Up against the wall, teach!

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the school system is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and marijuana, and the advent of casual sex, the school system has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social change.

UP AGAINST THE WALL, TEACH! is the story of how one teacher manages to adjust to the liberated moral standards of modern American culture. Her method, that of promiscuity, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

UP AGAINST THE WALL, TEACH! -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.

Chapter ONE

"My God, Mr. Lawson, I'm not that type of girl!" Cindy Milner cried as the young gym teacher cornered her up against the blackboard.

"Oh, come on, you frisky little bitch! I see you wigglin' your little ass around the school. You're just asking for someone to give you a stiff seven inches or so!"

Cindy couldn't believe the compromising position she found herself in. She had just started teaching at the high school four days before, and although she knew it was a tough neighborhood, she never dreamed she'd be assaulted, especially by a fellow teacher!

Keith Lawson had her jammed up against the chalkboard, her pert ass perched on the metal eraser shelf. His one hand was behind her back, grappling with the buttons on her blouse. He had his other hand cupped over her left tit, gently squeezing and kneading it.

Keith had seen the sexy young teacher walking around the halls for a couple of days. At first he couldn't believe she was a teacher. She was a young blonde, with a gorgeous pair of large tits and a sweet little ass like none he'd ever seen. He'd decided after lunch that he would try to get a little action during her free period.

Despite being surprised and somewhat angered by this sudden assault, Cindy couldn't help but feel a little excited. She had watched Keith jogging with the football team more than once. She had liked the way he had filled out his shorts, but she never dreamed that she would be seeing what was in those shorts so quickly.

He slammed her hard against the wall and more forcefully rubbed her nipple. His other hand had ripped off a button and was now searching for the clasp on her bra. She felt a surge of excitement as the athletic young man shoved his tautly muscled body up against hers. She could feel something large and stiff rubbing against her crotch.

"Please, Keith, not here, not now, somebody might walk in," she said as she tried to push him away.

"Don't play so hard-to-get, wouldn't you just love a little of this?" He took her right hand and forced it down between his legs.

She gasped as she felt the tremendous bulge in his pants. Cindy was not a virgin, but the couple of lovers she had had were never this large.

"Don't you have any respect for me? Let go of me, you asshole!"

She realized that the conviction was no longer in her voice. That quick grasp of his cock had awakened feelings she hadn't had in a while. Suddenly there was a churning between her thighs, and an itchy feeling began to throb in her cunt. She realized that she was getting wet, very wet.

With a snap he popped off her bra and her large ripe tits spilled out.

"Boy, what a great set of tits," Keith said, hungrily feeling her beautiful tits. He took his fingers and squeezed her right nipple.

This rough action hurt a bit at first, but then turned Cindy on. As he continued to forcefully grab her tits, she began to get hotter. His other hand slowly worked down her smooth belly to the button on the dress slacks she was wearing.

Cindy tried to bat his hand away. He had already ripped her blouse, allowing her tits to spill out, and she wasn't going to let him tear her pants off too.

She wasn't strong enough though, and he unbuttoned the slacks, letting them fall to the ground. Suddenly Cindy was totally exposed, her tits flopping in the breeze, her slacks down around her ankles, with only a little pair of panties standing between her and the lusty man.

She was about to really yell at him when he pushed his lips against hers and gave her a hot wet kiss. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and began to tug at her panties with his left hand. As his hand probed around her cunt-hair, her excitement began to mount.

Suddenly he gripped her panties and ripped them off. He quickly thrust his finger into her wet cunt and began fucking it in and out.

Cindy was no longer worried about someone coming in. She was no longer upset about being attacked. She was just plain hot! His thick finger jabbing into her cunt reawakened urges that had been missing for some time. She began to wildly moan and wriggle as his finger fucked deeper and deeper into her pussy.

"What a hot cunt!" Keith hissed in her ear as his fingers explored the depths of her pussy. He couldn't believe how wet she was, his hand was drenched with her cunt-juices, and girl-cum was actually running down her legs.

Cindy couldn't believe it, but she was almost ready to cum! Keith's experienced fingers wriggling around in her tight cunt were sending thrills up her spine. Not even realizing what she was doing, she reached down and began kneading his throbbing cock with her left hand. With her right hand she began to unsnap his pants and lower his zipper. His cock seemed to swell as she lowered the zipper. Keith didn't wear any underwear, so his huge cock burst out from his pants. The pants fell to his knees and Cindy grabbed his rock-hard prick.

While he continued to explore her cunt, playing with her clit, she began to jerk on his cock. It was the biggest one she had ever touched, and the warm hardness of it turned her on. It seemed to jump in her hand, jabbing forward, the spongy cock-head rubbing against her smooth belly.

Cindy began to moan as she approached orgasm. Keith's hand was buried in her cunt to the knuckles as he played freely with her clit.

"I love to play with your clit!" he whispered as she continued to jerk his huge cock. Suddenly curious, Cindy reached down below his cock to feel Keith's balls. When she touched the bulging hairy sac, Keith moaned with pleasure.

He suddenly realized just how hot Cindy was. "Oh, grab my balls honey! They're just loaded with jism waiting for you to bring it out! Feel them, baby, feel those hairy balls!"

While one hand jerked his big prick, her other hand explored his sac and balls. He wasn't lying, she thought, his balls were big and they felt like they were loaded with cum.

Cindy was ready to explode, and by the way Keith was moaning, he wasn't far behind. His hand was working faster and faster in her cunt. She could hear the slurping sound his fingers were making in her wet pussy.

"Oh, Keith, grab my clit! I'm gonna cum any minute now!"

His cock kept bobbing in the air as she jerked it. Occasionally it would rub up against her cunt-hair and lower stomach, leaving a trail of clear pre-cum. The warm sticky liquid made Cindy even hotter.

Finally she came, almost screaming in Keith's ear. As if on cue, she gave his huge cock-shaft a final tug and it began spewing cum all over her.

Curious, Cindy looked down just in time to see Keith explode. They were standing right up against each other, Keith's hand deep in her pussy, her hands gripping his cock. When his prick shot, the head was pointing up, and the first shot of jism reached all the way to her chin. The second shot of jism landed on her tits, and then torrent after torrent of the warm sticky substance cascaded down onto her stomach and cunt.

She kept clutching at his cock for a long time. It seemed as if he would never stop cumming. Cindy was amazed at the amount.

"God, you must not have had sex in a long while," she said.

Finally his orgasm subsided. "No, I always cum like that, and there's a lot more where that came from."

Then he began to rub the cum into her stomach and down to her cunt where it mingled with all of her own fuck-juices. Cindy took her finger and wiped the thick drop of cum from her chin. Without thinking, she inserted the finger in her mouth and tasted the cum. She was surprised how delicious the jism tasted, it was a little salty, but it still tasted wonderful to the horny teacher.

Still horny, Keith gently pushed her down on her desk and said: "Now you horny little cunt, I'm gonna let you feel all of my prick between your legs!"

She was about to argue with him since her free period was almost over. But after seeing him standing over her, his cock hard and jutting out again, her horniness overtook her. Reaching between his legs, she grabbed his huge cock and guided it to her cunt. "Fuck me hard, Keith! Fuck me so hard it hurts!"

For a moment Cindy couldn't believe what she had said, after all, she was a teacher at work. But her emotions were too much for her, and at the moment she just wanted to get fucked by Keith's huge cock.

With her hand guiding it, Keith inserted his fleshy prick between the lips of her pussy. Seeing the lust in her eyes, he immediately shoved the entire length of his cock into her moist pussy.

"Unghhh!" she moaned as his thick cock penetrated deeper into her cunt than anything ever had in the past. Cindy thought that she was going to be ripped apart by the huge prick.

Pulling back for a moment, Keith gave the horny teacher a moment to rest before he fucked forward again, burying his cock to the hilt.

Cindy couldn't believe the sensations that were filling her body. The pain was receding and pleasure, more pleasure than the young woman could ever remember, was replacing it.

"Oh, baby, are you hot!" Keith shouted as he fucked in and out of her wet pussy. He had never fucked such a wild woman before. Her hips rose to meet each of his thrusts, and his cock was getting quite a workout.

Cindy had never been more excited. The forceful young gym teacher was satisfying her more than she had ever been satisfied.

"I'm cumming!" she shouted as her body began to shake. Her nails raked across Keith's tight ass as she pulled him closer.

"Give it to me, now!" Cindy moaned in ecstasy as her cunt exploded.

Her juices ran down onto her desk, spilling on the papers she'd been grading.

Keith continued fucking her, a smile on his face. He was still going strong and she was ready to cum again.

Cindy got off twice in the next twenty minutes, but she was ready to go again. The young gym teacher continued to fuck his prick into her cunt. Now Cindy was waiting for him to cum. She wanted him to spray his jism into her pussy like a fire hose. She wanted to feel him explode in her, and she could tell that it was not far off.

"Oh, Cindy, your pussy is so tight, I'm gonna shoot a load into you!"

Suddenly he began to fuck faster into her cunt. Cindy loved the way he was forcing himself into her, like a wild animal, faster and faster. Her own orgasm was building.

"Faster, Keith, fuck me harder and faster!" Keith thrust one final time into her cunt and then a torrent of cum exploded from his cock. Cindy felt the first shot of jism and then her cunt-muscles began to milk his cock for more. Shot after shot of hot sticky jism shot into her pussy. She hoped he would never stop cumming as her own orgasm shook her wildly. Their combined fuck-juices ran freely out of her pussy and onto the papers on her desk.

Finally finished, Keith pulled off her and began to put his pants back on. "You're one hot fuck, you know that?"

Suddenly embarrassed, Cindy quickly pulled her slacks back on. "Why don't you get out of here now, you've had your fun!"

"Oh, and I supposed you didn't have any fun, huh?"

"Well, I suppose I did, however, you had no right to take me by force, especially here in my own classroom!"

She was starting to get angry. It was beginning to occur to her what they had just done. "Oh come on, you loved it, and my bet is you'll love it again. Girls like you get lonely, especially when this isn't filled with cock!"

He lewdly pinched her between the legs. "You're disgusting!" Cindy shouted, feeling angry at herself for letting him manipulate her. "Well, I'll see you around. And maybe you'll get lucky and I'll fuck your lights out again," Keith said as he left the room laughing. Cindy was pissed off when he finally left. She also couldn't believe how great it had felt. She had never had such great sex before.

Her old boyfriend, Rudy, had always been sensitive and polite, but he would never have taken her by force. But then again, Cindy thought, sex had never been as exciting with Rudy as it was with Keith.

Suddenly she noticed the time, and began to clean up the wet papers and tidy herself up for class. In her hurry, she didn't notice the young face peering in through the window, a face that had been watching for some time.

Chapter TWO

Cindy only had one class after her free period, and it was an all-boy sex education class. At first there was some disagreement about having a female teach to a class of males, but the previous teacher, Mr. Hart, had taken an extended leave of absence and Cindy was the only qualified person left to fill the vacancy.

It was an extremely small class, only fourteen students. Today's class was particularly frightening for Cindy. She felt dirty and cheap, and although she knew the fear was irrational, she felt as if all of the students knew what she had been doing just an hour before.

One student in particular, Eric Bulton, leered at her in a funny way throughout the class. At first she thought it was just her imagination, but every time their eyes met he seemed to have a funny, sly expression on his face.

Because many of their last assignments had been ruined, Cindy had to lie and tell them that they had been destroyed in a small fire at her house.

"Don't worry," she said. "The fire was small and you'll all get A's."

Little did her students know that the papers had been ruined by the combined fuck-juices of two people fucking like animals. After she told the students about the fire, Eric started to laugh. Maybe one of his friends had told him a joke, she thought uneasily.

After class, everyone filed out of the room except Eric. Cindy tried to ignore him at first. She fiddled with papers while he continued to stare in her direction.

Eric was famous around the school for his popularity with the girls. He was a darkly handsome boy with jet-black, thick hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. He was of average height, with a thin, athletic build.

What bothered Cindy was the way Eric always dressed. He would wear a cutoff shirt which would only fall as low as his chest, leaving his dark flat stomach bare for all to see. He would also wear very tight pants which showed off a tremendous cock bulge that Cindy could not believe.

Since there was no dress code, and it was a rough neighborhood, apparently nobody had spoken to him about his taste in clothing.

Finally, not able to stand the tension any longer, Cindy Milner asked: "What is it that you want, Eric?"

Eric got up and slowly started to walk toward her desk.

"Miss Milner, I got to thinking about that fire and all, and well, I thought maybe you needed a fire hose to put it out. In case you have another one, you know!"

At first the sexy young teacher had no idea what the boy was saying. It seemed senseless. As he continued to leer at her with his devilish smile, she figured it out.

"What kind of disgusting remark is that supposed to be, and how dare you talk like that to a teacher. I ought to wash your mouth out with soap!"

"Well, maybe I should wash your tonsils out with my hose!" He reached down into the trash basket and fished out the soggy, cum-covered papers.

"What are these, huh, teach? How come they smell like tuna?" he asked, laughing at his humor.

"How dare you -- I could have you expelled for this!" she gasped.

She was both furious and frightened at the same time. She knew that Eric could cause her a lot of trouble.

"I saw the whole thing! You and Mr. Lawson going at it like two dogs in heat. Him fucking you with his little prick, and you begging for it like an animal!"

"Look," Cindy said, trying to be as calm as possible. "I don't know what it is you want, but you'll have to keep this quiet. If it's an A-okay, you've got it. I don't have much money, so don't waste your time asking for that."

Eric only moved closer, a big smile pasted on his face. As usual, he was wearing tight pants, but his tremendous bulge seemed even bigger than normal.

"I just want a little action, teach, just a little action," he said, moving to within a couple inches of her.

As she sat there, her head was directly in line with his crotch, and she could see the outline of a huge cock pressed rigidly against the fabric.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked angrily and somewhat fearfully as she imagined the huge size of Eric's prick.

"If you give me a blow-job, teach, I'll forget about this." He waved the cum-soaked papers in her face.

At first Cindy was appalled. She had never been asked to give a blow-job before. "Absolutely not you oversexed little shit!" she screamed.

"Oh, not so little, teach! Come on, you'll enjoy it, this cock will put out any fire." He pushed his cock forward and her nose brushed against his rock-hard prick.

Cindy was repulsed by what the good-looking stud wanted her to do, and yet she was curious about his tremendous bulge. She had never even imagined anything as large as the outline of this boy's cock.

Cindy was raised on a farm and Eric's hard cock appeared to be as large as a horse's cock. Although it scared her a little bit, it also excited her.

Before she even realized what she was doing, she said: "Okay, Eric, but this is the last time you can use this information to blackmail me."

"Oh, we'll see," the darkly handsome youth said as his hand reached down and slowly undid his pants.

Cindy gasped as Eric unzipped his pants and his huge sausage-like cock sprang forward. Despite the fact that the boy was standing over a foot away, Eric's prick nearly brushed her face. Not only was his cock over eleven inches long, she thought fearfully, but it was also thicker than any she had ever seen.

The skin on Eric's big cock was dark and tightly stretched over large veins, ending in a huge white mushroom-like cap. The giant cock was throbbing in the air just inches from her face, so Cindy reached out and grabbed for it. Her small hand could not even circle the huge cock as it bobbed wildly in the air.

"Not bad, huh, teach?"

Cindy's eyes rose slowly, following his young bush of pubic hair up his flat stomach to his smooth, good-looking face. She marveled at his good looks but was angered by his contemptuous grin.

She grabbed his fleshy cock, marveling at its immense size and stiffness. She slowly slid her small hand down his tube of cock-meat. It seemed to take forever for her fingers to trail down the smooth skin, until they reached the base of the boy's prick. The cock seemed to be even thicker at the base.

"It's incredibly beautiful!" she exclaimed as she slowly ran her hand up and down the youth's cock. "I've never seen anything so delicious-looking in my life!"

