Massage parlor wife

Terry Morgan was a timid housewife who didn't care to allow her husband to experiment with her body sexually. Terry's background had been that of an overly-strict family where her mother was determined she would maintain a high moral-code.

Her mother who ran an apartment house, had learned from first-hand experience how perverse people could become sexually. And when her young daughter was growing up over and over, she'd tell her what not to do.

These critical comments made such a startling impact upon her that when her husband wanted a little variety introduced into their bedroom activity, Terry objected.

However, when Brad finally did manage to convince her to experiment, she became so excited about the things she'd been missing, and had always secretly wanted to do that she became far more sexually wild than her husband ever counted on.

To her surprise, there were opportunities for sex of all kinds on all sides, once her inhibitions were thrown aside. But, this didn't please her husband.

Finally, he decided he would trap her in her activity, and that was the beginning of the end of their relationship. Not only did she pick up with men, but she picked up with women. Her girlfriend worked at a massage parlor, and suggested she work there too. Soon she was making a lot of money on the side by giving men sex, along with their massage.

When her husband caught her in his own bedroom having a wild orgy, he cut out, ending their marriage and telling her in no uncertain terms what he thought of her.

But what she didn't know was this: the ground-work for her failure in marriage had been laid in her youth when her mother relentlessly drilled into her 'sex is dirty' thinking because of her own hang-ups, and the tenant's lives brought these to the surface.

Chapter ONE

Terry Morgan fastened her seatbelt and observed the no-smoking sign as the plane prepared to land at O'Hare Field in Chicago. She couldn't wait to get back home and be with her husband Brad. Even though she liked to visit her parents, she always missed her husband, and coming back to him was an event. After three years of marriage she thought she shouldn't care this much, but she did.

The plane swooped through cloudbanks, rushing over choppy Lake Michigan, and moments later landed at O'Hare. She felt relieved as she felt the thump that told her she had indeed touched ground again.

Unfastening her seat belt, she reached under the seat to pick up her small flight bag she carried with her. Then, when the pilot gave permission, she got up and headed down the crowded aisle, eager to see Brad.

Meantime, Brad was waiting anxiously. The plane was over an hour later due to headwinds, forcing a route change, and he felt nervous until he saw her walking toward him. Terry's soft brown eyes, with their radiant glow, and her beautiful body always turned him on. The trim legs, slim waist, and vibrant movements were capable of giving him an instant hard-on when he hadn't seen her for a few days, or hadn't gotten his rocks off on a regular basis. And when this was happening, Terry could tell by the wicked look in his eyes, and she'd reprimand him, telling him not to look at her like that. But, she really liked it, and wouldn't have him look at her any other way.

But Terry knew how to use the appeal she held for her husband to her advantage. He'd bought a condominium on Lakeshore Drive because she wanted one so badly. He let her spend much too much on clothes, and a small sports car. But, Terry knew what he expected in bed and accommodated him.

"Hi, honey," Brad smiled enthusiastically as he saw his shapely wife walk toward him, arms outstretched. They embraced, kissing intimately, oblivious to bystanders.

"Oh, I'm glad you're back," he sighed, "I worried about you... when they said the plane was delayed because of bad weather -- I didn't know if..."

"I'm happy we're together, honey -- let's go somewhere tonight."

"I know a nice little place," he smiled, and together they walked out of the air terminal heading for the restaurant. Brad made it a point to order the best steak in the house, and they laughed, and joked.

"Let's stop in a bar for a nightcap," her husband smiled. She agreed, but reluctantly for it was a topless, bottomless place.

As they sat down, Terry quickly observed only one other woman was in the place.

"Isn't this some dame they've got up there, wiggling her butt, wild?" he laughed, eyeing her body closely.

"I guess so but she doesn't do anything for me," Terry told him flatly.

"That's good," he chuckled, "I'd have to worry if she did turn you on."

A scantily clad waitress came over, and took their order. Moments later the drinks were served, and then the nude dancer came over and flung her breasts in Brad's face.

Terry was so irate she couldn't speak her disgust. But Brad was turned on. So much so, he said loud enough for the young nude dancer to hear, "Hasn't she got a nice set of knockers?"

"IF you say so," Terry said tightly.

The girl was enjoying displaying herself before Brad, who watched her every move with such rapt attention. Quickly, turning around she wiggled her bare behind before him.

"Looks good enough to eat," Brad smiled at Terry, who glared at him, "I'm getting out of here. If you want to stay here, it's alright with me."

"Oh, Terry," he chided her, as he followed her through the smoky, noisy bar with its perpetually flashing red and purple lights. "Come back here -- I was just having fun."

But Terry wouldn't listen. She stalked over to the car and waited until he paid the bill and joined her.

Then, as they were driving home he reached over and stroked his wife's leg, "Honey, you're twice as beautiful as that nude dame is -- I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's alright," Terry told him, "but I don't see how men turn-on looking at those sluts shaking their butts over their beer. It isn't sanitary!"

"Was that what worried you went I watched her?" Brad gently teased.

"No," she admitted, "That isn't what worried me at all!"

"Reach over here, honey. I got something nice for you to feel."

"Forget it," she snapped, still not willing to erase completely some if the resentment she felt over the bar incident. But passion prompted him to reach over and take her hand and place it over his hard penis. She didn't object, but she wanted him to make the move.

"See what I mean, honey?"

"Yes," she smiled.

Moments later they were in their bedroom undressing, and as Brad slid his aborts down his huge, pulsating penis popped into view.

Grasping it in his hand, he joked with Terry... "Miss me?"

"I always miss you," she grinned, letting her bra fall to the floor as her naked breasts appeared before him. Brad came toward her, enjoying the sight of her luscious, red-nippled breasts. And as she lowered her panties slowly, he got turned-on. The moist, brown, curly pubic hair of her vagina was always a source of fascination.

"Honey, let's try some different things tonight," he suggested.

"I guess watching that naked dame flip her tits around really got your motor going," she said, going over to the bed.

"I felt like running my rod between her knockers," he smiled, as he straddled her, lowering himself so that his penis slipped between her breasts.

His hands went on her breasts, and he pressed them against his rock-hard cock, letting his scrotum get excited as he slowly slid the head of it up to her mouth.

"You're dripping," she teased, as she spotted a crystal drop of cum on the head of his penis.

"Baby," he begged, "Let's get going -- I can't wait to fuck you."

"Go ahead..."

"I want it from behind," he smiled, like a bad little boy who knows he's asking for something naughty.

"What if I don't want to let you?"

"You want to make me happy, don't you?"

"Will it really make you that happy to slide that banana up my asshole?"

"Yes," he insisted.

"Alright, but don't kill me. You've got a big prick, and I've got a small, tight asshole."

"That's why I want to fuck it," he grinned, as his beautiful, dark-skinned wife rolled over, revealing her smooth, well shaped buttocks to his hot eyes.

"Baby," he begged like a little boy, "Arch your ass up a little -- okay?"

"Okay," she said, raising up so that her elbows dug into the bed, and her buttocks, arched as they were, became easily available to his huge penis.

His hands gripped her buttocks, parting the cheeks, as he slowly started sliding his tool into her. All went well until he came to the tight anal ring.

"I can't get it up there," he complained.

"I told you I've got a tight asshole," she said emphatically. And then, he thought of something.

"If I had something to slide it up there..."

"Use some baby oil I've got in there," she said pointing to the bathroom. Brad pulled out, and went to the bathroom to find the oil. Locating it, he came back, pouring some in his hands and then all around the head of his male member. Getting back on the bed, he used an oiled finger to slip inside her tight anus, to prepare her for his penis invasion of her fresh, young behind.

Now, when he began slipping it between the cheeks, he found it slid smoothly. Grasping her cheeks, he finally stabbed with one good hard thrust.

"Oh, God, you're killing me," she cried in pain. But, her cry didn't deter Brad. If anything, it increased his delight.

"Oh, baby, have you got a tight asshole," he panted, as he pushed it into her. "This feels fantastic! Fuck it, baby. Fuck it!"

Terry was now discovering there was some pleasure in anal intercourse for herself, and the gradual pleasure built until she thoroughly enjoyed his ramming, driving penis thrusting up her hot behind.

"Ahhh -- ohhhh, yes -- yes," she panted, "Sock it to me! Fuck my ass! I love it!"

The timid housewife turned-on, and her husband was blowing his mind as he realized he'd not only succeeded in invading her beautiful behind, but taught her to enjoy it as well.

"Give it to me," she begged him, and with this kind of encouragement, he rammed it to her with new-found force.

"Ahhhhh -- ohhhhh -- yes, yes, baby -- fuck me!" Bending over her sweating body, he begged, "Twist your tail for your Daddy, honey -- yes -- like that! Harder, honey, harder!"

Terry kept her behind gyrating as he thrust his meat into her with sharp impact.

"Ahhhh -- ohhhhh, it's beautiful," she moaned, twisting her behind, this way, that way, as his slippery mainstem almost slid out of her.

"Don't get that excited, baby," he warned her, "I'll slide out -- and we don't want that to happen!"

"Alright," she panted, as she felt his hands reaching for her breasts squeezing them, she felt added pleasure when he groped down to her vagina. His fingers slipped inside her slit, and he began manipulating her clitoris.

"Ohhhh -- beautiful," she told him, "That feels fantastic! I like the double action. Yes, yes, fuck me!"

Now, her husband was turned-on, and he continued ramming his rod into her.

"Oh, baby, this is what I call fucking," he panted excitedly, as he rode her asshole.

"Churn your ass around, baby," he begged. Instantly, Terry let her behind revolve around his thrusting penis. The pleasure it produced was so intense Brad felt he might get his rod off any second, so he insisted. "Honey, slow down!"

Terry toned her tempo down, determined to help him extract the utmost pleasure from the act.

"That's it -- nice and easy," he panted, pleased that he could keep from going off a little longer. "Slow and easy, baby, your butt's on fire, and I'm going to explode any minute."

By deliberately sliding it in slowly to the hilt, and pulling it out, he managed to maintain his high pitch of pleasure from thrusting his penis up her behind.

"Ohhhh, ahhhh -- yes -- yess!" he finally gasped, as he couldn't hold it back any longer. "Now, fuck it, baby!" he begged her, "Harder! Yes! Ohhhh, I'm coming! I'm coming!" The hot sperm splashed inside her anus, and she ground her hips around vigorously.

"Like that, lover," he panted, delighted to see how instinctively Terry could entertain him. "Ohhh, baby, you're beautiful! Beautiful!"

When she'd drained him, he slowly eased himself out, and as Terry felt him pulling his penis out of her, she wished they could always be connected.

As Brad flopped over, he was so completely contented he went to sleep, which didn't please Terry at all. All night long she slept fitfully, waking early in the morning, and reaching over she stroked his male member.

Groggily, he looked at her.

"You want some more action?" he smiled, as he felt her creating a big erection.

"Yes, luv," she nodded, "I'm so hot -- I've got to be..."

"Go ahead -- say it -- 'fucked' -- isn't that what you want me to do?"

Terry nodded.

"There's nothing wrong or dirty about the word honey, don't be afraid to ask me to ball you when you want it, because. I aim to please!" Saying this, he gripped his huge penis, and pointed it at her.

"I want you to lick it a minute till you get me rip-roaring to screw. Then, I'll really give you what you want -- nine inches of action, baby..."

But now Brad was getting out of the bed, and going to the bathroom to urinate.

"Hurry up," Terry insisted.

"It isn't easy to take a leak when you've got a hard-on, honey -- hold your snatch, I'll be right with you."

Finally, he did manage to urinate and then he returned to have sex with his wife. She was spread out invitingly, her legs offering him an eager invitation.

"You're really a turn-on," Brad smiled, "I'm glad you aren't as shy as you were when we first got married."

"You've given me a very good sex education," she smiled. But Brad wasn't going to let her be the aggressor when he proceeded to have morning sex with her.

He pointed his penis at her mouth, and for a moment, Terry hesitated.

"What's wrong, honey?"

"I don't know," she said, "I guess it's hard to do it in the daylight -- I'm used to sucking on it in the dark."

"Baby, it won't bite you -- go ahead -- open," he insisted, "my peter tastes good, sweetheart!"

Immediately, his hands went out, and as she felt his fingers stroking through her hair, she felt under his domination, and loving his male aggressiveness, submitted. Easing himself into her slowly, she licked upon just the end of it.

"Ohh, that feels good," Brad smiled, glancing in the mirror to watch his hard penis slide in, slide out, as his balls jiggled at her chin.

"That's enough," he finally told her, "Any more of that and I'll shoot my wad..."

Just then the phone rang interrupting their scintillating sex act. Pulling out of her mouth, he said, "Damnit -- I don't want to answer that, but it might be the boss."

Going over to the phone, he answered it.

"Yes -- yes -- I've got it in my den -- in the desk -- could I call you back?"

"Yes, I'll get it -- hang on -- I'll pick it up in the office." Brad didn't say a word, but Terry knew it was his boss, and it apparently was important.

As she looked at the place where his body had been a moment before, she felt suddenly terrifyingly alone. She couldn't wait for him to return.

Finally, he did, and she looked at his penis dangling between his legs.

"Come over here, baby," she smiled, and Brad went over to her, straddling her eagerly. Lowering, he aimed his behind at her face, and ordered, "Lick it..."

His penetrating eyes riveted on his timid wife, that he'd taught to turn-on. She had rebelled against giving him blow-jobs until he'd illustrated just how much fun she could have on the sucking end of the action. Now, she liked it. The first time he'd suggested backdoor sex, she howled. Now, she was agreeable. So, he finally decided that all that it required to get her to experiment a little was coaching.

But to Terry, the idea of using her tongue on her husband's behind was something that never entered her mind. Looking up at her husband's buttocks, she shook her head. Instead of angering Brad, it only increased his delight at coaxing her to do it for hint.

"Go ahead, honey," he insisted, "Lick it!"

As his anus came closer, Terry knew she had no way out but to do as he told her. She let her tongue swipe up, and suddenly she was indeed licking her husband's anus, in spite of her dire dislike for it.

But the excitement that surfaced in her husband was a reward for she'd never seen Brad so excited about anything they'd done sexually. He was actually shaking so much it was with some difficulty she managed to keep her tongue in his anus.

"I like it -- I like it," her husband cried out passionately, giving her instructions. "Keep your tongue stiff when you're doing my asshole," he guided her.

Immediately, Terry stiffened her tongue and jabbed it up her husband's hot, twisting asshole, stiffening as she did so. He began wiggling all over the place. Her hands gripped his firm, round behind, as she discovered a new pleasure in his fascinating asshole. Her licking, jabbing, thrusting tongue tantalized, and excited Brad so much he thought he'd flip out.

"Ohh, honey, that's fabulous," he squealed, as she not only gripped his buttocks, but began massaging him there.

"Let me screw you now," he begged his wife who'd turned-on with her tongue.

She released her hand grip, slipped her tongue out, as her husband quickly got in place atop her, letting his knees dig into the bed, as he guided his penis into her slot.

"Fuck!" he grunted, as his hard rod thrust inside her, driving in forceful, hard thrusts.

"That's it, baby -- give!" She gave alright, her pelvis rising to meet his cock-thrusts.

"Grab it, baby," he smiled at her, as her cunt muscles clamped on his sliding tool. "Ohhh, ahhh -- now, you're grooving! Fuck me!"

"I want it baby, all nine inches of it! Sock it to me!" She gripped his tool tightly in her vagina, alternately releasing, then grabbing with her muscles. Vigorously massaging his sliding male member, as she clawed at his back had him steaming.

"Fuck it! Now! Again!"

Terry flipped her pelvis upward to meet his spearing, forward thrust. The rock-hard cock exploded, and she came a second later. "Right on target," Terry panted, as she looked up at her satisfied husband, who was still thrusting.

"You're a good screw, Terry," he told her.

"Is that all?"

"Isn't that enough?" he chuckled. "A lot of women aren't!!"

"How did you find that out? Trying a lot of them?" she demanded, as he slid out of her, the sticky cum dropping on her body.

"That's not a fair question," he brushed it off, and got up, and went into the bathroom. When he returned, he tossed a wash cloth to Terry, who wiped the cum off her stomach and vagina.

"Thanks, honey -- but I'm going into the bathroom now," she giggled as she left to douche.

"I'll only be a minute," she told him, closing the door.

"Take your time -- keep it clean," he laughed. When Terry finally came out, he looked at her. "Gee, I hate to have to leave you, baby," he told her, "but the boss wants me to hop a plane and meet, him in Denver tonight. Trouble at one of the new restaurants in our chain."

"I'm so sick of trouble," Terry shrieked. "Ever since you went to work for that company -- they've used you as the number one trouble-shooter -- and where does that leave me?"

"Alone, dammit," Brad said. "Come here, baby -- let Brad kiss the hurt away."

She went over to the bed, and Brad kissed her breasts. He always liked to suck on them, letting his mouth slip over each breast, creating a suction-cup effect, then let his tongue flick across the erect nipple. This tongue and mouth treatment always pleased Terry, but she didn't want to have more sex, and yet she knew if he continued that would be what would happen.

"Honey, stop sucking my titties," she complained.

"Why? Don't you think I'm doing a good job?"

"That's just it, baby," she smiled. "You're doing too good a job!"

She pushed him away, but he persisted.

"I'm an artist with my tongue," he chuckled. "I can do all kinds of things with it!"

"You've never licked my asshole," she reminded him playfully.

"That's because you ye never asked me," he said softly.

"Alright, I'm asking you now."

"Wrap your legs around my head, honey, and I'll suck your sweet ass out if you want me to."

It didn't take Terry long, to throw her legs out around Brad's head, and his arms reached around to part her trim butt, as his tongue jabbed out, licking along her anus. As it swept around her anus, Terry was treated, to some idea of what it was like. And she liked it.

"Suck my ass," he commanded her. "Suck it suck my ass out -- go ahead -- suck!"

It didn't take long for his tongue to stiffen and slide up her tight anus. And her body quivered, just as his had as she felt the sliding tongue.

His tongue drove steadily, as Terry felt the passion surge in her loins.

"Ahhh-ohhhh, baby, that's wild," she enthused, "come en, eat my pussy -- eat it -- eat me!"

This was the enthusiasm that Brad wanted to see her display. He continued eating her ass out until she was frantic for him to lick her vagina.

"Honey, I'm dripping," she urged him, and then Brad let his hot tongue lash out. "Suck it," she begged, as she watched his pink tongue lick, lash, and jab at her vagina. Then, Brad let his tongue stab her there, and he flicked it back and forth across the clitoris trying to give her a fast tongue-job, as he had so many things to do to get ready to go to Denver.

"Eat it -- eat my cunt," she cried in her sexual ecstasy. "Ohhh, honey -- eat my pussy!"

If there was one thing Brad had always prided himself on, it was his ability to eat pussy. He had always considered sex a celebration, and the tongue-vaginal connection, the most beautiful between any man and woman. That women had appreciated his dedication to their orgasmic ecstasy was evident from the way they always started climbing the walls, when he tongue-lashed them there.

"Do it -- do it," she urged. "Ohhhhh -- ahhhhh, yes -- yes, baby, lick my cunt -- clean it with your tongue, honey -- lap my juices -- lap them up, baby."

He didn't have long to wait to take her advice, for Terry suddenly gushed, thrusting her pelvis up to meet his tongue. His tongue swooped down, joyously licking her juices as he engaged in his oral celebration of her most intimate portion of her body.

Finally, when he was finished he pulled away from her, licking his lips appreciatively.

And then, she patted his head gently, running her fingers through his hair.

"I'm going to miss you," she smiled.

Glancing down at her vagina, he grinned. "And don't think I'm not going to miss you!"

Chapter TWO

Terry helped her husband pack. She hated to see him go, but when she started to complain about it, he said, "You just got back from a trip yourself -- so you shouldn't complain about my little trip."

"That was different," she insisted, "I only went to see my mother and you didn't want to go along."

"Honey, traveling to trouble-points is my business -- and I've done very well at it -- so you'll just have to get used to it."

"I think I've done pretty well," Terry said, "I never cheat on you -- and I'll bet that's more than you can say for yourself."

"I can say I never cheat," Brad smiled.

"And that's all you can do -- say it, cause you could never prove it."

"You sound like you don't trust me..." he complained.

"Should I trust you?" she asked jokingly.

Her playboy husband admitted bluntly, "No -- never trust a traveling husband!"

They went to an early dinner and then Terry saw him on board his flight. As he kissed her goodbye at the runway, he whispered, "I love you, baby -- you know it too!"

"I love you," she assured him, and then she was gone. She always hated to see the plane's take off. She much preferred the pleasant memory of her husband kissing her, saying something nice in her ear, and then not watching him fly.

When she got back to her Lakeshore Drive apartment, it was late and in the fall the sun went down early, and now as she looked out over the lake it was almost black as the moon hid under clouds that portended rain.

She took her clothes off, and slipped into some comfortable pajamas, and sat down to watch her TV. She hadn't been seated fifteen minutes before she heard a knock on the door. Answering it, she saw her neighbor Laura. Laura was standing all alone in her blue robe, and she had a worried look on her face.

"Come in," she nodded to her. "What's up?"

"I've just got this awful creepy feeling," she said, "I don't know why, but I get it sometimes when it gets so dark on the lake, and I look out there and everything is black."

"Sit down," Terry motioned. "I was just watching TV."

"I hope I'm not bothering you," Laura said nervously, as she felt her arm.

"No," Terry smiled. "As a matter of fact I appreciate the company. My husband is gone so much of the time I get lonely."

"Is Brad gone now?"

"Yes, he's off to Denver. Right now, I imagine he's about thirty thousand feet in the air, no doubt looking over the plane to see if some sharp looking chick is headed for Denver -- alone!"

"I know what you mean," Laura smiled. "When I divorced Teddy it was because he could never play in his own playpen."

"Sometimes I feel like divorcing Brad," Terry admitted. "I'm sure he cheats on me."

"They all do," Laura laughed. "I only wish somebody had wised me up -- I could be living on easy street now if I hadn't divorced my meal-ticket."

"What do you do?"

"I mean what do you do for a living now?"

"I'm a masseuse," she smiled, "and I keep busy I have to if I'm going to pay the rent to live in these Lakeshore Towers."

"I envy you," Terry smiled. "You probably have a lot more fun than I do. I just stay at home when my husband is gone, and he's gone a lot, damnit."

"You think a lot of Brad, don't you?" Laura asked cagily turning to look into Laura's blue eyes, Terry told her, "I think the world of him, Laura. When I have him in my arms -- that's all I want -- that's all I need!"

"Oh, that's beautiful," Laura said sadly. "I used to feel that way too."

"But when he's gone, my heaven turns to hell because I get so damned lonely."

"Well, I know what you should do," Laura said quickly. "You should get something to do that occupies your time, and maybe gives you some extra money. That always comes in handy."

"What can I do?"

"You could become a masseuse -- like me," Laura said seriously. "The pay is good -- and it really isn't hard work."

"But you have to have some kind or degree or something, don't you?"

"No-no, silly," Laura laughed. "Just good hands and an earnest desire to help the people who come to you -- Frances will teach you all you need to know."

