Mommy's horny boys

As our modern society becomes increasingly urbanized and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

Newspapers today carry accounts of people who have never learned about good and bad, people who have never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in a high political office today offers yet another example.

The women in this story are women of the present. Living lives of existential hedonists, they refuse to worry about tomorrow. Their main concern is for today, and the pleasures it brings. For them, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties nor moral overtones.

MOMMY'S HORNY BOYS -- the story of young women who embody the lifestyle of many in out society, a presentiment of what the future holds. Their story holds a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

Joanie sat on the lounge near the pool, knowing they were looking at her.

Her brief bikini concealed hardly anything, but that was the way she wanted it. Leaning back with her eyes closed, auburn hair loose about her shoulders, her slender body glistening in the sun, Joanie was beautiful. They weren't the only ones looking at her, Joanie knew. Many people looked at Joanie, men and women. But she wasn't interested in any of the other tenants of the apartment complex.

Joanie's rounded, up tilted tits strained at the halter, even though she was leaning back. The soft under curve was visible, somewhat whiter than her golden tan. Her waist was small, then rounded out to lovely hips that flowed into long, sleek, graceful thighs and curvy legs. Her feet were parted at the end of the lounge chair, pointing toward the window of her apartment.

Inside, Joanie had covered the window with a plastic sun shield. You could see out, but not in. Before the window stood Gary and Randy, her two young sons.

They were looking at their mother.

She knew they were looking at her.

They enjoyed this small game.

Joanie knew but her sons didn't know she was aware of them looking at her. Joanie loved to be looked at by her sons, it made her shiver and tingle all over. Everyone else in the apartment complex was at work. She and her sons were the only ones home.

Joanie's bikini was bright red, a sensuously sexy scarlet. The small triangle covering her cunt was hardly adequate and the fabric bulged out with the puffy lips of her cunt. Shifting her rounded, tight ass, she let her feet drop over the sides of the chair, exposing her crotch.

Joanie had a very hairy cunt and the dark curls stuck out teasingly from the material. Gary and Randy saw it, both of them grinning from ear to ear. Their cocks were hard, bulging inside swim trunks. Every time they peeked at their mother, they got hard-ons.

"I'm gonna fuck her," Gary groaned, rubbing at his straining cock. "I'm gonna fuck her!"

"You're gonna do just like I do, asshole," Randy snorted. "Jack off."

Randy, being the oldest by a year, usually led his brother. Gary was not passive, but it seemed that Randy should be the leader. Both boys were equally interested in fucking their mother but neither had ever felt a wet, hot cunt wrapped around their cock. They were much too young, but they still wanted to fuck very much. Randy could make his cock come, squirting out the thick juices. Gary was still trying.

As they watched their mother, Joanie swung her legs open and closed, spreading them very wide, enjoying the hot sun on her body. She wondered if Gary and Randy had nice hard-ons. She tried to imagine their cocks, seeing them in her mind, so long, thick and strong. A tingle burned around her clitoris, a tingle of desire. She moved her hand up and down her thigh, caressing the soft skin and sliding her fingers along the creamy inner surfaces. She had never gone this far in her teasing game before, but she getting anxious. The boys didn't seem to be getting the message so she was going to hurry things along.

She moved her fingertips lightly upward, stroking along the tight edge of her bikini crotch. She could almost hear her sons panting and gasping and feel their hot, young eyes on her. Very slowly she dragged her palm up and down the bulge of her cunt. Up and down, up and down, feeling the moist heat on her hand. She wiggled her hips slowly, twisting them as she rubbed at her hidden cunt. Her hunger to have Gary and Randy fuck her was becoming stronger and she could almost feel those cocks pressing into her pussy, spreading the fiery lips and going in deep.

Joanie's body shuddered as she made herself come. Sometimes her orgasms were wild but sometimes they almost shattered her to pieces. She never had problems coming. She came so easily; she could come just by looking at her sons, and come hard if she saw the outline of one of those young, sweet cocks.

Gary and Randy saw their mother shudder, but they didn't know she had come. They became very excited while watching her rub between her legs.

"You see?" Gary said. "Mom's hot, Randy. She's a real hot piece! If she's gonna touch her cunt that way, that means she's hot, doesn't it?"

"I guess you're right," Randy replied. "But that don't mean you're gonna fuck her. She's your mother, asshole."

"I don't care if she is," Gary replied. "I wanna fuck her so bad."

They fell silent, watching Joanie again.

Joanie turned onto her stomach, her tight, rounded ass swelling up enticingly. The bikini, so very small, exposed the lower half of her creamy ass cheeks. Gary and Randy looked at her for a while longer, then left the apartment.

Joanie heard them coming and lifted her head, smiling brightly at them. "Well, it's about time you two decided to come out. Why don't you swim a while? The water's wonderful."

Her eyes flicked over the fronts of their shorts. There was nothing to see. She decided to buy them each a pair of tight, elastic trunks, the kind that would mold and cup and expose their cocks and balls.

The boys dove in, racing the length of the pool. Joanie turned back onto her back, letting her legs dangle over the sides of the lounge chair. She watched her sons as they splashed water, and since she was close to the edge, she got wet, too. Laughing, she watched them as they rested their chins on the edge of the pool, both of them staring at her. She was amused because they tried to keep from looking between her legs. But Joanie teased them, writhing her ass, trying to draw those young eyes to her crotch.

Suddenly, she sat upright. "Move over. I'm coming in."

She dove over their heads, cutting the water neatly.

"Can't catch me!" she laughed. "I bet you can't catch me!"

Gary and Randy started after her. They raced from one end of the pool to the other. Finally Joanie slowed and let them catch her, and when one of her sons accidentally closed a hand about her tit, she became weak. The hand was jerked away as if it had been burned. Joanie smiled at Randy, the boy who had touched her tit.

"For shame," she murmured.

The quick feel of his mother's tit caused Randy's cock to lurch into hardness. He turned to swim away and Joanie deliberately swung the back of her hand along his front. She felt his hard-on, and smiled wider. Gary came up behind his mother and she felt small hands sliding up the back of her thighs and very briefly touching the cheeks of her ass.

Joanie shot Gary a grin over her shoulder.

Gary, catching his mother's grin, pinched her ass.

"Is that nice?" Joanie asked, her voice a throaty purr. "Pinching a girl?"

Gary nodded at his mother, grinning with shining eyes. Joanie saw the desire in her youngest son's eyes and could not help shoving her ass against his front. It was a quick shove, but enough for her to feel his cock, sweetly hard, against her ass. Gary did not miss the significance. He reached for his mother's hips, managing to get his hands on them before she wiggled away.

Joanie laughed as she climbed from the pool, standing with her legs parted, tossing her wet hair back. Water streamed from her, and Gary stared up between his mother's long legs. It looked to him as if she was pissing right through that bikini. He saw the dark cunt hairs along each side of the crotch. Joanie watched Gary's reaction and then suddenly, impulsively, she did a very slow bump and grind, then shot her hips forward in a lewd invitation.

Gary gulped loudly, his eyes enormous.

"Well," Joanie laughed, "that's what you wanted to see me do, right?"

"Gosh, Mom!"

Joanie giggled, the sound innocent and yet lewdly promising. "Nice, huh?" she murmured. "Did it make you feel warm, honey?"

She leaned down to help him from the pool. Gary wanted to stay in the water, his cock was about to burst, it was so hard. Joanie looked down at it.

"Oh, my! Did I do that, baby?" she gasped.

Gary wasn't embarrassed now that he was out of the water. He saw the way his mother grinned at him, the way she looked at his cock, making a side-ways tent of his trunks.

Joanie could not resist. She pressed her palm into her son's crotch, cupping his young balls and hard cock. "Mmmmmm, nice," she whispered huskily.

Randy was near the built-in barbecue, under the slatted patio area. He had not seen his mother and brother.

Joanie closed her fingers around Gary's cock, squeezing it. Gary groaned with pleasure. She moved close to her son, his young face level with the swell of her tits. She held his cock tightly, her fist moving very slowly, up and down his hardness. Looking down at her son's big eyes, she rubbed the front of her halter against his face.

Gary stood rigid, excited and just a little frightened.

"Don't be so nervous, baby," she whispered to him. "I know you two have been watching me for a long time. And I know you've been playing with yourselves. Why do you think I've done these things? Because I knew you and Randy were watching, that's why!"

"Gosh, Mom!"

Gary's mouth brushed the bikini halter and Joanie could feel the heat of his lips on her nipple. With a quick movement, one hand still clinging to his throbbing cock, she pulled his face hard against her tit, smashing his mouth at her concealed nipple. She released him just as quickly, stepping back and looking at his cock. It stood tight, the head pressing at the thin fabric.

"Ooooo, yummy," she purred, then turned from him.

Gary stared after her, his eyes seeing the roll and twist of her pretty ass. Joanie glanced back at her son, giving her ass a saucy jerk.

After his mother was gone, Gary ran to his brother to tell him what happened.

"Gary, you're gonna have to stop telling lies," Randy said. "Listen, asshole, Mom can get any man she wants. What would she want with a kid like you? Besides, Mom wouldn't do anything like that, not out here where someone could see her."

From inside the apartment, Joanie watched her sans, smiling. She knew Gary was trying to convince his brother of what happened, and she knew Randy wouldn't believe it. But he would, she told herself, he damn well would, and soon.

By the time Gary and Randy returned to the apartment, Joanie had showered and lay on her bed. She was naked, covered only by a huge towel. All she had to do, she felt, was wait.

She was right.

Soon Gary came to the door of her bedroom. He wore only a pair of cut-offs, his chest bare. Joanie lifted one leg, bending it at the knee. From where Gary stood, he saw the hint of her turn surrounded by dark curls of hair. Joanie smiled at her son, licking her lips slowly, her eyes on the front of his shorts. Letting her bent knee open a bit, she slipped the towel from her tits.

Gary's eyes burned, his mouth open in awe. Joanie's tits did not flatten, but remained upright, her dark pink nipples very hard. She heard her youngest son starting to pant, and began to slowly pull the towel from her body.

She lay naked on her bed, with Gary staring with searing excitement. His cock pressed against his cut-offs.

Joanie let her bent knee fall to one side and her cunt was revealed to her son's eyes. Gary saw the thick triangle of pussy hair and the pink wetness of his mother's cunt. The head of his cock slipped beneath the frayed ends of his cut-offs and he thought he was going to come. "Don't be afraid, Gary," Joanie whispered.

"Look at me all you want. I like it when people look at me. I like it best when you look at me. Aren't I beautiful, baby?"

Joanie stroked her tits, circling her hard nipples with the tips of her fingers. She moved one hand downward, caressing her flat stomach. The other hand cupped a tit and gently squeezed it. Then she ran her fingers through the lush curls of her cunt, her hips twisting gently.

Gary stared, hardly believing it, seeing his mother part the wet lips of her pink cunt with two fingers, then pull up on it. He saw her clitoris glistening with readiness.

"Come here, Gary," she purred, rubbing a fingertip along her distended clitoris. "Come to Mother, baby. It's all right, don't be afraid, honey. Come to Mother."

Staring hard between her thighs, Gary moved on jerky legs toward the bed.

"Isn't it pretty, Gary?" Joanie mewled, moving her finger about the puffy lips of her cunt, her legs spread as wide as they would go. "Doesn't this give you some ideas, Gary? This should tell you how Mother feels, what Mother wants, what I need."

Standing at the side of her bed, shaking, unable to take his eyes off the first cunt he had ever seen in his life, Gary could hardly breathe. Joanie kept sliding her middle finger up and down her cunt slit, feeling the heat of her clitoris, dipping one finger into her pussy now and then. She moved her other hand up her son's trembling thigh, a finger sneaking under the frayed edges of his shorts. She tickled his balls, making her, son gasp. She shoved his shorts away from his cock and it sprang upright.

"Ohhhh, nice," she whispered, moving her fingertips about the throbbing cock shaft. "You're very hard, Gary. Very hard."

She slipped the crotch of his shorts all the way to one side, revealing his hairless balls and hard cock. She cupped her son's balls gently, her smoldering eyes watching his cock lurch up and down.

"Oh, God, I can't stand it!" she hissed. "Do it! Do it to me -- now!"

Joanie pulled her son on top of her naked body, grabbing his hard cock and stuffing it into her fiery cunt swiftly. She shot her hips up, the puffy wetness of her cunt swallowing the full length of her son's cock. She felt his balls against her ass and began to come immediately.

Gary felt his mother's cunt clawing at his cock, squeezing the base. It felt as if he was being sucked on by a hot, wet, hungry mouth.

It felt better than his fist ever had. He held himself up with his hands, staring in awe at his mother's contorting face. He knew she was coming, he had seen the same expression on his brother Randy's face when he came off.

After a bit, Joanie hissed up at her son, "Fuck me, Gary! Goddamn, fuck me! Ohhhh, I'm going to come again and you haven't fucked me yet! Please, please, fuck Mother!"

She grabbed his tight, young ass with both hands, throwing her hot legs around his back and humping her cunt up and down on his cock. She squealed and whined and whimpered, her body shaking with ecstasy.

Gary felt his mother's hot, wet cunt smashing against him, dropping away, riding his cock. The pleasure of that streaming wetness about his cock thrilled him. He started pumping his ass up and down, driving his cock frantically into his mother's accepting cunt.

Joanie, feeling the friction of her son's cock stabbing in and out of her cunt, began to moan softly, digging her fingers into the tightness of his young ass. The roughness of his cut-offs excited her, rubbing at her inner thighs, the sensitive flesh. His cock seemed to stretch the puffy lips of her cunt and her clitoris was being scraped by something. The orgasms started again, each one wilder and hotter and more exquisite than the last. She thrashed beneath her son, biting into her lips to hold back her screams of ecstasy.

Gary pounded into his mother's cunt, panting and gasping. His eyes, level with her tits, watched them jiggle from the violence of his thrusting cock. Instinctively, he lowered his mouth and began sucking on a hot, tight nipple.

"Ooooo, yes!" Joanie moaned. "Oh, yes, baby! Suck it... suck Mother's tit! Suck Mother's tit hard, darling! Ohhhhh, God, fuck me, Gary! Fuck me hard and fast and suck my tit! Oh, I can't stop coming! I don't want to stop coming... ever!"

She bucked her hips up, driving her son almost to his knees. She drew her legs back, lifting her cunt high, loving the hard banging of his cock into her burning cunt. She had wanted to be fucked by her son -- either of her sons -- for so long. She wanted to fuck them both and wallow in fucking with them. She wanted them to fuck her until her naked body was a mass of trembling ecstasy.

"Ohhh, fuck that cunt, baby!" she groaned. "Fuck Mother's hot, wet cunt! My pussy is so hot and hungry for your beautiful cock, Gary! Ooooo, I'm still coming! Feel Mother's cunt coming. Cry! Can you feel Mother's cunt burning your sweet, hard cock! More... fuck me more! Don't stop fucking me -- never!"

Gary sucked hard at her tit, his tongue licking frantically, his cock pounded with a frenzy, his balls slapping his mother's upraised ass. The higher she pulled her knees, the closer he came to standing up. Joanie was clinging to his hips, jerking him forward with almost brutal force. Through the spasms of her coming cunt, she could still feel the hot throbbing of his prick.

Gary's gasping grunts excited Joanie and she pressed a hand at the back of his head, smashing his mouth hard onto her tit. His licking tongue swirled about her sensitive nipple, increasing the delicious sensations of orgasm in her cunt. She twisted and wiggled and tossed her ass about wildly, urging her son to fuck harder and faster. She wanted him to come, to feel the boiling squirt of his come juice splashing and filling her greedy cunt.

But Gary's cock remained hard, banging into her slippery, convulsing cunt. His hips was flying up and down, the wet sounds in the room. Joanie was gasping loudly, becoming weak from the intensity of her multiple orgasms. She had to lower her ass and spread her legs out. She lay shaking as her son continued to fuck her. She lay with legs and arms spread wide, eyes closed, her cunt going through the final convulsions of ecstasy.

Gary finally stopped fucking her, resting heavily on top of his mother.

"You didn't come," she whispered. "What's wrong, Gary? Isn't it good?"

"I can't, Mom," he said, sounding ashamed. "I can't come."

Joanie understood immediately. He was still too young to come. She caressed his back. "Don't worry. When the time comes, you're going to really come. Don't worry about it, baby."

"Randy can come," he said.

"Oh, he can, can he?"

"He told me you'd never let me do this with you," Gary said.

"I guess we showed him, didn't we?"

"Wait until he finds out!" Gary said.

"You're going to tell him?"

Gary lifted his face and looked at his mother. Her eyes seemed moist and very bright. "You don't want me to tell him?"

"Oh, I don't mind, Gary," she said, pulling her son's face back to her tits, smiling at the ceiling. "I wouldn't mind at all. Sure, tell him we're fucking."

Chapter TWO

Joanie sat on the couch, her feet up and leaning back on the arm rest. She was dressed in an attractive nylon blouse, with the top three buttons open, the swell of her succulent tits slightly revealed. She was not wearing a bra and the dark points of her nipples thrust against the thin blouse.

Her cotton skirt, pleated, covered her knees. But it did not cover much of anything else. The backs of her thighs, so slender and creamy, the flesh smooth, were teasing, inviting. Although Joanie wore panties, they were skimpy and lacy, her dark cunt hair visible. The crotch of the panties bulged with the puffiness of her cunt and the sweet curves of her ass appeared lickable, kissable.

She was looking at Randy, her oldest son, as he sat on the floor, doing his best to not peek at his mother and failing. His eyes flicked at her often, gazing for just a second at her pantied cunt, then turning away quickly. Joanie was amused by his nervousness, of his hunger.

"Where did Gary run off to, honey?" she asked in a low, seductive voice.

"Around," Randy said, averting his eyes.

"Did he say anything to you?"


"Yesterday," she replied, her voice a whisper. "Did he... tell you anything?"

Randy glanced at his mother, his eyes going to her revealed crotch. He was doing everything he could to hide his throbbing hard-on from her. He found his voice wouldn't work and he nodded.

"What did he tell you, Randy?"

Joanie felt a throbbing around her cunt and the urge to rub it was strong. She could feel the hairy lips starting to pulsate, as if they were opening and closing. She watched her son swallow.

"Tell me what he said," she insisted. "I want to know what he told you."

"Aw, just some kind of bullshit..." He stopped quickly, blushing.

"Bullshit?" she smiled. "He told you some kind of bullshit?"

Randy nodded, his face red.

