Young mothers work harder

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies, wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies -- and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

YOUNG MOTHERS WORK HARDER -- a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.

Chapter ONE

If it weren't for her legs, she would starve to death. Now, those same legs that brought subsistence for her and Danny were bringing her trouble.

No one was bothering her, but Donna sensed trouble coming as she walked between tables in the dimly lit barroom, carrying the plastic tray with empties back to her place behind the bar. It warn a slow night, she only had fifteen minutes left until closing time and there were only five people left. The halfway-drunk couple seated at the bar, the elderly white-haired man just coming back from the restroom to his barstool, and the two guys sitting, at the table in the darkest corner. It was the curly haired good-looking guy she knew as Tony. Every time she walked past that table he looked at her like he was seeing right through her skimpy outfit, and in his eyes there was more than mild interest.

She reached down and tipped up the mirror she kept below the bar. Her blue satin dress almost covered the tops of her sheer stockings and the little round garters that held them up. The stockings and garters were twisted a little out of place, so she straightened them. As she wiggled her ass and swayed back and forth in front of the mirror, her breath caught in her throat at the sight of her own bare thighs above the garters.

Four months before, when she'd started running the bar, she'd worn pantyhose under her uniform, and the tips she'd gotten had been pretty small. As soon as she started showing a little bare legs above her stockings, the tips started getting bigger. Finally, she shortened the uniform dress so it showed a little of her ass whenever she bent over a table.

She needed the tips to live on. Her pay for running the bar, and being the sole employee, was the minimum wage, that and free rent in a shabby little apartment upstairs. On a good night she got double her wages in tips. It was enough to support herself and little baby, Danny. But it was barely enough.

She shrugged and checked for last drinks before closing time. The old man was on his feet, reeling toward the door. The halfway drunk couple still had their glasses nearly full, enough to last them the ten minutes remaining. Donna picked up her tray and walked back among the tables.

As she approached the table in the corner, she flipped her flowing blonde hair forward over her shoulders and smiled.

"How 'bout it, fellas? Last call."

The skinny man she knew as Bill said, "Guess I'm okay, Donna."

Tony looked up. "I'll have another."

There was a big wet spot on their table. Donna set her tray down, slipped clean coasters under their glasses, and took a napkin and mopped at the spilled drink.

Like lightning, Tony's hands darted up her dress, grabbed the elastic of her panties, snatched them down to her knees and let them fall around her ankles.

Donna was too startled by his speed to react. She kept smiling as she finished wiping the wet spot. Then she stepped out of the nylon cloth and kicked her panties under the table.

"One more, coming up," she said as she turned and started back toward the bar.

All the way to the bar, she wondered if she was doing the smart thing. She could have taken her drink tray and bashed Tony over the head with it. It would serve him right, but maybe it would be over-reacting.

She mixed the drink, took it on the tray back to the table and set it down, standing as far back as she could and still reach the table. While she picked up the empty glass, Tony's hands moved like lightning again.

One hand grabbed her asscheek under her dress and pulled her toward him. She took a step to regain her balance, her feet now spread wide. His other hand went up her dress to her crotch, rubbing over her cunthair.

His hand was warm as his finger slipped up into her outer fold and pushed through her inner cuntslit. As though obeying some instinct, her ass rolled down and her hips rocked up as his fingers slipped deep into her cunt, bringing a wave of tingling warmth with it. Furtively, she glanced around. The drunken couple was oblivious. The skinny man at the table just looked amused.

Tony let his finger slip down, then he slowly ran it back up, crooked just inside her inner cuntlips.


The electric flash jerked her hips forward as his fingertip touched the nub of her clit.

Donna stood with her cunt impaled on his finger until her breathing slowed, then she bent down and murmured in his ear, "What, do you want?"

"I want to see you after closing," he said.

"Get rid of your friend and we'll talk about it."

He nodded slightly and loosened his grasp on her asscheek. His hand was motionless as she straightened her legs, slipping her cunt up off his finger. Still smiling, she backed away and turned and walked behind the bar.

A few minutes later, she announced that it was closing time. When the last of the customers had gone, she locked the door.

Wondering if she'd done the smart thing, she strutted back to the table where Tony waited. She stopped in front of him and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Well, Tony," she said, "what did you want to see me about?"

Tony smiled and reached out, slid his hands up her thighs over her stockings and garters, inside her dress and grasped the soft flesh of her naked hips. His grip was firm but not hard enough to hurt.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you in front of Bill," he said, "but I had to find out if you have what it takes."

"What it takes for, what?"

"What it takes to work in a better place than this."

She couldn't keep from laughing. "Any place is a better place than this. Well, do I have what it takes?"

"Maybe," he said. "I run a restaurant called the Palomino. It's a real class act. You could make double the tips you get here. You handled yourself just fine a few minutes ago... like a customer had too much to drink but you didn't piss him off. Just one thing -- any girl that works at the Palomino has to be a real looker."

"Well, am I?"

"I think so," he said. "But I can't tell for sure."

"Well, this dress isn't very concealing."

"I know, but I need to see more of you." She shrugged. It sounded like a line of bullshit, but she liked being looked at. If he was nice to her, she'd take off everything but her earrings.

While he held her by the hips, she reached her arms back and drew the zipper on her dress all the way down to her ass. She bent her waist back, leaning against the support of his hands on her hips, and watched his eyes as she took the hem of her dress and slowly drew it up, off her hips, up over her waist and over her tits. His eyes followed the hem up to where her lacy bra was exposed, then they dropped back to her cunt.

She drew the dress up over her head and tossed it on the nearby table. His eyes rose to follow her hands as they unclasped the hook on the front of her bra. The cups stuck to her tits momentarily, then came loose as she drew the straps back. Her tits jiggled slightly, then remained pointed firmly forward.

Wearing only her gold earrings, high heels, stockings, and the little encircling garters, she stood in his grasp while his eyes traveled down from her flowing blonde hair to her hair-lined pussy.

His hands were surprisingly strong on her hips as he twisted his arms, making her bend her knees, tilting her pelvis forward. Standing as she was with her legs spread, she was sure he could look right into her cunt.

He said, "Donna, you are really built. What are your statistics?"

"Oh, about five-two, a hundred ten pounds, thirty-three, twenty-three, thirty-four."

"I've never seen nicer legs than yours."

"Thanks, Tony," she said. "Does that mean I get the job?"

"You've got everything it takes... good looks, a good disposition. If you're nice to me, the job's yours."

"Does that mean what I think it means?" Tony nodded. His leering grin was gone. In its place was open admiration as he looked at her body.

"Tony, do I look like a whore?"

He pulled his eyes from her cunt and looked up at her face, startled. "No, Donna! Hell, no! You're a beautifully built girl! You're not a whore!"

"Then, Goddammit, stop treating me like one. I don't fuck for money. I won't fuck for a job either. If you want me to go to bed with you, all you have to do is ask."

He swallowed and said, "All right, Donna. I'm sorry. I'd really like to fuck you. Will you come to bed with me?"

She passed a hand lightly over the trace of beard stubble on his jaw and said, "Let's go upstairs."

When he released her hips, she bent and picked up her panties and then gathered up her dress and bra. As she walked naked before him, he followed her up the dark, creaking stairs.

In the tiny combination living room and bedroom, she tossed her clothes on the dresser, motioned toward the easy chair, and said, "I'll be right back. Just want to look in on Danny."

Standing by the crib in the little connecting room, she drew the blanket back and picked up the tiny sleeping figure. She held his face against her tit and he sucked the dry nipple in his sleep. His eyes never opened.

Donna sensed a presence behind her and turned. Tony was standing there, smiling.

"He's real cute," he said. "You think a lot of him, don't you?"

"I'd do anything for the little fella," she said, putting him back in the crib. She tucked the blanket around him and then followed Tony out, closing the door behind her.

She said, "Would you like me to take the rest of my clothes off?"

He squeezed her thigh just above the stocking and said, "I like you just the way you are."

"Then let me help you undress."

She unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off his arms. While he unbuckled his belt, she unzipped his fly, then pulled his pants down and off his feet. While crouched, she untied his shoes and pulled them and his socks off.

He had peeled his T-shirt off. The bulge in his shorts was big. Kneeling, she pulled his shorts down, and he stepped out of them, stark naked.

His cock was stiff and big in front of her face, easily eight inches long, and bigger than any cock that had ever fucked her, bigger than any cock she had ever gone down on.

Still kneeling before him, she took the prick in her hand and put her lips to the cockhead. Her lips stretched into an oval. She sucked hard. Tony groaned and his hips quivered slightly.

She slipped her mouth off his cockhead and kissed the piss-slit.

"Let's use the bed," she said.

He got on the sagging bed and lay on his back. She straddled his shoulders with her knees and bent down toward his cock.

Donna couldn't take her eyes from his cock as her lips approached the prickhead. It was impossibly big, too thick to fit in her throat, too long to go down on fully.

She pushed her mouth down against the huge prickhead, making her lips stretch out. Then, as the head went into her mouth, her lips pushed out over it and slipped down tightly around the shaft.

Donna worked her lips down over Tony's cockshaft until the head filled her throat. When she swallowed, his prickhead worked a little farther back in her throat, but she couldn't breathe.

She ran her lips back up the shaft to the head and breathed through her nose, then went back down.

Her lips ran a little farther down his cockshaft this time before the head stopped in her throat. She swallowed and brought it farther back. She swallowed again and her nose touched his balls. Her lips were almost at the base of his cock when she had to slide her mouth back up to the cockhead and breathe.

Then, in one motion, she ran her mouth all the way down to the base of his cock, until her chin pressed into his cockhair and her nose rubbed firmly against his balls. She pulled her mouth all the way back up the shaft, breathed then slipped her lips back down to his groin.

Tony was groaning and writhing under her treatment.

"Am I working fast on you?"

"A little," he said, breathing hard. "Get on your back and let me go to work on you."

Donna lay on her back while Tony got up on hands and knees. He put his mouth down to her pointed left tit and gently sucked the nipple. He cupped her right tit in his hand and pinched the nipple between thumb and forefinger, gently rotating the brown nipple-flesh back and forth.

He sucked harder and the tingling warmth surged through her tit as her nipple became erect. Then he moved his mouth to her right tit and started squeezing the left with his hand. The nice tingling warmth spread through her tits and she found herself groaning and writhing under his movements.

Suddenly he stopped sucking and said, "You've got the nicest tits."

"They're too little," she said. "I know a girl who has forties."

"Yeah, but I'll bet they sag way down. There's no sag at all to yours. They just stand up all by themselves."

He moved down beside her legs, sliding his hands down into the hollows of her waist, out over her hips, and down on her stockinged thighs.

His hands were firm on her legs as he grasped her, just above the knees, brought her thighs straight up, then spread them straight out to the side so they were down flat on the bed. Her cunt mound, with its covering of short blonde cunthair swelled high. She could barely see her pouting outer cuntlips.

He knelt between her legs and took her outer cuntlips each between thumb and forefinger and slowly rubbed up and down the length of the moist, warm flesh. Donna stretched her arms above her head and reined as she watched him manipulate her cunt, making slight tingling waves of warmth flow through her.

His fingers probed deeper, and the waves of warmth built as his fingers grasped her inner cuntlips, rubbing them as well. She tried to relax, but her hips rocked gently against the motion of his fingers as they slipped up and down for the length of her inner pussylips.

"Your cunt's so little. I hope I don't hurt it when we fuck," Tony said.

Donna's hips rocked higher and her breath came faster.

"Do anything you want to me," she said.

His fingers left her cunt, and he grasped a little of the short blonde hair on each side of her cunt and pulled the lips out. He got down and covered her cunt with his mouth. His trace of beard stubble burned against the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

Tony's tongue was hot as it thrust against her closed inner cuntlips, pushing steadily against the tender flesh. A stabbing pulse of heat shot through her cunt as her inner pussylips parted and the tip of his tongue pushed inside. With his tongue inside, he let go of her cunt-hair and brought his hand up and cupped her tits, pinching and rotating her nipples.

"Oh!" She sucked in her breath with a gasp. Her hips jerked up as his tongue touched the nub of her clit and rested against it.

Just as her ass settled back to the bed, Tony pressed his tongue a little harder against her clit and worked the tip around and around on the nub.

"Ooooh!" Donna shouted as she pressed her outward-splayed knees down on the bed and levered her ass up.

His tongue stayed on her clit, pressing harder and working around and around. The waves of tingling heat flowed through her cunt as she helplessly watched her hips rock with his tongue motions. Her ass stayed up off the bed.

Her breath came in short gasps as the waves of heat flowed together and built toward a peak.

His tongue didn't leave her clit as he pressed still harder and worked it around the nub faster.

Donna grabbed his head and pressed his face down tightly against her cunt. His head bobbed and rocked with her hip gyrations.

"Ooohhh!" she screamed.

The giant well of heat burst in a white flash and her cuntjuice gushed in successive waves. His mouth stayed on her cunt and he sucked up each flow of her cuntjuice.

His tongue stayed on her clit but it pressed lighter and worked slower as her body gradually drained of energy. Finally, her hip gyrations grew slower and her ass settled back to the bed.

Now her hips rocked only slightly to the light pressure of his tongue. He didn't force her to larger motions, just kept his tongue sliding gently over her clit.

Her energy slowly returned, and her hips started rocking mote with his manipulations.

Tony slipped his tongue out and took his mouth away from her cunt. His hands were gentle when they squeezed the tender flesh on the sides of her cunt and asked, "How was it for you, Donna?"

"Nice! I really liked that!"

"Ready for a straight fuck now?"

"Do it to me!"

"You really have a little cunt. Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop."

His hands were warm on the soft flesh of her hips as, with her thighs still spread straight out and brought her cunt up to his waiting cockhead. She looked down. Her spread legs held her outer cuntlips wide, but the opening was still impossibly small for his huge cockhead.

Her cuntlips spread wider as he drew her up against his cock and the prickhead pressed against her tender inner pussylips.

His grip on the soft flesh of her hips tightened and he drew her up harder. Her cunt stretched wider and her inner cuntlips pulled something inside her. A stabbing pain hit and she gasped.

He stopped drawing her to him instantly and held her hips still. There was concern in his face, "Donna, I don't want to hurt you. Let's call it off."

"No," she said, "we'll do it. Just wait till I tell you, then pull me up slowly."

After a moment the pain went away and she nodded. His hands tightened on the flesh of her hips and he drew her up a little at a time. The sides of her cunt spread wide as her cuntlips stretched into a circle to envelop his cockhead.