"Frances Iden -- she's the gal who owns the place where I work. Today, one of the girls phoned in she was quitting, and lucky for you, she's looking for a replacement. Would you be interested?"

"Would I ever?" Terry smiled, thinking of what the relief from boredom could do for her life.

"What would you do with the extra money? Travel? Get some new clothes? Or maybe some new furniture?" Then, as Laura looked around the room, she had to admit, "You really don't need a thing. Everything looks so new, and expensive."

"Brad is awfully good to me," Terry smiled.

"He really is!"

"I can see that," she nodded, glancing around the room once more appreciatively, "but there's nothing nicer than having your own money to do your thing with!"

"I couldn't agree with you more," Terry assured her.

"Tell you what -- tomorrow I'll take you down to meet Frances Iden, my boss -- if you want me to, that is."

"Oh, I'd love it," Terry assured her, "I can't thank you enough. I need a little diversion from the boredom when he's gone. Sure, he's good company, and a marvelous lover when he's here, but that only makes it worse when he's gone."

"I understand," Laura smiled, and then as she glanced out the picture window, she observed, "Oh -- look, the clouds have vanished, and the moon is shining on the lake -- that's better."

"It does make everything look better when tire moon comes out, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does," Laura smiled, as she got up and walked to the door. "Sorry I disturbed your TV watching -- but I did feel alone and miserable this black night."

"I'm so glad you came in, honey -- and I appreciate your wanting to take me over to see what's her name..."

"Frances Iden, the woman who operates the Roman Massage Parlor. I'll take you to see her tomorrow if you want me to."

"Oh, thanks, I'd love that," Terry told her, as they both said goodnight. The very next day Laura came over in the morning to tell her she was going to be leaving the place at one in the afternoon, and if she really was serious to be ready.

"Of course I'm serious," Terry assured her, and then she went about her household chores with some enthusiasm for she had something to look forward to.

When two o'clock rolled around both Terry and Laura were talking to Frances Iden about work.

"Massage isn't all a bed of roses," Frances warned her, "Sure, the pay is good, but it takes work to rub up and down the spine. The spine is the switchboard of the body, you know."

"Yes," Terry nodded, and then Laura smiled. "I'll teach her a few things about it if you want me to -- we live in the same apartment house."

"That would be just fine," Frances smiled, "because I'm so busy I don't know when I'd ever get time to teach you. Now, when could you begin work?"

"Anytime," Terry said, "I'm free a lot because my husband travels."

"Ridiculous," Frances smirked.

"What's ridiculous?"

Frances Iden shrugged, "Ridiculous to leave a girl like you all alone. Too many men who have an eye for a beautiful girl."

"I think too much of Brad -- my husband -- to play around," Terry smiled.

"How nice," Frances commented skeptically.

"Seldom anybody talks like that anymore, it's refreshing to know someone is faithful."

"Well, I am -- and that's the way I like it. Getting this job is just my way to kill time, and save money. I'm bored alone."

"Of course, Terry. Well, we're happy to have you joining us, and I think Laura could start right now showing you some of our massage techniques."

"I'd love to," Laura nodded eyeing her shapely body.

"Where?" Terry asked.

"Why not right here? We have a couple of free rooms and she can teach you in a couple of hours, and then you can make some money today. How does that sound to you?"

"Beautiful," Terry smiled. "Thanks so much and how much do I get per patient."

"Normally ten," Frances Iden laughed, "but there are special cases where we charge more. It all depends on the service rendered."

"I see," Terry nodded, not quite sure if she did or didn't see. Quickly, Laura picked up the conversation. "Right this way, dear, and I'll show you what we have to do."

She led the way down the hall until she came to a vacant room. Entering, she closed the door, and started to illustrate.

"We should go through it just the way you'll be working on the men who come for massage," Laura smiled, taking her clothes off.

For a moment Terry held back. She wasn't used to watching another woman undressing in such intimate quarters.

"What's wrong?" Laura smiled.

"Oh, nothing -- I -- I just feel funny undressing in front of another woman like this," she said flatly.

Reaching back to unhook her bra, Laura said, "You mustn't!" As she observed Laura's giant-size knockers flash into view, she found herself strangely intrigued. And then Laura slid out of her panties. Reaching into her handbag, she brought out a skimpy half-cup bra, and a pair of skimpy, tight fitting white nylon hot pants. Sliding into them, and adjusting the bra, she explained, "This is how we dress!"

"Nice -- real conservative," Terry teased. "Honestly, honey, I don't think I could wear a revealing outfit like that. I'd feel absurd dressing so that men could turn-on just looking at my tits and my you know what."

"Oh, no, it's a business, baby -- like any other. Mustn't let pride come between you and the buck now, undress and I'll show you how it's done." Terry undressed, and embarrassed as she felt, she nevertheless thought she might as well let Laura have her way. After all, she had put herself out to bring her down to meet her boss, and she wasn't going to disappoint her. She stripped down to her panties, and bra and slid up on the massage table.

"Baby -- the men we rub are naked."

"They are?" Terry gulped.

"Of course, baby -- you can't give a body shampoo, and a good body massage unless the man is bare ass naked."

"Alright," she agreed reluctantly. Getting off the massage table, Terry stripped, and as she let the bra fall off, the panties slip down, Laura got an eyeful.

"You're beautiful," Laura sighed, in response to the sight of her beautiful breasts, with their dark red circles, and erect nipples, and the brown triangle of hair between her legs.

"Am I safe?" Terry laughed.

"I don't know," Laura admitted chuckling. "You've got a body that won't allow you to be completely safe with anybody."

As Terry lay on her stomach, Laura began rubbing her back. She pressed down on the nerve centers along her spinal column explaining, "All the nerves of the body connect here. So, we deliberately focus our fingers on the spine. Press, with the fingers, rubbing in small circles at each place on the spine. This really relaxes the man."

"That's hard work," Terry observed, as she felt Laura's hands gliding over her body, and then Laura let her hands sweep like velvet over her soft behind.

"How does this feel, honey?" she asked huskily.


"Well, that's just the sensation you've got to produce for these men who come to you. They've got to get carried away, or they won't tip you very much."

"Do we get to keep the tips?"

"No, we've got to split fifty-fifty with Frances Iden. She's real particular about that. As a matter of fact that is why she fires half the girls."

"Greedy, isn't she?"

"Well, no -- it is her place, and these body shampoos, and specialized rubdowns in private settings are all her ideas. So I guess she has a right to her cut."

Now, Laura's hands were working on her inner thighs, and much to Terry's surprise, she was feeling a delightful sensation as her hands rubbed her there.


"Love it," Terry assured her. "You're very good at it."

"That's what they tell me," Laura laughed, as her fingers began pressing, kneading, massaging Terry's buttocks.

"Don't hesitate to play around with their butts," she declared. "They love this!"

"So do I," Terry sighed. "It all feels so fantastic -- I don't want you to ever stop."

"Good," Laura said softly, "now turn over..." Terry turned over, and Laura's soft hands slid over her body. Reaching for a small bottle, she smiled. "We use this special oil to rub them down. It lets our hands glide all over the body and smoothly -- that's the important thing."

Terry understood the meaning of her words for the smooth movements over her body were subtly stimulating, but the way she massaged her breasts captivated her. Laura had a way about her as she used both hands, gripping, the breasts, pinching them lightly, and generally keeping the hands sweeping down the body in different directions.

"Part your thighs," she smiled. Terry spread her legs. As she felt her hands sweeping down her inner thighs, she became so stimulated she could hardly believe it. This was another woman, and this woman totally turned her on.

Sensing this, Laura let her fingers work around her now moistening mound. She inserted her fingers and kept up a diddling display of action that caused erotic desires to flourish within her loins.

"Ohhh -- ahhhh -- I can't stand it," she panted. "This is too much -- too much."

"Is it?" Laura smiled, enjoying the movements so much she felt herself moistening. Then, with her fingers moving effectively she knew she had her, right where she wanted her. She promptly proceeded to let her own flimsy bra slip off, revealing her great breasts.

To Terry's total surprise, she found looking at the girlfriend's breasts stimulating. But, she got another sight when Laura slid out of her hot pants, putting her proud vagina on display. The shaved slit surprised her.

"You shave it," she commented.

"Some men like it shaved," she smiled, and then she got up on the Massage table with Terry, letting her legs straddle her. She reached out and massaged her breasts as her own breasts hung before Terry's startled eyes.

"Oh, Laura, this does feel good," she assured her, "really good."

"You've been a turn-on with me ever since I moved into the place," Laura frankly admitted. "Why shouldn't two women enjoy each other?"

It didn't take long for the two women's bodies to, collide in pleasure. Laura bent over farther, allowing her breasts to touch her girlfriend's breasts. And then as their bodies crushed hard against each other, she started kissing the other woman passionately. And to her surprise, the other woman loved it. She Frenched her for a moment and then let her tongue slide out and started licking her face.

"Gee, but you look beautiful to me," she smiled. "You really do, baby!"

"Anybody ever give you a tongue-bath?"

Terry shook her head, her eyes now glazed with lust and hot desire.

"I will teach you then," Laura smiled and she let her tongue sweep down her body, focusing on each nipple, and then gliding to her vagina.

She licked at it impatiently, as turned-on Terry groped for her head, and guided her over it.

"Ohhh, yes, baby -- eat me -- eat my pussy," she panted, remembering all too well how her husband enjoyed getting down there and licking. The tongue jabs continued, and she could tell that Laura actually knew more about producing pleasure in her body than her own husband did. This was surprising to her, but she was mentally free enough to accept the fact, another woman could generate all kinds of sexual excitement in her body, and she was quite capable of enjoying it.

"Eat me," she begged her hot-blooded girlfriend. "Eat my cunt!"

She loved the freedom she was feeling that would allow her the opportunity to enjoy the superb tongue skill of a member of the same sex.

"Lick it, honey," she urged her on, as the electrical thrills raced up and down her spine. Laura's hot hands held her in place, as her mouth pressed down on her vagina, licking excitedly. It didn't take long for Terry to gush as she felt the passion build, build, and then explode. The hot juices were eagerly licked up by her girlfriend. And as Laura moved away, she looked up, almost as if she was asking approval.

In response, Terry smiled. "It was beautiful baby, I really enjoyed it."

Then, Laura said softly, "No woman is free until she realizes passion doesn't depend upon gender. It depends upon the fire she sees in the eyes of her lover."

"I couldn't agree with you more," Terry told her quickly, and then added, "I'm curious -- do you just go for women?"

"How ridiculous of you to ask me," Laura laughed, "of course not. That is what I meant by freedom. I'm free to love man, woman or beast..."


"I mean a nice dog, a friendly dog with some training."


"They have dogs for that you know, or didn't you know?"

"No, I didn't," she said in remarkable surprise.

"Sure, women have loved dogs for years, and I don't wonder why -- some dogs are more capable of giving satisfaction than some men -- depends upon the dog, of course."

"Of course," Terry gulped, hardly able to grasp the idea of having sex with a dog.

"Does your husband go down on you?" Laura smiled, and when Terry didn't immediately reply, she shrugged, "Maybe I'm out of line in asking."

"No -- no, you're not out of line. It's just that I'm not used to discussing intimate details of my sex life with anyone."

"You're free now," Laura giggled. "Free to do or say anything you damned well please about sex -- isn't that great?"

"Yes -- yes, it is," Terry nodded. "I'll admit for the first time in my life I can talk about 'fucking' -- that's right -- 'fucking', I just like to hear myself use the word because I used to think it was a dirty word."

"Fucking. Is the most beautiful word in the dictionary," Laura laughed.

"But it isn't in the dictionary," Terry insisted. "I looked."

"I should say 'vocabulary'," Laura smiled. "A big bunch of prudes get together and call it 'intercourse' -- but did you ever hear a man say, 'I want to intercourse you' -- no, he'll say, 'C'mon chick, let's fuck!' -- but a lot of fuddy-duddy people are so hung-up on the subject that they're afraid to call a screw a fuck. But a fuck is a fuck -- IS a fuck!"

Chapter THREE

The very next day Terry was prepared to handle her first customer. Frances Iden had fitted her out in the customary skimpy bra, and hot pants. She glanced at herself in the mirror, as she prepared to take on her first customer, and she gave herself an approving note, breathing softly. "Not bad -- not bad, at all!"

And then, her first customer entered. He was a husky blond man, with curly blond hair intense blue eyes, and with a wry smile he asked. "You, Terry?"

"Yes," she smiled.

"Well, I'm here to get a body shampoo and a massage," he grinned good-naturedly.

"Alright," Terry smiled, leading him past the massage table, and opening the small louver door that opened to the tile shower.

"Come in here," she said, and then reaching for a bottle of shampoo, she promptly began pouring it on him.

"That feels good," he grinned at her.

"Get you real clean," she nodded. "Alright, now -- you're ready..."

"You didn't apply it all over," he informed her. "I'll turn around and you can rub it over my back and over my butt."

Terry did as she was told, and then, adjusting the shower to a comfortable temperature, she gestured, "There it is -- all ready!" He stepped into the shower, and it didn't take long for the bubbly, soapy shampoo to cleanse his body. But all the time the water was playing across his body, he was looking at her with hot desire burning in his loins.

"You're new here, aren't you?" he smiled.

"Yes," Terry nodded, "but I think I'm just as good at giving a massage as some of the old ones are, I'll tell you that..."

"Good," the virile young blond man smiled, his penis suddenly lengthening as he looked at her, and then she broke his concentrated glance by reminding him, "You are here to get a massage -- aren't you?"

"Oh, yes -- yes," he laughed, a bit embarrassed that he hadn't tried to conceal his attraction. He lay on his stomach, and turning back to her smiled, "I'm ready..."

"Alright," she nodded, and her hands began sliding over his back ever so smoothly. Using some of the body massage oil, she found it easy. Focusing her fingers on the spine she tried to rub deeply at the spinal nerve centers, and as she did so, it caused her husky male patient to comment, "You know something, you're very good at this -- you really are!"

"Thank you," she said, and went on rubbing. Finishing the deep massage on his spines, she moved down to his buttocks. Gripping the flesh, she began kneading it just as Laura had explained to her. Then, she let her hand slip between the crack in his behind and he told her quietly, "I'm enjoying this -- yes -- yes, this feels fantastic!"

She sensed that directly behind has balls, around the prostate, he was finding it particularly pleasurable. By pressing down hard she was managing to achieve quite a bit of success.

"Ohh, do I like that you've got a great touch," he told her. "Yes -- that feels fantastic -- say, maybe you could do some other things for me..."

"You know the regular price," she reminded him, "and just the body shampoo and massage are included in the ten dollar massage."

"There's twenty more in it for yoo, if you'll do what I want you to," he smiled.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to undress and get up here with me," he informed her.

"Alright," she agreed, "but don't forget the extra twenty..."

"I never do," he assured her, and instantly she realized he was a regular customer, and that the place was no more than a flimsy front for selling sex.

Terry took her time stepping out of her hot pants, and she removed her bra last. All the time the blond male was watching her closely.

"Oh, you look great -- a real beauty -- say, make sure that door is locked..."

Returning to the door Terry tried the lock again. It held fast. "I check this the moment a man enters the room," she smiled. Then, going back to the massage table she asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"That's what I like," he grinned excitedly.

"What is what you like?"

"You're asking me?" he explained. "A lot of these know it -- all dames try to tell the man what they'll do. You didn't put it that way at all. You told no what you would do -- anything I want..."

Not wanting to disappoint or disillusion him, Terry nodded, "As you like it..."

Then he got down to business. "Well, the first thing I want, honey, is to feel those juicy knockers brushing against my butt. I know that would be nice and stimulating."

Terry went over to the table, got up on it, and let her generous-size breasts brush across him there. He became immediately excited.

"Ohh, does that ever feel good to me," he panted. "Ahhh, yes -- yes..."

She noticed he was pushing his behind up, and wiggling his buttocks all over the place. She liked the idea of him pushing up to her, as she pushed down to him. The double action of buttock wiggling, and breasts brushing created erotic excitement for both of them.

"Now, honey -- use your tongue..."

She began licking on his back, and continued the breast brushing, but the man knew what he wanted, and explained, "I mean on my buttock, my ass."

This was a long distance from massage, but Terry realized now that anything goes, and she knew it wouldn't be fair to cheat him out of the stimulation he had every right to expect.

"Alright," she agreed, and she moved farther down his body. And his ass arched up, and his hands went back, as he spread the cheeks in open invitation for her tongue to commence it's lovemaking at his anus.

Closing her eyes, Terry let her tongue slide out, and she started licking the inner walls of his buttocks. This was what the blond man required to complete his erotic excitement.

"Oh, yes, honey -- that's what I like -- your sweet tongue licking on my sweet asshole."

Now, the disdain she had originally felt for licking out his asshole vanished, and she suddenly found herself enjoying it. She liked the anonymous factor. This was a man she'd never seen before, would probably never see again. He only knew her first name and she didn't know his name at all. A nameless asshole, a nameless tongue, connecting in a most intimate of genital relationships, and yet a very meaningful one. One in which every part of the body was accepted, loved, kissed, licked, petted. A surge of delight, and joy-welled within her, and she vowed she'd give this man the most fantastic love making he'd ever, had in his whole life.

"Oh, wow," he exclaimed, as the realization that this woman was on fire with her tongue, passionately licking, lashing, stimulating him there. His behind wiggled in response to the pleasure he felt going through his body, and she intensified her tongue manifestations of sexual excitement.

"You like this, huh?" he smiled. "Got a nice ass -- ohhh, baby -- this is beautiful -- beautiful!"

Terry's tongue slid up there smoothly, and he held his ass cheeks apart for her, making it easy for her tongue to slide up there, and love.

"Yes! Yes! Faster! Ohhh -- just like that! I'm flipping out, baby. Ohhhhh -- ahhhhh, that's it. Slide that tongue up there honey! Suck it! Suck it!"

It wasn't taking him long to discover just how much this new girl was enjoying eating his asshole out. He knew he'd give her more than twenty for action like this. But now wasn't the time to tell her. He was just glad that Terry's tongue was on fire for his hot asshole, as she jabbed it up there savagely.

"Lick it," he cried excitedly. "Lick my asshole out -- ahhh, ohhhh -- yes -- yes, baby, lick that asshole!"

Terry was swiftly discovering that as she would enjoy it more when her tongue slid up there, that he'd arch up all the more, allowing her easy access.

"How's that? Can you get way up there?" he delighted in the erotic sight of her face being buried in his behind. He liked the idea that he had a woman who'd do him with enthusiasm, and not this half-hearted mechanical-sex. He'd had enough mechanical-sex for a lifetime.

"Eat it, baby -- eat that asshole. Lick it! Yes -- let your tongue go way up there. Ohhh, doesn't that taste good? Suck ads -- suck it, honey, suck it!"

Terry felt no conscience pang for this magical moment of sexual ecstasy. Instead, it all seemed like a dream, a dream come true. The man's blond body reminded her so vividly of a young man she dug in high school. He'd tried to get her to go down on him at a drive-in movie, but she'd objected. Always, she hated herself for not satisfying him, especially alter she learned how common oral sex was, discovering about ninety per cent of the young people were copulating like this all the time on a regular basis, and it made her hate herself for losing him.

Being dark, she was forever finding herself fascinated with light-skinned men. They always held a tremendous fascination for her.

And what was so remarkable about this man was how clean his entire body looked. The blond hair gave his skin a golden haze, and even the blond hair in his behind made that more appealing. The body shampoo had cleaned him off completely, and the fresh scent of the oil she'd rubbed on his buttocks was pleasing, but what appealed to her was his enjoyment of this act. She'd never seen a man turn-on like this -- and the warmth of his asshole even appealed to her tongue. She liked her tongue being pressed tightly in the asshole, as he'd grip it, and release it, all the time holding his asscheeks parted, allowing her superb entrance.

"Drive it up there! Farther! Thata' girl! Yes! Ohhh, baby. Do I like that? Yes, I do! Lick it, I like it, lick my asshole!"

Indeed it was a revitalizing experience for both of them, as she had given total tongue stimulation, and added the touch of her fingertips to the sensitive area behind his balls.

"Baby," he panted, "I'll blow my mind if you don't quick -- gobble down my prick!"

She realized from his wild ass wiggling that he was indeed nearing the moment when his penis had to be satisfied. She slid her tongue out, and licked the sides of his asshole, as she did so. Then, the blond man turned over, and flung, his penis into her face.

"How's that for size?" he smiled. "Doesn't it look good?"

"Sucking good," she nodded, and she pulled the penis to her mouth, marveling at the size of his throbbing male member. Lavishing the head of it with hot tongue licks, she produced a series of high-voltage sensations that sent the sexual excitement surging through his body.

"Ohhhh -- ahhhh, baby, lick it!"

Terry knew enough about oral sex from satisfying her own husbands desires that she determined not to rush it. She let her tongue lick around it gently, and then copping the head of it with her mouth slowly started a sucking action.

This was followed by a sucking trick her husband had taught her, when he was coaching her in cock-sucking. That was letting the lower lip drag over the glans portion of the penis, instantly, the blond man's body quivered as sexual pleasure raced up and down his tingling spine.

"That's great. Suck it like that. I like it when your lip drags over my dick. They gut you trained real good."

Inside, Terry laughed for she knew he'd flip-out if he knew it was her husband who'd trained her, and that he represented her first client at the Roman Massage Parlor.

"Come on, cocksucker, eat that dick," he gasped, enjoying once more the excitement of speaking humiliating words to her. "Eat it, you hear baby -- suck that cock -- suck it off!"

Insomuch as he was her first customer, she decided to do some experimentation in cock-sucking, to determine what methods and what techniques could produce the most intense pleasure.

She alternately would suck smoothly on just the head of the shaft. Then, she would vary her mouth movements, letting her mouth move down to the base of it.

"That's it -- that's it, cock-sucker," he commented happily, enjoying her mouth sucking intensely. "But baby -- don't forget my nuts -- play with them."

Her hands went down to his testicles, and she tugged on them.

"Not so hard..."

Without taking her mouth off his penis to reply, she fingered his testicles much more gently and he patted her appreciatively on the head indicating she was doing it right for him.

"Take it all in," he demanded. "Let it slide down your fucking throat."

"Yes -- yes, baby!" he panted as he pushed it down her throat and began throat-fucking her in earnest, with both hands on her head guiding her.

Terry didn't take her fingers off his testicles as she continued to find super-excitement in his cock-stabbing down her mouth.

"Ohhhh -- ahhhhh -- yes -- yes," he cried. "That's it -- you're opening up -- Open sesame!"

The juicy penis promised her a delicious load of sperm, and she could just imagine how much he'd shoot into her mouth, as he stabbed in earnest. She was curious to know if all men deposited the same amount of sperm in a woman.

She was eager to know if she would enjoy his juice as much as she always enjoyed the cum-load her husband shot to her. She could see some sense in variety. While all men were endowed with genitals, nevertheless she was discovering the lie to endowment equality. The blond man's penis wasn't much longer than her husband's penis was, she calculated. However, it looked thicker.

