Enslaved landlady

Immoral people, capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Sandy Bergen, the woman in this book, is the victim of immoral people, finding herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

ENSLAVED LANDLADY the shocking story of an innocent woman learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

Chapter ONE

"You were right, Arnie," Rocky said, pulling the shower curtain back to reveal Sandy's naked body. "Underneath all that baggy shit she wears, the landlady's got a sexy fucking body."

"Look at those legs," Chuck said, stepping in and staring down at the lean, sexy blonde. "And get a load of that fucking ass. It's perfect!"

"Her tits aren't very big," Bridget said, eyeing Sandy's pointy, stiff-nippled tits. "They aren't half as big as mine."

"What the hell is going on here?" Sandy gasped, sinking as low as she could under the soapy water in the tub, trying to hide her sleek, sexy body. "Bridget, just because I let you rent a room, doesn't mean that you have free run of the house! This is my bathroom, and I want you and these other people out of here now!"

"Shut up, bitch," Arnie said, grabbing Sandy's wrists and hauling her out of the tub. "You're a sexy whore, and this is a great fucking house. That's why Bridget moved in to begin with, and that's why we've come to stay. But Bridget tells us that you're one uptight whore, so I guess we're going to have to teach you how a slut's supposed to use her body. You are a sexy whore."

It was the truth. Sandy Bergen was a beautiful woman. She had a wild mane of streaked blonde hair that hung past her shoulders and framed a face that was almost perfect. Her lips were lush and pink even without a trace of lipstick. And her eyes were so big and brown that almost every man who met her wanted to fall inside them.

The most amazing thing of all was that, compared to the beauty of her body, Sandy's face looked plain. Her body was perfect. Sandy was like some lean, tawny jungle animal, her skin tanned and silky, her body supple and finely muscled. Her legs were incredibly long and perfectly shaped, without an extra ounce of fat. Her ass was full and round, but it was also as firm as a ripe melon.

Sandy's tits weren't huge, but they were big for so thin a woman, and they stood out from her chest like miniature torpedoes. They were perfect cones, wide and full at the base and tapering to nipples that stood almost an inch long when they were erect. Sandy's arms were tanned and slender, her hands delicate and long-fingered.

"Let me go, you dirty bastard!" she screamed, twisting and pulling in Arnie's strong grasp. "You're going to jail for this, you low-life jerk! Leave me alone, you assholes!"

Sandy was a strong woman, but she was no match for Arnie, who was almost seven feet tall and built like a brick wall. He jerked her over the edge of the bathtub and plunged her head under the soapy water.

Rocky, who was almost as big and muscular as Arnie, locked both her flailing fists inside the pocket of one big hand and jerked her arms behind her back.

Chuck, the smallest of the three men but still over six feet tall and two hundred pounds, reached under Sandy's arms and crushed her tits in his strong hands.

And Bridget, a six-foot redhead with an amazon build and huge tits, plunged her hand right up against the furry pink pocket of Sandy's cunt.

Sandy writhed desperately in the hands of her four captors. Her dazed mind couldn't accept the fact that the sweet girl she had rented a room to was leading such a horrid assault on her body. She choked and spluttered underwater and retched in disgust at the feel of Chuck's hands mauling her tits and Bridget's palm rubbing over her cunt.

"Say uncle, you dumb cunt," Arnie said, pulling Sandy's face up out of the water. "Say uncle and I won't drown your scrawny ass!"

"Fuck you!" Sandy gasped, water pouring from her parted lips. She coughed uncontrollably, squirming like a sexy soaked snake in the hands of her captors.

"Stupid slut," Bridget said with a shake of her head as Arnie plunged Sandy's head back under. "Keep her down for a couple minutes, Arnie. Teach the landlady a fucking lesson and give us a chance to sample her sexy little bod."

Sandy could hear the voluptuous redhead's words and she struggled more fiercely against the strong hands that held her in place. She thought desperately that a couple minutes under the water would drown her. She kicked and jerked until she was exhausted, but her strength would have been no match for even one of the quartet who was holding her tight against the side of her bathtub.

While Arnie held Sandy's head under the water, the others explored every inch of her soaked, sexy body. They pinched her nipples and crushed her tits until pain flashed like fire through Sandy's squirming body.

They raked their fingernails over her ribs and across her stomach. They slapped her ass and pinched her thighs, running their hands over her arms and legs and sides as if they were inspecting an animal they were considering buying.

All three of them took turns running their hands into the shuddering crevice of her ass and over the tiny, pouting mouth of her cunt.

Sandy held her breath as the three men and one woman pawed her beautiful body. Her chest ached and her head pounded from lack of oxygen. The pain was awful, but it was nothing compared to the humiliation she felt at being violated at the hands of strangers.

"Motherfucker!" Bridget hissed, plunging a finger up inside the tight pink pocket of Sandy's cunt. "When was the last time somebody fucked you, bitch? You're tight as shit and twice as dry!"

Sandy gasped at the sudden penetration of her cunt. Pain ripped through her tight, dry pussy, and what little breath was still trapped in her lungs escaped her in a shuddering sigh.

"Let me feel," Chuck said, and Bridget pulled her finger out so he could plunge his inside. "Oh man, Arnie, the landlady's got a tighter cunt than most chicks' asses!"

"Fuck that," Rocky said, and pushed Chuck aside so he could fuck his finger up inside the tiny pink pussy-slit.

Sandy was gasping uncontrollably. Chuck's finger had been twice the size of Bridget's, and Rocky's finger was even bigger.

With every shuddering breath, she sucked in mouthfuls of water. Sandy clenched her eyes tightly shut, flailing wildly as water filled her lungs. "Ready to say uncle yet?" Arnie asked, hauling Sandy out from under the water by her satiny blonde hair. "Say uncle for us."

"Uncle!" Sandy gasped, her svelte, sexy body shaking with the force of her coughing. Water poured from her lips. "Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!"

"Now tell Bridget when the last time was that somebody fucked you." Arnie ran his fingers over the lush ring of Sandy's lips as he told her what to do. "Tell Bridget what she wants to know!"

"Fuck you!" Sandy hissed. Righteous anger flared through her at the thought of how these strangers were trying to debase her. She spit in Arnie's face. "Who do you think you are, you filthy prick?"

"You've got a foul fucking mouth, bitch!" Arnie growled, wiping the spit off his cheek and smearing it all over her face. When he was done, he levered her jaws open with his fingers and spit between her open lips. "You just don't get it, do you, slut? This shit belongs to us now. Your house, your furniture, and especially your slutty body. The quicker you learn your new place, Sandy-slut, the less you're going to get hurt!"

He plunged her head under the water again. Sandy gagged on the saliva he had spit into her mouth, and she started sucking in water as soon as her face went under.

When he pulled her out the next time, she didn't spit on him or call him names, but she still wouldn't tell Bridget what she wanted to know. Arnie dunked her under the dirty bathwater more times than Sandy could count, keeping her under for a little longer each time.

Sandy knew that she couldn't hold out forever, that sooner or later she was going to have to submit to the big man and his evil friends, but something inside her kept her from cracking. Bridget slid behind Sandy's firm, round ass and thrust a finger up alongside Rocky's in the tight socket of her cunt. The stretching, tearing pain of having two fingers fucking into her pussy at the same time made Sandy's hips twitch and shimmy, and all four of her attackers laughed at the sexy spectacle of her squirming ass.

"Look at that," Chuck said, twisting Sandy's long, hard nipples until the sexy landlady jerked with agony. "Sandy's going to be a fucking hot one once we teach her. Look at the way she can shake that sweet ass."

Bridget and Rocky started spanking her to make her shake her ass even more. They hit her as hard as they could, each one concentrating on one silky cheek of her rounded ass.

When Arnie pulled Sandy's head out from under the water, she could hear the meaty thwacks of Bridget and Rocky's hands slapping her helpless ass-flesh. Even when she was underwater she could feel the burning, jarring pain of the savage spanking they were giving her.

Finally Arnie plunged her head underwater for almost five minutes. By the time he pulled her out, Sandy was barely conscious. Her chest was burning and her ass was burning and her cunt was aching with the steady friction of the two fingers that were fucking up inside her.

Her big brown eyes were wild and groggy as she looked up at Arnie. For the first time she realized that he had stripped while he was plunging her underwater. When Sandy saw his rock-hard cock, she almost passed out from shock. "You ready to tell Bridget when the last time you got fucked was?" he asked, stroking his cock, which was almost as big around as one of Sandy's thighs. The dazed blonde could tell from his expression that Arnie wanted her to refuse him. For the first time, she realized that he liked what he was doing to her, that they enjoyed torturing her.

"Five years ago," she mumbled between coughs. "It was my fiance. But it was awful! It made me sick, and I broke up with him. Are you satisfied?"

"He must have had a prick the size of a peanut." Bridget had stopped slapping Sandy's ass. Now she and Rocky were pulling the silky asscheeks wide apart, revealing the tiny pink bud of her asshole. "And how long has it been since you've had a big fat cock stuck up your ass?"

Bridget knifed a finger deep up Sandy's virgin asshole as she asked the question, and the sultry blonde screamed in shock and pain. She shook her ass frantically, but Bridget followed her with her finger, grinding it as far as it would go up the skin tight canal of Sandy's shitter. She scratched her long fingernail over the super-sensitive skin of Sandy's ass-chute, making the sexy landlady tremble with agony.

"Never, you dirty whore!" Sandy screamed. "And I never will either, you scummy, slutty tramp!"

"Bitch!" Arnie growled. "You've got some serious lessons to learn! It's time to stop fucking around!"

Arnie tossed Sandy onto her side, and before the sleek beauty could regain her balance, he had jerked her arms around the bottom of her toilet howl and snapped handcuffs around her wrists.

Sandy jerked helplessly at the chains as her face was pressed into the cold, damp toilet bowl, but there was no way she could escape. Suddenly Arnie dropped to his knees behind her. When she felt the brush of his monstrous cock over the silky curve of her ass, she knew what was going to happen.

"No!" she whispered, fear and horror combining to make her weak. "Please don't do this! Please stop now! I'll give you money! I won't tell anyone what happened! Just please don't rape me! I can't stand sex!"

"Shut up, land-whore," Bridget said, straddling the toilet and pushing her cunt into Sandy's face. "You love to use that mouth so much, use it on my pretty pussy!"

Sandy gagged at the woman's horrid words. She looked up at Bridget, and for the first time she realized that all of her attackers had stripped while she was being dunked underwater. Chuck and Rocky were standing on either side of her, both their cocks hard as crowbars and longer than any pricks Sandy had ever imagined. But it was the sight of Bridget that took the sultry blonde's breath away.

Sandy was a tall girl, but Bridget was over six-feet tall. And while Sandy had the slender build of a fashion model, Bridget was built like a cross between an old-timer stripper and a female bodybuilder.

She was almost as firm as Sandy, but her ass was full and her thighs were lush and her tits were huge mounds of flesh that seemed to defy gravity by standing so high and proud on her chest. Bridget's flaming red hair was matched by an equally fiery patch over her cunt. And her skin was flawless ivory. "That's right, cunt!" Bridget hissed. "Take a good look! You're a sexy little bitch, but you've never even seen anyone as sexy as me!"

"Stop bragging!" Arnie growled, slapping his big prick over the tiny pink lips of Sandy's cunt. "You're just another big-titted slut! Our landlady here's not just sexy, she's sexy with some class!"

"And Sandy-slut's got the best legs I've ever seen," Rocky said. "And those nipples are in a class by themselves. You're a beauty, Bridget, but this shiny tramp might have you beat."

Sandy burned with shame as her four captors talked about her like she was a piece of meat or a used car they were considering buying. A look of cold fury crossed Bridget's face, and she grabbed two handfuls of Sandy's silky blonde hair and jammed her cunt right into the trapped beauty's face. Sandy gagged at the fishy smell of Bridget's cunt. The wet, slimy feel of the redhead's pussy over her face made Sandy retch repeatedly, and her sleek, tanned body shook with the force of her gagging. Bridget pinched her nose shut and Sandy gasped for air, knowing that sooner or later she would have to open her mouth to the girl's pussy.

"Here you go, landlady," Arnie said, putting the bulging head of his cock against the fluttering pink lips of Sandy's pussy. "After so long, you're probably ready for some hard fucking."

Arnie had to stretch the lips of her pussy with his fingers to wedge the fat head of his cock inside her cunt. Then he grabbed her by her hips and yanked her back toward him.

Pain ripped up Sandy's back and down her slender legs. Every muscle in her long, lean body went rigid with agony. Her cunt clutched tightly around his prick, trying desperately to slow the devastating penetration. He fucked six inches of his fat cock inside her in one brutal lunge, and Sandy felt as if her whole body was stuffed with burning, bulging fuck-meat.

"Halfway there," Bridget said maliciously, rubbing Sandy's elegant face all over her juicy cunt. "The rest of it's the sweet part, bitch. The rest of it's the part that's going to send your high-class ass to heaven!"

"No!" Sandy cried, her beautiful face twisted with agony. Her sleek body was drawn as tight as a bowstring from the pain Arnie was causing her. "No more! I'll give you anything! Anything!"

Sandy's pussy was already stretched as far as it would go. She had always had a tiny cunt, especially for a girl as tall as she was. Even her boyfriend's four-inch, pencil-thin cock had been uncomfortably large in her tiny pussy. Arnie's cock was a foot-long monster. If he crammed the rest of it inside her, Sandy was certain that he would tear her to pieces. "Sweet bitch!" Arnie gasped, sweat dripping from his face as he leaned down over her back. "You've got the sweetest, tightest pussy I've ever fucked! Take it, bitch! Take every inch!"

Sandy screamed into the sloppy gash of Bridget's cunt as Arnie fucked his giant cock the rest of the way inside her. Her stretched tight cunt-lips felt as though they were ripping as he pushed the fattest part of his prick through them. The tight, dry pocket of her pussy stretched until it could stretch no more, and when the fat head of Arnie's cock pounded against her cervix, Sandy thought she would die.

She could feel Arnie's mammoth cock pushing deep inside her. She could feel something slowly giving way inside her, and she knew that the ruining girth and length of Arnie's cock were tearing her cunt.

It took every ounce of Sandy's will power to keep from whimpering like a beaten dog when Arnie's fat, hairy balls slapped against the stretched-out lips of her cunt. The pain was so awful that it paralyzed her. Lightning bolts of agony crackled up her back and through her stomach and down the insides of her thighs. The bones of Sandy's pelvis felt as though they had been pushed roughly aside.

And then Arnie started fucking her.

"No!" Sandy whispered as he pulled his cock back through the clinging, savaged pussy. "No! No! No!"

He slammed twelve inches back inside her with one hard lunge, and Sandy's shoulder slammed against the cold, hard bowl of her toilet with such force that she screamed out in anguish. Her cunt felt as though it had been torn out from between her legs, as though it was being fucked deep into her stomach at the end of Arnie's terrible cock.

She felt wetness coat her cunt, and she didn't know whether it was fuck-lube or blood, but she knew that it wasn't enough to help the awful agony that was filling every inch of her sleek, sultry body.

It was all Sandy could do to keep from screaming as Arnie smashed her into the cold porcelain of the toilet. The pain was incredible, worse than anything she had ever felt.

"Eat me out, you dirty slut!" Bridget shouted, quaking with ecstasy every time Arnie drove his huge cock up Sandy's pussy and forced her face deeper between Bridget's legs. "Wag that slutty pink tongue and kiss my pretty pussy! Do it, you worthless whore!"

Sandy hardly heard the sexy redhead's demands. The shattering fucking Arnie was giving her took up every bit of her attention. Pussy-juice was flooding her injured cunt, trying hopelessly to ease the savaging passage of Arnie's immense prick. His cock was stained with red as he pounded it in and out of Sandy's helpless body. Her cunt had torn repeatedly under the brutal lunges of his too-large cock.

Arnie didn't care. He had fucked women bloody before, though he and the others had never had such a beautiful woman to play with. Arnie had never met a woman except Bridget who could take his big cock the first time without tearing. It wouldn't be long before Sandy's pussy was stretched out far enough to handle his fat foot of cock-meat.

Sandy hugged the bowl of the toilet, trying to brace herself against the body-shattering thrusts of Arnie's cock. Arnie fucked her faster and harder, folding her long lean body up into less than a foot of space. Every muscle in Sandy's sexy body cramped and spasmed in the unnatural position, and every brutal fuck-thrust put her under even more pressure. "I said eat out my pussy, you good for nothing cunt!" Bridget growled, and she twisted Sandy's head until the sexy blonde's pretty face was twisted beneath her. "Now open your mouth and get to work, Sandy-slut, or I'm going to piss all over your face!"

Sandy couldn't believe what Bridget was threatening to do. The idea was so awful that it penetrated the haze of pain and horror Arnie's brutal rape was causing her. The thought of sticking her tongue into Bridget's smelly red cunt still made Sandy sick, but anything would be better than being pissed on. The men whooped when they saw Sandy's pretty pink tongue swipe over the heavy folds of Bridget's pussy. Chuck and Rocky knelt down to get better looks as Sandy licked a trembling path all over the outside of Bridget's cunt. The voluptuous redhead shifted sensuously on the toilet seat, rubbing her cunt all over Sandy's pretty trapped face.

Sandy wanted to vomit at the first awful, fleshy taste of Bridget's cunt. There was a salty, sharp taste that the sultry blonde knew was pussy-juice, and Sandy's mind exploded at the perversity of having to taste another woman's cunt. For her whole life, Sandy had hated and avoided sex. Now in just a few minutes, Bridget and the others had brought her to her knees, servicing a man at one end and a woman at the other.

