The saleslady enslaved

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

THE SALESLADY ENSLAVED -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.

"Hi, Mr. Sanders," Angela said, feeling a bit awkward and silly.

She hadn't realized it was going to be this difficult ringing doorbells, even those that belonged to her neighbors.

"Is Mrs. Sanders home?" she finally managed to force out, uncomfortable standing there with her sample case weighing down one arm. Why did a man have to answer the first door she had picked, even if it happened to be only next door?

Particularly next door, she corrected herself. Angela had always been a little frightened of her burly neighbor, who now stood in the doorway looking her over from head to toe.

"Why, Angela?" he growled.

The young woman felt her resolve melt and begin to run away. She had promised her husband to call on at least three of her neighbors this first evening of door-to-door work, and already she was off on the wrong foot.

"What's that you have in your hand?" he continued gruffly, and she amazed herself by having to look down to remember.

"Cosmetics and b-brushes," the young newlywed woman managed to stammer. "I'm just starting to sell them tonight."

"Then where's that husband of yours?" he asked sharply, and Angela unconsciously glanced across the yard toward her small house. "He won't be home until late."

She wondered why he even bothered to ask. Bill had nothing to do with her new job, and she was surprised that Mr. Sanders wouldn't know that.

"Well, if those are samples, I'm sure Paula would want to know," he said, his voice mellowing a bit from its gruffness into a strangely interested tone. He turned and pushed open the screen door. "Why don't you come on into the living room and I'm certain you'll get what you're really looking for."

Angela breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps the job wasn't going to be as hard as she had thought.

Her skin seemed to tingle eerily as she stepped by Ralph Sanders, turning sideways to brush against his hard body as she moved through the door. Thankfully, Angela's business was with the man's wife, Paula, and she wouldn't have to deal with this somehow threatening person.

The Sanders' living room was huge, much larger than the one in the small house she and Bill shared. She and Bill had only been married for three months and the money was still tight -- almost nonexistent, she corrected herself -- or she would have never consented to the door-to-door sales plan. By starting with her neighbors she at least knew their names. And, now, if only Paula Sanders would come in, Angela could get on with her pitch since she had at least two more house calls to make.

The bulky form of Ralph Sanders almost filled the doorway between the living room and hall as Angela stood in the center of the carpet waiting on his wife. After several seconds it dawned on her that she had heard no other movement in the house, and Ralph had yet to call out to his wife. Instead, he simply stood there, completely blocking Angela's way out of the room, with a sadistic smile on his face.

"Cou... could I speak to your wife?" Angela stammered as a chill ran up and down her spine. She didn't like the way he was looking her over as if he could strip her naked with his eyes.

"It really depends on how loud you can yell," he laughed in a grating voice. "We're going to a party tonight down the street and she's over there helping set it up."

"She's not here?" Angela gasped and she didn't have to wait for an answer. The evil gleam in his eyes told her far more than she wanted to know, and she knew she had better start getting out.

"I have to go," she groaned, headed for the doorway. When he didn't move out of the way, she jolted to a stop, realizing she could never get past until he relented and allowed it.

"That's not very business-like," Ralph Sanders sneered, mocking her with his eyes as well as his words. "I let you in here tonight so you could show me what you have. And I think we better get on with it since I have other things coming up."

The words seared into the young woman. She didn't need an interpretation since she knew exactly what he meant. And regardless of how large he was, she knew that if she didn't get out of here right now, there would be a high price for her to pay.

"I have to!" she almost screamed, rushing toward him and trying to push her way out into the hall. But his large, muscular arms caught her firmly in their grasp and he lifted her feet from the floor. He carried her bodily over to the couch and dropped her heavily onto the cushion. The sample case spilled open as it crashed to the floor.

He towered above her, this next-door neighbor of hers. His hair, black as midnight, was rumpled and hung halfway down over his ears. He was dressed in a T-shirt that left his hairy, muscular arms bare and fitted tightly across his broad chest. The jeans he wore looked like they were a size too small, and Angela couldn't help but notice the heavy bulge in his crotch.

"That's right, bitch," he growled. "Look at that cock. Pretty soon you're going to see a whole lot more of that cunt-fucker without having to worry about my jeans!"

"No, please!" Angela squealed as he grabbed her sweater. He yanked, reversing it over her head, then pulled it from her arms while almost spilling her from the couch. Before she could recover, he twisted her over and popped open the clasp of her bra. Quickly, he ripped it from her body and threw the tit harness across the room. Angela rolled off the couch and onto the floor, coming to rest on her back. Her firm, succulent tits bounced around on her chest, pointing hard nipples straight up at the ceiling.

"You have some delicious-looking tits," he hissed down at her. "I might just gnaw one of them off."

Angela rolled to her stomach and tried to scramble up but he pushed her from the back. She thudded down onto the carpet, bumping her face and smashing down on her tits, making them hurt into her chest. The blow to the jaw disoriented her for a few seconds, and she didn't recover until he had her skirt completely off. His hands shoved into both sides of her bikini panties before she realized what was happening, and she struggled but he lifted her legs straight up into the air. When her body slumped back down to the floor, she left her panties high overhead in his hands. Since her shoes had sailed off her feet sometime during the battle, the frightened young newlywed was completely naked.

"Shit, you're a sexy bitch!" he growled loudly. "Why the hell have I let you live next door for three months without getting me some of that pretty cunt?"

"Noooo!" Angela groaned and twisted onto her stomach. In her panic, she wanted to hide her tits and pussy from the evil man. Right then, hands just didn't seem enough.

Smack! An open palm crashed down brutally on her left ass-cheek. Instant pain clear through her ass. She shrieked, then screamed even louder when a palm slapped hard against the right globe of her ass!

"I guess you want my cock fucked up your shithole," he snarled, "because that's exactly what you're going to get if you don't turn back over!"

Angela gasped at the lewd suggestion. Horrified by the idea, she flipped over onto her back, now more frightened about what might happen to her ass. And when her body finally stopped rocking, she was exposed to his awful, staring eyes.

Angela was neither a tall nor short woman. She was within a quarter-inch of being five and a half feet tall, and her body was willowy at only a hundred and four pounds. Only her full tits could be called large as they quivered magnificently on her chest.

Her shoulder-length hair was a dishwater blonde that turned with the seasons, more blonde in the summer sun and more brown in the winter. She had soft hazel eyes with brows that were fair, and the features of her face were small but cleanly cut. Age had not yet changed all of her cuteness to beauty but, in a couple of years, she would be stunning. Her body was the shade of peaches and cream and there was a sleekness to her long, firm muscles.

Her tits would have looked good on a woman inches taller and much heavier, and they were firm and tight. The nipples, which always stayed hard, were surrounded by narrow haloes only a slightly darker pink than the rest of her skin. Her stomach was almost concave in its flatness, and the bottom of it flowed onto a pronounced cunt-mound. Her pussy-hair was a soft brown, little more than trails that followed along the sides of her slit. The cunt-gash itself was easily seen through the light fur, and, since she had been a young girl, her pussy-slit had always been wet.

Even if Bill didn't finger-fuck her or touch her cunt in any way, she was always ready for his prick. When she was excited, her cunt-hole flowed so much that it worried her that she was somehow oversexed. Her ass, now pressed flat to the floor, was almost boyish in form. The ass-cheeks flowed downward instead of flaring out, something that would come with a few more years of age.

And now her lusty next-door neighbor was staring down directly at her naked cunt. That made Angela groan in shame since no man had ever seen her that way except Bill. Even her brother had never seen her pussy since her first cunt-hair had grown. But Ralph Sanders was humiliating her by pawing her with his eyes as surely as if he had been using his hands.

"Oh, please let me go!" Angela moaned, one hand drifting down to cover her pussy as the other arm crossed over her tits. His beefy hand slapped both her arms away, leaving marks from his fingers on her skin. She closed her eyes in deep shame, unable to watch him any more. She heard a rustle of clothing but she was afraid to look until the sounds had died away. Then, frightened, she opened her eyes and gasped at what she saw.

He was completely naked towering over her in the room. His muscles rippled all over his body, and almost all of his skin was covered by black hair. The hair was thick on his arms, legs and chest, and even ran down his belly and gut to the wild snarl of cock-hair at his crotch. He looked almost like a gorilla but that wasn't what had shocked her, rather it was the huge, hard cock that jutted out from the top of his heavenly balls.

At seven inches of a thick slab of fuck-meat, she had thought her husband's prick was almost unmanageable. Bill's cock stretched her pussyhole wide each time he drilled it into her cunt. But here, in this house next door, she was looking up at prick even bigger. Ralph's cock was another inch of two longer, and looked to be even thicker. The hairy balls under the prick hung heavily down Ralph's legs and it looked like there were golf balls inside. The purplish, swollen cock-head appeared so large and angry that it almost hurt her cunt just to look. At the end of the flesh helmet, leaking out the piss-slit, was a sparkling drop of precum that caught the light of the room.

"I told you I would give you a better look," Ralph laughed crudely and fell to his knees next to her naked body. Angela cringed away from him but bumped up against the front of the couch, which blocked any chance of escape. As she whimpered in fear, he walked on his knees up near her head and swung his prick out over her face. She was staring at that hard fuck-meat of a cock from only six inches away.

It looked like a club of flesh. The cock-head was like a helmet. The skin of the prick-pole was like that of the rest of his body, rather than the rubbery appearance of the cock-head. Below the stretched skin, she could see the crooked blue lines of blood-engorged veins, which carried the fluid to stiffen his prick.

"Noooo!" Angela groaned as his fingers caught the base of the shaft then snapped the cock-head down sharply against the side of her face. The blow was surprisingly painful, making the side of her jaw ache. The loud smack of prick-flesh against cheek was like a lewd brand to both her skin and her mind.

"You see it, bitch?" he snarled at her and crashed the hard cock-head down onto her nose. "You come ringing my doorbell and I'm going to be as neighborly as I can. You come over here looking for prick and I'm going to see that you get it, no questions asked!"

"No!" the frightened young woman shrieked. "I wanted to talk to your wife!"

"Hah!" he laughed harshly. "No cunt comes into a house where there's a man unless they want to be fucked. And I'm going to feed you enough horny prick to make you cry and scream!"

His left hand slapped down viciously onto her cunt-mound as the other savagely grabbed onto her left tit. Fingers dug into her tender tit until she was crying out with pain. Fingers of his other hand were pawing at her pussy-gash, then one rammed roughly up her cunt-hole. Angela gasped when her pussy was penetrated by his terrible finger. Then he lifted, picking her body up into the air by his grip on her tit and cunt.

"Aaeeiii!" Angela shrieked. It felt like her tit was tearing off her chest and his finger was pushing through her cunt-walls. He turned her in the air then slammed her back down onto the carpet. No longer did the couch offer either resistance or protection, and she was spread out naked in the center of the room.

"Aaargh!" she gargled on the terrible humiliation of being finger-fucked there on her neighbor's floor. "Leave me alone!" she begged. "Oh, please leave me alone!"

But her pleas fell on deaf ears as he fucked another finger into her cunt. He scissored the fingers open, pushing outward on the inner walls of her pussy.

"You fucking little slut!" he shouted at her. "Playing like you're scared to death and your cunt-hole is already as juicy as a Wesson Oil sandwich. That tells me better than anything you say that you want me to fuck your pussy!"

"No!" Angela shrieked but again her protests did no good. He swirled around on his knees then lifted them one at a time over her legs. He pushed open her creamy thighs to flower open her pussy and stared down at the juicy, pink flesh inside.

"You're hot and raring to go already," he chortled and edged forward to bump his massive cock-head against the mouth of her cunt-hole. "Ain't no goddamn sense trying to get that slut cunt worked up when it's already spilling hot juices and panting for my prick."

How could she make him understand that what he said wasn't true and that her pussy was always wet? Would he ever believe that, even if she was horrified, her cunt-hole would stay constantly greased? It wasn't that her pussy wanted prick, it was just the way of her body.

And it wasn't really fucking he was talking about, it was vicious, terrible rape!

He grabbed her ankles and held them high, then pushed them to the sides. Her cunt-gash gaped until her pussy was flowered completely open. Angela felt the pressure of cock-head begin to bear down on the mouth of her cunthole. She gasped when she realized it was really going to happen -- she was going to be horribly raped by a neighbor!

"No!" she screamed. "Don't do this to me! Nobody's ever fucked me but my husband!"

"Then it's time you learned what you've been missing!" Ralph laughed savagely at the young woman. "There's more to sex than you can learn from some kid of a husband!"

She wanted to curse him, bite him, screaming at him for saying that about Bill, but, just as the words were about to come out of her mouth, three inches of hard pussy-ripping prick shoved into her cunt-hole. She gasped. My God, she had been right! Her next-door neighbor's cock was thicker than her husband's, which made it the biggest prick that had ever speared into Angela's tiny cunt. The pussy-ring at the mouth of her cunthole felt like it was being brutally forced out of shape. And her pussy-walls were stretched thin inside to wrap themselves tightly around the raping cock. As she groaned, more and more of the lusty whore-killer was forced into the sheath of her pussy, completing the brutal penetration.

"Eeeek!" she squealed when the throbbing cock-head slammed into the end of her cunt hole. It hammered the mouth of her womb like it was knocking on a door. The whole length of her pussy-channel was, stuffed obscenely with raping prick, and the poor, frightened, naked woman began to sob and moan as her neighbor fucked back and forth in her cunt.

"Goddamn," Ralph hissed between his teeth as he drove his cock-head once again to the end of her pussy-hole. "This is about the tightest fucking cunt I've ever screwed my prick inside! What a wasted Goddamn three months that I could have been fucking your cunt-hole silly!"

Angela groaned, unable to make sense out of his words. He was talking about fucking her whenever he wanted just like someone had given him the right.

"Umph! Umph! Umph!" Angela grunted each time the cock-head battered into the end of her pussy. She wished she could remain totally silent and unmoving, but the fucking was just too severe.

"Goddamn whore! Slut! Bitch!" he screamed at her as his face contorted in the grips of sex! His cock was already swelling and getting ready to cum and he had hoped to make it last. But why not, he thought to himself with a grimacing smile, might as well bathe this bitch with cum. There would be plenty of time later to punish her long and slow with his prick, even if she didn't know that now. He redoubled his effort, strength and speed, and his cock-head flashed back and forth in Angela's tight pussy.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" Angela grunted now as the horrible neighbor rape went on. She, too, had felt his prick swell in her cunt-hole, and she knew that Ralph Sanders was about to blast his nuts.

His hands came free of her legs, but her feet remained positioned high. Angela was no longer thinking now, just reacting to the rape. And the spread and raised position of her legs made his cock, drive straight in. There was no ripping at her cunt-walls or banging of her pussy-slit as his cock began to rocket out his cunt. Hot, liquid fire roared into her cunt-hole, washing through her pussy. Some of it ran out around the edges of the hard cock and leaked down onto her shithole between her ass-cheeks.

Her eyes popped open at her own reactions. The charge frightened her so much that she never recognized what it was, as the cock made its last stroke and shot its last load of cum into her cunt.

Everything inside Angela told her to run home, to bolt, the door and close herself in the back of the closet until her husband, Bill, was back home. But Angela had never been the type of woman to turn her back on her word and she'd promised Bill that she would call on at least three houses on her first evening of door-to-door-sales. So, when Ralph Sanders allowed her to get up and dress, then run a comb through her hair, she collected her wares back into her sample case then was out the front door and standing on the sidewalk casting only watchful glances back to her own house. Then she turned and walked the other way. What had occurred had certainly been a terrible thing, but Angela felt she had to go on.

She searched her mind for the names of the people who lived in the next house and prided herself on her memory when she brought it to mind before turning up through their yard. The house belonged to Carl and Sylvia Donner, a couple of around forty, who Angela knew just enough to wave to from the street. But, even though she had never talked to them, the Donners had always had a smile and wave from their yard, so Angela braced herself for her second call of the evening, knowing that what had happened at the first house would likely never be repeated.

She was more than a bit relieved, she had to admit, when it was Sylvia Donner rather than her husband who answered at the second knack. Although the older woman was certainly vivacious and large, thereby stronger than Angela, at least Sylvia was female and for that the young woman was glad.

When Sylvia opened the door, she looked almost like a Goddess with a tight miniskirt that fit tightly to her firm, well-shaped ass, and with a pullover top that showed the full shape of her magnificent tits. She fell only an inch or two from reaching six feet, and her firm, feminine flesh was packed into curves that proudly announced that she was a woman. Her hair was flaming red and swirled about her head, and cool green eyes stared down with a gleam at the smaller, more hesitant, younger woman.

"Well, hi!" Sylvia said with scarlet lips parted to show a gleam from her teeth in the porch light on the side of the door. "You're the cute, little thing from two doors down, aren't you? No no, let me remember. It's Angela, isn't it?"

A certain small satisfaction tweaked through Angela when the woman remembered her name, but she was a bit uncomfortable because the woman was so terribly imposing. Being there on her new job and having to make a sales pitch didn't help to calm Angela's nerves, so she stumbled right into her presentation to get it over with as fast as she could.

"Yes, Mrs. Donner, Angela's my name," she began. "And I've started handling a line of brushes and cosmetics door-to-door and have a few samples that you might want to see."

A look of interest came over the larger, fiery haired woman as she glanced up and down the body of the young thing on the porch. She stepped back and invited her neighbor in, leading her through the hall to a cozy little den.

"Oh, this is nice," Angela exclaimed, looking round the room.

There was a big couch, a chair, a fireplace and a bar to go along with the cabinet that stood along one wall.

"I'm glad you like it, my dear," Sylvia breathed, closing the door to the room. "I'll just make it real private here so we won't be disturbed while we take a look at your things."

"Is Mr. Donner here?" Angela asked, a tightness on her chest.

"No, he isn't, my dear," the older woman said, indicating the couch with her hand. "He's out getting a few things for a party we're going to. I can promise you one thing for certain, we're here all alone."

Somehow that didn't reassure Angela as much as she had thought it might. There was something about the glint in Sylvia's eyes that reminded Angela of the lusty look of a man. Angela perched on the front of the sofa and placed her case at her side, but, before she opened it, Sylvia turned and walked over to the cabinet. From a drawer, she took a magazine and something that shone like metal. Angela couldn't see what the metal thing was, since the couch was near the middle of the room and Sylvia walked behind it.

"Before we look at your things, I want you to look at something of mine," the older woman said as she leaned over the back of the couch and used one hand to pull Angela back by the shoulder. The magazine the woman had brought fell to Angela's lap, and almost unwittingly Angela picked it up and opened it to the first page.

It must be some sort of lingerie catalog, she thought to herself, but who in the world would want pants and a bra made out of black leather? She turned another page and there were other leather garments, some of them with holes cut out in front to show the tits and cunt-hair of the models. Angela gulped and quickly slammed the magazine shut but, before she could, the older woman leaned over from the back and yanked Angela's sweater up over her head.