"What bullshit?" Joanie asked. "Are you sure it was bullshit, darling? What if he told you the truth?"

Randy squirmed on the carpet, peeking at his mother from lowered lashes. "It was," he mumbled. "You wouldn't do anything like that, Mom, not with Gary."

"Are you sure about that?" she teased, licking at the tip of her finger. "Are you really sure I wouldn't?"

"Would you?" he asked, his voice so low she could hardly hear him.

"Mmmmmmm," Joanie responded, sucking on the tip of her finger, swinging her closed knees from side to side, her pleated skirt riding past her knees. "Maybe."

Randy's eyes opened a bit and he gazed at her, watching her knees move slowly from side to side, seeing her thighs and the way her cunt puffed against her panties, the dark shadow of pussy hair, the creamy halves of her pretty ass cheeks. His cock was so hard inside his pants, so very hard.

"What if I ask you?" she whispered very softly. "What if I asked you to do it, too?"

"Really, Mom?"

With her finger in her mouth, she slipped her skirt down on her thighs, nodding her head. Randy forgot about concealing his hard-on. He stared hard when his mother parted her knees now. The crotch of her flimsy panties was stretched, with dark hair sticking from the edges. Joanie pulled her finger from her mouth and began to circle one straining nipple through her blouse, her eyes smoldering with steam. She saw her son's cock along his left thigh, outlined by the tightness of his jeans. The view made her breath catch.

Randy watched her, mesmerized, his cock throbbing inside his pants. When he saw his mother drag a finger along the stretched crotch of her panties, he groaned.

"What's the matter, honey?" Joanie whispered.

"Mom, don't do that!" he gulped.

"Why? It's fun."

"I think I might..."

"Come?" she supplied when he paused. "Seeing me do this might make YOU come in your pants?"

Randy nodded, his eyes fixed on her finger as it moved up and down the puffy slit of his mother's cunt.

"You don't have to do that, baby," she murmured, pressing the tip of her finger inward and shoving her panties into her pussy. "I can think of a better place for you to come."

Randy couldn't believe it.

Joanie hooked her finger into the crotch of her panties, pulling it to the side and showing her pink, wet, hairy cunt to her son. Her eyes were hot and moist as she watched him. Her knees were still spread wide and using her other hand, she stroked the tip of her forefinger about her puffy cunt lips, teasing him.

"Don't, Mom!" he groaned.

"You touch it, honey," she whispered, her voice very low. "You touch my pussy, then."

Randy sat staring at his mother's cunt, almost frozen. Then his body jerked and he scooted toward her, sliding his ass on the floor. His face was near her foot, gazing up between his mother's spreading thighs. The dark hair of her cunt was tightly curled as it ran along each side of those succulent lips and disappeared into the crack of her ass. Joanie lifted her hips slightly and writhed her ass, watching her son with steaming eyes. Then slowly, very slowly, she slipped the tip of her finger into her cunt, pressing it deeper and deeper until her knuckles were against the lips.

"Mmmmmrn," she sighed. "I know what would feel even better in there, Randy. Something hard and long and throbbing would feel so much better."

Randy placed a hand on his mother's knee. His hand was trembling and she felt the heat of his palm. Joanie pulled her son's hand along her thigh, bringing it closer to her cunt.

"Touch me, Randy," she urged in a throaty voice. "Touch me there. Don't be afraid, baby. I want you to touch my pussy."

His fingertips felt the curly cunt hair and then the puffy wetness of one pussy lip. Joanie still had her finger inside her cunt and Randy gulped as his mother inserted his finger alongside hers.

"Warm, isn't it?" Joanie hissed. "Mother's cunt is so warm and wet. Feel how slippery Mother's cunt is? Mmmmm, we've got both our fingers in there now. Let's fuck it together, Randy."

Holding her son's wrist, she moved his finger in and out of her cunt along with hers. Randy was awed and so excited he was about to come. While the fingers moved back and forth in her cunt, Joanie twisted in her ass slowly, arching it upwards a little more.

"I don't want it this way, Randy," she said, pulling their fingers out of her cunt.

She placed his hand on her inner thigh and he watched with surprise as his mother lifted her glistening finger to her lips and smeared the juices of her cunt slowly about them.

"Kiss me, Randy," she moaned, her lips glistening with the juices of her cunt. "Kiss Mother, darling! Please, kiss me!"

Randy got to his knees and moved up toward his mother. He stared at her wet lips and as his mother drew her head down, he felt the wetness upon his mouth. As his lips contacted hers, Joanie held the back of her son's head and slipped her tongue into his mouth. She felt Randy shudder and he drew his hand over her straining tits, then ran it down her stomach until she curled his hand into her cunt. The hand at his head moved across his back, no longer having to hold him down. She slipped her hand in front of him and closed her fingers around his throbbing cock. Feeling it through his pants, she squeezed hard and tried to jack him. Randy moaned around his mother's tongue and his hand pressed harder into her cunt. Joanie lifted her crotch into his hand, twisting as she squeezed his cock.

"OOOOO, don't come," she mewled, taking her tongue out of his mouth. "God, you're so hard, Randy!"

Randy tasted the juices of his mother's cunt on her lips and his cock had grown a bit harder as she squeezed. His hand between her thighs was moving now, sliding up and down with increasing pressure. He could feel that the tight crotch of her panties was moist now.

"Take it out!" Joanie hissed suddenly, trying to open his pants with her hand. "Oh, Randy... take it out for me!"

Her son got shakily to his feet, fumbling with the zipper hurriedly. His cock shot out of his pants and Joanie made a low purring sound as her eyes fastened on it. Randy, as he removed his cock, had been staring down at his mother's writhing hips and cunt. He jerked his eyes toward his mother's face when she gripped his cock, jerking it back and forth.

"Don't come!" Joanie gasped, jacking her son's cock swiftly. "Don't come! Oh, please don't come!"

"You gotta stop, Mom!" he growled.

Joanie's eyes seemed vacant with lust as she stared at her son's cock, her fist jacking tightly. Her lips were parted and her breathing was heavy and fast, her tits lifting and falling visibly.

"Mom, be careful!" he warned.

Thick, creamy, hot come juice suddenly gushed out of his flaring piss hole. Joanie gave a low yelp as the creamy come splashed onto her forehead, her fist beating on his cock faster yet. Her eyes remained wide, watching her son come. Spurt after spurt squirted from his cock and hit her cheek, her chin, the tip of her nose. Her fist gripped his cock as hard as she could, pumping frantically, making him come.

"Oooooo, beautiful," she murmured, his cock drooping slightly in her fist when he finished coming. "Right in my face, baby! I love it! Oh, God, how I love it!"

A drop of come juice was beaded on his piss hole, his cock still almost hard. Joanie leaned forward and flicked the drop of come from the tip of his cock with her tongue.

"Fuck me, Randy," Joanie murmured, her eyes shining up at his face. "Fuck Mother now. Please, fuck me!"

Joanie lifted her legs high, her hands almost tearing her flimsy panties in her haste to get them off. Tossing the panties onto the floor, she lay back on the couch again, her legs spread as wide as they could go. Her cunt was glistening and pulsating.

Randy, more excited than he had ever been, was no longer in awe. His cock quickly jerked back into full hardness, standing almost against his stomach. For just a moment, all he could do was stare at his mother's deliciously exposed cunt.

"Fuck me now, Randy," Joanie pleaded. "Oh, baby, fuck my Goddamn cunt! Mother's cunt is so fucking hot! Shove your cock in my wet pussy and fuck me -- now!"

Randy moved. He crawled between his mother's legs, his cock jerking up and dawn. Joanie grasped his prick, and shoved the head to her greedy pussy. As it rubbed over her clitoris, she gasped in pleasure. Then she fit her son's cock between the fiery lips of her cunt, sucking in her breath as the head spread the hairy lips.

She lifted her hips, sliding her cunt onto her son's cock, hissing as her cunt stretched around that throbbing hardness. Her eyes rolled as Randy's cock penetrated her cunt completely. The roughness of his pants excited her, scratching along her inner thighs.

With his cock deep inside her boiling cunt, Joanie wrapped her legs about her son, locking her heels across his back. She bugged his shoulders, his face pressing against her still hidden tits. She held him tight for a long minute, her cunt working, flexing at the base of his cock, nibbling with soft heat. Her son's breath fanned through her blouse, searing her tits.

"Now!" she moaned.

Joanie's hips began thrusting up and down, her cunt sliding lightly on his cock. For a minute Randy just went stiff, the pleasure flooding his senses, then he started moving, fucking his mother, his cock rushing down to meet her up thrusting cunt. Matching the rhythm, Randy began pounding his cock into his mother's hungry cunt with a frenzy. The moist, sucking sounds sent erotic enjoyment flowing through Joanie. The sounds increased her own passions and she began banging her hips frantically against her son, her cunt gripping at his stabbing cock.

Joanie ripped her blouse open, tearing away the buttons. Her full, round, firm tits were free and she pulled Randy's face into them. As her son pounded into her cunt, she grunted from the force. She wanted to scream and yell and urge him on, but her voice didn't seem to work. All she could do was grunt and moan and whimper and shake, her ass rolling and twisting and pumping.

Randy had shoved his hands down his mother's sides, grabbing at her churning, naked ass. He dug his fingers into the stretched flesh of her ass, holding on tightly. Joanie felt his cock growing inside her cunt. Her mind whirled, her eyes rolling about. Her son's cock, banging powerfully into her cunt, caused her tits to jiggle and her head to bang against the arm of the couch. She had never been fucked so powerfully in her life!

She was only vaguely aware of the door opening and someone entering the living room. Then she saw her youngest son standing there watching her getting fucked by his brother. But Joanie didn't mind Gary watching her and Randy fucking so wildly. In fact, it made her extra hot and she began to come, her cunt clasping in spasms about Randy's cock.

When she started to come, the only sound she made was a moan. But as the convulsions of her orgasm became tighter and more exquisite, the moan increased to a low scream. Her hand shot out and grabbed Gary's thigh. Her sharp nails digging into the flesh near his crotch. Her eyes stared up into his young face, unseeing, her face contorting into a mask of agonized sweetness.

"Ohh... ohhh!" she screamed softly, her head twisting now, her dark hair fanning about her face. Her hips churned in desperation to keep her orgasms going. "Oh, God! Ohhhh, God!"

Gary pulled his mother's fingers from his thigh, bringing her hand into his crotch and curling her fingers about his cock and balls. Through her orgasmic ecstasy, Joanie began to squeeze his cock and balls through his pants as Randy continued to bore into her exploding cunt with his beautifully hard cock. Her orgasms seemed to be one enormous, drawn out spasm and her body shook violently beneath Randy's. She closed her hand tighter on Gary's cock and balls and threw her head back. She screamed loudly as a final orgasm shot through her.

Randy continued fucking into his mother's cunt, his cock swelling. With a grunt, he rammed her hard and deep, holding himself there, gripping his mother's shaking ass tightly. Come juice spewed rapidly into his mother's greedy, hot cunt, spurt after spurt filling her.

Joanie felt him coming inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes!" she screamed. "Come, baby, come! Oh, I love it... love to feel a hard cock coming in me, in my cunt! Come, Randy! Don't stop... don't ever stop coming in my wet, hot cunt! More, baby, more!"

Finished, Randy slumped heavily on top of his mother, gasping for air. His cock slipped out of her pussy and dangled along the crack of her burning ass. Joanie kept her hand on Gary's cock and balls, the other sliding into the waist of Randy's pants and under his shorts. She squeezed the flesh of his young ass.

Joanie smiled dreamily up at. Gary, the tip of her tongue moving slowly over her lips. She tasted a drop of come juice at one corner and her smile spread wider. She moved her hand on Gary's cock and balls, rubbing it up and down and feeling the length of his lovely cock.

"You feel so good to me, Gary," she purred softly. "I love to feel your balls and cock. And I love to feel myself come. I love it... all of it."

Gary opened his pants so his cock, strained and cramped, could be free. He lifted his cock and balls out and Joanie's eyes began to sparkle again. Sliding her hand between Gary's thighs, she cupped his ass and pulled his cock forward. She kissed the swollen head tenderly, her lips parted slightly. The tip of her tongue pressed for a moment at his piss hole, then she shoved his cock up and out of her way, kissing his sweet, young, hairless balls.

Closing her fist about Gary's cock, she said in a husky voice, "Randy, let me up, baby. I've got to clean my face."

Randy moved from between his mother's legs and sat at the other end of the couch. His cock, dangling from his pants, still glistened with the juices of his mother's cunt.

Joanie swung her legs over the edge of the couch, giving Gary an exciting display of her hairy cunt before getting to her feet. Her blouse was torn open and her arching, firm tits stood upward, the nipples still very hard.

"Don't go away," she murmured. "I'm going to wash my face and I'll be right back. Wait for me, promise?"

Randy and Gary, grinning proudly, nodded their heads. Joanie bent from her waist, kissing the tip of Gary's hard cock with a flutter of her tongue. Then she did the same thing to Randy's cunt-wet cock. Both boys watched her walk away, her ass swinging tightly. She paused at the entrance of the hallway, looking over her shoulder at them, her eyes were still very hot.

"I'll be right back, guys."

She gave a saucy twitch of her ass and moved out of sight.

"Hot damn!" Randy said.

"I told you, didn't I?" Gary said. "I told you I fucked Mom. Do you believe me now, Randy?"

"She's good," Randy said. "She's a real hot piece of ass."

Gary snickered. "How would you know? The only hot piece you've ever had was your fist."

They grinned at each other.

Chapter THREE

Joanie washed her face in the bathroom. She was happy, very, very happy.

She dropped the wash cloth in the linen hamper and lifted her skirt. She felt the wetness of come juice inside her pussy, the inner surfaces of her thighs moist. Holding her skirt to her waist, she shoved her hips forward and gazed at her cunt. She loved it, the perfect triangle of the curly hair, the way her cunt lips puffed out so deliciously pink, the tip of her clitoris peeking out of the moist folds. She knew her cunt was hot, greedy and hungry for cock -- especially young cock, very young cock, with precious balls, bald of hair.

Her sons' cocks.

Smoothing her skirt down, she winked at herself and ran the tip of her tongue about her lips. Randy and Gary were waiting, waiting for her hot cunt.

They were sitting on the couch, still dressed, but their cocks and balls were showing from the open flies. She stood in the middle of the floor, grinning lewdly at them. With her sons eyes on her, Joanie unzipped her skirt and let it pool at her feet. She kept her open blouse on, her lovely, creamy tits revealed.

Gary and Randy watched their mother, their eyes glowing with erotic interest. They stared at her flat stomach and the lush triangle of her cunt hair. Joanie spread her feet on the floor and arched her hips forward slightly. The puffy lips of her cunt glistened through the dark hair. She placed her fingers on the edges of her cunt, then pulled up and apart. The candy sweetness of her wet cunt was exposed completely to her sons bright eyes.

Both their sweet, young cocks, Joanie saw, throbbed upright in beautiful hardness, Randy's still wet from her cunt. Those balls looked so precious, so edible, so kissable, so... suckable!

She moved to them, her hips swaying, her eyes straining at their cocks and young balls. Slipping to her knees between her sons, she grasped a cock in each hand, moaning softly as she jerked them both slowly. Gary and Randy watched her, excitement filling them. As her two hands pumped up and down on their cocks and her tits jiggled with movement, both boys reached for her.

"Oh, yes," she purred as their hands fondled her sensitive tits. "Feel Mother's tits. Play with Mother's tits, pinch her nipples and pull on them. Play with my tits! Oh, you two are so hard! I love hard cocks... these two hard cocks! So strong, so thick, so long, so young! And your balls... mmmmm, sweet, sweet young balls!"

Joanie dipped her face to Gary's balls, kissing them with moist, hot lips. She slipped her tongue out and licked at his balls, still purring in pleasure. As her tongue ran about Gary's balls, she kept her hair out of the way so Randy could see her, knowing it would excite her sons even more to watch.

She moved her face to Randy's balls, licking and kissing them, too. She kept her hot hands jacking slowly up and down the hard, throbbing cocks, turning her lovely face from one son to the other, licking their balls and their cock bases. She pulled Gary's balls into her mouth, sucking them tenderly, mewling softly. Then she sucked Randy's balls tenderly. Her sons balls tasted equally good in her mouth, their flavor only slightly different. Her naked ass twisted slowly as she sucked their balls, her cunt pulsating with heated hunger.

"Stand up," she whispered, "both of you. Stand up and let me take your pants off."

When they were on their feet, Joanie sat on her heels and opened their pants, pulling them down to their feet. Both boys wore white T-shirts now, their young cocks straining out and up, their deliciously sweet balls dangling beneath the base. Joanie slid her hands between their thighs, cupping a naked young ass in each palm. She pressed her face into Randy's cock, kissing it, then she did the same with Gary.

Gary and Randy, not in the least bashful, held their cocks in their hands, rubbing the heads about their mother's face, her cheeks and ears and nose. Joanie mewled and purred in erotic happiness, feeling the smooth heat, the seeping wetness against her face. She smiled up at them, her eyes hot with dreamy desire.

"Oh, yes," she murmured softly. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Gary's cock was close to her lips and Randy's was somewhere near her right ear.

Joanie parted her lips and closed them around the smooth head of Gary's swollen cock. He gasped and both boys watched as Joanie slowly filled her mouth with Gary's hard cock, taking it deep until her lips were at the base, her mouth tight around the hard cock. Joanie made a humming sound deep in her throat as she held Gary's cock in her mouth, her palm on his ass holding him.

Slowly she pulled her lips back, her eyes sparkling up at the boys. "Mmmmm, sweet," she murmured, turning her face to Randy's cock. She stared up into his eyes as she pulled his cock into her mouth, taking it deep.

"Oh, damn, Mom!" Randy gurgled.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed.

"That's good, Mom!" Randy said, pressing at the back of his mother's head and pushing his cock deep into her mouth. "Hot, hot like your pu... pussy!!"

Joanie made a pleased sound and sucked back and forth on her son's cock, her eyes flashing up at their young, happily excited faces.

"So sweet," she said, dragging her lips from his cock and taking Gary's prick into her mouth again.

As she sucked on Gary's cock, she felt Randy sliding the moist head of his cock about her cheeks and ears and neck. Her cunt pulsated and she shifted until her heel was pressing against those fiery, hairy lips.

She began moving her mouth from cock to cock, sucking first one, then the other. She had pulled her hands from between their and, while sucking one cock, she pumped at the other. Her body rippled with erotic sensations, her lips tingling around the two cocks alternately.

