Naughty horny family

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in nostalgic remembrance of the time he sneaked out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Susan Johnson's story is that of a teenaged girl growing up in her own way: breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, she makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

In NAUGHTY HORNY FAMILY a young girl is seen growing up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. She is learning to see her parents as people. This is the story of one teenager's coming of age in our society.

Chapter ONE

"We have some urgent work to finish up by tonight, Susan," Uncle Mark murmured. "Would you mind working an extra hour or so tonight?"

Susan looked up from her desk in the small office that she shared with her uncle. She was spending this summer vacation doing typing and filing for her handsome young uncle, and already the teenager had learned far more than she had dreamed possible.

"No, Uncle Mark," she smiled. "I don't mind at all."

And it was true. Susan didn't mind. For she knew that "overtime" to her uncle meant a time to lock up the office and suck and fuck each other all they could until Susan would have to leave for home. The beautiful young blonde realized that she had already learned more from her uncle this summer than school had ever managed to teach her.

Just moments later, Susan Johnson was lying down on the office couch and her uncle was kissing her firm tits. He took her right nip between his teeth and nibbled on it, sucking and licking at her tit. Then he slid his hand between her thighs and she spread them wide open for the man. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. She reached down and seized her uncle's cock in her right hand and she moaned again as she felt his hard-on quivering against the palm of her hand.

Cunt juice oozed out from the girl's fuckhole and dribbled down, trickling between her lily-white thighs. Uncle Mark's mouth moved down to lick up the delicious-tasting pussy juice, and he eagerly swallowed every drop he could capture on the tip of his greed tongue. He kissed and licked his gorgeous niece's cunt and Susan trembled with desire, turning on more and more.

Uncle Mark mouthed the girl's pussy, licking it hard, biting at her clit, digging his tongue against it. And, again, he hungrily swallowed the pearly white drops of her girl-cum.

"Ohhhh, Uncle Mark, that feels sooo good," the girl whimpered as she leaned over and brushed the head of his prick over her mouth, her tongue, her nostrils, her closed eyes, her ears. Mark's long, expert sucks at her pussy were sending hot, thrilling sensations radiating throughout her entire body. His hands came around her ass, his fingers locking together, pressing her pussy to his mouth.

"Ohhhhh God, yessss," Susan whimpered. Her fingers were laced at the back of his head now, working his head up and down over her steaming cunt.

His touch was gentle yet insistent and passionate as he raised his hands to her trim waist and pulled her body toward him. Susan could feel her uncle's hard cock throbbing against her cheek and she grinned, purposely not opening her mouth to take his cock in, wanting to make the man mad with lust for her.

He groaned and his hands clutched at her huge tits. Her nips were hard and stiff and trembling, thrusting out to meet the touch of her uncle's warm, grasping hands.

"Yessss, Uncle Mark, yessss! Suck it good! Suck my pussy haaard! Suck, suck, suck!" the girl gasped above the man's bobbing cock, feeling his hard, stiff tongue torturing her aroused cunt-flesh.

His head was buried between the naked, white flesh of her thighs. He could feel the sheen of sweat on her skin against his cheeks as her thighs gripped his face more tightly.

"Ohhhh, that's sooo good, Uncle Mark," she purred, thrilling to the obscene pressing of his mouth against her cunt. "Don't stop, Uncle Mark!" She reached out, grabbing his prick, massaging it as she groaned with delight. She was easing her body lower down, jamming the moistness of her pussy more firmly against his sucking mouth.

Mark's tongue moved and probed skillfully around her small, stiff clit. He moaned as he felt her clit vibrate between his lips. He sucked on her clit, drawing it deeper into his mouth and he could feel its tip jerk wildly.

"In," Susan panted, "push in... deep!"

And she bent her knees and drew them upward, making the wet slit of her cunt open wider, letting her uncle's tongue thrust farther into the slippery depths. "Mmmmm, mmmmmm!"

Sweat poured off the man's forehead and trickled into his eyes. His nose was squashed against the musky forest of golden pussy fur. He fought for breath as his mouth filled with the cunt juice that flowed thick and sweet.

Mark gasped, sucked urgently, feeling his mouth fill to overflowing. He swallowed, sucked again, then gripped her bobbing clit with his lips and held it there.

"Bite," she hissed between her clenched teeth. "Bite my clit, Uncle Mark!"

He sank his teeth into the edges of the girl's trembling clit and she jumped straight up in the air, lifting her uncle up with her.

"Ohhhhh, good!" she cried, and her entire body began to tremble in a pre-orgasmic frenzy.

Mark groaned with excitement and fucked the full length of his tongue deep into the girl's cunthole, groaning again as he felt her tight cunt walls closing around it, holding it in place.

"Tongue-fuck me, tongue-fuck me!" Susan cried, her huge tits heaving wildly on her chest.

They were both turned on beyond belief now. Mark was inflamed, every one of his senses, by her delicious-tasting pussy juice and her thrashing body against his face.

The young girl's pussy mound jutted out sharply between her juice-drenched thighs, the dangling, bloated lips of her hot pussy swelling outward for more sucking and licking.

Mark pulled his hot tongue from the wet heat of his niece's cunt long enough to murmur: "It's so delicious, Susie! So wet! So hot! I could eat you forever!"

Susan pushed the man's head back to her pussy.

"More! More! Eat meeeee!" she screeched. "Yesssss, let me have it! Keep sucking my cunt!" she cried.

The teenager's eyes were glazed with lust now as her uncle's mouth dipped again and again into her dripping pussy. Wildly, he sucked her stiffened clit, his hot tongue making her cry out over and over. Susan flung her legs around his neck, tighter and tighter as Uncle Mark sucked... and sucked... and sucked. His lips were burning into her juice soaked pussylips... his stiff tongue fucking into her clenching fuckhole... his groans of pleasure muffled by the wet cunt-flesh trapping his mouth.

"Ohhhhh, please don't stop! It's coming... leave your mouth on my cunt. Shove your tongue way up there. I'm creaming, Uncle Mark... I'm creaming! Commmiiinnnggg on your tongue... now! Eat my pussy! Suck it! Lick it! Chew it! Unnnngghh! Commmmiiinnnggg!"

Susan screamed and squirmed as she flew into her long-awaited orgasm.

Half an hour later, Susan Johnson bounced through the front door of her house.

"Hi, Mom," she said, giving her mother an affectionate hug and kiss. "Hi, Dad." She touched her handsome father's cheek lightly with her soft, warm lips.

Tom Johnson looked at his gorgeous daughter with pride and approval. The prettiest, sexiest girl in town, he thought.

"You're late, honey. Hope Uncle Mark isn't taking advantage of you," he murmured, his eyes sweeping over the girl's lush young body.

Susan giggled at her father's choice of words. "Don't worry, Daddy. I'm a big girl now."

"You sure are, baby, all grown up," Tom said, his eyes focusing on his daughter's huge tits which seemed to be heaving slightly beneath her tight blouse.

Susan's mother, Ronda, frowned as she followed her husband's gaze and realized that he was staring at their daughter's big tits.

"Tom!" she cried.

Tom spun around, looking innocently at his wife. "What's the matter with you, baby?"

"Stop looking at Susan like that! It's disgusting," she said, glaring at her husband.

Actually, the woman could hardly tear her own eyes away from Susan's luscious-looking tits. But Ronda had always been the jealous type, and she just couldn't stand the idea of her good-looking, virile husband being sexually attracted to anyone but her -- and this was their daughter he was lusting after!

"I'm going up to my room," Susan said with a grin, hurrying from the room and closing the kitchen door behind her.

Her grin grew wider as she scampered up the stairs to her room. She wasn't surprised by the way her daddy had looked at her, or by her mothers jealous reaction. It was something that had been happening a lot lately. Susan sighed, wishing her mother weren't so jealous.

If she would just loosen up and have some fun, then maybe Daddy wouldn't be afraid to fuck me, Susan thought as she flopped down on her bed. For that was what the young teenager wanted more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. She longed to feel her daddy's big fat cock fucking into her pussy. And she had known for a long time now that it was what he wanted, too. But there was her mother.

As much as Tom had the hots for his daughter, Susan knew that he loved her mother, too. In fact, he was crazy about Ronda and their sex life was still rich and exciting. The young blonde knew that he wasn't about to risk losing his wife, even though he felt as if he would go mad with lust if he didn't get to fuck his daughter soon.

"Ohhhh," Susan whimpered.

Then she reached under her skirt and seized the elastic waistband of her panties and slid them down over her trim ass and thighs and dropped them onto the floor.

She stretched her arms as though released from a prison and wriggled her bare asscheek on the soft bed. She thought about how good it had felt when her uncle had licked her cunt, and she squeezed her thighs together. She felt her wet cuntlips rubbing against each other as she increased the pressure.

Her clit twitched, tensed, slid outward. She crossed one thigh over the other with a quick, urgent movement. Oh, God, she thought, I'm still horny. She tore her skirt off, then her blouse, and squirmed, nude, on the bed. Her naked flesh felt hot. Her cunt itched and her tits burned, her nips tight with desire.

With hungry fingers, she groped between her thighs, parting her legs and bending her knees, wiggling her ass deep into the mattress.

Then, thrusting her hand upward, she flicked a stiff middle finger into her wet cunthole and seized the throbbing tip of her clit with a finger and thumb. She thumbed her hot, trembling clit, then began to jerk it off.

Susan's breath rasped out of her throat, and she thought about her sexy father. She was about to come, and she sensed that this was going to be an even better orgasm than she had had that afternoon at the office, and all because she was pretending that her handsome father's hand was on her pussy instead of he own softly stroking hand.

"My baby," her father used to croon while she sat on his lap. He would stroke her long, blonde hair, caressing her cheeks, kissing her tenderly on the mouth. He cuddled and hugged her, tickling her, making her giggle and squirm. This had gone on for years, all the time Susan was growing up. And she had loved it, sometimes sitting on her daddy's lap for hours, especially during those times when her mother wasn't home to interrupt them with her jealous behavior.

Then, when Susan was still very young, something wonderful had happened. She had been home alone with her father and, like many other times, she was sitting on her daddy's lap. But this time was a little different. The man had grown bolder because he'd had a little bit to drink. He moved his hands over her entire body, paying special attention to the girl's tits, which even then were large and jutting.

"Ohhhh, Daddy," the girl had purred, loving her father's lewd touch on her body.

"You're such a sexy, sweet girl," her daddy had said, stoking the naked flesh of bare thigh. He squeezed the girls flesh an she giggled, so he tickled her tummy, making her giggle even more. Then he had pulled his hand away, quickly, as if he were scared -- and he picket up his glass and drank more, nearly emptying his glass of the strong whiskey.

As Susan finger-fucked herself now, she remembered how, on that day a few years ago, she had squirmed her small body impatiently on her daddy's lap. She remembered the sweet, hot shivers cascading over her flesh. As soon as her father had put his glass back down on the table, she had grabbed his hand, pressing it between her warm, satiny thighs.

"Tickle, Daddy, tickle me!" she had gasped, realizing even then that what she wanted from her daddy was much more than a mere tickle.

Her father had inhaled sharply and she had kissed his mouth wetly. Then his hand moved and she groaned because there was a small rip in her briefs at the crotch and the back of her father's hand was against it now.

"Ohhhh, Daddy," she had breathed into his ear.

Then his hand had moved as though he were trying to pull it away, but she had squeezed her thighs tightly together, trapping it there. The she had pressed her cunt down an her daddy's imprisoned hand.

Her father had said nothing. He had simply closed his eyes tightly, breathing rapidly, and his hand didn't move. Susan had pressed her lips against his ear, then bit the lobe gently with her sharp teeth.

"Oh, God, Susan, you don't know what you're doing to your father," he had groaned.

But he was wrong. Susan Johnson had known exactly what she was doing to her father. In fact, she had known much more than he had realized. She was super turned on and she wanted more... more... more!

Now, Susan's finger fucked in and out of her cunt, faster and deeper with each fingerfucking plunge, as she moaned and tossed about on the bed, remembering each detail of that exciting day a few years ago.

She had known that her daddy could feel her wetness, and she had known that he could feel her sparse pussy hairs. She had felt proud and excited that she had some downy hair on her young pussy, and she knew that it excited her father too.

But, again, Susan had squeezed her thighs together, even more tightly this time, trying to hold the man's hand in place. But her pussylips had grown very wet by this time, the small slit of her tiny cunt had oozed open and the back of her daddy's hand slid, then slipped outward and upward as it escaped from its silken, trap.

Susan groaned, now, beginning to come as she remembered how she had felt the pressure of her father's hand pressing and passing over the tiny tip of her clit as her father murmured again: "Good girl, Susie, good girl."

And then it had happened. The girl had come, experiencing her very first orgasm.

"Commmmiiiinnnnggg!" Susan cried now, fucking her juice-soaked fingers in and out of her orgasming cunt as her mind still dwelled obscenely on that other orgasm so long ago, the orgasm caused by her daddy's hand.

Chapter TWO

Susan and her father had never talked about the orgasm he had given her that day when she was little, but they would often exchange meaningful glances, their eyes filled with longing.

And, to the young girl's delight, her daddy still hugged her -- more than ever before, in fact. And he kissed her sometimes, even on the mouth when her mother wasn't looking. And she had learned to tease him, flaunting he lush body in front of him, and bending over close to him, revealing her huge tits and her inviting ass which he slapped playfully. But beneath the playfulness was a strong undercurrent of lust which they both felt and which Susan was sure would be satisfied eventually. It was just a matter of time.

The next day, Susan and her mother were in the living room, and the teenager was trying on the new skimpy swimsuit her mother had made for her.

"Now lean forward, Susan," Ronda said, not noticing that her husband had just come into the room. "Let me see how the fabric stretches over your bottom."

Susan's rounded asscheeks tightened and strained within the thin material. Her father glided forward, slapped her ass lightly, then let his hand linger there, fondling the girl's ass with his fingers.

"Such a good girl," he murmured, just as he had that day a few years before.

"Oh, Daddy!" Susan cried, overwhelmed by the combination of her father's hand stroking her ass and hearing the same words he had used that day when he had given her her first orgasm. And she came.

She tried to stay still, to curb the tremors that made her knees shake, but it was impossible. The telltale juice from her spasming cunt ran down her thighs and she moaned softly.

"Oh, God, Tom, look what you've done!" Ronda cried.

When Susan looked up anxiously at her mother, she saw that the alder woman was licking her lips excitedly and her eyes were wide and gleaming with what looked like desire. Then Ronda whirled and left the room and Tom followed her quickly, but not before Susan saw the telltale cock-bulge between his legs.

So, I really turn Daddy on, she thought with a grin, doing a little pirouette in the middle of the living room, feeling good and horny and very, very pleased that her daddy wanted her so much.

"Wow! You look great in that bikini, baby!" Paul cried from the doorway.

Susan spun around and laughed when she saw her handsome big brother grinning down at her. For the hundredth time, the young blonde realized just how much the teenager resembled their father. In fact, with his handsome face and strong, muscular build, he very much looked like a younger version of Tom Johnson.

"Thanks, Paul. If you like it, then I guess it's a hit. I know how you drool over all those bikinis on the beach every summer," Susan said, laughing.

"It's not the bikinis I drool over, Sis," Paul said, walking over to the well-stocked liquor cabinet. "It's what's inside the bikinis."

"Yeah, I know... the tits... the asses... the cunts," Susan drawled, watching him closely.

"Wow! Listen to you! Never heard you talk quite that way," Paul murmured, looking a little surprised. "What's gotten into you?"

Susan shrugged and noticed that her brother was fixing her a straight shot of whiskey, too. "Don't know... just feeling kinda horny, I guess."