Cindy began to salivate and her cunt-juices began to flow. Her voice became a low moan as she looked beneath the massive cock and saw a pair of tremendously large balls held up in a leathery sac.

"My God!" Cindy gasped. "They're as big as tennis balls!"

"I knew you'd like them," Eric said. "They're just loaded with cum for you!" The huge balls seemed to bounce around with a life of their own in the boy's brownish, wrinkled sac. Cindy slowly slid her left hand beneath the left ball and hefted it. It weighed even more than she had imagined.

No longer able to control herself, Cindy tore her blouse off, allowing her ample tits to spill free. Her nipples were stiff with excitement. Cindy had to squeeze her legs together in order not to cum. The beautiful boy with his giant cock was too much for her. She needed to taste him, to eat his cock, to suck out every drop of his beautiful cum, and she needed it immediately.

"Okay, big boy, give me your cock," she moaned, panting with excitement.

Eric was really turned on. He'd gotten girls excited before, but he had never fucked a real woman as hot as his teacher.

Cindy grabbed the boy's fleshy prick-stalk with both hands and began to jack on it. His cock seemed to come alive as she masturbated it. The veins stood out as blood flowed into his prick, and the giant balls bounced in the sac.

Cindy looked at the middle of the large, mushroom-like head of Eric's cock and saw a gleaming drop of pre-cum. Out of control with excitement, Cindy rubbed the giant cock-head over her cheeks and around her lips. The cock left a thick trail of jism that stuck to her smooth white skin.

"Oh, baby, I love your giant cock," she said, moaning with uncontrollable desire. Her whole body was hot with passion. While she continued to twist and jack on the boy's tremendous cock with her left hand, she used her right hand to unsnap her slacks and pull down her panties.

Cindy thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy and started fingerfucking herself. The beauty of the boy and the size of his marvelous cock were just too much for the schoolteacher. She was freaking out with passion, wildly fucking her right hand in and out of her cunt and grasping for her throbbing clit, while simultaneously rubbing the young man's eleven-inch cock all over her face and jerking it viciously.

Suddenly Eric fucked his hips forward and the spongy apple-sized head of his cock pushed between the teacher's lips.

"Suck on it for a while, teach," the boy said, smiling down at the helpless woman.

At first, Cindy did not realize what the darkly handsome youth wanted. Then, as the giant head of his cock thrust between her tight lips, she knew he wanted her to satisfy him orally.

To Cindy, it was a new experience. She had never given a guy a blow-job, had never even tasted a man's cock before. Earlier, when she had licked up a drop of Keith's cum, she had found that she loved the taste. So when Eric began to push his rock-hard prick into her mouth, she became even more excited.

Chapter THREE

Cindy opened her lips as wide as she could to accommodate the large fleshy knob of Eric's cock, but it wasn't wide enough. She was amazed at its size. It's like trying to wrap my lips around a doorknob, she thought.

Eric, however, unable to hold back any longer, shoved his torso forward, pushing the giant cock-head deeply into her mouth. The teacher nearly choked as six inches of throbbing prick was fucked down her helpless throat.

Cindy's eyes seemed wide as saucers as she looked up at her student, seemingly begging him to stop his assault.

Eric, realizing that the woman would not be able to deep-throat his cock yet, slowly pulled back, so that only the spongy head of his cock was lodged in her mouth.

With only the head of the boy's cock in her mouth, Cindy was able to swish her tongue around and savor his youthful flavor. On a whim Cindy darted her tongue into the boy's gaping piss-slit, slurping up a healthy drop of pre-cum.

Cindy thought Eric's jism was even more delicious than Keith's cum. It seemed to be thicker and saltier, more tasty than the gym teacher's. The young teacher wondered if cum was like the fountain of youth, and if by eating Eric's jism she might be able to draw some of his youthful energy and sexual strength into herself.

Eric was really getting turned on. The young horny teacher was going to town on his cock, whipping her tongue around the head of his prick. At the same time, her tits were bouncing wildly above her desk and her hand was thrashing about in her cunt, bringing her closer and closer to climax.

"Boy, bitch, you sure do love the head of my cock, don't you?" Eric asked, smiling down at his submissive teacher.

Cindy nodded her head up and down, agreeing with the boy.

The teacher's own cum was pooling between her legs. Her right hand was firmly stuck in her cunt, her fingers jacking on her clit.

Realizing that his hot teacher was nearing orgasm, Eric decided it was time for him to get his way. The boy withdrew his cock from his teacher's mouth and held it a couple of inches from her face.

Cindy had reached the point of no return. She couldn't understand why the young man would pull his delicious fuck-stick from her mouth.

"What are you doing, Eric?" she asked, bringing her left hand down to join her right. Eric had to laugh as he watched Cindy thrashing about on her chair. He giggled to himself as she looked up at his cock hungrily, as if to beg for it. Eric was amazed at how this woman had totally dissolved into a cock-hungry slut.

"Let me suck on your big cock, baby!" Cindy begged, her hands busily jabbing and pulling in her pussy. Her eyes were glazed over as she looked up at the eleven-inch cock bobbing in the air. The cum that Eric had already smeared all over her face now glistened in the light of the room.

"I want it, come on, you started this!" she whined as she rocked on her seat, nearing orgasm.

"Only if you take it all down your throat, teach! I want a throat-fuck!"

Cindy's eyes showed the trace of fear that passed through her as she imagined this boy shoving his giant prick down her throat. However, the teacher's sexual frenzy had reached a peak and her actions were no longer guided by reason.

She nodded her head and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Eric giggled as his teacher yawned widely and shut her eyes. She made quite a picture, her cum-smeared face, her eyes glued shut, lips pulled wide, waiting patiently for his foot-long cock to be shoved into her face.

The boy, reached back behind her head and gripped her hair. Then, with a quick stroke, he plunged his rock-hard prick into her wide-open mouth.

The breath was knocked out of Cindy as the overly large cock was thrust into her throat. Cindy tried to pull back, but the boy's grip on her head was simply too strong. Inch after inch of the incredible cock plunged down the woman's throat. She was forced into totally opening her throat by relaxing her neck muscles. Eight, nine, ten inches were finally swallowed down by the hot teacher before she could take no more.

Eric, sensing that his sexy teacher could take no more without choking, began to pull out. After sliding six inches out, he fucked back into her hot little mouth. He was amazed at what a tight sheath the woman's throat was to his prick. As he fucked in and out of her wet mouth he came closer and closer to a tremendous orgasm.

Meanwhile, Cindy had nearly reached orgasm herself. Her fingers worked at a furious pace masturbating her clit.

"I'm almost there!" she screamed at one of the moments when Eric's cock was out of her mouth.

Seemingly in response, the boy plunged his red-hot cock into her oral cavity.

Suddenly Cindy came, her head nearly exploding as waves of orgasm shot through her. A flood of cum spewed out of her pussy and dripped down her chair.

The teacher moaned wildly around the thick cock that was stuffed deeply into her mouth. Still in the throes of orgasm, the teacher brought her hands up to the boy's asscheeks. Cindy marveled at the hard smoothness of Eric's ass as he thrust his cock into her face. With each jab, his asscheeks would bunch and Cindy would pull him deeply into her mouth. Eric could not take it much longer. His teacher's hot throat had nearly milked him to climax.

Cindy, realizing that he was losing control, pushed the boy away from her face. His giant cock pulled out of her mouth and bounced wildly in front of her.

The teacher, no longer in control of herself, grabbed onto the boy's cock with both hands. She began quickly jerking on his tremendous prick.

Eric gritted his teeth and curled his toes as the inevitable orgasm built to its peak.

Cindy had his huge prick aimed directly at her face as she slid her tightly gripped hands up and down the throbbing cock-shaft. She knew that she was urging an explosion of cum from his balls, and she loved the thought. She wanted to take a cum-shower from this youthful stud and she knew that she didn't have long to wait.

Eric's face was red as he got ready to spew his load on the teacher. He knew that it was going to be quite a cum. It had been nearly two weeks since he had fucked.

Cindy watched in awe as his balls seemed to swell up in the sac. Eric's cock grew larger in her hands and began to buck uncontrollably. Suddenly, jism shot up the eleven-inch tube of Eric's cock and began to spew out of his large piss-slit.

"Awwwgh!" he groaned as the hot jism shot out of his cock.

Cindy watched as a large splat of white cum flew out of the giant cock and landed on her forehead. She kept jerking wildly on the throbbing prick as a second wad of cum shot from the head of the boy's foot-long cock. The second glob, even larger than the first, landed on the bridge of her nose. The spunk ran down to her lips.

Eric's orgasm was just beginning, however, and Cindy's aim was getting even better. On the third jet of cum, Cindy had the boy's cock aimed directly at her open mouth. A tremendous load landed directly on her tongue, nearly filling her mouth.

Eric thrust his cock forward so that the end of his pulsating prick just barely entered her mouth. Then shot after shot of youthful spunk poured into her mouth. The thick, salty brew filled the young teacher's mouth to overflowing.

The boy's cum poured out of the corner of Cindy's mouth and dripped down her chin and onto her bouncing tits. Eric pulled out and shot another shot or two at his teacher's face before he was spent.

The teacher was coated with cum. She had swallowed two entire mouthfuls of cock-juice, but Eric's balls had been unbelievably loaded with spunk.

Cindy gave the huge cock one more healthy jerk, and in response a single shot of jism cascaded out of the head and landed on her tongue, bathing her tonsils in salty cock-cream.

The student smiled down at his defiled teacher, her whole face and chest dripping with cum. He had never remembered cumming so hard or so much in his life. He had shot a lot of jism, he thought, nearly half a cup.

Cindy, moaning in ecstasy, began licking Eric's cock-head. It was still as large as an apple and there was a lot of youthful jism left dripping from the piss-slit. Her stomach seemed loaded with cum. It was as if she had drunk a bowl of hot, thick, salty, creamy soup.

As Eric backed away, he laughed at the vision his teacher presented.

There she sat, at the head of the class. Her tits bared, setting atop her desk, coated with the immense cum-load of her young student. Her face was similarly covered with the young man's juice, slowly dripping down to her lips where she would swipe it up with her tongue.

The teacher sat panting, having experienced the hottest day of her life.

"Well, teach, I guess my hose put out your fire, didn't it?"

Cindy Milner could not help but smile at the oversexed student. "I guess it did!"

Cindy gingerly reached out and tucked the boy's cock back in his pants. Despite the fact that he was no longer hard, the boy's prick was nearly eight inches long and as thick as her wrist.

After putting the cock that had totally drenched her away, she zipped up his tight pants. Cindy sweetly kissed the huge bulge that remained in his pants.

"I'm gonna miss that cock," she said, winking at Eric.

The student turned around and walked away quickly. As his young ass disappeared out the doorway, Cindy heard him laugh. "You'll see it again, sweet-lips!"

Chapter FOUR

When Cindy finally reached her apartment in the suburbs, she poured herself a drink and thought about her day.

The teacher was amazed at what she had done that day. She had jerked a teacher off, been fucked by a teacher, and sucked of a young student! Not only that, she thought, but she'd had four orgasms, been throat-fucked, and taken a cum-shower!

She couldn't get her mind off of the cocks she had serviced earlier in the day. She poured herself the second drink and settled down in front of the television set. Every station she turned to was playing some stupid show.

Nearly an hour passed as Cindy continued to switch from channel to channel. In her boredom, the young schoolteacher had poured herself quite a few drinks, and now she was pretty much loaded.

Cindy giggled as she watched one of the teen movies on her pay cable station. In the film, young athletic studs in tight swim trunks were all trying to get fucked.

Cindy had been imagining Eric in a pair of those tight trunks, and she could only laugh. "Where would he put that huge cock of his?" she asked herself. "He'd have to wrap it around his waist!"

The thought of Eric wrapping his cock around his waist tickled Cindy's funny bone and she began to laugh aloud. After nearly seven drinks her cackling was uncontrollable, and she rolled off the couch.

While she was rolling on the floor, she thought she heard a knock on the door. Quickly scampering to her feet, she walked to the door and unhooked the chain. The teacher slowly opened the door and looked out.

There was nobody at the door, so Cindy bounced back into the living room, leaving the front door slightly ajar.

In the living room, next to the television, stood a full-length mirror that had come with the apartment. As the young teacher passed the mirror, she stopped and looked at herself.

"I'm not that bad looking, you know that," she said aloud.

Cindy was wearing a tight halter, which accentuated her ample tits, and a pair of snug jeans. She looked at her girlish figure, her large tits, small waist, curving hips, and her long, sexy legs.

As she looked in the mirror, Cindy began to massage her large tits through the material of the halter top. She kneaded the spongy tit-flesh as if she were a baker working with dough.

Cindy began to get hot. Her nipples became hard and pushed out against the material. Disliking the pressure, she quickly took off her top and admired her ample tits in the mirror.

Her tits stood out from her body in all of their glory: large, rounded globes of smooth white skin, radiating heat. Cindy wetted her finger with some saliva and circled the nipple of first her right, then her left tit.

"Oh, what a pair of tits," she whispered proudly to herself.

As she circled each pinkish nipple, they seemed to get even harder, standing pertly at attention. She began to moan softly as she caressed her tits.

Her one hand trailed down her tight stomach to the clasp on her jeans. She slowly undid the button and began to wriggle, working the tight pants down her hips. The jeans slid down her hips and fell to the floor, leaving the hot teacher totally naked.

The teacher's hands began to gently make their way down her body toward her pussy. Her long nails daintily scratched at her smooth skin, creating tingles of pleasure all the way from her tits to her cunt.

When her fingers reached her luxurious cunt-bush, Cindy twirled the light-brown hairs with her fingers. The mound of hair was thick but well-groomed, everything had to be perfect for the teacher.

When she reached her cunt, Cindy inserted a long-nailed finger into it and began to gently tease the inner cuntal walls. She smiled as she watched herself in the mirror, gently fondling her pussy, looking for her clit.

"Boy, if my students could see me now," she said, laughing at the idea.

As her hands began to explore her cunt, the schoolteacher was thrown into a frenzy of passion. Her toes curled and uncurled and she rolled on her feet, rocking backward and forward, her hands rubbing hard at her pussy.

She found her clit and started massaging it gently. As her excitement mounted, she became increasingly rough with it, jerking it as if it were a little cock.

"Oh, God, I need a cock!" she moaned, visualizing Eric Bulton's tremendous, horse-like prick.

As she beat-off, she looked to the left of the mirror and noticed the antique chair her grandfather had left her when he had died.

It was an uncomfortable chair, cushionless with sharp lines, but the wood was smooth and beautiful. The arms on the chair were rounded and ended in large knobs. The knobs stuck out beyond the supports, extending some seven inches.

As she looked at the arms of the chair, an idea came to Cindy's mind. The large knobs reminded her of the mushroom-like head of Eric's prick. As she played with herself, Cindy imagined that the chair was some kind of two-cocked monster about to fuck her.

Cindy walked up to the chair and began to rub her body against one of the arms. She roughly butted her cunt into the chair arm, then straddled the cock-like object, thrusting her pelvis at it as if it were a giant dildo with legs.

The hard wood excited the sexy young teacher beyond control. Her panting and moaning became louder and louder as she rubbed her pussy all over the chair arm, coating it with her cunt-juices.

Suddenly she pushed her cunt over the knob of the chair arm. With all of her might she tried to fuck the large wooden chair with her cunt.

This is the perfect man, she thought, always hard and always willing to fuck!

Once she had circled the knob with the lips of her pussy, she slowly gyrated her hips, moving forward, engulfing the arm of the chair. Her juices were flowing, running down the arm of the chair and dripping onto the carpeting.

"Ahhhh!" she screamed as she finally shoved the baseball-sized cap into her cunt.

Cindy slowly inserted the chair arm into her steaming cunt. The head was so large that it scraped the walls of her pussy, and had it been only a fraction of an inch wider, she would never have been able to fuck it.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the wooden cock reached the back of Cindy's cunt. The young schoolteacher moaned softly and began to pull back.

