The neighbors suck like us!

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies -- and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

THE NEIGHBORS SUCK LIKE US! -- a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.

Chapter ONE

Roger Wedgewood and Tony Benson were both happily married family men, but they were out of town on business a lot and, naturally, they got horny, since they were red-blooded guys as well as loving husbands.

Tonight, three hundred miles from home, the two neighbors and friends went into the hotel bar together, hoping to find some action.

But it looked as if they were destined to be disappointed this particular evening.

There was only one woman at the bar. She was a spectacularly lovely redhead, with big tits spilling out of a low-cut gown and a great ass.

But she was with another man.

Roger and Tony had a drink at the bar, lingering over it, hoping a couple of girls might come in. But they were out of luck. Not a single lady, even an unsightly one, came into the place. They were in the mood of fucking, not drinking, so when the first drinks were finished, they were about to go back to their rooms, where they would have to settle for solitary handjobs.

Then the guy who was sitting with the beautiful redhead came over, grinning.

"You fellas looking for some fun?" he asked.

They eyed him warily. Rut he didn't look like a pimp and Roger said, "Maybe."

"My name is Tom," the stranger said.

They told him their first names, still a bit suspicious of the man's direct sort of approach. Then he explained.

"See, I picked this woman up earlier. Wanda, her name is." He indicated the redhead with a gesture. "Well, she turned out to be a real nympho!"

Roger and Tony were becoming interested.

"So?" Tony asked.

"So I had her up in my room and we've been sucking and fucking up a storm. But she's too much for me. I can't get another hard-on to save my life -- and the slut is begging for more! So when I saw you two guys here on your own, I figured maybe you could give me a hand, eh?"

At that point, Wanda glanced over and gave them both a very suggestive look.

Tony and Roger grinned and agreed.

Their cocks began to expand instantly at the prospect of fucking the flame-haired woman. And she made a point of staring at the bulges in their pants and licking her lips. Obviously, there was nothing shy or subtle about this lady -- certainly not the type to play hard to get.

So they all went up to Tom's room.

Wanda stripped naked immediately and got on the bed.

Tony and Roger undressed. They supposed that Tom would leave them to it, but he surprised them by taking all of his own clothing off as well.

He drew a chair up beside the bed and settled down happily to observe the action. They saw that he hadn't been totally truthful with them, because Tom had a hard-on as huge as either of theirs.

But if the guy was kinky and would rather watch than use his cock, so what? Roger and Tony, horny and three hundred miles from home, were not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. They figured that probably what their host had meant was that he couldn't get his rocks off again, not that he couldn't get his prick stiff.

Although his balls were suspiciously swollen.

They got onto the bed with the naked woman, one on either side, forming a sex sandwich. They began to kiss her. Her head turned from side to side on the pillow as she kissed one, then the other.

Her mouth was hot and mobile and she French-kissed with enthusiasm, swapping tongues and saliva and panting heavily into their open mouths.

"I'm ready!" she sighed.

They looked at each other, then at her.

She giggled, realizing that these polite gentlemen were waiting for her to select lover number one.

She took Tony's cock in her hand, frigged it a bit, then drew him on top of her. Her knees shot up, her feet pumping. She guided his fat prick into her cunt. Tony braced his knees and tightened his ass.

He shoved his prick balls-deep up her pussy.

She clamped her lush legs around him, holding him tight and preventing him from beginning to fuck.

Roger had moved back slightly, content to wait his turn. With a lady as lovely as this redhead, he didn't at all mind taking sloppy seconds.

But then she beckoned.

"Why don't you come up here?" she asked, twisting her lips around seductively.

Roger grinned gleefully as he realized that she wanted to give him a blowjob. He had only mildly resented the fact that she had selected Tony's cock for her first cunt-stuffing, but now he felt proud that she had reserved his own cock for her sensual mouth.

He got on his knees and slid up.

Her head ducked down and she took his purple cock-knob into her lips. As her hot mouth engulfed the head of his prick, Roger knew immediately that he was in for a real treat -- that she was one hell of a cocksucker.

Wanda loosened her legs on Tony.

He began to fuck his cock into her cunt.

Her head moved up and down as she sucked on Roger's cock, keeping to the same tempo with which Tony was fucking up her cunt.

Her cunt sucked like a mouth and her mouth was like a cunt, her two holes interchangeable. Tony's cock hissed into her pussy and Roger face-fucked her frantically.

They both noticed that Tom was becoming very excited as he sat on the bedside chair, watching the juicy details of the fucking taking place on his hotel bed.

His balls were ballooning, his cockshaft was hard as a stone and pre-cum was bubbling from his pisshole.

But they thought little of it, as they fucked the randy redhead.

Maybe he needed visual stimulation.

Ignoring him, too horny to be embarrassed by having a detached audience, they fucked merrily away. They were both too aroused to last long, and Wanda's mouth and cunt were both working like magic, bringing them to the peak.

"Cum!" she gurgled on Roger's cock-knob.

He plunged in and she gagged.

Then, as he whipped back out and his cockhead flared in her lips, she squealed, "Both of you, cum in me, fill my cunt, baby! Hose my throat, darling!"

Her passionate pleas enhanced the action. Roger and Tony, neighbors and co-workers and friends, both surged to the creamy crest together.

Tony shot jizz jets up her fuckhole and Roger pumped spunk into her mouth. Spurt by spurt, in perfect harmony, they filled her with fuck-juice.

Her cunt milked Tony dry, her mouth sucked the dregs from Roger and she swallowed it all.

Drained, they withdrew, grinning.

They supposed that their services would be no longer required and that Tom, who had a really incredible hard-on by this time, would take over.

Maybe Wanda thought that, too, because she turned her face toward him and raised her eyebrows.

But he gave her a slight shake of his head -- some secret sign that was significant to her.

She turned back to Roger and Tony, smiling with her spunk-drenched lips.

"Why don't you trade places?" she said.

They were both virile guys far from home. Their cocks had only softened slightly after they had shot their simultaneous wads, and now the offer to switch sex sockets in this ravishing redhead inspired them.

Their cocks jumped up like shock absorbers and their slack balls began to fill up again.

Roger jumped up and fucked his prick into her cunt and Tony knelt beside her head and began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth.

It took a bit longer this second time, but her body was still a milking marvel and, soon enough, Roger was pouring cum into her cunt and Tony was spraying his slime heavily into her mouth and down her gullet.

She drained them to the last drops.

They kept on fucking into her until they were certain they were finished, then pulled out again. She lay back, cum spilling from her lips and pouring from her pussy.

"Thanks, guys -- that was swell!" she moaned.

The comment seemed to signal that the sex session was over.

But that was just as well, because both men had limp cocks following their second orgasms and their balls were hanging down as if they had been punctured.

They could see what Tom had meant about her being too much for one guy.

Shit! She was too much for three!

Tom was standing beside the bed now, his prick rising like a crowbar from his bloated balls.

But he seemed to be waiting for his guests to leave. Maybe he was more modest than they were. Roger and Tony got their clothes.

Then, because he was a polite, well-mannered man, and figured it was the right thing to do, Roger said, "Errrr -- can we buy you a drink?"

It was the least that they could offer a lady who had drained their balls off so well.

"No, thanks," she said.

Her green eyes glinted mischievously and she looked fondly at Tom, who was grinning.

"My husband and I would like to be alone together, now," the redhead said.

Roger and Tony were astonished.

She hadn't been a casual pick-up, at all. Tom had lied from the start.

What a kinky marriage it must be!

Roger and Tony returned to the bar, leaving Tom and Wanda to their wedded bliss. But both men had been profoundly stunned by the news.

They were happily married family men. They just couldn't understand such a thing.

But they had a lot to learn about families.

Chapter TWO

The Wedgewoods and the Bensons lived next door to each other, in identical dwellings on a residential street in a nice suburb.

Margot Benson was a sultry, raven-haired beauty.

Claire Wedgewood was a beautiful honey blonde.

Margot and Tony Benson had a young son named Jerry and Claire and Roger Wedgewood had a young daughter named Debby.

Because their husbands were out of town a lot, both of the wives were horny quite often.

And the kids took after their parents.

Tonight, Tony and Roger had both committed adultery with the same lady, not even feeling guilty about being unfaithful to their wives.

And tonight, too, Jerry Benson and Debby Wedgewood were having their first date.


"Have fun, dear," Margot said as she handed Jerry the car keys.

She watched him go out. He was a tall, good-looking boy with crisp dark hair like her own, and like Tony's, too, presuming that Tony was really his father -- a thing of which Margot had never been certain.

Jerry also had a big cock.

His mother had often noticed that fact when she saw the boy in the shower or dressing -- and as he went out tonight, she noticed that there was a distinct bulge in the front of his tight pants.

It made her wonder if he would be screwing Debby Wedgewood on their first date?

That idea made her envious -- of both of them.

Jerry backed the car out of the driveway and pulled up outside the house next door.

"Have a good time, darling," Claire Wedgewood said to Debby as the girl went out the door.

Debby was a sun-streaked blonde, with big blue eyes and a sexy mouth. Her youthful body was all nubile and bouncy in her tight sweater and short skirt as she ran down to the car.

Claire wondered if her daughter was a virgin.

She wondered, too, if she would soon be fucking with Jerry Benson.

Claire wouldn't blame her if she did.

She knew that they were going to the drive-in movie, and she knew what a passion pit that place was. But if her young daughter got fucked, it was fine with Claire.

Claire, who had a taste for young meat, wouldn't have minded going to the drive-in with Jerry herself.

After all, her husband was out of town.

As soon as the kids had driven off, both of their mothers felt the same urge.

It turned them both on to think of teenagers petting and necking, especially their own kids.

So they both decided to jerk off.

It seemed a shame for happily married women to settle for a finger-fucking, but their husbands traveled, so what else could they do?

Claire gave herself a vigorous handjob in a big, comfortable chair in the living room.

She pulled her dress up above her hips and tugged her bikini panties down, tossing them on the floor. The crotch was so sodden that they splashed when they landed.

She slid down so that her firm ass rested on the edge of the seat and parted her legs. She played with her tits for a while, for starters, as she imagined, in graphic detail, just what Debby and her date might be going to do at the drive-in.

She thought about the boy's firm young cock sliding in and out of Debby's cunt and mouth and even her asshole. The images were very exciting.

Then, as her clit began to pulse, she dipped both hands into her crotch and began the creamy task. She used one hand to finger-fuck her hot cunt, tilting her waist and stabbing three fingers steadily in and out.

With her other hand, she strummed on her clit.

The two-handed action, combined with her fevered fantasies, soon had her creaming.

Her clit exploded, her cunt melted, and her pussy-juice came pouring out, lathering her crotch and soaking the cushion under her ass.

Sighing and moaning and panting, she frigged herself through the rising spasms, held at the peak for a while, then frigged down through the descending spirals, draining her lust off to the sweet dregs.

She slumped back, smiling dreamily.

She felt a bit sheepish about having thought about her own little girl getting fucked while she finger-fucked herself, but it was only harmless fantasy, she figured.

And a handjob wasn't really enough for Claire, either. She was a sexy lady who needed cock.


Margot Benson was a bit more imaginative as she went about fingering herself.

She went into the pantry and got a long, fat Italian salami, just about the same size as her husband's cock -- or her son's, for that matter.

Kneeling down in the family room, she wedged the salami up into her cunt and began to squirm up and down as if she were riding a man's cock.

Like her blonde neighbor, Margot was having naughty ideas about the teenagers as she fucked the meaty sausage in and out of her cunt.

Holding it by the end, she angled it so that every greasy inch was rubbing across her fiery clit as it plowed in and pulled out.

She summoned up images of her son's prick and of Debby's cunt as she slid the salami up her pussy, and soon she was vibrating violently.

She creamed off heavily, soaking the salami.

Then, feeling naughty, she ate the salami -- because Margot Benson, although she was happily married woman and mother, loved the taste of cuntjuice.

So that was how the teenagers' first date was launched and that date was going to lead to all sorts of fascinating action, very soon...

Chapter THREE

As soon as they were parked at the drive-in, toward the back and in the shadows, Jerry slid his arm around Debby's shoulders. She snuggled up to him. But then he didn't do anything else, being a bit bashful on what, after all, was his first date with the lovely girl.

Debby was a bit bolder.

When he made no further moves, she took his arm and drew his hand down onto her thrusting tit. Encouraged by that, the virile boy lost his reluctance and began to knead her firm mound and pulled at the tip.

She squirmed happily, loving the feel of his firm hands on her tits. As she began to breathe harder, her tits swelled in his grasp as if inflating.