"Suck me!" Gary called, dancing on his feet. "Suck my cock now, Mom!"

And Randy cried, "My turn, Mom! Hurry and suck my cock next!"

Those words increased the burning flame within Joanie. She rushed her mouth from one cock to the other, wishing she could have a hard cock fucking into her cunt instead of only the pressure of her heel.

She was sure the boys' cocks were becoming larger, thicker, as she sucked them. She kept moaning in hungry delight, sucking first one, then the other. She lapped at those sweet balls occasionally, her long tongue going underneath them almost to tight assholes. She dragged upward and along the shafts to the swollen heads. Her eyes remained open, blazing up at their excited faces, watching their response to her cock-sucking and ball-licking.

The boys were going to come if she kept this up, Joanie knew. But she also knew that she wanted them to come. She wanted those young cocks to squirt that creamy, deliciously sweet come into her mouth. She wanted them to fuck into her mouth as if it were her hungry cunt, to use her mouth like her pussy, to fuck her mouth, to make her throat sore with their swift thrusts.

She had a mouthful of Gary's cock now, sucking back and forth with short, daring movements of her face, pumping her tight fist on Randy's cock.

"I'm gonna let go, Mom!" Gary yelped, plunging his cock into his mother's mouth hard. "I'm gonna... Ohhhhh!"

The creamy flood of Gary's come juice splashed against the back of her throat. Immediately Joanie's cunt exploded into a shattering orgasm. She sucked as hard as she could, her lips drawing the thick come juice up from his writhing balls and out of his piss hole and into her mouth. Gary's come coated her tongue, making her choke. She sucked greedily on his spewing cock, her tongue fucking at the piss hole, wanting all of his hot come.

As Gary's come flow began to slow, she felt the deep pulsations of Randy's cock. Hearing him groan, she turned swiftly to him. A final spurt of Gary's come splashed onto her cheek as she moved quickly, just in time to close her lips about the head of Randy's cock. As soon as her mouth was on him, he came. The strong spurt of his come juice filled her mouth as Joanie mewled and licked hard with her tongue, swallowing each gush. Randy fucked into his mother's mouth as he came, his hand on the top of her head. She sucked him dry, pulling back and licking at her puffy lips.

She grinned, her cunt calm.

Looking up at Gary, she said, "I thought you couldn't come yet, darling."

"I couldn't, Mom," he said. "That was the first time, honest."

"Mmmm, I got that first sweet load, didn't I?" she gurgled happily. "No wonder it tasted so good."

Gary and Randy sat on the floor, Joanie still on her heels between them. She spread her knees apart so they could see her cunt and then flipped their cocks about playfully.

"You know, guys," she said in a whispery voice, "it's about time we stopped all this peeking. You two must have been jacking off like crazy, peeking at me."

"I was," Randy admitted.

"I sure tried, Mom," Gary said. "I'm glad I finally started coming. That really feels good!"

"I know something that would make you guys feel super good," she said. "Here, lie down on the floor, on your stomachs."

"What are you gonna do, Mom?" Randy asked.

"You'll see," she giggled.

Sitting between her sons, she looked at those firm, naked ass cheeks, their balls visible between their legs. She caressed the backs of their thighs, her hands going slowly up to the tight ass cheeks. She stroked them, at first lightly and then with a firmer hand. She trailed her fingers up and down the enticing crack, of each ass and tickled their balls, making each boy wiggle and laugh.

She leaned down and kissed Gary's ass, then repeated it with Randy's. The boys made moaning sounds as she slipped her hands down and cupped their balls, her moist lips going from one ass to the other. Then she used her tongue, licking the tight ass cheeks until they glistened. Randy and his brother twisted their hips as their mother's tongue licked them hotly.

"Don't move," she whispered, dragging her wet tongue along Gary's ass crack.

Joanie used her hands to part the cheeks of Gary's young ass. She peered at his tiny asshole, seeing the fucker crinkle inward. She giggled again and lowered her face.

Holding his ass cheeks wide, Joanie pressed her open lips to Gary's tight, hot asshole. She sucked at it, the tip of her tongue fluttering against it. She felt Gary's asshole pucker even tighter as she pressed the tip of her tongue against it. Then lifted her face and scooted to Randy. She pulled his ass cheeks apart and gazed at his pink ass ring for just a moment, then pressed her face into his ass. She tasted his asshole, her lips sucking as her tongue licked. She moaned softly and shoved her tongue up his ass as far as she could, tongue-fucking him in his asshole.

As she tongue-fucked Randy in the ass, she moved her hands about around Gary's ass again, probing at his tight asshole. She slipped her finger up his ass and his moan thrilled her.

Taking her tongue out of Randy's asshole, she said in a whispery, husky voice, "Get on your knees, guys. Pull your knees up and stick those young asses in the air."

Randy and Gary, shaking with excitement, lifted their naked asses high. Joanie saw their balls dangling, their cocks beginning to grow hard. She reached under them and jacked their swelling cocks a moment. Then, still squeezing their cocks, she began to suck and tongue-fuck her sons up the assholes again, going from one boy to the other. She felt their cocks growing in her hands and her cunt pulsated with erotic delight at what she was doing.

"Don't come, guys," she whispered heatedly as she moved from one asshole to the other. "Don't come, please. Let me know if you can't take any more. I love to suck ass tongue-fuck sweet assholes! Let me do it for a long time and then you both can fuck the shit out of me!"

Joanie licked Gary's tight asshole, making hot, wet circles, then plunging her tongue in as deep as she could. She gripped his hard cock tightly, Randy's cock in her other hand. Gary pressed his ass into his mother's face, grunting with the fiery pleasure she gave him.

"Mom, suck my ass!" Randy urged. "Suck my asshole now!"

Joanie had her finger up Randy's ass and pulled it free, pressing her lips around his asshole and tongue-fucking him with short, quick thrusts. She started jacking on the two cocks now and she knew they were getting very excited. If she wasn't careful, she knew they would be coming all over the carpet.

"Enough, enough!" Randy said in a strangled voice.

Joanie pulled her tongue out, turning onto her back and spreading her legs wide. "Fuck me!" she squealed. "Hurry and fuck me before you come! You have to come in Mother's cunt, Randy!"

Randy jumped between his mother's legs, driving his cock into her fiery cunt swiftly, making Joanie squeal with pleasure. He pulled her hips up onto his thighs, sitting on his heels, his mother's long legs around his hips. Gary turned to see his brother's cock sliding into their mother's hairy cunt, his cock jerking up and down.

"My face!" Joanie yelled. "Gary, sit in Mother's fucking face! Let me suck your hot, sweet asshole while Randy fucks my cunt! Hurry, baby, sit in my cock-sucking face!"

Gary squatted above his mother's face and turned so he could watch how she churned her cunt on Randy's cock. Joanie shoved her tongue into Gary's asshole again, thrusting it in and out, fucking him. She shoved a hand to his cock and began to jack him off.

Gary watched his brother fucking their mother's steamy cunt, seeing her cunt lips stretch around his cock. He pressed his ass down onto his mother's face, feeling her tongue in his asshole, her fist beating frantically on his cock. Her tits were jiggling and he grabbed them in his hands, squeezing hard, making his mother groan.

Joanie felt the exquisite heat of erotic bliss fill her body. Being fucked by one of her sons while she sucked the other's asshole was fantastic, making her mind reel. She could feel the throbbing of Randy's cock deep inside her gripping cunt and she loved the way Gary's asshole seemed to suck at her stabbing tongue. She pressed Gary's cock to her tits, rubbing at it furiously.

She started to come, her cunt bucking onto Randy's cock. She screamed around Gary's asshole as the convulsions threw her into trembling ecstasy, her tongue driving deep into Gary's tight asshole. She used her free hand to try and pull his ass tighter into her face. The milking sensation of her cunt on Randy's cock, already about to blow, did the trick. She screamed again into Gary's ass when she felt Randy spewing his sweet come juice into her spasming cunt.

She pressed hard on Gary's cock, smashing her tits with it. Then the hot, boiling come juice splashed over her tight tits, increasing her ecstasy. As Gary came, she felt his asshole flexing around her tongue. Her body shook violently and her cunt exploded.

"Oh, God!" she moaned when Gary pulled his ass away from her face. "Oh God, that was so fucking good!"

Randy and Gary sat back, breathing hard. They looked at their mother. Joanie smeared come juice about her tits, her other hand cupping her cunt. She shivered for a longtime, her body glowing with lingering ecstasy.

Finally, she sat back, grinning at them.

"You guys sure know how to fuck a girl, don't you?" she said. "Are you sure you've never had a piece of ass before?"

They shook their heads.

"Do you two love fucking as much as I do?"

They nodded their heads.

"Bashful, maybe?" she asked.

They shook their heads again, grinning with her.

"Good," Joanie purred. "Then we can get it on, right? Anything and everything, right?"

They nodded eagerly.

Chapter FOUR

Joanie wondered why she had said those things to her sons. And what did she mean by anything and everything? She wasn't even sure of her own meaning.

Something she had seen in their young eyes, something she couldn't fathom had made her say that. The light in them had flared brightly and they seemed different somehow. What had she seen in those eyes? Affection? Maybe. Desire? Oh, yes! Cruelty? Maybe. But there was something else, too. A certain something she wasn't sure she wanted to know.

The boys couldn't possibly have thoughts of humiliating her; they were too young to know about things like that. Joanie wouldn't mind doing a few things that would make her blush just a little, but she didn't want anything way out. And she didn't want things that would expose her to people. Her desires were private, despite the way she would tease the boys from the pool and her mild tendencies toward exhibitionism.

Joanie realized she would let them do what they wanted to with her. And she would do what she wanted to them, but she wanted it in the privacy of their home, away from prying eyes. She would have to make the boys understand that. If they attempted something degrading, Joanie knew she had given up her rights to punish them.

Joanie felt as if she had lost control of the situation. Two days, she thought. In just two single days she had, lost any control whatsoever over her sons.

She was in the bath, soaking her slender body. Neither boy had come to her the night before, although she had expected at least one of them to. Yet they had simply gone to their bedroom early and stat had heard them talking. Two boys, young and healthy, would have wanted more and more erotic attention, at least that was what Joanie had thought. But they had spent the evening and night talking, talking about her, she knew.

That was when she began to wonder.

It was still early in the morning, and the boys were still asleep. Joanie usually got up early, bathed, straightened the house, then woke her sons up. But it was summer now and she let them sleep as long as they wanted.

Drying herself, she looked at her body in the long mirror hanging on the back of the bathroom door. It wasn't a bad body, no sags anywhere, a cheerleader's body. And her face looked like a Joanie, she thought. It would probably look like a Joanie until she was at least fifty. She knew she could mingle with any high school group and pass for one of them.

Pleased, she wrapped the long towel about herself and went back to her bedroom. She brushed her dark hair and added just a hint of lipstick to her already pink lips.

By nine in the morning she walked about the house, dusting and straightening, still wearing only a towel. Doing her work, she bent and twisted, unaware that Gary and Randy were now awake, watching her from the hallway. As she leaned forward, the towel came up in back to expose the lower half of her creamy ass. The boys already had hard-ons that strained on the white material of their jockey shorts. She became aware of the boys when she felt a hand between her thighs, taking a quick of her cunt. She yelped in surprise and jerked upright, whirling around.

"Don't do that!" she said. "You almost made me piss my panties!"

"You're not wearing any panties, Mom." Randy laughed.

"Well, I almost pissed anyway." She grinned, unable to be angry. Her eyes dropped down, seeing the throbbing of his cock inside those white shorts. She saw Gary had a hard-on, too. "Oh, my God!" she breathed.

Randy pulled at her, forcing her to her knees before him. Joanie dropped willingly, her face in front of his bulging cock. Randy held her face in his hands and pulled her into his crotch. Once her face touched his hard cock, he twisted his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock and balls into her face. Joanie held his hips, hunger flaring inside her. She opened her mouth to suck, at his cock, but Randy pulled away. Gary came up to her and rubbed his crotch into his mother's face. But he refused to let her suck on his cock, either.

She looked up at them, her eyes slightly wet with desire.

"Aw, give her her fucking breakfast." Randy said to his little brother.

Gary jerked his jockey shorts to one side, exposing his cock and sweet, hairless balls. Joanie gripped her son's hips and greedily jammed that hot, hard cock into her mouth, sucking furiously, her nails digging into his hips.

Gary held the back of her head, fucking into her wet mouth. Joanie gobbled greedily, her tongue fluttering and licking. She loved it when his cock went in deep, her lips smashing at the base of his cock. She loved the way her lips stretched and tingled from the hard heat of the throbbing cock shaft as his cock cream dripped onto her tongue.

If she had opened her eyes, she would have seen Randy stroking his cock with one hand, the other caressing his balls, his shorts shoved down to his knees. But Joanie had closed her eyes with steamy pleasure when Gary shoved his cock into her mouth.

Sliding her hands past Gary's hips, she clutched at his young ass, jerking his hips forward hard, urging him to fuck her mouth faster.

"Suck his cock, Mom!" she heard Randy say huskily, his voice cracking with excitement. "Suck Gary off! Get your fucking breakfast! Eat his cock and eat his come!"

Joanie wanted him to keep talking dirty to her, it made her cunt wetter, hotter. Her clitoris was pulsating and the cheeks of her ass clenched. She wanted Randy to ram his cock into her cunt and fuck her hard while she sucked Gary's cock. She wanted her two sons to fill her with come from end to end. She wanted them to take turns fucking her, to change places and come inside her cunt and mouth time and time again until she drowned in their sweet, precious come.

She made wet sounds on Gary's cock, sucking with hot lips as he fucked her mouth. His cock was going back and forth with swift, stabbing movements and she loved it. Any way he wanted to fuck her mouth was beautiful to her.

"I'm gonna come!"

The yelp from Gary startled Joanie. She had been so involved in sucking on his cock and thinking of Randy fucking into her cunt at the same time, she had no idea Gary was this close. When his thick, creamy come juice splashed at the back of her throat, she choked momentarily but recovered fast, and mewled softly as her mouth filled with come juice.

Joanie held Gary's come in her mouth without swallowing, her cunt clutched with orgasm. Gary stabbed his cock back and forth between her gripping, hot lips, then just as he was finishing, pressed deep, his hairless balls against her chin. Joanie dug her fingers into his tight ass for a moment and a soft moan of delight come from her.

Gary pulled his cock out of her mouth and she looked up at him, her eyes almost dazed in pleasure. Her throat worked hard as she finally swallowed all of his come.

As soon as she had swallowed, Randy shoved his brother away and Joanie found herself with another hard cock sliding into her mouth. She began to suck on Randy's cock as hungrily as she had Gary's. But Randy didn't fuck her lips. He allowed his mother to suck his prick the way she wanted.

Joanie twisted her lips about his hard cock, eating at it with greedy lips and a swirling tongue. She held Randy's naked ass the way she had Gary's, with her fingers digging into his hot ass crack, pulling his ass cheeks apart and then squeezing them together.

"Suck it, Mom!" Randy urged, looking down at her. "Suck my cock! Make me come in your cock-sucking mouth!"

"Mmmmm!" Joanie moaned, her tongue flying hotly about his hard cock.

"Suck me off, cock-sucker," he said. "Fuck my cock, Mom! Fuck my hard cock with your mouth!"

Joanie's hairy cunt was gripped in non-stop orgasms, her ass swaying beneath the towel. It felt as if her orgasms were reaching to her throat, her lips, her tongue. As impassible as it was, she felt as if her mouth was going through an orgasm, too. Her lips burned wetly as she bobbed her face to and fro, her tongue lapping at the swollen head. Like Gary's, Randy's cock was dripping, making her tongue slippery with the juices.

"Take it, take it!" Randy shouted. "Suck hard! Mom, you have a hot mouth, a wet mouth, and I'm gonna come in your hot, wet, cock-sucking mouth... now!"

Thick come juice spewed against her tongue and Joanie began to gulp wetly.

Still on her knees, she noticed Gary had disappeared. Then she heard him pissing in the bathroom. That meant he had not closed the door, something he always did. A shiver went through Joanie, almost like a warning.

"We're hungry, Mom," Gary said as he came back into the room.

He had pulled his shorts back up and there was a wet spot where the head of his cock rested against the fabric. Joanie jerked her eyes away from it, got to her feet, and went to cook their breakfast.

Joanie wore the towel until noon. Somehow she felt she had to keep it on and not dress. She was puzzled by the thought because her sons had said nothing about it to her. They watched her, their young eyes gleaming, seeing the half-moons of her ass, the lower curls of her cunt and long, slim thighs showing, but they had said nothing about her not dressing. Still she sensed, somehow, that they would let her know if and when they wanted her to dress.

"Let's go swimming," Randy said just a few minutes after noon. He looked at his mother. "You too, Mom."

For a long second, Joanie stared at her oldest son. He had not asked her to go with them, he told her to. Another shiver rippled about her spine, a shiver of fear, but also of excitement. She went to her bedroom and pulled out a bikini. It was white, with tiny red hearts at one hip. She had worn it only once before because when it was wet, her cunt hair showed, as did her nipples. Although she had often sat at the pool with her legs open, cunt hair sticking from the tight crotch of her other bikinis, she had not worn this one, thinking it was too obscene. Yet, something told her that Randy and Gary would love to see her in this sexy suit now.

The boys were at the pool before her. When she joined them, they seemed to appreciate her body and Joanie enjoyed it. She wanted to be pretty and sexy and exciting for them.

Randy was hanging onto the ledge of the pool and Gary was sitting in a deck chair. Joanie pulled another chair near him and sat down, her knees together.

"Aw, come on, Mom," Randy said from the pool. "This ain't no time to start keeping your legs together, not after showing us everything before."

Joanie opened her knees wide, scooting her ass to the edge of the chair.

"Better," Randy said, staring at the slight bulge of her cunt. "Much better."

She knew she was giving in and she felt a strong compulsion to become submissive. She sat next to Gary, the sun hot on her flesh. She glanced from the corners of her eyes at him, seeing his cock making a tent inside his trunks. She wondered if Randy, too, had a hard-on. He probably did, she decided.

She began to sweat and decided to take a swim to cool off. She dove into the water, cutting neatly through it, and swam back and forth. When she rested on the steps at the shallow end of the pool, leaning back on her elbows, Randy came to her. Joanie noticed her cunt hair showed clearly through the whiteness of her bikini and her nipples were straining the thin material.