The pleasure had become immense and Cindy was starting to reach her orgasm already. As the massive wooden arm slid out of her cunt, it rubbed roughly and sent shivers of pain and excitement throughout her body.

Cindy began to thrash back and forth as she inserted the mighty wooden cock a second time. This time she thrust forward quickly, jamming her tight cunt with the makeshift prick.

The teacher's pussy was absolutely filled with the massive chair arm. It had reached parts of her sexuality that had never been touched before.

"Yahhhh, this is great!" she screamed in ecstasy as she fucked her hips forward once more.

She wiggled her asscheeks as she pushed and pulled on the wooden cock. She wanted the dildo-like arm to satisfy her like never before, and it was working.

Finally the teacher reached orgasm, screaming wildly as she thrust forward, fucking herself on the chair. All of her muscles tightened up for one last plunge as she exploded in orgasm. Her cunt-juice seemed to shoot out of her pussy and pour down the arm of the chair.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned as she fell to the floor, all of her energy spent.

She lay there, her legs spread, pussy-juice slowly dripping from her ravished cunt. Her eyes slowly circled the room, turning toward the door, where she thought she heard a noise.

"Don't you know you can get slivers that way?" Keith Lawson asked, stepping through the open door, tugging at his pants.

Chapter FIVE

"Oh, babe, what a sight you are!" Keith said as he walked into the room.

Cindy was on the ground, exhausted after her sexual workout with the chair, cum dripping from her cunt, panting like a dog in heat.

When she saw Keith, she hurried into a sitting position and pulled her shirt over her body, trying to cover herself.

"How long have you been in that doorway?" she asked.

"Long enough to know how much you love antique furniture!" he laughed.

"You're one hell of a comedian, aren't you?" "I like to think of myself as a lover, not a comedian."

He walked up to the young teacher and gently pulled the shirt away from her, exposing her beautiful body.

Cindy slowly raised her eyes to his. She was more embarrassed than she could ever remember being. She had just had wild sex with a wooden chair, screaming and thrashing about with abandon, and the whole episode had been witnessed by one of her fellow teachers.

"Why don't you just get the fuck out of here!" she gasped.

"Well," Keith said, with a smirk on his face. "I was hoping to get a fuck in here."

"You make me sick," Cindy said as she stood up, turning her back to the rude gym teacher. Keith, still in a state of excitement over watching Cindy fuck the chair, walked over to her and put his arm on her shoulder.

"Come on, woman, I just thought you might want to get off with some actual flesh for a change," he said as he rubbed up against the back of her body.

As Keith continued to press his body and his hard cock against her, Cindy's anger and fear subsided and sexual anticipation overwhelmed her.

"All right, I guess I could use a little pick-me-up!"

"That's more like it sweetheart, and you won't be sorry, that I guarantee!"

Cindy turned around and began to kiss Keith. It started as a warm, soft kiss, but quickly turned into a hot burning tongue-lashing. Cindy was completely naked, and her body was pressed tightly against Keith's. She could feel all of the strong muscles in his body, especially the long outline of his hard cock.

As Keith thrust his tongue into the hot young schoolteacher's mouth, he slid both of his hands down to her smooth ass-cheeks. His fingers kneaded her plump ass and he pulled her even closer to him.

Cindy, becoming more turned on with every passing second, ground her cunt into the front of his jeans. She wanted the gym teacher to dry-hump her with his clothes still on. Both teachers began to breathe loudly as they rubbed roughly against each other.

Cindy's ass pulled up and thrust against the material of Keith's pants. Keith slid a finger into her asshole and moved it around.

"Ooooh!" Cindy moaned as she felt the man's finger delving into a part of her body that had always been private.

As his finger worked in and out of her ass, the teacher became hotter and hotter. Cindy grabbed Keith's cock through his pants and began massaging it roughly.

"I need your cock!" she gasped as her hips gyrated against his body.

"Well, go ahead and take it out," Keith said, smiling down at her.

The naked schoolteacher immediately got down on her knees in front of him. Gingerly, she undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. She slowly pulled the jeans down his well-muscled thighs and stared at his crotch.

This time Keith was wearing underwear, but they were pushed out in front by the force of his large blood-engorged prick.

"Kiss my cock through my underwear -- worship it," he said, leering at the horny teacher.

Cindy pressed her lips against the cock-head and kissed it through the cotton material of the briefs. Seemingly with a life of its own, the cock jerked forward and struggled even more fiercely to escape from the shorts.

No longer able to control herself, Cindy grasped the elastic waistband of the briefs and pulled them down to the gym-teacher's knees. His big prick popped out, and the spongy cock-head bounced against her nose.

"Lick it, bitch!" Keith said, gritting his teeth in excitement.

Cindy looked at the towering cock hungrily and darted her tongue out. She licked up the smooth white skin of the underside. Her tongue followed the blue veins up to the spongy head of the prick. The cock tasted salty and yet delicious to the young teacher.

"Get my cock wet so I can slide it into you, girl," he said.

Cindy drooled as she tongued Keith's cock. While she was licking the cock-shaft, she noticed his heavy balls bouncing under her chin.

On a whim, the woman opened her mouth widely and popped one of Keith's large balls in. The ball filled her mouth entirely and she moved it around with her tongue.

"Lick the other one while you're down there!"

She let the one ball fall out her mouth, and quickly sucked up the other one.

Keith could not believe how the young teacher was going to town on his balls. She had coated his cock with her saliva and now she was giving his balls the same treatment.

While she licked his cock and balls, Cindy's ass wiggled from side to side.

The more Keith watched her cute little ass sway from side to side, the more excited he became. He looked down at his spit-soaked cock and Cindy's big brown eyes gazing hopefully up at him.

"You've lathered it up for a good ass-fucking, babe," he said, laughing at the naked schoolteacher.

"I thought you said you were going to fuck me. What's this ass-fucking stuff all about?" Cindy asked.

"Look, bitch, your hot ass has just about got me shooting my load, so I'm gonna show you something even better than your everyday fuck!" Keith screamed, grinning down at her.

The thought of her fellow teacher burying his big cock in her asshole was terrifying to Cindy. But part of her also found it somewhat thrilling.

Keith couldn't wait any longer, so he roughly pushed her face-down on the carpeting.

"Get ready for it baby. You'll love it!" Cindy was angered by his rough handling, especially the way he shoved her to the floor. But Keith was acting like a wild animal. An animal that was about to fuck her ass! Keith was lying on top of her, sliding his well-lubricated prick up and down her asscrack, while both of his hands worked on the school-teacher's tits.

Meanwhile Cindy was beginning to get worked up herself. The gym teacher was naked and rubbing briskly against her. The feeling of the fat, spit-soaked cock sliding up and down against her asscrack began to cause a tingling feeling in her cunt.

Keith was in seventh heaven as he slid his body wetly across the Cindy's back. He marveled at her smooth skin and shapely body. Her pert ass was beginning to respond to his cock sliding against them. Cindy began to push up with her ass, as if she wanted to be assfucked.

Sensing that the cute schoolteacher was getting ready to be fucked, Keith could hold on no longer.

For a moment, Cindy could not feel Keith on top of her. His hands were kneading her asscheeks as she heard him spit.

What the hell is he spitting for? she wondered warily.

Suddenly Keith grabbed her ass roughly and pried her ass-cheeks apart. Before Cindy had time to think, she was being fucked by his tremendous prick.

"Aaarghh!" Cindy screamed as the man's giant cock slammed into her tight little asshole. Keith had decided to go for broke with the first thrust. By the way Cindy had been reacting, he had assumed that she had taken it up the ass before. But this thought was immediately removed when he fucked into her asshole.

The movement was quick and yet painful for both. Keith was amazed at the tightness of her ass as it squeezed on his cock.

To Cindy, it was the most painful thing she had ever felt. His thick cock seemed to pull her apart. It was like sitting on a baseball bat.

As Keith began slowly to pull back, tears welled in Cindy's eyes. Despite the spit that had covered the man's cock, it still pulled painfully at the inner walls of her asshole.

"Oh, baby, are you tight!" he groaned as fucked his massive prick in for a second time. The second time Cindy was more prepared. She bit down on her lip as the cock slid into her ass. A bit of blood escaped from her lip, but the second thrust was not nearly as painful as the first.

As the gym teacher continued to fuck her asshole, Cindy felt as if she were simply a piece of meat, lying around to be fucked by any and all men.

Here she was, lying naked on the floor while a fellow teacher fucked her ass.

Meanwhile, Keith was beginning to get into it. His cock was sliding much easier into her asshole and he was beginning to get a lot of satisfaction from it. As he fucked relentlessly into her ass, he came closer and closer to orgasm.

As Keith continued to fuck her ass, Cindy realized that the pain had started to subside. The feeling of the tremendous prick filling her asshole was starting to feel really good.

As he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her ass, it would rub against the underside of her pussy lining. Despite trying to control the feelings, Cindy was getting pleasure from the assfuck.

"Ohhhh, unngh!" she moaned, as the cock rubbed against her ass-ring.

"Baby, you've got the sweetest ass I've ever fucked," Keith said when he saw the attitude change in the schoolteacher.

Soon Cindy's moans of anguish had turned to cries of pleasure. Her clit was standing at attention, the plunges of the man's cock making her feel like cumming.

On a whim, Keith reached underneath his pistoning prick and started to play with Cindy's pussy.

As soon as she felt his hand on her cunt, Cindy knew there was no hope. She would be shooting off in a matter of seconds. The constant attack of the fat cock into her asshole, together with rubbing at her clit, was simply too much for her to take.

"Yessss! Fuck me, fuck me!" Cindy screamed, no longer caring how depraved she had become.

The constant fucking and the way Keith's balls continuously slapped against her asscheeks sent shivers of excitement through the young schoolteacher's body. Her cunt expanded and contracted around his fingers, girl-cum dripping down onto the floor.

Soon she was begging him to fuck her ass as she lay there panting like a dog in heat.

The sudden change from fear to sexual frenzy had not gone unnoticed by Keith. He laughed as he watched the prim, courteous teacher beg for his cock up her asshole.

"Babe, you've got me just about ready!" he yelled as he fucked one final time into her shit-chute.

Cindy could feel the cock expanding in her ass.

"Yeesss!" she screamed as fireworks went off in her head.

Her cunt squeezed tightly around his fingers and spasmed to orgasm.

Keith could feel her pussy sucking on his hand, and then a flood of cunt-juice spilled down his hand onto the carpeting.

Realizing that he too was reaching orgasm, Keith abruptly pulled out of her asshole with a loud popping noise.

His cock seemed to swell to huge proportions as a wad of jism shot out and landed near the back of Cindy's neck. Keith grabbed the base of his cock and began to spray spunk all over the woman's back.

He yelled as load after load of creamy cum blasted out of his prick and coated the back and ass of the schoolteacher.

Cindy could feel the hot splashes of cum spurting all over her back, but she was too wrapped up in her own orgasm to fully enjoy it. As the last shot of cum erupted from Keith's prick, he fell forward on top of the young woman. There was an audible splash as he landed on a dozen blobs of his own cum. He stayed there panting for a couple of minutes while the spunk cooled and congealed between them.

Cindy breathed deeply as she relaxed, the jism slowly running from her back onto the carpeting.

She felt Keith on top of her, but the events of the day had worn her out, and she drifted into a light sleep.

Chapter SIX

Cindy awoke with a start. She jumped up from the floor and quickly glanced at the clock. It was after ten in the morning.

"Shit, I've got to get to school!" She quickly ran to the bathroom. It was not until the shower was washing the dried cum from her back that she realized that it was Saturday.

Cindy began to laugh when she realized that she had nearly freaked out for nothing. She slowly rinsed the shampoo from her hair and thought about the incredible sexual events of the previous day. The water was warm and relaxing.

When she got out of the shower, she fixed herself some breakfast and thought about the chores that had to be done. Despite living in an apartment, Cindy was responsible for a small grassy yard behind the building. She usually had her sister's son, Marty, over to cut the grass on the weekends.

Her sister, Elizabeth, was a few years older than Cindy. Elizabeth had been divorced for nearly two years, and because she only lived two blocks away, she kept in close contact with her younger sister.

Cindy felt sorry for her older sister. She seemed so lonely, living in a big house with only her young son for companionship.

All of these thoughts passed quickly through Cindy's mind as she dialed her sister's number. "Hi, Liz? Oh good, this is Cindy."

"Oh, Cindy! Glad to hear from you," Elizabeth said. "How was your first week at school?"

"Oh, quite eventful!" Cindy giggled to herself as she remembered her wild sexual encounters. "Oh, Liz, the reason I'm calling is that, well, the grass is getting kind of long out back..."

"And you'd like to know if my gorgeous son will come over and cut it for you, right?" "Well, it sure would be great if he has the time," Cindy said.

"You know kids. They never have the time, but I'm sure if you're still willing to give him five bucks like last time he'll be over in a flash," Elizabeth said.

"Tell him the deal's the same as always and I'll be expecting him."

After she hung up the phone, Cindy though abut her young nephew. My God, she thought, I sucked off someone only a year older than him yesterday.

The thought bothered her for a moment but then she dismissed it. After all, she thought, Eric is much more mature than Marty -- with a cock like his, he had to be a man. Marty was just a child, a well-mannered, loving nephew who was always willing to help his aunt.

Nearly an hour passed before Cindy heard a knock at the door.

"Oh, Martin, I'm glad you could make it!" "Hi, Aunt Cindy," the young boy said, blushing and looking downward.

He was always embarrassed when he came in contact with his young aunt.

"Well, come on in and sit down. Maybe you can tell you old aunt what's new," Cindy said, ushering the blond-haired boy in.

Marty walked over to the antique chair and sat down. He put his hand on the armrest and immediately pulled it back. Something cold and sticky coated the armrest. He brought his hand to his nose. The sticky substance smelled strange to Marty and he quickly wiped his hand on his jeans.

Cindy was watching her nephew in horror. She quickly darted into the kitchen and brought out a towel.

"Oh, I must have spilled something on the chair this morning," she said as she raced over and began cleaning up the girl-cum from the night before.

Marty was uncomfortable with his beautiful young aunt kneeling so close to him. Her ample tits bounced in her skimpy halter top as she cleaned the chair.

Marty looked at her beautiful young body and could not help getting excited. Blood rushed to his youthful cock, making the lad cross his legs to cover his growing hard-on.

Cindy looked lovingly at Marty. They had always been close. He's such a beautiful young boy, she thought. His blonde hair, boyish face, and thin body highlighted his good looks.

The young teacher couldn't help but notice that the boy was squirming on the chair. From her kneeling position, she looked directly at the crotch of his jeans. Was it her imagination, or did he have a huge bulge in his jeans? She dismissed the thought quickly and went back to wiping the arm of the chair.

Marty's squirming didn't work. His hard cock pushed straight down the leg of his jeans and stuck out. Embarrassed, he simply looked at the TV and ignored both his aunt and his hard prick.

Cindy looked back up at her nephew as she finished wiping off the chair. Marty was ignoring her and watching television, but the giant bulge running down the leg of his jeans immediately caught the schoolteacher's attention.

Cindy was quite surprised. She was unable to mix the two images -- her young virginal nephew with the big hard cock. The bulge in his pants ran down his leg nearly eight inches. Even more surprising was its thickness compared to his thin legs and waist. Cindy could not help but notice the thick head of Marty's cock.

The schoolteacher had to pull her eyes from the boy's crotch. Her feelings of excitement were unnatural, maybe even perverse -- or so she thought.

Cindy stood up and cleared her mind of her sexual thoughts.

"The grass is sure getting long. I'm really glad you could make it over here today," Cindy said as she walked over to the bar and poured herself a drink.

"Uh, yeah," Marty said. "Sure, Aunt Cindy, no problem."

He hoped his aunt hadn't noticed the raging hard-on in his jeans.

"In fact, I better get out there and get to it," he said as he stumbled to his feet. His jeans tented out in front of him as he scurried to the door and went outside.