He was turned toward her from the waist now, feeling her up with both hands, a tit in each. The boy was inexperienced and clumsy, but his enthusiasm made up for it.

She tipped her pretty little face up to his and they kissed passionately, swapping tongues and saliva and panting into each other's mouth.

He still wasn't proceeding fast enough to suit the hot girl, so she unbuttoned her sweater, shrugging it back on her shoulders.

Jerry drew back to gaze in awe at her tits. She wore no bra, and the naked globes thrilled him. Her nipples were like plump, pink gumdrops.

He kneaded the mounds and drew his thumbs and fingers up to the tips. Her stiff nipples were like the valves by which her tits were inflated.

They kissed again, Frenching each other.

Then she arched her slender back so that her tits were jutting up toward his face.

He looked questioningly at her.

Debby giggled.

"Yes, silly, you can suck them!" she sighed.

He gasped and dove on her tits. His tongue flicked at the tips and ran up through her smooth cleavage. Then he sucked a perky peak into his lips.

It smoldered like a fuse on her tit-bomb.

He switched across and took the other swollen nipple into his lips, sucking softly. He was making her moan and whimper as he drooled onto her tits.

His mouth came up to kiss her lips, then dropped back onto her tits. She stroked his cheek and held the back of his head, cradling him to her hot tits.

Her hand rested on his knee and began to creep up his hard, muscular thigh. She cupped his cock through his pants, making him shudder. She rubbed and stroked a few times, but then she moved her hand away.

Debby adored playing with pricks, but she was a single-minded sort of lover. She liked to concentrate on one thing at a time. At the moment, she was more interested in being felt up and frigged off than she was in caressing his cock -- although she was anything but a prick-teaser and was certainly going to make him cum eventually.

She took his hand and pulled it up under the hem of her short skirt.

"Play with my pussy!" she sighed.

His fingertips brushed her crotch and he gave a gasp. Her cunt was so hot that he was shocked that her panties hadn't melted.

He stroked her through the crotchband.

"Feel inside!" she whispered in his ear, nibbling at the lobe. "Finger-fuck me while you suck my tits, Jerry! I love it like that!"

He drew the elastic band of her panties out and tugged them down. Her ass hiked up from the seat and he pulled the sodden garment down her thighs, then down to her feet. She kicked them off.

His hand returned to her randy pussy.

Debby pulled her skirt up above her hips. She knew that a boy loved to see what he was doing while he was frigging a girl's fuckhole. The sight -- and the sound effects -- were as exciting as the sensations.

His mouth was glued on a fat tit and his face was turned down, gazing into her gooey crotch.

She parted her slim thighs wide and tilted her cunt up, showing it to him. Her pink cuntlips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy flower, and her slit was full of creamy nectar. Her swollen love button was standing out as if in echo of her titty tips.

Cuntjuice lathered her crotch and trickled down her inner thighs. A pearly stream was pouring down and seeping into the crack of her ass.

Jerry knew that she was soaking the car seat under her. And he wouldn't want his mom to find a pool of creamy evidence when he brought the car home.

But that was no problem.

He could lick it up.

He stabbed two fingers up her slimy pussy, then bunched all four together, making a cock-shaped bundle. He shoved them in knuckle deep.

Her cunthole squished juicily. The inner muscles were rippling and contracting on his fingers. The boy wondered what a squeezebox pussy like that would feel like as it sucked on his prick.

He was breathing in the fiery fumes that were rising from her open cunt. That pussy perfume was tantalizing the boy, making him cunt-hungry.

Jerry had never eaten out a pussy.

But he sure as hell loved the idea.

He gulped on a fat tit, fucked his fingers up her cunt and worked the edge of his thumb back and forth against her clit.

"Ooooh -- yeah, that's right!" she moaned.

As he buried his fingers up her pussy, fuck-juices slid out and pooled in his palm. Her cunt was like a bubbling spring, a wanton well.

She was so wet that Jerry could have made mud pies in her steaming crotch.

She was rocking and rolling, her haunches heaving and her hips churning in a screwing motion as he fucked her with his fingers and strummed her explosive clit with his whipping thumb.

The aroma was getting heavier and richer, the scent of steamy cunt permeating the closed car.

Her lips brushed his ear again.

"Why don't you lick my cunt, Jerry?" she purred.

He gulped on a mouthful of tit. This was going to be some first date! If she let him suck her pussy the first time he took her out, things looked mighty promising.

Maybe he should ask her to go steady, he thought.

He gave her tit a last slurp and slid down to the floor. Her thighs jerked apart. The boy stared at her cunt like a hungry child at a cream pie. He lingered there, savoring the sight before he took a taste.

Her pussy rippled. The creamy cuntlips slurped and opened into a gaping oval. Her clit looked like a little pink post stuck in a pool of quicksand.

She tipped her cunt up as if she were serving it to a hungry diner. She was all set to cream off and trying to hold back until his tongue was in her.

"Eat my cunt, Jerry, suck it!" she whimpered. "Get your mouth on my fucking cunt!"

Jerry slid his tongue out and tapped the tip tightly against her clit.

"Oooooohhhhh!" she squealed, shuddering as if she had been shot through with a high voltage current.

He took a lap in her cunt, spooning out a tongueful of cuntjuice. He drew back for a moment, relishing the delicious goo on his taste buds. Then he swallowed it.

Cuntjuice was even more scrumptious than he had expected! It tasted even better than it smelled! With the very first lick, the teenaged boy had become a confirmed cuntlapper.

He tongued into her cunt and ticked her clit and ran his nimble lapper up and down her unfurled cuntlips. It was the first pussy he had ever tasted, but the boy was a natural at the gooey game, eating away tike a pro.

His tongue flailed and whisked and slurped. Then he began to use his mouth as well. He plated his tips to her cunt tike a suction cup. He blew up her boiling cunthole, then sucked out a mouthful of fuckjuice.

She clamped her thighs around his head for a moment. But there was no need to hold him there and she opened her legs wide again, so that he could wallow at will and she had the added thrill of staring down into her crotch and watching him lunch in her loins.

Jerry lowered his head, his chin resting on the soaking seat of the car. He sent his tongue on a musky mission into the crack of her ass, gathering up the cuntjuice that had soaked into that crevice.

Starting with his tongue shoved into the crack between her ass cheeks, he slowly drew up, through her open cuntslit and across her clit, ending up by flipping it out into her curly blonde cuntbush.

He repeated the long slurp a few times.

Then he clamped his lips onto her pussy again and began to suck for the creamy conclusion.

The flow from her fuckhole was getting hotter and thicker as her cuntjuice turned to girl-cum.

Her clit went off like a blasting cap, setting off an explosion in the core of her cunt. She cried out in ecstasy as her loins dissolved.

"Cumming! Cumming!" she wailed.

But Jerry already knew that -- because the horny youth was drinking the results.

He sucked and swallowed and sucked again.

Debby creamed for ages, wave following wave through her loins and up her thighs. She hovered at the blissful crest, shuddering all over.

Jerry sucked her through the peak and kept sucking as she came down.

Drained at last, Debby slumped back.

The boy stayed down there for a while, rutting away in her groin and using his tongue to lap up all the stray fuck-juice from her crotch and asscrack and thighs.

When he finally lifted his head out of her crotch, his jaws were dripping.

He gave her a hopeful look.

She owed him a favor.

And it was fine with her...

Chapter FOUR

Jerry slid back onto the seat.

Debby was smiling with dreamy contentment. The boy sure as hell hoped that he hadn't done the job too well -- that now that the sexy girl was satisfied, she might have lost interest in further action.

But he needn't have worried. The kind-hearted girl didn't even tease him for a few minutes, she reached right down and opened his pants and hauled out his cock and balls in one solid handful.

"Oooooh, nice!" she sighed.

His cock was large and hard and shapely.

The head was a flaring slab of glossy purple meat and his cockshaft was thick and seamed up the underside by a dark, pulsating vein.

His balls seemed as big as melons.

His piss-hole was open and lots of frothy preliminary jizz was dribbling out.

Debby stared down at his prick and inhaled the gamey goodness of the hot cockmeat and pre-cum. It was a mouth-watering sight and the cock-loving girl was sorely tempted to suck him off.

But she had her principles.

"Jerry, I don't want you to be disappointed," she said, "but on a first date..."

The boy looked dismayed.

Was she going to deny him a cum?

She giggled at his horrified expression.

"I mean, I don't suck or fuck the first time that a guy takes me out. It's real bad for a girl's reputation -- and if a boy gets what he wants the first time, he might not ask me out again!"

Jerry started to protest, but she interrupted him.

"I know you ate me out and I owe you some head. But not tonight. I promise, I'll blow you the next time."

"Wanna go out tomorrow?" he asked.

She smiled.

"Sure," she said. "But I ain't gonna let you get blue balls tonight, Jerry. Okay if I just jerk you off?"

"Oh! Yeah!" he gasped.

Jerry hadn't expected as much as a hand-job. That was the most that he had ever gotten out of a girl before, and seldom on a first date. So he wasn't at all disappointed. He was delighted by the prospect of a hand-job -- and utterly thrilled by Debby's promise that she would suck him off the very next day.

Actually, if he had only known it, with just a bit of coaxing, he could have gotten her to blow him then, because she was a cock-hungry girl who loved to swallow spunk. But the naive lad didn't realize that it would have only taken a bit of persuasion.

"Yeah, toss me off, Debby!" he wailed, jerking his ass up and driving his prick at her.

His cockhead was glowing like a purple light-bulb. Jizz was drooling from his piss-hole and trickling down his cockshaft. The stuff was as thick and sluggish as vanilla syrup.

Debby cupped his balls in the palm of her left hand, jiggling them up and down as if she were weighing his load on a scale.

She squeezed gently and purred when she felt his jizz slosh around within the hairy bags.

"Jeez, you're so full!" she sighed.

She folded her right hand around his cock, holding it at the root. It loomed up from her fist like some menacing, heavy-headed war club.

"This is going to be fun!" she purred, giving him a kittenish look. She knew that guys enjoyed that sort of talk. "I love to see a boy cum," she said. "It really gives me a kick when the stuff squirts out."

"I got about a fucking gallon of it!" he rasped.

Although making him shoot was the best part of a handjob, the girl was in no hurry. With her pussy well sucked and satiated, she wanted to enjoy his firm, fat prick for awhile before she made him cum.

She was looking forward to a mouthful of his delicious-looking cockmeat as much as Jerry was looking forward to feeding it to her.

Their mutual impatience was destined to have fascinating results in the very near future, in fact.

But, for the moment, Debby was only going to jerk him off.

She drew her fist up his prick very slowly, holding him lightly so that his prick just brushed through her skimming palm and encircling fingers.

It flared out so fat that the girl could barely span it with her tiny fist.

She skimmed again, her palm sliding fluidly on a film of greasy pre-cum.

Then she tightened her grip and frigged with a firmer stroke. As her fist drew up, his foreskin rolled over the slab of his cockhead, and as she jacked back down toward his balls, she skinned the purple knob out in a naked bulge.

She was pumping him steadily, in a rhythm that would bring him off, but moving slowly so that the pleasant task would last for a while.

She pulled up and rubbed her thumb against the sensitive underside of his cockhead, working globs of preliminary goo into the meaty slab.

She pushed down and the heel of her hand nudged against his solid, swollen balls. His cock-knob ballooned. She bent down, her plump tits hobbling.

Holding his cockshaft, she rubbed her nipples back and forth, sweeping the taut buds against the tip of his slimy cock.

Then she nudged his prickshaft into her cleavage. He humped, tit-fucking her a few times. Her face was tipped down, her chin resting on her breastbone. Her eyes crossed as she turned her gaze in upon his cockhead.

She was licking her lips, as well.

She could hardly wait until tomorrow night when she would have the pleasure of drinking from his prick.

Then she pulled her tits back and set about the job of jerking him off. Her fist flew up and down on the throbbing cock, jacking harder on his prick.

He heaved up, fucking through her fist, his bails swinging up under his cockshaft.

Then, as he neared the crest, his swollen balls became too full to swing.

"Cum!" she gasped, slamming her hand down. His cock-knob ballooned and more juice seeped from the cleft. "Jizz off, Jerry! Juice for me!"

She glanced up at his face, delighted to see his features twisted into a mask of lust, pleased at how well she was satisfying him with her hands.

She squeezed his balls and pumped his prick. It was humming like a tuning fork now, so taut that she could have used it to play a fiddle or launch an arrow.

"Shoot, Jerry, cum on my fucking tits! Oooooh, blow off on my belly and tits!"

