Sister in chains

Immoral men capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder...

The girl in this book -- Brandy Lawrence -- is the victim of her unscrupulous brother and the evil people he causes her to become involved with. At eighteen, Brandy finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her tormentors.

SISTER IN CHAINS -- the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

Chapter ONE

"Ummm, your hand feels so good there, Larry," the girl cooed, snuggling closer to her boyfriend. Larry wasn't the best fuck she'd ever found, but he more than made up for his inexpert fumblings with lots of enthusiasm. He could fuck all night long if she got him hot enough.

Brandy Lawrence used every trick in the book to make sure that he stayed good and hot for her craving cunt.

"I love the way you move, Brandy," he said. "I love it!"

"And I love this, Larry."

The girl took his prick firmly in her hand and began to slowly stroke along its stiff length. The cock shook with hot desire. She knew that he would simply toll over on top of her and stuff his cock all the way into her gooey cunt if she let him. She wanted that, but later. Now she wanted more foreplay. She wanted to get really hot for him before he plugged her cunt entirely full of his lovely prick.

"God, be careful," the teenager said. "You're going to make me come too soon. My balls feel like they're ready to a explode right now."

"Do they now?" the girl teased. "And what could have cused that? Surely not my hand I moving up an down your cock."

"God, I bye to hear you talk dirty," the boy said. "Say something else."

"I don't think it's the least bit dirty to say what I mean, Larry. I'm going to suck on that delicious cock of yours till you can't stand it any more. Move over a bit so I can get it all into my sucking mouth!"

The girl lowered her head to Larry's crotch. Cascades of luscious blonde hair spilled across his lap and hid the sight of her mouth, pursing, the perfectly formed red lips parting to take the bell shaped tip of his cock all the way into her mouth. The girl's emerald green eyes danced with joy. This was more than she had anticipated when the date had begun.

Larry wasn't the most forward teenager she'd ever gone out with. And her horniness had been growing all day long. She had been in class thinking about how great it would be to fuck her history teacher. Mr. Jensen was just the right age for her, she had decided. He was in his late thirties and had just a touch of gray at his temples to make him look distinguished. He kept in good physical shape and the girl daydreamed constantly about him sneaking into her bedroom some night, pulling down the sheets and revealing her totally naked body.

He would caress her flanks, then press his hands firmly between her well-fleshed thighs to part her legs. She would gladly spread wantonly for this man. He would drop down over her, his weight pressing her into the bed. And then she would feel the full impact of his mighty cock.

Brandy had never seen her history teacher's cock. She doubted if she ever would, because the man seemed to be happily married and was not likely to want to fuck any eighteen-year-old, no matter how sexy she was.

The girl had felt her cunt getting wetter and wetter throughout class until she was on the verge of exploding. She might even try to rape Mr. Jensen and that wouldn't be too bright on her part. She had been so hot that she agreed readily to a date with Larry.

The youth had a reputation around the school that he was a real loser. One girl claimed that the youth couldn't get a hard-on. Others said he was simply a lousy fuck. But Brandy's need was great, and if she had to be satisfied with simply sucking him off, she would.

The huge cock throbbed heavily against her tongue. She cradled the entire length of his jerking dancing cock and then swallowed fast. She seemed to swallow the entire cock as it slipped into her mouth. Brandy had learned the trick of getting a man's cock all the way down into her throat.

She loved the sensations. It never failed to make any man good and hot. The feel of her tight throat surrounding his cock seemed better to a man than actually fucking her tight little cunt. She didn't know why. Also, she didn't know why she got such a sexual thrill out of sucking on a man's cock. It was simply a fact of life and she left it at that.

As long as she could enjoy the musky scent, the heavy smell, the ponderous log of throbbingly alive, totally virile cock, she was in heaven.

"Ummm, shit, Brandy, that's more than I can take!" the youth moaned. He thrashed around in the tight confines of the back seat of his car. "God, every time you swallow, I can feel it growing bigger!"

"Yummy!" the girl said, pulling her mouth away from his cock. She had felt the telltale twitches that told her he was about ready to come. A quick swipe of her tongue took the tiny bead of pre-come off the end of his cock, another signal that the youth was losing control. She tried to work her tongue into his piss-slit. She knew it was impossible, but simply trying gave her a thrill that made her cunt drool obscenely.

The feelings in her own body were all that mattered to her. She knew that Larry would get his rocks off soon. She just wanted to make sure that she wasn't left hornier than ever before. The blonde teenager had been out on too many dates where she was just at the point of coming and then had been left high and dry when a young stud's cock exploded too soon.

The feeling in her cunt after such a fiasco was one of stark hunger. That hollowness would quickly spread and threaten to drive her out of her mind. She had vowed, after thinking all day long about her history teacher, that tonight she would be satisfied. It didn't matter how, but she would get off.

"Lick my cunt!" she commanded. "I want to feel your tongue working against my cunt walls. I want you to tongue-fuck me goooooood!"

"Shit!" the youth exclaimed. "You want me to suck your cunt?"

"Look! And eat me out fast! I want to feel your tongue moving all over my hot little, cunt!"

She banged her shoulder against the door of the car as she spun around. It was such a drag fucking in the back seat of a car, yet it was better than going outside and fucking in the snow. That was a damned good way of freezing her ass off.

Her legs drifted apart to expose her naked cunt to the youth. The look on his face told her he was shocked that she hadn't bothered to wear any panties on the date. And in the cramped backseat of the car, she was doubly glad she hadn't worn any. It would take Larry forever to get them off if she had worn them.

"Go on, Larry. Lick, darling, lick for all you're worth!"

He dived down into her cunt, his flicking tongue lightly caressing her trembling cuntlips. She screamed at the first feathery touch. It was as if hot acid had been dropped on her.

"Wh-what's wrong?"

"Nothing, damn you, nothing! Now get back there and eat my cunt out as good as you can. I'm burning up inside. And I need you eating my cunt!"

He returned to her cunt, licking more slowly this time. The hot young blonde tried to get her rampaging emotions under better control. She didn't want to scare this timid youth off. He was such a rabbity boy. But she heeded him, especially tonight.

Or rather, she needed his cock. She hoped and prayed he wouldn't come before she was ready to take his cock all the way up her seething, needy cunt.

"Ummm, I need more of that mouth-fucking. Give me all you can. Tongue-fuck my tight cunt. Th-that's the way!" she cried. She sobbed and thrashed around more now, sure that her reactions weren't frightening him off. To let herself go now would be the same as coming. She wanted to dam it all up inside and release it in one huge orgasm.

His rough pink tongue scoured the insides of her dripping cunt. She felt his tongue sailing all the way into her cunt, stroking along the trembling walls and turning her into a quivering blob of lust. She felt weak all over.

There were intense fiery feelings ripping through the blonde girl's guts. She shuddered and gasped in wonder at the feel of the youth's tongue fucking in and out with just the right tempo. She hadn't thought he knew this much about tongue-fucking. But the girl had to give him credit. He was making her hotter and hotter.

She sobbed and caught her breath as his tongue slid out of her cunt, moved along the puffy edges of her pink cuntlips, then sought out her clit. He teased that tiny spire of erectile flesh with more skill than she thought he possessed. The icy lightning bolts of desire ripping through her body became more than she could handle.

"AAIEEEE!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. Her trim creamy-white thighs pressed hard against Larry's head, trapping it at her cunt. She didn't care. The impact of the hard come on her body was all that mattered to her.

And did she come! It felt like a string of Fourth of July firecrackers going off. She shuddered and shook. She screamed again as her orgasm exploded. Then she seemed to hang suspended.

Slowly, she drifted down to the reality of the backseat of the car. But she was different than before. Larry was feeding the intense lusts in her tender young body in just the right ways. He had taken the edge off her immediate need and given her more to look forward to.

"Use that tongue on my clit. Ummm, oh, it's soooo goooood!"

She trembled like a leaf in a high wind. No longer able to control herself, she came again. This time she felt as if molten lead had been poured into her cunt. He continued to lick and suck on her clit.

Loud slurping noises came from her cunt. She raised her blonde head, trying to watch what was going on. To see the youth eating her cunt would add to her arousal. But the light was too dim. His long hair fell over her belly, hiding his face.

She sagged back limp and weak. This was wearing her out -- and it was making her hornier than before. She hoped to God that he wasn't going to cream in his jeans. She needed his long hot cock fucking hard and fast into her cunt more than ever before.

"Fuck me," she said weakly. "Go on and fuck my cunt. I need to feel that cock of yours moving inside my cunt. Fill my cunt up with that big, swollen cock of yours!"

He looked up at her, his lips rimmed with her cunt-fluids. The silvery sheen from his lips made it look as if he had been putting on an erotic lipstick.

"You mean it? You want me to fuck you?"

"Dammit, yes! What's wrong with you? Can't you see I need you so bad I'm about ready to cry? Fuck me, rip me apart all the way to the chin with your cock, but get on and fuck meeeee!"

"Shit, most chicks don't even want to kiss on the first date and here you want me to fuck you! Wow!"

She shuddered in need. She felt her tits swelling as her heart hammered more and more excitedly. The girl could hardly bear to feet her bra encasing her tits any more. Reaching up awkwardly, she succeeded in freeing the snap in the back.

"Want me to suck on your tits, too?"

"I don't care what the fuck you do as long as you fuck me hard!"

The hot and horny blonde didn't want to argue with him. She wanted his cock, period. This was all she wanted, and she wondered what was holding him back. She had a sudden premonition that he had already come and she would have to wait till he got another boner.

She saw his huge cock dancing around. He hadn't come. Not yet. And she was still needing his cock so!

Reaching down, she grabbed hold of the throbbing length of cunt-pleaser. She pulled it strongly toward her widespread cuntlips and aimed it directly into her cunt.

"Now fuck, dammit, fuck for all you're worth!"

She screamed again, as he rammed his big cock into her cunt. His cock wasn't fully lubricated yet and it tore and pulled at her most delicate flesh as he plunged in. But the momentary pain was worth the feeling of his cock pulsing hot and hard against her cunt walls.

The girl squeezed down lovingly with her cunt muscles to caress and massage the bidden cock. She wanted him to know how much she loved the feel of his fuckstick buried in her steamy cunt. Words would hardly do. She breathed hard, panting and gasping in passion now that his cock was inside her cunt. She didn't trust words.

"Wow!" she heard him say. It had become harder and harder to understand what the youth said. The hammering of her pulse in her ears almost drowned out all other noises. "This is more than I can take!"

"Fuck me. Drive your cock all the way in!"

He began fucking her with slow, jerky strokes. But she didn't care that he didn't have the tempo that her cunt loved the most. Just feeling his hot cockflesh spreading her cunt walls apart was good enough -- for now.

But she would want more expert fucking later. She would have to have it to get off on his cock. She needed intense stimulation of her clit as well as her cunt walls to get the divine satisfaction she required of all her lovers. But for now, this was fine. Just fine!

"I... I can't hang on much longer, Brandy. My cock feels like it's going to pop any second."

"Keep fucking, Goddammit!" the young girl moaned. "I need more of that sweet fucking cock of yours. Lots more. Give it to me fast and hard! As hard as you can. Be a man and hurt me!"

She hardly knew what she was saying. All she cared about was the thick plug of cock inside her tight cunt. The youth's cock pulsed harder and seemed to expand. The girl realized that he was on the point of coming. This was too soon, much too soon to really satisfy her.

But she couldn't speak now. The feel of his cock fucking faster, deeper, harder into her cunt robbed her of her speech. He ground his cock into her cunt. His pubic hair dragged over her aroused clit. Songs of carnal delight surged into her body through that tiny little organ.

"I... aaaaaaieeeee!" Her body shook as if she had some sort of erotic palsy. She couldn't control herself any longer as she humped fiercely to get more of his cock into her needy cunt. She sucked on his cock with her cunt. The throb of his cock deep in her cunt kept her coming longer than she would have thought possible with such jerky fucking.

"M-more!" she begged weakly. "Give me more!"

He fucked faster. The friction of his cock against her dripping cunt walls heated her guts. She thought he was driving a red-hot poker into her cunt by the time she came again.

But this time, her convulsive squeezes on his cock did him in. He felt the fiery tide of jism rising from his balls. He knew he had a pressure cooker between his legs and nothing was going to stop the eruption. He fought, though, and held back for another few strokes. Her hot, clutching cunt finally milked his jizz from his balls.

He spewed forth his creamy load into her eagerly awaiting cunt. Like a hungry mouth, her cuntlips clamped firmly on the thickness of his cock. Her cunt contracted and sucked cm the tip of his cock until he was sure she would pull his guts out through his piss-slit.

And then they both relaxed, spent. In the dim glow of the streetlight, they looked into each other's eyes. The moment of softness and warm, well-fucked feeling lasted only until a gruff, voice from outside the car commanded, "What the merry hell's going on in there? Jesus Christ, my own daughter rutting like some bitch in heat I don't fucking believe this!"

Brandy looked out of the side window and saw her father standing there in a drunken rage.

Chapter TWO

"Daddy!" cried out Brandy, shocked at seeing his father. He had seen everything. And she realized how startled Larry was, too. The youth had turned a pasty white and his cock had gone down, fast.

"Get the hell out of that car, you little slut!" the man screamed. His voice carried through the neighborhood, wrecking the calm night. "I said move that waggling ass of yours and I mean now!" He ripped the car door open hard and fast he grabbed her wrist and yanked her out. She protested, as the pain shot all the way up her tortured arm.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Lawrence. You can't..." began Larry. He was silenced by an openhanded slap across his face. The ringing from the slap refused to go away.

"I'll do anything I want -- and you can get the hell out of here, you cheap hustler. You can't do such disgusting things to my daughter and get away with it. I won't let you."

"I didn't do anything she didn't want," the youth protested. But he saw the uselessness of arguing. The man was totally drunk and turning more and more violent as he raged. Larry quickly slipped into the front seat of his car, getting his pants tangled around his ankles. He keyed the car to life and roared off, still half-naked.

"Go fuck a cow, you scummy motherfucker!" screamed Mr. Lawrence. "And don't ever let me see you again!"

"Daddy, please, you're hurting me," Brandy protested. The man's grip on her wrist tightened to the point where she was positive he was going to break bones. No amount of struggling would get him to release her.

"You little cunt. How dare you do such a thing with a piece of shit like that?"

"Larry's okay," she weakly protested; "And I didn't do anything wrong. It's natural. I'm human and I've got needs. It's you who're being disgusting. Why can't you butt out of my life?"

He slapped her. The girl thought her head would burst from the impact. She felt the outline of his fingers coming into bold, red relief on her soft skin. Rubbing the hurt, she looked up at her father with hatred in her eyes. He had meddled in her private life once too often.

She didn't know if other fathers took the interest in their daughters' lives that this man took in his. She didn't much care. Brandy was fed up with him dictating when she had to be in from her dates, telling her how to act, ordering her around more like she was a slave than his daughter.

"You disgust me," she snapped. "You're drunk again, aren't you? You think you're so superior, and yet you go out and get stinking drunk every night of the week. I don't know how Mom stands you. I hate you!"

He slapped her again.

The pain brought back all the terrible things he had done to her in the past. He had kept her from going to the Junior Prom because he thought her date was a fag. Brandy had cried bitterly all night long over that, not knowing how to apologize to her date. She had let the youth fuck her to make it up to him. She knew he wasn't a queer, but she couldn't tell her father that. The teenager had had long hair. That was good enough for her father.

And worst of all was the time her father had followed her on a date. She had gotten a date with a college student and had gone to his fraternity house. The idea of being among real men, grownups as compared to the kids running around her thigh school, had turned her on in a big way.

They'd served beer and wine and even some hard liquor at the party. When dope had come out, she had felt like a woman of the world. But her father had burst in and pulled her out. She had been so humiliated that she had never even tried to call her college friend to explain. Brandy didn't know how she possibly could. And it had gotten worse after that.

Her father had followed her everywhere. But her mother had finally convinced him that Brandy was eighteen and old enough to take care of herself without any parental intervention.

That signaled Brandy's running wild. She felt the intense sexual longings in her young cunt explode. She couldn't get enough cock then. She would fuck anyone who slowed down long enough to get a hard-on. The girl didn't care who it was either.

She had had brief affair with the high school coach, but he had tired easily. He wasn't half the stud he thought he was. The blonde teenager had dumped him for the student body president, who was as good a cocksman as he told all the chicks. Brandy had enjoyed being with him, being seen with him, sucking his cock, anything. As long as the was with him, she had some prestige.

Brandy could keep him sexually satisfied and he would allow her to bask in his glory.

He had dumped her for the Homecoming Queen. But Brandy didn't mind that much. She was slowly discovering that no one man was enough to keep her sexually sated. She needed more and more cock. The freer the rein her father gave her, the hornier she got.

Randy Brandy, they called her around the school, and with good cause. She had fucked just about every desirable male, getting half the football team at one practice. She had walked bowlegged for a week after that -- and she still wanted more cock shoved up her hot little cunt.

She needed sex like a junkie needs dope. The girl simply wasn't able to satisfy her rampaging desires. That was one reason she had accepted the date with Larry. He wasn't all that good, but his cock was thick and be could fuck enough to get her off.

Brandy tried to pull her skirt over her naked cunt to cover up in front of her drunken father as he jerked her along to the house.

"You little bitch. How dare you shame me like that?"

"Shame you? Why you drunken hypocrite!" she screamed. "How could I possibly shame you? You're already the worst possible human being in the world! You're a cheap drunk! All I was doing was enjoying sex. Is that so wrong, wanting to fuck?"

"Don't talk dirty," he said, his voice suddenly cold and menacing. She looked into his eyes. The girl hardly knew what to do. As long as he was acting drunk, she could handle him -- after a fashion. This was new and deadly.

"You're hurting me," she repeated, hoping to get rid of whatever horrible thoughts were running through his crazed mind.

"You're a real cunt, aren't you? You spread for every stud in that perverted high school you go to. You even put out for the faggots, like that one you wanted to go to the prom with. You'll fuck anything that comes along, but you won't even give your father a little kiss."

