Suckfest family

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of wife swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun. But where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess lead to another and another and another to what? When the children set as their own lifestyle what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of one family in one town, Anywhere, U.S.A.. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, to them it is the norm.

And outside their lives go on. Business and its daily conflicts. School and its trials and triumphs. The norm... in SUCKFEST FAMILY. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

Chapter ONE

Marge Clay trembled as she held her husband's head and pushed his face deeper into the gaping hole of her cunt. Below, she could hear Bill as his breath panted out in ragged gasps.

The perfume from her cunt rose to fill his brain with its heady odor, and it only increased the hunger he always felt when sucking his wife's beautiful pussy.

Over and over, Marge felt the cum-slimed whip that was Bill's tongue as it flipped and lashed across the sensitive flesh of her crotch.

He slid it back and forth from her asshole to the blood-filled lips of her cunt, drinking in the juices that poured from her weeping cunt.

"Oh yes, baby," Marge moaned. "Eat my pussy. Eat all of it!"

Then his attacking tongue leaped away to torture the erect nubbin of her clit. A shock that was almost too much to stand shot through Marge's guts as the enraged flesh of her clit pulsed from his tongue attack.

A small mewing noise rose from deep in the back of her throat, only to die away and fade into a soft sigh. With one hand she pulled at his hair, as if wanting to push his entire head deep into her pussy.

With the other hand, she tortured one of her own firm tits into a swollen fury. The nipple stood out, angry and thrusting. The other tit seemed in sympathy with its sister, in spite of being neglected.

Bill took Marge's clit between his teeth and began the most phenomenal tongue-lashing the woman had ever known. At the same time he pushed two fingers of his free hand into the creamy brown depths of her plunging asshole.

"Ooooooohh, honnnneeeeyyyyy," she moaned, thrashing against his two-pronged attack.

Fire seemed to fill her belly and Marge realized that no amount of control could stop the earthquake orgasm as it began to roll upward from her cunt and fill all the space of her body.

She wanted to make it last, wanted to prolong the feelings of joy that his tongue caused as it danced through her private wilds and then dipped far into the foaming hole of her cunt like a ladle that her husband was using to dip out the sweet juices of her lust. But nothing could stop it now.

"Ohhhhhh, God yessss! Suck me, baby," she grunted into the air. "Suck me dry!"

And Bill seemed intent on doing just that. Wave after dreamy wave of her cum pouted from her gaping cunt. It washed between the pouting lips of her cunt and onto Bill's waiting tongue. His face gleamed with her fluids, and time after time his mouth filled with the essence!

Her convulsions finally subsiding, Marge looked down across the expanse of her still quivering belly to watch Bill's handsome face as he continued softly kissing and licking at the lips of her pussy.

Oh God, Marge thought to herself, I'm so lucky to have him. The odds against the two of us ever getting together were astronomical, but we did it.

Bill had been the best friend of Marge's late husband, Charlie. The two men had gone through the army together, and afterwards both had attended the same college. Marge had always been attracted to her husband's friend. His rugged good-looks, his ready wit, the way a smile would just seem to explode across his face over the least little thing. But there had never been any thought of cheating.

Charlie had been only an adequate lover. But he had given Marge a beautiful daughter, Debbie, and had provided his little family with a comfortable home and the security of a dedicated family man. And Marge had always considered herself a "one-man woman".

So it was that when Charlie had died of a heart attack, Marge's whole world seemed to have collapsed around her. The financial security for her daughter and herself had been assured with Charlie's insurance and pension plan at work. But Marge found herself feeling as if there was no purpose to her life, no one for whom she could plan and work.

A huge hole had opened in her world, and at first she felt as if she just wanted to fall into it and pull the covers up over her head. She missed having a man around to do for, a man to curl up against at night. And more and more often, she began to realize that she missed having a man to love her, to take her into his strong arms and carry her to the point where every woman realizes just how much of a woman she really is.

Then Bill had come along. He had been out of the country on business when Charlie died. Indeed, it had been over a month before he had heard the news. Then Marge had received a long, supportive letter and a promise that he would drop by to see her and her daughter as soon as he could.

It had been another six months before his work finally allowed Bill to return, to the states. After that, other parts of his business kept him tied up for a while. By the time he did manage to get the time to visit his old friend's widow, it had been nearly a year since the death of her husband.

By then Marge thought that she had managed to pull her life back together again. She had taken a job, more for the sake of something to do with herself than for the money that she didn't really need. She was doing some volunteer work in one of the hospitals, and had met several new friends.

But when she opened the door and saw Bill's smiling face, all the old fears and pain that she had thought were buried deep inside herself came pouring out.

For what seemed like hours Bill had held her close, running his fingers through her long red hair and allowing her to cry herself out without any interruptions.

Years earlier he had lost his first wife in an automobile accident. He knew how much pain there was, how much loss and loneliness. He also knew the hardship of trying to raise a child as a single parent. His son Randy was now almost grown and fairly well-adjusted, but those first few years after the teen's mom had died had been really rough ones. "Okay, lady," Bill had whispered after Marge's sobs had finally stopped, "you just sit there for a couple of minutes. I'm going to go make us some coffee."

He smiled down at where she sat all teary eyed on the sofa. "I'll tell you what. Why don't you go wash your face in some cold water otherwise you're going to have one hell of a headache before this is over. Crying is good for the soul, but too much can be a real bitch for migraines. By the time you've finished, I'll have the water hot."

With that, he had gone off to the kitchen.

Marge went to the bathroom and cleaned up, freshening her ruined makeup and pressing cold compresses to her eyes to make them stop burning.

It was then that she had remembered that the only coffee in the house was fresh ground, and Bill was notorious about not being able to handle anything other, than instant.

She had gone into the kitchen to give him a hand, but the coffee never got made.

As she ran into the kitchen, she bumped head-on into Bill and found herself standing with her arms around the man's waist and his around her shoulders. For a moment they just stood there laughing nervously, and then Bill leaned down and brushed her lips softly with his own.

Hesitantly at first, he kissed her. But the hunger that they both felt forced its way up through their bodies until they were both pressed tightly together, feeling close to another person for the first time in all too many years.

Marge had felt the stirrings deep in her guts as Bill's strong hands roamed freely across her back and then down across the rounded hillocks of her tight ass.

"Oh, Bill," she had started to protest, but the man's tongue had cut her off short and plunged deep into her throat. The need and hunger had been too great. It had been too long since a man had taken her.

Bill's hands had moved to her tits, fondling and gently crushing them beneath her bra. Then one roving hand had slid downward to cup the full mound of her pussy with its heat, and Marge had down that she was completely helpless in the man's arms.

Already, tiny streams of pre-cum had begun to flow, soaking the front of her slacks.

Bill had felt the growing wave of the woman's lust. In one swift move he lifted her off her feet and carried her toward the bedroom. Even if Marge had wanted to do so, she could never have stopped him. All the strength of her body had drained away with the first feeling of his hands brushing and caressing her tits and cunt.

As he carried the woman through the hallway, Bill had begun kissing and licking at the exposed expanse of her pale, full tits.

The nipples had risen to meet his attack, trembling and pulsing with the blood that pounded through the pale veins that could be seen just beneath her skin.

He had placed her gently on the bed, removing her clothes as quietly as if she were asleep and he was afraid that he might accidentally awaken her.

Marge had lain there, naked and waiting, the creamy white flesh of her already moistened thighs open and waiting for him. But she had not been prepared for the sight of Bill nude.

He looked even better to her that way than he had with his clothes on. His chest was broad and hard-muscled, his stomach flat and rippling with strength. The entire expanse of his six feet two inches seemed perfection to her happy eyes. But the thing that made the sex starved widow gasp with both happiness and a little anxiety was his massive cock.

When Bill removed his tight jeans, Marge had seen his cock for the first time. It seemed to leap angrily from the confines of his jeans. Red and lustful, Bill's slab of prickmeat was a full nine inches long and six inches around. In its semi-hard condition, the cock pointed straight at the woman like a spear toward a target.

A tiny, clear drop of pre-cum had leaked from the piss-hole at the tip of his shaft and seemed to hang there just waiting for Marge to do something with it. She had not made him wait for long.

The woman had never seen anything like this. In amazement, she found herself scooting to the end of the bed to stare at Bill's beautiful prick.

As it bobbed only inches in front of her face, Marge had realized that there was one thing she wanted more than anything else in the world. She had cupped the full sac of his balls in one of her sweating palms. With the other hand she began caressing the blue-veined length of his prick.

More fluid had oozed from the cum-hole and Marge had slid her tongue slowly up the shaft of his cock, taking all the salty drops into her mouth to savor as if they were a fine wine. Indeed, they had seemed to be that for her.

Her late husband had always enjoyed her mouth on him, but Marge had only given him blow-jobs because she knew how much he liked them. This one had been for her. She had needed it, had to know the taste of his cock, had to feel the angry pulsing cockhead pushing its way into her thirsty mouth.

"Oh feed me, Bill," she had moaned between kisses and licks of his prick.

Then, with no warning whatsoever, Marge had sucked his huge spear deep into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she drove it, impaling her face until finally she had the full length of his cock into her. Her nose had rubbed in the coarse black hairs of his crotch as his cockhead throbbed and twitched in the depths of her throat.

"Are you hungry, baby?" Bill had teased as he gently pumped his ass back and forth, alternately impaling and then deserting her mouth with his shaft.

"Ummmmm hmmmm," Marge had moaned around the thickness of his cock.

She had milked at the trembling sac of his nuts with her feverish hand, pulling the eggs gently in, feeling the heat that rose from the twin globes.

Bill had reached down to cup one of her firm tits in one hand while the other hand tightened its grip on the fiery lengths of her red hair. The rising wall of flame in his crotch told him that he was rapidly reaching the point of no return, and he wanted to hold that off as long as possible. He wanted to stretch out the feeling of her velvety tongue as it bathed and worshiped his throbbing cock. But he had soon realized that nothing would help. She was too hungry, too desperate for his cream.

Suddenly, all attempts at control crumbled.

"Oh yeah, Marge, suck it good!" the man had grunted through his clenched teeth. "I'm gonna blow your head full of jizz!"

Marge had felt the quick rush and quiver in his balls. She had looked up and seen his eyes fly wide as the first wave of his scalding cum splashed across the back of her throat.

Bill had grabbed her head in both of his hands and begun slamming back and forth. He had fucked her face like a stallion mounting a mare in heat.

Stream after stream of his sticky creams had poured from the quivering end of his piss hole, filling her face to the point that Marge's cheeks had puffed outward. She had tried desperately to swallow all of it, but there had seemed to be no end to the fountain of his jism.

Again and again she had swallowed convulsively the thick gobs of his juice. But each time there had seemed to be more than her cock-stabbed mouth could hold.

Rivulets of juice poured from each corner of her mouth as she tried to seal her lips around his cock. Twin, sticky streams of it trickled from her nostrils as it filled up the back of her throat and poured out.

With the first splash of hot jism, Marge had felt her own orgasm building. She had held her thighs tightly together, but that had only made the heat worse. In desperation, she had slid one hand down to her own cunt and touched the tender flesh of her clit.

An electric shock jolted through the woman's guts, making her thighs tremble and fly open in response.

"Aaaaaghhhhh!" she had shrieked through her cock-stuffed mouth.

Fires raged through her brain, ignited by the wracking convulsions of her cuntal walls.

Bill's fountaining cum had finally nearly stopped. Only an occasional spasmodic spurt of a few droplets still dumped onto her still thrashing tongue. Even so, Marge had been reluctant to release the limp shaft of his prick.

With obvious hesitancy, she had relaxed her grip on its meaty length. The cockhead had popped from her mouth and slid across the soft whiteness of her chin, smearing a film of Bill's cum across her lovely face.

She used the index finger of one hand to scrape the cum from her face and then licked the finger clean. All the while she watched to see the effect her movements were having on Bill Clay as he stood before her.

It had become obvious that the man was getting aroused again, in spite of the recent fierce sucking that she had given him.

"You missed some," he had breathed heavily, pointing at the cum-smeared mound of her left tit. "God forbid I should, let any of this delicious cream go to waste," she had teased never taking her eyes from the man's face as she bent her head forward and pulled the huge globe of her tit upward to be sucked and licked clean by her full lips.

Bill's cock had begun climbing skyward again after only a moment of watching her teasing act. But Marge decided that she wanted to speed things up a bit.

Bending forward quickly she had grasped his growing prick fiercely. Then, in one breath, she sucked both of his quivering balls into the warm depths of her mouth.

Her tongue danced softly over them, feeling the veins fill with blood, pulsing whenever she licked at the trembling flesh.

"Oh baby," Bill had groaned, "I've never known anyone who was as good a cock-sucker as you are."

"Oh no you don't," she said, pulling away from his trembling nuts with the sound of a sloppy plop. She gave his cock a hard tug. "You just finished filling my mouth with that big, hard cock of yours."

She scooted back on the bed and spread her knees as wide as they would go. The lips of her cunt, so full of her lust-blood that they looked ready to burst, stood wide and inviting as they pouted around the steaming wet depths of her pussy.

"You've got another hole to plug up now, buster," she smiled teasingly.

"With pleasure, lady," Bill had laughed, climbing between her dripping thighs.

He had hooked her feet over his shoulders, and while he grabbed a torturing handful of tit with one hand, he had used the other to slide his rampant cock up and down between her begging pussy lips.

"Christ," Marge moaned. "It's been so long since I had a man. Oh God! Fuck me, you big-cocked stallion! Shove my belly full of that cock of yours."

"Not so fast." Bill had taken his own opportunity to tease a bit. "I'll get there in my own good time."

Marge was a beautiful woman and Bill had wanted to take all the time that he needed to enjoy her loveliness. As he continued sliding his pulsing cockhead between her cunt lips and against the begging flesh of her clit, the man had watched and studied his gorgeous playmate.

At thirty-two, Marge could easily have passed for a girl ten years younger. Her fiery red hair flew wildly around her face and down across her tits. And the tits themselves were a wonder to behold. Firm, full, even when Marge was lying down they didn't come close to flattening out. Her nipples were bright pink against the pale whiteness of her skin.

Her stomach muscles were firm, her belly flat. There didn't seem to be so much as an ounce of fat beneath the supple, sweating skin. He had watched the muscles ripple there as his cockhead again brushed against her hyper-sensitized clit.

Yet most important of all was down even farther. Marge's cunt was a thick jungle of flame-red cunt hairs. Tangled, matted, perfumed by the thick juices that she had already spent, the beautiful woolly pussy between her legs seemed to actually be reaching upward in its vain attempt to pull him inside. The lips pouted and sucked at his cock until finally he could stand no more of the teasing, overt though he himself was the one doing it.

With one swift motion he leaned down and buried the full length of his prick into Marge's guts. The pounding head, slammed into the back wall of her cunt and seemed determined not even to stop there.

Sometimes Bill liked to fuck soft and easy, other times he wanted it hard. This time he definitely wanted it hard, and that was just fine with Marge.

The starving woman had not had a man since her husband's death, and the only thing that could possibly have satisfied her rabid cunt was to be fucked madly. That was exactly what Bill gave her.

"Yes, yes, fuck me hard!" she grunted between her panting breaths. "Set my cunt on fire! Yessss!"

Over and over, in and out, the cum-slimed length of Bill's nine-inch cock slammed its way into Marge's private depths.

Oh Christ, she had thought to herself, I never had any idea that a man's cock could feel so damned good! I want it to go on forever.

Nothing else mattered in the world. Nothing but the sliding length of cockmeat that dug its way into her guts. She lifted her ass from the bed using the leverage of her ankles hooked around Bill's neck, and rose to meet him with her own desperate lunges.

The fires had raced through her cunt, through her stomach and legs until Marge's entire being seemed to be consumed with one vast, burning, quivering convulsion.

"Now!" she screamed. "Oh God, Bill! Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

Her pleas had burned through the man's head. With a bellow like a rutting bull, Bill had slammed into her cunt with all the strength of his hard body.

Marge had felt as if she were going to be torn in half by his attack. But she didn't care. All that she had wanted was more and more and more -- everything that the man had to give, an entire world of pounding cock that could fill her body all the way to the top.

Waves of climax raced through her guts, one after the other, until she thought that her heart would explode from the pressure.

"Oh Christ!" Bill moaned through clenched teeth. "Baby I'm gonna, I'm gonna..."

"Yesssss," Marge cooed as she felt his huge cock begin to swell even more until it seemed her cunt would have to explode from the size of the thing.

"Blow my guts put," she begged, pulling him tight, his cock even deeper. "Fill my whole body with that delicious hot cum of yours!"

And he did. With no warning, Bill's body had suddenly stiffened. Then he had begun bucking wildly until Marge had been sure that he was going to tear through the back wall of her pussy.

Cum sprayed from his outraged piss-hole, flooding the squeezing mouth of the woman's cunt and splashing out from around her cuntlips to spill down into the red-furred crack of her ass.

More and more, wave after scalding wave of his bubbling jism slammed into the trembling walls of her pussy.

Suddenly, Marge went crazy. She thought that she had already had her orgasm, but all the previous ones were only a mild rehearsal for the wave of insane pleasure that flooded her now. An inferno of lust blinded her eyes and deadened her ears until her only reality was his snorting cock, her only breath the odor of his sweating lust, her only joy the splashing of his jism into her body.

"Unh, unh, unh," she grunted as her tongue lashed out to moisten her dried lips. "Oh yesss! Don't stop! Don't ever stopppp!"

Slowly, surely, the flood of his cum subsided and he fell heavily across Marge's panting body. She had cradled his head in her arms and held him tight against the sweat-slickened softness of her tits.

There had never before been anything like her first time with Bill. Marge knew it then. Had known what it meant to be totally taken by a man and fucked the way a woman was really meant to be fucked.

Since Debbie had been staying with friends for the weekend, Marge had felt secure in asking Bill to stay over. It had been a dream come true for her. A loving man who wanted her, a chance to care for him, to give and receive the best sex that either of them had ever known before. But all too soon it was Sunday afternoon and Bill had been forced to leave.

Marge remembered standing in the hall as he opened the door to go out to his car and drive the hundred miles back to his own home and his son.

"I love you," she had said, looking up hopelessly into his eyes.

"I love you too, baby," he had said, pulling her tightly against his strong chest. "So, why won't you marry me?"

"I just don't know, Bill," Marge had said. "I'm so afraid of making another commitment to someone. I keep thinking about Debbie. She's lived in this house all of her life. All of her friends are here, the kids that she's gone to school with all her life. And what about Randy? How's he going to feel about having a new mom and an instant sister move in?"

"Look," Bill had said, holding her away at arm's length, "we both know that there are going to be adjustments that we'll have to make. It won't just be the kids. Sure, they'll have to get used to all of us being together, but that shouldn't be a big problem."

He smiled. "And Debbie's a really pretty girl. She'll soon have a lot of new friends and probably more boyfriends than she'll know what to do with. I think that the biggest question is one that you have to ask yourself."

Marge had looked up in confusion.

"Do you," he had continued, "want to build a relationship with someone, someone who loves you and wants to take care of you? Or do you want to spend the rest of your life alone in this house?"

With that, he had kissed her goodbye and closed the door.

By the time he had started the car, Marge had known the answer to his question. But before she had time to get outside, Bill had driven away, heading for the freeway and his home.

The next week had been ridiculous. By the time Bill had arrived home, she had already called twice, leaving messages on his telephone recorder. Each time she had felt foolish, like a giddy schoolgirl with her first crush.

