Tied up with sis

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. Bath must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In TIED UP WITH SIS Melinda Hall finds herself and her brother in just such a situation. Held captive by two depraved gym teachers, she not only meets her captors' sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Melinda and her brother are forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by their own moral code.

This is a shocking story, the story of a brother's and sister's reaction under stress. Yet who are we to judge their response?

Chapter ONE

The girl's Phys. Ed. coach, Ellen Jarvis, leaned against the wall in the gym watching the boy's PE class come trotting in. They were sweaty and tired -- and gorgeous.

She loved watching the way their young asses moved. It made her so hot she almost came. Her hand pressed against her own tight shorts. Back and forth over the crotch she rubbed. Soon, a tiny wet patch had begun to spread like wildfire. The woman couldn't restrain herself any longer. She followed the last of the boys into the locker room.

The smell hit her. Heavy, almost overpowering. But the maleness of it made her itch deep inside. Her cunt was screaming for some action -- long, hard cock action.

The boys were busy showering and getting dressed. Horsing around, they didn't notice her at first. She quickly slipped into Coach Barnett's office. Ellen like it in there. The shiny window looking out over the locker room was almost like a one-way mirror. She could sit in the office and drool over all the naked flesh and never be seen.

Ellen propped herself on the edge of the desk and licked her lips. Her tits rose and fell, unfettered by a bra. She thought such things were ridiculous. It made her feel like a prisoner. She liked to hang loose and move easily.

Like her hand was doing over her aroused crotch. Her cunt was spilling out its fuck juices now. A tiny river of her oily secretion ran down the inside of her leg. It tickled and aroused her. She kept up a firm motion across her sex lips.

The tiny jolts of sensation ripping into her body told her this was going to be a good day.

She licked her lips again as she eyed the young boys outside. Naked, dripping wet from the showers, cocks bouncing freely, they were a big turn-on for her. When one whacked another across the ass with a wet towel, she almost came.

Groaning, she reached down and picked up a baseball bat. The woman began rubbing the handle across her cunt. It wasn't as good as a cock, but it would have to do.

All that lovely, wet, naked male flesh -- and so near! She wished she could reach out and touch, kiss, feel!

"What the hell are you doing in here?"

"What the hell you think I'm doing in here?" she snapped back. The woman had recognized Sid Barnett's voice. The boy's Phys. Ed. coach wasn't likely to toss her out. Not after she'd caught him looking into the girls' shower. They were a matched set. She loved spying on his boys and he liked ogling her girls.

"Looks like you're getting all hot and bothered with a baseball bat. What's the matter? That the best you can do?"

"Have you got a better suggestion? Just looking at them is getting me so damned horny I can barely stand it."

"Instead of that wood, why not try a real live prick?" he asked. He shucked off his shorts and worked his cock free of his jock strap.

The sight of his hairy ass, his huge erection springing up from his crotch, was more than the randy woman could stand. She dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock lovingly in hand. For a long moment, she stroked it. Then she popped it into her mouth.

The sweaty taste stung her lips, bit at her tongue. And she loved it! Sucking hard, she pulled it inch by slow inch into her mouth. Her tongue moved restlessly all along the thickness filling her mouth.

She traced out every fold and wrinkle of skin on the entire length of his cock before trying something different. Her lips formed a tight O around his prick. Sucking, she moved her head away from his groin.

"Goddamn, woman!" he groaned. "Feels like you're pulling my guts out the end of my cock! Oh, shiiit!"

"Ummm," she agreed, her mouth never leaving his prick. The salty sweat taste was being replaced by the heavy male musk odor of a thoroughly aroused man. She knew she was getting to him.

Just the way his cock bucked to and fro in her mouth told her that. She pressed firmly on the tiny flap of skin hanging under his cockhead. This was the most sensitive portion of his prick.

His hands locked on the back of her head. He took a double handful of her dark hair and pulled her face directly into his crotch. Face-fucking her was the only thing he could think of.

It didn't matter to him that his junior high PE class was just a few feet away. They were making too much noise for them to hear his occasional groans or the lewd, loud sucking noise of the woman's mouth working avidly on his cock.

The sight of those naked young boys did affect the woman, however. All the time she was lavishing the best of mouth love on the coach, she was eyeing the naked bodies outside his office. A hairy young stud would flash by, his cock proud and bold.

Wondering what it would be like getting one of them to fuck her only added to her excitement.

She sucked even harder.

"Damn, woman, give me a chance!" he almost sobbed. Staggering back, he rested on the desk. It helped him keep upright. Otherwise, with her sucking as hard as she was on his cock, his legs would have given out and he would have sunk to the concrete floor of his office.

"Your cock is just too tasty!" she said with gusto. "I love sucking on a real man's prick!"

She teased his balls with the tip of her finger. She could feel the thick stew of his jism beginning to boil. It wouldn't be long before it all erupted. She didn't want to miss a single sticky drop of that tasty jism. He'd cum in her mouth or not at all!

Her mouth descended on his cock again. This time she sucked along the shaft of his boner. The pulsing was growing harder, more vital. His virility was more and more apparent to her. It didn't seem possible but his cock was still growing in size.

She thought eight inches was pretty good. Under her tormenting mouth, his prick had grown another inch -- at least!

She started watering at the mouth as well as out of her twat. This was too succulent a treat to pass up. She dived back down an his cock, her lips sliding softly around it.

The rubbery tip of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth. She swallowed hard, then began wiggling closer. She was going to swallow him whole! The cock was dancing wildly in his lust for her.

She farmed a rough, wet cradle out of her tongue. His prick rested nicely in the trough. Then she moved a little closer to him. Another inch of cock slipped down her throat. Then another and another until all of his nine-inch cock was completely down her throat.

Her throat worked eagerly. The motion stimulated the underside of his cock.

He moaned. "I... I can't hold it back! Y-you're milking me of my cum! Damn, ohhh, damn!"

The woman couldn't stand his cock down her throat much longer. She had to breathe. Her head slipped back and his cock retreated from her throat. Gasping hotly for air, her nostrils flared.

This only aroused him more. Her breath felt like burning pokers to his sensitized flesh.

Her tongue lashed out, and around the knobby head of his cock. He was almost screaming when she lewdly smacked a kiss on the very tip of his cock.

"Don't move your sucking mouth!" be begged. "I want more! More, damn you, do you hear? More!"

"Sure, love, sure," she answered. "I was just getting a better look out your picture window."

And she was. The sight of the boys dressing turned her on even more. The hollowness deep in her twat was growing. She felt the need for cock up her cunt -- almost as much as the need she felt to keep sucking off this man's long prick.

She had to decide.

Mouth or cunt.

Licking her lips decided for her. She'd suck him off. The smell, the tasty prick, the sight of all that naked teenage flesh outside, all kept her emotions at a fever pitch.

Licking, she worked back and forth from purpled tip to balls. He laced his fingers through her hair to guide her in the motion he liked the best. He wanted to really face-fuck her. He'd have to wait till she was ready to take his prick back into her mouth.

Not that he wasn't happy having her tongue licking and lapping at his tender flesh. The very tip of his cock felt like it had been set on fire. It throbbed painfully every time his heart beat.

And, with her eager mouth searching out all the right places to kiss and lick and suck, his heart was racing like a triphammer.

"Go, babe, go!" he urged her.

"No," she said, her voice husky with sex. "Cum, baby, cum!"

Keeping her own emotions in check was getting harder and harder. Her tits were painfully pressing against her sweatshirt. The hard little tips of her boobs were throbbing as hard as the man's prick. Every time she dragged them over the cloth, a tiny thrill raced down into her chest.

She knew it wouldn't be long before she came.

It would be nice for them to both get off together. She didn't know if she could manage it -- and it didn't much matter. As long as she got her kicks, that was the important thing to her.

The other coach was certainly enjoying hell out of her giving him head. He wasn't going to complain, regardless of what happened.

She moved so that she could keep sucking hard on the man's glans and look out the window at the same time. Most of the boys were almost dressed and ready for their next class. But a few of the slower ones were still mostly naked. She couldn't get the picture of all those young cocks out of her mind.

To have them all to herself!

She sucked harder as she thought what it would be like, having them all lined up, giving head to all of them. Could she get all their rocks off? Or would there be a couple who would require more -- special -- treatment?

Her pussy cried for some of that special treatment. She'd just have to deny it a tasty length of cock -- for a while. She knew that the man she was so busily sucking off was a sex maniac. His need for sex was almost as great as hers.

She was almost gasping now. Her breath was coming faster and faster. She sucked even harder. Her mouth worked obscenely all over his cock. She was being driven by a demon of pure lust.

As she came, she felt his cock stiffen a bit, then give a hard jerk. A torrent of his cum blasted into her mouth. She sucked like a vacuum cleaner. Not wanting to miss a single luscious drop of his jism, she sucked harder and harder.

Letting the gooey jism smear itself all over her tongue gave her the taste treat she wanted.

She came again as her tongue was completely covered with the sticky white jizz.

She blinked her eyes a few times. A parade of naked young bodies went in front of her. She could see the man's prick still bucking, still spewing out its creamy load. But all the young bodies!

She loved it!

Finally, the cock dribbled from her mouth. She kept kissing and licking and sucking as long as it stayed in her mouth. Then it was gone.

"Ellen, you got the hottest mouth of any teacher in Gettan High School," Coach Barnett told her. "I've tried a bunch of 'em, but you're the hottest."

"And getting hotter," she told him. "Want to come over to the girls' locker room -- for a little peek?"

The way his deflated cock twitched told her the answer.

Chapter TWO

"Come on. The next class is just dressing for gym."

The tiny pull on his balls wasn't needed. He looked ready for the little trip across the building and into the girls' locker room.

Sid Barnett sighed deeply. "You really know how to get me hornier than hell, Ellen. Ever since that day you caught me peeping into the girls' shower..."

They both knew what he meant. They'd gotten it on more times than either could keep track of. And each time seemed to be an even more intense emotion than their last fuck.

Sid pulled up his shorts, not bothering to replace his jock strap. He had a feeling that the woman would demand his cock after they got over to her office. She had that look about her.

Ellen's cunt was still tingly from all she'd been through. The blow job had given her a good taste of what was to come. But the sight of all those naked boys was what had really turned her on in a big way. She couldn't help herself. Her "blackmailing" of Sid was just an excuse. If she didn't do that, if she didn't get him to let her stay in his office while the PE classes were dressing out, she'd have thought of some other way to see the boys naked.

"Hurry, Sid. You don't want to miss a single square inch of naked female flesh, do you?" She tugged at his arm now.

"I read you like a book. You mean you're real eager to feel my cock burrowing up into your twat. I know you too well, woman!" He swatted her across the tightest part of her shorts. She yelped but pressed closer to him. She was telling him he could do anything he wanted to her -- in her office.

The first time he'd accepted her invitation to come into her office and watch the girls dress out, he'd been uneasy. Now it was second nature to him. All he felt was -- excitement!

Through the glass he could see a sea of naked tits bouncing around. High, firm, young tits above smooth bellies. The sight of so many nubile asses was almost too much for him to endure. He swallowed hard -- and felt his cock growing rigid again.

Ellen's hand had stayed down to his shorts. Sid patted his cock and said in a sexy voice, "My, my, Coach. You're such a grown up boy. And you're growing inches and inches by the minute!"

"Yeah. What YOU going to do about it? Think I might need some therapy? Same exercises?"

His hands began working the woman's shorts off. His fingers worked inside the band and pulled the fabric off around the bulge of her hips. Hands lingered on the smooth curves of her buttocks.

Pushing downward sent her shorts to the concrete floor. She lithely stepped out of them, bare ass naked.

"Bend over the desk," he ordered her. "I want to fuck you up the ass. That way I can see both you and... them!"

The woman laughed. She'd be able to see the girls, too, if he reamed her out from the rear.

She quickly bent forward over her desk, her ass jutting toward his groin. She felt his long, hard cock press urgently into her.

"Ummmm, go on! Shove it in! I need it so!"

"Quiet, bitch," he muttered.

He was going to take his sweet time. She wasn't going to rush him. Not now or ever. He was the one calling the shots. He was in command and that was the way it was going to stay.

His hips worked forward. His prick was quickly surrounded by slabs of hot assflesh. As he probed deeper and deeper into the humid canyon between those sexy half globes of flesh, he felt his balls tightening more and more.

At first, his balls had been encased in a floppy, loose skinned pouch. As his cock drove toward the anal sphincter of her asshole, excitement rose in his body. His balls began lurching because of the thick jism trapped in his hairy sac. Soon, he was possessed of a long, hard nine-inch prick.

He gulped when he felt his balls boiling around, but he kept driving in hard toward his target.

They both moaned in anticipation when his purpled cockhead lightly touched her anus. He shoved a little harder and felt her ring of muscle clamp down hard.

She was excited -- too excited to relax. And he was reaching the point where he might cream all over her rear like a teenager getting his first piece of ass.

In front of his eyes was a panorama of sexy teenaged girls, all in varying stages of undress. Some of them were cavorting around totally naked. He could see the water beading like quicksilver on their young bodies as they came from the shower.

Others were sexily wiggling into too-tight shafts.

Their behinds completely filled out their shorts.

Almost to the breaking point in most of the cases.

And all of them had tits flopping around unbound by bras.

That was one aspect of Women's Lib he dug a lot. He didn't like seeing a woman hiding her tits behind a cloth prison. And all these teenagers were bouncing and jiggling around, sexy as hell.

One seemed to know she had an audience the way she preened and moved. Her hips swayed back and forth as she walked. She stopped suddenly and pivoted on one slender leg. The coach almost lost it then and there.

The girl's profile told him she was really hot. Her tits thrust impudently out in front of her chest. The way her ass curved back and down to slender thighs was a wanton invitation. There was nothing but "Fuck me!" written all over that chick.

He wanted her. He wanted to fuck her.

He wanted to give her every single inch of his cock. All the way up that auburn bush she so shamelessly displayed. She was trying to incite him to rape her. He knew it.

He felt his cock throbbing with new life. It was hammering hard every time his heart beat. He had to bury his fuck stick into warm, willing female flesh or go crazy with lust!

"Fuck me, damn you! I can feel that cock of yours going wild in my ass! Stuff it all the way up my guts!" the woman pleaded.

"Just you wait. You'll get every single inch of it -- when I'm good and ready."

He didn't tell her he was fighting to keep from cumming. Let her beg for his cock. That was the way it should be. He had her sprawled out on her desk waiting for him to fuck her. He liked that -- he liked that a lot.

He lowered his sights a little and found the puckered lips of her cunt. The sex gash was moist with the woman's fuck fluids. He shoved his cock forward and into the seething pit of her desire. The folds of her pussy hotly enfolded his cock. For a long moment, he was content to simply stand there, his cock buried balls deep up her cunt.

He felt the tightness as her stomach muscles squeezed down on his prick. The heat boiling out threatened to melt him. But the oily juices coming from her turbulent interior coated his prick. He moved back and forth in her pussy a few times making sure his cock was completely drenched in the thick fluid.

Then he was ready.

Pulling out of her cunt with a little wet plop, he immediately shoved forward again. But this time he was pressing firmly against her asshole. The tightly clenched muscle still refused to open for him to fuck her up the rear passage.

He kept pressing. Harder and harder he leaned into her body. He felt her asscheeks rubbing into his upper thighs. Her entire body heaved in expectation of his cock drilling hard into her skit chute. Then, he felt her anus relaxing. It was allowing his cock to enter.

One second, only the glans of his cock was in her body. The next, he was rushing full bore up her ass.

He didn't try to hold them back. He began buggering her with slow, deliberate strokes. He didn't want to rush. Nothing but enjoyment was ahead for him. When he came, he was going to give her the sexiest enema she'd ever gotten.

His cum would totally whitewash her rectum!

"I... I can't stand it!" she moaned. "Really shove it to me! I want, to feel your cock really Greeking me!"

He began his butt-fucking in earnest now. It wouldn't be long before his fiery hot jism spewed out into her bowels. The woman's clutching asshole felt like a noose around his prick. And the heat of her ass!

He had to get in his full share of cornholing before he totally went limp.

"I can feel you so deep up me," she muttered. "So deeep in me! Your cock's bucking around. It's driving me... wiiiild!"

Her ass began moving in a circular motion. We started his cock moving in the opposite direction. This stirred his cock around inside her ass like a spoon in a mixing bowl. They mixed the most intense sensations their bodies were capable of enduring.

He felt a slow, inexorable heat start at the very tip of his prick. It worked back along his length, heating his flesh, driving him to fuck her with even greater urgency. His hips went berserk.

He couldn't control himself any longer. Frantically, he drove his cock in and out of her bowels. The clutching flesh clung to the man's prick. The tiny hole he was buggering did its damndest to milk him of his cum.

He hung in there, fucking as hard as he could.

Their grunts of passion were drowned out by the noise out in the locker room.

Now and then, the man would sweep away the sweat from his eyes and peer out at the naked parade of young girls. Tits and twats, acres of bare flesh, cherries just waiting to be popped by some real stud like him, all this and more fished through his mind.

He fucked faster.

"Hurry, damn you, hurry!" the woman pleaded. "I... I can't take much mooore!"

"Shut up and enjoy it, bitch," he hissed. The words were harsh in his throat. He was gasping for air. His hips were flying like a piston now as he tried to dig even deeper up into the woman's totally wanton ass.

The action of his body against hers brought her off. She felt his cock surging up into her rectum. Squeezing gently around the buried shaft of his prick was enough to send electric tingles throughout her body. But it was the sheer power of his butt-fucking that sent her flying off into orbit, orgasm seizing control of her senses.

"God, I never thought it could be like that," she panted when the climax had swept through her. "Never thought, ummm, oh, I... I'm going to cum again!"

And she did.

When his cock spewed out its heavy load of white-hot cream up her ass, she came a third time. She could feel his thick jism gushing all the way up her rectum and into her guts. The feeling was indescribable. She loved it. She loved the way he filled her to overflowing. Nothing in the whole wide world could be better than a session of cornholing.

"I'm about dead," he finally admitted.

Sid looked down and his cock was limply falling from her butt. A tiny trickle of his cum had beaded at the very tip. It stood out in stark contrast to the fierce red of his prick.