He moved closer to her. She flinched, trying to avoid him.

"Just one little kiss. You can't tell your dear old dad that his loving little girl won't give him one little kiss."

He was slobbering on her now. She fought to get away but he was too strong for her. His weight carried her to the ground. He forced his mouth against hers, kissing her with wet juicy slobbers.

"You're disgusting!" she cried.

He slapped her. Then he began dragging her to the house, his fingers laced through the thick lustrous mane of her long blonde hair. She cried out, but couldn't get away.

"I'll show you what's disgusting. I'm going to show you what a real man can do. No more of these cheap studs you pick up when you go out. This is going to be the real thing."

"Daddy, no!" she screamed, trying to get her hair out of his hands. It felt as if he were pulling her scalp off. "You can't do this to me!"

"The hell I can't, little girl! I'll show you what you've been missing. Your old dad's going to show his fuck crazy cunt of a daughter what it means to take a real man's cock into her cunt."

Brandy's mind began moving in slow motion. Everything around her moved so slowly she wondered if this might not be a bad dream. But it was no nightmare. No nightmare had ever felt this real. The pain in her wrist where he had grabbed her out of the car kept her aware of everything.

The jerking on her hair sent agony lacing down into her neck. And the crazed look on the drunk's face told the blonde teenager that her father wasn't going to stop until he had fucked her. It didn't take much imagination to guess what would happen next.

The young girl tried to keep her knees pressed together.

"That won't do any good, you cheap little whore. I'm going to fuck that cunt until you beg me to stop. And then I'll do it some more. You're gonna be sorry you shunned me all these years. I'm going to teach you good, you little bitch!"

The girl couldn't believe her ears. The man was drunk, raving mad, but he was sober enough to make sense. She felt his frustration, his rage, and it was all directed against her. Somehow, that took some of the fight out of her. And that was her downfall.

The man's brawny hands dipped between her fleshy thighs and pushed them wide apart. She cried out. Struggling again, she fought him the best she could it simply wasn't good enough.

"Look at that blonde-rimmed pussy of yours," he gloated. "How many cocks have been in it? A hundred? A thousand? It doesn't matter. There's going to be one more fucking that manhole and it's going to be mine. Right now!"

She tried to kick him. That was a big mistake. He easily trapped her leg under his left arm and lifted her ass off the floor. She had lost what little leverage she had possessed. He dropped to his knees, keeping her leg firmly pulled in under his arm. In this position, he could ram his hips directly forward and thrust his cock into his daughter's cunt.

Brandy was more frightened than she had ever been before in her life. A couple of friends of hers at school had been raped. They had tried to tell her how awful it was. She didn't think their story could possibly be as bad as the one she would have to tell.

They weren't raped by their very own father.

"Good little cunt just hungering for real cock. Well, cunt, here it is!"

She watched in horror as he ran his zipper down the track. The metallic hiss sounded loud in the stillness of the night. His cock leaped out, racehorse eager, she couldn't take her eyes off the pulsing purple knob. It drew her attention like a snake hypnotizes a bird. She didn't want any part of this rape and yet she knew that somewhere, deep down inside, she was asking for it just as her father had said.

"Please, Daddy, don't do this!" she pleaded, her voice weak and trembly. The girl knew she couldn't escape his clutches. The man was too strong. Hanging onto her leg as he was doing insured that she wasn't going anywhere.

And that cock!

It touched lightly on her blonde furred cunt. The touch was electric. She arched her back and groaned as he began rubbing the head of his cock up and down her cuntlips. He managed to push aside the swollen cunt lips and run his cock along the juicy gash.

"You're wet!" he accused. "That means you want my cock. You slut!"

She moaned softly, trying to put what she felt into words and failing. The more the blonde tried to control herself, the worse it got.

She was going to be raped and that was all there was to it. She tried to relax. The old saying about "if rape is inevitable, then lay back and enjoy it," was so easy to say. The girl found it impossible to follow the advice. She struggled harder. And this only spurred her father on.

"You love it, don't you, you stupid cunt? You want your old man's cock fucking you!"

"Daddy, please!"

And then she screamed. He found her cunt hole and plugged it full of hard needful cock. Her cunt was wet but it wasn't properly lubricated for his sudden entry. It felt as if he were tearing her apart. She simply knew she was ripped and torn and bleeding to death.

"You're hurting me! You're killing meeeee!"

"The hell I am. I'm buried balls deep in the tightest cunt I ever felt. Imagine that. After all those guys fucking you cross-eyed, you still got a tight cunt. My daughter's got a tight cunt!"

And then he got into the rape. He pulled out of her clinging cunt, the movement as bad as his sudden penetration of her unwilling cunt. She thought he was pulling her guts out with the suction formed inside her fuck-tunnel. A lewd smacking noise sounded and she felt immediate relief as the vacuum in her cunt was broken. But the relief didn't last long. He rammed back in, grinding and crushing his bush into hers.

She moaned louder, but this time it wasn't as much with pain as it was arousal. The girl hated herself for responding to this rape. It was totally wrong for her to like being fucked by her own father. This was incest.

She would have done just about anything in the sexual arena as long as it wasn't rape and as long as it wasn't incest. Now she was being forced into incestuous rape and she hated the idea with all her soul.

What confused the blonde girl was that she was responding to her father's cock. She saw the huge plum-tipped fuckstick and it made her catch her breath. The feel of it reaming her out was no different from any other man's cock she had felt. He wasn't larger -- or smaller -- than the majority of the males who had fucked her.

But it was incest. He was raping his very own daughter and doing it in a drunken stupor. It wasn't right -- but she was panting with real lust now. She felt her tits swelling with more and more excited blood pounding into them from her racing heart. She was responding to her own father!

Her lips said, "No more!" but she wanted all the cock he could give her. She was no longer in control of her body or her mind. She was totally at the mercy of this drunken man. Her father continued to give her long powerful strokes that rattled her teeth every time his big cock pounded home.

He fucked her until she felt the friction burning up her cunt walls. The flood of her lubricating juices had begun and this eased the discomfort in her cunt. She was able to enjoy the carnal heat bubbling up inside her. But her mind seethed. This was evil, dirty, perverted. She should be doing everything in her power to stop him.

But the girl had tried to stop her drunken father. He was running out of control and he was stronger than she was. Trying to scratch him had only spurred him on. The pain in his upper arms from her clawing went virtually unnoticed. The blonde teenager guessed that she was feeling more pain than he was.

She sucked in her gut as he rammed harder into her cunt. He ground his crotch into hers. She felt tingles of real desire blasting into her tender cunt. She trembled like a leaf. The emotions battling in her mind were elemental. She had a need to get all the virile cock into her steamy hungry cunt that she could -- but she was frightened by the knowledge that this was incest.

And she hated the idea of her father raping her. Still, she found herself responding more and more to him and his brutal raping.

"No, no," she cried, tears running down her cheeks. But she was confused. She had no idea what she was saying "no" to. It might have been the rape or it might have been him slowing down the powerful strokes in and out of her cunt.

"I'll do any damn thing I want. You're a cock teasing cunt, that's what you are. My very own daughter! And I'm going to have to show you! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget. I'm a real man and you're gonna love the taste of my cock!"

She realized the booze was affecting him. It had a delayed action effect on him. She felt his prick bucking and kicking around in the tight confines of her cunt. The girl realized that it wouldn't be much longer before he came.

"What are you doing to me?" she cried out, confused. She didn't want him fucking her in the first place, but the way he was doing it was worse than Larry had done just a short time before.

His hips exploded in a frenzy of movement. He ground his bush into hers, the prickly hairs dragging over her clit and making her cunt come alive. But it was his cock which lit her inner fires. He was spreading her delicate inner cunt walls to the breaking point. He was huge. And then he came.

She felt the white hot rush of his spurting jism inside her hot cunt. He pumped hard and fast and in less than a minute his cock had gone flaccid and was slipping from her cunt.

Brandy didn't know what was worse, being raped by her father or feeling cheated that he didn't fuck her better.

All she could do was lie on the rug and sob bitterly, her cunt aching and her mind reeling with confusion.

Chapter THREE

Brandy didn't know how long she cried that night. It might have been only a short time or it might have been hours. Eyes red and cunt aching, she wanted to die. She knew one thing only: her father had raped her.

The girl realized the signs of it had been all around her. He was overly protective. None of her friends' fathers were like him. None of them followed their kids out on dates. None of them burst into parties and dragged their daughters out because they didn't like what they saw. None of them ran dates off because they considered them fags.

Lately, the signs had been even more obvious, if she had cared to look. He had been eyeing her and it wasn't like a father should look at a daughter. He had been lusting after her, and it hadn't been only in his bean.

"Why me?" she sobbed, knowing that the deed was done. She had been incestuously raped and there wasn't a Goddamn thing she could do about it. Ideas of running to her friends quickly went away. She would be the laughing stock of the school if she ever told anyone about this and it got out. They would all point at her and snicker and think she was somehow inferior to them.

Brandy knew she couldn't stand that.

Being raped by her daddy was bad, but having her friends shun her as some sort of social outcast because of it was even worse. She would have to hear the shame in solitude. She couldn't share her burden with anyone.

The girl jumped a foot when she heard the faint creak of her bedroom door. "Who's there?" she called out, fearful -- that it was her father returning to rape her another time. She would kill herself first, she vowed. Anything but allowing him to fuck her again.

"It's me, Brandy. Can I come in?"

"I guess so, Mom," the girl said, her voice trembling. She didn't want to see her mother, especially now of all times.

"I know what happened," the woman said immediately, as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"I didn't make him do it!" the girl sobbed. "I didn't entice him or anything. It wasn't my fault, honest!"

"I believe you, dear," the woman said, putting her arms around her daughter's shoulders. "It's been coming for some time. Your daddy drinks too much and it finally caught up with him. Try to forgive him, if you can. He's not really in control."

"Why did he have to rape me?"

"I think that's fairly obvious. You look a great deal like I did when I was younger. Your father sees this and perhaps it makes him think he's able to regain some of his lost youth. Being middle-aged can be a real drag at times, even more so for your father. He used to be an athlete, you know."

The blonde teenager could only nod her head. She couldn't possibly not know about her father's athletic trophies. They littered the house. Somehow, the girl could never quite see that potbellied man winning any kind of competition, unless it had something to do with drinking.

"He feels life slipping away from him. That makes him overly protective of you. He doesn't want to admit you're growing up, that you're a woman now. That would only make him feel older."

"He didn't have to rape me."

"No, but he's not the same man he used to be. He's groping for something he doesn't understand. He can never return to the way it was in the old days, but he refused to accept that. So he saw you tonight and something snapped inside."

"He was drunk."

"He was," the woman admitted, "but there's more to it than that. I don't think you're going to be safe around here any longer, Brandy. Not until Daddy gets some professional help."

"For his drinking?"

"That and other things. He... he hasn't been able to make love to me in months. I thought it was the drinking, but now I'm not so sure. Not when he can rape his very own daughter." The woman's voice carried a bitter edge to it now. "He's a sick man and you're not safe here, not now. That's why I want you to go stay with James."

"James? But he's so into that religious cult thing. I don't think I could stand him."

"I know, but he's such a fine boy. I'm not asking you to believe all those weird things James does. Just go and stay with him and play along -- for a while. Until Daddy gets better."

Brandy had to think about it. She hadn't seen her older brother in almost five years. He was close to thirty and had always seemed more like a friend to her than an older brother. When he was twenty be got involved with same religious group. By the time he was twenty-two, he had been the leader. For the last eight years, he and his small band lived in a large house, secluded from the worldly rat-race and following an existence that Brandy wasn't sure she could accept.

Exile with her brother James or the threat of continual rape from her father. The options didn't appear too good to her.

Finally, she choked out, "I... I'll go stay with James. If he'll have me."

"He will, dear. I called and talked to him. While he wasn't exactly overjoyed, he is your brother and he seems to understand the problems around here. He said as long as you followed the simple rules of his religious sect, all would be fine and that you could stay for as long as you wanted."

Brandy nodded her head, wondering what she was getting involved in.

Brandy shivered as the cold wind whipped around her ripe, lush body. She stood, suitcase at her feet, staring at the imposing mansion of her brother and his Children of the Earth sect owned. The teenager hardly recognized James as he came from the front doors to greet her.

"My child, welcome, to peace and harmony." James was dressed in a coarse wool robe that looked like something out of the Middle Ages. He had he waist pulled in and tied with a double loop of chain, a small lock holding the chain fastened in he front. His hair had turned a little gray at the temples and his face seemed unfamiliar.

"James?" she said in a weak voice. "How are you?"

"I am at peace, Brandy." The name seemed to be like acid on his tongue. He almost spat it out. "Thanks for taking me in like this. You know how it is with Daddy, I guess. Did Mom tell you?" She heard herself babbling. The sight of her brother shook her a little. He seemed to be so saintly. It was as if the very idea of sin never touched his mind, much less his body. Brandy had never been around a true holy man before. After their minister had been convicted of molesting small children, she'd stopped going to church.

"I know all," he said. He looked as if he belonged in some cathedral to make all his statements. "And you have agreed to abide by the rules of the sect as long as you are here. You must be purified before being allowed to mingle with the others."

"Purified?" the girl asked. Thoughts of bathing went through her mind. A nice long hot bath would relax her. "Sure, any time."

His eyebrows rose slightly and he smiled for the first time. "This way then, dear sister."

She waited for him to offer to take her suitcase, when he didn't she hefted it herself and went through the big doors of the mansion. The girl had expected to see a sumptuous interior. This had been a ritzy house once. She was a little disappointed to find the inside as barren as the outside. Austere, she guessed was the proper word.

"In there. The purification ceremony will begin immediately!"

She dropped her bag and went through the door James had indicated. The girl stopped dead in her tracks. It looked more like a torture chamber than any religious place she had ever heard of. Whips in racks lined the walls. A brazier burned in the center of the room, branding irons in the coals glowing red hot. A set of stocks dominated the altar, behind which was a crucifix. The crucifix was the only indication this was a church and not something out of the Spanish Inquisition.

"James? What...?"

She had no chance to say anything further. Hands grabbed her and dragged her to the altar.

"What the hell's going on?" she screamed, when she regained her breath. Busy hands worked at her clothing, fumbling, pulling, unbuttoning. She felt her jeans sliding down her trim slender legs. Trying to keep her legs spread wide apart so they couldn't undress her, she twisted to face her brother.

The man stood impassively in the center of the room. The look on his face was one of mild displeasure.

"You said you would undergo the purification ceremony. To stay here, you must!"

"Well, fuck you, James! I'm not going to do any such thing if you have to strip me bare-ass naked!"

"Do so," he said, his voice cold and commanding.

The girl's legs were forced together long enough for the unseen hands to rip her jeans off. She heard the metallic click of scissors, behind and felt the coldness of the blades pressing into her back. Someone snipped up the back of her thin teeshirt and pulled it from her body. She was left clad only in her skimpy panties and thin bra.

Those went next.

The bra strap was cut, and she felt her firm lush tits swaying freely. Cool hands caressed them briefly, almost accidentally, as she was forced forward into the stocks. Her neck and hands were placed in the half-circles. The top piece was lowered and she was firmly imprisoned.

"What's going on?" she screamed. "Why are you doing this to me? James, what's happening?"

He stood like a statue watching her. She felt chills go up and down her spine that had nothing to do with the coldness of the room. She was truly frightened now. She had never really known her brother -- this was a complete stranger to her. His face was pinched and white and he looked mote like a saint than a human being.

Brandy knew for a fact that no human being would ever inflict the kind of humiliation on her that was now being so freely bestowed.

"Remove those Satanic garments," James commanded.

The teenager felt cold fingers working under the waist band of her panties. The hands stroked over the smooth curves of her asscheeks, dipping briefly into the humid crack between them. Then the silk panties were falling to the floor around her ankles.

She was totally naked and at the mercy of her unseen attackers.

"Begin the ceremony of purification," her brother said. He sounded like a recording on a telephone answering device.

"For God's sake, James, what is going on?" she demanded. And then the blonde teenager felt the whip land on her back. She screamed. The pain was almost more than she could bear. The shock probably did as much to make it painful as anything. She hadn't been expecting this kind of treatment.

Craning her neck, she tried to turn her head enough to see what was happening behind her. The wood stock prevented it. She felt the whip land again, the sting less this time. She knew what was happening, but she was helpless to prevent it.

"James!" she pleaded. "Don't let them whip me like this!"

"Fifty lashes to begin the purification," he said. She looked at him in astonishment. This was the purification he had spoken of! What amazed her even more was the sight of the man's robe. The front tented up at his crotch. The girl simply couldn't believe that he was getting a boner watching the others whip her.

And yet that was exactly the way it appeared to her.

She moaned and cried out every time the whip landed on her back. When she had counted to fifty, they released her. The girl collapsed to the floor, weaker than she'd thought possible. But her ordeal wasn't over yet. Her brother came over, gripped her wrists and looped a thin chain around them. He secured it with a small device similar to the lock on the chain around his waist.

He cast her out onto the cold stone floor so that she was on hands and knees. Her nakedness bothered her. The cold was bad but she felt vulnerable, helpless, totally at the mercy of these people.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked, fearing the answer. With her hands securely chained as they were, she could do little to prevent any kind of abuse they wanted to heap on her.

Brandy was truly in a dilemma. She could leave here -- but she would have to return to her father. He might rape her at any time. But was it any better being whipped like a dog? The young girl simply didn't know.

"I must chase out the demons in your body. To do this, I use a switch taken from the sacred hawthorn tree." Her brother was handed a three-foot-long, thin rod of wood. He advanced on her. She tried to scuttle away on hands and knees. This seemed to be what he wanted.

He landed his first blow on her ass. The wood switch smarted as it landed, leaving an ugly red welt. She yelped and this slowed her down. He turned the switch sideways then and landed a blow directly along her cuntlips. The suddenness of the pain exploded in her brain. She thought she would pass out.