By the time Bill had returned her calls, Marge had been a nervous wreck. Then and there they made plans to be married the very next weekend. Within a week after that, Marge and Debbie had been moved, bag and baggage, into Bill's and Randy's house. Everything had gone extremely well, even her daughter's acceptance of a new father and brother.

Marge lay on the bed, thinking about the turn of their lives, and she realized that for the first time since Charlie's death, she felt safe and secure. There was no emptiness any longer. Everything had been filled.

Bill had crawled up beside her to let her rest for a moment. In that brief time, he had dozed off.

He was curled up against her, his slightly parted lips just close enough to one of her tits to send a soft stream of air onto her nipple and arouse it into full erection. In his sleep, Bill licked his lips. His tongue barely brushed against the hard, straining flesh of her nipple. Marge felt a tiny shock rush all the way from her tit to her cunt, setting the juices flowing downward. She knew then what she wanted.

Gently disengaging herself from Bill's encircling arm, Marge slid down the bed until his limp cock was exactly where she wanted it to be.

Very carefully, to keep from waking him too soon, the woman slid the moistness of her lips around the head of his sleeping cock. Then, she quickly took the whole thing into her mouth until her nose was buried in his cock hairs and begun sucking gently. She could feel the slumbering mass of his prick begin stirring in her wet mouth.

This was her favorite way of awakening her husband, and Marge knew that from the way he reacted that Bill was rather fond of the game himself.

Slowly, his eyes opened and focused on what his wife was doing. "You trying to tell me something, lady?" he teased.

"Um hmm," she moaned around the meaty girth of his hard cock.

"You hungry?" he asked.

Marge didn't bother answering this time. She simply took the head of his prick deep into the muscular well of her throat.

"Oh yeah, you're hungry," Bill growled, turning himself onto his knees without ever dislodging his wife's sucking mouth from his rock-hard slab of cockmeat.

Marge made grunting, slurping noises as he positioned himself in front of her.

Marge was on her hands and knees and had to use both hands to brace herself up to keep from falling. Yet, she didn't mind. Whatever Bill wanted to do was just fine with her as long as she could have all the delicious cum she wanted.

Bill started humping his hips gently back and forth. Pulling his cock out until only the head remained against her lips and tongue, then sliding it back again into her oral depths until the head lodged deep into her throat.

At the same time he could reach one hand underneath to grab a handful of tit while sliding a middle finger into her asshole from behind.

The movement brought a small squeal of pain from Marge's prick-stuffed mouth, but it was only momentary. The razor-thin line between pain and pleasure is a tricky area at best, and before she had time to realize that his invasion of her ass had hurt, the pain was replaced by intense jolts of pleasure from his wriggling finger.

"Oh yeah, honey," Bill moaned, humping against her face just a little harder with every plunging quiver of her ass as she pushed it back against his hand. "Fuck your pretty shitter on it, baby! Fuck your face on my big cock!"

"Uhm, uhm, uhmmmmm!" Marge grunted as she slurped and sucked at her husband's plunging prick.

Oh God, yes, Marge thought to herself as her husband rammed his massive prick all the way into her throat. She could feel the quivering in his balls, the swelling of his cockhead, and knew instinctively that she was about to be drowned in her favorite beverage.

Ummmm, yes, she whispered silently. Flood me! Fill my mouth, my throat, my belly! Pump me full of your beautiful, hot cum!

Bill's prick exploded into the pleading depths of her slurping cunthole.

Chapter TWO

Debbie tried to concentrate on the history book in front of her, but found it impossible. The weather was beautiful, and she just simply didn't feel like sitting indoors and reading about the Industrial Revolution in England.

What she really wanted to do was to get into her stepbrother Randy's pants, she decided. Ever since she and her mom had moved in with Bill and Randy, she had had her big blue eyes on the teen's bulging young crotch. But Randy seemed to be really shy around her.

Every time Debbie had tried getting close to her good-looking new relation, the teen had managed to escape on his motorbike or lock himself away in the sanctuary of his room.

"That's it," she said, a lecherous grin spreading over her horny young face. "I'll get him with that damned motorbike."

Going outside, he stood for a moment in the open door of the garage. Randy was bent over the bike tinkering with the engine. He was so absorbed that he hadn't even noticed her coming up.

"Hi, Randy," Debbie purred sexily.

The teen was so startled that he nearly turned his bike over in the process of standing up.

"Oh, un, hi Deb," he stammered, blushing furiously and averting his eyes.

The girl tucked her hair back behind one ear and then arched her back to display the fullness of her tits. Debbie had a body rivaled only by her mother's own glorious figure. Still, there were major differences between the two women.

Where Marge was a flaming redhead, her daughter had a long mane of shining blonde hair so startling that no man who saw her could help but imagine the golden glories that must rest between her shapely young thighs. And if no other man could ignore her obvious charm, Randy was certainly no exception.

Since his new mother, and sister had moved in, Debbie had been constantly on the teen's mind.

It had never been a matter of Randy's trying to avoid her. It was only that whenever she came around, Randy became so flustered that he grew embarrassed and could think of nothing at all to say to her.

When she sidled up and positioned herself between him and his bike, rubbing one slender finger across the smooth surface of the machine's gas tank, the teen wanted nothing more than to sink into the ground from embarrassment.

"Heh, Randy," Debbie cooed, coyly turning her head away and watching him out of the corner of her eye. "When are you going to take me for a ride on your bike?"

She brushed one tit casually against his arm and saw his immediate reaction of shock.

"Oh," he stammered, "I don't know, uh, Deb. Anytime you want, I guess." He swallowed hard.

"Well," she smiled, climbing onto the back of the bike's saddle, "there's no time like the present. Why don't we take a run out by the lake?"

"Well, uh, sure," the teen gulped. "Why not."

Together, the teenagers rolled away in a cloud of smoke and dust toward the highway. Chambers Lake was a quiet spot in the hills. A three acre body of quiet water that filled a good part of the valley with marshes where water birds and frogs were the only source of noise. A local ordinance had forbidden motor driven boats of any kind, so only canoes, rowboats, and the occasional sailboat broke the pristine surface by their passing.

Hushed thickets marked the boundaries of the lake. Small streams trickled down from the surrounding hillsides. Hidden glades were in abundance, and it was into one of these that Randy drove and parked his bike.

The engine died and immediately the teenagers were surrounded by the stillness of the wooded hills.

Debbie climbed off the bike, followed closely by Randy. She looked around the spot with obvious delight. Stretching her arms wide, she inhaled deeply, drawing her lungs full of the fresh forest air and at the same time expanding the beautiful fullness of her tits.

Randy's eyes nearly popped at the sight, and Debbie watched with appreciation as the bulge in her stepbrother's pants began growing.

Walking over, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly. "Thanks so much for bringing me out here, Randy," she cooed. "I just had to get away from the house for a while. After a few hours of studying it just seems like I'm gonna go nuts if I didn't get a little fresh air."

She pressed her thigh between his legs and felt the hot throbbing of his cock pressed against her tight jeans.

"I just don't know how I can thank you enough."

Debbie pulled his head down again and slid her tongue deep into her step-brother's mouth. Randy's lips parted eagerly and pulled her tongue inside. He circled the girl's young body with his arms and crushed her against him, grinding his crotch against her leg.

She took his hand in hers and slid it roughly under the elastic band of her tube-top, and that was all the encouragement that the teen needed. Like a starving man, he devoured her lips, sucking and biting gently, forcing his tongue so deep into her throat that the young girl felt strangled by his hunger for her body.

"But you know something?" she teased, pulling her face away for the sake of drawing a breath. She began nibbling and licking at his neck. "I think I may just have thought of a way to express my gratitude."

Her hands strayed downward until both were massaging the trembling mound of his cock. Then, while unzipping his jeans with one hand, she unbuckled his belt with the other.

Before Randy had a chance to realize what was happening to him, his step-sister had his jeans yanked down below his knees and was kneeling in front of him, staring at the swollen neat of his eight-inch prick.

"Oh, it's so pretty and pink," Debbie cooed, gently kissing the trembling cockhead. "I've wanted it since we first moved in, and now I'm going to do just what I've been wanting to do all along."

Without another word the young girl began licking and upping the head and shaft of her step-brother's cock. She ran her tongue in a rasping drag along the entire underside of it, pausing to make soft, swirling passes of her tongue around the head itself.

"Oh God, this is wonderful," the young girl moaned, smearing his cockhead over her spittle-slimed face. "I just love sucking a big prick."

"Oh God fucking damn!" Randy grunted, humping forward and driving the length of his cock deep into her throat. "I've never known anybody like you."

His hands grabbed wildly at her tits, pulling the tube-top up until it hung around her neck like a big blue necklace. He clawed madly at her full, young tits, leaving angry welts across their pale surfaces. Her nipples were pinched up tormentingly between his rough young fingers and he rode her face like a saddle.

"Suck me!" he moaned. "Suck my big cock all the way down your throat, baby!"

"Ummmff, ummmff, ummmmff," Debbie grunted around the length of his slab of pulsing cockmeat.

Her tits hurt. The nipples were getting sore from his rough treatments, and the young girl realized that she didn't give a damn. She wanted the pleasure and pain, wanted all of it, wanted all that he had to give.

His cock tastes so delicious, she thought to herself. The smell was driving her out of her mind. While he used her hair for a hand hold and pounded away at the girl's face, Debbie used one hand to milk his balls and the other to hold onto the base of his slamming prick and pull it ever deeper into her throat.

There was screaming energy in the teen's awesome lunges. It was more than Debbie had ever seen before and she realized that she wanted to be consumed by the fierceness of his lust-madness.

His insanity was contagious and she found herself riding the crest of one hell of an orgasm just from the effects of sucking him off. It was as if her entire body had been made just to have him use her, as if she could cum from anything this beautiful teen wanted to do to her.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she suddenly realized that his delicious cock was beginning to swell, growing ever larger until its immensity filled all of her throat and yet kept driving on ever deeper and deeper.

There was no more room for breathing, but it didn't matter anymore. There was only the need for more and more of his cock, more inches shoving in farther, more meat down her throat.

She moaned silently to her madly thrashing lover. "Fill my whole body with your big beautiful cock, you suck loving bastard! Fuck my brains out!"

As suddenly as his insane thrashing had begun, Randy's body went rigid. Then he began trembling and Debbie felt the first quivering rush of his load as it shot upward from his swollen nuts.

Yesssss, her mind shrieked as her own body leaped over the edge of sanity and was swallowed up.

Big, thick gobs of his fuck-juice suddenly sprayed into her throat and Debbie's brain seemed to explode with the force of his cum blast.

"Unit unh, suck me!" the teen panted breathlessly. "Suck me now!"

Debbie moaned and grunted as she slid her hand into her pants and began tearing at her cunt with desperate, frenzied movements. Randy's cum seemed endless. Just when the girl thought that she had gotten his load, she would feel him pumping again and another spray of jism would fill her mouth and throat.

Streams of thick cream ran from between the sucking, slurping walls of her ups it covered her chin and trickled down to smear thick and greasy all across the soft expanse of the tops of her tits. Her entire face was slimed with his film. She felt as if she had bathed in his juice.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Randy groaned in exhaustion as the last tremblings of his body began to fade. His legs were quivering from the fatiguing effects of standing while his stepsister sucked him into the heaven of her mouth.

All he could do was manage to remain on his feet while the girl continued to whimper softly and suck at the last few drops of scalding jism that leaked from the end of his cockmeat.

Debbie was finally able to stand, wiping the film of cum from her face and tits with her discarded tube-top.

"God, that tasted good," the girl purred, pressing the naked glory of her tits against him. "I really love the taste of cum. It makes me go nuts, I guess. All I can think of is more and more."

She nuzzled hungrily against Randy's chest and unbuttoned his shirt until she could nibble gently at his nipples.

"But after all that work, I think I could use a swim."

With no further explanations, the young girl stepped back and out of her cut-off blue jeans. Then she turned and sprinted for the lake.

Randy stood there for a moment, gawking in amazement at his step-sister. But the last few minutes had been like years of education to the teen, and by the time Debbie had hit the surface of the lake, Randy was already stripped down and on his way to join her.

He hit the lake with a clean dive that sliced through the water and brought him up only inches from where Debbie was standing.

The water was comfortably cool after their heated exercise and the closeness of another body felt good against the chill. Before long they both had ceased to notice the water temperature at all. Randy's cock, which had gone limp and shriveled in the cold of the lake, leaped back to life as she ground it against her hot belly.

Debbie pressed her tits against him under the water and then grabbed a teasing handful of his ever-growing prick.

"You are a hot little pussycat, aren't you?" Randy grinned mischievously down at her.

"That," she purred, "comes from having a really hot little pussy."

She pulled his cockhead down and rubbed it in the thick tangle of her blonde jungle.

"Wouldn't you agree that I have a really hot pussy?" she asked in mock innocence, nibbling at the side of his neck.

"Oh yeah," he moaned. His hands moved down to cup both of her ass cheeks and I squeeze them with a painful pinch.

"Ouch!" she squeaked. "That hurt! Now you're going to have to make it up to me by doing what I want."

The girl rose in the water and locked her legs around his waist, holding herself poised over the free-floating shaft of his young cock.

"And what I want is for you to fuck my brains out with your big, beautiful prick."

With that, Debbie slammed herself down on his shaft, taking its full length into the hot, slimy depths of her young cunt.

"Aaaaaaghhhh!" she shrieked into the trees. "Oh Christ, that's wonderful. It's so big and hard. I want to ride it all day long!"

Leaning back, she began rocking gently, letting the water carry her into a easy rhythm. With her new buoyancy, the girl's beautiful, creamy tits floated high on the surface. Randy bent forward, taking first one and then the other mound of tit-flesh into his hungry mouth.

"Yesssss," Debbie moaned. "Yes, baby. Suck my tits while I ride your big cock."

Her words seemed to set him on fire. Randy sucked as much tit as he could get into his mouth and pulled the tortured nipple fully an inch away from the main tit-mound.

"Christ, yes!" Debbie grunted. "Fuck me hard! I like to have a man fuck me hard!"

Randy shoved one finger into the tight ring of her asshole, slamming it back and forth in rhythm to the pounding movement of her body cramming down onto his prick.

All the time he kept chewing on the tortured flesh of her nipple and lashing it hotly with his tongue. The fingers of his other hand were busy pulling and twisting at the other nipple, his nails pinching hard into the rubbery flesh.

On and on the two swayed and slammed in the water, starting their own private waves that splashed and slapped at their thrashing bodies. "Fuck me, Big Brother!" Debbie's voice cried out in rasping grunts. "Slam my pussy full of hot cum, you big-cocked stud!"

"Unh, unh, yeah bitch!" Randy snorted around his mouthful of tit. "You want a hard fucking? A hard fucking is what you're gonna get!"

They began slamming in tandem. When he pulled back, Debbie pulled back until only the tip of his cockhead remained buried in her throbbing cunt. Then the two threw themselves together again in a splashing mash of flesh. His pulsing piston of cockmeat buried itself to the hilt in her dripping sheath and plowed into the back wall of her cunt. Then they repeated the process.

Over and over, they drove. Time and again his shaft speared into her guts. Her cunt sucked him deep and swallowed him whole as if she would never let go her desperate cunt hold on his blood-engorged prick.

The water of the lake flooded and washed through her pussy hole with every savage plunge of his prick into her depths. It mingled with her own juices, creating a swirling soup of jism that made their movements even slicker and more titillating.

Debbie felt the walls of her cunt rippling with orgasm after orgasm, and each seemed to be a little more powerful than the previous one. She knew that she was building toward the most savage explosion that she had ever felt in her young life.

"Ride me, baby!" she encouraged his savagery. "Ride me like you've never fucked a woman before. Fuck my brains out and fill my guts with your hot cream!"

Suddenly, she felt him go stiff all over. For a long moment he stood frozen while she continued to impale herself on his swelling cock. Then Randy went insane.

He started slamming in and out of her so fast that she barely managed to maintain her grip on his body. In and out, over and over, he pounded as streams of hot cum sprayed into her flooded cunt. Thick gobs of it floated freely from her cunt and rose to the surface. It clung to his chest and her tits.

As the first stream hit her already tortured cunt walls, Debbie's head exploded with the force of it. Wave after fiery wave of pleasure washed over her consciousness as she rode up and down on his stiff cock.

As her own orgasm gradually subsided, Debbie leaned forward and licked his chest clean of the gobs of his cum that had gathered on his skin. Then she lifted each of her tits and sucked up the jism that had collected in thick lumps on her nipples and the exposed surface of the mounds.

"Mmmmmmm," she cooed, making greedy slurping noises as she ate his cum. "I really love the taste of that, even when it's been diluted by lake water."

Randy looked around for a moment. Seeing that their private party still hadn't attracted any curious onlookers, he bent forward and kissed her hungrily.

"You're really something," he grinned. "But we should probably be starting back soon. The folks might get worried if we're too late, and I sure don't want them to send out a search party and find us."

"Oh, don't worry," Debbie smiled as his cock slid out of her greasy cunt and she settled her feet back to the sandy floor of the lake. "It's still early. And besides, I still haven't gotten everything that I came after yet."

"Christ!" the teen muttered. "You could kill a guy. I don't think I could get another hard-on if my life depended on it."

"Don't be silly," Debbie teased. "You just never ran into a really determined woman before, that's all. Just watch this."

With that, the young girl dropped beneath the surface of the water and suddenly sucked the full length of Randy's cock all the way down her throat.

"Oh my God!" he grunted as he felt the heat of her mouth surrounding his rising cock.

It was as if he were as fresh as a daisy and hadn't had a woman in weeks. Before the girl even had to come up for air, she had managed to make his slab of cockmeat leap back to its full, eight-inch glory.

Debbie's head broke the surface of the water with a smile on her face and her hands busy massaging the head of his cock.

"Now," she teased. "You see there what a little determination can do? And all I had to do was a little prick diving."

Again, she climbed up and surrounded his waist with her muscular legs. Randy began rubbing his cockhead against the gaping hole of her cunt and burying his face in her floating tits. But Debbie had her own ideas about how their little episode was going to advance.

Reaching between her legs, the young girl took his cock in her own hand and slid it back, rubbing the bulbous head against the tight, puckered ring of her asshole.

"That's what I want this time, you gorgeous sister-fucker," she cooed. "A whole new playground for you to shove that big beautiful cock of yours into."

Randy looked at her in amazement, not sure that he had really heard what he hoped he had heard.

"I've, I've never fucked anyone in the ass before," he stammered.

"Well, Brother dear, it seems to me that it's about time we advanced your education."

With that, she pushed downward and sucked the pulsing head of his cock into the itching, hot depths of her tight ass.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "It feel so big and hard in there."

"Christ Almighty!" Randy grunted. "I've never felt anything that tight before. Not even a virgin cunt could be like this."

"That's right, baby," she crooned, lifting her tit and shoving the nipple into his gaping mouth. "And there's no virgin cunt in the world that could do this for you."

With no warning, Debbie suddenly clamped down on his cockhead with all of the tremendous strength of her ass muscles. Randy's mouth flew open in surprise and her tit flopped out and back into the water with a splash.

"Tend to business, stud," she teased, shoving the nipple back into his startled lips. "Littie sister will take care of everything else."

Releasing her grip on his cockknob, the young girl allowed herself to slide a little further down on his shaft, and then further still. Finally the entire length of his slab of cockmeat had been swallowed up in the hot, brown depths of her ass.

"Now, Brother," she moaned, "now you can fuck my ass with that pretty prick of yours."

