Naughty voyeur aunt

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, desire or whim that my never surface even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, suck dark passions are easily submerged by complexities of modern everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

NAUGHTY VOYEUR AUNT is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its most base desires come to the fore. Aunt and nephew are swept into an illicit web of lust, from which neither seems willing or able to escape. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

NAUGHTY VOYEUR AUNT -- the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.

Chapter ONE

Jessica received the long distance call from Maxine only moments after Oswald had buzzed her on the intercom and had informed her that the blushing newlyweds had finally arrived and that they were on their way up to the bridal suite. Maxine's call couldn't have come at a more inconvenient moment, for Jessica had been waiting all week for the newlyweds' arrival and she couldn't bear to miss one moment of the hot show the young couple was bound to put on for her through the two-way mirror.

"I'd be delighted, simply delighted to have them stay," Jessica said. "The little darlings. Haven't seen them in years. Bucky was in first or second grade, I believe. And the twins were still in diapers. Maxine, I can't tell you how delighted I am. I simply can't wait -- believe me. But I'll have to call you back for the details and to set things up, because we're in the middle of an emergency here. I can't explain now. No time. I'll call you back. Good-bye, little sister. Sorry, but I simply must run." She hung up the receiver before Maxine could even say good-bye.

On her way up to the third floor, she took the steps two at a time, her bare toes digging into the carpet. The newlyweds had almost certainly used the ancient, groaning elevator, and Jessica, for the first time, felt an affectionate kinship with that rattling old box. With luck, by the time the elevator had inched its way up the shaft and had delivered the newlyweds to the lodge's third floor, Jessica would be settled in her leopard-skin easy chair, her feet propped up on the footstool, bet clothes shed, her legs spread.

Sitting there in the dark in her cozy chamber adjacent to the bridal suite, she would watch the scene unfold in the bridal suite as if watching -- a movie in a theater, for the two-way mirror was much like a movie screen -- six feet high by six feet wide. The people she had spied on through it always seemed to be fascinated by the oversized wall mirror, performing for it -- and her -- as if it were a movie camera.

She reached the third floor at the same moment that the newlyweds were exiting the elevator at the other end of the hallway. She strode down the plushly carpeted hallway, and she extended her hand first to the young woman, and then to the young man.

"Welcome! Welcome! I'm Jessica Richards. This is my lodge, and, let me tell you, we're all delighted to have you here for your honeymoon. Here, let me help you with your bags."

Taking a suitcase in each of her hands, she escorted the couple to the bridal suite.

"I'm sorry I couldn't have met the two of you in the lobby when you arrived, but I was tied up with a long-distance call. My two nephews and my dear little niece, none of whom I've seen in ten years, are coming to visit. That was my sister on the phone telling me to expect them next week. I'm so excited. I never married, never had any kids of my own. Do the two of you plan on having children?" She set the suitcases down and straightened up.

The blushing newlyweds -- hardly more than kids themselves -- gawked at her, openmouthed.

"Oh, pardon me for prying. Sometimes this big mouth of mine gets away from me." She reached for the key, which was dangling from the bridegroom's shaky hand, and she unlocked the door for the couple, then showed the two of them into the room. "Here we are."

The newlyweds were impressed.

"Wow!" said the girl.

"Far out!" said the boy.

And she left them like that, left them to admire the full view of the lake and the snowcapped mountains behind it, left them to discover the pink, satin bedspread on the king sized bed and the large wall mirror in front of which they would consummate their marriage. She sealed the door behind her softly, then took three strides to the right and unlocked the door of her private theater. Enough light from the bridal suite penetrated the two-way mirror for Jessica to securely lock the door behind her and to walk to her easy chair without having to feel her way along. Beside the chair, she pulled off her sweat shirt and her jeans, then slowly and sensuously peeled off her panties, leaning forward to let her heavy tits hang and sway ass she slipped the warm panties over her feet.

Naked, warmly excited, she took her place in the leopard-skin easy chair and stretched out, planting her heels up on the padded footstool. The warm chamber air licked across her parted cuntlips. In the bridal chamber, the young bridegroom was locking the door of the suite. Jessica reached over to the table beside her chair and switched on the private intercom which would allow her to hear any, sounds in the bridal suite.

"I can't believe this is happening," the young bride said. She wore a light-blue dress.

Her brunette hair hung to her shoulders.

The bridegroom, fingers trembling, was unbuttoning his pin-striped shirt. His dark trousers were tented at the groin. He was a handsome youth, with dark hair covering his ears, wide shoulders, and a tight little ass.

"Let's get undressed," he said, his voice hardly above a whisper.

The girl's complexion flushed crimson. "Oh, Billy, can't we wait awhile? It's still light out. Why don't we watch the sunset before we..." Her voice trailed off. She turned and looked out the large picture window at the sun dropping toward the mountain peaks across the lake.

The boy got his shirt off, pulling the sleeves inside out and letting it drop where he stood.

"Beautiful stud!" Jessica whispered. "Such lithe, finely chiseled young muscles. Mmm, baby!"

The boy stretched, arching his back, nearly touching the ceiling with his large hands. Every muscle in his lean torso stretched tightly.

"Farmboy," Jessica muttered. "Or maybe a cowboy." She stretched in her chair, pointing her toes, lengthening her spine, twisting her head sensuously to milk off some of the tension that had surged up in her at the sight of the boy's bare torso.

"I've been waiting a whole year for this," the boy said. "I can't wait any more. We've gotta do it now. Please, Laurie." He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He pushed off his pants and his briefs together, leaning forward to peel them down his long legs, then hunkering down to untie his shoes.

His heavy balls hung under his crotch like an enormous fist.

"Big, beautiful, hairy nuts!" Jessica mumbled, her words juicy as she began to salivate. "Baby, I'd give almost anything to lick those big bull-nuts. Oh, stud!" She stretched again, not daring to touch her drooling cunt for fear that she'd come immediately -- and she didn't want to come yet, not until she'd seen more.

The boy forced his shoes, socks, and his bunched pants and underwear off over his feet as he fell back on his ass. His cock, a thick, meaty cock with a purple head the size of a medium apple, whacked up against his tight abdomen with an audible slap.

"Jesus!" Jessica gasped. "Stud!" Her heart was banging. She could hear the blood gushing in her head. Her viewing chamber felt suddenly like a sauna.

The boy stood up. "Laurie, please get undressed." His cock stood out from his tight loins at a forty-five-degree angle, its bulging shaft veins visible to Jessica. The fat cock pounded the air with heavy throbs. "Please?"

"Turn around, little ding bat!" Jessica said. "You little fool, look at your man! Jesus Christ!" She was ready to jump out of her chair and to pound on the two-way mirror. Imagine! A virgin at her age, and in these liberated times yet. "Jesus Christ, girl, look at what your man's got to offer you! Turn around!"

The girl turned. "Billy, I..." Her eyes got big as quarters. Her blush turned three shades deeper.

The boy's prick flexed.

"Oh, God, it's so big!" the girl whispered. "I didn't know they were that big. My little brother's is only as big as a finger. Oh, God!"

The boy moved toward her, his cock wagging, his arms outstretched. "I want you, baby."

The girl stepped back toward the window, her hand up as if to ward off an attacker. "Don't, Billy. I'm not ready. Give me time to think."

The boy stopped, hands on his hips, prick twitching. "Think? What do you mean, think? We're married now -- remember? You said we'd have to get married before you let me do it to you. Well, we're married."

"But I didn't know your thing was so big. Oh, God!" Her eyes followed every twitch of the boy's heavy prick.

"They're all big. As soon as they get hair around 'em they get big. Even your little brother's will get big as soon as he grows some hair around it." He stepped toward her.

She backed up against the window. "Stay back! Please?"

"Take off your clothes. I wanna see your tits."

"I wanna call my mother. Let me call my mother first."

"Are you crazy? Take off your clothes. You're my wife now. I've got a right."

"Leave me alone!" She tried to dodge away, but he caught her. "Leave me alone!" She twisted in his arms.

He bit her neck, crushing her against the heavy picture window. "Mmm, you're mine!"

She clawed his flanks. "Animal! Animal!"

He wrestled her to the floor and tore at her dress.

She kicked and pounded at him. Jessica thrust three fingers up her cunt and spasmed instantly. "Ohhh, stud! Beautiful stud!"

The way his muscles writhed under his sun bronzed skin made her want to die. She saw the dark fur of his asscrack, saw the tufts of dark hair under his arms, saw the sinews straining in his large hands and feet as he dug in and ripped the clothes off his reluctant bride and the sight of him in action caused her orgasm to intensify until she was forced to gnaw her left wrist to avoid screaming so loudly that they would hear her through the walls.

She churned her ass on the furry seat, dribbling hot pussy juice, her cunt gnawed by the surge of orgasm. "Fuck that little bitch! Pop her itchy little cherry! Oh, baby!"

The bride's mangled dress lay in a heap on the floor, her bra with the torn straps on top of it. The boy ripped off the girl's pantyhose and picked her up as if she were a straw-stuffed mannequin. He carried her to the bed and dropped her on it, her pantyhose trailing, still hooked over her right foot. The boy whisked the pantyhose off her foot and stood over his naked bride, his ribcage heaving, his bronze skin misted with sweat.

She lay before him as if unconscious, her pointed young tits heaving, her lips parted, her smooth legs limp and spread. All the fight seemed to have gone out of her. She appeared exhausted, vanquished.

The boy stroked his cock from base to prick-head. "Oh, man! Oh, wow!"

He sprang onto the bed and landed between his bride's legs.

Her eyes shot open, horror on her face.

"No, Billy! Oh, God, no!"

The boy fell on her, driving his cock against her pussy, grinding his chest against her tits, biting her neck, biting her jaw, covering her lips with his mouth.

The girl sighed, her body twitching. From the movement of the girl's cheeks, Jessica could tell that the boy's tongue was licking out her mouth. When the girl gagged momentarily, Jessica knew that the boy's tongue was licking deep in her throat, and that the boy's saliva was dripping down into the girl's stomach.

The boy's loins humped, asscheeks contracting beautifully. He drove his enormous cock again and again at his bride's spread crotch.

The girl groaned, whimpered. Their two bodies became motionless.

He's got the cockhead in, Jessica thought. The fat head of his cock, right between her juicy cuntlips. And now he's gonna bust her teenage cherry.

"It hurts," the girl whimpered. "Don't, oh, don't!"

They were staring into each other's eyes.

"It feels so good," the boy said. "It feels so fucking good. It feels just like I thought it would. Mmm, wow!"

Jessica sucked the cunt juice off her fingers, her eyes taking in every movement of the two naked bodies on the bed in the next room, her ears recording every word, every sound of pleasure or pain or fear or joy. Her cunt throbbed with renewed excitement, and she leaned back and spread her legs widely, letting the warm air nibble at her raw wet cuntmeat.

The boy wiggled his ass, fucking his cock deeper into the squirming young girl. "Ohhh, wow!"

"God, stop! Oh, God, stop!" The bride's fingernails sank into her young husband's back. Her pink toes clenched.

The boy fucked his cock in deeper.

The girl groaned, whined. "Pleassssssse! Noooooo!"

The young bull rammed, forcing every inch of his big cock into her cunt. "Ahhhhhh!"

The girl's mouth gaped. A high-pitched whine, hardly audible, burst from deep in her throat. Her eyes rolled back, only the whites visible, then closed. Her body went limp.

The boy seemed not to notice that his bride had passed out. He muttered to himself, his long body beginning to undulate, the lithe muscles of his back writhing. He moved right between his young bride's legs, fucking his fat young cock in and out of her pussy. Pushing up off her and arching his back, he pushed his head down and sucked at her left tit, gnawing an the stiff nipple, tonguing the bumpy cherry, filling his mouth with soft tit-flesh and sucking like an infant hungry for its mother's milk.

The girl regained consciousness with a gasp. She wrapped her legs around her lover's churning loins, tightened her arms around him.

"Oh, Billy! Oh, God! What's happening? Oh, wowww!" She rocked her hips to the rhythm of the boy's fucking. Her head tossed from side to side on the pink satin bedspread. Her naked torso arched up, her tit shoved deeper into Billy's mouth. "Suck it, Billy, oh, darling, suck it! Mmmmm!"

The boy moaned, munching her tit as if it were a juicy slice of melon.

"Now the other one, darling -- quick!"

Billy swallowed her right tit, his mouth gaping, his tongue and lips working rapidly.

The girl arched even more, writhing. "Ohhh, Billyyyyy!" The boy released her tit and fell on her, grinding his muscled chest at her, squirming on top of her as if he wanted to bury her in the pink satin.

"Laurie! God, Laurie, I love you! Oh, I feel so good!"

"Mmm, me too!" the girl moaned. "Keep moving, darling. Keep pushing your thing inside me. It feels so good." She twisted her heels into his asscheeks. Her bare young ass bounced, her cunt sucking at her lover's plunging cock.

Jessica used both hands to play with herself. With one hand, she spread the hairy slabs of her pussy. With the other, she stimulated the inflamed cuntmeat between them, scratching the swollen sex-flesh lightly with her nails, rubbing the juice-slick cuntmeat with the pads of her fingers, twisting her fingers up into her pussy. The hot sensations spread throughout her loins, surged through her asshole and up her cunt, tingled the tip of her spine. She felt the tingles through her arms and legs, felt them in the tips of her toes and her nipples and her fingers. She loved nothing better than watching a hot couple fucking, especially a young couple, and most especially a virginal young couple.

The two young people were experiencing the pleasures of fucking for the first time, and she was here watching them. There was nothing else in the world she would rather be doing. She twisted her fingers inside her cunt and felt the hot juice dribble out of her. In the room next door, the young couple had become lost in a relentless fucking rhythm, their young loins humping at each other with perfect coordination.

"I'm fucking you," the boy moaned.

"Fucking you good!"

"Mmm, real good!" the girl said. "Keep moving it, keep moving it forever! Oh, God, yes!"

"I'm gonna come pretty soon. I'm gonna squirt it into you."

The girl sighed, her hips rocking. "Oh, do it! Do it! I wanna feel it squirt!"

"You come too. You come with me. I wanna feel your cunt coming. I wanna feel it suck."

"It's sucking now, darling. Every time you shove your thing in and out, my cunt sucks."

"Oh, God, does it! Let's come, Laurie! Now!"

"Mmm, let's!"

The young couple increased the rhythm of their fucking. Jessica heard the squishing of cock in cunt. She saw blood-tinted cuntjuice dribble from the girl's cock-stuffed cunt and leak down over her bottom and between her asscheeks. Jessica moaned, longing to lick that cute pink pussy, hungry to taste the cunt juice flavored with the blood from the girl's ruptured cherry. She wished she could suck that musky teenage ass, that she could drive her tongue into the young bride's tight little shit hole. And then she would move up and lick the boy's hairy asscrack, and she'd suck on his bloated young balls as they slapped at the girl's exposed bottom, and she'd try to get a taste of his cock as it fucked in and out of the pussy. And when they came, she would ram her tongue up the boy's asshole, licking at the contracting wails of his bunghole and stimulating his pulsing prostate gland as he pumped his hot jism into his young bride.

Jessica grabbed her clit and twisted it, as if by doing so, she could draw some of the hot aching itch out of her cunt. But twisting on her clit only increased the heat in her pussy.

"Come, you two!" she moaned. "Oh, God, come now!"

The couple froze, backs arched, mouths gaping, eyes rolled back. Their hairy young groins appeared fused, the boy's cock buried to the hilt inside the girl. They maintained this statue-like pose for a moment, then melted into each other, bodies shuddering, skin prickled with goose bumps, loins contracting with spasms.

The boy gushed his virginal cum into his new bride, letting out a cry that Jessica could hear through the mirror as well as through the intercom. "Awwwwwwwww!"

"Shoot it, honey!" the girl said in pained tones. "Oh, give it to me!" Her upturned bottom twitched, her pink asspucker throbbing. Cum and pussy juice bubbled out of her cunt, squeezed out of her by her lover's plunging prick.

Jessica leaned forward, her mouth open, her tongue lapping at the air. If only she could lick that little chick's juicy ass! If only she could taste the mingled cum and pussy juice bubbling out of her! Oh, heaven! What pleasure! What ecstasy!

She rammed all five digits of her right hand into the seething wetness between her thighs, twisting her hand as her cunt engulfed her fingers and thumb. She tore at her burning sex-flesh, stretched the sizzling cuntmeat mercilessly.

"Ohhhhh, God!" Her vision blurred as another orgasm overwhelmed her pussy.

In the adjacent room, the young couple writhed, grinding their spasming sex organs together in mutual ecstasy, grunting and moaned as orgasm gripped their virginal loins. The boy jerked with each explosion of his cum into his young wife. The girl accepted each forceful spurt of jism into her pussy with a jerk of her own, grunting and cooing all the while.

"It feels so good!" The girl moaned. "Oh, darling!" She twisted her brunette head on the pink satin bedspread, her spasming young husband clamped in her arms and legs, her pretty toes clenched to the balls of her feet.

The boy's long, body undulated, writhed with pleasure, his loins grinding between his young wife's legs, his prick plunging in her crotch and pumping jism into her cunt. "Ohhh, sweetheart!"

Jessica threw herself back in her leopard skin easy chair, her legs wrapped around each other, her fist clamped between them, her fingers buried in her pussy. Her private viewing chamber had filled with the scent of cunt, the fumes heavy enough to make her woozy. As her orgasm surged throughout her naked body, she panted loudly, her big tits heaving, her fat nipples erect and tingling.

"Wonderful!" she muttered. "Just wonderful!" And she said a silent thank you to Roland Grant, the rich man who had willed her this lodge with its secret viewing rooms and its idyllic setting in the mountains.

And then she remembered Maxine's phone call, and she remembered that the three teens would be coming up to visit in another week. I wonder what they're like now? She thought. Almost grown up. Bucky and the twins would be teenagers now. She began to consider in what rooms she would put them up.

In the room next door, the young couple was kissing.

Chapter TWO

Due to the recession, there was also a shortage of summer guests at the lodge this year, which was a pity, for this had been the sunniest summer in the four years since Jessica had taken over Lake Lodge. Jessica lamented the shortage of guests not because she was losing money -- she didn't need the money because Roland Grant had willed her enough in cash to keep her living high for the rest of her life -- but she lamented the small turn-out of guests because she loved people, loved playing hostess to them, loved watching them, whether they were aware that she was watching them or not. She had always been an extrovert and a voyeur, and for Jessica, that meant the more people around, the better.

Well, at least the kids are coming, she consoled herself. She was sitting on the end of the lodge pier, her feet dangling in the clear lake water, her skin warmed by the intense mountain sun. Thought it was early August, the air at this altitude was nippy, and the sun felt like a loving warm hand caressing her richly tanned skin. The lake water was cool but bearable near the surface, but if she were to plunge her feet down a few feet, it would freeze her toes. She stretched, tilting her head back, her eyes closed. She felt a wicked urge to strip off her red bikini, but she knew that some of the guests in the lodge might not appreciate the sight of a completely nude woman posing in view of their rooms. She opened her eyes and gazed across the lake at the mountains.

