Chains for daughter

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

And, when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder...

The young girl in this book is the victim of immoral people. She is caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

CHAINS FOR DAUGHTER -- the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


Chapter ONE

"Wake up, Judy!"

Judy London's big brown eyes snapped open at her father's voice. What was he doing in her room this late at night? Was there something wrong with her mother? She had gone out of the city for the weekend and Judy had been worrying about her all night.

Then someone shone a light in her eyes and she knew there was something wrong, but it was she who was in trouble and not her mother.

"Shit," a man's heavy voice sighed. Was it Mr. Long's? "Look at those big fat titties. Never seen titties that big and fat on such a little girl!"

"You ain't never seen tits that big on anyone," another voice answered. Judy was positive this one belonged to Mr. Hontz, who owned the sporting good shop. "This little cunt's really stacked."

Judy caught her breath, wanting to scream. All she could make out were hulking shadows behind the bright spotlight someone was shining in her face. She tried to rise up, and when she did, she realized that she was wrapped in chains. Her wrists were cuffed together tightly and a metal collar was wrapped around her throat.

Chains from the collar and cuffs were held taut by someone who stood beyond the light, the two chains twisted around each other until they formed one terrible leash. And someone had wrapped the entire length of her long, coltish legs in chains, binding them, tightly, hotly together.

Judy jerked against the bonds, twisting her sexy young body against the rumpled sheets of her bed. As she looked around blearily, she realized she wasn't even in her room anymore. What was happening? Someone had chained her moved her and her bed out of her room. Why?

"She's a fucking beauty, Joe!" another harsh nice exclaimed. "Let's tear that naughty little nightie off and fuck the shit out of her!"

Judy's breath caught in her throat, and this time the urge to scream was too great to resist. A tiny cry escaped her lips. She was wearing a pink babydoll, a short, gauzy nightgown her father had bought her just the week before. Her mother had raised her eyebrows over it, but Judy had loved it. She'd worn it every night since. It barely covered the huge swells of her firm young tits or the satiny curves of her lush ass. And now some man was talking to her father about pulling it off her and fucking her virgin body.

"Shut up." It was her father's voice again. "Get a light over here. I'm the lead stag of this

Chapter I'll decide what the fuck goes on."

Another light flashed on. Judy screamed as loud as she could at what she saw, and the laughter of a dozen men answered her. Her father was standing in a shifting, shadowy circle of light, his powerful body clothed in tight jeans and a sweat shirt. She had seen him standing just like that a thousand times before. But this time there was something different, and that was what made Judy scream. This time his jeans were unzipped, and hanging out the fly was the first cock Judy had ever seen in her life.

"Oh, Daddy!" she whimpered, and the men laughed again. "Oh, Daddy, what are you doing?"

Lots of boys and some older men had tried to put the make on Judy, but she'd never let one touch her. Her father had always told her that she should never have sex with a man until she was married. But now her father was standing right next to her bed, rubbing his hand over a huge thing that kept getting bigger every time he moved his hand along it.

"Oh, Judy!" he mocked her, running his hand over his huge cock. "Every guy in the lodge tells me you're a cock tease, that, you make their balls so heavy with cum that they can't stand it and then don't let them spill a drop inside you. I can see how. You're a beautiful little slut."

Judy was beautiful. She had a sweet, little girl face, big innocent brown eyes, lush cupid lips, a button nose and a wild tangle of blonde hair to frame it all. And her body was a picture of teenaged perfection. She had long, coltish legs, lush, full hips, finely muscled ass-cheeks that were lush enough for a man to sink his teeth into. Her waist cut in like a sharp hourglass, and her tits were enormous and firm and set high on her chest. She was tanned a golden bronze.

"No, Daddy!" Judy whimpered, struggling hopelessly against the chains, squinting her eyes against the bright light they were shining down on her. "I never tease the boys. I'm a good little girl, Daddy!"

She was, she thought desperately. It wasn't her fault that she had big tits and a pretty face and a tight, bouncy ass. She never teased the boys on purpose.

"Are you a good girl, Judy?" her father asked, menace in his voice. "Are you a really good little girl?"

"Yes, Daddy." Tears were running down her cheeks now and her full tits heaved with her sobbing. She tried to ignore the coarse laughter of the other men in the room.

"Then crawl over to me, Judy," her father said. Joe yanked on her leash with one hand while he jerked on his cock with the other. "Crawl over to Daddy, Judy. I've got something that hurts real bad, and I need a good little girl to take care of it for me. Are you a good little girl?"

"No!" Judy cried, tears streaming down her pretty cheeks. She knew what her father wanted her to do. He wanted her to touch his big, hairy thing! "No, Daddy! Please not that!"

"Crawl, slut," Joe growled, yanking on the leash hard enough to pull Judy upright in bed. She choked and spluttered, groaning with the sudden pain in her wrists and throat. "Don't be a bad girl. I'd hate to have to spank you."

Judy watched with wide, frightened eyes as her father let loose of his cock and unfastened his thick leather belt. She shivered as he pulled the big strap of leather out of his pants. She whimpered when he folded it double in his big hand and snapped it through the air.

"You remember this, don't you, Judy? Now you don't want to embarrass your father in front of all these nice men, do you? Show them what a well-behaved little slut you are! Crawl to your father, cunt! Crawl over and make him feel good!"

He jerked on the chains again, almost tumbling Judy from the bed. Crying, she tried to catch herself on the edge, but with her legs chained together and her hands being jerked by the leash that was fastened to them she wasn't able to stop her fall. She slid to the floor with a thump that made all the men laugh again.

Pain flared through Judy's small, sexy body. She'd landed on her hip, and the chains bit deeply into her flesh when she struck the floor. The light had followed her down, and now she was beginning to sweat from the terrible heat it produced. She looked even sexier with the sweat glistening off her tanned body.

"Now crawl, slut!" Her father jerked on the hash again. "Crawl on your fucking hands and knees, you cock-teasing bitch! I've got something for you to take care of!"

"Move it!" one of the other men shouted. There was a sudden explosion of pain against the full cheeks of her ass. "When your father tells you to do something, you're supposed to obey, slut!"

The spotlight followed her and the men laughed while Judy crawled miserably across the floor. She couldn't understand what was going on. Her father had always treated her so nicely. Mr. Hontz slammed his belt against her silky ass again and she scrabbled faster across the cold, stone floor.

Joe watched his daughter as she crawled on her hands and knees across the floor. He jerked on the leash and pulled her hands out from beneath her, laughing with the others when she fell on her face. She struggled back up, staring at him with pain and fear and confusion. She didn't know the half of it. Judy's mother was going to be gone for three long days, and by the time the old bitch got back the young bitch was going to be one well-trained, humble slut.

And she was just the first. The Lodge of the Mountain Stag had passed unanimously a resolution to take turns training each of their daughters. Joe was the lead stag, so it was only fair that they try out their plan on his daughter first. And this little business trip his wife had taken was the perfect opportunity.

Pain flared through Judy's legs and back as she crawled across the floor toward her father. Her ass burned from where Mr. Hontz was hitting her with his belt and the chains were cutting into her tender flesh. And every inch she moved across the floor brought her closer to the terrible thing her father was pointing at her his giant cock.

"Daddy, please!" she whimpered as she got close to him. "See, I came! I'm a good girl! Please don't make me..."

"Make you what?" Joe asked, laughing with the others at the pitiful pleading of his bound daughter. He took a couple of steps back away from her and she had to crawl farther across the floor. "Say it, you silly slut. What don't you want me to make you do?"

"That," Judy whimpered, pointing at Joe's huge half-hard cock.

She shrieked in pain when Mr. Hontz brought the belt down hard against her ass again. The lush flesh jiggled with the impact, then turned a fiery red beneath the gauzy protection of her nightie.

"What, you dirty little whore?" Joe shouted, ranking the leash back and forth. Judy rocked from side to side, trying to avoid the terrible pain he was causing her, but it was useless. "I know you're a dirty, cock-teasing virgin, but even a ball-buster like you must know what it is you won't do for the boys. What don't you want to do, Judy?"

"Don't make me touch that!" Judy whined. Mr. Hontz hit her again, this time laying the leather against the tender hump of her hip. "Please, Daddy, make him stop hitting me and don't make me touch that!"

Judy squirmed in front of her father, her gaze pinned to the terrible, monster cock he was waving in her face. She'd never seen anything like it before. She'd never imagined anything like it before. Sweat glistened on her golden body as her big tits shuddered with every frightened breath she drew. Mr. Hontz hit her with his belt again and Judy gasped with the pain. She wondered if she was just having some terrible nightmare.

"Say the words!" Joe commanded harshly, wagging his cock in his pretty daughter's face. She was kneeling right in front of him now, her face less than a foot away from his giant cock. "You know what kind of words I want, prick-tease. Say them!"

"Please, Daddy!" Judy couldn't take her gaze off that giant, horrible cock. How could he expect her to touch that terrible thing? "Please, Daddy! Don't make me touch your cock!"

"Touch it," he said simply then yanked on the chain until Judy fell face-first into his groin.

Chapter TWO

Judy screamed and the men laughed as her cheek brushed the burning heat of her father's cock. She brought her hands out in front of her to brace her fall and her hands locked around her dad's strongly muscled upper thighs. She tried to jerk her face back from his crotch, but he held her pinned there by his grip on her leash. Judy touched the first cock of her young life, and it was her own father's.

It was like a giant, cooked hotdog lying alongside her face. All she could smell was the dirty odor of her father's cock and balls. She tried to jerk back again, but her father held her steady and Mr. Hontz blistered her jiggling ass with his belt until she settled down. Finally she collapsed against her father's thighs, leaning her face against his hot, hard cock.

"Say, please don't make me rub my face over your big, dirty cock, Daddy," Joe ordered, humping his stiff prick gently over his gorgeous blonde daughter's face.

Judy shivered with the depth of her pain and humiliation.

"Please," she started, and then her voice broke with a ragged sob. She was never going to get a chance to save herself for her husband, she thought wildly. "Please, Daddy, don't make me rub my face all over your big, dirty cock!"

"Do it!" he commanded.

The other men laughed, and someone else pulled his belt out of his pants and began to beat Judy's silky ass along with Mr. Hontz.

Judy tried to hold her breath as she rubbed her beautiful face all over the fat length of her father's prick. It was impossible though, because of the choking grip of the collar and the sudden, painful blows of the belts on her vulnerable ass. She sucked in the filthy scent of her father's crotch and rubbed her face up and down on his big prick.

His giant cock rubbed over her pretty cheeks and into her wide, brown eyes. The fat, red head bumped over Judy's chin and left a shiny smear of fuck-lube. Once he even nudged it up into her nose, wiping his salty-smelling pre-cum all over her cute button nose.

Judy kept moving her face up and down and from side to side, wiping her pretty teenaged face all over her father's giant cock. If she did it just like he wanted, she thought, maybe he'd make the men behind her stop beating her with their belts.

Joe watched his fat cock bobbing against his daughter's beautiful teenaged face and he had to concentrate to keep himself from cumming. The sight of her grovelling at his feet, smearing her sexy face with the sticky fuck-lube from his cock, was enough to make him want to blow. She already had smears of pre-cum over both her cheeks, and more dribbled down her upper lip into her mouth. But he couldn't let himself cum yet. He still had a lot of things in mind for his prick-teasing little cunt of a daughter before he let himself have that first, sweet orgasm.

"Say, Daddy, please don't make me open my mouth and stick my tongue out while I wipe my face all over your cock and balls." He reached down and scooped his balls out of his pants, then just went ahead and pulled his pants down. Judy clutched the hairy fronts of his thighs with her bound hands and looked up at him with desperation.

"Mind your daddy," Hontz said behind her, laying into her sweet, silky ass with his belt. Her perfectly rounded ass-cheeks were covered with crimson welts now. She wagged her ass back and forth sexily trying to keep it out of the reach of the two belts that were working her over. "You wouldn't want to get a spanking, would you?"

They were going to make her do it, Judy thought desperately. They were going to make her take her dad's cock in her mouth. His cock was so big, so dirty, so ugly so smelly. It would be awful to take that thing in her mouth.

"Please, Daddy, don't make me open my mouth and stick my tongue out when I rub my face up and down your cock and balls!" She was looking at her first set of balls now. They were so crinkled and hairy and big. And they smelled even worse than his cock.

"Open your mouth and wag that tongue!" her dad ordered. He humped his hips toward her pretty, captive face. "You do this real good and Daddy might give you a nice present."

Judy cried as she opened her mouth and stuck out her pretty, pink tongue. Her ass was on fire with the terrible beating Mr. Hontz and the other man were giving her. She was sure that her first taste of her father's cock or balls would make her throw up.

Her father's cock tasted salty and dirty and ripe, just like it smelled. Judy wanted to pull her tongue back in her mouth after her first taste, but she knew that she'd be in trouble if she did that. Instead, she kept rubbing her face all over her father's big, pulsing prick, this time running her tongue over the hot meat along with her face.

She licked the thick stalk of her father's cock with her tender, pink tongue, tasting the salty flesh. It was a taste unlike any she had ever experienced before. She ran her tongue over the thick ridge that ran along the underside of the cock and over the fat, slippery head. She could feel the tiny opening of his piss-slit pass beneath the rub of her tongue, and she got a mouthful of fuck-lube as she licked her way over it. She almost threw up as that sudden, metallic taste filled her mouth and she realized that she was tasting a man's fuck-juice.

"Wrap your lips around that big cock!" one of the other men shouted. "Lick that thing and maybe it'll spit up something nice for you!"

Judy looked up at her father with wide, frightened eyes, silently begging him for mercy. He only stared back down at her with cruelty and lust. The belts continued to fall remorselessly across her back and ass. Judy had never felt fear like she was feeling it now.

"Not just the end, you hungry slut!" her father growled. He slapped her with his free hand then backhanded her hard enough to make the world go dark for an instant. "Rub that sweet face and pretty pink tongue all over it, like a good little bitch! Get my balls with that sweet tongue. You're just like a little bitch dog, aren't you?"

Men laughed, and Judy burned crimson with shame, but she began to flick her tongue and drag her face over the full length of his giant cock. His cock shone with her saliva now, and her face was smeared with her spit and his pre-cum. His cock was fully erect now, and it stretched from the girl's chin to her forehead. It jerked about wildly as she ran her face and tongue over it.

Judy teased her tongue over the crinkly sac of her father's balls, trying to imagine that she was somewhere, anywhere else but on her knees nuzzling her father's cock in front of a dozen of his awful friends. Her ass and upper thighs were almost numb after the terrible beating they'd taken. She felt like a piece of dirt, having to lick her own father's cock and balls in front of a bunch of laughing men. The pain and humiliation were more than the teenaged girl could stand.

"Are you a little bitch doggie?" Mr. Hontz asked. He swung his arm around and slapped his belt against the heavy swell of Judy's tits and she squealed in agony. "If you're a little bitch dog, then you ought to beg to get to lick your daddy's bone."

Judy was crying now, flapping her tongue over the hairy, dirty bag of her father's balls while she ground her face into the underside of his jerking cock. She shook her head back and forth, letting the awful cock flip over her nose and cheeks, plying her tongue over the smelly bag of his balls. Was he going to cum? Was he going to cum in her face?

"Beg!" her father said. He pulled her face back away from his cock and stared at her. "Beg to lick your daddy's cock and balls and asshole!"

Judy's mind exploded with shame and horror as she heard her father's words. Beg to lick his asshole? He couldn't mean that! Even kneeling here, her face soaking with her spit and his pre-cum, her ass blistered with the terrible beating he'd let his friends give her, she couldn't believe he meant that.

"No!" she whimpered. "I'm going to tell Mom! Dad, please don't do this to me! Please stop!"

Quick as a striking snake, her father grabbed hold of her nightie and ripped it from her body. Judy jerked as he tore the gauzy cloth from her sexy, teenaged body, then she sobbed at the hoots and catcalls of the men gathered around. Just as quickly her father closed his powerful hand around one of her big tits and squeezed with all his strength. Judy's cry of shame changed into a scream of anguish as he dug his fingers savagely into her tender flesh.

"Beg like a good bitch doggie!" he rasped, almost cumming at the sight of her silky tit-flesh bulging between his punishing fingers. "You want to be an obedient little bitch, don't you? You know what happens to bitch doggies who aren't!"

"Please, Daddy!" Judy cried. Other men put their hands on her perfectly rounded ass and pinched her meaty, silky thighs. Mr. Hontz still flicked his belt against her back but now he was more interested in touching her creamy tanned flesh with his hands. "Don't, Daddy! Not all these men!"

"Beg like a good bitch," Joe ordered. He released his grip from her tit and grabbed the fat bud of her nipple. Then he pinched it between his fingernails and jerked out on it while he held her firmly in place with his grip on her leash. The miserable look of pain on her face almost made him spill his cum all over the floor. "Sit up and beg like a good bitch doggie!"

Judy writhed with the pain, her svelte, stacked body twisting with the pain that flared through it. Joe pulled her tit out farther with his fierce grip on her nipple, twisting it back and forth until her tit corkscrewed out away from her body. Behind her, men were teasing their hands up into the crack of her ass and Judy knew that only the chains they'd wrapped around her legs were keeping the awful men from touching her cunt, too. She sobbed with her degradation and realized that she couldn't disobey her father.

"Please Daddy," she snivelled. "Let your little bitch doggie daughter lick your cock and balls. Let you little bitch doggie lick your asshole!"

"My smelly, shitty asshole," Joe corrected mildly, digging his fingernail harder into her stiff, pink nipple.

"Let your bitch doggie daughter lick your smelly shitty asshole!" Judy sobbed, looking at that dark, dank spot between his legs. "Let me lick you, please."