Randy began the pumping motion and Debbie followed suit, allowing her rhythm to match his. It felt so wonderful to her. Her step-brother's huge cock was sliding in and out of her well-slimed ass like a thick snake. Her tit was being chewed off with his enthusiasm. There was only one thing missing, and she decided to remedy that situation herself.

Pulling one hand free, she began furiously rubbing her clit in a tight circle. Pulling and twisting on the angry nubbin of flesh until it pulsed, she pounded it with her lust.

Her first orgasm hit her before she was ready for it. One second she was clawing fiercely at her clit, and in the next a fist of fire seemed to hit her in the pussy. The girl's eyes flew open wide as she realized that it was the combined effect of her own fingering and the pounding that Randy was giving her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuuuuuucckkk meeeee!" she shrieked into the open sky above them.

"Jesus-fucking-Christ!" Randy grunted through clenched teeth as the force of his stepsister's orgasm caused Debbie to clamp down with all of her strength on the shaft of his pounding cock. Before he knew what hit him, the gobs of his cum were spurting out of his steaming cum-hole.

Debbie felt her ass being pumped full of jism, and the hot liquid threw her over the edge again into another screaming orgasm that seemed to rock her all the way down to the soles of her feet.

They humped and humped, Debbie pulling every drop of his cum up from Randy's balls and filling her asshole again and again. When they had finished, she allowed herself to slide off and rest flat-footed on the sand below.

"Big Brother," she murmured, leaning against his chest, "you're one hell of a stud."

They allowed themselves to rest then, holding each other closely, feeling the softly lapping surface of the lake splash and cool their fevered bodies.

Chapter THREE

It was late afternoon when the kids got home from the lake. Marge's car was not in the garage, and when they looked down the road, they saw her driving away toward town.

"Heh, lover," Debbie teased, climbing off the back of the bike, "looks like we may have the house all to ourselves. Do you want to go inside for a while? That bumpy ride on hie bike with the seat pounding between my legs has made my pussy all juicy again."

Randy looked at her in amazement. "You never get enough, do you?" he asked.

"There's no such thing as enough of some things," the horny teenager smiled, rubbing her hand over the bulge in his jeans.

Randy shook his head incredulously. "You may be right," he replied, "but right now I've got some things I've got to take care of in town. I'll be back in a couple of hours. Maybe we can take care of that itch of yours tonight."

"You bet, stud," Debbie smiled as she walked away with a little flip of her tight ass.

The house was cool and quiet, but the girl was restless. She had really gotten turned on during the motorcycle ride back from the lake with Randy. Something about the vibration of the bike saddle between her legs had set the young girl's liquid reservoirs pumping again. And now that her step-brother had taken off for town there didn't seem to be anything she could do about it except grab a shower and finger-fuck herself.

As she walked through the foyer, Debbie looked into the living room. Her stepfather had stretched out on the thick carpet of the floor and was taking a nap.

Debbie stood looking down at him, startled by how handsome he looked in his work clothes. He had been working outside all day and was dressed in a stained T-shirt and jeans. He hadn't even bothered to shower yet, simply stretching out to rest for a few minutes.

Debbie's eyes kept straying downward to the bulge in his pants.

God, the girl thought to herself as she looked at the size of his cock mound, he must be even bigger than Randy! What am I thinking about, she asked herself in shock? I can't make it with Mom's husband. My own stepfather?

But the image of his crotch would not leave her feverish mind.

Debbie decided to try the cold shower to see if she could cool herself down a bit. The water felt wonderful after the hot, bike ride home, but it did nothing to cool the fires between her legs. As she toweled herself dry, Debbie remembered the way Bill had looked stretched out on the living room floor. At once, she felt the familiar gush of her cunt juice as the memory of his bulging pants came back to haunt her.

Wrapping a bulky bathrobe around her, the teenaged girl went back to the downstairs to see if he was still there. He was.

In his sleep, Bill had rolled over onto his stomach, and his head rested peacefully on his folded arms. Debbie sat down on the floor in front of his face and began running her fingers through the thick strands of his hair that had fallen forward in his sleep.

After a moment, the man stirred and rose up on his elbows.

"Oh hi, honey," he yawned sleepily. "Hell, I didn't mean to doze off. I guess it was just such a long day that I was even more tired than I realized."

Debbie continued massaging his scalp. The girl's breath was coming in short, shallow pants. The bulky robe had fallen open, revealing one of her tits in all of its firm young beauty. And for the first time Bill suddenly seemed to become aware of her body.

"Where's your mom?" he asked, his voice growing husky with the feeling that had begun rising through his groin.

"She's gone shopping," Debbie replied. "She should be gone for a couple of hours at least."

"Um hmm," Bill mumbled, licking his lips at the beautiful tit that swayed free and full before his hungry eyes. He couldn't pull his gaze away from the erected nipple as it pushed outward from the swollen mound.

"That feels good, baby," he said.

"I could make you feel good, Dad," the girl panted. "I love you, Dad. I'd do anything for you."

Bill pulled himself forward on his elbows, pushing his face into the fullness of her titflesh.

"How about you, honey?" he mumbled as his feverish tongue sought out the taut, rubbery nipple. He surrounded it with his teeth and sucked gently, running his tongue around the puckered brown ring of the areola. "Is there anything that I could do to help you feel good?"

"Mmmmm, yessss," Debbie sighed, slowly leaning back to rest her weight on her hands. The young girl hooked her heels in the thick carpeting and opened her thighs as wide as she could.

Her tit, which had been in Bill's possession, was pulled away. But he found it replaced by something even more delightful.

So recently showered and washed, Debbie's teenaged cunt lay spread open before him like a delicate, blonde flower whose petals had just opened to the morning sunlight. The fine, nearly white hairs curls prettily in a narrow patch, leaving most of the girlish pussy in full view of his naked eye. The pussy lips themselves gaped wide, pulsing hungrily in the blushing flow of blood that filled their meat. They seemed to ripple as he watched them, as if they starved for the lips or tongue of a man who realized their beauty.

"I need something there, Dad," Debbie whispered, taking one hand and resting it on the back of his head to indicate the direction that she wanted him to go.

Bill's head floated down with infinite slowness, his breath moving the feathery hairs that surrounded her cunt like a private garden.

"Oh yes," Debbie pleaded. "That's what I need to make me feel good. Kiss me, Dad. Kiss your baby girl's pussy."

The elder man's mouth only brushed against the blood-filled lips, but it was as if he had touched them with live electric wires.

The teenaged girl grunted as her cunt gushed its juices. Debbie hadn't realized how much she wanted her stepfather, but now she knew that anything that he wanted her to do for him would be just wonderful.

Bill looked down at the bottom of his stepdaughter's cunt and saw the first stream of her cum seeping through the fine hairs that traced a line toward her asshole. The fluid was milky and translucent. Its musk rose into his nostrils with the same heady quality as the odor of strong liquor, and very gently he leaned forward and caught its flow on the tip of his tongue.

Debbie watched Bill gather it in. He reminded her of a cat drinking milk.

"Yes," she sighed. "Let me feed you, Dad. Let me give you my cream to drink."

"Feed me, honey," Bill moaned, suddenly overcome with his hunger for the beautiful, lecherous girl. "Drown me in your cum."

"Oh, eat me, Dad!"

Bill dove face first into her dripping cunt. He had never tasted any woman that was so delicious before, not even Marge.

Debbie moaned as his long, snaking tongue plunged deep into her young cunt. It whipped and slashed through her pussy, dragging roughly against the sensitive walls of her pussy and making quivers of joy pass through her entire body. His nose, pressing hard against the rubbery nubbin of her clit, sent puffs of hot air against the hypersensitive skin, and she suddenly felt the throbbing rush of yet another climax leap through her guts and very nearly make her lose her footing on the carpet.

"Ohhhhhhhh Chriiiissst!" she shrieked as her cunt again exploded with a fresh flood of juice.

Bill lapped hungrily, making slurping, sloppy noises while lusty grunts rose in the back of his throat. Back and forth he ran his tongue. Up and down the length of her cunt he made his tongue dance. First he slipped up and down each throbbing lip. Then he slid it from top to bottom of the cunt itself while the tongue-tip quivered deep in her pussy. Next, he turned all his attention on the quivering petal which was her clit, pulling it between his teeth and rasping the hot squirming eel of his tongue across its screaming-nerved surface.

By this time Debbie had fallen flat on her back on the floor and was thrashing about as if she were being tortured. She locked his head firmly in place with her straining thighs and tried to force his face and tormenting mouth even tighter against the weeping pit between her legs.

Up and down, the older man ran the gut wrenching machinery of his tongue and lips. Over and over again he attacked her screaming flesh until she thought she would have to faint or just simply melt into the thick tufts of carpeting.

Then, with no warning, he moved downward for a totally different target. Like summer lightning, his long tongue shot down through the crack of her ass and stabbed hard and deep into the brown ring of her asshole.

"Oh Goddaaaammmnn!" she moaned, reaching down and spreading the cheeks of hot ass with her own hands so that he would have even better access to her puckered asshole.

Bill's dripping tongue teased and ringed her puckered ass, only to stop and suddenly dive right into the center of its fierce itching. He pushed hard, his mouth and lips pressing against the aching flesh until at last the hard tip of his tongue popped through and began squirming inside the brown ring itself.

"Aaaieeeee Jeeeeesusss!" the young girl shrieked as she ground her brown asshole against his attacking mouth. "Yes, yes, yesssss!"

Instantly, Bill felt his face being covered by her flooding cum as it ran from the bottom of her cunt slit and poured down into his gasping mouth.

He drank deep, swallowing the greasy mouthful of her young pussy's cream. The taste was delicious and he couldn't help but wonder if all young girls had such sweet tasting pussy juice.

Debbie rose into a sitting position and locked her arms around her stepfather's neck as be sat up. She kissed him deeply, tasting the muskiness of her own cum, licking its greasiness from his lips and face and reveling in the taste.

"Now it's my turn," she cooed, her tongue scraping the last traces, of her own jism from his face. She felt the scrape of his day's growth of beard and sucked at the cum film that had collected there.

"What do you want, baby?" Bill asked, his voice gruff with his lust for the beautiful girl.

"I'm hungry, Dad," she replied, reaching down to unsnap his blue jeans and pull down the zipper. "It's a Dad's job to see that his girl had plenty to eat." She moaned, pulling his monstrous cock out of his opened slacks. "I can't think of anything that I'd rather eat than this big, hairy prick of yours."

Bill groaned at the touch of her young hands. She ran her fingernails in a scraping trail along the sensitive underside of his cockshaft, making the big slab of meat quiver with the anticipation of her full lips and hot tongue.

The girl pulled off his work boots and socks, and then the two worked together to slide his tight jeans off over his ankles. Debbie tossed them over onto the touch and then she turned her gaze with starvation in her eyes at the bobbing glory of his nine-inch prick.

"Oh Dad," she sighed, dropping down in front of him onto her stomach and elbows. "It's beautiful!" She took his prick into her hands again and squeezed firmly around the base while using the other palm to cup the huge sac of his cum-swollen balls. "I've never seen such a big cock before. It makes my mouth water just to look at it."

As if to prove the truth of her statement, a tiny stream of saliva trickled from one corner of her full, cherry lips.

Debbie leaned forward, her sharp pink tongue flicking out to lap out the first clear drops of pre-cum that oozed from his pisshole.

"Do you have lots of cum for me to drink, Dad?" she whispered pleadingly, brushing her soft lips against the huge knob of his cockhead.

"Yes, baby," Bill managed to rasp out as her lips sent a shock of electricity racing through the shaft of his meat. It made the entire length of his prick leap in her hand as if the cock had a mind of its own and was intent on throwing itself into the wet depths of her mouth. "I've got two big nuts full of lots of hot cum for my girl to lap up."

"Mmmmmmm, yessss," Debbie sighed, running her tongue all around the swollen prickhead. "It's your turn to feed me, Dad. Feed me all those delicious gobs of hot jizz. Fill my belly and then spray it all over my face and into my hair and all over my tits! I want it, Dad! I've got to have it now!"

With that, the teenager slid his cockhead through the drooling, blood-red ring of her lips. "Oooohhhh honnneeyyy," Bill sighed.

The girl grunted, humping her blonde head up and down on her stepfather's cock, each downward stroke forcing more and more of him into her hungry young mouth. Down and up and down again, even farther, Debbie ate her way along the blue-veined, quivering flesh of the older man's throbbing cock.

Oh God, Debbie thought to herself as she felt the pulsing cockhead finally reach the back of her throat, it tastes so good! I want it all. I want it all in my throat.

Then she pushed again, forcing the knob directly into her throat, feeling the curling black forest of his crotch hairs as they rubbed against her nose and face. Gently, she took his balls that she still held cupped in her hand and massaged them against the white softness of her chin and cheek.

The hairy, veined sac trembled at her caresses. The heat of it warmed her face.

"Oh God, baby!" Bill grunted through clenched teeth as the teenager's hot tongue traced fiery circles around the shaft of his pounding cock. "Eat it, honey! Suck your dad's cock all the way down!"

"Ummm hmmmm," she gurgled wetly, gobbling at the angry length of her stepfather's prick.

Up and down, up and down, her young face freed and then dove immediately down again to impale itself on his lust-filled prick.

Roughly, hungrily, Bill reached around under her lunging body to grab a rough handful of young tit and torture first one nipple and then the other and then pull both into one mass of pouting tit-flesh.

"Mmmmff, mmmmff, mmmmff," Debbie grunted around his cock as she searched for his outstretched leg.

His torturing fingers on her tits made her remember her own pent up fires and search for some way of quenching them. Finding the hardness of his upright foot, she began hunching her dripping cunt against his squirming toes.

Rubbing, pushing, grinding her pelvis against him, she was able to force most of them up between her drooling cunt lips and into the pussy itself. Once inside, Bill began wiggling and jerking with his toes.

"Aaaaarghhmmm!" Debbie shrieked as his thrashing toes set her guts on fire with their movements.

Frantically, she humped against him, the muscles of her cunt convulsively clamping at his foot. Almost immediately she began to tremble and Bill felt streams of her cum begin to pour across his foot and ankle.

The quivering girl moaned, taking even more of his cock into her throat and letting the muscles pull maddeningly against his swollen cockhead.

Suddenly, the girl slid his cock out of her mouth and began furiously rubbing the blood engorged prick against her open lips, against her tongue as it flicked out, against the heat of her spit-slimed chin and cheeks.

"Oh fuck, yes!" Bill snarled, crushing one of Debbie's tits until she squealed with the pleasure/pain of his lust. "Suck me, you little slut! Eat my hot cum! Eat it now!"

A long, thick stream of jism sprayed along her tongue to splash across the back of her throat and flow down toward her stomach. The girl's mouth filled quickly with his lust, her throat muscles working convulsively to take in the man's massive load.

Sticky gobs of it splashed off her teeth and lips, smearing across her young face. It tooled in her mouth, too much for even her hard working suck-job to take. His cum began streaming down the sides of her face as Debbie rolled over onto her back so that she could catch even more of it.

Rivers of his sticky jism spilled onto her quivering tits, and the young girl took her free hand and smeared the greasy liquid into her soft flesh.

From his position, Bill reached over and began snatching and clawing at her tender cunt, torturing the lips and pinching the pulsing little clit. And still the man's pumping cock continued to spray what seemed like gallons of hot, wet cream into her already flooded mouth.

Debbie closed her mouth to swallow the huge load that she now held. The spray began to splash across her face, covering her closed, eyelids and running down her cheeks and into her ears and hair.

"Yesssss," she cooed and bubbled through his torrent of cum. "Spray me, Dad. Spray your girl. Cover me with hot jizz!"

Finally, the flooding torrent slowed and stopped, except for occasional spasmodic jerkings of his cock muscles that sent tiny drops out to further smear her face.

Debbie moaned, sucking the deflating prick deep into her throat and licking it clean of all his cum. Then, pulling his cock from her throat, she rubbed the head of it across her face. The cum collected on his prickhead and the girl immediately licked it clean again. He quivered with the electric shocks that it sent through his body.

Next, she turned to her tits. Using his cock in the same way, she finished her erotic, oral bathing.

"Oh Dad," she whimpered, still kissing and licking softly at his cock and balls, "I just love cum. I'd like to take a bath in it and then lick myself clean. It tastes soooo good."

Bill looked down and watched as she buried her face in his crotch and took the sac of his balls into her mouth and began tonguing them ever so gently.

His step-daughter's face was still flushed and hot with lust, and the fine film of spittle and cum that covered it made her skin shine in the late afternoon light that came in through the living room window. In spite of the incredible orgasm that he had just gone through, the man could feel his nuts beginning to stir again under the talented tongue of the girl.

Soon his cock had climbed back to its full nine-inch hardness and was begging for her attention. Debbie lost no time, but immediately sucked his cock back into her insatiable mouth and began another of her moaning pump sessions.

"Does my girl want some more cum?" Bill growled, his voice rasping and harsh.

"Mmmmm, mmmmmm," she moaned, never letting his prick escape her lips. Her slurping lips and tongue begged for even more. Her throbbing throat pleaded gruntingly around his cockhead.

Pulling back, the man pushed the girl over onto her back and pulled her legs apart, exposing the dripping gash of her teenaged cunt. The lips and center meat of her pussy gleamed from the juices that had already started to pour out of the depths. The fine, blonde hair that led down to her asshole was matted and tangled wetly.

"Well then, baby," he snarled, looking down at her hungrily, "Dad's gonna give his girl a fucking like nothing she's ever had before."

"Oh, yes, Dad," she begged. "Fuck it out! Fuck your girl's pussy till it's raw and bloody! Shove that big hairy cock all the way into my guts! Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me hard!"

The man lifted the teenager's legs until her feet went over his shoulders, always sliding the swollen head of his cock through the warm and sloppy trench of her pretty blonde pussy. With each stroke, his knob pulsed and rubbed against the trembling flesh of her clit. The little bulb of meat was throbbing. It stretched angry and red with the urgency of the young girl's lust madness.

It was so sensitive that Debbie thought she could actually feel the pounding herself as the insides of the clit filled with its flow of blood.

Then, pausing for an instant at the edge of her cunt, Bill pushed the head down hard. It popped into her wet slash with a sucking, slurping noise. He shoved as hard as he could until the entire, blue-veined spear of his cock was buried up to his balls in the teenager's quivering guts.

Out again, out until only her convulsing pussy lips still entrapped the head, he slid his prick. Then he shoved back with the hot force of an angry bull. And more, and more, and more.

"Aaaaaaghhh, Dadddddyyy," the girl moaned with a sharp gasp, "your cock's so huge. I feel like I've never had a man before in my life until you came along."

She squirmed and thrashed beneath his weight, pushing her ass upward, trying to pull even more of his prick into her guts.

Debbie could feel the walls of her pussy stretching, trying desperately to accommodate the incredible size of her stepfather's monstrous slab of cockmeat. It lodged so far up into her with each downward stroke that she wondered if it could have reached all the way up into her churning guts.

There was pain, a burning, searing feeling of hot iron having been pushed into her belly. But Debbie didn't care. It was the most amazing sensation she had ever known. Every dripping bit of flesh inside her young cunt was occupied by sliding cockmeat that pounded and throbbed with her loving stepfather's raging heartbeat.

Every part of her body knew it was being fucked in such a way as she had never known before.

Bill lowered himself onto the girl, forcing her legs even farther back and his cock even deeper into her. Once there, he grabbed one of her beautiful tits and shoved it brutally into his gasping mouth. He began torturing the other tit with hard, squeezing fingers.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh," the girl whimpered and grunted. "Unh, unh, unh!"