She'd first seen those snowy peaks that ringed the lake on a morning much like this morning, five years ago. Roland had brought her up here the previous night, and she hadn't realized what a spectacular place he had brought her to until she had awakened the next morning and had glanced out the window of the bridal suite on her way to the bathroom.

Heaven, she had thought. I've died and gone to heaven.

At that moment, Roland awoke. "Hey, baby, come here."

"I've gotta piss, Roland."

"Good." Roland -- all six feet of him, with his hairy chest and his rippling abdomen, with his football-player's thigh's and calves, with his muscular feet and hands, with his cock and balls of a stud bull -- accompanied her to the bathroom, his warm hand on her lower back, his middle finger sliding up and down her asscheek. "You walk real pretty. I love your ass, baby."

In the bathroom, she squatted over the toilet, held apart her cuntlips, and let her piss hiss out.

Roland, on his hands and knees, pressed his face close to her crotch so he could watch. Among the many unusual pleasures Roland enjoyed, watching her piss turned him on. Jessica, even though she'd known Roland for six months now and had learned more kinky things about him than she could recount without a great deal of thought, still found herself somewhat embarrassed, somewhat shocked, as she squatted there over the toilet with millionaire Roland Grant sniffing her piss stream. For Roland Grant was more than rich -- he was a football hero a former NFL superstar, and a personal friend of important politicians.

"Mmm, let me taste your piss," Roland said, and he fastened his hot mouth to her crotch and sucked the piss out of her.

When she could piss no more, he thrust his tongue up into her pussy, causing another kind of warm juice to leak out of her cunt, which he sucked up and swallowed hungrily. He pulled his face away from her crotch and smiled up at her, his handsome jaws shiny with her pussy juice, a few of her dark pubic hairs stuck to his lips.

He sat back on his heels, his huge cock pounding against his thick-muscled belly. "Turn around, honey. I wanna suck your ass."

She turned and braced her hands on the toilet tank. She was still straddling the toilet bowl, her bare feet on the cool bathroom tile. She arched her back and turned up her ass, giving Roland the view of her he loved most -- hairy cunt turned up, round asscheeks turned up, asspucker winking at him. She'd gotten this far with Roland Grant simply because he loved her ass. She had the most beautiful and sexy ass Roland had ever seen -- big arid round and firm and perfectly shaped, with a pucker that could kiss, and suck better than most girls' lips. And Roland ought to know, for he'd devoted his entire life to a search for the perfect female ass. He'd inspected and tasted thousands of sexy butts. He loved ass more than he loved football, even more than he loved money.

He kissed her pucker, then twisted his tongue up into her asshole. Jessica wiggled her butt, hot prickles tingling through her ass and filling her loins.

"Mmm, Roland, eat my shithole! Suck it out!"

Roland moaned, pistoning his tongue inside her ass, twisting his head. She could hear him jerking on his big cock.

She felt a gas bubble working its way toward her asshole, and she felt it. A fart sizzled out around Roland's ass-fucking tongue.

"Oh, Christ! Baby. Jesus!" Roland zipped his tongue out of her and kissed her asscrack up and down. Then he lapped at her sweating ass.

Roland loved a fart in the mouth. Sometimes he fed her baked beans so she would develop gas and could sit on his face, farting into his mouth repeatedly. This often excited him so much that he'd jerk off with his tongue buried up her farting shithole. When he did this, he really wasn't wasting himself much, though, for he was capable of six orgasms per day, and it was a rare day when he didn't get off that many times.

Roland kissed his way up her back, then wrapped his arms around her. His huge cock, like a hot steel pipe, throbbed between his hairy belly and her lower spine. He humped against her, bending his head down and biting her shoulders bouncing her tits in his hands. "You got more than the best ass in the world," he said, "you got a pair of the biggest and sexiest tits besides."

He bit her neck so hard that he almost drew blood.

Jessica went limp, her body covered with goose bumps from head to foot. Hot cuct juice gushed out of her pussy and dribbled down the inner sides of her thighs.

"Oh, God, take me!" she moaned. "Quick! Oh, God!"

That big macho beast on her back made her whimper and beg like a lioness in heat. And Roland was her stud lion. His hairy muscles against her caused her to tremble uncontrollably. She was his totally. She didn't care what he did to her, just as long as he did it quickly.

He carried her to the bed. She weighed nothing in his arms. He was more than a half foot taller than she was, and he outweighed her by a hundred pounds. He dropped her on the bed, positioned her on her hands and knees, and mounted her immediately. She sucked in her slim gut, arched her back, and turned up her ass.

"Fuck me!" she begged. "Oh, darling, do it!"

Grabbing her nearly waist-length brunette hair as if he were grabbing reins, he wiggled the head of his cock against her dripping pussy. She churned her ass, crazy to feel his cock fuck into her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

He yanked on her hair, snapping her head back. At the same moment, he drove his cock up her cunt. The enormous rod of cockmeat plugged her to its very hilt. His hard abdomen banged her ass. She felt his wiry pubic hair grind against her bottom.

"Ahhh!" he sighed.

"Yesssss!" she moaned. "Oh, yesssss!"

She rotated her cunt on his cock, scouring his abdomen with her gyrating ass.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her pussy, then fucked it back in. Her cunt sizzled. She saw tiny flashes of light behind her eyeballs.

"Fuck meeeee!"

Riding her as if riding a mare, he fucked her, plunging his prick in her seething cunt, whacking her ass with his muscular abdomen, jerking on her hair and causing her to arch her back until she thought it would snap.

Her heavy tits flapped, bounced, jiggled, their nipples hard as rubies. The sensations caused by his plunging cock pulsed out from her loins, tingled the core of her spine, snaked through her arms and legs, caused her fingers and toes to prickle. She bucked her ass, fucking her cunt back and forth over his cock, banging her naked ass against his pelvis. Her teeth were clenched. She liked her fucking rough.

He came into her, spurting his hot jism into the depths of her cunt. As usual, he came without warning, his cock swelling and spurting before she realized what was happening. His cum felt like spears of hot water against the quivering tissues deep inside her pussy. After he'd spurted twice, he let go of her hair and fell on her, rounding his back while he spewed the rest of his cum-load into her cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" he groaned. "Uhhhhhh!" He drooled on her shoulder, his body shivering, the weight of it crushing her. His loins jerked and another round of jizz-wads splatted into the sizzling wetness of her cunt. "Ahhhh!"

Before she could bring herself off, he pulled his cock out of her pussy. She groaned with frustration, but she knew she wouldn't have to wait long to come. The pussy juice was leaking out of her, dripping from her open cunt, dribbling in warm streams down her legs. Roland began to lap it up.

He licked her inner thighs off first, his big wet tongue sending shivers through her. When he got to her crotch, he sucked her cunt juice off her drenched cunt-hairs, then licked up and down the swollen meat inside the hairy cuntlips. As she began to whine -- tears of frustration blurring her eyes, her head throbbing as if fevered -- he at last pleasured her, as she wanted, fastening his hot mouth over her cunthole and thrusting his tongue into her pussy.

She shivered all over. "Ohh, yesss!"

He twirled his tongue inside her, stimulating the itching folds of her pussy, licking and sucking the cunt juices out of her. The munching, slurping sounds he made increased her excitement.

"Eat me!" she gasped. "Oh, God, yes!"

His tongue was nothing like his big hard cock, but in its own way, his tongue pleasured her pussy. It twisted and probed and shimmied, licking her hot cunt meat until she wanted to scream from the intense stimulation. A cock filled her cunt, fucked her deep, but a tongue drilled at sensitive spots that a cock couldn't reach. Andy his lips sucked, sucked up mouthfuls of her hairy cuntslabs, sucked up wet, naked cuntmeat. And he chewed it, and he kissed it, and his teeth grated against her cunt.

"Ohhhhh, God, I'm coming!" Her pussy exploded with the hot prickling sensations she loved so much, exploded with spasms of her cuntal walls and her asshole. The muscles in her loins contracted repeatedly, near to cramping.

"Eat me, you bastard!" she gasped. "Suck my pussy!"

Jessica snapped out of her revery on the verge of an orgasm. She had crossed her legs and was massaging her cunt between them, one foot still hanging in the lake, the summer breeze toying with her long hair, the sunlight licking her. She turned her head, ware that someone had joined her on the pier. She could feel the vibrations of footsteps through the wood under her ass. She uncrossed her legs.

"Hello there! How are things going?" Jessica said.

The newlyweds stood at the other end of the pier, the boy with his muscular arm around his young bride's shoulders. They were both barefooted, and dressed in matching jeans and white T-shirts.

"Fine," the boy said, blushing.

"Yes, just fine," the girl said.

"Well, good," Jessica said. "Don't mind me here. I'm just catching a little sun. Enjoy yourselves. Pretend I'm not even here."

The couple giggled shyly, waved, and sat down at the other end of the pier to dangle their bare feet in the water and to neck and smooch.

Jessica turned back to her view of the mountains across the lake. As much as she would enjoy watching them make out, she didn't want to disturb them by openly gawking. Besides, she'd seen enough of their bedroom antics in the last few days to provide her with enough memories for a year's worth of hot fingerfucking. They'd been fucking so much that Jessica wondered how either of them had the strength to walk, especially the girl. Jessica smiled. The girl had been walking with a sort of waddle, a waddle she was obviously trying to hide.

The young couple had been trying out new fuck positions this morning. He had fucked her doggie-style, and she had sat on his cock while he'd lain on his back, and she'd fucked him with lust-glazed eyes and her head sensuously nodding. Last night, she had finally dared to taste his cock, and he'd shoved his tongue up her cunt, and they'd sixty-nined for over an hour, munching and slurping at each other's hot crotches until Jessica had tired of watching them. The girl had come repeatedly, and the boy had seemed intent on making her come as many times as he could.

Ah, to be young again! Jessica thought.

And to learn the joys of fucking all over again! She'd had her own first sex experience as a teen girl -- at least the first experience that she could remember. It was at a pajama party at a girlfriend's house, attended by a half dozen girls. After the lights had been turned out, all the girls stripped off their pajamas, climbed into the same bed, and rubbed against each other until ecstatic breathing filled the air of the bedroom, along with the sweet smell of six wet young cunts. Jessica couldn't remember how many orgasms she had experienced that night, but she'd experienced several, as had the other five girls. And on that night she'd gotten her first taste of cunt, and discovered how good it felt to rub wet pussies and stiff clits together with other girls.

That night had been the beginning of a long, full sex life for Jessica. Thirty years had passed since that night, and not a day had gone by when she hadn't experienced at least three orgasms, and, more often than not, sex. For Jessica couldn't think of anything she loved more than sex.

Her goal in high school had been to suck and to fuck every boy in the school, and she almost succeeded in doing so. In college, she made the rounds of the dorms and the athletic teams, engaging sometimes in gang fucks in which she was the only female and therefore the center of attention. Ah those were the days!

And after college had come her modeling career. For over ten years she had been the sweetheart of the mens' magazines, the girlie magazines arid the porn movies. She'd learned that she loved showing herself off. Sometimes, with her legs spread and her cunt pulled wide apart and a camera lens just inches from her naked crotch for a close-up of her hot wet cunt meat, she would shudder with a spontaneous orgasm, an orgasm brought on by the sheer excitement of displaying herself. And in the porn movies, while she was being fucked or while she was sucking cock, she never had to pretend an orgasm, for her orgasms came fast and repeatedly.

Jessica had been lucky. She lived a life of pleasure, and she'd been paid well for it. And five years ago, when Roland Grant had sought her out after seeing her in the porn movies, she had hit the jackpot. She became his private pleasure-toy. He found her such a turn-on that he put her in his will, bequeathing her Lake Lodge and two million dollars.

And then, in a sudden mountain storm, on his way back to the lodge from a business trip, he had perished in a helicopter crash. It was the only tragedy Jessica had ever been forced to face, but her pain was eased considerably when she learned that two million dollars and Lake Lodge were hers.

And so, for the last four years, she'd lived here at the lodge, running it herself because she enjoyed doing so, and because it brought her into closer contact with the guests -- and because she could keep a very close eye on things.

The lodge, with its three stories and its thirty guest rooms, was a voyeur's paradise. Like the bridal suite, each of the other twenty-nine rooms was equipped with a huge two-way mirror and an adjacent private viewing chamber. Roland Grant, an obsessive voyeur, had designed the lodge to watch to his obsession, and Jessica had caught the obsession from him. She traveled rarely now, simply because she couldn't bear to miss all the fucking at the lodge.

Jessica felt the vibrations of footsteps on the pier and she turned around once again. The teenage newlyweds had stood up and were padding off the pier and toward the lodge, the boy's hand massaging his bride's wiggling ass, which was wiggling in a somewhat ungraceful manner due to her slightly waddling walk.

They can't stop fucking for very long, can they? Jessica thought. I wonder what new position they're going to experiment with now.

Giving the couple time to enter the lodge lobby, she finally got up, stretched, and strode toward the lodge. Her cuntlips rubbed together, tingling with a sexy itch, lubricated by her hot cunt juices. Her huge tits wobbled, her red bikini tit-cups hardly covering her big nipples.

The men in the lobby caught their breaths as she passed by them, and Jessica smiled her appreciation for their attention.

Chapter THREE

The senator and his daughter had been staying in Room 208 for the last three days, but Jessica hadn't yet looked in on them. The senator, a man in his late forties, and graying at the temples, appeared much too respectable for Jessica to bother with. Besides, they spent little time in their room. The senator was a nature-lover and backpacker, a Teddy Roosevelt type, and his hiking and mountain climbing exploits were well publicized. The senator and his daughter had taken a day-long hike on every day of their stay thus far, and Jessica couldn't imagine the robust and clean living senator and his young daughter doing anything but sacking out on their separate beds after each of their vigorous hikes in the mountains.

Jessica decided to peek in on them simply because it was her habit to check out each of her guests at least once during their stay at the lodge. She expected to see nothing more extraordinary than an exhausted middle-aged man sacked out on one bed and his equally exhausted young daughter sacked out on the other, both probably still fully dressed, hiking boots included.

Jessica let herself into the viewing chamber adjacent to Room 208 and was surprised to find the senator's bedroom empty. Father and daughter had entered their room only a minute ago. Jessica switched on the private intercom and listened intently.

She heard girlish giggling and the sound of the shower. They were in the bathroom -- at least the daughter was. The girl shrieked, and then Jessica heard the deep laughter of the senator. He was in there with her.

Jessica sat down and waited, anxious to find out what was going on. I should have guessed, she thought. After all my experience with people, I should have guessed. Any man as supposedly clean-living and revered as the senator had to be putting on a front. The senator was just too good, too perfect, a veritable saint in the eyes of his fundamentalist Christian constituents. Jessica shook her head in the dark, listening and waiting.

The senator and his daughter made their appearance five minutes later. The teen, her plump little pussy of pubic hair, her tits large enough to jiggle when she walked, came flying out of the bathroom and jumped onto the larger of the two beds. She landed face-down on the mattress and wiggled her naked body as if she were trying to burrow down into the bed. The senator, his hairy and slightly drooping body as naked as the girl's, pranced out of the bathroom behind her, his fat cock half hard and wagging. He stood beside the bed, grabbed one of the girl's pink feet, and started tickling it.

The girl squirmed, giggling hysterically, trying to get away. "Don't! Don't! Oh, please!"

The senator pulled her foot up to his mouth and started sucking on her toes. His cock swelled, twitching perpendicular to his hairy loins.

The girl, lying now on her back, gained control of her giggling and tried to catch her breath. Her tits heaved. "Oh, God, that's better! Don't tickle my soles any more. I can't stand it." She eyed the senator's cock. "Oh, senator, it's big again! How come your cock's always big and sticking out like that!"

"Because my cock wants you," the senator said, his voice the same voice that Jessica had heard so many times on network news interviews. "It's crazy about your sweet young cunt meat."

The girl squirmed, giggling, her skin flushed. The senator caught her other foot and sucked on its toes also. The girl cooed, spreading her smooth legs widely and showing her the senator her hot at young cunt.

"Wanna lick my pussy, senator?" The senator's face flushed purple, sweat shining on his forehead. He dropped her foot and stood over her with his hands on his slightly over padded hips. He was panting.

"Baby, there ain't qothing I'd rather do than lick your candy cunt -- except maybe to stick my prick inside it."

The girl squealed, spreading her legs even wider. "Do I get a bonus, senator? My mom said I should ask you for a bonus."

The senator chuckled. "Oh she did, did she? Well, I guess I can afford a few grand extra for your education. School starts in a few more weeks, doesn't it?"

"Yup! And I can't wait. I'm going out for cheerleading."

"And you'll make a damn good cheerleader," the senator said. "You're damn good at the splits already."

"It's easy," the girl said. She sat up, then spread her legs until they were completely split and she was sitting entirely on her crotch. "See?"

The senator shook his head. "Christ! You chicks nowadays!"

She reached out and grabbed his cock.

"You senators now a days!" She leaned forward and sucked the head of his cock.

The senator moaned, then pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Careful, baby, I don't wanna come yet!" His ribcage heaved.

"Aw, senator! Why not?"

"Because I wanna enjoy you, that's why. And quit calling me senator. Call me Daddy. Get used to it so your tongue don't slip in front of some damn reporter or somebody. We got a few more days up here together, and I don't want nothing to go wrong."

"Yes, Daddy," the girl said. Then she rolled onto her back, kicked her legs up high, and spread them widely. "You still wanna eat my pussy, senator -- I mean, Daddy?"

The senater fell on his knees onto the bed, wrapped his arms around the teens loins, and pulled her spread crotch up to his lips. "Mmmm!" He began to suck at her cunt. "Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!"

The girl bit her fist, panting.

The senator munched at her crotch, licking up and down the fuzzy cuntslabs, rubbing his nose between them, driving his tongue up inside her pussy.

"Eeeech!" the girl squealed. "Mmm!"

The senator groaned, gnawing her pussy, his nose and lips buried in her hot wet flesh. He made munching sounds, as if he were eating an never ripe cantaloupe.

The little girl caught her nipples and twisted them. Her pretty eyes tolled back and fluttered. She shivered.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I'm coming! Ohhhhh!"

The senator groaned, twisting his face against the young girl's spasming pussy, drilling his tongue inside her cunthole. "Mmmmm!"

The young girl's pink toes clenched. Her blond head tossed. She whimpered, half giggling.

The girl was still twitching with the last of her orgasm when the senator crawled up over her tits, his hairy legs straddling her neck, his fat balls dangling against her chin. The girl's tongue came out and she began to lick his sweaty balls.

"Christ! You like licking balls, honey?"


"You like sucking ass?"


The senator wiggled his hairy ass down over the young girl's face. Her nose and lips disappeared between his asscheeks.

"Oh, Jesus!" The senator rotated his fat ass and frigged his drooling cock. "Get your tongue up in there, baby! Oh, Christ, yes!"

