Ginny licked her lips. Her pussy was well taken care of. But now the naughty girl was hot for a mouthful of her daddy's cum.

Chapter FOUR

When Jimmy left the kitchen, his intention was to rush to his room for a frantic frigging. But his cock was already starting to drip in his jeans and he was so hot he was about to cum spontaneously.

He figured that a quick hand-job was a good idea. With the immediate pressure off his cock, he could go to his bedroom in relative comfort and spend the rest of the morning beating the shit out of his prick.

Instead of mounting the stairs, he went past them and entered the television room farther down the ball.

Standing just inside the door, he opened his fly. His enormous cock jumped out like a coiled spring and bobbed up, angled before his flat belly.

He cupped his swollen balls in his left hand and folded his right hand around his cockshaft.

Grimacing, he began to jack off furiously. He was so worked up that it only took a few strokes before he surged to the crest. He felt his balls balloon in his left hand. Then his jism jetted up his cockstalk and came rocketing from his cockhead in a creamy geyser. His hand flew up and down and he shot off coming and going, creamy clouds of cum spraying all around him.

He came a lot, but quickly, the milky fluids draining off in a matter of moments. With his balls temporarily emptied, he swayed, dazed and unsteady, his legs shaky. He gave his prick a couple more strokes to make sure that he had milked it dry, shaking cum from the tip.

His prick softened slightly, turning from a rock-hard rod to a fat, meaty parabola. He grunted in satisfaction. That would do the job for the moment, although he figured he would have to shoot at least twice more before he was fully relaxed. But he would enjoy further self induced pleasure in the comfort of his bed, he decided.

Jimmy was just coming out from the television room when he saw his mother start up the stairs.

She had a curiously furtive look, and she was walking very stealthily. Jimmy hurried down to the foot of the stairs to sneak a quick look up under her nightie. When she reached the top of the stairs and started down the hall, Jimmy tiptoed up behind her.

He was just in time to see her go into his room.

Christ! Had he left any cum stains around? He moved down the hall, but when he came to his bedroom door his mother was nowhere to be seen.

This was all most peculiar.

She must have gone into his closet, but why? Puzzled, and with his balls already beginning to fill up with another hot cum-load, he crossed the room and looked through the partially open closet door -- and almost cried out aloud in his amazement.

His mom was kneeling by the other door, looking into Ginny's room. She had her nightie pulled up over her hips, revealing her spectacular ass. She was feeling her tits with one hand and rubbing her cunt with the other. Pussy juice was running down her thighs, and Jimmy could hear her panting and moaning softly.

Jimmy's prick turned to steel and his balls swelled up as if they had been inflated.

What the fuck was his mom watching?

The young man couldn't imagine. But one thing was an absolute certainty -- whatever she was watching, her son was going to watch her watching...

Meanwhile, belly down on the bed, still nuzzling his daughters well-creamed cunt, Mike felt his prick throb violently. It levered down into the mattress, heaving his an up like a boulder pried from the earth.

He wondered if Ginny might have changed her mind about sucking his cock, now that she had cum.

He raised his head, jaw dripping, and gave the girl a questioning look.

Ginny grinned -- and ran her tongue suggestively across her lips.

"Want some head now, Daddy?" she whispered.

His lips moved but no sound came out. His vocal cords seemed as stiff as his prick.

"Ummmm? I'm hungry for your cockmeat, Daddy," the young temptress purred. "I wanna suck your big prick and swallow your hot, thick jizz."

Mike groaned and bis hard-on hammered wildly against the bed. He had no qualms now. After all, a father had a duty to feed his daughter, right?

He rose up on his knees, his prick jutting up. Ginny was doing fascinating things with her sensual mouth, licking her lips, parting them in an inviting oval, demonstrating how she intended to work on his cock.

"Come up here, Daddy -- fuck me in the face use my mouth for a cunt, Daddy," she whispered.

He began to crawl up her slender, shapely body. His hairy balls dragged along her satiny belly and his cock was aimed at her pretty face. He paused over her tits and nudged his stiff cock into the shallow cleavage. She arched and whimpered. He fucked up and down between her tits a few times, then rubbed his prick-knob against the taut nipples. It felt lovely in her tit cleft, but he didn't want to linger there too long, afraid that he might shoot off before his cock was in her mouth.

He shifted higher, his ass resting on her tit mounds and his big fucker looming over her radiant face. Her head craned up and her tongue began to play on his balls, lapping and slurping. She sighed happily, savoring the musky flavor of his ballmeat as an appetizer before she relished his cock and drank the creamy dessert.

"Ummmmmm!" she sighed, feeling his jizz load sloshing around in his balls.

Mike stared down, hardly able to believe that it was his little girl gobbling his balls so hungrily.

He wondered how many lucky young men had fucked her in the face -- and he felt a twinge of jealousy.

She lifted his heavy balls and licked under them, then sucked on the bloated bags, as if she were trying to pull his cum-load out through the hairy skin.

Then she flattened her tongue against the base of his cockshaft and drew it very slowly up, tracing along the ridge of his pulsing ventral vein.

His cock thundered savagely.

She lapped upward again, fluttering at the sensitive spot where his huge cockhead flared out from the stalk. A fat blob of pre-cum oozed from his piss hole and ran sluggishly down the purple slab.

Ginny licked the pre-cum up.

"Yummy," she whimpered, as the delicious flavor of her father's cock-lube sparked her taste buds.

She pushed her tongue out so that the man could see his prick-juice coating the pink meat. Then she swallowed it, her delicate throat pulsing.

She began to lick the head of her daddy's prick, her nimble lapper gliding fluidly on the steaming slab. She tongued around his piss how and dipped into it, getting another taste of jizz from inside.

"I love your cock, Daddy," she moaned, speaking right on his cockhead like a torch singer caressing a microphone. "I wanna suck you for a long time -- then drink every drop of your yummy jizz."

Her naughty words inflamed him damned near as much as the delightful feeling of her tongue. He nudged his cock-knob against her lips. More pre-cum seeped out and Ginny lapped it up hungrily.

"Yum, yum! Lovely cum," she giggled, playfully.

Her lips parted and he slipped the tip of his cockhead into her mouth.

"Ummmm," she purred, nursing on the tip of his prick.

Her cheeks hollowed in as she sucked and her lips peeled open, collaring his cockstalk just below the cockhead. Her saliva nearly steamed from the hat cockmeat. She twisted her face, screwing her mouth around on his cockhead. Her tongue was dancing against the underside as she sucked on it.

"Fuck my face, Daddy -- feed me!" she moaned.

Mike began to pump his prick deeper into his daughter's hot mouth. His ass bounced off her tits and his balls swung up under her chin.


She gagged as his gigantic cockhead rammed down her throat. But she took it all gladly, and she purred, as he pulled back out slowly and she sucked through every delicious inch of his cockmeat.

He stuffed his cock in again, his solid balls rolling up to her parted lips. Her nose nestled in his wiry crotch hair and her lips plastered around the thick root of his cockshaft as she deep-throated his prick.

He fucked in steadily, loving the sensation and wanting to make it last for a long time. He was happy that he had already jerked off once, knowing his next cumming would be more prolonged.

It suited Ginny perfectly, as well. The best part of a blow-job was the magic moment when a prick exploded in her mouth and she drank her reward, but she loved to linger over the meat before she gulped down the cream.

She took her father's cock out of her mouth for a moment, to look at it and lick it. Then she swallowed his prick again, her head bobbing up and down as he fucked in and out. His heated cockshaft hissed through the collar of her lips and sizzled over her dancing tongue.

"Ummmm-ahhhhh!" she gasped.

His prick was unbelievably delicious. If it was very very naughty to suck her daddy's cock, that only made it more exciting.

For her mother, too -- and for a fascinated young man who was wondering what the fuck his mom was looking at as she finger-fucked her cunt in his closet.

Pre-cum slimed out and Ginny gurgled the goo gleefully. Her lips moved on his cock-knob.

"Cum in my mouth, Daddy -- whitewash my fucking throat! Ohhh, Daddy -- I'm hungry for your jizz!"

Mike began to fuck his prick into his little girl's hot mouth faster, sinking in balls-deep. He knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. But he knew, too, that since they had started having oral incest together, he would get lots of chances to fuck her face and eat her little pussy out.

He was convinced now that it wasn't really incest -- as long as they stuck to mouth-fucking.

Her head moved to meet his cock-thrusts. Her curly blonde hair tumbled about as her face bobbed down as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel.

He hadn't shot yet, but the girl's mouth was already slimed with pre-cum as his piss hole dribbled it out.

She pulled her lips off his cock again. She wrapped her hand around his thick cockshaft and frigged back, skinning the foreskin back. His cockhead flared like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike. Ginny eyed the fat slab, then tongued it some more.

She was hot to drink cum.

She enveloped her father's prick again and began to suck in the steady rhythm that would bring him off.

Mike fucked into her face frantically, tilting her head back as he rammed his prick down her gullet.

"Shoot, Daddy -- umpfffffff -- slime me -- unghhhh!" she pleaded, whimpering on his cock-knob and then gurgling and gulping as he fucked it down her throat.

"It's cummin', baby!" he growled.

"Ummmmm-ummmmm!" she moaned in anticipation.

His balls felt like boulders as they bumped against her chin. His prick swelled, filling her mouth. She clamped her lips to his cock so tightly that he was almost pulling her mouth inside out on the back-stroke. Her tongue was folded into a bridge under his cockshaft, tonguing his prick as it slid in and out. Her saliva was bubbling and sizzling as it soaked his hot cockmeat.

