Mommy's horny darlings

Remember when teen-aged girls were innocent and naive? Look around you today and observe the changes taking place in our youth.

You will see young girls hitchhiking and accepting rides from anyone who will stop, young couples openly petting in parks, and groups of youngsters smoking marijuana and taking other drugs on school campuses. There is almost a total lack of sexual morality among teen-agers today.

Peggy and Randy Donaldson are two examples of this new, free-swinging generation. However, they have been initiated into this swinging lifestyle by the very people who should be setting good examples for them -- their own parents.

MOMMY'S HORNY DARLINGS is a story of what goes on in the bedrooms and living rooms of our neighborhoods. Perhaps these youngsters would have remained innocents if adults had not introduced them to another way of life. Maybe young people of today would be different if the adults of today practiced the morals they preached.

Chapter ONE

Boy, I'm horny today, Peggy thought vixenishly. I want to suck on my daddy's cock so much!

It was a little girl's bedroom, with frilly pink curtains, pastel blue walls and a collection of stuffed teddy bears on the bureau. But the blonde teenager sprawled on the bed wasn't so little anymore.

Peggy Donaldson was growing up. She had one of the most mouth-wateringly voluptuous bodies in her high school. She was petite at 5'3", but her tits were very large, two firm, creamy-white melons that stood up proudly and jiggled as she moved. Her nipples were very fat, large, and so red that the silverdollar-sized circles showed through most of her blouses and bras.

When boys and teachers weren't busy staring at her bouncy tits, they ogled her succulent ass. Peggy had a small, pert butt, but it was very round and full, and in the tight jeans she usually wore the peach-shaped cheeks looked like the most fuckable thing on campus. Her legs were perfectly formed, her bone structure delicate, and her waist slim. Even the high school principal had to stop himself from drooling over Peggy's body.

Peggy's figure was belied by her face, which looked even younger than she actually was. She had a perfect complexion, with wide, wondering blue eyes, a pert little nose and a small, full-lipped mouth. Her golden blonde hair fell in little ringlets around her neck and shoulders. She looked like a naive farm girl, and in some ways she was just as innocent.

Peggy was still a virgin. Guys asked her out on dates all the time, but she rarely accepted because she'd learned that all they wanted to do was try to takeoff her clothes and put their stiff cocks in her cunt.

She'd never even gone to second base with a boy, let alone allowed one to hit a home run! Up until recently, Peggy had never been that interested in sex, but something had changed in her in the past few months.

These days she seemed to be horny all the time. Peggy's pussy got all wet and itchy in her classes, and her nipples seemed to be stiff whenever she took off her clothes. But she wasn't interested in the high school boys, even though they were more anxious than ever for a piece of her cherry cunt.

No. The man Peggy wanted to fuck was Paul Donaldson -- her father!

The hazy sunlight filtered through the window, making the small upstairs bedroom look a bit unreal. Peggy was naked, with her pert little ass grinding off the mattress and her big tits jiggling obscenely on her chest, her creamy-white thighs were spread wide apart and her finger moved rapidly in and out of her juicy, itchy, curly haired cunt.

"Oh, fuck me, Daddy," Peggy whined, as she frantically jacked off. "I'm so horny! Oh, Daddy, why don't you just come upstairs right now and shove your cock in me?"

Peggy had always been close to her father, and she'd always loved him more than any other man on earth. He was so tall and handsome, with his short, black hair and chiseled features, and a body that was still lean and muscular at forty-one. As far as Peggy was concerned, her father was the most beautiful man in the world.

But since her sex urges had begun to blossom, Peggy had thought more and more about her daddy's cock. Only once she'd seen it in the raw, a couple of years ago when she'd surprised him on his way out of the bathroom. Since then she'd studied the bulge it made through his jeans and the dress slacks he wore to work many times.

Peggy knew her father had a big prick, and she knew she wanted to get fucked with it. She wanted to stick his big prick as far down her throat as she could, and suck on it hard, and swallow all of his shooting cum. The desire had been strong a couple of months ago, but now it was almost out of control. Her homework was suffering because all she could think of was her daddy's prick.

But how was she going to get at it? Her father had never shown any interest in her that way. Oh, he loved her, and a couple of times he'd remarked about the way her body was developing, but that was all.

And it wasn't as if they lived alone and had all the privacy they wanted. Peggy's mom, Laura, was in the house, and so was her big brother Randy, and her fathers' younger brother, Peggy's Uncle Sam. Oh, it was hopeless, Peggy thought.

Sometimes she thought she was the dirtiest little girl in the world for even wanting to see her daddy's prick. Then the heat in her pussy worsened, and Peggy realized she was about to cum. Grimacing, the stacked young blonde started humping her ass off the bed much faster, groaning softly as she pounded a second finger up her tight, juicy, virgin cunt. "Cumming, Daddy," she whispered. "My pussy's so wet. My cunt's hard, Daddy! It's cumming for you! Ooohhh, Daddy... fuck me, fuck me... Daddy, I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy creamed, covering her fingers with sticky, musky fuck juice. Peggy shuddered and continued to jack off, rubbing her cunt with her fingers to guide herself through the exquisite peaks of her teenaged cum. Then she sighed heavily and let her ass fall back to the bed, leaving her fingers daintily covering her hairy pussy mound.

It was getting late now, pretty soon her mom would be calling her down to dinner. Peggy thought of her mother, and all at once an exciting idea popped into her mind. Maybe she didn't know how she could get her father to fuck her, but she guessed she could watch him making it with Mom!

Chapter TWO

The house was very dark, so dark that Peggy could barely see a few feet in front of her. Dressed in a filmy pink nightie, the horny teenager tip-toed down the hallway to her parents room.

She could see the light glowing under their door, and was glad they hadn't gone to sleep yet. Peggy felt horribly ashamed of herself for what she was doing, and she didn't know what explanation she'd make if she were caught, but she had to do it.

Her pussy was dripping wet and throbbing with anticipation, like she might cum without even touching herself. Peggy was dying to see her father's prick!

Peggy reached the door and slowly knelt on the thick hallway rug. Now a thin light shone through the keyhole too. Peggy took a deep breath and pressed her eye to it, hoping she'd be able to see the mattress, hoping that tonight her parents would fuck.

Instantly she knew she was in luck. The keyhole showed most of the master bedroom, and all of the bed. Her mother was stretched out on it, on her back, naked.

"Oh!" Peggy whispered. Her eyes opened wide as she studied her dark-haired mother, seeing her naked body for the first time in many years. Laura Donaldson's tits were huge, even bigger than her daughter's. The milk-white globes hung on her chest like two overripe melons, capped with nipples that were every bit as red and stiff as Peggy's.

Laura was just lying there, and she looked impatient. Peggy darted her gaze from her mother's slim waist and long legs to her blackhaired pussy. It was a very furry cunt, much hairier than Peggy's own teenaged cunt. Peggy wondered if her father liked a pussy with a lot of hair.

"Paul," Laura said loudly, turning her head toward the bathroom adjoining their bedroom. "Please don't keep me waiting, honey! You know how I feel tonight!"

"Just a second, honey."

A moment later, her father entered the picture. He wore his bathrobe, and for a moment he just stood next to the bed, admiring his wife's luscious figure.

Laura smiled up at him, reaching for the robe. Paul let it drop. Then Peggy came, very hard and fast, without even touching herself at all. The sight of her father's stiff, naked cock was too much for her.

It was enormous! Not in her wildest imagination, Peggy thought, as she recovered from the breathtakingly sudden orgasm, never had she thought her daddy's prick would look like this.

So big, she thought wonderingly, so long and fat and stiff. It was as thick around as her wrist, like the cocks of horses she'd seen when her family took a drive in the country. But it was a lot harder than any of those horse cocks. The battering ram of her father's prick rose straight out of his equally huge balls, quivering straight before him, ready to dive into Peggy's mother's hot cunt.

Peggy could see light-blue veins on the shaft of her father's prick as it jerked and throbbed angrily. The knob was almost as big as a tangerine, a purplish dome of spongy flesh that gleamed, with a trace of liquid on the very tip. That was her daddy's cum, Peggy thought wantonly, her daddy's cum!

"Fuck me, Paul." Laura spread her legs and Peggy saw the pouting slit of her mother's cunt. "I'm so horny. I feel like I've been waiting for you for an hour. Please fuck me."

"Not yet, honey," Paul whispered. Naked, he climbed onto the bed. "First I get to eat my dessert."

Laura spread her legs wider, sighing heavily. It took the wildly horny daughter a moment to realize that her father was going to suck on her mommy's cunt.

"Mmmmmm, Paul! You always did love the taste of pussy!"

Laura looked happily down at her husband as she lifted her sleek legs, draping them over his shoulders. Then she shuddered as she felt the first touch of his tongue on her pussy, sliding up the swollen slit of her hairy cunt.

"Suck me, darling!" Laura curled her fingers in his thick hair, holding his face against her steaming pussy. "You want to, and I want it, too. Isn't my cunt nice and wet for you, darling? Lick it all up, Paul! Clean up my hot cunt!"

Paul inhaled deeply, savoring the musky aroma of his wife's fuck juices. Delicately he ran his tongue up and down her glistening pussy, tracing around the edge of her pussy hair, licking up all the salty cream flowing from the depths of her cunt slit.

He glided his hand up her soft thigh, separating the folds of her pussy with two fingers. That made her clit pop out, a large bud nearly as big as a grape. Paul sighed with pleasure as he started licking it, rubbing the flat of his tongue up and down the ultrasensitive, twitching nubbin.

Laura started humping hard as she let out a long moan, bouncing her calves on her husband's shoulders as she rhythmically fucked her pussy onto hiss face.

"That's right, darling! Unngggh! Lick my clit, right there! Oh God, Paul, you're such a good pussy-sucker!"

Paul tantalizingly licked his wife's swollen clit, moving it slightly from side to side with gentle thrusts of his tongue. He felt around her drooling pussy opening, then stiffened two fingers and pushed them slowly up her greasy cunt slit.

His wife had a very tight pussy, even after having two children. Immediately he felt the powerful pressure of her cunt muscles nipping around his fingers. Paul pushed them in until his knuckles pressed the hairy mouth of her crack. Then he started jacking off his wife fast and hard, pumping his fingers into her hot pussy as he licked off her burning clit.

Laura's pretty face contorted into a grimace, her brown tresses falling across her shoulders. "That's good, Paul! Unhhh! Jack off my pussy! Jack it off just like you fuck me with that big, hard cock!"

Her cunt was dripping wet, and the sloshing sounds were obscenely loud as the foaming slit clung to her husband's fingers. Paul quickly worked his fingers in and out of the creaming pussy, twisting them deep inside his wife's grasping cunt.

"Gonna cum, Paul!" The bed creaked loudly as the horny mother whipped up her ass, groaning and sighing as the familiar heat built deep inside her fuck tunnel. "Unhhhh! Suck my clit now, darling! Suck it, suck it, make me cummmm!"

Moving his mouth up her spasming cunt, Paul took the twitching clit between his lips. He sucked it hard, drawing it out with the suctioning pressure of his puckered cheeks. His tongue flicked on it, his teeth nipped the tip. At the same time he rammed his fingers deep inside her itchy cunt, burying them to the knuckles in her gooey pussy.

"Cuuuummmiiinnnggg!" Laura cried. Feverishly she ground and thrust her burning, sopping pussy on his mouth, flushing brightly as her pussy exploded in orgasm. "Suck my cunt, darling! Unbhh! Feels so good! My cunt's burning up, it's cuumminnnnggg!"

Paul kept sucking his wife's cunt hard as she came, keeping his fingers deep inside her slushy pussy. Then he dropped his lips to the pouting slit and licked up all the cunt juice drooling from the depths of her pussy, relishing the taste of his wife's creaming cunt.

"Fuck me now, Paul," Laura whispered. She lifted her legs and held out her arms, opening herself for the invasion of a stiff, hard prick. "Oh, God, make me cum again! Fuck the shit out of me, Paul!"

Paul rose to his knees between her spreadeagled thighs, and his massive cock slapped up stiffly on his hairy stomach. Laura groaned as she watched him clutch the pulsing root, directing the rosy tip to the hairy mouth of her pussy.

Oh yes, fuck her, Daddy! Peggy thought wildly. Fuck Mommy's cunt!

Kneeling before the keyhole, the horny teen's fingers were deep inside her own pussy, finger-whipping her burning slit. She'd cum once without touching herself, and knew she was already on the verge of a second orgasm as she watched that huge, pulsing length of cockmeat home in on her mother's cunt.

Fuck her, fuck her, Peggy thought deliriously. Fuck her, fuck her good!

"Unh! Oh Paul, it's so big and stiff tonight! Unnggghhhh! Deep, darling! I love your cock in my pussy!"

Her expression contorted with violent arousal, Laura tossed her brown-maned head wildly back and forth as her tight pussy opened to the battering thrusts of her husband's prick. He had such a big one, she thought dizzily. Every time he fucked her, it was like taking the huge prick into her pussy for the first time.

Obscenely the massive shaft stretched her cunt hole, making the swollen lips ache and itch as they clung wetly to his invading cock. Eagerly Laura humped beneath him, wanting to stuff her cunt with as much prick as she could get.

"Ahhhh, honey," Paul crooned. He supported himself on his outstretched arms, watching her agonized expression and her huge, bouncing tits as he fed her his cock. "So tight, honey! So fucking tight!"

Paul twisted his hips, sliding the hardened shaft into her hairy pussy. Finally it was all the way into her, buried to the balls in the tight sheath of her succulent cunt.

He could feel the spasmodic pressure of her cunt muscles, reflexively milking around his cock. Paul pulled out slowly, his head down, watching his veined prick shaft reappear from the oily depths of her clasping pussy.

"Fuck me harder, Paul!" Laura mewled. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, humping her ass like a bitch in heat as the bloated cock shaft pressed onto her clit. "Gonna cum again! Fuck me, fuck me."

Paul bored his cock back in again, stabbing it even deeper into his big-titted wife's pussy. Then he started thrusting in a steady, in-out rhythm, filling and emptying her pussy with his hot, huge cock.

"Haaaaarder!" Laura was beside herself with pleasure, already on the verge of another cum. Deliriously she raked her fingernails down her husband's back, pulling on his ass cheeks, hungry to feel more of his hard-on up her cunt.

"Fuck me, darling! Unnnhhh, my cunt's creaming! Fuck the shit out of me with that huge fucking prick!"

Paul spread his knees between her spreadeagled thighs, changing the angle at which his prick speared into the gurgling depths of her pussy. Then he started fucking his horny wife much harder, brutally reaming out her pussy with long, driving thrusts of his blood-gorged cock.

The bed heaved and creaked beneath them, and their bellies slapped sweatily together as they eagerly fucked. Laura's head continued to toss and turn, her face a mask of ecstasy as the juicing heat built around his stabbing cock.

"Fuck me, Paul! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" She whipped up her ass harder and harder, grunting obscenely as she ground her hairy hole onto the root of his cock, encouraging him to fuck her pussy as hard as he could.

Her nipples were very stiff, quivering atop the bouncing tits. Even her asshole was tight and puckered as more heat flowered in her belly. I'm cumming, Laura thought. I'm already cumming.

"Fuck me harder, Paul! Now, now! I'm making it! Unngghh! Oh shit, honey, oh fucking shit! I'm cumming, cuuummiinnggg!"

Her cunt contracted in a series of long, exquisite spasms, nursing almost mechanically around the hammering shaft of his cock. Paul moaned as his wife came beneath him, feeling the jism well up in his nuts.

Then he collapsed on her sweating nakedness, stabbing his cock to the hilt in her buttery cunt. The pent-up load of juice rushed up from his balls, spurting torrentially into his wife's pussy. He didn't stop fucking her until the last drops had burned out of the head of his cock until he'd shot off every bit of his thick, sticky cum.

And then Peggy left her place outside the door, rushing quickly back to her room, being careful not to make too much noise. Her pussy was burning violently and was so wet with cunt cream that she could feel it squishing between her tender young thighs as she moved.

Gotta fuck him, Peggy thought. The mental image of her daddy's cock was burned in her brain: throbbing, pulsing, jerking. Gotta fuck him, gotta fuck him! Gotta fuck with Daddy's cock!

Chapter THREE

"Want a drink, Peggy?"

"Naw, I don't think so, Uncle Sam. I think I'm a little too young for liquor."

"It won't hurt you any. I won't tell if you don't."

"Well... I still think I'd rather not." Sam shrugged and poured himself a stiff two shots of cheap gin from a gallon jug he kept on his dresser. Then he climbed back onto his bed and faced Peggy, who sat in a chair opposite him.

Paul's younger brother was a handsome guy at twenty-nine, with a lean, rangy body, boyish good-looks and a head full of thick, dark hair. But he was basically a bum, and no one in the family expected him to amount to any more than he already had.

He hadn't worked in a year, and with the recession there was little chance of him getting another job. He didn't try to look for work any more, and he had no source of outside income. Paul didn't seem to mind letting his aging kid brother live in his house and eat his food as long as he kept his drinking more or less to himself.

"To tell you the truth, this stuff hardly affects me anymore," Sam said, peering at the clear liquor in his glass. "I mean, I've drunk so much, I guess I've developed a pretty high tolerance. It's just like soda water to me. I haven't felt really drunk in years."

Peggy looked at her uncle, smiling at the way he deluded himself. She liked Uncle Sam. She trusted him, too, which was the reason she'd come to him with her problem about her father.

She wasn't going to tell him it was about her father, of course. But she was going to tell him she was awfully horny, and that she needed advice on how to get into a certain guy's pants.

It was a desperate move, Peggy knew, but the spectacle witnessed through the keyhole had occurred two nights before, and she couldn't stand it any longer. Her pussy was wet all the time, thinking about her daddy's prick.

It was the perfect time to talk to her uncle. Her brother, Randy, was out playing baseball, and her mom and dad wouldn't be home for hours.

"Now... you're sure you don't want some?" Uncle Sam asked, offering the glass again.


"Okay, honey." Sam folded his arms behind his head, putting the glass on the nightstand. "To what do I owe this unexpected visit? What's on my niece's pretty little mind?"

"Well... you got to promise to keep this a secret, Uncle Sam. I mean, this isn't the sort of thing I could talk about with Mom or Dad."

Sam nodded, looking suddenly interested. "Why sure thing, honey. If liquor don't make me drunk it's not about to make me talk either."

"You promise?"

"Sure I promise."

"Well... it's like... God, this is so embarrassing. I mean, I've never talked to an adult or anything about something like this."

"Well, just go ahead, honey. Spit it right out."

"Well, it's like... how do you go about getting a guy to... you know... to have sex with you?"

Uncle Sam had picked up his drink at that point, and he almost spilled it all over himself before taking a long swallow. There was a lot of interest in his eyes when he looked at his niece again, taking in her lushly formed body.

"See, there's... there's this guy I know," Peggy stammered. "And I really want to, you know, do it with him a lot. I mean, I really want to bad. But he... he just doesn't seem interested in me."

"Tell you the truth, I find that a little hard to believe, honey, considering the looks God saw fit to bestow upon you."

Peggy couldn't help being pleased by her uncle's compliment. She wore her usual hot weather ensemble of a tight t-shirt and denim cut-offs. The cut-offs were a little too short for her this season, and the blue fabric showed several inches of her ass cheeks. And there was no t-shirt that didn't look tight across her big tits.

"Well... thank you, Uncle Sam, but he still doesn't seem too interested."

"Uh, tell me something, Peggy. Do you have much experience in this sort of thing?"

"Well, I'm a virgin."

"A virgin? I see. So I guess you don't have much experience with a man's body."

Peggy blushed at her uncle's words. "No, I don't, really."

Uncle Sam put the drink down and sat up on the edge of the bed, patting the mattress beside him. If Peggy had been more experienced, she would have instantly understood the look in his eye.

"Have a seat here, honey. I think I'll show you everything you need to know to solve your little problem."

Peggy shrugged and sat close to her uncle on the bed, her huge tits jiggling seductively under her t-shirt. Her uncle took her hand and placed it on his upper thigh.