"Ohhhhh -- ahhhhhhh -- I'm almost there," he panted, as be pushed it down her throat, "I'm -- oh hh hhh!"

He said no more, but his penis spoke for him, as he got his rocks off, sending a thick, creamy load of hot sperm down her willing throat.

"Eat it!" he demanded. "Eat my gook, you cocksucker -- eat it!"

No amount of debasing admonitions lessened the thrill. It only increased the intensity of the keen pleasure she felt as he plunged it into her.

"Ahhhh -- ohhhhhh, yes -- suck it -- suck it out!" The virile, young, muscular blond man pulled himself far enough out, so she could finish sucking in her mouth, instead of losing the cum-taste, as it flashed down her throat.

"Ahhhh -- iiieeeowwww," he grunted, as he felt her suck the juices proudly out of his penis, and he just as proudly shot once more, turned-on in an electrifying manner as he was.

"Eat me," he begged. "Eat it up!"

She marveled at the newest discovery she had just made. Indeed -- there was a difference in sperm loads, and to her great surprise in the taste of sperm too.

This man tasted sweet, and she liked the taste of his juices. Her husband had a bitter flavor to his sperm she didn't like as well. This annoyed her, for now she felt a curiosity surfacing about how other men might taste.

When he'd finished shooting, she slid smoothly off him, and he complimented her. "You're the best chick in the place -- you really are! Some of them dames are mechanical fuckers. You put a twenty in their twats, and they light up, and fuck, and suck! But they don't put no feeling into it -- like you do!"

Chapter FOUR

The blond man gave her twenty and tipped her ten. The next two men who came for massages didn't ask anything out of the ordinary. When she went off duty, Frances Iden, with a knowing smile asked. "And how much did you make in tips?"

"Thirty," Terry replied.

"You may keep fifteen, dear -- and we split on the men who get the regular massage -- I pay once a week."

"Thank you," Terry told her, and then she started to leave.

"Wait up," Laura called after her. "I'll give you a lift! Here -- wait up."

Terry slowed down, and the two women walked out together. They didn't discuss the evening's activity until they were driving home.

"How did it go?"

"Alright, I guess," Terry replied, still having some misgivings about her involvement in the wild sexual activities.

"Well, baby -- it takes time to get used to it, I suppose."

"I suppose..."

Noticing Terry wasn't too talkative, Laura picked up the slack. "What did some of the men want you to do?"

"Only one wanted some action..."

"Well, what did he want?" Laura asked, obviously curious for details.

"He wanted somebody to suck his as out," Terry said frankly.

"And did you?"

"Yes, I did," she smiled. "And you know what?"

"What, baby?" Laura asked, eager to know her response to the evening's action.

"I sucked him good! I think I sucked his ass out better than any other chick ever did."

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Laura giggled.

"Don't be surprised, baby -- but I am -- terribly ashamed."

"Why should you be?" Laura demanded, braking abruptly for a red light, and turning to look directly into Terry's eyes. "After all, you wore just trying to please him. Lots of men would give anything if their wives would give them a little stimulating action like that. But, instead they get shunted off and out of despair -- they come to us."

"Yeah, but what would my husband think?" Terry said tightly, practically seeing Brad's hands around her neck, wringing it.

"Baby," Laura admonished her, as she drove into the Lakeshore Towers garage, "He'd be furious -- of course. That would only be natural. But, if, you got a load of all the sucking and fucking he's doing on those business trips you'd be just as uptight, let me tell you."

"Do you think he plays around plenty..."

"Well, I'm sure he does -- if he's like the men I've met in my line of work. They're on expense accounts, and they mark us down as entertainment -- isn't that sweet of them?"

"Real sweet," Terry shrugged. Laura got out of the car, and Terry followed. As they went up the elevator, Laura smiled, "You need a nightcap -- why don't you drop into my place before you turn in. Your husband is gone -- so you might as well."

"Why not?" she smiled, and when the elevator came to the right floor, they both got off.

"Doesn't it make it convenient for us both to live on the same floor?" Laura smiled.

"Yes -- it does," Terry nodded agreeably.

Laura opened the door for her, and she went in, and walked over to the blue sofa and sat down. She admired the white shag rugs, the pink marble cocktail tables and the pale sofa. The apartment was feminine, and beautiful -- just like Laura.

"What can I fix you, dear?"

"Vodka and orange juice," Terry smiled. Soon the two women had their drinks, and were looking out on Lake Michigan's choppy waters. A loud clap of thunder sounded, and then the rain began coming down in buckets.

"We just made it," Laura nodded, "and am I ever glad -- I hate to drive in the rain on Lakeshore Drive. They don't slow down one bit -- and that's why they have so many accidents when the pavement's slick with rain."

"Laura," Terry said, after a drink had loosened her up, "could I have a refill?"

"For goodness sake's yes," she replied, "I'll bring the bottle over. Just let me get the fireplace going. We need to have something to warm us up on a rainy night."

Going over to the fireplace, she lit it. The flickering light through the shiny brass fan cast a warm glow.

"A little music," she smiled, turning on the stereo, and then going to the bar and bringing the bottle back, she put it down with a thud, "...and a little booze."

Eagerly, Terry reached out and poured herself a drink. No sooner had she had that one downed, than she had another.

"Aren't you overdoing it?" Laura smiled nervously, sipping her drink slowly.

"I don't know -- am I?" Terry laughed, kicking her shoes off.

"Take it all off," Laura laughed, "Baby, if running around my house stark naked makes you happy -- strip!"

"Not a bad idea," Terry slurred drunkenly.

"Not a bad idea, at all -- at all!"

Soon she was parading her naked body around the house much to the complete distress of her girlfriend.

"It's a good thing I don't have a horny boyfriend coming over tonight," she observed.

"I -- I love that Hawaiian music," Terry giggled, as she let her body move to the romantic music of the islands.

But, Laura well knew the meanings of the young woman's uninhibited naked dance movements, as she wiggled her middle when the music called for it, and flopped her bottom around, as well as her breasts perilously close to Laura's face.

"Why don't you dance with me?" Terry smiled.

"In the buff?"

Shaking her bobby rhythmically, in perfect time to the music, she slurred, "How else, honey? Doesn't everybody?"

"No," Laura assured her, "Everybody doesn't, but I will -- I like to be in the nude -- when you've got a good body -- why not let it be seen? Right?"

"Right, sweetheart -- right you are," Terry giggled through a drunken haze, now dancing slowly to the sound of the violins, and the firelight cast a glamorous aura around her body as Laura turned the lamp off, and began undressing.

"I need another drink," Terry insisted.

"That's what you think. You don't need another drop, now, just relax, take it easy, baby!"

Laura didn't take long to bare her body, for this was the moment she'd worked to get to for a long, long time. As she let her panties slip off, and her bra fell to the floor, she stood there, proud and naked.

"Dance, girl, dance," Terry insisted, "Like one of those topless, bottomless babes, my husband likes to watch in those smelly old beer bars -- shake it..."

To her surprise, Laura knew how to put some emphasis into her hip movements, flinging her breasts around so they were tantalizing, and appealing.

Applauding, Terry told her, "You are tremendous!" Laughing drunkenly, she said, you were tremendous, luv -- you really were! Just then, the loud clap of thunder sent drunken Terry into a tizzy. "Wha-What was that?"

"Just thunder, honey -- that's all."

A sudden flash of lightning illuminated the living room like daylight, and the two naked women looked at each other.

That look told the truth. They were totally turned on, and eager to get in bed together. They ran to each other, and as the thunder clapped again, they squeezed together. It was as if they pressed together as a protection against the angry storm. The moment their breasts crushed against each other, the electricity flashed through their bodies. And, pressing together, their lips met in a passionate kiss. Now, Terry knew only a woman's breasts pressing against another woman's breasts, possessed the impact and stimulation that was happening to her now in this erotic moment.

As Laura's arms went around her, skipping down to her buttocks, she opened her mouth, and Laura's tongue slid inside. Together, their tongues excited each other.

"Ohhhh -- ahhhh -- yes -- yes, I -- I like that," Terry panted.

"Let's lie down in front of the fireplace," Laura suggested, "I'll get a beach towel and be right back."

Terry went over to the fireplace, watching its light as it forever rose and fell in a ceaseless rhythm all its own. When she heard Laura coming behind her, she was so fascinated with the firelight, she didn't even turn around. When she did, she had a big surprise. There was Laura, with a dildo strapped to herself, and the striped beach towel stretched out for them to perform the act.

"Oh, Laura," she giggled in nervous surprise, "You -- You've got one of those -- those..."

"Dildos, darling -- dildos..."

Instinctively, Terry knew what to do. She wanted to feel another woman thrusting inside her, so she stretched out on the towel, and the shadows and light from the fireplace, filtered through the fan-screen gave an eerie glow to Laura's body as she straddled her, and started sliding the dildo into her.

"Oh, baby..." she sighed, "I love it. I just love it!"

Her arms opened, and as the dildo slid smoothly into her slit, she got another look at Laura's shaved vagina. The plastic penis rode her, and she gripped it tight.

"That's it, darling -- just relax, and let me love you," Laura whispered, bending over to kiss her face, licking her eyelids, and moving down to her lips. Soon their mouths were pressed together, and then their tongues threshed around to touch excitedly.

Now, Terry's hands groped her backs reaching down to her behind, massaging her girl-friend there, in the same way she did for her husband when he was balling her.

"Fuck me -- fuck me," she begged Laura and her insistence acted as a catalyst to Laura's emotions, sending her into a frantic round of thrusts.

"Like this, baby??" she panted, as she pushed it into her. "Sure, honey -- you want to get fucked! Well, I'm fucking you now, baby -- you bet your sweet ass I am -- as good as any man can do it too!"

"Faster!" Terry begged, her hands gripping her behind roughly, urging her female lover on.

She clasped the dildo in her vagina as she would her husband's thrusting tool. And, if anything, it was more pleasurable she felt, as the way in which Laura would brush her breasts hers was igniting her. The nipples touched her nipples and she thought she'd flip out.

"I love this -- I love it," she moaned in delight, as she felt herself nearing climax. "Oh, Laura, darling, fuck me -- fuck me," she begged.

Laura knew she had a woman who not only swung, but might be more this way, than the other. This inflamed her own passions, as thought of having sex with her the first time she laid eyes on her. She loved, the way she gripped the dildo with the muscles of her vagina, and she enjoyed watching Terry turn her head this way and that, as her lust-crazed eyes begged for more hard thrusts.

"I love you, baby," Laura said softly, and to her delight, Terry said the same thing, in turn... "Oh, Laura -- don't think I don't love you -- I do!!"

Her passionate pleasure grew as she felt her body shaking in anticipation of the nearing, soaring climax.

"Now -- now, drive it in there -- fuck me -- fuck me like a man -- fuck it!"

Laura rode her, and then it happened. They both clasped in climax at the same fever-pitched moment, their breasts pressing once more against each other, their lips pressing passionately as their tongues slid, into each other.

"Ohhh, darling, that was beautiful," Terry sighed, as Laura pulled her dripping dildo out of her, getting up and walking across the living room quickly.

"This thing is dripping," Laura laughed, "I'm on the run -- catch you later, honey."

Laura headed across her bedroom, dripping -- and into the bathroom where she un-strapped the messy dildo. In the meantime, Terry watched the firelight, and listened to the soft music -- and dreamed.

Chapter FIVE

Terry got up, and followed Laura. She saw her in the bedroom, slipping into her blue negligee.

"My, but don't you look nice," she smiled, as she lay on the still-made bed, "I guess I'll bunk with you, baby -- if you don't mind."

Rushing over to her, Laura smiled, "Oh, I'd love to have you with me all night -- but I've got somebody coming over at two o'clock -- I -- I can't."

"You have?"

"Yes," Laura smiled, "It's business if you know what I mean..."

"I think I do -- yes, I think I do -- it's undoubtedly someone you met at the Roman Massage -- right?"

"I read you -- but, why can't I stay -- ?"

"Alright, luv -- why not? I'm sure Jerry wouldn't mind -- and I know I wouldn't."

"Thank you darling," Terry nodded. Glancing over at the clock she observed it was ten to two. "Oh -- I -- I guess I can't be naked like this when he comes."

"No, darling -- wear this," Laura insisted, going to her closet, and picking out a violet negligee for her to wear. "This ought to look real good with your coloring."

"Yes -- I'm sure it will," Terry enthused, standing, slipping it on with some help.

"Baby -- you lie down here, and I'll clean up the living room -- we've still got that beach towel spread out before the fireplace."

"And my clothes -- they're all over the floor," Terry remembered.

"Mine are too, dear -- I'll get them all picked up so the place looks like something when he comes over."

Laura hustled into the living room, and hastily she picked everything up. Then, she heard the chimes, and knew Jerry was there. Answering the door, she smiled on at him, "Hi -- how are you?"

"Just fine," he smiled, as he stepped inside. It didn't take Laura long to observe she'd forgotten the booze bottle in the middle of the cocktail table, along with a couple of empty glasses. Scurrying over to the table, she tried to get them back to the bar before he noticed them.

"Well, I guess they got out of here just in time for me to make it," he commented crisply.

"Oh, no," Laura laughed, "My girlfriend Terry and I had a little drink..."


"It was -- as a matter of fact, Terry is here now -- in my bedroom."

"Is that right?" he chuckled, "Well, maybe if you've got her, you don't need me -- two's company -- three's a crowd!"

"No, silly," Laura laughed, gliding over to him to give him a closer look at her breasts and vagina in her see-through blue nylon negligee. When she was at close range, so he could get all the view he wanted, "Three is an orgy!"

"If you say so," he nodded, "but the price is the same-one hundred bucks. You can split, you can give her a quarter, whatever you want -- that's up to you!"

"Oh, Jerry -- you're an angel -- she'll be so happy. She's a new girl at the massage racket. Broke her in tonight!"

"That's nice," Jerry nodded, "bring her out. I always appreciate good scenery."

"You'll appreciate her, because she is beautiful scenery!" Going to the bedroom, she hustled over to tell Terry, "He's hot for the idea, honey -- he won't give me any more loot, but I'll give you half of it -- okay?"

"You don't have to..."

"I know I don't have to do anything -- but I want to," Laura reassured her, kissing her cheek softly, and whispering, "Be a good darling, and do anything he wants you to -- okay?"

"Anything you say, is okay with me!"

"You're a darling," and Laura kissed her again. Then, she tugged at her, pulling her off the bed with her hand. "Baby, we better get out there or he'll think we're having the orgy -- without him! And that would never do!"

They went into the living room together, and as they walked through the door, Jerry stopped them. "Don't move! Stand right there," he smiled, "The beauty of both of you comes out when you're next to each other -- wow -- let me drink this in."

"Oh, Jerry, what are you drinking," Laura laughed, "Meet Terry, she's my neighbor here at the Towers -- and I got her started tonight at the Roman Massage Parlor, isn't that nice?"

"It sure is," Jerry grinned, unzipping his pants, "Come over here, Terry -- I got something for you!"

Without taking his eyes off Terry, he kept unzipping, and finally he reached in and pulled his penis out of his pants. The huge throbbing male member stood out, its knobby head, glistening.

"C'mon, baby," he insisted, "It's all yours -- every sucking inch..."

"Go ahead, darling -- I'll mix some drinks for us while you're giving him a blow-job."

Terry could hardly get over how casually both Jerry and Laura thought about sex. She suddenly felt a revulsion sweeping through her. But Jerry felt only hot anticipation, as he looked at her, through her with his penetrating brown eyes, holding his penis out for her.

"Thata' girl -- crawl over..."

"This really isn't my..."

"I don't care what is really or what isn't really yours -- just so you suck my cock. Now, get over here and wrap your hot mouth around my prick and suck me off -- understand?"

He said it so severely, for a moment she thought she was dealing with a sinister gangster. Her thought was amplified when Laura warned her, "Jerry can play rough..."

"But only when I have to," Jerry smiled without humor. She got the message, dropping to her knees and crawling across the room.

"Get the lights down low," Jerry insisted, "I like to fuck by firelight."

Instantly, the passionate time she'd spent with Laura before the flickering firelight on the beach towel flashed into her mind. That was so right so beautiful, and this seemed so revolting, and wrong.

"Come on, baby -- you're on," he smiled, as he watched her crawling.

The sight of her debasement made Laura flinch. She had great feeling for this beautiful, young woman and it repelled her to realize that she was reduced to this -- crawling on her knees to suck a cock -- for a lousy hundred bucks. Yet, she had to admit that this debasement of herself had been the thing that had triggered her from the bottom of the heap to the top. Where she was peddling it as a waitress, was not very rewarding. Yet, strangely the men down there didn't demand all the twisted sex these rich bastards did, and it made her burn. Trying desperately to conceal her own feeling, she laughed, "Baby, better hurry up and get there -- cause I'll get on my knees if you don't!"

"You see, honey," Jerry smiled, "Laura knows a good, juicy cock when she sees it."

Then, Terry was before him, and her hand went up to his hard, thick penis. She took it, grasping it tightly, squeezing it slight and then she started sucking on it. It tasted fantastic to her. She licked the head of it gingerly with her tongue, and then, she used her other band to jiggle his testicles. Jerry was turning on now. The sight of a woman reduced to crawling, and kneeling before him when he held his rod out had, a way of really exciting him.

"Suck that prick," he smiled. "Go ahead -- open your mouth!"

She opened her mouth, and he slid himself in. His hands went down on her head, guiding her.

"Ohhh, yes, baby -- now you're sucking!" And how she sucked! Passionately, and without inhibitions at last, Terry let her mouth slide the length of his penis.

"What have you got your eyes closed for?" he demanded, "Open your eyes and watch it -- it's a beautiful cock -- enjoy it!"

And then, she slowly opened her eyes -- watching as she would pull off, and suck up. She found it was pleasurable to see his balls hanging out of his pants. The casual way, he had taker his penis out proudly displaying it before her had excited her. Now, she saw it's saliva-slickened surface, its veined, pulsating flesh, end she found the sight of it -- not revolting, but vastly appealing.

"Ohhh -- yes, yes, baby!" he panted, as he pushed it to her, "That's it!"

Utilizing her cock-sucking technique, she let the penis drag out of her mouth, and then she'd suddenly slip it back in, as it quivered in its anxiety to be sucked upon.

"Come over here," he told Laura, "Come on!"

Laura went over. "Yes, luv -- what do you want?"

"You can eat my ass out while she sucks my prick," he smiled, "Get your mouth off me while take my pants down," he told Terry. Terry let his penis slip free.

Then, he slid his pants and shorts down, and spread his legs, so Laura could have access to his behind.

"This is what I like -- two sucking women -- one eating my ass out, while the other has a juicy load coming to her, from my dick -- it's the only way to fly!"

Laura wasn't in a particular mood for an ass-suck, but she had learned long ago that what she felt about the sex act she had to perform was not the point. The important thing was what the other person felt -- the paying customer.

Reaching up, Laura parted his buttocks, and let her tongue lick all around his anus. At the same time her girlfriend pulled his hot, loaded penis back into her mouth and started sucking. Now that Laura was using her mouth on his genitals too, she found it much more pleasurable.

"Hey, hey -- is this ever great?" he panted in delight. "This is what I call juicy."

Laura licked all around his asshole with her tongue making darting, stabbing movements. Then, stiffening, she jabbed it up there with hard, driving thrusts.

"Ohhh, yes -- yes," she heard him pant as she invaded his tight anus, and she was glad for his response for when she knew she was generating erotic delight with her tongue sliding up there, it triggered her to perform better.

With the completion of the tongue sliding up his behind, Terry gripped his penis firmly in her hand, and sucked vigilantly.

"Ohhh, yes, yes -- suck -- suck it," he demanded, "That's the girl! Let me drive it down your throat, baby. I want to throat-fuck you like this!"

He illustrated with hard, sliding jabs down her throat with his male member.

"Ohh -- ahhh, yes, that's it -- suck me baby -- open up -- farther!" Faster, and harder he pumped his meat into her mouth.

At the same time, Laura was enjoying his gripping his anus muscles tightly around her tongue as he stabbed his penis down her girlfriend's throat. She felt like a harem lover, sharing a man.

"Ohhhh, ahhh -- yes -- yes, eat it -- eat that dick!"

His body was beginning to sweat as he got steamed up, but what both Laura and Terry enjoyed now was his thrusting pace. He was a very strongly sexed man, and his thick, long sliding male member probed down her throat, anxious to extract all the erotic delight possible.

It was with some difficulty now that Laura managed to keep her tongue thrusting up his behind. As he tightened to stab, it slipped.

Noticing this, he warned her, "Baby, keep your tongue stabbing my butt -- I like it way up there -- far as you can go!"

She gripped his buttock cheeks firmly, and burying her face in his behind, managed to jab her tongue quite a distance up there.

"Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Yes, yes, that's it!" he declared as he saw how pleasurable it was now that she was forcing her tongue high up his tight, hot asshole.

Paying attention now to the woman impaled on his penis, he let his fingers clench her head, run through her hair, as he lustily thrust it down her throat.

"Now -- now, baby -- keep your mouth tight around it -- I'm almost -- I'm almost there," he panted as he rode her. Terry could smell the sweat on his body, as he got more turned-on. And she found she even liked the sweat smell of sweat on his swollen testicles.

Now, that wonderful feeling of oneness came to her, the feeling she always got when she was fastened to a man with her mouth. She was enjoying it so much, she wished he'd never shoot off, for then she could keep her mouth on it.

"Eat it, baby -- eat it!" he smiled down at her, "I'm loaded, honey! When I shoot this gun, baby -- you're going to get a hot mouthful!"

Terry nodded slightly, but not so much as to disturb his thrusting, and he instantly read her nod.

"Oh, baby, you're too much! You like cock! You like cock juice! Go after the juice! Lick it! Suck it, baby!"

And then it happened. The hot, sperm explosion -- and Jerry instantly pulled back, almost throwing poor Laura over, as he tried to make sure Terry got a big hot mouthful of his creamy substance.

"Suck, baby, suck," he panted, the pleasure surfacing, racing up and down his legs, up and down his mind, blowing his mind. "Oh, eat my ass -- eat it out!"

Laura slimed with both of them this moment of orgasm, and she felt her vagina moistening. She loved to see a man obtain the ultimate orgasm, and it was with the total lack of inhibitions sexually, she knew this was possible. It made her feel free, and she only had pity -- not the least trace of contempt -- for those poor, unfortunate souls living in the sexual Dark Ages. She wished they too could experience for one erotic moment the passionate delight she always experienced when she made a man come, the way he wanted to make it, whatever that might be.

Terry continued devouring his sperm-load, and she again marveled at the amount of difference there was from man to man. Jerry had a distinctly sweet taste to his sperm, and she noted it was creamy and thick. Jerry could tell from the way she sucked on him, that she was indeed enjoying it.

"You like that, cocksucker?" he smiled at her. She nodded, as she got off him, and Laura slipped her tongue out of his behind, getting to her feet.

Chapter SIX

"Well, didn't we have a good time?" Laura smiled, "I think this calls for some champagne to celebrate..."