"Sounds good to me," Paul said as he joined her on the couch and handed her the drink.

"Mmmmm, good," Susan said as she took a large gulp of her drink and tried not to choke on the strong liquor.

"Drink up, Sis," Paul said, his eyes flicking over her bikini-clad body. "Plenty more where this came from."

And drink up Susan did. For the next hour and a half, she and her brother sat and drank, talking now and then, but mainly drinking. But, as drunk as she was becoming, Susan was aware of two things that excited her.

For one thing, the cock-bulge between her brother's legs was growing bigger and harder, almost with each passing minute, it seemed. At the same time, Susan's pussy was drooling cunt juice, and she found herself wondering why she and Paul had never fucked each other before this, for she had no doubt that that was exactly what was about to happen. Paul was going to fuck her!

The other thing that the young girl was aware of was that Paul seemed to think she was even drunker than she really was. He began to reach out and touch her tits, her thighs, acting as if she wouldn't even be aware of his incestuous touch. Susan was only too happy to go along with it, for the young girl wanted one thing and one thing only -- to feel Paul's cock fucking into her wet pussy!

"Ohhhhh, I feel kinda faint, Paul... all this liquor," she slurred, sagging against the cushions.

Paul got up from the couch and Susan stretched out. Actually she didn't feel faint at all. Even though she had drunk more liquor than she had ever consumed at one time in her life, all she felt was a pleasant-feeling buzz in her head, and even more horniness than before.

As her head rolled from one side to the other, she heard her brother gasp with excitement.

"Wow! She's passed out!" Paul cried.

Susan opened her mouth to correct her brother, but then she decided not to. She sensed correctly that what had been holding Paul back from fucking her was shyness, and perhaps a desire for a completely passive partner. If she let him continue to believe that she had passed out, maybe they could both have what they wanted.

Paul would think his sister didn't even know what was happening as he fucked her and he would be able to tape and fuck her however he liked with no protest from her. And Susan would get what she needed more than anything else in the world -- a big hard cock up her horny cunt.

Susan lay very still, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, breathing deeply, as if she had passed out, just as her brother wanted to believe.

"Susie?" she heard him whisper. "Are you awake? Can you hear me?"

She lay very still, not moving.

Paul gave a great sigh of relief and Susan opened her eyes just a crack. She saw Paul standing there, beginning to take his clothes off.

She opened her eyes a little more and felt an excited itching in her pussy as she caught her first glimpse of her brother's prick. It was hard and thick, and seemed to be painting right at her face. Naked now, Paul moved closer to his sister and stood very still. Susan closed her eyes tightly, hoping that her brother wouldn't realize that she was really awake and very aware of everything that was going on. She could hear the boy's breathing, harsh, heavy, uneven.

"Susan, baby," he whispered. Then louder: "Susan, can you hear me?"

But Susan lay still and kept her breathing deep and regular so that her brother would think she had really passed out from all the liquor she had drunk.

She felt the couch sag as, reassured, Paul sank down on it close to her face.

"Oh, Susan, you're so gorgeous," he sighed.

Suddenly, his mouth was, pressed hard against hers, and she felt his tongue drive in fiercely. Then he sucked her tongue into his mouth, savoring it hungrily, urgently.

Susan neither responded nor protested. Her brother held her close with his hands, forcing her lips to part, and she accepted his mouth and tongue as if she were a limp rag doll. She knew that her complete passivity was turning him on, and to her surprise, it was arousing her, too.

She felt him stand up, and she lay still as though she were entirely helpless, unconscious, drunk out of her skull. But her eyes opened a tiny bit and she saw her brother holding his cock. Holding his hard-on lightly, pointing it toward her face, he moved forward and she felt him rubbing his warm cock against her cheeks. The head of his cock crossed her lips and her slightly parted mouth felt the wet slit at its tip pause at the opening.

Oh, yes, she pleaded silently, I want to suck your cock!

As if reading her unspoken words, he pushed his prick inward and the girl's lips stretched wide to accommodate the bulbous cockhead forced into her mouth. He fucked his cock in, then pulled out with smooth, wet movements.

Susan took her brother's cock passively, even though every sexual instinct in her cried out for her to grasp the excitingly large fucktool with her lips and suck hard. But she was afraid that if she gave herself away, her brother would back off. Somehow she knew that this was the way her brother needed to do it, and if she wanted him to fuck her, she had to go along with him.

The head of the boy's cockshaft felt smooth and tight. He moved slowly, as if trying to control the tremendous cum-load he had for her. She heard Paul's breath rasping in his throat. He withdrew his prick from between her lips, and she felt a droplet of pre-cum drop from the end of his cock onto her chin as it passed.

"What a sexy little bitch!" Paul said, louder now, as if he no longer had any doubts whatever that his kid sister had passed out completely.

The young boy squeezed the tip of his sister's tit, making the nipple flatten, then tense and become longer. His mouth fell onto her tit and he drew her nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard as if he were a child nursing at his mother's breast.

Susan felt like moaning with excitement and pleasure, but she controlled herself. She felt the boy's hands moving over her body, slowly removing her bikini top and bottom. Soon, she was as naked as he was.

Paul's strong hands moved over his sister's naked flesh, stroking, caressing, probing, exploring. Susan felt his fingers pressing into her cunt. She felt her pussylips part automatically as he pushed upward. The inner cunt walls squeezed against his fingers, gripping them, creating a wet, sucking pressure. The air panted from Paul's mouth, striking her tits as his lips continued to suck and pull and his teeth sank into the turgid nip.

Then, he slid his head from her tit, down her body until it nestled between her thighs. Two long, thick fingers moved into her pussy slit, stretching the bloated cuntlips, while a third finger slipped up, high up, fucking deeply into her pussyhole.

"Oh, yeah, baby, what a nice wet cunt!" Paul gasped.

Susan felt her brother's trembling with excitement. Then he dragged her legs open, pulling them apart brutally, as though he no longer needed to be tender with her.

"You're gonna get fucked!" he said loudly. "I'm gonna fuck your sweet cunt, you hot bitch! I'm gonna fuck your ass off!"

He spread his long hard body on top of her small soft body, her naked flesh quivering beneath him. His knees pressed against her thighs, opening them wider, and Susan felt her wet pussylips parting with a small, sucking sound. Paul dropped on top of her heavily. His broad smooth chest flattened her big tits, and his face was so close to hers that his breath rasped noisily in her ears. He groped down with his hand, grabbed his prick and steered the pulsing cockshaft up to the girls cunt.

Susan felt her big brother's huge, rounded cockhead prying at the entrance to her pussy, then thrusting up hard.

Oh, God, she screamed inside herself, his cock's too big! Too long! Too thick! My pussy's so small... it's never had to take a cock this big! She tried to yell the words out, no longer caring if her brother knew that she was awake, but she couldn't because his mouth was covering hers, his lips dripping warm saliva onto hers, while his entire face was contorted with lust.

Her stifled scream was completely silenced by the boy's mouth when his prick fucked all the way up into her cunt. Susan felt a pleasant kind of pain piercing through her pussy as her brother's prick painfully stretched her inner cunt walls.

She wanted to shriek, feeling a strange kind of excitement at the idea of her brother raping her. I'm being raped, she cried within herself. But her brother's demanding mouth continued to muffle all sound until be broke the kiss.

"Oh, yeah, baby, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you," the boy chanted as he fucked her, too engrossed in his thrusting, jerking motions to notice that the young girl was now wriggling her body, gripping him with her thighs, bending her knees.

She was unable to lie completely still. Her brother was fucking her so well that her body just took over, automatically fucking back at him.

Then he fucked into her cunt deeper, lifted his upper torso, arched his back and came.

"I'm coming, Susan!" he shouted, though he thought she was unconscious. "I'm fucking you, bitch! And I'm coming!"

He fucked in and out of her violently as his enormous load of cum shot into her pussy, splashing wetly against the inner pussy walls and finally overflowing the girl's cunt and dribbling lewdly down her quaking thighs.

"I came, Susie! I fucked you! I really fucked you good, after all these years of wanting your pussy!" the boy shouted. "I fucked you good, you teasing, prick tempting, horny cunt!"

His body collapsed on top of hers. His breath came in rapid, painful rasps.

"You sweet, delicious cunt. Such a good girl."

Susan had been on the brink of orgasm. And, when she heard her brother mouthing "good girl" into her ear, it took her over the edge and she came hard.

Her climax shot through her with a wild intensity and then the girl lay still. Her limp body felt powerless. Her lips moved soundlessly. And deep inside her pussy, tremors of pleasure continued.

She felt Paul rolling off her, moving slowly, breathing deeply and noisily through his nose. He lay next to her, very still, for a minute. Then she felt his hands roaming over her naked body once more. He turned her over, as if she were nothing more than a rag doll, until she was lying face down on the couch. His hand moved onto her ass and he squeezed her bare flesh, twisting her asscheek between his long, strong fingers, pulling, it, teasing it. Then his hand came down with a sharp, hard slap, and Susan felt the heat spreading from her ass to her thighs, then flickering between them and upward. His hand came down again, harder this time.

And Susan felt tremors churning deep inside her cunt as her brother continued to slap her ass. The flesh on her asscheeks was a hot mass of tender, reddened skin now. Each slap seemed to burn in a little deeper, to penetrate more intensely, turning her on more and more.

"Don't wake up yet," Paul panted. "I'm not finished with my teasing cunt of a sister yet."

And he spanked her again, making her ass bob up and down with the violence of his slaps. Susan knew that her brother was getting off on spanking her bare ass.

As Paul continued to slap his sister with increasingly savage hand-slams, his eyes feasted hungrily on the jutting, wriggling cheeks of her ass. His red handprints covered the girl's white ass-flesh, giving an even more obscene aura to the entire scene.

Still slapping her ass with one hand, he used his other hand now to arch her ass, swinging it in a forward thrust. She was now turned halfway to one side. He moved his hands up, fingers spread wide apart, to make her large, firm tits bob and jiggle in an opposite, lewd motion to her bouncing ass.

Now, he was gently holding her hips, steadying her, breathing hard, the one hand again creeping up to those white tits, beneath them, squeezing and feeling and nipple-fondling. His fingers began a gentle rubbing and plucking at her long, tender, aroused nips.

Both of his hands were now filed with the girl's satiny flesh. His entire body was strained with excitement. His strong fingers dug painfully into her as he arched her against him. His body wriggled against hers, turning her on beyond belief.

He tongue-kissed his sister's naked flesh all over as he held her tightly, his arms locked around her ribs now. With a single, practiced motion, he again dropped his hand over her ass and plunged his middle finger straight into her asshole on the first shot.

A gurgle of astonishment and excitement welled up in Susan's throat, but she forced herself to remain silent and as still as possible. Paul rocked back and forth on top of his sister's naked body, finger-fucking her asshole.

Then he rammed another finger into her ass, now finger-fucking her asshole with two fingers. Susan's mind was spinning with desire and pleasure. Tears of pleasure filled her eyes, and she thrilled to the lewd sensation of her brother's lips and tongue working all over her aroused flesh.

"Mmmmmm, such a sexy girl," Paul moaned, fucking his two fingers harder and deeper in the girl's ravaged asshole.

He fucked both fingers to the hilt inside the girl's tiny asshole, and then he twisted his fingers around lewdly, making Susan wild with excitement. She was right on the brink brink of another orgasm, and she knew that it would be a huge one. She forced herself to curb her moans. She sobbed within herself as the beginning of her orgasm climbed higher and higher.

She felt Paul lower his head, press his mouth against her spanked ass-flesh, and kiss her beaten ass. He kept his head down, pressing his face between her sensitive asscheeks, and mumbling words of lust and passion.

"Ohhhh, baby, it feels sooo good," he moaned, his tongue moving wetly on the assflesh that tingled and burned against his mouth.

His tongue traced its way up her body, sliding through the crack of her ass, up the girl's spine until he reached her neck. He kissed the back of her neck.

"You don't even know that you've just been fucked and that your asshole has just been finger-fucked, you bitch!" he said, laughing hoarsely. "I love fucking you. Your pussy's so tight and wet... mmmmm!"

At last, he drew back with a loud sigh and rolled himself off the couch. Susan took a chance and sneaked her eyes open a bit, staring at her naked brother. He was standing beside the couch, his prick swelling before her eyes. He was gazing lustfully at her naked body. He moved one hand onto his growing cock, curling his long fingers around his cockshaft.

He leaned forward, not looking at her face, not realizing that her eyes were wide open now, and he pushed his cockshaft toward her tits. Susan felt her nips tensing and stiffening automatically, as if in hot anticipation of her brother's next move.

She trembled all over as Paul touched each end of her nips with the wet cum-slit at the end of his prick. He touched her tits, teased them, then drew back.

Susan saw his eyes moving over her and she quickly closed her own eyes until she could see only the glimmer of his cock approaching her face. He touched her face with his pricktip. The head of his prick had swollen immensely, and it was so close that Susan could see the small, bluish veins which seemed to pulse and throb and enlarge.

"Hot bitch," Paul murmured, and his fingers started to move.

Susan watched breathlessly, through the narrow slits of her almost-closed eyes, as his hand slid up and down the massive shaft of his prick. He was pressing his crotch forward, throwing his head back, and the cock in his hand was jerking and straining as though trying to escape from his grasp.

"Ohhhhh, take it, bitch, take it all!" he growled suddenly, squeezing, sliding his fingers over his prick, then squirting a thick, wet stream of milky cum onto his kid sister's face.

His jism struck her lips, her eyes, her cheeks and her chin. She heard her brother sighing in relief. She opened her eyes a little more. He was standing still, his eyes closed, and his cock was slowly sagging downward, with small droplets of cum trickling onto his thigh.

As she watched him, he moved forward, dragging an afghan over her body.

"Good girl," he whispered as he turned, picked up his clothes and left the living room.

And Susan came again.

Chapter THREE

A few days later, Ronda Johnson found herself home alone. It was a Friday evening, and she knew that it would be hours yet before Tom would come home from his business meeting and before any of her kids would be back from their separate outings with friends.

Ronda took the bottle of gin, and the glass from which she had been drinking, and went upstairs to the master bedroom. There, she poured another shot of it into the glass, then drained it quickly. She shook her head, not liking what was happening to her. She was drinking far more than she should these days. And she knew why. She was desperately trying to drown her feelings of jealousy. Jealousy of her own daughter.

She sank down onto the bed, sighing sadly. She wished she didn't feel this way. If she could only get over feeling jealous of Susan and her husband's obvious lust for the young girl, Ronda knew that her drinking problem would be solved, and that there would be more harmony in the Johnson household than there had been for a while.

Ronda kicked off her shoes. Then she reached under her skirt, placed her hands in the waistband of her panties and slid them down and off her feet. She sighed, feeling a little wicked and very good. She reached up under her blouse and unhooked her bra, letting her big tits swing free. Then, she grabbed the gin bottle again and refilled her glass.

This time, she felt the warmth of the drink hit her squarely. It filled her with an exciting heat that turned her on, and she closed her eyes, wishing that Tom was there at that very moment so he could fuck her. That was what she needed right then and there, she realized -- a big fat cock for her horny cunt.

Damn him, she thought as she poured herself another drink. He'd probably rather fuck Susan! But, even at her most jealous moments, Ronda knew that that was not true. It wasn't that Tom wanted to fuck their daughter instead of Ronda. He simply wanted to be able to fuck them both.

Ronda knew that there wasn't anything wrong with that. But, she just couldn't let go. She felt possessive of Tom, as if he had no right to fuck anyone but her. Once, he had told her that if she would just relax and let herself have a fuck fling with another guy, it would probably rid her of her irrational jealousy once and for all and they'd both be happier.

