Two wives want it

In many cases today's marriage is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between consenting adults rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family; and the use of others for thrill-seeking -- and often deviant -- purposes as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

TWO WIVES WANT IT is the story of two wives, outwardly normal, who discover an eagerness to satisfy their lustful cravings in the arms of other men and women. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.

Chapter ONE

Samantha Rainey whipped open her house dress and held it open for Vanessa Francis to see her new string bikini. It was yellow, consisting of triangular patches that were close to being overwhelmed by Samantha's hefty tits, and she had to have a dainty cunt indeed to keep it hidden behind what passed for panties.

Vanessa's jaw dropped and her eyes widened, and she fairly gasped, "Samantha, you shameless thing."

Samantha smiled brightly. "Impressed, huh?"

The two women were in Vanessa's living room. She had invited Samantha over for some sun, some wine and some conversation. It was something they had done before -- leave it to Samantha to lift it out of the ordinary.

Vanessa watched as Samantha shrugged the dress from her square shoulders and posed to offer a rear and side view. Mother of two teenagers be damned, she was one fine-looking woman. She could have passed for a lush, ripe thirty, if not better.

Her wavy chestnut hair was pulled back and hanging in a bouncy pony-tail, showing a delicate, delectable neck. Shoulders back, her big-busted front was still out and up there, always causing heads to turn as she went by. There was a slight swell of tummy, but nothing that needed sucking in. Waist slender, hips voluptuously rounded, high ass jutting sassily out, she was something, all right.

"Absolutely shameless," Vanessa went on. "You wouldn't dare show up at the club in that. My God, your ass is already showing, and your tits will fall out as soon as you move."

Vanessa was blonde, roughly Samantha's age and shape. In a robe she was seated on a plush couch before the brunette. The two women were best friends, had been for years. Sometimes it seemed they were closer to each other than they were to their husbands.

Samantha wiggled her upper body to show that her tits were securely held in place by the skimpy covering. One slipped and a thick nipple peeked out. Samantha said, "Oops," in surprise and tucked the coned tit back into place, both women sharing a laugh.

"May I ask what possessed you to buy that?" Vanessa said then.

"I thought I'd try it out on Harry," Samantha answered. "Sec if I can't get his mind off business for a change. For a while, at least."

Vanessa arched an eyebrow. "Maybe you should have brought me one, too. My Leonard has been showing some strange priorities lately."

"I did," Samantha informed.


"I bought you one. My treat." Samantha turned to the large purse she had dropped in an easy chair, opened it and took out a small, rectangular box. She presented it to Vanessa.

The blonde woman regarded it skeptically for a moment before tentatively taking it. She opened it on her lap and took out a bikini top that matched Samantha's in size and shape. The color was blue.

"Do you honestly expect me to put this on?"

Vanessa murmured.

"Oh go ahead," Samantha encouraged. "It'll be a kick. I promise."

"What's gotten into you?" Vanessa wondered aloud, looking up at the statuesque woman before her.

"Second adolescence." Samantha answered. In high-heeled sandals she squatted before her blond friend and reached out to loosen Vanessa's robe. "Come on. We've been suburban matrons for much too long. Time to let down our hair, go a little nuts." She pushed the robe from Vanessa's shoulders.

Samantha's mood was infectious, and Vanessa found herself nodding and getting out of the robe. Samantha stood, and Vanessa stood with her and peeled the one-piece suit she had on to her waist. She turned her back and Samantha helped tie on the new halter-style top.

Like her friend, Vanessa was in fine shape. They worked out together, and maybe luck had a little to do with it too. Her tit-cones were sprightly and smooth-skinned, swelling out to both sides of the half-covering fabric.

Vanessa pushed her one-piece down and off and tied one of the hip strands as Samantha did the other, and she was bikini clad. Almost shyly she turned back to Samantha.

Samantha shook her head. "Stunning. I'm almost hot far you myself."

Vanessa took the joke for what it was and said, "This outfit is gonna get me arrested, I just know it."

"I know how you feel. Fun, isn't it?"

Vanessa had to smile in agreement. It was a kick, getting a little indecent in the middle of a summer afternoon. And Samantha always was fun to be around. Now even more so, apparently. Something really had come over the brunette.

They collected sun-tan lotion, sun-glasses, and started outside. Vanessa couldn't shake her shyness, until Samantha took her by the hand and led her on.

The house was on the side of a hill. Down past the pool was a stand of trees, and a high fence all around offered further privacy. Two lounging chairs waited side by side over-looking the pool.

Each taking a chaise, the females did their legs, then leaned back to spread lotion over the rest of their bodies.

"These suits leave a lot for you to cover, don't they," Samantha remarked. "You'll have us lying out here buck naked next," Vanessa said to that.

"What a pleasant thought."

"Second adolescence my ass," Vanessa said. "What has gotten into you?"

Samantha sighed. She looked down as she idly fingered lotion over the inner swells of her tits. "I guess I finally got tired of being bored all the time. I made up my mind to start having some fun."

"You've been bored?" Vanessa asked, not sounding too surprised.

"Shit yes. With the kids gone, Harry always at work... aren't you bored? You're in the same boat as me, after all."

"Yeah," Vanessa confessed. "I have had a lot of time on my hands, with no kids to look after."

"Besides," Samantha went on, "aren't we entitled to a bit of fun after all these years of mothering and wifeing?"

"Is this how we're gonna do it? Lying nearly naked by the pool?"

"It's a start."

"What else do you have in mind?"

Samantha continued idling her fingertips over the smooth and sensitive flesh of her tit-meat. A languorous smile played across her sensuous mouth. "I don't dare tell you."

"Tell me," Vanessa insisted, letting her head lie back.

Samantha drew a breath. "Lately..." she began, now showing a shy streak of her own.

"Yes?" Vanessa prodded, sensing something wicked about to surface.

"I've been having these fantasies about... young men, with long... hard... cocks."

Vanessa offered no response. The words had sparked images in her mind, and she found them captivating. It surprised her a little, really. She wasn't sure when she had last fantasized. She'd always thought of herself as such a proper wife and mother. Terribly old-fashioned, in some ways.

"I do things with them that I couldn't do with Harry," Samantha continued. "And they do things to me that he'd probably not even thought of."

"Like what?" Vanessa found herself adding.

"Oh, like... it... in the ass... sometimes both at the same time."

"God," Vanessa said, amazed by what she was hearing, that her best friend could be so boldly sensuous under the surface without her ever having noticed it before. Vanessa's eyes lowered to Samantha's hand and watched it as the fingers traced patterns over the brunette's tit-curves and upper chest. Then the hand drifted down and pressed itself flat on Samantha's tummy, and slid slowly downward toward the triangular patch of the low-slung bikini bottom.

The naughty outfits, Samantha's infectious sense of fun and frank talk, the day-after-day boredom of late, were all working on Vanessa, changing her attitudes and her thinking. On any other day she would have looked away from Samantha's hand, but today she found herself staring in fascination.

"I suppose I'm terrible," Samantha confessed, but she smiled and added, "but who's to say? What's normal? What's right or wrong? Who the fuck knows?"

Samantha's fingers swerved across her lower belly, fingertips missing the panty by fractions of an inch. She folded an exquisitely shaped leg up into the air and shifted squirmingly on the chaise, her body undulating. She rolled her head and looked at Vanessa. "Do I shock you?"

Vanessa was thankful for the sun-glasses she had on. Samantha hadn't seen, where her eyes had been focused. "Yes," the glazed blonde replied, "you shock me. You shock me awake. I am bored. Almost desperately."

"Have you been fantasizing?"

"I do intentionally."

"There's this one guy in particular," Samantha confided. "He works at a coffee shop. Young, cute, but... I keep thinking about going into the back room with him."


"Either I attack him or he attacks me. I can never decide. Either way, it makes me horny as hell."

"Are you getting horny now?"

"Lately I think I never stop being horny." As Samantha spoke, her hand wiped back across her lower tummy, fingers curving down. The red-polished nails slipped under the hand of the bikini bottoms and she idled her fingertips back and forth.

"Do you feel off much, Vanessa? I do. Now more than ever." Samantha drew a breath, let it out slowly. "Feels so good. Don't you think?"

"Samantha, I think you're losing your mind," Vanessa said in reply. She was neither scoffing nor scornful. Oddly amused, vaguely uncomfortable. In other areas the two women had shared virtually all secrets. When it came to sex, well, they hadn't talked much, but the subject wasn't exactly taboo. Besides, they were both adults. They were close. They could be honest with each other. No big deal.

"Losing control, maybe," Samantha allowed. "And glad of it. You should try it."

"You want to corrupt me," Vanessa said.

"I'm doing it, too. Hey, baby, wouldn't it be fun to take our panties off and finger ourselves to a lather?"

Vanessa laughed, partly nervous, partly wicked. "If you want to, I won't stop you."

As if responding to a dare, Samantha pulled open a hip strand of her bikini panties. Reaching for the other one, the brunette was watching her friend, waiting for her to retract her offer though not really expecting her to.

Samantha pulled open her bikini bottom and peeled it from the neatly shaped little tuft of her cunt-hair. She pushed it from her crotch and shifted her out-stretched leg to one side, let it fall off of the chaise from the knee down. Her idling hand slid downward, slender fingers combing into the curls of her cunt.

"Do it with me," Samantha said with a trace of longing. "Let's be bad girls together."

In truth, Vanessa had been fighting to keep her hands off her own tits and pussy and body. There was just something about Samantha, the afternoon, the circumstances, she felt anxious to let her hair down as well. Maybe, she was entitled. Maybe the time had come for it.

"I must be crazy," Vanessa said, pulling open one of the bows at her hips. She undid the other and, drawing her knees up, she pushed the scanty blue covering from her anticipating privates.

Samantha let her raised leg fall away to the side and gave herself a good, open spread. She slid the fingers of one hand down onto the flesh of her cunt and pressed in on the folds, holding her pussy, warming it.

Vanessa let out a steadying breath and let her hand find its way down onto her brown-tufted pussy. Three days ago, in the shower, she had made herself come this way. It made her feel guilty, using her own hand to please herself when she had a husband. Enjoying it as much as she did made her feel more guilty. She tried not to make it too often.

Today, well, today wasn't like any other day.

Samantha was with her, for one thing, but that wasn't, all of it. Vanessa was ready for a change.

Had been for some time. Perhaps too long. Shit.

She felt like going at herself with a vengeance. "Fantasizing?" Samantha asked intimately.

"What about?"

"Nothing special. Sexy things just keep floating by. It's like watching an erotic merry-go-round."

"Passive type, huh?"

"I suppose you're sucking cock or something."

"I'm getting sucked, if you must know," Samantha answered with a leer. But she didn't dare confide that, in her fantasy, she was being sucked by Vanessa. That would have been too much.

Hell, it was almost too much for Samantha. She'd never considered her best friend as a fuck partner before. Or any woman for that matter.

Vanessa sawed the fingers of her hand up and down on the sharply defined outer folds of her responsive pussy. She was turning on without a care in the world. And it was an extra kick to be outside, lying in the sun, with Samantha there to keep it all fun. Wonderfully decadent and self-indulgent.

Samantha curled her middle finger as she rubbed at her pussy. She spread her swelling folds and flicked her tip up high against the ridged formation of her clit, and thrilled to the hot chills that swept out into her loins.

Rolling her stiff clit under her fingertip, she felt further pleasures climb through her systems and like her friend she wanted to come and come hard. They were past the point of turning back now.

Vanessa's mind was in a slow but steady whirl of carnal images, each prompted by a different urge. She pictured herself sucking the cock of a naked, anonymous stranger. Another male appeared beside the first, cock hard, and she alternated from one to the other.

Someone would fuck her in one position, and then she would roll over and be fucked from behind. Then she would be on top. Then they would be violating her all at once. Her erotic dream went on.

These were urges that had been buried deep inside her for a long time. Racking with Leonard was dull, predictable. He satisfied her, made her come, but she knew there had to be more, even if it was only variety. Variety was the spice of life, wasn't it?

Her clit stinging sweetly, Samantha teased her fingertip down to the tight hole of her cunt. She was wet inside, could feel her walls squishing together, and she was itchy hot in there too. She swirled her long finger inward.

Her hips revolved, moving her pussy against the rotations of her penetrating digit. The grinding friction took some of the edge off her horny itch and she began to enjoy herself.

Shamelessly she imagined that it was one of Vanessa's fingers that was probing into her streaming privates. God, what fun that would be.

But Samantha knew where her buttons were, knew how to pull her own strings, and was haying a terrific time. Holding her finger straight, she pumped it in and out of her cunt with ever increasing speed.

She lifted her other foot onto the chaise and lay there with bent legs spread wide. Flexing sinewy thighs and calves, she hunched her fiery pussy up and around on her fucking finger. With her other hand she squeezed and rolled her clit until it felt like her cunt was going to catch fire.

To her side, Vanessa was a virtual mirror image of Samantha, legs spread, feet almost together. Vanessa was busily running a long finger in and out of her fuck-chute. The fingers of her other hand were whipping from side to side and in grinding circles against her inflamed clit.

"Oooohh, oooh, I can't believe it," she cried out in near breathlessness, "I can't believe what I'm doing." Rapture tugged at her beautiful facial features, giving her a sexy pink blush. "I'm so bad. I'm so horny. Ooohhh shit, do I wanna come!"

Samantha's back was arching against the excitement that kept rising through her. She could hear how far along Vanessa was and knew she wasn't far behind. She pumped a little faster, frigged her poor clit a little harder.

A gasp escaped her, then another. Her mouth was pulling open, her whole body was curving, lifting out from the chaise from her ass to the back of her head. She went terribly tense for a lasting moment, then convulsed as the first surge of completion wracked her sumptuous body.

To the side, Vanessa was rejoicing in her own release. Her body thrashed about and her legs kicked as the wild energy of climax bucked itself out through her system.

They weren't climaxes to knock the wind out of either woman, but they did leave both females limply spent and fairly panting for breath, their heavy titted chests heaving against the snug confines of their halter tops. Samantha's tit had escaped its sling again, but she wasn't bothering to tuck it back into place. She had already decided to take the bikini top off.

Surely Vanessa wouldn't mind if they got naked for a while.

Chapter TWO

Samantha lifted both arms over her head and stretched her full length on the lounging chair. She moaned contentedly. As her hands came back down, they found the knot at the back of her neck and pulled it open. She peeled the twin coverings from her tits, twisted the bikini top around to undo the back knot, and finally dropped the garment to the ground.

"Hey you," Vanessa murmured, "what're you up to?"

Samantha rolled onto her side, facing the blonde woman. She drew a leg up to accentuate the curve of her hip. "Felt a little awkward with it on," she said. "You could do without your top too."

"Then what?" Vanessa wondered aloud, though she didn't wait for an answer. As she got out of her halter-bra, Samantha moved from her chaise to sit next to Vanessa. Vanessa looked up at her, naked, but once more with her shy, vaguely uncertain expression.

Samantha picked up Vanessa's bottle of sun lotion and poured a few drops onto each nippled dome of the woman's tits, onto the sections that had been covered by the bikini. "We wouldn't want you to bum," Samantha said, and began to spread the protective lotion around on Vanessa's tits.

"You really do want to corrupt me," Vanessa observed.

"Purely spur of the moment, I assure you."


"I'm not looking for an affair. Just some fun. The afternoon is young, you turn me on, why not?"

"There's probably a reason somewhere. I just can't think of it."

Samantha was running a fingertip in a circle around one of Vanessa's up-reaching nipples. "Do you like that?"

"More than I should," Vanessa allowed. She lifted both arms over her head, bunching her tits up and out, almost flaunting her charms before Samantha's admiring eyes. She still was having trouble understanding why all this was happening.

"Do you suppose we're closet lezzies?" Vanessa murmured.

"Closet nymphos, probably." Samantha smiled, like she enjoyed the idea, and Vanessa felt compelled to smile with her.

"That I can live with," the blonde said. "I think."

"Don't think. Feel."

"Feels lovely... but is it that simple?"

"It is today," Samantha answered. She planted her hand by Vanessa's far side and leaned in over the voluptuous blonde. There was a second or two of pause as their noses almost touched and their eyes held -- Vanessa wanting but uncertain, Samantha a little unsure of herself, now, but just as wanting.

Their lips pressed softly together. With Samantha in the lead, she kissed more firmly. Her lips parted and she licked over the velvet softness of Vanessa's mouth.

Vanessa's head shifted and tilted and her mouth lifted against Samantha's. The easy joining grew increasingly intimate as her lips parted and Samantha's tongue flirted inward.

Samantha's body relaxed, causing her tit points to lower and touch Vanessa's domed tits. Tremors of enjoyment coursed the bodies of both women as the kiss played on. It was new and exciting and intoxicating and both wanted more.