"Uncle Sam!" Peggy gasped. "What are you doing?"

"I'm giving you a demonstration, Peggy. There's one absolute best way to turn any man on. Now move your hand up my leg. Go on." The blush in Peggy's cheeks was very hot, but she was an obedient girl and, in a very important way, Uncle Sam was another parent to her. Shaking slightly, she slid her hand high up his leg. Soon she felt a thick bulge under her fingers, and knew it was his cock.

"Uncle Sam! I... I don't know if I ought to be doing this with you."

"You sure should, Peggy. What do you think you're going to be touching with this man friend of yours? There's one sure way to get any male horny, honey, and that's straight through his cock."

Taking hold of her hand again, Sam moved it square onto his crotch. "Rub it, Peggy. Squeeze my prick."

Blushing fiercely, the stacked teenager started to rub her uncle's cock. Almost immediately she felt it getting long and stiff under her fingers, swelling outward with blood.

"Am... am I doing it right?"

"You're doing it real good, Peggy. Feel the trunk growing? Squeeze it a little."

Running her fingers over his cock bulge, Peggy could feel the outline of the shaft and her uncle's cockhead. Pushing her fingers around the stalk, she stroked it lightly. Instantly his cock grew hard as a rock.

"Ahhhh. How's that feel to you, Peggy?" Peggy bit her lip with embarrassment.

"It-it's making me horny."

"It's going to make your friend pretty horny too, Peggy. Now pull down my zipper, honey. I have to show you what to do next."

Uncle Sam was sweating and Peggy could feel his thick cock throbbing hard under her fingers. By now she was sure he was seducing her, but she didn't want to stop either. Her nipples were stiff, and her pussy was all wet from feeling his cock. She was dying to see what it looked like close-up.

Sighing, the young girl gripped his zipper and pulled it down. Then she reached shyly into the opening and found that he wore no underwear. Peggy wrapped her fingers around the bloated trunk of his cock. Then she hauled it into the open, seeing her very first naked prick close up.

"Oh, Uncle Sam!"

His dick was enormous, nearly as large as her father's. The meaty shaft rose straight out of his cock fur, throbbing and jerking above his stomach.

Peggy felt her pussy creaming as she watched the blue-veined shaft throb and pulse like it had a will of its own. The knob was fat too, a rosy, bulbous globe of spongy, flesh, with a thin drop of cream glistening on the tip.

"What do you think of it, Peggy?"

"It's... it's so big," Peggy gushed. "God, Uncle Sam. It's really big and hard."

"Take my pants off the rest of the way, Peggy."

Peggy eagerly did as her uncle asked, unbuckling his belt and tugging the slacks down to his ankles. Sam grinned and stretched out on his back, the huge hard-on quivering over his stomach.

"Put your hand on it, Peggy."

Peggy stretched out on her side by her uncle's hip, not taking her eyes from his swollen cock. Tentatively she wrapped her fingers around his hard-on, groaning as she felt its naked stiffness throbbing in her palm.

"Now stroke it, honey. Slowly at first, then nice and hard. Stroke my cock!"

Shyly, Peggy started tugging on her uncle's big prick. She pushed her closed fist to the root of his cock before dragging it up his rod, bunching the loose flesh just under the crown.

Immediately his prick got even stiffer, and more of the white cream bubbled out of the piss slit. Peggy realized she was getting very, very horny. Her nipples were painfully stiff, and her pussy was throbbing with wet lust. "Harder, Peggy."

Peggy started jacking on his cock fast and hard. Her wrist and forearm ached slightly as she pistoned her fist on his cock, stroking all the way up and down with every movement. But the small discomfort was easily ignored as she experienced the forbidden joy of holding her uncle's bare cock in her hand.

"Do you like doing that, Peggy?"

"Yes," Peggy whispered huskily. "I... I like it a lot."

"Your boyfriend's gonna like it a lot too, Peggy. He's going to want you to do it all the time."

Peggy said nothing, concentrating on the stiff cock in her hand. Faster and harder she pumped it, and she saw her Uncle Sam grimace and sigh as the pleasure built in his cock.

"See... ah! See all that white stuff unh... coming out of the tip, Peggy?"

"Yes," Peggy murmured, staring at the drooling knob.

"That's my cum, honey. It's leaking out of my balls. Now... unh... I want you to put your tongue on it, Peggy. I want you to lick all that stuff off of my prick!"

Peggy hesitated a moment, reluctant to begin what she knew was a deeply forbidden act. But she was too horny to help herself. Her mouth filled with saliva just looking at his stiff prick. She felt like she was made to stuff it down her throat.

Dropping her head, the big-titted teenager extended her tongue and flicked it on the crown of his cock. Instantly she caught the taste of his pre-cum, salty and musky and hot.

It was delicious! Peggy started licking eagerly all over he crown of his cock, jacking him off at the same time, her pussy juicing heavily as she delighted in the taste of his cock.

"Ah! Unh, oh, shit!" Sam writhed helplessly on the bed, his cock jerking and quivering wildly. He put his hand behind her head, guiding it down. "Suck it, Peggy. Put it in your mouth and suck on it hard."

Peggy parted her lips, thrusting the drooling tip of his cock into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as her lips clasped just under the flared knob, stretching to accommodate the circumference of her uncle's meat.

It felt good to suck a prick, Peggy realized. Just the taste of it in her mouth was making her much hornier than before. Eagerly the young blonde stretched her lips wider, nearly choking as she stuffed another inch of his cock down her throat.

"Don't... don't bite it, Peggy," Sam gasped. "Fold your lips over your teeth. Then just suck it... suck nice and hard."

Peggy did as she was instructed, pushing her lips over her teeth so she wouldn't accidentally nip the sensitive cock flesh by accident. Then she started sucking very hard, flushing and puckering her cheeks as she intensified the suctioning pressure around her uncle's prick.

"Ahhhh, God!" Sam grimaced as he began to rock his ass off the bed, fucking his oozing cock in and out of her mouth. "That's good, honey. What a good little cock-sucker! Harder, now! Suck it just as hard as you can!"

Peggy sucked his prick very hard, forming a tight glove with her wet, ovaled lips. Repeatedly she washed his spongy cock crown with her swirling tongue, tasting the juices that continued to ooze out of the open piss slit. She pushed her tongue into his piss hole, discovering that she could make even more of the hot jizz bubble out that way.

Peggy felt his cock growing in her fist, stretching her fingers as the hot, hard shaft throbbed on her palm. Instinctively she started jacking on it, lewdly beating his meat as she continued to suck.

By now her cock-sucking had become very loud, and Uncle Sam could hear the slurping, smacking sounds of her lips on his prick filling the whole bedroom. He winced almost in agony as his cock continued to swell. He knew he was going to cum at any moment.

"You're... you're doing good, Peggy," he gasped. "You're a natural-born cocksucker! See... see how stiff you've made my prick? You're making me cum, Peggy. The white stuff's gonna start spurting out any second!"

Peggy thought of her uncle blowing his wad in her mouth, and she was surprised to realize how much the idea turned her on. She'd heard her mother gasping when her daddy had squirted off inside her pussy. She was sure Laura loved the taste of Daddy's cum, too.

Laura sucked her uncle's cock even harder, moving her fist in a blur as she beat on his rigid meat as hard as she could. Suddenly Sam grabbed her other hand, pulling it between his legs.

"Play with my balls, honey," he groaned. "Squeeze them, squeeze 'em real gentle! Unh! Oh please do it for me, Peggy. I gotta cum."

His ball bag was fat and hairy, stretching to contain the two cum-congested globes. Tentatively Peggy touched his nuts, making her uncle groan loudly as she rolled them on her fingers. Then his big cock started twitching wildly between her lips and she knew he was shooting off.

"Gumming, Peggy! Suck it down, suck it all up! Unhh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

A long ribbon of sappy cock juice blew out of the tip of his cock, spurting obscenely down Peggy's throat. Then the virgin teenager nearly gagged as torrents of hot, sappy jism blasted out of his cock head, squirting repeatedly down her throat.

His cum tasted delicious! Again Peggy nearly came without touching herself, incredibly excited by the spunky richness of his milkwhite cream. Beating and sucking his gushing meat, she shamelessly swallowed it all down, not releasing his cock until she'd helped him shoot out the entire load.

"Ohhhhh, Peggy." Uncle Sam just lay there with a dazed grin on his face, as his cock continued twitching wetly over his stomach. "What a good little cock-sucker... best blow-job I ever had."

"Did I do it good?" Peggy asked softly, licking the stray traces of cum from her mouth.

"Honey, you did fantastic! That little boyfriend of yours is never going to know what hit him if you give him head too!"

Peggy continued to stare at her uncle's dripping cock, nervously squirming on the edge of the bed. Then she saw how hard her uncle was looking at her too, running his eyes up her naked legs to the crotch of her cut-offs, studying the voluptuous shelf her big tits made under the skimpy shirt.

"Peg..." Sam sat up on the bed, pausing to remove his bunched-up slacks completely and kick off his shoes. "Sex isn't all just work for a girl. It isn't all just making the guy feel good. Your boyfriend has to make you feel good too."

"Well... sure. What do you mean?"

"I mean, he might not know how to make you feel good, Peggy. You might have to show him how to make you cum too."

"I still don't understand what you mean, Uncle Sam."

"Well, I'll show you, honey. Now take off your shirt."

Peggy hesitated, looking at her uncle's face. Then she shrugged and stripped off the t-shirt.

Her uncle moaned at the sight of her huge tits, the deep, spongy cleavage visible over the lacy, white cups of her bra.

"Take the bra off too, Peggy."

Peggy reached behind her back and undid the clasp, letting the undergarment flutter to the floor. She couldn't help blushing with pride as she saw the way her uncle was ogling her mouth-watering tits. She felt a little embarrassed, too. Sucking his cock had made her nipples very stiff, and the crinkled, rubbery buds stood out nearly an inch from the rosy surface of her areolas.

"God, what a pair of tits for a girl your size," Sam said breathlessly.

"Thank you, Uncle Sam."

"Now stretch out on the bed, Peggy. I'm going to show you how to feel awfully good."

Peggy did as her uncle asked, wiggling her ass on the covers as she stretched out on her back, her firm, big tits jiggling like spongy melons on her chest. Uncle Sam paused to take off his shirt too, leaving himself completely naked. Then he knelt beside her and dropped his hands to her jiggling tits.

"Now, see how this feels, Peggy."

His hand closed around the D-cup globes, squeezing and kneading them gently. Peggy moaned as she felt a wanton heat spreading through her body, making her pussy cream and ache as her uncle expertly massaged her big tits.

"Do you like that?"

"Y-yes," Peggy stammered. "I guess I do." Uncle Sam continued to feel up her tits, delighting in the soft texture of the flesh. Then he dropped his head and pressed his lips to one fat nipple.

The wetness in Peggy's teenaged pussy worsened dramatically as he took the rubbery tip between his lips. Uncle Sam sucked her tit hard, pulling and dragging on the nipple with the suction of his mouth. He chewed gently on the rosy tit cap, sending waves of pleasure through the young virgin's body.

"Oh, Uncle Sam!" Peggy bit her lip and tossed her head back and forth wildly, rubbing her slender thighs together as the heat built in her pussy. "That feels so good. Oh, you don't know what you're doing to me!"

Sam didn't respond. He was too busy with the big tit in his mouth. Sucking the nipple until it was totally stiff, he cupped the left tit in his hands and moved his mouth to its nipple. This time he sucked even harder, opening his mouth to engulf as much of the spongy tit flesh as he could.

At the same time his hand wandered down her sleek belly, touching her slim waist, patting the girlish bulge of her belly. Peggy groaned as he slipped it between her thighs, pinching the flesh of her inner legs. Then he started rubbing his hand directly onto her cunt, titillating her pussy through the skimpy covering of the cut-offs.

Uncontrollably Peggy started humping, pressing and grinding her pussy onto his palm. "Feels good, Uncle Sam! Don't stop, don't stop!"

Uncle Sam lifted his head, looking at her intently. "Don't worry, Peggy. Now I'm going to show you something that feels even better."

The horny uncle slid off the bed, his big cock as hard as iron between his thighs. He knelt on the floor, cupped his young niece's hips and pulled them to the edge of the mattress. Peggy squealed as he unzipped her cut-offs, pulling them under the rounded cheeks of her juicy ass.

"Oh, Uncle Sam! What're you going to do to me?"

Uncle Sam's cock started throbbing violently at the sight of her naked pussy -- the puffiest, juiciest little slit he'd ever seen! The pouting folds of his niece's cunt were swollen and glistening with fuck oil, and the soft curls of her fleecy cunt hair perfectly fringed the slit.

"I'm going to suck your cunt now, darling," he murmured. "Your uncle's going to make you cum."

Sam pulled the cut-offs down her tapering legs, leaving her naked. He lifted her calves, draping them over his shoulders. Then he pushed his head between her thighs, licking slowly up her bare legs.

"Unnggghhh!" Unconsiciously Peggy spread her legs wider, eagerly rocking her ass on the mattress. "You're making me so horny!"

Sam sighed with pleasure as he buried his head between her legs, inhaling the indescribable, cock-stiffening aroma of a wet, teenaged cunt. Lightly he brushed his lips up the hairy hole, teasing her with the first touch of his mouth. Then he pushed out his tongue and spread the pouting folds of her virgin pussy.

"Unnggghhh!" Peggy gasped with the sudden stabbing pleasure boiling through her loins. "Yes, oh God, oh yes!" She spread her legs wide apart, making her huge tits jiggle as she humped her ass wildly off the mattress. "Suck me, Uncle Sam! Unhhh! You're making my pussy wet!"

Sam chuckled at his niece's lust, knowing he had her to the point of no control. His hands glided up her thighs, holding them wide apart. He started licking rhythmically up and down her cunt slit, lapping up the delicious juices that oozed out of the depths of her burning pussy.

"Unh, Uncle Sam! Unh, suck me, unh unh unh..." Peggy grunted and moaned with pleasure, humping furiously, fucking her cunt all over her uncle's face. "Lick my cunt, Uncle Sam! Lick it, lick it, you're making me cum!" Sam touched his fingers to her pussy, carefully peeling back the swollen petals to expose the bright pink hole within. He thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy, making Peggy squeal and buck her ass violently on the bed.

Then he started working a finger into the tight, slippery hole, pushing it slowly up her cunt. Peggy could feel it opening up her tender pussy, finally buried to the knuckle in her creaming, throbbing cunt.

Sam held the finger deep inside her pussy, twisting it and making her buck. He pulled it out slowly, scratching the outer walls of her slit. Then he pushed it back in and started jacking off her cunt as he licked it, pistoning his finger through the gurgling sheath of her hairy cunt.

"Gonna cum!" Peggy was humping so hard now that she could hardly keep her ass on the bed, groaning and sighing and pumping up her ass again and again. "Lick me, lick my pussy," she chanted. "Lick my pussy, lick it, lick it..."

Sam pushed his tongue up her spasming hole, approaching the twitching bud of her clit. She had a big clit, he saw, protruding from the upper folds of her pussy. Tentatively he flicked his tongue onto the tip.

"Naaaaah!" Peggy bucked as if she'd been shot, the powerful cunt muscles clamping needfully around his finger. "Lick me there, Uncle Sam! Unh unh, lick my clitty! Lick it, suck it, it's making me cum!"

Sam licked her cunt avidly, pushing the pulsing nubbin to and fro with his tongue. Peggy could barely stand the intense pleasure shooting through her pussy. No finger-fucking session had ever felt so good.

"Gonna cum!" Her ass rose and fell steadily on the mattress, the fuck juice oozing heavily from the pin petals of her cunt. "Gonna cummmm!"

Sam wrapped his lips around the bloodswollen clit bud. He sucked it hard, nipping it lightly with his teeth. At the same time he jammed a second finger up her cunt hole, twisting it hard deep inside her cunt.

"Cuuummmiiinngg!" Peggy clawed the back of his head, her big tits shaking wildly on her chest as she arched her ass high, her pussy grinding onto his fingers and mouth. "Suck it, suuuuck it! I'm cumming, now! Uncle Sam, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

For what felt like a whole minute her pussy exploded, gushing from one peak of ecstasy to the next. It was the hardest cum the young virgin had ever had in her life! Her pussy spasmed and throbbed like a little heart, pumping out the cunt oils onto her uncle's tongue.

Sam eagerly continued to eat her out, sucking steadily on the pulsating clit. Then he dipped his tongue back into her pussy, lapping up the juices of her gooey cunt.

"Okay, Peggy," he said at last, rising to his feet. "Time to get fucked."

There was no pretense of instruction now, as Sam held her ass and pushed her back to the center of the bed. Peggy looked up at him dazedly as he mounted her, seeing the huge, hairy body above her teenaged nakedness, the massive, rock-hard boner twitching obscenely above her soft belly.

"Here it comes, little honey," Sam whispered. "Right up your juicy cunt!"

Gripping his throbbing hard-on in his fist, the horny uncle aimed the drooling knob at the hairy, puffy folds of his niece's pussy. But just at that moment, Peggy's mother's voice rang out in the hall.

"Oh, Peg-gy! I'm home, honey! Come into the kitchen, honey! I need your help making dinner!"

Swearing fiercely, Sam climbed off the bed and hurried into his clothes. "You better go, honey. You don't want to get caught."

Blushing hotly, Peggy put on her bra and slipped back into her shorts and t-shirt. Then she went into the hall, preparing to join her mother in the kitchen.

But her pussy was still burning furiously, and she knew that she'd run upstairs to fingerfuck as soon as could. Peggy knew the Uncle Sam was still very horny for her, and she couldn't wait for a chance to fuck him.

But still, the cock she wanted inside her pussy above all others belonged to her well-hung father.

Chapter FOUR

Peggy's father sat on the living room couch with his legs crossed, reading the morning newspaper. All he had on was his bathrobe, and Peggy could see up his hairy thigh. Her pussy creamed as she imagined her daddy's big, thick cock, lying soft and rubbery between his legs.

Slowly she crossed the room towards him, wearing a cotton nightie that swished around her soft, bare thighs, her big tits jiggling under the fabric. This was her big chance, Peggy told herself. Her mother and brother were already out of the house, and Uncle Sam almost never came out of his room.

Feverishly the young blonde reminded herself of what her uncle had told her the day before: the way to turn a man on was straight through his cock. If she could make his prick get stiff, she might even get her daddy to fuck her.

"Good morning, sugar," Paul said, smiling up at her as he put down the paper. "Hey! Aren't you supposed to be dressed for school?"

"Not today, Daddy. It's a holiday. The whole class gets the day off, remember?"

Peggy plopped down on the couch at her father's side, hoping he'd get a peek at her pussy hair under the short hem of the nightie. Her father smiled at her, retrieved his paper and continued to read.

"Anything important in the news today, Daddy?"

"Oh, the usual stuff. World's going to hell, as always."

"Boy, Daddy, remember how you used to read to me when I was a little girl? I'd sit in your lap and you'd read to me over my shoulder?"

"Oh, I think you're getting a little old for that, honey."

"Aw, aren't I your sweet little girl anymore?"

Peggy wiggled onto her father's lap, sighing as she rested her cheek on his chin. Paul laughed and continued reading. Peggy's cunt got very hot as she realized she could feel the soft bulge of his cock under her ass.

"It's just like old times, Daddy."

"Except you're a lot heavier now, honey. My little girl's getting bigger every day."

Peggy sighed and nestled her cheek on her father's chin. Then she deliberately started wiggling her ass.

She did it almost imperceptibly, so her father wouldn't guess she knew what she was doing. But there was definite friction through their clothes from her small, plump ass to her father's big prick.

"God, Daddy, look at that," Peggy said, gesturing to a small headline. "A woman in Sioux City just had quintuplets!"

"Eh, the junk they print in the papers these days."

Peggy continued to wiggle her horny little ass lightly on her father's lap. Soon the movement had its desired effect and her daddy's cock started getting stiff. At first she wasn't positive he was getting a hard-on, but then she knew for sure!

