The family's oral tradition

It has been said that nearly every community contains a cross section of Americans within its confines, thereby maintaining an image unique in this country today. Every town has its doctors and lawyers, its coaches and teachers, and its clerks and carpenters, and each individual has in turn been touched to some extent by emotions common to all men -- greed, lust, envy, and distress.

This is a story of everyday, responsible people whose lives are wrought with common frailties: people who seek pleasure, profit, expediency; people not unlike those who may live in your town or your neighborhood. Respectable citizens -- yes, but not without the foibles and weaknesses seen every day in nearly every city.

THE FAMILY'S ORAL TRADITION provides a unique insight into those emotions with which we all must live, a look at America at the grassroots level.

Chapter ONE

"Thanks a lot, Sis!"

Laura was sitting on the front porch as her older brother, Thad, came up the steps looking disgruntled and annoyed and slightly flushed.

Laura, at that time, was a very pretty blonde teenager with a nubile, bouncy body. Her tits thrust out saucily in her tight sweater and a lot of slim, shapely thigh showed below the hem of her then-fashionable miniskirt.

Now she looked surprised by Thad's attitude.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Myrna Jones is what's wrong!" he snapped. Myrna was a classmate of Laura's and had asked Laura to get her a date with Thad. Thad had just returned from that assignation, much earlier than expected. Evidently the date had not been a success.

"Why? What happened, Thad?" Laura asked.

"Nothing happened, is what!" "I don't understand," the blonde said. "She's a cockteaser!" Thad rasped, grimacing to show his distaste.

He flung himself down on the swing beside his sister. Laura had blushed slightly.

"Gee, I-I didn't..." she stammered. "Aw, it ain't your fault," he muttered. "But -- what did she do?" Laura queried. She was a little embarrassed, but intrigued, too.

"She let me feel her up, see? Bare tit. But after that got me horny, the bitch wouldn't let me go no further. She wouldn't even jack me off!"

Laura giggled. Her gaze slid down to his groin and, sure enough, the outline of a massive hard-on was bulging in the front of his pants. Thad gland at his sister for giggling.

"It ain't fuckin' funny, Sis. A bitch like that can give a guy blue balls."

Laura was beginning to feel some very strange stirrings and emotions.

"What will you do, Thad?" she whispered, in a low and husky tone.

He peered at her quizzically.

"Will you -- jerk yourself off now?" she asked, sounding both shy and fascinated.

The siblings had never spoken like this before and now there was a crackling tension between them. They looked into each other's eyes. But Laura's gaze kept dropping down to her brother's crotch.

"I-I guess I'll have to, Sis," he croaked. "My balls really need to be emptied off!"

"I-I feel responsible," she said softly. "Since I got you the date and all..."

"Yeah? What about it?"

"I suppose..." she blushed again, batting her long, silky eyelashes, "I could do it for you."

"Oh, wow!" he gulped.

"Since it's my fault and all," she added, as if the job was a duty rather than a delight.

Thad had begun to grin. His sister was really sexy and she had often thought about her lustfully while he was beating his meat. The prospect of misbehaving with her was thrilling him to the core.

He knew it was real naughty, of course -- and so did she -- but that only added to the excitement.

"Oh, yeah, Sis! Gimme a handjob!" he enthused.

Laura smiled. She felt deliciously wanton. She lifted her hand and stared at it, almost as if she was accusing her palm and fingers for what they were about to do -- as if it was her hand that was the sinner, not her mind.

"Okay," she agreed willingly.

Thad reached for his fly.

"No, let me take it out," Laura said, grasping his wrist and pulling his hand aside.

He leaned back on the swing, thrusting his hips up, his legs extended to the floor. His sister leaned over his lap and began to open his pants. The girl looked as fascinated as if she were unwrapping a Christmas present.

She unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the waistband of his pants, then began to tug the zipper down, inch by inch, with teasing slowness, tantalizing them both by lingering over the approach.

His fly opened in a wide vee. He was wearing tight nylon briefs and they were packed solid with his meat. The outline of his cock and balls stood out clearly and a damp, sticky patch was seeping through the stretchy fabric where his cock-knob bulged out.

Her breath wafted over his sex tackle, through the sheath of his shorts.

Tucking her fingers under the elastic band, she pulled his briefs out wide of his prick and yanked them down, tucking the elastic under his swollen balls so that all of his sex tackle was bared.

"Oooooh," she moaned, impressed.

Her brother's prick was long and thick, the head flaring out in a fat purple slab and, at the base, his balls were as big as melons.

Laura thought that Myrna Jones must be a fool to tease a lovely prick like this, instead of having plenty of fun with that hard, hot cock.

But Myrna's loss was her gain.

She simply stared at his naked prick for a while, as he stabbed it up and down impatiently.

"C'mon, Sis! Do it!" he rasped.

Laura cupped his huge, cum-filled balls in her left hand, feeling his load sloshing within the bags. She folded her right hand around his cockshaft. She held him, squeezing, delighted at how his prick was throbbing.

She took a slow push-pull.

"Ahhhhh!" he groaned.

"Is-is this right?" she whimpered.

"Yeah! Do it faster!" he gasped.

Laura didn't really want to do it fast, though. She was having so much fun that she wanted to make his handjob last as long as she could.

Obviously, from the way his prick was pounding in her palm, that wouldn't be very long at all.

She was bending over his groin, her cute nose flaring as she breathed in the tantalizing fumes rising from his hot prick. Her eyes were glowing lasciviously and her mouth was starting to water.

She glanced up at his face speculatively.

Would her brother like more than just a handjob? she was wondering.

Laura was so horny now that she would have joyfully taken his cock into her salivating mouth and swallowed his spunk. She would even have let him fuck her, if her brother had asked.

But Thad didn't know this.

His head was back, his face contorted by lust. He didn't even notice that hungry look on his sister's lovely face or the suggestive glances she was giving him. The teen actually believed that his sweet sister was simply doing this as a favor to him and because it was her fault that he had dated a cockteaser.

And although Laura was drooling for a mouthful of that brotherly love, she was much too shy and timid to suggest it, or to just go down on him.

It would have to be his suggestion, and Thad didn't understand the situation at all.

"Jack my cock, Sis! Jeez! Empty my balls before I fuckin' explode!" he cried.

Laura sighed wistfully.

Thad was humping up from the swing, fucking through her fist. She began to frig him then.

Her palm and fingers skimmed lightly up the meaty tube, then she tightened her grip and jerked him more vigorously.

As her hand drew up, his foreskin folded over his knob in a fleshy carpet, and as she pumped back down, that huge slab flared out naked and glowing.

Pre-cum was dribbling lavishly from his open pisshole. She inhaled the musky fragrance. Her tongue was starting to sizzle in her saliva.

The preliminary seepage poured down his prickshaft, greasing it up so that her fist was sliding more fluidly up and down on the spunky lubrication.

If it had lasted just a bit longer, Laura would have been so hot and hungry that she would have lost all of her inhibitions and dove on his prick.

But Thad was too horny to hold back. "Here it cums, Sis!" he yelped. "Ooooh -- yeah! Yeah!" she squealed. The prospect of watching his fuckjuice squirt from his cock was driving the teenager crazy and she began to beat his meat furiously up and down.

His balls exploded and she felt his prick ripple as the juice came spurting up the hollow tube.

Then it was spraying from his pisshole in a creamy cascade, hot and thick as melted lead. Gooey globs shot up past her cheek and jizz jets splashed on her chin and into the fluttering hollow of her throat.

"Ooooh! Don't stop!" she moaned.

But mad had been too overheated to endure. He shot out a lot of spunk, but it all came out at once, drenching her cheek and chin and soaking her hand.

Then he slumped back, panting heavily, an idiotic grin on his face.

Laura kept on pumping away, but her brother's cock was already starting to sag and soften and his cumbags were slack and deflated at the roots.

She drew back and watched his prick collapse, dropping down along his twitching thigh.

"Was -- was that nice, Thad?" she whispered. "Jeez, Sis -- that was swell!" he said. He gave her a smile of gratitude -- devoid, now, of lust.

"Thanks a lot," he added.

Then, to Laura's keen disappointment, her brother got up and fumbled his diminished cock and spent balls back into his pants, zippering them up.

He looked mildly sheepish for what they had done, now that it was over and the pressure was off.

He flashed her another conspiratorial smile, then turned and walked into the house -- leaving Laura sitting there, alone and frustrated.

Damn! she thought.

The selfish son of a bitch could have at least returned the favor with a fingerfucking!

Jerking him off had been lots of fun, but she sure as hell would have liked more. She held her hand up and gazed at it wistfully. Spunk had formed a gooey pool in her palm and frosted her fingers.

She stuck her tongue out and began to lap the jizz up from her palm like a kitten at a cream bowl. She stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked them as if they were a prick. The flavor of cum made her tastebuds tingle.

Then the teenager yanked her short skirt up and dipped her hand down inside her bikini panties. She began to fingerfuck her cunthole and rub her clit. Her brother's cum soaked into her pussy from her fingers.

She would rather have had it straight from his prick!

Seething with need and discontent, Laura frigged herself to a foaming frenzy, cumming heavily. She felt better after she creamed.

But she was still frustrated.

And her incestuous desire endured. After that evening, Laura was always hoping for a chance to fool around with her older brother again -- and in far more serious ways than just playing with his prick.

But he didn't know that.

And the opportunity never came.

That was once upon a time.

Chapter TWO

Laura, as gorgeous and sexy now in her late thirties, as she had been as a nubile teenager, woke up and stretched languidly. She had been dreaming about her brother, as she so often did. She was a happily married woman with kids of her own now, yet she had never been able to forget -- nor to stop frequently fantasizing about -- that time when she had jerked Thad off on the front porch.

She was pleasantly stimulated this morning.

Rod, her handsome, well-hung husband, was still asleep in the big bed beside her.

She glanced at the clock on the bedside table, hoping that there would be time for a morning fuck before Rod had to leave for work.

There was, if they didn't prolong it.

Then she listened for signs of life. Laura was a loud sort of cummer and was unable to contain the sounds of pleasure when she got screwed to a crest, so she was listening to make sure that the kids were still sleeping and unlikely to overhear parental passion.

She heard no one moving about and figured they could have a fuck as long as she didn't make too damned much noise in the process.

She gently pulled the covers down and, reclining on one elbow, gazed lustfully at Rod's loins. His cock was limp, but still impressive, looping down his leg in a thick, meaty coil, heavy headed and seamed with dark veins.

His big balls, although not bloated by excitement, were fat and solid. He'd emptied them into her the night before, but he was a virile guy and they had filed up nicely again during the night.

Vowing not to make too much noise in her passion, Laura reached for his cock.

As it happened, both of her kids were already awake -- and confronted with the same sort of problem that their mother was concerned with -- noise.

Teenaged Jim was lying on top of the covers, contemplating his cock. He had awoken with a booming hard-on, as usual, and now he was regarding it balefully, wondering if he should toss himself off on the spot, or wait until his parents and sister had gone down to breakfast.

He knew that he always gasped quite loudly when he shot his wad off. He felt guilty about his frequent self-abuse, even worried that someone might hear his cock hissing through his skimming fist or his fuckjuice sloshing in his cumbags or splashing when he spilled it off.

He decided to wait -- if he could bear it.

His sister Wendy was also awake and she had the same problem, but to a higher degree. The day before, she had sneaked into the master bedroom and found her mother's cock-shaped vibrator where the woman kept it hidden in her panty drawer. Wendy had brought the big tool back to her own room, but she hadn't had a chance to use it yet.

It made too much noise.

She had dropped her panties and fitted the dildo in her cunt, getting ready for a lovely vibrator fuck but when she thumbed the switch and activated the battery-operated device, it began to buzz loudly.

Startled, she had switched it off again.

Now she, like her brother, was lying quietly, waiting for the rest of the family to go downstairs so that she could vibrate her cunt to foam.

Wendy was a curvaceous girl who looked a lot like her mother had as a teenager and had certainly inherited Laura's lustful inclinations.

She was rubbing the dildo against her plump tits, nudging it up through her cleavage and playing the bulging knob against her nipples.

She gazed at it affectionately. It was a large and realistically fashioned tool, with a flaring cock-knob and ridges up the stalk.

It occurred to the girl that she could fuck herself with it without switching it on, the way she sometimes fucked herself with a sausage or a banana.

But it seemed a shame to use it as an inanimate object, when it had battery-powered potential, and she decided to bide her time, suffering her smoldering pussy until she got the chance to use the tool properly.

As she waited, she licked the dildo, then pushed it into her lips and sucked, pretending that it was a flesh and blood -- and spunk -- cock.

The vibrator tasted very interesting. Wendy pressed her nose to the knob and sniffed, then licked it again. It was fragrant and yummy.

Holy shit! she thought. I bet that Mom put it away without washing it, the last time she fucked herself!

The idea delighted the sexy mini and she began to suck on the cock hungrily, really turned on by the thought that she might be tasting her mother's creamy cunt.

The creamy cunt in question was spilling out plenty of girl goo at the moment, as Laura began to play with her sleeping spouse's sex tackle.

She fondled his balls and stroked his prick and that whopper began to swell and stiffen. He stirred and moaned in his slumber.

I bet he's having a lovely dream, Laura surmised. She was sorely tempted to make it a wet dream -- to milk him off while he continued to sleep. It was a thing that she dearly loved to do, taking him into her soft, wet mouth and nursing ibis jizz out as he tossed and turned in slumber. If it had been a weekend, she would have.

But, as much as she loved doing it, she knew it would be frustrating today, since he would have to go to work soon and she would be left frustrated.

Since they would only have time to cum once -- and quite quickly, as well -- she knew that it would be better to get her rocks off at the same time that he did.