Munching, moaning sounds, came from under the senator's hairy ass. The teen girl was clawing his asscheeks apart and twisting her face between them. While she sucked and licked out his asshole, she wound her smooth legs around each other and shimmied her pussylips between them. Her lithe young body writhed on the gold satin bedspread.

The senator released his cock and watched it stand up nearly vertically, quivering. He held his breath. His cock twitched, pre-cum bubbling out of it. After a few seconds, the hard cock drooped down to being perpendicular with his loins again.

The senator sighed. "Damn, that was close!"

He slid his hairy ass back onto the girl's chest and let his prick throb against her childish face. Her pink little tongue darted all over his swollen cock, making it flex up and down.

The senator shook his head as if he couldn't believe the girl was for real. Then he grabbed his prick by the base and fed the cockmeat to her.

The cockhead disappeared between her lips. The senator leaned forward, bracing his hands on the mattress above the girl's head. His cock sank farther into her mouth. He shoved his hairy groin at her lips, fucking his entire cock into her pretty young face.

Jessica saw the man's cockhead expand the girl's throat. The girl gagged momentarily, then adjusted her throat to the man's fat cock and cooed contentedly as she began to suck.

"Jesus Christ!" the senator said.

This young girl had the experienced throat of a whore. Jessica wondered whether even she, herself, would have been able to swallow the senator's big cock that easily. The young girl's mouth and throat accommodated the senator's cock with about as much trouble as a seasoned, well-reamed cunt, and the senator was fucking the girl's throat now with the same vigor as if he were fucking her pussy.

"Yeahhh!" the senator said, banging his hairy groin at the little girl's mouth. "Ahhhhh!"

His back was arched, his head thrown back. He was bridged on his hands and knees over the girl's face and he was fucking his horny prick in and out of her mouth and throat with such force that his cock was making squishing sounds in her throat and spit was leaking out of her mouth. The young girl's pink lips were stretched out around the man's thick cockshaft, and, as the man fucked, her lips were pulled and pushed this way and that, pushed into her mouth as he fucked in, pulled out around his cockshaft as he withdrew. At the same time, his bloated cockhead bobbed in the girl's thin throat as if it were an Adam's apple.

The little girl's face flushed the color of an excited cockhead. Her eyes wobbled. Her toes flexed and extended and crossed. She had both her hands between her legs and she was tearing at her wet pussy.

The senator pounded his cock into her face, grunting and panting. His cock fucked in and out as easily as if it had been greased with baby oil, and the cock gleamed with the girl's spit, its shaft-veins bloated.

The senator's body went stiff for a suspended moment, then his back rounded and his ass shuddered and he began to grunt rhythmically. "Uhh! Uhh! Ohh!"

The teen gagged. A few wads of thick white jism bubbled out of her mouth. She swallowed frantically, at the same time fucking three fingers in and out of her cunt.

The senator fucked a few more rounds of cum down her throat, then yanked his cock out and pumped the rest of his jism onto her contorted young face and into her glazed eyes. The thick white wads clung to her flesh like gobs of soft butter. The girl's tongue flapped, lapping cum off her lips and off the man's cock. A spurt of cum escaped the senator's gaping piss-slit, and the girl caught it in midair like a frog tongue snatching a tasty insect. At that moment, the girl's body arched up and she began to hump her loins with orgasm.

"I'm coming!" she grunted. "I'm coming!"

"Baby!" the senator said. "Sweet Jesus!" He slid down her body, pulled her fingers out of her spasming cunt, and fucked his cum-dripping cock into her pussy.

The girl writhed under his hairy body, her eyes rolled back, her head tossing. Her smooth legs, forced to a nearly split position by the bulk of the senator, shivered as the spasms shook her, her pink toes quivering.

"Oh, senator! Oh, God!" Her fingers clawed his hairy back.

The senator pistoned his prick inside her cunt until her body stopped shuddering and she undulated gently under him. "I told you to call me Daddy," he said.

"Okay, Daddy," the girl said, pulling his head down and fastening her lips to his mouth.

As they kissed, the senator's cock still buried inside the girl, his curn starting to melt and to run down her cheeks, Jessica snapped out of the voyeuristic trance she'd been in. The scene had so stunned and fascinated her that she had completely forgotten her own pussy. The crotch of her jeans was sopping wet.

"I'll be damned!" Jessica said, watching the young girl's tongue flick in and out of the senator's mouth. "I'll be damned!"

Chapter FOUR

Surprise! The kids showed up at the lodge two days early, two days before Jessica was to fly down on the helicopter to meet them at the airport. Maxine and Vince delivered them to the doorstep of the lodge. The kids, especially Ricky, were disappointed. Ricky had been looking forward more to the helicopter ride than to visiting the lodge or to seeing his long lost aunt.

"We decided it would be safer to drive them up," Maxine explained. "I don't trust helicopters, and I'm surprised that you still do, Jessica -- after what happened."

"Thousands of people die in automobile crashes every year," Jessica said. "I'm surprised you still drive."

"Oh, you know what I mean," Maxine said, and she reintroduced her children to Jessica.

Jessica found it difficult to believe that these kids were the same ones she'd last seen years ago. Bucky was now a muscular teenage surfer with bushy yellow hair and eyes like chips of Southern California sky. He wore a tank-top shirt, which showed off the tanned muscles of his shoulders, and hip-hugging jeans, which showed off more of his bulging virility than they hid. The only part of the child that remained in Bucky was his shyness. He failed to meet Jessica's eyes when they shook hands, something Jessica was thankful for, for she knew she was flushing and shivering like a giddy high school girl at the touch of his warm, slightly sweaty hand. Jessica hadn't felt this turned on by any young man in a long time.

The twins, Ricky and Tessie, could have passed for either two boys or two girls. Ricky had enough of the boyish feminine in his features for him to pass for a cute little girl were he to put on a dress, and Tessie's young body hadn't yet filled out enough in the hips to make her unmistakably a woman. In their T-shirts, however, Tessie showed enough roundness of the tits and Ricky showed enough squareness and flatness of the pectoral muscles to make their respective genders evident. They both had platinum-blond hair, Ricky's cut in a shoulder-length style, and Tessie's hanging to her lower spine in the back. They were a handsome pair of twins, and with their deep bronze tans, they exuded health and sensuality.

Jessica caught herself imagining the two of them naked and in bed together, and she found herself flushing with embarrassment -- as if Maxine might read her mind.

"It's been so long," Jessica said, trying to keep her voice under control. "I just know we're all going to have a great time together." She motioned to her assistant manager. "Oswald, show the children up to the rooms I've reserved for them."

"Yes, ma'am." Oswald had been with the lodge from its opening day. He had run the lodge under Roland's command, and now, whenever Jessica was away, he again assumed full authority. He called her Jessica in private, but he always used the formal address in the presence of guests.

Jessica watched Oswald lead the three children to the elevator. He smiled as if delighted that the children had arrived. Jessica knew that the children would be calling him uncle before their stay was over. He was an overweight man in his sixties with a balding head and a glint in his gray eyes. Children seemed drawn to him.

Jessica turned back to Maxine and Vince. "How about a few drinks in the lounge before I show you to your suite?"

"Lead on," Vince said, rubbing his hands together.

"Control yourself, darling," Maxine said. "You can have a glass of wine and that's it. I want you fit to drive back down those mountain roads in the morning."

"You're leaving in the morning? So soon?" Jessica asked.

"We're flying to Hawaii a day early," Maxine said. "We've got a flight out of the local airport to San Francisco. From there, next stop is Honolulu."

"Lucky you!" Jessica said, leading Maxine and Vince into the lounge with its fireplace at one end and its semicircular bar at the other. "I wish I were going."

They took their seats around a rough oak table with a lit candle in the middle. Jessica told the waiter to bring them a bottle of the best white wine in the cellar.

"Why don't you go?" Maxine asked.

"Pardon me?" Jessica said.

"You've got the money to fly to Hawaii anytime you want to. Why don't you sometime? Why do you keep yourself copped up here in the middle of nowhere all the time?"

"Maxine!" Vince said. He gave Jessica a weak smile and shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh, it's all right, Vince," Jessica said.

"I'm used to her meddling in my business. She's my sister, remember?"

"Sometimes I wonder about that," Maxine said. "We get to see each other about as often as two cloistered nuns living in different countries. We're sisters, but you just about disappeared from the face of the earth for fifteen years. You didn't even tell Mom and Dad what you were up to. Then, you've suddenly inherited this lodge from a former football hero."

"Maxine," Vince said, "what Jessica does with her life is her business. Will you quit nagging her for a minute?"

The waiter returned with the wine just in time. Maxine shut up while he poured.

"To our reunion!" Jessica toasted.

"To our reunion!" Vince said.

And Maxine, after biting her lip for a second, finally allowed herself to smile and joined in the toast.

At ten-thirty that evening, Jessica let herself into the viewing chamber adjacent to the suite she'd assigned to Vince and Maxine. She came here more for the purpose of eavesdropping than peeping, for Maxine had always been something of a cold fish, and Jessica didn't expect to see anything spectacular in the way of fucking from her younger sister. Jessica felt sorry for Vince. A handsome stud like Vince could have done better than Maxine in the mate department.

What Jessica really wanted to learn from eavesdropping on her sister was what Maxine's reaction was to this evening's interrogations. Would Maxine believe the series of lies that Jessica had told her? Jessica really didn't care what Maxine thought of her, but she did care what her mom and dad thought, and Maxine would be the messenger between Jessica and her parents. Would Maxine's report to her parents sound convincing? Jessica really hoped so.

Jessica had kept her life since high school a dark secret. In fact, even her private life during junior high -- and high school -- was something her parents knew nothing of. Jessica went to church when told, did her homework faithfully, helped out around the house, never complained -- and her parents had left her alone, thinking that she was the perfect child. They'd learned nothing of her sexual activities during her school years and, after high school, she'd left town immediately to make it in the big city, and she had kept her wild life a complete secret from her family. She knew that if her mom or dad or Maxine were ever to find out about her nymphomania, or about her modeling and porn-star careers, or about her real relationship to Roland Grant -- they would disown her forever, if they didn't all die of strokes first. For her family was strictly religious, almost a sexual, and Jessica had always wondered how it had been possible that she was ever conceived, or how Maxine had managed to mother three children.

Through the two-way mirror, Jessica watched Vince doing push-ups on the floor. Dressed only in pajama bottoms, he showed off his beautifully developed chest and shoulders, his rippling abdomen, his rich tan. Jessica could see where Bucky had gotten his muscles. Vince sported a scalpful of thick, platinum-blond hair. Jessica's fingers itched to run through it.

"Forty-nine, fifty," Vince counted. Then he blew out his breath and stood up, swinging his arms back and forth, his muscles dancing, a trickle of sweat rippling down his flank from his left armpit.

Jessica's mouth watered for that pearly droplet of salty man-sweat. Her nostrils flared. She imagined that she could smell Vince's sweaty masculinity.

Vince sauntered over to the bed and flopped down beside Maxine, who was propped up with pillows and was reading a copy of Reader's Digest.

"Put on your top, Tarzan, before you drip sweat all over the bed. Why do you always have to do those exercises after your shower?"

"It gets the blood circulating again," Vince said. He dropped his hand on her knee and let it wander inside her green robe.

"Vince, please!" Maxine said. "Not tonight. I'm exhausted from the ride."

Vince withdrew his hand. "You're always exhausted, or you've got a headache, or it's the wrong time of the month, or you forgot to take your pill."

Maxine continued reading. "Tomorrow night maybe."

"Tomorrow night you'll be exhausted from the flight."

"Vince, will you lay off? We're not newlyweds any more."

"But we're not ready for the rest home, either. Shit, we're still a few years away from forty."

"Don't use profanity, Vince, at least not around me. Save it for the locker room at the Y."

Vince leaped up. "Christ!"

"Vincent, I mean it!"

Vince began doing rapid squats next to the bed, inhaling deeply each time he went down, then blowing his breath out loudly when he shot to his feet. His pajamas bulged at the groin each time he straightened up.

"Do you believe all that stuff about the way Jessica worked her way up in Roland Grant's various enterprises?" Maxine asked.

"Why not?" Vince was puffing.

"It just sounds too much like a fairytale in a storybook, the way she met him in college, then little by little rose to the top with him as one of his silent partners. What about all those years he was playing football? Why would he have all those businesses going then?"

"He was rich to begin with," Vince said. He'd stopped doing squats, and now he was stretching at the ceiling, sweat trickling from his hairy armpits. "He inherited a few dozen companies from his father."

"I don't like the sound of it," Maxine said. "Something just doesn't sound right. Why was Jessica so quiet about what she was doing all those years?"

"Boss' orders," Vince said. "Jessica told you that twenty times. Maxine, I'm beginning to think we had to drive the kids all the way up here just so you could interrogate Jessica."

"Don't be ridiculous!"

"You know what, Maxine? I think you're just plain jealous."

Maxine threw her magazine at him. "You're crazy!" She reached to the nightstand to turn off her lamp. "I'm going to sleep."

The room went dark, then light again. Vince was standing next to the wall switch near the bathroom door. He'd turned on the overhead lamps.

Maxine had her robe half off. Underneath, she wore a light-green nightgown. "Turn that off, will you?"

Vince dropped his pajama bottoms. His cock sprang up, fully erect. His prick was enormous.

Nine inches, Jessica estimated. With her practiced eye, she was rarely wrong. Nine beautiful inches! "Vincent, I said no, and mean no!" Maxine shouted.

Without a word, Vince sprang onto the bed. Maxine shrieked. Vince fell on her, hoisting up her nightgown and exposing her naked crotch. Maxine pushed at his face, her nails sinking into his cheeks. Vince grabbed her wrists and forced her arms down.

"Vince, please?" Maxine's voice had become a whimper.

Vince rammed his hard cock, at her crotch, keeping her legs apart with his own thighs. "It's always the same, isn't it, Maxine? I've always gotta force it on you."

"Please, darling." Maxine's voice was weaker.

Vince thrust, fucking half his cock into her pussy.

Maxine twisted her head, her face contorted. "Nooooo!"

Vince fucked the rest of his cock into her cunt.

"Noooooo!" Maxine writhed under her husband, impaled on his thick, nine-inch cock. "Oh, please!"

Grunting, his muscles writhing, Vince began to grind his cock in and out of her pussy. "Yeahhh, oh, yeahhhhhh!"

Maxine's body arched, every muscle tight and straining. She bit her lip and whimpered as her husband fucked her.

"Uk! Uh! Mmm!" Vince moaned, his muscular ass bouncing, his huge cock plunging in and out of his wife's tight cunt. "Ahhh, beautiful!" His cock began to make a squishing sound inside her pussy.

Maxine, her eyes clamped shut, her face muscles tight, began to rock her hips in response to her husband's fuck-thrusts.

It's as if she's doing it against her will, Jessica thought. Her hips are fucking against her will. Crazy bitch!

And Jessica wondered whether Maxine had ever willingly fucked Vince. Had Vince been forced to rape his wife every time he fucked her? It was possible -- very possible.

Poor Vince, Jessica thought. And then she thought of the kids, wondering what kind of influence Maxine had been on them. Maxine might well be one of those mothers who tell their kids that masturbation causes insanity, or that sex is evil.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Maxine gasped, her hips rocking faster and faster.

Vince fucked his cock in harder, faster, deeper. "Yeahhhhh!"

Maxine's body shuddered. Her fingers and toes clenched. Her eyes shot open and rolled back. Her mouth gaped in a long, low moan.

Vince arched his back, snapped back his head, and pumped his cum into her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh!" His body jerked, his cock fucking his wife with quick in-and-out strokes. "Yeahhhhh!"

When his orgasm had subsided, he fell on Maxine for a few moments, then rolled off her when she pushed him away.

"You're an animal!" she said, getting up off the bed without looking at her husband. Then she marched into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

Jessica heard water running.

Vince lay on the bed a few minutes, his cock still hard, throbbing against his abdomen. At last he stood up, went to his suitcase, and pulled out pants and a sweatshirt. When Maxine came out of the bathroom, he was dressed and pulling on his jacket.

"I'm going for a walk," he said. "Care to come along?"

"I told you before -- I'm exhausted," Maxine said. "All I want is some sleep -- if it's all right with you!"

"Sweet dreams," Vince said, switching off the lights as he opened the door into the hallway.

Jessica found Vince out on the pier looking across the lake at the half moon which was descending toward the mountains. The smell of his sweat came to her, carried on the night breeze.

"Looks like somebody else couldn't sleep either," she called to him.

He jerked around, startled, then smiled. "Just out for a walk. A great night for it -- especially up here."

"Come along," Jessica said. "I'll show you my favorite spot."

She took his arm and led him along the lake shore for the next ten minutes. They walked mostly in silence. She thought she could hear Vince's heart throbbing as loudly as she could hear her own in her fevered head. Vince walked along as if he knew exactly where she was taking him and exactly what she had in mind.

They reached the shelter of the ancient Ponderosa pine tree which grew near the water's edge at the back of a small outcropping of rock. The ground underfoot was as spongy as foam rubber -- a thick bed of pine needles. Jessica spread out the blanket she'd brought along, and Vince watched her without making any comment. She knelt at his feet and began unlacing his boots. Vince looked down at her in silence.

He had large muscular feet. She kissed his insteps, then began licking his toes. She loved naked feet. She heard Vince unbuckling his belt. She lifted his feet one at a time and sucked on his toes, pretending they were salty cocks. Then she looked up and saw Vince's magnificent cock throbbing in the moonlight like an ivory tusk.

"Mmmm!" she purred. "Beautiful!" She climbed his legs as if they were tree trunks, her mouth watering for a taste of his big cock. She could smell his prick, could feel its humid heat near her nose. "Mmmrnmm!" She kissed the big cock near where it swept up out of his enormous ball sac. The musky scent nearly knocked her out. She buried her nose in the hairy ball sac, feeling the big warm balls throb on both sides of her nose.

"Christ!" Vince whispered. "I can't believe this. Oh, Jessica!"

He grabbed her by the ears and gently guided her head up and down and from side to side as she licked his balls. He dug his thick fingers into her hair and massaged her scalp, causing her scalp to tingle and sending waves of relaxing warmth down her neck.

She moved back up to suck his cock.

Kneeling before him, she had to bend his rock-hard cock down from its forty-five degree angle so she could get its apple-sized head into her mouth. The big cock was so strong that she was forced to use both her hands. She felt the shaft arteries that flanked the thick central vein twitch like tiny twin hearts against her palms. She felt the big prick swell and flex in her grip with such strength that she nearly lost hold of it.

"Vince!" she whispered, peeking up at him past his huge cock. "God, Vince, you're driving me out of my mind!"

Her jeans felt like a straight-jacket strangling her loins, their crotch cutting in between her swollen cuntlips. She wanted to rip her jeans off, but she didn't have the time. Her mouth, her throat, ached for the touch of his cock. Her lips forming a huge oval, she took his cockhead into her mouth.

Vince shivered, staggered, gripped her shoulders for support. "Oh, baby, suck it! Jesus Christ!"