The long, thick shaft of meat lengthened and fattened with blood, twitching upward between his legs. Peggy wiggled her ass a little harder and his cock got stiffer and stiffer, pressing onto the soft flesh of her hot ass.

"And look at that, Daddy," Peggy exclaimed, gesturing at another item. "I ought to read the paper more often."

"Uh, yeah."

Peggy glanced at her father's face out of the corner of her eye and saw how nervous he suddenly looked. Rubbing her head lightly on his cheek, she continued to flex her ass cheeks against his growing cock. Soon it was as hard as bone. When the meaty crown started to push onto the crack of her ass through her robe and nightie, Paul made an odd noise and pushed his daughter quickly off his lap.

"Uh, time to get ready for work," he said, dropping the paper and walking away quickly.

"Aw, Daddy, can't you sit and read with me a little more?"

"Uh, I don't think so honey." Paul walked stiffly toward his bedroom, holding his robe together with one hand. "Getting late. Lot of work to do. See you tonight." He entered the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Damn it! Peggy thought peeved. She stared after him for a moment, then walked miserably upstairs to her own room.

Her pussy was so wet that, she could hardly stand it, the hairy slit squishing between her legs as she climbed the stairs. She'd felt Daddy getting a big hard-on! Wouldn't she ever get to feel it up her cunt?

Peggy took off her nightie and lay naked on her bed, lightly rubbing her creaming pussy as she heard the water of the shower running downstairs. Then it shut off, and a few minutes later she heard the front door open and slam shut again. Her father was on his way to work. Damn it, Peggy thought, damn it all to hell! Whimpering with frustration, the big-titted teenager spread her legs wide on the bed. Then she started to finger-fuck her drippy, hairy pussy, humping her ass hornily off the sheets.

"Hey, Peggy? Are you in there?"

The door cracked open and her uncle peered into the room. Peggy didn't have a chance to take her fingers from her pussy. Sam's face stretched into a broad grin as he saw her naked, jiggling titties, and smelled the hot cream oozing out of her cunt.

"Goddamn, Peggy!" Sam wobbled into the room, leaving the door open behind him. It was obvious he'd already begun drinking. "You get started early in the morning, don't you?"

Peggy sighed, immediately looking at her uncle's growing hard-on through his pants.

"Boy, Uncle Sam, am I ever glad to see you!"

Peggy went on jacking herself off, staring openly at her uncle's crotch. Sam pulled off his shirt, showing his hairy chest. He kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants. Peggy moaned loudly as the big, stiff prick throbbed into the open, jutting straight out from his curly cock hair.

"Fuck me, Uncle Sam," she mewled wantonly. "I'm so horny this morning! I really want my cherry popped! Fuck my hot cunt!"

"Don't worry, Peggy!" Sam climbed onto the bed with her. "But I've got a pretty big prick, and you've never been fucked before. First I need to suck your pussy and make you cum."

Sam played with her big tits, holding up one D-cup tit and giving the rosy cap a long, hungry suck. Peggy gasped, wriggling impatiently beneath him. Her uncle planted wet kisses on her sleek belly as he moved down her body, honing in on her dripping wet cunt.

"Oh, suck me, Uncle Sam!" Peggy gasped. "Hurry up and make my cunt cum so you'll put your cock inside me!"

Sam stretched put on his stomach between her nakedly splayed legs, staring at the hairy slit that was dripping and pulsing in front of his face. He thrust his hands under her lithe hips, cupping the cheeks of her ass. Then he groaned as he pressed his mouth to her musky-scented cunt slit.

Peggy eagerly humped her bare ass cheeks off his fingers, grinding and fucking her pussy onto his lips. "Lick it, Uncle Sam! Unh unh unh, lick my pussy super good!"

Sam lapped up the wet trough of her gushing cunt hole, separating the flowering folds with his swiping tongue. He darted it rapidly in and out of her creaming cunt, exploring the slippery pinkness of her inner meat. Peggy clawed the back of his head and started humping much harder, fucking her wet pussy all over his face.

"Make me cum, Uncle Sam! Suck my pussy, make it cummm!"

Sam squeezed and kneaded the peach-shaped cheeks of her ass, making her pink little asshole pucker as he pulled and pressed the succulent globes. He glued his mouth to her hairy cunt mouth and sucked on it wildly, applying heavy suction to the opening of her pussy.

"Awwwww! Lick my cunt now! Put your fingers inside me!"

She was humping so hard that he couldn't hold her ass in position so Sam pulled away his hands. Delicately his fingers probed the swollen, pouting lips of her cunt, making his niece shudder as he pushed two fingers all the way up her silky cunt. At the same time his lips moved higher up her cunt slit, homing in on her swollen clit.

Peggy grunted and humped like a bitch in heat as her uncle wiggled his tongue on her clit bud, sending spasms of intense ecstasy coursing through her nakedness. Her uncle had to be the world's most fantastic pussy-sucker, she thought dizzily. Expertly he massaged her pink nubbin with his tongue, washing it, licking it, pushing it gently from side to side.

"Naaaaahhhh!" Peggy's moans of pleasure were very loud, and she was glad no one else was in the house. "Suck me, suck my pussy! Gonna cum!"

She clawed the back of her uncle's head, shuddering as her tits jiggled and her pussy tunnel gripped tightly around his fingers. "Cumming, Uncle Sam! Lick my pussy, lick my cunt! Unh unh unnnngggghhh! Oh, fuck, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

A picture of her father's enormous hard-on flashed into the young girl's mind. She pictured the stiff, drooling shaft over her belly, preparing to spear into her buttery cunt. The fantasy made her climax incredibly intense.

Again and again she came, humping like a bitch in heat as her hairy cunt hole spasmed on her uncle's mouth. Eagerly Sam lapped up all the cunt juice, flicking his tongue from her twitching clit back to her drooling, gurgling cunt.

"Ohhh-h-h-h, God!" Peggy was shaking and panting, her thighs quivering with the intensity of the cum she'd just had. "You are so good at that, Uncle Sam! You make me think my whole body's going to explode when you suck my pussy like that!"

"But there's something that feels even better than pussy-licking, Peggy. Are you ready for your first fuck?"

He rose to his knees between her milk-white legs, and Peggy stared hungrily at his stiff cock. If it had been stiff the day before, now it was even harder, like he'd spent the whole night thinking about her luscious, big-titted body and the juicy tightness of her virgin cunt.

Obscenely the battering ram of a hard-on loomed over her belly, jerking and pulsing uncontrollably up and down. The hot cock juice was leaking heavily from the tip, oozing down the shaft, making his cock head wet and slick. Peggy had to suppress the urge to rise up and stuff that delicious-looking cock down her throat.

"Okay, Uncle Sam!" She wiggled her ass on the mattress and eagerly lifted her thighs high, opening up her pussy for the invasion of his cock meat. "I'm ready now! Fuck me any time you want!"

Holding his aching prick in his fist, Uncle Sam moved forward on his knees until his bloated prick tip pressed onto his niece's pussy opening. Teasingly he rubbed it up and down her cunt hole, coating the head with the sticky juices oozing from his niece's horny pussy.

"Awww, fuck me!" Peggy impatiently humped her ass, trying to push her cunt slit onto his cock. "I'm so horny! Don't make me wait! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee."

Then the words faded as her naked uncle started to push the thick cock into her, spreading her tight pussy slit around the invading trunk of his cock. A deep groan parted the young blonde's lips. She shut her eyes and just lay there quivering, biting her lips and grimacing as she felt her slippery pussy being invaded with the meaty shaft of her uncle's bock.

So this was what fucking feels like, she thought dizzily. Years of rough playing at school had eliminated her hymen so there was little pain as he pushed the steely cock into her for the very first time.

Instead there was just pleasure, intense, clawing pleasure as her pussy separated around his spearing prick. Peggy could feel the pink walls starting to clasp and pulse, sucking juicily around the big cock boring into her belly.

Feels so good, she thought dazedly. Feels so good to get my cunt fucked.

"Do you like it, Peggy?" Her uncle paused with half of his cock inside her, winching as he felt the juicy, squishing pressure of her pussy around his meat. "Tell me to go slower, if you want. Am I hurting you?"

"Fuck me," Peggy murmured simply.

She lifted her thighs higher, nearly touching her jiggling tits with her knees as she opened her pussy channel, as much as she could. The naked teen started humping, grinding and fucking her hairy slit onto his cock.

"It feels fantastic inside me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock!"

Sam spread his knees between her spreadeagled thighs, changing the angle at which his bloated cock speared into her cunt opening. Then he pushed it down into the innermost depths of her pussy tunnel, gasping with pleasure as he felt his cock encased completely by her hot, squirmy pussy.

"Awwww, fuck!" Peggy started humping like a machine, thinking she would cum on the spot as her freshly fucked pussy sucked around every inch of her uncle's cock. "Fuck me, Uncle! God, I'm horny, so fucking hot! I'm gonna cum! Fuck me!"

Sam moaned as he lay on top of her, lightly flexing his ass cheeks, letting his hard-on soak to the hilt in the tightest, wettest, hottest pussy he'd ever fucked. His balls were loaded with jizz, resting on the crack of her ass. He didn't know how long he could hold his wad.

Sam supported the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms so he could watch his niece's pretty face contort, and her huge tits jiggle as she humped her hairy cunt mound eagerly onto his cock. Then he really started fucking her pussy.

In and out his long, thick cock sawed, pushing rapidly in and out of her gurgling pussy slit. Peggy shuddered as her pussy walls started to itch and burn, and her cunt tingled as it was chafed by the thrusting, hammering prick.

"Abhhh, God, it's fantastic!" She flung her slim legs tightly around her uncle's back, hugging him close, wanting as much of his cock inside her pussy as she could get. "Fuck me, fuck my cunt! Unngggghhh! I'm gonna cum on it! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum all over your big, fucking cock!"

Peggy's uncle started fucking her pussy hard and fast, gasping as he sawed the slick, steely length of his prick in and out of her pussy. Her cunt was really pulsing, grasping and sucking around the thick shaft of his cock meat.

His balls jiggled on her ass crack as he fucked into her pussy, overloaded with juice. "Gonna cum," Sam panted, as he feverishly reamed out her drippy cunt slit. "Gonna cum, Peggy! I'm gonna shoot my cum deep inside you!"

Peggy threw her arms tightly around his shoulders, clawing them as the fuck lust swelled deep inside her ravaged pussy. Every nerve in her body seemed centered around the in-out thrusting in her cunt tunnel. All she could feel was her uncle's prick inside her, the way the bloated knob seemed to be battering all the way up to her womb.

"Cumming, Uncle!" she cried out suddenly. Peggy made the bed shake as she furiously whipped up her ass, pounding her aching pussy onto his prick as hard as she could. "Fuck me, fuck meeeee! Unnggghh! Can't staaand it! I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her slippery cunt tunnel spasmed sharply, clutching around the thick cock invading her pussy. Peggy came uncontrollably, writhing through spasm after spasm of burning lust.

"Ahhh, Peggy!" Her uncle's prick grew even stiffer as her cumming pussy nursed around it, sucking it deep into her belly. "I'm cumming, Peggy!" he gasped, and lunged all the way up his niece's buttery cunt.

The white prick juice streamed up from his balls, spouting in torrents from the tip of his prick. Again and again it squirted up her tight pussy, splattering against the innermost walls of her cunt.

Peggy felt the milky load running out of her hairy cunt and dripping obscenely onto the bed. Tirelessly she kept on humping, grinding and thrusting her pussy onto his meat.

He fucked me! She thought dazedly. I just lost my cherry with my uncle. Now my pussy will be all ready for Daddy's cock!

Chapter FIVE

"You better clear on out of here now, Peggy," her father said. "It's time for me to get dressed."

Paul sat on the edge of the bed in just his shorts and t-shirt, with the tuxedo laid out at his side. It was seven on a Saturday night, and Paul was in a rush to join his wife at a party they'd been invited to. Laura was already there, and Peggy's brother Randy, as usual, was out with some friends.

Dressed in tight jeans and a sweater, Peggy leaned against the bedroom wall, not moving. She'd come in to talk to her father because she'd known full well that he had to get dressed for the party. Already she could see the outline of his cock through his boxer shorts, and it was making her incredibly horny. She was dying to see her daddy's big cock in the raw.

"Uh, Peggy, didn't you hear me? Time to scoot on up to your room, honey. Daddy's got to take his clothes off."

"Daddy, I'm a big girl now," Peggy said seriously. "You can take your clothes off in front of me."

"Now, wait a minute!"

"No, Daddy, I mean it!" Peggy spoke quickly, trying to think of what to say. "Nudity doesn't have to be sexy! That's the whole trouble with our society is that we think people are being sexy as soon as they take off their clothes! It doesn't have to be that way, Daddy! I mean, you're my own father! I mean, I've seen plenty of pictures of naked men. It's not like you're going to shock me or anything."

Paul looked at his daughter a little suspiciously, considering her point. Then he shrugged and stripped off his t-shirt, revealing a hairy, muscular chest.

"Okay," he sighed. "It doesn't make any difference to me. I just wouldn't tell your mother about it, that's all."

Peggy leaned against the wall, trying to look as casual as possible. But inside she was a sea of frustrated lust. Take off your underwear, Daddy, she thought giddily. Oh please, let me see that big cock!

Looking away from her, blushing very slightly, Paul pulled off his shorts. Then he rose to his feet, moving toward the bureau to pull out a fresh pair of underwear. Lovingly Peggy stared at her daddy's prick.

It hung between his legs like an enormous, thick sausage, the bulbous knob wagging slightly as he moved. Even soft, her father had a very big prick. Peggy felt her, pussy burning uncontrollably as she looked at it, imagining it getting long and hard, fantasizing about how it would feel stabbing into her juicy cunt.

"I swear, the stuff they teach you in school these days," Paul sighed. He shook his head, his big cock dangling between his thighs as he searched through the bureau drawers. "Where the hell do they get this crap? I mean, next thing you know they're going to be wanting us to get drunk together."

"Oh, Daddy," Peggy gushed, "You're the most wonderful father in the whole, wide world!"

Paul turned in surprise as she crossed the room toward him, flinging her arms suddenly around his shoulders. Peggy gave her naked father along, heartfelt hug, pushing her crotch as close to his prick as she dared.

Awkwardly, Paul reached around to pat her shoulder. Peggy ground up against him, her huge tits squashing on his chest. Then she thrust her ass forward slightly, pressing her cunt mound onto his thick prick.

"I love you, Daddy!" She tilted her head and showered his neck and face with kisses. "You're so wonderful! I just love you so much!"

Her father stepped back, pushing her away roughly. "Okay, Peggy," he said, in an unsteady voice. "That's enough of that. Go on up to your room now."

"But Daddy..."

"I mean it, honey. Maybe I'm old-fashioned but I feel pretty uncomfortable about this nudity stuff."

"But, Daddy!"

"I said I mean it, little girl! Now git!"

Peggy sighed and headed for the door. Then she glanced at her father's cock, and then she saw the reason he'd wanted her to leave so fast.

Her daddy was getting a big hard-on! Paul was blushing fiercely and trying to hide it, but there was no mistaking the thick, meaty shaft rising up from between his legs. It was only a glimpse, but Peggy was utterly entranced. Her daddy's cock was getting stiff just from touching her body!

"See you tomorrow," Paul muttered, as she closed the door. "We probably won't be home till late."

Peggy sighed miserably, tromping up the stairs to her bedroom. Her cunt was dripping, creaming wet, soaking through the whole crotch of her panties. God, won't I ever get to fuck him? She thought miserably. Won't I ever be able to feel that big, beautiful cock?

For the next ten minutes she lay motionless on her bed, listening to the sounds of her father hurrying around downstairs. Then the front door slammed shut, and she heard the car starting up in the driveway. She got up and looked through the window just in time to see the tail lights disappearing down the street.

"Damn it," Peggy whispered. "Oh, just damn it all to hell!"

The sex-starved teenager hesitated only a minute. Then she quickly stripped off all her clothes, dropping them on the floor. Stark naked, her huge tits jiggling lusciously before her, she left her room and walked downstairs, unashamedly heading for her uncle's bedroom.

The door was unlocked. Uncle Sam lay on his back with a pillow over his face, obviously sleeping off the effects of his latest intake of gin. Shutting the door behind her, the naked teenager's eyes went immediately to the bulge in his crotch.

"Oh, God," Peggy whispered. "I am just so fucking hot!"

She crossed the bedroom and stood by the bed, looking down at his lean body. Theta Peggy leaned over and started taking off his clothes. Hurriedly she pulled off his shoes, then fumbled with his belt buckle. Peggy pulled the pants all the way off, groaning at the sight of his thick, soft cock.

"Muuhh," Sam moaned, stirring in his sleep. "Whaaa?"

Peggy didn't bother to take off his t-shirt. That wasn't the part of his body she was interested in. Her huge tits swaying pendulously as she bent over, the blonde teen lewdly grasped her uncle's cock. Feverishly she started jacking him off, wanting to make it stiff as soon as she could.

"What?" Sam threw the pillow to the floor sitting up and looking at her with surprise. "Peggy! What are you..."

"I'm horny, Uncle Sam," Peggy interrupted. "I'm sorry to wake you up like this, but I'm just so horny, I can hardly stand it. Please, I just want to suck your cock."

Uncle Sam looked at her confusedly, as if unable to believe his ears. Then a broad smile spread across his face. He sat up on the edge of the bed, chuckling as his niece immediately fell to her knees in front of him.

"Okay, Peggy! You just go right ahead and suck away!"

Kneeling beside the bed, Peggy moaned at the sight of the big prick right in front of her face. It was already getting nice and stiff, and her pussy creamed as she saw the thick shaft twitching into full erection before her eyes.

Lewdly the big cock rose from his thigh, growing in little pulsations, finally standing long and hard straight up from the hairy sac of his balls.

Peggy wrapped her fist tightly around the meaty shaft, shuddering as she felt it throb hotly on her palm. Then she feverishly began beating his meat, tugging it almost violently, making thick drops of pearly cum ooze out of the flared tip.

"Goddamn, Peggy," her uncle whispered. "You really want it bad tonight. Is anyone else home?"

"No one's home," Peggy murmured, moving her fist in a blur, staring at the rock-hard shaft. "No one's home but us."

More and more cock juice bubbled out of the piss hole, glistening on the spongy crown of his prick. Bending forward, Peggy extended her tongue and started licking the knob of her uncle's prick, groaning as she caught up the drooling ooze of his cum.

"Unngghh!" His face contorted with sudden pleasure, Sam thrust his hands behind his niece's head. "That's a good girl. Suck it, Peggy! Suck my big prick!"

Peggy opened her mouth wide and dropped her head, nearly choking herself as she rammed the mammoth hard-on between her lips. Deeply she took it down her buttery throat, letting the heart-shaped tip thrust past her tonsils.

So big and hard, she thought wantonly. So big and hard and stiff! Peggy clasped her lips in a tight, wet oval around the veined stalk of his hard-on. Then she shut her eyes and feverishly started sucking on it, thinking of nothing but the fleshy taste of his cock and the thick jizz oozing out of the tip.

Sam's handsome face contorted in an obscene smile of incestuous pleasure. "That's a good girl, Peggy!" He curled his fingers in her thick, blonde hair, starting to rock his ass gently off the mattress. "That's a good girl... suck it for me, honey... suck your uncle's big, fucking prick!"

Peggy sucked his twitching cock as hard as she could, her cheeks flushing brightly with the energy of the blow-job. By now she knew what made a cock feel good and she was anxious to apply every trick her uncle had taught her. She was dying to suck up all his creamy cum.

Peggy bobbed her head lightly over his swollen cock, fucking her face with his prick. Her cock-sucking became very loud and wet and the slurping noises of a good blow-job filled the bedroom. Harder and harder she sucked his prick, forcing her throat open, again nearly gagging around the thickness of his big cock.

"Oh, Christ!" Sam rocked his ass harder, shoving his burning prick down his niece's throat. "Harder, Peggy! Unh! Start jacking on it, honey! Beat off my fucking meat!"