"Any -- second -- now!" he gasped, grinding in.

"Ummm -- spunk me -- jizz my mouth!"

"It's cummin' -- it's cummin' -- drink it, kid!" he rasped, as his balls soared to the crest. "Now! Now! Take it, Ginny!"

His climax exploded. He drove his prick deep into his daughter's eager mouth as the hot, thick fuck-juice came rushing up his cock-stalk. His first spurt of cum shot straight down the girl's throat in a creamy cascade. Then he squirted out another load on the back-stroke, cumming on the recoil. The steaming jizz skimmed over her tongue, pleasuring her taste buds.

The cum-crazed youngster sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. She couldn't seem to get enough of the delicious stuff. She was drinking voraciously out of her daddy's big prick, gulping the cum down like a glutton.

He kept pounding in, shooting more jism on every stroke. She was swallowing furiously, but his tremendous cum-load overwhelmed her. Her cum-bucket mouth filled up and jizz overflowed from her lips, spilling down both sides of her trembling chin, splashing onto her tits.

"More -- more!" she moaned.

And more she got. His cum-load seemed endless. The cock cream was coming out in slimy ropes and creamy coils.

Ginny swallowed another mouthful. Mike topped her right back up again. His cum was as hot and as thick as melted lead. Jizz swirled in her cheeks and sloshed through her teeth. Cock cream clung to the arched roof of her mouth like limestone stalactites dripping in a moist cave, and her tongue was floating like a pink raft in a swamp.

At long last he began to flag. His strokes became jerky and erratic. Ginny kept on sucking, pulling out the slimy dregs from his piss hole.

She drew her mouth off his prick and gazed adoringly at his wet cock cockhead. Another fat glob of cum slimed from his plus hole and she gulped his prick in again. Holding only his prick-knob in her mouth now, she jacked up and down his cockshaft with her fist, milking more cum out by the pumping action as she nursed on the cockhead.

Mike sagged, his head down, panting. He stopped humping. She kept on sucking, draining him dry.

"You're a great cock-sucker, baby," he groaned. "You got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner."

Ginny smiled on his prick at the compliment. Drawing her cum-drenched lips from him, she used her tongue to gather up the errant drops and streaks from his cockstalk and balls. Then she mouthed the cock-knob again, polishing it to a glowing purple luster.

"I love sucking your cock, Daddy," she purred. "I wanna blow you every day!"

"Yeah!" he rasped.

"Do I blow as good as Mom?" she asked, kittenishly.

"Better," he grunted.

And Barbara wasn't sure what to think about that.

But she was much, much too hot and horny to feel indignant or annoyed -- or to notice that her son was standing behind her, his prick in his hand, watching her pussy melt.

Barbara was hoping there would be more to see.

And there certainly was!

Chapter FIVE

Ginny had the head of her father's cock in her mouth again and she was turning her head from side to side, twisting her lips on the meaty spindle, twirling her talented tongue on the fat slab.

She sucked, then blew down his cocjshaft, as if inflating his balls. Mike supposed that the greedy cum-drinker wanted to blow him again. She seemed insatiable in her hunger, her enthusiasm for a mouthful of cum unquenchable.

He lay back, his hands clasped behind his head, looking down his torso and watching her suck away on his prick. Her mouth was working with a sort of pumping action on his prick, like some oral oil rig drilling for a geyser. His fat pipeline surged. Her saliva poured down his rampant cockshaft and washed over his balls, and those potent bags were swelling anew.

Mike grinned, happy to feed her another load of cum and more than willing to eat her out again, whichever the naughty little tart chose.

But Ginny wanted more and different fun now. She loved variety and, although mutual sucking with her daddy was a treat, she was feeling adventurous.

She alternately inhaled and exhaled, sucking and blowing on his cock as, gazing down the long stalk, she watched his balls balloon from her skilled efforts. When she judged they were full again, she drew her mouth away.

"Daddy..." she said, hesitantly, giving him a bewitching look. "My pussy is hotter than my mouth, now."

"Wanna sit on my face, baby?" he offered. "Well -- couldn't we fuck!"

Mike frowned. He had determined that oral sex with his nubile little girl wasn't really so wicked, but he couldn't deny that fucking would be true incest.

The thought of ramming his prick into her tight little pussy was thrilling, yet he knew it would be wrong.

"I-I don't think we should go all the way, honey," he mumbled. "We better stick to sucking. Why don't you cream off on my tongue again?"

She studied his face, estimating his resolve. She gave his cockhead a provocative, inspirational lick, causing it to buck like a bronco.

"I want your cock up me -- in me," she moaned.

His face was set in determination, jaw clenched.

Ginny was pretty sure that sooner or later he was going to yield to his lust and that they would be fucking like crazed animals in the near future. Daughter and daddy, they were both much too horny to be satisfied for very long with the limitations of oral sex, lovely as it was. But she guessed that maybe he wasn't quite ready to be seduced yet.

Then the imaginative imp had another idea.

Grinning wantonly and lustfully, she said: "How about shoving it up my ass, then?"

Mike gulped. His daughter's depravity delighted him. She had her head down in his groin again, nuzzling his newly refilled balls. Her trim little ass was sticking up, wriggling invitingly.

Ass-fucking wasn't like real incest, he figured. Since he had already fucked her in the mouth, fucking her up the ass wouldn't be much different. It would just be like another blow-job, from the other end of her digestive tract, and his cum would wind up in the same place -- in her belly.

"Okay?" she whined.

Mike's teeth showed as his lips drew back in a grimace of agreement. He nodded.

Ginny gave a little squeal of joy and mouthed his cock-knob again, making it slippery with her slobber, sucking it up for the tight fit ahead.

Then she spun away and lowered her head to the bed, hiking her cute ass up and squirming around. Mike twisted up onto his knees and moved behind her. He tapped his cockhead against the firm checks of her ass, as if he were beating a taut drum. She wriggled about, jerking her hips. He placed his open hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart, opening the cleft and exposing her asshole.

That tiny, puckered asshole looked too narrow to accommodate his huge fucker, he thought.

He wasn't at all sure that this was going to work -- but he was sure as hell going to give it his best effort.

He bent down and pushed his tongue into her asshole, wetting her as she had him. He slobbered into her ass, then sucked his slippery saliva back out, flavored by the tangy taste of her shit chute.

Ginny whimpered as his lapper probed her asshole. If a pliable tongue felt so good up her ass, she could just imagine what a big stiff prick would be like.

Mike leaned back, looking down, still doubtful. His spit had moistened her asshole and her ass ring had loosened a bit as he rimmed and roamed it, but it still looked alarmingly snug for his manly prick.

He gently inserted his middle finger and worked it up her asshole to the knuckles, twisting it around in the young girl's ass. She moaned and her shit hole sucked on his finger, giving the man a lovely hint of how that tight tunnel would feel on his cock.

He figured that it would be a good idea to get his cock greased up a bit more before he tried to plunge it into her ass. Dipping down, holding his prick by the hilt, he began to rub the cockknob in her fuck-slot.

"Ohhhh-ooooh!" she gasped.

He stirred her creamy bowl, turning his wrist and working his cock-knob in her cunt slot like a ladle. Her clit flared against the hot slab. Her cuntlips pulled on his cockmeat, and Mike groaned. He was sorely tempted to forget his inhibitions and throw a doggy-fuck up her pussy.

He was beginning to realize, as Ginny did, that it wouldn't be very long before they were fucking in earnest. He would have shaved his cock up her cunt right then, in fact -- but the prospect of fucking her tight asshole still held him enthralled.

He got his prickhead juiced up to a glistening slab in her pussy, then drew it out. She whimpered in mild disappointment -- but she, too, was looking forward to the ass-fucking and was willing to leave the cunt-fucking for later.

He fitted his rampant prick in the crack between her ass cheeks and humped, frigging up and down in that cleft as he had earlier, between her tits.

His cock slid across her asshole but pushed up on, angled too high to sink into her asshole. The knob loomed out above her ass and his bloated balls came rolling up into her crotch, splashing into her gooey cunt slot.

"Give it to me, Daddy!" Ginny pleaded, thrashing her ass around. "Stuff it up my ass!"

Mike hiked his own ass higher, changing the angle so that his cock was aimed into her asshole. He fitted the tip into her ass pucker, holding her by the hips. His prick still looked too fat to fit in her snug shitter, but it was all greased up from her pussy, prepared for the task.

He hauled back on her nubile haunches and humped his loins out. His prick-knob went halfway into her shitter. He held it there. Her ass ring was sucking on his cockhead as if she were trying to swallow his cockmeat in reverse.

"Push it up me! Butt-fuck me, Daddy!" Ginny wailed. "Pack the fudge -- shove it all up me!"

Mike began to grind his fucker in very slowly and carefully, afraid that he might hurt the girl or skin his prick in that tiny asshole.

But she was welcoming him eagerly. It did hurt a little bit, but the faint twinge of pain was only serving to emphasize and embellish the pleasure far her.

His cockhead was the widest part of his thick fucker, opening her for his cockstalk. Her shit chute rippled, adjusting to accommodate the meaty plunger.

Inch by inch, he fucked up her ass.

"Yeah -- yeah -- yeah!" she gasped, squirming like a fish on a gaff as he fucked in deeper.

He had half of his enormous cock lance buried in her, the lower part sticking out like a bolt fixing his balls to her butt. He pumped his prick sinew, making the iron-hard fucker throb and pulse in her ass guts. Her thighs tensed and rippled as she bounced her ass up and down. Then he humped hard and rammed the rest of his big cock up her shit chute. She squealed with joy. His prick was buried to the root and his balls were banging down, brushing in her creamy fuck-slot.