He drew her up so slowly the pain didn't return. As she looked down between her tits, the biggest part of his cockhead disappeared into her cunt, then her cuntlips relaxed a little as they stretched out over his cockshaft.

Now he rested his chest on her tits and slipped his hands down under her ass. With a smooth movement, he drew her up on his cockshaft, thrusting his prick far into her and making a wave of heat flow deep in her cunt.

Just as her cunt mound pushed up against his cockhair, the head of his long cock touched her womb, and a nice pulse of heat, shot back through her cunt. He let her ass down on the bed, and he came down with her.

Tony put his weight on his arms, relieving the stress on her tits, and looked down, then bent and kissed her.

"Feel okay?" he asked. "No pain?"

"It's great," she said. "Fuck me!"

He slowly pulled out until his cockhead pulled against her stretched cuntlips. Donna started to rise with him to keep him from stretching her cunt farther. He stopped withdrawing and slowly fucked back into her, sending a wave of nice tingling heat back into the depths of her cunt. She couldn't help smiling to herself as his cockhead pushed against her womb, sending that extra hut pulse down deep.

As he withdrew, she brought her ass up off the bed, following him, then held still while he drew out farther. When he thrust back into her, she rocked her hips up, rolling her cunt up to meet him.

Now she pressed the sides of her knees down. The undulating wave motion down from her neck, through her belly and into her cunt. She whipped her cunt up to meet each stroke of his driving cock.

When Tony fucked into her harder, Donna matched him in kind, slapping her belly up against his and shoving her cunt up the shaft of his driving cock. A whine came from her throat each time he fucked into her. Whenever their bellies whacked together, the whine broke off into a choking whimper.

Then the tingling pulses of warmth built into welling waves of heat, increasing with each cock stroke, never fading before the next thrust.

She grabbed his shoulders and clutched him tightly to her, crushed his chest down onto her burning tits. His cock fucked in faster and faster, and Donna undulated her cunt up over his hard-driving cock faster and harder.

Then the wave of heat in her cunt crested and broke, and she braced her back and held her ass high as her cuntjuice flowed over his driving prick. She held her cunt up and received his cock-blows as he fucked into her still harder.

Then Tony's arms tightened on her back an drew her up close as he slammed into her an quivered there, spurting his hot cum deep into her cunt.

They quivered together until his cum stopped spurting, then they slowly settled back to the be together.

Tony's cock was still huge inside her, but was turning soft. He rose on his knees and slowly drew it put as Donna watched.

Then he knelt between her legs and worked his fingers into her pussy and gently massaged the length of her inner cuntlips. She lay back and relaxed, her hips rocking slightly to his movements.

Donna found it hard to keep her eyes open as her hips slowly rocked up and down and Tony manipulated her cunt. After a time, her hips would no longer rock. He withdrew his hands and bent down to her cunt. His lips slipped past her outer cuntlips and his kiss was long and warm on her inner flesh.

His warm, gentle hands squeezed her soft hips. Then he lay down against her, turned his head and looked into her eyes.

"That job at the Palomino's still open if you want it, Donna."

She shook her head reluctantly.

"Thanks, Tony, but I don't think so. I fucked you because I like you. I'd feel like it was a business deal. This is a sleazy joint I'm working at here, but I kind of like it."

"Well, how about taking a part-time job, then? You could keep on working here."

"Part-time! Tony, when this joint closes, they all close!"

He smiled. "Not the Palomino. There's a separate room that becomes a private bottle club at half past two. Stays open until five. You could work there from three to five. Make damn good tips."

Donna hesitated. She'd heard of private betting clubs. Drinks were expensive at those places. People who could afford to drink there could afford good tips. What did she have to lose?

"Okay, Tony. I'll take it."

"Great, Donna." He looked at his watch. "It isn't quite five yet. Why don't you take a drive over there now? Look up a lady named Betty. She'll explain the ropes and get you a uniform. You can start work -- tomorrow morning at three."

He leaned over and kissed her, then he got up and put on his clothes. Still naked, Donna unlocked the door for him and watched him walk down the long outside stairway.

Before she dressed, she went to her telephone book and looked up the number of Mrs. Baker. The forty-five-year-old widow who lived a block away had told Donna that she would be glad to baby-sit Danny at any time of the day or night.

Chapter TWO

"This'll be a snap for you, honey," Betty said. "You won't have to tend bar like you've been doing. All you've gotta do is take drink orders, serve drinks, collect their money -- and look cute!"

"You make it sound easy," Donna said. "This private room... how private is it?"

Betty smiled. "Just private enough to keep the Liquor Control Board from shutting us down. Nobody goes in unless that hunk at the door knows him."

"Then this private bottle club..."

"You guessed it, honey. It's just a legal way Tony has to keep this joint open after two thirty." Betty finished repairing her make-up in the restroom. "Look, honey. My feet are killing me. Follow me home and I'll fix you a drink and tell you all about it."

It was five-fifteen when Donna parked her car beside Betty's in the lot next to a small apartment building.

Once inside, Betty waved her to the couch, switched on the gas-log fireplace and disappeared into the kitchen, clinking glasses and utensils.

Betty came back with two large Margaritas in frosted glasses, set them on coasters on the cocktail table and collapsed on the couch, sitting close against Donna. She kicked off her shoes.

"What a night," she said. "There can't be two square inches of me that wasn't pinched, caressed, fondled or mauled."

"Then there's more to this job than just serving drinks?"

"Lots more," Betty said. "By the time they've been drinking all night and half the morning, some of these guys don't have much self-control left."

"So what happens?"

"So they grab whatever comes by. If that happens to be little and cute..." She stopped and smiled as she looked down at Donna's figure. "Well, they'll pinch your ass and grab your tits. Some of them will grab other things, but it goes with the job."

Sounds like my kind of bar, thought Donna. I should feel right at home.

"There's one thing," Betty continued. "Some of those guys will think you're overdressed."

Donna looked down at her uniform, then at Betty's clothing. If anything, her own uniform was skimpier than Betty's. They both wore tight-fitting dresses that, now that they were seated, were hiked up over the tops of their stockings and garters, revealing the bare skin of their upper thighs. Both dresses were cut low, sweeping down on their tits, almost to their nipples.

Donna said, "I'm not any more overdressed than you are."

"That's a fact, but some of those guys think I'm overdressed too. They try and relieve me of some of it."

"What's their idea of a well-dressed waitress?" Donna asked.

"Stand up," Betty said. "Start taking it off, honey. I'll tell you when you're dressed just right."

Donna was puzzled, but she reached behind her and drew the zipper down to her ass. She held the dress by the hem and drew it up over her waist, up over her bra, up over her shoulders and off.

Betty sat, looking at her, her face blank.

Donna reached behind her and unhooked her bra. When she drew the straps forward, the cups slipped off her tits, making them jiggle slightly.

Betty smiled but said nothing.

Donna shrugged and slipped her hands into the waistband of her brief panties, peeled them down on her legs, let them fall and stepped out of them.

Betty continued smiling.

When Donna started to unsnap one of her garters, Betty held her hand up.

"Leave them on," she said, "but you're still overdressed."

"This is all I have left."

"I'll show you."

Betty stood, reached behind her, drew the ripper of her dress down with one fluid motion, and peeled the tight garment up and off. She opened the hook on her low-cut bra and shrugged out of it, letting her brown-nippled tits sag slightly. Then she bent and slipped her panties to the floor, stepped out of them and stood before Donna, her feet planted wide.

Her cunt was as bare as a young girl's.

"I had all my cunthair removed when I was still a teenager. Whether you do it that way or shave it off, that's what those guys like, a slick cunt."

"How do they know if it's slick or not?"

"Believe me, honey, they'll know. There's guys that can sneak a feel when you least expect it. Someone will manage to get his hand inside your panties. He'll apologize for it right away and give you a big tip. That's the best part about it, the tips. That's how I bought this furniture?" A sinking feeling settled in Donna's gut. "I don't know, Betty. Is it safe to work there?" Betty's laugh was dry, sarcastic. "I'll put it this way, honey. In the time I've worked there, I've never seen anyone get spread out on a table and raped. You'll get handled plenty, though, but that's life."

Getting handled wasn't all that bad.

"All right, Betty. I'm game!" She looked down at her cunt mound and passed her fingers over the light fuzz down below her cuntlips, where she couldn't see. "How do I get this off?"

"By letting old Betty take over." She pointed to the bedroom door. "Just go in there and strike a pose. I'll be right there."

Donna went to the bedroom, her high heels sinking deep into the carpet at each step. She lay down on the big bed and looked up, startled. Every square inch of the ceiling was covered with large mirrors. The walls were covered as well -- everything but the window and two doors.

Betty came in with a steaming pan of water, a washcloth, soap, a can of shaving cream, razor, comb, and scissors. She set the pan on the nightstand and scattered the other things on the bed beside Donna.

Betty spread Donna's thighs wide and pushed them straight out, flat down on the bed. Donna's hair-covered cunt mound swelled high. Her outer cuntlips were spread slightly, just showing the pink flesh of her closed inner pussy lips.

She asked Betty, "What's the comb and scissors for?"

"You're cunthair's so fine, a razor would just mash it down. I'll have to cut it as short as I can with a scissors first, then the razor."

With her legs spread down and flat on the bed, Donna lay under Betty's hands, watching the ceiling mirrors, watching her work. First she combed her cunthair so it stood straight up. Then she slipped the comb into it and used the scissors to trim it down to the thickness of the comb.

Donna watched as Betty washed the soft skin with soap and then sponged it with hot water. She squirted a little of the shaving cream on her fingers and worked it into the remaining hair.

Betty handled the razor with short, gentle strokes.

Finally, there was nothing left except a little cream right around the lips of her cunt. Betty slipped two fingers inside her and held the tender skin straight while she shaved her right up to the edge of her cunt. She rose and knee-walked around on the bed and straddled her shoulders and slipped two fingers back inside her.

All the way from her cunt mound to her asshole, there was nothing but pale pink skin. Betty took the moist side of the washcloth, dipped it in hot water, and wiped away all traces of shaving cream, then patted Donna's tender flesh dry.

Betty smiled while she squeezed the soft flesh together between her hands. She worked her middle finger down into Donna's cunt and then slowly drew it out. She sighed as she lay down on her back, close against Donna, spreading her thighs as well.

"You're sure pretty," Betty said, looking up at the ceiling mirror.

"So are you."

Betty wrinkled her nose slightly. "Maybe a little, but I'm not stacked like you. Look at your tits. They stick straight up. Mine just kind of mash down under their own weight."

Betty was right. Her tits were a little bigger, but they swayed out to the sides and settled down into round masses of flesh. Donna's tits, on the other hand, stood straight up, the dark red nipples pointed and hard.

"Your cunt's nicer than mine too," Betty said. "Give me your hand."

Betty took Donna's hand, bent her middle finger, and worked it into her cuntlips. Betty's flesh was hot and moist as Donna's finger worked past the inner pussylips and deep into her cunt.

"Now take your other hand and stick your finger in your own cunt."

Donna slipped her finger through her own cuntlips and drove it sleep. There was a difference. Her finger in Betty's cunt slipped in easily. Her own cuntflesh gripped her finger and she had to push hard.

She worked her fingers up and down. There was no mistaking it. Her own cunt was tighter. Betty's hips were rolling slightly with her attentions.

"Oh!" Betty moaned, and jerked her ass up off the bed.

Donna drew her fingers out, and Betty's ass settled back down on the bed.

Betty said, "Well, you can't just leave me like this. Let's make it together."

"I never did it with a woman," Donna said. "How do we handle it?"

"We'll eat each other. You have the smaller cunt. We'll keep you on your back with your legs spread flat to help keep you open. I'll get on top."

Betty got up on her knees and straddled Donna's shoulders. As she spread her knees and settled her cunt down on Donna's mouth. Donna slipped her lips inside the outer fold and against Betty's warm inner cunt-lips.

Betty's inner slit parted easily as Donna pushed her tongue inside as far as she could and then curled the tip up and lapped back toward her cuntlips. Then she turned her tongue down and slowly reached pushed forward, just inside Betty's cuntlips.

Betty gasped and jerked her hips down hard when Donna touched her cunt. Donna drew her tongue back and, when Betty stopped quivering, pushed her tongue in again. She jerked down again, harder than before.

Betty's tongue pushed hard against Donna's cuntlips, forcing the inner slit to part, and slowly thrust inside.

Donna jerked when Betty's tongue touched her clit, a quick pulse of heat shot out through her pussy. At the same time, she stuck her tongue out and touched Betty's cunt, and Betty jerked her cunt down.

They tongue-lapped each other again and again, hitting each other's clit at the same time, jerking against each other. Donna's hips rocked up higher with each tongue-stroke as she levered her knees down to thrust her ass up off the bed.

The quick pulses of heat changed to searing waves in Donna's cunt as Betty lapped her clit faster and harder. She matched Betty's tongue strokes in kind.

Then she tensed and arched her body up hard against Betty's face just as Betty went rigid and slammed her cunt down. They stayed together, swallowing puss juice until they stopped quivering. Then Betty turned around and lay close to Donna's side.

"That was nice, Betty. Thanks."

Betty said, "I sure liked doin' it with you. How about you? Did you really like it?"

Donna hesitated while she thought. It was good, but it lacked something. "Well, it was good to come with you. There's something missing though."

"What's that?"

Donna looked straight up at her image in the mirror. "I miss being with a man. I want to be little and cute and handled by a big strong man. Guess that's what I miss most."

"Well, that's something I'm not," Betty said.

She took Donna in her arms and hugged her tightly. Donna closed her eyes and thought of how it would be to have a man hug her like this, to hold her tightly and fondle her and kiss her while she lay cute and cuddly in his arms. She liked men better than women -- lots better.

Chapter THREE

At the Palomino, Donna found a different kind of world from Kelly's Bar. She and Betty covered the large private lounge easily.

The customers seemed to like her easy smile and trim figure. Some of the younger men grinned while they stuffed big tips into the tops of her stockings. Her income rose when she learned to pose prettily while they stuffed the money under the nylon and fondled her bare upper thighs, sometimes passing their hands over her panty-clad cunt. When they pinched her ass, she would feign pain and the size of their tips would increase.

In a darkened corner, a lone elderly man paid for his drink with a twenty-dollar bill. Donna sorted his change from her tray. When she turned to leave, he grabbed her wrist.

"I'd like to give you a big tip, but I want to deliver it personally," he said.

"Okay. I'm here -- personally."