"Me, too," Ellen admitted. "Damn, but you're a hell of a stud. What gets you so worked up? Is it me or is it them?" She tossed her head in the direction of the window. The girls were trotting out to the gym, tits bouncing in a luscious flow of motion.

"Both, maybe," he admitted. "But you've got the sweetest, tightest, hottest ass I ever buggered. It's..." He stopped and looked at the door. Standing there was the cute blonde he'd been ogling, the one with the incredible tits.

"Never mind, Miss Jarvis. I'll catch you later. I didn't mean to interrupt anything important." The girl turned and vanished.

"Who the fuck was that?" demanded Sid.

"Melinda Hall. Do you think she saw?"

"Saw? How the hell could she have avoided seeing the whole fucking thing?" he asked. "Here I am standing with my cock hanging out and you with your ass all naked and shoving back into me. What the hell eke could she see?"

"Aw, she's a cool kid. She'll keep her mouth shut."

"If she knows what's good for her, she'll keep her fuckin' mouth shut," Sid muttered, pulling up his shorts.

All the time, though, he was hoping she wouldn't. He'd love to get that lovely hot blonde on the receiving end of his prick. He could feel life stirring in his flaccid length just thinking about fucking her.

Chapter THREE

The blonde girl stood outside the gym, her body slouching against the brick wall. She pushed a honey-blonde strand of hair from her eyes as she said to her brother, "So you saw them, too?"

Ron nodded, grim. "Honest. Coach Barnett was in his office getting a blow job from her. She was obviously getting quite an eyeful of the boys' locker room, too."

"Bet it wasn't the locker room she was looking at," mumbled Melinda. "I know Coach Barnett sure wasn't looking at the walls and floor when he came in I could actually feel his eyes stripping me naked!"

"If you were in the locker room, his eyes didn't have much work to do. I don't know about you, Melinda, but I'm fed up with them and their peeping. I'm going to tell the principal. He'll stop it."

"Well, I don't know, Ron. After all, they're not really hurting anyone and..."

"They're sick! Melinda, I tell you, it's not natural for them to come into the dressing rooms like that. They get off on watching."

Melinda said in a low voice, "I can sorta see how they'd like it. But, yeah, you're right, Ron. We should let Mr. Wood know what's coming down in his PE classes."

The two walked immediately up the winding concrete path and were ushered into their principal's office.

"So what is it? I'm busy. The secretary said this was something about Miss Jarvis and Mr. Barnett. You two looking to get out of PE, is that it?"

"No, sir, that's not it at all. Well, you see, we've got a complaint. Those two are going into the locker rooms and watching while we dress and undress!"


"It's like this, Mr. Wood. Coach Barnett comes into the girls' locker room and Coach Jarvis goes into the boys'. And... and today, I caught them just after they'd... they'd..."

"Come, come, young lady. What?"

"They'd just finished fucking," Melinda said abruptly.

"What!" exploded Mr. Wood. "How dare you use language like that! You, young lady, will get a month of detention for that. I-I just can't imagine!"

"Look, Mr. Wood. This isn't a joke. Those two have been fucking like rabbits and..."

"And, you, too, young man, will be in detention hall for a month. And I don't want to hear any more about this. You're just out to smear two fine teachers. I won't have it. I don't know what you've got against Mr. Barnett and Miss Jarvis, but I'll certainly let them know you've been here slandering them. Imagine!" he snorted again.

Ron looked at his sister and shrugged. They both knew this wasn't going to get them anything but further punishment. And if Mr. Wood actually told their coaches they'd been here and what they'd accused the two of, it could mean a living hell for them the rest of the year.

"Out!" the principal barked. "Get out of my office. I just don't know what this younger generation's coming to!"

Ron and Melinda left without another word. Outside the office, Melinda said, "What now? We're in big trouble."

"It might not be too bad. I doubt if Mr. Wood would actually tell them what we've said. I hope," he added.

"That son of a bitch," said Melinda. "That dirty old son of a bitch not believing us! Why should we lie?"

"Aw, they all stick together." Ron looked disgusted. "Well, enough of that. I'm on the dance committee. We've got our final meeting before the disco tomorrow evening in the cafeteria."

"The cafeteria. Ugh!" exclaimed Melinda. "How awful. Couldn't you have found a better place?"

"It was either the cafeteria for the dance or the gym. I don't like the idea of snuggling up to a chick and smelling nothing but dead sweat socks."

Melinda smiled. "It all depends on what you get off on. Tell you what. Let me go on down and look over the gym. It's a lot bigger. Surely, they'd let us use it?"

"Give it a try and let me know what you think. Be seeing you."

Ron walked off leaving Melinda to her thoughts. She was looking forward to the disco dance. She went off to the gym to see if it wouldn't be a better location for the dance.

Inside, she looked for the watchman, then she wandered into the deserted building. It was dark and spooky. Melinda felt gooseflesh growing on her arms and the back of her neck.

When someone grabbed her, she screamed.

"EEEIIII! Wh-who is it?"

The hands clamped like iron bands on her upper arms. She couldn't turn and see who was holding her so tightly. Struggling didn't do her any good so she calmed down a little.

"God, I love seeing her boobs jiggle around," came a deep voice.

"You dig any chick who's got good-sized knockers," came a woman's voice in response.

Those words sent an added chill up and down Melinda's spine. The voices belonged to the two PE coaches.

"Wh-what do you want?" she stammered.

"The little girl's got a voice."

"Yeah, but she doesn't know when to use it. She actually went to old man Wood bitching about us. Can you imagine that, Sid?"

"Not really. She looks so innocent. But you know how these kids are today. The more naive they look, the more they screw around. Hey, I felt her entire body tense up when I mentioned that. Do you figure she wants to fuck?"

"Don't be crass, Sid," said the woman coach.

"You don't know if she's a virgin or not."

"We can find out."

"Let's," agreed Ellen.

"Hey, wait! This isn't..." A rough hand over her mouth closed off her words.

"You just hush or I'll tape your mouth shut."

They dragged her to the sidehorse and brutally shoved her against it. Turning, the girl looked at her two tormentors. She could see they meant business -- and it wasn't going to be good business for her.

"You shouldn't go around shooting off your mouth, little girl," the man coldly told her. "Especially when we're in a position to do something about it. Let's show her exactly what we can do about it, Sid. Tie her hands."

The girl bolted. Ellen tackled her and brought her to the pound easily. Then Sid was gripping her wrists. She was carried to the sidehorse. A quick turn of rope bound her left hand to one of the sidehorse handles.

Struggling, she cried, "You can't do this to me! You can't!"

"Oh, no? Well, little girl, you'll find out just what we can do to you. And then maybe you'll keep that lip zipped tight." Ellen finished tying Melinda to the sidehorse. The girl had her back to the apparatus, her hands in back of her at an awkward angle. She licked her lips fearing what these two perverts might do to her.

"Look at those legs," he said. "I love legs. Let's see how they look farther up." He began lifting her skirt a little at a time.

When his cold hands touched the inside of her thigh, Melinda screamed. Another hand pressed hard on her mouth.

"Don't scream or you'll really regret it!"

She mutely nodded, not trusting her voice. Fear clogged her throat. The coach's hand began working higher and higher on her sensitive inner thighs. The smooth flesh flowed like satin as he moved higher and higher toward her crotch.

The teenager groaned when his hand stroked lightly across her crotch. Even with the cotton panties between his hand and her snatch, she had to cringe.

"She likes it. She likes the feel of my hand," the man gloated.

"You're far too crude for such an innocent little girl. Let me show her a little feminine kindness. Oh, those horrid panties. They offend me."

The woman slipped her fingers under the band and yanked -- hard.

Melinda screamed as the ripping panties left a red welt around her waist. She stopped screaming when an open-handed slap smashed into her mouth.

"Tape her mouth shut Sid. I can't stand her bawling like that."

"I'd prefer to be balling her," he muttered. His eyes looked hot and fierce in the darkness. The girl cringed even more.

"I... I won't scream again. Don't gag me, please!"

"She's begging now. But that's no good, little girl. You'll have to offer me something for the favor of not gagging you. What will it be?" Ellen demanded. Her fingers dug into the girl's snatch with brutal strength.

"A-anything!" Melinda gasped. She felt the tears running down her cheeks.

"Anything? My, how generous she is. I think I'll sample some of this fur pie. Spread those legs wider, damn you! I want to get my fair share of everything you've offered me!"

The girl began sobbing hard. Her entire body was racked by her tears. But she felt the woman's head between her legs. She tried to keep her legs together, but couldn't.

"Urn, looks tasty. Sorta dry, but I think I can do something about that real fast!"

"Why are you doing this to me?" Melinda had to fight to keep her voice from breaking into hysteria.

The man solemnly said, "This is just a taste of what you'll get if you ever try squealing on us again."

Melinda groaned again, but this time it wasn't from pain as much as from humiliation -- and the sensuous feel of the woman's lewd mouth all over her pussy.

The woman began with light flicks of her tongue designed to arouse the young girl's passions. In spite of her fear, the teenager had to admit the coach was succeeding. At first, her body was tense. Then as Ellen's tongue began stroking gently along her sex lips, the tenseness changed.

She was still uptight. But now it was different. Now she was anticipating what was to come.

A deep shudder racked her body again. With the woman's tongue probing between her pussy lips, she could barely stand. Her knees had gone weak. The rough, wet tongue dragged from one end of her gash to the other. And slowly, in spite of herself, the girl felt her body beginning to respond.

She tried to stop her reaction. She couldn't. In spite of all the degrading things they'd done to her, her cunt was beginning to moisten because of her tongue. That evil tongue licked and stroked back and forth until a flow of cunt juice was leaking from the girl's pussy.

"Um," the woman said, smacking her lips, "she's beginning to taste real good."

The girl didn't know whether to cry or not. Her body was beginning to churn inside -- chum from sexual need. The feel of that hot female tongue was new and different. The woman knew all the right places to touch, to kiss, to lick.

The teenager was gasping for breath. She was wanting more!

"I think she likes it," the man commented. "And I like the way her tits are bobbing. Hey, hey feel good. Kid doesn't wear a bra. I like that, and I like the way her nipples are already hard. Just like little marshmallows!"

The girl gasped when the man squeezed on her tits. His big hands totally covered her boobs. Then the rhythmic pressure started, sending lances of sheer joy into her chest.

Then her arousal was doubled. She felt a wet, sucking mouth at work on her cunt again.

The coach rubbed his hand across her boobs and tweaked her nipples. She knew her tits were filling with excited blood.

The way the woman worked was masterful. She started up in the girl's bush. Her tongue wound little spins of pussy fur into wet piles, then pressed them back down with her tongue. Working lower, she ported Melinda's labia and found the little bud of her clit.

Melinda could barely keep back the orgasm crouching in her loins. The woman's tongue circled around and around the base of her clit. Then she began a gradual spiral up her clit. Each rough caress felt like sandpaper along a raw nerve.

The girl was struggling to keep her sanity. She'd either have to cum soon or lose her mind.

"Ummmmmm, oh, stop, I... I can't take it! Don't doooo this to meee!"

"This is the famous 'Do the opposite' pitch I've always heard that young chicks pull," the man aid. "Go on and tongue-fuck the hell out of her. He's begging for it!"

His hands worked faster and faster on her tits. Squeezing, touching, tormenting. She was writhing back and forth on the sidehorse, her hands bound in the most uncomfortable position possible.

Melinda found she was getting off more on the fondling and tongue than she would have thought possible under the circumstances.

"She likes it, I tell you. Give it to her good!"

The girl shrieked and tossed her honey-blonde hair back. Her emotions totally possessed her. She was a slave to her body -- and her body was filled with the sexiest feeling ever!

The tongue left her clit and worked lower, spreading her now-moist pussy lips. The turgid flaps of skin were filled with aroused blood.

When the tongue drove hard and fast into her cunt, she came. Her body arched back over the sidehorse. She ignored the pain in her wrists and upper arms. It was blotted out by the pleasure surging through her entire body.

It started between her legs, deep inside her cunt where the woman's tongue moved in ever-faster strokes. She was tongue-fucking the girl as hard and deep as she could. But this wasn't all the arousal the girl was receiving from the two coaches.

The man's hands on her boobs were having their full effect, too. The girl had always had sensitive knockers. The coach was taking full benefit of this to push her over the brink of orgasm.

As she drifted back from her cunt, she knew immediately that she wasn't going to be allowed to rest. The two were giving her even more pleasure. She didn't know how she was going to be able to bear up under it.

The man was rotating her boobs in different directions. He acted as if he wanted to rip off the snowy white mounds. Fierce grips left red finger marks on her milk-white tits. But she didn't care.

The nipples cresting her tits were pulsing hard. She loved it -- and hated it.

This was degrading having the two coaches do such a thing to her. She didn't want them to force sex on her -- and what was even more humiliating was that now she didn't want them to stop!

The tongue swirling around like a berserk tornado in her cunt was licking up all her flow of fuck fluids. The tongue didn't miss a single soft, velvety fold in her cunt walls. It drove hard into her pussy, striving to bury itself as far as a cock would.

Then, suddenly, her cunt was empty. The tongue was gone.

"Wh-what are you doing? I... I want more!"

The two laughed. "Hear that?" the man said. "She likes it!"

"Can't disappoint her. Besides, I was just getting my breath back. Damn, but she has a juicy quim!"

And the woman vanished back between the girl's slender thighs. Her head burrowed deeper and deeper until she was able to move her tongue along the entire length of the sex slash.

The girl groaned when the woman's tongue drove into her asshole. She arched her back over the sidehorse again. She found this only gave the woman more access to her ass.

Kissing and licking, the woman worked all over the young girl's ass. The girl screamed when the woman bit her.

A slap was her reward. She felt her teeth crush her lips under the force of the blow.

The man snarled, "I said no shouting and I meant it."

"Please, I... this is so confusing!"

"Confusing, huh? Show her how confusing it can get, Ellen!"

The woman began to alternate waves of pleasure with waves of pain. The girl was totally confused.

First, a tongue would drive far up her cunt. The delight would swell within her and then radiate out, warm and exciting.

Next, hard teeth would bite down on tender pussy lip. The pain would rocket into the girl's body, overshadowing the pleasure she'd felt only moments before. Even as this was dying out, joy would warm her again as the woman sucked on her fully erect clit.

Then the pain as the woman jerked on the furry bush of blonde hair wiped out any pleasure.

The confusion in her body and brain was immense. The girl wasn't able to sort it all out any more.

Pleasure -- pain. They blended into one. Her wrists were aching, her back was cramped, her shoulder muscles hurt -- but her crotch was burning with desire.

Desire, then pain. Over and over the pattern was repeated until the girl was sobbing.

"Let her go, Ellen. I think little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes has learned her lesson."

Melinda felt the ropes being untied around her wrists. She sank to the gym floor, exhausted physically and emotionally.

"Don't meddle, kid," came Ellen's deceptively mild voice.

"Yeah. And just forget this ever happened or you'll be in big trouble," said Sid Barnett.

Melinda knew the two meant what they said -- and she hated them for it.

Chapter FOUR

"It was horrible, Ron, just horrible!" sobbed Melinda, burying her face into her brother's shoulder.

He put his arms around her, feeling awkward. He wanted to comfort her but didn't know exactly how. Never had he been so aware of the woman that his little sister was turning into. Her tits shoved hard and insistent against his chest. He could feel the sharp points of her nipples poking into his chest.

"I'll go talk with Coach Barnett. If he doesn't... apologize... for this, then we'll go back to the principal. He'll have to do something about those two this time."

With tear-stained cheeks, Melinda said, "Do you really think that'll do any good? They'd just deny everything again."

"Maybe," he said grimly.

"Oh, be careful, Ron. There's no telling what will happen to us if they get it into their heads we're meddling in their affairs."

"Meddling in their affairs," he scoffed. "That's exactly what we're doing, I guess. But look, Sis, you just sit here and take it easy. I'll be right back. After I've walked with Coach Barnett."

He strode off, purpose in his step. Ron was shaking inside, however. He wasn't anywhere near as confident as he appeared. But he felt he had to keep up appearances because of his sister.

He found Barnett in his office in the locker room. Ron boldly knocked on the man's door and said, "Can I have a few words with you?"

Barnett looked up, then nodded toward a chair.

Ron said, "That's all right. I won't be here that long. Melinda's told me what you and Coach Jarvis did to her. Once more and we'll go to the principal. We should this time, but it didn't get us too far before. You lay off her or it'll really go heavy with you."

"That so? Just how's it going to be rough for either Ellen or me? It'd take more than a snotty-nosed kid to rock the boat."

"We'll see," Ron said, mad. He stamped from the room.

Behind him came deep, scornful laughter.

"... so that's what I said to him. I don't think they'll bother us any more, Sis," Ron told Melinda. He sounded a lot more sure of himself than he actually was.

He realized how true the coach's words were. Who would believe a couple of teenagers that their teachers were fucking each other in public, and who had orally raped one of their students?

No one would believe it. And Ron knew it. "Let's go home. I want to get back for the dance tonight," he told his sister. "I put in too much work to let it all slip by now. We even have a neat stage built with curtains and everything. You come tonight and see how it makes you forget everything."

"Why should she want to forget anything, meddler?" came a cold voice.

"Coach Jarvis!" Melinda groaned, her voice cracking under the sudden strain of recognition.

"Sure, kid, who else? And I hear your brother's not being too cooperative with Sid and me. We don't like that."

"So what are you going to do about it?" asked Ron.

Then the world blacked out.

As things spun and twisted back into focus, Ron felt the cold pad of the wrestling mat under his bare shoulders. He was naked -- and his hands were taped behind his back.

Struggling to sit up, he saw Melinda. He gasped. She was naked, too. Her hands were taped like his and standing over her was Coach Jarvis. The woman had the most evil leer on her face that the boy had ever seen. When a hard slap sent him onto his back, he looked up and saw Coach Barnett.

The man had an ugly expression on his face. Suddenly, Ron got very cold. He knew that whatever lay ahead for him and Melinda, it wasn't going to be pleasant. Not if these two had anything to do with it.

"So he returns to the land of the living," taunted Sid.