"Oh! Ohhhh, yes!" she moaned.

His cockhead was smoldering in her ass guts and his hard cockshaft was stretching her ass ring. Ginny felt as if she had been transfixed on his long spike. She almost expected his cockhead to come out of her mouth.

Mike held the cockmeat buried up her ass, staring down in fascination, wondering where the fuck it had all disappeared to in those slender haunches. His prick-knob was up her so deep that he figured it must be sizzling away in the gooey pool of cum she had swallowed from the opposite end of her digestive tract, wallowing in his own jizz somewhere in her belly.

Ginny's shit chute was sucking on her father's prick as hungrily as her mouth had done before. The two ends of her alimentary canal seemed interchangeable. She wriggled on the huge cocklance, stuffed to the core, feeling as if her hipbones might jump put of their sockets.

She was trying to pull her asshole up and down on his prick, longing for the sliding friction of a frantic fucking, yearning for the hot enema of his cum-load. But the fit was so snug that his cock wasn't going in and out. As she drew forwards, her clinging asshole simply dragged his prick along with her haunches.

Mike grasped her firmly by her hipbones and, holding her in place, tugged back hard. His cock came out slowly, almost pulling her shitter inside out as he dragged it from the slot.

He pulled out until only his bulging cockhead was lodged in her asshole, paused, then fucked it all back up her ass with a long, rippling stroke.

Ginny met him in counterpoint, shoving her ass back as he thrust his prick out. Her ass swallowed his prick hungrily. He drove in, rocking her pelvis, jamming her face down into the mattress and hiking her bottom up. His balls were swinging into her creamy crotch like the clappers of a meaty bell, thudding into her open pussy slot.

"Yeah -- yeah -- fuck my ass off, Daddy -- hammer it to me -- pound my butt to jelly!" she gurgled.

He battered in resolutely and steadily, in no hurry to shoot off. Loving his little girl's hot ass, Mike was happy that he had already gotten his rocks off a couple of times and could make this fuck last.

Ginny's cunt was creaming on his balls as they swung in and slapped at her pussy lips like weighted blackjacks. But she knew that she was going to just keep cumming, going off like a machine gun, as long as that huge cock continued to fuck into her ass.

She slid three fingers up into her cunt. She finger-fucked in and out in rhythm with her daddy's cock. She could feel his hard, throbbing ass-raker sliding up her other tunnel, through the slender membrane that divided her holes. His cock and her fingers passed like trains in the night as they probed her twin fuck-holes.

This scene was having a profound effect on Barbara, as she knelt in the closet.

Barbara was shoving four fingers up her fuckhole and whipping the edge of her thumb back and forth against her taut, humming clit. Now, watching her husband throw the cockmeat up their little girl's ass, she reached behind her own ass with her free hand and began, to wedge a finger up into her shit chute. As her digit probed her asshole, she was imagining just how her daughter must be feeling, as that gigantic cock thundered into her ass guts.

The wanton woman was thinking about what a thrill it would be to suck out her little girl's asshole, after Mike had filled it up with jizz.

Ginny war obviously already depraved and beyond corruption. A girl who would suck and fuck with her daddy must be game for anything.

And as Barbara lusted for her little girl's loins, her son was going crazy as he watched her, in turn.

Jimmy's prick was so stiff that it felt numb, melted by the fiery heat, fused to his loins. He watched his mom finger-fuck her cunt and frig up her asshole, his eyes misting with unholy desire.

But what in hell was she looking at in his kid sister's bedroom? He thought that Ginny had gone out. There was no one else at home except his father.

Was Dad doing something naughty in his daughter's room?

Jimmy just had to find out.

His mother was concentrating so totally on whatever she was looking at that the boy figured she wouldn't notice if he stepped up behind her in the closet and investigated the strange activity she was observing.

Moving silently, he slipped in and tiptoed up behind the kneeling woman.

He gasped at what he saw.

But Barbara was panting so loudly that she failed to hear the sound that came from her son's lips. Jimmy swayed back and forth, faint with lust.

Dad was fucking Ginny up the ass!

The sight had mesmerized the horny teenager. As he stared at his little sister getting ass-fucked, he forgot that his mother was kneeling under him, enjoying the same sight. His stiff prick was looming out over her grinding ass.

Now his piss hole began to spill out pre-cum. Thick, milky globs of pre-cum dribbled down his cockstalk. A steaming hot drop fell from his cock tip and splattered on the cheek of his mom's ass. Another slimy streak spilled from his cock and slimed into the crack of her ass. Her finger was busy there and, without knowing it, she was working her son's slimy cocklube into her asshole.

More pre-cum fell from his cock, streaming down her ass crevice and soaking into her crotch.

Still, Barbara failed to realize that her cunt juices were being joined by her son's jizz as she finger-fucked and ass-reamed herself while she played the peeper.

But now Jimmy did, as he tore his eyes away from the incest action and gazed down, seeing his cock-lube glistening all over his mom's ass.

His mind was spinning dizzly. It was exciting to see his scummy seepage dripping on her ass, but more than that -- she was unknowingly working his jizz into her asshole and cunt as she frigged and reamed herself.

His mother obviously didn't mind that Dad was ass-fucking Ginny, as long as she could watch them. Did that mean that incest ran in the family?

Jimmy had the hots for his mom, certainly. Did she feel the same? He began to wonder maybe she had been deliberately flashing her voluptuous body when she had turned him on so at breakfast.

He sure wanted to think so!

The youth was dying to drop down behind her and mount her slippery haunches and throw a doggy-style fuck up her cunt.

Locked together by lust, they continued to watch the action in Ginny's room.

Did Jimmy dare? He was undecided, torn between raging desire and dread of the consequences. As he tottered behind her, his hand crept automatically onto his prick. Hardly aware that he was doing it, he began to jack off...

Mike was surging towards the peak as he fucked steadily up Ginny's shit chute. She could feel his giant reamer expend in her ass guts. Hot pre-cum was seeping steadily into her bowels as he neared the crest.

"Cum, Daddy -- hose my ass!" she wailed. Grunting, he fucked in hard, tilting her slender haunches up and down like a see-saw on his fuck-strokes.

His cock sank in to the hilt and his cum-packed balls slapped into her crotch, spraying cunt juice from the girl's creaming pussy.

Ginny whipped her ass about in a frenzy. She was drooling. The residue of cum lingering on her lapper liquefied again in her heated saliva and she gulped it down, feeling it slime her throat as her daddy pumped more pre-cum into her digestive tract from the other end.

She churned savagely, driving her ass back as his prick plunged in.

Mike howled like a banshee as he crested. His balls swung into her groin and exploded as they hit her cunt. The thick jism rocketed up his cock and same spurting into his little girl's ass guts in a boiling geyser.

"Ahhhhh-ooooh!" she gasped, feeling his cock cream deluge her bowels in a steaming enema.

Her clit exploded and her pussy melted. Her daddy kept pumping more cum up her ass, shooting off each time he rammed his reamer m.

Groping back between her trembling thighs, she grasped his balls, feeling them detonate, squeezing as if she were pumping the jizz out by the pressure.

Little by little, he drained off to the dregs, filling her bowels to the brim.

Ginny smiled in contentment. The girl adored a bellyful of hot fuck-juice -- and didn't care from which cud she got the creamy load. He had fucked her mouth like a cunt hole, and now her shad sucked his cock like a mouth.

He began to slow down, jerking spasmodically. Then he stopped fucking. His cock was still buried up her ass, and Ginny ground herself on it, working off her own cumming. She rubbed his spent cum bags around in her juicing fuck-slot, creaming over them.

Finally, she, too, stopped moving.

They stayed as they were, Mike mounted on her haunches, like mating dogs that had gotten stuck together in the aftermath of a furious fucking.

He stroked her flanks and reached under her to fondle her tits, pulling at the tips. His prick was still firm and fat in her shit chute, giving a welcome promise of more action to come.

Ginny wondered if he was ready to fuck her cunt now -- because having already taken his fatherly fuck-juice in mouth and ass, the depraved youngster was eager to enjoy the ultimate act of incest.

And her mother was wondering the same thing...

Barbara was panting like a steam engine, thrilled by having seen Mike fuck their little girl's ass.

And the sight was still tantalizing.

His cock was plugged balls-deep up Ginny's asshole and thick, milky jizz was oozing out from her taut ass ring, seeping out around the hilt of his cock and dribbling down into the girl's groin.

The sight made Barbara's tongue tingle. She drew her hand out of her sodden cunt and brought it up to her chin, lapping her own cunt juice from her palm, pretending it was Ginny's pussy cream.

Then she brought her other hand around from where she had been fingering her asshole and tasted her fingers. She frowned slightly, puzzled. She had expected her cunt to be awfully juicy, but her asshole seemed every bit as slimy.

And, amazingly, it was also cum-flavored. Barbara hadn't been ass-fucked in weeks. She couldn't understand why her shitter should task like jizz. But it was a flavor that she adored, and she sank a finger into her ass again, then sucked on it -- imagining what a thrill it would be to suck her husband's hot cum out of their little daughter's well soaked asshole.

She had no idea, of course, that she was tasting her son's cum on her hands.

But Jimmy was well aware of it, and the fact drove her son's cum on her hands.

His hand slammed back on his cockshaft -- and his jizz hosed out in a creamy torrent.

He hadn't really meant to jack off, but it was too late to stop now. Watching his mother unknowingly licking up his jizz, he beat away on his spurting prick, pumping shots of cum onto the kneeling woman.