"Oh, no!" the young saleslady cried as everything went black and her arms were forced up over her head. Her mind swirled and for a minute she thought she was back next door where she had been so brutally raped. But when the sweater was pulled completely from her body, it was strong feminine hands, rather than masculine ones, that forced her face-down onto the couch. First one arm then the other was forced behind her back, then both wrists were bitten sharply by the metal of the handcuffs Sylvia had gotten from the cabinet. The click of the locks on the bracelets were like rifle shots in the room, and when Angela tugged there was no relief. Her hands were tightly locked into tin small of her back.

She felt the clasp and shoulder straps of the bra go, then her skirt was being dragged down her legs. Finally the bikini panties followed and, once again, she was totally naked. The whole thing was so demented that she could do nothing but cry and scream and felt the hot hands of Sylvia paw all over the skin of her ass.

"I was wondering when I might get my chance at your pretty little body," Sylvia hissed as she pushed the naked, trembling young woman from the couch onto the plush carpet that covered the floor. The saleslady landed painfully on her back with her hands locked at the back of her waist, and Sylvia quickly strode around the couch to tower up over Angela's feet.

"You are a fine-looking little cunt!" the tail woman breathed.

"No!" Angela cried, horrified by the sight. Sylvia was like a giant from the perspective of the floor. The older woman stood with her fists driven into the top of her hips, and, from below, Angela could see that Sylvia wore no panties beneath the tight miniskirt. Angela was looking up at a wild swirl of red pussy-hair that swarmed around a cunt-gash, which was obviously hot and wet.

"Oh, yes!" Sylvia laughed and went to her bite. She leaned over the trembling, naked woman and grabbed two handfuls of quivering tit. The mounds stood high above Angela's chest and the nipples were hard as if they had already been tweaked.

Angela groaned when she felt long slender fingers bite into her tits. A shiver of fear ran through her when she looked down at her chest and saw the scarlet claws of the other woman barely restraining from tearing at her tit-flesh. The fingers alone were producing enough pain that Angela froze, not wanting to make the woman use her claws. The hands kneaded her tit-mounds, fingers driving far in until both mounds ached clear down into her chest.

"You're a hot little bitch, aren't you, my dear?" Sylvia hissed, letting the naked saleslady feel the edge of her fingernails as she threatened to jab them into the tits. One knee came down hard between the smaller woman's legs, pushing apart the hot thighs.

"Tits with nipples that stand straight up like they're aching to be mauled," Sylvia taunted Angela. "Now let's take a look at that little pussy and see if it's the same."

"Noooo," Angela moaned but there was no way to fight. She was lying with her hands trapped behind her, pushing painfully up into the back of her waist. The claws left her tits and swept down to her thighs, forcing them apart to flower open her cunt.

"Look what we have here!" Sylvia laughed lustily, looking between Angela's legs. "A little pussy that's already drooling and it isn't even touched."

"Please don't!" the tormented Angela cried as fingers pawed into her pussy-slit, then two of them jammed far up her cunt-hole. The tips of the fingernails touched sharply against the end of her pussy-channel, and she squealed in horror at the thought of what they might do.

"Be still, bitch!" the older woman snarled, pressing with her fingernails a little harder. They felt like two knives far up Angela's cunt. "If you don't stop fighting, I'm going to claw out your pussy until it's nothing but tattered, bleeding flesh!"

The tortured young woman froze. Sylvia's words promised what Angela feared most. She lay there, fighting the trembles, as her cunt-hole was finger-fucked by the slender hand of another woman.

"Juicy, juicy, juicy," Sylvia laughed lustily as she pumped her fingers back and forth in the smaller woman's cunt. It was the hottest, tightest female fuck-hole she'd handled in many a month. It made her mouth water to watch her fingers squishing in and out of the tight hole, there was no time like the present to give little bitch a tongue-fuck that she would long remember.

"Let's see how it tastes?" Sylvia almost giggled and Angela gasped.

Was the woman really going to put her mouth on her pussy, the young woman asked herself deliriously as she fought against the whole idea.

Bill had talked once about eating her cunt when he was trying to convince her to suck his cock, but she hadn't been able to force herself to take his prick in her mouth so he had never tongued her pussy-gash in turn. Now it was another woman that was talking about doing the same, which seemed even more perverted than having it done by a man. So, as soon as Sylvia's fingers were out of her cunt-hole, Angela began to thrash around. But she was quickly stunned into absolute paralysis by the woman's greasy long finger ramming through her asshole and into her guts. She squealed at the obscene penetration then felt the fingernail inside her rectum. It touched against the inner wall of her shithole and Angela's body stopped its vigorous fight.

"That's right, bitch!" Sylvia snarled. "If you don't do exactly what I say, I'm going to claw open your ass."

"Ooooh!" Angela trembled in fear. She was too frightened to even scream.

"Now lift your legs slowly then drape them over my shoulders," the older woman ordered and Angela reluctantly complied. The shift pulled her pussy-slit open even farther and lifted her ass and cunt up toward the woman's descending face.

A long tongue slithered into Angela's juicy cunthole as her mouth smothered down onto pussy the first time in her young life, Angela's cunt-gash was being kissed as a tongue fucked up into her pussy-hole. She gasped at the velvety feeling as she was licked far up in her fuck-hole, and the other woman's tongue swirled around, gently stroking the inner walls of her cunt. A fire seemed to break out in Angela's guts and spread throughout her whole body. Even more pussy-juices than normal flowed out of Angela's cunt-hole and into the other woman's mouth. And when she heard Sylvia gulp them hungrily down, the young saleslady was stunned by the whole lewd, perverted scene.

It just couldn't be true! Another woman's tongue was fucking up into her cunt-hole! Angela groaned at the reactions of her own body as it gushed pussy-juices out into the woman's mouth.

"You're a hot little cunt, aren't you?" Sylvia laughed as she pulled her tongue out of her neighbor's pussy and lifted her face for a second. "You still even have fresh male cock in your cunt. Is that left over from your husband before you started or have you been fucking all of your neighbors?"

"I didn't," Angela squealed. "I was raped. That evil man next door raped me!"

"Ralph, you mean?" Sylvia asked, then shrugged her shoulders. Without waiting for an answer, she continued: "That sounds like my Ralphie. Doesn't matter -- whatever he did has left you close to cumming and there's no use in trying to deny that!"

Angela groaned in shame. The whole lower part of the other woman's face was glistening with pussy-juices from Angela's hot cunt. The young saleslady knew it was her own fuck-flesh that had smeared Sylvia from her nose to her chin. Then the face dipped between her legs again, and she felt the velvety tongue gliding through her pussy-slit. At the top of the gash, the tongue worked Angela's tiny clit out of its folds then furiously licked it until it was hard. Lightning bolts of sensation began shooting through her guts and set fire to the base of her spine. But, before she could cum, her neighbor again lifted her face from the pussy and glared back at Angela from the other side of her naked tug.

"It's not your pleasure that's important right now," Sylvia told her naked handcuffed neighbor. "I just wanted you to know who was the best pussy-licker around. Now it's your turn do a little eating, bitch, and you better make me cum!"

As terrible as the evening had been already, Angela hadn't realized it could certainly get worse. But now she was thrust toward even more perversion as her Goddess-like neighbor stood and walked up her body to finally place a foot on each side of her head. As Angela watched with fearful eyes, Sylvia hiked her miniskirt up over her naked ass. Between her spread thighs was a fiery-haired pussy that began to settle toward Angela's face.

"Oh, no!" the young woman shrieked as the curt descended. She fought desperately to free her hands. But the cuffs kept her locked into place as the pussy closed to just a couple of inches away. Angela's mind swooned from the thick smell of hot cunt that suddenly rushed up her nose. As Sylvia's pussy had descended, the gash had split open and the pussy-lips flowered to reveal the blood-red flesh inside.

A drop of cunt-juice dripped onto her chin. She gasped when she felt its brand. It had horrified her when she felt a tongue up her own cunt-hole, now a pussy was being aimed at her mouth. She knew she'd die of humiliation if she ever touched a tongue to a woman's fuck-hole, so she slammed her lips tight. Hot, wet cunt smothered down onto them to give a perverted, girl kiss. Angela squealed through her nose until eke thought her lungs would burst, but she managed to keep her lips closed.

"Lick it!" Sylvia hissed, squirming her pussy against her neighbor's face.

"Fuck your tongue up my cunt-hole!"

Angela's bare heels beat a frantic rhythm into the carpet. Her naked ass bucked and leaped, trying to find a way to roll to the side. But the combination of her bound hands and the woman sitting on her face kept her pinned to the floor.

"So that's how you want it?" her neighbor snarled. "We'll see how long you can remain so pure without being able to breathe!"

Hairy, wet pussy twisted then pressed hard against Angela's face. Her nose slipped into the top of the hot gash, and the nostrils were quickly blocked. When she tried to breathe in, wet pussyflesh was sucked into her nose rather than needed breath. Cunt mashed firmly to her closed mouth, also blocking off the air. The young, frightened woman was being smothered by pussy right there in her neighbor's house.

It took almost a minute but it was inevitable that Angela would give up. By then, her lungs were screaming for air and her mind was filled with panic. Her lips parted against the hot, wet pussy-meat, and her tongue slipped into the juicy cunt-hole. When her tongue was stretched as far as it could up the older woman's fuckhole, Sylvia lifted her pussy slightly from Angela's face.

The young woman sucked air through her nose to burn into her lungs as she fought to keep from passing out. Slowly her mind cleared as she almost unconsciously fucked cunt with her tongue. The tip was all the way up her neighbor's hot cunny-hole as it licked around the inner walls. Cunt juices were flowing into Angela's mouth, collecting at the back until she was forced to swallow them down. She felt the juices grease all the way to her stomach, and she groaned deeply in her chest. Never had she felt as shamed as she was right then from being forced into this perverted act.

"Now, pull your tongue out and lick all around my pussy," her fiery-haired neighbor demanded and, when Angela hesitated, hot cunt pressed down again onto her face. When her nose slipped into the top of the pussy-slit, Angela knew she was about to be smothered again. Quickly her tongue pulled back out of the cunt-hole and began licking around the fuckhole's mouth. The pussy pulled up a bit, allowing her tongue to run through the gash as the cunt-hole splashed juices onto her chin.

"Lick it! Eat cunt, you little bitch!" Sylvia snarled, grabbing two handfuls of Angela's hair. She yanked, spreading fire and pain through her neighbor's scalp. Angela's face was pulled hard up against the juicy pussy as her tongue ran clear up the cunt.

"Now suck my clit!" the older woman hissed. "Eat it like it was a Goddamn prick!"

Sylvia's clit was much longer than Angela's and the pussy-eating had made it stiffen. It slipped easily through Angela's lips as she sucked the bud of sex nerves in. She didn't have a ghost of an idea how to suck clit or cock so she just had to do the best she could. The clit was about the circumference of a straw so she sucked down on the small shaft. She pulled the whole thing into her mouth then swallowed, her lips mashing down on the clit.

"That's right!" her neighbor urged. "Now suck on it until I cum!"

Angela pretended she was drinking a malt. She suctioned and released in rapid succession. Apparently what she was doing was at least close to right, since Sylvia's pussy was going wild. It spurted and splashed cunt-juices all over Angela's chin until the moisture poured down both sides of her neck. The cunt was beginning to pump hard against her face until she swore that the pussy was getting hotter. Sylvia's entire body stiffened above Angela's head then broke loose and began to violently shake. The fiery-haired neighbor rattled through a tremendous cum as she poured pussy-juices across Angela's face. All the young woman could do hang onto the clit with her lips through the climax she'd caused by her first pussy-eating session.

After the second rape in as many hours, Angela did run home as fast as her feet could scamper. Sylvia had left her alone in the den once the pussy-sucking was done, and the frightened young woman had quickly pulled on her clothes, gathered her samples and made it down the hallway to the door. She left the heavy door banging open as she dashed clear out to the sidewalk by the street, then cut to the left and hurried past the Sanders' house, too afraid to look at any other place than three in feet in front of her until she reached the safety of her abode.

Once inside with both lock and night latch firmly in place, she sighed with relief then went to the bathroom and stripped out of her clothes.

She could still smell the heady aroma of pussy as the juices were beginning to dry on her face. Her own ass and crotch were completely smeared by her own cunt-juices and the remnants left by Ralph's cock. She twisted the shower into a hot stream then stepped into the spray to lather herself thickly with soap.

Finally, she stepped out of the tub and began to dry her wet skin. At last the smell of cunt and cock was off her body, replaced by the aroma of good soap. But the scrubbing she had done that had helped her skin couldn't wash away what had happened from the back of her mind. She had been savagely raped not only by a man but also by a woman in the space of a single evening.

And the thing that bothered her the most was that her pussy was tingling like mad and making her juices flow even stronger than was normal. The horrible memory of strange cock and tongue probing inside her cunt-hole wasn't nearly as unpleasant to her body as those recollections were to her mind. So she tried to shove those thoughts out of her head, but what replaced them tormented her nearly as much. For as soon as she forgot about her woes, she remembered her promise to Bill.

This door-to-door sales job she had taken wasn't just to collect a luxury or two. She and Bill really need the money it could bring in just to meet their basic needs. What was important was to be out there knocking on doors, and she had promised Bill she would call on three houses before she was through, and such promises were what trust was all about.

Angela brooded on it. One thing was for certain, she wasn't heading west back past the Sanders and Donner houses. Another minute of pondering and the young woman finally had it -- the Williams' mansion would be her next call. It was to the east -- thank God for that across the street, two doors down and far back across a front lawn. And best of all they'd surely have the money to buy anything they wanted. Just turn on some of that good, old, down home, country charm and she'd have them eating out of her hand.

So, forcing herself back out the front door, she headed across the street. She glanced to her right as she crossed the road but now the two houses where she had been raped were dark, so the Donners and Sanders had apparently gone on to the party of which both of them had spoken. Angela sighed in relief to know that she was safe now that her two rapists were gone. So it was with growing confidence that she strode across the front lawn of the Williams' mansion, headed for the front door. She had combed her hair and replaced the sweater and skirt with a loose shift dress that switched at her legs and ass. She hadn't even put on a bra and panties because, after the shower, she had felt so gloriously clean. In her right hand was her sample case of cosmetics and brushes. She set her mind in firm determination that she'd make her first sale tonight before she was through with her third, call.

She rapped on the front door with a knocker shaped like the head of a goat. It was the most unusual one she had ever seen and she was staring at it when it suddenly pulled away from her face. So intent was her concentration on the strange device, that she was taken somewhat aback. Angela gasped when a black cloud seemed to blow into the opening the door left, until her eyes, settled down and recognized her neighbor, Tara Williams.

The sight almost stole Angela's breath. She knew that the other woman was beautiful from having seen her around her yard, but Angela had no idea how stunning Tara Williams actually was until now when she saw her up close. The woman's dress was a black silk that flowed against her long, sexy body, touching tits and the front of her hips before descending to the tops of black heels. The woman's hair was raven black and hung down in back to her hips. Her eyes were almost like onyx staring out of a marvelously tanned face.

"Why, hello, Angela," Tara said in a voice that was like soft velvet. Angela hadn't even realized that the older woman -- perhaps thirty -- had known her name since they had only talked briefly before.

"Hel... hello, Mrs. Williams," Angela managed, unable to take her eyes from the other woman. The stark beauty and femininity of Tara's made Angela suddenly feel like a child. She wished now that she had opted for a bra that would have squeezed her tits together to make them look larger.

"And what do we thank for this pleasant surprise?" Tara smiled at the younger woman out on the porch. She, too, was looking, and she appreciated the bumps in the front of the dress from Angela's hard nipples. She knew that those tits were naked beneath the dress.

"I'm selling cosmetics and brushes door-to-door now, and I was hoping you had time to take a look," Angela said softly, pushing her left hand outward to show the other woman the case. Tara looked down then back up, and smiled at her young neighbor.

"Well," Tara began, her voice like a lure to drag Angela in, "there were a few things going on but, since you're here, I'm sure that everyone will be glad to give you some time. Come on in and I'll show you the way."

Even then there was something that picked at the back of Angela's mind, telling her that she should turn and hurry away. But the web of the woman's beauty and the authority of her wealth had entrapped Angela. Angela obediently stepped inside.

The sound of the large, oak door closing behind her sounded like the lid of a tomb, but, as if she was in a trance, Angela trailed on behind as Tara walked down a long, wide hall. The young woman's eyes were inescapably drawn to the swish of the material across Tara's beautiful ass. The ebony-clad body in front turned toward a spiraling staircase and started down. At the bottom a small foyer opened up only to be dominated on the other side by a massive door. Tara pushed the door open with ease then motioned Angela inside, and the young woman stepped through. She was six feet into the large, dimly-lit room before her surroundings finally made sense, and she cried out in surprise. There were a number of people lounging around, but it was what was happening in the center that frightened Angela so much that she almost pissed down the inside of her legs. There, on her knees atop a small platform that stood six inches above the floor, was the totally naked Sylvia Donner swallowing the hard cock of a standing Ralph Sanders.

Angela couldn't believe it. The same cock that had raped her pussy earlier in the evening was now raging hard again and spearing the mouth that had eaten Angela's cunt only a little while ago. Suddenly Angela remembered that Ralph Sanders and Sylvia Donner had said something about their spouses being gone to help set up a party for that night. Now it struck Angela with the destructive power of a hurricane that she had somehow managed to stumble into that gathering.

Her head whipped back and forth. Sure enough, she spotted Paula Sanders across the room stroking her hand up and down the raw, monstrous cock of a man Angela didn't know. And a few seats down was Carl Donner feeling up the naked tits of Barbara Faulkner, who lived directly across the street from Angela. In other seats, scattered around the room were other people, some naked and some clothed, and most of them were staring at her.

"Noooo," Angela groaned and started backing toward the door. Then she felt the long arms of Tara Williams wrap tightly around, locking across her tits. Angela dropped the sample case and squealed as she fought to break free, but two of the men in the room rose from their chairs and quickly ran up to capture her by the arms.

"The chains," Tara growled, the purr long gone. "Put her in the double sets that hang from the ceiling."

"No!" Angela shrieked but one arm was twisted behind her as she was forced on into the room. Ahead, two pairs of chains dangled from above as she was pushed to stand between them. As one of the men held her, the other stripped the dress off by pulling it over her head, leaving Angela naked and embarrassed in front of what seemed like the whole neighborhood crowd. Then the clamps at the end of the chains were buckled onto both thighs and upper arms, and she was hoisted unceremoniously into the air. Unable to keep her balance, she fell back until she was lying almost horizontal to the floor, then she was raised until she was crotch high to the men.

"Don't do this to me!" Angela screamed, her body twisting and thrashing.

Her weight caused the bands on her arms and legs to bite tightly into her flesh, causing pain that punished her shoulders and hips. Her head rolled back since it was unsupported and the whole room tumbled upside-down. Across the room, Ralph Sanders appeared to stand on his head as his fiery-haired next-door neighbor sucked cum out of his cock. When the long, thick prick-shaft began spurting, Sylvia ripped the cock-head out of her mouth and aimed the rocketing globs of cum straight up into the air. The spunk bombs arched then fell to splash down onto Sylvia's face. Her mouth was wide trying to catch the falling cum, and she snared several wads with her lips.

