Aunt in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In AUNT IN BONDAGE, Corinne Nelson finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless rinds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Although Corinne suffers through an unspeakable horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

Corinne Nelson tried not to break into tears as she fixed her make-up. She couldn't really accept that she had to go and plead with her nephew for money. But losing her job had left her with no choice. Julius was her only relative in the city, so it had to be him. That was the horror.

The irony was that Julius was only a couple of years younger than she was, the oldest son of her brother, who himself was nineteen years older than her. It had been a family joke when she and Julius played together as children, but that was a long time ago.

She eased her best stockings on. She had to try and make a good impression on him. She hadn't seen him in three years, when he first arrived in Chicago. Since then he'd become very successful, lived in one of the big condo blocks downtown and drove a BMW. They had never gotten along well as adults. Corinne thought Julius was a fast-lane type, running around with a lot of women he shouldn't have been seen with. Corinne lived quietly in her apartment in one of the less fashionable neighborhoods. She'd had one evening out with Julius and one of his women, but had left in a fury. The little whore made a lot of jokes about the size of Julius' cock. It was disgusting, and Corinne had said so.

And now she had to go and humble herself. She put on her best matching bra-and-panty set, and the little lacy white-and-blue slip that flattered her lovely figure so well. Sometimes Corinne thought she ought to wear very unflattering clothes, because she was always getting propositioned. By men in her office, by the buyers she had had to deal with, even by men who tried to pick her up on the EL. It made her shudder sometimes just to think about it. Men were such beasts; they didn't understand that a woman might want to save herself for marriage.

She tried to put that out of her mind as she rang the bell of Julius' condo. There was a pause and a woman's voice came over the speaker.

"Yes?" the voice said.

Corinne trembled with new fear. Another of Julius' whores probably.

"It's Corinne Nelson," she said. "Is Julius there?"


"Corinne Nelson."

"Wait a moment."

There was a horrible pause. Then the door buzzed and she pushed it open and went up.

"Well, Aunt Corinne," Julius said, leaning on the door, regarding her with a funny smile as she came down the corridor. "What brings you to the sinful city?"

"I-I wanted to talk to you," Corinne said. He took her in and waved her into a large padded chair. "Can I get you a drink?"

"No, no thank you," Corinne said and put her purse on the floor.

"Tell me, Aunt Corinne," he said, flopping onto the sofa, "how come a gorgeous bit of stuff like you never gets laid?"

He grinned and Corinne blushed to the roots of her lovely blonde hair.

"I came to ask your help, Julius," she said. "I'm in an awful fix. I lost my job, and I'm broke, and I have to pay a lot of bills this month. And I wondered if you could give me enough to make through until I get another job, and I'll pay you back right away, and I'm sorry but..."

"Hold on," he said, waving his arm at her. "How much do you need?"

Corinne gulped. "Well, about three thousand."

"Three thousand?"

She nodded, feeling worse than ever.

He questioned her further, getting all the humiliating details out.

"Hmmmm," he said, "wait a moment."

He got up and Corinne thought that success had added to his tail dark and, she had to admit it, handsome looks. He walked with an air of authority as he went into the kitchen, and she heard him talking in low tones to the woman who had answered the bell. At one point she giggled and made Corinne fed even worse.

He came back in and sat down again, grinning at her.

"Okay," he said, "but there is a condition. You can have the money as a gift. If, and only if, you agree to spend the weekend here. We're having a small party and we go and sleep and go and don't take any notice of the time. Do that, and the money's yours."

Corinne shuddered. That meant she would have to spend two and a half days in the company of people she despised. With their disgusting jokes and innuendos. She'd probably have to fend off some of them, particularly if they got drunk. It was awful even to think about.

"I sleep in a room alone," she said.

"If you want," he chuckled, and the girl in the kitchen gave another giggle.

"All right, then," Corinne said. "It was a good idea that I came in my best clothes."

"Sure," he said.

And, behind the wall, Corinne heard the girl go into suppressed laughter.

"Oh," Julius said, "this is Susie -- my girlfriend." A pretty, but disgustingly sluttish girl of about twenty came out of the kitchen, her blonde hair flicking around her face. She wasn't the one Corinne had met before, but that was typical. She was dressed in a little black outfit that only just covered her large, swelling tits and stopped just at the top of her black stockings. Her five-inch heels accentuated the hot curves of her legs as she swayed up and grinned at Corinne.

"SO this is the aunt who can't take jokes about cock," she said. "Hi! I'm Susie."

"Yes," said Corinne, wondering if she was going to be able to get through the weekend with this soft of thing going on. "Julius told me."

She studied the girl, the sensual curves of her lips, the dark eye shadow, the curling ringlets falling over her shoulders. No wonder Julius liked her. She was just his type.

An hour later, Corinne was feeling even worse. She had met the people she would have to spend the weekend with. They were all from the condos around Julius.

There was Martin. He was of medium build, with fair hair and a dark business suit. He took his jacket off the moment he came in and tossed it over the sofa as if he were in his own house. That put Corinne off at once.

Then came Saul and his wife Melissa.

Saul was short, with massive broad shoulders. He was balding and that somehow made him look menacing.

His wife was a dark, sensual beauty. Her creamy skin set off her black hair perfectly as it flowed over her shoulders. When she shook hands with Corinne, she held it for a moment and stared at her.

"This is a surprise," Melissa said.

"Yeah," said Julius, "Mary cancelled, so Corinne filled in at the last moment."

Corinne gasped and looked at him, not understanding what he meant. He grinned, and she decided it was just another of his nasty jokes.

Then came Donald. He was tall, slim with a small mustache. He gave Corinne a long appraising look as they were introduced, an amused smile on his face.

Corinne tried to keep out of the conversation as much as possible. She thought she saw Susie giggling to Melissa and the two of them giving her a fast look. She ignored it and allowed Donald to chat to her for a while, even though site spent most of the time staring out of the window over the city skyline.

Suddenly the whole mood changed. Julius stood up and raised his drink.

"Are we ready?" he yelled.

"You bet!" Martin said. "Get the party rolling!"

"A toast to my Aunt Corinne," Julius said.

They all drank to her, while Corinne shivered and took a sip of her wine cooler.

"Now," Julius said, "since Corinne is our new member, she gets to show us what she has first. Agreed?"

"Yeahhhh!" the men cheered.

Corinne went scarlet. "What do you mean?"

"Why do you think we all spend the weekend together?" Julius grinned, enjoying Corinne's growling horror. "To discuss business? We're, here to fuck, Aunt Corinne, and you're gonna join us."

"Yesbhhh." Donald said, "can't let a fox like that go."

Corinne went cold and then hot. She saw the money flying away, but there was no way she was going to allow herself to be involved in casual sex.

"I'm sorry, Julius," she said, "but you have the wrong girl. Forget the money -- I'm leaving."

"No," he said softly. "You're going to strip for us and fuck everybody here, tonight?"

"Riiiight!" the rest of the men agreed. "Sorry, Julius," said Corinne, "but I'm not going to be a part of your disgusting sex life."

She picked up her purse, put her glass down and started for the door. Donald and Saul blocked her way.

"Please," Corinne said and tried to push past, but they didn't move. "Julius, tell them to let me..."

"I really think you should see what happens to little shits who disobey around here," Julius said.

"Let me go!" Corinne tried to push past Saul. "Sit down. We'll even show you," said Julius, "and then you can see if you want to disobey or not."

Corinne gasped with fright and anger as Saul picked her up, his massive body hardly straining, and sat her forcibly into an upright chair.

"I'll scream," she warned.

"Go ahead," Julius said. "All condos around here belong to us, have a good time."

Corinne started screaming when her arms were pulled behind the chair and handcuffs clicked over her wrists.

"No, stop that!" she yelled as a rope through the cuffs secured her wrists to the lower back of the chair. She was almost helpless. She tried to get to her feet, but Donald grabbed her lovely blonde hair and slid a thick black leather collar around her neck. "What do you think you're doing? Stop or I'll call the police!"

She struggled frantically as Donald attached a large chain to the collar and held her hard to the chair. She broke into sobs, her skirt riding up over her knees, showing more of her legs than was decent.

"Fuck, look at those legs!" Saul gasped and his hand reached down and slid her skirt farther, revealing more of Corinne's curvaceous thighs.

"Patience, Saul," Julius said; "We've got all weekend. Let my aunt show you herself."

Saul grinned. "Sure, Julius."

"Julius, let me go! I'll scream the place down!" Corinne wailed, struggling helplessly against the bonds.

"Now don't be boring," Julius said. "If you scream again, we'll gag you until we're ready for you."

"You wouldn't do that, let me... aaahhh!" Corinne screeched as a set of rubber gag balls were thrust into her mouth. She gagged and heaved, but the rubber strap that held the balls in her mouth was already winding around her head. She stared up at her nephew, who was grinning down at her.

He came up and Corinne saw that there was a horrible bulge in the front of his pants. He slid his hand over the neckline of Corinne's good white blouse, his fingers playing with the buttons.

"You're a real streak of good luck," he said, pulling open the top button of Corinne's blouse. "Susie and Melissa may be the horniest bitches in Illinois, but I was thinking of calling some hookers to back them up. Then you turn up. Isn't that wonderful?"

His fingers opened another button and he could see the lacy top of Corinne's bra. She screamed helplessly into the gag.

"Fuck," he said, "with a face and figure like yours, you should be getting it every night. And you hide away like a fucking nun! Qh, well." He left the sides of Corinne's blouse open and walked away.

Corinne broke into tears at the shame of her bra showing between the open sides of her blouse. But, Donald kept a tight hold on the chain around her neck, and she was utterly helpless.

Julius stood in the middle of the room and chuckles ran through the group.

"Now," he said, "we will show my aunt what happens to little bitches who disobey around here. I must point out to my aunt that Susie refusing to take her clothes off merely shows what a superb actress she is."

There was another chuckle at that and Susie swayed out onto the floor, sliding ha short black dress up her thighs, showing her stocking tops and the delicious curves of her legs. Her sensual, pouting mouth kissed out at the men as she posed, sliding one hand over her dress lop, easing the button at the top open.

"Now, Susie," Julius said, "take that dress off for us."

"Can't," said Susie, pouting harder and leaning forward, allowing the loose dress to fall away from her tits, showing the delicious curves and the little quarter-cup bra that thrust them up even farther than normal.

"If you refuse, you know what happens," Julius threatened.

"Fuck off!" Susie said, and slid close to Saul, working her leg up his thigh, her hand clutching the front of his pants and the enormous cock.

Julius walked over to a closet and flung it open. Corinne nearly passed out. Inside were racks of whips, chains, ropes, black leather clothing of the most disgusting type, and other torture instruments. Julius selected a thin wooden cane and came beck to the center of the room with it.

"Over the chair," he said to Susie.

Susie looked at the cane and gasped, her body shaking with horrible lust. "Fuck off!" she said again.

"Over the chair," Julius said.

Martin and Saul grabbed the blonde, carried her to the back of the large padded chair and flung her face down over it. Susie squealed and moaned, her legs kicking up, showing more of her thighs than ever, until the two men grabbed them and lashed her ankles to the legs of the chair. Martin grabbed her hair when they had finished and held her head down, close to the pillows of the chair seat.

Susie moaned and strained against the bonds around her ankles.

Corinne knew she was going to throw up. The gag balls filled her mouth and the rubber strip forced them almost into her throat as she stared at her nephew, walking around to the back of his struggling girlfriend and easing her dress up over her ass for all the group to see.

Things got worse. Donald held the chain tight so that she had to watch as Julius laid the thin cane across Susie's taut ass cheeks. Susie had a great ass, the swelling cheeks heaving up off the chair back, the lacy straps of her suspenders pulled tight over her creamy flesh. Her little black panties were also stretched tight, and through them Corinne could just see the curly-haired mound of Susie's pussy. That made her even sicker.

"Now watch," Julius said to Corinne. "This is what happens to little whores who refuse to obey."

Corinne choked and stared as he raised the cane, held it for a second and lashed it hard across Susie's ass.

Susie screamed, her body lurching up, her thighs trembling. "Aaahhhh, fuck!"

The cane lashed her again, laying a second thin line of agony across her white skin. She tossed, her hair pulling out of Saul's grasp, her body shaking.

"Aaaghghhh! Yes, yes, oooohhhh!" she moaned. "Goood, Julius, yes, yes." The cane cut her tight ass, beating more thin red lines across it. "Uurrgbh, Julius, Julius!" Her had was pushing into then pillows of the chair as she heaved her ass upward.

Saul stepped back and left Susie alone as the cane whiped her ass hard, the sound ringing through the room.

Corinne was getting even sicker. She struggled against the collar, sweat breaking out of her body in rank terror, staring in growing disbelief at what was going on over the chair.

Susie toned wildly to the beat of the cane, her aorta getting deeper and more guttural, her sobs.

And then Corinne saw that the little bitch was pushing her hand into her panties, her fingers working over her pussy, rubbing as the cane landed on her throbbing ass. Her panties were damp at the crotch too, and the stain was spreading.

"Aaahhh, oooughghh!" Susie sobbed. "Ooooh, Julius, do it, do it -- ooohhb, yeasssss!"

With a scream of lust she heaved up on the chair back, her body shaking in climax, her fingers blurring on her pussy.

Julius whipped her red, straining ass to the beat of her orgasm, lashing the cane in at the peak of each heave on the chair back. Susie's scream of passion rang around the room as she came, shamelessly rubbing her pussy, her legs straining wider, her ass thrusting up for the agony of the thin cane.

"Iieeeiliuuggh!" she screamed. "Yes, it's yes, yes! Aaahhh!" And with a deep moan, she collapsed, falling across the chair back, her fingers still rolling over her pussy. "Yes, I'll take my clothes off for you!"

Julius stopped the cane and Saul untied Susie's ankles.

Susie rolled over on the chair, rubbing her ass, her dress up over her thighs, her legs trembling. "Ooooh, fuck, that was sooooo good!" she moaned.

She got to her feet and pulled her stockings straight, setting her feet properly in her high heels. Then she pouted and sliding the buttons on heir dress open, right down the front until she reached the hem. She paraded for them, showing her luscious body, the tight cincher that accentuated her waist, the tiny bra that heaved her ripe, thrusting tits up, and the equally tiny panties that they had all seen mere than enough of which she was being whipped.

Slowly, she let the dress slide down her arms, fully revealing the delights underneath. She stepped away from it and tossed it over the sofa. Shamelessly, she stood in the middle of the floor and spread her thighs, sliding her fingers into her panties, rubbing her hot little cunt.

"I gotta get fucked!" she moaned. "Come on, one of you meatheads can give it to me!"

"Really, darling," Julius said with a grin. "So impatient, anybody would think you were a nymphomaniac. You wait until we have seen what my dear aunt has to offer."

He walked over to Corinne while Susie gave a moan of lust and sat in a chair, sliding her legs over the arms and openly rubbing her pussy as she watched.

Julius pulled the rubber strip away from Corinne's mouth and she spat the wet balls out.

"New you've seen what happens to nasty little shits," he said. "So, how about taking your clothes off for us?"

Corinne opened her mouth and screamed, her voice shrill.

Julius raised his hand and slapped her hard across the face.

"Aaaaggg!" Corinne wept, her head ringing. His hand came back and slapped her again, the back of his hand hurting more than his palm. "No, no, Julius! Stop, please."

His palm came back and slapped her, driving her head hard to the side. She broke into helpless sobs. He hauled her up by the hair and slapped her again, holding her so that the full force of his hand hit her face.

"Stop that!" he snapped.

Corinne stopped screaming and stared up at him, sniffling and sobbing quietly. Her whole face burned and ached.

"You can scream when you're in pain," he said, "but not for this shit. Now, bow about taking your clothes off for us?"

"No, Julius, please, no! I don't care about the money. Please, just let me go!" Corinne sobbed.

"You don't seem to understand," Julius said, leaning close to his sobbing aunt. "You're going to take your clothes off and fuck us all, whatever I have to do. Now, you want it the easy way, or the hard way?"

"Please, Julius, please!" Corinne sobbed.

"Oh good," he said, "I was afraid you'd give in." He reached down and took hold of the sides of Corinne's expensive blouse.

"No!" she wailed.

But he ignored her protests. The remaining buttons of her blouse held for about a second. Then the first one popped and flew off onto the floor. Corinne gave a long sobbing scream, but the next one followed it, and the last.

"Noooo, please, Julius!" Corinne sobbed as he pulled her blouse away, yanking it out of the waistband of her skirt and to the sides. Then he reached far her slip. It had tiny button at the top, and Corinne broke. "Please, don't rip it, please, Julius!"

She struggled against the handcuffs and the collar, but both were far too tight to allow her any movement.

Julius grinned slowly. "Well, maybe. I think we need a woman's touch for this. How about it, Melissa?"

Melissa gave a low chuckle and got up off the sofa. She came over to the shivering Corinne with a stride that seemed full of menace to the bound aunt. Melissa's long legs moved with sensuality and the top of her dress was already partly open, showing the cleavage of her large, luscious tits.

Melissa smiled, and her fingers went to the top of Corinne's slip. She opened the buttons with, no trouble at all, sliding the small pearl buds out of the lacy slip top one by one until they were all open and she could get to the clip of Corinne's bra, right between her tits.

"Ooooh, God!" Corinne whispered as Melissa eased the clasp of her lacy bra open and held the cups loosely over her tits for a moment.

Smiling softly, Melissa worked the bra cups apart, revealing the curves of Corinne's tits to the whole room. She pushed the bra cups behind Corinne's back, while Donald took a grip on her hair and held her tightly to the chair. Finally Melissa forced the sides of Corinne's slip away from her tits and ran her fingers over the tit mounds.

Corinne gave a sob as her breath got shorter with rising horror. She had heard about women like Melissa -- those who liked to have sex with other women, but she had never thought she would be forced to face one. While Donald held her hair and the chain to the collar around her neck, Melissa took hold of Corinne's nipples and rolled them in her fingers.

"Wow!" she said softly. "This is a real pair of tits -- I mean, look at them!"

"Shit!" Martin gasped as he stared at the twin tit mounds. "You ain't kidding, babe!"

Corinne's tits were as good as the rest of her body: round thrusting globes with large, crinkled nipples and dark areolas. The tit mounds were perfect for her ribcage, and held up with out the support of the bra, pushing out just as proudly.

Melissa slid two of her fingernails on the top and bottom of one of Corinne's nipples. Gazing down at the trembling blonde, she pinched her long, curved nails over Corinne's flesh, sawing them slowly, tightening, cutting into the delicanee nipple.

"Aaaahhh!" Corinne sobbed, her eyes pouring tears as the disgusting woman almost cut her nipple with the pressure of her fingernails.

"Fuuuuck!" Melissa said in her gasping, soft voice. "This is gonna be neat. Come on, Julius, let me do it. I'll blow you for it if you'll pussy-whip me."

"Sure," he said with a lazy grin, "anything to get you warmed up."

"Thank you," Melissa sighed.

She leaned in on Corinne and her soft mouth brushed through Corinne's blonde hair, making the helpless victim jerk with added horror.