"Be nice," said Ellen. "These two little loudmouths are going to provide us with some prime entertainment. Maybe they'll learn it's easier to go along with us than fight us."

"I doubt it. But I am looking forward to Boy Stud here fucking that lovely blonde sister of his."

Melinda froze. She had hardly believed what was happening to them until this moment. She knew then that the two coaches were sincere in their desire for vengeance. Being stripped naked and tied up was bad enough, but what he had said!

He was going to force Ron -- her very own brother -- to fuck her!

"You can't!" she said suddenly. "That's not... th-that's not legal!"

"Now who said it was? It sure as hell is sinful. Incest. Think about it, Goldilocks. Incest with your own brother. To feel his cock pushing into your little twat, giving you pleasure, making you moan out. To be fucked by your own flesh and blood!"

"Incest!" whispered Ron. "NO! I won't go through with any such thing and you can't make me!"

"Want to bet?" said Ellen. "I've got a spool of thread in my hand. Can you imagine what would happen if I pulled a loop of thread tight around your balls? It'd castrate you. And I wouldn't stop with you, stud. Your sister's nipples would go -- it's just like cutting a slab of butter with a hot knife. Maybe I'd take one of her ears off, too. How would you like that?"

"Yeah, kid. You with no balls and your sister without any nipples or ears. What a pair you'd make then!" Sid laughed harshly. "Now are you gonna get it up and let us watch you fuck?"

"I..." Ron couldn't think. Horror froze his mind.

"Ellen, get Goldilocks over here. Make her suck him hard. She's got a mouth any stud would groove on."

Melinda felt hard hands pushing her across the wrestling mat. Then her face was shoved down into her brother's crotch. This was all new and confusing to her. She was a virgin. She didn't know what to do!

"Suck, damn you, suck on his prick!"

The girl hesitantly took the limp cock into her mouth. She had to use her lips and tongue to do it. With her hands tied behind her back, she wasn't able to use her hands.

With tits rubbing painfully against the plastic covering of the mat, she inched forward. Her tongue got a good taste of prick, then worked closer to her brother's balls. When she took them into her mouth, she gently ran her tongue all over the surface. He was writhing around as if he was in pain.

She knew instinctively that he wasn't. His cock slowly stiffened into a rigid fucking tool. She had to back off to get the knobby end of it into her mouth.

In spite of the revulsion she felt at being forced to suck her very own brother hard, there was a forbidden thrill to it, also. This was her first time! And he was responding as if she'd been sucking cock for years and years!

"Stop, Melinda, stop it!" he begged. "I don't want to fuck you! It's wrong. It'll be incest!"

"Yeah, won't it though," came a distant voice.

"I think the girl's getting the hang of giving head. Let's let her have a different taste of his cock."

Hands reached under her arms and dumped Melinda flat on her back. She moaned in pain. The sudden pressure on her shoulders was almost unbearable. With her hands bound as they were, being thrown onto her back was very uncomfortable.

"Go on. Spread those lovely legs of yours wide for your brother. He wants to mount up and ride you!"

She looked in horror as the woman reached down and forced open her slender legs. The man lifted her brother and deposited him between her legs. His cock was only inches away from her virgin cunt!

"You can't! I... I've never done anything like this before! I'm a virgin!"

"Hey, hear that? Goldilocks is a virgin. Go on, kid, and, pop your sister's cherry. Be good for you."

"You son of a bitch!" the boy snarled. He was rewarded with the feel of female fingers on his ass shoving him forward and down onto his sister.

The girl shuddered when she felt her brother's cock pressing into her virgin cunt lips. She didn't know quite what to expect. The sensations she'd felt when the woman had eaten her out had been new and exciting. Would it be even better having a cock shoved up her twat?

Even if was her brother's cock?

"Fuck her, damnit!"

Melinda moaned softly as the huge head of her brother's cock split her pussy lips. He was holding back, not shoving hard and fast into her. Just his knobby plum-tipped glans was spreading her virgin cunt in new and excitingly different directions.

As his weight came down, he exerted more pressure on her cherry. She could feel the rubbery membrane deep in her cunt begin to stretch. The pain built up and she cried out. "It hurts, oh God, it hurts so baaaaad!"

A loud slap came to her ears as one of her tormentors swatted her brother on his rear. This caused him to jerk spasmodically and his cock drove hard into her.

Her cherry gave way. His cock fucked into her now-bloody cunt.

Along with the waves of pain washing through her mind came a vague, indistinct joy. She couldn't quite understand how the pain could cause delight. Then she slowly sorted out her feelings as the pain died away.

She could feel her brother's cock inside her, deep and warm and soothing -- yet it was exciting to her at the same time. The pain was gone. All that remained was stimulation. Good feelings.

"I love it. Oh Christ, it's gooood!"

"Heat that? She likes it. I knew she would. All these kids are like sex junkies. Give 'em a little and they have to have a steady diet. It don't matter to them how they get it. Hell, incest is okay as long as a cock is fucking a cunt."

"Oh, shut up. I want to watch our two young, incestuous lovers get it on. See the way his big cock spreads those lovely little pussy lips?"

"Yeah and I can even see the inner pussy lips. All pink and oh-so-tender, I bet!"

"I'm sorry, Sis," Ron mumbled in her ear. He was acutely aware of what he'd done. Even worse, he knew the feelings in his body were unnatural. He couldn't possibly be wanting to fuck his own sister. She'd been a virgin before this. Now, because of him, she'd lost her cherry.

"Go on, fuck me good. Show me what it's supposed to be like," Melinda whispered back. "Let's enjoy this and to hell with those two!"

Ron was surprised. He'd thought she would be mad at him, angry and hurt. With a little twitch of his hips that wasn't entirely voluntary, he felt his cock beginning to buck hard inside her twat.

"Okay. If that's the way you want it. Here goes!"

He was clumsy. With his arms behind his back, tied firmly as they were, he couldn't hold himself up off her body. But he did the best he could.

He pulled back, his cock a bloody fuck stick now. But soon, with a little stroking into her cunt, that would change. The blood would be washed away by her flood of cunt juices.

She shivered as his cock drove back into her.

The tight passage of her previously unexplored cunt was slowly expanding to take her brother's prick. She was beginning to understand what the pleasure was in being fucked. The joy working itself into her body was far greater than the pain had been.

And even more delight was being promised.

"Oh, fuck me good, fuck me really good!" she cried. Her body was taking over. All she had to do was lean back and let her natural instincts dictate to her.

Everything was coming at her all at once -- or so it seemed. She was filled to overflowing with cock. His big prick was more than she ever bargained for. He was fucking her with short, choppy strokes. The friction of his prick against her pussy walls warmed her.

Then it set fire to her loins.

Finally, it became a raging fire she couldn't contain any longer.

The teenager came.

"AAAAIEEE! Oh, oh, shiiit! I can't take any moooore!"

He kept fucking her all the time she was soaring through her first cock-given climax. She came again while he was fucking her.

She began to understand how her body was working. The way her cunt would convulse on his cock when she came told her he probably enjoyed the tightness of her twat as much as he did. Tensing her stomach muscles brought a gasp of surprise and pleasure from her brother.

She was able to massage his buried prick with her cunt walls!

"God, Sis, I never thought you would be this good!" he gasped.

"I love it! I love the feel of your cock in me," she told him. "Just keep going! Get me off again!"

"Ungh! So tiiight!" he gasped. "So fuckin' tight!"

He began rotating his hips in a circular motion. This stirred his prick deep inside her quim. She was lit up with brand new sensations. New nerves were coming into play. He was giving her a royal fucking, of that she was positive.

And having their hands bound as they were gave an added pleasure their tormentors probably didn't consider.

His chest was rubbing seductively across hers. He was pressing heavily down into her tits. Her boobs were being mashed almost flat under his weight. She gasped as she realized how hard the points of her jugs were getting. The blood throbbed almost painfully in them.

Harder, bigger, more insistent, her tits poked hard into his chest. And every time his body dragged across hers, the sweat-slickened skin rubbed across her boobs. She was feeling lances of fiery pleasure jab into her every time he moved across her chest.

But most of all, his cock reaming her out was the big turn-on. She couldn't hold back another climax as he drove forward into her cunt. Her clit was throbbing just like her nipples. The little spike of her pleasure-center was pulsing with her excitement. The lightest touch was enough to send waves of sexual thrills into her young, lusty body.

"More, give me more!" she begged her brother. This was all happening too fast for her to sort out incest. A scare-word. But having her very own brother pop her cherry gave her a thrill she doubted that any other man would have given her.

"Yeah, fuck her faster. The bitch wants it!"

"God, look at 'em fucking like a couple of rabbits. Kids today just don't have any shame."

"Yeah, and don't we get off on it?" A lewd laugh was followed by, "Well, damnit, go on and suck on my cock if you want. I want to!"

The two on the mat were almost oblivious to anything else happening. The entire world was rotating around his cock and her cunt. Brotherly cock fucking sisterly cunt.

The girl was tossed high on the winds of passion blowing through her young body. She couldn't hold back any longer. Pressing her feet into the mat and arching her back, she shoved her cunt down firmly around the driving cock of her brother.

"Take me hard! Harder! I need it!" she moaned.

"I know, Sis, I know! So do I!"

And he began frantically fucking her. His hips shot back and forth like a piledriver. Each time he surged forward, he buried himself a little deeper into the virgin territory of his sister's cunt.

His balls were slapping wetly against her ass. He was surrounded by the hot, clinging, tight sheath of her pussy. Everything was pushing him closer and closer to the brink of his own cum. He could feel his lead-heavy balls protesting.

They wanted to erupt. He held on. There had to be more, lots more, enjoyment for him.

Corkscrewing himself into her cunt gave that to him. His entire fiat stick burned from the friction of the fucking. Her juices oozed out thick and oily onto his balls.

The feel of her tits pressing hard against his chest gave him considerable pleasure, too. All he could think of was his cock, her tits, both their soaring passions.

"I... I think I'm gonna cum!" he moaned loudly.

And then he was lifted high into the air, his cock snapping out of her tight, clutching cunt. Coach Barnett had jerked him out before he got his rocks off.

"Ha! Got him just in time. Wouldn't want him to go around screwin' his own sister and knockin' her up. Christ, that wouldn't be legal," Sid taunted both Melinda and Ron.

"You filthy bastard. You scum! You..." Then a hard slap across his mouth silenced Ron.

"You watch that filthy mouth, kid. I'll close it permanently for you."

"You're such a brute, Sid," said Ellen, not really meaning it. "You leave this poor little girl all busted up like this and unsatisfied. You must be plannin' on doing something about that?"

An evil gleam came into the man's eyes. "Sure, Ellen, sure. I'm gonna help the little whore over to the parallel bars. And then, I'll show her what it means to swing with a real man!"

Chapter FIVE

Melinda struggled but it did no good. Sid was simply too strong for her. Besides, the warmth of the fucking she'd just gotten from her brother still burned in her body. She didn't want to give up that faint spark of goodness.

She knew that what was going to happen to her wouldn't be anywhere near as pleasant. Sid had that look about him. He was a cunning, animal-like man with only his own enjoyment worrying him.

He wouldn't stop at murder if she angered him. The best thing she could do was try to talk him out of this.

"Please, Coach Barnett -- Sid! You don't want me! Honest! I... I don't know what's going down. This is all new to me. Honest!"

"All new, huh? That sounds just like the very thing I need. All these chicks running around today have years of experience. I want to try something different -- like a cherry cunt!"

"B-but it's not. Not n-now," the young girl stammered. "M-my brother busted my cherry. You made him do it!"

"That's okay. I'm not taking sloppy seconds or anything like that. Hell, you never had a real man's spunk shooting off into your cunt. That's what makes for a virgin manhole in my mind."

He lifted her bound arms over the lower bar, then taped her wrists.

"Please, Sid! That hurts!" she pleaded.

"Tough shit, sweetie. You're hanging nice and loose for me. You swing back and forth okay."

He gave her a shove and sent her rocking, the bar under her armpits supporting her weight.

"And your feet just barely touch the floor. Had to crank up that bar a little to get it just right."

Melinda was straining. Her toes were just barely touching the floor. The ache in her calves was beginning to rival the pain she felt in her arms and shoulders. And there was no telling what this man would do to her.

"Stop it, I tell you, stop!" cried Ron. "Let her go. Do what you want to me, but let my sister go!"

"Now, is that any way for a sister-raper to talk? So damn noble and all. Just shut up and watch -- or I'll tape your mouth shut for you," threatened Ellen. The way she tossed the tape in her hand told Ron she wasn't kidding. She'd do it.

And enjoy it.

Mute, he watched the horrible scene unfolding with his sister and Barnett.

"You're just the way I like 'em," Sid said, licking his lips. And the teenager was. He couldn't believe this hot honey-blonde was going to be his, all his!

He let his eyes roam over her. It seemed to bother her. He liked that. It made him feel even more powerful. Besides, he liked what he saw. The way her tits were thrust forward from the position of her arms and shoulders was definitely to his liking. The firm mounds of titflesh were bouncing just a little. Not too much, not too floppy, but enough to show she had big enough tits to be interesting.

The nipples were visibly throbbing.

He stepped closer and took her tits in hand and shoved hard. The smooth skin flowed under his fingers and the girl's body rocked and swayed on the wooden bar.

"Yeah. That's good. Real good," he said, licking his lips again. The man couldn't believe his good fortune. The big tits were nice but the rest of the package was well worth a second look, too. Her trim waist hinted at one hell of a good fuck awaiting him. The ass was nice and womanly. It wasn't one of those tight, masculine ones so many of the teenagers sported.

This was a real ass.

He grabbed hold of both cheeks, one in each hand. He tried to pull the assflesh from her body. She had to arch her back and shove her cunt toward him. She softly moaned.

He couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure.

Not that it mattered to him.

He was getting his kicks already. And more would be coming his way. His cock was already hard and throbbing. It was begging to be let out, to dip into the pink sex lips under that honey-blonde patch of pussy mounds.

"Like it, don't you? Can't wait to get my prick in you, fucking hard. Well, let me tell you something. I ain't wait to feel those nice, long legs wrapped around my waist pulling me into your twat."

"Get on with it, damn you! You're talking her to sleep," said Ellen. She was obviously getting hot just watching him. She was rubbing her crotch. A tiny silver-dollar sized wet spot had appeared on her shorts.

"Just surveying the territory. Virgin territory, you know. And it'll all be mine. Except that brother-dear has already been up her cunt and popped her cherry."

"Stop it, ohhhh, I... I... ungh!"

Melinda's body tensed as his cock poked into her cunt-lips. She struggled to get away. There was no escape. With her arms bound as they were, she was at the man's mercy. He could do whatever he wanted with her.

He wanted to fuck her.

His hands under her buttocks lifted her up. She was able to support a little more of her weight on her arms, but not enough to take all the strain off. As he lifted her hips upward, her cunt was exposed to his questing prick.

He jammed his hips forward and sank balls deep up her twat.

They both gasped at the sudden fuck.

It would have hurt -- bad -- if her cunt hadn't still been a little wet from the fucking her brother had given her. As it was, she merely groaned when she felt the thick man root driving all the way up her, spreading her pussy walls out of the way.

Once buried in her juicy cunt, his cock didn't feel any different than her brother's. Closing her eyes, the teenager was able to make believe that this was her own flesh and blood fucking her. It wasn't some sadistic PE coach. It was her brother.

She kept telling herself this over and over.

He started swinging her in a shallow arc. She rocked to and fro on the wooden bar. This carried her cunt away from his prick. He didn't have to move his hips at all. Her swinging body was doing all the work of fucking.

She was, in a sense, fucking herself.

He continued swinging her back and forth on his prick seven times. Once, she grunted and felt the entire length of her cunt collapse around the massive girth of his cock. She could feel the broad purpled head deep inside her. It was dancing around wildly.

Every single contour of his cock stood out in bold relief. She even felt his balls banging against her asshole. He was rocking her high on the bar, then releasing her now.

The pain was immense in her shoulders and spreading rapidly into her chest. This seemed to be cancelled by the intense pleasure he was generating by fucking her.

"Ummmm, soo gooood!" she sighed.

"Hey, I think she likes my cock!" he said. "You like my cock, don't you, Goldilocks?"

He emphasized his question with a faster swing. She had to put her legs up around his waist. The rocking motion made her feel as if she'd go sailing off into space at any instant.

He fucked her faster.

The lewd, obscene squishing noise as his cock reamed in and out of her juicy quim filled the empty gym. It echoed and came back to taunt the girl. She was feeling so many conflicting emotions at the moment that the sounds only added to her confusion.

She should have been aroused by the sound. It was a good sound. The noises of a man fucking a woman should have sent her off on a climax.

All she could think of was the strange position she found herself in. Here she was, tied up to a wooden bar, swinging back and forth so that the coach's prick could penetrate her twat -- and she was actually beginning to enjoy hell out of it!

She shouldn't.

She tried to keep that thought in her mind. She couldn't enjoy this. It was degrading. No man should do to her what he was doing. And she should never enjoy it.

She was.

Then she screamed a loud, ear-piercing scream of agony. The man had added a new dimension of pain to the fucking.

He'd pulled a little bit of adhesive tape off the roll and plastered it across her aroused nipples. Then he yanked it off. She felt her skin tearing, sensitive skin, the most delicate flesh on her body.

Her tits were hammering with her forbidden desires. They were like balloons overfilled with air. They threatened to pop at any instant. And then he ripped the adhesive tape off her nipples.

The arrow of pain shot deep into her chest. The waves of pain from her tortured tits and her aching shoulders pressed downward in a dull tide. It threatened to swamp her young body. But the pleasure building in her cunt was more than enough to offset it.

Somehow, the man fucking her had achieved just, the right balance of torment. The dull aching pain was erased by the wellings of joy from her well-fucked pussy. She didn't understand it. It only made her more confused than she had been.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why? Goldilocks, you've got the most fuckable little manhole I ever found. You're hangin' on tight all around my pussy pleaser. I like that. I like that a bunch. And now I'm gonna bang the hell out of you. You're gonna know that cunt of yours has been fucked by a real man!"

