Horny peeping niece

Psychologists invariably agree that man has certain needs which are an inherent part of his nature. The most commonly mentioned are the physical needs -- the needs for food and shelter. The need for sex -- the "reproductive drive", as it is often referred to -- is also considered basic to man.

We see this last need demonstrated time and time again. Witness the failure of the early Communist drive to abolish the family structure. Or the contemporary depiction of the priesthood and the institutions of monasteries and convents.

Kitty Crocker is a young girl whose sexuality has always been suppressed by her puritanical parents. It is only when she visits her aunt and wick in the city that she finally realizes who she is and what she wants.

HORNY PEEPING NIECE -- a fictional story intended to entertain. But with an element of truth about the passions that many of us must deal with.

Chapter ONE

Kitty Crocker was blushing from head to toe. The shy girl had never been in such an embarrassing situation in her whole life, and there was no way out of it. It looked as if she was going to be forced to watch her aunt and uncle fuck.

It had all started so innocently. Visiting her relatives for the first time, Kitty had been exploring their expensive house, marveling at all the modern devices she'd never seen before.

She was especially fascinated with the little room in the basement that was used as a sauna. Just imagine having a whole room for lying around steaming!

She'd been poking around in there, wondering what a sauna was like, when she heard somebody coming. Feeling they might think she was a snoop, Kitty automatically ducked into a corner, behind the little wood stove. A moment later her Aunt Sandra and Uncle Tom entered the sauna room and began to take off their clothes. That was when Kitty realized she was trapped. She couldn't get out of there without revealing her presence, and, if she did, she'd really look like a snoop!

It was so embarrassing, but there was nothing she could do but crouch there and hope they didn't see her. She was blushing like crazy as she watched her aunt and uncle undress. She'd never seen another person naked before, except for her little brothers and sisters. But they were just little kids. These were grownups, and they weren't in here just to take a sauna bath.

"Alone at last," Sandra grinned at her husband.

"Yeah, seems like it's been a long time," Tom replied. "We've got kids coming out of the woodwork."

"Well, there's only one extra, with Kitty visiting," Sandra said, "but it seems like we never get any privacy anymore."

"We will now." Tom leered as he locked the sauna door from the inside.

Now Kitty was really stuck. She blushed with mortification. Yet at the same time she found herself wickedly fascinated with the scene. She couldn't wait to see what Uncle Tom looked like naked. For a long time she'd been wondering about those mysterious difference between men and women, all those things her puritanical parents refused to talk to her about. Watch the farm animals, they said, and figure it out for yourself.

Well, Kitty had been born and raised on a farm and had spent all her life watching animals, but that still didn't tell her much about love-making. She knew about fucking and how babies were made, but she still wasn't too sure just what men and women did when they were alone together, and she didn't understand why people were so obsessed with getting it on. Now maybe she'd find out.

Her aunt and uncle were a nice-looking couple in their late thirties. Aunt Sandra, or Sandy as everybody called her, was a curvy blond with big tits that Kitty really envied. She just hoped her own budding tits would grow that large. Aunt Sandy was the kind of woman who got whistled on the street.

Uncle Tom was tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome. His body was powerful and hairy, as Kitty was discovering. He'd stripped to his jockey shorts by now, and there was a huge obscene bulge at the crotch. That had to be his cock, yet Kitty really had no idea of what it looked like. She hardly breathed, she was so excited. But, to her disappointment, Tom didn't remove his shorts right away. Instead he paused to watch his wife undress.

Sandy was just removing her bra. The tightly-packed lace cups slipped away, and her large tits sprang into their natural firm thrust. A woman like Sandy didn't really need to wear a bra, except that she'd have caused traffic accidents if she went out without one. Enviously Kitty eyed her cantaloupe-sized tits and large cone-shaped nipples.

Next Sandy hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her lacy bikini panties and started easing them down over her flat belly and beautifully rounded little ass. Kitty was slender and coltish herself, and she could barely keep from sighing with envy as she studied her aunt's voluptuous mature body. Obviously Tom was getting off on it, too.

"You gonna be warm enough, honey?" he asked. "Want me to fire up the stove?"

Kitty held her breath. If he came over to light the stove, he'd see her crouching there. But to her relief Sandy replied, "I'll be plenty warm, lover. We're not gonna need any fire. We'll just make a fire of our own."

"Right," Tom leered.

Sandy was slowly unveiling her bush, a small triangle of golden-blond fur. Tom's eyes were growing wide and lusty. At last she let the panties slither down her long shapely legs, then kicked them away and stood there stark naked. The bulge at Tom's fly got even larger, sharply tenting the garment. Grinning wickedly, Sandy walked over to him and patted the bulge.

"Mmmmmmm, for me?" she purred.

"Yep," he grinned, "it's a surprise package. Why don't you open it and see what's there?"

Kitty held her breath. At last she was going to see what a cock looked like. She seen plenty of animal cocks in her years on the farm, but never an adult human one. She could hardy contain her excitement, and she fought the urge to stand up for a better view. Deftly Sandy peeled down her husband's shorts, then knelt to help him step out of them.

Kitty's eyes got enormous. Uncle Tom's prick was a whole lot larger than she'd expected, a great big sausage as thick as her wrist and a good eight inches long. It was almost scary. She didn't see how Aunt Sandy could possibly take it into her cunt. But Sandy didn't look at all worried about it. She knelt there with the stiff slab wagging lewdly and brushing her lips.

"Mmmmmm, I feel like a snack," she cooed.

"Help yourself," Tom grinned, "only I think I'll sit down."

He moved back a couple of steps and sat down on the edge of the sauna platform, keeping his thighs well apart. Sandy crawled between them and curled her fingers around the thick shaft of his prick. She brought the massive purple head right up to her pink glossed lips. Then her tongue darted out and began to lash and tickle his swollen cock head.

Kitty gawked. She was completely ignorant of how human beings made love, but she'd assumed it would be just like the farm animals. She'd thought they'd just fuck. But there was a lot more to it than that, as she was discovering. Aunt Sandy was lathering Uncle Tom's bloated cock head with her hot spit, making it gleam. Tom was leaning back with a big grin on his face, enjoying the hell out of it. It sure wasn't like watching cows and horses.

Maybe it was wrong to watch, but Kitty just couldn't help it, she was so curious. She'd never been to the city before, and she'd hardly associated with any people but her own family. She had so much to learn, especially about sex. She wanted to know why Sandy was licking Tom's cock. Was it fun? Apparently it was, because Sandy was tonguing away like her husband's cock was made of candy.

"Go for it, baby," Tom leered. "Get all that juice."

Kitty saw that thick cream was oozing from the dark cleft of his cock head. Sandy was spearing the liquid up with the pointed tip of her tongue. She rolled the stuff around in her mouth, savoring the taste, then greedily gulped it and tongued for more. She acted like she could never get enough of that hot juice.

Kitty wondered what it would be like to lick a man's cock. It seemed kind of kinky, yet exciting, and she really wanted to try it. She'd like to be right up close like that so she could explore everything. She wanted a closer look at her uncle's cock and his huge hair-thatched balls. Everything about his crotch fascinated her.

But where was she going to find a guy to study? The only boys she knew were the ones at school, and she wasn't allowed to date yet. Maybe her city cousins could help her out. Lori and Gary were friendly kids, eager to show their country cousin a good time. She'd get up her nerve and ask them if they could find her a date. After an experience like this, she knew she wouldn't be able to get her mind off boys and sex.

Uncle Tom's cock was absolutely shiny now, thoroughly lathered with Sandy's hot spit. It was leaking thick globs of cream, and she was lapping them up as fast as they bubbled from his piss hole. Sandy looked like she could have gone all day without stopping, but Tom was getting out of control. His glazed eyes and flaring nostrils told how insanely aroused he was.

"Honey, you better quit that pretty soon or I'm gonna come right in your face," he warned.

"Just a little more," Sandy pleaded.

Keeping a firm grip on the thick base of his cock, she guided the rest between her lips. She was actually taking his big purple cock head into her mouth, stretching her lips grotesquely. She caved in her cheeks and started to suck, an obscene wet sound that reached Kitty easily. Uncle Tom gave a horny shudder, and his eyes rolled crazily.

"Shit, yessss," he hissed.

Kitty was starting to get the strangest feeling between her legs, down there where her mother had ordered her never to touch herself except when bathing, down in that forbidden place she was getting all hot and wet. Her virgin pussy was swelling, and hot sticky cream was leaking from her cunt and moistening the crotch of her panties. She'd never had that sensation before, and she didn't know what it meant.

All she knew was that she wanted to be in Sandy's place, sucking on a big throbbing cock. It looked like the most exciting thing in the world. Sandy was sucking loudly, ravenously, on her husband's blue-veined boner, and Tom was moaning and shivering with pleasure as she sucked out his cream and gobbled it. But before long he was spinning out of control again.

"Hold it," he groaned, "I'm almost coming."

"Darn," Sandy giggled as she released his huge spit-soaked prick, "just when I was getting all that good juice."

"Well, it's my turn for a snack," Tom leered. "Come on up here."

Sandy got up on the platform and stretched out on her back. She bent her knees and spread her legs wide, revealing the moist pink flesh of her pussy and fringe of blonde curls. Then Tom went belly-down between her splayed thighs and brought his flushed face within an inch of her gash. Again Kitty's eyes got huge. She'd never heard of such a thing.

"Ooooooo, honey, yessss!" Sandy cried.

Uncle Tom was licking her pussy. He shot out his thick wet tongue and lashed it all over the sensitive flesh, gobbling up the pearly droplets of fuck cream that beaded her slit. It must have felt terrific to Sandy, because she lay there gurgling and squealing and moaning in ecstasy, her pretty features twisting into a lusty grimace.

Kitty shivered with excitement, and that hot blaze in her pussy began to spread. She still didn't know quite what it was all about, but she really wanted to touch herself down there. It was a very strong natural urge, but she held back because of her mother's teachings. It was wrong, naughty, dirty, evil to touch herself between the legs -- or so her mother had said.

She tried rubbing her thighs together instead. It gave her a little relief, and she wasn't actually touching herself, at least sot with her hands. And, all the while, she never took her eyes off the exciting action. Uncle Tom's head was bobbing steadily up and down as he stabbed and lashed his big wet tongue all over Aunt Sandy's pussy.

"Oooooo, baby, I love it," Sandy gurgled, "don't ever stop, honey."

Although Kitty had never even touched her pussy before, except with a wash cloth, she could easily imagine how great it would feel to have a big hot tongue down there lathering and swirling and teasing. She would have given anything to be in her aunt's place. She thought about it, and she creamed right through her panties. Again she had that powerful urge to rub her slit, but she tried to ignore it.

"Unnnhhhh, Tom, you're getting me so hot," Sandy moaned, "I can't take much more."

Tom raised his cream-smeared face ad leered at her. "Want me to get you off?" he asked.

"Mmmmm, yes, do I ever," Sandy panted.

"How do you want it?" he grinned.

She leered right back at him and said, "I want your big tongue up my cunt, honey. I want you to fuck me with it."

"Sandy," her husband chuckled, "you always were great at giving directions."

"Just trying to make, myself clear," she giggled.

She couldn't have made herself much more clear than that. Even the innocent Kitty understood exactly what her uncle was going to do to her aunt. She watched breathlessly as Tom made his tongue stiff and started easing it into Sandy's eager little box. Sandy gave a sustained shrill squeal of ecstasy as he crammed her with the slippery slab of meat. He kept pushing into her sensuously, thickly, till he couldn't go any farther.

"Ohhhh, baby, that's heavenly," Sandy sobbed, "you do that so damned good."

Tom couldn't reply, of course, with his long rigid tongue stuffed to the root in her twat. But he went right into action, cupping her lustily churning ass and pistoning his tongue stiffly in and out of her box. He used a fucking motion that Kitty was familiar with from watching the animals. Sandy responded to his swift tongue-fucking with howls of delight.

"Ohhhhh, shit, yes," she wailed, "fuck it to me, baby, make me come!"

The crotch of Kitty's panties was dripping with her hot virgin juices. She was dying to experience some of this exciting stuff for herself. She ached to feel a big wet tongue reaming her twat. She wanted to taste a man's hot cock cream. But it seemed like a pretty remote possibility, since her parents had strictly forbidden her to have anything to do with boys before she graduated from high school.

That time seemed a million years in the future as she lustily watched her aunt being tongue-fucked. Sandy was very hot, very horny, and she wasted no time getting off. She arched her body up high, taking Tom's pistoning tongue as deep as she could get it, then closed her eyes and sailed into orbit. She stiffened for a second, gasped, and then her big-titted body began to shake with pleasure.

"Unnnggh, shit, fuck, I'm coming!" she howled.

She convulsed and bucked, squealing with ecstasy, and Tom rose to his knees and watched her. His big prick was so engorged and stiff by now, it was hugging his belly. It drooled thick rivers of hot cream. The foreplay was over for this man. He had one big urgent need, and nothing was going to stand in his way. He grabbed his swollen prick and crammed the massive head into Sandy's squirting cunt mouth.

"Ooooooo, yesssss, stick that big thing into me, baby," she sobbed.

She was still coming, still in the middle of a hot orgasm, as Tom crammed her full of his rock-hard dick. He pushed to her womb as her spasms died away, but she was immediately horny again. She clung to him, gurgling and whimpering, and as he began fucking her, her horny hips jerked to his rhythm. They fucked at each other swiftly, greedily.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, honey, your little cunt's so fuckin' hot," Tom growled.

"It's hot for your big cock," Sandy moaned. "Unnnhhh, yeah, give it to me, hard, baby, fuck my brains out."

Kitty was almost writhing with lust as she watched. She'd never even been kissed before, but this scene was turning her on like crazy. Her upper thighs were soaked with the hot sticky juice that had seeped through her panties, and the urge to rub her pussy was almost unbearable. Desperately she ground her thighs together, seeking some relief from her burning horniness.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee," Sandy wailed.

Tom was too urgently horny to be gentle. He was hammering his stiff cock into her as hard as he could, and their bodies slapped loudly together. But Sandy obviously didn't mind his roughness. It was as if she craved it. The harder he did it to her, the more wildly excited she got. She was clawing his broad shoulders, biting his neck, moaning.

"I'm almost there, baby, almost there," she sobbed. "Fuck hard, make me come before I go crazy."

Tom gripped her little ass and pulled her up snugly against him. The stiff shaft of his cock was pistoning up and down over her clit, the most sensitive organ of her body. Her eyes rolled crazily, then closed tight as she shut out everything but the fantastic pleasure he was giving her.

"Uhhhhhh, fuck, I love it," she sobbed.

Kitty shivered with envy and longing. She just had to get fucked, even though it looked kind of scary. She could see that her pretty aunt was in ecstasy, and she finally understood why so many people were preoccupied with sex. Obviously it was the most exciting and fun thing a man and woman could do for each other. Kitty knew she wouldn't rest till she tried it for herself.

"Faster, harder," Sandy screamed, "make me come."

Tom's eyes rolled shut as he hammered his iron-hard prick into her with all the speed and force at his command. Kitty almost expected the room to shake. A few more seconds of that heavy pounding, and Sandy let out a hoarse wail of ecstasy. Her curvy body began to convulse and buck.

"You did it to me, I'm coming!" she howled.

"Ahhhhhh, Christ, take my come!" Tom roared, his ass knotting and jerking with lightning speed.

He was hammering his load into her, and the show was almost over. Kitty shivered with unsatisfied lust. She was still obeying her mother's orders, still resisting the urge to explore her pussy, but it was practically killing her. She recognized now that she was horny. Her maturing body was seething with female needs, needs that would have to be satisfied soon.

She stayed quiet as a mouse until her uncle and aunt had dressed and left the sauna room. Then she gave a big sigh. She had to find a boy, had to explore sex, yet she didn't even know how to begin. But maybe her cousin Lori could help her. Lori was exactly Kitty's age, yet she seemed so much more sophisticated. Kitty hurried upstairs to the bedroom they shared.

Chapter TWO

Kitty was in luck. Cousin Lori was in the spacious bedroom, doing exercises. Not that she really needed them. Her petite curvy body was supple and firm already. But Lori believed in keeping in shape. Her pretty face was pink with effort as she worked on her sit-ups.

Kitty closed the door quietly bind went to lounge on her twin bed. She liked watching Lori. They were blood cousins yet so different in appearance. Both were pretty, but Kitty was leggy and slim and dark-haired, while Lori was small and curvy and blonde. She looked a lot like Sandy.

She sure looked nice in her skimpy exercise outfit. The stretch material clung to her, showing every curve of her body, even the pout of her mound and the points of her nipples. She was counting as she did her sit-ups, and as she reached fifty she gave a big sigh, flopped onto her back, and collapsed.

"Shit," she said, "that's hard work."