"You know," Melissa sighed, flicking her tongue into Corinne's ear, "I spend the whole of my life trying to work out ill love inflicting pain more or getting it." She paused and licked into Corinne's ear again, making Corinne break into helpless sobs. "I figure that if I go on experimenting long enough I might discover the answer. Don't you think that's sensible?"

Corinne gasped and wept, unable to believe she was caught up in this utter horror.

"I said, don't you think that's sensible?" Melissa whispered. And her fingernails were around Corinne's nipple again, tightening, biting into her tit flesh, sawing harder.

"Aaahhh!" Corinne wept. "Stop, please, stop!"

"I said, don't you think that's sensible?" Melissa whispered, sliding her other hand over Corinne's free tit mound, reaching for her nipple while her sharp fingernails bit agony into Corinne's other nipple bud.

"Yes, yes, yes, yesss!" Corinne screamed as the agony assailed her tits. "Anything you say, yesss!"

Melissa smiled in a tight way that filled Corinne with even more dread. She stepped back and unzipped her dress, sliding it down her long curving body in one motion, stepping out of it and tossing it aside. In her dark-gray stockings and tiny matching slip, she walked to the closet and came back with a small handled whip that had a plaited tail about four feet long.

She stood in front of the bound Corinne, her long legs open, her high-heeled shoes accentuating her calves and thighs. The hem of her little gray slip was well above her stocking tops, showing the tight bands of her suspender straps and the creamy white flesh of her thighs. Under the slip her swelling ass pushed out, giving the back of the almost-transparent garment a thrilling, sensual curve. Above that her slim waist was partly concealed by the small folds of the slip, and then her large, heavy tits took over, pushing the slip hanging with melon ripeness in the straining top.

"This is gonna hurt like hell," she said with great satisfaction, running the whip tail through her fingers.

"I'll do it!" Corinne sobbed her will breaking. "I'll take my clothes off for you -- I will, I will!"

"Now don't be a spoil sport," Melissa said, nastily. "You have to tell me you won't at first. Then you say you will."

"Noooo, I will, I will, I'll do it!" Corinne sobbed, staring in horror at the curling leather whip. She strained, but Donald's grip on her hair was far too hard to let her move.

"No, no, no," Melissa chided. "Tell me you won't."

"Noooo, I will!" Corinne screamed. "I will, I will!"

She wept as she saw the whip tail go up, curl in mid air and then lash down viciously. With the mock force, the hard leather tail beat right across her swelling tits.

Chapter TWO

Corinne jerked in the chair, her head twisting, her body racked with the most terrible agony. She screamed, staring at her tits and the thin line of red that showed where the whip had lashed her creamy white tit flesh.

"No, no, I'll do it!" she wailed as the whip curled in again. "Aaaghhh! Help, Julius, help!"

Her tits bounced under the impact of the plaited leather tail, and another curling line of pain joined the first one.

"Ohhhh, I love it!" Melissa gasped as she lashed the screaming Corinne again. She swirled the whip through the air, lashed it in so that the very tip burned into Corinne's nipple, ramming the hard bud into her areola as it hit.

"Aaaghh! Ohhh, God!" Corinne screamed, shrugging against the collar, her arms heaving in the handcuffs. The hard metal bit into her wrists, but she hardly felt it. Everything was concentrated on her tits. "Let me do it!" She sobbed as she watched the curling tail of the whip lashing in on her. "Aaaaghhh! Oh, God, help me!"

Her lovely tit mounds jiggled as another crimson line of agony curled over her flesh. Her legs kicked up with the pain, showing more of her luscious thighs and the tops of her stockings. She tried to stop, but the pain made her legs spasm under each blow.

"Fuuuck, look at her!" Susie yelled, her fingers rubbing her pussy, her legs spread wide. She undid her bra with her other hand and rubbed her nipples, pulling at them as she watched. She yelled as she came, her legs tightening and pulling her ass up off the chair.

"OOOOHH, fuck, I gotta have it! Come on, once! You fuckers, fuck meee!" She moaned and jerked her fingers ramming into her cunt, her body thrashing wildly. "Come on, Saul! I'll give it to you any way you want, if you'll just fuck me!"

The little nympho crawled off the chair and over to Saul on her knees. She clung to his legs, her hand reaching shamelessly for his cock. He looked down at her.

"It'll cost you," he said, his thick hard cock pressing into Susie's hands.

"Anything!" Susie gasped, climbing up him in desperation of lust.

"Undress me," he said.

He kept watching Corinne's suffering as Susie greedily undid his pants and dragged them down, handling his cock the whole time as he stepped out of them. She almost ripped his shirt as he pulled it off and then went for his underpants.

"Uh-uh," he said and sat down.

"Oooh, Saul!" Susie wailed. She crawled closer and untied his shoes, taking them off, followed by his socks, gasping and wailing the whole time. Then she grabbed at his underpants and heaved them away, her mouth watering as she revealed his long thick cock. "Ooooh, fuck! Stick that up me!"

With a long drawn-out moan, she fell forward over the chair back, her ass thrusting out, her panties sopping wet with her cunt juices.

"Rip them off me!" she begged.

Saul grinned and reached into the top of Susie's little black panties.

"Like this?" he teased, pulling on the waistband, stretching it out a little.

"Yessss, yes!" Susie wailed. "Come on, Saul, fuck me!"

Saul pulled harder and the thin material stretched to its limit and began to tear, ripping away from Susie's ass.

"Ooohhh!" she mowed. "Oohbh, fuck, give me your cock, Saul, come on, give me!" She pushed back at him, rubbing her tits as she waited.

Saul slid his cockhead over the wet gash of Susie's pussy, working it up and down until she was screaming with frustration, her ass jerking uncontrollably.

"Fuuuck meee!" she begged, her fingers tearing at the chair cushions.

Slowly, Saul slid his cock into her throbbing cunt. Susie screamed and gasped with lust, bucking up against him, her cunt swallowing his cock.

"Fuuuck meee!" she begged, her pussy throbbing out of control as she came.

Saul rammed his cock into her cunt to the hilt, and Susie gave a long wailing scream of passion, her ass tossing on the chair back, her mouth gasping with lust. And all the time, she kept her eyes on the chair where Corinne jerked and screamed in agony.

"Now do it!" Corinne screeched, her body tossing, her tits a crimson mass of agony, the delicious tit mounds heaving under the hard lash of the whip.

"Please, let me do it!"

"Do what?" Melissa demanded, the whip curling in the air. Her fingers moved under the hem of her short slip to her pantied cunt where they caressed her cunt mound slowly. She was enjoying every second of Corinne's suffering.

"Take my clothes off!" Corinne wept, staring at the whip as if her pleading eyes could stop it from flailing.

"Take my clothes off, please," Melissa said, playing with Corinne, just moving the whip slowly around, keeping the bound blonde on the edge of terror.

"Take my clothes off, please!" Corinne wept, struggling against the collar. But Donald was keeping such a tight grip that her head couldn't move without cutting off her hair.

"Good," said Melissa, working the whip tail around, letting the plaited leather drag slowly over Corinne's tits. "Take my clothes off and show you all my body so you can fuck me."

"No, please, aaagghh!" Corinne screamed as the whip curled up effortlessly and lashed across her sensitive tits. "Don't make me, please, don't -- aaghh!" She squirmed desperately in the chair, her body on fire with desperate agony, "Take my clothes off so you can fuck me!"

"Fuck, you gotta learn faster," Melissa said softly, her fingers playing over her pussy. "You know," she went on conversationally, letting the whip tail drop over Corinne's tits once more, the hard leather lashing over Corinne's suffering skin, "I get real horny when I whip little bitches like you. I mean real horny, like I go crazy. You understand?"

"Yes, yes!" Corinne wept, her eyes on the whip. "No, you fuckin' don't!" Melissa swung the whip downwards, beating Corinne's tits with another vicious blow. "Don't lie to me, bitch! If you know what I feel, your pussy'll be wet. Is it?"

"W-w-what?" Corinne sobbed.

"Let me see." Melissa slid her hand up the insides of Corinne's thighs. "Open your legs."

"Nooo!" Corinne wept as Melissa's hand pushed her skirt higher on her thighs. "Please, no, no!"

But already Melissa's fingers were playing over her upper thighs and closing in on her panties. She wanted to kick at Melissa, but she was too terrified to do that.

"I bet a good long pussy-suck she's as dry as a bone," Melissa said.

"I'll take the bet," Donald said. "If I loose, I'll whip the shit while she does it."

"Done," Melissa said, and her fingers played over the crotch of Corinne's panties.

Corinne wanted to die. It was bad enough that men tried to do that to her, but to have another woman feeling up her pussy was almost shameful enough to stop her from thinking about the suffering in her tits. Her legs trembled, but she was transfixed with fear, unable to close them against Melissa's hand. She cringed as Melissa's fingers ran inside her panties and probed to the entrance of her cunt, past her pussy lips and over her prominent clit.

"I told you," Melissa said. "You couldn't get a pencil up there. Fuck!"

She pulled back, but already Donald was leaning over Corinne, his fingers going for her throbbing nipples.

"Well, that's you in the shit," he said, taking one of Corinne's nipples between his fingers and thumb and twisting tightly until Corinne moaned with pain. "Tell me, what makes you wet, whore?"

Corinne sobbed as she looked over the people enjoying her pain and suffering. There was Julius, leaning on the table, a drink in his hand. His strong, handsome face had an almost detached expression -- if it hadn't been for the glint of lust in his eyes and the massive cock-bulge in his pants. Over the back of the chair, Susie still rolled and came as Saul slid his cock in and out of her cunt, ramming her hips into the chair top as he fucked her. Martin sat in another chair, his feet propped up, watching with open enjoyment on his face.

"What makes you wet, whore?" Donald demanded, twisting her nipple and making Corinne sob with pain.

"I -- I don't know!" she wept.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked, his fingers tightening even more on her nipple.

"Aaahhh!" Corinne sobbed, trying to pull her head away.

"Tell us," Donald said. "We're going to find out anyway."

His fingers worked her nipple and Corinne could see that the whole room waited for her confession.

Now she wished with all her might that she wasn't a virgin. She could imagine their reaction when they knew. She'd almost lost her cherry once or twice, but the clawing, the grunting and heaving of the men had disguised her each time to the point where she screamed and forced them away. That had been years ago, too. She hadn't allowed a man near her since. She sobbed and wept, trying to avert her face.

"Leave her to me," Melissa said.

Corinne screamed, but still didn't speak, hoping a miracle would happen.

Donald leaned back and gripped the chain again, forcing Corinne to stare up at Melissa as the dark-haired wife eased the whip through her fingers.

"Where was I?" Melissa mused. "Oh yes, I was saying how I get really horny when I whip little shits like you, that's right."

And the whip curled into Corinne's tits with a sickening smack.

"Aaghghhh!" Corinne wept, her body exploding with pain. "What do you want me to..."

"Shut up when I'm talking!" Melissa snapped, and lashed her tits again.

"Oh, God, God, God!" Corinne screamed and jerked desperately until the agony subsided a little.

"But the funny thing is," Melissa said, sliding the whip handle over Corinne's body, "that I can't get really off, you know, really off, unless I get whipped." She almost casually whipped the leather into Corinne's tits and waited until the scream ended. "Why do you think that is?"

"I don't know, really I don't," Corinne wept.

"Sure, you don't," Melissa said. "Oh, well." She whipped Corinne's tits again, driving the suffering blonde into shuddering spasms of pain. "Are you a virgin?"

"Yes, yes!" Corinne confessed, tears rolling down her face.

"Well, fuck me!" Julius exclaimed.

They stared at Corinne, grinning as she dropped her head as far as Donald would let her and wept her heart out.

"Hear that? A fuckin' virgin!" Saul roared as he slammed his cock into Susie's cunt. "Ohhhh, fuck, that's gonna be great to see! Oooohhh, fuck, I'm coming, babe, I'm coming!" His ass jerked as he jolted Susie off her feet with the force of his fucking, his throbbing prick swelling in her slippery cunt.

"Uuurhhh, yesss!" Susie screamed in delight, her pussy walls sucking at his prick, her body going wild with lust as she came to the beat of his ramming cockrod. "Fill my pussy! Come on, I'll make her lick it out, come onnnn, Saul! Oooohhh, fuck!"

Her hands tightened on the chair cushion, hauling it up in her orgasmic ecstasy.

"Heeeere it comes!" Saul bellowed, his hard body thrusting wildly, his cock fucking deeper into Susie's hot cunt.

Melissa strode up to the chair. "Are you fucking my husband?" she demanded, grabbing Susie's blonde curls.

"Yessss!" Susie screamed. "And he's coming up my cunt, gonna shoot his cum up me! How about that, cunt? How about that?"

"I'll teach you to fuck my husband!" Melissa snarled. "Hold her back, darling."

"Jealous bitch!" Saul roared with a great laugh as he grabbed Susie's upper arms and hauled her upright, slamming her harder into the chair back, heaving her tits out.

Donald leaned over Corinne again, his hands going for her tits, caressing the hard nipples.

"Watch this," he said softly. "Melissa is such a nasty bitch, she whips anybody who fucks her husband, well, most of the time. And you know what? She whips them if they refuse to fuck him. Now isn't that nasty?"

Corinne wept in pain as her nipples burned under his brutal handling. Helplessly, she stared out at the disgusting scene.

Susie screamed with, lust and thrust her tits out even more as Melissa lined the whip up on them.

"He's coming, I can feel him!" she screamed. The whip cut into her tits and she thrust back at Saul, her cunt spasming over his throbbing cock. "Your husband's shooting up my cunt, bitch, and you can't stop him!"

Her body bent back like a bow, her tits heaved out, getting redder by the moment as Melissa lashed them and rubbed her pussy, watching her husband coming in Susie's cunt.

"Whip her!" Saul yelled as his cock spurted thick creamy cum deep in Susie's cunt. His legs drove the blonde harder into the chair back as he held and fucked her. His cock jerked as another stream of hot cum poured out of his cock slit, filling Susie's squirming cunt with fuck-juice. "Yuuhhh, like that, darling, just like that, ooohhh, fuck she's hot!"

He gasped as Susie's spasming cunt sucked another hot wad of jism from his cock and Melissa lashed Susie's tits, the thin leather beating all over her rib cage.

Melissa whipped Susie's tits each time Saul heaved the screaming blonde upward on his cock to unload some more cum. Susie's orgasm crashed and rolled as she screamed under the whip and her pussy sucked the last jets of Saul's jism out. One final heave, and lash and Susie gave a long scream, falling forward over the chair back, her body heaving as she panted with satisfaction.

"Fuck!" she gasped. "I'd go crazy without you guys. That was wonderful, wonderful!" She rubbed her tits slowly as her orgasm subsided.

Saul eased his cock out of her cunt and slapped her ass. "Hey!" he said. "You gotta get me hard again -- that's the deal."

"Honey," Susie gurgled deep in her throat, "have I ever let a cock get away, huh?"

She slid off the chair and pushed him into it. Greedily, she slid between his legs and took his cock in her fingers, sucking and licking at the half-soft cockhead, taking up the gobs of cum that ran over his flesh.

Corinne would have been sick if she hadn't had enough to worry about, herself. Her tits echoed with pain as Donald worked them, tightening his fingers until it felt as if her crinkled nipples were going to be crushed.

Then Julius was standing in front of her, still grinning, still with that horrible cock-bulge in the front of his pants. Saul's cock had seemed big enough to Corinne, but Julius' seemed enormous.

"Virgin, huh?" Julius said.

Corinne sobbed helplessly, her arms aching from the bite of the handcuffs, her neck burning in the tight, hard collar.

He knelt close to Corinne's knees, pushing his hand under her skirt, up her thighs.

"No, please, Julius, please!" Corinne begged, trying to close her legs against his hand.

"Open your legs," he said. "Wide!"

Corinne wept, but she was too afraid to disobey. She spread her legs for him, sobbing as his fingers probed her pussy.

"You're right," he said, "she's as dry as the Arizona desert. Have to do something about that."

He pushed a finger into Corinne's cunt, and Corinne jerked and wailed with the painful rasp over her pussy walls. He pushed again and came up against the tight drum of Corinne's cherry.

"Well, fuck me!" he said. "I thought you had to be lying to try and get some pity. Well, I gotta have that. Don't you think, boys? I should be the one to take my aunt's cherry?" He slid his finger out of her cunt and left Corinne weeping bitterly.

"Luckyfucker," Martin said. "Not often you get to do that. I never got to fuck my aunts. But then, with my aunts, who the fuck would want to?"

"Okay, Aunt Corinne," Julius said, grinning with anticipation. "But first, you get up and show us all that great body of yours. All of it, got that?"

Corinne broke into sobs of horror. "Please, Julius. Please, don't make me do this, please! What would your father say?"

"He'd say: 'Hey, Son, about time that stuck-up sister of mine got her cunt well and truly fucked out.' But then, you know what a crude fucker my father is." He'd laughed and turned away.

The cuffs clicked open and Corinne almost wept from the sheer relief. She rubbed her tits desperately, more throbbing pain rolling out of the contact. Then the chain came off the collar.

"Don't touch that," Donald said softly, running his fingers over the black leather around Corinne's neck. "You wear that until you're told to take it off. Now, stand up."

Corinne got to her feet and closed the torn sides of her blouse with an automatic gesture. Her bra was wadded up inside it, but she wasn't thinking of that.

Saul's cock was hard again as Susie's soft mouth worked up and down on it, sucking gently, her blonde ringlets falling over her face. Martin leaned back in his chair, the same amused smiled on his face. Julius and Donald had gotten another drink each and were waiting for her.

Her legs shook as she walked to the center of the room. They had all seen most of her body anyway, but it was still horrible to have to strip for them. Corinne thought about refusing, but she could see Melissa, holding the whip, stroking it, watching her carefully.

She was weeping as she opened the blouse again and let it slide down her arms and off. She unzipped her skirt and let that run down her lovely legs, stepping out of it and putting it over the back of a chair.

She reached down for the hem of her slip with dull submission.

"No," Julius said. "The bra, get that off."

Corinne let go of her slip. The top of it was partly over her tits, so she had to ease that to the side before she could slide the expensive bra off her shoulders.

It took a little effort, but eventually the bra was on the floor and she stood in front of them all in her little slip, panties, stockings and high heels.

"Keep the slip, but take off your panties," Julius said.

Corinne trembled uncontrollably as she lifted her slip hem and reached for the waistband of her panties. She made sure the hem of the slip dropped over her ass as she eased her panties away and down her legs. She managed to step out of them without showing too much more, but her audience didn't mind. They were going to get what they wanted, anyway.

"Come here," Julius commanded.

Corinne felt herself shaking wildly as she went over to her nephew and waited in front of him, the center of all the staring eyes.

"Drink this," he said, "all of it."

He gave her a tumbler with a considerable amount of straight whiskey in it. Corinne stared into the glass.

"I don't drink," she moaned.

"You do now -- drink it," he said.

Corinne raised the glass and took a sip.

"All of it, in one go, or else," he said.

"Please, I don't want to drink."