Randy saw, too.

"You might as well be naked, Mom," he said.

"Not out here," Joanie replied, smiling nervously at him.

"Why not? Who's to see?"

"Well," she said, looking around, "someone could come home for lunch, or a salesman or..."

Randy yanked her bikini bottom down. Joanie didn't fight; she simply watched the garment floating nearby. Randy shoved his trunks down and moved between his mother's legs, his cock very hard just below the surface of the water.

"Randy! Not out here, please," she said, her voice a whisper, her eyes watching his cock slide up her inner thigh.

"Sure, Mom," he said, shoving the swollen head of his cock against the hairy lips of her cunt. "It's exciting to fuck out here. The sun, the water... maybe somebody seeing us. Doesn't that just make your cunt tingle?"

She would never understand how her two boys, as young as they were, understood her so well. Where did they learn these things? Who gave them experience like this?

Randy rubbed the smooth head of his cock up and down the hair-lined slit of her cunt and she felt Gary sitting at her head. She turned to look at him and discovered he was naked, his cock very hard and pressing in her hair. She made no protest as he removed her bikini top, caressing her tits with his hands.

Joanie lifted her cunt as Randy cupped her now naked ass, the head of his cock sliding into her suddenly fiery cunt. She made a lost, but delighted whimper as Randy's cock spread the lips of her cunt. The whimper became a drawn-out hiss as his cock slipped into her cunt deeply, her ass arching up to grab it. She wrapped her thighs about his waist and while Randy held her by the naked ass, she began to churn and whip her crotch against him, fucking him with wild, thrashing jerks, splashing water.

"Fuck me, Mom!" Randy urged, watching her pound her cunt onto his cock. "Move your hot ass! Fuck my cock!"

"Oooo, yes!" Joanie wailed, no longer caring where she was, only caring about his cock. "Yes, I'll fuck you, you bastard! I'm fuck the piss out of your cock!"

She wrapped her arms about Gary's legs, draping them over her shoulders and feeling his cock throbbing against the top of her head. He smashed at her sensitive tits with both hands, her nipples pulsating into his palms. She held his thighs tight against her face and churned her hips as fast as she could. She slammed her cunt hard against the base of Randy's cock, grinding and squealing as her ecstasy increased. The sun burned down on her naked body and it felt good. It was exciting to fuck her son in the pool, in daylight. It was very, very exciting!

"Ohhhh, good," she moaned. "This is so fucking good! I love it, Randy! Oh, baby, fuck Mother! Fuck Mother's hot cunt with your hard, hard, sweet cock!"

She turned her face to one side, her tongue licking at Gary's thigh. She shoved her hands up and back, then grabbed his tight ass, pulling his cock tight into the top of her head.

"Wiggle your hot ass, Mom!" Randy grunted, slamming his cock hard into her cunt, so hard she wondered if her pussy lips would be bruised. His balls beat at the crack of her ass, her thighs tight about his waist, her cunt pounding on his cock as he stood almost still. "Give me that hot cunt! Fuck me, Mom, fuck me! You're so hot and wet and tight on my cock! Fuck the piss out of my cock, Mom!"

"Yes, yes!" she wailed. "I will! I am!"

Joanie's whole body was in frenzied motion. Her cunt bounced up and down on Randy's cock, her face turning from side to side, licking feverishly at Gary's inner thighs. Her moaning sounds became muffled screams of ecstasy as her cunt convulsed about Randy's cock. As she came, she pounded harder than ever on his prick, fucking him like a demented fiend. If a crowd had gathered, watching her Joanie would not have known it.

"Oh, you're making me come!" she groaned.

"You're making Mother come! Oh, Randy, fuck me! Please, baby, fuck Mother! I can't get enough... enough hard cock! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Randy strained into his mother's churning cunt, gritting his teeth. He exploded, sending gush after gush of thick, boiling come into his mother's gripping, convulsing cunt. He made a soft yelp, his hands digging into her creamy, tight ass.

Joanie felt him starting to pull his cock free of her softly grinding cunt and she held him tight with her legs. "No, please no," she protested in a small voice. "Not yet. Don't stop now, please! I want more!"

But he got free. "Your turn, Gary," she heard Randy say.

"Yes, Gary!" Joanie sobbed. "It's your turn to fuck Mother. Hurry, baby! Oooo, my cunt is so hot! Hurry, Gary, fuck me! I need more cock!"

Gary shoved between her wide open thighs, his cock penetrating her cunt swiftly. Again Joanie sucked in her breath with a long hissing sound, her eyes half-closed with ecstasy. Her youngest son leaned over, sucking at her tits as he buried his cock deep, then started fucking her vigorously. Like his brother, Gary held her ass tightly with his small hands. His cock thrust in and out with short, quick movements, making Joanie squeal and sob. She wrapped her arms about him, churning her cunt with him now. Her cunt was convulsing again, gripping her son's cock with tight, flexing waves of wet heat.

"Oh, fuck me," she whispered, hardly aware of what she was saying. "Fuck Mother! Fuck Mother's hot cunt! Fuck Mother's hot, wet cunt! Fuck Mother's hot, wet, hairy cunt! Mother's cunt wants cock, your cock, both cocks! I can't get enough cock! Qh, please, please fuck me! Ohh... Oooooo, yes, yes!"

Randy leaned back, watching, a grin on his face. Joanie saw his expression as Gary pounded his cock into her. What she saw there told her he had ideas, ideas about her. She wasn't surprised when her orgasms increased in power, rippling through her naked body and making her sob with ecstasy.

She drew her feet back beneath the water, arching her cunt high, wanting Gary to beat her crotch raw, to fuck her hard until it would be painful for her to piss. She wanted him to pound the hairy lips of her insatiable cunt until she could hardly sit down.

And she came and came and came.

Joanie didn't know when her youngest son came inside her cunt. Her mind was almost numb by then. But her cunt wasn't numb. It was still fiery hot and as greedy as ever.

Gary and Randy sat on each side of her and she had her arms beneath their thighs, hugging them to her cheeks. Her tits jutted above the surface of the sparkling water, the nipples still very hard. She could see her cunt hair beneath the surface clearly as she opened and closed her legs. The feeling between her thighs was delicious, her clit tingling sweetly, her clitoris still pulsating, but softly now.

Suddenly she realized where she was and how naked she was. A flush came over her lovely face as she scrambled away from her sons.

"Oh, God!" she whimpered, looking around fearfully. "I hope no one saw us. I'd die..."

Her bikini top was floating nearby and she grabbed it, putting it on, her face pink with embarrassment. The bottom of her bikini was at the far end of the pool and she started for it when she saw the postman. Fearfully, Joanie crouched under the water, feeling it lap at her chin. She watched the postman warily, ready to sink beneath the surface if he looked at her. She cupped her hands between her bent thighs, trying to hide her naked cunt.

She heard Randy and Gary laughing at her embarrassment, and she hoped they had their trunks on. She had not paid any attention to them before.

When the postman left, Joanie forgot about her bikini bottom. She jumped from the pool and raced for the apartment, one hand holding her cunt, the other trying to conceal her rounded, sweet ass.

She heard Randy and Gary laughing behind her.

Chapter FIVE

Joanie felt humiliated.

She had been betrayed by her cunt.

Once her sons started messing around with her, she lost her reasoning abilities and her cunt took control of her emotions. Her cunt ruled her now, not her mind. She was still blushing as she sat in her bedroom, knowing without a doubt that they had been seen by someone. A person just can't fuck in broad daylight in the swimming pool of an apartment complex and not be seen.

Sitting with just her halter on, Joanie spread her naked legs and stared accusingly at her pussy.

As if seeing her cunt for the first time, she couldn't understand the control it seemed to have over her. A woman's cunt simply could not make her fuck anyone, especially not her two very young sons.

Yet, her cunt seemed to have done just that.

She touched her cunt with a finger, as if it would bite her. She felt the puffiness of one pussy lip and the slippery wetness there, knowing it was come, come juice from their cocks. She probed between the cunt lips slightly. They didn't hurt and she touched her clitoris lightly.

An orgasm shot through her.

"Oooohhhhh," she sighed, her eyes closing slowly.

She heard her sons come in, slamming the door behind them. Their laughter sent a shudder through her. She wondered if it would have been better if she had kept her hands off them, if she had gone ahead and suffered with fantasies of fucking them. But it was too late now. She had fucked them, sucked them off and said too much, exposing her innermost hungers. They knew about her now and she knew there was no turning back.

She pulled her halter off and searched through her dresser for fresh panties. Just as she was pulling on a new pair, Randy and Gary came into her room. They were naked, their cocks and balls dangling, and she could not resist looking at them. How beautiful they were!

She snapped her bikini panties about her hips and turned to face them. She stood with her head high, shoulders back, tits thrusting outward.

"I guess you two want to embarrass me again," she said. "What is it now? Run around the grounds naked? Or would it turn you on to make me grab the first strange cock that comes by?"

"Aw, Mom, we don't wanna make you do any of that stuff," Gary said.

"Just what makes you think you can force me to do things?" she asked. "What makes you think you can get away with fucking me right in the pool?"

"Because you've got a hot ass, Mom," Randy said. "You can't keep away from our cocks, can you? What did you say the other day? Anything and everything, right?"

"I didn't mean fucking in public, damn it," she said. "I meant... other things."

"Sure, that too," Randy replied. "We're talking about other things, too, Mom."

"For instance?"

"Well, me and Gary have been talking about this. You know we've never fucked any girl but you. Well, we've got this idea we'd like to try."


"Well, you did say anything," Randy said. "So me and Gary would kind of like to, you know, fuck you in the ass."

"Fuck me in the ass?" Joanie's eyes widened.

"Sure, Mom," Gary said. "You shoved your tongue up our assholes. We sort of thought you might let us fuck you in the ass."

Joanie gazed at them in amazement. They sure had some wild ideas for boys so young. They were more erotic-minded than she had figured on. She glanced at the two cocks and felt a slight puckering of her asshole. She imagined the feel of those cocks penetrating the tightness of her asshole, and felt a tingling sensation there. Almost as though protecting her asshole, she moved her hands behind her body and cupped the cheeks of her bikinied ass. Gary's and Randy's cocks were starting to lift and she stared at them, her lips parted slightly.

At least, she thought, she had not lost total control of her body to them. They had asked, not told her they were going to fuck her asshole. That was something at least. They could easily have grabbed her and rammed their cocks up her ass without asking her at all.

She would have given in to them without a struggle, she knew.

She squeezed the cheeks of her ass, gazing at the growing hardness of their cocks, and slowly nodded her head.

Randy's and Gary's faces lit up and they came to her. She stood, shaking, as they ran their hands about her body, feeling its curves. Standing on each side of her, they caressed her uplifted tits, twisting and sucking on her nipples. When Randy moved his hand along her ass, she jerked. She felt his fingers on one ass cheek and then Gary was squeezing the other. Already wet, she was getting wetter and her clitoris felt tight. But as hot as her pussy was, the sensation seemed more intense in and around her asshole.

Joanie's asshole was very, very tight. The only thing that had ever penetrated her there was her finger. But she had often thought of taking a cock up her ass, wondering how it would be and if it would make her come.

Her two sons were still squeezing at her ass and sucking at her tits. How they were both pressing their hard cocks against her hips, their free hands moving about her legs and taking turns cupping and pressing into her pantied crotch. Joanie stood whimpering with pleasure. One of her son's -- she didn't know which -- shoved his hand under her panties and his finger ran down the crack of her ass. She shuddered as the fingertip rubbed at the crinkle of her tight asshole and as the pressure increased, she clenched inward, feeling her asshole tighten. But the finger kept pressing and Joanie's mouth made a silent 'O' as the tip slipped slowly into her ass. She felt the tingling, slight burning sensation as the finger stretched her gripping asshole. Then her hips moved slowly and her hands grabbed the two hard cocks at her legs.

"Ohhhhhh, God!" she whispered, her eyes clouding with pleasure. "More! Stick more in me."

The finger went in deeper.

"Ohh, please, my cunt... finger my cunt, too!"

Another hand went into the front of her panties, making a soft ripping sound as the elastic was stretched. Joanie shivered as the finger moved over her throbbing clitoris and into her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she gasped, her knees almost buckling. "Both of you fuck me!"

The fingers started moving, sliding in and out of her cunt and gripping asshole. Joanie wasn't prepared for the quickness of her orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, shit! Shit!" she groaned, the searing orgasms shooting through her. Her hips jerked as the fingers plunged into her cunt and asshole. "Ohhh, shit... piss... fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She gripped her sons' cocks tightly, squeezing tightly. Her eyes had closed and her pretty face was twisted into a grimace of agonized ecstasy. It seemed that her asshole was having orgasms along with her hot cunt! Her knees buckled and as they bent, the boys' fingers came free of her asshole and cunt. But she retained her grip on the throbbing cocks as she went to her knees, her body still trembling.

On her knees now, Joanie turned and shoved her mouth over Gary's cock. She sucked on it frantically, then quickly sucked at Randy's. She licked at their balls in turn, her tongue lapping with swift movements while she moaned softly.

Joanie felt as if she were in a dream world. It was real, yet unreal. When one of her sons pressed her to her hands and knees, she held the pose. There was tearing sound as the boys pulled her panties away. Instinctively she arched her curvy ass in readiness, whimpering softly with anticipation. Randy was behind her with Gary was on his knees at her side, cupping a tit as he watched his brother rubbing his cock up and down the hot crack of their mother's lovely, creamy ass. Randy's cock was dripping and Joanie felt the wetness.

"Gary," she murmured huskily, "let me suck your cock. Put your cock in Mother's mouth, darling. That will help me when Randy shoves his cock into my asshole. It will take the pain away."

Gary moved to his mother's face, sitting on his heels and leaning back on his hands. His cock jutted straight up, hard and beautiful. Joanie closed her lips about his cock and pulled it deep, feeling the pressure of Randy's cock pressing against her resisting asshole. It was so much bigger than a finger, but the more pressure he put on it, the better it felt. She held Gary's cock deep in her mouth, her lips tight, waiting to feel Randy's prick penetrate her asshole.

A scream came boiling from her mouth around Gary's cock.

Randy had thrust his cock hard into his mother's asshole.

Joanie felt as if her son had driven something huge up her asshole. It burned and stretched and she wondered if he could have injured her. But she didn't care even it he had -- it felt wonderful!

She closed her lips tighter about Gary's throbbing cock and began licking with her tongue. She felt Randy holding her hips, his cock as deep into her as it could go. His balls pressed at her seeping cunt and she could feel them writhing.

Taking her mouth off Gary's cock, she said, "Now, Randy! Ohhh, baby, it's fantastic! Fuck Mother in the asshole now! Fuck me now!"

Randy dug his hands into her hips and began thrusting his cock up her gripping asshole. Joanie's asshole seemed to hold his prick very tightly, gripping hotly. The friction increased and the more he fucked her, the better she liked it. She started sucking on Gary's cock again, making sobbing sounds of delight.

Each time Randy banged into her asshole, her face was shoved deeper into Gary's crotch, driving his cock down her throat. Joanie slipped her hands around Gary's hips and clutched at his ass tightly, her weight resting on her elbows. The feel of having a cock ramming up her asshole and another inside her mouth sent her into a dizzy ecstasy.

The throbbing of two cocks was amazingly delicious to her. Randy had been fucking into her asshole only a few moments when her cunt convulsed with tight, fiery orgasms. She squealed around Gary's cock as she came, her ass high in the air and trembling with pleasure.

"Don't come, Gary!" she yelled with her lips at the head of his cock. "Don't come in my mouth this time! I want you to fuck my asshole next! Ohhh, take turns fucking Mother's hot ass!"

And then she began sucking on his cock wildly, shaking her ass to increase Randy's pleasure. It seemed as though his cock was growing, swelling twice its size. The more it swelled, the better it felt to Joanie. The buffeting between her two sons was the most amazing, most delightful feeling she had ever felt.

"I think I'm gonna come, Mom!" Randy grunted, banging into her jiggling ass powerfully. "I'm about to come!"

Joanie gave a loud grunt around Gary's cock, ramming her ass back tight onto Randy's prick. The muscles of her asshole milked and sucked at his buried cock, his balls pressed upon the fiery lips of her wet, convulsing cunt.

She felt Randy's cock throb and then there was a squirt of come splashing along the satiny walls of her asshole. Joanie screamed around Gary's cock as Randy spewed come juice into her burning asshole, her orgasms exploding like a thousand firecrackers, one after the other. She kept her ass shaking for Randy, her asshole sucking hard at the base of his prick and draining his young balls completely.

Randy pulled his cock from her tight asshole slowly and Joanie lifted her mouth from Gary's cock, making a soft hissing sound. "Ohhhh, that was... was good! Hurry up, Gary! It's your turn now, darling. Get back there and fuck my asshole before you come! I want your come up my ass, too!"

Gary scooted quickly behind his mother's uplifted ass with Randy watching. Gary slipped his cock into his mother's asshole without any problem. Joanie whimpered softly and shoved back to him, fucking his cock before he began to fuck her. Unlike Randy, Gary leaned over his mother's back and cupped her dangling tits, humping his hips and driving his cock into her asshole. Joanie's hand found Randy's cock and balls, stroking them as the second prick began fucking her. Turning her head slightly, she pulled Randy's cock to her mouth. She tasted her shit on his cock but she didn't mind. She sucked on Randy's prick as Gary plunged his cock in and out of her once again searing asshole.

Randy moved to kneel in front of his mother's face, taking the back of her head and fucking into her mouth as his cock began to harden again. Joanie loved to feel a cock swell into hardness between her lips.

Once again she was being buffeted between her sons, and once again her ecstasy increased.

"Fuck the shit out of her hot ass, Gary!" she heard Randy say to his brother. "Fuck her tight, hot asshole! She loves that, Gary! Mom loves being fucked in her ass!"

Joanie moaned her agreement around his cock, now very hard again in her mouth. The taste of shit lingered, yet even that seemed to make her senses soar with erotic perversity.

Gary rammed his cock into her asshole. The ring of her asshole was being stretched wide but Joanie didn't care if her ass hole was never tight again except to stay tight enough for her sons to enjoy fucking.

Her mouth filled with Randy's cock as he kept fucking into it. Sometimes he thrust his cock into her mouth as Gary shoved his cock into her asshole and she was almost doubled up with the pressure between them. Other times Gary fucked his cock in as Randy pulled his back. They were doing it to her. She was on her hands and knees, being fucked up the ass by Gary, and fucked in her hungry mouth by Randy, and her naked body was still on fire, despite the exhausting orgasms she had experienced.