Jerry groaned, tossing his head back.

"Here it cums!" he gasped.

"Yeah, yeah! Slime off!" Debby gurgled.

Her fist jerked down and she felt his balls explode against the heel of her hand. His cockshaft shuddered as his load came spurting up through the hollow core of his prick.

A jet of jizz burst from his cock-knob and splattered onto her tits like boiling oil.

"Ooooooh!" she wailed, loving it.

He shot off again as her fist cranked up, cumming on the recoil. Spunk hosed her tits, splashed into her cleavage and swirled around her nipples.

"Don't stop, keep cummin'!" she moaned.

His cock was going off like a fire extinguisher, shooting in steady spurts. He creamed her tits again and a gooey glob spurted into the fluttering hollow of her throat. A jizz jet streaked into her blonde hair.

She was playing his prick over herself like a hose. Her head bobbed down and she took a squirt on her chin, then one that streaked her cheek.

His balls drained off slowly and lavishly.

The cum-loving girl pumped away, milking his cock to the bone, draining him to the dregs.

He sank back, gasping and panting.

His balls were deflated and slack now, but his formidable prick was still tense, fat and firm in her fist. That was a promising sign. Debby liked a guy who could cum more than once, and she knew that she was going to have a lot of fun with Jerry in the future.

She tightened her grip and pulled her fist up as if she were coaxing the last spurt from a toothpaste tube. A milky glob appeared in his pisshole -- the last of his cum.

When she released him, his cock swayed up and down, semi-stiff, waving from his groin in a fat, rubbery coil, the prick-knob dripping and glistening.

His eyes were closed.

"Look at me, Jerry!" she sighed.

He opened his eyes. She was arching her slender back, thrusting her tits out. Those cute mounds were glazed with his cum, frosted like a cake. As he stared, she worked his jism into the meaty globes with her hands, pulling at her swollen pink nipples.

Then, aware that the boy was watching her, the naughty little vixen brought her hands up to her chin, tilting her radiant face down.

She began to lap his spunk from her fingers and palms, purring like a kitten at a saucer of cream.

"Holy shit!" he gasped.

Debby was drinking his cum!

Now the boy knew that it wasn't an idle promise -- that Debby was certainly a cocksucker and that he was going to get his first blowjob the very next day.

He could hardly wait.

Chapter FIVE

The teenagers actually watched the end of the movie, necking only casually now that they had both gotten their rocks off nicely and the urgency was gone. When he kissed her, Jerry could taste his jizz on her tongue and lips and she moved her mouth sensually on his, as if the naughty girl was giving him a hint of how it would be to get head from her, demonstrating how skilled she was at sucking.

They were both feeling quite randy again by the time he drove her home. They kissed a fond and lingering good-night. Debby went on into her house and Jerry went into his, thinking it was real handy to date a girl who lived right next door. Both youngsters told their inquiring mothers that they had had a good time.

Then they both went to bed.

Both mothers -- raven-haired Margot and golden-blonde Claire, were having similar thoughts, wondering if the kids had had sex.


Debby undressed and slid naked between the sheets, glowing with a well-sucked radiance. She was kind of wishing that she had sucked Jerry off, though. His cock really did look yummy and she knew how tasty his spunk was.

She was looking forward to tomorrow night, when she intended to go down on him and milk his meat the moment they were parked in some secluded spot.

The girl gathered a mouthful of saliva and swished it around. Her drool picked up the residue of Jerry's jizz. She let it run slowly down her throat, making believe that she had sucked it straight from his prick instead of simply lapping it up from her frigging hands.

She sighed as she swallowed.

She began to play with her pussy gently, squirming around on her hands, letting more cum-flavored drool tingle on her tongue and spark her taste buds.

When her fingers were all gooey from her groin, she held them together and pushed them in and out of her lips, sucking off her own cuntjuice.

Cuntjuice, for some reason, was as succulent as spunk, she thought.

Debby was anything but a lesbian, but she had to wonder what it would be like to suck a cunt.

Claire had gone to bed, too, and she lay awake, listening to the soft sighs and gently creaking bedsprings from her little girl's room.

She guessed that Debby was finger-fucking herself.

The knowledge turned her on and Claire began to finger her own fuckhole as she fantasized about her daughter and the handsome young man from next door.

So, in the Wedgewood home, spanning the generation gap, a mother and daughter both lay naked in bed, alone, playing with their cunts.

Things were slightly different next door.

As soon as Jerry got into bed, his big cock sprang up to attention. The potent young boy was accustomed to jacking off each night before he went to sleep. It had become such a habit that he beat his prick and shot his wad even on the odd night when he wasn't feeling horny.

Naturally, his mindless prick rose by ritual.

But tonight was different.

Jerry was determined not to frig himself off and refused to so much as touch his cock and balls, knowing that if he gave it even a single stroke he would get carried away and all his determination would fail.

Jerry wanted to save his next load of cum for Debby.

He knew that the sexy girl loved to drink jizz and he wanted to build up a plentiful supply so that he could feed her lavishly tomorrow night.

He was so keen on the idea of cumming in Debby's mouth that he even hoped that he wouldn't have a wet dream, wasting a load in nocturnal emission. Wet dreams were fun, to be sure, but they were nothing compared to the prospect of a blowjob.

Ignoring his throbbing cock, he willed himself to sleep.

Margot was standing in the hallway, her ear pressed to the door of her son's bedroom and both hands cupped over her frothy fuckhole.

Just as Jerry was in the habit of having a bed-time cum, so too was his horny mother in the habit of listening to the sounds that the boy made in his solitary sex acts on these lonely nights when her husband was on the road.

Tonight, the silence puzzled her.

Jerry jerked off every night.

Why should he break the routine now?

His mother could only assume that his balls had already been emptied -- that somehow, fucking or sucking or simply petting heavily, Jerry had shot off while he was out on his date with Debby.

The idea drove her wild.

With nothing to listen to, Margot was inclined to go back her own bedroom to finger-fuck herself in comfort. But then she heard her son start to breathe with the regularity of slumber and snort gently.

Knowing that the kid was sound asleep, the wanton mother had a tremendous urge to sneak a look at his prick. He would never know, and it could do no harm, she figured.

Just looking at her son's loins was only a little naughty, not wicked, like incest, for instance.

The urge was too great to resist. Holding her breath, she silently opened his bedroom door and stepped in. She moved quietly over to his bed and looked down.

She had to stifle a gasp.

Jerry might be asleep -- but his gigantic prick sure as hell was wide awake!

His cock was standing tall over his groin and his balls were ballooning at the base. The fat knob was glowing like an incandescent lightbulb, the ventral vein pulsating and the tip of his cockhead gooey.

Why on earth had the boy gone to sleep without milking that magnificent cock? his mom wondered.

Not aware that he had been promised a blowjob and intended to remain celibate in the meanwhile, letting his cum accumulate for Debby's delight, Margot was puzzled and curious.

She was horny as hell, too.

Jerry was stirring slightly in his slumber, and she wondered if he was going to have a wet dream. Maybe he had left his cock hard deliberately, with that in mind. If he was going to shoot off as he slept, his mother sure wanted to stay and watch.

She curled up very gently on the bed beside him, leaning over his belly, staring at his dribbling cock-knob. She inhaled the fumes rising from his hot, wet prick. It occurred to her that if he had been fucking Debby Wedgewood, the aroma of cunt would have perfumed his prick.

That was a fragrance very familiar to her.

She bent right down over his prick and inhaled. The heated scent was making her head spin. But was it only the aroma of a cock and balls, or did she detect cuntjuice, too?

It was hard to tell.

She pressed her nose right against the swollen slab of his cockhead and sniffed.

She glanced up at his face, but the boy was still sleeping soundly. She rubbed her nose on his knob. It was naughty to touch her son's hard-on, she figured. But that only made it more exciting.

And, since she had already rubbed her nose against it, would it be any more wicked if she were to touch his cockhead with her tongue?

She reasoned that it was much the same, just another part of her head in casual contact. If she just took a single lick to see if his cock was flavored by cuntjuice, it wouldn't be really terrible -- like sucking him off, say.

Of course, Margot should have known herself better than that. The woman had never in her life licked a cock -- or a cunt, for that matter -- without finishing the job.

But she was in no condition to reason things out to logical conclusions.

She glanced at his face again, making sure there was no sign that he might suddenly wake up and find his mother licking his prick. His face was twisted a bit, but that was only natural when a boy was asleep with a hard-on.

Feeling deliciously depraved, Margot slid her hot tongue out and licked very lightly at Jerry's pisshole.

The flavor of hot cock and succulent pre-cum made the woman's taste buds tingle madly. A soft whimper sounded in her throat.

Margot always adored a taste of prick, but licking her own son's cock was a thrill beyond compare. One lick was certainly not enough.

She told herself that since she had already sinned with a single lick, it would be no more wicked if she licked his prick a little bit more.

As long as he didn't cum in her mouth, she figured, it wouldn't be incest.

Chapter SIX

Margot swept her drooling tongue across the head of her son's cock, lapping up the preliminary jizz that was juicing from his pisshole.

She savored that incest oil on her taste buds for a moment, then gulped it down. The hot stuff warmed her belly like a fine cognac.

"Ummmmm!" she sighed softly.

Her sense of taste could detect no pussyjuice on his cock-knob and she guessed that her son hadn't fucked the blonde girl from next door. She was sorry about that because it would have added to her own pleasure if his cock had been fuckhole-flavored.

Margot loved cunt as much as prick, and tasting the two at once was always a treat.

Still, she was licking her teenaged son's cock, and what more could a lady ask for?

Shifting her head around, she laved all over the bulging slab of his mushroom-shaped cockhead. It was meaty and musky and sauced by spunky seepage.

Jerry moaned.

Margot looked up, alarmed. But the boy was still asleep. Her gentle licking was arousing him in his slumber, but he showed no signs of waking.

She spit-bathed his cock-knob and her saliva steamed from the sizzling hot slab. She slurped on the slopes, whisked at the tip, tongued right into his pisshole, gathering up the goo even before it had oozed out.

She drew back to look, then dove down to lick some more. Margot was rapidly going into a feeding frenzy on her son's delectable prick.

She paused, licked, paused. She kept glancing at his face warily as she came up for air. His cock was standing up like a pipe under her face, looming up in a throbbing pillar of iron-hard meat.

She lay belly-down between his legs and began to lick his balls. Then she sucked on them, thrilled at how full and firm and solid they were. It was like sucking on a juicy melon. She could feel his slime slosh around inside.

She lifted his balls and tongued underneath them, groveling in his groin, going crazy over the nutty goodness of his bloated balls.

Then she placed her flattened tongue against the base of his towering cock. She drew it up slowly, tracing along the pounding vein that seamed the underside.

She flutter-kissed the base of his cockhead, where the vein spread out in a delta. Pre-cum dribbled down and washed over her tongue.

Her hair fell in an inky cascade over his cock as her head bobbed up and down, slurping him from his balls to his cock-knob.

Jerry was definitely dreaming now, moaning and panting, his haunches starting to stir. He humped up. Her tongue danced on his driving cock.

Streams of spunk poured down his cockshaft and she licked them up as they slimed the stalk, her own slobber flooding over him as lavishly as his jizz.

His cock jolted savagely. The prickhead was flaring out like a hooded cobra about to strike, spunky venom dripping from the fangless maw of his pisshole.

Margot thought cum was scrumptious, and being her son's jizz made it all the more tantalizing.

Margot tipped her head to one side and fitted her parted lips against the underside of his cock. She began to pull her mouth up and down along the throbbing cock, playing his prick like a meaty flute.

He humped, shoving his prick up and down as his mother's mouth slid along the tube. His preliminary flow was whetting Margot's appetite, making the wanton woman hungry for more of her son's spunk.

She hadn't intended to make him cream off.

She was only going to lick his cock and balls a bit -- which she had convinced herself was only a form of maternal caress, not really incest.

But Margot was getting much too hungry to stick to such a self-imposed limit.

She was wondering whether she could manage to make him shoot without waking him up. To give her son a lovely wet dream -- in her mouth.

That would certainly be incest, she knew. Not real, real incest, she thought. Oral incest wasn't the ultimate. It was taboo, sure, but it wasn't as if she were going to fuck her son.

She would never do a thing like that.

And, after all, the boy had sucked her nipples as a nursing infant.

Sucking on the head of his cock and swallowing his jizz was almost the same thing, right?

She was also figuring that her son badly needed to empty his balls and that it would be cruel to go away and leave him stiff and swollen.