He kept his promise. He started her swinging in a long arc. Each time their crotches met, it was like a car slamming into a wall. He penetrated her cunt deeper and deeper as the force of their fucking increased.

She took the full pressure on her arms. They were aching horribly, but she couldn't think of anything but her pussy. It was burning -- burning with desire!

She hated herself for it. But her body was telling her to enjoy, to enjoy this rape!

She abandoned herself totally to him. She pulled him closer with her strong legs. She locked her ankles behind his waist to keep him from backing away.

If she was going to be raped, then by damn she was going to enjoy it the best she could!

"Go on, you son of a bitch, fuck me good! Fuck me damn good!"

"The little vixen's got fire. I like a feisty bitch. I'm gonna give you the best ever out of my old prod!"

The girl didn't know if this was the bed he could offer in the way of fucking. She no longer cared. Her body was assaulted on all sides by pain and delight. The waves of sensation were threatening to drown her. She merely accepted them as they came, enjoyed if she could, winced when she couldn't.

But the important thing was driving that spike of prick all the way up to her chin. She wanted to make him split her apart all the way along her trim, young body.

"Damn, s-she's really getting it on!" the man gasped. Sweat was running down his broad chest. His hands were growing slippery on her butt. He could barely keep her swinging on and off his prick.

The warm sheath of her cunt surrounded his prick. He pulled her onto him fully, hesitated long enough to revel in the untouched wonders of her virgin pussy, then let her swing away from him.

Her legs kept her from going too far.

Then his hands would grip her asscheeks again and pull her crotch in to his.

It was a perfect situation.

For him. Because he didn't care if she was tied up. He didn't care that she was in pain from being wrapped around a wooden bar. All that counted was his pleasure.

He was king. And he was showing her how virile he was. Let all those high-school studs talk. They could never match his cock! He riot only was long, he knew bow to use it!

He drove powerfully in. He parted her pinkly scalloped inner pussy-lips and surged hard up her cunt. He felt the friction burning away the lubrication leaking from her quim.

He felt the heat burning back along his cock. He tried to hold down the fiery tide for a few more seconds. He swung the girl faster. She was racing along his cock now. The hot blast of his jism refused to wait any longer.

He exploded into her cunt.

Shouting out his intense feelings, he continued wildly fucking the girl until his cock was depleted.

She hung limp and tired from the wooden bar when he was done with her. A strand of her blonde hair had strayed into her eyes. He tenderly moved it away to give her a clear vision.

"See, Goldilocks, it wasn't that bad, was it? And I gotta tell you, that's one hell of a hot little cunt you've got. Hangs on to a man like flypaper. But soft, squishy flypaper."

"Why are you doing this to us?" asked Melinda. Her crotch was still on fire. It was as if the man had dipped his prick in and before balling her. Everywhere he'd touched burned like hellfire.

"Don't you know? We don't like people squealing on us. This is just to show you and that loudmouth brother of yours we mean business."

"And?" the girl added.

"And we're getting our rocks off, that's what else. You're sexy and you were a virgin. I like that."

She shuddered. Melinda knew he was intent on humiliation. He wanted her to feel dirty about what was done to her. The forced incest, this rape, all was planned by Sid to make her feel like a slut.

Melinda silently vowed she would take whatever they could dish out and not make a single sound of complaint. No matter what.

Chapter SIX

"Are you about done with your golden-haired little girl, Sid?" asked Ellen.

"For a moment. She sure took the lead out of my pencil. But it'll be back in a while," he boasted. "You and the kid gonna get it on?"

"I think that would be a great idea. And I liked the way she slipped back and forth on your cock. I liked that a lot. With a little different arranging, I think Ron here will be able to do the same."

"I refuse," Ron flatly said. "I won't go along with your schemes. This is... hey!"

"Yeah, over there, Sid. I'm getting tired of his mouth. If he says one more word, I'm going to stuff this in and then tape his mouth shut."

She held up a handball. The hard rubber ball would just barely fit into his mouth. Ron could envision himself strangling on it -- and having both Sid and Ellen laugh while he was doing it.

He kept quiet while they strung him up.

Sid grabbed one wrist and yanked it painfully straight up his back. A swift circle of tape and he was bound to one of the free rings swinging from the ceiling. The coach ripped the tape binding his wrists together and hastily bound the wrist to the other ring.

Sid cranked the rings up off the floor level. The teenager felt his arms stretching. Soon, his toes barely touched the floor. Then he was swinging free, his entire weight supported by his wrists.

"Just tell me when you want him stopped," Sid called to Ellen.

She stood, one hand poised on a cocked hip, watching. The smile on her lips told the youth how excited she was, how interested in his plight she might be.

When his crotch was level with her lips, she said, "That's good enough. I think I've got me a side of beef hanging just about right." Then she added, "At least, I see some meat I'd just love to taste." She moved forward, her hands reaching out to grip his upper thighs. With a quick jerk, she parted his legs and burrowed her face into his groin.

He vowed to not respond to her, no matter what she did. It was an easier promise to make than to keep. Her lips kissing his cock did things to him he couldn't control. His prick was slowly inflating every lime she licked his balls. With her position on his body, he couldn't elude her questing mouth.

Trying to swing back and forth to escape her only added to his dilemma. Hot needles of pain shot down his arms and into his body. He had to moan in pain. It was easier to simply hang there and let her suck his prick.

It was also a lot more pleasant.

Her mouth gobbled up his cock. She sucked in his entire prick. She loved the limpness of it -- because it was hardening into a fully usable fuck-stick inside her mouth. Sucking harder, she was drawing his very manhood from his body. No matter how he twitched and moved to avoid her, she was there.

The salty flavor of his cock made her heart race. She stroked over his hairy legs, gripped wildly at his ass. As her finger vanished up his asshole, she looped her tongue around his prick enough to get it fully erect.

He had a boner any man would be proud of.

She moved back just a little and looked up at him. She laughed. "See? Admit it. You want my mouth moving all over your cock. You want me to give you head!"

He was close to team. That was exactly what he wanted. He didn't dare speak. He felt like it would be a betrayal of his sister, of the promise he had made to himself. This wicked woman was forcing him to respond in the most obscene fashion possible.

She was giving him the blow, job of his life and mocking him. She was teasing him. She was daring him not to enjoy it!

He heard his sister calling out, "Do what she wants, Ron. It'll only be harder on us if you don't. Play along with her!"

Perhaps his sister was right. Maybe she had the right idea. If he simply swung in his bonds and let the woman suck him off, that might get them off both his and Melinda's backs. And... and he could get a nice blow job along the way!

He stopped struggling against the pleasures his body was intent on giving him and he relaxed as much as he could. The pain in his upper body was great; the pleasure radiating from his cock was more than enough to erase all of it from his mind. The woman's wet mouth was kissing his balls.

She could feel the thick cream of his cum inside. It was slowly coming to a boil under her tongue. She licked the hairy little sac around with her rough, pink tongue. She was enjoying tormenting the teenager. He was so easy to outfox!

He was playing right into her hands by resisting. She enjoyed it so when they struggled. He wasn't anything more than an animal caught in a trap. He couldn't escape.

She'd suck him dry!

"I love the way you taste, kid," she told him. Licking her lips slowly so that he could see just the pink tip of her tongue. "You've got a helluva prick! And I'm gonna have fun watching it spew out its cum!"

He gasped when her mouth clamped back on the very tip of his prick. She was sucking like a vacuum cleaner. Her tongue raced around the rim of his glans. The sensuous pleasure crept into his balls, his body. He was arching his back, driving his prick toward her face before he knew what he was doing.

He wanted to face fuck her!

"That's right, kid. Give it to me with all the strength in your lithe, young body. I love it!"

Her hands caressed his hairy legs again. And once more, she searched for and found the boy's anus. Her long finger wiggled up his asshole. And there, she wiggled it flexing her finger until he was sobbing. She was stroking directly across his prostate gland.

He felt daggers of pure lust surging into his guts. That damnable finger was pushing him to a fever pitch. He didn't know what she was doing, but his cock actually hurt in its need. He could feel his balls tingling and all from the woman's careful attentions to a tiny gland up his asshole.

"Please!" he sobbed. "I can't take much more."

"You want me to suck you off? You want poor little ol' me to give you some head?" she taunted.

"Yes, damn you, yes!"

"Okay," she agreed, laughing at him. The feeling of power was greater than that of sex in her now.

She had reduced him to her level, then soared above him. Hung up like he was, he couldn't resist her. The pain had made him a willing victim for her oral love.

She began swinging him back and forth on the rings. The youth could barely stand the pressure on his shoulders, but he didn't cry out. He wanted this over with. He didn't know which was worse, the painful pressure on his arms or the sexual pressure building up in his guts.

As she swung him, she pursed her lips into a tight O. His cock fitted neatly into the seal her mouth formed. His cock moved in and out of her mouth as he moved.

Her tongue never rested. She lightly touched the tiny flap of skin dangling under the head of his cock. This caused a shudder of anticipation to pass through him. Then her hard teeth closed slightly until her teeth dug fiery red grooves along the sides of his cock.

He couldn't avoid the torture. He wasn't sure he would have if he could. The woman's mouth was tormenting him, yes. But he was being pushed closer and closer to cumming due to her sucking, biting, eager mouth.

His prick was almost at the point of exploding. The woman's tongue swirling around was enough to get him off. But there was always just a little bit more that she did to him.

The teeth on his sensitive flesh caused blood to pound hot and fierce into his length. His prick seemed to be growing under her oral attentions. Then her wet, rough tongue soothed away any hurt.

Most of all, though, was her sucking mouth. She managed to make him think he'd accidentally hooked himself into a milking machine. She was giving him the full benefit of her training. Cocksucker second to none, the woman was treating him to the ultimate head job.

"You like it, don't you?" she teased. "Tell me what you want from me. I might be talked into letting you have it!"

"Your m-mouth," he groaned. "I want your mouth on my prick!"

"SO you want more of this, eh!"

She swung him back in a long arc and opened her mouth. She had it calculated perfectly. His cock split her lips and dived down her throat. The woman took his full length without gagging.

He gasped when he felt his cock bounce off the roof of her mouth, bend downwards and then vanish into her throat. Every time her throat swallowed, she stroked the underside of his cock. He was at the point of climax when he felt a coldness on his cock.

She'd spit him out. The air was drying her saliva. "Not yet, kid," she told him. "I want a little more mouth love. You're too eager for me. I like to build up to this sort of thing."

Her mouth fastened on the inside of his thigh. He gasped when she bit down -- hard. Blood flowed to the skin and left the woman's teeth marks on the inside of his leg. He shrieked out his passions when she began working up his leg toward his crotch.

It was a slow, tantalizing journey. She licked and lapped and stroked along his flesh -- and promised his cock her mouth once more.

"Go on and get it over with," came the surly voice from across the gym. "I'm getting tired watching all this cocksucking."

"Shush, Sid. I enjoy this. And I think he is, too. See his cock buck around. He's hung like a young stallion. I think he'd be just great in the sack. A real stud."

"Go on and fasten that eel-like mouth of yours onto the end of his prick. Maybe that'll shut you both up."

The suddenness of her mouth returning to his cock took the teenager's breath away. He was shivering as if he had some erotic play as she began gobbling up his cock again.

She loved the way his prick stirred so hard against her tongue. She drew her tongue back and forth over the very tip, then tried to stuff her pink tongue down the hole at the end. She knew she'd fail. But it was so much fun trying.

And it got him even more excited.

She could tell by the way his cock convulsively twitched. It throbbed with new vigor. She simply didn't believe he could hold out much longer under her oral assault.

But he did.

He started swinging in a faster, shorter arc. His cock raced in and out between her ruby red lips. The woman was enjoying this immensely.

Her hands constantly rubbed over her own crotch. The itchy feeling deep in her cunt was growing. For a moment she wished she could have his cock inside her twat. But that wasn't possible. He was going to cum in her mouth at any instant.

Or was he?

An evil thought crept into her head. She moved her soft lips off his cock and then bit his leg.

The pain completely blotted out any idea in the teenager's mind of having a cum. The blood welled up on his leg and began dribbling down past his knee.

"Wh-why did you do that?" he asked, stunned. His balls ached terribly. His mind was twisting and turning almost as fast as his body. The pain from his bitten leg, the strain on his shoulders, the way his wrists were bound to cut off the circulation, all this and more conspired to rob him of his erection.

"Just a thought I had, kid. I wanted to see if your balls would really turn blue if you didn't cum."

She turned and walked away from him, making certain her ass twitched and rolled as she moved.

Now Ron realized the full extent of the trouble he and his sister were in.

His balls did hurt like hell. He'd be sore for a week after being tied up like that, then not getting his rocks off. The woman knew exactly how best to humiliate him, how to inflict the most pain.

Ron hated her with all his soul.

Chapter SEVEN

"You really are a cruel bitch, you know that, Ellen?" Ski told the woman, as he laughed at Ron's discomfort.

The teenager swung from the rings, quivering in a mixture of sheer pain and the last traces of his erection. His balls were on fire -- and that fire was slowly fading to a painful ache that filled his entire belly. There was nothing he wanted more in the world than revenge on Sid and Ellen.

Yet... yet he had to admit the woman gave great head. If she'd only finished the job!

"What do we do next with our two incestuous young captives?" Ellen asked.

"Let's give the kid there a chance to really swing. Her, too." Turning to Melinda, he reached out and gently stroked her cheek. "Would you like to help your brother out of his fix?"

She tried to bite his hand but missed. Her teeth clacked together loudly in the stillness of the deserted gym. She had long since given up any hope that they would be discovered. All the kids were up in the cafeteria at the disco dance by now. And even the guard usually patrolling the school seemed to have taken the night off.

She and Ron were alone. They'd have to get out of this on their own -- or not at all.

"I like her, yes, I do," said Sid. "Tried to bite me! A really feisty blonde bitch."

"What did you have in mind for them, Sid?" asked Ellen again. "You seem to come up with the damnedest things." She poked Melinda in the left tit and started the girl swinging slightly.

The woman's fingernail cut into the teenager's boob and started a little trickle of blood. The sharp contrast between the red blood and the snowy white skin seemed to fascinate the woman. She cut another little gouge in Melinda's right tit, enjoying the sight of the girl squirming in pain.

"So responsive. Do you think their nerves are closer to the skin or something, Sid? Look at the way she twitches when I even touch her." Ellen slapped the girl across the face. The loud ringing didn't go away for a few seconds.

Then Melinda heard, "... so we drag out the trampoline and let 'em bounce each other a while. In a sexy way, of course."

"Let's do it."

Melinda watched as the two coaches set up the trampoline. Ellen bounced a couple times on it, testing.

She called out to Sid, "Hey, I think I like this. To hell with them. Let's you and me fuck! This is really kicky!"

"First things first. We want to teach them a little lesson. I'd say the lesson isn't anywhere near finished until they've actually gotten it on -- right -- with each other."

"You're sick, Sid. I think that's why I like you so much."

"Help me with the girl. I can handle old Blue Balls over there."

"Sure he won't cum in your face?" she laughed.

"Shut up and get Goldilocks up on the trampoline."

Melinda watched, helpless, as they cut the strands of adhesive tape that had imprisoned her on the wooden bar. Her hands were still tightly bound behind her back. She found her legs wouldn't support her, either. The two dumped her on the bouncy surface.

Trying to stand up on the trampoline was impossible. She needed her hands for balance -- and they were tied behind her.

She simply sat down and waited. The teenager watched as they cut her brother down from the rings and refastened the tape on his hands. The bound youth was tossed onto the trampoline.

Melinda and Ron bounced up and down a few times before the thick nylon fabric ceased its up-and-down motion.

She thought she was going to get seasick.

"Go to it," Sid urged. "Fuck away. Blue Balls needs it, Goldilocks. Besides, you can't refuse your brother. Not after he's already popped your cherry for you."

"Go to hell!" snapped Ron.

"We can fix you good, kid. Watch it. And get to fucking."


"Ron, maybe we should..." Melinda began. Then she was tossed up into the air as Sid's heavy weight came onto the trampoline. Helplessly, she watched him roll across the surface to Ron, grab him firmly under the arms and lift him up off the trampoline.

Her brother's weight crushed her as Sid threw Ron on top of her. Instinctively, she opened her legs as Ron came flying through the air. The position they ended up in was anything but brotherly-sisterly.

"See, they got the idea, Sid," chortled Ellen. She began bouncing the trampoline and watching the mock-humping action.

"No good. I want them to really fuck each other." Sid rolled across and looped a strand of the sticky adhesive tape around both their wrists. Ron was firmly fastened, face to face, crotch grinding to crotch, with his sister.

Melinda groaned a little as she felt the tape touch her skin. She remembered what it was like when they ripped it off her before. This was going to be worse. She knew that their motion on the trampoline would slowly pull on the tape. Her skin would be yanked off in huge hunks.

"Now they're in the right position to fuck each other. Go to it, Blue Balls. Give us a good show!"

"You slimy bastard. You... ulp!" Ron couldn't finish his sentence. Sid had jumped off the trampoline, sending brother and sister flying into the air. As they bounced up and down, Ron became acutely aware of how well the coaches' plan was working.

He was getting an erection. Being so close to a seductive young girl -- to hell with the fact that it was his sister -- was starting his hormones racing. His breath was coming faster just from her nearness.

"Sis, I'm sorry! I can't help myself!"

"That's okay, Ron. Just... just do it good! Show that we're better than they are!"

"You really want me to?"

"Yes! YES!" And she did.

Her brother's closeness was starting her cunt to flowing. The love juices were beginning to leak out from between her pussy lips. And the band of adhesive tape holding them together insured that his cock would press into her cunt.

She sighed as she felt his prick hardening into a long, fucking tool. He had been about half-erect when the coach had tied them together. She enjoyed the sensations rippling through her body as his cock began stimulating her sex lips.

As he got a raging hard-on, he was poking the knobby tip of his cock into her cunt. The feelings swelling inside her were wonderful. It was so much nicer having him fuck her than either of the coaches. It gave the young girl a sense of contentment.

Her brother would treat her right. They wouldn't have done this, otherwise. She was still scared of what else the two sadistic people watching them might do, but as long as her brother was close -- very close -- it couldn't be too bad.

She hoped.

