Sharing his sister

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

SHARING HIS SISTER -- a frank story of one young woman's approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

"I just know that you're going to like this tape that I borrowed from one of my friends," Darryl said as he sat back down on the sofa with his sister. "Isn't it great that Mom and Dad are away so that we can watch what we want?"

Karen smiled at her older brother. He was always so nice to her. And he was very handsome too. She liked to look at him.

The video started, and Karen watched. It wasn't what she expected. It was a man and a woman, and they were both nude. The man was standing and the woman was kneeling in front of him. She had his big hard cock in her mouth and she was sucking on it. In and out of her mouth it was sliding. Karen couldn't deny that she was excited as she watched what was going on. And she got even more excited when she looked over at her brother Darryl. He'd pulled his own cock out of his pants. Darryl's cock was huge, and Karen thought it was beautiful.

"So, what do you think of my cock?" Darryl asked his younger sister. "It's eight inches long."

"Oh, Darryl, it's so beautiful!" Karen gasped.

"Man, I'd just love to have somebody suck on it, just like that guy. I'd just love to have someone suck on it and get it all nice and wet. Would you suck on it for me, Karen? I'd really like that."

"All right," Karen said. She'd never sucked on a cock before, but the thought of having her brother's long, stiff prick in her mouth really excited her.

Darryl stood up, and it wasn't very long before his beautiful little sister was kneeling right in front of him on the floor. She took his eight-inch cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. In and out of Karen's mouth it slid, all wet and glistening with her spit.

Karen was getting more and more excited. She just loved sucking on her older brother's stiff cock. His long teenage prick tasted good to her. She wished that she could get every single inch of it into her mouth. She couldn't, though, since it was so long. She could ten that her older brother was having as good a time as she was, since she could feel him stroking her hair and hear him moaning away.

"Oh yeah, Karen, that feels so good!" Darryl moaned as he stood there looking down at his pretty sister, stroking her soft hair with his fingers as his cock slid in and out of her hot mouth. "Fuck, it gets me so hot to see you sucking on my hard cock like that! I knew that you'd like the taste of it! And if you keep sucking it like that, it ain't going to be too long before you get a big mouthful of something else! Why don't you play with my balls too, Karen? I'd like that too!"

Karen grabbed her brother's balls and started to play with them, yanking and pulling on that hairy ball-bag. Karen found that her brother's big balls tasted good too. His long, stiff cock tasted even better, though. She could go on sucking it forever.

By now Darryl wasn't stroking her hair anymore, he was holding onto it tightly as he fucked his stiff cock into her mouth as hard as he could. It may have hurt the way that her older brother was holding onto her hair like that, but it also got Karen even more excited.

"Oh, yeah, honey, I think it's time now!" Darryl moaned as he kept on fucking his little sister's face, ramming his eight-inch prick as hard as he could, into her mouth. "I'm going to shoot my load now! Hell, I think this is going to be the biggest wad I ever shot! Hope you're plenty hungry, baby, because here I come!"

Darryl's long, hard cock was fucking his to Karen's mouth faster. And Karen was tasting more than just his stiff, teenaged prick. Something was spurting from it.

Karen gobbled down her horny brother's hot spunk as fast as it spurted from his cock, swallowing every last drop. When he'd finished shooting his wad, Darryl helped his little sister to her feet, then sat back down with her on the couch. He was smiling.

"Man, Karen, that was great," he said. "I think I'm going to remember this for a long time. That must have been some big wad I fired down your throat."

"What was it?" Karen asked.

"That was my spunk." Darryl laughed. "You see these big balls? That's where it comes from. Loads just ain't for firing down throats, though. I mean, check those two out."

Darryl looked back at the television. So did Karen. The woman was lying on the floor now, on her back, with her legs spread wide. The man was on top of her and fucking her as hard as he could, ramming his hard cock into her hairy pussy.

"You see?" Darryl asked. "He's got his cock in her cunt and he's really giving it to her. That's what a cunt's for. He's having a great time. And so is she."

"But that must hurt," Karen said.

"Only the first time," Darryl said. "And even then it wouldn't hurt for long. You'd get to love it just like her, Karen. It's only natural, since that's what your pussy's for. The bigger the cock, the more you'd like it. And I bet you'd like it if I was the first guy to ever fuck you, wouldn't you, Karen?"

"But I'm still afraid," Karen said. It was true, the thought of having her handsome brother's cock in her cunt excited her. Still, she couldn't get rid of her fear.

"Hey, baby, you can trust me," Darryl said soothingly to his frightened sister. He took her hand and stood up with her. "Haven't you always been able to trust me? You're my little sister. I'll treat you right. Let's fuck, baby. Let's you and me fuck right here on the floor. I want to fuck you right here on the floor and be the first guy to ever slide his hard-on up your tight little pussy. First thing we got to do, though, is get naked."

Darryl started to take his clothes off, and it wasn't very long before they were all lying on the floor. Darryl was completely naked. And soon his little sister was naked too.

"Oh, yeah, Karen, you and me are going to have a real good time," Darryl said. "Tonight's the night you get your first cock up your tight little pussy. I'm going to give you your first fucking and you're going to love it, I promise you."

Darryl got on top of Karen and started to kiss her. Deep into her sweet, young mouth his hungry tongue probed, while his hands stroked her silky-smooth skin excitedly.

Young Karen was getting more and more excited. It was a turn-on to have her brother's tongue squirming around in her mouth. He had her tits in his hands and he was stroking and squeezing them, rubbing her nipples with his fingers.

"Oh, Darryl, that feels so good!" Karen moaned when her horny brother at last took his lips from hers.

"Hell, honey, you ain't felt nothing yet!" Darryl panted in reply. "I think I'm going to suck me some tit now. I've been squeezing and playing with these nice big tits and now I think I'm going to get to work on them with my mouth."

Darryl licked and sucked on his little sister's tits, drawing his excited tongue over and over them, getting them all wet with his spit. Sometimes he'd chew on her nipples, which would get his little sister even hotter.

Karen began to squirm about as she lay there on the floor, turned on by the feel of her big brother's hungry mouth working her tits over. She wanted his cock in her little pussy now.

"Oh, Darryl, I want you to fuck me!" Karen moaned as she spread her legs as wide as she could. "Put your cock in my cunt, I can't wait any longer!"

"Don't you worry, baby, you're not going to have very long to wait," Darryl said, kneeling between his naked sister's widespread legs and looking down at her young cunt. "I can hardly wait to slide my prick into your little cunt-hole. First, though, I wouldn't mind a taste. A nice taste of your juicy little pussy!"

Darryl's face moved between his little sister's smooth white legs. Over and over her teenaged pussy, Darryl's eager tongue roamed, licking and lapping. It wasn't too long before Karen's pussy-hairs were all wet and glistening with her brother's spit.

Karen was moaning louder than ever. It was a turn-on for her to have her brother's face between her legs, to feel him licking and sucking on her clit, to feel him stick his tongue right in her cunt.

"Oh, Darryl, fuck me now!" Karen cried out. "Put your cock in my pussy now! I can't wait any longer!"

"You ain't the only one," Darryl said as he finally lifted his face from his sister's cunt. His face was all smeared with the juices from her pussy. "I can't wait any longer either. It's time to fuck. Time to ease my big cock into your little cunt and give you a ride. Don't worry, baby, we're going to get this hard prick in here. I may have sucked up a lot of juice from your little pussy, but there's still plenty left to let me feed you every inch. That's right, honey, keep your legs spread nice and wide, 'cause now I'm going to fuck this prick right up your pussy!"

"Oh, yes, Darryl, do it!" Karen moaned as her older brother got on top of her again. "Oh, Darryl, that hurts!"

"Hey, baby, don't you worry about anything," Darryl said soothingly to his little sister. "We're doing just fine, honey. You've got eight inches of hard cock sitting nice and snug in your hairy little cunt and you're still alive, ain't you? So it's only natural that the first stiff prick up your little pussy's going to hurt a little, isn't it? Not for long, though, baby. Just a few pokes, Karen. Just a few pokes and you're going to be feeling so good. Oh, man, this is one hot little pussy! Nice and tight and wet and slick! I'm going to fuck you now, baby, and you're going to see what I mean!"

Young Darryl started to fuck his little sister. In and out of the pretty young girl's cunt Darryl moved his long, stiff cock, pulling it out then fucking it back in as hard as he could, all eight inches, again and again and again.

Darryl was right, Karen realized. It hadn't taken very long for the pain to go away. It didn't hurt to have her brother's hard cock in her pussy. It felt great! And the harder her brother fucked his stiff prick into her tight pussy, the better it felt.

Karen grabbed her brother's bare ass and helped him ram his hard cock into her slippery fuck-hole, holding on tight as he gave it to her right there on the floor.

"Oh, Darryl, that's so good! It's so good!" Karen moaned, as again and again her brother fucked her with his big prick. "Fuck me harder!"

"No can do, baby," Darryl panted, still fucking away. "I'm giving it to you as hard as I can!"

"Oh, I wish you could keep on fucking me forever!"

"So do I, honey, but I think we're out of luck. There's another big load coming and I think it's coming now. Oh, baby, hold on tight now! Here it comes!"

Darryl kept on fucking her, burying his stiff cock in her inky, young fuck-hole to the very hilt. Then he was shooting his wad, the hot gobs of spunk spurting from his fat prick deep into Karen's tight cunt.

Chapter TWO

"Hey, so look who's here," Darryl said. He was standing now, having pulled his hard cock out of his younger sister's well fucked little cunt. He was looking over at the door.

It was Maureen, Karen's best friend. It didn't seem to bother Darryl that Maureen could see him nude, or that she might have been watching him as he'd been fucking his very own sister.

"Hey, baby, don't you ever knock?"

"She doesn't have to knock," Karen said, a bit cross. "She's my best friend. I told her that we were going to watch a video tonight and that if she wanted to watch it too, she should come over and just come right in."

"Hey, can't you take a joke?" Darryl laughed. "So you don't think that I ain't glad to see old Maureen here? Hey, what guy wouldn't be glad to see a hot-looking chick like her? Hell, I'm always glad to see Maureen. And you're always glad to see me, ain't you, baby? Because you've seen this old cock of mine before, haven't you, honey? Yeah, plenty of times, just like this, nice and hard and big and fat and eight inches long. When it's big and hard, we can shove it right into your tight little pussy, can't we, Maureen? And there ain't too many things that you like more than getting fucked by me, are there, baby? See, Karen, I was the first dude to fuck Maureen too. And that first time wasn't the last time."

Maureen didn't say anything.

Darryl smiled. "Maureen digs this big hard cock too. You see it, baby? You see how wet it is? Well, I just had it in Karen's tight little cunt, and it's nice and wet and slippery in there. I just gave Karen her first fucking, and now she digs my big cock as much as you do. So what would you rather do, Maureen, watch the movie or have some fun? What's it going to be?"

Still Maureen didn't say anything. But she couldn't take her eyes off Darryl's hard cock.

"Yeah, it ain't too hard to see what you want," Darryl said, still smiling. "Old Maureen doesn't want to watch no movie, she wants to get fucked. Well, don't you worry, baby, I'll give you what you want. Don't I always? First, though, how about you sucking on this eight-inch cock? I want to see it in your dirty little mouth. I want you to go down on me. I want to see you kneeling here right in front of me and I want to see this hard cock in your mouth and I want to see it sliding in and out of your little trap and hear you slurping away. Get over here and wipe my little sister's cunt-juice off my cock with your mouth and get it all nice and wet with your spit. Show Karen how much you dig sucking on my cock, baby. Get over here, you little bitch-whore, and lay that hot, little tongue of yours to this big cock!"

It looked to Karen like Maureen wanted the very same thing that he did, judging by the way she went over to him and fell to her knees in front of him, then caught his stiff cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. It was obvious that it excited her to have Darryl's fat prick in her mouth. She sucked on it as fast as she could, her hungry lips reaching for Darryl's cock-hair as she swallowed his stiff cock again and again and again, taking into her excited mouth as many of those eight hard inches as she could in one gulp.

It didn't take very long for Maureen to wipe Karen's cunt-juice off Darryl's cock. His hard prick was as wet and slippery as ever, though -- wet with Maureen's spit -- and getting wetter by the minute, as Darryl's cock kept sliding in and out of her mouth.

Karen was excited by what she was seeing. It was a turn-on to see her best friend sucking on her handsome brother's cock. She didn't want to be left out of the fun, so it wasn't too long before she had her face between her brother's legs too. She knelt right beside Maureen.

As Maureen kept sucking on Darryl's stiff cock, Karen was licking and sucking on her brother's big balls, her hungry tongue drawing itself over his hairy ball-bag. Both young girls were having a great time. And so was Darryl. He looked down, watching Karen and Maureen as they worked away on his cock and balls.

"Oh, yeah, that is all right," Darryl murmured. "That is all right! Man, I was thinking that maybe we were going to have to wait a while for load number three, but the way you're sucking on that cock, Maureen, it ain't going to be too long before I fire a wad of spunk right down your fucking throat! Oh, shit, honey, you ain't the only one who wishes that you could get all of those eight inches into your mouth. Just you keep trying, though, baby, and one of these days we're going to do it. Oh, fuck, I got to get my hands on something! Hey, Karen, stand up and give your big brother a nice kiss!"