"Okay, I guess," he said, then turned to the other men. "You were right. She is a dirty little slut. Get your belts out and punish the cockhungry little cunt!"

Judy screamed with horror as her father yanked her face toward his cock once more and she heard the other men whip their belts out of their pants.

Chapter THREE

Joe parted his legs just enough for Judy to worm her pretty face between his hairy thighs. The feel of her satiny skin and silky hair rubbing against his legs made his big cock jerk about wildly. Her tongue was out and flapping. He shivered when it brushed over the heavy, wrinkled sac of his balls. He jerked on her leash to keep her there for a moment.

Judy lapped desperately at her father's crinkled balls. Her body shuddered with revulsion and pain as she licked and suffered the beating Mr. Hontz and the other men were dishing out to her. She wished she could put this all out of her mind, block out the pain and humiliation the men were making her suffer, but she couldn't. She flinched and sobbed at every burning slice against her tender haunches and felt her stomach churn with disgust every time she flapped her tongue over her father's spit-soaked balls.

"Open your mouth and suck them in, doggie!" Joe cooed, holding his daughter's face trapped tight against his groin. "Suck your daddy's balls into your mouth like a good little slut doggie!"

Judy sobbed hopelessly and opened her mouth to let her father's fat, hairy balls slide in. She slurped one ball up easily, but it filled her mouth too much to take the other one. She turned her wide, brown eyes up to stare at her father, hoping he would realize that there was a good reason she couldn't do what he said.

Joe looked down at her pretty face and groaned with lust. Her golden-blonde hair sparkled under the spotlight they had on her. Her brown eyes were filled with fear and confusion. Her cheeks bulged with the ball she was holding in her mouth. Spit trickled out from the corners of her lips to course down her chin. And a little farther down, her full tits heaved with every shuddering breath she took.

"You better be a good bitch dog!" he warned her, reaching down to squeeze one of those big, silky tits. "You take both my balls in your slutty little mouth. You suck them both down good!"

Judy's eyes filled with tears as she tried to crawl her lips farther along her father's ball sac. Her mouth was already filled and she still had one big ball to go. She couldn't understand how he expected her to be able to hold them both in her mouth. She jerked helplessly with every blow her father's friends laid on her ass and back and tried desperately to please her father. Maybe if she could do what he wanted he'd stop Mr. Hontz and the others from beating her.

Hontz was pouring sweat now as he brought his belt down on the sexy teenager's perfectly rounded ass-cheeks. They jiggled with each impact. Judy jerked her hips wildly back and forth, doing a sexy little dance as she tried to escape her beating. Hontz's cock swayed straight out in the air, hard as a rock, and he beat her even harder. He felt like he might cum at any second.

Judy twisted beneath his blows and those of the half dozen other men who were striping her back with their belts. The flawless length of her back and rounded cheeks of her ass burned with the beating they were giving her. She wondered what she could have done to deserve such a terrible whipping.

"Suck those balls, you cock-teasing little bitch!" Mr. Hontz shouted, bringing his belt down again and again on her quivering ass. "Suck those balls in and roll them around a little!"

Judy's mouth was watering heavily as her lips crawled over the wrinkled, hairy bag of her father's balls. Her saliva poured out around the ball-crammed seal of her lips and soaked her chin to splatter wetly against her big tits. Her cheeks bulged obscenely with the huge burden they held. Still she forced her face forward, squirmed her lips over more and more of her father's balls. Finally she held his whole ghastly ball sac inside her mouth. She looked up at him for his approval.

"Okay, dog," Joe said with a sigh. He pinched his daughter's thrusting pink nipples, grinding them between his fingers and thumb until she squirmed with pain. "Wash them, bitch. Suck them. Suck on those balls, baby!"

Judy applied suction to her father's balls, being careful not to bite him or suck too hard. She swabbed her tongue around and around over his ball sac and swished her spit from one side of her mouth to the other to wash them down.

And all the time she worked on her father's balls, Mr. Hontz and the other men were slashing their leather belts down against her tender flesh.

Finally, her father pulled his balls free of Judy's full, red lips. They were soaked with her spit. Some of the hairs that sprouted from his balls sparkled in the spotlight from the spit that beaded on them.

Joe jerked her head farther between his legs, pulling her back and up until her mouth was pressed tightly into the crack of his hairy, filthy ass.

"Say you want to lick my ass out now, little bitch dog!" Joe's cock jerked about with excitement as he felt the brush of his daughter's breath on his ass-crack. His cock dropped a long, sticky strand of fuck-lube into her golden hair. He was almost ready to cum. "Tell your daddy that you want to lick out his dirty asshole!"

Judy wanted to throw up. The smell of her father's ass was more than she could stand. She gagged and tried to twist her head back out from between his legs, but he held her too tight. Her ass and back blazed with the pain of the beating she was taking.

"Suck your daddy's ass!" one of the men shouted. Judy's body glistened with sweat under the heat of the spotlights as she struggled hopelessly. "You're going to get your ass whipped even worse unless you obey your father like a good girl!"

Judy knew that she had to do as her father asked.

"Please, Daddy," she whimpered, her voice breaking, her shapely body shaking with disgust. "Please, Daddy, let your little bitch dog daughter suck your ass. I want to lick your ass real bad!"

"Oh shit," Hontz groaned. His arm was aching now but he wouldn't let himself stop beating her silky, bouncy ass. "What a little slut. All she needed was a little encouragement. Your daughter's a slut, Joe."

"Your daughter's going to get a chance to prove herself, too," Joe reminded his friend, then groaned with sudden pleasure as his daughter burrowed her pretty face up into the dank crevice of his ass. "You sexy little bitch! Lick my ass out!"

Judy was certain she was going to throw up. The smell of her father's ass-crack had been terrible; the taste was a million times worse. She ran her tongue over the humid flesh of his ass-crack with his wet, heavy balls draped over her nose and his giant cock swaying above her head. She washed his ass the same way she'd washed his cock and balls, wiping her tongue wetly over the hot, moist skin. She soaked the coarse hairs that lined his ass and then slurped the excess spit back into her mouth. She teased her tongue around the tight bud of his ass in tickling, circles. She hoped that once she'd done this last awful, dirty thing for her father that he'd make the other men stop beating her.

Her cunt was hot and she squirmed her lush, silky thighs, trying to get a little air to it. With her legs bound so tightly together and the spotlight bearing down on her, her whole body was overheated, but it seemed to be affecting her cunt worst of all. She twisted her hips and tried to pry her legs just a little apart, but it was no use. Her father and his friends had pulled the chains tight. She couldn't separate her thighs at all.

Judy wished that she could take just a moment to scratch her cunt, or at least open her legs to let a little air get to it, but she knew better than to speak without being spoken to. Her dad's friends would probably just laugh at her if she asked such a stupid question anyway.

Joe's whole body began to shake. His sweet little bitch of a daughter had brought him so close to an orgasm that he was afraid that he was going to shoot his jism all over the top of her head. His cock was beet-red and bouncing up and down on its own over Judy's shimmering blonde hair. He had to get his daughter's hot little mouth off his ass or he was going to cum any second.

"Get your slutty little mouth off my ass!" he bellowed, jerking her face out of his ass-crack. Her cheek brushed his throbbing cock as he yanked her back and just the touch of her silky skin almost made him shoot. "I brought you up better than that, you cheap little whore!"

Judy choked from the sudden pressure on the collar that circled her throat. She looked up at her father with shock and pain coloring her pretty face, wondering suddenly if this all might not have been some test to see whether or not she was a good girl. Her pure white skin blushed bright red as the shame of what she had done sank in. She'd sucked her own father's balls. And she'd licked his dirty asshole. She wished she could die.

Chapter FOUR

"Come on now!" Joe roared, watching his huge cock bob up and down inches away from his daughter's face. He could feel the jism boiling in his nuts. "Put your dirty mouth over my cock, Judy! You made your daddy hot, doggie, and now you've got to cool him off!"

He jerked Judy forward and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as her face came closer to his giant cock. It was so big and hairy and ugly that Judy could barely stand the idea of having it in her mouth. The head was shiny with pre-cum. She wondered how much he was going to shoot when she put her mouth around his cock.

"Suck down your daddy's cum!" Mr. Hontz screamed, looping his belt around the helpless blonde's sleek frame and landing his leather against her sleek little stomach. "Suck down your daddy's cum like a good little girl!"

Judy screamed from the sudden pain of Mr. Hontz hitting her tender stomach. The heat and itch in her cunt had gotten worse and worse, and, as he slapped her flat tummy with his belt, she felt her cunt convulse. She screamed in pain and fear, not knowing what was happening. Something was happening to her cunt. Tickling fingers of prickling heat were shooting from her tiny pussy to make her whole body shake and shudder.

"Shit!" one of the men said in something like awe. "I think your daughter's cumming, Joe!"

"She is!" Mr. Hontz screamed gleefully and brought his belt around in a sweeping arc that ended with a sharp slap against Judy's heaving tits. "The doggie bitch is cumming!"

Judy screamed again and squirmed against the chains that held her. Her tongue touched the blazing hot underside of her father's cock and her lush, pink lips closed around the jerking head of his prick. Her cheeks went hollow as she sucked his giant cock, her lips stretched tight around the huge girth of his fuck meat. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Suddenly her father's cock tasted like the world's sweetest all-day sucker.

The men whipped her harder now. Their belts exploded pain against her ass and back and tits and stomach. The blonde teenager wriggled helplessly, her supple young body twisting against the chains that held her. Her legs were rubbing against each other faster and faster. Her face was flushed and her tits were swollen and hard. Her big pink nipples stood out like sharp tacks. She squirmed on the floor under the steady tattoo of the men's belts, her tender young body quaking through its first orgasm while she sucked her father's cock and got a spanking from a half a dozen other men.

"Oh, you slut!" her father groaned. He slammed his strong hands against the sides of her head and tilted her face back so that he could see her innocent teenaged mouth swallowing his cock. He was going to cum.

Judy couldn't stop shaking. She'd never felt anything like this before. She was so wet between her legs. She couldn't stop rubbing her silky thighs together. She wanted to put her hands on her cunt and rub it. She was cold and hot in waves. Her body was covered in goose bumps. For some silly reason it had started feeling good to be spanked. Was she really cumming?

Judy guessed she must be because the sensations running through her body felt better than anything she had ever experienced before. Her cunt was opening and shutting like a tiny fist. Every inch of her creamy, firm teenaged flesh was tingling. Every blow of a belt against her jiggling ass or bouncing tits added more heat to the fire already blazing through her perfect young body. Judy felt terribly naughty, but she had never felt anything half as good as what she was feeling now.

And suddenly her mouth was full of something hot and sticky and salty. Her father's cock jerked about wildly inside the band of her tightly stretched lips. Judy's tongue was submerged in frothy jism. A moment later her cheeks bulged with a mouthful of gooey cum. She could feel it shooting inside her mouth, bursts of cum hitting the roof of her mouth, the back of her throat, the wet, warm hollows between her teeth and cheeks. It was salty and tart and unlike anything Judy had ever tasted before. And there was so much of it.

Joe shot round after round of heavy cock cream into his daughter's wetly receiving mouth.

Judy's lips clamped tight around the jerking head of his cock, her jism-coated tongue still sponging wetly against the underside of his prick, coaxing more and more cum from his swollen nuts. Her cheeks bulged with the huge load of soupy cock-cream they held. She could feel some of his cum start to slide down her throat. Her mouth couldn't hold another drop of his jism.

Judy opened her lips and a solid wave of cum and spit poured out of her mouth. Jism washed down over her chin, painting her lips white, splashing down onto her silky, rounded tits in a sticky white waterfall. Judy watched as the slimy cum washed down over her big tits. Her tits gleamed as the jism ran down over them. They sparkled under the harsh illumination of the big spotlight. A thick string of jism landed squarely on one of her rubbery pink nipples and hung there for a moment before it stretched too far and snapped, falling to the floor. Judy was amazed at how much cum there was.

"Swallow it, you stupid bitch!" Mr. Hontz shouted angrily. He lashed his belt against her tender tits, bringing it back spotted with the jism that was flowing over them. "You ignorant little slut. You're supposed to swallow that cum!"

Judy wondered if Mr. Hontz was lying to her, but she started swallowing her father's cum anyway. The way her head was tilted back a lot of it was staying pooled inside her mouth anyway. The cum burned going down her throat. It was so hot and sticky and good. Judy wished she'd swallowed it all now. Her father was still shooting more into her mouth, but it was only little drops, so small that she could catch them on her tongue and hold them there.

"Such a messy little slut," Joe said. He pulled the head of his cock out of his daughter's clasping mouth and traced it over her upper lip. He poked it around her face until he'd cleaned himself off. Letting all that cum drool out of your mouth. "You know better than that, don't you? Only little girls dribble like that."

"I am a little girl, Daddy," Judy answered in a tiny voice.

Her face was a mess. Her chin and lips were painted jism white. Her lips were webbed together with cum and she was still swallowing trying to clear all the gooey fuck-juice out of her mouth. Streaks of the jism she'd let slide out of her mouth painted her succulent young body from high on her tits down past the deep cup of her navel.

"Not with tits like these, you ain't." Hontz dropped his belt and went down to one knee beside the chained blonde teenager. He grabbed her silky tits in his big hands and mauled them brutally. "That little-girl voice don't mean shit when you got tits like these. You're a big girl now!"

"No, please, Mr. Hontz!" Judy moaned pitifully. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue in her ear, slobbering down the side of her face. "You're hurting me! Please stop!"

Judy groaned with a mixture of pain and fear. Mr. Hontz was mashing her big round tits in his powerful hands. Her tits were already tender from the belting they'd just received, and, they screamed with pain as he wrenched them back and forth across her chest. And he was humping against her lush ass. She could feel the long, heavy shaft of his hard cock rubbing between her silky ass-cheeks. She was terrified he was going to put that giant cock inside her tiny pussy.

Joe stared down at his daughter. He was stroking his still-hard cock, watching Hontz as he abused Judy's tits and dry fucked her tight little ass-crack. Judy's sleek teenaged body was writhing sensuously beneath the heavy weight of the big man. Her thighs were rubbing slowly together. His little cunt of a daughter had cum, probably for the first time in her life, with his cock in her mouth. She was going to cum for the second time with his big prick buried in her cunt.

"Get off, Hontzie," he said. He yanked on his daughter's leash, pulling her out from underneath the hulking man, causing her to choke and cough. "Get the bed ready, guys. It's time I busted this little doggie's cherry!"

He hauled the gorgeous blonde teenager back across the room and jerked her up onto the bed. He thought of Richard and his big-titted, redheaded daughter Arlene. He thought about Hontzie and his tall, long-legged daughter Doris. All the other Stags, all of their daughters. But first was him, their leader, and his daughter Judy, the sexiest, most beautiful girl of the bunch. She looked at him with wide frightened eyes, but unless he was wrong he was seeing the first signs of something else in those eyes too -- hunger.

"Is the little doggie ready to get fucked?" he asked. He aimed his cock, stiff and thick and nine inches long, right at her nose. "Is the little doggie ready to get a bone buried up her dirty doggie cunt?"

"Oh, Daddy, please!" Judy pleaded. She rubbed her collared throat with one shackled hand. Tears gleamed in her eyes. But her long, lush legs never stopped rubbing together.

"Tie her down!" Joe ordered.

The men moved in.

Chapter FIVE

The first thing the men did was pull Judy's hands high above her head to tie them tightly to the posts of the bed. A moment later the men unwrapped the chains from around her long legs. She saw Arlene's dad Richard and Sharon's dad Paul and a half dozen others she recognized. A couple of them ran their hands up between her legs and Judy shivered at the beat of their fingers against her tight pink cunt-lips. Then they jerked her legs almost straight out to her sides and she closed her eyes and screamed in pain.

"Pull them tight!" her father barked. "Get those legs off the bed and straight out!"

Judy cried out in shame and pain. The men were pulling her legs until it felt like they were going to come out of their sockets. Then they wrapped chains around her ankles and tied her feet to the bottom posts of the bed. Judy wriggled frantically, but there was no way she could pull free. The way her father's friends had tied her made her ass hover almost six inches off the surface of the bed. All the weight of her lower body was supported by the thick chains they had twisted around her ankles to hold her. Judy didn't think she'd ever felt anything that hurt as much as the way they had her staked out on the bed.

But it was nothing compared to the humiliation she felt when she looked down at herself. Judy shut her eyes tightly, wanting to disappear or just die when she saw what she looked like. Chained to the bed as she was, her tits were pulled high on her chest, the fat mounds pillowing out to look even bigger than they were. And her flat little tummy was pulled so tight that it seemed to suck in almost all the way to her backbone. Her ass, hanging above the bed, was as full and rounded as it would have been if she'd been standing up.

But her cunt was the worst. With her legs spread out wide, her cunt was pulled open, the tight little pink lips peeled back to reveal the darker red inside. She could even see her tiny pink clit peeking out from her tight-lipped, golden-furred pussy. Judy had never been exposed like this in front of a boy in her life. Now here she was spread out like a piece of meat for her father's whole lodge

Chapter .

"You're going to love this, Judy," Joe said, stepping between his daughter's outstretched legs. His cock was already dripping fuck-lube at just the sight of the beautiful girl's pink-lipped pussy. "Little cock-teasers always love their first taste of prick! Once I fuck that cherry of yours open you'll never be able to get enough cock again!"

"No, Daddy, I'm not like that at all!" Judy pleaded. Her pussy was so tiny. She could barely fit two fingers up inside it. How was she ever going to be able to take her father's giant cock? "I'll be a good girl! I promise I will be! And I won't tell mom anything about this!"

"Tell your mom!" her father roared. He slapped the fat head of his cock down against the lips of her pussy. Judy cringed and her father's friends all laughed. "You tell your, mother anything about this and what you get tonight will seem like just a beginner's course? You got that, slut?"