Cindy chuckled. She had felt guilty about her passionate thoughts, and her poor young nephew was so embarrassed he had almost passed out! She took her drink to the window and watched the youth cut grass. He seemed more relaxed, his hard-on obviously softer.

I wonder if he got excited looking at me? she thought.

Cindy watched him somewhat hungrily, his thin, wiry body, never tiring, barely sweating. The wind blew his thick blonde hair back, exposing his perfect features and tanned face.

Cindy tried to imagine him naked, the vision of the large bulge she had seen earlier sticking in her mind. She knew that cocks reached their full size before the rest of the body, at least during puberty. But the thought of Marty's thin boyish body sporting a thick eight-inch cock was hard to imagine.

As she sucked on her drink her imaginings began to turn her on.

God, I wish he wasn't my nephew, she thought, remembering her incident with Eric. After all, he had been young, and his prick would have satisfied any reeds she might have.

The ringing of the phone interrupted her thoughts.

"Hello," she said, quickly finishing her drink.

"Hi, Cindy, this Liz. Is Marty still there?" "Yes, Elizabeth. He's taking care of the lawn right now."

"Oh good, I just called his father and he wants to take us out tonight. Can you imagine it, we've been split up for nearly two years now and he wants to take both of us to dinner!"

"I think that's nice," Cindy said. "Besides, he hasn't spent much time with Martin since the divorce, maybe he's begun to realize how distant he's been."

"Yeah it's nice all right," Elizabeth said. "But our shower isn't working and we're supposed to leave in two hours. Can Marty bathe at your place?"

"Of course! I don't have a shower but he can use my bath tub. I'll have him squeaky clean and ready to go by three."

"Thanks a bunch, Sis," Elizabeth said, and hung up.

Shortly after Elizabeth called, Marty finished the lawn and came back into the apartment. He was tired, and a thin layer of sweat coated his hairless chest.

"Boy that was fast," Cindy said as she walked into the living room, a drink in hand. She had mixed herself a second, and then a third drink while Marty was cutting the grass. The gin had settled into her head, giving her a pretty good buzz.

"Yeah, I decided to go fast the last few times around the yard."

"To burn up some nervous energy?" Cindy asked.

"Well, I guess." Marty looked down, not quite sure what his aunt meant by her last remark.

"Oh, by the way, your mom called," Cindy said as she gulped down the last of her drink. "Your dad is taking you two out to dinner. You better take a bath here before you go home. You don't want to be all sweaty."

She walked over and wiped her fingers on his shoulder. Marty pulled back, but Cindy wetted her fingers on him and then quickly raised them to her mouth. Before she knew what she was doing she had licked the salty sweat from her fingers, literally tasting the boy while he watched, astonished.

Cindy, fairly drunk, shrugged her shoulders and bounced into the kitchen to make another drink.

Unable to figure his aunt out, Marty went to the bathroom and began to take his clothes off. He wondered why she had tasted his sweat, but just figured that his aunt was drunk. He'd never been drunk himself, but he'd seen people before who were bombed, and he knew that they acted strange.

Marty began running the water for his bath, but before he took his pants off, he tried unsuccessfully to shut the bathroom door. Apparently the humidity had warped the door, making it a little too large for the frame. Finally giving up, the boy quickly shucked off his pants and got into the tub. The water felt wonderfully good on his warm, tired body.

Cindy finished making her drink and walked into the living room to see what was on TV. As she flipped through the stations she heard the swishing sound as Marty settled into the tub. She noticed that the bathroom door was ajar about six inches.

For a few minutes Cindy sat there, envisioning the young taut body of her nephew. She could imagine him slowly soaping his strong, hairless chest, then his thin, flat stomach. Cindy nearly choked as her fantasy reached its peak, and the virginal boy began massaging his massive cock and balls.

Cindy thought about the previous day. Despite her degradation, she had inwardly loved each of her encounters. The sight and taste of Eric's huge cock had made her explode in orgasm. When Keith had fucked her she came more times than she ever even imagined she could.

Another light splash from the bathroom pulled Cindy out of her fantasy. The partially opened door tempted her.

"Maybe I'll just take a peek and see how he's doing," she muttered under her breath.

As she stood up, the liquor rushed to her head and created a feeling of dizziness. She giggled as she weaved slowly toward the bathroom.

Chapter SEVEN

Marty had settled smoothly into the water and had begun cleaning himself. He began thinking about his sexy aunt.

The way her huge tits spilled over her halter top was stuck in the boy's mind. For years he'd had a crush in her, but today, while she kneeled in front of him, he'd nearly lost his cool. He hoped she hadn't noticed his hard-on.

Just thinking about his aunt got him hard again. His cock rose slowly, its large crimson head breaking out of the water.

Marty looked at his prick. Lately it had embarrassed him a lot. In school he felt like a freak, his cock seemed so much larger than his friends' cocks. He had read somewhere that the average cock was six inches long. Marty's had passed the eight-inch mark some time ago.

The size only seemed to bother Marty when, like today, it got out of control and became obvious.

As he continued to think of his aunt he began slowly stroking his now rock-hard cock. Cindy approached the bathroom. She heard the light splashing of water as she slowly peeked around the edge of the door.

Cindy could not help gasping at what she saw. She saw her young nephew in the water. But it wasn't the sight of the youth's tanned, thin body that surprised Cindy. What amazed her was the size of the boy's prick as it rose out of the water.

Cindy did not expect to see Marty playing with himself. In fact, she had just hoped to catch a glance of his young, firm ass, or maybe a glimpse of his boyish cock. The sight of his large, man-like prick protruding from the soapy water made her gasp loudly.

Luckily for Cindy, the boy did not hear her.

He continued to massage his cock, slowly sliding his grip up and down the entire length of his erect fuck-stick.

Cindy was taken aback by the lad's virile beauty. Here he was, barely a teenager, yet gripped tightly in his wet hand was the prick of a powerful man. The teacher was amazed at the beauty of the cock. The white cock was smooth, and contrasted with the brown tan on the rest of his body.

The smooth cock-shaft led up to a crimson cock-head. Cindy had to squeeze her legs together to keep from cumming as she admired the mushroom-like cock-head that topped off the perfect specimen of manhood. As the boy's soap-slicked hand slid up to the prick-head Cindy nearly drooled.

Oh, to feel that cock in my pussy, she thought dreamily. Although not quite as large as Eric's, Marty's cock was the third big cock she had encountered in two days.

"Boy, I'm getting spoiled!" she whispered. Cindy stood frozen as she watched the boy beat his cock. His eyes were closed, and his teeth were clenched in a grimace, as if he were in pain. But Marty wasn't feeling pain. It had been several weeks since he had cum, and now he was on the threshold of an explosive orgasm. The veins in Marty's neck stood out as he neared his climax. His right hand quickened the pace, and he brought his left hand up to massage his balls.

Cindy watched with excitement as his left hand lifted his sac out the water, and she saw his immense pair of balls.

The muscles in the boy's legs tensed, raising his ass out of the soapy water.

Suddenly Cindy had a clear view of her nephew's entire crotch. His eight-inch cock rose completely out of the water, followed by the sac containing his egg-sized balls. His asscheeks clenched as his muscles flexed to push his pelvis up.

As his soapy hand slid slowly to the tip of his massive hard-on, Marty moaned audibly. The head of his cock seemed to darken and jerk in his hand.

Although it was only the start of a tremendous orgasm, a spurt of clear jism shot out of the head of the boy's cock and ran down the shaft to his sparse patch of cock-hair.

Cindy knew she had to react quickly. In another minute Martin was going to cum. Although she wanted to watch the boy, to take in his virginal expression, to watch his young cock squirt as only a youngster's can, she knew that if she wanted to get in on his sexual excitement she would have to catch him before his orgasm.

Cindy quickly went to the closet and got a towel. Without wasting another second, she shoved the bathroom door open and walked in on the masturbating youth.

"I thought you might need a towel, honey..." she stopped short, acting surprised as she looked down at the tub.

Marty's eyes snapped open and he almost fainted. He looked down just as his aunt did, and realized what a compromising position he was in.

Rising high above the water was his cock at full mast. Running from the cock-head was a steady stream of jism. His hand gripped tightly on the prick-shaft.

Cindy dropped the towel in mock amazement. The close view of her nephew in all of his sexual splendor took her breath away.

Cindy looked down, her hands no longer holding the towel, her eyes fixed on the boy's hard prick. Marty looked at his aunt, a look of embarrassment and surprise on his face.

Suddenly Marty pushed his ass hard against the bottom of the tub. He sat up, trying to push his still-hard cock beneath the soapy water where it would not be so noticeable. His face immediately turned a deep shade of red.

Cindy watched his actions with glee. Despite his efforts, Marty could not get his cock beneath the water. The sheer size of his cock made the task impossible. No matter how he moved, at least four inches of the thick prick waved awkwardly above the water.

Like an apple floating in a pond, the boy's red cock-head remained above the water's surface, leaking a steady stream of pre-cum.

"I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to surprise you," Cindy said with genuine feeling. Marty just sat there sputtering, his hard cock waving in the shallow water.

"Don't worry, Marty," Cindy said as she approached the tub. "It's only natural for a young boy your age to feel like relieving himself. You're at your sexual peak, and sometimes you just can't control your body."

She sat down on the edge of the bathtub. Marty was beside himself with humiliation. His own aunt, his mother's sister had actually caught him playing with himself!

"You're not gonna tell my mom, are you?" he asked, his voice breaking slightly.

"No!" Cindy chuckled lightly. "Of course not. Why would I do a thing like that. Just relax sweetheart. Like I said, it's only natural, and you don't have to worry about your mean old Aunt Cindy."

She rubbed his head softly, tousling his hair. The tone of her voice helped settle Marty down. He almost forgot about his predicament. "Now you shouldn't feel guilty because I walked in on you. You should be proud that you're so..." she paused, the liquor once again confusing her tongue, "...er, so, so well-endowed!"

She looked down at her nephew's hard cock. "But it's so embarrassing," he said shyly. "I wish it wasn't so big."

"Oh, never wish that honey!" she laughed at the boy's innocence. "Women like nice big cocks!"

Cindy reached out and gave his prick a squeeze.

Chapter EIGHT

As she touched the boy's cock, she was amazed at the heat that seemed to radiate from it. She gripped the top half lightly and gave it a quick shake. Her hand slid easily to the cock-head. The boy's cock was wet with pre-cum.

Marty could hardly believe what his aunt did next. Cindy quickly brought her hands to her face and licked her palm.

The boy watched in astonishment as his aunt licked the light coat of cum from her palm.

Cindy loved the taste -- it seemed even sweeter than Eric's cum, as if this innocent young boy's personality was manifested in his jism.

Marty did not know how to react. When Cindy had lightly gripped his cock he had nearly cum. Her soft, small hand, barely able to encircle his rigid cock, had felt heavenly to the boy. His cock jerked in response. It was the first time his cock had ever been touched by anyone but himself.

Cindy could not help but notice the reaction of her nephew when she gripped his cock. His eyes had nearly bulged out of their sockets, and his cock had nearly exploded in her hand.

"You liked that a lot, didn't you?" Cindy asked, smiling down at her nephew in the tub. "Yeah," Marty said, sheepishly averting his eyes. "It felt great."

"You don't have to feel guilty, honey. If it feels good, then it is good."

She picked up a soapy washcloth and began massaging his chest.

"You know Aunt Cindy is always here to help you out, no matter what you may need." She continued to soap his chest in ever-widening circles.

"You just need to relax, babe, and I'll take care of you," she said as the soapy washcloth traveled down the boy's stomach.

Marty sat in the tub trying to calm down. His breath came in short bursts, but the soapy massage felt good. Cindy continued to wipe lower with the wet towel until she reached his recently developed cock-hair.

Cindy soaped lower and leaned closer to her nephew, allowing her large tits to spill over her halter top. Marty's eyes could not help taking in the beauty of her firm tits. Each time she would swirl her hand on his chest, her tits would push tightly against the flimsy material of her top.

Cindy was getting a thrill from rubbing her young nephew's tanned, smooth chest. She paused and looked down at the boy's half-hard cock.

The boy's cock stood out of the soapy water a good four inches. Cindy brought the soapy washcloth down to the base of her nephew's cock. As she swirled the cloth around his prick, Marty moaned.

"Uh, what are you doing?" he asked as his aunt's hand brushed down against his cock. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'm just making sure you get clean."

Cindy, no longer in control of herself, began rubbing the boy's cock and soaping his balls. The soap worked up a lather, and Cindy dropped the cloth and began massaging the lad's cock and balls with her bare hand.

Marty's cock seemed to jump in her hand as she massaged it. The soap ran across his sac as she lifted his balls. Cindy was amazed at their size.

"Oh, baby, it's so perfect," Cindy said as she continued to fondle his prick.

Marty nearly passed out with joy. As his aunt continued to circle his now rock-hard cock, all of the boy's muscles relaxed and he slid lower in the tub.

"Let me get in there with you, baby," she said as she put her leg right into the soapy water. Surprised, Marty slid over to the left to let his aunt into the water.

Cindy had on a wrap-around skirt. Now, before she fell into the tub, she quickly unfastened the snap and pulled the tight little skirt off.

Marty gasped as his aunt took off her skirt. She was wearing only a flimsy pair of white panties. Cindy dropped the skirt to the floor and climbed in on top of her young nephew.

Marty did not know how to react as his sexy aunt nearly pounced on him in the water. Cindy's pink halter top immediately became soaked. She snuggled up against Marty, her large nipples pushing through the wet material to rub against his smooth chest. Marty's rock-hard, eight-inch cock slid wetly from her crotch to just above her navel. She ground her pelvis against it.

Marty was no longer capable of even thinking clearly. He was in a state of sexual uncontrollability, he simply let his aunt rub against him in the soapy water.

Cindy kissed the boy's perfect face as she slid up and down against his wet body in the small tub. She knew that the teenager had worked himself into a frenzy. She pushed away from him for a moment and asked if he would like it if she took off her halter top.

Marty, unable to believe his aunt's question, gulped and shook his head. He'd dreamed of Cindy's sensational tits for years and couldn't believe that she was about to strip off her top as she laid on him in a bathtub!

Cindy, still a little drunk from all her drinking, quickly shucked off her wet halter top. Her thirty-nine-inch tits flopped out as she pulled off the wet material.

Marty's eyes bugged out as his aunt's giant tits swung in front of his face.

Cindy smiled and lowered her tits into the shallow water as she hugged her handsome nephew.

"Oh God, Marty you turn me on so much!" the teacher moaned as she hugged the boy. Cindy knew that Marty was going to cum at any moment. His body was rigid, his eyes were glazed over, and he looked like he was going to start drooling. The virginal youth was obviously overwhelmed by his aunt's advances. But Cindy had to be satisfied. She knew that the boy would not be able to last a second in her tight pussy. She also wanted to see him blow his wad -- she knew that he was primed for a tremendous orgasm and she wanted to watch. Marty had moved to the side of the tub so that both he and his aunt were lying on their sides, facing each other. Cindy slowly slid her hand up and down his massive prick-shaft. The mushroom-shaped head of his cock rubbed against the bottom of her left tit, leaving a trail of sticky cum on her chest.

Suddenly the teacher had an idea.

"I want you to fuck my tits, Marty," Cindy said as she tugged sharply at his long fuck-stick. Marty couldn't believe his aunt. He didn't even really know what she meant, but he assumed by the way she slid under him that he was supposed to get on top of her in the soapy tub.

The naked boy sat up on his haunches as Cindy slid beneath him. She got directly between his legs. His thin chest tapered to a tiny waist. His hips and ass were thin and muscular.

Standing out from his small torso was a tremendous cock, over eight inches long and as thick as his wrist. At the end of the perfectly shaped cock was a large, crimson head.