Kitty reddened. She still wasn't used to her girl cousin's swearing. Both Lori and her brother Gary were allowed to say shit and fuck and all those other words that weren't allowed at Kitty's house. Kitty would have had her mouth washed out with soap if she'd ever used a naughty word. But Uncle Tom and Aunt Sandy didn't even notice. City life sure was different from life on the farm.

"What's up, cousin?" Lori smiled. "Did you find something interesting to do?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Kitty sighed. "I explored the house. You really have a nice place here. But you know what I'd really like to do?"

"What's that?" she asked.

"Go out with a boy," Kitty said, blushing. "Hey, you and me both, cousin," Lori said, "but Mom and Dad want me to wait. That's one thing both our parents have in common -- they think we're too young."

"What a drag," Kitty sighed. "I didn't realize you aren't allowed to date, too, Lori. I was hoping you could help me out."

"Well, maybe I can," Lori grinned, "only not exactly in the way you had in mind."

"What do you mean?" Kitty asked eagerly.

"Well," Lori said with a knowing smile, "I bet you're horny."

Kitty blushed even harder. "How'd you know that?" she demanded.

"All teenagers are horny," Lori laughed. "But if you're not allowed to date, there's only one thing you can do about it."

"What?" Kitty cried, sitting up on her bed.

"Beat off," Lori leered.

Kitty stared at her. She wasn't familiar with the term. "What's that?" she asked. "Please explain, Lori."

"Okay," the little blonde chirped, "I'll show you just what I mean. But it's hard to believe you've never done it, before."

"Well, I sure don't think I have," Kitty said.

"I'm talking about playing with yourself," Lori said, "playing with your pussy."

"Oh no," Kitty squeaked, "I've never done that. Mom won't let me."

Lori bounced to her feet and gawked. "Kitty, your mom isn't here," she exclaimed. "You can do anything you want. Anyhow, there's nothing wrong with beating off. My mom says so. She says it's a good release for me."

"Your mom said that?" Kitty gulped.

She just couldn't keep up with this family. They were light-years ahead of her. Lori laughed, not even bothering to answer her question, then quickly slipped out of her skimpy exercise suit. She wasn't wearing anything underneath it. Lori often went around the bedroom in her bra and panties, but this was the first time Kitty had seen her girl cousin completely naked.

She couldn't help staring. Lori had such a cute little bush, a neat triangle of blonde curls just like her mother's only not as large and lush. Her tits were perfectly round and firm, and they were capped with small strawberry red nipples. Her budding tits bounced enticingly as she climbed onto her bed. She stretched out on her bock, bent her knees, and spread her thighs wide.

"You're positive you never masturbated before?" she asked Kitty wonderingly.

"Positive," Kitty said.

"Okay, maybe you'd better come sit on my bed so you can see better," Lori said.

She didn't show a trace of shyness or embarrassment. As usual, she was completely cool and sophisticated. Kitty was still blushing and awkward as she moved over to sit on the end of her cousin's bed. From there she had a close-up view of Lori's moist pink slit. She wondered if her own pussy looked that pretty and inviting. She'd never looked.

"Okay, see this little thing?" Lori began.

She'd folded back the furry lips of her gash and exposed a little bud of flesh about the size of a pea.

"What's that?" Kitty asked.

"Oh, wow," Lori sighed, "you haven't had any experience at all, have you, cousin? This is my clit, and you have one, too. It's the most fun place to play with yourself. You can really get off. Just watch now, and I'll show you."

Kitty watched intently, in spite of her embarrassment and shyness. She didn't tell Lori just how ignorant she really was. She didn't even know what "get off" meant, but she'd learn, thanks to her cute blonde cousin. Lori placed a fingertip on her clit and began to rub the fleshy button in a brisk circular motion. Right away she began to gurgle with pleasure.

Kitty saw that thick pearly cream was starting to ooze from her cousin's little cunt mouth, right there at the center of her slit. It trickled down over the tiny puckered mouth of her asshole. It was a continuous river, and it got thicker as Lori became more hotly aroused. Kitty could even see the flesh of her pussy swelling up and growing a deeper pink color as her excitement mounted. Lori worked her finger faster and faster over her throbbing joy button.

Kitty began to get that funny feeling between her legs again, just like when she'd watched Uncle Tom and Aunt Sandy making love. Her virgin pussy began to heat and moisten, and she had this crazy urge to rub herself down there. Lori had said it was okay, that even Aunt Sandy approved of such things. But Kitty held back, still hearing her mom's stern warnings.

She couldn't help feeling envious of her cousin, though. Lori was rubbing herself down there, and she was obviously having sonic wonderful sensations from it. Her fingertip swirled around and around her moist pink clit, while hot cream poured non-stop from her aroused cuntal opening. As she neared the brink of climax her breathing got very quick and loud.

"Unnnnhhhhh, I just gotta come," she moaned. "Watch close now, Kitty, I'm gonna get myself off."

"Okay," Kitty gulped.

Lori grasped her slippery clit firmly between her thumb and forefinger and, began to knead it rapidly. Her eyes rolled wildly, then closed, and her teeth were bared as she panted and moaned. Even inexperienced Kitty could tell that the girl's pleasure was getting to be almost unbearable. She had to have a release of some sort, and she seemed to be working toward it with those kneading fingers.

"Unnnnnhhhhh, shit, gonna come," she whimpered.

Kitty didn't know what "come" meant, either, but she figured she was about to find out. Lori's kneading fingers were working faster by the second, and hot cream was pouring from her cunt, flooding down over her ass crack, and pooling on the bed beneath her. Her face twisted into a lusty grimace as she hovered right on the edge of orgasm. Then suddenly she was over the edge.

Kitty gasped and jumped out of the way of her cousin's jerking body. Lori was rolling all over the bed and moaning, her cute tits bouncing like jello. She had a big grin on her face too, or was it a grimace? Anyhow, she was literally convulsing with pleasure. Whatever she'd done to herself, it must have felt fantastic. Kitty could hardly contain her envy.

"Mmmmmmm, shit, it's good!" Lori whimpered.

She kept rolling round and moaning for almost a minute. Then she gave a big satisfied sigh and opened her eyes. "Okay," she grinned at Kitty, "now you try it."

Kitty's face flamed. "Me?" she gasped. "No way."

"Why not?" Lori teased, "did your mommy tell you it was naughty?"

"Well, yes," Kitty admitted.

"So do you always do everything she tells you?" Lori taunted. "Are you chicken?"

That got Kitty where she lived. She didn't want her city cousin to think that farm kids were cowards. And besides, she really was tempted to explore her pussy and try for some of the hot pleasure Lori had given herself. Aunt Sandy had said it was okay to masturbate, and that was all the excuse Kitty needed. She just couldn't put off her discovery of sex any longer.

"Okay," she said determinedly, "I'll try it."

"Great," Lori grinned, "take off your clothes."

Again Kitty blushed furiously. "Do I have to?" she said.

"Yep," Lori grinned, "and besides, I wanta compare figures."

Kitty groaned. But she started taking off her clothes, knowing Lori would just go on teasing and taunting her till she did. She'd never stripped in front of anybody before, and she found it really embarrassing. She was red all over by the time she discarded her bra and panties. But Lori seemed to admire what she saw. She looked over Kitty's slim long-legged body and nodded approvingly.

"Wow, you're just like a model," she said. "I wish I was built like you."

"You do?" Kitty snorted. "I'm too skinny."

"Oh, yes, you do, cousin," Lori leered, "you've got really nice ones. Come here and lie down."

Kitty obediently stretched out on the bed, and she'd hardly gotten settled before Lori's hot little hands closed eagerly over her naked tits. She gasped and shivered with pleasure as her cousin began to mold and squeeze the apple-size globes. It felt really nice, really exciting. Hot cream spurted from her virgin cunt and soaked her burning slit.

"Yeah, you've got a really nice body, Kitty," Lori said. "Now let's see if you can get yourself off. Just do what I taught you."

She took her hands off Kitty's tits, and Kitty gave a little sigh of disappointment. It really had been fun having her sensitive young tits played with. But she got on with her assignment, bending and spreading her legs, then reaching down and trying to find her clit. She fumbled around searching for the fleshy button, but it was all foreign territory to her because she'd never touched herself there before.

"I want find the darned thing," she complained.

"Oh, wow, this is really hard to believe!" Lori exclaimed. "Here, I'll show you."

Lad reached down between her cousins legs, and Kitty suddenly felt a jolt of pleasure. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned.

"Here it is," Lori said, "and here's what you do with it."

She started rubbing Kitty's joy button in a circular motion with the tip of her finger, exactly as she'd done to herself. Kitty couldn't believe how good it felt. She'd never experienced such hot pleasure in her young life. She forgot her shyness and gurgled with delight. Helplessly she soaked her cousin's twirling fingertip with a molten spurt of pussy cream.

"Feels great, doesn't it?" Lori grinned. "Okay, now you take over."

She took her finger away, but Kitty wished she hadn't. She wanted her cute blonde cousin to go on playing with her because Lori did it so expertly. But Kitty knew she had to learn sometime. She knew where her clit was now, and she found it easily. She pressed the tip of her index finger against the burning pea-size lump of flesh. It was swollen and scalding hot, extremely sensitive to the touch. She began to move her finger like Lori had shown her.

"Ohhhhhh, my gosh," she gasped, "it feels great."

"I told you so," Lori giggled. "That's probably why your mom told you not to do it."

Kitty could understand that. Both her folks seemed to be down on pleasure. It was like having a good time was only for bad people.

But that just didn't make sense. Kitty knew she'd been a good girl, and didn't she deserve some fun? Playing with herself was the most fun she'd ever had in her life. She followed her natural lusty instincts and worked her finger faster and faster as her arousal mounted.

"Ooooo, Lori, this is wild," she gurgled. "If you think that feels good, wait'll you get off," Lori grinned.

"What's getting off?" Kitty asked breathlessly.

"Oh, wow, cousin, you're really something else," Lori exclaimed. "Are you trying to tell me that you never had a climax before?"

"I don't think so," Kitty panted.

"Well, just keep doing what you're doing," Lori said, "and you'll come in no time."

Kitty didn't need any urging. She loved playing with her clit, and her finger zipped around the slick and swollen shaft of the throbbing bud. She could feel the pleasure building in her pussy till it felt like a furnace down there. She was starting to writhe uncontrollably, and she wanted to masturbate herself faster and faster.

"Unnnhhh, Lori, what's happening to me?" she moaned.

"You're getting ready to come," Lori said excitedly. "Don't stop now, just keep on rubbing yourself like I did."

Kitty nodded dizzily and imitated what Lori had done. She took her erect pulsating joy button between thumb and forefinger and began kneading it. The hot stabs of pleasure ripped through her pussy and made her cream like crazy. Her whole crotch was soaked with the helplessly spurting juice. The pleasure was building to the point where she could hardly stand it.

"Keep going, just a little more," Lori urged, her voice husky with excitement.

Kitty obeyed, closing her eyes tightly and shutting out everything but the hot pleasure she was giving herself with her kneading fingers. She was whimpering, moaning, panting as she took herself right to the brink of climax. Of course she didn't know that that's what she was doing, and it came as a total surprise when her very first orgasm suddenly ripped through her body.

Rubbing and kneading her clit had been terrific fun, but this was a thousand times better. Powerful pleasure-shocks shook her body, and she rolled and writhed helplessly all over the bed. Blast after blast of hot sensation shook her, and her kneading fingers were soaked with her spurting come-cream. After nearly a full minute of those wonderful sensations, she was left limp and panting.

"Oh, wow, was that getting off?" she sighed.

"It sure was," Lori grinned. "Now do you see why I love playing with myself?"

"Mmmmm, yeah," Kitty said. "In fact I think I'd like to do it again."

"Me, too," Lori grinned. "I got really turned on watching you. But let's do it together, okay? I'll pretend to be a guy, and you be the girl."

As usual Lori was way ahead of her country cousin. Kitty was sputtering with surprise, trying to think of something to say to her weird proposal, but Lori was already climbing on top of her. Their hot silky-skinned bodies pressed together, and Kitty felt a dizzying rush of lust. Then Lori kissed her, darting her juicy little tongue into her mouth. Kitty's belly did horny flip-flops.

"Mmmmmmmm," she murmured.

Lori had the most sexy way of kissing. It just drove Kitty wild. Instinctively she started rubbing her mound against Lori's and Lori rubbed back. Their kiss got very steamy before they finally came up for air. Lori had an impish grin on her flushed face.

"I'll pretend I'm fucking you," she said. "This'll be my cock."

"Ohhhhhh, my gosh," Kitty gasped.

Lori was easing her middle finger up Kitty's virgin cunt. She made it long and stiff, and she glided it in right to the last knuckle. Kitty couldn't believe how great it felt to have something hard in her untried cunt. She creamed all over her cousin's finger. Then Lori started jerking her finger up and down, and that felt even better.

"Ooooooo, shit, yessss," Kitty hissed.

"You like it?" Lori grinned. "Okay, I'll get you off this way, and you play with my clit just like I taught you."

She went on briskly finger-fucking Kitty's juicy virgin box, and Kitty reached down and fumbled around till she located Lori's hotly throbbing clit. She caught it between her fingers and started kneading it, and Lori immediately soaked her fingers with scalding spurts of cream. She squealed with delight as Kitty gave her hot stabs of pleasure.

"Yeah, that's it," Lori panted, "just keep doing that, Kitty, and I'll come real fast."

Kitty was hurtling fast towards orgasm, too. It excited hell out of her to feel her cousin's tits rubbing hers and Lori's stiff finger pumping in her cunt. The two girl cousins closed their eyes and got totally involved in their kinky twosome, gurgling and squealing and moaning with excitement. Their fingers worked faster by the second as their arousal reached the boiling point.

"Unnnnnhhhhh, shit, I love it," Kitty moaned.

"Do it to me, cousin, don't stop," Lori cried.

Kitty was drenching her cousin's pistoning finger with molten cunt cream, and she was practically sobbing as she rode to the brink of orgasm. A second later she was coming. She gave Lori's clit an extra firm squeeze, and that brought Lori off, too. They rolled around in each other's arms, whimpering and moaning in ecstasy.

Maybe her mom wouldn't have approved of all this, but Kitty knew she was hooked on masturbation. Once she'd tasted that delicious pleasure, she could never give it up. She was glad she was spending three whole weeks with her city relatives, because in that time she'd be free to play with herself whenever she wanted. Nobody in this household seemed to be uptight about sex.

Chapter THREE

Gary Crocker, Lori's brother and Kitty's cousin, was an "older man" to Kitty. She thought he was the sexiest guy she'd ever met. He was husky and tan and blond, and he was a mischievous guy, always cooking up new ways to have fun. Kitty had to admit to herself that she'd just love to get it on with him.

The next morning at breakfast she couldn't keep her eyes off Cousin Gary. She'd spent a long time last night playing with herself in bed, pretending she was making it with a guy. But as much fun as it was to masturbate, she knew she wouldn't be content till she'd made it with a real live male. Well, here was her cute boy cousin living right in the same house.

She just wished she had the nerve to flirt with him, but she was basically a shy girl, not out-going like Lori. All she could do was sneak glances at Gary and wish. She felt her virgin pussy getting all hot and swollen and wet as she imagined the exciting things she and Gary could do in bed.

"Kitty," her aunt smiled, "are you still on this planet?"

Kitty blushed scarlet. "Oh, I'm sorry, Aunt Sandy," she said, "did you ask me something? I guess I was daydreaming."

"That's okay, honey," Sandy said. "I was just asking if you want to come shopping with Lori and me this morning."

Kitty thought fast. Shopping in the big city was a lot of fun, but if she stayed home there'd be nobody in the house but her and Cousin Gary. Uncle Tom was at work, and Aunt Sandy and Lori would be gone for hours. It was an opportunity she just couldn't throw away. Somehow she'd get up her nerve and get something going with Gary!

"Oh, no, thanks, Aunt Sandy," she said, "I'd better stay here. It's about time I wrote a letter home."

"Okay, honey, we'll leave you the breakfast dishes then," Sandy said.

She and Lori left shortly afterwards, and Kitty cleared off the table and started washing the breakfast dishes. She didn't mind the chore at all because it gave her time to think. Now that she'd actually managed to be left alone with Gary, she had to figure out how to approach him, how to let him know that she was interested in making out.

Deep in her thoughts, she didn't hear Gary sneaking into the kitchen and creeping up on her. Then she let out a yelp as he gave her a playful pinch on the ass.

"Gary," she shrieked, "you scared me."

"Naughty me," he leered. "I'll make up for it by drying the dishes. Then you and I can have some fun."

"F-fun?" Kitty stammered.

"Yep," he said, "I haven't shown you the game room yet."