Donald swung around and grabbed her elbows, his strong hands holding them into the small of her back. She screamed, but the drink was out of her hand before she could spill it.

Julius took a pair of massive paper clips out of his packet and showed them to Corinne. She squirmed and wept, for they had terribly strong springs that were designed to hold thick stacks of paper. He squeezed hard and one of them opened, the jaws straining hard against his fingers.

"I'm going to put one of these on each nipple," he said, "and take them off when you've drunk it. And a bit more for good measure." He let the paper clip go and the jaws clicked shut with terrifying force.

He turned back and added another half-inch of whiskey to the glass while Corinne choked and cried in horror.

"I'll drink it!" she wept. "Really, I will!"

"That's your trouble," he said, setting the glass back on the table. "You always think too late. Hold her, Donald."

Corinne screamed, struggling against Donald's hands as he held her tight and Julius slid the terrible clips closer to her already-beaten, throbbing nipples. Her tits were thrust out by the force of Donald's hands on her elbows in the small of her back, and she moaned as the cold steel of the clip ran over her tit.

"No, Julius, please! I'll drink it, I will! Please, I'll do anything, please! Aaahhhh." She stared at the open jaws of the clip, poised around her nipple.

Very slowly, he let his grip go, the clip jaws closed on her nipple, clamping it tightly, then biting in, the pain rushing out in a slow tide.

"Oohhhhh!" Corinne wept, her body ringing with pain as she struggled helplessly against Donald's iron grip. Her nipple felt as if it was crushed when Julius let go of it and brought the other clip to her other nipple. "Please, no, Julius, not like that, please."

"Like this, then?" He let the clip jaws go.

They slammed shut on Corinne's nipple. Her scream rang off the walls, her body twisted, breaking even out of Donald's grip as she fell to the floor, screaming in pain her hands going to her tits.

"Don't take them off!" Julius snapped. "Or I'll hang you up and make you wear them for an hour."

Corinne screamed, crawling in pain on the carpet, her tits exploding with agony. Sweat broke out all over her body, her lovely blonde hair dangling as her crushed nipples burned in utter agony.

"Get up!" Julius barked.

Corinne managed to get to her knees, her expensive stockings tearing as she moved. She held her tits, squeezing them as hard as she could to help ease the pain.

Julius held out the drink to her. She grabbed it and swallowed the whole thing in one gulp. Her head spun as she knelt there, and Julius reached for the clips. He took hold of them bath and pulled viciously.

"Aaaghgh!" Corinne screamed as the two terrible clips pulled her tits outward, still clipped hard on her nipples.

Her body racked as the full strength of the clips pulled against her flesh. Her tits stretched, her nipples standing out, thin lines of aching flesh. Corinne wailed as Julius gave a final great tug and the clips jerked off her nipples. She screeched and fell helplessly onto the carpet, rubbing her crushed nipples.

"Have you learned to behave yet?" Julius asked. "Yes, yes!" Corinne sobbed, her hands caressing her tits, the throbbing agony in them slowly subsiding.

"Good," he said. "I've been getting unbearably horny. Stand up."

Corinne struggled to do as she was told, pain still rushing from her tits as she struggled up, her stockings torn, her slip twisted all over the place.

"Shoes," Julius said.

Corinne had to stop and put on one of her shoes that had fallen off in her agony. Finally she faced her tormentor, tears rolling dawn her face, her legs shaking uncontrollably.

"Now," Julius said, "you're going to undress me and get to know my cock real well. Just for a start. So, bitch, undress me."

Corinne couldn't stop weeping as she reached out and tried to pull his jacket off his shoulders. She wondered if she would survive this nightmare.

Chapter THREE

Julius didn't help her at all as she struggled with his jacket. It slid down his arms and off, and she reached for his shift.

"Don't you know how to undress a man?" he growled. "My pants next."

Corinne's fingers trembled with Julius' belt, her nerveless fingers struggling with it in vain.

"Susie, come here," he said.

Susie eased her bat mouth from Saul's cock and came over, her tight waist-cincher accentuating the luscious curves of her body. She pouted and straightened her stockings.

"What do you want, honey?" she asked.

"Get a cane and whip her ass every time I tell you to," he said. "And, if you just think you hear me, I won't complain."

"Well, sure, Julius." Susie gave a low gasp of passion. "Can I really?"

Julius nodded, and Corinne broke into sobs as she tried to undo his belt buckle. Susie leaned down, her blonde ringlets rolling over Corinne's hair.

"You're gonna be sucking and fucking my man, whore," she said, her mouth close to Corinne's ear. "Like Melissa, I get real mad when somebody fucks my man."

"Ooooh, please!" Corinne wept, her fingers slipping off the belt buckle. "Help me, I can't do it!"

"We'll get you some help," Julius said.

Corinne instantly broke into sobs and tried desperately to pull at the buckle again.

But it wouldn't move. Corinne was sure Julius was pushing his stomach muscles out to stop her, but she didn't dare say it. As she wept and fell back on her knees, Susie came up with a thin cane, her hand shaking with excitement.

"Get your ass up," Julius said. "You'll get my buckle off in no time."

"Nooo!" Corinne sobbed. "Please, Julius, no! I'll try it, really, I will, but it's hard."

"Just about as hard as his cock," Susie said, and she burst into giggles.

"Get your ass up," snapped Julius, "or else!"

"Please, Julius, please! Ohhhh, God no, I'll do it, stop!"

She struggled desperately in Julius iron grasp as he nodded to Donald, and his friend went into the other room and came out with a terrible-looking piece of equipment. It had side pieces which supported a horizontal bar, at about waist height.

"No, I'll do it!" Corinne screamed as Julius pushed her face down over the bar and held her there. "Noooo, please, Julius, let me do it, I will!"

Donald took hold of one of her ankles, pulled it to the side of the apparatus and lashed it to the base. He did the same with her other ankle and she was tied up again, her legs spread wide, her body held over the bar by Julius' steel grip. He waited for a moment until Donald gave him the collar chain, and then he clipped it into the steel ring in the thick leather.

"Ohhh no, help!" Corinne cried as she struggled, her hands going to the collar.

Julius pulled a chair over and sat down, keeping a tight hold on the chain, forcing Corinne's head down, trapping her body an the bar.

"Now," he said, "lessons for this evening. Number one."

The stroke of the cane took Corinne by surprise, lashing across her tight ass cheeks as she stared at her nephew. The stroke burned like fury in her flesh; she heaved, the collar chain jerking as she screamed in agony.

"What do you say when I give you an order?" Julius asked, and the cane whipped into Corinne's ass again.

"Aaaghhh! Yes, yes, I will!" Corinne screeched, her body jerking wildly, her, ass on fire.

"Good, so let's try it," Julius said. He stood up, his stomach only a foot or so from Corinne's face. "Now, undo my belt."

Corinne screamed as she took hold of the buckle and the cane lashed her ass. It came in again, Susie laying it on hard as Corinne struggled with the belt and screamed. With the third stroke, her feverish hands gripped tightly and the buckle came undone. She flung the sides away, weeping and screaming.

"Good," Julius said. "Now for the rest."

Corinne reached for the zipper of his pants and jerked, screaming as Susie whipped her. "What was that for? I'll do it, really I will!"

"What was that for?" Julius asked Susie.

"Ooohhh, I'm sorry, Julius," Susie said. "But I thought you said to whip her again." She pouted and slid her fingers over her hot cunt.

"She said she thought I said she was to whip you," Julius said as Corinne pulled as hard as she could and jerked his zippcr down. "Sorry about that. It won't happen again, until the next time, will it, Susie?"

"Oh no, Julius," Susie laughed. "I'll listen real good."

Corinne sobbed at the humiliation as much as the pain while she pulled on his pants and dragged them to his knees, trying to avoid even looking at the massive cock-bulge in his underpants. The closer she got to it, the worse it looked, like a gigantic snake sitting there, waiting.

"Farther!" Julius snapped as she struggled with his pants around his knees.

Corinne wept and pushed, bending farther as she had to drop his panta to his ankles. Her legs strained, but Julius gave her enough loose chain to bend deeper and deeper until her hands were on the floor and she was trying to push the pants off his feet.

"Please, Julius!" she begged, her body bent double, her ass sticking up high on the bar. "Could you lift your feet to help me?"

"Sure," he said, and he lifted his feet one by one, allowing his sobbing aunt to slide his pants off. "Now my shoes."

They were expensive loafers and Corinne tried to pull them off, but he moved and suddenly he was standing on her fingers, trapping her hands painfully against the carpet.

"Aaahhhh, Julius, Julius!" she wailed. "Please, please -- aaagghhh! Oh, God!"

She screamed as the cane whipped into her tight, stretched ass cheeks. She writhed in her agony, her hands pulling out from under his shoes.

"Sorry, Julius," Susie said, and she whipped Corinne again. "Did you say something?"

"No, darling," he said. "Did you?"

"I could have sworn that I heard you say whip her," Susie said, laying the cane into Corinne's ass.

"No," he said, grabbing the chain and forcing Corinne's head down again.

"Must be hearing things." Susie whipped Corinne again for good measure.

"Yes, darling, you must be. Hey, shit-face, get my shoes off," he snarled at Corinne, "or I'll have you whipped."

He rattled the chain and Corinne almost choked with horror and pain as she reached down and pulled one of his shoes off. He let her take the other one off and sat down, still keeping his hold on the chain.

Corinne was allowed to straighten up a little, her ass burning with pain.

Julius stretched out his foot into Corinne's face. "My socks," he said.

Terrified that she would get whipped again, Corinne reached out and pulled his first sock off over his foot and let it drop.

"Kiss my foot," he ordered.

Corinne choked as she leaned in and let her soft lips kiss the top of his foot.

"Not bad," he said. "Fuck, I'm so horny I can't string this out much longer. Get my other sock off, bitch."

Corinne pulled his other sock off and kissed his foot when he told her to, terrified every moment that Susie would whip her ass again. Then he stood up and came very close to her as she lay over the bar, shaking, her legs spread wide, her body sweating and shaking. Inches from her horrified face was his cock, pressing out against the front of his underpants, swollen, enormous.

"Take them off," he said.

Corinne's tear-stained face grimaced as she reached for the elastic at the top of his shorts. Her slip was twisted all over the place, her stockings were torn and wrinkled, but she was still a delicious sight bent helplessly over the bar, her ass sticking up in the air.

She pulled the shorts down, and they instantly got caught on the head of Julius' enormous cock. Her fingers trembled as she reached to pull them away, but she couldn't do it without touching his swollen prick, and her twitching hand wouldn't move that close.

"Noooo!" she cried.

"Whip her good," Julius said.

The agony leaped out of her ass and Corinne jerked, her fingers pulling his shorts out over his cock in an instant as she screamed and hauled them down, her ass jerking as the cane whipped her mercilessly.

"Aaagbghh, I did it! Please, Julius, please, aaahhhh! Ohhh, shit!" she screamed.

The cane whipped her ass and she jerked, screaming at the top of her lungs as the thin wood slapped her ass flesh.

"Do you want to stop, darling?" Julius asked as the frantic Corinne pulled his shorts down his legs, having to thrust her ass higher to do it.

"Not really," Susie said, lashing Corinne again. "I need the practice."

She whipped Corinne with another hard stroke and the wailing, screaming woman thrust Julius' shorts to his feet and hauled them out from under him, almost tearing the material as she did it.

"See what you can do when you try?" Julius said, leaning down over Corinne. "Okay, Susie, stop now, just for the moment. Hold my cock, bitch."

Corinne stared at his monster cock, fully revealed to her for the first time. It was worse than she'd even thought. His prick had to be ten inches long and at least as thick as her wrist. His cocklance bounced a little in front of her staring eyes, throbbing to the best of his horrible lust.

"Hold it, bitch!" he ordered, pulling a little on the chain.

Corinne's hands went up in the middle of a nightmare toward the massive pole of cockmeat. Her fingers touched his hard-on, and it jumped away before she got her hand around the thick fleshy cockshaft.

"Caress it," he said. "Let's see how good you are at that."

Corinne worked her hand up and down the throbbing cock a little, terror in her eyes.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this," Julius breathed. "I wanted to fuck your brains out when I was a kid. And there you were, the stuck-up aunt. And then you came to Chicago and I was sure I could get you, but you were still the stuck-up whore, never allowing any man near you. I know -- I had you watched. Nothing, not a cock. And here you are now, about to make up for all those years."

Corinne gasped and wept, her hand working his cock flesh, trembling as she did things she would never have dreamed of doing even an hour ago.

"Whip her," Julius said. "She's useless."

"NO, no -- aaaghhh!" Corinne screamed, her hand gripping Julius' cock convulsively, pulling as the whip lashed her ass with another hard stroke. She jerked into the bar, her ass exploding with pain. "Tell me what to -- aagghhh -- what to do!"

"Want my cock!" he snapped. "Want it real bad!"

Corinne wept and stared at the enormous thick fucker, the bulbous cockhead swelling into her hand.

On the very tip of his cock, a tiny drop of pre-cum juice bobbled, disgusting her even more. She stroked the hard cockrod, sliding her hand up and down.

Corinne screamed in horror as she stared at the trembling drop of precum juice, right there at his piss slit.

"I can't!" she screamed.

Julius didn't say a word, but the cane lashed into Corinne's ass a second later, driving her body hard into the bar, sending her into spasms of pain, her body heaving, her neck puffing against the cellar.

"I can't!" Corinne screamed. "I can't do anything as horrible as that. Aaaaghhh! I can't, I can't, can't! Ooooh, help me, help me! Ohhh God!"

Screaming and wailing, Corinne clung to Julius' cock as she tossed helplessly on the bar, her ass erupting with agony as Susie laid into her, whipping the cane into her ass with long, hard, vicious strokes. Julius stood there, waiting, his cock throbbing and growing as Corinne clutched it, her hands tearing at the long hard fucker. She stared at the horrible, swollen cockhead, the drop of cock-lube still hanging there, waiting for her tongue. The cane lashed her ass, and she knew she couldn't take it any longer. The agony soared through her, shaking her whole body with its power, making even her deepest horrors pale beside the pain tearing her apart right then.

Sobbing, Corinne pulled Julius' cock closer. Her tongue licked out and took the drop of juice off the tip of his cockhead. The whip stopped.

"Keep going," Julius said to his weeping aunt. "Lick my cock all over, kiss it, enjoy it, baby, you're gonna get to know it real well."

Corinne shuddered but did as she was told. Timidly, she licked his cockhead, her tongue running over the hard rubbery flesh, tasting the salty flavor of the pre-cum that spread slowly from his cock slit.

That was too much for Melissa.

"Shit!" she moaned. "I can't wait any longer." She got up from the chair and went to the closet. "I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get some cock!" She picked up a thin rod and a cane and walked over to Martin as he lazed in his chair. "Come on, fucker! Any way you want -- just gimme some cock!"

"Why the fuck are these whores so impatient tonight?" Martin asked.

"It's this one," Julius said, holding Corinne's blonde hair as she licked his cockhead and moaned softly. "She's getting them both crazy."

"Oh, well," Martin said. He got up and eased his jacket off. "Take your panties off."

Melissa gurgled and laid the whips close to him. She moaned and eased the top of her slip apart, her black hair cascading over her shoulders as she pulled her large, melon-like tits out and played with them, pinching her nipples.

"I know what you'd like," she gasped.

She turned away and went to Julius' pants, digging into his pockets until she found the clips that had mashed Corinne's nipples. She paraded back to Martin, her hips swaying, her ass thrusting out under her gray slip, her tits heaving in passion. She held the clips up and slid one over her nipple, gazing at him the whole time.

"Shit," Martin gasped as she unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He slid his shirt off and reached for his shorts. "How do you do it?"

He started jacking on his cock as he watched her.

"I'm just a whore," Melissa purred.

She stared at him as she worked the clip onto her nipple and let the handles go. It slammed shut on her tit flesh and she gave a slight jerk and a long gasp of lust.

"Fuck!" she moaned. "Now I can come." She went to him, grabbing his large thick cock from him, sliding her hand over it as she worked the clip on her nipple with the other one. "Do it for me!"

He took the clip and pushed it deep over Melissa's nipple as she moaned and rubbed his cock. He gasped as he let the handles go slowly, tightening the clamps around Melissa's nipples until she gave long sobbing groans of passion, her body rolling as the clips crushed her nipple buds.

"Ohhhh, fuck, fuck!" she gasped. "Ohhhhhh!" Martin played with the clips, pulling, twisting them while Melissa worked his cock, jerking it with growing lust. She gasped, her nipples stretching out, twisting as Martin pulled and jerked on the clips.

"Llrrrghhh, yessss!" she screamed suddenly and came, her body rocking to the demands of her surging orgasm. "Do it, do it!" She seemed to be trying to pull his cock right off. "Ohhh, fuck my mouth and whip me!" She gave a great scream of passion and dropped to her knees, keeping her hands on his cock as she moaned and fell against his hard thighs. "Please, please!"

"On your back on the table, whore," he said with a gun. "And get ready for a mouthful of cock."

Melissa moaned as she turned away and crawled towards the table, the clips still dangling from her tits. She groped up the table, struggling onto the top, gasping and moaning. Her slip rode up over her ass, showing that she still hadn't taken her panties off. The crotch of the matching gray briefs was soaking wet, and she helplessly rubbed her cunt through them as she rolled onto her back. Then she spread her thighs wide, pulling her legs back over her head and holding her ankles in a brazen display of fuck-lust. Her pussylips twitched as Martin came up, the cane in his hand.

He took his fuck-rod in his hand and ran the cockhead over Melissa's soft sensuous lips. She moaned and licked him, her dark hair falling over the edge of the table, her hands tightening on her ankles, twisting her stockings.

He let the cane tails slide slowly over Melissa's large soft tits, dragging them past the clips that still crushed her nipples.

"Take your panties off," he said.

Melissa groaned with lust and let go of her ankles, sliding her legs together as she eased her panties out from under her ass and slid them up her thighs, over her knees and down to her high-heeled shoes. She pulled the tiny briefs off her heels and tossed them aside as she licked Martin's cock, her tits heaving as the cane passed over them.

Martin slid his cock deeper between Melissa's luscious lips. Melissa gasped and groaned, arching her back to line her throat, up for his cock, thrusting her tits higher.

Martin slid his cockhead to the tight entrance of Melissa's throat. She knew what he was doing and moaned, her throat spamming in expectation.

Martin lashed the cane down, right across Melissa's tit. The knotted tails caught in the clip and ripped it off her nipple as it swung back out, leaving thin red lines and dots of deeper pain from the knots.

Melissa's gurgling scream rang out as she jerked, her back straining, her throat opening to take Martin's cock as he gave a great heave. His cockhead fucked deep into her throat, her neck bulging to take it, her tits thrusting wildly.

The cane came down again, lashed the other clip, tearing it away from Melissa's nipple, the jaws clicking shut as the whole thing bounced away across the carpet.