Hot cum washed over mother's ass like melted limestone, skimmed up her backbone like a string of pearls. He dipped at the knees, lowering his loins, and hot a jism jet into her socking crotch.

She didn't realize that her son's cum was washing so abundantly into her own female flow.

Jimmy snapped his prick, jerking the last squirt out. With his balls momentarily spent, he staggered back and leaned against the closet wall, gasping. He stared down at his mother, terrified that she soon realized what he's done.

But Barbara hadn't a clue. Still pleasantly mystified as to why her asshole and cunt should taste of much like jizz -- for it was a familiar and detectable flavor, certainly the wanton woman continued to lick her hands and fingers, scooping up fuck-cream from her crotch and fingering it from the crack of her ass.

She never one glanced behind her, for her gaze was still glued on the blissful ass fuckers in the bedroom.

The combined succulence of cunt juice, cum and ass seepage drove Barbara crazy. Mouthing the sweet sauce from her own loins, she hungered for her daughters' nubile body.

And why should she deny herself?

If Ginny would suck and ass-fuck with her father, why should her mother be deprived?

Still not looking back, Barbara moved forwards on her hands and knees, creeping into her daughter's room...

Chapter SIX

When Mike saw his wife crawling towards them like a hungry, stalking tiger, he gasped and tried to jerk his cock out of their daughter's ass.

But her shit chute was clinging tightly, molded to his meaty prick. When he tugged back, her ass came with him, the rounded ass cheeks jammed to his flat belly.

He looked horrified.

But then he realized that Barbara was grinning and her eyes were glinting, and her ass was squirming so much that if she'd had a tail she would have been wagging it.

It dawned on Mike that not only did she not object -- but that she heartily approved!

He smiled sheepishly.

Barbara slid her tongue out suggestively, like a cunt-lapper presenting a calling card. Her intentions were evident to Mike. He knew that his wife enjoyed threesomes and, already guilty of an incestuous encounter, himself, he could hardly blame her for wanting to join in.

He always got a thrill watching his wife go down on other women -- and he could just imagine what a kick he would get out of seeing her with their own sweet daughter!

But Ginny didn't understand -- yet.

She had looked up sharply and moaned in dismay when she saw that her mother had caught her with Daddy's prick stuck up her ass then, mortified, she had buried her face in the bedding, like an ostrich in the sand, too ashamed and embarrassed to look at her mom.

She trembled, expecting castigations.

Then the truth began to dawn -- to her delight. "Been watching long?" Mike rasped.

"Uh-hum. I saw it all, darling. And it made me so fucking hot and hungry?"

Barbara moved gracefully onto the bed.

"Stuck together?" she asked.

She cupped her husband's balls in her palm and tugged back gently. His prick stayed plugged in Ginny's asshole.

By this time, hearing them speak, Ginny had realized that her mother wasn't angry. Far from it. Quivering in anticipation of whatever was about to happen -- the girl wasn't sure, but she had a pretty good idea -- she reined her ass muscles and loosened her shit chute on his prick.

Mike's cock began to come out as it had gone in, slithering inch by inch from her ass. Mike held her steady by the hips and tugged back, and Barbara yanked on his balls. Ginny, her head still buried in the bed, wriggled her haunches. His cock came out to the knob and stuck fast again for a moment, that flaring purple slab jammed in her asshole.

Then his prick popped free and snapped upright.

Barbara leaned back and looked at his gleaming cock lasciviously, lashing her lapper across her lips. Her nostrils flared as she breathed in all the various mouth-watering aromas -- hot cockmeat and creamy cunt hole and tangy ass.

Cum was spilling from Ginny's vacated asshole and dribbling down to join her cunt flow in her crotch. Her lathered loins were making her mother drool in anticipation.

Only Jimmy was really surprised by the scene. Mike knew from past experience that his wife was an avid cunt-sucker -- and that she was in for a real treat in Ginny's succulent pussy.

Ginny had been intrigued by the idea of giving lesbian sex a try, adoring the taste of her own cunt juice and eager to sample another cunt -- although it amazed her to think that her first tongue-fucking session was going to take place with her own lustful mother.

But Jimmy was a naive young man, and he was astounded.

It was obvious that his mother and sister weren't dykes -- and the youth had never realized, before, that even the most normal girls enjoyed cunt-lapping.

But he was about to find that out. His cock was still stiff as a board and his youthful balls were expanding steadily as, standing in the closet, he looked on in total fascination.

Barbara, who could suck her husband's prick anytime she wanted to, was much more hungry for her daughter's pussy, at the moment. Yet she was in no hurry to dive on that juicy delicacy. The woman was a gourmet, rather than, a glutton, and loved to make a banquet out of pussy-eating, sampling all the appetizers before the main course.

Mike's prick, standing rampant and richly flavored from Ginny's shit chute, looked appetizing as a starter. She pressed her nose to the underside of his flaring, wedge-shaped cockhead and sniffed, inhaling the dark aroma. She ducked down and sniffed at his, balls, loving the fragrance of a cock that had been soaked in asshole.

"Ummmmm," she sighed.

Ginny twisted her head around to see what was happening -- and kept her ass hiked up.

Barbara's tongue began to dance on Mike's soiled, slimy cockhead. She loved it thoroughly, then licked up and down his stained, ass-flavored cockshaft and slurped on his balls. She loved tasting Ginny's ass on his prick.

Sucking his prick into her mouth, she bobbed her head up and down, slurping up all the sweet fuck-slime and leaving his cockmeat awash in her drool.

Then she turned to Ginny.

She smiled at the girl. Ginny, looking back over her shoulder, returned that smile timidly and shyly. The youngster didn't feel as bold and brazen as she had with her daddy -- but she was every bit as hot for her mom.

Barbara spread the cheeks of Ginny's ass open and ran her tongue up the musky, cumdrenched cleft, lapping up the flavorsome spillage. Then she began to rim out her little girl's scrumptious shitter.

Ginny gasped and moaned and sighed as she jerked her ass in her mother's face. If lesbian sex was naughty, it was all the more exciting now because it was incestuous. Ginny's own tongue was sizzling in anticipation as her mom's lapper probed up her shit slot.

Barbara was really relishing a snack of shitter. She stabbed her tongue up the tiny hole and her lips sucked hungrily on the puckered brown ring. Rimming out a young girl's asshole was always pleasant -- but when that flavorsome tunnel was all full of fuck-juice it was a culinary masterpiece.

Asshole-tainted cum seeped onto her lapper and soaked into her mouth. She salivated into Ginny's asshole, then sucked her slobber back out, richly spiced, sauced with savory cock cream, stirred to perfection by her husband's plunging prick and her own nimble, whisking tongue.

She drew back for a moment to gaze at the tasty brown bud, then ducked in and fucked her lapper up it again, French kissing her daughter's asshole passionately.

She glanced sideways at her husband, her busy mouth smiling as she saw how excited he had become by watching her, rim out their little daughter's asshole -- still not knowing she was thrilling their son at the same time, as he gazed on in awe at the deviant depravity.

"Oh, Mommy -- it feels so good!" Ginny moaned, losing the last of her doubts as that tongue danced in her asshole. "Suck out my butthole -- tongue-fuck my ass!"

Ginny love it and knew, too, that this ass-sucking was only a prelude to the even greater thrill of mutual clit-licking and cunt-sucking. Ginny didn't know which half of the lovemaking she was hotter for. Her pussy was steaming and juicing for her mom's mouth, but her tongue was tingling and salivating for her mother's cunt, as well.

But she knew that the sequence didn't matter. Once a mother and daughter commenced on a course of cunt-lapping, there was certain to be plenty of pleasure on both sides.

The girl rocked her ass up and down and rolled her hips from side to side as Barbara kept on sucking at her asshole. By this time, the woman had sucked out every last drop of jizz from her little girl's asshole and swallowed it, pleasantly tainted by nubile ass-reclaiming the cum that was rightfully hers to begin with it since it was her husband who had pumped it up their daughter's ass.

She began to move her face lower, licking through the crack of Ginny's ass, descending to her steaming groin.

Ginny hiked her pelvis up like a tripod, her thighs parted wide, eager for a doggy-position cunt-lapping.

"Eat her out, Barb!" Mike groaned.

He was lying on his side, up close, watching all the juicy details. His cock, despite having been drained off several times, was hard as a stone again and his balls were solid and heavy and full.

"Ooooh -- yeah -- yeah -- eat my cunt, Mom!" Ginny wailed.

Barbara's breath billowed into the girl's groin, and the heat from Ginny's cunt hole wafted into her mother's face as if she were looking into an open oven. Her head turned from side to side as she gazed at the delicacy for which she hungered. Ginny's pussy was gaping wide open, fragrant and delectable. Barbara blew on it. The pink pussy folds rippled and the slat filled with juice. The kid's little pussy looked as tasty as a steamed pudding in cream sauce.

"Tongue-fuck me, Mommy! I'm so fucking hot-cream me off, and then I'll suck you," Ginny whimpered.

Mike grinned in fiendish anticipation, keen to watch both ends of this incest suck.

Jimmy shook his head in bewilderment, totally amazed at discovering that both his sexy mother and his nubile kid sister were bisexual. The naive young man had always supposed that lesbians were ugly, stocky women with closeropped hair and tattoos on their biceps, dressed in men's clothing. The idea that two very feminine girls who loved pricks could also be cunt-lappers astounded him -- but filled him with a tremendous surge of lust and desire.

He wondered if he, too, would be welcome to join in this family affair? It seemed more then likely. But he was willing to wait and watch for a while.