Any doubts Samantha had about Vanessa allowing it to go on were erased when the lush blonde flicked her tongue up into Samantha's mouth. Their probes met and flirted, then settled together, coiling and writhing in a sensuous kiss.

Prolonging the smooch, Samantha slid her hand under Vanessa. She twisted her hips and lifted both legs onto the chaise, entwining them with Vanessa's shanks as she stretched out on the lounging chair.

Vanessa rolled partway onto her side and bedded her tits with Samantha. She slid an arm about the brunette's waist and the two of them held one another as they soaked in the pleasures of their kiss and their pressing bodies.

"Are you as new at this as I am?" Vanessa said when they finally let each other up for air.

"First time. But I think we're doing okay, huh?"

"Okay? This is wild. Take me all the way. Have your wicked way with me. Use me, abuse me!"

"Slow down," Samantha laughed, "and don't worry, you get just what you have corning to you."

Samantha moved her hand freely over Vanessa's body and ass. She swept her open fingers up and between their torsos and groped into the blonde's sumptuous tits.

"I never knew you could feel so good," she breathed.

"You too," Vanessa answered, squeezing Samantha by the ass-cheek. She writhed, and their entwined legs rubbed together. The mounds of their pussies touched as well, and Vanessa giggled girlishly. "You tickle me."

"I'll tickle you," Samantha said to that, and whisked her hand down the oiled body before her. She reached between Vanessa's thighs with a boldness and sureness that made the blonde wench gasp.

"Ooooh, ooohhh, you naughty thing, you," she gushed as Samantha fit a knowing finger's onto the damp fold of her cunt. Samantha's palm pressed into the soft-haired mound and Vanessa felt need and want unfurl all through her loins. Vanessa squirmed sensuously.

"I'm naughty, and you're just as bad," Samantha replied. "You like this, don't you, you hot fox. You like the way I grope your private pussy, don't you?"

"Yes," Vanessa answered, grudgingly, then, flauntingly, "yes, damnit, yes."

Vanessa felt her own hand moving down the front of Samantha's body as if it had a mind of its own. Making sure the control was hers, she reached past the brunette's tummy and fit her hand onto the waiting cunt. The heat of it surprised her.

"Oh baby, you're wet," Samantha enthused. "Is that cum or are you just glad to see me?"

"Both," Vanessa answered, and then she felt slick moisture on the brunette's outer pussy-lips. What a perverse thrill to spread it all over with a finger, rubbing it into the ridges and folds of swelling cunt. What a thrill to lie there and have it done to her.

"I never knew pussy could be so sexy," Samantha remarked. "Now I know why men are so hot for it all the time."

"Present husbands excepted."

"Damn, don't remind me."

Determined not to think about the stale state of either marriage, particularly her own, Samantha drew her finger up the line of Vanessa's drooling fuck-hole. She drew the extended finger up to her mouth. She flicked against it with her tongue and she took a taste.

"Mmmmm, now I know why they want to lick our pussies."

Samantha seemed to be enjoying her discovery so much that Vanessa was compelled to try it herself. Rubbing her finger on the opening of Samantha's cunt, Vanessa came away with a sample of her best, friend's cunt-juices and she took an eager taste.

"Rich," she remarked. "Heady. Like wine. The wine of fucking."

"More," Samantha said, reaching back down between the blonde woman's splayed shanks. This time it was not enough to skim a little juice off the top. This time she reached into Vanessa's lining with her finger and came away with a coating of hot cunt-sap.

Holding her gaze on Vanessa's, glintingly inviting her to share in her wickedness, Samantha lifted her finger to her mouth and licked up one side of it. Then she took the whole finger inside and sucked it clean.

Vanessa wasn't about to be out-done. Hardly batting an eye, she reached down and soon Samantha's juicy fuck-hole with a finger. She swirled it in, stroked a few times for fun, then withdrew and brought the greased digit to her lips. Holding Samantha's wicked gaze, Vanessa licked at her pussied finger.

"Sexy thing," Samantha murmured. "I wish I'd noticed it sooner."

"We've got plenty of time now."

"That's the spirit," Samantha responded, squirming her body closer against Vanessa's. She ran an open hand over the woman's body, playing it sensuously over and around the plump, domed tits. Samantha lowered her head and chewed at the blonde's tender, velvet lips with her own and with lightly biting teeth for a long moment.

"God," Samantha breathed, "I'm really getting carried away. I'm thinking you're good enough to eat, and that's what I'm gonna do."

"I've never turned a woman on before. It's kinda thrilling."

"Let me eat you out?" Samantha implored softly.

"Of course, be my guest. How silly of us to even think of stopping now." Samantha kissed her for being so brave and sensible and sexy. She may have the one to initiate all this, but Samantha needed to know that Vanessa was right there with her, that they were together.

Vanessa stretched again, and in mind and body gave herself over to Samantha's care. She didn't think she had felt this much anticipation since being de-virginized in college. It was amazing that a woman could inspire such emotion in her, but that was a thrill, not a shock.

Samantha's mouth watered as she inched down along Vanessa's voluptuous body. Her hand lingered on the satiny fullness of her best friend's tits and she tweaked the swelling peaks.

Captivated by the stiffness and size of the pinked nipples, Samantha lowered her mouth to one of them. She tasted the warmth and fleshy fullness of the tit-spike and eagerly settled her lips around it. She sucked with a thorough enjoyment.

As a kid, she had participated in gang feel offs at slumber parties and the like, but that was as far as her experiences with females had gone. It surprised Samantha that she now felt so comfortable with girl-girl fun, that she knew just what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it.

She had to wonder what other surprises that life might have in store for her. She was already getting a few ideas, however. Very interesting ideas.

Alternating her sucking mouth from one glorious mound of tit-flesh, Samantha breezed her hand back down to Vanessa's percolating pussy. The blonde's legs spread, her cunt tilted up and out in offering. It suddenly felt so hot and juicy and available, a rush went through Samantha. The intimacy stirred things inside her that she'd never known were there.

Everything was so new. It was almost like starting all over again, as far as her sex life went. She had wanted something new, and she had gotten it. And how. She just hoped that she and Vanessa didn't get stuck on each other. Although, come to think of it, that might not be so bad.

Vanessa's body undulated wantingly before Samantha. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" she breathed.

Samantha laughed softly. "Good, huh?"

"I can't wait to find out what you're gonna do to my hot little pussy."

"Sexy bitch. Where'd you learn to talk like that?"

"A friend taught me. A friend my mother would never approve of."

"Lucky for us she lives out of state."

"And I don't write to her much."

They laughed together, and it seemed to bring them closer in spirit. It also placed another layer on Samantha's hunger, and sent her shifting down on the chaise, down along Vanessa's surrendered body.

Samantha's soft, warm, wet smooches advanced down Vanessa's curved body. Her kissing, licking mouth swept from side to side over the smooth belly, out onto each hip. Samantha rolled her ass up into the air, knees settling near the foot of the chaise with Vanessa's legs lifting to either side of her.

Bowed very low from the waist, body stretched, Samantha might have been praying at an erotic temple. That was the way she was beginning to feel toward Vanessa too.

Samantha licked all over the insides of Vanessa's upper thighs, captivated by their smoothness and the sheer intimacy of the act. She nuzzled her lips onto the daintily furred cunt-mound and inhaled the provocative aromas of baking pussy.

Vanessa undulated shamelessly before Samantha. "I can't believe how you're turning me on," she gurgled. "I'm one hot and horny bitch for you."

Samantha backed off slightly and smiled down at Vanessa's waiting cunt. She was glad to hear Vanessa talk like that -- it meant there wasn't going to be any holding back or playing coy. Samantha could do what she wanted, and was she feeling some sexy urges.

Glinting with wickedness, Samantha puckered her lips and pressed them to the pooched-out folds of Vanessa's pussy. She nudged this way and that, then opened her mouth and bit at the tender folds with stiff lips.

Taken in by the erotic scent, she trailed the tip of her nose slowly up and down on the silky ridges. It was setting her mind and body on fire with excitement, inflaming her with a hunger she could hardly believe.

Samantha dipped her tongue out and dragged the tip up the length of Vanessa's widening fuck-slit. Getting another taste of the ripe blonde's cunt-sap only made her want more and, crouching lower, Samantha licked continuously at the gaping cunt before her.

Vanessa continued her easy, writhing motions, sighing the occasional sigh of want and arousal. With increasing boldness, she hunched her pussy against Samantha's lapping mouth. She gripped her firmed-up tits in both hands.

"It's so good," she breathed wantingly. "Ooooh, so sexy... such a turn on... keep licking my pussy and don't ever stop. You're so good for me, honey!"

Samantha glowed with the satisfaction that came from giving so effectively. Vanessa's words were reassuring as well, making Samantha think she could just to about anything. And do it in a way that would leave Vanessa panting for more.

Samantha slid her tongue way out and stiffened it, holding it between bared teeth. Slowly she inserted the pointy end into Vanessa's yielding fuck-hole and pressed deep with her probe. Tasting the heat and smoothness and bubbling juices of her lady-friend's cunt, Samantha thrilled, and thrilled again as she felt the welcoming twitches of the excited cunt.

Vanessa cooed her delight and groaned deeply as Samantha slid her tongue farther into her craving pussy. Looking down past the peaks of her hand-held titties, she saw the sexy brunette begin to roll her head in lazy circles, and she felt the long, stiff tongue stir against her sensitive inner cunt-walls.

"Uuuunnnn," Vanessa cried out. "Ooooh, no, noooo, that's too much! Too good..."

Samantha's front teeth were right up against Vanessa's stiff clit. The movements of her head applied scraping caresses to the lusting clit, causing Vanessa to wriggle and writhe out of control on the lounging chair. Lost in a world of sheer delight, Vanessa cooed and cried and gurgled over with it.

Closing her lips on the ripe fullness of the blonde cunt, Samantha curled her tongue and scooped out a mouthful of the woman's running juices. The taste burned her through and through, and she shot her tongue back into the fiery pit for more of the same.

Vanessa gasped and her body gave a lascivious twist in response to the sudden, illicit penetration, and she lifted her wanton crotch against Samantha's mouth with unfettered desire.

Seeing the terrible desire that she had sparked, Samantha responded in indulgent fashion. Gnashing the clit and pussy-hole with her mouth, scooping with her tongue, she fed Vanessa the stimulation that would ultimately make her come.

Vanessa was carrying on like a live wire, twisting and turning out of control, tasty, hot sparks crackling through her pussy and clit.

Samantha straightened her tongue and made it hard again. Keeping it that way, she commenced rocking back and forth, effectively fucking in and out of Vanessa's torrid pussy. Pushing her lip up against the out-reaching clit with each forward motion, she rubbed from side to side against it.

"Nnnnn, ooooh, mmmmm," Vanessa whined. "Gawd, is that ever good. Sensational. Your tongue is going so deep, you're rubbing my clit so good, I'm burning up! Oooohh, do it to me!"

Samantha rammed her tongue into the drooling fuck-hole time and again, each time gnashing the stiff clit with her lip and teeth. It was an all-out assault on the pent-up ecstasy of the woman's cunt. She was rabid for the gushes of cum that were sure to happen.

Samantha made it happen. She made Vanessa come on the end of her tongue and she plundered the woman's depths of all her gushing wetness.

The sensations were all Vanessa's, and they swept through her in wave upon wave of searing pleasure and fulfillment. Her body spasmed and bucked out of control, the carnal energy was so great, and with her mind gone dizzy with delight she had to wonder if she would ever have a sane thought again.

Chapter THREE

Vanessa's pussy was too juicy and delectable to abandon right away, so Samantha spent a few long moments languishing her tongue in the contented cunt of her lady-friend. She savored the last tremors of the woman's orgasm and slurped out the remaining cum-juice, and simply basked in the rich sexiness of Vanessa's privates.

"Hey lady," Vanessa crooned presently, "you're making me woozy."

Licking her lips, Samantha lifted from the gaping cunt. Ass on heels, up on straight arms, she gazed up at Vanessa's flushed face. "You're irresistible."

"A girl hears it can be good but that good? Never. But God, my pussy's beaming from one end to the other. My clit's purring."

"I loved eating, you," Samantha confided openly. "I want to do it again."

"It hardly seems fair, you doing everything," Vanessa said with bright eyes.

"Getting ideas?"

"A couple."

"I wouldn't want you doing anything out of guilt, just because I gave you a treat."

"How about lust?"

"Now you're talking."

Vanessa's hot eyes went over Samantha's big busted form and she licked her lips in anticipation. "I'm gonna do a real piece of work on you," she vowed. "You're gonna come right down to your toes, you hot bitch."

"I love it when you talk dirty. Let me kiss that slutty mouth." Samantha moved up over Vanessa on all fours and glued her mouth to the blonde's with unchained raunch. Vanessa lifted both hands to the brunette's hanging tits and squeezed into the pliant flesh. Vanessa's urges bubbled to the surface.

"Let me on top," the blonde vixen said. "See if I can't show you a thing or two."

Vanessa eased to one side and out of the way as Samantha took her place on the chaise lounge. Vanessa moved up astride of Samantha on all fours, but only briefly. Sliding both knees out behind her, she lowered her pelvis and turned onto Samantha's. Supported on strong, slender arms, she let the magnificence of her titties come to rest on her lady-friend's domed tits.

"A little kinky," the brown-haired woman observed. "But I like it."

Erotic sparks flitted through Vanessa from the contact of their tits and their pussy-mounds. Vanessa increased them by swaying from side to side and then in tantalizing circles, rubbing her incredibly smooth tits against Samantha's.

Grinning, Samantha arched her back and lifted her tits against Vanessa's. They were like a pair of kids, these two women, discovering for the first time the magical effect one body could have on another. If it was wrong for two females to be doing this together it was lost on them. It felt perfectly natural and wonderful, and that was all they needed to know.

Until that afternoon they had been faithful wives, caring mothers and virtuous women. At least on the surface. Underneath were the same qualities, but something more. Underneath, they were also sensualists. Females who loved to get naked and suck and fuck and all those good things.

Vanessa laughed with the delight of it. It was like being set free from a deep, dark prison. And Samantha laughed with her.

"Can you feel it?" Vanessa needed to know. "Are you like a whole new person?"

"Yes, love, yes!"

"I can't remember being this hot for another person."

"I'm hot too, lady! Real hot! Take me! Take me like I've never been had before!"

"Your titties are so sexy," Vanessa breathed. "Gotta suck them now! Gotta suck on your sexy tits!"

Samantha swept her hands up to the undersides of her swollen tit-mounds and bunched them up as Vanessa slid down to face level with them. The blonde feasted her hot eyes on the lotioned tits, briefly uncertain of where to start, or how.

A hungry, wicked urge prompted Vanessa to bare her teeth and make a grab at the nearest succulent nipple. She caught it about the baser between her teeth and, biting down, lifted her head. The stiff nipple lifted, then slipped from the sharp grasp. The hard friction sent a vivid jolt of excitement through Samantha's tit and body.

"Oh, you savage," Samantha breathed, playing her fingers into the mane of blonde hair. "I'll have to scream for help if you're not careful!"

"I'll make you cry for more, slut of my heart."

Vanessa took Samantha's other nipple into a similar toothy grip and lifted her head. Samantha gasped, then cooed, and Vanessa went at the original victim of her wicked ways.

When plucking at Samantha's nipples stopped being enough, Vanessa began biting into the surrounding flesh atop the brunette's tits. Some of the bites were harder than others, some softer. Sometimes she opened her mouth wide and scraped the smooth flesh with her teeth. Always she returned to the erect nipples, keeping them erect, and inflamed with the raw excitement of pleasure/pain.

"You're hurting me, you bitch," Samantha said in an unconvincing, pouty voice. Her hands pulled at Vanessa's hair, not hard enough to hurt.

Vanessa giggled wickedly and kept on doing what she was doing -- but not for too much longer. Not wanting to get Samantha mad, she went to another approach.

Lips now. Soft and velvet and warm, and soothing. Their first loving caresses made Samantha smile sweetly and coo affectionately. She didn't notice the devilish look that remained in Vanessa's expression.

Vanessa sucked onto the peak of one of Samantha's tits, letting it force her mouth open as she took more and more of the meaty cone in. Lips stretched, mouth crammed with tit, suction holding, she lifted her head. The cone of tit-flesh stretched to its limit and snapped from Vanessa's mouth back into place. Before it could stop jiggling, Vanessa was sucking it into her mouth once more.

"Bitch!" Samantha grinned. "That's as bad as before." Vanessa's head lifted and Samantha felt her poor tit being drawn out from her body and she cried out from the harsh treatment. "Nnnn, try the other one," she said shamelessly.

Vanessa obliged, and continued mauling Samantha's tits in this way. She seemed to be taking a perverse pleasure in inflicting this pleasure/pain, but at no point did it threaten to get out of hand. Samantha whimpered with delight.