Jessica churned her tongue at the underside of Vince's throbbing cockhead, causing it to swell even larger, causing the piss-slit to open and causing warm pre-cum to ooze out and to slide down Jessica's tongue and into her hungry throat. The taste of the sex-lube was like that of warm maple sap, contrasting with the tart cunt-flavor of the cockmeat itself. Vince hadn't washed his cock since he'd fucked Maxine, and his hard cockmeat was still frosted with Maxine's dried cuntal juices. The realization that she was tasting Maxine's cunt as well as Vince's cock thrilled Jessica even more.

"Mmmmmm!" She munched and sucked. "Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!"

Half the prick shaft was buried in her mouth now, and the pulsating purple cockhead was stretching her throat muscles. She bobbed her head, her jaws aching, saliva dribbling out of her mouth. Her tongue churned, rubbing wet circles up and dawn the sensitive pleasure strand on the underside of Vince's cock and just below the cockhead.

Vince inhaled and exhaled loudly. "Oh, baby, this is too much! Oh, Christ!"

He cradled her head in his big hands and gently fucked his hot prick between her clinging lips, between her jaws, between the soft walls of her throat. Sweet pre-cum continued to ooze out of his piss-tube, and Jessica sipped it like a bee sipping nectar. She probed his open piss-slit with her tongue-tip, tasting the warm meat between the slit-lips, fucking his piss-tube with her darting, twisting tongue.

Vince's cock throbbed to the rhythm of her sucking, jerked with each flick of her tongue. The swollen cockshaft veins rippled over her sensitive lips, stimulating them. Warm, prickling sensations flooded her mouth and showered her throat. The feelings were similar to the feelings that swirled through her cunt and loins. When she was sucking cock, her lips became as sensitive as pussylips, and her mouth and throat tingled and throbbed as if they were her cunt getting fucked.

Vince fucked faster, forced his cock deeper into her throat. Her nose nestled now in his pubic hair. Almost all of his cock was buried now in her face. She sucked hungrily, feeling his cockhead throbbing halfway down her throat. Her lips sucked at his groin hairs, at the soft sac-skin at the very base of his cock.

More! she thought. Give me more cock! Nine inches wasn't enough. She wanted a prick so long that its head would reach down into her stomach.

"Ohhh, Christ!" Vince gasped. "Wow!" He fucked her face, scouring her nose and lips with his wiry-haired groin.

Jessica hugged his naked, ass, delighting in the contractions of his ass in her hands. She slid her fingers into his sweaty asscrack and played with his twitching asspucker. She twisted her index finger into his hot, tight asshole.

"Shit!" Vince gasped. "Oh, man!"

She could hear his heart pounding. She buried her index finger up his ass to the very hilt.

Vince tensed, his groin rammed to her teeth. She felt his prostate gland balloon against her ass-fucking finger, and she twisted the pad of her finger into it.

"Ahh!" Vince grunted. "Awwww!" Falling forward and rounding his back, he pumped a copious load of rich hot cum down her throat. "Baaaby!"

Jessica choked on the sudden explosion of cum at first, then quickly gained control of her throat muscles and swallowed the next burst easily. The alkaline scent of cum filled her head, overwhelmed her senses. She clung to Vince's gyrating loins, sucking the cum out of his magnificent, bucking cock. Vince fed her at least a quarter-cup of hot jism before he was finished spurting.

His slightly softened cock slid out of her mouth. She caught the rubbery prick in her hands and licked it from base to head, from head to base, around and around, until she'd cleaned every last drop of thick white cum from its gleaming surface.

Vince watched her, his legs trembling slightly, his breath coming in exhausted gasps. Each time her tongue flicked at his cock, he gasped and his cock twitched.

At last she released his cock and watched it hang there half hard in the moonlight. His prick twitched occasionally, driving her crazy. She was half tempted to suck him off again.

"No woman ever did that to me before," Vince said. "Shit, it was fantastic!"

A feeling of warm satisfaction hugged Jessica. She stood up and wrapped her arms around Vince, feeling his fat cock hanging against her abdomen. She looked up at him. "Glad you enjoyed it."

She pulled his head down, and they kissed. Vince's warm tongue wiggled into her mouth. He stroked her back.

"I'd like to fuck you," he said.

She reached down and squeezed his hot fucker. "Then let's get undressed."

Chapter FIVE

It was an unusually warm night. Nights up here in the mountains could be freezing, even during the summer. A light frost had dusted the pine needles a few nights ago. But tonight the breeze off the lake was balmy, and the foliage trembling overhead might as well have been palm leaves as the needles of Ponderosa pine. Jessica and Vince stretched out naked on the blanket and relaxed, looking up at the stars and the moon.

Jessica stroked Vince's nine-inch cock. His prick was hard as steel again, its swollen head tapping Vince's abdomen a few inches up past his navel. She couldn't keep her hands off his big cock.

Vince reached over and massaged her belly. His hand moved down to her wet pussy and he rubbed a finger in the tingling flesh between her swollen cuntslabs. Then he drew his hand up again, rubbing her slippery pussy juices along her belly until he reached her tits. He turned on his side, leaned over, and kissed her right nipple.

Jessica stretched, pointing her toes and sighing. "Mmm, suck my tit, Vince! Bite it!"

Vince's hot lips closed around her nipple. He tweaked her nipple with his tongue, then sucked on it.

Jessica's cunt contracted repeatedly, hot juice leaking out of her pussy. "Bite it, Vince! Oh, God!"

Vince's sharp front teeth nibbled her swollen nipple. Then he bit it hard.

Jessica gasped a mild orgasm swept through the overexcited meat of her cunt. She wound her legs around each other and contracted her thighs rhythmically until she'd milked the itchy sensations out of her loins. She fell back, panting.

Vince kissed her cheek. "What was that all about?"

Jessica sighed. "I came."

"You're kidding!"

"Uh-uh. I come easy."

Vince's expression was one of skepticism. "Do you still want me to fuck you?"

She turned her back to him and wiggled her naked ass up against his cock. "Does that answer your question?"

Vince crushed her in his arms, humping his cock at her ass. Her tits filled his thickfingered hands. "Baby, I can't believe you. You're like a dream." He sank his teeth into her shoulder where it joined her neck.

Jessica shivered with goose bumps. "Put your cock in me. Quick, put that big hot prick in me!"

"Like this? You mean right now, like this, from behind?"

"Yes," Jessica said. "It's my favorite way." She could feel Vince's heart thudding and fast he said. "I don't believe this. From behind! Christ!"

Jessica could tell he'd never fucked in that position. Maxine even bitched about the missionary position. Poor Vince!

"Yessss," she hissed, wiggling her ass like a bitch in heat. "I love getting fucked from behind -- like a dog. Like an animal! Oh, baby, ram it in me! I'm hot for fucking! I'm itching for your cock!"

She feared for a moment that Vince would cream right on her ass. He was humping at her and panting like a boy wrapped around his first naked girl. She reached back and gripped his cock, guiding its head between her cuntlips as she raised her right leg to open herself up. She wiggled her ass, engulfing his cockhead with her cunt slabs. Then she lowered her leg and reached back to stroke Vince's ass.

"Shove your cock in me!" she moaned. "Oh, God, let me feel it!"

Vince rammed all nine inches of his hot prick into her pussy with one fuck-thrust. His hard abdomen scoured her ass as he rotated his own ass and flexed his cock inside her cunt. He gnawed her neck, drooling warm spit.

"You hot bitch!" he muttered. "Man, you're so fucking hot!" He ground at her ass, beginning at the same time to fuck his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck meeee!" Jessica moaned, her teeth clenched, her ass rotating. She contracted her cunt around his sliding cock, squeezed it, manipulated it with her cuntal walls, trying to skin his prick, trying to pop the head right off the cockshaft.

"Uhhh!" Vince grunted. "You're so tight! Fuck!"

Jessica bucked her ass, driving it back into Vince's pounding lower belly, screwing her cunt madly around his plunging prick. Vince's hard abdomen made a slapping, handclapping sound as it whacked her naked rotating ass. Jessica felt the ass-banging vibrations in her skull, in her teeth.

"Come on, Vince, give it to me! Fuck the shit out of me! Oh, yes, yesss! Fuck, baby! Bang me! Screw meeee!"

Vince had his muscular legs wrapped around her. His arms bear-hugged her, his hot chest and abdomen writhing against her naked back and ass. He chewed her neck so fiercely that Jessica couldn't tell whether the hot liquid trickling down her flesh was blood or spit. His thick fingers found her nipples and he twisted and kneaded them without mercy.

Jessica saw sparks in her head. Her entire body shivered, flushed through with alternate explosions of hot and cold. Goose bumps covered every inch of her naked skin. Her loins pulsated with an itching, burning ache. Vince's cock stretched the sensitive tissues of her cuntal walls, rubbed the swollen slabs of her pussylips until they sizzled, filed her clit, causing it to twitch and wriggle almost painfully.

"Give it to me!" she moaned. "Oh, Vince, make me come!"

Vince jerked against her backside as if he were trying to crush every bone in her body. She could feel his heart throbbing against her wildly. His cock seemed to grow inside her cunt, to swell and to lengthen even larger than its thick nine inches. And the big cock was getting harder.

"I'm gonna come!" Vince moaned.

"Shoot it, darling! Come on!"

"Oh, baby, here it cames!" He exploded inside her, his hot spurts of curn feeling like hot spears attacking her cuntal walls. "Oh, baby, ahhhh!"

She twisted her ass, contracted her cunt, milked him of his pleasure and his cream. Her cunt walls swelled to the brink of orgasm.

"Mmmmmm, honey, here I come!" Her loins shuddered. Her cunt went into spasms.

Vince squirted another round of sizzling jism into her pussy.

She twisted madly in his arms. "Ohhhhhh! Uhh!" Her pussy fluttered inside, on fire.

Vince grunted and blasted her again.

They shuddered in unison, their bodies writhing beyond their control. Jessica whimpered in the night like awounded animal. Vince dung to her, his big cock flexing inside her cunt, his loins jerking. His breath came in hot gasps.

When they had finished, they lay joined for several more minutes, slowly recovering from their intense fucking. Their sex tissues continued to twitch, gradually softening from their spastic tightness. Vince flexed his cock inside her cunt from time to time, and Jessica responded by contracting her cunt around his cock.

"Baby," Vince said, "you're something else."

Jessica giggled. "So are you, Vince. I could lay here with your big cock in me forever."

Vince nibbled her ear, then twisted his wet tongue inside it. Jessica shivered with hot and cold goose bumps. Her cunt contracted several times involuntarily.

"Christ," Vince said, "you really like to fuck, don't you?"

"Silly question," Jessica answered.

"I mean, you love having my cock inside you."

"Mmm, do I!"

"Shit, you're just like those girls in the sex magazines -- only you're for real."

Jessica giggled. Poor boy, she thought, having Maxine for a wife. A stud like you not knowing what a real woman is like. Poor sweetheart.

She wriggled out of his arms, gasping as his cock slipped out of her cunt. She turned toward Vince and pushed him onto his back.

"Just lay back and relax, darling." She knelt beside him on the blanket and licked the sweat off his abdomen and chest. His muscular torso gleamed in the moonlight, radiating warmth.

He was delicious. She cooed as she bathed him with her tongue. When she reached his nipples, she sucked on them, feeling them stiffen and quiver between her lips.

Vince stretched, moaning. "Baby, you're too much!"

Jessica buried her nose mid lip in his left armpit. The musky scent of him made her drunk. She began to suck at his armpit hairs, began to lick off the sweat there.

Vince stroked her head. "Oh, shit, you're an angle!"

Jessica kissed him on the lips, then moved over to his right armpit to suck off the intoxicating male sweat. As she bridged herself over his torso to lick his armpit, her tits hung against his chest, her nipples trailing over his skin like hot fingertips.

Vince grabbed her right tit and pulled it to his mouth. His teeth nibbled her bumpy cherry, then gently bit and stretched the nipple. Jessica saw stars. Her cunt contracted, squeezing out fresh cunt juice. The warm pussy fluids dribbled down the insides of her thighs. Jessica straddled Vince's neck.

"Jesus!" he said, looking her up and down. "Oh, Christ!"

Jessica lifted up, then settled her dripping crotch over Vince's mouth. "Taste me."

Vince panted, blowing hot air at the tingling lips of her pussy. Using his thumbs to part the hairy slabs, be pressed his lips to her open fuckhole, then slipped his tongue inside her cunt.

They moaned together. Jessica couldn't tell which of them sounded mote excited.

"Eat me," she said. "Suck my juicy pussy!"

Vince groaned, fucking his twisting tongue deep inside her cunt, applying suction at the same time. He munched at her succulent pussy, as if he were starved.

Jessica rotated her ass, writhed to the rhythm of his tongue twisting inside her pussy. Her tits swayed and wobbled. She felt prickling sensations dancing through her cunt, dancing up the core of her asshole. She hadn't had a good pussy-suck in a long time, and she was enjoying this.

After a few minutes she lifted her cunt off Vince's face. "Ever suck a girl's ass, darling?"

She could tell by Vince's groan and by his look of surprise that he hadn't. She smiled and moved up farther over his face so she could settle her asscheeks over his nose.

"Taste my shithole," she, said. "I think you'll like it." She sat on his face, feeling his nose nuzzle her asscrack, feeling his hot lips glue themselves to her itchy asspucker.

Vince muttered to himself. Then she felt his lips tugging at her asspucker.

"Shove your tongue inside it," Jessica said. "Lick my ass out." She wiggled her ass with impatience.

The hot tip of Vince's tongue probed her sensitive asspucker. Twisting, twitching, it slowly entered between the tight rings of her pucker, then suddenly shot three inches straight up her ass.

Jessica squealed, her asshole swirling inside with itchy tingles. She bucked her bare ass, slipping up and down on Vince's stiff tongue. "Ohhh, God!" she gasped. "Tongue-fuck it! Oh, do it! Oh, yeah!"

Vince's tongue wriggled inside her ass like a hot finger. It slid into her another half inch, squirming, licking out the sensitive folds of her shithole. Jessica rode his face, wriggling her ass wildly.

She loved few sensations more than the feel of a tongue writhing inside her asshole. Her asshole was no less sensitive than her cunt, and sometimes even more so.

After a few more minutes of getting her asshole licked out and sucked, she knew what she wanted more than anything, and she lifted her ass off Vince's face and crawled backwards down over his body. Vince used his wrist to wipe the cunt and ass juices off his lips and cheeks. Then he licked the tasty female juices off his wrist.

Jessica straddled him at the hips and reached down behind her ass for his cock. She grabbed the meaty monster just under the cockhead, feeling it swell and jerk, feeling the arteries pulsing hotly.

"Again?" Vince asked, his face showing disbelief.

"Just wait and see," Jessica said. She rubbed the bloated head of his cock in the slick sex-juices between her legs. The hot cuntal lubricant trickled down his cockshaft, and Jessica massaged it evenly all over his glossy fucker.

Vince squirmed on the blanket, twisting his head as she stimulated his cock. "Shit!" he gasped. "Keep that up and I'm gonna shoot it on your ass. Oh, fuck!"

Jessica released his cock for a moment, letting it slap down against his belly while she transferred some of her sex-lube from her cunt to her ass. Her asshole was already fairly juicy from Vince's spit and from her own ass juices, but she wanted her asshole to be as lubricated as she could get it. Because Vince's cock was a real hunk of meat and she didn't want it splitting her asspucker for lack of lubricant. Having lubricated her asshole to her satisfaction, she grabbed Vince's cock again and guided the jerking monster up to her itchy asspucker. She rubbed his cockhead back and forth in her asscrack.

Vince squirmed again. "Oh, Jesus, let me shove it in that hot cunt of yours!" He arched his back and thrust his hips. His cock slid up and down her greased asscrack like a jumping fish.

"Settle down," Jessica said. "If you'll stop bucking, I'll put it in." She chuckled to herself.

Vince closed his eyes and tensed his muscles. Then he held his breath, waiting for Jessica to put his cock inside her pussy.

She placed his blunt, apple-sized cockhead against her twitching asspucker, then let her weight down on his cock, taking a deep breath to help relax herself. Her pucker began to open immediately. She breathed deeply and let her weight impale her on Vince's cock. Her asshole was now open to the size of a poker chip, and Vince's cockhead had slid halfway into her. Forcing her ass down harder, she succeeded in engulfing Vince's cock head with her asshole. She held her breath and held her body still, letting her asshole adjust.

Vince still lay with his eyes closed. "Christ, you're tight!" he said. "Oh, shit!" His cock shuddered like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

Jessica knew she couldn't wait any longer. Relaxing her asshole as best she could, she forced herself down on all of Vince's throbbing cock, engulfing every inch of the red-hot monster until her ass churned against his plump balls.

"Ohhh, shit!" Vince moaned. "Don't move! Oh, Christ!" His eyes had shot open and he stared at her as if he were in a state of panic. He held his body stiff.

Jessica felt his cock shivering inside her, dangerously close to orgasm. She held her breath again, praying that he wouldn't shoot off.

After a half minute, Vince relaxed with a sigh. His cock seemed to soften ever so slightly.

"God, you're tight!" he said again. "What are you doing to make your cunt that tight?"

Jessica leaned back, sitting on his balls, then reached between her legs and pulled apart the hairy slabs of her cunt, exposing her hard clit and her dripping cunthole.

Vince gazed between her legs in silence for a few moments, as if he didn't understand what was happening, as if he couldn't understand why her cunt was open and unplugged by his cock. Jessica grinned at him, feeling extremely satisfied with herself.

"Jesus Christ!" Vince said at last, turning his huge eyes up toward her. Then he looked back down between her legs and reached forward to finger her cunt. He slipped his index finger into her cunt and whirled his finger a few times. "Shit! I'm fucking your ass! I don't believe it!"

"You better believe it," Jessica said.

Bracing her hands on the blanket alongside Vince's hips, she slowly turned on his cock, imagining her body as a wheel and Vince's cock as an axle. Vince's greased cock throbbed inside her as she wheeled her asshole on it.

Having made the turn, she now faced Vince's feet, and her ass stared Vince in the face. She arched her back and turned up her ass to give Vince a good view.

"I don't believe this!" Vince repeated. "I just don't believe this! Right up the ass! Oh, Jesus!"

Jessica reached down and caught his big balls. Holding one spongy ball in each hand, she squeezed them alternately, massaging them, stimulating his balls to brew more cum for her. At the same time, she began to fuck up and down on his cock, breathing deeply to help relax her asshole and to get used to the ass-splitting stretch his cock was giving it. After a few up-and-down motions, her asshole was sliding easily on his cock, lubricated by cock-lube and cunt-lube and ass-lube and spit.

Clinging to his huge ball sac as if it were a saddle horn, she rode the greased tusk of his cock, pulling up until only the tip of his prick kissed her gaping asshole, then fucking down until she felt his kinky pubic hairs tickled her stretched asspucker. Up and down, up and down, her tits flapping, her head swaying, her long hair brushing her spine, she ass-fucked Vince's nine-inch cock.