Laura hurried over to the bar, and popped open a bottle, gracefully picking up three champagne glasses and coming over to the cocktail table, where she placed them and poured them.

The three of them sipped champagne and joked. As the fireplace cast its light and shadows across the room, Jerry smiled, "Say, I really hit the jackpot tonight, didn't I?"

"Of course you did, sweetheart," Laura smiled, "You always get a good screwing when you visit Laura's place!"

"That's the truth," he nodded, "But it isn't everyday, you get a stud like me, is it?"

"Well, no," Laura laughed, "would you like some more champagne?"

"No," he shook his head, "I'd like some more fucking!"

"What would you like to do for seconds?" Terry smiled at him.

"Eat your sweet snatch," he smiled back at her. She ran her fingers through his hair. "You a good tongue man?"

"Oh, a real artist with my tongue, baby -- I know just how to make love to it down there!"

Patting her vagina, he chuckled, "And I'll use that dildo on Laura's ass, while my dick jabs it to her cunt."

"What kind of -- of fuck, is that?" she asked, finally finding it easy to spit the word 'fuck' out of her mouth.

"Come on in the bedroom -- and I'll show you," she replied, rising and walking to the door.

They went back into the bedroom and promptly proceeded to get into their respective places. Laura went for the dildo, and she insisted, "Now -- get off the bed so I can strap this thing on you, baby!"

"Sure, luv," Jerry chuckled, getting a big charge out of the preparation for the double-invasion. He stood up, and she slipped the dildo in place. Then, she fastened it securely. As Jerry looked at his reflection in the mirror, he couldn't hold back a big laugh. "Do I look ridiculous?"

"You do, baby -- but you're going to feel so good!"

He got back on the bed and spread out for her.

"Let me fit myself first," she insisted.

Getting up on the bed and straddling him, she called for Terry. "Terry, honey -- you guide the dildo up my asshole, and I'll guide his shaft up my slit."

"Sure, honey," Terry said agreeably, and as her hands touched the dildo, she discovered it was sticky. "Oh, this is sticky..."

"Of course it is," Laura smiled, "I don't want that thing gliding up my asshole unless it is well oiled, honey -- well-oiled."

"That it is," Terry assured her, as she held it in place and watched it slowly sliding up her anus. At the same time, the penis-shaft was slipping up her vagina.

"I envy you," Terry said with a giggle, "You're really getting fucked -- front-door, and back-door -- oh, wow!"

"You can try this sometime," Laura assured her.

"Get your snatch up here now, and let me suck on it," Jerry demanded.

She moved to the front of the bed, and spreading her vagina out over his face, felt his hands grip her buttocks.

"That's the girl," he grinned as he pulled her closed to him. "Yes -- I like the view from here!"

"Don't like it so much you don't pay attention to your fucking," Laura snapped, determined to derive the most possible enjoyment from the hit thrusts of his penis in her vagina, as well as the slick sliding of the dude in her anus.

One thing, Terry observed about her lover's technique. He took his time, he didn't rush it like her husband did. If only Brad could watch, she thought. But of course if Brad was watching he'd go out of his cotton-picking mind.

"Ohh, I like the way your tongue tickles my twat," she smiled at him, "that's it, baby -- let your tongue slide out there and lick!"

Jerry's well trained tongue was accustomed to satisfying women, and he enjoyed letting it slide, and slap at her hot box before entering. He enjoyed the glisten of the juices of her moist mound, even finding the aroma tantalizing.

"You're good with that tongue, honey," Terry smiled, "Yes, you are, baby!"

"Oh, I'm feeling it," Laura panted, as he pushed the dildo, up her anus, the penis up her pussy. "That's it, fucker -- ram them cocks -- I can take-take them both, baby -- both of them!"

And then she got the idea of reaching out to touch her girlfriend, who was quickly becoming, sexually adept. Her hands made a play for her breasts, and as she toyed with them, she succeeded in offering enchanting double excitement to her girlfriend -- a woman and a man fondling, loving her.

"Oh, that feels so good..." Terry sighed.

"My tongue or her hands?" Jerry asked, glancing up from his pussy position.

"Oh, both, baby -- both!"

Jerry was proud of his ability to titillate a woman's vagina with his tongue. He liked to lick across the hair, and that was why he really preferred eating Terry's pussy, because Laura had shaved hers. He knew some men dug the shaved slit, but he was a 'hair' man, and proud of it.

He knew about the importance of buttock massage. And his hands played about her there, exciting and stimulating her no end.

"Ohhh -- hhhh -- yea, yes," Terry panted, as his tongue licked faster, becoming sloppy-sticky, but more intensely exciting.

"Ohhh -- ahhhh, baby -- love me -- love me!" she moaned. Her moans produced pleasure both for Laura, whose hands were working on her quite effectively, as well as for Jerry -- who was properly proud of his skill in eating snatch.

"Do you like it when I pinch your titties?" Laura demanded.

"It's alright, but not too hard, lover..."

Reaching out, Terry ran her fingers through his wavy, soft, black hair. Sort of guiding his head added to her pleasure as well as his. She was amazed how much fun it could be when three people cooperated, in an attempt to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

Now, Jerry's hot tongue lashes gave way to his hard-tongued invasion of her vagina. As the hot tongue drove inside her box, her body trembled, and she shook.

"Baby, you're shaking," Laura observed.

"I'm so turned-on I don't know what I'm doing," poor Terry whimpered, almost unable to grasp the wild sexual delight, she was experiencing.

Now, Jerry was turning on, with hard, driving thrusts up Laura's vagina. And as he would thrust up with his male member, the strapped-on dildo was doing its thing.

"Ahhh -- obhhhh -- yes -- yes," Laura gasped in glee, feeling the erotic excitement her jaded body required to turn-on. As Laura glanced at her reflection in the mirror, she feasted her eyes on the sight. There was Jerry, his mouth open and pressed upon Terry's vagina, and her hands feverishly running through his dark, wavy hair.

Her hands were on Terry's giant-size nipples, and at the same time, she was being double-fucked; one throbbing penis ramming up her hot box, the other plastic penis doing it for her behind.

In her sexual ecstasy, she cried out, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Ohhhhh -- ahhhhhh -- yes -- yes -- fuck my ass -- fuck my cunt!"

Terry, listening to her impassioned cries decided to talk dirty too, and demanded, "Lick my cunt, you pussy-eater -- lick it -- yes -- eat my snatch!"

She was finding it increasingly simple to say the words that she once was too timid to say.

"Lick my cunt! Lick it clean, you cunt-eater," she said in the most debasing manner she could muster. And to her complete and happy surprise, this didn't turn-off her lover one bit. If anything, it added to his pleasure. His tongue thrust inside her, vigilantly invading her juicy vagina, enjoying the scent, and feel of it. The tongue-in-vagina connection coupled with his penis stabbing up Laura's hot hole gave him the kind of sensations he enjoyed.

"Eat it -- eat it you dirty cunt-eater," she cried, her eyes aglow with passion, her body trembling with desire. "Ohhh, Jerry, you're driving rue out of my gourd. Yes! Yes!!"

Faster and harder, Jerry's hot tongue lashed into her. He was enjoying the action all as much as she was.

"Suck it, baby, suck it," she panted, "Do it -- do it!"

Together, the turned-on trio soared toward climax.

"Look at us in the mirror," Laura panted excitedly, "Aren't we a sight for sore eyes -- the three of us going to town!"

Indeed the reflection in the mirror told the story. Two women flipping-out, as they vigorously continued their three-way.

"Ohhhh, ram it to me, way up there -- that's it faster, fucker, faster," Laura cried out passionately. "Ohhhh -- ahhhhh -- I want it all, baby -- all of it! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She was pumping up and down now; down on the dildo sliding up her hot tight asshole, down on the hard penis stabbing her vagina.

"Fuck!" she cried, "Fuck it!"

Her impassioned pleas for sex action brought a response from Jerry who rode her hot vagina in quicker, driving thrusts.

"That's how its done," she panted, as she felt his throbbing member driving farther up her tight, twisting vagina.

She let her fingernails pinch into Terry's nipples as he rode her faster. The intensity of the pleasure demanded she give vent to it some way.

"Ahhhh -- ohhhhhh -- yes -- yess!" she cried out, "Fuck it!" As Jerry threw his pelvis up to meet her down thrusts, he felt her vagina gripping, squeezing, massaging and exciting him. He couldn't remember when he'd had a couple of dames who could produce such complete sexual frenzy.

"Fuck!" she gasped, as she neared her shattering climax. "Ohhhh -- ahhhhh," Terry panted, as he lashed her love-button with vigorous tongue strokes. As she'd turn, and twist, his hands would grip her buttocks tightly to hold her vagina in place so his tongue wouldn't slip out.

"Suck it," she panted, "Suck my pussy -- eat it..."

She couldn't stand it any longer as her hands clawed into his head, and her vagina gushed into his mouth,, sending the juices trickling down the sides of his mouth.

"Ohhhhh-ahhhhh -- lover, suck -- suck me," she panted. The hot tongue lashed her liquids, licking, eating them.

Now, he was winding up his own cock-stabs, as he rode into Laura's twisting vagina.

"Ohhhh, baby -- that's it," Laura cried out, as he shot his rocks off in her vagina. "Ahhhhh -- ohhhhh!" she panted as the penis was milked by her vagina.

Finally, he pulled his mouth away from Terry's sweet snatch, smiling delightedly up at her, "Good cunt!"

"You're a real groovy guy," she smiled, stroking his hair, and patting him appreciatively. "You really know how to make a woman happy."

"Thank you, luv," he smiled, kissing her vagina softly. Laura pulled off the proud penis that was still erect, and let her anus slide off the dildo.

Laura went into the bathroom to douche, and she was followed in by Jerry who still had the dildo strapped to his body. And he asked her, "Help me out of this dripping dick, honey!"

"Oh, sure," she smiled, un-strapping him and washing the dildo off.

Then, they went back to the bedroom, and Terry still lay there, a smile on her face.

"What's eating you?" Jerry smiled, slapping her playfully.

"Nothing, but I just wondered what my husband would think if he'd been in the corner watching!"

"He'd kill me no doubt," she answered her own question.

"What about me?"

"He'd kill you too," she giggled.

"All this talk about killing -- really, luvs, this is a sexual celebration -- or so I thought anyway," she giggled.

"We need some more champagne," Jerry smiled, "And you know what -- I'm hungry."

"That's not surprising," Laura laughed, gliding toward the kitchen, "I'll fix you something -- how about some beef stroganoff?"

"That would take a lot of time..."

"It doesn't the way I fix it," Laura assured him, "I've got some chopped sirloin, and I can fix that easily with the special mix I have."

"Beautiful," Jerry smiled, walking naked over to the bar, and opening up a new bottle of champagne. He took three glasses, and following Laura's example, brought them over to the cocktail table. He popped the bottle open, and poured them each a drink. Sitting down, they all watched the fireplace and its beautiful cascading light.

"I'll have a sip before I start our morning brunch," Laura smiled, reaching down to pick up her champagne glass.

"You're going to stay for breakfast," Terry smiled, "I wonder where Brad is?"


"I'm going to run along and fix our food," Laura said, "and you two can talk about Brad."

"Brad is my husband," Terry smiled, "He's always away somewhere, and he leaves me alone."

"That's a silly, thing to do -- a gorgeous woman like you should never be left alone."

"Thank you, baby -- I only wish my husband's boss thought so."

"Your husband's boss?"

"Yes, he thinks Brad is the best trouble-shooter in the business, and he sends him off on assignments around the country."

"Leaving you, poor baby -- all alone with the men at the massage parlor."

"Of course my faithful, question mark, husband doesn't know about my job. You see I thought of this as a relief from boredom, and I'm not bored."

"Why no," he smiled, pouring himself another drink, "A gorgeous piece of ass like you working at a massage parlor will never be bored."

This Terry was finding out -- fast!

Chapter SEVEN

Just as Laura had said, it didn't take her long to prepare the food for the three of them. She served it on her best china, and it did seem strange to Terry to be sitting at the table -- naked.

"What are you giggling at?" Laura demanded, when she noted poor Terry couldn't quit her laughing-jag.

"I don't know," she shook her head, "I guess it just hit my funny bone to think of us all sitting here stark naked in a dining room."

"There's nothing funny about nudity," Jerry smiled, "It is man's natural state. All these silly looking clothes we've created for ourselves, as our disguises -- they are the real funny offenders."

"That's a fact," Laura nodded, as she helped herself to another serving of food. The early morning sky was lightening at last, and Terry smiled as she saw it. "We were up all night -- and I never even noticed it."

"We were having fun," Laura explained. "But after we eat, it might be a good idea for us to take a little rest -- before we resume our sexual festivities."

"Alright," Jerry agreed. A few moments later the three of them headed for the bedroom, and the king-size bed. Laura pulled the thick double drapes across the windows which kept out the light. And then, throwing the sheets back on the king-size bed, she led the way. Jerry followed, lying in the middle, and Terry lay on his other side.

"I wonder who is sleeping with Bridget Bardot right this minute," Jerry joked.

"Why do you ask that?"

"Oh, I always ask myself nice questions like that before I fall asleep. It lets me fall asleep with a nice hard-on just thinking about those gorgeous women, in bed -- naked and..."

"We're here to get some sleep -- stop all that sex talk," Laura insisted. The three of them fell asleep after a few more moments of small talk, and when they awakened, he had his penis pressed tightly against Laura's behind, as she faced the other way. His erection awoke her, and she turned to tell him. "Stop pushing that thing at me!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it," he insisted.

"What would you like for our next good time?" Terry said, rubbing her hands gently on his back.

"How about the sex wheel?"

"Sex wheel?" Laura asked Jerry, "Never heard of it!"

"Well, you're hearing about it now," he insisted. "I fasten my mouth to Laura's snatch, and then Laura sucks your pussy Terry, and you eat my dick!"

"That's a wheel?"

"Urn hmmm," Jerry chuckled, "Now, let's start rolling!" The three of them began arranging themselves just as he had suggested. Throwing back the bedclothes, he began licking at Laura's vagina. And then Laura arranged herself around so that she was sucking on Terry's hole, while Terry -- in turn -- gripped Jerry's penis, and began licking its head.

The wheel began moving, as he licked away first at Laura's behind. He spread her buttock cheeks, and started licking. Seeing how much she was enjoying this, he saw no reason not to make it a real turn-on. And then he stabbed her behind with his tongue, driving it up there savagely.

She wiggled, and he held her in place, admonishing her, "Look, baby doll -- if you wiggle your ass around much more I'll have to fasten you to the bed!"

Laura stopped her wiggling, allowing his tongue easy access to her hot behind. Now, Jerry stiffened and jabbed his tongue up her hot asshole, as she wiggled down over it.

"Yes, yes," he panted, "That's it, baby -- what a sweet ass!" Taking his tongue out of there, he started licking her shaved slit. She wiggled in delight, as his tongue lapped, and licked along her most intimate portion of her anatomy.

At the same time, Terry had her mouth working overtime on his penis before she popped it into place. She licked up and down the length of it, allowing her tongue time to tickle the testicles, and then she decided, why not suck them in too? Opening her mouth, she took one testicle in at a time, and slowly sucked on them. Her tongue whipped around them with hot desire, and she suddenly let both testicles fall into her mouth as she smoothly sucked. The passionate moment gave her a lift.

And then, she found herself enjoying Laura's mouth at her vagina. Laura's hot tongue swept gingerly over her pubic hairs, deliberately avoiding the jabbing action until she had her properly stimulated.

Again, it flashed into her mind that her husband Brad would kill her if he caught her, but the passionate pleasure she was experiencing licking on Jerry's joint, as well as the delight she felt as Laura licked her vagina was almost overpowering. The three of them were totally uninhibited, as their bodies merged, faces fused against sex organs.

"That's it," Jerry took time out to tell Terry, "Suck the cock! Suck it good!"

Vigorously, she sucked on the penis, as just as vigorously, he drove it down her throat.

He went back to eating Laura's vagina, while Laura licked at Terry's twat. The one who lead the sex parade was Jerry. His cockthrusts down Terry's throat set the pace, and then Laura followed it as she sucked on Terry's vagina, and he let his tongue slide into Laura's moist hole, at the same tempo as he drove his penis down Terry's throat.

"That's it -- suck -- suck it!" Jerry cried out as he came near orgasm. The hot penis stabbed down her throat so far she thought she'd choke on it.

"Ohhhh, baby, you're going to get a juicy load in another minute -- we're almost there! Yeahhh!"

And then he gave it a final cockthrust as he shot his wad down her throat, sliding back, making it possible for her to suck it out of the head. She quickly slid back, and let the creamy come splash in her mouth.

"That's it, Terry baby -- eat my juice! Doesn't it taste good, baby -- eat that prick!"

Now, Terry had become so turned on, she juiced, and Laura's hot tongue lapped it up. In the meantime, Jerry got his tongue back in Laura's vagina, so he could lick her dripping goodness as she came too when she brought Terry to climax.

At last the wheel was complete; the sex wheel, where each participant has his face fused to the genitals of the other partner.

They finished on a passionate note, as they began slapping each other's behinds playfully, continuing licking until Terry slid off his penis, and lay back.

"Now, I get to use it in your asshole," he smiled.

"You don't mean you still want more?" she said in shock and surprise, "You just got your rocks off!"

"I know I did," he chuckled, "what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing," she smiled, "I'm oversexed, I'm sorry!"

"I'm not," Laura laughed. The sex wheel broke apart, and he asked Laura, "Do you have some Vaseline I can rub on my cock -- so I can slide it up her asshole easy..."

"Of course," Laura assured him, "I wouldn't dare be without it..."

Returning, she handed him the jar of lubricant which he quickly whipped around his penis. Then, shoving a finger up her anus, he greased her in preparation for the invasion.

Then, he began giving orders to Terry, "Now, get on all fours and let me do you dog style."

"Alright," she agreed reluctantly, as she got on her hands and legs.

He came up from behind her, and it didn't take him long until he had his hot hands on her behind, and was preparing to thrust inside her.

"Get your ass in gear," he smiled, "cause I'm ready, ready for a wild ride -- up that sweet, tight butt..."

She wiggled her ass, turning up to meet his demanding penis. He slowly pulled her cheeks apart, easing himself steadily, but surely in.

Then, he saw Laura walk across the room with a dildo attached to herself, and he asked, "Hey, what you going to do with that, woman?"

"Fuck your asshole, what the hell did you think I was going to do with it. You like ass-fucking so much, how about having your asshole drilled for a change?"

"How awful," he panicked, reaching back to hold his hands protectively over his firm, round behind.

"Naughty! Naughty!" she laughed, "If you can shove it -- so can I, fucker!"

She got on her hands and knees, reaching out to pick up the jar of Vaseline. And then, he slowed down, waiting for her, "I guess we might as well make it another three-way," he sighed, "Although I'm not used to this, I can tell you that for damned sure!"

"Once you get used to it -- you'll love it," she assured him, "the main thing is learning how to relax -- I've found that out with some of the fuckers who've stabbed my asshole."

Finally, the three of them were ready. Jerry had his hands on Terry's behind, his penis already up to her tight anal ring. Laura was gripping his buttocks, gently prying them apart, for the invasion of her well-greased dildo. Now, the action was ready to begin.

"Why don't we shove at the same time, tiger?" she proposed. "Doesn't that sound like juicy fun?"

"Alright," Terry answered.

"I don't think you'll ever get it all up there," Terry told him flatly as she felt the huge head, pressing at her anal ring, and finding it obviously difficult to obtain entrance. Finally, he did manage, but with a sudden, driving hard thrust, he shot it up there.

"Oh, baby, do you feel fantastic inside your tight asshole," he panted, feeling the pleasure surge through him. "Yes, baby -- yes, you do!"

Now, Laura had to tell him to slow down because she still hadn't gotten into him. The first thrust of the penis into Terry's behind had given her the unpleasant sensation of being split in two. However, once he got it rolling, she was finding it quite enjoyable.

"Just slow down," Laura demanded. "And let me slide this nice plastic prick up there!"

Jerry slowed his own fucking tempo, "Alright now, drive it in -- but don't kill me."

"I wouldn't do a thing like that to a nice asshole like yours," she assured him.

Now, she had herself ready for the big thrust. Her hands were placed on his buttocks, the dildo was in the crack in his buttocks, and she was ready to shove it.

"Hurry up," he insisted, discovering the suspense was the most killing thing of all.

"Alright, lover," she laughed, and then with a driving, hard thrust, shoved it all the way up Jerry's hot, tight asshole. Once it was up there, he found he was enjoying it too.

"Hey, honey, this is groovy -- fucking and being fucked, that's what I call getting the shaft, and giving it -- at the same time!"

"Right-on," Laura panted, as she pushed it up there, in driving, hard thrusts. "Fuck it, wiggle your butt around my dildo!"

"Like this?" he asked, churning his behind in response to her request for action at his end of the action.

"Yes, baby -- that's fucking!"

Now, the three of them were throbbing with activity. Jerry reached around Terry to let his hands grip her breasts. Pinching the nipples was very rewarding for him, as he felt new thrust and drove it into her faster.

"Come on, baby," he begged, "Fuck! Take it all up there, and milk it, ass-fucker, milk it!"

Terry was turned on, and gripping his penis tightly in her hot channel, wiggling, struggling to bring him to a hot, scintillating climax.

"That's it, baby -- fuck -- fuck -- ohhhh, ahhhh, yes," and his hands reached down to grope her. His fingers diddled her, and she felt a new pleasure building, as she joined him in her own passionate effort to achieve another climax.

"How does it feel sliding up there?" Laura panted as she pushed her dildo higher up his rectum.

"Just great," Jerry enthused, "This is what I call ass-fucking!"

"I just wish I had someone shoving his meat up my butt," Laura declared.

"You can't have everything," Terry told her. "Looks like you have, honey -- fingers in your snatch, and his cock up your asshole -- you can't complain!"

"Grab it, baby -- ohhhh, ahhh, I'm coming, I'm coming," Jerry gasped, as he felt his sperm-load shoot.

"Ahhhhh-ohhhhh -- yes -- yes, fuck -- fuck -- fuck it," he begged her as he rutted her. Now, she was so hot, she gushed, and he got his fingers full of her hot juices.

"We made it together," he panted, "Oh, hot baby -- this is fun!"

Just then, Laura achieved her climax. "Hold tight! Yes! Yes! Harder, baby -- harder!" The dildo thrusts got her so excited, she juiced, splashing herself all over his buttocks.

"Hey, what's happening?" Jerry kidded her, as she pressed against him tightly, enjoying this moment immensely.

"Oh, wow," Laura sighed, "What a wild time we've had of it!"

They disentangled their bodies from each other and the action was over. Jerry asked, "Mind if I take a shower?"

"Not at all," Laura assured him, and then Terry thought about Brad. "What if Brad should try to phone me?"

"You can always tell him you were making it with me," Laura suggested.

"Oh, he'd just love that, I'm sure," Terry frowned, and her troubled response caused Laura to suggest, "Baby, if it bothers you -- you'd better scram!"

Chapter EIGHT

Sure enough, when Terry walked into her apartment, the phone was ringing. She answered its insistent ring quickly.