"I thought I was the bold one," Samantha murmured, "but here you are, teaching me how it is."

"You bring out the beast in me," Vanessa managed to say before stuffing herself with one of Samantha's mauled tits.

Samantha laughed. "I can see that. And it's getting to me. Making me hot. I'm starting to feel like I'm all one long cunt!"

"That's good, that's what I want. It's how you made me feel!"

"Then you know what I need."

"Say no more," Vanessa said to that. Digging in her hands, she pushed herself down on Samantha. Her knees went off the chaise and she knelt on the ground, the front of her body lying on the lower section of the chair, Samantha's long and shapely legs reaching out to either side of her. Already slightly bent at the knee, they lifted higher, and spread wider, and the brunette's cunt opened before Vanessa's eyes.

Samantha felt the warm gusts of her lady friend's breath on her crotch and she spread wider. She wanted Vanessa to have everything at her mercy. Everything. She cupped her sore tits in her hands and squeezed consolingly, waiting for the real fun to begin.

Samantha's body quaked as Vanessa's uninhibited lips nuzzled the swollen flesh of her cunt. Vanessa kissed down along the moist folds and then back up. She brought her tongue into play, letting it flick and flutter this way and that, anywhere it pleased, blanketing Samantha's cunt with soft touches.

Vanessa lifted her hands to the backs of Samantha's thighs and pushed. The legs went back and the pussy became even more splayed before her eyes. The center cut was open and inner pink was showing through. Vanessa didn't wait to send her flicking tongue into the intimate, juicy crack.

"Oooohh, aaggghhh, yeah baby, that's the way!" Samantha enthused, on the brink of breathlessness. "Ohhhh, you're good. You're good like I can't believe! Go ahead and take me!"

Vanessa let her hands slide down Samantha's thighs, bringing fingertips to the folds of percolating cunt. She pulled the female privates open, revealing inner fuck-slit, pulsating hot pink pussy-flesh, and the stiff spike of the aroused clit. She blew cool air onto it.

"Now you've found my hot spot." Samantha grinned. "Now I'm really at your mercy."

Vanessa moved closer, and the closer she got the hotter her breath was. She was steaming Samantha's clit, then burning it as she came right up close. As Samantha was about to cry out, Vanessa stopped blowing and took the hot clit into the velvet comfort of her surrounding lips.

"Oh wild," Samantha said laughingly. "Oh, are you gonna make me come! I just know it now!"

Holding the chit between her lips, Vanessa pushed softly at the cap with her tongue tip. The coral-pink spike pulsed with horniness.

Gentleness was the key now. And patience. Lifting a woman to a high level and holding her there, making her wait, was the only way to go. Riding along on a magic carpet of rapture and anticipation was heaven on earth.

So Vanessa didn't concentrate on Samantha's clit zone with her wily stimulation. She moved her tongue down onto the folds of outer cunt, into the stretched opening, into the fuck-hole itself. She wiggled and stabbed, stroked and teased. She kissed, and sucked.

Time passed, unnoticed, as the pleasure of giving and taking went on and on. She was claiming more and more of Samantha, digging deeper and deeper into her. Trembles relied continuously up and down her thighs, through her ass. Her body jerked and twisted, gasps and shuddery cries bubbling up out of her throat.

"No more," she gasped finally. "No more! Make me come! Make me come now!"

Vanessa made it last until she thought Samantha simply couldn't take any more without coming anyway. Somewhat resignedly she lowered her mouth onto the torrid clit and squeezed, stroking with her tongue.

Samantha had time to take a deep breath and braced herself for the first surge of climax. It hit her like an explosion, followed quickly by another, and another, and she was being pounded without mercy by a terrific climax.

She had to cry out, and that was followed by wails of total pleasure as the thrills of her climaxing core gushed through her craving system. She writhed and bucked with the onslaught of energy, feeling the wind being knocked out of her.

She was left a quivering, whimpering wreck of her former self as the orgasm passed and faded into aftermath. She could not take any more than she just had. No way. Didn't even want to think about it.

Satisfied in her own right, Vanessa pulled herself from her lady-friend's cunt. She climbed back up onto the chaise lounge and stretched out on top of Samantha once again, between the woman's legs this time, pussy-mounds and tummies together, tits bedding snugly. She kissed Samantha with her pussy-wet lips, and felt Samantha lick at the juices.

"I really shot some stuff, huh?" Samantha remarked.

"Loads. Like you'd been saving it up for me."

"I have been saving it up. I'm glad you were the one to get it."

Vanessa gave her a kiss, then said, "My, my, my, if our husbands could see us now, huh?"

"Not much chance of that. They'd have to tear themselves away from their precious balance sheets first."

"I know," Vanessa lamented. "You don't suppose it's just us though, do you? I mean, maybe we just don't do it far them anymore."

Samantha gave an impudent squirm under Vanessa. "Is this a body any man could be bored by?"

Vanessa grinned. "You have a point."

Vanessa shifted off to one side and stretched on her flank. Samantha rolled to face her, and the two females rested together.

Vanessa was pensive. "He hasn't stopped fucking me completely," she said. "I just wish it could be more often. And more."

"I know. But hey, we've got each other. What's the problem?"

"Sneaking around, I guess. It's dishonest."

"You want to tell them?"


"You want to stop?"

"God no."

"Well, there's our answer."

"I guess," Vanessa allowed.

"All we have to do is be there when they need us. Beyond that, our business is our business."

"Just what is our business? Are we talking about an affair now?"

"We're friends. We do things together -- including sucking and fucking. Let's leave it at that."

"Sounds good," Vanessa said, face brightening.

They kissed to make it official. They snuggled closer together, and Vanessa giggled at a discovery.

"God, I can't touch you without getting a hard-on."

"Fresh urges? Like what?" Vanessa smiled shyly. "Come on," Samantha urged.

"You'll think I'm dirty."

"Now you absolutely have to tell me."

"Sometimes when I get horny, when Leonard is fucking me or before, with you, I get this urge, this need... to have a finger... wriggling around... in my ass."

"Mmmmmm, I know just what you mean."

"You do?"

"I've felt it too. It just comes over me sometimes, a really wicked, funky feeling."

"Well," Vanessa said suggestively, "if we can talk about it, we can do it, don't you think?"

Samantha wriggled in response to the open lewdness of it all. "Damn right. Let's do it. Let's finger each other in the ass, like the horny sluts we are."

Face to face, lounging on her side, each woman folded a leg into the air. Samantha took the lead, sliding a hand down across Vanessa's tummy onto her blonde cunt. She inserted a finger into the gooey pussy.

"A little juice to ease things along?" Vanessa guessed, delving her finger into Samantha's cunt.

"I don't have to teach you much."

"But we can learn from each other," Vanessa answered, giving a squeeze with her cunt muscles.

"That's a sexy trick. I wonder how you learned to do that."

"It seemed to come naturally. But I'm sure you could get the hang of it."

"Might help if I had a cock to practice on."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay?"

Samantha nodded, and the two women turned their attention to diddling one another's pussy. This style of penetration was fun too, but it didn't cause either of them to forget the original intention.

Samantha was the first to pursue it directly. Squirming closer to Vanessa, she slipped her wet fingertip down to the small, inward pucker of the blonde's asshole. "Ready?"

Vanessa responded by moving her fingertip to Samantha's hot asshole and saying, "Ready as you are."

Samantha pressed and Vanessa's asshole spread around the penetrating digit. Vanessa followed her lead, keeping it close. Inch by inch, bit by bit, they inserted wet fingers into one another's shit-chute.

They shuddered together, and giggled with naughtiness as the fingers went deep.

"Ohhh this is good!" Vanessa breathed. "Good dirty fun! I'm loving it!"

To add to the thrills, Samantha lifted her thumb onto Vanessa's clit and flicked it back and forth on the stiff spike. Vanessa trembled hotly and immediately reciprocated, giving Samantha's clit a good going over. Their lips met, and they shared a soulful kiss.

Vanessa began running her finger in and out of the tight sheath of Samantha's shit-chute. Samantha joined in that kinky fun with her usual enthusiasm, and the two of them happily diddled each other in the ass for long moments.

"Is this ever gonna make me come," Vanessa enthused in a throaty voice. "This is the wildest thing I've ever been through."

"Plenty more where this came from," Samantha assured. Gliding her finger in and out of Vanessa's ass, she twisted her wrist this way and that, cork-screwing the blonde woman to new heights of arousal.

Chapter FOUR

Over the next week or so, Samantha and Vanessa got together two more times. On neither occasion were bathing suits, or underwear for that matter, even taken out of their drawers. Things like that only got in the way.

They were like kids with a new toy, Samantha and Vanessa. The prospect of hot sex made both feel light-headed and giddy, and during romps through Samantha's living room and Vanessa's bedroom there was plenty of gleeful giggling all around.

But even with it as much fun as it was, Samantha grew increasingly interested in pursuing new adventures. Sucking and fucking with Vanessa was just a taste of the pleasures that were out there for the taking, as far as she was concerned.

More and more her thoughts became focused on that waiter she had mentioned to Vanessa. On her next visit to the shop where he worked, she found out his name was Calvin. On the visit after that she was given his phone number.

There wasn't a lot of internal debate before she decided to call up the young stud. As far as breaking her marriage vows went, well, she had already committed that sin with Vanessa. Besides, she was entitled to have some fun. And Calvin was so, so cute.

They arranged to meet at a quiet, out-of-the-way bar one week-day afternoon. Early, affording them plenty of time to get acquainted and then to pursue something more intimate if they so desired.

As soon as she slid her sexy ass into the booth, Samantha had pretty much made up her mind that she was going to fuck Calvin. Getting an eyeful of his sandy-haired good looks, the way he looked at her with those fond blue eyes, the firm muscles rolling under the snug jersey, where had he been all her life?

Grade school, obviously, Samantha thought almost ruefully. He was young enough to be her son. But then, his youth was part of the attraction. He was fresh, like new, and enthusiastic, and her mouth watered for the sweet jizz bubbling in his young balls.

"I'm thrilled you decided to see me," he said openly.

"I couldn't resist. I guess I'm getting a thing for cute younger guys."

He smiled, blushing a little, but he held her gaze. He wasn't a complete innocent, wouldn't easily be overwhelmed by her. Samantha was grateful for that. It might be fun to wean a virgin to the pleasures of the flesh, but not just yet. She still had to get a little more used to being an unfaithful wife.

They talked a while, and she found out more about him. He was a college kid after all, as she'd suspected. A couple years older than her son, though. A small blessing.

"Live around here?" she asked.

"Close by."

"Why don't you show me?" she suggested. "Or don't you go for bold women?"

He grinned. "A babe like you can write her own ticket as far as I'm concerned."

"My kind of man," she answered, beginning to really to enjoy herself. It was good to be with a really sexy male, knowing that a fuck was just a short way off.

They walked to his place. It was a modest three-room apartment, neater than she expected. Through a door she saw a wide window in the bedroom. It was curtained, letting in a soft but bright light of day. There was something terrifically intimate-looking about it, and inviting.

Calvin eased in beside Samantha, slipping a strong arm about her waist. Nuzzling her ear, he said, "Penny for your thoughts."

"Save your money. You could guess on the first try."

"I like your style," he murmured then. "I like a lot about you."

Samantha relaxed against him. She felt shivers in the lining of her pussy. She wanted to fail onto her back and be taken by him. She turned her head, their mouths met and joined, and a tremble of greater want lifted out of her cunt into her body.

"I want to lick you," Calvin breathed between smooches. "I want to touch you, all over. I want you to come, and come, and come! Or don't you go for bold guys?"

He head lolled back and she laughed softly, throatily. "You write the first ticket."

Brushing his lips over her cheek back to her ear, Calvin casually undid the buttons of Samantha's simple dress. She half-turned toward him and fit a hand onto his crotch, found the outline of his growing cock and rubbed through his slacks, encouraging him not to hold back.

Calvin drew open Samantha's dress and peeled it from her sumptuous body. Easing around behind her, he unfastened the lacy, overstuffed bra. Standing closer, he reached around and under the cupping fabric and cradled her jutting tits in his warm hands.

"I could go crazy for a body like yours," he murmured, "If I haven't already."

He squeezed into the pliant meat of her tits and she drew a deep, steadying breath. She was getting a little crazy herself. He was sexy, and showed some skills, too.

Calvin slipped her bra off and returned his hands to her out-flung tits. He pinched and plucked at her nipples, rolling the pulpy spikes between thumbs and forefingers, drawing them to hardness.

Abruptly his hands dropped. He placed one on the slight round of her tummy and unabashedly slid the other under the band of her modest panties. He cupped the softness of her pussy with his fingers. He drew her body back against his, the shape of his cock entering the deep cleft of her womanly ass.

"You're wet," he murmured.


"Maybe a little. You're a passionate one, aren't you?"

"I've been saving up," Samantha answered. She let her head tilt back to rest on his shoulder. She felt dreamy. It was good to be with him.

"You'll make it easy for me, but I'll love it just as much." And with that his knees bent and he began to slowly kiss his way down Samantha's back.

His hands drifted off to her hips and he held her there. Samantha was thankful for the support. Her own knees had gone weak, and the way her inner pussy was thrumming it would get worse before it got better.

Squatting behind her, Calvin hooked fingers in her panties and pulled them from the jutting cheeks of her haughty ass. She felt his breath on her bare ass, then kisses from his lips, then increasingly bold licks from his tongue.

Samantha hugged herself and steadied her legs. Her cunt was dripping already.

Feeling ever more daring, Samantha bent forward slightly at the hips. With a barely noticeable sway, she pressed back against Calvin's face. He licked into her widened asscrack and a bolt of erotic energy went through her.

"You are bold," she enthused. "I'm going a little crazy myself."

Further excitement lanced Samantha as Calvin whisked the panties down her long, shapely legs. Leaving them about her ankles, he swept his hands back up onto her prize ass. He took fist fulls of her bulging cheeks and pulled them apart. He extended his tongue to the upper reaches of her crack and flicked down into it inch by inch.

"You're bold, and you're bad too," Samantha gurgled excitedly. "That's quite a technique."

She bent farther over, not sure how far he would go but curious to find out. When his busy tongue fluttered uninhibitedly over her asshole she gasped giddily. Then his tongue continued on, and she realized he was just giving her a sample of what she might expect from him in the future. Teasing her a little too. He wasn't going to rush into anything too out of the ordinary just yet.

She supposed he was being considerate, or maybe just smart. The most she had ever taken up the ass was Vanessa's finger, but as far as he knew her asshole was virgin territory. He'd probably been testing her as well, to see how she responded to contact on her asshole. Samantha began to think she had underestimated this young stud. He showed some real know-how. Her anticipation deepened.

Face pressing into her ass and crotch, he reached out to her pussy with his broad, wet tongue.

"Pussy," he groaned, "gotta have your pussy." The way his tongue was stabbing at her swelling outer folds, she didn't doubt him for a second.

He backed off. "Stand up and turn around," he said to her, and she complied readily. Eagerly. There was a chair close by, and she wondered if she shouldn't lie back in it for him. But he didn't appear interested in moving and, in fact, neither did she. Something about standing naked in the middle of the room with him underneath her pussy got to Samantha. It was lust fine with her.

Samantha took one foot out of her panties and draped her leg over Calvin's shoulder. Ass on heels before her, practically under her, he pressed his mouth to her aroused pussy.

It was base, and Samantha was loving it. She didn't want to be civilized. She'd had years and years of that. Too much of it. This was a gust of fresh air, and all she wanted was more.

On one leg, supported by Calvin's strong shoulder and body, her fingers pulling and pushing at his soft hair, Samantha began to grind her pussy at his puckered, licking mouth. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt this horny this quick. Nor could she recall the last time she had felt this appreciated. Calvin was totally hot for her and utterly devoted to her pleasure.

Calvin's tongue delved expertly into the running sweetness of Samantha's hot cunt. The scrape of his tongue on her tender fuck-flesh and the wanting press of his lips were all the stimulation she needed to shimmer through with rich arousal.

She continued revolving her cunt against his mouth, fanning the flames of her lust. He stayed with her, pursuing her climax as if he wanted it as much as she did. And maybe he did. She had really won him over, there was no question about that.

"Gawd," she said throatily, "tongue me. You're doing it so good. Let me come on your tongue. Make me."

Calvin sliced his probe into her steamy privates with renewed ardor. He lifted his hands to her ass and freely groped the muscled cheeks, squeezing sexy thrills from them.

Samantha felt herself go dizzy with arousal and more than once thought she was about to lose her balance. She shifted more weight onto Calvin's shoulder, and mouth, and held on to his hair, and it began to seem like she was riding him.

Her pussy and clit burned boner and hotter against the strokings of Calvin's tongue. She could feel her climax now, about to happen. Body arched, tits thrown out, head back, she wailed her anticipation into the quiet of the room. Her flushed face contorted with all sorts of erotic suffering, and she wondered if her come would ever happen.