Randy pulled his cock out of her mouth for a moment or so, jacking it against her lips.

"Oh, God, give it to me!" she wailed. "Fuck my ass, Gary! Ohhhhh, fuck Mother's asshole! Your cock is so hard and I love it in my hot fucking asshole! Randy, let me suck your cock! Don't jack off in my face! I want to suck it off!"

Joanie was almost insane with erotic ecstasy. She closed her lips around Randy's cock again, sucking frantically and shaking her uplifted, naked ass. She wanted them both to come at the same time, wanting the taste of Randy's come juice as Gary filled her asshole with his come. She groaned and whimpered around Randy's cock, her tongue flying swiftly, her lips tight. She squeezed her asshole against Gary's prick and imagined she was sucking them both off that way.

"You're tight, Mom!" Gary groaned, digging into her tits. "Your asshole is really tight! I'm about to let go! I'm gonna come up your fucking asshole, Mom!"

Joanie moaned as Gary's cock began squirting and again she could feel it. Her asshole sucked at his prick and she sucked furiously at Randy's. Randy drove his cock far into her mouth and gave a yelp as the burning, creamy come juices from his balls spewed down her throat, filling her mouth before she could swallow.

Exhausted, she fell to her side, one leg drawn up and her arms above her head. Her perky tits rose and fell as she gasped. Her lovely face glowed with pleasure, her eyes sparkling as she smiled at her sons.

"That was so good," she whispered.

"We're going to be fucking that way often, aren't we?"

"Anyway you want it, Mom," Gary laughed.

"Oh, God," she giggled. "I'll take you guys anyway you want to give it to me, anytime, anyplace."

"We'll remember that," Randy said.

"You better," she replied, sitting up. "My ass feels like it's on fire. I've got so much come in it, I thought I was getting an enema."

She got to her feet, swaying a little. She cupped her ass, wiggled her hips at them, then started down the hall to the bathroom.

"I'm going to soak in a tub," she said. "I've got to do something, I think you guys reamed my asshole out pretty damned good."

She waggled her ass teasingly, then went to run the tub with the hottest water she could stand.

Chapter SIX

Joanie was leaning on the coffee table, braced by her arms. Her skirt was up past her hips, and the tight bikini panties concealed nothing.

Sitting on the floor were Gary and Randy, the bays about five feet away from her. Joanie was twisting and writhing her exposed ass, exciting her sons. The panties puffed out with her cunt, pussy hair showing from the tight crotch. Her long, creamy legs were encased by sheer nylons, held up by a garter belt. Her sweater was tight, molding her tits to perfection, her rigid nipples making two points against it.

"You guys like my ass?" she asked softly. They had asked her to talk this way to them, and she had agreed. "Don't you think Mother has a pretty ass and pretty legs. And look how my cunt sticks out. Can you see Mother's pussy slit through my panties? Seeing me like this makes those beautiful cocks hard, doesn't it?"

"Wiggle your ass, Mom," Randy said, his eyes glowing with pleasure. "Wiggle your tight ass!"

"Shake it, Mom," Gary urged.

Although Joanie had no experience in exotic dancing, she knew how to be erotic. She rolled and writhed her ass, clenching the cheeks, letting them become loose. She slipped a hand between her thighs and rubbed her cunt, making soft, erotic moans for their benefit.

Standing upright, she held her skirt up high, doing a few bumps and grinds for the boys. Then she turned, keeping her skirt about her waist. She spread her legs wide and slipped her hand into her panties and began to finger-fuck her cunt. Stepped toward Gary and pulled the crotch of her panties wide, her hairy cunt revealed. She pulled his face into her pussy.

"Kiss it, Gary," she said, smashing her wet, hairy pussy into his face. She twisted her crotch at his mouth, giving a soft squeal as his tongue slipped up her cunt. Looking at Randy, she said, "You're next, guy."

Letting Gary loose, she held the crotch of her panties wide with a finger and pressed her pussy into her other son's face. Randy licked his tongue up and down his mother's cunt slit, then swirled it about her clitoris before plunging it back into her cunt deeply. Joanie mewled and pressed hard, then pulled away and stepped back a few feet. Her skirt fell to her knees, but she then squatted, knees open. She was grinning lewdly at her son's as they stared between her knees at her pantied crotch. The triangle of dark hair was visible, as was the pooching of her cunt.

Suddenly Joanie pissed.

Randy and Gary gazed at the piss coming through their mother's panties. Joanie giggled childishly, sliding a hand up and down her inner thigh, watching the boys' cocks throbbing so deliciously. The piss kept streaming, coming through her panties and soaking the floor. She moved her hand along her inner thigh to the edge of her panties, then rubbed at her cunt.

"Want to watch me piss better?" she asked huskily.

Both naked boys nodded vigorously.

Joanie hooked a finger into her panties and pulled the crotch aside. The stream came from her cunt powerfully, hissing like steam. Using her forefinger and middle finger, she parted the hairy cunt and her sons gazed eagerly at her pissing pussy. Joanie slipped her other hand down and played in the stream of hot, golden-colored piss, making childish giggles, part out of pleasure, part out of embarrassment.

The piss on her hand was deliciously warm. She cupped her hand and let it fill with piss, the rubbed it along her inner thigh. Again she shoved her hand into the stream and this time she moved her hand back to her ass, washing the spreading cheeks in piss.

She pulled her sweater to her neck, her shapely, tight tits revealed, and brought a handful of warm piss up to them. She began to mew softly, licking her lips as heat grew hotter and hotter within her lovely body.

As her piss began to slow, she made a disappointed moan, and tried to keep pissing. She managed a final spurt and then it was over. She continued squatting, grinning at the boys, her eyes sparkling with lewd pleasure. Her panties were soaked and her inner thighs glistened with her piss, as did her tits. Gary's and Randy's cocks were harder than ever, the heads swollen and smooth, piss holes open and dripping a sweet, clear liquid.

Getting her feet, Joanie smoothed her skirt down. "I think I'll just keep my pissy panties on," she said throatily. "It feels nice. You know, on my cunt."

Gary and Randy laughed, a bit embarrassed themselves. Joanie had often wondered what pissing would be like with someone else watching. It was not the first time she had put her hand under the golden stream, but was it the first time someone had watched. There was something very erotic about pissing. She didn't know why, but it excited her. It was something new and different, something to add to fucking and sucking with her sons -- if they would accept it and go along with it.

The soaked floor didn't matter, she enjoyed the scent of warm piss.

For about an hour, Joanie kept her piss-wet panties on, touching herself now and then. Her sweater remained bunched at her chin, tits naked. It didn't take her long to get her sons to touch her wet panties. When Randy was feeling of her cunt through the pissed-in panties, she pulled his mouth to her nipple. To her delight he sucked it, even though it was still wet with her piss.

She wanted them to piss too, to piss so she could watch. She didn't ask them, but watched them closely, waiting for them to go to the bathroom. She finally removed her wet panties and, giggling playfully, shoved the wet crotch first in Gary's face, then into Randy's. The boys laughed with the game and she then rubbed the wet panties about their cocks and balls, giggling like a naughty little girl.

But her sons never went to the bathroom.

When it was dark, they all decided to swim. There were no lights at the pool -- the one in the water had burned out and not been replaced -- but the moon was full... When the apartment complex was dark, they slipped from their apartment, all three naked, feeling deliciously wicked. The thought that someone could be up and watching them only increased their excitement.

They slipped into the pool quietly and swam for a while. The boys soon got out and Joanie clung to the edge looking up at them.

Suddenly her youngest held his cock and began to piss into the pool. Joanie could see the stream clearly in the moonlight and her eyes began to smolder. She slipped along the edge of the pool, holding her hand up into the stream of Gary's piss.

"Ooooo, baby," she murmured. "It's so warm. Your piss is so warm in my hand."

She moved her body until Gary was pissing onto her upstanding tits. She mewled in pleasure, excited to feel his piss stinging her nipples.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Piss on Mother's tits! I love the feel of that, Gary! Your hot piss on my tits... stinging my nipples! Ooooo, you just keep on pissing, baby, and Mother is going to come!"

She held her tits up higher, looking down now as his piss splashed about her nipples. Her cunt, under the surface of the water, was boiling, and suddenly she convulsed into orgasms, her clitoris throbbing and her cunt lips tightening. She screamed very softly.

After the spasm was over and Gary was no longer pissing, she turned to Randy, who stood watching all the time. "Don't you have to piss, too, baby?"

His reply was to send a steaming squirt of piss onto her shoulder. Joanie gave a squeal and turned to the stream, wanting to feel it on her tits. But she slipped and was suddenly clutched by another orgasm as she felt the sweetness of her oldest son's piss spraying her face. This was unbelievable to Joanie. She had not meant to let him piss in her face yet here she was, the hot piss splashing about her face and her cunt going off crazily.

She loved the hot feel of his piss on her lips. She opened them very slightly and tasted the piss. It was salty, but wonderful. She pushed the tip of her tongue between her lips and tasted it even better. For a moment she almost opened her mouth wide for his piss, but Randy finished before she could do that.

She giggled, her face soaked in piss. "I don't know about you two guys, but your mother came like crazy. Now, if we can get those cocks hard, I sure would like to get fucked."

She climbed out of the pool, first going under to clean her hair and face of piss. Dripping water, she led them to the area of the pool where the barbecue pit was. A lounge chair was there and she pressed Randy onto it. She sat at his feet and stroked his cock, reaching for Gary's with the other hand. It didn't take her long to get their pricks hard.

"You two get so big," she whispered. "I've never seen two cocks that got so hard so fucking fast in my life!"

"Maybe it's because we have such a hot piece of ass to fuck, Mom," Randy said.

"I'm the best fuck either of you will ever have," she bragged.

"And cock-sucker," Gary said. "Don't forget the best cock-sucker, too, Mom."

"Mmmmmm, never forget that!" she mewled, sliding up Randy's legs, her own outside of his.

She held her cunt above his cock, rubbing the swollen prick head along the steaming slit of her puffy cunt. Then she lowered her cunt onto his cock, sitting there and squirming back and forth, still clutching Gary's prick tightly, pumping her fist back and forth. She licked at Gary's cock, running her tongue from the base to the dripping head. She swirled her tongue around the smooth head, licking up the dripping juices.

"Oh, I'm gonna fuck and suck!" she whimpered, bouncing her ass up and down slowly on Randy's throbbing cock. "I'm going to fuck cock and suck cock... at the same time!"

Gary moved closer and Joanie bounced her crotch up and down on Randy's cock, squatting and standing, squatting and standing. At the same she opened her lips to let Gary press his sweet cock between them. She was pleased that Gary fucked her mouth while she fucked Randy. She wasn't sure she could coordinate her hip and head movements for their enjoyment. Randy was playing with one of her tits as she fucked him, and Gary, holding the back of her head, squeezed and twisted the other. Feeling a hard cock stretching her sensitive cunt and another prick inside her mouth at the same time sent shivers of erotic thrills about her smooth, creamy flesh.

Being where they were added to the sensations of erotic delights. They could be seen, caught, at anytime if some apartment tenant came home late. The sounds they made could have been heard -- and Joanie loved it. She wouldn't mind in the least if someone saw her fucking and sucking with her sons. She felt it might even increase the strength and power of her orgasms. Just thinking about it made her orgasms tighter and hotter.

Her ass moved up and down, tightening with bunching muscles, her cunt riding Randy's cock, her clitoris scraping at the throbbing cock shaft and her lips sucking on Gary's cock as he moved it in and out between her hot, wet lips. Her tongue licked and swirled and she moaned softly, mixing the sound with stifled squeals.

"You're so fucking hot, Mom," Randy gurgled, watching as his brother fucked into her mouth. "Your cunt is like fire on my cock. Squeeze my cock with your hairy cunt, Mom! Yeah, like that! Oh, that's great, Mom! It feels like your cunt is giving me a blow-job!"

Joanie slipped her mouth from Gary's cock long enough to giggle. "It is, Randy. My cunt can suck a cock as good as my fucking mouth can!"

"It sure can!" Randy agreed.

"Come on, Mom, suck me!" Gary whined. "You're about to make me come and I don't wanna come on the ground. I wanna came in your mouth!"

"You better," she giggled, her ass moving faster on Randy's cock, stabbing her cunt rapidly now on his cock. "Gary, fuck my hot mouth fast, baby!"

And she plunged her face to him, his cock slid deep into her mouth. Joanie twisted and bounced her ass hard, smacking onto Randy's cock. Her cunt was so wet her juices coated his balls.

Gary, holding the back of her head and a tit in his other hand, fucked into her mouth swiftly, his hairless balls beating at her chin, the base smashing her lips when he went in deep.

She was holding Gary's humping ass, her fingers in the crack, squeezing the small cheek, urging him to fuck her mouth as hard and fast as he wanted. Her cunt felt even more fiery than usual. She swung her naked ass in tight circles, constantly plunging it up and down. Her clitoris was extremely sensitive as it slid up and down fast on Randy's throbbing cock. She closed her lips as tightly as she could about. Gary's cock, his prick sliding across her tongue and into her throat. She was already anticipating the squirt of his hot come striking her throat. Her cunt was already convulsing, eager to take Randy's come far into her greedy cunt.

"Faster, Mom!" Randy groaned, arching his hips up as she came down with her burning cunt. "Fuck me faster! Ohhhh, shit, Mom! You're gonna get a cunt full of come! I'm gonna come so much in your fucking hot cunt, Mom!"

"Me, too!" Gary grunted. "I'm gonna fill your cock-sucking mouth, Mom! I'm gonna come in your hot, wet cock-sucking mouth!"

Joanie's mind screamed at them to do it. Her cunt turned as her orgasm started, milking and sucking at Randy's cock with greedy, rippling waves. Her tongue pressed hard at Gary's thrusting cock as she came, making her lips and mouth as tight as she could for him. Her body shook violently with orgasm.

Joanie was groaning with the intensity of her orgasm and when she felt Gary's come juice squirting into her mouth, she was unable to swallow. She let her mouth fill with his hot, creamy come, feeling Randy's cock flooding her hungry cunt with its thick sweetness at the same time. Her body shook again, as if she were cold. But, in fact she was burning up with an erotic fever.

Even after Randy's cock finished spewing his come into her cunt and Gary's cock went soft between her lips, Joanie continued to dome. Then, finally releasing Gary's cock from her mouth, she held it up and ran her tongue about the head. She crawled off Randy's cock weakly, her knees trembling, come juice seeping out of her cunt and running down the insides of her thighs.

"Oh, God, you two filled me!" she mewled. "I'm so full of your come! So full... and it's fantastic!" She saw Randy start to sit up. "Wait!"

She leaned over and pulled his cunt-wet cock into her mouth, using her tongue. She licked at his cock, then lapped about his precious balls, taking away all the cunt juices that mingled with his come juice.

They sat near the barbecue a while longer, talking in soft whispers, Joanie between the boys, holding their hands. They talked about fucking and the things she wanted to have done to her and what Gary and Randy enjoyed having done to them. They spoke of impossible positions and of putting on erotic shows for others. It would never happen and they knew it, yet it was fun to talk about it, imagining and fantasizing.

Sometime after midnight, they went back to the apartment, strolling slowly, arms about each other, no longer caring if someone was watching from a window. Joanie waggled her creamy, naked ass playfully just before she entered her apartment.

"We could take a bath now, I guess," she said after closing the door. "But I like the way I feel right now. Look!"

She opened her legs so they could see the glistening come there. She ran her finger through it, then licked it off. Giggling, she next ran her finger into her cunt and brought it to her mouth, moving it in and out between her lips.

"That tastes so damned good, my cunt and your come juice together."

"You'd eat a cunt, wouldn't you, Mom?" Randy asked, grinning.

"I'd eat anything, you know that, darling," she replied. "Cunt, cock, assholes... ohhhh, you better fucking believe I would!"

"Well," Gary grinned wickedly, "I've got an asshole you can eat."

"Don't tell me about it, young man," she said, "just bend over and show it to me. You'll see how quick I'll suck that tight asshole!"

She started skipping to her bedroom. "Last one to get a cock in me is a rotten egg!" she called over her shoulder.

Laughing happily, Gary and Randy chased after their mother's flashing ass.

Chapter SEVEN

Gary was on his hands and knees, leaning far over, one hand shoved beneath the couch, trying to retrieve a coin. His small ass, encased in white jockey shorts, jutted up into the air. Joanie came into the room, saw him, and stopped. The pulse in her neck throbbed and her cunt twitched.

Going to her knees behind him, she stroked his thighs, whispering, "Don't move, baby. God, you look so good with your ass in the air! Don't move, please."

She leaned down and kissed the back of his shorts, her hands moving up and down his thighs and then between them to cup the bulge of his cock and balls. He felt so good to her! Snaking her tongue out, she licked at the flesh just along the edge of his shorts. With a soft whimper, she pressed her, mouth and nose into the stretching material, trying to lick at his ass through the cloth. Gary giggled and shoved his ass into his mother's face.

"God, do you taste good, Gary," Joanie mewled softly, pressing her face hard into his ass. The heat coming through his shorts seemed to burn at her lips. "You taste so damned good, even through these fucking shorts. Mmmmm." Her tongue pressed his shorts inward against his small asshole. Gary groaned with pleasure as his mother sucked at the seat of his shorts. "I'm going to eat your fucking ass out!"

With one finger, Joanie jerked his shorts to one side. She gazed hotly at her son's asshole a moment, then shoved her mouth into it, her tongue licking. The taste of his young asshole sent her cunt to pulsating wetly and she shoved a hand between her thighs and rubbed at her hairy cunt vigorously, clawing at his swelling cock with her other hand. She shoved her tongue up and down the hat crack of his ass, twirling the tip about his asshole.

She squeezed his balls as she slipped an inch of her tongue up his tight asshole. Gary moaned and pressed his uplifted ass tighter at his mother's mouth. Now working two of her fingers into her cunt, Joanie closed her fist about his cock and jerked him, her tongue running in and out of her son's gripping asshole. She whimpered with erotic pleasure, her fist pumping at his hard cock. She closed her lips around his asshole and sucked, as if wanting to suck out his shit. Her tongue kept up a wild, fiery licking and thrusting motion.

"Suck it, Mom!" Gary moaned, his head on the floor now. "Suck my asshole! Oh, yes, shove your tongue deep in my fucking asshole, Mom! Jack my cock... suck my asshole!"

