Horny new wife

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time in his youth when he sneaked out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race in his father's car.

Lisa Evans' story is that of a young wife growing up in a very special way: breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. But all along what she is really seeking is sexual fulfillment, going from one shattering experience to another.

HORNY NEW WIFE -- the story of a young wife's struggle to find happiness. A timely story for today. A story which answers many questions, but leaves many others still unanswered.

Chapter ONE

Married only a few hours earlier, Lisa Evans stood staring at herself in the bathroom mirror and wondering if she could go through with her wedding night. The big moment had come. It was time to fuck. Her new husband, Larry, was waiting for her in the adjoining bedroom. Lisa dawdled and hesitated.

"Honey," Larry called, "are you okay? Are you coming pretty soon?"

"Yes, Larry, just a minute," Lisa called back. "There's no problem. I'm just a little slow." She'd been very slow in one thing, she thought dryly, and that was losing her virginity. Here she was twenty-four years old, and she'd never gone all the way with a man before. In fact she'd done little more than kiss and hold hands before she met Larry. Now that it was finally time to give up her cherry, she was panicked.

And that was silly, because Larry just drove her wild. If any man could make her forget her inhibitions, it was him. But Lisa had a lot of inhibitions to lose, more than the average young woman. She was an only child, raised by strictly religious parents, and it had been drummed into her head, ever since she could remember, that sex was dirty and wicked, and that nice girls never enjoyed it.

She realized now that her parents had gone overboard with their moralistic messages, but it still wasn't easy for her to shed a lifetime of training in just a few minutes. She kept hearing her mother telling her that "good girls" detest sex. Yet Lisa felt so turned on to Larry. Did that make her a bad girl?

"Come on, Lisa," she sighed. "Larry's gonna be climbing the walls. Just go do it and get it over with."

She checked herself in the mirror one more time, knowing this was the last glimpse of herself she'd get as a virgin. She saw a gorgeous brunette of average height, trim yet curvy body, and luscious thrusting tits. She was wearing a demure white lace nightgown that made her look innocent, almost angelic, and she was blushing.

In spite of her fears and hesitations, she had that hot moist feeling between her thighs, a feeling that had become very familiar to her since meeting Larry Evans. Not many men had had that effect on her before, but it seemed she was turned on all the time she was around Larry. At times it had been difficult to save her cherry for the wedding night, because Larry had come on to her so strongly and had excited her so much.

But she'd held out, and now it was time to fuck. Palms sweating, heart knocking, Lisa opened the bathroom door and stepped into the bedroom. She blushed harder then ever when she saw that her new husband wasn't wearing a thing. He was lying in bed with the covers down to his waist, and Lisa couldn't help ogling his broad hairy chest. He was grinning broadly as she walked to the bed. She noticed that the covers were sharply tented at his crotch.

She swallowed hard. "Sorry to take so long," she said.

"You're worth waiting for," Larry answered, looking her over hungrily. "I've been looking forward to this moment for weeks now."

Weeks? Was that how long they'd known each other? It seemed like minutes to the frightened virgin bride. One moment she'd been a secretary in a Bay Area resort supply company, and then this devastatingly handsome guy had walked in, married her, and swept her off to the remote Sierra resort which he owned and lived in. It had been a whirlwind courtship, all right.

Lisa lifted the covers and slipped into bed, and Larry made a grab for her. He pulled her into a hot embrace and gave her one of those long steamy tongue-kisses that just drove her wild. But this one was a little different -- because this time he was naked. His bare body was pressing against her, full length, and she could feel his steel-hard cock against her belly.

She felt embarrassed and excited at the same time. She'd never been with a naked guy before, and she'd never even set eyes on a cock. Oh, she knew what they looked like, from statues and pictures, but she'd never seen a real cock. She felt scared, yet her body seemed on fire for this man, her nipples going rigid and pressing against his chest.

They finally came up for air, and Larry's eyes were hot and horny. But when he studied her frightened face, his expression softened. "Hey, sugar, what's wrong?" he asked tenderly.

Lisa blushed furiously. "Oh, Larry, this is silly," she said, "but I'm nervous. I never did this before. I was raised to think sex is evil. I know that isn't true, but I guess it made me kind of inhibited."

"You just relax," he said soothingly. "I'm not gonna rush you or hurt you. I'm just gonna take my time and make sure you're good and ready, okay?"

"Larry, I love you," Lisa sighed.

"I love you, baby," he grinned. "And that's why I'm not gonna spoil our first time together."

As he spoke, he was casing off her nightgown ever so gently. Lisa went an blushing hard, because she'd never been naked with a man before. But she trusted Larry, and she let him remove the gown and set it aside. Under the covers, he felt her hot sleek body. She couldn't help enjoying his expert touch, and once more she felt that hot wet sensation in her pussy.

Larry's big hands briefly cupped her swelling tits, then glided lower, petting the soft fur of her little triangular cunt bush. He felt her all over, enjoying the silkiness of her skin. Lisa got more and more relaxed. When she was breathing calmly, he drew the covers down and kicked them away.

He stared at her, and she stared at him. She almost didn't mind him ogling her naked body because she was so busy studying his. Shyly, she let her gaze travel down from his powerful hair matted chest, over the flat belly with its centerline of hairs. When she reached his cock, she stopped breathing for a second. It looked so big, so rigid.

His prick had to be eight inches long, and it looked as thick as a woman's wrist. The cockshaft bulged with blue veins, and the cockhead was a shining purple knob of flesh. From a dark cleft in the head, of his prick, glistening cream was oozing. Below protruded his engorged and hair-matted balls. Lisa stared and stared, overwhelmed with her first glimpse of a cock and balls.

"It won't bite you, honey," Larry chuckled.

Lisa looked shyly at him, and he took her right hand and gently set it on his hard prick. She gasped and almost jerked her hand away, then reminded herself that this was the man she loved. He wouldn't hurt her, and she wanted to please him. Blushing hotly, she began running her fingers gingerly up and down the long hot pole of cockflesh. Larry drew his hand away and nodded approvingly.

"That's good," he said. "You oughta get acquainted with my cock. I hope it's gonna be a long and happy relationship."

Lisa was amazed at how hard his prick was, yet how it throbbed with readiness. It was like a granite column, only alive. She ran her fingers from the thick hairy base up to the gleaming purple cockhead. Hot sticky cream smeared her fingertips, and she rubbed it all over that missive bulb of prickflesh.

While she explored his cock, Larry as having fun with her tits. The grapefruit-size globes were firm and flawless, the skin creamy and satiny. They made large fistfuls for him. He gently squeezed and molded her sensitive tits, and Lisa found she liked it. Other men had attempted to feel her tits, but she had never let them. Larry was the first. She had even let him do it a few times before they were married, but only with her clothes on.

She had to admit she was a prude. That as how she'd been raised. And as her brand-new husband used his thumbs to tease her big pink nipples into perfect stiffness, she still felt like a prude. She wished she could be relaxed and natural about things, like Larry was, but maybe that would come in time. Right now, she felt wicked for every pleasurable sensation she was giving and getting.

"Here's something I really like, honey," Larry said, covering her hand with his.

He showed her how to pump his cock. He demonstrated the exact pressure and rhythm he liked, then let go and had her do it alone. It wasn't hard to learn, and his satisfied growl told her she was doing it right. She kept up the firm pumping motion and felt his huge boner throbbing hard against her fingers, while his piss hole drooled more hot sticky cock cream into her hand.

"Good, baby, just keep doing that, please," Larry panted.

Just then, they heard footsteps passing by in the hall, and Lisa froze.

"What if somebody walks in?" she asked nervously.

After all, they weren't alone at the resort. Although it was winter, with no customers, Larry's family was there -- his father, "Big Jim" Evans, his brother Steve, and Steve's wife Kitty. They'd all be cooped up in the lodge together for the long winter months. Lisa felt that she and her new husband didn't have a whole lot of privacy.

"Relax," Larry laughed. "The door's locked, and titer know damned well that anybody interrupting us tonight is a dead man. Just forget about them, honey. I expect they're on their way to bed. The night is ours."

His soothing words relaxed her, and she went on lazily pumping his cock. He leaned down over her firmly thrusting tits, stuck out his tongue, and started licking her engorged, erect nipples. Lisa gasped, then gurgled with delight. It really felt exciting to have her tits licked.

"Mmmmmnunm, honey," she murmured.

Larry lashed his hot tongue around and around the stiff tit buds. Swollen, her nipples were even more sensitive than usual. Lisa felt hot cream seeping from her virgin cunt and soaking her pussy. Larry was the first man she'd met who made her cream like that. The first time they'd necked, she'd creamed right through her panties. She'd been so embarrassed at her uncontrollable lust, but she simply couldn't help it. Larry did that to her.

Now there was nothing to stop them from going all the way. Lisa panted and sighed as Larry deliciously tongue-lashed her tender nipples. She felt his massive rock-hard boner bucking and throbbing in her fist, and she wondered how it would feel inside her cunt. It wouldn't be long before she found out. Larry was patient and understanding, but he couldn't be expected to hold back his fuck-lust forever.

Now he was kissing her lust-engorged tits and sucking at her hot stiff nipples. She whimpered with excitement when he pressed her big tits together and drew both rigid nipples into his mouth. He began to suck both throbbing nubs, and Lisa creamed a huge hot burst of cuntjuice that soaked her inner thighs.

"Oh, honey, you're getting me too excited," she moaned.

The hard bucking of his cock was his only answer, but she knew what he would have said. Getting her excited was the whole idea. He wanted to get her so turned on that she'd actually beg for his cock. He wanted to burn away all her hang-ups and inhibitions before they fucked.

Her pussy was soaked with her oozing juices, and her gash was swollen and aching for his touch. She was starting to squirm, writhing and moving her hips in a special way she'd never done before. She blushed as she realized that she was wriggling them in an instinctive fucking motion. Her mind might not be ready for sex, but her body sure was.

She seemed to tinge all over, and as Larry sucked hotly and noisily on her nipples, she rubbed her thighs together till she felt almost ready to come. She had this wicked urge to play with herself. But of course that wouldn't be necessary anymore. Now she had a husband. She wouldn't need her probing fingers. She could have a cock.

She wondered if fucking was going to be better than playing with herself. That WAS a naughty habit she'd had ever since she was a teenager. Sometimes her pussy got so hot and needy that she just couldn't resist getting herself off, even though her mother had stressed that decent young women had no need for sex and no urge for it. Lisa figured there was just some flaw in her character, otherwise she wouldn't have to masturbate.

Now she felt the urge very strongly. She wanted to ease a stiff finger into her cunt, jerk it up and down, and come like crazy. She blushed deeply when she realized that what she really wanted was Larry's cock. That was what she'd wanted all along, a nice stiff cock in her cunt, fucking her. Only she'd been too ashamed to admit it to herself.

She ground her thighs together as Larry sucked her nipples till they throbbed. He released the swollen spit-soaked nubs at last and started kissing his way lower down her body. She blushed harder than ever as he buried his face in the soft fragrant fur of her cunt bush. Then he was easing her thighs open. She felt nervous again, but she let him do it.

He rolled between her legs, very low, so that he was panting onto her pussy. He moved her legs into a bent position and pushed them wide open, so that he could see every inch of her luscious cream-drenched pussy gash. Lisa had never blushed harder in her life, but then she'd never shown her pussy to a man before. Larry's eyes glowed hungrily.

"Gorgeous," he smiled. "Your pussy's as beautiful as the rest of you."

Lisa was too shy to answer. But she felt hotly aroused as Larry leaned closer and closer to her steaming pink pussy gash, his hot breath fanning and tickling the supersensitive flesh. He folded back the dark-furred lips of her cunt and isolated the most sensitive and receptive spot of all, her little hooded clit. Lisa knew all well how easy it was to get off by rubbing that fleshy nub.

"Ohhhhhhh, God, Larry, ohhhhhhh," she moaned as his tongue made sudden, electric contact with her cunt.

She'd never felt anything like it. The pleasure was almost blinding. Larry used the pointed tip of his tongue to rim and flick her cunt, and each touch was ecstasy. Lisa dug her nails into the sheet, closed her eyes tightly, and whimpered with delight. She'd never done anything to herself with her fingers that could compare with this.

"I love it, honey, don't stop," she moaned. "I'll do it as long as you want it, sugar," Larry said hoarsely. "All night, if you want."

Ten years was more like it, as far as Lisa was concerned. It was the mast heavenly sensation she'd ever felt in her life. Larry used his tongue tip expertly, spinning it around and around the tender shaft of her clit, giving her a continuous buzz of pleasure. She began to cream and couldn't stop. The molten liquid poured from her cunt and down her ass crack to puddle on the bed.

She kept her eyes tightly closed, blotting out everything but the wonderful sensations she was getting from her husband's hotly rimming tongue. She realized she was soaking his face with her pussy cream, but there was no way she could control it. He was getting off on it, anyhow, because she could hear him gobbling up the tangy liquid like it was nectar.

His tongue sped faster and faster around her lust-engorged clit, till Lisa was whimpering and hovering on the brink of climax. Greedily he arched her body and pushed her nearly-bursting cunt harder against his tongue. She felt like she'd go crazy if she didn't get off right away. She'd never experienced such urgent desire before.

"Ohhhh, Larry, make me come, honey," she sobbed. "I'll die if I don't come."

His response was instant and expert. He shoved his big hands under her lustily churning, ass, gripped the hot little globes, and held her still so that he didn't have a moving target. Then he jammed his lips down onto her clit and started sucking. Lisa let out a helpless yelp of ecstasy and almost flew off the bed.

"Unnnnhhhlt, darling, yesssss!" she gasped.

She knew Larry could never have gotten to be this expert a lover unless he'd made it with dozens of women before her, but that didn't bother Lisa. She was just grateful that he was so damned good. He sucked her clitright into his hot steamy mouth and sucked her helplessly toward orgasm. Nothing else mattered to her at that moment, only coming.

She didn't have much longer to wait. She was so aroused already, and his sucking was so good that she was rocketing into orbit in less than a minute. The violent orgasm started in the base of her clitand flamed out to engulf and rock her whole body. Molten cream spurted from her cunt and splattered Larry's face.

"Unnnhhhhh, honey, you're doing it, I'm coming!" Lisa howled.

She'd never come harder in her life. She bucked violently, wrenching her squirting clitfrom Larry's lips, and she rolled around on the bed, moaning as the powerful spasms ripped through her. When she finally stopped coming, Larry was kneeling close by, watching her with hot lusty eyes. His huge cock was wagging stiffly and heavily before him, dripping hot cream.

Lisa laughed helplessly. "I came so hard," she panted. "That was wonderful, Larry."

"And you're not frigid after all," he teased. "No, I guess not," she admitted with a giggle. "I never thought you were, honey," he said, "even when you were driving me crazy by not letting me touch you. I knew you'd been raised with all those screwy ideas about sex being evil and dirty. But I'm gonna get that crap out of your mind once and for all. I want you to enjoy everything about our marriage."

As he spoke, he was moving closer, till he knelt between her legs. Once again he arranged her with her knees bent and her thighs wide open, so that her soaked fur-fringed pussy was fully exposed to his hungry eyes. Lisa felt shy about that, yet highly aroused. He pressed the thick tip of his middle finger to the moist little mouth of her cunt. He popped the stiff finger into her about half an inch.

"Oooooo!" Lisa gasped.

"Feel good?"

"Yes," she admitted hoarsely, "very good."

"That's how my cock's gonna feel, only better," he promised. "But let's find out if you're ready."

He started easing that thick stiff finger into her pussy ever so gradually, and Lisa felt her arousal rocketing to fever pitch. She adored having something long and hard in her cunt, and that was her favorite way of beating off. She loved to cram her own middle finger in there and finger-fuck herself, coming two or three times a session. Larry had discovered her secret vice.

"Unnnhhhhh, yessssss," she gurgled.

"Christ, so tight," he breathed.

Larry had, never doubted that his new bride was a virgin. Her innocence and shyness, her timidity about sex couldn't have been faked. Yet finding a beautiful twenty-four-year-old virgin had seemed too good to be true. His finger was telling him the good news, that Lisa really had never fucked before. His cock would be the first to enter that exquisitely tight pussy.

It was a tight fit even for his finger. He fucked his finger into her slowly and carefully, wanting to make sure he didn't hurt her in any way during their first time together. This night would set the tone for their whole marriage. He wanted Lisa to learn to trust him, and he wanted her to adore sex. It was all up to him.

At last his thick finger was fucked into her all the way, right to the last knuckle. It was fully sheathed in the steaming velvety flesh of her virgin cunt, and he left it that way for a moment, studying her. Her whole body was flushed with arousal, her thick eyelashes fluttering, her teeth flashing as she panted. She was still shy about sex, but she couldn't hide her arousal.

"Ohhhh, Larry, I can't take much more," she moaned. "You're getting me so excited."

"Good," he grinned. "I must be doing something right."

He started finger-fucking her. Lisa couldn't help it. She squealed with excitement and soaked his finger with spurt after spurt of hot sticky cream. This was much more arousing than doing it to herself. His finger was thicker, for one thing, and it crammed her cunt deliciously. But would she be able to take his cock?

While he fucked his finger stiffly in her juicy pussy, she stared at his menacingly rigid cock. It looked so long, so thick, she was sure it would split her in half. His finger felt big in her cunt, so how was his cock going to feel? She shuddered to think about it. Yet she knew she was going to fuck him tonight. He'd demand it and, she had to admit, she wanted it. Painful or not, she craved the experience.

Now he was expertly working her toward the big moment, fucking his finger like a cock in her virgin cunt, getting her aroused and wet and frantic for another orgasm. He pistoned his thick finger faster and faster in her gripping pussy, and she instinctively moved her hips to that rhythm, as if fucking back at him.

"Make me come, Larry," she whimpered. "I know I'm a pig, but I just have to come again."

"Nothing piggish about that, honey," he chuckled. "Most women need more than one orgasm to feel really satisfied."