Oh, terrific, Kitty thought. Here she was secretly dying to make out with him, and he probably wanted her to play pool. But that was better than nothing, and at least she'd be alone with him. Maybe she could still come up with an idea for attracting him. They finished up the dishes and went into the basement, which had been remodeled into several nice rooms. One of them was the recreation room.

There was everything in there -- a pool table, table tennis, darts, exercise machines, even a video game. Ordinarily Kitty would have been thrilled to have all that entertainment available. But right now all she could think of was how horny she felt for her handsome cousin and how much she wanted to get it on with him. Gary turned to her, grinning.

"Wanta play a game, cousin?" he asked.

"Sure," Kitty said, forcing a smile, "what did you have in mind?"

"This," Gary said, taking off his T-shirt. "I take off a piece of clothing, then you take one off. I dare you."

Kitty blushed hotly and stared at his bare chest. She didn't know if this was just another one of his jokes or if he was coming on to her. But she was definitely going to play along. If watching her undress didn't arouse him, nothing would. She quickly pulled off her T-shirt and dropped it on the floor.

"You're on, cousin," she grinned.

Gary was staring at her little lacy bra, and she could see that he was very interested in her tits. He took off his belt. She took off her bra. His eyes got wider as he studied her luscious high-riding tits and strawberry-red nipples. Kitty was getting that hot horny feeling in her pussy again. Gary kicked off his shoes, and she did the same.

Next went their socks, then their jeans. Gary was left in nothing but his jockey shorts, Kitty in her skimpy bikini panties. It was Gary's turn to discard something, and she watched bug-eyed as he eased his shorts down over the big hard bulge at his fly. His cock snapped free, stiff as steel and hugging his flat belly. Kitty's eyes got even wider.

"Gee, cousin, you act like you've never seen a cock before," Gary chuckled.

"I haven't," Kitty said. She wasn't going to tell him about spying on his folks in the sauna.

"Well, take off your panties and I'll let you play with it," he leered.

Kitty was out of her panties in one second flat. Gary ogled her tiny dark muff of pussy fur, then quickly led her over to the couch. He had her stretch out beside him, then took her hand and lowered it to his belly-hugging hard-on. He let go of her hand, and she eagerly began to pet his prick. It was hot and hard and smooth, fun to touch.

"Oh, wow, it's big," she giggled.

Gary didn't say anything. He was so horny, he was afraid his voice would just come out in a hoarse croak. Unknown to Kitty, he'd had the hots for her since the moment she arrived to visit. He liked slender leggy girls, small tits, dark hair. She was just his type. But she'd seemed to be so shy and inhibited that he'd hesitated about coming an to her.

Then this morning, finding himself alone in the house with her, be just couldn't resist trying to seduce her. He was glad he'd tried. Under that shy exterior there was a very lusty little girl. Kitty was petting his prick without hesitation, then curling her fingers around it and pumping it. She obviously got off on playing with his meat.

"Ever get it on with a guy before?" he asked.

"No," she sighed, "my folks won't even let me date yet."

Gary's cock gave a horny lurch in her pumping fist as he realized he was with a virgin. His was the first prick she'd ever touched. If he played his cards right, he could be the first guy to fuck her. Luckily they had plenty of time. It would be hours before his mother and sister returned. He could afford to be careful and patient.

"I think you dig playing with my cock, cousin," he chuckled.

Kitty reddened but admitted, "Yeah, it's fun."

"Well, fair's fair," Gary grinned, "and if you're gonna play with my cock, I get to play with your pussy."

"Oh, for sure, Gary," Kitty said eagerly.

She thought of how much fun it had been when his sister played with her pussy. She wanted to have that experience again. So she left her thighs limp and yielding as Gary slid a hand between them. He touched the scorching wet flesh of her gash and began to rub it, and Kitty gurgled with delight.

"Oooooo, yeah, Gary, that feels great," she cried.

Again his prick gave a violent jump in her fist. Kitty had no idea how much she was turning him on with her unusual combination of innocence and lust. But she didn't know how else to behave. She just followed her instincts, and they told her that it felt terrific to have a guy's hand between her legs rubbing and exploring. Meanwhile she eagerly pumped his fat throbbing cock.

"Oh, wow, this is really fun," she exclaimed.

"I know how to make it even more fun," Gary leered. "Did you ever do sixty-nine?" He saw her frown and went on, "No, of course you didn't. I keep forgetting. Just let go of my cock for a second and I'll show you."

Kitty didn't ever want to let go of her cousin's handsome hard cock, but she reluctantly obeyed. Then Gary stretched out on his back and had her crouch over him, only in the opposite direction. Right away Kitty saw what he was getting at. In this sixty-nine position they could play with each other a lot easier, and the view was better, too.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun," she cried.

"Yeah, I'd have to agree with that," Gary chuckled.

He had a terrific close-up view of her virgin pussy. He saw delicate, moist, pink flesh faintly fringed with little dark curls. He ogled the hooded lump of her clit, the tiny mouth of her cunt, and the cute puckered opening of her shitter. All that inviting territory was his, and he could just take his time with it. He caught her clit between thumb and forefinger and began kneading it.

"Ooooooo, wow, oooooo," Kitty squealed.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Mmmmm, yeah, I love it," she panted.

"Good," he said, "I'll get you off this way. How about licking my cock?"

"Oh, sure, Gary," she chirped.

Actually it was a pretty big assignment for a girl who'd never made out with a guy before, but it sounded exciting. Kitty ducked down low, stuck out her hot little tongue, and began licking Gary's hard throbbing boner. He groaned happily and went on kneading her joy button, giving her hot stabs of pleasure and making her cream steadily. The hot pearly cream trickled down her inner thighs, oozing steadily from her virgin cunt mouth.

Kitty knew right away that making out with a boy was going to be more fun than just playing with herself. Not that playing with herself was a drag or anything. It was the most fun she'd ever had in her life -- up to now. Gary was expertly kneading her clit, working her steadily to a fever pitch of arousal, while she had the excitement of going down on him.

It wasn't long, before her lapping tongue stimulated his cock into creaming. She noticed the pearly liquid oozing from the dark cleft of his prick head, and her first impulse was to get a taste of it. She went for it, spearing it up with the pointed tip of her tongue. It tasted strong and salty and hot. She wanted more, all she could get. She lashed her hot little tongue all over his cock head.

"Yeah, go for it, cousin," he urged hoarsely.

Kitty gobbled his tasty cream as fast as it bubbled up in his piss hole. She didn't think she could ever get enough of the delicious liquid. And Gary clearly liked what she was doing to him. He shivered with pleasure as her juicy tongue lashed and cleaned the sensitive head of his cock. Just like her, he was creaming steadily and helplessly, unable to control the horny flood.

Kitty could feel his hot breath on her naked pussy. He must have had his face right up there within an inch of her slit. She hoped he was enjoying the view as much as she was. At last she had a chance to study a cock at close range, and she could just take her time. She ogled the fat blue-veined shaft and the glistening purple head. Most fascinating of all was his piss hole, with all that hot cream bubbling out.

But she did more than just stare. She sensed that Gary wanted constant stimulation, so she kept swirling her tongue over the taut purple flesh of his prick head, giving him rushes of pleasure that made him shiver and moan. He kept feeding her that hot salty cock juice, and she speared it up as fast as she could get it, rolling it around in her mouth and savoring it, then gulping it hungrily.

"Eat all you want, cousin," Gary leered. "Matter of fact, I think I'll eat you, too."

"Do what?" Kitty gasped.

"Don't worry," he chuckled, "you'll love it."

Kitty didn't think she'd love being bitten, but it turned out that wasn't what he meant. Not at all. He let go of her throbbing joy button, and a second later she felt the most heavenly sensation on the supersensitive bud. Something hot and wet and slick was lashing up and down over her clit, making her squeal with bliss and cream like crazy. It took her a moment to realize that her boy cousin was using his tongue on her pussy.

"Oooooo, Gary, yes," she cried, "lick me, I love it."

"I figured you would," he chuckled. "Let's lick each other for awhile, and then we'll suck each other off."

She didn't really understand what sucking off meant, but she was sure Gary would be delighted to show her when the time came. Meanwhile she had the excitement of gobbling up his cock cream and the heavenly sensation of having her clit tongued. She'd never dreamed sex would be this much fun. Watch the animals, her mother had told her. Well, the animals didn't enjoy themselves nearly as much as people did!

Gary's hot wet tongue was rimming her clit, zipping around the throbbing bud and giving her incredible sensations. She just couldn't stop creaming. She could feel the molten liquid overflowing her cunt and flooding down her thighs clear to her knees. Gary was gobbling up some of her tangy cream, but he couldn't get it all. Kitty felt insanely horny, desperate to come.

"Oooooo, Gary, I can't take much more," she whimpered, "I just have to get off."

"Okay, let's suck each other off, then," he panted.

"Tell me what to do," Kitty moaned.

Like his sister, Gary could hardly believe this girl's innocence. "Just take my prick in your mouth and suck on it," he instructed.

That sounded really exciting to the wildly aroused teenage girl. She fisted the thick base of his cock and eased the engorged head between her lips. Her lips were hugely stretched, and her mouth felt crammed by the fleshy bulb. But it was really exciting to have a mouthful of throbbing cock meat. She drew in her cheeks and started sucking, slowly and clumsily at first.

"Faster," Gary urged hoarsely, "harder. Yeah, that's it, just keep doing that."

He'd guided her into a steady fast rhythm, but it really hadn't been difficult. His naive cousin had a natural talent for cock-sucking. It really was a kick to learn that such a shy and innocent girl could be so good at giving head. Gary chuckled to himself as he watched her dark hair flying, her head bobbing up and down.

"That's terrific, Kitty," he panted. "Now I'll start sucking you off."

It was a good thing he warned her, otherwise Kitty would have gone right through the ceiling, the pleasure was so sudden and violent. Gary clapped his lips onto her clit and started to suck. Her body was wracked with hot pleasure-spasms, an ecstasy she'd never experienced before. It had felt wonderful when he licked her clit, but it was even better when he sucked it.

Her mouth was crammed with swollen cock, and she couldn't tell her cousin how much she loved his noisy clit-sucking, but she let him know without words. He could feel her clit swelling and throbbing between his lips, getting its own tiny hard-on, and his face was quickly drenched with her helplessly spurting cunt juices. That horny creaming got very heavy now as he sucked her right to the brink of an urgently-needed orgasm.

She was whimpering, her voice muffled by his cock, and he knew she was just about to come. Yet she greedily held out for more pleasure, sucking like crazy on his prick, drawing the tasty cream out of his piss hole. She acted like the stuff was candy. He could actually feel her drooling all over his dick as she sucked. It got him so excited, he was almost coming, and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

But this was his cousin's very first sexual experience, at least as far as he knew, and he wanted to make sure it went great for her. He wanted her to come back for more. So he wasn't going to allow himself a climax till he'd gotten her off. She was going to be visiting for three whole weeks, and Gary wanted to make sure that a lot of that time was spent making out with him.

So he gave it everything he had, sucking fast and noisily on her wildly throbbing joy button, giving her blast after blast of pleasure. It was a technique he'd used very successfully on girls he'd dated, and it never failed to get them off. Yet Kitty seemed to be fighting it, holding out as long as she could. He'd never known a girl so greedy for pleasure.

Gary's hunch was correct -- his slim girl cousin was holding out for all the excitement she could grab. She wanted to go on feeling those wonderful sensations forever. All the things Gary had done to her had felt great, but it was absolute ecstasy to be sucked off. Her clit was swollen with pleasure, swollen to the point of explosion, yet she tried to prolong the fun, holding off her climax.

Then Gary began to suck even faster and harder on her clit, making an obscene wet slurping noise that filled the room. The pleasure blasts ripped through her pussy, and she knew she couldn't hold back her climax for more than a few seconds longer. She sucked furiously on his heavily creaming cock, imitating what he was doing to her, giving back everything she got. She heard him give a hoarse muffled groan.

He lost control of himself and started fucking her mouth. It was a good thing she had her fingers curled around the shaft of his cock, otherwise his meat would have hammered its way right down her throat. He was fucking fast, spinning out of control, and even the innocent girl realized that he was right on the brink of coming. She wondered what it would be like. A second later she found out.

Kitty's mouth was suddenly full of jizz. It happened so fast, she wasn't ready for it, and the hot liquid started spurting from the corners of her lips. Then she gulped the delicious load down, and Gary moaned and filled her mouth again. That did it for Kitty. She started to come like crazy.

Still sucking greedily on her cousin's squirting prick, she writhed in ecstasy, violent pleasure-spasms ripping through her body. Gary went on sucking her clit, and that made her orgasm really intense and prolonged. It was a minute or more before she finally let his prick slip from her mouth and rolled off him with a satisfied sigh.

"Oh, wow, Gary, that was fantastic," she sighed.

"Glad you liked it, cousin," he leered. "Now do you wanta try something serious?"

Chapter FOUR

"What do you mean?" Kitty laughed. She thought what they'd just done was pretty serious. After all, it was the very first time she'd made out with a guy. But Gary seemed to think it was just kid stuff.

"I mean, do you wanta go all the way?" he grinned.

"What does that mean?" Kitty asked.

"Oh, wow," he laughed, "you really didn't learn much out on that farm, did you? Well, do you know what fuck means?"

"Sure," Kitty said. As a matter of fact she'd found out when one of her brothers said the word and got taken out in the woodshed and punished by Daddy. She'd begged her brother to explain what the word meant and why it was so awful. He'd told her the meaning, but he couldn't figure out why it had that effect on grown-ups. Grown-ups were really hard to understand sometimes.

"Good," Gary said, "now we're getting somewhere. You actually know what fuck means. So do you wanta fuck?"

"Oh, sure," Kitty said delightedly.

"You do?" he exclaimed, gawking at her. He'd never had a girl give in so easily before.

"Oh, yeah, I'm dying to find out what it's like," she chirped. "I'm so glad you asked me, Gary, because I really wanted you to fuck me, only I didn't have the nerve to ask you."

"Well, well," he said numbly.

He couldn't believe his luck. He almost thought he was dreaming. Here was a gorgeous virgin just begging him to fuck her, and to add to the excitement, she was his own blood cousin. Gary had just finished coming like a bomb, but as he thought of taking her cherry, his prick went stiff as a board and stood at attention, throbbing and ready for action.

While he got over his surprise at her instant consent, Kitty was waiting impatiently. "Well, let's do it, Gary," she said. "What are we waiting for?"

"Er, uh, yeah," he said, starting to move toward her.

Kitty remembered how her uncle and aunt had fucked, and she eagerly got into position, stretching out on her back, bending her knees, and opening her legs wide. She could hardly wait to have the experience of fucking, and she was finding it hard to hold still as she waited for Gary. She was practically squirming with lust and anticipation. After what seemed ages he was crawling between her legs.

He knelt there and took his rigid drooling prick and set the head against the virgin mouth of her cunt. Now all he had tot was shove it into her. Kitty waited, panting with excitement. Gary took a deep breath and started pushing, but nothing happened. He took another breath, pushed harder, and still nothing. His stiff cock wasn't getting anywhere because her untried twat was just too tight.

"Shit," he muttered.

"What's wrong?" Kitty moaned, her pussy on fire with need.

"I can't get in," he sighed. "You're too tight."

"Push harder," she urged.

"It might hurt you a lot," he warned.

"I don't care, go ahead," she panted.

"Okay, here goes," Gary said, pushing his iron-hard prick as hard as he could against her virgin cuntal opening.

She didn't like to be chicken, but it really hurt. Gary immediately stopped pushing and looked frustrated. But he couldn't have been any more frustrated than Kitty was. Here she'd actually gotten a guy to fuck her, and they couldn't do anything. She was almost howling with horniness.

"Damn, now what do we do?" she sighed.

"We have to get you more ready," Gary said. "Just stay like you are, and I'll try a few things."

Kitty didn't have any choice but to consent. She wanted to fuck her cousin so badly, but no way was it going to work, not like this. She'd have to postpone her first fuck while Gary did whatever was necessary. But it was really hard to contain her need and frustration. Her pussy felt like it was burning up, it was so hot.

Now Gary went belly down between her widely spread legs, and she felt his hot breath tickling her slit. Maybe the waiting wasn't going to be so bad after all. She felt the first hot stab of his wet tongue on the sensitive swollen flesh of her pussy, and she squealed with pleasure.

"Ooooooo, Gary, what're you gonna do?" she cried.

"I'm gonna see just how tight you are," he replied, his voice hoarse with lust.

She felt him inserting the tip of his tongue into her cunt, and she moaned with anticipation. This was what Uncle Tom had done to Aunt Sandy, and she'd just gone out of her mind with pleasure. Gary eased his slippery tongue up Kitty's virgin box with no trouble at all, cramming her with it, pushing in as far as he could go. She felt it throbbing inside her, and she creamed helplessly, soaking his tongue and face.