"You like that, baby?" he teased. "You like it when your dad hurts you a little while he's fucking you so hard?"

"God, yesssss!" she shrieked. "Hurt me Dad! Oh, my big stud Dad. Fuck me hard and hurt me!"

The girl's rutting hunger drove Bill to even greater efforts. With a fury, he began pounding and slamming into the slippery shaft of huff pussy. Sucking, slurping noises rose from between the teenager's legs as her cunt began pumping more and more juice.

"Go, you big stud-bull!" the girl shouted at her stepfather, grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling his teeth even tighter against her ravaged tit.

"Fuck out my cunt! Hurt it! Hurt it! Hurt... it! Aaaaaaghhhh!"

Debbie's scream filled the room as Bill took his free hand and rammed three greasy fingers home up the itching ring of her ass.

"Yes, oh sweet Jessuuuussss, yesssss!" the girl whispered into the air.

Now the girl really went mad. With the double-pronged attack of her stepfather, she felt like her whole body was full of furiously slamming pricks.

Bill was alternately fucking her cunt and her ass. Every time the bestial length of his cock and rammed into the depths of his stepdaughter's pussy, his fingers slid greasily back until only the wriggling tips were embedded in her itching asshole. When his prick pulled back until the head lodged pulsing and hot in the mouth of her cunt, he rammed his fingers into the squirming reaches of her ass.

It was more than the young girl had ever fantasized before. More than she had ever felt. More than she could even think about handling.

With a shriek that tore the air around them, Debbie exploded in one massive orgasm after another. Her back was arched so far that her entire weight was supported on the back of her neck and the soft paleness of her shoulders.

The girl's face was a twisted mask of lust, her eyes blinded and glazed with it. A thin stream of drool ran from one corner of her mouth. And all the time that she pushed and ground her cunt and ass against her stepfather's two-fold fucking, Debbie pounded and clawed at his back and shoulders.

Bill's T-shirt had been ripped in a half dozen places by her nails. Long welts seeped on his bare back. Yet he didn't care. They were nothing in comparison with the savage joy of the male animal as he pumped his spunk into the hole of a female in heat.

"Unh, unh, unh!" he grunted, biting and gnawing on her tormented tit, clawing and pinching at its sister.

"You want my cum?" he snarled. "Does the little slut want her dad's cum?"

"Oh pleeeeeeease," the girl pleaded and whimpered. "Give me your jizz, Dad! Fill your baby's belly with all that sweet, aaaaaghhhhhh!"

A bomb went off in Debbie's guts. Racing fingers of fire chased their way through her cunt. The walls of her hole tippled and convulsed with the spasms of her screaming pussy muscles.

As her pussy clamped down along the length of his cockshaft Bill felt himself being swept over the edge by the current of his stepdaughter's madness.

His balls suddenly erupted with explosions of cum. A long stream of scalding jism shot from the twitching hole of his prickhead and splashed against the back wall of the girl's cunt.

It was as if he had thrown gasoline on her raging fire. As the first gout of cum hit her sensitive cunt meat, Debbie felt herself thrown into another gut-wrenching, sweaty-titted climax as powerful as the first.

On and on they pounded, over and over again they slammed and ground their bodies together.

Debbie finally relaxed, whimpering and mewing as her stepfather continued pounding his gobs of cream into her cunt. At last, the final shot of jism sprayed into the teenager's swollen pussy. Bill collapsed across her body.

The two lay in each other's arms, dozing off, as his big cock began relaxing.

A few spare drops of cum drooled from the tip of his prick. They joined the river of jism that mixed with the girl's own juices and flooded from her still-throbbing pussy.

Chapter FOUR

Marge walked in the back door and set her groceries on the kitchen table. The market had been crowded and all that she wanted, was to get a shower and cool off.

With the food put away in the refrigerator, she started for the stairs. The thoughts of cool water spraying over her body were all that occupied her as she walked through the quiet house. Then she heard an odd noise.

Going into the dining room, the sounds grew louder.

"Yes!" she heard Debbie whimpering. "God, shove it in deep!"

The woman stopped for an instant, the thoughts of her young daughter with a boyfriend in the living room rushed through her head.

What should I do? she wondered as she stood dazedly staring at the open doorway to the living room. What can I say? Maybe it's all a mistake.

Then she caught herself wondering who the guy was.

Gently, quietly, the woman looked around the side of the door into the living room.

Debbie was naked on the floor, her body covered with a shining layer of sweat and cum. The girl was sucking and chewing desperately at the man's huge cock.

Marge could see the young cheeks filling and emptying as her daughter's head pumped up and down over the prickhead, sucking it deep into her throat and out again.

Debbie acted as if she were starving for it, as if she needed the cock even more than she needed the air that its huge head blocked every time the girl dove down on the slab of cockmeat.

It was only then that the shocked mother recognized the man on whose prick her daughter was so greedily slurping and licking.

Oh my God! Marge's mind shrieked. It's Bill!

Her husband was on his knees before his stepdaughter. He stared downward at the top of the girl's head. His eyes seemed to shine with the mad glow of lust. His hips hunched back and forth, driving his cock deep into her throat.

Bill's rough hands were all over the girl's firm young body, crushing her tits, pushing underneath to finger her clit and make her flesh quiver, reaching behind, to push hard fingers into her asshole and make her ass cheeks tremble with lust.

Marge wanted to look away. She wanted to turn and run up to her bedroom and forget that she had ever seen this nightmare going on in her own living room. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs and tear into both of them with all her fury. But she couldn't do anything.

She was like a bird caught helplessly before a snake. The movements, the grunting sounds. All of it caught her in its web of lust and held her while her heart and brain screamed and pleaded for sanity.

"Now, baby," she heard Bill grunt through his lust. "Dad's got something else for his girl."

Debbie looked up, pausing in her mouth fucking of her stepfather's fleshy piston of cockmeat. The head popped out of her mouth with a wet, sucking sound and trailed slime and pre-cum down her soft chin.

The girl's eyes burned feverishly with her hunger. She seemed to see nothing in the world except for the older man in front of her and the wonderful cock that she had been so hungrily eating.

"What, Dad?" the girl asked. "What do you have for me now?"

With one rough movement Bill turned the girl around until the fullness of her beautiful ass was facing him. He touched her gently for a moment, savoring the satiny feel of her ass cheeks as they pressed up against him.

His hands passed between Debbie's legs and Marge saw her daughter quiver with anticipation. Then the woman realized with horror just what her husband was doing.

His rough hands gathered the thick gobs of cream that dripped from the girl's sweet, young cunt lips and smeared the greasy fluid thickly around and into her daughter's asshole. Time after time, his jism-covered finger would disappear up the girl's ass all the way to the knuckle until he finally decided that she was ready.

"Oh yesssss, Dad," the girl's moans hit Marge's terrified ears. "Do my ass, you big cocked Dad! Rip my guts out with that big prick!"

Marge groaned inwardly, paralyzed with shock and anger. Then she realized that there was more. She was turned on by the sight of what was happening. Her own cunt churned with horny juices as she watched her husband working the ass of her teenaged daughter.

She watched as Bill began rubbing the swollen cockhead around Debbie's cum-slimed asshole. She knew how that felt, the ache deep in her guts, the itch that seemed to center itself in the tight brown-ringed asshole.

Debbie squirmed in anticipation, a cat in heat flipping its tail over to one side to allow its fuck-partner to get a clear shot at its dripping hole. But this was no, cat.

This was Marge's own daughter. The one who she had tucked into bed. The one who she had nursed through childhood diseases. The one who had always come to her with her tears and hugs whenever something was wrong.

And here was her husband -- Debbie's own stepfather -- humping against the teenager as if she were some whore off the street!

Marge's mind shrieked with the outrage of what she was seeing. She wanted to run into the room, to beat and claw at the man who was her husband. The man to whom she had given her body. She wanted to hurt him. And she wanted to hurt Debbie for daring to take her man and give her young body to him to use. Yet there was nothing the woman could do, nothing except watch.

She stood frozen, a rigid bystander whose own body was betraying her outrage.

Marge felt her nipples pushing against the cloth of her thin blouse. They ached with the traitorous hunger of her flesh. Before she realized it the woman slid one hand inside her blouse and was working the angry nipples. Individually and together, she twisted and caressed their rubbery hardness. Her other hand had a life of its own, sliding through the side vent of her wrap-around skirt and seeking the already dripping gash of her cunt.

The finger found its mark, slipping greasily up and down the weeping slash, massaging her throbbing clit until it had to scream in unison with her hunger.

Marge watched, panting, as Bill planted his cockhead firmly against her daughter's quivering asshole and poked it through.

The young girl grunted, pushing backward and trapping the swollen head within the tight, itching ring of her ass. For a moment it seemed to lodge there, held in place by the strength of her muscles. Then, with one savage push and an explosion of pent-up breath, Debbie pushed herself backward. She impaled her asshole on her stepfather's throbbing cock and ground her hips in tight circles, trying to suck his thick slab of meat even deeper into her girlish body.

"Aaaaaah, Christ!" the girl shrieked, her motions becoming more frenzied with each second. "It hurts, but it hurts sooooo good!" She began hunching back even harder. "Fuck it, Dad! Fuck out my tight ass! It itches. Oh Dad, scratch my itch! Make it hurt deeper, Dad! Hurt me!"

The girl's passion seemed to enflame Bill's hunger even more and Marge saw her husband raise himself over her daughter's thrashing ass cheeks and begin pounding his cockmeat home up the girl's asshole.

The older woman groaned softly as she felt her own driving finger carrying her nearer and nearer the brink of orgasm.

Fire lanced through her nipples as she bruised them with her own hand. The flames seemed to crawl through the firm flesh of her belly and stab at the wet, rippling depths of her cunt.

Marge wanted to stop what she was doing. But in spite of her motherly outrage, in spite of her shock at seeing her man ass-fucking another woman, the sight turned her on.

She rubbed harder at the quivering nubbin of her clit. Twisting and pinching, pulling at it just as if she were jacking off a small version of her husband's cock, Marge dragged her mind onward. She wanted to scream her passion and hate, but couldn't. She couldn't let them hear, couldn't let them know that she was getting her own excitement just by watching what they were doing.

"Fuck me, Dad!" Debbie began screaming. "Fuck, fuck, fuck meeeeeee!"

The girl's voice trailed away into a pitiful mewing sound that rose from the back of her throat and pleaded with the rutting man that rode her dripping ass.

"You want my big cock, baby?" Bill gasped, reaching under his stepdaughter's belly and grabbing a firm young tit in each of his rough hands. "You want me to spray your asshole full of nice, hot cum?"

"Ohhhhh, yessssss!" the teenager grunted, biting at her lower lip as pain and pleasure traced mad patterns across her beautiful face.

"Ream my shitter, Dad," she moaned.

Suddenly Debbie's eyes flew wide as she felt a wave of fire sweep through her quivering guts, and the girl began pounding with the first of her orgasms.

"Fuck it, you big-cocked bastard!" she suddenly screamed. "Fuck it now!"

Marge knew what that must mean, knew what the girl was feeling. How many times before had she felt the same thing herself? Her husband's monstrous cock rammed deep into the brown tunnel of love that was her wet, quivering asshole. There was an awesome itch about it that nothing in the world could satisfy except a deep-planted cock. There was fire and shivering ice that swept in waves through all the sensitive flesh around her crotch.

Yessss, Marge groaned silently, imagining the way it must feel to have Bill's thick slab of meat throbbing inside her own ass. Yesss, baby. Fuck it good. Fuck it harder and harder!

Then the woman realized what she was saying. No, she thought to herself. No, I can't stand any more of this.

Yet, still she watched. Marge felt her own knees begin to quiver with the first waves of it that she knew signaled her climax. Bill began hunching savagely against Debbie. His huge, swollen balls slapped wetly against the back of the teenager's legs with the splattering promise of gallons of cum.

Marge licked her lips, feeling the heat of her body rise into her throat and dry out her mouth.

She was hungry for cock from watching the two. If there had been another man around at that instant, she would have ripped his pants off in her desperate need for a prick -- any prick whatsoever.

Bill's hands tore at the young girl's tits, leaving red welts across their soft, fleshy mounds. He clawed and pulled at the nipples. And through her own memory, Marge felt those hands.

Her guts began churning and boiling with the hunger. Her cunt itched for a pounding cock. Her asshole ached all through its empty depths. Her mouth watered, hungry for the taste of a dripping prick to be sliding into the back of her throat. On and on she pushed herself, watching the two people she loved most in the world fucking on the floor before her.

Bill's body became suddenly rigid, frozen in the instant of supreme lust. Debbie seemed to sense it and Marge saw her young daughter begin to hump furiously.

"Jesus-fucking-Christ!" Bill bellowed between gasping breaths. Suddenly he too began hunching forward, pounding his ramrod deep into the girl's belly.

"Yesss!" Debbie screamed as the first of his thick, load of scalding cum sprayed like a stream of hot acid into her rippling asshole.

Marge watched them go over the edge, saw the first gobs of her husband's cream as it began splashing out of her daughter's ass and began running down the girl's hard, young thighs.

Then she too joined them in their insanity. The woman felt streams of fuck-juice begin pouring from her own cunt. Her hand was soaked and the cream darkened the front of her skirt as the material jumped and jerked from the insane movements of her hand.

She wanted to cry and laugh with the confused emotions that she underwent. But all she could do was lean against the doorway and watch her daughter and husband. There was simply no strength left in her pain-and-sex-racked flesh.

Debbie and Bill collapsed in a heap upon the thick pile of the living room carpeting. Marge watched as the thick, still-swollen knob of the man's cock popped wetly out of her daughter's ass.

As Bill rolled off onto his side, Marge saw Debbie slide down until her face was only a few inches from the pulsing shaft of the man's cock.

"Oh, Dad," the young girl sighed, her warm breath moving the thick hairs that grew around the base of the man's prick. "That was so good." She leaned, forward and kissed the purple cockhead and Marge saw it quiver. The head and shaft of Bill's prick were beslimed with his own cum and Debbie's juices, and the young girl ran her long hot tongue up the blue-veined cock.

Gobs of sticky jism gathered on the end of the teenager's tongue and Marge saw the girl swallow hungrily as the greasy cream began running down her throat.

"Oh, Dad," Debbie moaned and murmured between the slurping noises of her lips and tongue sliding up and down his cum filmed cock. "I just love to lick the cum off a man's cock when he's finished fucking me. It tastes so good."

It was then that the girl looked up and saw her mother standing in the doorway.

"Oh my God! Mom!" Debbie's voice broke.

Marge saw Bill look up, startled. Then she turned to run up the stairs to her bedroom. She slammed the door and locked it behind her. Too much, she thought to herself, this was just too much!

Not only was she paralyzed and hurt by watching what her own daughter and husband had been doing, but she had actually stood there and watched while they were doing it! She had stood there until they had finished. And all the time she had masturbated until she had reached her own gut-wrenching climax!

The whole experience seemed to be too overwhelming for her to handle.

Oh God, she wondered, what am I going to do now? How can I go on living in the same house with him? How can I ever let him touch me again?

At the same time, she realized that she still loved her big, beautiful Bill, that she still wanted him -- in some ways, even more than before. There had been something about watching him plant his big prick in Debbie's young ass that had made her realize just how sexy he truly was to her.

A soft knock at the door finally drew her attention away from her mental self punishment.

"Marge?" she heard Bill call from the other side of the door. "I think that we'd better talk about this."

From the sound of his voice, she knew how upset he was. There was uncertainty in his tone. He needed to get everything out in the open. But she just couldn't stand the thought of facing him right then and there. She was too confused. She herself had no idea of what she wanted to say or do. It was more than she could work out on the spur of the moment.

"Not now, Bill," she heard herself answering. "I just need to be alone for awhile and think. I can't talk about anything at the moment. Just leave me alone."

She didn't know whether he had gone away or not, and she wondered why she should even care.

Marge got up and removed her clothes, putting on the soft, satin robe that Bill had bought her just before they were married. She lay back on the bed, covering her eyes with her hands, and began to cry from the sheer frustration that the situation made her feel.

What am I going to do? she wondered. No matter where she looked, the image of her husband and daughter filled her mind's eye with a picture of lust.

"Oh God," she sighed softly, remembering the look of joy on the young girl's face, knowing exactly how Debbie must have felt.

Bill is such a handsome man, she thought. And Debbie has reached the age where she has started needing a man's attention. I can't really blame her for becoming infatuated with her stepfather.

At the same time, she knew that there was no way she could really blame Bill, either. Debbie did have a way about her. She was such a beautiful, young girl.

She remembered again how horny it had made her to watch Bill's rampant cock sliding in and out of her daughter's mouth and then moving around to push deep into the teenager's hot, wet asshole.

She remembered her own feelings of lust at watching the scene, and against her will Marge realized that she was massaging her tit through the satiny softness of her robe. The material rubbed sensuously against the nipples, makings them rise to push against her fingertips through the restraint of the cloth.

Her other hand slid down the smooth surface of her belly. The hem of her robe fell open as her wandering fingers wound their way through the fiery red jungle of her cunt mound.

Already there was dampness there. Just the memory of what she had witnessed had been enough to cause the stream of her private hungers to flow.

The satin was damp to her touch where it brushed between her dripping thighs. She took a handful of the soft material and began gently touching her cunt lips with its rustling smoothness.

Bill's face came back into her tortured mind, the bristling hunger of his mouth as he had pounded his huge cock into the young girl's ass.

Marge's own ass itched with the memory of the scene. She knew the feel of that prick, knew its throbbing reality as it slid deep into her bowels, knew its twitching fierceness as it sprayed gob after scalding gob into a steaming asshole.

Faster and faster, she rubbed the slick satin robe through the dripping gash of her cunt. Harder and harder, the aching woman massaged and clawed at her own tits. The nipples rose with her attacks, pulled fully an inch away from the quivering mounds of her tits. First one and then the other stood out pounding beneath the pinching and twisting of her fingertips.

"Yes, baby, yesssss," she whispered softly, imagining the feel of his hot prick rammed into her asshole. "Oh, yes, yes, unh, unh, unh!" her voice rasped harshly.

The wall of fire began building in her guts, churning through her cunt and ass. It was merging with the racing streams of flame that tore at her abused tits, melting together to form one solid wall of inferno that filled her entire body.

Marge lay on the bed, her legs spread wide, her breath coming in tattered gasps. The woman's right hand rubbed furiously at her cunt as if she were actually trying to set the silken, red hairs on fire. Her left hand clawed at her tits, bruising and marking their firm, trembling surfaces with her savagery.

One instant she abused herself, pushing and driving her own fears and hungers, she tortured her own soft flesh. The next, she knew that she had gone too far and that there was no turning back from the overwhelming wave of lust.

It hit so hard that she nearly lost consciousness from the force of the blow. Marge's legs began to tremble with the convulsions and she knew that had she been standing she would have fallen instantly.

A flood of cum poured from the trembling gash of her cunt's swollen lips. Over and over, the waves of orgasms drowned her sanity. Over and over, she poured her body's juices out through the quivering lips.

Marge's robe and hand were soaked with the outpouring of fuck-juice. The bed itself was drenched as the torrent of juice soaked through the bedspread and into the sheets and mattress beneath her opened legs.

For a moment, she lay quietly catching her breath and allowing her brain to swirl with the confused emotions that raced through it.

Then everything seemed to switch off. Numbness seeped into her head and her eyes grew heavy with the weight of fatigue and mental exhaustion.

Only a moment after her thrashing body had reached its final climax, the tortured woman fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter FIVE

When Marge awoke the sun was low in the western sky. The clock beside her bed said 7:05, and she realized that she had been unconscious for nearly two hours.