Vince groaned under her, bouncing his ass on the blanket, jerking his cock in and out of her ass. His big sexy toes flexed and wiggled from the pleasure he was, feeling, and Jessica eyed his toes with her mouth watering.

Oh, for a taste of those hot toes now! she thought. Mnn, baby!

She bounced up and down, moaning, feeling Vince's hot cock fill her ass again and again and again. Her asshole had become a seething mass of quivering sex-flesh. The sensations surging through her ass were identical to those which surged through her cunt when she was getting cunt-fucked.

"Fuck me!" she gasped. "Oh, baby, fuck my ass!"

Vince used his thumbs to spread her asscheeks even wider. He arched his back and humped, fucking his cock into her ass even deeper, his hot cockhead kissing the pit of her guts. She could feel the big cockhead throbbing in her belly as if it were kissing her navel from the inside.

Jessica continued massaging Vince's balls with her left hand, but with her right hand she spread her hairy cuntslabs and rubbed madly at the wet cuntmeat between them. Her clit squirmed between her index and middle fingers. She slid her hand down farther and wormed her middle finger up into her throbbing, drooling cunt. Her loins throbbed as if they were being sucked by an enormous hot mouth. She fucked her middle finger in and out of her cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she cried. "Oh, God, yes! Harder, deeper, faster! Oh, God!"

Vince jerked upward, banging her ass again and again and again, ramming his huge cock up her shithole as she fucked down on it as hard as she could, her ass contracted, her teeth clenched. Vince's ass bounced off the spongy, blanket-covered, pine-needle bed, his strong back arching high. His cock sizzled inside her ass, throbbing, sliding, driving her out of her mind.

She squeezed Vince's balls hard when she felt them ballooning. His cock flexed inside her ass, turning from rock to steel.

"Awwwww!" he moaned. "I'm coming! Ahhh!"

Jessica nearly shot up off his cock from the sudden, forceful explosion of his hot cum up her shithole. He shot off with such force and with such a profusion of cum that his hot jism bubbled out of Jessica's shithole almost instantly, running down over his balls and greasing Jessica's hand.

Jessica caught a handful of sticky cum and plastered her hand to her mouth, sucking the thick man-jism off her fingers while some of it dripped off her chin and dribbled down over her tits. Then, licking her cum-flecked lips, she thrust her hand back down between her legs and caught more leaking cum, madly rubbing the thick hot stuff between her cunt slabs, greasing her pussymeat, coating her clit, bathing her naked crotch in hot cum as she rammed her middle finger in and out of her cunt and bucked her naked ass up and down on Vince's cum-spurting prick. The sensations reached an immediate peak in her pussy. She shuddered with orgasm.

"Ohhhh, Vince! Darling, I'm coming!"

Vince spurted cum into her ass again. "Oh, baby!"

"Shoot it, Vince! Cream me!"

Vince's body jerked, his cock flexed, his cum streamed into her asshole. "Ahhh!"

"Mnnnnn!" Jessica moaned. "Oh, God!" She felt the hot sensations at the roots of her scalp hairs, at the tips of her toes, at the ends of her twitching nipples. "Baby, give it to me!" She looked over her shoulder at his face.

Vince creamed her again, grunting like a bull, his eyes rolled back with ecstasy, his lips parted and a trickle of spit leaking from one corner of his mouth.

Jessica twisted her head back to the front and whined, her entire body a throbbing mass of burning, aching flesh.

Five minutes later Jessica lay on Vince's belly, exchanging deep kisses with him. Their tongues slithered inside each other's mouths. Their lips sucked. Their teeth touched.

"I don't wanna go to Hawaii," Vince said. "I just wanna stay here with you forever."

"I wish you could," Jessica said. "Believe me, I wish you could."

Chapter SIX

Early the next morning, Maxine hauled Vince off for Hawaii, leaving Jessica with the three kids. The vacationing couple left the lodge before any of the kids were up, and Maxine told Jessica to give each of the kids a good-bye kiss from their morn.

"You can count on it," Jessica told her sister as Maxine and Vince slid into their rented car for their hour-long drive down the mountain roads to the airport. And, as she waved the couple off, she thought: You can especially count on my giving Bucky a good long good-bye kiss for you -- a kiss such as you'd never dare give him, Maxine. Trembling at the thought of kissing her oldest nephew, Jessica went back inside the lodge.

She'd given each of the kids a separate room on the third floor. Her own room was nearby. It was to her room that she went, drowsy, yawning, hoping to catch another hour's sleep before breakfast.

She took the elevator up, nearly dozing off before it reached the third floor. At last the ponderous elevator doors opened, and she stepped out into the third-floor hallway and trudged on slippered feet across the thick carpeting, beginning to untie her robe before she'd reached the door of her room. She was naked underneath her robe, and she smiled to think that Maxine would have said had she known.

As she sleepily tried to force a key into her lock, finding it was the wrong key for her door, she heard the beginning of some rhythmic thudding. And she could feel faint vibrations in the floor under her feet, vibrations that corresponded in time and rhythm to the barely discernible thudding sounds. She turned away from her door to investigate.

After a quick walk down the hallway, Jessica stood in front of Bucky's door, sure that the sounds were coming from inside his room. She pressed her ear to the door, listening to the sounds become louder, and she was about to knock to check on the boy when she had a better idea. Instead of interrupting whatever it was that he was doing, she would have a quick look through his two-way mirror. Trying not to jingle her keys, she let herself into the viewing chamber adjacent to Bucky's room and quietly locked the door behind her. Bucky was exercising in front of the mirror.

Dressed in nothing but a jockstrap, he ran in place, lifting his knees, pumping his muscular arms. He had turned on the overhead, light nearest the wall mirror and the soft light showed off his body to its best advantage, accentuating the definition of his muscles. Roland had hired a stage lighting technician to design the lighting arrangements for all the rooms in the lodge, for to Roland each room was a stage, a stage for his viewing pleasure, and the lighting had to be perfect.

Never more perfect than now, Jessica thought, watching her handsome young nephew display himself Lord, what a beautiful hunk of boy!

He had the most beautifully chiseled features -- a strong, sharp jawline, a nose neither too long nor too short.

His physique was a lithe versions of Michelangelo's David, and all of it, except for a narrow untanned are, a around his loins, shined like polished bronze.

His head of bushy, wheat-yellow hair bounced as he ran in place, and his blue eyes gazed into the mirror, seeming to gaze directly into Jessica's eyes. Jessica felt herself melting. Such a look of rapture and love in those eyes! He was in love with his own image, she realized, but that didn't destroy the illusion that he was gazing at her with the same feelings.

The boy halted his jogging suddenly and swung his arms back and forth at the level of his shoulders, inhaling and exhaling deeply, expanding and deflating his supple ribcage, contracting and relaxing all the muscles of his torso.

Jessica switched on the private intercom to listen to his heavy breathing. She closed her eyes for a moment, imagining that the boy was fucking instead of exercising. The sound of his heavy breathing turned her on. She opened her eyes, her heart pounding.

The boy began doing squats. Hands on his hips, he lowered his body until his ass nearly touched his heels, then he shot up to a standing position again, the long muscles of his thighs nearly bursting through his skin. His thighs were smooth, covered only by a golden down. Jessica longed to kneel at his muscular feet and to stroke her cheeks up and down his beautiful thighs.

After fifty squats, which the boy counted out with fifty grunts, he turned around, showing Jessica his naked ass. Then he glanced over his shoulder to watch his calves contract as he performed heel raises, pushing up to a tiptoe position, then lowering his heels back to the carpet again, then pushing back up, using only the plump muscles of his calves to lever himself up and down.

Jessica drooled. She'd never seen such beautiful calves. She wanted to sink her teeth into them. She tossed off her robe and flopped down in the reclining chair behind her. Resting her heels on the built-in footstool of the chair, she spread her legs and began to squeeze and caress the swollen slabs of her cunt. Her pussy juices were already flowing. Cunt juice had already trickled down her inner thighs, and she spread the slick cunt juices along her thigh skin now, massaging it in with her palms. In the next room, her nephew ended his heel raises and, keeping his ass toward the mirror, he spread his legs widely and began doing some forward stretches toward the floor.

His ass turned up, pressing close to the mirror. Jessica could see the pinkish-brown asspucker between the creamy white cheeks of his ass. He had absolutely no hair in his asscrack. His pucker winked at her, moist and pink. Jessica groaned, panting, her heart banging. She leaned forward, her tongue out.

Oh, to taste that ass! she thought. God, I'd give anything! To lick his ass, to smell it, to kiss it! God, I'd give anything!

She slumped back in her chair, clawing at her wet cunt, digging her fingers into the inflamed cunt meat between the hairy slabs. She rammed two fingers inside her pussy, twisting them, fucking them in and out. Her loins throbbed with heat. Her cunt itched and ached.

"Baby!" she muttered. "Oh, baby, I want you!"

Bucky sat on the carpet, facing the mirror. Even in the sitting position, his skin was pulled tightly over his rippling abdominal muscles. The boy was perfectly lean, not an ounce of fat on his belly. He spread his legs. The soles of his large feet pressed close to the mirror. The bulge of his jockstrap was unreal, as if the boy had stuffed a softball in its elastic white pouch. Jessica saw his blond cock hairs curling out around the edges of the pouch as he spread his legs even wider.

"Baby," she whispered, "let me at that cock-bulge! Oh, Christ!" She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and sucked the tart pussy juices off them. With her other hand, she rubbed her hairy cunt-mound, making believe that her swollen cunt-mound was the bulge of Bucky's jock.

The boy leaned toward his right foot, grabbed it, then pulled his head down until his chin touched his knee. He sat up, then performed the same feat of flexibility on his left side. At last, he lay forward, his legs still spread in a full split, and he touched his chin to the floor. Jessica leaned close to the mirror, her face less than a foot away from the boy's. Were the wall mirror not between them, she could have kissed him.

The boy sat back up, then brought his legs together and relaxed back onto the carpet, stretching his arms over his head and pointing his toes. He lay there awhile, breathing deeply, his eyes closed. He stretched again, sighing audibly.

Jessica stood up, aching for him, wishing she could dive through the mirror and land on him. There he lay, stretched out before her like a relaxing young God, his enormous jock-pouch bulge swollen even larger.

Suddenly, he brought both his hands down from above his head and eased his fingers under the elastic waistband of his jock. Lifting his legs and his ass simultaneously, he pushed the jock off his crotch and slid it down his long legs in one graceful movement. The jock hung from the big toe of his right foot for a moment before he kicked it high into the air. It landed ten feet behind him on the bed.

Jessica trembled so that she was forced to sit down before her legs buckled under her. Her cunt contracted several times as thrills pulsed through it. Hot pussy juice bubbled out of her cunt and leaked down over her ass.

"It's bigger than Vince's," she mumbled.

"I don't believe it!" If Vince's cock was nine inches long, then Bucky's was ten, and it was thicker than Vince's cock too. "Oh, Bucky!"

The boy lay back on the carpet again and stretched out long, lengthening his spine, stretching his legs and arms, pointing his toes. His cock, which appeared to have swollen to an instant hard-on the moment he'd removed his jockstrap, lay along the midline of his belly like a heavy salami, its fist-sized cockhead tapping his abdominal muscles two or three inches up past his navel. His enormous balls, the size of chicken eggs, shifted in his hairless ball sac. His balls looked as if they weighed two pounds, and his cock as if it weighed even more.

He must shoot a cup of cum at a time, Jessica thought -- with balls that size. Her mouth watered, almost able to taste his sweet alkaline cum, almost able to feel its thick, creamy texture -- and its warmth. Mmm! She swallowed her saliva to keep from drooling it. She was hungry for cum.

Bucky spread his legs and cupped his balls, one ball in each hand. He massaged them as if he were gently kneading lumps of dough. His cock flopped on his belly, its huge head whacking down with audible slapping sounds. Jessica watched a tear like drop of pre-cum ooze out of his piss-slit and elongate into a strand as it stuck to his bronze belly skin, then was stretched by his cock as his cock stood up away from his belly. The clear lube-strand broke at last, leaving a gob of pre-cum on his belly.

Jessica could hardly stand watching this. She had never been this turned on during a voyeuristic session. She wanted to taste the boy's warm cum. Qh, if only she could!

Bucky grabbed his cock and began to jack it off. His hand, though large, could not completely encircle the thick shaft of his cock. His hand moved up and down slowly, working the tight skin along the bone-hard prick shaft. The cockhead swelled and throbbed in response to his rhythmic meat-beating of the cockshaft.

Jessica wanted to bite that cockhead, wanted to sink her teeth into it, wanted to devour it. If only she could stick her tongue into his gaping piss-slit she'd lick down into his hot piss-tube. She would fuck his cock with her tongue, twisting her tongue as well as sliding it in and out. She would tongue-fuck his piss-tube until he came, his thick, sweet jism bursting out around her plunging tongue.

The boy bent his legs, drawing his knees up toward his chest, but keeping them spread. His ass and his bottom were exposed entirely to Jessica. His asscheeks werespread, his pinkish asspucker twitching between them.

Jessica longed to fuck her tongue up the boy's tasty shithole. She reached under her ass, having drawn up her own legs in imitation of the boy, and she twisted her left index finger into her moist ass-pucker. Her finger fucked easily into her asshole. At the same time, she fucked the middle finger of her right hand up her cunt.

Bucky acted as if he could sense her presence. He lifted his head and looked into the mirror, staring directly at her for a few seconds before focusing his eyes down farther on his naked ass and his hanging balls. Still beating his cock, he writhed excitedly.

"God!" Jessica moaned. "Oh, God!" She couldn't believe this was happening. This was one of the hottest scenes she had ever witnessed. And what made it so exciting was Bucky -- he was the hottest boy she'd ever watched.

What a dirty little stud you are, Bucky! she thought. Oh, baby, beat that cock while I finger-fuck myself!

The boy pointed his toes like a gymnast while he pumped on his cock and while he cupped his balls. His balls throbbed visibly, rolling in their hairless sac. His head remained raised, his eyes on his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the movements of his hands.

"Man!" he muttered. "Yeah! Ah! Yeah!"

His hips wiggled as he jacked off furiously. His face was flushed and his eyes were glazed, his features contorted with pleasure and concentration.

"Ohhhh, baby!" Jessica moaned.

Just the expression on the boy's face was enough to bring her off. She slowed the ass fucking and the cunt-fucking of her fingers, hoping to stave off her orgasm until the boy came. She wanted to come with him, to feel those ecstatic sensations at the same time that the boy was feeling them.

The boy's hot toes quivered. His breath came in trembling gasps. His hand tightened around his cock, making the head swell to near splitting. His hand pumped faster, jerking the tight cockskin up and down along the bone-hard shaft.

"Fuck!" he muttered. "Oh, fuck!"

Jessica couldn't wait any more. She pistoned her fingers in her cunt and asshole, feeling all the tissues sizzling and tightening inside her. She was there, hovering at the brink of orgasm. She held her breath, fucking her fingers faster and faster in and out. Waves of heat pulsed through her body.

The boy grunted. "Uh! Uh! Ohhh!" His eyes became huge, then rolled back. His toes clenched. "Oh, man!" His hand became a blur on his cock. "Ahhhhhh!"

A stream of thick white jism exploded from his cock. His cum shot two feet straight up before splatting down on his chest.

Jessica writhed with her orgasm, the hot juices leaking out of her cunt, her trembling fingers twisting inside her spasming fuckholes. Her vision became blurry for a few moments, but she blinked her eyes repeatedly until they cleared. She wanted to watch the boy's orgasm.

Bucky's naked ass wiggled. His balls ballooned, nearly bursting their pink sac. He gazed at himself in the mirror, watching with seeming fascination as his flexing cock pumped spurt after spurt of thick jism into the air.

"Man!" he moaned. "Oh, wow!" His body jerked and his jism spurted. "Awwwwwwww! Yeahhhh!"

Jessica thought of fireworks. The boy's jism came out in long spurts and short spurts. When the spurts reached their peak from one to two feet above the boy's belly, they broke up into countless white gobs, splatting down all over the boy's chest. Jessica could hear them splat, imagined she could smell the alkaline scent of boy-jism.

Jessica's spasms petered out at about the same time that Bucky stopped spurting. They fell back simultaneously, Bucky onto the carpet, and Jessica into the reclining chair. Jessica eased her fingers out of her cunt and her asshole and began to lick the juices off them.

"Your wonderful. Little devil!" Jessica whispered. It turned her on to no end to see the boy's belly covered with his own jism. She wished she could lick the jism from his stomach and chest.

Bucky jumped up as quick as a jack-in-the box. He stood before the mirror, his prick half hard and hanging halfway down his thighs. He wrapped his muscular hand around his prick and milked the residual jism out of the pisstube. The jism oozed out of his piss-slit and he caught it with his finger, wiping it on his leg.

Then he posed, lifting his arms to shoulder height and flexing his biceps. Every muscle in his body stood out as if carved out of marble. The veins in his abdomen bulged.

Jessica almost fainted, her heart skipping beats, then pounding. The boy was unbearably sexy.

Bucky smiled, as if he knew she was watching him and was pleased by her appreciation of him. Then he turned away and strutted into the bathroom, his calves and his back muscles flexing wonderfully.

Chapter SEVEN

Another gorgeous day on the lake. Too bad about the recession -- too bad there were so few vacationers up here to appreciate these endless summer days of warm sunshine and some of the cleanest air in the country. The lodge was only half filled, Oswald had informed her this morning. So unlike the usual situation in August when every room was booked up well in advance and the reservation waiting list ran pages long. Not a typical summer at all. The weather was the most perfect Jessica had ever seen up here, but guests at the lodge and vacationers on the lake were scarce. From her perch on the end of the pier, Jessica imagined that the entire lake and all the mountains surrounding it belonged only to her and to the three teenagers she'd been assigned to watch over.

Bucky was only a speck several hundred yards out in the sun-dappled lake. She hoped he wouldn't swim out much farther. He was obviously a powerful swimmer, but it made her nervous to see him out there alone. She wondered whether he was spending so much time swimming just so he wouldn't have to spend that time talking to her. For all his cockiness in front of the mirror this morning -- locked alone in his room with only himself and his reflection -- he was still amazingly shy in front of people, and especially in front, of her, it seemed. She wondered whether he could sense her hunger for him. Maybe that was what was making him so shy around her.

"I'm going on that hike now, Aunt Jessica."

Jessica snapped out of her meditation and looked up at Ricky. He smiled at her, his blond hair still wet and stringy from his swim. He had changed from his swim trunks into cut-off shorts, basketball shoes, and a faded blue T-shirt. A large scab capped his left knee.

"Don't get lost," Jessica said. "Stay on the trail and watch out for bears."

"I'm not afraid of any old bears," the boy said.

"I'm sure you're not, but watch out anyway." Jessica wasn't overly concerned about bears. In the five years she'd been here, she'd only heard a few reports of bears around the lake.

"See ya later." The boy flashed her another grin, showing her his flawless white teeth, then wheeled around and started trotting down the pier, his flexing calves the same shape, as Bucky's.