She rubbed her naked thighs together, feeling hot, ready for a good fuck. Maybe Tom's right, she thought now, turning on more and more. Maybe I should just fuck the next guy I see. God knows, I need cock! And then, after fucking someone other than my own husband, who knows? Maybe Tom's right and I won't mind him fucking Susan. And I might even take a crack at her myself, Ronda thought with a laugh as she continued to drink. After all, Susan's a pretty sexy girl. I can certainly understand why Tom's so hot for the bitch!

She slipped her hand beneath her skirt and began to rub her moistening pussy, wriggling her hips around lewdly on the bed. Suddenly, she heard the front door open and close and she gasped, her hand still on her cunt.

"Who is it?" she called out through the open door, knowing that whoever was downstairs could hear her.

"It's me, Mom," her youngest son answered.

"I'm up in the bedroom, dear. Come on up. I'm feeling lonely," the woman said.

Moments later, Hal, a very handsome and well-built boy for his age, was standing in the open doorway of his parents' bedroom.

"Want a drink, Son?" Ronda asked, motioning toward the gin bottle on the table beside the bed.

"Well..." Hal said uncertainly. It was the first time his mother had ever offered him a drink.

"It's all right, dear," Ronda said, smiling warmly at her son. "We're all alone here. I promise not to tell!"

They both laughed, and Hal relaxed. He stared at his beautiful mother as if seeing her for the first time. He had never before realized just how shapely her legs were, or how big her tits were. He could see her nipples poking through the sheer fabric of her blouse, and he swallowed hard as he saw that his mother was not wearing a bra.

"Get a clean glass from the bathroom, dear," Ronda murmured, gesturing to the bathroom just off the bedroom.

Seconds later, Hal was back with the glass and his mother filled it with gin. While she poured the strong liquor into his glass, all the young boy could think about was how gorgeous and sexy his mother was. He swallowed, embarrassed by his own lewd thoughts. He was a virgin, and wondered why he was suddenly having exciting fantasies about fucking his own mother.

Hal gulped his drink greedily, nervously, then sighed.

"That was good, Mom," he muttered, glancing up at her.

He saw her smiling at him, and his eyes gazed at her tits again. It seemed to the young boy that her nips had grown even stiffer in the last few minutes. The idea turned him on.

Ronda smiled reassuringly at her son, knowing exactly what he was thinking. She forced herself not to laugh out loud when she saw the boy's face become hot with embarrassment.

"What's the matter, Hal?" she asked huskily.

"Nothin', Mom," the young boy gulped.

Ronda crossed her legs and Hal caught his breath at the barest glimpse of the woman's pinkish cuntlips moving between her upper thighs.

"You're so beautiful, Mom," Hal murmured, surprised by his own words.

"Thank you, Son. And you're very handsome. You're quite a hunk!" Ronda said, laughing softly.

Ronda got up, refilled her glass and drank it down quickly.

"Another drink, Hal?" she asked. "Please," he murmured. She took the glass from her son, and he noticed a slight stagger in her walk. He realized that she was getting drunk and somehow that idea excited him. He found himself wondering how drunk she would have to be before she would let her own son fuck her.

"I'm surprised to see you home so early, Son. What happened?" Ronda asked as she handed him his glass, now full to the brim with gin.

"Oh, we sneaked into a porno flick but we got caught and thrown out," he muttered, flushing red again.

Ronda laughed. "Why you rascal!" She reached out and ruffled his hair and he grinned at her. "I hope you got to see some of the picture before you got thrown out."

"Oh, yeah," Hal said eagerly, feeling his cock growing hard as he remembered the movie. "We got to see quite a bit. Real hot stuff." He downed half of his fresh drink. The gin seemed to shoot straight down to his balls and he felt his cock growing stiffer.

"Well, that's good, dear," Ronda said, smiling. "Then what happened?"

"Oh, well then, Roy and Jane went off on their own. They're probably busy doing some of the fuck stuff we saw in the movie," Hal said, downing the rest of his drink. He was a little shocked by his own words. He could hardly believe that he was talking to his mother like this. He thought. And Mom's fantastic body. His eyes sweeping over the woman.

"Don't blame them. A movie like that gets you all stirred up. It's only right that they'd want to fuck now. But where does that leave you?" Ronda asked with concern. She squirmed on the bed, letting her short skirt ride even higher.

Hal, sitting across from his mother, stared at the insides of her thighs. They seemed to be glistening as if they were slick with moisture. He saw her pink cuntlips move and his throat grew dry and his cock thickened.

"What do you mean, Mom?" he finally managed to ask.

"Why, honey, a big boy like you," she began, leaning forward and placing her hot hand on the boy's legs, "watching a sexy movie like that has got to give you a hard-on. Don't try telling me that it didn't, honey, 'cause I can see it. I can see your great big hard-on, Hal. And I want to help you with it." Her eyes were riveted on her son's bulging crotch.

"Oh, God, Mom, I'm so embarrassed!" the boy cried, turning beet red.

"Don't be darling. It's only normal."

Ronda chuckled as she stood up and, in one swift movement, she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

"Oh, Mom!" Hal gasped as he saw his mother's thick golden thatch of pussy hair which seemed to be glistening beckoningly to him.

"Are you man enough for this, darling?" Ronda asked lewdly as she fingered her wet cunt.

"Yes! God, yes, Mom! I'm man enough for your beautiful pussy!" the boy panted.

Ronda grinned triumphantly and her hand flashed to the front of his pants, slid the zipper down, and her son's swollen prick lurched out.

"Good, Son, good. Then fuck me," she murmured, squirming back onto the bed.

Hal stared down at his mother and a red-hot lust enveloped his entire body.

"What're you waiting for?" Ronda asked. Her fingers gripped the bloated cuntlips, pulling them wide open, showing her wet, puckering fuckhole to her son.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now, Hal!" she begged.

As Ronda tore her blouse off, leaving herself completely naked, Hal dropped on top of her. He felt his mother's hand grab his cock, then guide it into her hot wet pussy.

The walls of her cunt closed around the boy's prick, gripping it tightly. Hal pushed himself upward.

"Now... screw your mother!" Ronda urged.

Her hands gripped his muscular body, twisting the clothes he was wearing, pulling his cock deeper into her pussy. She was bending her knees, then raising her hips and groaning with pleasure as Hal fucked into her cunt.

"Oh, Mom... I can't... believe this!" Hal panted.

"Don't talk, Hal. Just fuck!" Ronda groaned. "Fuck me until I came. I have to come! Oh, God, I'm sooo horny! And I want to feel you coming too. Right up my pussyhole!"

"But Mom... I've never done this before... I don't know if I know how."

"Don't worry about it. You're doing just fine!" Ronda said, laughing almost hysterically. She had guessed that her son might be a virgin, and she loved the idea of giving him his very first fuck. What a rare treat! "I'll teach you, Son, if that's what you want. Do you want me to teach you all about fucking?"

"Yes, Mom, yessss! That's what I want!" the boy gasped as he continued to fuck his big fat cock in and out of his mother's pussy.

Each time he fucked into her, she expertly worked her strong cunt muscles around the boy's cockshaft, holding him lewdly in place. Then, just seconds later, she relaxed her cunt muscles and the thick prick pulled out, only to fuck back into her again, even deeper this time.

Ronda didn't want this fuck to be a long drawn-out thing. That can happen later, she thought. But right now, what Ronda wanted more than anything was to come. And to feel her son's cum spurting into her pussy.

And so, Ronda fucked back at her son, working hard and fast, establishing a fast and furious pace so that be wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

She knew what she was doing. Only a few cock-lunges later, the boy began to come.

"Commmmiiinnnggg!" Hal shouted as great big gobs of thick creamy cum shot from his prick and splashed up into his mother's pussy.

Tremendous waves of wet pleasure washed over her as she felt the relief of the biggest, most exciting orgasm of her life.

Half an hour later, after taking a sensuous shower together, Ronda and her son were back in her bed, kissing and fondling each other.

"Sit back there now and watch me, Hal. Mommy wants to teach her boy a few things," Ronda said.

Hal laughed excitedly as he sat at the foot of the bed, watching his mother. Ronda played with her pussy for a few moments, holding the bloated cunt lips open so that her son could see the glistening inner cunt-flesh.

In mere minutes, Hal could see the wetness of her cunt juice on her inner thighs. Ronda groaned with renewed desire as she fingerfucked herself in front of her staring son. One finger pumped in and out of her fuckhole while her thumb played over her twitching clit.

"Oh, Mom, that looks soooo hot!" Hal groaned, feeling his cock, growing hard and thick again.

"Mmmmmm, and it feels sooo good, Son!" Ronda moaned, her eyes on the boy's growing hard-on. "Now hold your arms out to your sides, Hal."

Hal obediently held his arms out, wondering what his sexy mother had in mind. The boy didn't have to wonder long. Ronda hooked her feet over her son's arms and he gulped hard as he saw her thighs spread wide open before his eyes.

The teenager watched excitedly as his mother slowly caressed her juice-smeared thighs. She began to open and close her thighs teasingly. Then she slid down farther and her legs stretched forward, twisting and squeezing around her son's neck.

"Ohhhhh, sooo good," she whimpered, and Hal could feel his mother's legs clenching and unclenching on his back, drawing him closer, drawing his mouth nearer and nearer.

The lips of her cunt were blood red now, and only an inch from the boy's trembling lips. The touch of his hot lips to the woman's pussy was like an electric shock to both of them. Without even knowing he was doing it, Hal reached upward and touched his mother's tits with a gentle but urgent touch. Ronda moved her hand over his, urging him to stroke her tits harder and faster.

The boy was half kneeling over her now, his fingers stroking constantly, pulling at her rigid nips. He could feel the wetness running down her thighs, dampening his cheeks. And he could feel her legs slowly giving way, and her knees sagging farther apart.

Ronda was moaning steadily now. Her pussy was spread wide open and she was sprawled wantonly before her son, her ass moving and her pussy even closer to his mouth.

Hal was so turned on that he was trembling. He buried his face between her soft thighs and squeezed them up around each side of his head. He slid the tip of his hard tongue into the musky cunt-flesh. He could feel his mother's cunt juice running down his chin, arousing him even more.

"Ohhh, yesss, Son, eat meeee!" Ronda screeched at the top of her lungs as she felt her boy's tongue exploring up and down the juicy folds of her cunt.

She bit her lip hard, straining against Hal's sucking mouth. Her sharp fingernails dug painfully into his broad, muscular shoulders.

Hal felt intoxicated, and not just because of the gin he had drunk earlier. His mother's delicious-tasting cunt juice was making his head spin, and he realized that he had never been so happy in his life.

"Fuck me with your tongue, Hal. Tonguefuck your mother's cunt!" Ronda wailed.

Hal stabbed the full length of his tongue deep inside his mother's fuckhole, feeling her cunt muscles grasp it and hold it in place for a few breathless seconds. Over and over again, the boy tongue-fucked his mother, learning very quickly how to do what he had never done before.

Instinctively, Hal moved his tongue from Ronda's cunthole and began to lick her clit as hard as possible, making her come.

"Commmmmiiinnnggg!" she cried as a flesh flood of cunt juice shot from her tongue ravaged fuckhole and splashed into the boy's mouth.

Hal eagerly, thirstily drank up all of his mother's pussy juice before releasing his mouth-hold on her cunt.

Ronda slid her legs from her son's shoulders and she lay, panting hard, with her face in his lap. Suddenly, Hal felt her hand fumbling at his cock. He glanced down and saw his prick standing hard and throbbing before her mouth. Then, his mother began to kiss his cock.

"Ohhh, Mom," the boy groaned weakly.

Ronda kissed up and down the length of her son's cock, her mouth, soft and warm. Now she began licking Hal's prick with long, lapping cock-licks up one side and down the other and then working into one long, continuous, wet, slow sweep that made the boy's balls churn with his load of cum.

"Jeeeesus, Mom!" he cried, turning on beyond belief.

Then she blew softly on her boy's prick and began kissing it again. She kissed all the way to the cockhead, but instead of going down, the other side this time, she began licking the precum that had begun to seep put of the piss-hole. She made a soft, mewling sound as she tasted the boy's delicious pre-cum.

Ronda slid her mouth all the way down over Hal's cock, burying it deep in her throat as Hal felt her velvety tongue milking his prick teasingly. She sucked harder and harder, her cheeks hollowing in.

Hal finally exploded his cum-load inside her mouth.

"Aaaarrrghhhhh!" he groaned as his load of hot, thick cum splashed lewdly down his mother's throat.

Then, with his cock still hard, Hal pushed his mother back and sucked her throbbing nipples between his lips. In seconds, the woman's tits were wet with his saliva as he continued to lick and suck her turgid nips. He scooped his strong hands under her quivering ass and fucked his huge, hard cock into her pussy to the balls.

As they came together, Ronda sank her teeth into his shoulder.

"Aieeeeee! Yesssss!" she screamed as she felt her son's hot spurts of cum flooding her cock filled pussy.

Chapter FOUR

Late that same night, Tom let himself into the house and walked silently upstairs to his bedroom. He knew that Ronda would probably be asleep already, and he felt the beginnings of sexual frustration stirring within him. He wanted to fuck her and he wanted it badly!

He walked into the master bedroom and gasped. For there, clearly visible by the light from the bedside lamp that was still on, was Ronda, sprawled on top of the covers, naked.

Tom moved closer and heard her heavy breathing. He could see that her thick pussy hairs were matted, and tangled wetly. Her thighs were parted lewdly, and the tip of her middle finger was resting on top of her cunt.

"Ronda!" he called. Then, more loudly, he called out again. "Ronda! Are you okay, darling?"

"Hmm? Oh, hi, Tom," Ronda murmured, coming fully awake now. The sight of her handsome husband looming above her as she sprawled nakedly on the bed turned her on and she suddenly realized that she wanted him to fuck her.

"Why are you lying here like this, Ronda? What have you been doing while I was out?" Tom asked as he quickly undressed. He could hardly wait to fuck his cock into her pussy, whether she wanted it or not.

"Oh, nothing much, honey. I just had a great fuck, that's all," Ronda said with a husky laugh.

"My God, Ronda! What are you saying?" Tom said, whirling to face her as he continued to shed his clothes.

"It was all your fault, you know. You've been after me constantly to let some other man fuck me -- so I finally went and did it, Tom," Ronda drawled with deliberate casualness.

"Hot shit! You really went and did it?" Tom cried, beginning to grin with excitement.

"I sure did, and it was great," Ronda said, grinning back at her husband.

"All right! It's about time you loosened up, baby," Tom said approvingly as, completely naked now, he sat next to his wife on the bed and began to stroke her naked flesh.

"Yeah, you were really right all along, honey," Ronda said as she began to fondle Tom's already-rigid cock. "I should have done it a long time ago."

"Well, the important thing is that you've finally gotten with it now. Who was it, baby?" Tom asked, turning on more and more as he thought about another guy ramming his huge cock up his wife's gorgeous, wet cunt.

"Huh?" Ronda asked lazily, growing more and more aroused as her husband's hands worked over her firm tit-flesh.

"Who's the guy? Who fucked you?" Tom asked impatiently as Ronda's hand stroked his prick up and down and all around.

"Didn't I tell you?" Ronda turned and looked her husband squarely in the eyes.

"It was Hal. Hal fucked me!"

"My God! Hal? Our son fucked you?" Tom asked in disbelief.

"Why should you be so shocked, dear?" Ronda asked, enjoying the look of excitement and surprise that filled the man's eyes. "After all, you've been dying to fuck our daughter!"

"Well, yeah, but... holy shit! So you and Hal... wow! I didn't think you had it in you!" Tom cried, his cock getting harder as he turned on more and more.