Karen did as she was told. Darryl crushed his lips against his sister's and slid his hungry tongue deep into her sweet, young mouth.

Darryl squeezed and groped his naked sister's smooth, round tits. It excited Karen to feel her brother's hands on her body. And it excited her the most when one of his hands would be between her legs and he'd be playing with her young clit, or he would stick his fingers right up her juicy little cunt.

Maureen was still kneeling in front of Darryl, sucking on his hard cock. In and out of her wet mouth his spit-slippery cock continued to slide. It was nice and hot in her mouth. And his cock-cream tasted good to her too when it finally began to spurt from Darryl's stiff prick. Gob after gob of sticky white jism shot into Maureen's mouth, and she swallowed down every drop of it. All three of the youngsters had smiles on their faces when Darryl finally finished shooting his load and pulled his prick out of Maureen's mouth.

"Hey, that was great," Darryl said. "I think we're going to have to give it a little rest for awhile, though. That was three loads pretty quick. This old cock of mine's going to have to do a little hang before I can get it up again. It ain't going to take long, though. It never does. Why don't you two chicks watch the movie while you're waiting?"

Karen and Maureen didn't want to watch the movie, though. They wanted his cock hard again, long and fat and stiff so they could have it in their young cunts or feel it hot and tasty in their hungry mouths.

"Hey, you two chicks, lighten up!" Darryl laughed as he looked down at those two teenage girls still kneeling on the floor in front of him. "I told you, it ain't going to be long. I'm going to have eight hard inches for you again pretty soon. Tell you what, though, if you want this cock hard again there's one thing you can do. Hell, if there's one thing that gets me hot it's seeing two hot chicks making out with each other. Fuck, if I was watching you two sweet little babes making like two little dykes, I'd get a hard-on again in no time!"

Karen and Maureen looked at each other.

"Good idea, ain't it?" Darryl asked. "Hell, you'd have a great time. Hey, I know!"

Darryl went across the room. When he came back to the girls, he had a video camera.

"Great idea! We're going to make a movie! You two chicks are going to get it on and I'm going to capture all the action in living color! I'll be the director! Just do what I say and we'll get some great action! First thing you got to do, Maureen, is get naked, just like me and Karen. Come on, show me that hot body of yours!"

It wasn't long before her clothes were lying on the floor.

"Yeah, that's right, baby, we're all ready now," Darryl said as he trained his camera on Karen and Maureen. "We're ready for a good time now. Let's go. So how about a kiss for starters? That'd be nice, wouldn't it? Yeah, here it is, you two chicks are really good friends and you haven't seen each other for a long time and now you're so happy to see each other, the first thing you want to do is give each other a nice big kiss."

Karen and Maureen did as they were told. It excited young Karen to have her lips pressed against her beautiful friend's. It was as nice as it had been when Darryl had kissed her. And Maureen knew how to use her tongue just like Darryl did, turning Karen on even more as she explored the reaches of her mouth with her squirming, wriggling tongue.

Karen reached out and grabbed Maureen's firm tits, starting to squeeze and massage them. It wasn't very long before her own round tits were being squeezed and groped, as Maureen reached out and grabbed Karen's young tits, confident that if she played with Karen's tits, Karen would get excited.

More and more excited the two young girls grew as they knelt there naked on the floor, sucking on each other's tongue and yanking on each other's big tits.

"Oh, yeah, that's what I like to see," Darryl said, still, standing there with the camera trained on Karen and Maureen, getting all that hot action on film. "I'm really getting a rise out of this. Just give me a few more minutes, babes, and I'll have eight hard inches for you again."

Karen lay flat on her back on the floor, with Maureen on top of her. Then Maureen was on her back and Karen was lying on top of her, and then a few moments later it was Karen who was on her back again and her beautiful young girlfriend on top once more. The two excited young girls started to roll around on the floor, squirming and thrashing about as they got more and more turned on.

Maybe when their naked bodies were pressed together like that there was no way that they could keep playing with each other's tits, but that didn't mean that their hands weren't still hard at work, as Karen and Maureen caressed each other's beautiful, nude body, sliding their hands over each other's ass. When one excited girl would shove her finger up the other's tight asshole, she'd soon have a finger jammed up her own young shit-hole. And when one of them would shove her finger up the other's slippery cunt, she wouldn't have long to wait before she'd feel her excited girlfriend's finger up her own tight pussy.

Karen and Maureen were excited, as they squirmed around on the floor, playing with each other's young pussy and fingering each other's tight asshole and sucking on each other's tongue and rubbing their clits together.

"Oh, yeah, my cock's hard again," Darryl said, still standing there filming that hot action. "Fuck, I'll let you two chicks go at it for a little while longer, though, if you ain't too tired. And you must be hungry too, after working up a sweat like that. Why don't you two chicks get your faces in each other's cunt and munch on some muff? I'll tell you, there's nothing like the taste of a cunt. There'd be plenty of cunt-juice for the both of you. Go ahead, let's see you sixtynining. Let's see you two hot young chicks with your faces stuck in each other's hairy little cunt at the same time."

Maureen got off Karen. She was quickly on her knees, and Darryl's naked sister was lying there flat on her back. Maureen turned around so that she was facing one way and Karen the other, then straddled Karen. It wasn't very long before Maureen had her face in her girlfriend's cunt, and she began to eat Karen's furry young pussy, moving her hungry, wet tongue over and over Karen's tender cunt, her eager tongue leaving Karen's cunt-hair all wet and glistening.

It excited young Maureen to stick her frantic tongue right into Karen's slippery cunt-hole, to taste the juices in her warm, wet cunt. As she was sucking on Karen's cunt, Karen's own hungry mouth was hard at work on Maureen's hairy cunt.

Karen and Maureen were sixty-fining on the floor, each girl with her face in the other's cunt and working it over hungrily with her lips and tongue, licking and sucking, lapping excitedly at each other's young cunt and sucking on each other's clits, sticking their tongues into each other's wet pussy as far as they would go.

There wasn't just Maureen's hairy cunt for Karen to lick, though. After all, it was Maureen's smooth, round ass right in her face, and her tongue didn't have very far to go to get to Maureen's asshole. When she wasn't eating Maureen's pussy, Karen had her tongue on Maureen's little asshole and was licking it frantically.

"Oh, yeah, that's what I like to see," Darryl said, as he kept filming Karen and Maureen. "That's hot! Come on, keep sucking on each other's cunt. Show me how..."

"Hey, man, this ain't no movie, this is the real thing! Dig what's happening!"

Darryl stopped filming and looked around. So did Karen and Maureen. Four boys had just come into the living room. They were four of Darryl's friends and judging by the looks on their faces, they were glad they had dropped by.

"Karen and Maureen, two of the hottest-looking chicks in school, eating each other's cunt right here on the floor!" one of the boys exclaimed, his eyes on the two beautiful girls. "Man, I'm glad I came!"

"You ain't the only one!" another boy cried. "Hey, you two, don't let us stop you! You can suck on each other's cunt as much as you want, we won't stop you! All we want to do is watch!"

"What?" one boy asked. "Are you kidding? I don't know about you, but I'd like to do more than just watch! I'd like to get my face in their tight, little cunts! My cock too! Hell, though, will you look at Darryl? The guy's buck-naked, his cock's hard as a rock, he's got two sweet little chicks hot-to-trot on the floor right in front of him, and what's he doing? He's making a fucking movie! Hell, if I was him I'd have my cock sitting nice and snug in one of their cunts and I'd be fucking away!"

"Hey, man, what do you think I've been doing?" Darryl asked his friend, a little annoyed. "We were just having a little break. See, my prick needed a little rest from all the fucking and sucking, but now it's ready to go again. I can fuck rings around you. And I'm going to show you too. I'm going to get this prick nice and wet plenty more times before tonight is over, just you wait and fucking see!"

Darryl's friends laughed.

"Don't worry, guys, the fun ain't over yet," Darryl said. "You see Karen and Maureen? You think they ain't glad to see you guys? They're all worked up now. Hey, girls, I hope you don't mind me inviting my buddies over. You know these four horny dudes, don't you? Sure you do. That's Ian and that's Jason and that's Ralph and that's Barry. These guys would really like to get to know you two chicks a lot better. There's only one thing, guys. No clothes allowed. You can park your gear right here on the floor, just like ours. Oh, and another thing. Hard-ons only."

"Hey, I think we can manage that!" Jason laughed. "My cock's been jumping in my shorts ever since I got a load of these two babes."

He started to take his clothes off. So did the three other boys. And it wasn't very long before the four of them were naked, just like Darryl and the two girls.

Karen and Maureen may have been embarrassed at first, but not anymore. And if Darryl and his friends were turned on by the sight of the girls lying there on the floor, it excited Karen and Maureen even more to see the five young studs standing around, each with a hard cock standing long and stiff between his legs.

Chapter THREE

"So what's next?" Jason asked. "Do we get to fuck now or what? Or maybe these two chicks ain't finished eating each other's cunt yet."

"Sure they are," Ralph said. "I bet what they need is a little male companionship now. Besides, did you see them tonguing each other? A tongue up your cunt is nice, but you ain't going to get your tongue up a chick's pussy as far as you can get a cock. And I'm betting that these two wet pussies are just itching for a big, stiff prick. Hey, Darryl, can I bang your little sister? It's something I've been wanting to do ever since I saw her."

"I think you better ask her." Darryl laughed.

"Oh, yeah? Well, tell you what. Let me slide every inch of this big cock into that slippery, little cunt and see what she says." In just a few moments, Ralph was on the floor with Karen and Maureen. He spread her smooth legs wide, then fucked his stiff prick into her cunt. He started thrusting away, pulling his hard cock out of Karen's tight cunt then ramming it right back in again, every inch, again and again and again.

"That's right, pound that tight little pussy," Barry said as he stood there along with the four other boys watching Ralph fuck Karen.

"Yeah, man, feed her every inch!" Jason yelled.

"Oh, man, this is the place to be!" Ralph moaned as he kept slamming his hard cock as brutally as he could into Karen's tender fuck-hole, thrusting it as deep as it would go into her teenage pussy. "This is the fucking place to be, all nice and warm and wet and fucking slippery and tight, just like I thought her little cunt hole would be. So what do you say, little darling? Is it as good for you as it is for me? So what do you say, little honey, what do you say to this big fucking piece of hard cock-meat that I'm ramming right up your Goddamn little cunt?"

"Oh, Ralph! Oh, that's so good, it feels so good! I like it so much when you fuck me!" Karen moaned. And she was certainly telling the truth. It felt so good to have Ralph's big, stiff cock in her cunt, to feel it as it fucked in and out. Karen grabbed Ralph's ass and helped him ram his hard cock into her clit. She found his whole with one of her fingers and slid it right up his ass, then began to finger-fuck him.

"Oh, yeah, baby, give me that pretty little finger of yours!" Ralph moaned, still fucking on his friend's beautiful, little sister. "You give me your finger and I'll give you this big cock. Bet you can't jam that finger up my ass as deep as I'm ramming this prick up your tight cunt. Oh, man, feels like I'm ready to shoot now. This little cunt is just too much. Hold on now, baby, 'cause the ride's really going to be fucking rough!"

Again and again Ralph fucked his stiff cock into Karen's slippery fuck-hole, right up to his balls. Then spunk was spurting from his hard prick, gob after gob shooting deep into Karen's tight cunt.

Ralph finished shooting his wad and pulled his cock out of Karen's cunt.

As soon as Ralph got to his feet, another one of the young studs got on top of Karen and slid his stiff dick into her juicy cunt, then started to fuck her just as hard as Ralph had.

It wasn't very long before all five boys had fucked Karen and emptied a cum-load into her. They weren't ready to call it quits just yet, though. They were just getting started. And now it was Maureen they were all looking at.

"Hey, look at poor Maureen," Jason said. "She must be getting kind of lonely. She wants some cock too."

"NO problem, man." Barry laughed. "We can give it to her too. Just give me a few minutes and this cock of mine will be as stiff as a board again."

"Well, she can't wait that long," Ralph said. "She wants some cock now. Can't you see the way she's staring at my hard-on? Fuck, she'd just love it in her cunt. Or maybe she'd like it in that pretty little mouth of hers. Hey, Darryl, does this chick like the taste of a big, hard cock? Does she like to suck?"

"Are you kidding, me?" Darryl smiled. "She's got a hot, little mouth. She just loves to suck prick!"

"Is that so?" Ian asked. "Well, sorry, Ralph, but my cock's hard too, and we all know my prick's bigger than yours."

Ian went to stand in front of Maureen, who was still kneeling there on the floor. She could see how hard and stiff his prick was.

"Right, honey?" Ian asked. "This hard-on's bigger than Ralph's, isn't it? You'd like to get this big, fat prick right into your little mouth and slurp on it, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yes!" Maureen moaned, her eyes never leaving Ian's stiff cock.

"You hear that, dudes?" Ian laughed. "She knows what she likes. And what she wants right now is to get my stiff cock in her mouth and get it all wet. Well, honey, tell you what. I'm going to do that. First thing, though, I want to see that little tongue of yours in action. You got some licking to do first. And you can start with these big, bare feet of mine. I want to see them shine."