In a few more years he'll be the clone of Bucky, Jessica mused -- at least in the muscle department. Then she wondered about his cock. Would Ricky develop a ten-incher like his brother? Then the crazy thought occurred to her that maybe Ricky already owned a ten incher. He already displayed a nice cockbulge, a bulge that showed that he had a lot more meat packed in his pants than any average boy his age.

"I wanna go along." Tessie had just came out of the lodge and now was trotting alongside Ricky, her long wet hair flapping heavily against her back. She'd changed from her bikini panties into cut-offs, but she'd left her bikini halter on, and she hadn't put on any shoes.

"No!" the boy responded. "I'm going alone. I don't want any girl slowing me down."

She slapped his arm. "I wanna go!"

He shoved her, nearly knocking her over. "Leave me alone!"

"Asshole!" she shouted, grabbing at him.

The boy twisted out of her hands and sprinted down the trail toward the trees. Tessie charged after him about six steps, then slowed to a limping, dance. She threw herself on the ground, muttering, and started to rub her bare left foot. Ricky shot into the woods like a deer.

"Hurt yourself?" Jessica yelled. She got up off the end of the pier and went over to join Tessie.

"I don't think so," Tessie said, still rubbing her foot. "I stepped on a rock or something."

Jessica squatted and massaged the ball of Tessie's foot with her thumbs. "You'll be all right. I don't even see a bruise."

"He's such a-a -- well, a bastard!" Tessie said, looking down the trail to where it disappeared downshore into the woods. "He thinks that just because he's a boy he can do anything, and I'm not supposed to do anything because I'm a girl."

"Come on," Jessica said, helping the girl up. "We'll get some shoes on those feet of yours and then we'll go on our own hike."

They sat on a blanket on the shelf of rock where Jessica and Vince had made love last night. The pine-needle bed cushioned their asses as well as any mattress could have. The blanket was stained in so many places from so many fuck-sessions that it looked as if it had been manufactured with those stains. The lake in front of them was a rash of small, sun glinting ripples. The hundred-foot-tall Ponderosa pine towered over them. Shrubbery and other trees sheltered Jessica's private sunbathing spot on three sides. The sunlight fell on them, radiating warmth onto their flesh.

"You're sure nobody will see us?" the girl asked, reaching back to untie her bikini halter.

"Positive," Jessica said, unsnapping her own bikini top. "If a boat goes by close, they won't see us because of the way the rock sticks out over the water. And if the boat is out far enough to see us, they'll have to use binoculars to make us out. They'd have to be scanning the shore with binoculars to discover us lying here in the first place."

Blushing, Tessie let her tit-cups fall off. Her cone-shaped tits, well-developed for a girl her age, jiggled slightly, her pink nipples pointing up into the sunlight. Jessica let her own tit cups slid off, and Tessie's eyes bugged out when she saw Jessica's naked tits.

Jessica smiled, pretending to ignore the girl's obvious surprise at the size of her tits and of the purplish cherries that capped them. "Now, off with those tight little shorts."

"You mean, we're sunbathing bottomless too?"

"Of course."

"You're sure nobody's gonna come walking along and see us like that?"

"This is my secret spot," Jessica said. "It's off the trail. I don't think anybody's ever been here except me and a few deer -- and the people I've brought here, of course." She lay back, lifted her ass, and pushed down her bikini panties.

Tessie imitated her, pushing down her cutoffs and kicking them, off over her bare feet. Jessica smiled to see that the girl wasn't wearing any panties. Tessie pulled her knees up to her tits and hugged them with her arms, sitting as if she were trying to bide her nakedness. Jessica lay back on the blanket, stretching out, spreading her legs, letting Tessie see all of her.

"Lie down," Jessica said. "Relax."

"I've never done this before," the girl said, unclasping her legs, then lying back beside Jessica. "I feel so funny."

Jessica laughed; "You'll get used to it. In five minutes you'll be so used to it that you won't ever want to get dressed again."

"I don't know," the girl said, but then she sighed. "Mmmm, that sun feels good."

"And the breeze, too," Jessica said. "I like the way it feels between my legs."

Tessie giggled. "And on the nipples."

"Yeah," Jessica said. "There too." And she thought: That's it, honey -- relax.

They lay under the sun, sighing contentedly, stretching from time to time. They breathed deeply, thrusting their tits upward. Slowly, a little at a time, their legs spread farther and farther, Jessica's right leg crossing over the top of Tessie's left leg. Finally, they lay side by side, their legs forming wide vees. Jessica took Tessie's left hand in her own right hand, and they lay close, their fingers entwined and their palms pressed together. Jessica could feel a pulsebeat in Tessie's palm. Jessica's cunt throbbed, leaking warm pussy juice. The breeze wafted the whiff of cunt to her nostrils. She glanced at Tessie. The young girl's tits were heaving, and her nostrils appeared to be flared, as if she were sniffing the air.

"How're you feeling?" Jessica asked.

The girl spoke with her eyes closed. "Mmm, great!"

"What are you thinking?"

"Oh, I don't know."

"Sure you do. Come on, what are you thinking?"

The girl kept her eyes closed. "Promise you won't laugh? Promise you won't tell anybody?"

"Of course!"

The girl took a deep breath. "I'm thinking about Ricky. I'm thinking about what he'd do if he saw me laying here like this." A shiver passed through her body.

"Well, what do you think he'd do?"

"He'd probably jump on me -- if he didn't have a heart attack first." She giggled.

Jessica remained silent, letting the girl gather her courage and go on talking. Jessica was becoming hotter by the moment. Hot pussy juice dribbled out of her cunt and trickled down over her naked ass. She knew that Tessie's cunt was doing the same thing. The scent of hot cunt was stronger in the air now than the scent of pine needles. Her desire to burrow down between her niece's smooth young legs and to sip at her honeyed young cunt was nearly overwhelming. Jessica swallowed hard, feeling her cunt throb with desire.

"Ricky would love to see me naked." Tessie paused, as if waiting for Jessica's response, and when Jessica remained silent, she continued: "He sneaks into my bedroom sometimes and tries to get a look at me with my clothes off. One time I caught him peeking in my bedroom window, but he didn't get a look at anything. Bay, would he like to, though! I can tell he'd like to, because his thing gets hard whenever he's around me." She paused again, glancing quickly at Jessica.

Jessica squeezed her hand. "His thing?"

"You know -- his -- well, his prick. That's what I hear boys call their things around school, anyway. And so do the girls."

"And his prick gets hard whenever he's around you, huh?"

"Yeah. I can see it -- the way it sticks out in his pants. A lot of the boys at school get hard that way -- when they're close to girls. They wanna see the girls naked, and then they wanna fuck them. I suppose you know about fucking."

"I suppose I do," Jessica said. "And you think Ricky wants to fuck you?"

"Would you like him to do it to you?"

The girl shivered again. "I-I -- oh, yes!"

"Then why don't you let him?"

"I can't. It's -- immoral -- isn't it?" She was looking directly at Jessica now, her blue eyes wide with expectation.

"Not in my book," Jessica said. "If it feels good and doesn't hurt anybody, how can it be immoral?"

Tessie was trembling all over now. "I'm gonna let him do it, Aunt Jessica!" She rolled toward Jessica, pressed up against her, and rested her hot face on Jessica's right tit.

Jessica turned toward the girl and embraced her. They kissed.

"Oh, Aunt Jessica, I feel so funny!" The girl shuddered with excitement.

The two naked females melted into a mass of writhing flesh, their, legs entwined, their arms bear-hugging each other, their tits squashed together, nipples stiff and hot. Their mouths interlocked, dripping tongues thrusting in and out between lips, breaths exchanged.

"Baby!" Jessica muttered. "Oh, my naked little angel!"

She pressed her hairy cuntslit against the girl's cuntslit, and their hot cuntslabs parted, allowing hot wet cuntmeat to suck at hot wet cuntmeat. Their pussy juices blended, running between their quivering thighs.

The girl humped, rubbing her clit madly into the slick meat between Jessica's cuntlips, rubbing her hot nipples all over Jessica's silky tits.

"Oh, oh, oh!" the girl gasped. "Oh, Aunt Jessica!"

Jessica caressed the girl's smooth back, palming it in wide circles, rubbing from the top of the girl's willowy spine to her sweatmisted lower back. Then she cupped the girl's beautiful round asscheeks and, juggled them playfully, at last sliding her middle finger between the warm globes of her ass and feeling the heat and the moisture of the girl's sexy pink asscrack.

Tessie bit Jessica's chin. Her little body tensed, then began to shudder. "Oh, Aunt -- oh, oh, ohhhhhh!" Her sweet breath gushed out of her throat in an ecstatic moan.

Jessica held her spasming niece, stroking the girl's hot naked flesh. At the same time, she humped her own hot clit at Tessie's spasming clit. Their clits squirmed at each other like miniature stiff cocks. Jessica felt tingling sensations all the way down to her toes.

"I'm gonna come!" Jessica muttered into Tessie's mouth. "Ohhh, baaaby!" Her body began to shudder, gripped with the sensations of orgasm. She felt her cunt throbbing, felt Tessie's young cunt sucking at her inflamed, spasming clit.

Tessie squeezed Jessica. They groaned together, their loins humping, their spasming aunts gushing into each other. Their orgasms both lasted a full minute. When they had squeezed the last of their pleasure out of their cunts, they fell away from each other, panting. After several minutes, Jessica opened her eyes. Tessie was looking at her. The young girl looked exhausted.

"Feel good?" Jessica asked, trying to smile without displaying her own self-consciousness.

"Mmm," the girl said, giving her a smile back. The girl's face was flushed.

Jessica looked away, then noticed the cunt drool basting Tessie's smooth inner thighs.

She looked down at her own thighs. They were slick with cunt juice, as if they'd been splashed with massage oil.

"We really made a mess on each other, didn't we?" Jessica said, trying to chuckle. Then, without looking at Tessie's face to see her reaction, she crawled over between the girl's legs and began to lick off the cunt-drool.

The girl let out an almost silent moan. At the same moment, her young legs went limp, allowing Jessica to spread them widely.

"Tastes so good!" Jessica said. She slurped noisily, licking the cunt juices off the girl's inner thighs from knees to crotch. The pussy juices were tart and sweet. Tessie's warm thigh skin quivered under Jessica's tongue.

"Oh, wow!" Tessie whispered. "Oh, God!"

Her hot little ass wiggled on the blanket. Her pink cunt throbbed visibly. She reached down and held apart the fuzzy slabs of her pussy, showing Jessica her clit, allowing Jessica to look up into her quivering pussyhole.

"You're a virgin!" Jessica said the moment she spotted the girl's pink cherry. "You've never been fucked!"

Tessie frowned. "I told you that, Aunt Jessica."

You told me your twin brother had never fucked you, Jessica thought. You never told me that you were a virgin.

"Yes, I guess you did," Jessica answered. "Well, you won't be for long, will you?" She laughed self-consciously.

Tessie shivered again, a pink blush suffusing her flesh from forehead to toes. "Oh, Aunt Jessica, I can't wait!"

"I know, darling," Jessica said. "I know how excited you must be."

The young girl lay before Jessica, nipples pointed and quivering, cuntlips still stretched apart widely by shaking fingers. Jessica couldn't resist the invitation for another second. She plunged her nose and lips between the girl's pink, sizzling cuntslabs.

"Aww!" Tessie gasped. "Oh, God!" The young girl began to hump with quick, excited jerks, impaling her cunt again and again on Jessica's nose as if on a cock.

"Baby!" Jessica whispered. "Oh, baby, baby!" She lapped at the girl's twitching cuntslit, sucked up the juices that were bubbling out of the girl's cunt.

Tessie's hot little cunt sucked at Jessica's nose. It felt marvelous. Jessica had never thought of her nose as a sex organ until this moment, but now she knew that a nose could be just as sensitive as a big toe. And Tessie certainly seemed to be enjoying fucking herself on it.

The young girl screwed her cunt on Jessica's nose, her smooth young belly heaving, gasping moans escaping her throat. "Oh, wow, oh, wow!"

Jessica slid her nose up Tessie's cuntslit, rubbing, it against the girl's squirming young clit. At the same, moment, she shoved her tongue up Tessie's seething young cunt, feeling the girl's tender but intact hymen surrounding the tip of her probing tongue.

I hope Ricky's young cock isn't too big, Jessica thought, for Tessie's sake. God, if it's as big as Bucky's -- forget it!

She twisted her tongue in the girl's cunt, massaging the membranous and elastic hymen, probing the wet and sizzling cuntal walls both in front of and on the other side of the girl's tender cherry. The girl had probably stretched her cherry quite a bit finger-fucking herself, but there was a lot of stretching left to do, and that would be accomplished by Ricky's lusty young cock.

Jessica winced to think of Tessie's tender cherry stretching and tearing under the hot thrust of her brother's cock, but she knew that there was no other way. Tessie wanted to be fucked immediately -- she couldn't wait -- and there wasn't time to work on her cherry on a daily basis in order to stretch it slowly and painlessly. Ricky was going to burst his sister's cherry with one savage thrust of his big prick, and Jessica, even though she winced to think about it, couldn't help but to feel excited at the thought of watching Ricky shatter his twin sister's cherry.

"Mmm, that feels so good!" Tessie sighed, bucking her lithe little body, fucking her cunt on Jessica's tongue. Her ample young tits jiggled and flapped, her nipples as pointed and pink as a baby's toes.

Jessica sipped the sweet warm pussy juices out of her niece's cunt. Her own cunt was leaking juice again, and the hot cuntal ooze was trickling down the inner sides of her thighs. She shifted her position, bridging herself over Tessie on her hands and knees in order to give Tessie a view of her throbbing pussy, just in case Tessie might want to have a taste.

In the sixty-nine position now, her huge tits hanging against her niece's silky-smooth belly, she plunged her face once more between her niece's thighs. The young girl gasped as Jessica began once more to slurp hungrily at her young pussy. Then Jessica felt the girl's warm tongue lapping at the cunt juice on her inner thigh near her right knee.

"Oh, honey!" Jessica moaned. "Eat my cunt juice!" She lowered her pulsating pussy to the girl's face.

Tessie groaned, thrusting her pug nose up into Jessica's aching cunt. "Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm!" The young girl's tongue lapped at Jessica's cunt.

Jessica thought she was going to pass out from the excitement. Just the thought of her niece's tongue inside her body was enough to make her tremble uncontrollably with excitement. She let the weight of her ass down on Tessie's face, burying the young girl's nose and lips in hot hairy cunt and in the dark cleft of hot ass. Tessie moaned, twisting her head. The sounds that came from between Jessica's legs were a combination of munching and slurping, of groaning and of gasping for breath. Jessica gyrated her hairy crotch against her niece's face as if trying to smother the girl, as if trying to drown her in cunt juice, as if trying to scour off her pretty pink skin with kinky cunt-hairs. Tessie's tongue shot deeper into Jessica's cunt, jabbing at the sensitive nerve ends in the spongy cuntal folds, twisting and twirling.

Jessica felt the girl sucking hard, felt the girl's teeth cutting into her itching, throbbing cuntal slabs. Jessica rammed her tongue so deep into Tessie's cunt that the root of her tongue ached from the stretch. Tessie's tight hymen ringed Jessica's tongue at the halfway mark, and the end of Jessica's tongue licked and probed the hot virgin territory on the other side of Tessie's cherry. The cuntal walls deep inside the girl felt like hot meaty fluff to Jessica's tongue, and she knew that Ricky's hard cock would be in for a real treat when it fucked through Tessie's cherry and buried itself in the fluffy wetness and heat deep inside the girl's shivering body.

Jessica was lying on the girl now, her face buried between the girl's legs, her cunt and ass pressed to the girl's face. Tessie's hot young legs clamped her head as if in a vise. Her own legs clamped Tessie's flushed cheeks. They rocked together, rubbing their crotches at each other's faces, sucking each other's cunts, rubbing hot tits and bellies against each other. Jessica felt the sex knots tightening in her pussy, in her loins, and all through her naked body. She tingled from head to toe. Her orgasm was coming, and there was nothing she could do to delay it.

Suddenly Tessie shuddered under her, the girl's body radiating pulsations of heat, her skin giving off electrical tingles.

"Baby!" Jessica moaned into the girl's spasming cunt. "Angel!" And then her own orgasm overwhelmed her, "Awww! Mmmm! Ohhhh!" She jerked out of control, her head woozy with dizziness, waves of heat and sensation flowing relentlessly through her body.

Jessica and the girl melted together, heads buried between each other's thighs, bodies shivering with the same intense orgasmic feel. When they finally rolled apart, Jessica became aware of the brilliance of the sunny sky overhead, became aware of the freshness of the air. She'd forgotten where she was, had been lost totally in the world of flesh and sensation. She lay next to her niece, her heart banging, her ribcage heaving. She was sweating, as if she had jogged five miles.

They lay in silence for several minutes. At last Jessica said: "What's on your mind, darling?"

Tessie, cunt-hairs still clinging to her upper lip, smiled weakly. "About Ricky," she said after a hesitant pause. "About his prick and the way it sticks out in his pants. I wanna see it. I wanna feel his prick fucking me."

And I want to watch, Jessica thought. I want to watch Ricky fuck you, more than I've ever wanted to watch anything.

"I can't wait!" Tessie said, her body beginning to shiver again. "Oh, wow!" She was panting.

Neither can I, Jessica thought. Oh, God, neither can I!

Chapter EIGHT

Jessica made sure that neither of them would have to wait long. She planned the entire seduction of Ricky within seconds -- before she and Tessie had even gotten dressed to walk back to the lodge. The entire plan was as simple as the knot that held on Tessie's bikini halter. Jessica tied up Tessie's halter with a knot that would need hands other than Tessie's to untie -- and those hands would be Ricky's.

Neither Jessica nor Tessie ate much for lunch. Their stomachs were too knotted up with anxiety and excitement.

As if he was in on the plan, Ricky yawned several times at the lunch table, and Jessica got only a token argument out of the boy when she ordered him up to his room for a nap. She likewise ordered Tessie up to her room. Bucky had wolfed down his food and had left the table before any of the others were even half through eating. He had mumbled something about going fishing. Jessica hadn't pressed him for more information.

Jessica slipped into the viewing chamber adjacent to Ricky's room as soon as he'd gone into his room and had closed the door behind him. Tessie was already in her own room. Now, standing in the darkness of the viewing chamber, Jessica quickly stripped off her clothes, took her seat in the reclining chair, and switched on the intercom.

Ricky was sitting at the edge of his bed, using his feet to force off his basketball shoes, neither of which he had bothered to untie. At the same time, he was struggling with his T-shirt, nearly ripping it as he forced it off over his blond head. He flung the T-shirt on the floor next to his shoes, then shook his head to straighten his hair. Every one of his hairs appeared to fall perfectly into place. He eyed himself in the mirror, then made a face, sticking his pink tongue out at himself. He stood up, unzipped his cut-off shorts, and began to peel them down. He wore no underwear.