Arnie moaned with pleasure as he watched the sexy blonde moving her tongue over the swollen folds of Bridget's blood-red pussy. He slammed his cock into Sandy's ravaged cunt, then squirmed around, stirring his cock like a giant spoon inside the stretched, torn sheath of her pussy. He knew he was hurting the hell out of her, though, and he wanted to keep up the punishment. There was nothing in the world Arnie liked more than to see a beautiful woman squirming with pain. There was something about breaking a sexy bitch to his will and turning some uptight cunt into a fawning little slave-girl that turned Arnie on even more than the kind of hot sex he was having with Sandy now. The only person he had ever met who loved to degrade and abuse bitches more than he did was Bridget, and together they were merciless.

Sandy gagged helplessly as she slipped her tongue into the humid pocket of Bridget's cunt. Pussy-juice poured out over the swollen folds to soak her face. Bridget shifted from side to side, wiping her pussy-slime all over Sandy's pretty face and pushing the helpless beauty's head deeper into the toilet bowl. Sandy's head was turned around almost backwards now, and the pain that was shooting through her neck was almost as bad as the agony that was grinding through her violated pussy.

Sandy tried to blank her mind as she slithered her tongue up between the swollen red folds of Bridget's pussy. She tried to imagine she was licking an ice-cream cone or a lollipop. She tried to imagine anything that would take her away from the awful pain of her double humiliation at the hands of the two evil people. The only thought that kept her sane was that sooner or later the horrible assault would have to end.

"Cunt!" Bridget shouted as Sandy's tongue slithered inside her burning, wet cunt. "Suck on the outside, you dirty whore! Stick your slutty tongue up inside me and suck out all my yummy fuck-juice!"

Sandy clamped her lips tight around the pouting mouth of Bridget's pussy and fucked her tongue deep inside the hot gash. She found the long, fat bud of Bridget's clit, horrified at the realization that it was almost as big as a cock. She whipped her tongue deep inside Bridget's pussy, but she tried to avoid that long, thick nub of flesh.

"Cumming!" Bridget squealed as Sandy applied suction to her swampy pussy. "Keep that tongue fucking, tiny tits! Prove that you're good for something, anyway!" Sandy burned with shame at the sexy redhead's words, but she kept her lips sucking and her tongue flapping. Pussy-juice poured into her open mouth, and Sandy gagged, both from choking on the thick broth and from disgust at having her mouth filled with the spendings of another woman. Even the pain and degradation of Arnie's savage rape faded from her mind as Bridget drowned her with the thick juice of her orgasm.

Suddenly her head was yanked back, and Sandy gasped with shock and pain as she pulled free of Bridget's sloppy cunt. Arnie used her silky blonde hair like reins as he fucked his huge cock into her faster and harder than ever. Sandy could feel his cock jerking wildly inside her, and she knew he was about ready to cum.

"Beg me to cum, Sandy-slut!" Arnie shouted, flattening her silky asscheeks with every thundering thrust of his cock inside her. "Beg me to fill you up with jism! Beg me to cream your scrawny little ass!"

Sandy stared up into Bridget's scornful, smiling face unable to connect this beautiful, evil woman with the pleasant girl who had rented a room from her a month before.

Sandy screamed when Arnie shot his first thick blast of jism up her clutching pussy. The salty cock-cream burned into her tattered cunt, driving the sleek, lean blonde wild with agony.

He jerked back even harder on her hair while he filled her with his jism, and Sandy arched her back like a well-trained horse, hugging the toilet and thrusting her ass back against the punishing strokes of his massive cock. "Squirt it inside me!" Sandy gasped, the pain from having her hair pulled bringing tears to her big brown eyes. "Squirt all your nasty jism up my tiny cunt! You dirty bastards! I hate you all! Cream my scrawny little ass, you dirty motherfucker!"

Arnie splattered the inside of Sandy's tiny pink cunt with his hot cock-cream. His jism pooled deep inside her body, and Sandy felt sick as she felt it soaking her insides, burning its way into her like some kind of corrosive acid. Her cunt clutched convulsively at his jerking cock as he spilled the last of his cum inside her.

Bridget stared down at Sandy with a wicked smile on her face. She had seen Sandy around town for months, swinging her tight little ass as if she was too good for anyone. Bridget couldn't stand the thought of a woman as sexy and stuck up as Sandy, and so she had jumped at the chance to rent a room in her house. Now she was going to wipe all that stuck-up nonsense right out of Sandy's snooty little mind.

Sandy collapsed weakly against the toilet as Arnie pulled his fat cock out of her ass. She whimpered with fear as he jerked her face around, and she trembled with shock at the sight of his blood-stained, juice-coated cock. She clamped her lips tightly together when he slapped his huge prick across her cheek and started rubbing it over her face.

"Sandy-slut's starting to look the part," Rocky said as he took Arnie's place between her long, lean legs. "Pussy-cream and jism look good on that pretty fucking face!"

"Looking it isn't good enough!" Arnie growled, wiping every trace of blood and fuckslime off on Sandy's beautiful face. "This sorry slut needs to learn her place! You might think you're coming out of this the same way you came in, Sandy, but you're fucking wrong! By the time we're done with you, you won't even fucking remember your name!"

"Now suck me some more," Bridget said, plunging Sandy's beautiful, soiled face against her cunt. "You neglected my big clit the last time, Sandy. I'm sure you won't make the same mistake again, will you?"

"I'm sure she won't," Rocky said, fucking his fat cock up the already ravaged channel of Sandy's cunt. "Because if she does, I might just take my cock out of her scummy little pussy and fuck her asshole to pieces!" Sandy shivered with pain and anger and humiliation. But this time when Bridget dragged her pussy over her face, she flicked her tongue right over the fat nub of her clit.

Chapter TWO

Bridget's clit throbbed inside Sandy's warm, wet mouth. Sandy wanted to throw up at the meaty taste of the long nub of flesh, but she choked down her sickness and sucked Bridget's clit fully between her lips. The sexy redhead moaned and locked her meaty thighs so tight around Sandy's head that the sleek blonde thought she was going to pass out. She still kept sucking on the clit and washing her tongue over the fat, wriggling length of flesh. Rocky was fucking her to death, Sandy was sure of that now. Her cunt was sloppy with pussy-juice and jism and blood, but nothing could ease the passage of the log of flesh Rocky was impaling her with. His cock was almost as long and fat as Arnie's, and Sandy wondered dimly where Bridget had found three men with such enormous pricks. Two things made this rape even worse than the first. One was that her cunt was already in tatters from the savaging she had received from Arnie, and the second was that Rocky was fucking her injured cunt in the most brutal way her mind could imagine.

Rocky never fucked her from the same angle twice. He swung his hips from side to side, lowered and raised himself so that he could spear her cunt up and then down. He didn't fuck her with a steady rhythm either, sometimes pounding into her a dozen times with the speed and power of a jackhammer, other times taking ten or fifteen seconds between fuck-thrusts.

Sandy trembled with fear and pain, beaten to the point of terror by the savagely unpredictable way Rocky was fucking her. Her perfectly rounded asscheeks shook with the force of the fucking he was giving her. She cried as she sucked on Bridget's clit, no longer able to stop the tears.

"Take it, you lousy whore," Rocky said, grinning with evil delight as he skewered her cunt. "Let's stretch that slimy little hole out and work it into shape! No bitch your age should have a cunt this tiny! Shit, you should have been fucked looser than this by the time you got out of high school!" Sandy whined hopelessly, unable even to plead with Rocky because of the clit that filled her mouth and the cunt that was plastered over her face. Bridget was climaxing one time after another, and Sandy cried at the unfairness of Bridget feeling so much pleasure while all she was given was pain. Pussy-juice poured all over Sandy's pretty face, glossing her beautiful features with a coat of slimy liquid.

Bridget banged her ass against Sandy's face as one climax after another rumbled through her wet cunt. She clamped her powerful thighs so tight around Sandy's head that the captive blonde couldn't move an inch in any direction. There was nothing Bridget loved more than forcing some bitch to suck her clit. Waves of pleasure washed through her big, sexy frame, growing so intense that she could hardly stand them. She couldn't remember ever having cum so powerfully.

Sandy gasped with agony as Chuck leaned beneath her and captured one of her long, pink nipples between his teeth. Arnie did the same on the other side, and Sandy squirmed and thrashed in anguish as the two men chewed cruelly on her nipples.

It felt to the violated beauty as if they were devouring her alive, eating her nipples right off her proud, pointy tits. Arnie opened his mouth wide and took over half of her left tit inside his mouth.

"Fuck me back, you skinny bitch!" Rocky shouted, pounding his big fist down into the small of Sandy's back. "Shake your slutty ass and squeeze that scummy little cunt on my big prick!"

Sandy wanted to scream at Rocky, wanted to get a gun and shoot him. But as he pounded first one fist and then the other into the small of her back, she knew she was going to have to obey him. She rotated her ass in wide, slow circles, trying to wring the jism from his cock. Her pussy was almost numb with agony, but she closed it as completely as she could around the pillaging stalk of his prick.

"That's it, Sandy-slut," Rocky said, fucking her mistreated cunt-hole with his long, thick cock. He circled her tiny waist with his hands and started jerking her back against him.

"Fuck! Shake that ass, slut! Squeeze that dirty little pussy on my great big cock!"

Sandy breathed a sigh of relief into Bridget's swamping, spasming pussy. Even though Rocky was fucking into her torn cunt more savagely than ever, spearing his cock so deep inside her that his fat cock-head slammed her cervix like a battering ram, it was better than the wild, erratic fucking he had been giving her before. Sandy braced herself against the toilet and offered her sweet ass up to be pounded mercilessly.

Rocky fucked her so fast that his muscular ass became a blur. He pounded her into the toilet until the porcelain bowl shook with the force of his fucking. Sandy quaked and tossed under him helplessly, unable to hold steady under the brutal speed and savage power of his thrusting. His cock was like a fist inside her, pounding her insides to pieces. Arnie and Chuck stopped biting her to watch the savage fucking, and they cheered Rocky on as he fucked Sandy to submission. The gorgeous blonde landlady stopped sucking Bridget's clit as Rocky pounded her into the toilet. Her mouth hung limp and her head lolled between Bridget's lush thighs. The world was spinning away from her. She felt as though she were being shoved down some long, dark tunnel, pushed into some dark place where the only thing to keep her company was pain and sex.

"Sweet whore!" Rocky whispered, jerking Sandy back and forth on his huge cock as she were nothing more than a senseless fuck-toy. "I'm cumming, you dirty little bitch! Take it, whore! Take some fucking jism!"

Sandy mewled like a dying cat as Rocky's jism spurted deep inside her. She felt sick as the viscous fuck-slime soaked into her inflamed cunt-flesh. She could feel it filling her, drenching her, and she cried at the shame of being so utterly defiled by the hulking man.

The sleek, sultry blonde cried openly as Rocky's cum began to leak back out of her pussy. Bridget and the men laughed at her despair and shame, and Rocky reached up to catch some of the drooling fuck-slime and rub it all over the silky blonde triangle of Sandy's pussy-hair. Sandy was still crying when Rocky pulled her head around to face his dripping cock.

"Open your mouth," he said, pointing his cock at Sandy's lips. The elegant blonde knew what was going to happen when she did, but she was too weak to fight. "You've got a scummy pussy, slut! Now clean me off before I punish you for getting me dirty!"

Sandy gagged as Rocky slid his cock into the waiting socket of her mouth. She closed her lips around his sliding prick, and in an instant her lush lips had been painted with cunt-juice, cum and blood.

She began to choke in earnest when Rocky pushed more of his cock into her mouth, and she tried frantically to pull away when she realized that he meant to push the whole ghastly length of his cock down her throat. "No you don't," Bridget said cheerfully, grabbing Sandy by handfuls of her fluffy blonde hair and jerking her head brutally forward on the huge, soiled cock. "You suck that cock like you love it, Sandy! You better love it, because that's about a third of what you'll be doing from now on!" Sandy gagged around the throat-clogging girth of Rocky's cock. Spit filled her mouth and soon it was running out over her wide-stretched lips, coursing down over her chin in a glistening wave.

She grunted, her beautiful face twisting in pain, as Chuck fucked his cock inside her sloppy, battered pussy. Chuck's big cock made a wet squishing sound as it plumbed Sandy's injured pussy, and all four of her attackers laughed at the sound. Sandy burned with shame, her golden tan reddening to bright crimson. "Now you're getting into it, Sandy-slut," Arnie said, stroking his huge, hard cock. "Two cocks at once is the least of what you ought to be doing. A bitch like you should be able to handle a dozen with no trouble." Sandy cried out in shame at Arnie's degrading words, feeling dirty beyond endurance by him and his friends. Her cunt spasmed with agony every time Chuck fucked his huge cock inside her. Her throat felt as though it was getting a sandpaper massage every time Rocky plugged it with his too thick slab of cock-meat.

Bridget whipped Sandy's head back and forth, tiny orgasms peaking inside her from just the sight of the beautiful blonde's face being fucked so obscenely. Sandy's svelte, limber body was crushed into less than two feet of space by the double fucking and the toilet bowl. Her back was arched and her sexy ass was waving high in the air. Bridget's cunt spasmed with excitement as she watched the elegant blonde battered and twisted and fucked into submission, and she impaled Sandy's face even more brutally on Rocky's cock.

Sandy's mind was reeling from all the terrible things that were happening to her at once. Her mouth was full of throbbing, dirty prick. Her cunt was getting pounded raw by a third brutally pounding cock. Her lush lips blubbered around the pistoning shaft of Rocky's cock, making filthy wet noises. Each plunge of Chuck's prick inside her cunt sounded like a sponge being hit with a baseball bat.

Chuck leaned down low over Sandy's bowed back and grabbed her firm tits. He rabbit-fucked her, whipping his cock inside her pussy with short, lightning-fast strokes that made the sexy blonde grunt with pain and drove the air from her lungs. He dug his fingers into the silky soft flesh of her tits, using the pointy mounds as handles to whip her back and forth on his cock. Sandy's pussy fought the brutal fuck at first, but soon it had been battered into submission by the powerful stroking of the fat stalk of fuckmeat. Every jolting fuck-thrust left her dazed and breathless. The juicy stirring of his cock inside her sodden pussy was joined by the meaty impact of his hard abdomen against her bronzed, rounded asscheeks. Sandy gripped the toilet bowl with all her failing strength and prayed that the savage assault would end. Rocky moaned with pleasure as Bridget moved Sandy's helpless, beautiful face back and forth over his rock-hard cock. He had cum only moments before, but his balls were swollen and his cock was twitching with excitement. He had never felt a throat as tight as Sandy's, and it was driving him wild. "Yes!" he shouted, pumping his hips as though he were fucking a cunt instead of a throat. "Suck some cum, you dumb whore! Swallow some jism, you skinny bitch!"

"Right on!" Chuck yelled, leaning his full weight onto Sandy's chained, limber body and fucking his cock deep inside her injured pussy. "Take it at both ends, landlady! Your cunt getting a taste for this sweet fuck juice yet?" Rocky blasted jism right down the desperately constricting channel of Sandy's throat. She choked and coughed on the gummy fuck-cream, but as quickly as she coughed it up, Rocky fucked it back down her throat with the gullet-clogging shaft of his cum-spouting prick.

The jism filled Sandy's mouth, and she gagged at the salty, meaty taste of it. Chuck's jism was blasting deep inside her cunt, mixing with the cum-loads his two friends had already pumped inside her unwilling body. Sandy's pussy clutched wildly at the fat bursts of jism, squeezing in a desperate, futile attempt to expel the cum and the horrid cock that was spattering it inside her.

Fresh cum drooled from her swollen pussy, mixed with stale cum and the sticky, transparent juice of Sandy's pussy.

Sandy gasped and squirmed against the toilet, trapped helplessly between the two cumming men. Her mind exploded with horror at the thought that two men were emptying their balls into her sultry, captive body at the same time. Only the sleaziest whores took on men two at a time. Bridget jerked Sandy's head back, pulling her lush lips off Rocky's still-spurting cock. Sandy gasped in shock and disgust as milky lines of jism splashed against her face. More cum drooled out over her lips in a bubbling mix of fuck-juice and spit. Rocky grabbed his bursting cock and jerked on it, wringing out greasy stands of jism all over the dazed beauty's upturned face. "Like that, whore?" Bridget asked, laughing with delight at the sight of Sandy's beautiful face being so utterly fouled. "Here, tiny tits, let me help you out a little more!"

Bridget spit at Sandy's face, and the degraded blonde cried out in dismay as the spit splattered against her cheek.

Rocky's orgasm was fading, and he moved closer, letting the last of his cum dribble out over Sandy's face again and again, adding her saliva to the mix of cum and pussy-juice that already soiled her perfect features. "My turn," Arnie said, pushing Rocky aside and pushing his huge cock against Sandy's limply parted lips. "Wet me down good, Sandy-slut." Sandy stared in disbelief down the long, fat shaft of Arnie's cock. It seemed impossible to her that such a huge log of meat could stand so stiff and straight. She heard the wet splattering of Chuck's cum as it dribbled back out of her saturated pussy, and felt the slow, wet drool of Rocky's jism down her pretty face. She clamped her mouth tightly shut, swearing to herself that she wouldn't take anymore.

"All right, then," Arnie said, smiling at the tortured beauty's pitiful rebellion. "I was going to be nice and let you lube me down before I stuck my cock up your virgin little shitter, but if you'd rather have it go up dry, I guess that's your business."

For an instant, Sandy's horrified mind refused to believe what Arnie was saying. Slowly, sadly, the truth dawned on the victimized blonde. She was a helpless captive in her own home, a defenseless fuck-toy for Arnie and the others. They had already fucked her cunt and mouth. There was no reason to believe that they wouldn't rape her asshole too.

Sandy planted a long, wet kiss on the bulging head of Arnie's cock. "That's it, Sandy-slut," Arnie said, his smile growing wider. "Slick it down real good and maybe I won't tear you in half when I shove this big cock all the way up your shitty little ass."

