My peeping mom

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on the stage and performs with the girl in front of his friends. The woman who, after a few too many drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The couple who, while appearing to be staid members of the establishment, secretly joins the neighborhood mate-swappers.

Janice Logan is one of these outwardly normal and quite proper people. But within her lies a love of depravity that even she at first refuses to recognize, a love of depravity that eventually forces her to act.

MY PEEPING MOM -- the story of a young woman haunted by the perversity seething within her. A story about one of the many problems facing our modern society.

Chapter ONE

Janice sat on the chair in the darkness of her bedroom.

She knew she couldn't be seen. But she could see.

The house next door had bedrooms facing her own. There was perhaps twenty feet separating them, with a low fence between. At night, there were usually lights in those bedrooms, and she had been seeing some interesting goings on ever since the house was occupied.

Watching from the darkness of her own bedroom, Janice did not deny the excitement it aroused in her.

She had long ago come to terms with her erotic nature.

In the beginning, she had fought against it, thinking it weird and perverse, wicked, lewd. But then after she had suffered horribly, Janice accepted it. Once she accepted the feelings and emotions that rumbled through her body and mind, she had found a measure of peace. She knew of her desires, of the wanton desires in her mind and body, but she kept them to herself... so far.

And now, the things she saw next door were making those desires burn with a searing flame. At first it had been fun and exciting just to peek, but now it was turning into torment.

The light was on across the fence, as usual. But the room was empty. That didn't matter; Janice knew it would be occupied soon. About ten feet from that window was another, and it, too, was usually well lit. Either those next door felt secure, or they didn't care if someone saw them. Either way, Janice wasn't going to inform them that they could, be seen. She didn't want to put a stop to what was quickly becoming a nightly pleasure.

The things that happened next door did not always happen at the same time. Most of the time only one room was worth watching.

Peeking into the lighted windows did not bother Janice. Although it had, at first, she learned to accept this part of her sexual nature, too. Now it no longer made her feel ashamed or guilty. She knew she was spying on her next door neighbors, but they should draw the drapes if they didn't want to be seen, she told herself.

Her eyes lit up as she saw the girl enter the bedroom. As usual, the girl was wearing pajamas. She was very beautiful. The girl had a sweet face, with huge eyes that gleamed. Her hair was blonde, a honey color. She also had that creamy tan most girls had in the hot summer months.

Janice pulled her chair closer to the window. The girl next door stood before a mirror, brushing her hair. She seemed to be humming softly, Janice noted. As the girl brushed her long hair, she did swaying motions, as if she were dancing slowly to some unheard music. The ass twisted and writhed in a tantalizing manner, and Janice felt a tingle start between her thighs.

In the beginning, Janice had not become very excited watching the girl, but the more she watched, the more interesting it was, and she wasn't surprised to find her emotions, her cunt, responding to the things she saw.

Watching the girl place the brush down, Janice knew what was next.

The girl opened the tops of her pajamas and slipped it off. The tightness of those saucy tits were creamy and inviting. Janice ran her tongue over her lips as her eyes strained with smoldering desire.

The girl cupped her tits with both hands, gazing in the mirror at them. When she thumbed the nipples, then began to twist them, Janice could hear her faint moan of pleasure. The windows in that house were usually open, and she could hear the girl's moans and sighs and whimpers.

When the girl hooked her fingers into the elastic waistband of her pajamas, Janice felt a burning in her own cunt. She ran her tongue over her lips with anticipation. The pajamas began to slide down. She wasn't sure if it was her imagination or not, but it seemed to Janice those pajamas went down much slower than before. And there was a lot of wiggling and twisting of that ass, too.

With the pajamas at mid-thigh, the beautiful girl turned and presented her naked ass to the mirror, looking over her shoulder at it. She wiggled it and twisted it in a delightfully erotic manner. The creamy cheeks of the girl's ass were quite lovely, smooth and swelling, flawless in their shape and tightness. It was, Janice had decided when she first saw that ass, the cutest ass she had ever seen.

The pajamas went down. Although the girl's feet were below the windowsill, Janice could see her whole body from the top of her blonde head to her knees. For a moment the girl stood sideways, looking at herself in the mirror. Janice watched those creamy, succulent tits arch out. They were small, but exquisitely tight and shapely.

Facing Janice, the girl gazed at her profile, hands on her hips. Janice stared at the girl's cunt. The girl had her thighs together at the moment, but the sweet slit could be seen. The hair -- if there was hair on that cunt -- was very scant and blonde.

Now the girl placed her hands on her ass cheeks and arched her hips forward, spreading her thighs. Janice sucked in her breath. The girl was extremely beautiful in her nakedness, so beautiful that Janice wanted to reach across the fence and run her hand over that satiny flesh.

The bed was in line with her vision, and she watched the girl go to it. As she did most nights, the girl sprawled on her stomach, bringing a pillow underneath her body. With her legs wide, the pillow under her hips, the girl began to writhe her hips. Janice could see, since the girl kept her legs wide, the flexing of that sweet ass and the cunt so deliciously devoid of hair.

The girl began banging her cunt on the pillow, fucking it. The soft moans of delight rippled across the fence. Janice's pussy was bubbling very hotly as she watched the girl fuck the pillow unashamedly.

Janice's eyes glowed hotly as she watched that cute, tight ass flex, bouncing and writhing. She now had one hand underneath her gown, her fingers digging into her firm, spongy tits. Her nipples were achingly hard.

The tight ass in the well-lighted window began to churn almost in a violent way now, and the moans of passion drifted to Janice. The girl was thrashing about as if she were in convulsion, her head banging upon the mattress as her ass bounced.

Finally, the girl rolled off the pillow, her legs wide.

The position of the girl was suck that Janice gazed up between those exquisitely slim thighs. She could see her cute hot cunt. She sighed as the girl began to caress her cunt with one hand, the other cupping a creamy tit.

What Janice had just witnessed was an almost nightly event. The girl masturbated often, and usually with all her clothes off. She didn't seem to ever wear a bra; at least Janice had never seen one on those succulent tits.

She watched the girl as she sat up, then disappeared from sight. Janice sighed again and started to get out of the chair. A movement in the other window -- the second bedroom window across the fence -- caused her to sit back down.

Her eyes widened.

The man was tall, with broad shoulders. She had seen him before, of course, just as she had seen the girl. The man was the father of the girl, that much she knew. So far, the only conversation that had passed between them was a friendly greeting, nothing else.

The man wore only jockey shorts.

Janice felt her eyes blur as they fixed on the front of his shorts. The bulge there was quite appealing to her. The man's chest was hairy, something she liked. The man faced the window for some time, as though he were taking deep breaths of the warm night air. His expression indicated preoccupation with thought.

His hand moved down his flat stomach, and Janice held her breath when she saw him cup his cock and balls. He fondled himself for a few moments, his face still indicating deep thought. When he shoved his hand beneath the elastic waistband of his jockey shorts, Janice sucked in her breath, wishing she could shove her hand into them, feel his cock and balls. The man caressed his cock and balls, his shorts moving, as Janice felt her hairy cunt twitch with desire. She shifted her ass on the chair, squirming as the heat grew steadily between her thighs.

A small gasp bubbled from her when the man shoved his jockey shorts down, exposing his cock and balls.

"Oooooh," Janice murmured softly as her eyes blazed with desire. His cock was almost hard, becoming very thick and long with a beautiful, smoothly swollen head. His balls, she could see, were quite hairy. "I'd love to have that!" she whispered into the darkness.

The man grasped his cock and pumped it a few times. His prick became very hard then, a good eight inches long, she judged. The head was so lovely, so deliciously smooth, Janice ran her tongue about her lips with eagerness. Her eyes fixed upon his cock and balls as he began to work his fist back and forth, his face still expressing deep thought, as if he were jacking off without a conscious thought of doing so.

Her cunt steamed and her clitoris became painfully inflamed. The sight of that gorgeous cock sent spasms of desire flooding her body. Her cunt seemed to suck inward with a flexing convulsion, and she had the distinct sensation of being on the brink of an orgasm.

Still sliding his fist back and forth on his cock, the man used his other hand to shove his shorts down. They disappeared below the sill of the window as the man turned. Janice gazed at his ass, thinking it was the most beautiful ass she had ever seen on a man. It was muscular, the cheeks tight. Another moan came to her as she watched the man move about the bedroom, still jerking on his cock, moving about as if he were searching for something. His balls swayed from the movement of his hand.

The man sat on the edge of his bed, still pumping on his cock, his expression changing into one of pleasure. He leaned back on his elbow, his eyes now watching as he jacked up and down his prick. Janice saw his hips move occasionally, an upthrust of his hips as he began to jack off with a faster motion. Again he was on his feet, moving about the room, always in her view. His fist never missed a beat. The head of his cock was even more swollen than before, and she was certain he dripped from the piss hole. Light caught it, making the juices glisten. Now and then the man would cup his balls, give them a squeeze as he beat his cock.

Janice had never seen a man jack off before. She had never had the opportunity to see a man jack his cock. It was an amazing sight to her, thrilling and erotic to watch this man masturbate. She could not resist shoving a hand under her gown and press it between her thighs, holding her steaming cunt. The palm of her hand became moist and slippery as her pussy seeped, and she began to rub up and down, exerting pressure on her swollen clitoris. She was trembling with desire as she watched him closely.

Finally, the man moved to the window, facing it as though unconcerned that he was exposed. His face was contorting as his fist flew back and forth on his cock. He arched forward, as though trying to shove his cock from it. The snorting gasps he made came clearly to Janice. From the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of the girl climbing into her bed, drawing the sheet up over her naked body.

But the girl was forgotten as Janice concentrated on the man, who was standing at the window and jacking off. His excitement was evident to her, his body trembling, his hips moving. He seemed to be holding his fist still now, fucking back and forth into his palm.

She was conscious of the light going off in the girl's bedroom, but her attention was fixed upon the man who was now jacking off with a swiftly moving fist. His hips were arched outward and his face was screwed up tightly. He grasped his balls in one hand, and it looked to Janice as though he were squeezing them painfully.

"Uh... uh... uh!" she heard him grunt, his fist moving faster and faster. "Uhhuhhhh!"

Janice could not hold back the sudden gurgle that bubbled from her as the man suddenly came off. She saw the pearl-white come juice fly from his cock, land upon the windowsill. The globs of come juice continued to spurt, his fist jerking frantically. The spewing of his come juice, squirting from that piss hole, sent her cunt into a spasm. Janice almost doubled over with the intensity of it.

Her cunt grew tight, and then she realized she had penetrated her pussy with a finger. The lips of her hairy cunt squeezed and sucked at her finger as she clutched her stomach with her other hand, moaning in a wailing sound. Her eyes, almost glazed with ecstasy, remained fixed upon the squirting cock.

She was hardly aware when the light went out in that bedroom.

She continued to sit there, her eyes gazing out into the darkness. What she had seen the man do was a first.

She had seen him walk about his bedroom in his shorts before, but this was the first time she had seen his cock and balls, and watch him jack off.

After a time, she got out of her chair and climbed into her own bed.

Surely the man and girl realized they could have been seen, she thought. They had not pulled their drapes since moving in. They knew, certainly, that those bedrooms faced Janice's house.

There was no wife or mother that she had seen. The two apparently lived alone. The man was tall and very good-looking, and always wore a suit when he went off to work. On the few times she happened to see him when he came home, they would nod and greet each other. The man had a wonderful, smile for her when they saw each other.

The girl was always friendly, too. She was very cute and bubbling, with an outgoing personality. Janice wondered if her son Bobby had made friends with the girl yet. But he was so involved with other things, baseball and other sports. Bobby had shown no interest in girls as yet, but that didn't disturb Janice.

He was at the age where most boys preferred the company of each other to that of girls. He was a good son, though. He had accepted his mother's divorce from his father much better than she would have suspected. But then, her ex-husband had never shown much affection or care for Bobby.

She wondered if Bobby jacked off, if he was even old enough to come. She had limited knowledge of such things. Janice, as a very small girl, had experienced orgasms, but she had heard boys didn't until they reached a certain age in their teens.

It was something she would never know, she thought. She certainly couldn't ask Bobby if his cock squirted. That might embarrass him, and he probably wouldn't tell her anyway.

Janice suddenly sat up in bed, her eyes wide.

Thinking of her son had created such stimulation between her legs, she had almost come again. She drew her knees up tight against her tits, hugging them with her chin resting there. In her mind she had transformed the man across the fence into her son, and she imagined watching Bobby jack off.

For a moment she was ashamed of her thoughts. But they were pleasant to contemplate. The idea of her son jacking off before a window sent her flesh to shivering. An idea suddenly appealed to her. But there was no way she could observe her son jacking off.

But if he couldn't come off, surely he played with himself sometimes. Boys and girls did that, experimenting, making themselves feel good. She had done so as a child, and she had heard of other girls doing so, too. Boys weren't that different from girls. She had read a book when she was in her teens, a book of a girl's school. Those girls in that book certainly enjoyed themselves under the cover of darkness. There was even one scene where two girls had fingered each other to orgasms.

Boys did the same things, Janice was sure. She lay back in bed, closing her eyes. Drawing her knees up, she tried to go to sleep. But even as she began to drift into slumber, the image of her son jacking off before a lighted window still burned within her.

She cupped a hand between her thighs.

Chapter TWO

Janice was getting out of her car the next afternoon. She had bundles in her arms as she swung one foot from the open door.

She looked up, still sitting in the seat, one leg out and the other in. The man from next door was waving to her. She smiled at him, but since her arms were filled, she could not wave back.

The man paused, looking at her. "Need some help?"

"No, thank you," she said, feeling a flush on her face. The skirt was high on her thighs, and Janice became aware that his eyes were gazing between her legs. His eyes were bold, unwavering.

For a long moment she sat there, frozen, knowing he could see the crotch of her panties. She could have drawn her foot back into the car, or stepped out completely. Yet she felt as if she had been rooted to the seat. Her flush deepened as the man continued to stare under her hiked-up skirt without a trace of shame.

With a shaking of her knees, she managed to get her other leg out and stand up. The skirt had caught on the door frame and pulled up. The man smiled with appreciation as her long, luscious thighs were exposed.

Furious, Janice jerked from the car, and heard a loud ripping sound. Her skirt had split. She held her bundles, not knowing what to do, face burning. Then, almost haughtily, she stomped to the front door, feeling his eyes on her exposed thighs and ass. What the man saw were those tantalizing thighs and the tightness of her bikini panties, the way her ass cheeks rippled as she walked. Without a backward glance, she entered her home and rushed to the kitchen.

Placing her bundles on the counter, Janice examined the damage to her skirt. Seeing the extent of the rip, she knew the man had seen her ass clearly. There was a sudden thrill, and her cunt pulsated. She was surprised at the sudden stab of pleasure in her body.

"Is that you, Mom?"

She looked up, holding her skirt.

Her son came into the kitchen, stopping suddenly with wide eyes. Again Janice was frozen. Her son stared at her, seeing her thighs and panties. Time seemed to have stood still for her, then she shoved the torn skirt down.

"Who else would be coming in without knocking?" she said, almost snapping at her son.

She detected a slight bulge in the front of his pants. With a shiver she realized it was what he had seen of her body that caused that bulge. Trying to hold the skirt together, she brushed past her son. Halfway down the hall, she turned and smiled.

"I'm sorry, honey," she said. "I didn't mean to sound so angry. I tore this damn dress getting out of the car, and it made me mad. I'm taking it out on you. I'm sorry."

She changed into a housedress and returned to put her purchases away.

Bobby tad gone off someplace, and she hoped he wasn't angry with her. She thought of the way his pants had bulged out as she stood with her skirt open, panties exposed. He had become excited, seeing her. Perhaps he could come, after all, she thought. If the sight of her exposure caused his cock to swell that way, maybe he was interested in girls, playing with his cock at night.

The thought excited Janice.

She began to hum and sing as she prepared dinner. By the time it was on the table, her son had returned.

They ate in silence, but Janice watched Bobby from the corner of her eyes. He seemed agitated, keeping his eyes from her body.

Later, after dark, she watched him go to his room after his nightly shower. He was in pajamas, and he had not kissed her good night as he usually did.

Perhaps he was embarrassed to have seen her that way, she thought. Or maybe he was embarrassed because his cock had become hard from seeing his mother's panties. Janice admitted to herself it had excited her, being seen by Bobby that way.

She bathed in the master bedroom, and then, placing a chair near the window in preparation of what would happen across the fence, she remembered she had left the television on in the living room. The movement in the lighted window next door caught her attention as she started from her bedroom. The girl was repeating her ritual of hair brushing. For a moment she almost decided to let the damn television go. Then she entered the hall and moved, quickly to the living room. She snapped the set off and started hurrying back down the hallway. Something caught her attention, a sound of some sort. It came from her son's bedroom. It sounded as if he were in pain, she thought.

His light was off. Opening his door quietly, she started to call out to Bobby. But he wasn't in his bed. She saw his shadowy figure near the window, and then she saw the girl across the fence.

Her son was watching.

Shaking with excitement, she had no idea her son had been seeing the same things she had. Her son stood there, his shoulders shaking in the dim light.

Hardly aware of what she was doing, Janice entered the room and walked up beside her son. She stood slightly behind him, hearing his heavy breathing as he gazed at the girl next door. The girl, so lovely with her honey blonde hair, was sitting on the bed with her slim legs wide, rubbing her cunt.

"Look, Mom," her son said, startling Janice.

"I see," she whispered. "How did you know I came in, honey?"

"I heard," he replied in a hoarse voice. "Look what that girl's doing."

"I know, Bobby. I've seen her do it before."

"You have? Me, too!"

Her son was excited, very excited. He didn't seem at all embarrassed about being caught looking.

Before she could stop herself, Janice said, "Do you like watching her?"

A soft groan came from her son. Shooting her eyes downward, she realized her son had his hand inside his pajamas.

She swayed toward her son, her shoulder brushing his. They stood side by side, watching, as the pretty blonde pulled the pillow beneath her naked body and started to fuck it.

"That excites you, don't it, Bobby?" she said in a very low, quivery voice.

"Yeah," her son grunted.

The urge to touch her son, put her hand on the front of his pajamas, feel his cock, was overwhelming. For a long moment she managed to resist, then she found her hand moving out. Whether Bobby knew what she was about to do or not, she didn't know. Both of them were gazing at the girl, seeing that tight, cute ass writhe and twist, heard the soft whimpers of pleasure coming across the fence.