Jessica saw half the boy's long cock before a knock on the door caused him to yank his shorts up again. What she'd seen had made her mouth water. Though nowhere near as large as Bucky's, Ricky's cock was a fat and respectably long cylinder of cockmeat -- certainly much larger than the average cock for a boy Ricky's age. She'd seen the fat vein running down its center. The boy's cock appeared to have been half hard.

Still zipping up his shorts, Ricky bounced on the door on bare feet and flung it open. Tessie stood in the doorway, looking pale.

"Oh, it's you," the boy said. "What do you want?"

Tessie swallowed, trembling visibly. Come on! Jessica urged silently. Don't chicken out now.

"Well?" the boy asked, his tone certainly no aid to Tessie's boldness.

"I-I've got a knot."

"A knot?"

"Yeah, a knot. I need help getting it untied." She pushed past the boy into the room and sat on the edge of his bed.

Ricky swung the door shut and followed her. "SO, where's this knot?"

Tessie turned her back to her brother, then pushed her left hand behind her back and pointed. The ends of her halter straps hung like wet noodles from Jessica's well-tied knot.

"Can't you get it out yourself?" the boy asked, sitting down behind her at the edge of the bed.

"Would I be in here asking you to help me if I could?"

"Oh, all right!" The boy leaned close to the knot and worked at it with, his brown fingers.

Jessica let out her breath. So far, so good. Now, if Tessie just doesn't chicken out when Ricky gets the knot untied!

Jessica felt the crazy urge to knock on the two-way mirror as a signal to the girl that her aunt was nearby, supporting her, watching over her. Fine way to ruin everything, she thought in response to the urge. There was no way to signal the girl without signaling the boy also, and, even were she able to signal Tessie alone, Tessie might chicken out from self consciousness were she to discover that her aunt was watching her trying to seduce her twin brother.

You're on your own, darling, Jessica thought. If you want to lose your virginity, it's up to you -- and your brother, of course. I did my part -- I tied the knot.

"Shit!" the boy said, jerking in frustration at the dangling ends of Tessie's halter straps. "It's too tight."

"Use your fingernails."

"I don't have long fingernails."

"Then use your teeth."

"Yeah, yeah!" The boy leaned over and squashed his pug nose against his twin sister's spine while he worked at the knot with his fingers and teeth.

Tessie toyed nervously with her blonde hair, which she'd pulled all to the front so it would be out of Ricky's way. The fine, platinum hair hung all the way to the girl's crotch in front. She wrapped her arms around the thick bundle of straight hair, hugging it as if it were her security blanket.

"How's it coming?" the girl asked.

The boy mumbled something unintelligible, the knot between his front teeth.

Jessica's heart was pounding now. It's coming along great, she wanted to inform her niece. The boy had the knot all but untied, but he was taking his time now, taking his time to press his lips to his sister's flesh and to taste her, taking his time to nuzzle his twin's spine and to smell her. His shorts were suddenly bulging and strained at the crotch. It had taken the boy a minute to stop feeling brotherly annoyance with his sister and to start feeling lust for her. But the fuck-lust had started now -- as evidenced by the throbbing cock-bulge between the young boy's thighs -- and Jessica crossed her fingers harder. The plan was working.

A trickle of spit dribbled down Tessie's spine, and she shivered. She didn't say a word, though, to Jessica's delight.

That a girl! Jessica thought. Just relax. Let your brother take over now. His cock will direct him.

"I think I got it," the boy muttered. He let the halter straps fall. At the same moment, he threw his arms around his sister, glued his hard chest to her upper back, and sank his teeth into the brown flesh that joined her neck and her right shoulder.

Tessie shivered all the way down to her bare toes. A simultaneous moan escaped both their throats. The bikini halter tumbled to the floor, sliding down Tessie's bare left leg on its descent. Tessie's hands had moved up over her head and her fingers were pressing into her brother's scalp.

"Bite me!" she moaned. "Oh, Ricky, bite me!"

The boy groaned, gnawing at her brown neck flesh. His large hands closed over her conical tits. Her pink nipples twitched between his fingers.

"Oh, Ricky!" the girl, gasped. "Oh, Ricky!"

The boy released her tits and, tore open his shorts. He slithered out of the tight shorts, his hard young prick standing up and nearly glued to his brown belly. Then he was on his knees, trying to tear off his sister's shorts. Tessie tried to help him, her hands shaking as hard as the boy's. After a struggle lasting a few seconds, the shorts slipped down Tessie's smooth legs, and brother and sister looked at each other, stark naked.

Ricky, sitting on the carpet, grabbed Tessie's left foot and kissed it. Then he sucked on her big toe. Tessie watched him, her tits heaving, her flesh shivering. Her eyes focused on his cock.

"It's so big!" she half-whispered. She stroked the boy's cock with her right foot. "It's so hard! And so hot!"

The boy crawled up and forced her down on the bed, letting his naked brown body settle on top of her. His hard prick was trapped between their bellies. He humped at her belly, crushing his lips to her mouth.

Tessie twisted her head, moaning. Her hands roved up and down her twin's muscular back, her fingers kneading his muscles, her fingernails lightly scratching his bronze skin. Her cheeks puffed out with the probing of her brother's tongue in her mouth. Her feet moved up and down Ricky's legs, her toes caressing his skin.

Brother and sister writhed against each other, kissing and petting, grunts of pleasure and excitement escaping them.

Put it in her, Jessica wanted to tell the boy. Put your cock in her cunt before you lose your hot cum-load. Jessica was experienced enough to know that a young boy -- and a likely virgin boy at that -- had very little control over his cock. Jessica was ready to knock on the two way mirror again. Fuck her Ricky -- quick!

Tessie pushed at the boy's chest, as if she sensed the danger. "Fuck me, Ricky! Put your prick inside me! Oh, God, Ricky, do it quick!"

The boy rolled off her. He bounced off the mattress, then let himself go and slid onto the floor, landing on his back. There he lay for a few seconds, his ribcage heaving, his face flushed the same color as his throbbing cockhead. His prick was so hard that it looked as if it would split down the middle. He gazed up at his sister as if he were in shock.

Tessie lifted her feet off the floor and jackknifed her smooth legs, hugging her knees to her tits and presenting her brother with her naked ass and her partially open cunt. Juice dribbled out of her pink cunt and trickled down over her twitching asspucker.

"Oh, fuck me, Ricky!" she moaned. "Oh, I'm gonna die if you don't fuck me!"

The boy sat up, shaking his head as if trying to shake off dizziness. His cock pointed at the ceiling, pre-cum oozing from the gaping piss slit, the entire young cock quivering. Jessica estimated her nephew's cock to be seven inches long, a size that any adult male would be proud of. The boy struggled to his feet, then stood looking down at his sister as if he couldn't believe what be was seeing. Even as he stood, his prick remained nearly vertical, the balls bloated and shifting restlessly.

Tessie eyed his cock. She wigged her ass. "Oh, God, put that hot thing in me!"

Ricky stood with his knees shaking at the edge of the bed. He bent his cock down, at the same time leaning down over his sister. His cockhead nuzzled her parted wet cuntlips. He leaned into her. His cock slid an inch up her cunt, most of the cockhead engulfed between her swollen cuntslabs.

Tessie, shuddering, reached up and put her hands on his smooth flanks, as if she wanted to control the movements of his torso and his loins.

"Shove it in!" she gasped.

Ricky grunted, falling on her, fucking his cock deeper into her virgin cunt. A third of his cock was in her fuckhole now.

Tessie was sweating, her face contorted with pain. "It hurts!" she gasped. "Oh, God, it hurts!" Her fingers clawed the smooth flesh of his flanks.

Ricky was panting. A drop of sweat dripped from the tip of his nose and fell on Tessie's cheek, resembling a tear. His skinny young ass quivered. Every muscle in his body stood out boldly.

"Uhhh!" he grunted. "Ahhh!" He writhed on top of her, fucking the remaining four inches of his cock down into his twin sister's virgin cunt.

Tessie's legs clamped around her brother's ass, her toenails clawing his asscheeks as hard as her fingernails were clawing his flanks. Her head rocked back on the mattress, exposing her neck, which Ricky gnawed at like a vampire. Tessie cried out as if she couldn't bear the pain another second.

At that moment, without even touching her cunt, Jessica experienced an orgasm. Slumping back in the recliner, she wrapped her legs around each other and squeezed out her orgasm with her thigh muscles, trying to keep he eyes focused on her fucking niece and nephew. She didn't want to miss even a twitch of one of their toes.

Ricky fucked his cock in his sister. Lying on her fully now, except for his legs which trailed off the bed, he bounced up and down, asscheeks flexing, cock fucking in and out of her clutching young cunt. Blood-tinged cunt juice leaked from her cunt and ran down her asscrack before wetting the bedspread.

I'm going to frame that bedspread, Jessica thought. What a lovely stain the girl's pussy juices and blood would make! "I'm fucking you!" the boy muttered, his teeth clenched. "I'm fucking you! Oh, Christ, I'm fucking youuuuu!"

Tessie appeared almost limp under the brutal fuck-thrusts of her brother's hard cock. After her convulsive reaction at the moment that Ricky had exploded her cherry, she appeared to have gone into a trance, perhaps into a state of mild shock. She lay now under her fucking brother as if she were a doll, an inflatable sex-toy for her brother's pleasure.

"Wowww!" the boy whined, grinding his seven-inch cock down into the slightly bleeding virgin cunt of his sister. "Oh, wowwwww!"

He mauled the girl, writhing on top of her as if he wanted to pulverize her with his hard body, biting her as if he wanted to consume her flesh, ramming his cock into her pussy as if he were trying to make her bleed more. He dug his toes into the carpeting, driving down into his sister, fucking her shattered cherry without mercy. His blond head snapped back.

"Ohh, shit! Oh, Christ!" His body shuddered, all the muscles of his back and legs quivering.

At that moment, Tessie came alive again. Her fingernails clawed red trails down her brother's shivering lower spine. Her toes dug into his vibrating asscheeks.

"Squirt your stuff in me!" the girl moaned, twisting her head on the bedspread. "Oh, do it!"

Ricky gasped out a moan that Jessica would have heard even had the intercom not been turned on. Keeping his head back and his lithe back arched, he whimpered toward the ceiling as his tight loins began to jerk with orgasm. Jessica thought she could hear the hot spurts of cum splashing in the ravaged depths of Tessie's cunt. Jessica also thought she could feel them herself, could feel the hot thick spurts of boy-cum filling her cunt as if Ricky were fucking her instead of Tessie.

"Shoot it, baby!" Jessica whispered. "Oh, shoot it!"

Keeping her legs spread and pulling her knees toward her shoulders to simulate Tessie's fuck position, Jessica imagined that she was Tessie, imagined that Ricky was fucking her, imagined that her virgin cunt was receiving its first hot squirts of cum while wrapped around the flexing, throbbing cock of the grunting boy. Without touching her drooling cunt, Jessica came again.

"Oh, God!" She wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged them to her tits, pretending that she was crushing Ricky's hard young body to her, pretending that her cunt was overflowing with the Ricky's rich cum.

Ricky's skinny ass jerked. His seven-inch cock, spurting cum, fucked in and out of his sister's clutching cunt. He rolled his head drunkenly, grunting, whimpering, moaning.

Tessie writhed under her brother, rocking her hips, massaging his asscheeks with her soles and toes. She twisted her head on the bed, tilting it back and exposing her neck, which was already bruised from her brother's teeth and from his sucking lips.

"Bite me!" she moaned. "Oh, baby, bite me!"

The boy snapped out of his bowed-back position and fell on his sister. He bit her neck hard. His ass jerked repeatedly.

Tessie's skin flushed the color of inflamed cuntlips. Her fuzzy body hairs stood on end, becoming momentarily visible to Jessica. "Ohhhh, Ricky!" the girl moaned. "Awwww! Baby!" Her young body shivered with orgasm. "Mmmmmmmm!"

Brother and sister -- blonde twins -- shared the convulsive sensations of orgasm with each other for the first time. It was the girl's first orgasm with a cock in her cunt, and -- Jessica was almost sure of it -- it was the boy's first fuck, swell. The twins had taken each other's virginity, and now they were both enjoying the best part of their fucking -- orgasm.

Jessica rammed a fistful of fingers up her cunt as her own orgasm began to subside, and suddenly she was experiencing another orgasm. Hot juices bubbled out of her seething cunt and trickled down over her upturned asscrack. The seat of the recliner became slick with her pussy juices, just as the bedspread under Tessie's ass was becoming slick with cunt juice and cum.

The twins finally stopped fucking. Ricky lay on his sister, panting his cock still buried in her cunt. They kissed, both sighing.

"I feel so good," the boy mumbled, his changing voice deeper that Jessica had yet heard it. "Your cunt feels so good around my prick. Jesus, your cunt sucks like a mouth!"

Tessie giggled and wiggled her ass.

"Oh, Christ, yeah!" the boy sighed. "Do that again!"

The girl wiggled her ass, contracting her cunt and squeezing the boy's cock with her hot cuntal walls.

"Fuck me again!" Tessie whispered. "Your prick feels so good inside me. So nice and hot and hard." The boy started fucking. "Mmm, yeahh, do it!"

Chapter NINE

Three days later, after Ricky had grown somewhat accustomed to fucking his sister, Jessica tagged along on one of the boy's hikes.

Tessie remained in her room at the lodge, napping and resting. The poor girl was exhausted from taking on her insatiable, ever hard twin brother as many as a half-dozen times each day. Not only was she exhausted, but she was having trouble walking. Her cunt ached from the relentless assaults of her brother's seven-inch prick, the muscles of her loins fatigued and strained.

Jessica, who had finally tired of watching the twins fuck -- they'd been at it for hours each day -- prescribed bed rest for the girl. Tessie, whose door had remained locked all morning, despite Ricky's repeated attempts to hammer it down with his fist and to pick its lock, was now enjoying a much-needed vacation from her horny brother.

They were a mile down shore on the trail that ran along the lake, and Jessica was enjoying the sight of Ricky's brown calves flexing as he marched along the trail ahead of her. Ricky stopped to remove a pebble from inside one of his basketball shoes. He sat on the trail, emptying out his shoe. One of his cum-bloated balls hung out of the ridden-up legs of his shorts. Shirtless as he was, he appeared almost naked.

Jessica's mouth watered at the sight of the hairless pink sac-skin. She imagined that she could smell the musky scent of sweaty young balls.

The boy hasn't fucked all day. By now his balls must be ready to explode, she thought.

"How about a swim?" she said.

The boy looked up. "Hey, yeah!" He dropped his shoe, tugged off his other shoe, jumped up. "Last one in a dork!"

Jessica grabbed his arm. "Hey, wait a second! You're not going in like that, are you?"

The boy looked down at his shorts. "I don't have my swimsuit along."

"So, go bare-assed." Jessica said. "What? But [missing text]."

"What's the matter? Chicken?"

"Hell no!"

"Well then?"

"What about you?"

Jessica kicked off her shoes, then unsnapped her shorts. The boy's mouth dropped open. Jessica smiled at him. She pushed down her shorts and stepped out of them. Her shirt came off next, her huge tits wobbling out into the sunshine. She dropped her shirt and smiled again at her nephew. She wore only her panties now.

The boy looked as if he would fall over. He stared at her tits, his heart pounding so hard that Jessica could see it throbbing his breastbone. His hot breaths came out uncontrolled and shaky.

"Well, you gonna take off your shorts?" Jessica asked.

The boy's hands trembled on his zipper. Jessica pushed down her panties, leaning forward to pull them off over her feet. When she straightened up, Ricky stood before her with his shorts down around his ankles and his stiff cock almost glued to his navel. He was shaking so hard that Jessica had to stifle an urge to chuckle.

He's just as hot as he was that first afternoon with Tessie, Jessica mused with satisfaction. Maybe more so! This is his first sexual confrontation with a mature woman, and he's so excited he can hardly breathe.

She grabbed his cock -- hard as steel, and so hot that it almost burned her hand. The cock jerked as she squeezed it. She cupped her other hand under his swollen young balls.

"Ohhhh!" the boy groaned. "Ohhhhh!" His legs trembled. His lips quivered. His blue eyes gazed at her as if he were hypnotized.

Jessica leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. His lips were as hot as his cock. She stroked his cock a few times, feeling the hot hard-on flutter in her hand. At the same time, she massaged his silky-smooth balls. She gazed into his eyes, feeling as if she were melting. The boy's freckles appeared to dance on his nose.

"I love you, honey," she said. "I love you!"

She dropped down on her knees before her nephew and bent his steel-hard prick down to her wet lips. She kissed his piss-slit, sipping off a clear pearl of pre-cum ask oozed out of his piss-tube. His cockhead looked as if it would pop off the shaft. Vibrations zinged through the core of his seven-inch prick.

The boy groaned. Suddenly he thrust his loins and drove his sizzling cock into her mouth. The throbbing knob lodged in her throat. He hugged her head and began to hump, jolting her upper jaw with his silky hair groin, fucking his big cock between her lips, pounding her throat with his hot prick-knob.

"Uh!" he grunted. "Oh, God!"

Jessica's lips tingled with the fucking of the boy's tusk like cockshaft between them. Her mouth throbbed. She felt as if her head were stuffed with nothing but excited young cockmeat. Her throat expanded, allowing the boy to pound at her tonsils without gagging her.

In less than a minute, the boy's cum streamed down her throat. Gum gushed from his cock in thick hot spurts. The heady alkaline scent and taste of his jism almost knocked her out. Dizzy, gasping for breath, her heart banging, she sucked his prick. She swallowed one delicious spurt of boy-cream after another. She wanted him to go on spurting cum forever.

"Eat my meat!" the boy muttered. "Oooooh, suck my cock! Ohhh!" He sent his tenth load of hot cum down her throat, grinding his hard prick in her mouth.

A minute later, Jessica sat back on her heels, panting. Ricky's half-hard prick dangled a foot away from her nose, slick and gleaming with her saliva. She'd sucked every last drop of cum out of its piss-tube.

The boy looked down at his prick as if he was shocked at what it had done. He panted, trying to catch his breath.

Jessica stood up. "Now it's your turn, darling," she said. "What..."

She placed her hands on the boy's shoulders and pushed him down to his knees, then immediately held his blond head and mashed her dripping pussy to his mouth. Her cunt was on fire, and she was getting a strange thrill out of directing the boy during this sex session. He was inexperienced -- delightfully inexperienced -- and he needed to be taught, even if he was a bit reluctant.

The boy gagged, his mouth full of hairy wet cunt. He gasped for breath, his nose and mouth buried in Jessica's steaming crotch.

"Suck on my pussy, honey!" Jessica moaned. "Oh, baby, use your sweet little lips and tongue on it!" She dug her fingers into her nephew's warm scalp, forcing his head in circles as she humped her itching pussy as his mouth.

The boy groaned, his mouth beginning to work, his tongue beginning to slurp at the inner sides of her swollen, itching cuntslabs. His strong finger found her ass and worked into her soft flesh. His fingers found her asscrack, sliding up and down the moist crevice.