"Yes, Daddy," Judy whimpered miserably. He was going to do it. Her own father was going to fuck her cunt. "Please don't hurt me!"

"Hurt you?" He laughed, lining up the bulging head of his cock over the tight lips of her pussy. "By the time I get through with you, you'll be screaming for more!"

Her father began to push his iron rod of a prick into her pussy. Judy felt a terrible drag at the outer lips of her pussy and she clamped her eyes tightly shut. She couldn't bear to see what was happening. There were hands back at her tits, pinching and poking and squeezing. Then her head was pulled to one side and someone was kissing her, driving a fat tongue between her teeth and then sucking her tongue out into his mouth. Somehow it was worse to be kissed against her will than it had been even licking out her father's ass. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Mr. Hontz forcing the French kiss on her. He winked at her evilly and she shut her eyes again.

As Hontz drove his fat tongue into Judy's weakly resisting mouth once more, her father drove his prick relentlessly forward. Judy wriggled helplessly against the chains that held her in place as her father's huge cock bludgeon ed its way inside her virginal young cunt. The pain was terrible, worse than anything she could have ever imagined. It was as though someone was pulling her tiny pussy apart. Judy tried to buck her hips away from the horrible penetration, but all she could do was sway her ass back and forth over the bed. She was caught tight, and there was nothing that was going to stop her father from fucking his big cock all the way inside her virgin cunt.

"Tight!" Joe hissed, slitting his eyes as he drove his cock forward. He grabbed his sexy blonde daughter's hips and held her steady while he drove his fat prick into her. "You tight-assed little bitch! I'm going to ream you out good, doggie! After I get done with you these other guys won't be any problem."

Judy cried out around the mouthful of tongue that Mr. Hontz was forcing on her. Certainly her dad wasn't going to let all these other men fuck her too?

There was a loud popping sound when Joe's cock-head finally squeezed through the pink outer lips of Judy's pussy. A couple of the other men looked down to see if he'd popped Judy's cherry, but they returned to their tit-mauling when they saw that he hadn't. Judy's tight pussy lips looked like a stretched rubber-band as they strained around Joe's giant cock. A couple of the men groaned with lust at the sight of her tiny pussy stretched so obscenely out of shape. Almost half the men had their cocks out now, rubbing them as they watched Joe defile his daughter.

"Oh, Daddy!" Judy cried when Mr. Hontz lifted his face from hers. "Please, Daddy, stop! This hurts really bad. You're hurting me."

Before she could plead anymore another man leaned over her and planted his lips on top of hers. A moment later a new strange tongue slurped wetly into Judy's unresisting mouth. Was this Penny's father, Mr. Robinson? At least his mouth didn't taste as horrible as Mr. Hontz's.

"You better be grateful that it's your father doing this and not some boy at school, then, bitch!" Joe shouted, bearing his weight down on his cock, driving it deeper inside her. It was easy going now that his big cock-head had bulled its way past her cunt lips. "They would have fucked right into you. And with a tight little pussy like yours that might have been more than you could have taken. You should be thanking me instead of acting like a spoiled little whining bitch."

Mr. Robinson took his lips off Judy's mouth and began to lick and bite his way down her throat. Another man leaned over to drive his tongue into her mouth. Judy had only kissed one or two boys in her whole life. Now one man after another was taking turns driving their tongues down her throat and sucking her tongue up into their mouths.

Mr. Robinson bit her throat, and on the other side, one of the men was sticking his tongue into her ear.

Suddenly Judy felt a strange pressure inside her. It took her only an instant to realize what it was. The head of her father's cock was pressing against the thin wall of her cherry. The sudden pressure took her breath away, and she tried to pull her face free from the men who were kissing and biting her. She managed to look up at her father, and he was smiling at her. He knew what he was about to do.

"You there yet?" Mr. Robinson asked, looking up from the graceful white curves of Judy's throat. He'd left her neck dotted with bruises.

"I can feel it, John," Joe said with a grin. He squirmed his ass and the breath hitched in Judy's chest as she felt her cherry start to give under the pressure.

"Fuck it out," Mr. Hontz said. He grabbed one of Judy's big tits around the base and squeezed it like a tube of toothpaste. "Fuck it out! Fuck it out! Fuck it out!"

Judy shuddered, wanting to be sick. She looked down the length of her straining, supple body. Six different men had their hands on her tits, pinching and poking and playing with them. Another man was stroking her stomach.

Her father stood on his knees between her legs, smiling ghoulishly at her as he slowly increased the pressure on her tender cherry. She could tell that he was relishing every instant of her shame and torment.

Suddenly he pulled back, and Judy breathed a deep sigh of relief as the bulging pressure against her cherry was slowly relaxed. A new man leaned over her to drive his tongue into her mouth, and Judy was so relieved that she actually teased her tongue into his mouth, running it over his teeth and gums.

She shivered with sudden pleasure when someone started licking one of her nipples. A moment later her other nipple was engulfed by a wet, sucking mouth.

"Say please, Judy," her father ordered. He jerked his hips forward just a little.

Judy screeched with sudden pain. He'd shoved forward just enough to bounce the head of his cock against her tender cherry, stretching it painfully, but not tearing it. She thrashed against the chains that held her. He pulled back, rubbing his cock over the sensitive flesh of her pussy, leaving a burning pain where he'd struck her cherry.

Judy watched her father with wide, frightened eyes as he shoved back into her again. Pain flared through her virgin pussy, but once more he only bounced the big head of his cock off the thin bulwark of flesh.

Judy squirmed helplessly, her silky ass-cheeks flexing tight, the muscles in her thighs standing out taut. Mr. Robinson's tongue washed over her eyes, making her blink. Another man had her ear in his mouth, sucking it and tonguing it at the same time. A man was licking up and down the silky valley between her tits. Judy felt like she was losing her mind.

"Say please, Judy," her father ordered again. He pulled back, then plunged forward. Judy twitched as his cock head bounced off her cherry. "Say, please, you little doggie bitch."

"Hold on, I'll get a switch," Hontz offered, laughing and running his hand up and down his monster-size cock. "I've been aching to use mine ever since I bought it."

Judy wanted to pull her mouth away from the man who was kissing her, wanted to obey her father and beg him not to let Mr. Hontz beat her with a switch. Instead all she could do was squirm in pain, her hips suspended above the bed by the chains that dug cruelly into her ankles.

More of the men stood over her now, and she could see that every man in her father's lodge

Chapter was there, all twenty of them. She closed her eyes and wished she was dead. These were the fathers of almost all of her close friends at school. How could she ever look any of her friends in the face again?

Judy strained against the chains that held her, the hands and mouths that touched her body. Richard was one of the men who was sucking and biting her nipples. John Robinson was running his tongue over her jaw and throat and shoulder. Georgia's father, Don, was spearing his tongue into her mouth, wrapping his tongue around hers as he smashed her lips against her teeth. Another man was licking and biting the left side of her face.

Wetness engulfed the toes on her right foot and Judy panicked for an instant before the tongue running between her toes told her that someone had her foot in his mouth. A moment later a man ran his raspy tongue over the silky flatness of her stomach and she almost squealed with unexpected pleasure.

There was too much happening all at once. Judy couldn't keep track of it anymore. Her father bounced his big cock up against her burning cherry, and Judy found her hips actually urging toward his horrible, hurting cock. The itch she'd felt before was starting to return, and there was moisture between her legs that she knew wasn't blood or the syrupy pre-cum from her father's cock. She sobbed, her body shuddering with the shame that washed through her, but she couldn't deny the truth. She was getting excited.

"Say please," Joe called out with a laugh, and the other men started to echo his cry. Joe bounced the head of his cock harder against the thin tissue of his daughter's cherry. He watched the twitch of her rounded hips as she flinched from the pain. "Say please to your daddy."

Don bit her lips together, then pulled his mouth off hers. He jerked her head up by her blond hair until she was staring down the length of her body at her father. Between her and him over a dozen men were licking and biting and pawing her stunning golden body. Both her ears were being nibbled on, both sides of her throat were being gnawed. Men were sucking on her tits.

Someone was biting her side just beneath her ribs and both her feet were being slurped on now. Mr. Robinson, was licking her armpits. The men were stimulating every sensitive part of the teenager's voluptuous body, and it was far more than the inexperienced girl could take.

"Say please," Don hissed. "Say please to your daddy."

While he spoke, he ran his fat red tongue over one of Judy's eyes, causing her to blink. Then he bit the top of her ear. Another man was already nibbling on the lower half. Suddenly something hot and long and hard flopped against Judy's right armpit and poked into the side of her tit. She looked to her side to see that a man was sawing his cock up and down over her heated flesh.

She glanced around and saw all the other hard cocks that were out and ready. She felt as though the whole world had gone mad.

"Please!" she whimpered, looking up at her father. "Please!"

"Say thank you," he ordered with a smile. He was bouncing his cock against his daughter's cherry time after time, watching with pleasure every time her pretty, strain-creased face winced with pain. "Say thank you, you virginal little slut."

"Thank you, Daddy," she blubbered. Her body bounced about in the air, straining against the chains. "Thank you, Daddy! Thank you!"

Chapter SIX

Joe smiled. His daughter wasn't proving half as hard to break as he'd feared she might. Already her body was twitching with as much lust as it was pain. She was bathed in sweat, her golden-brown body flushed and glistening, and her tits were swollen and hard. Her big pink nipples were poking up as hard and chewy as a pair of pencil-erasers. She was getting excited, all right. Joe was sure now that he could have her completely trained before his wife got back home.

"Keep saying it!" he roared, bouncing his cock back and forth inside the short space between her cunt lips and her cherry. "Keep saying thank you, you ungrateful little bitch!"

"Thank you, daddy!"

Mr. Robinson took his cock out and flopped it against her cheek. She felt the sticky drip of his pre-cum on her temple.

"Thank you -- thank you -- thank you!"

Mr. Hontz came back into her line of vision, a savage smile spread across his round, cruel face. He was entirely nude, his fat, powerful body covered by dark hair. His cock was hideously long, bigger than Judy's forearm. In one hand, he held a narrow, wicked-looking length of wood. It was tapered so sharply at one end that it looked like a twig. Judy wanted to scream out with fear.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Dirty little slut!" Mr. Hontz rasped. He brought the switch over his shoulder in a deadly arch, aiming for her quivering flat stomach. "You deserve this switching, girl. I can't wait until I can give one to my own dirty little daughter."

Pain exploded through Judy's body when the switch hit home. A line of fire shot out from her trembling little belly up through her tits and down over her cunt. For some strange reason, her cunt reacted by clamping shut over the head of her father's cock and getting wetter still. She jerked her head from side to side, every muscle in her lithe young frame straining against the explosion of sensations lighting up her body.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

With a grin, her father pulled his cock almost all the way out of her tiny cunt. For an instant, Judy wondered if he was done, if this was sex and it was over. Then she recognized the cruel smile on her father's face. A moment later he slammed his cock home.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Judy babbled the words as her father's big hard cock tore through her virgin pussy. In an instant, her cherry was fucked away, and the burning pressure she had felt in her cunt was intensified a thousand times. It was as though someone had set off a nuclear weapon in her pussy. Her whole body exploded with pain and passion.

Judy's tongue flipped between her lips, trying to lick the big cock that Mr. Robinson was rubbing over her face. He pulled his cock back, and she got his balls instead, not as hairy or as dirty as her father's but just as full of cum. She lapped her tongue over his balls.

Joe hit bottom in one savage lunge as he slammed his cock home. He could feel the sudden flow of virginal blood inside her, then the lighter flow of her cunt juice. He squirmed his ass around, scouring her tiny cunt with his big cock. Her ass became as hard as marble, her thighs tensed to slabs of granite. The muscles in her flat stomach trembled.

He lunged at her again, bumping his crotch against the tender pink slit of her cunt, and he watched her squirm.

Judy was sure now that this was all a dream. She wasn't chained to these bedposts. There weren't twenty men probing and tasting her tender young body in the most shameful ways they could. She was not nuzzling Mr. Robinson's cock while Mr. Hontz laid red stripes across her flat, golden stomach with a switch. And certainly her father wasn't driving his cock like a bulldozer through her tiny pink cunt.

Fire was burning through her body, blistering her cunt, sweeping up in waves through her stomach and tits, setting her long, shapely legs ablaze. She felt as if she was bleeding to death, and at the same time her cunt was gushing with cream like it never had before. She was surrounded by giant cocks, and suddenly she wanted them all. They were so ugly, so huge, so dirty, and yet she wanted them all.

Don shoved his cock up against her face and she whirled her head from side to side, licking and kissing first his prick, then Mr. Robinson's. She let reality slip away from her without a fight. This was far too much for the inexperienced teenaged girl to handle.

Joe grinned and pulled his cock back until only the fat head was still inside his daughter's tightly grasping cunt. Her pussy lips throbbed open and shut rapidly.

Joe's cock was dripping with blood and pussy juice. He slammed it back inside.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Judy bucked wildly against the chains that bound her. Her hips flipped high in the air then slammed back down as her ass writhed on the flat surface of the bed. She twisted her head from side to side, her tongue wagging over the cocks and balls on either side of her. Her big brown eyes were glazed with lust. Saliva drooled from the corners of her mouth. Her tits rolled heavily back and forth across her heaving chest. Her bound hands clawed at the air. All the while her voice, more a low, wailing moan than anything else, raised thanks to her dad for what he was doing.

"Fuck her! Fuck her!" Mr. Hontz screamed, bringing down the switch across her flat, trembling stomach.

The whiteness of her stomach was crossed with dozens of bright red lines now from the switching he was giving her.

"Fuck her good! Fuck that virgin into the dirt!"

Joe fucked his daughter as hard as he could. He dug his strong fingers into her bobbing hips and held them steady while he shoved his cock into her bleeding pussy. He plunged tip to root with every savage thrust, and once he'd bottomed out inside her pussy, he squirmed his ass around to make sure he'd stretched her unused cunt as far as he could.

Judy's ravaged cunt lips fluttered around the wrist-thick stalk of his prick. Her cunt clamped when he hammered his cock in, then grasped wetly when he jerked his cock back out.

Judy's face was flushed red, and sweat poured from her. Her bright-blonde hair hung in sweaty clumps. Her face became a mask of strain. She was almost delirious from the sensations that were crackling through her fevered body. She'd never felt any of these things before, and her innocent young body and mind were unprepared to cope with all the sexual stimulation her father and his friends were forcing on her. They were driving her out of her mind.

"Thank you!" she screamed then flicked her tongue across the underside of Mr. Robinson's long, dripping cock until he groaned with pleasure. "Thank you, Daddy! Thank you, Daddy!"

Her cunt was spasming around her father's battering cock. A mix of creamy red fluid was running down from between her legs to smear her inner thighs and ass and wet the bed beneath her. She jerked helplessly with every stroke of her father's cock into her cunt.

She moaned. She urged her stomach up toward the vicious lash of Hontzie's switch. She shook her big tits in the faces of the men who bit and sucked them.

"The little slut's cumming again!" Mr. Hontz screamed. He brought his switch down again and again and urged Joe on. "She's a dirty little whore, all right. We're lucky we got to her in time, Joe, because she sure needed a fucking bad."

Judy would have cried out from shame if the lust powering through her body hadn't been so overwhelming. Her father and his buddies were degrading her, defiling her pure young body and doing all they could to humiliate and demean her. She still couldn't understand why her father was doing it to her. But the wild feeling the fuck was sending through her body was too strong to allow for any other emotion. All she could do was strain and buck and surge her body against the hands and cock that were debauching her.

Joe fucked his daughter faster and harder, slamming his cock into her with all the force he could muster. He watched her meaty thighs shake with every impact of his hard crotch against the tender pink lips of her pussy. His cock was sodden with her blood and juice now, the hairs along its length plastered flat against the hard stalk of his prick. He was close to cumming, but there was one more thing he was going to do to his sexy blonde daughter before he let his friends have their first crack at her -- he was going to make sure she didn't have a virgin hole left in her sweet young body.

Passion shook through Judy's sweet young body in electric waves as her father fucked her cunt with his giant cock. Her cheeks were slick with fuck-tube now. While she tongued and smooched on cock, the other was always rubbing over her face, smearing cock juice over her cheeks and nose and into her eyes. She was smacking and gnawing on Mr. Robinson's cock right now, and she felt a sudden jerking along its fat, hairy length.

Someone bit one of her nipples so hard that she screamed, and when her mouth opened, Mr. Robinson popped the head of his cock between her full, red lips. Then he started to cum.

"Oh you bitch!" he groaned, jerking his hips as his cum boiled up from his balls and into the teenager's avidly sucking mouth. "I wanted to save this for your sweet pussy. You dirty little slut! Making me cum! Making me cum!"

Judy found herself loving the taste of Mr. Robinson's cum. She guzzled it down, swallowing each thick spurt as it filled her mouth with sticky warmth. Then Mr. Hontz cleared a path to her big, firm tits and laid his switch sharply across both her pert pink nipples, and Judy screamed with pain.

"Thank you!" she screamed, spraying cum out of her mouth as she cried out.

Mr. Robinson's cock leaped about in her mouth as she tried to talk, spewing his thick jism into her mouth.

"Thank you! Thank you!"

Mr. Hontz brought the switch down on her flawless round tits again and again, turning their creamy tan a fiery red. Judy screamed, thinking that he might be punishing her for stopping when she drank Mr. Robinson's cum. His cock bounced around against her frantically moving lips, fountaining cock cream into her mouth that sloshed over her cheeks and blew back into the air when she screamed. Sticky lines of cum hung in ropes across her white teeth and red lips. One thick clot of cock cream hung like a curling question mark over her pert little nose. And still Mr. Robinson squirted cum between her lips.