Beneath his beautiful cock, several inches lower, hung two egg-sized balls, caught up in a crinkled sac. A large drop of jism seemed to hang from the tip of the rigid prick until it flipped onto Cindy's stomach.

Cindy's excitement reached an incredible level as she looked up at his stiff prick. She could not believe the size of her nephew's cock.

As the drop of jism fell to her stomach, Cindy began to rub it into her smooth skin. Unable to wait any longer, Cindy grabbed Marty by the ass and pulled his body up in the tub. He moved forward about a foot, his legs still spread wide, his aunt breathing heavily beneath him.

Now the boy was perched directly above his aunt's stomach. His balls hung low and brushed against her.

"Do you know what I want you to do next?" Cindy asked huskily.

"Uh, no, I guess not!" Marty gasped, so nervous and excited that he could barely communicate.

"I want you to take this wonderful cock of yours," she said as she tried unsuccessfully to wrap her fingers around his immense prick, "and fuck me between my tits."

Cindy nearly hissed out the last line -- she couldn't wait any longer. Her cunt was burning, her cuntal juices flowing freely.

Cindy gripped her nephew's cock and pulled him toward her tits. No longer in control himself, Marty let his aunt manipulate his prick.

Cindy fished out the bar of soap from the tub and began to lather up Marty's cock. It jerked clumsily in her hand and she hoped he wasn't going to shoot before he began to fuck her tits.

Marty grunted as Cindy pulled his cock to her huge tits. Her tits seemed to fall to both sides of her body, leaving a canyon between them.

By now Cindy had done a good job of lathering up the youth's prick. His large cock bobbed in the air above her chest, dripping a combination of suds and pre-cum.

Marty hovered above his beautiful aunt, straddling her perfectly shaped tits. He gasped as Cindy pulled his cock toward her heaving tit-flesh. He pushed forward with his pelvis and his dripping cock slid snugly between his aunt's throbbing tits.

"Oh, it's so hot!" Cindy moaned as the boy's cock slid between her tits like a sword in a sheath.

Marty nearly shot off as he felt his soapy prick slide against his aunt's smooth skin. "This is great," he whispered between clenched teeth as he pushed his slim hips forward and his huge cock slid all of the way up to Cindy's throat.

Cindy looked at her gorgeous nephew's face as he fucked her tits. His face was bright-red and the muscles in his neck stood out like tight cords. Her eyes moved from his neck down to his flat stomach and slim hips. Her hands clasped onto his smooth ass and she pulled him forward.

Cindy moaned as she watched the boy's well-lubed cock slide up her chest until the apple-sized cock-head rested at the bottom of her neck. As if on cue, a huge drop of pre-cum oozed out of his cock-head and landed on her throat.

Although he was a virgin, Marty knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck his aunt's tits as hard as possible and then spray his cum all over her face.

Cindy had the same idea. She couldn't wait for the boy to cum.

"Come on baby, fuck me!" she hissed, grinding her legs together, trying to get some clit stimulation going.

Marty pulled back and thrust forward. The smooth, slippery sensation ran chills of excitement up his spine.

Cindy, trying to increase the friction, used her arms to push her tits together. As the pressure tightened, Cindy could feel every vein in Marty's cock. The heat from his rigid prick seemed to burn her skin.

Now that Cindy had tightened the channel between her tits, Marty could feel the friction. He increased the speed of his plunges and moved forward so that his cock was actually touching Cindy's chin at the end of each thrust. Cindy watched excitedly as each thrust brought the tip of Marty's prick closer to her mouth. "Yes!" Cindy yelled as the red, bulbous prick-tip stormed up to her lips.

Cindy flicked her tongue out and wiped a taste of jism from the boy's cock.

The sight of his aunt squirming beneath him, licking at his cock, made Marty shiver with excitement. As he fucked forward, he lost control and began fucking wildly between Cindy's tits. The muscles in the boy's stomach tightened with each thrust.

The sound of wet skin slapping reverberated through the apartment with each thrust, as Marty's asscheeks slapped against his aunt's smooth, wet stomach.

Cindy looked at the wild expression in her nephew's eyes and couldn't believe the sexual fury she had unleashed. Every vein in his body seemed to stand out as he continually lunged forward, fucking his huge cock up her tit-channel.

Cindy knew it would only be a moment before he lost control. She was actually amazed that a virgin his age had lasted as long as he had.

Marty's final thrust between her tits stopped short, about four inches from Cindy's chin. A tremendous shudder went through his body. His eyes rolled and he let out a howl.

"Yes, do it!" Cindy screamed as she watched the head of Marty's cock enlarge and turn a deeper shade of red. The boy's balls seemed to swell.

"Yaarggh!" Marty screamed as his orgasm hit.

Cindy was looking down at the bulbous head of Marty's cock as it exploded. The slit in the cock-head opened up and a shower of spunk came spurting out.

Cindy watched as the hot stream of cum spurted toward her face. The stream shot past her face and into her hair.

Marty watched in glee as a continuous stream of jism shot from his cock into his aunt's hair, finally trailing down from her forehead to her nose.

Cindy was enjoying the hot wetness of the jism when the boy's prick shot out a second stream of cum. She opened her mouth wide and Marty spurted directly into her throat and down to her chin.

Cindy swallowed lustily, gulping down the hot cum. It tasted thick and salty. The slime slid down her throat easily, with the consistency of raw egg.

Cindy was amazed at the intensity of the boy's orgasm. The first two cum-shots had nearly equaled the size of any orgasm she had ever witnessed, but it appeared that Marty was just beginning.

"Ohhh!" he moaned as his huge prick readied for a third spurt.

The third stream of jism shot to her already-full mouth. Cindy closed her mouth as soon as it was packed with cum and the boy's third wad landed heavily on her lips and chin. Marty watched as he continued to shoot wads of jism onto his aunt's face.

Cindy couldn't believe how much cum he seemed to have in his balls. Cum just kept blasting onto her face.

Cindy's face was coated with thick splotches of cum. As she tried to swallow the spunk in her mouth, streams of jizz ran down her face into the soapy water.

Marty had no idea when he was going to stop. He had never had such a tremendous orgasm. Finally, after his eighth, ninth, and tenth spurts, the boy's orgasm subsided. He thrust forward a final time and popped his cock-head into his aunt's empty mouth.

Cindy gulped down the delicious deluge of jism just in time, as the boy slid forward and rammed his prick between her luscious red lips. The huge apple-sized cock-head fucked into Cindy's mouth and nearly filled it.

After filling her mouth until she nearly choked, Marty pulled back. Cindy tried to swallow her second mouthful of cum unsuccessfully. She choked slightly and coughed out a glob of cum which ran down the corners of her mouth. Marty laughed as he looked at his aunt's cum-soaked face. From her hair down to her neck Cindy looked like a melting wax image. Thick, cooling, cum dripped from her mouth and chin. Cindy grabbed the boy's cock and gave it a final jerk. A final drop of cum streamed out and she licked it up lovingly.

She looked up at her nephew's innocent smile and noticed how relaxed he was.

In the midst of the boy's orgasm, Cindy had cum. The unending spray of cum from his large cock had really turned her on.


The next few days went rather quickly for Cindy. She didn't run into Marty the whole week. She was quite happy about that, since the Saturday afternoon encounter had embarrassed her a great deal.

Cindy developed an ability to ignore Eric Bulton's knowing stares and sexual leers. He had stayed away from her the entire week and Cindy hoped that her oversexed student had taken their afternoon sex as the first and last payment of his blackmail scheme.

She had, however, come into contact with the gym teacher, Keith, a couple of times. Aside from an occasional pinch on the ass and a wink he kept his distance.

As the end of the week neared, Cindy began to wonder if any of the events of the previous Friday and Saturday had really taken place. She wasn't quite sure if they were simply the imaginings of an undersexed mind.

Friday mornings began quite unpleasantly for Cindy. Her alarm did not go off as it should have. Instead, the bleary-eyed teacher rolled over, cocked one eye open, and nearly fell out of bed when she noticed it was seven-thirty.

"Jesus!" she screamed as she jumped out of bed and threw on her clothes.

In her hurry she put a good-sized run in her stockings.

"Oh, this is going to be a red-letter day," she said sardonically as she rushed out the door. It was a beautiful spring day, but Cindy only noticed the bumper-to-bumper traffic as she drove to the high school. Despite her efforts, she was an hour late for school.

She hurried into her first class, only to be met by Keith Lawson.

"Here's our pretty little lady," he said to the class as Cindy showed up. She gave him a quick, sharp look and smiled at the class.

"Uh, thank you for starting out the day for us, Mr. Lawson. I'm sure the class enjoyed having a different teacher for a change."

"Well, I sure don't look as good in a dress, that's for sure!"

He smiled and the class laughed. Cindy turned red.

"Thank you for the off-handed comment -- don't you have to take some laps or something?"

"Er, yes I suppose I do!"

Later, Cindy found out that she had missed a meeting. Every month the sixth-hour class would meet in the morning for fifteen minutes to discuss coming activities and school problems.

Cindy's particular class was her sex education forum. Apparently they met without their pretty teacher.

She found out that there was to be a class outing on the following Wednesday. She would be responsible for chaperoning her class on the trip.

"Who can tell me about this upcoming trip? I missed the meeting today."

"You sure did," Eric said rather loudly, breaking up the whole class.

"What do you mean by that, Mr. Bulton?" Cindy asked sternly.

"Well since we didn't have a teacher, I had to lead the class in discussion."

Another round of laughter followed his statement.

"That's good, Eric. Perhaps, then, you can give me the details of next week's field trip. I want to know where we're going and what's on the agenda -- if you please," Cindy said somewhat uneasily.

"Well, teach, we're going to Red Run park and you get to be our escort!"

He smiled seductively. Cindy couldn't be sure, but it looked as if his big prick, pressed tightly against his jeans, jerked as he spoke. "So, what kind of things do we do there?" she asked innocently.

"You know, all the things kids like us do at a park," Eric said.

"Like what, Mr. Bulton?" Cindy asked, a twinge of anger in her voice.

"Like baseball, nature trails, picnics and swimming."

"Well, I'll be sure to bring my swimsuit," Cindy said with a smile.

To her amazement, the class erupted into cheers and whistles.

Cindy was taken aback by the response, but took it as a compliment and began the class. Visions of their well-built teacher in a skimpy bathing suit danced in the heads of fourteen horny teenagers.

Chapter NINE

After class, Cindy was supposed to meet her sister, Elizabeth, at a neighborhood bar for a couple of drinks. When she got there, Elizabeth was already waiting in a small, darkened corner booth.

"Hey, Liz!"

"Why are you way over here in this tight little corner?" Cindy asked her sister.

"I guess I just wanted a warm little corner where we could talk, just like when we were little girls."

Liz smiled warmly at her younger sister. "Let's just have a couple of drinks first. We can get food later when Marty shows up," Liz said. She had apparently had a couple of drinks already.

"Oh, uh, Marty's coming?" Cindy asked. She had not seen her nephew since the wild, tit-fucking session in her tub.

Nearly an hour went by before Marty showed up. Liz, who had already had two drinks before Cindy had appeared, drank another three drinks in that hour. Cindy, fearing the encounter with her nephew, had five drinks of her own.

By the time the teenager showed up both women were well on their way to being drunk. "There's my gorgeous hunk of son!" Liz groaned loudly as the attractive blond boy strolled in the door.

"Does this good-looking young man belong to you ladies?" the hostess asked as she escorted Marty to the booth.

"Hi, Mom, er, hello, Aunt Cindy."

Marty blushed and looked down when he saw his aunt.

"Would you like to move to a smaller table? I don't think you can all fit in here," the hostess asked.

"No, we can all cram in here," Liz said. "We're a close-knit family."

Both Cindy and Marty looked down sheepishly.

"Come sit between the two women in your life, sweetheart."

As the youth climbed over his mother, the leg of his shorts rode up his creamy thigh and the round, fat head of Marty's cock lolled out for a moment. Cindy looked at it hungrily. The barrage of drinks had gotten rid of her discomfort but increased her horniness.

Marty shoved his small ass between his mother and aunt. As the boy fit snugly against her thigh, Cindy became flushed with excitement. The last time their bodies had been close Marty had been spewing cum all over his aunt's face.

"How are you doing, honey?" Liz asked. "Oh, I'm fine, I guess, but I'm starving!" The boy continued to squirm, trying to fit into the meager space between the sisters. Cindy smashed up as close to the wall as she could, but she was still nearly sitting on the boy's lap.

"Well, let's get you a drink first. I think you're old enough. You're a big boy!"

She slid her drink in front of her son. "Geez, Mom, you know they might kick us out of here for that," Marty said, embarrassed, but also a little excited. He had never been allowed to have a drink before.

Maybe drinking a lot wasn't that bad after all, he thought. First his drunken aunt had given him the best sexual experience in his life, and now his mom was about to let him drink like an adult.

"Don't worry about it, darling. If they come by, just push it a little closer to me. I've been drinking so much already, they probably think I'm a two-fisted drinker!"

She laughed at her little attempt at humor and motioned to the waitress for another round of drinks.

Nearly an hour went by before they ordered. Meanwhile, all three had three more drinks. Cindy and Liz were feeling no pain, and Marty was so giggly from the first buzz of his life that he could barely sit up straight.

Cindy had been watching Marty closely for some time. She would occasionally dart a glance down to his shorts in hopes of seeing his cock.

She noticed the thick outline as the prick stuck down his left leg, the side closest to her, until it reached the very end of his silky shorts. The large, apple-like cock-head pushed hard against the material at the very end of the shorts, and now and then, as he moved one way or another, she could catch a glimpse of about a quarter of the prick-head as it slipped out of the shorts.

Liz laughed loudly at some joke and slapped her hand on the smooth skin of her son's thigh. She left it there. Cindy noticed that she would run her hand warmly up and down his upper leg as she talked.

Cindy also noticed that the rubbing seemed to be turning her young nephew on. He blushed as his mom lightly massaged his right thigh. But more importantly, his youthful prick began to swell.

Cindy, of course, was watching the entire scene with interest. She saw the thickness of the boy's bulge increase, and noticed that the silky shorts had begun to tent out slightly. The head of the boy's cock began to emerge from the leg of his shorts.

Cindy drooled as she looked down and saw Marty's cock-head slowly push out. As his mom continued to rub his right leg, his giant cock continued to swell and elongate down his leg. Cindy was amazed to look down and see the entire head of her nephew's cock.

Both Marty and his mom were oblivious to the situation. Marty was enjoying his first drunk too much to notice that a small portion of his magnificent prick had slipped out of his loose-fitting, silky shorts.

Liz had a bad angle to notice anything and was too drunk to care anyway.

Meanwhile, Cindy had become too horny to control herself. It had been a full week since she had had sex, and the sight of her drunken nephew's cock was too much.

"The onion soup here is the best. They smother it with melted cheese," Cindy said. She placed her small hand on Marty's left thigh.

Marty remained oblivious to the entire situation. He was laughing and telling stories about friends at school, totally enjoying his first experience with alcohol.

Cindy began to lightly tickle the fine, blond hairs above his knee and up his leg. With each little tickle, his massive cock would give a little jerk and more of it would push out of his shorts.

Cindy couldn't take her eyes off of the giant prick. Nearly three inches stuck out of the shorts, the skin of the shaft becoming tight, the head getting redder.

Marty must have become slightly uncomfortable with the pressure, because he ground his hips back and forth trying to find more room to sit.

Cindy had begun running her hand up his leg. Finally Cindy's hand gently brushed against the huge head of Marty's cock. As if in response, it jerked dramatically and the thick tube of his cock pulsed and elongated. Nearly half of Marty's eight-inch cock was exposed.

Liz was now looking at her son, the alcohol distorting her emotions so that motherly love began to turn into sexual heat. In her son, Liz saw a young, innocently good-looking version of her ex-husband. Liz always remembered the great sex her well-endowed husband had given her.

As Marty and Liz gazed hotly into each other's eyes, Cindy began to gently tease the boy's cock with her long nails. She lightly squeezed the sensitive skin directly below and behind the cock-head.