He held the hem of her dress up with one hand and slipped the bill under the elastic other panties. Then his hand slipped down across the bare skin of her curt and turned, stretching her panties. His finger slipped into her cunt. His mouth dropped open as he drove it deeper.

Then he worked his finger back and touched her clit.

"Oh!" she gasped as her hips jerked.

She looked around. No one could see them. The man's finger probed up again.

"Oh! Oh!"

She put the drink tray on the table and put her hands on his shoulder. He seemed in no hurry, and he made her cunt feel so good. When her hips shook convulsively, he drew his finger away from her clit and then slowly probed upward again.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Her breath came in short gasps. She couldn't be far from coming. That would make a mess of her panties that she couldn't fix short of washing them. As it was, they were going to get wet in front.

She had a hand on his arm and he drew his finger back out of her cunt. "That's as far as I can go."

He said, "Come back later and I'll add twenty to get you all the way."

Her legs were unsteady as she walked away. Donna quickly circulated among her tables and took care of the customers' needs. Then she went to the restroom, stripped off her panties, put them in her locker and crumpled some tissues in her hand.

Holding her drink tray like a shield, she went back to the old man's table and stood, facing him. She put the tray down on the table.

"Okay," she said, "I'm ready."

His face softened as he turned in his chair. One hand slipped up her stocking, toyed briefly with the garter, then went up on her naked hip and around in back of her to grasp her asscheek. The other hand slipped straight up the inner surface of her thigh to rest with his palm turned up against her crotch. His middle finger crooked up, slipped through her cuntlips and slowly probed up to her clit.

"Oh!" she moaned as her hips jerked up.

She put both hands on his shoulder and squeezed. The man turned his head and pressed his cheek against the front of her dress, against her left tit.

"Can you put your tit in my mouth?"

Donna glanced around her. It was dark enough and so secluded that no one could see them. She pulled the front of her dress down so her tits were both exposed. He sucked her tit hard while his finger probed back up, just inside her cuntlips.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

While one hand fingered her pussy, the other squeezed her asscheek tightly, puffing her hip against his side. In spite of his tight grip, her hips jerked each time he touched the nub of her clit. His sucking was making a tingling warmth spread through her tit.

"Ooohh! Oooh! Oooohh!"

Her moaning changed to a whimpering whine that broke whenever he fingered her. Her breath came in short quick gasps.

The man's finger pushed harder against her clit and the quick pulses of heat spread in waves that subsided but didn't die before his finger struck again. Now her hips rolled up against his finger, shoving her bare cunt mound hard against his knuckles.

"Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!"

Then the waves of heat built one upon another, making her pussy hotter and hotter. She let go of his shoulder and grabbed his hand, pressing his palm tight against her cunt. The grip on her asscheek tightened, supporting her weight as he cradled her hips against him. His finger continued stroking her clit, making the heat build toward the peak.


Her legs shook as her hot cuntjuice flowed out through her spread pussylips. Donna took the wad of tissue and mopped at the flowing cum, keeping it from running down her thighs.

When her cuntjuice stopped flowing, she grabbed his hand and pulled his finger out of her cunt. She mopped once more at her cuntlips, then she took more of the tissue and wiped his finger clean.

Her legs were unsteady but strong enough to stand when he released her asscheek. He took his mouth from her tit.

Donna wiped her nipple dry, then pulled the front of her dress up, covering her tits. The hem of her dress was crooked. She tugged it in place as best she could.

The man pressed a twenty-dollar bill into her hand.

"No! I don't want your money," Donna said, handing it back, "It was so nice, doing that with you, but not for a tip..."

"Please. I insist." He put the bill on her drink tray and smiled up at her. "Would you like a part-time office job?"

"Doing what?"

"File clerk."

"I don't know how to do office work."

"Don't you know the alphabet?"

"Yes, of course."

"That's all you need to know," he said. "If you're interested, just apply at the employment office. Here's my card."

He handed her his business card, rose, murmured good-night and left.

It was on legs that were weak and wobbly that she made her way back to the restroom. She took the tip and crumpled it in her hand, looked at it, shrugged, put the tip in her purse and turned on the hot water. Using wet towels, she cleaned the remaining sticky cum from her cuntlips, being careful to not get water on her dress. She wiped her cunt dry, slipped her panties on, smoothed her dress down and looked in the mirror.

Donna closed her purse, took up her drink tray, and returned to the lounge. Her easy smile returned as she inquired after her customers' needs, accepted their tips in the tops of her stockings and let them fondle her legs while she wiggled her ass prettily, feeling good at being touched.

She was bent low over a table, cleaning it, when a hand pressed her back down, beard stubble brushed her shoulder and fingers felt in the elastic band in the back of her panties. A hand slipped inside, went down over the crack of her ass and gripped her crotch. One warm finger slipped into her cunt and probed forward.

"Oh!" she gasped at her hips jerked down against the table. "Tony, let me up!"

Again he touched her clit lightly, and again her hips whacked down against the table. Then he slipped his finger out of her cunt and his hand out of her panties.

"You've been doing a terrific job tonight, Donna. I've heard a lot of good comments about that cute new girl. Have the tips been coming all right?"

"Yeah," she said, "they've been generous here. No problem."

He looked at her closely. "Are you feeling okay? Your face looks a little flushed."

"I feel fine."

"Good. Things are slow here tonight. Come on back to the office. Betty can cover for you."

The door to Tony's office closed behind Donna and locked with a click. The room was very big. The large couch in the corner was accompanied by a system of mirrors on the ceiling above it and on the two nearby walls.

Tony took her in his arms, bent his head down and kissed her. She clutched her arms around his neck and pushed her firm tits against his chest as she parted her lips, enjoying the sweet taste of his mouth. Her breathing quickened until he took his lips away.

"God but you're beautiful," he said, looking down at her body. "I want all of you!"

"I'll give it all to you," Donna said. "Let me get you naked first."

He let go of her shoulders while she unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off his shoulders, down on his arms. She squatted and took off his shoes and socks, then reached up and opened his fly. While she pulled his pants down, he'd taken off his T-shirt, leaving only his bulging shorts.

While she'd seen it before, it made her heart pound in her chest to kneel and take his shorts by the elastic band and pull them down to make his big cock spring free in front of her face. It was swelled and getting stiff. It hardened completely when she took the shaft in her hands and kissed the prickhead.

Tony helped her to her feet, then reached under her dress and slipped her little bikini panties down, letting them fall around her ankles. She stepped out of them, took his hand and let him led her to his desk.

Tony sat on the swivel chair and held his hands up inside her dress, grasping her naked hips.

He smiled. "I think we've been in this position before."

"I think you're right," she said. "Would you like to see a little more of me?"

"Just a bit more."

His hands slipped back and down a little and grasped her asscheeks tightly. She bent her waist far back in his support and slowly drew the hem of her dress up. He followed the movement until her cunt was exposed, then followed the edge of the dress until she drew the silk all the way off. As he looked at her body, now clad only in flesh-colored stockings and black high-heeled shoes, his lustful expression changed to one of adoration.

The chair creaked and broke the spell.

Donna looked down, smiled, and said, "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking you're the most beautiful creature God ever made..."

She held his face in her hands. "It's nice of you to say that. You're beautiful, too."

"Thanks, Donna. Are you ready?"

"Do it to me."

As Tony leaned back in the chair, she fit first one leg, then the other, through the space under the arms. Her thighs were spread straight out to the sides, resting down against his spread legs, her bare cunt just above the head of his stiff cock.

With her cunt still out of reach of his cock, she made a trial thrust of her hips. By pivoting her outward-splayed thighs on his legs, she could swing her cunt down against his cock. She was ready for action.

Donna wiggled her ass and squirmed her legs down closer to him, bringing her cunt to his cockhead.

When her cunt touched his cock, she took the outer folds of her cuntlips in her hands and stretched them wide. She lowered herself onto his cockhead. His cockhead was halfway buried in her cunt when a quick jab of pain shot out from the tight inner slit.

Donna stopped lowering herself and waited for the pain to go away. It stopped hurting after a few seconds, so she slowly swung her hips closer, pushing her tightly stretched cunt down over his cock. Her inner cuntlips slipped down onto his cockshaft, feeling less stretched after passing over the bulge of his prickhead. She worked her hips in small movements.

Tony said, "I'm afraid I can't help you much. I'm kind of pinned down to the chair."

"That's okay," she said. "I'll wiggle around enough for both of us."

She flexed her hips and the lips of her pussy slipped down on his cockshaft. As she slipped down closer to his groin, a wave of heat flowed up her cunt, following the path of his cockhead.

Her little bare cunt mound touched his cockhair, and then Donna rolled her ass up, drawing her cunt back up the shaft of his cock and letting the nice wave of heat diminish. She pulled her ass back until her cuntlips pulled against the bulge of his cockhead, then she flexed her hips forward, sending her cunt back down the shaft.

Now she flexed her hips faster and faster, running her cuntlips over his cock harder and making the waves of heat in her cunt flow together. It was a delightful feeling to have the tingling warmth in her cunt rise and fall, rise and fall. Her whole body flexed with her hip motions, whipping her long blonde hair out over Tony's face.

Tony's fingers gripped her tits, kneading the firm flesh and sending tingling flashes down through her belly to join the waves of heat inside her cunt. The waves of heat in her cunt built higher and higher, and she flexed her hips faster, ramming her cunt down over his cock and slamming her little cunt mound against his hairy groin. Her whimpering breath came in quick gasps.

Her hips flexed harder but slower as the heat in her cunt welled toward the peak. Then she clutched Tony's shoulders and slammed her body against his.


Her cuntjuice ran hot over his stiff cock, flowing in waves as her ass quivered each time it pumped. He gripped her ass-cheeks tightly and held her close.

She rolled her ass up and drew her cunt back to where his cockhead pulled at her cuntlips. Then she flexed her hips and drove her cunt back down the shaft of his cock. The effort was hard on her hips, but she figured he couldn't be far from coming.

His face was red and he gasped each time she rammed her cunt down. He held the soft flesh of her hips and helped give her power, guiding her ass to him slower each time.

Then he grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her down his cock, smashing her hard against him as his cum spurted into her cunt. Donna put her arms around his back and pressed herself against him. When his cum stopped pumping, he put a hand up, brushed her hair out of his face and kissed her.

"Donna, you are terrific."

"You were great yourself, Tony. You know, we have a problem."

"What's that."

"I'm so weak I can't move, and my legs are all tangled up in this chair. We may have to stay this way forever."

"I can think of worse ways to go."

Tony held one of her legs and helped her pull it free while she drew her ass back, puffing her curd off his limp cock. With one foot on the floor, she drew the other free and stood on shaky legs.

She looked at the cum on the chair as Tony got up.

"We've made a mess here," she said. "Do you have a towel or something?"

"Yeah, there's some towels in the drawer here." He took out a stack of thick bath towels.

Donna wiped the cum off the leather upholstery of the chair. Then she spread her cuntlips in her fingers and wiped them as clean as she could.

Donna slipped on her panties and shook the wrinkles out of her dress.

"I'd better put my clothes back on and help Betty," she said. "She must think I've jumped ship."

"I think Betty will understand. She doesn't mind working alone. That's how she furnished her apartment."

Chapter FOUR

It was late morning and Donna had just dressed when footsteps clumped up the outside stairs and the doorbell rang. She went to the door.

"Well, Miss Tyler," Jerry Watts said, "you're always a pretty sight. Mind if I come in?"

She shrugged and stood aside. He would come in anyway. State social workers were that way.


"What do you want?"

"Goodness! You'd think I wasn't welcome here."

"Jerry, you've been on my ass ever since I had Danny. What do you want now?"

He didn't answer her. Instead, he looked around the apartment as though admiring the furnishings. He went to the couch and sat down.

"This joint's a real dump," he said. "You keep it clean and neat, but it's a dump anyway. Not a very good place to bring up a baby."

"Get to the point!"

"All right. Here's the point. The minute you gave birth to Danny, the state took an active interest in his welfare. For a young single parent, living on the edge of poverty, custody isn't automatic. Look, just let me put you on welfare. You'll get more than you're making now. There won't be any questions of your being fit to keep him."

Hot blood rushed to her cheeks. "You son of a bitch! I'll never sponge off the taxpayers. I've always done my part and I'll just keep on doing it."

"We've been through this before. You've had a damn rough time, but I have to look at the dry statistics. Donna, there are state guidelines for minimum acceptable support. I have to work within those limits. How much money do you make that you can depend on?"

"I run the bar here at Kelly's and I just got a part-time job as cocktail waitress at the Palomino. I make three-fifty-five an hour, plus I get to keep all my tips."

"I said money that you can depend on. I think that boils down to three-fifty-five an hour."

She glanced at the bedroom door. Suddenly she felt a sense of panic, her heart pounded hard and fast. It pounded so hard she could feel it.

"You cocksucker! You stay away from Danny! I'll kill you if you try to take him away from me!"

He spread his hands, palms up. "Calm down, Donna. I'm on your side. The state has the right to take over custody of your son. The state could do that, but I have some discretionary authority."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm saying that, if you're nice to me, I could overlook your salary shortfall -- for now. You're a beautiful woman. Every man thinks of taking someone like you to bed."

"That's it? You just want to fuck me?"

"In a word, yes."

She let her breath out slowly. Maybe things weren't going to be so bad after all. He wasn't such a bad-looking guy. Maybe he was good in bed.

Jerry unzipped his coat and shrugged out of it. He turned and looked at her, a slight smile on his face. His eyes started at her hair and traveled down to her tits, waist, hips and legs. The smile on his face turned into a leering grin as his eyes seemed to bore right through her clothing. Other men had leered at her, but not in such an evil way.

"You're a good-looking girl, but you'll look better if you get ready."


"Your clothes. We can fuck better if you take your clothes off."

Numbly, she reached back and drew the zipper on her dress down to her ass. She slipped it down off her arms and down off her hips and legs. His eyes followed the hem of her slip as she drew it off her hips and up over her head.

By the time she'd tossed the slip aside and was unhooking her bra, he'd shed his pants and was unbuttoning his shirt. She pulled the little lacy garment forward and the cups stuck to her tits, then popped free, making them jiggle slightly, then stick out firmly.

Jerry stood naked before her, his cock hard and curved up slightly. His grin broadened as he looked at her in panties, sheer stockings, high-heeled shoes, and her flimsy little garter belt.

"I'll take care of the rest," he said, as he slipped his hands into her panties and peeled the thin garment down off her hips. She stepped out of them.

He reached down to her cunt and pinched the bare pussylips together tightly, then he ran his hand up on the smooth cunt mound.