The motion of the trampoline started them rocking. She took the pressure of both their weights on her aching shoulders. Somehow, the motion eased her agony. It was almost nice. Then she realized the reason for thinking that.

This was the same rocking motion two people fucking used. It was an age-old rhythm. No wonder it was relaxing and exciting at the same time!

"Good Ron. Do it to me!"

"Yeah, Ron, do it to her. Let us see you fuck your own sister!"

"Don't pay attention to them. Just fuck me!"

His hips spasmodically jerked forward. The blonde girl had to gasp. Her brother's cock had been just inside her cunt lips. With that movement, he thrust his cock all the way up her cunt. She was in possession of his entire prick.

It felt like heaven after the things that had been done to her. She loved it, wanted more.

He seemed to read her mind. With a slow move, he started pulling out of her. She squeezed down with her cunt muscles to hold him inside. He groaned but continued. It felt like a giant fist squeezing him flat. Her young muscles were strong, pliable. The way his sister's pussy wrapped around his prick reminded him of fucking into a surgeon's glove.

The fit was perfect. He shoved hard back into her. The lewd smacking noise only spurred him to fuck her faster.

He used short strokes to build up the friction in her twat. His cock was already at the point of bursting at the seams. The blow job he'd almost gotten had primed his pump. He was ready to fuck.

That it was his sister's cunt was only a minor thing to his dazed mind now. All he really knew was that he'd found a tight, hot pussy willing to take his cock full length. He fucked harder, deeper.

Their crotches pound together. They moved together for a few seconds, then began rotating their hips in different directions.

He thought he'd lose his mind. It was as if his sister was intent on ripping his cock out by the roots. Her twat gripped fiercely at him. With the added movement, he knew he was going to lose control entirely at any instant.

"Hurry, hurry!" he whispered hotly into her ear. "I can't stand it much longer!"

The words were like a hot wind in the girl's ear. She was already at the breaking point. She was so aroused by her brother's fucking, the way he fucked his prick in and out of her clinging quim, that she didn't need much encouragement to cum.

As he really started humping her, their bodies began rocking heavily on the trampoline.

This added a brand-new dimension to their fucking. She tossed her legs high in the air every time they soared into the air. She felt his cock drive just a little deeper into her wanton cunt each time she did this. With the motion already in her twat, she was doomed by her sex.

She came.

As she thrashed about, this caused them to roll over and over on the trampoline. Par a brief moment, she was on top and he was fucking up into her twat. Then they were back in the original position, her brother weighing her down.

It didn't matter. As long as she had that hard, huge cock inside her guts, it didn't matter who was on top.

"Sis, your curd felt like a vise when you came. It crushed down on me from tip to balls!"

"It -- it's okay, Ron. Really, darling, it's all right. Just keep fucking me! I need you so desperately!"

And she did. He was her entire world. Him and his cock. She felt that fleshy cylinder of prick shooting like a rocket up her cunt. The oils lubricating her pussy were burned away by the friction. The warmth slowly worked its way into her belly. It puddled there like liquid fire. Then it surged throughout her young body again.

She couldn't hold back this cum. It seized her in an ice-and-iron grip and shook her.

Blonde hair flying wildly, she tossed her head from side to side. She wished she could have gripped her brother's shoulders. It wasn't possible. Her hands were pinned under her, tied. Locking her slender legs around his waist helped a little.

She knew he wasn't going to get away. Not with that strip of adhesive tape binding them together. Yet, she wanted to make certain. The girl couldn't bear the thought of him leaving her. Leaving her with an empty twat that would drive her insane with unfulfilled lust.

"Fuck me harder! I love you so!" she gasped.

"Hear that? They love each other. Let's give 'em a real thrill."

The trampoline began bouncing faster and faster. It wasn't only their screwing that gave the motion to their bodies. The fabric was being bit by the two coaches to send them soaring into the air.

The girl no longer cared about anything. She had her brother close to her -- as close as a man can be to a woman. He was digging into her guts with his cock. That counted. That was important.

The wild flying into the air seemed to add to their arousal. He managed to get in two or three strokes every time they were airborne. And she gripped even harder on his cock. She was almost constantly racked with the sweet torture of orgasm.

As they hit the rough fabric of the trampoline, she rocked back on her shoulders. This pulled her brother into her pussy as a slightly different angle. She could feel her pussy walls stroking his cock all along the underside. His plum-tipped prick grew larger in her. It throbbed with a new urgency.

Then he came.

She climaxed again when she felt his lava-hot cum burning all the way up into her belly. She knew her cunt was were convulsing, squeezing down powerfully on his entire buried length.

They flew into the air. The freedom that flight gave them added to the intensity of their mutual climax. When they smashed into the trampoline again, she came a final time.

Her entire body was racked with emotion. She was gasping for air. Her tits were throbbing with every hurried heartbeat. Most of all, the nearness of her brother, taped to her with adhesive tape, was the big turn-on. She had discovered how much she had wanted him sexually.

Melinda had a hard time admitting it to herself, but she found her brother incredibly sexy. She had lusted after him for quite a few years but had never admitted it to herself or anyone else before.

She had to tell him.

"Ron, Ron darling, I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul!"

She thrilled when he whispered back, "And I love you. It's hell that it took this to let us find out. But after this..."

"Yeah, what'll we do after this. The two of them have had their kicks. What about us, Sis."

The woman's voice brought the two incestuous lovers back to the reality of their predicament. They were still securely tied up and at the mercy of the two PE coaches.

"I don't know, Ellen. But seeing them bouncing around makes me think that might be a real fun thing to do. Are you game?"

He didn't have to ask twice.

Both of the coaches piled onto the trampoline, jostling each other and causing Ron and Melinda to worry about what new torture was in store for them. They doubted it would be as pleasant as the last few minutes had been.

Chapter EIGHT

With a loud tearing noise, Sid ripped off the adhesive tape holding Ron and Melinda together at the waist. The girl screamed in agony while the boy stoically endured the pain. He didn't want to give the man another method to always inflict pain.

"How do you want to do this, Ellen? You want the girl or can I have a turn at Goldilocks?" He licked his lips in obvious anticipation of having Melinda all to himself again.

"Hell, what would I do with a deflated cock? Look how limp the kid is after he fucked his sister."

Ellen reached down and lightly flicked the tip of the teenager's prick with her finger. It flopped loosely.

"Yeah, wouldn't be right. Besides, there's not a hell of a lot I'd want to do with him. So?"

Ellen bounced up and down on the trampoline and started them all soaring into the air. "I got it. How about a daisy chain? That'll give us all a bit of pleasure."

"So who cares about them?" he said.

"True, but we are teaching them a lesson. No reason why they shouldn't get it up close."

"Like the idea of sucking my cock, little girl?" Sid towered over Melinda. He straddled her body, his crotch directly over her face. Bending down a little, he dangled his prick just out of the reach of her lips.

As Ellen bounced a bit harder, his cockhead brushed across the girl's lips. She cringed.

"Don't be like that, my little blonde beauty. You know you really want to suck on it, don't you?"

He bounced up and down on the trampoline so that his cock pressed against her lips a few more times, then he laughed.

"I don't think she really wants it. She probably wants some more of her brother's cock."

"Think Blue Balls, as you called him, is in any shape to put out for her again?"

Ron shook his head as the woman took his prick between her fingers and began rolling it around like a cigar. He might not be able to get another erection right away, but that didn't stop him from feeling what she was doing -- and in a perverted way, liking it.

"See, Sid? He likes it. I felt his prick twitch just a little."

"Enough talk. This is getting me hot thinking about it."

Melinda could see that it was. The man's prick was sticking straight up in the air now. He had a boner of monumental proportions. She didn't want that cock shoved between her lips, but knew she wouldn't have much choice in the matter.

"H-how much longer are you two going to keep us here?" she finally asked. Her voice was barely audible.

"As long as we want. This started off as an object lesson for the pair of you. Now..." Ellen let the words trail off significantly.

Melinda knew what the woman meant. She and Ron were prisoners -- sex prisoners! -- until the two tired of them. What difference did it make if they only raped her once and tortured Ron a little, or if they repeatedly forced them into doing all manner of things?

There was no difference at all that Melinda could see. People were even less likely to believe they'd been repeatedly used sexually than they would if she and Ron only reported one time.

Sid and Ellen had everything going for them. And they had nothing to lose. No one would ever believe two teenagers.

Even if they did, what would she say? That her brother had been forced to bust her cherry? That wouldn't sound too good. And what would she really say about the forced intercourse? Could she honestly say she didn't like it?


She was a prisoner of these two perverts and she would have to do whatever they asked. No matter how bizarre or outrageous, she was trapped. With her hands securely fastened behind her back, the girl was completely at their mercy.

And they had no mercy.

Not for her or her brother.

"Down!" Sid commanded.

She felt her legs being forced apart. Ron's face was shoved against her pussy. She sighed when she realized he wouldn't do anything to her that would be painful. Then she knew what the rest of this little sex package entailed.

She was going to be forced to suck Sid's prick. This wasn't as much to her liking as having her brother's tongue moving slowly all over her sex gash.

Still, it wasn't painful. The only agony she really felt at the moment was from the lack of circulation in her hands. Bent behind her and pinned under her body, her arms had become wooden.

"Please. Could you at least undo my hands?" she pleaded. "I won't try to escape. Honest!"

"NO!" came Ellen's quick denial.

Sid laughed and then told her, "I think you're sexier when you're helpless like that. Your hands stay the way they are. Now, damnit, suck on my cock before I get mad!"

He rested on his side. Lifting one leg exposed his cock fully to her oral attentions. She hesitated for a moment and felt his thick fingers grip the back of her head. With a strength she couldn't hope to fight against, he pulled her head down to his groin.

His cock was pushed between her lips. For a fleeting moment, she had the thought of biting it off. This was quickly erased from her mind by his cold words.

"Don't even think of using your teeth, girl. Unless it's in a sexy way, that is."

The hard hand on the girl's neck convinced her he meant business. He was so strong he could probably break her neck and never strain himself.

She opened her lips a little and took just the plum-tipped end of his cock into her mouth. This was new to her -- still. She didn't know what all pleased a man and what didn't. She would have to be careful or he'd get mad at her. There was no telling what he would do if he got really furious.

She carefully ran her tongue around the very end. The way the cock seemed to swell under her light touch convinced her she was doing the right thing. The girl's tongue whirled around the hooded glans until the man was moaning in constant pleasure.

"Damn, but she learns quick. Get your cunt over here for me, Ellen. I want to eat some pussy while Goldilocks is working on my cock."

The teenager saw him reach out and pull Ellen's leg closer to him. He rested his cheek on the inside of her thigh and then began gobbling up her snatch.

Melinda was trying to concentrate on what she was doing. It was difficult for her to keep her mouth on the man's prick. The trampoline was beginning to toss her up and down just a little as they all started writhing in pleasure. With her hands bound behind her back, she had to strain to keep her mouth on his pecker.

She opened her soft, red lips a little wider and took another inch of cock into her mouth. The bucking prick was hot against her tongue. She could feel his heart beating. Each time his cock jerked a little, she knew that another excited beat of his heart had occurred. She swirled her tongue all over the purpled glans.

He began thrusting his hips down toward her face. She took this as a sign that she was doing everything just the way he wanted. The girl was reluctant to admit it but she was enjoying this immensely. The maleness of his cock pleased her. She liked the heavy musk taste. And the more aroused the man became, the better he tasted.

She sucked in her breath when her brother stuffed his tongue all the way up her twat. She had been forgetting about that part of the daisy chain.

He was avidly licking and tonguing her pussy.

She struggled to spread her legs a bit wider for him. This was too good to miss out on! She wanted as much of his mouth on her snatch as she could get!

"Ummm, you taste great, Sis," came the boy's faint words. Then he was back at her sex gash, his tongue never resting.

He started at the vee of her sex lips and worked backwards, slowly, almost agonizingly, until he came to her cunt. His tongue stabbed out. Then he began tongue-fucking her.

She sighed. It was a thick, warm blanket spreading over her loins. She was aroused, but it wasn't the soaring excitement that had been hers when he was fucking her.

The motion of the trampoline added to the mouth love. She could bounce up and down a little and let his tongue move inside her in a way she would never have dreamed possible. At the same time, the cock resting in her mouth moved in at a different angle.

As Melinda began gasping, she heard a distant voice. "Goddamn, look at that kid's tits bounce! Aren't they a sight for sore eyes?"

"Shut up and eat! My poor little pussy's crying out for your mouth and you're talking!"

The girl heard her brother gasp and felt his body stiffen. She guessed that Ellen was really giving him a blow job. She wondered if it was as good as the one she was giving Sid. What would the older woman do, what did she know, about pleasing a man?

The teenager vowed to make certain that Sid couldn't possibly have any complaints.

She cradled his cock with her tongue. Her head moved up and down so that he was face fucking her. She couldn't take his cock very far into her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace.

But she didn't have to swallow him whole. She could give him all the pleasures in different ways. What started her sucking was the thought of how she'd enjoyed sucking her thumb when she was a little girl. Maybe he would get off on that.

He did. In a big way. His entire body tensed. She felt his leg, under her head stiffen. She sucked his prick into her mouth inch by slow inch. The way his cock jerked and kicked around, she knew this was the way of getting his rocks off.

"Go, baby, go!" he called to her.

The taste was better than any gourmet meal could have been.

And then she stiffened. Her entire body was being racked by the now-familiar sensation of orgasm. All the while she had been concentrating on the cock in her mouth, she had been ignoring her brother's mouth on her twat.

He had moved back along her gooey slit, parting the turgid flaps of excited flesh, and then tongue-fucked her. In and out raced his rough, wet tongue until the sexual tensions had built to the breaking point inside her.

He triggered her cum by simply sucking on her clit. He had found the little spire of erectile flesh quivering with anticipation. When his tongue brushed across it, she came.

Continuing to suck on her go-button prolonged her climax until she thought she was going mad.

"Damn, but I thought she'd had a seizure. That brother of hers must really be giving it to her!"

"And here I thought you were going to say it was all your big cock in her sweet little mouth."

"That, too," said the man, laughing.


"Yeah, I rode to my parents' wedding on a bicycle. At least, though, my parents got married."

"You are a bastard, Sid. So eat a little faster. My pussy is beginning to believe that bit about you being a real bastard."

"Such a lovely little snatch." Loud, obscene slurping noises came to the young girl's ears then.

She could just barely see the man's tongue groping into the woman's pussy. The sight fascinated her. That was what was happening to her.

Instead of the man's tongue dipping into twat, though, it was her brother's. She realized this was about as close as she would ever come to seeing it.

She studied it and it got her even hotter. The sight of that pink tongue splitting apart the heavy sex lips thrilled her. The man was licking along the puckered ridges and getting rid of all the dewy cunt juice. Then his tongue flashed out, swift as a snake's, and speared deep into the woman's cunt.

The way she jerked, the teenager knew she was really getting off on it in a big way.

Then her body twitched as her brother virtually duplicated the motion. She could feel his tongue roughly moving along the velvety folds of her pussy walls. He was sucking up all her cunt juice. And more than this, he was working hard at getting his tongue as far up her quint as he could.

When he wiggled it deep up her twat, she came.

She clamped down unmercifully on his head. As she relaxed from the rigid muscular release of her cum, she knew she might have deafened him permanently. Her thighs had been fastened firmly on each side of his head.

"Are you okay, Ron darling?"


"Quit talking," ordered Sid. "I want your mouth around my cock, not making wind!"

She obeyed. What else could she do?

Besides, she wanted to. The pleasure she was getting -- and giving -- was the foremost thing in her young life. She probably would have never gotten such an introduction to sex as she was getting.

The drawbacks were obvious. Her hands were bound. Still, though, even this was sort of sexy in a way that she couldn't understand. Being at the two coaches' command had a strange appeal to it. They were cruel, evil, perverted, yet she was coming to anticipate what they forced her to do.

Nothing she had done to her so far was very bad. She even ended up enjoying a lot of it.

Like sucking Sid's prick.

And having her brother's mouth moving all over her twat.

And seeing what Sid was doing to Ellen's juicy quim.

All of this was an education that couldn't be duplicated in any other way, at any other time.

Bound on the trampoline, she had to enjoy it or go insane. Grooving on everything happening to her was the easiest -- and most pleasant -- thing she could do.

She started working on his prick again with her mouth. Working around, she managed to get to the base of his prick. There, her agile tongue began stroking slowly across his bush. When she got to his balls, he gave a convulsive shiver and shoved his hips downward toward her face again.

He obviously liked it.

Her tongue looped out and around his balls. Pressing firmly against the hairy sac, she could feel his balls stirring inside. The lead-heavy nuts were bouncing around.

She licked across the surface a few times just to get him to groan again.

Now she held power over the man. She had him by the balls. She sucked his nuts into her mouth and carefully chewed on the pouch. Then she realized he was going to cum. His cock was jerking in a new and different way. It looked like her brother's cock had felt when it was buried so far in her cunt and he'd cum.

The girl hastily abandoned the sac containing his balls and clamped her sucking mouth on the end of his cock.

She was just in time to get the first blast of his hot cum.

The jism smeared itself all over her tongue. She was treated to the salty, tangy taste of his manseed.

The flood continued until she thought she would choke on it. Then, swallowing repeatedly, her mouth was merely coated with his whitewash. All too soon for the sex-hungry girl, the jism was all gone.

She managed to trap a little river of his cum as it dribbled from her mouth. But that was the last of his spunk.

"Good, real good, Goldilocks," he said. "Now I can concentrate on pleasing this little pussy in front of me."

A lewd gobbling noise sounded out. The girl couldn't stand to see what he was doing. Besides, now that she was no longer preoccupied with sucking him off, she could lean back and relax -- and let her brother send her off into a wonderland of sex again.

His wet tongue parted her pussy lips, then plunged once into her twat. She was tensed and waiting for the next shot up her cunt.

It didn't come.

He was stringing her out sexually. He was promising, then withholding. She hated him for it while loving him for being so thoughtful. She knew that her next climax would be super.

She could feel the careful way he was building the tensions in her body. He was playing her like a fine musical instrument. Each touch was designed to produce just the right effect. Nothing was out of place.