Judy was going out of her mind. She was certain she must be cumming, but if orgasms were like this, she didn't know how any woman could survive them.

Her cunt was hugging her father's cock and squeezing it against the tiny dancing bud of her clit. Her crotch was like a swamp, her cunt juice spilling down between her legs in a sticky waterfall. Her ass crack was soaked and her trembling thighs were gleaming with pussy cream.

Joe yanked his cock out of his daughter's cunt and watched her hips buck desperately as her pussy gripped air. His cock was soaked with her virgin blood and cunt juice. He grabbed her full, tight ass-cheeks and pulled them wide apart. Then he plunged his huge, dripping cock right into the tiny pink bud of her asshole.

"Nooooooo!" Judy screeched, her eyes flying wide open. Something was terribly wrong. Her whole body screamed with agony. "Daddy, noooooo!"

"Up the ass," Joe gasped, driving his cock relentlessly up his daughter's defenseless, virgin asshole. "Thank daddy for fucking you up your ass!"

Judy's body froze with pain. She went rigid against the chains that held her, her hands clenched into tight fists, every muscle in her luscious svelte body standing out in bold relief. Her face was set in a mask of agony.

When Mr. Robinson pulled his leaking cock out of her mouth to rub it clean in her shining blonde hair and Don crammed his cock between her lips and started to spew his wad, she hardly seemed to notice. Her body only jerked slightly when Mr. Hontz sliced his switch across her hard pink nipples.

Joe gritted his teeth as he plunged his cock up her ass. Her asshole was so much tighter than her virgin pussy. If she hadn't been so wet and he hadn't caught her by surprise, he doubted he could have plunged his cock up inside her ass. Even with everything in his favor, it was damned hard going. And the clasp of her asshole was so tight that he was about to cum. He pulled his cock out slowly, trying to restrain himself then he lunged back in.

Cum bubbled down Judy's throat and out of her mouth. Don painted her pretty face with a white sheen of cum. At the same time Mr. Hontz striped the creamy pillows of her tits with a hundred bright red welts. She barely noticed them. Every ounce of her awareness was focused on her father's huge cock, reaming her poor ass out, making her whole body ache with a kind of pain she'd never felt before.

After a few plunges, Judy began to tremble. Her eyes went glassy and her mouth hung limply open, drooling spittle and jism in equal amounts. Goose flesh swept across her silky skin. She breathed in shallow, rapid gasps. Her ass-cheeks flexed powerfully as her body tried hopelessly to expel her father's pulverizing cock.

The other men had stepped back and were watching the procedure in awe. They talked about her body, about the way she was taking her dad's big cock, like she was some kind of performing animal.

"Oh, you slut!" Joe husked, yanking her back toward his savage fuck thrusts with claw like grips on her ass cheeks, "You're making me cum, you little bitch! You're making your father cum!"

His jism blasted so far up her ass that Judy was sure she felt it warming her stomach. Her back felt bruised from the shattering ass-fuck, and her legs felt as though they'd been pushed out of place. After a few shots she felt his gooey cock cream squeezing back out of her asshole. He leaned over her body as he fucked more cum in and bit her tits until she screamed.

"Thank you, Daddy!" she wailed as loud as she could, urging her hips toward him even though both her pussy and ass felt as though they'd been torn. "Thank you, Daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

She was cumming again, even as the deepest shame she'd ever felt filled her body. She was a performing animal, a trained bitch dog for her dad and his buddies. And they were making her love it.

Chapter SEVEN

"Finally!" Mr. Hontz shouted as Joe pulled his softening cock from his daughter's cum drenched asshole. He brought the switch up against the tender undersides of Judy's firm tits. "It's damn well about time, Joe. I'm about to drop my fucking load."

Her father's friends were already unfastening the chains that held Judy suspended above the bed. Her arms and legs felt like boneless rubber, and she dropped limply to the soft mat tress when they freed her ankles. She curled into a tight ball on the bed.

Now that her lust had cooled, the stunning teenager felt nothing but shame and pain. Her ass and pussy both hurt terribly. She had heard that it hurt a little bit the first time a girl had sex, but she'd never dreamed that it could be anything like what she was feeling now. She was afraid that her father might have really hurt her with his brutal fucking. And her ass and tits and stomach all burned from the beatings they'd taken.

Judy had only been spanked once or twice in her whole life, and she'd never known how much belts and switches could hurt. And every muscle in her tawny young body ached horribly with the strain of the cruel bondage she'd been in.

Even worse than the pain was the humiliation. These were men she'd known all her life, men whose daughters and sons she went to school with every day. She'd had dinner or slept over at almost every one of their houses. Now they had all seen her naked, seen her beaten and fucked and forced to take cocks into her ass and mouth.

And she had cum, and everyone of them knew it. She had cum and begged and thanked her father for fucking her. She was nothing but a rutting little tramp, and all the men knew it. They were looking at her like a piece of meat, like a dirty whore.

Judy felt completely degraded, no better than the bitch dog in heat they compared her to.

"Put this on her," Joe said to the other men. He threw something over Judy's hip that felt cool and slick. "We've got to get this little bitch trained. We don't have that long to discipline her. Let's not fuck around."

Even if Judy had tried to resist, she would have been helpless against the hands that grabbed her. She didn't try to fight, though. What use would there be to that? She'd already been fucked in both her ass and cunt, made to suck the cocks of three different men. And even if she had tried to resist, her dad's friends would have just forced her to do what they wanted. She knew that she was a helpless slave to whatever they wanted her to do.

Don pulled the tight rubber skin up over the teenager's smooth, tapered legs. The slick black band reached from midway down her shapely calves to three quarters of the way up her lush thighs. On her other side were added leather pockets with silk cord drawstrings.

One of the other men yanked Judy's hands down, and Don closed the pockets tight around her wrists. At the same time Mr. Robinson wrapped another band of black rubber around the passive schoolgirl's middle. This one fit just under Judy's big tits and went all the way down past her navel. It had cinches in the back and sleeves for her arms. Mr. Robinson drew it so tight that Judy couldn't breathe then he wrapped her arms up into the tubes at the sides, locking her elbows and trapping her arms tight against her sides.

"Shit, she looks hot!" one of the men whispered. He looked from Mr. Robinson to the beautiful blonde teenager who lay helpless in their midst. "What are we going to do to her now?"

Joe looked down at his daughter and felt a rush of pleasure and passion pass through him. Judy was gorgeous. When Hontzie had come up with the idea of training all their daughters, Joe had gone along with it more to keep his prestige with his friends and get back at his bitch of a wife than out of any sexual interest in his daughter. Now he cursed himself for being a moron all these years, and he congratulated himself for finally coming to his senses all at once. His daughter was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

Judy lay on her back on the bed, her golden hair spread in a halo about her pretty face. Her big tits shuddered enticingly with every trembling breath she took. Her arms were trapped at her elbows, pinned to her sides. Her hands were held immobile by the rubber pockets on the leg leathers. Her long legs were held tightly in the sleeves of leather that bound them together. And her narrow waist was slimmed into an hourglass by the band of rubber around her middle. Her already voluptuous body had been turned into a vision of exotic perfection by the bands of slick rubber they'd wrapped her in.

"That looks a little loose around her belly," Joe said to Hontzie. "You want to tighten it a little."

"Yeah," Mr. Hontz agreed with an evil grin. He nodded to a couple of the other men and leaned over the helpless girl. "Hold her. I'm going to have to pull this real hard, and she might squirm a bit."

Judy watched Mr. Hontz with wary, weary eyes. She knew that they were getting ready to do something terrible to her, but she didn't think anything could get a rise out of her after what she'd already been through. If the other men wanted to fuck her, they could go ahead. It would be terrible, but Judy was sure she couldn't sink any lower than she already had.

Mr. Hontz loosened the straps that ran around the back of the leather top. Then, as other men held her steady, he stood up on the bed, set his foot on her ass, and hauled on the straps with all his strength.

Judy groaned, her eyes suddenly bulging, all the air rushing from her lungs. Only the hands of the men who held her and the heavy weight of Mr. Hontz's foot pressing against her ass kept her from being lifted off the bed. The rubber drew tighter and tighter around her narrow waist. Judy was certain her ribs were about to crack.

Hontzie's muscles rippled as he hefted the tight rubber. He could see it molding to the teenager's flesh, drawing tighter and tighter around her. He pulled even harder, excited by the pain he saw etched in her pretty, pale face. He was going to be fucking her in a moment or two, and he wanted everything to be perfect when he finally got to slam it in her.

Judy couldn't catch her breath. It felt as though her internal organs were being shifted around by the inexorably tightening rubber. Her ribs ached with the strain of resisting the pressure. She wondered when Mr. Hontz was going to stop tightening the strap. Already there were black spots dancing in front of her eyes. She was certain she was going to pass out any second.

"Tight enough?" Hontzie asked Joe, starting to buckle the straps shut. He would have pulled it farther, but the buckles were already pulled back to the last holes on the straps. "I'd take it farther, but I've run out of rubber."

"The last hole," Joe said with a whistle. "Kick her ass off the bed and let's see what she looks like."

Hontzie fastened the last strap and rolled her off the bed with his foot.

Judy yelped when she hit the floor, unable to catch herself because of the way her arms were bound. She landed hard on her hip, pain flaring through her. She looked up at the men, barely able to move with her arms and legs strapped so tight in rubber. Her big tits looked gargantuan now that her waist had been narrowed so obscenely. And her ass billowed out between the two strips of flesh-constricting rubber. The sexy teenager looked almost like a caricature now, a fantasy picture of how a beautiful woman in bondage should look.

Mr. Hontz jumped down off the bed to stand beside her. He waved his gigantic cock above her face, dripping a strand of sticky fuck-lube between her wide, brown eyes.

Judy found herself unable to look away from the huge cock. Mr. Hontz was going to stick that cock in her body now, she knew that. He was going to put it into her mouth or cunt or asshole, and he was going to fuck her with it until he spilled his cum inside her innocent body. And his cock was even bigger than her father's! It looked to Judy like Mr. Hontz was waving at least a foot of wrist-thick prick meat over her face.

"This is your second lesson, you sexy little bitch," her father explained. "You've already learned how good it can feel to have a man's big cock fucking you, haven't you, doggie?"

"Yes!" Judy whimpered. She knew that her father would hurt her unless she told him what he wanted to hear. "It did feel good, Daddy."

"Now you're going to learn your place," Joe smirked. He pulled a long, single-strand leather whip down off the wall and flicked it against one of her feet. "You don't just get a cock for nothing, slut. You have to work to be worthy of getting a man's big cock. Just being a hot little bitch with big tits and a pretty face isn't enough. Now you start doing it, doggie. I want you to fuck every man in this room, bitch dog. Get them all off, with your mouth and cunt and ass. And until you get the last one of them to shoot his load in you, I'm going to be whip ping the shit out of your slutty little ass!"

Chapter EIGHT

Judy whimpered desperately as her father stepped toward her.

The other men were stepping back away from her, sitting down in the chairs that were scattered around the big room, making drinks for themselves and helping themselves to chips and other snacks.

How could he expect her to even get to his friends, much less make them cum? She couldn't walk because of the way her legs were bound together. She couldn't even pull herself to her feet and hop or pull herself along the floor with her arms bound in rubber at hand and elbow.

Mr. Hontz, standing a dozen feet away from her now with a glass of whiskey in his hand, must have read her mind because he smiled broadly.

"Crawl, you dirty whore," he said, taking a drink and waving his giant cock in a wide, slow circle. "Squirm on your belly like a dirty little slut worm."

"No, please, Daddy!" Judy cried out pitifully.

What her dad and Mr. Hontz were suggesting was unthinkable. They wanted her to squirm around the room on her belly, grovel at their feet for the privilege of being gang-raped.

"Daddy, please! I'm going to be a good girl. I've learned my lessons. I love your big prick, Daddy! You can fuck me anytime you want!"

"You dirty little bitch dog!" Joe screamed, lashing out with the whip. It struck the rubber that constricted Judy's stomach, and the pain blazed right through the latex layer. "You haven't learned shit yet. You're still a fucking prick-tease! There's twenty men in this room with hard-ons that you caused, you ungrateful little slut! You've already cum twice. And here you are telling me to send them away without getting to cum at all."

He hit her with the whip again, this time flicking it against the tight rubber that circled her thighs. The pain shot through the rubber into her silky flesh. She squirmed with agony. She realized now that there could be no reasoning with her father and his friends. They were determined to break her and train her, to turn her into a whimpering little sex-slave slut.

She rocked her body from side to side desperately.

The men laughed at her as she rolled back and forth, her lithe young body straining to gain the momentum she needed to turn herself over.

Her father brought the whip whistling down again, and this time the cruel leather tip bit into the bare flesh high on Judy's lush, tanned hip. She screamed and hurled herself to one side with all the strength she could muster.

For a moment she was poised precariously on her side, her weight balanced on her rubber-bound left arm. She wavered there, pain screaming through her trapped arm, certain that she was going to fall onto her back any second. She hunched her shoulder, throwing her tits forward proudly, and she rolled over.

She breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"Well move your ass, you lazy slut!" Mr. Hontz shouted.

Judy spared him a quick glance, lifting her head up and shaking her thick blonde hair out of her eyes. He looked angry and impatient, and she knew that she'd better crawl to him as fast as she could.

"Shit, Joe, I'm about ready to blow my load! Can't you make that slutty daughter of yours move her ass any faster?"

Judy started squirming across the floor even before she heard her father's reply. Her tired muscles ached in protest, but she dropped her head back to the floor and started to squirm toward Mr. Hontz.

A moment later a burst of fire-like agony flashed through one straining ass-cheek, and she knew what her father's answer to Hontzie's complaint was going to be.

"Look at that bitch!" one of the men said with a laugh. "She looks just like a worm, or a snake maybe."

"Not with an ass like that," another man intoned. "She looks like a cock-hungry slut crawling for her next fuck."

"And guess what?" Mr. Hontz asked, swinging his cock from side to side and stomping his feet. "That's exactly what she is."

Judy tried to block out the terrible words of her father's friends, but she could no more ignore their humiliating words than she could the bite of her father's whip. Sweat was pouring off her golden tanned body from the exertion of dragging herself across the floor. The rubber tubes around her stomach and thighs made squelching sounds from the sweat that filled them as she writhed toward Mr. Hontz.

She had to twist her shoulders and hips and roll her stomach muscles to move across the floor. It was slow and maddening, and her exhausted muscles screamed louder with agony every inch they pulled her forward. Mr. Hontz looked a million miles away.

"Faster, Judy," her father said, bringing the whip down against her shuddering, tensed ass cheeks. "You're being a cock-tease again, honey, keeping poor old Hontz waiting for your sweet body while he's got such a big fat hard-on. You don't want me to punish you worse, do you?"

Judy threw herself forward along the floor. She was only four feet away, and all she had to do was crawl a little bit farther. Her father brought the tip of the whip flickering between her shoulder blades. She yelped with pain but dragged herself another foot across the floor.

Judy was so close that she could smell the dirty scent of Mr. Hontz's feet. Her father lashed her across the small of her back, and she surged forward. A spritz of fuck-lube hit her forehead, so she knew she must be very close. She threw herself forward again, and her face struck one of Hontzie's hairy, horny feet.

"Good time," Don observed archly. He took a long drink of his scotch. "With a little bit of training, you could probably enter her in professional slut races."

Judy closed her eyes and relaxed her head against Mr. Hontz's stinking foot. Her body was lax with exhaustion. She trembled from the enormous strain it had taken to get across the room. She knew that she still had to make Mr. Hontz cum, but she was so tired she was certain she'd never be able to rise up off the floor at all. She hoped he'd just lie down on top of her and stick his cock in. She hoped for anything that would give her a few seconds free to just lie here unmoving.

"I think she's asleep." A big, bearded man named Richard, who had a daughter about two years younger than Judy, stepped up and poured his drink in her face. The liquor burned her eyes and nose, but the cold against her heated skin felt wonderful. "Wake up little slut. It's not beddy-bye time quite yet."

Judy stuck her tongue out of her mouth and began to lap Hontz's dirty foot. Maybe licking his foot would keep her dad's friends entertained and make them forget that she wasn't moving. The first thing she tasted was the cool, burning vodka that Richard had dumped on her face, and she lapped it away quickly while the men laughed at her. Then she tasted Hontz's foot, and she wondered if maybe moving wouldn't be better than licking his filthy toes.

Mr. Hontz wiggled his toes, and Judy lapped at them while the men called her names and crowded in to get a better look. A few of them kicked at her, and one or two poured their drinks over her heated, tired body. Judy sucked his toes into her mouth one at a time, washing them in her spit and then sucking them dry. Her blonde hair draped over his foot.

It was terrible, made her want to throw up, but at the moment she would have done anything just to be able to lie quiet. After she'd cleaned each of his filthy toes, she sponged her tongue over the rest of his foot. Finally she shook her head and rubbed his foot over her cheeks and hair to dry it completely.

"Good little slut, isn't she?" Mr. Hontz asked. He dug his toes into her chin and flipped her face over on top of his other foot. "Do a good job, bitch, and then follow it on up."

Judy cried at the prospect of starting over again on another filthy, funky foot, but it was still better than having to move her pain-filled body. She stuck her tongue out of her mouth and dutifully licked between each of Hontz's fat, wiggling toes.

This time he rubbed the sole of his foot all over her pretty face and made her lick it while he smeared dirt and her spit all over her cheeks and chin and nose. By the time Judy reached his ankle, her lips and tongue felt almost numb.

"Up, bitch!" Mr. Hontz roared. "Get that mouth moving up toward my cock. I'm starting to lose patience with all this teasing shit."

"You're right," Judy's father agreed quietly.

The teenaged girl cringed when she heard the snap of the whip being uncoiled.