He continued lashing out at her, every blow landing squarely on her puffy cuntlips. She moaned and struggled to get away. Wherever she turned, he was there to punish her with the wood switch. He continued to land blow after blow on her naked, tender flesh until she was sure he was going to beat her to death.

Slowly, the teenager realized that even though she was in pain, he wasn't inflicting any permanent damage on her. He was methodically whipping her with the stick but only welts were being raised. He didn't even break the skin, in a way that made the pain worse. She felt knives of agony jabbing up into her cunt.

The girl was surprised to find her cunt beginning to water as if in anticipation of a long, hard cock. She couldn't explain it. Perhaps it was only her body's way of trying to protect itself. But she doubted that.

She realized that she was breathing faster, her pulse pounding, her body demanding more and more attention from her brother's whip. Her cunt was livid with welts now and her asscheeks were criss-crossed with red lines. When she collapsed onto her face, he stuck his foot under her belly and rolled her over. She put up her chained hands to protect her face, but it wasn't her perfectly formed face he wanted to lash out at now.

The length of stick landed squarely on both of her tits at the same time. She screamed. He continued to whip her lovely, snow-white tits. He managed to find the nipples time and time again. His aim was fantastically good. He tormented and teased those nipples into full, pulsing, throbbing, painful erection. They pointed like ugly red fingers directly at the ornate, frescoed ceiling of the grim torture room.

"The Devil's work!" he screamed as he lashed out repeatedly at her. "The Devil is being driven out now. I see it, I feel it!"

Her tits felt as if they would explode. The blood pounding into them made the pain even worse. The girl was about to go out of her head. She tried to protect her tender tits from his whipping with her chained hands, but he moved down her belly to her cunt.

The feel of that hawthorn switch against her cuntlips again told her that she was better able to stand the pain if he whipped her tits. She cried and moaned in pain. Words wouldn't form in her throat.

As suddenly as the attack had started, so it stopped. She looked up, afraid of what she would see. Her brother's face was flushed and he was sweating profusely. She also saw the silver-dollar-sized damp spot on the front of his plain wool robe, right at the crotch.

"She is purified and may stay with us. See to her needs," he said, dropping the wooden rod and walking out, his robes swirling around his thin body.

Brandy felt cool hands, the same cool hands responsible for stripping her, lift her up and carry her away. She was in too much pain to ask where they were taking her. As long as the whipping had stopped, that was good enough for her.

Chapter FOUR

The girl was carried to a dank stone-walled room, probably in the basement of the sprawling mansion. Brandy was too dazed to understand the full import of the bars on the windows and the heavy wood of the door.

She was a prisoner.

But the pain was too much for her to look around. She moaned softly and rolled over, the movement sending red lances of pain throughout her backside. Sitting up wasn't possible. The cold rough stone against her naked ass only accentuated the way her ass had been mercilessly used by the men upstairs.

Still, the girl decided she had to move. If she stayed in one position too long her muscles would tighten up and make future movement even more difficult. Acting as if she were ninety, instead of eighteen, the blonde girl rose and steadied herself against the cold walls of her prison cell.

And prison cell it was. She slowly understood that she wasn't going to leave this place without her brother's permission. And James seemed so changed. He had always been a little bit aloof and reserved. Odd, the other kids called him. Brandy had understood a little of what went on in her older brother's head. Wanting to get away from home would have driven him like it drove her. Staying with her father was impossible for her. It must have been for James also.

This monastic existence, built on pain and suffering -- the "purifying" James had called it -- wasn't Brandy's idea of paradise either. It might be better than staying at home to be raped repeatedly by her father, but getting raped might be better than being whipped relentlessly like she had been.

Her nimble fingers stroked over the welts raised on her ass and back. Her tits smarted as she cupped them and lightly bobbed them up and down. The firm flesh of her tits pressed warmly against her hands triggered off tiny tremors of desire. This was so much nicer than the pain that had been inflicted on her.

In a way she didn't understand, the pain seemed to heighten her senses, make her even more aware of the potential for pleasure in her trim young body. She pressed eager fingers into her nipples. They refused to respond at first. They had been whipped with the wood rod and were suspicious of any touch. But the girl continued stroking and tweaking them between thumb and forefinger. Soon they grew hard and erect.

Hard buttons of lust now, they throbbed and pulsed hotly against her fingers. She rolled the pillars of erectile flesh around and around until the pleasure jolting down into her cunt forced out all thoughts of the pain that had been given her. All the blonde teenager thought about was fingerfucking herself.

As if her fingers were drawn by a magnet, she stroked across the trim plane of her belly and into the tangled mat of her pussy mound. She gasped at the intensity of her feelings. This was the area that her brother had taken special delight in whipping with his wooden rod. The pain at first told her to stop her fingering.

She continued. The pain died away to be replaced by the most indescribable lust she had ever felt. The girl wasn't ready to handle such potent feelings. Her cunt overflowed and drenched her hand with fuck fluids. She slipped a finger into her curd and slowly drew it back and forth in a mock fucking. It wasn't anywhere near as good as having a cock in her cunt, but it would have to do.

This was therapy for the girl. She needed to be taken away from the grim reality of her situation. Locked in the cell naked, she couldn't hope to escape. Ever. But that didn't matter as long as her cunt responded to her fingering.

She stroked along the soft walls of her cunt over and over until the friction mounted and then she added another finger. Using her thumb, she was able to lightly flick across her clit. This set her off. She totally forgot all about her predicament as she reveled in the oceanic waves of ecstasy blasting across her tender young body.

And then the door to her cell opened. The squeaking of unoiled hinges brought her to her senses. Reluctantly, she abandoned her gooey, wonderful cunt and stared at the slowly entering figure. Panic surged again.

"Wh-who's there?" she managed to stutter out. "Who is it? James? Is that you?"

The door closed, the figure standing in the depths of shadow beside it. The person raised an arm as if in greeting.

"Answer me! Who is it? Have you come to beat me again, James?" She felt herself slipping into uncontrollable fright. Nothing would stop her heart from pounding furiously. She lifted one hand in horror to cover her mouth, discovering the salty taste of her own fuck-juices.

"Please," came a meek voice. "Don't make this more difficult for me. I... I am only an apprentice. I have to g-give you this."

A shadow-garment was suspended from the other girl's hand, one of the woolen robes she had seen her brother wearing.

"I can't put that on," Brandy said primly, feeling more confident now. "I still have my hands chained. There's no way..."

The other girl advanced now, a key in her hands. She silently unlocked the chains and motioned for Brandy to dress in the robe. The blonde girl did so, then was taken by surprise when the other girl looped the chain around her waist and refastened it. The snapping lock and the links cutting into Brandy's waist told the story. She was still a prisoner. She might cut off the robe, but the chain was securely fixed around her waist as a constant reminder of what she had gotten herself into. Her brother thought of everything.

"What is this place?" she demanded. "I haven't seen my brother in ages -- and he's changed! God, has he changed! I can't believe he whipped me like a dog."

"He purified you," the meek girl said. "Brother James purified you to get rid of the evil lurking in your body. Just like he did me to rid, me of evil."

The girl cast her eyes downward, as if ashamed of something she'd said. Brandy forgot her fright and the pain in her body, curious now.

"What's wrong? What evil lurking in my body? I'm not evil, and you certainly don't look evil. What's going on? What does James want?"

"He is a good man, a great man!" the girl suddenly said. Her pale cheeks showed tiny circles of red as her excitement mounted. "He is the only one who can lead us from this wasteland we've formed for ourselves. He can show us the true path and lead us to the ecological niche that should have been ours."

"And he whips people to do this? Come off it!" Brandy was shocked to see the sudden change in the girl's expression. It turned from angelic to demonic. The anger flaring in the girl's eyes told her the complete story. She had just insulted a God-like being and now she was going to have to pay.

"Brother James was right about you. More than superficial evil lurks in that temptress body of yours. You must be purged further."

"The hell with that! I want out of this nut house!"

"There is no escape. You are here for good. We are prisoners of our own faith and must remain to keep the cause strong. Nothing less than total twenty-four-hour-a-day devotion is acceptable."

"Bullshit," Brandy muttered under her breath. "Why don't you show me around the place?"

"Maybe that will show the right path to me. You know, maybe I'll get into the swing of life around here." She stared at the cold dripping stone walls of her cell and shivered. Getting used to this barren room would take a hell of a lot of doing. Her bedroom back at home wasn't any showplace, but it was worlds better than this -- even if she did have to lock her door to keep her raping father away from her.

"Very well. That sounds like a good idea. Come this way."

The girl swirled out of the cell, her robes swishing around bare ankles. Brandy made the immediate discovery that the woolen, robes were scratchy. They chafed her tender skin in all the wrong places. She felt the robe pulling hard against her nipples, irritating them, making them grow hard. And the way the coarse robe rubbed over her tortured ass made every single step a new torture.

But it was better to follow this odd girl on a guided tour of the mansion -- and maybe find some way out -- than it was to freeze her ass off in the cell. She knew she wouldn't be able to escape from that, not in a month of Sundays.

Brandy followed the girl silently, taking in the strangeness of the mansion. Once it had been elegant. James had stripped away all the furnishings and replaced them with utilitarian barren seats that would look more at home in some monastery. And the coldness seemed to seep into the young girl's bones. The house was both physically and spiritually cold.

"We believe in total balance of the ecology. Of course, that means that humans must control their inner drives if we are to live in harmony with all nature."

"Inner drives?" Brandy asked cautiously. She thought she knew what the girl was getting at and it scared her.

"We must transcend our animalistic instincts."

"Like fucking?" Brandy said suddenly, hoping to shock the girl. She succeeded, or so it seemed. The other girl cringed a little at the dirty word.

"Yes, rutting like animals only overpopulates the world. Brother James is wise. He tells us when to copulate."

"Copulate? God, you make it sound even more like animals having at it. Fucking is fun. Don't you enjoy it?"

"Of course not. That's the mark of evil! You are definitely out of harmony with the earth. The Children of the Earth have much work to do with you, I see. You must be purified!"

"Bullshit," Brandy cried, shoving the girl aside and running. She didn't care where, she went as long as it was away from this misguided fool. The girl ran and ran until she finally blundered into a small closet. She hid inside, her tits rising and falling heavily under the coarse robe. In spite of herself, Brandy felt faint stirrings inside her cunt.

It might have been in protest against the horrible things the other girl had told, her. She loved fucking, she loved sex in all its forms. To give them all up was obscene!

She heard the slap-slap of bate feet on the floors outside the closet. Brandy opened the door a crack and peered out to see if her hiding place had been discovered. She saw her brother confronting the girl who was frantically searching for her.

"You lost her? You ignorant slut! You must undergo immediate purification for this breach of rules. No unpurified brother or sister is allowed freedom in the halls after sunset!"

"Brother James, I beseech you! I seek her even now. She can't have gotten far!"

Brandy cringed when she saw her brother unlock the chain from around his waist and swing it in a dazzling are through the air. The poor girl moaned as the chain wrapped itself around her neck. Frantically, she tried to loosen it. James merely pulled her along like a captive balloon on a string.

"To the purification rites!" he ordered. Brandy watched until they vanished from her field of vision. Curious, she poked her head out into the hall. They were gone. She hastily stepped out, wondering where they had gone. Then she heard noises coming from one of the rooms. She had to see what was going on.

She opened the door of the room a crack and peered in. Brandy had to cover her mouth with, her hand to keep from crying out loud. The girl who had been showing her around the house was stripped naked and tied on the altar in such a way that her cunt was widely exposed to whomever wanted to fuck her.

"You have sinned. Sin is a crime against all of nature. You are inharmonious. You must learn the rhythm of the universe once again."

James slipped out of his robe. Brandy gasped when she saw the size of his hard-on. It didn't look so much like a cock as it did a telephone pole. She had never guessed her brother was this well-hung. Just the sight of his hard long cock made her cunt begin to churn again. To get a piece of that action was more than she could hope for!

The girl tried to keep her thoughts from running away with her. This was her brother she was having carnal thoughts about. She couldn't possibly fuck him. That would be incest. And what he was doing to the chained girl on the altar wasn't much different from what their father had done to Brandy. The only difference was in attitude.

The girl chained spread-eagle on the altar had an expression on her face that Brandy found hard to identify. Then she realized this was a religious experience for the young girl. She was getting fucked while she was bound and helpless. It seemed like some sort of religious sacrament.

Brandy couldn't understand it. She would be furious if it were she on the altar, and yet her cunt was beginning to drool in the most lewd manner possible. She pressed fingers into the coarse robe and shivered as the material caressed her most delicate flesh.

Moaning softly she began to masturbate as she watched the X-rated scene in the room unfold. Her brother walked closer to the altar, his huge prick held firmly in his hand. Only the purple-tipped knob of his glans poked out.

"You must be purified by the wand of justice," he intoned. He got up onto the altar, his knees pressing apart the young girl's thighs. Then he dropped his full weight onto the helpless woman.

Brandy could see it all. And it thrilled her strangely. She could see the long hard rod of her brother's cock part the pink scalloped cuntlips and then vanish from sight. The girl getting fucked arched her back and screamed at the rough penetration.

"Fuck me, Brother James, fuck me and make me gooooood!"

"My fleshy sword will drive forth the demons of uncaring from your body. You shall be whole again."

His hips moved with slow rhythmic jerks. Brandy opened the door a little farther so she could see every second of this wanton act. She was horrified that her brother would chain a girl down like this and fuck her, but she was also turned on by it.

She kept her own hand moving restlessly across her cunt, pressing into the turgid flaps of her cuntlips and then driving her finger all the way up into her cunt. She didn't bother to put her hand under her robe. She simply wrapped the rough woolen robe around her finger and fucked herself that way. The coarseness of the robe only added to her excitement. Never had she felt surges like she was getting in her cunt now. She finger-fucked herself faster and faster as she saw her brother's hairy ass begin to knot and strain with his fucking rhythm.

"Purify me, Brother James!" the chained girl on the altar cried out repeatedly. "Cancel out all the evil in my body. Drive it out with your fleshy sword of justice!"

"I... will!" panted the man, his body moving faster. There was a light sheen of sweat all over him now as the exertion of the fucking took its toll on his body. His magnificently muscled body rippled such as Brandy had never seen before. She had always thought that her brother was something of a skinny runt, but he was showing her a completely different side of his nature now. The muscles standing out weren't huge ones, not like a weightlifter's, but they were ample. They were like the smooth flowing muscles of a swimmer, rippling and surging and completely under control.

She saw his fuckstick part those puffy cuntlips and drive mercilessly all the way into the chained girl's cunt. The girl on the altar struggled passionately as the man fucked her faster and harder and deeper. Every thrust threatened to rip her apart all the way to the chin. And she still begged for more!

"Drive out all the evil! Make me a good person again! I need it sooooo!"

The man didn't answer. His cock pistoned in and out. From her vantage point at the door, Brandy could heat the lewd slurping noises as the cunt oils slopped out around the thick plug of cock. The girl was getting a royal fucking and loving it.

And she called this purification!

If this was what it meant to get purified, then Brandy loved this more than anything else in the world. It was sure as hell a sight better than being beaten with wood sticks.

"I... I feel the nearness of the purification," grunted James. "The fluid of power is soon to erupt!"

He humped faster, his cock fucking into the softly yielding cunt. The pink cuntlips seemed to caress and kiss his cock with every stroke. Then he arched his back and groaned loudly. Brandy could see his balls convulsively jerking and contracting. Her brother was spilling out his hot jism into the girl's cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes, I feel it!" the girl sobbed.

And then it was over. The man sighed and relaxed and got off the stone altar. He motioned to two robed figures standing at the side of the room to come and release the girl.

"She is purified once again. My holy body fluids mingle with hers and make her pure. Evil is driven out of her."

Brandy almost laughed. He seemed so solemn. He'd just fucked a pretty girl and he was sounding like an old man now. He should be relaxing, enjoying the warm afterglow from a good fucking. And then it hit Brandy that perhaps he didn't consider this a good fucking. He might actually think of it as a duty, an act of purification.

Still, fucking by any other name would feel just as good. The blonde girl knew that the girl on the receiving end of that huge cock had to be feeling warm and good all over. She had to.

Her own fingers delved deeper and deeper into her cunt, but she froze when she heard her brother's cold voice say, "Look no more for the evil one. My sister stands at the door coveting our purification ritual."

She was caught!

Chapter FIVE

Brandy looked around for someplace to run. All exits were closed to her. She saw one of the dark robed figures advancing on her from each end of the hallway. In the purification room there was only her brother. The girl and her two acolytes had vanished through some side door.

Side door! That thought hit Brandy like a load of bricks. If the others had escaped that way, so could she. She hastily pushed her way into the room. The dampness on the front of her brown robe told what she had been doing, but that didn't matter to her. She didn't care what her nut-case brother thought. All she wanted was out of here before he did something to her.

She ran across the room and rattled the handle of the door. Locked. Turning back, she faced her naked brother. The look on his face was one of peace and complete lust. She didn't know how he could combine the two the way he did. He was a holy man -- self-proclaimed -- and yet he was still a man. He had taken no vow of chastity. The fucking of the chained girl on the altar had shown that. If anything, he had elevated sex to the point where only the highest of the religious order were allowed to fuck.

"James, please, this is Brandy. I'm your sister. You don't want to do anything to me you'd regret later."

"You are in need of purification, too. And in your case, it is imperative that it be done immediately."

She tried to dodge around him. Strong fingers clamped firmly on her upper arm and spun her around. Her body collided with his. In that moment, she felt a weakness pass through her. She couldn't define what it was. Something like the first time she knew she was going to get fucked. And there was more to it. Looking into her brother's eyes, she saw something of the religious man as well, as the sex-starved animal. And the combination worked magic on her.

All strength fled and she couldn't struggle any longer. She had to give in to his desires. In some way she didn't even begin to understand, she wanted to fuck her very own brother. She wanted to feel that huge cock of his driving into her needy cunt, hard, fast, loving. She had to have that.

And he could give her heaven.

"Please, James, you're hurting me." But the protest was weak. She didn't mean it. She didn't really care if he hurt her or not, as long as he gifted her with his long, virile cock.