Sandy couldn't imagine anything that would save her from death when Arnie fucked his huge log of cock-meat up her tiny, virgin shitter. She had never even imagined a man sticking his cock up her asshole. The reality of being fucked with a cock as freakishly long and fat as Arnie's filling her mind with terror. She tried to open her mouth wide enough to take Arnie's cock inside, but it was just too huge. The thought that Arnie was going to plunge a cock too large to fit between her lips up the thin chute of her asshole made the sexy, beaten blonde shake with fear.

She kissed and licked her way up and down his prick-shaft instead, drooling over the stiff cock the way a hungry dog would a juicy bone. She lathered the fat cock with her tongue and nuzzled it lovingly with her lips, all the time trembling in horror at where the huge prick was headed. "Good job," Arnie said, pulling his spit-dripping cock back from Sandy's slavishly working lips and circling around behind her. "The secret here is to relax, Sandy. If you tense up, I'm going to rip you up for sure." The others laughed.

"Falling down on the job, aren't you, you lazy cunt?" Bridget hissed, twisting Sandy's head around by her long, golden hair. "You're supposed to be wing your scummy little mouth, too! I'll tell you what tiny tits, to make up for forgetting, how about you sucking out my shitter this time instead of my pussy?"

Sandy screamed out in rage and terror and disgust as Bridget dragged her face over the swampy gash of her pussy and back between the cheeks of her luscious ass.

Only the terror of what Arnie was going to do to her tiny ass-chute with his monster cock kept Sandy from throwing up when she got her first smell of Bridget's asscrack and felt the first brush of wet warmth against her cheeks. "Suck my ass and I'll make Arnie go slow," Bridget said, winking at the men. "Stick out your tongue and lick all over my pretty ass, then stick your tongue right up my asshole. And kiss my pretty asshole, too." Sandy moaned with shame and disgust, but she figured that anything that might spare her from the full fury of Arnie's pillaging cock was worth trying. Despair filled the beautiful, elegant blonde as she realized how quickly Bridget and the others had broken her to their will, and how far down the path of debauchery they had forced her.

Sandy retched uncontrollably at her first taste of Bridget's asscrack. There was a base, earthy taste that could have only been one thing, and Sandy's sleek, sultry body shook with her gagging as she tasted it. Bridget and the others laughed at her as she gagged, and Arnie slapped his monster cock against the cheeks of her tanned ass.

Sandy wanted to turn her head away, but she knew now that whatever her evil captors demanded of her they would get one way or another. Trembling with disgust, she slipped her tongue back out over the humid crack of Bridget's ass. The voluptuous redhead stuck fingers up her cunt as Sandy licked her asscrack. She clenched her lush asscheeks playfully, squeezing Sandy's pretty face in a vise of filthy wet warmth.

As she plunged her fingers deep inside her sloppy cunt, she rocked her hips back and forth over Sandy's trapped face, smearing the filth of her ass all over the gorgeous, captive blonde.

At the same time, Rocky and Chuck were spreading Sandy's silky asscheeks wide, and Arnie was fitting the big head of his cock into the narrow crack, planting the huge tip right on top of the tiny pink bud of her asshole. Arnie's cock dwarfed the tiny ring of Sandy's asshole, and even he began to wonder if he was going to be able to fuck it inside.

At first, all Sandy felt was a dull, unyielding pressure. It seemed as though her asscheeks were being spread farther and farther apart, that her long, lean body was being folded up into an even smaller mound of space. Then her tiny asshole began to part before the monstrous advance of Arnie's big cock-and the real pain began.

"Give my asshole a great big wet kiss," Bridget said, fucking three fingers inside her steaming cunt as she watched Arnie fuck the fist-sized head of his cock into the desperately resisting circle of muscle at the mouth of Sandy's asshole. "Plant those slutty lips around my asshole and stick your tongue all the way inside. French-kiss my asshole, Sandy-slave! French-kiss my asshole to tell me you love me!"

Sandy whimpered with the agony that was flaring through her captive, helpless body. She would have said or done anything to stop the pain that was flowering out from the stretching outer ring of her asshole.

Sandy planted her lush lips over the ring of Bridget's asshole, still hoping that she could please the voluptuous redhead into slowing the assault on her own helpless ass-chute.

Her gorge rose again as she slipped her tongue up the filthy chute of Bridget's asshole, but she squirmed her lips around the tight, circular bud and drove her tongue into the dirty hole as far as it would go.

Her tongue touched something thick and moist and Sandy thought she was going to die, but she squirmed her tongue around inside the filthy channel as though she loved everything she was tasting.

All three of the men were holding onto Sandy's hips, keeping her in place as Arnie fucked his massive cock inside her. The lean, sultry blonde squirmed her upper body, her silky skin bathed in glistening sweat from the strain and agony of what was happening.

Sandy shrieked into the tight ring of Bridget's asshole as the outer ring of her ass muscles gave way and her hole opened to the ruining advance of Arnie's gigantic prick. The bowed beauty could feel the muscles relax, worn to exhaustion by the relentless pressure of Arnie's rock-hard cock. Then she felt them resist again as they were extended to the limits of their elasticity. When they gave way the second time, tearing under the merciless advance of Arnie's cock, Sandy thought she was going to pass out. One ring of muscle after another gave way and then was torn asunder by the brutal, relentless advance of Arnie's thick cock. Sandy's tiny shitter spread wide as Arnie wedged his cock up her ass. Her shitter grew wet with blood as Arnie tore his way inside her, the lubrication making it even easier for him to push every last ghastly inch of his enormous prick inside her. Sandy's sleek, golden body went limp against the toilet. She trembled uncontrollably even as sweat dripped from her sinuous body. Her lips slipped from Bridget's asshole and her eyes flickered shut. She was still conscious, but she was going into shock from the awful pain and continual outrages her four attackers were committing on her helpless, sexy body.

Arnie's balls slapped the swollen lips of her pussy as he drove the last inch of his cock inside her split shitter.

He squirmed his cock around inside the pain-drenched shit-chute, reveling in the wet tightness of the ravaged channel. Then he pulled his monstrous cock back, smiling at the red and brown paint job Sandy's asshole had given it. And then he slammed it back in.

Sandy's head dropped forward into the toilet water as Arnie fucked her ripped-open asshole with his foot-long cock. The cool water brought her back around, but every savage plunge of Arnie's cock into her ruined shitter fucked a little more of the life out of her. Her arms slipped from around the bowl to drag limply against the floor, and she let her head drag in the water. Every killing fuck-thrust pushed her forward a little more, until her head was banging against the far side of the toilet bowl with each new fuck plunge. "Worthless little bitch!" Bridget gasped, lifting up off the toilet bowl as Arnie's brutal ass-fucking pushed Sandy's svelte body farther over into it. "Can't even get your ass fucked and suck ass at the same time! What the fuck are you good for?"

Even in her pain-fogged state, the elegant beauty could feel shame at the way her tormentors were using her helpless body.

"Well, piss on you if you can't do your little chores," Bridget said, squatting high over the bowl so the men would have a clear look at what she was doing. "Piss on your good for nothing, scrawny little bod."

"Oh no!" Sandy whispered as Bridget pissed on her, her voice so low and shaky that no one but her could hear it. "Oh please no! Not this! I'm not a toilet!" Bridget laughed as she pissed on the helpless, beautiful blonde, moving her ass slowly back and forth so she could soak every inch of Sandy's twisting, tawny body with her stinging, stinking piss. The burning liquid splattered into Sandy's satiny blonde hair, stained her flawless bronzed back with dirty yellow. The piss ran rivers down over Sandy's face, coursed down from her silky skin to splash into the toilet water.

"Oh yeah!" Arnie shouted, fucking his huge cock even more brutally into the ruined channel of Sandy's shitter. "Piss all over the landlady, Bridget! Give the sexy slut a bath in your piss!"

Arnie groaned as his cum blasted deep up the broken blonde's pulverized shitter. His jism spurted from his thigh-thick cock like water from a firehose, spitting so far inside Sandy that it felt to the pain-dazed beauty that it was pooling in her stomach. He fucked her quicker than ever as he filled her asshole with cum, bludgeoning his fat cock through the weakly clasping ruins of her asshole. As his cock began to slip back down the reamed-out chute of her ass, Sandy screamed in new agony. His salty cum burned like lava as it slipped back out her wounded ass-chute.

"No more!" Sandy gasped as Arnie pulled his still-hard, still-dripping cock from her ravaged asshole. "Please, I can't stand anymore! Please have mercy on me!"

"Mercy?" Arnie shouted, showing off his blood-drenched cock to the others. He wiped the slime all over the silky globes of Sandy's perfect ass. "That's the one thing we're fresh out of, pretty bitch! We're going to keep fucking you until you can't fuck anymore! Then we'll stop!"

"Can't," Sandy whispered, the last of Bridget's piss running over her sleek, tanned body. "Can't..."

"Not until you say you can't, little tits," Bridget said, and then she grunted with strain. "Until you really can't. Either we'll make you so tough it's not fun to fuck with you, or we'll fuck you to death."

"Either way, you'll end up loving it," Chuck said, dropping to his knees between Sandy's slender legs and fucking his fat cock up her ass. "Shit, sex is just the warm up! Wait until we use the whips!"

"Or the rings for your nipples and pussy," Bridget said, grunting again.

"Or the branding iron," Rocky said.

Sandy opened her mouth to beg again, but before a word passed her lips, a wet, dark weight slapped against the back of her head, then slid slowly through her golden hair and down across her cheek. Her nose told her what it was before she saw it, and she began to retch uncontrollably.

Bridget was shitting on her.

Turd after turd dropped down onto Sandy as Bridget emptied her bowels. Turds dropped into her hair and slid over her face. Turds slapped against her shoulders and back. One long, curling turd plopped down right between Sandy's shoulders. It took every ounce of Sandy's self-control to keep from throwing up as Bridget shit all over her.

"Right on!" Chuck shouted happily, shooting another load of jism up Sandy's reamed out asshole. "Right on, Bridget! Show Sandy-slut her place! Shit all over the sexy bitch!"

"Skinny whore!" Bridget gasped, climaxing again and again as she shit-bombed her helpless, sultry landlady. "I've wanted you for a long time, Sandy! I'm going to turn your scrawny ass into something even your mama wouldn't recognize!"

"I've got to take a piss," Arnie said, aiming his huge cock right at Sandy's pretty face. "Normally I'd just use the toilet, but it looks like some lazy slut's laid down on the job."

Sandy tensed as Arnie pissed all over her face. She turned her head, but Rocky stepped up to the other side and pissed on her from that direction too. After a moment, Chuck pulled his still-dripping cock from her reamed-out, cum-dripping asshole and started pissing too. He aimed his stream of piss right at the mound of shit that lay in the center of Sandy's shoulder blades. As he pissed on it, the turd dissolved, painting Sandy's tan skin a dirty shade of brown. And finally Sandy did throw up, spilling her dinner into the toilet they had chained her to, and as she did, her four tormentors laughed at her and called her names. Then Bridget pushed Sandy's head under the dirty toilet water.

Chapter THREE

Arnie dragged Sandy from the bathroom by the cuffs that bit into her slender wrists. Sandy came awake as he pulled her through the hall to the living room, and then she saw something that made her scream in horror.

"What's the matter, Sandy, don't you like your new bedroom?" Bridget asked, trying to sound sad but giggling as she asked the question. "We made it especially for you."

Sandy's new bedroom was a tiny cage. It was no more than a foot high and three feet across. Sandy couldn't imagine anyway she could fit inside it, but there was no doubt that it was the destination Arnie was dragging her to. The most horrible thing about it was the chain that led from it up to a pulley in the ceiling. The cage could be pulled off the floor. They were going to stuff her into that tiny cage and hoist her off the ground like a caged bird. "No!" Sandy murmured as Arnie dragged her toward the cage. "Please, no! I'll do anything you want! You can fuck me anyway you want to! Please don't put me in there!"

"Fucking bitch!" Arnie growled, stopping to kick Sandy hard in her silky ass. "Taking a free ride, bitch? If you're awake you ought to be on your hands and knees, crawling like the slut you are!"

Bridget, Chuck and Rocky gathered around Sandy, kicking her lean, lithe body and spitting on her face and tits.

Slowly, painfully, the sexy blonde rolled over onto her hands and knees. It took every ounce of her strength just to lift herself from the ground, and pain lanced up like burning needles through her ass and pussy. "Now crawl, Sandy-slave!" Bridget hissed, kicking Sandy brutally in the pit of her flat little stomach. "Drag your lazy, worthless ass into that cage!" Sandy had to turn her shoulders to wedge them through the cage's tiny door. Fiery agony coursed up from her pussy and asshole with every push of her legs against the plush living room carpet. Sandy's head hit the far side of the cage before her ass had entered the tiny door, and the sensuous blonde collapsed in a heap, her long, lean legs sliding out from under her and her head dropping to her arms.

"Bitch!" Bridget screamed, driving her foot savagely into the swollen, pouting pocket of Sandy's pussy. "Lazy, worthless whore! Shag that ass, bitch! It's time to crawl into your new home, you skinny little whore!" The others gathered around Sandy's ass, lashing her ass and pussy and thighs with brutal kicks. Every jolting impact sent new waves of pain shooting through Sandy's sleek, tawny body. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, she began to inch her way forward into the cage.

Stuffing herself into the tiny cage was the hardest thing Sandy had ever had to do. Every muscle in her body screamed with fatigue as she twisted and turned her way into the tiny steel box.

She had to fold her knees to her ears to get into the tiny cage, and spread her legs out wide to either side of her body. She had to press her face against the floor of the cage and press her ass against its top to fit herself inside. "I'll be damned," Rocky said as he shut the tiny door and snapped its huge lock shut. "I never thought she was going to be able to get in there. That's an awful lot of bitch for such a tiny fucking cage."

"I told you," Bridget said, smirking at Sandy as the caged blonde moaned in agony. "All the skinny little cunt ever did was shake her ass through her ballet and her yoga shit. A few days in this cage will tell us just how fucking limber she really is."

Sandy moaned in despair at the idea of spending days in the tiny metal cage. Her shoulders and neck were already starting to ache horribly from the way they were smashed against the bottom of the box, and her impossibly wide-spread legs were already tingling from lack of circulation. Her silky thighs were crowded so closely against the sides of her head that she could barely draw a breath. Then something worse happened. Arnie and Rocky started to lift her into the air.

Sandy screamed as the cage lifted into the air. The swinging of the tiny metal box made the strain on her svelte body even worse. Arnie and Rocky lifted the cage to their waist level, and when they walked back toward her, their rock-hard cocks in hand, Sandy uttered a tiny, broken moan of despair. She was certain that she knew what was going to come next.

"Here's the cart," Bridget said proudly, wheeling Sandy's dinner cart from the kitchen. "You guys can do whatever you want with her, but I get first dibs on the vibrators. I'm going to make the silly whore cum." Sandy looked at the cart with a sick, tired fascination as Bridget picked up two silver torpedoes of shining metal. A hopeless moan escaped her lips when she saw what was arranged on the three shelves of the cart. There were tongs and pins, long staffs of iron and vicious-looking clamps. There were dildos of every size, some spiked, others sporting straps and rubber balls. There were coiled whips and ping pong paddles, canes and riding crops. There were metal rings and candles and dozens of other devices. On the bottom shelf there was a small generator.

Bridget clicked the vibrators on.

"Like it, don't you, Sandy-slut?" Bridget laughed happily as she touched one vibrator to the shuddering, silky skin of Sandy's ass and slid the other along the cum-stained smoothness of her inner thighs. "You bet you do, you skinny tramp! I'm going to make you so crazy with these little babies that you won't know what the fuck to do!"

The vibrators made Sandy's firm, bronzed skin shake, heated her flesh until it felt like she was burning. They tickled and massaged away the itch at the same time.

Sandy tried with every ounce of her will power to keep from responding to the seductive touch of the vibrators, but as Bridget brushed them over her firm ass and long, lean thighs, she began to squirm with pleasure. "That's it, slut!" Rocky growled. He scowled and pulled a cigarette from his pocket. "You're just a dirty little whore, aren't you?" Sandy stared with wide-eyed tenor as Rocky lit the cigarette. Chuck picked a handful of pins up off the dinner cart, and a tiny mewl of horror escaped the trapped beauty. Still she couldn't still the slow, sensual squirming of her sleek body against the enticing massage of Bridget's vibrators. She knew that Rocky and Chuck were going to hurt her terribly, but she was feeling things now that she had never felt before.

"Suck my cock," Arnie said, picking up two strong metal clamps from the table and stepping in front of Sandy's face. The huge head of his cock would just fit between the bars of her cage. "Give me a good blow-job, landlady." Sandy stared up at the huge man with hate and desperation. Horrible pain tore through her body, both from the savage rapes of her pussy and cunt and from the horribly unnatural position the cage forced her into. Her face was crushed against the bars, an easy target for Arnie's massive cock. She clamped her lips tightly shut and stared at him defiantly.

"Stupid bitch," Rocky said, and dragged the lit tip of his cigarette over the slender biceps of Sandy's right arm.

"Noooooo!" Sandy howled as fire burned her flesh. She writhed wildly inside the cage, swinging it from side to side. "Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!" Rocky moved the cigarette at a speed just fast enough to keep from scarring the sultry blonde beauty, just slow enough to turn her bronzed skin a dark shade of red.

He ran the cigarette all over her arm, wiggling it into the sensitive fold of her elbow and then dragging it straight up her tender inner arm. When Rocky touched the burning cigarette tip to her armpit, Sandy moaned with pain.

"That's it," Bridget said sarcastically, moving the vibrators all over Sandy's ass and upper thighs. "Shake that pretty little ass. See, Sandy-cunt, you thought you were all tired out. Silly bitch, you haven't even gotten started yet."