"Is this the little bitch you were telling me about?" one man asked. By the time she looked that way, Angela couldn't tell who had spoken.

Sylvia sat on her naked across on the platform using a finger to wipe cum from her face into her mouth. "Yes," she growled, a confident cat cleaning up after drinking cream. Ralph, with a semi-hard cock still bouncing, stepped off the platform to the main floor.

The man Angela didn't know who had locked her into the chains glanced over at Tara, who had moved up next to Angela's swinging, naked body. "Is she going to be a new initiate?" he asked the woman with the raven hair.

Tara stared down at Angela's naked tits. "At least a pleasant weekend diversion," she answered with a tight, knowing smile.

"Then let's get that cunt-hair off her and get started," the man called to Carl Donner, who had been the second man to place Angela in the chains.

"Who are you?" Angela gasped at the strange man. The pain in her legs and arms bit at the corners of her attention.

Tara stepped closer as the two men departed, and she reached down and pinched Angela's hard nipples between fingers and thumbs.

"You really should keep up with the neighborhood comings and goings better than that," the dark beauty told the young woman. "That's Jason Adams, and he and his wife, Terri, just moved two weeks ago into a house a couple of doors down from you."

"Please let me go!" the bound young woman begged. "I didn't mean to be here. All I was trying to do was earn a little money, and I didn't want to disturb anything that was going on."

"Disturb it!" Carl Donner laughed as he stepped up between Angela's chained legs. "You are going to be what makes the party happen -- a strange pussy and a lot of naked skin!"

Angela glanced through Tara's arms, and she saw the large pair of gleaming metal shears grasped in Carl's hand. She groaned as he reached down and grabbed onto her pussy-hair to pull it tightly up into the air, then he ran the shears beneath his hand and cut away a patch of her cunt-muff.

"Aaargh!" the frightened woman gargled on her panic as she watched the sharp blades slide next to her pussy-flesh. Just one little flick of the metal shears and he would open up large gashes in her skin.

Snip, snip, snip -- and finally Carl was done, only to stand aside and let Jason Adams take his place. Quickly, Jason smeared soap into Angela's pussy then shaved her cunt-mound bare with a strange razor that almost frightened her to death. As long as that blade was between her legs, she fought against her tremble to keen the razor from paring away her skin. When both men were through, her whole pussy was as naked and bald as it had been the moment she had come out of her mother's womb. "Oh, God," Angela moaned in deprecating humiliation. Now, even the protection of her cunt had been taken from her and she was chained, naked, exposed -- vulnerable -- to the whole neighborhood. The shame that filled her was the depth of the ocean and the width of the sea. Thankfully, degradation wasn't a fatal disease or Angela would be dead on the spot. But life didn't give such easy escapes when it had the horrible things planned. And, as the crowd gathered around her, pawing and poking at her naked body, the frightened, embarrassed young woman had to suffer everything they gave out.

Naked tits, cocks, cunts and asses. They surrounded her as most of the people stripped out of their clothes. Ralph Sanders had already been naked while having his cock eaten. Sylvia, Carl's wife, was naked from her prick-sucking session, and she came over to show Angela the bushy, fiery-haired cunt she before had been forced to lick. Tara Williams, with beautiful ebony hair tickling the crack of her ass, was endowed with the thickest, wildest patch of black cunt-hair that Angela ever could imagine. The sight of her pussy-slit peeking through the dark forest made Angela agonizingly aware that her own poor cunt had nary a strand to hide her own wet pussy-lips.

And there were more -- more hard cocks, jutting tits, and leaking pussies -- which seemed to float in and out of her view. She'd never seen nor imagined so many naked bodies, and all of them were crowding in next to her own.

"What's she got in here?" she heard a male voice question, and she knew it must be her sample case which had caused the man to ask.

"She said it was cosmetics and brushes," Tara Williams replied, once again reaching out for Angela's naked tits with fingers that were long and slim. But this time the fingers didn't just tweak and rub, they savagely twisted the hard little nipples. Angela squealed from the pain that shot through her chest, and everyone laughed to see her thrash about in the chains, when the pain and torture hadn't even started.

Jason laughed as he carried over the opened case. He, too, was naked and Angela groaned when she lifted her head and saw his cock. Of the male fuck-poles bouncing around her, Jason's was by far the largest one, thick and hard and long as it jutted out a foot from the top of heavy, hanging balls. His body was thin and he stood more than sex feet tall, making the cock oversized on his lean, solid body. Jason put the sample case on the floor and several people leaned over and pawed through it, taking objects out and holding them up to let their imaginations run wild.

Jason, perhaps with proprietary rights, was the first one to reach a lewd conclusion. "Doesn't that little cunt look just like a snout?" he laughed, staring down at Angela's newly-shaven pussy. "I think I'll put some lipstick on it so it'll have a pretty smile."

"Noooo," Angela groaned as her face and then turned red. When Jason touched the tube of scarlet lipstick to her pussy, it almost matched the coloring of her shame. People on each side grabbed her legs and held her body still as the taunting and drew bright red coloring down both outer lips of her pussy. When he was through, he dropped to his knees and planted a wet kiss directly onto her painted cunt. The whole crowd laughed, heightening the humiliation until the tormented young woman in chains felt as if she would die.

Tara, too, had come up with a toy -- a hairbrush with a wide back that she began using on Angela's naked tits. The first slap of the back of the brush stung the top of her left tit-mound, torturing the nipple with biting pain. The second blow smacked into her right tit, turning it red, then the black-haired beauty began alternating harder slaps of the back of the brush down onto her tender tits.

"Aaeeiii!" the bound saleslady screamed as her tits burned like they had been dipped with fire. Her entire tit-mounds were now scarlet from the sharp smacks of the brush against her flesh.

When the beating was done, someone found rouge to rub on her nipples and their haloes, turning the tops of her tits into red islands riding waves of pink. But the final insult was added by Ralph Sanders as he found a bottle brush in her case and moved Jason Adams out of the way.

"Pull her cunt-lips apart," he ordered and two hands pushed between her legs to comply. Angela felt her pussy being pried out and the inner lips flower. Her cunt-hole, as usual, was juicy and warm, and Ralph pushed the end of the brush to the opening of her pussy-pit.

"No!" Angela shrieked when she realized what he was going to do, then she screamed in pain as the bristles of the brush were shoved up her cunt-hole.

All the way to the deep end of her fuck-hole, the bristles scraped at the inner walls of her pussy, and it felt like a hundred-thousand ants were swarming up her cunt. Each time the bristles hung on the flesh then gave, way, they painfully pricked the inside her pussy-channel until she was crying in demented wails. Back and forth the bottle brush fucked her as the crowd of horny neighbors stood nakedly and laugher and Angela wondered whether she had died and gone to hell since these people were obviously demons. Somebody else had borrowed the brush from Tara and, once again, Angela's poor tits were being thrashed. Again and again, the back of brush fell, turning Angela's tit-mounds into pyres of pain as the bottle brush raped in and out of her cunt.

Then, suddenly, one brush was pulled from her pussy as the other stopped abusing her tits. So powerful was the pain that Angela didn't even notice for a minute. Then, when she opened her eyes and blinked them free of tears, she found herself staring up at the underside of a raging hard cock.

"It's time for a little face-fucking action," she heard the voice of Carl Donner say.

"And time for this whore's pussy to be ripped out by a cock," Jason Adams announced, moving Ralph back out of the way. Angela lifted her head, bumping her scalp into Carl's prick, and she saw Jason's monstrous fuck weapon aimed right for her cunt.

With a fear that ran clear through her guts, the bound young woman realized that the schoolyard fun and games were now over and things were turning serious. Two hefty pricks were now aimed for her body -- an oversized one in her tight little pussy-hole and the other one facing her mouth.

And the others watched. And laughed. Pussies and cocks waiting in line.

"No, please," Angela groaned as she hung in the chains from the ceiling. She was staring up directly into Carl Donner's cock and balls, and the long shaft of fuck-meat was raging hard. She could see the blue veins zig-zagging under the tightly stretched skin like wandering roads on a map, and thick, sandy hair sprouted from the loose sac of his balls. The cock-head at the end of his prick was like a small fist, and, from the bottom, had a strange shape almost like a Roman helmet with a spot for a face to look out.

"I haven't done anything like this before," Angela whined, unable to take her eyes off the throbbing cock that was threatening her face. "I've never had a prick anywhere near my mouth before."

"There's a whole fucking lot of new things you're going to have done to you before this weekend is over," Carl Donner laughed, not an ounce of empathy in his voice. His hands ran into her hair to grab her insultingly by the ears.

"But my husband..." the tormented young woman cried, trying desperately to think of an excuse.

"Husbands ain't a damn bit of trouble for this bunch," he growled sadistically. "There's enough wet pussy and hot, cock-sucking mouths in this neighborhood to make him forget that you're even alive."

It's not true, Angela wanted to scream but he lifted her face closer to his prick and, in panic, her mouth clamped shut instead. She sealed her lips as tightly as she possibly could in a frantic attempt to keep the cock from fucking into her mouth. Never had she even kissed Bill's horny prick, and, after all, he was her husband and he had begged her time and again. But there was something lewd and perverted about the whole idea of sucking cock to Angela, and it was something she just wasn't willing to do.

Hard cock pressed against her face, trying to bore its way through her lips and into her mouth. She couldn't even afford to scream in her frustration and shame, knowing that, as soon as her lips were parted, raging prick would be shoved into her mouth for the first time in her life. She caught the faint scent of the man's crotch, which smelled more like sweat than anything else. She was surprised that the cock, itself, had little aroma since she had always thought of it as somehow dirty.

Carl dug his finger in and tugged, and her ears hurt like they were about to split from the sides of her head. Angela moaned deeply in her chest, but managed to keep her mouth closed and to use her teeth as the barrier against his prick.

"Alright, bitch, if that's the way you want to play it," the sandy-haired, lean man snarled at her. His fingers left her cars and cupped underneath her jaws as his thumbs rammed into the joint where they were affixed to the skull. A terrible pressure grew and Angela felt the bones of her face almost forced out of joint as the combined pressure of fingers and thumbs pried her jaws open. Reluctantly, her lips parted then spread wide. Hot prick ran immediately in over her tongue until the cock-head bumped into the back of her mouth, hammering hard at her tonsils and the opening to her throat.

"Now I'm going to take my hands, off your jaws," he growled down at her. "But if you bite my prick, they'll have to use a basket to carry you out of here in pieces. I'll get a Goddamn whip and beat you until the sun comes up in the morning."

The harshness of his voice told the frightened saleslady that the threat was terribly real. She hadn't thought about biting the cock before, mid she certainly didn't want to take a chance of that now. So when he released her jaws, she restrained herself as the cock started to fuck. And when she finally did close down her mouth to swallow the saliva his cock stirred up, she made sure her teeth didn't bite.

And in her fear it took a moment to notice that the prick didn't have much taste at all. The flavor wasn't offensive and it was more like sucking a huge thumb. She could feel the differences in texture between the cock-head against the back of her mouth and the skin of the long shaft that lay lengthwise down her tongue. The cock-head was like a rubbery ball and the prickshaft was covered by skin such as that found on the rest of his lean, Tara body. The realization that she was sucking cock was a horror to her mind, but to her body it wasn't unpleasant at all.

"That's right," Carl urged Angela, taking her cars in his hands again. "Close down around my prick like your mouth was a pussy to fuck?"

Angela groaned at the lewd suggestion but did just as he had said. She was bound, swinging in the chains without any leverage except for that of her mouth on his cock. She remembered what had worked on the tiny clit when Carl's wife, Sylvia, had raped pussy into her face and she imagined herself with a huge, thick straw in her mouth so she gulped and suctioned her cheeks onto the sides of the long shaft. It must have, worked since Carl Donner trembled and rammed hot cock-head even harder at her tonsils. Then the thick prick started pulling out, almost squeaking in the tight grasp of Angela's mouth and she heard him growl in delight.

"Shit!" he exclaimed. "This bitch's mouth is a tight a teeny bopper's asshole. I'm going to enjoy raping her Goddamn throat!"

Saliva squished out of her mouth and ran down her cheeks and into the sides of her hair. Hairy balls scratched back onto her forehead as Carl ran his prick all the way back into her mouth. Then the fat fuck monster raping out the cherry of her mouth set up a firm, fucking motion. In and out it ground in the hot, wetness of her mouth as Angela managed to breathe between the deep strokes.

And Angela's mouth wasn't the only fuckhole drawing attention. Her shaved, tight pussy was currently the goal of Jason Adams and his oversized prick. Feminine hands still pulled at both sides of her cunt-mound, flowering her pussy-lips wide. And the hot knob at the end of Jason's twelve-inch prick now pressed against the mouth of Angela's cunt-hole. But so busy was she with the prick fucking her mouth that a she didn't even notice the assault on her pussy until the monstrously swollen cock-head was rammed through the tight mouth of her cunthole.

"Aaargh!" she gargled around the mouth spearing prick. The throbbing cock-head plugged up the doorway to her throat and choked out most of the scream. Bubbles of saliva rolled from the edges of her lips as she continued to cough and sputter while her pussy felt like it was being torn to pieces.

There might as well have been a fist rammed up her cunt. There was so much agony and pain. The tight ring of muscles protecting the depths of her pussy-hole just wasn't built to take that much stretching. The hard cock felt like a steel bar, or perhaps a fence post caught in her cunt. The slicing pain tortured her asshole and clear up into the muscles of her abdomen.

"Man, this is a tight cunt-hole!" Jason hissed between his teeth. "Look at this little slut thrash around. What do you think she's going to do when she's stuffed full of my prick?"

"Ram it home!" Carl urged as he pumped cock into Angela's gasping mouth. "Let's fill this little bitch at both ends with hard, thundering prick!"

"Here comes a real pussy-ripper!" Jason snarled as he leaned forward to lock his hands around the top points of Angela's hips. "Try this cock on for size!"

The brutal blow was so vicious that it squeezed three inches of the oversized prick, into her cunt, and, at the same time, it knocked the bound, naked woman forward in the chains so that the whole cock-head of Carl's prick popped into the vise-like grip of her throat. Panic rushed through the terrified young woman and she couldn't tell whether it was from her aching, stretched pussy or the throbbing cock-head rammed down her throat.

Carl's prick was the first to relent and its swollen knob slipped back out of her gullet. There was almost an audible pop when it left her throat and returned to her mouth, and suddenly she found she could breathe. She sucked burning air into her lungs as the cock began fucking her face again. But, after the terrible, suffocating feeling of having prick down her throat, mouth-fucking seemed like a relief.

But her pussy wasn't getting any rest from the brutal battering it was suffering. Thankfully, her well-greased cunt-hole, which stayed slick all the time, had allowed the slab of male fuckmeat to ram in without tearing flesh, but it also allowed several more inches to be thrust into the fuck pit of her pussy. The inner cunt-walls felt as if they were stretched paper thin as they wrapped around the frightening thickness of Jason's prick. The mouth of her cunt-hole was still painful as it was forced all out of shape, but many of the nerves were going completely numb.

Finally her pussy-ring could stand no more and she felt the muscles suddenly relax. It was as if her flesh had been beaten into submission until it had given up. Immediately, long inches of the monstrous cock crammed her pussy-hole full until the bulging cock-head was resting against the deep end.

"Nnnngh!" the tormented woman grunted as hot meat butted against the closed door to her womb. She glanced dawn past her lewdly rouged tits to her tortured bald cunt and she could see there was at least a couple of inches of thick, hard prick that the thin, sandy-haired man hadn't been aide to force inside.

She gargled, her mouth also full of prick as the horse-like cock began to back out of her cunt. So tightly had the shaft been crammed into her pussy-hole that it dragged her body along behind. The motion caused her mouth to ride up on Carl's prick until just the cock-head remained inside on her tongue. Then Jason reversed his thrust and hammered the thick whore-ripper back into her cunt-hole, driving Angela's body forward in the chains and her mouth down hard onto Carl's long cock. The force of the blow being delivered down the length of her body was too much for the connection of her throat.

Carl's cock-head blasted past her tonsils and into her gullet, followed immediately by long inches of thick prick-shaft. Angela felt the muscles of her neck bulge out to make room as the cock-head reached almost into her chest. And then, once again, the enormous cock in her pussy was pulling back, dragging her to the rear. The two cocks were pistoning, filling her at the same time then retreating as Jason's prick set the rhythm.

Each of the horny, naked women at the party gathered around, having seen this trick before. All of them had tried it at onetime or the other for themselves and they knew the captive sex slave's throat and pussy were aching with horrible pain. They even had a name for it there at the Friday Night Bondage Club -- the double pumping fuck. It was bad enough the way the chained woman was suffering it, but what their new slave didn't know was that it could actually get much worse.

The double-rape of Angela settled into a hard, driving pattern. In rhythm, cock thrust all the way down her throat, fucking out her neck and the beginning of her chest, while her cunt-hole was stretched wide with prick. In desperation she had found that she could take ragged breaths each time the cock pulled out of her throat, so she managed to get needed breath. Her cunt-hole felt reamed large enough for freight train to roll through, but her inner pussywalls still gripped tightly around the unnatural prick.

Most of the feeling had gone from her body as most of her nerves had gone numb. Her body had adjusted to endure the torturous punishment as her mind was consumed with getting air. Around the edges of her consciousness crept in the realization that she actually might survive this terrible double-fuck. But what she hadn't counted on was that there were five horny, naked women in the room whose pussies itched to get involved. So, as Angela's throat and cunt-hole swallowed then coughed up throbbing prick, the women moved in.

One grabbed Angela's right tit as another latched onto the left. She couldn't see who was doing what since she had prick and male crotch shoved into her face. But she could feel her tit mounds being savaged by long fingers then pulled out to the sides, as if the two women had decided to tear a tit each from her naked chest.

A head bumped into her scalp, and the woman's mouth suctioned Carl's balls from Angela's forehead. One of the lusty female fuckers had sat down between Carl's legs and was sucking his hairy sac and its nuts while he pounded hard cock down Angela's throat. Down at her gait, she felt the spread of Jason's pricks as they forced her thighs wider, and the bound saleslady could imagine a feminine mouth gobbling up the balls of his cunt-fucking cock. A third woman's naked ass also hit the floor, but she scooted up under Angela's suspended body then wiggled down under her hips. Angela felt feminine hands running over flesh then down into the crack of her ass where one long, slender finger searched out the tight mouth of her shit-hole then pushed painfully in.

"Uuungh!" The bound woman grunted as her asshole was pierced. A needle-like pain ran through her shitter and clear up in her guts. Now something was jabbing into each of her fuckholes while her tits were being mauled. Her whole world had suddenly turned into demented, enforced sex and the chains, saw that there would be no escape.