Marty's prick had now grown to noticeable proportions, rising nearly six inches out of the leg of his shorts. Cindy, out of control, grabbed roughly onto the thick cock-shaft and began to jerk it dramatically.

Marty nearly jumped out of the booth as he looked down and saw his aunt gripping his fully hard cock.

"Goddamn it!" he shouted in surprise as he found himself in the most compromising position of his life.

As if on cue the waitress appeared with their soup. The waitress couldn't see what was going on under the table, but Liz, noticing her son's reaction, looked down and nearly went into shock.

As the hot soup was shoved in front of her, Cindy looked apologetically at her older sister. Liz was staring at Cindy's hand still, tightly wrapped around Marty's massive cock.

The waitress left quickly and Marty, his eyes still large with surprise asked: "Aunt Cindy, wh-what are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Marty -- and, and you too, Liz! I just couldn't control myself!"

Tears welled up in her eyes as shame washed over her.

Elizabeth was in shock, not because she had caught her own sister giving her son a hand-job under the table at a restaurant, but because of the size of her son's prick.

Here he was, her beautiful baby, just a teenager, yet jutting out from the leg of his silky shorts stood a mammoth cock nearly nine inches long.

Cindy still hadn't let go of the boy's cock, her small hand, not quite able to hold it all, was still tightly fastened to her nephew's prick-shaft.

The initial shock having worn off, Liz had a dramatic flash of horniness. Without thinking, she took her left hand and put it next to her sister's hand on her son's cock.

Marty was confused and hot. He was so worked up that he couldn't even think, he just wanted someone to get him off.

Like an animal he lost control and began pumping his muscular ass up from the seat, fucking the two tightly gripped hands.

Cindy was amazed that her sister joined her in beating on her son's cock. At that moment she saw a totally new look in her older sister's eyes -- a look of wild, sexual hunger.

Cindy's hand gripped tightly just beneath the bulbous head of the boy's cock. Pre-cum was flowing, nearly as much as a normal orgasm, Cindy thought, onto her fingers and palm.

Liz's hand was lower, gently exploring the thickness at the base of the prick. She tried to wrap her fingers around the massive base, but couldn't.

Liz was wild with lust, her young son's cock was even larger than her husband's had been. One massive ball, bloated with cum, pushed tightly out of the right leg of Marty's shorts. The other ball was tightly smashed somewhere in the shorts.

Liz was about to heft the giant cum-filled ball when Marty lost control and began thrusting his ass up.

Both Cindy and Liz gripped the massive cock tightly as the young man pistoned up and down in the small booth. Pre-cum flowed down the head and onto the monstrous cock-shaft, making it slick. They had to grasp the prick as tightly as possible so that Marty's wild thrusts and gyrations would not dislodge their hands.

Marty, wild-eyed and red-faced, pumped uncontrollably in the middle of the restaurant. Nobody seemed to notice the frenzied actions of the teenager, or his wildly flailing cock, which was now entirely out of his shorts.

Meanwhile, both Cindy and Liz stared hungrily at the giant cock thrusting wetly in and out of their hands. Both ground their legs together, their cunts dripping with excitement. Elizabeth was nearly drooling. She had never seen a larger or more beautiful piece of cock-meat. With her hand at the base, she could feel the large expanding balls.

She knew that her son was about cum like a fountain. She wanted to satisfy him, right in the middle of the restaurant. She wanted him to blow his wad.

Cindy, of course, had already experienced the boy's incredible fuck-stick. As Marty's cock moved wildly in her hand, she could hear the loud wet slurping noise it made as her hand slid quickly up and down the slime-covered prick-shaft.

Marty increased his tempo greatly, but now both women understood what he needed. He no longer had to use his powerful leg and ass muscles to thrust forward, because the women were doing an excellent job of wildly jerking him off.

Cindy and Liz's eyes were glazed over with lust as they rapidly jacked on the teenager's cock. They watched with glee as more and more pre-cum dripped from the gaping piss-slit, realizing that it was only a matter of time before the boy shot off a geyser of jism.

Finally, Marty reached the peak. He nearly stood up as all of the muscles in his body flexed. His cock seemed to enlarge even more in the second before his orgasm.

Cindy and Liz watched in amazement as Marty pushed off the seat, his face red and all the cords in his neck standing out.

"Yes, baby, yes!" Cindy and Liz moaned in ecstasy as he reached his climax.

Both women excitedly watched Marty cum. His hips were at table level and his huge cock towered above the table for all to see.

Liz hoped nobody was watching, but she was so taken up in the excitement of the impending explosion that she didn't really care.

With a mighty jerk, a clear stream of jism shot out from the teenager's hard cock. The stream flew in the air and landed at the far end of the table.

Both women watched in awe as the thick stream of cum reached from one end of the table to the other. But Marty had just started. He had built up quite a reserve of cum in the past week.

Liz felt another mighty blast of jizz push through the cock-tube and explode from the open slit at the end of Marty's prick. "Yaargh!" he moaned loudly as shot after shot blasted out of his big cock.

The first few streams had landed all over the table. Trying to get in on the action, Cindy pointed the cock in her direction.

The prick responded with a mighty blast of cum into her hair and down the bridge of her nose.

Not to be outdone, Liz pulled the cock in her direction in time to catch the fifth shot right on the chin. Marty pushed his hips forward and let out a sigh as wad after wad of cum spewed out into his onion soup.

Cindy continued to milk the boy's cock, amazed at the amount of cum his balls could produce. A final and huge shot of jism landed with a splat in his onion soup.

The thick layer of cheese in the soup was now covered with a thicker layer of cum. Nearly seven splats of jizz had landed in the soup alone, not including the two thick streams and countless blobs of congealing cum on the black marble table.

Both Cindy and Liz had cum just giving the beautiful boy a hand-job. Both women licked their slime-covered hands and wiped the jism from their faces.

For Liz, it was the most delicious spunk she had ever tasted.

To Cindy, it was a second helping of her favorite cum in the whole wide world. Marty sat back exhausted, his huge cock shrinking. He was quite surprised when his mother leaned down at his crotch, and began slurping his cock into her wet mouth. Moaning softly, Liz licked the remaining jism off his cock. She gave him a gentle suck and was able to draw up a final strand of cum from his balls.

"Hmmmm!" she moaned as she swallowed the last bit of his salty, boyish spunk. Marty laughed as both drunken women fought to spoon up the jism in his soup.

As the spent family got up to leave, Cindy said: "I told you they have the best onion soup here!"

"A little salty though," Liz said. Even Marty had to laugh.

Chapter TEN

The next week went by quickly for both Cindy and her students. The anticipation of an exciting field trip helped to keep everyone on their best behavior. Despite an uncomfortable tittering and laughter in her sex-ed class, Cindy's students were nearly perfect.

Cindy was looking forward to the trip. Many of the students had signed up to play softball most of the day. Among them were seven of her sex-ed students. It appeared that Cindy would only have to escort half of her class.

Eric Bulton and all of his large, jock friends had decided to stick with Cindy. It was the shy, un-athletic nerds of the class who had signed up to play baseball.

She couldn't figure out why Eric and all of the athletes wanted to spend a boring afternoon with a spinster teacher. All she had planned was swimming and a picnic lunch. She had assumed that all of the quiet kids would stay with her. After school Cindy raced to the mall. She had to pick up a bathing suit for the next afternoon. She went to one of the clothing stores, but couldn't find anything to her liking. She was about to leave when she noticed a nice sport shop.

The teacher wandered into the sport shop and made her way to the swimwear. She immediately fell in love with a skimpy little black bikini.

"God, imagine a teacher wearing this on a field trip," she said.

She modeled the suit in the three-way mirror. The tight black material looked almost like leather. She spun around and admired her smooth asscheeks, pertly bound up in the tight black material.

The teacher's perfectly shaped asscheeks spilled out from the edges of bikini bottom. "Ooooh, this should turn on my students!" A saleslady overheard the teacher and nearly choked. The woman quickly walked away, disgusted with what she had heard.

Cindy turned around and studied her beautiful tits. The tiny bikini top could barely cover her big tits.

Boy, you've still got it girl, she thought to herself as she pushed her tits up with her hands, her nipples pointing sharply.

Cindy began to imagine how turned on her students would get watching their great-bodied teacher playing in the water. She laughed as she imagined Eric getting a hard-on in his swimsuit.

"Imagine him trying to hide that huge cock of his," she muttered.

Without thinking anymore about it, Cindy paid the cashier for the sexy bikini and drove home.

The next day Cindy got up early and thought about wearing the bikini. She knew that it would make quite an impression on her young horny group of students. Part of her wanted to turn the students on, to prove that she was hot. But another part of her just wanted to be a normal teacher -- a role model for her young pupils.

The thought of Eric getting hard ended up changing her mind. Not only did she want to get him turned on to see how he would cover it up, she wanted to embarrass him in front of his buddies.

These things continued to swim through her head as the group took a bus to the park. Cindy sat at the front of the bus with the rest of the teaching staff. Keith Lawson sat in front of her, occasionally staring at her in her T-shirt and shorts.

Before she got on the bus Eric and all of his buddies had whistled at her. She had ignored them and they had boarded the student's bus.

After a short ride, the bus entered Red Run park. The beauty of the sun on the fir and maple trees cheered up the young teacher immediately.

As she walked down the steps of the bus, Keith pinched her ass roughly.

"Goddamn it, keep your fucking hands off of me!" she turned and hissed at him.

Keith was taken aback by the vicious look she gave him.

"Sure, sweetheart, whatever you want," the gym teacher said, a half-hearted grin creasing his face.

Cindy quickly got off the bus and walked to the student bus as it pulled into the parking area. The next hour saw the students break up into different groups. Keith Lawson and some of the male teachers led the largest group, including half of Cindy's students, to the baseball diamond.

A couple of the teachers gave Cindy a confused glance when they noticed that all of the jocks were staying with her. It made sense to them, of course, she was an attractive young woman.

Cindy's seven students, including Eric Bulton, looked for an area where they could swim and picnic. Cindy led the search, which took them some distance, until she found a suitable spot.

Cindy wasn't quite sure, but it seemed as if the boys were giggling at some private joke. Every time she looked back at them, she would get a strange smile, or even a chuckle or two from the teenaged boys.

Eric, of course, seemed the most obvious. But Cindy was used to his knowing looks.

The spot she finally found was perfect for all of the teacher's plans. It was a grassy knoll which led directly to the water. At one end of the area, the grass led right down to the edge of the lake.

Close to the water, under a small group of trees, sat two picnic tables and a swing. "Oh, this is perfect," Cindy said as she placed the basket containing her lunch on one of the picnic tables.

Even her group of students seemed taken aback by the natural beauty of the cove. Cindy walked to the water's edge and marveled at the beauty of the cool, clear lake. The water was as smooth as glass, undisturbed by even the slightest wind.

Out of the corner of her eye Cindy saw the boys begin to strip out of their clothes. Each of them had worn a swimsuit underneath their pants so that they could strip and dash into the water immediately.

Cindy watched as the teenagers pulled their shirts over their heads. All of the boys had good bodies. Some were taller than the rest, some were more muscular, but each of them had an attractive body in one way or another.

Cindy was amazed that all seven of the boys had well-developed stomach muscles -- the more muscular boys' stomachs were more developed, of course -- but even the tall skinny teens boasted the washboard stomachs that she found so attractive.

What a bunch of gorgeous, hunky jocks, she thought hungrily as the boys began to strip down to their bathing suits.

Most of the teens were wearing the skimpy bikini trunks, the kind that didn't hide much. This was what Cindy had hoped for. She wanted to get a good look at the cocks on the guys she had in her class.

But before Cindy could begin studying the crotches of her students, Eric and his friend Robert stripped naked only a couple of yards from her. Cindy gaped as both of the boys stepped out of their pants, their large, fat cocks dropping in front of them.

Cindy had seen Eric's massive cock, so the sight of his horse-like prick sloping gently from his tanned hips didn't surprise her much. But Robert, a boy somewhat taller and thinner than Eric, seemed to boast a cock very nearly the same size as his friend's.

Robert and Eric both turned to Cindy. They stood there looking at their teacher, both smiling smugly.

Robert was even cuter than Eric. He was a tall, blonde football player. He smiled sexily at Cindy and actually bent his knees and spread his legs. This gesture made his tremendous cock seem to stand out even more, nearly seven inches of dangling, soft cock-meat.

Cindy didn't know what to do. The sight of the two hung athletes took her breath away. The other boys just stood waiting to see what their teacher would do.

All of the other boys knew that Eric and Robert had the biggest cocks in the school. Although many of them felt inferior, as the two studs stood swaggering, their huge pricks swaying in the breeze, they also wanted to see how their teacher would react. The way they had heard Eric talk, Cindy was a crazed sex animal, and they half expected her to get down on her knees and begin sucking them off.

The thought, of course, had crossed the gorgeous young teacher's mind. Here were two of the best-looking young guys she had ever seen. Both were endowed with great looks, fantastic bodies and enormous cocks.

As Robert tipped his hip to one side, his giant prick pointed to one side, and she could see his balls. Cindy lost her breath as she saw the tremendous size of the boy's balls.

Dangling several inches beneath his man-sized cock, in a brown crinkly sac, were two huge balls. Cindy thought they were nearly the size of baseballs. She couldn't believe it, but they were much larger than either Marty's or Eric's.

As if he knew what she was thinking, Robert reached down and gently scratched his crotch. The massive balls swung slowly back and forth. A smile crossed the boy's lips.

Cindy was saved by someone tossing swimsuits to the two hung studs. Both of them stepped into their suits, their monstrous cocks flapping loudly against their thighs.

Both Robert and Eric wore wearing tight, boxer-like suits. Their giants cocks would make it nearly impossible for them to wear the bikini trunks that the rest of the boys were wearing. But even these suits did little to cover up their thick, long cocks, and especially Robert's unnaturally huge balls.

But now it was Cindy's turn to surprise some people. She simply began to very sexily strip out of her own outfit.

The sexy schoolteacher slowly and dramatically pulled off her tight T-shirt and exposed her tight black bikini top. Every eye was staring in her direction and she loved it.

As she shucked off the shirt, she breathed deeply, making her enormous tits heave. The pair of delicious-looking tits seemed to nearly burst from the tight confines of the leather-like black material.

Cindy took a quick look around before she unbuttoned her jeans. She could see the hunger in the teenaged faces as they witnessed the best body they could imagine doing a sexy striptease only a couple of feet from them.

Cindy slowly unbuttoned her tight-fitting jeans and began to gyrate her hips back and forth. She could almost feel seven cocks jerking in excitement as she slowly slid out of her jeans.

As the pants slid down, they pulled her suit down slightly and all of the boys caught a glimpse of her tan line, and a little bit of her cunt-bush. For just a second all of them could see the trim little vee just above her pussy.

Cindy slid the pants down to her ankles, turned and gave the boys a little shake of her ass. She kicked the jeans away and turned back to her youthful students.

"Well, I don't know what you're all standing here for. I thought we were going swimming," she said.

The boys quickly turned and ran to the water, but not before Cindy had noticed seven swollen cocks. It didn't take long for Cindy's swimsuit to have an effect. Each boy's cock was straining against the thin fabric of his suit, and Eric and Robert's trunks were nearly tenting a foot from their bodies.

The embarrassed boys jumped into the water to hide their hard-ons.

Cindy laughed and followed them into the cool, still lake.

Chapter ELEVEN

Cindy had a great time in the next hour. One of the boys had brought a frisbee and the class and the teacher played frisbee-tag. The cool water coupled with the beautifully sunny day made for great fun as the young people played in the water.

Cindy had as much fun watching the teenaged boys romping in and out of the shallow water as they had watching her. The boy's youthful muscles and slim builds turned the young schoolteacher on.