Melissa's body jerked and tightened as she screamed and took Martin's cock right in. His cock shaft sank into her mouth until his balls slapped against her nose and his cockhead was buried deep in her throat. She thrashed on the tabletop in her passion and gripped her ankles while Martin shifted his aim and lashed her pussy, beating the cane into her cunt flesh with hard strokes, driving her wild with agony and lust.

Her throat spasmed and she came, opening to take Martin's cock as it rammed in and out hee lashed her pussy, then her tits, changing constantly as he face-fucked the dark-haired nympho, his cock throbbing with his rising lust.

Donald came up, his fucker sticking out like a flagpole. "You mind if I join in?"

"Sure!" Martin said. "Take her cunt."

Martin picked up the screaming, gurgling Melissa and ran his cock over her pussy, fucking into her hot wet pit in a long slow thrust.

Melissa went out of her mind with two cocks in her. She tossed and writhed, thrusting her tits up for the cane, her pussy and throat sucking at the men's cocks, for all she was worth. Her constant guttural screams rang through the room.

Not that Corinne heard them -- she was too involved in her own horror. She licked Julius' cockhead, holding it, doing her best to avoid another whipping. She rubbed his cockshaft in a deep horror that Julius might shoot cum all over her mouth. But she was equally desperate to get, it over with.

"Now suck it, Aunt Corinne," he said. "Take my cockhead into that sweet little mouth of yours."

Corinne felt a shiver of terror. Her blonde hair fell over her face as she let the swollen cockhead push against her lips. She knew Susie was behind her, so she gave in, letting Julius' cockhead push into her mouth, filling it with massive, thick cockmeat.

Julius worked his cock back and forth a little, getting angry as he thrust. "Suck it, bitch?" he snapped. "Suck cock -- make me feel good!"

Corinne was close to throwing up. The feel of her nephew's cock in her innocent mouth was so disgusting she didn't know how she could survive it. The hot hard flesh thrust at her throat, making her gag and heave in pain. She tried to suck, but it didn't seem to be pleasing Julius.

"Suck, bitch!" he yelled. "Suck, don't just lie there!" he thrust again, pushing his cockhead at Corinne's throat until she gagged and almost pulled out of his grip on the chain. "If you don't suck cock, I'll get Susie to show you, and she'll whip you as hard as she likes until you suck it hard again! Got that, bitch?"

Corinne moaned, her mouth working over his cockhead, but it didn't seem to be doing much good. She was terrified, knowing that Julius was as good as his word.

"Shit!" he bellowed. "Come here, Susie. Show this cunt how to suck a cock off."

Susie giggled and slid to her knees close to Corinne. Julius jerked his helpless aunt's head up and stand into her weeping green eyes.

"Now look and learn," he said, "or your ass is gonna be raw, bitch."

Corinne stared, her neck puffing against the collar as Susie slid her mouth deep onto Julius' cock, working it, moaning as she thrust her throat over his throbbing cockhead. She held there, her throat moving deeper over his cockhead, her lips a perfect circle around his cockshaft, her mouth sucking as she butterflied her fingers over his cockshaft.

"See, bitch?" Julius said as his cock fucked ever deeper into Susie's ravenous mouth. "See how to do it?"

Corinne struggled against the collar as she watched the depraved sight. Susie wanted Julius' cock so much she would do anything for it, swallowing it deep into her throat, her head pumping like crazy, her groans of lust making Corinne feel sick. Corinne's whole body ached, her legs strained, her ass and tits burned from the whippings -- and now she was forced to watch this, knowing there was more pain to come.

"Oh, yeah, baby!" Julius yelled. "Ohhh, fuck, your mouth's dangerous, baby, fucking dangerous! Oh, you know what to do, baby, just do it!"

Corinne saw to her rising horror that Julius was going to come. He lunged at Susie's mouth, his cockhead thrusting her throat open, while her hands and mouth worked shamelessly on him. She pumped wildly as Julius roared with lust, his cock fucking in her mouth, his ass jerking as he rammed his cock into her willing mouth with faster, harder strokes.

Suddenly Julius' grip on the chain tightened. He pulled Corinne's head up farther, so that her face was close to Susie s.

"Yeah, do it, Susie!" he yelled. "Here I come, baby!"

His cock went berserk in Susie's mouth, jerking and thrusting as he roared with lust, one hand holding Corinne's chain, the other running through Susie's hair.

Corinne had no idea of the horror to come. She watched as Julius' cock thrust and jerked in Susie's mouth and was close enough to see the tube on the underside swell with the cum rushing down it. She wept at the depravity, but then, just as the first jet hit Susie's throat she pulled back, holding Julius' cock, stroking it, moving it aver.

Corinne screamed as she realized what they were doing. A hot white stream of jism poured out of Julius' cock, shot through the air and splattered into her face.

"You lucky bitch!" Susie yelled. "You'll pay far getting all this cum!"

Chapter FOUR

Corinne tried to scream, but a thick wad of cum spat across her lips and she heaved against Julius' grip on the chain. She started to sob, then wept openly as another stream of hot sticky cum splattered across her face.

"Lick it up, Aunt Corinne!" Julius yelled, his cock jerking wildly in Susie's skillful fingers. "Oooohh, shit, Susie, stilt!"

Another jet of cock cream splattered over Corinne's face, covering her cheeks, her eyes and mouth. Cum dripped off her nose, and that made things impossible for the struggling blonde. Jism blocked her nostrils, and she had to open her mouth.

"You bitch, getting all his cum!" Susie screamed as she held Julius' hosing cock, directing the stream all over Corinne's helpless face. "You lick it up, good, bitch! I'm gonna whip you until it's all gone!"

"Aaaahhhh!" Corinne screamed as the dreadful, sticky cum got into her mouth. She nearly gagged, struggling against the chain, tasting salty cum for the first time in her life. "P-p-please! Oh, please!"

"Okay, bitch," snarled Susie, "you can have more." She led Julius' cock forward until the spurting cockhead was right against Corinne's soft lips, pouring out cum right into her mouth. "Hold it, whore! Put his cock in your pure little hand, you cunt."

Corinne wailed as she was forced to take more of the horrible goo into her innocent mouth. Cum ran into her cheeks, over her tongue and down her throat, almost choking her. But she raised her hands and took a trembling hold of the cockshaft, holding it submissively at her mouth.

"Swallow it, bitch!" Julius snapped as the stream of his cum slowed a little. "There's a lot more where that came from."

Corinne strained against the bar, her ass beating at it in her desperate humiliation. She could feel the warm cum running over her face, some of it even into her lovely blonde hair, and still Julius' massive cockhead oozed more cum into her mouth.

With a horrible shudder, she swallowed her first gob of jism, feeling it run down into her stomach. Again, she nearly threw up.

Susie got up and went around to Corinne's ass, running her hands over the whipped flesh. "Now to pay you back for taking all that cum," she giggled.

"Nooooo!" Corinne wailed, trying to crane up and look at Julius. "I did what you said. Please, don't let her whip me, please!"

He grinned down at her and thrust his still-hard cock at her lips.

"What can I do?" he said with a chuckle. "Susie and Melissa are so jealous, they whip every whore who fucks their man."

"You bastard!" Corinne screamed, and then she leaped, screeching in agony as Susie lashed the cane across her already-beaten ass cheeks.

"Lick it all up and I may be able to stop her," he said. He held her hand on his cock and guided her, pushing a gob of jism over Corinne's cheeks and onto her lips.

Corinne lurched and screamed as the cane lashed her ass again, but she licked up the slippery cum, running her tongue over her lips to get more of it.

She screamed in rising desperation as Susie whipped her ass and her body jerked as she licked more of Julius' cum off his swollen cockhead. Each time her soft mouth ran over his cock. The stiff fucker got harder, and soon it was just as solid as it had been before he shot.

"Aaaaghhh! Please, Julius, please, stop her! I'll do it!" Corinne moaned, her ass burning with the fires of hell, her mouth gummed up with her nephew's cum.

"You will, that's right," he said and slid his cock aver her soft lips, moving it between them, pushing his thick round cockhead deeper into his helpless aunt's mouth. "Get used to it, baby. Every man in this room is gonna shoot jizz in your mouth sometime this weekend, probably more than once. So you gotta love cum, Aunt Corinne, you just gotta. Now tell me how much you love it."

"Yes, yes!" Corinne wept, licking at the cockhead, cleaning off the cum that still clung there. "Yes, I love it! Aaaghhhh! Please, I'll do what you say, please, don't whip me!"

"Come here, Susie," Julius said. "I have a job for you to do."

Susie pouted and dropped the cane. She glowered a little as she came up to him.

"Clean her face up," he said.

"Shit," Susie, "she doesn't deserve it."

"I decide that," Julius said. "Unless you'd rather hang around for a few hours."

Susie pouted again and dropped to her knees, taking hold of Corinne's chain and pulling her head to her. "Put your hands on my tits."

Corinne shivered and wondered what horror was coming next. Hardly knowing what she was doing, she slid her hands over the lacy front of Susie's cincher and reached for her tits, holding them as lightly as she dared.

"You stupid bitch!" Susie snapped. "I'm gonna clean your fucking face off and you're gonna turn me on to say thank you."

"Ooohhhh, no!" Corinne sobbed, and dropped her hands.

"Julius!" Susie yelled.

"Just a second, honey," he called. "She's really slow, hey?"

"You're in for it now," Susie hissed in Corinne's ear. "Now work my tits, whore, make me feel good."

Corinne wept and lifted her hands once more. She took hold of Susie's soft, swelling tits, squeezing them, trying her best.

"Fuuuuuck!" Susie snarled. "She couldn't turn me on if I hadn't been fucked for a year."

"Please, tell me what to do," Corinne said. "I want to please you. Really, I do."

"Just clean her off, Susie," Julius said. "You can have what you want later. I gotta do my best with this whore. We're stuck with her."

For a split second, Corinne wondered what he meant. Then the closely knotted tails of the whip swung upward, right between her legs and lashed in to her spread pussy. The stinging, slashing blow sent waves of agony all over her body, making her jerk and shudder on the bar, her legs straining against the bonds, her scream echoing around the room.

"Please, please, noooo, aarrrrghhhh!" she gasped with pain.

Susie made things worse as she leaned in and licked at the cum on Corinne's cheeks. Her skillful mouth cleaned it up, licking Corinne's face clear in a series of sweeps that made the helpless blonde shudder with shame.

The cane lashed her swollen cunt again, leaving pain echoing all over her body.

"Rub your pussy," Julius suddenly said. "Come on, Aunt Corinne, show us how you jerk off."

Susie's soft lips were creeping over Corinne's cheek toward her mouth, and the sexy little blonde had a firm hold on the chain.

"Nooooo!" Corinne screamed. "Nooooo, you can't do this to me!"

The cane lashed upward, beating more horrible agony through the bound aunt's body.

"It's up to you," Julius said. "I love whipping you, so get your hand down there or take more."

He lashed her hard, the cane sweeping in beating Corinne's pussy on the way upward and over his head.

Corinne screeched, her body jerking in pain. Susie's mouth closed on hers and Susie's skillful little tongue began to force its way between her lips. Corinne screamed, twisting away from Susie's mouth, her shame fighting with her fear.

"Kiss her," Julius demanded. "Kiss my girlfriend, just as she kisses you." He whipped his aunt, the cane cutting into her red swollen pussy flesh. "If she complains at all, you're for it, whore."

For two more strokes, Corinne fought, trying to get her head away from Susie's mouth as it slowly moved over her face, closing in on her lips once more. Corinne screamed, her body tossing wildly, struggling as the horrible agony rose in her body with each beat of the heavy, leather-tailed cane. But the pain was too great -- it was tearing her apart, and she had to give in.

She held still, allowing Susie's mouth to close on hers. With a sob, she opened her lips as Susie's tongue snaked between them and played over them, caressing with horrible gentleness. Susie's hands ran down onto Corinne's tits, stroking the whipped flesh, moving softly over the trembling nipples.

"Work your cunt!" Julius snapped, lashing Corinne's pussy again, the cane tails slapping into her flesh.

Corinne gasped and slowly ran her hand down under the bar and touched her throbbing pussy. The humiliation of having to do that in front of them all was so great that sweat broke out over her whole body and she shuddered. She moaned as she ran her fingers over her own clit, the hard bud throbbing with pain from the whipping.

"Keep that up," Julius said.

He grinned and looked at where Melissa lay on her back, her legs spread wide while Martin fucked his cock in and out of her open mouth and Donald fucked deep into her pussy, lashing the cane across her tits as he did it.

Melissa was climaxing in constant, shuddering waves to the beat of the whip and the slamming fucking of the two cocks. Her large, heavy tits thrust up, swaying to the beat of the cane, growing redder by the stroke. Her hands worked over Martin's balls as she swallowed his cock deep in her throat, her neck bulging with his swollen, rampaging cockhead.

"Hey, boys," Julius said, "you wanna watch this?"

"Hold up," said Martin, gasping as his cock throbbed deep in Melissa's throat, "I ain't doing nothin' until I unload in this cunt's mouth."

His cock speeded up its frantic slamming, his balls slapping against Melissa's nose as she lurched up on the table, screaming in deep guttural moans of passion, her tits bouncing to each beat of the whip.

"Jeeezz!" Martin gasped. "I musta fucked this whore a thousand times, and each time she gets better." He leaned back, his cock in Melissa's mouth to the balls, her throat spasming around his cockhead, her tongue sweeping over his prickshaft as she came. "Fuuuuck! I'm gonna lose it again!"

"You ain't the only one!" Donald bellowed, his arm swinging the cane from side to side, beating Melissa's tits in long heavy strokes. "Fuuuuck, her cunt goes wild when you whip her."

His cock rammed higher, slamming into the top of Melissa's cunt as his balls churned and the cum began to rush out of them.

Melissa's deep screams of passion burst out from around Martin's cock when she knew the two men were starting to shoot hot cum into her. She opened her legs farther, pulled her ankles down so that they could both get even more penetration into her two holes. Her body pulsed to the beat of the cane, and her mouth and pussy sucked the cum out of the men's balls in hot, wet streams.

Corinne sobbed as she lay over the bar, burning with pain and shame as she rubbed her pussy and let Susie kiss her. Her lips were open, and Susie's tongue worked over her mouth and her hands caressed Corinne's tits, holding her nipples and squeezing them, increasing the pressure slowly.

But it wasn't all pain. A strange tingling had begun in Corinne's cunt, urged on by the touch of her fingers. Her tits throbbed too, with something other than the lingering agony of the whip. She wept and put it out of her mind, lying passively on the bar, letting Susie do what she liked.

"Yaaahhhh!" Martin roared as his cock filled with cum and shot a stream of it into Melissa's throat. "Ooooonnnnn, fuck, that's great!"

His curn-spurting prick filled Melissa's mouth as he poured out another stream of hot fuckjuice.

Melissa's heaving climaxes peaked. She arched her back, sucking at the pulsing cock as her mouth and throat filled with cum. Donald lashed her tits in rising fury as his cock suddenly gushed cum high in her cunt. "Huuuuhhhhh!" he roared, his cock spurting fuck-juice, his legs twitching as he fucked deep into Melissa's cunt. "Fuuuuuck, she's out of this fuckin' world!"

Melissa craned her neck up, let Martin ease his cock back until he was spurting cum right into her mouth and she could swirl her tongue around his cockhead as it poured the streams of jism. Her tits bounced to the beat of the cane and her gurgling screams rang around the room as she came, sucking the thick wads of cum down her throat.

"Ohhh, fuck, fuck!" Martin moaned.

His cock spat the last thick creamy streams and settled down, oozing cum into Melissa's hot, sucking mouth. She slid her hands off her ankles and onto his cock, holding it, caressing it, sucking all the cum out of the thick fucker.

"Jeeezussss!" Donald yelled as his cock slowed its frantic stream of cum.

He dropped the cane and worked his cock over Melissa's cunt walls, gasping and leaning on the table. His ass moved slower as his cock gave out and ran the last drops of cum into Melissa's still spasming pussy.

The three of them stayed there, slowly coming down, gurgling in mutual satisfaction.

"She kissing better?" Julius rasped, leaning over Corinne's heaving body.

Susie took her mouth away. "Maybe, but she ain't making my cunt wet."

"She will," Julius promised. "Hold there, honey. I'm gonna fuck her now. As soon as I'm in, you can have you a nice suck."

"Oooohhhhh!" Susie purred and ran her mouth over Corinne's lips, trembling with lust. "Guess who's gonna give me the suck?"

Corinne burst into fresh sobs at this new depravity being threatened. She kept her fingers on her pussy, then jerked as she felt Julius' massive cockhead running over her cuntal crack, sliding up and down, very slowly. His prick rubbed into her fingers and she jerked them away, moaning as Susie's mouth clung to hers, kissing her with horrible abandon.

Without warning, a thin rod lashed across Corinne's ass.

"Get your hand back!" Julius snapped. Corinne rushed her fingers back to her pussy and felt Julius' cockhead push between them, right to the entrance of her tight, virgin cunt. He held the rod on her ass cheeks as he pushed a little, playing with Corinne's pussy opening.

"Tell me how much you want me to fuck you," he said softly.

"Ooooh, yes, please, Julius, please!" Corinne wept. "Please fuck me!"

She was so terrified of the rod, she hardly felt the humiliation of begging to be raped.

Julius pushed, and the tight opening to Corinne's cunt gave way a little. His huge cockhead entered her cunt, stretching Corinne's pussy walls until she groaned in pain.

"Heeecyyyy," he chuckled, "you won't believe this, Susie, but she's getting damp." He pushed harder and his enormous fucker worked a little deeper, making Corinne moan in pain.

"Well, honey," Susie whispered to Corinne, "this turns you on, does it?" Her wicked little tongue flicked out over Corinne's lips, and Corinne burst into even harder floods of tears. Susie laughed and pinched Corinne's nipple, holding onto the hard bud, tightening her grip. "Don't worry, honey, we've got so much more for you, so much more."

Corinne sobbed and struggled as she was brutally raped, Julius' cock fucking even deeper into her virgin cunt. The massive cockhead felt as if it was stretching her pussy walls to the limit, sending stabs of pain over the whole of her body.

The rod lashed her ass, Julius working it in a tight hard stroke. "Love this, bitch?"

"Aarrghhhh!" Corinne screamed, her body seething with pain, her pussy throbbing, stretching as she tossed on the bar.

"Fuck me!" Julius said. "Whipping her really works her pussy over, just like yours, Susie, see?"

As Susie laughed openly, her mouth close to Corinne's ear, Julius lashed the bound blonde again, the thin rod lashing a deep welt into her tight ass cheeks.

Corinne's scream rang off the walls as she lurched, her body shaking the bar, her legs trembling in agony. As she jerked back, Julius pushed and his cock fucked deeper, working right into her pussy until his cockhead came up against the tight drum of her cherry.

"Oooohhhhh," he said. "There it is, just ripe for the picking, heyyyyy?" He worked his cock back and forward a little, testing, pushing his cockhead against the tight skin a little.

Corinne moaned, her cunt pulsating. Then the rod whipped her and she tossed wildly, screaming with the pain.

"Just do it, Julius, please! Don't whip me anymore, please!" she sobbed.

"Beg me," he insisted, lashing her again.