Calvin made it happen for her and didn't let her down when he did. Great surges of carnal power tore up through her spasming, twitching body, tearing through her with wave after wave of wrenching release.

Shaking all over, she felt herself gush her intimate juices into Calvin's mouth. The hard clamping of her core was pumping out all she had, continuing to clench in and out after it was gone.

Trembling now, Samantha softened, and felt the inner glow of after-come. Her thigh dropped from Calvin's shoulder and she squatted close in front of him, nestling her ass high in his lap, arms wrapped about his neck.

"That was wonderful," she breathed, and unhesitatingly kissed his lips. They were smeared with her wetness, but that only made him more delectable. Their tongues dueled as each tried to get most of her spent cunt-sap. His hands played up and down on her back and sides, and ass.

"Just a warm-up," he answered.

"I do believe you could back that up."

"Let me show you."

"That's a delicious idea, but I'm starting to feel a little guilty."

"For what?"

"For keeping you all to myself."


"I have this friend," Samantha answered. "We're pretty close. We do a lot together. Share a lot."

"Yes," he encouraged.

"Hardly seems fair, me having all this fun, and her sitting on her sexy ass at home having none."

"You want to call her up?"

"If you feel up to it. If not, well..."

He shook his head. "Go ahead. It's your turn to write the ticket anyway."

Samantha gave a pleased wriggle, kissed Calvin, then stood and went to the phone at the end of the couch. She sat down and dialed Vanessa's number.

The idea had come to her on the spur of the moment, yet it felt so right she couldn't resist. She didn't know what was the matter with herself though -- any sane woman would fight to keep Calvin all to herself. But then, not many women had friends like Vanessa. Samantha would have felt worse not sharing.

On top of that, Samantha didn't quite trust herself. She could very easily get hung-up on Calvin, and the last thing she wanted was a sticky affair. Vanessa's presence would act as a buffer against that, dividing Samantha's attention and energy in half, and reminding her that it was all for fun.

"Vanessa? It's me. Listen, can you come out and play?"

Samantha went on to tell Vanessa who she was with and what a good idea it would be for them to all get together. She gave Vanessa the address and buns up, returned her attention to Calvin. He was kneeling before her, between her knees.

"How about showing me to the bedroom?" Samantha murmured.

"Right this way," Calvin replied, standing. He took her by a hand and led her into the next room. The sun-lit chamber was as inviting as ever with its bold, love-in-the-afternoon feel. The bed was low and wide, perfect for three, and maybe even four.

Samantha turned to Calvin and untucked his jersey from his pants. "We're gonna need you naked."

"Still writing the ticket, huh?"

"You just think about what you're gonna come back at us with. And don't forget to enjoy yourself in the meantime, too."

"Fat chance of that happening." He grinned. Samantha gave him a smooch, but didn't let it interfere. She was getting anxious to feast her eyes on his naked bod. Knowing Vanessa was on the way put her more at ease, and in touch with her more intimate urges.

She peeled Calvin's jersey off and pushed him onto his back on the bed. Getting rid of his shoes and socks, she went after his pants, wrestling them from his hips and legs. His briefs were all that remained.

Astride his lower legs, Samantha fell forward onto her elbows. Her face stopped inches above the outline of his swollen prick. Eyes brightening, she looked at the virile shape, contemplating it, enjoying it.

Lowering her head, she opened her mouth wide and closed her teeth on Calvin's cock shape with a teasing bite. Starting up near the base, she bit her way down toward the outline of his cock-head, held down between his thighs by his underwear. It was her turn to tantalize and tease.

Presently she looked up at him. "Turn over."

Showing a grin, he complied with her wish. Samantha took hold of his briefs and pulled them from his hips and ass. His tight, rounded ass-cheeks appeared before her eyes and Samantha burned with lust.

Knowing how he must have felt upon first seeing her gorgeous rump, Samantha let her tongue reach out and begin to explore the smoothness of a manly ass-cheek. Perverse pleasures flitted through her system as she gave herself over to unabashed ass-licking.

It wasn't long before the point of her wet probe was flicking deeper into his cleft. Her thumbs dug into the flanking ass and pulled them apart, revealing his asshole, and his balls. As shamelessly as he had, Samantha buried her face in ass and crotch, sweeping her tongue out onto horny privates.

With one hand she reached under his body from between his legs. His hips lifted and she reached his cock, gripped it warmly, beginning to jerk it to and fat Calvin didn't wait to be asked. He turned over onto his back, swinging his hand-held prick up before Samantha's hot, shiny eyes. He was big. Real big. It seemed forever before she could take in the superbly virile dimensions of him with her eyes and mind alone.

"I'm glad I called for reinforcements," she gurgled. "This is too much cock for little old me."

"I don't believe that for a second," he answered.

She was still glad she had called Vanessa. A cock like this all to herself, and the man attached to it, made for a dangerous situation for a wife alone.

Continuing to ogle the magnificent specimen of prick, Samantha commenced moving her hand over it. She was getting acquainted, familiarizing herself with it. He took a little getting used to. He was something else.

His heavy balls caught her attention. They were plump, stuffed with bubbling young jizz. Continuing td play her enclosing hand over his cock, she lowered her mouth to his balls and sucked them inside.

She had forgotten how sexy it could be, getting naked with a man, but she was remembering fast. It was a living miracle, the effect one person could have on another. Such deep, rich feelings of pleasure. Samantha wriggled impatiently. She wished Vanessa would hurry up and get here.

Samantha didn't know how long it was before the doorbell finally rang, but it was just in time. Any longer and Samantha wouldn't have been able to pull herself away from Calvin to answer it. But ring it finally did.

"Think you can hold your thoughts till I get back?" She smiled up at Calvin.

"Trust me, I'm looking forward to this as much as you are."

Chapter FIVE

The door opened and Vanessa was confronted with the sight of Samantha standing naked inside the apartment. Vanessa hadn't been sure of what to expect, but this didn't surprise her. In fact, a wash of excitement swept through her.

"Get in here," Samantha fairly giggled, reaching for Vanessa's arm. She drew the blonde inside and shut the door.

Vanessa looked around, and through the bedroom door saw Calvin's lower legs on the bed. "I take it the fun's already started?"

Samantha slinked an arm about Vanessa's narrow waist. "I've already had a come and I'm itching for another. You may cream your panties when you see him."

Vanessa shook her head, amazed. "I knew you were looking for bigger and better things, but I was never sure you'd go through with it."

"How about you? You willing?"

"I'm here, aren't I?"

Samantha gave her an affectionate hug. "I knew you wouldn't let me down. Now come on, let me introduce you."

Samantha took Vanessa by a hand and led her into the bedroom. The blonde woman inhaled sharply at first sight of Calvin reclined on his back on the bed. His cock was just as Samantha had left it, hard and long, lying back over his belly.

Samantha made introductions and Vanessa tore her eyes from his hard-on long enough to say hi.

"See something you like?" Samantha asked her, and Vanessa blushed. Again her eyes returned to Calvin's cock. She licked her lips. She hardly noticed as Samantha started to undress her for Calvin's eyes, and for fun.

Realizing what Samantha was doing, Vanessa helped in getting herself undressed. Then she and Samantha moved to the bed, onto it, kneeling upright to either side of his lower legs. For the moment it was enough for them to just ogle one another, but that was passing.

"Does your friend taste as sweet as you?" Calvin asked Samantha.

"I give away no secrets. You'll have to taste her yourself."

"Love to." His gaze shifted to Vanessa.

Her first thought was, hey, I just got here. Her second thought was, but shit, what am I waiting for?

"Is he good?" she asked Samantha.

"Very good. Swing around so we can work on his cock together while he does your pussy."

Vanessa licked her lips, showing her last traces of shyness. It was all pretty sudden, but Samantha was hot for him and that was all Vanessa needed to know. She supposed that she had been waiting for Samantha to do something like this. Fix her up with some stud, at least. Suddenly it seemed like it had been an awful long wait. Too long.

Vanessa went forward on her knees, walking up alongside Calvin on the bed, then turning, facing Samantha as she straddled his head and shoulders. His hands had already come to her body, taking her wantingly into his possession. Samantha lowered onto the bed, stretching out alongside Calvin's legs. Propped up on an elbow, she breezed a hand up his thighs onto bit balls and cock and idly stroked him some more. She looked up his body in time to see Vanessa lower her blonde cunt to his mouth.

Calvin's chin lifted as he tilted his mouth toward the spread pussy and his tongue came out to offer a brazen lick of welcome. Samantha watched the red tip dart and flick to one side and another as he continued lapping at Vanessa's cooze.

Vanessa's expression lit up as Calvin's tongue worked its magic on her sensitive privates. She gave an excited wiggle and rubbed her cunt against his lips and tongue. Reaching down, she pried her pussy-lips open and offered him her wet inner pink sponginess. His tongue lapped inwardly with all eagerness.

Vanessa bowed forward at her hips, lowering her hanging tits onto his body as she closed in on his exciting prick-shaft. Her hair touched Samantha's face, as to the side, the brunette kept on running her fist up and down on Calvin's cock.

"That's the sexiest cock I've seen in a long time," Vanessa breathed.

"His tongue isn't bad either, huh?"

"You caught a real prize. I'm surprised you're willing to share."

"Would you trust yourself to keep it lit all by yourself?"

"Maybe not," Vanessa allowed. "Have you sucked him yet?"

"I might not want to let go. You first."

"I feel like a hog, but I won't argue," Vanessa said to that.

Samantha watched in fascination as her best friend ducked a little farther down and spilled her tongue out. Vanessa touched the flat of her probe to Calvin's smooth, flared cock-head and swirled it around and around.

His pre-cum came into contact with her tongue and the salty sweet taste acted as a powerful lure. Her lips puckered and went to his cock-tip. She kissed it all over and then, wiping more cum from his slit, took the meaty end into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she groaned in response. She lowered farther onto the upright fuck-shaft, sliding more into her mouth. Samantha held her hand about the base, still watching, but now leaning closer with deeper curiosity.

Vanessa lifted her head and pulled her mouth from Calvin's prick with a lewd slurp. "Terrific cock," she enthused. "You gotta try it."

Watching Samantha pull the prick-shaft over in her direction, Vanessa shamelessly squirmed her pussy back against Calvin's mouth. It was a show of excitement, but no act. She was turning on like crazy. With his tongue slipping and sliding every which way he pleased and with all this cock to play with, she was in seventh heaven.

A rare feeling of fulfillment came over Samantha when she finally slid her mouth onto Calvin's cock and gave him her first suck. Something about a hard cock inside her made her life so complete. At least, at times like this, there were no worries, no cares in the world.

The power of his cock thrilled her. He had strength and stamina to spare in this log of manmeat. Both she and Vanessa could completely let go and indulge themselves like sluts on his cock, and if they still had to have more, it would be there. Fantastic prick.

Vanessa thought so to, and she wanted it back. She almost had to fight Samantha to get it, but get it she did, and slavishly ran her mouth down on the sexy prick-shaft. She pulled up with a rich suck and felt Calvin sweep his tongue into the sopping heat of her pussy with renewed vigor.

His tongue tip slithered over and into her cunt with consummate skill. Flicking at her stiff clit, licking up and down on the outer folds, stabbing into the running gash of her fuck-hole, he whipped her steadily into an erotic frenzy.

Vanessa relinquished his cock once more and saw Samantha greedily suck it into her mouth and throat. She saw the brunette's cheeks hollow out with hard suction and heard the lewd slurps as Samantha worked her mouth up and down about the virile prick.

Yearning to have some part of him in her mouth, Vanessa bowed her head and touched her lips to his balls. She nuzzled the swollen balls with her mouth, brushing velvet lips over them. Finally she scooped them into her clingy, wet warmth, and with Samantha running her mouth up and down Calvin's prick, Vanessa pulled succulently at his nuts.

"Nnnnnggggg," Calvin groaned, and both females laughed with lewd delight in their throats. He punched his tongue into Vanessa's fiery depths and she gasped.

"My God, I think I'm gonna come," she said breathlessly.

"Let it happen, lady," Samantha said. "It's gonna be great!"

The blonde woman's fever for climax deepened. She lifted onto straight arms and pushed her percolating cunt back against Calvin's ravaging mouth. "Yesss," she hissed, "oh yes, do it to me! Make my pussy come!"

Calvin's body squirmed as he ground his tongue into Vanessa's privates. Samantha held her mouth in place and let his moving hips fuck his cock in and out. She trusted that it fed his excitement as much as it fed her own.

"Uuuunnnhhhh," Vanessa whined in a strained voice. "Oooh, now, now baby, I'm coming... commmiiinnnggg..."

With a sharp intake of breath, she went rigid all over. Just as abruptly her body went into a lewd convulsion, and then bucked out of control as she weathered a torrid climax. She twisted and turned and shivered and quaked as her guts spilled their hot lotions.

Gradually she softened, lowering again. Samantha lifted her mouth from Calvin's prick to kiss her.

"That was terrific," Vanessa enthused beamingly, and wriggled against Calvin's lapping mouth. She returned Samantha's kiss. "Thanks for inviting me."

"What are friends for?"

"Just for this, you're gonna be the first to fuck him."

"Try and stop me," Samantha said to that, and she wasn't exactly kidding. Her eyes were glassy and her face was delicately pinked. Her nipples stood out fiercely. She had fuck-fever through and through.

Vanessa pulled herself from Calvin's mouth and stretched out on her side next to him. To his other side Samantha slid up on the bedding.

"You think you've been fucked?" she said to him. "You haven't been fucked. Not until I've fucked you."

"I believe it already," he responded.

Samantha was already moving into place on top of him. She straddled his hips, facing away from him. Squatting over his cock, she fit his fat prick-head into the opening of her pussy by hand, held it there as she leaned back on straight arms over his body. She lowered her ass onto his lower belly, keeping his cock-head at the entrance to her cunt.

With a roll of her hips, Samantha eased forward. She was teasing her way onto his prick, hoping to make him feel as horny as she was. His hips lifted as he tried to run his cock in deep and quick, but she was quicker, backing off from his thrust. She rotated her hips but went no farther onto his prick, subtly punishing him for trying to outwit her.

"Okay baby," be breathed, "it's your show. But be gentle with me. I'm still so young and impressionable."

Samantha smiled. On top of everything else, he was fun too. She could enjoy his company even if they weren't naked and fucking. Which would come in handy when the fucking was over.

Continuing to grind her pussy on his cock with those circular motions, Samantha took in more and more of his cock. He was filling her up like a glow, and she wanted the sensational feeling in as deep as she could take it.

She went forward and lifted herself upright over his loins. Shoulders squared, she rotated from side to side and lowered her weight onto his hips and pelvis. The outer, stretched folds of her cunt flattened on his groin. His cock-hair scratched her asshole. A shudder of basic satisfaction rolled through her, causing her head to roll back.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned, smiling widely. "That's deep! That's real cock!"

"Fuck him, lady," Vanessa urged. She had never watched two people fucking before. She was sure she was going to enjoy it though, somehow.

Samantha wriggled excitedly. She brought her knees closer together over his thighs, clamping in on his cock-meat. Leaning forward slightly, she lifted her ass and started to fuck.

"I'm amazed already," Calvin groaned. "Nobody's ever squeezed me like that. Nobody can fuck like you!"

"Good prick," she gasped. "Real good prick." She let out a squeal of glee and tossed her head in celebration. On strong legs she bounced higher and higher on his deep-reaching prick, every down-stroke punching her innermost cunt harder and harder. The sexy shock waves roused her system into a passionate flurry.

Vanessa watched the bounce of Samantha's tits and the wild gyrations of the voluptuous body and found it all a surprisingly potent turn on. A hand slipped to her pussy and moved caressingly on it as she continued ogling the erotic action before her. Her legs drew up, parting, and she unabashedly finger-stroked herself. She noticed Calvin watching with shiny eyes, and she tilted her pussy in his direction.

Keeping her knees almost together, Samantha went back onto straight arms again. She rocked to and fro on the length of Calvin's cock-rod, squeezing all the way, hugging her inner cunt to the sexy scrape of his prick.

When Calvin's hands lifted between her arms and her body and closed on her tits, she shuddered hotly. She whined with pleasure and wondered how much longer she could last. The rush of delight through her system was so sweet, and getting sexier all the time.

His hands were too good. He swept light fingers around the bases of her out-flung tits, then went squeezing up to the energized peaks, just milking thrill after thrill out of her tits.

His cock was sensational. It could have been tailor-made for the structure of her pussy. His cock-head fit snugly into the bottleneck limit of her cunt, prodding her soft spot with electric jolts.

Vanessa could see the excitement, could smell it, taste it, even feel it. She ran a finger up and down on either side of her puffed-up clit, squeezing it tighter and tighter, and she burned with need. She wished Samantha would hurry up and come so she could have a turn on Calvin's sensational fuck-stick.