She bent over his loins, her blonde hair tumbling over her cheeks. She licked the head of his prick, then drew it into her mouth and sucked softly and skillfully, completing the hardening and swelling she had started by hand.

A trickle of pre-cum flowed into her lapper. Laura savored it on her tastebuds, then let it trickle down her throat. She loved everything about drinking cum out of cocks -- the taste and the texture and the tantalizing aroma and the way a cock pulsed as it shot off in her mouth. It was hard for the horny housewife to stop blowing him now that she had whetted her appetite.

But she drew her glistening lips from his cockhead with a wistful sigh, promising herself a lovely bellyful of jizz when she got home from work.

At the moment, though, her pussy took precedence.

She yanked on his cock and Rod woke up, blinking and confused, still groggy and with his induced erotic dream still lingering in his mind.

If Laura had known what he had been dreaming about as she played with his prick and sucked on the head, she would have been thrilled to the core.

Rod had been having very taboo dream images of his sexy teenaged daughter.

Now, coming fully awake and finding his voluptuous wife lovingly caressing and coaxing his cock the man grinned a bit sheepishly, mildly embarrassed and guilty for having such a lustful dream about their daughter.

But he wasn't so guilty about it that he regretted it and, in fact, Rod knew that while he fucked the ass off his wife, he was damned well going to be still thinking about their nubile daughter.

But Laura would have understood that.

Because, as she screwed her husband she often thought about her son.

Chapter THREE

Rod rolled over and they embraced lovingly, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss. He could taste pre-cum on her lips and knew that she had been sucking on his dribbling cock-knob as he slept.

They swapped tongues and saliva back and forth, panting into each other's mouth, exploring one another in a searching French kiss.

His iron-hard prick was pressed to her tummy, indenting a long furrow. With his bloated balls jammed in her bushy blonde vee, his cockhead extended almost to the lower slopes of her fat tits. Preliminary goo was oozing out onto her belly as his cleft spilled over.

She rolled against his cock sinuously and sensuously as they lay on their sides, belly to belly and thigh to thigh, lips locked firmly.

He lowered his face to her tits and began to suck on the rosy peaks. Those swollen nubbins were smoldering like lighted fuses in his lips. He switched back and forth from nipple to nipple and she slid a hand down between them to hold his balls.

His cumbags had filled up so full now that she was afraid he might suddenly blow his wad off all over her tummy and tits before he got up her cunt. That -- like sucking him off -- would have been fine on a weekend, when they had all morning to lie in bed. But with only time for a single cumming, she didn't want to waste it outside her body.

Laura slid away and rolled onto her back, arching. Her knees were lifted and her thighs parted wide and she tilted her cunt up to the coupling angle.

"Give it to me, Rod!" she moaned.

The handsome man rolled on top of her, taking his lean weight on his knees and elbows. He didn't ram it up her right away. Bending down, he kissed her same more and nursed on her titty valves.

She cradled his head to her tits and squirmed under him, enjoying the foreplay -- although she was the sort of lady whose cunt was perpetually hot and wet and really didn't require any preliminaries.

His heavy cockhead lay on her cunt shelf, matting the silken curls with goo. He frigged up and down her belly a few times, as if getting his cock limbered up on the outside for the work to be done within.

Then he jerked his ass up and let his prick burrow down into her crotch. The huge knob flared in her gaping pussy. Her pliable pussy lips pulled greedily on the slab, as if her cunt was swallowing his meat.

Holding only the head in her cunt, Rod jerked his cock, making it pulse and throb, stirring it like a ladle in her creamy bowl. Her cunt sucked him in a bit deeper, half of the purple slab sinking in.

"Shove it up me, darling! Give me all of your big, hard prick!" she pleaded, her lovely face turning from side to side on the pillow, eyes narrowed and lips slack, her expression a mask of pure passion.

Rod slid his hands down her sleek flanks and cupped her under the cheeks of her firm, heartshaped ass, lifting her a bit higher as he prepared to thrust.

Laura pushed her pussy up and down, sliding her cunt on an inch or two of cock. He was teasing her by holding back and limiting the penetration.

And, kids or not, Laura was simply not the sort of woman to stay passive and quiet.

"Don't tease me, dammit! Fuck me!" she cried.

And, naturally, two very interested teenagers heard that plaintive cry.

Jeez! Mom's gettin' it! Jim thought, his lips drawing back in a lustful leer.

His bedroom was next to his parents' room and he could hear clearly through the wall. He got up from his bed, moving awkwardly because his cock and balls were swollen so huge that his hard-on was throwing him off balance.

He padded to the wall and clamped his ear to it, eager to overhear all that he could.

He sure wished that he could see it, too. The potent youth was always sneaking around hoping to get a glimpse of his mother -- or his nubile kid sister -- as they showered or bathed or changed their clothing. He had had a certain amount of success in those sightings, as well. But he had never seen his mom -- or anyone else, for that matter -- getting laid.

He sure as hell wanted to.

Now he was so intent on his ardent eavesdropping that, for the moment, he even forgot to pump his prick as he concentrated on his ears and his imagination.

Nor was he alone in this listening.

Wendy, too, had heard Laura's cry.

Oooooh, the girl silently whimpered. Daddy's big prick is stuffed up Mom's cunt!

Her hand slid down her own seething pussy and she began to play with her clit. She still held the cock-shaped vibrator in her other hand and she brought it to her mouth again, licking and then sucking. She pushed it in and out of her oval-shaped lips, and her blonde head bobbed up and down as if she were giving a blowjob.

The oversexed girl was imagining what it would be like to suck her father's cock just after it had come out, soaking, from her mother's cunt.

Heedless that they could be overheard as they abandoned themselves to lust, Rod and Laura began to fuck. He braced his knees on the bed, tightened his ass muscles, then rammed his cock up her all the way. His cockshaft vanished and his balls slapped against the curve of her ass.

He held it buried, grinding it around inside her as she wriggled like a fish on a hook. Every inch of his massive cock was buried in hot, sucking cunthole and the coupling was making them both pant and moan.

"Fuck my ass off! Screw me silly!" Laura wailed, loving to be stuffed to the brim but wanting the hot, sliding friction that would bring them off.

Rod pulled back, tugging his prick out against the clinging suction of her pussy, until only the fat cock-knob was plugged in her wet cunt.

He paused there, with his cockhead in her cunt and his long, glistening shaft standing out between them like a pipe line from his balls to her pussy.

Then, hiking her up by the ass, he shoveled his prick in balls-deep again. Laura fell into the rhythm with his thrusts, slamming her cunt down to meet him as he plowed in, and winding her ass and hips around on the backstroke.

Each time his prick stuffed her full, cuntjuice came pumping from her pussy. Her whole groin was lathered with hot cunt suds, and trickles of the pearly nectar were soaking down into the crack of her ass.

She bowed and bridged, arched and flipped, dancing a wanton waltz under his driving loins. Her cunt fairly flew up and down as she met his cock and matched his furious fucking pace with equal vigor.

She threw her legs up and clamped her thighs around his hips, knees hooked and heels locking behind his ass. She rubbed her heels up and down in his asscrack and dipped them down to brush his balls.

Her belly cupped, her legs locked, her pelvis turned into a frantic fucking platform. She threw her feet up then and kicked at the air behind his ass as if she were pedaling a bicycle up a hill.

Her knees jerked up higher, almost touching her tits, as she curled her body up into a hoop. Her crotch rolled up and Rod heaved up higher, braced on his knees, as he hammered down into her cunt.

She cried out in rapture, Rod was grunting like a hag, the bed was creaking and groaning under their furious assault and his hot prick was hissing iii, her squishing fuckhole with loud slurps as his balls thudded solidly against the curve of her lovely ass.

In short, they were making an awful lot of noise as they fucked away with enthusiasm.

Neither gave a slit if their kids were listening or not, at this stage. It added a spice to the act to imagine the teenagers hearing them screwing.

And they, in turn, were imagining screwing the teenagers, adding further piquancy to illicit marital sex, incestuous fantasy embellishing the sensations.

Waves of heat began to run across Laura's loins and shoot up her trembling thighs like electricity. Her clit was starting to explode.

She struggled to hold her cumming back knowing it would be more satisfying and fulfilling if Rod was spurting his cock spume up her when she creamed.

"Cum -- cum -- shoot in me!" she cried. He began hammering in faster and harder, rattling her hipbones as he stuffed her cunthole full. His balls slapped against her ass like loaded blackjacks, beating a dull tattoo on her jolting ass.

The waves of joy were rushing faster across her belly, each one higher and harder than the one before, beginning to blend into one tidal crest.

Her clit was going off like a blasting cap, detonating explosions deeper in her pussy. Her cunt was starting to melt on his meat.

Rod threw his head back and howled. "Gonna blow, baby!" he cried. "Yeah -- yeah -- yeah! Jizz me!" she gasped in seething lust, yearning for his cum -- and, incidentally, letting two eavesdropping teenagers know that the parental passion was reaching the peak.

His balls burst as they whacked her ass and his hot, thick fuckjuice rocketed into her cunt. Laura let herself go and her cumming crested with his. Her cunt cum gushed out to swirl into his spunk.

He kept ramming in like a rutting bull, squirting more jizz out on every thrust. Her cunt tunnel was so full now that it felt as if he was poking his prick in a pit of paste. Bow waves of frothy cream broke around his knob.

They held at the heated heights, then began to ebb back together. Still grinding together, they fucked each other down though the fading frenzy.

Rod stopped humping eventually and held his prick stuck up her as Laura squirmed in ecstasy, working off the last sweet spasms of her cumming.

Then, both contented, they embraced and kissed with loving devotion.

Although Laura liked to get laid more than once, when they had time, this had been a lovely fuck and a great cumming and she was satisfied.

It would hold her until he got home from work, the insatiable women figured.

But this was going to be a special day.

Chapter FOUR

Rod was running a bit late for work by this time and Laura went downstairs to make coffee while he took a quick shower. This was a break from their normal morning routine, when they both showered before they went downstairs and Laura didn't come back up again right away.

This variation in the usual morning pattern was going to have fascinating results.

The coffee was ready by the time that Rod came down and he gulped a cup quickly, standing in the kitchen, without time enough for breakfast.

He kissed Laura -- tenderly and without tongue now -- and dashed off to work.

Laura drank another cup of coffee, feeling pleasantly satisfied, glowing with a sense of well fucked contentment. She loved to feel his thick slime sloshing around inside her cunt and she thought about not taking a shower at all this morning, leaving her body juiced up.

But there was always more jizz to be had and presently she decided to take a shower, after all.

It seemed a minor sort of decision.

But it proved momentous this morning.

Jim had managed, with a remarkable effort of willpower, to refrain from jerking himself off as he listened to his mother and father fucking away like crazed weasels.

He was enjoying listening in on the sounds of lust so much that he didn't want to distract himself on his own cock, knowing that he would lose his concentration when his blood began to pound in his ears and his joyjuice came squirting from his prick.

So the youth still had a hard-on and his balls were big as waterwings by the time the family fuck was over. He went back to his bed, thinking he had better lie down while he beat his meat just in case he fainted when he shot his wad. He gave his balls an exploratory squeeze.

Jeez, they were full!

He couldn't remember ever having a cum load like this one stored up.

The virile teen always shot a lot of jizz off and it spurted far and wide, and with the set of balls he was sporting today he figured it would be a fucking deluge. His cum would probably hit the ceiling and it would certainly spray the walls and soak the carpet.

He would have to mop up carefully afterwards, so that his mom didn't find the congealed evidence.

Then he heard the shower start to run and it gave him a good idea. If he could contain himself for just a big longer, his parents would go downstairs and he could go to the bathroom and toss off in the sink.

The shower stopped running.

The aroma of brewing coffee came drifting up from the kitchen as further evidence that he would have the bathroom to himself.

Jim got up, started to put a bathrobe on, then figured he wouldn't bother. His kid sister might still be upstairs, of course -- but Jim didn't mind at all if that sexy girl got a look at his cock.

It would have embarrassed him to have his Mom or Dad see him with a big boner, but the idea that Wendy might get a glance was a turn-on. He was always sneaking a peek down her blouse or up her skiff, anyhow -- so flashing his prick at her was only fair play, he reasoned, in his fashion.

He went down the hallway naked, his prick out like the masthead of a ship. He went into the bathroom. He started to lock the door. Then he grinned wickedly. He left the door slightly ajar -- just in case his sister happened to come along and glance in.

He moved over to the sink and thrust his cock and balls out over the basin. That way, no matter how abundantly he spilled his spunk, he could wash it all right down the drain afterwards, removing all the cummy clues.

Unless he shot so fucking much that the stuff overflowed the basin! he thought. That idea intrigued him. He put the plug in the drain so that his jizz wouldn't swirl away as it poured out. The inquisitive young man was curious to see how close he could come to filling the basin up with his joyjuice before consigning the stuff to the sewer.

Jim held his balls in the palm of his left hand and folded his right fist firmly around the thick prick and began to jack off slowly and steadily.

Wendy heard the shower stop spraying and smelled the coffee and figured that her mother and father would both be downstairs. But she hadn't heard her brother go on down yet. She figured that she had better wait for a while longer before she activated the vibrator.

In fact, Wendy was well aware that her brother was always trying to get a look at her tits or cunt -- and, in fact, she often arranged herself so that he could get a good look. It made her feel all warm and tingly to have those sibling eyes burning into her body.

She wouldn't have minded if Jim had spied on her when she was fingerfucking herself, either. It would have only added to the pleasure.

But the girl was a bit embarrassed about using the dildo, both because she had filched it from Mom and also because her brother might be naive and believe that she had to use a vibrator because she couldn't get any real prick. She didn't want him to think she needed a substitute cock.