Peggy closed her fingers in a tight circle around the center of his cock. Slurping and smacking away on the puffy crown, she started jerking off his prick as hard as she could, making her wrist and forearm ache as she violently tugged on the stiff prick.

It's so delicious! she thought hornily. Her lips were stretched wide to accommodate his bone-hard prick, nursing contentedly on his cum-oozing cock. Nothing felt better than cock-sucking, Peggy thought -- except getting his prick shoved up her cunt!

"Gonna cum, Peggy!" Sam grimaced as he pulled her hair, fucking his cock furiously down her tight throat. "Unh! Play with my balls, honey. Ah, Christ, squeeze 'em a little!"

Peggy could feel his thick cock getting even harder in her mouth, laved to new stiffness by the swirling motions of her tongue. Jacking rhythmically on the aching shaft with her right fist, she pushed her free hand between his thighs to tenderly grasp the hairy sac of his nuts.

The twin globes were extremely swollen, like he was going to start squirting out the sap at any moment. Peggy clutched them in her small hand, wringing them gently. At the same time she slid her tongue across the little trough of his piss hole, lapping up the cock milk that bubbled from the tip.

"Ahh, Peggy! It's cumming, cuuummmm-iiinnnggggg!"

He shoved forward, making her gag and choke as he rammed another inch of his burning cock between her lips. Then the hot cum started spurting and Peggy forgot everything as she eagerly swallowed every drop.

Long, viscous ribbons of sappy jism exploded from the crown of his hard-on, gushing torrentially down Peggy's throat. It splattered on the roof of her mouth, shooting obscenely across her tongue.

Peggy immediately tightened the grip of her lips and fingers around the spouting hard-on. Then she sucked and jacked on it harder than ever, refusing to release her uncle's prick until she'd licked every drop of delicious spunk from the shiny-skinned knob of his cock.

"Ohhh, Peggy," Uncle Sam sighed. "You get better at that every day."

Peggy sat back on her heels, hornily regarding the cum-and-saliva-covered prick. She waited a few seconds, but his hard-on didn't go down at all. It stayed as stiff as iron, throbbing and pulsing, and her pussy creamed as she realized she was about to feel it spearing into her cunt.

"Uncle Sam, can you fuck my pussy now?" the naked teenager asked eagerly.

Sam looked down at her luscious body, ogling the huge, cherry-capped tits and the hairy triangle of her juicy, wet cunt. His cock lunged up from his thighs, already ready for another cum.

"'Course I can, honey," he whispered. "Get on your hands and knees this time. It's about time I showed you another way to fuck."

Peggy complied eagerly, crawling onto the springy mattress. The big-titted blonde got into the dog-fucking position, her huge tits pressing onto the sheets as she dropped her cheek to the bed.

"Like this?" Peggy arched up her small, plump ass and spread her knees, giving her uncle a perfect view of her hairy pussy mouth and puckered asshole.

"That's just fine, Peggy." Sam crawled on his knees behind her. "Just fine."

Holding his stiff cock in his hand, Sam stared at the delectable sight before him. Then he hunched over her, pressing the puffy crown of his cock to the hairy, pouting lips of her wet pussy.

"Unngghh!" Peggy bit her lip as she felt the steely prick pushing into her cunt tunnel, spreading her slippery pussy walls deliciously. "You're fucking me, Uncle Sam! Harder, harder! Fuck my cunt with your big, beautiful cock!"

Sam slid his hands aver her quivering ass cheeks, holding her lithe hips for support. Over half of his cock was soon encased in the velvety cunt, and he could already feel the powerful fuck muscles sucking and grasping around his prick.

He dug his fingers into her flesh and heaved forward. Every inch of his cock bored up her pussy, lodged to the root in the grip of her stretched, fur-fringed cunt slit.

"Naaaahh!" Peggy gasped, nearly falling flat on her belly on the bed. "It goes in so deep this way! Oh fuck, it feels like it's all the way up my throat!"

"I know, Peggy," Sam chuckled. "You're really going to enjoy this fuck!"

He ground his stomach against his niece's upturned ass, making his cock throb and quiver deep inside her stuffed pussy. Peggy shuddered as she felt the thick cock squirming around deep inside her. Hornily she started to hump her ass, thrusting her aching pussy onto his stiff cock.

"Fuck me, Uncle Sam!" The naked blonde clawed the sheets, desperate for an orgasm. "Fuck me, fuck me, it feels so good!"

Sam pulled out slowly, withdrawing his blue-veined prick until her pussy slit sucked around the very crown of his cock. Slowly he sawed it back in again, stabbing it even deeper up her juicy cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck meeee..."

Sam groaned as the jism welled up in his balls. Holding onto her hips, he fell into a steady fuck rhythm, pounding his long, bloated hard-on steadily in and out of her clinging pussy.

"Do you like it, Peggy?" Harder and harder he fucked her pussy, pushing up with his thrust so that the underside of his prick would titillate her clit. "Do you like getting fucked from behind?"

"Yes, yes, it feels so good! Harder, Uncle Sam!" Peggy made the bed creak as she whipped up her nimble ass as fast as she could, frantically pounding her drenched pussy onto his big prick. "Fuck meee, you're making me cummmm!"

"Well, here's something else that feels good, too!"

Her little asshole was right in front of him, puckering obscenely every time he stuffed his cock into her pussy. Sam knew he might offend his niece, but he couldn't stay away from that pink, hairless asshole.

"Uncle Saaammm!" Peggy squealed as she felt his finger pressing onto her asshole, pushing between the tight muscles of her sphincter. "That feels so funny! Ooooh, what're you doing to me?"

"I'm finger-fucking your asshole, Peggy! Doesn't it feel good?"

He continued to slam his cock shaft steadily into her pussy, making the young blonde's hips jerk as the pleasure built deep inside her cunt. At the same time he rubbed his finger all over her asshole, making the little shitter throb and pulse.

Then her uncle pushed the probing digit up her rubbery ass tunnel. Peggy blushed hotly at first, wanting to pull away from him. But the finger felt incredibly good as it massaged the inside of her asshole. She could actually feel his finger rubbing against his hammering cock, the two separated by only the thin membrane dividing her ass chute from her cunt.

"Do you like that, Peggy?" Sam asked.

"Unh! Y-y-yes, I guess I do," Peggy stammered, blushing with shame. "Harder, Uncle Sam!" She pushed her asshole onto his finger.

"Do it harder and faster!"

Sam chuckled, pistoning his cock steadily up her creaming pussy. He stiffened his finger and thrust it rapidly in and out of her asshole, making his niece squeal with the obscene delight.

"Oh, that feels fantastic! More! Unhhhh! You're going to make me cum!"

"Peggy, how'd you like my cock in there?" He jammed the finger deep inside her ass channel, twisting it. Peggy shrieked as the pleasure gushed through her. "Yes," she gasped. "Oh yes, I think I'd like that a whole lot!"

Immediately her uncle pulled away from her, withdrawing his smoking hard-on from the clasping sheath of her pussy. "Open that drawer in the nightstand, Peggy! Take out that Vaseline!"

Peggy leaned across the bed and pulled open the nightstand drawer. She took out the little jar of Vaseline and handed it to her uncle. Then she lay flat on her belly, waiting to feel his big hard-on invade the untested sheath of her horny ass.

Unscrewing the cap, Sam took out a big gob of jelly and smeared it liberally all over his cock, from base to twitching tip. Then he made his niece moan as he pasted it all over her asshole, sticking his finger back into her sphincter to coat the inside of her rubbery ass tunnel.

"Unhbh! Feels goooood!" Peggy started humping again, unable to contain her lust. "Fuck my asshole, Uncle Sam! Oh yes, I want your prick inside me!"

Sam pulled out his finger and put the Vaseline back on the stand. Then he hefted his big cock, guiding the bloated crown towards his niece's asshole.

"Put your hands on your ass, Peggy," he whispered. "Spread them ass cheeks apart so I can get my cock in!"

Peggy eagerly did as she was told, clenching her ass cheeks and spreading them wide, giving her uncle an obscene view of her small, pink shit muscle. Sam pressed his drooling cock onto her little ass. Then he gently started guiding it back and forth, spreading her sphincter to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his cock.

"Uncle Sam!" Peggy gasped. "Oh God, your prick is so fucking big!"

"Don't worry, Peggy," Sam said breathlessly. "I'll go nice and slow!"

He hunched over her, holding onto her hips, rhythmically thrusting his prick into the forbidden heat of his niece's asshole. Submissively Peggy lay beneath him, groaning and quivering. She felt like she was being fucked by a horse!

His cock already felt huge inside her pussy, but there were no words to describe the way his massive cock felt boring up her ass. The big-titted teenager could feel every inch of it shoving into her, spreading her ass walls wide around its throbbing mass.

There was some pain at first, as her asshole ring seemed to tear slightly to admit his cock. But the initial discomfort was quickly drowned out by pleasure.

Her asshole was really throbbing now, milking and sucking around the swollen cock. A deep-rooted pulsing sensation burned through the center of Peggy's body, running from her belly to ache all through her loins. She loved it, she realized dizzily, loved getting her asshole fucked by her uncle's huge prick.

"Am I hurting you, Peggy?" Sam gasped.

"Nooooo!" Peggy eagerly started humping, holding her ass cheeks wide apart with her fingers, thrusting her ravaged ass ring onto his prick. "Feels goooood! Aww, fuck my asshole, Uncle Sam! Stick that cock all the way up my fucking ass!"

Encouraged by her obscene words, Sam thrust the remainder of his hard-on up his niece's tender-walled asshole. For a long time then he just lay on top of her, groaning as her rubbery ass muscles milked around his prick, her puckered ass rung sucking tightly around the root.

"Fuck me, Uncle Sam," Peggy mewled, humping faster than ever. "Fuck me, fuck my ass!"

Sam pulled out slowly, pausing at the top before driving his cock back in again. Her asshole was so tight and juicy it felt like it was going to suck the spunk right out of him.

Unable to hold back, the horny uncle started fucking his niece's asshole hard and fast, rhythmically plowing his cum-drooling cock through the Vaseline-coated depths of her ass, fucking her asshole deeper, with every stroke.

"Naaahhh! Fuck meeeeee!"

Peggy was in ecstasy, humping and writhing uncontrollably as he battered her asshole with his big cock. The pleasure was spreading lusciously through her nakedness, thrilling her pussy as the cock pistoned in and out of her burning ass.

His big prick was securely embedded inside her shitter, and Peggy realized she no longer needed to hold her little ass cheeks apart. Wantonly she thrust one hand under her belly, tirelessly humping and grinding her ass against his cock.

A deep, earthy moan of satisfaction parted the young girl's lips as she found her pussy, the slit still drippy and swollen. Peggy thrust two fingers deep inside her cunt, twisting them inside the slippery tunnel. Then she began finger-fucking as her uncle reamed out her asshole, wildly rolling her clit under her thumb.

"I'm cumming, Uncle Sam! Fuck my asshole, fuck it harder! Unh unh unh, I'm gonna cum!"

Sam fucked her burning asshole as hard as he could, brutally ramming his stone-hard shaft between her jiggling cheeks. Peggy could feel the stiff shaft growing inside her, and knew that her uncle was about to pop his rocks. Then she felt herself cumming first, creaming heavily on his driving cock.

"Fuck my asshole!" Her moans were very loud, reverberating through the house. "Fuck it, fuck it, fuck my ass! Unnnnggggghhhh! Uncle Saaaaaaammmmmmm! I'm cumming, cuuummmmiiinnnngggg!"

Sam plowed his twitching cock into her violently throbbing asshole, burying it to the hilt between her blushing ass cheeks. Peggy yelped like a horny animal as she felt the hot stream of jism squirting up her ass, lubricating the rubbery walls of her asshole with the gushing flow of his cum.

"Yes, cum in me!" Hornily she humped beneath him, flexing her ass muscles to milk out all of his sappy spunk. "I love it, Uncle Sam! Unnggghhh! Fuck my asshole, cum in my butt!"

Then Sam stopped thrusting abruptly, looking up at the door with an expression of terror frozen on his face. Peggy looked up too. Then she saw who was standing there gaping at them, and all her fuck lust turned into fear.

"Oh my God," she whispered. "Daddy!"

Chapter SIX

The next day was a bright, sunny Sunday. By noon both Laura and Peggy's brother Randy were out of the house, Laura to go shopping and Randy to play baseball with his friends. Uncle Sam was gone too, but unlike her brother and mother, he was gone for good.

It was amazing how fast her father had gotten rid of his younger brother, Peggy thought. It was like Sam had known he had no choice but to leave once he'd been caught fucking his niece. The whole night had been spent packing, and the room had been empty when the rest of the family had come down for breakfast that morning.

Laura and Randy had asked what had happened, but Paul had been tight-lipped about it. Sam had finally found a job, he'd lied. He'd just found out about it, and if he didn't leave right away the position might not stay open. Sam had been sorry he couldn't say his goodbyes, but it just had to be that way.

Laura and Randy had nodded and returned their attention to their breakfast, apparently buying the story. But Paul had looked long and hard at his daughter after telling it, and Peggy knew exactly what he was thinking.

He hadn't spoken to her yet about it. In fact, he had avoided her completely since he'd quietly told her to get up to her room after he'd caught them fucking. But Peggy knew there was going to be a lecture, and now that she and her father were all alone in the house, she was positive it would be coming any minute.

But she was still so horny for him, she thought shamefully. She was so fucking horny for her daddy's cock!

Naked she lay under the covers, tossing and turning fitfully as she tried to take a nap. It had been a long, sleepless night for her after her father had caught her fucking, but her cunt was still too hot to sleep.

Knowing that he knew she could fuck...

The look on her father's face when he'd returned early from the party to see his brother's cock buried in his daughter's asshole... The whole thing made Peggy even hornier. Now that her father had seen her fucking, it seemed like only a short step to getting him to fuck her too.

Oh, do it to me, Daddy, Peggy thought feverishly. Writhing under the sheets, the bigtitted teenager rubbed her hand across her pussy, leaving a wet stain of fuck juice on her palm. Can't you tell how hot I am for you? Daddy, I want you to fuck me. Right here, Daddy. Right up my cunt...

"Peggy!" Her father's voice was followed by a light rapping on the door. "Open up. I want to talk to you."

Oh God, Peggy thought. She sat up in bed, hurriedly smoothing the sheets over her naked body. Here it comes!

"It's open, Daddy."

Peggy's father entered her bedroom, shutting the door behind him. He was still in his bathrobe, and there was a haggard look on his face, as if he hadn't slept much either. Frowning, he crossed the room and sat on the edge of his daughter's bed.

"Okay, Peggy, I guess you know what I want to talk to you about." Paul sighed deeply. "I suppose there's no point in telling you how shocked I am by what I saw yesterday evening. I'm sure you figured that out for yourself. Please just tell me now how long you've been having sex with my younger brother."

"J-j-just a few days, Daddy," Peggy stammered.

"I see. Which one of you initiated it?"

"Well, it's..." Peggy bit her lip, blushing with embarrassment. "It's hard to say. I mean, I guess it was my fault. He... he sort of started it, but I don't think he would have if... well... I think I wanted to make it even more than he did."

"I see, I see." Now Paul was blushing too. "In that case, Peggy, would you please tell me what on earth made you want to have sex with your own uncle?"

Looking suddenly nervous, Paul crossed his legs under the bathrobe. Peggy was about to speak, but something made her pause. Then she realized that her father was getting a hard-on; that his cock was swelling unmistakably under the cotton robe!

A wet heat coursed through her pussy, making her nipples tingle and her cunt ache and itch with passion. This was her big chance, she realized dizzily. She didn't even care how mad she might make her father. She wanted his cock so bad she could taste it.

"I was horny, Daddy," Peggy whispered softly.


"Daddy, it's the truth. I could tell you something else, but I'd just be lying. I was sooooo horny. I just needed to get fucked."

Paul's handsome face flushed with anger, but at the same time his big prick continued to grow between his legs. Peggy started talking fast.

"I mean, I can't help it, Daddy!" she mewled. "I know it's horrible, but sometimes I get so horny I can hardly stand it! I mean, I guess my body is just made that way. I'll be doing my homework or something, and then I'll just start thinking about this stiff, fat cock pushing into me, and then I just go crazy if I can't get fucked!"


"Daddy, I can't help it! Look, Daddy! I'm horny right now!"

Grabbing the sheet, Peggy flung it to the foot of the bed and spread her luscious thighs wide. Paul gaped at the sight of his teenaged daughter's nakedness, beholding the huge, spongy tit mounds with the fat, stiff nipples, her creamy-white flesh and the hairy V of her cunt mound.

He could see her pussy slit, the juice glistening on the pouting lips. Peggy wiggled her plump little ass wantonly on the bed, making her furry pussy folds squirm together in front of her father's face.

"Peggy! For God's sake, cover yourself this instant!"

"But I can't help it, Daddy! Can't you see how wet my pussy is? God, I think I'm going to start cumming right now!"

Paul tried to cross his legs again, staring helplessly at the lush curves of his daughter's stacked body. But he'd forgotten to tighten the sash of the robe and as he moved the halves fell away, completely exposing the front of his body.

Peggy gasped as her father's enormous hard-on throbbed into the open, slapping stiffly against his stomach. Up close, it was even bigger than it had looked through the keyhole. The meaty shaft was as thick around as her wrist, stretching nine or ten inches out of the root of his balls, with a huge, purplish knob that had already begun leaking cum.

"Oh Jesus, Daddy! What a huge fucking cock!"

Paul groaned with deep embarrassment and struggled to cover his stone-hard cock. But it was already too late. His daughter was all over him, rubbing her bouncing tits on his chest, covering his face and neck with kisses as she reached lewdly for his cock.

"Peggy, stop that!"

"Lemme suck it Daddy, oh please let me suck it!" Peggy's pussy creamed uncontrollably as she wrapped both hands around his swollen fuck pole, squeezing it hard. "God, it's big, it's the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen! Oh, Daddy, you're the one I want! You're the only one I want, please let me suck it, oh God!"

Paul struggled dazedly to push her away, not wanting to hurt her, but unable to believe that his own daughter wanted to give him a blow-job! But his resistance wasn't nearly enough to dissuade her.

Peggy had never been so horny. All she could think of was her wet, throbbing pussy; the sight of her father's magnificent cock. Roughly she pushed him onto his back, making his huge cock twitch and throb. Then she sprawled out beside him and made a shameless gurgling sound as she stuffed the twitching hard-on down her throat.

She nearly choked herself in her eagerness to swallow the shaft, stuffing as much of it as she could between her lips. Her mouth stretched very wide as it engulfed the shaft and she moaned through her nose as she tasted the salty flesh of her father's delicious prick.

"Peggy... Peggy, stop that!" Paul's face was a mask of shame and frustration as he tried to push her away from him. "Don't do that... what do you think... no, Peggy! Oh, God!"

Peggy just kept on sucking, oblivious to everything except the big prick crammed down her throat. She was sure her father would push her away at any moment, and that she'd never get a chance to suck on his hard-on again. She wanted to make this suck last as long as she could.

Violently she bucked her head, making obscene slurping, gurgling sounds as she forced his hard-on even farther down her buttery throat. Peggy contracted her cheeks sharply as she feverishly sucked off her father, wringing her lips juicily around the veined flesh of his meat.

Her hands squirmed around his prick, squeezing it like a baseball bat. Peggy tightened her right fist around the meaty circumference and furiously began beating his meat, hungrily milking and tugging his cock up and down.

"Unnnnggggghhhhh!" Involuntarily Paul grimaced with pleasure, as his prick responded to the hardest cock-sucking he'd ever had. "Stop it, Peggy! Unh! Oh, Jesus! Stop, stop... nnngggggg!"

Then he stopped struggling so hard, lying flat on his back on the bed. Peggy realized that her father wasn't pushing her away anymore, and for a moment she wondered why. Then her cunt pulsed eagerly as it dawned on her that her daddy couldn't help liking the way she sucked his prick.