"Unnnhhh, Gary, I love it," she sobbed, "it feels so damned good."

But it got even better. He started fucking her with his tongue, jerking it up and down in her tiny hot cunt, and it was the best thing she'd felt so far. Her cunt was naturally responsive to something long and stiff hammering inside it. She gurgled with pleasure and creamed steadily as her boy cousin reamed her box with his long rigid tongue.

"Ooooooo, shit, yessssss," she hissed, "please keep doing that to me, Gary, make me come that way."

She clawed the couch and let her eyes roll shut, blotting out everything else. Her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace as Gary's wet tongue plowed her depths. He was really getting into it now, exploring deeply with his tongue, gobbling up her cream. His blond head bobbed briskly, and his tongue made an obscene sucking sound.

He was getting hotly excited as he felt just how tight his cousin's cunt really was. He'd never made it with a virgin before, and he'd only dreamed of cramming his cock into something this snug. But whatever it took to get her ready, he'd do it, because he wasn't quitting till he'd fucked her. He'd get her as relaxed and wet as possible, then try again.

The two lusty cousins were so wrapped up in their pleasure that they didn't hear the creak of the basement stairs. In fact they'd neglected to close the door to the rec room, and a second later Lori appeared in the doorway. She caught sight of what they were doing and clapped a hand to her mouth to stifle a squeal of surprise. Then she ducked back into the shadows outside the door, where she could watch them without being seen.

It was hard to keep quiet, though. She wanted to chuckle with glee as she watched her brother tongue-fucking their shy country cousin. That devil Gary! She should have known he'd be trying to get into Kitty's pants the first chance he got. And it looked as if he was very close to achieving his goal. Kitty was just blown away with pleasure as she took the steady plowing of his tongue.

"Ooooooo, shit, ooooo, I love it," she howled, "don't stop, Gary, get me off."

Lori began to feel a lusty itch in her crotch. She couldn't help being turned on by the scene. And it had taken her completely by surprise. She'd come home early, intending to get it on with Kitty herself. She hadn't expected to find her making it with her big brother. But maybe this would turn out to be even more fun than a twosome.

They had lots of time. Sandy wanted to go on shopping till dinnertime, so Lori had taken a bus home. Now there was nobody in the house but the kids, no adults to ruin their fun. Lori was beginning to see all kinds of possibilities here. But there was no hurry. She decided to watch Kitty lose her cherry, then walk in and join the party.

"Unnnhhh, Gary, do it hard," Kitty was sobbing, "I'm almost there."

She had her legs thrown wide open, taking her cousin's spearing stiff tongue as deep as she could get it. Lori saw that she was frantic to come, her face all screwed up in a lusty grimace. But Gary knew how to relieve her. He thrust his hands under her churning ass, pulled her tight against his face, and really hammered his tongue into her, bringing her quickly to orgasm. She screamed in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah, fuck, I'm coming!" she howled.

Lori creamed right through her panties as she watched. She'd come home horny, expecting that she and Kitty would masturbate each other again, and her pussy was hot as fire and ready for action. Well, things hadn't turned out quite the way she'd expected, but she could still get off. Watching other people make love was making her horny out of her mind, but she didn't hesitate to do something about it.

While Kitty howled and came, Gary's head bobbing between her legs, Lori reached down inside her jeans and panties. She quickly found the throbbing bud of her clit and began to stimulate it with the tip of her index finger. She'd been playing with herself that way for several years now, and she'd gotten to be an expert at it. She gave a little gurgle of satisfaction as the hot pleasure stabbed through her gash.

Of course she'd have to be quiet while she got herself off. No squealing or moaning or yelping, the way she usually did in the privacy of her bedroom. She didn't want to be detected yet. Kitty was about to lose her cherry, and that was something Lori didn't want to interrupt. Also, she wanted to watch. She really got off on this spying.

Kitty was finally coming down from her hot climax. She went limp, sighed, and opened her eyes. "Wow, Gary, you sure got me off," she said gratefully.

"Good," he said, raising his cream-smeared face and leering at her. "Now I'm gonna try to get something bigger into your cunt."

"Your cock?" Kitty asked hopefully.

"Naw," he sighed, "you're not ready for that yet. I'll try my finger."

"Oh, darn it, Gary, I wish we could fuck," Kitty sighed.

"Hey, so do I, cousin," he answered, "but we tried it and it didn't work, remember? We gotta stretch you a little."

Lori was trying not to laugh. Sa her big brother had been frustrated in his attempt to seduce their cousin? That would have been something to see. Lori bet Gary was really pissed off when his cock proved to be too big for Kitty's virgin cunt. But obviously he wasn't giving up. He made his middle finger stiff and began easing it into Kitty's untried pussy.

"Oooooooo," Kitty squealed.

"Does it hurt?" Gary asked.

"N-No," she squeaked, "but it's real tight."

"Well, just lie back and try to relax," he said.

Kitty obeyed, letting her head loll back, and she tried to relax her cuntal muscles as her cousin eased his thick finger inside. It worked. His finger popped into her the rest of the way without trouble. It felt really exciting, too. She loved having something long and hard in her box. He started finger-fucking her, and she gurgled with pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, Gary, that feels great," she cried.

"Fine, let's get you used to it," he said.

Lori had never seen her brother so patient before. Gary was used to getting what he wanted without much of a struggle. He was good-looking, sexy, very popular with girls, so he really didn't have to try very hard with them. But his own shy cousin was proving to be unexpectedly hard to seduce. Getting into Kitty's cunt was going to take all his skill and patience.

Now he was sawing his stiff middle finger in and out of her juicy little fuck hole, and she was squealing with delight, obviously loving it. Lori was getting turned on like mad as she spied. She rubbed her stiff index finger up and down over her throbbing clit, giving herself hot stabs of pleasure. She was creaming heavily, the molten juice soaking her finger.

She matched her brother's rhythm, jerking her finger up and down to the tempo he was using as he finger-fucked Kitty. She just wished she had a finger up her cunt, too. That would feel really great. Thick cream poured from her hungry little box and moistened her panties and jeans as she played with herself. She wanted to squeal with excitement, but for the time being she'd have to stifle her cries.

Besides, Kitty was doing enough squealing for both of them. "Ohhhhh, Gary," the girl cried, "you're gonna make me come."

"I'll try another finger," he said hoarsely.

He began easing a second finger into her cunt, right alongside the first one. The fit was very tight, but in her hot arousal she was able to take it. She understood that Gary was trying to prepare her for a real cock, and she was eager to cooperate. She reined her cunt as much as she could and let him cram both fingers as deep as he could get them.

"Feel okay?" he panted.

"Yeah, it's good," she cried. "Keep doing it to me, Gary, I need to come real bad."

His balls were so swollen, they felt ready to explode, and his cock was painfully engorged. But his relief wasn't far away now. Kitty had been able to take two stiff fingers up her cunt, so she ought to be able to take his cock. She was writhing, panting, and creaming like crazy. A girl couldn't get much more ready than Kitty was. He gave a deep thrust with his bunched fingers and easily brought her off.

"Oooooo, fuck, I'm coming, ooooooo!" she howled.

He felt her cunt clamp like a vise around his fingers. She was coming really hard. He felt the molten juice boiling in her cunt, soaking his finger, spurting out to drench her pussy.

He went on finger-fucking her as she came, making her climax even more intense and delicious. Finally she went limp, and he drew his dripping fingers from her box.

"Okay, Kitty, I think you're ready for the real thing," he said hoarsely.

He rose to his knees and pressed the rock hard head of his cock against her tiny cuntal opening. He started pushing, and this time his cock went in. The fit was incredibly tight, and Kitty whimpered nervously, afraid he was going to split her in half. But it was working this time. She held her breath and tried to be brave as her cousin crammed her full of hot throbbing cock and her virginity vanished.

He was having a real struggle, trying not to come. He'd never been into a cunt this exquisitely snug. Not only that, but his cousin's tiny fuck hole was juicy and steaming, hot as fire. He fought the urge to drive hard into her and spill his load. He wanted her very first fuck to be great for her, so he forced himself to be slow and gentle. After what seemed like a century, his prick was fully lodged in her gripping box.

"There," he panted, "I'm all the way in." Kitty breathed a big sigh of relief. Now she knew she was going to survive. It still felt like she had a baseball bat up her twat, but she wasn't hurt. She realized that her small unused cunt could expand and stretch. As her fear vanished, she felt very excited to be taking a stiff cock for the very first time. Gary caught his breath and started working his stiff boner in deep, slow, sensuous strokes.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked.

"No," Kitty panted, "I like it now."

"Good," he leered, "because I sure don't wanta stop."

He got down to business then, letting himself down on her, steadily plowing his rigid prick in her fantastically snug box. She gurgled and clung to him, enjoying his fucking more by the second. Neither of them knew that his sister was standing just a few yards away in the shadowy hallway, watching them fuck and playing with herself. By now Lori was almost out of her mind with horniness.

As she zipped her stiff index finger up and down over her violently throbbing joy button, she imagined herself in Kitty's place, taking a nice hard cock in her fever-hot cunt. She could really use one right now. Her pussy seethed and burned, and she ached to feel her creamsoaked twat crammed with hard hot meat. But maybe she could imitate the sensation with her own fingers. It would be better than nothing. She watched her brother's firm small ass knotting and jerking as he pistoned his prick in Kitty's cunt. That was the rhythm Lori used as she slipped her middle finger up her twat. It felt great. Stiffly finger-fucking herself, she watched Gary moving his hips faster and faster as his excitement carried him away. Kitty was really getting off on his fucking by now, squealing and moaning.

"Ooooooo, Gary," she cried, "it's feeling so good, I think I'm gonna come."

"I sure hope so," he groaned, "'cause I can't hold out much longer."

Trying to help her along, he shoved his hands under her lustily writhing ass and pulled her tightly against him so that his stiff shaft rubbed steadily over her clit Kitty loved that. She got a continual rush of pleasure as her swollen joy button was stimulated. She closed her eyes and let the hot sensations carry her to the very brink of climax.

Gary had closed his eyes, too, and he was hammering his meat into her, spinning out of control. Watching from the shadows, Lori furiously finger-fucked herself, keeping up with his rhythm. Then suddenly she felt a violent explosion of pleasure in the very depths of her cunt that radiated out to engulf her whole body. She just barely managed not to scream in ecstasy as she began to come.

Instead of screaming she dropped to the floor and rolled around, shaken by her hot pleasure spasms. While she was still coming she heard her brother roar, "Unnnnnhhhhh, shit, take my come, aaaggghhhhh!"

Dizzily Lori looked up and watched him hammering his load into Kitty's cunt. Kitty's face was all screwed up in a grimace of ecstasy, and a second later she howled, "Oooooooo, shit, ooooooo, I'm coming!"

Lori watched them, still greedily fingerfucking herself and getting the very last bit of sensation from her body-wracking climax. But she knew one climax wouldn't be enough to satisfy her hot lust -- it never was. She got to her feet and strolled into the rec room, where Gary and Kitty were just disentangling themselves from each other.

"Hi, you guys," she chirped, "mind if I join the party?"

Chapter FIVE

Lori's sudden entrance made Kitty blush right down to her toes, but Gary just grinned and said, "Hey, Sis, I thought you were gonna be gone shopping with Mom all day."

"I changed my mind," Lori said, starting to take off her clothes. "I got real horny, so I took a bus home. Mom won't be back till dinnertime."

"Great, then we've got plenty of time for more fun," Gary said.

Kitty sat there red-faced, mouth hanging open. She could hardly believe what was happening. Lori was stripping without a blush, tossing her clothes carelessly around the room. Brother and sister were talking about having fun together, as if it were nothing unusual. And knowing them, it probably wasn't. Her city cousins were very sophisticated when it came to sex. But Kitty was finding it hard to adjust.

"Er, uh, what's happening?" she stammered.

"Lori's gonna join us," Gary said. "That'll make it even more fun."

"No, I mean, are you two gonna get it on?" Kitty asked.

"Oh sure," Lori smiled, "we do it all the time."

"You make out with your brother?" Kitty gasped.

"Why not?" Lori laughed. "He's the only guy I'm allowed to be alone with."

"Yeah, Sis and I have been making it for a long time," Gary said. "What's wrong, cousin, does that make you uptight?"

"Oh, no," Kitty said hurriedly, "I was just curious, that's all."

She didn't want to seem totally out of it, so she stopped asking her innocent questions. But she thought it was pretty kinky for a brother and sister to be lovers. She watched as Lori removed her lacy bikini bra and panties. She didn't even blush as she stood before them naked. But as she started to climb onto the couch she stopped and frowned.

"Hey, this is gonna be too crowded for three people," she said. "Why don't we go upstairs and find a bed?"

"Good idea," Gary said. "Let's use, the folks' bed -- that's always fun. Grab your clothes, everybody."

Stunned, Kitty picked up her scattered clothes and joined the naked procession through the house. Brother and sister had decided to make love on their parents' bed. Just an average day in the city. Numbly, Kitty followed her cousins into the master bedroom, and they all climbed onto the king-size bed, Gary in the middle.

"Oh, wow, am I ever horny," Lori sighed. "How about helping me out, big brother?"

"Sure, climb aboard," Gary leered.

Kitty's eyes widened as Lori moved over to straddle her brother's head. She knelt right over it, bringing her hot pink slit within easy reach of his tongue. Gary was grinning fiendishly as he folded back the blond-furred lips of her bush and exposed the tiny bud of her clit. He leaned forward, panting all over the ultrasensitive button.

"Is this where you want me to lick you, Sis?" he grinned.

"You know damned well it is," Lori moaned. "Quit fooling around, damnit. I'm so horny I could scream."

"Okay, I'll get you off," Gary chuckled. "Kitty, how about going down on me while I eat Lori?"

"Oh, sure," Kitty chirped. She wanted to sound "with it", but she actually didn't have any idea of what she was supposed to do. "What does 'going down' mean?" she asked.

Lori and Gary snorted with laughter at their country cousin's ignorance. "Just lick and suck his cock, Kitty," Lori said. "Can you do that?"

Kitty brightened. "Oh, yeah, Gary already showed me how to do that," she said.

Eagerly she got into position. Gary spread his legs and let her crawl between them, and she poised her head right above his handsome semi-hard cock and fur-thatched balls. She heard a squeal from Lori as her brother's hot tongue made its first stab at her clit. Then Kitty went into action, dipping her head downy low, sticking out her tongue, lashing the wet meat over Gary's cock.

"Ahhhhh, yeah," he moaned, "that's it, cousin, lick my dick all over."

Kitty was happy to obey. She was fascinated with his cock. She didn't even mind sharing him with another girl as long as she got the best part, which was right before her eyes. Greedily she lathered every inch of his prick with her hot spit, leaving it gleaming. Meanwhile she listened to Lori's squeals and moans as Gary expertly ate her pussy.

"Unnnnhhhh, yeah, brother, do it to me," she gurgled, "get me off."

It didn't take Gary long to respond to the kinky thrill of taking on two girls at once. Kitty was bending low to lick his cock when it suddenly sprang up and slapped her in the nose, going instantly rigid and engorged that made it much easier to lick, and she did a repeat performance, tonguing every inch of the blue-veined column.

She worked her way from the gleaming purple head down to the thick hairy base, and then she kept right on going, lathering his tautly swollen balls with her hot spit. Gary groaned and shivered as she tongued his sensitive nut sacs. Then she licked her way hungrily up his cock again. When she reached the tip she found delicious cream oozing from his piss hole. She went for it, spearing it up with the pointed tip of her tongue.

Gary would have told her how much he enjoyed her greedy tonguing, but his own tongue was very busy at the time. He was lashing his sister's erect joy button, whipping his tongue roughly up and down over the hotly throbbing bud. Lori had her head thrown back, her face twisted into a lusty grimace as his tonguing drove her toward an urgently needed orgasm. Thick fuck cream flooded from her cunt and gushed down her inner thighs.

"Unnnnn, shit, yesssss," she hissed, "I'm almost there, big brother."

Kitty's curiosity overcame her, and she glanced up between Lori's widely spread thighs to see what was happening. She saw Gary's wet red tongue flicking up and down with lightning speed, lashing Lori's clit. Kitty gave a lusty shiver when she saw that. She'd really love to have Gary do that to her. And maybe he would before the day was over. There was still plenty of time before the grownups got home.

Meanwhile she had the excitement of licking his cock and gobbling his cream. As fast as the salty liquid bubbled up in his piss hole, she scooped it up with the tip of her tongue, then rolled it around in her mouth, savoring it. She gulped it hungrily and tongue for more, reaming out his oozing cock cleft. With each stab of her tongue Gary gave a horny shiver.

Meanwhile Lori was practically coming. "Ohhhhh, man, I'm just about ready," she whimpered. "Suck me off now, big brother!"