So, playing with her pussy lightly, just to keep it simmering for later, she waited for a while.

Laura came back upstairs, still wearing only a light, semi-transparent negligee. She wasn't taking any care to be quiet and certainly had no plans to do any spying on either of her kids.

It just worked out that way.

As she approached the bathroom door, she heard a guttural, grunting sound. She cocked her head, listening -- and heard the skimming sound of a palm on a prick.

Fascinated, she tiptoed closer.

The bathroom door had been conveniently left ajar and she sneaked a peek in.

And when she saw what her naked son was doing, she had to stifle a gasp.

But she didn't stifle it enough, and Jim, who had been listening for just such a telltale sound, grinned, baring his teeth ferociously.

He assumed, of course, that it was his nubile kid sister who was watching him. He slowed his fist, waiting to see if she would say or do anything -- if she would reveal herself or depart -- or simply keep looking.

Wanking while being watched made it a whole lot more exciting for Jim. Pretending to be unaware of her peeking presence, he turned slightly so that she could get a real good view of his prick. Jim had a whopper and he was proud of it and knew Sis would be impressed.

He began to pump up and down his cockshaft, skinning the fat head out as he yanked back.

He was delighted to hear heavy breathing coming from the open door and to know that he was turning his sister on by his cock display. He was even tempted to ask her if she wanted to come in and watch from closer up. But he wasn't sure how she might react to that naughty suggestion and didn't want to take a chance on driving her away.

Besides, he was surging to the crest.

Pre-cum was pouring out, turning his cock into a greasy tube. His fist skimmed up and down on the self-lubricating prick as he stoked it vigorously. The heel of his hand hit his balls on the downstroke and then the web between his thumb and index finger skimmed up to his knob.

He rose onto his toes and hiked his ass up so that his prick was aimed into the basin. His left hand squeezed on his bloated cumbags gently, and his right hand jacked with vigor up and down his shaft.

He felt his balls go off in his palm.

He grimaced and gasped as his thick prick jolted. Then his juice was spraying into the sink in a creamy cascade. He shot off as he pumped back on his cock, then squirted more out as his fist flew up, cumming on the recoil.

This was having a profound effect on his mom.

Laura was whimpering, her eyes glowing as if opaquely flashing with the fevered inferno that was raging in her mind. She was licking her lips and her pussy had staffed to seethe between her legs.

Watching her teenaged son jerking off was even more thrilling than giving her brother that exciting handjob, once upon a time. Her gaze was glued to his groin. Laura couldn't have walked away if she'd wanted to, pinned on his prick like a butterfly on a board.

Jim kept hosing off lavishly. His cum looked as thick and creamy as condensed milk to his mother's ardent eyes. The stuff was swirling around in the bottom of the basin, a gooey pool sloshing around over the plugged drain and lapping at the sides of the porcelain bowl.

At last he finished, with a satisfied grunt.

He held his cock out and tightened his grip, pulling up slowly, as if he were coaxing the last drops out of a tube of toothpaste.

He grinned, pleased and proud of the magnitude of his spending. He hadn't even come close to filling up the basin, certainly -- but he had spilled out an incredible amount of steaming spunk.

He hoped Sis was suitably impressed.

Then, leering, he turned to look at her.

And saw his mother staring at him!

Chapter FIVE

Jim let out a horrified bleat.

He blushed furiously, so shacked that he just stood there for a moment, with his softening cock in his open palm as if he were handing it to her.

Then he spun away in dismay.

Laura was trying to smile, wanting to show the pitiful boy that she wasn't angry or disgusted, to reassure him that his behavior was normal. But it was hard to smile with her lips drooling and her tongue steaming.

"Don't be embarrassed, honey," she said.

Jim could only bleat again. He was crouching over his prick as if defending it, as if it were a loose football he had pounced on after a fumble.

"It's nothing to be ashamed about, darling," Laura assured him, sounding a lot calmer than she felt. "All boys your age have to do it."

Jim was a bit relieved by her tolerant and understanding attitude, but he was still deeply ashamed, as a young man usually is when his mother catches him beating his meat.

He gave her a baleful look.

"I see that you have a lovely big cock, darling -- just like your daddy," she said.

But he was too distraught to catch the hidden significance in those maternal words.

"And so much cum!" she added, her eyes widening.

Jim figured she was only trying to put him more at ease by speaking so casually about it, as if it were a normal subject of conversation. But he couldn't help but feel mortified and failed to see how excited she looked.

Still blushing and stammering, he brushed past her. She arched slightly, so that her fat tit rubbed against his arm as he moved through the doorway, but that, too, failed to register on his awareness.

With his head lowered in shame and his cock drooping now, Jim went back to his bedroom and closed the door. He fell across his bed, feeling that he must be in disgrace and wondering how he could ever summon up the nerve to leave his room and face his mother again.

But he didn't have to.

Laura came to his room, presently.

But other things transpired first.

Laura stepped into the bathroom, and, unlike her son, she closed the door behind her. On trembling legs, she moved up to the sink.

Jim had neglected to pull the plug in his shock and shame, and his cum was still contained in the basin, starting to congeal in the bowl.

She leaned oh the rim of the basin and stared down at her son's spilled spunk in awe.

The stuff was white and foamy and frothy.

If she hadn't known better she would have thought that someone had spilled a bottle of shampoo into the basin.

She inhaled the starchy aroma rising from the bowl and shuddered, tantalized.

Was Jim a virgin? she wondered. Was that cherry jizz in the basin?

Laura couldn't help herself.

She just had to taste it.

She stirred her fingertip through the thickening pool and raised her hand to her lips. Her lapper flicked out and she licked her finger.

"Oooooh!" she moaned as the succulence of his spunk registered on her tastebuds. It reminded her again of her brother and how she had licked her hands after she had frigged him off. But somehow, with her own son, it seemed even more sinful and sordid.

Laura felt deliciously depraved.

She lowered her hand and this time she scooped up a painful of the spilled spunk. Cupping her palm, she lapped it up hungrily. Then she bent right down and lowered her face into the sink.

She licked the bowl clean!

Laura was hot as a two dollar pistol now. Her cunt was horny and her mouth was hungry. Lapping up his jizz had only whetted her appetite. She leaned against the sink, swaying, her mind tumbling with fierce emotions.

She was longing to suck Jim off.

But it was taboo, his cock was forbidden fruit, it would be oral incest. Her conscience was struggling with her inclinations, her inhibitions wrestling with her dark desire.

I mustn't she told herself.

But, oh! How I want to!

She summoned up every shred of her willpower, but it wasn't enough. She felt as if she were being dragged, tongue first, to her son's bedroom.

No! she asserted, with a surge of strength. It was only because she was so hot and horny she knew. If she could get her rocks off and cool down she would be able to resist her debased desire.

She needed help, an ally for her willpower. Naturally, she thought about her vibrator -- which, also naturally, wasn't in her panty drawer.

She hurried to her bedroom and pulled the dresser drawer open, fumbling in the scanty garments. Where the fuck was her cock-shaped vibrator? She always kept it in the same place. She tried to remember when she'd used it last. It had been quite awhile, as she recalled. Her husband had been keeping her well-supplied with the real thing.

Had Rod taken it? she speculated.

He knew that she had a vibrator -- was he secretly jealous of it, maybe? Had he thrown it out or hidden it so that she couldn't cock herself? It amused her to think that maybe Rod felt cuckolded by her sex toy.

But feeling amused did nothing to cool the raging inferno in her loins or slake the cum hunger in her mouth.

She concentrated hard, trying to remember if she had put the vibrator in a new place.

And, as she concentrated, just as if the tool was responding to a mental command, Laura distinctly heard the missing vibrator began to hum.

She blinked in astonishment as she heard the familiar sound of the buzzing tool.

Was it all in her mind?

Was lust driving her crazy? Could it possibly be that her vibrator was keyed to her thoughts, switching itself on as she searched for it?

No, that was silly.

But the humming persisted. Curious now, as well as horny as a polecat, she began to follow the sound. She moved towards her closet and the sound became fainter. She retraced her steps. The buzzing got more distinct as she neared the door -- and louder still when she stepped into the hall.

Holy shit!

The sound was coming from her daughter's bedroom! she abruptly realized. She had to lean back against the wall for support as this fact sunk in. Then she began to grin lustfully. After all, Wendy was a teenager, and it was just as logical that she would be interested in cumming as it was that her brother jacked off. And she could hardly blame the girl for using the same sex toy she used herself.

She couldn't even castigate her for taking it without permission -- or feel jealous about it, since it was only an animated object, not flesh and blood.

But she could sure as hell want to get a good look at what was going on!

Laura felt as turned on by the prospect of peeking on her sexy daughter as she had been by spying on her big-pricked son. Her tongue was still tingling and her cunt was turning into a swamp.

As she listened, she heard the humming sound become more faint and muffled -- and now the buzzing was accompanied by a soft, squishing sound.

Wendy had stuck it up her cunt!

And Laura was sure as hell going to watch that.

It was only fair, she figured.

After all, it was her dildo.

Chapter SIX

When Jim went back to his bedroom in disgrace, his sister heard him walk down the hall and assumed that he was going downstairs to breakfast. Now she could enjoy a long, leisurely session with the vibrator, and the sexy teenager was really looking forward to that.

The fact that it was her mom's dildo made it even better because she loved the idea of stuffing her fuckhole with the same device that had so often been shoved up the voluptuous woman's cunt.

Wendy was fascinated by cunts -- her own as well as any other sexy lady's. She certainly wasn't a lesbian, since she loved pricks and was enthusiastic about fucking. Nor was she at all interested in lesbians -- like the female gym teacher who leered at her in the locker room and showers. But the thought of making love with another normal, healthy, heterosexual girl really turned her on-and the more feminine that girl was, the better she would like it.

She had often considered approaching one of her pretty girlfriends, suggesting that it might be fun to do some mutual cunt lapping. But she had never dared, for fear that the other girl might not think the same way. A turn-down would be most embarrassing, and Wendy sure as shit didn't want anyone to think she was a dyke.

But she could always enjoy her own shapely body in solo lovemaking, at least -- as she was preparing to do at the moment. She got up from her bed and moved to the dresser, where she adjusted the hinged looking glass, tilting it so that she could see her reflection from the bed.

And because she was going to be concentrating on her own image in the mirror, the girl was not going to notice it when her bedroom door quietly opened a crack.

Nor did she realize, yet, that she had come by her interest in cunt lapping honestly -- inheriting the inclination from her mother in her cunt gobbling genes.

With the mirror angled just right, she returned to her bed and switched on the vibrator.

The big, wedge-shaped knob began to pulse and the thick shaft shivered. Merry lights danced in the horny teenager's eyes as she gazed at her plastic passion toy. She held it by the power packed hilt with one hand, and stroked her other hand up and down, as if she were frigging the tool off.

She held it to her ear for a moment, listening as if the vibrant buzzing were the whispered words of a lover expressing his adoration.

Watching herself in the angled looking glass, she played the humming knob against her swollen fifty tips and slid it up and down through her cleavage.

Then she took it into her mouth and sucked. That was when the buzzing noise became moist and muted -- and brought her fascinated mother sneaking down to quietly open the door a crack and peek in.

She gasped at the sight. Already horny from spying on her son, Laura began to pant like a bitch in heat as she played the voyeur on her sexy daughter.

With her own eyes fixed on the angled mirror, Wendy was unaware that her solitary sex show had suddenly turned into a performance that she was putting on an erotic exhibition for an audience of one.

Not that she would have minded.

She licked and sucked hungrily on the dildo, wishing it were a real prick so that she could milk it off and drink her reward.

Her mother could tell that the girl was an avid and ardent sort of cocksucker, and that from the experienced way she was mouthing the vibrator, she had undoubtedly had experience on the real thing.

Wendy was sucking so enthusiastically that it looked as if she were trying to suck the batteries out of the tool, and she was so hot that it seemed like the plastic prick was going to melt in her mouth.

She lowered it and dipped the humming knob into her creamy fuckhole. Then she brought it back to her lips and tasted her juice from the knob.

Laura was licking her lips as she watched her daughter taste her own cunt nectar. The wanton woman was getting as hungry for her daughter's pussy as she was for her son's prick. She was feeling so randy that she almost felt ashamed of herself for such dark desire.

Wendy shifted the vibrator up and down, frigging her cunt and then her mouth. The tool went down slathered with slobber and came back up drenched with cunt milk.

Laura was hoping that Wendy didn't wash the purloined prick before she returned it to her dresser drawer. She wanted to taste that juice, too.

In no hurry to cum, really having a ball with her stolen sex toy, Wendy continued to alternate between her cunt and her mouth. She was pretending that she was taking part in a three-some, sucking some guy's prick as it came out of some sexy girl's cunthole. It was the sort of fantasy that she loved as she frigged off -- and that she hoped to make reality in the near future.

But the girl didn't know just how soon her lustful longing was going to be fulfilled.

Then she rolled onto her side, her ass towards the looking glass. Whimpering, she frigged the vibrator up and down in the tight crack between her trim asscheeks. Then she tilted her wrist and gently nudged the buzzing cockhead into her shithole.

Her asshole sucked on the tool as she pushed it in and pulled it out, feeding almost half of it up into her snug back passage. She squirmed and wriggled as she buggered her ass, wishing that she had two dildos so that she could stuff both holes at the same time.

She brought the soiled device back to her mouth and licked her ass juices from it greedily. She poked a finger up her shithole, then sucked on it, enjoying a taste of fudge slot as an anal appetizer.

Her pussy was smoldering and overflowing by this time, and it was time to fuck herself conclusively. But although the ensuing action would be limited to her cunt, she longed for variety and changed positions.