"Mmmmm, I'll suck your asshole," Joanie cooed, lapping up and down the hot crack. "Mother will suck your fucking asshole good! I'll tongue-fuck your asshole and jack your sweet cock and make you come all over the fucking floor and then I'll suck your cock and... ohhhh, you're so fucking sweet!"

Joanie plunged her tongue into her son's asshole as deep as possible, wiggling it about, her fist jerking swiftly at his very hard cock, sometimes squeezing his balls. Two fingers thrust in and out of her wet cunt, the heel of her hand smashing at her sensitive, painfully swollen clitoris.

Her orgasms were mild, but growing with intensity. Her hairy cunt seemed to hold her fingers when she tried to pull them out, ready to plunge them back in again. Her naked ass shook as she leaned her face into her son's asshole.

Gary now had a hand behind his raised ass, holding his shorts to one side for his mother. She moved her tongue up his ass, imagining it going in four or five inches. The way his asshole pulled at her tongue made her shiver. Still jacking on his cock, she slipped her tongue down and licked furiously at his balls, pressing her nose against his hot asshole. The sounds her son made increased her erotic, perverse hunger.

"Mom, lick my asshole!" Gary yelped. "Lick my asshole with your hot, cock-sucking tongue! Oh, jack my hard cock! You're gonna make me come, Mom! Ohhh, shit! Make me come!"

"God, yes!" Joanie groaned into his ass, her tongue once more fucking into him, her fists flying back and forth on his cock.

His prick became harder and his asshole was clutching at her tongue. He began to snort and make erotic sounds and Joanie felt his cock about to burst. She cupped, the swollen, smooth head just as he came, the boiling come juice spewing into her palm and running over the sides. She tongue-fucked his asshole frantically as he came, thrilled to feel the way his asshole clenched and relaxed about her tongue. Her cunt exploded about her fingers, making her whine with ecstasy. She pulled her tongue out of Gary's ass and sat back a few inches, watching his asshole tighten as his cock spurted the last of his come juice into her already over-filled hand.

As Gary weakly lifted himself onto the couch, sitting there with his legs sprawled, Joanie brought her come-filled hand to her face and began licking. She swirled her tongue into the come juice, lapping it up, her eyes gleaming at her son. She licked all the come juice from her hand and then sucked at her fingers. When she was finished, she pulled her two fingers out of her wet cunt and licked them clean, too.

Gary giggled as he watched his mother. Both he and his brother loved to watch her doing sexy things like that. Sometimes Joanie felt it was humiliating, yet she couldn't resist. She sensed it was her way of letting them know she would do anything -- no matter how perverse -- for them. His cock glistened with come juice and she shoved her face between his legs, licking along his inner thigh. Reaching his crotch, she lapped from his balls up to his cock. She held his cock up and licked away the juices, sucking it gently and making a purring sound deep in her chest.

Letting his cock go, she shoved her face into his crotch and twisted, mewling softly. The heat of his cock and balls excited her tremendously.

"I think I could kiss and suck and lick you and Randy all fucking day," she whispered to Gary. "All day and all night." She looked around. "Where is Randy anyway?"

"I don't know, Mom," Gary said. "But he won't be gone long, you know that."

Joanie stood before Gary, enjoying feeling his young eyes on her naked body. She lifted her tits, the nipples still hard and jutting upward. She slowly rolled her hips as her son stared at the triangular bush of her cunt. The puffy pinkness of her cunt lips looked sexy and her inner thighs were moist from her seeping cunt juices. She had been hot before, but since she had started fucking her two sons, her pussy seemed to be seeping hot juices all the time.

Gary's cock was stirring again as he looked at her. Joanie grinned lewdly, leaning down to give his young cock a few extra pumps. She straddled his thighs, placed her hips on the couch, then fit his cock into her cunt. With her hands on his shoulders, she gazed into his face as he watched her cunt take in his cock.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet cock, Gary," she whispered. "Mother is going to fuck you and make you come again -- this time in my hot, wet cunt."

She moved, grinding her crotch down on him. One hand moved behind her body and pressed his balls at her ass. Gary cupped his mother's swollen tits, twisting and pulling on her nipples. Joanie mewled happily.

"Ooooo, you feel so good in my pussy, darling! I love a hard cock in my cunt! A sweet, hard, young cock! Your cock!"

Gary leaned his head back on the couch, watching with bright eyes as his mother began fucking up and down on his cock. He could see the shaft of his prick glistening with the wetness her cunt made on it and feel the tight heat of her cunt as she twisted and plunged. He held her hips now, watching her tits jiggle. Joanie sat up straight, arching her tits out and pressing his lovely balls into the hot crack of her ass, feeling them rub her fiery asshole. She breathed swiftly, her eyes shining with erotic delight.

"Cock," she murmured hotly. "Hard, sweet cock! So young, and so fucking hard! Ohhh, Gary, I love it! I can't get enough of it! Ohh, baby, baby! Anything... anything you and Randy want... I'll do it! As long as I can have your sweet cocks!"

Her naked ass bounced and twisted, driving her cunt onto her son's cock, impaling herself with almost mindless pleasure. She pulled at the thick hair of her pussy, exposing her swollen and pulsating clitoris, excited to have her son's eyes watching everything she did.

"Fuck me, Mom!" he urged in a squeaky voice. "Fuck me hard and fast!"

"I am!" she squealed. "Oh, baby, Mother's cunt is going to eat your cock! Mother's cunt is going to suck your cock and fuck your cock and make you come in her cunt and... ohhhhh! Ooooo, there! I'm coming! Ohhh, shit, fuck, piss... I'm coming so fucking hard!"

Joanie's cunt gripped her son's cock with flexing waves of steaming orgasm, sucking at the base and all the way up as she lifted on him, only to plunge back down and come up again. Her head was thrown back, her face contorted in a grimace of agonized ecstasy.

Gary dug his fingers into her hips, arching his cock up into his mother's cunt and sending spurt after spurt of thick, creamy come juice into her greedy pussy.

"So this is what goes on when I'm not here," Randy said as he came into the door. "Always fucking."

Joanie turned her head and looked at her oldest son, smiling happily. She gave a few last twists of her naked ass, then lifted off of Gary's cock. She cupped her hand between her thighs, feeling the come juice seeping out of her cunt. She twisted her hips lewdly.

"What's a mother supposed to do when she needs a fuck?" she giggled. "When my cunt wants cock, that's all there is to it -- it has to have cock right then."

"Yeah, so we're finding out," Randy laughed. "But we're not complaining, Mom. Oh, no!"

"I didn't think so," she laughed. "Where were you? Out feeling up some little girl?"

"Who needs a little girl?" Randy replied. "We've got the hottest cunt around right here."

"You're so right, darling," Joanie agreed with a soft giggle. "You'll never find a hotter piece of ass than your own mother. Never."

"We believe it, too," Gary said, still on the couch.

Joanie watched Randy take his clothes off, her eyes fixed on his cock. "What are you going to do with that thing, darling?"

"Shove it up your ass," Randy said quietly.

His cock stood straight up, the smooth head almost touching his stomach. Joanie licked her lips with anticipation. "You wouldn't like for me to suck it just for a little while?"

"Well, maybe for a minute," Randy said. "But I want it up your tight asshole, Mom."

"Oooo, by all means," she gurgled. "I just want to have it in my mouth for a while. Then you can fuck me up the ass."

She went to her knees and held his hips. She wrapped her arms about his hips, clutching the cheeks of his ass tightly, and pulled his cock into her mouth. She held her son's cock deep inside her wet, hot mouth, her throat and tongue working around it. From the corner of her eye she could see Gary watching them with interest.

Randy's cock felt very good between her lips, making them tingle. The heated hardness on her tongue sent a burning fire of desire down her body to sear her already steaming cunt. She mouthed her son's cock, moaning with delight. Then she pulled her lips back, holding just the smooth cock head between them, her tongue rolling and twisting about his piss hole. She loved the taste of his seeping juices, the slippery liquid a promise of what was to come. But Randy wanted his lovely hard-on up her asshole and that was where she would take it.

Gripping the cheeks of his ass with tight hands, Joanie could not resist sucking his cock vigorously for a few more moments. She gulped and jerked her lips back and forth on the shaft a few times, making wet sounds.

"I wanna come in your fucking asshole, Mom!" Randy warned. "You suck me that way and I'll come in your mouth."

Joanie pulled her lips from his prick but ran her tongue from his balls up the shaft and around the head. Then she looked up at him. "Ready to fuck my ass now?"

He nodded.

Joanie turned and dropped to her hands and knees, arching her rounded, naked ass in the air. She wiggled it lewdly.

"Do it!" she hissed. "Ram your cock up Mother's ass! Don't go slow... ram it in my ass hard and fast!"

Dropping to his knees, Randy ran a hand over his mother's spreading ass cheeks, feeling the satiny flesh. He dragged a finger between her ass cheeks, touching her fiery asshole lightly. Joanie moaned in pleasure as his finger brushed over her sensitive asshole.

"Now, Randy!" she begged. "Now, please! Oh, darling, ram your cock up Mother's tight asshole! Ram it in hard and fast! Hurt me... hurt me with your sweet, hard cock!"

Randy placed the smooth head of his cock against the burning tightness of his mother's asshole, his hands gripping her hips. He paused a moment, looking between the satiny cheeks of her ass. Joanie's naked body shivered, eager to have his cock deep inside her ass.

Randy plunged and Joanie screamed.

Her son's cock went into her asshole fast and hard, his balls slamming upon the puffy lips of her wet cunt. Joanie thought his cock had ripped her asshole apart! But the pain was ecstasy to her. Immediately her asshole clawed at his cock, gripping it very tightly. Holding her hips, Randy began jerking his mother's asshole back and forth on his cock making her fuck him.

Understanding what her son wanted, Joanie began slamming her uplifted ass back and forth, fucking his hard cock with her asshole, and squealing and whimpering as the fiery heat of his hard cock stretched and filled her ass. She felt the urge to piss while he fucked her in the ass. Then she had the urge to shit. But that would be going a bit far, she felt. Pissing they seemed to enjoy, but she wasn't so sure about doing anything else just yet.

Randy looked down at his mother's ass pounding back and forth, watching her tight asshole fucking his cock. The ring of flesh sank inward as she flung her ass onto his cock, then seemed to pull out. His balls banged against the wet heat of her puffy cunt and Joanie now had one hand between her thighs, rubbing at his balls while her asshole devoured his throbbing cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Joanie wailed.

"Ooooo, fuck Mother in the hot asshole! Ram my ass, baby! Ooohhh, what a beautiful hard cock! Mother's asshole loves that hard cock, Randy! Fuck my ass... fuck my hot fucking ass raw!"

Gary, still on the couch, watched his naked mother's ass banging back and forth on his brother's cock. He fondled his prick and balls, his eyes gleaming with erotic, voyeuristic pleasure. Joanie knew Gary was watching, and having her youngest son see her taking her other son's cock up her tight asshole sent waves of excitement through her. She loved to be seen as she fucked and sucked them. It made her feel deliciously wicked.

She rammed her ass back hard on Randy's cock, holding there and trying to shove his balls into her cunt. She stuffed his balls into her pussy and held them there with her hand, her asshole flexing about his cock. With his balls stuffed into her wet cunt and his cock throbbing deep in her asshole, Joanie began to come. She squealed hotly as the orgasms rippled up and down her body, making her cunt and asshole squeeze at Randy's cock and balls.

It was too much for Randy.

"You're gonna make me come, Mom!" he grunted loudly, pressing into her ass hard. "Ohhhh, shit! There! Feel it, Mom! Feel me coming! My cock is squirting right up your hot asshole!"

"I feel it!" she yelled. "Oh, God, do I ever feel it! Come a lot! Fill Mother's hot, hot asshole with sweet, sweet come juice! Oooo, I wish your balls could come, too!"

Joanie, her cunt closing in orgasm about his balls, felt each spurt of his creamy come gushing along the soft, velvety walls of her asshole. She was reminded of an enema again, of a squirting come juice enema. She loved it and she knew that when Randy was finished she was going to have to rush to the bathroom and shit -- and piss.

Her asshole closed tightly around Randy's cock as he started pulling it free. There was a soft, sucking sound as the prick head left her asshole and Joanie lifted to her knees, then stood up on shaking legs. She giggled, cupping her ass with one hand and her cunt with the other.

"Now I have to go to the bathroom," she said. "That come enema is about the make me shit!"

In the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, golden piss streaming from her cunt, Joanie spread her legs and moved her hands about her cunt, feeling her hot piss on them. She washed her inner thighs in piss, then the long, thick hair of her cunt.

And felt herself coming again.

Chapter EIGHT

Joanie stood at the window, looking out at her sons at the pool.

She frowned, watching the woman they were talking to. The woman was a new tenant. Joanie had seen the woman moving in about a month earlier. She was a lovely woman, tall and slim with lovely tits and a very nice ass. She seemed friendly and Joanie had talked to her a few times. Her name was Sonja and that was just about all Joanie knew of her. She lived quietly and Joanie had not noticed the woman going out or men visiting her.

Sonja wore a very brief bikini, Joanie noticed, and her tits seemed to almost spill from the halter. Most of her rounded ass was exposed by the tiny bottoms and the front barely cupped the woman's cunt. There was something about the woman that attracted Joanie. She felt she wanted to know the woman better, and watching her sons talking so friendly with Sonja, Joanie began to have some erotic ideas.

She looked the woman over closely from her window. Sonja had a very nice body and her reddish hair was quite attractive. Sonja had pouting, full lips and green eyes that held the secrets of erotic promise. She was a few years younger than Joanie.

Joanie watched the woman lean back on a lounge chair near the pool. Randy and Gary were hanging onto the pool's edge, looking at the woman from the water. They were talking, but Joanie couldn't hear the words. She noticed, however, that Randy and Gary were looking at that puffy way her cunt seemed to pooch up in the tiny bikini bottom between her legs. Joanie also noticed that Sonja either didn't care that the boys were looking between her thighs -- or perhaps she wanted them to look.

It was interesting, Joanie thought, very interesting.

Joanie was wearing panties, her tits naked. The boys liked her to go about the house this way and she always wanted to please her sons as best she could.

She was surprised that she felt no jealousy as she watched them being so friendly with the attractive woman. She felt good in fact. Going to her bedroom, she selected her skimpiest bikini, tying it at her hips. Curls of cunt hair stuck from the crotch but that was the way she wanted it, and so did Randy and Gary.

In her skimpy bikini, Joanie went to the pool, taking a lounge chair and placing it next to the woman's.

"How are you, Sonja?" she said. "I hope these two boys of mine aren't bothering you."

"They're very nice, Joanie," Sonja said. "I'd love to have sons just like them."

Joanie noticed Sonja's eyes move over her body and pause when she saw the cunt hair sticking out from the tight crotch. Joanie was sure there was a sudden gleam of interest in Sonja's eyes. She dropped her head over the edge of her chair, letting the back of it brush against Sonja's warm thighs. Their eyes met for a brief moment.

Randy and Gary were playing in the pool like the young boys they were. Joanie and Sonja talked, getting to know each other. Joanie found out Sonja had never been married and had no desire to ever marry. Sonja wasn't turned off on men, she told Joanie she loved them.

"It's just they're all so possessive," Sonja said. "I like my freedom."

Joanie felt no surprise when Sonja's hand began to stroke along her thigh near her hips. Joanie looked at the hand, watching Sonja move it up and down on her flesh lightly. She got the message quickly and again they looked at each other.

"Let's have a beer," Joanie said. Then she called out to her sons. "Hey, guys. Sonja and I are going in for a beer. We'll be back in a little while."

Again her eyes met Sonja's and both women rose. As they walked toward Joanie's apartment, the backs of their hands touched, and by the time they arrived at the apartment door, they were holding hands.

"I don't want a beer," Sonja said, her voice husky as Joanie closed the door.

"Neither do I," Joanie replied.

They wrapped their arms about each other and Joanie felt Sonja's tits smash into hers as their lips met in a hot, searing kiss. When Sonja's tongue slipped past Joanie's lips and teeth, Joanie began to suck on it hungrily. Sonja's hand moved down to cup the tight curves of Joanie's ass, pulling Joanie's cunt against hers. They rubbed together, panting more heavily. Joanie grabbed Sonja's half exposed ass, digging her fingers into the creamy flesh. They pressed hard into each other, grinding and mewling into each other's mouth.

"Oh, God!" Joanie moaned when they stopped kissing. They gazed hotly into each other's eyes, holding each other by the ass, their cunts still grinding. "I've never done this before."

"Then you're going to love it, Joanie," Sonja whispered.

She lifted Joanie's halter, revealing her creamy tits. Sonja then undid her own top and their nipples smashed together. Sonja untied the strings at Joanie's hips and the cloth drifted to the floor. Sonja stepped back, her eyes going up and down Joanie's naked body.

"You're so beautiful, Joanie," Sonja whispered, running her fingers through Joanie's thick cunt hair. "I bet your pussy tastes like sugar."

"Take your bottoms off," Joanie hissed. "Hurry and take them off!"

"Will your boys come in?"

"I don't care," Joanie urged. "Let them come in! I'm so hot, and I want to do this with you, Sonja."

"You're fucking your sons, aren't you?" Sonja asked.

Joanie bit her bottom lip and nodded her head, a faint flush on her face.

"Wonderful!" Sonja gurgled, running a finger about Joanie's swollen clitoris. "That's wonderful!"

Sonja went to her knees in front of Joanie, burying her pretty face into the woman's steaming cunt. Joanie felt Sonja's tongue fuck about her clitoris and she spread her legs wide and climbed onto Sonja's face. She held the back of Sonja's head, staring down as the woman began to lick at her cunt, sucking on her clitoris with wet, hot lips.

As Sonja's tongue slithered in and out of her cunt, Joanie moved farther up into her face until Sonja was almost on her back. Joanie began to grind her cunt into Sonja's sucking mouth, moaning as the heat grew into roaring fire between her legs. Sonja's tongue seemed to penetrate her cunt deeper than either of her sons' ever had and she rubbed her wet, hairy cunt about Sonja's face.

"Ohhhhh, suck me!" Joanie whimpered, holing Sonja's face hard into her crotch. "Suck me! Suck my cunt, Sonja! Ohhh, shit! You've got me coming already!"

Sonja slurped hungrily into Joanie's spasming cunt, her hands gripping the rounded cheeks of Joanie's ass. Joanie screamed softly as the convulsions burned through her. Her knees were bent and she was almost squatting on Sonja's face. She wiggled her ass and banged her cunt brutally onto Sonja's mouth, coming and coming.