"Aaaarrghh! Please, Julius -- fuck me!" Corinne cried. "Please, fuck meecee!"

She wept as Susie kept a tight hold on her collar chain, holding her head down, close to Susie's grinning mouth.

"Okay, Aunt Corinne, if you really want me to," Julius said.

And he lunged his cock at her cunt. Corinne twisted on the bar, screaming in pain and humiliation. Her cherry stretched for a second and then gave, allowing Julius' cock to slam into the depths of her cunt, working over her virgin cunt walls, driving right home.

"There," Julius said. "All gone. Want to thank me for busting your cherry?"

He lashed her again, the thin rod biting in to her whipped ass cheeks.

"Aaarrhhh! Thank you, Julius, for busting my cherry!" Corinne wailed.

Her hips were pushing into the bar as her nephew's massive cock worked over her throbbing pussy walls, the piston of thick hard cockflesh filling her cunt to the brim. He drew back out until his cockhead was inside her cunt, then fucked back in to the balls, filling her cuntal passage again.

"Uuurrrrrhh!" Corinne moaned.

But her humiliation was not complete. Susie sat down on the floor and grabbed a pair of cushions, putting them under her own ass. She lay back, spreading her legs, holding onto Corinne's chain. Then she pushed her cunt at Corinne's face, pulling on the chain at the same time.

"Suck me," she ordered.

"Ohhh, don't make me do that, please!" She leaped instantly as Julius whipped her ass hard, the rod bending as it whipped into her flesh.

"Do as you're told!" Julius snapped, lashing her again as the helpless blonde screamed. He rammed his cock up her cunt, reaming her pussy out with his enormous fucker.

Corinne's scream died away as she stared right at Susie's open pussy. She saw the curly, dark-blonde hair around the cuntlips, the swell of Susie's pussy mound, the damp red slit of her cunt, the milky cum still oozing from the dark-red cunt folds. She sobbed, but she knew that her ass would suffer if she refused anything. Susie slid one hand dawn and took hold of one of Corinne's nipples, holding the crinkled bud.

"I can give you as much pain as you want," she said, her fingers tightening. "Suck me, whore!"

Corinne gave in. She let her mouth be pulled down onto Susie's pussy. She smelled the hot odor of a woman in heat, tasted the salty cuntal juices and the creamy remains of the cum. Her tongue ran up and down the cunt slit as Susie leaned back, spreading her thighs wider, holding Corinne's mouth onto her cunt with one hand.

"Suck it, baby," she said. "Run your tongue into my cunt, come on!"

Corinne surrendered to the depravity. There was nothing else she could do. She licked over Susie's puussy, running her tongue into the hot entrance of her cunthole. Susie gave a deep moan of lust, and a rush of pussy juices and mingled cum ran down into Corinne's mouth.

"Suck it out, slut!" she moaned. "Suck it and lick it, or else. Come on, hold my ass, make like you want me, honey!"

Corinne sobbed as she obeyed. She sucked Susie's clit into her mouth and slid her hand under Susie's ass cheeks, feeling the creamy flesh, which was much warmer where the cane had whipped it. She held Susie there while Susie played with her nipple and spread her legs wider, thrusting her cunt into Corinne's mouth.

"Ooooohhhhh!" Susie sighed. "That's almost nice!"

Corinne rocked on the bar as Julius continued his brutal fuck. His enormous cock rammed up her cunt, ramming into the entrance of her womb. His throbbing cocklance filled her pussy, ramming up and down in the tight fuck-hole, reaming her pussy out with each long hard cock-thrust.

Corinne moaned into the hot slimy cuntal flesh that filled her mouth, her body tossing against the bar, her pussy throbbing at each pass of Julius' cock. She felt that it was getting easier each time, but she didn't understand why. She just sobbed and ignored the strange feelings that were beginning to heat up her pussy.

They were almost tender, the sparks of passion generated by the contact of Julius' thick fuck-rod and her soft pussy walls. The rock-hard cock made her shiver as it rammed up and back. Strange tight feelings gripped her throat, and her tits throbbed, only partly because Susie's grip on her nipple was tightening all the time. Her ass started to thrust up off the bar a little to meet the slamming fuck-thrusts of Julius' cock. Her pussy pulsed and juices that made it all easier, and her cunt began to suck at his prick, caressing it, making Julius gasp with lust for the first time.

"Ssssshhheeeeeit!" he hissed. "Is she doing it to you, too?"

"Doing what, darling?" Susie asked, thrusting her wide-open cunt at Corinne's mouth.

"Sucking you real good," Julius said. "Her pussy's going wild!"

"It hasn't reached her mouth yet," Susie said. "But then, what do you expect?"

"A lot more." Julius whipped Corinne's ass with the rod, beating it over her crimson ass cheeks with no pity at all.

Corinne's scream came out muffled by Susie's pussy. She twisted, her cunt going wild, her mouth sucking Susie's clit in and biting at it while she rasped her tongue over the hot wet cunt flesh. As the rod landed again, her fingers dug into Susie's ass, gripping the flesh as she sucked and bit at her clit.

"Ohhhh, fuck, Julius!" Susie yelled. "It works! The bitch is getting turned on! Come on, let's go, baby, let's go!"

She twisted Corinne's nipple, adding to the bound blonde's agony. Julius whipped Corinne, his hand flashing up and dawn to the thrust of his cock into her cunt. "Come on, cunt!" he yelled. "Come on, show us that you can get turned on, bitch!"

Corinne screamed and heaved, her ass throbbing and burning, her mouth sucking, biting harder on Susie's clit while the shitty little blonde jerked her cunt up and demanded more. Corinne's cunt throbbed at each beat of the rod, hard waves of heat bursting from the thrash of the thin wood on her I flesh. Things were starting to blur for her, the pain of the rod, the rough thrust of Julius' cock and the throbbing pulse of Susie's cunt in her mouth. She was screaming continuously, her teeth sawing at Susie's cunt, her ass tossing helplessly, her head pulling against the collar.

Then Julius yelled out wildly as he heaved her ass upward with the violence of his fucking.

"Yeahhhh, I'm coming!" he bellowed. "At last, I'm coming up my aunt's cunt!"

Chapter FIVE

Corinne screamed in pain as the thin rod lashed across her tight ass checks while Julius rammed his swollen, stiff cock up her cunt. The rod whipped her to the pace of his rampant fucking, increasing speed with the frantic ramming of his thick fucker. Her ass burned and seethed with pain, jerking to the beat of the rod as Julius' cock rasped over her pussy walls, building to his come. Corinne's head spun. She sucked at Susie's tit, taking it all in, her teeth rasping over the hard red flesh, her tongue swirling into Susie's fuck-hole. She gripped the blonde's ass, her fingernails digging deep, trying to hurt her tormentor. But all it did was drive Susie wilder with lust. "Fuuuuck!" Susie screamed.

"Oooooh, Julius! Whip the cunt, whip her good, she's driving me crazy!" Her hands gripped Corinne's hair, pulling the wonderful blonde locks hard as she came, her pussy spewing juices all over Corinne's face.

The agony of the cane mingled with the pulse of Julius' cock deep in Corinne's spasming pussy. Her mind was coming unhinged as her pussy walls reacted to the slamming rape, quivering over Julius' rock-hard prick, sucking at it as it rammed deep into her soft little cunt. The pain of the rod made her cuntal walls contract harder, sucking wildly on Julius' cock as it increased speed, blurring in and out of her fuck-hole. The agony was mingling with spurts of orgasmic ecstasy that spilled from her cuntal walls as they sucked and heaved under the brutal attack of Julius' massive cock.

She moaned and sucked at Susie's pussy, her head reeling, her body throbbing with pain -- and a strange desperate desire she couldn't even deal with.

"Yeaahhh!" Julius yelled, his cock growing, throbbing in Corinne's cunt. "Come on, Auntie Corinne!" He kept lashing the rod across her tight ass cheeks, pulping the crimson flesh even more. "Let's see you get turned on, come on, bitch, I can feel you, cunt! Bitch, here comes my cum, Auntie, the first cum up your cunt, baby, the first!"

His cock began spurting thick streams of cum deep in Corinne's cunt. He bellowed with release, his arm flashing the rod down across her ass, heaving her up on his cum-shooting prick, pulling her legs against the ankle bonds with the power of his climax.

"Yeaaahhhh!" he yelled. "Ohhhh, come on, Aunt Corinne! Let's have it, let's have a good come, Auntie! Let's see you come!"

Corinne shrieked with the pain and humiliation. Her cunt was filled with hot thick jism, pouring out of her nephew's cock as he yelled and whipped her. She groaned, her ass heaving up as the rod lashed down, beating a desperate passion through her as Julius' cock slammed to the depths of her cunt and shot hot streams of fuck-juice, filling her once-virgin cunt.

With a deep guttural shriek of passion, Corinne sank her teeth into Susie's pussy and bit and sucked as hard as she could, trying to chew the shitty little blonde's cunt right off.

"Yyyyaaaaahhhhh!" Susie yelled, her thighs spreading wider as she rammed her cunt harder into Corinne's face, her hands gripping Corinne's hair, her ass jerking on the carpet. "Yeaaaahhh, suck me, bitch, bite me! Go on! You think you can hurt me? Fuuuuuck! Julius can't make inc beg for mercy, you think you can?"

The little blonde came again, flicking her throbbing cunt all over Corinne's face, until she gave a final shriek of satisfaction and jerked away, her cunt coming out of Corinne's mouth. She rolled on the carpet, her legs spread wide, her fingers working her cunt as she grinned and watched Julius' final hard lashes of his aunt's ass.

"Ooohhh, fuck! That was nice, wasn't it, Aunt Corinne?" Julius said as his cock finally gave out.

His ass thrust his slowly pulsing prick up and down in her pussy. His prick had softened a bit, but was still more than big enough to fill her fuck-hole.

Corinne moaned, hanging across the bar, her whipped ass throbbing, her pussy pulsating around the still-massive cock filling it. Her face was wet with saliva and Susie's cuntal juices and she ached all over. The rod touched her ass.

"I said, that was fun, wasn't it, Aunt Corinne?" Julius said.

"Yes, yes, it was fun," Corinne moaned, hardly aware that her hips were pushing against the bar, then thrusting back to take the full length of Julius' cock.

He yanked his cock out of her cunt and came around the bar, hauling Corinne up by her collar and thrusting his slimy fucker close to her face. Mixed with all the cum, there was a smear of blood from her cherry, and Corinne gave a stifled sob as she saw the evidence of her lost virginity.

"Lick it clean," he said.

Corinne moaned and gagged at the thought. Her blonde hair tossed wildly, her body writhed on the bar, wadding her little slip up even farther.

"Of course," said Julius, "Melissa's free. She'd love to persuade you to lick my prick."

Corinne groaned and gave in, licking at the thick gobs of cum sticking all over Julius' cockshaft. He ran his fingers through her hair, holding her soft mouth to his gently throbbing prickshaft.

Corinne wept with the humiliation, her tongue running over her nephew's cockflesh, licking up his jism, tasting the sticky, salty goo, and the female flavor of her own pussy juices. She tried to ignore the blood, closing her eyes when his hands led her to it, licking it all down, her mouth watering desperately to get rid of the foul taste.

Finally satisfied, he eased her head back and slid his cockhead into her mouth.

"Now make me feel good," he ordered. He grinned at the others. "What do you guys want next?"

"I think she can give a few more blow-jobs," Martin said.

"Yeah," said Donald, "but I want her ass, too. I mean, look at that tight little bud there."

Corinne groaned in helpless agony as she did her best to suck Julius' gigantic cockhead. His prick was already getting harder as her soft tongue rolled over it, licking the swollen cock-knob while she worked his cockshaft gently with her fingers.

Julius rattled her chain. "So whaddaya think, Aunt Corinne?" he asked. "You ready for a lot more cock?"

Corinne sobbed and buried his cock deeper in her mouth, trying to avoid having to agree to something so horrible.

"So what do you think, bitch?" Julius asked, making no attempt to pull his cock out of her mouth.

Corinne moaned, hoping they would think she was agreeing.

A hand ran over her bare ass and Corinne jerked, waiting for the whip.

"Why is your ass moving like this?" Melissa asked, her voice husky with lust. Her skillful fingers explored Corinne's cunt, touching her clit, sparking in awful, gut-wrenching passion in the bound blonde. "Tell me, whore, or you know what will happen."

Her hand caressed Corinne's ass, caressing the mashed flesh, while her fingers reached deeper, fucking into Corinne's cuntal opening.

Corinne gasped and gurgled around Julius' cock as she writhed on the bar, her mouth spasming around the thick prick flesh filling it. Her body twitched and jerked as Melissa's fingers played with her tit, and her thighs trembled as a terrible excitement rushed out of her pussy.

"Tell me, bitch," Melissa said. "Oooohh, fuck, this is gonna be real fun! You remember when Susie was like this? And how she went?"

"Watch it, clit-face!" Susie said. "You held out longer than I did."

"Says you," Melissa said with a grin, playing with Corinne's pussy. "What's it gonna be, bitch?"

She suddenly lashed Corinne with the rod.

"Aaahhhh!" Corinne sobbed and jerked up, her mouth coming off Julius' cock.

He held her hair and waited, as they all did.

"So why is your ass moving like this, bitch?" Melissa yelped, whipping Corinne's ass hard, the slap of the rod echoing in the room.

"Aaagghhhh! It isn't!" Corinne screamed, her body jerking on the bar. "It's just because you're whipping me!"

"Ooooob, right," Melissa said, lashing the rod across Corinne's ass. "Tell us, whore, your fucking cunt's wet."

"Nooooo!" Corinne screamed, closing her eyes, trying to hide from the stares.

They were all looking at her. All the men were hard again and she knew they were going to ram their cocks up her pussy and into her mouth as soon as they got the chance.

"If you don't confess, whore, I'm gonna drive you out of your fuckin' mind," Melissa warned. "I know exactly how to do it. All of them will do as I say until you break, bitch -- and I'll enjoy every moment of it."

Her fingers played with Corinne's pussy, softly, gently.

Corinne gasped and moaned, still bent double over the bar, her head held up by Julius, his rampant cock inches from her mouth, her pussy trembling and twitching to the slow swirl of Melissa's expert fingers. She couldn't help the way her body, reacted. Her ass throbbed with the mingled agony of the rod and the soft touch of Melissa's caresses.

"Last chance," Melissa said, pushing a finger right into Corinne's cunt and caressing the walls of her pulsating fuck-hole. "You're going to behave, bitch."

"I don't want it!" Melissa screamed. "No, let me go, please! You took my virginity -- isn't that enough?"

"Enough?" Julius echoed, his thick cock pushing at her lips. "That's just the start, baby, just the start."

"Okay," Melissa said. "Take her down and into the bathroom, boys. Let's have some fun!"

"What are you doing? Stop!" Corinne moaned, without much conviction as they untied her legs and Julius hauled her up and made her stand.

She shook all over as he led her across the room. She thought she knew the bathroom, but it was one she hadn't seen. It was a much bigger one, with tiled floor and a massive bathtub. In the middle of the room was what looked rather like a massage table. But it had too many leather straps on it for that.

Corinne groaned as she was pushed toward it. Julius held her and Donald reached for the top of her lacy slip. His brutal hands ripped the flimsy material into shreds, tearing it right down to the hem and yanking the tattered garment off, leaving Corinne naked, except for her torn stockings. But not even they were spared. As her tormentors stood around and laughed at her, she was forced to undo her suspender straps and take them off. The last of her expensive clothes was now destroyed.

They grabbed her. She sobbed, but they ignored her distress and pushed her onto her back on the cold steel surface. They took her arms and pulled them over her head, lashing them to straps on the underside of the table, so that her back arched and her tits thrust up. Then they take her legs and stretched them wide, hauling her body down and pushing a section of the table in, so that her ass and pussy hung over the end.

"Please, no!" she gasped as her legs were twisted back and her ankles lashed to the sides of the table, almost level with her aching ass. Her head lay over the other end of the table.

She stared up at the ceiling, her body aching in the new bonds. Her legs were spread so far open that her pussy slit was pulled wide, her clit clearly visible to the horrible group that gathered around her.

Her bent legs heaved her ass up, just as her bound arms forced her tits out. Her back arched helplessly, and she wept with the pain and shame.

Melissa leaned over her, a collection of whips and other things in her hands.

"I'm gonna make you beg for it," she purred. "Make you beg for real, whore, not just to get out of anything. You'll beg for anything if I'll just let you have a cock. Think about that."

Corinne sobbed and wept, her tears running over her lovely face. "Please, I'll do anything, just let me go!" she begged.

"But you're staying for the weekend," Melissa said, sliding the thin rod over Corinne's thrusting [missing text].

"Ooohhh, no, God, no!" Corinne cried, her neck craning painfully as she stared at the horrible thin rod.

Casually, Melissa lashed the rod across her nipples, making her scream and heave on the cold metal table.

"Now, Susie, suck the bitch. You know what to do."

Susie chuckled and leaned over Corinne's terrified face.

"You owe me," she said, "owe me real big." Corinne wept, her thighs and calves aching in their bent position.

Susie bent lower, her soft mouth running over Corinne's clit.

"No fucking until I say," Melissa said. She ran her fingers through her long dark hair. Her gray slip and stockings were crumpled and torn, but she still reeked of menace. She took out a little clamp, with screw jaws and showed it to their terrified victim. "I can put this on your cunt or nipple. Which would you prefer?"

Corinne shuddered and gasped, tears running all over her cheeks. Her neck ached from having to crane up to see what was happening, but she saw the clamps perfectly clearly.

"Please, no!" she rasped.

"Well, actually, since Susie is so busy with your cunt, we'll try your nipple now." Melissa slid the clamp over Corinne's thrusting nipple bud, just tightening it a little, so that it bit, but didn't hurt too much. "Now, who's in line for the famous golden blow?"

"Me," Saul said. He came up, his massive cock pulsing with excitement. "I've had to watch too long. Fuck, I need it!"

"Okay," said Melissa, "have a good time."

Corinne gave a low moan of horror as Saul worked his cock over her mouth. She submitted, opening her lips, letting him slide his cockhead in so that she could suck it. But he didn't attempt to push any deeper, just held his prick there, ipshing in and out a little.

Corinne throbbed, and moaned on the table, her arms aching, her legs sore, her back feeling as if it was strained to the limit. She sucked at the huge ball of Saul's cockhead, staring up at his hard face, his balding head shining in the bathroom lights. He reacled in and rubbed his cock gently, pushing it between her lips, not letting her have more of it than his prickhead.

Corinne wept. Her spread legs held her pussy open for Susie's mouth and the little blonde was making the most of it, sucking gently, driving spasms of pian through Corinne's bound body. Corinne struggled against the leather bonds, but it was hopeless, and the very pull of her wrists and ankles against the rough leather was making the surges of passion even worse. Her body began to throb to the pulse of Susie's willing mouth on her pussy silt, making hex gasp with a horrible, depraved lust. Her ass rose and slapped down on the metal tabletop, jerking as passion rose out of her cunt and began to take her over.