The two women tearing on her tits finally had an idea that would add even more lust to their cunts. Watching Angela thrash about from the punishing mouth and cunt fucking, they decided to add more pain than just the tugging on her tits. One of them left to go to a small cabinet along one wall where she opened a drawer and took out two narrow switches that she brought back over to the sexual group. One of them she handed to her companion across Angela's naked, sweating body. The second lashed a slender switch down across the bound woman's tits while the other timed the strokes of the monstrous cock into Angela's pussy, then slashed down when the prick pulled out.

Swish-smack! Swish-smack! The sex slave's whale body leaped in the chains and on the prick from the terrible biting pain that cut through first her tits then down into the top of her cunt-slit. First her nipples then her tiny, tender elk burned like a fiery knife blade had been used on her flesh.

But there was no use in even trying to scream. With only a second or two between the punishing penetrations, a prick drove clear down her throat to poke cock-head into the level of her chest. Short sucks of breath were all she could manage around the hammering, neck-fucking prick and her lungs screamed on the brink of being tortured for air. In her cunt, the inner walls of her pussy were stretched again and again as the muscles of her cunt-ring were beaten almost flaccid in submission from the awful thickness of the horse-like cock. Taking turns, the switches slashed into her nipples and clit adding even more punishment and pain.

"I'm fucking her Goddamn throat like it was smooth, tight pussy," Carl laughed as his hands snarled into his young neighbor's hair. All along his thick shaft when it shoved into the woman's neck, the gullet squeezed on his cock like the tight mouth of a cunt-hole. At the time his prick was in her throat, it felt like that first second of penetrating at whole, where the ass ring squeezes a slender band. But this band of gripping pressure lasted all the way down his prick. To add even more pleasure to the throat-rape of Angela, one of the other women had crawled between his legs and was sucking furiously on his balls. He didn't care who the horny bitch was, but she was doing marvels for his nuts and his cum was starting to bubble hot and getting ready to explode.

Jason Adams' cum was also starting to boil as he hammered his bulky prick into the small fuck-hole of Angela's cunt. Because of the size of his cock, Jason had never run into a pussy too big, but this little bitch's cunt-hole was one of the tightest one's he'd ever felt. He could feel it squeezing down on his fuck-meat all the way back through the channel, and his cock-head felt like it was actually pushing flesh and bone out of the way to reach the back of her fuck-hole. The woman eating his balls at the same time had a golden, velvet tongue and she was able to sweep it around the sensitive flesh marbles even while her mouth continued to suck. Each time his body pulled out of the way, the savage switch lashed down into the top of the slit of the hard fucked cunt.

Now two fingers speared far up Angela's shithole, adding even more pain and humiliation. Her tits and abdomen felt like they had been sliced by the knife blades of the switches. Pussy and throat were well-reamed fuck-holes by the hard pounding pricks. Her whole body was being used and abused all at one time for the pleasures of the collection of sadistic, lusty sport.

"I'm about to cum!" Jason growled, using his arm to motion away the women with the twitches. His hands groped clear down to Angela's sides and squeezed tightly to gain more leverage to hammer his massive cock even harder.

"Let's blast her together!" Carl exclaimed, wrapping hands around the back of Angela's neck and head. Now, instead of letting Jason's hammering of the sex slave's body drive her throat onto his prick, he thrust hard with his hips to double the power of each neck-fucking thrust.

Between the legs of both of the men, balls ripped out of sucking feminine mouths. The nuts were already climbing their strings and needed room to work. The two fingers in Angela's asshole were torn out as the fifth woman got out of the way. It was time for hammering, spurting cocks right now to complete the brutal group fuck.

Unbelievably, the pricks in her mouth and cunthole smiled even more as they got ready to blast. Carl's cock never left her throat now that cum was about to explode. Waves traveled down the lengths of the mighty shafts then hot, sticky wads of cum were rocketing into both her gullet and pussy, filling her body up at both ends.

The heat greased its way down her gullet clear to her stomach, bypassing her mouth. There was no taste to the cum in her throat since it never touched her tongue. But she could feel it all the way down her chest and finally into her tummy. Carl was feeding her enough spunk in wild, splashing spurts that she wondered whether he would fill her stomach.

Her cunt-hole was awash. Cum was pumped out of the full fuck-hole each time the monster cock slammed back in. The sticky combination of spunk and her own juices streamed down into her ass-crease and washed over the mouth of her shit-hole.

And, inside her body, the confusion that reigned in her flesh from the new experience of brutal fucking caused sensations she couldn't explain. All of the thrashing and clenching of muscles wasn't being caused by either humiliation of pain. Mixed in with those were bolts of pleasure that rocketed through her guts. The base of her spine felt like it was exploding and there was a heat that was like burning coals. And when those final spurts of cum splashed into her throat and cunt-hole, Angela was swept up into wild, sky-rocketing cunt that knocked her almost unconscious in the chains.

How in the would could such a terrible thing happen? That question was the one left in Angela's mind more than anything else once the horrible group fuck was done. And burning into her thoughts was the realization that she, too, had actually cum from the brutal treatment all of the sadistic fuckers had given out. There was no doubt that she had been beaten into submission and that she had been chained with little choice, but, in spite of it all, her body had actually reached out and found pleasure. And that troubled the young woman, shaming her to depths she hadn't realized existed.

And along with her shame right now came terrible pressure and pain. She had still been woozy from sex and cumming when they had taken her from the chains. But, instead of fraying her alone and allowing her to escape, two of the men forced her over to the raised platform.

Angela was forced onto spread knees on the padded surface, and her ankles were locked into small clamps. Then her arms were pulled down behind her and snapped into cuffs built into the floor alongside where her feet had been fastened. One of the men pushed her back, bowing her knees up into the air until she was flat on her shoulders. The second man adjusted a clamp then locked it snugly around her neck, pinning her head to the floor.

"Don't!" she shrieked when she realized she was bound into the uncomfortable position. The combination of all the clamps bowed her body into the air with her knees widely spread and her bald, well-fucked cunt thrust up high. She could feel the terrible pressure pull her shaved pussy wide, flowing it so that even the cunt hole's mouth was open. The pressure on hex knees was almost unbearable and her toes cramped since they were forced to hold much of her weight.

"How do you like my party so far?" Tara Williams purred as she walked up to straddle her feet on the opposite sides of Angela's head. The woman's voice was likes velvet but the position she stood in towering above the frightened young saleslady dripped with an icy threat. Angela glanced up those long, firm-muscled legs into a pussy that had a wild forest of ebony hair. The hot, pink cunt-lips lying in the midst of the hair only peeked through the dark strands. Farther up the woman's body, magnificent tits jutted out from her chest. Even Angela was amazed at their near-perfect shape as they shoved hard nipples out from the ends of the mounds. Even seen from the bottom there wasn't a hint of a droop to the firm tit-flesh of the hostess of the party.

And Tara peered down between those tits at the young neighbor's face. She watched Angela staring at first cunt and then tits, and Tara smiled, knowing the fascination that must be dancing through sex slave's mind. And there was no doubt that this young newlywed woman had never dreamed of seeing hot pussy so close.

"You like looking at my cunt?" Tara taunted the frightened woman, reaching down with both hands to use her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy. The hair pushed out of the way and Angela could see the wet pinkness of pussy-meat just a few feet from her face.

"Are you queer, my dear?" Tara continued, rubbing one finger up the juicy slit. "Would you rather lick pussy than suck on old dirty cock?"

"No!" Angela cried, unable to take her eyes from the finger gliding through the cunt-gash.

"How about if I let you suck on my clit for a while," Tara breathed, catching the nub between her forefinger and thumb. Stunned, Angela stared at the head of the little nub as the woman fingered it like a tiny prick.

"Please let me go," Angela moaned, tensing her body to put pressure on the clamps. They wouldn't budge an inch, only cutting into her flesh. "I want my husband! I want my Bill!"

"Oh, you'll have him," Tara laughed softly. "After the rest of us get through with him, that is. Barbie Faulkner has already gone across the street to meet him when he gets home so you can bet he's going to be eager to get over here, but not for the reason you hope."

"Noooo," Angela groaned and, for the first time, was able to close her eyes to the sight of hairy cunt. Just the thought, of Bill succumbing to the temptation of another woman was almost more than she could endure. Right now he was Angela's only hope for escape and she prayed desperately that he wouldn't fall into the web spun by these evil neighbors.

As soon as Angela's eyes had closed, Tara began hunkering down toward the bound sex slave's face. As long as Angela was watching, Tara wanted to torment her, but now that the young woman's eyes were closed, Tara could surprise her by attacking her mouth with a cunt. Swiftly Tara's ass descended and her pussy spread wide until it mashed down onto the lower part of Angela's face.

The tormented saleslady was startled by the wet heat of cunt suddenly smothering over her mouth and nose. In fear, her eyes popped open to look directly into the top of the woman's pussy-hair. The sudden cunt-assault had caught Angela between breaths and now she gagged pussy-flesh into her mouth and nose. The used air in her chest begged for release so she stopped sucking and began to try to blow.

"Aaeeiii!" she screamed when pussy lifted from her face, leaving hot cunt-juices spread about. Angela's mouth was left with the taste of cunt-hole and her nose with the smell as Tara quickly rose and stepped away from the panicky girl.

"You don't deserve to eat my pussy yet," Tara hissed back over her shoulder as she walked over to the cabinet that had provided the switches before. "You're going to learn something about torture so you'll appreciate pleasure if we ever offer it to you again."

When Tara returned, she was carrying a handful of strange devices. All of them were small -- some were shiny and some were black and she dumped them onto the floor beside Angela's sweaty, naked body. The first ones she picked back up were the two shiny, metal devices that looked much like the clothes pins of older days. The dark, beautiful woman, levered the mouth of one of them open by pushing her fingers together on the other end, then she held it down in front of Angela's face.

"Can you imagine what these are for, my dear?" she asked pleasantly as if she was inquiring about Angela's health. The bound woman stared at the metal piece.

"Oh, come on," Tara purred. "Use a little imagination. I'm not doing my wash so it's certainly not for that. I'll give you a little help -- besides your tiny tits, what's the worst place on your body you can imagine these little metal teeth biting into?"

"My tits!" Angela shrieked, now knowing, almost instinctively that it was true.

The perverted smile on Angela's beautiful face showed that she had guessed right.

"No!" the tormented sex slave wailed as she watched the open mouth of the device swing down toward the hard nipple of her right tit. For once in her life she wished she could make those nubs shrink clear back into her chest. But the right nipple remained there, jutting upright, as if waiting for the evil metal teeth to gather it up into their bite.

Angela screamed in horrible pain as the clip was attached to her nipple. The tiny metal teeth bit sharply into the skin without breaking it, causing an unbelievable pain. The agony quickly spread through the rest of the mound, then flooded out into her chest. Then the second clip was snapped onto her left nipple and the pain wracking her chest and body doubled within an agonizing second. The tit-mounds grew firm until both tits were almost as hard as her nipples, as her flesh fought against the terrible pain.

Tara stood above her waiting sex slave, looking over the neighbor's contorted body. This was the part of the get-togethers Tara liked best, administering the pain to break a bitch's spirit to bend her even more to the whims of the group.

It took a couple of minutes but Angela's tits finally went numb enough to relieve some of the terrible pain. Once that had happened, Tara picked up another device, this one a black box with wires leading out from the top and from all four sides. One of these wires she plugged into a receptacle built into the floor, then she shoved the small box under Angela's arched back. Two thin wires were curled around the sides of her body then one of them was attached to each of the metal clips that were already torturing the tips of her tits.

Another wire with an oval on the end was stretched out to where Tara was standing, then the fifth wire was pushed down past her feet. Tara stepped around and went to her knees between Angela's bowed legs. At the end of the fifth wire was a cylinder the same size as a thick Polish sausage, but the contraption was a black plastic with bright metal spots scattered all over its surface. The dark-haired woman lined up the end of the cylinder with Angela's pussy then pushed it into the wet, gaping pit. There, the sex slave's own pussy-juices and the remnants of male cum awaited it, and the combination quickly wetted the strange contraption from end to end.

But it wasn't really cunt that the torture device had been designed for, and Tara yanked it out of Angela's pussy. Then, shoving hard, she drove it completely through the bound woman's ass-ring until the whole thing popped into Angela's rectum. Angela groaned at the agony of the device going in but once it was inside, it nestled snugly making her uncomfortable but giving no pain. The wire leading out of her shit-hole trailed back to the box, which the frightened young woman didn't yet understand...

"What are you doing to me?" Angela moaned, even though she wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer. Her tits and asshole were wired up like a ham radio as she lay there contorted on the floor.

And then Tara picked the final device and held it over Angela's naked body. And, even though she'd never seen one up close before, the frightened saleslady needed no one to explain. The long slender shaft, as black as sin, was a riding crop to be used on a horse. But there were no mares and stallions parading in that room this night, only the naked flesh of a terrified young woman.

"Oh, no, please don't!" Angela cried. Her muscles strained but the unnatural position the clamps held her in had caused her joints to lock. A good tremble and a shudder were the only movements she could make, and, no matter how much she fought, her naked flesh on the front of her body was completely exposed to the crop. Even her poor, hairless pussy was gaped open and thrust up into position so it could be easily beaten.

"Just enough to teach you how it feels," Tara purred, her teeth glinting and her eyes shining with sadistic lust. "After that, you're going to have to beg me to get me to lash your skin."

Angela squealed as the riding crop slashed down onto her tightly stretched abdomen. A scarlet line of seared skin was etched across less than an inch above her navel. As she wailed, the riding crop stuck again, burning her skin two inches below the first. Then, as if it were zeroing in, the slender shaft snapped dawn to cut across the little depression of her belly button.

"No!" the tortured woman screamed. "Don't hit me again!"

"Oh, yes," Tara breathed lustily. "We have to introduce the whip to your tits."

Smack! The slender, black shaft sliced into the undersurface of Angela's tits. The mounds leaped about on her chest, setting off new agony from the clips attached to her tortured nipples. Smack! The riding crop etched an acid pain across the top of her tits. An angry red line was left in Angela's flesh wherever the brutal lash traveled.

"No!" the bound woman yelled. "No more! No more!"

"One last taste," Tara hissed, almost unable to contain herself as her pussy poured juices into her black cunt-hair. The insides of her legs were already awash with the cream that had poured from her cunt, and beating the naked bound bitch was causing more to gush.

"Your pussy!" Tara growled and snapped the shaft down the plane of Angela's body. As the riding crop slammed into tender, wet flesh inside Angela's cunt-gash, Tara was rocked exploding cum. Almost like slow motion, she watched the narrow black shaft explode against tormented pussy-meat and her eyes relished in the sound of the sex slave's demented screams.

Angela screamed as her cunt and whole world seemed to explode. Never in her life had she ever felt such horrible pain. The wet flesh inside her pussy-slit was seared by the crop slashing her cunt. For several inches she shrieked at the top of her lungs until the pain finally subsided enough for her to be aware of what was around her.

Tara had backed several feet away. She stood with her fists rammed into the tops of her hips, the riding crop rising from the right hand like a flagpole shaking in the wind. The insides of her thighs glistened in the light of the room from the juices that had run down from her cunt. And the lusty smile on her face showed that she wasn't through dishing out pain to the tormented young slave.

"Now," Tara hissed through closed teeth, "I'm not going to let you feel the riding crop again until you beg for it. And you're going to have to growl and squirm before I'll ever let it slap into the slit of that leaking pussy!"

Angela groaned, but it was from relief not from pain. It was true that she still hurt from tying been beaten, and her pussy smarted from the blow in her gash, but the knowledge that she wouldn't feel the lash of the riding crop again was enough to overcome that lingering agony. She could think of nothing in the world that would ever make her ask to be beaten, so Tara's threat just didn't make sense.

"Well?" Tara demanded sharply. "Are you going to beg me to beat your tits and your belly?"

Angela rolled her head to the side to watch the party hostess, who was talking nonsense as far as Angela was concerned. So, when Tara demanded again, Angela shook her head weakly and muttered that she would never ask.

Tara laughed, her teeth parting. Light glinted from her lusting mouth, reflecting from the wet teeth. Her foot moved over a couple of inches and stepped down on the small oval on the end of the wire that ran from the box beneath Angela's contorted body.

"Beeck!" was all that Angela managed before the intense shock cut off her breath and sound. The plastic oval had been the switch to the transformer feeling the wires leading to Angela's tits and asshole. That one fledgling scream that began when the current flowed was quickly smothered as the electricity poured into her body. The clamps on her neck, wrists and ankles grounded her, allowing an unbroken current. Every muscle in her body locked tightly as she thrashed as much as the clamps would allot? Her tits leaped and danced around on her chest and it felt as if the inner part of her ass was being fried.

Then suddenly the current was gone. Tara had stepped on the oval again. As quickly as it had begun, the electricity had died away. It left Angela shocked, her body limp, held up only by her own locked joints.

"Nooooo," she moaned when her brains had again become unscrambled. She still could hardly believe what had just happened, even though every muscle and bone in her body still ached.

"Have you changed your mind?" Tara demanded and Angela rolled her head that way. It took her several seconds to figure out what the woman had meant, but she made the connection when she saw the tip of the riding crop quivering in the air. She yipped at the horrible memory of what that evil thing had done to her skin and cunt, and, for those few seconds, the more recent memory of the horrible shock was pushed somewhere into the back of her mind.

"Don't beat me!" she cried, unable to take her eyes off the crop. Tara's mouth curled into a sadistic smile and her foot moved over the oval again. Before Angela could find the words to stop it, Tara stepped on the small plastic switch again, opening the current to Angela's body. "Aaargh!" the sex slave gargled before the current froze her throat and chest. She could almost hear her tits begin to sizzle and her nose could almost smell the cooking of her ass. But the pain didn't stop in just those locations, rather it rocketed though her entire body. Where her neck, wrists and ankles touched the metal of the clamps, it felt like her flesh was being burned. Every muscle tightened and shook until it hurt and her abdomen clamped down tight on her bladder. An arching stream of golden piss burst from her shaved cunt and shot across the room to splatter onto the floor somewhere off the platform. Pussy-juices churned in her cunt, coming out in spurts. Her body was totally out of control.

Then, once again, it was gone. Her body went limp. All of her flesh and bones were now just part of the single, horrible hurt. She turned her head once, again to her tormentor and saw Tara's foot hover over the switch.

"No!" she shrieked, through a throat going raw. "Beat me! Please, please beat me with your riding crop! Slash my tits until they bleed and whip my stomach until it's all red?"

Tara kicked the switch over next to the bound woman's body, then stepped up and began savagely whipping her naked neighbor's tits. Again and again, the riding crop slashed down, torturing on both sides of the titty clips. When all of the mounds were fiery red except for her bitten nipples, she moved the riding crop down onto he tortured woman's stomach and lashed there until the flesh was scarlet. Then she raised herself up to all of her height and, with eyes growing with lust, she roared down at the young woman.

"Beg me to whip your pussy gash!" she screamed. "Grovel and plead with me to torture your cunt!"