Janice placed her palm against the front of her son's pajamas.

She heard Bobby gasp, but he didn't turn his head. She felt the roundness of his cock burning against her palm, and there was a wetness, too, but no movement. Then her son moved his hand. He's jacking off, she thought with a hot thrill. Bobby is jacking on his cock, and he can feel my palm against the head of his prick! I wonder if he would...

Janice moved her fingers, and Bobby turned loose of his cock. She closed her fingers about her son's prick through his thin pajama bottoms. She squeezed her son's cock.

Then Janice shoved her hand into his pajama bottoms, closing her hot hand around his prick. It was very, very hard, throbbing and quivering. She squeezed it hard enough to make her son gasp with delight. Then she moved her fist.

"Oh, Mom!" Bobby groaned, arching his hips forward as she slid her fist back and forth on his cock.

"Shhhhh!" she hissed. "You watch the girl... don't worry about what I'm doing. Just watch the girl with her pillow, darling."

The feel of his cock in her fist sent a ripple of erotic ecstasy shooting through her. Her knees became weak and her cunt twitched as if she were about to come. She traced her thumb over the smooth head of her son's cock, then smiled to herself in the darkness. There were slippery juices there on his piss hole.

Releasing his prick, she shoved her hand farther into his pajamas, fondling his balls. She found only a few hairs there. She caressed her son's balls for a while, then grasped his cock again. She jacked back and forth on it, feeling his body shake with delight. He kept his gaze on the girl next door, bracing himself on his windowsill while she pumped on his throbbing cock.

Janice shoved his pajama bottoms down, and ran her hand over his tight ass. Bobby was shivering and groaning with delight as she ran her hand over his tight ass. Scooting her other hand to his cock, she began to jack on it and caress his ass cheeks at the same time.

"You like to watch that girl, honey?" she murmured, stroking back and forth, with her fingers tightening and flexing. She cupped a cheek of his ass, digging her fingers into it. "Do you enjoy watching her, seeing her naked, doing that with the pillow?"

"Gosh, yes!" her son grunted.

"Keep watching her, darling," she whispered in a thick sound. "You just keep watching her."

Janice knew what she was doing, but the compulsion was strong, too strong for her to resist. She began to sink to her knees, still clasping her son's ass cheek in one hand and his cock in the other. While Bobby stared at the girl fucking her pillow, Janice pressed her hot lips to her son's hip, kissing it moistly. With the contact of his flesh against her hot, wet lips, something flared inside her mind. She pulled at Bobby's hips, and then her face was level with his thrusting cock.

"Keep watching the girl, darling," she hissed at him. Taking her son's hips in both hands now, Janice placed a hot kiss on the very tip of her son's cock. It was slippery. She tasted the dripping juices from her son's piss hole. A low, almost animal-like growl bubbled from her.

Her mouth opened.

The head of her son's cock was between her lips. Then, unable to stop herself, her lips closed about the head of her son's cock. She heard Bobby groan with pleasure, and his hips arched forward. Sliding her hands past his hips, she clutched at his tight ass, her fingers digging into the taut flesh. As her lips clung tightly and hotly to his cock, she flicked her tongue about his piss hole. The taste of him sent her mind into a reeling, erotic ecstasy.

With a loud whimper, Janice shoved her face forward. Her wet hot lips slid along her son's throbbing cock until they were pressed at the base. She felt his swollen cock head probe her throat, his precious balls against her chin. For a long moment, Janice was startled by what she had done, what she had in her mouth. But the ecstasy overcame any other thought.

Mewling, she began to suck on her son's cock. The way it throbbed, the intense hardness of it, sent a wild, intense ripple of pleasure down to her cunt. She began to come as her mouth devoured his prick with eager, hungry strokes. Her tongue licked wetly along the underside. His balls brushed at her chin. She felt her son holding her shoulders as he gasped in pleasure. She glanced up, his cock still stuffing her mouth. He was still staring out the window, which meant the girl was probably still fucking her pillow. Her son's cock throbbed powerfully inside her mouth, and Janice began to suck on it with a hungry frenzy.

Her fingers dug into his tight ass, pushing and pulling on him, trying to get her son to fuck her mouth. But her son stood rigid, letting her suck his cock. Janice sucked strong and vigorously, mewling, her tongue in constant motion. The taste of his dripping juices sent spasms through her cunt, and she swayed her ass with the hot orgasms that were coming one after the other.

Bobby's cock was so hard in her hot mouth. She ran one hand up and down his thigh as she sucked, the other hand clinging to his ass tightly. The moist sounds of her sucking mingled with his heavy breathing. She felt her son's cock throbbing more powerfully in her mouth.

"She's coming, Mom!"

The words struck her ears, making her suck furiously on her son's cock. Anticipation began to build in Janice. If her son could come, she wanted him to do so now. She wanted his cock to squirt into her mouth, flood it with the precious sweetness of his balls.

She sucked frantically.

She felt her son's hand resting on top of her head. His hips were shaking as she sucked furiously, her lips sliding back and forth on his throbbing cock hungrily. The pulsations of her son's cock against her tight, wet lips transmitted down her throat, racing downward, until her cunt was exploding with orgasms. Her hair was waving back and forth, her eyes closed, as she savored this taste of her son's cock. Her mouth felt stuffed, her lips stretched, and her mind was roaring with erotic ecstasy.

Her son grunted.

She tasted a gush of hot, foamy come juice. Janice mewled as his cock spurted again. Quickly, she pulled her lips back until she held only the swollen head between them, her tongue flicking rapidly about his spewing piss hole. She sucked hard as her tongue flapped about his smooth cock head, her mouth filling with the nectar of his sweet balls. She was trembling as she sucked, her tits swelling and the nipples pressing through the fabric of her gown against his shaking thighs. She clawed at his tight ass. When Bobby squirted one last discharge of come juice, Janice whimpered and swallowed, then pulled his prick deep into her burning mouth once again. She held him there, reluctant to let this delicious cock free.

Letting his prick slip from her mouth, she stood up, not looking at her son. She felt a twinge of guilt now that it was over. The taste of his come juice lingered in her mouth, sweet and pleasant.

"Have you seen her before?" Janice asked in a very low voice. "That girl there, I mean?"

"Yes, Mom," he replied, his voice shaky. "Almost every night."

Her son, seemed embarrassed about what happened, too. There were a few moments of heavy silence.

"Have you seen the man, Mom?"

She nodded. "Yes," she whispered. "I've seen him."

Again there was an uncomfortable silence. They were both still standing at the window, looking across the fence. The girl had drawn her knees underneath her body, her ass high in the air and pointed toward Janice and her son. Janice felt her hip come in contact with her son's body. He was still trembling. She drew her hip away.

She stood with her hands dangling at her sides, watching the girl across the way, but her mind was on her son. The girl was not as interesting to her as what she had just done with Bobby. She felt his hand move against hers, and then they were holding hands. She felt her son tighten his fingers against hers.

"There he is again, Mom."

Her eyes focused, and there was the man.

Again he was in jockey shorts. His hand was inside them, and it was obvious he was fondling his cock and balls. They stood side by side, squeezing hands as the man slipped his cock from the crotch of his shorts and began to jack off. He stood next to the bed tonight. Janice recalled that the man had gazed under her skirt as she sat in the car, and he had seen her pantied ass when her skirt had ripped. She wondered if he mentally used that as he jerked on his prick.

"Gosh, Mom," Bobby gasped. "He's got a big one, huh?"

Janice didn't know how to reply to that. Her eyes were fixed upon the man's prick, and she squeezed her son's hand. The excitement was gripping her again. Her cunt was bubbling wetly between her thighs.

Bobby pulled at his mother's hand. She gasped softly as he placed it upon the front of his body. His pajamas were still around his feet, and she found her son placing her palm against his cock and balls in a bold manner. Her fingers squeezed gently, rolling and tugging his balls and cock together as she felt him swell into hardness again.

As if mesmerized, Janice took her son's hand and pulled him toward the bed. Her cunt was about to melt, it was so hot.

Bobby came with her, uncomplaining.

She sat on his bed, with her son between her knees. Although the room was dark, she could see the dim haziness of his cock standing straight out. With a cry of mixed guilt and ecstasy, she wrapped her fingers about his prick and stroked back and forth.

His body was trembling again as Janice pulled her gown past her hips, bunching it about her waist.

No words passed between them as she lay back, spreading her legs wide. She guided her son between them, placed his cock against the hairy, steaming lips of her cunt. Closing her thighs against his, she felt her son shake almost violently. With the head of his cock at her puffy cunt, Janice took hold of his hips, then pulled him forward.

His cock slipped into her pussy.

"Ooooh!" Janice mewled softly when she felt her son's cock slide into her cunt.

Her body shuddered with the first penetration, and she held his hips so he could not eagerly thrust into her. Again she felt a momentary twinge of guilt. But the ecstasy of feeling his cock just inside her cunt over-rode the feeling. With her hands still on his hips, she pulled him forward again. His prick moved deeper, and she was mewling as her son's cock filled her burning cunt. When his balls brushed the creamy cheeks of her ass, Janice lifted her legs and pulled them to her tits, holding them there. Still without a word being said, she felt her son probing at her cunt with his cock. His movements were uncoordinated, inexperienced. But she held her knees tight against her tits, letting him learn. Soon, his cock was fucking into her greedy cunt with exuberant lunges. He was gasping as he fucked his mother, and Janice was whimpering with ecstasy.

There was no thought of the girl and man next door now. There was no thought of anything in her mind except her son's cock thrusting into her... his balls beating upon her uplifted ass. Janice raised her ass higher yet, arching it into him, wiggling it about, as her son began to fuck with more excitement.

Although she felt it was only her overheated imagination, Janice thought she could feel each ridge and groove of her son's strong cock with the sensitive lips of her hairy cunt. It throbbed and pulsated hotly inside her, going quite deep. She began to grind her ass about frantically as he placed his hands on the backs of her thighs, pumping and puffing hotly. The sounds erupting from her were the sounds of a woman experiencing intense ecstasy. Her cunt was going through a series of convulsions, her orgasms crashing one after the other. Her pussy was drawing tightly on her son's cock as he banged back and forth. The subtle muscles of her cunt sucked and chewed on his prick, her stomach rippling as she squirmed her ass about in a frenzy.

Both Janice and her son were too excited for it to last long. The excitement clutched them hotter and hotter as he plunged vigorously into her grinding cunt. The waves of tight, squeezing orgasms around Bobby's cock was too much at this time.

He grunted loudly, and save in to the urge to push.

With his cock deep inside her cunt, his body rigid, his face straining, Janice felt her son come off in her pussy. When the gushing heat of his come juice splashed into her, flooding the satiny, slippery walls of her pussy, she came in one final, mind-shattering orgasm.

Chapter THREE

The following morning, Janice was almost afraid to face her son.

After he had fucked her so gloriously, she had slipped from his room. Everything had happened without them speaking. She had drawn him to the bed and pulled her gown up, exposed her cunt and drew his cock into it. There had not been a word between them whatsoever.

Pulling her robe about her body in the early morning, she entered the kitchen and prepared coffee. It was still early for her son, and he was sleeping soundly. As she sat drinking her coffee, she could not prevent a smile that appeared on her face. Bobby should sleep good and hard, she thought. It wasn't everyday a boy his age received a blow job and a good fucking from his mother. He was probably exhausted, she felt.

Her mind turned to the man next door and his lovely daughter. They must certainly be frustrated, she thought. Both of them masturbating that way. The man she could understand; she had never seen him with a woman, and he was always at home with his daughter in the evenings. It was obvious to Janice the man was highly sexual. And, so it seemed, was his daughter.

She ran her tongue over her lips as she recalled how her son had gushed into her mouth. Her question of his ability to come had certainly been answered, and answered very well.

When her son came in for breakfast, rubbing his sleepy eyes, he wore the bottom of his pajamas. Janice found her eyes going immediately to the front of them. With a blush, she jerked her eyes away.

"Good morning, Mom," he said, yawning and scratching at his chest.

She replied and watched him slump into a chair across from her. She searched his face carefully.

After a while, Bobby got up and walked to the refrigerator. He poured himself a glass of milk, drinking it down quickly. The refrigerator was behind Janice. She lifted her cup of coffee and started to take a sip.

The coffee splashed over the rim and onto the tablecloth.

Her son had come up behind her and draped a hand over her shoulder, and his hand now cupped one firm tit through her robe. Janice went rigid, a gasp escaping her mouth. She sat in a frozen attitude, eyes wide. She felt his fingers exploring the roundness of her tit. She felt the tingling sensation on her swelling nipple, a sensation that raced down and between her thighs.

Then her son's other hand was moving on her other tit. Janice was moaning softly as he fondled her tits. Her arms were rigid, elbows on the table, the coffee cup still in her hand and splashing more coffee onto the cloth. Then her son's hands moved inside her robe, underneath her gown. Janice swallowed as her son began to massage her tits in an inexperienced way. The way his fingers crushed her firm tits excited her, and a gurgle came out before she could suppress it. Her nipples had become fiery hot against his palms, and his hands scalded her tits like boiling liquid.

She managed to set the shaking cup down, and spread her fingers on the table. As her son fondled her tits, she curled her fingers until they were fists. But they were not fists of anger; she was excited, intensely so.

She felt her son trying to lift her. Not knowing what he wanted, she stood. She felt him move the chair away, and then he was lifting her robe and gown in back. She shivered as her son held her robe and gown high, knowing he was looking at her exposed ass and thighs. She braced herself with her hands flat on the table.

She felt a gentle pressure against her back. She leaned over. With more pressure, she had her upper body bent over the table, her robe and gown at her waist. She knew her ass was fully revealed to her son, knew he was excited by the view. She shivered as her son's hands moved over her creamy ass, over her thighs, back up again. He cupped a cheek in each hand, squeezing. Then he had a hand between her thighs and was fondling her hairy cunt.

Janice mewled as his finger dipped into her pussy, wiggling about. "Fuck me!"

Janice was startled by what she yelped.

Her son giggled.

"Oh, God! I didn't mean to..." she wailed, ashamed of what she had said.

Then she whimpered with ecstasy.

She felt her son's cock sliding into her cunt from behind. Involuntarily, she wiggled her naked ass as he shoved his cock deep. "Oooh, yes!"

Her son was holding her hips as he began to plunge his cock back and forth, fucking her. Through the heat of her desire, she sensed her son was not as jerky in his movements this morning. This morning, he seemed to know exactly what to do, how to lunge back and forth without being so shaky. His cock felt huge inside her pussy, stretching her sensitive cunt lips as he stuffed it. She felt his balls banging upon her thighs and ass. She wiggled and waggled her ass as the excitement grew more intense. She could hear her son grunting behind her. She began to grind and gyrate her naked ass as he fucked vigorously up her hair-lined cunt.

"Oh, baby, baby!" she wailed as her fingers clawed at the tablecloth. "Oh, God, Bobby! Ohhh! Ahhh, darling!"

"Mom... Mom... Mom!" Bobby chanted with each powerful thrust of his cock.

She felt her clitoris become painfully distended, swollen into a fiery knot. Her cunt was so wet, she could hear moist, sucking sounds as her son drove his prick in and out. His prick felt very hard. It was throbbing as it went deep. Bobby seemed to enjoy plunging his cock as far as he could into her cunt and holding it there for a moment, grinding from side to side, then withdrawing to thrust again.

The orgasms started once more. At first they were slow and mild, and the series of convulsions sent ecstasy flowing through her. Then she was whimpering softly, urging her son to fuck her harder and faster.

"More! More!" she whimpered faintly. "Fuck hard and fast, baby! Oh, God... more!"

Janice's cunt tightened on her son's, cock. It squeezed at his prick, sucking and drawing in that liquid heat. Her son was now fucking her so fast and hard that his cock actually slipped from her cunt, only to plunge back in. That was something new to her, and she screamed a long wail of delight.

Then her son lunged against her, his lower stomach tight upon her creamy ass cheeks. His cock was deep, throbbing. The gushing of his sweet come juice flooded her receptive cunt, sending Janice into a shattering orgasm of one final spasm. Her son held himself deep inside her as he came, and when he finished, his cock remained there. Janice felt his body shaking against, her ass, and she, too, was reluctant to let it end.

As his cock pulled out, she gave a low moan. For a while she couldn't move. She knew her son was gazing at her naked, shapely, satiny ass and thighs, but she couldn't move. She felt pleasure with his eyes on her.

After a while, she lifted from the table and turned to face him. Bobby had slumped into a chair, his legs straight out. His cock, glistening with the mixture of her cunt juice and his come juice, drew her eyes immediately.

"Bobby, what's..."

"Mom, I loved that!" he interrupted her with a wide grin. "Hey, can I see you! Naked, I mean? Mom, can I see you without your clothes on?"

Janice felt her face flush with a twinge of embarrassment. The excitement on her son's face was bright, and he certainly wasn't embarrassed, she saw. But to have him look upon her naked body... that embarrassed her for some reason. She was not, however, embarrassed because he had fucked her.

His eyes were so bright, so eager, she found herself nodding.

"In... in the bedroom," she stammered, turning her eyes away from him, her face flaming.

She moved on shaking legs to her bedroom, feeling her son following her. Inside the bedroom, she turned to face her son.

He had removed his pajama bottoms and had them in his hand. He stood proudly, not ashamed or embarrassed by his nakedness. His cock still gleamed with the fluids from her cunt.

"You promised," he said.

"I didn't prom..." she started to say, then stopped. Her nod had been, in a way, a promise. Her face burned again as she pulled her robe off. She inched her long nightgown up. Then she found it difficult to look at her son as she stood naked before him.

Bobby's hot eyes moved over his mother's body. She had lovely soft chestnut hair, hair that hung just below her shoulders. Her eyes, dark and fiery, were almost an almond shape. Her nose was small, and her mouth full and moist. Her flesh was creamy and without a blemish to mar her beauty. Her tits, still firm, arched from her chest in a tight, springy manner. Her nipples, rigid now, were set in large, pebbled circles. Her waist was narrow and her stomach flat. At the base of her stomach, Bobby gazed at the lush triangle of dark, curling cunt hair. Her hips were rounded, flowing gracefully into long, slender thighs of smooth flesh.

Her face became a deeper red as her son gazed at her, she cupped her hand behind her and looked at her son with shy eyes.