"Well, you were wrong," Ronda said as she began to jerk her husband off faster and harder.

"Yeah, obviously," Tom said with a laugh. "It was his first time, too. What a trip! I loved being the first fuck for our son," Ronda said as she felt a fresh spurt of cunt juice gush from her fuckhole and trickle down her thighs.

"Wow! Yeah, that's, pretty hot! Did he come on to you or what?" Tom asked, wanting to hear all the exciting details.

"Well, not exactly, Tom. You see, I first had to get our son... well, a little drunk."

"Why, you hot cunt!" Tom roared as he pushed his wife back onto the bed and pulled her legs up around his waist. "You've got me so hot I can hardly stand it, you slut!"

"Ohhhh, me too, honey. Fuck me, fuck me haaard!" the woman groaned as she hugged her husband's back with her long, slender legs.

With a loud grunt, Tom thrust forward, fucking his cock to the balls within Ronda's snug, wet cunt. His penetration was deep and she screamed with joy.

"Ohhhh, it hurts!" she cried.

"Shut up, whore!" he growled.

After fucking his wife's pussy for several more minutes, Tom made her stand and turn so her back was facing him. Then, he ran his big hands roughly up and down her soft body. She could tell from the way his hands trembled that the idea of her fucking their son had turned him on more than he had ever been before.

Tom cupped Ronda's tits and pulled her back against his broad chest. Her ass jammed up against his pulsing prick, and she moaned with delight.

"Ohooo, Tom, I love the way you're treating me... so rough... so masterful," she whimpered.

Tom fondled her tits and gave them rough, painful squeezes, his fingers tingling excitedly as her big-nippled tits grew harder under his crude strokes. One hand gripped at her tits while the other roamed down over her tummy and pussy.

Then he pushed her head forward hard and yanked her down, to her knees. He looked down at her ass and licked his lips, suddenly knowing what he wanted do to her. With two fingers, he spread the cheeks of her ass and, grabbing his rigid cock, he fucked it into her tiny asshole, forcing the head of his huge prick into the small hole with one stabbing fuck thrust, making Ronda cry out.

"Ohhhhh, God, Tom!" she screamed. But her words caught in her throat as he forced his prick into her asshole deeper and deeper, harder and harder. He fucked into her ass again and again, still gripping her tits.

"Ohhhhh, it feels soooo good, Tom! Fuck me hard, darling! Fuck my ass right off me!" the woman wailed.

She squirmed closer against his powerful body, clamping his bursting cock in her asshole with her strong ass muscles. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and Tom groaned with pleasure as he felt her hot, moist ass ring closing around his cock, clutching at him, trying to milk his prick.

"Yesssss! Fuck meeeee!" she screeched.

"You got it, baby! Take it all, you whore!" Tom shouted as he fucked his cock into her asshole to the hilt and shot his load of creamy cum into her ass guts, some of it escaping around his embedded cock.

"Commmmiiinnnggg!" Ronda screamed as she felt her own orgasm shooting through her.

Tom grinned and pushed her violently away from him, releasing his cock. When Ronda turned around, still in an orgasmic daze, he grasped her by the hair of her head and forced her face down to his crotch.

"Now, bitch, lick my cock clean," he demanded.

"Mmmmmm, yessss, Tom -- I want to lick your cock!" Ronda cried excitedly.

Using her tongue expertly, Ronda licked up and down and all around her husband's prick, licking up every single drop of spilled jism and purring like a kitten as the cum rolled lewdly down her throat.

And then his cock was in her mouth and the woman was making a wet meal of the hard cock meat.

"Yeah, baby, that's it, suck it good and hard!" Tom ordered.

He leaned, back and hung his legs wider apart, and as she continued to suck his prick, he let out a hoarse, shuddering groan.

The woman moaned around the thickness of her husband's prick. As she sucked him off, she could feel the fat cock pulsing between her lips and the lewd sensation turned her on powerfully. The throbbing cock-knob flared deeper between her sucking lips and she could feel it swelling even thicker inside her mouth.

Her mouth was completely stuffed with her husband's hard prick meat, and her entire body trembled with excitement. She was happier than ever before, now, that she had made the decision to fuck her son!

"Ohhhhh, God! You're suckin' me off sooo good!" the man groaned.

Suddenly, Tom pulled his hard cock from his wife's mouth and shoved her back onto the bed. Before she knew what was happening, he had spread her legs wide and fucked his cock deep into her cunt again.

"Aaaarghhhh! Fuck meeee!" she cried, her nails ripping into his shoulders. She went berserk beneath him. Sounds of lust filled the room, and they both grew more and more excited, as if they simply could not get enough of his hot, savage fucking.

"Hurry! Oh, hurry, Tom! I want to feel you coming inside me!" Ronda wailed, rejoicing in the obscene sensation of the man's cock growing hot and hard and demanding between her legs.

Ronda raised herself on her elbows and stared down between their feverish bodies at her husband's big prick fucking in and out of her cunt. The prick fucking inside her, churning around and around, stroking inside her cunt with unbearable friction, thrilled her. He was fucking her so violently now that the two lovers suddenly slid off the bed and fell onto the floor without missing a fuck-stroke.

"Oh, God, that was great!" Ronda moaned, staring up into her husband's face, studying the knotted muscles of his jaw, the hard lines of his handsome features as he fiercely fucked his prick in and out of her pussy.

Tom stared down at his cock as he savagely fucked in and out of his wife's ravaged cunt.

He reveled in the feeling of total mastery over her. He forced his cock around and around in the seething tunnel of her pussy, at the same time grinding the heel of his hand up against her clit.

"Ohhhhh, God," she moaned.

He leered down at her as she writhed with fuck-lust on the floor. She clawed at the floor for support as her legs twitched and spread even wider to accommodate the man's obscene fuck assault.

Tom chuckled, enjoying the expression of pain-filled lust contorting Ronda's face as he fucked her harder and deeper. Ronda breathed faster and faster, almost passing out as she gasped with pleasure at the way Tom's huge prick churned down into her cunt, fucking rougher and rougher with each stab.

He savagely rammed his hand up between her thighs which were tightly clenched now, skewering mercilessly into her cunt with his finger, finger-fucking her clit-flesh as he continued to thrust his huge battering ram of a cock into her clenching fuckhole.

He sank his finger hard against her clit, enjoying the way her entire body stiffened with excitement as his prick continued to fuck into her.

"Oh, God, Tom, it's great... but too much. You're overwhelming me... I can't take anymore. Stop... please stop, honey!" she cried desperately, suddenly feeling as if she would go absolutely mad if her husband continued to fuck her this way.

"Forget it, baby, I'm not stopping. Not now. Not until I cream all over your cunt!" Tom roared.

Ronda gasped, suddenly panicked, and lashed out at her husband's face with a swinging hand.

"You lousy slut!" Tom yelled, easily batting her arm away. He gave her a sharp, hard slap with his open hand, stunning her, and she found herself turning on even more.

The heat from the slap on her face merged somehow with the heat that Tom's prick stirred up in her cunt, and she felt a new surge of lust flooding through her. Now, the last thing in the world she wanted was for him to stop!

Tom grinned as he felt the change in his wife's response, and he laughed triumphantly, knowing that she wanted this rough fuck just as much as he did.

"Well, cunt? Change your mind? Still want me to stop?" he asked mockingly.

"Oh, God, noooo, Tom!" Ronda wailed. "I'll die if you stop! Don't stop! Please don't ever stop!"

Tom chuckled again as he lowered his face to her tits. His hot, wet mouth captured one of the rigid nips and he continued to fuck her hard and deep as he licked and sucked her nipples, making her moan even louder.

"Oh, you're making me feel sooo good, Tom," she whimpered, reaching down and cradling his head against her tits, hot surges of lust-filled pleasure shooting through her as his teeth sank into first one nipple, then the other.

"You like it, huh?" he asked, finally raising his face from her tits.

"Oh, God, yessss, Tom! You're driving me crazy with that huge hard cock of yours!" she cried, tears of pleasure and lust filling her eyes.

"Do you love it? Do you really want it, cunt?" he asked huskily, staring down at her.

"God, yes, I love it! I want this more than anything in the world, Tom," she said.

"I don't believe you," he said tauntingly suddenly stopping all fucking motion.

For several seconds, he remained still, his huge hard cock still buried inside her cunt.

And he stared at her as her mouth worked soundlessly and she struggled to find the right words that would make her husband continue to fuck her.

"What... what do you want?" she finally managed to ask, feeling as if she would go stark raving mad if he stopped fucking her now.

"What I want, you lousy slut, is for you to tell me exactly what you want," he said, narrowing his eyes and glaring down at her.

"Oh, God, Tom, don't do this to me! You know what I want!" Ronda cried, tears spilling down her cheeks.

"Tell me," he hissed.

"Your cock," she whispered, her entire body so hot and feverish she could hardly talk. "I want your prick inside me... fucking me raw... until we both come."

"Prove it," he challenged.

Ronda glanced up at his face and saw a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes, letting her know that the man was enjoying every second of his taunting game. She knew that she had to go along with him if she wanted him to finish fucking her. And she did want that. She needed it badly.

"How?" she asked.

"That's up to you," he shrugged.

With a desperate groan, Ronda reached out and grasped the base of the cock that was still buried inside her cunt. She squeezed it hard and saw the look of pleasure that filled Tom's face.

"Is this what you wanted?" Ronda asked, her voice a pitiful moan now.

"It's good, baby, but it's not enough."

"Oh, God, Tom, what do you want?" she asked as she lifted her ass up from the floor and thrust her crotch up as hard as she could, trying to make him fuck her again.

But Tom just laughed and remained still.

"For God's sake, Tom, what do you want?" she asked again as he laughed down at her.

"I want you to tell me that it's okay for me to fuck Susan now! After all, you got to fuck Hal. Why shouldn't I be able to fuck Susan now? Both she and I want it," he said defiantly, as if ready for an argument.

Ronda began to laugh hysterically while her tears spilled out from her eyes and ran down her cheeks. My God, she thought as she shook her head in amazement, is that what this was all about? Is that all he wants? Doesn't he realize that the moment I felt Hal's big cock inside me was the moment that I finally stopped feeling jealous about him and Susan?

"Ohhhhh, Tom, it's so funny," she said, smiling.

Tom's face reddened with anger and, reaching out, he slapped her face several times, sending her head swinging first one way, then the other, until she stopped smiling with a final gasp of surprise.

"What's so fuckin' funny?" Tom demanded angrily.

"Oh, Tom, darling," Ronda whispered, putting the palms of both hands on her husband's chest and rubbing his naked flesh gently, trying to calm him down. "It's just that I'm not jealous anymore about you and Susan. Of course you can fuck her. I want you to fuck her. I think it's exciting!"

"You do?" Tom asked suspiciously, as if afraid to believe the words he had waited so long to hear.

"Oh, yes, darling. You see, you were right all along. And, believe me, it was a special thrill to fuck my own son."

"It was?" Tom asked stupidly, his mouth hanging open as he absorbed every wonderful word his wife was uttering.

"Yes, of course it was!" she said, laughing softly. "And why should I be the only one to have that thrill? I want you to have it, too. You and Susan! Fuck her, darling! Fuck her just as soon as possible!"

"All right!" the man roared as he pulled his prick almost all the way out of his wife's pussy and fucked back in again to the hilt.

"Ohhh, yesss, darling, fuck meeee!" she screamed, thrusting her cunt up hard over his prick.

As Tom fucked his wife toward the orgasm she needed, his mind was already skipping ahead to that special moment when, at long last, he would get his long-awaited chance to fuck his cute daughter. That lewd thought took him over the edge and he came, shooting his entire load of cock cream into Ronda's cunt as she orgasmed along with him.

Chapter FIVE

The next evening found Susan, Paul, Hal and their parents in the living room, listening to the beat of the rock music on the stereo, drinking martinis, and exchanging excited glances as they all turned on more and more.

It was silently agreed among them that they were about to begin a torrid orgy, and already cocks were hardening and pussies were beginning to drool as everyone anticipated what was about to happen.

Ronda was especially excited. For, ever since she had liberated herself by fucking her son, Hal, she could hardly wait to watch her husband fuck their daughter. And she was equally eager to feel a cock, any cock, fucking into her cunt. Gone were all feelings of jealousy, and now the young woman realized just how foolish, she had been all this time. Well, she told herself now, I can't undo the past. But I can sure as hell make up for lost time!

Even at her young age, Susan Johnson already knew, had always known, what her mother had just learned. The young blonde knew that there was nothing wrong with sex, no matter who her partner was. She knew that sex was pleasure-giving, and that there could be nothing wrong with giving someone else pleasure. Incest, she thought, licking her lips excitedly as she looked around at her family. Incest made fucking even more exciting. Susan knew that there could be nothing more right than giving pleasure to someone she loved very much, someone like her brother. Or her father.

The teenager crossed her legs and her short skirt slid up her bare, creamy thighs.

Paul swallowed hard as he stared at her and she grinned at him.

Suddenly, Susan rose and Paul stood up at the same time. They met in the middle of the living room and, as the others watched, Susan kissed her big brother on the mouth. Her firm tits pressed against him, and his prick immediately stiffened, rising against the inside of his pants.

The young girl moaned as she felt her brother's cock pressing lewdly against her belly. She thrust her tongue between the boy's lips and he immediately responded by sucking on it and nibbling on the sides of her tongue with his teeth.

Susan backed up, away from her brother, and Paul's cock flipped suddenly upright, quivering with fuck-lust.

Susan gazed dazedly at the others in the room.

"God, I'm so horny!" she cried, and the others laughed.

Then, Tom hurriedly got up and left the room, climbing the stairs two at a time.

Susan grinned at her mother and Hal, who were side by side on the couch, gazing hotly at each other.

"I want it!" Susan cried. "I want Paul's gorgeous cock! Mmmmm, I'm so turned on!"

Susan dropped to her knees in front of Paul and fumbled his cock out of his tight pants. Greedily, she took the throbbing cockhead into her warm, wet mouth, sucking on it, licking on his prick and sucking it between her lips.

At the same time, she moved her hand feverishly, caressing the super-stiff cock shaft up and down, up and down, her encircling hand gliding from his churning balls to her own sucking mouth and back again, over and over.

Paul swayed on his heels and couldn't keep from fucking his hot hard prick in and out of his kid sister's grasping mouth. Exciting shudders of fuck-lust made his entire body tremble.

"Ohhh, yeah, Sis, yeah," the boy groaned. "You're suckin' me sooo good! Soooo fuckin' good! Keep it up, Susie! Don't stop sucking me!"

Tom came out of the upstairs bedroom, after jerking himself off quickly. But, as he looked down at the others over the railing, he realized that his quick hand-job had done nothing to cure the lust that was still shuddering through his body.

He watched the scene below with widened eyes. His daughter was kissing her brother's prick passionately. On the couch, Hal's hand went groping up between his mother's legs while her tongue slithered between his lips and her hand hotly caressed the cock-bulge that had swollen at his crotch.

Tom grew more and more aroused as Hal's hand stroked higher and onto the warm, soft, smooth flesh of Ronda's inner thighs. The look on Ronda's face told Tom that the boy's touch was exciting her, and Tom's cock began to grow hard again as he watched the lewd scene below.

He began to move slowly down the stairs, his mouth half open in excitement. Ronda's thighs inched wider apart, giving her young son more access.

"Ohhh, Hal, that feel sooo good, darling," the woman cooed as the boy's hand pressed against the narrow crotch of her sheer panties.

His fingertips traced her cunt slit through, the clinging panties.

"Oh, shit!" Paul cried from the far end of the room. "I've gotta fuck you, Susan!"