"Where in hell have you been?"

"Who is this?"

"It's me -- Brad -- your husband. Remember you did have a husband!"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Terry said, trying to make her voice sound casual, "I was over at Laura's place."


"You know the woman across the hall."

"What were you doing there all night?"

Improvising quickly, Terry replied, "We were talking. She was telling me the story of her life, and what a tear-stained epic it was too."

"Well, I'm glad to know you're alright," Brad said relieved to know she wasn't facing any real difficulties or hardships.

"When are you coming home, luv?" she asked quietly, "You know how much I miss you..."

"I'm sorry, baby," he said, "but I've got to go to Phoenix when I finish here in Denver..."

"More trouble?"

"What else?" Brad said, disgust tinging his tone, "Seems like there's nothing but trouble with these franchise, restaurants."

"How long will you be there?"

"I can't say for sure," he told her frankly, "I have to solve the problems in the place before I can come home."

"I'll be thinking of you," he said, "And don't give me a scare like that."

"Everything is under control," she said softly, "And just remember I miss you, and I do love you."

"I love you too, darling," he assured her, "and we're going to be together soon!"

After he'd hung up, Terry didn't have time to take a moment's breather because someone was at the door.

"Coming," she called out, and when she opened it, there stood Laura.

"Come in, baby," she smiled, "Did I just have a scare!"

"Well, let me tell you some good news, first. Jerry gave us one hundred and fifty bucks for the good time we showed him. Here is your half..."

"Oh, I shouldn't," Terry said, pushing the money back, as the recent voice of her husband on the telephone made her guilt feelings surface.

"What do you mean you shouldn't?" Laura sighed, "You earned it, didn't you -- didn't you?"

"Alright," Terry smiled, taking the money, "Always can use some extra bread!"

As Laura sat down, she said, "I envy you, Terry -- maybe I'm doing the wrong thing by introducing you to my way of life."

"Baby, I was so bored with Brad away half the time -- I welcomed a little life, believe me!"

"But this isn't right," she said quickly, "And I'm sorry I ever got you started -- honest to God I am."

"Knock it off because I was enjoying myself. I don't feel guilty anymore. Why should I? He's probably out catting around right now -- if I know him. When he's home he has to get his fucks on a pretty regular basis. So, honey, when Brad is away from home, don't worry -- he's still getting plenty of action if I know him."

"The closest I ever came to marriage," Laura explained, "was when I fell in love with Dennis."

"You never told me about him..."

"I don't tell hardly anybody about him. Dennis was my only real love. I met him when we both were in college. He had such a happy, spirited, exciting way about him that I couldn't help falling in love with him."

"Why didn't you marry him?"

"For a very good reason," Laura smiled, "I was from a very poor family, and he was from high society if you know what I mean."

Terry nodded, "And so you never saw him again!"

"Oh, no," Laura smiled, "We were head over heels in love, and he had to express what he felt for me. So, we got an apartment near the college. He lived in the dorm, but spent most of his time over at my apartment. In this way his snobbish parents didn't have to know their son was stooping to go with a girl at my financial level."

"Did you enjoy him?"

"Did I?" Laura smiled, "That cat taught me all I know about sex. He was Italian, and they are fantastic lovers. I'll never forget the first time he made me go down on him."

"How was he?"

"Hung like you wouldn't believe," Laura smiled, "We were necking at a drive-in, and he was getting hotter and hotter. He took my hand and put it on his pants, and I felt his hard penis. I was intrigued -- and fascinated and secretly wanted to see what it looked like."

"Did you unzip his pants?"

"Oh, no," Laura smiled, "I'd never have been that bold way back then..."


"Well, Dennis pulled his big old dick out, and said 'suck this for me, will you?' I looked at it, and blurted, 'go suck yourself, I'm sure as hell not going to!'"

"And then, he grabbed my neck, and forced me down over his throbbing pecker. I'll never forget that first time. There was a drop of cum on the big old head of it, and I didn't want to put my tongue to it."

"But you did," Terry smiled, totally fascinated with Laura's account of her first time.

"Yes, honey, I did," she laughed, "His hand pressed me down over his meat, and I glommed onto it with my mouth and when he said, 'suck it', I sucked it."

"You liked it?"

"Yes, yes, I did. It was an unusual experience and the most exciting part was when he shot his load off in my mouth. I was repelled at first when he shot his gun off, but as he held me tightly over his cock, and demanded I suck -- I discovered I enjoyed the taste of his sperm. It was cream, baby -- pure cock cream!"

"You really loved him, didn't you?"

"You know it," she smiled, "Like I never loved any man before -- or since."

"It's too bad you never married him."

"Yes, it's a dirty shame," she nodded, "I could do anything to Dennis' body that he asked me to because I loved him. Like the time he demanded I eat his ass out. I'll never forget it. I'd been giving him a back rub, and he asked me to rub around his nuts, massage his prostate gland. Men love to be rubbed there, you're finding that out at the Roman Massage, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am," Terry smiled, "Go on -- I'm curious to know how this young college kid got you to eat his ass out..."

"He wasn't too tactful about it," Laura laughed as she recalled that day long ago in their apartment bedroom when she was a college girl.

"He began wiggling his butt around, and I slapped him on the bare behind. He asked me to do it again, and I did. Then, he said I should kiss it. So I bent over, and meant only to kiss his buttock cheek, but he wouldn't let me stop there. He threw his ass up in my face, smothering me almost, and begged passionately, 'Please, honey -- lick my asshole -- I've always wanted somebody to do that for me!' And, naturally, I objected. 'I'm not going to eat anybody's ass out,' I told him flatly, and that was that but he kept insisting and when I saw that little-boy innocent look on his face, I just melted, and my tongue went down there, and I started licking. He arched, his buttocks up to me, and I quickly learned how most effectively to use my tongue around his asshole to excite him the most."

"Did you stick it way up there?"

"Sure I did. He wouldn't let me just lick around the asshole -- oh, no -- he wanted to have it pumped up there with piston-precision. So, I just let myself go, and thrust it up there and gave him a tongue-fucking he could never forget!"

"Oh, wow!" Terry sighed, "You sound like you had a marvelous good time with him."

"We really did have a ball. I'll never forget when I decided turnabout was fair play and asked him to go down and eat my pussy."

"Would he do it?"

"No, dammit," she laughed, "he wouldn't -- but I cut his water off, telling him flatly, 'If you won't eat me -- I won't eat you', and he went down then -- because he'd go out of his mind if he thought for one moment I wouldn't lick his ass out for him, or suck his cock off. We did the sixty-nine then, and I dug the idea of being sucked, while I was sucking. It was democratic and delicious!"

"You are a riot -- I just think it's a shame that you didn't marry him..."

"I couldn't," Laura continued, "Never! But, it didn't stop us from having more sex after he got married. His folks picked out the girl they thought he should have, and he went along with them. She was a nice girl -- but frigid!"

"Real nice," Terry laughed, "And then you came along to provide some action with your hot bod -- right?"

"Mind reader," she smiled, lighting a cigarette.

"Sure, when frigid wife wouldn't perform -- Dennis came to me. He got so he enjoyed it Greek style."

"Greek style?"

"You know -- up the grand canal -- ass fucking to put it bluntly, baby -- did Brad ever try it on you?"

"Yes, be has -- he likes it from the backdoor," she nodded.

"The first time he announced he was going to slide it up my asshole, he just had me throw my legs around his, neck, and then he rammed it up there."

"And I bet you loved it -- every inch of it..."

"I did," Laura smiled, "Although at the time I thought he was being awfully cruel. I rebelled, and kept moving my butt about so he couldn't get it in. Finally, he told me, that if I'd get on all fours, he'd grease his cock and slide it in slowly."

"Did you cooperate?"

"Certainly," she smiled, "when I knew it meant that much to him I thought it would be ridiculous to make a big thing out of it, so I got on all fours, and watched in the mirror while he slid his big old thing up there."

"How did it feel at first?"

"You know," Laura laughed, "Like it's going to tear you in two -- but I survived!"

"And enjoyed it?"

"Very much as a matter of fact," she explained, "I never knew there was so much sex sensation up there -- but there is -- and when a man is gentle, the way Dennis was -- it's no big thing!"

"You should have married him..."

"I know," she smiled, "but he listened to what his parents said, and he followed their wishes instead of his own heart."

"Did you see him after he married?"

"Yes, I did -- we couldn't stay away from each other -- even though it was driving his wife crazy to find out who he was seeing on the side."

"I bet you hated living like that."

Laura rubbed her eyes, holding back the tears. "Of course I did, but it's amazing what you'll do for someone when you love them -- I found that out."

"Did you live near him?"

"On the other side of town -- that was safest. He helped me with the rent of my apartment, and we really had a great time when he could get away, but after we'd fuck up a storm, he'd have to kiss me not goodnight, but goodbye, and that hurt."

"I'm sure it did."

"He was such a fabulous lover, and when he told me she wouldn't ever go down and suck him off, it made me dislike her all the more. He was a handsome, appealing man. Why shouldn't she service him? I could hardly keep my mouth off his proud penis, yet, he belonged to her."

"Legally," Terry smiled, "but two people car only belong to each other in their hearts. It's not what's on a piece of paper, that really counts -- it's what's in the heart."

"That's the way I look at it too," she replied. "Well, they took a trip to Switzerland in the winter to go skiing. They were going to have a rip-roaring time of it, and be begged me to go along. Insomuch as I'd never met his mother or father, and they had no idea what on earth I looked like -- I thought I would venture it."

"How nice -- you got to go to Switzerland in the winter!"

"But it wasn't so nice," Laura said sadly, "One day Dennis was skiing, and I was watching him. With all of the Americans around there, I figured they'd never notice me and they didn't. Of course, he couldn't speak to me, but I just enjoyed watching him skiing down those ski-runs. And then it happened..."

Laura faltered. She seemed as if she couldn't go on.

"Then, what happened?"

"Dennis had an accident. Coming down that awful run that day he broke his neck. I wanted to rush over and tell him how much I loved him, but I couldn't. There they were. His parents, and his wife -- and I stood there helpless, unable to cry out in my moment of agony -- having to see him die, and suffer, when I'd have given everything I own in this world if I could have kissed him goodbye?"

"You have suffered, haven't you?"

"I have..."

They were silent for a moment, and then Laura said sadly, "I've never, been hung-up on any man ever since that happened. It was bad enough I couldn't marry him, but it was oh, so much worse to watch him die that day."

"You mustn't let such sad thoughts affect you baby -- you see I always figured you were the frivolous type," Terry admitted, "I never once had you figured for a gal who'd been through the mill."

"That's good," Laura sighed, brushing the tears aside, "When you've got to keep going in the game of life, you can't conk out on a bitter note -- no matter what -- I've learned my lesson -- the hard way, as they say."

Chapter NINE

The women parted, and went about their chores that had to be done for the day, but at night, Laura asked her, "Are you going to work tonight?"

"Why not?"

"Good -- maybe we can find some more playmates," she suggested. "The money always comes in handy, doesn't it?"

"It does, indeed," Terry agreed.

When she got to the Roman Massage Parlor, Frances Iden called her aside, "I have an unusual opportunity for you," she smiled, "Two men who have asked me for one masseuse -- think you could handle them?"

"Alright," she smiled, "But I can't massage two men at one time."

"That you won't have to worry about," she chuckled. She led the new masseuse up to her own quarters, and said, "Sometimes, when I find it profitable -- I utilize my own bedroom."

"How cozy," Terry smiled, and when she went in, she didn't find it quite so cozy for two naked men were sitting on the bed. "Terry, meet Del and Ron..."

Del was a slim, young man and had freckles, sandy hair, and green eyes. Ron, by contrast was shorter, olive skinned, with dark brown hair, and intense brown eyes. Both of them were sitting in chairs, stark naked, and when Terry entered the room a smile broke across their faces, and they chorused, "Hi, Terry..."

"Hi, Del -- Hi, Ron..."

"Well, I guess I'll leave you two with our masseuse, and I hope you enjoy the massage..."

"Don't worry, we will, Frances," Del assured her.

"The girls are getting better all the time," Ron smiled, as she made a rather hasty exit.

"We hit the jackpot tonight, didn't we, Del?" Ron told his buddy.

Then, as if the idea all hit them at the same moment, they all looked at the king-sized bed with its white sheets, and white pillows.

"I guess we might as well get started on the the massage," Del chuckled, "and I think the best place for a body massage is on the bed -- don't you?"

"Of course," Terry smiled, "It always relaxes a man to have his nerve centers rubbed down before he has sex..."

Del went over to the bed as did Ron. They both stretched out, and Del lay on his stomach.

Terry sitting down on the edge of the bed and began massaging him. As her fingers pressed down on his nerve centers he felt the tension ease, and relaxation sweep over him, and then she moved down toward his genitals. She used her fingers massage his warm inner thighs. The electricity was turned on, and he wiggled his behind, spreading his buttocks.

"Play with my butt, baby -- I like the feel of your fingers on me down there."

"Alright, luv," she smiled, and then she let her hand wander between his buttocks, tenderly, gingerly massaging him there.

She was surprised how much his behind wiggled around, as she played with his buttocks.

"Get down there, and use your tongue," he insisted. His voice became husky, his eyes passionate as they focused on Terry, eager to watch her humiliate herself.

"My asshole is tongue-fucking good," he smiled, "go ahead!" Seeing that this was part of the sex package deal, Terry saw no alternative, and she let her tongue slide along the crack in his behind, and as she did so, she saw his behind rising, and his hands gripping his cheeks, assisting her in obtaining access to his anus. Finally it was spread before her; tight, quivering, and huskily, he insisted, "Suck it, ass-sucker!"

His debasing words ignited her tongue, and it flipped out stiff, thrusting inside his tight anal passage. Sliding it back and forth, she discovered she didn't mind this sexual connection at all. If anything, she was learning how much pleasure there was in it for both parties, if they had no inhibitions. His body was clean, having showered moments before, and the fresh scent of lemon body splash greeted her, as she buried her face in Del's firm, round buttocks.

"Oh, that's great. I never had a chick put her heart into an ass-suck like this dame. Lick it, honey! Ass is good for you! Go ahead, and suck on it! Yes, baby, yes!"

His enthusiasm, coupled with her finding it was her sexual bag to be debased by this virile, vigorous young stud kept her tongue flipping excitedly in and out of his hot asshole.

"Suck!" he cried out, "Lick -- lick that asshole!" Now, he was becoming so impassioned, that he had to push into the bed, and massage his own penis on the bed as if he was indeed fucking.

In and out her tongue darted and his partner Ron was getting so hot, he couldn't keep his hand off his own swollen male member. He stroked it lightly, watching the sight, and enjoying it to the fullest. The fresh white sheets weren't going to be fresh mach longer if Terry kept her tongue sliding up his behind. They were about to be splotched with his creamy cum.

"Ahhhh -- ohhhh -- stop it baby, I want to shoot it in your mouth -- take your fucking tongue out of my asshole!"

Reluctantly, Terry pulled her tongue out of his tight channel, and then Del said, "Alright, let's get this show on the road -- I'll feed you my prick down your throat -- and Ron can stab your asshole!"

Terry knew immediately what position they expected. She got on all fours with all the obedience of a well-trained dog, and about as much feeling for she was swiftly coming to realize that when these men moved in -- the vital thing was letting them gratify the lusts that they hadn't at home. Now, she had to give in, give in -- if they said do it on your head, she'd stand on her head, and give them an upside down fuck.

"Isn't that pretty ass," Ron smiled excitedly, as he saw her behind upraised for his penis to enter. Spitting in his hand, he applied some of his own spit to the head of his penis, making it easier to enter.

Meantime, Del was on his feet, one hand on his penis, the other on her head, guiding his huge, proud penis into her open mouth. She felt Ron's hand on her behind, as he fitted his penis between her cheeks, and suddenly thrust.

She had never conceived of three-ways like this. Two penises, one for her mouth, one for her anus. It was nice being so well-supplied with penises, she thought to herself, and she was curious to know what the double-sensations would be like. She didn't have long to wait to find out, for Del wasted no time in shoving his ramrod in her mouth. She sucked on the head of it, torturing it with her tongue as she swept around its smooth head. At the same time she felt Ron experiencing some difficulty in getting his rod shoved up her. But not for long. With a hard, driving thrust he managed to get it in there, and ram hard.

"Ohhhhh, baby, that's wild and wooly," he panted as he pushed his penis into her tight anus. She kept her buttocks slowly rotating around his sliding prick.

"That's the girl -- swing that ass around for me," he panted, becoming so turned-on, his body was sweating. "Keep it up!" She did too, as she found the penis in her mouth provided her with such complete sexual ecstasy, it acted as a catalyst to her behind, which revolved quickly around the thrusting penis.

"Suck that cock, cock-sucker," Del demanded, "You love to give good head, don't you baby? You're hooked on sperm, aren't you. Well, I got a nice juicy load of it for you -- so suck it -- suck it out!"

And then Del gripped her head with both hands, ramming it savagely down her throat, enjoying the action immensely.

"Keep your mouth around it tight -- build up the suction," he insisted, as he watched it gliding down her throat. Her eyes were closed, as if in reverence as she serviced him. The cock jabbing up her tight asshole invaded it farther, as Ron drove it in to the hilt, his balls jiggling on her wiggling behind.

"Oh, that's nice," he gasped, "Fuck me! Fuck, me!" Their naked flesh, was fastened together in a chain of lust -- one penis linked to her mouth, another penis linked to her anus. And the two men found watching her receive them was stimulating to them both. It became a sensuous sexual performance, as their penises thrust in unison into the one body.

At this point of passion, Del cut loose with the debasing words that excited him, as she sucked, "Eat that dirty cock, you bitch," he panted, "Eat it -- you like head -- now suck it off and be quick about it!"

The tight anus muscles gripped Ron's sliding jackhammer, squeezing, twisting, turning -- as he rammed it in to the hilt. "Ohhhh, now, you're fucking! More -- fuck it!"

Her voice was cut off, as the huge cock fucked in and out of her mouth with a lubricated ease, growing in size with this excitement.

"Ohhhh, baby, you're doing a good job of blowing me," he panted, as he pushed it down her throat, "And I'll reward you, cocksucker -- don't you worry!"

Del became so excited he threw his head from side to side, as his hips kept humping his cock in and out, and then she felt the hot sperm from his cock, hitting the back of her throat, and she swallowed as he came again and again, filling her mouth with his juices. She swallowed the slick, warm juice his penis was spurting, and then she felt the man stabbing her behind with rhythmic, hard, rapid thrusts.

"Keep your ass churning," he begged, "Ohhh, ahhh, yes, baby -- keep that backfield in motion. Ahhhh, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Encased in her tight anal channel, gripped tightly, he felt himself shooting. She was delighted to have sperm coming at her from both sides, and she wiggled as he spurted, milking him completely.

"Fuck it," he blurted, "Fuck it some more! I'll shoot it again, baby -- there's more where that came from!"

Sure enough, Ron hadn't gone down. His still hard penis was stabbing her behind excitedly, and as she felt him building for a second round, she didn't stop her pace. Instead, she quickened her anus cock grip at the same pace with which he was thrusting hotly inside her, his hands wet, and slippery on her buttocks, as he massaged them.

"Now, baby, now! Ohhhhhh -- ahhhhhh, I'm coming again! I'm coming in buckets, baby -- squeeze it!"

Sure enough, she could tell he'd shot another good load of cum up her hot hole, and she was only too glad to accommodate him by squeezing it all out.

Del slid his penis out of her mouth, and went to the bathroom, and shut the door, while Ron slowly slid himself out of her anus.

Now, Terry sprawled out on the bed, and Del was coming out of the bathroom, and saw her lying there; her naked breasts, asking to be sucked upon, her vagina, eager for action.

"Why don't you suck her titties while I fuck her with my tongue?" Ron smiled.

"Right-on," Del smiled, as he came over and bent over her breasts, letting his tongue lick the nipples, and then biting down on them.

"That's it -- suck me -- suck me, baby," she begged, enjoying the mouth, teeth, and tongue action Del was administering to her. As he sucked she felt her hips pumping arid writhing, but Ron was there to fuck her with his tongue. His hot tongue lashed across her hairy, moist triangle, and then, he stabbed her. She felt the sexual ecstasy surge wildly through her, as he hungrily ate her there.

The combination of the two men sucking on her body was satisfying and she ran her fingers through Del's hair, panting, and passionately begging, "ohhh, baby -- keep sucking -- I love it, I love it."

Meantime, the hot tongue jabs in her vagina got her so excited she could hardly stay still. Close-up, Ron got an excellent look at the attractive, hairy triangle. And it was this that added to his delight, as he tongued her to climax. He gave her box a variety of tongue action, licking the walls one minute, flicking his tongue across her clitoris the next.

He loved the aroma down there, and as his teeth bit down light on her clitoris, she gushed his tongue rapidly sweeping up her delicious juices.

"Kiss me, kiss me," she begged Del. Del's mouth pressed on hers, and soon he was inserting his tongue in her mouth as if it was a thrusting penis.

The intense pleasure of his tongue in her mouth, the other one sliding up her vagina excited her no end. When it was over, Del wrapped his arms around her, and caressed her, "I'm going to come back and get another massage," he smiled.

Ron lay on the other side of her, and he said, "We will come back, Del. Terry is ours."

Patting him playfully, Terry assured him. "Why, of course, we all want to make it together."

But they didn't stay like this for long, for Frances Iden was there knocking on the door.

"Del -- Ron," she called out, "We have another guest..."

"Time's up," Del laughed, "Well, we had a good time -- and no complaints."

"No complaints at all," Ron smiled. "I just wish we had a girl like Terry every time we came to your place."

"Well, thank you," Frances smiled, "We try to find nice girls to give our special massage."

"So long," Terry smiled. The men both left and Frances Iden didn't have another word to say. She stepped out, and left Terry alone. As Terry looked at both sides of the bed where the virile, husky, young lovers had been moments before she felt a strange loneliness sweep over her.

They would never be back again, and it was this that bothered her; the sudden realization that the sex-trips were so impersonal. After all, having sucked on Del's penis, and taken in Ron's long, hard one up her anus, she felt she knew them, to say nothing of the super tongue treatment Ron had given her vagina.

She was tired, so she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter TEN

She awakened with the smell of smoke coming to her nostrils. Stirring, she got up, and moved about, opening her eyes. Laura lay beside her.

"Hi, honey," Laura smiled, "Have a good catnap?"

"Yes," she said groggily, "I guess those two studs gave me a pretty wild workout."

"Well, we've got another customer coming up," she smiled, and as she said that a vibrant, husky, dark-skinned man stepped in with a towel around his waist.

"Perry -- this is Norm..."

"Hi, Norm," Terry smiled, "how are you tonight?"

Tossing the towel aside, Norm nodded, "Beautiful!" And his giant-sizer popped into view, standing straight up, rigid. Grasping it, he explained, "You know, baby -- what I'd like to -- I'd like to watch you and her fuck up a storm!"

"How nice," Laura smiled, "Terry and I love to turn-on together, don't we, Terry?"