That was news to Lisa. She'd just assumed she was some kind of pervert because one climax was never enough to take care of her horniness. But it turned out she was normal. That was nice to know. It was nice to know there was nothing wrong with her as her desire reached the boiling point and she soaked Larry's pumping finger with spurts of cunt cream.

"Do it to me, get me off," she panted.

Larry could feel her frantically needy cunt clamping like a vise round his finger as she tried to come. He could just imagine how fantastic that muscular squeezing was going to feel around his cock. And he saw no reason to delay any longer. Lisa was about as horny as a woman could get at that moment. She'd never be more ready to lose her cherry.

He slipped his cream-soaked finger out of her hot little pussy hole and pressed the massively engorged head of his cock against the fur fringed opening. Lisa felt the difference and opened her eyes. She stared down between her splayed thighs and saw that her husband's enormous swollen cock was poised for the very first fuck-thrust into her untried cunt.

"It's time now, Lisa," Larry said hoarsely. Lisa just nodded. He was probably right, but she still felt afraid as she looked down at that gigantic column of engorged cock meat. It just didn't seem possible to take it into her tiny pussy without pain. But she vowed not to complain. She didn't want to spoil things for Larry. It was her duty as a wife to fuck him, and she'd gone into this marriage willingly. She gritted her teeth and tensed herself.

"Relax, honey," Larry ginned. "We're making love, not war. I'm your friend, remember?"

Lisa looked embarrassed. "Sorry, I'll try," she said.

She let the tension go out of her body. Larry nodded, and then he started easing his cock into her. Lisa would never forget those momentous few minutes when her new husband carefully and expertly took her virginity. He fucked into her so gradually that she had time to adjust. To her surprise and delight, her cunt expanded like elastic to accommodate Larry's enormous rock-hard cunt.

And as she realized that it wasn't going to be painful, she relaxed more and more. She found that she loved the sensation of being filled with hot throbbing cockmeat. She loved having that big thing inside her, cramming her completely. She soaked his cock with molten cream as it touched her womb. Larry paused that way, his prick fucked fully into her, and they locked eyes.

"Still friends?" he smiled. "No pain?"

Lisa smiled gratefully. "You're quite a man, Larry."

"Let's make you into a woman," he said, his voice hoarse with lust.

He let himself down on her, his massive hairy chest pressing against her stiff-nippled tits. He slid his hands under her ass and cupped the firm hot mounds. Lisa felt pinned down by his big hard body, skewered on his massive cock, but she wasn't fearful anymore. She wanted him to take complete possession of her. She creamed hotly all over his deeply buried prick.

He began fucking her deeply and slowly, getting her used to it. She wondered how in hell she'd survived so many adult years without fucking. It was even better than she'd imagined. Larry's stiff cockshaft rubbed up and down her sensitive clit, giving her non-stop pleasure. Each deep fuck-thrust of his cock gave her delicious sensations, causing her to cream helplessly.

Yes, she was going to love fucking this man. And something else came to her with absolute certainty -- her parents had been all wrong, horribly wrong, about sex. There was nothing evil or dirty about it. Good girls could get off on it. What she and Larry had going right now was fantastic, it was beautiful. She didn't feel the least bit ashamed of her arousal.

"Ohhhhh, honey, it's good," she gurgled. "You're doing it to me so good, Larry."

"Great," he panted, nuzzling her neck. "I kinda figured you'd like it."

"Like it?" Lisa giggled. "I love it, honey. I don't think I could ever get enough of it."

That was music to Larry's ears. While he'd been certain from the start that Lisa was not frigid, he'd expected that it might take quite a while to work through all her inhibitions and make her into the bed partner he wanted liberated, horny, and not embarrassed about showing her needs and her feelings. But his pretty bride was coming along a lot faster than he'd imagined. Her cunt seemed to glow with horny heat around his cock.

Snorting with excitement, Larry firmed his grip on her ass and started fucking her faster. She could take more than those slow gentle motions now. Sure enough, as he speeded up the stiff plowing of his cock, Lisa squealed with excitement and soaked his cockmeat with molten spurts of cunt cream, a sure sign that she loved what he was doing. Her hips started moving to his new, faster fuck-rhythm.

"Yes, honey, fuck me faster now," she moaned. "I just love the way it feels, Larry."

Larry wasn't exactly hating it, either. He'd never been into a cunt as tight as hers, and it was hard to keep from coming. It was tempting just to let himself go and fuck her hard, jetting his load into her. But it would be worth the patience and the wait if he could make this very first fuck perfect for her. He wanted her always to be eager for more.

So he brought her along expertly, gradually increasing the speed and force of his fucking, carrying her higher and higher in her hot lust. She gurgled and squealed with excitement, soaking his fucking boner again and again with her thick scalding pussy cream. No question, his new bride had the potential for becoming a real tigress in bed. He could make this beautiful prude into the wanton slut of his fantasies.

"Unnnhhhhh, Larry, make me come," Lisa was moaning homely. "Fuck me till I come, honey."

"Till we both come," Larry chuckled.

Because no way could he hold out any longer. He pulled her writhing body tight against him and fucked into her like a piledriver, making her slim body shudder with the impact. Luckily Lisa was ready for the hardest fucking he could give her. She wailed in ecstasy and jerked her hips to his rhythm, greedily rubbing her clitagainst his hard-pistoning cockshaft.

"Oh, God, yessss," she gurgled. "Fuck me hard, darling, fuck me crazy."

Lisa hardly recognized that hoarse wanton voice as her own. She pumped her hips furiously to Larry's hard fuck-rhythm, threw back her head, and closed her eyes, blotting out everything but the burning pleasure she felt as her lusty young husband fucked her to the very brink of orgasm. She hovered there, gurgling, and felt a violent climax radiating up from the depths of her cunt.

"Unnnggghhh, Larry, I'm coming!" she wailed. "Ohhhhh, baby, yesssss, whaaahhhh!"

Larry yelped as her tiny near-virgin cunt clamped like a velvet vise around his deeply thrust cock. It felt like her spasming pussy was trying to suck the jism right out of his balls, and in another second that was just what happened.

"Ahhhhh, baby, take my load!" he roared. "Ahhhhhh, shit, unnnnnggghhhhhh!"

Lisa gurgled in ecstasy as she took her very first load of boiling jizz. Fucking was great, she thought dizzily, the greatest thing in the world. As long as it was between husband and wife, there couldn't be anything wrong with it. She'd never again feel inhibited about fucking with Larry.

As she began coming down from her climax, she opened her eyes, then barely stifled a gasp.

She hadn't noticed it before, but on the wall opposite the bed there was a little hole at about eye level. Not only that, but when she looked at it, she thought she saw movement, as if somebody had been watching them and then had moved quickly away.

Was it possible that some other member of the family had spied on their wedding night? Lisa shuddered and blushed. But she decided to say nothing to Larry till she'd checked out her suspicions. She didn't want to do anything to spoil what had been the most beautiful night of her life.

Chapter TWO

When Lisa awoke the next morning, she gasped to find somebody else in bed with her. Then she remembered she was married. Larry was going to be in her bed from now on, and that would be very nice. She wriggled with happiness when she remembered everything they'd done last night.

She'd loved every minute of her new husband's love-making. As she reviewed every exciting thing they'd done, she felt her pussy growing hot and wet, and she thought how nice it would be if they could fuck before breakfast. Larry was still asleep, but she was sure he wouldn't mind being awakened for some fun.

Lisa snuggled up close to his hard naked body and ran her hands over his broad hair-matted chest. He stirred a little and smiled in his sleep. Daringly, she ran one hand down to his cock. As she wrapped her fingers around the hot cockmeat, it began to swell and stiffen. Lisa moaned excitedly as Larry got a hard-on in her fist.

She was creaming heavily now. His big prick ballooned to its full proportions and throbbed hard against her fingers. She started pumping his cock eagerly, and that brought Larry to consciousness. He blinked, then grinned broadly when he saw his new bride playing with his prick.

"Good morning, honey," Lisa cooed.

"What a way to wake up," Larry said with a happy sigh.

He kissed her, and they darted their tongues at each other. Lisa felt like a brand-new woman this morning. She wasn't at all shy or inhibited about showing her lust for Larry. She felt like anything a married couple did together was okay. Maybe she could finally lay her parents' prudish ideas to rest and unleash her passions for the first time.

"I don't know why," Larry chuckled, "but I get the feeling you could do with some loving."

"Mmmmmm, I sure could," Lisa sighed. "I was hoping we'd have time before breakfast."

"We just might," he said, rolling her onto her back.

Eagerly, and without a trace of shame, Lisa spread her legs for him. He ogled her wet pink pussy slit for a second, then gave a lusty snarl and rolled on top of her, sinking down between her hot silky thighs. He touched the swollen head of his cock to her creaming cunt mouth, and she shivered with longing.

"Oh, yes, Larry, honey," she moaned. "Stick that big thing into me. I want it so bad."

Just then there was a loud knock on the door. "Hey, you lovebirds," called Larry's brother, Steve. "Breakfast is getting cold."

"Shit," Larry groaned. "I guess we'll have to continue this later, honey."

Lisa could have screamed with frustration. Her pussy was on fire with need. But Larry was right, they couldn't keep the others waiting. In fact they should have been up by now, helping with the chores. They rolled out of bed and bundled up in warm clothes. There was snow outside, and right now it felt cold enough to snow in their bedroom, too.

As they entered the big family kitchen and took their places at the oak table, Lisa said to Steve's wife: "Kitty, I'm awfully sorry. I should have been down her helping you with breakfast."

"Well, you were entitled to sleep in just this once, honey," Kitty smiled. "It must have been quite a night."

Lisa blushed scarlet, and others chuckled. As she took her share of breakfast, she remembered the spy hole she'd seen in the bedroom wall. Had it just been her imagination, or had somebody actually spied on her wedding night and watched every intimate thing she and Larry did? She'd have to check out that hole.

But there were so many other things to do that day, she forgot about the hole in the wall. As Larry had warned her, there was a lot to be done at the resort even in the off-season. She joined Kitty in cleaning the huge lodge, while Larry and his brother and father chopped and stacked wood for the fireplaces. They didn't all get together again till lunch.

By then Lisa was wishing the rest of the family would disappear for a while. She liked them well enough, but she wanted to be alone with Larry. She felt just as horny as the moment she woke up, and there was only one cure for that -- her new husband's hard cock. She ached to fuck him again, but it seemed like they could never be alone together. There was always some member of his family around.

Lisa surveyed them. Stew, Larry's older brother, was a hunk, too. He wasn't quite as handsome as Larry, Lisa thought, but he was plenty attractive, a tall tanned man with dark hair. Steve's wife Kitty was a petite redhead, cute but mischievous. She'd been very kind to Lisa, and it looked like they were going to get along fine.

Larry and Steve's father, Big Jim Evans, was a giant of a man, even taller than his two strapping sons. In his mid-fifties, he was powerfully built, ruggedly handsome, and had thick silver hair. Lisa thought that if she was attracted to older men, she'd really go for Big Jim.

Yes, they were all nice people, but she wished they were a thousand miles away just now. She wanted the lodge all to herself and Larry. She wanted to fuck with him in every room of the place. She wanted to chase him naked up and down the stairs. She caught herself wriggling in her chair as she thought about it. It had been so exciting to fuck him.

She looked up from her lunch and saw that Larry was watching her. Their eyes locked, and there was no mistaking the silent message that passed between them. They urgently wanted to make love. Somehow, they'd be alone together after lunch. Lisa barely tasted her sandwich as she hurried to finish. She'd never felt so urgently horny in her life.

As they all rose from the table, she whispered to Larry: "I'll just help Kitty with the dishes, then I'll meet you."

"Right," he grinned. "Come to the sauna."

"The sauna?" Lisa exclaimed.

"It's a very sexy place," Larry said, turning and striding out of the room.

Lisa wasn't sure she liked that idea too much. The sauna was on the main floor, with the family passing back and forth all the time. But right now she was so desperate for Larry's cock that she would have met him in the snow if he'd asked her to. She helped Kitty wash and dry the lunch dishes, then hurried down the hall to the luxurious sauna provided for the guests.

Larry was just firing up the wood stove, and the heat was pleasant. Lisa carefully locked the door behind her. That lock made her feel a lot more secure about meeting him here instead of in their bedroom. Then she shucked her clothes and stretched out on a cushiony mat. It felt so sexy to be naked. It added to her already burning need.

"Hurry, honey," she sighed. "I'm so horny, I could die."

"That's my blushing bride talking?" Larry laughed. "You sure are different after last night, honey."

"You made me different, Larry," she smiled. "I don't feel afraid of sex anymore."

"Great," he beamed.

He started taking off his clothes, and Lisa shamelessly ogled him. His rugged hairy body turned her on like crazy. She feasted her eyes on his powerful chest and hard-muscled arms and legs. She followed the hair line down his flat belly as he skinned out of his shorts. She creamed helplessly as his hard cock came into sight, wagging and weaving heavily before him.

Then he was beside her, puffing her into a hot embrace, and they kissed hungrily, exchanging tongues. Lisa let her natural instincts guide her for a change, no longer trying to suppress them, and she found herself wantonly grinding her swollen pussy mound against his stiff cock. Larry growled hungrily and squeezed her ass.

"I wanta teach you something, honey," he said, his voice hoarse with lust. "It's something I really love to have done to me. I hope you won't object."

"Of course not, darling," Lisa said adoringly. "I want to do whatever I can to make you feel good."

"Great, then I'll teach you to give head," he said.

Her checks reddened a little. She wasn't used to talking so openly. But she felt excited, too, as Larry rolled onto his back and his massive boner stood straight up, pointing obscenely at the ceiling. Blue veins stood out on the thick cockshaft, and bright robs of cream bubbled up in his piss hole.

"Kneel beside me, honey," Larry instructed eagerly. "Pump my cock, like I showed you last night."

Lisa remembered that very well. She wrapped her fingers around his rigidly standing prick and started to pump. Her pussy was searing hot by now and dripping cream. She was horny out of her mind and ready for any kinky pleasure her new husband might suggest. Larry watched her pumping fist, his nostrils flaring with excitement.

"Good," he said. "Just keep doing that kinda slow. Then lean down and lick my cock, lick it all over."

Lisa's mouth watered at the very thought. Working her hot little fist up and down his steel hard boner, she dipped her head down, stuck out her tongue, and got her very first taste of cock cream. She speared up a droplet of the stuff from the deep cleft of his prickhead. It was strong and salty, but she liked it right away.

"Mmmmm," she murmured; "Is this what you want, babe?"

"Yeah, just keep doing that," Larry said hoarsely. "I really get off on that, Lisa."

"Then I'll never stop," she grinned.

She licked his huge hard cock all over. She started with the purple cockhead, running her tongue all around it, reaming out his piss hole. She didn't stop till she'd eaten every drop of his hot cock cream. Then she started a lusty little tour of his cockshaft, lashing and whipping it with her juicy tongue, working her way slowly down to his balls.

"Damn, that's good," Larry groaned. "Keep going, baby, lick every inch of it."

Lisa didn't really need to be urged. She was having a wonderful time. Maybe she was just a natural-born cock-sucker, but she sure got off on it. She lathered every bit of his stiff fucker with her hot spit, making it gleam. She didn't stop there. She licked her way right on down to his thickly furred balls and lashed them with her wicked tongue. Larry shivered with excitement.

"You better watch it, lady," he growled, "or I'm gonna come right in your face."

Lisa just grinned and went on tonguing his huge hairy balls. When she'd soaked them with her steaming saliva, she licked her way back up his blue-veined column of cockmeat, back to the bulbous head of his cock. Now there was more hot cream leaking out of his piss hole, and she went for it, scooping it up and gobbling it as fast as she could get it.

"Oh, Christ," Larry moaned. "That does it. I gotta have you suck me off now. Just take my prick in your mouth, as much as you can get, and suck it."

Lisa obeyed eagerly. She wanted to do every wild thing in the book with this man. Her lust for him cunt right through all her old inhibitions. Firmly fisting the base of his cock, pumping it like he'd showed her, she started sliding her lips down around the massive prick head. Larry snorted with excitement, and his eyes glazed over with lust as he watched her.

"That's my girl," he panted. "Keep going, take in as much as you can."

Lisa had to open her lips as wide as she possibly could in order to take his huge cockhead between them. Finally she got it wedged inside, and she dipped even lower, taking half his cockshaft. That was all she could get into her mouth without choking. She firmed her lips around the throbbing column of cockmeat, drew in her cheeks, and started to suck.

"Oh, shit, honey, that's great," Larry groaned.

Lisa loved the effect she was having on him. With just her sucking mouth, she was driving the big rugged man out of his mind with pleasure. His face was flushed and contorted in a grimace of lust, and his teeth flashed as he groaned and panted. He was digging his fingers into the mat. He seemed practically on the verge of earning.

She loved doing that for him, and she loved sucking his cock. It was incredibly arousing to have that thick slab of prickmeat throbbing on her tongue, his salty cock cream dripping onto her taste buds. She worked eagerly, suctioning the delicious juice out of his piss hole and gulping it. As her excitement grew, she sucked his prick faster and faster.

"Ahhhhhh, Jesus!" he moaned. "You're doing great, baby. You're gonna make me come like crazy."

That was just what she hoped. Lisa wanted to be the best lover possible for her adored husband. She wanted to make sure he never needed to turn to another woman. Larry had fucked plenty of women before her, she was sure of that. But he'd settled down now, and she wanted to keep it that way. So whatever he wanted in bed, she'd give it to him, and she'd do the best job possible.

She sucked hungrily and loudly on his cock, making an obscene slurping noise, drooling all over the tasty cockmeat. Larry's eyes rolled wildly back in his head, then closed. He was breathing loudly and harshly. His cock was throbbing so hard on her tongue, she thought it would explode. Then he began to fuck back and forth as he lost control.

"Shit, I'm gonna come," he groaned. "I'm gonna fill your mouth with come, baby."

