A ball with mother

Many people feel an overwhelming attraction to other members of their own family. When suppressed, this attraction often leads to agonizing emotional troubles. When expressed, this stigma sometimes means feelings of guilt and shame that are almost impossible to overcome. Indeed, incest is a subject that has been shunned by society from the earliest memories of man.

Those of us who have these unfulfilled desires are often driven to torment over our needs. These desires have driven people even to the brink of insanity -- or worse.

A BALL WITH MOTHER is the story of a woman and her family who are forced by their desires to come to grips with turbulent emotions. What happens to them when they confront these emotions together reveals their ability to be honest with themselves and to be unafraid of their own inner feelings.

Chapter ONE

Marla stood with her feet parted, looking down.

This was something she had done as a small girl, something that had excited her then and excited her now. In the hand mirror on the floor, she could see the way her panties fitted her crotch. She could see the slight bulge of her cunt, the little indentation as they pulled into the split of her rounded, swelling ass.

She didn't know why she was so fascinated with looking at herself in this unusual way. But then it was not only herself she enjoyed looking at; she enjoyed looking at others too -- boys and girls.

When as a girl, she found she could see the bulges in the front of boys' pants, she went through a period of staring openly at them. Those mysterious bulges occupied her attention for a number of years, then she went through a stage of ignoring boys, and looking at the girls. In high school, when the girls stripped for gym, Marla had felt an almost overpowering urge to touch the girls, to feel their saucy tits, caress those pretty asses, and best of all, feel their fuzzy pussies.

Looking down at the mirror, Marla slipped her hands under her skirt and adjusted her panties, exposing her softly curling dark cunthair. Her excitement increased as she gazed at her reflection.

Marla was almost out of high school she experienced her first fucking. She had been eager for it, very eager. Being popular with both boys and girls, she could have dated much earlier, but Marla had been afraid. Not of the boys, but of herself. She had been afraid to be alone with a boy, afraid she would be unable to control herself, that she would grab those lovely bulges without warning.

When she finally consented to go out with a popular young man, she had managed to control her urges, to a point. She had pot grabbed his cock as she had desperately wanted. At least, until the teen placed a hand on her tit.

That was all it took. Marla had melted immediately. She pressed the teen's hand hard against her tit, and tilting her mouth to his for a kiss, moved her hand to his cock. The first feel of a throbbing, hard cock had caused her to come, and she had squirmed her mouth against the teen, mewling as her cunt went through a series of contractions, gripping his cock through his pants. By the time the guy had his cock inside her cunt, Marla was almost out of her mind. She thrashed and churned beneath the guy in the tight confines of his car, screaming and shrieking with more ecstasy than she knew there could be. Her cunt had throbbed into orgasm again as soon as his hard cock penetrated her cunt, and the contractions kept going constantly as the guy fucked frantically, pounding his cock into her gripping pussy.

He had told all his friends what a wild fuck Marla was. Most had trouble believing that the exceptionally beautiful girl was such a hot one, but the guys did start pressing her for dates. But Marla, afraid of her own sexual responses, almost became a recluse.

From becoming known as the easiest, hottest fuck in school, she became known as a stuck up, frigid bitch. Only Marla knew she was by no means frigid. She had a terrible time controlling herself, and spent almost every night using her fingers on her body, plunging them into her cunt and coming so hard and often, she had difficulty walking the next day.

She looked at her reflection, becoming more excited. She could see the moisture growing on her panties, feel the heat of her cunt. Her sharp pointed tits began to push at her blouse, her nipples sensitive. So absorbed in her erotic activity, Marla failed to hear the soft breathing behind her.

Peering around the door, Bob and Sally were watching their mother. It wasn't the first time they had spied on her, but it was the first time they had seen her using the mirror this way. Bob's cock was pressing at the front of his pants, very hard, his balls aching slightly. Sally, a year older than her brother, was experiencing a delicious, moist heat between her thighs. Her tits were swollen inside her summer sweater, her tiny nipples making points against it.

Marla pulled upward on her skirt, gripping her panties at the same time. She saw the wet crotch pull into her cunt and ass, the reflection between her legs exposing all. She saw the puffy lips of her pussy, the creamy texture of her shapely ass. Staring hard into the mirror, she began to sway her hips, watching her crotch.

Sally stuffed her fist into her mouth to choke back a lewd giggle.

Bob was starting to breathe loudly, and his sister poked at him to make him stop.

Marla bent her knees slightly, staring down into the mirror and watching her crotch. The hairy lips of her cunt were exposed since her panties were now pulled into her pussy slit. She made a soft gasp as she bent her knees further, half-squatting.

At the door, her son and daughter watched with big eyes.

"Oooooh, it's so pretty!" Marla whispered to her reflection.

Sally choked as she tried to swallow her giggles, and Bob was about to burst.

But Marla heard nothing.

She squatted over the mirror, drawing her skirt up to her narrow waist. She was unaware that her son and daughter were there, that they could see her pantied ass now. She was so absorbed in staring at her reflection, at her cunt, she gave thought to nothing else.

"You pretty pussy!" Marla said, her voice husky. "You hot, pretty cunt!"

Bob moaned when he heard his mother, pressing his palm hard on his throbbing cock. Sally was writhing as she fought to keep from giggling.

Marla ran a fingertip along her thigh, touching the crotch of her panties lightly. She moved her ass, swinging it in a tight gyration.

"Suck a hot, wet cunt," she purred softly, her voice carrying to her son and daughter. "So hot and wet! Ohhh, you need something hard in you! You need a big, beautiful, hard cock! That's what you need, you wet cunt!"

She slipped her panties away from her pussy, gazing into the mirror at the glistening pink wetness of hair-fringed cunt. She saw her clit bulging outward and pressed her finger against it. She moaned, her eyes glazed with passion. With her son and daughter watching her, Marla moved her middle finger into her cunt, pushing it deep. She sobbed at the sensation, and plunged it in and out of her cunt, watching in the mirror. Her ass moved, wiggling erotically. Her knees were wide apart, her head between them as she watched her finger disappear into her juicy cunt. Although Bob and Sally couldn't see very well, they could see her hand under her crotch. They knew what their mother was doing, they knew very well.

With a squeal of pleasure, Marla pulled her finger out of her cunt, lifting it to her mouth. She shoved the cunt-wet finger into her mouth and sucked it.

"Oooh, sweet," she purred. "Sweet cunt!" Then she plunged her finger into her pussy again, almost violently. She cried out and fucked herself in a frenzy, no longer staring at her reflection. Her head was lifted up, eyes closed, lips parted. She cried out with hunger as her finger pounded wildly into her cunt, making soft, wet sounds that could be heard by Bob and Sally.

"Ooooh, come!" Marla whimpered. "I want to come!"

Her finger pounded faster and with more violence at her burning cunt. She leaned over, bracing herself with her other hand. She lifted her ass in the air, bringing it up front the mirror. Since her skirt was bunched at her waist, her son and daughter stared at her thighs and ass. They could see their mother's fingers pounding into her cunt. Marla twisted her ass about wildly, ramming her finger in and out of her cunt with soft cries of ecstasy.

Then Marla screamed. Bob and Sally darted away from the door swiftly, making a great deal of noise.

But Marla was seized by her fiery orgasm and didn't hear them. Her legs became weak, and she finally squatted above the mirror again, gasping heavily, her finger no longer inside her cunt. She watched her pussy pulsate and drip for a while longer, letting strength return to her shaking body.

Marla had not given much attention to her son and daughter in the past few months. She noticed nothing, really. Her fantasies took up most of her time, and even when Bob and Sally were around, watching television or playing some game, she was hardly aware of them.

But this evening, she noticed they weren't around and she became curious.

She heard their voices from Sally's bedroom. Sally's door was closed, and Marla pressed her ear to it.

"Sweet pussy," she heard Sally saying.

A flush came over Marla's face. It was not the flush of shame or embarrassment, but the flush of quickly rising desire.

"You're supposed to wiggle, Sally," she heard her son say.

"Okay," came Sally's voice.

"Now you say it." Bob said, his voice low. "Sweet pussy," Marla heard her daughter's voice. "You hot, sweet cunt! You need a hard cock, you hot cunt."

Marla turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.

Sally was standing over a hand mirror similar to her own, with her dress about her waist. Sitting on his sister's bed, Bob was watching. Sally's tight panties clung to her ass, and both she and her brother were looking at the reflection of her cunt, only Bob was lifting his eyes to the front of his sister's panties as often as he looked into the mirror.

Marla's hand moved to her throat, her eyes wide. She saw the bulge of her son's cock inside his pants, and there was a lurching, sucking feeling in her cunt.

Bob jumped, seeing his mother in the doorway.

Sally turned quickly, shoving her skirt down as she faced her mother.

Marla started to say something; she swallowed, looking at her son, who was trying to cover up his hard-on, then at the mirror on the floor. She saw her daughter's reflection in it, the crotch of Sally's panties.

Sally's giggle broke the tension.

"Oh, God!" Marla said throatily.

"You do it, Mother," Sally said, not in the least embarrassed.

"But... not in front of Bob," Marla managed to get out. "Not in front of anyone."

"Well," Sally replied, lifting her pretty face almost as a challenge, "I do."

Marla stared at her daughter, then at her son. She couldn't say anything. Sally was right. She did it, and they had seen her do it. She had no right to say a word. She turned and left.

In the living room, Marla tried to sort out the whirling thoughts in her mind, but the vision of her daughter with her skirt at her waist, and of her son's cock pressing at his pants, refused to leave her mind.

She wondered how often they had watched her, what they had seen, and what their thoughts were.

"Are you mad at us, Mom?"

Marla looked up and saw her son entering the room. Her eyes went immediately to the front of his pants. She didn't see a hard-on, but there was a lovely lump there. Behind him Sally peered at her.

Marla shook her head.

"Well, you shouldn't be, Mother," Sally said, walking past her brother and flouncing into a chair, drawing her feet up and crossing them. Her slim thighs were showing as she tucked her skirt between them, looking at her mother. "Why get mad at us for doing what you do?"

"I'm not... I'm not mad," Marla replied. "I think I understand it."

Bob sat down on the floor near his sister, lifting one knee and pulling it to his chest.

"I know you two have watched me," Marla went on in a low voice. "Hearing you, seeing the mirror, is enough to tell me that. Any other mother would probably be very angry with you, but I understand."

Sally and Bob said nothing. They sat and listened to their mother.

"Do you have something to say, Sally?"

"I think Dad was a fool, Mother," Sally replied.

She had her hands between her crossed thighs, and it looked to Marla as if her daughter was cupping her concealed cunt.

"He had it made, didn't he? I mean, that's what men want, right? You gave him everything, made all his dreams come true, and he walked out on us. See, be was a fool."

Marla watched her daughter's hands, suspecting Sally was creating pressure upon her cunt, perhaps trying to make herself come. She glanced down at her son, who rested his chin on his uplifted knee. He wasn't looking up at her, Marla noticed, but at her knees.

Glancing down, she saw that her knees were about six inches apart. She wondered if her son was seeing under her skirt, between her thighs, perhaps her panties. The idea sent a ripple of excitement through her. She had the urge to swing her knees wide-open, give him a good long look at her panties.

She wondered if her son was like she was, like his sister was showing herself to be. After all, he did watch his sister imitating her with the mirror. The idea sent a shudder through her. Not a shudder of revulsion but one of excitement.

"What do you know about men, what they want?" she asked her daughter. "You've never gone out on a date yet."

"I know what I want," Sally replied, with a soft giggle of lewdness. "And if I want it, I'm sure the guys want it, too."

Marla gazed at her daughter. Sally's green eyes seemed alive with fire.

"And you, Bob?" Marla asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Bob's eyes burned, and without any hesitation, he blurted, "I wanna do it, Mom. I wanna do everything you and Sally do."

Marla trembled, her cunt pulsating with more wildness than ever.

Chapter TWO

Marla wanted to ask what Sally and Bob had been doing with each other. The idea they might be fucking sent chills of bubbling delight through her. Even if they were just touching each other -- Sally jacking her brother off, Bob fingerfucking his sister, it was enough to make Marla's pussy spasm with wet heat.

She gazed at her daughter's hands, and saw the slight movement. Sally was indeed rubbing at her cunt, feeling it through her dress and panties. She gazed openly, significantly, and Sally knew her mother was watching her hands. Marla smiled as she glanced back at her daughter.

Encouraged by her mother's expression, Sally pushed her fingers hard into her cunt, a soft moan coming from her. Bob, hearing his sister moan, glanced up. He saw where Sally's hands were, and looked back at his mother.

Marla's eyes flashed and she nodded her head.

"You can, too, baby," she whispered. "It's okay if you do it, too. I know what it's like. I told you, remember?"

Bob cock strained at his pants, outlined in hardness. Marla stared at it, licking her lips, swallowing. She was anxious for her son to touch his cock, to rub it while she watched. She wanted to see her son and daughter play with themselves, enjoy being with them the way she fantasized being with others, all of them as hot and eager as she. She didn't want her son or daughter to feel ashamed of their desires, nor be tormented because they couldn't get satisfaction, relief, from the terrible pressure. She wanted them to be happy and satisfied, even in their sexual desires -- especially in their sexual desires.

Sally was openly rubbing at her cunt now, but she still had her skirt and panties between it and her hand. She was starting to breathe faster, her eyes taking on a glazed expression, her pouting lips parted. Her daughter was eagerly touching her cunt, but Bob didn't seem ready yet.

"Bob, I can see how hard you are," Marla said in a thick voice. "I can see you're very excited. Look at your sister; Sally isn't shy."

Bob turned his head, seeing his sister rubbing her hand up and down her crotch. When he turned back to his mother, Marla had opened her knees more, and he found he could see the creamy inner flesh of her thighs, with the shadow of her panties under her skin. He stared a long moment, then looked at his mother's face.

"I know what you can see," Marla said, smiling at her son.

Bob lowered his eyes again, and this time Marla opened her knees wider. Sally too, gazed under her mother's skirt. Marla felt her cunt pulsating, felt the wetness seeping through her panties. She dragged her skirt up, inch by inch, watching the faces of her son and daughter.

Bob's cock looked as if it was about to burst from his pants.

"Want to see more?" Marla asked, throatily.

"Oh, yes, Mom!" Bob groaned.

"Sally?" Marla asked her daughter, who was now rubbing her fingers up and down her crotch with envious pleasure.

"I want to see it, Mother!" she gasped.

Marla's mind spun with pleasure. This was a dream coming true to her. In her fantasies, she had dreamed her son and daughter would want to see her, see her cunt. Her mind boiled with desire. Here, with her son and daughter, she could enjoy everything she dreamed of, longed for. And no one would ever know. No one could ever call her bad names because of her boiling hungers. Bob and Sally wouldn't, she knew. They wanted it as much as she did.

Marla had inched her skirt up until it was almost at her crotch. She watched their faces closely, feeling the heat searing her flesh. Bob was gasping softly as he stared at what his mother had exposed. Seeing her this way sent his balls into a writhing ache, and his cock jerked with powerful hardness.

Sally was gazing at her mother, too, and now she had lifted her skirt and had her hand inside her tight panties.

"Look what your sister is doing, Bob," Marla whispered.

Bob turned her head and saw Sally's hand inside her panties. He giggled and shoved a hand to his cock.

"Mmmmmm, that's it, Bob," Marla gushed hotly. "You can do it, too."

Bob lost any reserve he had. He fumbled with his pants, Marla watching him in excitement. His cock popped from his pants, standing up very hard. It was not a huge cock, but his cockhead was round, and smooth and very swollen, his cockshaft throbbing. Marla felt her cunt suck inward with hunger as she stared at her son's exposed cock. Bob closed his fist about his cock and began to pump on it, his eyes darting at what his sister was doing, then back to his mother.

"You did say you wanted to see more, didn't you?" Marla asked her son and daughter.

Both nodded their heads eagerly.

With a soft whine of pleasure, Marla swung her knees wide, jerking her skirt to her waist at the same time. She scooted her ass to the edge of the couch and shot her palm to her pussy. She rubbed hard, twisting her ass about.

Having her son and daughter see her touching herself sent burning hungers through her body. With a squeal, she jerked the tight crotch of her panties to one side.

"Ohhh, I'm so hot!" Marla wailed, lifting her revealed cunt into the air and rubbing a fingertip frantically at her swollen clit. "I'm so hot I can't stand it!"

Bob gulped as he gazed at his mother's hairy cunt, his fist squeezing his cock very hard. Sally was making gasping sounds, her hand very busy inside her panties.

"Take your panties off, Sally!" Marla hissed. "Let us see your sweet cunt! Show me and your brother your pretty pussy!"

Sally and Bob, intensely aroused, stared at their mother. Marla was almost out of control now. She held her panties to one side, and began to thrust her finger in and out of her curt. The wet sounds seemed loud in the living room. Sally pulled her hand from her panties, looking down at her brother. Bob was staring with wide eyes at his mother, his cock jerking hotly inside his fist.

"Mom, do you know what you're doing?" Bob asked, his voice shaking.

"Yes, damn it!" Marla sobbed, driving her finger deep inside her cunt. "I'm fingerfucking my hot cunt and letting you two watch me! I know what I'm doing! Sally, take your fucking panties off! Show us your beautiful cunt! Bob, you take your pants off, too!"

Sally and Bob looked at each other, then back at their, mother.

"You mean it, Mother?" Sally asked.

"I mean it, damn it!"

"Mom, you're not gonna be mad at us later, are you?" Bob wanted to know.

"I'll tear your fucking clothes off myself if you don't hurry!" Marla hissed, shoving two fingers up her cunt now.

Sally lifted her ass and jerked her panties off swiftly, giggling like a naughty girl. Bob shoved his panties down his legs and kicked them from his feet. Marla's eyes fixed on them, and she plunged her two fingers into her cunt in a wet frenzy.

"Grab your brother's cock, Sally!" Marla hissed.

Sally slipped to the floor, and with her eyes glazed, grabbed Bob's cock and began to jerk up and down with a hot fist.

"Jack him, honey!" Marla urged hotly. "Jack that hard cock! Bob, shove your hand to your sister's cunt! Feel her fucking cunt up! Play with her cunt, Bob! Sally, jack that hard cock off!"