"Ohhhhhh, fuck me, Hal, fuck me hard!" Ronda cried as she stroked her son's prick. She panted hard and cried out hoarsely as she grasped the boy's stiff cock and stroked it vigorously.

Still watching the others, Tom realized that he wouldn't be able to remain a spectator for much longer. He was turning on so powerfully that he knew he would have to join in soon. He fondled his prick as he watched his daughter sucking her brother's prick, just as Tom had been yearning for her to do to his own prick far so long.

Whimpering with excitement, Ronda flopped onto her tummy over an arm of the couch. Her head hung down to the floor, her hair fanning out across the carpet, creating an erotically beautiful picture.

Her lily-white ass stuck up in the air. Hal had pulled up her dress and slip, and they were bunched at the small of her back. The young boy was admiring his mother's rounded ass which gyrated in front of his face. Tom, at the foot of the stairs now, was treated to teasing glimpses of his wife's asshole and the pink interior of her wet cunt.

Hal climbed up on the couch behind his mother, his big cock sticking straight out. He gripped his rock-hard prick in his fist and with a savage growl, he worked his blunt headed fucker into the warm folds of the woman's pussy. His cock found the snapping mouth of her cunt and fucked straight and hard all the way into Ronda's cunt.

"Ohhh, yessss, Son, yesss!" Ronda groaned loudly for all to hear. "Fuck meeeee!"

Hal began to fuck his long, stiff prick in and out of his mother's cunt, slapping his lean belly against her ass, jarring every bone in her body.

"Daddy!" Susan panted, rocking back on her knees, her eyes fixed on her father's huge hard-on. "Ohhhhh, Daddy, your cock's sooo big and hard!" Her mouth had let go of her big brother's cock but her hand still absently stroked the boy's hard cock meat.

"Susie, baby," Tom groaned, moving toward her, "let's all go upstairs and get into bed together before I lose my mind from wanting you so much!"

Hal grunted with disappointment at his father's words. He was still fucking his mother and he didn't want to stop now. But he saw Susan's face light up with a lewd expression, and he suddenly realized that this excitement was nothing compared to the thrill of fucking in the same bed with the rest of his family. And, besides, the young boy was as hot and eager to see his father fuck Susan as his mother was.

Susan hurried up the stairs behind her father. Only steps behind her, the others followed. Hal was last, noting his dad's huge hard-on which the man was gripping in his fist.

In the master bedroom, Susan tumbled onto her back on the king-sized bed. Her skirt whipped up to her waist, exposing her naked thighs and white-globed ass. They all threw off their clothing and Paul approached from one side of the bed while Tom approached his daughter from the other side. They knelt beside Susan and she gripped both of their huge, throbbing cocks as they worked together to strip her of all her clothes.

The blouse was first to go, revealing the young girl's gorgeous naked tits which bobbed out obscenely, their stiff tips sticking rigidly upward. Then they pulled down her skirt. Susan writhed between them, making her huge tits jiggle about on her chest.

"Ohhhhhhh, you're stripping me!" she squealed, turned on beyond belief. She felt as if she were being raped, and the young girl thrilled to that lewd sensation.

Her thighs swayed open, revealing the moist softness of her horny young cunt. Her cunt sauce trickled along her bloated cuntlips, seeping down her inner thighs, and Tom gazed at her pussy excitedly while Paul grinned with unabashed lust.

"Ohhhh, suck me, fuck me, ohhhhhh, I'm soooo horny!" Susan cried, pulling on their pricks and writhing back and forth in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

Her legs flew apart. Tom and his son, Paul, gazed at her sexy pink pussy gash with the curling golden hairs at both sides of it and above her cunt mound. They glanced at each other, both wanting to fuck her at the same time. Just as they were wondering who should go first, Susan solved the dilemma by taking matters into her own hands, quite literally.

Susan pulled at Paul's prick until it was up to her mouth once again while her other hand moved her father's head down between her open legs.

The teenager gasped as she felt her daddy diving headlong into the exciting valley between her thighs. His tongue toyed with her flew, protruding clit, bathing it in his warm saliva. Then he concentrated on sucking her clit and finally chewing it between his teeth with urgent nibbles.

Tom opened his daughter's fresh, sexy pussy with his thumbs and gazed adoringly at the moist pink cunt-flesh, his hungry eyes running over the smooth, glazed clit. He put his mouth to her clit again, and sucked. Then he stabbed the full length of his tongue up her fuckhole and fucked it into her cunt over and over again.

"Ohhhhhh!" the girl panted, her lifetime dream finally coming true.

Her father tongue swirled her trembling stiff clit, then tongue-fucked deep into the hole of her pussy again, feeling her strong pussy muscles clamping down hard on his tongue.

And, all this time, the girl's mouth was stuffed with her big brother's prick. She twirled her tongue around Paul's cock even as her daddy twirled his tongue around her clit.

Suddenly, Tom realized that he could wait no longer. He rolled Susan over on top of him and fucked his cock up into her moist, clasping cunt.

Her mouth empty now, and her cunt stuffed. Susan cried put in ecstasy.

"Yeeeeoowwww! Yessss, Daddy, yessss, fuck me good! Let's fuck each other really hard!" she cried, tears of pleasure streaming down her lovely young face.

And with that, Susan began to fuck down on her daddy's prick, as hard as possible. After a few fuck-strokes, the teenager turned her head and opened her mouth to receive Paul's hard cock, which he was poking against her face.

"Yes, baby, we'll fuck each other really good and hard!" Tom responded, panting hard now. This was a dream come true for him, too, and he could hardly believe his good luck. At long last, he had his cock buried inside his sexy girl's hot, wet pussy, and it felt even better in reality than in all his lust filled dreams.

"Yeah, fuck her hard, Dad," Paul chimed in, really turning on to the lewd sight of his sister and father fucking each other with wild abandon.

"I will, Son," Tom panted, "while the hot cunt sucks you off!"

"Yeah, Sis, suck me off good," Paul groaned as he felt his sister's wet mouth clamping even tighter around his hard-on.

She was sucking his cock deep into her mouth now and, when he shoved forward, fucking her face, half of his prick slid down her throat. Susan expertly swallowed without gagging and managed to take half of the boy's cock down her throat.

"Yeah, yeah, deep-throat me, Susie!" Paul yelled, shoving his hips forward and back as she sucked him hard and clenched her strong throat muscles around his hard-on.

Susan moaned around the thickness of her big brother's prick. She could feel the boy's prick throbbing down her throat, and the lewd sensation turned her on so much that she began to fuck back at her father's huge prick even harder, almost violently now.

All this time, Ronda and Hal had been standing next to the bed, so aroused by the fucking action taking place before them that they had delayed their own fucking and sucking, feeling unable to move. They watched as if mesmerized, their eyes wide, their mouths slack, and their hands automatically stroking each other's naked bodies.

But now, Hal moved. He grabbed the jar of cold cream his mother kept on the bedside stand, smoothed the cream over his prick and climbed over his sister from the rear.

Well lubricated by the cream and his own thick pre-cum, the young boy's cock worked easily between Susan's wriggling ass cheeks. He centered the blunt head of his prick on her hot asshole, then twisted and pushed.

"Ahhhhhh!" Susan shrieked, so shocked by the sudden invasion of Hal's prick into her asshole that she lost her throat-hold on Paul's prick and it popped out of her mouth, bobbing in front of her face, coated with her spit and the boy's pre-cum.

"Yessssss, Hal, yessss! That feels sooo great! Fuck my ass! Fuck it good and hard!" Susan screamed, her mind spinning with excitement.

"Don't stop sucking my prick, Sis! That's not fair! Put it back into your mouth! Put it back into your mouth!" Paul cried helplessly as he seized his cock with both hands and tried to fuck it back into the girl's mouth.

"Sorry, Paul. Don't worry, I'll suck you off real good," Susan said, giggling excitedly as she opened her mouth wide.

Paul fucked his prick back into the hot, wet confines of Susan's mouth. Again, working with her big brother's fucking movements, the young blonde managed to suck a good half of Paul's cock down her throat, and her throat muscles immediately closed around the cock, giving the horny boy the best deep throating of his young life.

Suddenly, with an animalistic groan, Ronda threw herself on the bed next to her younger son and, as he continued to ass-fuck his sister, Ronda began to lick his churning balls with her hot, hard tongue.

"Yeah, Mom, that feels great!" the boy panted. "Lick my balls real good!"

Susan was lost in a world of lust. Everything that was happening to her was even better, more exciting than she had ever dared to dream about. She was in seventh heaven, with three cocks plunging into her at the same time. She was stuffed full of cock, and she loved it!

She continued to suck her big brother's stiff prick while her father and kid brother fucked her cunt and asshole. And, all the while, she could hear the lewd sounds of her mother noisily lapping and sucking Hal's balls, and his groans of pleasure as his, mother worked him over. The scents and sounds of fucking filled the room, turning Susan on even more than before.

She felt her father and Hal fucking her at the same time, their cocks rubbing one another through the thin membranes that separated her cunt and ass. The girl felt a special thrill from lying between the two males, being penetrated and fucked by both of them at once, feeling her soft body being buffeted forward and back as both of them fucked her, harder and deeper with each cock-stroke. She began to come, sobbing and sucking on Paul's prick even harder as waves of pleasure washed over her.

"Oh, God, I can't believe this," Ronda whispered breathlessly as she finally took her face from Hal's balls. Then, she crawled over the bed and mashed her face between Paul's asscheeks, tapping into his ass crack with her tongue, and groaning with excitement as her tongue touched his asshole.

"Commmiiinnggg!" Tom suddenly roared. "Oh, God, meeee tooooooo!" Ronda cried, continuing to lick Paul's ass.

"Gonna shoot!" Paul gasped.

"Commmmiiinnggg!" Hal shouted.

Tremendous gobs of cum spurted front three cocks and at once. Susan's cunt, asshole, and mouth were all flooded to overflowing with the hot, thick jism.

Susan's brain spun and bright colors danced in front of her eyes as the young blonde came again, even harder this time.

Chapter SIX

Two days later, during their lunch break from the office, Susan and her Uncle Mark decided to take a leisurely walk through the large park just a block away.

They held hands and walked slowly through the nearly secluded greenery, talking now and then, but otherwise sharing companionable silences.

Suddenly, Susan stopped walking and turned to face her uncle squarely on.

"Uncle Mark," she whispered breathlessly, "I want to give you a blow-job!"

"Here? Now?" the man asked, shocked and more than a little turned on by his niece's lewd words.

"Sure! Right now!" the young girl giggled, gesturing toward a circular cluster of trees with a clearing in the center. "Over there. No one'll see us, and it'll make it all the more exciting to do it right there where we could get caught!"

Mark eagerly nodded his head and followed his horny niece into the grove of trees. There, Susan turned and faced her handsome uncle. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her soft young body up against his. Mark's prick leaped in his pants and throbbed painfully up against the girl's flat tummy. He fastened his hungry lips on hers and explored the inside of her wet mouth with his hot tongue.

Susan reached between the man's legs and stroked the growing cock-bulge at his crotch. Mark ran his hands up under her skirt, and kneaded the tender flesh of her ass. She pulled down on his zipper and slipped her cool hand inside the hot cavern of his open fly.

Mark groaned when he felt the teenagers fingers touch the hard meat of his throbbing prick. His hard-on was almost at its full length now and she had to work his tock around a bit to get it out of his pants. His prick stood straight out, pulsing wildly in the air, pointing straight at the girl's tummy.

She took a step backward, and her eyes widened as she stared at her uncle's prick which by now was no stranger to her, but which never failed to excite her beyond belief.

"My God, Uncle Mark!" she gasped, running her soft hand up and down the long sleek cock shaft. "I'm always surprised by how big your cock is!" She shook her head in amazement.

Mark smiled proudly as Susan dropped to her knees. She licked her lips in anticipation of tasting the big red cockhead aimed at her mouth.

She stuck out her long pink tongue and teasingly licked the sensitive underside of Uncle Mark's cock-knob. He held his breath and cupped her head in his hands as she licked around the glistening meat of his prick, sending hot sensations coursing through his throbbing prick.

Susan squeezed his thick, round cock shaft and closed her eyes in ecstasy. She slipped her moist red lips around her uncle's prick and began sucking on it.

"Oh, yeah, baby, you've got it... just right. Yeah! Just like that... ahhhhh! Susie, keep it up... suck me off!" Mark groaned.

He stared down, watching with excitement as the girl's lips opened and closed around his cock. He was enjoying the sight of his own niece sucking him off.

The young girl slowly, skillfully milked the long cock shaft as she held the tender prickknob in her mouth and washed her hot tongue back and forth across his sensitive cock meat.

Oh God, Mark thought hotly, if only they were someplace else so that he could fuck his prick deep into Susan's hot cunt. He knew from experience that her pussy was just as good at milking his cock as her mouth was.

As his pleasure and desire intensified, Mark began moving his hips around. His knees wobbled and he could feel his entire body trembling.

Mark held the back of Susan's head and started to fuck his prick in and out of her expertly sucking mouth. Sensing that her orgasm was just a few sucks away.

The teenager dropped her hand from his prick shaft and pursed her moist lips in a tight circle around his cock.

Mark was fucking her mouth in earnest now. His eyes were closed and his mind was filled with hot images of his prick ramming her young cunt and hosing down the clenching walls of her pussy with cock cream.

He rapidly fucked his prick in and out of her mouth, his strokes faster and more frenzied now as his sexual tension increased. He shoved his prick deep in her mouth and held the cockknob fast against her tonsils as he brutally ground his hips against her mouth.

Susan groaned excitedly as her uncle's rock-hard prick suddenly bulged inside her mouth. Her lips worked furiously on his prick. Mark's body stiffened as he shot a thick stream of white-hot cum into the girl's mouth. She moaned again, greedily swallowing down his cock cream with loud sucking sounds.

"Oh, God, sooooo good," Mark groaned. His cock leaped and throbbed in the young girl's mouth as his milky cum spurted from his prick. Still sucking hard, Susan closed her eyes tightly and groaned out deep sounds of pleasure.

Mark pulled back and pried his cock loose from his niece's lips, feeling his legs trembling after his powerful orgasm. His well-sucked prick bounced in the air, trailing a thin string of cum which hung from his cockhead.

"Ohhh, Uncle Mark," Susan panted, staring at the cum that was dribbling from his cock. Then, she moved forward again and licked up every last drop of the man's delicious-tasting jism.

That done, she looked up at her uncle with a happy grin on her lovely young face. She put his prick back into his pants and zipped him up. Then, hand in hand, Susan and her uncle walked back to the office, not saying a word, but now and then exchanging secret meaningful smiles.

Late that night, Susan let her uncle into her bedroom, just as they had arranged it after their suck session in the park. She clapped her hands when she saw that he was carrying his whip.

"Ohhh, goody, I love it when you use that thing on me!" she cried.

"Hush, Susie. You'll wake everyone up!" Mark said, his eyes already gleaming with desire.

"Oh, that's okay. I told you how we've all been sucking and fucking each other lately. No one would mind," Susan said, taking her nightgown off and sprawling on her bed.

"Yeah, I know, but then I might have to share you with someone -- and right now I want you all to myself, you filthy cunt!" Mark growled, taking his clothes off and walking menacingly toward the bed.

At first, her uncle's cruel, crude words shocked Susan. But then she grinned, realizing that the man was simply beginning their little game, the game that they both loved so much, the game that gave him permission to use the whip on her.

"Well, baby, are you gonna let your uncle fuck you or not?" Mark asked.

Susan could see by the light in his eyes that be wanted her to resist him so that they could continue their little game and play it out to the hilt.

"No, no, I hate you! I won't let you fuck me!" she responded, squirming on the bed as if trying to escape -- when actually she wanted nothing more than to feel the man's huge cock fucking into her already-wet cunt.