Bobby, however, was not at all shy. His cock lifted as he gazed at his mother's beautiful, inviting, naked body. His expression was that of a boy filled with intense desire.

She stood in the middle of the bedroom floor, and her son walked around her. He stood behind her for a while, looking at her swelling, flawlessly shaped ass. The cheeks were round and firm, with a deep, tantalizing crack. She felt her son touch her ass, then he cupped the cheeks, giving her a squeeze. Again he was in front of her.

"I wanna see between your legs, Mom," he said, still showing no embarrassment, only bubbling excitement.

Janice stepped back until her legs touched the bed. She sat down, then spread her legs wide. Her son gazed between her legs. Her cunt was hairy, with strands of hair along each lip, then disappearing into the crack of her ass. The lips of her pussy were moist and pink, with the tip of her clitoris poking out. She lay back on the bed, her legs held wide open.

She covered her embarrassed eyes with one arm.

She felt her son's eyes move about her naked body, listened to his heavy breathing. She knew she should not feel this shyness, not after sucking his cock off and fucking her son twice, yet she could not help it.

She felt the bed move as her son climbed onto it. Then his hands were moving all over her body, touching and caressing and exploring. He fondled her tits, slipped his hand down her trembling stomach and through the curls of her cunt hair. She felt him cup her pussy for a moment, then probe into it with a finger. As his finger slipped into her cunt, she was unable to stop her hips from lifting upward to meet it.

"Oh, God! Bobby..."

"You feel good, Mom," he said in a strangled voice. "You feel hot and wet and good! You're prettier than the girl next door, Mom!"

That pleased her.

"I'm gonna do it again," she heard him say. Peeking from beneath her arm, she watched her son climb on top of her. His cock brushed along her thigh as he moved between them, leaving a trail of moisture on her flesh. As his cock slipped into her cunt, she suddenly flung her arms about him, holding him tightly against her body. Lifting her legs, she wrapped them about his hips, locking her ankles over the backs of his thighs.

"Ohhh, Bobby!"

As her son began plunging his cock into her gripping cunt, Janice moved her hands down his back quickly. She clutched at his bunching ass cheeks, her fingers digging hard, as she started churning her cunt up and down, banging her hairy pussy against his cock. His balls beat against her squirming ass. He panted and grunted in a wild effort as he fucked her with mindless enthusiasm. She felt her son kissing at her shoulder as he hunched up and down. She dug her ringers into his bouncing ass cheeks harder, grinding up against him without embarrassment now.

She felt her son trying to get his hand under her twisting, jerking hips. When he closed his fingers about one of her tight ass cheeks, Janice wailed with ecstasy and pumped frantically up at him.

"Bobby, Bobby."

"Mom, oh, Mom!"

Janice slammed her boiling cunt up and down violently, her hands clutching his naked ass and drawing his cock into her pussy frantically. She was gasping with the ecstasy that his cock was producing inside her velvety cunt. She wasn't sure his cock was scraping her inflamed clitoris or if it was the base of his prick that was making her come with powerful convulsions. Her clitoris seemed about to melt from her cunt, and the hair-lined lips sucked hungrily.

"Oh, God, Bobby!"

Heat was searing her nerves. Her naked body was shaking as she pumped her crotch up and down in a frenzy, fucking his hard cock. The orgasms that rumbled through her were becoming more and more powerful. Her mind was reeling from the erotic fucking. Her eyes were open, rolling in their sockets. The hot breath of her son against her naked shoulders excited her as much as his cock was exciting her cunt.

"Ohhh, harder!" she screamed, lifting her crotch very high. "Do it harder, Bobby! Ohhh, so good! Faster, honey... I'm... I'm coming! Ohhh, so sweet, so good... so beautiful!"

"Gosh, Mom!" he grunted in a strangled voice, his cock plunging in and out of her convulsing cunt wildly. "Gosh!"

She felt her son's body stiffen. She heard his gurgling grunt. His cock throbbed deep inside her pussy, then he gushed.

"Ooooooh!" she whimpered. "I feel it, Bobby!"

Her cunt was filled with her son's come juice, spurt after spurt. Janice felt each throbbing gush of his sweet come juice as it spattered into her cunt. She was moaning loudly as she ground her pussy against him, digging into his tight ass cheeks. She was only vaguely aware that her son was squeezing her ass cheek.

Bobby slumped on top of his mother.

Janice caressed his back, moving her hand from his neck down to his ass, cheeks. He quivered for some time, puffing hotly against her flesh. Finally he moved, rolling onto his back at her side. Janice remained as she was, her legs widely spread, her cunt still pulsating deliciously.

Finally she lifted on one elbow and looked at her son.

"You're not... Bobby, you're not embarrassed?"

"Oh, no, Mom!" he exclaimed. "I think this is great!"

She smiled, pleased that he felt that way.

"You know," she said softly, running her hand over his chest. "I was. I was embarrassed. I mean, when you wanted to look at me without my clothes. But, somehow, I'm not anymore."

It was true; she was no longer embarrassed to be naked with her son. On the contrary, it felt very good. She ran her hand down his body and cupped his slippery cock and balls, giving them a squeeze.

She found out her son had been watching the man and his daughter next door as long as she had, that he jacked off quite often as he watched them. She also learned, to her delight, that he had come into her mouth for the second time in his life. His first time to discharge, he told her with bold pleasure, was with another girl. That excited Janice, knowing she had gotten his second discharge of precious come juice into her mouth.

But he knew more about girls than she had suspected.

They lay in bed for a long time, and she found out her son had felt up a girl before, that the girl had actually taken his cock into her mouth for a while. But she was her son's first fuck, his very first piece of ass. She hugged him tightly when she found that out.

The day was, spent getting to know each other, to talk of desires and to fondle each other's body. Before evening, Bobby had fucked his mother again, with both of them having violent orgasms.

Chapter FOUR

They ate early.

Then, since the evening was so warm, they sat in front of the house. There was a small porch with a wrought-iron railing, and two chairs with a small table there. Those, too, were made of wrought iron.

It was only after they saw the girl next door walk up the walk to her house that Janice realized she had been unconsciously hoping to see the man again.

The girl was wearing a very tight pair of shorts and sleeveless blouse. She was amused that her son's eyes glowed with heat as he watched the girl.

Suddenly, before she arrived at her front door, the blonde girl turned and came directly across the lawn to them. Her exquisitely lovely face glowed with happiness.

"Hi," she said, standing at the railing. "I'm Pam. We moved in a month pr so ago. I thought it would be nice to meet you."

Janice introduced herself and her son, watching how the girl's eyes looked at her son. There was desire in those blue eyes, she saw. They were hot eyes. Then she realized Pam gazed directly and boldly at the front of her son's pants. Her son was looking the blonde beauty up and down, and Janice knew he was seeing her as she fucked her pillow.

Pam stayed a short time, chatting with them. Janice learned her parents were divorced, and she expressed concern for her father not dating women. Then, to Janice's amazement, Pam said, almost innocently, "Daddy needs a woman, you know? He's that kind of man."

Janice almost asked what kind of man that was, but held her silence.

"I try," Pam went on. "I try hard, but I'm only a girl and he's my daddy. What he needs, I think, is a wife."

"Why, Pam?" Janice asked.

"All men need a wife, don't they?" the girl replied. "But for my daddy, it's got to be the right kind of woman. One that will make him happy, if you know what I mean."

Janice didn't know what Pam meant, and she didn't ask. Instead she asked, "What's your father's name?"

"Frank," Pam replied. "I gotta go now, Janice." Pam's eyes raked over Bobby. "Maybe we can be friends, huh, Bobby? I can be a good friend... a very good friend."

Janice saw the expression in those blue eyes, and knew what Pam meant.

They watched the girl walk back across the lawn. Her ass, encased in the tight shorts, swung with invitation. At the door, Pam waved, then disappeared.

A few minutes later, her father drove up.

Seeing Janice and Bobby sitting there, he came over.

Introducing himself, he said, "I'm sorry about your mishap yesterday. I should have helped you instead of staring like an idiot."

His eyes moved about her body, and Janice felt as if she were naked. But there was a ripple of excitement, too. She liked the way his bold eyes stared at her tits, then lifted to her face. "I suppose my daughter has already introduced herself?"

Janice nodded. She felt the odd sensation that this man knew she had been peeking into their windows at night, that he jacked off deliberately. She had nothing to base the feeling on, except from the way he looked at her.

He lifted a hand as he turned to go, saying, "I'm sure we'll be good neighbors."

After he had gone, Janice had the distinct impression the man knew she had been watching him. There was something about his eyes that told her this.

That evening, Bobby was very excited, talking about Pam a mile a minute. "I hope she does it again tonight, Mom," he said. "I bet she'd let me do it to her, too."

"I bet she would, too," she replied.

"You know, Mom," Bobby said. "I bet Frank would like to do it to you, too. I saw how he looked at you. Why don't we be friends with them?"

"It looks as if we might," she replied. "But we can't let them know about us, honey. They may not understand."

"I can keep a secret, Mom. You won't mind if Pam lets me do it to her?"

Janice no longer felt embarrassment. She grinned at her son, then with a twinkle in her eye, said, "Bobby, if Pam lets you fuck her, I wouldn't mind at all."

Bobby giggled. "You said fuck, Mom!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." she chanted, then stuck her tongue out at him and poked at his crotch. "And more fuck, you horny kid!"

She wrestled her son to the floor, straddling him and pinning his arms above his head. Her skirt was hiked high, her pantied crotch resting on his cock. She wiggled her pussy against him, laughing.

"I should fuck the piss out of your cock," she murmured.

Bobby arched his prick upwards. "You just turn me loose and I'll show you who fucks the piss out of who, Mom!"

"Braggart!" she teased, grinding her crotch against him. "All you boys brag."

"Yeah, but I can do it!" he said.

"You can?" she teased, pressing her cunt down on him. "Why not do it now, then?"

"Let me take my cock out, and I will," he groaned.

"I'll take it out."

She lifted from him, sitting on the floor with her knees spread wide. Bobby gazed between her thighs at the tight band of her panties, seeing the dark curls of her cunt. Janice opened her son's pants and fished his cock out. She gripped it hard, making him yelp.

"You gotta take your panties off, Mom," he gurgled as she pumped on his prick. "No fair if you leave your panties on!"

Using her free hand, Janice ran her hand under her skirt and gave a quick tug. The panties came off with a load tearing sound. She tossed them across the room, jerking her skirt to her waist and straddling her son.

"Who's going to fuck who?" she laughed. Squirming down with her cunt against his cock, Janice pressed until her son gurgled with pleasure. His prick throbbed in hardness along the hairy, wet lips, pressing at her swollen clitoris. Bobby's eyes glowed as he looked up at her.

When he lifted his hands and opened her blouse, Janice giggled. Her tits dangled above his face. Wrapping his eager hands around his mother's tits, Bobby began to squeeze and twist at her sensitive nipples.

Teasingly, Janice shook her nipples in her son's face. He opened his mouth, trying to capture one, but she swung it away, laughing. Finally he caught a nipple with his lips and began to suck hard on it. His mouth, hot and wet, sent a shiver racing through her. She ground her cunt down onto his hard, throbbing cock as he sucked on her tit.

"Mmmm, baby, suck that tit!" Janice cooed. "Suck mother's titty... the nipple! Oh, lovely!"

She twisted her crotch against him, and then she twisted about until the head of his swollen cock was penetrating her tight, boiling cunt.

"Oooh, baby, your cock is in me!" she mewled. "Your cock is going in mother's cunt!"

Feeling her son's prick stretch her sensitive pussy, Janice lifted her ass slightly. She twisted it while the head of his cock was between the flexing lips of her twat. Then, very slowly to savor the pleasure, she began to lower her crotch down, taking more of his precious cock into her cunt. The throbbing of his prick sent exquisite sensations rippling through her, making her whine with ecstasy. Bobby continued to suck at her tit, but now he was running his hands up and down her creamy thighs. The feel of his eager hands on her legs made her tremble with delight.

Twisting her ass downward, she felt his balls brush at her creamy ass, his cock deeply buried in her gripping cunt. She held it there for a long time, her pussy flexing on the base of his prick. Finally Janice began to lift and lower her crotch, fucking her son as he sucked even harder on her swollen nipple. One of his hands clutched a cheek of her ass, the other digging into her thigh.

The slowness of her ass moving up and down was tormenting to Bobby. With his hands digging into her spongy ass cheeks, his mouth sucking frantically on her nipple, he began to plunge his cock into her cunt, banging his ass on the floor. Janice held her ass up for him, letting him fuck her. The moist slaps and the power of his lunges, caused his pelvis to smash against her cunt lips and clitoris with tingling ecstasy.

"Hump it, Bobby!" she squealed. "Oh, baby... bang me! Fuck me, darling! Ooooh, ram that sweet, sweet cock in mother's hot cunt!"

The way his hips scissored up and down, rubbing at her sensitive inner thighs while his cock plunged in and out, almost had Janice coming. Her cunt held his cock tightly, flexing with slippery heat. Her hair hung down past her face, her eyes closed and mouth parted. She moaned and sobbed with increasing pleasure.

"Be still!" she hissed. "Let me fuck you, baby! Stop... hold still! I want to fuck that cock!"

As her son's hips stilled, Janice began churning her ass about, racing her cunt up and down his hard cock. Using only the muscles of her back and thighs, Janice bounced her ass up and down, riding her son's prick frantically. She began to gurgle with orgasms, orgasms that made her cunt become very tight around Bobby's cock. If her pussy had not been so wet and slippery, she could not have fucked him so violently.

"Oh... oh!" she yelped as her pussy banged against him. With each downward plunge, she gyrated her cunt tightly. With each uplift, she could hardly stand it, and she would plunge down hard and fast, making her son grunt about her tit.

Bobby held his mother's ass, his fingers digging into the firm, smooth, creamy cheeks as it moved up and down. His body was held rigid, his ass off the floor. Both of them puffed and moaned as Janice flung her hips about with wild ecstasy. Each of her orgasms were becoming stronger, more powerful, shooting through her body like a roaring fire.

She felt, through the erotic fog in her brain, when her son's cock began to gush. The come juice boiled from his piss hole and splashed deep within the walls of her slippery cunt. Janice gurgled, then yelped. The spattering of his come juice caused her cunt hi convulse harder than ever. She slammed her ass down, grinding her cunt against the base of his spurting cock. She felt the orgasms from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

When it was over, she stretched out on her son, sliding her long legs down until she was pressing on his body. His cock was still inside her pussy, and her tits almost smothered him. She felt her son moving his hands over her ass, feeling the curves of the cheeks, the smoothness of her flesh, tracing a fingertip along the deep crack.

She rested there for a moment, then when her breathing returned to normal, she lay on her back next to him, her skirt about her waist and her tits revealed. She bent one leg at the knee, flinging it wide, her cunt still pulsating with the glow of pleasure. After a few moments longer, she lifted her head and looked at her son. His expression was one of delight.

She ran her hand over his face, then leaned over and kissed him. Her tongue snaked out and dipped into her son's mouth quickly, then she shifted and began to tickle his chest with the tip. She ran her tongue over his tiny nipples, then down to his quivering stomach. She paused at his belly button, then flicked her tongue over it. She gazed at his glistening cock, seeing the wetness of her cunt and the residual of his come juice clinging to it.

Scooting downward, Janice began to kiss and lick at her son's thighs. She sucked his flesh between her lips, sliding her lovely face upward, her eyes glowing directly upon his wet cock and those precious balls. Her tongue made hot circles on his thighs and to the inner surfaces, where he was most sensitive to touch.

Bobby spread his legs wide, his head resting on his arms so he could watch his mother. Her eyes glowed with erotic pleasure. She lifted her ass into the air. With her skirt still hiked around her waist, Janice knew her son could see her naked ass while he watched what she did to him.

Desire to pull his wet cock into her mouth drove her. She loved the taste of his precious cock between her greedy lips, loved the way it throbbed so deliciously. She was close to his crotch now, his balls brushing at her nose as she swirled her tongue about his inner thighs. Scooting her face against his crotch, she nuzzled his sweet balls, feeling the heat of them against her face. She pursed her lips and gave his balls an open-mouthed, wet kiss. Bobby gurgled with the touch of her mouth on his balls, arching his hips upward. Janice laughed as he twisted his balls into her face, wiping them all over her nose, chin, mouth and cheeks.

Sliding her hands up to hold his hips, Janice pressed her face hard against her son's cock and balls, urging him to grind against her face. The feel of his precious balls and swelling prick sent stabbing, burning sensations down her body and into her cunt.

Shoving her tongue out, she licked his balls. Opening her mouth wide, she found it easy to suck his balls into her mouth. Her eyes were still open, blazing up into her son's face as his balls filled her mouth. She sucked and licked on them, waving her uplifted ass in the air. His balls writhed between her hot, wet lips as she savored the enjoyment of having them in her mouth.

Then she had an idea.

Opening her lips as wide as she could, and using one hand, Janice managed to stuff her son's cock into her mouth along with his balls. This crowded her mouth and she couldn't lick with her tongue. All she could do was suck. But when his cock began to swell, she had to release it. His growing cock and balls were just too much for her mouth.

Again she sucked at his balls, relishing the taste of his lingering come juice and the wetness of her cunt on his cock. Then, with a cry, she turned his balls loose and raced her mouth to his prick. She swirled her tongue over the swollen head.

"I want you to come in mother's mouth again, darling!"

She closed her hot lips about his cock and began to suck up and down furiously, making soft moaning sounds of ecstasy. Her tongue flicked and licked as her wet lips sucked hard.

With gurgles of hot desire, Janice ran her mouth up and down her son's cock swiftly, holding it tightly with her hungry lips, her tongue fluttering with flames of greedy fire. She slipped her hands underneath her son's tight ass, clutching the cheeks powerfully as she lifted his hips up, trying to force more and more of his throbbing cock down her throat. She had never felt so hungry for his prick as she did at this moment.

Slowing her up-and-down fucking motions on his cock, she held the swollen head between her lips, running her tongue over his dripping piss hole. The taste of his come juice and her cunt sent her mind to reeling with erotic pleasure. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his piss hole as if trying to slide into it.

Then she swirled her tongue over the smooth head. And once more she began to bob her mouth up and down. She had never felt so hungry to have a cock boiling into her mouth before.