Both Sally and Bob obeyed their mother. It wasn't because of fear, but because of their intense arousal. Both watched their mother as Marla tossed and twisted her hips about, fucking herself brutally with two fingers. Sally pumped on her brother's cock and Bob was rubbing at Sally's soft, steaming cunt feverishly.

Marla, staring at them with wild eyes, suddenly arched her crotch tightly into her fist, and came.

"Ohhh, shit, shit!" she squealed in a tight voice. "Ohhh, I'm coming already! Oooooh, my... my hot, wet cunt!"

Sally gripped her brother's cock hard, but she wasn't jerking it now. She was staring at her mother, seeing her puffy, hairy pussy lips clamping tightly with orgasm. Bob, awed by what he was seeing, had shoved a finger into his sister's tight cunt, but he wasn't moving it. Both Sally and Bob were fascinated by their mother, watching her come with ass-shaking ecstasy.

Marla slowly came down from her orgasm, her hips lowering. She pulled her finger out of her cunt, and her face glowed with pleasure. The fog lifted from her eyes.

"Oh, that was very good," she mewled, grinding her hips from side to side lewdly. "I can't get enough of it! I love to come!"

It was then she noticed her daughter was still clinging to Bob's cock but not moving her fist. Sally knelt with her knees, spread wide, leaning down to hold Bob's cock. Bob, leaning against the chair his sister had been sitting in, had his hand under her skirt.

"Don't stop, please," Marla gurgled. "Let me watch you! Please, I want to see you. I'm sorry if I frightened you, but I can't help it!"

"You really mean it, then, Mom?" Bob asked.

"Oh, baby, yes!" Marla hissed.

Sally giggled softly and pulled her hand from her brother's cock. She remained on her knees as she lifted her skirt to her waist. Marla gazed at her daughter's cunt.

"Oh, that's so pretty, Sally!" Marla moaned as she stared.

Sally had few hairs on her cunt, and her sugary pussy-slit was fully exposed. Even the tip of her clit was seen peeking out with provocative hardness, wet with her sweet fuck-juices.

"Mother, I want Bob to fuck me," Sally said, her voice trembling with emotion.

"Can he? Will you let Bob fuck me, Mother?"

Marla sucked in air, her tits thrusting out, her nipples pressing at her blouse. She stared at her daughter's succulent cunt with steamy eyes.

"Yes!" she cried out. "Oh, yes, yes!"

Bob's cock jerked up and down as he leaned over and looked at his sister's cunt. When he turned to look at his mother again, his eyes went immediately to Marla's hairy pussy.

"I can fuck her, Mom?" he asked with trembling words. "You don't care if I fuck Sally?"

"Fuck her, Bob!" Marla insisted. "Fuck your sister!"

Sally, squealing with excitement, turned her back to her brother, jerking her skirt to her waist. She leaned over, looking past her shoulder at her brother, sticking her sweet, tight ass out.

"Come on, Bob! Fuck me before Mother changes her mind!"

Bob looked at his sister's naked ass when Sally leaned over on her hands. His cock was ready to burst, and Marla noticed it.

"Oh, Bob, ram that cock up your sister's cunt before you come!"

Then Marla had a thought.

"You can come, can't you?"

Bob nodded his head, his tongue pushing between his lips as his eyes became glazed with passion. Sally was on her hands and knees, waggling her cute ass with lewd invitation.

"Mother said you can!" Sally yelped hotly. "Come on, Bob! Stick it to me! Hurry up and fuck me! Mother said you could!"

Bob knelt behind his sister's shivering ass. He held his cock tightly at the base, staring at the cunt between his sister's slender thighs.

Marla couldn't sit there, couldn't be still. She slipped to the floor and crawled toward them, her eyes glazed with passion. She sat on her heels near them.

"Let me!" she hissed, taking hold of her son's cock with, one hand. Her other hand moved to her daughter's cunt, spreading her pink pussy-lips with two fingers. "Let Mother help put your cock in her pussy."

She pulled her son's cock forward, and made a hissing sound as she saw the swollen head of her son's cock enter her daughter's cunt.

Bob gasped with the wet heat closing about his cock.

Sally squealed as she felt her cunt part and stretch, feeling the head of her brother's cock sliding into her slippery, tight cunt.

"Ohhh, beautiful!" Marla whispered, her eyes staring at Bob's cock and her daughter's accepting cunt. "Shove it in her, Bob! Ohh, Sally, Bob is going to fuck you! He's going to fuck your pretty cunt!"

"Hurry, Bob!" Sally gurgled, swinging her naked ass about. "Ohhhh, yes, hurry and shove it in me! Ooooh, I like it! It feels so big in me... I like it better than my fingers!"

Marla pulled her hands from them, placing her palms on the cheeks of her son's naked ass. She leaned in close, watching his cock slide into her daughter's cunt. Her other hand moved beneath Sally's body, cupping one of her tits, squeezing it. Her own cunt was throbbing, her panties feeling tighter than ever, now creeping back into her pussy-slit. She pushed on her son's ass with her hand.

"Fuck her, Bob!" she groaned. "Ohhhh, fuck that sweet cunt! Fuck it hard, Bob! Sally loves it! Your sister loves that hard cock up her hot cunt, don't you, Sally? Don't you love your brother's cock in your cunt?"

"Yes!" Sally screeched, feeling her brother's cock deep inside her, feeling the hard throbbing of it. "I love it, Mother! Fuck me, Bob! Ohhhh, fuck me good!"

Bob lunged his cock back and forth, biting his tongue as he gasped in ecstasy. Marla listened to the wet sounds of her son's cock going in and out of her daughter's cunt. She slipped her hand down his ass, shoving it between his thighs. She grabbed his swinging balls, clutching them tightly, twisting and pulling. Her other hand shoved underneath Sally's sweater, and she began to squeeze her naked tits, pulling and twisting at her daughter's stiff nipple.

"Oh, it's so beautiful," she moaned. "Fuck her, Bob! Ohhhh, that's so beautiful, seeing your cock in your sister's cunt!"

She ran her hand feverishly about her daughter's tits, puffing them from her sweater and puffing Sally's skirt up onto her back. She fondled her daughter's belly, then moved her fingers down to her boiling cunt. She rubbed Sally's swollen clit, feeling her son's cock pounding back and forth violently. She felt how full her son's balls were in her hot hand. With a hissing sound, Marla leaned forward and kissed her daughter's humping ass, rubbing at Sally's distended clit with a firm finger.

Sally was sobbing with ecstasy as her brother rammed his cock in and out of her cunt, going deep. She arched her ass to him with wanton excitement, lowering her head and shoulders to the floor.

"That's it, Sally!" Marla cried out, shoving her hand back to her daughter's tit. "Shove that pretty ass back! Shake your hot ass, Sally! Ohhh, Bob, shove your hard cock up her cunt! Fuck the piss out of your sister's hot, wet cunt! Oooooh, Sally, you have such hard tits! They're wonderful titties, baby!"

Clutching her son's balls, Marla licked her tongue about her daughter's creamy, shivering hips, running it down to her thigh, then back up again. She licked over one cheek of Sally's hot ass, swirling her tongue wetly. She inhaled the exciting scent of her daughter's wet, hot cunt and her son's hard cock. Her cunt was steaming and she was becoming drenched in the crotch of her panties. Her own clit was protruding with hardness.

Bob was grunting as he thrust his cock back and forth, feeling his sister's cunt grip him with wet heat. The way his mother was pulling and twisting his balls wasn't helping his control any.

Marla, drawing her face back, found she could see her son's cock plunging into Sally's cunt. She could see the tight way those sugary pussy-lips clung to his hard prick. She breathed hard, her pointed tits swelling inside her blouse. "Ohh, Bob!" she wailed.

She grabbed his hand, pulling it from his sister's gyrating hip. She curled her son's fingers around one of her tits. Bob gasped as he felt his hand filled by his mother's rounded tit, and looked at her.

"Ohhhh, feel it, honey! Feel Mother's tit, but keep fucking your sister!"

Bob, intensely excited, began to squeeze at his mother's tit, feeling it through her blouse, lunging his hips back and forth, ramming his cock into his sister's clutching cunt faster and faster.

"Ohhhh, make her come, Bob!" Marla yelped throatily. "Make your sister come! Ohhh, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!"

"Oh Mother, he is!" Sally screamed, ramming her saucy ass back hard. "He is going to make me come!"

"Ohhh!" Bob grunted, his body going stiff.

"Come!" Marla hissed hotly. "Both of you, come! Squirt it to her hot cunt, Bob! Come in her hot, sweet cunt! Oooh, Sally, come for your brother!"

"I am!" Sally screamed. "I am coming! Ohhhh, my pussy is on fire, Mother! I'm coming so hard!"

"Pour it in her, Bob!" Marla hissed, pulling at his balls.

Marla felt her pussy quiver, then there was a contraction as she too, went into orgasm.

Chapter THREE

When Marla got up the next morning, she was greeted by shy looks from Sally and Bob.

She had not dressed, but had simply pulled a robe on. She set the coffee to perking and then turned toward her son and daughter. They had finished breakfast, with their empty cereal bowls still on the table. Leaning on the sink, she examined their faces. Sally glanced at her from lowered eyes, a faint flush on her pretty face. Bob held his head down, not looking at her.

"Why the sour faces?" Marla asked. "Surely you two aren't all that shy? I've never seen you this way before."

Sally, her face flushed, giggled and glanced at her brother. Bob was trying to keep from grinning.

"Okay, what is it?" Marla asked. "Nothing, Mother," Sally said. "We just didn't know how you'd feel this morning. About last night, I mean."

"Oh, about you getting fucked by Bob?" Marla asked, bluntly. "What should I feel this morning?"

"Well, we didn't know if you'd still feel the same."

"Why shouldn't I, honey?"

"Oh, I don't know, Mother," Sally said. "Maybe embarrassed or something."

"Are you embarrassed, Sally?" Sally shook her head.

"Bob?" Bob too, shook his head.

"Then why should I be embarrassed?" Marla said. "After all, it was you that got fucked, Sally, not me."

"But you sure wanted to, Mother!" Sally said, letting her giggles go. "I could tell. You wanted to get fucked, too."

"Well, perhaps," Marla replied, turning to pour the coffee.

"Why didn't you, Mother?" Sally asked. "Bob would have done it. Wouldn't you, Bob?"

Bob looked up at his mother shyly and nodded his head.

Marla set her cup down on the sink and looked at her son. "Would you have, darling? Would you really have fucked me, your mother?"

Again he nodded.

Marla stood still, thinking. She would have taken his cock eagerly, but after they had finished, she had left them and gone to her room, wanting to be alone. She didn't know what they had done after she had left them, perhaps fucked again. If so, she didn't mind at all. In fact, she hoped they had. Knowing now that her son would fuck her sent a shiver through her.

"Look at me," she said, her voice low. "Both of you, look."

When Sally and Bob were looking at her, Marla untied her, robe, and flung it wide open.

Bob gasped, his eyes wide. Sally giggled with delight.

They stared at their mother's nakedness seeing her full, thrusting tits, with those firm nipples, her flat stomach, long legs and, where they stared most hotly, the thick bush of her cunt.

After what seemed like a long time, Marla asked: "DO you like me? Do you like what you see?"

Both Sally and Bob nodded eagerly.

With her robe open, Marla cupped her tits, making her nipples bulge outward.

"You like these tits?" she asked softly. "Do you think Mother's tits are nice and pretty?"

"Oh, yes!" they both said together.

"They're very nice tits," Marla whispered squeezing them. "My titties are sensitive, and my nipples are always so stiff."

She lowered her hands, gliding her palms down to her flat stomach. She ran her fingers through the soft mat of her pussy hair. She stroked her hips, and caressed her thighs, bringing her fingers to her cunt again. Spreading her feet on the floor, she parted the thick hair of her cunt, letting the pink lips of her pussy show.

Bob piped with excitement, seeing his mother's cunt again. His cock was throbbing inside his shorts.

"Do you like Mother's cunt, too?" Marla asked, her voice thick.

"Oh, yes, Mom!" Bob groaned.

"It's lovely, Mother," Sally said in a soft voice, her eyes sparkling. "You have so much hair on it. I hope my cunt wilt be that hairy."

Marla shrugged her shoulders, and the robe fell from her, pooling at her feet. She stood naked before her son and daughter, her shoulders back to make her firm tits swell outward. She moved toward her son, and Bob watched breathlessly, his eyes darting to her tits, then down to her mass of soft pussy-hair.

Marla placed her hands at the back of her son's head, and slowly pulled his face to her tits. She pressed her tits about her son's face, twisting from side to side, rubbing them at his cheeks. She cupped one tit, causing her nipple to thrust outward.

"Kiss it, Bob," she mewled. "Suck it for me."

Sally was watching with huge, glassy eyes, her lips parted as she breathed hotly.

Pushing her nipple into her son's mouth, she pulled his face tight. She cooed softly as she felt the wet heat of her son's mouth on her tit, and gasped in pleasure when he began to suck. She twisted her ass, her asscheeks clenching.

"Mmmmmm, nice, baby! Suck Mother's titty! That's very good! Suck it hard, honey!"

She held her son's face to her tit for some time, then gently pulled back. She looked down at his excited face.

"New, feel me," she hissed softly, pushing her hips forward. "It's okay, Bob. You can feel me up! Come on, don't be shy... feel Mother's cunt."

Almost awkwardly, Bob pushed his hand to his mother's pussy. When he placed his palm on it, Marla squeezed her thighs tightly.

"Ooooh, now rub it for me! Rub Mother's pussy, Bob! That's it, honey! Fuck my cunt! Do you feel how hot and wet Mother's cunt is?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!" he gurgled, staring at his hand between her thighs.

"Does feeling my cunt make your cock nice and hard, Bob?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Let me see," Marla said and pulled back her son's hand coming from her cunt. "Oh, now I can see it! Ooooh, it is hard, darling! Your cock is very hard!"

She started to lean down and fondle it, but changed her mind. She turned to face her daughter, who sat at the table staring with big bright eyes. Marla watched Sally's perky tits rise and fall under her cotton blouse.

"Do you want to feel me up, too, Sally?" Marla asked, her voice trembling with emotion.

"Can girls feel other girls, Mother?" Sally asked.

"Of course they can, darling," Marla said, moving toward her daughter. "Girls can do anything they want to do."

She stood before Sally, her thighs parted. "You do want to feel me up, don't you, honey?"

"Oh, I'd love to feel you, Mother!" Sally cried.

"Do it, Sally," Marla urged, thrusting her cunt forward.

Sally lifted her hand and shoved it to her mother's pussy. She rubbed at the wet heat, making a squealing sound of excitement. On her own, she slipped a finger into her mother's cunt and worked it in and out.

"Ooooh, you want to make me come?" Marla laughed huskily. "You keep doing that and I will."

Sally removed her finger reluctantly.

"Does that make your cunt throb and get wet, Sally?" she asked.

"Look at it!" Sally giggled, twisting in her chair and spreading her slim thighs.

Marla saw the wetness seeping through the thin crotch of her daughter's shorts. "Ohhh, that's very nice, baby! Now, it's my turn to feel."

She leaned over and pressed her hand her daughter's crotch, rubbing it, feeling the heat of her sugary cunt through the shorts. Sally squealed and wiggled her ass, pushing her cunt to her mother's hand.

But Marla pulled away.

"We can't have all the fun, Sally," she said. She stepped back to her son. "Stand up for me, Bob."

Bob stood, his cock straining at his shorts. Marla stared down at it, noticing her daughter was, too. She placed her palm on it, and then closed her fingers tightly.

"Oooh, Bob!" she whimpered hotly. "It's very hard! Ohhh, and so big, too! I bet you loved this cock in your pussy, Sally."

Sally nodded her had, watching her mother's naked body. She licked her lips, seeing her mother's hand squeezing Bob's cock through his shorts. Marla pulled her son's shorts to one side, revealing his cock.

"Ohhhh, such a beautiful cock!" she cried out, running her arm along his prickshaft, feeling the smooth head. "Ohhh, it's so hard, so big, so hot!"

She gripped Bob's cock, stroking it back and forth, then rubbed his dripping cockhead along her thigh, smearing his fuck-juices on her flesh.

"Ooooh, that feels so good," she sighed. "It's been so long since I've felt this."

Sally got to her feet, moving toward them. She stood close to her mother, watching her fist jacking Bob's cock. She lifted her hand and hesitantly placed it on her mother's naked ass. Marla gurgled, wiggling her ass.

"It's okay, Sally," she mewled. "You can touch me, touch my ass! You can touch me anyplace!"

"Oh, Mother!" Sally sobbed, and squeezed her mother's ass, darting her pretty face to her swollen tits.

Marla wrapped her free arm about her daughter's head, puffing her face tightly at her tit. She waggled her ass as Sally fondled it, squeezing it, and pumped on her son's cock. Bob, seeing his sister sucking at their mother's nipple so greedily, grabbed the other and stuffed it into his mouth.

Marla whimpered as they tuned and sucked on her tits. She twisted her ass with desire, her cunt bubbling hotly. She held their faces tight against her tits, looking down at their hunger.

She clung to her son's cock hard, pressing his swollen cockhead against her flesh, feeling his fuck-juices smearing her. Sally, while sucking at her tit, began to squeeze and fondle her naked ass, digging her fingers in. Both Bob and his sister gurgled, each of them trying to swallow their mother's tits.

"Wait," Marla whispered.

She gently pushed them from her.

Bob and Sally gazed at her anxiously. Sally stood with her hands folded before her, looking shy. Bob, his eyes big, stared at his mother, his cock jutting up with lovely hardness.

Marla opened her daughter's blouse, shoving it from Sally's shoulders. Her perky tits, so tight excited her. Her delicious pink and round, nipples stood out, stiff. Bob stared at his sister's tits, running his tongue over his lip. Marla cupped one of her daughter's tits, fondling it, finding her flesh creamy and very smooth. She twisted Sally's nipple, bringing a cry of pleasure from her. She saw Sally's hand dart for her brother's cock, and smiled.

"Jerk his cock, baby," Marla said softly. "Jerk your brother's cock."

With that, Marla leaned down and swirled her hot tongue about one of her daughter's stiff nipples. Sally cried out softly and squeezed her brother's cock hard.