She fucked herself all over the bed in a frenzy, taking the substitute cock from all angles.

She lay on her back with her knees raised up and fucked herself in the missionary position for awhile, stuffing the dildo in to the hilt and pumping plenty of foaming female juice from her slot.

Then she knelt upright and shoved it up her cunt from below, as if she were riding on a guy's rampant prick. Her ass churned and her hips pumped like pistons. Pussy juice streamed down her thighs.

She rolled over onto her hands and knees and fed it up her fuckhole from behind, as if she were getting doggy-fucked, her ass hiked up high on trembling thighs.

Because she was giving her cunt time to recede from the crest each time she paused to change her position, Wendy was making her fun last for a long time. She altered the pace and the tempo and changed the angles. She stabbed in fast for a few strokes, then fed it up her pussy with slow, steady thrusts. Her cunt was fucking hard. As she dragged the cock out, her pussy lips distended, as if she were pulling her cunt inside out.

Her wrist twisted as she plowed in from different angles, pumping in from above, then levering the cock over the fulcrum of her clit. She packed it in so far that the thick hilt damned near disappeared, and all of the vibrant thing was humming in her cunt chute.

She couldn't hold her cumming back much longer by this time. Her cunt was turning to goo. She rolled onto her back again and tilted her groin up. Holding the dildo like a club, she began to slain it savagely into her steaming pussy, pumping her pelvis in a wild fucking motion.

It sank in with a wet slurp and pulled back out with a juicy squish as her pussy sucked on it. Her whole crotch was awash with cream now. It looked as if she had spilled a milk shake in her lap. Thick, frothy ribbons trickled down her thighs and soaked into the crack of her ass. A damp, sticky pool was spreading out on the bed under her haunches as her seepage spilled from her groin.

"Ohhhhh! Oooohh!" she whimpered, as the thrills began to jolt her loins. Her nipples were swelling enormously and her clit echoed that inflation.

The flow from her fuckhole was getting hotter and thicker and richer as her cuntjuice turned to girl cum. Her clit stood out like a stump in a pool of quicksand.

She drove the cock in and moaned as it bottomed out in her boiling cunt.

Laura was breathing hard, inhaling the spicy pussy perfume that was permeating the bedroom and wafting to the open door in fragrant waves. Her nose as well as her eyes told the woman that her nubile daughter was cumming.

Laura's tongue was as hot as her clit as she gazed hungrily at her daughter's pussy. That creamy confection looked so delectable that she was drooling, saliva spilling heavily from her lips and running down her chin.

Wendy beat the dildo in violently and her ass and hips whipped in a wild horizontal gavotte. Her fist drummed on her crotch as she buried the prick to the hilt, stabbing herself as if she were committing suicide. The cunt cum was spraying out of her now, spurting out almost as if she were a man shooting his spunk off.

Her knees jerked up and her feet kicked in the air as she rolled her cunt up and shoveled the vibrator in and out in a creaming convulsion.

She held at the heights for a while, then began to slow down, frigging her fuckhole gently, through the slow spiral of her descent.

Finished, she lay back with a blissful smile on her lips and a dreamy look in her eyes. The vibrator was still stuck up her pussy and cunt cum was oozing out like paste around the fat hilt of the prick.

She reached down and fumbled in her grain, then drew her hand up to her face and began to lap up her cum cream from her palm and fingers.

Laura damned near walked in then. Her tongue was sticking out as if it were being drawn by magnetism to her daughter's perfumed pussy.

But she resisted the urge, not knowing for sure how Wendy might react.

Just because the sexy girl like to taste her own cunt didn't necessarily mean that she would be game to have her mom gobble in her pussy. It would be a sordid combination of incest and lesbian lovemaking -- and embarrassing as hell if the girl were to decline.

It was the sort of thing that Laura figured she would have to work up to gradually, with hints and suggestions and seductive innuendoes leading to the loin lunch that she was longing so lasciviously for.

But, at the moment, Laura was so hot and horny that she had to have something.

Naturally, her thoughts returned to her son.

Chapter SEVEN

Despite his feelings of guilt and shame, Jim had a stiff prick again already. It had been embarrassing to have his mother see him beating his meat and spurting off his spunk, certainly -- yet knowing she had been watching when he shot his bolt was disturbingly stimulating, too.

In the sanctuary of his own bedroom, Jim decided to empty his balls again.

He knew that he would be thinking about his mother as he surged to the creamy crest, inflaming his loins by his fevered imagination.

He closed his eyes and simultaneously closed his fist around his vibrant cock, grimacing at the pleasant sensation it brought to him.

Summoning up a vision of his voluptuous mother, he began to stroke his prick.

After a few strokes, he decided it was better to look at his prick while he frigged it and he opened his eyes. He was still fantasizing about Laura, and when he saw her standing at the foot of his bed, for a moment he thought that it was only a vision summoned up by his mind.

Then he realized that she had entered his bedroom while his eyes were closed.

Oh, Jeez! he thought in dismay.

He had been caught pulling his prick twice, within the hour! Naturally, he was aghast and abashed and flustered. Unable to conceive of a single thing to say under the circumstances, he simply gaped dumbly at her.

Laura was smiling in a way that was seldom associated with maternal instincts.

"Doing it again, eh?" she said. "What a horny guy you are, Jim!"

She gracefully curled up on the bed beside him. She was openly staring at his hard-on, flustering the boy more. He didn't know what to do or say, and he was so stricken that he didn't even hide his naked shame. His fist was holding at the hilt and his big cock was jutting up as if he held a war club before his loins.

Despite his embarrassment, his prick was staying hard as stone and his cockhead was flaring out, glowing like a purple lightbulb atop his shaft.

Laura put her open hand on his thigh.

"Shall I confess something naughty, Jim?" she whispered in a husky tone.

Jim was beginning to realize that there were things about his mother's interest that he failed to comprehend. Her attitude was weird and she was looking at his cock and balls in a way that a mother shouldn't.

"When I was a girl," she began, glancing up at his face, then back at his meat rig, "no older than you -- one night -- I jerked my brother off!"

Jim gulped.

"Uncle mad?" he croaked.

"Uh-huh. Your uncle -- my brother. He had a hard-on and I did it for him. I wanted to very much -- and Thad loved to let me do it."

"Holy shit, Mom!" Jim muttered.

"Isn't that naughty?" she giggled. Her hand was creeping up his muscular thigh, fingers tapping and palm rubbing.

"I'll bet that you'd like to have Mom do it for you, too, wouldn't you, darling?" she purred.

His jaw dropped open. Jim looked as if he had been poleaxed by her words.

"Huummm? Should Mom be your girlfriend this morning, you naughty boy?"

He gasped. His lips moved but no words came out. His vocal cords seemed as stiff as his prick.

Laura cupped her son's balls, squeezing gently, feeling his joyjuice slide around inside them.

"Ooooh -- you're so full!" she sighed. Jim snatched his own hand away from his cock and his mother slid hers up, wrapping her fingers and palm around the throbbing prick.

He looked so stunned that she giggled. But there was a lot more than mere amusement in her expression. Jim was not an experienced young man, but he could recognize female lust when he saw it.

Yet it didn't seem possible. Jim had enjoyed lurid thoughts about his curvy mother and nubile sister many times, and spilled a lot of spunk over those thoughts, but the reality had a dreamlike quality.

He wondered if he had frigged himself into oblivion and was having a wet dream.

"So big -- so hard!" she whispered as she gently squeezed his cockshaft.

"M-mom? You gonna jack me off?" he croaked.

"Shall I, darling? Hummmm? Will it feel good to have Mom toss you off?"

If this was just a dream, Jim sure as shit wanted to enjoy it to the fullest, before he awoke.

"Oh, yeah! Frig me, Mom!" he gasped.

He bridged up from the bed, thrusting his sturdy cock up through her lightly clenched fist. She gave his prick a slow, push-pull.

"Ummmmm! Mom will make you cream!" she sighed.

His pisshole rippled and opened and a thick glob of preliminary fluid oozed out. It clung to his purple cockhead like whipped cream on a fat plum.

Laura gave him another slow stroke. But she didn't start the steady, rhythmic movement that would bring him to the peak. Laura had made that mistake once before in her life, when she'd given her brother a handjob instead of sucking him off as she longed to do -- and she wasn't about to repeat that blunder.

She pushed down to the root of his cockshaft and leaned closer over him, her radiant face hovering only inches above his bulging cockknob.

Her tongue glided across her parted lips. "Have you ever had a blowjob, darling?" the depraved woman whispered, fluttering her long eyelashes seductively, her breath blowing over his cockhead.

"Oooh -- Jeez -- Mom!" he stammered. A blowjob was the stuff of dreams to the horny young man, a prospect even more inviting that getting laid. He had supposed it was harder to obtain a mouth than a cunt, that face-fucking was more rare than screwing pussy. Any girl would fuck in the end, even if you had to marry the bitch first to claim the right, but lots of women would go through their whole lives without taking a cock in their mouth.

He knew a couple girls at school who had the reputation for going down on their dates -- although both had turned him down so it wasn't proven -- but they were both real naughty young ladies, so it wasn't surprising.

But sucking prick wasn't at all the sort of thing a guy expected of his mother.

He gaped at her, wondering if she was simply asking out of curiosity or maybe teasing him.

"Hmmmmm?" she sighed, smiling provocatively. "Has this delicious cock ever been in a woman's mouth, darling? Has a girl ever swallowed your spunk?"

Jim groaned and humped up from the bed. His prick lunged through her fist and the bulging head drove up and nudged her under the chin.

"N-no, Mom!" he croaked.

He was holding his breath in hope -- and his balls seemed to take over the function of inhaling, pumping in and out like a set of breathing lungs.

"Ohhhh!" Laura moaned, thrilled to know that her son had never been sucked off.

The depraved thrill of blowing her own son was enhanced by the knowledge that his balls were full of cherry jizz.

"Would you like Mom to take your cock in her mouth, Jim? Shall I milk your meat?" she whispered.

It was obviously a rhetorical question, for there could be little doubt of the answer as he bridged up, jamming his flaring cockhead under her chin.

"Mom loves to suck pricks," she sighed, knowing that such words would add to his passion.

She parted her lips into an oval, forming a facial fuckhole. Her lapper slid out, wet and slippery, moving around as if she were demonstrating how it would slurp on his cock -- or getting it limbered up for the exercise.

"Ahhhh -- suck my cock, Mom!" he blurted. He blushed at his own words, hardly able to believe that he was actually saying such a thing -- that he was in a situation, where such an unlikely request was appropriate.

She smiled again with her mouth open, delighted to hear her son ask for what she yearned to do. How lucky it was that she had seen him jacking off, then watched her daughter using the prick-shaped vibrator. She might never had considered seducing her son, had fate not decreed it and granted her the welcome opportunity.

"Yes. Mom will suck you off -- you can use Mom's mouth for a cunt!"

Pre-cum bubbled from his pisshole, slathering her chin and dripping into the hollow of her throat. She turned her lovely face down over him. Her nose brushed against his slimy cockhead, inhaling the musky bouquet of smoking hot cock and steaming spunk.

Her face was a mask of desire, and Jim realized that she was as eager to suck his prick as he was to sink it into her face.

Then the wicked woman proceeded to give her teenaged son his first ever blowjob.

Chapter EIGHT

The best part of sucking her son's cock would be the magic moment when his cum exploded in her mouth and throat, certainly, but cock hungry Laura was in no hurry for that creamy treat, wanting to enjoy a long, lingering mouthful of cock before she drank the dessert.

Too, since it was the boy's first blowjob, she was determined to make it a memorable experience. Even before she had given him so much as a lick, the woman was looking ahead to diving on his prick constantly, now that they had begun oral incest.

She was hoping to go down on her daughter, as well, before the day was over.

But first things first -- and the matter at hand was the big cock looming up in her face.

She snaked her tongue against the gooey tip of his cockhead, tasting his pre-cum. The stuff was scrumptious and she whimpered with delight.

Laying his knob all over, she glanced up at his face, pleased by the way he was gaping down at her in such awestruck passion and disbelief.

Letting his cockshaft skim up along her cheek, she ducked down to the roots and began to lick his swollen balls. She could feel his heavy cum load shifting around inside the hairy bags, thick and sluggish, as if the boy's big balls were filled up with quicksilver.

She lapped all over the cumbags and sucked on them, as if trying to absorb the jizz through the tissue instead of waiting until he served it to her via the long, thick tube of his cockshaft.

"Yummy!" she sighed.

She slid her lapper out and flattened it at the base of his prick, then drew it very slowly up the length, slurping along the underside and tracing the pulsating ventral vein. At the top, where his cock-knob flared out in a fat slab, she fluttered on the underside of his knob.

She repeated the stroke, her face turning as she licked up and down his prick. Preliminary juice trickled down and she licked it up from the cock, whetting her appetite for the full load to follow.

His cockhead was throbbing savagely, flaring out like the head of a hooded cobra and spilling lots of pre-spunk from the open slot.

His cock was succulent, his pre-cum scrumptious, and his mother was savoring the preliminaries and getting hungrier for his full load with every slurp.

"Your cock is delicious, darling!" she purred. "Mom loves to taste your sweet meat!"

She tilted her head and fitted her parted lips to his prick. She slid her mouth up and down on the veined underside of his shaft, as if playing a flute.

Jim's cock was so stiff that it was humming like a tuning fork -- vibrating as much as the battery-powered dildo she had watched his sister use.

She pulled her lips up, sucking the seepage from his cock. Her saliva steamed from the hot prick. His cock was like a branding iron and his mother wondered if she was going to blister her tongue and lips. But she guessed that her cocksucker's mouth was every bit as hot as her son's prick, her lapper sizzling in her slobber.