Barbara, lingering over the foreplay, licked lightly up the backs of Ginny's thighs, then up and down the smooth inner thigh flesh. She tongued up ribbons of pussy nectar that had run down the girl's legs. She sighed. The youngster's cunt juice was delicious -- and she knew that it would be even more satisfying when she drank it from the source.

She pushed her nose in, tapping it against Ginny's taut clit, breathing in the aroma flowing from that lush, wet, tropical jungle, drifting from the gooey grotto of that pink, young pussy. With her brow pressed to the girl's ass, Barbara levered her jaw out and flicked her tongue into the honeypot of her pussy slot.

"Ahhhhh -- ooooh!" Ginny cried.

It seemed even more depraved to have her mother go down on her than it had to have her father eat her out -- and more wonderful. Men were for cocks and women for tongues.

Barbara licked up each unfurled cuntlip, tapped against her clit, then slurped in her slimy slot, spooning out the pussy cream. Her face turned and her lapper stabbed in, whisking and flailing and stirring.

Ginny was wild with the dark joy of it, and her mother was going suck-crazy on her cunt. Her lips parted on the sudden pussy slot, sucking the cream out enthusiastically. The tasty cunt nectar oiled her lips and washed over her lapper. She swallowed with loud sputters and slurps.

Drawing her lips away, she did some magic tongue-work on Ginny's clit. She flicked and fluttered, then mouthed it, nursing on her clit as if it were a nipple.

Ginny was all set to melt.

But Barbara was determined to prolong the pleasure of this lavish loin lunch.

She pulled away from the smoldering bowl. Ginny jerked about in desperation, wanting to finish off in her mother's magic mouth -- eager to cum for the joy of it, and also so that she could feed, in turn.

Barbara gripped her by the hips and turned the limber young girl over onto her back, wanting to finish her snack from the frontal position so that she would be able to see the girl's face when she creamed off.

Ginny hiked her ass up from the bed, tipping her cunt up, offering it wantonly. Saliva sizzled in her cunt slot and her cunt juice was steaming hot. Barbara gazed at the creamy crotch that her daughter was serving up to her. Then she dove on that confection once again.

With the lower half of her face buried under Ginny's pussy mound, Barbara looked up at her face. Ginny stared back past the youthful mounds of her tits, thrilled by the sight of her mother's head between her thighs.

Mother and daughter exchanged a look of complicity, sharing the same dark desires.

"Gobble her gash!" Mike grated, totally involved and absorbed by the scene -- as was only right for a dedicated the concerned husband and parent.

Barbara began to work towards the climax now, her tongue and lips moving in perfect harmony. Tongue-fucking up Ginny's cunt gash, she sucked on the slot, pulling pussy juice out by the mouthful.

Ginny began to vibrate wildly.

Her mom's talented tongue was humming and buzzing up her fuck-hole, driving her towards the crest. The rising tides surged and rippled through the girl's loins. Her pussy juice was coming out in a torrent now, feeding her mother as the cunt-crazy woman sucked madly.

Ginny's belly jumped and her hips jolted. She arched her slim back, bridging deeply, grinding her pussy around in her mother's face and drenching her with girl-cum.

"Cummin', Mommy!" Ginny gurgled. Mike leaned right over her crotch, watching Ginny's juice spill out into her mother's avid maw. The girl's crotch was lathered with froth and slobber, and Barbara was lapping it up like a panther at a jungle pool.

The little blonde shuddered as the savage currents of her cumming coursed through her loins and her cunt cream flooded from her fuck-hole in pearly plentitude.

"Juice me, baby!" Barbara whimpered, speaking right up the melting fuck-hole that was doing just that.

The woman's mouth was crazed, her lapper frantic. The more she swallowed the more she yearned for as she gorged on her daughter's pussy, draining her through the spasms of orgasm.

Ginny gave a last violent jerk, then sprawled back along the bed, stunned by the magnitude of her orgasm. Her eyes were glazed, her mouth slack, her tits rising and falling with her heavy breathing.

The last of her girl was still seeping out into her mother's mouth, and Barbara kept on sucking, more gently now, drinking the dregs. Ginny watched the top of her mom's blonde head move in her curly vee. Ginny had long been curious about cunt-lapping and now, having discovered how wildly enthusiastic her mom was, and how much the woman had obviously enjoyed a snack of her little girl's pussy, Ginny found that she was more eager than ever to give it a try.

She slid her lapper out tentatively.

Her cunt and clit were cooled off now, well satiated by having creamed so thoroughly, but Ginny was discovering a very interesting fact. No sooner did a girl's cunt cream to contentment than her tongue began to tingle for a taste. Ginny's mouth, now, was as horny as her cunt had been before she'd creamed.

She began to smile blissfully as she realized that the pussy-sucking pleasure was only half over.

Barbara spooned out a last tongueful of pearly nectar from Ginny's pussy, then kissed that delectable crumpet lovingly and lifted her head.

Ginny tilted her own face up and showed her mother her wet, pliable tongue, licking her lips and then running it in and out suggestively.

Barbara mowed softly, realizing that her daughter had not lost interest now that she had melted off. Her own tongue was dripping with the results of the first part of the mouth love, and her cunt was steaming for the next part. It was time to serve a snack to the girl.

"Sit on my face, Mom," Ginny breathed. Barbara began to slide up the girl's slim, shapely body. Lost to the joys of lesbian sex, they were concentrating on each other now, hardly aware that Mike was still on the bed beside them.

But Mike was desperate for a fuck now. And he had no inhibitions left at all...

Chapter SEVEN

Barbara knelt astride her daughter's slim pelvis, her own voluptuous body swaying. She squatted on the girl's loins for a moment, spilling cunt juice out into the downy blonde vee of her plump little pussy mound.

She jerked her cunt around against Ginny's cunt, then began to move up higher. Her pussy was pouring out a slippery path up Ginny's belly.

Bending down, Barbara sucked on her young daughter's titty tips, switching between them. Then she slid her groin up and began grinding her cunt on those perky tits. Her clit brushed against the rosy caps and cunt cream soaked down into the girl's shallow cleavage. Tit tip and clit caressed each other, flaring and swelling.

Ginny had her mouth open and her tongue out, waiting for her curvaceous mother to mount her head and ride in the willing saddle of her face. But Barbara was approaching the second half of the suck-session as she had the first, savoring all the slow preliminary love play.

When she had juiced Ginny's tits up nicely, she slid her ass back on the girl's belly and bent down to suck her wet tits, tasting her own cunt juice on her little girl's nipples and licking it from the cleft.

She nursed her own cunt cream from Ginny's tiny flubs more voraciously than Ginny had ever suckled on her mother's tits as an infant. Then she shifted her head up and kissed Ginny passionately on the lips.

They swapped tongues back and forth, drooling into each other's mouth. Ginny could taste her own cunt-cum on her mom's mouth and she moaned, getting hungrier than ever for the woman's hot pussy.

Barbara leaned up and shoved her big tits out into her daughter's eager face.

Ginny licked, sucked, licked some more. She buried her face in the woman's deep cleavage, nuzzling and slurping, enveloped in that smooth tit valley.

Whimpering in her mother's cleft, Ginny was pleading for pussy. The girl was less patient than her mom, desperate, for her first faceful of fuck-hole.

"Sit on my face! Come on up here, Mommy -- I wanna eat out your cunt!" she moaned, her words sounding hollow as they echoed on tit meat.

Barbara rose, kneeling astride Ginny's tits again, mopping her cunt muff on the tit mounds. Ginny craned her neck up, her nimble tongue working furiously even before she had anything to slap it into.

Squirming up, Barbara mounted Ginny's head.

Ginny stared up at that delicious-looking pussy hovering only inches above her face.

Barbara jerked about, teasing the cunt starved youngster, not descending yet.

Her cunt slot was open in a wide oval, and Ginny could see the pearly juice simmering within, slowly swirling down over the pink pussy folds. A frothy drop ran onto Barbara's clit, clinging like paste. Barbara gave a sudden lurch and the cum drop fell off and splashed on Ginny's lips.

Ginny licked it up and moaned as it soaked into her tongue, the flavor of her mother's cunt juice registering on her taste buds and making her ravenous for more.

"Hungry, Mom -- hungry for it!" she cried.

More pussy nectar ran down Barbara's not fuck-hole like paste in a pink tube. Ginny raised her head and shot her tongue out towards the tasty target. Her hands moved up and grasped Barbara by the ass, puffing her down.

Barbara sighed and settled her steaming cunt onto her daughter's eager face.

Ginny's tongue went wild, her lips went mad. Barbara's unfurled fuck-slot was plastered to the girl's mouth and Ginny was in pure ecstasy. Eating pussy was even better than she had imagined it would be -- and all the more so because it was the forbidden fruit of her own mom's cunt. Ginny just adored everything about sucking cunt -- the taste and the texture and the tantalizing fragrance of that frantic feast.

With the very first lick, Ginny realized that a girl needed no previous practice or experience or training to know how to suck a pussy. It was an inborn talent, an instinctive skill, as if she had been born to tongue-fuck cunts. She wondered if all girls found it so natural -- or if maybe she had inherited the knack from her mom, who had proven to be such an avid and enthusiastic cunt-lapper, herself.

"I love it -- I fucking love it!" she gasped, mouthing merrily away, gobbling gleefully on Barbara's pussy.

Her lapper slid up and in, tonguing at the steamy inner folds as her lips pulled on the cunt slot, filling her mouth with scrumptious woman juice.