"Ohhh, don't, Sally!" Bob groaned. "I'll come off!"

Marla, her eyes watching Sally's fist, closed her lips about one of her daughter's nipples and sucked it, her tongue swirling hotly. Sally wiggled her hips, sobbing with delight. She cupped her palm around her brother's cock, feeling the heat of it, his slippery fuck-juices bubbling out of his piss-hole.

"Mother, I want it!" Sally cried.

Marla lifted her face, her eyes glittering.

"I know, baby," she whispered huskily. "And you can have it."

Squealing, Sally peeled her shorts off swiftly, dropping them to the floor. Bob was pushed into his chair by his mother, who dropped to her knees. Sally stood waiting, puzzled.

"There's more than one way to get a cock up your sweet cunt," Marla said, understanding her daughter's expression. "All you have to do is straddle Bob."

"Ohhh," Sally cooed as she swung a leg over her brother.

From where she was kneeling, Marla watched her daughter's sugary cunt flash briefly, then shoved her hand to her son's cock. She grasped it as she had the night before, leaning forward to watch his cock penetrate his sister's lovely pussy.

She gripped her brother's shoulders, making hissing sounds. Marla moved her other hand to her daughter's cunt, feeling the wet heat of her pink pussy-lips. She rubbed the head of her son's cock back and forth, dragging it along her cunt-slit. Sally gurgled with the contact, humping her ass as though trying to get her brother's cock into her cunt.

Marla understood her daughter's eagerness, and placed the head of Bob's cock at Sally's pussy.

"Sit down on it!" Marla groaned as she stared at them. "Sit down on his cock, darling!"

"Oh, yes!" Sally cried out, lowering her ass. Marla held her breath as she watched her daughter's pretty cunt stretch about the smooth head of Bob's cock. Her cunt, already hot and wet, began to pulsate as if she was about to come. Seeing her daughter settling onto Bob's cock sent shivers of perverse pleasure throbbing through her naked body. She let her breath out with a soft hiss as she saw Sally's pretty cunt stretching, being stuffed with Bob's hard cock. She hooked her finger into her son's shorts and pulled them away, exposing his tight balls.

"Fuck him!" Marla hissed. "Fuck his cock, Sally!"

"Ohhh, yes, Mother!" Sally sobbed, and began lifting and lowering herself on Bob's cock. "Oh, it's so good! You're so hard in me, Bob! Oooooh, I can get your cock so deep in my cunt!"

Marla watched, her chin on one of her son's knees. The sight of her daughter's pink cunt clutching her son's cock created an intense desire within her. She tickled Bob's balls with her fingertips, pressing her lips to his knee. She swished her tongue along his thigh, her eyes never moving from Sally's cunt riding that cock.

Juices from Sally's tender pussy began to collect at the base of his cock, and Sally squealed with rapture as she began humping up and down, the cheeks of her pretty, tight ass bunching and clenching. Marla stroked her daughter's shaking ass with her other hand, gripping her son's balls, twisting them. She slipped her fingers underneath Sally and rubbed them along her stretched cuntlips, feeling her son's cock go in and out. She drew her finger back, looking at the wetness on it. She pulled the finger to her lips and smeared them with the tasty juices of Sally's cunt.

With a moan, she released her son's balls and drew her hand to her face. She licked her palm then cupped his balls again. She burned wet kissed about Bob's thigh, her eyes constantly watching Sally's cunt pounding up and down his cock. Bob was gripping his sister's tight ass now, arching his cock upward, groaning with the fiery tightness of his sister's pussy.

"Oh, God, that's beautiful!" Marla cried softly. "Ohhhh, fuck that hard cock, Sally! Your cunt is so full of that cock! Fuck him, baby! Fuck your brother hard!"

"I am!" Sally sobbed, her ass churning, humping and thrusting. "I am fucking him, Mother!"

"Bob, your balls feel so full!" Marla hissed. "Give your sister a big, hot lead of that sweet come-juice! Her cunt is so hungry for it!"

"Go faster, Sally!" Bob was groaning. "Go faster!"

Sally fucked as fast as she could her tight ass jerking back and forth, her clit sliding on his throbbing cockshaft. Marla clung to her son's balls, her eyes glazed with passion. Her cunt was sucking inward, her clit bulging very hard. But she held her son's balls tightly, running her other hand up and down Sally's shivering, smooth thighs, her hips, urging her daughter to greater efforts.

Marla swallowed often, wanting to shove her face into her son's crotch, to taste his hot balls, to inhale the delicate sweetness of her daughter's wet, fiery cunt. She wanted to taste them, taste them both. She wanted to swirl her tongue about the base of her son's cock to get a taste of those sweet cunt juices clinging to it. She wanted to lick at her son's balls, to drag her tongue up to feel and taste the stretch of her daughter's lovely cunt.

But she didn't do any of those things.

"Oooh, I'm about to come!" Sally squealed, grinding on her brother's cock, instinct moving her hips. "I'm gonna come, Bob! Ohhh, my pussy is burning up! I'm about to come... ohhh, see!"

Marla saw. She saw the lips of her daughter's cunt clamp about Bob's cock, the contractions visible to her blazing eyes. Sally squealed loudly and smashed her cunt onto Bob's cock hard, straining onto him. Her ass shook and her slim thighs pressed about his hips.

Marla twisted her son's balls.

"Give it to her now, Bob!" she cried out.

"Ohhh, Bob, squirt it to your sister! Come in her, Bob! Ohhh, baby, please, come in Sally's hot cunt!"

"I am! I'm gonna come in her cunt!"

"Yes! Oh. God... yes!" Marla cried out. When her son groaned, she felt his balls go into spasms. She watched the base of his cock jerk, and Sally squealed as she felt her brother gushing his come-juice up into her sucking cunt. Marla clung to her son's balls, breathing hard and fast, her own pussy dripping juices.

Sally, her orgasm fading away, shivered as she leaned forward against her brother, and whimpered at the receding ecstasy. Marla gazed at her pink cunt as it squeezed Bob's cock from it. When her son's cock drooped, she stared at the glistening wetness. A small bubble of come-juice clung to his piss-hole.

"Ooooh, yes!" Marla whispered, shoving her face forward.

She flicked her tongue out, tasting the tip of her son's cock. Her nose brushed her daughter's slightly quivering ass. Sally, as if knowing what her mother was up to, slipped her crotch upward, her wet cunt rating on her brother's lower stomach. Marla drew back, gazing at her son's pussy-wet cock, seeing come-juice dripping out of her daughter's cunt.

With a cry, she opened her mouth and pulled her son's cock into it.

"Ohhh, Mom?" Bob grunted as he felt the hot wetness close about his prick. "Mom!"

Marla made whimpering sounds as her tongue swirled about her son's cock, tasting the sugary juices of her daughter's cunt on it. The taste of her daughter's cunt with the mingling sweetness of her son's come-juice sent her naked ass shaking. Her cunt throbbed, her clit bulging. She pulled her son's cock deep into her mouth, pressing it with her tongue. The juices at the base of his cock smeared her hot lips.

Clinging to her son's cock with her mouth, her tongue swirling again, Marla let out a muffled moan. Her cunt exploded, tightening up with a hot, juicy orgasm. She shifted the heel of one foot, pressing it against her contracting cunt, mouthing her son's cock with greedy sucks. She pulled her lips backward on it, clutching his cockhead, stretching it, then gobbling it deeply again.

While her cunt was still clutched in the powerful orgasm, she released her son's cock and raced her tongue upward through the hair at his cock base. Mindless with erotic ecstasy, she swirled her tongue through the wetness that seeped from her daughter's cunt.

The taste of her son's hot come-juice sent her mind spinning, and with a cry, she shot the flat surface of her tongue across the slit of her daughter's cunt.

"Oooooh, Mother!" Sally yelped when she felt the tongue on her pussy.

She didn't pull away, but instead, arched her ass, shoving her sugary cunt to her mother's face.

Marla took a couple of swipes at her daughter's cunt, flicking the tip of her tongue barely into it.

Then, as if becoming aware of what she was doing, she pulled away.

"I... I couldn't stop myself," she said, almost embarrassed.

Chapter FOUR

"Mother," Sally said that afternoon, "I don't see how you can stand it."

"Stand what, honey?"

Marla was wearing a housedress, but she was naked underneath except for a pair of panties. She was amused to see her daughter running around after her morning bath wearing only a pair of panties. Amused, but delighted, too. She loved to watch those tight tits of her daughter, that saucy ass cupped in the tight panties.

Bob was still in the bath, and she and Sally were in her bedroom, with Marla brushing her daughter's hair. Sally sat before her mother's dresser, watching their reflections in the mirror. Marla was loving this, doing her daughter's hair and gazing in the mirror at those lovely tits with candy-pink nipples.

"You know, watching me and Bob fucking."

"It's kind of hard on me, I'll admit." Marla smiled at her daughter in the mirror.

Sally giggled in her cute way. "You mean it's hard on Bob, don't you? He sure can get a hard cock, can't he, Mother?"

Marla nodded, drawing the brush through Sally's soft hair. "He can get a beautiful hard-on," she agreed.

"Why don't you fuck him, Mother?"

A tremble went through Marla. She paused, placed the brush on the dresser, and slipped her hands over Sally's shoulders. She cupped her daughter's tits, squeezing them gently.

Sally gurgled and placed her hands on top of her mother's, pressing them into her tits, her eyes turning glassy with desire. Marla buried her face against the top of her daughter's head, kissing softly, her eyes gazing into those of her daughter in the mirror.

"You want to fuck huh," Sally said in a low voice, her mother now twisting tenderly on her pink nipples. "I know you want his cock in you. I can see how hot you get when you watch us fucking. Mother, Bob would be so pleased if you fucked him."

"How do you know, honey?" Marla murmured.

"We talked," Sally said. "Last night, after you want to bed, he came to my room."

"And fucked, of course," Marla smiled.

"Oh, yes!" Sally giggled. "We sure did, Mother. Is that okay?"

"What can I say?" Marla replied. "I got you two started, didn't I? I'd be cruel if I tried to stop you now. What did Bob say about me?"

Sally squirmed her pantied ass on the cushioned stool. "He just said he wanted to fuck you, Mother."

"Is that all?"

"Well, he said your cunt was awfully hairy and wet, and he wondered if it felt like mine."

Marla made a purring sound and ran one hand down her daughters soft stomach, making soft, circling, caressing movements. Her fingers touched the elastic of Sally's panties, and Sally, staring at her mother in the mirror, opened her knees. Marla lowered her hand, feeling the heat of her daughter's cunt through the nylon panties. She rubbed her finger up and down, feeling her pussy-slit, then pressing her knotted clit. Sally squealed and pushed her head back against her mother, spreading her legs wider.

"You're very hot," Marla whispered, sliding her hand into her daughter's panties. "You're very, very hot, baby."

"I always am, Mother," Sally mewled and shoved her crotch to her mother's hand.

"So hot," Marla whispered throatily, rubbing at her daughter's swollen clit. "I was, when I was your age, too. I used to be so hot, I could hardly stand it. I was afraid to go out, afraid I wouldn't be able to control myself."

"Really, Mother?" Sally asked, shivering with pleasure as her mother rubbed firmly upon her swollen clit.

"I still am," Marla confessed. "In fact, I'm hotter than I ever was."

"Are you hot now, Mother?" Sally asked in a low voice.

"Like you, I stay hot and wet," Marla replied, sliding her finger down and slipping it into her daughter's fiery pussy.

She worked it in and out, fucking Sally slowly. Sally wiggled her ass, one hand on the outside of her panties, resting on her mother's hand.

"I think about cock, real hard cock, plunging into my cunt and fucking me until I can't stand any more. I dream of it, day and night."

"Then let Bob fuck you, Mother." Sally groaned as she felt her mother's finger slide deep, wiggling about the soft, wet walls of her pussy. "Let him stick his cock in you... let him fuck you, Mother!"

"Ohhh, baby!" Marla cried out, puffing her hand out of her daughter's cunt and panties. She hesitated just a moment, then stuck it into her mouth, sucking and licking the juices.

Sally stared at her mother in the mirror, then giggled lewdly. "What do I taste like, Mother?"

"You've never done this?" Marla asked. "I was tasting myself long before I was your age. But to answer your question, you taste like sugar!"

Sally turned on the stool, facing her mother. She wrapped her arms about Marla's waist, burying her face into her mother's stomachs Marla hugged Sally against her. Sally was trembling as she slipped her hands down to her mother's swelling ass and the backs of her thighs.

Marla moved, her tongue along the elastic waistband of Sally's panties, drawing it along one hip, then down the sweet flesh of Sally's thigh. Sally twisted and gurgled as she watched her mother's wet tongue flicking her legs. With a husky cry, Sally flung her legs wide apart.

Marla saw the tight crotch of Sally's panties, and saw it was wet, very wet, her succulent cuntslit outlined. As she kept licking the smooth flesh, she watched Sally writhe her ass, grinding her hips about with lewd pleasure.

Sally, her eyes unfocused, every part of her body responding to the hot wetness of her mother's tongue, let out small cries of growing ecstasy.

Marla's ass was in the air, waving gently as she licked the inner flesh of Sally's smooth thigh. Already she could inhale the hot, wet scent of her daughter's pussy. She breathed the fragrance in deeply, lapping about her crotch, moving her face closer and closer to Sally's sugary cunt. Her eyes burned at the girl's crotch as she watched Sally twist and grind with eagerness.

"Ooooh, Sally, it's so lovely!" Marla moaned. "Your cunt is so lovely!"

Quickly, Marla buried her face into her daughter's cunt, her lips parted as she kissed into the crotch of those tight panties. Sally gasped, arching her hips up, shoving her pussy at her mother's mouth.

"Ooooh, Mother, Mother!" Sally sobbed, grabbing at her mother's head and straining her cunt hard at her mouth.

Marla whimpered and began to suck at the crotch of her daughter's panties, drawing her cunt-juices through them. Closing her open mouth tight at her daughter's crotch, she lapped her tongue up and down. Sally began to thrash about with wild, ecstatic cries.

"So hot!" Marla murmured into her daughter's crotch. "You're so hot and wet, darling! Your cunt is so wet, your panties are soaked!"

"Oh, Mother, do something!" Sally pleaded, arching her hips and twisting her face from side to side. "Please, Mother, do something!"

Feverishly, Sally shoved a hand up her mother's dress. She squeezed her mother's thigh, then caressed Marla's creamy leg with swift movements, sliding her palm up and down, from her mother's knee to the edge of her panties. Marla shook her ass lewdly, and hooked a finger into her daughter's panties.

She pulled them aside, and at her creamy pussy-slit. She saw how juicy Sally's cunt was, saw her tiny clit bulging from her soft, wet cunt folds. Sally twisted and arched, sobbing with need. She ran her hand over her mother's ass, then shoved her fingers into Marla's panties. She rubbed feverishly at her mother's hairy cunt, and with a cry, plunged her fingers deep into the steamy wetness.

Marla gave a cry now, feeling her daughter's fingers thrusting in and out of her hairy cunt. She wiggled her ass, scooting a little closer so her daughter could fingerfuck her more easily. She lowered her mouth to the sweet silt of Sally's cunt, and flicked her tongue across her inflamed clit. Sally's ass lurched upward as she cried out at the scaring touch of her mother's tongue on her cunt.

"Kiss me, kiss me!" Sally sobbed. "Mother, lick my pussy! Ohhh, my cunt is burning, Mother! Lick my cunt, please!"

"I will, darling," Marla hissed. "Oh, Mother will lick your sweet cunt good!"

With that, she pressed her mouth against Sally's juicy pussy, plunging her tongue into the wet tightness. She probed Sally's cunt a few times, wiggling her tongue against her soft pussy-walls. Sally spread her legs wide, straining her cunt into her mother's face, ramming all her fingers into her mother's cunt with wild thrusts. Marla slurped wetly at Sally's pussy, slipping a hand underneath her squirming ass, clutching in tight asscheek. She clung to Sally's thrashing ass tightly, thrilled to feel her cunt beating at her hungry face so eagerly. She pushed her tongue out as far as she could and let her daughter fuck it, slamming up and down. Sally cried out and twisted violently with rapture. She shoved her fingers as deep as she could into her mother's cunt, feeling the squeezing sensation around them.

Marla closed her eyes as she sucked at the seeping juices of Sally's cunt. Her tongue swished and plunged, then she drew Sally's distended clit between her lips. Sucking hard, she ran the tip of her tongue rapidly about her sensitive fuck bud. Sally cried out and shot her hips up, grinding her cunt into her mother's face desperately.

"Make me come, Mother!" Sally begged. "Please, Mother, make me come! I'm so hot! My cunt is so hot and wet! Make me come, please make me come!"

Marla held her daughter's clenching ass tightly with one hand, still holding Sally's panties to one side with the other. She buried her mouth hard into the steamy wetness, drivin her tongue in and out, fucking her daughter as if it were a hard cock. Her face was becoming smeared with the slippery juices, her lips feeling bruised. But Marla didn't care; she was eating her daughter's hot cunt, sucking it, licking it, and that was what she wanted most of all right then.

Sally, almost out of her mind with ecstasy, rammed her fingers in and out of her mother's cunt brutally, hardly knowing she was doing it. She thrashed her ass about, crying as the ecstasy increased. Her mother's tongue seemed to go deep, almost as deep as her brother's cock. She spread her legs as wide as she could, straining her bubbling cunt hard into her mother's sucking mouth. Her clit felt as if it were about to burst, explode from her body.

Marla sucked at Sally's knotted clit as hard as she could, then released the pressure with her lips and swirled her tongue about it. She humped her ass to the pounding of her daughter's fingers, moaning with pleasure.

Sally, about to go out of her mind with ecstasy, jerked her fingers from her mother's hairy cunt and smeared the hot wetness about her face, mostly over her lips. She plunged her fingers into her own mouth and sucked the juices of her mother's pussy. With a wild cry, she flung her mother's gown up over her ass, and plunged her fingers back into her steamy clit. She rammed her fingers in and out a number of times, then drew her fingers back to her mouth, sucking the juices of her mother's cunt from them.

Marla knew what her daughter was doing, and she began to edge her knee closer to her daughter's face. But Sally was grinding her cunt faster and faster into her mouth. Just as Marla lifted, her knee, ready to swing it over her daughter's face, Sally squealed with a powerful orgasm.