Then Samantha's head went back and she cried out in a strained voice. "Ooohhhh, now, ooohhh Gawd, now, I'm gonna come..."

Calvin's hips went into action, driving his big hard-on home with wild drives. His thrusts alone were enough to bounce Samantha's tits on her chest.

"Uuunnhhh, uuunnhhh, uuhh, uuhh," went Samantha, her tone going higher and higher until finally it was cut off completely. Her tense body went into the mindless convulsions of torrid climax, and moments passed before Samantha's voice returned. "Oooohhhh, ohhhh, God, God, that's so good!"

She let her arms buckle and lay down on her back atop Calvin. His arms wrapped around her and hugged her close. His hips continued working, easily now, coaxing out the last shivers of her relief.

Vanessa shifted around and got up on knees and hands and licked a trail up Samantha's front, up her throat to her lips. "I hope you left some for me."

"He's still hard, but you should thank him for it, not greedy me."

"I'm gonna make him come."

"Okay, but you have to let me help."

"Deal. Now let me have that hard-on before. I just take it."

Samantha giggled with understanding and squirmed free of Calvin's cock-rod. She rolled off to the side and Vanessa promptly swung into place on top of him, crouching low over his hips and body.

His cock was angled up in the air, pointing directly at her splayed, wet cunt. All she had to do was sink back onto it, and that was what she did. An unexpectedly potent shudder of excitement claimed her body, and she shook with a dizzying delight.

"Jesus," she enthused. "This is good prick!"

"Ride it, baby!" He grinned up at her. "Make me come, I'm starting to want it bad!"

Virtually forgetting about Samantha, Vanessa wriggled all the way up Calvin's fuck-length and drove back down onto the full splendor of it. She moaned from deep inside at the wild pleasure of feeling a good, hard cock in her steaming cunt.

Samantha slid down on the bedding and rolled over to lie on her stomach between Calvin's legs. With his knees raised, his balls were on perfect display. She opened her mouth and scooped them in, and immediately started to run her nimble tongue over and under and around his cum-filled sweetmeats.

"Oh shit," Calvin chuckled. "You are gonna make me come. Both of you, you bold wenches! Oh mercy, what have I done to deserve this?"

Vanessa giggled with good feelings and practically threw herself at his wonderful cock.

Samantha smiled into Calvin's balls as now she began to suck on them. She could just feel the energy of his boiling jizm.

Vanessa's excitement was at a high point too, and as she continued fucking it only went higher. With Samantha working her illicit magic, Calvin was swept up to delirious heights with her. They ail lost track of time, forgot about the outside world. There was only pleasure, and deeper pleasure.

The sad thing was that it could not go on forever, but whatever sadness they felt was washed away by the crashing tides of climax. Vanessa's cunt went into a frenzy of clasping, pounding expressions of ecstasy, and then Calvin's cock was joining in, simply gushing with joy.

True, Samantha was missing out on this go round, but it didn't bother her a bit. She'd had some fun already and besides, the afternoon wasn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

Chapter SIX

Her body and cunt sated, Vanessa lowered onto Calvin and the two of them smooched affectionately. Behind her, Samantha pulled his spent cock from her cunt and avidly sucked the tasty jizz from the shaft and drew a few drops from inside it as well. Then Samantha lifted her mouth to Vanessa's cunt and started licking away the cum oozing out of her as well.

"Let me say what a pleasure it is to meet such an open-minded pair of ladies like yourselves," Calvin said.

"You're kind of fun yourself," Vanessa replied.

"I think it's great, the way you can share like you do."

"Why not? We're friends, after all."

"Maybe there's a reason in it for me."

"How do you mean?"

"I've got a friend too," he answered. Just then Samantha was pulling herself up alongside the two of them, and she joined in the conversation. "Thinking of calling the next few shots?" she asked him sweetly.

"It's my turn, isn't it?"

"What have you got in mind?"

"Just a little more sharing. I think I'm gonna need same reinforcements to handle you two anyway."

"I don't think any of us believes that," Vanessa said. "But if you'd like to introduce us to your friend, we wouldn't mind."

"Absolutely," Samantha concurred. "You haven't let us down so far. Call him up. Get his ass over here."

His name was Marty. Roughly Calvin's age and size, he had a more indoorsy, brainy look about him. Not as cute but handsome in his own way. He had dark, curly hair and a dazzling smile.

Samantha, Calvin and Vanessa all greeted him at the door. Stark naked, they had just come from a refreshing shower. Marty didn't seem to mind their appearance a bit.

Vanessa took an immediate liking to him and left Calvin's side to pair herself off with the new arrival. Together they went to the bedroom. Calvin and Samantha soon became entwined on the bed while Vanessa and Marty stood to one side, getting acquainted as she undressed him.

Flatteringly, he feasted his eyes on her body as closely as she did his. It reminded her just how much she needed male attention, and helped make clear just how drab her marriage had become. If she hadn't married out of love she would have divorced Leonard ages ago.

Standing close to Marty, pressing her meaty tits into his chest, she slid her hands down under his briefs, pushing them from his ass as she did so. "Not too fast for you, I hope," she murmured.

His hands were comfortably on her waist. "Just fine. The way Calvin talked about you on the phone I was ready for anything and everything."

She smiled devilishly. "I'll try not to let you down," she said, and engaged him in a lasting smooch. Their tongues met and flirted, and their vibes began to connect, and she knew it was going to be good with him.

Over on the bed, Samantha and Calvin were necking rather intently. Lying together on their sides, Calvin sneaked a hand down her slowly undulating body to her ass. Groping a jutting cheek, he worked his fingers into her crack.

Samantha's insides drew tighter as she wondered if he was going to do what she thought he was going to do. When the tip of his middle finger reached her asshole, she knew he was. He flicked his tip against her asshole and she squirmed.

"I've been wondering when you'd get around to trying that," she murmured.

"Think you can take it?" he asked.

"With your cock? I'm not so sure."

"Don't underestimate yourself," he answered easily, sounding like he knew something she didn't.

"I guess I'm just suffering from virgin nerves."

"We don't have to," be said considerately. She hugged herself closer. "I want to do everything with you, my fine young stud."

He kissed her on the mouth and promised, "I'm gonna take good care of you. The best."

"Where do we stand?"

First he had her turn over and lie with her back to him. She tucked her ass out in offering. From somewhere behind him he brought out a small jar of lubrication. He opened it and took a dab onto his forefinger and touched it to her asshole.

Samantha squirmed, turning almost giddy with anticipation. She was relaxed all over, trusting him completely. It came to her that she had really been looking forward to this moment. It was breaking new, unexplored ground.

Calvin's finger touched her asshole and she tingled erotically as he dabbed lubrication onto and into her tiny opening. His motions were gentle, expert. He really was going to take good care of her.

Head up on a pillow, Samantha watched Vanessa and Marty. The blonde woman had pushed his briefs to his thighs and was openly fondling his hardening prick as she tongue kissed him.

Samantha was glad to have her best friend here with her. It simply felt right, there was no other explaining it. They had always been close but now were even closer. It was fitting that they shared in everything.

Feeling Marty's cock growing and growing in her hand was not enough for Vanessa. She had to have it rowing inside her. In her mouth.

She pulled her lips from his and slid down his body onto her knees. Settling her wide ass onto her heels, she drew his cock forward by hand and fed it into her mouth. Taking hold of his balls, she held him inside her as she drew on his responding meat like a suckling calf.

Marty's cock grew with each suck, filling Vanessa's mouth and sliding into the curve of her throat. She rocked her head back, holding her lips tightly to his cock-shaft to stretch out the pliant cock-meat.

The cock filled with steel in response to Vanessa's heartfelt suction and began to throb with excitement. She knew how that felt -- her pussy was already pulsating with growing cock lust -- and she knew what she wanted to do next.

Vanessa backed off from Marty's hard cock and stroked it with a hand as she looked up at him. "Now fuck me," she said throatily. "I'm as hot for it as you are."

Dropping her hand, she turned away from him, her ass lifting into the air as she rolled up onto her knees. Elbows up on the edge of the bed, she curved her body and pushed her womanly ass out in offering.

Marty settled on his knees behind her. His hands slid over the smoothness of her ass-cheeks and onto her hips, and he held her there as he brought his flared cock-head up to her dewy fuck-slit.

"Deep, lover," she said over a shoulder, "sink it deep. Ram it up into me!"

As soon as his cock-head was into her opening and she was stretched open, his hips drove forward and he lanced her voluptuous body with his fiery prick. She went into a curve, her head straining way back, and a delicious groan welled up out of her throat.

Watching all this, Samantha now squirmed with impatience. She wanted to get pronged like that, only, up her ass.

Calvin had been preparing her. Easing his finger in and out of her asshole, he had gotten her to play with her pussy to build up her excitement. Now he could sense her readiness.

"Up on your knees, beautiful," he murmured against an ear.

With a girlish eagerness, Samantha complied. His finger slipped from her asshole and, looking back over a shoulder, she saw him briskly rub some lubrication onto his extended cock-meat. He had gotten hard just playing with her. Calvin placed both hands about her waist and moved up onto his knees behind her. Keen with anticipation, Samantha dropped onto her elbows. Unsatisfied with that, she dropped her face to the bedding and reached back to take hold of her ass-cheeks and pull them apart. If there could have been any doubts left in him they were swiftly erased. She wanted him bad.

Over by the corner of the bed, Vanessa had a perfect view of what was happening between Samantha and Calvin. She watched in fascination as his greased fuck-pole went to her equally slicked asshole. She saw the point go into the small hole, saw his cock bend slightly as he pressed on, saw Samantha's shitter seem to swallow his cock-head in and then take the cockshaft itself.

"Ooohhh," Samantha gasped. "Ooohhh, it's happening! I'm taking cock up my ass and I'm loving it! Oh honey, I'm loving every bit of it! More... more..."

The look of rapture on the brunette's face would have sparked out fight envy in Vanessa if Marty hadn't been fucking her so delightfully.

After his first deeply penetrating drive, he had treated her to more of the same. Each thrust seemed to send his cock deeper, and even though his hips were smacking up against her asscheeks, the feeling did not leave her. Her eyes closed as rapture of her own took hold and she as much as forgot about Samantha and Calvin.

Another section of Calvin's prick-meat slid into Samantha and she crooned her approval. Then at long last she felt the tickle of his pubic hair on her inner ass-cheeks and the glowing heat of his balls on the folds of her cunt. She sighed happily.

Samantha moved both hands from her ass onto Calvin's thighs and she pulled him up close against her upturned cheeks. For long moments she simply held him there, content to just have him ail the way up her shit-chute.

"Am I bad enough for you?" she asked.

"You're bad to perfection," he answered, rubbing his hands up and down her back with slow, massaging caresses.

"I love your cock. I love how it fills me up, stretches me out, makes me feel all hot and horny."

"How about letting me fuck you some. See how you like that."

Smiling, Samantha dropped her hands from his thighs and stretched both arms way up over her head. She felt him pull from her, his hard flesh grinding perversely in the incredibly tight sheath of her shit-chute.

"Nnnnnn," Samantha gurgled. "I love it already."

"Fantastic ass."

"I think I can take real fucking," she said then. "Will you do that for me?"

"That's my girl," he answered. Bringing the ridge of his cock out to her entrance, he pushed back in without delay, sinking all the way in again with a determined drive.

"Ooooohhhh, yeah, that's what I want. Keep doing that to me. I'm gonna cream in no time."

Through somewhat dazed eyes, Vanessa watched Calvin's cock flow smoothly in and out of her lady-friend's asshole. It appeared so simple and Samantha looked so delighted that Vanessa felt terribly drawn in. She wanted to try it on herself.

But that cock running in and out of her pussy was awfully good. And she was pretty turned on. Going anal now would be like changing horses in mid-stream, or like starting over just when everything was going great. It would be better to wait.

"Love it," she gasped wantonly. "Love your cock."

"Harder?" Marty asked.

"Oh yes," she hissed. "Anything you want."

The tempo of his fucking did increase noticeably, and pleasurably. It was simple, direct, nothing fancy about it. It was hot, hard fucking, like a stud servicing a mare in heat. And what fun. Vanessa had never known that sheer debauchery could be so down-to-earth wonderful.

Bit by bit Samantha found the bravado to get both elbows planted on the bedding and start rocking back to meet the steady drives of Calvin's hips and cock. She joined in the fucking and doubled the excitement of it.

"Never knew it could be such a turn-on," she said with near breathlessness, arousal whipping through her system. "Nnnnn, mmmmm, shit yes, this is good! Fuck me, stud! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..."

Abruptly she bounded up onto straight arms, planting her hands on the bed, fingers clawing into the covers. Her body twisted and writhed as she ran herself back on Calvin's prick time after time. Her head tossed and whipped about, gorgeous face contorting with passions.

For her part, Vanessa was just as far gone. Marty was punching and pounding her depths into submission, and the fiery climax buried in there was that close to being drilled loose. Her fingers were clawing at the bedsheets too, and she thought how kicky it would be for her and Samantha to come at the same time -- on different cocks.

Samantha shot a hand back between her thighs and began to frig wildly at her cunt. She couldn't wait any longer, had to come. She closed two fingers on her clit and whipped it up and down, frantically trying to pull her trigger.

Vanessa saw what Samantha was doing and knew that it would work for her as well. She sought and found her sweetly stinging clit and went after it with a horny determination.

Samantha cried out. And then the vivid surges of completion lanced her climaxing body, stifling her with their over-powering energy.

Not far away, Vanessa came under the wracking tide of her climax. Her body bucked and lurched as it tore through her in wave upon wave of exploding sensations. Her clamping pussy went wild on Marty's driving cock, and fairly dripped with flowing cum.

Their fantastic bodies shivering with the pleasure of after-come, faces pink, eyes glazed, Vanessa and Samantha cooed with unfettered delight. Their gazes met and locked, and they shared a smile and a look of mutual empathy.

"You really hit a big one that time, didn't you," Vanessa observed.

"You look pretty pleased yourself," Samantha responded. "Good cock?"

"Very pleasing," Vanessa murmured. She glanced at Calvin's prick as he eased it in and out of Samantha's ass with soothing gentleness. "How about a trade?" she said then, returning her gaze to Samantha's.

"Nmmmmmm, yeah," Samantha enthused. "I want you to try this cock on for size -- in your ass."

"I'm willing," Vanessa said to that, then turned to Marty. "How about something fresh?"

His eyes went to Samantha and brightened. "How about it," he said eagerly.

Vanessa pulled herself from his hard-on and moved up onto the bed. In front of her Samantha wiggled off Calvin's magnificent prick, and Vanessa moved into a crouch before him.

He already had his jar of lubrication in hand and promptly swabbed a dollop into her virgin asshole. Vanessa thrilled to the illicit feelings of his finger as he worked slickness into her shit-chute.

To her side, Samantha lay back on the bed and Marty moved up over her. On knees and hands, hips lowering, his cock was sticking out at a terrifically virile angle. Vanessa watched it go directly to Samantha's wide-open cunt and she wiggled shamelessly before Calvin.

"Give it to me!" she panted. "Stick my ass with your cock!"

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, she felt the burn of his cock-head on her asshole. It actually took her breath away for an instant. She was going to get ass-fucked and could hardly believe it.

Calvin's cock pressed forward, gently but firmly opening her up and coming inside with its musky, slick heat. The slide of his slicked flesh on her own sent horny sensations through Vanessa and as she realized that she was more sensitive in there than she had expected she knew it was going to be great.

As Calvin pressed on, Vanessa gave another wriggled and leaned back on hands and knees. The sudden quickening of the penetration made her gasp with delight.

"Shit this is getting good," she breathed. "Ooooooh, lover, fuck me with your big cock! Fuck me like a bitch, you hear?"

He chuckled, running open hands over her body. "I hear, and don't worry, you'll get what's coming to you!"

Samantha was getting blissfully fucked beside Vanessa and Calvin, with Marty in a push-up position and letting his hips crash onto her upturned ass. Her legs were high in the air and waving about.

Vanessa caught her attention with a look. "Should I be feeling as bad as I do?"

"The badder the better," Samantha assured with a gleeful leer.

Vanessa moaned her excitement and rocked her rounded ass back into the nook of Calvin's hips. She pound snugly up against him, reveling in her ability to take all of his cock. Then she wanted to fuck all of it, and she lurched forward.

They, found a comfortable rhythm and Vanessa gave herself over to it. She closed her eyes and let her instincts and impulses take over. Body writhing and twisting, moaning with heavenly arousal, she fucked and was fucked, and it couldn't have been more grand.

Chapter SEVEN

Six months passed.

Samantha and Vanessa saw Marty and Calvin a number of times, and they met or were introduced to other young male playmates. A couple of female playmates on one occasion as well. All in all it was great fun. A pure holiday of sucking and fucking of all kinds.