Then the memory of what had happened returned to flood her brain with confusion. Her own husband and daughter, fucking in the living room! The weight of the entire world seemed to settle on her shoulders as she began to reach full wakefulness.

Maybe a shower will help, she thought, getting up from the bed and pulling off her cum stained robe. At last it'll help clear my head.

The water did help. It stung and cleansed as she alternated the flow from hot to cold and then back again.

But after toweling off and returning to the room to dress she realized that nothing at all had been solved. The memory of two members of her family fucking before her eyes returned over and over.

It's not going to help to keep torturing myself, she thought.

Then aloud, she said, "I've just got to get my head clear and decide what I'm going to do about it."

But still it returned, prodding against her mind when she tried to push it away. Images intruded when she tried to concentrate on something else.

Turning to the bedroom window she noticed that both of the family cars were gone. Then the sound of metal striking concrete drew her attention to the open doorway of the two-car garage. Randy was downstairs working on his motorcycle again.

For a moment she watched as the teen bent over to pick up the fallen wrench. He was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and nothing else. His young body looked so hard and lean, his unruly black hair cascading over his forehead as he bent down. The jeans were skin-tight and Marge couldn't help but notice how firm the cheeks of his ass seemed to be.

"So much like his dad," she whispered absentmindedly to herself.

Then he turned around, and the older woman noticed the hard bulge in the front of his cut-offs.

"Oh," she groaned, "so very much like his dad!"

For a moment, Marge dwelled on the thought of Randy's hard young body on top of her, of the length of his young cock slamming home into her hungry cunt. Then she pushed it aside. This was no time to complicate matters further. The first thing to do was find out where Bill and Debbie were.

Marge pulled on a soft cotton shirt and a clean skirt. The other one had been so stained by her cum that it would have to be washed. Then she went downstairs and out to the garage.

"Hi, hon," she greeted Randy cheerily as she walked into the garage. "How's the bike coming?"

"Oh hi, Mom," the teen answered, cleaning the last spots of oil from his hands. "Just about finished. I'm only cleaning up in here now."

"Heh," she said with seeming unconcern as her eyes roamed over the length of his body from close range and locked on the hard mound in the front of his jeans, "have you seen Dad or Deb? I came downstairs and thought that everyone had deserted me."

"Nah," he smiled. "Dad got a call from the plant. He had to rush down there for some kind of emergency or other. One of the machines broke down and they seemed to think that he was the only one in the world that could fix the damned thing."

"And I don't know where Deb got off to. She came rushing out of the house a couple of hours ago, jumped in the other car and took off like mad. Probably gone off to see one of her new girlfriends, I guess."

He looked a little uncertain as she came over and took the rag out of his hand.

"Here," she said, reaching up to dab at a spot of oil that remained on his forehead. "You missed some. I'll get it for you."

Marge took the cloth and stood on tip-toes, dabbing at the teen's face. Her own face was only inches from his and she could feel his hot breath on her eyes and lips. It was then that she realized that she had put nothing on under her blouse and skirt.

Her nipples were sticking out, hard and rubbery. The teen's eyes were wide as he ignored what she was doing and stared openly at the full mounds of her firm tits as they pushed against the thin cotton of her shirt.

His mouth hung open dumb-foundedly and he couldn't seem to pull his attention away. The sight of his open lust made Marge dizzy with hunger. She felt herself falling forward against the hard, sweaty surface of her stepson's chest.

In reaching up to stop her teetering forward, one of Randy's hands caught her tit. The teen reacted as if he had pushed the hand into a flame.

"Oh Christ, I mean, damn, un! God, I'm sorry, Mom!" he stammered in his embarrassment.

The teen's handsome face was blushing fiery red, and Marge laughed softly as she felt the hard bulge grow even larger as it pushed against her belly.

"Oh, don't worry about it, honey," she said, her breath growing shallow in her throat. "There's no reason that our family has to be so nervous around each other."

Her hands rested flat against the hard muscles of his chest, and before she realized what she was doing Marge found herself massaging and groping the teenager's flesh.

"We're not strangers anymore," she continued. "I think it's flattering that you like my body."

Randy said nothing, only staring down at his own hand into which she now openly pushed the swollen mound of her tit.

"You do like it, don't you?" she asked, looking up into his eyes that were so much like Bill's.

"Oh God, yes," he almost whispered. "Well, see?" she returned. "I don't see how any woman could help but be flattered if a handsome guy like you thought she was pretty."

She pushed forward against him, nearly forcing him to step backwards in his confusion. Her tit pressed even harder into his open palm, and the mound of her now-dripping cunt ground against the sensitive bulge of his cock.

"Would you like to touch it?" she asked.

The woman didn't wait for his answer. She slid the bottom of her shirt upward until both of her magnificent melons of tit-flesh stood out before the teen's amazed eyes.

Her nipples were already erect, shivering in the open air. The veins pulsed blue beneath the soft flesh of her tits, and she could see Randy's mouth watering and open as he stared at the expanse of firm meat.

"Kiss them, honey," she cooed, pulling his head forward with one hand and pushing his face against one of her huge mounds.

"Suck your Mom's big titty. Make me feel real good, baby."

"Mmmmmmm," Randy moaned as his lips closed around her swollen nipple. He locked it between his strong, young teeth and began running his hot tongue around the rubbery flesh in quick circles.

"Mmmmmm, yesssssss." Marge moaned as her stepson sucked her quivering tit. "Do me good, baby," she whispered in a musky tone. Marge watched as the teen's lips sucked convulsively on her hardened nipple. She ran her fingers through his thick hair.

"Mom likes her big teen to suck her titty real hard."

Randy redoubled his efforts, torturing both of her tits and making wet, slurping noises over the one that filled his mouth to overflowing.

"Oh God yes!" she groaned, feeling the fire begin rising in her guts. She pulled one of his hands free from her tit and shoved it roughly under her skirt and into the drenched forest of her cunt.

Immediately the teen began sliding his fingers between the greasy cunt lips and dipping deep into her pussy's well of cream. As soon as his hard finger touched the nubbin of her clit, Marge felt a shock run through her entire body. She began to quiver all over with orgasm after ripping orgasm.

Randy held tight as she pushed her tit ever deeper into his mouth and rode his hand as if it were a wriggling prick.

"Aaaaarghhhh!" she screeched as the cum ran in hot, thick streams from her steaming pussy and drenched the teen's hand. Then her convulsions ended and the woman leaned heavily forward and allowed her step-son to hold her on her feet.

"Oh, Son," she sighed, her breath heating his chest as her face pressed against it. "You don't have any idea how good that felt. How much I needed that."

Marge's hands strayed downward and began massaging the teen's now fully erected cock. She looked down and noticed that his shaft was so big that the tip of the cum-hole was actually peeking from the waistband of his cut-offs.

"Ooooooh," she sighed, popping open the snap and quickly pushed down the zipper. "It looks as if there's someone else that could use a little attention."

With the pressure of his jeans released, Randy's eight-inch prick leaped into the open air and right into Marge's sweating palm.

As she massaged its full length, a clear drop of his pre-cum oozed to the end of his piss tube. Marge dropped to her knees and placed her lips against the head, ramming her hot tongue into the end of the hole itself. It tasted delicious to the feverish woman and all she could think of was having even more of his wonderful cum.

"Yes, baby," she crooned as the teen's body convulsed with the shock of her tongue on his young cock. "Would you like Mom to make you feel good now?"

"Christ, yes!" he grunted, taking a double handful of her thick, red hair and grinding his hard cock against the smoothness of his stepmother's cheeks and chin.

"Suck it, Mom! Drink my cum!"

Suddenly, with a hungry animal growl, the woman drove mouth-first onto the teen's quivering slab of cockmeat. Downward she plunged, forcing his prick back further and further until the head of his cock lodged deep in her hot throat. Her nose was nuzzling in the hairs of her step-son's crotch.

"Son of a bitch!" the teen shouted as his step-mother seemed to swallow his cock all the way down to her toes.

Gently at first, and then with an increasing frenzy, Marge felt the teen fucking his slab of cock into her gasping face.

I can't believe I'm really doing this, Marge thought to herself. Kneeling in an open garage and sucking my step-son's big hairy cock like some teenager in the back seat at a drive-in movie!

But then she realized that it was so wonderful that she didn't ever want it to stop. She wanted Randy to keep fucking her face and using her like a cheap whore in an alley. She wanted the feeling of his cock in her throat no matter what happened. She didn't care if he was her step-son. She didn't care who might come by and see what they were doing.

She had to have his cum.

Marge cupped his bulging sac of balls in one hand and extended a finger to tease softly at the brown ring of his asshole. With the other hand she milked furiously and squeezed at the base of his cock.

Already, the head and shaft had begun to swell. There was no longer any room in her throat, not even for breath. But it didn't matter to Marge. Again and again, the grunting woman slammed her face down on the teen's meaty prick, reveling in the sensation of being taken and used by a virile young man.

"Mmmmmmff, mmmmff, mmmmmmff," she grunted as she felt the first tremblings in his balls. The skin of the sac seemed to be stretched to the bursting point with his jism -- and Marge wanted every hot wad of it.

Feed me, baby, she thought. Spray your mom full of hot cum!

"Oh Christ, eat me, Mom!" Randy grunted between his panting breaths. "Drink all my cum now!"

The teen's body went stiff on the downstroke, lodging his hard stiff cock deep in her throat. But Marge never paused in her efforts.

Pulling the shaft from her throat, the older woman began furiously rubbing his pulsing cockhead over her cum-and-spit-slimed face and lips. All the time, she kept up a steady tongue-lashing of the swollen knob until the teen was driven mad by his lust for her.

Then Randy exploded. The first spray of his jism splashed hot and creamy across Marge's cheeks and nose.

"Oh yes! Feed me!" she grunted, shoving Randy's spraying prick back into her hungry mouth.

Wave after wave of scalding cum slammed against her tonsils and the woman drank and drank. She savored the hot, salty taste as it slid down her throat and into her belly. Convulsively, the muscles in her throat worked, pulling his juice into her gullet. But over and over he sprayed until even her hunger couldn't take it all. Big thick gobs of his jism sprayed out of the corner of her sucking, slurping lips.

It ran down her chin and dripped onto the surface of her tits. Marge felt its hot wetness and redoubled her efforts at swallowing. She didn't want any of the delicious jism to escape her ravenous mouth.

The flood of cum seemed to fill her whole head. A wave of cream ran up the back of her throat into her nose. It poured out again in two streams of juice from her flaring, panting nostrils.

The twin streams joined and ran down onto the shaft of his plunging piston, only to be pushed back into the depths of her mouth with his next stroke.

Over and over she drank. Again and again he sprayed her to overflowing until Marge thought that he would never stop.

At the same time, she realized that that was exactly what she wanted -- an unending river of cum.

Finally, however, Randy's seemingly endless flow of hot cream fell away to short, sporadic bursts.

"Mmmmmm," she panted, still sucking.

She allowed the drained cock to slide from between her bruised lips and began licking his crotch clean of cum. Then she began working on herself. First she scraped his cum from her face and licked her fingers until all the cream was in her mouth. Then she stood teasingly in front of him and raised first one and then the other jism-smeared tit up to lick them clean.

Randy stood watching his step-mother breathlessly. It was as if he was really seeing her for the first time.

Marge could see the effect her licking was having on the teen. She kept it up until she saw the length of his huge, cock as it began bobbing back to life.

"Oh God, you're so beautiful," the teen moaned, taking his step-mother into his arms and crushing her mouth beneath his own young lips.

The woman stabbed her hard tongue deep into the teen's mouth. Seeking his tongue and finding it, she began teasing and licking the inside of his sensitive mouth while again reaching down to grasp his newly erected cock in her hot hands.

"Oooooh, honey," she cooed as Randy crushed one hand around a sensitive tit and shoved the fingers of his other hand into the crack of her quivering ass. "Yeah baby. Mom needs a big hard cock in her pussy. I want your cock, baby! I want it buried up to my guts right now!"

Furiously, the teenager pushed Marge back and sat her on the edge of the low work bench. At that angle she could feel the blood engorged head of his cock as it pulsed and throbbed against the lips of her weeping pussy. "Fuck me, Randy! Shove it into my hot pussy!"

With a groan, the teen pushed forward. His big prick plowed farther and farther into Marge's depths until she felt the head slam into the back wall of her cunt and throb against her cringing flesh.

Slowly at first, and then with increasing frenzy, the teen began pounding at his stepmother's cunt.

"Oh Goddamn! Fuck meeee!" Marge shrieked, humping her own firm ass forward to meet the teen's strokes. She yanked his head down and pushed one tit into his gasping mouth. "Fuck my brains out you big-cocked young stud!"

Slick and hot, the teenager pummeled Marge's quivering cunt meat. Over and over again his piston of cockmeat pushed into and then retreated from the woman's dripping depths.

It seemed to go on forever, and that was exactly what Marge wanted it to do. From her very first stroke on his prick, a multitude of tiny orgasms had built and then crashed through her flaming insides. Each one contributed a twinge to the monstrous orgasm that seemed to wait just beyond the next sloshing pump of the teen's cock, then just beyond the next.

Oh God, she thought to herself, looking down at the teenager's face as he bit and gnawed on her bruised and reddened tit-meat. How long can I take this before I go screaming out of my mind?

Then she knew. As long as he wanted to plug her cunt, she would love it. She would lay back against the splintered surface of the work bench and beg for his pounding cock and the shrieking pain of his teeth buried in her tit and his finger torturing her ass into painful joy.

"Ummmff, ummff, ummff!" Randy grunted joyfully around his step-mother's drool-slimed nipple.

"Yes, Randy!" Marge panted fiercely, feeling the growing pressure of his lust. "It's yours, baby. It's all yours. Take all of me, honey. Do anything you want to me. Just as long as you want to use my pussy, baby! Fuck my Goddamned brains out!"

Her wards pushed Randy over the edge. Marge could feel his body begin to quiver as lust roared up from the teen's cum-swollen nuts.

"God-fucking-Damn!" the teen bellowed, momentarily losing his lip-lock on her tit.

"Eat my tit, you mother-fucker!" Marge screamed, grabbing him by the hair and pushing the abandoned nipple back into his panting mouth. "Bite it, Goddammit! Make it hurt real good!"

The teen bit down like a starving man tearing into a thick streak. At the same instant as his teeth tore into her quivering tit-flesh, Marge felt the first greasy stream of his jism spray hot into her steaming cunt. It nearly blew the top of her head off with the sensation.

His double attack of pleasure and pain was all that her monster orgasm had been waiting for. In one instant, he ripped away all the moorings that she had on reality and turned the woman into a screaming fuck-machine.

Marge suddenly seemed to leap at him from the table top. One of her clutching hands pulled at the teen's hair as she tried to crush the entirety of her huge tit into his face. Her other hand began clawing and pinching at his back and ass.

The fuck-maddened woman threw her legs high into the air over her head and locked her feet over the teen's shoulders and round his neck. From that angle his pounding cock pressed even deeper, slamming into the back of her pussy until Marge could have sworn that the head had pushed all the way into her tubes.

Over and over he pumped, never slowing his pace. Time after time, the hot jets of jism splashed against the woman's rippling cunt walls and set off even more orgasms that chased close upon the heels of the last. Finally, there was nothing left.

With one final hump, Randy shot the last few drops of his greasy cream into her cunt and raised his head, to look down, into the sweating face of his step-mother.

Marge lowered her legs and sighed, pulling the teen close against her bruised and reddened tits.

"Baby, you've made me feel so good," she sighed, stroking his hair and brushing gentle fingers across his scratched back. "Is there anything else that you'd like? Anything you want is fine by me. After that wonderful fucking, I'll give you anything at all."

Randy looked down into her eyes mischievously. "Anything?" he asked.

"Oh yes, baby," she moaned, kissing and licking at the teen's neck and chest. "Anything, anytime."

"Good," he smiled. The look on his face seemed to strike an odd note in Marge's head, but she didn't say anything. "I'll remember that for future reference. But first, I think I'll just fuck your sweet pussy one more time for good measure."

With that, he pulled her legs back up and hooked them around his waist. Marge suddenly noticed that his beautiful young cock was already hard again and had never slid completely out of her dripping pussy.

Before she had a chance to say anything, the teen was pumping the full length of his eight inch prick all the way into her guts again. Marge felt her cunt begin churning again with the old familiar feelings of lust.

The streams of cum from his last fucking of her pussy were still running freely out of her pussy. Marge realized that before the day was over, she was likely going to see a whole lot more of his sweet cockmeat.

Then she no longer cared how exhausted she was.

Chapter SIX

Marge awoke the next morning feeling as if she had been gang-fucked by a pack of Hell's Angels. Her cunt was nearly raw from Randy's hard pumping and her tits were both bruised and clawed from the mauling his rough hands and overly enthusiastic teeth had given them. And her lips and tongue were sore from the mouth-fucking that she had given her stepson.

Still in all, she couldn't help but smile at the memory of his firm young body and the way his hard cock kept coming back again and again for more. It made her hungry for him just thinking about all the times he had cum into her body.

"Christ," she mumbled to herself. "I need a shower. I feel like something the cat dragged in."

Hot water sprayed and tingled on her skin, caressing her bruised flesh and helping the swollen nubs of her nipples. After she finished, Marge went back into her bedroom, toweling her sensitive body.

"Good morning, Mom," Randy said, walking into her room without knocking. He plopped himself down onto the bed. "I just thought I'd take you up on that offer you made yesterday evening."

Marge looked at him in amazement. Then she realized that she was standing there totally nude without any response for the teen's boldness.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing, barging into my room like this without even knocking?" she fumed, wrapping the soaked towel around her luscious body and confronting the teen.

"Now, don't get so excited, Mom," Randy smiled, rising from the bed and approaching her. "Dad's gone off to work. He slept in the spare room last night. I don't know what you two fought about, but it must have been a doozie for him to pass up the chance to crawl into bed with a beautiful piece of ass like you."

Quickly, he closed the distance between them and snatched the towel away. Marge was left standing there shocked and amazed. She was totally naked before him.

"Well Christ, Randy," she stammered, unwillingly becoming aroused by his forcefulness. "I didn't say I wanted you to just drop in at any time at all. What if Debbie happened to come in here right now?"

"Don't be silly," the teen grinned down into her face from his greater height. "Deb's gone off to town again. She said she probably wouldn't be back until late this afternoon. Dad went out the door this morning with his lunch pail, so I guess he doesn't plan on coming back here to eat."

His fingers closed the distance and began brushing gently over her nipples. Much to Marge's chagrin, the rubbery flesh immediately leaped up to meet his touch, eager for more of the same treatment that he had given them the day before.

"That means," he continued, "that no one else in the family is here but you and me, Mommy dear."

He pulled her into his arms and crushed his lips against her mouth. Randy's tongue plowed deep into her lips, forcing open the woman's teeth and making her respond whether she wanted to or not.

With what seemed like no effort at all, the teenager picked Marge up and carried her to the bed. He dropped her onto the spread and left her sitting there with her arms and legs splayed outward. She began to wonder if perhaps she had made a mistake being so free with the teen the day before.

First he removed his shirt, displaying her claw marks when he turned to drape it over a chair. Then, pulling off his sandals and jeans, he turned to face her again.

Her step-son's young cock rose high and proud, and Marge knew as she looked at it that her actions the day before had been correct. No matter what he might want of her, her body would obey. She had no more say in the matter than if she had been his actual slave. The teen could have anything he liked, and she would beg for more.