As a mother, Margot had a duty, an obligation, to help him get his rocks off.

For some reason, Jerry had not had his customary evening jerk-off, and it wasn't healthy for a virile teenager to keep his cum-bags so full.

And so, in her clever and calculating way, did Margot Benson justify drinking her son's jizz.

At the same moment, in the house next door, Debby Wedgewood was also thinking about drinking out of Jerry's cock. The girl was really sorry that she had been so silly earlier by not blowing him because it was their first date.

What did principles matter when prick-sucking was what they both wanted?

She was shoving four fingers into her fuckhole, getting them all juice up, then frigging them into her mouth and sucking as if they were a pecker.

But it was frustrating.

Cuntjuice was delicious, but fingers were only fingers and it was hard to imagine that her own slimy digits had transmuted into a spurting prick.

She switched hands, finger-fucking with one while she mouthed the other.

One hand crept down, sparkling with saliva, as the other moved up, glistening with girl goo.

She creamed off, shuddering.

But it was only a cum on a handjob, and not nearly enough for the horny minx.

How could she bear to wait until tomorrow night before she sucked Jerry off and he ate out her cunt again? She knew that she would be desperate all through the day, her cunt burning like an ember between her slim thighs. It might even turn out to be embarrassing, as the aroma of her overheated pussy permeated the whole house.

Maybe she could see Jerry early in the morning, she thought. She could blow him for breakfast!

She grinned at that thought.

But, still, breakfast was hours away.

And what Debby needed now was a midnight snack!

She began to wonder if she dared to sneak over to Jerry's house and go to his bedroom. It was risky. If his mother caught them together, there would be hell to pay -- or so she assumed. Yet the element of danger increased the thrill.

Debby gave her cunt a last rub with her hand, then got up and went to the window.

The Benson house was in darkness.

Evidently Jerry's mother had gone to bed, and Debby guessed that she could probably manage to sneak up to his bedroom without being caught.

She knew he would be glad to see her.

And she sure hoped that the youth hadn't been draining off his cock by hand.

Of course, he hadn't.

But his mother was about to do that for him.

Debby slipped into a sexy nightie and, feeling deliciously daring and adventurous, tiptoed from her bedroom and went downstairs.

She made very little noise.

But her mother heard her -- because Claire had been listening intently to the sounds of the finger-fucking as she flailed away at her own frothy fuckhole.

Where on earth was Debby going? she wondered.

Claire got up from her bed, her cunt squishing as she shifted her position. She moved to the door and looked out, just in time to see her daughter go down the stairs. Claire was intrigued.

Did the girl have a secret date?

Claire went into Debby's bedroom and looked at the sheets, grinning when she saw a pool of cuntjuice glistening there.

She didn't mind if her little girl had sneaked out to get fucked. On the contrary, she approved. But she wanted to know about it.

Claire decided that she would wait there in her daughter's room so that she could confront the girl when Debby came sneaking back in. It would be very interesting.

She lay down and frigged her pussy a bit.

Then she fell asleep.

And so it was that a mother was occupying her daughter's bed on an eventful evening.

The stage was being set.

And the players were treading the boards...

Chapter SEVEN

Jerry was having a lovely dream.

The boy wouldn't have wanted to wake up from that erotic fantasy, even if he had started to.

Of course, in his slumber, he had no idea what was causing his wonderful dream -- nor that it was something which would have been well worth waking up for.

His mother bathed his cockhead with her tongue, then let her lips slowly part as she fed the flaring slab of purple meat into her mouth.

She began to suck softly.

Jerry whimpered at the sensations.

Margot nursed with pleasure. Her cheeks sank in as she sucked and billowed out as she blew tenderly down his looming cockshaft, as if she were inflating his balls.

Her lips peeled outward as they collared his thick prickshaft.

Her drool washed down his cock, shot through with streaks of creamy pre-cum, like some creamy sauce blended into a melting lollipop.

Holding only his cockhead in her lips, she twisted her dark head, winding her mouth around on his cock-knob like a juicy nut on a meaty bolt.

Jerry frigged up, sinking more cock in.

His mother began to move her glossy head up and down, stuffing her mouth. She swallowed a third of his prick, then a half. Her face turned and she took his bulging cock-knob into her cheek.

As he thrust up, her head ducked down. Then she gulped all of his prick in.

"Unghhhh -- ulphhhhh!" Margot moaned as his throbbing cockhead clogged her throat, choking her.

But she held it in, her lips plastered around the hairy hilt, her chin jammed to his balls and her nose nestled in the dark patch of his cockhair.

His cock was down her throat so deep she almost thought it was going to come out of her asshole, transfixing her through her digestive tract.

She slid up, sucking through every precious inch of his sweet prick, purring with pleasure.

"Ummmmm -- ahhhhhh!" she sighed on his cock-knob.

Then she dove on down and gulped and gagged as she took him down her throat again.

So much pre-cum was pouring into her mouth that, for a moment, Margot thought he had shot his wad. She swallowed with relish. But his cock stayed rock-hard and his balls were getting bigger, and she realized, to her delight, that she still had the creamy reward ahead of her.

Her head was going up and down as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel, taking him balls-deep. His cockhead hammered down her throat. If he shot off on the full penetration, she wasn't even going to need to swallow -- he would be shooting straight into her belly.

Margot was having such a ball blowing her son that she would have loved to linger over the tasty task, to suck his prick for hours.

But he was shifting around a lot by this time, and she was afraid that he might open his eyes at any moment. She didn't want her son to patch her mouthing his cock -- and she sure didn't want the oral act to be ended before she had completed it and swallowed the results.

She was savoring the meat course but she was starved for the thick dessert and knew that the very best part of it would be the magic moment when her virile young son exploded in her maw and fed her his fuckjuice.

She began to suck for conclusions, bobbing her head up and down in the steady rhythm that she knew would bring him to his crest the quickest.

Jerry gave a strangled cry.

She looked up through a web of fluttering eyelashes and saw he was still sleeping. His dream, whatever dream she had induced, was nearing the peak.

"Cum! Cum! Cum!" she whispered softly on the head of his dribbling cock. She addressed him in his aroused slumber. "Jizz, baby, juice off for me! Slime in Mommy's mouth!"

He grunted, thrusting into her head.

"Unghhh -- glugggg -- slurpppp!" she sputtered as he rammed his cock down her throat.

Staring down his cockshaft as she worked on the head, she saw his balls expand mightily and knew that the boy was about to blow his wad.

She moved her lips down toward his cumbags as those heavy sacs exploded in an orgasm.

His first spurt shot straight down her throat, so that she never got to taste it -- although she could feel the hot, thick slime as it poured down.

Her head jerked up, her dark tresses tumbling about, and his second squirt of foaming fuck-juice splashed onto her tongue, making her taste buds tingle.

She bobbed up and down as the boy kept shooting out his cum. He hosed her throat as she sank down and creamed on her tongue as she pulled back up.

Her mouth was filling up faster than she could swallow the steaming stuff.

Cum spilled from her unfurled lips and trickled on down his prick, bathing his balls. Then she dove on down and sucked it back from his cockshaft.

Margot was in heaven, prick paradise, drinking her son's cum like manna from heaven. Working steadily, she drained him to the bone.

Jerry sank back, quivering violently.

Margot kept on moving up and down, her mouth working like a pump, dragging out the dregs.

When he stopped spurting, she swallowed all of his prick in and held it in, gently nibbling at the base. His balls had gone slack and empty, but his sturdy prick was still stiff in her greedy maw.

The insatiable woman was wondering if she would be able to suck him off a second time, bringing him up to another wet dream without waking him.

Her belly was already full, yet the hungry lady was still eager for more sweet jizz, hot to drink another load of her son's spunk.

How wonderful it would be if she could spend the whole night with his cock in her mouth, swallowing his jism as he served it again and again.

She looked up once more.

Jerry's eyelids were fluttering wildly.

Although she really hated to, she figured it was wisest to make her escape now. She gave his still-hard prick a last loving suck, then let it spill from her lips.

Jerry was starting to blink.

His mother jumped up from the bed and darted from his room quickly, like a ghost in the night.

She hoped he would believe it had been no more than a wet dream.

Jerry sat up, looking stunned, his eyelids batting up and down. His vision was blurry and misty. He would have sworn that he had seen someone duck out his bedroom door -- ass and tits glimpsed in vague silhouette.

But how could that be?

It must have been a dream, he guessed -- a very realistic and detailed dream.

He looked down at his prick.

The meat was glistening. He reached down and felt around, then brought his hand up and gazed into his palm. There was plenty of spunk there, but there was also a lighter sort of froth.

He could swear it was saliva.

Puzzled, he considered the possibilities.

And he would think of only one thing -- since it never for a moment dawned on him that it could have been his own mother who had munched him in his sleep.

Debby must have changed her mind and come sneaking over to his bedroom!

It just had to be.

And as the boy thought about the sexy blonde girl drinking his jizz, he began to get horny all over again. His cock was still stiff and now his balls began to inflate as another load of cum rushed into them.

He wrapped his fist around his prickshaft and started to jack off.

But then he whipped his hand away as if he had suddenly touched a hot stove.

He grinned fiendishly.

If Debby Wedgewood could come sneaking into his bed in the dark of night, why couldn't he return her call?

He owed the nubile girl a suck now -- and he could fetch his cock along as well.

Jerry jumped up and put a bathrobe on. Then he went out of his bedroom and down the stairs.

Margot had dashed back to her own bedroom and was looking out the slightly open door. She wondered if her son had realized that she had sucked him off. What would he think of her if he guessed the truth?

Would he be shocked and disgusted.

Or would he want her to do it again?

Then she saw him emerge from his room. She smiled, expecting him to turn down the hall and come to her room. She was all set to suck him off again -- while he was fully aware of it now.

But the boy turned in the other direction and went on down the stairs.

She wondered where he was going.

She still wondered if he knew what she had done.

But there was no way to know for sure, so she decided to return to his bedroom while he was out. There was still a lot of spilled spunk on his bedsheets and she hated to waste a single drop of his sweet slime.

She was going to lick it up from the sheets.

And if the boy happened to return and find her in his bed, she would cross that bridge when she came to it.

Margot went back to Jerry's room, lay down on his rumpled bed and began to suck his spunk up.

The stage for mistaken identity was set.

Claire Wedgewood was sleeping in her daughter's bed and Margot Benson was in her son's bed and a drama was about to unfold on dual stages.

Debby came out of her front door in her sexy negligee and walked across to the house next door.

At the same moment, Jerry came out of his kitchen door and crossed through the back yard to Debby's house.

Neither teenager saw the other in the dark of night.

And mistakes were about to be made.

Chapter EIGHT

Jerry tiptoed through the house and up the stairs. He went down the hall and found that the door to Debby's bedroom was open. Grinning, his white teeth flashing in the dim illumination, he went in.

The female form on the bed was sleeping.

The figure was only barely visible in the shadows, but the long hair spread out over the pillows was silken and blonde, and it was Debby's bedroom, and why should the youth assume for a moment that it was someone other than his teenaged girlfriend who was asleep in that bed?

He was a little bit surprised that she had fallen asleep so quickly after returning from his house. He would have expected her to be excited. But then he figured that she must have creamed off while she was sucking his cock and now, with a bellyful of warm spunk, filled with cum and contentment, she was slumbering peacefully.

He threw his bathrobe off and, naked, crawled onto the foot of her bed. He began to lick up the insides of her lovely legs.

Those legs seemed to be quite a lot fuller than they had been when he was finger-fucking the girl earlier in the evening.

She tossed in her sleep, murmuring.

The boy tongued his way up to the apex of her thighs and began to eat her cunt. Spreading the folds open with his fingers, he rooted into the creamy cuntslit with his tongue as his lips sucked on her fuckhole.

Claire woke up.

For a few moments, groggy still, she wasn't sure what was happening to her. Then her loins told her that someone was shoving a stiff tongue up her cunt.

She leaned up and looked down, amazed.

She saw the top of Jerry's crisp, dark head as he wallowed away in her groin. Claire saw in a flash just what must have happened -- that her daughter's boyfriend, either by impulse or previous arrangement, had come sneaking in to Debby's bed -- and assumed her mother was Debby.

Should she tell him? she wondered.

Hell no!

Claire had the hots for the teenaged boy anyhow, and with his nimble lapper lashing up her cunt, there was no way she was going to notify him of his misconception. She was going to operate under a false identity -- at least as long as it took her to climax.

She began to grind her cunt on his face.

Realizing she was awake, but still believing that she was Debby, Jerry gasped, "Here's one I owe you, baby, melt in my mouth!"