"Look, baby," he said huskily, "You're gonna get fucked, no matter what you do!"

He leaned down and tried to kiss her, but the young girl jerked her head from side to side, preventing him from getting close to her.

Mark reached out and slapped her several times, sending her head swinging from side to side as she cried out in pain. But he knew what Susan was turning on more and more, just as he was.

This time when Mark kissed her, she did not protest. He ran his tongue up and down her neck and under her earlobes. He moved his hand up to her heaving tits, squeezing the firm mounds of tit-flesh until she moaned.

He pressed her legs apart and jammed his knee into her crotch. She started violently and opened her eyes with shock. She began to struggle again and began hitting her uncle with her fist.

"Let me go, you filthy bastard! You lousy son of a bitch," she said, her free arm wildly flailing and striking blow after blow against his muscular shoulder.

Mark grabbed her arm and dug his strong fingers into her flesh.

Mark snapped the whip and she recoiled on the bed as if she already felt the punishing lashes on her back.

With his free hand, Mark held his big cock and pointed it toward her face.

"This is what you really want," he said. "I'm gonna stuff this fat cock up your cunt, you cock-tease!"

Susan gasped and closed her eyes, playing her part to the hilt. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were locked on the whip. Mark grasped the handle of the whip, the long leather thongs trailing on the bed. Then, he raised it in the air.

"Are you gonna let me fuck you now, cunt?" he asked.

Susan shook her head, never taking her widening eyes off the whip. Mark moved closer to her and brought the whip handle down hard on her slender thighs.

"Oh, no!" she screamed, tears of pain and pleasure welling up in her eyes. "Don't, oh, please don't make me."

Mark grinned and, reaching over her, his stiff cock brushing her face, he gave her a harsh whack on her ass. She screamed again and wriggled her smarting ass high in the air.

He slapped the whip handle down against her hands. She was whimpering and crying, loving every second of the treatment her uncle was dishing out. And she knew, just as Mark did, that when they finally did fuck, it would be better than ever because of the punishment he was dishing out with such pleasure.

He brought the whip handle down on her flushed ass again, leaving a long red welt on her quivering mounds of ass-flesh. His hard cock throbbed in the air as his eyes feasted on his niece's slim, sexy body. He took in the tight mounds of her ass and her smooth-muscled thighs and felt his mouth go dry.

He leaned against the bed and tried to turn her over, but she continued to resist him. He whacked her again across the ass. She jerked around on the bed. He hit her again and pulled painfully on her arm. This time, Susan allowed him to turn her over.

Her beautiful face was bathed in hot tears, but she was smiling. She drew her knees up and cupped her hands around her pussy, hiding it from her uncle's view. He whacked her across the backs of her hands and she jerked them away. Then he smacked the soft insides of her thighs three times in quick succession, the whip handle a dark blur as it struck first one thigh, and then the other.

Susan moaned and lowered her legs to the bed. Mark dropped the whip to the floor and climbed on top of her. He began kissing her all over the upper part of her writhing body. He ran his hands over her huge tits and licked the long, throbbing nips which hardened in his mouth. He sucked on first one tit and then the other, with his hand between her legs. At first, she kept her legs tightly locked together, but Mark brutally squeezed the flesh of her inner thighs, gouging into her and making her snap her legs open.

He rubbed her downy cunt fur and ran his fingers inside the deep groove of her pussy, not surprised to find it as wet as the inside of his mouth. He fucked his fingers up her cunt and she groaned. She tried to pull back, still playing the game, but he shoved his fingers farther up and clutched at the slippery walls of her pussy.

Susan began moving around on her uncle's fingers now, unconsciously moving her ass around slowly, then more passionately as his fingers probed her pussy. He bent over to kiss her again and this time she opened her mouth wide and tongue-kissed him back.

Still playing their, game as if reading a script, Susan suddenly bit her uncle's tongue. He screamed in pain and, rearing back, he slapped his niece across the face. He acted as if he were furious now. He roughly spread her legs apart and mounted her, fucking his swollen prick up her pussy and ignoring her cries of pain and pleasure as his huge cock scraped the insides of her cunt and grated against her soft flesh.

Susan came alive. She wrapped her legs around her uncle's back, thrusting her hips against his and making him wince as her crotch ground hard into his.

"Ohhh, Uncle Mark!" she cried, tossing her head from side to side, tears of joy and pain streaming from her eyes. "Ohhhh, take meee, Uncle Mark, take me! Hit me! Slap my face! Beat me hard and rape me with that hard cock of yours!"

Mark slapped her face back and forth, timing each slap to the rhythm of his cock as he fucked in and out of her cunt. She reached up and sank her long, sharp fingernails into his arms, and he shivered in both pain and delight, feeling the mounting excitement and girl beneath him.

"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you," Mark chanted as he fucked his niece furiously, whipping her face back and forth as she cried and screamed and her beautiful face contorted with lust. The young girl gave herself totally up to the ecstasy of being raped and beaten, just as she always did when she and her Uncle Mark played their little game.

Mark unwrapped her legs from around his waist and draped them over his shoulder, her ass swinging freely off the bed now and her pussy open as wide as could be. He fucked his rock-hard prick deeper inside her cunt and roughly squeezed her thighs.

"Ohhhh, stop, stop!" she screamed. "I'm commmiiinnnggg!"

Mark felt the walls of the girl's pussy quiver around his buried cock. She shuddered and jerked around on the bed as she reached an explosive orgasm.

"Ohhhh, it feel soooo good!" she cried as waves of hot forbidden pleasure washed over her.

But Mark didn't stop. He continued to fuck in and out of her, goaded into a lusty frenzy and by the lewd sensation of the girl's orgasm filled pussy clutching at his cock.

Susan kept screaming and beating on the mans arms, flinging her head on the pillow, her long golden hair swinging through the air.

"Ohhhhh, nooooo!" she cried out deliriously. "I'm coming again! Oh, my God!"

Another orgasmic explosion shook her body as she came again and again, her slender body shaking spasmodically and her pussy muscles expanding and contracting around her uncle's cock shaft. He fucked his prick as far up her pussy as it would go, and held his prick in place as he ground his crotch into hers.

"Ohhh, Uncle Mark, please come inside me!" she cried out, her mouth wide open and her saliva running over her lips and down her chin. "Oh, come now! I can't stand it anymore! I have to feel your cum inside me!"

Mark pulled back and withdrew his cock until it hung just outside the girl's slippery fuck hole. Then he fucked back in until just the cock head was inside her, then withdrew it again. He slipped his prick-knob in and out of her fuck hole, sliding his cock back and forth over her cuntlips, tickling her clit and driving her mad to have all of his big prick inside her again.

With his cockhead rapidly flexing in and out of her cunt, she came again, her warm, slick pussy cream pouring over his cock-knob and running down the shaft of his prick.

"Oh God, Uncle Mark, don't keep teasing me like this! I can't stand it! I have to feel you coming inside me!" Susan cried desperately.

Mark fucked deep inside her, jolting her body with the force of his fuck-thrust. With her legs still wrapped around his neck, he tugged at her hips with each thrust of his huge prick, his balls smacking up against her ass with a sharp, wet sound.

His cock seemed to expand inside her cunt as his cum shot up from his balls and gushed out his cum-slit. Feeling his cum spurt inside her pussy finally, Susan came all over again. The muscles of her cunt opened and closed around the man's pulsing prick as every last drop of jism was drained from his balls.

Susan opened her eyes and smiled up at her uncle. She put her arms around Uncle Mark's neck and hugged him to her. Her lips brushed his forehead as she ran her fingers through his thick hair.

"Thank you, Uncle Mark," she murmured. "I love it when a guy takes me and forces me to him fuck me. I love the way you rape me sometimes!"

"My pleasure, baby," Mark said with a husky chuckle. "Just give me a call anytime you feel like being raped!"

Chapter SEVEN

A few nights later, Susan accepted a babysitting job for a neighbor, and she talked her kid brother, Hal, into going along with her.

"But won't it be boring?" Hal had asked. "Not with me it won't. I'll make it interesting for you, honey," Susan had promised with a smile.

That was all the horny young boy had needed to hear. As they walked to the neighbor's house, Hal could think of nothing else but his sister's tight, wet pussy and what it felt like to fuck her.

Later, after the neighbors had left for the evening, Hal watched television with one eye on his sister, who was playing with the two little girls they were babysitting. The three of them were rolling around on the floor together, giggling and shrieking.

Now and then, Hal caught a glimpse of Susan bending over with her skirt all tangled up around her waist and her white panties showing. He would get a lump in his throat and his cock would jerk in his pants.

The young boy was becoming increasingly restless, wondering when his sister was going to put the two kids to bed. With his eyes open and directed at the television set, he was actually dreaming of his lusting hands roaming over the hills and valleys of Susan's lush body and her young hand pulling on his cock.

But it seemed as though Susan was going to let the two little girls stay up all night. Every now and then, Susan would glance over at her brother and give him a teasing look, letting him know that she was all too aware of how horny he was and how impatient he must be getting. The girl was enjoying making her brother wait for her pussy. It was just making her all the hotter, and she knew that by the time they did fuck each other, the young boy's cock would be rock-hard, just the way she liked it.

Finally, the time came when Susan put the two little girls to bed. She came back into the living room where Hal was still watching television and quietly sat beside him. His body felt like it was on fire. Susan was sitting so close to him that he could almost hear her heart beating.

Susan's thoughts raced. Her pussy was drooling furiously now, she was so turned on by the nearness of her handsome brother. And the thought of what was about to happen between them made her so hot that she almost creamed on the spat. Every impulse in the young girl's body, every hot nerve ending, cried out for her to take the initiative and grab her brother's cock. Then, in a matter of minutes, they would be fucking, which was what the young girl needed more than anything else at that moment.

But she knew that guys liked to take the lead. And Hal was no exception. Besides, just the other day, her mother had remarked that, in spite of all of Hal's recent fucking experience, the boy was young and still had things to learn about the entire sexual experience.

So, Susan forced herself to curb her passion, and she sat quietly on the couch next to her young brother, waiting for him to make the first move.

Pretending to yawn, Hal stretched out his arms and let one rest on the back of the couch behind Susan. She squirmed closer to him and pressed her thigh up against his, making him tremble at the sweet contact of her warm flesh.

Hal grinned and put his hand on her shoulder, feeling the heat of her flesh beneath her thin cotton blouse, and drew her to him. Susan tilted her head up and flashed her brother a warm smile.

The young boy bent his head and roughly pressed his lips onto Susan's. She opened her mouth and his tongue slid inside and the two teenagers tongue-kissed each other passionately over and over again.

Clutching her tightly with his left arm, Hal brought his right hand up and grabbed one of the girl's huge tits. Her tit was firm yet soft to his lewd touch and the boy was feeling half mad with desire.

Hal squeezed her tits, first one tit, then the other tit, clutching them in a lust-filled frenzy that turned both of the youngsters on beyond belief.

Then, with trembling fingers, the young boy unbuttoned his sister's blouse and slid his fingers in the cup of her bra, greedily stretching the elastic until her tit was in his palm.

Hal's prick was pulsing in his pants now, and he moaned with an urgently rising sense of excitement and lust. He took his hand from her bra, slid it down her flat tummy and underneath the hem of her panties. In response, Susan put her hand on his crotch and rubbed his growing hard-on through his pants.

"Ohhh, Susie," Hal groaned, squirming beneath her clutching hand.

He stretched his fingers inside her panties and felt the soft tangle of her cunt bush. He stuck his finger in the moist crack of her cunt, feeling her flowing pussy juices.

"Mmmm, that feels so friggin' good, honey," Susan moaned, turning on more and more.

Hal couldn't wait to shoot his cum load inside his sister's young pussy. He longed to feel his prick throbbing deep inside her hot cunt.

He withdrew his mouth from Susan's and stuck his tongue in her ear.

"Ohhhh!" she squealed.

"Let's go to one of the bedrooms," he whispered in a husky voice that she hardly recognized.

Susan grinned and nodded her head. Hal helped her to her feet. He felt his prick sticking out in his pants like a flagpole. Susan took her brother by the hand and led him past the girls' room and the master bedroom to a guest room in the back of the house.

When they entered the room, Hal silently closed the door and pushed his sister back on the bed without turning on the light. He climbed on top of her and pressed his body to hers, his stiff cock prodding between her legs.

He glued his lips to hers and dry-fucked her until neither of the teenagers could stand the torment any longer. Hal slipped the blouse off his sister's shoulders, then reached beneath her to unhook her bra. He unhooked it and slid the straps down her arms.

Hal's mouth went dry as he stared at his sister's huge tit mounds. Her tits looked so juicy and inviting and he felt his prick jerk. He buried his face between the two tits and put his leg between hers, pressing his knee against her pussy. He sucked hard on the girl's luscious tits, raking the taut nips with the edges of his teeth.

"Ohhhh, Hal, you're making me soooo hot," the girl groaned, tossing her head back and forth on the bed.

Hal reached down and unzipped his fly. He took Susan's hand and guided it to his cock, which swung free from his open pants. He trembled as he felt her fingers close around his prick and give it a squeeze.

He thrust his hips forward, Susan's tightened fingers stretching the taut flesh of his cock shaft downward, making his prick stand tall and eager in her fist.

"Oh, God, Susie, you don't know what you're doing to me!" Hal cried as a hot sexual sweat broke out on his forehead. Susan grinned, knowing exactly what she was doing to her brother, and it was no accident. She wanted him so hot and hard that he would fuck her even better than usual.

Hal groaned, realizing that the feel of his sister's hand on his cock while he was feeling her tits was like no other feeling in the world. Her soft palm rubbing his sensitive prick felt almost as good to him as fucking. Almost, but not quite.

He unhooked her skirt and raised himself up on his knees as he drew it down over her thighs. Then, with trembling fingers, he grasped the top of her panties and rolled them quickly down over her shapely legs.

Susan's eyes were closed now. Hal ran his sweating hands over her naked body. His fingers traced the outlines of her sensuously exciting curves, turning them both on more and more.

Hal thrilled to the idea that lying on the bed before him was a naked young girl who would let him do whatever he wanted to her. And the fact that she was his own gorgeous sister just added to his fuck-lust.

He got up from the bed and quickly stripped his clothes off. Then he turned back to the bed where Susan was waiting with her legs stretched out and her arms flung out on either side of her soft body. He gathered her up in his muscular arms and his hand went to her wet pussy.

He liberally smeared his hand with his sister's cunt juices, then applied the pussy cream to his throbbing cock. He spread Susan's legs and raised up on his knees again. With cock in hand, he slowly fucked into her pussy.

"Ohhh, yesss, fuck meeee!" she wailed.

Her pussy was tight and Hal sweated and grunted, flexing his strong thigh muscles as he fucked in inch by inch. Susan raised up to help him, and soon they could both feel the entire length of his huge prick buried to the hilt within her creamy pussy.

"Ohhh, you're all the way inside me, Hal! It feels so fucking good! Now fuck me, Hal, fuck me! Fuck your sister good and hard!" Susan cried.

"Damn right I'll fuck you good and hard, you slut!" Hal roared, knowing that his sister liked it when he talked to her that way.

"Ooooh, you feel sooo good inside me, Hal!" Susan yelled excitedly.

The boy's big prick felt like a hot poker deep within her cunt. Each time he fucked his prick in and out of her, it felt as if he were turning her pussy inside out with his ramrod of hard cock meat.

The young girl's pussy had been tight before, but now her cunt fit around Hal's probing prick like a silken glove. No longer even trying to be gentle, Hal fucked his sister as if possessed by all the demons of hell.