Rocky pulled the cigarette back to take a puff on it. The ember was flaring bright red when he slid it over the tender flesh behind Sandy's right knee. The sexy slave screamed in agony. Sandy opened her mouth wide for the advance of Arnie's monstrous cock.

"Flap out your scummy little tongue," Arnie said, and when Sandy did, he snapped a metal clamp shut on it.

Pain exploded through Sandy's head, pain more intense than any she had ever felt. She tried to jerk her tongue back between her lips. The clamp was too big to fit inside her mouth. Her tongue felt crushed beyond repair. She jerked her head from side to side, trying desperately to dislodge the horrible metal clamp. Arnie and the others laughed at her pitiful display, and Chuck stepped in with the pins.

Sandy screamed around the clamp as Chuck pushed his first pin into the firm, tanned flesh of her left thigh. She thrashed helplessly inside her cage as he worked the pin around, sending waves of paralyzing pain through her svelte, sexy body.

On the other side, Rocky pushed the tip of his cigarette against the side of Sandy's right tit, and she jerked so hard that the cage bounced at the end of its chain.

Sandy surged wildly from one side of the cage to the other, unable to move more than a few inches inside the tiny metal box. Her mind exploded with fear and desperation as she realized how completely helpless she was. Every inch of her silky, sexy body was vulnerable to their torture, and she was pinned so tightly inside the tiny cage that she couldn't move to protect herself. Arnie unsnapped the clamp from her tongue. Sandy tried to pull her tongue back inside her mouth, but it didn't seem to want to move. It was as though Arnie had sprained her tongue with the clamp. Then Arnie was rubbing the leaking, nasty head of his cock all over her tongue, smearing it with greasy fuck-lube. As Sandy slowly, painfully, pulled her tongue back inside her mouth, Arnie followed it with his cock.

At the angle she was forced into by her position in the cage, Sandy's open mouth was on a straight line with her throat. Arnie pushed his huge cock straight down her gullet, stretching her lips until they cracked and bled, wedging her jaws apart until they felt as though they'd never fit together properly again. When his cock-head plugged her throat, Sandy struggled desperately, unable to breathe at all. Arnie didn't care. He scoured her constrictive throat with his mammoth cock, plugging the tight channel so completely that Sandy thought he might not be able to pull it back out.

Arnie moaned in pleasure at the tight clasp of Sandy's throat. She gagged uncontrollably as he fed her his whole foot of cock, and the frantic squeezing of her throat around his monster prick turned him on even more. With a grin, he reached through the bars of the cage and snapped one of the clamps shut on Sandy's pretty cheek.

Sandy was lost in a world of hellish agony. Rocky and Chuck circled her supine, sexy body, burning her and stabbing her at will. Chuck stabbed a pin into the long, brown bud of her left nipple, and Sandy's back arched with anguish. Rocky touched his cigarette high on her inner thighs, right next to where Bridget was teasing pleasure from Sandy with her vibrators. The pain was so intense that Sandy wanted to die.

Arnie's balls settled heavily over Sandy's chin and his black crotch hair pressed into her nose and forehead. His cock plugged her throat so completely that she couldn't breathe, and her trapped, sultry body squirmed with desperation as she slowly suffocated. Arnie worked on her beautiful face with his clamps, sending sharp bolts of pain through her head. But there was something else too, something that was threatening to drive Sandy mad. She was feeling pleasure.

Her three masters were visiting a dozen different varieties of pain on her helpless, sexy body. But she was feeling pleasure too, pleasure that was being forced on her unwilling body by the vibrators Bridget was moving over her ass and thighs.

Sandy's lower body tingled with warmth and excitement, and she couldn't stop her cunt from twitching, her ass from swinging from side to side inside the narrow confines of the cage. Bridget played the vibrators over Sandy's body, teasing the trapped beauty by moving them all around her pussy and asshole without ever touching them to the quivering fuck-holes.

"Going to stick you like a pin cushion, you sexy whore!" Chuck whispered, pushing one pin after another into the pointy cushions of Sandy's tits. "After I'm finished, we'll play connect-the-dots all over your slutty little body!" Sandy burned with shame at Chuck's words and squirmed with pain with each new pin he stuck into her ravaged tits. Her perky nipples looked like the centers of a dart board, speared with a dozen pins each, and the firm, pointy mounds which surrounded them were sprinkled with dozens more steel bars. But the pain the pins caused was nothing compared to what she felt the first time Rocky dragged his cigarette over the pink lips of her pussy. "That got the lazy whore going!" Bridget giggled like a schoolgirl as Sandy whipped her ass from side to side in a frenzied attempt to escape the brush of Rocky's lit cigarette over her tender pussy-lips. "Are you shaking your ass for a fuck, tiny tits? Here, you skinny slut, fuck on this!" Sandy screamed around the throat-clogging girth of Arnie's cock as Bridget fucked a vibrator up inside her devastated pussy. Pussy-juice filled her cunt. Waves of burning, pain-filled pleasure coursed through her trapped body, making her squirm and twist with passion.

Arnie moaned as Sandy's throat vibrated around his big cock. He bucked his ass, trying to drive his cock even farther down her throat. He pulled at her lust pink lips with the clamps until they stretched inches from her teeth. Then he pulled at her cheeks until her face face was pulled grotesquely out of shape. He had never felt any pleasure to equal that of Sandy's tiny throat struggling hopelessly around his massive slab of cock. He felt like he was going to cum any second.

Sandy felt the exact same way, and it terrified and revolted her. Never in her life had she orgasmed, but she could feel her cunt twitching, her clit wriggling under the electrical stimulation of the vibrator. Sandy burned with humiliation at the idea that she could be manipulated to a climax against her will. And Sandy was terrified because of what the orgasm might mean. Could it be that she really was some kind of slut, a pain-loving whore who got off on being treated like an animal? The idea made the luscious blonde wish she were dead. Arnie looked down on the trapped beauty, smiling at what they had done to her. Sandy was almost unconscious from lack of oxygen, and in her newly blacked out state, her will power was disappearing. She was about to cum, cum while she was being smothered to death by a huge prick, while being turned into a human pin cushion, while being burned with a lit cigarette in a cage that folded her body almost double.

The sexy blonde landlady was a strong-willed bitch, but Arnie was confident now that she was going to break. After all, they had all the time in the world to fuck her over, and there was nothing she could do to stop them. The thought of how utterly helpless Sandy was sent a wave of excitement coursing through Arnie, and his jism boiled up through his balls. He snapped his clamps shut on the corners of Sandy's lips and pulled her mouth wide open as he shot his spunk down her throat.

Sandy's spit and his pre-cum drooled down over her face, and a moment later it was joined by clotted waves of jism. Arnie pulled his cock out of Sandy's throat and let her have it in her face.

Sandy smiled in pitiful gratitude as air filled her lungs once more. She choked on Arnie's gooey jism, but even choking on a load of cum was better than being cock-smothered.

Arnie slapped and rubbed his spurting prick all over Sandy's beautiful face, bathing her perfect features in slimy jism, but the cruelly trapped blonde didn't try to pull away. She would have done anything for Arnie in gratitude for him letting her breathe again. She even licked at his geysering prick when he rubbed it past her wide-open mouth.

"Cock-hungry whore," Chuck said, sticking pins all over the tanned, silky firmness of Sandy's rounded asscheeks. "Look at the way she's going after that jism. She loves it! She's nothing but a hot-assed tramp!"

"Tell us how it feels to cum!" Bridget cried, brutally fucking Sandy's cunt with one vibrator while she dragged the other all over Sandy's quivering pink pussy-lip. "Talk to us, you skinny little whore! Tell us every fucking thing you're feeling or I'm going to rip your scummy pussy-lips right off your worthless cunt!" Sandy gasped around a throatful of gummy fuck-cream, going into convulsions under the vibrating fuck she was getting. Her cunt clamped around the vibrator so tightly that Bridget ha to struggle to stab it back and forth. Her cunt gushed juice in waves that covered the second vibrator in streams of sticky fluid.

"Good," Sandy said at last. She shrieked in sudden pain as Arnie joined Chuck in covering her smooth back and long, slender arms with sharp-tipped pins. "Tickles! Hurts! Burns! It feels so good! You dirty bastards! You're turning me into an animal!"

"Turn into one, then," Rocky said, and put out his cigarette on the vulnerable pink ring of her asshole.

Sandy screamed insanely as her first-ever orgasm thundered its way through her tortured, helpless body. She whipped her ass against the bars of the cage and banged her head against the hard metal floor.

Arnie and Chuck stuck pins in her palms and the soles of her feet, and Rocky ground out his cigarette on the tender bud of her asshole. It all felt like pleasure to Sandy. And when Rocky dropped his cigarette to the bottom of the cage, Bridget drove the second vibrator completely inside the clutching chute of Sandy's asshole.

The blonde's lean, sultry body bounced uncontrollably inside the tiny cage, writhing against her will in an unbelievable erotic display of passion. She frothed at the mouth and snapped at the air like a rabid dog. She cried out in despair, realizing finally and fully that her body was no longer her own. She was a slave.

And she couldn't stop cumming.

They watched her for almost thirty minutes before they left her. Even after they were gone, the buzzing of the vibrators plunged deep in her pussy and asshole and the pain from the pins that stuck out all over her sexy body kept her bucking and twitching through one orgasm after another. She could hear her tormentors rummaging through her possessions, tearing things up and fixing their dinner.

They went into her bedroom and she heard them laughing as they broke up her things and shredded her clothes. Then she heard Bridget moaning with passion as she took on all three of the men.

Finally she heard nothing, and she cried like a lost soul at the knowledge that they had gone to sleep, leaving her hanging in her torture cage. But she never stopped cumming. Even after her unnatural position had made her arms and legs go numb and her back knot with cramps, she came. Sandy climaxed and cried, knowing that her life would never be the same again.

Chapter FOUR

They left Sandy in the cage for three days. For three days they kept her trapped in the tiny metal box, her legs folded on either side of her head, her arms and face and ass pressed against the unyielding bars.

For the full three days they gave Sandy neither a bite to eat nor a drop to drink. They tormented her by eating and drinking in front of her. They poured water onto the floor in front of her and put food on a table inches in front of the cage. On the third day Bridget made Sandy plead for an hour for a glass of steaming yellow piss. Sandy promised the voluptuous redhead everything, offered herself to her body and soul. Then Bridget smashed Sandy's lips together with one of the big metal clamps and poured the glass of piss all over her face. During her three days in the cage, Sandy was being almost constantly molested. Often two or three of her captors, and sometimes all four, would take part in her torture. Even during the few times when all four of her masters were gone there were vibrators and other devices to continue her sexual abuse. For the first two days they amused themselves with finding things of Sandy's to destroy in front of her. They burned her picture albums, broke her china, smashed her furniture and shredded her clothes.

Sandy knew that they were destroying things from her old life to make it easier for them to turn her into a mindless slave without a memory or past, but she couldn't stop what they were doing from working.

They fucked her constantly through the bars of the cage. By the end of the three days Sandy had been fucked dozens of times, in both her cunt and asshole. Even Bridget had fucked her, using a variety of strap-on dildos. They used her mouth, too, though none of the men would cum in her mouth and give her something to drink. By the third day her mouth was so cracked and dry that the men gave up on blow-jobs entirely.

By the fourth morning Sandy was broken. Arnie looked out at her from the doorway of her bedroom and smiled proudly at what a good job they had done of enslaving the proud blonde.

Sandy was a slave now, and a slave was what she was going to be for the rest of her life. Three days of torture in the cage had broken her to her new life in bondage. Arnie figured she was just about ready for the second part of her training.

"Good morning, slut," he said, walking into the living room. He was dressed, but his hard cock was sticking out through his open zipper. "Hey, tramp, I didn't hear you say good morning!"

"Good morning, sir!" Sandy croaked, her voice a dry whisper.

"Please can I drink today?"

Sandy's lips were dry and cracked and swollen. Her tongue was swollen too. Three days without food and water had robbed Sandy's body of what little fat it had possessed. Even on her hands and knees, her silky stomach was a tight hollow.

Arnie thought she looked sexier than ever. Her tits even looked bigger now that she was so thin.

"You lazy slut," Arnie said evenly, walking around to the back of the cage. He unlocked the door and swung it wide open. "Complaining after three days of not having to move a fucking muscle. Get your lazy ass out of this thing! You've got some fucking work to do to make up for all your fucking lying around!" Sandy couldn't believe what she was hearing. Sometime the day before she had given up hope of ever leaving the cage.

She had figured they would leave her in there until she died from thirst or hunger, then throw her out like some worthless bag of garbage. Her heart pounded with excitement at the idea of being freed from the cage. "Move it, you skinny bitch!" Arnie shouted, pinching her ass so hard that Sandy moaned with pain. "You keep me waiting, whore, and you're going to be the sorriest little tramp that ever lived! You hear me, slave?"

"The whore hears you, sir," Sandy said. The past three days had taught her to answer when one of her masters spoke to her. "The slave's sorry. She won't keep you waiting, sir."

Sandy cried. Three days with her body doubled over inside the tiny cage had robbed her of strength and put her arms and legs so deeply to sleep that she couldn't move them. Her muscles were drawn into tight, knotted bunches, cramped so hard that they wouldn't move.

Sandy tried to slide her legs back out from under her, but the pain that shot through her was worse than any of the tortures her master had given her. "Please!" she screamed, her voice still little more than a whisper through her dry throat. "Please! Please!"

Sandy wasn't sure who she was begging to or what she was begging for. The pain that was shooting up her long, lean legs and through her bowed back was so debilitating that her already confused mind blanked altogether. Animal instinct was what drove her to push her legs out from beneath her. "Faster, slave-slut!" Arnie yelled, grabbing a pin from the dinner cart and jabbing Sandy in the ass. The muscles in her ass were drawn so taut that it was hard to stick the pin into her.

"You worthless, lazy whore! If you want to stay in the fucking cage that bad I can always lock you back up!" Sandy whined like an animal, pushing her legs out through the cage's open door. Muscles and tendons unfolded for the first time in three days, and free circulation returned where it had been denied through all her time in the cage.

Sandy screamed and tumbled from the cage. She hit the floor, writhing in agony. Her muscles twitched and spasmed, pulling her this way and that. Her skin burned with sheets of fire as her circulation returned.

Cramps seized her legs and arms and stomach. She tried to straighten her neck and screamed again as pain speared its way up through her head and down through her spine.

Rocky and Chuck came out of the bedroom. They both stopped and smiled when they saw what was happening. They had seen this before, with other women who had spent time in the cage. They had never stuffed a bitch as tall as Sandy inside though, and the longest they had ever left a slave inside before had been two days. They were more than a little interested to see how the tall blonde had held up.

"Bridget's going to be pissed she missed this," Rocky said, puling his already-hard cock out of his pants.

"Fuck her," Arnie said mildly. "She knew the slut had to come out today. She should have hung around. Besides, we aren't the ones she's going to take it out on."

"That's right," Chuck said eagerly. "And we're going to be gone later getting the party together."

Sandy listened to what the three men were saying, but their words had no meaning. The only thing that meant anything to her now was the pain that was ripping through every inch of her body.

She squirmed on the floor like a dying, sexy snake, her lean body writhing and jerking.

"Do you want a drink, slave-slut?" Arnie asked, kicking Sandy in her tits to get her attention.

Sandy's eyes snapped open. Even through the agony that flowered through every inch of her body she could hear the mention of something to drink. She licked her lips in a futile attempt to moisten them and stared pleadingly up at her three masters.

"You're a dancer, slave," Arnie said, kicking Sandy in the stomach this time.

"Do the splits for us and you can have something to drink." Sandy whimpered with pain, but she tried to do as Arnie told her. She rolled onto her stomach, moaning hoarsely with agony as the muscles in her sides and tensed and flexed uncontrollably. The men gathered close around her to watch the muscles in her taut ass and velvety thighs spasm.

The first time Sandy tried to spread her legs she couldn't move them at all. Her stomach muscles tightened so much in response to her trying that she screamed in sudden agony and couldn't draw a breath. The muscles along her creamy flanks tensed and relaxed in rhythm, making her jerk and twitch in terrible pain. "Shit, Sandy-slut ain't even thirsty," Chuck said with a shrug. "Too bad, too. I've got to take a wicked piss. Now I guess I'll have to flush it down the toilet."

"No!" Sandy gasped, licking her lips at the thought of a mouthful of steaming hot piss. "Please gave me another chance! I'm trying! The slave's really trying!"

Sandy braced herself for agony and tried to spread her legs once more. Normally she could have bounced into the splits without the slightest efforts. Now the task seemed almost impossible. She tried to focus her dancing skills onto the effort, pointing her toes and staring her movement with her calves instead of letting her thigh muscles do all the work.

Sandy spread her palms on the floor and slowly, painfully levered her legs apart. The pain was awful. But before Sandy had spread her legs more than a few inches apart she was shivering with weakness and agony. The muscles in her long, slender legs knotted with strain and fatigue. Sandy banged her head on the floor, trying to drive away the pain in her legs by focusing on other agonies. The last few inches were the hardest. Dehydrated as she was, sweat glistened on her bronzed body as she scissored her legs out to her sides. Pain shot through her swollen, over-worked pussy. Pain tore through the swollen, abused channel of her asshole.

Agony worked through the muscles of her sides and back and stomach. Her legs felt as though they were on fire, and the muscles were tensed so powerfully that they stood out against her silky tanned skin like cords of metal.

"Yes!" Sandy cried as she pushed her legs out across the floor and tipped herself up into a sitting position. She stared up at the three cruel men, a strange look of defiance on her beautiful face.

"The slave did it! Now please give her something to drink! Please!"