His voice came muffled from her groin, and her answering moan was equally unidentifiable.

Then, to make certain that her teenaged lover didn't suddenly come up for air and realize his blunder, Claire wrapped her legs around his head and held him clamped in her crotch.

Her ass churned, and she rolled her hips and pumped her belly.

And even as she soared towards her own orgasm, Claire was wondering if she could manage to give Jerry a blowjob without exposing her identity. It didn't seem likely.

But, then, she didn't suppose that the horny young man would object if he discovered that he had his prick in the wrong Wedgewood woman's mouth.

As Jerry began to gobble a pussy that he thought was his girlfriend Debby's, that girl was quietly slipping into his bedroom in the house next door.

She saw a figure on the bed.

Margot was on her knees, her head down as she sucked the scummy bedsheet, her ass hiked up. When she heard someone come in, she supposed it was Jerry.

She looked back -- and gasped in shock as she recognized Debby Wedgewood.

In her surprise, the woman almost declared her identity. But Debby was advancing with her tongue lashing around like a hungry tiger, obviously bent on oral sex. And Margot, who loved sex with girls every bit as much as she did with guys, saw no reason to say a word.

She would play it by ear and -- she hoped, by tongue.

Debby paused at the foot of the bed, slightly puzzled. She hadn't realized that Jerry had such a finely shaped ass. He was a lean, muscular boy, and it was strange that he should have a wide ass.

Then she shrugged, not giving a shit. She slid onto the end of the bed. Not sure if he was awake or not, she began to kiss his asscheeks.

That sweet ass swayed and jerked.

Since this was going to be the first time that she gave Jerry head, Debby, through vanity as much as anything else, wanted to make it a real good job.

She decided to go around the world on him.

She kissed and licked up and down his thighs and the backs of his knees, moving down to his feet. She licked his insteps and sucked his toes.

His legs were soft and feminine. It was kind of a mystery, but she wasn't in any mood to ask questions. His cock was the important thing, and she knew damned well that that big tool was hard and masculine.

She worked her way back up and, placing her open hands on his asscheeks, spread him open. She began to slurp her lapper up through the musky crack.

A muted moan came from the other end of the kneeling body but, muffled in the slimy sheets, there was no way to tell it was not coming from male lips.

Debby was enjoying the taste of his asscrack, and she moved on to his asshole and began to lick and suck on the highly flavored, richly fragrant bud.

She rimmed and reamed into his shitter, her tongue probing and exploring in the taut ring, relishing it. She had sucked ass before, but never one as delectable as this tart, tangy shithole.

Of course, Debby had never had her tongue stuck up a woman's ass before.

She held the soft hips and ground her head against the shapely asscheeks, marveling at this taste treat. Margot, not about to let the girl know her mistake, shoved her ass back and sighed with pleasure.

"Are you awake, Jerry?" Debby whispered, speaking right into his asshole.

"Mummmm -- mmmmmm!" came a muffled moan.

"I love to eat out your shithole -- and then I'm gonna suck your prick off!"

Not mine, you ain't, kid, Margot thought.

Debby's questing tongue snaked and slithered up the snug shitchute, packing the fudge as deep as she could send her tongue. She stuck her cute little nose into the cleft and sniffed, then tongued some more.

She drooled into the tiny brown bud, then sucked her own slobber back out, flavored by shitter.

She slid a hand around to grasp his cock.

But another hand pushed hers away.

Debby supposed that Jerry didn't want her to play with his prick from behind for fear that he might shoot off before his prick was in her mouth.

Holding the shapely thighs, Debby pulled back and resumed her shithole licking.

The asshole appetizer was making the teenager hungrier by the moment for the main course of cockmeat and cum.

As the girl ate out the asshole, the aroma of steaming hot cunt was wafting up out of the crotch below, filling her nostrils with a tantalizing and mouth-watering fragrance.

Debby had to assume that they were her own fuckhole fumes drifting to her face -- and wonder why she couldn't detect the gamy scent of balls and the muskiness of cockmeat mixed in with the pussy perfume.

Her tongue sank into the unidentified asshole like a roto rooter, driving deep up the chute. Her lips unpeeled as they sucked the tart slot.

Then Debby decided it was time to move on to the next portion of this feast.

She licked her way down, thinking that she would lick and suck on Jerry's balls from the back as they ballooned in his groin.

The ass tilted up and the crotch jerked back.

Debby pushed her face in, her mouth open, expecting to get a faceful of balls.

Her face splashed in a swamp.

Her nose was buried in a gooey pussy.

It was all a mystery to Debby. She rooted around in the groin below, levering her jaw out and licking and sucking.

Jerry's crotch was really juicy, she thought. He must have shot his wad off while she was rimming out his shithole and the cum had run down his cockshaft and dribbled between his legs.

But it didn't taste like cum.

The syrupy stuff was delicious, to be sure, but it was different from the spunk she had tasted before. She wondered if her boyfriend, not knowing that she was going to pay him a visit, had been jerking off with a palmful of honey or maple syrup or something sweet like that.

And where in hell were his balls?

She explored in the sodden crotch, sending her tongue flickering here and there, sucking on this and that. But she couldn't locate his balls.

Had he shot off so thoroughly that his balls had shrunk to nothing and retracted back into his groin? Had his balls blown out, accounting for the morass that her face was frolicking in?

Her tongue tapped a swollen nub.

She shoved her chin out and sucked the swollen little button into her lips. It flared and pulsed, the way a prick ought to.

But it was too small for a prick -- at least for any prick she was interested in.

Debby wanted to draw her face out of that puzzling swamp and peer in to find out what was so mysterious about it. But the flavor of the steamy and delectable confection was keeping her right where she was, her head buried and burrowing in from the rear, sucking hungrily.

What was that familiar flavor? she wondered.

It was sweet and gooey, but it wasn't honey and it wasn't maple syrup and it wasn't peanut butter. What else could he have been using to lubricate a handjob?

For some strange reason, her boyfriend's manly loins tasted very much the way her own cunt did, she realized. Debby often licked her fingers during a frigging, and she certainly knew the flavor of her fuckhole.

The teenager's curiosity was becoming as strong as her hunger. She just had to solve the mystery. She drew her face away with a slurp.

"Roll over, Jerry!" she moaned.

The white ass twisted and the pelvis turned. The figure that had been kneeling before her rotated and came belly-up on the bed.

Only it wasn't Jerry!

Jerry's mother was smiling at Debby, and Debby's jaw dropped open in amazement.

"Holy shit! Mrs. Benson!" she gasped.

"Don't stop, honey, keep on eating!" the woman groaned, jerking her cunt up invitingly.

Debby hesitated.

But not for long.

Debby had often wondered what eating cunt would be like and now, although it had been an accidental encounter, she knew that pussy was delicious.

The girl was embarrassed, but the woman was willing, so what else was there to do?

Like an ostrich burying its head to hide from a lion, Debby buried her face in that foaming fuckhole again.

Chapter NINE

So, as fate would have it, Debby was eating out her boyfriend's mother's cunt at the same time her boyfriend was sucking her mother's pussy.

But, unlike the girl, Jerry had not yet realized his mistake as he sloshed around, his head buried in Claire Wedgewood's soaking crotch.

She kept him clamped in her thighs, determined to cream off before she revealed her true identity. Her ass swung up from the bed and twisted. Her pelvis was jerking, her tummy pumping.

His lapper slithered up her cunt and his lips pulled on the unfurled slot. She fucked his face in a frenzy as his tongue stabbed in like a pliable prick.

Jerry cupped her under the cheeks of her ass, lifting her higher as he sucked her cunt.

Her ass felt meatier than he remembered Debby's trim little ass being, but he wasn't about to ask any questions -- and besides, her pussy was as delicious as ever.

"Ohhhhhh -- oooooohhh!" Claire wailed as her whole lush body began to tremble like a leaf.

"Cream me, Debby!" he moaned into her cunt.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed in response -- although she wasn't the girl he had addressed.

His maw filled up and he gulped greedily. She fed him more juice from her boiling cunt, the bubbling brew foaming in his face.

Her cuntjuice poured out, thick and slippery and so yummy it was making his eyes water. He was sucking so avidly that she thought her eyeballs would cave in.

She soared to the peak -- and stayed there.

Her orgasm was prolonged. Wave after wave washed across her loins and shot up her legs. Her groin was lathered and his handsome young face was coated with cunt-cream, from his forehead to his chin.

At last she sank back with a sigh.

Jerry kept on munching her cunt, making sure that he had milked her to the last drop.

As he lay belly-down on the bed, his cock was pounding like a jackhammer, jerking his ass up and down at the tail end of his hard-on.

And now that her pussy was happy, Claire was yearning for his teenaged cockmeat. She lay with her face turned up and her hot mouth open.

Jerry gazed up from her groin. From that position, the boy could only see her upthrust chin framed between her heavy tits -- heavier than he remembered Debby's tits being, but certainly no cause for complaint.

"Can I fuck your face, Debby?" he rasped, his mouth moving on her cuntmuff.

Claire paused. It was exactly what she wanted, but she wasn't sure how the boy was going to react when he found out who she was. But she figured that a young man with a raging hard-on wouldn't be particular.

"Ummmmm -- ummmmm!" she sighed.

He gobbled her cunt for a few more moments, loving it so much that he didn't want to stop. But the demands of his prick were stronger. His cock was levering down into the bed like a crowbar, jamming his ass up.

He raised his face from her crotch and began to move up, straddling her body.

His balls dragged over her blonde cunthair and rolled on up her tummy. He dipped down and rammed his cock between her fat tits, giving her a few strokes in the titty tunnel. Then he crawled higher.

His massive cock loomed over her face.

He was staring down, but his cockhead was flaring out so wide that it was half blocking her view. She looked like her daughter, and she had the same golden hair, so Jerry was still working under false assumptions.

Then he lifted his ass up so that he was aiming the head of his prick at her open mouth.

His eyes opened wide and he gulped.

"Oh God!" he groaned.

"It's okay, baby, I want it!" Claire purred.

For an instant, Jerry was frozen in shock. But then he began to grin like a devil. His mistake had been an honest one, and the gorgeous older woman was waiting with her sensual mouth wide open, so what doubt could there be?

He shoved his cock out and Claire's hot mouth enveloped the swollen knob. She began to suck greedily.

As her lips worked on his cock-knob, she slid her tongue around against the underside of the meaty wedge, licking and sucking in combination.

"Fuck my face, baby, feed me! Use my fucking mouth like a cunt!" she whimpered.

Jerry began to ram in balls-deep, burying all of his smoking prick into her head.

She sighed with pleasure as his prick hissed through the moist collar of her lips. His ass was bouncing off her upthrust tits and his balls were swinging up and hitting her on the chin, then rolling to her lips.

The youth was so excited he couldn't last long.

His pisshole was spilling out pasty pre-cum and Claire let it trickle down her throat, adoring the taste and the texture of the sap.

Her head jumped up from the pillow, her silken tresses flying over his loins as she swallowed on down to the root of his delicious cock.

"Cum in my mouth! Cum in my mouth!" she gurgled.

"Gonna blow! Drink my spunk, Mrs. Wedgewood! Swallow my slime!" he cried.

"Ummmmm -- yeah -- jizz me, Jerry!"

His balls went off like a bomb and his youthful cum splashed in her mouth and throat in a torrent. His cock hosed her with steady spurts, whitewashing her gullet and painting her mouth with jizz.

Her magic mouth was soaking his spunk up like a sponge, absorbing every gooey glob.

He came an awful lot, but it didn't take long. Horny as he was, all of his abundant load poured out in a few savage spurts.

Claire was swallowing with joy, loving it all and longing for more.

Then Jerry's prick stopped squirting.

But it stayed hard and swollen, and Claire knew, to her delight, that there was plenty of action left in his young balls and big cock.

She kept on sucking, coaxing out a few more globs. Then she took her mouth off his prick and leaned down to lick up the overflow from his cockshaft and balls. She tongued up every stray drop and opened her mouth wide so that the gaping boy could see the last of his spunk filming her lapper. Then she swallowed it.

She sighed and slipped her lips over his cockhead again, nursing and purring. As she mouthed his cock-knob, she stared down his shaft and watched his balls fill up again.

Jerry figured that the cock-hungry lady wanted another face-fucking, so he began to thrust, driving his prick in and out of her mouth.

But then Claire shifted her head away and looked back, his cock looming over her face, dripping saliva.

"Why don't you fuck my cunt now, darling?" she asked huskily, writhing her wanton loins around.