And he never let her completely forget the feel of his tongue in her quim. Now and then, he'd stuff his tongue in and roll it around, collecting every dewy drop of cunt juice he could find. But then he would pull out and work on other parts of her snatch.

When he left her cunt this time, he slowly slithered back down her perineum. She shuddered as he pressed deep between her asscheeks, searching out her anus.

When he found it, she came. Her body arched and she shrieked out her joy. The bouncing of the trampoline only stuffed her ass closer to his mouth. His tongue entered her softly from behind.

Wiggling around inside her rectum, his tongue was driving her wild. She couldn't control herself any longer.

She began climaxing. One cum right after another gripped her. And all because of his tongue up her asshole!

She couldn't get enough.

When he moved slowly back toward her cunt, she thought the biggest of her orgasms was aver. There wouldn't be a bigger one lurking inside, just waiting for the proper stimulus.

She was wrong.

Her brother knew all the right tricks. His tongue was well educated in eating pussy. He sucked in her pussy lips, then ran his tongue along the trapped ridge in his mouth. She could feel her cunt juices being drawn out between the tight-pressed sex lips. And when his tongue worked eagerly along her sex lips, she couldn't keep the climax bottled up inside her.

She erupted. The top of her head seemed to blast off and her entire body was clutched in the rigid joys of orgasm. Bouncing on the trampoline seemed to give her wings. She soared.

When she came back to reality, she was lying flat on her back gazing down into her brother's loving eyes. His sandy hair was rumpled but he looked happy.

"Good, wasn't it?" he asked.

She didn't have to answer for him to know the full extent of her joy. It wasn't good, it was great!

"I'm glad somebody got off on this. I sure as hell didn't," complained Ellen. "I'm wanting something more from our two little sex slaves. In fact, I want a damn lot more. Hell, I couldn't even get him hard!"

Sid laughed at her. "Maybe your mouth's not as good as hers."

"Maybe not. Let's see."

Melinda almost cried when Sid easily lifted her and dumped her off the trampoline onto the hard gym floor. She didn't land easily.

Chapter NINE

"Let's give her a little taste of what's in store for her. And since the loudmouth enjoys eating her pussy so much, let him keep going," snarled Ellen.

"Oh, no, you don't," said Sid, "I'll try her out for a while. Her mouth did great things for me. I want to return the favor."

Melinda didn't think it was going to be any favor. Not from the way Ellen was storming and raging. The woman was furious. Not only hadn't Sid gotten her off, but she had failed to get a rise out of Ron. The way her brother looked, Melinda could imagine why.

He was haggard. Not quite at the point of having dark circles under his eyes, there was no disguising the fact that he was bone tired. He had been run up and down the emotional ladder too many times.

She thought the worst was probably when Ellen had sucked him hard, then not carried through. Leaving him hanging from the rings, a hard-on hurting like hell, couldn't be good for him.

The girl had no more time to think about what was in store for her brother. She was worrying about herself. Ellen dragged her over the rough floor to the parallel bars again. The woman gripped her arm and seized her protruding tit.

Using these convenient handholds, she lifted the girl, upside down, so that her legs dangled over the highest bar.

"Hang there, bat style," the woman ordered.

Swinging slightly, Melinda had a moment's giddiness. She could see the floor only inches away. And her hair swept over it. With her hands tied behind her back, she was in danger of falling head first to the floor. She could get a nasty bang on the head if she fell.

"I like this," said Sid. "Open up, Goldilocks. Papa wants in!"

She couldn't move her legs. She was frightened of falling.

He moved them for her, then used the adhesive tape to hold her legs painfully open. She felt as if the pain would rip right through her body. The strain, on her snatch especially, was excruciating.

Her knees were fastened at least three feet apart. She wanted to cry but hold it in.

"I like the looks of this. Damn, if I don't!" Melinda could see his leering face above her. He could see straight down into her wide-spread pussy. "I like the view. I like it a lot."

Then his mouth was clamped firmly over her cunt. She tried to avoid his groping mouth. She couldn't move. As his tongue began dragging along her sex slit, she shivered more with fear and loathing than with sexual excitement.

"I don't think your little filly likes the way your mouth works, Sid," the woman said.

"Nonsense. Of course she does. Tell me all about it, Goldilocks."

His mouth returned to her twat.

She moaned. The feelings ripping through her tender body were horrible. The pain she felt by having her legs pulled so wide was ruining any chance she might have at enjoying him eating her out. The very touch of his mouth on her taut skin was agony.

The girl couldn't remember ever feeling more helpless in all her life. She was hanging upside down with her legs and hands tied so she could hardly move. The man was able to leer at her and stare directly down into her lewdly gaping pussy.

She started to cry.

"Hey, Goldilocks, don't do that. You might end up drowning!" He laughed harshly, then went back to licking her gash.

She sobbed violently, then tried to control herself. He was close to being right. Hanging upside down caused all the blood to rush to her head. She could see her tits drooping toward her chin at an unnatural angle. Worst of all, her tears were puddling on her eyebrows.

The tickling sensation from that was worse than the pain.

She tried to concentrate only on the goodness of his mouth. She repeated over and over to herself, "I'm loving the feel of his tongue in me. I love it. I really do!"

But she was lying.

The lightest touch of his tongue was hurting her. The way her hip joints felt pulled and stretched to the breaking point simply wouldn't give her any pleasure at all.

True, his tongue stroking up and down over her pea-sized clit sent little tremors of delight quaking into her body. Every time his tongue slipped in and out of her cunt, she felt a tiny surge of pleasure. But the small doses of enjoyment she got were far outweighed by the horror of her situation.

"Please stop! I can't t-take any more of itttt!"

"Oh, no? You can't, huh? You want down, little girl? Is that it? What'll you give me if I let you down?"

"Anything you ask! I... I'll even suck on your cock again!" She was desperate. She didn't think she could stand the pain hammering in her head much longer.

"Okay. I like that offer."

She screamed when he ripped the adhesive tape off her flesh. She wished she could get used to the prickly feelings afterwards, too. The girl had the awful feeling she was going to be experiencing a lot more of them.

As she stood, her legs suddenly went rubbery on her. All the blood rushed from her brain, making her woozy.

A strong arm circled her waist and supported her. Sid pressed his body close. "I like this. A cute little chickie like you cuddling up real close to me and all."

She couldn't even pull, away in revulsion. She was grateful to him for the support -- in spite of the fact that he was the one who'd gotten her into this condition in the first place.

"Rope about ready, Ellen?" he asked.

Melinda had to struggle to focus her eyes. She saw the giant rope at the corner of the gym used for climbing. The other coach was lowering it for some reason.

As sudden as a summer storm, the girl realized the rope was for her.

"I... you're not gonna hang me!" she cried. "No way, baby doll. I wouldn't waste a good little cunt like you. All I'm fixin' to do is string you up so you can suck my cock a little better."

"Please, I'll do it! I'll suck you hard. I'll swallow all your cum. I -- just don't do this to me!"

"I like it when you whine like that." And he did. It made him feel powerful. The girl's obvious horror fed the flames of his lust. The way she was so totally dependent on him secretly thrilled him. It made his cock just a bit stiffer thinking how she was all trussed up and unable to escape his clutches.

She tried to fight him off. This gave him a chance to muscle her into position.

"Up you go!" he said.

She felt her feet being tied together with the end of the thick rope, then she was hanging free in the air. She was suspended by her legs. Her head was only inches off the ground. Slowly, Ellen pulled the rope up until the girl's mouth was at waist level -- Sid's waist level.

"Think you can suck me off like this?" he asked.

"I... no. It doesn't, work!"

"I think she's right. Lower her back to about cock-high." Sid quickly slid under the suspended girl until his cock was jutting up toward her mouth. As she swung back and forth, she could just barely touch his cock with her outstretched tongue.

"This is more like it. You got a nice tongue, girl. Really nice."

He gave her a shove that sent her in a broad arc. As she came by his prone form, he gave her a stinging swat on her ass.

"Now suck every time you come by or you'll keep getting that bouncy ass of yours paddled!"

She tried. She tried hard. Staining her neck, she was able to barely touch his cock. Soon, when the wild swinging motion had died down, she was able to suck in just the head of his prick.

"That's the spirit. Love the feel of that wet mouth of yours clinging on my cock. Makes me feel all weak and quivery inside. A good idea I had, lying down like this. Couldn't much stand with this hot one sucking on me."

She did her damnedest to remain still. Every time she got to swinging wildly, it hurt her ankles and legs. Her already strained hip joints were aching even more. But she had his cock to steady her.

As long as she kept it in her mouth, she was able to hang directly over his crotch.

His prick was starting to shiver. She felt it bucking and jerking under her tongue. She wondered what was getting him hot. Was it her totally hopeless position, dangling head down and ass up over him, or was it the good head she was giving?

It didn't seem to matter to the man. Both would give him equal thrills.

His hands worked through her hair. She didn't mind that too much. With her long, blonde, hair hanging loose as it was, it was getting in her eyes. She wasn't able to see her target. Depending on her tongue was about the only way she could make certain of keeping the cock where she wanted it -- firmly between her lips.

Once, she used a bit too much grip on him. She clamped down a little with her teeth to keep from swinging away. Rewarded with a hard, stinging swat to her rear, she waited for the motion to stop. Then she went back to sucking as hard as she could.

"Ummm, I like that mouth, girl. You're a first class cocksucker. That's the only way I like 'em."

"Hell, Sid, you'll take 'em anyway you can get 'em. What say I shove her around a little?"

"Keep your fuckin' hands off her. I like this!"

"I'll just bet you do. That poor little girl hanging over you like that, all tied up and not able to do anything you don't want her to do. What's not to like about it."

"Jealous bitch. Now shut up and let her get me off."

The teenager used her tongue to stroke the underside of the man's prick again. She tried to reach his balls but failed. If she could get his rocks off fast enough he might not leave her upside down.

Her head was throbbing. The blood was pounding hard in her temples. Her eyes felt like they would pop out from the pressure building up behind them.

But she sucked.

This was the fastest way to get cut down.

He began lifting his hips off the floor and driving his cock directly into her mouth. She pursed her lips just right. She was able to take first an inch, then two inches of his prick. When he was gyrating on the floor, he was able to ram his prick entirely into her sucking mouth.

She used the opportunity to give him the best head possible.

Her tongue slithered around his prick, caressing it like a long, lost lover. Then she sucked a bit harder. She wanted to gently gnaw on the rubbery tip, but she was afraid he would misinterpret what she was doing.

She decided it was best to stick with her lips and tongue -- and keep sucking like hell.

"That's the way, Goldilocks. Pull my guts out through the end of my Goddamn prick!"

He was face fucking her faster now. When he reached just the right tempo, the rhythm her brother had gotten off on when he was fucking her, she did all she could.

Mouth sucking until her cheeks went hollow, she pressed her tongue down hard on the end of his prick. She tried to keep it out with all the force her tongue could deliver. Then, when he started retreating, she sucked even harder, tongue enticing the cock to stay put.

She was rewarded by a torrent of sticky white cum. He had blasted his balls off into her mouth.

Sucking in as much as she could, she found herself unable to swallow. Hanging upside down simply didn't make it. But she'd done what he wanted. Now he would leave her alone. And perhaps the pain would go away. Most of all, she would be let down from this damned uncomfortable position.

"I told you she was a Grade A cocksucker. She did a good job."

"And I said you'd get off on any woman sucking on that pecker of yours. Want me to let her down?" Ellen asked.

"Yeah. I'm all sweaty. I think I'd like a shower. And I don't want to leave them around here where somebody might come in and see them."

"Don't worry about it, Sid," she told him. "All the people who might come in are up at the cafeteria for that ridiculous dance. We're going to have this place to ourselves the rest of the night."

Sid suggestively reached up and grabbed for the woman's snatch. "I think that's a good thing. What I want to do simply can't be done in a few minutes."

Ellen only smiled, but it sent cold chills racing along Melinda's spine. She didn't like that woman -- and she guessed the feeling was more than mutual.

Chapter TEN

"Hey, don't drop her on her head, for Christ's sake!" snapped Sid. He was watching Ellen lower the rope on which Melinda was tied.

"I'll do it any damn way I want."

"Don't get so uptight. Just because you couldn't get your jollies with the kid a while back doesn't mean he can't get it up now. The poor sap's been through a lot."

"He'll be through a hell of a lot more unless he learns not to go bitching to the principal about us."

"We've got that one made, Ellen," he told her. "Those kids can't touch us."

"Yeah, I know. But it still bums me when I think how close they came to getting us fired."

"How close was it, really? Not too close. Old man Wood was a bit bent out of shape that two of his noisier students were shooting off their mouths. Didn't he tell us to make sure this sort of thing didn't happen again? Aren't we doing exactly what he told us to do?"

"Yeah," she leered. "They won't want to go and try to get us canned after this. You two know we could do all this over again, don't you?" She prodded Melinda in the ribs, then turned to the bound boy. The look in her eye told Ron she was out for blood.

For once in his life, he kept his mouth firmly shut. He didn't want to anger her any more than she was already.

"Into the showers, gang!" ordered Sid.

He lifted Melinda up, making sure he gave her tits a nice little squeeze on the way. She cringed and tried to move away from him, but his hands were clamped too firmly on her jugs. He had already squeezed down on her nipples, taking the pebble-hard buttons between his thumb and forefinger. In this way, he could control her every movement. If she strayed from where he wanted her to go, a painful tug moved her right back into line.

Ellen used a more convenient handle to get Ron going toward the showers. She grabbed him by his prick and dragged him. If he failed to move, she'd castrate him.

Her fingers slipped off his cock and settled firmly around his balls. She tugged painfully enough to get him going.

"There, there, Stud. I'm surprised you've got any feeling at all there. You didn't seem to like my mouth on your cock when we were on the trampoline."

"I only respond to sexy women," he said, sorry the instant the words left his lips.

Ellen jerked down -- hard -- on his balls. He collapsed to the floor.

"Don't mouth off like that," she ordered. "While you're down there, kiss my feet. I think I'd like that."

She laced her fingers through the thick mat of his sandy hair, then shoved. He banged his head on the floor. He kissed her feet.

He didn't have any choice. She could grab his balls again and run him around the gym all night. Even worse, Ellen hated Melinda. There was no limit to what she might do to his sister.

"Good. Now stand up."

She didn't even try to help him. As soon as he managed to get his feet under him again, she gripped his nuts once more and pulled him toward the shower.

When they got into the steamy locker room, the showers were turned on full blast and sheets of mist and steam came from the stalls.

"What took you so long?" asked Sid. "Me and the chickie were just thinking about sending out a rescue party. Did you need it?"

"Hell, no. He did, though."

"Are you okay, Ron? Did that bitch hurt you?" asked Melinda, anxious.

"Don't worry. I'm doing fine."

"Hey, good, kid," said Sid. "So am I. Take a look at the way the water beads up on your sister's skin. Isn't that truly a sight to behold? The water sort of glistens off that golden pussy fur of hers. God, I'm getting horny just looking at her!"

"So do something about it, prick!" snapped Ellen.

"You're getting touchy in your old age. Maybe having him fuck you while I'm having at Goldilocks would brighten you up a little. Bend over, Ellen, and let him screw you up the ass. You always get off on that in a big way."

"Yeah, I'd like that." Turning to Ron, Ellen said in a cold voice, "And if you don't, I'll slice those precious balls of yours off with the thread. I won't do it all at once, either. Just a little bit at a time. You'll howl with the pain. It'll cut through your skin. Soon your nuts will be hanging by a thread -- my thread. Then... you're minus the family jewels. How'd you like being a gelding, huh?"

"I get the picture. You don't have to say anything else." Ron was thinking of what she was saying, then he knew he would never get a hard-on with her threats rattling around in his brain. He had to think of something else, something sexy.

Like Melinda.

He turned to see the big coach pinning his sister against a tile wall. The man's cock was big and red and hunting for the snug berth of her cunt. Her legs were spread wide to give him easier entry up into her pussy.

He hardly needed directing. The blonde triangle of her pussy fur as like a road sign pointing the way. The point of the triangle directly aimed at her cunt.

The girl gasped as the prick entered her. She found herself being bent over backwards. This shoved her twat down around his cock. It wasn't a very steady position, but she found it to be a really sexy one.

The man's strong arms around her waist completely supported her. As the water hissed down on them the heat seeped into her tired bones. She found the steamy room and hot water to be rejuvenating her. And the cock drilling up into her twat was bringing the almost forgotten passion locked in her youthful body out again.

She wanted his cock.

She wanted him to fuck hell out of her.

Everything was right for it. She shoved her tits against his chest and began rubbing them. Tiny little fires were lit in her nipples. Soon, it spread, and her boobs were filled with excited blood pumping hard from her heart.

She wanted to wrap her long legs around his waist. It wasn't possible. The girl was going to have to be content with the way he was fucking her.

Not that it was all that bad. He was using long, slow strokes designed to let his own passions blossom and flourish. The man didn't really care much for the girl's comfort.

She was a cunt to be plugged with his thick cock. Nothing more.

The teenager let the soothing water relax her, making her totally receptive to the feelings of the fucking. The long, hard cock stretched her pussy walls. It was so hard remembering she had been a virgin before the evening had started.

But she had. And she'd learned a hell of a lot -- the hard way -- in the past few hours.

She wouldn't forget it, either. Any of it.

Right now, the flood of water and the warmth of the prick were the only things she wanted to think about.

"Like my cock, don't you?" the man whispered hotly in her ear. She answered by struggling a little, then bending her knees. This showed his cock a fraction of an inch deeper up her quim.

"Thought so!" he gloated. Then he went back to his careful, rhythmic screwing.

Ron watched all this and felt his cock hardening. He could be balling his sister. It was incest, but that only seemed to add to the excitement. He was the first one she'd ever fucked. That thought turned him on enough to get a raging boner.

Jutting out from his body, his prick seemed to be a beacon for the horny woman. She grabbed it like a handle and began stroking up and down its length. With the water pouring over it, Ron quickly found he was able to stand it.

But he would have preferred a hotter, tighter channel. Like his sister's twat.

He would have to settle for the round, bulging ass being shoved back at him. The woman was bending over the low railing between the locker room and the showers. It was obvious where she wanted him to stick his cock.