Arnie smiled down at the sexy, slinky blonde. Staying in the splits was causing her excruciating pain, but she looked sexy as hell with her long legs stretched out to either side. Arnie fingered his huge cock, aiming it right down at her beautiful, upturned face. "Open wide, slut," he said as he started pissing. "And you better not miss drop, if you know what's good for you." Sandy opened her mouth wide, burning with humiliation as she guzzled down his piss. She could feel the piss as it splashed down her throat, filling her empty, shriveled stomach. It tasted so sweet that she wanted to cry with gratitude. Arnie controlled the flow of his piss, and he aimed his cock carefully. No more than a few drops of the stinking yellow fluid splattered over Sandy's pretty face. When his stream weakened, Arnie stepped in closer, finally resting his enormous cock-head between Sandy's dry, cracked lips. The thirst-maddened blonde sucked the last of his piss from his cock, washing it around inside her dry mouth before swallowing it. She kissed his cock in gratitude when he finished pissing.

"Now mine," Rocky said, and stepped up to take Arnie's place. "Swallow every drop, slave-whore, or you'll spend the next four days back in that box." Sandy opened her mouth to the stinking yellow blast of Rocky's piss. She was still dying of thirst, and she swallowed eagerly as he splashed his piss into her mouth. While she drank Rocky's piss, Arnie snapped cuffs around her wrists and ankles, and tied some kind of metal rod to her widespread legs, but Sandy hardly noticed what he was doing. She was too busy drinking down Rocky's sweet, stinking piss.

By the time Rocky finished pissing, Sandy's stomach felt strangely full. She felt sick, and her head was spinning. But her mouth was still dry, so when Chuck stepped up and demanded that she drink every bit of his piss, she opened her mouth and welcomed the salty, burning spray.

Rocky was helping Arnie set up some pulleys, but Sandy was really too light-headed to keep track of what they were doing. Halfway through Chuck's piss the first lightning bolts of pain shot through Sandy's stomach. Her stomach was cramping around the sudden flood of liquid, her body rebelling against being given so much fluid at once when it had been denied it for three long days.

"Oh, you dirty motherfuckers!" Sandy screamed, and Chuck stopped pissing as she let a mouthful of piss splash out over her lips. "Bastards! Assholes! Killing me! Killing me!"

"Drink my piss," Chuck said, his voice level, "or you're going back in the cage."

Sandy clamped her lips tightly shut, but she knew she couldn't refuse Chuck's demand. Her body shook with pain as she opened her mouth. The sucked-in cavity of her stomach was already twisting on the flood of piss it held. But she knew that anymore time in the cage would break her completely, maybe even kill her. Chuck made her drink every last drop of his piss. By the time she licked the last droplets off the bulging head of his cock, Sandy's stomach was doing flips and turning cartwheels.

The pain was so incredible that it seemed to seize her chest and stomach with strong hands, first crushing her head and then trying to tear her in two. Sandy hung her head, her silky blonde hair curtaining her beautiful face. "Lift her up," Arnie said, and then the real pain began. Sandy shrieked as she left the floor, and for the first time she took notice of how Arnie and Rocky had bound her. Her arms were taped together above her head, the tape pinning her arms together from her wrists to halfway up her forearms. Shackles circled her wrists, too, and the chains were connected to them were part of what was lifting her into the air.

But the real pain was coming from her legs. The steel pipe that Arnie had taped to her legs kept her trapped in her splits, her long legs forming a straight line out to her sides at the bottom of her body. Shackles circled her ankles, too, and it was from these that most of her weight rested. The already weakened and overexerted muscles in her thighs and calves were stretched beyond endurance by this latest, most awful indignity. Sandy could feel them pulling and tearing, and she cried in fear and pain.

"Let me down!" she gasped, looking frantically from one to another of her three masters. "It's tearing me up! Please let me down! Please!"

"Okay, guys, let's see how far Sandy-slut can stretch," Arnie said. They had lifted her no more than a foot and a half off the floor, and now all three of them were scooting beneath her. They folded their legs together, and for a maddening instant Sandy thought they were going to fuck each other. Then she saw that they had laid down so that all three of their cocks were bunched together, pointing skyward in a single, massive stalk of fuck-meat. She also noticed that each of them was holding the end of one of the chains that was suspending her from the ceiling.

"No!" she shrieked, her wide brown eyes going even wider with terror. "No! No, please, please, no!"

"Yes," Arnie said, and started to lower her. The split she was in pulled her cunt wide apart, but it was nowhere near large enough to accommodate the trio of huge fuck-poles it was being lowered on. Sandy screamed as the triple stalk of cock pushed against the swollen pink lips of her pussy. There was nothing Sandy had ever felt to compare to the slow spreading of her cunt-lips around the three massive pricks. At first her cunt-lips spread out around the three huge cock-heads, but after they had stretched as far as they could, they were pulled inside the mouth of her cunt. Her pussy was trained well enough by now to start juicing at the first brush of a hard cock, but no amount of lubrication could ease the unnatural triple fuck she was receiving. And unbelievably, impossibly, her legs were being spread even farther apart. They pulled her legs farther apart, then farther, and finally all three of the fist-sized cock-heads popped inside Sandy's tiny pussy. Sandy's asscheeks felt as if they had been split apart and her legs no longer felt as if they were connected to her hips. Sweat poured off her svelte body. Rocky said, thrusting his ass up off the floor to drive a few more inches of his massive prick inside Sandy's ravaged cunt. "You're full of a yard of cock, slut-slave. And you love it!"

"Look at that pussy!" Chuck sighed, pumping his hips fast, fucking the tortured beauty in earnest even though she had descended less than halfway down the length of his prick. "You wouldn't think a tiny little cunt could stretch that much!"

Sandy wanted to tell them that her cunt wasn't stretching, it was tearing, and it was hurting her so badly that she couldn't stand it. She wanted to beg them to stop, promise them anything if they would just pull their three huge cocks out of her body. But she knew it wouldn't do any good. She thought that she might find out soon, because what they were doing to her cunt was killing her with anguish. They had released all the tension from the chains that were holding her suspended, and she had no choice but to sink down over their enormous cocks. Sandy was halfway down the three monstrous pricks, all her weight supported by her stretched, tearing pussy. The pressure was enormous. Her pelvis seemed to be separating. She wondered if this was how a woman felt while she was having a baby, then decided that no woman would ever want a child if she had to suffer agony like this. Her cunt, which had been stretched out by the past three days of constant rape, was tearing again under the unnatural triple intrusion.

"Pull her down," Arnie said, grabbing one of Sandy's silky thighs and pulling. "Shake your lazy ass! You're getting fucked by a lot of cock, slut! You better fucking show your appreciation by showing us how you much you love it!"

"When you cum, tell us about it, Sandy-slut," Rocky said, wrapping his big hands around Sandy's sexy hips. "Thank us for fucking your worthless ass good." Then all three of the strong men yanked her down on their huge cocks. Sandy didn't even scream. She just went limp. As the three men tore her pussy to ribbons, something in her mind tore loose as well.

"Fuck those three giant cocks in my slutty little pussy!" she gasped, her wide brown eyes dulled with agony, spit dribbling from the corners of her lush lips. "My cunt's ripping! I can feel your big cock-heads pressing against my womb, you're pulling me open so far! Please -- you're fucking my whole body! You're fucking me to death!"

"We haven't even started to fuck you yet," Arnie said as Sandy's drawn straight leg settled across his body and her ass came to rest on his swollen balls. He bit her tanned calf until he drew blood, then laughed at her moan of anguish. "Keep talking, slave-slut! Describe what we're doing to your cum slut body!" Sandy couldn't have begun to describe what the three huge cocks were doing inside her willowy body. She didn't even want to consider the damage they were causing in her cunt. The tiny hole of her cervix had been stretched wide, her pussy-lips had been pulled inside her cunt. She was tearing under the inhuman assault of the three giant cocks.

"Look at her stomach," Chuck said, and Sandy looked too, then cried out in horror. "She looks like she's pregnant! Hey, I wonder which one of us is the dad?"

They were all three the fathers of the mass of flesh that caused Sandy's tiny tummy to bulge out so obscenely. As the three men fucked their cocks back and forth deep inside her, the pain-dazed beauty could even see one fat cock-head pressing against her lower belly, edging its way clear up past her navel. She could feel that cock, too, grinding through the ruins of her cunt. "I hate you, I hate me! I love it!" she cried, her eyes wide as she stared down at her puffed out stomach. "Pulling me apart! Pull me apart! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy!"

Someone pulled on the chains, lifting her up off the huge stalks of their cocks. Their cocks moving back out of her pussy were almost as painful as when they had fucked them in.

Blood and pussy-cream bathed the three hard pricks. When the men released the chains the second time, Sandy plunged down the stalks of their cocks, screaming every inch of the way.

"Fuck her!" Chuck started, almost out of his mind with the pleasure of the savage rape. "Fuck the slave to pieces!"

"Fuck her!" Sandy screamed in agreement, whipping her head from side to side and squirming her sleek, sweat soaked body against the chains and tape that bound her. "Fuck her slutty ass to pieces! Fuck her until she cums! Fuck her until she dies!"

They were tearing her cunt to pieces, but Sandy didn't care. Her clit was throbbing wildly and her cunt was clenching in agonized spasms around the monster cocks that were plunged inside it. An orgasm smashed its way through her bound body, and Sandy screamed as it struck her, spittle flying from her parted lips.

The men lifted and dropped her faster and faster, and thrust their hips up to meet her every downward plunge. Sandy couldn't move her hips an inch in any direction, and she absorbed every bone-jarring impact. By the time the men had dropped her on their cocks twenty times, her back and legs felt broken and her pelvis seemed shattered. Her cunt was a tattered mess, stretched so wide around the three cocks that any of the men could have fit his head up inside her. But Sandy came with every new injury they inflicted. The guys came almost at once, and Sandy screamed and snapped at the air as they pumped her shredded cunt full of their jism. Their cum poured back out almost as quickly as they shot it inside her, borne on sticky waves of blood and pussy-cream.

The last thing she remembered was each of the men wiping his cock clean all over her face. She thanked each one for fucking her as they smeared her perfect features with jism and blood and cunt-juice.

But before she collapsed into the welcoming arms of unconsciousness, Arnie did one last thing to her. He unshackled her wrists, letting her flip upside-down to smash her head and shoulders against the floor. And then he shackled her ankles and hoisted them high up in the air, hanging her upside-down. It was when he stuck both his arms up her pussy that Sandy passed out.

Chapter FIVE

Sandy woke up screaming. Someone was eating her cunt, biting at it, chewing on it as though it were nothing but a tasty morsel of meat. Her brown eyes bulged with agony and terror as she looked around for the source of the torture. When she saw Bridget's long, lush legs, she whimpered like a beaten dog. "Whore!" Bridget cried, gnashing her teeth viciously against Sandy's swollen red pussy-lips. "Tramp! Tease! Got them to let you out of your fucking cage, didn't you? Got them to fuck your skinny little ass, didn't you, whore? Well now you're going to get yours, you hot-assed slut! Now I'm going to fucking show you who is in charge around here!"

Sandy was still hanging upside-down, her spread wide cunt right at mouth level for Bridget. The voluptuous redhead caught Sandy's pussy-lips one at a time between her sharp white teeth, shaking her head and biting down until the beautiful blonde slave thought she was going to tear them away. She bit at Sandy's inner thighs, dotting the tender flesh with red welts that would soon fade to black and blue hickies. She bit at the tender band of flesh between Sandy's cunt and asshole, and she even chomped on the ring of Sandy's asshole, biting down so hard that Sandy wailed with agony. "So you thought you were pretty hot shit sneaking out of your cage behind my back!" Bridget hissed, snapping like a maddened dog at Sandy's pussy. "You might as well forget about that shit, you scrawny slut-slave! This isn't your house anymore! It's mine! And the shit inside it belongs to me, too, and that includes you, you worthless cow! I own you, slave, tiny tits, tight ass, scummy pussy and all!"

Bridget wedged her face between Sandy's thighs and bit down on the whole tender pocket of Sandy's cunt. Sandy shrieked with agony as Bridget ground her strong jaws on the sensitive flesh. And then Bridget slipped her mouth between Sandy's chewed cunt-lips and found the tiny pink bud of her clit. The pain was unbelievable. It was as though the very core of her being was being torn away. Sandy jerked and squirmed wildly in a desperate, hopeless attempt to escape from the terrible pain. But at the same time her cunt filled with dewy wetness and her pussy-lips began to flutter like butterfly wings against Bridget's cheeks.

"You dirty whore!" Bridget whispered, gnawing on Sandy's cunt-slit the way she might have chewed on a piece of beef jerky. "You're getting off! Scummy little slut! Here, tramp, kiss my pretty foot to tell me you're sorry!" Sandy groaned with despair when Bridget pawed at her lips with her right foot.

The voluptuous redhead's toenails scratched Sandy's cheeks and lips and nose.

The dirty sole of her foot rubbed all over Sandy's beautiful face. A burst of passion flashed through Sandy's pain-wracked body at the touch of Bridget's dirty, stinking foot, and she cried at the thought that she had been reduced to such a slutty animal by the big redhead and her friends. She parted her lips and let Bridget stick her toes inside.

Sandy came as she sucked on Bridget's toes, an orgasm rattling through her bound, pain-filled body as she licked the filth off Bridget's foot. While Bridget tore at Sandy's cunt with her teeth, the enslaved blonde tenderly licked and kissed away the filth from Bridget's feet. Sandy slithered her tongue between each of Bridget's toes, kissing each toe before moving on to the next. She lathed her tongue over the soles of Bridget's feet as though she were a devoted painter, mopping away every bit of dirt and sweat.

At the same time Bridget's hands joined her mouth in the abuse of Sandy's cunt, and while she bit at the beautiful slave's clit, she pulled on her pussy-lips as though they were rubber bands.

She inched Sandy's tender inner thighs with her fingernails while she caught tiny bits of pussy-flesh between her teeth and bit down until Sandy cried with pain.

She grabbed Sandy's pussy-lips in her hands and pulled them in opposite directions, jerking one forward while she pulled the other back, pulling them wide apart and then slamming them together.

Sandy couldn't stop cumming. The pain of the splits she had been left in for hours was ferocious. Being upside-down for so long made her confused and light-headed.

Licking Bridget's stinking feet made Sandy want to vomit, the effort of washing them was almost too much for her to stand. Still she came, helplessly and powerfully.

Her body writhed with the wild, thrilling sensations that were shooting through it.

Without warning, Bridget stripped the bindings from Sandy's legs and dropped her to the ground. Sandy moaned in shock and pain as her head hit the floor. She rolled over on her stomach and looked up at Bridget. It took her a few moments to realize that, for the first time in days, she was completely free of ropes and chains and cages.

"All right, Sandy," Bridget said in a reasonable voice, stripping off the nice, conservative blouse and skirt she was wearing. "You dance and work out and all that shit. You probably think you're a real in-shape bitch. So here's the deal. Kick my ass and get past me and you're free as a bird. I mean it, Sandy, the guys aren't here now. This is just you and me, and this is your big chance. In fact, if you can kick my ass, you can kick me right out of the house, and none of us will ever bother you again. But if I kick your scrawny little slutty ass, you're mine for keeps. When you give up, you'll mean it, bitch. You'll belong to me for as long as I want you, and I'll do whatever I want to with your skinny little whore's body."

Beneath her skirt and blouse, Bridget was wearing a vented black leather bodysuit. It made her huge tits stick up and off her chest like torpedoes. It revealed her navel and her pussy mound. She slipped on a pair of black leather boots that strapped up past her knees, then looked back up at Sandy. The abused blonde beauty trembled at the sight of the gorgeous, powerful redhead. It took every ounce of her failing strength to keep from groveling at Bridget's feet and begging to be her slave.

"Get ready for an ass-kicking, Sandy-slut," Bridget said, walking forward. "I'm going to bust you up into little pieces." Sandy wanted to scream at the unfairness of what was happening. If she had been at full strength she might have been able to hold her own against the tall redhead. Now, though, days of rape and torture and starvation had robbed her of almost all of her strength.

Her long, lean legs wouldn't even support her weight now. Three days of being folded double inside the cage and a day of being locked into a split that supported all her body's weight had made her well-toned thigh muscles limp. "Why are you doing this to me?" Sandy asked. She stood up, then fell down with the first step she tried to take. Her long, gorgeous legs knotted with cramps from the effort of standing. "I brought you into my house. I was nice to you. Why are you doing such terrible things to me?"

"You don't get it, do you, Sandy-slut?" Bridget shook her head as though she couldn't believe how stupid Sandy was. "There are two kinds of people in the world, Sandy. Masters and slaves. Most masters spend their time trying to find the sexiest, sluttiest slaves they can get. A lot of slaves don't even know what they are unfulfilled someone teaches them their place. I needed two things, Sandy-slave, a place to stay and a slave to fuck around with. After I'm done with you, I'll have them both for as long as I need them." Sandy had just struggled back to her feet when Bridget grabbed her. The svelte blonde struggled frantically in the hands of the redhead, but she was too exhausted and battered to put up much of a fight.

Bridget tangled one hand in Sandy's silky blonde hair and held her in place while she punched her three times in the face.

Blood ran from Sandy's nose and lip. She blinked her eyes, dazed by the blows. Bridget didn't let up for an instant, bracing Sandy with one leg and slamming her fist into the silky hollow of her stomach. She buried her fist into the tiny pit of Sandy's stomach again and again, driving the air from the sexy slave's lungs as she pounded her willowy frame.

Sandy hooked her legs around Bridget and toppled the voluptuous redhead to the floor. Bridget cursed as she fell, keeping her hold on Sandy's lustrous blonde hair and dragging the beautiful captive down on top of her. Sandy struggled for freedom with all her failing strength, but she never had a chance. Bridget drove her knee into Sandy's cunt twice, four times, eight times and then drove her fist into Sandy's upthrust tits, back and forth a dozen times. Then her knee slammed into Sandy's helplessly exposed pussy again and again and her fist switched to Sandy's face, pounding her over and over. While the sleek blonde was squirming in agony, Bridget rolled over on top of her and twisted her arm behind her back.