Angela shrieked, unable to force the words from her mouth. Tara stomped down on the switch that was again near her foot. Immediately the electrical current poured into Angela's tits and asshole, making her body thrash against the clamps.

"Beg me, bitch!" Tara hissed and cut off the current. "One second and I shock you again!"

"Beat my pussy!" Angela wailed. "Lash me in the cunt! Rip up my pussy-meat with the riding crop and whip me until I cum all down my legs!"

And Tara did. Again and again, the riding crop slashed into the gash of the young woman's tender pussy. The blows were never vicious enough to actually tear flesh, but they were enough to make Angela cum. At the time, she would have never been able to make the connection that, somehow, pleasure had become confused with the pain. All she knew was that her pussy was being savaged, and, somehow, it seemed to blast rockets off at the same time.

Bill was headed home, squealing wheels around the corners and chewing on one breath mint after the other. He had worked late just as he had told Angela he would, but not nearly as late as this. Later he had joined the Friday evening crowd down at the tavern near work for a beer before going home. And the first one had turned into, well, maybe four beers -- he just couldn't remember for sure. All he knew for certain is that the fucking breath mints had damn well better work before he turned the old Chevy into the driveway and shut its engine down.

He really didn't like to fool Angela, but -- well, things weren't going quite the way he had expected. Down deep he had been happy of sorts with Angela for these months they had been married but he had hoped for something beyond what it seemed that they'd had. Before they were married, he had thought her reluctance toward sex was something that wedding bells would surely cure. But, much to his chagrin and the torment of his horny nature, he had found that things didn't change as much as he had planned.

And now he was left almost constantly with a case of sore balls that wouldn't go away. Sure, he could fuck Angela most any time he wanted, but there was more to sex than that. He'd been hoping to corn-hole her little shitter and here he was, after all these months, with a cock that wasn't even being sucked. He had done better than that even back in junior high, he reminded himself.

His cock got hard just thinking about cocksucking, and he zipped down the fly of his trousers and pulled the throbbing shaft out. As he drove those last couple of miles, he stroked his powerful prick-meat with his fingers, wishing it was some girl's lips instead of his hand. By the time be pulled into the driveway and shut off the engine, his balls were, once again, aching and sore.

He was so worked up he didn't even put his cock back into his pants, figuring to toss Angela onto the couch as soon as he walked in the door. And if she didn't talk fast, he was going to ram his prick right through her lips and fuck cum into her mouth. If ever a man needed cock-sucking, he decided, it was him and the time was right now.

The door wasn't even locked. The silly, little cunt. Anyone in the neighborhood -- or maybe even a robber -- could have walked right in. And, when he was through the door and into the hall, there wasn't a light on in the front of the house. Hoping that Angela hadn't gone to bed and was already asleep, he walked into the living room and turned on the lamp. But the person sitting in the easy chair in skimpy halter and tight shorts wasn't the person he had expected. It wasn't Angela waiting there for him, it was Barbara Faulkner from across the street!

"What are you doing here?" he asked in surprise as the woman raised her arms above her head and stretched. The motion pulled the hem of the loose halter up, exposing the bottom half of her tits. Even part of the dark halos around her nipples showed beneath the cloth, and that made his rigid cock throb. With the sudden certainty of being hit in the forehead by a ball-peen hammer, he realized that his prick was still sticking out of his pants.

"Uh," he said, unconsciously glancing down and calling attention to his own embarrassment, "I don't really normally come in like... you know what I mean."

"Oh, don't cover it up!" Barbie squealed, scooting quickly out of her seat. She went to her knees on the carpet and moved over by his feet.

Before he could pry his hard cock back into his pants, she had brushed away his hands. Then her own fingers wrapped around the throbbing pole and stroked it from cock-head to root.

"I like it!" she giggled. "It looks so good! I think I'll eat it up!"

Bill groaned as his balls stirred into an uproar. But he wasn't so overcome with temptation that he forgot about his wife. Afraid that he was going to be caught when he really hadn't done a thing, he tried to push the young woman away from his prick while glancing over one shoulder back toward the door to the hall.

"Look," he said urgently. "What you say sounds real good. But I've got a wife somewhere in this house, and she'll probably cut off my prick if she finds it in your mouth. Maybe we can meet somewhere else and do it some other time."

"Don't worry about Angela," Barbie giggled, resisting the push of his hands. "I just came over from a party at the Williams' house and your wife's already over there. Everybody sent me over with Angela's key to get you so you could join in on the fun. I've already missed forty-five minutes of the activities waiting for you to get home. All I want to do is get a little of your prick to make up for what I've been missing waiting for you to arrive."

"Angela's at a party?" Bill asked, dumbfounded. It didn't sound like his wife at all. "She didn't tell me about that."

"She didn't know about it until this evening," Barbie exclaimed, leaning her face forward to lick up the shaft of his prick. At the top, she swirled her tongue around the cock-head like it was an ice-cream cone she was trying to eat.

"And she's over there having fun?" Bill asked, grimacing from the shock of almost tormenting pleasure. Instead of asking about Angela, he wanted to shout at his sexy neighbor to eat prick and suck it into her mouth.

"That little wife of yours is the life of the party!" Barbie assured him, then her lips went into a pout. "Now, won't you please let me suck your prick? If you'll get those pants off, I'll even gobble your balls into my mouth!"

After all, Bill asked himself, how much was a man supposed to resist? He certainly didn't want to be unneighborly, and Angela was already over there having the time of her life at a party while he was sweating blood at work.

Well, maybe she hadn't actually gone until after he was drinking beer, but that didn't matter since she would have thought he was working when she'd skipped off to join the fun. And Barbie was so eager to eat prick that she had almost leaped across the room at just the sight of his cock, it would certainly be unfriendly to make her do without. So Bill, in fine, neighborly fashion, ripped out of his clothes and slumped onto the couch while Barbie aimed her mouth at his cock.

She was a cute woman, maybe a couple of years older than Bill, which could have made her four years older than Angela. But if that was true, you could barely tell those few years of extra age, since Barbara Faulkner looked like hardly a year out of high school. She was short -- certainly not over five-two, and she couldn't have weighed a hundred pounds if she had been soaked three times in a pool. Her startlingly blonde hair was clipped almost into a page boy around her ears and neck, and bangs -- of all things -- bounced merrily on her forehead. Her eyes were a brilliant, springy blue and her nose was little more than a button.

But her mouth -- ah, her mouth, Bill thought as her lips wrapped around the head of his cock -- was supple and full. And, as she suctioned prick back to the opening of her throat, one of her hands untied the strings of the halter.

When the material fell away, Bill could see firm and remarkably full tits for the small size of her body. He scooted his ass forward on the cushion of the couch and opened his legs farther, to give his neighbor plenty of cock-sucking room.

And Barbie needed all the room she could get. Although small, she was an active eater of prick. A little bundle of energy, she threw all of her attention and body into grinding her mouth down on Bill's cock. It was her job to warp this joker's mind and cock into orbit so he wouldn't worry about his wife.

Bill watched his thick fuck-meat disappear into the rich, delicious mouth. Barbie's lips were shaped into a large, tight circle that pressed down on the shaft as the prick moved through. Her mouth was hot and wet, just like a cunt, and her tongue was velvety smooth. And, by the time his cock-head bumped against her tonsils, she was already beginning to suck hard. Bill's balls started humming a glorious tune that he had thought they had almost forgotten.

Cheeks closed down on his prick. Tongue pushed up and the roof of her mouth pressed down. Bill could feel the pressure of her fuck-hole all down the length of his cock. And Barbie was sucking the whole thing like the prick-shaft was a thick straw. Even when she began to bob her head up and down in his crotch, she kept up the sucking action on his cock.

"Goddamn, that feels good!" Bill exclaimed, as he clenched his eyes in pleasure and thrust up with his hips. Give him just a little cocksucking, and he knew he could fuck all night long.

Slowly, Barbie ran her mouth up his prick. With a loud, wet pop, the cock-head came out of her lips.

"Now for a little ball-gobbling," she giggled. "Get ready to bang onto your nuts!"

Her tongue glided down the underside of his cock-shaft and ran onto the sac of his hairy balls. Fingers replaced lips around the throbbing prick-pole as she jacked him off as she collected his balls into her mouth. Suddenly the whole nut sac was smothered by heat as she suctioned his balls to the back of her mouth. Her tongue rolled over them back and forth as she nursed on the sensitive marbles. All the time one of her hands was stroking up and down on his powerful prick as the other wormed fingers into the crease of his ass. One of the long fingers found the mouth of his shit-hole and plunged in to stroke at the prostate gland and almost drive him wild. Even in junior high school, he had never had anything like that.

When Barbie felt the hot balls in her mouth begin to crawl up their strings, she knew the young man was about to cum. Unwilling to let his spunk spurt up into the air, knowing he'd want to plant it in her throat, she spat the balls out of her mouth. With her tongue gliding up the length of his fuck-pole, she moved, her mouth back up the prick.

At the top, she grabbed cock-head sharply between her teeth, then ran the throbbing prick apple to the back of her mouth. Cocking her head downward slightly to use his cock-head to lever down the back of her tongue, she opened the gateway to her throat. Then, with a strong shove, she drove her face clear down into his cock-hair as his prick burst into the fierce tightness of her neck. All the time, she reamed his asshole out with her finger, keeping pressure on the gland that provided moisture for his cum.

"Aaaah!" Bill sighed loudly as he felt his cock-head ran into the tightness of her throat. It was like fucking a circular vise. The throat gripped his prick -- damn near tried to strangle it as inches of cock bore into her neck. His asshole was on fire from her probing finger, and her gland stroking was sending precum out into her throat. Now his balls felt like they would explode as he felt his cum begin to erupt. He blasted stream after stream of sticky jism down his neighbor's throat at the finish of the best cock-sucking of his life.

When the last of his cum had pulsed down his neighbor's throat, she drew her mouth up off his prick. But she didn't leave it alone, stroking its length with the velvet grip of one hand.

"Keep it hard," Barbie Faulkner urged Bill stucking around the swollen cock-head with her tongue and jacked off his prick-shaft with her fingers. "Just think about it pounding into some hot, tight cunt! There's more fuck-holes on a woman than the one located in her mouth. The make it good and hard for me, and I may even let you corn-hole my ass!"

And, even tough one load of cum had just poured out of his prick, Bill's fuck-meat never softened since the stimulation continued on. He'd always been able to go for two or three fucks in a row as long as his cock got attention. So, in just a few seconds, his prick was throbbing as hard as it had ever been, and Barbie, his neighbor, giggled and stood to strip out of the tight short-shorts.

"Oh, wow!" Bill exclaimed when he saw the cleanly-shaven pussy between the woman's legs. There wasn't a single hair to be seen. The vertical lips of her cunt were pouting and already glistening from the juices the cock-sucking had stirred. Her fingers reached down and pulled out the hot, bald, wet lip as she giggled once again.

"C'mon," she demanded none of her hands flashed out and caught his arm to his naked ass up from the couch. Barbie went down onto her back atop the soft carpet, then lifted and spread her legs high for his cock. "Imagine you're fucking a little girl who hasn't grown up enough to get hair on her cunt!" she squealed, urging him on.

Bill's cock was so hard it hurt. He didn't need further prompting. He hadn't had any hairless pussy in years and this one looked as tight as the tiny ones he remembered. When he fell to the floor with his knees next to his neighbor's naked ass, she spread her legs even farther. He looked down into a juicy bald cunt-crack that was just begging to be split open by his prick. It looked so tiny, it really could have been on a small girl, except for the hot pussy-juices it was pouring out.

His cock-head had turned purple from being engorged with so much blood, and he aimed it right for her pussy. He watched the tip of his throbbing meat disappear into the tiny hole, as he felt her cunt-ring wrap round the end of his prick. This is going to be tight one, he thought wildly to himself, but she was pleading for him to hammer it in. So he fell to his hands and thrust with his hips, driving seven inches of raging fuck-meat into the cunt-hole's grasp.

"Beeck!" his beautiful young neighbor squealed as she felt hard prick thunder into her fuck-hole. There was nothing Barbie Faulkner liked better than strange cock, particularly when its owner lived so close. And this young man, not much more than a boy, was able to fuck her cunt after she'd eaten cum from his prick. Maybe if she was lucky he'd even have enough left for her ass hole, and the thought of that made her lick her lips.

Seldom had Bill seen such a bitch so good at fucking cock while on her back. Instead of lying there like Angela usually did, allowing Bill to do all the work, Barbie was busy furiously fucking back on the prick. Her legs wrapped around his back and drove heels into his naked ass. She used the leverage to screw her pussy onto the throbbing cock-shaft, screaming and begging him to fuck even harder.

"Pound your prick into my cunt!" she encouraged him in a voice becoming shrill. "Hammer that cock-head home. I want to feel your pussy-splitting fuck-meat crashing into my stomach!"

And Bill was happy to oblige. Angela, his wife, liked fucking with little, gentle strokes, and that didn't offer much to a hard, horny prick. Sometimes all a man wanted to do was to violently ream out a pussy, and this little bitch of a neighbor was egging such brutal cunt fucking on. The young man began to savagely pump his prick into her tight pussy-grasp as she continued to yell for more. The room was filled with the sound of wet slaps as his cocd hammered into the juicy cunt-meat.

"Harder, harder!" she urged him again and again, and Bill used his prick as a club. But no matter how hard he beat into that cunt, he couldn't batter Barbie into submission. Each of the vicious thrusts was met by her pussy being thrust up savagely to meet the blow. Barbie's heels dug into his ass, adding even more violence to the fuck.

By now, Bill's prick felt like an iron bar that he was sure would never go down. After a session with his horny neighbor, he might have to walk around with a hard-on for the rest of his life. But that was fine, he thought with a crooked smile, as long as Barbie Faulkner still lived across the street. He wasn't aware that there were others in the neighborhood that were ready to stand in line offering service to his mighty prick.

"Fuck my pussy!" Barbie cried. "I want to be the first in the neighborhood to have my cunt filled with your cum!"

"First?" Bill asked with a grimace. Already his balls were climbing up against his groin.

"Yes!" the small blonde-haired neighbor exclaimed. "Almost all the women on this street are lusting for a hunk of your prick. When you get over to the party, you can have any of them you want."

"But what about Angela?" Bill groaned, his cum bubbling in his balls.

"She's already too busy sucking and fucking prick to hardly notice you when you get there," Barbie gasped, her own cums beginning to fire. "Right now they're probably punishing her for eating cunt and cock and for starting to fuck pricks before you arrived."

It was just too much for lust-filled Bill to understand. Thoughts of his wife eating cock and fucking her cunt-hole onto somebody else's prick was just too much for his already-trained balls. The idea excited him and forced his cum to erupt, spurting into the fuck-pit of his young female neighbor.

"Cum in my pussy-hole!" Barbie wailed, using her heels to thrust her cunt violently against his fuck-stick. Hot cum splashed into the end of her pussy, bathing it with fire. Barbie was riding the crest of wave-like cums as they ripped through her guts. And there was one thing for sure that would cause the final tidal wave of ultimate cum -- and that was a hard prick fucking up her ass!

Suddenly his naked neighbor's body seemed to slump under Bill as his cum spurts began to die down. Barbie collapsed so thoroughly that her pussy was pulled completely off his prick. When he sat back up onto his knees in surprise, Barbie flipped over onto her face and raised her perky ass. Her hands groped behind onto her ass-cheeks, then her fingers pulled to split open the crack of her ass. Bill was staring right at her naked, bald pussy-hole as cum leaked out and splatted to the carpet, and, right above the well-fucked cunt-hole, her shitter puckered out from the stretched skin.

"Fuck my ass!" Barbie lustily demanded. "Corn-hole greasy prick clear up into my guts! Get that Goddamn cock of yours busy and ream out my aching shit-hole!"

Bill's mouth fell open. Any chance of his throbbing prick losing its strength was swept away in an instant. He'd never had a woman beg for his cock to be crammed into her shithole. And right in front of him now was this sexy, little neighborhood woman who was even stretching her ass-cheeks out of the way. If this was the way the women in the neighborhood were, Bill thought, he was going to have a very busy prick!

His cock throbbed and his nuts ached as he lined his cock-head up with her puckered asshole. The grease of his own cum and Barbie's cunt-juices lubricated the entire length of his prick so he didn't have to worry about slickening it down. As far as Bill was concerned Angela could fuck all the cocks in the neighborhood as long as he had hot ass like this to ream. The only thing that made him mad was that she had started without him, and that thought stirred him to think about punishing Barbara waking ass in proxy. His hands wrapped around the front of her legs and he forced the thick cock-head through her shitter, mouth of the asshole being pushed open by his prick. When the end of the fuckpole was firmly buried in the gripping tightness, he braced himself and rammed the rest of his cock-shaft inside.

"Eeeyaaa!" Barbie screamed and immediately began to cum. The pain of a pierced shifter was enough to make her pussy explode. The waves of small cums were quickly left behind as the tidal wave began to roll. Being ass-fucked was the small woman's best dream, and, once again, she was being corn-holed to the core.

"Oh, fuck!" Bill growled when he felt the heat of the woman's rectum wash around his hard cock. Already his piss-hole had rocketed cum twice in just a few minutes, but it was again working itself up to fire. He'd never plundered all three of a woman's fuck-holes in rapid succession, and he realized now what he had been missing. He was going to fill Barbie's guts with boil cum, and then he would rest before going over to the party and beginning to fuck.

"Yes!" Barbie screamed as her shitter was savaged by the corn-holing prick. The cock head battered clear up into her guts as it thundered in and out of her asshole. Her pussy was sputtering with gushing juices that poured from her cunt-hole and dripped to the floor. The shock of the almighty cum was beginning to consume her, awaiting only the splash of Bill's spunk in her rectum to ignite.

And Bill's cock was quick to oblige. The triple-fucking he had given her mouth, cunt and asshole was too much to allow it to go on. Suddenly his balls felt as if someone had grabbed them and tried to rip them off. Heavy, thick gobs of cum rushed through the length of his prick and blasted up into the woman's guts.

Barbie's cum exploded. She wailed and she screamed, as she twisted her speared asshole back into her neighbor's prick. Like artillery fire, the cock kept firing, bathing the depths of her shiner with its cum. To both Bill and Barbie, if there was a heaven on earth, it had been found right here on their neighborhood street.

They had placed a gag in her mouth, a firm rubber ball that had stretched her jaws wide and tight. The ball was attached by heavy clips to wide elastic straps that had been wrapped around the back of her head. About the only sound that Angela found she could make was a deep moaning far down inside her cheat. All the times she remained in the set of clamps that held her pinned with a bowed back and pussy held off the floor. Her knees were spread and her naked, shaved pussy was gaping wide, something the lusty Frank Williams, the host of the party, hadn't been able to resist. So, when Barbie walked back into the party room dragging Bill along by one arm, Frank was poised on his knees feeding long inches of hard cock into Angela's well-greased cunt.