"Now that's what I call kinky," he said. "Kinky but nice."

He grabbed her tits and pulled them, then let the flesh slip through his fingers to bounce back. He pulled them again and again, grinning more broadly with each tug.

Finally, he held her by the waist and pushed her back. She took a step back against the bed and sat down. He pushed her down on her back and ran his hands down on her legs. His hands were rough on the tender flesh of her thighs as he grabbed her just above the knees, brought her legs up and spread her thighs straight out to the sides.

His fingers worked into her cuntlips and stretched them wide. A rough finger pushed her inner slit open and probed into her cunt.

"Oh!" Her hips jerked up, then her ass settled to the bed.

Jerry drew his finger out and said, "That's a cute little cunt you have, Miss Tyler, but I think we'll do something else this time."

He closed her legs and, grabbing her hips, rolled her over onto her stomach. After crawling upon the bed, he stuck an arm under her waist and drew her up on her knees.

His own knees pushed between hers and spread her legs apart, leaving her with her ass up high and her tits resting on the bed.

His finger pushed lightly against her asshole -- lightly at first. Then it pushed harder and twisted back and forth. She tried to hold her ass closed tightly, but his finger pushed too hard. It slipped in all the way to his first knuckle.

Jerry twisted his finger back and forth as he fucked it in and out. Finally, he pulled his finger out and got off the bed, leaving her on her knees, her legs spread.

"Now don't go away, Miss Tyler," he said. "I'll be right back."

Clattering noises came from the bathroom. He came back with a bottle of baby oil. Her face flushed hot at the sight of it.

"You bastard! You leave that alone! That's Danny's!"

"Please calm yourself, Miss Tyler. You might say that everything we do is for Danny. This will just make it easier for you. It won't hurt as much."

The bottle gurgled behind her, then his finger slipped easily into her asshole and worked back and forth. With his finger lubricated, it didn't hurt as much when he thrust it in.

He shifted on the bed and settled his body down over her back, his hands grasping her asscheeks.

His hands spread the cheeks of her ass, then his cock pushed against her asshole, gently at first, then harder.

Helpless to do otherwise, Donna waited, her ass high, her tits pressed into the bed, her face turned to the side, waited for his big cock to pry her asshole open. She tried to squeeze her asscheeks closed, but Jerry's hands were too strong. Slowly, her asshole opened and the big head of his cock pushed its way in. As the cockhead fucked inside, she could feel the muscles in her asshole tighten down on his cockshaft.

His cockhead brought a wave of searing heat as it fucked deep into her ass. Then the heat went away as he drew out -- drew out to where the prickhead was just inside her asshole. Then he fucked back in.

Donna began to enjoy the waves of heat his cock brought her. Her hips soon began rocking slightly to the motion of his cock. The successive waves of heat became a delightful aching pain that ran through her hips and cunt, rising and falling, rising and falling.

Without breaking the rhythm of the thrusts of his cock, Jerry reached an arm under her and slipped a finger into her cunt. It pushed through her inner slit and hooked inside her cunt.

"Oh!" Her body jolted with the stab of heat. His finger drew back, then fucked in again.


She couldn't remain passive, taking his abuse without moving. Each time he touched her clit, her hips shook as the pulse of heat trailed off.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Now he fingered her clit each time his cock drew back in her ass. The wave of heat in her ass barely peaked and was just receding when the pulse of heat hit her clit. Her breath came in quick gasps. A whine escaped from her throat.

Jerry's cock-strokes in her ass came faster and harder. He fingered her clit harder too. The pulses of heat in her clit changed to a wave -- a big wave -- building higher.

"Ooohhh!" Her cuntjuice flooded over his finger, making her hips jerk in quick spasms.

His cock drove harder but slower. Then he grunted and rammed full length up her ass, slamming his hips against her asscheeks. His cum spurted hot, deep in her ass.

He quivered against her each time he spurted. Each time his jism shot into her, it was less than the time before. Finally, all motion ceased.

Still holding his finger in her cunt, he drew his spent cock out of her ass. He moved his finger to her clit one more time, sending her hips into a spasm, then drew his hand away.

He pulled her knees back, bringing her down on her stomach. Then he rolled her over on her back and spread her thighs again.

Jerry leaned down, parted her cuntlips with his hands, and kissed her inner puss silt. She lay with her legs open, watching him, an empty feeling in her stomach, her energy drained, too exhausted to move, too exhausted even to speak.

He dressed quickly, not bothering to straighten his shirt.

"You're a nice little piece of ass, Miss Tyler," he said. "I liked ass-fucking you, and I think you liked it too. Rest assured your financial problems are a well -- guarded secret with me -- for now. I can let myself out. Please don't get up."

With much effort, Donna got up, stripped off her stockings and started the shower. It was time she went out and found another job, she thought. She needed income she could depend on.

Chapter FIVE

Donna agonized over filling out the part of the employment application that referred to work experience. She was tempted to lie and fill in several jobs she might have held as file clerk. But that would be too easy to check. Besides, it wasn't her nature to lie. She briefly described her experience as a cocktail waitress and handed the form back to the secretary.

The secretary scanned the form and shook her head slightly, and made a clucking noise. With a sympathetic smile, she rose and took the form into another room.

"Mister Morrison will see you now." The words jarred Donna. She looked up. The middle-aged secretary was standing in front of her, still smiling sympathetically. Donna stood and went through the door the secretary held open for her.

The door clicked shut behind her as she stood in the huge office of Sydney Morrison. In the bright light, he was no longer the faceless elderly man who liked to finger her cunt in the dark. The man who sat behind the desk was probably sixty, had iron-gray hair, a few deep creases in his face, but otherwise had the clear skin of a much younger man.

He rose and offered her a chair beside his desk. When she sat, he took the other chair, a few feet away. His voice was deep and courteous.

"Thank you for coming in, Donna. I'm really glad you are seeking employment."

"Thank you for inviting me, Mister Morrison."

"Syd. Please call me Syd."

"Okay, Syd. Thank you. I really need the work."


She told him about Danny and the social worker.

He shook his head slightly. "I hope that turns out well. As I said last night, there are no particular qualifications for a file clerk -- except being able to read and write." He picked up her application. "Since you were able to fill this out completely, I know you can do both. This is a part-time job, running from one to five."

"Is there much competition for this job?"

"A lot," he said. "Donna, I hope the events of last night haven't influenced you."

Her ears turned hot. "Of course not."

"Well, last night -- you see, I'm not a young man any more. Last night I saw you as a beautiful woman. I just had to hold your private parts -- your cunt."

"Syd, are you trying to tell me something?"

"In a way, yes. Obviously I can't tell you your job hinges on this. I will say that if you can show me a good time, I'll never forget you."

"All right, Syd. I'll fuck you, but it'll be because I want to. If I get the job, I want it to be because I'm good enough to do it, not because I fucked you. Okay?"

He nodded. "Sure, Donna, that's okay."

"We can use your couch."

"It folds out. I'll lock the door," Syd said as he laid his glasses on the desk.

The door made a loud mechanical clack as Donna went to the couch, pulled the velvet loop out and watched the couch unfold into a full size bed.

Syd looked embarrassed as he came back and stood before her.

"I don't quite know how to tell you this, Donna. Sometimes I'm not a very good lover. I have a lot of trouble getting it hard."

She couldn't keep from looking down at his pants. His cock might not be hard, but there was nothing small about the bulge.

"Maybe I can help you. Why don't you strip me down?"

His hands shook as he worked the zipper on her dress. Then the air was cooler on her back and he slipped it down off her shoulders. It fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and turned to face him.

His hands were steadier when he pulled her sp up over her head. He let it drop and took the front of her lacy bra in his hands. He pulled the garment back off her arms and she stepped forward, grasping his shoulders, pressing her tits against him.

Syd put his arms around her waist, drew her close, bent down and kissed her as she tipped her head up. His breath was clean and sweet. When she slipped her tongue into his mouth, he eagerly took it, sucking it deep. She could feel the bulge of his cock growing, pressing against her panties. He released her tongue and took his lips away from hers.

His hands got steadier as he bent down and toyed with one of her little lacy garters, running his fingers under it.

His face colored when he slipped his finger under the waistband of her panties. She grinned and wiggled as he worked the thin nylon down off her asscheeks. Her cunt had turned moist. The cloth stuck to her cunt-lips momentarily, then slipped down her legs and dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them.

He held her hips and looked down. His voice was almost reverent as he said, "You are absolutely beautiful, Donna."

"Thank you, Syd. Now let me undress you."

She reached up and pulled the knot out of his tie and then unbuttoned his shirt. She knelt on the carpet and slipped off his shoes and socks, then reached up and unzipped his fly. His hands caressed her hair while she unbuckled his belt and worked his pants down off his legs.

There was a damp spot on his shorts. When she pulled them down, a drop of pre-cum fell from his cock.

Still on her knees before him, she held his hips, took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked it hard. His hands held her head lightly as she worked the cock into her mouth, letting the prickhead slip back in her throat and pressing her face into his gray cockhair. She swallowed and drew the head down deep and his hips shook in her hands.

She drew her mouth back off Syd's prick and stood up.

"P bet I can get it hard," she said. "Let's use the bed."

She led him to the bed, and positioned him on his back. She straddled his shoulders and brought her mouth down to his cock. She ran her tongue all over the shaft, then licked at the loose skin on the underside. He shuddered slightly when her tongue touched his piss-slit. His cock grew a little harder, so she started sucking the head, letting it enter her mouth a little at a time until it touched her throat. Then she quickly ran her lips down the cockshaft, feeling her throat push down around the head. She ran her lips up and down the length of the shaft, feeling the cockhead grow harder in her throat.

"I think ft's hard enough now," Donna said. "Are you ready to fuck me?"

"I'm ready," he said. "Donna, you're amazing."

She lay on her back and spread her stockinged thighs straight out, letting them settle down flat on the bed. He got between her legs and nudged his cockhead against her bare cunt.

She took the cock in her hand and worked the head up and down the moist surface of her outer cuntlips, feeling it rub hat against her closed pussy slit.

Suddenly, the cockhead slipped inside, making her gasp at the flash of pain that quickly faded. She looked down between them, down between her tits, at her cunt. His cock had the sides of her slick cunt pushed wide and most of his hard shaft was still outside her.

He fucked into her as she lay passively, receiving his thrust with its nice little tingling wave of heat. His hairy groin touched her bare cunt mound with his cock buried fully in her, then he started to draw back slowly.

She pressed the sides of her spread knees into the bed and levered her ass up, making her cunt rise with his cock. When her ass was well clear of the bed, she let her hips swing back, letting the wave of tingling heat recede from her pussy as she pulled away from him.

Syd drew his prick out until the bulge of his cockhead reached her cuntlips, then he stopped and fucked back in.

Donna lunged her ass up off the bed, swinging her cunt up to meet his downward drive. The wave of heat rose higher as her cunt slipped up his cockshaft. As they came together, she whined and gripped his shoulders hard. They touched and drew apart, her ass swinging back down.

Syd's slow, rhythmic thrusts, were making her pussy pulse with heat. Then the heat pulses turned to big waves of tingling warmth, not fading between cock-strokes, but building, each wave hotter than the one before.

He raised his head and breathed fast. Her breathing increased as well as writhed under him, whimpering and whining with each hard stroke of his cock.

Sensing she was about to come, Donna arched her back and held her hips up off the bed, holding her cunt steady and letting him fuck straight into her.

"Ooohhh!" she screamed, going rigid.

Syd thrust all the way in and drew her up hard against him as she felt her cunt juice flood in waves up over his cock, washing away the delicious heat that was consuming her. Her hips jerked and quivered against him with each wave.

Finally, her pussy juice stopped flowing as she went limp in his arms, drained of all energy. She opened her eyes and parted her lips. Syd smiled and bent down and kissed her tenderly.

His cock was still in her cunt, still as hard as a rock, and still ready to go.

Donna wanted to keep going. She wanted that, but her energy was drained. Her legs were like rubber.

She did raise her head and kiss him. She had enough energy for that, but nothing more.

After a time, the empty feeling in her gut passed. She held Syd's head in her hands and pulled his face down as she raised her head. She kissed him and reveled in the strength of his mouth, the kindness in his face.

"Are you ready to do it again?"

"I think so," she said. "Try me."

As he slipped his arm from under her ass, she pushed her outward-splayed knees down and held her ass up. While he drew his cock out, she let her ass touch the bed. Then he fucked back in, and she rose to meet him, her cunt mound shoved hard against his hairy crotch.

Donna said, "I'm ready. Like to try a different position?"

"Okay, how about you on the top?"

He slowly drew his stiff cock back until the bulge of the cockhead spread her cuntlips, then all the way out. Donna closed her legs and rolled out from under him as he turned over onto his back. She got up on her knees and straddled his loins.

Donna reached down and spread her cuntlips. She wiggled her ass to position her pussy down on his cockhead. It was still hard, so she pushed herself down on his cockshaft, letting the prick-head thrust deep.

When her mound pushed against his groin, she stopped and brought her tits up off his chest. Her long hair spilled over his face, but he didn't seem to mind. He slipped his hands from the hollows of her waist down onto the soft flesh of her hips and gripped her there. He lay there, looking down between them, past her tits.

"God, but you're beautiful," he said.

"What part of me?"

"All of you. Every bit."

"Thanks. You're a handsome guy. I'm ready now."

He flexed his prick and slowly thrust up into her. His cockhead made a delightful ache as it fucked all the way up to her womb. The ache faded as he drew his cock back.

He thrust up again, and Donna met him halfway. His cockhead burned hotter, making a nice burning ache that exploded against her womb.

Syd continued fucking hard into her. It drove the breath from her every time he thrust into her. She found herself having to catch a quick gasp as he drew back and poised for the next stroke.

The burning, aching heat built up in her cunt, burning more as his cockhead thrust deep within her, aching more as his hairy groin smashed up against her smooth pussy mound. Her gasping breath broke into a whine with each cock stroke.

"Oooh! Oooh! Ooohh!"

The aching grew hotter with each stroke, hotter than she had ever known before, hotter than she could stand it.

"Ooohhh! Oooohhh!" she shouted, throwing herself down on him and mashing her tits into his chest.

Donna slammed her cunt down on his crotch and lay against him, quivering and pumping her cuntjuice over his cock.

When her cuntjuice stopped flowing, the empty feeling returned to her gut. She had no strength. All she could do was lie straddling him, her tired pussy still impaled on his hard cock, her tits mashed into his hard chest. He shifted both arms to her back and drew her down tightly against him.