"Oooo, enough!" Joanie finally wailed, pulling her cunt away. "You're making me come so much!"

"You like it?" Sonja laughed huskily.

"God, yes!"

Sonja pulled her bikini bottom off and spread her legs wide as she sprawled on the floor. She ran her hand through the red curls of her cunt and then began to finger-fuck herself vigorously. Her ass twisted on the floor, her eyes burning up between Joanie's standing thighs.

"Lick me, Joanie," Sonja whispered hotly. "Lick my cunt for me. I come easy and fast and I want your tongue up my hot cunt!"

"I will!" Joanie yelped, dropping down between Sonja's open legs. "I'll suck your hot cunt!"

Sonja pulled her finger out of her cunt, but before she could move it away, Joanie had grabbed her wrist and plunged Sonja's cunt wet finger into her mouth, sucking at it greedily, her eyes rolling with ecstasy.

"I always finger-fuck myself and lick my fingers," Joanie said throatily. "I've wanted to know what a cunt other than mine tasted like for months. Mmmm, you taste sweet as candy, Sonja."

"My cunt is sweeter," Sonja replied, arching her hips up and holding her ass in the air with both hands.

Joanie pressed her open mouth hard into Sonja's wet, boiling cunt. The wet heat sent waves of hungry desire through her as she sucked at the hairy lips of Sonja's cunt, then thrust her tongue in deep, plunging it in and out a few times. Then, closing her lips about the woman's unusually long clitoris, she sucked powerfully at it.

Joanie closed her fingers into Sonja's squirming ass, holding her cunt up and tight into her mouth. The feel of that red hair tickling her nose and lips thrilled her, as did the smooth hotness of Sonja's thighs as she wrapped them about Joanie's head, her heels on Joanie's back.

Sonja bucked and churned her crotch into Joanie's face wantonly. "Eat me, eat me!" Sonja wailed. "Oooooo, Joanie, eat my cunt! God, I love having a woman suck my pussy like this! Are you sure you've never licked a cunt before?"

Joanie shook her head between Sonja's thighs, her tongue diving into the wet heat, then swirling back up over the rigid, long clitoris, sucking hard. She dug her fingers into the woman's ass cheeks, one seeking the tight heat of her asshole.

"Ooooo, do that to me, too!" Sonja squealed as she felt Joanie's finger against her asshole. "Joanie, rub my asshole and suck my hot cunt! I love ass-fucking and cunt-licking and cock-sucking and fucking young cock and ohhh, shove your tongue in deep. Ohhh, you're going to make me come!"

Joanie rammed her finger deep up Sonja's asshole. She felt Sonja's asshole grip her finger tightly, then the convulsions started. Her tongue licked furiously at the throbbing clitoris, her finger plunging in and out of the flexing asshole. Sonja whipped her cunt up and down, banging into Joanie's mouth frantically, making a lot of noise as she came.

They rested on the floor, side-by-side, clinging to each other, caressing each other's naked flesh tenderly, kissing occasionally.

"You're really fucking those two handsome guys?" Sonja asked. "Really? You're not just saying that to turn me on, are you?"

"I really fuck them," Joanie admitted again. "Do you think I'm horrible, Sonja?"

"Horrible? You're precious!"

They giggled and kissed, sucking their tongues as their hands grabbed asses and cunt and tits, both women rolling on the floor with erotic happiness. They soon found themselves with their legs curled about each other. Joanie's thighs were spread into Sonja's like two pairs of scissors, their feet in each other's face.

"Let's fuck," Sonja said, pressing her cunt against Joanie's. "We can rub our cunts together. I love to feel a hot, wet cunt against mine, don't you?"

"This is the first time I've ever felt one," Joanie laughed lewdly. "But I love it."

They squirmed their cunts together and Sonja began to lick at Joanie's toes. Joanie held Sonja's foot against her tits, her nipple between the toes. They rubbed against each other's cunt, listening to the hot, wet squishy sounds. They held each other by the ass, grinding slowly and then speeding up.

"God, your cunt feds so good against mine," Joanie mewled softly. "You're so wet and hot and hairy, like me."

"What if your boys saw us doing this?" Sonja said in a low voice.

"They'd just have to wait their turn," Joanie laughed seductively. "They'd stand and watch us. But then they'd want their turn, you know? We couldn't let them stand there with those hard cocks and in misery."

"You're right," Sonja said, rubbing her cunt harder against Joanie's. "We'd have to fuck the piss out of them, wouldn't we?"

"Would you fuck them?" Joanie asked.

"Would I!" Sonja gurgled. "I'd fuck those two cocks so much they'd think they'd been through a wringer!"

"Suck them?"

"All the way."

"Lick their balls?"

"Suck those balls to my throat!"

"Kiss them on the ass?"

"Suck those tight young assholes!" Sonja was gurgling hotly as she rubbed her steaming cunt into Joanie's boiling pussy.

"Take them in your asshole?"

"Deep as they can go!"

"Tongue-fuck them up the ass?"

"To their little throats!"

"I'm going to come!" Joanie yelled, pulling at Sonja's ass and pressing hard into her scalding cunt.

"Me, too!"

Even though she was coming in powerful, convulsive, waves, Joanie felt Sonja's cunt throbbing, along with her own. The women squirmed their cunts together, both of them clawing at their tight ass cheeks and squealing with boiling ecstasy. Again they lay sprawled on the floor next to each other, panting.

After a while, when their breathing returned to normal, they faced each other on the floor.

"Would you do all those things with my sons?" Joanie asked. "You didn't say that just because you were hot, did you?"

"I meant every word of it, Joanie," Sonja replied, twisting one of Joanie's nipples teasingly. "Just because I love to suck a wet cunt doesn't mean I won't fuck or suck a cock. I've been told I'm a pretty good cock-sucker."

"I'm very good," Joanie giggled. "That's what Randy and Gary say, anyway. But they don't have any other girls to compare me with."

"You were the first, huh?"

"First and last," Joanie replied. "They've never fucked another girl that I know of."

"Let's get them in here!" Sonja laughed. "Not right now," Joanie whispered. "I want to kiss your pussy a while longer. Once they come in, I won't get the chance."

Sonja spread her legs mid Joanie shoved her face down into the hair-lined cunt again. Sonja pulled Joanie's thighs over her own face and Sonja buried her mouth into Joanie's succulent cunt. In her hands she held the smooth roundness of Joanie's satiny ass.

Joanie felt Sonja's nose against her asshole as Sonja's tongue pentrated her oozing cunt again. Joanie pressed Sonja's hot, inner thighs against her face and began to lick again at the sugary sweetness of the red-haired cunt.

Chapter NINE

Joanie and Sonja showered together, washing each other with a fragrant soap. They laughed and giggled like two naughty little girls, kissing and licking at each other's lips and tongue, chins and cheeks.

"We're sure getting along well for a couple of girls who don't even know each other," Joanie laughed.

"What better way to become acquainted?" Sonja replied, running her tongue about one of Joanie's nipples. "I've lived in a lot of apartments, but I've never found anyone like you. I think I'll stay here a while."

Joanie leaned against, the shower wall as Sonja began to lick her way down her body, pausing to circle her belly button. The shower streamed down their bodies as Sonja sat on the tile floor, her tongue lapping from near Joanie's asshole up along her fiery cunt slit and twirling about her throbbing clitoris.

"You don't plan on sucking my cunt again, do you?" Joanie whispered. "I thought you were ready to get fucked by my boys."

Sonja pressed her chin into Joanie's cunt and looked up at her with shining eyes. "I do plan on fucking both of them," she said. "But I never get tired of licking pussy either. I could suck cunt and suck cock all day."

"You know, we're a lot alike, aren't we?" Joanie giggled, pressing her cunt into Sonja's face. "Suck me... suck me and tongue fuck me all you want. I love it!" She sighed in pleasure as Sonja's tongue began licking her pussy.

Sonja sucked on one cunt lip a while, then moved to the other occasionally sucking Joanie's rigid clitoris and then plunging her tongue into her pussy only to go back to sucking a cunt lip, making the circle time and time again. While she sucked and licked Joanie's cunt, Sonja's hands were busy stroking and caressing the creamy cheeks of Joanie's ass, now and then working a stiff finger into Joanie's asshole. She spent a long time eating and licking, making Joanie come three times before she stopped.

They toweled each other dry, still touching and feeling. It was all new to Joanie and she found it delightful to have the soft hands of another woman on her flesh.

"Should we put our bikinis back on?" Sonja asked.


"Well, we might shock your sons," Sonja said.

"Them?" Joanie laughed. "Bull shit!"

The women wrapped towels about their naked bodies and went back into the living room. Sonja sat on the couch, her legs crossed. At the door, Joanie looked back at the other woman. Sonja was exquisite, with the tops of her rounded tits showing above the towel and her long legs exposed to her hip. Her awn towel clung to her body, the lower curls of her cunt hair showing, along with an inch or so of her creamy ass cheeks.

Opening the door, Joanie called to her sons.

Gary and Randy saw her standing in the towel and began yelling happily as they scrambled from the pool and came down the walk, dripping water.

Joanie stepped aside as they came in and both boys stopped quickly when they saw Sonja sitting in her towel. They glanced at their mother and then back at Sonja. Sonja rocked her foot to and fro, smiling with shining eyes at the two boys. Her expression was wanton and she fixed her eyes on the fronts of their dripping trunks.

Joanie stood behind her sons, her arms on each of their shoulders. She tweaked their tiny nipples, kissing each on the shoulder, the tip of her tongue licking at their skin. They looked at her again and she smiled, nodding her head. She stepped between them, her arms about their waists, hugging their wet bodies against her.

Randy and Gary looked at Sonja again, seeing her naked thighs and the roundness of her tits beneath the towel. Joanie smoothed her hands down the fronts of her bodies, curling her hands about their cocks and balls through their dripping trunks.

Sonja watched Joanie cupping the boys' cocks and balls and she uncrossed her legs, flashing the red hair of her cunt. She made a soft gurgling sound in her throat when Randy and Gary gasped at her. Joanie fondled their cocks and balls, feeling them becoming hard in her hand. She moved her hand away and the boys' cocks pressed against their trunks, outlined every so sweetly.

"It's been a long time since I've seen two hard cocks together," Sonja murmured, her hot eyes staring at the boys.

She opened her knees, tossing the towel to one side. Scooting her ass to the edge of the couch cushions, she stroked her cunt with no sign of embarrassment.

"You two interested in gang-banging the piss out of this red-haired cunt?"

Randy and Gary, their cocks throbbing, glanced at their mother. Joanie grinned lewdly at them, nodding her head. "Fuck her, you guys," Joanie said. "I won't mind. Just let me watch."

"I guess we'll have to strip them," Sonja said, working a finger into her cunt. "They seem a little shy to me."

Randy and Gary, giggling with some embarrassment, shoved their wet trunks to the floor, their cocks arching toward the ceiling. Joanie picked their trunks up, turned them inside out, and pressed the crotch of one against her mouth.

"Let me have a pair," Sonja said.

Joanie tossed a pair of trunks to her and Sonja made a soft purr as she ran the tip of her tongue along the crotch. Joanie dropped to her knees and, taking Gary's cock in her fist, pulled him toward Sonja's spread legs. She rubbed the head of Gary's cock up and down Sonja's wet cunt and Sonja mewled and wiggled her hips.

"Don't tease a girl," she said. "Stick that young cock in me -- now!"

Joanie placed her hand on her son's ass, still holding his cock in the other, and pushed. She sucked in an excited breath as she saw Gary's cock sliding into Sonja's cunt.

"Ahhh, yes," Sonja moaned. "All the way, Gary! God, do I love a young cock. Fuck that red-haired cunt, Gary!"

"Ooooo, baby, fuck her!" Joanie hissed, her eyes wide as she looked at Sonja's cunt stretching about her son's cock -- the cunt she had so recently sucked and licked to orgasm. "Fuck her hot cunt, Gary! God is that beautiful! Fuck her, fuck the piss out of her red-haired cunt, darling!"

Gary began to thrust his cock back and forth and his mother held his balls, leaning down to kiss at Sonja's rippling stomach. Joanie then darted her tongue out as far as possible and touched Sonja's rigid clitoris with the tip, causing the woman to jerk.

"Randy," Joanie said to her other son, "fuck her in the mouth. Sonja loves to suck cock, don't you, Sonja?"

"Try me, Randy," Sonja said, pumping her hips in time with Gary's cock. "Just shove your cock in my mouth and see."

Randy stepped onto the couch, standing up. Sonja turned her face toward his cock, opening her mouth eagerly. Joanie shoved a hand up and held his balls, watching Sonja gobbling at Randy's cock. She held both her sons' balls, her eyes hot as they dared from Gary fucking Sonja's cunt to Randy fucking Sonja's greedy mouth. Sonja's naked body shivered and shook. She moaned around Randy's cock.

Slumped over the couch, Sonja churned her ass up and down, her hands at her hips, her mouth sucking hard on Randy's cock as her hips met the thrusts of Gary's cock. Very excited to see her two sons fucking this woman in her hairy cunt and mouth together, Joanie ran her own hands about their balls and Sonja's tits. She then reached between her own thighs to fondle her wet cunt, smearing the juices about Sonja's swollen tits. Then she leaned down and sucked the cunt-wet nipples.

Time and again she smeared Sonja's tits with pussy juice, licking it away and watching her two boys fuck the hot woman's cunt and mouth. Sonja gurgled and wiggled, her eyes open, but vacant with the steamy expression of intense ecstasy. The wet sounds of those two cocks running in and out of Sonja's cunt and mouth excited Joanie very much.

Joanie felt Sonja trying to reach her cunt, and shifted her position. Now Sonja was sucking a cock, fucking another, and fingering Joanie's cunt as Joanie sucked at her tits. Joanie's hands were never still. They felt about her sons' ass cheeks, their balls, and even managed to stroke up and down Sonja's stretched pussy lips as Gary fucked deep into her.

Joanie didn't need to hear Sonja's muffled squeals to know the woman was coming in multiple waves of heat. That information was being transmitted through Sonja's body, through her rippling flesh. Janie sucked hard on a tit, her hand sliding up and down the spread lips of Sonja's cunt as Gary's cock began to pump in and out of it faster. With Sonja coming, Joanie pulled her mouth off the woman's sugary tit and watched as Gary began to fuck Sonja fast and hard. Joanie noticed that the harder Gary fucked into Sonja's cunt, the more greedy Sonja sucked at Randy's cock. Then Joanie realized Sonja was trying hard to get both boys to come at the same time. She squeezed at Sonja's convulsing cunt lips, making them tight about Gary's cock, her eyes burning as she watched Gary fucking in short, jerky strokes.

"I'm gonna come!" Gary yelped.

He rammed his cock hard and deep, his body stiff, his cock spurting come juice into Sonja's red-haired cunt. Joanie glanced at Randy's cock, watching him drive his prick in and out of Sonja's mouth. Sonja now had her hand up between Randy's legs, pressing at his ass to get his cock as deep into her mouth as she could.

Sonja's naked body was shuddering with orgasm after orgasm, and as Gary fell away, his cock coming out her clasping cunt, she still jerked her hips up and down. Boiling with need, Joanie shoved her mouth down to Sonja's quickly and began to thrust her tongue into the come-filled cunt, licking her son's come juice into her mouth. Just then her eyes turned up to see Randy's balls draw tight at the base of his cock. Joanie knew he was coming into Sonja's hungry mouth and she felt the woman pressing the back of her head, grinding her hairy cunt into Joanie's mouth. Joanie also saw Sonja's throat working to swallow the heavy, thick load of Randy's come juice.

Joanie reached up and stroked Randy's balls as they emptied into Sonja's sucking mouth, her tongue lapping almost lazily about Sonja's come-flavored clitoris. Then Joanie came herself. She groaned against Sonja's cunt as her pussy tightened, then convulsed. She rested her face against Sonja's hot pussy as she came.

When it was over, Joanie sat back on her heels and smiled up at the other woman. Randy was sitting on the back of the couch, his cock dangling now. Sonja's expression was a mixture of lewd pleasure and wanton ecstasy. Joanie kissed Sonja's cunt and then stood up.

"Well, now that you've been introduced to my sons, what's next?"

"Anything you say," Sonja gurgled happily. "I'm game no matter what it is."

"How about that cold beer now?"

"Fine," Sonja said, turning to kiss the tip of Randy's cock as it dangled near her face. When Joanie returned with two frosted bottles of beer, she saw Sonja had her sons on each side of her, playing with their cocks as they sucked and licked her tits.

"Hey! I didn't bring you in there to take over my boys. I get some of those cocks, too, you know."

"I just can't keep my hands off them," Sonja said, knowing there was no real jealousy or anger in Joanie's voice.

Joanie looked at the boys with Sonja sitting between them. The woman had her legs draped over those of the boys, her red-haired cunt invitingly exposed. The pink cunt lips were still wet, her long clitoris still hard. Joanie watched Sonja fondling the boys' cocks and balls without feeling the least bit jealous. She thought they were beautiful together, sitting that way. She wished she could get a picture of it! Randy and Gary took turns kissing the woman, sliding their tongues into Sonja's mouth as she turned her face to them.

Unable to stop the impulse, Joanie dropped to her knees before them all, stroking her hands about her sons' balls as she knelt between Sonja's thighs. Cupping the two pairs of young balls as Sonja jacked the boys' cocks slowly, Joanie ran her tongue along the woman's creamy smooth inner thigh. When she flicked the tip of her tongue about the woman's long clitoris, Sonja mewled and wiggled her ass while Gary and Randy watched their mother with excitement.

Sonja lifted her ass, shoving her cunt into. Joanie's face. Joanie made a low growl of delight and pressed her tongue into the wet heat of the woman's hair-lined cunt.

"Oooo, that feels so good, Joanie," Sonja murmured, writhing her cunt into Joanie's sucking mouth. "You can make my cunt feel so good with your tongue! Lick all around my pussy, Joanie! Lick everywhere the lips, my clitoris! Mmmmmm, I love your tongue! Ahhh, that's it, shove your cunt-sucking tongue way inside and wiggle it! Oooooo, yes, that's the way!"

Joanie thrust her tongue in and out of Sonja's cunt, her chin pressing between those hot ass cheeks, her upper lip and nose surrounded by the soft red curls. Her eyes were open, darting from one cock to the other as Sonja pumped them faster, her hips wiggling. Joanie squeezed her sons' balls and rubbed at the tight puckers of young assholes.