"Angela?" the tormented young woman heard her husband gasp, and she groaned in her chest and turned her head toward the door. The clasp around her neck pinning the back of her head to the floor scraped harshly against the skin across her throat but she managed to look his way. Bill was ten feet inside the doorway and he was dressed only in a robe. As Angela watched, Barbie Faulkner tossed one of Angela's own robes off her naked body to show her tits and cunt. To torment the bound woman even more, Barbie nodded toward Bill then ran a long finger into her pussy before turning around to lean over and spread the crack of her ass. Angela gasped around the ball gag when she saw thick male cum leak out of the woman's shit-hole, knowing that only her husband, Bill, could have shot the fuck-cream into the woman's guts.

And, as much as Angela was shocked, Bill war stunned as well. Even though Barbie had told him that Angela was already at the party and maybe was being punished for arriving early, he'd never expected to see his wife tied up in quite this interesting way. Her sweating body was contorted by clamps that held her wrists and ankles. Sliding in and out of her cunt-hole which Bill could hardly recognize now that it was bald, was the thick, hard cock of one of his neighbors. And Frank Williams didn't seem the least bit concerned that others were watching as he fucked neighbor cunt; he pressed two fingers to his forehead and saluted the incoming male who happened to be the husband of the bound woman being hammered by his cock.

"Your wife's got a tight pussy even though it's already filled with male cum," Frank told Bill with a laugh. "After I get through with it, maybe we'll wash this fuck-pit out so it doesn't slosh so much from spunk."

"But why ii she gagged?" Bill asked as another naked neighborhood woman rose from the chair and walked across the room toward him. Paula Sanders, the woman who lived next door to Bill, reached him and grabbed his softened cock through the robe. Barbie helped slip the garment from Bill's shoulders then Angela's husband stood as naked as the rest of the crowd. Under the manipulation of his neighbors slender finger -- not to mention the sight of his wife's pussy being fucked -- his prick began to thicken into a hard, raging pole again. Tara laughed from across the room where her pussy was being furiously eaten. The face of the red-haired Sylvia Donner was buried in Tara's crotch, licking cunt-gash from end to end. When Bill saw the two-woman action, something he had dreamed about but never seen, he couldn't tear his eyes from the pussyeating session.

"Everybody got tired of her begging for more pussy to lick and cock to suck down her throat," Tara purred, reaching down with her fingers to spread her own cunt-slit for Sylvia's tongue. "I mean, after all, everybody can't stop what they're doing just to fuck your wife's face. She's going to have to learn to wait her turn."

"But she's tied up," Bill said, still a touch uncertain. But it was becoming harder and harder to keep his mind on the subject of his wife with his cock being jacked off by one of the neighborhood women, while another bitch licked juices from the cunt of Tara Williams.

"We chained her down like that for you," Tara sighed, arching her back to drive her pussy firmly against Sylvia's face. "That little slut wife of yours wouldn't even wait for you to get home. The first thing she did this evening was haul that sample case next door as an excuse to get in then rape her pussy onto Ralph Sanders' prick."

He turned to Ralph. Ralph nodded his head with a serious air. His thick cock lay heavily on one naked thigh as he fingered a woman's body beneath it.

"And then," Tara continued, calling Bill's attention back to her, "she didn't even clean up her nasty cunt before going one more house down and tongue-fucking Sylvia's little pussy."

The red-haired woman lifted her face from Tara's cunt and looked back over her shoulder at Bill. She nodded her confirmation with a face that glistened from pussy-juices from her nose down to her chin.

"At least the little bitch took a shower after that before coming over here banging on the door and begging for the attention of every cock and pussy in the house," Tara added, pushing Sylvia's face back down into her juicy cunt. She sighed when her pussy was again being tonguelashed, then she looked back at Bill and continued: "So we locked her down there and gagged her to slow her down and maybe punish her a bit for you. After all, it's time you caught up with your wife on the neighborhood fucking, although, looking at the cum leaking from Barbie's asshole, you apparently have toady made a start."

Angola groaned deeply in her chest. She hoped desperately that Bill wouldn't fall for their lies, and he would demand that she be released.

But the sight of her husband's prick stiffening rapidly in Paula Sanders' hand made Angela fear that Bill would be taken in.

"What happens now?" Bill asked when his cock was throbbing hard. One of his hands sneaked up to grab hold of Paula's right tit, which were the biggest chest mounds in the room. Hell, he thought to himself, those titties were the largest he'd ever seen on a naked chest. They made his mouth water just to finger them, and he wanted to squeeze them, jerk them and twist them around while he was feeding some hot prick into her cunt.

"Maybe you ought to show that slut wife of yours just how good your own cock can work," Tara suggested. "That way maybe she'll be lusting to gobble your own prick rather than being so hot to eat other cock and cunt."

Angela felt crushed when she saw Bill's face change as it filled with lust. She knew now that she'd lost any chance of escape. If only the gag hadn't been strangling off her words, maybe she could have made Bill understand. But the way she was bound all she could do was watch as Paula Sanders led Bill to the platform by her grip on his stiff prick. The woman positioned Bill just beyond Angela's head, then Paula welt to her knees. Her face looked right down into the shaved cunt of the bound neighbor, which was being fucked hard by Frank Williams' prick.

Angela was barely aware of the throbbing prick that was plundering in and out of her pussy. Her attention was glued, instead, to the brown-furred pussy just a bit more than a foot above her face. She could see the glistening cuntjuices as they hotly escaped Paula's gaping slit. The woman's huge tits hung down from her naked body to scratch nipples against the skin of Angela's tight tummy. And, as Angela lay bound there, the purplish cock-head of her husband's prick appeared from behind Paula's naked ass and nuzzled into the cunt-slit as Angela watched from just inches away.

No, Angela wanted to scream as she saw her husband's cock begin to slide into Paula's pussy. First the cock-head spread the juicy cunt-mouth and disappeared inside, then long inches began to fuck into the pussy-chute. When the entire shaft was buried inside the next-door neighbor's fuck-hole, Bill's balls drooped down toward his wife's horrified face. As the cock glided back out, Angela watched the stretched cunt-mouth suck on the shaft like lips trying to gobble prick.

It was almost too much to believe. Angela was watching her husband's prick fuck another woman's cunt. It was right there above her, almost enough to hear the squish of hot juices as the cock began to pump. Back and forth that horny prick went, giving Angela a close-up view of what she had hoped never to know, much less to see.

The hard cock in her own cunt-hole was beginning to pound, stirring up burning sensations in Angela's guts. Her pussy-juices and the cum that had been deposited before leaked out and greased down through the crack of her ass. The cock-head was beating against already bruised flesh in the far depths of her cunt-hole, and shooting sparks of some kind of crazy sensations were beginning to fire through her pussy.

How had everything gone so totally wrong, the frightened young woman wondered. Her throat and pussy had been raped so much in the course of the evening that they felt like well reamed holes. Now her husband believed that it was she who had sought out such lewd, perverted sex and he had decided to join in on the fun. Angela had always thought she wouldn't want to know if Bill had given into temptation and fucked one of the women he knew. But there was no escaping the fact that his prick had already been busy after Angela saw his cum leak from the asshole of a naked neighbor. And now, that same cock was fucking out another neighbor woman's cunt -- a feat that was literally thrust in front of Angela's face.

Angela groaned when warm pussy-juices spilled into her face. Paula's cunt was hotly flowing cream in rhythm with the hammering cock of Angela's husband, leaking juices right in the gut of the tormented woman's nose. A few drops splattered down onto her lips and, if it hadn't been for the ball filling her mouth, she would have found herself eating the lusty results of Bill's neighborly fuck.

The cock in Angela's pussy was getting larger, and she recognized that Frank was about to cum. Three months of marriage then just a few hours of hard fucking and sucking in the neighborhood had already taught her the signs. And, as she groaned and watched her husband's cock ream out Paula's pussy-hole. Frank, the party host, filled her own well-fucked cunt with more male cum. How many cocks and cunts now, she wondered, but there was no way she could remember since the multiple rapings of her mouth and pussy seemed to run together. Right then, her mind was locked onto the demented task of watching her husband's cock fuck in and out of Paula's cunt-hole, causing pussy-juices to drip down onto her face.

But Angela's cunt torture was only beginning. Earlier, before the wires, clips and dildo were on it had been her tits and asshole that had suffered the most. But now, as Frank moved away with his cock wet from Angela's cunt-juices Terri Adams another naked neighborhood slut, moved in with her specialty that the crowd of lusty, sadistic fuckers knew well from previous occasions. The young, bound Angela was about to find out just how far her tight pussy could stretch, and her neighbor, Terri Adams, was an expert at showing just that without any instrument other than her hand.

Angela groaned as a finger scratched at her battered cunt. She looked through Paula's dangling tits to see Terri's cherubic face. Brown eyes shone as they stared at Angela's pussy, and there appeared to be the glint of an imp. But what else could be done to her tortured cunthole, Angela asked herself, after it had been repeatedly raped by hard, driving cock?

She wanted to cry as she saw what was happening right above her face. Her husband's cock was puffing out of Paula's greasy pussyhole and lining up with Paula's puckered little shitter. Cunt-juice glistened on the long, horny shaft, but Angela couldn't believe that a cock that big could ever pierce through a tiny asshole. Staring at the other woman's brown bud just inches away, the bound sex slave could see that shit-holes were simply built too small to fuck. But, as she watched, the pressure of Bill's cockhead began to mash into the tiny assring to force half of the swollen prick apple inside. The wrinkled skin surrounding the woman's shiner was pulled tight as the asshole was pried open enough to allow the cock-head to pop into her Paula yipped in as the prick speared into her ass, but it wasn't nearly as loud as Angela would have screamed if only her mouth hadn't been gagged. Cock corn-holing into ass was the most shocking thing she had ever seen in her life and she was getting a flip-flopped bird's-eye view. Once the barrier of the ass-ring had been breached, three more inches of prick ran into the woman's guts. Angela was astounded to see Paula's ass wriggle to force her shitter even farther back onto the penetrating cock. The neighbor woman was actually acting like she was enjoying having a prick spear her painfully in the ass.

"Fuck my shit-hole!" Paula babbled as she lifted her head and grimaced in pleasure and pain. There was nothing like being corn-holed to finish off a good fuck especially when it was happening right in the face of the ass-fucking man's wife. Knowing that the sight of her husband's prick ramming into a strange asshole was torturing the neighborhood's new sex slave, Paula gave the corn-holing of her worth. "Corn-hole me, you son-of-a-bitch!" she screamed, feeling cunt began to boil in her body. "Fuck that long cock right up into my guts, and show your wife how much of a man you can be! Feed hot cock into my shitter and show her that you can make another woman scream!"

Heavy, hairy balls again dangled toward Angela's face when her husband's cock was buried completely through Paula's asshole. When the balls pulled out of the way as Bill was sliding his cock back, Angela saw the mouth of Paula's ass-ring cling to the side of the prick. Below the corn-holed shitter, Paula's hot pussy still gaped from being fucked before and it leaked still more cunt-juices down onto the bound woman's face. And Bill, stopping when only his cock-head remained in the woman's rectum, began fucking his prick back inside.

"That's right!" Paula shrieked. "Feed prick to my shitter! Let your little slut wife watch while you corn-hole a hot female ass!"

Angela would rather have been beaten, even with the riding crop in her cunt-gash, than to watch what she was seeing. The horrible pain of having her pussy thrashed was nothing in comparison to the torture that was filling her mind. She was so shocked and horrified that she couldn't even close her eyes as Bill's prick hammered the shit-hole again and again.

But there were sensations down between her legs that were beginning to cry for attention when her mind was finally reluctantly called away from the sight of the corn-holing, she realized Tara Williams had three fingers up her pussy and was trying to force a fourth one in.

Angela groaned when the fourth finger broke through to join the other three in her cunt. Her pussy was now stretched as far off as it had was from Jason's oversized prick and the bones her cunt muscles were beginning to go sore.

"Noooo!" she complained against the hard, rubber ball in her mouth as the fingers drove into the edge of her womb. Now Angela was sure that her pussy had been stretched far past its limit, and she wanted the sadistic woman to get her fingers out of her cunt. But the unnatural gag choked off her protests. The clamps still held her bolted to the floor with her cunt arched up into the air.

Then the tip of Tara's thumb wiggled at the side of Angela's cunt-hole and the bound woman wanted desperately to scream. She felt her pussy-ring being pushed even wider as the top of the thumb slid inside. Then leaning down hard on her arm, Tara drove her hand into the sex slave's cunt clear to the base of her thumb. The tortured, naked body of the young neighbor tightened and shook, but there was no way for her to get loose. So with a loud sound Terri went to her knees and put all of her weight down onto her spearing hand.

Angela thought she would die. The pain was unbelievably intense. Angela's cunt stretched farther than it was ever designed for and the woman's whole hand ran into her cunt. As the hand entered, it clenched into a fist and drove farther up the pussy-hole, until Angela's cuntmouth clasped around Terri's wrist. The sadistic woman was fist-fucking Angela's tortured pussy, and the tormented sex slave couldn't even cry out.

Bill had watched over Paula's naked shoulder as Terri fed her hand into Angela's shaved cunt. He would have never believed that his wife's tight pussy would stretch far enough to get a fist inside. But seeing was believing and it was right there in front of him, which made his cock leap in Paula's gripping ass. He had trouble comprehending that, after months of dull marriage, suddenly everything was turning out right!

Angela was stunned. How could everything go so wrong? Her husband was fucking feminine asshole only inches from her face as another woman fist-fucked Angela's aching cunt! Only this morning she had been happy and content in a marriage that had given her what she thought she wanted out of life. Now perverted sex had raised its ugly head and swallowed Angela completely down.

Her eyes felt like they burned as they watched Bill's prick bury in asshole again. Hot pussy juices splashed down onto her face from Paula's leaking cunt. The fist in her own cunt-hole was beating back and forth, fucking her savagely as it rammed from front to back.

"Look at it, Bill!" Tara urged as she fist-fucked the cunt of the man's wife. "There isn't anything that won't fit inside your slut wife's pussy. Maybe we can bring a horse in some weekend and let it rape out her cunt. But maybe we won't even need a horny stallion once Barbie's husband, Wayne, joins in on the fun."

The comment about Wayne Faulkner was lost on both Bill and Angela, as they were both caught up in what was going on. Bill's cock was jerking around in tight asshole as his balls tightened in their sac, and Angela was captured by the sight of the corn-holing and the horrible pain in her cunt. When she had thought that she would prefer the riding crop beating her pussy, she had been willing to exchange for it only if she could stop watching Bill ass-fucking another woman. But the crop hadn't come but something else had that had turned out to be twice as worse. Now she suffered double as the fistfucking added agony as severe as a cunt-slashing would have been all the time the corn-holing was going on in her face.

And what frightened Angela even worse was that she recognized that her own body was responding to the painful fist-fucking and the sight of ass-pounding cock. She didn't know which was devastating her worst, but the combination left her confused. Her spine burned with an impending cum and her pussy was adding juices to the male cum in her cunt. The fist was pounding the moisture out past Tara's wrist, and Angela's ass was a sticky mess. She growled deeply in her chest as the first of skyrocketing cums hit her as her body was unable to sort the pain from the pleasure.

"Shit!" Bill howled. "Here I come! I'm going to fill your shitty ass with jism!"

"Ream my asshole!" Paula cried as her own cums began to explode. "Fuck hard prick into my shitter!"

Tara hammered with her fist. She wasn't cumming but she'd get her turn later in one way or the other after she made the little bitch's cunt pour.

"Uuuuumph!" Angela screamed, which was the best she could do through the gag.

And, above her, Bill's male cum leaked from Paula's asshole and flowed down into the woman's cunt. There it mingled with Angela's neighbor's pussy-juices, and the combination dripped into Angela's face.

Drip, splatter -- it no longer seemed to matter. For a few minutes, Angela's was somewhere else.

"Don't let her go yet!" Barbie Faulkner squealed as she wiggled up from her chair. "Her pussy-hole is gaping wide open from being fistfucked and my little cunt has to pee!"

Most of the horny people in the room laughed sadistically while they applauded Barbie's suggestion, and Frank Williams backed away from the clamps. Angela remained gagged with the back of her shoulders pressed firmly to the floor of the platform as the other clamps on wrists and ankles contorted her body until her aching pussy was thrust high into the air. The small neighborhood woman was right, Angela knew her normally tight cunt-hole really was wide open to the room. Since Terri Adams had unclenched her fist and pulled her hand out of Angela's pussy just a couple of minutes before, the tortured cunt-hole hadn't had time to shrink back into shape and it felt now like an abandoned mining tunnel with air whistling through it.

The frightened woman knew her whole fuck-channel was reamed open from its mouth clear to its closed back as if something hard and furious was still fucking inside.

Sill's cock had now come out of Paula's ass and the cornholing couple had finally moved away from Angela's face. So the bound saleslady had a good view of her small, naked neighbor as Barbie pranced up on her toes as if her feet had springs, then stood between Angela's wide-spread knees. With a gulp, the new sex slave realized the young woman's pussy was shaved as clean as her own Angela had heard Barbie's words, of course, but there was no way they had been able to connect in her mind. Everything seemed so incompatible -- how could Angela's gaping pussy possibly have anything to do with Barbara Faulkner needing to pee? Given a thousand years, the captured young girl would have never come in with the idea that Barbie scorned to arrive at so naturally. And as Angela watched, and realization slowly dawned, her tortured mind beginning to reel in horror.

Giggling, Barbie stepped up then hunkered town slightly to touch her slick, hairless pussylips to Angela's bald cunt. The sensation of that clean pussy touching her cunt-mouth caused a thrill of a strange sensation to rocket through Angela's guts. Immediately her mind shut down the implications of that reaction as Barbie wiggled around a bit to line up things even better. Then the small woman reached down with her hands and pulled her pussy-lips far apart. With a sigh and a grunt and finally a giggle, Barbie's abdomen noticeably tightened, then the sexy young neighbor presented Angela with another terrible shock.

Wet heat blasted into Angela's open pussyhole. She could even hear the horrible hiss of the stream. The sadistic neighborhood woman, was pissing like a child on Angela's gaping cunt!

"Ummmph! Ummmph!" Angela struggled against the gag to scream. This terrible thing was the final, most humiliating degradation. Her body had been sexually used and abused, and noww her pussy was being treated like it was nothing but a common toilet and she bound so tightly she couldn't move her tortured cunt-hole out of the way.

Barbie's hips picked up slightly but her fingers kept the piss stream well aimed. Even though her pussy raised several inches above Angela's cunt-hole, the hot stream of piss continued to splash into the gaping fuck-hole's mouth. Finally the entire channel of Angela's cunt was filled with piss, as the hot fluid began to run over onto her ass and down her legs. And, when Barbie had finally seen that no more piss would go into the sex slave's cunt, she began clumsily walking along above the bound body. All the time her fingers kept her hissing pussy spread and the piss roared out onto Angela's skin. Angela's stomach then her tits were battered by the hard gush of golden liquid before the piss stream finally gave out.