Jerking her mouth from her son's cock, she jacked on it with a tight fist.

"Baby, come! Oh, God, Bobby... come in my fucking mouth!"

And she was on him again, sucking frantically with her tight lips, her tongue swirling with almost blurring speed. She dug her fingers into his tight ass cheeks, whimpering about his throbbing prick.

Her lips were down on the base, writhing, as she created a strong suction, when her son came.

With a moist squeal, Janice began to suck his cock again, swiftly and greedily. The taste of his precious come juice splashing into her mouth, coating her tongue, sent her uplifted ass into shuddering pleasure. Her cunt seemed to clamp, draw inward, and the explosion of another orgasm shot through her. The taste of her son's sweet, young come juice almost caused her to faint with joy. She swallowed, gulping, and kept her lips tight as she fucked his cock with her mouth.

Finally she held only the head of Bobby's prick between her lips, her tongue lapping over his piss hole. He was no longer coming, but the taste of his come juice was still in her mouth. Releasing his prick, she kissed his balls, holding them in her palm.

"Was that good, honey?" she asked. "Do you like the way mother sucks your sweet cock off?"

Bobby nodded, too exhausted to speak. She caressed his balls, then stood up. She held her skirt out as she arched her hips forward, excited to have him looking up her skirt at her naked cunt.

"Want to see if the girl plays with herself again, baby?" she asked.

"You mean Pam?"

"She's the only girl we've been watching," Janice grinned. "Come on, let's see if she and her father will play with themselves again. You do like to watch them, don't you, Bobby?"

"Yeah," he grunted, grinning at his mother, as he got to his feet.

Janice took his hand and they rushed to her bedroom.

Chapter FIVE

The rooms across the fence were still dark.

Janice, as always, had not turned on a light in her bedroom. She and her son sat on the bed, facing the window, and they waited impatiently.

"You'd like to fuck Pam, wouldn't you, Bobby?" Janice asked as she held his hand in her lap.

"Who wouldn't, Mom?" he replied. "I think she's about the cutest girl around here. Sure I'd like to fuck her, but she probably won't fuck... just play with herself."

"Don't be too sure about that," Janice said. "As hot as she is, always fucking that pillow, I have a hunch she wants a cock pretty bad."

Taking her son's hand, she drew it underneath her skirt and, opening her thighs, placed it upon her hairy cunt.

"You can hold my pussy while we wait," she whispered.

She fondled her son's cock while he rubbed her cunt.

The light in Pam's room came on, and Janice and her son moved close to the window.

The girl was wearing a dress. For a while Janice and her son were disappointed, thinking there would be nothing to see this night.

But Pam was lifting her dress over her head. When she flung it to the floor, she stood in a pair of very tight panties. They were pale pink, and they hugged her sweet ass like a second skin.

Janice, holding her son's cock, felt it throb as he watched the girl. She noticed his breathing had increased significantly. There was no doubt that he was excited by Pam.

Pam postured, almost as if she knew someone was watching her. Her exquisite tits arched out as she held her shoulders straight. She pulled at her pink nipples, her expression showing the pleasure she felt.

Bobby's cock grew even larger in his mother's hand as he watched the girl, gasping silently. Janice felt her son shove his hand up the back of her skirt, closing his fingers about one cheek of her swelling ass.

"She's so pretty," Bobby whispered as he ran his hand over his mother's ass. "I bet she would be a good fuck, Mom."

Janice laughed. She squeezed his prick and began to jack back and forth while they gazed at the exquisite girl. "It's so much more fun, watching together, isn't it, honey?"

"Yeah," Bobby murmured.

Across the way, Pam continued to posture, thrusting her sweet ass out and actually wiggling it. She stood with her legs apart, throwing her pelvis outward and running her hand up and down the crotch of her panties.

Janice and her son suddenly gasped.

Frank, Pam's father, had appeared in the doorway of his daughter's room. He was wearing his white jockey shorts. The bulge of his cock was evident.

They could hardly believe it when Pam looked up and saw her father. Pam skipped to him and threw her arms about his waist, hugging him tightly. They gasped again when Frank's hands slipped down his daughter's back and clutched at her tight ass, pulling Pam tightly against him. Pam lifted her face and Frank kissed his daughter's mouth. It was not, by any means, a fatherly kiss.

"I think we're go..." Janice couldn't finish what she was saying. Her son's cock felt rigid, pulsating powerfully as if he were about to come off. "Ohhh, don't come, Bobby! Please don't come yet, honey!"

"I... I can't help it, Mom!" he grunted.

"Ohhhh, baby," Janice mewled as she felt his cock suddenly gush creamy come juice from the piss hole.

Quickly she went to her knees and opened her mouth. A splatter of his sweet come juice struck her chin before she could close her lips on his cock. The second spurt gushed directly into her mouth. Closing her hot, wet lips about his cock, she managed to catch most of his precious sweetness this way. She ran her tongue over his piss hole as her son spurted into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly, cupping the cheek of his ass in one hand and holding his balls with, the other.

Janice held her son's cock between her lips until he finished coming. Releasing it, she ran her tongue over the head, kissed his piss hole moistly, then stood up to watch across the fence again.

"That was fast, Mom," Bobby said, his hand again on her ass beneath her skirt.

"Better to come in my cunt or mouth than out the window, honey," she grinned.

Turning to look over the fence, she saw that Pam had moved a step away from her father, and her hand was eagerly feeling the front of his bulging jockey shorts.

"It looks as if we're going to see something very interesting tonight," Janice said softly, moving her hand over her son's cock and balls. "I thought you and I were the only two involved in..." She stopped, not wanting to say the word.

"Involved in what, Mom?" Bobby asked, his eyes gleaming as he watched Pam move her hand over her father's shorts. "Fucking each other?"

"Well... yes," Janice replied.

"I bet everybody does it," her son giggled.

"Look," Janice hissed.

Pam was pulling the crotch of her father's jockey shorts to one side. Frank's cock flipped into view. They saw the girl go to her knees before her father, fondling his swollen cock. Frank ran his hands through his daughter's silky hair, looking down at her with hot eyes, arching his hips forward, making his cock stand out strong and hard.

"He's got a big cock," Bobby said, envy in his voice.

"Yours will be larger when you're older, baby," Janice soothed. "Don't worry about that. You're still a baby, you know."

"Aw, Mom, I am not! I can fuck as good as he can."

Turning sideways to her son, Janice gripped his tight ass with one hand and his cock with the other. She began jacking on his prick as she squeezed his ass, rubbing her hairy cunt against his side.

"Of course you can, Bobby. Size means nothing. A cunt can take almost any size."

"She's gonna take it in her mouth, Mom!"

Pam, Janice saw, was moving her face close to her father's cock, moving from the base to the swollen head. She took his cock in one hand, holding it tightly at the base as she pressed her lips against the dripping piss hole. Then her, tongue snaked out. Janice and Bobby grunted with delight as they watched the kneeling, sweet, young girl move the tip of her tongue up and down her father's cock, swirl it over the large, swollen head. Pam drew back and gazed at the tip of her father's cock. Her eyes were shining. Then the tip of her tongue flicked up and down the dripping piss hole. A low gurgle drifted from the window, telling Janice and her son the delight Pam was feeling as she licked her father's cock.

"Oh, wow!" Bobby grunted as Pam stretched her lips wide, gulping the big head of her father's cock into her mouth.

But Pam couldn't take the full length of his cock. It was so thick that her lips looked as if they were rip at the corners, and she could only suck on the swollen head. But what she couldn't stuff into her greedy mouth, she wrapped tightly in a hand and jacked.

Frank ran his hands through his daughter's hair, moving his hips from side to side, his eyes blazing down at the struggling girl. Janice noted that the man did not try to stuff any more of his huge cock into her mouth. He seemed to be content letting his daughter suck on the head. He made no attempt to drive it deeper, but simply rubbed from side to side as his daughter sucked the tip of his prick.

As she sucked, Pam peeled the lower crotch of his shorts aside, exposing her father's hairy balls. Janice was delighted to see the girl cup them and begin rolling them about as she sucked. Either Frank had trained his daughter very well, or Pam was so erotic she did everything by sheer instinct. Janice suspected it was instinct and desire because Pam was a erotic creature.

Both Janice and Bobby sucked in excited breaths as Pam started moving her face, fucking her father's cock with her lips. She would suck off it, run her tongue over his piss hole, then pull the smooth head back into her mouth, struggling to get every bit of it into her mouth with desperation. But his cock was too large for her mouth.

Frank leaned over and shoved his hands under Pam's anus, lifting her up. He held her, feet off the floor, and Pam wrapped her slim thighs around his waist. Again they began to kiss, and Frank held his daughter's tight ass, his cock probing the crotch of her tight panties.

Holding Pam this way, Frank walked to the bed. He placed his daughter upon it and dropped to his knees. He spread Pam's thighs very wide. Pam was giggling with hot desire, the sounds floating to Janice and Bobby.

Frank worked his tongue over his daughter's thighs, licking along each in turn. Pam squirmed and mewled, twisting her crotch about and trying to grind her pantied cunt into his face. But Frank continued to tease his daughter with his tongue. He pressed at her legs until her knees rested on her hard tits. The position lifted her ass high, and Janice and her son gasped, as the man shoved his face into the crotch of his daughter's panties.

Even from this distance, they could see Frank's tongue licking about the tight panties. He ran his tongue up and down the portion of the panties covering Pam's cunt, making the girl squeal with pleasure as she rocked her ass up into his face, trying to slam her pussy into his mouth. But Frank continued to lick. He moved his tongue over the backs of his daughter's thighs, circled the ridge of her panties, licked over her ass and even shoving the panties into the crack of Pam's ass.

But Pam was becoming too excited. She tried to peel her panties off while her father kept up the relentless teasing with his tongue.

"I wanna take my panties off, Daddy," her sweet voice came to Janice and Bobby. "I wanna take them off so you can lick me good!"

Frank laughed, but he pulled his face away. He removed his daughter's panties and tossed them out of sight. Again he shoved Pam's thighs to her chest. Now, Janice and her son could see the sugary sweetness of the girl's cunt, the curve of her spreading tight ass. Frank traced a finger over his daughter's cunt and ass for a moment, then he darted his mouth forward. They saw him press his open mouth tightly on his daughter's cunt, and heard the wail of ecstasy from Pam. The little girl held her naked ass high, wiggling and grinding her cunt against her father's face.

Janice was clinging to her son's cock with tight fingers, the cheek of his ass in her other hand. She pressed her hairy cunt against his side, bunching the cheeks of her ass when Bobby gripped one cheek. They stared with increasing heat, intensely excited to be seeing Frank lick and fuck with his tongue, eating and sucking his daughter's hot, sugar sweet cunt. They could see, too, his cock as it protruded, hard and throbbing. The only thing they couldn't hear was the moist sounds of his tongue plunging in and out of Pam's pussy.

Bobby, being short enough, shoved his hand from his mother's ass, between her hot thighs. He thrust a finger into his mother's cunt, fucking it in and out as he stared out the window, his cock throbbing in her hand. Janice whimpered as her son fingerfucked her, the added stimulation sending tipples through her. She felt a rippling sensation in her pussy, and she groaned softly as her cunt convulsed on her son's finger. The orgasm caused her cunt to milk in a flexing way on his finger and she pumped on his cock faster.

"Tell me if you think you're about to come again, Bobby," she hissed. "Let mother know if you're going to come. We can't waste that precious come juice on the fucking floor or out the window."

The activity across the fence was increasing. Pam was squealing loudly now, arching her cunt against her father's face, grinding in a frantic way. She was beating upon the bed with both fists, her head twisting about as her father's tongue sent an ecstatic orgasm rumbling through her.

"Daddy, Daddy!" Janice and Bobby heard Pam scream. "I'm coming! Ohhhh, Daddy... you're making me come... with your tongue! More, Daddy, more!"

They saw the girl shudder as her orgasm became more and more intense. Janice knew, seeing this, that Pam was a nympho.

Frank kept up his tongue fucking as his daughter came, gripping her sweet ass holding her crotch tightly against his mouth.

When he felt her starting to relax, he let her ass down gently. Pam lay on her bed, gasping, her tits heaving up and down. Her legs remained stretched wide apart, her cunt actually pulsating visibly. As his daughter recovered from the intensity of her orgasm, Frank licked her thighs slowly, even scraping his tongue over her lower stomach. Then he stood with his cock straining out.

"Turn over, Pam," Janice and Bobby heard Frank say in a hoarse voice. "Turn over, quick!"

Pam scrambled about on the bed until she was on her stomach. They watched with hot eyes as Frank gripped his daughter's hips and lifted her ass into the air. Pam drew her knees underneath, her sweet ass waving lewdly in the air, obviously an open invitation to her father's cock. She placed her head on the bed, facing the window. Her eyes were closed and a delighted smile glowed on her sweet face.

Frank took hold of his daughter's hip with one hand, his cock in the other. He rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down his daughter's cunt, over the smoothness of her ass cheeks, even into the crack.

"Put it in me, Daddy!" Pam wailed, shaking her naked ass tantalizingly. "Put your cock in my cunt, Daddy! Ooooh, you made me so fucking hot, licking my pussy that way! I came and came and came! Now I want you to fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, please!"

"Listen to that!" Bobby moaned, digging his finger into his mother's hairy cunt. "She's hot, really hot!"

"Would you say Pam fucks now, darling?" Janice murmured as she watched Frank pressing the round head of his cock into Pam's cunt. They had positioned themselves so Janice and Bobby could watch his cock slide into Pam's pussy.

Although they could not see those pink wet lips stretch as Frank pressed, they could see his cock disappear slowly into Pam's eager cunt.

When Frank had his cock halfway inside his daughter's pussy, he paused, making circles with his hips.

"More, Daddy!" Pam urged hotly, shaking her uplifted ass furiously. "Give me more of your big cock! Fuck me, Daddy! Don't tease! I want it... fuck me, fuck me, Daddy!"

Janice and her son were breathing with excitement as they watched Frank move his cock into his daughter's pussy. He pressed his lower stomach against her creamy ass and held himself there, his cock deep inside. Then, almost as if they knew Janice and her son were watching this erotic display. Frank placed his hands an his hips, looking down at his daughter's ass.

"You fuck me, honey," they heard him say.

"Oooooh, yes, Daddy!"

Pam's ass began to move, jerking back and forth, her back bowing. Her cunt slipped back and forth on her father's cock. Janice and Bobby could watch his hairy balls swing, see the glistening moisture clinging to his cock as Pam jerked her pussy on it.

It was amazing how Pam moved her ass, as if she had been fucking for years. Pam's gurgles and giggles came to Janice and Bobby as she swung her ass about, churning it and riding her father's cock. But apparently Frank was becoming more excited by the second. He held his daughter's frantically moving ass and started fucking her. He banged his cock back and forth powerfully, grunting as his balls swung about. The cheeks of his ass bunched and flexed, and Pam shook her uplifted ass with peals of gurgling ecstasy, clawing at her bed with outstretched hands.

"I'm coming again, Daddy!" Pam screamed loudly. "Oooooh, I'm coming so good! Fuck my cunt, Daddy... fuck it faster! Make me come harder!"

Frank's hips moved in a frenzy, his cock thrusting wildly into his daughter's cunt. He threw his head back, his face contorted. He slammed his hips forward, driving his cock as deep as he could up his daughter's hot, slippery, satiny cunt. Then he trembled.

"I feel it, Daddy!" Pam screamed with ecstasy. "I feel your cock coming in me! Ohhhh, so hot and nice! You're gonna flood my cunt, Daddy! Oh, give it to me... give it all to me, Daddy!"

Then, suddenly, Pam slumped forward.

Janice and her son gazed hotly as the girl sprawled along the bed on her stomach, her tight ass trembling. They saw Frank's cock, glistening wetly, just before he sat down beside his daughter. Frank caressed the sweetness of his daughter's ass with both hands, then leaned over and planted a moist kiss upon each of her ass cheeks. When he stood once more, he adjusted the crotch of his jockey shorts, leaned over and kissed his daughter's cheek, then left the room. As he went out the door, he turned off her bedroom light.

But Janice thought the man had glanced out the window and directly at her and Bobby before he flicked the switch.

Chapter SIX

There was a burning throb inside Janice's cunt the next morning.

Most of it was because of her son's frantic fucking after the lights went out next door. But part of it was from remembering how Frank had sucked and then fucked his daughter.

She was certain they knew that someone was peeking at them. That glance toward her last night just before he turned out the lights was almost as if he was letting Janice and Bobby know the show was specifically for them.

Was there a message there? Was it their way of inviting Janice, or her son, or both, to join them?

If that was the case, it was quite blatant. They had much more nerve than Janice had. Didn't they worry about someone else seeing them?

Janice had bathed and pulled on a pair of shorts and halter top. Her son had slept until ten, and then after his shower, he had gone running about the neighborhood. Although he loved to fuck and suck with his mother, he was still a young boy, with the interests of young boys. He was intensely delighted to fuck his mother, having her suck his precious cock off but he was still a boy. And he liked things such as baseball and rough-house football. He couldn't spend every minute of his waking time with a hard-on, fucking her, she knew. And she didn't really want it that way, either. She wanted her son to maintain his outside interests as usual.

She had finished with her housework, and now was alone with time on her hands and a throbbing, wet cunt.

If her son were home, she thought, she would give him a fucking he would never forget. She was becoming hotter and more insatiable since sucking his cock off that night. She had started having erotic dreams as she slept next to her son, despite the fact that his young cock had thoroughly satisfied her, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. She didn't mind the erotic dreams; she loved them. Some were, of course, outlandish and absolutely impossible, but some weren't.

If she had the nerve...

If she was right in what she thought about Frank and Pam, fucking deliberately, knowing she and her son watched.


She moved to the front of the house and looked out the window. A smile spread over her face as she saw Pam in the front yard next door. The girl was almost painfully beautiful in her youthful innocence. Except she wasn't innocent.

Before Janice knew what she was doing, she had left her house and stood outside in the hot sunshine, near the flower bed. She stood and saw they needed water. She reached for the hose, but before she picked it up, she heard someone call out to her.

Straightening, she saw Pam coming her way.

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?" Pam said, smiling at Janice. "I love these hot days, don't you?"

Pam's friendliness and sweetness drew Janice. She smiled back. "Yes, it's wonderful, Pam."