It was going to work! she realized dizzily. If she could just get him so excited he couldn't control himself. Peggy's face flushed brightly as she sucked his cock harder than ever, swirling and dancing her tongue around the juicing tip.

"Ohhh, Peggy, you don't know what you're doing to me!" Paul gasped. Helplessly he lunged and bucked his ass off the bed, fucking his aching hard-on down his daughter's throat. "I'm losing control of myself, Peggy! Unh. Oh God, my cock's as hard as a rock!"

His prick was really leaking now, Peggy realized, as she jacked, the cock with her skillful hand and made more of the sappy cock juice leak out of the tip. Gurgling and smacking around his rod, the cock-crazy teenager sucked her father's hard-on even more violently, devoting all her attention to the burning stiffness of her daddy's prick.

"Unh! Oh, Peggy, Peg-gee! Ahhhhh!"

Then Paul gave in to it. A lurid expression of total satisfaction spread across his face as the guilt faded from his mind, replaced instantly by utter lust. His hand came up, curling into his daughter's long blonde hair. Then he started working his hips excitedly off the mattress, fucking his enormous prick down his little girl's throat.

"Suck it, Peggy," he gasped. "Oh, Christ, it's hard! Suck ittttt!"

Peggy sucked his prick like a wild woman, wrapping all ten fingers around his quivering prick, jacking him off with both hands. Her mouth was tired and her wrists ached, but the effort of sucking his cock only made her hornier. Peggy's hands moved in a blur, beating his meat feverishly into her mouth.

"Yes, Peggy!" Paul pulled his daughter's hair, grimacing as his cum-loaded balls tingled with juice. "I'm cumming, honey! Suck, it, now, suck it all down! Unhhh! Cuummmmiiinnnngggg, ahhhhhh."

His cock trembled to total stiffness down her throat, making the eager teen choke as her lips pulled apart around the swelling shaft.

Then the cock cream started spurting, geysering in torrents out of his huge prick.

Long streams of the milky cum lashed the roof of Peggy's mouth, oozing obscenely down her throat. Peggy's cunt creamed as she realized it was the best jizz she'd ever tasted. Holding onto his gushing hard-on with both hands, she sucked and swallowed frantically, whimpering through her nose with every squirt of spunk that erupted from the crown of her father's cock.

"Peggy... Peggy... Peggy," Paul gasped.

Deliriously repeating her name over and over again, the horny father held her head, guiding the movement of her pursed, sucking lips. He winced as the last pearly drops of cum squirted into his daughter's mouth. Then he pushed her away and lay heavily on his back, his saliva-slicked, cum-coated cock pulsing convulsively over his stomach.

"Oh, Daddy," Peggy wiped the strands of jism from her mouth and looked at him lovingly. "You really filled my belly with your cum!"

Paul moaned and said nothing, staring up at the ceiling. Peggy felt the pussy cream on her inner thighs as she stared hungrily at his prick. It wasn't going down, she saw, it wasn't going down at all! He might even be able to fuck her.

Saying nothing, Peggy rolled onto her knees and straddled her father, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips. Her huge tits jiggled over his chest and her seeping pussy hole twitched over his upthrust cock.

Paul looked at her blearily. Reaching between her thighs, Peggy grasped his wet hard-on and directed the spongy tip to the fleecy-haired opening of her pussy.

"No," Paul muttered half-heartedly. "Please, Peggy! This is so wrong. We have to stop..."

But his words trailed off and Peggy knew that he didn't really want to stop, that she had him under the spell of her luscious-naked body. Firmly holding his hard-on, she sighed as she rubbed the spongy knob up and down her pussy furrow, pressing it on her tingling clit.

Then she centered it into her fuck hole, held onto his shoulders for support and shuddered as she started humping and bucking her ass, pounding her pussy full of her father's enormous prick.

"Unhhh! What a whopper, Daddy!" Peggy's stiff-nippled tits swayed pendulously over his chest as she humped her ass down, wiggling her lithe hips to help cream her slippery cunt full with his throbbing meat. "Unhhh! It's stretching me, Daddy. Oh, yes, oh, fuck! You're fucking my cunt!"

Her father just looked up at her, watching his blue-veined cock trunk disappear into the pouting, clinging, sucking lips of her hairy cunt. Then he was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in the indescribable tightness of his little girl's pussy.

"Unhhhh! Daddy, Daddy! Oh God, you're fucking me! Nnnngggg ahhhhhh, fuck!"

Peggy just sat on top of him, whimpering and moaning shamelessly as her pussy sucked violently around all of his cock. It was like fucking a horse, she thought dizzily, or a very big dog. Her father's cock filled her to the bursting point, battering against the opening of her womb.

"Unh, Daddy..." Peggy continued to whimper and pant as she held his shoulders and lifted her ass, letting his quivering hard-on slide greasily out of her tight, sucking cunt. She paused with only the head of his cock inside her, letting her pussy slit nip around the tip of his cock.

"Fuuuuuck meee, Daddy!" Peggy dropped her ass down, banging the cheeks on his upper thighs as she again stuffed her cunt slit with all of his cock. Then she started humping rhythmically on his pole, pistoning her pussy up and down on his prick.

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my cunt!" The words came out in a breathless chant as she humped and contracted the small, plump cheeks of her ass, slamming her drippy pussy onto his hard-on again and again.

"Unh, Peggy!" Her father grimaced and began to move beneath her, feeling her pink pussy tunnel gripping and sucking around his cock. "Ahhhhh, Christ! Ahhh..."

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my cunt! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my cunt!"

Paul slid his hands up his teenaged daughter's creamy thighs, cupping the peach-shaped cheeks of her little ass. Lewdly he squeezed and massaged them, making her pink asshole pucker with the pressure of his hands.

Then he began to move quickly beneath her, sawing his bloated hard-on in and out of her velvety pussy. Soon his fuck strokes met his daughter's, and they were undulating together, Peggy slamming down her cunt every time her father rammed his cock inside her.

"Yes, Daddy, yes! You're fucking me!" Peggy fucked him harder and harder, wanting as much of his cock inside her as she could take. "Haaaarder, Daddy! Unh unh unh, fuck the shit out of me! Fuck my pussy with your big, hard prick!"

Paul watched his daughter's big tits jiggling provocatively above him, the nipples popping stiffly out of the blushing areolas. Moving his hands from her frantically humping ass, he cupped the twin globes together and brought them to his lips. Peggy whimpered with passion as her daddy took one rubbery tit tip into his mouth and sucked it hard, making the milky flesh crinkle around his suctioning lips.

"Gonna cum!" Peggy gasped. She shuddered as the spasms mounted deep inside her belly, making her pussy sheath contract convulsively around her father's cock. "Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming now! Fuck my ass off! Unh, unnnggghh! Daddy, cuuummmiinnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed sharply, gripping the steely hardness of her father's cock. Paul released the D-cup tits and fucked violently into her creaming cunt, no longer trying to hold back the cum load that clogged his aching balls.

"Ahhhh, Peggy, I'm cumming too!"

He dug his fingers into her hips and rammed the fuck pole into her belly, burying his cock meat to the hilt in her wildly cumming cunt. Peggy screamed as long ribbons of juice splattered deep inside her pussy hole, filling her to bursting with the geysering spurts of her father's cum.

"Daddy, Daddy..." Almost sobbing with pleasure, the naked teenager humped on top of him, contracting her cunt muscles to drain all the ivory spunk out of his cock and balls. I finally fucked him! She thought happily. She'd finally fucked her own daddy, and she could hardly believe it felt so good!

Chapter SEVEN

"Pass the butter," Peggy's big brother Randy grumbled.

"Why don't you get it for yourself, Randy?" Peggy pouted. "I mean, God, it's practically right next to your plate."

"Peggy..." Laura began.

"Hey, up yours!"

Leaning back from the kitchen table, Randy dropped his napkin and looked contemptuously at his sister. He was tall, muscular and very handsome at age nineteen, but his features were still youthful enough to make his sneering expression look a little silly.

"You don't want to pass it, it's fine with me. And next time you want some help with your geography homework, I'll stay out of the way so you won't have to pass that either, you little bitch."

"Randy!" Laura tried to look severe, though a smile was creeping onto her lips. It was normal for her two children to bicker. "Now that's no way to talk to your sister."

"Yeah, Randy!"

"Ah, cram it." Randy got up and stalked into the hall. "I wasn't hungry anymore anyway."

Peggy giggled and got up from the table too. "I guess I'm not hungry anymore either, Mommy."

Laura looked at her daughter sternly. "Now, Peggy, you know Monday night is your turn to wash the dishes."

"Aw, Mommy, do I have to? I mean, I had to wash the dishes three times last week. Doesn't that count for anything?"


"Aw, I wanna watch TV in the den with Daddy! Please, Mommy, can't I have my turn tomorrow night instead?"

"Well..." Laura smiled and waved her daughter out of the kitchen. "Go ahead, honey. I guess it won't hurt anything."

Peggy walked out of the kitchen, hurrying down the hall to the den. Her expression changed as soon as she was out of her mother's sight. She was horny, extremely horny. All day at school, and all through dinner, all she'd been able to think of was her pussy, burning wetly between her legs -- that, and her father's big cock.

A whole day had passed since their feverish fuck session in Peggy's room, and she hadn't been able to get it out of her mind. Her father was the best fuck she'd ever had, even better than her uncle! Peggy was dying to feel his big cock plowing back into her buttery cunt again.

Unfortunately, her father was horribly ashamed of himself for having given in to the cravings of incest. As soon as he'd dumped his second load into Peggy's pussy the day before, he'd pulled his robe together and left her bedroom as fast as he could.

When Peggy tried to talk to him later, he'd just said they'd made a horrible mistake and that it could never happen again. And now he was just trying to avoid her. Paul almost never skipped dinner, but tonight he'd told Laura he wasn't hungry. He'd gone into the den as soon as he got home from work, and Peggy doubted he'd come out until he was sure she'd gone to sleep.

So she'd just have to go in and meet him.

After getting home from school, Peggy had deliberately changed into an outfit that would reveal as much as possible without making her mother mad. Her designer jeans were very tight, practically molded to her thighs and the small, rounded cheeks of her ass. Mom would have killed her if she'd come to the dinner table without a bra, so Peggy had deliberately chosen the skimpiest one in her wardrobe. Freely her big tits bounced under her t-shirt, and the outline of her stiff nipples showed clearly through the fabric.

Even her brother had been looking at her with lust in his eyes, Peggy thought, and felt her pussy getting even wetter at the thought.

"Daddy?" Peggy rapped lightly on the door to the den and waited expectantly. "It's me. Can I come in and watch the tube with you?"

There was a long pause. Then her father grumbled his assent and Peggy eagerly entered the big, dark room, shutting the door behind her.

The only light was from the television, shining wanly on the lushly cushioned couch on which her father sat. Peggy eagerly walked around it and plopped her cute little ass at her father's side. Paul glanced at her and then returned his eyes quickly to the television.

"Aw, Daddy, aren't you even going to say hello to me? Don't you like me anymore?"

Peggy wiggled close to him, feeling his strong thighs pressing onto her legs as she cuddled up to him. Paul looked uncomfortable as she rested her head on his shoulder, her huge tits pushing onto his chest.

"Uh, Peggy, I don't think you better hug me like that."

"Aw, why not, Daddy?"

"You know damn well why!" Paul said guiltily. "I... I've been trying not to think about you that way since yesterday after noon."

There was a long pause. Then, shamelessly, Peggy pushed her hand between her legs, rubbing her hot pussy through her jeans.

"But Daddy, I don't feel bad about it. I'm still so horny for you. I want you to fuck my pussy again, Daddy!"

"Damn it! I'm not going to do it to you! It's incest! It's a sin!" Paul shook his head bitterly, torn between lust and humiliation. "You want to, and I want to too, but it can't happen ever again so you might as well just clear out of here right now!"

Peggy said nothing, looking at the crotch of her father's pants. Paul was getting a big hard-on. She could see it rising stiffly through his dress slacks, stretching down the inside of his leg. Her daddy wanted to fuck her all right, whether he wanted to admit it or not.

"Daddy," Peggy whispered. "There's something I want you to look at."

Peggy crawled off the couch and lay on her back on the shag carpet. Her father's mouth gaped open as she quickly unbuttoned her skin-tight jeans and wiggled them over her plump, naked ass cheeks.

Her pussy mound came into view -- Peggy hadn't worn any panties. Quickly the horny blonde took her pants all the way off, kicking off her sandals and leaving herself naked from the waist down. Then she splayed her slender, shapely thighs wide apart, showing her father the pink, glistening folds of her hairy, drippy cunt.

"Daddy, look at my pussy," Peggy mewled. "See how wet it is? Daddy, the lips are all swollen. My cunt's all hot for your big cock."

"Peggy, put your pants on," Paul said evenly. The television program was forgotten. He couldn't take his eyes off of her wet pussy. "Put your pants back on and leave this room this instant!"

"No, Daddy," Peggy whispered. "I want you to watch me play with myself. You're the one who made me so horny. Daddy, look!"

Peggy pushed her fingers through her fleecy cunt curls, whimpering as she extended a finger and pushed it deep inside her juicy cunt slit. She held it deep inside herself for a moment, feeling the pressure of her cunt hole throbbing around it.

Then the horny teen eagerly started jacking herself off, pumping her finger in and out of her horny cunt. An expression of agonized lust glazed her pretty face. She started to work her ass madly off the carpeted den floor, fucking her pussy all over her hand.

"Aw, I want your cock, Daddy!" Peggy gasped, whipping her finger in a blur in and out of her pussy. "Want your big, fucking cock inside me again, Daddy! Aww, yes, I want you to fuck my little cunt!"

The musky, intoxicating smell of wet pussy filled the room. Paul started to shake uncontrollably as he watched his daughter play with herself right in front of him. Soon his huge hard-on was tenting his slacks, sticking up through the fabric.

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my cunt!" Peggy chanted. "Daddy, Daddy, fuck my cunt!"

"Oh, Jesus, I can't stand it," Paul moaned. Then he slid off the couch, crawling between his daughter's splayed thighs. Peggy squealed happily as her father stretched out between her legs, inhaling the aroma that made his cock throb so violently.

Moaning, Paul buried his face on his daughter's richly scented pussy mound. He thrust out his tongue and started licking her creamy cunt, wiggling it furiously up and down the pink, pouting folds of her tender-lipped pussy.

"Yes, Daddy! Suck meeeee!" Peggy immediately thrust her hands behind his head, curling her fingers in his thick hair. "Unh, Daddy! Feels so good! Suck my cunt, Daddy! It's all hot and wet for you! Suck me, suck me, make me cum!"

Now that he'd given in again to the lewd desires of incest, Paul didn't try to quell his needs any longer. He moaned as he thrust his hands under his little girl's hips, cupping the shaking, humping cheeks of her ass. Then he started to eat out her pussy in earnest, flicking his tongue rapidly up and down her gooey cunt.

"Daaaa-deee!" Peggy bucked her ass furiously in the grip of his hands, fucking her drenched pussy all over his face. "Unh, you lick me so good! Eat it, eat it, make me cummm!"

Paul pushed his tongue deep inside her pussy hole, probing the bright pink walls of her inner pussy slit. Hot cunt cream oozed from the depths of her pussy, and he licked it all up, his cock burning as he savored his first taste of his daughter's cunt.

Then he started licking higher up her hairy pussy, probing closer to her clit. Peggy bucked violently as she felt the first touch on her ultra-sensitive bud, making her pink little nubbin tingle and ache. Clawing the back of her father's head, she started humping her ass so feverishly that Paul couldn't keep his hands on the bouncing globes.

"I'm gonna cum, Daddy!" she panted. "Unnngggh! Keep on sucking me, lick my fucking clit! Lick it, Daddy! Feels so good when you lick me there!"

Paul pushed the flat of his tongue on her swollen clit bud, sending thrills of intense pleasure shooting through his daughter's stacked body. He started licking it avidly, like he was using his tongue to peel away the skin from the tip.

He pushed it from side to side, moving the little marble-sized bud. At the same time he pulled his hands from her humping ass checks and moved them up her thighs, pushing his fingers towards the dripping hole of her throbbing cunt.

"Daddy, put your fingers, in!"

Peggy grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand to her steaming cunt. Extending two fingers, the horny father pushed them deep inside his daughter's pussy. He twisted and pumped them as he continued to lick her aching clit, starting the in-out rhythm as he began to jack her off.

"Unnggghhh! Daddy! Unnggghhh!" Violent tremors of passion ached through Peggy's nakedness as her pussy prepared to explode. Her cunt walls sucked and gripped around his fingers, holding them deep inside her body. Her clit twitched and throbbed on his tongue.

"I'm cumming, Daddy!" Peggy felt the contractions knotting, up her belly, then lightning tingles of ecstasy coursing up her thighs and swelling her jiggling tits. "Suck it, Daddy! Suck my cunt! Ummmmm God, oh fuck, oh shit, Daddy! I'm cuuuuummmiiinnggg!"

Her pussy exploded, releasing a day's worth of pent-up fuck lust onto her father's tongue. Again and again the hairy little cunt spasmed, gushing out fuck oils onto her father's fingers and tongue.

Paul took her clit between his lips and sucked it tenderly, intensifying the force of his daughter's orgasm. Then he returned his lips to her cumming cunt. Sucking hard and pushing his tongue between the pouting lips, he eagerly lapped up all the fuck juices, mat withdrawing his mouth until his daughter's pussy was pink and shiny and completely clean of cunt cream.

"Oh, Daddy," Peggy gasped. "Uncle Sam sure never sucked my cunt like that!"

Paul sat up on his heels, staring transfixedly down at his daughter's just-sucked cunt. His enormous hard-on was sticking obscenely out of his pants, and Peggy knew she'd go crazy if she didn't feel it slamming right up her buttery cunt.

"Daddy, look!"

Peggy whisked off her t-shirt, showing the way her big tits strained at the cups of her skimpy bra. Then she took that off too, and her huge tit melons danced provocatively on her chest.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" Peggy got onto her hands and knees, arching up her small ass and dropping her shoulders to the floor. She looked at her father over her shoulder. "Fuck me from behind this time! Daddy, Daddy, please fuck my cunt!"

Peggy spread her knees, completely opening up her hairy pussy mound and her tightly muscled asshole for her fathers inspection. The sight was more than the horny man could stand.

Violently Paul ripped off his belt buckle, tugging his pants down to his knees. His cock thrust out like a battering ram, leaking jism heavily from the rounded, mushroom tip.

"Oooh, Daddy, your cock is so big tonight!" Peggy wiggled her ass hornily, dying to feel her pussy spreading around the invading shaft of his meat. "Fuck my cunt, Daddy! I want your big cock going up my tight little..."

Then the words trailed off as her father moved behind her, holding his wildly throbbing cock in his fist. Peggy squealed with pleasure as she felt the fat tip pushing into her pussy opening, spreading the glistening lips of her cunt. Then it was going into her, and her father was fucking her again, filling her pussy with the enormous hard-on she needed so much.

"Push it in, Daddy!" Peggy pressed her cheek to the floor, her pretty face contorting obscenely as her father battered his cock into her cunt. "Unngghhh! What a big cock! Fuck me with it, Daaa-dee! Fuck my pussy, make it cum!"

Paul knew that his daughter's cunt was very tight, and that he should take his time thrusting in his cock so he wouldn't hurt her. But he was much too horny to be patient.

His hands came down, tightly gripping her slim hips over the flaring cheeks of her ass. He groaned as he sawed the meaty cock shaft into her, stroking it evenly all the way up her gurgling cunt.

"Daaa-dee!" Peggy nearly collapsed on the rug as her little pussy was instantly packed with all of his cock. "It's so big, Daddy!" Her cunt was throbbing uncontrollably, the velvety walls stretched to the bursting point around all of his cock. "Unnggghhh! Oh Daddy, it feels like it's all the way up my throat."