With an effort, she took her face out of the hollow of his shoulder and turned her head toward him. Syd met her face and kissed her.

He smiled at her, and she tried to do the same but lacked the strength. She hoped he would understand.

"You're something else, Syd," she said with an effort. "You're cock is still hard inside me and ready to go. How do you do it?"

"I owe it all to the pretty woman on top of me. She gave me everything I have."

Donna slowly drew her ass up, pulling her cuntlips up on his cockshaft. With only the prickhead left inside her, she shoved her hips down and fully impaled herself on his cock, her bare cunt mound pushed down hard against his crotch.

She raised her head and said, "I'm ready now. What position would you like?"

"It's your choice, Donna. Pick something that's easier on you."

"Dog-fuck me."

"That isn't very easy on you."

"I can rest my head on a pillow. My ass bobs around by itself. I'll be okay."

She drew herself up on his prick until his cockhead spread her cuntlips. Then she slowly raised herself until the head was completely out of her and the inner lips slipped shut. It as an effort to draw her leg up off him.

She turned her face to the side and put her head down on a pillow, leaving her ass up high.

Syd got up on his knees behind her and put an arm under her waist. His cock pushed from beneath her, up through her inner cuntlips and nudged against her quivering flesh. She pulled her belly in and rolled her ass down to guide the prick toward her.

"Oh!" She sucked in her breath when his cockhead bumped her womb.

The hot cock slid back and poised for another thrust. When it came, it was harder.


A whimper escaped from her as his cock slid back. Then he fucked in hard.


The pulse of heat and the tingling ache remained for a time after each thrust.

"Oh! Syd, I like that!" Donna moaned, her voice low. "Oh! Love me?"

Nonsense phrases of endearment flowed from her whining throat as his hard cock fucked deep into her pussy.

"Oooh! Give it to me faster!"

He reached up, cupped her tits in his hands and squeezed as he increased the pace and fucked up into her cunt faster and harder with each stroke. The burning streaks of aching pain spread through her cunt and then became one continuous burn as he fucked into her faster yet.

"Oh!" she groaned, and then broke off with a whimper as his cockhead withdrew for the next blow. "Ouch!"

A whine escaped from her throat. Her ass bobbed out of control as she looked back and saw his cock pull back and poise, ready to fuck in for the finish.


Her burning cunt in ice met his searing spunk as he shuddered against her, holding her tits in his iron grip, his cock rock-hard and jerking in her pussy.

When her breathing slowed, Syd lowered her to the bed.

Donna twisted around onto her back. She drew her legs up and splayed them out before him.

Syd reached for her cunt and held each lip between thumb and forefinger. "You're beautiful, Donna, but this is the most beautiful part of you."

"I'm glad you like it," she said. "What time is it?"

"About three."

"Can we sleep together here for an hour? You've left me as weak as a kitten."

"Sure. Can you start work tomorrow at one?"

Chapter SIX

At three-thirty, the atmosphere in the dimly lit lounge was quiet and relaxed. While it was quiet and relaxed, the action was bawdy. In the half hour she'd served drinks, Donna had had her ass pinched, her tits fondled through her dress and a number of attempts made by customers to slip their hands inside her panties. She had endured the pinches and squeezes and fended off the hands that felt for her cunt.

With her assigned tables taken care of, she joined Betty, standing at a nearby vacant booth with her drink tray half full. Her hair was mussed and her dress was wrinkled and twisted at her waist.

"Hey, kid!" Betty said. "How do you stay so neat and well-groomed?"

"Mostly by being fast on my feet."

Betty smiled. "I guess that'll keep you neat, but you'll make better tips if you let them abuse you a little."

"How's that?"

Betty said, "Watch this customer. That guy knows me. I'll show you a little trick I learned at a bar in Hawaii."

Betty set her tray down, put her hands under her dress, and stripped her panties down to her feet, then folded the nylon and put it on her drink tray.

Betty went two tables down, set her tray on the edge of the table and put a drink in front of the lone customer. She took his money and handed the man his change. He wrapped a ten around his middle finger and held it out low.

Betty lifted the front of her dress to her waist, stepped over to his finger, bent her knees slightly, and nudged her cunt up to his money clad finger. Her cuntlips seemed to pulse around the finger. Both the money and the finger gradually disappeared inside her.

The customer must have crooked his finger, for Betty gasped and jerked her hips, but the finger and the money remained inside her cunt.

She wiggled her ass slightly as she backed away from his hand. Her cunt came away from his bare finger. She worked two fingers into her cunt and slipped out the ten-dollar bill. The customer applauded.

Donna took her tray and circulated between the tables. Conversations invariably stopped when she drew near, and men stared at her.


The voice was from the dark booth in the corner. Donna approached. The two men sitting there had been drinking, but they seemed in control of themselves.

"Gentlemen, what can I do for you?"

One of them said, "Miss, you can help us settle an argument. My friend here says he could fuck you in this booth for a hundred dollars. I say no, it'd take two hundred. Which one of us is right?"

"I'm sorry, but you're both wrong. I'm not a whore."

She turned and walked away, ignoring their protests. She'd never fucked for money and she never would. But all women use sex for favors. Well, favors or not, she'd been rude to a couple of customers. That wasn't good.

She turned and went back to the dark corner. Her eyes got accustomed to the gloom. The two men were still sitting side by side on the long padded seat. A table stood to each side of them. They were watching her approach.

She set her drink tray on one of the tables, rested a hand on each table and bent down in the open space toward them.

"Gentlemen, I owe you an apology. I shouldn't have been rude to you. I'm sorry."

"That's okay," the fair-haired one said. "I guess we were out of line. I'm Joe and this is Mike."

"Hi, guys, I'm Donna."

"Hi, Donna," Mike said.

Joe said, "We'd never have propositioned you except we get used to joking with Betty."

"Yeah, Betty's that way," Donna said.

"Betty lets us play with her toys," Mike said.

"Which toys?"

"She lets us squeeze her tits and finger her cunt and her ass. One time when things were slow, she spread herself right here and I fucked her."

"Is that what you want from me?"

"Yeah, I'd like it," Joe said.

"Well, I don't think I want to go that far. I guess if you want to squeeze my tits, it's okay."

She pulled the front of her dress down and leaned a little closer as Joe took her tits in his hands. He wasn't rough as he kneaded the firm flesh. It set up a warm tingling glow that spread through her chest.

He took her nipples and pinched them, drew them out slightly, then let them slip back. Donna's breathing grew faster.

Mike reached under her dress and ran his hands over her panties, caressing her hips and running his fingers up and down from her wait to her thighs. Then his hands moved to her asscheeks spreading them through her panties, then letting them close.

She found herself wiggling her ass to his motions, thrusting her hips toward him when ever he spread her asscheeks.

"Is it okay if I finger your cunt?" Mike asked.

Donna tried to answer him, but her breath came in short gasps. After she tried twice and couldn't speak, Joe stopped squeezing her. While she stood waiting for her breathing to slow, she wondered what she should tell him. His hands had been like fire on her hips. She wanted his finger in her cunt.

"Okay, Mike, pull my panties down. Don't make me come, though. I can't stay here long."

Mike slipped his hands down inside her panties and peeled them all the way to the floor. When she stepped out of them, he put them on the table.

Donna spread her feet wide and moved her ass down, holding her hips forward. Mike's fingers worked through the outer folds of her cuntlips. One finger, then the other, parted her tight inner lips and pinched them gently.

His fingers were hot on her tender flesh as he rubbed up and down on her cuntlips. She couldn't keep her ass from bobbing as she rocked her hips against the motion of his hands. She gasped and tossed her head back and forth, making her hair fly.

"Wait!" she cried.

Mike's hands stopped massaging her cunt.

"I'm going to fall down this way," she said. "Mike, can you just hold your hands that way and let me move against them?"

"Okay. Joe, you're doing fine. Keep it up?" Joe started kneading and squeezing her tits again, keeping the warm, tingling glow alive in her chest. She braced her legs and slowly thrust her hips up, slipping her tender cuntlips through Mike's fingers.

Her head tossed with her motions, sending her long hair flying back and forth. Her breath came in a gasp each time she whipped her ass out, and her hips rocked faster and faster, harder and harder, building the heat in her cunt.

Then the tingling heat started rising, never falling back now as she rolled her ass faster and faster. The heat rose as she rolled her ass as fast as she could. Then she peaked.


Her legs wobbled and Mike's hands grabbed her hips. Joe gripped her waist and held her up.

Her cuntjuice flowed out, running on the carpet, but she didn't care. Her hips rocked slower and slower, pumping the last of the fuck juice out of her. Her legs turned weak, unable to support her.

Her breathing slowed. She tried her spread legs. They were weak, but she didn't fall. When she pushed herself upright, the guys released her.

"Thanks, guys," she said. "That was quite an experience."

"You're something else, Donna," Mike said. "Sure you don't want a rematch?"

Donna took the towel from the drink tray and wiped at her cuntlips while she considered his offer.

"I'll see if I can get back a little later," she said as she pulled her panties up. "Do you want fresh drinks?"

"Yeah, sure," Joe said.

Donna moved on, circulating among the tables, smiling, exchanging pleasantries with customers, taking their drink orders, having her tits squeezed, having her ass pinched, and protecting her cunt.

Then she took her tray and sauntered down near the darkened corner. When she paused at a dimly lit booth, an arm encircled her waist and pulled tier in. Her fray clattered on the table as she landed on someone's lap.

"Let me go!" she cried, struggling to getup. "Relax, baby," a slurred voice said. "All I want is a little lovin'!"

His hands slipped down to her waist, then down to her knees. She sucked in her stomach and pushed her legs together with all her strength, but it wasn't enough. Slowly, with jerky movements, he spread her legs apart. Then he tucked her lower legs under his, holding her open.

His hand pawed over her panties, then his fingers hooked inside the cloth. He twisted and pulled, drawing her ass up from his lap as the fabric stretched. Almost without a sound, the nylon tore, ripping the a etch of her panties open.

Now his arm went down between her legs, but he didn't touch her cunt. There was the sound of a zipper, then hot flesh pushed against her crotch. His cock was rock-hard against her as he fingered her cuntlips, spreading them wide.

His cock moved against her spread outer cuntlips, then pushed against her inner slit. He rocked his hips under her, pressing in harder. Donna pushed her ass back, trying to bring her cunt up farther, but the man gripped her hips, holding her down.

He strained harder and her inner cuntlips parted as his cockhead fucked inside.

Then he brought his hands back up on her tits and squeezed them so hard it hurt as he fucked up into her. She brought her cunt up, slowly drawing her cuntlips back up on his prick, feeling the bulge of his cockhead spread them wider, drawing herself up off his cock.

Straining mightily, she pulled one leg from under him and half-lunged, half-rolled in his arms, turning to face him, pushing herself up, standing up and taking a step back.

She took a few breaths, then she leaned a little closer, still remaining out of his reach, and spoke softly.

"I'm sorry, sir," she said, "but I don't fuck unless someone asks me first! You've had a lot to drink. Can I bring you some coffee?"

He looked astonished. "Yes... sure. Coffee will be fine. I'm sorry."

She reached down through the ragged bottom of her panties and felt her cuntlips. They were wet and slippery. With the towel from her tray, she wiped them as clean and dry as she could. She brushed at her hair, picked up her tray, and moved on.

A minute later, she was in the restroom, her dress drawn up to her waist. The torn-out crotch of her panties showed her shaved cunt. When she slipped her panties off and smoothed her dress down, it concealed her cunt. She would just have to be careful about leaning over tables.

Donna went to the kitchen, drew a cup of coffee and took it back past the attendant at the door. Returning to the drunk's table, she found him asleep with his head on his arm. She left the coffee in front of him. Betty was a few tables, away. Donna joined her.

"How's the campaign going, honey?"

"I'm surviving," Donna said. "What do you know about Joe and Mike?"

"They're a real pair. They tip big."

"What do they do?"

Betty laughed briefly. "Anything they can get away with. They proposition you?"

Donna nodded.

"Well, they aren't bad," Betty said. "They've gotten a little rough at times, but they didn't mean any harm."

"They were pretty nice to me. I'd like to pay them back."

"You need some privacy?"

"It would help."

Betty set her tray down and opened the little vinyl pouch she carried on it. She took out a key.

"This is to Tony's private office. He isn't around tonight. I guess you know your way around there."

"What if Tony comes back?"

Betty lifted her shoulders slightly. "There are no guarantees. Anyway, things are a little slow right now. I'll cover for you for a while."

Donna delivered the rest of the drinks on her tray -- except two. She went back to the dark corner and paused until her vision adjusted.

"Well, Donna," Joe said. "We'd almost given up on you. Here we've been dying of thirst."

"Sorry to keep you waiting, but something came up. You want your drinks here, or would you rather go where it's more private?"

In Tony's vacant office, she closed the door and turned to her companions.

"Boy, what a spread," Mike said, looking at the furnishings.

"Did you guys come to admire the furniture or what? Come on! Strip me don!"

Joe drew the zipper of her dress down to her ass and grabbed the hem. As soon as he had it lifted to her waist, Mike stepped in front of her, grasped the soft flesh of her hips and moved his hands up on her waist, squeezing gently. When Joe pulled her dress off over her head, Mike released his grip on her.

The men shed their clothes while Donna unfolded the sofa into a bed. She turned to see them standing side by side, their hard cocks thrust out.

"You guys already got me warmed up," she said, "so it's my turn. On the bed, both of you!"

They lay close together. Donna got up on her knees and looked for a way to take their cocks in her mouth. Their pricks were big. She ended up with her thighs spread out flat over them, their cocks pointed up toward her face.

She held Mike's cockshaft in her hand as she slipped her lips out over the head of Joe's cock. The shaft throbbed in her hand, and her mouth slipped down Joe's prick, pushing the cockhead back into her throat. She ran her lips up and down the hot shaft as Joe groaned and writhed under her.

Next she turned to Mike's cock. Mike's cock wasn't as long as Joe's, but the head was bigger and she had to stretch her lips out over it. It filled her throat as she went all the way down on it.

"What the hell's going on here?"

Donna looked up. Tony was standing just inside the office. He was scowling.

"Can't a man even carry on his business without a bunch of people fucking in his office?"

Donna slipped her lips up the shaft of Mike's cock and pulled her mouth up off the cockhead.

"Tony! I'm sorry it's all my fault!"

His scowl changed to a grin.

"I guess four can play," he said as he unbuckled his belt.