"Okay," Gary rasped. "Kitty, how about sucking me off while I do Lori?"

"Right," Kitty said breathlessly.

This wasn't like any love-making she'd ever heard of or read about. She hadn't realized that three wasn't a crowd. She and her cousins were doing just fine, plenty of fun to go around for everybody. Now Gary jammed his mouth onto his sister's clit and started sucking, and a second later Kitty crammed his cock into her steamy mouth and began to suck.

"Ooooo, baby, suck me, suck me off!" Lori squealed.

Kitty drooled all over her cousin's throbbing prick. She sucked fast and greedily on it, eager for a whole boiling mouthful of his jizz. He sucked furiously on Lori's clit, lusty from Kitty's cock-sucking. The room echoed with obscene wet slurping and sucking noises as the three lusty teenagers went at each other. It sure beat a dull afternoon on the farm, Kitty decided.

"Suck me, brother, suck hard!" Lori sobbed.

Gary grabbed her by the ass and pulled her pussy tight against his face. He sucked roughly at her throbbing joy button, and that finally brought her off. Kitty saw a huge burst of cream from her cousin's little cunt mouth, and then Lori's petite curvy body began to shake and buck.

"Whaaahhh, yeah, I'm coming!" she howled.

Gary let his head flop back. Lori was coming so hard, writhing so much, that he couldn't keep his lips around her clit anyway. While she moaned and came, he glanced between her thighs and watched Kitty sucking his cock. Her lips were hugely stretched, but she was sucking away like a greedy little pig. Gary could hardly believe the girl's appetite for cock cream.

"Yeah, go for it, cousin, eat all that cream," he urged hoarsely.

Just then Lori stopped coming and cried, "No, wait, Kitty, don't finish him off. Save that hard-on for me."

"Jesus, Sis, you sure are being greedy," Gary laughed.

"I can't help it," Lori moaned, "I'm so horny today it's driving me crazy."

She got off him and looked at Kitty, who was still noisily sucking his prick. Kitty didn't want to stop. She agreed with Gary -- Lori was being greedy. But she didn't want to fight about it, either, so she very reluctantly raised her head and let Gary's spit-soaked boner snap free. It stood up rigid and drooling, and both girls eyes it longingly.

"Oh, wow, look at that," Lori squealed, "stiff as a board. Come on and fuck me, big brother."

"Hold on a second," Gary said, "aren't you forgetting Kitty? She hasn't gotten much out of this so far."

"I'm way ahead of you, brother," Lori said with a wicked grin. "I've got plans for Kitty, too. Kitty, just lay down on your back and keep your legs wide open."

Kitty did as she was told, even though she didn't have the faintest idea what Lori was up to. She lay down, bent her knees, and opened her legs wide. To her surprise, Lori crawled between them. She got up so close that Kitty could feel her hot moist breath on her naked pussy. Now she began to understand what Lori's plan was. It was kinky, outrageous -- but it just might work.

"Fuck me, Gary," Lori panted, "stick that big thing into me."

She was crouched there in the doggy position, her flushed face practically in Kitty's pussy, her cute little ass thrust up in the air. Gary growled lustily and knelt behind her, grasping her curvy hips. He socked the engorged head of his cock into the slick little mouth of her cunt and started pushing into her. She gave a sustained hoarse moan of ecstasy.

"Oooooo, shit, yes, get into me," she whined, "give me every inch of your big cock, brother!"

"You'll get it, little sister," Gary leered, "every fuckin' inch of it."

Kitty was getting wildly aroused just from watching and listening to this incredibly wicked scene. She didn't know a whole lot about sex, but she was sure it wasn't exactly normal for brothers to fuck their sisters. But apparently Gary and Lori had been fucking for a long time. He didn't have any trouble getting his prick into her juice-slick pussy hole.

He pushed in fast, till only his balls were showing, and then he started fucking her swiftly, almost roughly. Her cute tits wobbled and her body shuddered with the impact of his fucking, but she didn't protest. Not at all. She just clawed the bed and gurgled with delight as she took the incestuous hammering of her big brother's rock-hard cock.

"Unnnnhhhh, yeah, I love it," she moaned, "fuck me to death, baby, don't ever stop."

Lori treated herself to a few uninterrupted minutes of Gary's hard fucking, then went on to the next phase of her plan. She folded back the lightly furred lips of Kitty's bush and exposed the fat little button of her clit. Her head dipped down, her wet tongue darted out, and then Kitty felt a delicious hot wet sensation on her lust-engorged joy button. Noisily Lori swirled her tongue around and around the sensitive bud.

"Ooooo, shit, yesssss!" Kitty hissed. "I love that, Lori, keep doing it!"

"What's she doing to you?" Gary asked eagerly, trying to peer around his sister's body.

"Licking my clit," Kitty gurgled. "Oh, wow, it feels fantastic!"

"I guess you guys like my plan," Lori giggled.

"Sis, you're a genius," Gary laughed.

"She sure is," Kitty moaned.

It really was an ingenious plan for all of them to have fun at the same time. Kitty was in ecstasy as her girl cousin skillfully tongued her clit, and Lori was shivering with pleasure as Gary hammered his rock-hard prick in her famished pussy hole. Gary was reaching a fever pitch of arousal as he crammed his meat again and again into his sister's tight little cunt.

Kitty tried to imagine what she'd be doing if she was home on the farm just now. A weekday afternoon, summer vacation -- she'd either be weeding the garden or helping her mother can vegetables. She sure was glad she'd come to the city to visit her relatives. Lori's hot and slippery tongue was racing faster and faster around her clit, driving her wild with excitement. Hot cream poured steadily from her cunt and drenched her ass crack. Yes, this definitely beat any fun she could have on the farm.

"Unnnhhhh, Lori, you're driving me crazy!" she whimpered. "I just have to come."

"Want me to stick my tongue up your cunt?" Lori leered.

"Oh, wow, yeah," Kitty moaned, "fuck me with it, please."

Lori shoved her hands under Kitty's ass and got a firm grip on the hot globes, holding the girl's writhing pelvis in place. Then, with her target secure, she plunged her head between Kitty's thighs. Kitty shrieked in ecstasy as she felt Lori's stiff little tongue cramming her cunt. Lori's blond head bobbed furiously as she tongue-fucked her squealing cousin.

"Ohhhhh, shit, yesssss!" Kitty howled. "Do it to me, Lori, get me off!"

With Lori bent so low, Gary and Kitty could see each other over her back. Gary winked wickedly at his shy cousin and licked his lips in a suggestive way. Kitty found herself making the same gestures right back at him. She was lusty out of her mind, spinning fast towards climax as Lori's hot tongue reamed the fiery depths of her famished cunt.

"Having a good time, cousin?" Gary leered.

"Mmmmm, shit, yes," Kitty sobbed.

"That's good," he chuckled. "Lori and I always try to be nice to our guests."

He was steadily pumping his rock-hard cock in his sister's steaming pussy hole, but he seemed just as interested in what Lori was doing to Kitty. He kept his eyes on his pretty cousin, watching her flashing teeth and lust contorted face as his sister ate her pussy. In spite of her shyness and innocence, Kitty was a very hot-blooded little girl. Her shyness vanished when she was turned on.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, I love it," she moaned, "do it to me real hard, Lori, I'm almost there!"

Lori responded instantly, her head bobbing even faster. She was making an obscene wet slurping and sucking noise as she used her stiff tongue to resin her cousin's cunt. The heavenly sensations were about to send Kitty into orbit. But Lori wasn't far behind her. Her brother's jackhammering cock was just about to make her come.

"Unnnnnn, mmmmm," she moaned.

"Jesus, Sis, your cunt's on fire," Gary moaned.

He'd seen his little sister horny before, but never this hot. The addition of their innocent country cousin was making them both aroused. Gary was so turned on by watching Kitty, he could hardly keep from shooting his load. Her face was all contorted with lust, and she was clawing the bed as she hurtled toward that desperately needed climax.

"DO it to me, fuck it to me!" she wailed.

She arched her body, taking her cousin's plowing tongue as deep as she could get it into her sizzling little fuck hole. Lori knew she was right on the brink of coming, and she gave it to her as hard as she could, her head bobbing with lightning speed. That did it for Kitty. She let out a piercing scream of ecstasy and began to convulse.

"Whaaahhhh, I'm coming, whaaaah!" she howled.

Lori couldn't keep her tongue inside her, she was bucking and writhing so hard. She drew back, and both she and Gary watched their cousin have a violent long orgasm. Thick cream was spurting from Kitty's cunt mouth, soaking her thighs, drenching her ass crack. Her cute little tits wobbled like jello as she rolled around on the bed. It was a full minute before she finally went still and opened her eyes.

"Oh, wow, you guys, that was terrific," she sighed.

"We're not finished with you yet, cousin," Lori grinned. "Why don't you come over here and let Gary suck you off?"

This was the weirdest thing they'd done yet, but somehow it worked. Lori stayed in the doggy position, on her elbows and knees, and Gary kept fucking her from behind. Kitty sat on Lori's back, facing Gary, then raised herself up so that her pussy was level with his mouth. He clamped his lips around her clit and began to suck the throbbing button.

"Ohhhhhh, wow, yesssss!" Kitty cried.

"I figured you'd like that," Lori chuckled. "Okay, big brother, here's your chance to star. Try getting us both off at the same time."

No problem. Both girls were lusty out of their minds, and Gary knew just how to make them come fast. He hammered his stiff cock into Lori's cunt with lightning speed, and he sucked like crazy on Kitty's tasty joy button. The only difficulty he had was in not coming herself. But he wanted to be a star, as Lori had guessed, and somehow he managed to hold out.

Lori was the first to get off. "Ohhhh, brother, you're doing it to me!" she moaned. "I'm coming, ohhhhhh!"

A second later, Kitty squealed, "Unnnhhh, fuck, you did it, I'm coming!"

Not a second too soon for the insanely horny boy. Gary gave a muffled groan and flooded his sister's sucking cunt with what felt like ten gallons of jizz. The three horny teenagers writhed and moaned together in one hot mutual climax. And to think that Kitty had worried about being bored in the city! This was the most fun she'd ever had in her life, and she was looking forward to three whole weeks of it.

Chapter SIX

The moment Kitty woke up the next morning, she felt horny. Her pussy was all hot and swollen and wet, and she'd been having sexy dreams. Naturally she wanted some relief as fast as possible. She wanted to be alone with her cousin Gary.

That turned out to be a problem. Right after breakfast Aunt Sandy assigned Gary to mow, clip and rake in the back yard, while Kitty was supposed to clean the house. Lori had been sent out on errands. If Sandy had gone somewhere, too, that would have been great, but she didn't. She was right there watching Kitty as she did the housecleaning.

Kitty felt like she was going to go crazy with frustration. All she could think about was the fun she and Gary had had together yesterday and how much she wanted to fuck him again. Her horny little cunt literally ached to feel something hard in it. But with Aunt Sandy supervising her every movement, she couldn't even beat off.

Then finally help arrived in the form of a phone call. It was one of Sandy's women friends, and they got into a long involved chat. Kitty just had to grab the chance to sneak out and find Gary before she went out of her mind with horniness. She crept out the back door and hurried over to where her cousin was trimming the hedge. He was working without his shirt, and he looked like a real hunk to the lusty girl.

"Gary," she said breathlessly, "can we sneak down in the rec room and make out? I'm so horny I could scream."

Gary gave her a big wicked grin. She sure had changed from the shy and uptight country girl who'd come to visit. "Hey, I'd love to, cousin," he said, dropping the clippers. "What about my mom? Will she notice we're gone?"

"Not if we're fast," Kitty said. "She's on the phone with one of her friends."

"Oh, hell, that could take hours," Gary chuckled. "Let's go."

They hurried back to the house and crept down into the basement. In the rec room they wasted no time getting undressed. Clothes flew in all directions. As Gary skinned out of his jockey shorts, Kitty saw that he already had a belly-hugging hard-on. It excited her hotly to see that stiff drooling column of meat. She creamed heavily, the molten liquid soaking her pussy. When they were naked, she and Gary piled onto the couch and started kissing and pawing each other.

"I'm glad you came and got me, cousin," Gary leered. "I was just about to jack off."

"I tried to get away earlier," Kitty sighed, "but your mom was watching me the whole time."

"Well, we'll make up for that now," Gary said, rolling her onto her back.

Eagerly Kitty bent and spread her legs, showing the cream-soaked pink flesh of her gash. Both kids were too horny to bother with foreplay. They wanted to get right to the main event. Gary grasped his rigid prick and wedged the fat head into the tiny but elastic mouth of Kitty's cunt. He started pushing into her, and she squealed with delight. She'd been craving that sensation since the moment she woke up.

"Unnnhhhh, yesssss!" she cried. "Stick it in me, Gary, give me all of it!"

"It's going in easier today," he grinned.

That was true. Kitty wasn't a virgin any more, and in her eagerness to take his cock, she was juicy and relaxed. He glided his throbbing boner into her till it touched her womb, and she soaked his meat with a heavy hot flood of cream. She didn't think anything could be more exciting than feeling a guy's rock-hard cock throbbing against every inch of her cuntal tube.

Gary shoved his hands under her ass and firmly cupped the hot little globes. Too eager to be gentle, he began to fuck her in quick rough strokes, but Kitty didn't get scared. She liked it, and she responded by fucking right back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm. Each time he thrust into her, she thrust back, taking his stiff cock as deep as she could get it.

"Ooooo, shit, that's good," she gurgled. "It sure as hell is," Gary panted.

She might not be as tight as yesterday, when he'd busted her cherry, but she still had the tightest box he'd ever been into. Gary was gorging himself on that snugness, enjoying it to the hilt. Not only was she tight, she was hot and juicy, and her cunt sucked and tugged greedily at his pistoning prick. He would have been happy to fuck her all day.

Unfortunately, he was too horny to last that long. It looked like this would be a quickie. His arousal was mounting fast, and as it did, he fucked into her faster and harder. Soon their bodies were slapping loudly together and the couch was rocking and creaking. He could feel her hot little tits jiggling like crazy against his chest. She was whimpering and moaning steadily as she took his jackhammering cock.

"Am I fucking you too hard?" he panted. "N-No," she gurgled, "I love it, Gary, just keep doing it to me this way."

Gary was glad to hear that, because he was just too insanely turned on to slow down. He wanted to fuck his brains out. Gripping her hot ass globes, he hammered his rock hard meat into her juice-spurting cunt. His eyes rolled shut, and he lost track of everything but the hot sensations he was getting from his cousin's fantastically snug cunt.

"Unnnhhh, shit, unnngghhhh," he groaned.

"Fuck it to me, Gary, fuck the shit out of me!" Kitty panted.

She didn't see how she'd ever get enough fucking, no matter how long she lived. She just wished she and her sexy cousin could, go on fucking all day. But with Aunt Sandy in the house that would be too risky. They'd best get off fast and go back to their chores before she finished her phone call. But, damnit, Kitty hated to rush when she was having such a super time.

"Ohhhh, Gary, honey, fuck harder," she moaned, "give it to me as hard as you can."

"You got it, cousin," he growled.

He really hammered it to her now, making her slim body shudder with the impact. Her head lolled back, and her face twisted into a lusty grimace, eyes shut tight. His hotly pounding cock brought her right to the edge of orgasm, and she greedily hung there and tried to prolong the pleasure. She could tell from his ragged breathing that he was right on the verge of coming, too.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me!" Kitty moaned.

"Ahhhh, Christ, can't hold out much longer!" Gary cried.

Kitty arched her body, rubbing her lust engorged clit against his furiously sawing shaft. That was all it took to send her into orbit. She felt a violent explosion in the depths of her cunt that flamed out to engulf all of her. Her cunt clamped like a velvety vise around Gary's prick, and he yelped and began to shoot his load.

"Unnnnhhhh, I'm coming, whaahhhh!" Kitty screamed.

"Ahhhhh, fuckin' shit, aaagghhh!" Gary roared.

In that ecstatic moment the two horny teens forgot that they weren't alone in the house. They yelled their heads off as they writhed and bucked in a powerful mutual orgasm. Upstairs on the phone, Sandy Crocker paused in her conversation, and her friend asked her if anything was the matter.

"I don't know," Sandy replied. "I thought I heard a strange noise."

She went on talking and didn't hear the noise again, but it dawned on her that Kitty wasn't running the vacuum cleaner and there was no sound of the power lawn mower from the back yard. It seemed like Gary and Kitty had taken advantage of her phone call to goof off. She'd certainly have something to say about that when she finished.

Meanwhile in the rec room Gary and Kitty were catching their breath, his prick still fully lodged in her jizz-filled cunt. Neither of them wanted to move, they felt so good. Teasingly Kitty squeezed her cousin's prick with her strong young cuntal muscles, and Gary gave a sigh of pleasure. A few more naughty squeezes and his cock began to swell and harden.