"Yes, oh, yes, we do," Terry gulped nervously. Norm moved to a chair, and sat down. "Now, if you two chicks would begin by licking each other all over -- we can move on to bigger and better things!"

"Alright," Laura smiled, taking the initiative, and moving with the precision of a Swiss watch. "We'll just get our mouths in line with each other's genitals -- that should be sucking good!" Terry got her face in her vagina, and Laura got her face in Terry's crotch. Now, the women could go at it, hot and heavy. Each woman started licking the slit; Laura lashing Terry's thatch, while Terry licked Laura's shaved slit.

"Hey -- that's not fair," Norm protested, "I want to watch you two begin with a hot ass suck..."

"Oh, sure," Terry nodded, glancing at Laura's parted legs. She bent over, rising her fingers to pry her buttocks farther apart, and then she dipped in with her tongue and licked all around. Norm bent over, his penis swelling as he watched her tongue slide around Laura's tight anus. As the tongue plunged into Laura's anus, Norm found himself tremendously excited. He began stroking himself with one hand, jiggling his nuts with the other.

The excitement increased as he pumped faster, and watched Terry's tongue stabbing in Laura's anus. Then, he glanced over to see how Laura was coming with her licking action. Sure enough, Laura was industriously thrusting her tongue in and out of Terry's hot hole.

Something about the shaved vagina of Laura seemed to excite Norm immensely. He kept watching, and the more closely he observed, the more stimulating it became.

"Suck that ass out -- eat it ass-eater it," he panted as he pumped his meat. Now, he was enjoying himself. Watching women debase themselves in his presence was a turn-on for him.

"Go girl, go," he panted, as he pumped, and the two women found his urging them on stimulating indeed. He looked closely at Laura's behind wiggling as the tongue squished up there, and slid out.

"Yes, girl, yes," he panted, "Eat that ass -- eat that ass out!" The hot passion increased as they went to town, and then he wanted to see something more.

"How about sucking cunt?" he smiled. "Let's have some suck-action!"

The two girls tore their tongues out of each other's behinds, as they prepared for some hot thrusting up each other's vaginas. Slowly licking along each other's slits, they tantalized with lapping tongue movements.

"Lick that cunt -- lick it," he cried like a young kid, enjoying a sex sideshow, and using his hand to excite himself. The hand action was timed to the tongue-thrusts.

"That's it -- suck that cunt!"

Terry's mouth was pressed tightly to her girl friend's vagina. Her eyes were closed, and she licked the liquid walls of her vagina happily as she stimulated her the best she knew how. Laura was enjoying the action immensely, and she jabbed it up her girlfriend's juicy vagina. Laura had her tongue movements down to a skill, and she flipped her tongue about inside the ether woman in quick, darting movements that so excited Terry she was writhing in sexual ecstasy.

"Suck off," the man panted, as he pulled, "Eat pussy!" The girls, acting as if hypnotized by the man's erotic cries, continued sucking, and their passions were building, building, building to fever-pitch.

"Ahhhh -- ohhhhh, suck that cunt! Come on pussy-eaters, eat that snatch -- eat it -- !"

Terry watched out of the corner of her eye, and she got turned-on looking at him pulling on his penis. She flicked her tongue on the clitoris, and it brought Laura to her climax.

Pressing her lips tightly over her vagina, she sucked the juices out, and this excitement triggered her own erotic response, as she juiced.

The two women were sucking on each other's holes, and Norm was delighted, as he jerked himself to a close climax.

"Hey you two cunt eaters," he cried out, "Get over here and lick my asshole, Terry -- and you Laura gobble my prick!"

Now, Norm was on the bed, on all fours. Terry got behind him, and gripping his firm round buttocks, she inserted her tongue and let it slide up there.

The tongue pumped in and out, and his ass wiggled, as she stiffened, and thrust. In the meantime, Laura crawled under him, and pulled his long, hard penis into her mouth. She jiggled his testicles, as she let him thrust it in and out of her mouth.

With the twin action, of tongue stabbing anus, and mouth opening to accept the penis, Norm was finding their three-way sex tremendously exciting.

"Eat my ass," he turned to smile at Terry, with her face buried in his buttocks. The hot, thrusting tongue glided smoothly inside his tight anal channel, and for a moment Terry felt as if his buttocks would smother her.

Her piston-precision tongue thrusts so excited him that his testicles were swelling, and his penis getting longer, and harder as be stabbed, it up Laura's mouth.

"Eat it," be panted, "Eat my prick! C'mon -- eat that cock!"

The hot cock thrusts continued until he unloaded his cum in her mouth.

"Suck it -- suck that prick," he told her excitedly, as he kept shooting off in her mouth. "Eat it! Eat that stick, stuff -- eat it -- baby, eat it!" She gobbled it up, and it dribbled down the sides of her mouth. Terry continued her tongue jabs up his asshole, as long as he continued his cock thrusts down Laura's throat.

When he pulled out of her mouth, sticky cum dripping from the head of his prick, and plopping on the sheets, Terry let her tongue slip out of his tight anus.

"That was what I call fun," Norm smiled, "but there's still one thing I'd love to see..."

"What's that?"

Lying back, he laughed, "You using a dildo on her!"

"Alright, if that turns you on..."

Laura stepped over to the corner, where she reached in a large plastic handbag, and picked up the dildo. She strapped it on herself, and strode across the room with a big smile on her face.

"Doesn't this look like fun?" she smiled, gripping and squeezing the dildo.

"You bet it does," Norm smiled, "Now, come over here and fuck her like a man, and while you're fucking her cunt, I'm going to have the honors of sucking your ass out!"

"Sounds wild," Laura smiled, "I'm game -- and so is my ass -- hope you've got a long tongue!"

Sticking his tongue out, Norm chuckled, "Is that long enough for you, luv?"

And then the game began. Terry lay back, and spread her legs invitingly for Laura. Stroking, and massaging her vagina, she smiled up at Laura -- who was straddling her now with the plastic penis pointing at her moist mound.

"Want it?" Laura said softly.

"Every inch," Terry nodded.

"Sounds like love!" Norm chuckled, "Now, shove it!" The shaft of the plastic penis slid smoothly into Terry's hot, eager hole.

"Are you ready?" he asked, getting behind Laura, and bending over so his face was poised between the cheeks of her behind. Then his hot tongue suddenly stabbed her there, and he drove it swiftly in and out. The hot tongue jabs produced an instant response for Terry wiggled.

"Keep it up," he panted, "That's it -- keep fucking her and my tongue will keep time to your dildo-drives."

Trying to develop a good pace for her plastic penis, Laura slammed into her girlfriend. "Take this, fucker -- and this," she smiled excitedly, as her dildo drove high into Terry's twat. The dildo, gripped in the coils of the young woman's vagina, produced fantastic pleasure. It was a copy of a good sized penis, and Laura was skilled at using it most effectively.

But what made the performance complete was the super tongue-jabs of Norm, as he buried his face in her buttocks and eagerly thrust inside her tight anus, enjoying the sliding of his tongue in her tight channel.

Laura looked in the mirror, and as she saw her dildo driving dramatically into Terry's gripping vagina, she found an electric excitement from just watching.

"Fuck it," she demanded, "Fuck -- fuck -- fuck it," she cried, and her intense excitement increased. "That's it -- now -- drive it up there," she panted, glancing back to watch Norm sliding his feverish tongue up her hot anus.

The trio was having a sensational time, and Terry was quickly discovering with what ease it was possible for a woman to replace a man in bed. If anything, there was the additional stimulation of the female breasts crushing against other female breasts. As their breasts pushed, the nipples touching, Terry whispered, "Kiss me, luv -- kiss me..."

"Yes, baby," Laura panted, still thrusting the smooth, slick dildo in her hot, gripping, twisting hole. As they kissed, Norm found himself slowing down to match the slowed-down tempo of her dildo-driving.

But, as the kisses increased in intensity, as the erotic passion overpowered Laura again, the tongue stabbed up Laura's tight anus in the same wild, rampaging pace that it had before. It was impossible for Norm to understand why sliding his tongue up a woman's behind, when she was drilling another woman with a dildo should produce such stimulation for him. He didn't know why -- but it did.

"Fuck me," Terry finally cried out passionately, urging Laura to ram it to her. "Ohhhhh, ahhhh -- yes, lover, yes -- faster!"

Now, Laura pumped it to her with hard, driving thrusts, faster, ever faster.

"Fuck it," she cried, her fingers clawing Laura's back, "Ohhhhh -- ahhhhh -- do it, baby, baby do it!"

It was almost as if her body was no longer her own, and she'd become a reflection of the sexual desires of her girlfriend. The hard, driving penis-thrusts continued.

"More -- I want it! Give it to me, fuck -- fuck -- fuck it," she gasped, as Laura rode her. "Ohhhh -- ahhhhh, I'm coming," Laura finally blurted, as the hot vagina juices gushed from her slit. And the other girl, joined her in an on target climax.

"I'm right-on, baby," Terry smiled up at her female lover. "Right-on!"

Terry came too, the juice gushing from her vagina, and when Norm heard this, he wanted to lick her. Taking his tongue quickly out of Laura's hot asshole, he begged, "Let me lick the milk! Let me lick the pussy milk out of Terry's sweet snatch!"

Begrudgingly, Laura pulled out of her, and flipped over on her back, with the dripping dildo standing up on end, the juices rolling down it. Now, Norm got in place.

"Honey, just wrap those lovely legs around me," he smiled, "and I'll lick your cunt clean!"

"Go ahead, long tongue," she smiled.

"That's a good one," he chuckled, "Nobody ever called me long tongue before!"

"I'm ready to make it again, if you dive in there, and lick it for me," she smiled excitedly.

And then the tongue stabbed her gash, and Norm began doing his thing, lapping up the juices from the sex round she'd completed with the assistance of Laura's driving dildo, and now he was working diligently to lick her labia, push his tongue to the neck of the womb, and flick it across her clitoris until he gut her there again. He thought of something that might further intensify his delight, and suggested, "Hey -- why don't you stab that ramrod up my asshole."

"Me -- this dripping dildo?"

"Why not?" Norm chuckled.

"Yes, why not?" Laura laughed, as she got up, and then straddled his behind.

"Raise your ass up, honey," she said casually, "That is if you want me to shove this shaft up there!"

Norm must have been a glutton for punishment, for he arched his buttocks up to receive her dildo. She gripped both cheeks, and then squeezing, she stabbed his behind.

"Fuck it," she gasped, as she rode his behind, and then rutting into him, she playfully slapped his behind. "Like this, baby -- that's how it's done -- sure!"

"Oh, that feels good," Norm surprised her, "Yeah -- I never had anything but a tongue stabbing my asshole before!"

"Now, you've got eight inches of plastic prick," Laura laughed, as she rode his anus.

"Hey, don't forget me," Terry insisted, "I'm here -- remember!" And then, he apologized, "Sorry, honey -- I didn't forget you now, I just got carried away for a moment!"

Now, Norm's tongue lashed away inside her vagina, with new found sexual excitement surging through his turned-on body, as the dildo drove up his behind.

"Yes, yes," he panted, "I like it! I like it!"

"Sure you do, fucker -- take this -- and this -- and this last inch," Laura cried out, as she rode into him.

The plastic penis was indeed producing sensations for Norm now that he never knew existed. But what was also surprising to him was how this young woman in front of him enjoyed his tongue inside her so much. She was wiggling, and running her fingers through his hair, and passionately begging, "Lick it -- lick my love button, baby -- lick mama's snatch!"

His tongue whipped around her clitoris, and Laura built up her steam, as she drove it. He could almost feel his balls shooting, as the sensations grew more intensely pleasurable. The three of them had become one, in their equal desire to achieve far-out sexual thrills. Norm's tongue sliding around inside her vagina, and Laura's dildo thrusting up his tight, twisting asshole. Pitching her pelvis up, Terry felt herself gushing generously. "Ahhhh -- ohhhhh -- I'm coming, baby, lap it up, long tongue, lap it up!"

Norm's long tongue joyously ate her juices, and she sighed, and lay back. Laura finished stabbing his butt, and eased out of him.

"Slow down," he told her, "Don't drag that thing out too fast or you'll tear my asshole to shreds!"

"Oh, I wouldn't do anything like that," Laura said, slowing down. "You've got such a nice fucking ass -- I want to save it -- so I can screw it again!"

"I don't know as I could survive another round of sex like you two chicks gave me tonight," he smiled. "You were on fire -- so help me, both of you chicks were on fire to fuck!"

"You come here to get your rocks off," Laura assured him, "and we aim to please -- every way we know how!"

Chapter ELEVEN

When Norm had gone, Terry and Laura left together. They didn't do much talking as Terry drove back to their Lakeshore Towers apartment.

"Well, we really had a day of it, didn't we?" Laura said soberly.

"I'll say we did -- we earned that money, didn't we?"

"You know it!"

The two women went to their respective apartments and were so exhausted from the wild action that they got up late the next morning. The woman who managed the... Roman Massage phoned to tell Terry she and Laura had an opportunity to earn some good money if they could accommodate a couple of men in the afternoon.

"What about tonight?" Terry asked, "Does that mean we can pull a no-show -- or do you expect double-action?"

"You and Laura can have a night off if you want to," she insisted. "But it is important to see to it that these two men get some good action, and if anybody can give them that I'm sure you and Laura can."

"I appreciate your confidence," Terry assured her and hung up. She phoned Laura to tell her, and Laura insisted she come over to her place for the sex meet.

Terry hurried over to Laura's place and awaited the arrival of the two men. "I've got to clean the place up," Laura insisted, "Can you vacuum the floor?"

"Sure, I'll be glad to," she told her. Laura went to the closet to pick up the vacuum and give it to Terry. Terry hurried to plug it in and start vacuuming the floor. Laura, in the meantime cleaned the ash-trays, checked the glasses at the bar to make sure they were clean, and then went to the bedroom.

As she looked at the king-sized bed with the huge sheets that she had to change, she decided to wait until Terry had finished cleaning the floor so she could have some help. Terry finally finished, and when she put the vacuum cleaner away, Laura called out for her to come in and help her change sheets.

"I can't change these awkward bed sheets all alone -- can you help me?"

"Of course, I'll help you," Terry replied, going in to assist her. Laura had the dirty sheets tugged off the bed, and wadded up in a clumsy pile on the floor. Now, she was tossing Terry one end of a king-size pink sheet.

"Here you are," she called to her, and Terry caught the end of it and tucked it in the bed corner. It didn't take the two women long to get the beds made. Then, before they could do any more cleaning, the door chimes were sounding.

"They didn't take long to get here," Terry observed.

"When a man is horny, honey, it's amazing how fast his balls can propel him where he's going!"

Laura led the way to answer the door, and Terry sat in a chair near the window overlooking the lake as the early afternoon sunshine tinted it with gold and silver.

And then, as Laura opened the door, Terry heard her say, "Good afternoon -- how are you?"

"Just fine," the first man nodded. "Fine, thank you," the second man spoke up quickly. The two men came over to the chairs, circling the cocktail table in front of the great window which afforded the fantastic lake view. Laura said quickly. "This is Terry -- I'm Laura -- and who might I ask are you?"

The taller of the two men, dark-skinned with sensuous brown eyes, and a pleasing face smiled, "I'm Gustin, and this is Vince."

Vince was a shorter, slim, curly-haired man with a ruddy complexion, and bright blue eyes.

He looked at both girls carefully, and his expression revealed he was indeed turned-on.

"Hi, girls," Vince smiled, sitting down. Laura and Terry chorused, "Hi..."

"A good way to get our little love in the afternoon session going might be to have a drink..."

"Right," Vince smiled, "and run around in the nude!"

"Of course," Terry smiled right back, "Let it all hang out. That's what we're here for -- an informal good time!"

"Don't mind if I do undress," Gustin agreed, slipping out of his clothes quickly. When he got down to his shorts, he hesitated. "Now, I'm not going to do a strip show," he complained. "If we all go nude -- I will, but I'm not putting on some kind of naked exhibition -- no way."

"You won't be alone," Terry said, rising and swiftly slipping out of her clothes down to her panties and bra. The luscious, ripe breasts popped out of the bra, revealing everything but the nipple. The tight-fitting panties revealed her furry triangle, and Gustin was flipping out as he looked at her.

"Should I go on?" Terry asked huskily, feeling herself turning on under his hot-eyed scrutiny of her body.

"Don't stop now, honey," he smiled, "Keep undressing -- keep undressing!"

Terry went ahead, and slid out of her panties, revealing her moist triangle. Just then, Laura interrupted with the drinks.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything, but here are the drinks -- I'm bringing the bottles over, and the ice cubes, and you take your pick!"

"That's nice," Gustin smiled, "but the only drink I'm interested in right now is located between a pair of legs."

"You sure are horny, honey," Laura laughed, "but that's what it was put here for -- to enjoy..."

Gustin, still in his shorts, and Terry still in her bra, were joined in their undressing by Vince who slid out of his clothes completely, and stood there naked, his penis standing up, eager, and hot. Laura vied with Terry, sliding out of her clothes, letting her breasts jut out much to the delight of Vince who never took his eyes off her until she shimmied out of her panties.

"I'll take this off for you," Gustin said hoarsely, as he got in front of Terry, his penis bulging in his cotton shorts. Then, he removed her bra, and her giant breasts popped into view. The round red nipples fascinated him, and his eyes swept down to her moist triangle.

"Take my shorts down now," he smiled, "I'm ready!"

"Yes," she replied softly, as she knelt before him, Vince closing in to watch the action on one side of him, and Laura on the other.

Slowly, Terry pulled his cotton shorts down. As the tight elastic band pulled down over his penis, it flipped into naked view.

"Oh, wow," Terry smiled, as she saw his swollen testicles, and his rock-hard cock. "You've sure got a long banana, haven't you, honey?"

Grasping it, and pointing it to her mouth, Gustin smiled, "Nine solid, sucking inches, honey -- and all for you!"

Opening her mouth, she allowed him entrance. As his buttock cheeks squeezed in, as he shoved his shaft into her mouth his buddy Vince wanted some of the action.

"Get down on your knees, cocksucker," he smiled at Laura, "and give rue a super suck blowjob!"

Without saying a word, Laura obeyed. Opening her mouth, she allowed Vince entrance. His penis wasn't quite as long as his friend Gustin's was. But, he did have a good, hard one, and she thoroughly enjoyed sucking it. Her fingers reached down to manipulate his testicles while she sucked.

"Ohhhh, that's nice, honey," Gustin panted, lifting one leg, and putting it on a chair, while he slowly shoved it in and out of her face. When he'd stop shoving his shaft for a moment, this would give Terry an opportunity to let her tongue sweep around the head of his male member.

"That's it," he panted. "Lick the head of it honey -- slow and easy -- you're doing a real nice job of it -- suck it!"

The action continued, and she opened her mouth wider. At this point, Gustin turned on, and drove it down her throat.

He liked watching his huge penis plugging her mouth, almost making her gag. It gave him somehow a sense of domination, adding a keen edge of excitement. Her full-lipped mouth fastened tightly to the slick-sliding shaft, and he pumped it smoothly in and out, in and out, but Terry had neglected his testicles, and be insisted, "Jiggle my nuts, sweetheart -- !"

Terry reached down and played with his testicles, exciting and stimulating him. And then the huge tool slid down her throat, almost making her gag, his testicles bouncing on her chin.

"Suck it, cocksucker," he demanded, "come on, gobble that cock, honey! You're going to get a throatful," he panted as the hot sperm flashed down her throat.

Meantime, Laura was sucking on the head Vince's penis, with Vince excitedly running his fingers through her hair. "Eat, eat it, baby!"

Laura's hot tongue lashed his penis-head, and he got so excited his fingers bore down into her head.

"Keep it up," he told her, "I'm getting closer, baby -- suck, suck -- suck that prick!"

Vince turned to watch Gustin. As he began watching him sliding his saliva-slick tool down Terry's throat, he smiled because Gustin was turning to watch him fuck Laura in the face.

Patting him on the behind, Gustin smiled, "Isn't this a good way to get your rocks off?"

"You know it, buddy," Vince replied, vigorously sliding his tool farther down Laura's willing throat.

Now, the two men were timing their cockthrusts down the women's throats, with consideration of what the other man was doing.

"Fuck her face," Gustin panted, as he watched his friend Vince's ass tighten, as he'd pull out, and drive down her. Faster, still faster, Vince rode Laura's mouth, now and then letting his slippery penis slide down her throat, and then pulling back so she could lick the head of it. The action went on like this, and Gustin rammed harder too.

"Take this," Gustin panted, stabbing it down her throat, "and this -- and this!"

The hot piston-like thrusts of the penis increased in pleasure, and the testicles bounced on her chin. Terry grew to turn-on with the feel of his testicles, enjoying the sweaty smell of Gustin's loins, and waiting eagerly for the cum-load the swollen testicles promised to deliver.

"Suck! Suck it!" Gustin cried out passionately enjoying the sliding action of his penis as it stabbed down her throat. "That's a good cock-sucker -- suck!"

The hot cum exploded, and he gripped her head tightly, telling her emphatically, "Keep your lips around it tight, honey -- you don't want to lose any."

Terry knew enough about giving blow-jobs by now so that it really wasn't necessary for Gustin to explain the importance of fastening her lips to his shaft, so no sperm would drip. She savagely sucked, and he threw his head from side to side, as the sexual excitement surged through his naked body. "Ohhhh, abhhhh, that's it -- suck it like that, baby! Yes, ohhh, yes!"

Vince was achieving his climax now. Thrusting his rod down Laura's willing throat, he gasped, "Ohhh, wow!" And his hands clawed into her head, as he got his rocks off in her mouth.

Delightedly, Laura sucked his mainstem. She'd long been a cum connoisseur, and when Vince shot her a good load of the creamy sticky substance erupting from the head of his jackhammer, she eagerly gobbled it up.

"That's it, cocksucker," Vince grunted excitedly, "Eat it, eat it up -- good for you, baby -- go after the juice!"

Laura hardly had to be told to go after the juice, for she'd been so eager for Vince to unload, that once it started shooting, she wouldn't quit sucking.

Finally, both men pulled their penises out of the girls' mouths, and they slumped into chairs, and stretched out, relaxing.

"What a nice view," Gustin laughed.

"The lake is beautiful from here..." Terry agreed.

"Your ass honey -- not the lake. I like the lake, but I was speaking of your beautiful butt -- anybody ever fuck you up the backdoor?"

"We need something to drink," Laura suggested, reaching for a bottle of whiskey, and pouring some for herself. The men both joined her in drinking. As they looked out at the lake, Terry asked Vince, "Have you seen Brando in The Godfather?"

"No," Vince told her, "I haven't, but I hear he's great in that flick!"

"He sure is," Laura grinned, "Brando is such a stud, wow!"

"I thought of being an actor one time," Gustin admitted, "When I was in college -- we had a big comedy and a talent scout was there."

"Did he notice you?" Laura asked, curious to know the outcome.

"No," Gustin shook his head. "But he did notice the chick I was acting with a brown-eyed girl named Gloria. She was built like you know what. And, when he got a load of her -- well, he put her under contract."