Lisa moaned and sucked his jerking cock even harder and faster than before. He was fucking her mouth now, pistoning his wildly pulsating prick over her slippery tongue, almost cramming his cock into her throat. His cock cream was dripping steadily onto her tongue, and she gobbled it greedily. It wouldn't be long before she got a whole mouthful of the stuff.

"Mmmmmm, uuummmmm," she moaned. Larry was totally lost in his mounting excitement, his eyes screwed shut, his teeth bared in a lusty snarl. He fucked faster and faster into her sucking mouth. Abruptly, he stiffened and went totally still for a second, gasping. Lisa felt a thick wad of jizz hitting the back of her throat. Then Larry was convulsing hard and flooding her mouth with creamy come.

"Awwww, Christ, whaaahhhhhh!" he roared, sizzling his come into her mouth and down her throat.

Lisa let the boiling jism collect, savoring it. Her cheeks puffed out hugely, and milky come spurted from the corners of her lips. Finally she gulped the whole thick load of jism, and Larry sank back with a gratified sigh, his wet cock slipping from her lips. She licked her lips, searching for more of his delicious come.

"Well, teacher, how'd I do?" she grinned. "I'm giving you an A-plus," he sighed. "And I've got a little reward for you, too. Come here."

He lifted her easily and brought her down to straddle his chest. Lisa couldn't help blushing because she was practically sitting on his face, her ripe red cunt slit fully exposed to his greedy eyes. He folded back the dark-furred lips of her pussy and exposed the tiny sensitive lump of her cunt.

"I recall," he grinned, "you liked it when I went down on you last night."

"I loved it, honey," Lisa gurgled. "And if you intend to do some more of it, that'd be great."

"You read my mind," he chuckled. His big wet tongue darted out, and Lisa gasped at the sudden pleasure when it made electric contract with her clit. He went right for the most tender and receptive part of her pussy, rimming her hot little clit with the pointed tip of his tongue. It felt so good, she creamed in hot spurts, soaking his face.

"Ohhhhhh, honey, yessssss!" she hissed. "I love that, Larry."

Greedily she thrust her pussy forward, practically shoving it in his face. He cupped her hot little ass and steadied her horny writhing. He whipped his hot wet tongue up and down her clit, giving her sharp stabs of pleasure and making her shiver with delight. She moaned and squealed and creamed.

She thought nothing could feel better than that stiff wet tongue tip lashing her clit, but she was wrong. Larry had something even more breathtaking in store for her. When he'd licked her cunt into its own little hard-on, leaving it engorged and throbbing, he slid his big tongue farther down.

She felt him rimming the mouth of her cunt. He made the tip of his tongue stiff, and he inserted it just a little, then ran it around and around the creamy opening. It was tantalizing, maddening. Lisa moaned for more. She jerked her hips, trying to impale herself deeply on his rimming tongue, but he wouldn't let her.

That was the whole idea, of course, she was sure of it. He wanted to drive her wild with need, and he was doing an excellent job of it. His tongue spun around and around, a scant half inch inside her cunt, and she whimpered with horniness, craving the full length of his tongue in her famished pussy hole.

"Ohhhhh, please, honey, you're driving me crazy," she whimpered.

"Tell me what you want," he panted.

"I want you to stick your tongue in my cunt," she moaned. "I want all of it, Larry, the whole damned thing -- as far as you can shave it."

It was hard to recognize the shy little prude she'd been only yesterday. Then she would have died of embarrassment before begging a man to cram his tongue into her cunt. Now she didn't think anything about it. She was wantonly shoving her pussy in Larry's face, creaming dower his bobbing chin.

"Ahhhhhh, honey, yessssss," she gurgled.

He was giving her what she wanted, cramming his big slick tongue fully into her. She creamed heavily and helplessly as the juicy column of meat invaded her pussy and filled her. Since the moment she woke up this morning, she'd been craving something big and hot in her pussy. Now that she was finally getting it, she couldn't hide her excitement.

"That's it, honey, stick it in me," she moaned. "Fuck me with it, Larry, make me come."

Larry clutched her hot little ass and pulled her against his face, cramming his tongue into her as deep as he could. Then he began pistoning the wet meat in and out of her cunt, fucking her with it just as she'd begged him to. It was ecstasy for the horny young bride. Her head rolled back, her eyes closed tightly, and she gave herself up to pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh, darling, it's heavenly," she moaned. "I love your tongue in me, Larry."

His tongue was making an obscene sucking noise as it fucked deep in her fever-hot cunt. She was creaming all over his face. She was shameless in her fuck-lust, but she didn't care. She knew her husband loved it when she became a slut with him. She jerked her hips wantonly, pistoning her slippery cunt up and down the skewer of his tongue, getting all the delicious friction she could. She was so horny, after waiting all day for this.

"Do it to me, do it to me, make me come!" she panted.

She couldn't remain passive. She jerked her scorching pussy hole up and down his tongue while he reamed deep into her, scooping out her tangy cunt cream and gobbling it. Steadily she tightened her famished pussy around his tongue, and the hot friction brought her swiftly to the bring of orgasm.

"Ohhhhh, honey, just a little more," she whimpered, "I'm almost coming."

Larry went into high gear, tongue-fucking her cunt with lightning speed. That was all she needed to take her over the top. She felt the body racking orgasm beginning in the depths of her cunt and blasting out to sear every vein in her body. She deluged Larry's face with huge molten spurts of come-cream.

"Unnnnnhhhhhhhh, God, you did it, I'm coming!" she wailed.

Larry cupped her ass hard, keeping her pressed tight against his face so he could go on reaming her cunt and eating her come as she climaxed. That deep-probing tongue made her orgasm doubly long and intense. She was sobbing with relief by the time she finished. She slid off Larry's face and writhed around on the mat.

"Oh, God, I came so hard," she panted. "That was just fantastic, darling."

"I'm not finished with you yet," he growled. Lisa opened her eyes and looked dizzily in his direction. She seemed to see nothing but cock. Larry had a hard-on that just wouldn't quit, and his massive boner was weaving heavily in front of him, almost as if taunting his lusty young bride. Lisa felt her fuck-lust returning in full force, in spite of the powerful orgasm she'd just had.

"Fuck me, Larry," she moaned. "I've been waiting all day for it."

"Me, too," he said. "Let's try it a different way this time."

Lisa nodded eagerly. She would have fucked upside down if he'd asked her to. Luckily he didn't want anything that outrageous. He arranged her in the doggy-fucking position, on her elbows and knees, her cute little ass slightly elevated. He knelt behind her, grasped her hips, and socked the engorged head of his cock into the moist pit of her cuntal opening.

"Oh, yeah, stick it in me, honey," she panted. "I want that big thing so bad."

Larry was grinning broadly as she whimpered for his cock. He was very pleased with how uninhibited she'd become after just a little lovemaking. He'd feared her prudery would be a problem in their marriage, but to his relief, her lust was far stronger than her Victorian childhood teachings. She was quickly becoming the idea bed partner.

"Come on, Larry, fuck me," she panted, jerking her hips impatiently.

"Okay, greedy, here goes," he laughed.

He started easing his long throbbing prick into her cunt. The fit was still very tight, and he had to take it easy so he wouldn't bruise that tiny passage. But Lisa made the way easier by soaking his advancing cock with burst after burst of hot pussy cream. Her snug cunt got more slippery by the inch.

"Oooooo, yesssss, honey, stick it in me, give me every inch of it," Lisa moaned.

Larry snorted with excitement and eased bis thick cock the last few inches into her incredibly tight and steamy pussy hole. He paused for a second, savoring the sensations, his prick gripped and soaked by her red-hot cunt. But, she began wriggling her hips, signaling her need for action. He firmed his grip on her hips and began pistoning his prick in her pussy.

"Is that what you want, baby?" he asked. "Oh, God, yes," Lisa whimpered, "I want you to fuck me forever, Larry, don't ever stop."

Larry just wished it could be that way. He never wanted to take his cock out of that velvety hot cunt hole of hers. He fucked her fast and deep, knowing she'd been waiting all day for his cock. She responded with horny whimpers and that heavy helpless creaming. She clawed the mat, and her cunt seemed to burn around his jerking prick.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, baby, that's so good," she moaned, "so damned good, Larry."

Lisa didn't think she could ever get enough of her husband's stiff fucking. Each deep jab of his cock gave her a hot burst of pleasure and made her cream and moan. She pistoned her hips to his rhythm, fucking along with him and taking his big hard prick as deep as she could get it in her hot cunt. It didn't take long for the desperately horny young wife to reach the brink of climax.

She hovered there greedily, wanting the exciting fucking to go on and on. She felt like she could take Larry's hard-driving cock for hours and never get tired of it. She realized now that she'd been suppressing her sexual needs for a long time, many years, in fact. She'd tried to ignore her natural instincts, because her parents had insisted that it was wrong for women to like sex.

Well, that was bullshit, she realized now. Her needs were natural and normal, and it was time to unleash them. She had lost time to make up for. She let herself go completely, fucking back at Larry, wailing her delight as he hammered his cock in her juicy little cunt. Then she felt a powerful climax welling up from the fiery depths of her pussy.

"Honey," she gasped, "you're making me come! Ohhhhh, shit, Larry, unnnnhhhhhh!"

Larry felt her scorching cunt clamping hard around his cock, sucking and tugging at it. He had his second wind, though, so that delicious clamping action didn't trigger his climax. He just went on fucking his stiff boner in Lisa's squeezing pussy till she finished coming. Then he drew his dripping prick out and rolled onto his back. Lisa turned and stared at him. Larry grinned wickedly at her, his cream-soaked boner pointing at the ceiling.

"Come and sit on it, honey," he said.

Lisa didn't hesitate a second. Practically growling with horniness, she crawled over to him and straddled him, her dripping cunt poised right over the massive purple head of his cock. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down onto the rigid cockshaft. As he shoved his cock into her, she threw back her head and wailed with delight.

"Unnnhhhhh, yesssss, shove it in me, fuck me!" she howled.

She heard footsteps going by in the hall, and she reminded herself to keep the howling down a little. Unfortunately, she and Larry weren't alone in the lodge. Too bad, too, because she'd have loved to yell her head off as he began fucking her, it felt so great. But she confined herself to gurgling and moaning as his massive boner reamed her hot depths.

"Oh, baby, you're fucking me so good," she panted.

Larry lay there grinning like a fiend as he fucked his cock in her juicy little cunt. He was enjoying the view. He liked watching her grimace with lust each time he crammed his cock into her. He liked watching her big ripe tits bounce and sway with the impact of his fucking.

He also liked watching his cock in action. It gave him a lusty thrill to see that thick blue-veined slab of cockmeat parting and spreading her pussy lips wide, reaming deep into her body and forcing out her thick pearly cunt cream. It was hard to believe her little pussy hole could take a cock that size, but she'd learned to do it in just one lesson. His pretty bride was already hooked on fucking, and Larry loved it.

"Ooooooo, do it to me, honey, fuck my brains out!" Lisa howled.

Larry snorted with lust and fucked into her even faster, making her whole body shudder with the impact. She threw back her head and howled with delight, soaking his jack hammering cock with floods of molten cream. He fucked her quickly to the brink of orgasm, and she greedily hovered there, never wanting the wonderful sensations to end.

"Ohhhh, shit, honey, it's so fuckin' good," she gurgled.

It was just at that moment that she spotted the spy hole in the door.

She was so surprised, she didn't make a sound. But there was an unmistakable spy hole there, right at eye level -- and someone was looking through it! Larry wasn't facing that way and couldn't see it, and this didn't seem like a very good time to call his attention to it. Looking down at him, she saw that he was red-faced with lust, his face contorted and grimacing. He was starting to jet his come-load into her.

"Awwww, Christ, awwwwww!" he bawled, flooding her cunt with boiling cock cream.

That sizzling flood triggered her orgasm. "Ohhhhh, honey, unnnggghhhh!" she wailed, convulsing with pleasure.

She hadn't meant to come while someone was spying on her, but she just couldn't help it. Larry's fucking cock and boiling jizz brought her off. For long delicious moments, she forgot everything else and just writhed in ecstasy as the powerful orgasmic spasms shook her body. Hot pleasure blotted out all other sensations and thoughts.

When she opened her eyes again, the spy hole was clear, the light from the hall shining through. Again she wondered if it was just her imagination that someone was watching her and Larry when they fucked. She didn't want to bother him with her suspicions till she was absolutely sure. She promised herself that the first chance she had, she'd check out those spy holes.

Chapter THREE

The next day, Larry had to drive in to the nearest city for supplies. Lisa wanted to go with him, but she knew that was childish. She was needed at the resort to help Kitty with the chores. She couldn't be clinging to Larry all the time. So she put on a brave smile as she waved good-bye to him.

Larry saw right through her act. "Don't worry, honey," he laughed. "Nobody in the family is an ax murderer. They'll take good care of you. And I'll be back this evening."

Lisa blushed, then giggled. Her new husband could read her like a book. As she watched him drive away, she thought how much she loved him, and she felt a big surge of longing for him. This was no time to get horny! She had hours and hours to wait till Larry got home again. Better to get her mind on something else.

This would be a good time to investigate the mystery of those spy holes. Lisa hurried upstairs to the room she shared with Larry and had a close look at the wall. Sure enough, right at eye level, somebody had bored a neat hole. She went quietly to the room next door and knocked. Getting no answer, she stepped inside and looked around.

It didn't take much looking to establish that this was her father-in-law's bedroom. Big Jim had his favorite photos and paintings here, and some of his clothes were draped over a chair. Beside the bed there was a big color photo of his late wife, Larry and Steve's mother. Lisa noticed the picture because it looked so much like herself. It was odd that Larry had married a girl who resembled his mother that much.

But Lisa didn't have time to speculate on things like that. She went right over to the wall and tested the spy hole from this side. She blushed deeply as she looked through it. There was a perfect view of the king-sized bed she shared with Larry. When Big Jim looked through the hole, he could see everything they did in bed.

Then Lisa jumped and gasped as she heard a chuckle behind her. "He sure is a dirty old man, ain't he?" her brother-in-law Steve laughed.

Lisa whirled to face him, her face scarlet. "I didn't mean to pry into Big Jim's things," she said. "But I noticed that hole in our wall, and I just had to find out about it. Steve, does he actually use these holes?"

"Oh, yeah," Steve grinned, apparently not bothered by the idea. "He's got one drilled in our wall, too. Look over there."

Lisa glanced at the opposite wall and saw another hole, this one for viewing Steve and Kitty's room. She blushed even harder. Big Jim, it seemed, was a Peeping Tom, a sicko. She could understand the man feeling lonely, without a woman of his own. But wasn't this going a little too far?

"Steve, doesn't that upset you?" Lisa asked wonderingly.

Steve was looking her up and down, and he was obviously liking what he saw. His gaze rested on her large thrusting tits, and Lisa could almost feel his eyes burning through her clothes. To her embarrassment, she felt her nipples stiffening. It must be Steve's resemblance to Larry, she thought. She actually felt turned on to him, but that could only be because he looked so much like her husband. He was grinning, the same sexy grin that Larry had, when he answered her question.

"Aw, flaw, that doesn't bother us," he said. "Me and Kitty figure it's the only excitement the old coot gets. We don't figure it buns us any if he watches us."

Lisa shook her head. "Well, it bothers me," she said. "It bothers me a whole lot, and I think I'm just gonna have to talk to Larry about it."

Steve was moving toward her, and suddenly he was close enough to put his hands on her shoulders. "You know, Sis," he drawled, "you got a problem. You're so uptight about sex. You're a real prude."

Before she could answer, he pulled her against him and kissed her, sliding his hot tongue into her mouth. To Lisa's horror, her body responded eagerly. Her nipples were rigid and pulsating against his chest, and her pussy spurted molten cream. She was dangerously horny, she realized, otherwise she wouldn't be so turned on to the brother of her brand new husband.

Steve eased her against the wall and pressed his big hard body against her as he kissed her. That long steamy tongue-kiss was driving her wild, and to make matters worse, she could feel his cock stiffening against her belly. She was creaming right through her panties. She knew she had to get away from this man before she lost all her self-control. At last she managed to wrench her face away from his.

"Steve, what do you think you're doing?" she sputtered. "Think of Kitty and Larry."

"What they don't know won't hurt them," Steve grinned. "Hell, Sis, what's wrong with you and me having a little harmless fun now and then? Things get pretty boring here in the winter. We need new things to do. How about a quickie?"

"Absolutely not!" Lisa cried.

Steve just grinned, picked her up, and carried her over to Big Jim's king-sized bed. She wasn't strong enough to wriggle loose. Not only that, but her pussy was on fire with need. That was what really worried her. Her handsome brother-in-law was making her horny out of her mind. He set her down on the bed and lay half on top of her, pinning her there.

"Steve, you let me up," she snapped, "or I'm gonna tell Larry about this."

"No, you're not, sugar," he said, leering. "Not after I get through with you. You're gonna like it so much, you're not gonna do any complaining."

As he spoke, he was unbuttoning her heavy winter shirt. His eyes gleamed with lust as he ogled her deep ripe cleavage. He got the shirt opened and stared. Her large round tits looked ready to pop, from her delicate lacy bra. Her lust-stiffened nipples were rosy and glowing beneath the see-through lace. Steve gave a lusty growl and popped open the front catch of her bra.

"Steve, noooooo," Lisa whimpered. "Shit, honey. I'm just looking at your tits," he grinned. "No harm in that."

He brushed apart the two halves of her bra, and her naked tits bobbed free, creamy and flawless. Steve licked his lips. His wife Kitty had nice high-riding tits, but they weren't as big and spectacular as these. He feasted his eyes on his beautiful sister-in-law's magnificent firm tits.

"Larry's a real lucky guy," he said, his voice starting to hoarsen with lust. "Me and Dad been saying that since the minute he brought you home. Seems like it ain't right for Larry to hog such a gorgeous woman all to himself."

He cupped her tits, and Lisa shivered with excitement. She really needed to be touched just then, all over, and by an expert. As Steve began fondling her sensitive tits, she knew he was just as good a lover as Larry. He could get her just as helplessly aroused, just as willing. If she didn't get away from him, she was going to be in big trouble.