"Fucking you," Paul gasped. He slid his hands up to her huge tits, squeezing the spongy melons as they jiggled over the rug. "Fucking your pussy..." Slowly he pulled out, feeling the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel sucking needfully around his cock. "Oh, Peggy, what a tight fucking pussy... tight fucking cunt..."

Paul pushed his prick back into her hairy fuck slit, making his daughter squeal as her cunt was again invaded by the enormous, pulsing cock. Then he tightened his fingers on her hips and started reaming out her cunt in a hard, fast, brutal rhythm, relentlessly stroking his oversized prick into the clasping wetness of her teenaged cunt.

"Harder, Daddy!" Instantly Peggy responded to the feverish violence of her father's fucking, feeling her cunt creaming to lubricate the passage around his pistoning cock. "Yes, yes, fuck the shit out of me! Oh, Daddy, I love it when you fuck me hard! More, Daddy! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Paul moved his hands back up to her huge tits, pulling on the nipples, sending thrills of pleasure through his daughter's body. He fucked her cunt as hard as he could, slamming his cum-bloated hard-on relentlessly in to the depths of his daughter's pussy.

"Harder, Daddy!" Even though she was being fucked harder than ever before in her life, Peggy still hungered for more of her father's prick. "Fuck my ass off!" Eagerly she bucked to meet his strokes, contracting her pussy, making the silken tunnel clasp and convulse around her father's prick. "Unnggghhh! My pussy's burning, Daddy! You're gonna make me cum!"

Paul held onto her jiggling tits like handles, groaning every time he sawed his bloodpacked cock all the way into her hairy, puffy-lipped cunt slit. His prick was growing inside her, Peggy realized. She could feel the meaty cock rod stretching and swelling with blood, opening her little pussy wider than ever. His hammering cock shaft pushed onto her clit.

"Gonna cum, Daddy!" Already the big-titted teenager could feel the thrilling spasms gushing through her nakedness, making her cunt muscles contract uncontrollably around her father's steely cock. "Unhh! Oh fuck, Daddy, I can feel it coming up! Harder now! Fuck me harder, Daddy, I need to cum!"

Her knees pounded on the carpet, and her ass cheeks ached as her father's loins slapped against them with every driving stroke. Suddenly Paul took his hands from the spongy, stiff-nippled tit globes. He shocked his horny daughter by spreading her ass cheeks, probing her puckered asshole with his finger.

"Unnggghhh!" Peggy gasped loudly as she felt his finger pushing into her rubbery asshole, spreading the tightly muscled sphincter. "Oh, Daddy, you're finger-fucking my asshole! It feels goooood!"

Paul pushed his finger all the way up her asshole, wiggling it deep inside her butt. At the same time he savagely fucked his huge cock in and out of her foaming, hairy pussy hole, ravaging her cunt harder and harder with every thrust.

"Cumming, Daddy!" Peggy felt the violent spasms erupting deep inside her loins, spreading out to make her pussy and asshole tingle with lust. "Cumming on you, cumming on your cock! Fuck mee, Daaa-dee! Unngghhh! Oh fuck, oh shit, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy spasmed sharply, sucking the slick, blue-veined cock shaft deep inside her cunt. Her asshole convulsed lewdly around his finger. Again and again the horny blonde came, whimpering and crying as the cum flowered through her naked, tingling body. Then she pulled away from her father, crushing her tits as she lay flat on her belly on the den rug.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered deliriously. "Daddy, Daddy, you fucked me so good!"

His finger was still, deep inside her asshole, and Peggy could feel her shit muscles sucking lewdly around it. All at once she was seized by the most forbidden desire of all -- she wanted her father to stuff his huge cock right up her ass!

"Daddy, take your finger out of me."

Paul obeyed, sitting up on his heels and looking miserably down at the dripping-wet, rock-hard cock that looked ready to spray at any moment. Wiggling on the rug, Peggy reached behind herself and grasped her silky ass melons. She spread hem wide, showing her father her tight, pink asshole.

"Fuck me there, Daddy," she whispered. "Right up my ass."

"But... I'll hurt you, honey. It's too big."

"No, Daddy, you sure won't! Uncle Sam was fucking my ass when you came in, remember?" Peggy flexed her shit ring, making it wrinkle and pucker right before her father's eyes. "Go ahead, Daddy! I want to feel your big cock up my horny ass!"

Paul hesitated only a second. Then he grasped his aching cock in his fist and hunched over her, aiming the shiny-skinned tip at his little girl's pink asshole. Lewdly he rubbed it up and down her slippery ass crack, finally centering the mushroom knob onto her sphincter. Peggy gasped as she felt it pushing into her, spreading the rubbery walls of her asshole around the invading thickness of his cock.

"Unngghhh." Helplessly she wriggled on the floor beneath him, wincing as both pain and pleasure coursed through her asshole.

"It's so big, Daddy! Your cock's stretching my asshole so fucking much!"

Paul pushed his prick slowly between his daughter's blushing ass cheeks, sighing as he felt the indescribable pressure of a tight, teenaged asshole nursing around his big, hard prick. He paused with half of his cock inside her, letting her stretch to accommodate his cock. The pressure around his prick was very strong and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was shooting a big load of jism up her ass.

"Keep fucking me, Daddy!" Peggy thrust her hand under her belly, biting her lip as she stuck two fingers up her sloppy pussy. "Your cock's so wet from fucking me! It's going right in! Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Fuck your cock all the way up my butt!"

Paul spread his knees on the floor, changing the angle at which his huge cock speared into the naked teenager's ass guts. Then he forced the remainder of his rock-hard cock up her shit tunnel, until Peggy thought she felt the knob oozing jism all the way into her stomach.

"Unnggghhh! Daaa-dee!" She nearly blacked out as she was overwhelmed with the thickness of his tool, the long, stone-hard shaft pulsing and twitching deep inside her stretched asshole. There was still pain as her slit ring clasped the root of his cock, but it was overwhelmed with intense pleasure. Already Peggy felt like she was going to cum.

Without hesitating, the horny blonde started humping, finger-fucking her burning pussy as she thrust her aching asshole onto her father's cock.

"Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Shoot your cum all the way up my butt!"

Paul pulled out slowly, feeling her ass ring drag in a rubbery circle around the veined stalk of his prick. Then he started fucking her, slowly and steadily at first, stroking his hard-on through the molten heat of her burning ass.

"Harder, Daddy!" Peggy finger-whipped her pussy into a frothing slit of lust, gasping as her asshole sucked convulsively around the big, stabbing cock. "Fuck me, fuck me, do it hard! Unnggghhh! Oh shit, Daddy, it's so stiff in there! Making me cummmm!"

Paul stopped trying to hold back. His balls were overloaded with cum, and it hurt every time the hairy nut bag slapped her pussy crack. His prick had never felt so swollen, milked to total stiffness by the burning heat of her asshole. He had to fuck his daughter, he had to cum.

His hands came down, gripping the sides of her huge tits. Paul fucked into her asshole like a wild man, pounding his cock relentlessly into the churning depths. Longer and stiffer his prick grew, until Peggy felt like it was a foot long. Her father fucked her asshole even harder than he'd fucked her cunt, reaming out the puckered hole with savage thrusts of his blood-swollen cock.

"Cumming on it, Daddy!" Peggy gasped. She shook all over as the orgasm built inside her, making her sticky ass walls clamp tightly around her father's cock. "Daddy, Daddy, fuck my ass! Unnhhh! Oh, shit, unnnnggghh! I'm cuummmiiinnnngggg!"

Her asshole contracted, throbbing repeatedly around her daddy's cock. Her pussy pumped fuck oils onto the fingers that pumped tirelessly in and out of her hairy cunt. Paul moaned with pleasure as his daughter's cumming shit ring clasped his aching cock.

"Ahhh, Peggy! Here it comes!"

He collapsed on top of her, burying his prick to the hilt between her ass cheeks. Peggy yelped as gobs of milky-white jism spurted into her asshole, soothing the ravished walls of her rubbery butt.

"Daddy, Daddy, cum in me!"

She humped madly beneath him, helping him squirt out all his spunk into her asshole. A deep-rooted feeling of satisfaction flowed through her. She was sure her father would never hold back from fucking her again.

Chapter EIGHT

"Ah, Jesus, you've got my prick stiff! Work out on it, honey! Suck Daddy's big fucking prick!"

He stood naked on the bathroom floor, water still dripping from his hairy chest and thighs as his enormous hard-on quivered stiffly before him. Sitting on the toilet seat his naked daughter wiggled her ass hornily on the cool porcelain as she wetly slurped on his aching cock.

"Am I doing it good, Daddy?" Peggy asked, momentarily withdrawing the shiny skinned cock head from her sucking mouth.

"Very good, honey," Paul sighed. He curled his fingers needfully in her blonde hair, encouraging her to continue the blow-job. "Now keep on sucking it, darling. You're making your father's cock awfully hard tonight! Unh! You're gonna make it cum!"

Peggy thought of the huge load of juice boiling in her father's nuts, and immediately swooped her lips back to his pulsing cock. She made a wide circle with her mouth around his cock, stretching her lips to the bursting point to accommodate the meaty thickness.

Peggy forced her head towards his loins, gagging slightly as his flared cock tip pushed down her buttery throat. Then she sucked her father's cock harder than ever, shutting her eyes tightly, thinking of nothing but the big cock deep inside her mouth.

Several days had passed, and Peggy couldn't remember ever having felt happier. Her father no longer tried to resist his sex urges for her body. Rather, now that the sin had been committed, he seemed almost as eager to suck and fuck as she was!

Peggy was amazed by the different ways they found to fuck with her mother and brother living with them in the big house -- in the basement at dawn, before anyone else was awake... in the laundry room... on the backyard grass at midnight... once they'd even fucked in the car in the garage!

It was now almost two in the morning. Paul had gone to the bathroom to take a late-night shower, and Peggy had been unable to sleep when she'd heard the water running, and imagined the cool spray splashing on her father's huge cock.

Sneaking down the hall, she'd surprised him as he'd opened the shower curtains. From there it had been a simple matter to take the nearest available seat -- on the toilet -- and wait for her father to step up and put his cock in her mouth.

"Unnnggghhh!" Paul's handsome face contorted with growing lust. "Suck harder, Peggy! Unh, shit, my balls are about to explode!"

His big cock grew fatter and longer down her throat, totally bloated with cum and blood. More hot pre-cum dribbled out of the piss hole, and Peggy caught it up with her swirling tongue, sliding it feverishly over and around the crows of her father's prick.

"I said suck it harder, Peggy," Paul gasped, pulling her hair. "I'm gonna pop my fucking rocks!"

Peggy flared her nostrils for air so she would be able to breathe as her lips slurped and smacked on his turgid cock. She inhaled deeply and forced her head even lower, wiggling her ass hornily on the toilet as she crammed almost half of her daddy's hard-on into her mouth.

The young teenager's cheeks reddened as she started sucking off his cock as hard as she could, tightly puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his meat. Peggy lifted her hand, wrapping her fingers tightly around the veined stiffness of the stalk. She beat off her father fast and hard, milking and tugging the burning hardness, moving her fist in a blur up and down his big prick.

"Gonna cum, gonna cum," Paul groaned. He heaved forward, making his daughter choke as he started fucking her face with his stone-hard cock. "Suck it, honey! Play with my balls now! Oooh, Christ, suck it good!"

Peggy thrust her left hand between his thighs, gripping the tightly swollen ball bag. Tenderly she squeezed the twin globes, rolling them on her hand, making her father's drooling cock jerk hard between her lips.

Her pussy was dripping heavily as she awaited the gushing load of his jism, the hot juice that would stream out of his cock head and coat the roof of her mouth. Peggy's wrist ached as she jacked on his cock fast and hard, twisting her fingers around the long stalk of his prick.

"Cumming, Peggy," Paul gasped, clutching her head with both hands. "Swallow it, suck it all down! Ah, shit, here it comes!"

He shuddered convulsively as his cock started spurting, shooting great gobs of the cock juice down his daughter's throat. Peggy nearly came right then on the toilet seat as her sucking efforts were finally rewarded with the cum load she needed most.

Her fist tightened around his throbbing, gushing cock, jacking it slower and much harder. The slurping noises of her cock-sucking became thick and, wet as she swallowed at the same time, rhythmically puckering and bellowing her cheeks, not withdrawing her mouth from his burning hard-on until she'd sucked every last drop from the reservoir of his balls.

"Oh, Peggy," Paul groaned, stepping away from her. "That was so fucking good! You get better at it every time you suck me!"

Peggy stared intently at her father's huge cock. It was still very stiff, coated with a lurid mixture of her saliva and his cum. Obscenely the long, thick cock twitched stiffly before him. Peggy started to think about getting it inside her cunt.

"Do you want to fuck me, Daddy?" she whispered breathlessly. "Right here on the bathroom floor?"

Paul gulped and nodded swiftly. Peggy slid off the toilet, her huge tits jiggling and shaking as she moved. She pulled over the throw rug on the tiled floor and stretched out on it on her back, splaying her legs wide to open up her pussy hole. Eagerly she looked up at her father's cock.

"Then go ahead and shove it in, Daddy," she squealed. "God, my pussy's so hot it feels like it's on fire. I know I'm wet enough for you! Just ram that fucker all the way up my tight little cunt!"

Paul fell to his knees and mounted his horny daughter, his huge cock quivering and leaking fresh juice over her smooth belly. Impatiently Peggy reached up, grasping the hot shaft. She sighed as she pulled it down and rubbed the rosy crown up and down her aching pussy.

"There's the opening, Daddy! Push it in me now! Fuck me, fuck my cunt!"

Paul contracted his ass cheeks, thrusting the first inches of his drooling cock into the clammy sheath of his daughter's pussy. Peggy gasped as she felt her cunt opening to admit his cock, the velvety walls sucking and milking around the tip of his meat.

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my cunt!" Eagerly she threw up her slender legs, clasping them tightly around his waist. Then she started humping her ass like a machine, pounding her pussy up to meet the thrusts of his cock. "Fuck me, fuck me."

"Ah, little girl!" Paul pushed his ass down smoothly, sinking inch after inch of his thick cock into the clinging grip of his daughter's cunt tunnel. "Such a tight pussy... Christ, it's sucking me... such a tight, juicy little cunt!"

There was a light rapping on the bathroom door.

"Hey, Peggy!" It was her brother Randy's voice, sounding displeased. "Would you get the fuck out of there? Christ, you been in there for a half hour already!"

"I... I'm sorry, Randy," Peggy replied, thinking fast. "I... I'll just be another minute."

"Well, make it fast." Randy's footsteps retreated down the hall. "Jeez, a guy can't even take a crap in the middle of the night without waiting in a fucking line!"

"I'll knock on your door when I'm through," Peggy yelped.

A second later they heard Randy's bedroom door open and slam shut again. Peggy looked at her father, seeing his terrified expression. Then she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"You go into my bedroom, Daddy," Peggy said, crawling to her feet. "And I'll let you know when Randy goes into the bathroom. Then you can sneak back down the hall."

"Jesus," Paul whispered. "Jesus Christ! We almost got caught!"

"I know, Daddy."

"Peggy, we have to do something about this. I mean, if your mother finds out that I've been fucking you she'd... I don't know what she'd do. I don't want to even think about it."

"I know, I know."

Peggy thought quickly, knowing that they had to get out of the bathroom before Randy came back and knocked again. Then a wanton smile spread across her face, and she giggled as a lewd heat started tingling in her wet cunt.

"You know, Daddy, they probably wouldn't mind catching us so much," she whispered, "if Mommy and Randy were fucking too!"

"B-b-but they're not going to do that!" Paul sputtered. "Your mother would never hear of such a thing!"

"Oh, I think she would, Daddy! You just leave everything to me!"

Chapter NINE

"Hi, Randy! You got home from school pretty early today, huh?"

Lying on his bed, Randy glanced up briefly from the hot rod magazine to look at Peggy, who'd just returned from school herself. Then he did a classic double-take when he saw what she was wearing.

Peggy fought back a blush as she entered her brother's bedroom, shutting the door softly behind her. The clothes she had on weren't the same ones she'd worn to school; she'd done a quick change in the garage. She never could have worn such an outfit to school without getting raped before her first class!

The tube top was very tight across her big tits, making the fat, stiff nipples look like they were about to pop out of the fabric. Every time she moved or took a breath, the huge, braless mounds moved.

Her cut-offs were very tight and short, exposing all of her luscious thighs and several inches of plump, creamy ass. Approaching her brother on the bed, Peggy knew that the thin denim outlined her pussy and the small slit of her tight cunt.

"Did you skip your last class or something?" Peggy asked as she perched her little ass on the edge of the bed, looking at him happily. "Where's Mom?"

"Car's gone," Randy muttered. "I don't know where she is."

Randy dropped the magazine and stared intently at his sister's body, as if realizing how stacked she was for the first time. Peggy smiled at him and took a deep breath, making her big tits push through the elastic tube top.

"Jesus," Randy whispered. "Don't tell me you went to school dressed like that?"

"Well, so what if I did? I can dress any way I want."

Randy grinned. "Then I guess you must like dressing like a whore. Shit, you must really get off on getting guys to stare at you, huh?"

"So what if I do?" Peggy giggled. "I mean, it's a hot day and I've got me a nice body. What's wrong with showing it off a little?"

"Ah, you women are all the same!"

"What do you mean, Randy? Don't you like looking at my body?"

Peggy sat back on the bed, leaning on her outstretched arms as she again pushed out her chest to make her tits look even bigger. With one leg stretched out to the floor, she curled up the other so that the knee rested on the mattress. Her thighs were parted now, and she knew her cut-offs were so small that her wispy cunt curls peeked through the crotch.

"Jesus," Randy whispered.

"Yeah, you like looking at my body, don't you?" Peggy whispered. "I'll bet I'm better stacked than any of the girls in your classes, huh?"

"God, don't be too modest or anything!"

"Well, if I don't turn you on..." Peggy paused, staring directly at the crotch of her brother's pants. "...then why are you getting that big hard-on in your jeans?"

Randy glanced down at his crotch, as if it had betrayed him. Then he looked uncomfortable as he saw the size of the huge hard-on pushing through the blue fabric, stretching down the inside of his leg.

"Jesus, what'd you do, just come in here to embarrass me?" Randy shot back defensively. "Why don't you just get out of here and leave me alone?"

"So you can jack off, huh?" Peggy giggled and squirmed closer to him. "I don't mind if you get a big hard-on, Randy, as long as you let me see it too!"

Brazenly Peggy dropped her hand on his lap, squeezing and massaging the oversized bulge of his cock. Her brother just gaped at her as she pulled down his zipper, pushing her hand in the opening to grope for the root of his prick.

"Jesus, Sis!" Randy gasped. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Aw, Randy, what's the matter? Don't you want me to see your cock?"

Smiling vixenishly, Peggy hauled out the swollen trunk of his meat. A wet heat pulsed through her pussy as she saw how big it was, how much of his cock-size Randy had inherited from his dad.

His prick wasn't as big as Paul's, but it was still enormous, much larger than average. Obscenely the blood-gorged shaft pulsed and throbbed over his lap, capped with a rosy, shiny-skinned knob that was already leaking cum. Peggy felt her pussy itching as she gazed at his cock. Her mouth watered; she wanted to stuff it down her throat!

"Oooh, Randy! Lemme see the rest of it!" Peggy slid off the bed, kneeling on the floor before him. Expertly she undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees, exposing the root of his prick and the heavy sac of his balls. Then she wrapped her little fist tightly around his quivering cock and started jacking on it, pumping her hand smoothly up and down the stalk.

"Do you like that Big Brother?" she purred. "Do you like the way it feels when I beat your meat?"

"Jesus, Sis!" Randy moaned. "I can't fucking believe you're doing this to me!"

Peggy giggled and jacked on his cock harder, complimenting herself for how quickly she'd managed to seduce him. Then she opened her mouth wide and dropped her head, hungry to take the delicious-looking hard-on between her lips.

Her tongue circled around the drooling crown, running up the trough of his piss slit, licking up the pearly drops anointing the crown of his cock. Peggy pressed her lips on the spongy head, kissing it lustfully. Then she let her mouth open, making a gurgling, strangling sound as she took her brother's hard-on deep inside her mouth.