Maureen did as she was told. She got on her hands and knees, licking the boy's bare feet hungrily, till they glistened with her slobber. Ian was watching her, and so were the other boys.

"Hey, man, that's really neat," Ian said. "That tickles. Look at her wash my feet with her tongue."

"She really digs you." Barry laughed.

"You surprised? I mean, I got these big feet and these big balls and this big, hard cock she just can't wait to get her lips around. Don't worry, baby, you'll get my prick pretty soon. How about my legs now? Why don't you wash my legs with that little tongue of yours?"

Maureen did as she was told. She licked Ian's legs, her tongue working as hard as ever. She was getting more and more excited. Over and over Ian's legs she drew her tongue, till they were as wet as his feet. When Maureen tried to put Ian's cock in her mouth, though, he just pushed her away with a laugh, shaking his head.

"Hey, honey, not yet. You been doing good and you're going to get my cock in good time, but you still got a little work to do. I got another job for you."

Ian turned around and got down on his hands and knees on the floor. Ian looked back at Maureen over his shoulder, a grin on his face.

"You see my asshole, baby?" Ian asked. "Well, I want you to get it clean with your tongue, just like my feet and my legs. Nice and clean, baby, nice and wet and sparkling clean. I want you to stick your face right in there and I want you to start sucking and I want you to lick my little shithole and get it as clean as you can. You better do a good job, though, 'cause these dudes are going to be watching you and they're going to make sure you don't miss anything. Now come on, baby, stick your face in there and start sucking."

Maureen stuck her face in his ass. She began to lick excitedly at Ian's hairy asshole. It wasn't very long before his pisshole was all wet and glistening with Maureen's spit.

Maureen was sucking on his ass hungrily, her tongue sometimes trying to force its way right up his ass, sometimes roaming out over his ass and making his asscheeks as wet as it had made his hairy shit-hole as it licked and lapped. Ian's pals were watching, excited at the sight of that beautiful naked girl eating their friend's ass so eagerly.

"So how you doing there, buddy?" Ralph asked Ian. "What's the score? Things are all right from this end. She's sucking on your ass like crazy. You should see it."

"Hey, man, I don't need to see it!" Ian moaned in reply, his eyes shut and his head hanging as he thrilled to the sensation of Maureen's frantic tongue working away at his asshole. "All want to do is feel it. Oh, fuck, that feels all right. Nothing like a sweet, little babe tonguing your shitter. How about sucking on my balls now, Maureen? They must be hanging around back there somewhere."

Ian's big hairy balls were hanging down between his legs as he remained on his hands and knees on the floor. Then Maureen's tongue was jostling them, as she licked and lapped at his big balls, something gathering that ball-sac into her hungry mouth and sucking on them. It was Ian's big cock that Maureen wanted most though.

"Oh, please, Ian, let me suck on your cock now!" Maureen moaned, trying to stick her hand between his legs and get at his hard cock. "I need to suck on it now! I need it in my mouth!"

"Hey, man, you hear that?" Jason asked, looking down at his friend. "She can't take it. She needs some prick. And you better feed it to her damn fast, or me or one of the other guys are going to feed her ours. Our cocks are as hard as rocks."

"Yeah, I guess it's time," Ian said as he got to his feet.

He stood in front of Maureen again, looking down at her, his cock long and stiff between his legs.

"Okay, baby, it's time now. You did a good job and now you get your reward. This big hard cock is all yours. Let's see what you can do with it. Come on, open up wide and start sucking. Get up on your knees and open your pretty little mouth and wrap your wet lips right around my big stiff tool."

The pretty cocksucker was swallowing up his fat prick fast. Her mouth was sucking on Ian's hard cock, her hungry lips reaching for his balls as she tried to take every inch of his spit-slick prick into her mouth. Ian's stiff cock tasted good to her, and she was slurping noisily on his hot, hard fuck-pole, choking and gagging on it as she tried to get the whole thing into her mouth. "Oh, yeah, that's the most," Ian murmured contentedly, his eyes on Maureen as she knelt there in front of him, giving him great head, one of his hands stroking her soft hair as in and out of her hungry mouth his long cock kept sliding. "Man, that's juice. Yeah, she likes her cock, doesn't she? Likes it big and hard and stiff and long and tasty. Eh, baby? Mmmm, we're both having a good time. Thick, that feels good! Hey, did I tell you, I got more than an asshole and a hard cock for you to taste? Sure do, honey. You see these big balls of mine that you were sucking on? Well, let me tell you, baby, you keep sucking on my cock like that and I'm going to fire the biggest wad that any dude ever shot down your fucking throat. Oh, yeah, honey, suck my cockmeat! Suck it and suck it and suck on it some more!"

Maureen wasn't about to stop, not when it excited her so much to have his stiff cock in her mouth. Again and again she swallowed it, forcing as many inches as she could into her gaping mouth, slurping noisily as she savored that tasty, young cock-meat.

The other guys weren't happy just watching, though. They'd started to grope Maureen, stroking her beautiful nude body, their horny hands caressing and sliding over her smooth skin. One boy had one of Maureen's big tits in his hands and was yanking and squeezing it, while another boy was playing with her other tit just as excitedly. Another boy had knelt beside Maureen and was sliding his hands over her beautiful, round ass, sometimes sliding one of them between her satiny-soft asscheeks and finding Maureen's tight, young asshole, then shoving her finger up her ass. Still another boy, Ralph, had only one hand to stroke Maureen with, because he had his stiff cock in his other hand, and he was beating off as fast as he could.

"Oh fuck, man, I'm coming now!" Ralph moaned. "Better watch out, dudes, 'cause this wad is going to be jet-propelled. I want to jerk off right in her fucking face. Here you go, honey, a nice, creamy load right in your fucking face!"

Ralph's hand was working its fastest now. And then the fuck-juice was spurting from his hard cock, gob after gob of it flying everywhere, some of the hot spunk hitting Maureen right in the face as she knelt there still sucking hungrily on Ian's fat prick. And some of that come bit Karen in the face too. Because her hungry mouth was between Ian's legs, as she licked and sucked on Ian's hairy balls.

She would have liked to suck on Ian's hard cock too. Her friend Maureen wasn't about to let that stiff tool out of her mouth, though. And Ian wasn't about to let her stop sucking, not when he was almost ready to shoot his wad. He wasn't just stroking Maureen's hair anymore, he was holding onto it tightly, pulling on her hair as hard as he could as he tried to force every inch of his spit-slippery cock into her mouth.

"Come on, slut, suck! Suck on that hard cock," Ian said, looking down and watching as in and out of Maureen's gaping mouth his stiff prick kept sliding. "Oh, shit, yeah, it's time! Time to fucking shoot! You ready, baby? You ready for a big mouthful of the tastiest cock-cream in town? Hope you worked up a big appetite slurping away on my prick, sweetie, 'cause this load's going to be a big one. Oh, man, that's good! Oh, fuck, I'm coming now and it feels so fucking good!"

Maureen swallowed down every drop. And she would have eaten even more of it, been happy to keep sucking on Ian's cock for even longer to get another load, if only Ian hadn't at last pulled his prick from her mouth.

Not that Maureen's cock-hungry mouth was empty for long. After all, there were four other stiff pricks in the room. Maureen didn't even have to move -- another boy stepped up in front of her, and he didn't have to wait long before Maureen opened her mouth again and filled it full of hot cock again.

No, Maureen wasn't going to stop so long as there was a hard cock to suck on. Even after she'd sucked off three more of the boys, so that it was four hard cocks that she'd gotten all slippery with her spit sad four big loads that she'd swallowed down, she was as hungry as ever. Maybe even more than ever before, because the last cock was Jason's, and as he stood there right in front of her, it wasn't hard to see that his stiff prick was the biggest one of all.

"That's right, honey, you got one more to go yet," Jason said, grinning at Maureen. "And I bet you're thinking that us dudes really are a pretty nice bunch of guys, ain't you? Crawl on over here and open your pretty, little trap as wide as you can so I can shove my big prick down your throat and make you fucking choke on it. Come on, honey, move those tits! Get over here and open up and start sucking!"

Maureen did as she was told. In a moment she was kneeling right in front of Jason. Her mouth was open as wide as she could open it. She tried so hard to force every inch of his cock into her mouth, her cock-hungry lips reaching for Jason's big balls again and again and again.

"Mmmmm, that's nice!" Jason murmured, looking down and watching as Maureen kept on sucking his big cock. "Yeah, that feels real nice! I'm just thinking that it'd feel even better if we got the whole fucking thing right into your mouth, though! And I just don't think you're really trying hard enough, honey, I really don't. So I'm going to give you a hand. I'm going to try and help you cram every inch of it right down your Goddamn throat. I want every inch of it wet."

Jason grabbed Maureen by the hair. Maureen choked and gagged as Jason tried to get every inch of his big cock into her mouth.

Chapter FOUR

"Hey, you little whore, what's the big idea? You bit my prick! That fucking hurts!"

"But I didn't mean to!" Maureen whimpered.

"Yeah, man, she didn't mean to," Ralph said. "How could she help it when you were fucking her face like that?"

"Fuck you, man, I didn't ask for your fucking opinion! Don't tell me what she was trying to do! I know what she was trying to do, and she was trying to bite my cock right off! That's right! Damn it, we're talking about ten inches of meat here! You can't go around chewing off guys' cocks just because you're hot! This is valuable property!"

"But I..."

"Don't you talk back to me, you little whore! I don't take no shit from nobody, least of all from something with two tits and a big ass and a cunt and a clit! Now turn over! Turn around and get on your hands and knees! Do it!"

Poor Maureen did as she was told. She was still whimpering with fear, though.

"What are you going to do, Jason?" Maureen whimpered.

"I'm going to whip you, that's what I'm going to do," Jason said. "I'm going to whip your big ass and teach you a fucking lesson. No chick sinks her fangs into my cock. You're going to get whipped!"

"Oh please, Jason, no!" Maureen whimpered, more frightened than ever.

"Hey, dude, you really want to do that?"

Barry asked. "Dig that hot ass, man. Ain't that the smoothest, roundest, hottest ass you ever saw? You want to make it all red and make her cry?"

"Well, man, I got to agree with you there, this is one nice ass," Jason said. He was looking at Maureen's beautiful ass. He slid the palm of his right hand over it, feeling how soft and smooth her asscheeks were. "Mmmm, yeah, and it's so soft too! This is one hot ass you got, baby. Too bad you been a naughty girl and I got to spank this beautiful, round ass and get it all red."

"Oh please, Jason, no, don't do it!" Maureen moaned.

"I said no back talk from you, you little bitch!" Jason shouted, angrier than ever. "You got it coming to you and you're going to get it! And just for back talking, I'm going to whip you with a belt, not with my hand!"

Jason got up and walked across the room. It wasn't too long before he was kneeling right behind Maureen again, though, and he had a belt in his hand.

"Oh, Jason, no, please!" Maureen whimpered.

"I said shut up! You're going to get whipped and I'm the one who's going to do it!"

He raised the belt and started to whip Maureen's smooth ass with it, laying the leather to her tender flesh again and again. The other boys were getting turned on. Not poor Maureen, though. She was whimpering more loudly than ever.

"No, Jason, no!" Maureen cried, shaking her head.

"So how does that feel, honey?" Jason asked, still whipping her.

"Oh, it hurts! Please stop!"

"It's supposed to hurt! And don't tell me you don't deserve it, after what you tried to do!" Jason wasn't finished whipping Maureen's ass yet. Her round ass was getting even redder as the belt continued to dig into it. By now poor Maureen was crying. Finally, though, Jason dropped the belt to the floor, then stood up.

"All right, that ought to do it," Jason said. "I think we taught her a lesson now. That right, honey? You learned that if there's one thing you can't do is chew on a guy's prick."

"Yes," Maureen whimpered.

"All right then. You can get up now."

"Hey, man, not yet," Barry said. Jason had no sooner stood up than Barry had knelt down behind Maureen. "Maybe you like whipping asses, but I dig sucking on them. I'm going to get me a taste of her little asshole."

Barry slurped away noisily after he'd placed the palms of his hands on each of Maureen's satiny-smooth asscheeks and spread them apart.

It was pretty obvious to his friends that Barry loved eating ass, and they watched his hungry tongue at work, licking and lapping, drawing itself over Maureen's tight asshole again and again, till it was all glistening with his slobber.

Barry wasn't the only one who was excited, though. His naked buddies were having a good time watching him suck on Maureen's ass. And as for Maureen, the whipping that Jason had given her was all forgotten. She wasn't crying anymore. She was moaning, but they were moans of pleasure. It excited her to feel Barry's wet, squirming tongue on her tight asshole. She started to wiggle her beautiful ass in the air. "Oh, yes, that feels so good!" Maureen groaned. "Oh, don't stop!"

"Hey, dude, you hear her?" Darryl asked Barry. "She says keep doing it. She digs you sucking on her ass. Keep sucking that dirty asshole."

"Yeah, she ain't crying anymore," Ian said. "And Barry's that kind of guy, ain't he? He doesn't like to see a poor little girl cry, so he sticks his face right in her ass and turns her on."

"Yeah, and she's getting hot, ain't she?" Ralph said. "Look at her wiggle her big ass. Hey, man, keep trying! Get that tongue of yours right up her ass and I bet she'll go crazy!"