"Please, Steve," she whimpered, "I love Larry. I don't wanta cheat on him."

"Don't think of it as cheating, honey," he smiled. "After all, it's all in the family. It's not like you were running around with some outsider. Larry and me are brothers. We've always shared things."

She felt half shocked and half aroused as her sexy brother-in-law dipped his head down, darted out his tongue, and started licking her swollen, sensitive nipples. She shivered with the first electric contact, and it was all she could do to keep from moaning with pleasure as his tongue twirled around her engorged nubs.

She couldn't kid herself about what was happening. During the last two days Larry had broken through her lifelong inhibitions and released her bottled-up passions. He'd released more than, they'd both bargained for, because now she couldn't control those passions. She was hot and ready to go with any attractive man who came on to her.

She was creaming through her jeans as Steve expertly tongued her tits. Her pussy was soaked with the scalding sticky juice. Her nipples throbbed hard against his tongue, and she was sure he could feel that horny pulsing. It was so embarrassing.

He cupped her heavy hot tits, squeezing them close and bringing the nipples side by side. He opened his mouth and started bringing it down around both nipples. Lisa gasped in surprise. It was exactly the same thing that Larry had done to her on their wedding night, and it was just as expertly done.

"Ohhhhh, God, nooo," she moaned.

She couldn't resist that hot tit-sucking from Steve, any more than she'd been able to resist it from Larry. She slumped back limply as he noisily sucked her stiff throbbing nipples. With each suck, pleasure seemed to streak right down to her pussy, making her cream heavily and helplessly. She rubbed her thighs together, vainly trying to ease the hot nagging need between them. Dizzily she got images of Larry's magnificent hard cock. That was what she wanted right now, a huge stiff cock in her cream-flooded cunt.

"Oh, my God, Steve," she groaned. "Don't make me do this, don't make me be unfaithful to Larry."

He popped his mouth off her spit-soaked nipples and drawled: "Why honey, you talk as if we were doing something wrong. We're just making each other feel good. Larry wouldn't object to that, now, would he?"

Lisa was too stunned to answer. How could Steve even suggest such a thing? Here he was trying to seduce his brother's wife, and he was saying Larry wouldn't mind. He was just too outrageous. So she wouldn't try to argue with him anymore. She just struggled as hard as she could to get away from him.

It was no use. He just grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed, looking down at her and laughing. Her eyes darted helplessly to the fly of his jeans, and she saw that it was sharply and obscenely tented. Steve had a colossal hard-on for her. She found herself wishing she could take it. Her cunt was aching to be crammed with a nice hard prick.

"Yes sir, you are a little prude," Steve chuckled. "But I reckon I can change that. I bet my little brother's changed you quite a lot already."

If only he knew! It was so true that Larry had changed her. Her wedding night, and the next day's fucking in the same had completely hooked her on sex and now she felt like she just couldn't get enough fucking. She needed cock urgently right now, so urgently that she was it real danger of being seduced by her brother-in-law.

Now Steve was lowering himself onto her again, kissing and tongue-lashing her tits, then kissing his way lower down her sleek hot body. His hands made quick work of her fly, and he eased her jeans open and roughly tugged them down over the firm mounds of her ass. He pulled down her panties and buried his facet the soft perfumed fir of her cunt bush.

"Ohhhhh nooooo," Lisa moaned. "You're going too far, Steve -- let me go."

All she got was a muffled chuckle. She kept her legs closed as tight as she could, but that didn't prevent Steve from sticking his long hot tongue between the furry lips of her pussy and touching her cunt. She gasped, shivered, and creamed like crazy.

"Yeah, sugar, that feels good, don't it?" he chuckled. "I'll just do that a little more, and maybe you'll relax some."

Lisa knew she was lost, but there was no way to stop him. He had her pinned down, and no matter how tightly she held her legs together, that wicked long tongue of his could still bore its way to her cunt. He started jabbing at the sensitive bud, hitting it again and again with the pointed tip of his tongue, and she thought she'd go crazy with need.

Molten juice gushed from her cunt and flooded down her ass crack to puddle on the bed beneath her. She ached to fling her legs wide open and just let her lusty brother-in-law gobble her cunt. She wanted to feel that expert tongue lashing stiffly over the swollen hot folds of her pussy, then snaking into her cunt and making him come. The only thing that held her back was the thought of Larry.

How could she possibly be unfaithful to her beloved husband when they'd been married only three days? Her conscience certainly didn't want to, but her body had other idea. After suppressing all her desires for so long, she couldn't control her lust once it had been released. She felt like she'd go out of her mind if she didn't have an orgasm soon.

Steve must have sensed that, because his deep digging tongue was relentless in its attack on her swollen cunt. He pistoned the slick meat up and down between her pussy lips, and each time it hit her cunt, she could barely keep from screaming with pleasure. She felt him tugging her jeans and panties down further until finally he had them all the way off.

She wanted to do it. She wanted to fling her legs wide open and get some expert pussy-eating. She was nearing the end of her self-control. Then Steve did something that put her right over the edge. He was cupping her writhing little ass as he tongued her pussy, and now she felt him easing his little finger up her asshole.

"Ohhhhh, God, unnnhhhbh," she moaned. This was something that not even Larry had done to her. After the sauna experience, she figured she knew her new husband had done every kinky thing in the book, but deafly she'd been wrong. Steve was fucking his stiff little finger into her asshole, and it was the most wickedly deliciously sensation she'd ever known. She couldn't control herself a second longer. Moaning hoarsely, she opened her leg wide.

"Yeah, sugar, that's it," Steve panted. "Let me at that hot little pussy."

He jammed his flushed face between her legs, and Lisa let out howls of delight. His big wet tongue was lashing up and down her swollen cunt slit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure. He was gobbling her pussy cream, tonguing her steamy folds, and at the same time he was finger-fucking her asshole. She dissolved in ecstasy, creaming all over his face.

"Ohhhhh, God help me, I have to have it," she sobbed.

Steve seemed starved for pussy, or at least for a brand-new flavor. His big tongue was all over the place, lashing every plump fold, snaking into every steamy cranny. He licked up her cunt cream and gobbled it, making a hungry snorting noise. Lisa lay there with her thighs wide open, loving it. She knew it was wrong, but she would do her worrying later.

"Oh, yeah, eat me, lick me all over," she moaned. "My God, Steve, don't stop, make me come. I'm gonna go crazy if I don't come pretty soon."

"No problem, Sis," Steve chuckled. "I'll make you come right now."

He thrust his little finger as deep as it would go in her scorching shitter, and she vaulted to the brink of climax. He finger-fucked deep in her hot ass. As she began to whimper with ecstasy, he jammed his mouth onto her cunt and sucked her off. It only took a few seconds, she was so horny already. Her molten come-juice exploded into his face.

"Ohhhhh, shit," she wailed. But he managed to get a finger lodged in her hole, fucking it in and out and she came, making her orgasm doubly long and hard. Lisa wept with bliss as the powerful spasms rocked her body.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, I'm coming so good!" she shrieked.

It went on and on, but finally she sighed deeply and went limp. Steve quickly and deftly removed her half-open bra and blouse, leaving her stark naked. Then he stood up and took off his clothes. Lisa realized things were setting too serious, yet somehow she couldn't move or speak. Her eyes were locked hungrily on her brother-in-law's body.

Like Larry, he was tail powerfully built, and hairy, a combination which turned Lisa on like crazy. And looking at Larry, he was fantastically hung. His huge bone-cock wagged stiffly and lewdly before him, dripping hot cream. When Lisa saw that hard-on, her lust flooded back in full force. She'd been craving a cock since the moment she woke up.

Larry hadn't had time to fuck her before he left for town. They'd desperately wanted to get it on, but it was a long drive, and he didn't want to have to return in the dark and snow. Lisa agreed with that absolutely -- she didn't want her wonderful new husband risking his neck on perilous roads. But she stayed horny. And now here was Larry's brother with just the thing she needed, a stiff and ready cock.

Too bad she couldn't take it. But that really would be going too far. She didn't believe in sex outside of marriage. Whatever crazy things a man and wife wanted to do in bed, fine, but playing around was out. She'd be frantically horny till Larry got home, but it was better than being frantically guilty. She closed her legs tightly.

"Steve, I'm not going to fuck you," she said hoarsely. "I couldn't do that to Larry."

"Okay, Sis, I understand," he smiled, sliding naked onto the bed beside her. "But we can still get each other off in other ways, right? I could use some relief, and I know you could, too. How about some sixty-nine?"

Lisa blushed at her own innocence. "What's that?" she asked.

"It's a way a man and woman can go down on each other at the same time," Steve said. "It'll be easier if I just show you. You climb on top of me, only turn the other way around." Lisa knew she ought to just run out of the room away from temptation, but she found herself hypnotized, doing just what Steve told her. Her lust was just too strong to ignore. She crouched over him as he lay on his back, only in the opposite direction. She felt him breathing on her pussy, and she looked down to see the massive, gleaming head of his cock about an inch below her lips.

She shivered lustily. This position offered all kinds of exciting possibilities, and she wished she could try it with Larry. Probably she would, before long, but she wished she'd done it with him first. His brother was going to introduce her to sixty-nine. But she told herself that at least they weren't going to go all the way, so maybe technically she wasn't guilty of cheating.

"You get the idea, honey?" Steve chuckled.

"Yes, I do," Lisa said, blushing.

She looked down at his big purple cockhead and drooled. Globs of hot cock cream oozed from his piss hole, glistening and tempting. She stuck out her tongue, dipped her head down, and started licking up the tasty juice. Steve shivered and groaned. Then she felt the delicious strokes of his stiff tongue up and down the swollen line of her cunt slit.

"Mmmmmm, unnnnhhhhh," she moaned. "Yeah, sugar, let's gobble each other," he chuckled.

Lisa was all for that. She was starved for cock, and she adored having her pussy licked. They went at each other hungrily. She swirled her greedy little tongue around and around the fat head of his cock, while he lashed his thick tongue all over her swollen pussy. The room echoed with the obscene wet sounds of their licking and gobbling.

It didn't take Lisa long to lick up every drop of his tasty cock juice, but of course she was hungry for more. Luckily her husband had taught her how to get a whole steaming mouthful of the stuff. She wrapped her fingers around the thick base of Steve's prick, holding it steady, then opened her lips very wide and slid them down around the granite column of his cock.

"Awwww, shit, yeeeeaaahhh," he groaned. "That's great, baby, suck that thing."

Lisa couldn't take all of his long boner without choking, but she got most of it, pumping the rest in her eager fist. She caved in her cheeks, sheathing his cockmeat in juicy hot flesh. Then her dark head began to bob up and down as she hungrily sucked, and Steve shivered with delight.

"Honey, I'd never have guessed you could suck cock that good," he sighed. "I bet ol' Larry showed you how."

His hunch was right, but Lisa wished he wouldn't mention Larry just now. It didn't seem very appropriate. She tried not to think about her new husband as she sucked his brother's rock-hard cock. She tried to concentrate just on the fun of the present, suctioning Steve's hot cock cream out of his piss hole and gobbling it.

Meanwhile Steve was pressing his flushed face into her steamy pussy and starting to lick the swollen folds of flesh. Lisa gave muffled whimpers of pleasure as he stimulated her most sensitive places with the stiff tip of his tongue. He didn't miss a single spot. Everywhere he lathered her engorged pussy flesh with his hot spit, till she was whimpering steadily and creaming non-stop. He tongued up the tangy liquid as it poured from her cunt.

"My, my," he chuckled, "if you aren't the horniest little thing. Good thing I'm here to help you out while Larry's gone."

Again Lisa wanted him to leave Larry out of the conversation, but she couldn't tell him so with her mouth full of cock. She just went on with her greedy sucking, gobbling his juice as she drew it from his bubbling piss hole. Then she groaned as she felt Steve fucking his thick tongue into her cunt.

"Unnnhhhhh, ummnunmm!" she cried.

She was letting him know in every way possible how she loved it as he filled her seething pussy with hot tongue meat. But he must have known it when she creamed all over his face and his deep-plowing tongue. He shoved his tongue into her cunt as far as he could, right to the root, and then he started fucking her with it, working it hard and fast.

Lisa responded by sucking like crazy on his cock. Their heads bobbed furiously, and the room echoed with obscene wet slurping and sucking noises. His big cock throbbed like mad on her tongue, and she knew it was just seconds away from exploding. Her cunt was in the same condition, right on the verge of orgasm. She shuddered violently as the delicious spasms convulsed her body.

"Unnnggghhhhhh!" she gasped.

A second later Steve gave a muffled bellow and filled her mouth with spurting jism. Lisa gobbled the boiling come as fast as it jetted into her greedy mouth. The two of them sucked up each other's hot come, writhing and moaning. But even as she was coming down from that delicious climax, Lisa knew she wasn't finished with the man.

He'd sucked her off deliciously, and he'd tongue-fucked her expertly, but she hadn't enjoyed his massive hard prick. Yes, she'd vowed to herself that she wouldn't fuck him, but it seemed the more sex she got, the more she wanted. It was like she was making up for years of sexual repression and frustration. She'd heard about girls who just couldn't get enough cock. Now it turned out that she was one of them!

She thought of how to get her brother-in-law's cock hard and ready again as fast as she could. She remembered the kinky thing he'd just done to her. As his wet cock slipped from her mouth, she crammed her little finger into his asshole. Steve snorted with excitement and almost flew off the bed.

"Jesus, honey, you want more?" he exclaimed.

"I don't know what it is, Steve, but I'm sooo horny," Lisa whimpered as she pistoned her finger stiffly in his steaming shitter. "I know I oughta be faithful to Larry, and I love him so much, but I just have to have more."

"Larry would understand, honey," Steve assured her. "You don't know what an understanding guy he is."

Lisa didn't see how any husband could understand what she was doing right now, but she'd worry about it later. Right now her cunt was on fire with need, and nothing could satisfy that need but a good hard fucking. She wished she could wait till her husband got home, but she knew she'd be out of her mind with frustration by then. She gurgled with anticipation as Steve's cock rose up rigidly in response to her finger play in his ass.

It was a very exciting spectacle for the frantically horny bride. She watched her brother-in-law's prick mushroom into rigidity, going long and thick and engorged. She watched the cockhead swell into a taut purple knob of flesh. Cream spurted from her aroused cunt, and Steve watched it, breathing heavily as he saw how lusty she was for his cock.

"Okay, Sis," he growled, "I think there's only one thing that's gonna satisfy you."

The next thing Lisa knew, she was on her back, her ass resting at the edge of the bed. Steve stood on the carpet, and he lifted her shapely legs up and draped them over his powerful shoulders, opening her pussy wide to his hungry eyes. He ogled the cream-soaked pink flesh and its fine fringe of dark curls. Then he wedged this hugely swollen head of his cock into her steamy little cuntal opening.

She quivered and whimpered, and he leered down at her. "Yeah, this is what you want, ain't it, sugar?" he growled. "That hot little pussy of yours needs a good fucking."

Lisa's only reply was a horny little growl. She wasn't going to fight her instincts any longer. She wasn't going to worry about fidelity. She was just going to go with the powerful urges she felt, because she wasn't able to think about anything else right now except getting fucked. As Steve eased his massive rock-hard cock into her famished pussy, she sobbed with relief and soaked his boner with uncontrollably floods of cunt juice.

"Oooooooo, shit, yesssssss," she begged, her pretty face contorted with lust. "Get that big thing into me, honey, give me every inch of it."

"You better believe I will, baby," Steve said. "Oh, Jesus, what a tight little cunt you got. That Larry is a lucky bastard."

Panting, he fucked his long hard prick into her till only his balls showed. Lisa was almost sobbing with excitement as she felt his massive cock throbbing against every inch of her greedily gripping pussy hole. He held her legs up over his shoulders and began pistoning his steel-hard cock inside her pussy.

"Oh, fuck, yes," she gasped. "I love it. I need it so bad, Steve. I don't know why. Larry and I have been making it every day."

"Why, you're just getting to love it, sugar," Steve said with a knowing grin. "Kitty was the same way when we first got married. She couldn't get enough. She like to wore me out. So I decided to ask..." He trailed off, shook his head, and grinned. "Naw, it's too early to tell you about that."

Lisa didn't pursue the mystery. She was only interested in one thing just then, and that was coming. Steve was hammering his cock into her good and hard, just the way she craved it, and she was fucking back at him, jerking her hips to his hard steady rhythm. She was going to come so easily and so powerfully. Nothing got her off as well as a thick rock-hard cock pistoning deep in her greedy little pussy.

"Unnnnnhhhh, fuck me real hard now, Steve," she whimpered, "I'm almost there."

"You got it, baby," he grinned.

Dizzily, Lisa looked down and watched her brother-in-law's steel-hard boner fucking in and out between her widely-splayed cunt lips, ramming deep and forcing out her cunt cream. The sight turned her on wickedly. She began to tighten her cunt around his cock, getting all the hot friction she could. Cream was pouring from her pussy down her ass crack.

"Fuck it to me, you big bastard!" she howled.

Steve was leering down at her, enjoying the lewd scene as much as she was. Then her eyes detected movement behind him, and she gasped and stared. The bedroom door swung open silently, opening all the way. There as Big Jim lounging in the doorway, grinning as he watched the scene on his bed.

Lisa blushed harder than she ever had in her life. Steve couldn't see his father and wasn't aware that they were being watched. He just kept on fucking her faster and harder as his excitement reached the boiling point and he spun out of control. Lisa was so close to coming, she couldn't prevent the violent orgasm that ripped through her body.

"Ohhhhh, God, whaaahhhhhh!" she howled. "Awwwww, shit, aaaagggghhh!" Steve roared, boiling his jizz into her spasming cunt.

She saw Big Jim watching her and grinning as she came. Then she closed her eyes and went with it. There was no way she could top that powerful climax, so she might as well enjoy it. She gurgled and moaned and squealed as the delicious spasms ripped through her body and Steve flooded her cunt with his sizzling come.