Smashing her mouth hard at Sally's convulsing cunt, Marla continued to place her knees about her daughter's face. Sally, her eyes glazed with ecstatic orgasm, saw only her mother's hairy cunt and quickly lifted her head and smashed her face into it.

Marla gave a sob as she felt her daughter's lips pressing at her cunt. She thrust her tongue into the contracting slit of her daughter's cunt, stabbing in and out swiftly. Sally, her mind reeling with rapture, closed her mouth around the hairy lips of her mother's cunt, and began to suck frantically, clutching her mother's asscheeks with tight fingers.

Marla banged into Sally's sucking mouth, grinding her cunt into it. She gave a low, muffled screw into her daughter's cunt as her own pussy exploded into a fiery orgasm.

Sally rammed her tongue up her mother's cunt, pulling at her ass, trying to smother herself with her hairy, wet pussy. She kept thrashing her tight ass about, grinding into her mother's mouth, her cunt going through a series of fiery orgasms that was quickly draining her strength.

Marla felt her daughter's body relaxing beneath her, and lifted her face. She gazed into her pink cunt for a moment, then kissed it tenderly. Swinging her legs over Sally's head, she lay beside her daughter, tenderly caressing her still-quivering cunt. She touched Sally's pussy with feather-light fingertips, gliding them along the inner flesh of her slender thighs. Her own cunt kept throbbing. Despite the intensity of her orgasm, Marla wasn't at all satisfied. She wanted more, and more, and more.

She drew her knee up as she lay on her side, stroking her still-gasping daughter's thigh.

"Did you like that, Sally?" she asked, her voice low.

"I loved it, Mother!" Sally breathed. "I didn't know girls could have so much fun."

Marla laughed a low, throaty laugh. "Girls can have a lot of fun with each other. But guys are more fun."

"Oooh, yes," Sally giggled. "I loved the way yow kissed my pussy, Mother, but I like Bob's cock in me best of all."

"I know," Marla agreed.

"Fuck him, Mother," Sally urged. "Bob wants to fuck you so much! I know you'd love it, too!" Marla's eyes gleamed, and she nodded her head.

"Okay, I will," she said, firmly. "I'll fuck his cock off!"

"Oh, don't do that, Mother," Sally giggled. "I want it spin, you know."

"A figure of speech," Marla said, giving her daughter's cunt a soft pat. "But I'll fuck him. I'll give him a fantastic fuck!"

Sally squealed and twisted about, shoving her lips to her mother's. She kissed her mother hard, and when she felt her mother's tongue sliding into her mouth, she sucked it. Pushing her mother's tongue back, she moved her own into Marla's mouth. Marla mewled and sucked at Sally's tongue, and gasped softly when her daughter closed her fingers about her tits, squeezing them through her thin housedress.

When they pulled apart, Bob was standing at the side of the bed. His hair was still damp from his bath, and he wore jockey shorts.

Marla's eyes glowed brightly as she gazed at the nice lump his cock and balls made in them. Sally turned and looked at her brother, too.

"Mmmmm, that's for me," Marla purred and shoved her hand to her son's crotch. She cupped his balls, squeezing them lightly. "Bob, your sister and I have come to a conclusion."

"Why are your faces so wet?" Bob asked.

Sally giggled.

"Because we were enjoying each other," his mother answered.

"We sucked cunts!" Sally blurted, her eyes gleaming. "Mother sucked my cunt and I sucked hers!"

Bob trembled as his mother pressed her hand against his balls, his cock stiffening inside his shorts. Marla stared at it, seeing the outline, his swollen cockhead, with a moist spot spreading on the white cloth.

Sally shoved her hand out and pulled his shorts down so that his cock lurched free.

"Oooh, God, it's beautiful!" Marla hissed. Sally clutched her brother's cock, jacking him.

Chapter FIVE

"Not so fast, Sally," Marla said. "You'll make him come."

Sally pulled her hand away, but her eyes gazed at his cock hungrily.

Marla drew her hand away from him. She sat back on the bed, lifting her knees to her chin. Bob stared at his mother's thighs and crotch.

Sally, very eager to see her brother fucking their mother, slipped off the bed and pulled Bob's shorts right down. Bob, his cock waving about in hardness, continued to gaze at his mother's exposure. Marla understood her son's excitement, and parted her knees. She slipped her hand down and pulled her panties from her pussy, showing it all to him.

"Ooooh, Mom!" Bob groaned, his eyes turning hot and glassy.

"Mother is gonna fuck you, Bob," Sally said, dropping his shorts to the floor. "She said you could fuck her."

"Oh, Mom, can I?"

Marla nodded her head, her eyes bright with desire.

Bob's cock lurched up and down, and Marla saw the beading wetness at his piss-hole. She lifted her ass, stripping her panties off quickly and throwing them over the side of the bed. She then lay back, her skirt at her waist, her fingers opening her top to let her tits out. Her eyes kept gazing at her son's balls and cock, her tongue running about her lips.

She opened her legs wide.

Bob gasped with excitement as he stared at his mother's cunt, seeing her pussy-hair glistening with juices, her pink cuntlips and her tight clit. Marla felt her cunt clamp tightly, then open all by itself. With her shapely tits showing now, she slipped her hands down, sliding her fingers through her thick mass of soft-hair. She pulled the lips of her cunt open, then squeezed them together, lifting her ass and twisting it in an inviting wiggle.

Sally climbed back onto the bed with her mother and began to play with her firm, swelling tits.

"Come here, Bob," Marla whispered throatily. "Come to Mother, baby."

Bob climbed onto the bed, his cock swaying with hardness, his eyes burning on his mother's tantalizing cunt.

"Fuck me, baby," Marla mewled. "Fuck Mother. My cunt is hot and wet and needs your hard cock, darling! Come here and fuck me!"

Bob, with a groan of delight, slipped between his mother's spread thighs. Marla lifted her hips, offering her cunt to him. Bob stared at the wanton gyrations of his mother, his cock eager to plunge into her cunt.

"Ooohh, Bob, fuck me!" Marla whispered huskily. "Mother wants that lovely hard-on. Mother's cunt wants that hard, long cock! Stick it to me, baby! Ohhhh, yes, stab Mother's cunt with that lovely hard-on!"

Sally, clinging to her mother's tits, was watching with wide, glowing eyes, seeing her mother lifting her cunt to Bob's cock, seeing her brother's prick throb, dripping from his pisshole.

"Oh, Bob, give it to her!" she mewled. "Stick your cock in Mother's cunt and fuck her! I wanna see you fuck her, fuck that hairy cunt, fuck that wet, hot pussy! Do it, Bob! Ohhh, please, fuck Mother's cunt!"

Bob wasn't hesitating out of fear or reluctance. He was hesitating because he was fascinated by his mother's cunt. Although he had seen it the night before, and then again this morning, his fascination was still as great as ever. He loved the thick soft hair that framed it, the way her clit swelled up from her soft pussy folds. He could, he thought, stare at his mother's cunt all day.

"Come on, baby!" Marla hissed.

Bob pushed his cock downward, and gasped when his cockhead rubbed along the fiery slit of his mother's cunt. Marla too, gasped at the contact. Her hips jerked upward, and Bob held his breath when he saw the swollen head of his cock sucked into his mother's cunt.

Marla, feeling her son's cock pressing into her cunt, gave a whimper of excitement. Sally, gripping both her mother's full tits, watched with smoky eyes, her tits rising and failing with voyeuristic pleasure. She leaned over so she could watch her mother's cunt grab her brother's cock.

Marla hissed, and thrust her hips up.

Bob's cock was pulled in deep, and he and his sister stared at the hairy lips of their mother's cunt as they pressed at the base of his prick. Marla gave a cry of delight and began to grind at her son's cock. She had her fingers in the hair of her pussy, pulling up on it. Her clit swelled outward, touching at the base of his prick. She moved her free hand to her daughter, slipping it between Sally's thighs. Sally opened her legs to her mother's hand.

"Ooooh, that looks good, Mother!" Sally cried out. "I can see Bob's cock in you, in your pussy! Oohhhh, that looks so good!"

"It feels good!" Marla mewled, and humped her ass, sliding her cunt along her son's cock, fucking him. "Come on, Bob, don't be shy with me! Fuck me, baby! Ohhh, I can feel how hard your cock is in my cunt! Fuck Mother, Bob! Ohhh, yes. Ram your cock in Mother's wet pussy!"

Bob grabbed his mother's hips, and drove his cock into her swiftly, making Marla cry out with delight. Marla's hand shot up between her daughter's thighs and cupped her creamy pussy, feeling it through her drenched panties.

"Ohhh, bang me hard, Bob!" Marla urged, twisting and grinding her crotch for her son. "Pound my pussy! Ohhh, yes, pound Mother's cunt with your sweet, hard cock!"

Bob rammed his cock in and out, gasping with rapture, feeling his mother's hairy cunt clutch his prick tightly, her hairy cuntlips squeezing and sucking at him. His balls smashed against her grinding, fiery ass, making Marla sob with sensation.

"Ooooh, I love it!" Marla wailed, drawing her knees back. "I love it so much! Fuck Mother! Fuck Mother's hungry cunt! Feed that sweet, hard cock to my pussy, Bob! Ohhh, it's been so long... so fucking long! I need it, baby! I need your prick, my cunt needs your prick!"

Sally stared at her brother's cock sliding in and out of their mother's cunt. She pulled and squeezed Marla's tile, and Marla was tearing at the crotch of Sally's panties.

"Sally, take those fucking panties off!" she hissed, slamming her burning cunt up and down, meeting her son's wild thrusts. Her cunt was so wet, there was a moist slapping sound each time Bob plunged his cock into his mother's pussy. "Take them off! Tear the fucking things off!"

Sally, gasping with pleasure, peeled her tight panties off, ripping them in the process. The second she had them off, Marla clutched a slim thigh and pulled.

"Sit in my face, Sally! I want your sweet cunt in my face! Put your pussy on my mouth! I'm going to suck your cunt while Bob fucks me! Hurry, baby, let me have your juicy cunt in my face!"

Bob stared with wide eyes as his sister scrambled around and squatted in their mother's face. Without pausing, plunging his cock powerfully into his mother's hairy cunt, he saw his sister's pink pussy open just as his mother lifted her mouth, stabbing her tongue into it. Sally squealed and began to grind her ass into their mother's face, sliding her cunt back and forth.

Marla, sucking at Sally's sugary cunt once more, cupped her asscheeks above her face, swirling her tongue in and out of her tight, juicy cunt. She humped her cunt up and down to meet the wilder thrusts of her son's cock, now grinding with ecstasy. Her nose pushed into Sally's ass, and pressed upon her hot ass crinkle.

"Ooooh, suck me, Mother!" Sally wailed. "Suck my cunt! Stick your tongue up my cunt!"

Her eyes blazed at her mother's widely spread crotch, watching her brother fucking her fast and hard. She shoved a hand through the hair of her mother's cunt and pulled backwards, watching her mother's clit scrape the shaft of Bob's cock. She touched it with a fingertip, and then shoved her finger into Marla's cunt alongside her brother's cock.

Marla, feeling this added stretching in her cunt, gurgled into Sally's pussy, ramming her tongue in deeply. Sally wiggled and bumped her cunt into her mother's mouth, and pulled her finger out of her pussy, bringing it to her face and licking the juices from it.

Bob gasped as he watched his sister, digging his fingers into his mother's thrashing hips. He stabbed his cock faster and harder and deeper into his mother. His balls were swollen and aching, and he was getting very close to coming.

Sally, squatting in their mother's face, lifted her shoulders and clutched her tits, her eyes burning as she watched Bob fucking into their mother's rapidly churning cunt. Marla sucked hard at her daughter's cunt, her nose pressing into her tiny asshole, grinding her hips with wanton ecstasy, feeling her son's cock throb into her greedy cunt. She began to squeal, the sound muffled by the tightness of Sally's sweet pussy on her mouth.

"She's gonna come, Bob!" Sally cried out. "Mother is going to come!"

"I know!" Bob grunted. "Her cunt is getting tighter!"

"Ohhh, come with her, Bob! Come in Mother's cunt! She wants you to squirt it in her pussy, Bob!"

Bob rammed hard, his balls smashing against his mother's steaming and thrashing ass. He lifted his face, his features contorted. He growled and his body trembled then went stiff.

Marla strained her cunt onto her son's cock, sucking hungrily at her daughter's pussy. She screamed into the wetness as her pussy contracted with a wild, explosive orgasm. Her tongue went deep into Sally's cunt, and Sally suddenly cried out.

"Ohhh, I'm coming, too!" she shrieked. "I'm coming! Oh, Mother, stuff your tongue deep in my cunt! I'm coming!"

"Ohhh... ahhhh!" Bob groaned, his cock gushing with rapid throbs, sending spurt after spurt of boiling come-juice into his mother's sucking pussy.

Marla felt her son coming inside her cunt. She felt his thick come-juice splash the soft, greedy walls of her pussy. Her ass churned wildly as her son gushed the precious juice of his balls into her pussy, her hairy pussy-lips grasping and pulling, as if sucking him off.

"Ohhhhh, yes, yes!" Marla cried. "Oh, God, yes!"

Bob, his balls empty, slumped backwards, his cock puffing free of his mother's clinging cunt. He flopped onto his back, gasping heavily.

Marla's tits heaved up and down, her skin flushed. She continued to writhe, but gently, mewling very softly. Bob and Sally sat waiting, watching her. Marla knew they were watching, felt their eyes on her naked body. She had her eyes closed, her face showing the intensity of her rapture. Her cunt felt stretched, her clit tingling. She could still feel the sensation of her son's cock inside her pussy. Come-juice seeped from her hairy pussy-lips, wetting the cheeks of her shapely ass.

Slowly opening her eyes, she looked at her son and daughter. Bob and Sally said nothing, but gazed steadily back at her. Sitting up, Marla lifted her hands above her head, stretching in a lazy way. Bob and Sally watched her firm tits lift and fall.

Then Marla laughed with a throaty sound. "That was good, Bob," she said. "It was very good."

Bob gave his mother a shy grin while Sally giggled.

Marla's eyes moved down his body, then fixed upon his cock. The juices of her cunt and his come-juice glistened on it. His balls dangled between his legs. Running her tongue over her lips, Marla gently pushed her son onto his back.

Without a word, she leaned down and ran her tongue across his cock, tasting the juices on it. She swished her tongue about the base of his cock, dragged it along his cock shaft to his cockhead. With a flick of her tongue, she moved it to one side, and then licked at his preciously balls.

"Ohhh, sweet baby," Marla murmured, and pulled her son's cock into her hot mouth.

Bob gasped, feeling his mother's tongue swirl about the head of his cock, his eyes huge as he looked down at her. Sally began to giggle as she leaned over tone her brother's cock inside their mother's mouth.

Marla tongued Bob's cock, making throaty sound. She clung to the base with her lips, her tongue lapping it. Holding the head of his prick in her lips, Marla pulled a little harder, her tongue swiping about his piss-hole. Sally's eyes burned with a bright gleam as she watched, and Bob was gasping again.

"Ooooh, Mother!" Sally cried out softly.

Marla's eyes flashed into those of her daughter. She released the pressure on her son's cock by lowering her mouth. Again, she took it completely inside, working her lips at his cock base. The feel of Bob's cock inside her mouth sent tremors through her body. Although he was not hard, his cock tasted very good against her tongue.

With a mewling cry, she pulled from his cock, but buried her face into his crotch, nuzzling at his balls for a few moments.

"Want to stuck it?" she asked her daughter. "Oh, Mother!" Sally exclaimed. "I don't know about that."

"Why not, honey?"

"Mother, he pisses with that thing," Sally replied, eyeing her brother's cock closely.

"You pee with your pussy, too, don't you?" Marla laughed. "And, I pee with my cunt, and that didn't stop you from licking it."

"But he might get hard," Sally countered, her eyes staring fixedly at her brother's cock.

Bob lay with his hands behind his head, watching his mother and sister, grinning from ear to ear. He enjoyed the hot wetness of his mother's mouth on his cock, and he was more than ready for his sister to suck it, too. Marla was caressing his balls with a warm hand, urging her daughter to put her mouth on his cock.

"It tastes much better when it's hard," Marla replied. "Then it's very hot and makes your lips tingle and your mouth watery."

"Do you like it in your mouth?" Sally asked her mother.

"Honey. I love to suck a hard cock!" Marla answered. "I just love to taste and feel a cock in my mouth, so hard and throbbing. Oh, yes, I like it in my mouth."

"Show me again," Sally mewled. "Mmmm," Marla moaned and went down on her son once more. She parted her lips and pulled his cockhead between them. With her eyes flashing, she sucked and licked at her son's cock. Bob twisted his hips with delight, looking down at his mother's lips around his prick. He felt her tongue sliding slowly about his pisshole, and his balls tightened in her palm. Marla, feeling them move, squeezed his balls, twisting them gently, and moved her lips up and down his cock.

"Mother, it's starting to get hard again?" Sally called.

"Mmmmm!" Marla murmured, darting her mouth up and down swiftly a few times, sucking greedily. The juices on his cock added to her pleasure, and she swirled her tongue as she sucked. She could feel Bob's cock swelling between her lips, and she closed them tightly, pulling up on it hungrily.

Sally leaned closer yet, staring at her mother's lips, watching her take Bob's cock in and out of her mouth. She was almost breathless with excitement. Her pink tongue flicked over her lips, and her body shook as her sugary cunt began to pulsate.

Chapter SIX

"Taste it, honey," Marla whispered as she drew her mouth from her son's cock. "Go on, just a little taste."

Sally was gazing at her brother's cock as if she had never seen it before. Her face was close, maybe six inches, and she could feel the heat of her brother's partially hard cock. She glanced at her motor's hand, watching Marla twist and fondle his balls. Her succulent cunt was pulsating with a wet heat again.

"My pussy is getting hot," she whispered.

"Of course it is, darling," Marla said softly. "It should. I mean, seeing your brother's cock swell, get hard, should make your cunt nice and wet. I know it does mine."