"To the altar," he said coldly.

Meek as a lamb, she obeyed. She felt herself being split into two separate people in that instant. Deep inside her head something screamed out against this. It told her that she was going to be raped just as her father had raped her. And this would be all the worse. Not only was it incest, but her brother had just finished fucking another helpless girl.

That was one part of her mind speaking. The other limply obeyed. She found all strength gone from arms and legs. They hung like leaden weights. She couldn't look away from her brother's magnetic gaze.

"On the altar," he commanded.

"James, this doesn't have to be nasty. Look, let's just fuck, you and me. I know it sounds odd, but I saw you with the other girl and I got hot! Did I get the hots for that cock of yours! Sure, I know it's incest, but who the fuck cares? I want your cock. Let's just get it on!"

"Bitch!" he cried, slapping her across the face. The impact knocked her flat on her back across the stone altar. The sudden cruelty of his action hurt her more than the blow.

"Wh-what's wrong, James? I th-thought you wanted to fuck me!"

"I don't want to fuck you, as you so crudely put it. I want to lead you to an enlightenment you have never found before. I want to purify your body, not fuck it." His tone told her that he saw a difference. She was amazed. Fucking was fucking and that was all there was to it. But James distinguished a world of difference.

"James, we can..."

She never finished. Strong hands gripped her wrists and pulled her back onto the stone altar. A quick snap and the chain around her waist was freed and her robe was pulled off. She was naked and totally at her brother's mercy.

What made it even worse for the teenager, she didn't know what she wanted from him. She had seen him fucking and the sight of his cock turned her on in a big way. To feel its manly virile power driving hard and fast into her cunt would be wonderful. But it was incest. She didn't want that. And she certainly didn't want him fucking her like her father had done. That was rape.

Brandy wasn't sure what her brother thought about a man stuffing his cock all the way into a woman's cunt. He seemed to veil the act of fucking in odd religious terms.

"Spread those legs, wanton harlot!"

Meekly she did as she was told. Her legs drifted apart to widely expose her juicy gash. She felt a cool breeze on her agitated cunt. She was hot and ready for anything -- as long as it came with hot, hard cock!

"The razor!" commanded James.

"What?" she screamed. She tried to close her legs, but he had moved to the fleshy vee. Her knees banged against the sides of his naked body. She could see his cock stirring, stiffening in lust. The idea of taking a razor to his own sister was turning him on!

What kind of a beast was this man?

Brandy didn't know. After the first scream, she felt her mouth turn dry with fear. Her words were all cloaked in cotton and she swallowed with great difficulty. She saw one of the robed figures hand James a nasty-looking straight razor. The gleam from its sharp blade hypnotized her. She tried to look away but found she couldn't.

"The slut must be shorn of her vanity before true purification can be attained. Let us take her back to a childhood state of innocence. Let us remove the wanton whore symbols front her body."

She did scream when James ran the edge of the razor across her belly toward her jiggling tits. He stopped at the broad base of her left tit, the sharp edge of the razor pressing into her flesh but not cutting it. She almost fainted in terror when he slowly stroked the naked edge of the blade all the way to her nipple.

The girl felt that savage ugly razor blade every inch of the way. Her skin crawled and turned to gooseflesh. And when he batted around her nipple with the side of the razor, she blacked out.

She came to and felt the man running the blade over the bumpy plain of her areola. He wasn't harming her, but the idea that the slightest jerk on his part could cut off her rigid nipple appalled her.

And what appalled her even more was the idea that her nipple was so hard. She was responding sexually to this torture. She tried to calm her racing heart and found she couldn't. Her fear was a sexual thing, a beast devouring her insides. Her cunt frothed and boiled. She couldn't close her legs, and the sight of the man's raging hard-on was almost enough to make her faint again.

"She responds. She is ready for the next portion of purification."

Brandy screamed again when the hot lather hit her tender cunt. She watched in utter fascination and horror as one of the men slathered the white foam all over her blonde pussy fur. Her numbed mind refused to understand what was happening until her brother began shaving off her cunt-hair. "James, you can't do this to me!" she shrieked.

"I'm your sister. This is sick!"

"This is part of the purification."

She stopped struggling when she realized he was going to shave her snatch bare whether she fought him or not. No longer trying to kick free of his grasp at least assured her that he wouldn't cut her with the impossibly sharp razor. She watched in mute horror as he carefully drew it over her pussy mound, the crinkly blonde hair vanishing under its steely edge. Then he stroked it across her cunt lips. She could feel the hair being shave off.

What was worst of all for the girl was the tingling feeling deep in her guts. This was turning her on! The feel of harsh steel so close to her cunt made her all juicy inside.

"Please," she begged, "stop this now!"

"The next phase of the purification is about to begin." A quick brush of the hem of his robe and her cunt was wiped clean of all the foam. She saw that her snatch now gleamed a dull pink, shining just like it did when she was eleven years old. She had never thought much about her fleecy bush -- until now.

She missed it. She missed it and the idea of the freedom it had given her. Now the girl was totally under the domination of her brother. Escaping him wouldn't be easy, but she vowed to do that. No matter what other atrocity he might perform on her body, she would escape. She just had to!

"To the crucifix. Secure her to the crucifix!" cried James, pointing. She looked in the direction he pointed and then looked back at her brother. He sported a huge hard-on, throbbing with life, dancing and bucking at a jaunty angle in front of his groin. He was intensely aroused by the idea of shaving her snatch and was even hotter for the idea of chaining her to the cross-pieces of the crucifix.

The wooden beams were different from most crosses. A double beam formed an X shape. They quickly chained her waist around the middle of the cross and then tied her wrists and ankles down firmly. She was supported only by the bonds on her body. The sagging weight pressing against the chains made her weak and feeble. She wanted nothing more than to be out of here, even if it meant going to her raping father.

"What is going on, James?" she demanded. "I don't know what's wrong with you people. You tortured that other girl and now you're doing this to me, your very own sister! Why?"

"The purification demands it. You must be whole before being allowed to go and touch the earth again. Ecology tells us we are all one with nature. A single unit out of harmony will destroy us all. We are attempting to get all humans into agreement with nature. You must be purified so that your ways do not kill us all!"

"That's silly!" she said, but she felt the strength ebbing from her arms and legs. The circulation was being cut off by the chains and the sharp, tingly feelings were going to cause bruises from where the chain's links cut into her flesh.

"No, it's the way! The only way of saving all humanity!"

The cross was wheeled out into the center of the room. She felt a little sick to her stomach from the lurching. And then she realized that the cross was being lowered. Her feet didn't quite touch the floor when she felt herself falling backwards. Supported in some manner she couldn't figure out, she was widespread and vulnerable to her brother's sexual, advance. Her newly shorn cunt throbbed and her cuntlips pulsed with need.

And she saw his cock gleaming like a majestic spike in front of his crotch. There was something hypnotizing about the way it jerked and bucked closer and closer to her cunt. She idly wondered how he had gotten his boner back so fast after fucking the other girl. And then it didn't matter.

The blunted head of his cock pressed into he blood-engorged cuntlips. She bit back a cry, not wanting to show any weakness to him. And there the entire plum-tipped end of his cock was penetrating her cunt. He didn't slam into her as had done with the other girl. The entry was gradual. And in a way, this was almost worse than if he had fucked hard and fast into her tiny cunt.

She felt every single inch of his cock and responded to it. She couldn't help herself. She moaned and thrashed around on the cross, but the chains held her firmly in place. No way could she turn to avoid the thrusting cock of her fanatical brother.

"James, oh, James, nooooooo!"

She felt the full length of his pulsating cock drive into her tight, hot cunt. The girl screamed as her resilient cuntlips struggled to expand enough to take the thick girth of his cock. Never had she had such a well-hung man fuck her before. Her cunt could barely handle it. For a moment, the girl felt like she was being torn apart.

Then came relief -- and with it stark, teeth rattling carnal pleasure.

Her cunt was filled with hot manmeat. His cock throbbed and danced with every heartbeat. She could feel his balls swinging lightly against her whipped ass. The effect turned her on more than she would have thought. Frothy cunt oils boiled from her interior. Her entire cunt was well-greased.

The entry of her brother's cock into her cunt wasn't anywhere near as bad as when he slowly pulled it out. The thickness of his cock formed a perfect seal with her cunt walls. The suction formed behind the head of his cock made her think he was pulling her guts out as he retreated.

"Nooooooo!" she tried. And then there came a lewd sucking noise. With it came relief. The man's cock had fallen from her cunt lips. She could tense and relax them and feel that his cock only rested in the juicy gash of her cuntlips, not in her cunt hole.

But this didn't last. Her brother stroked back and forth, his cock surrounded by her cuntlips. She gasped for breath, hardly knowing why she was getting so excited. She felt her tits rising and falling, her emotions running away with her. She couldn't hold down her need for his cock any longer.

The girl bit her lip before begging, "Fuck me, James, fuck your little sister as good as you can. I neeeeed it!"

He laughed, short and harsh. Then she screamed when he drove his cock back into her clutching cunt. He ground his crotch into hers, making sure his pubic hair ground down fiercely on her newly shorn cunt. The feel of a man's bush against her asked cuntlips was something stark and new for the girl. Her body hardly knew how to react.

The pain shooting into her cunt told her that he had nicked her a few times with the razor. But the pain was nothing compared to the feel of his big cock banging, on her innermost membrane. Her cunt walls clutched fiercely at his cock, every single contour of that delicious fuck stick transmitted to her flesh.

The bell-shaped head poked hard and exciting into her cunt. Directly behind it came the thick veined shaft of his cock. She moaned loudly as soon as she felt the big blue vein on the top of his cock begin to throb and pulse with fiery lust.

Her brother was lusting for her! The girl couldn't believe this was really happening to her. She felt the chains cutting into her tender flesh. The way her whipped ass felt told her this couldn't possibly be a dream. No dream could be filled with such agony -- and such pleasure.

He fucked her with long easy strokes. Then he increased the tempo until her cunt walls threatened to melt under the friction of cockhead against cunt. She moaned and tried to move with the fucking. She was a passionate woman who enjoyed giving as much as she was getting.

It wasn't possible. The bonds on her legs and arms held her almost immobile. She tried to hunch up to get more of that precious fucking cock into her cunt. The chain around her waist stopped her from doing that. She was totally at the mercy of her dominating brother.

Incest. And more. This was a religious act for James. She hardly understood the way he thought, but she could feel his intensity. As he fucked her faster, she knew that he wasn't thinking about her only as a cunt to be fucked. He was reliving some intensely personal religious experience.

Her cunt convulsed as she came. The orgasm took the girl almost by surprise. She hadn't thought it possible to get off after such abuse. But she did. And it shook her hard.

She strained and moaned and thrashed about, but the chains held her firmly in place. Her cunt never strayed from the direct line with her brother's hard-fucking prick. She felt his cock jerk mightily once, twice, then explode like a stick of dynamite planted in her guts.

His jism blasted into her eagerly awaiting cunt. And she climaxed another time, the man's words burning in her mind.

"Purification! I have purified another wanton whore! Soon they will all be clean!"

Chapter SIX

Brandy hung there on the crucifix feeling her entire body tingle and glow with the sweet inner warmth of a good fucking. She didn't know if she should laugh or cry. This was absurd. She was getting fucked by her very own brother and he didn't even seem to enjoy fucking her all that much. He believed it was his duty to purify her.

Some purification! But there was the other side to this dark grim business. She was being used and abused. She was nothing more than a convenient hole for her brother to plug with his meaty cock. He didn't see her as a person at all and they both realized that. She was a means to an end. What that end was, the blonde teenager didn't really know.

And the way her wrists and ankles hurt, she didn't care. All that mattered to her was getting the hell away from this place. She would run away. Maybe go out west and get a job in the movies. She was pretty and there always seemed to be a need for pretty girls with big tits in the movies.

Rattling her chains slightly, she called out to James, "Are you going to release me now? You've purified me enough, God only knows."

"Don't take the name of the Lord in vain! I am His servant and you are being tempted into blasphemy!"

She sighed. Nothing she said was good enough for her crazy brother. Looking down between her legs, she saw a sight that turned her on in a big way. Her brother's jizz was slowly leaking out from her well-fucked cunt. The pussylips parted delicately and the white goo flowed out and along the inside of her tender thighs. From there, it dripped down to the rough wood cross-piece supporting her legs.

"I don't think you are really purified. You are still in Satan's grip. Further purification is called for."

"Any time, big brother," she said, her voice husky. And then the girl saw what James really had in mind. Several others entered the room, solemn and silent. Somehow, their silence made it spookier than if they'd been leering and joking about her.

"She is still possessed of evil. Cleanse her body, and her soul will follow. Do it! Now!"

"Wait a second, James. This is fucking stupid. I iiieeee..."

The dark-robed men quickly unfastened Brandy's chains. She thought she could get away from them then. She was wrong. Her arms and legs were still like lead weights, unable to move under their own power. If the men hadn't supported her on strong arms, she would have fallen on her face.

Still, this was a chance to escape. It was the first time since James had imprisoned her that she had been free of all the chains. But she couldn't fight them off. Even if she had been strong and as agile as normal, the girl doubted that these men would make the slip necessary to allow her to race from the room.

Even if she did get away, where would she go? She had no idea how to get out of the house. The view through the cell in the basement had told her all the windows had iron bars over them. Besides, she couldn't go running off bare-ass naked like she was. She would be arrested. James could give some cock and bull story about how she was deranged and they were trying to aid her. She would be returned here to even more torment.

Brandy felt abandoned and helpless, more than at any other time in her life. Having her father rape her had been traumatic, but the dread building in her young mind now was overwhelming. No matter what she did, she was in for a world of pain and sorrow.

"James," she pleaded, "give me my clothes and let me go. I won't say a thing about what you've done to me."

"You won't tell the world I have driven the evil from its house of prominence in your wanton body? She is definitely still a member of Satan's hand. Do what you must to drive evil from her body!"

She felt the strong hands pulling her toward the stone altar. She didn't want to end up there like the other girl. Being chained to the cross had been bad enough but this was even more terrible. The cold stone, the rough treatment and probably being raped by several of the men. Gang-rape, even when done for her purification, wasn't appealing.

They were simply too strong for her. They threw her face down on the altar and chained her hands to either side. She hadn't seen the D-rings placed in the floor all around the raised stone. Those firmly held her chains -- and her.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she cried. "This is wrong. I don't want you to touch me!"

They touched her. She cringed as a hard long cock was dragged over the entire length of her body. The man had shucked off his coarse dark robe and held his erection firmly. He moved the plum-tipped cock from her wrists all along her arms and then paused for a moment near her armpit, as if wondering if he should try fucking it. With her arms stretched tautly above her head, there wasn't much chance of his actually doing it.

He continued moving his cock along her ribs. He traced out each and every rib with the tip of his cock before moving lower. Brandy felt a tingle passing through her body as he touched her. It was the sexual electricity she had felt when fucking. But this was absurd! She couldn't respond to such a man's overtures. Yet her body was telling her this was a good thing, that she should really enjoy it.

She felt her cunt begin to boil and froth inside. She was getting hot simply from having the man's cock rubbed all over her body.

Or was it that at all? The girl tried to figure it out. All her life she had used men. They had seemed like pushovers to her. They all wanted one thing and one thing only: to fuck her. Knowing this, she could control them. She wanted them to fuck her, sure, but she didn't have to let them know that.

And that was what she had done. But these men were above her charms. They ignored them for some higher purpose. She didn't understand why they did what they did, but the blonde teenager realized she wasn't able to control them -- or her brother. James was so dominant. He had seemed a weak and scrawny man when she had first come here. Now she knew better. He was strong in both body and mind. He wasn't a weakling like so many of the boys she used to date.

As the cock worked lower and lower on her body, she felt herself responding more. Her breathing became harsh and ragged. Her tits were crushed into the cold rough stone. As her nipples expanded with lust, they were mashed flat by the unyielding rock.

The chains on her wrists held her firmly. They were cutting brutally into her wrists but the girl hardly noticed now. The feel of that cock was like a branding iron on her skin. When the man shoved his cock between the meaty slabs of her asscheeks, she almost came.

She wasn't telling him what to do. This man was doing what he wanted. She had no control over the situation. A dominant man, was going to do whatever seemed appropriate. The hot cock plunged deeper into the humid canyon of her crack.

When she realized he was going to fuck her in the asshole, she cried out, "No, not there! Please, no man's ever fucked me in the asshole!"

The cock pressing hotly between her asscheeks jerked in lust. Her words only spurred the man on. Usually, her requests were granted by the men she went out with. She had them all plotted out and could wrap a man around her little finger with ease.

Not so with this man. He had a duty and he was going to perform it. Nothing she could say would stop him. And physically, she was helpless to prevent him from perpetrating any outrage on her body he wanted.


She sobbed as his cock began worrying the tiny ring of muscle around her asshole. Her fear caused the pinkly puckered opening to close down tight. She didn't want any man fucking her asshole like this. Having a cock rushing in and out of her cunt was a treat. To have it up her ass was perverted and dirty. Nothing they had done to her before this could match for feeling of shame and degradation.

"Don't do it. It h-h-hurts!"

The man's cock shoved harder against her asshole. She felt hot fingers pulling her doughy asscheeks apart so that he could get a better shot at her chary hole. But those fingers did more than separate her asscheeks. They controlled her movements.

No manner of squirming and thrashing around now would release her from his grip. He rotated the slabs of assmeat in opposite directions. The girl knew she should feel only revulsion and fear. Yet, something inside her responded to this rough treatment. The chains, the cold stone bruising her tender tits, the manhandling of her ass, she loved it all. She got hotter and hotter.

The girl cried openly now. She was being humiliated and she loved it. Knowing her brother stood by with arms crossed, watching approvingly, made it all the worse. He should protect his kid sister. He shouldn't allow me to gang-rape her up the ass. But he was the one who told them to do it!

Brandy felt alone in the world, abandoned and totally rejected by everyone. Her body was battered and bruised and she was securely chained to some pagan altar. Her cunt churned out more lubricants and her breathing became harsher and more demanding. She felt her tits expanding with excited blood. No matter what her mind told her about hating this, her body was getting off on the abuse in a big way!