Life at home however was a whole other story, which was to say that it was the same old story. At Samantha's house, Harry would get home, unwind with a drink, have dinner, spend some time on work from the office, watch some TV. At most, he would head for bed early three times a week. Those were the times when sex entered their lives.

Leaving the bathroom on one of those nights, with Harry waiting for her in the bedroom, Samantha wondered why she let it go on this way. Fucking was a pleasure, not an obligation or a household chore.

Entering the bedroom, she found Harry naked, half-covered by a sheet. He still had his looks, she would give him that. With his graying hair he might even have become more attractive over the years. It was nice to be naked with him. The trouble was, it could have been so much better.

She switched off the overhead light and left the lamps on. She dropped the robe from her shoulders. Naked underneath, she moved onto the bed, stretching out stomach-down and diagonally across it, facing her husband.

When he looked at her it was direct and with some affection and at moments like this, with a trace of horniness as well. No mad passion, no simple lust, no real fun. It was just so damned comfortable. Familiar. Mundane.

With him propped up on a couple of pillows, Samantha nuzzled his shoulder, down onto his chest, brushed her lips over his nipple, getting things started. She pleased him, satisfied him, she knew that, and that counted for something, at least. She still had some pride in being a good wife.

Harry pushed the sheet down from his hips, revealing his swelling cock. "Know what I'd love, baby?" he murmured.

She made a soft, knowing sound and slid down a little on the bed. She brushed her lips and tongue over his belly and swept her hand up his legs to fondle his hairy balls.

At least he let her do some things. She was grateful for that. And every once in a while, after a good day at the office or some other boost to his system he would go so far as spend some time sucking her.

But where was the fire? Where was the brimming excitement of two lusting people?

Lifting her head, she slid her hand up onto his cock and squeezed massagingly into the rubbery tube. Feeling it swell, she jerked her hand quickly on it, and saw his cock fill with hardness and length. She thought she could probably do it in her sleep.

Maybe that was the root of the problem. Maybe they simply knew each other too well.

There were no more surprises. At least, he didn't seem to have any to offer. Samantha knew that she could show him a thing or two. If only he would show a little interest in seeing them. But if it wasn't something he had already tried he wouldn't go for it. She couldn't teach an old dog new tricks.

He stroked the back of her neck, toyed with her hair. Gradually the weight of his hand became heavier, urging her to go down on his cock.

She toyed with the idea of resisting. Could she get him to force her. It would be a change, all right. Maybe it would start to bring him out of his shell.

But Samantha knew better. Send him deeper into his shell would be more like it. Why make trouble?

"Gonna suck you now," she breathed. "You ready?"

"Mmmmmm," he answered with a squirm. She dipped out her tongue and bathed his cock-head with saliva. She wiped it off with ovaled lips, wet him down again, then sucked on to stay.

It was a nice cock, smooth, strong, durable. It fit nicely into her mouth and throat, her cunt. His cum had a sweet, sexy taste, and it was never too quick to come boiling out of him either. So Samantha enjoyed her husband's cock, enjoyed sucking on it. She could feel its hardness warming her insides, making the inside of her pussy warm and squishy and in the mood for a pronging.

It always wowed Harry when she deep throated him, so she did that now. She only wished he would let her do more. She cared for him, despite everything. Really cared for him.

It would have been a lot simpler if she didn't. She could have left him. No problem.

And, she knew that he cared for her, in his way, so...

Samantha continued mouthing up and down her husband's prick. She undulated her body, feeling sexy and wanting to show it. She felt Harry's eyes on her, like caresses, and his hips began lifting his cock into her mouth and throat.

"You're showing your hand, darling," she teased, pausing to wipe her tongue all over his hard-on.

"Shit, let's do it."

"You mean fuck?" she said playfully, unable to resist the urge to get a tad naughtier than usual.

"Yes, I mean that," he responded impatiently. He began to sit up. "Let's."

She breezed a hand up his body and had him lie back. "No problem. I'll take care of it. You've had a long day."

She had top-ridden him before, though not too often, so this was something of a treat for her. And him. Savoring every passing moment, Samantha moved up astride of her husband and, squatting over his loins, threaded his cock up into the tight, wet, hot sheath of her pussy.

His head lay back, and he looked at her through half-lidded eyes. His gaze was on her tits, her pussy, her body. He seemed shy about looking her in the eye just then, or maybe he was just too horny for it. He loved her body, and that was enough for her then.

Samantha leaned back, placing her hands on his lower thighs for balance and support as she drew back on his cock and took it in time and time again. She curved her body and arched her heavy but spry-looking tits out and apart. His hands slid up her body and closed on them greedily.

Continuing to fuck on leg power, she leaned forward and pushed her tits into his chest. Wrapping both arms about his neck, she kissed him full on the mouth.

"I'm getting a little carried away," she said to him. "Do you mind?"

"Keep fucking," he answered, palming the broad cheeks of her ass.

Feeling daring, she stretched her body and lifted her tits up before his face. She wagged her shoulders, bobbling them temptingly. She leaned in closer and, to her small surprise and great delight, he sucked a swollen tit-point between his lips.

"Oooh, that's good," she enthused. "I'm gonna make it too! I'm coming with you!"

Shortly, for whatever reason, his mouth relinquished her tits and his head fell back. But she still had his cock, and grinding on it like she was enough. She could feel the burning tingle of her impending climax, and she could sense his in the offing as well.

Expertly, not too brazenly, she hunched on Harry's cock-rod with rising speed and brought him off. The hard flexes of his cock inside her seemed to trigger Samantha's come, and for long moments she reveled in the washes of sweet release.

She softened against him. His hands played lightly up and down her back, over her ass. Then there was a big, boyish hug and a wet kiss, and Samantha sort of slid from him to roll over and lie on her back atop the sheet. Harry pulled his share back up over his mid-section and turned off the lamp on his side of the bed. Within minutes his slow, steady breathing told her he was asleep.

She remembered how frustrated she used to feel at moments like this, before that first afternoon with Vanessa. She had known she would have to do something to maintain her sanity, and she had done about the only thing she could. She had thought and hoped that it would solve things. She would have her fun and that would be that.

Only it wasn't solving things. She still felt frustrated. Deep down she was Harry's wife and he should be the only man for her and all her pleasures should come from and involve him.

Sadly she accepted that she wasn't much better off than she had been at the start. At least on a personal, emotional level.

"Play with me?" Vanessa said to her husband Leonard.

They too were in bed at that hour, both naked and loosely embracing with the sheets pretty well off.

"What?" he said, running the tip of his nose across her cheek from her earlobe.

"You know, with my pussy." On her side facing him, she lifted her bent upper leg into the air. "Play with my pussy."

"Aren't you getting wet?" he asked, sliding his hand down to between her legs.

"No," she answered coquettishly.

Leonard was a huskily built fellow, looking powerful and dominating. But his personality didn't quite match that. He was modest, unassuming, not exactly forceful, a nice guy. Gently he inserted a testing finger into the slit of her cunt.

"You are so," he discovered, as if she must have gone daft. "And I know just what to do about that."

Vanessa quickly reached for and grasped his hardened cock. He paused, wondering over her unexpected move. He looked down quizzically at her slender hand as she started to languidly jerk him off.

"Play with me anyway," she said. "And I'll play with you."

He appeared perplexed. "We don't need this," he argued. "Now come on, let's get fucking."

He had been in a good mood all evening. She'd thought she would try for something new. It wasn't working out too well, but he was still in a good mood.

"Doesn't it feel good when I rub you down there?" she asked.

"What's with you tonight. I thought you liked to fuck."

"I do, but, gee whiz Leonard, we can do more than that from time to time, can't we?" She tickled his balls. "Can't we?"

He responded in a perplexed sort of way. "The kids are gone, we have the house to ourselves, aren't you the least bit tempted to let your hair down and just cut loose a little?"

"Have you been watching that guy on TV?" he asked, as though the possibility depressed him. "You've got too much time on your hands, that's your problem."

"I guess you haven't been tempted, huh?"

"Tempted to sleep, yeah. When has it ever been this quiet around here for this long?"

"Not exactly fun, sleep."

"You can join me anytime," he offered. She didn't say anything to that. "Well look, if you want a little variety, we can do it doggy-style. How's that?"

Vanessa figured it was as good as she was going to get, so she said, "Okay."

Leonard chuckled heartily, glad that everything had been worked out and they could get on with it. He pushed himself up onto his knees and watched as Vanessa rolled over onto her stomach, spread her knees and lifted her crotch toward him.

Well, she had tried, Vanessa thought to herself. She hadn't really expected to succeed, so it wasn't that great a disappointment. And she was still going to get some action out of Leonard.

Maybe she should feel guilty, wanting more than she was getting. She didn't know. But damn it, she wasn't the only one missing out. He was too. If only there was some way to open his eyes to the fact.

Leonard took hold of his wife's hips, pointed his cock at the dangling folds of her cunt and pulled her back and onto the rigid length of his fuck-meat. She heard his deep, savoring intake of breath and his moan of pleasure. He did have some sensuality, but there had to be more of it in him. She just knew it.

Vanessa groaned a sincere reply as she took her husband's sizeable prick into her warm, watery depths. She let her body undulate with further pleasures, rubbing the jutting cushions of her ass against him.

"Now, this isn't too terribly boring, is it?" he said to her, and she could just picture the big grin on his face.

"I guess not," Vanessa allowed. He was turning her on, too. And she would come. And afterward, well, she didn't want to think about that now. She was going to enjoy this while she could. As much as she could.

Leonard started to fuck her, his eager motions hinting at some of the power lurking in his bulky body. Vanessa rolled her head from side to side and pushed her cunt back against his surging cock.

"Getting good now," she said in a thickening voice. "Getting very nice indeed!"

"I know, baby. Fun!"

Vanessa wiggled and shook, determined to milk every moment of its full erotic potential. Thank God she had cured him of having to do all their fucking under the sheets. She supposed she could cure him of other habits as well, but unfortunately they would both be in their nineties before they could reach the erotic potential she had in mind for them both.

Vanessa clasped her hands on the bed and lowered her cheek onto them, and simply rested there, letting him bang into her pussy from behind. There were no surprises -- just straight ahead fucking. She sometimes wondered if he wasn't just jerking himself off with her cunt.

If he hadn't had the staying power to make her come while he was at it there would have been some genuine bitterness.

"Mmmmmm, I feel it," Vanessa moaned. She stretched out and dug her elbows into the mattress, bracing herself.

Leonard punched harder with his cock becoming frantic for climax. A bunch of final, quick drives and he was over the edge, taking Vanessa with him. They came together. Then Leonard rolled away onto his back and, exhaled heavily, and it was over.

Vanessa curled up into a ball, wondering what she was going to do in order to come up with a truly happy marriage.

By the middle of next morning Vanessa and Samantha were together, in Samantha's living room, wrestling about on the couch as they sought to vent the frustrations of the evening before.

Samantha must have been the more frustrated, for she was the one to come out on top. Naked, she swept Vanessa's legs way back and apart and, crouching over the blonde placed the mound of her cunt on her lady-friend's. She began to rub against the furred softness and felt the relief of instant excitement.

"Oh God," she groaned, "that feels good. Oh, I needed this!"

"Me too," Vanessa spoke up emphatically. "Rub me! Pussy-fuck me!"

Samantha washed her ass from side to side to whisk her pussy-mound against Vanessa's with a tantalizing friction. Perched on her toes, she then revolved her hips, rubbing in circles against the sensitive softness. Then she racked forward and back with a new angle of attack.

"I'm melting," Vanessa said blissfully.

Samantha tilted her pelvis and pressed the outer lips of her cunt against the warmed folds of Vanessa's cunt in a really perverse kiss. Grinding with definite pressure, both clits felt delicious stimulation, and Vanessa responded by rubbing her pussy mouth against Samantha's.

"Silt this is good!" the blonde woman hissed. "We can do any dirty fucking thing we want with each other, and I love it!"

"Too bad our husbands aren't around to watch," Samantha remarked. "Maybe they might learn something."

"Imagine being able to do anything we wanted with them," Vanessa said wishfully.

"Wouldn't that be just everything we could want."

"Don't let's talk about it now," Samantha answered. "Let's just enjoy ourselves."

"Make it last," Vanessa encouraged, hunching her pussy up against Samantha's. "Let's really cream hard on each other."

"I'm with you!" Samantha enthused.

It didn't take long. The frustrations and the natural horniness they felt toward each other and the illicit action all worked to potent effect on their sluttish systems.

Vanessa hunched her pussy and Samantha ground her sweet cunt down hard in reply. Giggling between heartfelt moans, they girl-fucked to their hearts' delight, and to the delight of their pussies and bodies as well.

Samantha shook first, her climax followed hotly by Vanessa's. The two women shivered and quaked, their clamping, spewing pussies fairly glued together.

Unable to hold herself up any longer, Samantha lowered her knees into the seat of the couch to either side of her blonde lady-friend. She bowed low, bedding her succulent tits on Vanessa's. The two women kissed, the one underneath lifting both long shapely legs around the one on top and hugging her closer.

"Oooohhhh," Vanessa said lamentingly. "What're we gonna do? This has been fun, but we both know that we were born to be faithful wives."

"There's gotta be some way to show those guys what they're missing out on."

"What is it?"

"Well shit, let's just find out. If a couple of hot bitches like us can't work something out, what good are we?"

Vanessa laughed softly, affectionately. "Now you're talking."

Chapter EIGHT

By lunch-time they had come up with a plan. By that evening they were ready to put it into action. In fact, by that evening, the plan was already in motion. First, Samantha had called up Leonard at his office.

"Hello there," he said cheerfully into the phone.

"Not too busy, I hope," Samantha said.

"Too busy for my wife's best buddy? I'd never hear the end of it."

"Speaking of your wife, are you planning to go straight home to her after work?"

"What else?"

"Well, her birthday's coming up soon, isn't it?"

"Sure is."

"I was thinking we could get together to arrange a little surprise party for her."

"Sounds like a good idea. Want me to drop by on my way home?"

"Please. Call her and make some excuse, and come over."

"Done," he agreed.

Next, Vanessa put in a call to Samantha's husband at his office, asking him to drop by her place that evening for a little chat.

"What about?" he asked.

"I'm looking for some advice for a nephew of mine. Concerning career moves. I'm sure you could be a big help."

"Okay," he consented.

Of course it was all subterfuge. Sneaky scheming, conniving. But Samantha and Vanessa were finding out that that was half the fun.

Samantha put on a white garter belt with matching hose, lacy bra and panties, a robe-style dress and high-heeled shoes. Nursing a drink, she waited for Leonard's appearance while standing by her living-room window. When his car appeared in the driveway she went to the door.

"Glad you could make it," she greeted as he walked up to her.

"No trouble," he assured, smiling. They knew one another only casually, but he seemed perfectly relaxed with her. And she had noticed his eyes skim over her as he'd approached.

They went in and she offered him a drink, which he refused. They sat together on the couch. Samantha's dress opened to show some nyloned thigh, which did not escape his notice. He brought up the subject of surprise parties.

"We don't have to talk about that now, do we?" she purred.

"That's what I'm here for, isn't it?"

"Not exactly, now that you mention it."


Samantha set her drink on the coffee table and leaned back in the couch, shifting closer to Leonard. "You know, Vanessa thinks you're, getting a little dull, but I don't believe that."

Understandably, he didn't seem to know what to say.

"I'll bet you know how to have fun, don't you, Leonard?"


"I'm the one with dull husband problems," Samantha went on. Sighing, she let her head loll back onto the back of the couch. "It's an accomplishment when I can get a yawn out of Harry."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

She looked at him, her head still back. "This surprise party business was just a cover. I want you, Leonard."

"Your best friend's husband?"

"Shocking, isn't it. But there it is. I want you." A languid smile curved her lips. "Bet I can talk you into it."

He chuckled uncertainly. "Did Vanessa set this up? It's a joke, right?"

Samantha got slowly to her feet. Standing in front of Leonard, easing in between his knees, she deliberately loosened her dress, drew it open to show her sexy underthings, finally let it drop from her shoulders.

"No joke," she assured. She lifted lingering fingers into her lush hair. "Do you like what you see, Leonard?"

"I... I can't believe this is happening."

Samantha lowered her hands and slowly bent over, sliding them down between her knees. Her tits fairly spilled out over the cupping fabric of her bra. She went down face to face with Leonard. "It's happening, lover. Now, do you like my body or don't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"Good. I'm glad." Smiling in her eyes, she leaned closer. Their noses almost touched. "I've been fascinated by that body of yours for years, too."

"Christ, Samantha, you're Vanessa's best friend," he protested.

"You keep saying that. You must be having trouble resisting my charms. Grabbing at any excuse. Leonard, if it doesn't bother me, why should it bother you?"