He stripped quickly while Donna watched from her undignified position, her cunt spread wide over Joe and Mike, their cocks pointed up at her mouth.

"How about it, Donna? You ready to take us all on at once?" Tony asked.

"Yeah! Tony, you get on your back. I need your big cock pointing right back up to my mouth."

Soon Tony was in position, his cock stiff and pointing up at a slant.

"Now, Mike, I need you to like down on your back with your feet pointing away from Tony."

When Mike was in position, she looked over the pair of them. They were lying close together, their feet pointing in opposite directions. She would have to straddle both of their bodies to get her cunt impaled on Mike's prick and still have her throat in position to run straight down on Tony's big cock.

She got down on her knees and spread her legs wide.

"Okay, Joe," she said. "Can you get on me from the rear?"

Joe's hands were gentle on her hips as he got into position. Donna reached back, spread her asscheeks and felt the head of his cock push against her asshole. When she reached back and grabbed his cockhead, a little slippery pre-cum came away on her fingers. She rubbed it around her asshole, then squeezed his cock.

"Stay with me, Joe."

"No problem," he said. "I could ass-fuck you clear across the bed."

She wiggled her hips and felt her cuntlips push out over Mike's cock. She settled her hips down, pressing her cunt down on his cockhead as he slowly thrust up into her. A warm wave of tingling heat made her gasp quietly as he fucked deep into her pussy.

Joe had kept pressing his cock hard against her asshole, and now the prickhead slipped inside. He slowly fucked full length into her ass.

Donna leaned forward and put her lips over the end of Tony's cockhead. As she pressed her face down, her lips stretched out wide over the width of his big cockhead. Still pressing down, her lips slipped over the bulging head and down on the stiff prick shaft.

While she took Tony's cock in her throat, Mike's hands gripped her hips tightly, and he poised for the next thrust. His cock made a wet slipping sound as he slowly fucked into her cunt, and Donna sucked her belly in and rolled her ass up, rotating her hips back. The cockhead burned warm in her as the cock drove in deep.

On the next stroke, Donna shifted her hips, thrusting her belly out and rolling her ass down. The hot cock slipped from her tingling cuntlips.

She jerked when Mike's cockhead touched her clit. Her whole body stiffened, then went slack. She wanted to whimper when he moved the cockhead back to her pussylips, but she couldn't because of Tony's big cock in her mouth.

Joe followed her hip gyrations as his cock fucked into her ass, and her asshole loosened under his relentless force. It was a relief every time to feel his cock slide back out.

While Mike and Joe fucked her, she slowly brought her lips up on Tony's cockshaft, making the prickhead slide out of her throat. She stopped when her lips came up against the bulge of the cockhead, keeping the huge cock inside her mouth. She breathed through her nose, then started sliding her lips back down.

When she started back down, Tony's gentle fingertips touched her head. They caressed her face and brushed her hair.

As Mike fucked into her cunt, Donna held her hips still to let Joe's cock slam into her ass. His cock-strokes in her ass became harder, and then he tensed against her asscheeks and his hot jism spurted deep into her shitter, burning her with each spurt.

He held his quivering hips tight against her asscheeks until his cum stopped spurting. Then he bent low over her, squeezing her tits and hugging her, but leaving his cock up her ass.

Joe's cum flowed hot in her ass while she worked on Tony's cock. She ran her stretched lips up and down faster, working on the full length of his cockshaft. He writhed and groaned under her, and rocked his hips up to meet her face.

Then he tensed, arched his back and shot his burning cum up into her throat. Donna kept her mouth down on the base of his cock and swallowed as the cum pumped deep into her throat.

She kept Tony's spent cock in her throat and held her breath as Mike's cock-strokes got harder and slower in her cunt. Then a great wave of heat surged through her cunt and she held herself still, letting his cock keep pounding against her clit. She quivered all over as her cunt juices flowed over his driving cock.

Mike stopped for a moment, then thrust up hard and held his body arched against her as his hot cum spurted far into her pussy.

She slipped her mouth up off Tony's limp cock and breathed the cool air, panting and gasping. When Mike's cum stopped spurting, she raised her hips and slipped her cunt off his spent prick.

Joe pulled his cock out of her ass.

Donna rolled over on her back, spread her legs and looked up at Joe. Without a word, Joe knelt between her spread legs and held her cuntlips with his fingers. The gentle massaging action of his fingers was soothing on her tired pussy. Her hips rocked in time with his movements. That gentle tingling warmth felt good in her overheated cunt.

"Betty's still covering for me," she said. "I'd better get back to work."

"Come on back at closing," Tony said. "We'll have a nice group celebration."

Donna pulled her dress and smoothed the silk on her hips. She nodded to Joe and Mike as she left.

A few minutes later, after a stop in the restroom to freshen up, she joined Betty in the dimly lit lounge.

"Where have you been all this time?" Betty asked.

She told her about Tony joining the festivities and asked how things had been going.

"Pretty slow," Betty said. "The only action was the fella in the corner booth. He's had six cups of coffee and keeps asking for you. Better see what he wants."

The stack of empty cups on the table was impressive. If nothing else, the man had to have great kidneys.

"Hi," Donna said, sitting down next to him. "Feeling better?"

"I'm feeling more sober, but no better," he said. "I feel terrible. I raped you. I've never done anything like that before."

"Don't worry. You'd just had too much to drink."

"No. It wasn't that. I've been drunk before I just saw you standing there and I had to have you."

"Forget it."

"I can't forget it! Here. I want you to have this."

He slipped a bill in her garter. "No," she said. "I don't want your money."

"Please. I'll feel better if you keep it."

Then the man got up and left. Donna took the bill out and held it up. Fifty dollars!

Chapter SEVEN

At five in the morning, Donna stopped in the restroom and blotted the smudges on her skin. She pulled off her dress and looked at herself in the mirror. Her pale-pink skin was without blemish. Her long hair was neatly brushed now and hung down over her shoulders, covering only the upper third of her firm, pointed tits.

She took a tissue and wiped the inner edges of her cuntlips one last time. When she put her dress back on, the short silk garment showed wrinkles from the night's activities, but it still looked shapely on her. She did a quick turn and admired the shape of her bare ass as the dress billowed up.

Donna went to Tony's office. He was just concluding a phone conversation. The door made a loud click when she pushed it shut.

"Where's the group?" she asked when he put down the phone.

"Oh, they'll probably be along. How did your night go?"

"It went okay, I guess. The tips were good."

"That's great, Donna. Say, until the others show, why don't the two of us have our own little celebration?"

She couldn't keep from smiling. "That sounds nice. Just the two of us."

"Turn around and I'll help you with your dress."

His hands were warm in the back of her dress as he drew the zipper down, then slipped his fingers inside.

Donna watched in the mirror as he slowly peeled the clinging garment down, exposing her pointed tits, then her bare cunt mound. The black silk slipped down her legs to fall around her ankles, but she scarcely noticed as she admired her own nakedness.

"Like what you see?" he asked.

"I like having my cunt shaved," should. "It makes me look so naked."

She glanced at him. He had undressed while she had admired herself, and now he stood naked, his huge cock thrust forward. He put his arm around her waist and guided her to the bed.

As she lay down on the bed, he asked, "What would you like to do?"

"Straight fuck."

"Just a little old-fashioned girl," he said, smiling as he grasped her thighs.

While she watched in the ceiling mirror, he brought her legs up, then split them straight out to the sides, bringing her thighs down flat on the bed. Her cuntlips were forced open, exposing her pussy.

"Let me put it in," she said.

While he knelt between her thighs, she took his huge cock by the shaft and brought the prickhead down against her cuntlips. She worked the head up and down in her cuntlips, watching it glisten as her own slippery lubricating juices rubbed onto it.

She braced the sides of her knees down against the bed, making her ass swing up. Her inner cuntlips pushed up against the head of his cock and slowly opened around it. With his cockhead halfway inside, there was a jab of pain, and she stopped and waited, holding herself up in place.

After a moment, the pain went away, so she pressed the sides of her knees down harder, levering her cunt up higher as her pussy enveloped his cockhead.

She looked between his legs at the mirror on the wall and saw her cuntflesh tight around the head of his cock. She pushed herself still higher.

"I'm ready if you are," she said softly.

He slowly fucked into her as she pushed the sides of her knees down, thrusting her cunt up over his cockshaft. She gasped at the warm tingling feeling as his cockhead thrust deep into her cunt. She brought her hips up to meet him and pushed her bare cunt mound up hard against his hairy crotch.

While he drew his cock back, she swung her ass down, slipping her cunt back down on his cockshaft. Now he fucked into her fast, and she raised her cunt to meet him, mashing her pussy mound against his groin. Immediately, he drew his prick back, as she swung her hips back down for the next thrust.

Tony slipped his arms under her back and drew her up close against him, while she gripped his shoulders hard and pressed her face against his. A soft whine came from her throat, rising when he thrust back in and falling when he drew back out. Each stroke of his cock brought a wave of tingling heat to her cunt.

She turned her head to the side and watched in the mirror on the wall. As each wave of heat rose, she levered her hips up to build it, then fell back to let the heat die. It was the undulating motion of a wave, starting with her back, then flexing through her belly, then bringing her hips up with a whip-like motion.

Then the waves of heat didn't fall back when she let her hips down. Each wave crested as he fucked into her, then held until the next cock stroke, then built with the next.

The whine in her throat turned into a choking whimper, a whimper that broke each time they bumped together. The waves of beat in her cunt built higher and higher as she undulated up to meet Tony. His cock-strokes grew slower.

Then she arched up and held herself rigid. "Oooohhh!"

Her cuntjuice flooded in waves over his hard driving cock.

Tony drew her up close, fucked deep into her cunt and held himself quivering against her as his cum spurted.

Long after his cum stopped pumping, he held her close. Then he lowered her to the bed, slipped his arms out and knelt between her thighs.

His fingers were warm on her overheated cuntlips as he massaged her tender flesh.

As he massaged her cuntlips, her hips involuntarily rocked in small motions, making her tender cuntflesh work up and down against his fingers. Donna lay back and relaxed under his kind hands.

"We're here!"

Donna forced her eyes open and turned her head. It was Betty and Joe. And they were shedding their clothes.

"Tony, can't we..." It was pointless to finish the question.

Joe looked at the two on the bed and said, "I see you got a head start on the celebration."

Betty wiggled her ass as she worked her tight panties down off her hips. "Head start or not, I know a good equalizer. Let's have a good old-fashioned daisy chain."

"Sounds great," Tony said. "Let's use a little variation though." He went to his desk. "I've got a little timer here that will bleep every minute. Each time it bleeps, everybody's got to swap ends."

Donna lay down across the head of the bed. Tony put his mouth over Betty's hairless cunt as she lay on her back and spread her legs. Betty lay down and took Joe's cock in her mouth.

Strong hands spread Donna's legs. Joe was smiling at her as he forced her thighs wide, spreading her cuntlips open. He put his mouth over her bare pussy as she twisted her upper body and took Tony's limp cock in her mouth.

Joe's tongue probed her cuntslit, and her hips jerked when his tongue-tip touched her cunt. Tony's cock was turning stiff now, and she worked her mouth down over his cockhead.

Little by little Donna worked Tony's cock farther back into her throat. It was big and didn't fit her throat easily, but she swallowed over and over and worked it farther and farther back.

Finally, her lips were pressed into his cockhair. His cockhead was deep in her throat. She raised her head and felt her throat slide up past the cockhead. When only the end of his prick remained in her lips, she breathed in with a gasp and started pushing her mouth back down.

As she worked on Tony's cock, Joe was making her cunt pulse hot with his tongue. She couldn't help jerking her hips up whenever his tongue probed her pussy.

Joe's tongue worked faster and faster on her cunt, while she slipped her mouth up and down faster on Tony's cock.

Suddenly the timer on Tony's desk sounded. Donna slipped her lips up on Tony's cockshaft. Her lips stretched out as she drew her mouth up off the head. Her hips jerked once more as Joe darted his tongue-tip out against her clit one last time, then slipped his tongue out of her cunt. She left her thighs spread as she spun on her back, bringing her cunt under Tony's face and her mouth to Joe's cock.

Joe's cock was smaller and easier to take as she put the head in her mouth and inched her lips down the cockshaft, feeling the prickhead fuck down her throat. And just as her face touched Joe's cockhair, Tony's mouth covered her cunt.

Tony took her thighs in his hands and spread her farther open as his tongue slipped against the tender flesh of her pussylips.

Tony's tongue kept her hips jerking and rocking as he kept darting it against her cunt, hitting it lightly each time. While he did hit it lightly, he timed his tongue thrusts so that just as her hips settled back on the bed, he touched her cunt again and made her jerk.

Then the timer sounded again. Donna squeezed Joe's hips as she ran her lips over the length of his cockshaft three extra times, then gently nibbled the prickhead as she slipped her lips off.

Tony moved his tongue against her cunt two more times and then, just as her ass settled back, shot it out again.

Donna spun on her back, placing her cunt under Joe's mouth. She eyed the huge head of Tony's cock, wondering how to give him some extra pleasure. She put her mouth on the cockhead and pushed down, stretching her lips way out until the bulge entered her mouth and her lips encircled the prick shaft.

She quickly pushed her mouth up on Tony's cockshaft when an electric flash brought her ass off the bed, making her hips quiver. Joe had his tongue on her cunt and was violently working it around and around.

She slipped her mouth, up on Tony's cock shaft and breathed as she worked her tongue in his piss-slit. He writhed under her mouth and then settled his hips while she went back down.

Joe had gone back to running his tongue up just inside her cuntlips to touch her cunt lightly. It was having a great effect, and the pulses of heat in her pussy turned to waves. The waves would rise and fall, but they each built higher than the one before.

Donna swelled toward orgasm, as so did Betty. Betty's back was arched and rigid as she worked her mouth on Joe's cock.

While Donna worked her mouth on Tony's cock, his body stiffened under her. She ran her mouth and her throat up and down faster and harder, until his hot cum spurted deep into her throat. She swallowed and held his cockshaft in her throat.

Joe's tongue was working harder and faster on her clit, and her hips rocked higher and harder, pushing her cunt up into his face. Then a scaring pain surged through her cunt and her cunt juices flowed. Her hot fuck juice flowed right into his waiting mouth.

Donna stole another glance in the mirror. Betty was still working her mouth up and down on Joe's cockshaft, and his ass was bouncing on the bed. Soon he arched rigid and he shot his load.

When Joe stopped quivering, Tony said, "Let's everybody stay in place and soak it for a while."

Donna held Tony's shrunken cock in her mouth.