"Give up, slut-slave!" Bridget hissed, her elegant face red with exertion, anger and lust. She twisted Sandy's slender arm up between her shoulder blades, almost snapping it in two. "Tell me you're my slave, Sandy! Tell me that everything you've got belongs to me!"

Bridget wrapped her lush legs around one of Sandy's silky thighs and rubbed her dripping cunt all over her beautiful captive. She lay down across Sandy's back, trapping her twisted arm tightly between their bodies, and began to swab her tongue teasingly over Sandy's pretty, battered face. "Give up, slut!" she gasped, cumming from the delightful silky feel of Sandy's thigh. "You don't want me to break your pretty arm, do you?" Sandy struggled desperately beneath the big, sexy redhead, but she didn't stand a chance of escaping. Her beautiful face was twisted into a mask of pain from her twisted arm and despair from her lost chance at freedom. Bridget licked and kissed all over her face, delighting in covering Sandy's perfect features with a sheen of slobber.

Desperate, almost unconscious from the pain and fatigue she was feeling, Sandy slammed her head back into Bridget's face. The luscious redhead screamed with rage and surprise, releasing Sandy's arm and tumbling back off her. It took every last ounce of strength Sandy possessed to roll over, and when she did, what she saw filled her with terror.

Bridget was standing over her, a thin trickle of blood trailing from her nose and a look of rage on her beautiful face. Before Sandy could scramble away Bridget lashed out with her sharp-toed boot, catching Sandy right above her left hip. Pain exploded through the beaten blonde.

Sandy tried to crawl away, but after a dozen kicks she didn't have the energy left to move, didn't even know what direction she was crawling in. Bridget walked over her limp body, digging her sharp heels into Sandy's soft, bronzed asscheeks and long, flawless back. Then she stepped on Sandy's hair, holding her in place while she kicked the shit out of her. Bridget kicked her everywhere. Her pointed boots sliced into Sandy's proud tits, sexy shoulders and slender arms. She lashed her foot into Sandy's tiny, sucked-in stomach and the enticing rise of her ribcage. Her cruel boots found Sandy's firm asscheeks and long, sexy legs, and ripped into the swollen mouth of her battered cunt a dozen times or more.

Bridget kicked the shit out of Sandy, and when the slender, sultry blonde lay unmoving at her feet, only the rise and fall of her chest evidence that she hadn't been kicked to death, Bridget leaned down and sank her strong hands into her tits.

"Rise and shine, cunt!" Bridget screamed, spreading her legs, bracing her back and jerking Sandy up into the air by her tits. "You don't think you're getting off that easy, do you? Bloody my nose, will you? I might just tear these tiny tits off and stuff them down your scummy, cocksucking throat!" For the second time in less than an hour, Sandy came to consciousness screaming in mortal agony. Her firm, pointy tits felt as if they were being torn from her body as Bridget lifted her up by them.

Sandy squirmed desperately, her feet kicking at the air. Her movements only caused her to swing in Bridget's grasp, putting even more strain on her silky tits. Bridget lifted Sandy to face level and planted a wet, lingering kiss on the agonized blonde's parted lips.

Then she lifted Sandy high above her head.

"Do you give up?" Bridget asked, not even breathing hard from the strain of holding Sandy's lean, sexy body above her head. "Do you belong to me, Sandy? Can I do any nasty thing I want with your slutty little body?" Sandy tried to say yes, but she couldn't even speak through the pain she was feeling. Her slender, sexy body was high above the floor, and her mind clouded with the strange view and the awful pain she was feeling. Then Bridget threw her across the room.

Sandy lost consciousness as she slammed into the wall, but Bridget brought her awake a moment later by throwing a bucket of freezing cold water over her sexy, supple body. The instant Sandy came awake, Bridget hauled her into the air by her tits once more.

This time, before she threw Sandy into the wall, she shook her back and forth in the air. The pain that knifed through the sultry blonde's tits was so awful that she passed out even before Bridget threw her down. "Give up yet, Sandy?" Bridget asked as she splashed a second bucket of cold water over the shivering, beaten beauty. "Shit, you're a tougher slut than I thought you were. Here, let's go for another ride."

"I give up!" Sandy whimpered as Bridget picked her up by her tits for the third time. Tears ran down Sandy's beautiful face, and she stared at Bridget with a pitiful mix of fear and love. "I give up, Bridget! I belong to you! You own me! You can do whatever you want to me!"

"You sweet little whore," Bridget said, pulling Sandy close and kissing her again. Slowly, she settled Sandy to her feet, releasing the blonde's tortured tits and wrapping her arms around her. "Tell me you're my slave."

"I'm your slave!" Sandy whispered.

Bridget tongue-raped Sandy and mauled her perfectly rounded asscheeks. She probed every corner of Sandy's warm mouth, then sucked Sandy's tongue between her teeth and bit on it until Sandy cried out with pain. She then chewed on Sandy's lips, too, until the sleek blonde slave clawed at the air in torment. The big redhead ran her hands all over Sandy's body, pinching her nipples, squeezing her ass, stroking her shoulders and sides and belly. She fucked fingers up Sandy's pussy and asshole, pulled out patches of Sandy's cunt hair and then dropped the golden strands into the humbled beauty's waiting mouth. Bridget stuck her fingers up her own cunt and asshole, and she took turns making Sandy lick her hands clean and just smearing the sex filth all over her blonde pet's pretty face. She wrapped her lush legs around one of Sandy's lean, shapely thighs and humped her standing up until she came twice. "And I can do anything I want to you, can't I?" Bridget asked. "I'm going to hurt you real bad for a while, Sandy. I'm not going to tie you up, though. You're going to lie still, and take it, and thank me for it. I'm going to make you mine. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Sandy said, her voice shaking. She was close to cumming herself, her injured cunt squirming with excitement. "I'll try, Bridget! I want to be a good slave!"

"I know you do," Bridget said with a smile. "The first thing I want you to do is kneel down in front of me. I'm going rub my pussy all over your slutty face. Then I'm going to piss in your mouth. If you move I'm going to be very disappointed, slut. I want you to keep your mouth open and stick your tongue out just as far as it will go. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Bridget," Sandy said, slipping to her knees as Bridget pressed down on her shoulders. "I'll be a good slut. I'll let you piss all over me." Something had snapped deep inside Sandy, but there was nothing she could do to stop what was happening to her. Her cunt was burning with excitement with every dirty word Bridget spoke, every perverted thing she told her she would have to do. Sandy's mistreated tits were tingling with pleasure and her battered cunt was drooling pussy-juice down her long, lean legs. "Such a pretty face," Bridget said as she spread her legs and stepped over Sandy's beautiful, upturned face. "Such a pretty little slutty face." Sandy rubbed her pussy with both hands while Bridget smeared her sloppy cunt all over Sandy's face. Bridget had cum a lot of times while she was beating the shit out of Sandy, and her cunt was spilling over with pussy-juice. Her pussy made wet sounds as she dragged it over Sandy's pretty face, and pussy-juice foamed out all over Sandy's perfect features. Mouthfuls of cunt-juice poured down Sandy's throat, but she swallowed it happily.

Sandy yanked on her own pussy the way Bridget had pulled at it earlier. She pinched her swollen cunt-lips and jerked them in every direction. Her tanned, sexy ass wiggled back and forth as she mauled her pussy, and cunt-cream splattered down over her working hands to soak the floor between her legs. She caught the bud of her clit between two fingers and pinched it until lightning bolts of pure agony sizzled through her lean, sinuous body. An orgasm hit her with the force of a speeding truck, so powerful it made her tremble. She stopped pulling at her cunt-lips and speared fingers from both hands deep inside her injured pussy.

Bridget laughed mockingly at Sandy's passion, rubbing her juicy cunt all over the blonde slave's face. She rubbed the long, wriggling worm of her clit back and forth over Sandy's nose and then her outstretched tongue. She fucked her cunt on the point of Sandy's chin, then smeared it over her cheeks and across her forehead. Bridget came again and again, until her voluptuous, curvy body was shaking with passion. She was as much turned on by the power she had over Sandy as the rub of the girl's face over her pussy. There was nothing she loved as much as turning a high-class bitch into a filthy slut. She had never had a slave as beautiful as Sandy before, and the thought of all the nasty things she was going to make her do brought another orgasm shivering through her big, sexy body.

With a heavy sigh she started pissing, bathing Sandy's face in stinking yellow fluid. Piss filled the blonde beauty's mouth. She choked and spluttered, but there was a look of rapture on her fouled face. Bridget came while she was pissing, sliding her cunt all over Sandy's face.

Sandy wanted to throw up, but she was cumming instead. She was fucking three fingers from both hands up her cunt while she drove her two little fingers up into the swollen bud of her asshole. Her hands were soaked to the wrists in sticky pussy-cream. Her thighs and the floor beneath her were soaked with the juices of her excitement. She guzzled Bridget's piss and choked on it. The piss splattered all over her, but she didn't care.

And Bridget smiled like a proud owner watching her dog do her first trick. Then she started shitting on Sandy's face.

Chapter SIX

Bridget finger-fucked herself while she watched her sultry blonde slave smear shit all over her body. Sandy seemed as though she was in another world, bucking and grinding her sexy hips like a seasoned stripper, rolling her head on her shoulders in a wanton display of passion. She rubbed shit over her pointy tits until they looked like two Hershey's Kisses.

Sandy writhed like some sensuous jungle beast. She rolled her sweet, tight ass until Bridget could have cried for wanting a cock to stick up between those sexy asscheeks. She swung her shoulders and spread her legs and gyrated her way through the sexiest dance Bridget had ever seen. And all the while she smeared her body with Bridget's shit.

Bridget could hear her gagging, and she smiled at the broken blonde's revulsion.

It was obvious she was excited, too. Sandy's cunt was running with pussy-cream.

When she whirled across the room, she left a trail of pussy-juice behind her. When she bucked her hips she spewed cunt-slime in every direction. When she got a chance she smeared shit all over her swollen, squirming cunt, and her face twisted with ecstasy as she climaxed again and again. Finally the shit was smeared all over her tanned, glistening body, and Sandy's energy seemed to run down.

Finally the willowy beauty sank to her knees, her legs spread wide and her head thrown back.

"Your hands are still dirty," Bridget said with a cruel smile. "And your face is still clean."

Sandy didn't hesitate. She rubbed her shit-clotted hands all over her pretty face, soiling her beauty with Bridget's stinking brown waste. Bridget climaxed a half dozen times while she watched Sandy smear her face with shit. "Well, I'll be damned," Bridget said, pretending to be surprised.

"They're still dirty. I guess you better lick them clean."

"Oh," Sandy said, her voice like that of a lost child. She stared at her shit-streaked fingers for a moment, then shoved them into her mouth. Her eyes were filled with disgust and shame and lust. Then she popped her fingers into her mouth, one at a time, as though they were tiny, shit-coated cocks. Twice she had to pull away, buckling over and gagging until it seemed she was going to throw up. Both times she fought back the urge. After she sucked her fingers clean, she licked the shit off her palms and wrists. Her face twisted with disgust at the awful taste, but she didn't stop until she was finished. And she came two more times. "So nice," Bridget said sarcastically. "So nice. Now lean back, Sandy-slut. It's time I got you ready for your coming-out party."

Sandy laid back, watching Bridget with an almost worshipful expression as she wheeled the dinner cart across the room. She flinched when Bridget dumped a pitcher of icy water over her cunt. She sobbed when Bridget sprayed shaving cream all over her golden pussy mound.

"Spread them wide," Bridget said, pulling a straight-edged razor from the table.

"Grab your thighs with your hands and pull them all the way back to your head!" Sandy did as her mistress told her, watching with sad, defeated eyes as Bridget scraped the razor over the plump mound of her cunt. Hair and shaving cream came up together, leaving her bald pussy mound in their wake. "Don't cry, pretty slut," Bridget said, shaving away Sandy's precious pussy-fur. "Here, let me make you feel all better. Let me make your lonely little pussy feel just right."

Sandy wailed with pain, her eyes half-closed as Bridget shaved her pussy and fucked three fingers up inside her cunt. Her pussy lips clamped down on Bridget's fingers like a powerful fist, twisting on them as Bridget fucked them in and trying to hold onto them as the sexy redhead pulled them back out. Sandy's clit was throbbing against the steady friction of Bridget's fingers. She came quickly.

Bridget smiled and added her little finger to the three she was already fucking inside Sandy's pussy. She dragged the straight razor down over Sandy's pussy-lips, then edged it around the juncture of her thighs, clearing away the last of the hair from around Sandy's pussy.

She liked her slaves to be like little girls because it made them feel more vulnerable, more submissive.

Sandy gasped with pain when Bridget cupped her thumb up underneath her four fingers. She cried out in agony as Bridget's fist slammed way up inside her tiny, hairless, little-girl cunt.

Bridget seemed to want to bury her whole arm up inside Sandy while she shaved away the last of her cunt-hair. Even when her fist was smashing into Sandy's cervix, she leaned her weight on her elbow and tried to force more of her arm up inside the straining pocket.

Sandy's eyes snapped open, pleasure turning sharply to pain. She stared down over the lean, sexy plane of her body, and cried out in shock and horror at what she saw. Bridget was pushing relentlessly forward, fucking her fist as far as it would go up inside Sandy's cunt, then she drew it back and punched it in again. Sandy had taken over half Bridget's forearm on the first try, her cunt-lips spread obscenely wide and quivering, her pussy stretched so tar out of shape that it tore under the pressure. The second time Bridget managed to cram even more of her arm up inside Sandy's cunt.

Sandy squirmed and rocked as Bridget relentlessly fist-fucked her. She whipped her head from side to side, her silky blonde hair curtaining her beautiful, pain drawn face. She could feel her poor, abused cunt tearing again under the savage beating Bridget was giving it.

Bridget wiped away the last of the shaving cream from Sandy's newly bared pussy, then tossed a glass of cold water down over the girl's shaved crotch. Sandy screamed with sudden pain, and stared, fascinated, at her bare pussy mound. She looked like a little girl. She guessed that she was a little girl next to Bridget, a helpless little child who needed to mind her mother. Sandy spread her legs wider, moaning with pain and joy as Bridget fist-fucked her little girl. Bridget slammed her fist into Sandy's cunt as though she were trying to reach into the svelte, tanned blonde's throat. Sandy's cunt-lips were flapping around Bridget's elbows now, and the whole length of the sexy redhead's forearm was painted in sticky pussy-juice and bright red blood.

Sandy was cumming. She couldn't help it. And Bridget was beating her cunt to pieces.

Suddenly Bridget pulled her fist from Sandy's cunt. The beautiful blonde slave cried out with disappointment, then cried out again with fear as Bridget picked up a ring off of the table. It was an open circle of gold, its open spot had a sharp point on one side and a pocket with a catch on the other. Tears ran down Sandy's beautiful face as Bridget opened the ring fully and pinched Sandy's hairless little cunt lips together as she pulled them hard away from her body. "Oh God Bridget!" Sandy moaned. "Don't, please don't! I'll be a good little slave! I will! I really will!"

"I know you will," Bridget said brightly. "Now hold real still. We don't want to damage any of your working parts."

Sandy screamed as Bridget pierced her cuntlips with the metal ring. It felt like getting her ears pierced, only her pussy-lips were much more sensitive than her ear lobes.

Bridget snapped the ring together with one quick, sure move, piercing both of Sandy's fluttering pink pussy-lips. Then she spun the ring through Sandy's pussy-lips, making sure that the holes were clean and straight. Only then did she lean back, a smile on her elegant face.

"Now feel this," she said, and thrust one finger up Sandy's pussy. The feeling was incredible. With the ring pinching her cunt-lips together, her pussy was tighter than ever. Sandy squirmed with discomfort from just two of Bridget's fingers. The pain from the piercing was a solid burning shaft of pain through her cunt, but her initial terror was fading.

The only thing that made her sad was the knowledge that the men would fuck her loose all over again, spurred on by the thrill of her tightened cunt. Bridget leaned across Sandy's body, rubbing her knee over the bright gold ring that pierced Sandy's cunt-lips. The svelte, sexy blonde moaned with pleasure and pain as Bridget toyed and played with the ring, rubbing her knee against her cunt. She whimpered her way through an orgasm as Bridget took hold of her long nipples and rolled them between her fingers until they were erect. "Now just two more," Bridget said, and Sandy's heart froze. "You've got such pretty nipples it would be a shame not to decorate them, Sandy, my cum-slave-slut. Like buying a Christmas tree and not putting any lights on it." Sandy cried when Bridget slipped the two rings off the table. They were smaller than the one Bridget had pierced her cunt with, but they were the same golden color and they had the same needle-sharp points.

Sandy wanted to fight, wanted to run away, but instead she stayed where she was, moaning with lust and despair and staring at the rings as though they had hypnotized her.

"So pretty," Bridget said softly, stroking Sandy's firm nipples while she rubbed her knee over Sandy's cunt. She poured a glass of water over each proud tit-mound, washing away the shit Sandy had rubbed over them. "Such pretty little tits. Once they're pierced I can lead you around by them on little golden leashes. I'm sure Arnie will want to hang bells from them. Or maybe little weights. We'll be able to hurt you in so many wonderful ways." Sandy cried as Bridget ducked her head to suck her nipples to full erection. She knew that her degradation was almost complete.

They had broken her, debauched her, transformed her into a sluttish, rutting animal. Now they were even molding her body to their whims, marking her as the kinkiest, most perverted of whores.

Without warning, Bridget snapped one of the golden rings shut. Sandy wailed in pain, banging her head against the floor as Bridget pierced her right nipple. The big redhead pinned her to the floor with her body, then rammed her knee up between the helpless woman's legs, slamming it against the ring in Sandy's cunt five, six, ten times, until she forced an orgasm from her sleek, captive body.