She tried to plead with her captors again but the feel of the blunted end of the man's cock poling into the tight ring of her asshole stole the words from her lips. The emotions rampaging through her body were intense. She had never felt this hot before in her entire life. And all because some man wanted to fuck her asshole as part of some sick purification rite.

The cock could not enter her asshole. The harder he pressed, the tighter the ring of muscle became. But the man didn't stop. He knew what he was doing and there was no way he was going to pass up such a tight berth inside the young girl's asshole.

He moved his cock downward until he nudged apart the delicately flowering lips of her cunt.

Ramming forward, he shoved his cock deep into her cunt. She screamed at the sudden penetration. One instant, he was trying to fuck her up the ass. When the greeking didn't work, he changed and fucked into her cunt. Her cunt had tightened up after James had fucked her. This entry into her virgin-tight cunt threatened to rip her apart.

He stroked a few times back and forth, soaking up her fuck-juices, then pulled out of her with a wet little plop. His leaving her cunt was almost as bad as the sudden entry. She felt empty and hollow inside. Her cunt hungered for more cock -- but she knew he wasn't going to give it to her in her cunt.

"This isn't right," she sobbed out. "Don't! Please don't do it! I... I'll do anything you want, but don't fuck me up the asshole!"

The man's cock was well oiled now from his brief excursion up her cunt. His slippery cock managed to slide past her asshole until the thick head of his cock was hidden away inside. For a moment they were frozen in this position, neither of them able to move or speak. With great deliberation, the man slowly shoved his cock deeper and deeper into the seething flesh of her asshole.

Her entire body trembled as the cock pushed into her asshole. She felt every single inch of that mighty fuckstick as it stretched her unfucked asshole to the limits. She knew he was going to rip and tear her tender flesh. She would bleed to death.

Everything about this ass-fucking was evil. She could hardly bear the idea that her brother was supervising it with grim approval. He had ordered her chained to this stone so that her sweet young ass could be raped. That hardly seemed the thing an older brother would do, much less one with a religious calling.

She strained against the chains on her wrists. This only caused the metal links to cut deeper into her flesh. She felt the stone chafing and rubbing her belly and tits raw. But this turned her on in some fashion she couldn't even begin to understand. The told hard stone flattening her ample tits made her feel hot. The chains made her feel hot. The idea that she was completely helpless and at this man's mercy made her feel hotter than hell.

Brandy had never been more confused in her young life.

Those things weren't supposed to turn her on. Why should being chained and powerless to fend off this man's advances turn her on so much? She didn't know, but they did. In a big way.

She shuddered and moaned as another inch of his cock was shoved deeper into her guts. Finally, when his balls slapped wetly against her cuntlips, she knew he was as deep into her asshole as he could get. Trying to hunch up and ram her hips into his crotch got her nowhere. The chains fastened her to the stone altar too securely. She had to simply lie there and take whatever he gave her.

But she was getting enough cock to keep her satisfied. It hurt like fire. If someone had rammed a burning hot poker into her guts, it couldn't hurt more. But she was slowly getting used to the feel of the mighty cock pulsing inside her shit chute. And she was responding to it. She moaned and moved her ass in tiny, demanding circles. It was all her position would allow. But she needed faster and harder fucking or she would go mad from lust.

"Fuck me," she pleaded. "Fuck my ass gooooooood!"

The man took no notice of her plea. He simply stayed where he was, buried to the hilt in her asshole. She tensed and relaxed her muscles in an attempt to get him to move. She tried to massage his hidden cock by rippling her ass muscles. She felt some response out of his cock. It jerked mightily, then went back to its silent powerful vigil.

The girl didn't know what he was waiting for. Her asshole had expanded enough to take the thickness of his cock without slowing him down any. And the heat boiling out of her asshole should be driving him wild with lust. It was driving her out of her skull!

As if on some cue, he began retreating. The suction formed in her asshole was almost more than she could stand. His cockhead pressed tightly into her asshole and formed a perfect vacuum seal. By the time his cock was almost out of her asshole, she was screaming and crying openly. He was pulling her guts out of her.

"Fuck hard!" she begged. "Ram it to me! Give me all the cock you can! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee!"

He didn't change the tempo of his ass-fucking. Slowly, agonizingly, he tortured the girl with a gradual re-entry. She was about out of her mind I with desire now. She wanted to feel his heated cock reaming her out. She wanted to burn inside from the friction of his fucking. But there was no way to make him speed up.

He was the one with the key to her chains. He was the one who had bound her so securely. He was the one who controlled every aspect of her existence. She both hated, him and loved him. She wanted more from him and she wanted him to go away.

What she wanted, however, meant nothing. He was in control of her mind and body. What he wanted was all that mattered.

And he wanted to fuck her slowly, easily, building both their passions until there was nothing left but giant orgasmic release. When, his cock finished its second trip into her asshole, he began grinding his bush into her ass. This sparked renewed lust in the young girl's body. Her ass had been whipped and abused earlier. The rough cloth of her robe had aggravated her pain. And now he was twisting and pushing his bush hard into her ass.

What made it even worse for the blonde girl was the realization that her own bush had been stripped away. She had been shaved. She was nothing to this man. She was someone to show and teach, not someone to share with.

"Fuck me, please," she moaned out. Her entire body hurt. At the same time, she couldn't remember when she had felt more alive. She hurt and she was living for the first time. She had found a man -- men -- who wouldn't buckle under to her when she batted her eyes at them. And this was the result.

Cock. Hard, hot cock all the way up her asshole. She felt the man's hairy thighs against her ass and then came the intense suction inside her asshole again. He was pulling out. But she knew he would be back soon. Very soon. The girl had felt the man's cock begin to expand just a little. More and more blood pounded into his cock. She could feel the change in its size through her tensed gripping inner tissues.

Trying as hard as she could to entice him back, the girl reluctantly relaxed her asshole. She realized it might have felt like a hangman's noose around his cock. He couldn't want to fuck into that and maybe get his cock chopped off. She tried to make her body more attractive to him.

He came back in a surge. One instant, her body cried out for cock. The next it was filled to overflowing. She cried out in pain as he began to really fuck her asshole. The friction of his cock moving against her innermost bowels, the way he ground his cock into her tortured asshole, the way his hands pressed fervently into the sides of her body, all turned her on. She was warmed by the friction, then it devoured her entire body. She came.

Her body shook as if she had some sort of erotic palsy. But she wanted more than this. She had to get more from her very first ass-fucking. She tried again in vain to get her hips ramming back to greet his incoming cock. They had chained her too cunningly to the stone altar. She was totally passive. She could only accept what this man wanted to give.

He gave more and more of his cock. And this sent her passions soaring. When she thought she would melt inside from the carnal heat generated by the fucking, she felt the hot sweet surge of his jism filling her asshole. He continued to fuck with the same mechanical rhythm until his cock melted inside her and slipped out, amid a flow of his own jizz and her shit.

The ass-fuck had robbed the teenager of alt her strength. Limply, she clung to the stone, grateful for the chains to hold her. This was unlike any fucking she had ever engaged in before -- and she loved it. Every single humiliating moment of it was great!

Chapter SEVEN

"Bring in the other demanding purification," James said. Brandy couldn't even twist around to see who he was talking about. All she could do was stay prone on the stone altar and listen to the hammering pulse in her head. The girl's heart refused to die down to a normal pace. The idea of being ass-fucked like she had been was repulsive -- and she still got off on it.

Her head wasn't in good working order, she decided something had gone wrong. James and the others were degrading her and she was loving it. She should be struggling against their deprecations, fighting them with every ounce of her once proud spirit. Whatever it was that robbed her of her will to fight also added fuel to her enjoyment.

She liked being dominated. She liked the helpless feeling of being chained to this altar. There were no decisions to make; they were being made for her. She didn't have to feel guilty about getting ass fucked. How could she have changed the outcome? Chained and at the mercy of these men, no one could expect her to escape.

She could enjoy the illicit sex with her brother and have her ass raped and still be guiltless. It was all being done to her. She shivered a little from the coldness seeping into her naked body and wondered what was next. The chains cut cruelly into her flesh but that was minor. Her cunt and asshole burned with an inner fire that would keep her warm for a nice long time.

"You have required penance for same time," James was saying to someone. "This is your penance. Lick!"

Brandy heard the soft rustle of the coarse wool robes and then felt someone kneeling down behind her whipped and fucked ass. The feather light touch was electric. She cringed and tried to get away from it. She didn't recognize what was happening for a moment. But when she did, she tensed up all over.

"You... you're licking my asshole!" she cried out. "Wh-who is it? Who's doing that?"

James came around and stood in her field of vision. He seemed larger than life now. Anus crossed aver his chest, he looked down at her and said in a booming voice, "Another who requires further purification is doing it. She is sucking the evil from your body."

"It feels sort of sexy," said Brandy, wondering I what she should really have said. Her brother's face clouded over in a mounting rage.

"That is an indication that you are still filled with evil. Suck on her cunt and remove the evil that way. Suck, damn you, suck! Whip her while she sucks to make sure of a proper job!"

Brandy flinched when she heard the whip sing through the air, even though it didn't strike her. She realized that whoever it was kneeling behind her and licking her asshole was the one on the receiving end of the whipping. In a perverted way, Brandy thrilled to this. At least she wasn't the one receiving the welts and agony.

Quite the contrary. She was getting nothing but stark carnal pleasure from the tongue working around on her asshole. She sighed and tried to relax more and enjoy this odd form of oral sex. She had never had anyone tongue-fucking her asshole before. The agile tongue slipped past the chary guardian of her asshole and worked into her shit chute.

Brandy quaked all over. She felt the desires mounting faster than she could ever hope to control them. Then the girl realized there was no real need of controlling them. Go with the flow, let it all hang out, whatever she wanted to call it. She came.

Her entire body tensed and she screamed. And the tongue-fucking continued. To her joy, did it ever continue!

The tongue slid deeper into her asshole. She could feel it wiggling like a worm against the walls of her newly fucked ass. The hot breath panting against her asscheeks told her that whoever it was licking and tonguing her asshole was receiving a considerable amount of pleasure from it, too.

But the evil whine of the whip slashing through the air and the meaty thunks as it impacted against bare flesh told the chained girl that the person eating out her asshole was receiving a portion of agony, too. That bothered her. She was getting all the enjoyment and none of the pain.

"Stop whipping him!" she called out. "Stop it this instant!"

"Whipping him?" asked James. "Whom do you mean?"

"Whoever it is that's eating out my asshole!"

"You mean she and not he. She is eating out your filthy cavity. But do you really wish the flagellation to stop?"

"Yes, yes!" Brandy felt her nerves all firing at the same time. And they were all singing out in wild, berserk lust. She didn't care what happened as long as she continued to receive such pleasure.

"Very well, stop whipping Sister Roxanne. Whip Sister Brandy instead."


The girl had no more time to protest. The whip whistled through the air and landed with a smarting sting across her shoulders. Chained down to the rough stone altar as she was, she couldn't hope to evade that tongue of leather. The person using the whip was most expert. No skin was lifted from her body. Nothing but pain was given her. She wondered if she would even have a mark to show for this whipping.

The pain mounted faster than the pleasure in her body after they switched the focus of their brutal attention. The tongue working so avidly in her asshole speeded up. But so did the whip lashing against her unprotected flesh. She loved the way that tongue worked deeper and deeper into her asshole. The rough wet tongue drove in and wiggled fiercely inside her asshole until she was moaning out loud.

And the whip would descend on her back or shoulders and add pain to her pleasure.

Over and over this happened until the girl was unable to tell which was which. Was it pleasure she got from the tongue fucking her ass or was it pleasure from the whip? Was it pain from the whip licking fiercely against her skin or was it from the tongue slithering in and out of her asshole? She was too confused to tell any more.

She simply drowned in a morass of conflicting emotions. Pleasure and pain merged and became one. She loved the pain and hated the pleasure. She sought the pleasure and tried to avoid the pain. It was all mixed up in her head until she wanted to cry.

Then James added a new dimension to the humiliation they were heaping on her blonde head. He moved closer and held his rigid cock in his hand. He shoved it toward her lips and ordered her, "Suck!"

"No, p-please, James, don't do this to me. Make them stop whipping me. I never did anything that bad. I don't deserve this."

"You must be cleansed of all your evilness. Nothing less will do. Now suck on my sacred staff!"

She felt his trembling cock pressing against her lips. At first she pursed her lips tightly shut so that he couldn't shove his cock into her mouth. But the agony from the whipping caused her to gasp for air. When she opened her lips a little, he thrust his virile cock in.

"Now suck!" he repeated. "Suck for all you're worth, slut, and maybe the goodness of my body will replenish that lost in yours!"

Brandy gulped and took in even more of her brother's cock. Her tongue raced around the rim of his purple-knobbed cock and stimulated it in spite of her efforts not to. She felt his cock begin to jerk and bounce faster in the hot confines of her lips. She didn't want to give him a blowjob and yet she couldn't help it.

She had to breathe. And she had to suck air in around that thick plug of hard hot manmeat. Chained down as she was, she couldn't reach out and grab him by the balls and tug him away. All she could do was suck -- or perhaps bite his cock.

Just as the thought entered her feverish mind, James said, "And don't bite down. If you do the whip will work overtime."

She felt the sharp bit of the leather strap along her spine. She cringed. The pain mounted again. But she knew that she could take it as long as the whipping didn't become more intense, as long as the person wielding that wicked weapon of punishment didn't get too enthusiastic.

If she tried biting her brother's cock off, she realized that she would die chained naked to the altar. So all she could do was suck. And suck she did. The blonde teenager gave head like she had never done it before. She used every trick she had ever learned or heard about.

Her idea was to get her brother off fast. That would end this horrible punishment being given her. She wouldn't have to face the humiliation of sucking her very own brother's cock any more and the whipping would have to cease. It would have to!

The girl moaned softly as the tongue worming around in her asshole slid out and licked across her cuntlips. For a moment she wanted to cry out and tell the other girl not to stop. Then she felt the full impact of what the other was doing. The tongue shot all the way up into her cunt.

She sighed as that rough wet tongue began fucking her tiny cunt. This was more like it. And the whip didn't hit her nearly as often as it had been. She could almost relax.


The insistent thrusting of her brother's cock into her mouth kept her from getting too complacent. Excitement filled her cunt as the other woman licked and sucked at her cuntlips. But the whip robbed her of any real satisfaction. The cock in her mouth was the single thing that could tip the scales in favor of total pleasure or total revulsion.

The girl began to suck as if she meant it. She had always enjoyed a man's cock in her mouth. The musky tangy taste of a hot cock turned her on more than a lot of things in the world. And there was no denying that her brother's cock was huge. She had to stretch her mouth out of shape in order to accommodate all of the enormous cock.

Cradling his surging cock with her tongue, she felt the rubbery tip bounce off the roof of her mouth and then plunge down past her tonsils. She made a gagging sound but he kept right on. The girl didn't know what to do. Her air was cut off. She could take a man's cock all the way down her throat -- that was fun -- but this time she had no control over when to get it back out.

Swallowing hard bounced her Adam's apple up and down over the most sensitive portion of the hard cock. She felt that thick tube of manmeat begin to pulse and throb with real power now. And she was suffocating.

The choking noises finally convinced her brother that she would die without air. He pulled back just enough to allow her to breathe again.

"I like the feel of your hot breath gusting past my balls," he said softly, almost as if he didn't want the others to overhear. "Keep doing that. And suck on my cock harder! I demand it!"

She did as she was told, craning her neck a little, she could see the effects of her breathing on her brother's crotch. The crinkly pubic fur fluttered. His cock jerked harder every time she breathed hotly on it. And his balls slowly tightened up into a hard little sphere dangling down under his big hard cock.

"I like it. I approve. Continue!"

She could hardly believe that was a man talking. It sounded more like a machine. But what machine ever got its rocks off like this? She formed a perfect O around the hard cock and sucked hard. Using her tongue, she teased and tormented that cylinder of cock until her brother danced from foot to foot. She knew she had him then. He was under her control.

She might not be able to ask and get him to deliver, but she could still use her tongue and make him jump. To prove it to herself and to him, she tried to force her tongue down the piss-slit. It was impossible and they both knew it. Jusy trying was enough to get a tiny drop of pre-come to bead.

An agile swipe of her tongue took the droplet away. She savored the bitterness for a moment and then continued with her tongue-lashing. She rolled her rough, eager tongue around the purple bell capping his cock. She felt the arrowhead-shaped glans begin to expand. It wasn't long before his hips began jerking in and out of her mouth, trying to stuff his cock all the way past her tonsils one last time.

She avoided his fucking this time. By turning her head from side to side, the girl was able to keep up the suction without having him ram all the way down her throat and choke her. She teased the tiny flap of skin dangling under the cleft head of his cock. This was the most sensitive portion of any man's cock. Her teeth nipped at that triangular flap. Her tongue lavished great care on it. And her lips softly caressed it.

The teenager did everything she could to get her brother to come fast. She was actually beginning to get hot by sucking his cock.

The tongue working in her cunt made her feel as if she were a string pulled taut and ready to pop. The tensions in her tender young body were almost more than she could cope with. But at least the whip had stopped. No longer did that leather strap whip her creamy skin to a sea of bright red welts. For that, at least, she was grateful.

The young girl's passions were slowly mounting. The idea that she was getting eaten out while she was sucking cock turned her on in a strange perverted way. The idea that it was her very own brother's cock dancing around erotically in her mouth might have had a lot to do with that.

And there was no way she could deny the fact that being chained down added an element of sexiness to this multiple tongue-fucking. In ways the teenager didn't understand, it was more stimulating to be chained down while all this fucking was going on. To be helpless and have her cunt eaten out was a treat. And to be chained and forced to suck her brother off was even more of a turn on for the blonde girl.

"Suck, suck, suck!" the man chanted. His hips made spastic jerking movements now, no longer trying for smoothly coordinated thrusts. She didn't care. All that mattered was getting enough of that cock in her mouth so she could taste it.