Jessica released his head, letting him eat her pussy as he wished -- now that he was doing so willingly.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" he moaned, munching at her juicy cunt as if it were a ripe slice of melon. Suddenly, his stiff hot prick was jabbing at her left leg.

"Taste good, honey?" she asked. "Mmmmm, I'll bet it does! Keep eating it, babj! Mmm, that's real good! Oh, yes!"

The boy thrust his hot tongue up inside her pussy, twisting it, twirling it, licking out the sizzling folds of her cuntal chamber. It snaked deeper inside her cunt, unbelievably deep.

Jessica couldn't hold out any longer. She felt the sex-knots tightening throughout her loins, felt the tingling sensations streaming through her asshole as well as through the pulsating flesh of her cunt. She gripped Ricky's warm head once again and humped her cunt almost viciously at his lips and nose. She felt his teeth grate along her clit, felt his mouth trying to suck her cunt inside out.

"Eeeeeh!" she whined. "Oh, honey, I'm coming!"

Her legs almost gave out. Her ass jerked spastically. She clung to her nephew's head, gushing cunt juice into his mouth, onto his nose and chin. Itching tingles shot through her shithole, shot up her spine. Her cunt contracted again and again. It felt so good she wanted to die.

When it was over, she pushed Ricky away and collapsed in a heap on the leaf-mulched trail. The cool moist leaves caressed her heated flesh, reviving her, helping her to clear her head. For a moment she forgot where she was, forgot what had happened during the last several minutes, and when she remembered, she felt suddenly ashamed. She realized that she'd lost her head, that she'd lost control of her actions -- realized that she had raped her nephew's mouth. Her eyes closed, her head spinning inside, she stretched out face down on the cool forest trail, letting her pulsating nipples sizzle in the moist leaf-mulch.

The boy jumped on her back, crushed his hot body on top of her, rammed his stiff cock between her thighs. His sharp teeth sank into the back of her neck.

A tomcat, Jessica thought. He's my tomcat.

She forced her ass up so the boy could more easily get at her cunt with his red-hot, steel hard young prick. His plum-sized cockhead pushed in between her swollen cuntslabs. With a grunt, with a savage thrust of his insatiably horny loins, the boy fucked every inch of his hard cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhh," he moaned. "Ooooooh!!"

Her cunt filled with hard cock, Jessica's horniness returned instantly. Her orgasm while fucking the boy's face was a hundred years in the past now. She wanted to come again, wanted to feel the boy's cock fuck in and out of her cunt until he shot a load of hot cum into her guts, until he stretched and massaged the throbbing tissues of her cunt to a new orgasm -- using his hot cock, using that wonderful boy-hard cock of his.

"Oh, do it to me, stud!" she moaned, writhing under the squirming, humping young boy. "Fuck my hot cunt!"

"You hot bitch!" the young boy muttered, biting her ear, drooling warm spit onto her neck. "Mmmmm, I like fucking you, you hot bitch lady!"

It thrilled Jessica, the way the boy used the word bitch. The boy was learning fast how to please a horny female. She couldn't wait to spy on the boy's next fuck session with his twin sister -- to see whether he would use what he'd learned out here in the woods with her. If he did, he would be eating Tessie's candy flavored cunt, and he'd be shoving his cock into Tessie's mouth, and he'd be fucking the girl from behind like a tomcat, his teeth gnawing the back or the girl's neck while he muttered out his pleasure, calling her a bitch, telling her how he liked to fuck her.

Jessica pushed up hard with her arms, arching her back, lifting her tits and abdomen up off the ground. She wanted the boy to put his arms around her, wanted him to wrap his hot hands around her swollen tits.

"Feel my tits!" she gasped, jerking under the quick cock-thrusts of the grunting boy. "Rub my nipples."

The skin of her naked torso became all goose bumps as Ricky hugged her in his boyishly muscular arms and filled his grubby young hands with her tit-flesh. His strong fingers rubbed over her hot, swollen cherries, lightly scratching the bumps, massaging the nipples, driving Jessica out of her mind with sensations and excitement. She bucked her naked ass, meeting the slapping jolts, of the boy's pounding lower abdomen, fucking her cunt back on his cock as he sliced it repeatedly into her pussy.

"Fuck me!" she gasped, every cell of her body twitching. "Oh, fuck meeee!"

Ricky rammed his seven-inch cock in and out of her pussy, his hard lower belly grinding against her upturned ass, his hot fingers mauling her enormous wobbling tits. He got hold of her nipples and wrenched them so hard that Jessica almost passed out.

"Ohhh, God!" she cried. "Ricky!"

"I'm gonna come!" he moaned. "Awwww, come!" His loins jerked as if he had a pack of firecrackers going off up his ass. His cock flexed repeatedly. Hot boy-cum splattered the pit of Jessica's cunt. "Awwww, wowwwww!"

Jessica collapsed forward, crushing the boy's mauling hands between her tits and the ground. The boy crashed down with her, writhing on her back, jerking his cock inside her pussy, flooding her cunt with an endless load of hot jism. He continued to cry out as if he were being whipped.

The excitement, the sensations were almost more than Jessica could bear. She chewed her fist, whining, the first spasms of orgasm gnawing through her cunt.

"Ohhh, Ricky!" she moaned. "Oh, baby, shoot your jizz in me! Oh, yes, yes, yesss!"

Her ass, her cunt, her loins -- all became a mass of pulsating heat, a mass of pure itching tingling sensation. Shudders passed through her loins, immediately streaming up her spine and through her arms, streaming down her legs. Her toes clawed the cool leaf-mulch of the trail. Her fingers quivered, clenched into a fist -- the fist she couldn't stop gnawing. Ricky's bucking, cum-spurting cock stretched and rubbed the spasming folds of her cuntal walls until she couldn't stand it any more. At that point, her orgasm began to subside.

When it was over, the boy rolled off her. He slowly pushed himself to his hands and knees, then struggled to a standing position. His cock dangled over his balls, still slightly hard, but temporarily pacified. It twitched, dripping with cunt juice and cum. The boy placed his hands on his hips and looked down at her.

"I thought we were going swimming," he said.

"Go in and tell me what the water's like," Jessica said.

The boy spun away from her and ran into the lake. When he'd ducked down and had shot to the surface several times, his tanned body wet and shining like polished bronze, he called to her to join him.

Jessica struggled to her feet. As she approached him, her tits wobbling, she watched his cock twitch up out of the water.

Chapter TEN

Jessica was glad she had Tessie around to let some of the steam out of Ricky. Every day since her seduction of him on the lakeshore trail, he had gotten her alone someplace or other, indoors or out, and had insisted on fucking her cunt and her mouth until he had temporarily satisfied his insatiable cock. Jessica was sure he would spend every hour of the day trying to fuck her if his attention hadn't been divided between Tessie and herself.

It wasn't that Jessica didn't enjoy every minute of her fuck sessions with Ricky. She enjoyed them thoroughly, hardly able to get enough of the boy's cock. But she needed time to get to know Bucky, and that was a task in itself, without Ricky trotting along behind her everywhere she went, with his tongue hanging out and his hot prick twitching in his pants. It was as if she were a bitch in heat, exuding a scent that kept Ricky's pug nose flared at the nostrils and aimed at her ass. When Ricky was around, there was no way she could even think of approaching Bucky to get from him what she wanted -- his attention -- and his ten-inch cock.

She had watched Bucky beat off through the two-way mirror more times than she could remember, had watched him naked and clothed, had watched him in countless positions. One time he'd pressed his naked body against the mirror and had humped against his reflection until he spurted half a cup of thick white cum between his belly and the mirror. She'd licked the mirror on that occasion, trying to taste his magnificent body, trying to lap up his cum, but to no avail -- the glass separated them.

And now time was running out. In less than a week, Maxine and Vince would be back from Hawaii to retrieve their kids for the flight home. In less than a week, Bucky would, be gone. And if she didn't get him before he left, if she didn't get a taste of his cock, or at least a feel of it, then she would die. Life wouldn't be worth living any more.

Jessica had to fuck the boy -- she had to have him now! And she was going to -- today!

After lunch she sent Ricky and Tessie up to their rooms for their supposed naps. She knew they would both end up on the same bed -- either Ricky's or Tessie's -- and that they'd fuck and suck each other for the next two hours. They'd been doing that ever since that first day when Tessie had gone to Ricky for help to get her halter untied. And Jessica had watched them each day, had watched from one private viewing chamber or the other, completely unknown to the lust-crazed twins. Today, however, Jessica wouldn't be watching them. Today she would be keeping Bucky company -- whether he wanted her company or not.

"Come with me, Bucky, darling," she said after she was sure Ricky and Tessie were safely on their way upstairs.

She had held him back at the lunch table, insisting that she had something important to discuss with him. He had grudgingly remained at the table, waiting until the twins had finished eating, instead of performing his usual disappearing act halfway through the meal.

The boy followed along behind her in silence. Barefoot, and dressed only in a pair of threadbare jeans, he followed her so quietly that she had to look over her shoulder three times to make sure he hadn't skipped out on her. When they reached the spa in the basement, Jessica stood in front of the closed sign she'd posted on the door so the boy couldn't see it. She opened the door and ushered Bucky inside. Once inside, she locked the door behind her.

"This way," she said, leading the boy quickly through the gym before he could pick up a barbell and use it as an excuse to avoid having to communicate with her. She led him through the hot tub room and into the massage room.

A dim overhead light made the massage room cozy. She tapped the massage table with her hand. A white sheet was draped over its vinyl top.

"Take off your jeans and lie on here, face up," she said.

The muscular young stud blushed like a girl, his features slackening as if he were shocked. "But..."

"But nothing, darling! Don't you think I've seen what a boy looks like down there -- at my age?" She did her best to laugh. "Now, off with those jeans. I've been dying to massage that fantastic body of yours from the first day you arrived, but you've always been running off swimming or something. Well, today I'm going to give you that massage, so off with those pants."

The boy looked sick. "I don't think I want a massage."

"Have you ever had one?"

"Well... no..."

"Then how can you know whether you want one or not? How can you know whether or not you'll enjoy it?" She reached down to unsnap his jeans. "Either you take them off or I will."

The boy pushed away her hands. "I can do it," he said, sounding irritated.

Good, she thought. At least he's not ignoring me.

The boy unzipped his pants, then stood there, his face almost purple. "I can't."

"You can and you will." Jessica grabbed for his pants.

"Okay!" he said. "All right!" He pushed down his jeans, hiding his cock with his arms as he leaned forward. Then he straightened up slowly, keeping his hands over his prick.

"Now, up on the table," Jessica said. "Face up."

Jessica trembled as her nephew mounted the table. There he was, in all of his naked glory. She could smell him, could smell his sweat, and the intoxicating aroma of his balls and his ass. The scent of him saturated the warm air of the small room. He lay before her with his eyes closed, his hands cupped over his cock and balls. Jessica moved to the head of the table and began to massage his handsome young face.

The boy's jaw was clenched. Jessica worked her fingers into the tight muscles around his jaws in order to loosen them. She worked her thumbs into the muscles at the sides and the back of his neck. She stroked her fingers through his bushy yellow hair and moved his scalp with her fingertips. The boy let out his breath and began to relax.

She went to his feet next, rubbing his toes, working her thumbs into his thick soles. The boy stretched gently, lengthening his spine, pointing his toes momentarily. Jessica used the opportunity to stroke the golden flesh of his legs. As she stroked near his crotch, she managed to push her fingers under his hands and to lightly caress his balls with her fingertips.

She did his front next, kneading his thick pectoral muscles, stroking, over the muscular ridges of his abdomen. Her fingers massaged his belly right down to the base of his cock, scratching gently in his golden pubic hair.

"Now your arms," she said, pulling one of his hands off his cock. She did his arms one at a time, thrilling to the feel of his thick biceps and triceps in her hands. When she'd finished each arm, she suddenly grabbed them both at the wrists and pulled them up over the boy's head to stretch them.

The boy lay exposed before her now -- all of him naked. His cock lay on his right thigh, like a heavy salami, lay on its side next to his enormous pink balls. His prick was soft yet, but still almost ten inches along, a heavy and dense slab of cockmeat.

She walked to the side of the table, keeping the boy's arms pinned over his head, and she leaned over and kissed him on the lips. "I love you, angel," she whispered.

The boy gave her no response. His eyes remained closed, and he seemed to be holding his breath. She kissed him again, tasting his sweet lips, inhaling his delicious fragrance.

"I love you! I adore you!" She plunged her face into his hairy right armpit and began to suck on it.

The boy gasped. She could hear his heart hammering.

She sucked the delicious sweat off his armpit hairs, then leaned over him and lapped at his left armpit. She no longer had to hold the boy's arms over his head, because he held them there himself, letting her lick and suck his hair and his flesh, letting her make love to him.

He's mine now! Jessica told herself. He's all mine!

She nuzzled his stiff brown nipples, then licked them and gently tugged on them with her teeth. The boy sighed. His eyes were still closed, but he'd pillowed his head in his clasped hands and seemed more relaxed.

She moved down to his loins. His cock had flipped up against his muscled abdomen, and there it throbbed, its head tapping his belly two to three inches up past his navel. She touched his cock, immediately, trembling, thrilled by its hardness, thrilled by its heat. She leaned over and began to lick the boy's sweaty balls.

"Oh, man!" the boy moaned at last. "Oh, wow!" His cock flopped around on his belly, slapping his tight belly.

Jessica couldn't get enough of her nephew's balls. She licked them all over and all around, eating his sweat, inhaling his musky aroma. She burrowed down under his balls and sucked at his bottom, then pushed his thighs up toward his chest so she could lick his sweaty asscrack. She wanted to taste all of him, all his secret places, and she wanted to do it now.

She slipped her tongue into his asshole, listening to him gasp, feeling him jerk, feeling his asshole suck at her tongue. She drove her tongue in as deeply as she could, liking all the tasty juices out of his bunghole.

The boy's body moved rhythmically. She realized suddenly that he was beating off.

Not this time, she said to herself. This time I'm bringing him off, not his itchy young hand.

She slipped her tongue out of his asshole, let his thighs drop back down to the table, and pulled his right hand off his cock, almost having to peel the fingers off one at a time to get him to let go.

This boy loves to jerk off, she thought. I'll have to cure him of that.

She grabbed his throbbing cock by its base and bent the steel-hard monster up so she could suck on it. Her jaws ached just getting the swollen cockhead into her mouth. The purple prickhead throbbed in her mouth like a heart. Its heat filled her mouth. Pre-cum bubbled out of his cock, rolled down her throat. She probed the gaping piss-slit with her tongue.

The boy squirmed, gasping, moaning.

She twisted her tongue in his oozing piss-slit.

"Oh, man, suck it off!" the boy said. "Suck that big mother!"

Jessica impaled her face on the enormous prick, taking over half of it into her mouth until she could swallow no more. His cockhead filled her throat, choking her. She churned her tongue, undulated the muscles of her mouth and throat, began to fuck her face up and down on Bucky's jerking ten-inch fucker.

Bucky thrashed on the massage table, his muscular body arching up like a bow. As Jessica sucked him, he thrust upward.

"Ohhh, suck that big prick!" he muttered. "Eat my meat! Eat my cum!" Within seconds, his cock shuddered likes rocket at the moment of ignition. "Oh, man, wow!"

His hot cum exploded against the back of her throat, gagging her. His cock exploded again, and she swallowed as fast as she could. His cum had a saltier taste than Ricky's, a more manly taste and it seemed to spurt out of him in quarts.

Jessica sucked his cock dry.

While the boy was still catching his breath, his prick still twitching with the aftershocks of orgasm, Jessica stripped off her clothes, letting sweatshirt and jeans and shoes all heap together on the floor. The small room was instantly filled with the scent of her hot cunt and ass, with the scent of her lusting female flesh. She mounted the table and straddled the boy's loins, gently wiggling her ass down onto his balls.

The boy's eyes wobbled, following the jiggling of her huge tits.

"Bucky?" she said. "Darling? How would you like to come work for me here at the lodge when you graduate from high school?"


"When do you graduate, angel?"

"January. But..."

"Oh, good, sooner than I thought! That'll give us time to spend a few months together in Hawaii before we come back here to open up for the summer season. Have you ever been to Hawaii, stud? It's lovely in the winter." She had pulled his cock up in front of her belly and was massaging its hardness with all the skill her experienced hands could muster.

The boy gawked at her with his mouth open. She could tell that his mind was spinning a thousand miles a second.

"Tell you what, beautiful stud -- I'll give you a few minutes to think about it before I demand your decision." She raised up, positioned his throbbing cockhead between her cuntlips, and impaled her pussy on all ten inches of his hot hard cockmeat.

The boy's eyes almost popped out of his skull. A gasp escaped his throat. Jessica began to ride him, her cunt aching as much from the stretch his big cock was giving it as from lust.

The boy panted. "You're so tight! Oh, Jesus!" He squirmed under her, his face contorted with pleasure.

Jessica fucked up and down, her tits flapping almost painfully due to their heaviness and to the speed with which she was riding the boy. The horny feelings streamed through her cunt, through her asshole, down her legs.

"Mmmmm, you have such a nice big hard cock!" she moaned, tossing her head from side to side. "Mmm, I just love to fuck it! I could fuck on your cock forever! Ahhh, yesss!"

The boy arched up. His eyes rolled back until only the whites were visible. His cock began to explode inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh!" he moaned. "Ahhhhhh!"

Such a picture of ecstasy Jessica had seen more times than she could count, but this time it was special -- this time she was watching her favorite nephew in the throes of orgasm while he spurted his cum into the depths of her pussy. The expression on the boy's face was enough to bring her off immediately.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned. "Mmmmmm, darling angel! I feel so good! You feel so good! Fill me, baby! Keep squirting that hot cum into me!"

The boy's cock flexed inside her pussy, spurting hot jism into her spasming cunt until the creamy fluid bubbled out of her, leaked out of her pussy and bathed his throbbing balls. She churned her ass at his balls then, sliding her naked ass-flesh in his cum.

Their mutual orgasms, lasted nearly too long. Jessica was almost screaming uncle before her orgasm subsided. A few tears rolled out of the boy's left eye, showing Jessica the intensity of his sensations.

Finally, their loins stilled, the boy's cock twitching inside her pussy, her cunt responding with spontaneous twitches of its own.

Jessica smiled at her nephew. "Well, darling, have you decided yet?"

He smiled back, his first really relaxed smile since he'd arrived. "I can't wait to graduate," he said. His smile turned into a grin. "Maybe I ought to drop out of school. I don't know if I can wait till January."

"You'll have to," Jessica said.

"I don't know if I'll survive that long."

"You will," Jessica said. "You and your hot hand have survived this long together -- just the two of you. You'll survive together another few months."

The boy blushed. Then he frowned. "How do you know about my hot hand?"

"Intuition," Jessica said. "Say, how would you like to fuck my asshole? It's just itching for that big cock of yours!"

The boy's cock flexed inside her pussy, giving her his answer.


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