Still Sandy struggled, gibbering in pain and horror as Bridget poked a hole through her long, hard nipples and hung a golden ring from her firm, pointy tit.

"So pretty!" Bridget whispered, pulling on the ring, making Sandy cry out in anguish. "Such a pretty little tit-ring!"

Bridget was breathing heavily with excitement, and once more she trapped one of Sandy's lean, silky thighs between her legs.

With a moan of surrender Sandy clutched her long, lean legs tight around one of Bridget's lush thighs, and while the voluptuous redhead tugged on the ring that pierced Sandy's nipple, the two of them leg-fucked themselves to orgasm. Even as Sandy's climax made her shake and tremble she couldn't tear her gaze away from her right nipple. A single, fat drop of blood oozed from the tiny wound and trailed down over her tanned, silky skin. The pain was fading quickly, but to Sandy's dazed mind the ring through her nipple seemed to seal her fate. "One more, Sandy-slave," Bridget whispered, moaning with passion as she humped herself to orgasm after orgasm on the silky skin of Sandy's thigh.

She slammed her knee so forcefully and so many times into the ring that pierced Sandy's cunt that the sultry blonde thought she was going to go mad with pain and pleasure. "A matched set of pretty tit-rings. You'll look so pretty like this. Just a sweet little blonde slave-slut, all ready for anything anybody wants to do to you."

Sandy shivered with fear and excitement as Bridget clicked open the second ring. Her wet, pink tongue slipped out to wet her lips, and she gasped at the first touch of the cold metal against her left nipple. Something wrong and horrible was happening inside her, and Sandy cried as she realized an enormous orgasm was building in her.

She was going to cum, cum as she never had before, while Bridget pierced her nipple. She was going to explode with more pleasure than she had ever felt before while the big, sexy redhead marked her forever as a pain-craving slave-slut.

At the first, pinch tears ran glistening wet tracks down Sandy's pretty cheeks.

At the first knifing pain, Sandy mewled with passion. Bridget owned her now, and the very idea of her slavery was enough to make her svelte body tingle with passion.

"Cumming!" she whimpered, and then Bridget drove the ring shut and drove her knee deep into the marshy, already pierced pocket of her cunt. "Cumming! Cumming! Please don't stop! Kick my pussy, put rings in me everywhere while you kick my pussy again and again, PLEEAASE!!"

Bridget smiled as the ring clicked together. She rode the sexy blonde's long leg through a half dozen minor climaxes of her own, pulling on the nipple rings while Sandy screamed her way through the most intense climax of her life. Sandy's big, brown eyes were filled with passion and love and suffering and despair, and Bridget saw and loved it all.

"One thing more, pretty slut," Bridget whispered, picking a device up off the table. "One last thing and then you'll be ready for your big night. After tonight, you'll be a whole different whore, Sandy-slave. You're going to love things after tonight. You'll never go without a big prick or a wet cunt again. Or a big stud or sexy bitch to hurt you just the way you like, either." Sandy trembled at the words, trembled too with frightened anticipation as Bridget reluctantly pulled her legs from around Sandy's and turned around to straddle her stomach.

The thing Bridget was holding in her hand looked a little like a pen and a little like a needle. As she stroked the shaved bare skin around Sandy's cunt, the tamed beauty began to suspect what it was.

"I love you, Bridget!" she whimpered, tears running down her beautiful face. "I belong to you! I'm your slave and your whore! You own me!"

"And now everybody's going to know it," Bridget said happily, and began to tattoo the helpless blonde.

The pain was bad, but it was nothing compared to some of the other agonies Sandy had felt over the last few days. The gorgeous slave came constantly while Bridget was working on her. Her orgasms weren't just the product of Bridget's skillful fingering of her cunt and the pain of the tattooing. Neither were they wholly caused by the musky aroma of Bridget's hot cunt, the wet, sticky slide of her pussy over Sandy's flat, velvety stomach and pierced, pointy tits. All those things turned the blonde slave on, but the thing that made her cum constantly was the knowledge that Bridget was marking her as her property. And when Bridget finally pulled away, and let Sandy see what she had done, the sleek, sexy blonde had her biggest orgasm of all.

The words "Bridget's Slut" were rendered in intricate, multi-colored calligraphy right where Sandy's pussy-hair should have been. It made the sultry, sensual blonde tremble with humiliation, but it also made her warm with a feeling of security, of belonging.

And then she saw something hanging off the side of the cart that made her cum again, made her whimper in terror and degradation. It was a branding iron, and the words "Arnie's Slave Bitch" were what made up its message. Sandy knew that Arnie would use the white-hot branding iron on her, just as Bridget had tattooed her name into her flesh. The knowledge shattered the last of Sandy's self-image, crushed her with the realization that she had been debauched and degraded as thoroughly as a human being could be. It also made her cum.

"So pretty," Bridget said again, staring down at the willowy blonde beauty, whose golden skin was now highlighted by three golden rings, whose pussy was bare except for the tattooed message. "You're a real treasure, slut. You'll be a big hit when the guys get back here with the others." Sandy cried at Bridget's words, but she didn't stop cumming.

Chapter SEVEN

Bridget pulled the beautiful blonde slave into the bathroom and gave her a long, leisurely bath. Bridget climbed into the tub with Sandy, her knowing hands bringing the humbled beauty to orgasm after orgasm while she washed her clean. Sandy cried and climaxed, remembering the last time she had soaked in this bathtub. It had been only a few days ago, but seemed as if it had been a lifetime ago.

After the bath Bridget hauled Sandy into her bedroom, and the gorgeous blonde cried at the sight of what her masters had done to her most treasured possessions. Her bedroom looked like a cross between a perverted sex shop and a pig sty. Her things were torn and smashed and broken. One dress had been saved though, a sparkling golden party dress Sandy had worn to an expensive ballet the year before. Bridget made her put it on, then made her step into a pair of matching high heels. The only thing she gave Sandy to wear was a gold collar, which she pulled tight around Sandy's throat and connected to a gold leash.

Sandy looked at herself in the mirror.

Even after everything that had happened to her she was still beautiful. She looked like a blonde Goddess in the shining gold dress, a captive Goddess kept on a leash.

She heard the front door open and the voices of many people, and she trembled with fear and lust.

By the time Bridget led her out of the bedroom on the end of her leash, the house had filled with people. There were so many that every room in the house seemed filled to capacity. They drank and ate and played music so loud that Sandy hoped, with a wild, frightened longing, that her neighbors night call the police. And every one of them watched her with hungry eyes as Bridget led her from room to room.

Sandy was the perfect slave. She never stopped feeling degraded, and suffered at each new horror they inflicted. But although she was disgusted, she was also excited. And the excitement made her even more ashamed, adding more fuel to her humiliation.

"You look sweet, slut," Arnie said as Bridget led Sandy to him. "I can see your tit-rings through the front of your dress. Beautiful."

"Thank you, Arnie," Sandy said, her voice trembling. Bridget jerked on her leash and, obediently, the blonde slave dropped to her knees. "I missed you, sir, though it was wonderful to have Bridget here. I'm glad you're home." Sandy kissed his dirty shoes, then parted her lips to run her tongue over the filthy leather. The crowd quieted as they watched Sandy wash Arnie's shoes with her lush lips and pretty tongue.

Rocky and Chuck stepped up beside him, and Sandy flapped her tongue and ran her lips over all three pairs of shoes, mewling in her throat with a mixture of shame and pleasure.

"That's enough," Arnie said after a few minutes, and then laughed with the others as Sandy rubbed her face against his shoes and legs as if she were a pet cat welcoming her owner home.

Bridget pulled Sandy to her knees, and the sexy blonde wavered from side to side, her eyes glazed as she stared lovingly up at her masters. Arnie stepped closer, spreading his legs a little. When he glanced down at his crotch, Sandy didn't have to be told what to do.

"Welcome home, beautiful cock," she whispered, tears running down her beautiful face. And then, because she knew the point of this was for the crowd to hear what a total slave-slut she was, she shouted the words. "Welcome home, beautiful cock! I've missed you so much!"

She kissed the material of Arnie's pants, then licked all over his crotch. After the front of his pants was soaked with her spit, she rubbed her face all over the crotch, nuzzling his monstrous, slowly hardening cock. By the time he pulled her face back away from his pants, Sandy's pretty face sparkled with her own spit.

"Naughty little slut," Arnie said almost tenderly, rubbing his rough hand over her lips, then slipping a finger into her mouth. "I think we ought to give you a whipping. Stand her up, Rocky. Chuck, bring the cart so we can introduce her to the guests."

There was murmuring from the crowd. Sandy's heart beat fast, her sweet body trembling with fear and anticipation. Rocky pulled on her leash and she followed him on all fours, like a dog, and he walked her back through the crowd. She saw the shackles where they dangled down from the ceiling and the ankle cuffs that lay on the floor, and she knew they were going to string her up. She felt hands on her body as the strangers Arnie and the others had brought into her house began to take advantage of her sexy, helpless body. Feet rubbed against her too, as people too lazy to bend over ran their shoes over her ass and stomach and tits and face.

Sandy's cunt was getting wetter, her sleek body getting hotter with every foot she kissed as she crawled through the crowd.

A dozen hands were pinching her firm, rounded ass through the golden material of her dress. Hands were diving up through the split at the side to stroke and squeeze the silky softness of her legs. Hands petted her shoulders and the top of her head. Other hands, what seemed a multitude of them, were working over her tits through the sparkling front of her dress.

Fingers speared between her parted lips, and she sucked them all with equal obedience.

"Hey, you've already pierced her," a woman said, puling on the ring that hung from Sandy's right nipple until the willowy blonde tensed with pain. "Just this afternoon," Bridget said. "Wait until you see her cunt."

Someone flipped her dress up over her ass, and Sandy burned with utter shame. Thirty people, men and women alike, whistled at the sight of her tight, perfect ass. Thirty more gasped with excitement at the sight of her swollen pink pussy-lips and the golden ring that pierced them and pinched them together. Five fingered fucked up into her cunt at the same time, three on one side of the ring and two on the other, and Sandy cried out in pain and ecstasy. The crowd laughed and another finger fucked up her asshole while hands pulled her cuntlips and slapped her ass.

Suddenly the hands overwhelmed her. Hands tangled in her hair and jerked her backwards. Hands grabbed her wrists and elbows and shoulders, keeping her from crawling any farther forward. Hands grabbed her ankles, too, stopping the movement of her knees across the carpet.

For a moment she choked as Rocky kept pulling on her leash. Then he stopped too, and Sandy was buried under the attentions of one hundred questing hands. She wanted to scream, but when she opened her mouth, fingers from five different hands stuffed her cry back down her throat. Someone else was pinching her lips and pulling them in every direction. Her cheeks were being pinched and pulled too. Fingers were poking up into her nose and a strong hand was twisting her nose from side to side until she felt sure it was going to break. Someone was pulling at her eyelashes and eyebrows. There were fingers sticking into her ears and pulling on her earlobes. Hands were stroking and pinching her long, graceful throat and the firm jut of her jaw and chin.

Fingers pulled at her stiff, long nipples. Other hands jerked on the rings that pierced them, making Sandy whine and whimper in almost unendurable agony. Someone was pinching his way slowly and deliberately around the base of her tits. A woman's hand was squeezing her right tit as though it were a tube of toothpaste, forcing so much blood up into the nipple that Sandy felt certain her tit was going to explode like a volcano. Her small, sexy tits were buried under a moving mass of pinching, pulling, mauling hands. Her dress had been thrown all the way up to the small of her back, and hands were working over her soft, flat stomach. Someone was punching his finger into the deep cup of her navel as though he was fucking his cock into her pussy. A woman was scratching her fingers over Sandy's stomach as though she wanted to scar her for life. Another woman's hands were pinching and pulling at the flesh of Sandy's stomach. Other hands joined in the pinching and stroking of Sandy's back and sides and stomach, until it seemed to the pain-dazed blonde that each breath she drew would be her last.

Fingers were pinching her arms and shoulder too, and tickling her palms and pulling on her fingers. On one side a woman was digging her long, sharp fingernails into Sandy's armpit, and on the other side a man was pinching the sensitive cavity beneath her arm. Every sensitive, tender spot on her lean, sexy body was being probed and mistreated.

Five or six different hands were taking part in the tickling of her feet, and Sandy would have been twitching and heaving uncontrollably just from the maddening sensations of what they were doing to her. Other hands were pinching and scratching her perfectly shaped calves.

Hands swarmed over the super sensitive hollows behind her knees, scratching and pinching and tickling them until Sandy couldn't stand anymore. But worst of all was what was happening to her wrecked pussy and reamed-out asshole.

Dozens of fingers were fucking up the two ravaged fuck-holes. Hands were pulling her asscheeks so far apart she thought her sexy ass would split apart like a melon.

Her cuntlips were being jerked savagely in a dozen different directions at once.

Her thighs were being pinched and punched black and blue. And her poor, sweet ass was being spanked by at least fifteen different hands, being turned so fiery red that it felt like they were hitting her with burning hot irons.

Long-nailed fingers scratched deep inside her already injured pussy. Fat fingers rubbed over her wriggling clit. Long thick fingers were being driven so deep inside her cunt that they drove the breath from Sandy's lungs. Sandy gurgled around her mouthful of fingers, her dazed mind dazzled by the varieties of pain and pleasure she was being dealt. Hands pulled her up by her hair until she was squatting on her knees, and that gave her molesters access to almost every inch of her tanned, silky body. Sandy squirmed helplessly, held in place by a hundred hands. A cheer went up when she started cumming, and the crowd attacked her with even greater fervor. Sandy's big brown eyes fluttered shut as her orgasm coursed through her lithe, sultry body. She writhed sensually, sinuously, her mind lost in a haze of sexual pleasure. Then, just as her first orgasm was starting to fade, a stronger one hit her.

Sandy screamed with pain-filled ecstasy as the second orgasm poured through her sexy, squirming body. Someone silenced her by pinching her tongue and pulling it out between her lips. A sexy, tiny blonde slapped the elongated cones of her tits while they were pulled out, and the agonizing vibrations from the blows made Sandy climax again and again, even as her face twisted with pain and tears streaked down her cheeks.

A big, balding man slapped her face, and suddenly everyone was hitting her. Sandy cried out helplessly as the same little blonde who had slapped her tits pounded them flat against Sandy's chest with her tiny, hard fists. A thin guy with big muscles sank his fist into her stomach, and Sandy would have crumpled over onto the floor if not for all the hands that were holding her up. Hands that had been stroking and pinching her long, lean legs started beating them instead, slapping and punching until Sandy pitched and surged from the pain pounding of fists and palms.

Even her pussy was getting slapped, as the twins took turns smacking their palms, then punching their fists, as hard as they could against the swollen pink cunt-lips. And someone was banging his knuckles into the crack of her ass, driving a painful wedge right into the tender bud of her asshole. Sandy cried out, but there were so many hands battering her about the head and face that barely a sound escaped her lips.

But she was still cumming. Her cunt spasmed. Clear, slick pussycream slithered down her tanned, shuddering thighs, splattering onto the floor with every impact of a fist or palm against her legs. Even when two big men started pounding their fists into her sides, making fireballs of pain explode through her head, Sandy still reached one climax after another. She gasped and panted her way through orgasms that never seemed to fade at all, just build and build and build even higher.

"String her up," a little man with a missing tooth said, grabbing a long, slender reed off the torture cart and swinging it through the air. "String her up so we can make her slutty ass squirm some more!"

"Chain the slut!" a buxom, middle-aged woman shouted, picking up a short club.

"It's time we beat some restraint into the trampy little nymph!" The twins grabbed Sandy's wrists and pulled them high above her head, and the men who had been beating her sides pulled her up to her feet with grips on her tits and arms. They had to hold her steady while a tall man stepped in to help chain her hands high above her head.

Sandy had been beaten almost unconscious, and as soon as the chains locked around her wrists and the men stepped back away from her, she slumped forward. Her chin rested on her chest and her feet dragged limply against the floor. A long, shining strand of spit dangled from her parted lips. When she looked up, all she saw were evil, lusting faces and implements of torture.

A whip switched through the air. Riding crops switched through the air. There were belts and paddles and switches and clothes hangers. There was even a baseball bat that people took turns with, slamming it up between her legs, clubbing her little bald pussy over and over while Sandy spread her legs wide to give them room to swing the bat hard into her pussy. But Sandy didn't cry until she saw the man with the fishing pole. When he whipped it toward her and the needle sharp hook sliced across the golden skin of her thigh Sandy knew she was in hell.

"Well, beat the slut," Bridget said, and Sandy looked up to see the sexy redhead sitting back with a drink in her hands, watching the whole spectacle with amusement, with Arnie, Rocky and Chuck sitting around her. "She hasn't had a real whipping yet. I want to see how she holds up." Sandy was a vision of sexy loveliness as she hung, vulnerable, from the chains that circled her wrists. Her golden hair tumbled about her shoulders, her beautiful face sparkled with sweat and tears.

The golden evening gown molded itself to her sexy body like a second skin, showing off every sensuous curve and flare. Sandy looked sexy and helpless. Every man and woman in the room wanted nothing more than to hurt her. "Oh please!" Sandy moaned pathetically as they advanced on her with their weapons. "Oh please!"

A woman reached her first, and she slapped the ping pong paddle she was holding right into the jutting cone of Sandy's right tit. The sound of the blow reverberated like a rifle shot.

Sandy squirmed in agony. Her tit felt smashed beyond repair. The woman slapped her left tit even harder, and Sandy's silky blonde hair curtained her face as she whipped her head from side to side.