In a few minutes Tony sat up, pulling his cock out of Donna's mouth.

"I don't know about the rest of you," he said, "but tomorrow comes early."

Donna looked at the clock on the desk. "Six-fifteen! Is there anybody left here?"

"No," Tony said. "Everybody's gone but us chickens."

Carrying their clothes, Donna and Betty walked naked through the hall to the restroom. While Donna took a wet towel and blotted at the perspiration on her body, Betty dressed quickly.

"Well, kid," Betty said. "How did it go for you tonight?"

"Betty, I was raped! That guy that drank the coffee. He raped me!"

Betty was silent for a moment and then said, "Kid, I guess I haven't been real straight with you. It's happened to me too. It's happened a lot."

"What do you do about it?"

"Nothing. I relax and enjoy it. When it happens, the guy's always sorry as hell afterward. Gives you a great big tip. I forget about it and wait for the next time. See you tomorrow, kid."

Chapter EIGHT

Donna parked her car in the lot, picked little Danny up out of his car-seat and carried him up the stairs to her apartment. He didn't need changing, so she hugged him briefly and put him in his crib.

Her visit with the lawyer had been interesting, and it put her mind at ease. She wasn't surprised when he told her what a fool she'd been. Now, for the first time in years, she felt fully at peace with herself.

Footsteps clumped up the stairway. The doorbell rang. She went to the bedroom and made a brief phone call, smiled to herself as she replaced the receiver, and went to the door.

"Good morning, Donna," Jerry said as he walked in.

She made herself smile, hoping she looked pleasant.

"What do you want, Jerry?"

"Need you ask?"

"I got another job, Jerry. A part-time job."

"We can discuss that later. Shall we get started?"

"Started with what?"

"In the bedroom."


He shrugged. "How soon you forget. You're nice to me, I'll help you out."

She smiled and led the way.

Once in the bedroom, she turned and smiled. "What will this get me?"

He shrugged again. "All depends on how nice you are to me. Shall we get started?"

"Do you want me to undress?"

"I'll take care of that for you."

He leered as he reached behind her and drew the zipper of her dress down. The fabric slipped forward off her shoulders and fell in a rumpled heap at her feet. He grabbed the hem of her slip, yanked it up over her head and tossed it aside. The hook on the front of her bra bent open when he grabbed it and pulled it apart, savagely jerking it off her tits.

He shoved his hands into the waistband of her panties and started to pull hard, but then evidently thought better of it. Instead, he worked one hand inside, over her shaved cunt mound and down to her cuntlips. He hooked a finger into her cunt and shoved hard.

"Oooh!" she gasped, and tried to pull back. But Jerry wouldn't let her move away. He shoved his finger in again, then drew it back out and grasped the elastic of her panties with both hands.

"Enough of this love-making," he said. "Let's do it!"

With one vicious motion, he tore her panties away, leaving her naked.

Hot blood rushed to her face. "You bastard! You ripped my panties off!"

"Like I said, sweetheart, enough of this love-making!"

He pushed against her tits. She took a step back against the edge of the bed, and sat down.

When he shoved against her tits again, she lay back. He got up on the bed and straddled her. His hands were rough as he grabbed her tits. He grasped them, squeezed hard as he pulled them out, then let them snap back. He seemed to get some kind of pleasure from seeing them bounce slightly as the firm flesh snapped back. Donna endured his abuse silently, hoping the right thing would happen.

Then Jerry spread her legs wide and fucked his finger up into her cunt.

"God but you're crude, Jerry," she said.

"Well, we'll get down to cases now," he said as he stood and stripped quickly.

When he slipped his shorts down, his cock thrust forward. He climbed back on the bed between her still-spread thighs and held his cock against her open pussy. Without pausing, he fucked into her, mashing his hairy groin down against her smooth cunt mound.

When he drew back, he withdrew his cockhead fully from her cuntlips, then fucked back into her.

Every time Jerry fucked into her it caused a stab of pain in her cuntflesh. She chose to endure his abuse in silence, waiting for her chance.

He continued pulling clear out, then ramming back in, fucking his big cock into her little cunt. His breath came faster, and he fucked into her harder and faster. Then he grunted and slammed his cock fully into her, spurting his jism deep into her pussy.

Jerry drew his spent cock out of her, got up on his knees, and then stood. It brought a feeling of cold dread to Donna. When he grabbed her shoulders and dragged her toward the edge of the bed.

"Haven't you had enough to keep you away from Danny for another day?"

"Some people have a real sexual appetite," Jerry said. "I'm one of them."

He dragged her shoulders to the edge of the bed and shoved a pillow under her neck, tipping her headway back.

He didn't say a word as he pressed thumb and forefinger against her checks, forcing her mouth open wide. His cock was limp, but still big, as he stood near her face and bent his knees slightly, letting his prick slip into her mouth.

He slowly lowered his cock into her mouth, letting the cum-slick prickhead slip into her throat, bringing his big hairy balls closer and closer to her eyes. Donna swallowed and drew his cockhead down deep into her throat.

He drew up, sliding his cockhead back up through her lips. Immediately he fucked it back into her throat.

Soon his cock hardened and fit tight as it slipped down into her throat. He drove in hard, his balls pushing against her nose, then stopped. He used his free hand to grab one thigh and force it out to the side, then the other, leaving her legs spread straight out and down flat on the bed.

He left his cock deep in her throat while he toyed with her cuntlips. His big cock filled her mouth.

Jerry's finger tweaked her clit and her hips jerked up off the bed. Apparently satisfied, he drew his cockhead back, and Donna breathed with a quick gasp before he fucked back into her.

Now he rammed his cock down into her throat faster and faster, harder and harder as he roughly tweaked her clit. She gasped her breath in quickly at the top of each cock-stroke, just as he tweaked her clit and drove the breath back out of her.

Jerry pumped his cock down her throat still harder, as he tweaked her clit more roughly. She gasped in as much breath as she could, but his tweaking her clit forced the air out of her lungs before she could fully inhale.

The room grew dark, and spots appeared before Donna's eyes. She needed air, but Jerry wouldn't let her have it. He just fucked her throat, thrusting faster and harder, punting with each cock-stroke.

Then he drew his prick all the way out of her lips and slammed all the way down her throat. He mashed his crotch against her face, and Donna had to swallow fast to keep from choking on his hot, spurting jism.

His cock went limp and a little air went past it down Donna's throat. Gratefully, she sucked the cool air into her kings. It wasn't enough, but it made the spots go away from her eyes. The room brightened.

Jerry tweaked her clit again, sending her hips high, then he slowly drew his cock up out of her mouth.

Donna breathed deeply.

"That's a very nice mouth you have, Miss Tyler. I'd say it's a good enough mouth to keep me satisfied for a day."

Donna was mad as hell, but she smiled and kept her voice soft.

"Now can we talk about my second job?" she asked.

"If we must."

She told him about her part-time job as file clerk.

When she had finished, Jerry said, "Close but no cigar, sweetheart."

"What do you mean?"

"Your combined income is still inadequate to meet state standards for custody. If you want to keep little Danny for your own, you just better keep old Jerry happy."

"And if I don't keep on fucking you..."

"Then I'll just have to let the law run its course. The state will take over Danny's custody. He'll be placed in a foster home."

She said, "I'm glad you're such a stickler for the law, Jerry. Excuse, me."

She rolled over, got up from the bed, went to the phone and picked up the receiver.

"Are you there, Mister Olsen?" she asked. "You bet I am, Donna. You were terrific."

"What can we nail that cock sucker on?"

"Based on the words I recorded -- and I got everything from the time he walked through the door -- I'd say we've got him on blackmail, fraud, extortion -- also rape, if you want."

"I do. What's the next step?"

"A judge is supposed to sign the warrant first, but I knew you were in big trouble. I called the cops. If you can keep him occupied for five minutes more, they should show up."

"Thank you, Mister Olsen," she said, and replaced the receiver.

"What the fuck was that?" Jerry asked. Donna's lips curved into a smile. "That was the lawyer I saw this morning, Jerry. I left the phone off the hook and he recorded everything you said. He even got the sound of you ripping my panties off just before you raped me!"

Jerry grabbed his pants and shirt and ran naked out the door. Donna smiled as she pulled her robe on.

Less than a minute later, she smiled down at the flashing red and blue lights in the lot out side her window. She smiled at the glint of sun on chrome handcuffs. And she smiled at the man being pushed into the patrol car.

Chapter NINE

It was one-thirty, and after only a half-hour of work, Donna was finding that being a file clerk was hard physical work. The cardboard boxes full of files were heavy and had to be carried from one office to another.

She'd been in Syd's vacant office, studying the way he kept filed material categorized in the huge bank of cabinets there. His filing scheme made sense to her, and she began removing obsolete materials.

A file drawer was pulled out and she was bent over it when a strong hand on her back pressed her down. Another hand went up inside the front of her blouse, up inside one cup of her bra, and pinched her nipple.

"Syd, get your hands off my tits," Donna said, keeping her voice soft, her tone pleasant.

Syd drew his hand out of her bra. She straightened up and turned to face him.

"Donna," he said, "I didn't mean to offend you. It's just that you and me..."

"That's exactly what you did intend -- to offend me. You intended to keep me groveling like a whore!"

"That's not true."

"Don't lie to me," she said. "Yesterday, I was, a whore. Neither one of us said it, but I knew it and so did you. If I fucked you, I'd get the job. I guess if I continued fucking you, my job would continue. Well, I'm not built that way." She picked up her purse and pulled it open. "I owe you something and I'm paying you back."

She handed him thirty dollars.

"What's this for?"

"When you gave it to me, it was for letting you finger-fuck me at the Palomino. I admit it. I was a whore when I took your money. I was a whore when I got this job. Now I'm not a whore any longer."

His expression was sober, but he nodded. "You're right, Donna. God, I've been in business so long I thought I could buy anything I wanted. It took a beautiful young woman to tell me I'm wrong. Christ! It must've been degrading for you. What do you want?"

"Not your money. I'd like to keep working here. I'd like that but if you or anybody here pinches my tits or fingers my cunt, I'll report you for sexual harassment."

"I'd like for you to stay. I won't bother you. I'd like to, mind you, but I won't."

"I meant on the job. I like you, Syd, and I like fucking you. I'll still fuck you, but no money. I said any time you want, but if my job depends on it..."

"Your job doesn't depend on it," Syd said. "As long as you do your work well, you have the job."

"I believe that. When we do fuck, it won't be here. It'll be at my apartment."

"Fair enough. This filing work isn't really urgent. Would you like to go there now?"

"Let's do it," she said as she buttoned her blouse.

A half an hour later, they walked into her bedroom. She'd straightened it up after the police left. Now everything was tidy.

Syd looked around the room, then put his hand on her waist.

"You really keep this place neat and clean," he said. "How would you like to start?"

She looked down at her blouse and jeans. She'd worn them because of the dusty file boxes. Now they would have to be good enough.

"I wish I was dressed better than this for you. Maybe it won't matter after a minute or two. Would you like to strip me down?"

"I sure would."

His fingers trembled a little as he opened the front of her blouse and peeled it back off her shoulders. He was a little steadier when he worked the hook loose on the front of her little lacy bra, spreading the front and letting her firm tits spring free.

He dropped to his knees before her and fumbled with the big button at the top of her tight jeans, then drew the zipper down. The faded cloth fit like a skin but peeled down smoothly.

His hands were more sure when he ran his fingers into the elastic band of her panties and slipped them down on her hips, then down onto her legs to fall around her feet.

She stepped out of her panties and stood with her feet apart, enjoying the tingling feel of his check as it touched her bare cunt mound and rubbed down onto her smooth, soft cuntlips. Then he turned his face and pressed his mouth to her pussy.

His hands were warm on her asscheeks as he grasped her and drew her hips to his waiting face. The outer folds of her cuntlips parted against his strong mouth as he covered her exposed pussy and flicked his tongue inside.

Still standing, Donna spread her knees and opened her cunt as much as she could for the tongue that was pushing against her cunt. She pressed her hands in Syd's gray hair and held his face against her pussy.

His strong tongue pushed through her inner cuntlips and fucked inside.

"Oh!" she gasped and whined softly as his tongue speared her pussy.

She couldn't stop the motion as her hips rolled up at the touch of his tongue on her cunt. Her ass rocked back and her hips rolled down. As soon as her ass settled back, his tongue probed up again, just inside her pussylips.


Her hips rolled up higher against his face, while her ass drew down low.

"Syd, stand up and let me strip you down." He touched her clit one more time, sending her hips rocking up, then drew his tongue away. He stood.

Donna quickly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off, then pulled his T-shirt up off his head, tossing it aside. After dropping to her knees on the carpet, she opened his fly and slipped his pants down so he could step out of them.

His shorts were bulging already, and when she pulled them down, his cock was big, though not very stiff.

Still kneeling before him, she put her arms around his ass, took his cock in her mouth and worked the prickhead into her throat.

She couldn't take it down her throat from this angle, so she worked her mouth over the cockhead, just touching her throat, then drawing her lips back to the piss-slit. She worked her tongue into the slit and made his hips jerk.

His prick grew rigid in her mouth. She drew her lips back off the cockhead and looked. It as stiff and hard, curving up and ready for action.

Donna went to the bed and lay down on her back, drawing her legs out to the sides. Her thighs went straight out and down flat on the bed, thrusting her bare cunt mound up high.

Syd got on his knees between her spread thighs and pressed his hands down on each side of her waist. The head of his cock pushed against the tender flesh of her inner cuntlips. She took his hard cock in her hand and worked it against her inner pussylips, spreading the warm, moist flesh. She stopped pressing his cock into her when the stab of pain started in the cuntflesh. She waited for it to pass.

The pain faded to nothing and she pressed his cock down harder. The pain returned and she stopped again, waiting until it faded again, then pressed his cock in, feeling her cuntlips slip around his cockshaft.

Donna paused and moved her thighs against the bed, feeling the sides of her knees press on the bedspread, feeling her ass lift up from the bed and feeling her hips and cunt rise up on his cockshaft.

As soon as her ass touched the bed, she whipped herself back up on his prick, while he fucked into her cunt, plunging his cock deep inside her.

His cockhead sent warm, tingling waves of heat down into her cunt. The waves crested when he fucked deep, then they slowed when he pulled out to her cuntlips.

Syd shifted to gather her in his arms, holding one arm under her back, the other under her waist, and drawing her small body up. She responded by grasping his shoulders and pressing her tits against his hairy chest.