And then the cock was gone from her mouth. In surprise, she opened her eyes and saw her brother standing a few feet away. His cock was too distant to ever go into her mouth.

Then the whip landed squarely across her shoulders with gut-wrenching force.

She came. In spite of the pain -- or because of it -- she came. As her brother continued to whip her, she felt more sexual satisfaction than she ever felt before.

Chapter EIGHT

He chased her across the floor with the whip. She tried to dodge and get away from the punishing leather strap but she couldn't move fast enough on her hands and knees. The chain around her wrists kept her from effectively blocking the repeated blows and the man's expertise with the whip was astounding.

He knew precisely the right places to hit her. The welts raised were ugly, painful, but not damaging. She didn't know how any human could inflict so much agony without stripping the skin from her bones. But her brother, James, did. The man had turned into a maniac and Brandy simply couldn't take much more.

While she had been chained to the altar, the blows from the whip had been more stimulating. They had been more than enough to get her off. She had come and come and come. The young girl was embarrassed and humiliated by the fact she was sexually turned on by the pain her brother gave her. But it was true.

Now he added insult to the injuries across her back. The whip sang and danced lightly off her flesh, leaving behind more pain. She screamed out as he managed to land the tip of the whip directly across her cuntlips. The cunning leather band contrived to dig into her hot enslaved cunt. Something inside the blonde teenager's mind snapped.

She rose up, screaming, "I hate you! You can't do this to me! I'm your sister, Goddammit, your very own sister!"

Her frantic wrath only made her brother whip her faster. She tried to grab him. His expert use of the whip pulled her feet out from under her. Brandy tumbled heavily to the cold floor. She wept bitter tears, no longer caring what her sadistic brother did to her. Nothing could be as bad as the way she felt deep down inside.

She was the one responsible for her being in this mess. Somehow, sometime, somewhere she had lured her father into believing she had the hots for him. When he got drunk enough, he had raped her. She hadn't wanted it, but the girl couldn't help thinking now that she had been a cock-teaser, that she had baited him until he could no longer control his lust.

It was the same with James. She was sure that everything he said about her was true. She was a slut. She loved fucking. The idea of getting a man's huge cock deep into her cunt, feeling it stroking slowly back and forth, the friction building until she came, thrilled her. She was a wanton whore, just as he kept telling her.

She deserved this punishment. She wanted to be purified.

"Beat me, Brother James, give it all to me. Purify me!"

For a moment, he was taken aback. He hadn't expected her sudden compliance. He held the whip in his hands, lightly bouncing it so that ripples flowed to the very end of the leather cracker. Tiny pops sounded every time.

"So the whore has seen the light of revelation. You know now that you are an evil person who must be cleansed of Satan?"

She could only sob. The tears ran down her cheeks, leaving salty tracks. She held up her chained hands in supplication. The pain in her body jolted her repeatedly now so that she could hardly believe this was happening to her.

Her hands and ankles were chafed from the links of the chains used to bind her. The whip marks striping her back pulsed and throbbed with ugly pain. Her cunt throbbed, but she couldn't tell if it was from the repeated fuckings or the way her brother had been using the whip. That one stroke across her cuntlips had been almost enough to make her climax. The girl didn't understand the effect the pain was having.

It robbed her of her self-will. She was becoming a robot, subservient to the whims of her sadistic brother. And nothing else mattered to her. She had been stripped down to the basics and that was that. It was now up to her brother to build something on the smoldering ruins of her mind and body.

"On your hands and knees like a bitch in heat!" James ordered. His prick was still long and hard. He had never gotten his rocks off when she had been sucking his prick. He had instead decided it was more stimulating to whip her.

Now his cock danced and jerked with lusty intent. The purple bulb on the tip of his fuckstick grew in size until it was plum-large. The girl was almost hypnotized by her brother's cock. She stared at it in fascination.

He was going to fuck her doggy-style. He was going to fuck her from behind and give her the sweetest sacrament he could. He was going to fuck that cock of his all the way up her cunt from behind.

"Take me, I'm yours!" she cried out.

"No, not mine. Not in this place. You belong to all, and all belong to you -- after your purification. You must be prepared for any of us!"

He used the butt end of the whip to force apart her tender thighs. Still using the knobbed handle of his whip, he prodded and poked around the girl's cunt. Her shorn cunt gleamed pink and shiny. Her cunt oils were already leaking out and dribbling down her legs.

"Good," he said, his voice sounding like a man taking an inventory. "This will be a good purification."

Brandy screamed in horror when she felt her brother stuff the whip's handle up her cunt. The leather dragged harshly against her cunt flesh and then twisted and tore at her cuntal walls. The lubricants leaking from her cunt barely allowed the whip handle to slide smoothly.

When the whip was all the way up her cunt, James began twisting it inside his sister's tight cunt hole. She went weak all over in reaction. She collapsed forward, crossing her arms on the floor and resting her head on them. Sweat beaded upon her forehead. She knew she was going to die any second. The pain was more than she could take.

And then the whip handle was gone from her cunt. She gasped in joy at the hollow feeling in her cunt. Before, she had protested that emptiness, demanding more and more cock. Now the lack of anything inside her cunt felt good. The pain was subsiding and she was free again.

For a moment.

She felt her brother move swiftly behind her. His hairy thighs pressed into her well-whipped ass. The huge prod of his cock parted her asscheeks, warmed her flesh with his shaft, and then plunged downward to her pussy lips. For a horrifying second, she thought he wouldn't drive his cock all the way into her dripping cunt hole.

The girl didn't have to worry. The blunted head of his cock touched lightly against the aroused, pink flesh, then drove mercilessly into her cunt. Her world exploded. She came as hard as she ever had before. The girl gasped and moaned and shoved her ass backwards into the curve of his body to get even more of that sweet, fucking cock in her cunt.

"Give me more," she pleaded. "I need to feel it all inside my tight cunt. I need it so baaaaaaaad!"

Her brother only laughed. She felt his cock tremble and slowly begin to pull out of her cunt. Insistently, she shoved her ass back into his crotch. She didn't want to lose a single precious inch of that cock!

"Stay still!" he commanded. "Do not move. This is necessary for your discipline."

She froze in the position. On her knees, ass jutting straight up into the air, she felt vulnerable, helpless, totally at her brother's mercy. But the girl felt a thrill unlike anything she had ever before experienced. She was turned on by his commanding air, his dominant ways. Anything her brother waffled, she would give him!

Her cheek pressed down into her arms, still folded under her head, the girl felt hot sweat beginning to pour off her body. Every single stroke of his cock into her clinging hot cunt made her tremble and sweat just a little bit more. Soon the perspiration was running in thick rivulets. She felt it trickle down the slopes of her tits, then form a big droplet on her nipples before dripping to the floor. It tickled and it turned her on more than she would have thought possible. She knew then what it must be like to wear hot leather and feel the sweat puddling up inside -- it would be damned sexy. The girl just wished that her brother would allow her to put on sonic black clinging costume instead of keeping her stark naked.

She heard a lewd squishing noise as his cock worked deeper into her cunt. She felt the impact of his body against her ass. It made her feel faint. His cock was so big inside her cunt, and the way he rubbed his upper thighs into her tortured ass was excruciating. But it was also a considerable charge of sexual energy for her.

The girl hardly understood what was happening to her. She was turned on the most by her brother when he was the most brutal to her. The idea of him whipping her and inflicting searing pain made her cunt drool obscenely. The idea that he was using her, commanding her as if she were some sort of sex slave, made her entire body tremble. She wanted his cock and would do anything for it, even endure intense pain.

He fucked faster. She felt the friction mounting. The way his cockhead rubbed erotically against her tender cuntwalls sent waves of heat cascading into her cunt. It felt as if hot molten lead puddled inside her cunt hole. She began gasping. Every breath was agony for her. She was almost at the point of coming.

"More, faster, more!" she demanded over and over. She couldn't help herself. She had to ram her ass backwards. Her body told her this was the only way she was going to get his flaming hot cock deep enough into her cunt to make her come.

As she did, she felt his cock slither from her clutching cunt. For a brief instant, her cunt was entirely empty. The hollow feeling gnawed away at her. And then a bucket of cold water hit her.

The teenager's body was super-hot from the fucking. The rivers of sweat told how hot she actually was. And the water was icy cold. The thermal shock almost made her crack. She froze solid for an instant, then screamed as loudly as she could.

Her body vibrated as she came -- hard. The girl didn't understand what had happened to her. This was the cruelest form of torture. She had been promised her brother's hard fucking cock and had been denied it at the crucial instant. And then he had had freezing cold water thrown on her sex-hot body.

And she had come. She had climaxed and it was as good as any other come she had ever had. The girl fell forward, her head cradled on her chained hands. She tried to understand what had occurred. She failed. It was too complicated for her numbed mind.

She had been whipped and raped with the handle of the whip. Then her brother had begun fucking her as a man should fuck a woman. She felt like a bitch in heat. Wanton, terrible, sex-starved, she had obeyed his every command. The man had betrayed her by denying her his cock when she needed it most. And she had gotten her rocks off when the water had hit her sweating body.

She didn't understand it at all. She simply lay there, sobbing and moaning into the cradle of her arms. "Continue with the purification," commanded her brother.

She looked up at James and saw the man standing with his arms crossed. The sight of the naked man sporting a huge hard-on would have been funny if she hadn't wanted his cock fucking her so badly. She wanted it! And he had denied her the very thing she needed to satisfy her hunger.

It wasn't fair!

"Why are you doing this to me, James?" she asked, her voice cracking with emotion. "I never did anything rotten to you. I like you -- hell, I love you! Don't do this to me!"

"All love Brother James," came the soft voice of Sister Roxanne. "He is our spiritual leader. He is attuned with the infinite and only by following him can we achieve oneness with all nature."

"Don't give me that bullshit," the blonde girl said. "He's my brother and there's nothing all that special about him. He's just flesh and blood -- and the son of a bitch is trying to drive me crazy!"

"He is trying to purify you. He is attempting to show you your evilness and help you deal with it. Soon, you will thank him for driving out the forces of evil from the temple of your body."

Brandy tried to sit up. The effort pulled her back to reality. She had been too caught up in her hot responses to the fucking to be able to figure out what she was actually doing. She was giving in to these madmen. Her brother was the worst of all. He actually believed he was some sort of deity come to earth. She had to escape from here. She had been on the right track before, but the promise of cock had drawn her away from the only sensible course of action.

Chains rattling on her wrists, the young girl stood and boldly faced her brother. "I don't want any more of your pseudo-religious crap," she said.

"I want the fuck out of here!"

James slapped her with the flat of his hand. The stinging slap drove her back to her knees. She looked up at him, her face just about even with his turgid cock. She couldn't help but notice that it was throbbing and dancing around more now than just after he had been inside her cunt. Violence turned him on in a sick twisted way.

When he took the whip and landed another blow across her shoulders with it, she saw a white spurt of jism sail through the air. A sticky gob of his come spattered into her hair. She tried to get away from his fountaining cock. It didn't matter which way she turned, the whip found her. The whipping continued as long as his cock was spewing out his jizz.

In her bewildered state, the teenager couldn't separate cause and effect. To her, it was just as likely that the spewing jism caused the pain, not the whip.

When James stopped beating her, she stayed on hands and knees, panting and crying aloud. The thick white strings of jism in her hair slowly dripped to the floor, taunting her. She was too confused to think straight any more. The pain muddled her brain. The sight of her brother's jism dripping from her hair shook her up more than she would have thought.

His contempt for her was huge. It had to be for him to inflict such humiliation and abuse on her.

And she had never done a thing to him. He had always been the older brother, an adult and out in the world by the time she had begun to discover things more interesting than her dolls and play houses. He had been someone to look up to. But now...

"On your feet. The purification rites must continue. I see that you still retain the mark of Satan. It must be expunged immediately!"

She felt strong hands pulling her up. For a moment she was dizzy, disoriented. The men pressing in on either side of her body took advantage of this to push her legs wide apart. She stood with her legs spread, her chained hands futilely attempting to push one of the men away.

The man in front of her crushed her tits against his hairy chest. The thick mat of hair tickled her nipples. She tried to struggle and found his thick, muscular arms too much for her. She instantly felt what he was doing.

His cock sailed straight up between her widespread legs. The purple head of his cock parted her cuntlips and sought out her cunt. She moaned softly as he raked his cock back and forth along the wet gash of her sex-lips. When he found her cunt hole, he didn't hesitate. His cock surged balls-deep into her softly yielding cunt.

The impact of his cock into her tiny cunt rocked the young girl back on her heels. She was almost unable to control herself. The shock of having a huge cock fucking her cunt again was almost more than she could bear. What was worse than this rape was the idea that her cunt was relishing the feel of cock again. She was oozing out her thick lubricants as if this were a regular fun-filled fucking.

It was anything but fun. She hated herself for responding to the man's cock. He wasn't fucking her because they both wanted it. She was helpless in the face of his overwhelming strength. Besides, her brother might take it into his head to use that awful whip on her again. The blonde girl wasn't sure if she would have any flesh left on her back if her demented brother began whipping her again. She felt every single lash mark and welt as if it were brand new. The long red marks throbbed and pulsed even more now that her heart was pounding faster. The cock slipping slowly back and forth in the tight confines of her cunt insured that her blood would flow faster and faster from sheer excitement.

"Don't," she begged of the man fucking her. "I don't want this!"

"You need purification," he told her. His face was contorted with stark, carnal desire. He was enjoying this even if she wasn't.

And then she enjoyed it even less. The girl tried to back away from the man, hoping she could elude his cock in that manner. She found that when she shoved her ass backwards another man came up from behind. His cock parted her tense asscheeks. She knew instantly that she was going to be fucked in both directions at once.

"NO!" she screamed. She tried to claw the man in front of her. The chains on her wrists prevented her from effectively fighting him off. And it gave the man behind her the opportunity to drive his cock directly into her asshole.

She thought she would die when his cock rammed past the tight ring of pinkly puckered muscle and into her asshole. The girl now had full erect, throbbingly virile cocks shoved up both cunt and asshole.

She simply knew she was going to be torn apart inside. There wasn't room for so much cock flesh in her tight passages. For an instant, the impact of the man's cock lifted her up on her toes. When the pain in her calves began to mount, she lowered herself to a flat-footed stance again. And this drove the thrusting cock fully into her asshole.

"God, she's tighter than a surgeon's glove," the man behind her mumbled. His hands gripped hard at her waist, holding her still. He didn't want her moving about and dislodging his carefully placed cock.

The man in front nodded in agreement. "And hot, too," he added. "She's so damn hot I think she might melt my cock."

"Burn it to a charred nubbin's more like it," the man behind said. "And this is going to be the best purification ever. Brother James knows how to pick 'em!"

"I'm his sister," Brandy moaned out. "His Goddamn sister! Why's he doing this to meeeee?"

She lost hold of reality then. The men were ignoring her words because they were too engrossed in fucking her.

She felt them begin to coordinate their efforts. This made it a little easier for her. One would drive his cock all the way into her steamy hot cunt while the other pulled from her asshole. The one in front would grind his cock between her shaved cuntlips, then slowly withdraw. As he did so, the man behind her would grip her fleshy asscheeks and push his cock into her tight clinging asshole.

This push-pull fucking went on until the man behind began to lose control. He fucked a little faster and both men's cocks were inside her holes at the same time. The girl thought she would die from the pressure.

Her insides were being twisted and stretched to the maximum. Her delicate inner membrane strained to take the man fucking her from behind. With both of them inside her at the same time, only the thin tissues of her cunt walls and her asshole separated the cocks.

"I... I can feel you cock against mine," said the man ass-fucking her. "That's a hell of a turn on. I never figured it would be like this!"

"Shut up and fuck. Brother James is watching us. We gotta purify her in a hurry. My cock feels like it's gonna explode any second."

The tempo of the fucking increased. Brandy was tossed to and fro until she felt like a tiny twig cast onto a raging river. The man in front powerfully fucked upwards and lifted her onto her toes again. This tightened her cunt walls around his deeply buried cock. She felt the man fucking her from behind move, slightly. His cock slipped from her asshole.

As she reined, the cock parting her asscheeks would ream out her hole again. This went on and on until the friction of cock against tender inner flesh was at the point where she could no longer control herself. She came, hating her body for betraying her like this. Humiliation was being heaped on her and she was getting off on it. She actually came again, her cunt frothing and churning out her fuck-sauces.

Then a new sensation was added to the fucking. At first the teenager couldn't figure out what was happening to her. There was a wet slithering feeling all along her pussylips. Hot breath finally told her what was going on. The other woman, Sister Roxanne, had joined the fuck-fest. She was licking both men's balls and running her tongue along the agitated cuntlips.

Brandy gasped when that eager tongue forced its way up next to the man's cock going into her cunt. The suddenness of it made her come again. This time she didn't feel quite so guilty. Having the woman lick her cunt was good. It was more than good. It was exciting!

"Do it to me," she begged. "Lick my cunt goooood!"

She came again as the agile tongue worked across her clit. The feel of the hot breath gusting over her shaved cunt mound was almost more than the girl could stand. Being sandwiched between two hard fucking cocks was getting her off, but the tongue thrilled her more than mere words could tell. It was enough, to make her actually begin to enjoy this odd fucking.

The man behind her gripped her meaty asscheeks, clawing fiercely at her tender flesh. The action on his part made her asshole shrink around his cock. He gulped as he continued to tug and twist at her asscheeks. His fucking rhythm began to turn rough and ragged. He was stabbing forward with his cock now, not even trying to fuck smoothly.

She felt the hot surge of his come all the way into her asshole. He jetted out his jism with the force of a firehose. She gasped and tried to ram her hips backwards and down over his hot spike of spewing cock. She was getting the best fuck possible from his cock.

And then it slipped from her asshole. She felt the wet hot cock slide all the way out of her ass. No matter how hard she tried to tense up and hold it inside her asshole she couldn't do it.