He could see the puckered little anus at the bottom of her crack. The meaty slabs of assflesh on either side drew him closer.

Quickly, he shoved forward and moaned when his broad cockhead touched the little muscle of her asshole. The tight O ring of muscle wasn't going to let him up her back door. It was clenched like a fist.

"Relax," he said. "I can't get in!"

"Don't worry about it. Just start shoving," Ellen ordered.

"It's your ass," the youth said, then shoved his hips forward. He used a steady pressure. He'd never cornholed a woman before. He wasn't sure what to expect.

When the muscle suddenly relaxed, he found himself surging up her shit chute all the way to his balls. He groaned again when he felt hot flesh clinging to the sides of his cock.

When she began tensing and relaxing her muscles, he thought he'd cum then and there. Her anus was like a hangman's noose around his prick. It tightened to the point where he was certain she'd chop him off. And her rectum was like a tight-fitting glove.

It took all his will power to keep his jism from blasting out into her ass. He knew if he didn't give her a full measure of pleasure, she might carry out all the vile threats she made.

He'd have to pretend this woman was someone else -- otherwise he would always remember the threats and lose his hard-on.

It wasn't a pleasant situation for him to be in. If he didn't give her a good butt fucking, she would punish him. And if he dwelled on what she might do to him, he would lose his erection.

The only way he could keep going was to look over his shoulder at the golden image of his sister. The man was wildly banging her now. The girl's face was twisted into a contorted mask. But the youth recognized it.

She was enjoying the fucking.

He'd have to enjoy this, too, if he wanted to keep the woman from turning him into a gelding.

From stud to gelding in one evening if he didn't properly bugger her. It wasn't an exciting prospect.

Yet, he found her body demanding more and more of him. She somehow managed to tighten up her ass to the point where he pelt as if it were being sucked up into her bowels.

The way his cock was bouncing round, he wondered what she was feeling. His cock was totally surrounded by her seething flesh. The heat boiling out her asshole was enough to keep any man happy. He was only sorry it had to be under these circumstances that he was Greeking her.

Hot, sure, and definitely a hell of a lot tighter than her cunt. It wasn't as good as fucking his sister, but he couldn't complain that much. He began dragging his cock out of her asshole.

"Fuck me good, now!" she commanded. "Pleasure me as good as you can or you'll really be sorry."

"I will," he promised. "I'll give you the best cornholing you ever got."

"So do it! Stop talking!"

He rammed his hips forward. He wished he could have used his hands to balance himself. But they were tied behind his back. He bent forward a little, his chest rubbing against her back.

He could feel her spine flexing. Each and every bone in it seemed to be working against him. He drove his spike of man meat a little deeper up her rear. The heat grew as he went deeper. It wasn't possible for him to get too much farther up her rectum without setting his prick on fire.

She wiggled her hips and rubbed the curves of her ass into his groin. He knew, then, the full depth to which he could fuck. He thought she might open her mouth and have his prick shoot out.

He felt like he was that far up her back door.

Pulling out once more, he let the warm water blast down on his back. The water soothed and stimulated at the same time. The pain he'd felt earlier in his shoulders from the time she'd hung him up on the rings was almost gone. This let him concentrate more on the job at hand.

He began a gradual fucking. It didn't suit her. Hips came sailing back, ramming his cock into her asshole -- hard.

The impact jolted him, rattling his teeth. He knew she wanted her butt fucked as hard as he could deliver. The youth didn't hold back from them on. It became his way of getting revenge on her.

He wanted to destroy her with his cock. At the same time, he was getting pleasure from it, pleasure only partially due to her impossibly hot and tight asshole.

The sight of his sister getting screwed let him fantasize that it washer whom he was balling. Not some mad woman intent on cutting his balls off, but his very own sister. She was tender and sweet. Her cunt was virgin tight, as tight as the asshole he was fucking now.

And with his sister, it was good. There was no threat. They were screwing each other because they dug it. They belonged together. The warmth all along his prick penetrated to his balls. He could be happy with his lovely, blonde sister.

Even if he wasn't fucking her now.

The teenager kept his body in motion. The woman's ass pulled at him, surrounded him, sucked him even farther up her asshole. He couldn't imagine how she did it.

If her mouth had been clamped firmly over the end of his cock, she couldn't have exerted more pressure on his prick. He was being pulled all the way up into her bowels.

"Keep fucking, damn you!" she howled. "Don't stop! Keep going, ummm, oh Christ, it's good! You feel like a poker burning in my guts!"

He swallowed hard. The youth was having trouble balancing. With his hands tied behind his back, he had to brace himself with a wider stance than he would have liked.

This had its advantages, though. He bent forward over the woman's back. It was incredibly sexy when he thought about this and not the threats she'd made.

He had to get her off. It was becoming more a personal challenge than a threat to him. He was enjoying this as much as he could. His cock continued driving hard up her ass.

The meaty slabs of her assflesh pounded hard at both sides of his cock when he was pulled out of her rectum. With only the head of his cock in her asshole, the warmth of her asscheeks closed in on him. As he stroked vigorously into her body, the tightness of her bowels slammed down on him.

"I... I can't keep it in, anymore!" he gasped. "My balls are going to explode. V-you're just too tight for me!"

"Keep fucking. I, oh, ungh! I haven't gotten my kicks yet."

He rested his cheek on the woman's back and looked across the steamy shower to where Sid was still banging away at Melinda. The blonde girl was lost in a marvelous spasm of orgasm. The man didn't have any trouble setting off the ultimate in human emotions in the girl. Ron was beginning to wonder what was wrong with him -- or the woman whose ass he was so passionately cornholing.

It had to be her.

She was resisting him. If only he could use his hands! It'd be possible then to reach around and stroke her clit. He might even run a finger along her gash and feel the cunt juice oozing from it. That would certainly give her the extra stimulus needed to push her over the edge.

"Fondle your tits," he told the woman. "Diddle your clit. Hurry!"

He felt her body shift a little under him. The way she started shivering, he realized she was taking his advice. Just what she was doing, he couldn't see.

It didn't matter. She came.

Her climax wasn't huge but it was apparent. The way her already tight ass jerked tighter around his cock told him that. The waves of muscular spasm turned him every way but loose. His cock was caught in a vise of velvety flesh.

He didn't care. He rode with her, his cock still fucking with deliberately slow strokes. His balls were tormenting him again. The heat seething from her back door was almost too much for him.

"I'm... I'm cumming!" he gasped.

Then he realized her ass had jerked away and left his cock out in the humid air of the shower. The woman had voluntarily pulled her butt away just as he was getting ready to whitewash her guts with his jism.

The hot water of the shower smashed like tiny fists against his cock and balls. He staggered backwards, hit the wall and slid down it to the floor. His erection hurt like hell. Letting the water gush over his crotch helped a little -- but not much.

The woman had gotten what she wanted, then pulled away from him so that he wouldn't get off. She had done the same thing when he was hanging from the rings out in the gym. She wanted to ruin his balls.

He hated her even more. Every time his cock painfully throbbed added a bit more fuel to his anger and loathing.

"Why?" he asked. "Why are you doing this to me?"

Ellen laughed. "Poor stud. You don't know what kind of a glow I get out of it. Seeing you with that raging hard-on, feeling you fucking the daylights out of me, then knowing you're uptight and... it's a great big power trip, kid."

Her laughter filled the shower. If he could have killed her, he would have gleefully done it.

Ron looked and saw Sid still fucking Melinda. The girl wasn't hurting any. The look on her face told him she was really enjoying this.

The two of them spun around and around under the cascading water. The tiny drops splattered on her shoulders and stimulated every hidden nerve in her body. And the ones the water couldn't touch were being stroked by the man's thick cock.

The sexual tensions in her body had been building up again. She gasped and tried pushing herself closer to the man. She was completely lost in the wonderland of sex. Her body was his.

He could do what he wanted to her -- she loved it! The man was her master as long as her granted her the length of his cock all the way up her twat.

She slipped a little on the tile floor and felt his prick dig a bit farther up her twat.

This was all she needed to cum again.

It wasn't as big a cum as the prior one. She was wearing herself out. There was only so much she could stand in any given day.

For someone who had been a virgin only a few hours before, she'd had a lot of sexual mileage put on her. And she didn't care. She was tired and sweet from making love and she wanted to relax. "That's just fine, Goldilocks, but I don't think you're putting your heart into the fucking any more," said Sid. "Maybe you need a little extra incentive. Like your brother's cock reaming you out from behind?"

Her body tensed at the words.

"So you get off an that, huh?" Sid kept his cock firmly lodged in the girl's cunt and yelled over his shoulder, "Ellen, get your butt fucking boyfriend's cock over here. I got a spare hole for it to go in!"

Chapter ELEVEN

"Why should I?" asked the woman, lounging on a bench. "I got my rocks off already."

"Yeah, but I haven't. So you get your ass over here and be sure to bring brother-dear with you. The little girl wants to feel her brother's prick in her ass. Don't you?" He punctuated the question with a quick upward jab with his own cock.

"Ummmm, oh, YES!" Melinda sobbed out.

The girl was too confused to say anything else. She did lust after her brother but to have two cocks in her at the same time was perverted. She didn't want that. But she could hardly answer any other way.

As long as she was the helpless prisoner of these two evil people intent an humiliating her, what else could she do but agree to their demands? They would do what they liked anyway.

"See? She does want his cock working on her butt. Now get him the hell over here."

"Okay. It might be fun seeing how he works with his sister again. He did a real good job fucking her on the trampoline, didn't you, stud?" The woman stroked over his balls.

The bay felt a tremor lurching through his body. He had been denied his orgasm too many times. The aches in his body were deep. Even worse, he was sure there were psychic scars from all this. It was getting harder for him to even think about fucking.

The woman had effectively castrated him with her actions if not physically. She'd brought him to the brink of blowing his wad, then denied him that needed release. She wasn't hurting like he was; he knew that and hated her for what she'd done.

"What is it you want now?" he demanded. He was content to simply sit under the falling water from the shower and try to relax. The way his body was protesting, the way his balls hurt, he didn't want to get involved in any more sex.

"Sid thinks your sister reeds you. Your cock, really." Ellen grabbed his still rigid pole and jerked him painfully to his feet.

He bit down a cry. It wouldn't do to let this perverted woman know she was actually hurting him. Let her guess how terrible the pain was.

"What now? What are you going to force me to do to her now?" he demanded.

"Look, kiddo, I'll do the talking. You'll do as you're told. If not, well, I've got all sorts of ideas about what to do to you."

"Ellen!" bawled Sid. "You're not giving him that bullshit line about piss in his ass, are you?"

She smiled and it wasn't pleasant to see. "No, I won't stick my pins in your ass. It's your balls or no where. Imagine the pain you'd feel as each pin scoots into your flesh. And when it's in, know what I do?"

She stroked her hand along Ron's face, caressing him, promising tenderness that wasn't hers to give.

"You don't? I light a match under the head. It heats the needle all the way down into your flesh. I've been told it bums worse than acid -- but there aren't any exterior scars left. They're all inside you. Way down deep inside. Would you like me to show you?"

Her hand jerked again at his cock. The boy trembled at the cruelty. To have pins stuck into his cock and balls, then have the heat treatment was something he'd rather do without.

"Wh-what do you want me to do?"

"You're not giving up so easily? I was getting myself all worked up to maybe try a little electricity on the piss this time. It wouldn't be a very good acupuncture but it would be interesting for me."

"What do you want, damn it!"

"My, my, the kid is beginning to swear. His balls must really have turned blue. Sore, are you?" She tweaked his balls, giving them a tug. He jumped. That hurt, bad!

"Just go and fuck your sweet little sister's sweet little ass. I'll watch to make sure you do it right."

"Yeah, you're an expert ass," he mumbled. "What? What's that?" She slapped him so hard he slipped and fell in the shower. The water mined down on him. For a brief second, he wished he was dead. Then he changed his mind. Dead, he wouldn't be able to get the revenge on this woman he wanted.

"I said I should be an expert ass-fucker by now."

She planted her foot on his back and shoved hard. He slid all the way across the shower.

She yelled out to Sid, "Here's your back-door man. Hope he does better this time than he did with me."

"He will," said Sid. "This isn't just any broad he'll be butt fucking. This is his lovely blonde sister. He gets off big on incest, don't you, kid? Don't you really want to cream in your sister's ass?"

Ron forced himself to his feet. Between the two PE coaches, he knew he and Melinda had no chance at all. A snowball's chance in hell was the cliche rattling around in his mind.

He vowed that he was one snowball who was going to make it. And when he did, they'd better watch out!

"Here, kid, let me get her ass opened up for you." He reached around and gripped one of the girl's asscheeks in each hand. He pulled wide, exposing her asshole.

Ron was still hard. His cock was burning and throbbing with need. He didn't have to be told twice. Sure, this was incest. He didn't want to Greek his own sister. But he had to consider the way he'd been mistreated. If he didn't release the intense pressures in his body, he might be permanently damaged.

Melinda would understand. She was his sister, "No, no! D-don't do this to meeeee! Ungh!" He was inside his sister's asshole.

For a moment the world spun crazily around him. It hadn't been this way when he was butt fucking Ellen. She'd been tight, sure, but not this close to mashing his cock.

The boy stood under the cascading water from the shower for a few seconds trying to collect his wits. Everything was conspiring against him to make him pass out.

"Don't leave us, kid. Goldilocks wants to feel you moving around inside her. She likes to have her guts stirred by your long cock, don't you?"

"Why are you still doing all these awful things to me -- to us?" asked Melinda. "Haven't we suffered enough?"

"Sure, you've suffered plenty. But this is fun. Dig it, Goldilocks. This is fun. And we'll keep going till we're tired of you two."

He gave her an extra twitch with his cock to let her know how much he was enjoying it.

She gasped as her brother's cock inched into her asshole. With the man's cock in her twat and her brother's cock easing into her from behind, she was certain her insides would be lipped and torn.

She felt as if she were bleeding deep inside already. Her internal organs were all being rearranged. The twin cocks inside her were too big. She couldn't possibly take both of them at the same time.

Her legs went rubbery. For a second she thought she was going to faint dead away.

As she slumped down, though, both pricks held her upright. The pressure on her clit and into her flaring ass stirred hidden passions and gave her the strength needed to stand up again. And she'd thought only the heroines in the romances fainted when having sex!

"Good girl," Sid told her, "I'll give you a special treat for standing up to your brother like that."

He reached between their bodies and began working over her jugs. He took her knockers in his hands and pressed them into her chest -- hard. Then he started rotating them in opposite directions as if he wanted to tear the snowy white mounds of titflesh from her body.

The lances of joy searing into her body started her hormones to flowing again. She'd become almost deadened to sex in the past few minutes.

She could demand only so much from her body before it was exhausted. Drained both physically and emotionally, she didn't know how she could go on much longer.

Then, in addition to the manhandling of her boobs, she felt a rough, wet tongue working all over her twat.

She managed to look down and see Ellen on her hands and knees like a dog. The woman was craning her neck upwards to get a good shot at the threesome's interlocked genitals. She was licking and lapping avidly.

The girl felt tingles surging into her that were unique. She'd never felt anything like it before -- ever.

"Why are y-you doing that?" she gasped.

The only response she got was tongue stabbing out to loop around the cock driving into her cunt. The woman's tongue outlined the spread pussy lips. The girl felt a tremor earth quaking through her body.

She came suddenly. There wasn't the usual buildup like there had been in the past. She just came and felt the equally sudden post-coital fuzziness come over her.

The threefold stimulation was too intense for her to really appreciate all that was happening. The girl tired to sort it all out in her mind.

It was hard to do.

The cock fucking her up the cunt was Sid's. She didn't have any trouble keeping him straight from the others. It was his hands on her tits, fondling, kneading the flesh, trying to remold them into new shapes.

The way he worked lacked finesse. He was just flat out fucking her as hard and fast as he could. And she didn't mind that at all.

The feeling of his cock racing up her well-greased cunt was enough to fill her with tiny flames of passion. The continual stroking in and out of her twat made those flames bum a little brighter. When he reached the paint of really fucking her, the flames exploded into a fire that consumed her entire soul.

She could handle that.

It, of all the bizarre sex she'd had that night, was the most normal -- or what she considered normal.

It didn't much matter that he was the one who'd tied her hands behind her back and kept her helpless all this time. In its way, the girl thought this was sort of sexy.

She didn't mind being held captive by him -- most of the time. It got her hot fast and made her cums seem longer and longer each time.

It had to be one of the other two points of stimulation that had brought her to her climax so damned fast. She tried to keep all the feelings straight. She could feel how Sid was fondling her tits, stroking the undersides and then tweaking hard on her ripples. And his cock she felt every time he drove hard into her cunt.

She had to concentrate to keep it separate from her brother's prick reaming out her ass. She'd never had a man up her ass before. When he'd popped her cherry, she thought she'd have at least one hole left untouched.

That just showed how little she knew of the two teachers.

They were sex fiends and got their kicks in a variety of ways.

Seeing her humiliated was just one of those methods.

She had to admit having her brother fucking her had been a high point in her young life. She'd loved it. In spite of the circumstances, the feel of his prick fucking her had been wonderful.

Her only regret was that the time together had been too short. She'd have preferred something a bit longer -- like all night!

But that wasn't in the cards. And now they were forcing him to buttfuck her. She felt his cock fucking her delicate anus and digging hard up her rectum. The pain she felt washed over her. It covered her totally with agony. Now and again she was sure he would tear her apart and she'd die a messy, bloody death.

It didn't happen.

Her young asshole stretched just enough to accommodate his huge prick. When she got the hang of it, the dual fucking wasn't too bad. Sid would ram home up her juicy cunt, then begin to pull out. As he did, her brother rushed up her tailpipe, filling her guts with his cock. The pair maintained at least one prick inside her belly at all times.

The friction between her brother's prick and her asshole made her think add had been dripping into her.

She finally got the proper rhythm. Shooting her hips forward allowed her to take Sid full length up her quim. As his cock pulled out, she could ram her hips backwards.

Her brother's prick surged up her rectum. She wiggled her ass a little and felt his hairy thighs rubbing against the smooth skin of her rear. That alone was sexy but the feel of him inside her, twitching and jerking in lust, was enough to bring her to climax again.