Laura was relishing this preliminary play, but his cock-knob was dribbling so lavishly that she was afraid that he might shoot off at any moment.

And she sure didn't want her son to cum before his prick was in her mouth.

She pulled up the underside of his throbbing cock again, and this time she turned her head down over him as she rose to his bulging cock-knob.

Her lapper danced all over the purple slab and dipped into his pisshole, tasting the seepage even before it had came oozing put.

"Ohhhhh, Jim -- darling -- Mom is so hungry for your hot, thick cum!" she murmured, speaking on his cockhead as if into a meaty microphone.

His cock jumped like a bucking bronco as her sultry voice added to the sensations. She cooed and purred as she tongued on the hot wedge. Her saliva was pouring down his cock, shot though with creamy streaks of spunk.

Now it was time to start sucking for the conclusion they both longed for, to drink his first load -- the first, she knew, of many she would drink from his prick from now on. Incest, once initiated, is an on-going affair.

She kissed the gooey tip of his prick, then let her lips part and fed it in.

Jim gasped. Having his mother suck his cock was even better than having her lick it!

Her cheeks drew in as she sucked and her lips pulled out on his cock just below the knob. With his cockhead plugged in her mouth, his long prick stood out between them, spanning the gap from his balls to her lips.

The feeling was driving the lusty teen crazy. He stared down his torso, thrilled to see his prick stuck in that sexy maternal mouth. She was nursing on his cock-knob just as he, as an infant, had suckled on her tits.

But she was due for a lot thicker and creamier drink than had ever been nursed from her tits.

Her head turned on the pivot of his prick, sensuous lips twisting around below the crown. Frothy drool slid down his cock and washed over his balls.

She was, inhaling and blowing enthusiastically, as if she wanted to breathe his cock right down into her lungs as she sucked in, then to inflate his balls as she blew down his meaty valve. As her lips worked on his prick, her lapper slid back and forth on the underside of his cock-knob.

"Ummmmmm! Ummmmmm!" she purred as she savored that hot mouthful of prick.

Jim started to reach down, to push her head lower on his cock. But then he pulled his hand back again. It was evident that his mother needed no coaxing or guidance. She knew a lot more about sucking cocks than he did.

Laura adored everything about plating prick, the taste and the texture and the tantalizing aroma -- and all those sweet sensations were enhanced by the dark knowledge that it was her own son's cock in her mouth, that she was sucking on forbidden fruit, breaking the taboos. She began to bob her tawny head up and down, feeding more cock in with every stroke, moving in the traditional blowjob rhythm. Her lips sucked through every precious inch, sinking lower all the while.

Jim fell into the tempo with her, fucking up from the bed as her head jumped down. Almost all of his long prick was vanishing into her magic mouth now.

She pulled up to his cock-knob and panted, "Yes -- fuck me in the mouth, darling -- fuck Mom's face and feed her your yummy jizz -- give Mom a hot drink!"

Then she slid down and took every inch of her son's prick into her maw. Her chin pressed to his balls and her nose nestled in his wiry pubic vee and her lips were glued to the root of his prick.

She ducked down and rose up, stuffing her mouth full on every stroke. His cockhead was ramming back into her throat as she swallowed down to his balls.

"Unghhhh!" she gagged as his flaring slab clogged into her gullet, spilling out goo.

Then she purred as she sucked her way back up to his delicious cock-knob and slid her tongue around on the dribbling prickhead.

His prick plowed in and his balls slapped her chin, then rolled up to her lips. She was talented and skillful, experienced and totally enthusiastic.

Jim had no frame of reference.

But he knew instinctively that his mother must be the best cocksucker in the world!

Her blonde head sank down as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel at same fevered fete. She deep-throated him, her lips fluting down to the hilt. He had oozed out so much preliminary fuckjuice by this time that her mouth was full. His pre-cum was as abundant as that the average guy spurted out when he got his rocks off.

"Cum, darling!" she moaned.

She slammed down and stuffed her maw, gurgling and sputtering as her gorge filled up, gargling his sweet, slimy seepage down her gullet. He watched her delicate throat pulse as she gulped his goo down greedily.

"Cum in Mom's mouth!" she urged on his knob. She dropped back down and gulped, then pulled up and begged again. "Cream in my fucking mouth, Jim!"

The boy wanted nothing more and he began to hump vigorously up and down in a frenzied face-fucking, sinking balls-deep into her hot, wet maw.

A heavy glob fell onto her tongue and, for an instant, Laura thought he had cum.

But his cock stayed hard and his balls stayed full and he kept pumping in and out and she realized, to her delight, that it had only been more preliminary goo and that she still had the nourishing load ahead of her.

"Jizz me -- ungghhhh -- juice me -- uphhhh -- whitewash my fucking throat -- glubbbb!" she whimpered, her pleas broken off each time she slammed down and clogged her gullet, taking him in like a sword swallower.

Jim began to shudder violently.

His prick had become so hard that it was like swallowing a heated crowbar. Laura thought that steam must be pouring from her lips from the heated friction.

"Slime your Mom!" she gurgled.

"It's cummin', Mom!" he rasped.

His prick swelled and his balls inflated like a set of hairy balloons.

"Yeah -- yeah -- oooooh!" she wailed, in ardent anticipation of his sweet juice.

He cried out as his balls exploded and the jizz sped up his prick. The first gooey geyser splashed back in her throat and ran down into her belly so that she didn't even taste it, although she felt the slimy stream.

Her head jerked up and she collared his cockknob as his second squirt shot out. It flooded over her tongue, driving the cum-drinking woman's tastebuds wild with the joy of it.

She kept on bobbing up and down, and her son kept spraying his spunk out, shooting off as his prick sank in and shooting again on the backstroke.

His cock hissed through her lips and his fuckjuice splashed on her tongue. He hosed her cheeks and slimed down her gullet. Jizz hit the arched roof of her mouth and spilled through her teeth and gums and her lapper was floating around in a sea of spunk.

Laura was in seventh heaven as she drank so lavishly from her son's wick.

She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. Each time she gulped a mouthful down, the potent young man topped her up again.

Cum overflowed from her inverted lips and ran down both sides of her trembling chin. Her negligee had come open and pearly drops fell onto her tits.

Jim was gasping and groaning, feeling as if she was going to suck his cock right off his groin. Her magic mouth was working like a sump pump, a vacuum cleaner, milking him to the bone.

He humped up and shot again. It felt as if his jizz was starting way back in his asshole, as if he was spiked through and through on his hard-on.

"More -- more -- glubbbb -- gulppppp -- more!" she panted. Her belly was already full of the wholesome stuff, but the greedy woman wanted to quaff for hours. Nothing had ever satisfied her mouth the way her son's slime was doing.

Jim began to flag at long last.

A final jizz jet hit her lapper and he stopped squirting. She kept on nursing, milking out the last drops from his pisshole, draining him to the dregs.

Her mouth was satisfied at last.

But now her cunt was smoldering.

And, luckily, her son's huge prick was still stiff.

Chapter NINE

Just as she was a loud fuck, Laura made a lot of noise when she gave head, and if Wendy had been paying attention, she could have heard the sounds of that sucking.

But Wendy had been preoccupied with her own pleasure and the vibrator had made enough noise, itself, to block off any creaking bedsprings and slurping lips and suction sounds from down the hall.

Wendy had vibrated her cunt to foam a second time. Then she switched it off, but left it rammed all the way, up into her fuckhole.

Cumming twice, so dynamically, had left the teenaged nymphette feeling pleasantly relaxed and drowsy. She thought it would be a lovely idea to have a short nap, then wake up with the dildo already in position so that she could begin to frig off again immediately, still groggy from slumber, adding a dreamlike quality to the act.

Lying on her back with her cunt stuffed full of the now dormant cock, she drifted off.

Wendy was going to wake to even more pleasure than she had imagined.

Laura kept Jim's prick in her mouth for a while, gently sucking, absorbing the meaty goodness. His cock hadn't softened or shrunk much at all in the aftermath of his cumming. His balls had punctured and lay slack, but as she continued to mouth him, those virile bags swelled up again.

It was one of the benefits of blowing potent guys she knew. They could always get their rocks off more than once. And how handy it was going to be from now on, to have a big, tasty prick available at all times, without having to wait for her husband to get home from work or to go out and find same adulterous cock for an afternoon's amusement.

She puffed down his prick and watched his cumbags balloon at the base.

She pulled her mouth off his cock-knob and bent down to lick up the stray cum drops that had escaped her lips and run down to his cock root and balls. She gathered up the errant goo, then sucked his cockhead back into her maw.

Jim figured that his insatiable mother was bent on blowing him again. Grinning, he began to frig up and down, slogging into her mouth.

His cum was so scrumptious that Laura was tempted to swallow another load, and he was obviously more than ready to cater another cum course for her dining delight.

But although he was certainly potent, the boy had already jizzed off twice, once in that bathroom sink and again in her mouth, and she wasn't sure if he would be able to shoot more than three times. It seemed more than likely, but she didn't want to take a chance.

Laura's cunt needed servicing.

And that lustful lady had made up her mind to fuck her son and take his next dose in her cunt.

She raised her face and smiled at him. "Did you like it, darling?" she cooed. "Jeez, Mom -- it was great!" he rasped. He gazed at her face in awe. She parted her lips and let him see the film of spunk that was coating her tongue. She let some more trickle down her throat, swallowing with her mouth open. Jim groaned at the erotic sight.

"You -- you gonna do it again, Mom?" he croaked, shoving his prick up hopefully.

"I'm gonna do it all the time, Jim," she replied. "I want to drink your cum every fucking day -- I wanna get fat on your fuckjuice!"

The prospect dazzled the lad.

"But we can do other things, too," she added.

His eyebrows shot up questioningly.

"Wouldn't you like to fuck me now, darling?" Laura suggested. "Ummmmmm? You've had my mouth -- would you like to stuff my cunt now?"

An hour ago, Jim would have been astounded by that suggestion. But the boy had learned by this time that his mom was not like normal moms and that her instincts went far beyond the maternal.

"Yeah!" he enthused, with a lustful leer.

He started to rise up but she gently pushed him back down on the bed. Taking the initiative, Laura had decided it would be nice to get on top for their first cunt fuck -- the first, she was sure, of many, and in all positions.

Her negligee was open and now she shrugged it from her shoulders, stripping for action. She bent over him and kissed him on the lips.

Jim hesitated for a moment before he responded. He had never imagined kissing a cocksucker.

But it was his own jizz on her tongue and lips and, after all, if a guy can't kiss his mom, who can he kiss?

His lips parted and they ground their mouths together passionately, swapping tongues in a French kiss, panting into each other's maw excitedly.

After a minute she drew back and arched her torso, cupping her tits up her hands. She lifted the heavy tits and deepened the smooth cleavage as she held them out to his face. Jim began to nurse on the swollen tips, feeling them explode in his lips and tingle on his tongue.

He was wondering if he should volunteer to suck her cunt, as well? After all, he owed her some head -- and the prospect of plating her pussy was thrilling, too.

But she didn't suggest it, and Jim was leaving all the decisions up to her -- and didn't realize that Laura was saving cunt lapping for his sister.

He gulped on her fat tits with gusto as she squirmed over him, thrusting them into his face. His head turned as he switched from nubbin to nubbin, making each swell in his lips in rotation.

He couldn't remember nursing as a baby -- but he knew damned well he must have enjoyed it.

Laura suckled her son for a while, then drew back and mounted him. She threw one knee across and knelt astride his hips, with his rampant prick looming high up in front of her gently rounded belly.

She rubbed her cunt vee on his balls and his prick stood damned near up to her tits. She rolled her belly against the cock. It was sizzling hot. She thought it might sear her flesh like a branding iron.

She gazed down past her tits, thrilled at how huge his cock was as it towered up on the outside of her body -- and thinking about how deep it would go inside her cunt.

Then she began to squirm up, climbing his cock as if she was shimmying up a pole. His cock-head slid down into her blonde bush, pulsing in the tresses. Then that massive cockhead slipped into her pussy.

She balanced agilely atop his prick, perched on the cock-knob. Her cuntslot was sucking on the slab and cuntjuice was pouring down his stalk like melted pearls.

Jim gaped her tits, then slid his hands down her flanks and held her by the hips and ass, ready to help her when she began to rise and fall on his prick. The boy was moaning in anticipation of losing his virginity -- and losing it in his mother's cunt, to boot!

"Sit on my prick, Mom -- ride me!" he rasped.

He was no longer shy or timid with her, although still showing all the respect due a mother.

Laura began to edge her pussy down onto his prick, taking it in inch by slow inch.

His cockhead vanished. His thick prick began to drive up her cunt like a meaty piston filling a high compression chamber, a carnal internal combustion engine slowly starting to churn together purposefully. He gaped down, watching his thick cock vanish in the pink cunthole below her bushy blonde vee. Her pussylips parted, sucking him deeper.

Then she settled down to the hilt.

The feeling of having all of his prick buried in his mother's cunt caused Jim to gasp. The sensations were lovely and the fact that it was his own mother and that the coupling was incestuous added to the thrill.

Laura squatted down, holding all of his hard cock up her fuckhole. Her cuntlips were plastered around the cock root and her firm ass was brushing his balls. Without moving up and down yet, she worked her cunt muscles. The inner rings closed along his prick and the pliable pussy molded itself to the outline of his prick like melting wax.

His mother's cunt was sucking on his cock just the way her mouth had done!

Am I still a virgin? the boy wondered. Am I guilty of committing incest yet? Or will I have to shoot my wad off before my status changes?

It was a moot point. He was most definitely going to empty his balls into her soon.