Jerry couldn't imagine anything -- even her hot cunt -- feeling better than her magic mouth.

But he was sure as hell willing to check it out.

He began to crawl back down her body the way he had come up, pausing to fuck her cleavage a few times.

Claire was wondering where her daughter was.

The girl had been wearing only a nightie, so she couldn't have gone very far. The logical assumption was that she had gone next door to see Jerry.

But Jerry wasn't home, obviously.

It was a mystery -- but one that she would think about later. For the moment, Claire Wedgewood could think of nothing but a cuntful of teenaged cockmeat.

Chapter TEN

Jerry moved down Claire's tummy, his prick dragging down the gently rounded curves like a plow tilling a meaty field in reverse gear.

Her knees shot up and her thighs parted wide. She hiked her ass up from the bed, raising her randy rut to the angle of coupling.

Jerry knelt between her legs and guided the head of his cock into her pussy. Her cuntlips slurped it in. He braced, only his knob in her cunt, the length of his long cockshaft standing out naked, like a tubular bridge spanning the gap from his groin to her pussy.

Her cunt began to swallow his prick.

Jerry gasped at the sensation. He didn't have to thrust or shove at all. The hot fuckhole was sucking him in all by itself. The boy realized that the lovely lady had a cunt as good as her mouth.

Inch by inch, his cock sank in.

Then it was burrowed in balls-deep and he held it stuffed up her pussy as her inner muscles worked on it, rippling and sucking up his shaft.

"Fuck my ass off!" she moaned. "Pump it to me, baby -- screw me silly!"

Jerry began to fuck her.

He ducked down and sent a long, rippling, underslung stroke into her from below, his balls rolling along the bed. Then he heaved up and slogged in from above, so that all of his throbbing prick ran over her clit.

His ass corkscrewed and hers churned. She was meeting him stroke for stroke, whirling as he fucked his prick in and out of her cunt.

She folded her legs around his hips, drumming her heels on the hard cheeks of his ass and rubbing them up and down in the crack between. She dipped them into his groin and massaged his balls.

Then her feet shot up in the air, pumping as if she were riding a bicycle.

Her clit exploded and her cunthole melted.

As her pussy filled with cunt-cum, it felt as if he were driving his cock into quicksand. Waves of fuckjuice broke around his cock-knob.

Stroking across her clit, he pumped away, fucking her through the spasms.

The boy had already emptied his balls off plenty this evening, between the handjob at the drive-in and the mysterious suckjob that might or might not have been a wet dream and then in Claire's mouth.

His prick was still iron-hard and his balls were full once more but his climax was taking its own sweet time.

He kept on fucking after Claire had stopped.

She smiled radiantly, loving the feel of the hard meat sliding in and out.

Jerry still hadn't made up his mind which end of this gorgeous blonde mother felt better, her mouth or her cunt. He decided to investigate further, knowing that she wouldn't object -- that she was one of those rare and wonderful women who love it equally in either end.

Pulling his prick from her pussy, he straddled her torso and wriggled up. Claire looked surprised that he had left her cunt before shooting his wad. But then she realized what he intended and tipped her head up eagerly.

He fucked her mouth a few times, then squirmed back down and fucked her cunt some more.

He frigged her cleavage on the way.

His cock went into her mouth all drenched with cunt-cum and into her cunt all slathered with saliva. If the boy had closed his eyes, he wouldn't for the life of him have known which he was in, her mouth or her pussy.

He ran up and down her voluptuous body like a monkey climbing a tree. He slogged up her cunt, then fed it to her face. His big balls were swelling enormously all the while as he slowly brought himself up toward his next creamy crest.

Which hole would he hose?

It didn't seem to matter, but since he had already poured a dose into her mouth and throat, he figured he should spend his next load in her pussy.

He rammed into her mouth a few times and then, when his pisshole had started to drip and his balls were giving warning signs of exploding, he pulled out of her facial fuckhole and crawled back down to her cunt.

He drove his prick into that sodden swamp and began to fuck her hard.

Claire fucked with him, her ass and hips dancing a wanton waltz, the inner rings of her cunt sucking and pulling like a squeezebox.

Claire began to cum again.

This time she held back, waiting for the youth to join her at the peak.

When she could wait no longer, Claire wailed, "Shoot up my cunt, baby!"

And, as if his balls obeyed her command, the boy began to spurt his spunk into her cunt as the woman creamed off again on his squirting prick.

They fucked each other through the spasms, cumming for a long time, slowing down gradually.

Both contented at last, they stopped heaving and Jerry slumped down into her tender and loving embrace. His cock was still stuck up her, quivering. His prick had turned rubbery now, but it was like hard rubber and Claire knew that she could soon stiffen it again.

She had taken his cum in her mouth and in her cunt, so she was thinking that it might be nice to do it all, letting him fuck her asshole next.

She gently wriggled up, pulling her pussy off his cock. Then she hiked her hips up, her ass rising from the bed. She reached down under her haunches and played with his prick, frigging him until he hardened again. Then she guided the tip of his cock into her shithole.

Jerry looked amazed.

"Buttfuck me, baby!" she panted.

Her depravity delighted him. Jerry had never had his prick up an asshole before.

He had never even realized that it would be possible to assfuck a woman face to face.

But Claire knew what she was doing.

She held her body bridged up from the bed and Jerry began to fuck his cock into her asshole. That trim slot resisted for a moment, then fluttered open.

His cock-knob sank in.

Jerry's fat cockhead was the widest part of his fuckmeat, and as he slid it deeper into her ass, it was spreading her shitchute out, forging a passage for his prickshaft.

With a lurch, he sank in to the roots.

He held it all in as her guts sucked on him as if she were swallowing him in reverse -- giving him another blowjob from the back end of her digestive tract.

Claire was gurgling gleefully as she felt his cockhead flare deep in her bowels and his steely shaft lever around up her shithole.

He pulled out to the knob, then snaked his thick prick back in to the hilt. His mouth came down to suck her tits, and she reached down to fondle his balls.

Then she cupped a hand over her neglected cunt and began to play with her clit and slide her fingers up her fuckhole as he pounded into her shitter.

He was plunging in so deep that Claire fancied his prick might come out of her mouth.

Her cunt began to melt as she frigged it.

Then Jerry was jerking like a puppet run amok, and his balls ballooned. The hot enema of his fuckjuice came flooding into her bowels.

He drained off in her ass as Claire finished creaming on her caressing hand.

Then they embraced again, panting, both of them finished for the time being.

His cock was starting to soften in her ass. It retracted and came slithering out as it had gone in, inch by inch. The cock-knob bulged in her asshole for a moment, then came popping out like a cork from a bottle.

His cock flopped up and down, no longer stiff.

But it was still fat and shapely, and Claire twisted on down to take it into her mouth again. Flavored by her asshole, it was delectable. The lustful lady sucked all the cum and ass-juice from his prick, polishing it to a glow, the knob like a burnished slab of purple meat.

"Yummy!" she sighed as he stared in awe at a woman who could relish an asshole-soaked prick.

Claire was wondering if he could cum again.

Then she began to wonder where Debby was.

She asked Jerry if he knew, but he looked puzzled.

"Well, she might have been at my house earlier. I ain't really sure," he said.

He wasn't being evasive. He knew that a woman like Claire wouldn't mind if her little girl sucked and fucked -- or took it up the ass for that matter. But he was having trouble working out the logistics.

"I might have had a wet dream -- or Debby might have sneaked in and sucked me off while I was asleep," he said.

Now Claire looked confused.

"No, that can't be," she said. "She wasn't gone long before you came in."

"Well, gee, if it wasn't Debby -- someone was sucking my prick and there wasn't anyone home but me and..."

He stopped dead and looked stunned.

"And Mom!" he gasped.

"Holy fuck!" Claire gasped.

They stared at each other in mutual amazement.

Had Jerry's mother sucked him off?

And, since Jerry wasn't home and Debby was wearing only a nightie, where in hell was she?

"Maybe -- maybe it really was just a dream," he said, although he doubted it. The very thought that his gorgeous mother had mouthed his cock and swallowed his cum was making him tremble violently.

And under such inspiration, his soft prick began to get fat and firm yet again.

Claire eyed his swelling cock thoughtfully.

It would be nice to fuck or suck with the potent young boy again, to be sure.

But now she was intrigued.

If a mother would give head to her own son, there was no telling what else she might do.

And where else could Debby be?

"Darling, I think that we'd better go over to your house and see what's going on," she said.

Jerry agreed.

Chapter ELEVEN

Debby decided cunt was really delicious. Even while the woman was creaming off in her mouth, Debby was thinking about all the pussy she was going to eat in the future.

She felt pretty sure that half a dozen of her girlfriends at school would be game for cunt-sucking and wondered whose pussy she would be sucking next.

Boy, would the teenager have been surprised if she had known the truth of that!

But that was in the future -- the near future.

For the moment, she was still rooting around in Margot's sodden cunt, enjoying her first lovebox lunch.

"I'm finished, dear!" Margot sighed.

Debby stayed down there for awhile anyhow, slurping up the dreamy residue. She had become a confirmed advocate of cunt-diving from the very first, finding that she needed no practice or training or experience -- that she knew instinctively how to eat a cunt -- and that her tongue was as erotic as her clit.

After a while she looked up.

Margot was fluttering her tongue out like a lesbian proffering a calling card and Debby gave a little squeal when she realized it was to be a mutual munching.

She crawled on up Margot's lush body -- in the same way that Margot's son had crawled up Debby's mom's body, in fact, although the girl didn't know about that yet.

Her cunt was spilling out juice plentifully as she rubbed it on Margot's dark vee and then up her tummy. She squatted over the woman's big tits, wiping her pussy on them, her clit brushing the stiff tips and cuntjuice streaming down into the deep, smooth cleavage.

Margot was craning her neck and tilting her face up, eager to get to work on the teenager's pussy. Being eaten out was a treat, but Margot preferred to do the eating, and by this time her tongue was really hot. It was sizzling in her saliva at the prospect of being sunk into a young cunthole.

Debby wriggled up and plunked her pussy down onto the dark-haired woman's face.

Margot began to drive her tongue into the girl's frothy fuckhole and to suck on her engorged clit. She held her by the round cheeks of her sweet little ass and pulled her down as she sucked merrily away.

Debby slid both hands down over her slim belly and used her fingertips to spread her cunt open wide around the woman's mouth, as if she were trying to get her whole face buried up inside her pussy.

Margot fed. Her tongue and lips made moist sucking sounds and her throat was gulping as she swallowed the flow.

Debby's cunt was squishing as it poured into Margot's eager face, adding sweet sound effects to the sucking sensations.

She began to quiver convulsively.

"Drink me, Mrs. Benson!" she gasped. "Ohhhh, swallow from my cunt!"

As the teenager began to climax, Margot fell into a feeding frenzy, biting like a shark. She used her tongue to spoon the cuntjuice into her mouth and her pliable lips were sucking like a vacuum cleaner.

Debby dissolved. As her cunt melted, her fuckjuice oozed out like hot wax and Margot gulped the goodness of a creaming cunt down with rapture.

The final spasm hit the teenager so powerfully that her whole body shook, all her nubile meat jiggling. With a sigh, she fell off Margot's face.

She sprawled out belly-down on the bed.

Margot sat up, smiling dreamily. She bent down and kissed Debby's firm round ass, then began to lap up the crack and to tongue-fuck her tiny shithole.

Having discovered that she had a bisexual lover living in the house next door, Margot was determined to make this first occasion so memorable that Debby would be eager to return for plenty of repeats.

And if Margot's son was fucking the girl, too, so much the better!

Margot was hot to drink her own son's fuck-juice out of Debby's cunt, knowing how scrumptious their cum-juices were and really looking forward to swallowing those succulent sauces at the same time.

She ate out Debby's asshole for a few happy moments, slipping her chin down to give the girl's cunt a few more slurps from the rear.

Then she drew away.

"Wait, darling, don't move!" Margot huskily sighed as she got off the bed.

She walked over to her dresser.

Debby lay belly-down and ass-up, glancing over her shoulder, wondering what was going to happen next. She had an idea that with a lady like Margot, it would be fun.

Margot opened a drawer and fumbled around for a moment. When she turned around, grinning like a fiend, Debby gave a little gasp.

Margot had strapped on a massive rubber prick.

Seeing the sexy female equipped with a gigantic cock was tremendously erotic, and Debby was looking forward to the attentions of the rubber lover.

The girl drew her knees up under her and hiked her ass up into the doggy-fucking posture.