Her lips contracted sharply around the middle of the shaft, forming a tight circle. Peggy puckered her cheeks and dropped her hand to the root of his cock. Then she feverishly started sucking on it, savoring the taste.

"Unhh! Oh shit, Sis!" Randy looked down at her, overwhelmed by the spectacle of his baby sister with a mouth full of his hard cock. "Jesus! That's starting to feel really good!"

His hands came down, cupping the back of her head. Randy's surprise changed into a growing sense of passion. Lightly he rocked his hips off the edge of the bed, fucking his rock-hard cock in and out of her sucking lips.

"Suck harder, Sis," he moaned. "Christ, my balls feel like lead! Jesus, you really get off on sucking cock, don't you?"

Peggy gurgled as she nodded her head, with his cock shaft thrust deeply down her buttery throat. Then she shut her eyes and sucked on his rod harder than ever, swirling her tongue continually around his juicing cock meat.

She knew that at nineteen Randy's balls were always full of jism, and that he'd be able to fuck her right away after shooting off in her mouth. So Peggy didn't try to restrain herself from sucking his cock as violently as she liked. She wanted to make the juice spurt as soon as she could.

Her head bobbed up and down feverishly, fucking her compressed lips with the veined trunk of his prick. Peggy sucked until her flushed cheeks ached, and then she just sucked that much harder... Her hand moved slowly on the root of his hard-on, jacking and tugging it. Peggy pleasured his cock shaft with short, hard strokes of her little hand, pulling her fist all the way up to her mouth before thrusting it back down to the base for another stroke.

"Unngghhh!" Now Randy was lunging and fucking his hips hard off the mattress, grimacing as the cum load built deep inside his balls. "I'm making it, Sis! Ahh, shit, you suck so hard! I'm gonna cum!"

Peggy pushed her left hand up his thigh, cupping his ball bag. Lasciviously she wrung the cum-congested globes, making Randy yelp as his pleasure was joined by a brief stab of pain. Then she just cupped them and concentrated on sucking his cock as hard as she could, trying to suck the cum cream up from his balls with every pressurizing slurp of her lips.

"I'm cumming, Sis! Ahhh, God, cumming!"

He gripped her head tightly with both hands and rammed his cock deep down her throat. Peggy felt it starting to jerk and throb painfully as it choked her. Then what felt like whole pints of jizz erupted from the crown of his hard-on.

Endlessly it gushed and spurted, cascading out of his cock head in long, syrupy ribbons of spunk. Peggy mewled through her nose as she felt his wad splashing on the roof of her mouth, shooting across her tongue to slide down her throat.

His cock cream was like honey, almost as delicious as her father's cum. Peggy eagerly retightened her fingers around the spurting prick, holding the spouting tip deep inside her mouth. Contentedly she gulped down every drop, continuing to nurse and milk his aching rod until his balls had no more juice to give.

"Ah, fuck, stop it!" Randy yelped, pushing her away. "Stop sucking it! I can't take anymore!"

Peggy giggled and withdrew, looking at the pained, dazed expression on her brother's face. Randy looked like he didn't know what to feel or think or say. He just kept glancing between his sister's pleased face and his own cock, seeing how the wet shaft continued to throb stiffly with fresh blood.

"You want to fuck me now, don't you, Randy?" Peggy whispered. "That's why you've still got that big fucking hard-on. You want to put it up my pussy!"

"I... need to rest first," Randy moaned.

"Oh, I don't think you really want to rest that much!"

Peeling up the edges of her tube top, Peggy pulled it over her shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Randy's eyes bulged at the sight of her huge tits, the creamiest melons with the fattest, reddest nipples he'd ever seen!

"Like my titties, Randy?" Peggy cupped her oversized tits, holding them up for his inspection. Then she stretched out and fumbled with the catch of her cut-offs. "Now you want to see the rest of me too, don't you?"

Peggy lifted her plump little ass, tugging the cut-offs over the rounded cheeks. Slowly she peeled them off her delectable thighs, dropping them on top of the tube top, leaving herself completely naked. Then she spread her thighs wide apart, showing her puffy, hairylipped pussy hole to her brother.

"Jesus Christ," Randy whispered.

"My cunt's all wet, Randy," Peggy said teasingly. "It's all itchy too. I don't know why, but it always gets like that when I suck a big cock."

Peggy splayed her thighs even wider, planting her heels on the carpeted floor. She pushed her hand between her legs and shamelessly finger-fucked her curly haired cunt, humping her ass as she pumped two fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy slit.

"Come over here and suck my pussy, Big Brother," Peggy squealed. "My pussy's so horny! I need you to suck my cunt!"

Randy slid off the bed, his completely recovered hard-on quivering stiffly before him. Quickly he sprawled on the floor between her spread legs, groaning as he inhaled the musky aroma of her hot, drippy cunt. Then he glued his mouth to it, thrusting out his tongue, parting the swollen, flowering folds of her pussy slit.

"Unhhh! Feels good, Randy! Suck me now!" Peggy curled her fingers in his thick hair, arching her ass up to push her pussy hole onto his lips. "Stick your tongue in it! Lick my hot little cunt!"

Randy pushed his tongue deeply up her pussy channel, orally massaging the pink walls of her cunt tunnel. His hands pushed under her writhing hips, gripping her bouncing ass cheeks. He started eating out his sister's creaming cunt with a steady rhythm, sliding his tongue easily up and down the foaming, burning lips of her tight pussy.

"That's good, Randy!" Peggy pushed her hand through her cunt curls and peeled open the folds of her slit, making her clit pop out. "Lick me there now! Lick right on my cunt!"

Randy curled his tongue around his sister's swollen clit, making her buck and jerk in a frenzy of lust. Peggy really wanted him to finish sucking her off but she was too horny now, too ready to have her hot pussy stretched. It was time for a fuck.

"Stop, Randy," Peggy panted, pushing him away. "Get on top of me. I want your cock inside me!"

Randy rose to his knees between her spread-eagled thighs, his pants still bunched around his ankles. His cock was dripping with saliva from her mouth, pulsing and twitching obscenely up and down. Peggy watched it throb and realized how anxious she was to feel its thickness slamming up her cunt.

"Fuck my pussy, Randy," she squealed. "Make me cum all over your big cock!"

Randy mounted her, holding his cock in his fist, aiming the swollen tip at the slick folds of her pussy. Peggy shuddered as she felt the flared, mushroom tip pushing into her, spreading the pink walls of her cunt around the invading hardness of his meat.

"You're fucking me now, Big Brother!" The big-titted teenager tossed her legs eagerly around his waist, already humping her ass fast and hard. "Shove it in me, Randy! All the way up my cunt!"

Randy pushed his cock rod deep inside his sister's hot pussy, wriggling his hips to make his hard-on bore into the center of her juicing pussy. He paused with his cock all the way inside her, lying prone on her big tits, groaning as her clasping pussy muscles sucked the steely stiffness of his prick.

"Fuck me now, Randy!" Peggy pushed her thighs higher up his back, opening her cunt tunnel completely for the thrusts of his prick. "Fuck the shit out of me! I'm so horny! I need to cum all over your cock!"

Randy lifted his ass and pulled out slowly, pausing when only the tip of his hard-on parted her pouting cunt slit. Then he bored the shaft all the way into her belly again, grinding the root of his cock on the puffy-lipped opening of her cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Peggy threw her arms around her brother's muscular shoulders, clawing them hard through the shirt. Her ass worked like a machine, tirelessly pumping her pussy onto his cock. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!"

Randy started fucking her, stroking his blood-swollen cock steadily through the gurgling sheath of her pussy. Every stroke seemed to excite him more, as her cunt sucked around his cock, as the knob battered its way deep inside her slippery pussy.

Randy quickened the speed of his fucking, panting as he humped his ass cheeks furiously between her milk-white thighs. The big prick shaft pounded into her pussy with the energy only a teenager could muster, packing her cunt deeper with every stroke.

"Nnnnggg! Gonna cum, Randy!" Peggy's fingernails clawed through his shirt, her face a mask of passion as her pussy throbbed uncontrollably around his cock. "Fuck meeee, fuck me harder! Unnggghhh! My cunt's burning! It's gonna explode!"

Randy started fucking his horny kid sister as hard as he could, slamming his rock-hard prick in and out of her clinging cunt. His balls slapped heavily on the crack of her humping ass, and he felt the weight of her huge tits moving spongily under his chest.

"Gonna cum," he moaned. "Can't fucking hold it... tight Goddamn pussy... oh shit, Sis! I'm gonna cum!"

"I'm cumming too, Randy!" Peggy gasped. "Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! Unngghh! Oh shit, I can't staaand it! Cuummiinngg!"

Her pussy clamped tightly around his thrusting cock, milking it like a vise. Peggy shook helplessly as her cunt exploded, contracting again and again around her brother's prick.

"Ahhh, Sis!"

Randy collapsed on top of her, spearing his throbbing cock as far into her pussy as it would go. The second load of cum erupted from his balls, squirting deep inside her cunt. Peggy felt it shooting hotly into her, splattering the inner walls of her pussy. Hornily she flexed her cunt muscles around it, milking out all the jism.

A deep feeling of satisfaction flowed through her as Randy rested his head on her shoulder, and his fuck-wilted cock turned soft and rubbery inside her pussy. It had been so easy to seduce her brother, she thought happily. Now she just had to get her mother in on the fucking action too.

But what Peggy didn't know was that half of the work of that final task had been taken care of for her. Because Laura had been standing outside the bedroom door for the past few minutes, listening to every moan and whimper her two kids made.

Chapter TEN

Laura had come home early from her shopping expedition. A sale she'd expected to find at a downtown department store hadn't materialized. Putting the groceries on the kitchen table, Laura had headed for her bedroom to change when she'd heard the muted noises from the upstairs bedroom.

It had never occurred to her that her own children might be fucking. But when she'd climbed the stairs and the sounds had come into focus, there'd been no question at all of what they meant.

Laura had never been so horrified in her life! Or so horny.

Her pussy had begun dripping seconds after she'd taken her place outside the door, listening to the grunting and squeaking of bedspreads as her children fucked furiously. She'd heard Peggy squealing about what a big cock Randy had, and begging him to stab it deeper into her cunt. Laura had almost cum without touching herself, unable to stop the obscene thoughts about her boy's big cock.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening passed in a kind of haze. Peggy and Randy came downstairs, acting as if nothing had happened. Her husband returned from work and they all ate dinner. For once Laura was too distracted to ask one of her children to help her wash up. Instead she'd stayed in the kitchen while the other family members went about their business. She sat drinking coffee and rubbing her hot ass on the chair, wondering what she was going to do about her daughter and son.

She knew she had to talk to Randy about it. He was the older of the two, and the male, and for those reasons Laura was convinced that he'd started it. But she didn't know if she could maintain her distance as a mother when she felt this starved for cock.

There was no denying how horny she felt. The incredible, pulsing wetness between her legs only meant one thing. Laura had never allowed herself to feel sexually about her boy in the past, but that was unavoidable now. His big, stiff cock, she thought, over and over again. Her son's hard-on, pounding in and out of her daughter's juicy cunt.

Finally, at nine in the evening, Laura gathered up her will to talk to him. Smoothing her blouse over her huge, stiff-nippled tits, she felt her pussy squishing between her thighs as she climbed the stairs to his room. For some reason, Paul hadn't been fucking her nearly as much for the past week. Laura wished she could get his cock inside her to take the edge off of her lust.

"What is it?" Randy muttered when she knocked on the door.

"Open up, Son," Laura said softly. "I want to have a talk with you."

There was a quick, rustling sound behind the door. Randy's voice sounded strangled when he told her to come in. Laura took a deep breath and entered, shutting the door behind her.

And immediately she knew that she'd caught her son jacking off.

It was an unmistakeable sense she had, a part of her woman's intuition. Randy was naked to the waist with the blankets about his hips on the bed, though it was too early for him to be going to sleep. There was an embarrassed flush in his cheeks, and Laura couldn't help glancing at the bulge protruding through the covers.

"What's up, Mom?" Randy said nervously. "Jeez, am I tired. I was just getting ready to sack out."

"I'm afraid that'll have to wait, Randy. There's something I want to talk to you about."

Assuming a stern expression, the big-titted mother crossed the bedroom and sat on the edge of her son's bed. Something crumpled under her ass as she squirmed on the sheets, and Laura automatically put her hand down to see what it was. Randy looked miserable as she pulled out a girlie magazine.

"I guess you caught me, Mom," Randy said sheepishly.

Laura opened the magazine and looked at the pictures of naked women with their legs spread wide to show off their cunts. An uncontrollable heat spread through her pussy as she imagined her son ogling the pictures, whipping his fist up and down on his stiff cock.

"Do you like looking at these kinds of pictures, Randy?" she whispered huskily, dropping the magazine on the floor.

"Y-y-yes," Randy stammered.

"What do you do when you look at them, Son? You play with yourself, don't you?"

Randy gulped and nodded his head.

Laura told herself that she was taking the conversation in the wrong direction. She had to have a serious, formal talk with him, to explain the sin he'd committed with his sister.

But she felt like she had no control over the words coming out of her mouth -- or the fuck lust pulsing deep inside her cunt.

"Well, I guess it's normal for a boy your age to masturbate, Randy. At least it's better than having sex with your own sister."

Randy's jaw sagged open in shock. Laura found herself looking at the blankets over his crotch. They were bulging again, she saw dizzily. His cock was getting stiff while he talked to his own mother!

"How'd you know about that?" he asked, panicked.

"That doesn't really matter, Randy. I heard the two of you going at it this afternoon. You seduced her, didn't you, Randy? Aren't you ashamed of yourself for what you did to your own baby sister?"

"It wasn't like that," Randy protested.

"Don't lie to me, Randy," Laura shot back. She was breathing hard and her huge tits heaved under the tight blouse. "God, look at you. You're getting a big... a big erection right now just from thinking about it. Look at those sheets!"

Randy's cheeks reddened brightly as he saw the way his stiff cock tented the blankets.

But looking at it only made it worse. Laura gasped as her son's hard-on started to twitch and pulse. Then she felt as if she were losing all control over herself. Shocking herself, Laura grabbed the blanket and threw it to the foot of the bed, exposing her son's stiff, naked cock!

"Jesus, Mom!"

"Look at it, Randy," Laura said, in a hushed, hissing voice. "Why, it's so stiff that it's throbbing. You can't even control yourself. I'll bet you want to do it to Peggy again right now!"

Randy gaped up at his mother, shocked by what she was saying. Then his shock changed to horror as she slid her hand up his leg, wrapping her fist tightly around the veined stiffness of his cock.

"Holy Christ!"

"Is this what you want to have her do, Randy?"

Shaking uncontrollably, Laura started beating off her son's prick. Closing her fingers tightly around the stiff cock, she pumped it furiously up and down.

"Does that feel good? You like giving yourself a hand-job, don't you? I'll bet you like the way I'm playing with your cock right now!"

Randy just lay there, watching as his mother's hand moved in a blur up and down his cock. The hot pre-cum oozed out of the tip, and Laura moaned loudly as it dripped down the knob to coat her hand with juice.

"Look, Randy. Your cock is leaking. Your cock is really getting hard now, isn't it?" Laura panted as she spoke, rubbing her thighs together in a desperate attempt to stop the wetness gushing through her pussy. "Do you want me to suck it for you now, Randy? Is that what a dirty little boy like you would like?"

"S-s-suck it," Randy gasped. "Suck my cock!"

Laura dropped her head, groaning as she gave in completely to the forbidden cravings of her lust. She kissed the tip of her son's quivering cock, mewling as she inhaled the cunt-moistening aroma of hard prick. Then she opened her mouth wide and feverishly started sucking on it, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction.

"Unnggghhh! Oh shit, Mom!" Randy writhed and gasped, wincing as he felt the pressure of his mother's tightly sucking lips around his cock. "Harder! Oh, fuck, that feels good! Do it to me, Mom! Suck on my fucking prick!"

The obscenities were the filthiest he'd ever used in her presence, but they only made Laura hornier. Lewd slurping, smacking sounds came from deep inside her throat as she concentrated on the cock-sucking, giving her boy the best blow-job she possibly could.

Up and down her head bobbed, fucking her face with the steely stiffness of her boy's cock meat. Laura's cheeks flushed brightly as she gave him head, expending her energy on the suctioning pressure around his prick. Her lips stretched wider and wider as she engulfed his prick, cramming more of it between her wet, ovaled lips.

"So goooood!" Randy lay happily beneath her, a dreamy expression of desire on his face as he watched his mother suck his cock. "Keep sucking it, Mom! It's getting so fucking stiff!" Laura tightened her fingers around the hard, hot root of his prick, feeling it throb on her palm. Eagerly she started jacking on it as she sucked, milking and tugging the swollen stalk of his cock.

Longer and stiffer it grew, and the cum juice leaked continually out of the dilated piss slit. Laura swirled her tongue all over the heart-shaped crown, darting it into the little hole to catch up the jism as it bubbled up from his nuts.

"Gonna cum!" Randy curled his fingers in his mother's hair, fucking his ass wildly off the bed. "Unh... Do it harder, Mom! I'm gonna blow my wad any fucking second!"

Laura sucked and jacked his big prick as hard as she could, compressing her lips even tighter just under the shiny-skinned crown. Randy heaved his ass high off the bed, shoving his cock down his mother's throat.

"Cumming, ahhhhh, fuck!"

A huge geyser of cum exploded from his cock head, squirting onto the roof of her mouth. Laura came in her panties as the white, salty jism blasted down her throat. She knew Randy had cum twice with her daughter that afternoon. It was hard to believe his balls could hold such a heavy load.

Repeatedly the milky juice spurted out of his cock, making the stiff shaft pulsate wildly as the torrents of sappy spunk exploded into his mother's mouth. Rubbing her thighs together, Laura feverishly started swallowing, gulping madly as she continued to suck and stroke his cumming cock.

"Ahhh, Momma." Randy lay there helplessly as his wet cock continued to throb rhythmically over his stomach. "So good, so fucking good!"

Wiping her mouth, Laura stared hungrily at the saliva-slicked shaft of his cock. She knew that Peggy and Paul were undoubtedly wide awake at that time of the night, and that they could easily come upstairs and catch her.

But she was too horny to listen to reason. Laura's pussy had never been so wet before, and she'd never cum without touching herself, or having a cock inside her. The pouting, hair-fringed cunt lips felt painfully swollen, like they were going to burst. Her cunt was as wet as a swamp with the pussy cream drooling out of her fuck tunnel.

Rising from the bed, Laura quickly began to strip off all her clothes. Her son watched her intently as she unbuttoned her blouse, showing the way her enormous tits strained the cups of her bra. Then she look that off too, and Randy groaned as her huge, naked tits jiggled and danced, capped with rosy nipples that were even bigger and redder than Peggy's.

"Oh, Mom. You are really stacked!"

"You're going to fuck me now, young man," Laura whispered, kicking off her tennis shoes. "This is... this is your punishment for fucking your baby sister. You get to fuck your horny mother too."

Laura tore off her skirt and turned as she deposited it on the floor, giving her son a perfect view of her long legs and mouth-watering ass. The crotch of her panties was so soaked with fuck juice that it had become transparent, and Randy could clearly see the thick bush of his mother's cunt.

His cock throbbed violently, jerking obscenely over his hard stomach. Laura stripped off the panties as fast as she could. Then she was naked, with her huge tits jiggling as she approached the bed, and the smell of her creaming pussy filling the whole bedroom.

"Do you want to fuck me, Randy?" Laura climbed onto the bed, her enormous tits swinging as she straddled her son. "You've still got such a big, hard-on. You need some more relief, don't you?"

Laura planted her knees on the bed to either side of his hips, her hairy pussy seeping juice directly above his upthrust cock. Reaching between her thighs, she mewled as she grasped the aching length of his hard-on. Then she lifted it, directing the wet tip to the pouting mouth of her cunt.