The cat struck her ass and the bullwhip wrapped around her thighs at almost the same instant, and Sandy felt as though she was being skinned alive. The baseball bat came whistling up between her legs over and over, pounding such agony through Sandy's already demolished pussy that for an instant she passed out. She came around from the sudden, biting agony of a switch slashing into her face. As she blinked her eyes open, it hit her again and again. When she saw the cruel smile on the green-eyed, blonde teenager who was wielding it, Sandy begged for mercy. The sexy little blonde just hit her face harder. Belts were rising and falling on every side of the embattled beauty. They striped her slender arms and creamy sides and long, lean legs with lines of fire. Paddles shook her ass and thighs and tits. Whips kissed her jiggling asscheeks and bouncing tits with fine red lines of fire. The baseball bat kept slamming into her cunt and switches played fire over her hands and feet. Sandy was in a world of pain. She would never have believed it possible to feel so many different kinds of pain all at once.

In moments, her beautiful evening gown hung about her in shreds. The whips and belts tore it to ribbons, until it was no more than a colorful garnish on her lovely, nude body.

After the dress was torn apart, the crowd beat Sandy even harder. Now they could see the marks they were leaving on her twisting, tanned body, and the sight of the damage they were doing to her raised their lust to even higher levels. Sandy drifted through a world of pain. At times it almost seemed as if she watched the beating of her sexy body from someplace far away. Other times every blow seemed sure to be the one which would kill her. After a while she stopped writhing under the awful abuse. She hung, barely squirming, as they beat her. But she was cumming.

They were beating her so savagely that every bone in her body felt broken, every muscle torn, every organ damaged beyond repair. Drops of blood splattered the floor from where the whips had caught her too often and too harshly. She was barely conscious, barely sane, driven beyond endurance by this horrible finale to her week of torment. But her cunt was spasming and leaking fuck-juice which coated her welted thighs and dripped to the floor beneath her. "The dirty slut's cumming!" a man screamed, and then Sandy felt the worst pain yet as he drove the head of the golf club right up into her pussy. "The sexy whore's getting her rocks off!"

"Then it's time to quit," Bridget said with a wicked smile. "I think you're all excited enough now."

"Excited enough for what?" the switch-wielding blonde asked, breathing heavily. "To fuck Sandy-slave, of course," Bridget said with a catty little laugh. "To fuck her to death, if you can!"

Sandy whimpered and climaxed again. She was sure that they could.

Chapter EIGHT

Arnie pulled the chains loose, and Sandy tumbled helplessly to the ground. And the crowd closed on her. Hands twisted in her hair, pulling her head around and smashing her face into a fat, juicy cunt.

Her legs were jerked so far apart pain shot through them, and a thick cock fucked deep up her cunt. Her hands were lifted and fit around other cocks. A woman hooked her thigh around the back of Sandy's head and rubbed her swampy cunt over Sandy's silky hair.

Sandy felt as though she were being buried alive beneath a mountain of hot, lusting flesh. The cock that was spearing her cunt seemed to rip a deeper path inside her with each punishing thrust.

Sandy wrapped her long, slim legs around the fucking man's back, and he fucked her deeper yet.

Clear, slick fuck-lube dribbled all over Sandy's hands, running in streaky, sticky rivers down her slender wrists. She caught as much of it as she could in her palms and rubbed it back over the cocks she was being forced to masturbate. She wrung the pricks as though they were soaked sponges, jerking them so quickly that her small, delicate hands were a blur on the thick, stiff fuckpoles. Her head was completely surrounded by hot, dripping cunts. The women ground their tacky cunts all over Sandy's head while they played with each other's tits and delved their tongues deep inside each other's mouth. Sandy kept her mouth open and her tongue whipping, but the women didn't care what the sexy blonde slave did. They were getting off just rubbing their cunts all over her face and hair.

Sandy squealed in shock as the man fucking her cunt shot a thick load of jism up inside her.

She hadn't thought she had any strength left, but as the man's burning spunk filled her womb, Sandy whipped her ass off the floor to meet his fuck-thrusts. She jerked her hips from side to side and her cunt gripped his cock like a strong hand. An orgasm shook its way through her beautiful, brutalized body, an orgasm that left her hungering for more.

"Fuck me!" she cried through the pussy-cream facial the two women were giving her. "Fuck me, all of you! Fuck me to death!"

Suddenly a burning hot wetness filled her cunt, and Sandy screamed in shock and disgust.

The man was pissing up inside her cunt!

Sandy screamed and twisted as the man filled her pussy with piss. She came repeatedly while the man filled her with burning piss. Her lean, sultry body squirmed with her passion and shame.

"Toilet!" she gurgled, pulling wildly on the two cocks she was holding. "Toilet girl! Beat her, fuck her, shit on her! I'm nothing but a sewer-slut! Fuck me and piss on me, please!"

"All right, honey," one of the women rubbing her cunt all over Sandy's face said. "Have a little drink, whore!"

The women started pissing together, and the stinking yellow current of their piss tumbled down over Sandy's head and shoulders like a waterfall. Piss filled Sandy's ears and mouth, and burned her eyes until she had to blink them shut. Piss streamed into her nose and matted her shining blonde hair against her head.

Piss ran stinking yellow rivers down her wide shoulders and slender arms. Piss poured over her proud, pointy tits in sparkling waves. The two women never stopped rubbing their cunts over Sandy's face as they drenched her in their piss. They each came at least once more while they pissed on her, smearing her face with piss and pussy-cream. Sandy took it all like an obedient puppy while her own cunt spasmed with ecstasy. As the two women finally stepped away, the two cocks Sandy was masturbating spasmed in her hands. She felt them pulsing as jism shot up through the jerking cock-shafts. Then fat wads of cock-cream shot out to splatter against her pretty face and proud tits.

Sandy opened her mouth wide, hoping to catch some of the jism, but only one fat, long streamer slapped across her parted lips. The rest of the spunk striped her face and arms and tits.

As soon as they dribbled the last of their jism on Sandy's slender arms, the two men started pissing.

Sandy screamed with shame and delight when she felt the strong pulses of piss. She aimed both pricks down at her face, bathing her perfect features in stinking liquid waste.

"Look at the sleazy whore!" one of the men gasped. "You've never had a slave this fucking slutty, Arnie! Shit, Bridget, how'd you luck into a tramp this gorgeous and this fucking nasty?"

"A real gutter-slut has to be made," Bridget said. "Me and Arnie just know the tricks."

Sandy heard the horrid things they were saying about her. It made her hotter to know that she was the sleaziest, sluttiest cunt they had ever fucked over. She aimed both piss-spewing cocks at her open mouth and guzzled piss as fast as she could. There was no way she could keep up with the twin rush, and soon piss was bubbling up over her face like a fountain. Piss washed down over the front of her body in a fast-moving wave.

As soon as the two men finished pissing, others moved in to take their turns on Sandy's sexy, helpless body. A man pulled her up onto her hands and knees, and before Sandy could settle herself, he had driven his long, fat cock straight up the clasping tunnel of her asshole. Sandy screamed with pain and lust as the huge cock tore her tiny shitter wide open.

Before her scream fell to silence, three men dropped to their knees in front of her.

Three long, dripping cocks poked their way over her beautiful face. One of them fucked between her parted lips, shoving her scream back down her throat. Sandy sucked the man's cock like a pacifier, her long, lithe body on fire with the pain of the ass-fucking the man behind was giving her. A huge woman sat down on Sandy's back and started rubbing her huge, gross cunt all over Sandy's welted skin. Sandy wobbled from side to side with the huge weight of the fat woman, and the burning of the woman's foul pussy-slime into the wounds on her back almost drove the blonde slave mad. But trapped between four men with four hard cocks there was no escape for her. "Ride me, horse!" the fat woman cried, dragging her rancid cunt all over Sandy's silky skin. She raised herself up and plopped herself down on the bowed beauty, knowing how much the impacts hurt the helpless slave. "Ride me! Ride me!" Sandy gasped with anguish as the fat woman pounded down on top of her. Her face was being covered in slimy pre-cum as all three of the men before her dragged their dripping cocks over her lips and cheeks and forehead. One after another the men took turns sliding their cocks into her mouth and down her throat. Sandy gagged and choked with every tip to root plunge of cock they fed her, but the men only laughed and tried to choke her even more. Sandy's ass was an easy, trapped target for the man fucking her, and he drilled his cock up her shitter so savagely that Sandy's slender body shook with every fuck-thrust. He slapped her tanned asscheeks as he fucked her, making her lush, tanned flesh jiggle and redden.

The man fucking her ass was the first to cum, and Sandy screamed around a mouthful of dripping cock as he filled her injured shit-chute with cock-slime. His jism seemed to shoot to the very center of her stomach. She felt it pooling inside her, burning her up, and she jerked her ass wildly from side to side, hunching and bucking like a wild horse.

"That's it, horse!" the fat woman cried gleefully, rubbing herself to another climax between Sandy's silky shoulder blades. "Try to buck me off, horse! I'll break you yet, you slutty little filly!"

Two of the men pushed their cocks into Sandy's mouth at the same time, and she screamed out in anguish as they wedged her jaws farther apart than they were ever meant to go.

Her mouth bulged around the double load of cock, and when they tried to surge down her throat at the same time, Sandy's throat muscles began to tear. The third man was poking his dripping cock all over Sandy's pretty face, shoving the head of his cock into her nostrils, down into her ears, even poking it into her eyes. He did every perverse thing that came to his mind, and while he was slapping the beautiful blonde slave in the face with his fat prick, the excitement became too much for him.

Sandy winced when the first blob of jism erupted against her right eye. The second glob of cock-slime splattered over the bridge of her nose and poured down over her upper lip. Then the man was driving his spurting prick into her cheeks, fucking her beautiful face as though it were a cunt. He splashed jism all over her and smeared it into her skin with the same motion. The smell and feel of jism made Sandy's mouth fill with spit, and with two huge cocks spreading her lips and jaws wide, the saliva coursed down wetly over her chin.

Everyone in the room laughed and made fun of how the blonde slut-slave's mouth was watering for cum.

The man behind her was through cumming, and with his cock still buried deep inside her ass, he loosed a strong stream of hot piss. Sandy squealed and trembled. The piss filled her like an enema.

Tears ran down her face from the overwhelming pain. "Hold it, slave-slut!" Arnie shouted. "Hold it up inside you until I say you can fucking spill it!"

"You heard him!" The fat woman laughed, slapping Sandy's perfectly rounded ass again and again in an effort to make her spill the piss. "Hold it way up inside you!"

The man fucking her ass pulled out and another dropped behind her to take his place. Sandy gasped with unbelievable agony as the second man torture-fucked her piss-filled shitter, fucking her so savagely and erratically that she knew he was trying to fuck the piss back out of her. He came quickly, and after he filled her with his steaming cock-filth, the real torture began. The man started pissing, and the second load of piss filled Sandy's asshole so completely that she felt as though she was going to explode. And all the time the fat woman on top of her slapped her ass and rode her back in an evil, determined effort to make her spill the piss.

Sandy's back was coated with sticky, milky pussy-slime. The fat woman had leaked quarts of the noxious stuff, so much that it dripped down Sandy's golden flanks and dripped to the floor. The fat woman had cum at least a dozen times from the excitement of riding and torturing the willowy blonde beauty. Now she loosed her own torrent of piss all over the tormented girl's perfectly shaped, perfectly tanned asscheeks.

Sandy screamed as the fat woman bathed her in piss, but only a tiny, strangled sound escaped her cock-stretched lips. The two men were fucking their big pricks deeper and deeper into her mouth. The swan-like curve of Sandy's throat was bulging with the doubled intrusion of the two fat cocks. With a groan, one of the men started cumming, and Sandy choked as he filled her throat with stringy, sticky fuck-juice.

"Oh shit!"

The other man started cumming a moment later, and Sandy writhed and twisted desperately as the two men drowned her in a torrent of jism. She coughed so violently that cum dribbled from her nose. A wave of cum washed out over her lips, coating her chin and throat with dirty, clotted silver. Sandy almost collapsed with relief when the two men pulled their cocks back into the wet, warm pocket of her mouth, and shot the rest of their jism onto her waiting tongue.

Another man slid into place behind her, and every fuck-thrust of his cock up her ass made the piss inside her splash and swirl. Cramps tore through Sandy's asshole as she strived desperately to keep from spilling the piss enema the men had shot up inside her. The fat woman's piss, which was still pouring down over her ass and hips, made the task even harder.

All three of the men in front of her pissed in her face at the same time. Sandy screamed, but her scream was a short, choppy one, cut off when the trio of men aimed their streams right for the inviting, open cavern of her mouth. Sandy clamped her lips tightly shut then, knowing she would be drowned if she let all three men fill her up with piss at such close range. Their piss smashed into her face like fists that just wouldn't stop hitting. They waved the heavy streams back and forth, striking her cheeks and nose and lips and eyes. All that Sandy could smell or taste or feel was piss. And then she felt and smelled something else, and even knowing how overpowering the three streams of piss would be, she had to open her mouth to scream. The fat woman was shitting on her back!

The man fucking her ass groaned and came as the first thick, curling turd slapped down between Sandy's perfect shoulders. He was pissing up her ass, adding his piss load to those of the last two men.

Sandy shivered and screamed around a triple mouthful of piss, unable to stand the reality of being shit on in front of such a crowd of people. Someone grabbed her and flipped her over on her back, and the shit flew off her before she hit the ground. For an instant, Sandy breathed a sigh of relief, but then hands were bending her over, rolling her into a ball until her shoulders and head were crushed to the floor and her knees touched down beside her ears. And then another cock fucked inside the well reamed, piss-filled channel of her asshole. Sandy didn't scream until the second cock began to force its way in beside it.

The little blonde who had beaten Sandy with the switch dropped her furry cunt right down over Sandy's mouth, smothering her screams under a swollen, dripping pussy.

A moment later Sandy's hands were pulled and her fingers were pushed between furry cunt-lips and into marshy, burning pussies. Cocks slid through the soft cavities behind her knees and under her arms.

Sandy felt overwhelmed with prick and pussy. But the thing that was driving her mad, the thing that was beyond belief, was that two men were sticking their cocks up her tiny asshole at the same time.

Slowly, grudgingly, Sandy's asshole spread out around the two fat cocks that were fucking down inside it. Sandy trembled, shaking uncontrollably as she tried to hold back the quarts of piss the last three men had pissed inside her. She broke into a clammy sweat.

One of the men fucking her behind the knee came, but Sandy barely noticed. His jism slopped into the soft, sensitive cavity, then dribbled over her cheek and down her leg. The two women were climaxing again and again on her pistoning fingers, but Sandy was barely even conscious of the fact that she was fucking them. When first one and then the other of the women let loose floods of piss all over her hands, Sandy moaned in shame, but she didn't try to draw her arms back away from them.

Soon all of her tormentors were cumming. Jism erupted through her armpits, staining her tits and collarbone and throat. The men fucked their cocks through her armpits until the jism they had shot bubbled through the tiny cavities. They rubbed their cock-slime into a shining sheen on her golden skin. The man fucking her other knee came, making sure every drop of his filthy jism landed somewhere on Sandy's face.

Her face was already lathered with the little blonde's pussy-cream. The blonde giggled as she toyed with the rings that pierced Sandy's nipples, and Sandy squirmed in pain as the girl jerked her tits up and to the sides with vicious, tearing yanks.

Most of her thoughts were on the two men who were fucking her asshole. They sawed in and out together, fucking her as if they possessed a single, gargantuan cock. They stretched Sandy's tiny shitter until it tore, until it was big enough for a man to stick his head inside it.

Sandy had never felt so completely violated.

The blonde woman raised herself up, crouching over Sandy's face so that the others would have a clear shot of Sandy's face.

And while the four men pelted the sultry blonde slave's face with lines of burning piss, the sexy little blonde hosed her own steaming stream right into Sandy's open mouth.

Sandy came while she was getting the five-way piss-bath, came through the stench of a river of piss and the agony of the double ass-fuck. And when the two men fucking her ass began to shoot her shitter full of their cum, she climaxed again, tears running from her eyes, only to be washed away by all the piss that was pelting her.

The two men started pissing up her ass, and Sandy's face turned white as her shitter was filled with far more than it was ever meant to hold. By the time the men pulled their big cocks from Sandy's ravaged asshole, her flat tummy bulged with the heavy load of piss she was carrying inside her. She cried openly as more men advanced on her, knowing that she could never withstand another ass-fuck with so much piss inside her.

The little blonde woman grunted and Sandy looked up just in time to see a fat brown turd fall from the girl's tiny pink asshole. The turd slapped down heavily across Sandy's nose and lips, and the beautiful blonde slave almost threw up. The little blonde dropped three more turds on her face. By the time she was finished, Sandy was wearing a veil of shit. Only her big brown, vacant eyes were visible through the packed brown waste.

She was filled with the stinking piss of half a dozen men. She had been pissed on by at least another dozen more. Her face was buried under a blanket of shit. Sandy began to laugh hysterically, laugh insanely. She started pissing too, and with her hips bent over her head, she pissed right in her own face. The piss splattered against the shit the little blonde had dropped all over her. Arnie, Bridget, Rocky, and Chuck gathered around her. Sandy hoped they were proud of her. She wanted them to hurt her and to fuck her. Having others torture her was all right, but it wasn't the same as when one of her masters hurt her or fucked her. She held the huge weight of piss tightly inside her and smiled vacantly up through her shit facial, waiting for them to tell her what to do. "Let the piss go now," Arnie said with a smirk. "Let it go all over your shitty, slutty face!"

Sandy Bergen relaxed her asshole and let the pooled piss of a half dozen men gush into her shit-caked face. As the filthy piss washed away the clotted shit, the gorgeous, slender blonde realized she'd be a slut-slave forever. She climaxed five times as the piss exploded out of her asshole and into her waiting face and open mouth.

And when Arnie looped chains through her nipple rings and began to haul her upward, until she had to stand on tiptoe, she came again, and pussy-cream poured down her trembling inner thighs.

And when the crowd closed in again, with whips and dildos and hard cocks and dripping cunts, Sandy welcomed them all.


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