She especially enjoyed throwing the frisbee toward the shore and watching the teenaged boys scamper after it. Cindy could see their muscular asses and tanned, tapered legs. All of the youths boasted cock-bulges which were accentuated by the skimpy little swimsuits.

Occasionally she would coax Robert and Eric into chasing the frisbee, allowing the horny young teacher to get a glimpse of their enormous cocks.

But the students were getting the real treat. Cindy was giving them quite a show. Her black, tight bikini showed off her great body.

Most of the boys, with the exception of Eric and Robert, were virgins. They had only seen a body like Cindy's in dirty magazines.

Cindy would leap after the frisbee, allowing her tits to slap loudly against the water. Sometimes she would run to the shore and allow the boys to see her perfectly shaped ass as it rose from the shallow water. She would even wiggle it at the boys as she reached for the frisbee and threw it to them.

Finally, the game began to break up. Most of the boys could no longer stand looking at their sexy young teacher in her revealing bikini.

Cindy noticed that three of the youngest boys were refusing to run to the shallow water to get the frisbee.

Once, two of them leaped to catch a nearby throw and Cindy noticed that they were sporting huge hard-ons. Although their cocks were not as large as Eric's and Robert's, their cocks were straining against the tight material of their suits.

Cindy was getting excited imagining the kids without their swimsuits. The thought that she could be the first woman to see their hard pricks made her wet.

But the younger ones couldn't take it any longer and began to wander away from the pack. They had to get away, if not to relieve themselves, to at least distance themselves from the vision of their enticing schoolteacher.

Cindy, trying to give the kids a break, swam over to the northern end of the lake. There, about two-hundred feet from the rest of the students, she saw Eric and Robert. They were both sitting on a branch which was hanging about a foot above some shallow water.

She swam quietly over to Eric and Robert. They had their backs to her, so they didn't notice her approach.

Cindy stayed low in the water and silently doggy-paddled over to the two young studs. As she approached the students, she heard her name mentioned.

Cindy paddled to a spot directly behind them. There she hovered quietly in the water, listening attentively.

"She actually went down on you? I just can't believe it!"

"She didn't just go down on me -- she loved it, I couldn't give her enough jism to drink," Eric said.

"That's awesome! I wish that bitch was here to take care of me now! Seeing her bouncing around in that bikini really turned me on!"

The boys had their backs to Cindy but she thought she could see Robert moving his hand. "Yeah, I think she gets off on turning the kids on," Eric said.

Cindy, curious to see if they were jerking off, gently swam around to the other side of the branch. She was able to hide behind the leaves at the end of the branch and still get a good look at the boys. Her eyes were overwhelmed at the sexy sight.

Only two feet in front of her, perched on the branch, sat two of the cutest young studs she could imagine. Clutched in each of their hands was a tremendous, erect cock. Both boys had pushed their tight suits down to her their thighs and were slowly stroking foot-long pricks.

Despite the sexy schoolteacher recent experiences, the sight of two huge cocks nearly overwhelmed her. Her mouth watered as she stared at the two thin teenagers gently sliding their tightly gripped fists up and down. The thickness of the cocks was amazing.

Robert scooted forward on the branch and pulled his swimsuit lower. The boy reached between his legs and hefted his balls.

Robert moaned as he pulled his huge balls from the tight bathing suit. The suit was too small for the boy's unnaturally large balls, and the pressure had gotten to be too much for the young boy.

Cindy gasped when she saw the unbelievable size of Robert's balls. Like two baseballs, firmly bound up in a darkened pouch, the balls looked as if they were ready to produce a torrent of cum.

"Oh, that feels better!" Robert groaned. "God, and I thought I had big balls!" Eric gasped as he glanced over at his friend.

Both boys giggled. They knew that they were tremendously well-hung, and they knew how it affected women.

Cindy couldn't remain a spectator any longer, she just had to get some action. The sexy young schoolteacher parted the branches and quickly swam in front of the hung boys.

"Surprise, surprise, boys!" Cindy gasped. Robert jumped a little, a terrified expression on his face. Eric, however, after the initial surprise, flashed the teacher a toothy grin. "So, it's my favorite teach!" he laughed, pointing his giant cock toward her.

"So, I see you have some competition in the cock department," Cindy said.

"No, I think we both tip the scales at about, oh, I'd say a foot or so!"

Robert had started to pull up his suit. No matter how much Eric had told him about the sex-starved teacher, he still feared her. After all, he was just a kid.

"Don't do that!" Eric gasped. "She loves it! Give her a good view, don't cover it up!" Eric gave his cock another tug and grinned at Cindy. "This bitch loves cock, especially cocks as big as ours."

Robert looked down at the sexy teacher and saw a look of hunger on her face. Feeling more at ease, he gripped his mighty cock and tauntingly pointed it in the direction of his teacher. "I think you want us to fuck you, huh, teach?"

Eric continued to slowly stroke his rock-hard prick.

Cindy was beginning to lose control. The sight of the two perfectly shaped boys with their massive hard-ons was too much for the hot young schoolteacher.

Mesmerized by the slow stroking of both youths, Cindy rose in the shallow water. As she rose, the water beaded and dripped from her sexy body. First, her heaving tits, then her flat stomach, and finally the tiny, tight, black bikini bottom came out of the water.

Cindy stared up at the two young men. Both were sitting on the branch, level with the schoolteacher's head.

Cindy took a good look at Eric. The darkly handsome teenager sat smiling, sliding his clenched fist up his thick cock. The teacher admired his thin good looks and tanned flat stomach.

Her mouth watered and her head was drawn to the huge dripping head of the boy's prick. The red, apple-sized cock-head loomed in the air, only inches from the schoolteacher's lusty lips.

A wet sloshing noise caused Cindy to turn to her right. There sat Robert, slightly taller than Eric, his massive cock tightly gripped in his right hand. He was staring at Cindy's beautiful tits as he rapidly jerked his foot-long prick. A stream of pre-cum ran from his cock-head, making his prick-shaft slick with jism.

Robert moaned as he stared at his teacher. Her red, full lips seemed to be waiting to wrap themselves around his hard prick, her mouth watering to taste his warm cock-meat and boiling cum, and her round heaving tits waiting to be sucked. He quickened his pace and the wet sounds of his jerking hand became even louder.

Eric smiled as he watched the hot young teacher look from one cock to the other. Both pricks were level with her face and only inches away. He saw the way she wanted to jump on both of the horny youths.

Cindy knew that it was only a matter of time before Robert lost his load. She wanted very much to watch the boy cum, to see exactly how much cum would be produced by his gigantic balls. She wanted to taste him even more. Backing up slightly, Cindy looked from one teenager to the other. She slowly began to gyrate her hips, moaning slightly and licking her full, red lips.

"Oh, God, you boys sure are big!" Cindy moaned.

She put her right hand behind her back and pulled the string on her bikini top.

Cindy didn't have to do much, the pressure of her huge tits did all of the work as the knot came undone and the bikini top fell forward. Cindy's tits spilled out, the top slipping into the water.

Both boys stopped beating off as the awesome sight of Cindy's large, perfectly shaped tits took them by surprise. The large tit-melons burst forward.

Even Eric, who had seen them before, let out a gasp of surprise, followed by a moan of lust, as he saw the schoolteacher's tits in all of their glory.

Cindy laughed as she saw how her mammoth tits had affected the teens. She continued to gyrate her hips and lick her lips, only now her large, luscious tits, still dripping water, swayed from side to side.

The cold water made the teacher's nipples stand at attention. Eric and Robert stared hungrily as their teacher danced in the shallow water. Neither one could control himself and they grabbed their cocks and began jerking frantically.

Cindy smiled. Her show had worked. Instead of two cocky young studs showing off their pricks, she had turned them into two uncontrolled boys trying desperately to get themselves off.

But Cindy wanted to get in on the action. "Stop!" she shouted. "I'll take care of that!" Cindy stepped forward, raised her hands and gripped their massive pricks.

Chapter TWELVE

Cindy just couldn't believe that she was gripping two twelve-inch cocks. She couldn't get her dainty hands around either tube of prick-meat. Eric's seemed slightly thicker, but Robert's seemed slightly longer.

She moaned as both giant cocks jerked in her hands. As if they had a life of their own, the hot, thick pricks bounced in her fists. Both cocks were slick with boy-juice and it was only a short time before Cindy's hands were dripping with pre-cum.

Robert and Eric's eyes bulged with excitement as they felt the teacher grip their cocks. This was the first time Robert had had an older woman touch his cock and he was definitely hot. Cindy wanted to watch the two cocks cum. She wanted to see if she could get them both off at the same time. She stepped forward so that one heaving tit was pressed tightly against each boy.

Both cocks were only inches from her face. She had maneuvered the boys until they were nearly sitting on top of each other.

The teenagers were now beginning to lose control. They began to hump their asses off the branch, forcing Cindy's hands to pick up speed.

Cindy rapidly slid her hands up and down each giant cock. She tried to slide from the very tip of both shafts to the very base. When she got to the top of each one, the cock-head would bulge and become redder. Sometimes a thick drop of cum would catch her hand and make the trip down more slippery.

When she got to the thick bases, she could barely get her hands around half of the huge shafts. She fondled Robert's massive balls. She hefted the thick sac and lightly scratched his left nut. The baseball-sized ball seemed to be bursting with jism.

Robert grabbed her hand and brought it back to his cock. He was ready to cum and he didn't need her playing with his balls.

"Ohhh, God!" Cindy moaned as she leaned forward and began to lick Eric's cock. She stuck her tongue out as far as possible and licked his cock-head generously. She caught a large drop of pre-cum and licked the salty substance up. She moaned as she tasted the thick jism.

"Me too!" Robert whined as he watched the sexy teacher lap at his best friend's dripping prick.

Cindy turned to her right and kissed Robert's cock on the very tip. As she pulled her lips from his cock, a clear string of jism remained connected from the cock-tip to her mouth. As she pulled back, the string stretched to nearly a foot, then broke and ran down her chin.

Cindy stretched her mouth as wide as possible and slipped her lips over Robert's enormous apple-sized cock-head.

The head fit snugly in her mouth, filling it entirely. She darted her tongue into his large piss-slit and fished out a drop of cum. Still holding Eric's shaft, she gave it a quick jerk so that he didn't feel left out. Then she gripped Robert's cock tightly and began sliding her hand rapidly up and down.

Taking a deep breath, she plunged her lips down Robert's cock as far as she could. After getting about five inches down her tight throat, the spongy head of the boy's cock wedged in her throat.

Cindy relaxed and allowed Robert to shove his huge cock even deeper into her tight throat. "Jesus, she's fuckin' deep-throating me!" Robert howled as Cindy's head dove down, nearly engulfing his entire thirteen-inch prick. "Hey, bitch, don't forget me!" Eric groaned, becoming jealous.

He had taken on women with other men present before, but they had always ignored the other men and lavished their affections on him. The combination of good looks coupled with the biggest cock most women had ever seen made Eric the star of every orgy.

Cindy eased her head off of Robert's cock slowly. The thick cock-shaft had bulged her neck out dramatically. The feeling of having a man's prick totally filling her throat had nearly made the nympho teacher cum.

Cindy quickly took her face off Robert's cock, continuing to grip it tightly, sliding her hand up and down, and turned her attention to Eric. Eric had been dripping profusely, and Cindy took the opportunity to lick his entire cock-shaft. After cleaning nearly a mouthful of youthful cum from the young boy's cock, she began to lick his enormous balls.

Although not nearly as large as Robert's, Eric's balls were still huge. They seemed to Cindy to bounce around with a life of their own.

"Yesssss, bitch, yessss!" Eric hissed as Cindy sucked on his balls.

Suddenly Cindy backed off of both cocks. She continued to jack wildly on the shafts. Both boys were ready to cum and their juices were already flowing.

The teacher grabbed both of the foot-long cocks and pushed them as close together as possible. Because of the extraordinary size of the boys' pricks, they didn't even have to turn toward each other.

Cindy could tell by the movement of the branch that the boys were nearing orgasm. She looked at both of the huge cock-heads. They were fully engorged and becoming redder with excitement. She had them pushed snugly together and both piss-slits were spewing hot boy-jism.

Cindy lapped at the pair of cocks, getting a tongue full of thick hot spunk. She then made up her mind, she knew that with only one or two more tugs both cocks shot torrents of jism. She opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could, straining her lips. Lowering her mouth, she was able to get half of both cock-heads into her mouth.

Her lips nearly split as the two apple-sized cock-heads pushed roughly into her dainty mouth.

Spit drooled from her hungry mouth and ran down both prick-shafts, mingling with the pre-cum. Cindy's tongue darted from one piss-slit to the other, slurping up the jizz that was pouring out.

Cindy screamed and exploded in orgasm. The howl of cumming spread her lips even wider and she found herself swallowing the heads of both cocks.

Cindy couldn't believe that she had actually gotten her lips around the two largest cocks she had ever seen. As she fell slightly forward, plunging her lips over the two giant prick-heads, her hands slid down to the bases of the cocks. She gripped them tightly, as if urging something up from deep within the boys' bodies.

As if on cue, both Eric and Robert howled in ecstasy. Both of their bodies bounced dramatically on the branch, the muscles of their asses and stomachs straining.

Cindy could feel the jism speeding up both cocks. The two cock-heads, now tightly jammed in her mouth, seemed to grow, straining against her jaws.

"Yesss, bitch! Suck meeeee!" Robert howled as his pent-up cum shot up his thirteen-inch cock to the waiting, hungry mouth of his hot teacher.

Eric screwed his eyes shut and waited for the explosion. He couldn't believe how wide Cindy had spread her mouth.

Suddenly both cocks exploded in Cindy's mouth. Her mouth and throat were flooded with the thick cum of two boys. The hot jizz shot down the teacher's throat, burning all of the way down to her stomach.

The jism continued to spew, cups of the stuff shooting into the woman's gaping mouth. Cindy tried to breathe but the tremendous amount of spunk choked her. She swallowed twice, but the speed with which the jism kept coming was simply too much.

Cindy choked loudly, cum blasting out of her tightly stretched lips and running down her chin. At the same time, two thick streams of cum shot out of her nose, running down the pistoning cocks crammed which were into her face.

Cindy used all of her strength to pull off of the shooting cocks. With her hands still gripping the two mighty pricks, she pushed with all of her strength.

The two massive cock-heads finally pulled out of her little mouth with a loud popping sound. But neither boy was even close to being finished.

Cindy took a deep breath as the two cocks blasted out of her mouth, and managed to keep sliding her hands on the two cocks, jacking them off.

"Keep on jackin' me!" Eric screamed as he opened his eyes. He had only shot twice when the teacher pulled her lips off of his exploding cock.

Both boys shot again, spewing cum all over Cindy's face, gluing her eyes shut with the thick, gooey slime. Cindy couldn't see anymore, but she was hungry for more warm jism. She had already taken two thick swallows of cum, but she wanted to take all that the youths could give her.

She pointed both cocks at her open mouth and jerked on the shafts, urging up more of the precious spunk. Spurt after spurt of hot jizz splashed on Cindy's face, some landing in her mouth, some streaming down her chin.

Eric finished first and was amazed to see Robert continue with splash after splash of cum. Cindy sensed that Eric was done and quickly moved her lips onto Robert's cock, pulling up one final string of cum from deep within his massive balls.

Cindy fell backward, completely satisfied, her belly full of young, healthy jism. She splashed back into the water and sat on her haunches, her eyes still glued shut, sperm coating her hair, face and tits. Both boys were spent, their huge cocks shrinking down to only seven or eight inches.

Cindy laughed as she wiped the jism from her eyes and licked her slime-covered hand. She looked at both boys, their shrinking cocks still larger than most, and laughed.

"I hope you don't think that you're off the hook now," she said huskily as she stood up and grabbed both of their soft pricks.

She hefted both of the heavy tubes of cock-meat.

"Now get them hard again! This time, I'm gonna have some fun!"

Cindy led them to the picnic table.

When they got there, Cindy was shocked to see the other five boys jerking off by the swing!