Barbara wriggled on Ginny's face, mopping her pussy muff on the girl's mouth. Her firm ass swung back and forth, brushing Ginny's up thrust tits. She slid a hand down into her crotch and used her fingertips to open her fuck-slot even wider, as if she wanted to stretch the pliable cuntlips out around Ginny's whole buried face.

She took Ginny's tongue between her thumb and fingers and, holding it out, brushed her sensitive clit up and down against the moist pink meat. Then she released the girl's lapper and it began to flutter, humming like a vibrator on her mom's clit.

She heaved up and down, squirmed from side to side, and churned her ass wildly. Ginny was panting up her pussy, moaning and gasping in rapture as she sucked so voraciously on her mother's cunt.

Barbara began a slow rise to the crest.

Ginny kept drinking, swallowing, gulping the goo out and working for all she was worth to bring her mom to the peak.

But, by this time, Daddy was desperate to stuff his big fucker in his daughter's hot little pussy.

Mike was enjoying watching Ginny suck off Barbara as much as he had enjoyed seeing them reversed, but his cock was getting harder and hotter with every instant. He couldn't hold back any longer.

With her head buried under her squatting mother's groin, Ginny's nubile, desirable body was stretched out on the bed, sadly neglected. Her knees were slightly raised, her thighs were parted, and her pussy was bubbling over.

Mike no longer had any qualms about the final act of incest. His conscience had melted and only fuck-lust remained. He shifted over between his cute young daughter's legs.

Riding Ginny's face, Barbara was unaware that Mike had mounted the girl.

But he knew that his wife wouldn't object. He moved up to take a lick at Ginny's tit tips and, while he was right there, he slurped his lapper up through the crack of his wife's ass and gave Barbara's taut asshole a brief rimming.

She purred at the added sensation, plastering her pussy on Ginny's face as Mike probed her shitter. But she still believed that her husband was only licking around the edges; not that he was about to really get involved.

Holding his cockshaft by the hilt, Mike levered it down and nudged his cock-knob into Ginny's cunt.

Ginny sputtered juicily in her mom's pussy, realizing that her daddy was about to stuff her fuck-hole. She kept right on sucking with abandon as she biked her ass up, angling her cunt for the fuck-thrust she knew was coming.

Only his cockhead was in her cunt gash, and Mike stirred it around, the fat slab gliding sluggishly through the slathering of cum-cream in her crotch cup.

He tensed his prick sinew, making the meaty crown flare and throb in her gash and against her clit. He didn't plunge up her fuck-chute yet, but that wasn't because he was having any reservations or last-moment doubts. He was simply savoring the expectation before he sank his thundering fucker into his daughter's pussy for the first time.

Mike was on his knees, his torso slightly bent forward over his daughter. Ginny had her trim little ass lifted up from the bed, her body bridged and her cunt stuck on the end of his cock as if hung on a hook.

Eager to feel him fuck his big cock into her, she wriggled and jerked, and her cuntlips were sucking voraciously on the fat head of his prick. Still merrily munching her mom's pussy, she felt as if she had a hungry maw at both ends. As her lapper stabbed into Barbara's steamy pussy, her clit pulsed on her father's cockhead.

Mike's hands slid up her slim flanks and moved under her, cupping the firm cheeks of her up-thrust ass, holding her at the angle of approach. But still he lingered at the portals of her pussy, driving her wild.

"Shove it to me!" she pleaded.

Her mother quite naturally supposed that the girl was talking to her, and she began to really whip her lathered loins around, grinding her cunt on Ginny's face.

Mike, holding her under the ass, began to work his prick into her very slowly, fucking in inch by inch, the way he had up her asshole. He wanted to enjoy every single inch of the first slow stroke and let the girl thrill to the pleasure of being so slowly filled to the brim.

Her cunt hole was tight and pliable, clamping to his prick like wet wax around a rod. With half of his cock up her, he paused, staring down, seeing his thick stalk spreading her pussy split into an oval.

Her cunt muscles pulled and dragged. The sensation was delicious -- and all the more so because it was his own little girl's fuck-hole working on his cockmeat.

"More -- more!" she wailed, the words muffled on her mom's juicy cunt.

Still thinking that the girl must be addressing her, Barbara lunged and jerked, rubbing her cunt furiously on the girl's face.

Mike sank his prick in the rest of the way, fucking up her daughter's pussy to the hilt. His balls were jammed against her up-thrust ass and her cunt slot was plastered around the root of his prick.

"Ahhhhh! Umnmmm!" the girl moaned, thrilled at having her pussy stuffed full of her daddy's cock.

Sucking him off and taking him up her shit hole had been lovely -- but cunt-fucking was best of all!

Mike held his big fucker buried, letting Ginny thrill to having her fuck-hole filled to the depths as he savored the joy of having every inch of his long, thick, iron-hard prick enveloped in tight, clinging cunt.

Her inner cuntal rings rippled, fluttering up his cockshaft from hilt to crown. He moaned at the feeling. The girl seemed to have a secret hand inside her loins, frigging away on his deeply embedded cock in a steady rhythm.

Ginny began to fuck first.

Still arched up from the bed, her whole nubile body quivering, she staffed to pull her pussy up and down on his cock. Her clinging pussy dragged halfway up his cockshaft, then slid back to the root.

His prick emerged, glistening with his daughter pussy dew, then sank into her cunt again. Mike held steady for a few strokes, letting her frig away on his stationary prick as if she were fucking herself with a dildo. He loved the enthusiasm she was putting into the pumping action.

His sweet little daughter was a wonderful fuck, avid and energetic and exuberant. Her cunt was tight and hot and wet. Her sensual body coiled and twisted, undulating sinuously as she fucked her pussy up and down on his. Cock lance.

She was a great piece of ass for anyone -- and it was all the better for her father, with the thrill enhanced by the dark charm of incest.

Her pussy was working like a squeeze box, a suction cup, driving him wild. He tightened his grip on her ass and began to move with her, in counterpoint. As her loins slid down he thrust his cock up to meet her, and as he withdrew she rolled her pelvis, winding her cunt hole on his prick.

His hairy balls slapped against her satiny ass and he tilted her belly up on the lunge as he fucked his hammering prick into the very core of her cunt.

The bed had been gently swaying under them as Barbara rode on Ginny's face. Now it started to really rock and roll under the fucking action.

Barbara figured that Ginny must be having an orgasm all by herself -- or else that her daddy had gone down on her and was tongue-fucking her into a frenzy.

The woman twisted from the hips and looked back.

And saw that Mike was fucking the girl. "Oooooh!" she moaned.

Mike and Barbara exchanged a knowing glance and she smiled at him, delighted that he was sharing their daughter's lovely young body. He tried to smile back but could only grimace, his face all contorted by passion.

Barbara was still boiling over in Ginny's mouth, and the woman wasn't about to stop the cunt-sucking, but she wanted to watch Mike fuck the girl, as well. It was awkward to look back over her shoulder while still keeping up the rhythm of her ride on her daughter's face.

Barbara began to rotate. Without removing her cunt from Ginny's mouth, she slowly revolved, lifting one knee and then the other and turning through a half circle so that, still mounted on Ginny's face, she was squatting in the opposite direction now, facing Mike.

Her big tits swung up and down. Mike leaned over Ginny's slender belly and sucked his wife's nipples. Then he threw his head and shoulders back, his torso bent, his loins pushed into the girl's vee.

Barbara went down in turn and flashed her tongue against Ginny's cunt bush and dipped it into her crotch, licking her clit as Mike's cock fucked in and out of the slot.

Being in a modified sixty-nining position, Barbara was thinking how lovely it would be to suck a father's fuck-juice out of a daughter's pussy -- better, even, than it had been to suck it from her shit hole.

She hovered over Ginny's belly, staring down, watching Mike's cock meat vanish and emerge in the girl's cunt gash, fascinated by the incestuous linkage.

His piss hole had started to seep by this time. His fat prick pulled out drenched with cunt juice, and that creamy film was shot through with streaks of thicker goo. The sight made Barbara so hot that she creamed off without warning, spilling her female foam into Ginny's loving mouth.

Ass churning and hips grinding and belly pumping, Barbara jerked herself through the fiery waves and the hot, jolting spasms of her cumming.

Mike's cock slammed into Ginny pussy and the girl's tongue shot up her mother's pussy, as if the nimble pink lapper were being forced out by his plundering plunger. He was ramming so deep that it felt as if he must be fucking his wife via the conduit of their daughter's body.

Ginny was sucking and fucking with equal joy as her cunt filled with paternal prick and her hungry mouth filled with maternal pussy cream.

"Cum -- cum..." Ginny's desperate pleas came muffled from Barbara's groin as, drinking her fill of cunt-cum, she yearned for a cuntful of jism.

"Yeah! Squirt your slime in her!" Barbara wailed. "I wanna drink it from her pussy!"

Mike was moving faster, grinding in savagely on the surging cum-strokes. His hot prickmeat hissed up Ginny's smoldering tunnel of lust. Her pussy was dissolving. His cock came out soaking with girl-cum streaking the stalk, the creamy film webbed with traces of his pre-cum.

Barbara hovered at the highest peak, shuddering. Her pussy paste poured out like melted alabaster.

Ginny gulped from her mother's cunt gash and her ass and hips danced a wanton waltz as she spun on the spindle of her daddy's prick.

"Now!" Mike howled.

His balls tightened and his steaming cock cream spurted up Ginny's cunt hole.

He rammed in violently, shooting off on every fuck-thrust and squirting on the backstroke, too.

Her own cumming ended, Barbara's watched in fascination as Mike balls drained into their daughter's pussy in a massive deluge.