"Hey, man, you can't get your tongue up an asshole, don't you know that?" Jason said.

Suddenly Jason had pushed Barry away from Maureen, then knelt behind her again.

"Hell, you think I ain't tried before?" Jason asked. "Fuck, Barry the ass-fucker ain't the only dude who digs sucking on an ass. I dig rimming a girl's asshole too. Ain't no getting your tongue up it, though, no matter how hard you try. Tell you what you can slide up a chick's ass, though, dudes. A cock. A big hard cock, just like this one. Oh, yeah, man, dig this ten-inch cock of mine. You see how fucking hard it is? I got to get my rocks off now. And I already fucked this little whore's wet cunt and she can't suck on my cock without biting it, so what I'm going to do is slide my big hard cock right up this beautiful round ass and fuck her. Fuck her right in the ass, dudes. Fuck her right in the ass, every inch of my big fat cock shoved right up this tight little asshole. Hell, I bet she'd like it too. I bet a hot little tramp like this has taken a hard cock right up her ass lots of times. Bet she digs it. That right, honey?"

"Oh, Jason, please, no!" Maureen moaned as she looked around at Jason.

Jason may have started to play with her ass, sliding his hands over her smooth asscheeks, but Maureen didn't care about that. She was staring at Jason's hard cock, standing there so long and stiff between his legs. She'd loved sucking on it and loved it when Jason had fucked her with it. But no one had ever fucked her in the ass before, never mind a horny young stud with a ten inch prick.

"What's that?" Jason asked, a grin on his face, never taking his eyes from Maureen's upturned ass as he slid his hands over the smooth flesh. "That no you said? Huh? You mean a hot little tramp like you has never had a hard cock shoved up her shit-hole before? Hey, dudes, did you hear that? We're talking virgin territory here. There ain't never been a cock slid right up this little asshole. Hey, honey, that gets me hot. That gets me real hot. I just felt my cock get even harder."

"Fuck her, man," Darryl said. He was as excited as Jason was. "Fuck her right in the ass. We want to watch you ass-fuck her."

"Yeah, man, do it," Ian said. "Come on, slide the whole Goddamn thing right up her ass and fuck the shit out of her!"

"Oh, Jason, please!" Maureen whimpered, getting more frightened by the moment.

"Huh?" Jason looked away from Maureen's round ass and met her eyes. "What's that, honey? That please I heard? You mean you changed your mind? You want this ten-inch cock right up your ass after all? Hey, baby, you don't know how good that makes me feel. Hey, you're going to dig it. Every chick I ever fucked in the ass always liked it, liked it as much as I did. Hell, you're going to be so happy with this ten-inch cock stuck right up your ass that you're going to want to shit your panties, except you ain't wearing a stitch right now and your tight shit-hole's going to be all clogged up with a big hard cock! Oh, yeah, baby, we're going to have a real, good time. By the time me and my big prick are finished with you, there ain't nothing you're going to like better than getting down and hoisting your hot ass right in the air so me and my cock can take aim at your little shit-hole!"

"Oh, Jason, please, no!" Maureen said. "Hey, honey, be cool," Jason said, sliding his hand over Maureen's ass. "You ain't got nothing to worry about. It may hurt a little bit the first time I slide my hard cock up your little asshole, but after a few hard pokes, you're going to be feeling real good. First thing we got to do is get your slit-chute all wet so I can fuck my fat cock up your ass nice and easy. Old Barry really gave your asshole a good licking, but he just couldn't get his tongue up your ass, could he? So what we're going to have to do is slide a finger right up here and get your shitter all wet and slick so I can ease my big cock in. Hold steady, little slut. Keep these round asscheeks stuck in the air so I can shove my finger right up your ass."

Jason's naked buddies watched as he spat on his fingers, then poised one of them right at Maureen's tight shitter. Then his finger was squirming round inside Maureen's ass, and horny Jason started to work it around, getting Maureen's asshole all ready for his ten-inch cock.

Not that the other boys' cocks weren't stiff as boards as they stood there watching Jason give Maureen the finger. And now they could hear the beautiful naked girl moaning away. She wasn't moaning in pain, though. It turned Maureen on to feel the finger squirming round in her ass.

"That's right, baby, we're getting you ready," Jason murmured. "Getting this tight asshole nice and wet and slick for my big cock. Get it all wet and slippery so I can slide my ten-inch prick right into you!"

"Oh, that feels good!" Maureen moaned, her eyes shut now as she thrilled to the sensation of Jason's hot finger squirming around inside her ass. "That feel's good!"

Jason smiled. "A finger right up your ass can do you a lot of good. Hey, and I bet two fingers would turn you on even more. What do you say, baby? You want me to shove two fingers right up your beautiful ass? I'd be glad to."

"Yes, do it, Jason, finger me!" Maureen groaned.

"All right, then," Jason said as he pulled his finger out of Maureen's ass.

It was only a moment or two, though, before his finger was shoved right up Maureen's ass again, and this time there was another one of Jason's fingers shoved up her tight shithole as far as it would go.

"Hey, man, you got to fuck her now," Darryl said.

He and the other three boys weren't missing any of the action. And Jason wasn't the only one who was using his fingers now, because Darryl and Barry had grabbed their stiff cocks and started to jerk off. They were so excited by what they were seeing.

"I can't take this anymore. I'm getting too hot. You better fuck her in the ass or I'm going to do it," Darryl said.

"Yeah, man, fuck her right in the ass!" Ian gasped. "Do it now!"

"Oh, yes, Jason, fuck me now!"

Maureen cried. She wasn't afraid anymore. Didn't it feel so good to have Jason's fingers right up her ass then it would surely feel even better to have that ten-inch cock in her butt.

"Hey, when you got a ten-inch cock, people really want to see you use it, don't they?" Jason laughed. "Now everybody's waiting on me to shove my cock right up your hot little ass. You ready now, honey?"

"Oh, yes, Jason, please fuck me now!" Maureen cried. She wanted his big cock up her ass.

"Hey, don't you worry, baby, I ain't going to disappoint you," Jason said. "You want to get fucked and I want to do the fucking. Yeah, we got your tight little shithole all nice and wet now, sweetie. All we have to do now is slobber up this big, old hard-on and then we can slide it right into your ass and then we'll both be happy. It's time now, baby."

Jason pulled his fingers out of Maureen's asshole. Straightaway he spat on them again, though, then took his rock-hard prick in his hand and smeared his slobber all over it. "All ready now," Jason murmured.

"Going to go in now to slide this big fat cock right in here now, right up your hot, round ass. Oh, yeah, here we go. Oh, fuck, this is virgin territory all right. Nice and tight. Yeah, come on! Eight more fucking inches to go and then you'll be sitting nice and snug in your tight little shit-tunnel. Oh, baby, wish you could see what me and my buddies are watching. We seen four inches already slide right up your fucking ass and we're watching the rest of it fuck in. You ain't got to worry, pretty soon the whole fucking thing will be sitting in your ass and then I'm going to fuck you with it, just like you asked me to."

"Oh, Jason, no, please take it out, it hurts!" Maureen whimpered, shaking her head.

It was just as she had originally feared. It hurt to have Jason's big cock in her ass. And the deeper into her virgin asshole his stiff cock fucked, the more it hurt.

"Take it out?" Jason yelled. "Hell, no, honey, I can't do that! Once I slide this cock up a chick's cunt or asshole, I never pull it out, not till I've shot my wad! You got this cock in your ass right up to my balls now and I ain't taking it out till I've shot my load! Fuck, honey, I told you, you got to expect a little pain the first time a guy slides his hard cock up your ass, especially when it's a ten-incher like mine! Now I got a big wad to shoot and the only way I'm going to be firing it up your ass is to fuck your tight ass!"

Chapter FIVE

Jason knelt there on the floor with his big, stiff cock deep inside Maureen's upturned ass. He pulled his fat prick from her tight, young asshole a few inches, then rammed it as deep as he could back into that smooth round ass. He fucked her hard, his cock sliding in and out of that virgin whole quickly.

"Oh, yeah, that's good!" Jason moaned as he kept fucking away. "That's real good! Good tight asshole! Nice and tight!"

"Give it to her, man," Ian shouted. "Fuck that ass hard."

None of the other boys were missing any of that hot action. Darryl and Barry kept beating their stiff pricks as they watched Jason fuck Maureen right up the ass.

"Hey, man, ain't I fucking her ass hard?" Jason asked. "Hell, and she ain't complaining anymore either. So what's up, baby, besides this big cock of mine that I'm ramming right into your ass? You happy now? You feeling good?"

"Oh, yes!" Maureen groaned. "That feels so good! Keep fucking me, don't ever stop!"

Jason had been right. It may have hurt when he slid his hard cock up her asshole the first time, but now it didn't hurt anymore. It felt good to have his fat prick in her ass, to feel it ten inches deep inside her when Jason would slam it right up to his hairy balls.

"Oh, yeah, honey, bring this hot ass right up, as high as you can stick it!" Jason gasped. "Mmmmm, that's good! Don't worry, honey, I ain't going to pull my stiff cock out till I've shot! I'm going to give you a good fucking!"

"Well, man, you better make it quick if you want to come before I do, 'cause I'm ready to shoot now," Darryl said, jerking his stiff cock.

"Hey, man, you better not get your spunk all over me," Jason said. "Besides, what're you doing whacking off when there's all this hot pussy lying around? I may have my cock up this little bitch's asshole, but there's still her mouth, you know. I bet she'd dig having two hard cocks in her. I got my prick right up her ass and you'd be slicing your cock right down her fucking throat. Go for it."

It wasn't very long before Darryl was kneeling on the floor too. And it wasn't very long after that that Maureen had two hard cocks inside her, the ten inches that Jason kept ramming in and out of her tight asshole and Darryl's eight-inch cock in her mouth.

She'd opened her hungry mouth wide for Darryl's stiff cock, and now his hard prick was all glistening with her spit as it slid in and out of her mouth.

"So how you doing, man?" Jason asked. "Ain't that better than whacking off?"

"You said it, man!" Darryl gasped, his hips working hard as again and again he plunged his stiff cock into Maureen's gaping, hungry mouth as deep as it would go. "And it feels like she's going to get my wad first! Oh, fuck, here it comes! Don't stop sucking yet, honey, 'cause here comes a big wad, right down your fucking throat! Oh, man that's good!"

Faster then ever Darryl fucked Maureen's face with his hard cock, forcing as many of his eight inches as he could into her wet mouth. Gob after gob of hot spunk spurted from his stiff prick, and Maureen gobbled down every drop.

Finally, Darryl pulled his cock out of Maureen's mouth and got to his feet again. Now everyone could hear Maureen moaning away again. After all, even if she didn't have Darryl's hard cock between her lips anymore, she still had Jason's ten fat inches up her virgin ass.

"Hey, man, you didn't beat me by much!" Jason groaned, still banging Maureen's smooth, white buns furiously. "Here comes load number two, right up your tight ass! Oh, God, now I'm really going to fuck your ass!"

True to his word, horny Jason started to fuck Maureen's ass harder than ever before, making sure that every time he slammed his big cock up her asshole it was right up to his big balls. He wasn't going to take his cock out of Maureen's ass till he shot his load, and that's what he was doing now, as the jism started to spurt from his stiff cock into Maureen's tight ass.

What a hard fucker Jason was! And the harder Jason fucked her in the ass, the better Maureen liked it. Why couldn't it have lasted forever? she wondered. Why did Jason finally pull that big cock of his out or her ass and get to his feet again?

Maureen wasn't about to get up, though. She stayed on her hands and knees on the floor. After all, there were three more horny boys besides Jason and Darryl. Maybe one of them would slide his own stiff cock up her waiting asshole, or kneel in front of her so she could suck on his hard prick.

"Hey, man, I liked that," Jason said, grinning down at Maureen. "Remind me to fuck this little whore in the ass again sometime."

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind that either," Ralph said, as he fell to his knees behind Maureen, his cock stiff between his legs. "This is one gorgeous ass. Me, though, I'm kind of partial to pussies, you know? And I want to slide my cock up her tight, juicy slit again. This time we're going to do it doggie-style. Going to slide my hard cock right up her pussy from the rear."

Ralph reached between Maureen's legs and started to play with her cunt, rubbing her young clit and sticking his fingers right into her juicy fuck-hole. Maureen started to moan again, more excited than ever.

"Sure I can fuck your little pussy from the rear, can't I, little bitch?" Ralph asked, still fingering her young pussy. "And I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? Here you are on your four fucking little paws just like a little doggie, and there's nothing that a little bitch in heat likes more than feeling a big, fat cock sliding into her cunt from behind, ain't that right? You want this hard cock of mine?"

"Oh, yes, Ralph, fuck me, put it in my cunt and fuck me! I want to feel your cock in my cunt!" Maureen moaned. It was exciting enough to feel Ralph's finger in her cunt. She'd like it even more, though, if he slid his hard cock right into her.

"Well, you ain't going to have long to wait," Ralph said. "Hell, and you really do want it, don't you? Fuck, this little cunt is real wet and slippery. Your pussy's just dripping, ain't it, baby? Well, I'll give you what you want."