Pam began chattering about insignificant things that Janice hardly heard. What she was doing was looking at the exquisite girl, her eyes moving from the lovely face, down to the tiny tips of those succulent tits, then at the naked midriff. Pam, too, had on shorts that were so tight the bulge of her cunt lips were outlined.

Janice was drawn to the girl, and her eyes seemed riveted to that tight crotch of those shorts. The throbbing in her cunt was suddenly more pronounced. There was a hot flush on her cheeks, but not from any shame or guilt or embarrassment; it was a flush of intense desire.

Pam was smiling, her eyes flashing, and Janice had the impression the girl could see into her, into her mind, and understand what she was thinking. The sparkling of electricity seemed to flow between them, and Pam understood it as well as Janice did.

"Would you like some cold lemonade, Pam?" Janice heard herself ask.

She was amazed at the thoughts inside her mind, thoughts she had never had before. And if she had, she always shoved them away, not wanting to dwell upon such thoughts.

"I'd love it," Pam said.

Janice was surprised to find her hand in Pam's as they entered the house. Pam's hand seemed hot, not sweaty, but simply hot. There was an aura radiating from Pam, that she had not sensed before. It was an aura that clung to them both, binding them, leading them.

Pam sat on the couch as Janice entered the kitchen and filled a tall glass with ice cubes, then poured fresh lemonade. Her cunt was bubbling so hotly that she had to press her fist against it and lean against the counter until some unexpected tremors passed.

Carrying the glass in a shaking hand, she returned to the living room.

"Is Bobby home?" Pam asked when she took the glass.

"No," Janice replied, struggling to control her voice. "He's out someplace."

"Me you nervous?" Pam asked, flashing eyes staring at Janice. "You're shaking and you seem nervous. What do you have to be nervous about?"

Janice remained standing, clasping her hands before her. She could not rid herself of the image she and her son had seen the night before, of Frank and this exquisite girl knowing, perhaps, that she and Bobby had watched. Her eyes fell to Pam's slender thighs, moved up them to the crotch of those tight shorts again. But Pam was sitting down, and she couldn't see the sweetness of those puffy cunt lips outlined.

Her legs shook, and Janice jumped, startled, when she felt Pam reach out and touch her thigh. The girl was gazing up at her, sparkling eyes smoldering, her moist mouth parted slightly. Janice saw the pink tongue, that wicked tongue that had licked her father's dripping cock the night before, move out and run slowly over those lips.

The throb in Janice's cunt became intense, but she didn't dare press her hand into her crotch with Pam sitting there.

A small gasp erupted from Janice when she felt Pam move her hand in a caressing motion along her thigh. She felt the fingertips moved along the leg of her shorts. Janice sucked in a loud breath, then gazed hotly into Pam's smoldering eyes. The lemonade was on the floor, forgotten.

As if in a dream-like trance, Janice slipped to her knees in front of Pam. They continued to gaze into each other's eyes as Janice placed her hands on Pam's dimpled knees. She felt the heat of those pretty knees burn into her palm, and her tits rose and fell as the excitement increased. Pam, too, was breathing faster, her tits swelling out against the thin material of her cotton blouse.

Janice moved her hands, sliding them along the outside surfaces of those creamy smooth thighs. She moved her hands up and down, feeling and touching as Pam sat there, that pleased, almost knowing smile on her sweet face, her eyes glowing with pleasure and anticipation.

Still without speaking, Pam flung her knees apart. With her slender thighs wide, she scooted her ass forward on the edge of the couch. The tight crotch of her shorts revealed those puffy cunt lips again, molding them to perfection. Janice stared into the girl's crotch, and her own cunt began to steam more than ever. She drew her hands over Pam's smooth and tanned thighs, caressing the sensitive inner surfaces, watching her fingers move closer and closer to that tight crotch.

She felt the girl trembling under her hands, but it was not the trembling of fear; it was the shivering, goose-bumpy trembling of eager anticipation.

Janice could hardly believe she was doing this. She could hardly believe she was running her hands up and down the satiny surfaces of Pam's inner thighs, stroking and feeling, kneeling there in this lewd way. But her cunt was burning with a fire that guided her, forced her onward. The images she had been witnessing through the window each night aided in increasing her desire.

"Ohhhhh!" Janice suddenly moaned.

Her face darted down and forward, pressing her lips tightly against Pam's crotch. Her mouth was wide open, and her tongue lapped furiously against the tight shorts.

"Oooooh, I like that!" Pam mewled, and Janice felt the girl wiggle her cunt tighter into her face.

The smooth inner thighs pressed against Janice's face, hot and arousing. She moved her hands up those thighs, under them, then closed upon Pam's tight ass, lifting that precious crotch.

But licking Pam's cunt through those shorts was not at all satisfying.

The shorts buttoned in front, and through a hazy vision, Janice saw the girl pulling at them with fumbling, eager fingers.

"I wanna take my shorts off!" Pam whimpered in a hot voice. "I wanna take them off! I wanna get licked... oh, I love to be licked!"

Janice helped draw the shorts down, her eyes burning on every inch of exposed skin. She saw the pink slit of Pam's cunt as she pulled at the shorts, bringing them down. As Pam shoved them from her feet, she slumped her cute ass over the edge of the cushion, her knees wide apart. Janice gazed with hungry desire at that sugary cunt she had only seen from a distance until now. Her tongue ran over her moist lips, and she was making soft mewling sounds as her fingers traced those gently pulsating cunt lips. She peeled the lips apart and saw the tip of Pam's succulent, glistening clitoris. Rubbing a finger over it, Pam squealed and lifted her crotch into the air.

With an animal-like groan, Janice shot her face directly into that succulent crotch. She opened her lips wide as she closed her mouth upon the tasty cunt. Her tongue flipped about the sensitive clitoris of the wiggling, jerking girl. Again Janice clutched at the ass cheeks, feeling the naked smoothness of them flex in her palms. She began licking her tongue up and down, lapping hard. The taste was exotic to her, sweet and so different than a cock.

Pam's cunt was slippery with seeping juices as Janice twisted her tongue about that swollen, knotted, sensitive clitoris. She pulled it between her lips and sucked harshly, making Pam arch her cunt tighter against her mouth. Janice felt Pam pulling at the back of her head, and when Pam began to grind her cunt furiously into her mouth, Janice shook her ass and felt a deep convulsion inside her cunt. The orgasm amazed her, but not because it was so strong. It amazed her because she had come by licking at this sugary, succulent, young cunt.

Janice thrust her tongue into Pam's cunt, delving deeply and wiggling it about, pressing upon that steamy clitoris, writhing against it. Her chin seemed to be thrust between those hot ass cheeks, resting upon Pam's puckered asshole.

Pam squealed and churned her ass, grinding her hot cunt into Janice's face. She clutched at Janice's head, scissoring her hot, velvety thighs about her face.

"Oooooh, lick my pussy!" Pam pleaded as she ground hard and tight into Janice's mouth. "Oh, I love to have my cunt sucked! Ahhh, make your tongue go deep in my pussy real deep! Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Use your tongue like a cock in my cunt!"

The words coming from Pam bounced about inside Janice's inflamed mind, sending her into a frenzy of tongue fucking action. She plunged her tongue as deep as she could, flipped it about the wet, satiny walls, then swirled it up to her clitoris.

With her ass swaying and twitching, her cunt bubbling with wave after wave of orgasm, Janice sucked and licked at the deliciously young cunt like a woman demented.

Pam was squealing with ecstasy. The convulsions of Pam's orgasm squeezed at her tongue in a wet, tight manner. Janice pumped her tongue in and out swiftly, her hands clutching the bunching cheeks of Pam's sweet ass. She kept her tongue moving swiftly until she felt the spasms slow a bit. Then she slipped her tongue free and worked it up over Pam's distended clitoris, licking at it with harsh strokes.

When she finally pulled her face out of Pam's pussy, her face was smeared with juices. She leaned down and kissed Pam's pussy hotly, then sat on her heels and stared at her pretty face, seeing the satisfaction there. Her cunt was still throbbing, burning, despite a number of orgasms she had experienced while eating Pam's cunt. Resting her hands on Pam's thighs, she licked her lips, tasting the lingering sweetness there.

"That was very nice," Pam said with a quiver in her voice. "I've never had a woman suck my cunt before."

"That makes us even," Janice smiled. "I've never sucked one before, either."

She leaned forward and hugged the girl, and she was not at all surprised to find Pam twisting her mouth against her. When Pam thrust her tongue into her mouth, Janice sucked at it as though it were a darting cock.

"Have you ever," Pam breathed as she pulled her mouth away, "had a cock in your mouth?"

Janice looked at the girl and smiled. "What is this, confession time, Pam?"

"Have you?" Pam insisted. "It's kinda important for me to know, Janice."


"I just want to know."

Janice cocked her head to one side, regarding the girl. "Have you? I mean, had a cock in your mouth?"

"Sure, lots of times!" Pam said. "I like it, too."

"What else do you like?" Janice asked, amused at the eager way Pam wanted to talk about this.

Pam giggled. She hugged her tits through her cotton blouse, not at all bashful to be sitting there naked from the waist down. "Ohhhh, I love to get laid and suck a cock and be licked and... oh, I love just about anything!"

Janice laughed. "I believe you. Have you ever had your face between a girl's legs, sucking her cunt, honey?"

Pam shook her head. "I don't know any girls that would let me try. Daddy said I wasn't..." Pam quickly fell silent.

Janice did not pursue this, not wanting to embarrass Pam about watching her fuck her father.

She pulled Pam back on the track. "But you'd like to try sucking a cunt, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yes!" Pam squealed. "I'd love to see what it's like. I think all that hair on a cunt would tickle my face!"

Janice had the impression she and Pam were like two small girls, hiding behind the barn, playing show me yours and I'll show you mine. But it was exciting, she admitted to herself.

She opened her shorts and pushed them down to her knees.

"Oooooh, that's beautiful, Janice!" Pam gurgled as her eyes burned directly upon the hair-rimmed cunt. "You sure are hairy! Oh, that's just fabulous. Can I touch it?"

"After I tonguefucked you, you have to ask that?" Janice laughed. "Of course you can touch my cunt, Pam."

Janice spread her feet on the floor, throwing her pelvis closer to Pam. Pam leaned forward with an eager expression. Her hand came out, fingers moving through the curls of Janice's pussy. Pam played with the soft hair for a long moment, breathing hard. Then she shoved her hand between Janice's thighs and cupped her cunt.

"Ooooooh, you're so hot and wet!" Pam gurgled as she rubbed her hand back and forth. "You sure have a hot cunt, Janice."

Janice felt a finger stab into her pussy, and she groaned as her hips jerked forward. She clasped Pam's wrist with both hands and began to move that rigid finger in and out of her cunt.

"Want me to fingerfuck you, Janice?" Pam asked, her eyes blazing up. "I will, if you want me to. I'll make you come with my finger."

"I thought you wanted to suck a cunt, Pam?" Janice asked, arching her eyebrows. "Didn't you say you wanted to try and eat a pussy?"

"Can I?" Pam squealed. "Oh, I'd love to taste your cunt, Janice! Can I really eat it?"

Pam slipped from couch and sat on the floor, leaning her head back. Janice straddled that eager young face and stood with the girl gazing up into her hairy cunt. She caressed Pam's silken hair, letting her take her time despite the boiling sensation between her thighs.

She felt Pam run her hands up the backs of her thighs, over the swells of her ass cheeks, and all the time those hot, hungry eyes stared at her cunt.

Janice bent her knees, lowering her pussy toward Pam's face. When she felt Pam's lips touch her cunt, she writhed, smearing the girl's face with dripping juices. Pam gave a muffled whimper of pleasure as she dug her hands into Janice's ass cheeks. Janice felt Pam's tongue flick into her cunt, darting in and out. The soft squeals that came, from Pam were enough to tell Janice the girl loved it, loved to have her tongue up a pussy.

Then it was time for Janice to whimper with ecstasy. Pam had closed her lips about her throbbing clitoris, and she was sucking in a frenzy of hungry desperation.

She twisted her pussy against Pam's sweet face, feeling those lips burn upon her clitoris, that wicked tongue flicking around the tip. Bracing herself by putting her hands on the couch, Janice was almost squatting into the girl's face, but Pam didn't seem to mind. She clutched at Janice's ass cheeks as she sucked in a harsh way upon the inflamed clitoris, her tongue lapping eagerly.

The orgasms began with hot waves of liquid heat.

Janice twisted her cunt into Pam's face as she started coming. Her pussy clutched in a flexing way, the orgasms coming in a series of shuddering explosions that made her shake her ass and grind her cunt into Pam's lapping mouth.

She thought her tits would burst through the thin halter, they swelled so much. She closed her thighs about the sweet face of the girl, her cunt bursting with the most powerful ecstasy she could imagine. Soft yelps bubbled from her constricted mouth, and her eyes squeezed tightly as she savored the blissful sensation of coming into this eager young mouth.

She grew weak, her legs feeling like water. She was afraid she would fall. Trying to pull her cunt away from that frantically sucking, licking mouth, she felt Pam grip her ass tight, holding the hair-rimmed, convulsing cunt hard into her open mouth.

But the weakness overcame the strength of the girl. Janice slipped sideways and sprawled upon the couch, her legs wide and her cunt twitching.

Pam, however, shoved her face back between Janice's hot thighs. But she didn't lick or suck; she kissed with moist, hot lips about the curling hair, slipping her tongue through the strands.

Janice was just relaxing from the power of her orgasm when the sounds outside the living room sent her scurrying down the hall, with her hand gripping Pam's tightly.

Chapter SEVEN

Inside her bedroom, she motioned for Pam to be quiet. "It's my son," she whispered.

Pam giggled softly, "But I left my shorts in the living room. He'll see them."

"It's too late now," Janice said.

They heard Bobby moving about the house, then the door of the refrigerator opening and closing. They remained in the bedroom even after the front door opened and closed again.

"Has he gone?" Pam asked.

"I think so," Janice replied. "You wait here and I'll go see."

Janice had moved so quickly, she still had her shorts halfway up. She shook her ass as she pulled them to her hips, and without zipping them, went into the hallway and looked about. She wasn't at all nervous about Bobby catching her, however. This was for Pam's benefit. She still had to know more about Pam and her father before she went any further with the girl-like letting her know that Bobby wanted to fuck her, that she fucked her son, the way Pam fucked her father.

Bobby was not home.

Janice picked up Pam's shorts and carded them back to the bedroom. Pam was sitting on the bed, still naked from the waist down.

"I don't think my son saw your shorts," she said. "He was in and out so fast. If he did, maybe he'll think I dropped them or something."

Pam giggled, her eyes seeing the hair of Janice's cunt where the shorts were unzipped. "Can we do some other things with each other, Janice?"

"Aren't you a frightened now, honey?" Janice asked. "We almost got caught by my son."

"I'm not afraid," Pam said.

Janice knew she was hearing the truth. She suspected Pam would be more willing to have Bobby join them this minute. But she wasn't ready for anything like that, not yet.

"Then if you aren't afraid," Janice said, peeling her shorts down, "what would you like to do?"

"Rub cunts!" Pam gurgled.

"Rub cunts? Where did you ever hear anything like that?"

"I just thought about it," Pam said, sliding her cotton blouse off. "I think about all kinds of things like that, don't you?"

Janice looked at those succulent tits, the ones she had been looking at across the fence for some time. They were very tight and round, small enough to fit into her palm. The nipples were small, pale pink and erect. She scooted her shorts down and stepped out of them, excited at the way Pam looked at her hairy cunt. She untied her halter, and as her full, shapely tits were revealed, Pam giggled with delight. She immediately stood up and stepped close to Janice. She looked at Janice's tits, cupping one in both her hands. Pam's face was level with them, and Janice cupped Pam's face with her hands.

"You can suck my tits if you want," Janice said in a husky voice.

With a low whisper, Pam sucked one of Janice's nipples into her hot, wet mouth. Janice held Pam's sweet, lovely face tight against her tit. Pam sucked strongly at her sensitive nipple, and Janice thought of the ecstasy her father must receive when his cock was between those hot lips.

Pam moved to the other tit, sucking it deeply into her mouth. She turned loose of Janice's tit and ran her arms about her waist, then placed her hands on the swelling, hot surfaces of Janice's ass cheeks. As she sucked the turgid nipple, Pam massaged and squeezed and rubbed at Janice's ass cheeks, grinding her hot cunt against her thigh.

"I thought you wanted to rub cunts, honey?" Janice said in a low voice.

Pam sucked off the nipple, then turned to look up toward Janice. "Ooooooh, I do! Golly, I want to, try that... I've wanted to try that for along time. Janice, there's a lot of things I want to try!"

"With a girl... me?"

"With you, boys... everyone!"

Pam released Janice and both of them scrambled up onto the bed. The door was still open, with neither of them thinking about it.

"How are we going to do this, Pam?" Janice asked. "I've never rubbed cunts before, either. I guess we both want to do a lot of things we've missed, huh?"

Somehow, with spoken agreement, Janice was flat on her back, and Pam was on her knees. Janice instinctively lifted her legs. She pointed them into the air, and placed her hands on her ass cheeks, holding herself up that way. She spread her legs wide, the hairy lips of her cunt gleaming.

Pam gazed down as she stood on the bed, staring at Janice's hairy cunt. Janice's eyes glowed hotly as she watched the girl look at her cunt. The excitement was intense between them.

Then, with a soft mewl, Pam's extremely hot cunt pressed upon Janice's hairy pussy. The contact sent both into shivers of ecstasy. Janice shot her hand up and out, gripping a small, tight cheek of Pam's ass. Pam drew Janice's leg against her stomach, holding it to her tight tits.

Pam began to rub her cunt back and forth against Janice's hairy pussy.

It was a bit awkward and tiring for Janice, but the pleasure outweighed that. The feel of Pam's sweet cunt, without hair in the way, smashing and grinding into her cunt, felt pleasantly different from any other fleshy contact.

Pam, with her head thrown back, grunted as she clung to Janice's thigh, one hand moving along a swelling ass cheek, her cunt smashing and writhing against the older woman's crotch. From her almost upside down position, Janice gazed hotly at the way Pam's tight ass flexed, the muscles bunching as she rubbed her crotch faster and faster into her cunt. The heat was intense between her thighs, feeling as if her cunt would melt from the friction.