"I don't think she's learned a damned thing yet!"

Judy arched her back and tried to reach the seat of the chair with her chin. It seemed impossible, but she knew that somehow she had to get her face level with Hontz's gigantic cock. Because of the tight rubber around her legs, she couldn't bend her knees, and her bound hands and elbows kept her from using her arms to lift herself up. But it was either reach Hontz's cock or suffer the punishment of her father's lash.

Judy stretched her neck as far as she could. If she could just reach the seat of the chair with her chin, then she could use her shoulders to push herself up the rest of the way.

"That's a limber little slut you've got," Don observed. "I'd heard she was good at sports."

Judy was barely aware of the chorus of derisive laughter that followed the man's remark, or the cool splash of a couple more drinks being poured out over her back and ass. Her chin hovered just an inch away from the edge of the chair. Hontz's monstrous cock was a looming tree limb just above her eye level. She fell forward, and his cock scraped heavily along her cheek while her lips nestled against his heavy, smelly balls.

She'd made it.

Her body looked strange, bent backward into a bow with her feet braced against the floor and her face buried in Hontzie's crotch. Her back ached horribly, bent at an impossible angle, and her neck screamed with strain. But she'd made it, and as soon as she sucked Mr. Hontz's cock, she knew she could fall back to the floor. Then maybe her father would let her rest for just a little bit.

Then the bound, blonde teenager heard the words that froze her heart and brought a wail of torment from her lush, red lips.

"She looks cute that way," Richard said, and Judy could sense him crouching low above her. "I think I'm going to fuck her while she sucks him off."

Chapter NINE

Judy lapped frantically at Hontz's balls, hoping that she could distract Richard from fucking her. She knew that if he stuck his cock into her while her body was bent so far backward that he was going to snap her spine. With the full weight of a humping man pressuring against her bent body, she would snap right in two.

As she licked the crinkly bag of Mr. Hontz's balls, Richard's knees hit the floor on either side of her hips. While Mr. Hontz dragged his huge, smelly cock back and forth over Judy's flushed, pain-filled face, Richard slapped his cock between the taut cheeks of her straining ass. When Mr. Hontz wrapped the teenager's hair in his hands so he could yank her face into position to fill her mouth with his cock, Richard pried her ass-cheeks apart and spit on his cock.

Judy's lips parted easily before the advance of Mr. Hontz's huge cock. The baseball-sized head of his prick pried her jaws painfully wide as he crammed it between her lips. Judy didn't resist his cock's advance. Only when he hit the back of her mouth and jerked her pretty face forward to fuck her throat on his cock did the blonde teenager struggle at all. Even then she was struggling to get air, not to escape from what the older man was forcing on her.

Judy screamed with pain when Richard plugged the head of his cock into the tight ring of her ass. Her back bent even farther, and agony ripped through her helpless body.

Judy's ass still burned from the brutal fuck her father had given it. Richard's cock felt like sandpaper rasping over her sore asshole. He plunged it into her to the hilt in one long, relentless plunge that left the teenaged girl gasping for air. Then he drew back quickly to impale her again.

Judy squirmed helplessly between the two men. She had never felt more completely defenseless in her life. With her arms and legs so securely bound, all she could do was writhe between the pair of cocks that were fucking her. The men could do anything to her they wanted and she couldn't even try to defend herself.

Mr. Hontz was pushing his cock down her throat without a thought to letting her breathe, filling her up with throat-clogging prick meat. And Richard's hard fucking was threatening to break her back with every downward plunge he made.

Pain flared through the tender high school girl from her ass and back and throat and stomach. Her muscles screamed in agony as they strained to hold together under the stress of the body devastating fucking.

She tried to brace her shoulders against Mr. Hontz's knees to lessen the terrible pressure on her back and neck, but it was impossible with the big man fucking his cock so roughly into her throat.

Judy realized sickly that only his cruel grip on her hair was keeping all of her and Richard's weight from coming down on her chin and breaking her neck.

"Suck me, you silly cunt!" Mr. Hontz shouted, twisting her head from side to side with his grips on her shining blonde hair. "Get that tongue and those lips in gear. If I wanted a dead fuck, I'd go home and slip it to my wife."

"You heard him, Judy," her father agreed. The whip snapped, and Judy felt a sudden burst of pain across her shoulders. "And shake your ass, too. Richard's hardly getting anything out of fucking your ass."

Judy wanted to cry out, plead with her father to stop the terrible things he was doing to her. Instead she tried to shake her firm young ass in wide circles to make Richard cum faster. She also licked the underside of Hontz's cock, teasing the big vein that ran down its center.

Her mouth was already filling with saliva from the invasion of the foot of cock-meat. She hollowed her pretty cheeks and tried to apply suction to the huge cock, but it was too big to get much friction in her mouth. Most of his cock was buried down her throat, anyway, and there was plenty of friction there.

Judy was certain she was going to have a sore throat for days from having it reamed out by the arm-thick stalk of Mr. Hontz's prick.

Richard followed the wide circles her ass was grinding in, stabbing his cock fully into her defenseless asshole, then squirming it around inside the tight, sore chute as though he was trying to hurt her as much as he could. He kept his fuck-strokes erratic, sometimes slamming into her a dozen times in rapid order, sometimes taking ten or twenty seconds between two plunges into her reamed-out shitter.

Judy tried to tighten her asshole around his giant cock, hoping to excite him enough to make him cum.

Her father brought his whip down time after time, laying the wicked strap across her shoulders now, and against the rubber that crushed her middle. He thrilled with each new strip of red that crossed her golden body.

Judy already would have been willing to do anything to stop the terrible, tearing pain that was lancing through her body. Every savage fuck-thrust of Richard's cock into her asshole bent her farther backward. Every inch of cock that Mr. Hontz crammed down her throat pushed her head back farther. She felt trapped between the two strong men, smothered, about to be crushed. And it was so unfair. She didn't even have the use of her arms or legs to protect herself.

Hontz grinned and twisted her head farther to the side. She was taking almost a foot of it now. Her pretty little throat bulged with the fat barrel of his cock, and her lips were stretched so tight around the base of his cock.

He leaned forward in the chair and parted his legs so that he could force every last inch of his cock into the helpless girl's throat. He'd never had his cock sucked by a girl as beautiful as Judy. He was going to make sure it was a blow job to remember.

Richard plunged his cock into Judy's tensed ass again, watching her sexy body straining against the brutal fucking and the tortuous position she was in. The muscles in her legs stood out like steel cords, her lush ass-cheeks were tensed as hard as rocks. Her little asshole was tensed too, contracting tightly.

Richard was having to fight every time he stabbed his cock into her to keep from cumming. He was amazed that the sultry little blonde could take it up the ass. He fucked his cock into her ass as hard as he could.

Judy groaned with pain at the sudden, brutal impalement. She tried to fuck back against the savage penetration of her ass, but she could only wriggle slightly back and forth. The pain was so great now that she wasn't even fully aware of what was going on. Still she lapped around the huge circumference of Mr. Hontz's cock and tried to contract her stuffed throat around its jabbing head.

The men crowded around the bowed body of the sexy teenager, trying to get the best view of the savage double fucking she was getting.

Hontz drew her blonde hair back away from her pretty, pale face so his buddies could see her taking his huge cock down her throat. Her eyes were half closed and saliva painted her chin, drooling freely from her red lips. Hontz surged his hips forward again, cramming the girl's mouth with cock. Her nose was buried in the thick forest of wiry brown hair that surrounded the base of his huge prick. His fat balls rolled against her chin. She'd taken every inch of his monstrous cock. He kept her face trapped tight against his crotch for several moments, then jerked her head back to start the trip over again.

Judy gasped for air as the throat-clogging barrel of Hontz's cock was pulled from her mouth. Her eyes were filled with tears from taking so much meat down her unwilling throat.

Hontz pulled back until only the apple-sized head of his cock was still between her red lips. She licked and kissed the fat, ugly head gratefully. She thought that Mr. Hontz was wonderful for having pulled his giant cock out of her throat.

"Look at that bitch," one of the men whispered, staring down at her in disbelief. "She's turned on. She's loving this shit!"

Chapter TEN

Judy was so overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion that it took a couple of seconds for the man's words to penetrate to her brain. When they finally did, she burned with shame.

She was smooching at Mr. Hontz's ugly, smelly, freakish cock as if she loved it, as if she couldn't think of anything in the world she'd rather be doing than using her mouth and throat on his huge prick. And in spite of the terrible pain she was in, the terrible bondage her father and his friends had forced on her, she was trying to grind her ass back up against Richard's ass-reaming cock.

Still, her tongue whipped around the gigantic head of Hontz's cock, collecting the steady dribble of pre-cum into her watering mouth. She rubbed her red lips over the sensitive flesh just behind the cap of his cock and bobbed her head slightly back and forth, trying to tease his jism from him.

"Fuck her!" Joe screamed, lashing her back and arms and ass with his leather whip. "There are a lot of guys waiting here. Hell, I thought you two guys wanted to slam it to her!"

"Fuck you!" Hontz roared back. He grabbed Judy by her ears and jerked her forward on his cock, plunging it all the way down her throat in one huge thrust. "I'll fuck her throat like a cunt if that's what you want. Impatient asshole!"

Judy's eyes bulged, and her face turned red as Mr. Hontz slammed his cock down her throat. Her throat burned like fire. When he yanked her head back an instant later, the rush of cool air over her throat hurt almost as much as his goring cock had. Then he rammed back in, yanking on her ears and hair until she thought he might pull them from her head.

Richard started fucking her harder, too, driving his cock into her ass while lifting her hips up. Every time he pulled her up, Judy's feet slipped on the floor, her back bending a little farther. Pain washed through her body, but still she clenched her ass-cheeks when he plunged his cock inside and tried to hump her ass back at him when he pulled his cock back.

Her cunt was clamping open and shut in time with her asshole, and Judy felt a sudden sinking feeling as she realized that she was getting hot again.

Back and forth her luscious teenaged body was buffeted by the two men. With her head tilted back, Hontz banged his balls against her chin with every plunge of his cock. Her stomach was slapping against the floor. Richard was pounding into her so hard that Judy was certain that each new fuck-stroke was going to be the one that broke her back.

Still her cunt snapped open and shut.

Once more she began to rub her bound legs together, even though it made her slip farther along the floor. Sensations of pure pleasure were fluttering through her body now, overwhelming the terrible pain that flared from every muscle. Her father was hitting her fat, hanging tits with his whip now, stinging her silky tits with the cruel leather strap. She shuddered and slurped with the fucking and beating.

"Take it, you bitch!" Richard shouted, driving his cock savagely into her reamed-out asshole. He smashed her hips into the ground, bending her backwards. "Make me cum, you worthless slut! I'll show you, bitch! I'll fuck your cock-teasing ass right off!"

Without warning, his cock began to buck in Judy's ass, pouring jism up the tight, dank channel of her shitter. He ground his cock into her, bearing down with all of his two hundred pounds.

Judy could feel the creaking of her bones as his cum burned through her tender ass like liquid fire while he slammed her stomach against the floor.

"Fuck her!" Joe screamed, lashing her with all his strength.

Even with her hips pinned to the ground, his daughter was writhing against his cock fucking her ass. When Richard pulled his cock back and Judy's hips left the floor there was a wet spot where her cunt had rested.

"She loves it! Fuck her harder! Get her again!"

Richard pulled his prick out of her, wiping his cock contemptuously over the soft curve of Judy's hip. Before he stood up, another man was taking his place, aiming his cock at the pooching lips of Judy's cunt and slamming home.

Judy screamed around her throatful of Mr. Hontz's cock when the fat prick pierced her creamy pink cuntlips.

It was more than the innocent teenage girl could take. She slammed her hips up and back against the new cock. Her cunt flared with pain at being fucked so soon after her cherry had been ripped, but her juices started to ooze and her clit buzzed wildly. In spite of all the pain and humiliation, or maybe, Judy thought dimly, because of it, she was ready to cum again.

"You love cock, you dirty bitch!" Joe screamed. He brought the whip up against her swinging tits again and again. "You love cock! Say it! Tell us how much you love cock!"

"I love cock!" Judy screamed, her words distorted by the huge prick that was fucking into her reamed-out throat. All the men laughed, knowing what she was trying to say. "I love cock! I love cock!"

The rush of Judy's breath past his cock was the last straw for Hontz. He jammed her face against his crotch one last time and started to spew his cum deep down her throat. He watched with almost crazed lust as the pretty teenager's eyes bulged and her face went slack with shock. A moment later she was choking, unable to take the huge load of jizz he was pumping down her throat.

The man fucking her from behind speeded up his stroke, swinging his hips from side to side so he was constantly plunging into her from different angles. He grabbed her hips to yank her ass back against him.

Judy ground her hips in a wide, painful circle and tightened her cunt like a glove around the long, thin stalk of flesh. Even as she coughed and choked on Hontz's steaming jism she shook her ass for the man who was fucking her cunt.

Cum blasted in ropy white strands out of Judy's nose. She coughed more up out of her mouth. Still more coursed down her throat to pool in her stomach. She was hacking wildly, her cruelly bent body shaking with the force of her coughing. Still Mr. Hontz gushed fuck-juice down her throat, filling her up, drowning her with his jism.

Judy's cunt clamped tight around the cock fucking it. Every time the man pulled his prick back it glistened with the young girl's creamy sex juice. Her hips bobbed back against him in short, staccato, fuck-thrusts. She was cumming hard on his ramming cock, her body shuddering with the force of her orgasm.

"Fuck me, please!" she whined. She coughed some more, drooling Hontzie's thick white cum over her chin and cheeks. "Fuck me, please! Daddy, make them fuck me!"

"You heard her," Joe said. He turned to the other men. "She's nothing but a cock-hungry slut now. So give it to her. Fuck her whorish little ass right off."

Judy plunged her face into Mr. Hontz's crotch, lapping up the cum she'd coughed up. Her tongue slurped over the wiry hair surrounding his cock. She licked his balls and stomach and up both sides of his cum-wet cock. She collected every drop of his jism and cleaned his cock until it shone. Her own crotch was a swampy mess now, dripping cunt cream while the man behind her stirred the juices with his cock.

Mr. Hontz pushed her away from him, and Judy fell flat on her face against the floor. Pain shook through her tortured body like an earthquake, but at least she was no longer bent over backward. She squirmed like a snake back against the cock that was fucking her cunt, driving herself against it while her eyes shone with fuck-lust.

"Fuck me!" she wailed, looking up at the men.

She began to squirm forward across the floor. The man fucking her from behind had to follow her as she wriggled her way across the floor to one of the men.

"Make me suck your cock, please sir! Please make me suck your cock!"

A part of her rational mind knew that her father and his friends were trying to turn her into a sex slave, and that they'd nearly succeeded already, but that coherent part of Judy London was helpless before the raging demands of her lust crazed body.

"Stop moving!" the man fucking her shouted, and he grabbed Judy's hips and flipped her over on her back. "I've got all the cock you need, you slutty little cunt!"

"Oh sure you do, Zach," Joe said sarcastically, patting the man on one shoulder. "You've got all the cock any woman could need. As long as she was asleep."

"Or a lesbian," Don added dryly, pouring himself another drink.

Judy was going crazy for cock. She wanted every hard, dripping cock in the room. She pleaded for cock. She wriggled her body like a worm on a hook for a cock. Her mouth was watering so much for cock that saliva ran down her pretty cheeks in thick streams. Even bound as she was, her hips lifted almost a foot off the floor to meet Zach's punishing fuck-thrusts. The floor beneath her ass was already soaked with her dripping cunt juice.

"More!" she moaned. "Please give me more!"

Without warning, a man dropped down on her chest, straddling her ribs and sticking his cock between the mounds of her velvety tits. He grabbed her big tits in his hands and smashed them together over the head of his cock. Then he started fucking his cock through the silky valley he'd created.

Judy jerked up against him, trying to urge her tits tighter around his dripping prick. Her cunt was pulled so tight around the cock inside of it that Zach was already blasting his jism inside her.

Judy groaned in pain and lust, thrashing her head from one side to the other. She didn't think there were enough men in the room, in the world, to extinguish the blazing inferno in her pussy.

Two men dropped to their knees by her head, one at each side of her face. They started running their cocks over her pretty face at the same moment.

Judy opened her mouth as wide as she could and wagged her tongue out, licking and kissing both fat cocks at the same time. Her eyes were half lidded, glazed with fuck lust. Her lips were swollen and her face was flushed with the passion that fired her sleek frame.

Zach pulled out of her dripping cunt, and Judy kicked her hips high in the air in frustration. Her cunt was itching terribly, stewing with her heated juices. Her cunt lips snapped on air, her clit wriggled in the tight, hot furnace of her pussy. With her legs bound together, her cunt burned more hotly than before, the heat building up.

"What a bitch!" one of the men said in wonder, watching the girl's full hips jerking about wildly off the floor. "I think you might have created a monster here, Joe."

"Not a monster," Joe answered quietly, though he too was staring at his daughter in wonder. "Just a cock-hungry slut. Somebody better get in there and fuck the doggie bitch before she overheats."

Judy slobbered over both the cocks that rubbed over her face, licking at their undersides and kissing them all along their lengths. Her face sparkled with the fuck lube of the two men and the spit they'd rubbed over her. They poked their cocks into her eyes, into her nose, into the velvety hollows of her cheeks. Sometimes they hit her with their cocks, stinging her silky skin by slapping their meaty pricks against her face.

Both of them laughed at her and called her filthy names. One spit in her face then rubbed his spit into her skin with his cock. The other man liked that so much that he did it too, and soon they were both spitting on her time and again and then rubbing their pricks over the spittle.