The girl wrote off the dead cock as a lost cause. She turned her attention to the cock still moving strongly in her cunt. That excited her more than she cared to admit. That and the woman's tongue barraging her cuntlips with long wet strokes made her come fully alive.

"Fuck me gooood!" she demanded. "I can feel it. I... aaieeeeeeeee!"

Her body went rigid with the impact of the orgasm. Her cunt contracted around the thick stalk of the man's cock. She felt her cunt walls ripple and pulse with desire now. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, she crammed her cunt onto his fucking cock.

She came harder than ever before. The idea of the other woman licking all over her cunt made it better than any other time she could remember. That tongue probed and drove into the space between the hard-fucking cock and her pussylips. The feeling of a tongue so intimately sucking her clit made the girl come again and again.

Brandy felt like a human machine-gun going off. Everything seemed to set her on the road to complete sexual satisfaction. When she felt the cock in her cunt begin to jerk and buck as it spurted out its creamy white load of jism, she came again.

She collapsed limply to the floor when the cock left her cunt. The cock might have been gone, but the other woman's tongue continued to lick and probe all over her cuntlips. Brandy loved it. And she wantonly opened her legs fully for the other woman.

She might have been whipped and raped but this was sheer heaven. And she had her very own brother to thank for it.

Chapter NINE

Brandy rolled over and over on the floor trying to evade the descending whip. It seemed to her that James could read her mind. As soon as she began to enjoy the sex games he forced on her, he turned the tables and inflicted nothing but searing pain.

She loved the feel of the rough wet tongue slithering all over her shaved cuntlips and pussy mound. The other woman's tongue was so educated and adroit. It did all the right things to turn her on in a big way. Brandy thought she could simply lie back on the cold floor and ignore all the pain and aches in her body while she enjoyed the tongue-fucking.

Sister Roxanne's tongue was superb in its dexterity. It slithered all over the cum-soaked cuntlips and then plunged all the way into Brandy's cunt. This thrilled Brandy more than words could tell. She loved the feel of that strong tongue stroking all over her velvet cuntlips.

And then the whip had begun to harass and hurt both of them.

Brandy felt the sharp sting of the whip as it flicked across her turgid nipples. She had been lying on her back, legs open, her fingers working hard at her nipples. She pinched them and rolled, them around in tiny circles. The feelings shooting down into her cunt had been so good she could have kept this up for the rest of her life.

Pleasure and pain mixed in just the right way to suit Brother James. He used the whip to roll his sister over onto her belly. And when she was in the right position, he expertly lashed out and ran the end of the whip over her naked cuntlips. The pain shooting up into her cunt set her off.

Brandy hated herself all the more this time. She knew what to expect and still she jumped. She jumped and moaned and came. Pleasure and pain were too tangled up inside her head now to keep straight. All she knew was that the feel of that leather strap along her blood-engorged cuntlips was enough to make her come.

Her brother continued to lavish the whip all over her body. Not a single square inch of flesh was exempt from his whipping. He even managed to land a few blows on the soles of her feet. This hurt more than anything else. She could stand the sharp stinging pain as he lashed at her huge tits. Somehow, that was bearable -- but his whipping the bottoms of her feet wasn't.

The pain made her leg muscles cramp and the girl knew that she couldn't even get to her feet by herself now. With her hands chained and her feet burning in agony, she was more helpless than ever before. Even chained to the crucifix, she had felt as if she had some control over the situation. Not now. Now she realized she was a prisoner in both mind and body. She was here until her brother allowed her to leave.

Brandy knew that might be never.

"I shall attend to Sister Roxanne now," James said, his voice deep and commanding. Brandy almost complained when her brother stopped whipping her. Then she realized her good fortune. The pain was slowly going away. That was fine. She didn't want the pain.

And yet she did. The blonde girl had come to live with it. It was a part of her life in a way she couldn't understand. Pleasure. Pain. They were both the same for her now, thanks to the loving care her brother and lavished on her.

The girl watched in speechless horror as her brother chased the other woman around the room. He managed to send the leather whip snaking out and around the woman's leg. A quick jerk caused her to fall heavily to the floor. Then she was easy prey for the sadistic man.

He used his whip with a precision worthy of a master craftsman. Not once did he break skin. He raised welts and tormented every available part of the woman's body, but he never permanently injured her. Brandy found herself admiring her brother's expertise. He was better with that whip than the man she had seen once in a rodeo.

"James, please, don't do this!" she heard herself crying out. "Sister Roxanne has done nothing to deserve this!"

"You would accept the whipping for her?"

For a second Brandy thought her heart would stop. She knew how her brother thought by now. It seemed that she would lose either way. If she said yes, she would get whipped some more. And if she said no, he might punish her for being unwilling to accept that burden from another.

"Yes," she managed to croak out. The word almost caught in her throat. Even if things didn't work out the way she thought and both of them ended up being whipped some more, Brandy thought she might make a friend of Roxanne. She needed all the friends she could get.

"Yes," she managed to croak out. The word almost caught in her throat. Even if things didn't work out the way she thought and both of them ended up being whipped some more, Brandy thought she might make a friend of Roxanne. She needed all the friends she could get.

"Very well," James said. "The purification is having a positive effect. You are willing to suffer for another in our order. That is a good step in the right direction."

He cast down the whip and snapped his fingers. Two men entered the room. They were naked and sporting hard-ons of prodigious size. Brandy whistled through her teeth at the sight of those boners. She would be hard-pressed to take them into her cunt. And to accept one of those telephone-pole-thick cocks up her ass would definitely injure her!

"Wh-what're you going to do now?" she managed to stammer out.

"Your hands. On their cocks. You will tiring forth the holy seed!"

Brandy felt a little better at this. All her brother wanted her to do was jerk these two men off. She could do that and with pleasure. She was feeling more than a little horny. This might even be fun for a change.

"Come on over, guys. Let me feel those cocks of yours!"

They came to her silently. She looked at the pair of cocks and marveled at the size. They were even more immense than she had thought before. To have one of them fucking her hot cunt would be nothing less than paradise, but her brother obviously didn't want that happening. And Brandy couldn't think of anything more important than pleasing her brother now.

He had slowly become a larger and larger figure in her eyes. He controlled her destiny totally. She had to please him, not only because he could hurt her whenever he wanted, but also because she wanted to please him.

Brandy didn't understand that and didn't try. She had better things to occupy her attentions. Hard, hot cylinders of cockflesh pressed into her chained hands. She held her fingers outstretched in wanton invitation to the two men. Silently they came forward and thrust their rigid cocks into her hands.

She sighed with relief. This was more like it. She was on familiar ground. She loved the feel of hard cock in her hand. She could fondle cock all night long if the mood moved her, and it was doing just that right now.

She rose up on her knees and immediately felt Roxanne's mouth moving along her cunt. The woman's tongue over her shaved cunt and then drove mercilessly into the humid little manhole of her cunt. She shuddered at the erotic impact, loving every inch of that deep fucking tongue.

"Do it to me," she sobbed. "Do it! Tongue-fuck me as good as you can. I need it sooooo!"

"Work those hands!" came James cruel command. He snapped the whip over her head to make her obey. Hastily, she squeezed the twin pillars of cock in the circle of her fingers and began to jerk the men off.

She worked the skin up and down until their cocks pulsed and were steely hard. She closed her eyes and tried to use her sense of feel to guide her swiftly moving hands.

She loved the purple knobs capping the cocks. She lightly ran her fingertips over the piss-slits and then traced out the bell-shaped cockheads. Squeezing gently she rotated the cocks in small circles. Gradually, she enlarged the circles until she was spinning the pricks frantically. Both men were seen moaning and hopping from one foot to the other.

The girl smiled. This was fun! She opened her eyes and saw that their hairy little sacs were slowly tightening up. She bounced her fingers across the bags and felt the balls inside tumbling and lurching with stark desire.

"Do you like me doing this?" she asked, being cruel. She knew they did. She could feel the immediate responses in both cocks. They were dancing and jerking around like things gone wild.

"Yes, yes!" cried one of the men, shoving his hips forward. "It's great! Keep doing it!"

Brandy took special glee in seeing her brother swing the whip and land it across the man who had spoken. She didn't know if it landed on the man's shoulders or his lower back. She could hear the loud snap of the whip and the meaty thunk as the leather strap landed. And the girl felt the man's cock jump in reaction.

It took only an instant before she had white hot jism all over her hand. The man had gotten off in a big way on the whipping.

She immediately turned all her attention to the other man's cock and balls. Using both hands, she gave him a handjob unlike anything he had ever gotten before. She stroked constantly up and down his cock using the other man's jizz to lubricate the motion. Her other hand clutched fiercely at his balls. She could feel the jism locked inside beginning to boil. She vowed to make him come as fast as she could. It was almost a sacred trust for her now. Besides, it was what her brother wanted. And she would do anything to please him.

He had the whip.

Her fingers worked miracles on the man's cock and balls. She bounced the hairy bag up and down as if it contained some religious relic. When his cock began to grow, she wanted to give it special attention. She was bending forward to suck away the tiny drop of pre-cum fluid beading at his piss slit when she lost her balance.

Brandy hadn't forgotten the tongue sliding to and fro in her cunt. She couldn't have forgotten anything so delightful. But she had lost her balance in her haste to get the man off and Roxanne's head had gotten in the way.

The blonde girl tumbled forward, trying to hang onto the man's cock for support. He yelped in pain and she immediately released his cock. But she smashed face down on the cold hard floor. The other woman's tongue never left the hot tight confines of her cunt. For that Brandy could give thanks. But there was little else she could be happy about.

The whip had returned. James flagellated her with it, his knowing strokes finding all the spots where she didn't already ache. He lashed out repeatedly, snarling, "You have failed! You have failed!"

"No, please, no, Brother James! Give me another chance. Please! This time I won't fail you."

She felt real fright at the idea of actually failing to carry out her brother's wishes down to the last detail. The girl wasn't sure what his power over her was, but it was growing. It couldn't be just the whip. In the past, such a beating would have made her madder and madder. When she reached a point of true anger, she got stubborn and nothing could make her obey. He could have beaten her to death and she wouldn't have given in. But now she wanted to obey his every command as if it were a true religious commandment.

She stroked the man's cock as soon as she could regain her position at his crotch. Her hand flew up and down, almost matching the tongue working back and forth in her, needy cunt. The girl sobbed and sighed and began to enjoy the feelings in her cunt again.

Her hand was warm from the friction of giving the man the handjob. But the tongue worming around in her cunt was the most potent in giving her nothing but undiluted pleasure.

She hardly even noticed when her brother started to whip Roxanne again. The pain only added to her arousal. The girl flinched once as the whip landed across her heaving belly. Brandy had to complain about it.

"Please, Brother James, don't hurt her! Give it all to me! Whip my poor back if you have to!"

He had to. He began lashing out at her. She cried with the suddenness of the pain across her shoulders, but this at least didn't prevent Roxanne from giving all her attention to Brandy's cunt. Her tongue parted the cuntlips and then drove quickly all the way into the humid depths to work around and around like a hot tornado.

Brandy caught her breath as she felt the sexual tensions mounting to the breaking point. Her grip on the cock in her hand tightened noticeably. The man groaned. She bent forward and popped his cock into her mouth. She sucked on his tasty cock until her cheeks went hollow. The girl could hardly stand all the hot sensations inside her now.

Her cunt was aflame with desire. The tongue licking and touching, caressing and battering into her cunt drove her mad with lust. And the thick manroot in her mouth pulsed hotly. She licked all over the bulbous head, her tongue trying to repeat the motions she felt around her cunt. She finally clamped her lips firmly around the end of the man's cock and sucked. Driving her tongue into his piss-slit, she tasted the first of his come.

Her mouth filled with his salty tangy cum. She sucked and sucked until she had milked his balls dry of every single drop of his precious jism. Even while his cock was getting soft she continued to lick and suck on it. She wanted to make certain that nothing was left.

The man backed away leaving the young girl to sob arid enjoy the feel of the other woman's tongue.

And enjoy it she did. Never had Brandy felt so hot as she did now. Her shoulders ached from where she had been whipped by her brother. Her wrists were black and blue from the chains. She had developed a personal acquaintance with pain -- and loved it.

The teenager didn't understand how she could respond so forcefully to the pain given her by her brother. All she knew was that it added to her enjoyment of things she had always liked. Her cunt was being eaten out expertly. The pain in her body made it seem more intensely enjoyable. No explanation seemed possible. It just was.

"Whip me, Brother James," she heard herself crying out. "Whip me until I'm pure in your eyes!"

And he did.

The pain lanced through her chest as the whip landed repeatedly on her firm young tits. He lashed across her nipples until they were a blood red, standing up firm and erect. The pain in her tits seemed magnified as it spread throughout her chest. The agony would have driven her out of her mind if it hadn't mingled and mixed with the pleasure seeping up from her well-licked cunt.

Roxanne sucked hard on the girl's clit, taking it into her mouth and rolling the tiny button around with the tip of her tongue. Sharp teeth teased the erectile tissue until gooseflesh appeared on the teenager's body.

"I... aaaaaaeeeeee!" Brandy screamed out. She couldn't tell if she was coming because of the beating or from the tongue working across her clit.

It didn't matter. She had come and it felt good to be released from the emotions that had been building up so catastrophically inside her. She was able to relax, to fall forward. Roxanne followed her down, tongue still firmly lodged between the puffy, throbbingly alive cuntlips. The other woman sucked in one of the cunt-flaps and gently gnawed on it.

Brandy might have come again. She couldn't tell. She felt a veil of numbness come over her, robbing her of all her senses.

Chapter TEN

Cold water shocked her awake. Brandy shivered all over, sending water rippling from her skin. Another bucket of water doused her. The chilly water tripped her senses and refused to let go. She shuddered again and managed to roll over to stare upwards at the vaulted ceiling.

It took the girl several seconds to remember she was still under her brother's domination. He was the one throwing the water on her. He had tote. He was the only one with the authority to do such a horrid thing to her.

She blinked hard a few times and managed to focus her eyes on her brother. He stood, his arms crossed on his chest, looking like some old time prophet from the Bible. His thin face and gaunt frame gave him a permanently disapproving look. All he really needed was a thick gray beard to complete the picture.

"You are among us again?" he asked in his deep voice.

"Yes, Brother James," she answered. The girl could hardly believe this was happening to her. It seemed like a nightmare. She was simply walking through the never-never land of dreams. That had to be it.

Brandy remembered her rape. That had been real. No nightmare could give her the intense feelings that her father had imparted to her. And the trip here. That was real. The way her brother had whipped her and raped her and chained her, all those things had to be real, too. She felt the chains still on her wrists. Her back was criss-crossed with ugly red welts caused by his stinging whip. No amount of imagination on her part could invent the aches and pains she felt throughout her body.

Her cunt ached. She realized she had been both anally and cuntally raped since coming into this very room. No wonder her entire body was one giant raw nerve ending of agony.

"On your feet, slut," he ordered.

"Yes, Brother James." She surprised herself at her own meekness. She wanted to do nothing but obey. She had to please him. Nothing else in her now-limited world seemed worthwhile.

"Good," he said, nodding slowly. "You have learned the proper respect for one such as myself."

"Yourself, Brother James?"

"I am a holy one. Only through me can you find a better land. Only I am holy enough to show you the true path to personal freedom. Pain and purification go hand in hand. You must be purged. And when you attain true holiness, you will see a new world opening in front of you."

She knew it was all bullshit, but she believed. In that moment of pain and confusion, she believed every single word her brother said. He was the one to lead her to a better way of life. She remembered the way it had been for her before.

Going from one stud to another, seeking out those who could give her the most pleasure. That had been her only goal in life: finding the best stud to give her the best fucking possible.

She realized how shallow that actually was. There was no spiritual growth possible in seeking out nothing but personal delight. Her brother offered her the best of her old world as well as a brand new one filled with religious meaning.

James was truly the new Messiah. She knew he had to be. No one else could have forced such changes on her in such a short time.

"Quickly!" he commanded. "To the middle of the room!"

She got her feet under her and rose. Limbs were aching and stiff from the time she had spent on the cold floor. The teenager didn't know how long she had been out. From the cramped feeling in her muscles, it might have been a hell of a long time.

"Raise your hands over your head. Do it! Now, damn you, you whore! Do as I command!"

The whip insured that she obeyed. It was sheer agony to raise her arms. The girl's shoulders felt as if the joints would rupture. Her wrists were paralyzed from the circulation being shut off. But she obeyed. She felt she had to. The pain shot down into her arms and throughout her body as her chained hands were thrust up toward the ceiling of the room.

She felt a hook slip between her wrists and close around the chains binding her so securely. And then her feet left the floor.

It took Brandy a few seconds to realize the floor hadn't dropped away from under her. She was being lifted up by the hook. When only her toes touched the floor -- if she strained -- the hook stopped moving. She swung to and fro for a minute trying to collect her senses.

This wasn't all that bad, she decided. She was upright and while her hands were feeling leaden and ready to drop off, it wasn't any worse than before. She surveyed the room and found she was alone. James had abandoned her.

A surge of panic filled her. She screamed out, "James! Brother James! Don't leave me! Please don't do this to me! What have I done to cause you to leave me like this!"

She felt the panic clutch madly at her heart. She got her breath in short hurried pants. And the full pain caused in her body by being strung up hit her. Her calves began to knot with strain. If she had been entirely off the floor this wouldn't have happened. Yet she couldn't quite pull her knees up and simply dangle. The pain in her arms and shoulders prevented that. James had her in a position designed to give her the most discomfort possible without actually harming her.

"James!" she cried out again. "I'll do anything you want. Just don't leave me!"

Fear of being abandoned tore and ripped at her guts. She felt her stomach turning into a cold puddle of horror. Everything she had suffered for was all going down the tubes. James had turned his back on her. She wasn't worthy any longer. He saw no redeeming social value in her tender whipped body. She was worthless, a nothing.

The girl began to cry piteously. She couldn't believe she was so bad. Hadn't she gone through most of the purification ritual? Hadn't she suffered enough? She had!