Their sighs and moans of ecstasy mingled in the bedroom, sometimes loud, sometimes soft. Janice held her hips with both hands, her legs up in the air. She could feel Pam's firm tits against her leg, and the flexing of Pam's sweet ass on her other thigh.

"Oooooh, this is gonna make me come, Janice!" Pam squealed. "Ohhhh, your cunt is so wet, so hot, so hairy... on my pussy! I'm about to come!"

Pam smashed her young cunt hard against Janice's. Janice felt Pam's sweet cunt lips writhing, and the sensation created a storm of orgasms within her own cunt. She dug her fingers into the tight, bunching cheek of Pam's ass, twisting her hips in a grinding motion.

With a long, drawn-out wail, Pam pitched onto the bed, sprawled out, as she heaved in gasping, labored breathing. Her young face glowed with pleasure. Janice let her ass and legs down, turning onto her side to look at the pretty girl. The swell of Pam's ass shivered with the flow of her pleasure still on her flesh.

Half an hour later, Pam and Janice were again dressed. They chatted and talked about things as if they had been long-time acquaintances. Yet, they skirted any talk of sex. Janice did not pry, but she was curious about the nightly displays she and Bobby watched. There was no way she could ask Pam about it, and most especially after last night when they had watched the father and daughter fucking. Janice did not want to embarrass the girl. Yet, on the other hand, she sensed Pam would not be embarrassed, but delighted to know she and her father had been seen fucking.

Pam radiated sexual eroticism as she sat there talking to Janice. Janice had never seen such a sexual girl in her life. She was delighted with Pam. Her son wanted to fuck this delicious creature very much, and there was no doubt that he could.

Just before Pam was ready to leave, Bobby came in. He greeted Janice almost shyly, and Janice was amused at the way her son tried to keep his eyes off Pam's golden thighs and the tightness of her crotch. Pam was not at all shy, gazing at Bobby with those hot, bold eyes. Janice noticed Pam's eyes sweep over the front of Bobby's pants, linger there for a while before moving away.

As Pam started to leave, Bobby stared at her, his tongue almost hanging out of his mouth. Pam twisted her tightly clad ass in a tantalizing manner as she went to the door, and Bobby's eyes seemed to be glued to those tight ass cheeks.

When Janice had waved to Pam and turned back into the room, she saw her son sitting there with his cock out of his pants, throbbing with hardness.

"She really turns you on, doesn't she, honey?" Janice asked with a smile.

"She sure does, Mom," Bobby said, shoving his ass to the edge of the chair, spreading his legs and arching his cock up. "I wanna fuck her so bad!"

Janice went to him, squatting on her heels and taking his cock in her hand. She squeezed it, stroking up and down. Despite her time with Pam, her cunt was still eager and hungry. The hair-lined lips twitched as she fondled her son's prick.

She looked up at him. "Let's take your fucking pants off, honey."

Bobby lifted his ass and Janice drew his pants down. Bobby removed his shirt, and then sat there naked, his lovely cock and balls revealed. Janice caressed her son's balls in one hand, stroking his hard cock with the other.

Janice nuzzled her son's crotch lovingly, excited as always she when felt his precious balls and cock against her face. She looked up at him with misty eyes, then darted her tongue out. She lapped at his balls and up the hard side of his cock. Twisting her tongue about the piss hole of Bobby's prick, she sucked the swollen head into her mouth and bobbed up and down slowly, teasing him and herself for a while.

Pulling her mouth off, she stood up and began removing her clothing again, for the second time that day. She gazed at her son with smoldering eyes as her halter fell, her tits thrusting out. She rolled her shorts down and pulled her son to his feet as she kicked her shorts away.

Taking him to the bedroom, she placed her son on the bed. On her knees, she leaned over and began to kiss his chest, licking his flesh with short, hot flicks of her tongue.

"Be still and let me do this, darling," she murmured in a hot voice. "Let mother make you feel good. You just lie back and think about getting this sweet cock into that tight little cunt of Pam's. Mother will take care of the rest."

Janice began bathing her son's naked flesh with her tongue, leaving fiery trails of moisture everywhere it touched. She loved the way her son shivered beneath her tongue and lips. She knew that licking his entire body this way was intense for him, creating an anticipation within his precious balls and hard, throbbing cock.

Licking down, she skirted his cock and balls, tracing a pattern on his inner thigh to his knee. Then she licked back up his other thigh. She flipped the tip of her tongue over his balls, then tickled his dripping piss hole with it. For a brief moment she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, her lips tight and hot and wet at the base, her throat working on the smoothly swollen head.

She sucked her son's cock slowly, her tongue burning against the hard shaft. Sucking off his prick with a loud, sucking sound, she turned her son until he was on his stomach. She pressed her moist lips upon his ass cheek, kissing it, sliding to the ether cheek. Her tongue came out again to lick at his flesh.

Bobby moaned and writhed his naked ass as his mother moved her wet tongue over ft. Janice ran the tip of her tongue lightly up and down the crack of his ass, then along the backs of his shaking thighs. She circled her tongue on his ass cheeks, then she flicked her tongue along the crack, causing her son to moan with delight.

Lifting her head, Janice gazed at her son's tight ass, licking her moist lips. Her eyes glowed. Her fingers moved on the cheeks of his ass, parting them. The twinkle of his tightly puckered asshole worked like a beacon to her. Lowering her face slowly, Janice licked the sensitive flesh in the crack of her son's ass cheeks. She swirled her tongue over his asshole, then with a whimper of perverse delight, she began to tap the tip of her tongue against the tightness of his asshole.

Bobby grunted and arched his ass up against his mother's face. Janice mewled with pleasure as he tried to rub his asshole against her mouth. Her cunt was steaming as if she had not come at all this day. Her clitoris had become intensely distended again.

Janice stared at her son's asshole with smoldering eyes, seeing the tightness of it. She moaned softly, then the sound turned into a wail of extreme desire. She shoved her face into the crack of his asshole and began to lick and probe the tight pucker with a frenzy. Her son yelped, then squirmed his ass back and up, twisting it against his mother's sucking mouth. The heat of his ass cheeks closed upon Janice's face as she pressed her tongue hard against his asshole. She strived to shove her tongue up his ass, whimpering with a desperate need.

Her tongue raced over her son's asshole, licking with a fiery greed. She slid her hand underneath his uplifted hips and clutched his jerking, throbbing hard cock. She squeezed his cock as her tongue lapped in a frenzy at his asshole. She could feel Bobby's asshole flexing against the tip of her tongue as she tried to slip it up his ass.

Bobby was yelping softly. Janice rammed her tongue time and again into his tight asshole, but she couldn't seem to slip it inside. She curled her tongue and pressed, then she felt his asshole give. She managed to thrust an inch of her tongue up his ass, and that was enough. She began to tonguefuck Bobby in his puckered asshole, and at the same time she jerked on his cock. She had her lips wide, pressing around his asshole while her tongue stabbed like a flaming poker.

What she was doing to her son was something Janice had never done to anyone, although she had dreamed of it many, many times. The way his asshole seemed to clutch her tongue as she plunged it in and out sent ripples of perverse ecstasy through her body. Her cunt was on fire, the convulsions already causing the hairy lips to flex with orgasm.

Bobby's cock was throbbing in her fist, swelling larger than ever. She jerked her fist up and down in this unusual position as her tongue fucked in and out of his asshole. Her mind was reeling with this new aspect of their sexual involvement. It was, without a doubt, the most erotic, most perverse thing they had done with each other so far.

"Mom!" Bobby groaned hotly. "Oh, Mom... you're gonna make me come! Ohhhh, I've never felt anything like this, Mom! You're gonna have me coming all over the fucking bed!"

The words slammed into Janice's mind, inflaming her to a high pitch of erotic excitement. She plunged her tongue as deep as she could, jacking frantically on his cock. She sucked at his asshole with her lips, feeling his balls bump against her chin. But as much ecstasy as she was getting from tongue fucking her son in his tight asshole, she did not want him to come on the bed from being jacked off.

Her tongue penetrated his asshole as she gripped his throbbing cock. She felt his asshole tighten about her tongue, and she felt it was time.

Swiftly, she pulled her face out of his asshole and turned onto her back. She scooted her head underneath his uplifted hips. She clutched his ass cheeks with both hands. Janice was on her back, with her son's cock above her face. She drew her knees up and let them fall wide, her cunt exploding with those flexing waves of intense orgasm.

"Fuck me, Bobby!" she yelped. "Fuck mother in the mouth! Hurry darling, fuck my cocksucking mouth! Fuck it the way you do my cunt! Hurry, before you come!"

She opened her mouth wide as her son plunged his cock down. She grasped his ass tightly with her hands when he began to plunge his cock up and down, driving it between her hotly clasping lips, against her constricted throat. She could hear her son grunting above her head. She sucked greedily on his thrusting cock, her body shaking with the delight to have him fuck her mouth this way. His prick was hot and hard, throbbing between her lips. He was dripping more than she remembered him doing before. But he was fucking her mouth so fast that she had no time to swallow.

Being fucked in her mouth this way, beneath her son's pounding hips, sent her cunt into shuddering spasms of ecstasy. He was bouncing fast above her face, his balls banging upon her chin, the base of his cock slamming into her mouth so deep that she often couldn't breathe.

Her fingers dug into his tight ass, urging him to fuck her mouth as hard as he wanted, letting her son know she was eager and hungry for the spurting of his creamy come juice.

She was moaning around his plunging cock, moaning with intense ecstasy. She kept her lips as tight as she could, her tongue pressing. The way his cock slipped along her tongue and the roof of her mouth thrilled her, creating a more frenzied need to have his come juice gushing down her throat.

With a yell, Bobby banged against his mother's face, his cock going deep. She felt him writhing against her face, his balls smashed against her chin. She felt spasms ripple through his cock, then the precious sweetness of his come juice was flowing in spurts.

Bobby was pressing so tightly into her mouth that Janice could not swallow. But she eagerly kept her lips tight as he came. Her mouth filled, and some of the come juice foamed from the corners of her mouth, running over her cheeks. But Janice didn't care; it warmed her already heated face with a tingling sensation of ecstasy.

Bobby ground into his mater's face as he came. Janice whimpered in a moist, gurgling sound, her mouth filling with the thick, sweet taste of his young come juice. Her hips moved and twisted against the bed, her cunt going through wave after wave of shattering orgasms.

Bobby slumped, his cock still inside his mother's mouth. Janice could hardly breathe, and she gently shoved him off her face. Her cheeks were smeared with come juice, and she had managed to swallow it only after his cock was out of her mouth. Wiping at her face with both hands, Janice giggled softly as she licked her palms.

"You motherfucker," she said with affection. "You came so damn much I couldn't swallow it all. I've got to wash my face now."

Bobby grinned. "Your mouth is almost like your cunt, Mom. It's hot and wet and you can make it so tight on my cock. I really enjoyed fucking your mouth that way. Can we do that again?"

"Anytime, precious," she smiled, then wiggled her ass to the bathroom. "You can fuck mother's cocksucking hot mouth anytime!"

Chapter EIGHT

Janice saw Pam's father, Frank, the next day.

She saw him washing his car, wearing a pair of trunks. She watched him from the living room window. She gazed at the front of his trunks everytime he was facing her, remembering his cock as it was sucked by his daughter, then the way it stretched Pam's pink, sugary cunt.

She was more and more certain that Frank and Pam knew they had been seen, that the whole thing was staged deliberately. People simply did not leave their drapes open when they fucked, and most especially a father and daughter.

As with past days, this one was hot and somewhat humid. Janice wore a short tennis outfit. Her flawless tits were not confined by a restricting bra. Being drawn to Frank more than ever before, she went into the front yard of her home. She waved to the man and walked across the lawn.

"Need any help with that?" she offered, feeling bold and absolutely shameless.

"Almost done," Frank replied. He held the hose, squirting water over the soapy hood of the car. "Thought I'd take the day off and get some things done around the house. I decided I couldn't put it off any longer."

"You forgot this," Janice said, bending over to pick up the sponge in a pail of soapy water. She scrubbed at a muddy place on the lower fender. Her back was toward Frank, and she knew he could see the creamy backs of her thighs, and, she hoped, her tight panties.

After she scrubbed the mud off, she straightened up and faced the man. Her eyes moved to the front of his trunks, and a slow smile spread over her lips. His cock was swelling, she saw.

She started to say something, but suddenly the hose slipped out of his hand. When he grabbed for it, the spray was turned toward Janice. Within a moment she was soaked clear through. With a lot of squealing and dancing about, she felt her tennis outfit mold her body.

"Sorry about that," Frank said.

"Sure," Janice replied, laughing to let him know she didn't mind.

Her tennis outfit was soaked, clinging to her slender and well curved body. She saw the way Frank was looking at her. When she looked down, she saw the outfit, soaked with water, was almost transparent. The outline of her bikini panties were there, as well as the thrust of her tits. Before she lifted her eyes to his face, she let them linger significantly on the front of his trunks. His cock was swollen hard now. It was beautifully outlined, even the head as it poked up and off to one side.

"I take that back," he said in a hoarse voice. "I'm not at all sorry about it."

Looking him directly in the eye now, Janice said, "I'm not, either." Her words came out husky, filled with the erotic need she felt for this man. "I'm glad it happened."

The hose was dropped, the water squirting over the green lawn. Frank stepped toward Janice, and then she was pressing, against him. She felt his hard cock probing at her stomach, her tits flattening against his chest as he pulled her into his arms, his mouth crushing her lips. Janice wrapped her arms around his waist, and she began to grind her stomach against his throbbing cock.

Pulling away from him, she looked up into his eyes. Resting her hands on his broad shoulders, she said in a whispery voice, "Some nosey people might be watching us."

"We can take care of that," he said, his voice gruff with desire. "Your house or mine?"

"Who cares!" she whispered.

Frank took her hand and they moved swiftly into his house. Janice was dripping wet, but neither of them minded that. After he closed the door, he took her into his arms again, only this time his hands clutched at her swelling ass. "I don't suppose this is any time to act shy," Janice whispered as she shoved her hand between their bodies. She gripped his cock through the trunks, squeezing it. "I don't feel shy, just downright hot!"

She mewled as he began to pull at the zipper in the back of her soaked tennis outfit. As he undressed her, Janice squeezed and stroked his prick, sliding her fingers beneath the elastic waistband. She rubbed the smooth head of his prick, feeling the dripping juices. Her tennis outfit slipped to the floor, then Frank was showing her tight bikini panties down. Janice had to help him; she peeled her panties down, kicking them away, then stood beautifully naked as he quickly got rid of his trunks.

Her eyes went to his cock immediately, seeing it up close for the first time. She gripped his prick eagerly in one hand, the other taking hold of his hairy balls.

"Ohhh, God!" Janice whimpered with heat.

Frank ran his hands all over her steaming flesh, felt the swells of her tits, the curves of her ass, between her thighs and the hairiness of her cunt.

"Here," he said in a thick voice, shoving objects off the low coffee table. He placed Janice upon it, pressing her shoulders down until she was sprawled on her back. Her head hung over one end and her legs over the other. Frank parted her thighs, and then she felt his cock pressing against the heat of her cunt.

"Hurry! Oh, God... hurry!" she groaned.

She felt his weight settle upon her as his cock penetrated her hairy pussy. He was grasping one tit, his fingers digging into the smooth mound as he shoved his cock very deep into her pussy. She felt his heavy, hairy balls smack her ass cheeks and her cunt seemed stretched beyond description. His cock was thick, very thick, and it stuffed her gripping cunt to the utmost limits.

As his hips began to move, his cock fucking back and forth, Janice felt his mouth close on her tit. He sucked at her nipple, his tongue swirling about it. She let her head dangle, her hair sweeping the floor, arching her hips up to meet the fantastic thrust of his cock.

The coffee table was narrow, and she gripped the edges with tight fingers, whimpering and mewling and cooing with delight.

Frank fucked her with powerful thrusts. His cock was so huge and long that she was going through orgasms from the first penetration of that smooth, huge head. His hairy balls banged and bounced upon her hot ass cheeks, the thick hairs tickling her. It seemed to Janice that Frank's cock fucked all the way into her stomach. She boiled with the starving need for his prick, and her ass churned up and down. She had placed her feet flat on the floor, her knees wide, and with the bunching muscles of her stomach and thighs, she flung her cunt up and down, meeting his movements with a reeling mind of wanton ecstasy.

Every inch of Janice's body burned with delight. Goosebumps rippled up and down her naked flesh. She gurgled and moaned, her cunt sucking at his cock. Her cunt was so sensitive, she felt him throb with the lips of her pussy, felt the ridges and grooves, and the swelling of his cock head as it slipped along the hot, wet, satiny walls of her cunt.

"Oh, God! Ohhh, God!" she wailed as her hips thrashed and churned beneath his pounding prick. "So good, Frank! So fucking good! Ahhh, fuck me, Frank... I love it so much!"

She could hear Frank mumbling, but the words didn't penetrate the erotic fog of her mind. The only thing that penetrated her was that enormous, deliciously hard cock.

The excitement that had been building within Janice ever since she had been watching this man jack off by the window, then seeing him fuck his daughter, had reached its climax.

What she didn't know was Frank had been looking at her every chance he had, desiring her, wanting to fuck her with a desperation. The tension within him was as great as it was in Janice. Their fucking was turning into a contest of erotic ecstasy.

Frank drove his cock deep and powerfully into her gripping wet cunt. Janice churned and thrashed with exploding orgasms, her cunt convulsing hotly about his stretching cock. Her hips lifted and banged, grinding against his pelvis as he plunged as deep as he could. She could hear him snorting about her nipple, and she flung her arms around his waist, holding him tightly as her hips swung in wild abandon.

With a bellow, Frank slammed into her cunt and his body went rigid.

Janice felt his cock swell, then it jerked. And hot, gushing come juice began to flood her cunt.

"Ohhhh, yes!" she screamed, hugging him tightly. "God, yes! Come... oh, fill my fucking hot cunt with your come juice! Fill me... fuck me..."

The come juice seeped from the tight opening of her cunt lips and flowed along the cheeks of her shaking ass, but she didn't care. Her pussy was sucking frantically at his gushing cock, drawing every drop of his precious come juice deeply into her still burning cunt.

When Frank's body relaxed, she ran her hands up and down his back.

"You don't know how long I've been wanting this," she murmured.