Susan moaned with pleasure and lifted her ass up and down off the bed, fucking back at him expertly. She matched her fuck-rhythm to Hal's, and they were soon fucking each other in perfect harmony.

The beautiful blonde grabbed her brother around his waist and seemed to guide his movements as he fucked in and out of her. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. She nibbled at his lips and fastened her mouth on his shoulder, sucking on it until the flesh was red and stinging with pleasure.

The horny teenagers were like two wild animals in heat, as they wildly fucked toward their hot climaxes, both young bodies glistening with sweat. Hal fucked his cock deeper and deeper into his sister's cunt, sliding out, then ramming back in again, his tightening balls slapping wetly against the girl's ass crack.

Everything in Susan's body strained toward the orgasm just out of reach for her, the one she needed so badly. She no longer had any control over her own actions. Her body had completely taken over, fucking wilder and wilder with each of Hal's rough fuck-thrusts.

She felt a gigantic climax building, and she cried out with the thrill it gave her. Her eyes glazed over, and she saw bright spots of color in front of her eyes as her orgasm finally rushed through her throbbing, gushing cunt.

"Commmiiinnngg!" she screamed hoarsely. A raging, fiery climax burned hotly through her young body. Every fiber of her body responded to it, and her cunt walls contracted violently with the force of the explosion tearing through her pussy.

"Meeee toooo, Susie!" Hal suddenly cried. "Coming!"

He scooped his strong hands under his sister's ass and lifted her hips high in the air so he could fuck his cock even deeper into her cunt. Over and over again, he stabbed her pussy with his bursting prick as he began to come.

And, suddenly, Susan's pussy was filled with hot, burning jizz. The erotic sensation only increased her own orgasm and she bucked her ass up wildly to meet her brother's plunging fuck-thrusts.

Glob after glob of hot cum shot into her cunt, setting her pulsing pussy on fire. Hal snapped his head back and groaned loudly as more and more jism shot from his prick and splashed into his sister's pussyhole.

"Yessss, Hal, yesss!" Susan cried as she came again. "Fill my pussy with your cum! I love it!"

Chapter EIGHT

One night the following week, Susan Johnson awoke with a start. There, in her moonlit bedroom, someone had touched her!

"Don't be frightened, darling," her mother's voice purred out of the semidarkness. "It's only your mother."

"Mom! You scared the shit out of me. What is it? What's wrong?" Susan asked, her eyes focusing. She could clearly see her mother standing next to the bed.

Ronda's eyes traveled slowly over her daughter's firm young body. She was glad that Susan liked to sleep in the nude. And, with no covers over her on this hot night. Susan's entire naked body was available to her mother's gaze.

Ronda's eyes lingered on Susan's huge tits and the tempting bush between her legs.

"Nothing's wrong, Susan, not really. I just felt like being with you. Do you mind?" Ronda asked softly.

Susan looked up into her mother's face and gasped as she read the expression in the woman's eyes. My God, she thought, it can't be! But it was. Susan recognized that look. It was the same look she had seen in Hal's eyes, and in Paul's, and in her uncle's and her father's. It was the look of lust.

Ronda smiled reassuringly at her daughter as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Reaching out, she stroked the young girl's naked thigh.

Susan gasped again, her flesh burning from her mother's obscene touch. Before Susan knew what was happening, the alder woman lowered her face and kissed the girl passionately on the mouth. Susan moaned and responded willingly, parting her lips and mashing her tongue against her mother's mouth.

"Ohhh, Mom," Susan murmured as their lips parted.

"You liked that kiss, didn't you, darling?" Ronda asked, stroking the girl's leg again, feeling the firm flesh quivering beneath her forbidden touch.

"Oh, yess, Mom!" Susan cried.

"You know, darling, only another girl can really know just how to make it really good for you, because only she knows what feels good for herself," Ronda whispered, giving her daughter a meaningful smile.

"Oh, yes, I see, Mom!" Susan said, feeling her little clit beginning to tingle and burn with excitement.

Suddenly, Ronda drew her skirt up around her waist and opened her thighs widely. Susan gasped with excitement as she stared at her mother's hairy cunt.

"Do you like it, darling?" Ronda asked.

"Oh, yes, Mommy! You have a beautiful pussy! The other night when the whole family was all sucking and fucking each other, I kept looking at your pussy and thinking how gorgeous it is, and I started having fantasies about what it would be like..."

"I know, darling. I saw you, looking. And, believe me, I was looking at your sweet cunt, too! That's why I'm here tonight, Susie."

As Susan watched breathlessly, her mother spread her own cuntlips apart with two fingers and rubbed her aching clit. Then she tore her skirt off and threw it to the floor.

"So you really do like my pussy, dear?" Ronda asked, her voice husky with fuck-lust.

"Oh, yes, Mommy! I love your pussy!"

"Would you like to taste it?" Ronda asked.

"Yessss, Mom, yesss!"

"Good," Ronda smiled. "We can eat each other's pussies. Teenage pussy is one of my favorite treats."

Ronda took her blouse off, leaving herself completely naked, just as Susan was. Then, without another word, Ronda cupped the girl's large tits in her hands and swiftly tongued the rigid nips into her wet, sucking mouth. Susan moaned and, after wriggling around on the bed to get into a better position, she returned the favor by sucking on her mother's tits as hard as she could.

"Your tits taste so good, Mommy!" Susan murmured around the woman's spongy titflesh. "I love sucking your tits! I never thought I'd be doing something like this."

"I know what you mean, dear. Just like until recently, I certainly never thought I'd ever let your father fuck you, Susan. And now, I not only let him fuck you, but I love to watch!"

Ronda began moaning as her daughter licked and sucked her nipples, which grew harder in the young girl's mouth.

Susan giggled happily, the sound muffled by her mother's tit-flesh. For long minutes, the two females sucked and tongued each other's tits, turning on more and more. Then they stretched out side by side on the bed and wrapped their arms around each other.

"Why don't you lie on top of me, Susan? Or sit an my face, whatever you want, so I can eat your hot pussy," Ronda suggested.

With a squeal of excitement, Susan eagerly got on top of her mother, facing the opposite direction as she squatted over the woman's head. With her wet cunt gaping widely, she slowly lowered herself, giving Ronda a teasing view of her juicy pussy.

"Darling, I can't wait," Ronda murmured, inhaling deeply and savoring the tempting aroma of young pussy in heat.

Ronda expertly flicked here tongue out and mashed it hard against the young girl's throbbing clit, feeling a stream of curt juice flowing into her mouth.

"Oh, God, Mom!" Susan yelled, her entire body bucking as though she were having a fit of some kind. And, in truth, she was -- a sexual fit of fuck-lust.

The teenager's cunt tingled and burned as her mother continued to tongue-fuck her. Susan moaned with pleasure, realizing now that her mother had been right. Only another female would really eat out a pussy the right way.

She loved it when a guy ate her pussy. And she most certainly never felt as though she were missing out on anything. But there was just something about the way her mother was reaming out her cunt that thrilled the young girl like no man's tongue ever had before. And now, as she gazed at her mother's beautiful, juicy cunt, the teenager only hoped that she would be able to do half as good a cunt sucking job for the older woman.

Bending over, Susan's spread her sleek thighs and continued to gaze hungrily at the tempting feast spread before her. She had never seen another pussy so close before, and she was fascinated. Taking a deep breath, Susan spread her mother's cuntlips apart and gasped as the pulsing clit throbbed out into the open like a miniature cock.

"Ohhhh, Mommy, I can't wait to suck your pussy! It's soooo beautiful!" Susan cried as she touched the twitching clit with the tip of her tongue. From that second on, the young girl knew there would be no turning back. She would eat her mother's pussy and she would love every tongue-fucking minute of it!

After strumming her tongue against her mother's jerking clit, Susan wriggled it into the older woman's tight fuckhole, surprised that her cunt could be so snug and tight at her age. She tasted the tangy fuck-sauce and moaned with delight. She loved the taste! She fucked her tongue all the way inside the other woman's cunthole, squirming it around, feeling her mother's tight pussy walls closing around it.

Suddenly, they both came.

Cunt-honey poured into Ronda's mouth and she felt the spasms of the young girl's orgasm vibrating against her fucking tongue. And even more sweet cunt cream streamed into Susan's mouth from her mother's coming cunt.

Susan moaned against the older woman's pussy. She had never felt anything like it. She knew she was hooked now. She loved eating coming cunt!

Over and over, they tongue-fucked each other until Ronda finally signaled to Susan that they should stop. They sat cross-legged on the bed, facing each other, their knees touching. Mother and daughter were smiling dazedly at each other.

"That was great, Mom," Susan said with a happy sigh.

"It sure was, darling. How would you like to really fuck your mother now?"

"What do you mean? How could I really fuck you?" Susan asked with a laugh. But her pussy twitched with excitement.

"Just wait there darling. I've got a dildo in my bedroom that you're gonna just love!" the woman said, already halfway out the door.

Susan was soon looking at the dildo which her mother laughingly held out to her for her inspection. It was a shiny shaft of black rubber, at least a foot long, with blunt ends.

Ronda knelt before her daughter and grinned at the young girl, knowing that Susan was growing more and more eager.

"It's like a two-headed cock, darling."

"Ohhh, yes, Mommy, that's just what it looks like!" Susan cried. Her pussy twitched and jerked. The teenager was rapidly becoming very, very excited.

"It's just what you and I need right now. Right, dear? Two cocks!" Ronda said as she lay back on the large bed, bent her knees and spread her legs far apart.

Susan needed no further encouragement. Licking her lips as she gazed greedily at her mother's beautiful, puckering pussy, she clutched the dildo in both hands, making it rigid, and guided the far end toward the twitching fuckhole in front of her. The black bulb slid easily between Ronda's parted pussylips and disappeared inside her contracting pussyhole.

Susan moaned with fuck-lust as she fed her mother's pussy the black dildo, inch by inch, until half of it was gone.

"Good work, darling," Ronda murmured from below. "Now stick that half up your own cunt. Do it slowly, baby, so I can watch!"

Susan spread her swollen cuntlips apart with the fingers of one hand while, with the other, she guided the black, shiny cock-knob inside her pussy. Her pussy instantly spasmed with excitement, then stretched painfully to take all the cock it could get, substitute or not!

Susan felt like fucking it all in fast, but her mother repeated her instruction to do it slowly. Ronda groaned with desire as she watched the long black dildo disappear up her daughter's tight cunt.

Painstakingly, Susan inserted only an inch at a time until finally, there were only a couple of inches of dildo left showing between their pussies. Her legs trembled from the tension of squatting and she looked at her mother, waiting for the other woman's instruction about what her next move should be.

"Okay, darling, now drop all the way down -- and let's fuck!" Ronda squealed.

Susan grinned and pushed down with all her strength, feeling her cunt swallow up the rest of the substitute cock, her cunt mashing against her mothers cunt.

They both began to gyrate their hips in skillful fucking movements. Susan leaned down to thrust her tongue into her mother's open, panting mouth. And, as she did, Ronda clasped her hands over the young girl's huge tits and rubbed her palms obscenely over the rigid nips, engorged with hot blood now.

The wet sounds of their fucking filled their ears and turned them on even more. They were brutally fucking each other now, cunt to cunt.

Susan had never known such sweet lust. With every fuck-thrust she gave with the artificial prick, she got fucked back the more she fucked her mother, the more she was fucked back. And, she realized that she had never known such pleasure in all her young life.

They were fucking each other wildly now. They were both coming constantly, their orgasms crashing over them with gigantic waves of erotic pleasure, their cunts spilling out pussy juice which completely soaked their crotches, the dildo, and the sheets beneath them.

And, while they fucked, they tongue-kissed passionately, and they pawed greedily at each others large, bobbing tits.

"Ohhh, baby," Ronda moaned. "You're fucking your mother soooo good!"

"Mmmmmmmm, I love this, Mommy! I'm soooooo horny, I can hardly stand it!" Susan responded.

"Let's try something a little different now, dear," Ronda panted a few minutes later.

"What do you mean, Mom?" Susan asked. She had no idea what her mother had in mind but she was sure that it would, be great, whatever it was.

"I love a cock up my ass, darling. The deeper the better. How about you?" Ronda asked her daughter lewdly.

"Ohhhh, yessss, I love that!" Susan gasped excitedly.

"It might hurt a little, I warn you, darling," Ronda said softly.

"That's okay, Mommy. If it hurts, I'll just enjoy it even more!" Susan said with a giggle.

Ronda smiled approvingly and pulled her end of the dildo from her soaking-wet cunt. Susan did the same. Silently, Susan watched her mother and did exactly as she did. Ronda scooped up a handful of her own cunt sauce and spread it between Susan's trembling asscheeks. Susan moaned, loving the feel of her mother's hand on her ass. She gathered up a handful of her pussy cream and quickly smoothed it over her mother's asshole, working it in good.

Ronda moaned, too, and she began to resin out her daughter's ass with several fingers, trying to widen and loosen the young girl's tiny asshole for the fuck to come. Susan did the same for her mother's small asshole.

Then Susan sank forward onto the bed and closed her eyes, moaning as her mother's fingers continued to fuck into her small, tight asshole.

"Okay, baby, our assholes are as loose and stretched out as we can get them with just our fingers! The rest is up to the dildo here," Ronda said.

"Ohhh, yesss, Mom!" Susan cried, totally turned on now. She couldn't wait to be assfucked by her mother's fake prick. "Fuck me up my ass with your big black cock, Mom!"

Ronda laughed with delight. "Just follow my lead, baby, and soon you'll be having the sex thrill of your life!"

Ronda flopped over onto her back and held her spread legs aloft by the ankles. Between the cheeks of her mother's firm ass, Susan could see her throbbing asshole twitching at her, as if begging to be fucked.

With an eager grin, Susan fucked one end of the dildo into her mother's asshole as deeply as she could. With one brutal fuck-thrust, she had managed to fuck half of the substitute cock up her mother's pulsing asshole.

"Yessss, that's it, Susie! Arrrrghhhh! You got it! Ohhh, God, that feels sooooo good!" Ronda cried, wriggling her ass and clenching her strong ass muscles around the invading dildo.

Then Susan fell on her back, too, balancing herself on her shoulders with her uplifted legs resting against her mother's. Reaching down, she found the puckering entrance to her asshole with the other end of the dildo and, taking a deep breath, she stabbed her ass with it just as hard as she could, bracing herself for the pain she expected to feel.

But, to her surprise, Susan felt only a small bit of pain which only served to inflame her desire. A raw, rich pleasure flooded through her asshole as she fucked her entire half of the dildo up her asshole.

She humped her asscheeks against her mother's leaving only a narrow band of black rubber visible between the two ass-fucking females.

They lowered their legs, Susan on the inside and her mother's on the outside. They racked and bucked wildly, fucking the dude inside their assholes. Their moans and groans of pleasure filled the room as they continued to fuck their asses.

"Ohhh, Mommy, it's wonderful! You were right! I love it! It feels great!"

Again and again, they fucked their asses, their orgasms coming even harder than when they had fucked their cunts with the dildo. Their hot feverish bodies rolled and rocked back and forth in a frenzy of lust as they repeatedly fucked their assholes, screaming and moaning each time a fresh orgasm blasted through their bodies.

"Ohhhh, yesssss, Mommy! Fuck meeeee!" Susan yelled.

And, finally, the loving teenager came so powerfully that her spasming ass muscles forced her end of the dildo out of her asshole and it flopped onto the bed, where it dribbled the youngster's thick cunt sauce.

Chapter NINE

A few days later, Paul Johnson awoke refreshed after a long nap and, completely naked, he stood in the hallway outside his room for a moment, yawning and running his hand through his thick hair as he idly wondered if he were the only one home.