"Now," Randy said, pulling several scarves from the pockets of his abandoned jeans, "we're going to have some real fun."

"What are you going to do?" Marge asked, her voice breaking with the fear that she began to feel rising in her. "What are the scarves for?"

"Don't worry, Mom," he said, grabbing her roughly and turning her over onto her stomach on the bed. "You'll see soon enough."

Without another word, the teen turned her around so that her face was toward the door and began tying her ankles to the bedposts. Her thighs and ass cheeks were spread wide apart.

"Now wait just one damned minute!" Marge protested. She started to rise from her tied position, trying to reach the knots that held her ankles firmly.

"No," Randy sneered. "You wait a minute. You said anytime, anything, anywhere. I'm just going to take you up on your generous offer."

He quickly grabbed one of her wrists and secured it to the posts on the other end of the bed. Then he repeated the process with her other arm. Before she had time to realize exactly what was going on, Marge found herself completely helpless in the teen's hands.

There she was harnessed on her knees. Her ankles were tightly secured behind her with her cunt and ass fully exposed to whatever designs her step-son might have in mind. Her arms were tied so far forward that all she could do was hang suspended from the silk bonds he had used to fasten her.

Marge felt the bed sag as the teenager climbed on behind her. His hands began to roam over her ass, sliding down the crack of her ass, teasing the tight ring and then moving on to the wide spread lips of her cunt.

She wanted to order him to stop but already, the woman could feel the heat beginning to rise through her thighs. The first drops of juice began oozing from her cunt in spite of her good intentions, and she knew that in a few moments she would be begging for the teen instead of protesting what he was doing.

"Please, baby," she pleaded. "There's no need for this. You know I'll let you have anything you want. But you don't have to tie me up to get it."

"I know that," he said, slipping his fingers into her weeping cunt and wiggling them around until Marge couldn't stop her body from quivering in response. "But maybe I want to fuck you while you're tied up. And maybe there's something I want you to do that you might fight against."

Marge shivered involuntarily as she felt her step-son lift the massive head of his cock and begin rubbing it between the creaming lips of her hungry cunt.

Why is he doing this? she asked herself, desperately trying to think coherently in spite of the rising tide of lust that threatened to wash over her and make her start humping like a bitch in heat. Oh but God, her mind coped, he does feel so fucking good. What harm would it do to let him fantasize a little when he's making me feel so wonderful?

Then she remembered what the teen had just said.

"What do you mean, something you want me to do that I might fight against?" she asked anxiously.

Slowly, he let the tip of his throbbing cock slide between the lips of her cunt and pop into the mouth of her pussy itself. "Well," he said, seemingly oblivious to the way that she shivered from the maddening slowness of his entry, "it just seemed a shame to be selfish and keep all of this to myself. So, I invited a friend over to take advantage of your sweet offer, Mom. Come on in, Dave." The teenager announced his intentions loudly, simultaneously pushing his cock deep into her cunt. Marge heard a loud groan escape from her own lips as his swollen knob dug deep into her belly. Then she realized what Randy had meant.

The door opened and in stepped Randy's friend, Dave Bailey. The two teens were about the same age, but compared to Dave, Randy was a runt. The other teen was at least six feet four inches tall and had to weight two hundred ten pounds if he weighed an ounce.

Marge tried to scream at this invasion of her privacy and her exposure to the eyes of a complete stranger, but just then Randy plunged three fingers deep into the dry, puckered hole of her ass.

"Aaaaaaaarghh!" she cried out, the pain pulling a sob from somewhere deep in her throat.

"My, my," Dave smiled, pulling off his T-shirt and unbuckling his blue jeans. "Isn't that a pretty, now? Makes a fella itchy just to look at something like that."

Marge watched in mixed fear and fascination as the huge teen kicked off his shoes and finished dropping his pants. But if she was fearful when she saw him enter the room, she was horrified when she caught sight of the monster cock that leaped from between his legs.

Dave Bailey was the hairiest man she had ever seen. His chest was so covered that in spots she couldn't even see any skin. It tapered away then into a wide band of fur that dropped to his crotch and hung thick and matted there as if he were wearing an odd hairpiece between his furry thighs. But his prick was what made her eyes pop and brought a tiny squeal of real fear from the woman.

Randy was eight inches long and her husband Bill had nine inches of hard cockmeat between his legs. But Dave Bailey carried a prick nearly eleven inches in length! And as she stared at him in amazement, Marge realized that the teen's prick had to be a good six inches around the base.

Oh my God, she moaned silently as she watched him approaching her from across the room, he's going to try to put that thing in my mouth.

Dave came closer, the spear of his lusty prick bouncing and bobbing before the woman's horrified eyes as if it had a life of its own and was trying to sniff out a handy hole to climb into.

"Oh no!" she practically shouted as Dave climbed onto the bed in front of her and began sliding his cockhead around her lips and face. "I can't take that in my mouth. It'll choke me to death!"

"Why, don't worry, Momma," Dave grinned down as she tried turning her head away to avoid his huge prick. "You'd be just amazed how much nice cock your mouth can swallow. But choke or no choke," he grabbed her by the hair and held her face against his cockhead, "you are gonna suck this big prick!"

Marge kept her mouth firmly closed, clenching her teeth and locking her full lips into a tight line of defense against the teen's attack. It did no good.

Holding her nose closed so that she couldn't draw a breath, Dave waited until she could no longer hold her air.

Marge felt as if her lungs were going to burst with the strain of holding her breath. Besides, Randy's constant plunging in and out of both her cunt and her asshole didn't help any while she was trying to concentrate on the battle for her face.

Suddenly she could hold out no longer. She gasped for air, and before she could gulp it in and lock her mouth shut again, Dave lunged forward and forced the throbbing knob of his bestial prick deep into her warm mouth.

"Oh man," he grunted, hunching his hips forward, steadily driving his cock ever deeper into Marge's throat. "This is going to be some fine fucking blow-job!"

"Mmmfff, mmmfff, mmmfff," Marge protested around the hairy length of the teen's cock as she tried desperately to keep swallowing his prick and draw air at the same time.

This can't really be happening, she told herself. This has to be a nightmare.

Then Dave reached underneath and grabbed both of her tits in his huge hands to use as handles for his savage fucking of her wide stretched lips, and the abused woman knew that it was no dream. It was just as real as she feared.

What am I going to do? her mind screamed over and over again.

Then she suddenly realized the truth -- there was nothing she could do. The two teens had her completely at their mercy, and her only choices were to either fight them and lose or join in and try to get through the ordeal.

With this knowledge, she began to relax. The muscles in her throat began to loosen their panic grip and suddenly Dave's prick shoved another full inch into her slurping mouth.

He was right, she told herself in amazement. I can take even more of it than I imagined possible.

When she allowed herself to think calmly, she realized that the only thing she was actually feeling was turned on by the front and back assaults by her step-son and his friend.

The teens were humping in unison now. Randy's cum-slimed shaft slid all the way into her dripping cunt at the same time that Dave slammed his cock deep into her throat. Marge was amazed that everytime the overgrown teenager pushed forward against her face, he actually was grinding his wiry cock hairs into her and face.

Sweet Jesus! she thought. I'm actually eating all of that big cock!

The smell was almost overpowering to her bewildered senses. It flooded her gasping nose with odors of sweat and urine and the strong musk of a man.

He tasted salty and the acid sensation of piss burned against her tongue. But she decided that it was not at all unpleasant. Instead, it made her almost dizzy with its heady aroma.

The huge sac of Dave's balls banged and slapped against the underside of her chin and Marge knew that she wanted them too. Wanted him to find room in her already filled mouth to stuff their cum filled plums in beside his plunging cock.

Oh God, it's so good, her amazed mind told her. To be eating and fucking two big cocks at the same time.

It was the most amazing thing that she had ever known. Her body felt totally filled. Her mouth was being used by a monstrous animal of the guy. Another stud was plugging her cunt, and at the same time finger-fucking her asshole until she wanted to scream with the joy that filled her body.

In and out, over and over, the two teens humped their cocks into her. Tiny quiverings of orgasm rippled through her guts.

"Come on, Mom," Randy grunted between panting breaths, "fuck yourself on my big cock!"

"Yeah!" Dave snarled, pounding his prick all the way into Marge's throat and simultaneously pinching and puffing her tortured nipples. "Suck my meat, you cum loving slut! I'm gonna blow your head off with my big load. Eat it! Eat it now!"

With a fierceness that Marge had never known before, the young man began slamming into her even harder, and a huge spray of his scalding cum splashed deep into her throat.

At the same time, she felt the first wash of Randy's greasy jism as it began pouring into the dripping cave of her pussy. He pounded even harder, sliding his fingers faster and faster through her ass until their pace matched that of his ripping slab of cockmeat.

The double wave of hot cum was too much for Marge to bear. She felt herself falling over the edge into the mad oblivion of orgasm. Her insides seemed to turn completely around as wave after gut-wrenching wave washed over her brain. The woman's cunt filled and flooded with the mingled juices of herself and her step-son.

In her mouth, the load of cream from deep in Dave's swollen nuts was like a well of lust. Over and over he sprayed until her cheeks puffed out. She could swallow no faster, and soon the white juice was spraying out of the corners of her mouth and running from her nostrils.

It gathered thick in the teen's cock hairs, only to smear across her lovely face as she dove forward and rubbed her nose in his cum-slimed jungle.

"Aaaaaarrghhh!" she shrieked and slurped around the thickness of Dave's prick as the biggest orgasm of all whipped through her cunt walls and made her nearly pass out from the sheer force of its strength.

And still, there was more cum to fill her body and then spill out to smear across her skin. Yet, finally the two teens seemed drained.

"Jesus!" Randy grunted, giving her cunt and ass one last plunge for good measure.

"Oh yeah!" Dave snarled, pushing his hips forward to grind his cock hairs against Marge's face and dribble the final few drops of his lust down her throat. "You are the damnedest cock-sucker I've ever seen in my life!"

Both of the teens pulled away, their cocks popping out of the woman's body with wet, sucking noises. They untied the silk scarves that bound her upright and Marge fell over on the bed in exhaustion.

She felt as if she should be dead. Every part of her was sore. But even so, it didn't seem to matter. She had been more totally fucked than she had ever imagined a woman could be fucked.

Two of the best hung men she had ever known had reamed out all three of her holes, and in spite of the pain that she had felt, it was wonderful. She had forgotten the humiliation of being used. All that was left was the memory of how wonderful it had felt, how delicious Dave's cum had tasted as he filled her belly with it.

As she lay on her side, Marge looked over at Dave's prick as it throbbed between his legs. She slid over quietly and began covering it with tiny, birdlike kisses. In an instant, the massive pole of cockflesh began to rise again, bumping against her nose and chin and demanding her tongue end open mouth.

Marge moaned softly, fitting her lips around the head of his huge prick. She traced small circles around the fleshy knob, savoring the salty taste, the piss and cum taste, the man taste.

"God," the woman sighed, dragging her ravenous tongue the entire length of his throbbing prick. "I do so love sucking big, hairy cocks. They taste... mmmff, mmmff."

She suddenly found her sentence punctuated by Dave's prick as he shoved it deep into her throat.

Already he was set for action again. His cock was stiff, the head pulsing. Marge imagined that she could almost feel his huge bulk filling with hot cum as she cradled the sac in her sweating palm.

"Heh," Randy said, watching his stepmother grunting and slurping at his friend's huge cock. "What's going on here? How come I'm the one who supplies the nice ass and you get all the goodies?"

Dave chuckled, listening with appreciation to the grunts and gulps of the woman as she gobbled at his cockmeat.

"What do you think she's gonna do, man?" he asked, "Suck us both off at the same time?"

Marge suddenly stopped her mouth-fucking of her step-son's friend as a wonderful idea popped into her head. Dave's cockhead slipped out of her mouth and trailed spittle and pre-cum across the softness of her chin.

"Why not?" she asked the two startled teens before Dave had a chance to protest. "Let's try something a little different. Both of you come here. I'm gonna have all the cum to eat that any cock-loving woman ever dreamed of." Her mouth was literally watering at the prospect of having both of the handsome young men at the same time.

The teens climbed off the bed and stood looking at each other and then at Marge in total confusion. The woman seated herself on the edge of the bed and smiled up at them, realizing for the first time that she had control of the situation.

"Come here, babies," she cooed, pulling one teen in close on her right side and the other on her left. "Now, Mom's going to show you what a real woman can do."

She clasped both of their long cocks in her soft, white fingers and began stroking. Gently at first, and then with increasing pressure, she began massaging the two beautiful slabs of prickmeat.

She rubbed the cocks against the sides of her face, turning her head from side to side to plant soft, fluttering kisses on each of the swollen cockheads.

Marge could hardly believe her feelings. Less than a day before she had been a faithful wife, never even dreaming of having another man besides the one she loved and had married. Now here she was with two young studs who had already nearly fucked her brains out, who had tied her up and forced her to take them both on at once.

Now she was sucking both of them off at the same time. And, most important of all, she was doing it because she wanted to, doing it because she loved every depraved and incestuous stroke of her step-son's big cock. She loved every plunge of his friend's prick as it slimed its way across her face and between her lips.

I've got to be crazy, she told herself. But I can't help it. I've never wanted anything as much as I want these two lovely cocks.

"Mmmmmm, yesssss," she purred, turning from Dave's cock and sucking and licking at Randy's hard prick. She didn't know why she had never thought of something like this before.

While she sucked and licked on one of the huge pricks, she rubbed the other one against her spit-slimed cheeks. Already the teens had begun to ooze drops of thick, clear juice. From one to the other, she moved. She licked the salty drops away and reveled in the sweet taste of jism.

She squeezed at her double handful of cockflesh, allowing the little finger on each hand to slide down and stroke teasingly along the sacs that pulsed between the teen's legs.

The skin over the balls of both of them was stretched tight and full. The balls themselves seemed filled to overflowing with massive loads of hot cum.

It feels so wonderful, she thought. Oh God, they're going to cover me in their sweet, cum. I want it. I want it sprayed everywhere!

"Fuck my face, babies," she pleaded between slurping sucks at the double-cocked mouth-fucking. "I want to be fucked good by both of you. Don't just stand there getting eaten. Do the rest of me, too!"

"Oh hell yes!" Dave grunted, joining in the spirit of things as the woman's pearly white teeth grazed across the supersensitive skin of his prickhead.

He raised one foot until it rested on the bed between Marge's legs and buried his toes deep into her dripping cunt. His toes wormed in her greasy depths and Marge felt as if she was going crazy. It was like five hard tongues buried in her hole at the same time.

She began hunching and contracting her cunt muscles against the invasion of hard flesh.

On the other side Randy grabbed a handful of her tit and squeezed as hard as he could from his position. He leaned over her back and burrowed his hand beneath his stepmother's twitching ass cheeks to push a squirming finger deep into Marge's asshole.

The itching ass muscles clamped down hard on his finger and seemed intent on pulling his whole hand into its hot, brown depths.

"Aaaaaarghhh!" the woman shrieked at the massive invasion of her aching body.

"Oh God, Dave," she pleaded with the grunting teen. "Do my other tit. Claw it. Hurt it, you young stud!" she grunted as the hairy teen grabbed roughly at her unoccupied mound of tit-flesh. "Turn it inside out!"

The room seemed to be filled with sweating flesh, and Marge loved wallowing in the dripping reality of it all. Everywhere she turned there was hard cockmeat.

It slid across her cheeks, smearing spit and oozing cum. It stabbed into her throat, shoving her mouth and face full of its throbbing heat she told herself, I've never even imagined so much beautiful cock.

"Feed me, babies," she begged the teens as they filled all three of her holes. "Spray that delicious, hot cum everywhere. I want to be covered with it!"

Fire raced through Marge's legs. She could feel the muscles of her pussy clutching even harder at Dave's toes, the bands of flesh in her asshole pulling at Randy's fingers. The tiny orgasms that tore through her insides seemed to be building to a crashing explosion of fuck-lust that she had only dreamed of before, had never actually felt.

The teens worked her tits, pulling and pinching at the sensitive nipples until they were red and aching, and still she wanted more.

Their attacks on her cunt and ass were driving Marge insane with total sensation. Everytime she reached a point that she thought would be more than she could stand, an entirely new and higher level of screaming pleasure would reveal itself to her. The woman found herself climbing just one step higher without dropping over the edge.

Then she noticed it. Dave's cockhead had begun swelling in the back of her throat as she impaled her face on its length. She pulled her mouth off, rubbing him against her dripping face and filling the void he left with Randy's driving piston of prickmeat. Her step-son, too, was growing. His blood-engorged cock knob pulsed hotly in her mouth.

"Oh yesssss," she slurped and grunted, pulling the cockheads almost together and rubbing them both against her lips at the same time. "Cum for Mom, babies. Cover me with your hot jizz!"

"Unh, unh, unh!" Randy grunted as the first spray of his hot cream shot from the end of his piss-hole and splashed onto his stepmother's gasping tongue and lips.

Dave was only an instant behind him.

"Now!" he bellowed, slamming his hips forward. "Eat my cum, you cock-loving slut!"

Marge was suddenly inundated by twin, spurting streams of scalding cum. It filled her throat and splashed out as she swallowed convulsively. The two cock knobs plowed into the corners of her mouth, stretching it wide as both of the teens tried to shove their pricks into her mouth at the same time.

The jism sprayed everywhere. Her face was covered with a thick film of their milky juice. It poured downward to drip onto her tortured tits and then run off to land on the silky expanse of her quivering thighs.

As the first sprays of the teen's delicious cream splashed into her throat, Marge felt her own crescendo of lust begin. Waves of hot sensations tore through her guts, making her go mad from the ferocity of the attack. The wave almost totally covered her body and all her senses.

Dave's wriggling toes and Randy's clawing fingers became suddenly rabid in their madness.

"Unh, unh, unh!" she grunted.

Her pulsing cunt lips opened even further to allow Dave in all the way up to the ball of his foot. Streams of cunt cream began pouring out of her throbbing pussy, drenching the teen's foot and smearing back through the crack of her ass to cover Randy's hand as it pushed in and out of her asshole.

Over and over, her body was wracked by convulsions of lust until the bedspread was soaked in a wide circle beneath her thrashing body.

Strands of cum matted her hair and ran down to merge with the film already covering her face. Marge's fine, high-arched eyebrows were filled with jism. Tracks of the juice ran from her nostrils and dripped across her full lips to land just below on her tongue.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Marge moaned, pulling and milking the two young cocks, draining them of every last drop of their spurting cum. "It tastes soooo good!" She grunted, making slurping sounds as she licked both of the cocks clean and used them to smear jism all across her face.

Just then, the woman was horrified to hear a soft chuckle from the doorway.

"Why Mom," Debbie smiled mockingly. "How could you keep all this beautiful cock for yourself and not let your daughter in on any of it?"

Chapter SEVEN

Marge's face reflected her total shock.

"Debbie!" she gasped. Her mouth hung open and she could think of nothing else to say.

"Oh Mom, really!" the teenager sighed in exasperation. "There's no reason to get so upset. I'm not going to say anything to Bill about this. And besides," she continued, pulling off her cotton T-shirt to reveal the fullness of her tit-meat, "I don't see why you'd worry about what he saw anyway."

"Debbie, uh," Marge stammered. "Look, honey, I don't want you to get involved in anything like this."

She looked at Randy and then his friend. Both teens were smiling at the glories that Debbie had just exposed. Dave was positively licking his lips at the sight of the teenager's bouncing tits.

"Mom," the girl smiled, inhaling deeply and pushing her quivering mounds of flesh up even more proudly, "I'm not exactly a kid anymore. In case you haven't noticed, I now have all the equipment I need, and I know how to use it."