When she opened her eyes again, Big Jim was standing right by the bed, chuckling softly. "Why, honey," he said, "what happened? Couldn't you wait for Larry to get home?"

Chapter FOUR

Big Jim's question brought Lisa back to the real world. She blushed hotly as she thought about what she'd just done. Too horny to wait for her husband of three days to get home she'd fucked his brother instead. And now her new father-in-law had caught her in the act. It was a pretty awkward situation.

"Aw, don't tease her, Daddy," Steve chuckled. "The poor little thing couldn't help it. They went off the whole day and left her, and she needed some loving real bad."

"So you helped her out?" Jim grinned.

"At great personal sacrifice, of course," Steve replied.

"Of course," Jim replied. He frowned, looking thoughtful. "Hmmmmm, maybe I oughta help her out, too. It's no good for a woman to run around horny. That could cause trouble. As your family, Lisa, we gotta see that you're content."

Lisa was blushing harder and harder as Jim spoke. He was looking her over, ogling her naked body. There was plenty there to turn him on -- her nice long legs, curvy hips, tiny waist, and big thrusting tits. He studied her lust engorged red nipples and the dark triangle of her cunt bush. She thought she saw the crotch of his jeans swelling.

"I'm okay, Big Jim," she told him hastily. "You don't have to worry about me."

"But I do worry about you, honey," he said, moving closer. "There's no need for anybody to do without enough loving, not in this family. Ain't that right, Steve?"

"Oh, yeah, Daddy," Steve chuckled, "it sure is."

"So just to make sure you got enough, I'm gonna give you a little help, too," Jim told Lisa.

"Well sugar, you made it with your brother," Jim said. "So why not his daddy? Come on, relax. I can make you feel real good."

"No way," Lisa gasped. "I know I shouldn't have done it with Steve. That was wrong. And two wrongs don't make a right. I'm just gonna go back to my room and wait for Larry!"

She was backing away from Jim as he spoke, trying to get to the door, but suddenly Steve grabbed her from behind.

"Honey, you might as well relax and enjoy," he said. "Daddy ain't gonna give up until he has you. Shit, he's had a hard-on for you ever since he first laid eyes on you."

"That's right, honey," Jim grinned. "You're the sexiest little thing I ever saw. You remind me so much of my darling wife. Damn, if you don't get me hot, just like she used to. It's no wonder I can't keep my hands off you."

Lisa struggled to get loose, but Steve just laughed. He was such stronger than she was, and he effortlessly moved her back toward the bed. Meanwhile Jim was taking off his clothes. To her horror, Lisa felt a rush of excitement as she watched him. He was even taller and more powerfully built than his son, an ox of a man. He had attractive features, too, and that thick silver hair. Her father-in-law was the biggest hunk of them all.

As he peeled his shorts down over his stiffening cock, Lisa almost gasped. His prick was just as big as the rest of him. The guy was hung like a bull. That nine-inch slab of cock meat looked as thick as her arm. She creamed helplessly as she thought of taking that enormous fuck tool into her greedy little pussy.

Cut it out, Lisa, she told herself sternly. Are you some kind of weirdo?

She had no business getting the hots for her father-in-law, any more than she had fucking with her brother-in-law. She was newly married, for heaven's sake, so what did she need with other men? Lisa couldn't understand herself. She just knew that her lust was overpowering and she was getting turned on to every attractive man she met.

Steve pulled her up on the king-sized bed and held her there, pressing down on her shoulders and pinning her on her back. Blushing, she clamped her legs together, hiding her cream-soaked cunt. Big Jim approached the bed grinning his enormous boner weaving before him. She couldn't take her eyes off that incredibly large cock. He saw she was looking.

"Not bad for an old guy, huh, honey?" he said. "I got a hunch you're really gonna get off on it!"

That was exactly what Lisa was afraid of. She stared in helpless fascination at Jim's lewdly wagging his cock and thought how great it would feel in her ever-hungry cunt.

Jim climbed into the bed and straddled her, reaching eagerly for her tits. His big callused hands closed hungrily over the large creamy-skinned tit globes. Lisa gasped and shivered. She loved having her tits played with, and Jim's touch was virile and sure. He molded the hot tit melons and used his thumbs to tease her nipples into long rosy nub.

"Fantastic tits, huh, Steve?" he grinned.

"Yeah, Daddy, they sure are," Steve agreed, amusement in his voice.

Lisa couldn't see him as he knelt behind her and pinned her, but she could tell he was enjoying every second of this scene, and she figured be was probably getting wildly turned on, too. That she want that when she finished with Jim, she'd probably find Steve with another hard-on. It could go on and on.

The sudden rush of scalding cream to her pussy told her how her body felt about it. She was wildly turned on by the idea of taking on two eager lovers. Of course her conscience felt differently, but it didn't stand much chance of getting its way. As Big Jim fondled and squeezed her swelling tits, her fuck-lust was rising to the boiling point. She knew she'd have to do something about it, and very quickly.

"She knows you been spying on her, Daddy," Steve was telling his father. "I found her in here looking at that hole in the wall. You just oughta be ashamed of yourself."

Jim snorted with laughter. "Aw, looking don't hurt nothing," he laughed. "An old man's gotta have some amusement. And I can tell you, honey, it really turned me on watching Larry bust your cherry. The boy did a pretty terrific job, didn't he?"

Lisa blushed about as hard as was humanly possible. She didn't answer, because she didn't know what to say. This family seemed to have no inhibitions at all, they spied on each other, seduced each other's mates -- whatever sounded like fun. This was the exact opposite of Lisa's stern and repressed upbringing. She just didn't know how to cope with it.

"Look at her blush, Daddy," Steve teased. "You're embarrassing her."

He scooted down her sleek body and started drawing her legs apart. Lisa struggled as hard as she could, trying to keep her thighs pressed tightly together, but the man was powerful, and it was no effort for him to pull her legs wide open. While she blushed, he studied her delicate pink pussy slit and its dainty fringe of dark curls.

"Why, you're just beautiful all over, honey," he said. "This is the tastiest-looking pussy I ever saw. I can hardly wait to get my mouth on it."

"Oh, nooooo," Lisa moaned.

If he started eating her pussy, she was done for. No way in the world could she resist that exotic pleasure. But there was nothing she could do to stop him as he wriggled down between her legs and shoved his face into her streaming cunt gash. His big hot tongue began to lash all over the swollen flesh, and Lisa couldn't hide her hot arousal. She creamed all over his face.

"Oh, yeah, sugar. I felt that," he growled. "I know you love it. Just relax and enjoy it, 'cause I got a long way to go yet."

Lisa didn't want to surrender, because that would mean she was really cheating on Larry, but what could she do? Her need was urgent, and Jim was doing such a good job on her pussy. He was licking and lashing and stimulating every inch of her cunt gash with his knowing tongue. Good pussy-eating seemed to run in the family.

He lathered her whole cunt slit with his hot saliva before concentrating his attention on the most sensitive spot of all. Lisa moaned hoarsely when he started running the pointed tip of his tongue around and around the receptive little shaft of her cunt. The pleasure was burning and exquisite. She began to cream heavily and helplessly. It was just more than she could resist.

"Oooooooo, God, unnnhhhhhh," she whimpered.

"Now you're getting to her, Daddy," Steve chuckled.

The tension went out of Lisa's legs and she stopped trying to close them. She just gave herself up to the fantastic sensations she was getting from her father-in-law's roaming tongue. She moaned and clawed the bed as he rimmed her cunt, darting his tongue in and out of her cunt, and tickled the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter. She wished he'd go on for a million years.

His big slippery tongue lashed around and around her clit, coaxing it into erection. Stiff, her clitwas twice as sensitive as before, and Lisa couldn't help squealing when Jim whipped the swollen bud with the tip of his tongue. She found herself arching her body upward, greedily shoving her cunt against his tongue as he sought more delicious friction.

"Yeah, sugar," Jim rasped. "I know you want more. I'm gonna get you off real good now."

He shoved his rough hands under her ass. Grasping the hot little globes, he stilled her lustily writhing torso. He pulled her steaming pussy tight against his face, jamming his mouth onto her wildly throbbing clit. He sucked the little nub into his mouth. As he began sucking her off, Lisa just couldn't hide her enjoyment.

"Ohhhhhh, God, yesssss!" she wailed. "Suck me, Daddy, make me come."

She felt Steve letting go of her shoulders. He knew there was no need to hold her down now. She wasn't going anywhere. Wild horses couldn't have dragged her away from Jim's noisy clit-sucking. She let her head loll back, and she closed her eyes tightly. Nothing existed for her now except the hot blasts of pleasure that shot from her cunt as Jim noisily sucked her toward climax. She soaked his face with spurts of her hot sticky cunt cream.

She had a fleeting thought of Larry. How in the world had she gotten herself into this situation? Before the day was over, she'd have fucked every man in the house. Yet only three days ago she'd come here as a virgin bride, determined to be faithful for the rest of her life. At the time, there'd been no reason for her to doubt her vows.

But once she'd been fucked, once Larry had expertly introduced her to sex, a whole new Lisa had emerged, a Lisa she'd kept buried all these years. She loved Larry, but she loved fucking with other men, too.

Lisa was moaning and squealing with delight as her father-in-law noisily sucked her clit and brought her to the very brink of climax. Then she felt the powerful orgasm exploding out from the root of her clit and shaking her whole body. She bucked, writhed, and soaked Jim's face with streaming loads of pearly come.

"Unnnhhhhh, shit, ooooooooo, I'm coming!" she screamed. "Ohhhhhh, Daddy, I'm coming so damned good!"

Jim clutched her jerking ass and held her in place as he gobbled her as fast as he could, it spurted and spasmed cunt, he whipped it up with his big greedy tongue and ate it. Lisa came powerfully, a body racking climax that lasted a full minute. Then she wait limp, closed her eyes, and blushed as she found Jim staring at her. His gray eyes were glassy with horniness, ad his face was smeared with in cunt cream.

"Why, honey, you're all woman," he said. "When Larry first brought you home, we thought he'd made a big mistake, you acted so prim and cold. But I can see you're just as horny as the rest of us. Don't you think so, Steve?"

"Yeah, Daddy, I do," Steve agreed with a knowing smile. "I fucked her, remember, and I'm here to tell you, this little lady ain't frigid."

Lisa glanced over at him. He was lounging beside them now, for a better view of the action, and she saw that his cock was stiff as a board. It was hugging his belly and drooling. Looking down, she saw that Big Jim's cock was as hard as ever. Two engorged cocks were waiting for her. She knew it was licked, but she couldn't help the hot excitement site felt.

"I think I'll fuck her too," Jim chuckled, "just so I can see what you're talking about, Son. But first I want some more of that tasty little pussy."

Lisa moaned as he shoved his face between her legs and started licking up her cunt cream. He seemed determined to get every last drop of the tangy liquid. His big tongue lashed all over the place. At last he'd eaten all her cream. He drew back for a second, licking his lips, and Lisa sensed that he wasn't finished with her yet.

She was right. Suddenly his silver head was between her thighs again, and he was cramming his whole tongue up her cunt. His tongue was as big as an average-sized cock. Lisa wailed with delight as the slippery slab of meat filled her horny little pussy. She fed him a deluge of molten cunt cream.

"Ohhhhh, shit, yessss!" she hissed. "Stick it to me, Daddy, fuck me with that big ol' tongue."

Snorting with excitement, Jim clutched her hot little ass in his big callused hands, holding her scorching pussy right against his face. He began plunging his huge tongue swiftly up and down in her velvety pussy hole, giving her fantastic pleasure. Lisa let her head loll back, and she surrendered herself to him completely.

But Big Jim wanted to get even deeper into her hot fuck hole, so he took her legs and draped them around his neck. Lisa was in ecstasy. The frantically horny bride locked her heels behind his neck, closed her eyes, and floated off.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, it's good," she whimpered. "Don't stop, Big Jim, ream me out."

Big man had a powerful thirst for pussy. He couldn't seem to gobble enough of her cream. He probed deep in her hot little cunt and reamed out her juices, gulping them noisily. Each deep thrust of his fat tongue gave her a hot blast of pleasure and made her cream helplessly. Larry was a damned good pussy eater, but his old man was even better.

She was totally caught up in the hot excitement she felt, but her attention was distracted when she felt Steve taking her hand and setting it on his cock. Her eyes popped open, and she stared in that direction. Steve was grinning at her as he wrapped her fingers around the rigid shaft of his prick.

"Help me out a little, Sis," he said hoarsely. "It's fun watching you two, but it's making me awful horny."

Lisa gave a lusty little gurgle and started pumping his cock. It was hard to believe she was doing this. Just a few days ago she'd been a prudish virgin who'd hardly even been kissed. Now she was letting one man fuck her with his tongue while she jacked, off a second guy. Things sure had changed in her life in just three short days.

Busily pumping Steve's rock-hard cock, squealing with delight as she took the pistoning of Jim's big tongue in her cunt, she closed her eyes again and sailed to the very brink of orgasm. She hovered there greedily savoring the hot sensations, wishing this exciting moment would never end.

But at last she couldn't contain the swelling pleasure a second longer. She felt a violent explosion in the depths of her cunt. It flamed out to rock her whole body. Her cunt clamped hard around Jim's deep-thrusting tongue, and she helplessly squeezed Steve's throbbing prick.

"Unnnhhhh, you guys, I'm coming! Ohhhhhh, whaaahhhhhhh!"

She felt Jim digging his fingers into her ass to still her violently jerking pelvis. He wanted to keep his tongue deep inside her as she came, and he succeeded. But she didn't dare hold onto Steve's cock, for fear of squeezing it flat. She let go and clawed the bed as she came.

"Unnnnhhhh, shit, it's so good!" she screamed.

Jim was making her orgasm doubly intense as he worked his tongue in and out to her hot spasms of pleasure. He had to be the best pussy eater in the West, Lisa thought dizzily. She knew she'd never tire of that expert tongue. But what was he thinking of? She didn't intend to repeat this kinky behavior.

No, she told herself weakly, from now on she'd be a good and faithful wife. From now on she'd be on guard against her hot lust, and she'd control herself. So she'd better not get hooked on her father-in-law's loving, because this was the one and only time she was going to experience it.

Then before she could even catch her breath, Jim was rolling over onto his back and taking her with him. Lisa found herself sitting on top of him, straddling him with her knees hugging his hips. His mammoth boner was standing straight up, pushing at the tiny moist mouth of her cunt, trying to enter. She gasped and tried to jump off him, but he grabbed her by the waist and held her, leering up at her.

"Come on, sugar, don't chicken out on me now," he grinned. "I got you off, so now it's your turn to do something nice for me."

As he spoke, he was wedging the head of his cock into her moist cuntal opening. It felt like a cannonball. Lisa whimpered and struggled in vain. It looked like there was no escape -- and she wondered if she even wanted to get away. She couldn't contain her excitement about taking a cock that big.

"Please, Big Jim," she said weakly, "think about Larry. I really don't wanta hurt him. I want to be a good wife."

"Why, honey, the best wife is a horny wife," Big Jim answered. "And the horny wife can't always control herself. Larry'll understand that. Just tell him you got so hot, you couldn't wait for him to get home."

"Yeah, Sis," Steve grinned. "Like I was telling you, Larry's a very understanding guy. We're all very understanding guys."

Lisa didn't know if they were putting her on or not. Did they really expect her to report everything to Larry when he got back and expect him to just laugh it off? But her attention was distracted from thoughts of her husband as Jim's massive cockhead spread her pussy lips wider and wider.

"Come on, honey," he panted. "Relax, let me stick it in you. You'll love it."

Lisa was sure she would love it, and that was exactly why she had to get away, right now, before she committed adultery for the second time. She summoned all her strength and tried top loose from his grasp, but it was useless. He had the strength of a giant. Chuckling, he firmed his grip on her waist and plowed his huge rock-hard cock into her.

"Uungggghhhhhh," Lisa gasped.

She felt full to bursting with her father-in-law's enormous stiff boner. It crammed her completely, throbbing against every inch of her tiny cunt. Lisa was overwhelmed by how big it felt, and she just sat there and gurgled in wonder while Big Jim grinned up at her and Steve watched with excitement and envy.

"Oh, Christ, she's tight," Jim sighed. "The tightest pussy I ever fucked."

"Me, too," Steve agreed hoarsely. "Leave it to Larry to find one this tight. I wanta fuck her again, Daddy, so don't take too long."

"Now, don't rush me, Son," Jim grinned. "I'm just getting started. This is too good to rush."

"I gotta agree with that," Steve sighed, "but I'm getting mighty tired of waiting."

"Well, then, don't wait," Jim said as he started fucking his huge cock in his daughter-in-law's tiny hot cunt. "You can join the fun right now if you want. She can take on both of us."

"I can?" Lisa gasped.

She'd never thought about that before. She could accept the idea of taking on two men, one after the other, for as long as they were horny. That turned her on like crazy. But she'd never considered taking care of both of them at once. That was really kinky. But then this seemed to be an exceptionally kinky family.

"You're right, Daddy," Steve was saying. "I forgot about that. I believe I will join you."

"Now, wait a minute," Lisa panted. "Do you two mind telling me what you're talking about? How can I take care of both of you at the same time?"

"Why, it's simple, girl," Big Jim grinned. "I fuck you, and you suck Steve's cock. No problem."

Lisa gurgled with excitement. It did sound like fun. And before she could reply, Jim was getting her into position. He popped her off his thick cock, lifted her off him, and set her down on her elbows and knees. He knelt behind her, grasped her hips, and fucked his prick back into her, cramming her full of it.

"Unnnnhhhhhh," Lisa gasped.

She had to claw the bedspread and hang on, otherwise his hard-plowing cock would have knocked her over. He fucked his cock into her as far as it would go, and she had that breathless sensation again. Jim started fucking her slow, savoring the moment, obviously is no hurry. Lisa shivered with enjoyment and creamed steadily onto his massive prick.

"Unnnhhhh, Jim, that's so good," Lisa gurgled. "Your big cock feels so good in me."