The man fucking her tits was banging his ass up and down on her ribs until Judy was certain they would crack. He mashed her tits savagely together, driving his cock up through the silky valley until his cock-head hit her chin. He clenched his fists as hard as he could, sending lightning flashes of agony through the beautiful blonde teenager's luscious tits.

Still Judy urged her body up against his punishing hands, craving more of his tit-fucking, more of his abuse of her tits.

Don knelt down beside Judy's feet and fit a chain noose around them. Then he nodded to Hontz and the big man pulled a switch.

Suddenly Judy's legs were lifted into the air. She squirmed and jerked against the pull, but in an instant her hips writhed and jerked over two feet off the ground. Don waved to Hontzie and the upward motion stopped.

Judy's upper body still rested against the floor so that not even the man fucking her tits had been bothered. The teenager's body strained with new agony, though, as her limber frame was once more bent under the will of her father and his evil friends.

"Two at once now," Don said with a wave of his hand toward the blonde girl's straining body. "Those holes should be at right about cock height."

Two men moved in almost before the words were out of Don's mouth. A moment later, Judy shrieked with a mix of agony and pleasure as two cocks were plunged into her already savaged sex holes. The downward force of their fucking made the chain around her ankles tear into her flesh. And the intrusion of both cocks into her delicate body made her feel like she was giving birth. With her legs bound together, her cunt and ass were drawn up as tight as they could be. She howled with the agony of the double impaling of her helpless body.

"Oh, fuck me!" she whimpered as the two men drawing their cocks over her heated flesh took turns poking their pricks between her lips. "Fuck me, all of you! Fuck me!"

The sight of the innocent little teenager begging to be fucked on their big cocks was too much for the man fucking her tits. He leaned forward and drove his cock through the silky valley until his cock-head bumped against Judy's chin. He began to cum.

Judy howled with the fresh pain in her tits and the first volley of the man's fuck cream sailed right into her open mouth. Judy let it drool out of her lips without even trying to swallow it. The next stream of cum fell across her cheek and drooled down her face. He plugged one side of her nose with the next shot, then finished the other side with his fourth.

By that time, the man kneeling to the left side of Judy's face was triggering, too. A moment later the man on her right side joined them.

The three men bathed her face in cock cream. They filled her fluttering eyes with jism and covered her nose in white goo. They turned her open, gasping mouth into a lake of mired ooze. They colored her golden hair with silver streamers. They painted her lips white and gave her cheeks a veneer of glistening white. They buried her in fuck-sludge until the teenager's beautiful face was unrecognizable beneath the mire of their jism.

It was too much for the girl. She bucked her swaying hips wildly back and forth. She raised her face to the cocks that were splashing her with jism. She tightened her cunt and ass on the cocks that were battering them.

Judy wished she had her hands and legs free to urge them to fuck her faster and harder. Her fuck juice was flowing from her cunt now, running in a river down the crack of her ass and matting her golden pussy hair flat. It dripped down over the rubber binding that crushed her stomach. She was cumming in a wild stream of orgasms that never seemed to crest but just built and built and built.

"You dirty slut!" the man in her cunt whispered. He kicked her in the stomach as he started to blast his jism inside her. "You dirty little whore! You're making me cum!"

"Me too!" the man fucking her ass groaned. Soon he was sending a stream of white hot cum juice shooting up her ass chute. "The dirty little whore! Your daughter's a filthy little whore slut, Joe!"

"I know," Joe answered, with a touch of pride. "And she'd just getting started."

"More!" Judy groaned through her mouthful of cum as the men fucking her emptied their balls into her tender young body. "Give me more! Fuck me, please!"

More men moved in to help her.

Chapter ELEVEN

"She's a fucking sight, ain't she?"

Looking at his daughter take four cocks at once, Joe had to agree. The second group of men were already pounding their cocks into his daughter's beautiful, bound body. Her body bucked and jerked against the cocks that were hammering into her cunt and ass.

Judy gobbled at the prick that slid between her full, red lips. She urged her jism-slick tits up toward the crushing hands of the new man who was fucking her tits. Other men were standing close to her, drinks in their hands and rock hard cocks jutting out straight from between their legs.

"Fuck me!" Judy mumbled around her mouthful of cock. Her wide brown eyes crossed as she looked down the barrel of the prick she was sucking. "Fuck me! Please, Daddy, make them fuck me! My pussy itches so bad!"

The men were already fucking her as hard as they could. The man fucking her ass began to pound her tight ass-cheeks with the flats of his hands. The man fucking her cunt wrapped his big hands around her silky thighs and lifted her helpless body up to meet his bludgeoning fuck-thrusts.

Judy twisted between them, her rubber-bound, sweat-slick body squirming like an eel. She bounced back and forth between the two big men, her svelte teenaged body being battered like a rag doll.

All that Judy could think about was cock. She craved it like she had never craved anything else in her life. She skimmed her lush red lips up and down on the cock in her mouth, lathering the tip with her tongue and hollowing her cheeks as she sucked on the blooming head. She hunched her shoulders to make her lush tits stand up fuller for the man fucking his cock between them. She ground her hips back and forth between the two men who were double fucking her lower body.

Her pussy was bubbling with juices. Her silky blonde cunt hair was matted with cum juice, and more of it dribbled down her stomach, making the black rubber of her bondage outfit glisten. Her cunt cream flowed down between her ass-cheeks too, lubricating her already reamed-out asshole and dribbling in a stream down her bent back. Both her cunt and asshole were snapping tightly shut around the cocks that fucked them. Her clit was buzzing like a vibrator.

An orgasm was building, spreading a fire through every cell in her body. She jerked and squirmed under the fucking of the four men, begging around the cock she was sucking for more of her father's friends to fuck her. Her body was dripping with sweat, her face creased with the devastating strain, but there was a look of rapture in her eyes that was impossible to mistake. She was totally immersed in the fuck-lust now, lost to anything but the fucking rhythms of the cocks that were working over her body.

The man she was sucking started spurting in her mouth. The teenaged girl grunted as she gulped down the thick white fuck cream. She rolled her eyes and worked her lips against the jerking cock. She bobbed her head back and forth as fast as she could, trying to coax all the cum she could out of the bursting prick.

Judy's pretty, cum-stained face was a blur as she worked her mouth over the long, skinny prick. Cum bubbled around her lust-heavy lips, but she slurped it back in with a wet, sucking sound. She shook her head from side to side as she gobbled the prick, worrying the long shaft like a dog would a bone.

Another man dropped down beside her head while the first man's cock was still firing cum down her throat. He slapped her face with his heavy prick, drooling fuck lube over her already-slimy nose and cheeks. The moment the first man pulled his cock out from between her lust-crazed lips, the next man plunged his in. He fucked the last mouthful of the last man's cum down the gasping girl's throat. Before he'd pulled his cock all the way back for another thrust, he was cumming too.

"You nasty little girl!" he squealed. His hips jerked out of control, his thrusts so erratic that Judy couldn't keep hold of his cock in her mouth. "You love this, you dirty little slut. You were made for getting fucked."

With his cock outside of the luscious blonde's mouth, his cum was shooting everywhere. Judy tried to capture it with her lips, whining in anguish at the terrible waste of his juicy cum, but it was no use. The man's hips were jerking around wildly. He grabbed the head of his prick and started jerking off. His cum splashed into Judy's heavy lidded eyes, up her flaring nostrils, down her cheeks. Some of it splashed into the bound teenager's mouth, but not nearly enough to satisfy her sudden, burning need.

The men fucking her cunt and asshole started blasting their hot jism into her boiling sex holes at almost the same instant. Their jism began to bubble back out of her fucked-out cunt, and asshole.

She bucked against them with every ounce of strength she possessed, her ass and thighs shuddering with the effort to propel her body back and forth. The moment they stepped back, two more men stepped in to take their places.

Their cocks made wet noises when they plunged them into her. They were stirring around so much juice inside her cunt and asshole that rivers of the sticky white fluid ran down her straining, golden body. Even after all the times they'd been fucked, her cunt and asshole still clamped powerfully on the cocks that fucked them.

The man fucking her tits started to cum. Judy tried to duck her head and catch some of his cum, but he kept his cock fucking through the silky groove between her tits, content to decorate her chest with his cock-slime. Judy groaned and whimpered as the man spewed his cum all over her tits.

Another man dropped beside her head, waving his cock over her face. Judy lunged forward. Her head came up off the floor and she clamped her lips firmly around the fat brown head of the man's cock. As she did, she felt a sudden bolt of pain travelling up her back, and she knew that she'd torn a muscle.

Agony ripped through her voluptuous frame from every direction. Her back hurt, her legs felt like spaghetti. Her lips were bruised and her tits were burning from the rough handling they'd been given. Her ribs ached from the cruel rubber harness her father's friends had fitted her with, and its terrible constrictions made it almost impossible to breathe.

Her cunt and asshole felt swollen to ten times their normal size from all the terrible abuse they'd taken. Her cunt burned as though one of the men had set it on fire and her ass felt numb. But the fuck-lust that coursed through her made all that unimportant. The pain was still there, but with the excitement turning her body into a boiling cauldron of passion, it just became part of the fuck-lust.

"Pile on, men!" Mr. Hontz shouted. He danced around Judy's straining body, his cock already hard and dripping once more. "She's not getting enough cock! The little slut's gone crazy!"

"Fuck you, Hontzie!" the man fucking Judy's ass growled. He grabbed Judy's tight, silky ass-cheeks and pried them as far apart as he could. Then he slammed his cock into her shitter with all his strength, pounding his prick straight into her defenseless, clasping asshole. "She's getting all she can handle right here. I'm going to fuck the little whore into the dirt!"

The man fucking her cunt pounded into her harder too. Judy moaned around the cock she was sucking, her body jolted like a piece of meat between the two men fucking her. She felt as if all the blood in her body had rushed to her clit. It buzzed and burned and itched all at once. She could feel her sticky cunt juices pouring out of her pussy, making a sloppy mess of her crotch and the two cocks that were drilling into her.

"More!" she mewled around the cock she was sucking. Her mouth was chalky with the taste of fuck juice. The new man dribbled a steady stream of pre-cum to keep the taste fresh in her mouth. "More! Daddy, please get more men to fuck me! Please, daddy, I need to get fucked harder!" The man fucking her ass roared with anger and hammered his cock into her reamed-out shitter. He was lying almost atop her ass now, fucking his cock directly into her asshole with all his weight. The man fucking her cunt dug his fingers into her hips and swung her helpless body toward him with each of his shattering lunges into her cunt.

The room was filled with the sweaty slapping sounds of their hard bodies hitting hers. She swung back and forth on the chains. Climaxes exploded through her lithe, overheated body, causing her to whine and buck. Still she wanted more cock. Needed more cock.

"Daddy!" she whimpered.

As she opened her mouth to plead with her father, the man she was sucking started to cum. His jism exploded into her open mouth and poured back out in a wave. Still she pleaded around the splashing jism that filled her mouth and showered her face.

"More cock, Daddy! Please, Daddy! Get more men to fuck me!"

"You dirty slut!" the man fucking her ass roared. He let go of her ass-cheeks and began to pound her sleek, quivering thighs in frustration. "I'm cumming, you filthy slut! You're making me shoot my load!"

The man fucking her cunt shouted that he was cumming too. Jism spurted deep inside her fucked-out sex holes, pooled with the lakes of fuck juice and pussy cream that already overflowed her cunt and ass.

Judy babbled insanely around the cock that was spewing jism in her mouth. She trembled all over, shaking like an epileptic. Even after the men pulled their spent cocks from her sexy, bound body, she continued to shake. Her glazed eyes rolled back in her head as she drooled spit and cum. She squirmed like a worm on a hook, making the chain creak and sway.

"Daddy!" She tried to focus her lust crazed eyes on her father. "More cock, Daddy! Please, more cock!"

Joe stared at his daughter with a small, cruel smile. He nodded at Mr. Hontz and Mr. Robinson. Don walked over to stand beside her, holding a drink in one hand and his long, throbbing cock in the other. Judy continued to squirm and shake, her cunt and ass clasping on air, her clit buzzing enough to make her whole body itch. All the men had hard cocks. Why weren't they fucking her? Why weren't any of her father's friends fucking her?

"A good girl calls her father sir," Joe said.

Mr. Hontz and Mr. Robinson unfastened the chain from around her ankles and let her writhing body fall to the floor.

"Are you a good girl?"

"Yes sir!" Judy whimpered. She shook her head from side to side and squirmed on the hard, dark floor. The fall from the chain had bruised her hip, but she hardly noticed the pain over the waves of fuck-lust that battered their way through her. "I'm sorry sir. Please have some of the other gentlemen fuck me. Please sir, let some of the other gentlemen fuck me!"

"Get your things!" her father shouted to the other men.

Judy watched as the men walked to the walls and began pulling objects down off pegs and out of cabinets.

"It's time to teach the little doggie bitch her lesson!"

"But sir!" Judy whined helplessly.

Mr. Hontz and Mr. Robinson freed her hands from their rubber entrapment, but before she could stick her fingers in her cunt, they yanked her hands over her head and wrapped a chain around them.

"I've been a good girl! I love being fucked, Daddy! Your friends can fuck me now. I'll suck their big cocks and let them stick them up my ass. I'll be very good, sir!"

Mr. Hontz began to heave on the chain, and Judy was lifted into the air. Her pleas turned into a low, pain-filled moan as her feet left the floor. Agony ripped through her arms and shoulders.

In a moment, Hontz was tying off the chain and Judy was hanging several inches above the floor, her arms stretched out high above her head. Mr. Robinson pulled off the rubber binding that locked her legs together and Judy began to rub her thighs against each other. It did little to help the itching in her cunt.

"Any slut can learn to love cocks," Joe sneered. He stepped close to his bound daughter, facing her. "Your mother loves getting fucked. That wasn't teaching you nothing. What you need to learn is some discipline. And then you need to learn to love it. That's what we're going to teach you now."

Judy whimpered and thrashed. There was a heat building in her cunt that was driving her mad. Her clit was itching terribly and her cunt spasmed. The heat from her pussy made her ass clamp open and shut. The fire flowed up her body, making her tits tingle. She trembled uncontrollably, her body shaking with a lust that just built and built without the hope of one of the men bringing her to orgasm with his cock.

Joe grinned at his daughter's frustrated lust.

She was a beautiful little bitch, and she looked more beautiful than ever hanging by her arms, her feet dangling off the floor, her body writhing with fuck-lust. Her golden hair tangled wildly about her shoulders. Her beautiful face was stained with jism, and she was still drooling cum from lips reddened and swollen from sex. Her nostrils flared, her eyes half lidded and glazed with passion. She breathed in short, shallow gasps around her whimpered pleas for cock.

And her body looked wonderful, looked like some artist's conception of what a perfect woman's body should be. With her arms pulled above her head, her tits jutted straight out from her chest like a pair of torpedoes. They looked even bigger than they were because of the rubber strap that narrowed her waist. The rubber strap made her waist almost disappear, and both her lush tits and perfectly rounded ass looked more luscious because of it.

Joe watched her with growing desire. Her legs looked even longer and more perfectly formed with her arms drawn up above her. Her whole body looked longer, sleeker. It was all Joe could do to keep himself from fucking her while she hung.

Judy twisted against the chains and cried for cock. How could her father be so mean to her? He was standing right there, he could see how much she needed to be fucked. She could feel sticky pussy cream pouring down her inner thighs. Her cunt was wriggling, and she rubbed her thighs together, but that only made the terrible itching worse, made her body get hotter.

Pain flared down through her arms and shoulders and back, but somehow even that felt good, added to the tingling that made her sexy teenaged body itch and burn. All the men were eager, their cocks bobbing up and down in the dim light of the room. They had wanted to make her love cock, love being fucked in every one of her holes.

Now that she was the slutty little sex slave they'd wanted, they weren't fucking her -- why weren't they fucking her?

"Here you go, Joe," Hontzie said, stepping up beside Joe and handing him a long nine-tailed whip. "You ready to train your little slut?"

"I guess," Joe said with a lusting, evil grin. "All right, gentlemen. Let's make the little doggie bitch scream!"

Judy felt a sudden wave of terror wash over her as the men walked toward her. She had thought that they were going to whip her again, but now she realized that her father and his friends had something far worse, far more terrible, in mind.

Her father flicked a cat-o'-nine-tails across the floor. Another man had a metal-studded belt. Another had a short leather strap, more like a club than a whip. She was going to be whipped all right, but the men had other things in store for her too, things far more terrible.

Zach carried an electric prod, short and evil looking. The man beside him carried a pair of lit candles in small metal holders. Mr. Robinson waved a glowing hot length of iron. A man behind him had a pair of pliers. And Mr. Hontz had a big bag full of vicious-looking metal clamps. He snapped one open and shut, letting Judy see the sharp, jagged teeth.

There were other men, carrying other terrible things. And they all came toward her at once. Judy began screaming, but even as she screamed her pussy juice rolled down her tapered legs and her cunt squirmed with lust.

"Daddy!" she cried, twisting against the chains that held her off the floor. "Please don't let them hurt me! I'll fuck you all! I'll fuck you all so good, sir! I'll be a good little whore! I'll be a good little slut! You can fuck my mouth or ass or tits or cunt! Please, sir, don't -- ahhhhh!"

Joe lashed out with his cat and the cruel tails striped Judy's quivering thighs. One of the men stripped off the rubber corset that had crushed her middle and put a clothespin on her navel.

Judy screeched with pain and squirmed helplessly. Her waist remained in almost the exact, hourglass shape that the rubber had constricted her into. The men muttered their obscene appreciation of her body as they moved in to punish her.

Hontz shut the first of his metal clamps right over the fat, hard nipple of Judy's left tit.

Judy's eyes flew open and she screamed as loud as she ever had. A moment later she shrieked again when another man closed the harsh metal jaws of his pliers onto her other nipple. He ground the pliers and pulled on her nipple until Judy was certain he had pulled her nipple right off her tit.