"Oh, wow," Kitty gasped.

"Feel what you did to me?" Gary leered.

"Terrific," she grinned, "does this mean we can fuck again?"

"We really shouldn't take the risk," Gary sighed. "My mom could come looking for us." Kitty mischievously squeezed his cock again, and he added, "But to hell with it."

"We could make it a real fast one," Kitty added encouragingly.

"Yeah, we could get away with a fast one," Gary decided. "Let's do it dog style this time."

Kitty was about to ask what that meant, when the image came to her. As a farm girl she'd watched plenty of animals fucking. This was one time when she didn't need an explanation. Gary rolled off her, and she positioned herself on her elbows and knees, her cute little ass thrust up in the air. She shivered lustily as her cousin grasped her hips and stuck the engorged head of his cock in her juicy little cunt.

"Yes, stick it into me, cousin," she panted, "fuck me!"

Gary was grinning broadly as he watched his blue-veined cock gliding into her cunt. He really liked that view. His thick meat was stretching her delicate cunt lips wide, forcing out her cream. The pearly liquid dribbled down her thighs and soaked his cock. He pushed into her till only his balls showed, then paused to savor the sensation, his cock sheathed in her wet and steaming little box.

But Kitty didn't want him to pause. She wriggled impatiently, craving action. "Fuck me, Gary," she whimpered, "really give it to me."

"Okay, greedy," he chuckled, "here goes."

"Ooooo, shit, yesssss!" she hissed.

Now he was really moving, pistoning his steel-stiff cock into her, giving her the deep hard thrusts she craved. Kitty dug her nails into the couch and gurgled with delight. Each time his jerking boner touched bottom, she got a hot stab of pleasure that made her cream helplessly. She wished those wonderful sensations could go on forever.

"Fucking you hard enough, cousin?" Gary leered.

"Mmmmm, yessss," Kitty sighed, "I love it, cousin, don't ever stop!"

The room echoed with the lewd sounds of his pistoning cock in her juice-filled cunt, a kind of loud sucking noise. It was punctuated by his heavy breathing and her squeals and moans of pleasure. It was getting pretty noisy in the rec room, and that was why they didn't hear the faint crack of the basement stairs as Sandy crept down to investigate the odd noises she'd been hearing.

The pretty blond housewife was really puzzled. She'd finally finished her phone conversation, but when she hung up she couldn't find her son or her niece anywhere. Not only that, but she was sure she heard some strange sounds coming from the basement. She was scared, but she figured she'd better go down there and find out what was happening. She descended the stairs as quietly as she could. If there was a burglar down there, she didn't want him to see her...

She followed the strange noises to the rec room door, then knelt to peer through the keyhole. She saw Gary and Kitty, stark naked, fucking in doggy position. At least that was what her eyes told her, but of course it couldn't be true. She drew back, blinked, and looked again. This time she let out a low moan of shock.

"Oh, my God, noooo," she cried.

Luckily her exclamation was drowned out by Kitty's squeals. She told herself to keep quiet. She didn't want to be discovered until she knew exactly what was going on here. Most important, she had to find out if Kitty was fucking her son voluntarily or if she'd been forced. And in just a few more seconds she knew the answer to that question.

"Ooooo, Gary, fuck my pussy good and hard," Kitty moaned, "really give it to me, honey."

Sandy knew now that the girl hadn't been forced. This was no rape. Kitty's pretty face was twisted into a lusty grimace, and thick cream was spurting from her cunt as Gary hammered his stiff cock into her. Each deep thrust made her moan with pleasure and cream another hot flood. Kitty was taking her cousin's rough fucking, and she was loving every second of it.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she chanted hoarsely.

Sandy's face got beet red as she watched. She didn't consider herself a prude, not at all, but she hadn't realized how sexually mature her son was. She still thought of Gary as a little boy, but he had a man's body and a man-sized cock. He knew just how to use it, too, and he was grinning broadly as he hammered it in his cousin's hot little pussy hole.

No, Gary wasn't a little kid any more. He had all the lusty instincts of a grown man. Sandy could accept that flow. But it was harder to accept the fact that he'd seduced his own cousin. Sandy was positive that Kitty had been a virgin when she arrived for her visit. She knew for a fact that the girl wasn't allowed to date yet. But here she was fucking Gary and howling with lust.

"Unnnhhh, shit, I'm almost there," she moaned. "Do it to me hard, Gary, as hard as you can."

Gary gave her what she wanted, hammering his stiff cock into her, making her slender body shake with the impact. She had to claw the couch to keep from being knocked over, and her cute little tits were wobbling like crazy. That fucking looked too rough for her fragile looking body, but she howled with delight, and thick streams of pussy juice flooded down her legs.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, cousin, make me come," she wailed.

Gary showed his experience when he reached around her and grabbed her clit and started kneading it. Now she was getting double stimulus, pleasure stabbing through her clit and cunt. That really sent her into orbit. She let out a piercing shriek and began to convulse, thick come-juice spurting from her twat.

Gary's face twisted with lust as her little cunt went into spasm around his deeply-thrust cock -- but he didn't shoot his load. He had his second wind now and felt like he could fuck all day. He waited her out, enjoying the hot clamping and squeezing of her cunt as she climaxed. When she finally went still, he drew his dripping prick out of her and stretched out on his back. Kitty turned to look at him.

Sandy was looking, too, her eyes focused helplessly on her son's stiff-standing cock. It was a beauty, long and thick and perfectly rigid. It bulged with blue veins, and it was leaking thick rivers of cream. His rock-hard boner stood at right angles to his flat belly, both inviting and menacing. Sandy was embarrassed to feel her pussy growing hot and moist at the sight.

She couldn't control her pussy, and she couldn't control her thoughts. Helplessly she imagined herself sitting over Gary's stiff standing cock, lowering herself onto it, taking it deep in her cunt. She barely stifled a moan of longing, and suddenly her panties were soaked with sizzling pussy juice. Sandy couldn't deny that she had the hots for her cute teenage son.

Maybe that wasn't so surprising. She loved her husband Tom very much, and they'd always had a good sex life, but they'd been married almost twenty years now and she'd never gotten it on with another man in her whole life. Ton was the only guy she'd ever fucked, and that was bound to get stale after so many years. Maybe she was due for a little novelty, a little adventure, but with her own son?

Sandy struggled with her incestuous thoughts while Kitty stared longingly at Gary's rigid drooling cock. He let her stare for, a few seconds, then grinned wickedly and said, "Why don't you come and sit on it, cousin?"

"Sit on it?" Kitty giggled.

"Yeah, it's another way to fuck," he leered. "Try it, you'll like it."

"I bet I will," she grinned.

She crawled over to him and threw a leg across his flat belly. Crouched above him, she touched the juice-slick mouth of her cunt to the fat purple head of his cock. Then, moaning with delight, she slowly let herself down on his absolutely rigid column of meat. Watching her do that, Sandy almost sobbed with need. Kitty was doing exactly what the lusty older woman ached to do.

"Oooooo, fuck, ooooo," the girl squealed. Sandy ground her thighs together and felt more sizzling cunt cream soaking through her panties. She was horny out of her mind. All she could think of was racing in there, stripping and taking Kitty's place. She wanted to feel her son's big hard cock cramming her famished pussy hole. She needed to be fucked so badly, she could have screamed.

But Gary's cock was busy in another cunt. Fully impaled on his throbbing prick, Kitty gurgled with bliss. Then Gary started fucking her fast and stiffly, and she rode his pistoning prick with moans of pleasure, soaking his belly and balls with her uncontrollably gushing cream. Sandy was eating her heart out. She felt like she had to get some relief for the hot need in her pussy or go crazy with frustration.

She knew what her duty was. She should wait till Tom got home from work and tell him what she'd discovered, then let him handle the situation. On the other hand, a wild plan came to her, the idea of not telling Tom a damned thing. She could let herself in on the fun, get the novelty she craved, and what her husband didn't know wouldn't hurt him. It was an outrageous idea, but she couldn't resist.

Sandy began taking off her clothes. She kept watching through the keyhole as Gary fucked his squealing cousin. He gave it to her roughly, just the way she craved it, and it wasn't long before horny little Kitty was on the verge of another climax. She closed her eyes tightly and gurgled in ecstasy as she took Gary's hard pounding cock.

"Oooooo, that's it, cousin, oooooo, I'm coming!" she wailed.

Her body shuddered with the delicious spasms, and hot cream flooded from her cunt. Her ecstasy was so obvious that Sandy just couldn't hold herself back a second longer. She had to get some of those great sensations for herself! She got to her feet, turned the knob, and strolled naked into the rec room.

Kitty had her eyes tightly closed as she came, so she didn't see her aunt enter the room. But Gary saw Sandy right away, and his eyes got huge. He took in her gorgeous mature body, and lust gleamed in his eyes. Sandy looked back at him with an equally lusty expression.

Just then Kitty opened her eyes and screamed, "Aunt Sandy! Oh, my gosh!"

Chapter SEVEN

Kitty was expecting punishment, and it took her a second to realize that Sandy wouldn't have taken off all her clothes if she was going to punish anybody. She was standing about five feet from the couch, and she and Gary were looking each other over. Kitty could sense their hot attraction for each other.

"I wondered where you kids were," Sandy explained, "so I came looking for you. And when I saw what you were doing, I knew I had two choices."

"To tell Dad," Gary groaned.

"Right," Sandy said, "or to keep it to myself. I've decided not to tell your father, but I wouldn't mind getting in on the fun."

"Hey, fantastic, Mom," Gary cried.

His cock gave a violent horny lurch in Kitty's cunt. He'd always thought his statuesque blond mother was the sexiest woman in the world, and he'd even jacked off having fantasies about her. Now he was about to make those daydreams come true. Sandy gave him one more lusty look, then walked to a cupboard and dragged out a wide exercise mat. Kitty leaped off the impalement of her cousin's cock and went to help spread the mat.

"Let me help you with that, Aunt Sandy," she said, "or do you want me to leave?"

"Oh, no, honey, please stay," Sandy said. "The more, the merrier."

Kitty gave a sigh of relief. She felt she could never compete with Sandy when it came to looking sexy, but she didn't want to lose the fun times she and Gary could have together. She was glad she could share him with his beautiful blond mother. Gary looked pleased, too. He was lying there with a hard-on and grinning broadly.

The women got the exercise mat spread out, and there was plenty of room for everybody on it. Gary strode over, his prick so stiff that it didn't even wag with his movements. Sandy looked at the granite column of meat and moaned softly. She'd never felt so horny in her life. She stretched out on her back, opened her legs, and held out her arms to her son. Gary gave a snort of lust and mounted her.

"Yes, baby, stick that big thing in me," she moaned, "I need it so bad."

Gary couldn't even talk, he was so excited. He could hardly believe he was about to fuck his own lovely mom. He stabbed his prick hard between her legs, and it sank into her juice slick cunt. He shoved to her womb in one hard hungry thrust and felt his meat soaked with her eager cream. Her cunt was hot as fire and sucking greedily at his cock.

"Unnnhhhh, fuck me, baby, fuck my pussy good," she cried hoarsely.

Gary hardly needed any urging. He began to fuck her like a young stallion, hammering his rock-hard cock deep in her cunt, giving her the rough pounding, she craved, Sandy simply couldn't control her response, didn't even try. She wailed and sobbed with ecstasy as her son's tireless teenage cock reamed her depths and crammed her horny pussy.

"I love it, baby, I love it," she gurgled.

Kitty sat close by watching them, and no way could she control the hot horniness that boiled up inside her. It was such naughty fun to watch other people fucking. She moved around till she could focus on Gary's creamsoaked cock as it hammered in and out of his mother's juicy twat. It spread Sandy's cunt lips wide and forced out her thick hot cream. Sandy responded with hoarse moans of ecstasy.

"Oooooo, shit, baby, you're fucking me so good," she moaned.

Sandy hadn't even realized till now that she was overdue to fuck somebody besides her husband. Of course she loved Tom and loved fucking him, but she really needed to get it on with somebody else now and then. Her horny son filled the bill. He was right there in the same house when she needed him, always ready for action. And she had to admit that she was wickedly turned on by making it with her own kid.

With all those things making her lusty, Sandy soared fast toward climax. Her hips worked to Gary's rhythm, fucking right back at him, taking his steel-hard prick as deep as she could get it. She soaked his jackhammering cock with rush after rush of molten cunt juice. She clung to him, clawing his shoulders and moaning her hot pleasure.

Kitty watched and felt her pussy swelling, heating and creaming. She got a strong urge to play with herself -- and why not? Nobody in this room was prudish about sex, nobody was going to be shocked if she masturbated. She eased her stiff middle finger into her boiling little box, thrusting it in to the last knuckle. Gurgling with pleasure, she started fingerfucking herself, matching the swift rough strokes of Gary's cock.

Gary hammered it to her, their bodies slapping together loudly. It seemed like the harder and faster he fucked her, the more excited she got. Her lustily jerking hips matched his rhythm, and she moaned steadily as his pounding cock drove her to the brink of orgasm. She hovered there, greedily prolonging her excitement, wishing this fantastic love-making would never end.

But she sensed that she'd better get off quickly if she wanted to come, because Gary was just about to shoot his load. His breathing was loud and harsh, his eyes rolling crazily. He was plowing his cock into her with lightning speed, spinning totally out of control. Sandy arched her body to take his sawing shaft over her swollen joy button. The pleasure was almost more than she could take.

"Oooooo, baby, I'm almost there," she whimpered.

"Ahhhhh, Christ, Mom, I'm gonna come," Gary groaned.

Sandy kept grinding her hot little clit against his pistoning shaft, and a second later she felt a delicious explosion radiating out from her joy button. It shook her whole body with pleasure. Her cunt went into spasm, clamping hungrily around Gary's pistoning cock. He let out a yelp of bliss and began to fill his mother's cunt with boiling jizz.

Kitty watched them writhing and howling together, and she finger-fucked herself extra fast, plowing her stiff finger into her molten depths. Just a few seconds of that swift action and she was coming, her slender body wracked with violent spasms of pleasure. Her whole hand was suddenly soaked with her spurting hot come-cream.

"Oooooo, shit, oooooo!" she wailed.

Now there were three bodies rolling around on the mat, three people howling with ecstasy as they came. If this was anything like the rest of her vacation was going to be, Kitty never wanted to go back to the farm. It was almost a minute before the three of them went still and panting, their bodies quivering with the aftershocks of orgasm.

"Oh, my God," Sandy sighed, "I didn't realize how much I needed that."

"And you're not gonna tell Dad?" Gary asked.

"Of course not, darling," Sandy said, "this will just be a secret between you and me and Kitty."

At that very moment Dad was driving home from work. It was Friday, and Tom Crocker had decided to close his office early and let the whole staff go home. It was a beautiful day, and nobody could keep their minds on business anyhow. He'd surprise Sandy and the kids, take everybody out to dinner. He hummed to himself and thought how lucky he was to have missed the rush hour. In no time at all he was home.

Wanting his arrival to be a complete surprise, he parked and got out of the car very quietly. He entered the house without making a sound. But when he was inside, he couldn't find anybody. Sandy's car was in the garage, but the house seemed to be empty. Tom tried the main floor and the upstairs, then decided to check out the basement. Possibly they were all down in the rec room.

Tom took off his shoes and tiptoed down the stairs. The rec room door was closed, but he could hear muffled voices coming from the room. Grinning, he padded over and knelt and peered through the keyhole. All the color went out of his face, then returned in a hot blush. He drew back, blinked, and took another look.

"Holy shit," he breathed, "I can't believe this."

It was hard to believe he wasn't dreaming. He saw his pretty blond wife, his son, and his little niece lying on an exercise mat, all of them stark naked, laughing and chatting. As he watched, Sandy curled her fingers around Gary's cock and started pumping it, and Gary reached between Kitty's thighs and started fooling around with her clit.

"Oooooo, Gary, that feels great," the girl squealed.

"I like what Mom's doing, too," Gary leered.

They all acted so at ease with each other that it was obvious they'd just gotten it on. Somehow Sandy had formed a sexual triangle with the kids. Tom could hardly believe his eyes. He'd had no clue that Sandy wasn't content with their sex life, and he'd sure as hell never suspected that she had the hots for their son -- let alone their niece!

"I've got an idea," Sandy grinned. "Gary, honey, why don't you eat Kitty's pussy while I go down on you?"

"Sounds like a winner, Mom," Gary chuckled. "What do you think, cousin?"

"I think it's a terrific idea," Kitty smiled.

"Then come over here," Gary leered.

Kitty crouched over his face, bringing her steaming moist slit within inches of his mouth. She could feel his hot breath tickling her pussy, and that made her very excited. Then she felt his juicy hot tongue making contact with the sensitive flesh of her gash, and she squealed with delight and fed him a molten rush of tangy pussy juice.