He picked up the pace, fucking in faster and harder, slapping his crotch down against her thrusting cunt mound. The waves of heat he caused in her cunt built with each thrust.

As he fucked harder, her breath came faster. She pressed her knees down harder, levering her hips up faster and slapping her pussy mound up against him.

The waves of heat in her pussy built higher as Syd fucked her harder. A whine came from her throat as she tossed her head and writhed under his hard-driving prick.

Then her whines broke off with a choking whimper, a whimper that broke off each time he slammed his crotch down against her belly, making her gasp.

His cock-strokes got slower and harder as the waves of heat in her cunt crested bringing her cunt closer and closer to the bursting point. She braced her knees out and thrust her cunt up harder, sliding her cuntlips up over his thrusting shaft.

His face was turning red and the veins stood out in his neck. The strokes from his cock grew slower and slower.

"Oooohhh!" Donna cried.

Syd fucked into her and slammed his crotch against her cunt mound as his cum spurted hot and deep into her cunt. She kept her back arched while she received his jism.

As her cuntjuice flowed out over his cock, the strength flowed out of her back, legs and arms. She slowly settled back to the bed, and Syd came down with her, still holding her small body close.

After a time, he loosened his hold on her body, slipped his arms from under her and pushed himself up. He bent down and kissed her parted lips, then kissed the nipples of her softening tits.

Pushing himself back, he bent and put his mouth over her spread cunt. His kiss was lingering as his lips pressed against her cuntlips, his tongue caressing her hot flesh.

Slowly, he sent his tongue through her cuntlips and lapped back, not searching for her overheated clit, just caressing the surface of her pussy, sending warm, tingling waves of heat through her cunt. Her hips rocked to his motions.

After a time, her hips stopped rocking. Syd took his mouth from her cunt and lay beside her, one hand gently caressing her waist.

Donna turned on her side and held his head in her hands. "I liked that, Syd. I liked the way you fucked me."

"It was great for me too, Donna. You're a real lady."

She smiled and held his head tighter.

Chapter TEN

"You've sure been acting weird around the customers," Betty said, tugging her dress down.

"Oh, I've been nice to everybody. I give them good service. They seem to be satisfied even if I don't rub my cunt on them."

Betty shrugged as she patted her hair in place. "Suit yourself, kid, but you're missing out an some big tips."

"If I find anybody that's in the need, I'll send him your way," Donna said, and turned away.

It had been slow so far. There weren't many customers in the dimly lit lounge. Those she served were courteous and their tips were generous.

When two men got up and left the dark corner booth, Donna went back to clear the table. She put the empty glasses and crumpled napkins on her tray and ran her fingers over the table.

There was something sticky on the surface. She pushed the tray to the edge and wiped the table with a dampened towel.

As she bent over the table, a hand pushed down on her back. Her dress flipped up over her ass and fingers felt inside the waistband of her panties, pulled her panties out over one asscheek, then the other, and drew them down off her hips. Fingers worked through the outer folds of her cunt, pressing against her fuck hole.

A finger pushed through her cuntlips and slowly probed forward. Her hips jerked down hard on the table from the electric flash as a finger touched her clit.

"Tony, get your finger out of my cunt!"

The finger withdrew and, the hand released her back. She stood and bent down, pulled her panties back up and smoothed the dress down over her hips.

"Donna, I didn't mean to make you mad," Tony said. "I was just playing."

Donna looked around the lounge. There were some people three booths away. They couldn't be seen but they could be heard.

"Let's go to your office." She picked up her drink tray and led the way.

Once in his office, Tony closed the door. "Hey, Donna. There's nothing to get mad about. We've been horsing around before."

"There's plenty to get mad about! You're treating me like a fucking whore!"


"Don't give me that innocent act. You think I'm some kind of toy you can play with any way you want."

"Donna, that's not true!"

"It is true!" She found herself shouting. She paused and lowered her voice. "It is true. You and the rest of the men around here think you can finger my cunt whenever you want. You've no right to treat me this way."

"Donna, if I knew you felt like..."

"I can't blame you completely," she said. "I let you do whatever you wanted, right from the start."

"Okay, Donna. You've made your point. I understand and believe me, I'm sorry. What do you want?"

"I'd like to keep on working here. I'll keep on serving drinks for your customers. I'll do all that, but I want some respect. If anybody pinches my tits or fingers my cunt, you included, he gets this drink tray right in his teeth. If you can't go along with that, then fire me!"

Tony shook his head. "I won't fire you, Donna. You're a damn good waitress, and you're good for business. You deserve all the respect you want. If some customer complains about his missing teeth, I'll back you up. I will tell you this. I'll miss having sex with you."

"I didn't say I wouldn't have sex with you. I want some respect, but I'm still horny."

Donna worked the key in her door and wondered if Tony would like her interior decorating. She closed and locked the door, took his coat and hung it in the closet with hers.

"Like it?" she asked.

He looked at the arrangement of mirrors. After Syd had left, she had driven to a home furnishings store, bought six large mirrors and stuck them to the ceiling and walls.

"You decorated the place very well, Donna. You have good taste."

Feeling impish, she said, "I hope I taste good too. You know, I like to play around a little first. Do you mind?"

"Not at all," he said. "I'll be glad to do anything you want."

"You mean that? Anything?"

"You got it."

"First I want to get you naked. Stand still." Quickly, she opened his shirt, peeled it back off his shoulders and arms and pulled his undershirt off. She squatted and slipped off his shoes and socks, then reached up and unzipped his fly. She pulled his pants down, then reached into the waistband of his shorts.

She pressed her lips against the head of his cock, ran the tip of her tongue into the piss-slit, then kissed it.

"Now it's your turn to get me naked!"

Grinning, he picked her up in his arms, carried her to the bed, laid her on her back and kissed her.

"Do you mind if I get a little physical while I strip you down?"

"I'd love it," she said.

"Sure you won't knock my teeth out?"

"Not as long as you just keep it here -- in our own private world."

He drew her arms up over her head. Slowly, he twisted her hands, sending tension down through her wrists, arms and shoulders. Before it became painful, Donna rolled over on her back.

His warm hands drew the zipper on her dress down to touch the crack of her ass. He took her hands again and twisted her over onto her back. He worked the dress down over her hips and down on her legs.

Donna put her arms under her head and watched as he slipped a hand under her ass and worked her panties down off one asscheek, then the other. His hands were like fire as he reached in the front of her waistband and slowly rolled the garment down.

"How's that?" he asked.

She smiled and shook her head. "I'm not naked."

Smiling, he slipped off her high-heeled shoes, unsnapped the little garters and, one leg at a time, and rolled her stockings down off her feet.

"Satisfied now?"

She smiled again and shook her head. "I'm still not naked."

"Lady, if I got you any more naked, I'd have to skin you!"

"Feel my cunt."

He put his hand in her crotch and ran two fingers up, on either side of her cuntlips.

"You're right," he said. "There's a trace of fine blonde stubble down here. Where's your razor?"

"In the bathroom."

When he came back, he had a pan of steaming water, a can of shaving cream, soap, a washcloth, towel, and a razor.

While she spread her legs wide, he dipped the washcloth in the pan and worked up a rich soapy lather on the wet cloth. The hot lather made her skin ripple as he rubbed it over her pussy mound. After dipping the washcloth again, he wiped off all traces of soap, leaving her skin shining and wet.

He squirted a little of the shaving cream on his fingers and worked it into the skin, rubbing hard on her pussy mound.

The razor was sharp and left no cuts. Soon, all of the hair was gone.

He dipped the washcloth again and blotted the whole area he'd shaved, then took the towel and slowly rubbed her dry. The skin, all the way from her cunt mound down to her asshole, was pink and shiny.

"Now are you naked enough?" he asked.

She looked down at her bare cunt mound, ran her fingertips over the sides of her cunt-lips and said, "Now I'm too naked!"

He groaned. "Donna, what are you putting me through?"

"I hate to make more trouble, but now that you got me naked, can you get me dressed? Just a little bit?"

"As long as it isn't too much," Tony said. She came back to the bed and dropped the clothing beside him. He smiled as he examined her purchases from that afternoon.

"You won't exactly be overdressed with this stuff," he said. "Lie down and relax while I dress you."

Donna lay back with her arms over her head while he fit the gloves on her -- the gloves made of black nylon mesh, long enough to almost reach up to her shoulders, with holes for her fingers to pass through. The stockings, also of black mesh nylon, were tight. The tops stopped just four inches from her cunt. She made a color exception with the garters -- tiny red lace garters. Tony snapped them together around the tops of her stockings. Her shoes were shiny and black, with high heels.

"God, you're beautiful!" he gasped.

"There's something missing," she said.



She got up and rummaged in the nightstand and came back to the bed. She lay down and handed them to him.

"Put them on me, Tony."

Tony sat up and fumbled with the clasps on the gold earrings. She scooted over on the bed and put her head on his lap.

He struggled to slip the loop of gold wire through the tiny pierced hole in her ear. She tried to turn her head to watch him in the mirror, but he put his arm across her head, holding her still, the back of her head against his cock.

When he finished with one earring, he turned her head and held her face against the head of his prick. While he struggled with the clasp, she stuck her tongue out and licked his piss-slit. He jerked, dropped the earring and swore.

"There, it's finished," he said, stroking her hair. "My God, Donna, you got me so hot, just handling you, I'm about to come! I'd better cool off far a minute."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Walk around the room a little. I just like to see you move."

She got up and slowly walked toward the wall, watching herself in the mirror as she approached. The flimsy clothing set off her well-proportioned figure nicely.

As she walked, the high-heeled shoes made her hips roll from side to side. Tier tiny waist flexed with her movements.

She lay on the carpet with her feet toward the mirror and brought her legs straight up, then split them straight out to the sides, letting her knees bend as she brought her thighs down flat on the rug. Her slick cunt mound swelled high, but she could look back through the mirror at her spread pussy.

Tony was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching her, his big cock hard.

"Cooled off any?" she asked, getting up and moving back to the bed.

He smiled slightly and shook his head. "Are you kidding? I was watching you move your hips. Just watching you move got me closer to coming than I was before. You're a beautiful lady, Donna."

"It's sweet of you to say that. Come on. Put it in me."

He looked troubled. "Your cunt's too little. I know I'm hurting you when I do that."

"I'm a strong girl and I stretch a lot. Do it!" He reached for her legs. She held her legs down on the bed and, with one fluid motion, spread her thighs straight out to the sides. Her cuntlips spread and her bare cunt mound was swelled high. She rested her arms up over her head as he came near, his big cock pointed straight at her cunt.

He put his hands on her cunt and pulled the outer folds open farther.

As he rubbed his fingers up and down the length of her cuntslit, it made a nice warm tingle ripple through her pussy. Her hips rocked against the motions of his fingers, pushing her cunt up as his fingers rubbed down.

"You've got such a cute little cunt. I like to handle it."

"Well, I like to be handled by you. Do it as much as you like."

After a time, his hands slowed, then stopped. Her hips stopped rocking as well.

As she looked up over her tits, his fingers left her cuntlips and moved to his cockshaft. He rubbed the prickhead up and down on her cunt, pushing her pussylips apart. Slowly, the huge cockhead buried itself in the outer folds of her cunt.

It made Donna gasp to feel his cockhead push against her cunt-lips, gradually pushing them apart. As her pussy started to spread, pain stabbed through the stretched flesh, then went away.

The pain stabbed back briefly each time her cunt spread wider. Between the stabs of pain, her soft cuntlips quivered and pulsed, as Tony slowly fucked his cock into her cunt, stretching her hot, tender flesh.

Finally, the little pain stabs stopped. His entire cock was buried in her cunt. Her cuntlips felt stretched tight around his prick shaft.

"Nice lady, you're a close fit, but it's in there. You ready?"

"Do it to me!"

She lay with her arms resting over her head. His next thrust came harder, and Donna undulated her hips up quicker, driving her cunt up on his cockshaft until her but pussy mound met the hair on his groin, then she swung her hips back down, swung her ass close to the bed, stopping when the bulge of his cockhead pulled against her cuntlips.

As his cock brought higher waves of heat into her cunt, she found herself whining, a whimpering sound that rose, then dropped as they moved apart.

The harder he fucked into her, the more she knew the joys of writhing under his thrusts, letting her arms and tits shudder and whimpering freely to the pleasure he gave.

As he picked up the pace, she matched him, whipping her ass up, slipping her cunt up his cockshaft and shoving her shaved cunt mound up against his hairy crotch.

He fucked into her faster and faster, and she thrust up at him with greater fury.

Her breathing grew heavy. She gasped quickly when her ass swung down. She delighted in undulating her cunt up higher and higher, slamming against him harder and harder, to be impaled on his hard-driving prick.

Now she held her ass off the bed as she slammed back at his thrusts, matching his force. The heat of his cock came in burning waves, each wave burning hotter than the one before.

Her whine turned louder as she slammed up harder against his pounding groin. Now the waves of heat grew with each slam. Her whines changed to screams that broke off each time he fucked into her, pounding the breath from her.

"Ooohh! Ooohh! Ooohh!"

His strokes slowed, and he lifted his head and clenched his teeth as he thrust into her.

Then an intense white light flashed in Donna's closed eyes, and a pain seared through her cunt as she slammed herself up at him and braced her arched body against him while her cunt-juice flowed.


He fucked into her one more time, then stopped, grabbed his arms and held her tight. Hot cum spurted into her cunt, matching the jerks of his quivering hips.

When his spurns ceased, he let them both down to the bed and slipped his arms from beneath her. His limp cock slipped out of her cunt and he knelt between her legs, working his fingers into her pussy.

The gentle massaging action of his fingers on Donna's cuntlips soothed her overheated flesh. She lay back, rocking her hips to the movement. All she wanted was to lie there forever, letting the nice man work on her cuntlips, making her feel so good.

After a time, her hips moved less. When Tony closed her legs and lay beside her, she turned on her side and opened her eyes, smiling.

"I don't think anybody ever did it like that before!"

His warm hand slipped up on her hip and caressed her soft skin. She closed her eyes in comfort.


"Will you marry me?" Her eyes popped open. "Christ, no!"

"Why not?"

She sat up. "Tony, you're nuts! You know I'm a nymphomaniac! If I married you, I'd feel bound to be faithful to you. I'd fuck you to death in less than a week. Then I'd go fuck someone else. It wouldn't work."

"Your problem -- your nympho problem -- you need to take care of it."

"I will!"

"When that happens, I hope you'll keep my offer in mind."

Donna smiled, leaned over and kissed him then she squeezed his limp cock.


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