"I'm... I'm married."

"Another excuse." She shook her head. "I thought you were fun. Hell, I know you are." Straightening, she moved onto her knees on the couch, astride his lap. She squared her shoulders, lifting her tits out. She cocked her hips to one side.

"If you don't want me, push me aside," she said. "A big strong guy like you wouldn't have any trouble."

His hands didn't move. And then they were past the point of no return. Feeling a tingle of triumph, Samantha combed the fingers of a hand into his hair. He looked up. She brushed her hand down the side of his face and he kissed her palm.

"We'll regret this," he said. "Both of us."

"Not today," she promised. "I've taken care of everything. It's going to be perfect."

She sank the cushions of her ass onto his lower thighs and held herself upright. She wagged her shoulders, and her tits jiggled almost out of her bra cups. His eyes dropped to her chest and held to it.

"You like, huh?" She smiled. "Why don't you take them out and play with them?"

His eyes lifted in surprise at such a brazen suggestion.

"I don't know what Vanessa is like," Samantha lied easily, "but I'm pretty sure I'm different. You better get used to it. Hell, enjoy it!"

She could see the idea going to work on him, put a glint in his eyes and a hungering kind of grin on his lips. She was now a woman to him, and that meant they would be playing under a different set of rules than he would have with his wife. New rules. And, as he was about to find out, the first rule was, anything goes.

His hands lifted to the front clasp of her bra and he opened it, tentatively. In similar fashion he pulled the lacy cups away from her jutting tits and let his hands replace them on her coned tit-meats.

Tingling with greater triumph and stirring with arousal, Samantha pressed her titties forward into his hands. He responded by squeezing into the smooth, pliant flesh.

"You are fun," she enthused.

"And you, you're something else, Samantha."

"Now you're getting it." She leaned forward, letting her arms slide about his neck. They touched noses this time, and then lips as Samantha cocked her, head to one side and moved in for a kiss. Curving her body, she pushed her heavy tits into his chest. His hands slid around and down to the jutting curves of her ass. She shot her tongue into his mouth and let him enjoy himself.

"You're terrific, Leonard," she breathed, moving against his body and hands, "but I think I'd like you even better naked."

"Shall we go upstairs?"

"I'm in no mood to be quaint," Samantha purred. "Right here is fine. You'll see."

She backed from him and stood again.

Thumbing her panties, she worked them down and off, leaving garter belt, nylons and shoes on. Kneeling, she pulled off Leonard's shoes and socks.

Taking his time, he got out of jacket and tie. He needed the time to get adjusted to her, to the new style of fun-making.

Samantha leaned in between his knees, crouching, and pulled down his fly. She reached in and negotiated his prick out into the open. She cradled the rubbery cock in two hands, rolling it in caressing fashion. She looked up at him.

"I'm gonna make you feel good," she murmured. "I'm gonna make you feel better than you've felt in a long time. I'm gonna make you come like the devil. Maybe in my mouth, maybe in my pussy, maybe even in my ass."

He stared at her, dumbfounded, as she ducked and licked all the way up from the bottom of his growing cock-shaft.

"Does Vanessa talk dirty like that to you?"

"Not quite," he replied.

"I'm just a slut when I get my hot little hands on a cock. Especially one that seems to like me so much." He was growing steadily in her caressing hands, firming up nicely for her. Samantha showed a look of genuine delight and licked his cock again. And continued licking it.

"Nnnnnn, I love it right back too."

Watching her, Leonard undid the buttons of his shirt, pulled it open. Samantha took hold of his pants and shorts and worked them from his hips, down his legs to his ankles. She practically dived back toward his cock and snatched it into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmm," she moaned with pleasure as she sucked and squeezed the upper end of it. In short order she was running her mouth down on the continuously swelling cock and sucking hard back up to the tip.

When his cock was hard enough to stand on its own, Samantha took her mouth from it, rose up slightly and enclosed the fuck-shaft with the splendor of her tits. Bunching her tits in around his cock, she caressed it with her smooth warm flesh.

"How does that feel?" she purred to him. "Good enough to fuck?"

"Shit," he grinned, "you really are different."

"Fuck my tits, big boy!" She grinned.

It took him a moment to get going. It was a pleasure he had never pursued before.

Leonard's ass lifted and his cock threaded up between her enclosing tits. He lowered and let his cock go down out of sight before running it back up through the incredible smoothness of her tit-flesh.

Samantha knew he would never have dreamed of doing this with his wife. Something had happened there, early on, and it had pretty much established their sexual habits. The longer a pattern went on the harder it was to break out of, and their pattern, conservative, was an old one.

But between Leonard and Samantha there was no pattern yet. The idea was to show him what he had been missing out on and let him take it home to Vanessa. The wives' scheme was as simple as that.

Samantha didn't doubt that he would take it home and try it out.

"God, you're making me wet," Samantha breathed.

"Am I?" he said.

"I'll show you." She pulled her tits from his cock as she stood up then climbed up onto the couch. She stood over him, one knee pressing into the back of the couch to one side, one foot lifting onto it to the other side. She leaned her hips forward and, with his head tilted back, she moved her pussy in over his face. She opened her privates with the fingers of a hand and said, "See?"

Wetness did show in the fuck-slit and outer areas of her pussy. She wished there had been enough for a drop or two to fall onto his lips. Would have been fun to see how that fired him up.

"God," he groaned, "Samantha."

"Lick me," she crooned. "I've heard I taste like a million bucks."

His tongue lifted itself into the spongy hot wetness of her gaping cunt like it couldn't resist. His hands came up to the jutting globes of her ass and mauled her buns as his tongue began to do the same to her pussy.

"Oooooh, you feel, like a million yourself," she cooed, hunching her drooling cunt at his mouth. She felt him suck on her tender privates and knew she had him right where she wanted him. The lucky stiff was playing straight into her hands.

"Sexy pussy!" he breathed in awe. "Fantastic!"

"Yeah baby, let me know how you feel," she encouraged. "Talk tome! Talk dirty to me!"

"Love eating out your cunt," he murmured, really getting the hang of her new approach to it. "Want you to come on me! Oh yeah baby, all over my face!"

Fast learner, she thought.

"Your face?" she tempted. "Or your big, hard, throbbing cock? It's your choice."

He flicked his tongue into her cunt with a quick hunger, as if trying to get all he could before she took it away.

"My cock," he said finally, groaningly, and Samantha did take her pussy from his mouth.

Samantha lowered onto her knees on the seat of the couch, her lusciously tapered thighs straddling his hips and upright cock. She grabbed the throbbing shaft and stuffed its purple tip into her creamy cunt-gash. She lurched her ass downward and took his cock past her cunt-lips. Spasms shot through her pussy as his prick stretched it out and filled her up.

"Jesus," Samantha breathed. "That was a perfect choice." Feeling deeper lances of pleasure, she shook her head and laughed with erotic glee. "Yeeeaaaahhhhh!"

"You really go for it, huh," Leonard remarked. Clearly he was enjoying her uninhibited ways, getting more comfortable with them by the minute.

"I'm gonna fuck you now," she said to him, leaning back. She placed her hands on his knees and lifted her own knees to plant her heels in the seat of the couch. "And you're gonna watch," she added, easing back on his hard-on, letting more and more of it out of her cunt. "You're gonna watch me fuck you and you're gonna see me come."

He seemed dumbfounded again. Samantha had to admit that it was a kick, dazzling a grown man like she was. But she wasn't worried about dazzling him too much. He would always know where he truly belonged and would go running back to Vanessa as soon as Samantha was done with him.

Taking her time, Samantha rocked back and forth over Leonard's lap. The sheath of her cunt stroked his cock with an ever hotter friction. Her hips and pelvis rolled, stirring his big fuck-thing around inside her. Her hot ass pressed up against his balls with each forward motion.

The pleasure was as much her own as it was his. He watched her turn on with a boyish fascination. She was showing him how much she enjoyed cock, and when he was with Vanessa he would remember it, and know that his wife was the same way.

A grin tugged at her sensuous mouth. "I'm gonna do it," she murmured throatily. "Gonna come and hold my tits for me, baby? That'll really set me off!"

His open hands slid up her working body and wrapped around the domed peaks of flesh with tight squeezes. Samantha gasped with raw pleasure, and when his thumbs flicked hard against her swollen nipples she inhaled sharply and her body curved abruptly upward.

"Uuuuunnn, uuunnn, uuuhhh, ooohhh, ooohhh!" she whimpered excitedly and went bucking into her climax. The beat down there around his cock went searing through her with sensation-laden throbs.

Leonard continued mauling her sensitive tits as she lurched torridly about on his prick and slowly calmed. He milked them then with gentler caresses, then let his hands drift off onto her softening body. She continued moving to and fro on his hard-on.

"I don't know how Vanessa could say you're on the dull side," Samantha said. "I feel like we can do anything together."

"Well, I'm a little different at home," he confessed. "Maybe I am on the dull side."

"Bet you could show her a few things if you put your mind -- and your cock -- to it."

He grinned. "Maybe."

"It'd be a nice birthday surprise, wouldn't it?" Samantha suggested.

"There's an idea."

"Then I guess our business is settled," she announced. Quickly through, her eyes dropped to his reddened hard-on as for the umpteenth time it came unsheathed from her cunt, and she corrected, "Almost."

"We're doing okay there too."

"Not okay enough. We'll do much better with you in my ass."

"My God Samantha, you really want to?" She swung a long leg over to the couch and disengaged herself from his cock. "Sure." She got both knees under her, lower legs across his thighs as she turned her backside to him. "Just wet your finger in my pussy, then slip it in and out of my shitter a few times, easy, and I'm ready. Try it!"

For a second he appeared uncertain. She gave an encouraging wiggle and reached back between her thighs to open her wet cunt for him. "You'll love it."

His finger came to her pussy, and then went to her asshole, and then he got up onto his knees behind her and touched his prick-head to her stretched hole.

"In, baby. I want it. I need it."

He pushed forward and she pushed back, and they joined, deeper and deeper, sharing increasingly bold fuck-strokes.

"Yeeaaahhhh!" he breathed as the passions took hole. "Shit yeah!"

"Me too," Samantha cooed. "I feel the same way! Ooohhh, shit, do I ever feel good! Fuck me now! Fuck my hot, bad ass!"

"Jeez," he breathed, pumping with his hips, "do you think Vanessa would go for this?"

"Leonard honey," Samantha replied, "I don't think she'd mind it a bit."

Chapter NINE

"Hi fella," Vanessa said to Harry at the door.

"Come on in."

Vanessa closed the door and linked her, arm with his as they approached the living room. She was dressed in a knotted shirt that showed her tits were bra-less and baggy shorts that didn't hide one inch of her sensational legs.

Harry took a seat on a couch and Vanessa perched herself on the edge of another one just across from him. Elbows on knees, chin in one hand, she openly looked at him. He asked her about her nephew.

"I have a confession to make," Vanessa said to that. "There is no nephew. I just didn't think you'd come if I told you the real reason I wanted to see you."

"Why do you want to see me?"

"I just couldn't put it off any longer. The opportunity came up with Leonard being out for the evening and I just had to take it."

"To do what?"

"What would you say," the blonde woman began, "if I told you I wanted us to spend the next hour or so together, fucking?"


"You heard me. I want us to fuck. I've wanted it for some time."

"I'm stunned," he said truthfully.

"I thought you might be," she said to that. Vanessa stood up then, came over to Harry and knelt before him on the rug. "I'm sure I could help you get over it."

"Or make it worse."

"Or make it worse," she smiled. She rested her hands on his knees, effectively holding them apart. Her gaze went down the front of his body to his crotch.

"Samantha's talked about you," Vanessa confided. "I suppose that's what helped spark my interest."

"What did she say?"

"All sorts of things... apparently you're rather well put together..."

"Flattery will get us both into a lot of trouble."

"Not if we play it smart." She leaned closer and temptingly whispered, "I promise."

"It doesn't bother you, you being friends, me being married?"

"Don't be a dull boy," she chided softly, "come out and play." As she spoke, her slender fingers worked at the knot of her shirt. As she finished, she pulled her shirt open to reveal her jutting, coned tits. "Let's you and I break some rules," she went on, idly fingering the underswells of her tits.

"I don't know..." he said hesitantly, though he couldn't seem to take his eyes off her terrific tits.

"Sounds like I'll have to decide for both of us," Vanessa responded. She leaned farther in between his legs, placing her out-thrust tits on his upper thighs. "You and I are gonna do it, Harry. We're gonna suck, and fuck..."

"Have you always been this take-charge?" he asked.

Vanessa was rubbing her hands over the front of his pants, teasing into the crotch area. "I've always been able to get things done. It doesn't leave you cold, does it?"

He grinned, not answering that. He didn't have to. The outline of his cock was taking shape down one leg of his slacks.

"No," Vanessa murmured, "it leaves you hot. Hotter, and hotter..." She shifted her body and pressed the warm firmness of a bare tit against the outline of his hardening prick.

She took the shirt off, loosened her shorts. She stood and stepped out of them.

"No panties, huh?" Harry observed. "I'm an optimist," Vanessa answered. She stepped back and sat on the couch across from him. Trailing a hand up the inside of a thigh, she leaned back on it. She idled her fingers on the flesh of her pussy as she gazed over at him. "Let's see what you've got under those duds."

"Are you sure Leonard's out for the evening?"

"Positive." To further entice him, Vanessa let her legs fall open. She moved fingertips on her outer cunt. "Show me what you've got. I want to eat it up."

Harry got up out of his seat and proceeded to undress. He looked eager, but worried around the edges. But he was coming through for her, and would go all the way, and that was what counted.

Relaxing into the couch, Vanessa moved two fingertips in circles on her clit as she watched Harry get undressed. Samantha had herself quite a prize here. Vanessa was tempted not to let him go home afterward.

With a trace of bashfulness, Harry pushed down his shorts and stepped out of them. His extending prick bobbled and flopped about in the air, looking muscular and sexy and juicy.

Vanessa sat up as he came to her. She reached for his hips and drew him in between her legs. Turning her head to one side, she ran her tongue along the flank of his still-growing cock-meat to the base.

"You are built," she murmured. "Prime looking stud. I hear you don't cut loose much."

"Do you?"

"Don't hold back with me, okay lover? The badder you are the better it'll be for us both. I'll show you."

She curled her tongue on the underside of the base of his cock and wiggled her tip back and forth on it. Continuing to work her tongue like that, she went all the way up to the flared end of his prick-length. A drop of pre-cum was waiting for her there and she sensuously wiped it off with her probe.

Vanessa wiggled her tongue back down the underside of Harry's cock. She lifted her chin and licked into his patch of pubic hair. Between licks she took strands into her mouth and pulled at them with her lips. Then she blew on the damp bush, and saw his cock jerk with pleasure.

"Now your balls, baby," she purred. "You want me to suck your gorgeous balls don't you, lover?"

"Yes, I do."

She wrapped a hand loosely about his prick and gave him smooth jerking off motions, stoking his fires as they chatted.

"Does Samantha do your balls for you?"

"Now and then."


"I'll do it better. I want all this to be worth your while, so you won't have any regrets."

Vanessa pushed his hard prick up against his belly, giving herself full access to his package of nuts. She used her lips again to pull at the hairs on his sac and felt his prick respond with delight.

Her wily tongue came out, the tip trailing between and around his plump, cum-filled balls.

She tickled up to the base of his cock and down to the underside of his pouch, his cock pulsing continuously in her hand.

She used her tongue to draw his balls into her mouth, one at a time for individual sucks and then both together for more sucking and a wet tongue bath.

"Jesus," Harry breathed, "you are good. Keep this up and I'm likely to forget I'm a married man."

Vanessa smiled and backed off from his balls. She let his cock lower to its natural, virile angle and she said, "Now let's see what I can do for this big, sexy thing."

Vanessa opened her mouth and virtually inhaled his prick into bet mouth and throat. She pushed her head forward until his full cock length disappeared inside her. She washed her head from side to side, grinding the flared head of his cock against her throat.

"God," Harry groaned.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, her vocal chords seeming to vibrate into his sensitive cock-head.

Loosely hugging his upper thighs, Vanessa felt his legs tremble as she began to avidly run her mouth over the hard tube of his prick. For long moments she simply held on to him, stoking his fires and making him hotter, not wanting to do too much too soon.

Finally she was too hot herself to resist any longer. She breezed a hand down to her cunt, stroked in for wetness, then lifted a slick middle finger between his thighs.

Expertly she probed into the crack of his ass and found his hole on the first try. She pushed at the tight ring with circular motions, massaging the taut muscle into softness.

Harry squirmed against her bold finger and inside her slavering mouth. Before he could make up his mind whether he liked this or what, Vanessa was probing into the hot asshole and delving deeper into the tightness of his shitter.