The tears ran down her cheeks and dribbled onto her chest. She felt the tingling sensation in her tits as the salty tears ran around the broad bases of her tits. She no longer cared. She would cheerfully die if only James would come back and tell her she was still acceptable to him.

The girl couldn't understand. She was as sexually interesting as any of the women she had seen in this place. She knew she could satisfy him. It didn't matter to her if he commanded total obedience. She was willing to obey! In return she got the security that had been lacking in her world.

No longer need she worry about food, shelter and clothing, or trying to find a man capable of satisfying her sexual desires. All those things would be given her by her brother. And he had abandoned her as being a whore, a slut, too unworthy of his attentions.

The girl spun around like a top when she heard the door creaking open. Hope flared as she saw a dark figure entering the room. "James!" she shouted. "You've come back!"

He walked to her slowly, taking his tine. He had put on his coarse robe again. The chains around his waist rattled ominously as he walked. He studied his sister as if she were a side of beef hanging in a meat locker. Finally, he nodded, as if finding her Grade A.

"Are you ready for the next stage in your purification?"

"Oh, yes, James, yes!" she bubbled. "Anything! Just don't leave me again."

"I can never leave you if you are truly purified. I am everywhere. I am in the beans of all Children of the Earth, if they truly believe. You still do not believe and must require further ritual."

"I'm ready," she blurted out, not caring if he whipped her until the flesh peeled off her back. Anything was worth it to get him to accept her. Nothing had ever seemed so desirable to her in all her life.

"You must be separated from the earth. If the earth accepts you afterwards, a major step forward will have been taken."

He moved swiftly. He reached out and cupped her asscheeks. He pulled her legs upward so that they were tucked under each of his arms. His cock jutted through the folds of his coarse robe. He moved forward into the vee of his sister's legs, his cock jutting out stiffly.

She lifted her ass even more so that she could work her cunt over the impaling spike of his cock. She shuddered as his cock parted her slobbering cuntlips and then bucked hard into the tiny chamber of her cunt. At first, he couldn't get a straight drive up into her cunt.

Twisting and turning eagerly, the girl was able to get his cock firmly lodged inside her cunt. She screamed at the suddenness of the entry, but it was so good having the hot hard length of cock in her cunt again that she didn't care what tortures she endured.

"Fuck me," she begged her brother. "Fuck me until I'm worthy of you!"

He took a step backwards. She felt his cock sliding from her hot cunt. She arched her back in spite of the pain that raced through her arms and shoulders. She didn't want to lose his cock now!

He took another step backwards. She locked her heels behind his back. This pulled her out almost straight. The pain lancing through her body was intense now. Almost more than she could stand. Almost. Will power kept her grimly banging on. She would do anything in the world to keep his cock inside her throbbing needful cunt.

He gripped her asscheeks and began kneading them like ripe half moons made of dough. She moaned softly now. This was pleasure to replace the pain he had given her up till now. But she would endure it all. This was her brother and he was the only one who could make her a complete woman in this complex and mixed up world. He would lead her to truth.

He moved forward now, his cock hammering hard against the tight walls of her cunt. She was shoved backwards and her body began to rotate. She was almost looking down at the floor when his cock began sliding out of her cunt again.

She tensed up her stomach muscles in an attempt to keep him inside her cunt. She didn't want to lose him, no matter what he did. Her brother grunted and his cock slid back up all the way to the hilt in her sloppy cunt.

When she was hanging vertically again, he began to grind his body around and around. She moaned softly now. Her steaming cunt was being stimulated more than she would have believed possible by this action. She had no more blonde pussy fur to cushion the impact of his crotch grinding into her, shorn cuntlips.

She came. The girl hardly realized she was so close to climax. Her brother's cock began to slide out of her cunt. She tensed up again, squeezing tightly on the hard cock. He fucked back in. She sobbed mightily now. He was teasing her. Not giving her all his cock to keep inside forever and ever, he was only toying with her.

"Fuck me good, James. Don't play with me, fuck me as hard and fast as you can. My little cunny needs it. I'm hungry inside for cock. Fuck meeeee!"

He laughed. His harsh laughter filled her ears and made her head spin. Her mind was too twisted apart to figure him out. He was giving her what he thought would benefit her the most. But she couldn't understand. He was torturing her. She could endure the pain. Her arms were dead now. Her wrists were black and blue from dangling from the chains. She was naked and beaten all over her body, even on the soles of her feet. All this she could accept.

She couldn't take him not fucking her when she needed it the most.

"You are a whore, aren't you?" he asked. "What do you want me to say?"

"That you're a whore, that you desire my cock above all else, that fucking is the only thing your evil soul rejoices in!"

"Yes, yes, I swear to all that. Now fuck me good with that sweet cock of yours. I'll do anything to get it. Anything at all!"

He laughed again, but this time he fucked her with deliberate powerful strokes. Each one rattled Brandy's teeth. She thought she would die before he came. And she almost did.

Chapter ELEVEN

Her brother dragged her to the altar. She was barely able to struggle against his strong grip. She had been fucked until she was too rubbery and weak to ever hope to fight him off again. He had left her hanging from the chains after he had fucked her for over an hour. The panic had flared in her tender young body once again. Brandy had been certain she hadn't pleased James. She had agonized over being left strung up for the rest of her life.

The pain in her body was dying down to a dull ache now, but it served as a constant reminder of what she had been through. She was almost purified. She felt it. And to be abandoned now with her goal so close was the worst thing in the world for the girl.

"Please, James, do what you will with me, but don't leave me all alone again. I can't bear to have you leave me."

"You have withstood well the separation from earth. Now we must check to see if the earth will accept your body once again."

He hoisted her onto the stone altar. She shivered as the cold rock rubbed roughly across her shoulders and arms. She stretched out, her hands over her head. For a moment her brother stood looking at her. He licked his lips and then began stroking his hands over her body.

She shivered again. Gooseflesh popped up on her once smooth skin. The feel of his hands on her tits was comforting and thrilling to the teenager. His fingers gripped her nipples and pulled at them. She moaned softly as the warmth from his fondling spread into her chest.

It drove out the chill she had originally felt. She could even relax a little and enjoy the way his palms fiercely crushed her tits. He was trying to remold her tits into a shape more pleasing to him. She wished she could help. She watched in helpless fascination as his fingers brutally gripped the snowy white slopes. Her firm titflesh oozed from between his fingers. He moved his hands in circular motions as if trying to rip her tits off her chest.

Sighing with pleasure, she moaned out, "More, Brother James, give me more of that. It's so..."

His fingers tightened like steel bands on her tender tits. She gasped in reaction. She saw the once white titflesh turn a fiery red as he began dragging his fingernails along the slopes. She felt fire coursing through her chest. She was barely able to breathe now.

"I shall fuck these lovely tits," he declared. "Suck on my cock. Suck it for all you're worth!"

"Thank you for not calling me a whore," she blurted out. The girl thought she had arrived now. He was no longer insulting her. She was nearly at the point where she would be accepted into her brother's little group. And that pleased her more than anything else in the whole world.

He shoved his rigid cock into her mouth and she sucked it deep into her hot throat. She clamped her lips erotically around the thickness of his cock. Then she used her tongue in the best ways she could.

She found the tiny flap of flesh dangling down under the cleft head of his cock. She teased it, knowing this was the most sensitive skin on his entire body. She batted it around with her tongue, then used her teeth to roughly score the sides of his cock shaft. Her brother began dancing around in arousal. She felt his cock begin to swell even more. She could hardly keep it in her mouth it had grown so big.

Her tongue swirled around the thick tip. Once, she tried to stuff her tongue into his piss-slit. It turned them on even more.

Then Brandy cried out. Her brother had pulled his cock from her mouth. She panted harshly, then begged, "Stuff it back in. Let me suck on your cock some more. I've just gotten started!"

"I want to fuck your tits!" he said.

He jumped lightly to the altar and stood straddling her. Slowly he lowered hs body until his cock rested firmly in the deep canyon between her tits. His hands gripped the twin mounds of her tits and then pressed inward. This caused the firm titflesh to cover his cock. He had formed a brand new cunt in the middle of the girl's chest.

She sighed at the feel of his cock. It was hot and hard and slowly moved back and forth between her satiny tits. When he began fucking in earnest, she almost came.

Looking down, she could see the single-eyed head of his cock emerging from the mountains of tit. The purple knob throbbed visibly now. She knew it was because of her that it pulsed so wildly. And this pleased her. The teenager wanted nothing out of life but to please her brother. That was all she could hope for now.

Her life had been a mess till she found James and his cult. He provided the security she wanted and needed. He told her everything to do. She no longer had to make decisions that might be wrong. And she had support from the others too. The men she had been purified by and Sister Roxanne. All of them supported her now when she had had no one before.

The warm feeling inside came not only from his rapid fucking of her tits but from the knowledge she had found her niche in life.

"Fuck my titties," she cried out. "Fuck them good. I need it so baaaaaad!"

She felt the waves of desire mounting in her cunt. She shivered and shook and demanded ever more from her brother's cock. And then it was gone. He had pulled back, his cock still swollen and ready to fuck.

"Wh-what's wrong?" she asked, dazed. She couldn't believe he had stopped. She was enjoying this immensely and she knew her brother had to be loving it too.

"I must purify all your holes. I have had my precious cock in your mouth. I have fucked between your tits. That leaves two holes of your body to fuck."

She felt him sliding off her belly and moving down between her legs. Shifting her weight back onto her shoulders, the young girl was able to lift her legs high into the air. This exposed her naked flowing cunt to him. She wanted that cock fucking her cunt. If she couldn't get him to fuck her tits any more, she would accept him all the way up her cunt!

He lifted her legs until her ankles were draped over his shoulders. He bent her double like a pretzel until her upper legs pressed into her tits. Her body protested. Her shoulders took all the strain, and her scraped whipped back was being further tormented by the rough stone on which she lay. But the girl felt his cock pressing into her puffy cuntlips.

For his cock, any amount of pain was worthwhile!

"Open to me, Sister Brandy. Open and be purified!" he cried.

She spread her legs apart a little more and felt his cockhead poke into her cunt hole. Then he surged balls-deep into her body. He stroked slowly at first, remaining almost entirely in her cunt. She felt her resilient cunt walls expanding to take the thickness of his cock. It was uncomfortable, almost painful due to his swollen size, but it was also thrilling for her.

The nearness of his body, the heat from his virile cock, the promise of so much pleasure wasn't to be denied. She tensed a little and let her cunt walls grip down firmly on his hidden cock to let him know she cared. She wanted him to really pull out the stops and fuck her wildly. Nothing less would do for her. Not now, not after all she'd been through.

"Fuck me deep, fuck me hard!"

"I will, dear sister."

His words excited her as much as his cock. She felt her cunt begin to get even wetter. He fucked faster now, every stroke even and deep and powerful. The rough stone under her shoulders kept her from sliding. This allowed him to more forcefully drive his impaling spike of cock into her cunt.

She felt the friction burning her cunt walls. She sobbed as her own legs were forced down into her tits. The girl saw her tits flattening and spreading out. The man had opened her up fully and was driving his cock deeper into her cunt than any man had ever fucked before.

Brandy came. Her entire body began to shake. She sobbed and cried openly, not caring if she showed emotion. The pain inside her was all gone now. Nothing but stark wondrous pleasure was left. And that pleasure came solely from her brother's cock. He filled her to overflowing. He fucked with such force that the friction burned at her cunt walls. He ground his bush into her naked pussylips. And most of all, she could see his grinning face peering down at her. She came again and again and again.

When she felt his cock begin to swell even larger, she thought he was going to spew out his jism into her eagerly awaiting cunt. But he didn't. He pulled back and sat on his heels, panting.

"What's wrong, Brother James?" she cried out. "I haven't done anything wrong, have I?"

She felt desolate and deserted again. The blonde teenager simply knew she had failed her brother in some way. And she would do anything to make up for it -- if he would only tell her what she'd done wrong.

"I have one more hole of your body to purify with my cock," he said, wiping the sweat from his face. "I must drive my holy cock into your asshole!"

He raised her legs and forced her double once again. The pain was even more intense in the girl's body this time because he rolled her backwards to bring her asshole up the point where he could fuck into it. She screamed in agony when he rammed his cunt-juice-soaked cock into the brown ring of her asshole.

If his cock hadn't been so well lubricated from fucking her cunt, he might not have gotten it into her asshole as easily as he did. The penetration of her tightest passage ripped and tore at the girl's asshole until she wanted to die. Even after his cock shot all the way into her asshole, she still felt intense pain.

"You're tearing me apart!"

"The evil is being driven from your body. When you no longer feel any pain, then the evil will have gone. I am forcing it from you with my holy cock. I must fuck it out of you!"

He began drilling deeper and deeper into her asshole. She felt the broad arrowhead of his cock separating her sensitive inner walls and stretching them until she wanted to die. The pain was too much for her. What had been stark delight now changed to horror.

"I feel it nearing," he moaned. "I feel the end of your evilness to be near. Just a few minutes more!"

He held her in the bent double position. She could hardly breathe. Her knees crushed into her tits. She found it increasingly difficult to suck in air. With her hands still chained, she couldn't force him away. Besides, he was her brother and spiritual leader. She would do anything for him.

"Fuck me good!" she sobbed out. She wanted to be pure in his eyes. She wanted to belong more than ever before. The girl's numbed mind tried to cope with the pain he was causing. She somehow thought this was necessary. And if it was, she would endure it.

Never had she thought of "enduring" a nice fucking. But that was what happened now. She felt his huge cock reaming out her asshole. He ass fucked her with more strength and speed than he had fucked into her cunt. His bush rubbed against her sensitive shaved cuntlips and tickled a little. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Confused, she tried to do both and ended up choking.

"The evil is departing. I can feel it. The end of your suffering is near! Join with me! Help me drive out the evil!"

She tried. She tried hard. Her cramped position made her lungs strain to get enough air. And in spite of everything, she felt the wetness in her cunt sloshing out and trickling down around her asshole. The man's hard-driving piston of prick was making her come.

"Aiieeee!" she screamed. The come had blasted intensely through her body. She felt her asshole clutch madly at her tormentor's cock.

"Like a guillotine on my cock," he muttered. "I am being tested. I must drive out the evil. I must continue fucking until my new sister is purified!"

The girl wondered about the way her brother talked. New sister? That should have angered her. But it didn't. She realized that James was on the verge of accepting her as one of his flock. She would soon be equal with all the others under his protective guidance.

She came. She came again and again, so much from the way he fucked her asshole as from the knowledge she was nearing purification.

His cock expanded in the tightness of her asshole. Her cuntlips squeezed on it with carnal need. His cock's fucking tempo changed drastically. No longer did he shove into her asshole with long, smooth strokes. Jerky, spastic, he reamed her out. And then came the purifying flood of his come. He creamed into her tight asshole.

The heat from his jism warmed her and made her come again. She loved the liquid, weak feeling that flooded over her entire body. Nothing in the world compared with it or the feeling of being free of all her previous hang-ups.

She was free at last!

Brandy and James were startled by strange voices coming from the doorway. Three men in uniforms stood there, guns in hand. They seemed frozen by the scene being enacted on the altar. Then Brandy heard one of the cops cry out, "Jesus God, this is the sickest thing I ever saw! Bust the lot of them!"

"Wait a second, Sarge," said the cop immediately to the right. "Look at the girl. She's got chains on her wrists. Christ, he had her tied up to rape her. They're all a bunch of weirdos."

"What are you doing in this house of worship?" demanded James, rising up off the altar. His nakedness stripped him of the dignity and command that should have been his.

The lead cop hit James on the side of the head with his pistol. "Keep your fucking mouth shut till we speak to you, you stinking pervert. Get the key for the girl's chains and free her. Christ, what a sicko!"

"Wait, Officer, let me explain," Brandy began. "This is..."

"We can see what it is, Miss. We got complaints about the odd things going on here so we got a court order to come check. We found four runaways, all battered and raped, and now we find you. Christ! Will your folks ever be glad to get you back!"

"But my parents sent me here!"

"Sure, kid, sure," said the sergeant, putting his arm protectively around Brandy's naked shoulders. She winced and he made a face. "We'll take care of you." He turned to one of the other cops and said in a low voice, "Poor girl's fucked up in the head. Who knows what this pervert did to her? But get her out of here. She'll be okay soon enough."

Brandy watched in mute horror as the police dragged her brother out, handcuffs on his wrists.

"Please, Mister, any amount will be okay. Anything!"

The man in the street stopped and looked at the blonde girl curiously. She was dressed in a coarse wool robe held together at the waist by a thin chain which was locked in front. She held out a cup filled with small change.

"What's a good-looking chick like you doing panhandling on the streets?" he asked. "You're damned good-looking, in fact."

Brandy licked dried lips and began her spiel. "My brother is in jail. The fascist pigs have imprisoned him. They are violating our right to worship in any manner we choose. I... I'm trying to raise enough money to get him out. And we need a lawyer too. A good lawyer, one who won't buckle under when the pressure is put on in court."

"Yeah, I think I read about this. And you're his sister? Shit, kid, you're wasting your time begging for nickels and dimes. Why don't you get a job?"

"I... I've been purified. I dare not let myself be sullied by the evil in the world again. I must maintain my holiness if I am to continue to please my brother."

"Holiness?" the man said. He looked left and right along the street. Then he said, "Look, babe, you're good-looking. The best piece of ass I've seen. How'd you like to earn a quick twenty? Better than squeezing dimes out of little old ladies."


"Don't be dense, kid. You know how. We can do it in the alley. Won't take long. Fastest twenty I'll bet you ever earned."

Brandy licked her lips again. She knew what the man wanted. And she knew that she would do it. She would do anything to get her brother out of jail. He was the light of her life. She depended on him totally. With him separated by the cold stone walls of the prison, she wouldn't know how to live, what to do, what to say.

"Okay," she said, lifting her robe to show the man she had nothing on underneath. "That's more like it!"

Placing his arm around her shoulder, he guided her into the alley where he could fuck her standing up. As his cock drove in and out of her tight little cunt, Brandy thought over and over, "This is for my loving brother. This is for Brother James!"


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