"I kinda figured you'd like it," he chuckled. "Okay, Son, you can join us now." The next thing Lisa knew, Steve was kneeling in front of her and all she could see was his enormous swollen cock. He trailed it over her lips, leaving hot sticky cock cream, and she shivered with excitement.

"Oh, yeah, Sis, lick my cock!" Steve cried, snorting with excitement.

"See, kids?" Jim chuckled. "We can all have fun together, no waiting."

He was right, but there was one person lift out of the fun. Downstairs in the kitchen, where she was getting things together for lunch, Kitty suddenly realized that the house was quiet and that she was alone on the ground floor of the lodge. The men only went outside to cunt wood, and she didn't hear any chopping. So where was everybody?

The mischievous looking redhead grinned as she dried her hands on her apron. It didn't take much imagination to guess where the others were right now. Larry's new bride was a knockout, and Kitty had noticed the way Steve and Big Jim looked at her, as if she was something delicious to eat and they couldn't wait for a bite.

It all added up. Larry had left for town, and shortly after that Steve had disappeared. Then Jim was nowhere to be heard or seen. Kitty was pretty sure of what had happened, but she decided to check it out anyway. If there was a good fuck party going on, she wanted to get in on the fun. She hung up her apron and headed for the stairs.

Reaching the second floor, she saw that her father-in-law's bedroom door was open. As she moved toward it, she heard excited voices, and she grinned wickedly. It looked like her hunch was correct. She stepped quietly to the open doorway and looked into the room. Sure enough, there were her husband, her father-in-law, and her new sister-in-law, all getting it on at the same time.

Kitty was a little surprised that Lisa had gone so far already. She'd seemed shy and uptight about sex. But Kitty was glad there hadn't been any resistance and that Lisa was relaxed and enjoying herself. There wasn't any room for prudes. Kitty had found that out for herself when she married Steve.

As she watched Lisa taking Jim's fucking cock and licking Steve's drooling boner, Kitty thought back to four years ago when she herself had arrived at the resort as a new bride. She hadn't been as inhibited as Lisa, but she'd had no idea that the Evans men routinely shared their women. She'd assumed she had a conventional marriage and would fuck nobody but Steve.

Within a few days she had found out how things really were. First Larry had conic on to her, and she just couldn't resist fucking him. Then Big Jim had wade his move, and Kitty had found him, to be a terrific lover. But she decided she'd better confess everything to Steve, and he'd just roared. We told her they'd set it up that way if that from now on by all three of them -- if that was okay with her.

And now the new daughter-in-law was being introduced to the family tradition of woman sharing. Lisa looked as if she was going to fit in just fine, she was staring with pleasure as Jim fucks his massive boner in her cunt, and she was gobbling Steve's cock juice as fast as it bubbled out of his piss hole.

"Suck it now, Sis," Steve urged hoarsely. "Let me come in your mouth and Daddy come in your cunt."

Lisa opened her mouth eagerly, her eyes bright and lusty. She shivered and moaned as Steve glided his stiff prick over her slippery tongue. She took all she could get of his throbbing cock, firming her lips around it and drawing in her cheeks. She began to suck his prick noisily, causing a wet slurping sound that drove Steve wild. His nostrils flared as he panted.

"Oh, shit, yeah," he groaned. "Suck that cock sugar, suck it good."

Jim was getting more and more turned on as he watched, and he started fucking Lisa faster and harder. Her muffled squeals of delight told him how much she enjoyed it. His cock fucked deep and hard in her cunt, forcing out her cream. Kitty watched the hot pearly liquid coursing down the girl's inner thighs.

"Yeah, that's it, honey," Jim snorted. "Now we're really cooking."

They sure were, Kitty thought, and she wanted in on it. But this wasn't the time to interrupt. She'd wait for an intermission. She felt her pussy getting hot and juicy and swollen as she happily anticipated joining the orgy. She didn't feel at all jealous about another one joining them. That would just make things more interesting. She sucked ravenously on Steve's cock. Even that sight didn't bother Kitty. She didn't mind seeing her husband getting a blow-job from another woman. He deserved it. After all, for four years now he'd shared his wife with his brother and his father. He'd let Kitty fuck herself silly. She'd had the loving of three terrible studs. So she could hardly object now when Steve enjoyed himself with Lisa.

The three of them were all moving to the same horny rhythm, and they were going at each other faster and harder with each passing second. Kitty could see that a huge mutual climax was only seconds away. She creamed heavily, moistening her panties and jeans. She knew bow exciting it was to suck one guy's cock while another man's prick fucked in her cunt.

Lisa was the first to come. She gave a muffled groan, her eyes rolled shut and her luscious big-titted body shuddered as the delicious spasms ripped through her. In her ecstasy she sacked like crazy on Steve's nearly-exploding boner, and her cunt clamped hungrily around Jim's jack hammering prick. Both men roared and jetted their come-loads into her mouth and cunt.

"Unnnnhhhh, whaahhhhhhhh!" Lisa moaned.

"Eat my come, Sis, aaaggghhhhhh!" Steve roared.

"Awwwwwww, Christ, awwwwwww!" Jim bawled.

Kitty watched with burning lust. She needed some relief for that ache between her legs, that simmering horniness that was making her cream her jeans. Luckily relief was in sight. As the moaning trio finally started coming down from their climax, she stepped into the room and caught their attention.

"Oh, my God," Lisa gasped, turning pale. Kitty walked right up to the edge of the bed and stood there with her hands on her hips, looking as stern as possible. She couldn't resist the temptation to tease her innocent new sister-in-law.

"Lisa, you little bitch!" she exclaimed. "How dare you get it on with my husband?"

Chapter FIVE

Lisa reddened and looked shyly at Kitty. Kitty had been so nice to her, and now Lisa had repaid her by making it with her husband. She felt like a complete rat.

"Oh, Kitty, I'm so sorry," she cried. "I don't know what came over me. I can't understand why I'm so horny."

Kitty couldn't keep a straight face. She began to snicker. "I expect you got a little help from Steve and Jim," she said.

Now the men were laughing, too. "Yeah, I gotta confess I made the first move," Steve said. "And then Daddy came along and joined in. Lisa didn't stand much of a chance of being faithful to Larry, not in this house."

Lisa looked wonderingly at her new in-laws. It was clear now that Kitty wasn't angry and that they all found the situation funny. That was a relief to Lisa, because she really didn't want to be enemies with Kitty, but she still didn't understand what was going on.

"I don't get it," she said. "Don't any of you want me to be faithful? Don't you care how Larry feels?"

Kitty finally controlled her laughter and slipped an arm around Lisa's shoulders, giving her a comforting squeeze. "Sure, we care, honey," she said. "We all love Larry, and he loves us. This is just one big happy family."

"Then how come you're all laughing about me cheating on him?" Lisa said worriedly. "And how come you're not jealous of me and Steve, Kitty? I just don't understand."

"Well, Lisa, this is just a very different sort of family," Kitty said as she hugged her. "We're not jealous of each other, and we share everything. But I feel it's Larry's place to explain everything to you, and he'll do that when he gets home. Meanwhile why don't we go with this little party? It looks like a whole lot of fun."

"You can count me out, sugar," he said.

"Me too," Steve groaned. "I'm tired."

"What a couple of party poopers," Kitty pouted. "I was sure hoping to get in on the fun."

Now there was nobody left to party with but another girl. Kitty looked at her beautiful brunette sister-in-law, and a light bulb seemed to go on in her head. She'd never made it with a girl before. She was very, very fond of guys. But why not try something new? Lisa was very sexy, and Kitty was ready for a brand-new sexual adventure.

"Lisa, honey I guess it's just you and me," she smiled, starting to strip.

Lisa gawked at her. Things were moving so fast all of a sudden, and she just wasn't keeping up first there was Kitty suggesting that the whole family shared each other when it came to love-making. Lisa was still trying to digest that. Then Kitty seemed to be coming onto her, and that as a real mind blower. Lisa had never even considered getting it on with a woman.

She watched dizzily as Kitty undressed. She was a cute little thing, Lisa had to admit. Petite, red-haired, with a curvy little body, she seemed to have pale flawless skin and everything in exactly the right place. Lisa ogled her sister-in-law's high-riding tits, which were perfectly round and the size of large oranges, capped with little red nipples.

She felt heat spreading through her pussy. Kitty was so attractive, it really would be nice to fondle her tits and run her hands all over that satiny body. Lisa licked her lips as Kitty tugged down her panties and kicked them away. Her little puff of a cunt bush was the same flame color as her hair. Naked, she hopped up on the bed and made a grab for Lisa.

"Here goes," she chirped. "Too bad you guys are gonna be left out of the fun."

Big Jim and Steve were lounging on the huge bed, watching with rapidly mounting interest as Kitty pulled Lisa into a hot embrace and kissed her, darting her tongue into her mouth. Actually, Kitty was acting a lot more confident than she felt. She'd never made it with another woman before, and she just hoped Lisa would go along with her kinky idea.

Kitty had started it just to arouse the men, but as she went on kissing her beautiful sister-in-law, she began to get very aroused. Their soft hot bodies rubbed together, cunt against cunt and tits against tits. It was so different from rubbing against a man's hard hairy body. That was exciting, but this was so pleasant and sexy feeling. Kitty found herself creaming like crazy.

Lisa was having the same reaction. She loved thrusting against her sister-in-law's sleek hot body. Losing her shyness, she began to caress Kitty, running her hands all over those satiny curves. Kitty quickly returned the favor, and they eagerly explored each other with their hands. Lisa's pussy was suddenly on fire with hot arousal.

"Mmmmmmmm," she murmured. They were darting their tongues into each other's mouth, and they were rubbing their pussy mounds together and getting each other wildly horny. Lisa cupped Kitty's hot tits and began molding them, and Kitty quickly grabbed for Lisa's sensitive big tits and started squeezing. The two girls were wriggling with lust by now, unable to hold still.

"Son," Big Jim said hoarsely, "I think we missed out on something pretty good."

"Yeah, Daddy," Steve said with a big sigh, "I think we blew it this time."

"Hey, girls," Jim called. "How about letting us in on your little party?"

Kitty unglued her mouth from Lisa's and said wickedly: "No way, fellas. There's only room for two here. Isn't that right, Sis?"

"That's right, you guys," Lisa grinned. "You're just gonna have to wait your turn."

She got a kick out of teasing the men, but she got even more excitement out of kissing and fondling another woman. She wanted to continue this interesting experiment, with no men involved. She and Kitty panted as they fondled each other's tits and exchanged deep steamy kisses. Her pussy was soaked with her uncontrollably gushing cream.

She wanted to get off, and she wanted to make Kitty come. Of course, since there were no cocks involved, they'd have to think of some other way to do it to each other, but that didn't take much imagination. Lisa shivered lustily as she thought of the various ways two women could give each other pleasure. One particular way seemed the most exciting of all.

"Kitty," she panted, "how about doing some sixty-nine?"

"Hey, terrific idea, Lisa!" Kitty squealed. "Let's do it."

Kitty was relieved that Lisa liked making out with her. She'd really have looked like a fool if her sister-in-law hadn't responded. With Lisa on her back, Kitty quickly crouched over her in the opposite direction.

"Great," the little redhead giggled. "Now we can really get something going."

Big Jim moaned. By now his massive cock was as stiff and ready as it had ever been, and he regretted telling Kitty he was too tired for any more fucking. That had been a really stupid move, but it was too late now. The girls weren't letting any males in on their party, so all Jim and Steve could do was watch and feel horny. Jim's prick gave a violent buck and started leaking thick cream.

Steve was feeling equally lusty and frustrated as he watched the cute young women arranging themselves in the sixty-nine position. His cock felt ready to burst, and he wished he'd dealt himself in on this round of fun. No way was he fucked out! It was all he could do to keep from jacking off as he watched the naked girls.

Kitty was on top, just now dipping her flame-colored head down between Lisa's eagerly parted thighs. Her little pink tongue shot out, and she began raking it up and down the glistening creamy flesh of Lisa's cunt gash. Lisa gurgled with delight and shivered lustily. She raised her head till her lips were almost on Kitty's pussy slit. She, too, began a sexy tongue lashing of cream-beaded pussy flesh.

"Oooooo, shit, yessss!" Kitty squealed. "Lick my pussy, Sis, I love that."

"Mrnmmmm, I love you to lick me, too," Lisa gurgled. "Ohhhhhh, yeah, Kitty, that feels so damned good."

"Shit," Big Jim groaned.

"I'll second that," Steve said hoarsely.

They watched with lust-gazed eyes as the two young women greedily tongued each other. Hot tongues zipped up and down juicy pussies, gobbling up tangy hot cunt cream. Both girls were squealing and whimpering with delight as they ate each other. They were writhing together, turned on like crazy by their kinky experiment. It was driving the men wild.

Big Jim had been around more than any other man in the family, but he'd never seen anything quite like this. Often when he went into the big city, he'd see a private fuck show that offered all kinds of outlandish performances. But this amateur performance was much more arousing to him because it was real, not faked. These girls really did have the hots for each other.

Noisily they gobbled each other's cunt cream. Then Lisa added a new twist to the action. Following her instinctive urge to get her partner off, she made her tongue long and stiff, then fucked it hard into Kitty's creamy little cunt. Kitty gasped, moaned, and shuddered with ecstasy as the slick slab of meat filled her horny pussy.

"Unnnhhhh, honey, yessss," she whimpered. "Keep doing that, fuck me with your tongue. I'll do it to you, too."

"Shit again," Jim muttered.

Steve couldn't even talk. His eyes just got bigger and bigger as Kitty shoved her hot little tongue into Lisa's cunt and the two of them began noisily tongue-fucking each other. Two heads bobbed busily up and down, one dark and one red. They were making lewd sucking sounds that drove Steve out of his mind.

The girls went at each other faster and faster, as if trying to see who could get the other off first. Meanwhile, Jim and Steve lounged there with incredible hard-on, cocks so engorged they almost hurt. There was just no room for them in that horny twosome, and the wait was maddening.

"Ummmmm, unnnnhhhhhh," Lisa moaned, her cries punctuated by Kitty's muffled squeals.

Lisa loved that deep-digging tongue in her cunt, and she loved working Kitty steadily higher with her hard tongue-fucking. Kitty's pussy was blazing hot round her pistoning tongue, and she knew her cunt was just as smoldering and steamy. They worked each other right to the brink of climax, whimpering and panting and soaking each other's face with sticky cunt cream.

Then Kitty threw her head back, popping her tongue from Lisa's curd, and groaned: "Ohhhh, Sis, shit, you're making me come, ohhhhhh!"

Her eyes rolled back, then closed, and her cute freckled face twisted into a lusty grimace as powerful pleasure-spasms rocked her body. Lisa went on tongue-fucking her hard as she came, making her climax very long and intense. She felt Kitty's cunt in spasm around her tongue, and she thought how exciting that action must feel around a man's cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck, unnnhhhhhhh!" Kitty whimpered.

She was coming and coming, and meanwhile Jim and Steve were gritting their teeth and fighting the urge to jack off. At last Kitty gave a satisfied sigh as her spasms faded, and a second later she was cramming her tongue back into Lisa's cunt and jerking it roughly up and down. It was Lisa's turn to disengage her tongue. She let her head loll back in ecstasy.

"Oh, yeah, Kitty, just a little more," she moaned. "I'm almost there."

Kitty's copper-colored head flew with lightning speed as she tongue-fucked her squealing sister-in-law into orbit. Lisa moaned hoarsely as she took the delicious hard pistoning of that hot and juicy tongue, and a second later she felt a big explosion in the depths of her cunt. It flashed out to shake her whole body.

"Ohhhhh, Sis, you did it, I'm coming!" she howled.

"About fucking time," Steve muttered.

"Jesus, yes," Jim agreed hoarsely. "I'm horny enough to take on a goat."

"Luckily we can do a lot better than that, Daddy," Steve laughed.

They watched Lisa's lust-contorted face as she came. Kitty was tongue-fucking her very hard now, making her spasms doubly delicious. The lusty young bride whimpered in ecstasy for almost a minute. Then she gave a big happy sigh, and Kitty lifted her head up and wiped Lisa's pearly come-cream from her face. She was grinning broadly.

"Hey, that was fun, wasn't it?" Kitty asked.

"It sure was," Lisa agreed with a big smile. "We oughta try that again."

"Uh, not now, girls, okay?" Jim pleaded hoarsely. "Me and Steve are about horny enough to die."

"Yeah, ladies, how about letting us in on the fun now?" Steve begged.

"Why, fellas, we thought you were too tired to make out anymore," Kitty teased.

"Yeah, that's what you guys told us a few minutes ago," Lisa said. "You sure recovered fast."

"As if you didn't know," Steve laughed. "Shit, watching you girls get it on was enough to make the dead horny."

"That's right, girls," Big Jim chuckled, "you did this to us, so now it's only humane of you to help us out."

"Well, just what did you have in mind, Daddy?" Kitty asked.

Big Jim grabbed for the little redhead and pulled her up to straddle him. "I had in mind cramming my cock into your hot little cunt, honey," he growled. "How does that strike you?"

"Mmmmmm, sounds great," Kitty gurgled. The big man was on his back, and she was kneeling over him, her dripping pussy just brushing the hugely engorged head of his cock. Teasingly she rubbed her slippery pussy back and forth over that enormous knob of cock flesh, and Big Jim shivered with horniness. When he couldn't stand the teasing a second longer, be grabbed her by the waist and held her still.

"Little lady, you're gonna get a pussy fall of cock," he growled.

"Unnnhhhhhhh," Kitty gasped.

Suddenly her father-in-law was fucking his huge horse-cock into her, spreading her pussy lips almost to bursting, stuffing her breathless. She'd fucked Jim many times before, but she never failed to be thrilled by that first massive fuck-thrust of his king-sized cock.

"Oh, yeah, Daddy, fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck my brains out with that big ol' cock!"

Lisa had watched all this with lust and amazement. She glanced over at Steve and saw that he was grinning broadly while he watched his wife getting fucked by his father. He didn't seem to see anything unusual about it, and Lisa guessed that this wasn't the first time by any means.