"Sure," Vince laughed, "When he was hunting for talent, he was obviously looking for a starlet for the studio whore stable. A cute little plaything for the lot producers to screw."

"That's exactly what happened," Gustin laughed, "She went there and they gave her a couple of bits in some flicks that never did get her anywhere. But, she got fucked..."

"How did you find all this out?"

"I went out there and visited her, and she's the one who got me horny for wild sex. She took me to some orgies you wouldn't believe. Makes my prick stand on end to think about it."

"I'm sure you hated that," Laura laughed, "because you are a good little boy -- who would never do anything naughty like suck cunt, and eat ass and fuck up the backdoor."

"You're right," Gustin laughed, "I do all that I may be a naughty little boy, but I'm sure as hell not a frustrated one. I make it a point to get my rocks off regular -- just the way I want to."

"Good for you," Terry smiled, "I like to hear a man admit he likes every kind of sex action from sucking ass to licking dick, to sticking it up a woman's asshole. It means, he's honest about it, and I think he is a lot more satisfied than the men who say they don't care far variety in sex -- when if they'd only be honest -- they do!"

"Agreed," Gustin smiled.

Chapter TWELVE

Having enjoyed some more drinks, and chit chat, the men were ready to begin balling the women again.

"You know what I'd like to try -- the 'Choo-Choo' train," Gustin smiled, reaching out at his penis which was now rock-hard again.

"What's that?" Terry asked, curious to know exactly what he had in mind.

"That, my luv is when you have a gang bang ass-fuck. For example Terry -- you could be the engine and be on the front. I'd be ramming my dong up your asshole, while Laura fucked my butt with a dildo, and Vince would be our Caboose. He'd be drilling his dick up Laura's tight ass!"

"Oh, that sounds like fun," Terry giggled, "You sure know the interesting games, don't you?"

"Sure, baby, sure -- ever hear of the golden shower?"

"No," Laura replied, "What on earth is that?"

"The golden shower is..." and then Gustin stopped, "Tell you what, I'll keep that my dark secret until our Choo-Choo screw, and then I'll surprise you with it!"

"Alright," Terry nodded, "but that isn't fair 'cause now you've got me all curious, and I have to wait!"

"Don't worry -- you'll find out, now let's go to the bedroom where we can begin our train ride!"

Gustin got to his feet, and began sounding like a steam engine, gasping, "Choo-Choo, Choo-Choo," as he led the merry group to the bedroom for some action.

Vince, Laura and Terry followed behind him, as Vince grabbed Gustin's waist, and Laura grabbed his waist, and Terry brought up the rear. Once they were in the bedroom, they dropped their hands from each other, and Laura went into the closet to bring out her dildo equipment.

While she was strapping it on herself, Gustin was looking around the room admiringly, "What a good place you've got for screwing," he smiled, "Yeahhh!"

His hands gestured to the floor length wall mirrors.

"Now, that's what I like," be smiled, "Nice mirrors. The Choo-Choo train can be watched as it slides down the track!"

"Up the track, don't you mean?" Laura interjected.

Gustin turned to look at her, as she finished strapping the dildo straps. The pink elastic penis stood up, rigid, ever-ready.

"Don't you have a smaller size?" he smiled.

"Don't you have a smaller size?" she laughed in retort.

Going to the bathroom, she produced a tube of K-Y, and taking the top off the tube, began squeezing some of its sticky contents into the palm of her hand.

Reaching down she spread it around the plastic penis.

"Now, I guess we're ready," she smiled, and then the action began. First Terry got up on the bed -- and on all fours. "You get behind her," Laura told Gustin. "Go ahead!"

Immediately, Gustin got in place behind Terry.

"Hey, give me that ass-jelly," he demanded. Laura tossed it over to him, and he immediately squeezed some out, using it to grease his penis down. Then, he used a finger to rub some of it around Terry's tight anus.

"Easy..." Terry told him.

"How are you going to take my prick, baby -- if you find my finger hurts?"

"That is a very good question," she chuckled, "I guess it'll have to stretch a little..."

"Stretch a lot," Gustin corrected her. All at once, he felt Laura's finger greasing his anus.

"Mmmm, that feels good," he turned to tell her.

"My dildo dong is going to feel much better," she told him. "You'll really like that!"

Laura didn't have long to wait until she felt Vince's finger, well greased, sliding up her rectum.

"Nice and tight," Vince panted, "Just like I like to find, a good fuckin' asshole!"

It began with Gustin who slowly eased his huge penis head to the tight anus of Terry. Slowly, he slid it past the anal ring, and got it in so smoothly it didn't pain her at all.

"Farther -- and farther -- and farther!" Gustin whispered, as he slid the penis up there, "...and now we're in!"

He began drilling her behind in earnest, as he rammed it to her. In the meantime, Laura was having some difficulty in getting her dildo into his anus.

"Slow down, honey -- the Choo-Choo will never get on the track if the cars don't get connected!"

"Alright," Gustin agreed, "but don't take forever connecting -- okay?"

"Okay," she agreed. He slowed his drilling down long enough for Laura to ease her dildo into his tight, hot anus. And then he began thrusting again.

"Okay, baby," Vince whispered, "slow and easy -- yes -- yes!" Vince gripped her buttock cheek with one hand, spreading it, and slid his slickened tool in with the other. Coming to the tight spot, he suddenly thrust.

"Oowweeeeee!" she groaned, as she felt him thrust it into her.

"Sorry about that, baby," he smiled, "but it takes a little pressure..."

"Yeah, I know that!" she said grimly.

Now the Choo-Choo train was on the track, and speeding ahead to Orgasm Town.

"How does it feel, Terry, baby?" Gustin asked the Engine.

"Full speed ahead!" Terry told him, "but how about some work down in the boiler department!"

"Between your legs," Gustin nodded, as his hand went over to her loins, and he began utilizing his fingers in her vagina, exciting her every way he knew how.

"Fuck it, honey," he demanded, "Fuck it back to me!"

Terry pumped her buttocks back to Gustin to meet his solid, forward cockthrust.

"Oh, wow," Gustin groaned in delight, "Keep that action up!"

Meantime, Gustin's behind was getting a wild workout with the hard, ramming thrusts of Laura's driving dildo.

"You drive a mean dildo," he told her over his shoulder.

"And you love it," she laughed, "every inch of it!"

Admitting he did with a quick nod, he went on driving his own hard penis up Terry's tight rectum. Then, be let his hands play with her bosoms. Terry turned on, churning her buttocks around quickly, providing him with just the stimulation his sliding tool needed.

"That's it, ass fucker," he blurted excitedly, "Keep your ass churning -- faster, baby, faster!"

When Gustin had finished ravaging her breasts, his hand moved down to her vagina, and his fingers went into her there, as he stimulated her clitoris.

"That's it," he panted, "Do my fingers stimulate you!"

"Oh, yes," she replied exuberantly, "You really know how to use them in my twat!"

Laura was stabbing up his rectum savagely, "How about that?" Gustin turned to tell her it was smooth fucking, and this triggered Vince to drive his tremendous jackhammer up there with sharp, hard force.

"Fuck it -- fuck!" he grunted, gripping Laura's turning, twisting buttocks, as he rode forward. The sensuous sight turned Gustin on, as he looked in the mirror. The four of them, creating their sexy Choo-Choo train, were forging ahead.

"Fuck it," he told Laura who promptly gyrated her behind to the tempo of his hard-driving cockthrust.

His hands supplied a lot of satisfaction as he felt of her behind. Gripping it tightly, he thrust himself inside her.

"Shove it back, baby," he begged. Laura drove her ass back and he rammed ahead.

"Sock it to me," she turned to smile at Vince, who was thoroughly enjoying the action.

The four of them were building to a mutual climax, and the rutting became more savage, more furious. "More, baby, more," he told her, "Drive it up there! Fuck! Fuck it!"

And then Laura felt Vince's penis erupting in her rectum. Gripping it tightly in her hot channel, she squeezed its sticky contents.

"Ohhh, ahhhh, I'm coming, I'm coming," Vince panted, as he socked it to her, his balls bouncing on her behind, as he drove it in up to the hilt. Now, Gustin got his gun off.

"I'm shooting baby, grab it!"

Terry pulled in as she got a vise-like grip on his tool, squeezing out the cum-load.

"Ohhh, ahh, yes, turn and twist, honey! Keep it moving!" Terry did just that, but begged him, "keep the finger action up honey -- yea -- yes, that's it. Fuck it -- fuck me with your fingers, baby -- that's it -- fuck it good!" As both men felt their penises erupting in the girl's behind, Gustin remembered, "Hey -- this is supposed to be a Choo-Choo train! We should all be saying, 'Chugg-Chugg'..."

"Alright," Terry stammered, "Chugg-Chugg -- Chugg-Chugg!" The Chugg-Chugg was picked up by the rest of the train -- Gustin, Laura, and Vince, and their combined 'Chugg-Chugg' made a funny sound, that got them into a laughing jag, "Hey, stop it," Gustin said, "I was enjoying a good solid fucking until you got me laughing."

"You got your rocks off," Terry reminded him.

"Yeah, but I always good for one more round..."

"Forget it," Laura sighed, "We've given you a good enough time already!"

They pulled out of each other, and flopped down on the bed. Gustin smiled at his sticky, dripping with cum, prick. "Hey, baby, why don't you suck the cum off..."

"Now?" Terry demanded.

"Right now," Gustin insisted, grasping his mainstem proudly, "It would really appreciate a good cleaning -- and what better way to clean it than with your sweet, hot mouth!"

Without complaining Terry did as she was told, and as Laura watched, she feared that Vince might suggest the same thing, which she found the thought of more than a little distasteful.

"Alright," Vince nodded, grinning, and holding his penis in his hand, "Now -- now you come over here and suck on my prick..."

"Later," Laura laughed, hoping she could put him off.

"Now, while the cum is still hot," Vince demanded.

It didn't take long for Laura to commence licking on Vince's joystick for she was eager to get it over with. She closed her eyes, and Vince insisted, "Keep your eyes open so you can watch it..."

Glancing up, she begged, "Do I have to?"

"Yea, go ahead -- it's only been up your asshole!"

"Don't mention it," Laura objected, "I'll suck it but don't talk about it!"

She bent over, and let her mouth slip over its meaty head, and then she began sucking on him, and he enjoyed her debasement enormously, letting his hands reach out, and he pushed her down.

"GO after it, baby," he advised her, "Suck it for me, and you better suck it good!"

To her surprise, Vince could still get some thrusting power into his penis. She figured that he'd be ready to shrive after all that hot action, but it didn't work that way at all. He was stiffening with each downswing of her mouth, and her fingers agitated his testicles, trying to bring him closer, still closer to another climax.

Terry, in the meantime was discovering the same thing was happening with Gustin's penis. At first, he was soft, but as she sucked, he started to stiffen, and the longer she sucked upon it the harder he was becoming.

"Good girl," he panted, "keep it up! Keep that I suction action going. Faster, honey -- faster!"

Terry's mouth moved at quicker tempo, as she sought to bring the penis to eruption.

The two men exchanged glances, finding that watching the other man being sucked upon was capable of producing quite a response in their own body.

"How about that?" Vince smiled, "Isn't she a nice, clean girl? She loves to lick prick -- clean dick -- yes -- that's her specialty -- suck it, cocksucker -- suck it!"

The action didn't subside, as each man drove it into her harder, faster, more furiously.

"Keep it up," he insisted, "That's it, baby keep that cock-sucking action going! Faster, baby, faster!"

The rapid thrusting movement of his male member was producing electric thrills up and down her spine.

"Ohhhh -- ahhhh -- yes -- yes -- that's it, suck it -- suck it, sweetie, suck it!"

Gustin, on his third round didn't take long. The sperm load wasn't as great as the first or second but nevertheless, it was a sizeable load, and she devoured it quickly.

"Ahhh -- ohhhhh -- yes -- yes, suck that prick! Eat it!" The hot creamy juice spurted into her mouth, and she devoured it greedily.

Vince was grunting now too, as he came, shooting into Laura's sucking mouth.

"There it is, baby, eat that juicy dong! Lick it -- suck it all out!"

Laura gobbled down the penis before her, enjoying it immensely, as she felt the hot juices hurtling down her throat, and she greedily licked the head of it, as he slid out of her.

Once the two girls had removed their mouths from the men's penises, Vince reminded his buddy Gustin, "We still haven't given the girls the 'golden shower'..."

"Maybe we could skip that treat you have in mind, whatever that is," Laura suggested about sick enough to throw up from all they'd put them through.

"Oh, no," Gustin argued, "That's the nicest action of all!"

"I'd suggest we go into the bathroom for the ceremonies," Vince smiled.

"Is it necessary for all four of us to cram together in the bathroom?" Terry asked, "Really!"

"It really is necessary," Gustin insisted again. And so, the four of them ushered into the rather small quarters.

"You get on the floor," Vince smiled, and Gustin picked it up from there, "and you face the opposite direction."

Both girls got on the floor, facing opposite the men. Then, the men gripping their penises began spraying them with their urine.

"This, luvs, is the golden shower!"

"Oh, no, damnit," Laura complained, squeezing herself together, trying to get away from the spray from his penis. "This is sick, sick, sick, and I don't want any part of it."

"Stop it," Terry whimpered, "Stop it, you demented..."

But both men remained cool, "Hey, honey -- aren't you ladies getting a bit choosy about what you will do, and about what you won't do? You're pleasure girls, and you shouldn't complain about giving us a little pleasure! No -- just relax, and enjoy it!"

When they finished urinating, both men, said, "Get up -- we want to take a shower, and clean up!"

Both girls did get up, and the men took their showers, as Terry went into the bedroom, collapsing in the bed and crying.


Once the men were gone, Terry told Laura flatly, "I've had it -- those last two guys were too much. I'm sick and tired of catering to all the whims they can dream up."

"I'm fed up too," Laura nodded, "What say we go out to dinner tonight? Dress up, and let's have ourselves a ball!"

"Alright," Terry agreed, "I'll go up and dress. And you come up to my place for a before-dinner drink -- okay?"

"Agreed," Laura told her, and then Terry hurried up to her apartment. But when she got there, she got a big surprise. Her husband was back from his trip.

"I wasn't expecting you," Terry told him, wrapping her arms around him.

"Where were you?" he demanded crisply.

"Why, darling you can trust me," she laughed, "I was with Laura down the hall."

"Were you?"

"Of course -- let's go down to Laura's place. She'll tell you where I was."

"Alright, honey. I trust you. Let's go down to Laura's apartment."

"Always nice to be trusted," Terry smiled, not losing one ounce of her composure. She walked down to Laura's pad, and knocked on the door.

"Hi," Laura smiled, opening it up for her, "Come right in!" Both of them stepped in. "So nice to see you back," she smiled at Brad. "Terry and I were going out to dinner tonight."

"That's nice," Brad smiled, somewhat surprised his wife had indeed told him the truth.

"Then we should all three of us go out to dinner," Brad suggested.

"No, no," Laura insisted, "I wouldn't think of it. You two haven't been together for days -- you must go out together!"

"Well, thank you," Brad smiled, "Terry and I do have a lot of things to talk over, and maybe it would be better if we went out alone."

"We'll catch you later, honey," Terry said, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. The two of them left, and all the way back to the apartment Terry was calculating in her mind as to whether or not he knew she'd been cheating on him.

Once back in the apartment, she thought the best defense was an offense approach. "have you been a good boy while you've been away?" she asked, smiling innocently at her young, virile husband.

"You know I've missed you," Brad smiled, "Why don't we have sex before dinner..."

"I might not want dinner then," Terry laughed, "I'm sure you're ready to give me a big feeding after all the time you've been loyal to me."

"Let's go in the bedroom," Brad smiled. Having about had it with Gustin and Vince all afternoon the last thing she wanted was more sex action. But with her husband, she had to have sex -- that was the law.

She followed him into the bedroom, and began undressing. Brad didn't take long to unbutton his shirt, unzip his pants, and pull them off.

As he stood there in his shorts, the huge penis swelling the cotton material, she did feel a passionate desire seize her, and she walked over to him, brushing her vagina hairs against him.

"Oh, baby," Brad whispered, "I've missed you so much when I was away..." And then he pressed his erect penis tighter to her vagina.

"I'm sure you have," she said softly. "Every time you were making out with another woman, you thought of me!"

Brad reached down, and slid his legs out of his shorts, and stood there, hot, eager and ready.

"Get up on the bed and let's do a few things before I give it to you," he suggested.

Brad got on the bed, straddling her, and pressing his penis between her large breasts. As he did this, his wife got a good look at the meaty head of his penis. It began swelling larger, and larger, and she became more eager to let her tongue sweep, across its slick surface.

"Hey, super-mouth," he smiled at her, "Got a nice slick prick for you to suck on!"

She saw the juice oozing from the head of it, and he basked confidently in his male prowess, as he saw her eyes glistening as she looked at it.

Releasing her great breasts, he pressed forward.

"Now, baby, here's my prick," he smiled. And with animalistic sex energy, he shoved it in her open mouth.

The moment the penis slid into her mouth, she felt vibrant and alive. The penis engulfed her mouth, and her tongue could hardly manage to lick around its meaty head. Sensing this, he moved back. She let her tongue sweep around the head of it, and let the edge of her tongue slip gingerly into the small slit at the penis-head. His penis quivered, his spine shivered, "Oh, honey, nobody sucks it like you do!"

"Suck it, lover," he panted, sliding his saliva slick tool smoothly in and out of her face, her lips clutching it tightly. Her hands went to his buttocks, as she massaged him there. He loved the feel of her smooth-body, and her hands massaging his buttocks particularly pleased him.

"That's it, baby doll -- use your hands on my ass! I like it, come on -- use them to massage my butt."

The word 'massage' when her husband used it plugged in the whole massage parlor syndrome, and she shook nervously. He took it as shaking with excitement, and ran his fingers excitedly through her hair.

"Oh, honey, you're turning-on with my dong!" he panted, pleased to see her so stimulated, his own body vibrated in unison.

Together, they went to town. Terry greedily licking the penis, as he pumped it in and out, and then he began throat-fucking her in earnest. With savage thrusts, he drove in and out.

"Suck that juicy prick, you cocksucker," he cried excitedly. "That's it, honey -- take it all in -- all of it -- every inch baby, every fucking inch!"

Jabbing it roughly down her throat, and guiding her head with his hot hands, he let her know he was enjoying it. His head moved from side to side, his jaw hung slack, and his lust-glazed eyes glanced in the mirror.

"Eat that prick," he panted, "Eat it!" The hot penis shot down her throat, and her lips curled tightly around it, as she sucked her virile, stud husband's juices from the head of his shooting penis. Her finger slid up his asshole, on the moment of shooting, and this guided his penis-thrusts effectively.

When she stopped sucking, he slid out, and smiled, "Baby, let me go down on you now," he insisted.

Turning around, and straddling his wife, he buried his head between her legs, he let his tongue slide along her slit. In the meantime, Terry was bending up, taking aim for his anus. She gripped his firm, round behind, letting her tongue sweep around his tight anus, and suddenly let her tongue stab his asshole. Just as Brad felt his wife's hot tongue thrusting up his anus, he dipped his stiffened tongue inside his wife's hot vagina. The tongue whipped around her clitoris, and he bore down with his teeth. At this same moment, Terry decided to take a mock bite on his butt. With her tongue sweeping his tight anal channel, she pulled her lips back, and pretended to bite him on his behind. When Brad felt her teeth, he in turn bit her clitoris. The double biting action was a new innovation, and he enjoyed it.

"Stab it up there," he told her, taking his tongue out of her snatch. "Drive it up there!"

Pulling his buttock cheeks farther apart, she let her tongue drive up there, and repeatedly stab his anus.

He went back to eating her, and his tongue swept the velvety vagina walls, electrifying her body with his rapid-fire jabs. He even enjoyed the aroma of her vagina, having missed her that much. And Terry stabbed his asshole with her tongue, as if trying to prove to him with her tongue sliding in and out of his asshole as to how loyal she had been all along.

She could see his testicles swelling, see his penis getting hard again. And her fingers massaged his scrotum, gently pressing on his prostate, enjoying the view from behind, as she reached out for his penis, sliding it in her hand methodically.

To have a wife who could turn-on like this when he came home, was pleasing to Brad. Mashing his face on her vagina, and closing his eyes, he saw with his tongue as it licked inside her quivering mound.

Soon, their tongues were timed to the same place. Her hot tongue flashing up his asshole at the same tempo, as his tongue sliding inside her vagina. The pleasure pitch built to such a high point, Terry could hardly remain still. She wiggled about, and Brad's strong hands held his wife's body in place.

Now, he could piston-thrust his tongue and bring her to quick climax. His hands held her buttocks, squeezing them, and pinching in and out while his tongue action did marvelous things on Terry's erect clitoris. The licking produced the passionate, liquid response he was longing for. His mouth filled with her joyous juices as she flooded it.

Some of it dripped down his face, as he stayed tightly pressed to her mound, devouring her.

She continued letting her tongue lick around his anus, as he lapped away inside her hot hole. Then, he flopped over, and she seized his tool.

"I'm going td ride you," she panted.

"Go ahead, honey! I'm ready for round two!"

Brad was telling the truth. His jackhammer penis was standing straight up, rigid, and ready. She straddled him, and let it slide up her gash. It was a glove-tight fit.

He reached up, and pinched her breasts. The electrical sexual excitement this engendered, caused her to grip it with her vagina, massage it vigorously, and cry out in passionate excitement, "Fuck me, ohhhh, Brad, give it to me!"

Throwing his penis up to meet her down thrusting vagina, he rammed it up there.

"Fuck it, fuck it, ohhhh -- ahhhhh!!" The hot splash of sperm shot into her, and she pumped her vagina in quick, pulling movements, squeezing the contents out of him.

As he released his grip on her breasts, and lay back, she slid off his sticky joystick and went into the bathroom to douche. Brad followed, his penis dripping cum onto the carpet.

"Watch it," she complained, rushing to the bathroom, and grabbing a towel, and wiping the stuff off as quickly as she could. Then, she stepped into the shower, and her husband joined her. As the two of them showered, he washed her body gently massaging her breasts, and reaching down to her furry triangle.

When they finished, they stepped out of the shower, and got dressed to go out to dinner.

After dinner, Brad wanted to stop at a topless bar, and did. As the beautiful girls came dancing out on the runway, Terry found herself enjoying the sight of their naked breasts bobbing around in front of her.

Then, the red-headed nude dancer turned around, and wiggled her bare behind.

"Isn't she a knockout?" Terry smiled.

Instantly, her husband wheeled around, "Look! I'm the one who is supposed to appreciate the female form -- not YOU!"

"Sorry about that," she replied quickly, "but I find her appealing."

"How appealing?"

"Oh, I don't want to fuck her, if that's what you mean," she smiled, enjoying seeing her husband's alarm.

"I was just trying to see if you had any lez tendencies," he said nervously.

Reaching down under the table, she felt her husband's penis. "I can see your glands are functioning very well," she smiled.

Reaching over, Brad teased her, "And I have no way of knowing!"