Margot knelt behind Debby's haunches and fitted the fat rubber cock-knob into her cunt. Then she inched it up and in until it had vanished. Her belly was pressed to the curve of Debby's ass as she ground the fake prick around in the girl's teenaged cunt.

She gripped the girl by her hips and twisted her around as she fucked merrily away. Debby's cunthole was so hot that Margot thought that she could smell burning rubber as she whipped the dildo into the smoldering chute.

Then she plucked the prick out and shifted it so that the bulging cock-knob was in Debby's asshole.

Debby squealed as her virgin shitchute began to fill up with latex.

But she didn't complain. Debby was game for anything.

Margot assfucked the teenager, switched back to her cunt, then assfucked her some more. Her own ass was corkscrewing as she shoved the cock up Debby's shitter, and her cuntjuice was streaming down her thighs.

The wanton woman pulled the dildo back out and shifted up, offering it to Debby's mouth.

"Taste yourself, baby," she said. "Suck my rubber dong -- taste your cunt and asshole!"

Debby willingly sucked on the soiled dildo, bobbing down as if she were giving head to a real flesh and blood cock.

Her own fuck juices were tasty, but not nearly as delicious as Margot's.

Debby was enjoying this dildo play, but she was getting hungry for more oral sex. Margot thrust into her face and Debby turned onto her back, heaving her loins up. The raven-tressed woman shifted back and drove the hard rubber dildo into the girl's cunt again.

She fucked away with gusto, bending down to suck the girl's nipples and kiss her cummy lips.

"Do you like my prick, honey?" Margot rasped.

"Y-yes, but-but I'd rather have your tongue!" Debby whispered.

She hoped that Margot was not insulted -- and saw by the way she smiled that she wasn't.

"If I need something hard, I'd rather have a real prick!" Debby sighed. "Like your son's prick, for instance!"

Margot fucked the prick in twice more, then pulled it out and unbuckled the harness.

She held it up to her face, the leather straps draped over her heaving tits. She began to lick the soiled wand, then sucked on it. But, like Debby, Margot knew that cunt and ass tasted a lot better when a hungry lady was sucking it straight from the source.

She tossed the dildo aside and dove for Debby's sodden pussy, eating with passion.

"I-I wanna suck cunt too!" Debby squealed.

The teenager's tongue was as excited as her cunt and she was hot to feast on fuckhole again.

"Let's sixty-nine!" Margot moaned.

"Ohhhh yeah!" Debby cried.

What a clever idea, Debby thought. If they were both eating each other out, they could both have pleasure at the same time.

It sure solved the problem of whether she was more in the mood to feed or be fed!

Keeping her greedy mouth plastered on Debby's cunt, Margot began to rotate her body. Her haunches came sliding around through a half circle.

She threw a knee across and mounted Debby's face without for an instant dislodging her mouth from the teenager's tasty pussy.

Debby's blonde head jumped up and Margot's raven-haired cunt jerked down to meet her questing mouth. Debby began to suck at one end of the coupling while Margot carried on her munching at the other end.

Debby was satisfying her mouth and her cunt at the same time, pleasuring her tongue and her clit all at once. The thrill was running back and forth between their united bodies like an electric current, charging them with sexual energy. Debby's clit sparked on Margot's tongue and a split second later her own tongue tingled as she felt the woman's clit explode on her taste buds.

Debby swallowed a hot mouthful of cunt-cum just as her own cunt issued an equal flood, pumping the milky juice into Margot's sucking maw.

They rolled onto their sides, then rolled again, with the teenager coming out on top.

Debby thought that she was going to cum forever.

Each time she gulped more goo from Margot's cunt, her own cunt spilled out the same amount. It was as if the cunt-cum she was drinking was passing straight through her body and returning to the woman.

Locking mouths and cunts, they churned together in a mutual rapture, aware of nothing else.

They had no idea that they were also putting on a passion play for two very interested spectators.

Chapter TWELVE

Both wearing only bathrobes, Claire and Jerry crossed the lawn and went into his house. The moment they were in the door they heard the sounds of sucking from above.

They exchanged a glance -- then a grin.

They tiptoed up the stairs and down the hall and looked into Jerry's bedroom. Both gasped at the sight of the two females embracing in a fervent sixty-nine.

Since one was Jerry's mother and the other was Claire's daughter, there was no need for either of the onlookers to feel embarrassed that a member of their family -- their own flesh and blood -- should be bi-sexual.

But they sure felt horny.

Claire was licking her lips.

She had never indulged in oral sex with another woman, but seeing her daughter and the sexy neighbor enjoying it so enormously, she realized that eating out a cunt must be a real treat.

And Jerry, although he still wasn't absolutely certain that his mother had sucked his prick and swallowed his jizz, was eager to get involved, too.

Claire slipped out of her bathrobe, letting it flutter to the floor. Jerry followed suit. Naked, they stood in the open doorway, watching.

They were keen to join in, but realized that it would be a shame to interrupt Margot and Debby before those distaff and deviate diners were done.

Claire took Jerry's swollen prick in her hand, frigging him gently. He cupped her firm ass, then dipped his hand into her groin from under her ass cheeks and began to move his fingers in her fuck-slot.

But their mutual caressing was only incidental.

They were both engrossed in the show that they were watching on Jerry's bed.

And waiting for it to end -- so that the next act could begin, with additions to the carnal cast.

The lesbian lovers finished up with the agile teenager mounted on the top. Her blonde head was buried in Margot's raven-dark bush, and Margot's face was tilted up, plastered to the teenager's pussy.

They juiced off together, drinking with relish.

When they were through creaming, they stayed locked in the reversed embrace for awhile. Then Debby lifted her creamy face out of that dark groin -- and gave a little squeal when she saw her mother and her boyfriend standing together in the bedroom door.

She flipped her crotch off Margot's head and the woman sat up. She, too, gasped when she saw that their lesbian love-making had been watched.

But then Debby and Margot both realized that Claire and Jerry was naked and that they were feeling each other up -- and that neither looked shocked or angry or scandalized. Far from it. They were both beaming.

"Errr -- you don't mind?" Margot asked.

"Not if you don't," Claire said. Margot didn't seem to understand fully, so Claire went on to explain. "It was really a coincidence. You see, just as your son sneaked over to our house, my daughter came sneaking on over to your house. So you wound up dyking my daughter -- and I've been sucking and fucking with your son!"

"Assfucking, too!" Jerry proudly added.

"We sort of crisscrossed, huh?" Debby said. "Jeez, that's really weird. I was coming over here to give you a blowjob, Jerry -- and I wound up doing plenty of pussy-sucking with your mom!"

"And I got my blowjob, too -- from your mom!" Jerry exclaimed, helping to clarify the bizarre situation. He gave his own mother a questioning sort of look. "Or did I get a blowjob before that, Mom?"

Margot had grace enough to blush.

But under the circumstances, with all of them having done so many naughty things, the wanton woman realized there was no need to be ashamed.

"Yes, darling," she sighed. "It wasn't a dream. It was me. I wasn't sure if you knew..."

"Naw, I figured it was Debby," he said.

They all chuckled over the confusion.

Then the gay laughter faded away and they gazed at each other.

The fun had just begun. It was like a tennis match. They had played out the singles and now it was time for doubles.

Claire and Jerry joined Margot and Debby on the bed, all set to party. Margot, glad that the truth was known and that her incestuous desires, as well as her bisexual ones, were all out in the open, began to kiss her son.

There was nothing maternal about her passionate kiss as they swapped tongues.

Jerry could taste the hauntingly familiar flavor of Debby's cunt on his mom's lips.

And Margot was savoring the delectable residue of both Claire's and Debby's cunt-cum on her son's tongue.

Debby and Claire were just watching, for the moment, thrilled to be spectators.

Jerry ducked his head down to suck his mother's tits. His prick was looming up, neglected for the moment, the fat knob spilling out pre-cum.

"Watch me, Mommy!" Debby cried.

She lowered her blonde head and took Jerry's greasy cockhead into her mouth. As she sucked on it, she gazed impishly at her passionate parent.

Claire was smiling with approval and encouragement -- and looking a little envious, too.

Debby shifted away and beckoned.

"Take a taste, Mom! Show me how you do it!" she moaned, licking her frothy lips.

Claire eagerly dove on the boy's cock and swallowed it right down to his balls. She bobbed up and down, demonstrating her technique. Jerry already knew that she was a talented cock-sucker, but she wanted her little girl to know it, too.

Debby squealed as she watched.

Then she bobbed down again. Mother and daughter began to suck cock together.

Cheek to cheek, two golden blonde heads ducked around, both tonguing the boy's slimy cockhead.

As they licked his prick, they were winding their lappers together, as if they were French-kissing each other around the meaty, succulent slab.

Then they took turns sucking his cockhead.

When Claire collared the knob in her mouth, Debby went on down to lick and suck his balls, then slurped up and down the underside of his cockshaft.

Then Claire handed the bulging prickhead over and Debby swallowed it in, while Claire traded places with the girl, laving his balls.

Jerry was still nursing on his mother's heavy tits and she was gazing down past his face, watching the two blondes giving him head.

It thrilled her to watch her son's enormous cock sliding in and out of those sensual mouths. But she was starting to feel envious and possessive, too.

She placed her lips to the boy's ear as his head bobbed around on her tits.

"Can you cum more than once again?" she whispered.

Jerry understood her concern instantly.

"Yeah, Mom, don't worry," he said. "I can shoot all fucking night!"

"Oooooh! Then feed those fucking cock-suckers, baby!" Margot cried, hot to see his cum spurt.

Jerry began to hump up and down, fucking into Debby's face, then into Claire's. They changed places on every stroke so that he was feeding one the meat, then the other, a single thrust for each mouth.

His prick was getting gooey, the shaft glistening with preliminary cum and drenched with drool.

His prick thundered in Claire's maw.

Debby thought that he was shooting.

"Don't be greedy, Mom!" she gasped, afraid that her mother might swallow it all.

Naturally, the girl wanted to drink her share, especially since she hadn't had a prick cum in her mouth all day or night. She'd gulped down plenty of cunt-cum, but the only jizz she had eaten she had licked from her hands.

But Jerry hadn't spurted yet.

Claire, unselfish and generous, and knowing that as a loving parent she had a duty to her daughter, pulled her lips from his cock-knob.

It was just in time.

As Debby moved over his cockhead, about to pounce like a hungry tiger, his balls exploded.

He came before he was even in Debby's mouth.

But it was okay, because not a drop of his spunk was lost.

Debby's mouth was open wide, hovering inches above the head of his prick. His creamy spunk squirted out and flew straight into her gasping maw.

Like a salmon swimming against the current to spawn, Debby pushed her face down against that geyser and took his cockhead into her lips as he shot off another wad. She sucked and swallowed, loving it.

Then she jerked away and her mother dove on his prick to finish off and drink the dregs.

Then they both leaned back, grinning.

They kissed each other, letting his jism trickle back and forth between their lips.

Jerry's cock was sagging. It wasn't going soft, but it had lost the steely tension, the heavy head bobbing around like the weight on the end of a pendulum.

"Suck him up stiff again!" Margot moaned.

Debby and Claire eagerly dove back into the youth's groin and began to work in unison, as before. Within minutes, those randy relatives had his prick stiff again.

His cock was taut and ready for service, and they spent a bit more time lapping and licking as they waited for his virile balls to balloon once more.

Then Debby and Claire both drew back from his cock.

Margot gently tugged his face off her tits.

"Fuck me now, darling!" she groaned.

She sprawled back on the bed, spread-eagled, her knees up and her lush legs parted wide.

Jerry knelt between her thighs.

The boy hesitated, hardly able to believe that he was about to become a motherfucker.

But he sure as hell was.


Jerry nudged his cock-knob into his mom's cunt.

The idea of fucking his mother was turning the boy on far more than fucking with Claire or Debby would have. He knew that it was wicked and sordid and depraved -- and he longed for it all the more because of that.

Holding his prick by the hilt, he rubbed the head around in her gooey cunt, using it like a ladle to stir that slot to a creamy froth.

Then he began to fuck it in.

Margot arched and undulated and moaned, her face a mask of raging lust.

Margot was crazed by desire for her teenaged son. She had already sucked him off, but that had been a covert act. Now they were about to commit the ultimate incest, to break the final taboo -- and with full awareness.

The fact that a sexy mother and nubile daughter were looking on only magnified her joy.

Jerry fucked his cock in to the hilt.

He held it buried as he savored the pleasure of having every inch of his throbbing prick stuffed up his mother's clinging cunthole and gave her a chance to know the bliss of being filled with his cockmeat.