He fucked in with ling, ripping, underslung strokes, hiked up to feed it to her from above so that the length of his cockstalk sped across her clit, jammed it in with a few short, sharp thrusts, then long-stroked again.

Each time another squirt of her fathers fuck juices splashed in her cunt. Ginny creamed off again.

At last he was emptied.

Still stuck up her, Mike slumped. Ginny kept on squirming on his spent prick, working off the dregs of her of her own cumming. Felling his enormous cum-load sloshing around in a thick tide inside her pussy.

Then full of jizz and joy, the youngster lay back, sighing and smiling with satisfaction. The seduction of her daddy had been easy -- with her for a moment, then pulled her lips from, the crown and dropped her face into her daughter's groin.

She sucked voraciously, drinking a blend of cunt-cum and cock cream front the girl's cunt, gulping ravenously from that creamy caldron.

She lapped Ginny's pussy out, sucking and swallowing and whimpering with hut. Then she lifted her cum-smeared face and gazed at Mike.

Barbara was desperate to get fucked now.

The insatiable woman had been well sucked and had sucked herself silly, swallowing plenty of sweet pussy slime. She knew that Ginny would be more than happy to give her another cunt-lapping.

But now she washed the mood for prick.

And Mike's huge prick had collapsed!

She stared at him balefully, licking up the last dregs from her lips. Ginny was still wriggling around a bit and Barbara dove on her cunt for another slurp, then raised her head again, her jaw running with fuck-cream. She gave Mike a hopeful look, eyebrows arching.

Mike grinned sheepishly. He knew damned well what his wife wanted and needed now -- but he was spent. He had already spilled out a flood of jism today -- cumming in Ginny's panties, for starters, then filling up her mouth and her shit chute and her cunt. Mike was as potent as any man -- but he had come to his limit.

He gazed down at his limp cock. It had gone soft, looped out from his loins in a meaty parabola, still big, but too slack to fuck.

"Sorry, honey," he apologized.

Barbara moaned.

She crawled down Ginny's body, her steamy cunt dragging over the girl's up-thrust tits and then on down her tummy. Her chin sank down on the bed and she snaked up to Mike and sucked his limp prick into her mouth. She worked on his prick with all her talent.

Even soft, his cockmeat was delicious.

But soft it remained.

Barbara bobbed her head up and down, taking it all into her mouth, but the limp cock was bending, the knob curling into her cheeks instead of ramming down her throat.

She pulled her lips from his cockhead and worked on his balls, trying to inspire another cum-load by suckling at the source. But to no avail. His balls were empty.

"I need stiff prick!" she cried in dismay. And out of the closet stepped her son.

Chapter EIGHT

As he watched the family frolic, another sadly neglected member of the family stood in the closet and, without for an instant removing his eyes from the scene, fumbled out of his clothing, stripping for action.

Yet it was hard to know if he should make his presence known. The innocent youth understood little about incest and wondered if there were certain limits. Was it okay for a father to fuck and suck with his daughter, but not for a son to fuck his mom? Was it just a naughty sort of game for mother and daughter to eat each other out, while a male-sibling was proscribed?

Then he heard his mom squealing for a stiff prick.

No matter what other ramifications there might be, Jimmy certainly had what she was yearning for, standing in a massive tower of meat before his belly.

Barbara's words galvanized her son.

Without any further deliberation on the subject, Jimmy came marching out of the closet naked, like a pikeman advancing out of ambush, his weapon poised.

Ginny looked up and blinked.

Mike had the grace to blush slightly at being caught by his son in an incestuous orgy. But when he saw how monstrous the boy's hard-on was, he felt a surge of paternal pride at having sired such a well-hung boy.

Barbara twisted around, Mike's limp prick spilling from her lips like a disgorged noodle. When she saw that Jimmy was naked and rampant she gave a little cry of joy, thrilled by the prospect of fucking her teenaged son. So much had already happened on this memorable day that she felt no qualms at all about welcoming Jimmy to the fold.

Jimmy walked straight up to the bed and, without so much as a word, flopped down on it, on his back, his giant fucker looming over his potent loins.

He wasn't going to embarrass anyone by making a lewd suggestion -- but there it stood for all to admire -- and for his mother and sister to do with as they liked.

Ginny gazed at his groin longingly. The girl had been hot for sibling prick ever since she had found cum in her panties and -- mistakenly, as it turned out -- had assumed that her handsome brother had deposited the load.

But she didn't want to be selfish. She had ready had her father's cock and cum in all three of her fuck-holes and she knew that her mom needed it more, at the moment -- but that there was certain to be plenty of opportunity for brother fucking in the future.

Barbara shot a look at Mike. Strange as it seemed, under the circumstances, she deemed it advisable to get his permission before she fucked his son.

Mike, of course, grinned and nodded approval.

She turned back to Jimmy. The impulse that drove her was to jump aboard his loins and fuck herself silly on that huge, towering hunk of cockmeat.

But then she realized that the youth was so horny that he was likely to shoot off on the very first stroke, depriving her of the fucking she needed.

He was just lying there, sprawled out, but his enormous cock was recoiling savagely, bumping and pounding all by itself. It bounded up like a tightly sprung pogo stick, pistoning from his groin.

His cockhead was juicing out plenty of precum. The thick, milky fluid was pouring down his cockstalk like a fountain, flowing over and pooling onto the swollen bags of his balls.

His mother eyed that spunky wishing well and thought it might be an excellent idea to take his impending jizz-load in her mouth, enjoying the cast of tender teenaged cockmeat and thereby enabling him to last longer once she had his prick stuck up her cunt.

She leaned over his loins, glancing at Mike and Ginny, wanting them to watch -- which they both most certainly were eager for this new family function.

Then she ducked down and gave her son's foaming cock-knob a soft slurp.

She pulled back up to gaze at his cockhead fondly for a moment -- and Jimmy beat her to the punch.

With neither hand nor mouth on his prick, the lust-crazed youth abruptly shot his titantic cum load.

Jimmy's jizz jetted from his piss hole. Barbara's face was hovered right over him and she gasped as his cock spume shot up. Her mouth opened wide. His prick played over her face and lips like a fire hose, spraying her with steaming hot geysers of cum.

It gave his mother -- as well as Ginny and Mike -- a kinky kick to actually see Jimmy's cum squirting out from his bulging cockhead. Since it was spurting up into Barbara's mouth, she still had the joy of tasting and drinking her son's cum, while she was also treating her voyeur's eyes.

She stayed poised over him as he bathed her face with his spunk shower. Then, as his spurts began to diminish, she dropped her blonde head and took his prick into her cummy mouth and sucked the last sweet dose out.

His cock remained firm and fat in her mouth. His cum-bags sank in, deflated -- but only for a brief instant. So horny had the young man become by peeping that those high-pressure balls began to swell immediately with a brand new load of cum.

Barbara was overjoyed by his potency. She sucked happily away on the lip-smacking goodness of his slimy cockhead, then drew away and left his cock standing, as long and fat and hard as if he hadn't just climaxed.

She raised her face, her lips parted, letting the others see his cum on her tongue and lips.

Ginny knew that Jimmy's cock belonged to their mother, for the time being, but she saw no reason why she shouldn't savor a taste of his sibling slime. The randy girl dithered up to the. Jimmy's cock had already been milked dry and left gleaming with saliva. She kissed her mother on the mouth. They embraced, lips locked, letting the boy's yummy jism trickle from mouth to mouth.

Sibling spunk was as delicious as father fuck juice, and Ginny could hardly wait until she had the pleasure of milking her brother's balls into her mouth.

Holding Barbara's face between her hands, Ginny licked the cum from her chin and cheeks, then ducked down to suck a few stray nuggets from her fat tits.

Barbara was kneeling with her legs apart. And the aroma that was waiting up from her steamy, swampy pussy was making Ginny hungry again. But the girl valiantly resisted the urge to go down on her mom again, knowing that it would be selfish to make Jimmy wait much longer for her cunt and also that the woman was more interested in a cuntful of prick than she was in another tongue-fucking.

She slipped her hand in under Barbara's busy vee and cupped her cunt, getting her palm wet with the seepage. Then, licking the cunt juice on her hand like cream from a bowl, she sat back to bide her time.

Barbara faced Jimmy again and, throwing one knee across, straddled his hips. His cock was standing up before her belly, the knob almost reaching the under slopes of her heavy tits as she lean over him.

She held his cock shaft to her and rolled her tummy against the hard tube. It felt hot as a branding iron, seering into her smooth, slippery flesh. His balls ballooned in her hairy cunt bush as she snuggled against them. Her pussy juiced over those swollen sacs.

But it wasn't her son's balls that she needed up her cunt now.

Tilting back and tipping her crotch up, she began to pull her split we up the heavily veined underside of her son's long, stiff prick. Her thighs tensed and her ass swung. Site seemed to be shimmying up a tree.

Cunt juice streamed down his cockstalk as she slowly worked her gash up towards the cockknob. That fat slab was gleaming like the beacon atop a lighthouse. Her saliva was evaporating from the cock meat and a few drops of little oozed from his piss hole. The oversexed youth was already dribbling out the preliminary seepage of another cumming.

Ginny was belly down beside them, her eyes gleaming, as she watched her curvaceous mother slowly drag her cunt slot up her brother's rampant cock rod toward the coupling position, her hips switching as she muff-mopped his cock meat.

Mike was even more fascinated. It had really excited him to see his wife swallowing their son's cum, and the thought of watching them fuck was dynamic. His eyes and imagination were doing what Barbara's skillful mouth had failed to do and, under this visual stimulation, Mike was beginning to get another big hard-on.