Frank pulled from her, sitting on the floor next to the low coffee table. Janice mewled softly as his hands moved about her naked body, fondling her swelling tits. He molded her right tit with both hands, making her rigid nipple stand up. As he circled his tongue about it, Janice shivered. When he pulled her nipple into his mouth and began to suck, his tongue flicking the tender, sensitive tip, she writhed her naked ass on the table. As he chewed gently on her nipple, his hand moved along her trembling stomach, down her creamy thigh, tenderly along the inner surface where her flesh was almost like satin.

"I know," he murmured, kissing her smooth tit. "I know, because I've been wanting you, too."

Janice dropped her hand over the coffee table. She searched about until she felt his cock. Taking it in her hand, she slowly stroked his prick, feeling the head and all those wet juices clinging to it. Working her fist back and forth, she squeezed his cock with pleasure.

"You're a hot one, Janice," he said, sliding his hand up between her thighs, cupping her cunt and pressing into it. "I knew you'd be hot the first time I saw you."

"I can't help it," she whispered, feeling his cock grow in her hand.

"I understand that," he said, rubbing her clitoris. "Probably better than you think."

She shivered as his fingers rubbed at her throbbing clitoris. Arching her ass up, Janice felt Frank slip his finger into her cunt, and then it was moving in and out the way his cock had done. Sliding bet hand down, she cupped his hairy balls, tugging and twisting them, causing Frank to groan in delight.

Janice scooted back on the coffee table, her head hanging over the end, her hair brushing the floor.

"Frank, I want to taste it," she whispered throatily. "I want to taste your cock! Please, put it in my mouth!"

"I'm still wet from your cunt, Janice," he said.

"I want it anyway," she hissed wickedly. "I want to feel your cock inside my mouth with all that juice on it! I want to lick it off... suck your cock until you come!"

"Are you sure?"

"Do it, Frank!"

He stood up and moved to the end of the coffee table. Looking down, he saw the passion on her lovely face. Janice looked up between his thighs as he straddled her dangling head. His balls were beautiful, so hairy and heavy looking. His cock, shining with moisture, stood outward from that thick patch of wiry hair, the head so round and smooth. She could see the cheeks of his ass and the deep crack between them. Sliding her hot, eager hands up the backs of his thighs, she cupped her palms on his ass cheeks, her fingers slipping into the crack. His thighs, rubbing lightly against her head, thrilled her as she gazed upward.

Frank bent his knees, lowering his crotch to her waiting face. Janice spread her legs wide, drawing her feet up onto the coffee table, but keeping her knees wide apart so he could look at her hairy, pink cunt. She felt him place his hands on her firm tits as she turned her head slightly and kissed the inside of his thigh, her tongue flicking over his flesh. His balls brushed her face, and she turned her mouth to them. For a few moments, she thrilled herself and him by licking his hairy balls, her tongue swirling hotly and wetly. Sucking one of his large balls into her mouth, Janice mewled as her nose probed the crack of his ass, his cock throbbing heavily. She felt his prick dripping moisture down her neck, and that sent a ripple of ecstasy through her.

Releasing his balls, she lapped at them, probing the tip of her tongue behind them and very near his asshole. She loved having his balls on her face, the heat of them sending erotic signals down to her bubbling cunt. Her tongue swirled and licked every inch of his hairy balls, behind them, and at the base of his intensely hard cock.

Frank moved slightly, and the head of his prick was aimed at her mouth. With a gurgle Janice sucked the large head of his cock between her lips. The skin was hot and very smooth against her tongue. Her lips stretched widely, more than they had ever stretched around a cock before.

Janice whimpered with ecstasy as Frank pressed more and more of his cock into her mouth. She felt her mouth becoming stuffed, filled almost to capacity. Frank continued slipping more of his cock into her mouth. His hands kept up a relentless squeezing and caressing of her tits, inflaming her even more.

Feeling the head of his cock probe at her throat. Janice was sure she couldn't take any more. But Frank moved deeper, and then she felt her nose at his balls, and his cock seemed as if it went into her stomach. Janice's cunt spasmed with erotic pleasure. Her ass pumped up and down, knees still wide.

Frank began to fuck her mouth, lifting his cock up and then shoving it down. Janice did not have to keep her lips tight; his cock was so thick, they were already tight around it. She gave a mewl of wanton hunger when he started fucking her mouth. With every downward plunge, his balls banged at her nose, sending rippling thrills through her. She clutched at the cheeks of his ass, pulling and clawing at them as her passion grew hotter and wilder.

While Frank fucked Janice in her greedy mouth, he ran one hand over her shaking flesh, the other still squeezing a spongy tit. She felt his hand moving up and down the puffy lips of her cunt, rubbing at her swollen clitoris as she twisted her steamy ass. Her tongue pressed at his cock as he fucked her mouth, her cheeks clinging to his prick desperately. She felt his cock throbbing as he drove it deep. She was not at all uncomfortable with the thick length of his cock in her mouth.

"Suck me, suck me!" she heard him urging in a thick voice as his hands moved over her spongy tits, down her body and into her crotch. "Suck my cock, Janice! Ohhh, what a hot cocksucker you are! Oh, baby, you've sure got a hot, wet mouth! Suck my prick... oh, suck it hard!"

Frank was fucking her mouth more than she was sucking him. Her mouth had become a cunt for his cock. She would let him fuck her mouth or cunt anytime he wanted, she decided.

With her fingers digging into the cheeks of his pumping ass, Janice shoved one into the crack. She rubbed it furiously against his tight asshole while he fucked her mouth, urging him to thrust faster and harder. Orgasms burned through her cunt as his hands moved over the puffy lips, twisting and pinching at her sensitive clitoris. Janice was making soft, muffled sounds around his prick, sounds of intense ecstasy.

Her neck was at an awkward angle, but she was not at all uncomfortable. His cock banged into her mouth. As long as she had his huge, hard cock in her mouth at this moment, he could do anything with her. The taste of her own cunt clinging to his cock added to her pleasure.

"Oh, suck my cock, Janice!" she heard him grunting as his fingers pulled at the lips of her cunt, making her clitoris stand out in tight, tingling orgasms. "Suck it... suck it! I'm about to come, Janice! Oh, I'm going to give you a mouthful of come juice."

And his cock went off.

Janice felt his prick jerk once, then there was a hot, foaming splash of come juice flooding her mouth. The precious thick taste coated her tongue and filled her mouth with jetting spurts. She swallowed in moist, gurgling ecstasy. She arched her crotch up into his hands, her cunt convulsing in spastic reflex. The sounds she made told Frank that she was an intensely erotic woman, one who loved to suck a hard cock and taste it squirting down her throat.

She was reluctant to let his cock go. She gave a disappointed mewl as it slipped out of her mouth. Frank sat on the floor once more, but this time at her head. He leaned over and kissed her lips, running his tongue over them.

"You know, Janice," he said, "you're one hell of a good cocksucker. I'm partial to getting my cock sucked, I think."

Looking at him from her upside-down position, she smiled with warmth. "I'm kind of partial to sucking cock, too."

"What else turns you on?"

"Anything!" she replied. "Anything you can think of turns me on!"

He laughed, but it was a laugh of delight, not derision. "I knew it! I knew it from the time I first saw you."

"Then what took you so long to let me know?" she asked, still looking at him with her head dangling over the edge of the coffee table.

"Wanted to make sure, that's all."

He started to say something else, but he lifted his eyes as the front door opened.

Chapter NINE

At first Janice wasn't sure if she heard the door open or not, but then she saw Frank look up.

Lifting her head to look in the direction of the door, she saw Pam. The girl was standing there, the door now closed. She was leaning against it, grinning widely at them.

Janice knew Pam could see between her thighs, and she wondered if she could also see her father's cock. She did not feel any shame about being here with the girl's father, especially since she had been watching them through the window. She knew Frank was fucking his daughter, of course, but she didn't know yet if they had been exposing themselves that way because they wanted to be seen.

"Hi, honey," Frank greeted.

"Oh, Daddy," Janice heard Pam say, "you finally did it!"

"Looks like it, don't it?" she heard Frank reply.

Holding herself up by her elbows, she looked at Frank and then at Pam. She grinned at them. "I suspect you mean, Pam," Janice said, "that your father had been intending to fuck me for some time."

"He sure has, Janice!" Pam laughed.

"That's all he's talked, about since we moved here -- fucking you."

Frank was smiling at Janice.

Janice said, "You knew I've been watching you, then?"

"Of course," he said. "That was the purpose -- getting you to watch."

"But why jack off and fingerfuck alone?" Janice wanted to know. "I mean, you in one room jacking off and Pam in her room fingerfucking? Why not fuck each other from the first?"

"Would that have turned you on faster?" Frank asked.

Janice frowned. "I don't know."

"No matter," he said. "Making sure you saw us served the purpose quite well. I know it didn't horrify you when you watched me fucking my daughter."

"Why not?"

"Because you sucked her sweet cunt, that's why," Frank said. He was fondling one of Janice's spongy tits again, and Pam was caressing along the inside of her thigh.

"Pam told you, I suppose?"

"We don't keep secrets from each other," Frank said. "Now that you know all about us, what's next, Janice?"

She looked at him, then at Pam. Pam, as she fondled along the inside of Janice's thigh, was rubbing at her crotch with her other hand. Seeing the sweet girl feel of her cunt as she and Frank watched was exciting to Janice. And the fact that she was naked, with that girl's hand toying with the curls of her cunt, and Frank sitting there with his cock starting to become hard again, Janice felt heat flowing through her again.

With an impish smile, she said: "Anything you want."

Pam giggled and Frank grinned.

The girl leaned down and kissed Janice's knee, the tip of her tongue flicking out to lick hotly at the flesh. With a squeal, Pam dropped to her knees at Janice's feet. Those wet and fiery hot lips began to kiss at the satiny inner surfaces of Janice's thighs.

Frank leaned over and sucked at her nipple, then said, "You ever take on a father and daughter at the same time, Janice?"

"Never," she cooed, arching her ass up as the girl moved her hot lips and lapping tongue down her inner thigh. "But I'm ready for it!"

With a lewd giggle, Pam suddenly pressed her mouth against the hair-lined pussy. With a moist, sucking sound, Pam kissed Janice on her cunt. Janice felt the fiery tongue stab into her pussy.

"Daddy!" Pam squealed as she lifted her face. "You fucked Janice and came in her cunt!"

"Lick it out of her cunt, then," Frank laughed.

Janice was clinging to his cock as she listened to this conversation between father and daughter. She wanted to tell them about fucking her son, but she felt it best to wait a bit longer.

Pam shoved her mouth into Janice's cunt, those hot lips wide, sucking at the hairy lips. The girl's tongue fluttered about Janice's knotted clitoris, causing Janice to shiver with ecstasy again. She felt Pam's hot hands moving about her naked ass while she buried her face into her crotch. She mewled when Pam's tongue darted deep, lapping in and out. Janice twisted her crotch against Pam's face, watching as Frank gazed at his daughter.

"That turns you on, don't it, Frank?" Janice said, feeling his cock throb with hardness. "Seeing your daughter sucking and tonguing my cunt gives you a hard-on, don't it?"

"I've never seen Pam eating pussy before," he said. "And, yes, it turns me on."

Pam thrust her tongue deep into Janice's cunt, wiggling it about the wet, velvety walls, her upper lip pressing on the hard clitoris.

Then, taking her tongue out, Pam began to suck on Janice's clitoris. Drawing her hands up, Pam pulled at the hair-lined lips until the clitoris was fully exposed. Then, so they could look down and see, she flicked her tongue over it swiftly. Janice trembled with pleasure, squeezing at Frank's cock.

Abruptly, without warning, Janice suddenly came.

She arched her cunt up, grinding it into Pam's sucking mouth, groaning as her orgasm flowed hotly through her.

"Ohh, I'm coming!" Janice hissed hotly. "You made me come, Pam! God, was that fast!"

Pam giggled again as she wiped her mouth. "That was almost like eating cunt and sucking Daddy's cock off at the, same time."

Janice mentioned the time she had seen Frank's enormous cock inside Pam's mouth. "Do you make his cock come off with your mouth most of the time, Pam? I mean, when you suck it?"

"Oooh, yes!" Pam squealed.

"She loves it," Frank said. "That night was only to get you more interested. A little sucking and a little fucking -- you know how it is."

"Do I?" Janice said, sitting upon the coffee table and drawing her knees up to her flawless tits, hugging them. Her hairy cunt pooched from her thighs, and both Frank and his daughter glanced at it.

"Janice?" Frank asked slowly. "About your son..."

"What about my son?"

"Daddy wants to know if you'd let Bobby fuck you," Pam exclaimed.

She turned and looked at Frank. "Why do you want to know that, Frank?"

"Well... you know I fuck my daughter..."

"Would Bobby like to fuck me, Janice?" Pam asked with an excited voice.

"What makes you two think I know what my son would want, or think I would let him fuck me?"

"Because we know both of you have watched us," Frank said. "You haven't hidden yourself all that much. We've seen your shadows in the windows when you've watched me and Pam."

"Maybe that's true," she said, "but what makes you think we watch you together... or that we fuck, too?"

"Just a hunch," Frank said.

"Would you like it if my son and I fucked, too, the way you and your daughter do?"

"Oooh, I would!" Pam giggled. "I'd like to fuck Bobby! I bet I can suck all of his cock with my mouth, not just the head the way I can with Daddy's cock!"

"We can talk about that later," Frank said. "Right now I have this hard-on... and I'd like to stick it someplace."

Janice looked at his cock. It was larger than the prick of her ex-husband's. Lifting her eyes to his face, she grinned, a very lewd, perverse grin. "Frank, what would you think of me if I wanted your cock up my... ass?"

"You want to get fucked in your ass, Janice," he said, grinning back at her, "then you get fucked up the ass. Pam and I, we don't draw any lines. Whatever is enjoyable, we'll do it. Right, honey?"

"Right, Daddy!" Pam squealed. "I'd like to see you put your big cock in her asshole, Daddy." She turned to Janice: "He tried to fuck me in my asshole once, but his cock is too big. When I get older, we're gonna try again, Janice." Pam got a far-away, dreamy expression on her lovely face. "I bet Bobby's cock is just right for my asshole... and my mouth and my cunt and..."

Janice scooted from the coffee table. Her body was shivering with the anticipation of that thick, long cock sliding up her ass. She dropped to her knees and leaned over, her face on the cushions of the couch. She waggled her naked ass wickedly.

"It's not right for me to get fucked and Pam just watching," she said.

"Wanna suck my pussy at the same time, Janice?" Pam said.

Janice glanced at the girl's father.

"Like I said, anything as long as it's fun, Janice," Frank said. "Tonguefuck my daughter's cunt all you want... and I'll ream your tight asshole good!"

Janice waved her ass in the air. "Come here, Pam," she said in a sultry voice. "Oh, come here and sit on the couch."

Pam scrambled about until she was on the couch, her slim thighs spread wide. Janice found herself looking into that succulent cunt, wondering when Pam had removed her panties, or if she even had them on earlier.

"Eat my daughter's sweet cunt, Janice," Frank said as he moved behind her. "Suck her pussy and fuck it with your cocksucking tongue! I'm going to shove my cock up your asshole and fuck it good!"

"Oh, God... yes, yes!" Janice wailed with a burning passion that flared through her again.

She shoved her face into Pam's crotch. The sugary taste of it sent her mind into reeling ecstasy as she swirled her tongue up and down Pam's cunt slit. Pam shoved her cunt tight against Janice's face, twisting about as she gurgled, grabbing Janice behind the head and holding her mouth there. She closed her smooth, slender thighs against Janice's head, scissoring the satiny surfaces against her cheeks.

As her tongue moved up and down Pam's sweet-tasting cunt, Janice felt Frank behind her. Grabbing Pam by her tight ass, Janice buried her face between those silky thighs. With her mouth wide, she thrust her tongue out and scraped it up and down Pam's succulent cunt. The taste was as before -- sweet, delicious, soft.

Pam was squealing with delight as she lifted her crotch and started grinding her pussy into Janice's face. The ass cheeks grew tight in Janice's palms, flexing as the girl swung her hips about. Frank was moving his tongue now on the heated flesh of Janice's smooth ass, licking them thoroughly, his hands sliding up and down her trembling thighs. Janice felt his tongue slide along the crack, then it was tapping on her asshole. The sensations rippling through Janice caused her to whimper with passion into Pam's tasty cunt.

As Frank swiped his tongue up and down the crack of her ass, moving it over the pucker of her asshole, Janice experienced a mild explosion between her thighs. Then she came a second time as Frank's tongue probed against the tightness of her asshole. The second orgasm was stronger, and her body shuddered. But she never ceased moving her tongue as it dipped in and out of the succulent sweetness of Pam's cunt.

The round head of Frank's cock replaced his tongue, Janice felt. The dripping piss hole moved up and down the cheeks of her ass, leaving a searing, delightful trail of moisture on her flesh. She felt him probe for a moment at the tight pucker of her asshole, then she braced herself for the penetration.

But Frank, apparently, was not going to fuck her up the ass. After pushing the large head of his cock against her asshole, he slipped it down and plunged it into her cunt.

Janice mewled into Pam's pussy as the girl's father shoved his cock deep, his balls swinging beautifully.

"Fuck her, Daddy!" Janice heard Pam squeal. "Fuck her hot, hairy cunt good! Give it to her, Daddy! Ram your cock up her hot, wet cunt hard!"

Frank was gripping her hips with strong fingers, his prick banging back and forth powerfully. Janice felt his cock penetrate her boiling cunt deeply.

Janice felt him battering against her upturned, shaking ass, the lower part of his stomach slapping against her as his efforts became more pronounced. She pulled one hand away from Pam's grinding ass cheek and shoved it between her thighs. Grasping Frank's swinging balls, she tugged and twisted at them, increasing his pleasure. She heard him grunting as he stabbed his cock in and out of her clasping, steaming cunt.

Pam was squealing continuously as she lifted and rubbed her cunt into Janice's face. The sounds of heavy, excited breathing filled the living room, and the erotic scents of overheated cunt and cock swirled into their nostrils.

Janice was shivering with erotic ecstasy, her tits swelling and her cunt flexing around Frank's throbbing prick. She kept a tight grip on his hairy balls, and the fingers of her other hand clung to Pam's tight ass. She was experiencing orgasm after orgasm, the rumbling explosions causing her to shudder with delight.