Bob lay and watched them. He was shaking with excitement, hoping one of them would take his cock into her mouth again. His mother's mouth felt different from her cunt, or his sister's cunt. He didn't know what the difference was, but he liked it. He liked the way his mother's tongue wiggled and stroked his cock.

But Marla knew what the difference was between a cunt and a mouth.

"Guys like Bob love to be sucked, Sally," she said, closing her fist about her son's cock and jerking up and down a few times, then pushing her hand back to his balls. "They love to be sucked more than fucking, sometimes. A girl can do a lot more with her mouth than she can with her cunt if she really enjoys sucking cock, honey. A girl can use her tongue and lips on a cock in a way she can never use her cunt."

Sally kept staring at her brother's cock.

"He's getting very hard, honey," Marla said. Sally's hand moved to Bob's cock, her hot fingers closing about it. She pumped his prick slowly, gripping it tightly Marla kept playing with her son's balls, encouraging her daughter. She moved her face close and snaked her tongue out to lick woes the piss-hole of her sets cock while her daughter jacked it. She tasted the seeping juices, and mooned softly. Marla pulled her fist back, and dress her hot tongue up and down the shaft of her son's cock.

"Lick it that way," she urged her daughter. Sally moved her face close warily, and pushed her wet tongue from her mouth. She probed at her brother's cock gingerly, barely touching his cock shaft. Marla watched, amused by Sally. She had sucked her cunt so eagerly before, delving her tongue deeply, smearing her face into the hairy wetness, yet now she seemed worded about taking a hard cock into her mouth. There were many girls who would eagerly lick a cunt, but refuse to suck a cock. Marla knew that, though she was not one of them. There were just as many women who would suck a cock off, but refuse to lick a pussy. And she wasn't one of those, either.

She watched her daughter move the tip of her tongue up and down her brother's cock, touching the tip lightly to his prick shaft. Still baking his balls, Marla leaned close and began to lick at the other side of Bob's cock. She gazed into her daughter's eyes, flicking her tongue toward Sally's. Their tongues touched, and them both licked up and down the shaft of Bob's cock, with Sally licking more eagerly. Both ran their tongues upward, across his smooth, still swelling cockhead.

Bob watched their tongues meet, gasped as they swirled against each other. His cock was starting to drip again, and his mother licked across his piss-hole, swiping up the juices. Sally, letting her mother take the lead, and following along with her own tongue, probed at her brother's piss-hole when Marla moved her tongue to one side of it. She tasted the hot juices coming from her brother's cock, and her eyes became glazed for a moment. She moved her tongue slowly across his piss-hole, and a low, throaty gurgle came from her mouth.

"Ohhh, not bad, Mother!" she whispered. "It's not bad at all."

"I know, baby," Marla smiled. "I love that taste."

She moved her lips to his piss-hole, sucking at it. She pushed down and took the head of her son's cock into her mouth, licking strongly. When she pulled her mouth off, Sally slowly and hesitantly placed her lips about his swollen, creamy-smooth prickhead. She felt the heat of her brother's cock between her lips and rolled her tongue about it, her eyes flashing.

Bob writhed his ass with pleasure, and Sally jerked her mouth back off him quickly.

"Don't move, Bob," she said.

"He can't help it, Sally," Marla said. "It feels very good to him, and you know you can't be still when my face is between your legs."

"I don't want him to shoot it down my throat," Sally said.

"I'm not gonna do that, Sally," Bob replied. "But what you and Mom are doing to me... I can't help it. I can't be still."

"Well, don't shove it in my mouth," Sally warned, and placed her lips back around the head of his cock. She found it pleasant, the way his smooth prickhead fitted her lips. She discovered she could lick it as she moved her lips up and down slightly.

"Ohhh, it is good," she mewled, taking her mouth off. "I could learn to love sucking cock, Mother."

"Well, some girls learn," Marla said. "But that's all they learn, the skill. But to do it well, you've got to love it from the very first, otherwise no matter how good you can suck, it just isn't the same."

Bob lifted his crotch. He didn't want to hear any more of this; he wanted somebody to suck his cock. By now it was throbbing with full hardness, his cock head very swollen. His balls felt loaded again.

"Mom, suck it again!" he urged.

Marla squeezed his balls. "Both of us will suck it, honey," she said. "Your sister and I will suck your cock. Would you like that?"

"I don't care who sucks me," Bob answered. "I just wanna get sucked, Mom."

She lowered her face and closed her lips about his cock, sucking it into her throat. Sally watched, making soft sounds of delight. Marla held Bob's cock deep in her mouth a moment, then sucked upward, dragging her lips over his cockhead slowly, her tongue flicking.

"Want to try that, Sally?"

"I don't know if I can, Mother," Sally replied, her eyes shining.

She pushed her lips over her brother's cock, and as she pulled half the hardness into her mouth, her eyes glazed. Sally found the throbbing heat of her brother's cock in her mouth delicious, and just as her mother had said, her mouth became very watery.

She took in a deep breath. She choked with a dainty sound when the head of Bob's cock probed her throat, and she sucked upward quickly.

"Don't try to wallow it, darling," Marla laughed. "Take it slow and easy until you learn how."

Sally bobbed her sweet face up and down her brother's cock, sliding her lips halfway down then up. Marla watched, caressing her son's balls. With a soft mewl, she shoved her face down and began to kin at Bob's balls feverishly, holding them in her palm. She licked at the base of his cock, pressing his hot balls to her cheek.

As Sally lifted her mouth to breathe deeply. Marla raced her lips up the shaft and swallowed his cock swiftly. Her mouth bobbed up and down, taking every inch of her son's wonderfully hard prick, her lips banging at the base and then up to his cockhead. She twisted her lips around his cock, and then turned him loose, offering it to her daughter once more.

Sally didn't hesitate this time. She closed her lips tightly about Bob's cock, gulping half way down it. She pumped her mouth up and down, making low sounds of delight. Marla pushed her face into Bob's crotch again, licking at his balls, thrusting the tip of her tongue beneath them and bouncing them lightly.

Bob twisted his hips, but was careful not to shove his cock into his sister's sucking mouth. His balls ached again, and his cock was very, very hard.

"Oooh, it feels so good!" he gasped, staring at his sister's stretching lips. "Your mouth is very hot, Sally! Ohhhh, suck my cock, Sally! Suck it as hard as you can!"

Sally sucked wetly, diving her face up and down. The more she sucked, the better she loved it. She understood her mother's words now, and she sucked with intense enthusiasm. Marla, watching her daughter with perverse pleasure, whispered: "You're a natural, Sally. You're a natural cocksucker, baby! Ohhh, suck that cock, honey!"

Marla, her face close to her daughter's, pulled her son's loaded balls into her mouth, sucking them hotly as she watched Sally's mouth fucking Bob's cock. Seeing those sweet lips stretching, knowing her daughter enjoyed that hard cock in her mouth, created a wanton desire within her naked body she had not felt in a very long time.

Her cunt was bubbling, seeping juices until the hair along her puffy cuntlips was soaked. She slipped between Bob's thighs, lying on her stomach with her face pushed into his crotch, sucking his balls. Sliding her hands underneath his ass, Marla cupped his tight asscheeks, squeezing them, her eyes blazing as she watched her daughter mouthing his cock. She began to push her hairy cunt at the mattress, squirming so that her clit pressed at it.

When her daughter lifted her face again to breathe, Marla dropped Bob's balls and rushed her mouth to his cock. As before, she sucked it deeply, and raced her lips up and down it, whimpering in ecstasy, feeling his cock burn it tight lips. She wanted to suck him off now, and draw his bubbling, sweet come-juice into her mouth, yet she wanted to see Sally sucking his cock too.

Pulling her mouth away, she watched as Sally started sucking once more, and Marla began mouthing Bob's balls. She squeezed his ass tightly, her eyes fascinated with the way Sally was sucking her brother's cock.

"Ohhh, so good?" Bob gasped, his head lifting with the rumbling rapture in his crotch. "Ohhh Sally, suck me! Suck my cock, Sally! Mom, you're about to suck my fucking balls off? But ahhhh, it's so good!"

Sally felt her brother's cock throbbing faster, but she was enjoying herself so much, she no attention to it. She sucked hard, moving her stretched lips up and down, still taking only half of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue licked feverishly, and she found the seeping juices from his piss-hole coating her tongue. She liked the slippery taste of his fuck-juice, and enjoyed swallowing it.

Marla, too, felt her son's balls writhing, and unlike her daughter, she knew Bob was swiftly getting to the point of discharge. Her eyes stared at her daughter's lips, her mouth full of Bob's balls. She twisted her naked ass, humping her cunt at the mattress, her thighs opening and closing.

With a groaning yelp, Bob came.

Sally's eyes flew wide as she felt the burning squirt of come-juice splash at her throat. It surprised her so much, she froze for a moment. The come-juice dripped from her lips, and then she jerked her mouth off his cock.

"You came in my mouth!" she cried out.

Marla, seeing her son's cock gushing, moved swiftly. She shoved her face up swiftly, her mouth wide-open. By the third spurt, she had her lips over the head of her son's cock, sucking and licking hungrily. She moaned as her eyes rolled, her throat working to swallow the thick juices from his precious balls.

Sally gazed with fascination at her mother sucking Bob's spewing cock. Come-juice dripped from the corners of her lips, running to her chin, but she wasn't aware at it. Marla sucked with gulping sounds, taking every squirt her son gave her. She moved his come juice burning into her throat, loved the way it spewed over her tongue. She sucked with greed, smashing her cunt hard at the mattress. Whether it was the contact of her sitting on the mattress, or the taste of her son's come-juice spraying her mouth, Marla didn't know nor care. She was coming in tight waves of steaming orgasm, her ass clenching tightly. She clung to her son's cock until it stopped spurting, and then she ran her tongue across his piss-hole, not wanting to lose any of that sweet juice.

"Ahhhh, delicious, Bob!" Marla said as she lifted her head. "God, can you come, baby I thought you'd never stop. But I'm not complaining; I could drink that come-juice out of your cock all fucking day!"

"Mother!" Sally squealed. "You let him come in your mouth!"

"Of course," Marla grinned at her daughter, seeing the come-juice sparkling at the corner of Sally's suspended on her chin, "your face has come-juice on it, too."

She pushed her face to Sally's, thrusting her tongue out and licking from one corner of her daughter's mouth to the other, then lapping the juice from her chin. Then she kissed Sally briefly.

"But he came in your mouth, Mother!"

"He's supposed to, Sally," Marla said. "When you suck cock, you suck it all the way. If you don't want the guy to come in your mouth, then don't suck him."

Bob was lying back, totally relaxed. His face showed his pleasure as he listened to his mother and sister. His cock still tingled, and his balls felt very good.

"He caught me by surprise," Sally said. "I didn't know he was gonna come off then."

Marla ran her hand over her daughter's firm, pointed tits. "Don't worry about it. You'll know what to expect next time."

Sally giggled and wiped, her mouth. "And next time I'm gonna swallow his come-juice!"

"I'm sure you will," Marla purred, sliding her hand to her daughter's cunt and finding it wet and hot. She worked a finger into the tightness, and Sally wiggled her ass. "Did it make you come?"

Again Sally giggled. "I came twice sucking his cock."

"Ahh, the sign of a good cocksucker," Marla grinned. "If a girl can come by tasting a cock in her mouth, you can believe she loves to suck it."

Bob rolled onto his stomach, feeling tired. He rested his head on his crossed arms, listening to his mother and sister talking as he closed his eyes.

Marla was on one side of him, Sally the other. Marla was looking at her son's ass, pleased at his nakedness. When Bob felt his mother's hand caressing his ass, he said nothing. He was drowsy, and his mother's hand moved so slowly and warmly on his body. It soothed him, and he was about to fall asleep.

Sally began to stroke her brother too, sliding her warm hands about his back, over his ass and his thighs. When Marla pulled his lop apart, Bob didn't resist. Marla and Sally played with his ass and took turns fondling his balls. He shivered occasionally, and was making slight movements.

Marla leaned down and placed her warm lips against the cheek of her son's ass, kissing it moistly. Sally let out a soft mewl, and pushed her mouth to the other cheek, kissing it with a soft sound. Again, following her mother's lead, Sally brushed her lips about her brother's ass, imitating her mother's motions. Both of them, mother and daughter, kissed up and down Bob's ass, brushing their lips along the back of his thighs. When Marla began to lick his flesh, Sally did, too. They ran their wet tongues from the backs of his knees, up and over the cheeks of his ass to the base of his spine.

"I don't know what you two are up to, Mom," Bob said, "but I like it."

"Of course you do, you fart," Marla replied. "Just lie still and enjoy it."

"Let's turn him on, Mother," Sally said with excitement in her voice. "Let's make his cock hard again."

"I know just how to do it," Marla agreed. She lowered her face and lapped her tongue along the crack of his ass. Bob gasped as he felt her wet tongue drag along his ass-split. Sally giggled as she watched her mother, and then darted her tongue to the crack of her brother's ass, too. Bob, feeling those wet tongues swirl about his ass, began to writhe, his cock tingling.

"Keep, it up and I'm gonna be hard as hell," he promised.

Marla pulled at his ass, spreading his asscrack. She gazed at the crinkle of his asshole, and hearing the gasp from Sally, shoved her face between her son's asscheeks. She pushed her lips about his asshole and kissed it, then began licking the tip of her tongue up and down. Bob cried out, unable to stop the writhing of his ass.

Marla laughed throatily, and pulled her mouth away. Sally stared at her mother's tongue, watching the tip licking Bob's sack.

"Mother!" she squealed.

"Want to taste his asshole?" Marla said to her daughter. "It's a hot asshole."

She pulled at her son's asscheeks, holding than wide-apart, exposing his puckered asshole. Sally stared at it, and with a soft gurgle, shoved her mouth down. She plunged her tongue out and licked at Bob's asshole in a frenzy, her tongue sliding almost to his balls, then up again. Bob lifted his ass to his sister's face, gasping with this strange sensation. As she licked asshole, Sally shoved her hand between her brother's thighs and grasped his balls. Bob grunted when she pulled them, her tongue pressing at his asshole.

When Sally lifted her mouth, she cried out, "I almost stuck my tongue in his ass, Mother!"

"Why didn't you?" Marla asked, and pressed her face down into the cheeks of Bob's ass. She pushed her tongue hard, and Bob gasped again as his mother's tongue penetrated his asshole. Marla stabbed her son in the ass with her tongue swiftly, driving it as deep as she could. Sally peered with hot eyes, trying to see, still holding her brother's balls.

Bob shoved his ass into the air, groaning. Marla buried her face deeper, tonguing him in his tight asshole with frantic movements. She shoved her hand under his uplifted body, and clasping his cock, jacked him. Bob's prick swelled slowly, turning hard in his mother's fist, his balls still being squeezed by his sister. Marla ran her tongue in and out of his asshole a few more times, then pulled away, licking her lips.

"Tongue him in his asshole, Sally!" she urged. "Go on, baby, fuck him in the ass with your tongue!"

Almost sobbing with passion, Sally pressed her face into her brother's uplifted ass, and this time she drove her tongue into the crinkled tightness eagerly. Bob groaned again, his cock swollen into hardness as his mother pounded on it.

"Ooooooh, that might make me come!" Bob groaned.

Sally jerked her tongue out of his ass.

"No, don't!" she hissed. "Don't come so fast, Bob!"

"I might not be able to stop it," he groaned. Marla stopped jacking his cock, but she held it tightly, feeling its powerful pulsations. She closed her palm over his swollen cockhead, smearing his fuck juices into it. Sally released him, falling back and spreading her slender thighs as wide as she could.

"Fuck me, Bob!" she cried, her hands clawing at her cunt.

Bob turned, seeing his sister rubbing furiously at her cunt.

Marla fell onto her back, and she pulled her son with her. She wrapped her smooth thighs about him.

"Shove it to me, baby!" she cried out. "Ohhhh, Bob, fuck Mother! Fuck Mother's cunt hard and fast! Bruise my hot cunt! Ohhhh darling, I don't care if you make my cunt raw... just fuck it!"

Chapter SEVEN

Marla, boiling with desire, shoved her hand between their naked bodies, pushing her son's cock to her cunt.

"Shove it in!" she cried out. "Bob, ram your cock to me! Fuck me, baby! Fuck Mother now! Ohhhh, hurry! Mother's cunt is on fire!"

Bob thrust, his cock sliding into the wet heat of his mother's cunt. Marla squealed and grabbed his ass with both hands, ramming her cunt up to meet his cock. She began to churn and thrash immediately, bouncing her naked ass on the bed, her knees bent and spread about his hips.

Sally was twisting her body about, opening and closing her thighs, digging her fingers into her greedy, tight cunt. Tears filled her eyes, tears of frustration. She had wanted her brother's cock up her cunt, but her mother beat her to it. Clutching her cunt tightly, she stared at her brother's ass, watching him slamming his cock to their mother's burning pussy. The liquid sounds only served to make her more frustrated.

Marla, despite the mindless passion burning her body, understood her daughter's need.

"Shove it in Mother's face!" she yelped. "Come on, Sally, push your, hot cunt in my face! Mother will suck it for you! I'll tongue fuck your hot pussy!"

Sally scrambled about, squealing with need. She shoved her ass to her mother's face, spreading her legs wide, facing her brother. Bob's face was at his mother's ties, and while he rammed his cock in and out of his mother's gripping cunt, he stared at his sister's cunt as it smashed into their mother's mouth. He saw his mother shove her tongue out, saw it slip into his sister's tight pussy. As she sucked at her daughter's cunt, Marla humped her hips up and down, driving her cunt onto her son's throbbing hard-on. Sally gurgled and squirmed her pussy at her mother's face, her head tilted up, her eyes dreamy with delicious sensations. She banged her juicy cunt up and down, grinding at her mother's sucking mouth with squeals of pleasure. Marla clutched at her son's ass, jerking him down as she lunged her pussy up to him. She sucked and licked at her daughter's cunt hungrily, making wet sounds.

Sally twisted and thrashed almost violently at her mother's face, and then she began to fuck back and forth. Bob, his eyes big, watched his sister's cunt. And suddenly Sally shoved his sugary pussy into his face.

"You suck it too, Bob!" Sally groaned.

Bob didn't show any reluctance at all.