"Ooooo, yeah, lick meeee," she cried.

Tom blinked again and wondered how in hell this kinky situation had come about. He'd left a perfectly normal family at breakfast that morning, and now here they were having an incestuous orgy. Well, Lori wasn't involved, but that wasn't saying much. He just didn't know how to deal with the situation. He decided he'd better watch awhile longer before revealing that he was home. He wanted to be absolutely sure about what was happening before he made his move.

There wasn't much question about what was happening right now. Gary was licking his cousin's pussy. Kitty was crouched over him, facing Sandy, and she was squealing with pleasure as his stiff wet tongue lashed her puffed and creaming slit. He lathered the delicate pink flesh with his hot spit, then began to rim the right little opening of her cunt with just the pointed tip of his tongue.

"Ooooooo, shit, oooooo," Kitty cried.

His tongue tip was teasing, tantalizing. She wanted more than just the tip, and she jerked her hips and tried to impale herself on his whole tongue. It was no go. He'd jerk his tongue out of the way at the very last second. It was maddening to the horny teenage girl. She wanted her whale twat crammed with his stiff tongue, and he wasn't even giving her an inch of it.

"Gary, please," she whimpered, "stick your whole tongue up my cunt."

"Greedy," he chuckled.

"Gary, be nice," his mother chided, "give Kitty what she wants."

But Gary went on teasing the moaning girl with little jabs of his tongue tip, and Kitty moaned with frustration. Tom was about to yell at the kid to stop being a smart-ass, then recalled that he didn't want his presence known yet. But he could feel for poor Kitty. She was just about shaking with need, and her tiny cunt mouth was dripping hot thick cream. She just couldn't control that horny creaming.

"Ohhhhhh, damnit, Gary, give it to me," she sobbed, "give me the whole thing, please."

Her voice was hoarse with need, and, even Gary couldn't hold out when he heard her urgent request. He made his tongue long and rigid, then crammed it into her juice-slick cunt. As he stuffed her with the slippery meat, her eyes rolled, then closed tightly, and her face twisted into a lusty grimace.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, yessss," she hissed, "stick it in me, cousin, fuck me with it."

Staring through the keyhole, watching his son's wet tongue gliding up Kitty's box, Tom suddenly realized that he had an enormous hard-on. He didn't know just when it had happened, but the fly of his pants was bulging with swollen cock. For a few helpless seconds he imagined how tight his niece's cunt had to be and how great it would feel to ease his cock into that velvety hot tunnel.

Then he told himself to shape up. This wasn't the time to start drooling over his niece. This was a time to keep his cool and decide on a plan of action. He tried to ignore the hot throbbing in his prick and balls, but it wasn't easy. He had to admit that he was wildly turned on by the incestuous scene in the rec room, more violently horny than he'd been in a long, long time.

Maybe Sandy had been feeling the same way today, and that would account for her getting involved in this weird triangle. Tom really couldn't blame her for feeling sexually restless. They had a good sex life, but it had gotten pretty routine after so many years of marriage. Lately he'd caught himself thinking about other women and how it would be to fuck them. Sandy's eyes were probably roving, too.

Well, at least she'd chosen to keep her affair in the family. She was watching lustily and licking her lips as Gary pistoned his stiff tongue in and out of Kitty's tangy-tasting pussy. Like Tom, she was really getting off on watching. But pretty soon her lust boiled over and she couldn't remain a passive spectator any longer. She straddled Gary's legs in a crouch, then dipped her head down over his crotch.

She wanted to get his tasty cock juices going, so she drilled the pointed tip of her tongue right into his piss hole and rooted around. Very quickly she got what she was after. Salty cream began to ooze out of his cock cleft, and Sandy gurgled with delight. She speared the droplets up with her tongue and savored them, then gulped them down and tongued for more.

Watching her, Tom felt his cock straining to break loose of his pants. He felt a hot need to jack off. His wife was a gorgeous sexy woman, but she hadn't aroused him this wildly in years. She was lashing her little pink tongue all over their son's swollen cock head, gobbling up his dribbling cream. She was being completely uninhibited and lusty, and that just drove Tom wild.

Now she was listing the fat base of her son's cock and guiding the engorged purple head between her lips. She took in about half his prick, then drew in her cheeks and started to suck. She wasn't inhibited about that, either.

She made a loud lewd slurping noise, and her head bobbed up and down, blond hair flying. She was hungry for her son's dick, and she didn't care who knew it.

Tom was just about going out of his mind with lust as he watched her. He had to free his nearly-bursting cock from the tight confinement of his pants and shorts. Hardly realizing what he was doing, he began to strip. But he never took his eye off the keyhole. He didn't want to miss a second of that wickedly arousing show.

Gary was zipping his tongue in and out of Kitty's juice-spurting twat, and she was screaming in ecstasy as she took the delicious deep thrusts. Tom was giving muffled moans of bliss as Sandy's hot mouth jerked up and down the engorged shaft of his prick. Sandy gurgled hungrily while she gobbled up his oozing cock cream. She sucked faster and faster, working for a whole mouthful of his come.

Tom was naked now, and he automatically reached for his cock to jack off. Then he hesitated. Wouldn't it be a lot more fun to join the party? Instead of using his own fist, wouldn't it be more exciting to cram his rock hard boner into his niece's tiny teenage box? He was a respected businessman, a decent husband and father -- could he get up the nerve to join in this incestuous orgy? As he feverishly debated about it, Kitty let out a piercing shriek and began to climax.

Thick hot cream poured from, her cunt and soaked Gary's face before she tumbled off him and went rolling around on the mat, her slim body shaken with orgasmic convulsions. Catching her excitement, Sandy sucked harder and faster on Gary's cock, and he yelped with pleasure.

Tom's cock gave a lusty lurch and began to drip hot cream. He had to get some relief for that aching hard-on, and he needed it very soon. But first he was going to watch this scene to its finish. Much as he wanted to join the party, it couldn't be fair to burst in right now and interrupt when Gary was so close to coming.

The boy's face was flushed and contorted in a lusty grimace as his pretty mom suctioned the hot cream out of his cock and gobbled it. He spun put of control, hammering his stiff prick in her mouth, fucking right into her throat. Sandy gave hoarse gurgles of encouragement.

"Unnnhhh, eat it, Mom, I'm coming!" Gary roared.

Sandy's cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's as she greedily let her son's boiling jizz collect in her mouth. She took as much as she could hold, then hungrily gulped it down. Watching her through the keyhole, Tom was practically coming. He hadn't felt so urgently horny since he was a teenager. Suddenly he just couldn't control his lust a second longer.

He bounced to his feet, opened the door, and strode into the room. "Hi, everybody," he called, "Daddy's home."

Chapter EIGHT

They all stared at him -- and no wonder. Nobody had expected Tom to be home at this time of day, and they sure as hell hadn't expected him to show up naked with a hard-on. He surveyed the scene, grinning, hands on hips. His thick eight-inch prick wagged stiffly and lewdly, dripping hot cream.

"Well," he leered, "isn't anybody going to say anything?"

"Er, you're home kinda early, aren't you, honey?" Sandy managed to croak.

"Yeah, I decided to surprise you," he said.

"Well, you sure did that, all right, Dad," Gary said.

"Hey, at ease, everybody," Tom laughed. "I'm not angry. I just wanta get in on the fun."

They all breathed sighs of relief. Sandy couldn't help noticing the way Tom was looking at Kitty. He couldn't keep his lust-hot eyes off their cute teenage niece. His cock was stiff as a board, too. No doubt he was thinking of how he'd like to cram it into Kitty's tiny hot box. To her surprise, Sandy didn't feel a bit jealous.

"Well, sit down and join us, honey," she grinned at her husband. "Kitty, why don't you sit on Uncle Tom's lap?"

Kitty grinned mischievously. "Okay, Aunt Sandy," she chirped.

Tom had hardly sat down on the exercise mat before Kitty was in his lap, her hot little ass rubbing his engorged cock. He shivered lustily and damned near shot his load. With an impish look on her face, Kitty slipped her arms around him and kissed him, darting her wet tongue between his lips. Tom's cock gave a violent horny lurch against her ass.

Sandy and Gary exchanged wicked grins. It was obvious that Tom wanted some teenage pussy but was just a little hesitant about admitting it. But after Kitty got through with him, there shouldn't be any hesitation at all. Mother and son curled up together on the far side of the mat, giving Kitty plenty of room to do her job.

Kitty loved her assignment. She was dying to make it with a mature male, and she thought her Uncle Tom was a very sexy guy. His powerful hairy body turned her on like crazy. But the biggest turn-on of all was his massive grownup cock. She could hardly wait to feel it reaming her horny little cunt. But it seemed she had some work to do first. Uncle Tom was the new guy at the orgy, and she had to make him relax.

While she darted her hot juicy tongue around in his mouth, making him snort with excitement, she wiggled her ass against his rock-hard prick. Soon his sticky cock cream was smeared all over the firm globes of her ass. Though he was trying to conceal his hot lust for his teenage niece, Tom couldn't resist grabbing for her tits. They made a perfect fistful.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Uncle Tom, play with my tits," Kitty murmured.

He rolled her onto her back and molded her silky-skinned little tits, while she gurgled with pleasure. Aunt Sandy and Cousin Gary were lying almost within reach, watching everything, but by now that didn't bother Kitty in the least. She was used to having an audience for her love-making, and she even got off on it. But Uncle Tom was another story. He kept glancing over at his wife and son and blushing.

"Relax, darling," Sandy grinned. "Or would you rather that Gary and I left the room?"

"Oh, no, no," Tom stammered, "you two stay."

He didn't want to be the only chicken, the only one too bashful for an orgy. But he still found it strange to have people watching him while he made out, especially when the people were his wife and son and the person he was making out with was his own blood niece. Kitty saw how uptight he was about the situation, and she figured she'd better do something to take his mind off it.

"Uncle Tom," she cooed, "can we do sixty-nine?"

"Oh, sure, honey," Tom said quickly.

He wanted to appear "with it", so he readily agreed to what the girl wanted, but he was blushing hotly as she climbed over him and positioned herself. He felt her hot breath on his stiff-standing cock, and her delicious looking pussy was inches from his face. He felt her hot juicy tongue contacting the sensitive head of his dick, and all of a sudden his shyness disappeared.

"Yeah, honey, lick my cock," he growled.

Kitty began lashing her slick tongue all over the massively engorged head of his prick, and Tom returned the favor, whipping his big tongue up and down the pink line of her slit. She squealed with pleasure and fed him hot bursts of tangy cream which he gobbled up greedily. Uncle and niece went at each other hungrily and noisily, while mother and son watched and grew increasingly lusty. Sandy found herself squirming with horniness, and she looked at Gary eagerly.

"Should we do sixty-nine, too, honey?" she asked.

"Hey, terrific, Mom," Gary exclaimed.

He'd been hoping she'd ask. He quickly stretched out on his back, and she crouched over him in the opposite direction. Her luscious-looking red slit was practically in his face, her greedy mouth poised right over his rigid drooling cock. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his meat to control its lusty lurching, and then he felt the first delicious touch of her tongue around his oozing piss hole.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, Mom, lick my cock," he sighed.

Tom heard his son's lust-hoarse voice and glanced over to see what was happening. Mother and son were in the sixty-nine position now, Sandy hungrily lashing her red tongue all over Gary's cock head and gobbling up his cream. Gary began to whip his tongue up and down her pussy, lapping up her tangy juices, and she whimpered with pleasure.

Tom shivered lustily and went back to tonguing his niece's hot little slit. Kitty's tongue was busy in his piss hole, reaming out the hot tasty cream. Tom didn't feel a bit bashful or uptight now. He was having the time of his life at this kinky family orgy. He just wondered where his daughter Lori was and how she'd react if she walked in on them right now.

He didn't know it, but he was about to find out. Lori had returned from the errands her mom had assigned her, and she was surprised to find both cars in the garage but nobody in the house. At least it looked like nobody was there, but after some exploration she heard voices in the basement. It sounded like everybody was down there, and she was curious to see what they were doing.

They would have heard her running down the stairs if they hadn't been making so much noise. Tom had left the door to the rec room wide open, and Lori heard squeals and moans and grunts and howls as she approached. Now she was really curious, but she sensed that it might not be a good idea to be seen. She moved into the shadows and looked into the rec room.

"Oh, my gosh," she breathed.

Lori wasn't as uptight about sex as her parents, so she wasn't shocked when she looked in there and saw the two couples doing sixty-nine. She felt surprise, then a twinge of jealousy. How come she was the only one left out of the fun? Why, even Daddy had come home early and was taking part in the orgy. Lori hated being excluded from the party.

On the other hand, there wasn't any room for her, at least not for the moment. Sixty-nine was definitely a two-person activity. She stayed hidden in the shadows outside the door and watched, her lust growing by the second. As she observed all that licking and sucking, her pussy got hot as fire, and she creamed right through her jeans and panties.

"Ohhhhh, Uncle Tom, yessss," Kitty was moaning.

Daddy was easing his big thick tongue into Kitty's tiny cunt, cramming her with it. That sight alone was enough to make Lori whimper with envy. She'd just adore to be tonguefucked by her handsome father. She seethed with longing as she watched his thick tongue disappearing up Kitty's juice-spurting twat. He shoved it in all the way to the root, then started tongue-fucking the squealing teenager.

"Oooooo, shit, ooooo!" Kitty wailed.

"Want me to do that to you, Mom?" Gary chuckled.

"Oh, honey, I'd love it," Sandy replied eagerly.

Gary made his tongue rigid and then crammed it into his mother's delicious juicy twat. Sandy moaned in ecstasy and fed him a molten rush of tangy cream. He started hammering his tongue in and out of her greedy little box, and she returned the favor, sinking her steaming mouth down around the boy's stiff-standing cock. Gary gave a horny shiver as she sucked in half his prick.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, Mom, suck me off," he groaned.

Kitty glanced over and saw that her aunt was sucking hungrily on Gary's prick and that Gary was enjoying hell out of it. She decided it would be nice to do the same thing to her uncle. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and started bringing it down around Tom's massive boner. The fit was very tight, but she managed to get the huge purple head of his cock inside. He shivered with pleasure.

"Good girl," he panted, "now suck me good and hard."

Out in the hallway Lori was practically jumping up and down with frustration. She desperately wanted to get in on the fun, but there just wasn't any room for her in that setup. All she could do was push one of the other females aside, and of course she wouldn't win any pals that way. So she stood there and seethed with need, her pussy on fire. Maybe when they all finished doing sixty-nine there'd be a place for her.

Unaware that they had an audience, the foursome want at each other loudly and greedily, tonguing and sucking. Tom was plowing his thick tongue into his niece's velvet lined box and finding the little tunnel even tighter than he'd dreamed. All he could think about was getting his cock in there, but in their present position that just wasn't possible. He went on furiously tongue-fucking her, hoping he'd get lucky.

Meanwhile Kitty was doing her best to suck him off, but she hadn't counted on such a mouthful. Her lips were stretched nearly to bursting by her uncle's massive wrist-thick boner, yet she didn't even have half of it in her mouth. All she could manage was the enormously swollen purple head. She sucked greedily on that, suctioning the delicious hot cream out of his piss hole and giving him stab after stab of pleasure.

Just a few feet away, mother and son were performing an identical routine. Gary was tongue-fucking Sandy very fast and hard, forcing the thick molten juices out of her hungrily gripping cunt. He loved being able to drive her wild with just his tongue, and he sensed her need for, rough action. The faster and harder he tongued her, the more violently aroused she got.

She showed it by sucking faster and harder on his cock. Sandy adored sucking off her son, and her arousal was doubled by his expert tongue-fucking. She managed to stuff nearly all of his throbbing boner into her mouth, and she greedily sucked the salty juice out of his piss hole. She didn't think she could ever get enough of it, and she found herself drooling all over his tasty prick.

This was the scene Lori had to watch, knowing that all of them were having a terrific time and that there was just no room for her. But she didn't have to be totally frustrated. She could at least beat off. She slipped a hand down inside her jeans and panties and sought out the slick little lump of her clit. She could always count on getting delicious hot sensations from her joy button.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured.

Then she reminded herself to be quiet. She didn't want to be caught spying. She pressed a fingertip to the hotly pulsating lump of flesh and began to move it in a circular motion. It felt so good, she could hardly keep from gurgling with pleasure, and her twirling finger was quickly soaked with her hot sticky pussy cream. She was so wildly turned on already, she knew it would take her no time at all to came.

Already her knees were getting rubbery and she was swaying dizzily as she gave herself jolt after jolt of pleasure with her massaging finger. She backed up till she was leaning against the wall. She didn't want to go falling on her face when she came. But all the while her eyes were glued to the incredible scene in the rec room where two couples were doing sixty-nine right alongside each other.