Cindy was just as surprised at seeing the five horny hunks jerking off as they were at seeing their teacher.

Cindy had left her bikini top somewhere in the shallow water. The bottom was torn by the branch, and her hair, neck, and chest were still coated with a thick layer of cum.

To make matters worse, as all five young studs turned and looked at their prim schoolteacher, she was leading the two well-hung hunks by their hardening pricks.

Cindy was startled at the situation she had walked in on. All five of the young teenagers were stripped naked. They were all gripping raging hard-ons. Although none of the boys could contend with the two she had just taken on, all of the students boasted nice-sized cocks, ranging from six to eight inches.

The sight of all the hot young studs turned the teacher on even more. Their tanned, perfect bodies, flat stomachs and large, pointing pricks nearly made the horny woman faint. Cindy hadn't gotten off yet, so she could barely control herself.

"W-What are you boys doing?" she asked. "What do you think they're doing teach?" Eric asked. "They're fuckin' jerking off!" By now, Cindy was more hot than embarrassed. She had assumed the students would be out swimming. She had planned on fucking Eric and Robert within an inch of their lives. Now she was standing in a compromising position with five of her own students watching avidly. All five of the students turned and slowly walked toward her, their cocks all standing straight up, hugging their flat stomachs, dripping pre-cum, and Cindy wanted to leap on them. She stopped at the swing, only four feet from the group of raging hard-ons.

The boys were looking at Cindy in a strange way. She thought that they would be embarrassed, but instead they looked at her hungrily. The schoolteacher had no idea that all of the boys had been told about her afternoon with Eric Bulton.

"You look like you've just been at it again, huh, Ms. Milner?" Willie asked.

His cock was extremely thick, although only average in length, but it stood pointing straight up, drooling a heavy flow of young boy-sap. His balls swung back and forth as he spoke to the teacher.

Cindy was somewhat taken aback. She had forgotten her appearance. Now, as she felt the cold semen drying on her neck and tits, she looked down and gasped. Here she was, the adult supervisor of a group of young students, standing half-naked, smeared with cum, and holding firmly to two of her young students' rapidly hardening cocks.

"Oh, my God!" Cindy gasped. "What am I doing!"

All of the boys had big smiles on their faces. It occurred to them that their schoolteacher finally realized how she looked.

Cindy stood frozen, various emotions racing through her. Part of her was shocked at the situation, particularly her actions and appearance. Part of her was scared, she had no idea how she was going to keep seven lusty boys under control.

But another part of Cindy, probably the strongest emotion she had, was one of sexual desire. Here she stood, still unsatisfied, with five nice-sized, rock-hard cocks in front of her and two huge pricks clasped in her hands.

As she looked hungrily from one cock to another, the two in her hands began to slowly grow and elongate. Cindy responded by gently tugging both cocks, slowly sliding her soft hands up and down the fleshy prick-stalks.

The boys were beginning to lose control. Their hot young teacher stood before them, her mammoth tits heaving, cold sperm running down her body.

Everyone noticed how she began to give Robert and Eric hand-jobs right in front of them. Most of them also noticed her torn black bikini bottom. Her clit seemed to throb through her torn bikini as she looked hungrily at the studs in front of her.

Eric was the first to break the silence. He turned to her, his semi-hard cock pressed firmly against her belly.

"Well, teach, it looks like you're going to have to take all of us on."

He pulled her to his body and gave her a long hot kiss. His tongue pushed into her mouth and he pushed his pelvis forward, grinding his twelve-inch cock into the soft skin of her stomach.

Cindy couldn't believe the warmth of Eric's kiss. Her entire body heated up with passion as she felt the boy's prick against her belly.

She began to quiver with lust. It had been a week since she had been fucked. The slight clit stimulation she had received from the tree branch was not enough to satisfy her lusty desires. Now, surrounded by hard cocks, she was ready to go nuts.

Eric backed away from his teacher, smiling as he looked directly into her eyes.

"I think you're going to have to take all seven of us on, teach. You think you can handle that?"

Cindy couldn't believe it, but she was actually contemplating making it with half of her own class!

All of the boys crowded around her, arguing over who would be first to fuck into the hot young teacher's cunt. There was some jostling as the naked boys pushed toward Cindy.

"Hey, wait a minute!" the schoolteacher screamed. "I've got an idea!"

"I'm gonna take you all on at once!" she blurted out, to the amazement of her students. Seven jaws nearly hit the ground. Eric started chuckling. Both he and Robert believed the teacher. They'd seen the hot young teacher in action before, and they knew that she could take on the whole hot class.

Cindy looked around and tried to envision the fantasy she had in mind. She took a towel and put it on the ground near the swing. Cindy knew that the swing would come in handy.

"Now you have to do what I tell you. I've got this totally organized," she said.

"Hey that's fine with us," one of the boys said, and the others nodded in agreement. All of the kids were too hot to complain. The possibility of having their first sexual experience had each of their cocks throbbing with anticipation.

Cindy lay on the ground and began to arrange the students. She looked around and began to size them up.

She already knew what she wanted from Eric and Robert. The two biggest cocks were going to service her well. She had already given them blow-jobs and now they owed her.

"Eric, I want you to fuck my pussy better than you ever fucked a girl before -- understand?"

"Sure, teach, whatever you way. But what are you gonna do for my buddy here?" he asked as he motioned to Robert.

"I have something really special for him," Cindy said as she bent over to straighten the towel underneath the swing.

To show Robert what she meant, she wiggled her ass sexily at him.

Cindy took the extra towel she had brought and rolled it up. She would use it as a cushion to raise her ass off of the ground.

She was moving quickly. Her mind was in turmoil, her thoughts dazed. Everything seemed to be going too fast for the sex-starved teacher.

"I must be a nymphomaniac," she mumbled as she set up for a gang-bang.

Eric and Robert were fully hard. Just watching the perfectly shaped teacher set up the situation was too much for them to believe. They, like the other five kids, were ready to explode. "All right, Eric and Robert -- let's start with you," Cindy said.

She sounded like a schoolteacher barking commands at her students as if they were setting up for the school play.

Cindy sat down, perching her ass on the rolled up towel. She tore off her torn bikini bottom, and all of the boys watched excitedly as the teacher set herself up to be fucked by seven young cocks.

Cindy rolled her hips to one side and motioned for the largest of the seven to come to her. Both Eric and Robert knew where they belonged. Robert moved to the teacher's right side. He squatted, and sat close to Cindy's slightly elevated ass.

Eric moved to Cindy's left and got down next to her. Cindy hungrily grabbed his enormous cock, gave it a jerk, and then placed it next to her pussy, the enormous cock-head grazing the very opening of her cunt.

Eric looked at his teacher and saw the look of total submission in her eyes. Unable to control his excitement, he immediately fucked his mighty prick forward. There was a moment of intense pressure as Cindy's tiny, tight opening fought against the large, spongy cock-head. But the resistance was only temporary, and Eric's taut muscles finally succeeded, jamming nearly half of his massive prick into her pussy. Cindy screamed, half in pain, half in satisfaction, as she finally got her wish. She moaned loudly as Eric pulled back, his gigantic cock-head scrapping the walls of her cunt.

All of the other boys watched, their cock-heads drooling pre-cum as Cindy fucked the class studs.

But Robert wanted more. He pushed his hips forward and ground his fully engorged cock into the crack below Cindy's back. Cindy looked at him with glazed eyes.

Suddenly she came out of her sexual trance. While Eric was about to give the teacher another deep, slow thrust, she grabbed Robert's unbelievably long cock and pressed it to the small entrance of her asshole.


Cindy knew what she was doing was sheer insanity. The young woman could barely take Eric's huge prick up her cunt, and now she was about to allow the biggest cock she had ever seen to fuck into her nearly virgin ass.

Cindy moved her smooth ass so that it was more open to Robert.

Finally finding her puckered little asshole, Robert delicately pressed his apple-sized cock-head tightly against it. No longer able to control his youthful lust, he fucked forward with all of the strength he had. It took every ounce of energy that the muscular football player had to burst through the tight opening and jam his big cock into the teacher's shit-chute.

It just so happened that Eric had thrust forward at the same time. The combined pressure of nearly twenty-five inches of thick, young cock-meat filled the young woman entirely. Although neither boy could fit his entire cock into the shapely teacher's body, Robert had fucked forward a good six inches, and Eric had nearly eight inches tightly shoved into the woman's pussy.

Cindy's face contorted into a mask of both pain and pleasure. She was finally getting fucked senseless. Tears of joy ran down her face as the hung studs fucked into her mercilessly.

The boys began to time their thrusts. Eric would push forward, making her slide back, impaling her deeper on Robert's thirteen-inch prick.

"Yessss!" she groaned as she got used to the massive pricks, and could take more and more with less and less pain.

The pain was being replaced by grinding sexual pleasure. Cindy's clit was being stroked roughly by Eric's enormous prick while her ass was being massaged roughly by Robert's thirteen-inch cock.

Cindy was already nearing her first orgasm when the sound of the other boys made her open her eyes. Unable to control themselves any longer, they were pushing and shoving to get near her.

"Hold on, there's still plenty of time," the schoolteacher said.

Cindy sized up their cocks for the next step in the gang-bang.

"Willie," Cindy said sternly, attempting to block out the feelings of being slowly fucked by Eric and Robert. "I want you to tit-fuck me!"

She watched him closely. Willie was well-developed and Cindy thought his immensely thick cock would be perfect for sliding between her tits. His cock seemed thicker than it was long, and the massive cock-head was larger than either Robert's or Eric's.

Now, as the boy straddled his awesome teacher, he nearly exploded. Like the other four boys, he was a virgin.

Cindy licked her lips as Willie sat over her, his thick cock hovering above her huge tits. "I want you to fuck between my tits and spray my face with cum," Cindy said.

Willie smiled and brought his thick cock down until it rubbed against her chest, Cindy's enormous tits to both sides of it. Willie's cock was so thick it barely fit in the massive valley formed by Cindy's parted tits.

Cindy had chosen correctly, she could already feel every vein on the boy's wide cock as he slowly slid forward. Willie had no trouble with friction, there was still plenty of jism all over her tit-flesh. The cold cum acted as a perfect lube when he thrust forward, toward her chin.

But Willie was just a boy, and the excitement was too much for him. With his first thrust his cock swelled immensely, the huge cock-head becoming an angry dark-red, and a stream of clear jism shot out at Cindy's face.

The spunk splashed on her nose and lips. Willie, trying not to embarrass himself, immediately gripped his thick cock and applied pressure. He was just in time, and he was able to hold back the rest of his load.

Cindy tasted the delicious semen and smiled. "That's good Willie. We don't want to get off too quickly now, do we?"

Willie smiled and shook his head.

Cindy looked to the remaining four boys. George and Stephen were two of the cutest, most angelic-looking boys she had ever seen. They looked younger than their years, although their bodies were well-developed. Their cocks were slightly above average, about seven inches long.

Andy's cock, on the other hand, was very long. When she had seen the muscular redhead earlier his cock had seemed long and skinny, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Apparently the show Cindy had put on had helped Andy to get even harder. His long, thin cock looked very nearly ten inches long. The fact that he was very muscular made him perfect for the swing.

"I want you to fuck my face!" Cindy moaned.

Andy looked confused. He couldn't see any way he could get at her face with Willie tit-fucking her.

"I want you to lie on the swing and let your cock hang down into my mouth. It'll work -- trust me!" she gasped.

Andy looked at the swings. They were only about six inches from her head. It looked as if it might work.

He climbed over Willie and began to wrestle with the swing. He pulled his legs through and let the canvas press against his lower thighs. Pulling the chains with muscular arms, he hung, suspended only inches above his beautiful teacher, his erect cock jutting down at her mouth.

Cindy could have easily taken his hot cock into her mouth, but she had to figure out what to do with the remaining three boys.

Eric and Robert had stopped fucking her and watching Cindy in amazement. They couldn't believe how imaginative she was. They wondered what she could possibly do with the remaining cocks.

As Cindy motioned the remaining three over, Barry raced ahead of George and Stephen. Barry was the youngest boy in the class. He was totally out of control. He had had to keep his hands away from his cock or explode in orgasm before he even got near his teacher. Here she was, the first naked woman he had ever seen, fucked from back and front, another boy perched on her chest, his drooling cock jutting angrily toward her face. With Andy hanging from the swing, another cock rested only inches from her red lips.

Barry knelt next to his teacher, his body flushed, his rock-hard cock ready to explode. Cindy took one quick look at the young boy and knew that it was too late.

His eyes bulged as Cindy reached for his cock. As soon as her hot little hand encircled his prick Barry came.

Willie pulled back and Andy swung out of the way as a geyser of hot jism spewed out of Barry's cock. The two boys succeeded in getting out of the path of Barry's load. Cindy pointed the shooting cock toward her body and took a cum shower.

Eric and Robert laughed as they watched their young classmate cum. They felt a little sorry for Barry, after all their hot teacher was just too much for a young inexperienced boy.

After a huge load shot all over Cindy's tits and face, Barry backed off.

"Don't worry," Cindy said warmly. "You'll make a good lover! You'll have more control next time!"

Barry's quick finish actually solved a problem for Cindy. She had planned on giving the remaining boys hand-jobs, but two would be much easier to service than three. After Barry wandered away, George and Stephen took positions on either side of the lust-crazed teacher. Eric and Robert began to fuck her slowly, amazed at her creativity, but also eager to get their rocks off.

Willie began to slide his cock forward against his teacher's wet tits.

Cindy turned her head slightly and began to mouth the long cock hanging from the swing. The boy's long prick fucked hotly against her lips, and he began to slowly piston his hips forward, fucking deeply into her throat.

Cindy grabbed George and Stephen by their rock-hard pricks and began to jerk them roughly.

Robert and Eric were fucking deeply in and out of the sexy young teacher's body. Her lower half felt as if she was being impaled by monstrous tree trunks.

The incredible pleasure was sending rockets of feeling throughout Cindy's body. Since Eric and Robert were setting the tempo, Cindy was using her mouth and hands at the same rate. As both boys fucked into her, she would give a healthy jerk on the cocks in her hands and a hard suck on the cock in her face.

The whole group became noisy, grunting and groaning loudly as they thrust in unison. Cindy was exploding in orgasm after orgasm. For the first time in her life, Cindy felt entirely fulfilled. Many of the boys were nearing orgasm. She could taste Andy's pre-cum. It was flowing more freely as he neared orgasm.

Willie's cock was dripping heavily as he fucked forward. Eric and Robert increased their tempo and got ready to cum.

Eric was shoving his entire foot-long cock deep into her pussy. The tip of his cock was pushing against her womb.

Cindy couldn't believe it, but she could actually feel Robert's balls slapping heavily against her asscheeks. He was actually pushing all thirteen inches into her tight asshole!

Andy was the first to cum, jetting shot after shot of jism down her throat. The cum scalded her throat and nearly choked her, but the angle of the erupting prick made it impossible to spit out.

Andy pulled out, a final drop of warm, thick, creamy spunk fell heavily into her mouth. He climbed out of the swing and went over to talk to Barry.

Willie rose up, his ass muscles tightening as his cock spat out a huge shot of jism. The spew cascaded out of his cock and splattered onto her face, pooling beneath her eye.

No longer able to hold back, George and Stephen also came, geysering hot jism all over Cindy's face, hair and mouth.

Willie pushed forward, popping his prick into his teacher's mouth, letting his final shots of cum fill her mouth.

Robert and Eric came, filling her ass and pussy with loads of boiling jism.

Cindy smiled. The smell of jism was everywhere. Her face was covered with cum, her hair wet with white cock-cream. Her tits heaved, slime-covered, and her hips shook as both huge cocks pulled out of the teacher with loud plopping sounds.

But Cindy was happy, her body thoroughly exhausted with fulfillment. The day would continue, a blur of spurting cocks. Each boy would get another chance at the horny teacher, or maybe more.


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