Laura swayed on his stiff prick, smiling down at the boy. She leaned down and his neck craned up as he mouthed her swollen titty tips again. His hands stroked her hips. He bridged up, bouncing her on his belly.

She dipped her hand under her vee and felt around, fingering the coupling as if to verify that her cunt was really stuffed full of her son's prick.

"You're a motherfucker now, darling!" she sighed.

His cock hammered savagely inside her, as if eager to prove the label right.

Laura pulled her pussy up until only the head of his cock was in her cunt. She poised on his cock-knob for a moment, then slid back down and took it all again.

Her lush lips twisted from side to side as she fucked her fuckhole down on her son's prick, adding torque to the steady in and out friction.

Jim met her, fucking up as she dropped down, tossing her on his cock as he gored her cunt. His prick hissed up her and her pussy slurped as she pulled up. Her cunt was sucking and milking, swallowing his cock like a greedy mouth. His mother's pussy was magic and she fucked as enthusiastically as she sucked and Jim was pleased and proud to be a motherfucker as he pounded his prick up her.

She began to ride him faster, shifting from a slow trot to a brisk canter. Her shapely thighs tensed and rippled as they propelled her pussy up and down on his prick. She sank down on the saddle of his loins, enveloping his cock, then jerked back up to the prick-knob.

Hot from sucking him off while her cunt was neglected, Laura began to juice off quickly.

Waves sped across her belly and shot up her thighs and the core of her cunthole began to swirl. Her son's prick sank into a boiling caldron as she creamed.

"Ohhhhh! Ooooooh, I'm cumming, darling!" she moaned, galloping on his groin.

She shot her ass back a bit, so that she was rubbing her clit up and down the length of his cockshaft as she plunged merrily away. He could feel that tight little bud tingle and smolder on his stalk.

He plowed up vigorously, wanting to join in, yearning to spill his spunk in her pussy. His cumbags whacked her ass with dull thuds as his cock disappeared. Cunt cum gushed out on his cockhilt in a deluge.

"Ahhhhh -- cum in Mom, darling!" she urged him. "Shoot in Mom's cunt!"

"Unghhhh! Now, Mom! Now! Take my fuckjuice!" the boy cried as he felt his balls erupt.

Laura slammed her creaming cunt down as his joyjuice shot up the tube and his hot explosion went off in the depths of her seething pussy.

She danced on his prick, jerking convulsively. He was spurting into her so hard he was almost blowing her off the end of his cock.

Laura kept creaming and her son kept squirting his spunk into her. Their juices mingled, sloshing in her fuckhole and spilling from her slot.

They climbed to the highest peak together and held there at a prolonged crest.

Then they began to slowly descend, riding down through the ebbing spasms gradually. Her fluid motions became jerky. Her cunt sleeve was still pulling on his prick, milking out the last of his incest oil.

Her voluptuous body shook with a final spasm and his prick spilled out the last dregs. She sank down to the hilt and stopped riding. Coupled to the brim, they panted in the pleasant exhaustion of a super fuck.

Jim didn't know which he had loved the most, cumming in her mouth or shooting up her cunt. But he was sure looking forward to plenty of both from now on.

And so, too, was Laura.

The insatiable woman was tensing her cunt sinew on his cock exploratively, testing it for firmness. His prick had begun to diminish and soften some now that he had drained off his balls yet again.

She pulled up to his cock-knob and then slid back down, seeing if his cock would stand up to another session.

It was stiff enough to ride, but it was swaying, snaking in instead of plowing.

But it was pulsing promisingly and Laura figured she could get some more action out of him soon. She guessed that the quickest way to arouse him to a new iron-hard state would be to suck his cock again.

She was an expert at stiffening cocks in her mouth, as foreplay or to get a drink. She pulled her pussy up again, and this time she drew her gooey cunt off his knob. His prick stood upright, glistening from her fuckhole and weaving around like a tree in a storm.

Laura tilted her tummy up so that her son could look into her crotch. She opened her cuntslot with her fingers, showing him how his cum had coated the inner folds. He moaned and licked his lips.

Laura slid back and bent over him, taking his slick prick between her heavy tits. He frigged up and down through her cleavage. Her face tilted down and she lapped at his cock-knob as it squeezed from the cleft.

His slack balls slid up her belly as his semi stiff cock slammed between her tits. She opened her mouth and sucked the slimy slab in. Working to erect him fully, she cupped his balls in one hand and held his prick in her other fist frigging up and down, adding manual stimulation to the suction of her mouth.

Jim's cock began to become vibrant again.

But now, tasting his sweet prick after it had been soaked in her creamy cunthole, Laura was starting to get a different idea.

She was remembering how her daughter had sucked on the dildo while it was gooey from her pussy. Sucking her own cunt cum from her son's prick was a treat -- but the thought of tasting her teenaged daughter's cunt was compelling.

And Laura was beyond all inhibitions now. She pulled her mouth socket off her son's prick and grinned at him.

"Stay right here, darling -- Mom will come back and fuck you again in a little while," she said.

Jim looked mystified, but he was not about to question her motives. The promise was enough. He lay back, smiling, prepared to wait.

Laura went to visit Wendy...

Chapter TEN

Wendy was naked on her bed, sleeping peacefully. Her legs were parted and the hilt of the cock-shaped dude was sticking out of her cunt. Her mother came in quietly and tiptoed up to the side of the bed, gazing down at the nubile teenager lasciviously.

Wendy's cunt was creamy and there was cuntjuice on her nipples and lips, as well -- the residue of her frolic. Laura knew there would be traces in her asshole, as well.

The woman just looked for a while, licking her lips like a glutton at a feast.

Laura sat down, curling gracefully on the edge of the bed, careful not to disturb the girl.

She bent down and licked Wendy's lips.

Wendy's pussy nectar was tasty on her mouth, and Laura simmered at the prospect of sucking more of it straight from her melting cunt.

She shifted lower and gently sucked the teenager's tit tips, tasting more sweet girl goo on the nubbins and feeling them tense in her lips.

Wendy began to murmur and squirm around. She was still asleep. Her mother wondered what sort of dreams the minx was having.

She licked lightly up and down Wendy's tummy and tongued her silken cunt mouth for a while. Then she moved lower and lapped up the insides of her slim, shapely thighs, stopping just short of her crotch.

Laura was drooling in anticipation of sucking her daughter's cunt, but she was enjoying the preliminaries and in no great haste to start dining.

She tongued all the way down to Wendy's feet, sucked her wiggling toes, then licked back up the other leg, again stopping short of her cunt.

Wendy's eyelids were fluttering, and her pretty face was twisting with sensations. Still asleep, she arched and squirmed with feline grace.

The shaft of the dildo was jerking around as her cunt started to suck on the shaft.

Her fuckhole was heating up fragrantly. The sweet scent was driving her mother's nose wild and causing her tongue to steam in her lips.

Dipping a hand into Wendy's groin, Laura thumbed the switch, activating the vibrator.

It began to ripple and hum, the sound muted in Wendy's sodden cunt. The girl frowned slightly. Her ass and hips began to move in a slow fucking motion.

Laura held the dildo by the hilt and started to frig it in and out of her daughter's dewy cunt. She angled it so that she was running the vibrant stalk against Wendy's clit as it sank in.

Wendy's cuntlips distended on the shaft, sucking and clinging as her mother tugged it out. Laura leaned over her loins, gazing down in visual rapture. Wendy's tasty cunt looked some delicate pink shellfish served in a French sauce. Laura's lapper slid out like a lesbian's hard-on.

Then the girl opened her eyes.

She blinked in confusion, still groggy, thinking that she was still dreaming.

But the sensations were too solid for a dream.

"M-mom?" she mumbled. Laura smiled at her. "What -- what are you doing?" Wendy whimpered.

"I'm frigging you, darling," Laura replied, with bold and brazen simplicity.

The teenager gulped in astonishment. Looking into the girl's widening eyes, Laura shoveled the vibrant cock up her cunthole to the hilt. She fingered her daughter's clit as she wriggled the humming dildo around in the core of her pussy.

"Do you mind, honey?" Laura whispered.

Wendy looked stunned, even alarmed. But then she began to smile. This was a thing she had often imagined, but never expected would really happen. Now she realized that she was truly her mother's daughter -- and that the curvaceous woman shared her desires.

"Oh, no, Mom! It feels so good!" she sighed. Laura continued to slide the device in and out and to play with her daughter's clit. Wendy's ass churned and her slim hips jerked as she fucked her cunt up and down on the jolting joystick.

Then her mom pulled it from her pussy.

"Ohhhh -- don't stop, Mom!" Wendy squealed. "I was gonna cream off!"

Laura held the drenched dildo up in front of her face, gazing at it. She pressed her nose to the knob and sniffed. Her tongue slid out and she licked up her daughter's pussy goo from the stalk.

"Ummmmmm -- your pussy is scrumptious, darling," the wanton woman sighed.

Wendy was looking stunned again.

Then she began to grin again, as she understood that no holds were barred.

Laura took the humming tool into her lips and sucked on it. She drew it from her mouth and plunged it back up her daughter's pussy for a moment, then pulled it out and fed it to her face again.

The vibrator went into Wendy's cunt sodden with saliva and into her mother's mouth glistening with cunt cream as the lewd lady continued to alternate strokes between her daughter's wet pussy and her own drooling mouth.

"Mom -- are you -- are you a cunt lapper?" the teenager asked, sounding almost shy.

"Yes, darling -- I love to eat pussy," Laura admitted, with a suggestive leer.

"I-I don't mind, Mom," Wendy sighed. She managed to look demure, which was quite a feat under the circumstances. "If you wanna suck my cunt -- and -- and I'll go down on you, too, Mom."

"Ohhhhh, baby -- yes!" Laura moaned.

She stabbed the cock up Wendy's cunt again, gave it another suck, then switched it off.

There was no point in wasting the batteries.

And she sure didn't need it now.

Now that she knew what was going to happen, Wendy was wildly enthusiastic about it. She jerked her pussy up invitingly and her tongue began to flick in and out. Wendy didn't know which she was looking forward to more, having her sexy mother munch her cunt or sinking her tongue into the woman's juicy pussy.

But since she was going to have both ends of the mutual muff diving delight, it didn't really matter which came fast -- or who came first.

And her mom was obviously keen to feed.

"Plate my pussy, Mom! Tonguefuck my cunt!" the excited teenager pleaded, whipping her crotch up as if her cunt were a canape served on a hairy platter.

But Laura was a gourmet, not a glutton. She wanted to make a lingering meal out of this treat. Instead of diving on the main course at once, she began to lick up and down her daughter's slender torso and nuzzle her tits. They kissed, drooling into each other's lips and sucking tongues -- limbering up for clits on lappers.

Laura thrust her tits out and Wendy suckled on the swollen tits with pleasure. They took turns sucking titty, kissing passionately as they switched.

Laura tongued her way back down the girl's torso and slobbered into her bushy vee. Still avoiding the girl's cunt, she licked on down her legs again. Just as she had with her son, Laura wanted to make this first cunt lapping session a momentous occasion for her daughter.

"Shove your fucking tongue up my cunt, Mom!" Wendy begged, so hot for it that she thought that her cunt was going to burst into flames -- except, of course, it was much too wet to burn.

"Soon, baby -- soon -- Mom wants an appetizer first," Laura purred.

She gripped the teenager by her slender hips and slowly turned her over. Wendy looked puzzled for a moment, then yelped with glee as she realized that her naughty mother was going to rim out her asshole -- that the appetizer she was longing for was the asshole variety.

Laura placed her open hands on the firm cheeks of her daughter's trim ass and opened the crack between them. Wendy's asshole was open and wet from the vibrator. Laura shoved her nose in and nuzzled the tangy, fragrant bud.

"Yeah, Mom -- suck my asshole!" Wendy squealed.

Laura began to run her tongue up through the musky cleft with slow, moist slurps. Then she started to work on the girl's shithole with relish.

Her lapper stabbed in and her lips sucked on the tight, puckered rim. Her daughter's shit slot was delicious, tart and tangy, with just a subtle hint of cuntjuice that had seeped into the aperture.

Wendy shoved her ass back in her mother's face eagerly, panting like a dog at the pleasure of having her fudge hole tonguefucked so expertly.

If her mom's mouth could do that to her asshole, just imagine what it would do to her cunt!

Laura drooled into her daughter's fragrant shitter, then sucked her own saliva back out, flavored exquisitely from that steamy slot.

The woman snacked away on shithole, savoring it and whetting her appetite. Her tongue was tingling as if it were electric as it slid up that tiny hole -- as if, like the vibrator, Laura had batteries in her mouth.

Now she was too hungry to delay any longer, starving for a loin lunch in Wendy's pussy. She gave the girl's asshole a last loving slurp. Then she gently rolled her over onto her back again.

Wendy's knees lifted up and her slim thighs parted wide. Her well-sucked ass jerked up from the bed as she lifted her widespread loins, forming a cunt table.

Laura bent over her, gazing at her cunt like a hog about to bury its snout in a brimming trough.

She breathed in the rising fumes of that smoldering cunt, so hot for it that she felt as if her lapper was melting in her mouth.

"Eat me out, Mom!" Wendy wailed. And, like a shark in a feeding frenzy, Laura dove on her daughter's fuckhole.

Jim was becoming impatient.

His cock was fully hard again, burning like a fuse and throbbing violently, over his loins.

Where in hell was Mom?

His balls were ballooning, over-inflating, and more pre-cum had already started to well up in his open pisshole and slide down the purple knob.

A creature of habit, the horny youth reached down and took his prick in his fist, automatically starting to jack himself off, as he had done so frequently and regularly in his virginal past.

Then he realized what he was doing and snatched his fist away in horror.