Ralph grabbed his stiff cock and guided it to Maureen's hairy, young cunt. And before too long his hard prick was fucking into Maureen's juicy little pussy. Ralph gave a moan of pleasure as his hard cock fucked deeper and deeper into Maureen's tight cunt. Ralph wasn't the only one who was feeling good, though. Maureen was moaning away too. She shut her eyes. It was a good feeling to have a stiff young prick fucking into her cock-hungry cunt.

"Oh, Ralph, that feels so good!" Maureen groaned. "Your cock feels so good in my cunt!"

Ralph moaned. "And just wait till you got it all. Just a few more inches, honey. Just a few more inches and you'll have the whole fucking thing in your hot cunt. Oh, yeah, that's it! You got them all now, slut! Every fucking inch, right up to my fucking balls! Mmmm, that feels good!"

"Fuck me now, Ralph, fuck me!" Maureen cried.

"Yeah, man, fuck her hard," Darryl said. "We want to watch."

"Just you watch me," Ralph said.

He pulled his stiff cock out of Maureen's young cunt. Not all the way, though. Back into Maureen's tight pussy he rammed his hard prick, as hard as he could, till every inch was buried in her hot cunt again. He'd started to fuck in and out of her tight pussy as he knelt there on the floor.

The harder he fucked Maureen, the more she liked it. Maureen groaned, a cry of pleasure escaping from her lips every time Ralph would fuck his stiff cock back into her cunt as deep as it would go.

She wasn't the only one who was turned on. Darryl and the others were having a good time watching their buddy Ralph fuck Maureen. Barry still had his stiff cock in his hand and was still jerking on it.

"Oh, man, here it fucking comes!" Barry groaned suddenly. "I'm ready to pop now! It's going to be a good one!"

"Hey, dude, aim that wad over here," Ralph said as he stopped fucking Maureen for a moment, puffing his stiff cock all the way out of her young cunt. "Empty your balls all over my cock and then I'll smear your spunk all over my prick and fuck it right up her cunt again."

In just a moment Barry was kneeling on the floor beside his friend. He grabbed his hard cock again. Hot spunk started to spurt from his cock, the creamy gobs splattering onto Ralph's stiff prick.

After Barry had finished shooting his wad, Ralph smeared the jism all over his hard cock. And soon his cock was back in Maureen's cunt again, and he started to fuck her once more.

"Oh, Ralph, that's so good!" Maureen groaned. "I wish you'd never stop!"

"Hell, I wish I could keep fucking you forever too, baby!" Ralph panted. "Trouble is, this pussy is just too good! Too tight and juicy and slippery and fucking good! Oh, man, I'm coming now! Going to come right in your cunt, you little whore! Going to fire a big wad right up your fucking cunt! Take my cock, bitch, take my big cock!"

Now Ralph was really giving it to Maureen. As brutally as he could, he was ramming his stiff cock deep into Maureen's cunt, again and again and again. Spunk began to spurt from his big hard cock. Finally, he pulled his cock out of Maureen's pussy and stood up.

"Hey, man, what do you got there?" Darryl asked.

He wasn't talking to Ralph, though. He was talking to Ian, who had left the living room for a minute or two and was back again. Ian had a salami in his hand. And it didn't look as though Darryl was too pleased to see his naked friend with it.

"What does it look like I got, man?" Ian asked as he took a bite out of that salami. "Ain't you ever seen a salami before?"

"Sure I have. I was just wondering where you got that one."

"The fridge."

"Oh, yeah? You mean our fridge?"

"Well, it's your kitchen, man, so I'm guessing it's your fridge."

"Hey, man, you know what?" Darryl asked, anger showing on his face. "You're right! You ain't that stupid! It is our fridge! And that's our salami too! So give me that fucking salami back, you asshole, and find another one to fucking chew on!"

Darryl grabbed the salami from Ian, then took a swipe with it at Ian's hard cock. "Hey, man, watch it!" Ian yelled.

"Hey, Ian, just so long as he didn't get you in the balls!" Jason laughed. "Fuck, you'd be laid out on the fucking floor now!"

"Yeah, but how come this dude's so pissed off?" Ian was glaring right back at Darryl. "All I was doing was having a little snack. All this fucking and sucking was getting me kind of hungry. Not a very good host, is he?"

"Hey, I let you fuck my sister, didn't I? What more do you want? Just keep your greasy fucking paws off my meat!"

"Hey, man, you don't have to worry about that!" Ian laughed. "I'm not really interested in your meat."

"Very funny! You know what I mean! Just keep your hands off what doesn't belong to you!"

"Okay, okay, keep cool." Ian laughed again. "Fuck, you don't have to get so upset. I didn't eat it all."

"Hey, come on, why don't you guys can it?"

Barry said. "Kiss and make up or something. And give me that big salami."

Barry grabbed the salami from Darryl. "Hey, man, I told you, that's mine!" Darryl shouted.

"Yeah, I know. I ain't going to eat it."

"Then what do you want it for?"

"I just want to find out something, that's all," Barry said as he went over to Karen, who was still lying on the floor along with Maureen. Barry squatted down beside Karen.

"Come on, honey, lie flat on your back and spread those hot legs nice and wide so I can see your hairy cunt."

Karen did as she was told. After all, she'd been left out of the action for quite a while.

"Did you ever wonder what you could get up a chick's cunt besides your prick?" Barry asked. "Me, I want to see if I can slide this big piece of meat right into her wet pussy."

Barry had the salami right between Karen's legs, and it wasn't too long before it was disappearing. They all watched as the big salami fucked deeper and deeper into Karen's young cunt.

"Hey, man, that's hot," Jason said as he came closer.

Soon the other boys were all gathered around too.

"Slide that big salami right into her cunt!" Jason yelled.

"That's what I'm doing, man," Barry said. "Fuck, I bet this is the biggest piece of meat that she's ever had in her pussy. How does it feel, honey? How does it feel to have this big old sausage fucking into your tight cunt?"

Karen didn't have anything to say. By the way she was moaning, though, they could tell that she liked it. And would she have had her eyes shut like that unless it felt good to have that big salami fucking deeper and deeper into her slippery fuck-hole?

"Hey, man, she loves it," Ralph said. "And I bet she'd like it even more if you sucked her with it. Go ahead, man, fuck her with it. We want to watch."

"Yeah," Darryl said.

"You got it, dudes," Barry said.

He started to fuck Karen with the fat salami. And could there be any doubt that Karen loved the feel of that long, fat piece of meat deep inside her cunt when she grabbed Barry by the wrist and helped him fuck it in again and again and again?

"Oh, that's good!" Karen moaned. "That feels so good!"

"Hey, baby, I don't wonder," Barry murmured, still fucking that naked girl with the huge salami. "Nothing beats having something nice and big and fat and stiff sliding into your cunt, does it? Damn, though, I'm getting kind of hungry. I think it's time for a little snack."

Barry stopped fucking Karen. The salami was still stuck in her cunt, though, and Barry started to chew on that big piece of meat.

"Hey, man, I told you, that's my salami!" Darryl yelled as he fell to his knees beside his naked sister. It wasn't long before he was chewing on the salami too.

"Hey, you two guys, what about us?" Ralph laughed. "We're hungry too!"

"There's more than just salami, you know," Jason said. "Dig those big tits and the rest of her. Maybe it ain't for eating like that salami, but you can sure have a good time licking and sucking on it!"

Chapter SIX

In a moment Jason was on his knees beside Karen. Then he was working over Karen's firm tits with his hungry mouth. He was drawing his wet tongue over her satiny smooth tits, licking and lapping as he tasted her hot flesh, sometimes sucking and nibbling on her nipples, which had turned rock-hard in Karen's excitement.

And it wasn't just Jason's mouth that was turning Karen on. Because Ian and Ralph were on their knees beside Karen now too, their hungry mouths hard at work. Their tongues were sliding all over Karen's naked body. They were licking her legs and her feet, sucking on her pretty toes. Or one of the boys would crush his lips against Karen's in a kiss and slide his tongue deep into her sweet mouth.

And it wasn't just the five boys' mouths Karen could feel on her body. There was Maureen's tongue too. It excited Maureen to put her mouth to work on Karen's young body just as much as it did the boys. And though it didn't take long before Barry and Darryl had eaten all of the salami, that didn't mean that their mouths weren't still working hard between Karen's legs. While Barry's tongue would be probing as deep as it could into Karen's wet cunt, Darryl's tongue would lick over the thatch of curly hair that covered his little sister's pussy, or his mouth would pause at her clit as he licked or sucked on it.

Louder and louder Karen moaned. She was squirming about on the floor, growing wild as she felt the six hungry mouths working on her naked body.

"Oh, please fuck me now!" Karen moaned. "I want to feel a hard cock in my cunt! Please fuck me!"

With the salami gone from her young cunt, Karen wanted a stiff cock in its place. Barry's squirming tongue excited her as it probed deep into her tight pussy, but what Karen wanted most of all in her cunt was a hard cock.

"Hey, dudes, you hear that?" Jason asked as he suddenly pushed everybody else away from Karen, then got between her white legs and spread them as wide as he could before he took his ten-inch cock of his in his hand, intending to guide it into Karen's hairy pussy. "She wants to get fucked again. She wants something big and fat and stiff in her tight cunt. And since we're all out of salami, this big prick of mine is going to have to do. Don't worry, baby, I'll have this big cock slid up your cunt and be banging away before you know it."

"Hey, man, I want to fuck her," Darryl said, trying to push Jason away from Karen so he could slide his own stiff prick into Karen's waiting fuck-hole.

"Hey, man, don't worry," Jason said as he suddenly got to his feet.

Soon Karen was standing too. Jason had taken her by the hand and helped her up.

"You can fuck her too. Matter of fact, you don't even have to wait till I've finished fucking her pussy. While I'm fucking my big cock right into her cunt, you can be standing right behind her and fucking her right in the ass. We'll be fucking her at the same time, man. She's going to have two big cocks inside of her, mine up her cunt and yours right up her tight asshole. What do you think, man?"

"That sounds hot," Darryl said.

"And what do you say, baby?" Jason asked Karen. "That appeal to you? Would you like two big cocks inside you? I'll slide mine right up your cunt and your big brother will slide his right up your asshole and we'll fuck you from both ends. Fuck you hard, just like you like it. That's got to appeal to you."

"Oh, yes!" Karen moaned. She took his ten-inch cock in her hand. How exciting to feel how big and fat and stiff it was!

"Then let's do it, honey," Jason said.

He stepped up closer to Karen and pressed his lips against hers. Deep into Karen's sweet mouth his squirming tongue probed, their two naked bodies pressed together.

Karen moaned at the feel of Jason's hungry mouth working on her white neck. He guided his big cock to her teenage cunt, then fucked all ten inches into her tight pussy.

"So bow you doing, honey?" Jason panted into her ear, which he was licking and biting and sucking eagerly. "How does that feel?"

"Oh, it's so good!" Karen moaned.

"Yeah, I thought it might. Thought you might like to have every fucking inch of my ten-inch cock fucked right up your cunt. And now we're going to do you one better, baby. We're going to slide another stiff cock right up your hot ass so you'll have two stiff pricks stuck in you."

Jason had Karen's smooth ass, in his hands. He pulled her white asscheeks apart and looked at Darryl. "Hey, man, get around here and aim that hard-on at her shit-hole. You got to be able to see it with me spreading her asscheeks like this."

"Yeah, man, here it is," Darryl said, standing right behind Karen.

"Then slide your cock in, man," Jason said. "Step right up and slide your prick right up her fucking ass. Give her another eight, man, she's already got ten big inches sitting in her cunt and now she wants eight more sliding right up her dirty, super-tight shit-tunnel. Come on."

Darryl was standing right behind his little sister, his stiff cock in his hand as he aimed it at her tight asshole.

Suddenly Karen had two hard cocks inside of her. She was sandwiched between the two boys, Jason's cock slid right up her cunt and Darryl's fucking up her ass.

"Hey, man, you got it all in?" Jason asked.

"Oh, yeah, man," Darryl said. "Man, this is good!"

"Don't you know it. And it's going to be even better when we start fucking her. You hear her moaning away? Fuck, when we start fucking her she's going to get even crazier. Go ahead, man, start fucking. Fuck her right in the ass and I'll fuck her from the front. Let's see which guy can fire his wad into her first. Come on, man, fuck! I don't need to tell you how to fuck!"

Darryl and Jason started to fuck Karen at the same time. While Jason was ramming his ten-inch cock up Karen's slippery cunt, Darryl was slamming his own prick as deep as he could up her tight asshole.

Karen was moaning away as she stood there in the middle of the floor with two stiff cocks being fucked deep inside her by the two young studs, the one hard prick fucking ten inches into her juicy cunt and the other pounding just as hard up her tight asshole. As good as it felt to have one hard cock inside her, it felt twice as good to have two of them.

"Oh, yes, that's so good!" Karen moaned. "That feels so good!"

"That makes two of us, baby!" Jason panted into Karen's ear, his hips working hard as again and again he plunged his stiff cock up Karen's wet pussy. "Or is it three? So how's it going back there, Darryl? What's it feel like to fuck your little sister right in the ass?"

"Feels good, man!" Darryl groaned. "Feels real good! Fuck, man, feels like I'm going to pop my load now! Looks like I win!"