"Now isn't cock wonderful?" Melissa said, leaning over and running the rod across Corinne's eyes. "Beg me to whip your tits."

Corinne moaned, her body shaking with the terror of that thought as well as the lust that surged from Susie's mouth on her pussy. She closed her eyes to shut out the sight, but they jerked open as she felt Melissa's fingers pulling gently at the clamp on her nipple.

"How about the other one?" Melissa said softly, her voice a low pulse of tenor.

Corinne wept and sucked at Saul's cock, her body heaving and jerking on the tabletop.

"Okay, if you insist," Melissa said. She gave the screw on the clamp a twist.

The pain was still low, though it shot out with hard pulses from the clamp as it tightened. Corinne jerked and sucked, her mouth trying to take in more of Saul's cock. But he held back, no more than his cockhead pushing in and out of her mouth.

Another clamp went around her other nipple, just tightened a little like the first, leaving Corinne tossing on the table, her cunt and tits throbbing with their different treatments. Susie's tongue ran around Corinne's pussylips, driving a shriek of terrible rising passion out of the bound blonde.

"Wouldn't you love to have two cocks rammed right up you?" Melissa teased, leaning back down over Corinne. "Open your eyes."

Corinne's eyelids shot apart. Melissa ran the rod close to Corinne's trembling face.

"Imagine, two great thick cocks stuffed up you." Melissa grinned and ran the rod down over Corinne's shrinking body, over her tits, over the curving perfection until she came to the clamps. The rod pushed at the clamps, pulling the jaws against Corinne's nipple flesh, making her moan with pain and terror. One of the clamps jerked off from a nipple and rattled onto the floor.

"Oh dear," Melissa said softly, "I didn't tighten that enough, did I?"

The terror Corinne felt was even worse than the pain as she lay on the metal table, her mouth full of Saul's cock, her pussy pulsing to the soft licking that Susie gave her. She waited as Melissa leaned over and took the clamp that Donald had picked up for her. She examined the clamp close to Corinne's face.

"No," she said, "it looks okay. Must have just been loose."

Corinne screamed around Saul's cockhead as the hard faced Melissa slid the clamp over her throbbing nipple bud and slowly tightened it.

The jaws bit and Melissa spent some time turning the screw with tiny adjustments, closing the jaws a fraction at a time. She even loosened the screw a few times, then went back and closed it a little more.

Corinne's mouth sucked in terrible fury at the hard cock filling it. She was going out of her mind with terror, but it was doing other horrible things to her, as well. The very fear that gnawed so deep in her ass was also setting her pussy spuming with need. Her cunt throbbed around Susie's mouth and a deep, desperate desire in Corinne, getting deeper and more depraved the more Melissa toyed with her.

"That's about right," Melissa said, leaving the clamp on Corinne's nipple, biting nastily into her tit flesh. She leaned over to Saul and caressed his cockshaft. "Ready to come for me?"

"You bet!" he gasped. "And I've got a real head of piss, too."

"Good," Melissa murmured. "Get going Susie, we're gonna get this bitch hot!"

Corinne didn't know what they were going to do, except that Saul was going to shoot his disgusting cum in her mouth. She recoiled, struggling against the bonds, but they just bit into her wrist. And anyway, she was going out of her mind with the most depraved poison in the world.

Susie's mouth sucked Corinne's cunt right in and worked her pussy folds, drivin' hot lust out of her spasming cunt. At the same time, Melissa took hold of the nipple clamps and played with them, pulling at them, dragging her nipples out, then letting them relax, only to tug and twist them again. She was skillful, somehow managing to tighten the jaws a little occasionally, driving fresh pain into the mixture of the pain and passion in Corinne's body. She rolled helplessly on the table, her mouth sucking at Saul's cock. She didn't know what was happening to her as she twisted, and screamed, trying to take more of the hard, throbbing cockmeat into her mouth. But still Saul held off, jacking on his cock as it grew and swelled and the cum began to surge in his balls.

"Okay, whore!" he yelled. "You got it coming now, oooohhh, fuck, you have!" His hand blurred on his cockshaft, and he leaned back and began to bellow with lust as the cum-load burst out of his balls. "Yaaaahhhhh!"

Melissa dropped her bold on the clamps and took up the cane. With a savage lash, she lashed the knotted tails into Corinne's tits, tossing the lovely soft mounds around, jerking the clamps as they bit at Corinne's nipples. Melissa whipped the cane in again as Saul stabbed his cock, his cockhead jerking over Corinne's lips.

Suddenly, something broke in Corinne. The lust springing from Susie's skillful cunt-sucking and the pain of the cane on her tits smashed into each other and erupted in an orgasm that sent her lurching and screaming on the tabletop. Her mouth spasmed around Saul's cock as the cum poured down his cockshaft.

"Yeahhhhhh!" Saul roared as his cock poured jism all over Corinne's mouth, gushing over her lips, running into her mouth, the salty cum pouring over her chin and running over her lovely checks.

"Aaaggghhhh!" Corinne screamed as the next lash of the cane on her tits drove her into another degrading climax.

She was out of her mind, senseless with the horror and lust that over whelmed her totally. She tossed wildly on the table, her cunt sucking at Susie's mouth, her tits heaving upward as the cane lashed them and to it one of the clamps off, ripping a sharp, terrifying peak of lust from the bound woman.

Saul kept jacking his cock, hosing her face with his cum, pouring it all over her face and into her hair as it streamed, out of his cock.

"Take it, take it, whore, and see what you get next!" he roared.

He shoved his cock at her mouth, made her suck down the next flood of cock juice before he took his fucker out of her mouth and moved it over her sobbing face, letting the cum ooze out all over her mouth, cheeks and eyelids.

And still Melissa whipped her tits, beating horrifying lust into the sobbing Corinne. She came, her wrists tearing at the bonds, her legs shaking as the passion overwhelmed her, and Susie's mouth kept her pussy boiling.

"Take this, whore!" Saul yelled at the top of his voice.

From his cockslit, gushing out in hard, stinking streams, came a jet of piss, pushing the last of his cum out with it. Piss poured over Corinne's face and she screamed in the deepest horror of her, life.

But the cane kept lashing bet tits and Susie sucked even harder on her cunt and raging orgasms wouldn't stop. Corinne wanted to die.

Chapter SIX

Saul gave a long sigh of release as be pissed all over Corinne's horrified face. He held his swollen cockshaft and directed the flow of hot pin over her checks and mouth, washing gobs of his cum away in the sour stream.

"Yeahhh, this is nice," he murmured, lifting his cock and directing his stream of piss over Corinne's neck and down to her tits.

The moment the stream of pin was off her mouth, Corinne screamed, tasting the horrible stuff, the stench reeking in her nostrils. She struggled against the bonds, her arms aching, her legs trembling, but the leather held her as tightly as ever.

"No, noooo!" she screamed, tossing helplessly. The cane cut into her tits, biting into her flesh, splattering thin streams of Saul's piss away as he held his cock and continued pissing over the helpless blonde. The agony surged through Corinne, peaking to another horrible climax as Susie sucked her pussy hard and rasped her teeth over Corinne's sensitive clit. Her body gyrated and bucked on the table as she came, her pussy throbbing under Susie's mouth, her tits aching with the pain.

Melissa whipped Corinne again, driving the tightly knotted tails of the cane into Corinne's tit flesh as Saul's flow of piss began to slow and he let it move back up to Corinne's face. The salt from his piss burned in the whip marks as Corinne screamed and tossed, coming despite herself, her body heaving in the most terrible display of lust. Her ass tossed as Susie's tongue flowed over her clit and into her cunt for a final surge.

The orgasms burst inside her as the stream of piss tapered off and Saul held his slowly softening cock to her lips.

"Clean it, whore," he said.

Corinne wept, but there was no escape for her. She licked his cockhead, tasting the last of his piss as it clung there. Her tongue moved around his cockhead, feeling it tremble with the beginnings of new life. Melissa stood over her, waiting. Susie laughed as she pulled away from Corinne's still spasming cunt.

She chuckled nastily, running a finger into Corinne's fuck-hole. "We got the bitch now."

The cum subsided, leaving Corinne shivering and moaning on the table, her body aching with pain, but also a strange kind of emptiness, as if it still needed something. With the horrible smell of piss all over her, even in ha hair, she stared up at her tormentor, Melissa.

"This whore stinks," Melissa said. "Smells like somebody pissed on her. Wash her off."

Corinne was suddenly terrified again.

Donald unrolled a hose from a faucet and advanced on her, the hose pulsating with the power of the water build-up inside.

He squeezed the handle and a hard stream of cold water gushed out, all over Corinne.

Corinne wailed, struggling against the bonds, feelig as if she were being drowned. The water splattered onto her, washing off the piss, but also gushing into her mouth, and washing all over her with brutal force. She gasped for breath, taking in water as much as air, spluttering and helpless on the table.

As suddenly as it had started, the stream stopped. "You came, bitch," Melissa said, leaning down over the soaking Corinne.

Corinne wept once more, trying to turn her head away from the terrible, dark-haired dominatrix.

"No, no," she sobbed, "it isn't true!"

Melissa leaned closer, her mouth right at Corinne's ear. "You won't get off that table until you admit it," she hissed.

"All right, I came!" Corinne screamed. "Now please, let me off."

Melissa laughed. "Shit, this whore thinks I was born yesterday." She raised the cane and lashed Corinne's tits with it, beating the suffering tit mounds with a particularly vicious stroks. "Tell us when you're coming, bitch. Beg for it, beg for more, that's the way to impress us, hey?"

She lashed Corinne's tits with a curling stroke that finally jerked the other clamp off.

"Oh, shit!" she said, after Corinne's scream faded away. "We'll have to put that back on. Who's next?"

"Me," said Donald and Martin together.

"Okay," Martin said, "we'll toss for ends. Call in the air."

"Heads," Donald said.

"Heads it is," Martin said. "Okay, baby, let's have that little cunt of yours."

Corinne was still sobbing as he pushed his long hard cock at her pussy entrance. Martin's thick fucker slid easily into her cunt, which was soaking wet. The thick cockmeat filled her fuck-passage, throbbing over her cuntal walls, making her arch even morc on the table, gasping with sudden lust. Her cuntal walls trembled over the rigid cock flesh, sucking wildly at it.

"Fuuuuuck!" be gasped, "This whore's coming awake, like real awake! You gotta feel her cunt!" He fucked his cock deeper into Corinne's helpless pussy, pushing in to the hilt, his swollen cockhead slamming into the depths of Corinne's fuck-hole. "Jeeeezzz, you should have got your aunt here earlier, Julius."

Julius laughed easily, sliding Susie onto his lap, where she took his cock and sank it right into her hot little cunt.

"Glad you like her," he said. "Enjoy, boys, enjoy." He held Susie's tits and she gave a moan of passion, her cunt working over his cock as he watched Corinne's humiliation.

Donald's cock worked over Corinne's lips, reminding her of just how helpless she was.

"Suck it, baby," he said. "But this time, you're gonna get really throat-fucked -- YOU're gonna take it all in that hot little mouth of yours."

Corinne had no idea how she could take the eight or nine inches of Donald's cock in her mouth. It would choke her if he pushed it too far. She opened her lips and let him slide his prick in, pushing past her teeth and right into her mouth until his throbbing cockhead came to the entrance of her throat.

"Yea," Donald said, pushing back and forward a little. "Take your time, Melissa. I'm enjoying life as it is right now." He slid his cock over Corinne's tongue and back out of her lips, just letting his prickhead play over the soft red curves of Corinne's mouth. "Now suck me good, baby. Life will be very painful if you don't."

He eased back in and Corinne sucked at his cockhead, feeling it swell in her mouth, the thick rubbery ball filling her checks as he pushed it in and out, working almost gently at the entrance of her throat.

Corinne felt the jaws of a clamp tightening on her nipple and she stiffened, breaking into fresh tears as the pain throbbed out of her tit flesh.

Melissa tightened the clamp a little, biting into Corinne's nipple bud, then let off and did it again, twisting the jaws tighter this time, making Corinne groan and wince with the pain.

"Don't scream, bitch," Melissa warned. "I can't stand cunts who scream for no reason. I have to give them one when they do that, you dig?"

Corinne moaned and nodded her head as much as Donald's cock filling her mouth would let her. She felt the other clamp sliding over her other nipple, biting harder at her tit flesh, the jaws tightening down faster. A moan, then a low scream escaped the bound blonde as she struggled on the tabletop.

"Hurting a bit now?" Melissa asked, her voice dripping with fake sympathy.

Donald slid his cock back to her lips, allowing Corinne to speak.

"Aaaaahhhb!" she moaned. "Ocooch, yes, that buns, it hurts!"

"As much as this?" Melissa asked and twisted the clamp on her nipple.

"Aaaaah, no, no, not as much as that!" Corinne screamed.

"Good, I wanted to be sure," Melissa said. "And does this hurt even mote?"

Viciously, she twisted the other clamp, and Corinne gave a terrible shriek of pain.

"Naaaagggbhhh!" she screamed, her nipples aching and throbbing, feeling as if they were crushed flat. "Nooo, ohhhhh! Fuck, that hurts! Help me, please, take them off!"

She screamed and wept, her head trying to pull up to see what the terrible Melissa was doing to her.

"That should be about right, then, gentlemen," Melissa said. "Have yourselves a good time and please, if the service is ever below what you have come to expect, just let me know, and we'll soon whip our staff back into shape."

She took hold of the nipple clamps and twisted them a little, getting another shriek of pain from the bound Corinne. Donald worked his cock back into her mouth and stifled it with his massive thick cockhead. At the same time, Martin drove his fucker back into her cunt, filling it with his rampant cockmeat.

Corinne screamed around Donald's cock as Melissa twisted the clamps, setting off waves of agony from her nipples. She struggled helplessly, her body writhing on the cold, wet tabletop, her legs and arms aching with the strain. The pain was surging through her just as it had done before, making her scream in agony and horror. But it was also filling that awful void she had felt after the last orgasm ended, and that made it almost welcome, anything was better than that terrible feeling of knotted emptiness that had churned in her stomach.

The agony increased sharply as Melissa twisted the clamps, pulling them out, stretching her nipples until Corinne was sure they would tear off. But the clamps were a lot tighter this time and all that happened was that the pain burned more brightly, erupting through her body in waves of sheer agony.

Then she suddenly realized what they were doing to her. As she screamed around Donald's cock, her throat opened and he pushed deeper. She choked and gagged, but Melissa twisted the clamps hard and she screamed again, letting the big cock fuck even deeper into her helpless throat.

"Breathe through your nose, whore!" Melissa yelled. "You're gonna take the whale of this cock, so get used to it." She pulled on the clamps, yanking them up as Donald lunged hard, his cockhead running right into Corinne's throat.

She gagged and heaved, but the cock didn't go away. It just pulled back a little and thrust in again, fucking even deeper as Melissa twisted the clamps and made Corinne scream in pain once more. As the helpless, bound blonde wailed and wept, screaming at each thrust of his cock, Donald slowly invaded her mouth, fucking his cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

Martin fucked Corinne's cunt, his cock thrusting deep, rasping over her pussy walls, reaming her cunt out with his thick cockhead. He leaned on her thighs, opening her cunt even wider for his throbbing, raping cock. His hips jerked as he fucked her, slapping his balls into her ass with each stroke of his fuck-rod.

Corinne screamed and shivered in a helpless mixture of pain and lust. She had no idea what was going to happen to her, but it all churned in her body, the agony of her tits, the choking invasion of Donald's cock in her throat, and the slamming fuck of Martin's thick prick. And it was all building up to another surging orgasm for the bound blonde. She just couldn't help it, her body was out of control, completely under the demands of her captors.

She screamed and heaved as Melissa twisted her nipples in a complete circle, the flesh burning and stretching to its limit. Her throat opened and Donald fucked his cock in, right to the limit, his balls slapping against her nose. He pulled back and slammed in, his wet prick sliding in to the limit again with even less problem. And again, the big cock filled her throat as she screamed and sucked, her nipples burning, her mouth opening wider, depraved passion overwhelming her.

"Come on, whore!" Donald yelled, his prick pistoning in and out, swelling and throbbing in Corinne's throat. "There's another mouthful of cum in this for you."

He panted and lunged his cock fucking into Corinne's throat as Melissa heaved on her nipples. And the bound blonde gave a great scream of lust and climaxed, her body tossing out of control.

"Look at the bitch go!" Susie yelled as she worked her cunt up and down on Julius' enormous fucker. "Oooohhh, look at the whore! She's coming!" She moaned and reached back, her arms going behind Julius' head as she leaned back, thrusting her tits out. "Oooohhh, Saul, come and whip me when I come!"

Saul got up and grinned at her. "You really are a bitch, you know that?" be said, his cock swelling as he watched. He went over to a cupboard and took up a thin cane, coming back and standing over Susie as she heaved up and down on Julius' prick. "She treating you right?"

"Fuck," Julius said, "you know what this cunt's like. Hell's gonna be cool after this bitch's hole."

Susie gave a shriek and heaved on his stiff prick. "You fuckcr!" she yelled. "Nearly, Saul, nearly! Oooohhhh!" Her wet cunt slid up and down on Julius' fuck-rod, her pussy juices flowing into his cock hair as she fucked herself on his prick.

Corinne spasmed in another, helpless, degrading orgasm as Melissa twisted her nipples and the two cocks filled her mouth and cunt. Her arms pulled helplessly at the bonds as she tried to get free and ease the suffering in her tits. But she still heaved them upward, her back arching as the cocks slammed in and Melissa tortured her nipples. The suffering was making her orgasms surge higher, each desperate twist of her arms sending rushing rim of passion through her. Her throat was open totally to Donald's cock now. Her throat muscles tightened and gripped at the thrusting cockmeat, but she made no attempt to stop it as it fucked in and out of her mouth, speeding up all the time.

"Jeeecezzzzz!" Donald gasped. "I'm gonna shoot soon, Melissa! Real soon! Ooohhh, fuck, she's gonna be great! You train 'em real well!"

"Why, thank you," said Melissa, twisting Corinne's nipples again with hard, torturing heaves. "They all learn in the end." She twisted the clamps the other way, getting another jerk and scream from the bound Corinne. "Let me know when you're coming."

Suddenly Susie went crazy on Julius' cock. She grabbed the back of his neck harder, thrusting her tits out, bending her back as hard as she could.

"Whip me, Saul!" she screamed. "Whip meee!" Julius slid his hands around her body, taking her tits and holding the soft mounds up in his hands, pushing them out so that Saul had the best target.

Saul took the cane and whipped it down, beating the wood across Susie's tits with a hard slapping sound.

"Aaaahhh, yessss!" she wailed. She lurched up hard, her cunt going crazy on Julius' prick. "Ooooohhh, is it good for you, darling?"

"Shit, what do you think, whore?" he rasped, his throbbing cock swelling in her spuming cunt.

"Uuuurrggghhh!" Susie screamed as the thin woad cut her tits. "Whip me till he comes, Saul," she demanded. "Whip my tits!" Her throbbing cunt closed around Julius' cock, sucking at it, demanding another hot load of jism from him.