"Aaaiieee! Oh, Christ, it's toooo goood!"

She let her body wiggle and shake and writhe out of control. The two cocks ended up inside her at the same time. She twisted and stirred them around in her guts until the sexual tensions built to the breaking point again.

She came again. And again and again.

None of her orgasms was prolonged. They were all sharp, fast. She felt them like ice picks digging into her brain. A cold, thin blade stabbing at her senses, then exhaustion.

"Stop it, I... I can't take too much more!" she begged. "I'm worn out. Please!"

"So Goldilocks has had it! Well, I haven't. Keep fucking, kid. We'll show her what a pair of men can really do!"

The girl was dimly aware of their cocks sliding back and forth in her body. One up her cunt, the other out of her ass.

But it was the more elusive, the more gentle, sensation at her twat which held her attention.

Ellen was still at work, lapping and licking all around both cocks as they fucked hard into the girl's body.

That tongue was driving the girl mad. She had to cum; her body wouldn't let her. It was tired, completely sated. But as exhausted as she was, she felt the tremblings of a new cum building up inside her.

"I like the taste down here. I'm getting the best of both worlds," Ellen called out.

The girl was limp. The water prickling her skin with its warmth did nothing to revive her now. Only that tongue, pressing, probing, touching her here and there, kept her from passing out.

As Sid rammed his cock into her pussy lips spread wide apart. The woman's tongue pressed those sex lips against his cock. Trapped and unable to go anywhere, the girl's labia received the full benefit of those oral attentions.

As the cock pulled free, the woman licked off all the cunt juice. Not a drop of the salty, tasty thick oil escaped. Once, a tiny river had begun down the inside of the girl's thigh, then a rough tongue scooped it all up.

The perineum was fair game for a tonguing. The sensitive skin rippled in delight, even if it didn't fully penetrate to the tired girl's brain. Her body was screaming a song of joy.

As her brother's cock fucked inward, the probing tongue was there to give it a nice treat. The underside was given a full, heartfelt tongue lashing. The cock seemed to stiffen even more inside her after that light touch.

But the girl shivered from the tongue pressing upwards between her meaty asscheeks.

That was all that kept her going. Otherwise, she would have said, "To hell with it," and let the two do what they would to her.

The teenaged girl heard her brother's sharp gasp. He was sucking in his breath and holding it. Up her ass, she felt his cock begin to grow in size. This was it.

He screamed a loud, heart-rending shout, then jammed himself a bit farther up her behind. He came, his jism flowing sluggishly at first after being restrained and denied so long. Then it geysered into her.

She felt her bowels getting the sexiest enema ever. His cum was burning hot as it fountained inside her. She crammed her hips back and began wiggling her ass in small circle. She wanted him to get the biggest sexual high possible from this.

The girl realized how badly tortured he'd been. To be pulled to the edge of cumming, then shoved away time and again had to be the worst sexual torture imaginable.

Almost as bad as being sexually satiated -- and still having cocks jammed into every available orifice.

"It's damned good," he said. "I... wasn't able to hang on any longer. Forgive me, Melinda. Please forgive me."

"N-nothing to forgive, Ron. Th-they're making us do this. It's them who should, ummm, oh. OH!!"

Another sharp spike of pleasure lanced through her. Sid was cumming. The sudden release of his pent-up jism took her by surprise. But the first touch of his manseed in her quim was all it took to set her off.

She regained her voice rapidly. "I can't take any more. I'm about ready to pass out."

To emphasize her point, she let her legs relax. She fell in a golden-haired heap under the shower. The water caressing her skin felt good. And having a vacant cunt and asshole felt good, too.

It had been a long time since she'd been left alone.

Melinda wanted to go to sleep. Damn the lack of circulation in her bound hands. Damn what the two teachers might do to her. Damn the world!

She was drifting off to sleep.

Ellen's voice came, harsh and sarcastic. "You really fuck 'em to sleep, don't you, Sid. Even the kid's about ready to drift away on us."

Ron was propping himself up against the wall of the shower. He'd finally succeeded in releasing some of the tension in his body, but his balls still hurt. Sleep would do him just fine.

"Can't let 'em do that. These kids have to develop stamina! Like me!" boasted the man.

Chapter TWELVE

"So what do we do with them?" asked Ellen. She brushed a strand of dark hair out of her eyes. The water had drenched her. But she liked the wet feel it gave her skin. And when it slid over a man's skin, it thrilled her to the core of her being.

"Can't leave them. We're coaches. We're responsible for making sure this generation grows up big and strong."

"So help me get them into the locker room. We'll go have a drink."

The two dragged the bound Ron and Melinda into the locker room and set up one of the benches. The long wooden plank was just the thing for Sid.

He took out his roll of adhesive tape again. Pulling off a couple feet, he told Ellen, "Get Goldilocks spread out on the bench."

"And you really mean spread out, I suppose?" There was a wicked glint in her eyes. She was beginning to enjoy this.

"Yeah. One leg on each side of the seat so her cunt's spread wiiiide!"

Quick turns of the tape fastened Melinda's legs to the legs of the bench. Another turn of tape around her belly held her down on the rough wood plank. Sid eyed his handiwork and smiled.

"Now for the finale. Get Blue Balls and have him straddle his sister's face. I want him facing her feet, though."

Standing Ron upright was something of a chore for Ellen but she succeeded. Ron's ankles were bound to the other legs of the bench. Bending him forward put his face directly in his sister's snatch.

"That's the way I want him." Another twist of tape over Ron's back held the boy down so he couldn't move his head away from his sister's cunt.

The two were bound into a 69 position.

"Well, how do you like it?" Sid asked Ellen.

She began fondling his balls. "I think I like both of them, the kids, too," she said.

"Sex maniac. Let's fuck!"

"You promised me a drink first. Then... let's fuck!"

Laughing, the two coaches left Ron and Melinda to their own devices.

Ron took a few minutes to recover his senses. He hadn't exactly passed out.

It took only a few minutes to realize the fix they were in. His back hurt from the unnatural position. He guessed his sister wasn't in the best of condition, either. Not with her twat split this wide open -- and all for him.

The noises from the office told of what the two coaches were doing. They were getting progressively drunker and beginning to fuck. The sloppy noises could have been either whiskey in glasses sloshing around -- or a cock driving hard up a juicy quim.

Ron thought he knew which it was.

His sister stirred, then groaned.

"Sis, are you still with me?"

"Oh, God, I hurt. I hurt all over. And my poor pussy hurts worst of all. What have they done to us?"

"Looks bad unless we can loosen the adhesive tape and get free. Is there any slack in the tape you can feel?"

"None," came her disappointing answer. "But won't they hear us if we do try to escape?"

"The way they're going at it, they wouldn't hear a bull elephant charging them. And they're getting drunk, too. That's in our favor."

"What should we do?"

The boy thought for a moment. He was continually being distracted by the nearness of his sister's twat. Finally, he decided there was no reason they couldn't combine a little pleasure with their escape attempt.

If anything, the wild physical release of orgasm might give them enough strength to break free of their taped bonds.

"Just start wiggling all over. Don't fight directly against the tape. That'll only tighten it. Wiggle, yeah, that's the way!"

And he felt his prick getting hard at the way she was wiggling. Her ass was scooting around on the wooden bench in the most erotic way possible. He couldn't possibly miss it. His face was just inches away.

"Ron! You're getting a boner!"

"Hell, yes," he moaned. "The sight I'm seeing is getting to me. Ummm, hey, you don't have to suck an me!"

"But I want to. After what that bitch did, you deserve it!"

He wasn't going to tell her she couldn't. Her mouth was so soothing -- and at the same time, stimulating. He felt his hips begin to twitch with renewed vigor as soon as her wet mouth clamped onto the end of his cock. It was the very thing he needed to keep going.

He relaxed his neck a little and let his face bury itself in her snatch. It didn't take more than a few seconds before he was greeted with a flow of juice leaking from between her labia.

He began licking.

The taste of her cunt juice turned him on. He could feel the adrenaline surging through his veins. Strength returned to him. He might not have found the Fountain of Youth, but it was damn near as good!

He began slurping loudly, not caring if anyone heard. This was too good to pass up. Besides, what his sister was doing to his cock deserved a little eating out in return.

He captured her clit with his tongue. He pushed it around a bit, then moved it over to where he could suck it into his mouth. The erectile tissue quavered with lust. He sucked harder and let it slip between his lips.

Kissing it, he gave it the full attention he could offer. The slippery little organ was throbbing with life now. And it was his mouth that caused it to twitch so!

The girl had been dog-tired. And he was bringing her out of it. Him, her very own brother and he was doing it with his mouth fastened over her twat.

A convulsive shudder hit his body. He shouldn't be doing this. As much as he loved his sister -- lusted after her fowl -- this was incest. It was wrong. It was a sin.

"Are you okay, darling? Your body's shaking like a leaf."

"Umph, just fine. Loving every second of this."

"So am I!"

Her earnest young voice convinced him that anything feeling this good couldn't possibly be evil. Sure, they'd been forced into it at first. But not now. They both knew what they wanted and they wanted each other!

He didn't say another word. His mouth showed her exactly the way he felt about her.

The salty juices oozing from her twat spurred him on. His tongue worked from her clit to the flaps of her labia and then back to her perineum. Here, he lavished great care.

Tiring of this, he worked even deeper between the twin globes of her buttocks. Wiggling and twisting his tongue around, he managed to get it forced into her asshole.

The tight little muscle felt like a vise around his tongue. The thick ring of muscle clamped feverishly on him. He had to twitch a little to work his tongue up his sister's anus. The minute he did, he tasted something thick on his tongue.

He tongue-fucked her ass a couple times, then it hit him. This was his very own cum! He'd just finished whitewashing the girl's rectum and this was his jism.

Then all such thoughts became tangled in his brain. The feelings from having her sucking on his cock began to reach him. The warmth had spread. Like thick oil on water, it totally coated his senses and moved sluggishly throughout his loins.

Her mouth was one in a million. Her tongue worked avidly on the tip of his cock. Her teeth stroked the sides of his pecker until he was about ready to cream in her mouth. Then she soothed his ravaged cock with her soft lips. Kissing and licking, she relaxed him -- and excited him at the same time.

He had to tell her how much he got off on what she was doing. But if he did, he'd have to abandon his post at her asshole. He was reluctant to take his tongue out of her.

She settled the matter for him while he was flexing his tongue as far up her rear as he could get it.

She came.

Her entire body convulsed and then began bucking wildly. If they hadn't been, tied down to the bench, he would have been thrown off so violent was her cum. As it was, he last position at her ass. He had to settle for her cunt. The sudden flow of her juices made a tasty treat for him. He continued sucking and licking as his sister rocked through the ultimate of human delights.

Then when her orgasm had subsided a little, he managed to say, "I think you're super, Sis. I love the way your mouth works all over my cock. But, damnit, it tickles when you kiss my balls!"

She was panting hard. The climax had momentarily robbed her of breath. Then she said, "I'm just trying to please!"

"You're doing that. And even more, I think the tape loosened a little while you were cumming."

"Really? Let's try it again and see what happens!" she said, cheerful for the first time in hours.

The suction she applied to his cock was enough to cause her cheeks to hollow.

The taste of his prick, though, was worth ill the effort she was expending. For her brother, she'd do anything. And for a cock as tasty as his, it was a double treat.

She licked off the caked white cum that had been left after he fucked her ass. She quickly finished off this dried treat and sought his balls. The girl knew they must be sorer than hell by now. The woman had tortured him in every way possible. He should be about ready for some tender loving care -- and who was better able to give it to him than his very own sister!

She licked. She sucked. She used her tongue in ways seldom thought of by other women. And she was driving him wild with excitement.

His body had been tired out earlier. Now it was as alive as it had been the first time he'd ever had sex with a woman. Every nerve was firing out a constant message of joy. And the soothing way his sister's tongue worked on his balls was alternated by totally arousing little nips and, the constant suction of her lips.

"Damn, Sis, I... I can't stand much more. I'm gonna cum!"

"Don't!" she told him. "Hold off. Maybe if we both hit our peaks together, we can break free of the tape."

"I d-don't know. My balls are on fire, thanks to you. And my cock's going to blast apart any second now."

She worked back to the end of his prick. The purpled acorn on the end was throbbing with life. There was no doubting her brother was all man. A real stud. And she loved the way his cock jumped around. It was everything she could do to keep it between her feverish lips.

But she did.

She had to. It was important that they free themselves. The adhesive tape binding her legs and body was beginning to chafe. Her skin was already raw where the tape had bound her wrists together for so long.

And her tits! They throbbed horribly where the man had put the tape, then brutally ripped it off. She'd thought he was going to yank her nipples off with the tape.

But that was all past history now. She had the future to look forward to. The future -- with her brother.

She stopped sucking an his prick for a moment to let him get control of himself. The frantic jerking of his cock slowed a bit. During this time, though, he continued eating her out. The girl was in a constant turmoil inside. Her guts were churning from the way he was wing his tongue.

She felt the wetness of his mouth kissing her pussy-lips. He sucked off same of her juices, then shoved his tongue -- hard -- up her cunt. Tonguefucking her sent arrows of delight shooting into her body. She was coming alive just like he was.

Tired a little while ago, she was regaining her strength. And it was all because of Ron. His eager mouth was giving her back lost vitality. Every single time his rough, pink tongue stabbed deep into her quint, she shuddered.

She could even feel the tape cutting into her belly and ankles and wrists as she rocked under the tongue lashing he was giving her. But it was worth it. She ignored the slight pain in favor of the greater pleasure.

If anything, it made the pleasure all the more intense.

When he got back to her clit, she realized how potent that little organ was. Sucking and licking as he was doing was lighting the fuse to the powder keg hidden in her young body. She felt as if she were being pumped up with air. Her guts were expanding, expanding to the limits of her senses.

She groped for and found his prick dancing around just scant inches from her mouth. She sucked as she'd never sucked in her life. The girl gave her brother the finest blow job any man has ever received.

She felt the salty tang of his cum erupting in her mouth -- then the world was blotted out. She came, too.

Locked together in their mutual cum, they strained and bucked and writhed powerfully against their adhesive tape bonds. They didn't realize the force of their orgasm.

When Ron was able to focus his eyes again, he found the strip of tape around his body had been broken as he hunched up to shove his cock even deeper into his sister's mouth.

And Melinda discovered one of her ankles had broken free during the brief but intense orgasm.

"Ron? Can you get loose?"

"I think so. The tape around my wrist slipped. I don't know if it was from sweat or the shower or if I busted it loose when I came, but I... there! Free!"

He straightened up and looked around. The two coaches were in the office sprawled on the desk. They seemed to be asleep. Ron didn't take any chances. He bent back down over his sister and fumbled her legs free of the tape. It was a long process; the circulation in his hands was only slowly returning and it felt as if millions of hot needles were being thrust into his skin.

But at last, his sister was free -- and so was he. It was time for them to have their revenge on the two teachers.

And the form of his revenge had nothing to do with turning them in to the principal.


"What are we going to do, Ron? They look like they're asleep in there an Coach Barnett's desk." Melinda was carefully getting into her clothes, discarded so long ago.

Ron didn't answer for a long time. He was busy watching Melinda, telling himself she was safe and would soon go back to ignoring him. But, damn, just watching her get dressed was a turn-on. The way she carefully stepped, the little wiggles she gave as she skinned into her tight dress, the almost seductively innocent way she put her shoes on. Then he shook his head. He didn't have the time to get hot over her.

There were other things to take care of.

Finally, he said, "DO you know where the janitor's closet is? I want you to go get a green plastic battle sitting on the shelf. I saw it a week or so ago. It's close to waist level. Bring it back while I watch over our two Sleeping Beauties."

As soon as Melinda rushed off he went into the office and looked down at the two naked teachers. The smell of gin was overwhelming. He couldn't tell if they'd passed out from too much booze or were simply asleep. He decided to help them along.

Finding another bottle in the lower drawer, he spent the next few minutes pouring most of the fifth down Sid's and Ellen's throats. If they hadn't been soused before, they were now.

Melinda came back with the plastic bottle. "Ron? Is this it? This is that super sticky glue."

"Yeah. I know. Chuck got a hold of this bottle a couple weeks ago. He didn't let me see it. Told me to shut my eyes. He put a single drop on my thumb and then told me to rub it with my forefinger and tell him what I felt."

"What happened?"

"The glue fastened my thumb and forefinger together. We had to go to the chem lab and get some sort of gunk before I could separate them. The only other way would have been to rip the skin off."


"So our two friends are going to get themselves glued together. Bring in that cart they use to lug around the wrestling mats. I want to move them after I finish the glue job."

Melinda looked confused, but obeyed her brother. When she saw how he had glued the two together, she snickered a little, then asked, "And where are you going to put them? Out under the statue?"

"Nape. I want these two where everyone can see them. Help me get the cart moving."

"There, all done," Ron said with some satisfaction. "Want to go around and do some dancing?"

Melinda grinned wickedly. "You bet! I wouldn't miss this show for the world!"

Ron and Melinda were bedraggled and the worse for wear and tear, but no one in the cafeteria noticed. They were all too busy dancing. Up on the tiny stage, a student was acting as disc jockey and spinning record after record. Behind him was a curtained off area.

"When do you spring your surprise?" she asked, eager to get it over with.

"As soon as I find the principal. I want dear Mr. Wood to know exactly what kind of teachers he has working for him."

When Ron found the principal, it was simply perfect. The man and three old biddies from the English department were sitting and drinking the spiked punch -- right next to the stage.

Ron carefully arranged his little curtain-opening were moving together, his cock stirring up the embers of her lust.

The girl rolled over so that she could be on top of her brother for a moment. Looking into his eyes told her what she, herself, felt. Incest was nothing but a swear word. It didn't mean a thing to the likes of them.

They loved each other.

That was what counted, not some silly rules set down by society.

She continued rolling and felt his weight crush her to the roof. Then she was lifted into paradise as she came.

Her fingernails raked his back, but neither noticed. They were too busy exploring their new relationship, the relationship that might never have been theirs except for two sadistic teachers.


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