"Isn't anybody in this family jealous?" she asked Steve.

"Nope," he grinned. "I'm not jealous about Kitty, and she's not jealous about me. And that just means more fun for both of us."

As he spoke, he was puffing Lisa to him. He held her hard against his big hairy body and kissed her lustily, digging his tongue into her mouth and rubbing his steel-hard cock against her pussy mound. She shivered with horniness when she felt that hot column of cockmeat. She reached down and caressed his prick, curling her fingers around it and rubbing them up and down.

"Yeah, Sis," Steve breathed when they came up for air. "You want it as bad as I do, so let's get it on."

He rolled her into the doggy-fucking position, facing Jim and Kitty so they could watch the other couple fucking. Lisa appreciated that touch. She crouched on her elbows and knees, and Steve knelt behind her and plugged the fat hard head of his prick into the juicy little pit of her cunt mouth.

"Ummmmm, yessss, Steve," she moaned. "Stick that big thing in me, honey -- fuck me!"

Steve fucked into her very slowly, savoring each inch of her near-virgin cunt. As he did so, he and Kitty locked eyes and smiled. Husband and wife exchanged lusty grins as they fucked with others. Kitty watched her handsome husband fucking his cock into another girl's cunt, and Steve watched his cute wife riding another man's pistoning prick. They just seemed to get off on it, Lisa noticed.

"Having a good time, sugar?" Steve asked his wife.

"I sure am, babe," Kitty panted. "Your daddy is such a terrific fuck. How about you?"

"Great," Steve said hoarsely. "Shit, Lisa's cunt is so fuckin' tight."

Lisa reddened a little, but not as much as she would have a few days ago. Back then, when she was still a virgin prude, she would have died of shock if somebody had told her she'd be taking part in an orgy with her new husband's family. Here she was, married only three days, and already she'd gotten it on with her husband's brother and father, not to mention his brother's wife.

It was outrageous, but she was loving it. Steve's massive rock-hard cock was slowly but steadily filling her horny little cunt, and she was soaking it with spurts of molten cunt cream. It was exciting enough taking a cock that big, but her excitement was doubled when she watched the other couple fucking only a few feet away.

"Oooooo, Daddy, fuck it to me, fuck hard!" Kitty squealed.

The little redhead was bouncing up and down with the impact other father-in-law's hard fucking, and she was clearly loving it. Everybody could hear the obscene sucking noise Jim's huge cock was making as it reamed the thick cream from her little pussy. She threw her head back, and her eyes rolled crazily as he fucked her faster and faster. Her, cute tits were bouncing and swinging, her features twisted with pleasure.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, you're fucking me so good, Daddy!" she wailed.

Big Jim had an ear-to-car grin on his rugged face as he fucked his hugely engorged cock in the girl's hot and clinging cunt. Lisa recalled Steve remarking that the only excitement the old man got was spying through those holes in the wall. Obviously, Steve hadn't been telling her the whole story. The old man also got to fuck his son's wife.

Lisa was sure nobody had told her the whole story yet. Kitty had hinted that it would come from Larry. Lisa wasn't sure what to think, so she decided to just relax and enjoy the crazy scene she found herself in. Steve's steel-stiff cock touched bottom at last, and he paused to savor the sensation. She could feel his cockmeat throbbing against every inch of her tiny cunt.

"Unnnhhhh, Steve, fuck me with that big thing," she moaned.

He gave a lusty snort and started sawing his huge hard boner up and down in her ever-horny cunt. Lisa clawed the bed and whimpered in ecstasy. She seriously wondered if she could ever get enough fucking. By now she was beginning to doubt it. It seemed like the more she was fucked the more she needed it.

She couldn't control that powerful fuck-lust, either. When she needed sex, she needed it right now. She hadn't been able to wait for her husband to get home and take care of her, so she'd gotten herself into this orgy with his family. Maybe it wasn't right but, damn it, it felt so great and she needed it so badly. She just hoped Larry would understand. She gurgled and squealed as his brother fucked her, and she watched his father and sister-in-law fucking each other just a few feet away. This sure wasn't the kind of family life she'd expected.

But she forgot her concerns as Steve gave her a fantastic fucking. He gradually and steadily increased the speed and force of his movements, and Lisa wailed with delight. Her lust was at the boiling point again, and she craved some hard action. She loved the red-hot friction in her cunt as his huge hard cock fucked up and down.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, Steve, fuck my pussy good," she moaned. "Fuck me forever, honey."

"Just listen to that," Jim chuckled. "Why, that little gal tits right into the family."

"She sure does," Kitty grinned. "And to think we doubted Larry's judgment. We thought you were a prude, Lisa."

"I was," Lisa panted. "I really was."

"Honey, you sure got a hot cunt for a prude," Steve moaned.

Lisa couldn't explain to them how she'd changed so much in just a few days, because she still didn't understand it herself. She only knew that the moment Larry introduced her to sex, she adored it. She wondered how she'd gone twenty-four years without fucking, and she knew she could never be without cock again.

Unfortunately, that meant cheating on her husband. Her fuck-lust was too powerful far one man to satisfy -- she could see that now. As much as she loved Larry, if he wasn't around to take care of her horniness, she'd turn to someone else, even his own father and brother. Somehow she'd have to make Larry understand this, because she wasn't going to sneak around or lie to him.

She was creaming all over Steve's hard driving cock, loving every deep fuck-thrust, and spinning effortlessly towards orgasm. It made her even more turned on to watch Kitty squealing and riding Big Jim's massive boner like it was a bucking bronco. Jim's cock and balls were drenched with the girl's gushing cunt cream. Kitty was flushed all over from her climax.

"Daddy, make me come," she whimpered. "I'll go crazy if I don't come."

"Sure, honey," Jim said. "I'll get you off right now."

He sounded so sure of his ability to do that it was if he was going to press a button and make her come. And that was just what he did. He reached out and grasped the girl's cunt between his thumb and forefinger. Using just the right amount of pressure, gentle but steady, he squeezed her clitand triggered her body racking climax.

"Ooooooo, shit, you did it! Unnnggghbh!" Kitty howled.

"Daddy sure is something, ain't he?" Steve chuckled as he and Lisa watched.

"Yes," Lisa agreed, "he sure is."

He was fantastically hung, too. Lisa looked forward to fucking him again. But she saw nothing bad about fucking Steve, either. Her handsome brother-in-law was giving her a terrific fuck his thick rock-hard fucker pounding away in her cunt and giving her blast after blast of pleasure. She kept soaking his fucking cock with spurts of pussy cream.

Then Steve gave Lisa a nice surprise. While they watched Kitty squealing and climaxing, Steve reached around and took her cunt between his fingers, just as Big Jim had done with Kitty. He gave the slippery nub a firm long squeeze, and Lisa felt herself exploding into orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, God, unnnngggghhhhh!" she wailed.

It had taken her completely by surprise. No wonder Kitty was wailing in ecstasy. That cunt squeezing trick really got a girl off. Lisa went with it, loving the successive jolts of pleasure that ripped through, her body. She and Kitty were both coming now.

"Hey, Son, how about changing partners?" Jim smiled.

"Sure, Daddy, as soon as these ladies finish coming," Steve agreed.

Lisa heard them and shivered with excitement. It seemed so kinky for father and son to be changing women with each other, but so arousing, too. She loved the idea of going from one hard cock to another. As she stopped convulsing, Steve drew his dripping boner from her cunt, while Jim lifted Kitty off the thick impalement of his cock. The two men quickly changed places on the bed.

"Sit on my cock, sugar," Jim said to Lisa as he stretched out on his back. "I'm big enough to squash you, so it's better if you get on top."

She ogled his stiff-standing cock, which were right angles to his belly and drooled thick rivers of cream. Then she threw a leg over him and straddled him, touching the juicy opening of her cunt to the huge purple knob of flesh at the tip of his prick.

Jim snorted with excitement and got a grip on her little waist. He plugged the swollen head of his prick into her cuntal opening, spreading the lightly-furred pussylips very wide. Lisa moaned and shivered in anticipation of that enormous pole of cockflesh. He started fucking into her.

"Ooooooo, God, it's so big," she gurgled. "You can take it, sugar," Jim growled. "Just relax."

Kitty and Steve watched in lusty fascination as Jim's arm-thick boner fucked into Lisa's rarely-used clit. It seemed miraculous that her little cunthole could take that enormous fucktool. But she was gurgling with excitement and creaming, showing how wound she was. With each inch her excitement grew.

"Shit, yes, Daddy, stick that big thing into me," she moaned.

Big Jim was red-faced with lust as he eased his swollen cock into the tiniest cunt he'd ever fucked. He just couldn't thank his son Larry enough for bringing home a virgin bride. He'd have to tell Larry that when he got home. But it was hard to think about his son at that moment. He groaned with delight as he sank his prick to the hilt in Lisa's juicy, steaming pussy.

"You got it all now, honey," he panted. "You like it?"

"I love it, Daddy," Lisa whimpered, "I love that big ol' thing in my cunt. Please fuck me get me off."

Steve gave a lusty growl and turned to his grinning wife. "Baby, I need to fuck you so bad," he rasped.

"The feeling is very mutual, honey," Kitty said, dropping into the doggy-fucking position. "Fuck me while we watch Daddy and Lisa."

Steve didn't have to be asked twice. He knelt behind her, grasped her curvy hips, and fucked his steel-hard prick into her creamy inviting cunt. Kitty clawed the bed and hissed with lust as he fucked into her. She soaked his deep plowing cock with her molten cuntal juices.

"Oooooo, yeah, honey, give me all of it!" she cried. "I wat every inch of that big thing."

"You'll get it, honey," Steve snorted. "I'm gonna fuck you silly."

Their bawdy talk was adding to Lisa's pussy as Jim pistoned his massive prick in her hungry cunt. She looked down at him and didn't even blush when she saw where he was looking. Me warn watching his own big cock in action, watching it fuck in and out of her fur-fringed cuntal opening. She felt all her inhibitions and hang-ups were gone now, and she didn't regret it one bit.

"Fuck it to me, Daddy, fuck me good and hard," she panted.

Jim leered up at her, and then his eyes dropped to her big ripe tits, which were wobbling with the force of his fucking. Lisa threw back her head and wailed with bliss. His huge cock was making fantastic friction in her cunt, driving her steadily and relentlessly towards another hard climax.

"Honey," Kitty moaned, "stick that big cock in my ass."

That got Lisa and Jim's attention. Lisa wondered if she'd heard right. She looked over and saw Steve pulling his dripping cock from Kitty's cute and pressing the hard cock tip against the tiny puckered mouth of her shifter.

Sure enough, Lisa thought excitedly, he was going to fuck her ass. He started pushing into her, and she clawed the bed and squealed.

"Ooooo, shit, yessss!" she cried. "Get into my ass, Steve, fuck me."

Lisa almost came. She knew she had a very kinky mind. The wilder this fuck party got, the more turned on she was. She watched Steve's blue-veined boner disappearing up his wife's ass, and she just had to come. She deliberately tightened her cunt around Jim's fucking cock and felt the wonderful explosion of sensation deep in her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, I'm coming, whaahhhh!" she wailed.

"Take my load, honey, aaaagggghhhh!" Big Jim roared as he jetted his come into her sucking cunt.

"Awwwwww, fuckin' Christ, I'm coming!" Steve bellowed.

As he flooded Kitty's ass with jetting gobs of come, he reached around and squeezed her clit to get her off.

"Oooooo, honey, come in my ass, oooooo!" she howled.

They were all coming at once, making one hell of a racket, so it was no wonder they didn't hear Larry entering the lodge and coming up the stairs. Lisa watching around the impalement of Jim's bucking, come-squirting cock, and she was coming deliciously, her body blasted by hot pleasure. Her eyes were tightly closed.

Then, as her spasms finally began to lessen, she opened her eyes -- and saw her husband standing in the doorway watching her.

"Oh, my God, Larry," she moaned.

Chapter SIX

Larry just looked at Lisa, not saying anything. She figured he must be in shock. The truth was, Larry was reviewing everything he'd just seen, and he was getting off on it. This looked like the best fuck party the Evans family had ever had.

Finding the ground floor of the lodge empty, and following the sound of voices, Larry had come to the doorway of his father's bedroom and looked inside. The rest of his family was all on the huge bed -- Big Jim, Steve, Kitty, and Larry's new bride, Lisa. It was quite a party. Steve was fucking Kitty, and Lisa was riding Daddy's huge pistoning cock.

Larry hadn't felt a bit of jealousy. What he'd felt was relief. He'd been pretty worried about Lisa fitting in with the rest of the family, she was such a prude and so inhibited. But obviously there was no problem. Her pretty face was flushed with pleasure as she took the repeated deep fuck-thrusts of Daddy's rock-hard cock.

"Fuck it to me, Daddy, fuck me good and hard!" Lisa cried.

Larry watched her intently and felt his cock hardening. He knew he'd taken a big risk in marrying this girl, but it looked like his gamble had really paid off. When he'd first met her, all she had going for her was her looks. She'd been so uptight about sex, she wouldn't even let him kiss her good night. All that was changed now.

Now Lisa was a complete slut in bed, and Larry loved it. She was wailing and moaning and creaming like crazy, not trying to hide the hot pleasure she felt as Daddy fucked her. Not only that, but she was watching Steve and Kitty and getting turned on by what they did. She was watching without embarrassment. Imagine his shy and inhibited little wife taking part in an orgy!

As he watched her, Lisa began to come.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, I'm coming, whaahhhh!" she howled.

"Take my load, honey, aaaggghhhhh!" Big Jim roared.

Daddy sizzled his come-load into her tiny cunt, and Larry watched the steaming jizz overflow and gush down her thighs. Her eyes were shut tight now as she forgot everything but the delicious orgasm that shuddered through her body. A few feet away, Steve was shooting his come-load into Kitty's ass, but Larry didn't evens glance at them. He was fascinated with his wife.

Lisa swayed over Big Jim, face contorted in ecstasy, tits swaying heavily. She didn't have a shred of inhibition at that moment. His family had done a terrific job. Larry had introduced Lisa to fucking and gotten her to love it, but it was his father and brother and sister-in-law who'd completed the job and made her a totally liberated woman.

Lisa gave a happy sigh as she finally stopped coming. Then she opened her eyes and saw her husband standing in the doorway.

"Oh, my God, Larry," she gasped.

The others looked at him without surprise. They all knew Larry was the kinkiest one of the whole bunch and that he liked to sneak up on them when they were fucking and spy on them. Nobody thought anything of it. After all, the old man spied, too, with those damned peep holes of his. Nobody in the family was exactly a straight arrow.

But Lisa stared and stared at Larry, her eyes full of fear. He realized he'd better quit daydreaming and let her know that everything was okay. Smiling, he walked over to the bed and drew Lisa into his arms. His cock finished swelling as he felt her sleek hot naked body.

"Hey, honey, don't look so scared," he said soothingly. "It's all right."

"Oh, Larry," Lisa moaned. "How can you be so nice about it? How can you ever forgive me?"

"Larry, YOU better straighten her out," Kitty grinned. "We didn't tell her everything. I figured that was up to you."

"What are you all talking about?" Lisa asked.

Larry sat on the edge of the bed and drew her onto his lap. "Well, honey," he drawled, "here's how it is with our family. You know we all live here together and run this resort, and during winter there's nobody here but the family. It can get pretty damned boring. At first, when Steve and I were bachelors, we'd bring home a girl now and then. And we'd all share her."

"We sure weren't bored then," Steve chuckled. "Then I got married to Kitty."

"And they decided to share me, too," the little redhead giggled. "I was kinda surprised the first time, but I sure did grow to like it."

"I bet you did," Lisa sighed, "with three guys all to yourself."

"Well, now you're in on the fun, sugar," Larry said. "I wanna share you with Daddy and Steve, if that's okay with you."

Okay? Lisa could hardly contain her excitement. She'd already discovered that her lust was more than one man could handle, and, she'd been fretting about how to break this news to her husband. Now she wouldn't have to worry anymore. She'd have three horny males available to fuck with whenever she felt the need.

"Oh, honey, I'd like that a lot," she said.

Larry gave her a big kiss and said: "Great, then it's all settled. You're officially part of this family."

"And a pretty terrific part, too," Big Jim said.

Larry slid Lisa back onto the bed, stood up, and started removing his clothes. "I'm glad we got that taken care of," he smiled. "I can hardly wait to join this party."

Lisa felt her lust returning in full force as she watched her sexy husband strip. Nobody turned her on like Larry did. She'd loved fucking his dad and brother, but Larry was even more attractive to her. She ogled his powerful body, and her eyes kept darting to the menacing cockbulge in his shorts. Her pussy grew hot and creamy and swollen.

Larry gingerly peeled his jockey shorts down over his hard-on, and Lisa creamed furiously. His huge cock was hard as a rock. It weaved heavily and stiffly before him, dripping hot juice as he walked over to the bed. Then she noticed that Kitty was also eyeing his cock with hot hungry eyes. She realized that she was going to have to share these three hunks with her sister-in-law.

"Mnunnimmmm, Brother, what a fantastic hard-on," Kitty gurgled.

"Thanks, Sis," Larry grinned. "I got kinda turned on watching you guys."

"Sicko," Steve teased.

"Hey, now, don't put the boy down for spying," Jim protested with a laugh. "I do it all the time, and I really like it."

"You're a sicko, too, Daddy," Kitty giggled. It seemed to be all fun for them, but Lisa was really concerned about her standing in this kinky family. She needed Larry and his big hard cock very badly just now, but was she going to get what she craved? Kitty had crawled over to Larry and was petting his rigidly weaving prick.

"What a beauty," she said huskily. "That's about as hard as they come."

"Yep," Steve chuckled, "Lisa's really gonna get off on that thing."

"Me?" Lisa chirped hopefully.

"Why sure, honey," Larry grinned. "I wasn't thinking about making it with anybody else."

"I'm just fooling with him, Sis," Kitty assured her. "You always get the first shot at your own guy."