"You want to fuck me, don't you, Randy? You want to fuck your big, hard prick all the way up your mother's cunt!"

Randy gulped and nodded his head. Laura rubbed his spongy cock head up and down her pussy trough, teasing herself as it touched her itching clit. Then she centered it in her cunt opening, and a deep moan of pleasure parted her lips as she felt the meaty inches of his cock shaft boring up her buttery cunt.

"Unnggghh! Fuck me, Randy! Fuck your mother!"

Laura leaned forward, holding his shoulders for support, her enormous tit globes dancing and quivering over his chest. Then she started bucking and humping her ass, cramming her cunt tunnel full of her boy's prick.

"Oh God, it's stiff! Fuck meee, Randy! My cunt's so Goddamn hot!"

Randy stared up at his lust-crazed mother, seeing the gigantic tits jiggling over his face. Reaching up, he cupped one football-sized mound and brought the rubbery tip to his lips.

Laura shuddered as her son sucked on her huge areola, dragging on the milky flesh of the globe with his teeth. At the same time her son fucked savagely into her pussy, ramming the veined shaft of his hard-on deep inside her creaming cunt.

"Ahhhh, God!" Laura leaned forward, letting him suck her big tit as hard as he wanted. "Fuck me, Randy!" She worked her ass, taking more of his cock up her pussy with every thrust.

The mattress started creaking as Randy fucked into her, moaning around the hot tit as his mother's fuck muscles clasped juicily around his steel-hard prick.

Holding the tit on his face with his suctioning lips, Randy eagerly slid his hands up his mother's shapely thighs. He grabbed her humping ass cheeks and held them as he pushed the stiff cock into her pussy, finally burying it to the hilt in her throbbing cunt.

"Fuck me, Randy!"

Laura started to fuck her son like a bitch in heat, relentlessly pounding her hairy fuck slit up and down on the satisfying stiffness of his cock. She knew her moans of passion were getting very loud, but she couldn't control herself. Her cunt was throbbing like a heart, rhythmically sucking and squeezing around her son's cock.

"I said fuck me, fuck meeee!" Laura raked his chest with her fingernails, bouncing her ass up and down, impaling herself on his cock again and again. "My pussy's so wet! Oh God, suck them, suck on my tits! I'm gonna cum, aw Randy, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her cunt clamped shut like a vise, milking tightly around her boy's driving cock. Laura quivered convulsively from head to toe as she peaked through her orgasm, conscious of nothing but the exquisite sensations coursing through her.

Randy kept fucking her, savagely reaming out his mother's pussy with long strokes. He released her tit so he could concentrate harder on his fucking, battering his mother's pussy into endless spasms of orgasm.

When Laura finally came to, his cock was still rock-hard inside her, and he was fucking her pussy faster than ever. Laura knew she couldn't take any more, her pussy felt raw after cumming twice in a row.

But she was still horny, hornier than she'd ever been in her life. Laura shocked herself then, feeling a lewd tingling coursing through her rubbery asshole. Suddenly she realized how much she wanted her darling boy to fuck her there too.

"Take it out, Randy," Laura squealed, lifting her leg and sliding her hairy slit off of his cock. "Hurry!"

Randy did as his mother asked, sitting up on the bed. Shamelessly the naked mother sprawled onto her belly beside him, crushing her enormous tits on the sheets. Then she reached behind and spread her ass cheeks wide apart, giving her son an unmistakable invitation into her tight, pink asshole.

"Why don't you fuck my asshole, Sonny?" Laura whispered, panting out the words as she looked nakedly into his eyes. "Mommy's still so horny, but her pussy can't take anymore. Go ahead, Randy! I know you want to. Go ahead and fuck my ass."

Randy looked at his mother's delicious asshole, seeing the way the tightly muscled shit ring pulsed and puckered before his eyes. Then he crawled onto his knees to mount her, holding his drooling cock in his fist, homing in on her rubbery ass tunnel.

"Unnggghh! Ran-deee!" Laura squealed as she felt the first thrust into her butt, the tight walls of her asshole stretching painfully to accommodate his huge cock. "Easy, darling! My asshole's so tight! Oh, God, butt fuck me, Randy, fuck meeee!"

Randy spread his knees on the bed, changing the angle at which his cum-laden cock speared into the forbidden depths of his mother's shit tunnel. Then he started humping steadily, buring more and more of his burning cock between her ass cheeks with every thrust.

"Yes, Randy, fuck me!" Laura eagerly started humping too, feeling the weight of her huge tits jiggling as she whipped up her rounded ass for more of her boy's cock. "Fuck my asshole, fuck my ass off! Unnggghhh! Yes, darling, what a big, fucking prick!"

His swollen cock rod stretched her asshole to the bursting point, making the shit walls suck even harder around his burning cock. Randy hesitated with half of his prick inside her, letting her shit ring clasp and suck convulsively around his prick.

"All the way now, darling!" Laura's asshole had loosened sufficiently to take his rod, and she was dying to get all of it into her. "Fuck me now!" She started humping faster, grunting as she flexed her ass muscles to suck around her teenager's cock meat. "Fuck your mother, fuck my butt!"

Randy took a deep breath before pushing down very hard, stabbing every inch of his stone-hard prick into the luscious tightness of Laura's asshole. Laura nearly swooned as all of his cock bored into her, filling her ass tunnel completely with hard, throbbing, cum-oozing prick.

"Naaaahhhh!" She shuddered as they lay beneath him, grimacing as her ass muscles continued to suck and grasp around his cock. "It's so big, Randy! It's so fucking big!"

Laura started humping, making the bed creak as she rocked her hips off the sheets. "Fuck me now, darling! Fuck my asshole good and hard with that big, beautiful prick!"

Randy pulled out slowly, withdrawing from the clutching depths of his mother's asshole, feeling the way her ass muscles dragged needfully around his cock. Then he thrust his cock back between her ass cheeks, burying it so deeply that a brief stab of exquisite pain racked Laura's naked body.

Shamelessly Laura pushed her hand under her belly, groping through her matted pussy bush for the itching slit of her pussy. She shoved two fingers up her aching cunt hole and began to frnger-fuck herself, rolling her cunt wildly under her thumb.

"Now fuck me, darling!" the horny mother gasped. "Fast and hard... that's the way... oh, yes... ahhhh!"

Randy fell into a steady fuck rhythm, pistoning his bloated cock steadily through the sucking tightness of his mother's asshole. Frantically jacking off her pussy, Laura pistoned her ass to meet his strokes.

The lust washing through her was breath-takingly intense, filling her every pore with desire. All thoughts of conscience and inhibition were behind her. She knew the bed was creaking loudly, and that her moans of passion could be heard beyond the bedroom door.

But Laura was too horny to care. All she cared about now was her son's magnificent cock and the way it felt as the long, thick, cum-swollen shaft speared relentlessly into her ass tunnel.

"I'm gonna cum, Mom," Randy panted, whispering the words against her neck. "Your asshole's so fucking tight. I can't hold it, Momma! Oh, Christ, I'm gonna shoot my fucking load!"

"No, darling," Laura squealed. "Keep fucking me now. I'm going to cum too! Unnnggghhh! What a big, beautiful cock you have! Oh, oh fuck, my asshole's throbbing. Keep fucking my asshole, lover! Don't ever stop fucking me with that great, big, beautiful prick..."

Chapter ELEVEN

Meanwhile, downstairs, Peggy had taken advantage of her mother's absence to join her father in the privacy of his den.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" the naked teenager cried.

Spread-eagled on her back on the floor, she wrapped her thighs tightly around his midsection and pistoned her nimble little ass as fast as she could.

"Your cock's so stiff inside me! Unngghhh! Fuck the shit out of me, Daddy! Fuck my juicy cunt!"

Paul was naked, his clothes scattered on the couch above them. He panted as he heaved and bucked between his teenager's tenderly gripping legs, spearing his enormous hard-on in and out of her curly haired pussy.

Her cunt seemed especially tight tonight, the walls and pouting lips foaming with fuck juice. Paul could feel his daughter's pussy muscles sucking and contracting around his cock rod, as if to tug his prick all the way into her belly.

"Harder, Daddy! Aw, I love it when you fuck me hard! Make me cummmm!"

Peggy wrapped her slim legs even higher around his muscular back, arching up so that he would be able to stuff even more of his cock up her cunt. Her big tits jiggled as he pumped into her, the nipples as hard as little rocks.

Every time Peggy fucked her father, the pleasure seemed to grow more intense than the time before. Her cunt was creaming very heavily now, dripping out of her cock-filled pussy to wet her inner thighs.

Her clit was stiff, chafed lusciously by the spine-jarring thrusts of her father's huge cock. Peggy's pretty face contorted with ecstasy. She raked her fingernails down his back, moaning and panting as her little pussy prepared to cum all over his prick.

"Haaaarder, Daddy!" Peggy yelped, egging him on with her words. Desperately she clawed his ass cheeks, trying to make him sink even more of his cock inside her. "I'm gonna cum! Unnggghhh! Daddy, I can feel your cock throbbing inside me! Oh fuck, Daddy, I'm gonna cum!"

"I'm making it too," Paul moaned hoarsely. His balls slapped the crack of her ass as he fucked into her. He winced as he felt the cum load boiling inside his nuts. "Can't hold it, Baby Daughter! Oh God, I'm going to pop my fucking rocks!"

Peggy imagined her daddy shooting thick wads of jism up her velvety pussy, and the mere thought put her over the edge into ecstasy. Suddenly her cunt started throbbing like a little heart, violently clasping and gripping Paul's rock-hard prick. Then she was cumming, just as she'd dreamed, cumming madly all over her father's enormous prick!

"Fuck me, Daddy, Daddy, I'm cumming now!" Peggy locked her ankles around his back, moaning and squealing as the spasms burned through her loins. "Cumming, Daddy! Fuck me, I'm cuuummmiiinngggg!"

Her pussy exploded, covering his cock with thick, musky cunt juice. Paul groaned and slammed his cock all the way inside her orgasming pussy, letting the load of juice flow out of his balls.

"Ah, Peggy!"

The sap exploded, gushing out of his cock head in long geysers. Peggy felt all of the jism rushing into her, filling her pussy with the milky cream of her father's cum.

She flexed her cunt muscles, making the slippery sheath milk hungrily around his squirting cock. Then she gasped as she felt the spunk running out of her prick-filled cunt slit, puddling obscenely on the rug.

"Oh, Daddy! You're always such a supergood fuck!"

Paul rolled off of his naked, big-titted daughter, panting as he lay on his back at her side. His cock was still stiff and huge, throbbing wetly over his hairy stomach.

It was just as Peggy turned onto her side to stick the delicious hard-on in her mouth that she heard the sounds from upstairs.

At first she wasn't sure what they were. Then the naked blonde set to licking her father's cock, listening intently. Seconds later she was sure and a broad smile spread across her face. Mommy and Randy were fucking!

"Oh God, you're going to keep it so fucking hard!" Paul moaned and pushed his hand onto her head. "Suck it now, darling. Daddy's horny all over again. Suck my cock!"

"No, Daddy! Listen!"

Paul looked at his daughter curiously, then fell silent. A few seconds later his expression changed as he heard the light but unmistakable creaking and groaning.

"Jesus! What the fuck is that?"

"Daddy, I don't know how to tell you this, but that's Mommy and Randy! They're fucking!"


"They are, Daddy!" Peggy cried. "Listen! You know that can't be anything else but fucking! And it couldn't be anyone else but them!"

There was another long silence. Paul chewed his lower lip and shook his head, unable to believe his ears. Peggy giggled impishly and grabbed his hand, dragging him to his feet.

"Come on, Daddy! Everybody's doing it now! Let's go fuck with them too!"

Eagerly Peggy hurried out of the den and up the stairs, dragging her father behind her. Paul seemed too shocked to do anything except his daughters' wishes. A moment later they were outside the door and the sounds emanating from within left no doubt as to what was going on.

"Fuck my asshole, Randy!" Laura cried, her voice loud through the door. "Fuck it, fuck it! Ahhh, shit, I gotta cum!"

"Jesus," Paul whispered.

"Come on, Daddy! Let's go in!"

Peggy pushed open the bedroom door, dragging her father in after her. The light came from the reading lamp next to Randy's bed. Laura was stretched out naked on her stomach, her enormous tits squashed flat on the sheets.

Randy was humping on top of her, groaning and panting as he made the bed squeak. He pounded his stiff hard-on relentlessly through the rubbery grip of his mother's ass.

"Hi, everybody!" Peggy laughed.

Laura and Randy shrieked and separated themselves frantically, Randy's hard-on making a wet, popping sound as it was disengaged from his mother's asshole. Lying on their backs, they gaped helplessly at the naked father and daughter standing at the foot of the bed.

Laura and Paul just stared at each other, as if unable to find the words to begin any kind of explanation. But all Peggy could look at was her mother's cunt.

Obviously, Randy had just finished fucking it.

The curly haired slit was swollen and slimy with pussy oil, the most delicious-looking hair pie Peggy had ever seen in her life!

Never before had she had any lesbian desires, but they surfaced uncontrollably now. Her mother was the only family member she hadn't made it with and suddenly Peggy was dying to suck out her mother's cunt.

Saying nothing, the horny teenager crawled onto the bed to join her mother and brother. Laura looked down in horror as her daughter crawled between her legs. Then Peggy dropped her head onto her mother's crotch, sighing with pleasure as she inhaled the wet, musky aroma of a just-fucked pussy.

"P-P-Peggy," Laura croaked, glancing nervously at her husband. "What are you..."

The words trailed off as Peggy glued her mouth to her mother's cunt hole, sucking it hotly. She thrust her tongue deep inside her pink cunt slit, pushing it up and down, sucking the delicious juices from the oozing folds of her mother's pussy.

She thrust her hands under her mother's hips, cupping her ass checks for support. Then she started to eat out her mother in earnest, moving her tongue in a blur up and down Laura's cream-laden pussy.

Laura trembled as she felt the pleasure flowering again in her pussy, accelerated by the flicking motions of her daughter's tongue. "Oh, Peggy, Peggy..."

She stared at her husband for a moment, wondering what she should do. But it was all happening so fast, and besides, she'd already been caught with her son's cock in her ass. There was no point in restraining herself at all.

Laura moaned and stretched out on her back, her huge titties wiggling provocatively on her chest. Shamelessly she spread her legs wide, giving her horny daughter easy access to her pussy. Then she cupped the back of Peggy's head and started humping her ass, fucking her cunt onto her little girl's mouth.

"Yes, suck it, darling," Laura sighed. "Unnhh! Yes, yes, it feels so good! Eat my pussy... suck out all the juice!"

"Jesus," Paul whispered. "What a fucking slut!"

He stared at his wife, watching her face contort with ecstasy as Peggy licked and sucked and kissed her cunt. Without glancing at his son, the naked father joined them on the bed.

His enormous cock was rock-hard again, standing stiffly before him, the knob leaking hot cum. Paul crawled up on his knees and knelt beside his wife's head. Then he grabbed her hair and jammed his flared cock head at her mouth.

"Suck it, bitch," he whispered. "You fucking slut! You let your own daughter suck your cunt!"

Laura opened her mouth readily, and then she almost choked as her husband crammed his enormous cock down her tight throat.

"I said suck on it, bitch!" Paul pulled her hair and violently rocked his ass, pistoning his pick in and out of her lips. "Suck it, suck out the cum! Just like you suck off your fucking son!"

Laura fought back the gagging reflex, moaning as she felt her husband's magnificent cock in her mouth. Turning her head toward him, she closed her lips in a tight circle around the center of his prick rod. Then she puckered her cheeks as she started sucking his cock very hard, swirling her tongue around the bloated tip.

"Ahhh, good! That's a good little slut! Harder, bitch! Give me a good blow-job!"

Laura sucked her husband's cock as hard as she could, wrapping her hand tightly around the blood-gorged shaft to jack him off at the same time. Peggy lifted her mouth from her mother's pussy to watch them, licking stray cunt curls from her lips.

Then she glanced at her brother.

Randy's cock was as hard as an arrow, quivering over his navel. One look at the huge, hard cock made Peggy's pussy ache all over again. She loved the taste of her mother's pussy, but she wanted to get fucked even more.

"God, Randy, look at how big your prick is!" Crawling up beside him, Peggy wrapped her hands lovingly around the hot cock rod. "You really need some relief!"

Peggy's big tits shook as she mounted him, slinging her leg easily over his waist. Reaching between her thighs, the horny girl took hold of the throbbing shaft. Then she moaned as she directed it to her itchy cunt.

"Ahhh, Randy!" Peggy rubbed his prick up and down her pussy trough before centering it in her cunt hole. "Fuck me, Big Brother!" Feverishly she started humping, impaling herself on the stone-hard cock. "Fuck me -- fuck my cunt!"

Randy watched her tits bounce and jiggle over his face for a moment, then slid his hands up her legs to grip her delicious little ass feverishly she started fucking his cock into her pussy, moaning as he felt the clasping pressure of her cunt muscles around his prick.

"Harder, Randy!" Peggy turned her head so she could watch Laura sucking madly on her father's gigantic cock. "Unnggghhh! Fuck me, fuck me, all the way up my cunt!"

Mauling her ass cheeks, Randy speared his hard-on all the way up his sister's pussy. Then they started feverishly fucking and humping, their bellies slapping sweatily together as they brought each other closer and closer to a climax.

"Daddy, fuck my asshole!" Peggy cried suddenly. "Do it while Randy's fucking me! Daddy, do it! Oh please, I want your cock in my ass!"

Paul looked at them, his enormous prick painfully stiff in his wife's mouth. Then he pulled away from Laura and mounted his daughter, his cock drooling cum uncontrollably onto the sheets.

"Spread my ass open, Randy," Peggy panted, rocking hornily up and down on the cock in her cunt. "Wide open, so Daddy can push in his cock!"

Randy did as his kid sister asked, spreading the globes wide to open up her ass ring for their father's cock. Gripping his cock in his fist, Paul aimed the drippy tip at the rubbery circle of his daughter's asshole. Then he started pushing into her, and Peggy's mouth dropped open as she thrilled to her first two-cock fuck.

"You're fucking me now! Unngghhh, Daddy, ram it up my fucking ass!"

Randy was pounding his cock furiously into her pussy, his balls overloaded with cum. Paul was too horny to control himself. He rammed his enormous cock all the way up his daughter's asshole with one thrust, making her yelp with pain. Then she started reaming out her tight asshole as hard as she could, groaning as the rubbery walls of her asshole clung to his cock.

"Yes, Daddy, fuck meeee!" Peggy shrieked. Her whole body was throbbing now, her cunt clasped around Randy's prick while her father's cock probed her burning ass. "Fuck my pussy, Randy! Unh unh unh, feels so good! I'm gonna cum now! You're making me cum!"

Randy humped up to meet his father's strokes, meeting Paul's rhythm as he pistoned his bloated hard-on in and out of his sister's creamy cunt. Paul fucked her harder and faster, his balls swinging heavily with every thrust.

Peggy could see her mother finger-fucking herself out of the corner of her eye. The two cocks were as hard as bone, pulsing wildly inside her. I'm cumming, Peggy realized. Cumming.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" She writhed and shook between them overwhelmed by the racking spasms of fuck lust. "Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Randy. Randy, fuck my pussy! Unnggghh! Unngggghhh! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Peggy nearly fainted as she erupted in the hardest cum of her young life. Her asshole contracted violently, milking tightly around the driving hardness of her daddy's cock. At the same time her pussy spasmed and throbbed around her brother's big prick, pounding into the innermost depths of her cunt.

"Cumming, cumming..."

Peggy's voice trailed off as she lay motionless between them, still quivering with satisfaction. She was barely conscious when her father's cock started shooting jism up her asshole, and Randy responded by emptying his cum load deep inside her cunt.

Peggy knew that they'd both get stiff cocks again soon, and that Laura would want to get her pussy and asshole fucked too. Then they'd spend the whole night fucking, and probably the next day too.

A shameless smile spread across Peggy's face as she considered the possibilities. She knew she had the best fucking family in the whole world!


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