There was no way in hell that the boy wanted to waste a cum load by hand, now that his mother's hot mouth and tight cunt were available to him.

But where was she? he wondered, in desperation.

His cock hadn't been fully hard when she left the room, and now he thought that maybe she didn't realize that he was all set to go again.

It seemed the most likely possibility, since she obviously wanted to fuck and suck some more -- and he was the only man in the house.

The fact that his mother might have gone to visit his sister never dawned on the teen. Why would it? He knew for a fact that his mother wasn't a lesbian, since she was a married lady, with children -- and had demonstrated her love of pricks to him in no uncertain terms.

He listened, hoping to hear her approaching.

But what he heard, over the pounding of his own blood in his ears and the mighty hammering of his cock, was soft moaning and the sway of bedsprings.

He grabbed his cock, not to jack it off, but to stifle the roar of his blood in that anvil-hard prick. Yes, he was definitely hearing panting and sighing and whimpering and the rocking of a bed.

Holy cow! he thought, in dismay.

Mom must have figured that I couldn't get it up again! She must be fingerfucking herself in her bedroom! What a shame that would be!

He jumped up like a pole-vaulter, with his huge prick looming before his loins. Naked, he dashed from the room and ran down to the master bedroom.

He darted in, fully expecting to find his mother on her bed with her fingers stuffed up her cunt.

But the room was empty.

He stood just inside the doorway, frowning, puzzled and perturbed. He cocked his head, listening again. He could still hear those sounds of passion.

Then he thought that he understood.

It must be his sexy sister who was giving herself a handjob!

Mom must have gone downstairs and the girl thought she was alone upstairs and didn't have to worry about how much noise she made. What else could it be? He went back out and looked down the hallway. His sibling's bedroom door wasn't even closed and those fascinating sounds of frantic frolic was definitely emanating from there.

Jim grinned fiendishly.

The prospect of peeking on his sister as she gave her cunt a fingerfucking delighted him. He thought that he would watch for a while and then maybe he would go in and offer to finish the job for her. Now that he had already fucked his mother in mouth and cunt, Jim no longer felt constricted by the taboo of incest -- and if his sister was game for it, he sure as hell was willing.

The boy tiptoed back down the hall, grinning wickedly.

He sneaked a look into Wendy's roam.

For a moment he just couldn't understand what was taking place on her bed. It was too astonishing to register on his mind.

He thought that his mother and sister must be having a wrestling match. Were they fighting in anger or simply fooling around? he wondered, vaguely.

And why were they both naked?

His mother seemed to be winning the match, pinning his sister down, he saw. He hoped the contest would end soon so that she could return to his room.

Then Wendy wailed, "Eat me out, Mom!" And Jim damned near fainted.

Chapter ELEVEN

Laura lifted her daughter's loins up, holding her by the cheeks of her wriggling ass, and began to lick the girl's cunt hungrily.

"Oh! Ohhhh, Mom! Ohhhhhh!" the teenaged tart whined as that flashing tongue shot in.

Neither Laura nor Wendy realized that Jim was standing in the doorway, gaping in disbelief. But neither would have minded having him watch, either.

Jim was stunned. Why on earth would Mom be munching Wendy's pussy? The young man was getting a very interesting lesson as he looked on -- starting to realize that no matter how feminine a female was and no matter how much they adored cocks, that had nothing to do with their instinctive enthusiasm about lapping each other's cunt!

Watching his mother dine was making the horny young man plenty hungry, himself.

But he was smart enough to know that, for the moment, his mother and sister would not want to have their distaff dalliance interrupted.

Despite his raging erection and swollen cumbags, Jim was willing to watch for a while, thrilled by the fascinating sight of incestuous oral love.

And they put on quite a show.

Laura used only her tongue, to begin with. She licked her daughter's unfurled cuntlips, lapped her inflamed clit and slurped deeply into her cream-soaked pink pussy. Her tawny head turned from side to side and she stabbed her lapper as deeply up that padded cunt chute as it would reach, tongue fucking with joy.

Then she began to suck, as well.

Fitting her parted lips to Wendy's swampy cunt, Laura started sucking as she continued to run her tongue in and out, French kissing her daughter's pussy as if it were a bearded mouth.

"Mom -- Mom! Oh, holy shit!" Wendy gurgled, unable to believe how wonderful it felt to have her mother's hot mouth clamped on her cunt.

Her hips pistoned and her belly pumped as she ground her pussy on the woman's face. Laura was whimpering with cunt lapper's ecstasy, muff diver's delight. She always enjoyed a snack of hot cunt, but doing it to her own sexy, nubile daughter was giving her a boundless thrill.

Sucking off the girl, in a way, was even naughtier than blowing her son had been, because it was deviate, the thrill embellished by the lesbian love aspects. If she was corrupting and depraving her daughter, so much the better. She intended to do it a lot from now on, knowing that between her son and daughter she was going to be a very busy lady.

Her mouth might never be empty again.

Her lips were clamped to Wendy's cuntslot like a rubber plunger on a clogged drain, sucking in a frenzy on the rim as her lapper stuffed up the wet tunnel. Her mouth filled up with delicious cuntjuice. She spooned it out with her tongue and sucked it out with her lips, swallowing hungrily. Cunt cream dribbled down her chin.

She came up for air, her whole face glistening with pussy goo. She shoved her fat tits out and rubbed the stiff peaks in the girl's sodden cunt and against her swollen clit, then dove down tongue-first again.

Wendy closed her sleek thighs around Laura's head for a moment, clamping her face in a velvet vise. But there was no reason to hold her captive in that steaming crotch. Her mouth was glued to her daughter's cunt by a paste of saliva blended with cuntjuice.

Wendy flung her legs wide apart again, letting her mother wallow at will in her sloppy pussy. She jerked her knees up and kicked at the air, pawing and pedaling.

Laura tipped the girl's slim pelvis up, drinking from her cunt as it it were a chalice that she was draining to the sweet dregs.

"Cum-cream my mouth!" the woman moaned, her words muffled on her daughter's cunt, each syllable dripping and bubbling in her pussy. "Mom's hungry for your cunt cream, baby -- feed me the fucking foam!"

Wendy gurgled and gasped and groaned. Her sinuous body arched and bowed, undulating sensually as she ground her cunt on that adoring mouth.

Her knees drew up higher and her ass rolled as she turned her cunt up under Laura's face. The waves were lancing through her and she was starting to dissolve.

"Gonna juice off, Mom!" she cried.

"Ohhhhh -- yeah, baby -- soak my face -- let me drink your sweet pussy cum!"

The flow was getting more lavish and the fragrance of melting cunt filled the room. Jim, standing in the doorway, could well understand why his mother was a cunt lapper, as he inhaled that compelling aroma. His cock was standing so tall by this time that he seemed to be aiming on them over the cock-knob, as if it were a gun sight.

His mother's blonde head was down in his sister's groin and her lovely ass was hiked up and wriggling about. Her cuntjuice was steaming down her crotch and thighs. The boy could have walked in and thrown his cock up her doggy fashion, knowing that she would welcome the addition of prick to pussy, being the sort of naughty mom that takes it in both ends.

But the boy was so fascinated by watching the lesbian love that he lingered at the door, ignoring the desperate jolting of his cock.

Wendy was lashing about in the throes of an orgasm. Her knees pulled up to her tits, then her legs shot straight out, trembling as if she were electrified. Her clit was going off repeatedly and her fuckhole kept pouring her pussy cum out into her mother's avid mouth.

Laura was drinking damned near as much cunt cum out of her daughter as she had swallowed spunk from her son's spurting cock -- and loving the stuff just as much, bi-sexual in her greed and deviate in her depravity.

Wendy shuddered through her long creaming and finally sank back onto the bed, panting and gasping. Laura kept on lapping up the dregs. She placed her tongue in the crack of her daughter's adorable ass, where some of the overflow had seeped down. She slowly slurped up through that crack and on through her gooey cunt, emptying the girl as if she were using a pliable pink spoon.

Her lapper flipped out and ended up in the girl's curly cunt bush, basking there for a moment like a lizard sunning itself on a mossy rock.

Then she repeated the long stroke.

With her tawny head sliding up and down, she lapped up all that she could get with her tongue. Then she used her fingertips to open Wendy's seething pussy wider and cupped her mouth to it. She sucked with relish, dragging the last drops of joyjuice out by suction.

Wendy was finished cumming, but her insatiable mother kept right on giving her head, more than willing to suck the nubile nymphette up to another crest -- to stay stuck on her pussy for hours.

But now Wendy was ready for the second half of the mutual cunt lapping. Her tongue had heated up as her pussy copied down, and her mouth was salivating now as heavily as her cunt had been creaming before. It was evident that cunt lapping was, by its very nature, a doubleheader.

"That's enough for now, Mom," she whispered.

Laura took a last deep suck, then lifted her face out of the girl's cunt. Her eyes were shining and her jaws were dripping with goo.

Her slimy lips smiled and she raised her eyebrows questioningly. Wendy tilted her head up, her face glowing radiantly. She parted her lips and slowly and suggestively slid her tongue across her mouth.

"Feed me now, Mom!" she sighed.

Laura gave a little moan at that welcome suggestion, delighted that her daughter shared her taste for cunt. Then the lustful lady went up for the second half as Wendy waited eagerly to lap up her lunch.

Chapter TWELVE

Laura began to move up her daughter's slender, shapely torso, kneeling astride her. Her creamy cunt rested on the girl's plump cunt mound for a moment, then slid up her lower belly, laying a slimy wake behind her ass. She wriggled on Wendy's belly button, filling it with pussy juice. She shifted higher and knelt over Wendy's upthrust tits, mopping her cunt on the tips, her clit flaring and pulsing as it brushed the girl's stiff nipples.

Wendy craned her neck, tilting her face up like a hungry bird waiting to be fed.

"Sit on my face, Mom!" she pleaded.

She had never been as hungry for anything as she was for her mother's cunt milk. She grabbed the voluptuous woman by the hips, pulling her up.

Laura squatted over Wendy's head, rotating her hips and swirling her cunt around just out of reach of the girl's questing lapper.

Her cunt was wide open and Wendy was gazing right up the creamy sleeve. Laura's pussy was so juicy it looked as if she was full of condensed milk.

Thighs rippling, she slowly lowered her loins onto her daughter's eager face. Wendy began to munch with joy, using her tongue and lips and rubbing her whole face around in Laura's cunt.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Wendy moaned, finding out that cunt sucking was even more flavorsome and fragrant and thrilling than she had supposed.

A girl needed no practice or training or previous experience to plate a pussy. It just seemed to come instinctively to her, a talent that she had no doubt inherited from her mom.

She bunched her fingers together and shoved them knuckle-deep up Laura's cunthole, fingerfucking her chute as she sucked on her clit.

Mother's milk poured over her tongue and lips and she gulped it down voraciously, as if needing to replenish the bodily fluids that had been sucked out of her own cunt.

Laura rode on the saddle of her daughter's face, jerking and twisting, grinding on her mouth. She had started to cum immediately, but she was holding at the peak, undulating in a prolonged orgasm that she could sustain for a long time -- knowing that Wendy would welcome spending hours under her creaming crotch.

"You cunt is so fucking delicious, Mom!" the girl sputtered, gobbling cunt as she spoke.

"That's because it's full of cum, baby," Laura whispered. She knew the confession would only add to her daughter's depraved pleasure. "Daddy filled me up this morning and..." she paused, trembling, "and then your brother fucked me and filled my pussy up again!"

Wendy gasped.

"Uh-huh. First I sucked him off and swallowed a load, then he fucked my cunt!"

"Oh, Mom! What a naughty mom you are!" Wendy wailed, relishing her snack even more now that she knew she was drinking brotherly love juice along with the cunt milk.

Holding the lewd lady by the hips again, so that her hand was no longer getting in the way of her mouth, Wendy started to suck voraciously.

She was staring up at her mother's face, past her thrusting tits, loving the look that her sucking was putting on the woman's lust-crazed countenance.

"I'd fuck Jim, too, Mom," she said. "Can I? Shall I let my brother fill my cunt up with jizz before you suck me off again?"

"Yes, baby -- you can fuck your brother," that tolerant and understanding woman agreed.

And that, of course, was a brother's cue. There was no need at all to be modest or shy or timid under the circumstances, and Jim came marching in with his cock out like a baton.

Laura turned and grinned at him. "Have you been spying on us, you naughty pervert?" she giggled gleefully.

"Yeah -- and listening, too," he croaked.

His mother eyed his cock and balls, looking almost wistful at the thought that Wendy was going to get it now. She felt jealous and envious -- but not very much. The prospect of seeing her kids having a sibling fuck turned her on far too much for her to have any objections.

And she knew there would be plenty left for her, today -- and for years to come.

"Fuck your sister, darling," she purred.

Wendy's knees shot up and her thighs parted wide as she tilted her fuckhole up to be filled.

Jim knelt between her legs.

He grabbed his prick by the hilt and guided the cock-knob into her pussy. He stirred it around in the open grotto and wiped it against her clit. He wasn't sure if fucking his sister was as naughty as fucking his mother, but the prospect was more than inviting.

"Shove it up my cunt, Jim!" Wendy moaned.

Her mouth was still stuck on her mother's cunt, but she was only sucking gently now and stirring her tongue around lightly as she waited for the coupling that would turn it into a threesome.

Jim grimaced and began to inch his prick into his sibling's hot, tight cunt. He paused with half of his cock buried, feeling her cunt suck him deeper.

Then he rammed in to the hilt.

"Ahhhhhh!" she wailed as she felt her cunt stuffed to the heart by that massive prick.

He held it all up her and pulsed his sinew, making it throb.