Zach touched the end of his electric prod to her flat little stomach and the rest of the men backed off a step to watch the girl jerk and flop helplessly. He held the prod there for almost ten seconds before he pulled it away, and then the other men moved back in.

"She loved it!" Hontzie shouted, pinching off a little of her flesh and shutting one of his terrible clamps on her left side. "Look at her jumping around for a little hard cock."

The electricity buzzing through her body made Judy buck and twist against the chains that held her. Agony flared through her arms and shoulders as she whipped her body from side to side.

She howled as her father's lash scored her soft ass, and the man beside him laid his studded belt across the small of her back. The man with the short club stepped in and slapped Judy with it, first across her tortured, heaving tits, then across her pretty face. She wailed louder and flung herself about more wildly with every blow they dealt her.

Don was running ice cubes over her heated, twisting frame. Judy's skin burned wherever he touched. Suddenly he pulled one of the ice cubes out of the bag and popped it up into Judy's steaming, swampy cunt.

She screamed, kicking her legs wildly, her brain on fire. As she kicked and fought, Don plunged another of the ice cubes as far up her ass as he could reach. The men laughed as Judy went wild.

She'd never felt anything as intense as the freezing cold that filled her cunt. It was unbelievable, like nothing she had ever felt before.

She kicked and thrashed wildly against the chains, driving the men back away from her. Her father and the man with the belt continued to whip her, but the other men had to back off from her frenzied thrashing.

Zach was the one who finally stepped forward, touching the tip of his electric prod against first one tensed, trembling thigh and then the other. The explosion of electricity through her tortured body made Judy writhe even more wildly, but when he stepped back, her legs felt numb and heavy. The men moved back in.

The man with the candles was dropping hot wax all over her big tits, staining them a festive red and green from the color of the candles he held.

Judy screeched.

Mr. Hontz and the man with the clothespins were covering her sultry young body with their cruel clamps. Her stomach, thighs, ass and tits were all dotted with metal clamps and clothespins. Mr. Robinson was running his metal iron lightly over her trembling, sweating flesh, never pressing it too hard against her, but leaving faint red lines in his wake. Often he'd run his hot poker right behind Don's ice bag, and the two extremes, one after the other, would make Judy scream with an agony she had never felt before. And the man with the feathers ran them teasingly against the hollows under her arms and behind her knees, making her kick and buck from the unbearable tickling.

"Fuck me!" she whimpered.

The man with the short club slapped her face again then returned to hitting her tits. The man with the candles dropped hot wax into her open, gasping mouth, then painted her lips and nose in hot green and red.

"Fuck me, please! I want to cum! I've got to cum! Please, sirs, you've punished me enough!"

But still they hurt her.

The man with the clothespins covered her face with the cruel little clamps. Mr. Hontz put one of his terrible metal clamps on each cunt lip, making her squeal like a pig in agony. Don stuck another ice cube up her cunt and ass then put one in her mouth for good measure. The man with the candles burned the golden hair from the teenage beauty's golden cunt. The man with the pliers dropped to one knee and grabbed her clit with his evil tools. When he squeezed, Judy went out of her mind.

She was cumming. The orgasm slammed through her like a world-ending earthquake, making her shudder and shake as though her body were falling into pieces. She kicked as wildly as before, her long legs feeling like dead weights. She threw her head back, spewing a line of spittle and ice water. She pulled herself up by the chains that held her arms until she was almost beyond the men's reach.

Hontz stepped in quickly, ducking her kicking feet, and replaced the pliers with one of his metal clamps. Judy screamed louder, and Hontz clamped another pair of the sharp clamps on her cunt before he ducked behind her. Then he jammed one up the tight circle of her ass and let it snap shut.

Judy stopped breathing. She'd never felt anything like the pain and ecstasy that was shattering her young body. The digging, biting, grinding pain was unbearably intense. It was making her cum like she'd never cum before.

She kicked and jerked and twisted while her cunt gushed a flood of pussy juice onto the floor and spasmed and cramped into a tight, wriggling fist.

"The slut's going insane!" one of the men whispered.

"No, she's just learning about discipline," Joe said. He turned to Zach. "Get her the hell down from there."

Zach smiled, and the other men in the room began to whoop as he stepped beneath the writhing body of the sex-crazed teenager. They yelled louder when he plunged the electric prod up in to her cunt.

For an instant Judy couldn't move at all. She was frozen in place, every muscle in her lithe young body frozen, her hands clamped like a corpse's around the chains that held her. Explosions of pain and lust battered her, shattered her body. The devastating convulsions that were demolishing her body and mind seemed beyond pain or pleasure. Every muscle in her sleek young frame stood out like corded steel.

Then she fell. And, as she fell, Zach fucked the electric prod deep inside her body. She twitched and jumped and jerked and twisted as she hung by her wrists once more, and Zach kept pumping the prod in and out of her body, feeding her the long metal stick and the electricity that was shattering her.

Judy moaned. She shook. She drooled. She came. Still he fucked the prod deep inside her cunt, arousing her, making her cum.

The world began to go dark and fuzzy. Judy jerked uncontrollably, orgasm after orgasm tearing through her, as she lost consciousness.

Zach pulled the electric prod out of her pussy and her body still bounced wildly on the end of its chain. Pussy cream poured down her legs. Her cunt snapped open and shut like a set of jaws. The last thing she saw before she passed out was Mr. Hontz, stepping in to fasten one of his clamps on her lower lip. The other men were right behind him. Even after she went under, her body continued to writhe and twist, climaxing again and again to the torture the men gave it.

Chapter TWELVE

Judy awoke choking.

Something wet and salty and stinking was pouring down her throat, filling her mouth, splashing out over her face. She recognized the taste in an instant, and she had to fight to keep from retching. Someone was pissing in her face again!

She opened her eyes and saw that it was Mr. Hontz who was pissing in her mouth. When he saw her looking at him, he grinned and waved his cock to make his piss splatter in her eyes. Judy shut her eyes, just a moment too late to keep the acrid yellow liquid from burning them.

She'd thought she was dying when she'd passed out earlier. She'd been cumming even as she'd passed out. Now that she was awake, she could feel a tiny itch starting in her cunt again. Her nipples were hardening, her pussy starting to get wet. She didn't even know how long she'd been unconscious or what was happening to her and she was already getting hot.

Judy wished she could just die.

Pain knifed through her from every part of her body. She wouldn't have believed one person could feel pain in so many places at the same time. But as Hontz's piss filled her mouth and ran down into her stomach and splattered over her face and tits, she was starting to get hot again, and the aches and pains that stitched her sleek body were starting to become part of the pleasure.

She was bound in a different way than when she'd passed out. That was the first thing she noticed. She was sitting down in some sort of chair that made her lean forward. Her ass was sticking out very far because of her position.

It took her several moments to realize that the platform she was on was just a frame, and that her ass was visible and vulnerable to the men.

Her feet were clamped to the legs of the chair-like platform she was sitting on. Her knees, spread wide apart, were also clamped into position. Her hands were clamped to the arms of chair.

Worst of all, her hair was drawn back and knotted around the back of the platform, keeping her neck pulled back and her face turned up. The position was humiliating, painful, and once more the pretty teenager was vulnerable to do anything her father and his friends wanted to do to her.

"She's awake!" Hontz shouted, pissing on her tits now then moving the spray back up over her helplessly upturned face. "Took almost my whole bladder to do the job, though. You guys about ready?"

"Turn around, Judy," her father told her.

She tried to do as he said, but she whimpered with pain and fear at not being able to do as he asked.

"I know it'll hurt, bitch. But you can turn your head just a little bit, can't you? Just enough to watch us. You do want to obey your father, don't you?"

Judy turned her head, trying to ignore the pain that ripped through her scalp as she did. The strain on her hair was terrific. She knew that some of her hair was being torn out by the pull. What she saw made her wish that she'd never turned around at all.

Her father and all of his friends, except for Mr. Hontz, were standing around an open barrel. A hose led out from the barrel. And as she watched, first her father and then all of the other men took turns pissing in the barrel. It took longer than she would have believed it could. She knew the men had been drinking, but it didn't seem possible that anyone could piss as long as her father and his friends were. And she realized, with a sinking, dreadful feeling why they were gathering their piss in the barrel.

"You've learned your lessons pretty well so far," her father said, walking toward Judy with a sly little smile on his lips. He picked up the hose and slapped it idly against his palm. "Now you've got to learn technique. You're a hot little cock-hound, but that's not enough by itself. Now you've got to learn how to pleasure a man. Under any conditions, with any part of your body. Otherwise you're just a hot-assed little slut, and you can find those anywhere. Do you understand me, bitch?"

"Yes... sir," Judy quavered. She trembled uncontrollably as her father approached her with the hose. "I'll make all of you cum, if... if you'll just let me loose. I'll make every one of your friends cum really good."

With the speed of a striking snake, her father plunged the end of the hose up Judy's ass. The beautiful blonde teenager yelped with pain and panic as the lubricated end of the hose soot far up her ass. Her father was going to give her an ass full of men's filthy piss.

"You're going to get a little enema, doggie," Don called from across the room. He walked toward her, his big cock swinging out hard and dripping in front of him. "And you're going to keep getting it until you've made every one of us shoot his wad. There's a lot of piss in that barrel, bitch. You better get started, 'cause if you fuck around too long, it just might bust you wide open."

He waved his cock in Judy's face. He was smiling at her cruelly, and the other men were laughing at her.

Her father nodded to Mr. Robinson, and Judy knew they were getting ready to start the piss flowing up into her body.

"Why don't you get started on mine?" Don asked pleasantly, then poured his drink over Judy's upturned face before he bounced his cock against her cheek.

Judy bent to the task immediately. She slurped his big, hard cock into her mouth and slid her face forward on it until the pain in her scalp made her stop. She slobbered all over the length of the prick that was in her mouth and washed it with her tongue. Then she hollowed out her cheeks, sucking on the prick with all the force she could muster.

Suddenly she felt a warmth shooting up her ass chute. She moaned in despair as the piss enema began to fill her bowels. It was a very slow stream of water that trickled up inside her. She wondered how long she'd have before it filled her to capacity. She wondered if she could make all of her father's friends cum before it tore her open.

"Oh, you filthy little bitch!" Don muttered, slamming the palms of his hands against Judy's ears and making her head ring. "You know how to suck, don't you? You really know how to suck a cock."

Judy whined like a baby and clamped her lips tighter around the stalk of his cock. She'd forgotten how hungry for cock she'd been while the men hung her up and tortured her. Now the thirst for hot jism and the hunger for hard cock flowed back through her.

Judy bobbed her head up and down on Don's fat prick, not caring about the pain in her scalp anymore, not caring about the warm, wet piss that was flowing up inside her ass. All she cared about was the fat cock in her mouth, about sucking and licking it until it filled her thirsty mouth with cum.

The piss flowing up into her ass was warm and wet and made her whole body shiver. It was almost like being fucked, only by a cock that was wet and flexible and could reach all the way up inside her stomach without hurting her.

"Oh, you filthy little bitch!" Don muttered, clamping her head between his powerful hands and holding her in place as he fucked his cock deep into her throat. "You're making me cum, you big-titted slut! You're making me shoot my cum!"

Judy licked wildly around the fat circumference of Don's cock as it began to jerk and flex inside her throat. She felt the first hot string of his jism blast down her throat, then she felt the warm stickiness filling her stomach as he held his cock deep in her throat. He fired one shot after another, draining his cock directly into her stomach.

Judy mewled and shook with disappointment at not getting to taste his salty fuck-juice, but she also came at the feel of his jizz sliding down her throat. She shook her ass back and forth, trying to grind her cunt against the wooden frame of the platform.

"The dirty little bitch!" Mr. Hontz shouted, laughing. "Look at her trying to fuck herself on that wood! She's cumming again! What kind of slutty, nymphomaniac you got here, Joe?"

"The best kind," Joe answered, watching as Don stepped away and another man slipped his cock between his daughter's full, red lips. "The kind who loves cock and will take it anyway you want to give it to her. The well-trained kind."

Judy blushed at the demeaning words her father spoke, but she went to work on the new cock as soon as it slipped into her mouth. This man's cock was already drooling pre-cum, and the teenaged girl rolled it over her tongue, savoring it, before she began to lap at his cock. It tasted so good it made her cum again.

Her cunt was leaking pussy cream. The seat of the platform was wet with it. Judy felt shame at the knowledge that soon it would be drenched. She sucked on the man's cock harder at the thought of how much her father and his friends had degraded her.

Without warning, the man began to spurt his jism into Judy's suctioning mouth. He grabbed her cheeks in his hands and fucked her throat, but Judy got a mouthful of his creamy, salty cum. She kept it in her mouth, swishing it from side to side as if it were some vintage wine. Then she swallowed it with a smack of her lips and went back to work on the man's jerking prick.

"Thirty seconds for Freddie!" Mr. Robinson exclaimed. "The little bitch might be better than we think. She might actually get through us all before she busts."

"This is her big test," Joe said simply. He reached for a studded leather belt and hefted it. "I think I'd better spank her for being such a cock-hungry slut... Who wants to go next?"

Another man stepped in front of Judy, and she sucked his cock into her mouth without a moment's hesitation.

She was beginning to get a little uncomfortable from the piss enema. It was the same feeling she got when she had to go to the bathroom, a feeling of being too full inside. It wasn't painful, but she was beginning to squirm on the rough wooden platform. She knew that she would have to try as hard as she could to get all of her father's friends to cum quickly.

She flicked her tongue quickly back and forth over the head of this man's cock, then trapped it in her mouth and licked its sensitive underside. The man groaned with pleasure and brought his hands up to Judy's head to push her back and make his pleasure last a little longer. Judy was quicker yet, though, trapping his cock between her teeth, and sucking in as much air as she could between her parted lips. Even as the man pulled his cock back away from her, he started cumming.

His cock was out of her mouth before he realized that he was spurting, and before he could plunge it back inside the beautiful teenager's mouth, he blasted a thick stream of jism across her cheek.

Judy came at the wet slap of cum against her flesh, then she sucked the man's jism down her throat with wet, noisy gulps. She loved the taste of hot fuck-slime. She felt like she could swallow gallons of it and still not get enough.

"Here, Judy, you cock-hungry bitch," her father said. He snapped the studded leather belt against her quivering, rounded ass-cheeks. "This is for being such an eager little cock-hound. You keep eating cum like that and your tits will grow so big you'll have to carry them in a cart. And keep your mind on what you're doing."

Judy groaned from the pain of the belt hitting her, but she opened her mouth and slurped up the cock of the next man. She was starting to feel a little sick from the flow of the piss into her body. The flow of piss up her ass was slow, but relentless. She wondered how much piss was already in her body, filling her up with its stinking warmth. She wondered how much more was left to go, and how much of it she'd be able to take before she couldn't take any more.

She made the next cum easily, too, draining his cum down her throat. Her mouth was chalky with the taste of fuck-slime now. Her lips were sore, and her tongue felt numb. Her lips were stained white with the jism that had bubbled out of her mouth. Still she opened her mouth and welcomed the next cock inside. The flow of the piss up her ass gave her all the incentive she needed to be a speedy cocksucker.

Her father played his studded belt from the fleshy, rounded cheeks of her ass all the way up her vulnerable, exposed back. He loved the way the metal and leather smacked against her tanned, silky flesh. From his vantage point behind his daughter, he could also see the flow of the piss into her twitching, helpless ass. He guessed she'd taken just about enough to move her over the line from discomfort to pain.

Joe was excited. She still looked like a virginal little schoolgirl, even with a cock buried to the hilt between her lush red lips. And she loved the pain and fucking.

Another cock was erupting in Judy's mouth, and she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep the jism from bubbling out of her lips. She guessed that she was getting full, that her belly was too clogged with hot male fuck-slime to take any more. The sticky cum poured out of her mouth and painted her chin white.

The man she was sucking shouted at her and cuffed her in the side of the head, but she didn't mind. She was being terribly rude not swallowing all his cum. She tried to make it up to him by licking the head of his cock and giving him one last special kiss on his piss-slit.

He pulled away from her.

The next man to step up was Mr. Hontz, and she smiled stupidly up at him.

"Not so easy this time, bitch," he said. "Fuck it with your tits."

Judy cried out as the first real burst of pain from her enema ripped through her. How could he expect her to fuck him with her tits? Her body was bent too far forward and her head was tilted back. She couldn't even see her tits. And her hands were bolted down, so she couldn't even press her tits together. Her ass felt like it was about to explode, and her stomach felt full and heavy.

Mr. Hontz shoved his cock between her tits and Judy hunched her shoulders. She could feel her big tits cradling around the huge spike of Hontz's cock. Now all she had to do was move her body up and down against him. Maybe she could tit-fuck him.

"Watch this," Hontz said with a smirk just before Judy began to fuck him. "Our little whore's going to love this!"

Judy didn't know what he meant until she thrust her body up against him. Then she felt the piss pooled inside her begin to slosh around. She felt like she had to throw up, had to go to the bathroom. She felt liker her body was going to explode.

Mr. Hontz groaned with the pleasure of having her big, satiny tits rubbing over his giant cock, but Judy almost passed out from the effort of moving her tits up and down. She wanted to cry, wanted to die.

Another man moved up to the pain-wracked girl and pushed his ass against her face. Even before he told her what to do, she pushed her pretty face into the dank, smelly crack of his ass. "Look at her go!" one of the men shouted. "She's taking our piss up her ass, sucking a guy's shitter and getting tit-fucked all at once!"


Judy wondered if any girl had ever been debased and humiliated as thoroughly as she had. The slow, steady flow of piss up into her ass was making her stomach twist and flutter and cramp. She shook the hot piss around like a mixer with every lunge of her bound body up to rub her tits over Hontz's big cock.