Barbara drew her pussy up to the top of Jimmy's prick and perched on his cackhead like a flagpole sitter. She wriggled, balanced on his bulging prick-knob. Only the dribbling cocktip was nudged in her pussy, and cunt juice and precum were streaming down his standing cock lance.

Poised above his pole, the woman twisted her pelvis around. She glanced at her daughter, then at her husband. Having them observing her sweet depravity was making the prospect of fucking her son even more thrilling.

Jimmy was gasping under her, humping up, trying to wedge more of his cock into her seething fuck-slot. But she teased him, rising on trembling thighs as he stabbed his cock up, so that still only the tip had dipped in.

"Sit on my prick, Mom!" he wailed -- the first words that he had spoken since joining them.

Up until now, the whole affair had had a dreamlike quality of unreality for the boy. Even when he'd squirted his cum-load in his mother's face, it had been like a wet dream.

Now, speaking aloud, he brought the reality crashing home.

He grasped Barbara by the ass and dragged her down as he lunged frantically up.

She moaned and slowly descended, taking her son's throbbing fucker gradually up her cunt. She swayed, impaled on his prick.

His flaring cockhead was in the core of her cunt and all of his cock was buried. Her cuntlips were glued to the hairy root and her ass was cushioned to his balls. Squatting all the way down on his standing spike, she held his prick enveloped and worked her cunt muscles. Her hot, wet pussy rippled up his cock stalk, the inner rings contracting. Somewhere in the depths of her cunt, a magic mouth seemed to be sucking his prick.

Barbara hesitated, afraid to start stroking, wanting a lovely long ride on his cock and fearful that the potent boy would cum off too soon again.

But Jimmy, luckily, had already jacked off twice -- once all over his mom's ass, although she didn't know that -- and he had shot in her face. And he knew, happily, that he was going to be able to hold back his next cum-load.

Tugging on the cheeks of her ass and her lush hips, he urged her to rise and fall on his cock. She pulled up slowly. His thick prick emerged, slathered and slimy. She rose until only his cockknob was bulging in her cunt gash, balanced atop him for a moment, then crashed back down, fucking her cunt down to the hilt of his hard-on.

Mother and son, they fell into rhythm together, fucking in perfect harmony. Jimmy humped up from the swaying bed as Barbara pushed down, and she rolled her hips as she jerked back up to his cockhead.

His cock hummed like a tuning fork as it fucked up her cunt hole, and Barbara's seething, soaking pussy was slurping and squishing as she stuffed herself greedily on his cockmeat. When his thick pussy-plunger sank up her, cunt juice splashed from her slot.

Ginny just had to have a taste -- not interfering but simply licking around the edges, lapping the rim.

She wriggled up on her belly and rested her trembling chin on her brother's flat, muscular belly. She watched the fucking coupling from close up for a moment. Then her lapper snaked out and flashed into Barbara's crotch. The girl began to lick her mother's cm as that fiery, swollen nugget slid up and don on Jimmy's cock shaft.

The succulence of cunt cream and pre-cum all blended into one steamy stew was making Ginny pant. She jammed her face in and sucked her mom's clit into her lips, her head rising and falling as the woman fucked up and down.

Then Ginny drew away and crawled around behind the mounted woman, wanting to sample the treat from a different angle of approach. She watched Barbara's heart-shaped ass bob up and down and Jimmy's darkly seamed cockshaft sink in and pull out. Barbara's pink pussylips dragged up, distending on his prick. The ventral vein pulsed up the underside of his soaking cockshaft and his balls rolled heavily at the base.

Ginny drove in and slurped up the crack of her mother's ass. The musky flavor made her tongue tingle, and the fragrance caused her to drool. She spread the woman's ass cheeks apart and lapped at her shit hole greedily.

Barbara moaned with pleasure, stuffing her pussy on cockmeat and feeling a nimble lapper playing around in her tight, puckered asshole.

She was in rapture as she thrilled to the attentions of both her children at once.

Ginny ate out her asshole, then lowered her radiant face down under those firm ass cheeks and began to wallow in both of their coupled crotches.

She laved her brother's swollen balls and licked at her mother's parted cunt folds.

Then she turned her face to one side and fitted her lip against the base of Jimmy's hot, slipper cockshaft. She blew hummed and sucked on the iron-hard prickstalk. Jimmy was fucking through his sister's mouth as he plowed into his mother's cunt. It added to his joy and he began to fuck faster and harder, shaking Barbara on his driving prick. His fat prick pulled out drenched with cunt cream and sank back in frothy with saliva. Ginny mouthed his cockshaft and his balls rolled up to her lips as he fucked in.

The young girl could well understand why her mom had wanted to suck her daddy's cum out of her ass and cunt. She was yearning to gulp the sibling slime out from her mother's cunt after Jimmy had shot his wad.

Grinding her face into their groins, she rose onto her knees. Her head was down and her lovely little bottom was jutting up, pert and saucy, wriggling and switching and squirming.

As she concentrated on sucking and lapping, Ginny didn't even realize that she had assumed the doggy-fucking position in her writhing contortions. But her daddy sure as hell did.

Mike had raised another booming, thundering hard-on as he watched the family antics and the sight of his sexy little daughter poised so vulnerably drove him crazy.

Groaning, he shifted behind her churning ass, hauling his hard-on into position. With his prick looming out over the curve of her ass, he paused, wondering which tunnel to stuff.

Gripping her by the hips, he angled his prick down and shoved it out, fucking all the way up her juicy cunt hole with the first thrust.

Ginny gasped. She hadn't noticed him move into position behind her, and that plunging prick-thrust had taken her completely unaware. But she loved every inch of it.

"Yeah -- yeah -- fuck me like a dog, Daddy! Ball me like a bitch in heat!" she wailed, her enthusiastic outcry sounding on her brother's balls and in her mother's cunt hole.

Mike began to pound the prick into his daughter's suction-cup cunt furiously. She heaved her ass up and down and shoved back to meet him as be fucked in. Cunt nectar sprayed from her well-stuffed pussy on the in-stroke, a mist of pussy juice drifting in a gossamer cloud behind her ass and before his belly.

He arched back, bowing his body out. His hairy balls swung through her crotch and slapped against her downy cunt mound and his flat stomach bumped her rounded little ass.

Suddenly his cock slipped out.

Ginny figured it was a mistake, and she biked her ass up, thighs apart, eager for him to sink it in again. But her daddy heaved upward and plunged his prick into her asshole, instead. He was in a handy position to savor the variety of her twin fuck-holes.

Ginny squealed with surprise -- but then began to pump away again, enjoying her shit chute almost as much as she did in her proper fuck-hole.

He began to switch holes, giving her a cock thrust up her sodden pussy, then one up her asshole.

Ginny wondered which of those fuck-holes he would choose to shoot his cum-load into. But she knew it didn't matter -- because her naughty mother would want to suck the slime back out from either.

Barbara twisted and looked back, delighted to see Mike throwing a combination doggy-fuck and ass-fuck into their sexy little girl. The woman was already starting to drool at the prospect of reclaiming her husband's cum.

She began to ride Jimmy's prick furiously now, moving from a trot to a canter to a gallop on his groin. Her pussy slammed down, pulled up, clinging to every inch, then came crashing back to the hilt.

They were all moving in harmony now, like some well-oiled engine, some well-greased machine, the separate parts sliding together as if choreographed.

It was like a fucking family tree!

And they all soared to the top at the same time.

Barbara's cunt was creaming, and she plunged down on Jimmy's prick as his balls erupted. His jizz shot up into her cunt with such savage force that he almost blew her off the end of his prick.

Jimmy wailed, and Barbara gurgled. As they slammed together, a swamp of cum and pussy cream flooded from her fuck-hole -- and Ginny was right there to lap it up.

As the youngster gulped down their fucks-slime, her own pussy melted on her daddy's cock. He fed her a cunt-stroke as she creamed, then rammed his prick up her ass and blew his first creamy geyser into her bowels. He whipped his prick out and rammed it back into her pussy just in time to spill the second shot of cum into her cunt core.

Pounding into her pussy, he drove her head down into her mother's crotch as if he were submerging her in a swamp. She swallowed at one end and juiced at the other, her ass and cunt soaking her father's cum-load up.

Barbara clung at the crest, fucking frantically up and down on Jimmy's cum-shooting cock, milking his balls off as she hammered her haunches up and down and worked her own cumming off ecstatically, relishing a cuntful of her son's jizz.

Jimmy sprawled out, spread-eagled.

Mike slumped over his daughter's ass, drained.

Barbara fucked on her son's prick for another moment, making sure she had finished.

Ginny pulled her pussy up and down on her daddy's prick, drawing out the last joyous spasms and creamy dregs.

Then the intricate coupling came apart.

Mike pulled his prick out of Ginny and Barbara dismounted from Jimmy, their cunts were flooded with succulent fuck-juice again and mother and daughter moved together, sinuously twisting into the sixty-nining position so that they could both enjoy a flavorsome snack at the same time.

Mike and Jimmy watched the family feeding with mutual approval. Their pricks were soft at the moment, but they knew it wouldn't be long and that there were still a few combinations to complete the picture -- a few more branches on the family tree.

As she sucked her daughter's cummy cunt, Barbara happened to glance across the room. She noticed the closet door was open and smiled on Ginny's pussy.

She had heard of skeletons in the closet.

And if they didn't have a whole skeleton, at least one hard bone had come out of that closet -- along with two very juicy cunts and tingling tongues.

But the closet was empty now -- and likely to stay empty from now on, as well.

There was no longer any need to hide. The whole family had come out of the closet for keeps...


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