"Goddamn, I just bet you do!" Dave said, leering at his friend's step-sister.

Debbie returned his lecherous grin. "And besides," she said, looking defiantly at her mother and unsnapping the catch on her jeans, "it isn't as if Randy hasn't already had his share of what I've got to offer."

Marge turned her shocked gaze to Randy and she suddenly knew why the two had seemed to get on so well. They had both been eyeing the other in hopes of getting into each other's pants!

"Yeah, Marge," Dave teased, rolling over onto the bed and pulling her down beside him. "After all, the family that fucks together, stays together."

The huge teen seemed to have very little need for conversation. As soon as he pulled her down, Marge found her lips crushed against the teen's hard mouth. His tongue shoved deep into her throat like a short, wet version of his cock.

Oh no! she thought. Not here. Not right in front of my own daughter! I can't let this happen.

But her body had already begun responding to the teen's caveman approach. His left arm encircled her neck and gave his left hand easy access to Marge's tit. The sensitive mound of flesh was crushed and quivering beneath his strong, hard fingers.

"Unh, unit ummmfff," her protests were strangled gasps as his tongue and mouth muffled her voice. She felt as if she had gotten into a wrestling match with a grizzly bear as his free hand began roaming freely over her body.

She tried to push his hands away but she might as well have been wrestling with a bear for all the good it did her. Her hands seemed to be those of a small child trying to stop an adult from tickling her.

"No!" she screamed, finally pulling her mouth free from his. But the teen only moved his attacking lips and strong teeth downward to her free tit.

"Ummmmff," he grunted, licking and slurping at her already hard nipples.

The nubbins of flesh leaped upward against his mouth, seeking its heat and wetness, searching for the lashing tongue that teased all around her areola. It was almost as if Marge's tits, ass, and cunt had lives separate from the rest of her body. Nothing her head said had any effect on them. They went on their merry way, carrying her from one debauch to the next, driving her crazy with passion and pulling her into every form of sexual abandon.

Downward and ever downward, Dave's hand caressed Marge's quivering stomach muscles, playing around her navel, twisting the ringlets of her fiery-red, pussy hairs. His fingers danced and dragged across her thighs, making the mortified woman shiver in spite of herself.

She could feel the first flow of juice as it ran from the lips of her cunt and seeped between the flesh of her tightly closed thighs.

She knew that it was only a matter of time before his assault was more than her cock hungry body could tolerate. Then her legs would fly open to pull him into her belly.

She looked across the room and saw that Debbie and Randy had wasted no time on their own. The girl had finished stepping out of her jeans and now the two were locked together passionately. Their hands roamed each other's private wilds and sensitive flesh with familiarity that only comes from practice. Marge knew that there was nothing she could do to stop what must happen.

With a soft moan in the back of her throat, the older woman let the firm lengths of her thighs fall open to his attack. Pave swooped inside, his hand like a bird of prey that waited to attack a helpless rabbit and then lunged in for the kill.

Gently at first, and then harder and rougher, his fingertips traced the outline of her cunt. The lips rippled with her lust, straining outward to reveal the dripping pink meat that hid behind them. Her clit vibrated from its own heat, and when Dave's finger finally did reach it, the tiny slab of flesh seemed to sing its own separate song of passion. The feeling ripped through Marge's belly like a sharp, sweet blade. She felt a scream rising from her very guts.

"Aaaaaaaieeeeee!" she shrieked. But the sound came from somewhere else, someplace Marge had never known existed before the rough teen had attacked her body.

She felt his fingers dip far into her cunt, smearing the walls of her cunt with the same moisture they themselves had created.

Delving, pushing, diving ever further, the teen's hot fingertips finally reached his goal, the back wall of her cunt. When he managed to touch that tender target, her body convulsed all over with the shock. The rough pads of his fingers dragged harshly across the sensitive flesh, raking it with his calluses, sending fiery lances ripping through her insides.

"Oh my God!" she grunted between clenched teeth. "I've got to have you there. I want your cock shoved all the way into my guts!"

"Don't worry," the teen leered, abandoning her overworked tit. "You're gonna get just exactly what you want. But this time I'm gonna let you do some of the work instead."

In an instant the teen rolled over onto his back and pulled the startled Marge onto his chest and belly. She felt herself lifted into the air like a rag doll in a child's hands, and she knew what was expected of her. The thought filled her mind with horror.

"Oh, Dave, no!" she shrieked as she could feel the head of his monster cock bouncing and bobbing against the gaping lips of her pussy.

Looking down, she could see the entire length of his prick as it rose like a tower between her legs. The head seemed to be sniffing upward in its attempt to reach her dripping cunt. The thought of taking him from this position was more than she could imagine enduring.

My God, the terrified woman's mind screamed, he'll rip my guts out for real from this position. There's no way I can take all of that bull-cock sitting up on it.

"Take it, baby," he leered upward, holding her eyes with the sheer magnitude of his lust. "I'm gonna push that hot cock all the way into the bottom of your pretty throat."

"No, Dave, please," she begged.

"Take it, Goddamnit!" he snarled. "Get a nice hot handful and guide it home to that soppy trench of yours."

She did as she was told, realizing then that she had no choice in the matter.

The head seemed to pant as she held the cockshaft and the teen began lowering her slowly onto his monster. It lodged between her quivering, wet cunt lips and throbbed, sending the first shivers of joy rippling softly through Marge's already churning insides.

Further and further, he let Marge slip down the length of his slab of cockmeat. When he was well lodged in her depths, the teen let her fall.

"Aaaaaaarghhbhh!" the woman screamed with every ounce of strength remaining in her tortured body. A spear of flame had ripped through her fiery bush, stabbing through the soft beauty of her pink pussy meat and piercing deep, sending excruciating pain all the way up into her tits.

"Oh God, Dave," she whimpered, "let me up. I can't... stand it. It hurts tooo much!"

"No way," the teen teased, locking his heels high on the bed and beginning to hunch up and down with his hips. "You ain't felt nothin' yet."

Out, out, and out further still, he slid the greasy length of his cock until only the head remained inside Marge's torn cunt. Then he shoved back again. Deeper and deeper, he let his prick slide until their separate bushes merged into one tangled jungle of red and black. Again the head was buried so deep that Marge had to wonder if he had actually pushed his cock all the way into the channel of her tubes.

Pain, screaming, acid pain, flames and hot iron seemed to lick and stab into her guts with the return of his prick. And then again, he began the process.

I have to pass out, she told herself. It's the only way I can survive all this pain. There's no way I can keep my sanity unless I pass out.

Yet the peace of sleep eluded her ravaged mind. Over and over he entered and then deserted her cunt. Time and again he forced her body up and down on his huge cock.

It was with surprise that Marge decided that her body must have gone numb because the pain had died to only a faint throbbing deep in her guts. It was no worse than any virgin might feel on her wedding night when her new husband took her for the first time.

It was only a warm spot that glowed and pulsed somewhere in the hidden reaches of her belly at first, but it quickly began to grow. Soon her wet, meaty cunt began trembling with its own heat.

Oh Christ, she thought to herself with delight, I've done it. I've actually done it. I've managed to take him all the way into my cunt!

"Yesssss," she whimpered softly. Then she screamed, "Christ, yes! Fuck it, baby! Fuck Momma's cunt out deep and hard! Burn it up!"

"You got it, bitch!" Dave grunted as he began hunching faster and matching his rhythm to Marge's own increased pumping of his big prick. "I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking."

His hands slid upward, sending small shocks through her guts. He grabbed a double handful of quivering tit-meat and pulled her forward and down so that he could bite and chew on the blood-reddened flesh of her rubbery nipples.

"Unh, shit, unnnnhhhh!" Marge grunted, feeling the hot waves of joy passing through her trembling cunt.

"Ummmmfff, ummmfff, ummmfff!" Dave agreed, slamming his hips upward until the two of them crashed together in mid-air with wet, slapping sounds.

"I've got something better for that mouth to do," Marge heard Debbie say.

Dave's mouth deserted her tits and she opened her eyes wide, ready to protest the desertion. But it was too late.

Debbie straddled Dave's head facing her mother and began slowly grinding the dripping cunt of her teenaged pussy across the teen's mouth.

"You like to eat pussy?" Debbie teased, giving her ass a quick flip that made her dripping pussy twitch across the teen's gasping moth.

"Mmmmmnh, yeah," Marge heard Dave's muffled reply.

His splashing, slurping noises came from between her daughter's splayed legs. The woman saw Debbie's beautiful eyes begin to gleam with lust. The teenager's lips were parted and her tongue kept lashing out to moisten them. The girl's breath grew short and she panted as she ground her dripping pussy against Dave's face.

"Mmmmm, yessss," Debbie whimpered. "Yes, baby! Eat me! Eat my soppy pussy!" Her voice was a whining plea.

With a sudden motion, Randy climbed onto the bed and stood before Marge with his legs planted firmly on either side of Dave's body. He edged his hands down and began fondling the pouting mounds of her tits, squeezing and teasing, pinching her rubbery nipples into quivering knobs of desire.

"I just hated to think of any part of you being left out, Mom," he smiled down at her upturned face. He squeezed at her tits until the mixture of pain/pleasure that raced through them mingled with the feelings that were rising from her cock-swollen cunt.

"Oh baby," she cooed, "it all feels so good!" Then she lowered her eyes to his cock as it bobbed just in front of her face. "Is there anything I can do?"

The teen's face filled with lust as he saw her half-opened mouth and her tongue as it dashed back and forth across her full, wet lips.

"Your mouth, Mom," he gasped. "I want your mouth so bad."

"Never let it be said," she teased, leaning forward and planting a soft, wet kiss on the head of his prick, "that your mom didn't give you everything you need."

Using one hand to brace herself on the bed, Marge wrapped the long fingers of her free hand around the thick base of her step-son's twitching cock. The head pulsed and oozed its pre-cum just in front of her face and Marge's tongue slipped teasingly out to gather the few drops of juice from his itching piss-hole.

"Unnnnnhhh," the teen moaned as his step-mother's rasping tongue dragged over the hypersensitive skin of his prickhead.

"Would my pretty big boy like to feed me?" she whined, rubbing his knob against her dripping lips. "Would you like to fill Mom's mouth with lots of hot cum?"

"Jesus fucking Christ, yes!" the teen grunted, pushing forward and forcing the head of his cock deep into Marge's mouth.

She pulled his prick free and began whipping the head and shaft with her frenzied tongue. The tip lashed and caressed, she began sliding around the sensitive head and then moved up to stab into the tiny hole of his jism tube.

Marge was suddenly everywhere at once, her hunger for Randy's fresh meat overcoming all the qualms she had felt before about him being her husband's son. All that mattered now was his wonderful prick sliding in and out of her throat in its greedy attack and Dave's huge cock as it dug into the depths of her screaming pussy.

Marge's face gleamed with spittle and pre-cum from her smearing, rooting movements through the nest of Randy's hairy crotch. Her lips and tongue sought his tastes in all of the teen's hidden recesses.

Lowering her head, she saw that Debbie had taken up the attack on her step-brother from behind. Leaning forward, the girl was supported by Dave's hands on her tits.

Marge could see her daughter's firm young tits being clawed and tugged unmercifully. Beneath, she could just see the teen's lower lip and tongue tearing into Debbie's soft pussy meat.

The girl's face was a mask of fuck-lust, her features twisted by her passion into those of a humping female animal in heat as she ground her pussy against the teen's chewing, slurping mouth.

Debbie suddenly lunged forward, burying her nose in the crack of Randy's humping ass and stabbed her long pink tongue deep into the teen's twitching asshole.

Marge smiled as she watched the girl. Debbie looked so hungry, her tongue pushing and licking, her teeth nibbling at Randy's sensitive ass ring.

The sight was just too much for the older woman. She had never seen such a picture of total lust as was gleaming from her young daughter's face.

"Mmmmff, mmmmff, mmmmff!" Debbie grunted, sucking Randy's cum-filled sac all the way into her mouth.

Her tongue flicked back and forth from one swollen ball to the other, then slid tickling up the skin in front so hard that the pulsing eggs were pushed far apart to the edges of the bag. The pressure on Randy's endurance was doubled.

The sac popped out of her mouth with a loud, wet plop, and Marge resumed her assault on his cock all over again. With the head reinserted into her starving mouth, the woman began gobbling down along his shaft. Inch after meaty inch, she ate her way down. Marge could feel his quivering, could sense the weakness that was developing in his knees. She didn't care. The only thing that mattered was sucking, sucking, sucking.

Suddenly, pulling her hand away, Randy jerked his cock from her drooling lips, his ass away from Debbie's invading tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" both women whined in protest.

"There's something I've always wanted," the teen panted, looking down at both of their lust-crazed faces. "I've always wanted two beautiful women to suck me off at the same time."

With that, he grabbed a handful of both of their hair and pulled their heads together until Marge's lips met her daughter's in a cock-filled kiss.

"Yeah!" he grunted, looking down appreciatively at the mother/daughter suck-team as the women ate his cock and each other's mouths at the same time.

"Mmmmmff, mmmmff, mmmmmff," Debbie grunted as she took the knob into her face and licked it furiously in her fever.

"Mmmmm, yessss," Marge sighed, sliding her slick tongue down the shaft as if the throbbing meat were a sucker and she a hungry child. She nibbled and lipped her way, licking at his balls and feeling their swelling thunder.

"Unh, ohhh, mmmmmm!" she panted between mouthfuls of her step-son's meaty prick. And all the time, Dave's huge cock kept up its steady rhythm in her pussy.

Up and down she hunched her ass, impaling herself and then withdrawing from the surging weapon of the hairy teen's lust.

Up and down she slid her slurping mouth, her daughter's spittle mingling with her own as they both drooled on the pounding cockmeat.

Then, in one eternal instant of knowing, Marge realized that both of the teens were about to cum. In her frenzied hunger for their cream, the woman began pumping her ass even more fiercely than before. She slid her lips up and claimed half of the throbbing cock knob for herself.

The pounding blood through her temples drove like a locomotive in its race from her cunt and back again. The swollen snorting cock that filled her belly matched the other that rammed itself against her face and mouth.

Climbing, swelling flames tore through her guts. And she could see that it was the same for her daughter as the girl ground her dripping maw across Dave's sucking lips.

She joined her lips to her daughter's in one long, side kiss that allowed Randy's cock to partially enter both of their mouths at the same time.

Marge lashed her tongue out, fencing with her daughter's. Both women whipped their thrashing snakes against Randy's cock. Then the teen exploded.

A hot stream of cum hit the corners of both their mouths, splitting in half and hitting deep into the throats of both women at the same time. After the first explosion of the teen into their mouths, Marge felt Dave's cockhead burst with a thick, ropey flood of scalding cream. It boiled like acid against the bruised and cringing flesh of her pussy.

"Aaaaaarghhh!" the woman screamed as the double blast of hot jism filled her starving body.

"Jesus-fucking-Christ!" Randy bellowed as his jism sprayed and splashed into the moths and across the faces of his step-mother and her daughter.

"Umff, umff, ummff!" Dave grunted sloppily. He never slowed his attack on Debbie's panting pussy, even though the lower half of his body was arching and slamming against Marge while his slab of prickmeat sprayed her belly full of his steaming jism.

Marge could feel the massive blast of her orgasm dying away, but she kept pumping against Dave's cock. She wanted all of his juice, wanted to keep the tiny waves rippling through her guts as long as she possibly could.

She looked lovingly at her daughter's lust filled face, knowing from first-hand experience what the young girl was going through at the moment. She kissed softly at the girl's cheeks, licking the hot cum from the teenager's lips and chin. She smeared her own face across her daughter's until they were both slimed with spit and cream.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh, yessss, Mom," the girl whimpered softly. "Do me, Mom. Eat me. Eat your daughter!"

"Baby," Marge moaned softly, bracing herself with one hand and bending forward until her daughter's firm tits were close. Marge turned her head sideways and Debbie shifted her body to give her better access.

"Mmmm, yesss, Mom," the girl moaned as her swollen nipple popped into her mother's sucking, cum-smeared lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Marge groaned at the taste of her daughter's sweating, slimed titflesh.

Oh honey, she thought. I fed you at my breast when you were a baby. Now you can feed me.

With one savage thrust that drove his cock deep into his step-sister's mouth, Randy blew out the final load of his cream.

Dave's humpings beneath Marge had ceased, his cock only twitching occasionally with spasmodic muscle contractions that dribbled jism into her flooded cunt.

Marge pulled herself from Dave's cock and sat on Dave's stomach, spreading her legs wide just in front of her daughter.

"Here, baby," she crooned softly to the girl. "Here's some more nice cum for my honey to drink."

Debbie's face dropped swiftly to work as Dave's cum poured from her mother's gaping pussy and spread across the man's belly. She lapped up what had already oozed out onto his skin, and then turned her attention to her mother's seeping cunt.

"Oh, Mom," the girl whimpered. "It's so good! I can taste your sweet pussy mixed in with all of Dave's delicious cream."

"That's right, honey," Marge groaned, feeling the teenager's talented tongue lapping deep into her cunt, dancing along her pussy lips and clit.

"Suck it up, baby. Lick all that hot cum out of Mom's sweet pussy."

"Mmmmff, mmmmff, mmmmff," the girl grunted, licking and sucking at her beautiful mother's weeping cunt.

Marge felt a last rush of orgasm sweep through her insides as her daughter's tongue thrashed across her clit.

"Yesssssssss!" she sighed, releasing a final flood of juice, which the girl lapped up like a hungry bitch. There was the sound of a door opening. Then, to Marge's horrified ears, came Bill's voice breaking on the room.

"Well," he said with frightening calm. "Isn't this one hell of a scene?"

Then her husband turned on his heel and slammed the door behind him.

After all the pleasure and pain, after all the sensations that Marge had experienced through the afternoon, all she had left now were her tears.

They fell freely, running in streams across her cum-stained cheeks.

Chapter EIGHT

Marge could feel her world crumbling around her as she sat on the edge of the bed. The tears ran freely and her shoulders convulsed with sobs as Debbie put her arms around her mother's shoulders.

"Mom," she whispered gently, holding Marge's head and talking lovingly. "It's going to be all right. Everything will work out just fine. You'll see. Dad's just not right now, but before you know it he'll be back to his old self again and have forgotten all about it."

"I don't think so," Marge sobbed on her daughter's shoulder. "Did you see the look on his face?"

Randy and Dave looked sheepishly at each other and then at the two women who were holding each other.

Randy touched Marge gently, running his fingers through the damp strands of her beautiful hair. He could think of nothing to say so he let his comforting fingers speak for him.

"I think I'm just in the way here," Dave mumbled, climbing from the bed and looking for his clothes. "I guess I'd better just get the hell out."

"No you don't, mister!" Debbie snapped, jumping up from the bed to grab the teen by one arm and spin him back around to face her.

"What do you think this is, some kind of slip in and slip out situation?" Her young face was red with anger at the teen's insensitivity to her mother's feelings.

"Mom, you just stay here with these two. I'm gonna go have a little heart to heart with Bill. Considering what has happened before," she winked at her mother conspiratorially, "I don't see that he has very much right to complain about anything that we were doing in here this afternoon."

She glared at her step-brother and his friend. "Give me about a half hour before you come looking for us. In the meantime, these two horny bucks are going to stay here and keep you company, for all they're worth. And they're going to give you all the comforting you need. Aren't you, guys?"

She turned and left the room without, waiting for an answer from either of the two.