Corinne thought she was going to die as Donald's cock speeded up in her mouth, driving in to the hilt, throbbing.

"Yeahhhh!" he roared. "I'm coming, Melissa! She's gonna get it all!"

"And a ctint full!" Martin bellowed as his cock slammed deep into Corinne's shot wet pussy. "Come on, Melissa! Whip her! That's what works on this cunt!"

Corinne's guttural scream of agony burst out from around Donald's cock as the cane lashed into her tits. Her body throbbed, exploding with lust as she came, rocking to the terrible pulse of the whip and the cocks. Her throat opened, taking Donald's large fucker to the hilt as be bellowed over ha, his cock churning as the cum rushed out of his balls.

"Yeahhbhh!" he roared. "This is it, baby, another mouthful of cum for you! Herrreeee it comes!"

He thrust harder, his balls swinging as the cum rushed out of his piss slit and filled Corinne's throat. Corinne's throat muscles spasmed around the thick ball of his cockhead as it spat thick ropes of jism. The sticky, salty cum backed up into her mouth as Donald roared, pulling his jerking prick back a little to shoot right over her teeth.

"Take it, baby, take it!" he yelled, his swollen cock spitting thick gobs of fuck-juice into Corinne's mouth as she tossed and came, her mouth sucking wildly at his cum-gushing cock.

"Heeeeuuuuuyyyy!" Martin yelled as his cock suddenly gushed cum into Corinne's hot cunt. "Oooh, fuck, that's good, that's sooooo good!"

His ass was jerking out of control as he unloaded his hot stream of cum into Corinne's helpless body.

Corinne screamed, her body exploding with the rising intensity of her climaxes. Her mouth filled with cum and she swallowed, taking it in, even tasting the cock cream with slight pleasure. Her cunt throbbed, her pussy walls sucking at Martin's cock as it poured jism into her fuck-channel. Martin's heaving cock mashed the slimy cum into her cuntal walls and gobs of it oozed out and into the crack of Corinne's ass, but she didn't even notice. She just writhed to the pulse of the whip on her tits and the beat of the two cocks.

"Oooohh, fuuuuck!" Donald yelled, letting his pouring cockhead shoot more cum into Corinne's mouth. He gasped as he unloaded his cum-load, watching as Corinne swallowed his jism, her lovely tits bouncing to the beat of the cane. "Ooooh, take it, whore, take it!"

Corinne's mouth overflowed with cum as she sucked it down, her climaxes bursting out in the surging waves. Her pussy erupted with the power of Martin's fucking as he rammed in to the hilt and twisted his cock in her cunt, pouring out the last of his thick creamy cum-load.

"Whip her hard, Melissa!" he yelled. "Her cunt goes crazy when you whip her."

"You shit!" Melissa screamed as she lashed the cane into Corinne's suffering tits. "What the fuck do you think I'm doing?"

She swept the cane across Corinne's lovely tit globes again and whipped one of the clamps off.

The agony of that crested Corinne into a screaming, wailing orgasm beyond anything she had known before. Her throat opened to let Donald ram home for the last time, holding his cock deep as he oozed out the last of his cum and it ran down into her stomach. She lurched as the cane whipped her tits with another vicious stroke.

Melissa concentrated on her other tit until the clamp on that jerked free and rattled across the tiles. Corinne gave a deep scream of pain and climaxed even harder, wailing in endless shrieks, her arms and legs straining against the leather bonds.

"Ooooobhhhh!" Martin moaned as his cock gave out the last of its cum. "Oooooh, I gotta unload now."

"You bet," Donald said. Then he hauled his cock out of Corinne's mouth.

She gave another heave and screamed in climax as the cane cut her swollen, crimson flesh. Then Corinne stared at the two men as they held their cocks over her and grinned nastily. She gasped in horror.

They were going to piss on her, she just knew it.

Chapter SEVEN

"No, please!" Corinne begged.

But, at that moment, Donald's cock spurted a hot stream of piss, gushing out over her face. She closed her mouth in desperation, and then she felt Martin's piss splashing over her cunt and inner thighs. Screaming in the most unendurable horror, Corinne strained against the leather bonds, which the pins and water had tightened on her wrists and ankles.

The cane lashed into her pussy, whipping spatters of Martin's piss away as it bit into Corinne's cuntal flesh.

The pain and terrible lust sent Corinne into another raging climax at once. Her body twisted and heaved, her thighs trembling as she came. The whip landed again, and her lips opened as she screamed in degradation.

Donald's piss poured into her mouth. She tried to close it, but the whip beat another tide of lust through her and she screamed, her voice bubbling as the piss ran into her mouth. She could feel the warm piss running over her collar, getting the thick leather wet. The rank, fetid smell drove her crazy.

But the orgasms wouldn't stop, and each lash of the cane drove her wilder with depraved, submissive fuck-lust.

Corinne screamed as her mouth filled with foaming piss and she came, tossing wildly on the table. Her legs strained, her whole body ached, but the climaxes surged on over her. The chain to her collar clanked, and she swallowed some of Donald's piss, gagging, gasping as another lash of the cane sent her seething into fresh realms of lust.

"Yeaaaaah, bitch!" Donald crowed, his cock pouring out amber piss over Corinne's creamy tits. He swung back to her face, pouring his sour cock stream over her beautiful features and into her long blonde hair. "Fuck, look at her come! The bitch loves it."

Corinne wept, her mouth full of hot piss, her humiliation getting worse by the moment as she continued to orgasm under the whip. She struggled, feeling Martin's warm stream of pin running over her tummy and into her cunt and ass. He walked up, splashing pin over Corinne's face, watching as she screamed in horror and climax.

"Bitch sure is coming," he said. "Fuuuck, that's great!"

His stream of pin began to run out and he shoved his cock at Corinne's mouth, making her take it and let piss run out of her mouth and over her chin on its way to the tile floor.

Susie bounced on Julius' cock, her body tossing as she came. "Look at her, Julius!" She clung around Julius' neck, her arms bent back, her tits thrust out. "Whip me harder, Saul! Come on, whip me!"

She screamed as Saul lashed the thin cane across her tits, beating the twin globes sharply downwards until they burst free of the cane and bounced up around.

"Yeah, do it, Saul!" Julius yelled, "I'm gonna."

He got up out of the chair and carried Susie across to the table. She was still tossing wildly on his cock.

"Look at that," he said. "Look at the bitch!" He leaned back, allowing Saul to whip Susie's swelling tits as she jerked around on his cock, and he began to unload his turn into her hot little cunt. He gasped, his throbbing prick pounding in Susie's cuntal passage as she screamed and came, her pussy clutching at his cum-spurting fucker.

"Aaahhh, fuck me, whip me, fuuuck mee!" she screamed, watching as Corinne struggled and wept on the table.

Corinne's face was glistening with piss as Donald's cock stopped. And then he flicked drops of piss off over her face.

Melissa stopped the whipping and leaned in on the bound blonde. "Now tell us that you didn't come, you horny little cunt."

Corinne shuddered, smelling piss all around her. "Nooooo!" she wailed. "Please, don't do thjs to me, please!"

Melissa climbed up onto the table and squatted over Corinne's horrified face. "Well," she said, holding her crumpled slip ant of the way, "how about some more golden showers, huh?"

"Please, no! All right -- I came!" Corinne cried, her face only inches from Melissa's wide-open pussy.

"Tell us how much you loved it," Melissa snarled, not moving, her pussy quivering over Corinne's face.

"I loved it, I loved it! Now please, let me go!"

"Well, if you loved it so much, you must want some more," Melissa said. And then she pissed on Corinne's face.

Corinne screamed, twisting to try and get any from the dread woman who just went on pissing on her.

"Oooh, fuck, fuck!" Susie screamed as she came on Julius' cock as it spurted more thick wads of cum deep in her cunt. She writhed, thrusting her tits out, taking blows across them as the pounding cock in her cunt gushed more fuck-juice. "Look at her go!"

Corinne didn't know what was happening to her. Some deep depraved desire was loose, churning away in her guts, as she took the hot stream of Melissa's piss. It had to be the bonds, or the pain on her whipped tits and ass, but the climaxes didn't stop. They weren't as explosive, but they rolled on, making her toss on the tabletop, her mouth opening, closing, spitting out piss as she mooned and came.

Her hands twisted violently in the bonds, her legs strained and she groaned in desperate humiliation as the stream of pin ran over her face. Some of the pin ran into her throat and made her gag, but she swallowed it and soon didn't even gag. Swallowing piss was almost a just punishment for falling so low as to come when a man raped her. She sobbed as Melissa finished pining and grinned down at bet.

"Now, wasn't that nice?" Melissa said.

"Yes, yes!" Corinne wept.

To one side, she could hear Julius bellowing as he carried Susie around on his cock, shooting his cum into her pussy as he gripped her tits and squeezed, twisting his girlfriend's nipples hard. She leaned back, screaming with lust, riding his cock until his jism gave out, then she fell against him, gasping with satisfaction. Cum ran down her thighs, and her tits heaved as she slowly slid off his cock and fell onto the tiled floor, gasping and moaning.

"That was something else," she said, her voice shaky. "Was it good for you too, darling?"

"Yeah," Julius said. "But you know that, whore. When did you ever give a bad fuck?"

Susie cooed and smiled, rubbing her sore tits. "Suck me," Melissa said, lowering her cunt onto Corinne's mouth. "Well, boys," she said as Corinne obediently licked her pussy, "what's next?"

"I want her ass," Saul said.

"Very good choice," said Melissa. "But I'm sure it would be better with the right attachments, don't you?"

The men, chuckled and Corinne shuddered, wondering what pain and humiliation were coming next. She kept her mouth on Melissa's cunt until the dark-haired dominatrix pulled away and got off the table.

"Wash her off," Melissa said. "Whatever I do to clean her up, she still stinks."

Corinne screwed as the hose came out again and the hard stream of cold water splattered onto her until all the piss was gone and water washed off the table and ran into the drains. Then, finally they untied her bonds and she set up crouching, gasping, tears running down her face. Her legs and arms ached, but there was a dreadful shameful desire in her, too. She wanted to rub her pussy, but she didn't dare do it with all of them around.

Julius pulled her up by her wet hair and gave her another stiff drink. This time, she took it in one go and gasped at the wonderful warmth streaming over her body. She handed the glass back to Julius.

"Could I have another one, please?" she asked timidly.

He grinned slightly. "Sure."

After the second one, Corinne felt the tingling in her body getting stronger. Even on the cold tiles of the bathroom, her pussy throbbed a little, and deep lust rose through her body. They were all standing around watching her, the men grinning. Only Saul's cock was fully hard again, but the other cocks were getting there as the guys stared at her nakedness. She ran her hands over her whipped tits and felt the same passion surging from them. Her ass was the same; even in her deep humiliation, her flesh was reacting, turning her on. It was horrible and she stopped at once.

Then she saw what Susie was doing and stared, choking in horror.

Where her head had rested on the table was the depression that had saved her neck from breaking on the table edge. In that depression was a threaded hole. Into that hole Susie was screwing the most enormous dildo Corinne had ever seen. It curved sharply, reaching up over the edge, a full foot of rubber cock, trembling on the tight spring that held it to the bolt that ran into the threaded hole.

"There," Susie said, and she pulled on the dildo. It heaved with her hand, pulling almost horizontal before she let it go. It bounced back, throbbing and quivering, coming to rest, pointing up as before. "Just right."

Melissa leaned over and ran a thin rod across Corinne's trembling mouth. "Kiss it," she said.

Corinne wanted to lash out at her tormentor, but she had no resistance left. She kissed the thin rod as it moved over her lips.

"You're going to get that dildo up your cunt," Melissa said. "And then Saul at least is going to assfuck you."

"Ohhh, no!" Corinne whispered.

"Pardon?" Melissa said, taking the rod away. "I said... aaaghhhh! Yes, yes!" Corinne screamed as the rod lashed her already pulped ass.

"Good," Melissa said, leaning back and sliding the rod back across Corinne's mouth. "Kiss it."

Corinne wept, kissing the terrible black rod. It was so slimy it trembled on her lips, and it had hurt her ass worn than anything before.

"Now," said Melissa. She paused, her chest heaving, her tits rubbing into Corinne's back in her excitement. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I suggest the easy way. I know these guys. They won't stop until they've all shot up that divine little ass of yours. Don't whimper! Or I'll give you someting to whimper about. That's better."

She slid the rod down, over Corinne's tin, chuckling as the helpless blonde moaned in horrible black lust, her nipples hardening as the rod slowly pulled over them.

"Now you can go over there and fuck yourself with that dildo and beg to be whipped until you come. And when you do come, beg for Saul to fuck your ass. That's the easy way. Do I have to go through the hard way?"

Corinne gave a low shuddering scream and went weak at the knees, almost falling back onto the floor. She stared at the dildo, at the table. The sight of that monstrous cock sent a gurgle of passion into her throat. She imagined that inside her cunt, the whip lashing her ass -- and a tide of lust surged up aver her faster than she could even think. She moaned and came, twisting helplessly back against her tormentor.

"Yes, I know," Melissa said, her voice almost soft. "It's incredible, isn't it? I can't tell you the number of orgasms I've had on that... the whip marks on my ass... ooohh fuck! The more they whip me, the more I come. And so do you. Confess, bitch!"

Corinne sobbed and screamed in an incoherent frenzy. That she might be like Susie and Melissa was the most horrible thought in the world. She had to break this spell that held her and go back to what she had been.

"Well?" Melissa said. "Which is it?"

Corinne shuddered and gave a long scream of submission. Her legs gave out and she dropped to the tiles, crawling aver the floor towards the table. Her head spun as she reached it and crawled up the steel legs, gripping the top and standing, holding onto the wet surface. As they all stood and stared at her, she shuffled around, her chest heaving, her legs wobbling. She came to the dildo and held onto it, pulling her right leg over it to get it into position.

There was absolute silence as she slid the monstrous rubber cock to the entrance of her spasming cunt. She leaned down over the table, propping herself on her hands, her legs stretched out wide.

Slowly she rubbed the cockhcad of the foot-long dildo over her cuntlips and into the entrance of her tight fuck-channel. Moaning softly, she reached down and held it, spreading her pussylips and pushing the thick round cockhead into her cunt. She gasped and took her hand away, the dildo an inch or so into her pussy. She spread her legs wider, pushing down, her cunt capturing more of the enormous fucker.

"And what do you ask for now?" Melissa said softly, coming close to Corinne, stroking the thin rod.

Corinne's heart began to beat faster as she stared at the rod. She knew how painful it was and, to her shame, her pussy got wetter thinking about it. Her pussy walls throbbed over the thick rubber cockhead and that set off another tremble of desire in the helpless blonde. She gurgled and stared at the rod, at Melissa.

"I have to, don't I?" she whispered.

Melissa smiled and moved closer. She ran the rod softly over Corinne's ass, getting another gasp and moan of depraved desire from the blond.

"You don't have to," she cooed. "But I would it, unless you like hanging from the ceiling."

Corinne moaned and sank don on the dildo.

"One day soon," Melissa cooed, moving even closer and whispering in Corinne's ear, "I'll make you beg for anything because if you don't, I'll stop whipping you. Do you believe that?"

"Nooo," Corinne moaned.

"Oh, you will," Melissa said. "If you don't by the end of this weekend, you can do what you like to me. How about that?" She ran the whip over Corinne's ass, making the blonde shudder.

"I don't want to whip you," Corinne whimpered, her hands sliding on the tabletop, her legs trembling as the dildo invaded her cunt deeper.

"Then maybe you'd like to stick my pussy while Julius fucks you?" Melissa said softly, playing the whip over Corinne's trembling ass flesh. "Or maybe, suck Julius while somebody else fucks you? Or maybe, well, anything. Think about it."

"Aaaaahhhh!" Corinne sighed, her pussy throbbing on the dildo. "Oooh, God!"

"Now, beg me for it," Melissa said, and she ran the rod back across Corinne's mouth.

"Please, plepse, whip me!" Corinne spread, her tits heaving, her body raked with horrible excitement. She was ashamed and terrified, but she couldn't stop. And this was better than the punishment for refusing.

"Good," Melissa said as she stepped back. Corinne trembled and wept, ramming her cunt farther down on the dildo. She heard the swish of the rod.

The most terrible, depraved, delicious agony burst out of her ass. The line of pain beaten in by the rod was almost exquisite as the surging tide of agonized lust overwhelmed her. She screamed, fucking her cunt down on the dude, leaning forward, spreading her hands out over the tabletop, gripping the sides, thrusting her ass up for the next stroke of the rod. It came, and Corinne climaxed, tossing in helpless agony and lust on the steel table top.

"Aaghhhh! Fuck, I'm coming!" she screamed. "Ooooh, I'm coming, I confess, I confess! Aaaaaghhhhh!" She sobbed and heaved, her ass jolting up as the rod lashed in, beating more passion into the sobbing blonde.

"Ready to have your ass fucked?" Melissa yelled, lashing Corinne hard with the rod.

"Yeaaaaahbh! Ohhhh, yes!" Corinne screamed, fucking down on the dildo, her cunt spasming on its hard length. "Yessss!"

"Good," Melissa said, whipping her again. "She's all yours, Saul."

Saul came up behind Corinne's ass. His cock was shiny with cum, and he ran it straight over the crack of Corinne's ass. She gripped the tabletop, her orgasms still heaving over her, the chain from her collar rattling on the steel table.

"Fuck!" Saul gasped. "This looks like a real tight little ass." He shoved and his cockhead pushed into Corinne's tight ring of ass muscles.

Corinne thought her body would explode as Saul's cock fucked into her ass. She didn't know how she could take two cocks, for the dildo was even bigger than Julius' enormous prick. But Saul pushed again and the whole of his cockhead slid into her throbbing ass.

"Aaaaahhhh!" she screamed, her hands gripping the table edge, her cunt throbbing on the dildo as Saul's thick cock fucked into her ass.

Her muscles strained, her whole body ached, but he pushed again and at least four inches of his cock fucked into her shitter. His hard cock rubbed on the thin membrane separating her pussy and ass, and she gasped as the friction set up another surge of lust.

"Come on, bitch!" he gasped, leaning down, sliding his hands under Corinne's squirming body, grabbing her sore tits and squeezing hard. "Come on, show us what a bitch you are!"

Corinne screamed, her back arching off the table, her tits thrusting at his hands as she came, her body throbbing with depraved lust. Her shitter walls grabbed at his cock, sucking at the thick prick as it pushed deeper into her ass, rasping against the dildo in her cunt.

"Aaaaaahhhh, please, nooooo!" she wept as Saul plunged his prick into her hot shit pit to the hilt, his balls slapping between her ass cheeks. "Oooh, God!"

Streams of climaxes wiled over her.

"Ohh, shit!" Saul gasped, his cock thrusting harder into Corinne's tight ass. "Fuck, what a browner, what a fuckin' browner!" His hips heaved as he rammed into Corinne's ass, his throbbing fuckrod burying itself deep between Corinne's ass cheeks.

"Nooooo!" Corinne wailed, shame rushing over her as she came.