"Me too! Me too!" Paula Sanders exclaimed as she drew near. "Her husband fucked my ass so hard that I have to take a piss. I'm going to wash my own pussy-juices off this bitch's face since she doesn't deserve the leavings of my fucking cunt!"

Paula hunkered down over Angela's face, which had watched Paula's cunt and asshole so closely before. Now those frightened eyes were glued to the top of Paula's spread pussy-slit, and were filled with horror when they saw the pisshole flare open. They slammed their lids shut just a fraction of a second before a steaming piss stream hit Angela in the face. And, as her face was flooded by hot piss, the tortured girl humid the crowd of demented neighborhood hackers laugh and clap up a storm all around the room. And the worst part of it, she realized, was that somewhere in that throng was her own husband adding his laughter and applause to the rest.

When Paula finished pining, Angela was unclamped from the floor and led off to the bathroom with the ball gag still in place. There, she was forced into the shower where the piss and cum on her body was washed down the drain. They made Angela lie down in the bottom of the tub as she used a long rubber tube from one of the spigots to flush out her well-used cunt.

"We have to get that pussy ready for more hot action," the dark, beautiful woman tormented her slave as she switched the warm water to cold. Angela groaned and splashed around as the inside of her pussy nearly froze. But, after it was over and she was allowed to dry her skin, Angela noticed one good effect the cold water had done. Her cunt-hole had almost shrunk back to normal size from the shock of the icy internal bath.

"Why don't a couple of you naked bitches take Bill into the bathroom and help him get cleaned off?" Tara asked the crowd of sadistic fuckers when she had Angela back in the room. As Tara Adams and Sylvia Donner led Bill out of the door Angela had just entered, Tara strapped Angela onto a large barrel like device. Angela's feet and hands were pulled to the ends of the barrel and locked into tight clamps. When that was done, she was left stomach-down and curled over the top of the device with her, head free and her cunt and ass-cheeks gaping open.

"Now we're going to have a little talk," Tara purred into the frightened woman's ears. "I'm going to take that ball gag out of your mouth in a minute, but you're not to breathe a word to Bill when he comes back into the room. The only thing you're allowed to say is to beg for more pussy and cock. And just to convince you that you're going to do what I say, I'm going to show you what will happen if you don't."

Tara wagged her hand and Paula. Sanders placed the handle of a six-foot bullwhip into her grasp. Tara showed the long lash to Angela then strode a few feet to the side if the barrel-like device. Angela groaned, knowing what was to come but, once again, she was bound too tightly to get away. Then, with a swing of an arm, the wicked Tara sliced the lash of the whip down across Angela's unprotected back.

Intense pain seared across the young sex slave's body and Angela bit hard on the rubber ball in her mouth. Her flesh burned as if a us lighted blow torch had been dragged across her skin. Three more times the whip brutalized her back before moving down onto her ass. The lash cut naked ass flesh twice as Tara shifted around, then, with an underhand snap, she popped the tip of the whip into Angela's exposed cunt slit.

"Aaaargh!" the tortured woman gagged. The pain of the whip was even worse than that of the riding crop beating into her pussy. When Tara stepped up again to near Angela's head and snarled directions again about not talking, the captive sex slave frantically nodded her head. Then Tara's fingers were at the back of Angela's scalp and suddenly the ball gag was pulled from the mouth.

"Aaeeiiii!" Angela shrieked from all the agony that had accumulated since the mouth had been plugged by the ball. She screamed again, when one wild cry had failed to express her torment and pain.

But, by the time Bill was back in the room, Angela had regained her composure. She still waited to cry and beg her husband to free her, but she knew what such indiscretion would cost. Even if she managed to convince Bill that she was there by choice, there were enough of the horny neighbors in the room to even strap Bill into chains. Angela knew that getting him excited right now would just work against what little chance of escape she still had, so she reluctantly kept her mouth shut.

"Bill," Tara said with velvet claws in her voice, "Angela has just been telling me how much she wanted to suck your cock."

"Really?" the excited young man exclaimed, glancing eagerly toward his bound wife. "She's never done that before."

"Oh, but she's learned to enjoy it this evening," Tara assured him. "There isn't anything she likes better than hard prick shoved all the way down her throat."

Tara turned toward Angela. "Isn't that right, my dear?"

Angela groaned. She weakly nodded her head.

"Isn't it, my dear?" Tara demanded sternly. "You can talk now. Tell your husband that you want to deep-throat his prick."

"I want to suck your cock, Billy," Angela moaned.

"Into your throat!" Tara hissed. "Fuck your prick into my neck, Billy," Angela said desperately. "Shoot cum down my throat."

Bill's cock had softened from the hard fucking he had experienced before, but the long shaft began to thicken again once he heard his wife say lusty words. For months he'd been wishing that Angela would relent even enough to kiss the end of his prick and, now, here she was literally begging for him to rape the whole cock-shaft clear down into her tight throat. The way she was draped over the barrel left her head positioned near his crotch with her mouth almost at the level of his balls. By just stooping a little to run his cock into her mouth, he could stand up and fuck prick all the way into her neck. Maybe, he thought, that's why Angela had asked to be fastened to the crazy device she must have known what it would allow her to do to her husband's prick.

"Let me get it ready for her," Tara Williams sexily suggested as she dropped to her knees. She reached out for the semi-hard shaft of Bill's prick and ran it into her mouth. Wet, oral heat closed around the whole length of his cock as he felt the party hostess gobble the fucker down. All the time, Bill stared at his young wife's mouth, knowing it would soon be full of his prick.

Tara Williams marveled at youthful cock. No matter how much she fucked it or sucked it, it was always ready for more. Just a little more loving from a hot mouth, and it would rise to the occasion again. And, true to her expectations, it was only a minute before Bill's prick was throbbing hard and poking cock-head against her tonsils. She thought wistfully about swallowing the lusty fuck meat on down into her own throat -- and to hell with the young captive woman -- but she reluctantly backed off. She left the cock throbbing in the air, glistening from her saliva, ready to fuck the sex slave's mouth.

"Rape her tonsils!" Barbie giggled excitedly as most of the naked bodies crowded around. As jaded as they were, they still enjoyed watching hot trick ream out a tight throat. And Frank Williams had designs on a little action of his own as he stepped up to run a hand around Angela's naked, spread ass. He'd already fucked cock up her cunt-hole, and he'd decided her asshole was next. He was sure there was a cherry still up the woman's shitter, and that cherry would belong to the host.

Bill's cock seemed to rise out of dense clouds of pink skin and advance toward Angela's face. She wanted to scream out to her husband that she didn't want to do this, particularly with the neighbors all watching, but she knew her words would herald the return of the whip. And then she would just have to eat cock as the whip lashed her skin, giving the evil crowd two things to see. So, ashamed at herself for taking the easy way out, she opened her mouth for, her husband's prick.

Hot cock ran in onto her tongue. She could feel the warmth of his blood in the flesh under the skin. As she closed her mouth around Bill's prick, she was amazed that she now recognized that cocks came in different sizes. Bill's prick didn't feel like any of the others she'd had in her mouth already, and she didn't know whether that was good or not. Of course, it was fine to realize that her husband's cock was somehow unique, but it made her curious about tasting and feeling other pricks with her tongue and lips. Angela groaned to herself, recognizing the symptoms of a seemingly unhealthy fascination in what had been going on. Her pussy, of course, was wet as it always seemed to be but that didn't explain the burning at the base of her spine. Neither did it give her an excuse for the wetness of her mouth as she salivated all over Bill's lusty prick.

Cock-head poked against her tonsils. Prick leaped against her teeth. She realized that she would hardly have to suck at all since Bill was so excited about fucking her throat. So she drew her lips tight like the mouth of a pussy, then closed down with her cheeks and jaws. Perhaps if she made her mouth as tight as she could, he would fire off his cum without totally reaming out her neck.

But Angela hadn't counted on the times her husband had cum before. She didn't realize that man getting his prick hard after blasting his balls before, meant that he could fuck just that much longer. And, after the mouths, cunt and assholes that Bill had filled already over only a few hours, it might be possible for Bill to fuck all night.

Bill pistoned his cock into his wife's mouth, feeling his fuck-meat gliding across her velvety tongue. She was sucking down on the shaft to make her mouth as tight as she could, and it felt like hot pussy wrapped around his prick. It felt so good fucking in and out of her lip that he delayed for a while ramming his cock down her throat.

"Look at those lips squeezing on that prick!" Ralph Sanders said, one of the many spectators watching the rape of Angela's face. "I think fucking mouth is almost as good as reaming out cunt!"

"You ought to have a pussy," Sylvia Donner chided Ralph. "There isn't anything as wonderful as when the little bitch's tongue wiggled its way into my cunt-hole!"

"Like shit," Tara's husband said, nudging her right tit painfully with his elbow. "You watch those neck muscles bulge out when he rams that prick down her throat and you'll know what sex is all about."

"You fucking men!" Terri Adams exclaimed, a sharp edge in her voice. "It was my fist that made the little cunt blast an earth-shaking cum. And there's no way in the world you can even feel three slabs of fuck-meat reaming out your fuck-holes at the same time?"

"No," Jason Adams laughed, "men don't have that many fuck-holes to go around. But I have to say, there isn't any feeling better than jabbing a cock-head far up a cunt, asshole or mouth."

"Particularly when it's as thick as yours," his wife, Barbie, joked. "Isn't that right, Wayne?"

"Or even bigger," a strange voice answered, and Angela realized that the remaining man in the room had finally spoken. It was Wayne Faulkner, Barbie's husband, and the only one left with any clothing as he continued to wear loose trousers.

All the chatter made Angela's mind whirl. It sounded like she was in the middle of a cocktail party, with the cock in her mouth and a hand on her naked tail. Rough, male fingers continued to paw around her ass as she ate on her husband's prick. She was only mildly aware that the hand belonged to Frank Williams.

Angela grimaced as cock-head bumped harshly against her tonsils and a long finger ran into her shifter. Bill's prick-thrusts were growing harder and harder as his excitement increased, and Angela knew he'd soon fuck the long shaft dawn her throat. What she hadn't expected, however, was that the host of the party would beginning to finger the corn-hole out her ass.

"Enough of that gentle shit, boy!" Ralph Sanders finally urged Bill. "Bury that cock on into your wife's neck!"

Fingers ripped out of her shit-hole as prick plugged up the opening to her throat. Bill's hands laced around the back of Angela's head and drove her face harder onto his cock. The small doorway of her tight gullet parted and allowed the cock-head to pop in. An extreme tightness gripped wound the end of his prick, and her husband groaned and lifted himself onto his toes.

Raging cock suddenly ripped into her pussy. Frank's prick battered clear to the end of her cunt. Angela was surprised at just how greasy she had become while eating her husband's cock, because she could hear the squish of fuckmeat gliding into her cunt-hole.

Meanwhile, three inches of prick rammed down her throat. The thick shaft cut off her breath. Her nose was near her husband's cockhair as the other prick pulled out of her cunt. The hot, greasy head of the stiff prick pressed hard against her tiny asshole, then burrowed its way inside.

"Aaaargh!" Angela gargled around prick as a different cock split its way into her guts. Long inches of throbbing male fuck-meat brutally forced her ass-ring open so its entire length could run into the depths of her shitter. Her ass cherry was ripped away in that one mighty thrust which drove prick clear through her rectum.

When she had tried to scream, her throat had opened the way. Bill had taken the sudden to bury his prick far into her mouth. Her nose bumped harshly into cock-hair and against the firmness of his pubic bone. Now she was speared at both ends of her digestive tract as if the two cocks were trying to meet in the middle.

"Frank's fucking her ass!" Jason Adams laughed as if he thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

"The muscles of her neck are swelled out like a balloon," Barbie giggled, as if finding a second punch line to the joke.

But Angela didn't find being throat-fucked and corn-holed at the same time funny at all. Her breath was gone, blocked by swallowed prick, and a throbbing cock-shaft was making tatters out of her tiny ass. The flesh of her shit as if it was mg as Frank began to pump with his cock. The prick in her throat was also moving, fucking in and out.

"Damn!" Frank Sanders exclaimed. "I wish I could get to her cunt-hole. Then we'd really have this bitch into a three-way sandwich!"

"A club sandwich!" Sylvia Donner breathed lustily. "A Friday night, three fuck-hole bondage-club sandwich!"

Barbie giggled, too excited for words. Angela just tried to hang on. Every once in a while, Bill's cock would pop back into her mouth and out of her throat so she could gasp in some breath. Frank's long prick had about pounded her ass-ring into submission as he cornholed viciously into her shitter. Most of the terrible, shrieking pain was gone, but in its stead was the confusion. Every time she thought about her throat being reamed by her husband's cock, the prick in her ass demanded attention. And each time her thoughts traveled to her asshole, her throat was rudely plugged. Thank God, her pussy was protected since she didn't know whether she could keep up with another fuckhole right then.

"You ready, boy?" Frank Williams shouted across the large barrel at Bill. "You ready to fill your wife's stomach with your cum?"

"Goddamn right!" Bill hissed through his teeth as he felt the cum bubble up from his balls.

"Then give it to her!" Barbie squealed, finally finding words. "Fuck that little bitch!"

And the two horny men did. First one, then the other prick exploded and blasted cum into opposite ends of Angela's guts. And if any of the horny fuckers gathered around had been able to see her protected little pussy, they would have seen it fluttering open and closed, pouring out its juices, as Angela had a rollicking cum of her own.

Even after everything that had gone on, Angela could hardly believe what was going on now. After she'd been released from the barrel and allowed to clean up, the whole room of neighbors had broken into small groups of cluster fucks, between which the participants seemed to change even before her entranced eyes. At any particular minute one of the neighborhood woman might be eating hard cock and sixty seconds later the same woman would be taking brutal fucking up the ass.

And to make things even more confusing, she was being passed around from group to fucking group. Her hands were cuffed tightly behind her back but otherwise they had left her naked and unbound. After spending so much time clamped to the floor and curled over the barrel, Angela had decided that chained hands were almost freedom in itself.

When they had taken the aching Angela off the barrel, she had been nearly exhausted with a hoarse throat and sore asshole from cocks. But given a shot of the shower, a drink and a few minutes to rest her raped shitter, she was almost back to normal -- at least as close to that condition as would ever be possible for a sex slave of this group. She was amazed at how resilient her body had proved over the long evening and night. Her skin tingled now instead of burned, her pussy itched almost lustily now instead of aching from the whip. Even her asshole had closed the doorway to her guts by the time the neighborhood bondage party broke down into smaller groups.

She glanced around, sitting for a minute unmolested on her naked ass in the middle of the floor. All around her the hot action continued as an asshole was pierced here, a throat plugged there, and more than one hot pussy was wrapped around raging prick. Wherever she looked there was lusty neighborhood fuck action going on, including use of the whips and chains. By the time this was over, she decided, pussy flesh would be marked by the torture-instruments, so Angela no longer was completely alone in taking all the abuse.

But it proved impossible to stay unmolested for long in this hard-fucking menage, and, even as she sat and thought, someone grabbed the chain of the handcuffs behind her back and twisted her over into a pile of horny flesh.

The first things she recognized were Paula Sanders' amazing tits. They were impossible to ignore. Angela's face had landed in the cleavage between the heavy double mounds when she had finally twisted to a stop. She felt almost smothered by hot tit-flesh, then she managed to roll and get her face free. Rising to her knees, she stared down at one of the wide, succulent little surrounding a cute nubby nipple.

"Suck on it!" Paula ordered and Angela's mouth immediately to work. Leaning over, she began to gobble up the massive tit. Even by sucking as much as possible of the titty flesh into her mouth she barely covered the wide spread in tit with her lips.

Huge male knees plopped down on Paula's body pinning the larger woman to the floor. Angela glanced up and saw that it was Carl Donner with a long, hard prick jutting out from his crotch. Sweat poured through the hair on his chest as if he had been involved in hard work.

"Bite her tit!" he growled at the sex slave, now sucking on Paula's titty. His face was twisted with lust as he demanded that Angela chew on the pinned woman's tit.

Smack! Brutal leather tortured Angela's naked ass when she hesitated too long. She jerked her head from Paula's gigantic tit and arched her neck and howled in agony. When the pain had subsided a bit, she looked back over her shoulder to see Terri Adams standing there hoisting a leather belt again. It ripped pure pain across the battered flesh of her ass-cheeks once more, searing bright red lines across the skin of both legs.

"He told you to eat it, bitch!" Terri snarled, looping the belt back to get it ready again. Angela's face whirled back to the tits of the pinned woman, and her mouth dipped to gather in the nipple, which was now hard and jutting into the air. And, as the vicious belt seared her ass again, Angela's teeth, dug sharply into the soft flesh of the tit.

"Aaargh!" Paula Sanders cried and twisted in the grasp of Angela's mouth. But her arms were pinned by Carl's knees and Tara leaped across her thrashing legs.

"You better eat tit, cunt, or I'm going to get up and beat you to death with my belt!" Tara screamed, scrambling to capture Paula's left of which had somehow managed to get away.

"Bitch, bitch!" Carl snarled and lashed out an open palm at Angela's naked left tit. A scarlet handprint was left in her flesh. "If you don't leave teeth marks, I'm going to turn her loose and let her gnaw on your titties instead!"

That certainly proved to be enough warning. If any tits were going to be gnawed, Angela wanted them to be the other woman's. Angela's face whipped down so fast that her cheek slapped noisily at Paula's tit before she sucked a mouthful through her lips. Immediately her teeth clamped into the soft flesh, almost breaking the skin, before moving on toward the nipple. By the time she reached the peak of the mound, there were four sets of angry teeth marks in Paula's flesh.

Paula screamed and thrashed. Meanwhile, four fingers thrust into Angela's cunt-hole from behind, painfully spreading her pussy. Carl edged forward on his knees and slapped his cock brutally against one side of her face then the other as she gnawed up both of Paula's mounds of titty flesh until they were mountains of angry red bite marks.

Someone passed by. He knocked Tara's hand from Angela's cunt. Then a thick cock fucked hard up Angela's shit-hole, splitting her ass wide. Angela screamed in agony against Paula's tit for the ten or twelve corn-holing strokes, then suddenly the prick was gone. It had moved on as quickly as it had arrived to find another fuck-hole to plunder in this group fuck gone wild.

A hand grabbed one of Angela's ankles. Slowly she was pulled away. Her teeth dragged across Paula's tit flesh, leaving scrape marks on the mound from its base to its nipple. When Angela was rolled over onto her back, it was to confront the largest cock she'd ever seen. It even made Jason Adams' oversized fuck-tool seem small by comparison. In horror she looked up the body and saw the leering face of Wayne Faulkner. Tara Williams was already sucking on his balls, but he apparently wanted that elephant cock inside somebody's mouth.

"Aaargh!" Angela bellowed as she was twisted around and the monstrous cock attacked her face. Even screaming with her mouth wide open, the prick couldn't slide inside. It pulled at her lips and pushed at her teeth but only the front of the cock-head managed to force through.