With his mother's cunt gripping his cock so tightly, he pushed his mouth into his sister's cunt and began to lick, tasting the seeping sweetness from her cuntlips. He found his sister's clit, and when his tongue scraped it, Sally squealed and smashed her pussy hard at his face. Marla, with her daughter scooting her crotch toward her tits, found her mouth now in Sally's ass. She didn't mind, and began to lick at her pink asshole with a wet, hot tongue.

"Oooohhhh, yes!" Sally wailed. "Suck my cunt, Bob! Ooooh, Mother, lick my asshole! This is wonderful! Bob, fuck Mother! Fuck her hot cunt and eat my twat! Suck my cunt, oooh, Mother, stick your tongue in my asshole."

Pounding her cunt up and down on her son's hard cock, Marla thrust her tongue hard, and it slipped into her daughter's asshole easily. Sally cried out, trying to hold still, feeling her brother sucking at her cunt and her mother stabbing her tongue into her asshole.

Bob, pressing his mouth tight to his sister's cunt, wasn't moving. He was holding himself up, and his mother was riding his cock with her fiery cunt. Marla churned and bounced her ass, her pussy clasping her son's cock tightly, her inflamed clit scraping along his cockshaft. She sighed and whimpered when his balls slapped at her hot ass, and drove her tongue as deep as she could into her daughter's asshole. The heat inside her cunt was becoming unbearable, and the thrilling swell of an orgasm began to rumble deep inside her rippling belly.

"Ooohhhh, I'm about to come!" Sally sobbed.

Marla groaned and stuffed her tongue as deep as she could into Sally's asshole, straining her hairy cunt onto her son's cock. Bob returned the pressure, licking hotly at his sister's throbbing, distended clit. With a muffled squeal, Marla came, her cunt grabbing at her son's cock tightly. As her pussy contracted, Sally yelled, and smashed her asshole hard into her mother's face, her pussy convulsing into her brother's mouth. Bob gripped his sister's clit between his lips, sending Marla into a shaking rapture of multiple orgasms.

Sally, weak, fell off her mother's face, curling up into a ball as her naked body trembled. As her orgasms faded, Marla's naked ass lowered to the bed, and Bob pulled his cock from her cunt, spreading out at her side.

They dozed awhile, exhausted by the wildness that had overtaken them.

When Marla woke up, Bob and Sally were still sleeping. They had somehow, gotten close together, and Bob's face rested with his lips touching the pink nipple of one of his sister's saucy tits. Sally was cupping her brother's cock and balls.

Getting off the bed quietly so they would stay asleep, Marla showered swiftly and dressed. This was something she had wanted for a long time, and now, since this had started with her son and daughter, she was going to do it. While married, it would have been impossible, but with Bob and Sally, anything was possible.

She was gone only for an hour, and when she returned, they were still asleep, though now Bob's face was almost in his sister's sugary cunt, and the head of his cock rested on the corner of sally's mouth.

She wondered if they had woken up and sucked each other while she was gone. It would be delightful if they had, she thought. Then, as they slept, Marla went to work.

The hall bath was larger than her own, and that was where she began to install the heavy mirrors. By the time she finished, the whole floor was covered by heavy mirrors, and the reflection as she stood and looked down excited her. She could see under her dress, see the tight fit of her skimpy panties. She had wanted mirrors on the floor of her bathroom for years, now she had them.

Pleased with her work, she mixed herself a glass of iced tea and sat in the living room sipping it, waiting for Sally and Bob to wakeup. She didn't have any doubts that her son and daughter would like what she had done. She knew enough about them now to know they enjoyed everything, that both had such intensely erotic personalities.

She heard the squeal of her daughter, and stood up.

"Mother!" Sally cried. "What have you done to the bathroom!"

Marla stood at the door of the bathroom, grinning at Sally. Sally was halfway inside, staring down. Her feet were apart, and Marla could see the reflection of her daughter's sweet cunt and ass, too.

"Do you like it, Sally?"

"Oh, Mother, it's a wonderful idea," Sally said. "Just wait until Bob sees it."

"Sees what?" Bob came in, rubbing his eyes.

"The floor, Bob," Sally said, pointing. "Look what Mother has done to the floor."

Bob saw the mirrors and then his sister's reflection. He grinned. "Hey, I like this, Mom! I can see Sally's cunt!"

Marla stepped into the bathroom. "See anything else!"

Bob looked down at his mother's reflected image, and grinned widely. "Yeah, your cunt, too, Mom."

"Are you sure?" Marla asked, spreading her feet wide.

"Well, your panties, anyway."

He moved into the bathroom, and Marla gazed at the floor. The reflection of her son's cock and balls, his ass, from his upside-down angle excited her as much as seeing her daughter's cunt and ass.

"I guess you two have to piss, huh?" Marla asked, watching their faces now. "Don't let me stop you."

Sally giggled, still looking down at the floor. "I can see my pussy very well, Mother. I could even watch myself piss if I wanted to."

"That's right," Marla said, her voice husky with emotion. "You can watch it spurt right out of your pretty pussy."

"I don't need a mirror to watch myself piss," Bob said.

"Us girls do," Sally said, her eyes gleaming.

"Go on, Sally," Marla whispered, her eyes starting to glaze.

"With you and Bob watching?"

"Why not?" Marla said, her voice very low, eyes smoldering with a perverse expression. She was standing inside the bathroom, gazing at her daughter's reflection. Bob was there, too, and his eyes shifted from his sister's image to his mother's. He preferred to look at his mother since she was dressed. Seeing his mother standing over the mirrored floor, staring at her long legs and the bulge of her panties, excited him. It was like being a naughty boy, peering up a woman's skirt.

"Don't you want to, honey?" Marla asked in that same low voice. "You might enjoy letting us watch you piss."

Sally giggled, a flush on her face.

"Do it, please," Marla urged.

"I will if you will, Mother," Sally replied, looking shy, considering all she had done with her mother and brother.

"I'll do it, too," Marla answered in her low, throaty voice.

She stood next to her daughter, holding her hand. She spread her feet apart on the mirrored floor, and they looked down at their reflection.

"Ohhh, look at us, Bob!" Marla cooed. Bob gazed at the floor, seeing his sister's pink cunt, so naked and pretty, the tight curves of her ass. He saw his mother's long legs and the bulge of her panties, the way they fit so snugly on her shapely ass. His cock lifted, and Marla gurgled softly.

"You like it, I see," she said, her voice whispery. "I knew you'd like it, baby. You're starting to get hard."

"You go first, Mother," Sally said quietly.

"All right, honey."

Marla, with her feet spread on the mirrored floor, and without any sign of embarrassment, began to piss in her panties. Bob stared at the reflection, gasping softly. He saw his mother's hot piss soak into her panties, running along her creamy inner thighs. The stream become strong, and he could see it coming through her panties now. His cock lifted straight up with a single lurch, wry hard, his prickhead pointing upward.

"Ohhh, I can see you, Mother!" Sally giggled. "What does it feel like, pissing in your panties?"

"Ooooh, hot and wet and so nice!" Marla whispered, wiggling her ass.

Bob stared, almost in awe, at his mother's reflection. Her piss was pooling on the mirrored floor, yet he could see her panties clearly. Marla lifted her dress, pulling it up to her waist. She shoved her hips forward, and Bob stand at her crotch. His cock was hard, very, very hard. He cupped his balls as he watched with big eyes.

"Now you, Sally," Marla mewled softly, squeezing her daughter's hand tightly. "Piss, baby! Piss with me... let your brother watch us piss on the mirrors!"

With a giggle, Sally began to piss.

The golden stream arced outward. She was naked, and the gushing spurted from her cunt a foot away. Bob clutched his balls and groaned with delight, watching his mother and sister pissing, one in her panties, the other naked. His cock throbbed and his cockhead was almost beating at his stomach, he was so hard. Marla made soft hissing sounds as she looked down, squeezing Sally's hand tightly. Seeing them both pissing this way, with her son watching and his cock so hard, she trembled in excitement, the cheeks of her ass clenching.

Sally giggled time and again, but she spewed her golden piss eagerly now. Bob clung to his tight balls, his eyes glazed with what he was seeing.

Marla's eyes slitted and her tits rose and fell as she breathed in harsh, excited gasps. The hot piss drenched her panties now, and her thighs glistened with it. When the stream slowed, she pressed her legs together, sliding her flesh into the wetness. She moved her free hand into her panties, rubbing at her bushy cunt.

"Ohhhh, I could come flow!" she murmured. "Mother's cunt is so wet with hot piss! Ooooh, I like the way it feels!"

Sally let go with a final spurt, then imitated her mother by closing her slender legs. She pulled upward on her cunt, her clit straining from her sparkling wet pussy-slit. Marla released Sally's hand, and shoved her fingers to her daughter's cunt. She rubbed her own pussy inside her wet panties, and her daughter's pussy with eager fingers. Bob, still holding his boils tightly, grunted and watched. He was afraid he was about to come. Seeing his mother and sister pining had excited him more than he would have thought.

"Oh, Bob!" Marla groaned. "You have to fuck me now!"

Feverishly, pulling her hands away from herself and her daughter, she shoved her wet panda to her thighs, turning and bracing herself with her hands on the sink, shoving her naked ass backwards.

"Shove that hard cock to me, Bob!" she whined, shaking her shapely ass with lewd invitation. "Ram it to Mother's clit! Fuck me now, baby!"

Bob couldn't wait; he moved behind his mother and shoved the swollen head of his cock into her hairy cunt, gritting his teeth. Marla cried out with ecstasy as she felt the swollen head of her son's cock driving into her fiery cunt. She shoved her naked ass back against him, her pussy sliding along the shaft of her son's cock until it was deep inside. She held him there, her cunt squeezing, making soft sobs in her throat.

Sally had moved closer, and she was looking down at the floor, seeing her mother's legs parted, her brother's cock inside her hairy cunt, his balls dangling. She gasped with delight and began to rub her hot pussy against his mother's thigh.

"Fuck me, Bob!" Marla cried out to her son. "Ohhhh, fuck Mother's pussy! Fuck Mother in the cunt!"

Bob thrust back and forth, his hips making wet sounds as he banged against her ass, his cock throbbing in the tight grip of her mother's soft, hot cunt. Sally grabbed her brother by his humping ass, and began to squeeze it. Bob slipped a hand to his sister's crotch, and Sally opened her legs to him.

Marla peered down from the sink, watching her son's cock stab into her cunt, his balls swinging back and forth. She saw his hand moving along Sally's cunt, rubbing it. She could see Sally gripping the cheek of his ass. She rolled and twisted her ass, grinding erotically against her son. She cried out.

"Your finger, Bob!" Sally sobbed, trying to work one of her brother's finger into her tight cunt. "Fuck me with your finger! Oooo, hurry and stick your finger in my pussy! I'm about to come already!"

Marla saw her son thrust his middle finger into her daughter's sugary pussy, and she wiggled her ass with more vigor. She made soft sounds of gasping pleasure. Her panties were stretched at her thighs, down just enough to give her son access to her fiery cunt. She cried out when he rammed his very hard cock deep into her sensitive cunt, feeling the roundness of his cockhead, his long prickshaft burning her pussylips. She watched her daughter humping Bob's finger, grinding her slim hips powerfully.

"Oooooh, make your sister come, Bob!" she whimpered. "Make her sweet cunt come! Fuck me, darling! Ooohhhh, baby, fuck Mother's cunt hard and deep!"

Sally, sobbing now, shoved her hand over Bob's hand between her thighs. With a cry of ecstasy, she strained onto his finger. Bob felt, his sister's cunt gripping at his linger, squeezing it, her orgasm making her naked body shake hard.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes!" Marla hissed, her naked ass dancing wildly as her son pounded frantically into her expanding cunt. "Now me! Now make me come! Ooooh, my cunt is on fire and I'm about to come, too!"

With a scream, Marla's cunt grabbed at her son's cock, sucking it in tightly, her spasms flooding her with a fiery heat that made her mind spin.

Bob, with his mother's cunt clamping at his cock, couldn't take any more. He yelled, and sent spurt after hot spurt of come-juice into his mother's pussy, filling it.

"Too fast," Marla moaned. "It was too fast!"

Bob slipped his cock out of her pussy, sitting down on the toilet and gasping heavily. Marla continued to lean on the sink, her ass shivering. Sally, recovering before they did, stepped back and stared at her mother's piss wet thighs and ass. She saw the pearly white come-juice of her brother's cock seeping out of the hairy mouth of Marla's pussy. She slipped her hand between her mother's thighs and caressed her puffy lips and sensitive clit then began to smear Bob's come-juice into her flesh.

"Ooooh, careful, Sally," Marla warned. "My cunt is so touchy right now."

Sally giggled, and pulled her hand away. On an impulse, she leaned over and kissed her mother's ass, then darted her tongue out. She lapped into the crack of her mother's ass, tasting the piss, wiggling the tip of her mother's asshole.

"Ooooh, you darling, you!" Marla whimpered.

Chapter EIGHT

Marla sat watching her son and daughter, her affection for them making her heart swift.

Bob was sprawled on the floor on his stomach, helping his sister do a water-color picture. It was a picture Marla had located in a novelty store that specialized in adult novelties. When the picture was finished, it would depict a number of men and women fucking or sucking each other.

Sally had her knees drawn up under her body, and her saucy ass lifted into the air. She wore a dress, and the view Marla had of her was beautiful and exciting. She could see her daughter's long legs and the fringe of her tight panties. As she watched them, her cunt pulsated with hot wetness. They had completed part of the picture, and already a woman could be seen with a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. Marla listened to her son and daughter make lewd comments about it.

"Look at this one, Sally," Bob said as he finished the details of one portion.

Sally giggled. "Did you color it right, Bob? That looks like the cock is in the wrong place."

"It's up her ass, that's where it's at," Bob replied.

Marla trembled as she listened and watched them. Her son twisted his hips, and she knew he had a hard-on, and was pressing it against the floor.

"Who would take it up the ass?" Sally grimaced. "That would hurt."

"How do you know?" Bob asked, grinning at his sister. "You ever get fucked in the ass, Sally?"

"You know I haven't," Sally retorted. "You're the only one, to fuck me."

Marla's tits rose and fell as her breathing increased. She squeezed her thighs together, making her cunt tingle deliciously. She stared at her daughter's uplifted ass, the panties very tight.

Sally's succulent cunt made a very slight bulge at the crotch.

"Do you think you'd like it, Sally?" Bob asked his ester.

"It might hurt," Sally answered, but her eyes were taking on a shine.

Bob put his brush down and rolled onto his back. Marla stared at the way his cock pressed at his pants.

Sally placed her brush down, too, and keeping her ass in the air, cupped her chin in her hands and looked at her brother's bulging pants. "Promise you won't hurt me and you can try it, Bob."

"I promise, Sally," he replied, opening his pants and letting his cock out. "I'll be very careful."

Then, almost as if realizing their mother was still with them, Sally turned and looked at Marla.

"Is it okay, Mother?" she asked.

Marla smiled, her own eyes gleaming. "You can try anything you want, honey. If you want your brother to fuck your ass, you don't have to ask me."

Sally turned to gaze at her brother's cock, as if trying to decide whether to get it in her ass. Marla, her pussy twitching with wet heat, slipped from the couch and placed her son and daughter side by side on the floor. She pulled her son's pants off, then shoved Sally's dress up and removed her tight panties. She draped Sally's leg over her son's, and had them both spread their legs wide. She removed her own clothing, stripping herself slowly as they watched. She writhed and twisted her hips lewdly, and when she stood naked, she rubbed at her hairy cunt, then licked her finger.

"I want to taste both of you," Marla whispered hotly. "I want to suck your hard cock, Bob, and lick your tasty cunt, Sally."

"You gonna make us come, Mom?" Bob asked.

"Mmmmm, I might," Marla replied with a wanton smile. "I'd love to make you both come, right in my fucking mouth!"

Sally giggled, twisting her tight ass against the floor, her tiny clit swelling up from the pink wetness of her cunt Marla stared at her sugary pussy-slit, licking her lips. Bob's cock stood in the air, his balls looking full. Her eyes gleamed with passion as she dropped to her knees and moved her hands up. She stroked her daughter's burning pussy and jerked her son's cock awhile, building their excitement until both squirmed and moaned with readiness. Her shapely tits brushed their flesh, her nipples very hard. She pushed her head down and licked at Bob's thigh, then her daughter's. Her tongue swirled wetly, her face moving closer to Sally's sweet, wet cunt and Bob's hard cock. She lifted her ass in the air, waving it lewdly.

She ran her tongue along the inner smoothness of her daughter's slim thigh, almost touching her fiery cunt. Then she lapped up her son's thigh, and probed his balls with the tip of her tongue. Bob gasped and his cock bubbled with wetness from his piss-hole. Marla gave a soft cry and flicked the tip of her tongue across it. Then she scooted her face to her daughter's cunt. She licked lightly at the tip of Sally's clit.

Sally cried out softly and grabbed for her brother's cock. With her tongue licking along the hot wet slit of her daughter's clit, Marla's eyes gazed at the hand jacking her son's cock. With a quick thrust, she drove her tongue into her daughter's cunt, stabbing it in and out. Sally squealed and shoved her pussy into her mother's mouth, grinding and gripping her brother's cock as hard as she could. The head of Bob's cock looked ready to burst, bulging from the tightness of Sally's hand.

Sliding her face to Bob's cock, Marla closed her hot lips around his cockhead. Sally pumped her fist, jacking his cock while Marla sucked and licked his cockhead. Bob grunted with the sensation, arching his hips up and trying to stuff his cock into his mother's wet mouth. Marla purred, delighted with the responses of her son and daughter. Since Sally held his cock, she licked past Sally's hand to her son's balls. With a cry of delight, she opened her mouth and sucked them in, pressing her lips hard into his crotch.

"Ohhhh, Mother!" Sally gurgled.

"Ahhhh, suck my balls, Mom!" Bob groaned, and turned his face to his sister. He began to suck at her tits hungrily.

Marla's eyes saw what he was doing as she mouthed his balls, and her cunt pulsated. She was so wet, her pussy-juice seeped along her inner thighs. She sucked and licked at his balls a while longer, then let them drop from her mouth and shoved her face into her daughter's crotch. Her tongue plunged into the juicy heat, wiggling about, her upper lip pressing at Sally's distended clit.