Then he began to fuck in and out.

His ass corkscrewed vigorously and her haunches heaved and humped in horny rapture.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, baby!" she wailed.

"Take it, Mom!" he rasped, thrusting in.

His balls slapped against her churning ass as he burrowed his prick in to the core of her cunt, filling her to the brim, stuffing her full.

She clamped her thighs around his hips, grinding her cunt down to meet his thrusts. Her son was throwing a magnificent fuck into her and Margot was in ecstasy.

"Fuck -- screw -- pump it to me!" she gurgled.

Jerry fucked away with youthful vitality, thundering up his parent's pussy.

It was having a profound effect on a mother and daughter as they studied the juicy details.

Debby and her mom were both hot from sucking Jerry off between them and now, witnessing the depraved frenzy of an incest fuck, they were smoldering.

They were jealous of Margot, envying the woman that cuntful of teenaged cockmeat.

Claire was wishing that she had a son.

Debby was wishing she had a brother.

"Let's lick around the edges, Mom!" Debby whimpered, dancing her tongue on her lips.

Claire nodded in agreement, sharing her little girl's taste in such matters.

Debby slid in belly-down on the bed. She began to tongue Jerry's cumbags as they swung in and out of his mother's steamy loins.

Claire moved closer. She spread the hard cheeks of the boy's ass open and began to lick up the musky, gamy cleft.

Then she started to suck his asshole.

With a mouth on his balls and another on his shitter, Jerry began to fuck his mother's boiling pussy with redoubled frenzy.

Claire was slobbering into his shithole and her drool, flavored from his asshole, ran down the crack of his ass like melted fudge.

The tide washed over his balls.

And Debby sucked it up.

Then the Wedgewood women switched places, sharing his haunches as they had his cock. Debby came up to eat asshole and Claire dropped down to suck his balls.

Debby cupped her tits and fucked her stiff nipples into Jerry's asshole. Then she clamped her lips to the taut brown slot and sucked some more.

He groaned and carried on, fucking his mother's cunt furiously. The boy was happy that he had already cum so much and so often. This was his first motherfucking session and he wanted to make it last as long as possible -- although he knew damned well it wouldn't be the last.

Debby came up for air.

Claire rose from his rutting groin and kissed Debby on the lips, tasting Jerry's shitter.

Debby drew back and gave her mom an inquiring look.

Claire waited for the girl to speak, knowing full well what she had in mind.

"It's too bad that we've only got one prick, huh, Mom?" the young girl whispered.

Claire nodded, smiling slightly.

"Margot taught me how two women can have lots of fun without a prick, though," the girl said.

She stared at her mother.

Claire sighed and spread her legs.

"Show me," she said.

Debby kissed Claire's full, spunk-drenched, ass-flavored lips, exploring with her tongue. Then she dipped down and began to suck her mother's tits, just as if she were once again a nursing infant.

The girl slid lower and ran her tongue through the silken blonde curls of Claire's bushy vee. Then she moved on down and tongued up and down her inner thighs.

Claire jerked her cunt up.

"Eat me out, baby!" she moaned.

Debby brushed her cute little nose back and forth against her mother's clit, sniffing as she did so, breathing in the fragrant fumes of her fuckhole.

She began to dart her tongue into Claire's cunt.

It was the same for Debby as it was for Jerry.

Jerry was enjoying fucking his mother more than he had enjoyed fucking the next-door neighbor, and now Debby was more turned on by her own mother's cunt than she had been, earlier, when she had snacked on Margot's pussy.

Incest has its own dark charm.

Debby stirred her tongue into the cream bowl and her lips sucked her mother's clit.

Claire trembled wildly.

She had her head turned down as she watched her little girl grovel in her groin. The sight and the slurping sounds enhanced her pleasure, but the biggest thrill of all was the knowledge that this oral sex, this lesbian love, was also tainted by being taboo.

Her little girl was eating forbidden fruit.

"Suck, baby, tonguefuck my hot cunt! Oooh, eat me out, darling!" she moaned.

Jerry and Margot both looked to the side and grinned when they saw another act of incest in progress, right on the bed beside their flailing flanks.

It inspired them to fuck even faster.

And as Jerry sank his cock into his mom's cunt, Debby was stabbing her tongue into her own mother's cunt with every bit as much gusto.

Claire began to cum.

Her mother's cuntjuice came pouring out into her daughter's mouth and Debby drank it down with glee, quaffing from her mother's pussy.

Claire surged to the heights and held there as Debby feasted in her foaming fuckhole. She shook violently as she spasmed. Then she sank back, panting, a dreamy smile on her creamy lips.

Debby kept on snacking in her crotch, making sure that she had worked off every convulsive spasm and milked out every scrumptious drop.

Then she looked up.

"Yes, darling, it's Mommy's turn," Claire sighed, flashing her tongue in and out tantalizingly. She had realized, as her daughter had earlier that evening, that cunt-lapping was a double-ended affair.

As her cunt and clit became contented, her mouth and tongue got horny in proportion.

Debby lay back, and her mother dove on her pussy without pause. Her tongue slurped in. She seemed to be glued in her daughter's groin by a paste of pussyjuice and drool.

Claire had never sucked a cunt before.

But she realized that eating pussy was the sort of thing that just came natural to any woman. A lady didn't have to be a lesbian to be a cunt-lapper.

"Cream, Debby! Juice for Mommy's mouth!" she panted into the girl's pussy.

"Cummin', Mom -- creamin'!" Debby wailed.

Her sweet fuckjuice gushed out and Claire wolfed it down hungrily. Claire loved it so much that even before she had finished feasting this first time, she was looking forward to spending hours with her face buried between her teenager's slim and shapely thighs.

"Ooooh -- eat, Mom! Munch my muff -- milk me, Mommy!" Debby gasped as she climaxed repeatedly, creaming even better than she had in Margot's mouth.

Then she collapsed, drained.

Claire continued to lap away, slurping up the dregs and dipping down to suck the overflow out of the crack of her daughter's adorable ass.

Then she slid up, and mother and daughter embraced lovingly and tenderly, kissing with affection now that their passion was stilled -- for the moment.

Cuddling together, they watched Jerry and Margot finish.

Jerry was fucking into Margot's cunt with strong thrusts as he soared toward his climax.

She was already cumming -- and cumming -- her orgasm going on and on, her cunt continuing to cream as long as his fat cock kept fucking into her.

Then the boy threw his head and shoulders back and howled like a beast in torment.

His balls erupted and the volcanic lava of his cum shot into his mother's fuckhole. He emptied his balls off stroke by stroke and spurt by spurt.

Finished at last, he withdrew.

Her cunthole stayed open in a wide oval, retaining the shape of his thick prick.

Margot looked down into her own spread crotch and watched Jerry's jizz ooze out.

Then Debby and Claire both dove on her cunt and sucked his slime from her cunt with relish, as a sort of dessert to complete the meal.

They were all satisfied for now.

But there was no sense in Debby and Claire going home. With both husbands out of town, they were at liberty.

They stayed for breakfast -- in bed.


As dawn came and the neighbors awoke, all eager for a morning cluster-fuck, so, too, did breakfast time come three hundred miles away.

Roger Wedgewood and Tony Benson were sharing a table in the hotel restaurant, having coffee and toast and talking about the woman they had fucked the night before.

Then in came Tom, their host, looking all fresh and well-scrubbed. No one would have known what a pervert he was, unless they had been fucking his wife while he looked on.

He joined them at their table.

They politely inquired about Wanda.

"Oh, she's still in bed," he said. "She hates to get up early. I've had her breakfast sent up to her." He paused, smiling. "Would you like to -- errrr -- come on up for a while before you check out?"

Evidently, Wanda liked a hearty breakfast.

Obviously, Roger and Tony were happy to supply it for the hot vixen.

All three went up together.

When they entered the hotel room, they saw the serving cart standing just inside the door, the breakfast dishes still covered.

Then they saw why.

The waiter was stretched out on the bed -- and Wanda was sucking his prick!

He gave a squawk of alarm.

Wanda looked up, her lips dripping and her flaming red hair cascading over her cheeks.

She smiled happily when she saw that her husband had not returned alone.

"I won't be a minute, dear," she said. "I'm almost finished."

The waiter was looking horrified. But Wanda dove on his cock again and her husband nodded encouragement. Then the waiter relaxed, realizing that these were not your average hotel guests.

Wanda's head bobbed up and down, swallowing down on the waiter's fat cock.

Her husband wandered over and knelt down beside the bed to get a close-up of the action, a ringside seat for the grand finale of the face-fucking.

Roger and Tony exchanged a glance.

They were both thinking that Tom was a disgusting sort of pervert to take such delight in his own cuckolding. How could a man be that way?

Still, his perversion was to their advantage, and they both began to undress.

The waiter had been about to shoot his wad, but then had slipped from the peak in his shock and alarm at having her husband walk in on them. Now, seeing that it was all right, he began to soar again.

His cock lurched and spurted like a fountain.

"Glubbbbbbb!" Wanda sputtered as she swallowed.

"Drink deeply, dear," her husband said.

She milked the waiter dry, then pulled her mouth from his cock and turned to her husband. She showed Tom her spunk-coated tongue.

Then she kissed him, like any normal, loving wife.

The waiter rolled off the bed and pulled his pants up, eager to depart before her husband's attitude changed.

But Tom gave him a tip as he left.

And then it was the turn of two unfaithful traveling men on that insatiable redhead.

She sucked Roger off for starters.

Then she milked Tony's cock in her mouth.

With a solid night's sleep behind them, both of the errant husbands shot their cum off quite quickly the first time, feeding her plentifully.

When she had sucked them both dry, she embraced her husband and the loving couple spent a few happy moments kissing and cuddling fondly.

It amazed the guests that Tom could kiss her cocksucking mouth so tenderly -- before his wife had even brushed her teeth. They just couldn't figure him out.

But it turned them on, too. They were both stroking their pricks, and both got stiff without trouble. When she saw they were ready, Wanda turned onto her hands and knees and hiked her ass up.

Roger knelt behind her haunches and slipped his cock into her cunt from behind.

"Oh, yes, fuck her like a dog!" Tom gasped.

Roger hammered away, tipping her ass up and down and bouncing her knees on the bed. He held her by her hips and ground into her groin.

His fuckjuice jetted into her.

Roger grunted as he shot off, and Wanda gurgled with glee -- and Tom looked positively ecstatic.

Roger pulled out and her cunt overflowed with his thick, milky jizz. She reached out to Tony and drew him down on the bed, on his back.

Throwing one leg across, she mounted his cock. She balanced on his cock-knob like a flagpole sitter as she worked the meaty slab around in her sodden cunt.

Then she pushed her pussy on down and took him deep into her smoldering cunt. Her cuntlips plastered to the hairy hilt of his towering prick.

She squatted down, hunkered on his hard-on, turning her ass and hips and winding her cunt around on the rock-hard prick. Then she started to ride, rising up to his cock-knob, then dropping back to the base.

Tom knelt at the foot of the bed so that, looking in under her jerking ass, he had a perfect view of the coupling. He watched Tony's thick prick emerge, all glistening and pulsing, then sink back in to the hilt.

Tom's chin was resting on the edge of the bed, his face thrust out toward the rutting groins. But he kept his distance, making no contact.

Tom might be kinky, but he had his limits.

His only interest in another man's cock was in conjunction with his wife's cunt.

Wanda pumped up and down frantically and her fuckhole contracted, increasing the friction.

"Cream my cunt! Jizz me! Juice in me!" she cried. "Fill my scum-bucket, baby!"

Tony grunted.

His cum spurted into the depths of her seething pussy in a geyser.

Wanda wailed and pounded her pussy up and down in a frenzy as she drained him off. When he had stopped squirting, she slumped over him for a moment, catching her breath, smiling with dreamy contentment.

Then she drew her cunt off his cock and rolled over on the bed.

Tony got up, and he and Roger both looked at Tom.

But Tom paid them no attention now, and they saw that they were no longer needed. They got dressed. Then they stood there for a few minutes, fascinated, staring at the scene as if they were horrified.

Tom was eating his wife's soaking cunt.

His mouth was glued to her pussy and he was sucking all the cum out of her. His tongue spooned it out by the mouthful as his lips nursed and milked.

Roger shook his head in disgust.

Tony gave a grunt of disapproval.

Then they departed, leaving Tom and Wanda to their weird wedded ways.

Roger and Tony were in total agreement.

Meeting the perverts had been lots of fun.

But it had been sordid as well.

And both men were going to be happy to return home to their own normal, stable families -- or so they thought.


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