Gary's head was jerking with lightning speed as he hammered his stiff tongue in and out of their mother's juice-filled twat, and Sandy was moaning steadily and hoarsely as she sucked up her son's hot cream. Lori wished she knew how the two of them had gotten together. They made a really exciting couple, but she couldn't imagine how Gary had ever gotten Mom to join in this incestuous orgy.

She wondered about Dad, too. What was he doing home at this hour, and how had he been persuaded to join the party? He was having a great time now, hammering his big thick tongue in Kitty's tight little box, writhing and groaning as she sucked hard-on his engorged cock head. But it wasn't easy to imagine him losing his inhibitions and joining in something like this.

Well, maybe she'd never know how it had all happened, but one thing was for sure -- she wasn't going to be left out of the fun! No way! As soon as there was a place for her in the action, she was going to strip off her clothes and go in there. They just couldn't refuse her. After all, she was the only member of the family who'd been left out, and that just wasn't fair.

Meanwhile she was rubbing her fingertip swiftly around and around the throbbing bud of her clit, working herself steadily towards orgasm. She needed that orgasm very badly. Her pussy was burning with need, and she couldn't stop her horny creaming. She felt like she had to come or go crazy with frustration. But then it would be hard for most people to watch that wild scene and not get excited.

Mom's hoarse moaning could be heard steadily now as Gary tongue-fucked her to a fever pitch of lust. Kitty's sharp cries blended in, punctuated by the men's groans and yelps. It sounded like a barnyard in there. Lori struggled not to mix her own cries in with the others. As she hovered on the brink of orgasm she wanted to wail with ecstasy, but this just wasn't the time to announce her presence.

Suddenly Mom threw back her head and wailed, "Ohhhhhh, baby, you did it to me, I'm coming!"

She crouched that way for a second, whimpering as the violent pleasure-spasms shook her big-titted body. Her hot come-juice splattered Gary's face. Then she opened her mouth and dived for his cock again, taking the granite column of meat all the way inside. Her cheeks caved in, and she sucked like crazy on her son's wildly throbbing prick. Gary's head flopped back, his face twisting into a grimace of ecstasy.

"Unnnggghhh, eat it, Mom, I'm coming!" he roared.

Sandy let his jetting jizz collect in her mouth till her cheeks bulged. She wanted to go on savoring the delicious juice as long as she could. But finally she couldn't hold any more without her cheeks bursting, and she had to swallow the steaming load Gary was still fucking her mouth, sizzling more hot come down her throat, and she took it eagerly.

"Mmmmmm, uummmmm!" she moaned.

Tom and Kitty had been watching this wild scene, and it triggered them into their own violent and mutual climax. Tom stabbed his stiff tongue deep and hard into his niece's tiny pussy hole, and that set her off. With a muffled scream of bliss, Kitty began to come, her slim body shaking and bucking. She sucked furiously on Tom's massive cock head.

That set Tom off. With a big muffled bellow he began to flood her mouth with his boiling jism. His humping, jerking cock would have gone right down the girl's throat if she hadn't held on to it with both fists. She pulled back till just the convulsing head was between her lips, and she gurgled happily as her uncle filled her mouth with his delicious juices.

Lori watched in an agony of envy. She ached to feel a big wet tongue up her boiling little fuck tunnel, and she was starved for a nice squirting cock. But all she had was her own finger, and she made the most of it. She twirled it with lightning speed around the swollen shaft of her joy button, and a second later she was coming like crazy.

"Oooooo, shit, ooooo!" she howled.

She hadn't been able to stifle that cry of release, but luckily it was drowned out by all the yelps and moans and howls coming from the rec room. She slid right down the wall till she was sitting on the floor, her knees giving way as she came. She went on rubbing her squirting clit till she'd gotten every last spasm of pleasure from her climax.

When she looked up again the two couples were just rolling apart, everybody giving big sighs of satisfaction. But it soon became clear that the party wasn't over yet. Daddy kept eyeing Kitty's slender teenage body, and everybody could tell what he was thinking. His cock gave him away as it swelled and rose to attention. Soon the massive column of blueveined flesh was standing at right angles to his body and dripping thick rivers of cream.

"Why, Tom," Sandy giggled, "I think you're horny again."

"Yeah, Dad," Gary laughed, "why don't you tell us what's on your mind?"

Tom reddened and didn't reply, but it was obvious to everyone what he was thinking about. Kitty was lying on the mat with her legs slightly parted, giving him a tantalizing glimpse of her teenage pussy, and he just couldn't take his eyes off it. He had to be thinking how great it would feel to slip his swollen prick into that near-virgin hole.

"I bet I know what you want, Uncle Tom," Kitty leered.

"Well, what is it, honey?" Tom said hoarsely.

"You'd like to fuck me," she grinned.

Tom got even redder but confessed, "You guessed it, Kitty. Does the ideal appeal to you at all?"

"Mmmmmm, it sure does," she cooed.

Lori was watching all this with growing dismay. There was room for her now at the orgy. She could fuck one of the guys. But she didn't want to fuck her brother -- she did that all the time. She wanted to fuck her dad. She just had to try out that massive cock of his. But she'd better act before Kitty got him. She jumped to her feet and stripped as fast as she could.

As she tossed aside the last of her clothes, Kitty was crawling over to Daddy, an eager grin on her face. Lori raced into the room, stark naked, and everybody gawked at her.

"Please, Daddy," she cried, "don't fuck Cousin Kitty. Fuck me instead."

Chapter NINE

Tom figured he had to be dreaming. It had to be the best sex dream he'd ever had. One cute teenage girl had just said how she'd love to fuck him, and now another one had raced into the room and begged him to fuck her instead. And she just happened to be his cute little blond daughter. No way could it be happening.

"Please, Daddy," Lori moaned, "I'm so horny, you just have to fuck me."

"Hey, wait a second, Cousin Lori," Kitty snapped, "he asked me first, and I wanta get it on with him, too."

Gary and Sandy burst into laughter. "Hey, Dad," Gary called, "how are you gonna get out of this one?"

"Poor baby," Sandy teased, "you've got a really rough decision to make, don't you?"

"Tell me about it," Tom groaned.

It was an impossible choice. For some time now he'd been having jack-off fantasies about tight-cunted teenage girls, and now he had two of them competing for his cock. Problem was, he only had one cock. He glanced at slender dark-haired Kitty, then at curvy blond Lori, and he groaned. No way could he make up his mind between the two of them. He wanted to fuck both of them at once, and that was impossible.

"Please, Daddy," Lori pouted.

"You promised, Uncle Tom," Kitty begged.

"Damnit all," Tom groaned.

"Okay, everybody, let's not fight," Sandy said, taking over the motherly peace-keeping role. "I'm sure we can all get what we want. Tom, you'll just have to fuck both girls, one after the other, and we'll toss a coin to see who goes first. Is that fair enough, everybody?"

They all agreed, even though Tom was wondering secretly if he was up to the task of satisfying two horny teenage girls in a row. It sure as hell was going to be fun trying. Somebody found a coin, and Kitty won the toss. Lori found it hard to hide her disappointment, but she knew the arrangement was fair. She'd just have to try to live with her boiling lust a little while longer.

"Oh, boy," Kitty said eagerly, "how should we do it, Uncle Tom?"

"Well, I'm too heavy to be on top, honey," Tom said, "so I think we'll put you on top instead."

He rolled onto his back, and everybody stared at his massive drooling cock. It was menacingly long and thick and it bulged with blue veins. Kitty shivered as she studied it, both turned on and a little scared. But she wasn't going to chicken out now, not after she'd fought for her right to fuck him first. She crawled over to him and straddled his flat hairy belly.

Her knees hugging his hips, she brought the juicy little mouth of her cunt down to touch the enormous purple head of his cock. She felt just like she was sitting on a cannonball. She stopped there, afraid to go on, and Uncle Tom clasped her tiny waist and steadied her. Very slowly and gently he began to ease his huge steel-stiff prick into her.

"Easy, honey, try to rein," Tom said hoarsely. "I'll be as gentle as I can."

Again Kitty reminded herself that she didn't want to be a chicken in front of her city relatives. She bit her lip and stayed quiet as her uncle eased his meat into her ever so slowly. It felt like her cunt was being stretched to bursting, and her belly felt so full, she could hardly breathe. But even if she was split in half, she wasn't going to be a coward -- or so she was trying to tell herself.

The others watched wide-eyed, not sure if Tom would be able to get his enormous hard cock into the girl's tiny box. Her pussy lips, pink and delicately furred, were grotesquely stretched by his wrist-thick boner. But Sandy told herself that she could stop the proceedings if the girl showed any signs of pain. They all waited breathlessly as Tom's cock entered with tantalizing slowness.

He was about halfway into her when he had to pause for breath. He'd never been into anything as tight as his niece's cunt, and he was sure now that she'd been a virgin when she arrived for her visit a few days ago. Gary had taken her cherry but hadn't fucked her much. She was still almost virgin-tight. He could feel her velvety fuck tunnel throbbing against every inch of his lodged meat.

"You okay, honey?" he asked. "I can stop any time if you want me to."

Kitty was about to agree when she caught sight of her Cousin Lori, who was practically panting to take her place. She'd never forgive herself if she gave in to it now. "No, Uncle Tom, don't stop," she panted, "I'm just fine."

That wasn't strictly true, but she was damned if she was going to give up this chance to fuck her uncle. She was damned if she'd let Tom go first. She bit her lip and tried to relax her tiny cuntal tube as much as possible. That seemed to help. Uncle Tom's huge boner glided the rest of the way into her, and she felt his coarse-haired balls come to rest against her slit.

"There, honey, you took it all," Tom said hoarsely. "Are you okay? You wanta, stop?"

"Yes, Kitty," Sandy chimed in anxiously, "you just tell us if you want to stop."

Kitty still felt like she had a cannonball up her twat, but she said as calmly as she could, "Oh, I'm just fine, thanks."

"Terrific," Tom leered.

He'd been praying that the girl would want to continue. She had the tightest cunt he'd ever encountered, and he was dying to fuck her. Now he began to move his prick inside her, using deep, slow, sensuous strokes. When Kitty realized he wasn't going to be rough, she relaxed and began to cream again, making his way more slick and easy. Now they were in business.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah," he sighed.

"Ooooooo, shit, yessss," Kitty exclaimed.

She was beginning to really enjoy it now. Her uncle's enormous cock stimulated every inch of her gripping cunt, and each deep thrust gave her a slow sizzle of pleasure, different from anything she'd experienced before. She leaned forward a little and rubbed her greedy clit against his sawing shaft. That really felt great, and she gurgled with excitement and creamed even more heavily.

"That's it, honey, get nice and wet for me," Tom leered. "I think you're starting to like it now, right?"

"Right," Kitty gurgled, "it feels really great, Uncle Tom."

Everybody breathed a sigh of relief -- everybody except Lori, that is. The little blond was hoping her country cousin would chicken out and give her the first turn with Daddy. But she was going to have to wait again. Her pussy was on fire with need, and she was creaming furiously, soaking her slit. She had a powerful urge to play with herself, but she held out. She wanted to save all her lust for Daddy.

Lori wasn't the only one feeling horny as she watched. Sandy observed her husband's massive blue-veined boner gliding in and out of Kitty's juicy little cunt, and she started to squirm with arousal, her pussy getting all hot and swollen wet again. She'd lost track of how many times she'd come this afternoon, but obviously it hadn't been enough. She was all ready to go again as she watched Tom fucking their moaning little niece.

"Oooooo, yeah, Uncle Tom, I love it," Kitty was gurgling.

Sandy shivered with need and glanced over at her son. She was delighted to find Gary looking at her with the same horny gaze. Without another word they rolled into each other's arms and started kissing and pawing each other, their bodies meeting in a delicious electric shock. She fisted his prick and started pumping it, and he slid a finger up her cunt.

"Mmmmmmm, yes, baby," she murmured.

"Let's get it on, Mom," he leered.

Lori glanced over at them and sighed with longing. At least Mom and Gary could take care of each other's hot needs, but she was going to have to wait. She wasn't going to be content till she fucked her handsome dad. She just had to have the experience of taking his massive rock-hard cock. She could hardly contain her envy of her Cousin Kitty, who was really getting off on Daddy's fucking by now.

"Unnnhhhh, do it to me, Uncle Tom, fuck it to me," Kitty was whimpering.

Her eager hoarse cries and her heavy hot creaming told Tom that she was ready for rougher action. He began to fuck her faster, harder, and she responded with wails of delight, drenching his prick with her molten cream. Her slender body bucked and shook as she rode his pile-driving cock, and her hot cream spurted out to soak his belly and balls.

"Ohhhhhh, shit, I love it," she moaned, "I'm gonna come."

Tom held her firmly by the waist and plowed deep into her juicy little fuck hole. Her head lolled back and her eyes shut tightly as she hurtled toward orgasm. Tom noticed that Lori had been crawling closer and closer to watch, till she was within a foot of them. The hot horny anguish in her eyes turned him on like mad.

Lori caught him looking at her, and she leaned close and whispered, "Hurry, paddy, I'm just dying to take your big cock."

Tom snorted with lust and fucked his niece even harder. "Ooooo, shit," Kitty gasped, "I'm coming, whaaaahhhhh!"

It was a very close call for Tom. As his niece's tiny smoking cunt clamped hard around his cock, he damned near shot his load. But he gritted his teeth and managed to hold out as Kitty squealed and convulsed and soaked his dick with rush after rush of sizzling come-juice. She was coming very hard, and it was nearly a full minute before she finally tumbled off him with a big sigh of satisfaction.

She was hardly off the impalement of his big rigid cock before Lori was on. His cute blond daughter threw a leg over him and pushed the juice-slick mouth of her cunt down against his huge purple cock head. Quickly Tom caught her by the waist to steady her, while she greedily shoved her hips downward, trying to take his adult-sized boner into her teenage pussy hole. It was no go. The fit was just too tight.

"Easy, sugar," Tom chuckled, "let Daddy handle this."

"Okay," Lori said, panting with frustration.

Her box was tight, but not as snug as Kitty's, and with some gentle but steady pushing he managed to fill her with his hot throbbing cock. Lori gurgled with excitement as she took his prick, a little scared but mostly horny out of her mind. When he was fully into her, they both paused for breath, and she felt deliciously crammed with the thick pole of flesh.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, Daddy, fuck it to me," she panted.

Grinning broadly, Tom began to piston his lust-engorged prick in his daughter's deliciously tight but juicy fuck tunnel. It was like his wildest jack-off fantasy come true. His own little girl had the hots for him, had actually begged him to fuck her. Now she was moaning and whimpering with hot pleasure as he plowed into her molten depths.

"Unnnhhhh, Daddy, I love it," she gurgled, "don't ever stop, fuck me forever."

Tom glanced around to see what the others were doing. Kitty was still catching her breath and recovering from the hard fucking he'd given her, but Sandy and Gary were back in action. As he caught sight of them, Sandy was just rolling into the doggy position, and their son was kneeling behind her, leering as he fitted his swollen cock head into the tight-ringed mouth of her cunt.

"Oooooo, baby, yessss," Sandy hissed as the boy pushed into her.

Her expression was ecstatic, and she was clawing the mat as Gary filled her with his throbbing rock-hard boner. Gary looked pretty happy about it, too. Grasping her slim hips, he began to hammer his stiff cock in and out of her boiling box, making her squeal with delight. The sight of their lusty fucking made Tom even more insanely aroused, and he fucked faster and faster into his daughter's lustily gripping box.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, Daddy, really give it to me," Lori wailed.

"Fuck me, baby," Sandy cried to Gary, "fuck my pussy good and hard."

It was truly a family affair now, with father fucking daughter and son fucking mother. The only person left out of the fun was Cousin Kitty. But she'd come a long way in just a few days. She wasn't the shy and innocent country cousin any longer. She was a lusty young woman who knew just how to get what she wanted. She crawled over to Uncle Tom and Lori, a wicked grin on her face.

"Okay if I join you guys?" she leered.

"Hey, all right," Lori grinned. "You can handle it, can't you, Daddy?"

"I'll try anything once," Tom replied.

The next thing he knew, his little niece was straddling his head. Facing Lori, Kitty brought her steaming pussy within an inch of his lips. The rest was up to him, and he went right into action, making his tongue long and rigid, cramming it up her tight little cunt. Kitty let out a wail of delight and creamed all over his face as he began to tongue-fuck her.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, Uncle Tom, stick that big thing into me," she howled.

Now everybody was in on the fun, and Kitty felt really part of this family. She just wondered how she was going to stand farm life after an experience like this. Maybe she'd have to teach her own family some new tricks. But she had a lot to learn yet, and she couldn't learn enough in the three weeks planned for her visit.

"Hey, you guys," she exclaimed, "do you think I could stay with you all summer?"

Her city cousins let her know that it was more than all right with them.


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