Sally whimpered and began to grind her cunt at her, mother's mouth, twisting her brother's cock. Marla sucked the sugary lips of her daughter's cunt into her mouth, tasting her slippery fuck-juices. But as much as she loved the soft heat of Sally's cunt in her face, she wanted her son's hard cock too. She moved to his prick, and pulled sally's fist from it. She gulped her son's cock down, groaning with ecstasy as his cockhead brushed her throat.

"Ohhhh, yes, Mom!" Bob grunted, pulling from his sister's tits and staring at his mother's lips about his cock. "Ohhhh, don't stop now, Mom! Keep sucking! Ooooh, I'll give you a quick mouthful, Mom!"

Marla bounced her face up and down her son's cock, sucking hard, her tongue flicking. But as much as she loved tasting him come in her mouth, she wanted his cock in her cunt now. She pulled her mouth away, and with soft whimpers of steaming hunger, squatted over his cock. She held his prick and stuffed it into her hairy cunt, settling down on him with a cry of delight.

Sally, watching, squealed and began twisting about, climbing on top of her brother, pushing her dripping cunt to his face.

"Eat me, Bob!" she pleaded. "Eat my pussy!"

Marla, sitting on her son's cock, gazed hotly at the spreading cheeks of her daughter's saucy ass, seeing her son's tongue flicking at her sweet pussy-slit eagerly. Sally leaned over Bob's head, banging her cunt into his mouth. Sliding her hands to Sally's wiggling ass, Marla caressed her ass cheeks and began to fuck her son, lifting and lowering her cunt. Watching her son's tongue dip into Sally's cunt sent shivers through her, and she leaned forward, dragging her tongue from her son's chin, up into the burning slit of her daughter's ass. She tickled Sally's tiny asshole, making Sally cry out with increased rapture.

Bob, his mother fucking at his cock with her fiery, hairy cunt, slid his hands to his sister's ass, parting her asscheeks wide. His tongue licked at her throbbing clit. He knew his mother was licking his sister in the ass, and he held Sally's asscheeks wide. Marla ran her tongue up and down, tasting Sally's cunt and asshole feverishly. Her tongue touched Bob's tongue often, and her hips kept up a relentless grinding and plunging on Bob's throbbing cock.

"Ooooh, suck my asshole, Mother!" Sally sobbed. "Ohhhh, suck my hot ass! Bob, lick my cunt! Ohhhh, this is so fucking good! I'm gonna come real fast and hard! I know this is gonna make my cunt explode right off my body!"

She smashed her cunt into her brother's face, her mother sucking and licking her asshole. She shivered and trembled, but held herself as still as she could, feeling the strange sensation of being licked in her cunt and asshole at the same time.

Marla began to sob with delight, too.

She banged her cunt up and down her son's cock faster, sucking hard at her daughter's asshole. She stiffened her tongue and pushed, and Sally squealed when it entered her asshole. Sally found a tongue stabbing into her cunt and a tongue fucking her in the asshole and her body turned with tremors of wild ecstasy.

Marla's cunt squeezed at Bob's cock, and she began to sob as an orgasm fluttered deep inside her. She thrust her tongue deep and fast into her daughter's asshole, grinding her cunt onto the base of her son's cock. Sally was gasping and hissing, her eyes closed tightly.

"I'm gonna come!" she shouted. "Ohhhh, suck my hot... my hot cunt! Oooooh, suck me and fuck me and... I'm coming!"

Bob quickly began to suck at his sister's knotted clit and Marla rammed her tongue as far into her daughter's asshole as she could, feeling her ass ring grip her tongue. She cried out against her daughter's asshole, her cunt entering a powerful convulsion, sucking at Bob's cock as her naked ass whipped in all directions.

Bob strained his cock upward, his balls tight and hot, loaded with come-juice.

He was close, very close, but without warning his mother lifted her cunt from his cock. Marla pulled at her daughter's hips.

"Fuck your brother!" Marla squealed, pulling Sally's naked ass down, watching Sally's wet pussy smear Bob's flesh. "Hurry, honey! Get your cunt on his cock before he comes! Take that hot load in your pussy, Sally! Oooooh, slam your cunt on Bob's cock!"

Sally scrambled downward, eager to have her brother's cock inside her pussy. She had come, but she was about to come again.

Marla held her son's cock as her daughter filled her crotch. Placing his swollen cockhead to Sally's pink cunt, she pushed down on Sally's naked ass. With a wail of ecstasy, Sally stabbed herself in the pussy with her brother's cock, and began to fuck him with wild thrusts.

Marla slipped between her son's thighs, her face close, watching her son's cock stretching the sugary lips of her daughter's pussy. She held Bob's balls, her eyes gleaming with passion.

She inhaled the exciting scent of Sally's juicy cunt, and the sweetness other son's cock. She flicked the tip of her tongue at his balls now and then, and tasted the stretching lips of Sally's clit around it. She probed at Sally's puckering asshole, licking it, then sucking her son's balls again. Her face became smeared with his cock-juices, and she loved it.

"Ooooh, fuck me, Sally!" Bob groaned, grabbing his sister's ass with both buds. "Fuck me! Ohhh, my cock... your cunt is so fucking wet and hot on my cock, Sally! Fuck it, fuck it hard!"

Marla gazed at the pounding of her daughter's cunt, breathing in the sweetness of their wild passion. The hot froth of juice built up at the base of her son's cock and on his balls, and she licked at it frequently, tasting cock and cunt together. She moved one of her hands below her body, brushed her fingers through the thick hair of her clit. She dipped her finger into her pussy a few times, then shoved her fingertip to her asshole. She didn't hesitate nor go gently, but plunged her finger into her asshole swiftly. She cried out, her breath hot against her daughter's cunt and her son's cock.

"Ohhhh, such a pretty cunt," she sobbed. "Sally your pretty hot cunt looks so beautiful fucking Bob's cock! Fuck him good, honey! Make your brother squirt that sweet come-juice up your pretty ass!"

"You're gonna make me come, Sally!" Bob groaned. "Ohhhh, ram it hard, Sally! My cock is about to come!"

Sally slammed her hungry cunt up and down, wiggling her pretty ass lewdly, sobbing as her pussy burned. Her stomach rippled as she approached her second orgasm. Marla's face was very close to her son's balls, her eyes glazed as she watched Sally fucking in a frenzy now. She could actually see Sally's sweet cuntlips twitching, pulsating. She pulled her finger from her asshole and shoved her hands up beneath her son's ass, clutching his asscheeks tightly. She began kissing wetly at his loaded balls.

"Come in her, Bob!" she hissed hotly. "Come in her hot cunt! Fill her fucking pussy up with come-juice! Squirt it to her hot ass, baby! Shoot that come-juice up her cunt!"

Sally cried out, her naked ass flying up and down, her cunt riding her brother's cock in a furious movement. The creamy cheeks of her ass were spread wide, and Marla could see the crinkling tightness of Sally's asshole. She smashed her own cunt against the floor, grinding hot swollen clit at the carpet. She topped kissing her son's hot balls and stared, waiting to see Sally's cunt grip his cock in orgasm, see his boils writhe as he spurted into her pussy. She was hardly breathing as she waited, staring at the bouncing, grinding, plunging cunt of her daughter.

"Now, Bob!" Sally shrieked. "Ohhh, I'm gonna come now!"

Her ass went into a flurry of motion, grinding and thrusting swiftly. As she lifted it, ready to plunge down again, she lost her brother's cock.

"Ohhhh, Sally!" Bob cried out.

With a squeal, Sally shoved her convulsing cunt down, but missed his cock again. It slipped along her contracting cunt-slit, and just as his cockhead reached her asshole, Bob came.

"Ohhhh, sweet!" Marla hissed, seeing her son's cock spurting thick come-juice against his sister's asshole. She watched for a brief second, seeing his come-juice splash against Sally's pink assbud, coating the smooth inner surfaces of Sally's sweet ass. Then, with a wanton cry, she smacked her hairy cunt hard to the floor and her pussy erupted with orgasm. At the same time, she rammed her open mouth to the head of her son's cock, catching his come-juice with her tongue. She pressed her son's cock to her daughter's asshole, and licked at his spraying jism, her tongue sliding across her sons pisshole and daughter's asshole.

Sally's orgasm was drawn out by her mother's licking tongue at her asshole. She whined with delight to feel her brother coming over her ass, and the eagerness of her mother to lick it up. When Bob's cock slowed, Marla swiped her tongue about the inner cheeks of Sally's ass, licking up the juices that coated it. Then she rammed her tongue up that tightness a few times, her hairy cunt going through a wild, unbelievable series of orgasms.

Her tongue licked about her son's cock, making sure she had all his sweet juice from it before she took a final lick at her daughter's asshole. She couldn't resist stabbing her tongue inside once more, making Sally squeal and pull away, sprawling to the floor at her brother's head, gasping with rapture.

Marla's cunt, finally calming, kept tingling as she sat up, spreading her long legs and leaning back, braced on her arms, her tits lifting up in sharp points.

"I could eat you two all fucking day," she whispered. "Eat that cunt and hard cock all day long."

Chapter NINE

After a good lunch, Marla had Sally and Bob take a long, relaxing bath. That wasn't unusual in itself, but this time she told them to bathe together.

She sat on the toilet, watching them. They were in the hall bathroom, with the mirrored floor. Her own bathroom was seldom used since she had installed the mirrors here. Just that morning, before they had lunch, all three had been in the bathroom, and Marla had squatted with her knees wide apart, letting her son and daughter watch her take a long piss. Sally and Bob were delighted to see the soft hairs of her cunt become wet with piss, and even more so when Marla, without embarrassment, rubbed at her cunt when she finished, then licked at her fingers.

Sally and Bob had giggled as they saw this.

"Don't laugh," Marla had smiled at them. "After all, Sally, you said you'd try Bob's cock in your ass, didn't you?"

"What's that got to do with tasting piss, Mother?" Sally had asked.

"Just that what excites one doesn't have to excite the other," Marla had answered.

"Have you been fucked in the asshole, Mother?" Sally asked.

"No, not yet," Marla had replied, glancing at her son's cock. "But that doesn't mean I won't."

"Well, I've never tasted piss either and I won't say I will or won't do it," Sally giggled.

"That's up to you, honey," Marla replied, standing up. "You don't have to do anything you don't like. Not even let Bob fuck your tight ass, if you don't want him to."

"But what if I wanna do it?" Sally asked. "Then do it," her mother answered.

Bob had been watching and listening. He stared at his mother's cunt, seeing her soft pussy hair beaded with her piss. His cock was half-hard.

"I will, Mom," he said, his voice low and filled with emotions.

"Will what, darling?"

"Taste your piss."

"Really?" Marla asked, delighted.

Bob nodded, still staring at her wet pussy hair.

Marla spread her thighs. "Okay, honey," she murmured.

Bob dropped to his knees, and holding his mother's naked hips, pushed his face close to her cunt. He snapped his tongue out, and licked into her soft pussy-hair. His eyes closed and he sucked and licked at his mother's piss wet clit eagerly. Marla held the back of his head, squirming her cunt at his face. But Bob, after tasting the piss, suddenly had plunged his tongue into his mother's cunt and began to tongue-fuck her furiously, wrapping his arms about her hips and clutching her shapely ass.

While he licked his mother's cunt, Bob had drawn his feet up so that he squatted, and Sally was behind him, looking at his reflection in the mirror. She saw her brother's cock and balls dangling there, the tight pucker of his asshole. She couldn't resist squatting behind him and sliding her hot hand under him. She rubbed at his asshole and played with his balls while he sucked his mother's cunt hungrily, slurping wetly.

"Ooooh, suck it, Bob!" Marla groaned, grinding into her son's mouth. "Ahhh, suck Mother's cunt, baby! Lap it, darling! Shove your tongue way up Mother's cunt! Ooooh, you're going to make me come so hard! I love to come, Bob! I just love to come! I can't get enough of it!"

Sally watched over her brother's shoulder as he sucked, gripping his balls and fingering his asshole. Her sweet pussy throbbed, and she was using her other hand on it, smashing her inflamed clit, dipping a finger inside.

Marla, already boiling from pissing onto the mirrored floor as they watched, couldn't last long. Her cunt closed about her son's face, contacting with orgasm as he flicked his tongue in and out of her juicy cunt-lips. She had pushed her cunt hard at her face, and then pulling away from him, saw his cock standing up with throbbing hardness. She leaned against the wall, spreading her legs wide.

"Fuck me now," she cried softly. "Ooohhh, Bob, stab Mother's cunt with your lovely hard-on! Make me come again! Fuck me and make me come again!" She pulled at the hairy lips of her cunt, opening it to her son's cock as he pushed his hips forward.

Behind Bob. Sally gazed at the mirrored floor, seeing her brother push his cock into their mother's steaming cunt. She still squatted, and while rubbing at her pussy, she began to kiss and lick the cheeks of Bob's ass, but when he got his cock in their mother's cunt, and began banging back and forth, she couldn't keep her face there.

Marla, with her legs wide and knees bent slightly, clutched at his ass, squeezing his asscheeks and grunting with rapture as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. Bob caught one of his mother's firm tits with his mouth, and sucked her nipple as he lunged his prick in and out. He held her other tit in his hand, his free hand clinging to her naked ass.

"Ooooh, suck my tit! Fuck my cunt!" Marla cried, grinding against her son. "Ooohhh, baby, that's so good! You're so hard and your cock fills Mother's pussy so deliciously!"

As when her son licked her piss-wet cunt, Marla didn't last long. With a wild cry, she came, smashing hard at her son. She clawed at his ass, pulling his asscheeks wide-apart. When Bob grunted and shoved his cock deeper into his mother's grasping pussy, his body going stiff, Sally found the opportunity to ram her tongue into her brother's asshole. Bob grasped when he felt it, and his cock seemed to squirt with more power. Sally thrust her tongue in and out of her brother's asshole, feeling it squeeze her tongue. She plunged two fingers into her cunt with a brutal stab, and squealed into Bob's ass, coming hard.

Later, Marla sat and watched her children bathe each other. She was very excited, but not from watching them in the tub. She was excited because her son had licked the piss-wet hairs of her cunt earlier, excited because she knew what she wanted them to do with her now.

They were almost finished with their bath, and Marla slipped off the toilet, dropping to her hands and knees with her ass toward them. She wore only a pair of panties, and after sliding them down to her knees, she waggled her ass. "Bob, before you fuck Sally in her ass," she said, "I want you to fuck mine first. If it hurts me, then you can't fuck her up the ass."

"Mother, I wanna do it!" Sally insisted, drying herself.

"You can, but only after I make sure it won't hurt," Marla said. "And the only way I know is to do it first myself. Come on, Bob, you can fuck Mother in the us."

Bob, very excited about shoving his cock into a different opening, didn't care whose asshole he fucked. With his body still wet from the tub, went to his knees behind his mother's waggling ass. He made a few attempts to shove his cock into his mother's puckered asshole, but he was only half-hard.

"Sally, suck him hard!" Marla groaned. "Suck his cock and make it very hard for me!"

With squealing pleasure, Sally went down on her knees and gobbled her brother's cock into her hot mouth. She bobbed her pretty face back and forth, feeling his prick swell between her lips. Bob, groaning with the wet heat of his sister's mouth, began to fuck back and forth. Sally, making muffled sounds of delight, grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deep.

Marla watched them, her uplifted ass shivering with eagerness.

"Sally, you're supposed to make his cock hard, not suck him off!" she cried out.

Bob's cock was very hard now, and Sally reluctantly pulled her mouth from it.

"Oh, shit!" she said. "Mother, why do you have all the fun, anyway? I can suck his cock off real good now. Besides, I like to feel his cock come in my mouth, and you know it."

"Next time," Marla said. "You can suck him off after he fucks me in my ass. Come on, Bob, ram it up Mother's asshole."

Bob pushed his now very hard cock against his mother's resisting asshole. Marla moaned as she felt the pressure. Never having felt a cock up her ass before, she wasn't sure what to expect. His cock was certainly larger than her finger. She closed her eyes, gritting her teeth, determined to take his cock into her ass, even if it did hurt.

Bob was hesitating, the swollen head of his cock pushing his mother's asshole inward.

"Now!" Marla cried out, and rammed her ass back hard.

She screamed.

Her asshole stretched about her son's cock. She had screamed not because of a sudden pain, but with unexpected pleasure.

"Oh, God, I didn't know it would feel like this!" she cried out, smashing her ass tight onto her son's prick. "My God, it's so good! So wonderful! Bob, your cock fills my ass so full! I love it! I can feel your throbbing inside my asshole! Ohhhh, baby, fuck that tight asshole!"

Bob, clutching his mother's hips, staring at the way her asshole gripped his cock, began to lunge back and forth. Sally, her eyes huge, stood on her knees at her mother's side, gazing at the way her brother's cock stabbed back and forth, watching her mother's asshole stretch and take the hardness.

"Ooooh, Mother, does it hurt?"

"No, no!" Marla wailed. "It's wonderful! Oh, Sally, you're going to be next! Bob's cock is going up your hot asshole next! And you're going to love it! Ooooh, Bob, bang Mother's ass, fuck my asshole, rip my fucking hot asshole!"

Marla, her arms shaking too much to hold her up, lowered her head and shoulders to the mirrored floor, crying out with the brutal thrust of her son's cock into her ass. The ring was burning, the friction of his cock searing her with delicious heat.

His balls banged against her juicy cunt, smacking her hairy pussy-lips wetly. Sally was gasping with delight, and she slipped a hand between her brother's thighs and grabbed his balls. Her other hand moved along her mother's rippling stomach, her fingers sliding through her soft pussy hair, and she suited rubbing her mother's inflamed clit.

Marla cried out in ecstasy, shaking her upturned ass wildly for her son. She felt her daughter smashing her clit with her finger, sliding it into her cunt. Her son's cock stretched her sensitive asshole in such a delicious way, it made her pussy boil. The ring of her asshole created sweet rapture inside her from the friction of her son's beautifully hard cock sliding in and out. Squealing loudly, she wiggled her ass wantonly, almost overcome with erotic delights.