Hontz groaned and he clamped his big hands savagely over Judy's tits. She relaxed a little now as he crushed her tits around his cock and fucked them wildly. Even the pain of his mauling hands tearing at her tender tits was better than trying to shake her body up and down and hold her tits tight around his cock with her arms. In a moment his thick, ropy jism was exploding against her chin and throat. Judy moaned and buried her face farther into the ass of the man in front of her.

She thought that there must be a gallon of piss inside her now. She felt like she weighed hundreds of pounds. She'd never felt such a terrible need to shit and piss in her life. And yet she was summing.

Her tongue was stuck all the way up the ass of the man in front of her. She rubbed her face up and down his ass crack, smearing the damp smell of his ass all over her face. She wished her hands were free so she could grab his cock and jerk him off. Then he groaned and she realized she'd brought him off anyway. He turned around and showered her pretty face with his thick, juicy cum.

Pain ripped through her lithe body. She trembled from the awful pain the enema was causing, but she didn't dare struggle against the metal clamp that held her in place. She tried to keep still in spite of all the anguish. She knew that moving would only make the pain feel worse.

"Look at that belly!" Hontz cried out, then laughed. "Shit, bitchie, you better figure out which one of us made you pregnant!"

Judy's flat stomach was bulging out now with the piss that flowed up inside her. It did look almost like she was pregnant.

The men laughed at her and a few stepped in closer to poke at her stomach. Each shove of their fingers against her distended belly made Judy cry out with pain. The man whose ass she'd sucked showered her face with his fuck-goo then he wiped his cock clean in the tightly pulled strands of her hair.

Now Judy knew she would never make all the men cum before the enema made her explode.

Mr. Robinson stepped up to her, but when she tried to take his cock in her mouth, he hit her across the cheek with it. Then he hit her across the bridge of her nose, against her lips, under her right eye. Men stepped up on either side of him, their hard cocks sticking out like flag poles.

How many men were left?

Judy wondered desperately. Five? Ten? It seemed like she'd already coaxed cock juice from a dozen.

"Just stick your tongue out, bitch," Mr. Robinson said. "You can kiss it and lick it, but don't take it in your mouth. You make men blow too fast with that sweet mouth, you little minx. I want to see how well you can use that pretty little face."

"Sounds like a good idea," the man standing to his side said, and he stepped closer to rub his cock over the blonde's face. "I love the feel of her silky skin."

The man on Mr. Robinson's other side moved in too. Now Judy had three cocks rubbing over her face, wetting her pretty features with slick pre-cum. She licked at them desperately, waggling her tongue as far out of her mouth as she could to flick over the big, wet cocks. She kissed their pulsing pricks, trying to coax cum from them with her swollen lips.

The pain in her stomach was becoming intolerable. Her bowels felt like an over-inflated balloon. She felt ready to pass out again.

And yet her orgasms were growing stronger by the moment.

A man stepped close to Judy's side, his cock hard and dripping. With a wave of desperation, Judy jerked toward him, unmindful of the pain tearing through her scalp. She managed to capture his cock under her arm and trap it there. Now she was working on four cocks at once. She had to bring them all off fast.

Mr. Robinson was the first one to cum. The other two men were quick to follow. The three of them covered Judy's pretty, gasping face with their fuck juice. They striped her cheeks with lines, filled her open mouth. They closed her wide brown eyes under pools of jism, clogged her nose with wads of cum.

Through it all Judy rubbed her face against the spurting cocks, kept her tongue licking and her lips smooching. And when the cock beneath her arm began to spasm, she rubbed it more tightly. Stringy lines of fuck juice drooled down her side and arm. Judy was all but covered in jism.

Two men were left, Richard and Zach. Richard swung his leg up and straddled Judy's face. He lowered his balls toward her mouth and she parted her lips, waiting to take the heavy bag inside.

Zach came to her too, but Judy didn't know what he was planning until the terrible moment when he fucked his cock up into her cunt.

It felt like a tidal wave had crashed through her!

She screamed around the hairy gag of Richard's balls. Zach began to fuck her as fast and hard as he could, digging his fingers into her big, fleshy tits to keep his balance. Judy sucked the balls in her mouth and waited to die.

Every thought of Zach's cock up into her cunt made her body shake with agony. He drilled her with jackhammer speed, yanking her tits from side to side. Every fuck-lunge he made knocked Judy back on the platform. Every time he pulled his cock out, he jerked her forward with his cruel grips on her tits. Every sudden movement sent tremors of agony through the tortured blonde teenager. This was the worst thing yet, she thought, to be fucked while she was being pumped full of steaming piss.

"Hold it in, bitch!" Joe shouted, striping her flawless back with his leather belt. "Don't spill a drop of that sweet piss until I tell you to. You don't want to disobey your father now, do you, you worthless cunt?"

Judy tried to answer her father, but it was impossible because of the huge mouthful of balls. Instead she cried helplessly as Zach cruelly fucked her battered, helpless young body. Her tongue swished back and forth over the dirty sac of balls in her mouth, and she turned her face from side to side, rubbing her face against Richard's thick cock.

However much pain she was in, she knew that she had to make both of the men cum before her father would stop pumping the horrid piss inside her, so she did the best she could to bring them off.

The first time she tightened her cunt around Zach's cock an orgasm tore through her body. She twisted and wailed and locked her thighs tightly around Zach's hard thrusting hips. His cock was rubbing against her excited clit. With the piss being pumped up her ass, every sharp impalement by his cock was answered by a wave of piss gurgling up her ass. Judy felt as if her whole body had been turned into a waterbed. And now the pain mixed with pleasure, and she cried for mercy even as her cunt exploded.

"You dirty slut!" Zach shouted. "Stop cumming, you filthy whore! Stop cumming!"

"Oh shit!" Richard moaned. He dragged his balls out of the girl's clasping mouth. Her tongue wagged out to flick over the cum-heavy sac. "Your daughter's too much, Joe! I've just got to give the horny little slut a cum facial!"

Judy stared up blankly as Richard jacked off his cock directly into her face. One orgasm after another was rattling through her pain-wracked frame. She didn't want to cum anymore, but the pleasure that was setting her body on fire was too strong to be resisted.

She bucked wildly against Zach's punishing cock and watched Richard's prick wiggle back and forth in front of her face. Her stomach was twisting into knots of agony, but her cunt was gobbling hungrily at the thick prick fucking it.

"You stinking whore!" Zach howled. "I'm cumming! I'm shooting off in the dirty slut's cunt!"

Judy screamed when she felt the burning hot wash of Zach's fuck juice splashing inside her pussy. It felt like molten lava flowing up inside her. Her clit wriggled, and her cunt gushed pussy cream. She shook her head from side to side then strained upward until she could wash the tip of her tongue over Richard's jerking cock. The moment her tongue brushed his piss-slit, he began to bury her face in cum.

"Look at her!" Hontz whispered to Joe, patting him on the back. "We did it, buddy! One down! Only fifteen or so to go!"

"None of the others will be as hot as this little bitch," Joe said, tossing his belt on the floor. He ran his hand over his daughter's trembling, welted back. "Look at this body. And that sweet little face. And she's got the heart of a whore. She'll do anything we want, take whatever we dish out, and deep down she'll love every second of it."

"She's something special, all right," Don observed, another drink in his hand. He smiled as he watched Richard bury the teenager's pretty face under an avalanche of cock cream. "But it'll be great fun seeing just how the other girls measure up. Maybe after we've finished with them all, we can even rank them. Tits, ass, face, blowjobs, obedience. We could rate them one to ten on everything, then average it out."

"Fucking insurance agents," Hontzie muttered, yanking the enema hose out of Judy's tensed, straining ass. "You hold that shit up inside you, doggie! Your daddy hasn't said you could let it out yet."

Judy writhed, bucked her hips against Zach's plunging, spurting cock. Her pussy cream drooled down the hard stalk of his prick and dripped from his balls. Her cunt gripped his cock so tightly that he could barely fuck it back and forth. She moaned beneath the blanket of jism Richard had spewed on her. Her entire face was a mask of white now. When she opened her eyes, they looked bigger and more striking than ever, staring out from the covering of white cock goo.

"More!" she whimpered.

Zach pulled his cock out of her cunt and wiped it clean on her battered, swollen tits. She still fucked her hips up and down.

"More! Please, Daddy, get me more cock! Please, sir, I need to get fucked some more!"

Joe picked up the barrel he and his friends had pissed in. There was still plenty of piss pooled in the bottom. He lifted the barrel over his daughter's head and poured it down over her writhing, cum-splotched body. The jism was washed off her face and tits and stomach as the piss splashed down over her. Her golden hair was matted with stinking yellow piss.

Another orgasm slammed through her exhausted body.

"Are you ready to let the piss out now, Judy?" Her father asked. He unlocked her hands as he spoke then unknotted her hair from around the back of the chair platform. "Because I want you to do it very slowly, and catch all of it in your hands. Then rub it all over your slutty body. I don't want a mess on this floor, you shameless little bitch dog, so you'd better do just what I say!"

Judy could barely hold her head up, her neck hurt so badly. Another terrible, wrenching climax tore through her sweet young body at just, the thought of what her father was asking her to do.

Gingerly, slowly, she cupped her hands beneath her ass and let the first of the piss dribble out. She came again, the orgasm making her shudder and buckle over, as she smeared the stinking piss on her big, silky tits.

"Now lick your tits," Don said with a sneer.

Judy cried out, but she ducked her head and pulled her tits up to her mouth. She licked across her nipples, then stuck first one and then the other inside her mouth. She sucked on them and cried, then came again. Tears trailed down her pretty face even as cunt cream drooled from her clasping, heated cunt.

"Oh, and Judy-dog," Don called, taking another drink, "why don't you just pour the next handful in your mouth? After eating all that jism you must be awfully thirsty."

Judy put her hands beneath her, cramps spearing pain through her young body. Another orgasm rocked her at the same moment. She dribbled a little more of the piss into her hands.


Judy looked around the room vacantly as she rubbed the last of the piss enema over the swollen, peeled-back lips of her cunt.

She had rubbed a lot of the piss into her overheated cunt, the men laughing at her as she suffered through one terrible climax after another.

Now all that Judy wanted to do was rest. The shame and pain and the countless, battering orgasms that had smashed through her inexperienced young body had taken their toll. Judy was drifting away even as she scratched the inflamed lips of her cunt with her fingernails, even as another climax coursed through her pussy.

Suddenly her father stepped in front of her, waving his big, hard cock back and forth just inches away from her face. Judy forgot her exhaustion in an instant. She lunged forward toward the big, delicious-looking cock, but the clamps around her feet kept her locked in place. She whined in disappointment and slumped back against the platform, watching her father's bobbing cock with wide, hungry eyes.

"Do you want your father's cock, Judy?" Joe asked quietly. He winked at Hontzie and squeezed the fat head of his cock until it turned bright red.

"Yes, sir!" Judy whimpered. She twisted two fingers inside her hot, juicing cunt. "I want your cock very much, sir! Please give it to me!"

"You know that it's bad to want your father's cock, don't you?" Joe asked, sounding insulted. "You're going to have to be punished every time you fuck your daddy's cock, you dirty little bitch. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy," Judy whimpered, spearing a third finger inside her juicy, swollen pussy. She twisted them around inside her, driving them in all the way to her knuckles. "I know I'm a bad girl. I know I'm a filthy slut. Please let me have your cock, Daddy. Then you can punish me anyway you want."

"What kinds of things do you want to do, Judy?" Joe asked.

He waved his cock right beneath her nose, and Judy leaned forward quickly, trying to capture it in her mouth. Her father pulled back easily, leaving the sex-crazed blonde whining and drooling for his cock. "Tell us all the different things you'll do for us."

Judy cried, adding a fourth finger to the first three, digging them all as deep inside her cunt as she could. She was cumming constantly now, just as she had done when the men hung her upside down. She scratched her cunt as hard as she could and pumped her fingers inside her stretched pussy as fast as she could. She knew that she would do anything to have her father's cock inside her.

"I'll lick your balls, sir!" she whined. "I'll lick your assholes! You can fuck my ass. You can fuck me two at a time or three at a time or as many at a time as you want. I'd love to have two cocks up my hot cunt at once, Daddy. Or two of them up my dirty little ass. Maybe I could even take two in my mouth at once. I'd try sir, if you told me to. I'll drink your piss! You can piss all over me!"

"If we do those things for you, bitch, we'll have to punish you for being such a dirty little bitch dog." Joe nodded to Hontzie and Mr. Robinson, and they unfastened the clamps from around Judy's feet. "We'll have to whip you and electrocute you and lock you up and tie you down and do all kinds of other things to you."

"Oh please do, sir!" Judy whimpered. She drove her whole hand up into her cunt. She screamed with pain at the gigantic intrusion in side her tiny pussy, but she clenched her hand into a fist and began to fuck herself. "You can do anything, Daddy! Please do something!"

"Here," Joe said, sounding disgusted but grinning at his friends. He threw something into the twisting, tormented girl's lap. "Put that on, bitch, and welcome to your new life. Things are going to be very different around this town from now on."

Judy slammed her fist as deep inside her cunt as she could. Her body squirmed and twisted on the wooden platform, glistening with sweat and stinking from the men's piss and cum. Her cunt lips gripped tight around her wrist as she drove her fist deep up inside her body. Still she managed to pick up what her father had given her. It was a simple black leather collar. There was a chain leash connected to it.

She shook her matted blonde hair back over her shoulder and whipped the collar around her neck, her fist never pausing its fucking of her cunt. Then she buckled it tightly around her long, white throat.

"Put the leash in your slut's mouth and hold it there," Joe said. "And crawl over to me. Do it now!"

Judy tumbled forward off the platform, holding the cool metal leash in her mouth and pumping her hand in her boiling, swampy cunt.

Her father backed away from her as she squirmed on her knees toward him. He was teasing her, punishing her, just like he had the first time.

She cried out in frustration, drool trickling from the corner of her mouth. She waddled toward him, smashing her fist into her pussy, trembling with the power of the climaxes that jolted through her.

Finally she reached him. She raised up and tilted her head back, offering the leash to him just like the good little slut bitch dog she was.

Joe yanked the leash from between her lips and jerked her face forward against his cock.

Judy opened her mouth and swallowed the full, hard length of his dripping prick.

"You slut!" he muttered, fucking her face with long, hard strokes. He laughed with his friends at the helpless gagging sounds she made as he drove his cock deep into her throat. "You're a worthless little whore dog. But you're going to help us out. You're going to help us get all your slutty little friends. Why don't you tell us who we should try next?"

Judy sucked her father's cock and tried to think of an answer to the question he asked her. It was so hard to think of anything but the delicious prick that was leaking fuck-lube on her tongue, but she tried. Don's daughter was a pretty blonde with a body almost as good as her own. Hontzie's daughter had even bigger tits than hers, and she was supposed to be a real slut. But Judy decided that the best girl would be Mr. Robinson's daughter. She was tall and thin and had long, black hair that reached almost all the way down to her ass.

Judy ran her tongue wetly over the fat head of her father's cock. She slobbered over it and licked the spit away. She tightened her throat muscles when he plugged it deep inside her. She hated to let her father's cock out of her mouth for even an instant, but she knew he wanted an answer.

Reluctantly she pulled her mouth off his throbbing cock, giving his bulging, red prick-head a last wet, lingering kiss before she pulled away. She flicked her tongue up into his piss-slit.

"Mr. Robinson's daughter, sir," she gasped, looking up at her father, with wide, brown, innocent-looking eyes. "I think she's beautiful. She'd be perfect."

"Hot damn!" Mr. Robinson yelped. "I won! Fucking fantastic! We're going to tame my little bitch next!"

Judy opened her mouth to take her father's cock back inside. The moment her lips closed around his bulging cock-head, he began to blast his load into her mouth. He fired burst after burst of hot, gooey cream into her wet waiting mouth, and Judy swallowed it all down gratefully. She slammed her fist as hard as she could into her cunt, cumming nonstop from the wonderful taste of her father's cock cream on her tongue.

Judy noticed for the first time that light was starting to come into the room from outside. Suddenly she felt confused. Was it morning? Had everything her father and his friends had done to her taken just one night? If so, that meant that she still had two whole days to go before her mother came home. Two whole days filled with nothing but sucking and fucking and torture.

Her father kept his cock in Judy's mouth after he finished cumming, and Judy began to tongue the fat head clean. Suddenly he began to piss, spraying her mouth and throat with searing hot piss.

Judy moaned deep in her throat and swallowed his piss down. She squirmed her fist as far as it would go inside her stretched-out cunt.

She swallowed every drop of her father's piss, cumming even harder at the bitter salty taste and the terrible stink that filled her head.

When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, she cried at the loss. She squirmed her fist around deep inside her pussy, rolling her knuckles over the smaller, tighter entrance to her womb. She felt as though she could stick her whole arm up her cunt.

Her father turned around and spread his ass-cheeks wide, and Judy leaned forward to wiggle her tongue over his dank, shitty ass-crack. He squatted slightly, but Judy bent with him, washing his ass with her tongue and lips. The taste was terrible, disgusting. It made her cum so hard that she almost tipped over on her side. She loved sucking her father's ass so much.

"Watch this," Joe said to his friends.

Judy watched, mesmerized, as her father's asshole began to pucker. She knew what was going to happen. He grunted.

Judy slammed her hand up her cunt and clamped her thighs together and locked her lips around her father's asshole. She knew what her father wanted her to do without him having to even tell her. And she wanted to be an obedient daughter.

"Look at that!" Richard gasped. "I don't believe it!"

"Believe it!" Joe gasped. "She's a hungry little bitch."

Judy blushed then swallowed.


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