Her tongue, went deep into Pam's succulent cunt, swirled inside, tasting the satiny sweetness there. Then she sucked Pam's sensitive clitoris and, while chewing on it, her tongue flipped about the tip. Pam's squeals became louder and more excited as she churned and whipped her crotch up and down, smearing her cunt into Janice's sucking mouth. With the pleasure burning through her, Janice didn't know if Pam was coming or not. She could not detect the flexing wave of orgasm with her deeply plunging tongue because of her own ecstasy.

The fire was growing hotter and wilder within her body. Janice flung her uplifted, naked ass about in wild gyrations, feeling Frank's cock stab all the way. His prick, it seemed to her, was becoming longer, harder, and so much thicker. Her cunt was stuffed with it, and there wasn't any more room for so much as a hair. She gripped his balls hard and heard him grunt, but it wasn't from pain.

There was a rush of hot come juice bubbling from his cock, and Janice gurgled. She felt his come juice splashing along the velvety walls of her cunt, filling her. She shot her tongue as deep as she could into Pam's cunt, and then she felt Pam's cunt claw at her tongue with flexing waves of gripping heat.

Through the roaring in her mind, she heard Pam squealing that she was coming hard. The tender young cunt gripped her tongue tightly, then loosened, only to grip again. And Frank kept up his thrusting as his cock gushed thick and creamy come juice into her pussy. Janice felt overpowering orgasms rip through her, and she screamed into Pam's convulsing cunt.

Janice wasn't sure when Pam relaxed, letting her ass drop down. She wasn't sure when Frank withdrew his cock from her cunt. She knew, however, that she was on her hands and knees, head hanging down, sobbing with the ecstatic feelings of her body.

After some time, she slipped to the floor and sprawled on her side, drawing her knees up to her tits in a fetal position. She felt so relaxed, so comfortable, so warm. She was aware that Pam and her father were sitting close to each other, watching her, waiting for her to recover completely. She didn't mind; it was a good feeling to have their eyes on her naked body. Slowly, she rolled onto her back, stretching her long, creamy thighs out. She cupped her tits and smiled up at them, opening her legs wide to reveal her hair-rimmed cunt without shame.

"That was... wonderful!" she murmured. "I can't remember when it's been so good."

Frank was sitting with his arm, draped over his daughter's shoulder, cupping one of her tits. Pam was gently and slowly rolling her father's hairy balls about in her hand.

"You could have it that way all the time." Pam said in a soft voice.

Janice found the strength to sit up, looking at the father and daughter. Her eyes gleamed with happiness. "What do you mean by that, Pam?" she asked.

"You and my daddy could get married," Pam said.

"Married?" Janice laughed. "But I'm not looking for a husband, honey."

"My daddy needs a wife," Pam said simply. "I try, but I'm not very good at it. Maybe when I get older..."

Frank was looking at her in a strange way, Janice noticed. His cock was starting to become hard once again from the way his daughter manipulated his balls. Seeing it sent a ripple of excitement through her recently fucked cunt. She thought how nice it would be, having that big cock around all the time, in her mouth, up her cunt... and Pam, too.

"We should think about it," Frank said. "I don't find the idea so bad at all."

"No," Janice said slowly. "I wouldn't be such a terrible thing. But, we hardly know each other, Frank."

He laughed. "What more should we know? I thought we knew it by this time."

Janice laughed. "You may be right, Frank. But I have a son, you know. I'm sure he might have something to say about marriage."

"I'll fuck him so much he won't stop it," Pam giggled.

"Let's give this a little time," Janice said.

"We can see what develops, but we shouldn't rush into it."

Chapter TEN

Early that evening, Janice recalled that Pam had said once before that her father needed a wife.

But she wasn't ready to marry anyone, not yet. She knew hardly anything about Frank. All she knew was that he apparently had a good job, and loved to fuck more than anything else. And, of course, the fact that he was fucking his daughter had a certain appeal to her erotic senses.

When Bobby came home, she discussed it with him. To her surprise, her son was agreeing that there should be a marriage between her and Frank.

"I need a sister, Mom," he said. "And Pam is about the cutest thing around here."

Janice noticed he did not say he needed a father, but a sister. "Why do you need a sister, honey?"

"I need a sister to fuck!" he said, his voice lifting with excitement.

"Oh, then you're getting tired of your mother's cunt, is that it?" she teased. "You're starting to want a different cunt to fuck, huh?"

"Aw, Mom," he said. "You know better than that. I love to fuck you, but it would be nice to have a sister to screw, too. And Pam is cute and her ass is sure pretty and..."

Janice laughed at his enthusiastic excitement. "You could fuck her whether I marry Frank or not, you know."

"But it wouldn't be the same, Mom," he said. "If she was my sister, we could have the same bedroom and everything. We could sleep together, and sometimes we could all sleep in the same bed."

"Sleep?" she asked, lifting her eyebrows.

"Fuck and suck!" he shouted. "You know what I'm talking about, Mom."

It was getting close to seven in the evening, yet the sun had not gone down. She was sitting in the living room with Bobby, and her son, she saw, was quite accepting of a marriage between her and Frank. She didn't know how much Bobby knew of the man or of Pam, but she knew he was drawn to the girl, and not only in a sexual way.

Glancing at the front of his pants, she saw his cock was swelling, knowing he was excited about the prospect of sharing a bedroom with Pam. She placed her hand on top of his cock, feeling it throb. She imagined him and Pam sharing the same bedroom, and smiled to think there would be little sleep between the two until the excitement wore off. The idea of having Pam and Frank about all the time had a certain appeal to her, too. Fumbling with her son's pants, she got his cock free. The head of his prick was smooth, and pre-cum was dripping from his piss hole already.

Leaning down, Janice ran her tongue over his cock, tasting the seeping juices from his piss hole. Bobby opened his pants and shoved them down.

"Suck me, Mom," he said, arching his cock up toward her face. "Suck my cock!"

Janice fondled his young cock and balls, knowing he was more excited with the idea of having Pam to sleep with than he was of being sucked off by her at this moment. The idea did not make her angry; she knew what excited a boy.

Swirling her tongue around his hard cock, she mewled softly. She lapped at his tender young balls, drawing them into her hot, wet mouth. Sucking on her son's balls, she felt his hand sliding down to clutch at one of her tits. She wished she had removed her blouse, wanting his hand against her naked tits.

Sliding her tongue up his cock, from the base to the rounded head, Janice opened her lips. Engulfing her son's cock into her hot mouth, she began to suck up and down slowly, her tongue licking with constant motion. Bobby caressed her head with one hand and her tit with the other. Stuffing her mouth with his sweet cock, Janice sucked with tight, wet lips.

The throbbing of her son's cock against her lips as it scraped the roof of her mouth and tongue caused her cunt to bubble with desire. She rubbed her thighs together as she sucked Bobby's prick, feeling the pressure against her puffy cunt and clitoris. The sounds Bobby made excited her, and as she bobbed her pretty face up and down, she saw in her mind Bobby and Pam running about the house naked, her ass bouncy and cute, her son's cock flopping around. She thought of the excitement it would give her, and probably Frank.

Sliding a hand under her son's ass, she gripped one of his cheeks and lifted him, driving her mouth down at the same time. Holding his cock at the base with her tight lips, she shivered while his cock throbbed deep inside her hungry mouth. She wanted to hold her son's cock this way for some time, but her own excitement prevented that. The urge to suck was more powerful. Moving her mouth up and down, she sucked on his prick with increasing movement. Bobby lifted his ass, trying to plunge his cock into his mother's throat.

Slipping to the floor, Janice stood on her knees as she held her mouth still, letting her son thrust his cock into her mouth, fucking her this way. She knew the enjoyment he received by fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt, and she enjoyed it just as much. Bobby held her head with both hands now, grunting as he stared down at her.

Janice's eyes glowed up at her son's contorting face as he fucked his cock up and down, going as deep as he could into her hot, wet mouth. She loved the way his balls brushed at her chin when he came up, and how the head of his cock almost pulled from her clinging lips as he went down.

The taste of Bobby's cock was as good as it had been that first time. Jt was strong, and so hard inside her mouth. She held his hips now as he fucked up and down, her fingers digging into his flesh.

When Bobby came, he arched up, driving his cock deep into his mother's mouth. The rounded head was almost penetrating her throat. She felt his cock throb as he began to spew the thick sweetness of his come juice into her stomach. Janice mewled with delight. She preferred his cock at least partway out of her mouth, with perhaps just the head between her lips. That way she could savor the full taste of his sweetness when he came off. This way she hardly tasted it. But Bobby loved to come off deep in her mouth, and she let him do most of the things he liked with her.

Sucking off his cock, she ran her tongue over the piss hole to taste any remaining come juice. She sat her on her heels and looked at her son. "You'd really enjoy living with Frank and Pam, honey?"

"I sure would, Mom," he said.

"Why don't we invite them over and discuss this?" she said. "We should get to know them better if... with this possibility of marriage, don't you think?"

"When, Mom?" Bobby asked, sitting up with wide, excited eyes.


"Yes!" he squealed. "Let's do it now, Mom!"

"I'll tell you what," she said, standing up. "You call and see it they can come over now. I'll check and see if we have any cold beer."

She saw him eagerly reach for the phone as she entered the kitchen. There were about six cans of beer in the refrigerator. She found herself becoming excited at the prospect of Frank and his daughter visiting with them for the evening. She thought nothing of marriage; just the excitement of having Frank and Pam with her and Bobby for the evening, perhaps fucking and sucking and doing anything that turned them on.

Entering the living room again, she saw Bobby just hanging up the phone.

"In half an hour," he said.

She grinned at her son. "You're really turned on by all this, aren't you, darling?" His cock, she saw, was swelling up once more. "The only thing is, you better have your pants on when they get here."

The half-hour wait was one of the longest waits Janice had ever felt. She was not nervous about Frank and Pam visiting, but about the possibility of all four fucking and sucking in the same room.

When the doorbell sounded Janice almost jumped.

Bobby, with a big grin at his mother, answered the door. Frank and Pam came in.

Janice was on the couch, her legs crossed, her skirt pulled down in a demure way. Frank was in a T-shirt and a pair of old, faded jeans. Pam, as usual, wore tight shorts and a thin cotton blouse. Frank refused the offer of cold beer, preferring coffee instead.

Janice was pleased when her son offered to make it, and she watched him walk toward the kitchen, with Pam right behind him.

"I think our kids like each other," Frank said, taking Janice's hand and drawing it to his lap. She felt his cock, and her cunt responded with a deep throb.

"I think they want to fuck each other," she said, turning and looking into Frank's face.

"Is that so terrible, Janice?"

She shook her head. "Bobby wants to fuck Pam badly, you know. He talks about her all the time."

"I know what you're saying. Pam talks about Bobby, about fucking him. I think we should give them all the encouragement we can, don't you?"

Janice could not resist squeezing his prick. When Bobby and Pam returned, they saw where Janice had her hand and they both giggled.

Frank slipped his hand along Janice's thigh, then under her skirt. For just a moment she thought of stopping him, but that was silly now that everything was in the open. Besides, she wanted his thick cock inside her again. Closing her fingers around his concealed cock, she turned and looked at Bobby and Pam just as Frank's fingers moved into her crotch. Bobby was sliding his hand over Pam's ass and Pam was rubbing the bulging front of his pants. They stood and watched their parents, eyes glowing hotly.

Janice spread her legs, and Frank shoved her skirt high, exposing her hairy cunt.

"I knew you were fucking your son almost from the start," Frank said as he moved his fingers up and down the curling hair of her twat. "It seems we're two of a kind. Or should I say, four of a kind?"

Janice watched her son quickly getting out of his clothing, his cock straining hard. Pam was removing her shorts and blouse. Neither of the two young ones showed the slightest sign of hesitation. What they did show was intense excitement.

She and Frank watched with hot eyes as Pam sprawled out on the floor, her legs wide, her cunt, so lovely and sweet, arching up to meet Bobby's cock as he dropped to his knees between her thighs. Pam, with a squeal of delight, clasped Bobby's cock at the base and rubbed the swollen head up and down her hot slit. Since Bobby was still on his knees, Janice and Frank could see them easily.

Pam squirmed about until she had her legs on each side of Bobby and her ass resting against his thighs. The sight of Bobby's young cock sliding into Pam's young cunt caused Janice to sigh with erotic pleasure. She felt Frank's cock throb against her hand, telling her he was just as excited to watch the two young ones fuck.

"Take my cock out of my pants, Janice," Frank grunted in a low voice as he worked his finger into her cunt. "Take my prick out."

With eager finger, she unzipped his jeans and slipped her hand into them. Finding his cock, she lifted it free. Closing her fingers over it, she started jacking up and down. Bobby and Pam were gazing at them as they fucked. Pam's hips moved up and down, her ass still on Bobby's thighs.

Janice squeezed Frank's cock as he drove his finger deep into her cunt. But this wasn't enough for Janice.

"Frank! Oh, Frank," she murmured as she watched her son fucking Pam. "I want oh, this makes me so fucking hot, watching my son fuck your daughter! I want this cock in me!" Releasing his cock, Janice stood up and began tearing at her clothing, not caring about the rips. She was steaming with desire as she undressed, her eyes still on her son as he plunged his prick into Pam's tightly gripping, unbelievably hot, cunt.

The last of her clothing fell to the floor, and she stood naked, urging Frank to hurry and strip. He sat on the couch and lifted his T-shirt off, then he shoved his jeans down.

Frank's cock jutted up from the mass of hair, his balls dangling between his thighs. Janice, with her cunt seemingly boiling more than ever, leaned over and gripped, his prick tightly. She darted her tongue out and swirled it about the smooth roundness of the head, tasting the juices seeping from his piss hole. She felt the urge to suck his cock into her mouth, but the need to have it stretching and filling her cunt was stronger.

Dropping to her hands and knees on the floor, she waggled her upturned ass, looking over her shoulder at him. "Come on, Frank! Oh, God... shove that cock up my fucking cunt before I burn up! Fuck me, Frank! Ohhh, please fuck me -- now!"

Somehow, Janice found Pam and her son next to her, still fucking. As Frank knelt behind her and stabbed his cock into her steaming cunt, Janice leaned down and swirled her tongue over one of Pam's rigid pink nipples. Then, as Frank began to thrust powerfully into her pussy, she pressed her lips to Pam's, and as the girl's eager tongue penetrated her lips, Janice began to suck wildly on it. She felt Pam squeezing one of her dangling tits as they kissed and sucked each other's tongues. This added a hundredfold to the ecstasy that flowed within her raging body. The hard, thick length of Frank's cock thrusting into her gripping cunt, the taste of Pam's tongue, the way the erotic girl fondled her dangling tits, and the fact that her son was fucking Pam next to her, all combined to send Janice's emotions to a soaring, reeling orbit of blissful delight.

Her cunt was squeezing at Frank's cock with wave after wave of orgasms, making her sob against Pam's mouth. She slipped her hand down Pam's shaking stomach and spread her fingers around her son's cock as it plunged into the girl's succulent, cunt. She could feel her son's cock as he fucked the girl, feel Pam's cunt lips flex with ecstasy.

Then, somehow, she and Pam both were on their knees. They were side by side, with their heads resting on the couch. Janice had no idea when this happened. She could feel Pam's hips and thighs against her, and Frank was driving his cock in and out of her hairy cunt with more and more power. Her son was fucking Pam from behind, too, and both she and Pam were sobbing and gurgling with ecstasy.

Somehow, either Frank or her son -- Janice didn't know who -- shouted to switch places. She twisted her head to see what was going on, and found her son behind her, his cock plunging into her cunt as Frank fucked his daughter from behind. It was crazy and wild, with both Frank and Bobby switching back and forth, fucking them both in turn.

It seemed to go on and on, with none of them tiring.

Again their positions were changed.

Now Janice found herself with her face buried in Frank's crotch, his cock inside her mouth, her ass lifted high in the air. Beside her was Pam, sucking frantically on Bobby's cock.

Twisting about, but not letting go of Frank's big prick with her lips, she watched Pam devouring Bobby's throbbing hard-on, soft gurgles bubbling from her. Pam sucked on Bobby's cock as if she were starved for it, and she probably was, Janice felt.

Suddenly, she wanted to suck her son's cock.

Jerking up from Frank's throbbing prick, she shouted, "You suck your father's cock, Pam! I want to suck my son!"

Pam, without saying anything, switched places with Janice. Taking her son's cock deep into her mouth, she watched as Pam struggled to suck more than the head of her father's cock into her mouth. But as before, when the watched through the window, Pam could take no more than just that huge head.

Bobby suddenly arched his cock up, grunting.

Janice caught the first gush of his come juice in her mouth and saw Frank's thick cream come juice sliding down the side of his cock as he came into his daughter's mouth. Almost as though the had prearranged it, Janice and Pam, suddenly and very quickly, switched cocks once again. Now Janice closed her mouth on Frank's cock and caught the rest of his gushing come juice, thrilled to have it mingle with her son's come juice on her tongue Pam gurgled as she sucked Bobby's squirting, her mouth filled with his prick, her lips at the base.

Sitting back, Janice wiped at her wet mouth. When Pam lifted her mouth off Bobby's cock, she turned and grinned at Janice.

"We got a taste of both cocks when they came off!" she squealed. "Oooooh, that was good!"

"You see what you get if we were married?" Frank said.

"What, exactly, would I get?" Janice asked.

"What you just saw... tasted," Frank replied. "That, and a hell of a lot more."

Janice grinned at him. She cupped his hairy balls in her hand, reaching out and holding her son's balls with the other. Pam was hanging onto Bobby's cock and her father's prick, her young eyes glowing.

"Please, Janice," she whispered.

"Yeah, Mom," Bobby said.

Janice looked at her son, saw the eagerness in his eyes, then at Frank.

"Let's give it a chance," she said. "Get to know each other, see if we can be compatible in things other than fucking."

"But keep on fucking while we're checking it out?" Frank asked.

With a laugh, Janice said, "As long as everyone is willing, of course."

She twisted the balls of Frank and her son, watching as Pam's hands jacked both cocks. They were again swelling into hardness.

Marriage... a new husband... her son, and a daughter... and all this fucking!

She was going to give some serious thought to it, Janice knew, bending down to run her tongue over Frank's moist cock again, feeling Pam's hand strike her lips gently as she closed her mouth on the head of Frank's cock.

Yes, she was going to think very seriously about marrying this man...


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