"Ooooh, your asshole is stretched, Mother!" Sally gasped, leaning down to watch her brother's cock closely. "Ohhh, that looks good! I wanna try it, too! I want Bob to fuck me in my ass, too, Mother!"

"Oh, baby, yes!" Marla moaned. "You will, Sally! You have to get his cock up your tight asshole! Oh, it's wonderful, so big, so... so good!"

Bob pounded his cock fast into his mother's accepting asshole. He felt her assring grab and squeeze his prick, and his sister twisted at his balls almost painfully. Sally, puffing and twisting on his balls, increased the pleasure. He could feel the searing heat of his mother's tight asshole almost blistering the shaft of his cock. He plunged back and forth, his mother's asshole pulling on his prick as he drew back, and sinking in with each stab.

Marla lifted her shoulders so sir could see the reflection in the mirrored floor. She could see by daughter twisting at her inflamed clit and could see her other hand gripping his balls. She could almost see her son's cock penetrating her asshole. She gasped and cried out with her son's wicked thrusts. She loved the way her asscheeks rippled as he banged against them, loved the power of his ramming cock. Her cunt was pulsating and dripping slippery fuck-juices, coating her daughter's fingers, the inside of her smooth thighs.

"Ooooooh, harder, Bob!" she moaned, wanting his cock as deep as she could take it. "Fuck Mother hard, baby! Ooooh, give it to me, Bob! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck me up that tight asshole, darling!"

Sally excitedly plunged her fingers into her mothers slippery cunt, stabbing them in and out as her thumb agitated Marla's inflamed clit. Her eyes were big and hot as she watched her brother's cock stabbing back and forth. Her cunt was fiery wet, and she too, had pussy-juices smearing her slender thighs. Her clit was bulging from the sugary wetness of her cunt, the cheeks of her tight ass clenched with excitement.

Bob was grunting with his efforts, his eyes still gazing at his mother's asshole holding his cock. His cock had never felt harder, not even when he fucked his sister or mother in the pussy. The throbs were very hard, making his naked body shake with rapture.

Marla lowered her forehead to the mirrored floor, but her eyes could still watch Sally's fingers at her cunt. She wiggled and thrust her hips wickedly, moaning hotly as she felt herself getting ready to come. The burning of her impending orgasm rippled through her like fire, causing her tits to swell and her nipples to bulge tightly. Each time her son lunged forward, Marla slammed her naked ass back against him. She wanted to see his balls slapping at her cunt, but Sally was holding them tightly. As it was, each time Bob ran his cock up her asshole, Sally's knuckles smacked against the swollen, hairy lips of her cunt. Sally was now twisting and pulling at her clit hard.

"Ooooh, pull that fucking thing off, Sally!" Marla wailed in an almost-mindless rapture. "Twist that fucking thing! Rub it for me! Ohhh, shove your fingers up Mother's cunt! Fuck me with your finger... while Bob rams his hard, sweet cock in my asshole!"

Bob clung to his mother's raised in, his fingers clutching her hips as he banged his cock back and forth. It felt like his mother's asshole was getting tighter, but to Marla it felt as if his cock was becoming thicker and longer. Each of his wild plunges caused her body to jerk forward, her tits to jiggle. Feeling his cock ramming into her asshole made it seem as if her cunt was filled by it, too. Her hairy cunt expanded and closed, her clit pulsating with more hard heat than she thought possible. Her eyes closed dreamily as the knot of an intense orgasm filled her lower stomach. She panted and gasped, every part of her naked body shivering with the most exquisite ecstasy imaginable.

Although she was about to come, Marla could feel the throbbing of her son's cock. She shoved her ass back hard, wanting his precious prick as deep as she could get it when he came.

"Ohhh, Bob, Bob?" she cried. "I'm getting so close! Ohhhh, baby, I'm about to come! Hurry, darling, hurry! Ohhhh, Mother's cunt is getting tight and about to come! Thick me, Bob! Ohhh, please fuck my ass hard! Pound my ass, baby! You're going to make Mother come!"

Marla thrust her naked ass back, whipping it from side to side, grinding hard on her son's cock. Sally was rubbing at her swollen clit faster and faster, making liquid sounds. Resting her head and shoulders on the mirrored floor again, Marla arched her hot, naked ass high for her son, her back bowed.

With a screech, she started coming.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh, yes!" she screamed. "My cunt... oh, I'm coming! Fuck hard and come in my asshole, Bob! Ooooh, this is so wonderful! Spurt it up Mother's hot... come with me, Bob! Fill Mother's hot asshole with that sweet, hot come-juice!"

Bob, his naked body shaking, thrust his cock as deep as he could into his mother's asshole. Marla, screeching with ecstasy, smashed her ass tightly against him, her asshole pulling on his cock base. She began to grind with mindless rapture.

Billy let out a loud grunt, his fingers digging brutally into his mother's grinding hips.

Sally was still rubbing at their mother's pulsating clit, her eyes huge as she stared at Marla's asshole squeezing Bob's cock at the base.

"Now, Mom!" Bob shouted.

"Yea!" Marla screamed again.

She felt the spurting of her son's come-juice, felt it spattering the soft walls of her asshole, burning and filing her. Each rapid gush created a wild, hungry sensation in her ass.

"Ahhhh, yes, Bob!" She began to hiss and pant, her orgasms rumbling through her like liquid fire. "Leave your cock there far a while."

She felt her son's cock relaxing inside her asshole, and her ass ring relaxed a little.

"Now," she said softly, "pull it out slowly, darling. I want to feel your cock come out of me slow."

Bob pulled, and Marla clenched her asshole around it, feeling it slide backward slowly. She mewled softly, and then his cock dropped from her asshole. Marla squealed as her asshole closed.

Chapter TEN

Sally was anxious. She kept seeing her brother's cock inside their mother's asshole, and her ass tingled with eagerness to try it.

They were in the living room again, and Marla watched her daughter teasing Bob. She knew Sally was taunting her brother with her ass, knew she wanted to get fucked there. She was amused with Sally's antics, since all she had to do was tell Bob where she wanted his cock. But then on the other hand, Marla preferred the teasing to outright request. It was much more fun, much more exciting, to tease each other into fucking.

Bob was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch, between his mother's knees. Marla, as she watched her daughter's teasing, draped her knees over her son's shoulders, hugging his neck with her thighs, her toes playing with his cock and balls. Sally was prancing about, naked, tempting not just her brother, but her mother, as well. She had put on a wild, primitive-sounding record on the stereo, and was doing her version of an erode disco dance, shaking her tight ass, parting her legs and performing fucking motions and cupping her tits.

Bob's cock had swollen as he watched his sister, helped along by his mother's caressing toes. With his eyes still on Sally, he turned and licked at his mother's thigh. Sally presented her sweet ass to them, wiggling it wantonly as she kept moving to the beat of the music, spreading the cheeks of her ass and making her asshole pucker. With graceful dance steps, she moved back toward her brother, and leaning over, wiggled her lovely ass in his face. Bob and Marla gazed at her tiny asshole, seeing Sally's cunt between her slim thighs.

"Kiss it, Bob," Marla urged her son, pushing at the back of his head. "Kiss her hot asshole."

Bob didn't hesitate. He shoved his face into the hot cheeks of his sister's ass, and kissed her on her hot asshole, making Sally gurgle with delight. Bob licked a circle about his sister's asshole, then tasted the creamy smoothness of her asscrack. When his sister squealed with pleasure and pressed her ass against his face, Bob licked her asshole, working his tongue part way into it.

"Ooooh, Bob!" Sally giggled. She waggled he ass tightly into her brother's face. "Ohhhh, that's real nice! I like it, Bob!"

Bob slipped his tongue downward and thrust it into his sister's sugary cunt. Over the top of his head, Marla saw his nose close to her pink asshole. Leaning forward, she moved a finger into the crack of Sally's ass. Sally, squealing with pleasure as her brother tonguefucked her pussy, cupped the cheeks of her ass and pulled them wide-apart.

Marla stroked a fingertip about her sensitive assbud, and Sally shook from head to toe with pleasure.

With her son's face buried into Sally's back thrusting crotch, Marla worked her finger into her daughter's asshole slowly. Sally gasped with pleasure, feeling her brother's tongue lapping her cunt and her mother's finger up her ass. She leaned over, hands on her knees, shaking her ass into her brother's face as Marla began pushing and pulling her finger.

"Ohhhh, this feels so good!" Sally gurgled.

"Tongue my pussy, Bob! Ooooh, fuck me with your tongue Mother, your finger feels great in my ass!"

Marla pushed her finger in and out, listening to her son slurping wetly at Sally's succulent cunt. The ring of her daughter's asshole was very tight, and she wondered if Sally could take her brother's cock inside it. She wiggled her finger, pushing it ill the way up her daughter's asshole.

"Sally, are you sure you want his cock in here?" she asked. "You feel awfully tight, honey."

"I want it, Mother!" Sally moaned. "Oh, yes, I want it! I can do it just like you, Mother!"

Marla pulled her finger from her daughter's asshole, and Sally pulled her cunt from Bob's face, turning and seeing her brother's cock standing up with throbbing hardness. With a squeal she went down on her knees and leaned forward. She swiped her tongue about the smooth head of his cock, licking up his seeping cock-juice. Then, moaning, softly, she pulled Bob's cock into her mouth, sucking up and down on it with vigorous greed.

Marla watched her daughter sucking Bob's cock, still apprehensive about it being inside Sally's asshole. She certainly didn't want any harm to come to her. If she saw her daughter was in pain, she was determined to stop it quickly.

Sally lifted her mouth, her eyes glassy with steaming desire, lips puffy.

"Do it to me now, Bob," she pleaded in a low voice. "Do it to me in my asshole now!"

Since her daughter was determined to do it, Marla had her son spread out on the floor on his back. His cock stuck in the air, hard and dripping. She crawled between his legs, pushing her face into his crotch and sucking his balls a moment, then going to his cock and swallowing it. She sucked up and down a few times, then lifted her head.

"Sit over his cock, Sally," she said. "I'm going to watch, and if I think you're in pain, you stop right then, hear me?"

With an eager giggle, Sally straddled her brother, her back to his face. She bent her knees and squatted, her hands holding the cheeks of her ass open. Marla watched her daughter's pink, wet cunt and asshole, her face only a few inches from Bob's balls.

"Now, sit down on his cock easy, Sally," she warned.

Sally lowered herself, holding her ass open. Bob adjusted his cock so his cockhead was on her asshole. Marla held her breath, seeing Sally's pink ass pucker sink inward. Sally groaned softly as the pressure grew on her asshole.

Ready to push her daughter off Bob's cock, Marla stared as she slowly lowered herself. She watched her pink ass ring open and then the swollen head of Bob's cock slipped into his sister's asshole.

"Oooooh, Mother!" Sally groaned.

"Does it hurt?" Marla asked.

"Oh, no!" Sally hissed. "It's burning, but it feels wonderful!"

Her ass trembled, and she clung to her ass cheeks tightly, keeping them parted. Slowly, Sally moved her ass down, feeling her brother's cock penetrating deeper and deeper. Like her mother, she was holding her breath.

"Ahhhh! Oooooh!" Sally moaned.

Marla gazed at her son's cock stretching her daughter's asshole, and when Sally had half of it up her ass, she paused, wiggling slowly. Then she went down hard. She gasped as her asshole was filled with Bob's cock, every inch of Bob's cock inside her asshole.

She sat there, her knees up and spread wide. Marla, her face about six inches away, gazed into her daughter's cunt, seeing Bob's cock all the way up her hot, sweet asshole. While Sally sat and wiggled, Marla brushed her fingers about her daughter's cunt and her son's balls. She lifted Bob's balls and rubbed them at Sally's pussy, coating them with the sugary juices bubbling from her cunt.

With a moan, Marla shoved her face into their crotches. She inhaled the erotic scent of her daughter's wet cunt and son's hot balls. With an intake of breath, Marla began to lick at them, slurping her tongue from her son's balls to her daughter's cunt. She plunged her tongue up Sally's pussy a few times, then dragged it out and down. She pushed her tongue against the base of her son's cock, tasting Sally's stretching asshole, then lowered her mouth to his balls. She sucked them into her mouth, and that was when her daughter began to bounce up and down, fucking Bob with her asshole.

Knowing now that Sally could take Bob's cock into her asshole without pain, Marla watched, her tongue flicking his balls and Sally's cunt. Sally danced her ass up and down, squealing with delight. The ring of her asshole burned, but it was a sweet burn. Her brother's cock seemed larger than when he fucked her cunt, and she found herself enjoying ass-fucking very much.

"Ahhhh, it goes so deep!" she cried out. "It's different from in my cunt, Bob! Ooooh, I like it up my ass! I'm gonna make you come off in my asshole, Bob!"

Marla's eyes glazed as she watched, dipping her tongue into her daughter's cunt often, tasting her sugary fuck-juices, lapping at the swollen clit. When Sally began to bounce vigorously, Marla slipped her mouth over her son's balls, sucking on them, her nose becoming smeared with her daughter's seeping pussy-juices.

"Ooooh, I'm gonna fuck your cock good!" Sally gurgled. "I'm gonna take your hard cock way in my asshole and make it come out my throat! Mother, I love it in the ass! Ohhhh, I'm gonna fuck Bob like this all the time!"

Marla whimpered as she sucked Bob's balls, her tongue flicking them. She understood her daughter's excitement. She was delighted that Sally could take her brother's cock into her asshole, delighted, that Sally loved it, and delighted best of all that her son was more than cooperative in putting his cock wherever she and Sally wanted it.

"Fuck him, baby!" Marla hissed as she let Bob's balls drop from her mouth. "Fuck him hard! I can see your asshole stretch!"

With a groan, Marla thrust her tongue forward, and Sally leaned back a little, still driving her asshole up and down her brother's cock. Marla flicked her tongue against the base of her son's cock, tasting the throbs, feeling the stretching burn of her daughter's asshole with her tongue tip. She lifted her face higher, and mewled with pleasure as Sally's cunt rubbed her face while she bounced up and down on Bob's cock with her asshole.

"Ooooh, I'm about to come!" Sally sobbed. "It's so good in my asshole, my cunt is going to blow off me! Ohhhh, suck on my pussy, Mother! Suck on my cunt!"

But Marla lowered her face to her son's balls instead. She wanted to have them inside her mouth when he came, to feel them writhing as they emptied into Sally's hungry asshole. She pulled Bob's balls as deep into her mouth as she could, her eyes only an inch or so from her daughter's cunt. She saw the twitching of her hot pink pussy-lips, the visible throb of Sally's clit.

Bob was grunting as his sister pounded up and down on his cock. When he felt her asshole grasping his prick with flexing heat, he began to wail with ecstasy. His mother sucked his balls more strongly than ever, and he was approaching the point of coming, too.

"Sally, you gotta take it up your ass!" he yelped. "I'm gonna come up your fucking asshole, Sally!"

"Yes, Bob!" Sally cried out.

Sally pushed her asshole down tight onto her brother's cock. She gasped loudly. "Ooooh, now! I'm gonna come now!"

With a shriek, she felt her orgasm contract through her pussy. Marla stared at it with hot eyes, seeing her pink cuntlips sucking inward, her clit throbbing with hardness. As she came, Sally twisted her asshole about her brother's cock, her awing clutching tightly.

"I'm gonna come, Sally? I'm gonna come right up your fucking hot asshole!" Bob yelled.

Marla pulled Bob's balls with her lips, sucking hard. She felt them throb as her son gushed into his sister's clenching asshole, and her own cunt burned with threatening orgasm. She listened to her, son and daughter's moaning ecstasy, her naked body shaking as her hairy cunt came very close to convulsion, yet she didn't come. Lying on the floor between Bob's thighs, she smashed her inflamed clit brutally at the floor, squirming and trying to come.

Sally, with her cunt contracting, was leaning backward, almost lying on top of her brother. With a cry of hunger, Marla dropped her son's balls and shaved her open mouth to her daughter's cunt, sucking at it with greed, thrusting her tongue into the satiny, soft opening. Sally's cunt erupted time and again with a series of shattering orgasms, and then she was lying on top of her brother, the head of his cock caught by the tight ring of her asshole.

Marla sucked and licked at Sally sugary cunt until she felt the spasms fade, then she licked at Bob's balls again, dragging her tongue along the softening shaft of his cock to the ring of Sally's asshole.

Both Sally and Bob shivered, and very slowly his cock was squeezed from her ass. Marla watched it, and then she grabbed it with her lips, puffing his cock into her mouth to suck it. With her son's cock in her mouth, she pushed her nose into her daughter's cunt, and beat her own pussy up and down against the floor, trying hard to make herself come.

But in frustration, she gave up.

"Ohhhh, that made me so fucking hot, and I can't come!" she complained. "My cunt is on fire and so hot, but I can't come!"

She pushed her son's prick to Sally's cunt, pressing the shaft between her juicy cuntlips.

With a giggle, Sally sent a burst of hot pins out of her cunt. Marla gasped as it sprayed over the top of her head. Her cunt pulled in tightly.

Then, without warning, Bob began to pins. "Oooooh!" Marla cried out, seeing the hot pins gushing out of his cock to mingle with the golden pins of his sister.

Marla moved her face, and took the steaming pin directly into it. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and the hot piss spraying all about her face, getting into her mouth. She smashed her cunt onto the floor, grinding hard.

"Ahhhh, piss in my cocksucking face!" she cried out. "Piss in Mother's fucking, cocksucking face! Piss all over me. Oooooo, now I'm going to come! Oh, piss on me!"

Bob's cock and Sally's cunt sent a strong strew of hot pins into their mother's face, and Marla's clit seemed to be trying to bore a hole into the floor. Her ass grew tight, and the orgasms exploding between her long thighs almost made her faint with rapture.

Sally lifted her head and looked down, watching the hot piss splashing into their mother's face.

"Ooooh, Bob," she squealed. "You should see this!"

"I will next time," he moaned. "I'm about to finish now."

Marla, with a wail of perverse ecstasy, spread her mouth as wide as she could and pressed her lips over the head of her son's cock and her daughter's pissing cunt. Her pussy was melting from her, the contractions more powerful than ever. She began to wantonly suck up the piss spurting from Bob's cock and Sally's cunt.

If her son and daughter thought the worst of her, she didn't care. But she knew there would be no limit to what they would do with each other later.


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