Lisa breathed a big sigh of relief. Much as she liked Kitty, she was ready to claw and fight to get Larry right now. In spite of the many times she'd come today, she needed more loving, and she wanted it from the man who turned her on the most. Now Larry moved over to her and pulled her into a hot embrace, and she went eagerly, moaning with need.

He kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth, and she wriggled her body against him, rubbing her pussy mound against his steel-hard cock. She knew the whole family was watching her, but she didn't care. She couldn't control her lust for this man, and she didn't want to. She was horny, and she didn't care who knew it.

"Mmmm, mmmmmm," she moaned.

Larry was just as eager as she was. It really had aroused him violently to watch her fucking with others. His huge cock was hot and throbbing against her belly, and it kept bucking lustily and drooling hot sticky cream. Lisa reached down and fisted his enormous fucker. She pumped his cock lustily, dying to feel it cramming her needy little pussy.

As her fist closed around his cock, Larry gave a lusty growl and rolled her over onto her back. He let her play with his throbbing boner a few more seconds, then drew back, kneeling between her legs. He lifted her legs and draped them over his broad shoulders. Her cream-soaked cunt slit was visible to all eyes.

"I been thinking about this all day, sugar," Larry said as he socked the fat head of his cock into her juicy cuntal opening.

"Ohhhhhh, honey, yessssss," Lisa breathed. His cock was about an inch into her, and it seemed to burn and swell in the tight-ringed mouth of her cunt. It was driving her crazy. She wriggled her hips impatiently, trying to impale herself on more of that hot slab of cockmeat, but Larry wouldn't let her. He just maintained his position, grinning wickedly, while the rest of the family gathered around close to watch.

"Larry, damn it, stick it in me," Lisa moaned, shivering with frustration. "I need it so bad, honey. How come you're waiting?"

"I just wanted to make sure everybody had a good view, darlin'," he said. "Let's just call this your official initiation party."

Lisa reddened in spite of her hot horniness. Everyone was watching her, all right, particularly leaning over her to eye Larry's big boner and her widely-stretched pussy lips. This was definitely not going to be a private fuck. But her lust was stronger than her modesty, and she soon didn't care who watched. Nothing mattered except getting her husband's big hard cock fucked all the way into her famished cunt.

"Come on, honey, fuck me," she moaned. "Larry, you stop teasing that girl," Jim scolded. "Give her what she wants."

"Yeah, Little Brother, quit being a jerk," Steve teased.

Larry chuckled, then started easing his wrist thick cock into Lisa's tight but juice-slick pussy hole. She gurgled in bliss and clawed the bed as he slowly but steadily filled her pussy with that granite slab of cockmeat. She soaked his prick with rush after rush of molten cunt cream.

"Ooooooo, baby, yessss, get into meeeee!" she squealed.

"Oh, shit, this is turning me on," Kitty moaned.

"It's turning everybody on, honey," Steve said hoarsely.

Lisa could see that was true. The whole family had hot lust-glazed eyes as they watched Larry's thick blue-veined cock fucking deeper and deeper into her eager cunt. His huge fuck-tool was forcing out her thick pussy cream, and the pearly liquid was running down her ass crack. She just couldn't control that horny creaming.

"There," Larry groaned. "You got it all now, baby."

"Oh, honey, I feel it," Lisa moaned. "I love it. Now fuck my brains out."

"Larry, I do believe that girl likes you," Jim chuckled.

"She does seem mighty fond of him," Steve agreed.

Lisa hardly heard their teasing. Larry was starting to fuck her now, using deep hard cock thrusts, and she was in ecstasy. Her head rolled back, her long dark hair cascading over the bedspread. She dug her nails into the spread.

Nothing could possibly feel better than this, she thought. She wished he'd go on fucking her forever.

"Unnnhhhh, honey, I love it," she whimpered. "I love the way you're fucking me, Larry."

There was a horny gurgle from Kitty. The hot-pants housewife just couldn't remain a passive spectator. She turned to Steve and pushed him onto his back. While he was still recovering from his surprise, she knelt beside him, dipped her head down, and began pumping and licking his cock.

"Hey, all right!" Steve exclaimed.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmm, I just had to play with your cock, honey," Kitty moaned. "I was getting so horny."

"That's all right," Steve assured her. "I can live with it."

Kitty curled her dainty little fingers around his big semi-hard prick and lashed the blue veined prickmeat with her glistening little tongue. The sight increased Lisa's lust to fever pitch. The family was right -- watching other people make love was a real turn-on. Maybe it was kinky, maybe it was outrageous, but they weren't really hurting anybody while they kept it strictly within the family.

In the Evans family, anything went. Lisa had never dreamed she'd end up like this, fucking her husband while his family watched and carried on with each other. But she liked it. She liked it a whole lot better than her former life, when she'd worked so hard to bottle up her unsatisfied needs.

"Unnnhhhh, Larry, fuck me hard, honey," she moaned. "Give it to me as hard as you want."

"I'm getting there, sugar," he leered, "but you know I hate to rush."

He kept on fucking her in long deep cock strokes, taking his time, savoring her tiny tight cunt. He was also savoring the scene next to them, where Kitty was lathering Steve's cock with her hot spit, leaving the thickening column of cockmeat gleaming. Steve was breathing hard, and his face was flushed as he enjoyed his wife's greedy hot tongue.

"Yeah, baby, lick my cock all over," he groaned.

As Kitty tongue-lashed his cock, it grew and grew, going fully hard and pushing her pumping fingers wide apart. Kitty felt his cockmeat swelling under her tongue, and she licked even faster, spearing up the thick gobs of cream that bugged from his piss hole. She had her cute little ass stuck up in the air, and they could all see the cream-soaked pink line of her, pussy slit. Big Jim was eyeing that rosy cunt flesh with hot hunger. He was the only one left out of the fun, but he didn't stay that way for long. With a horny growl, he crawled over behind his daughter-in-law and brought his face within an inch of her luscious-looking cunt gash. She felt his hot breath on her sensitive pussy, and she shivered with anticipation. His tongue darted out.

"Ohhhhhhh, Daddy, yeah!" Kitty squealed. "Lick my pussy, you know I love that."

Larry snorted with lust, and Lisa didn't blame him. It was a pretty enticing sight next to them, Kitty on her hands and knees, taking on two horny males at the same time. Her glistening pink tongue lashed up and down Steve's rigid boner, while Jim's big tongue whipped her horny pussy. Shared by father and son, the lusty young housewife was having the time of her life. Her curvy little body was flushed all over, and she was moaning with excitement.

"Mmmmm, Daddy, you are the most incredible pussy-eater!" she squealed.

Lisa creamed heavily all over Larry's deep-plowing cock as she watched the others. Larry felt the rush of pussy juice, and he snorted lustily and fucked her harder, faster -- just the way she craved it.

"Oh, yeah, honey, fuck me hard," she moaned. "Fuck the living shit out of me!"

Larry's eyes were gleaming with lust as he fueled his big hard prick in his bride's clinging cunt and kept glancing at the rest of his family. Everybody was in on the fun now. Steve red faced with excitement, shivered as Kitty tongue lashed his stiff cock, and Kitty in turn shivered with pleasure as her father-in-law lathered her pussy with his hot spit.

"Suck me, honey," Steve panted. "Suck me off!"

"Mmmmmm, yeah, I want a whole mouthful of your come, babe," Kitty moaned.

She opened her lips as wide as she could and slid them down around his rigidly standing prick. As she sheathed his cockmeat in her steamy mouth, Steve groaned in ecstasy. His cock was so big, and her mouth was so little, that she could only get the huge purple cockhead inside, but she vigorously pumped the rest of his prick in her hot fist. Her flame-red head bobbed up and down as she sucked his cock.

"Shit, yes!" Steve gasped. "Suck me good, baby."

Again Lisa drenched Larry's pistoning cock with her sizzling cream, and he responded with even faster, harder fuck-thrusts. She arched her body to take his deep-driving prick, and she whimpered in ecstasy. Fucking Larry was always thrilling for her, but it was even more wildly exciting when his family joined in and provided extra entertainment.

"Mmmmmmm, unnnhhhhhhh," Kitty was moaning.

Lisa saw that Big Jim was cramming his tongue into Kitty's pussy. She remembered him doing that to her, and she shivered with arousal. His tongue was as big as most cocks, and it had felt fantastic in her hungry cunt. He stuffed the slippery slab of meat as deep as he could into Kitty's cream-spurting cunt, then started fucking her with it, jabbing it hard in and out of her.

Kitty gave muffled sobs of pleasure and sucked ever harder on Steve's throbbing boner. Lisa and Larry fucked harder and harder at each other as they watched. She started tightening her cunt around his fucking cock, getting all the delicious friction she could. She soaked his cockmeat with molten floods of pussycream. Larry felt it and shivered with excitement.

"Shit, honey, you keep doing that, you're gonna make me come," he groaned.

"Good," Lisa said.

Using her strong young cuntal muscles, she gave his pricks squeeze. He snorted lustily and went into high gear, fucking her as hard and fast as be could. Lisa howled with delight and soaked his prick with floods of cunt cream. Beside her, Kitty was sucking like crazy on Steve's cock while Jim pistoned his tongue in her cunt with lightning speed.

It looked like another grand finale for the Evans family. They seemed to specialize in getting everybody off at the same moment. Lisa was all for that. She ached to come, and she liked everybody to be satisfied. She was almost there now, whimpering in ecstasy as Larry roughly fucked her.

"Awwwwww, shit, eat it, awwwwww!" Steve suddenly bawled.

Lisa saw Kitty's cheeks bulge with his hot cock cream. The little redhead let the jism collect till she looked like a chipmunk. Then she gulped it all down, threw back her head and howled as Big Jim's fucking tongue got her off.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, Daddy, whaaahhhhh!" she howled.

Steve's wet prick popped from her mouth, and she knelt there and shuddered violently as Jim tongue-fucked her through a hot orgasm. The obscene sucking noises of his deep-plowing tongue brought Lisa's excitement to the boiling point. She knew she was going to come in a matter of seconds.

"Ohhhhh, shit, that was good," Kitty moaned. "And now I'm gonna get you off, Daddy."

She jerked her cunt off the impalement of his tongue, whirled around, and dived for his cock. Jim was kneeling there, grinning, but his grin changed to a lusty snarl as his cute little daughter-in-law brought her steaming mouth down around his engorged prick. She popped the enormous purple head of his cock between her lips and started sucking loudly on it. Kitty was very good at her work. It took her just about ten seconds to suck him off.

"Oh, Jesus, eat my load!" Jim howled.

"Mmmmnun, uuummmm!" Kitty moaned as she gulped her second load of jizz in less than a minute.

That did it for Larry and Lisa. The sight of Kitty swallowing two huge loads of come was just too much for the deliriously horny newlyweds. Lisa felt the hot sting of Larry's jizz against her womb, and that triggered her orgasm. Her cunt went into spasms around his come-squirting cock.

"Oooooo, baby, you're making mecome!" she howled.

"Awwwww, shit, awwwww," Larry bawled. Now everybody was coming, making the big bed shake, filling the room with moans and yelps and howls. Lisa knew she was going to love these family fuck sessions. There was no end to the nasty things they could do together, and she'd never have to go horny with three lusty males in the house.

"Gosh, what do you guys do in the summer, when all the guests are here?" she asked.

"Damned little," Big Jim grumbled. "There's no privacy then, and of course we're working our butts off running the place."

"Yeah," Steve sighed, "a person can get mighty horny by the time the last guests leave in the fail."

"And that's why we behave like animal all winter," Kitty laughed.

"Yep, that's how things are around here, honey," Larry concluded. "What do you think? Can youth in and like it?"

"I know I can," Lisa said eagerly. "I have to admit it, I didn't expect my marriage to be any thing like this -- but I'm not gonna have any problem adjusting."

"Terrific," Larry said, giving her a squeeze. "I'm really glad about this. Lisa. I didn't know how you'd react when you found out how we really live here. But I can see there's no problem. We're all gonna have a lot of fun together. And of course you and I will still have our times alone together."

The minute he said it, they both started feeling horny again.

Big Jim observed them and chuckled. "I think you two need some time alone together right now. Why don't you run along to your room?"

"Good idea," Larry growled, sweeping Lisa into his arms and carrying her off.

She was shivering with anticipation as he set her down on their own king-sized bed. She loved romping with the whole family, but she also loved being alone with her husband. He threw himself down beside her and went right for her big swollen tits, kissing and squeezing and licking them, teasing her nipples erect with his hot juicy tongue.

"Mmmmmm, honey, that feels so exciting," Lisa gurgled. "Suck them, too, please."

Larry chuckled. "I can hardly believe you're the little puritan I brought home three days ago."

"You changed me on our wedding night," Lisa grinned. "You got me hooked on sex. Now I can't get enough. You've taken on a big responsibility, mister."

"I can handle it," he said. "And if I get tired, you've got my dad and my brother."

Larry sank his mouth down around her nipples and started sucking them noisily. Lisa creamed helplessly, soaking her whole pussy. Larry licked and kissed and sucked his way down her body, over her ribs and flat belly, onto her cunt mound. She gurgled with eagerness and opened her legs wide, bending her knees. She offered him her whole glistening pussy gash.

Larry surprised her by suddenly reversing his position, crouching over her backwards. It was a nice surprise, because now in addition to getting her pussy eaten, she could go down on him. Or, in this case, up. His huge semi-hard cock was wagging lewdly just above her mouth. She grabbed for his prick, listing and pumping it, while his hot breath tickled her pussy.

"Oooooo, honey, yessss," she gurgled as his scalding tongue touched her pussy gash.

He whipped his tongue all over her puffed and creamy pussy, giving her delicious sensations. She returned the favor, darting out her tongue and lashing his sensitive cockhead. His prick swelled in her fist, growing long and rigid and throbbing. Delicious hot cream welled up in his piss hole, and she tongued it up hungrily and gobbled it. They went at each other like animals, snarling and tonguing.

Lisa crammed Larry's huge cockhead into her mouth and started sucking on it. He stuffed his big tongue into her cunt and fucked her with it. Totally absorbed in eating each other, they didn't notice Jim and Steve and Kitty slipping into the room to watch.

They weren't aware of their audience till the others were standing right beside the bed. They glanced around, then snorted with laughter. Jim and Steve and Kitty were watching them with hot lusty eyes, and both men had big hard-ons, while Kitty's thighs were glistening with her gushing cunt cream.

"Sorry about that, Son," Jim chuckled, "but we just couldn't resist watching."

"It was Daddy's fault," Steve laughed. "He started looking through that spy hole, and then he got us to looking."

"And then we decided to came on over for a better view," Kitty said with a wicked grin.

"Well, you may as well climb aboard," Larry laughed, patting the bed. "Maybe we can think of a way for all of us to have fun together. Got any ideas, Lisa?"

"Me?" Lisa exclaimed. "But I'm the amateur in the family. You guys would be better at that."

"We need new ideas, girl," Jim said eagerly. "You just put your naughty mind to work, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy, I'll try," Lisa laughed. It really didn't take her long to come up with something. Now that she'd lost her hang-ups about sex, she could let her fantasies roam free. She soon saw a way that every member of the family could get in on the action.

"Okay, I've got it," she said eagerly. "Daddy, you lie here, on your back."

She started arranging people, while the family grinned and nodded, approving of her wild idea. Big Jim stretched out on his back, and his massive boner stood at attention, thick as a pillar of stone and just as hard. Kitty's eyes got huge and hungry as she eyed that monster of a cock.

"Yes, Kitty, it's all yours," Lisa grinned. "You kneel there and go down on him."

"Hmm, I'm getting to like this plan already," Jim chuckled as his cute red haired daughter-in-law crawled between his legs.

Crouching there, Kitty dipped her head down, stuck out her tongue, and started licking his stiff-standing cock.

"Good," Lisa said. "Now, Steve, you kneel behind Kitty and eat her pussy."

"I like that assignment," Steve leered.

He dropped into position behind Kitty, darted his tongue out, and lashed her tangy-tasting cunt slit, making her whimper and shiver with pleasure. Now it was Lisa's turn to join the group. She got on her back and slid between Steve's legs, so that his cock brushed her lips. She started tonguing his prick, lapping up the thick cream that dripped from his piss hole. Steve shivered happily.

"Okay, Larry," Lisa said. "I think you can figure out how you fit in."

"I sure can," he chuckled, "and I like it a lot."

He dropped to his knees between her widely parted legs, and she moaned in ecstasy as he fucked his rock-hard prick into her hot little cunt. Her plan had worked great. The whole family was connected now in one long chain of mouths, tongues and cocks. Lisa realized this hadn't been possible before she joined the family. She felt proud of her contribution.

"Okay, everybody, action!" she laughed.

The room resonated with blissful sighs and moans and yelps as they all went at each other. Kitty sank her hot mouth down around Jim's massive boner and started sacking it noisily. Steve crammed his long stiff tongue into her cunt sit began fucking her with it. Lisa popped Steve's cock into her mouth and sucked ravenously on it, while Larry pistoned his rock hard cock in her cunt.

"Lisa, honey, this is just fantastic," he said hoarsely. "Terrific idea, honey."

"It sure the fuck is," said Big Jim.

The others couldn't talk because their mouths were busy. But their sensual moans testified to the wild excitement they were feeling as the entire family got it on together. Lisa gulped Steve's tasty cock cream and moaned as Larry's prick fucked her cunt. She looked forward to the exciting moment when the whole Evans family would climax together.

She didn't have long to wait. Suddenly she was coming, pleasure racking her body, and Steve was flooding her mouth with his hot jizz while Larry deluged her cunt with his boiling come-load. Big Jim groaned and came in Kitty's hotly sucking mouth while Steve's pistoning tongue brought her off.

Lisa knew that if Larry had told her all about his kinky family when they first met, she'd have fled in horror. She never would have married him -- and she'd have been a damned fool now that her prudery was gone, she couldn't imagine living any other way than this -- totally liberated, free to love not just her husband but his whole family.


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