She tried to warn him but there was no way to resist the assault. Slowly her lips were forced open until their corners threatened to tear, then her teeth were wedged far apart. She felt first then heard her jaws crack in the joints up by her ears, and it was only then that the massive cock-head of Wayne Faulkner made it inside far enough to reach Angela's tongue.

Then other hands grappled her legs. A cock suddenly filled up her hot cunt. The horny prick-shaft must have come to her second or third hand since it blasted cum into her pussyhole after only a few strokes.

She squeaked as the elephant cock worked in farther and pushed her tongue flat against the bottom of her mouth. Then the mighty fuckmeat stroked back and forth, moving only an inch at a time, and Angela thought deliriously that she knew what it would be like to cock-suck King Kong. Tara Williams had stopped sucking Wayne's balls and shifted her horny attention to Angela's cum-leaking cunt. A soft, velvety tongue lapped the spunk from her pussyhole along with several squirts of cunt-juice that Angela was now firing herself.

Then, suddenly, two mouths bit at her tits. Grasping large hunks of firm flesh in their teeth, they began puffing her tender tits in opposite directions. The tugging hurt the mounds clear down to the roots as the teeth left deep bite marks around her hard nipples. Then both mouths vanished from her tits along with the one from her cunt, and the pressure on her pussy twined to a scratchy rubbing as if someone was trying to fuck cock into her cunt. But there was no cock on the hairy pussy-mound that humped Angela's fuck-meat, although the frustrated sex slave didn't have an idea in the world who the woman was administering the mock fuck. Certainly not Barbie Faulkner, Angela thought with surprising clarity, since Barbie's little pussy was as bald as her own.

The elephant cock suddenly yanked from her mouth and departed. She wondered where it had gone. Then somebody stepped up and pissed in her face, and in her surprise she swallowed some of the hot, salty fluid. And before she could clear her eyes from the stinging remnants of urine, both her asshole and her pussy had been briefly fucked.

And hands grappled her again. Fingers snarled in her hair. Screaming, she was pulled along on her back by her tortured scalp until her nose bumped into her husband's prick. Staring cross-eyed around Bill's throbbing cockshaft, she could see from his face that he was deeply into the fun. There was a look of demented lust in the curl of his mouth and the fire of sadism in his eyes. He was whipping supine Barbie Faulkner's naked tits with a cat-o'-nine-tails as Jason Adams fucked horribly thick cock into her bald little cunt. Jason's hand was the one in Angela's hair and he pulled tab along then rolled her over with her mouth against the union of Barbie's cunt and Jason's horse-like prick.

Angela didn't need any explanation of what was expected. Several hours with this neighborhood group had given her an excellent imagination began licking as fast as her velvety to azuecould fly. Her tongue curled around the fuck prick then licked along the lips of the cleanly-shaven pussy. Her own cunt ached with the memory of how that oversized prick had stretched open the hole of her own pussy. Perhaps if she licked hard in Barbie's slit, the young woman might forget about the splitting pain.

The tip of Angela's tongue found the clit. Bill's cat-o'-nine-tails discovered his wife's naked ass. As Angela ate the clit of a bald, cockstretched cunt, her husband, Bill, viciously slashed the flesh of her sore ass.

Barbie's body began shaking. It was obvious to Angela that the other woman was about to cum. Her eyes were open and wild, locked onto Angela's naked body.

"Sit on my face!" the lust-filled neighbor squealed. "Feed your raw pussy to my mouth!"

Angela scrambled over. She scaled her bald cunt to the cunning woman's lips. Barbie's tongue flashed along in Angela's pussy-slit then dove far up the tight cunt-hole. Angela excited her neighbor with hard rushes of hot flashes that the tongue-fucking had caused. Hands probbed both sides of her face, finger-tips pressing into the jaws. Her mouth was levered open and raging prick fucked clear back to her tonsils. Three pounding strokes finally drove the prick down her throat and the cockhead reached almost the level of her chest. The swollen cock-head was like a small fist in her gullet, beating back and forth. Finally there came the warm rush of sticky jism that shot almost to her stomach all by itself.

The throat-fucking cock pulled away and disappeared. She wondered whose it had been. Then, suddenly, Angela had to take a terrible piss. She looked down at Barbie's gaping, gasping, eager mouth and the temptation was too strong, so Angela let her bladder go. Hot piss streamed put of her pussy-slit and hissed down into Barbie's mouth. Some of the steaming liquid bubbled back out until Barbie had it under control, then the young woman drank everything Angela's bladder could put out. When all of her piss was finally gone and swallowed, Angela lifted up her cunt. But the demented, sex-crazed young woman who had been beneath Angela cried and thrashed her head from side to side.

"No, please," Barbie begged. "Feed me more. More! Let me drink your piss!"

Angela couldn't answer the plea but Bill also had heard. Roughly, he pushed his wife out of the way. Angela tumbled to the side, striking her check violently on the floor her head was dazed and, when she opened her eyes, Bill's cock was plunged all the way into her which she worked and gulped his jizz down into her gut. Angela told herself she had to have a moment's rest! She wiggled her body against the carpet to move along, scraping skin from her face and tin.

Then a riding crop sliced into her ass. She wailed and rolled to her back. That exposed her tits to the terrible blows, and the nipples were scored twice before she flopped back onto her belly.

Sweaty hands grappled her. She couldn't tell whether they were a woman's or a man's. A huge, vibrating dildo was raped into her asshole and hammered deeply into her guts. After a couple of minutes, whoever it was grew bored and moved away, leaving her dildo jammed in her shitter.

"Uh... uh... uh," she groaned in a stutter until her fingers finally found the switch. The dildo went dead in her shithole, and she finally managed to grope it out of her guts. She might as well have not even bothered since only a second passed before a live, hot cock was corn-holing her again. But whoever this prick belonged to couldn't make up his mind between pussy and shitter, so he alternated fuck-holes on every stroke. First she was corn-holed far up her guts, then her pussy was stuffed full, only to begin the process again.

Then that cock left without cumming. Angela feebly lifted her head. She was too close to the floor to see much at all so she rolled over onto her back.

"Shit," she moaned when she saw the pussy descending. It was the fiery-haired cunt of Sylvia Donner. The pussy zeroed in on her nose and used it like a prick to fuck up the cunt-hole. Angela sneezed when pussy juices went up her nostrils. The explosion of air up Sylvia's cunthole made the Amazon cum. Hot juices spilled out onto Angela's face and back into her nostrils, making her sneeze again. Again and again, the cycle completed -- cum and sneeze, cum and sneeze until Sylvia lifted her pussy and stalked off. Apparently, even sneeze-fucking couldn't capture the red-haired woman's attention for long.

Hands grabbed onto an ankle again. Her body skidded slightly in the pussy-juices of both her and Sylvia then her naked flesh grated along the floor.

Wayne Faulkner was on his knees astride Paula Sanders' tummy, fuicking his elephant cock between her blimp-like tits. Even as big as her tit-mounds were, the mighty cockhead jutted through the top of her cleavage without his crotch coming next to her mounds. Angela could see the angry red teeth marks she had left in the flesh of the woman's tits and she gulped as Wayne forced her face down into Paula's cunt.

Pussy-juices came in a flood as soon as she licked the slit with her tongue. Angela mashed her mouth against the opening of the cunt-hole and collected all of the juices. She gulped them down and allowed her mouth to fill again, drinking from the fountain of the woman's pussy until her belly felt positively full.

She raised her face and arched her neck back. Cunt-juice was so thick on her face that it dripped down onto the front of her body and covered her tits. In front of her, Wayne's enormous prick blasted hot gobs of sticky cum right into Paula's face. Paula's mouth gasped open at the liquid barrage and managed to catch a few spunk bullets between her lips.

Hands grabbed Angela's upraised ass. Slowly she was dragged back on her knees. Twisting around, she could see an ass-fucking chain being formed a few feet away. Three neighbors were already involved. Frank Williams was in the middle with his cock buried up Ralph Sanders' whole and, at the back, Sylvia Donner, with the massive black dildo strapped to her cunt, was savagely corn-holing Frank's shitter.

Angela was destined to become the front of the line. Ralph's hands pulled her naked ass clear up to his cock, which he fucked hard into her tight little butt. Her shit-hole was already loosened up by the corn-holing before, and it was pleasure rather than pain that made Angela deliciously groan as she felt cock-head ram deeply into her guts.

Sylvia pumped hard plastic cock into Frank's corn-holed ass, which forced his cock deeper into Ralph's guts. The force continued on through the chain and speared Ralph's cock into Angela's ass and her body shook as she came and shot pussy-juices down the inside of her legs.

Bill wandered by and, apparently, the chain was too tempting to pass up. He fell to his knees behind Sylvia and corn-holed his cock into her shitter as Angela glanced around and watched. But Bill should have known that chains could continue to grow, and it was only a minute or two of ass-fucking fun before Bill, felt Carl Donner's cock penetrate his own ass.

Angela laughed. It was too much to be believed. Her husband's own ass was being corn-holed as each thrust was transferred down the line. She turned from watching the ass-rape of her husband, and pressed her face to the floor. Tears of shocking amusement filled hew eyes. She giggled almost girlishly as her body was rocked by its fiery cum. All up and down the corn-holing line, cocks exploded and shot jism into assholes, then the chain was broken and the participants were off to different things.

"Heilo, Angela," Tara Williams purred down over her in a slippery voice. "How would you like some piss?"

Angela was almost breathless from laughing. She giggled even more when she rolled onto her back.

"Do I have any choice?" she finally managed, each word punctuated by a short gasp of breath.

"Not really," Tara said matter-of-factly then sat her pussy down on Angela's face. Her cunt wiggled to place itself just right as the handcuffed sex slave eagerly opened her mouth.

The stream hissed. The pressure of its force stopped up Angela's ears. As fast as she could gulp it down, Tara's hot piss refilled her mouth. And somewhere in those next few demented moments, Tara must have finished pissing and gotten up to drift away. Angela honestly couldn't remember. There were no beginnings and ends. She belched the hot taste of pin back up from her belly to sting at her tongue again.

Why she got to her knees, she'd never know. Just somehow it seemed the thing to do. As she weaved, unstable even on her knees, Bill walked up and began jacking off his prick right in front of her eyes. Like a bird mesmerized by a snake, she watched the bobbing cock-head just a couple of inches away. Finally it spat at her, shooting cum directly into her face. Weakly she opened her mouth and caught a couple of squirts but most of it ran down her cheeks and dripped in pearly drops from the end of her nose.

Then, for the zillionth time since the group fuck began, hands grappled over her naked body as someone fell heavily to their knees behind her. One arm wrapped around her belly as the other pushed down on the back of her neck. Her ass was raised as her face went against the floor, then a long finger probed far up her shit-hole. The finger turned and pulled out on the side of her ass-ring as if trying to stretch the ass-ring. Then the process was repeated three more times, and she realized that her sitter had actually been loosened. Oh well, she groaned to herself, what more damage could another assfuck do? She twisted her head to see who it was then her whole body bolted upwards until she was once again upright on her knees.

"No!" she cried as Jason Adams forced her face down again. "Your cock's too big! My pussy could hardly even swallow your prick!"

"And now it's time your asshole found out how far it can stretch," he laughed at her, jamming fingers into her leaking pussy to smear juices around on the end of his fat prick.

"No, please!" Angela shrieked as she felt the horse-like cock-head touch her shit-hole. "I can't ass-fuck you!"

"Aaaaargh! Oh, shit!" she shrieked insanely as the monstrous cock-head drove into her guts. It felt like she was trying to shit a full-grown tree!

Jason leaned heavily, moving his hips to try to work his cock into the tiny asshole.

"Oh, holy fuck!" Angela wailed. "Christ! It hurts! Aaeeiiiii!"

The pain was in a league by itself.

"Here all of it comes!" Jason warned Angela and drove with all of his weight.

"Nnnnngh!" she growled, her teeth gnashing together. The whole 12-inch, horribly thick whore-ripper was jammed roughly into her guts. Everything inside her was pushed out of the way, and Angela could swear that even her bones were being forced out of joint to make room for the mighty prick.

But three grinding cock-thrusts up her asshole were all that it took to make fucking room for the ultimate corn-holing that the young woman was now receiving. In the space of those same initial cock-strokes, her whole lower body began going numb with the sole exceptions of those spurts that tried exploding cums throughout her ass and cunt.

"Yes!" she finally gasped when the cock had split her ass wide and was fucking hard up her shit-hole to reach places that had never been touched.

"Corn-hole me with your horse cock!" she squealed and raised herself onto her knees. She was sitting on a fence post that speared her all the way up into her guts. Her cunt was creaming so hard that a puddle formed under her legs, and her whole body was jolted by magnificent cums that were already ripping through her before a cupful of jism shot into her guts.

When Bill and Frank walked in front of her and aimed their pricks at her tits, the hot piss exploded down onto the front of her body while cum flooded her guts. Angela slumped, knocked unconscious by her ripping cunt, even as her body remained upright from the long, hard cock raped through her asshole and far up into her guts.

How could anyone want any more pussy or cock? Surely, Angela thought, everybody in the room had had plenty of both. But, not for the first time that night, Angela bad underestimated the lust of the neighborhood bondage group, and now she had perhaps slighted even her own. For, when the naked bunch of neighbors gathered around her and she realized the night's fucking festivities weren't yet over, she couldn't find even an ounce of real dread anywhere inside her.

The first thing they did was remove the handcuffs and allow Angela's arms to swing free. For that she was desperately thankful, and she rubbed circulation back into her arms then felt around her strained and stained body.

"Oh God," she moaned, "I'm so, so..."

"And that's why it's time," Tara Williams purred, but this time there was no malice in her voice. For once, the svelte black-haired woman even sounded friendly rather than like a wicked cat.

"Time for what?" Angela asked cautiously.

"You'll see," Wayne Faulkner said as he stepped up and took one of Angela's arms. He nodded first toward Jason and then toward Angela's husband, Bill.

"Bill, will you do the honors of her asshole?" he asked the younger man and Bill nodded, apparently clued into what was going on. That left Angela as the only one in the dark, which frustrated the young woman.

"What is happening?" Angela squealed, her body tensing. They were tormenting her by not telling her what they knew and she felt the first spike of resentment grow. Surely, she thought, she had earned the right to at least hear of her punishment in advance after all of the abuse she had earned. Barbie giggled from the crowd of naked neighborhood fuckers. "I only had mine last weekend and that's why my cunt is still shaved. It grew some bristles but I cut those off myself."

"But..." Angela began then stopped dead in her tracks. She glanced down to the group of three men that was slowly forcing her across the room. Bill didn't have a thing to be ashamed of in the normal course of men, but the other men would have been well-equipped at a convention for giants.

"Oh, God!" Angela gasped. "Both of them?"

"And your husband up your asshole," Tara confirmed.

At least Angela could give thanks for that. She'd had Jason's horse-like cock corn-holed into her ass during the wild group scene before and she had initially thought she would die. Wayne Faulkner's cock was at least two inches longer than Jason's and certainly that much bigger around, and Angela knew -- for certain this time -- that assholes didn't come in that large of a size. She'd had a full mouthful of Wayne's mighty prick and his cock-head hadn't hardly been able to get past her lips. That left only her pussy for the largest of pricks, and her cunt-hole ached in anticipation for the painful stretching she knew would come.

Wayne went to his back on the padded platform and stroked his cock tall and firm. There was at least fourteen inches of that elephant cock and it would never all tit inside, so it was the girth that worried Angela the most. And worry she did when she saw that even his hand couldn't come close to reaching around all the meat. She groaned but there was no backing out, so she straddled his body at the urging of her naked neighbors and sat down on the end of his monstrous prick.

"Oh, shit, this isn't going to work," Angela laughed in frustration when the end of the cockhead filled up her gash. "There isn't any way possible for this prick to fit into my cunt."

"It went into mine," Barbie chimed.

"And it goes into mine all the time," Terri Adams assured her. "It's really a matter of breathing and leverage, although I have to admit it feels like you're fucking a whole city block."

"No shit," Angela groaned, checking the cock-head again. "If all that went inside me I couldn't breathe at all since it would crumple up my lungs."

"Here, let me and Sylvia give you some help," Tara Williams said, stepping to one side of Angela's naked body and placed her hands on one shoulder as her fiery-cunted neighbor did the same on the other.

"One, two, three," Tara muttered then both women leaped into the air. They turned and brought their weight down onto their hands atop Angela's shoulders.

"Aaeeiii!" Angela shrieked as the cock-head penetrated her. Her body was driven down onto the prick.

"Oh shit! Mother-fucker!" Angela screamed. "What's happening to my poor pussy?"

Then the women jumped again.

"Aaaargh!" Angela gargled in pain as the combination of her own and the other two women's weight was enough to force four inches of elephant prick into her cunt.

"It's stuck!" she wailed as she felt the bones in her hips begin to spread. "I'll never get it out! My Goddamn pussy is going to be deformed for the rest of my life!"

"Frank! Ralph!" Wanda called sharply. "We're going to need your help."

"Oh fuck, no!" Angela screamed when she realized what the other woman meant. "Don't do it! For heaven's sake, don't force any more of that tree into my cunt! It's already pushing apart my bones!"

But the reserves moved in and the added weight proved effective. The men only had to launch themselves three times onto Angela's pussy until the entire length of her pussy was stretched tightly around Wayne's monster prick.

"God Bill!" Angela wailed. "What am I going to do? It's stuck! Holy, whore-fucking, two-ton cock lodged in my cunt! I'll have to go through life with my pussy stuffed full of oversized prick!"

Then she broke down into a delirious laugh. The fucking thing actually had gone into her cunt! And now Frank and Ralph were lifting and dropping her body, trying to stir more juices up into her cunt. It took several minutes but the men finally broke the friction in her fuck-chute and got movement, then the elephant prick could grind back and forth in her pussy.

"I don't believe it!" Angela breathed heavily as Wayne reached up and pulled her shoulders down toward him. Bill quickly settled to his knees behind her and ran his long prick straight into her asshole. She felt it poke far into her guts.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she blabbered against Wayne's chest. Wayne's cock in her pussy didn't leave all that much room in her ass. And now that squeezed space was filled by Bill's hard corn-holing, cock.

Angela lifted her head and screamed, but it was in perverted pleasure rather than aversion to the pain. And when she opened her eyes, Jason's horse-cock was bobbing and weaving in front of her eyes.

She gasped and was rocked by a tremendous cum. It was the first in the last ten minutes, but it might have been the thousandth that night.

"Oh, yes," she groaned, leaning her face toward Jason's massive prick. "Fuck that thing clear down into my tiny throat!"

And it took some effort to manage it but he finally did. Angela's neck muscles were reluctant to let go. By the time she was deep throating a cock big enough to fuck a mare, an even larger one was playing havoc in her cunt. And somewhere behind, her own husband was corn-holing her ass, adding delicious pain to the pleasure. Angela was now well into a set of rolling, crashing cums better than ever before during the evening, and she hoped the hard fucking, punishing pain, and the driving pleasure that came from it, would never, never come to an end.


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