As if in response to his unspoken question, the teenager suddenly heard a low groan coming from his mother's room right across the hall. Curious and more than a little excited, Paul padded silently to the open doorway and looked inside.

His mother was lying in bed and Susan was sitting on the bed with her back to Paul. He couldn't tell if his mother had anything on beneath the sheet for it was drawn up over her tits. And all he could see of his sister was her round ass, tightly contained in a blue miniskirt. He could clearly see the imprint of the deep crack between her asscheeks.

His mother reached out and took Susan's hand, which she brought up to her lips. Paul couldn't tell for sure what she was doing, but it looked as if she were licking Susan's palm. Susan visibly shuddered and leaned toward her mother, her lovely ass rising up from the bed.

Paul swallowed hard and began to stroke his growing hard-on as he continued to watch the exciting action taking place right before his eyes.

Susan pulled the sheet down from their mother's body, and Paul saw that the woman was stark naked underneath. Her huge big nippled tits pointed stiffly upward. Susan leaned over one tit and began sucking on it while she craddled the other tit in her soft hand.

Susan moved up on the bed, her creamy thighs flashing beneath her short skirt, and pressed her mouth against her mother's. Paul saw his mother's hands disappear inside his sister's blouse. She quickly unbuttoned her daughter's blouse and slipped it off the girl's soft shoulders.

Paul licked his lips excitedly and stroked his hard-on faster, turning on more and more. Sizing up the situation, he guessed that his sister had just arrived home and had surprised their mother, who was taking a nap. Paul was grateful that he happened upon the horny females before they had really gotten started with their torrid fuck session.

Ronda reached around and unhooked Susan's bra. Susan cried out with pleasure as her mother buried her face in her tits, sucking on the girl's mounds of tit-flesh as hard as she could. Susan arched her back and rolled her head from side to side as her mother continued to suck on her big tits.

"Ohhhh, Mom, it feels soooo good!" the teenager cried.

Susan unzipped her skirt. Without moving the upper part of her body, she wriggled out of it and let it fall to the floor. Then, Ronda leaned forward and stroked her daughter's flat tummy. Susan leaned back now so that Paul got a full view of his sister's huge tits. Ronda went back to licking and sucking Susan's tits while Susan cried out and moaned loudly.

Then Susan bent down and kissed her mother's tummy, running her tongue over the smooth flesh, her bare legs half off the bed and her sheer white panties barely covering her rounded asscheeks.

While Susan licked her mother's tummy and entwined her fingers in the woman's full bush of cunt fur, Ronda's hands tugged at her daughter's panties, which slipped down to reveal the young girl's lush asscheeks.

Paul's prick was its full length now and he grasped and squeezed his hard-on passionately as he continued to watch the two females at work across the room. The sheets were completely thrown back now and his view was unobstructed.

Susan now lay full length on top of her mother. They rubbed their pussies together as they kissed and sucked each other's big tits.

Paul could almost feel the heat of their friction in his own loins. His cock was rock hard and he knew that he was going to have to fuck one of the pussies or he would go mad with desire.

He saw his mother's hands come up beneath Susan and clutch at her ass. Then he saw the woman fuck her middle finger up Susan's pussy.

"Aieeeee!" Susan cried out as she felt her mother's finger invading her wet pussy.

Then Paul saw the back of his sister's hand as she fucked her own finger up her mother's cunthole.

"Yessss, darling, yessss!" Ronda gasped. Their hands moved in a blur as the two horny females began to finger-fuck each other's pussies, faster and deeper with each finger-thrust.

Paul swallowed hard, trying not to come as his prick grew hotter and harder in his hand. He saw his mother's and sister's bodies shudder violently moments later as they both came, and he was forced to look away for a few seconds to control himself. He was that close to coming.

Then, Susan lay crosswise on the bed and Ronda faced away from her and spread her legs. She lowered her head and it disappeared between the teenager's legs.

Susan reached up and pulled her mother's crotch down on top of her face. Now both faces were hidden as they sucked on each other's pussies.

Ronda fucked her cunt up and down on her daughter's face while Susan frantically moved her head around in the other woman's crotch, giving her mother as much pleasure as the older woman was giving her.

Paul closed his eyes and imagined that he was the one with his tongue slurping around in his mother's pussy. He could almost taste her sweet pussy juices and the fresh aroma of her aroused cunt.

Then he imagined that he was the one sucking his sister's cunt. His mouth tingled with the imagined taste of the young girl's pussy. His cock jerked in his hand and he knew that he was going to fuck his cock into one of the pussies very soon now.

When Paul opened his eyes again, he saw with a start that his mother and sister were both staring right at him, grinning widely.

"Mom... Susie!" he gasped, his voice husky with longing as his eyes swept over their bodies.

"Hello, Son," Ronda said with a chuckle as she rose from the bed and walked toward Paul.

"Wish I could stay but I have to get dressed and join your father for dinner... left my clothes in the bathroom. But you go on in and fuck your sister, Paul. She's all hot and juicy just right for this big cock of yours," Ronda said with a smile as she tenderly stroked her son's cock on her way out the door.

Alone with his sister now, Paul walked slowly toward the bed, his huge hard-on jutting straight out.

"Come on, Paul, hurry!" Susan cried, turning on beyond belief at the erotic sight of her brother's huge cock waving toward her. "Mom's right! I'm so hot I can hardly stand it! Fuck me!"

As her big brother moved toward her, Susan looked the naked boy up and down. She stared at his crotch, licking her lips excitedly as she patted the bed. Paul sat down beside her, his eyes locked on his sister's huge tits.

"Mmmmmm, you're really hung, Paul. Not that I didn't already know that, but seeing your huge cock right now. Well, it's almost like the first time... just as exciting," the young blonde murmured, running the tip of her pink tongue over her lips in a way that excited her brother.

The young boy gasped as he glanced down and saw the triangular patch of moist cunt hair glistening between his sister's naked white thighs.

Susan reached out and scratched along the inside of her brother's thighs with her long red fingernails. Paul gulped, unable to take his eyes from the girl's pussy.

The blonde's hand on Paul's tight-muscled thigh felt so hot that Paul thought it would catch fire at any moment. It was all he could do to hold himself back from flinging himself on top of her and brutally raping her.

"Ohhh, Paul," Susan murmured, resting her hand directly on her brother's cock. Paul moaned as he felt his prick straining against the girl's pressing fingers. Susan opened and closed her hand around his prick, turning him on more and more. Her hot hand massaged the boy's prick, running up and down the full length of his gigantic hard-on.

His cock was jumping around in her hand like crazy, and he shook his head dazedly, unable to speak.

"Touch, me, Paul. Touch me or I'll go mad!" Susan cried hoarsely.

While his sister continued to jerk him off, Paul finally moved his hand and caressed her smooth white thighs and rubbed his fingers between the lips of her cunt, caressing her downy golden cunt hairs.

Susan leaned toward Paul. He put his free hand on the nape of her neck and drew her closer to him. Their lips met and Paul felt her fingers tighten around his cock even as Susan felt her brother's hand grip her thigh almost painfully.

"Ohhh, Paul," Susan moaned as he pressed his warm, wet mouth lewdly against hers. He thrust his tongue past her lush lips and felt her tongue meet his. He groaned and fiercely pressed his lips against hers, their mouths joined in an incestuous kiss which made both of the youngsters groan with desire.

Paul's searching fingers found his sister's moist cunt slit between her legs. He rubbed his finger up and down her bloated cuntlips and her ass squirmed around on the couch as she grew more and more aroused. She jerked violently in his arms when. Ibis fingers found the hard little bud of her clit.

She furiously milked his cock up and down. Paul fucked two fingers up her cunt and felt her press down hard, her ass grinding away now as if her very life depended on it. She worked her hand up and down his prick, faster and harder with each obscene stroke.

"Ohhh, baby, you sure know how to jack a guy off," Paul said approvingly, taking his lips from hers for a moment.

Then Susan bent over and kissed the puffy red knob of his prick. She licked around the edges of his cockhead and he fucked his fingers even deeper into her pussy as her lips closed around his prick-knob.

"Do you like this?" Susan asked, looking up and grinning wickedly at her brother.

"You know it, Sis," Paul said, panting hard as she went back to licking his prick.

Then Susan opened her mouth wide and swallowed the boy's prick to the balls. He pumped his ass up and down, fucking in and out of her mouth with his juicy cock.

She grabbed the boy's hairy balls and rolled them together, able to feel the hot cum churning within.

She moved her head around in a circle and up and down as she expertly sucked his prick.

"Ohhhhh, baby, suck my cock!" he cried. "That's it! You got it, Susie! Yeah, you're doing it great! Oh, God, Susie, I'm gonna ram my prick so far down your throat it'll come out your, ass!"

Paul suddenly fucked his cock far back in his sister's throat. She gagged and straightened up, with tears of pain and joy in her eyes.

"Ohhh, Paul," she gasped as soon as she caught her breath, "I want to suck on your gorgeous cock until I drain all the cum from your balls, but right now I have to feel this huge monster inside my pussy. Oh, God, I need you to fuck me, Paul!"

Before Paul could respond, his sister raised up on her knees. She swung one of her legs across Paul and straddled him, her wet pussy hovering over his upright cock. She took his prick in hand and guided it to the wet gash of her gaping cunt. Instead of sticking his cock in her pussy right away, she rubbed the tender cock-knob back and forth against her clit, arching her back and rolling her head from side to side as she cried out her pleasure.

"Ohhh, Paul your cock feels soooo good. I love your big prick! Soon it will be fucking inside me! Oh, God, I'm so horny!" Susan cried, tears of lust filling her eyes.

Paul grabbed her firm ass and squeezed the smooth, trembling flesh. His cockhead was rubbed raw against her clit, but the youth wasn't complaining. His cock was already bigger and thicker and harder than ever before, and he realized that his kid sister turned him on in a way that no other chick ever had before -- even the older and far more experienced pussies he had fucked over the years.

Susan held his cock steady against her clit and moved around so that his cum-slit covered her hard clit.

"Oh, God, Sis, what you're doing to me!" the boy cried.

"Same here, Paul, same here... you've got me so hot and horny I can't even think," Susan panted.

Paul had never before felt anything like the lewd sensation of his sister's clit pulsing against his cum-slit. He slid his fingers in deep moist cleavage of her asscheeks and rubbed the outside of the girl's tight asshole. He moistened his middle finger in Susan's slippery cunt juices, then slowly fucked it up her tits.

"Ohhh, yesss, Paul, stick your finger up my asshole! Ohhhh, God, it feels sooo good!" Susan cried, her voice husky with fuck-lust.

She pulled his cockhead away from her clit and thrust his prick up her cunt with tremendous force. Her pussylips closed around his prick shaft in a lewd love grip. She leaned forward, thrusting her big-nippled tits in her brother's, face. She cried out as if in pain, but they both knew that she was beside herself with joy and excitement.

Susan tossed her head from side to side, her long golden hair brushing, back and forth across Paul's forehead as he greedily sucked on her tits. Her nipples grew harder and longer inside the boy's hot, wet mouth and Paul moaned as he felt the stiff nips throbbing within his lips.

"Oh, God. Oh, God, sooooo goood!" Susan cried wantonly.

Suddenly, she fucked her cunt down on her brother's prick just as far as she could, until her pussylips were smack up against his cum loaded balls. She held his cock deep inside her cunt and moved around on him with his cock pulsing and jerking inside her.

Then, she began fucking up and down on Paul's upthrust cock like a mad woman, crying out constantly as the exciting friction of his cock rubbing against the walls of her pussy drove her into the dazed frenzy of lust, a frenzy she knew could not leave until she came.

She clamped her tight cunt walls hard around her brother's prick, holding his cock inside her pussy for a few seconds. She could feel the rod of hard cock meat pulsing lewdly in her pussy, and she groaned with the sheer joy of it.

"Soooo, sooo good," she moaned.

Then, loosening her cunt muscles, she raised herself as Paul drew back, pulling his prick out. But Susan was the one in control, and they both knew it. She let her brother's prick slip from her pussy until just his cockhead was still embedded in her silken cunt. Then, again, she clamped her strong pussy muscles around the cock-knob, refusing to part with any more of the boy's prick.

Again, she thrust herself down over his cock until it was buried in her cunt to the hilt. Streams of cunt juice were running from her fuckhole, completely drenching his throbbing cock meat and trickling obscenely over his nuts and matting his prick hair.

"Oh, you bastard!" Susan screamed, half out of her mind by now. "Goddamn you! Your monster of a cock is driving me absolutely crazy! I love it! I love your big prick and the way it feels inside me! I can't stand it! I have to come! But your prick won't let me come! It keeps making me want more! And more! Shit, Paul, shove that hard fucker up inside me! Jeeesus, I'm stuffed so full of your prick that I can taste it in my mouth! Give it to me, Paul! Give it all to me, you mother-fucking bastard, you! Ohhhhhh, God!"

Each time that Susan rammed herself down over her brother's cock, Paul lifted his ass and fucked his prick into her pussy, matching her stroke for stroke. And, each time that the young girl slid her cunt up the long, thick pole of her brother's prick, Paul pulled back until only the knob of his cock was still trapped within the silken walls of her twitching pussy.

Each time he fucked in, it felt to Paul as if his huge prick would never stop sinking into the young girl's soft, yielding cunt-flesh. Her pussy was unbelievably tiny and tight, but nice and deep, too. He quickly fucked in to his balls, more turned on than he had ever been before.

"Mmmm, yeah," the girl moaned, thrilled to feel her pussy so completely stuffed with cock.

"Wow, Sis, how'd you ever learn to fuck so great?" the boy panted.

"I don't know," she answered breathlessly. "I guess I just do what comes naturally."

"Yeah, that's the best kind of fucking," Paul panted. "Just keep it up, baby, you're doin' great!"

Over and over, the two horny youngsters fucked each other in perfect harmony. The boy's huge cock fucked into the girl's pussy where her strong cunt muscles would immediately grab his cockshaft and squeeze it hard.

And, while they fucked, harder and rougher with each fuck-stroke. Paul's large, strong hands pawed at Susan's tits, squeezing them painfully, lewdly, bruising the delicate titflesh, making the young blond wince with pain and pleasure as he raked his nails across her throbbing nips.

"Ohhhhhh, Paul, Paul! It feels sooooo good! I love fucking you!" the young girl screamed in a frenzy of lust and passion, realizing that the fact that she was fucking her very own brother made this fuck session even better than if he had been just any boy with a huge cock.

"You're not half bad either, baby," the boy panted, fucking her harder and harder, knowing that he would be coming soon. "You sure know how to wiggle that ass of yours. Fuck me hard, honey!"

"More, Paul... harder! Deeper! Fuck me good and haaaaard!" she begged, slamming her body down harder than ever on his prick, making his body and the bed shudder and shake from the impact of her slamming fuckstrokes.

Susan screamed out suddenly. Her ass jerked up and down in her brother's lap as she came hard and her pussy convulsed spasmodically.

As she came, her pussylips expanded and contracted around Paul's overworked prick and it felt to the young boy as if his cock were being sucked by a busy mouth.

Paul's prick seemed to expand inside her pussy, and he shot his cock cream deep inside her cunthole. Feeling his prick coming and jerking inside her cunt made Susan so excited that she couldn't stop coming, the walls of her cunt vibrating uncontrollably now.

Then Susan climbed off Paul and fell to her knees before his prick which was still dribbling thin strings of frothy cum. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked on his prick until the boy thought it would fall off. Moments later, she gave one last lingering lick and sat back on her haunches, looking up at her brother with lust-glazed eyes, licking the corners of her cum-smeared mouth.

"Ohhh, Paul, let's do it again. Let's fuck!" she cried.


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