Her mouth pressed into the tabletop, and she was sucking at the cold metal in her horrible depraved lust. Her ass started jerking to the pace of Saul's fucking, faster, harder, slamming back to get the full impact of the two cocks. They filled her two fuck-holes, reaming her out, rubbing against each other in her guts as the shudders of endless hut rolled over her.

"Aaanaaagghhh!" she screwed, ramming her cunt down on the dildo as hard as she could, taking the whole of Saul's cock into her ass. Her ass guts exploded with sensations, sucking at Saul's prick, throbbing over his hard cock flesh. "OOOOOOHHHHH, God, help me!"

"Yaaaabjihh!" Saul yeiled, his swollen, heaving fucker slamming in and out of Corinne's shitter. His hand tightened on Corinne's tits, squeezing, rolling her nipples. "Bitch! You stuck-up bitch! Come on, bitccccch!"

Corinne screamed as she felt his cock throb and pulse with his climax. She clutched at the edge of the table and wept, her body throbbing and heaving to the beat of her helpless orgasms. She screamed as Saul's hot streams of cum burst deep in her ass.

"Ooohhh, God!" she moaned, her shitter walls tightening, sucking the cum out of Saul's cock. The twin fuck-rods in her guts sent her screaming with climax, jerking, gasping as her lust overwhelmed her, her ass walls spasming as Saul's fucking cock rubbed his cum into them.

"Fuuuck!" he roared. "Come on, bitch, come onnnn!" His cock exploded as the cum rushed out, filling Corinne's ass. "Bitch, bitch, you bitch!"

"Yaaahhh!" Corinne screeched, her pussy sucking at the dildo, slurping over the thick rubber, jerking it on its spring as Saul's cock shot the last gobs of his cum into her hot ass guts. She moaned and screamed, pressing into the tabletop, still ramming back for Saul's cock as it fucked in and out of her ass, slowly softening.

"You bitch!" he moaned. "You fuckin' bitch!" He pulled his cock out of her ass and slapped his hand hard across Corinne's swollen, red ass cheeks. "Tell us, bitch? Confess!"

"Please, please, stop it!" Corinne moaned, weeping into the tabletop.

Her pussy throbbed around the dildo, and her body wouldn't stop rubbing up and down on the thick fuck-pole. Not only did that make her lust obvious to her tormentors as they watched, but her orgasms wouldn't stop. She clutched the table, gasping as her pussy worked up and down on the thick rubber cock.

"Fuuuck, look at the cunt," said Donald. "She can't get enough."

Melissa leaned down over Corinne and whispered to her. "Come on, baby," she hissed, "tell us what you feel."

"Go away," Corinne sobbed. "Let me go. You've done it all to me, now let me go."

"Fuck that!" Donald snapped. "Come on, I want her ass -- I'll give her something to think about."

"No," Melissa said. She turned to Julius. "Leave it to me. Patience, that's all we need."

All of them looked at Julius.

"You reckon?" he said to Melissa.

"Trust me," she said.

"Sure," he chuckled. "Fuck up, and I'll invite every off-duty cop in the city over, just for you, next weekend."

Melissa chuckled. "What's up, baby?" she teased. "Can't do it all yourself?" She slid her hand over his cock. "If I fuck up, I promise that I'll keep my mouth on your cock all next weekend, and you can let them do what they like to my cunt and ass."

"That's right," he said.

"All right," Melissa said. "Into bed with her." They hauled Corinne off and into a bedroom. It was dark, and all Corinne knew was that they tied her arms to the bed posts and padlocked the chain on her collar to the base below the mattress. She expected to lie awake all night, but she fell asleep at once from sheer exhaustion.

Chapter EIGHT

Corinne awoke later and lay on the soft bed, staring up at the ceiling. She pulled on her arms, but the bonds stopped her and she twisted, bursting into tears as she saw and remembered it all. She stopped trying to move and stayed where she was. She felt very strange.

The pain in her body from all the whipping and abuse of the night before was there, all right, but it was a low, almost sensual ache, not the raging agony she remembered. And she was warm and almost comfortable. That was strange. She pressed her thighs together and gasped as a pulse of excitement throbbed out from her pussylips. Hastily, she opened her legs and tried to stay still.

It was a relief when Melissa came in a few minutes later and allowed her up. She used the bathroom and was then taken back to the bedroom and given breakfast. The only person she saw was Melissa, and she hardly spoke to the confused blonde.

After breakfast, Melissa took Corinne back to the bathroom and started the whirlpool bath going.

"Let's have a look at you," she said.

Corinne stood still while Melissa examined her body, checking on the bruises and still crimson ass and tit flesh.

"Okay," Melissa said. "Get in there and stay there until I tell you to get out."

Corinne got into the swirling water and Melissa left. It was quiet and peaceful and Corinne relaxed, feeling the water soothing her body. She seemed to have no will of her own left. She hardly thought of escape. They would be bound to notice if she tried it, and, anyway, it was just too comfortable where she was.

After about half an hour, Corinne's drowsiness had reached a stage of long, slow sensual arousal. The warm water washed over her tits and between her thighs. She found that she was caressing her nipples, rubbing the hard buds, feeling sensual delight rolling out of them. The clamps that had so cruelly bitten into her nipples seemed to have sensitized them to the point where the slightest touch made her gasp with deep, passionate arousal.

Slowly her hand slid under the water and down to her pussy, rubbing her whipped tit, her legs trembling as the pleasure rushed out, washing over her. She closed her eyes and lay back, gurgling with rising lust.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Melissa snapped.

Corinne's eyes shot open and she found that Melissa was standing right over her. She wore a short, black leather dress, her luscious legs were wide open, the curves of her stocking thighs leading up to the dark line of her panties. She tapped a short riding crop in her hand.

"What were you doing?" she repeated.

"N-nothing," Corinne stammered, her hand moving away from her pussy.

"You were masturbating," Melissa said.

"Na, no, I wasn't!" Corinne gasped, staring at the crop.

"Yes, you were," Melissa said. "I've been watching you through the camera."

She pointed up to the far corner of the room and Corinne saw the tiny lens for the first time. She gasped and moaned in shame.

"You deserve six strokes on your pussy for that, don't you?" Melissa said.

Corinne moaned and stared at the terrible rod. The problem was that her body surged as much with depraved lust as it did with fear.

"No, no!" she moaned. "I promise, I won't do it again." But already she was moving, getting out of the pool, ready to spread her thighs for her punishment.

"Get back in!" Melissa snapped.

Corinne slid back into the water.

"I'll be watching," Melissa said with a nasty smile. "You touch your cunt again before I tell you to, and you'll be tied up in there." She grinned and left.

Slowly, for the next hour, Corinne went crazy. The warm water rushed over her cunt, arousing her to the point where she couldn't keep her fingers away from her cunt. It was worth the pain of the crop to relieve herself. With a helpless moan, she slid her hand down and rubbed her cunt, spreading her thighs wide, sobbing and moaning with lust. She stared up at the camera, not caring anymore that they would all be watching her shame.

A few seconds later, Melissa opened the door. "Hands on the top!" she snapped.

Corinne gave a low gurgle of lust. "Please, let me finish," she moaned, her fingers moving rapidly on her shivering clit.

"I said hands on the edge!" Melissa demanded. She slid the crop across Corinne's mouth and Corinne moaned, surrendering to the dominating woman. She slid her hands along the edge of the pool and waited, trembling with passion.

"Better," Melissa said. She took two leather straps and slid them through rings in the edge of the pool, lashing Corinne's wrists to them. "That should slow you down."

Corinne went out of her mind for the rest of the day. The water surged around her, driving her wild with lust, but a lust that she couldn't satisfy. She rubbed her thighs together frantically, but it only made her need worse. In the end, she lay in the water sobbing, her body on fire with a newly found desire that wouldn't stop.

She was forced to lie there while Melissa fed her lunch and dinner. Melissa was amused by it all, waiting, watching as Corinne went crazy.

After the second meal, Melissa slid the riding crop down Corinne's body, watching her all the time, sliding the leather tip of the crop between Corinne's legs.

"I think you're ready," she purred.

"No, please," Corinne said, totally without conviction.

Melissa let her get up and take a shower, wash her hair and dry it. Then Melissa put the collar back on the helpless blonde and led her out, back into the main room.

They were all there, waiting for her. Susie had nothing on but a black slip, which was up over her thighs as she sat curled up on the sofa, grinning with great satisfaction. The men were in robes and nothing else.

"Came here," Julius said.

Corinne shivered and her legs went to jelly. Her body was raging out of control. She could see their stiff cocks, sticking out of the robes as they watched her. Saul's hard fucker jerked and he took hold of it, jacking off as he waited.

Corinne's legs trembled uncontrollably as she walked slowly over to her nephew. She stood in front of him, waiting.

"So you like to rub your pussy, huh?" he said. "N-no, no, really, Julius," Corinne said, bursting into tears. "It was just the water, that was all."

"Of course," he said. "Spread your legs."

Corinne gasped. She knew she was in for another night like last night, but it was awful the way her body reacted. Her pussy gushed juices as she slowly spread her feet apart on the rug, revealing the curly blonde mound of her pussy even more for them.

"Hmmm," Julius said. He sounded calm and collected, but his cock was jutting out of his robe as he looked at his aunt. "That bath does great work on whip marks, doesn't it?"

Corinne knew it did. Her tits were still red, but the color seemed to be almost a perfect blush on her skin, rather than marks of pain. Her ass was the same, the delicious curves still tight.

"Rub your pussy," Julius ordered.

"No, no, please, Julius!" Corinne gasped.

She looked over her shoulder and there was Melissa, tapping the crop in her hand. But it wasn't that that made Corinne obey. It was some deep, helpless obedience in her that allowed her hand to slip down over her tummy and between her legs. Her fingers moved slowly over her cunt. She gasped and her thighs spread wider, her ass heaving as she rubbed her pussy in front of them all, shamelessly going wild with mounting lust.

"Would you like to suck my cock?" Julius asked, his voice quiet and menacing.

"Aaahbh!" Corinne gasped and she came at once, staring at the huge fucker sticking out of Julius' robe. His prick was hard, ready, ten inches of cockmeat, and she went weak just looking at it. Her hand blurred over her pussy and the surging climaxes rolled on. Shamelessly, she bent at the waist, her mouth reaching for Julius' enormous fuck-rod.

"Did I tell you to suck it?" Julius snapped.

"No, no, Julius." Corinne wept and pulled back upright, her fingers digging frantically into her cunt. She was still coming, but there was no real satisfaction in it. She needed something more. "What shall I do?" She kept staring at Julius' enormous fucker, her mouth watering, her throat spasming with excitement.

"Well now," he said, leaning back. "Do you really want it?"

Corinne moaned and rocked, her thighs spread wide, her pussy aching with the agony of trying to come harder. "Please, Julius," she moaned, "please, don't make me say it, please." She sobbed and rammed her fingers up her cunt, but still she couldn't get real satisfaction.

"Say what?" Julius said softly.

Everything in the room was concentrated on Corinne as she moaned and tossed in the grip of terrible emotional agony.

"Uuurrrggg!" she screamed. "Don't make me, don't, don't, I won't, I won't!" She wept bitterly, her pussy spasming, her body aching for something more.

"You seem to be having trouble," Julius said. "What do you want?"

"No, no!" Corinne cried.

But she was leaning forward all the time, her mouth reaching for Julius' cock, her ass circling, thrusting up as a perfect target. She propped herself on the arm of Julius' chair with one hand, her legs open wide, her hand rubbing her throbbing clit.

"You can't have my cock yet," Julius said. "Not yet. You've been a bad girl, haven't you?"

Corinne suddenly knew where she was going. She climaxed, her body going wild with the horrible desire for more. "Yes, yes!" she cried. "I have, I've been a very bad girl."

Her mouth was inches from his cock, and she wanted to ram it into her throat, but he held the clip of her collar and wouldn't let her get to his cock.

"And what happens to bad girls?" he asked, his hand stroking Corinne's tits gently.

"They get whipped!" Corinne shrieked, her ass jerking back wildly. "Ohhh, God, ooohhhh God!" Saliva was running on her lips as she stared at Julius' delicious fuck-pole.

"But, if they beg for their punishment, they can suck my cock while it happens," Julius said softly, his hand working over Corinne's tight nipples.

"Aaaaghhh!" Corinne screamed, her pussy exploding with submissive passion. "Yes, yes please! I was bad! Please, punish me, whip me, please, anything if I can have your cock, pleaseeee!" Her pussy juices ran over her fingers as she struggled to get at Julius' cock. "Whip me, please!"

The crop lashed into Corinne's ass cheeks. With a helpless scream of lust, she jerked and her mouth sank over Julius' cockhead, her fingers rubbing her clit in a fury of depraved lust.

"Pity you wouldn't get to enslave me for a weekend," Melissa laughed as she lashed Corinne again. "But I guess this one, will do."

Corinne went out of her mind with excitement. Her throat opened to take in Julius' cockhead and she pumped her mouth up and down on the thick cackrod, ramming it deeper with, each stroke until her lips were in his cock-hair and her throat spasmed around the quivering cockmeat. Her ass jerked back in total slavery for the crop as Melissa lashed her ass, her fingers rubbed frantically on her cunt and she came with each sharp, agonizing lash into her flesh. The pain and ecstasy mingled in her body, driving her helplessly into a complete peak of climax and total satisfaction.

"Look at the whore go!" Susie yelled. "Fuck, she's as bad as I am!" She slid her fingers over her own hot little cunt, rubbing as she watched.

The other men stared in disbelief as Corinne submitted to the crop and sucked at Julius' cock in a fury of lust. Her neck muscles throbbed and opened as Julius' cockhead sank deep into her throat, her crimson ass thrust back for the crop and her deep gurgling screams rushed out from around the thick prick in her mouth. Each beat of the crop drove her mouth harder onto Julius' cock.

"Shit! I'm coming! Suck it all down, Aunt Corinne!" Julius yelled.

Corinne couldn't have taken her mouth off Julius' cock if she'd wanted to. Her raging climaxes surged, her body shook and she sucked his throbbing prick harder, demanding a mouthful of cum from him. Her ass erupted with passion as Melissa increased the speed and severity of her whipping. Her throat spasmed and she crested, her raging orgasms peaking in a body-shattering explosion of lust.

She had to give Julius as good a come as possible, she knew that. She slid her hand off her pussy and moved it to his balls, caressing them as the cum rushed out of them and down his long thick cockshaft.

"Urrrrrgghhh! Yessss!" Julius yelled, lurching up in the chair.

Suddenly Corinne's throat was full of cum. She kept thrusting her ass back for the lash of the crop, sucking at the cum-gushing fucker, swishing the thick cum around her mouth, tasting it, going crazy for the salty cock cream.

"Yeaahh, ohhh, fuck, she's got a hot mouth!" Julius yelled. "She's driving me out of my mind!" He grabbed Corinne's hair and held her, bellowing in lust as he pumped cum out of his throbbing cock and into her sucking mouth.

Corinne groaned asker ass erupted yet again in delicious pain. She moved back up a little, holding Julius' cockhead in her mouth while she caressed his cockshaft and hairy balls, her fingers urging the last of his cum out of his fucker. She ran her tongue over the shuddering prick buried in her mouth, licking off the cum that still jetted out of the piss slit, shamelessly tasting and swallowing jism.

"Yeaaahhh!" Julius bellowed as the last shots of his jism poured out into Corinne's welcoming mouth. He dropped back into the chair, his cock still throbbing and jerking, cum oozing from the cocktip as his aunt licked it up. "Shit! I think we can go ahead, guys -- that was incredible."

There was a chuckle of agreement from the rest of the men.

Corinne didn't know what they meant and didn't care. She clung to Julius' cock, her bare ass still reaching for the crop. But Melissa had stepped and was grinning at Julius as she tapped the thin rod in her hands.

"You all owe me," Melissa said, "and I'm gonna collect."

Julius pushed on Corinne's shoulders gently and she slumped to the floor, kneeling between his thighs, still licking and sucking at his cummy cock.

"We have a deal for you, Corinne, maybe," Julius said.

For an instant, shame rushed back over the helpless blonde. She had sunk lower than she had ever imagined possible. But Julius' cockhead was still in her mouth, and she knew now that she couldn't live without cock. She was who she was, that was all.

"Yes, Julius," Corinne moaned. "Whatever you want."

"Well," he said, "it depends if you please us enough for the rest of the weekend."

"Yes, yes, Julius, you know I will," Corinne whimpered, her mouth running over his cock, sucking at the rapidly hardening cock flesh.

"Well, maybe," Julius said softly. "The deal is this. We'll pay off all your debts and, in return, we keep you as our condo whore."

Corinne's heart beat almost out of control. Her pussy gushed hot juice, and she moaned around the enormous hard cock she sucked.

"Each week, we'll draw lots for you," Julius went on, "and you stay as that person's slave for that week. You'll do everything they say, of course, fuck them whenever they say and fuck anybody they tell you to fuck. Got that?"

"Ooooohh, yes, yes, yes!" Corinne moaned, her mouth sinking down over her nephew's cock again.

"And you will be punished whenever we think you need it," Julius added.

"Yessss!" Corinne agreed, her body shaking with depraved desire.

"Then all you have to do is please us. If we all agree, then you can be our slave. Are you ready?"

"Yes, yes!" Corinne gasped.

"Then go into that room over there," Julius said, pointing. "There are a lot of clothes in there. Take as long as you like, but come out dressed as you think we want you."

Corinne staggered up, her eyes misty, her body shaking with desperate excitement. She opened the door and went into the room. It was small, but it was packed with revealing clothes and underwear of all kinds. On one wall was a make-up desk and mirror. She moaned and looked around, her tits heaving. There was so much choice.

There was a low moan of lust from the men when Corinne came back out and stood uncertainly by the door.

"Does this please you?" she asked, her eyes downcast.

Her blonde hair was teased out around her head, framing her beautiful face perfectly. The make-up she wore accentuated her eyes and cheek bones, her lips glowed with deep-crimson lipstick, and her face radiated a whorish desire. Her outfit was all red. The tight, five-inch heels led to stockings that showed off her legs to perfection. The luscious curves of her calves led the men's eyes up over her knees to her shapely thighs, where the short skirt just reached the stocking tops. The bodice was tight, pulled so tight that Corinne's tits thrust up over the top, and her body curved to an hour-glass perfection.

She walked forward, sliding the skirt up to show her tiny red panties. Standing in the middle of the room, she posed, moved on her heels, then slid her hands down her legs and held her ankles, showing the others the tight curves of her well-whipped ass. Then she straightened up, her hands working up her stockings.

A tense, lusty silence filled the room. She looked around, trembling with passion.

"Julius says I have to satisfy you all," she said. "So I think I should get on with it, don't you?"

She moaned, and her fingers slid up under the little skirt and played with her pussy through her panties.

"I think I should suck all of you off first. And then you must punish me for being such a whore. I mean, only whores wear red like this and offer themselves to everybody, don't they?" She moaned and came, seeing the four hard cocks there for her, and the two women with their hot pussies waiting, too. "Who's first?"


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