His cockhead was glowing like a lump of molten iron in the depths of her pussy, and his steely prick was levering up her chute like a crowbar. She was stuffed so full that she felt cored like an apple and thought that her hipbones might jump out of their sockets.

He began to pull it out and push it in.

His cock sank up her so deep that Wendy thought it might come out of her mouth -- that her brother might end up fucking their mother via the conduit of her body, transfixing her en route to the cunt she was mouthing.

Jim was fucking very slowly, knowing that watching them cunt lap on each other had made him so horny that he was going to shoot off soon and trying to prolong the pleasure by moving at a snail's pace.

Wendy was fucking twice as fast as her brother was, slamming her cunt up and down on his slow-moving cockshaft in a frenzy. She seemed to have inherited her mother's cunt, Jim thought. That hot hole was sucking on his prick just like a hungry mouth.

Each time Jim's cock stuffed her cunthole, Wendy's tongue shot up her mother's pussy, as if it was being forced from her mouth by his huge prick.

Laura looked back over her shoulder approvingly, watching her kids fuck. Then she looked down again and watched her daughter dine in her groin.

The visual pleasure and the psychological thrill of incest was making the woman shudder and jerk in conjunction with the sensation of being sucked.

Jim's balls slapped on his sister's churning ass like swinging sandbags, making a dull thud. His cock hissed as it slid up her fuckhole rhythmically. He was starting to move faster, losing control.

With a huge effort of willpower, the horny youth rammed his prick all the way up her cunt and held it there, interrupting the rhythm.

He bent down to suck her tits.

With his head on her tits, he looked out of the tops of his eyes and watched his sister's tongue flash into their mother's cuntslot.

Her lapper fluttered and slurped and cuntjuice streamed over it and into her open mouth. Jim shifted up and shot his own tongue into his mother's cunt from under the globes of her ass. He shared the snack with his sibling for a few tasty moments. Mom's cunt was so scrumptious that the boy, naive and innocent though he might be, understood why his sister relished it so much. He had realized now that a girl could be an avid cunt lapper without being a dyke.

When he pulled his head back out of Laura's groin, he ran his tongue up through the musky cleft between her asscheeks and dipped it into her shithole.

Then he moved back and resumed fucking his sister, pumping toward the conclusion now.

Her slim hips danced wildly under him as he poured the prick to her vigorously. He held her by the hipbones and jammed his cock in savagely, growling like a dog.

"Cum, Jim! Shoot in your sister's cunt!" Laura wailed, twisting around to watch the action behind her, then leaning down to see the lapping in her crotch.

"Yeah -- yeah! Jizz me, Jim!" Wendy urged.

She was yearning for his hot brotherly love, wanting to feel it squirting into her steaming pussy and also looking ahead to having her mother suck it back out.

Jim snarled and grunted as he pounded in, arching as if his backbone was breaking.

"Here it cums, Mom! Take it, Sis!" he gasped.

His balls went off like a time bomb, exploding with such violence that his ass was blown up into the air. His jizz shot up his prick and flooded into his sister's fuckhole in a solid, slimy rope.

Jim was so excited that it all came out at once, in an unbroken flow streaming from his cumbags into the core of Wendy's cunt like a boiling lava flow.

Wendy wailed and her cunt melted on his prick like a wax candle on a flaming wick. Her girl cum swirled into her cunt and blended with his spunk, filling her to the brim with their combined sibling cream.

Jim kept ramming in and out and his cum kept pouring steadily from his cockhead in thick coils. His balls emptied off slowly, indenting. Then the tail end of his jizz flood whipped from his pisshole like a parted hawser. He kept on pumping for a while, driving the prick to her dry now.

She squirmed and wriggled, working her own cumming off on his prick. Each time her cunt juiced, she swallowed an equal amount from Laura's pussy, keeping her fluid capacity level, swallowing as much as she spilled.

Jim pulled his prick out.

His sister's cuntslot stayed wide open, retaining the contours of his cock. Cunt cum and jizz bubbled from the pink gash.

His prick was still rock-hard and his potent balls were swelling again at once, his virility boundless on this memorable morning.

It was time to fuck Mom again.


Jim shifted his knees out on either side of Wendy's hips and began to move up her arched body. His balls dragged in her cunt vee and his cockhead ran up her belly like a plow cutting a furrow.

He sank it between her upthrust tits and frigged through her cleavage a few times, then rubbed the slick cock-knob against her swollen nipples.

Laura hiked her ass up as she squatted down on her daughter's face. The insatiable woman was still creaming off, ebbing for a moment, then peaking again.

Jim held his mom by the hips, tugging her ass back toward him and sliding her cunt on his sister's upturned face in the process.

His ass rested on Wendy's tits now, his balls ballooning on the upper slopes, and his long cock stood up like a spike behind Laura's haunches.

As Laura squirmed on Wendy's face, the cheeks of her firm ass opened, revealing the tight brown bud of her asshole. Jim eyed that tiny slot thoughtfully. It had felt great to stick his tongue up her shit chute and he was naturally wondering if his cock would fit in there.

It wasn't the sort of question that a guy was supposed to ask his mother and he was hesitant, too bashful to ask if she liked to get ass-fucked.

Yet, knowing how his mother was, the boy wouldn't be surprised if she welcomed it up the ass. He pushed his hips out and began to run his cock up and down through the crack between her asscheeks, fucking her cleavage as he had his sibling's tit cleft.

His cockhead flared in her asshole, angled up like a lever on her ass.

Laura looked over her shoulder and smiled mockingly at the blushing boy.

"Does naughty Jim wanna shove his big prick up his mom's fudge chute?" she chided.

He looked sheepish and eager.

"It's okay, darling -- Mom doesn't mind," she purred, rubbing back against him.

He sawed his hard prick up and down in her asscrack as if he were putting a keen edge on an axe. Then his own ass hiked up higher, changing the angle so that his stiff prick was aimed straight into the puckered slot of his mother's shitter.

He nudged the pricktip in.

It didn't look as if that fat purple slab had a chance of fitting up her snug shifter and he hesitated, not wanting to hurt her and certainly not wanting to sandpaper his prick in the tight tunnel.

But Laura had no such qualms. She shoved her asshole back, still grinding her cunt on Wendy's mouth. The wedge-shaped cock-knob sank into her.

"C'mon -- stuff me!" she moaned.

Jim held her hips tightly and lunged out, and his whole prick went into her asshole smooth as silk. That snug channel had obviously been explored before.

He held his prick buried, and her guts began to suck on it as if she were swallowing him, digesting his living cock from the wrong end. His cock-knob was burning in her bowels. He wondered if that slab was sloshing around in all the cum and cuntjuice she had gulped down from her mouth.

Then he began to fuck her ass furiously, driving his prick in to the root. His flat belly slapped against the curves of her ass. His bloated balls bounced off his sister's tits, then slapped against the girl's chin as she kept on munching in Laura's pussy.

He yanked back on her hips and she rolled her ass as he plunged in. Her thighs tensed and relaxed as she rode up and down on her daughter's face and took her son's bugger meat up her ass.

Wendy stuffed her lapper as far up into her mother's cunt chute as it would go. She could feel her brother's hard prick sliding in and out of the twin tunnel, throbbing against her tongue through the slender dividing membrane of the lusty lady's taint.

Wendy licked her brother's prick by proxy, through the wet wall that separated her tracts. Sucking the woman's cunt while she had an assful added to the thrill, making it more deliciously depraved.

Jim expected to last for a while before he shot his next wad, having already emptied his balls abundantly and often. But his mother's fiery fudge chute was working like magic, pulling on his prick, gulping him in as if she were giving him another blowjob in reverse. It was the same thing, he figured. His jizz was going to wind up in her greedy belly no matter which end he spilled it into.

He began to shake spasmodically.

"Jeez -- gonna blow!" he moaned.

"Ooooooh! Yeah! Spunk my ass!" Laura moaned.

Jim's balls hit Wendy's plump tits and burst as they rebounded. They were still exploding when they hit his sister's chin. His hot enema squirted into his mother's bowels in a boiling cascade.

Laura creamed again as she felt her son's slime hosing her guts. Her cunt juiced so lavishly that Wendy wondered if her brother's fuckjuice was oozing through the partition, running into her mother's asshole and then seeping back into her cunt.

Laura cried out in rapture as her bowels melted and her cunt creamed, her whole body becoming an erogenous zone. She felt as if even her fingers and toes were juicing-off as the thrill electrified her to the core.

As Jim's fat prick plugged Laura's shitter, it was pumping the spunk back out. The gooey stuff ran down her asscrack and into her cunt, dribbling onto her daughter's trembling chin.

Wendy sucked it up ravenously, adoring a combination of cunt cum and jizz blended into one creamy sauce.

The girl licked her brother's balls as they rolled in and sucked her mother's cunt as they swung back. Her tongue was soaking the cream up like a sponge.

The last of Jim's flood squirted out and his prick stopped bucking. He clung to his mother's haunches, leaning over her, his belly jammed to the round sweep of her ass and his prick buried in her bowels.

Her inner rings coaxed the dregs from his pisshole as he held his cock immobile.

He began to withdraw slowly, amazed to find that his cock hadn't softened at all. It was still hard as steel and he was pulling it out like King Arthur drawing Excalibur from the stone.

His cockhead popped from her shithole and the long prick snapped upright before his loins. His cumbags were still solid at the roots. Without any pause at all, the virile youth was ready to go into action again.

He leaned back and whipped his cock up and down between his sister's tits for a moment or two, watching his cum trickle out of his mother's open asshole and run down into the girl's cunt lapping face.

Then he rammed it out again, guiding the swollen knob into Laura's crotch, ready to doggy-fuck her as she sat on his sister's mouth.

His cockhead nudged into Laura's cunt and Wendy tongued them both together, her drool, frothy and steaming, pouring from her lips as she swallowed their juices.

Jim began to wedge his prick up his mother's fuckhole.

Wendy sucked Laura's clit as Jim stuffed her pussy. He sank in to the hilt and his balls rolled against his sister's lips. Wendy was moaning with the joy of having her horny mouth on cock and cunt in conjunction.

She slithered her tongue up into her mother's cuntslot in tandem with her brother's prick, like a sucker fish stuck to a shark. Her lips parted wide around the coupling. She licked Jim's balls as his cock vanished, then lapped the cunt cream from his prick as it emerged.

Cockmeat sure was yummy when it was slathered from a hot cunt, she thought, nuzzling his balls and tonguing his prick. Then she fitted her lips to the heavily veined underside of her brother's prick, so that he was fucking through her mouth as he plunged in and out of their mother's pussy. His cock came put gooey from cunt and sank back in glistening with Wendy's drool.

Jim took longer this time, which suited Laura and Wendy to a tee. Wendy was loving the double snack and Laura was having the pleasure of a plating and a stiff prick at the same wonderful time.

Jim rammed his prick in, heaving Laura's ass up. Then he pulled back out through his sister's sweet lips and Laura's cunt dropped on Wendy's mouth again. While his hard cock was buried in wet cunt, Wendy felt as if she was eating a particularly scrumptious pig in a blanket.

Cunt cum was still pouring out in a steady tide and now it was shot through with thick streaks of preliminary goo, as Jim's pisshole began to weep again.

"Oooooh, yes -- slime in Mom, Jim!" Wendy urged.

He grunted and slammed in, rattling Laura's pelvis, coring out her cunt. His balls exploded once again and jizz jets flashed into Laura's fuckhole.

"Ahhhhhh -- he's shooting!" Laura cried.

But Wendy already knew that, as she greedily sucked up the spunk from Laura's cunt, treasuring every tasty drop of that combination canape.

Jim drained off in a series of spurts, and his balls, at long last, sank in, spent. He had one last squirt left and the youth thoughtfully pulled his prick out of his mother's cunt and slipped it into his sister's mouth, feeding her the final foaming dose.

Then, exhausted and gasping, the boy moved away from Laura's ass and crouched back on his sibling's slender belly. His potent prick stuck straight out for a moment, then began to droop, sagging down slowly. The gooey cock-knob bumped on Wendy's tits, then popped into her smooth cleavage and lay there, limp.

Wendy swallowed the cum that her generous sibling had provided. Then she clamped her mouth an her mother's cunt again and began the pleasant process of sucking all the juice out of the lustful lady's pussy.

Laura rode on her daughter's face in a renewed frenzy, jerking like a rodeo rider being bucked about, adding another dose of cunt cum to the feast.

Finished, finally, she dismounted.

Wendy, with her mouth satisfied, looked up at her brother, hoping he would be ready to pay some attention to her cunt now.

But his cock, at long last, was spent.

The girl looked disappointed.

Laura understood why, to be sure.

"You need more prick, don't you, baby?" she whispered.

"Yeah! But..." she gestured at her brother's inert cock, basking between her tits.

Her mother gave her a reassuring smile. "Wait until your daddy gets home," she said. Wendy squealed with joy at the prospect of adding her daddy's prick to the frolic, making it a real family festival. Rod was in for a surprise -- and a treat -- when he got home from work that evening.

And for a long time to come.


Wendy was sucking Don Lawson's cock when he asked her to marry him. She wasn't surprised. They had been going steady for some time and she had expected a proposal. She hadn't even been unfaithful to Don -- unless you counted the fun she had at home.

"Yes, darling -- I'll be your wife," she purred, lapping on his cockhead.

He moaned and shot his wad and Wendy swallowed her first load of fuckjuice with relish. Then Don went down on her and began to return the favor.

Coming up for air, at one point, he asked, "How many kids shall we have, darling?"

Wendy grinned.

"Two, I think -- a boy and a girl."

That suited Don -- although he didn't realize, yet, that his bride-to-be was only carrying on a family tradition.


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