"Better call it a tie, man," Jason said. "I'm going to shoot my wad too! Here it comes, honey, a nice big load right up your slippery pussy!"

Darryl and Jason were ramming their cocks into Karen harder than ever. And Jason was emptying his big balls, the hot gobs of jism spurting from his stiff cock and reaching into Karen's young cunt even deeper than he could send his ten-inch cock.

Jason's wasn't the only wad filling Karen up though, because Darryl was coming too, and as he kept fucking his little sister right in the ass, sticky gobs of creamy spunk shot from his stiff prick right up her tight shit hole before Darryl and Jason finally pulled their hard pricks from Karen, they made sure that they had left every drop of their jism deep inside her.

"Hey, man, I liked that," Jason said. He was grinning. "So how about something to eat now? I'm getting kind of hungry. Why did you have to go and eat that salami?"

"We got more food than that, man," Darryl said.

"Yeah, but what about these two chicks?" Barry asked as he glanced over at Karen and Maureen. "Hell, they must be fucking starving after all this fucking and sucking."

"Yeah, but what about all the spunk they've sucked from our balls?" Ralph asked, laughing.

Ian left the room. It wasn't too long before he was back, though. He must have gone to the kitchen, since he was carrying a bowl in one hand. In his other hand he had his stiff cock.

"Come on, you guys, haul your hard-ons over here and get your hands working," Ian said. "We got two horny little chicks to feed. I'm working on a big load here, but I think we're going to have to fill this bowl up with more than just one wad if we're going to satisfy these two chicks."

It wasn't too long before the four other naked boys were gathered around that bowl that Ian was holding, each of them with his stiff cock in his hand.

Karen and Maureen were watching, excited to watch those five young studs I they jerked on their hard cocks with their hands. And it excited them even more when they watched the spunk begin to fly. Soon all five boys had shot their cum-loads into the bowl. Ian bent over and put the bowl down on the carpet.

"Here you go, girls," Ian said, a grin on his face as he looked over at Karen and Maureen. "That didn't take long, did it? Look what we got for you, a nice, big bowl of fresh jism. Come and get it."

In a moment Karen and Maureen had their faces in the bowl. They were lapping up the tasty jizz. It may have been five big wads that Darryl and his friends had emptied into the bowl, but it wasn't very long before Karen and Maureen had swallowed down every last drop.

"Fuck, man, it looks like they're still plenty hungry!" Ian laughed as he stood there looking down at Karen and Maureen. "If we want to satisfy them, we can't give our balls a rest tonight."

"Fine with me," Darryl said.

"Hey, man, where are you going?" Jason asked Barry, who had started to leave the room. "Bring that prick of yours back here. Didn't you see? Maureen and Karen ain't happy yet. There's got to be plenty more fucking and sucking."

"Hey, don't worry, I'll be back."

"And I'll bring back a hard-on too. I need to take a leak, though, and you can't piss when your cock is as stiff. I don't like seeing this old cock of mine limp either, but this is the only chance I got to take a piss."

"Yeah, man, but what makes you think that you got to go to the can to take a leak?" Ralph asked. "Hell, I bet these two chicks are thirsty too. And I bet they wouldn't mind guzzling down some hot piss. Fuck, they dig cocks, don't they? And doesn't piss come from a cock just like spunk does?"

Chapter SEVEN

Maureen did as she was told, opening her mouth wide. And before too long Jason was pining right into it, aiming that strong stream of hot piss right down Maureen's throat. Jason really needed to go, and Maureen wanted to swallow down every drop.

"Go for it, man," Ian said, watching Jason as he pissed right into Maureen's mouth. "She wants every drop! Pour it right down her fucking throat!"

"You were right, Ralph," Barry said. He was standing where Jason had been.

Jason had finished pissing. Maureen was still kneeling there, though. And she still had her mouth opened wide. She could see that Barry had taken his limp cock in his hand.

Barry started pissing, the hot piss gushing from his cock.

"That's right, honey, drink it all down," Barry murmured. "Drink this hot piss down, drink it right down. Fuck, you're thirsty, ain't you? Well, I've got plenty for you. Oh, yeah, it feels good to take a leak when you really need to go, don't it? And there's nothing like pissing right into a hot chick's mouth, is there? Hey, you dudes better get ready. I think she's going to be thirsty for even more."

"Yeah, but what about Karen?" Ian asked as he went to stand right in front of Karen. "I think she'd like to guzzle down some piss too. That right, baby? You thirsty too? Well, all you got to do is open your pretty little trap, honey, and I'll let her rip, right down your fucking throat. Got lots too. Come on, baby."

Karen opened her mouth, and in just a moment she was choking and slurping just like Maureen was as she swallowed down the hot piss that Ian was aiming down her throat. It excited Karen to have Ian pissing right into her mouth, or to feel the piss hit her in the face when Ian's aim was not quite true.

And didn't it excite her just as much to feel even more of that hot piss drumming against the rest of her naked body? Wasn't her older brother standing beside her pissing too, while Ian was pissing down her throat and into her face?

Darryl pissed all over her body, drenching her hair and her tits and her ass with piss.

"Go for it, man!" Ian laughed. "Hose your little sister down! She loves it!"

"Yeah, I know." Darryl smiled. "I'm all out, though. Hey, Ralph, get over here and let her rip."

"Hey, man, are you kidding?" Ralph asked. "You see my cock? It's hard as a fucking board again. I'm getting all hot again. I can't piss now even if I wanted to. The only thing you'll be getting out of his cock for now is spunk. Though I'm betting that old Maureen here'd settle for that. That right, baby? You had enough spunk and piss for tonight or would you like another wad right down your fucking throat? Eh? Got to suck on this hard cock again if that's what you want, though, baby. Got to stick it right in your mouth and suck on it till I fucking pop. What do you say?"

Maureen took his hard prick in her mouth as soon as he offered it to her, and now she was sucking on his spit-slippery prick as fast as she could, hungry for another wad. Ralph was moaning away as he stood there with his hard cock sliding in and out of Maureen's cock-hungry mouth, stroking her soft hair with one of his hands.

"Oh, yeah, honey, that's super-nice," Ralph murmured, still stroking the soft hair of the young girl who was giving him such great head. "Man, that's good! If there's one thing that a guy never gets tired of, it's getting his cock sucked! Keep sucking, honey, I'm going to have a big load for you pretty soon."

"Hey, man, you ain't the only guy around here with a hard-on, you know. I want her to grease my cock down with her wet mouth too."

Ian was standing right beside Ralph now, his cock just as hard and stiff as his naked buddy's. And soon it was just as wet and slippery with Maureen's slobber. Maureen let Ralph's fat prick go, then wrapped her lips around Ian's and started to suck.

It excited Maureen to suck on both cocks, to slurp and suck on one hard prick for a while, then put the other in her wet mouth and suck some more.

"Poor, little girl, eh?" Ian said, watching along with everyone else as Maureen's mouth kept working hard. "She wishes she could get both our cocks in her mouth at the same time?"

"Hey, man, no problem," Ralph said. "What do you mean?" Ian asked. "How?"

"Like I said, no problem," Ralph said. He lay down on the floor on his back. "You lie down on the floor too. Not this way, though, the other way. Then just put your legs over mine and you'll see what I mean. Come on."

Ian lay on his back on the carpet too, his legs over Ralph's. And he could see that Ralph was right. Their hard cocks were touching.

"You see, man?" Ralph smiled. "What did I tell you? She wants two hard-ons in her mouth at the same time, all she's got to do is open real wide. And I'm betting she'd like to try. Hey, come on, baby, get down here. We're waiting on you."

In a moment Maureen was on her knees beside Ian and Ralph. Maureen opened her mouth as wide as she could, taking their stiff cocks into her mouth as she began to suck.

It excited young Maureen to have both of those fat pricks in her mouth at the same time. In and out of her wet mouth those two stiff cocks slid.

"Oh, yeah, man, that's hot!" Ralph moaned as he lay back and shut his eyes. "That's great! How are you doing, Ian?"

"Doing great, man!" Ian groaned. "I don't think it's going to take very long. I'm going to shoot soon."

"Me too, man," Ralph said. "She keeps this up much longer and she'd have both our wads. Two big wads right down her throat at the same time."

Wide as ever Maureen's mouth gaped, those two stiff cocks still in her hungry mouth as she kept sucking. What a turn-on for her. She was so excited that she'd started to play with her cunt. She was fingering her young cunt as she kept sucking, sticking her fingers right into her juicy little cunt as deep as they would go.

"Oh yeah, man, look at Maureen," Jason said. "She's jerking herself off! She's really hot now!"

"Well, maybe this'll get her even hotter," Darryl said as he moved toward Maureen.

He was jerking off, and his jizz began to spurt from his cock, splattering against Maureen's naked body.

"Oh, yeah, that's good!" Darryl moaned. "Empty my big balls all over her! Empty my hot jizz all over her!"

"Hey, now I'm coming too!" Ralph groaned.

"Yeah, me too, man!" Ian gasped loudly. "She's going to get two wads right in her fucking mouth! Don't stop sucking, baby! Don't stop sucking now!"

There was no need for Ian to worry. Maureen wasn't going to let those two stiff cocks out of her mouth. Because as good as their hard cocks tasted, their jism tasted so good Maureen swallowed down every drop, making sure that she'd sucked all of the cum out of their fat pricks before she finally let them out of her mouth and saw those spit slippery pricks slap back down onto Ian's and Ralph's bare bellies.

"Hey, what do we have here?" someone asked.

Everyone looked around when they heard the strange voice. But the voice wasn't strange to Darryl and Karen. That was their father's voice. And he was standing in the doorway, their mother right beside him. Darryl and Karen were certainly surprised to see them. Their parents weren't supposed to be back for several days yet.

"What are you doing here?" Darryl asked.

"What're we doing here?" his father gasped, a smile on his face. "Hell, boy, we live here too, you know! We thought we'd get back a little early. Got kind of bored. Besides, your mother always worries about you kids. Thinks something bad might happen to you when we're not here. Hell, it looks like we didn't have anything to worry about this time. You've just been having some good clean fun. I like that. Matter of fact, we wouldn't mind having some fun too."

In just a moment or two Darryl's father was naked. And now there were six stiff cocks in the room. Darryl's father moved over to Maureen and got on the floor with her. He spread her smooth legs wide, and before too long his stiff cock was deep inside Maureen's slippery cunt. Darryl's father was giving Maureen a good fucking, riding her hard as again and again he plunged his big cock into her tight cunt as deep as it would go.

"Oh yeah, this is fun. All right!" Darryl's father moaned as he fucked. "Lots of fun fucking my hard cock right into this juicy little cunt! Maureen, this is good! How do you feel, honey? How does it feel to have my stiff prick sliding right into your little pussy?"

"Oh, it feels so good!" Maureen moaned, clawing at him with her fingernails as he fucked his fat prick into her cunt.

"Hey, that doesn't surprise me at all," Darryl's father panted in reply. "Nothing that a chick likes as much as a stiff cock in her cunt. My wife will tell you that. Hell, Rose likes a stiff prick in her cunt so much that she ain't satisfied with me, she wants to get fucked by any guy who's willing to park his prick in her pussy. I don't mind, though, so long as I can slide my own cock into any little pussy I want."

Darryl's mother knelt on the floor, stripped off her clothes and sucked Jason's ten-inch prick into her cock-hungry mouth, swallowing up his thick cock again and again and again, slurping away noisily as she took as many inches of his spit-slippery prick into her mouth as she could.

"Oh, yeah, I like that!" Jason murmured, looking down and watching his big cock sliding in and out of Darryl's mother's hungry mouth. He was stroking her hair, encouraging her. "Man, Darryl, your mother sure is one great hose-artist. She really knows how to suck a cock. And she knows the best when she sees it. That's right, baby, that's ten inches. Ten fat inches for you to slurp and suck on. Sure tastes good, don't it? Well, let me ten you, slut, you ain't going to have very long to wait before you get a big mouthful of spunk. Yeah, it's going to be a nice, big load."

"No, I don't want you to shoot your load in my mouth, baby," Darryl's mother said.

She lay down on her back on the carpet and lifted her smooth white legs in the air.

"I want you to shoot that load right up my fucking ass, baby," Rose said. "I want you to slide that big fat cock of yours right up my ass and fuck this big ass of mine and shoot your wad right up my asshole. Do it, stud! Come on, I'm waiting!"

"Well, hell, I ain't going to keep you waiting, honey," Jason said as he fell to his knees on the floor with Darryl's mother and started to slide one of his hands over her ass. "Fuck, you and me are just right for each other, ain't we? I mean, you like to take it right up your ass and I dig fucking assholes. Mmmm, and this is one hot ass you got, baby. That's nice."

"Come on, baby, fuck me!" Rose moaned. "I need that big cock in my ass! Need it now! Oh, please, baby, slide that beautiful prick right up my ass and fuck the shit right out of me!"

"Hey, baby, now don't you worry," Jason said. He lifted his hand to his mouth and spat on it. "You're going to get it. I'm going to give it to you good. First thing, though, I want to see how tight this little shit-hole of yours is. I'm going to stick my finger right up this whole of yours and get it nice and wet so we can be sure that this old cock of mine will slick up your hot ass nice and easy."