"Lick her cunt, Mom," Gary said, his voice excited and high-pitched. "Tongue-fuck her hot cunt!"

Joanie squeezed their balls and rammed her tongue deep into Sonja's cunt, whipping it about her throbbing clitoris. Closing her lips about Sonja's clitoris, Joanie sucked and swirled the tip of her tongue against the sensitive cunt. Sonja churned her hips about, bubbling with pleasure.

"God, you lick and suck my cunt so good, Joanie!" Sonja whimpered, pressing hard into Joanie's face. "Ooo, suck my pussy! Lick my pussy! Ahhh, eat my hot cunt, Joanie! Fuck me... eat me... suck me!"

From the red cunt curls surrounding her face, Joanie watched her sons sucking at the woman's hard nipples. She watched them suck Sonja's nipples as she ate the woman's cunt and an incredible heat burned through Joanie.

Randy and Gary both shoved a hand beneath Sonja's twisting ass and gripped an ass cheek. Sonja, the young boys sucking her tits while their mother sucked and tongue fucked her boiling cunt, found herself soaring with erotic ecstasy. She humped her cunt hard into Joanie's face, jacking the two cocks frantically.

"Ooooo, you three are so good!" she whimpered. "Suck me! Suck every fucking thing you can find... my tits, my cunt, my hot fucking ass! Ohhh, shit, this is so fucking good! Joanie, oh Joanie, you're next! You're going to get it next! Then the boys... you and I will work them over so good!"

Joanie plunged her tongue deep into Sonja's cunt, fucking it in and out swiftly, smashing her upper lip hard onto her throbbing clitoris. Joanie pulled her hands from the boys' balls and shoved, them to Sonja's ass. She felt her sons' hands there and her eyes sparkled up at them. Randy and Gary pulled the cheeks of Sonja's ass apart and Joanie rubbed a finger furiously at Sonja's squeezing asshole.

"Ohhhhh, shit! Oh, shit!" Sonja sobbed, her lovely face contorted with agonized ecstasy. "I can't take much more! Ohhhhh, Mother -- fuck... shit... piss! I'm going to come... come so fucking hard! Eat my cunt, Joanie! Oh, I'm about to come! Now! Shove your finger up my fucking asshole! Hurry, finger-fuck me up the ass before I come!"

Joanie rammed her finger hard into Sonja's gripping asshole, pumping it up and down swiftly, her tongue flying about Sonja's steaming clitoris. Randy and Gary held Sonja's ass cheeks wide apart for their mother as Sonja went wild. Joanie's tongue was all over the woman's wet, slippery cunt, even licking the base of her own finger that was working in and out of Sonja's squeezing asshole. The pink lips of the woman's cunt throbbed and contracted as she came mindlessly.

Joanie moved her tongue about Sonja's sensitive clitoris slowly bringing Sonja down until she slumped, exhausted, her tits lifting and falling as she gasped for air. Randy and Gary had stopped sucking at Sonja's tits so they could watch her pound her cunt into their mother's greedily sucking mouth. But their cocks still stood tall and hard and quivering, the heads very swollen and clear liquid seeping from their piss holes.

Joanie pulled her smeared face away from Sonja's cunt, watching the woman's pink cunt lips quivering. Joanie's finger was still very deep inside Sonja's asshole and she could feel the muscles sucking on it. Slowly she pulled her finger out and heard a small suctioning sound.

"Ooooohhhh, shit!" Sonja moaned softly. "I came so hard! I thought I'd come all night long. God, you three are good with a woman! We should have met each other sooner. I've been walking around this fucking place so hot I was about ready to rape anyone -- man or woman."

Joanie laughed. "You've met all you'll ever need, Sonja," she said.

"I think I've met more than I'll need!" Sonja smiled.

Chapter TEN

They drank the cold beer, with Joanie sitting on the floor, her legs crossed. Sonja sat upright on the couch, but her knees remained wide apart. Sonja was most uninhibited woman Joanie had ever known. Sonja wasn't afraid of her sexual desires and freely admitted her pleasures. That was refreshing, Joanie felt.

Randy and Gary, with soft drinks in their hands, sat with their cocks standing up proudly. They were, Joanie knew, about as happy as any two boys could be. Joanie thought it was very good that her sons had two grown women to fuck instead of some mindless little girl. She and Sonja could show them much more exciting things than some little hot-ass without any experience.

Joanie enjoyed looking at Sonja's cunt, as well as her sons' cocks and balls. Each had a beauty to her; each excited her. Looking at the naked Sonja made her cunt twitch and burn, just as looking at her sons' cocks and balls did. Joanie admitted that she loved being with women, as well with her sons. When she said this out loud, Sonja, Gary and Randy all laughed. When Randy and Gary said they loved to watch her licking Sonja's hairy, wet cunt, and Joanie knew then that she could do anything and her sans would accept her desires and even join in with her. It made her feel good, very loved.

Joanie shoved her beer bottle between Sonja's thighs, rubbing the rim about her cunt, then drawing it back and running her tongue over the bottle. She then slipped it toward Randy's cock, smearing the rim again with juices from his bubbling piss hole. Then she gathered some of Gary's juices and drank from the bottle, her eyes shining with erotic, perverse pleasure. She slipped the neck of the bottle into Sonja's cunt and then drank from it again. She waited to see if any of them would make fun of her, but all they did was show her their excitement.

Joanie wanted all three of them to piss on her but she wasn't sure how to approach the subject. Sonja was hot-assed, but Joanie knew some people might be turned off by pissing. She didn't think Sonja would be, but she still felt bashful about talking about such things, except to her sons. She sat with her legs crossed, patiently waiting until it was her turn to enjoy the boy's cocks and Sonja's mouth.

The beer was finished, the bottles discarded.

"I need some cock," Joanie said in a low voice as she leaned back on her elbows, spreading her long legs wide, her cunt showing wetly. "I need some cock very badly now."

"And I know just how to get you fucked, Joanie," Sonja said.

With Sonja directing, Randy lay on the floor next to his mother. His cock stood high and very hard. Sonja went to her knees and stroked her hand up and down Randy's prick a moment, then lapped her tongue about his dripping piss hole. She then took Randy's cock into her mouth, sucking it.

"Joanie, sit down on Randy's cock. No, not with your cunt -- your ass," Sonja said after she spit the boy's cock back out.

"Sit on his cock up my asshole?" Joanie asked, showing her eagerness.

"That's right," Sonja replied, her eyes glittering with perverse pleasure. "With your back toward his head."

Joanie squatted above her son's straining cock and Sonja rubbed Randy's cock head about her tight asshole. "I want this cock up my asshole later so don't ruin it, Joanie."

Sonja held the base of Randy's cock, leaning down to watch it penetrate his mother's searing asshole. Joanie gave a squeal as the swollen prick head popped into her ass, stretching it and flooding her naked body with ecstasy. She sat down slowly, sinking onto Randy's cock, the cheeks of her ass against Sonja's hand.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Sonja gurgled. "A hard cock up the ass always makes me come. How about you, Joanie?"

"Oh, does it ever!"

"It sure looks good up your ass," Sonja said. "Go on and bounce a little. Let me watch you fuck your son's cock with your hot ass, Joanie! I love to see that."

Gary was down on the floor with them, now. He and Sonja watched Joanie's naked ass as she lifted and lowered it, fucking Randy's cock with her asshole. Sonja leaned between Joanie's spread knees, cupping Randy's balls and rubbing them at Joanie's seeping cunt.

"Why don't you lean back on Randy's chest now, Joanie?" Sonja said. "Then we'll get Gary's cock in your cunt and you'll have both those sweet cocks in you!"

"Oh, yes!" Joanie gurgled, leaning back on top of Randy.

She spread her legs about his, her cunt open and vulnerable. Randy's cock was plugged deeply into her stretched asshole. Gary moved between his mother's thighs and Joanie, lifting her head, watched as Sonja pressed Gary's cock into her cunt. She squealed as his prick entered her and the sensation of having a cock in both her asshole and cunt at the same time was unbelievable. The orgasms that instantly shattered her senses caused her to cry out with ecstasy.

"Wonderful, isn't it, Joanie?" Sonja gurgled as she saw Joanie coming.

Joanie couldn't move. She was caught with a cock up her asshole and one in her cunt and if she tried to move, she knew she would lose one or both of them. But she didn't need to move. She lay between her two sons, her flesh feverish and quivering as her sons began to fuck her in this odd, difficult position. When one cock was going into her cunt, the other was pulling back in her asshole, then they both thrust into cunt and asshole at the same time, Joanie screamed softly with the strange sensations, loving every single minute of it.

"I love it!" she screamed. "God, do I love this! Fuck me, you guys! Ohhhh, fuck Mother! Fuck the piss out of Mother's cunt... her ass! Fuck me good! Fuck me and make me piss and shit and come and come and keep on coming!"

Sonja laughed, pleased, watching Joanie being buffeted between her two sons. She could see Gary's cock spearing into that hairy cunt, but not Randy's. She stroked and caressed the soft hair of Joanie's cunt and fingered Joanie's swollen clitoris.

"We're not finished yet," Sonja said in an erotic whisper. "Now that you've got two cocks in you, we need a third one for your mouth, don't we?"

"Oh, yes, yes!" Joanie wailed, her nerves seared by the movement of her sons' two hard cocks. "God, do we ever need a third cock! I'd suck the piss right out of it!"

"Give it to me!" Joanie wailed. "Give me your hot, wet cunt, Sonja! I'll suck it... I'll lick it... I'll tongue-fuck you! Ooooooo, let me eat your hairy cunt, with Randy and Gary fucking the piss out of me! Hurry, give me your cunt!"

Since Gary was on his knees fucking his mother's gripping cunt, there was plenty of room for Sonja to squat on Joanie's face. She swung a slim thigh over Joanie's head and Joanie stared up between Sonja's legs, seeing the woman's red-haired cunt ant curvy ass. She watched Sonja bend her knees and squatted down, the cheeks of her ass spreading, the twinkle of her asshole and the wet cunt coming closer to her face. Joanie's mouth was wide open and her tongue protruding, eager to have Sonja's pussy in her face.

Sonja held her crotch just above Joanie's mouth, letting Joanie lick at her wet, hot cunt lips and long clitoris. Sonja clasped the cheeks of her own ass, parting them wide, and Joanie's tongue flicked about her tight asshole, moving from cunt to asshole with furiously darting motions.

"You like this, Joanie?" Sonja asked.

"Mmmm, love it!" came Joanie's soft whimper.

Randy and Gary said something, too, but Joanie didn't hear their words clearly. There was a roaring in her head that kept her from hearing anything more as Sonja lowered her cunt tight into her open, sucking mouth. Joanie's tongue went deep into Sonja's burning cunt, hot cunt juices flowing into her mouth and making her swallow often. The friction of her sons' cocks in her asshole and cunt sent fiery steam racing about her body and as Sonja rubbed her crotch back and forth over Joanie's face, Joanie's tongue was up the woman's asshole as well as inside her juicy cunt.

Words were being said but they weren't clear to Joanie. But she didn't care. All that she wanted was this blissful fucking of her cunt and asshole, with her mouth sucking his hairy, sweet, juicy cunt and tight asshole. She held Sonja's thighs, caressing them feverishly as she was fucked by her sons, her mouth buried hungrily into the other woman's red haired cunt.

Joanie was coming, her cunt gripped with orgasms around Gary's plunging cock. She wasn't sure if a woman could come in her asshole, but she felt as if she was. Randy was fucking her asshole and squeezing her tits. Gary grabbed at Sonja's tits and Joanie felt as if she was going to smother between the three naked, fucking and squirming bodies. But it felt better than anything she had been involved in before. Being fucked this way, with a cunt smashing at her mouth, was the greatest thing ever for Joanie.

The orgasms kept on burning through her, filling her with ecstasy and making her want more and more. She didn't want it to ever stop. She could feel each cock thrusting into her cunt and asshole, yet they felt like one big cock working together. She smeared her face into Sonja's cunt, wanting to taste the woman's hot cunt and tight asshole at the same time.

Joanie's body was being smashed and buffeted, and she was going out of her mind with the rippling, shattering orgasms that increased until she was one mass of shivering ecstasy. She was sobbing from so much pleasure. She dug her fingers into Sonja's thighs, ramming her tongue into the woman's cunt or asshole. She could feel her sons' cocks swelling, becoming harder, longer, thicker, and she was ready for them, wanting them to come in her cunt and asshole desperately. Her body shook and she wanted to slam her crotch against the two hard cocks.

Sonja squealed and Joanie, her tongue deep into the red-haired cunt, felt her mouth filling with hot liquid. She sucked hard, swallowing; her fingers digging into the soft flesh of Sonja's thighs, trying to pull the woman's cunt harder into her mouth. She felt the liquid over flow her mouth and she sucked harder, swallowing and tasting the hot piss Sonja was squirting into her mouth. Joanie felt Gary lunge hard into her cunt and then she felt the splattering of his come juice along the satiny walls of her heated pussy. Almost as soon as Gary started filling her greedy cunt with his come juice, Joanie felt Randy press deeper into her ass, his boiling come juice flooding her like an enema.

Joanie's orgasms almost blew her body apart.

When it was over Joanie became aware of her surroundings slowly. She was lying on her stomach across the carpet, her ass twitching. Her tits were smashed flat on the floor and she felt tongues running about the backs of her thighs and the cheeks of her ass. She moaned softly, trying to twist her head around to see who was licking her.

"Welcome back to the living," Sonja said when she felt Joanie's body turning. "I think you passed out."

"God, who wouldn't?" Joanie grinned as she turned onto her back and saw Sonja and Gary and Randy. "I thought I'd never stop coming." She gingerly ran her hands about her still pulsating cunt, then spread her legs to probe her asshole. "I think I'm going to be sore for a fucking week! But I loved it!"

"I know," Sonja laughed. "Isn't it a beautiful feeling?"

"Oh, yes!"

Randy and Gary sat back, leaning on the couch. She looked at them, seeing their young faces filled with happiness. Struggling to a sitting position, she hugged her two boys tightly, kissing them with eager, wet lips. Her face was still smeared with the cunt juices from Sonja's cunt, and of course, the piss.

Joanie looked at Sonja. "You pissed in my mouth," she accused.

"I sure did, Joanie," Sonja laughed. "I couldn't help it, though. You made me come so much and when I come so hard, I can't stop myself from pissing. I'm just like a little puppy dog. I get so excited, I piss all over the place. I hope you didn't mind."

"Mind?" Joanie laughed. "I was wondering how to ask you about that."

"Now you know," Sonja laughed huskily.

Randy and Gary looked a little tired, Joanie noticed. So she moved between them, pulling their heads onto her tits and cuddling them close.

"Poor babies," she whispered. "Me and Sonja have about fucked you two out, haven't we?"

"Shit no!" snorted Randy.

"I can still get a hard-on, Mom," Gary replied, and both boys began to suck at their mother's nipples.

"Mmmm, feels good," Joanie murmured, holding their faces to her naked tits. "But you two better take a short rest. I've got to keep you two guys in good shape if I want to keep fucking you."

"If I'm draining them too much," Sonja said, "I suppose I could find myself..."

"No, you don't!" Joanie said quickly. "I think the boys want you to hang around as much as I do. Right, guys?"

"You better fucking believe it, Sonja," Randy said.

Gary twisted Sonja's nipple. "We need you around as much as we need Mom," he said. "Besides, Randy and I can watch you two eat each other if we're tired. Can't we, Mom?"

"You can watch me anytime you want," Joanie replied, hugging them tightly. "Watch me do anything you want, anytime and any fucking place."

Joanie got up and brought out another beer for herself and Sonja and Cokes for the boys. They sat and drank in silence for a while. Sonja fondled her cunt, rubbing a finger lightly up and down her long clitoris. Randy was holding his balls, and Gary was slowly feeling of his cock. Joanie sat with her knees drawn up to her chest, her chin resting on them, her eyes taking it all in.

Her cunt was moist when she ran a hand down to feel of it, moist and hot. She slipped the tip of her finger into her cunt and moved it in a tiny circle. The lips of her cunt felt a little sore, but not too bad. She shoved her finger in deeper and felt a mild orgasm burst inside her. She gave a soft squeal of delight and Sonja and her sons laughed in pleasure.

"You sure can come all the time, Mom," Gary said, stretching his cock.

"I can come just looking at you people," Joanie said with a naughty giggle. "I guess I'm just a sex-crazy bitch, huh?"

"And we love it that you are," Randy said.

"You know what I'd love right now?" Joanie said, pulling her finger from her cunt and licking it.

Sonja grinned lewdly. "I bet I know! You'd love for the three of us to piss on you, right?"

"How did you ever guess?" Joanie giggled.

"It takes one to know one," Sonja replied. "You two guys game for pissing on your mother?"

"Whenever Mom says," Randy replied.

"Right now!" Joanie said with excitement. "Piss on me right now!"

She sprawled onto her back, throwing her legs into the air and spreading them wide. Drawing her knees to her tits, she cupped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, her asshole exposed.

"Piss on my cunt and asshole," she said, her voice husky with emotion. "All of you piss on my fucking pussy and asshole... at the same time!"

The boys were on their feet, holding their precious cocks as they arched their hips. Sonja stood above Joanie's head. Joanie looked up at the fuzzy, red-haired cunt as Sonja pulled the lips of her pussy apart, shoving her hips forward.

The golden stream of the boys' piss splashed down onto Joanie's cunt and asshole, stinging in that delicious way that Joanie loved. The hot piss streamed into her cunt and across her asshole, running onto her stomach and tits. Sonja's cunt released a golden stream of piss too and it stung hotly on Joanie's flesh. Joanie opened her mouth and Sonja twisted her hips, pissing directly into Joanie's mouth. Gary and Randy, seeing what Sonja was doing, aimed their streams until all three of them were pissing right into Joanie's beautiful, ecstatic face.

Joanie swallowed, tasting all three flavors of piss at the same time. The boys waved their cocks, moving back to piss into her cunt and ass, then back at her face. Sonja kept her stream of hot piss splashing directly into Joanie's face.

"Ooooo!" Joanie wailed, orgasms exploding and burning through her body again.

She became weak, her ass sliding back to the floor. But Randy and Gary caught her legs holding her up, still pissing all over her crotch. Joanie was soaked in hot piss, hot piss that burned her feverish flesh and drenched her face. And she was going through orgasm after orgasm.


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