Randy took his step-mother in his arms and held her close. Marge cuddled in close under his strong young arm, feeling the heat of his body. She appreciated the closeness of him.

"Don't worry, Mom," the teen soothed. "Debbie will talk to him and straighten everything out. She's real good at that sort of thing."

"I don't know, baby," Marge sighed, her lips close to the hardness of his young chest. "Your father was pretty mad and I'm not really sure that there's anything she can do to make him see reason. He's a very proud man."

Randy's free hand slid down and cupped one of her firm, full tits in his palm to massage it gently.

"You don't have to do that now, honey," she said, covering his hand with her own and looking up into his handsome face. "I don't think I really need that kind of comforting right now."

"Oh, I don't know about that," the teen smiled lovingly into his step-mother's face, "I figure it's a little like chicken soup." He smiled, bending down to plant a soft kiss on her full, red lips and slide his hot tongue across their surface. "It sure can't hurt."

The hand that had been resting on her shoulder slid forward to begin massaging her tit, teasing and twisting the nipple into full, rubbery hardness. His other hand slipped down her hard belly.

Marge felt the shivers run up her back as her step-son's gentle fingers nestled in the thick red forest of her cunt hairs. Her tongue stabbed deep into the teen's mouth, returning the passion of his kiss.

One of her arms encircled his neck, pulling his face even harder down against her own, and she could taste the sweet spittle from his dripping tongue. Her other hand found the stiffness of his cock, now fully re-awakened.

"Baby, you make me feel so good," she sighed, moving her head down until his fleshy cockknob was in reach of her long tongue. "You've made Mom feel so wonderful this afternoon. Now, let me give you another treat."

"Oh no you don't," he said, pulling her head back up so that his cock plopped wetly from her mouth. Marge looked at the teen in confusion.

"Why not?" she asked, puzzlement showing on her face.

"Well," he replied, lying back on the bed and pulling her over with him, "Deb was very specific and she said that you were to be comforted. And, considering the look in her eye, I think the safest thing for Dave and me to do would be to follow her instructions. Wouldn't you agree, Dave?"

"Damned straight," the teen agreed. "That was one determined girl who left here a few minutes ago." Marge looked over at her step-son's friend and smiled invitingly. The teen stood awkwardly in the middle of the floor. His immense prick had already filled with lust blood again and was bobbing and weaving in front of him like a flag pole in a high wind. "Come here, honey," she smiled. "The two of you can comfort me at the same time, and I can promise there's something in it for everybody." The teen didn't need another invitation. Practically running across the room, he joined Randy and Marge on the bed. His big hands seemed to be all over her at once.

"This time," Randy leered, "I'm going to be the one to lay back and watch you do all the work."

"Oh, it'll be my pleasure," Marge said, returning his grin.

In one movement she rolled over onto the firm surface of Randy's stomach and began running her red-thatched cunt mound against the teen's already swollen cock. The meaty prickshaft throbbed against her clit and sent shivers of pleasure through her pussy, making the juices pour out in thin streams.

Sitting up and bracing herself on one hand Marge took the other and lifted her step-son's stiff prick to her gaping cunt. The head rested teasingly just inside her cunt lips and she rubbed it back and forth quickly. The movement nearly drove Randy out of his mind.

The fine hairs and dripping lips of her pussy tickled maddeningly across the tightly drawn skin of his cockknob, and the teen reached up to try to pull her down onto it. But Marge was having too much fun where she was. Because of her position on top, there was no way he could force her down against him.

Finally, Marge decided that it was time. Holding the base of his cock firmly in her free hand, she threw herself down and swallowed the entire eight inches of his pulsing prickshaft into her guts.

"Son of a Goddamned bitch!" Randy gasped as her greasy cunt depths clamped down with firm muscles and began pumping at his quivering prick.

"Aaaaaaaiieee!" the thrashing woman shrieked as the cockknob slammed full-force into the back wall of her over-worked pussy.

She allowed herself to fall forward against her step-son, knowing full well that there was a double advantage to this new position.

In the rear, her ass was thrown higher into the air, leaving it open to Dave's attack. The teen took immediate advantage of the situation. Instantly he began greasing his fingers with the cream that had already oozed down her pumping thighs. Then he smeared its slickness around and into the puckered ring of her asshole.

"Yes, baby," Marge groaned. "Yesssss! Grease my ass and then slam that big cock all the way into my guts!"

She raised one of her full, firm tits and pushed it roughly into her step-son's panting mouth.

"There you are," she grunted as the teen's teeth clamped down on her nipple. "That'll give Mom's big teen something to do with his mouth while she's fucking his pretty cock. Eat it, baby! Suck Mom's big tit all the way into your throat!"

"Mmmmmmff, mmmmff, mmmmmff!" Randy grunted as he grabbed both of her tits in his hand and squeezed the one up tight so that he could get a good grip on the nipple for hot thrashing tongue.

Just then Marge felt Dave's huge cockknob nuzzling up against the tight ring of her asshole. It trembled uncertainly against the tight hole, so she reached back with her free hand and took his prick in her fist.

"Yes," she sighed, rubbing the cockhead against her itching ass. "Feels so good, honey. Let me help you, too. That way I can have both of my fuckholes reamed by my teens' big, delicious cocks."

Carefully, she guided the cockhead as the teen eased forward. Her ass ring protested at first, sending fiery tongues of flame stabbing all the way into her bowels.

"Unh, unh, unh!" the woman grunted, biting her lower lip against the pain but still pulling the long shaft forward. At last, the swollen prickhead popped through her greased ass and the teen slid the full length of his animalistic prick into the brown tube of Marge's sweet ass.

"Oooooohhhh, God!" she shrieked as pain and pleasure braided themselves into one long, confusing sensation. For a moment, Marge kept herself very still, allowing her ass to accommodate Dave's drive home. Then she began humping, softly at first, and then with more enthusiasm.

It's beautiful, she thought to herself, rising and dropping on the cocks of the two handsome teens.

Their pricks were lined up side by side in her body. She could feel them rubbing together, held apart only by the thin membrane that separated her ass from her dripping cunt.

Since she was leaning so far forward, Dave had complete access to Marge's quivering ass. He ran his middle finger teasingly down the crack of her ass and played at the ring just at the edge where his cock was sliding in and out. Then, before the startled woman had a chance to realize what the teen was doing, Dave had pushed his finger through to accompany his pounding prick and began wiggling the finger around.

"Aaaaaaaiieeeee!" Marge screamed at the squirming invader of her already stuffed asshole. "Oh Christ! It's too much!"

But Dave only laughed, knowing that shortly the beautiful woman would be begging for all that he could give her and more.

A moment later he was proven correct. Marge found herself positively leaping on the double cocked attack. Jumping forward to allow the pricks to pull back from her twin depths, she nearly ripped her swollen tit from the slurping suction of Randy's lips and teeth. Her nipple was pinched and pulled between the teen's strong, white teeth. For a moment, Marge felt as if she were going to pass out from the lightning bolts that shot through her.

A hot pendulum seemed to rule her mind. Crashing pleasure sat on one end of the pendulum's swing. On the other rode a shrieking creature called pain clawed and gibbered behind her eyes and made them water with its reality.

Before she had a chance to fully know one sensation, the other had already washed across her consciousness until she was left unable to discern the difference between the two.

Greasy rods of cockmeat slid deep into her dripping pussy and the brown chute of her ass. Before them, they pushed fire. Behind them, as they retreated again, they pulled her own flames from the pink and brown flesh.

"Ride me, babies!" she grunted, her voice husky and rasping with desperate lust. "Ride me real hard and fast!"

The first of a long series of orgasms pushed through her belly then, tracing acid fingers from her guts to her cunt and ass and then back again.

Wave after rippling wave pushed through her churning insides until the woman had lost all count of the number of times that she had climaxed.

Randy's crotch was white and slimy with the cream that she had already spilled on him. Dave's balls were covered with a thick film of her greasy juice from the many times that they had slammed into the bottom crack of her pussy from behind. The bed itself was drenched. Marge could feel the juice running off of Randy's legs and soaking into the bedspread. Her own knees were glistening with the gleam of jism.

Suddenly she felt first Randy and then Dave begin to swell inside of her body.

Oh Christ, she thought, they're getting even bigger! It's so tight that it feels as if I'm going to burst if they get very much bigger before they cum. But it didn't matter. The two beautiful teens were pumping her body, with their gorgeous, huge cocks. They had so totally filled Marge's firm body that she couldn't imagine ever having anything that came close to this feeling again if she lived to be two hundred years old!

Give it to me! Her mind screamed silently. Blow me clear off the bed with your loads. Then her passion grew too much to allow her silence.

"Sweet-fuckin'-Jesus!" Marge screamed as she felt herself falling over the edge of sanity into a bottomless chasm of lust madness.

"Fuck me hard... faster! Fuck my cock lovin' brains out!"

At the same instant the thrashing mad woman began flexing and clamping with the iron muscles of her pussy and steaming asshole.

"Goddammit!" Dave bellowed as Marge's ass began to milk his plunging cock like an automatic milking machine.

"Fuckin' hell!" Randy grunted at the feeling of his step-mother's pussy snapping and sucking at his swollen slab of cockmeat.

"Aaaaaarghhhhh!" Marge shrieked as her orgasm nearly took the top of her head off.

Her hot cream flooded into the steamy depths of her pussy and it set off Randy's own explosive blast. Wads of thick, pungent cum blew from the end of his angry cockhead and sprayed its salty add against the convulsing walls of his step-mother's already flooded pussyhole.

It was like kerosene on flames, or wind on a brushfire. The splash of Randy's gushing lava sent Marge thrashing through an entirely new series of wild orgasms.

She threw her head from side to side in total abandon to her passionate madness. Like a rabid bitch, she bit and gnashed at the air. She clawed herself and the teen whose cock slat rode. Then Dave's own volcanic blast hit her straight up the quivering tube of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuckkkk meeeeee!" she wailed.

Totally out of control, she threw herself up and down on the two pumping pricks until her cunt and ass had sucked both sets of balls dry of every drop of their greasy jism.

Exhausted, the three sprawled across the bed. Marge discovered, much to her surprise, that when she rolled off of Randy she had taken Dave along with her. His limp cock was still lodged deep in the warm tube of her ass.

Softly she began flexing the muscles of her ass, feeling the familiar sensation of a hardening cock growing in her asshole. Behind her, Dave grunted in his exhaustion. But he seemed determined to give her one more quick fuck, since she wanted it so badly.

As the teen slowly reamed in and out of her ass, Marge squirmed around on the bed until Randy's prick was in reach of her insatiable mouth.

With quick, soft kisses and lickings, she got him back up. In no time at all the teens were pumping even more of their hot cream into her body.

Marge moaned softly as she lay quietly and allowed the two handsome young studs to use her like a submissive piece of flesh.

This is so lovely, she told herself as Randy's cock lodged itself deep in her throat and Dave's prick wormed its hot way up her bowels. There's something wonderfully comforting in just letting them have their way with me, in just lying here, feeling their beautiful pricks shooting me full again.

When the two teens had finished, Marge climbed from the bed after giving them both a kiss.

"Dave," she smiled down, giving his limp cock one last fond pat, "I think that it's about time that you headed home. It's getting late. And you," she turned to Randy. "I'll see you later. Right now I think that I'd better go see what's happened to Debbie. I only hope your dad hasn't taken his anger out on her."

Chapter NINE

Debbie went to her room and pulled on a bathrobe before starting the search for her stepfather. It was then that she heard him rummaging around in the spare room down the hall.

"Dad?" she called as she heard his footsteps nearing her open door. "Dad, is that you?"

Bill stepped to the door and glared down at the teenaged girl. "You Goddamned slut!" the enraged man bellowed at her.

Before Debbie had time to react, her stepfather walked into the room and slapped her hard with the flat of his hand, sending belt tumbling back onto the bed. She sprawled across the bedspread. Her robe, held together only with a sash, flew open both at the top and bottom and one of her firm, young tits fell out. Beneath, her legs were thrown open, exposing the pink gash of her sweet, blonde cunt.

"Dad!" she screamed. "You hit me!"

"You're Goddamned straight I hit you!" he snarled. "You and your slut mother both deserve a hell of a lot more than I just gave you!"

It was then that Debbie saw what the enraged man was carrying. Clutched in his right hand was the short, knotted length of a small whip that Bill had bought on one of his trips to Mexico. It was, in reality, a riding crop. Debbie could feel the sting of its deceptively soft braid and hear the singing whistle of it rushing through the air simply by looking at it. She realized just what he meant to do with it.

"NO, Dad, no!" the young girl shrieked, rolling away from him and covering her head with her arms.

She heard the whistle of his whip for real then, and the sting of the lash as it flicked across her lovely, soft hip was even worse than she had imagined it would be.

She screamed as the burning agony ran its way up her hip. It seemed to pierce the very soles of her bare feet and worm its way into the backs of her eyes.

Knowing that the convulsion of pain had thrown her body open to another blow, Debbie again buried her head in her arms and waited. But the blow never fell. Cautiously, she raised her arms and looked at her stepfather.

Bill was staring first at her and then at the small whip that hung limply in his hand. It was as if he were staring at the hand of a stranger, a man who could lay a leather whip against the flesh of a beautiful young girl and make her scream in agony. He seemed to find it impossible that he himself could be that man. Had he really swung the braided leather and lashed the gorgeous, naked ass of his step-daughter?

"Debbie?" he looked at her as if thinking she could explain what had happened to him in that one instant of rage. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry for that."

"Dad," the girl began crying and opened her arms toward Bill. Instantly he went to her bed and threw himself into her arms, sobbing.

"Oh, baby," he purred softly into her ear. "I didn't really mean to hurt you or your mom, either. I guess I just went a little crazy for a minute."

"I know, Dad," Debbie said, her sobs subsiding as the pain and fear of the riding crop faded into the back of her mind. "Anybody can lose control every once in a while." She raised his head in both of her hands. "But Dad, there was no reason for you to be mad at Mom. All she did was a different version of what you and I did yesterday."

She kissed him softly, letting her sweet tongue slide hotly across his lips. "You know," she continued, "it doesn't have anything to do with the way Mom feels about you. No more than you and I making love had anything to do with the way you feel about Mom. We're family. We share things just like other families. Maybe some families don't share each other in bed, but there's no reason that we can't since I'm not really your daughter and Randy's not really related to Mom or me."

She pulled his head down and nuzzled his lips against the firm white flesh of her tit. "You know what?" she asked. "I couldn't love you anymore if you were really my dad."

"Oh baby," Bill moaned softly, looking down into the lovely depths of her eyes.

"No," she said, putting her hand aver his lips. "No more words."

The young girl untied the sash of her robe and drew it open. At the sync time, she took one of his hands and pressed it firmly across one of her tits.

"Just show me, Dad," she whispered huskily. "Show me how much you love your girl."

Bill fell forward, sucking her tit deep into his mouth as if he meant to swallow the whole mound of flesh in one starving gulp. The nipple rose to greet his tongue. He clenched it in his teeth until a tiny squeal of pain and delight rose in the back of Debbie's throat. Then he began whipping at the rubbery piece of tit-flesh with his lashing tongue.

"Fuck me, Dad," the young girl groaned, straining to pull him fully onto her sweating body. "Fuck your girl until she can't stand anymore! Screw me blind!"

Without any further prompting, Bill climbed on top of his wife's beautiful daughter.

Frantically, Debbie grabbed a handful of his throbbing cock and tried to stab it into her weeping cunt.

"Slow down," Bill grinned. "We'll get there, don't worry."

He lifted the girl's legs until her feet were hooked over his shoulders and locked behind his neck. Then he lay the full weight of his cock inside the dripping trench of her cunt. Carefully, slowly, the man began sliding his prick back and forth so that the bulbous head of his cockmeat grazed maddeningly over her pussy lips.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," the teenager moaned with a whisper of exhaled breath. "That's fucking wonderful."

Over and over again, he rubbed. Again and again, his cockhead slid its weight across the nubbin of raw flesh that was her clit until Debbie was driven nearly mad with her hunger for his prick.

Only then, only when he saw that the hole of his step-daughter's pussy was filled with milky fluid, did Bill stop his teasing. With a soft splash of girl cream, the man's cockknob fell into the pool of jism that filled her cunt. Deeper, he slid. And ever deeper, until he had jammed the mushroom-shaped bulb of flesh hard against her pussy's back wall.

"Christ, you've got a hot, wet pussy!" Bill groaned, sliding in and out with long, slow strokes of his hips.

"Yesssss," Debbie sighed. "And you've got a hot, long cock to plug it with, don't you?"

"You bet your sweet ass," he smiled down as the girl squirmed and humped beneath him.

"Well," she teased, "if I've got such a sweet ass, how come you're ignoring it?"

"Hell!" he exclaimed with mock astonishment. "We'll just have to correct that situation right now."

Before the girl had a chance to breathe, Bill had slid his hand up the crack of her ass and shoved two wiggling fingers into the tight brown ring.

Instantly, Debbie's ass muscles closed convulsively on his fingers and started pumping against his movements.

"Aaaaaaaaarghhh!" she screeched at his double attack, especially when his other hand reached forward and grabbed a crushing grip on one of her tits.

Deep and hard he began thrusting his cock and fingers into her lovely young body. Crushing and pinching and pummeling, he abused her milky white tit. He pulled the nipple until it protruded angrily and the girl writhed in the combination of joy and agony that she had come to love so well.

So lost in their fucking that the rest of the world had ceased to exist, neither of the two heard Marge come into the room until Debbie looked up and saw her mother smiling down into her eyes from the side of the bed.

"Oh Mom," the girl grunted, "Dad fucks so damned good!"

"I know, baby," Marge smiled.

Bill may have heard them, but he gave no sign. He was totally lost in his mad fucking of the young girl beneath his body.

"Mom," Debbie pleaded. "Do us. Do both of us. Suck Dad and me at the same time. It would feel so good."

"Okay, honey," Marge whispered, reaching down to stroke her daughter's tit sweetly. "Anything for my baby and her dad."

Bill had gone so completely mad in fucking his step-daughter that he fell forward across her body, both of his hands clawing at her tits and crushing them with his passion.

In that instant, Marge climbed onto the bed and dived head-first into the gap between their bodies. She was everywhere at once. Licking and sucking at Debbie's dripping cunt, she drank greedily of her daughter's cum as it overflowed and ran down into the crack of the girl's ass. She reamed out the teenager's asshole with her hot tongue. Debbie mewed and whimpered, thrashing even harder and ramming her stepfather's cock even deeper into her cunt.

Everytime Bill pulled his cock back for another slow stroke, Marge reached up to lick at its jism smeared shaft. When he dropped back forward to poke Debbie full of cockmeat, the woman turned her attention to his cum-swollen nut sac. Only when her attention went to his balls and his ass for the first time did the man become aware of her presence in the room.

For an instant, he looked down across his back and saw her ass wiggling up behind as she rooted and slurped up their asses for the cream she so loved to drink. He grinned and gave his own ass a little shake that set his balls to slapping against her soft chin.

"Eat us, honey," he moaned. "Eat both of us!"

This time there were three people who were so lost in the lust that they did not feel another presence climbing onto the bed. But when Marge felt Randy's huge cockhead sliding up the cum-slickened gash of her cunt, she knew that now her pleasure could be made complete.

"Well, I guess the old saying is true," Randy grunted, pushing his cock all the way into his step-mother's greasy cunt. "The family that fucks together, stays together." Yes, Marge thought to herself as she slammed her ass back hard and felt her stepson begin fingering her ass in rhythm to his fuck-strokes. And what a family we are, too.


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