Jason shoved his finger right up her ass. "Oh, yeah, baby, this is one tight shit tunnel!" Jason gasped. "Real nice and tight! It's going to be a nice tight fit, just the way I like it!"

"Fuck me now!" Rose moaned. She was getting more and more turned on. "I can't wait any longer! Slide the whole thing right up my ass and fuck me hard! I want every fucking inch!"

"Hey, what the dirty little slut wants, the dirty little slut gets," Jason said as he pulled his finger from Darryl's mother's whole, then took his big cock in his hand and guided it to her little shitter. And before too long his hard cock was fucking up her ass, sinking deeper and deeper into her cock hungry ass hole.

Chapter EIGHT

"Oh, yeah, that's nice!" Jason moaned. "Here we go, you dirty, little bitch, right up your ass. Feels good! Feels real good! Nice and tight!"

"Oh, yeah, that's so good!" Rose gasped, shutting her eyes as his huge cock kept fucking deeper into her beautiful ass. "Oh, fuck, that feels so good! Give me more! I want more! I want every fucking inch, you stud! Park the whole fucking thing right up my ass!"

"Hey, baby, just wait," Jason said. "There's plenty more inches coming up. Oh, yeah, that's it! You got it now, baby! You got the whole fucking thing right up this hot ass! Right, guys? See? She's got all ten! So what do you say, Darryl? So what do you say about me shoving my cock right up your mother's nice ass, oh?"

"Fuck her, man," Darryl said. He was watching just like the other boys. And it excited him just as much to see Jason kneeling there on the floor with every inch of his big cock buried in his mother's upturned ass. "I want to watch you fuck her. Fuck the shit out of her!"

"You heard what my kid said!" Rose moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Show me what you can do with that beautiful cock!"

"Damn right I'll show you what I can fucking do with it!" Jason snarled. "I'll fucking show you?"

Jason pulled that big cock of his partway out of her tight asshole, then rammed it back up her ass as brutally as he could, right up to his hairy balls. He was giving her a really rough ride. And that was the way that Darryl's mother liked it.

"Oh, that's good cock!" Darryl's mother moaned. "That's real good cock! Feels so good! Harder, you fucking bastard! Fuck me harder!"

"Oh, man, I'm coming now!" Jason groaned. "Going to come right in her fucking-ass! Going to shoot my load right up her tight little asshole. Hold on, you dirty slut!"

Again and again he plunged his big cock into her white ass. Then he was shooting his sticky wad, gob after gob of his hot jism spurting from Jason's fat prick and gushing deep inside Rose's ass. Finally Jason pulled his cock out of her asshole.

"So, did you give her a good ride, kid?" Darryl's father asked Jason. He'd finished fucking Maureen and now he was standing beside Jason.

"Sure did. She's one great fuck!"

"Hey, you don't need to tell me that," Darryl's father replied. "Hell, you don't need to tell Darryl that either. His mother's cunt was the first pussy he ever fucked. Right, boy?"

"Damn right," Darryl said.

His father was right. He'd fucked his own mother before. It had happened one night when he and his mother had been alone in the house. Darryl lay on his back, reading a book. His mother had come into his room and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Could you rub my back for a while, honey?" Darryl's mother had asked him. "It's kind of sore. Usually I ask your father to do it, but he's not here."

"Sure thing," Darryl said, as he started to rub his mother's back. He was always anxious to please her. As a matter of fact, he was getting turned-on. Before too long his cock was as hard as a rock and when his mother looked around she could see that too.

"Like father like son, eh?" his mother said with a smile on her face. "Your father sometimes gets hard-ons when he rubs my back. And by the looks of it, Joe hasn't got nothing on you, baby. Looks like Joe and I made ourselves a kid with a nice big cock. How about showing your mother how big that cock of yours is, Darryl? I'd really like to see it."

Well, why not? He had nothing to be ashamed of. As a matter of fact, it turned Darryl on to take down his pants while his mother was watching, to have his mother looking at his stiff cock.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that is one big, cock you've got," Rose said, unable to take her eyes away from her young son's stiff cock and hairy balls. "It's even bigger than your old man's. And I'm betting that it's real hard too. Real nice and hard. Let's see, baby. Let your Momma see how hard your beautiful cock is."

His mother had grabbed his cock. Darryl gave a groan and shut his eyes. It felt good to have his stiff cock in his mother's hand, to have her playing with it.

"Oh, yeah, baby, this is one stiff prick," Darryl's mother said. "One beautiful prick that's as hard as a fucking rock. Oh, baby, I dig this cock! And I bet it tastes good too. I bet it tastes as good as your father's."

It wasn't very long before Darryl's horny mother let go of his hard cock. Wasn't that stiff prick of his still standing upright, though? Though Darryl's mother had let go of her son's cock with her hand, didn't she have it in her mouth now? Hadn't she bent over and opened her mouth wide and put that hard cock right in her mouth?

In and out of her gaping mouth his hard prick slid. It wasn't too long before it was all wet and slippery with her spit. Rose sucked and slurped, her excited lips reaching for his cock-bush and balls.

"Oh, yeah, Momma, that feels so good!" Darryl moaned, his eyes still shut as he thrilled to the sensation of getting his hard cock sucked for the very first time. And it was his very own mother who was sucking on his cock. What a hot mouth, his mother had. Darryl had his hand on his mother's head and was stroking her hair, happy to have his hard cock in her wet mouth, to be getting great head from her.

She really liked the taste of his cock. And she really liked the taste of his young balls too, judging by the way she was licking and sucking on them.

"Oh, yeah, baby, these are two tasty teenage balls!" Rose panted as her wet tongue kept licking and lapping hungrily at his hairy ball-sac. "Two nice big balls, nice and big and fucking hairy! Don't you worry, baby, I'll be getting back to your big cock soon. Fuck, that cock tastes real good too, and hot and stiff and tasty just like your father's."

Soon Darryl's long, stiff cock was standing upright again. His mother had it in her mouth and was sucking on it as excitedly as ever, trying to force every inch of his rock-hard teenage cock into her gaping mouth so that all of it would be slippery with her spit, so that she'd have her nose right in her son's hairy cock-bush.

Her hungry slurps weren't the only things to be heard, though, because. Darryl was moaning louder, his eyes shut as he lay there getting his stiff cock sucked by his very own mother. What a great feeling to have his hard prick sliding in and out of her wet mouth like that! He still had one of his hands on her head, and now he was holding onto his mother's hair very tightly. Not that there was any chance that she'd stop sucking her son's big cock before he shot his wad. She wanted his load in her mouth so she could eat it.

"Oh, yeah, it's time now!" Darryl groaned. "Time to shoot my load! Oh, yeah, it's going to be good! Don't stop sucking yet, Momma! Keep sucking on that cock! I'm going to fire a big load right into your fucking mouth and you're going to have all the spunk you can eat."

Rose started to suck on Darryl's stiff cock even faster. Now there wasn't just the taste of that hard prick to enjoy, because Darryl was shooting his wad, the gobs of spunk spurting from his spit-slick cock right into his mother's hungry mouth. Rose was swallowing down all of that sticky jism. She really liked the taste of it.

Rose wasn't satisfied, though. She let his cock out of her mouth, but she kept licking and lapping at it. Darryl may have just got his rocks off, but his mother was more turned on than ever.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that went down real good!" Rose moaned, her hungry tongue still drawing over her son's cock as it lay there on his belly. "That was a nice big load! Mmmm, it tastes almost as good as a hard cock!"

All of a sudden Rose got off the bed. It wasn't to leave the room, though. She was back on Darryl's bed in just a few seconds. No, they weren't finished just yet, because she'd only gotten off the bed so she could take off all her clothes. And it wasn't very long before Darryl was nude just like his mother, and he let her take off his clothes and throw them on the floor whore she'd left her own.

"Oh, yeah, baby, me and you ain't finished yet," his mother said. "Not fucking yet we aren't. We're going to keep that cock of yours hard. And I got just the dung, baby. You're going to stick your face right in my pussy and you're going to suck on it and eat it and show me what you can do with that tongue of yours. Oh, baby, you got to eat me! Stick your face down and tongue me good? Do it!"

In a moment Darryl was on his knees on the bed, kneeling between his mother's widespread legs. He bent his head, and soon his tongue was hard at work as he began to eat his mother's cunt. Over and over her pussy he drew his hot tongue, licking and lapping excitedly till his mother's curly cunt-hairs were all wet and glistening with his spit.

"Oh, yeah, baby, eat me! Eat your old mother right fucking out!" Rose moaned, one of her hands on his head as his hungry tongue and teeth and lips kept working at her hairy cunt. "Wash my clit with your hot, little tongue, baby! Lick that clit and sniff that cunt and shove your tongue right into my wet pussy and lick it fucking dry! Oh, fuck, honey, you're driving me crazy! You got to turn around so I can get your ass right in my fucking face and sniff your dirty asshole and tongue it good and lick those big, beautiful balls and suck on your cock again! Come on, baby, let's sixty-nine. I want to eat your ass while you're eating my cunt! Turn around baby, and stick your ass right in my face!"

Chapter NINE

Darryl was on all fours with his mother right underneath him. Even in this new position, though, he could still reach her cunt with his tongue, and it wasn't very long before his face was right back between her smooth legs, his wet tongue licking and lapping at her hairy cunt.

While his hungry, young tongue was roaming over his naked mother's hairy cunt, her tongue licked at his asshole. She hadn't wasted any time in sticking her face between his asscheeks and laying her wet tongue to his young shit-hole.

What a turn-on it was for Darryl's mother to be eating her young son's ass while he was eating her bushy cunt. Over and over Darryl's teenage shitchute his mother's frantic tongue slid, 'til his tight shitter was all glistening with slobber.

Mother and son were both having a great time as they sixty-nined on Darryl's bed, his mother flat on her back, sucking on his big cock at the very same time his hungry mouth was working over her slippery cunt.

"Oh, yeah, Momma, suck my cock!" Darryl moaned as his tongue kept roaming hungrily over his mother's pussy, his face all smeared with her warm fuck-juices, some of her pussy-hair clinging to his cheeks. "Keep sucking, you whore, keep sucking that cock! There's another wad coming up, and I want you to eat it just like the other one! Man, your cunt tastes good! Tastes real good!"

"Not as good as your cock does, baby?" his mother moaned. "I'd dig eating up your next wad, honey, but I've got an even better place for it. You hear me back there, you little motherfucker? You're going to fuck me with your big cock. You're going to slide it right up my cunt and you're going to fuck me with it. Oh, yeah, that's where your next load is going to go, baby, right up my cunt."

Darryl's eager tongue stopped working at his mothers hairy cunt. He turned around so that he was kneeling between her spread legs. He grabbed his long cock and guided it to his mother's waiting pussy.

That hard cock of his was nowhere to be seen, though. After all, hadn't he slid it right up his mother's slippery pussy? Rose had every inch of her horny son's fat prick fitted in her cock-hungry cunt now, all eight inches. And that's what she wanted, as she shut her eyes and gave a groan of pleasure.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that's where that beautiful prick belongs!" Rose moaned. "It's right where it belongs now, every hard inch right up my fucking cunt. Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good. Mmm, it's good to have my kid's cock in my pussy! Now let's see what you can do with that cock, baby. I want you to fuck me with it, and I want you to fuck me hard and I don't want you to stop fucking me till you've emptied your big balls right in my pussy, you hear me, you little motherfucker? Fuck your mother, boy. Fuck her real hard. And if I start screaming, baby, don't worry, 'cause it'll mean I'm having a real good time!"

Out of his mother's slippery cunt Darryl pulled his stiff cock. Not all the way, though. He'd no sooner pulled that hard prick from her tight cunt-hole than he rammed it right back in again, fucked it back in as hard as he could, all eight inches, right up to his balls. Then he did the same thing again, making sure that when he slammed his every inch back into his mother's cunt, it was hard as he could.

It felt good to be fucking her, to be on top of her, their naked bodies so close together, to have his stiff prick in her warm, wet fuck-hole, to feel it sliding in and out as he fucked her.

And the harder he fucked her, the more she fled it. Hadn't she grabbed his bare ass? Wasn't she helping him fuck his stiff cock as deep as he could into her tight pussy?

Rose found Darryl's asshole and slid a finger right up his ass. It got Darryl even hotter when he felt his mother fingering him.

"Oh, baby, you're fucking good," Rose moaned, getting more and more turned-on.

Darryl's hungry mouth was working on her neck, licking and sucking and biting, while his long cock kept fucking into her cunt.

"Oh, that's good! Keep fucking me, baby, don't ever stop! Oh fuck, that's good cock! We're going to have some real good times together, baby! You're going to fuck your old mother lots of times just like this! Oh, baby, come on, fuck me! Keep fucking me, you hot young stud, keep fucking me! Keep fucking me forever, you Goddamn motherfucker!"

"Oh, shit, here it fucking coma!" Darryl cried. "I'm going to empty my balls right in your hot cunt now! It's going to be a good one!"

He began shooting his wad. Harder than ever he was fucked as he lay there on top of her, ramming every inch of his cock deep into her cunt again and again and again. Hot gobs of teenage jism were spurting from his stiff cock. When he finished, he pulled his eight-inch cock from her pussy and got off her.

"Hey, looks like you two ain't been missing me at all. Been having yourselves a real good time."