"Ooohhh," he groaned deeply. "Sweet Jesus, what are you doing to me?"

All Vanessa did was suck harder and start to frig her finger in and out of his asshole.

Having an ideal hold on him, Vanessa began pushing and puffing her ass-probing hand back and forth, forcing Harry to fuck her mouth with his hard cock. At the same time she continued sucking on it with a fierce devotion.

"Gaawwhhh," Harry breathed, "it's too much. I'm gonna come!"

Vanessa ran her finger deep into his shit-chute and drew him forward hard, squeezing his cock-head into her throat. She twisted and turned, scraping the sensitive cock-meat with her throat muscles.

His thick cock spasmed and his balls gushed. Vanessa backed off and let the thick hot juice of his balls fill her mouth. She drove her finger in and his hips kept pumping, on their own now, fucking into her pussy-like mouth.

Swallowing his cum, she sucked back hard on his deflating prick and drained out the last of his boiling honey. Smacking her lips, she swallowed that down as well. She pulled her finger from his asshole and rubbed the soft muscle soothingly.

Vanessa stood slowly, sliding her tits up the front of his body in provocative fashion. She wired her arms about his neck and wrapped one of her long legs around behind his.

"How do you like me so far?" she inquired. His hands closed on the jutting loaves of her ass. "You're different, I'll give you that."

"I wanna be bad with you. Just forget our manners and go wild with each other."

"I believe you mean it."

"Feel up to it?" she asked temptingly.

"Suddenly I don't think I could say no to anything."

Vanessa gave him a tongue-coiling kiss, then eased from him. She sat back down on the couch. Holding his hand, she drew Harry to a kneeling position before her. She lay back and spread her legs wide. "First we should get better acquainted."

His eyes were on her spread cunt. Her mature folds were showing a rich wetness, suggesting an equally rich heat. He lifted a finger to the bottom section of her puffed-up folds and pushed. Her cunt yielded for him and took his finger into its slick lining.

He stroked at her. She guessed that he had never really taken the time to explore a cunt by hand. Had never really taken the time to appreciate one, or just plain amuse himself with one. He looked like a kid with an exotic new toy.

Vanessa left him alone, let him proceed at his own speed. She was shuddering awful close to the surface when he finally thought to seek out her clit and when his wet fingers slid up to either side of her sensitive ridge Vanessa quaked visibly.

Vanessa grinned. "Nice touch. You like what you see?"

"Fantastic, sexy pussy."

"Good enough to eat?"

He looked at her.

"Eat me," she said simply. "Suck out my come." She lifted her feet off the floor and bent her legs back over the couch.

Harry settled his ass onto his heels before her. He bowed in toward her cunt, and Vanessa went tense with anticipation. When his wide tongue came sweeping up over the drooling fuck-slit of her gash she lowered her thighs onto his shoulders and lifted her pussy against his mouth.

"Love it when I get my cunt sucked," she breathed. "Just love it."

Trapped between her thighs and against her pussy, Harry didn't seem to mind a bit. He licked heavily at her flesh, scraping his way into her more intimate privates. Finally touching directly onto her stiff clit.

Harry seemed to want to smother between her squeezing thighs and in her crotch. He wasn't holding anything back down there, and Vanessa found it hard to believe that this was the same man who had sent Samantha out wandering for hotter action.

The truth was, he probably wasn't. Her magic was working on him. And, like Samantha, she wasn't worried about him getting stuck on her as a result of this. What he was really hot for was the action, not her specifically. Vanessa didn't have to worry about complications.

Harry's tongue vibrated into her cunt and drove Vanessa wilder by the minute. Abruptly he dug deep into her creamy pink sponginess and thrills jolted her. Vanessa's thighs clamped inward and she cried out with pleasure.

His tongue came out and up to work over the stiffness of her clit. That was the last thing she needed, or the only thing. Hardly a moment went by before she was creaming her guts into his slurping mouth.

Climax enveloped her thrashing body. She bucked her soft ass against his chin, her cunt into his mouth, and came oodles of pleasure.

Grinning from ear to ear, Vanessa went soft on the couch. She gave him a final squeeze with her thighs and let her legs drop to either side of him. Head propped up on a cushion, she watched him nuzzle up onto her belly. He came on toward her tits and she used her hands to bunch them up in offering.

"Good, big tits," he moaned as he buried his face in them as avidly as he had into her crotch.

"Help yourself," Vanessa joked. The grin wouldn't leave her. She was in an impossibly good mood. She just knew that Samantha was having just as much success with Leonard. She could hardly wait for the day when he turned to her and suggested they try something new.

Maybe they could all get together for a four-some sometime. Wouldn't that be a kick?

"Do you want to fuck?" Vanessa asked. "Have you gotten hard again?"

Harry lifted his mouth from her stiff right nipple and smiled up at her. "When you came in my mouth it shot steel into my cock," he said.

Harry straightened upright and sure enough, his cock was at just the right level to slide into her cunt. All he had to do was lean his hips forward between her wide-hung thighs and that was all he did. His cock slid up into her.

"Oh, Harry," Vanessa sighed. "You don't know what this means to me."

"You don't know what this means to me," he corrected. His head tilted back and a laughing sound gurgled out of his throat and he said, "God, I feel wonderful. Like a kid with his first woman."

Vanessa squirmed, flattered. "Then be a kid. Go nuts. Do everything you want."


"I feel comfortable with you. I'm sure we don't need to stifle any urges. No matter what they are."

Harry relaxed. Maybe he'd gotten it into his head that women were delicate creatures. It seemed to come as relief to him to find out that, if Vanessa was any example, they could hold their own when it came to real, unfettered raunch. As he started to fuck, she could sense his mind begin to race with ideas.

Vanessa was relaxed too. She let him have his lead, lying back and letting him probe in and out of her cunt with his cock. Gradually the friction got to her and she was compelled to join in. She lifted a heel onto his shoulder and flexed her long leg to roll her hips, wash them from side to side before his.

His tempo picked up. His growing lust showed, along with decreasing inhibitions. He reached up and groped her titties excitingly.

His ass moved faster and faster, pounding, pounding, pounding into her. She felt another climax build and begin to shake loose. Twisting and grinding her cunt on his fiery fuck-pole, she furiously sought to make one happen for him at the same time.

And then it was happening, and the two of them frothed over with cum and spent passion.

Chapter TEN

Two weeks passed, rather enjoyably.

Samantha and Vanessa pursued varied pleasures with one another's husband, and each other.

But on this Thursday afternoon things changed.

Vanessa came in with exciting news. "We were watching some boring show on TV and out of the blue we started making out, right there in the living room. And we finished there too. That's never happened before."

"Sounds like things are starting to work out."

"I knew a simple change of scenery could work wonders, but Samantha, it was incredible."

"I'm glad."

"I only hope I'm doing Harry some good. Is he coming around?"

"And coming, and coming," Samantha answered, and they both laughed.

"Oh Samantha," Vanessa sighed, "who would have guessed that the two of us would wind up happily married women?"

"Not me," Samantha replied. "But gee, do you suppose it's going to mean the end of us?"


"Not as friends, of course. My God, we're closer now than ever. But what about as playmates?"

"I don't know," Vanessa answered. "I guess it will depend on how happy we are at home."

"What I'm getting at is, should we even try to keep up our fling? I mean, maybe we should just decide to call it off. Make a clean break."

"Mmmmmm," Vanessa responded concurringly. "It might be nice to play respectable again."

"My thoughts exactly," Samantha said. Sitting next to Vanessa on the couch, she shifted closer to the blonde woman. "How about one last come for the road?"

Vanessa cooed and gave a wiggle. "My kind of woman."

"It's been fun, hasn't it."

"Great fun."

Already cozy, it didn't take any great effort for them to bring their mouths together in a warm, lasting kiss.

"Since we're becoming so respectable again," Vanessa murmured then, "why don't we do it in a bed for a change."

"I know just the place," Samantha said to that. Standing, she caught Vanessa by a hand and drew the woman to her feet. She then walked with her lady-friend up the stairs to the master bedroom.

They couldn't have felt more comfortable with each other; none of it could have felt more natural. They had been through a lot of living and loving together. They were close, had no more secrets from each other, had nothing to hide.

Approaching the bed, their hands separated. They began to undress as casually as lovers, almost like husband and wife.

The first to get naked, Samantha moved onto her knees on the bed, holding upright as she turned to Vanessa. Tossing aside her panties, the blonde woman went to join Samantha.

Kneeling together, thighs, hips, pussy mounds, tummies and tits touching, they relaxed against each other. The warm, smooth contact alone stirred exciting juices inside their voluptuous bodies. They paused, savoring the feel of the effect they had on one another. It was positively magical.

Vanessa felt her hands being drawn to the thrust-out globes of Samantha's ass. She took hold of the warm cheeks and groped delicately at them. Smilingly, Samantha reciprocated.

Their heads tilted forward and they sort of teased into a kiss. They flirted their tongues at one another's lips, then dueled with their pointy probes, finally letting them coil together and fuse their mouths with a soulful smooch.

Samantha reached into the deep crack of Vanessa's ass with knowing fingertips. She brushed lightly up and down on the bottom of the cleft, reaching farther underneath all the time.

Vanessa was following her lead, although it wasn't really a lead anymore and she wasn't a follower. What Samantha was doing felt good so Vanessa responded in kind. They were compatible enough to do that.

The kiss played on and the intimate probing went on. By now the fingertips were reaching pussy-flesh, and discovering the moisture within swelling folds.

"Hot for me, baby?" Vanessa teased.

"Hot and juicy." Samantha pulled her hand from behind Vanessa, twisted her body slightly and reached in between herself and Vanessa. She curved her long, slender fingers down onto her lady-friend's cunt and rubbed caressingly at her responsive privates.

As Vanessa did the same to Samantha, the two women let themselves topple over onto their sides on the wide bed. Giggling warmly, they squirmed into another kiss and, with legs parted, frigged with growing ardor at one another's cunt.

"You sexy bitch," Vanessa murmured fondly. "Goddamned tasty slut."

"Likewise I'm sure," Samantha gurgled, and they laughed.

Vanessa sighed, softening. She separated her middle finger from the others and slid it easily into the tight heat of Samantha's cunt. "I remember the first time I did this," she confided. "It's still a kick."

"Remember what you did next?"

Vanessa took her slicked finger from Samantha's pussy and brought it up to her own lips and delicately licked at it.

"We've been through a lot together," Samantha said simply, working her finger in Vanessa's cunt. She then took it out and licked off the taste and savored it deeply. She smiled fondly, with memory, and anticipation.

"I've learned one thing," she murmured.


"Just a taste of you isn't nearly enough." Vanessa tittered. "Same here. We gonna go pussy-diving, sweet thing?"

"We sure are," answered Samantha.

The luscious brunette rolled up onto her haunches and then swung around on all fours. Over Vanessa, she lowered her crotch to the blonde woman's face and bowed her head between the parted, raised thighs.

Vanessa swept her hands down Samantha's curvaceous flanks and onto the divided swells of the brunette's wide ass. She squeezed the full cheeks and feasted her eyes on the feminine privates on unabashed display before her.

Samantha encircled Vanessa's thighs with her arms and teased her fingertips over the outer sections of the blonde's crotch. She too was taking an eyeful of the erotic splendor before her.

There was indeed something remarkably sexy about just looking. Maybe because these private places had the lure of the forbidden about them. Or maybe because they had such an intricate and delicate-looking structure, like flowers. Pussy could be a lovely shade of pink, too, and the aroma of its baking warmth could be most tantalizing.

Vanessa spread her legs wider and revolved her hips with a lift of her ass. She was offering, and asking. Above her face, Samantha's cunt settled lower, lower, finally onto her up-tilted mouth.

Vanessa stretched her mouth open wide and fit the oval of her lips on Samantha's outer cunt. She unleashed her tongue and let the tip begin to explore the ridges and hollows of the hot, soft pussy.

Samantha's approach was a little different. She started at the uppermost portion of Vanessa's cunt and went down to the bottom section by section, using little licks while moving from side to side across the pooched-out pussy.

Their fingers did not remain idle. They softly kneaded into the smoothness of ass and thigh flesh, alternately doing that and sweeping up or down on the corresponding body.

Vanessa stretched, undulating her body against the light weight of Samantha's propped-up body. The brunette was covering her like a blanket and the cozy warmth of it was delicious.

Not knowing how long it would be before Samantha would cover her like this again made Vanessa want to appreciate these moments all the more. There was a trace of sadness in her that this would be their last time together for quite a while, but knowing she had a sexy husband to go home to made it sweet in a way. This was less an ending and more of a beginning.

Vanessa soon had Samantha's cunt coated with her saliva and quivering through and through with want. Continuing to press her stretched lips to the enclosed cunt-mouth, she teased the tip of her tongue into the center slit.

She worked with her eyes closed, concentrating on what she was doing and basking in the pleasure Samantha was showing her. It was a special time and she wanted to make it more special, and be able to remember every moment.

Samantha felt the outer folds of her cunt spread for Vanessa's probing tongue and she surged with arousal. Feeling that she was beginning to lag behind, she drew the blonde woman's cunt open and let her daintily licking tongue venture into the middle portion.

She drew her tongue back to toy with Vanessa's clit, then moved on down the gash, over the slit of the woman's drooling fuck-hole. She continued out of Vanessa's pussy and went on to the inward pink pucker of her upturned asshole.

Vanessa giggled and squirmed against the intimate contact. She also drew her knees up farther, spreading her legs wider. She wanted her lady-friend to have everything she had to offer.

Vanessa closed her lips somewhat on Samantha's cunt, honing in on the woman's clit. Her tongue sliced into the covering flesh and found the stiff clit and spent the next moments rolling and flicking it every which way.

To keep things even, Samantha returned to Vanessa's clit and gave it a sweet going over. To make things more interesting, she went back down to the blonde's dewy, hot cunt-hole.

A flood of torrid tingles reached out to claim Vanessa's nether region as she was slowly penetrated by her lady-friend's knowing tongue. The scrape of the wet velvet tongue on her very sensitive inner pussy was a sensation that went right through her.

"Two can play at that game," Vanessa said, and promptly stiffened her tongue and sent it into Samantha's moistened cunt opening.

"Who's playing?" Samantha answered with a smile.

For the next while both women were content to play their tongues in and out of each other's hot hole. At the same time they idled a fingertip or two on one another's stinging clit but the real pleasure was in the tongue fun.

Samantha became the adventurous one. Continuing to use her tongue on Vanessa, she sneaked her finger down and into the increasingly fxxery opening and shortly replaced her tongue with it. She stroked deep and easy.

The horny blonde wasn't about to be left behind. She pulled her tongue from Samantha's cunt and gave the lush brunette the full length of her middle finger in one shove.

"Sneaky bitch," Samantha said to that and hurriedly frigged her finger in and out of Vanessa's cunt.

"Mmmmm," Vanessa moaned. "Don't make it too good for me too soon."

"Don'tcha wanna come for me no more?"

"In one big package. I love long good-byes." Samantha smiled and returned to easing her finger in and out of Vanessa's tight cunt, and felt the same treatment in her own privates. She looked at what she was doing as if she had never seen anything quite so sexy or fascinating before. Or wouldn't see it again for a long time. She sensed Vanessa looking at her the same way.

Getting hornier by the minute, Vanessa slid a second digit into Samantha's cunt and worked the pair of fingers faster than she had been before. A base thrill went through her as she felt Samantha follow suit.

The next step in their escalating pursuit of climax came from Samantha. Continuing to frig pussy, she reached down past her hand with her tongue and licked into Vanessa's asshole. The blonde woman followed her lead, not sure of what to expect.

Coating Vanessa's asshole with saliva, Samantha took her third finger into her mouth and coated it with wetness and then touched the slender tip to Vanessa's shithole.

Thrumming with excitement and anticipation, Vanessa hurried to catch up. She wet her ring finger and pushed the tip at Samantha's asshole. She gained entrance at about the same time Samantha did, and together the two wicked wives fingered deeper and deeper into one another's shit-chute. At the same time they had two fingers each sliding into the buttery slickness of the other's pussy. The double penetration was daring and wild, and shudders and shocks rocked through both their craving bodies.

"Oh baby," Vanessa breathed, "this is it. I'm gonna come. Oh please be with me. Am I doing it for you?"

Samantha wailed, sounding right on the brink.

Whipping their hands faster and faster, they made the real fun happen. Completion tore through their pounding, bucking bodies, an overwhelming culmination of all their times together, knocking them breathless and senseless.

Then, after a long while of resting together, there was a lasting, shared shower, then a few drinks of wine.

When Vanessa finally got herself home she called Leonard at the office and asked him how he felt about coming home early. He said he would be delighted.

"I'm sure you will," she promised. "I'm sure we both will."

Oddly enough, Samantha was saying much the same thing to Harry.

And they were both absolutely right.


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