Darryl looked over at the door. It was his dad. Whatever he'd seen, there couldn't be any doubt that he had liked it. After all, weren't his father's clothes all lying on the floor? And wasn't that one big hard-on that they could see between his legs as he came over to the bed? In just a moment, though, Darryl's mother wasn't on the bed anymore, because Joe had grabbed her by the arm and thrown her to the floor.

"You dirty little slut, fucking around with your own kid! Got him to fuck you, did you? Anything else besides that? What did I miss? You been sucking on his cock too, slut?"

"Oh, baby, you know I dig sucking on your cock too! Let me suck on it right now!" Darryl's mother got onto her knees, her cock-hungry lips reaching for the big prick between her husband's legs. In a moment, she was flat on her back on the floor again. Joe had slapped her across the face and sent her falling backwards.

"Not so fast, you cock-crazy little slut," Joe said, glaring down at Rose. "You know you don't get anything unless you come crawling to me. So crawl on over here and ask me nice and then we'll see about sticking another hard-on into your trap!"

"Oh, baby, let me suck on it!" Darryl's mother moaned as she came across the floor on her hands and knees, eyeing Joe's stiff cock hungrily. "I want your beautiful prick in my mouth and I want to suck on it."

"Is that so? Well, that ain't news to me, baby. If there's one thing you dig, it's a stiff cock in your mouth, isn't it, baby? Don't matter to you if it's your own kid's cock either, does it? No sir. So long as it's nice and big and stiff and hard, eh, baby? So what else were you two up to? Did you take it up the ass too, baby? Get him to slide his prick right up your asshole and fuck that big ass of yours? Hell, I bet Darryl would like to see that. I bet he'd like to see his momma get it from the rear. So why don't you turn right around, you whore, and stick that ass in the air so I can fuck my hard-on right up your fucking ass?"

"Oh, yeah, baby, let's do it!" Rose gasped as she turned around and stuck her ass in the air.

She reached back and played with her tight asshole, prying at it with her finger as she tried to tempt her husband to fuck his big cock up it.

"Come on, baby, my asshole could use that big cock of yours. I want you to slide it right up my fucking ass and fuck me. Oh, please, baby, you know how I love getting your stiff prick right up my ass!"

"Damn right I do," Joe said. "I dig it as much as you do. You've taken my cock up that ass lots of times, haven't you? You know what I'm thinking though? I'm thinking that we're going to have to get this old prick of mine nice and wet and slippery before we can fit it in that tight shit-hole. And that's why I've changed my mind, baby. I'm going to let you suck on my cock after all. You're going to get it nice and wet and slick with your fucking spit so I can slide it right up your hot ass and fuck you. Come on, baby, turn around and pop this hard-on into your mouth and get it to shine."

In a moment Darryl's mother had turned around and gotten on her knees in front of Joe. And it wasn't too long before his hard cock was as wet and slippery as it could be.

"Yeah, that's good, baby," Joe said. "You got my cock nice and slippery. You ain't going to be eating this load, though, honey. I'm going to fire this one right up your fucking ass. Now turn around and stick your ass in the air so I can get ahead on your tight little shitter and feed you every fucking inch I got!"

Chapter TEN

Darryl watched his mother as she turned around once again and stuck her ass in the air, then saw his dad as he foil to his knees right behind her. Joe started to slide one of his hands over her satiny-smooth flesh, over one asscheek then over the other.

"Oh, yeah, honey, you got one hot ass!" Joe murmured.

"Oh, please, baby, put that big, fat cock right in there," Rose whispered, getting more and more excited. "Right up to your big balls, baby! Fuck that stiff cock right up my shit-hole till I've got every inch stuck in my ass!"

"Hey, baby, don't you worry," Joe said, still sliding the palm of his hand over his wife's upturned ass, getting off on how smooth and soft it was, "you're going to have this hard cock up this hot ass before very long. Hell, you think I ain't itching to plug your tight asshole with my cock too? Sure I am, you dirty little whore. Matter of fact, I want to make sure that it's going to slide in nice and easy. And that's why you're going to get my finger first, baby. I'm going to shove my finger right up your tight ass and get your shit-tunnel nice and wet and slippery so my cock will slide up it nice and easy."

He stopped stroking his wife's smooth ass with his hand, raising that hand to his mouth and spitting on it. Then back that hand went to her upturned ass. He poised one of his fingers at her tight asshole. Then it was gone from sight -- he'd shoved it right up his wife's asshole as far as he could.

"Oh, yeah, honey, give me that finger of yours!" Rose mooed. "Work it around good! Oh, shit, you're getting me so hot! Anytime you're ready, baby, anytime you want to pull that finger out and ram your big cock in!"

"Yeah, I think these hot, round asscheeks are ready to get banged now," Joe said, finally pulling his finger out of her tight asshole.

His hand didn't drop to his side, though. He grabbed his spit-slick cock and guided it to his wife's waiting shit-hole. "My cock's all greased up and so is your little asshole, I'm going to fuck my prick right up your ass, baby, just like you asked me to. You watching, Darryl? You going to watch me give your horny mother what she's been asking for, my hard cock right up her tight asshole?"

Darryl was watching. Why wouldn't he be watching? Didn't it excite him to watch now as his father's hard cock started to fuck up his mother's waiting whole?

Her shitter was stretching wide now as Joe's fat cock kept fucking deeper and deeper into her ass.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that feels awful good!" Rose sighed, a smile appearing on her face as she hung her head and shut her eyes, thrilling to the sensation of Joe's stiff prick fucking ever deeper into her ass. "Come on, give me another inch! Give me every fucking inch you've got! Split my ass right in two!"

"Man, you're still real tight, baby!" Joe moaned as he kept fucking his stiff cock into his wife's ass. "Don't know how many times I've had this cock right up this ass, but it's still nice and tight! Oh, yeah, that does it! Every fucking inch right up your ass now, honey! You got them all! How does that feel? You feeling as good as I'm feeling now?"

"Come on, fuck me!" Rose gasped. "Fuck me with that prick! Fuck me with it hard!"

And that's what Joe started to do. As hard as he could he was fucking her ass, pulling a few inches of his prick from that tight whole, then ramming every inch he had right back up his wife's shit-hole.

The harder Joe fucked his wife, the more she liked it. She was moaning away as she remained there on her hands and knees on the floor, Joe's hard cock plunging deep into her upturned ass.

Rose reached between her legs and started to jerk herself off as Joe kept fucking every inch of his hard prick into her ass. She was playing with her hairy cunt excitedly, her fingers rubbing her clit and wet pussy.

Darryl had his stiff cock in his hand and was jerking off as he watched his dad's equally big prick fucking again and again into his mother's tight asshole.

"Oh, yeah, baby, keep it up!" Rose groaned. "Keep that big cock sliding in and out of my ass! Don't ever stop!"

"Hey, baby, you should know the score by now," Joe panted. "I'd like to keep on fucking your hot ass forever, but there's only so many pokes that a guy can take with his hard cock before he starts to cream. And that's what I'm going to do now, baby. I'm going to shoot a big wad right up your fucking asshole. Hell, and it looks like that kid of ours is going to fire a big one pretty soon too, judging by the way his hand is working. Hey, boy, you don't have to do that. Get around in front of your mother and stick that stiff prick in her mouth and let her suck on it again. That way she'll have two hard-ons stuck in her. Go ahead, do your momma a favor. Two hard cocks would be twice as nice as just one."

It wasn't very long before young Darryl was kneeling on the carpet right in front of his naked mother. And it wasn't very long before his stiff cock was all wet and slippery -- all wet and slick with his mother's spit, now that she had her young son's fat prick in her hungry mouth and was sucking on it ravenously, swallowing it again and again, trying to take as much of it into her mouth as she could.

"Oh, shit, I'm fucking coming now!" Darryl groaned.

"Hey, baby, that makes two of us!" Joe panted, still fucking his wife's ass furiously. "You and me both, kiddo! I'm going to shoot my wad right up her tight ass and you're going to fire yours right down her fucking throat!"

Gob after gob of hot spunk shot into his mother's mouth. But she was gobbling it all down. Joe was emptying his big balls right up her ass, still fucking his stiff cock as deep and as hard as he could up her ass as his own load was sent spurting deep inside her.

"Hey, man, that is one hot story," Jason said after his friend Darryl had finished telling his talc. "Fuck, what do you know, my cock is as stiff as a board again. Guess it's time to get my rocks off again. I wouldn't mind having some more fun with your old lady again. She's one hot number. I already crammed my ten-inch prick down her fucking throat, though. And then I slid it up her asshole and emptied my balls right into her ass. Hey, I wonder if she'd like this jumbo-sized jism-stick stuck up her cunt? What do you say, baby? How's about you spreading those hot legs wide so I can plop right down on top of you and fuck you with my ten-inch cock?"

Jason was looking down at the floor. Rose could see how big and stiff Jason's cock was. And seeing that was all she needed. She spread her legs wide.

"Come on, baby, fill my wet cunt with that beautiful cock," Rose moaned. "Slide it right in there! I want the whole Goddamn thing!"

"Hell, I like what you're saying, baby," Jason said as he got down on the floor.

It wasn't too long before his ten-inch cock was snug in her wet cunt.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that's a real hot piece of meat!" she moaned. "Feels real good in my cunt, baby! Now fuck me with it, stud! Come on, you horny little asshole, fuck me hard!"

"Feels good, does it, baby?" Jason panted in her ear. "Well, you're going to be feeling twice as good when I start setting this big cock in motion. Oh, yeah, honey, I'm going to fuck you hard, don't you worry. Hell, I'm going to fuck you so hard it's going to fucking come right out of your fucking asshole. I'm going to be feeling good too!"

And Jason sure was feeling good once he started to fuck Darryl's mother. Out of her slippery pussy he'd pull his big cock, then rim it back in again.

Darryl's mother was scratching and clawing at Jason's bare back with her nails as he fucked her, while Jason was chewing and gnawing on her neck, then working his tongue around excitedly inside her mouth.

Jason's cock wasn't the only stiff prick in the living room, though. Weren't there five more? And wasn't one of them this very moment sliding in and out of a wet cunt too? Wasn't Karen spread wide on the carpet just like her mother, and wasn't she moaning away just as loudly as her mother was at the feel of a hard cock in her cunt? It was her father's stiff prick. He had gotten on top of his young daughter and was fucking her as hard as he could. And that was just fine with Karen. It felt good to have her dad's fat prick in her little pussy.

"Oh, Daddy, yes!" Karen moaned as again and again the horny man drove his hard cock deep into her pussy. "Oh, that feels so nice!"

"Sure does, little darling," Joe said. "Feels real good to have my stiff prick in your tight little cunt."

Maureen was spread wide on the floor too. And though there wasn't a stiff cock fucking in and out of her own furry pussy, the tongue that was probing into her slippery, young cunt as deep as it could was enough to get her moaning too.

Darryl knelt on the floor beside Maureen, his face between her smooth white legs, his eager tongue squirming around inside her young cunt. And Ralph was hungrily eating her teenage cunt too, either drawing his excited tongue over her curly thatch of pussy-hair or nibbling and sucking on her tender clit. Ian was having a good time, too, as he sucked and licked Maureen's beautiful tits.

"Oh, that feels so good!" Maureen groaned as she squirmed and writhed on the floor under the three hard-working tongues. "I'm getting so turned-on!"

"That makes two of us!" Ian panted.

He threw one of his legs over her body. His ass was resting on her big tits. It wasn't very long before his stiff cock was all wet and slippery with her slobber. He'd lifted her head from the floor and slid his fat prick into her mouth, and soon he was fucking Maureen's face, sliding his hard cock in and out of her wet mouth.

"Oh, yeah, man this is nice!" Ian groaned as he kept fucking his stiff prick as deep as he could down Maureen's throat. "Fuck, it ain't going to take me long to shoot! How's it going, Jason? You having a good time too?"

"Hell, man, I ain't had this good a time in a long time!" Jason panted.

Jason kept fucking his ten-inch cock into Rose's hungry cunt-hole.

"That's right, honey, keep fucking me! Keep ramming that big prick right into my fucking pussy!" Rose cried.

She didn't want it to end. She wanted Jason to keep on fucking her forever. But soon he was shooting his wad. He was emptying every drop of his jism into her hot cunt.

"Hey, boy, you ain't the only one who's getting his rocks off now!" Joe groaned. "This is the first load I ever shot up my little darling's tight little cunt, but I hope it ain't the last, 'cause my little girl's got a hot pussy, and I'm having a great time feeding my hard cock to her!"

"Oh, yeah, and now I'm coming too!" Ian moaned, still sitting on Maureen's round tits and fucking her face with his big cock. "Oh, baby, here it comes! All for you, honey! Swallow this fucking spunk down and eat every fucking drop!"

Ian slammed his stiff prick down Maureen's throat, trying to force every inch he could into her gaping mouth.

But that was just fine with Maureen. His hard cock tasted good, and so did this spunk she was gobbling down as fast as it spurted into her mouth. And when Ian had shot his wad, there were still Darryl's and Ralph's cocks to take care of. Maybe they'd slide them into her mouth, or fuck them into her young pussy when their tongues had finally had enough of licking and eating her hairy cunt. Either way was fine with Maureen. The night was still young and there was lots more fun to be had.


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