"Yes, you do," she insisted, "but if you slide your hands under my panties, and slip a finger inside my slit to fish around for my clit, I'll clobber you on the spot."

Once the green-eyed, white-skinned, redhead topless, bottomless dancer noticed Brad was looking at the girl beside him, she figured she'd pull the attention back to herself. Wiggling over, she flung her huge breasts so close he could breathe on them.

As if that weren't enough, the redhead turned, and bent over almost brushing her buttocks in his face. Brad got a big charge out of this, and flipped his tongue out, licking the girl's behind.

"We're getting out of this crummy joint," the distraught wife glowered at the nude dancer. "And if I catch you licking anybody's ass but mine, you're in big trouble!"


When Terry got home that night, her husband surprised her by announcing, "I'm glad we had such a good time tonight, honey because I've got to split out tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow," Terry blurted in exasperation.

She had thought finally they could have some time together. She'd become so disgusted with the off-beat sex acts that the two men had had her perform, she'd determined to never again become involved in sex for sale. But, the nerve of Brad suddenly announcing he was going away again caught her off guard.

"Take me with you," she finally said softly, as she sat down in a chair facing the picture window looking out on the lake.

Brad came over and sat in a chair beside her, "I can't, honey! Please be patient with me, honey. I'm earning good money on my job and when I get some stashed away you and I will take the greatest vacation ever."

"Where will we go?"

"Spain, Portugal, maybe the Canary Islands!"

"The Canary Islands," Terry enthused, "Oh, honey, promise me you'll take me there. I've always wanted to go to the Canaries."

"If you're a good girl and don't make such a big fuss when I have to go on my business trips, we'll not only go, we'll buy some land there and maybe build a house someday," he smiled.

"Oh, that sounds too good to be true," she said, getting out of her chair and going over to kiss him.

"Now, baby doll, I've got to get some shut-eye, so I can get up early again tomorrow and catch that plane."

"Where to this time?"

"Miami," he said quietly.

"Oh, I envy you so much," she told him frankly, "You have so much fun traveling all the time..."

"It isn't fun when you have to do it for a living," he told her flatly.

Glancing down at her watch, she realized it was time to go to bed, and she decided to make the bed up, and put some things out so she could fix breakfast for her husband.

They slept soundly, and when the alarm went off, Terry got up and fixed a hearty breakfast for her husband. They chatted, and joked and Terry had made her decision -- no more work at the local massage parlor.

She drove Brad to the airport, kissing him goodbye, and whispering, "Don't forget the Canary Islands!"

"I won't baby, and I won't forget you either -- so long, sweetie!"

And then, Brad was gone down the runway to get on his jet. Terry turned and walked back to her car, a feeling of loneliness sweeping over her. As she drove along the Lakeshore Drive she looked out at the waters. They were choppy today, just like the turbulence surfacing inside her as being alone became reality once more. She glanced at the high-rise skyscrapers overlooking the lake, and she wished she could live in one of those deluxe apartments with a man who'd stay at home with her. But, she finally reasoned, that was her lot in life, and she'd make the best of it. Yet, no sooner had she gotten back to her apartment, than the phone was ringing. Picking it up, she started talking to Laura.

"Where's Brad?" Laura asked, knowing he'd gone again, as she'd watched them drive out earlier.

"Oh, around," Terry replied, hating to admit he had left her alone again.

"Around where -- the airport?"

"Alright, so I drove him to O'Hare Field. He's on his way to Miami..."

"That's nice," Laura laughed.

Terry felt like hanging up on her.

"Well, if you don't want to be alone tonight, you know you can always join me at the Roman Massage..."

"Thanks," Terry said, "I'll let you know later!"

"Alright, luv -- take care!"

After Laura hung up, she put some music on her stereo and listened to it, and watched the sun shining on the lake. The beauty of the sun gilding the rippling water held a strange fascination for her. And then, she found herself dreaming. And as she dreamed she thought of some of the younger men, nearer her age she could have married, but turned down because she wanted the money, the opportunity that they could offer. And it cut into her to think of the choice she had made. Now, that she had experienced sex with a variety of right-on, virile, younger men, she felt it hard to settle for one. The music sort of released her inhibitions, and she decided why not? Why not go back and have a ball? She fixed herself some lunch, and later phoned Laura.


"Yes, darling..."

"I want you to drop by -- I'm going with you tonight."

"You see, baby -- I hate to say I told you so but I'm awfully glad you're going with me."

That evening, she dropped by and picked her up. The two women didn't have much to say for it was fast becoming an accepted fact that the massage parlor business was just another job for both of them. At the massage parlor, they were each assigned to their respective rooms, and Terry put on her skimpy bra and panty outfit.

As Terry walked into her room, she saw she already had a customer waiting on the massage table. He was stretched out, and had a towel over his behind. He looked up when she walked in and she saw he was not bad looking. His blue eyes glinted with anticipation, as they swept down her body.

"Hi," he grinned.

"Hi," she shrugged, a small smile coming to her face. He didn't take long to flip off the towel himself, and then he said, "I'm ready for a massage, baby -- anytime you are!"

Her fingers hovered over the white buns of his small rump, and then she touched him. Her hand closed over one cheek and she squeezed it, sending a thrill throughout her body as well as his. Then she massaged it, exploring the beauty of the one buttock thoroughly before moving over to the other. Sweat trickled down her underarms as her fingers caressed his bare warm bottom and she shut her eyes, imagining that they were clenching, as she turned-on with his body.

Then, she reached out and used both hands to give him a vigorous buttock massage, and all the time she did this, he was clenching his buttocks, pressing down on the bed, obviously enjoying her bands immensely.

He had broad shoulders, a trim waist, firm, round buttocks, and sturdy legs. She ran her fingers down his inner thigh, and he proudly parted his legs displaying his testicles. Her fingers traced his testicles, and she imagined what his proud, hard penis would look like.

And then, she said huskily, "Turn over, luv..." The sturdy, good-looking male turned -- over, and, as he did so displayed his stiff male member, and a complete view of his testicles. He had his legs spread now, and asked, "You got the door locked?"

She nodded, and smiled, "I always lock the door -- don't worry about that."

"Take your top off and let me get a load of those naked knockers. I'll bet those nipples are tremendous!"

And then, she slid her bra off, and her proud, beautiful tits went on display, their erect nipples, rigid, and rosy-red.

"Wow!" he smiled, "Good sucking tits -- bend over!"

Moving up, she bent over him brushing them across his face at first, and then as his arms encircled her, she stopped, allowing him the chance to suck one in his open mouth. His mouth closed around it tightly, and his teeth bit down lightly, "Ohhh -- ahhh -- that is fantastic," she panted, as she left the suction building as he sucked on her breast.

She ran her fingers through his hair while he sucked on her breast, and she begged him, "Bite the nipple -- bite it, baby!" And he bit it effectively, causing her to feel the excitement to race up and down her spine.

"Do the other one for me, baby," she begged. He released one breast, and then moved over to the other. His mouth opened, swept the breast inside, and the suction build-up began again.

"Ahhh-ohhhh -- that's it, suck on it, suck on it," she panted, feeling frantic excitement. Now, she wanted him to use his fantastic tongue action on the triangle of curly hair located between her legs. He accommodated her, and his tongue swept down there, and he licked in darting tongue movements.

"Go, baby, go!"

She was on the massage table, straddling his face, pressing her hot vagina down over his ace.

"Suck it," she panted, "Suck my cunt!"

The action continued, and the tongue jabbed up there. With wild, threshing movements he swept the velvet vagina walls, and she felt his hands massaging her buttocks, pulling her tighter to his face until his mouth pressed down on her like a tight-clamp.

"Eat my snatch," she begged, "Eat my pussy, baby -- eat it up!" Indeed, he did eat her, his tongue lapping, licking, teasing, tantalizing and stimulating her. He opened his eyes so he could completely enjoy the naked snatch he was sucking. Terry was a gorgeous girl -- everywhere -- snatch included, and he wanted to make his tongue dart about her there to tantalize her the best way he knew how.

His tongue stabbed her gash, and he flicked it back and forth in a tattoo pattern on her clitoris. She gripped his head, as she pressed down to his mouth.

"Eat it," she whispered, her fingers clawing into his head, "Eat it -- go ahead!"

Flipping his tongue around inside her, he prepared for the climax she sought so desperately. And his hands pulled her tighter, and tighter to his month.

"Ohhhh! Eat me! Eat my pussy, you dirty pussy eater," something impelled her to blurt at him.

But this didn't stop him from enjoying her. If anything, it only increased his pleasure at making passionate love to her.

When he'd finished, he took his mouth away from her, and she got off him.

"Hey, honey -- you've got some duties to perform," he smiled, "Go down there between my legs, and take advantage of me!"

To illustrate precisely what he wanted, he slid a pillow under his buttocks, and spread his legs wide.

Patting his behind with his hands, he smiled, "Suck this honey -- first, and then this!"

When he said 'this', his hands were on his penis. She crouched at his crotch, and let her tongue flip-flap along his buttocks.

"Lick it right around my asshole," be insisted. And then she slid her tongue around it there, and finally stiffened and plunged it up his hot hole.

"Hey, baby, reach up here and pull on my prick! This is the Rim-and-Jerk game; come on, rim my butt, and jerk my dick!" Terry let her tongue continue stabbing his behind, and then she gripped his penis, and began pulling hard on it, trying to give him the off-beat satisfaction be wanted.

"Ohhh, baby, what a good hand-grip," he told her, "That's sensational -- suck it!"

Pumping on his penis, she continued letting the tongue slide around his anus, and alternately thrust inside him.

"Baby, better start licking on my prick," he insisted, "I -- I can't take much more of this action."

She slipped out, slid her tongue along his testicles, and she licked the underside, lapping the length of the penis up to the head. She capped the head of it with her mouth and started sucking.

His hands went down on her head, and he held her in place, as he thrust it to her.

"Oh, hot cock-sucker, suck that prick! Eat it, that's it -- suck that joystick, ohhhhhhh -- ahhhh, suck that prick!"

It didn't take him long to shoot his wad, with her superb suction, she was producing with her hot-mouth action.

The cum shot in great gobs of sticky, white sperm and she sucked it greedily, enjoying it immensely. She didn't take her mouth off his rod until she'd finished giving him the satisfaction he sought, and then pulled off.

As she stood up, she slipped into her bra again, and put on her abbreviated hot-pants. He looked at her, and said, "You really are a good lay, I'll get your name, honey so I can ask for you again!"

"My name's Terry," she smiled.

"I'm Steve," he ginned, "Here's the extra money!" She took the twenty he handed her, and tucked it in the hot pants. Then, he walked out, and she was alone.


The next man that came in, puzzled her. He was carrying something in his hand, and he put it down, and then she saw what it was -- a double-dildo.

He got on the massage table, and she began to rub him down. As her fingers reached the swell of his mounds, he became excited, and said, "Use your finger up my asshole -- I like that!"

Then, she slipped it up his tight anus. He did enjoy it, and pumped his buttocks back, to meet her finger-thrust.

"I'm anal orientated," he explained.

"You're what?"

"Anal orientated," he smiled, "That's the psychological definition..."

"I never was much on Psych," she laughed.

"I teach it," he smiled.

"That's nice -- you could give fucking lessons too -- couldn't you..."

"Of course," he said, "Matter of fact I think I'm conducting one right now."

And then he smiled, "Reach down there and see what I've got for you!"

"A double dildo -- and a dildo on a strap," she laughed, "What is all this for?"

"Our sex and games," he nodded.

He got down off the massage table, and said, "Now you lie up there, baby, and let me massage you!"

As she got up on the massage table, his hand reached out, and he began stroking her breasts. Then, he bent over, and took each nipple and sucked on them. This excited her completely.

"Suck it for me," she begged, as she pushed him down to her hairy vagina. She thought it would be a conquest of sorts to force a psychology professor's face down in her hot, hairy moistening mound. He thought the same thing. And as his mouth moved down to her triangle, his tongue lapped her soft flesh.

"Ohhh, do me," she whispered, stroking the professor's head. Like any other man, his tongue delighted in licking away eagerly at her genitals, and he did a superb job of stabbing her gash with a perfectly stiff tongue.

Both hands held her in place.

"Eat me," she begged, "Eat my pussy, honey -- eat it!" The professor's long tongue whirled around inside her, enjoying her hot, horny hole completely.

"Lick it," she begged, "Nibble on my clit -- ohhhh, yes, my love button loves it!"

Obediently, the professor flipped his hot tongue on her clitoris, and brought her to another climax.

"Suck my pussy," she panted, pushing him tighter to her vagina, "Thata' boy, professor, eat pussy!"

The professor enjoyed having a woman insisting he go down on her, for he'd suffered plenty in his classrooms with the mini-skirted girls who didn't wear panties putting their pussies on display, particularly during test-times. The lure was almost unbearable, and when he'd succumbed to give a glance toward the rather forward young students, he caught one wiggling her mound, just as if a penis were being inserted in it. It stimulated his imagination to see such a sight, and it didn't drive him to his wife. Instead, he wanted to pursue some young pussy that might be willingly offered, with no complicated strings attached. At the massage parlor, he'd hit what he was looking for.

Finishing, he lifted his face from her.

"Delicious -- thanks for the feeding," he grinned, getting off her, and then motioning with his hand for her to stay there, he smiled, "Now, stay where you are -- stay right there, and I'll bring the dildos over here."

He brought the dildos over to the massage table, and gave one to the girl. The one that had the double-prongs. For a long moment, Terry looked at the plastic penises which were strategically placed on a strip of solid plastic.

"One goes into your asshole, the other fits into your pussy," he smiled, "Isn't this a lovely creation?"

"Lovely," she nodded, and then he placed it in her hand so she could slip them in.

"Watching a woman drill both holes stimulates me," he explained, "Now, baby, don't ask me why -- I don't know. And I'm sure not going to any psychiatrist and lie on his couch and wait for him to tell me why I find this so damned enchanting!"

"If it makes you happy, you horny bastard," she laughed, "It's alright with Terry!"

"Okay, Terry -- start pumping it into your asshole first!" Terry found the double-dildo extremely awkward. Nevertheless, she made the most of it, and first slid the one dildo up her rectum.

This was followed by edging the tip of the other dildo into her tight vagina. As both of the penises slid into place, the professor was completely turned on by the sight of it all. He suddenly began pumping with his hand, making quick, jerking movements.

"Ohhh -- yes -- yes," he gasped, "That's beautiful!" And he reached down between his own legs to grip his tool. Pulling on his penis, he began jerking it to a quick climax.

"Fuck it, Terry -- just like you had a couple of men drilling you. That's what I see in my imagination -- one man driving his cock up your sweet asshole, and the other ramming it up your tight twat!"

"Sounds good," Terry smiled, sliding them at a faster and faster pace, noticing that he was pulling on his penis at just about the same tempo she was pushing the dildos into place.

"Keep that up," he insisted, "That's it! Keep it up!" The action built, and the pleasure grew.

"Fuck it," he gasped, "Fuck your asshole! Fuck your cunt-hole!"

The double-barreled approach to screwing was producing not only pleasure to the watcher, but indeed producing some superlative sensations for Terry -- who thought to herself, the old professor indeed knew what he was doing.

"Fuck it -- fuck my cunt -- fuck my ass," he cried, as he pulled his penis off, and for a moment Terry was forced to wonder if it was a case of projection. Was the psychology, professor projecting himself into her place, and imagining the dildos were penises. It became so complex for her she couldn't determine for sure what was his hang-up.

All she knew for sure was that he was getting some kind of a kick. Getting off and watching the two dildos slide up her two holes.

Faster and faster, he pumped his hand as he jerked. She pushed the dildos quicker, and quicker, until she saw the juice gush out of his pulled on penis.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he cried, rushing over to her, and telling her, "Turn your head, honey -- let me feed you some hot cream fresh from my pecker."

Turning, she opened her mouth and let him slip his dripping penis inside her mouth. It thoroughly stimulated her, and she was delighted to suck on.

"Ahhhhh -- ohhhhh, baby, that's beautiful," he moaned, enjoying watching her cheeks suck in as she finished eating him.

As she gulped the juices, she gave a small gasp, and turning at this angle, she almost gagged on the cum. Finally, she managed to get it down, and then, he smiled.

"Now, you get off the table," he said, "and rub me down. By then I'll be ready for some more action."

He got back on the table, and she promptly proceeded to use her hands on his body. Effectively pushing down at the nerve centers, she massaged him so that he enjoyed it immensely.

"Keep it up," he said, "you're bringing me back to life." From the way she saw his asscheeks tighten as he pressed down on the massage table, she knew this was indeed happening.

And then, she let her hands slip between the crack in his behind. He tensed some more, telling her quietly, "Ohhh -- I like it when your hands slip between my legs!"

She slid one finger up his tight anus, and this pleased him too, as he accepted her finger as if it was a small penis. Then, pointing to the other dildo in the container on the floor, he suggested, "Terry, honey -- go strap that on, will you?"

Stepping over to it, she took it in her hands and proceeded to strap it on her body. It held good, and then, with it projecting straight out, she went back to the massage table.

"Shove it," he smiled, as he flipped over, and held his legs up and out.

"You really want me to?" she smiled, almost sadly as she looked at the eager professor, holding his ass up, eager, hot to satisfy his strange lust.

"Yes -- hurry up, honey," he insisted. Terry kicked herself mentally for making any kind of a fuss. If this was the kind of action that they wanted, this was the kind of action they obviously required. She got up on the massage table, feeling terribly awkward with the big dildo sticking out. From the way the professor was parting his buttock cheeks, she knew what he wanted. Grasping it in her hand, she guided it into its target spot.

"Shove it," he requested, "Give it to me!" From the wild, insistent, passion-filled look on the professor's earnest face, Terry deduced this action meant much to him. Smiling, as best she could, she laughed, "Alright, professor -- here it is!"

Saying no more, she rammed it up there, and he howled in pain as the first thrust past the anal ring hurt like the devil.

"Take this," she panted, "And this -- and this!" Inch by inch, she thrust the dildo up the professor's tight behind. He seemed to like it too.

"Fuck!" he begged, "Fuck my asshole!" Apparently, he was indeed anal-orientated. The only way he could satisfy this strange sexual desire, and still feel at all normal, was to find a woman who'd use a dildo up his hot behind.

But, he obviously expected more, for Terry observed the professor was turning his body around so that his huge, thick penis was standing up eager, ready!

"See, baby -- this is what I want! A mouth on my dong, and a dildo driving up my rectum!"

"You shall have it," Terry smiled, trying ever so hard to angle her body so she could keep the dildo from slipping out, and so she could get her mouth over his meat.

"Ahh -- ohhh -- you almost made it," the professor eyed her, as her mouth came closer, closer to his cock.

"Now, just let your tongue out," he begged her as she came within tongue's length of it. Her tongue shot out, licking the swollen head of it, and then, he angled his body around and it slid smoothly into, her mouth.

Terry was becoming a specialist at cock-sucking, and thought, she could write her own book on suck-action technique when she had finished her masseuse career.

"Ahhh -- obhhh -- yes, baby, yes," he moaned, "Do it -- do it, sweetheart -- do it!"

The pleasure surged through his body, as he felt himself getting dual-action. The hot delight of her sucking mouth, and the exciting action of her dildo driving up his tight behind, both produced a lot of pleasure for him.

"Suck that prick," he whispered, "Ahhh -- ohhh, drag your lip, mouth girl -- make my cock quiver!"

Terry remembered about letting her lower-lip drag over the penis-head, and as she did this, his penis quivered.

"Ohhh -- ahhh -- yes -- yes," he gasped, "That is beautiful!" Apparently, Terry was turning the old professor on. He reached over to a glass with an ice cube in it that he'd brought into the massage room with him. He told Terry, "Slip your mouth off my rod a minute. Honey and put this ice cube in your mouth!"

Terry wasn't eager to do this, as she had almost succeeded in bringing him to orgasm. But, now she was doing what he told her, as he was the man in the bread, and that was what counted in this kind of action.

His penis flipped out of her mouth, and she took the ice cube into her mouth as he placed it there before her lips. Then, the professor explained, "This is hot and cold fucking, honey! The cube gets the mouth nice and cool. I call it refrigerated fucking!"

When her mouth had cooled off with the ice cube, she slipped it out and took what was left of it, and tossed it on the floor.

"Alright, baby, now open your mouth and let me fuck you!"

His penis-head popped into her mouth and she sucked. The cool of the ice cube had given her mouth a comfortable feeling, and as the hot penis slid into her mouth, she sucked smoothly. The professor was enjoying himself immensely now.

"That's it -- suck my prick, baby -- suck it for me!"

The action continued, and excitement built to a peak, and he finally could hold back no longer. His hands went out, and he guided her over his rod.

"Eat it, baby, eat my prick!"

She gobbled up the juices, lapping it up pleasurably. As she ate his prick, he begged, "Now, honey -- fuck my asshole at the same time. It's the double-action I dig. Fuck and suck. That's it -- shove it up there. Don't worry about hurting my asshole. I can take it! Shove it!"

Driving the dildo higher up his rectum, she sucked at the same time. And as the sticky sperm continued shooting in her mouth, she quickly deduced it was the double action that created the excitement for him.

Slipping her mouth off, she slid off his penis, and then promptly let the dildo slide out of his anus.

"You gave me a good screwing," he smiled, "I really enjoyed it!"

"Beautiful," she smiled, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, professor. It took a lot of psychology to satisfy your asshole, as well as your pecker."

"A little out of the ordinary," he smiled, and then he looked at her strangely.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because you're different!"


"You're not like the other women around here. They're hard as nails. Would you mind if I kissed you?"

"No," she shook her head slowly, "not if you want to."

"Funny, but I want to," she smiled, and wrapping his arms around her, pressed his lips to her, passionately.


That night, Terry would just as soon have left alone, but that was impossible with Laura hustling all the side business she could. The moment Terry was ready to go home, Laura was standing there, with a wavy haired, blonde man with blue eyes, and full, sensuous lips.

"Meet Wayne," she introduced him, "And this is Terry, the girl I've told you so much about."

"Hi, Terry," Wayne smiled.

"I hope you don't mind if I've invited him over to our place for a nightcap."

"Why no -- I, don't mind at all," Terry said, nervously biting her lip, and secretly wishing she could tear Laura into little pieces.

The trio left the massage parlor, and went to the apartment house on Lakeshore Drive. Laura hit upon the idea of utilizing Terry's place.

"Why don't we use your pad?" she smiled at Terry, "I'm tired of being the one whose booze stock is depleted all the time."

Not really wanting to go to her apartment, yet not wanting Laura to think she was a cheap skate on the booze issue, she felt forced to nod.

"Oh, sure, that's fine!" she smiled. And then the three of them went up to the apartment. Promptly, Terry went over to the barb and asked them both what they wanted to drink, and fixed drinks for them.

Once they were smashed on three setups, the handsome blonde man, suggested, "No reason for us to be uncomfortable with all these clothes -- let's take them off!"

"Why not?" Laura laughed. "And I believe the bedroom is the appropriate place to undress, now isn't it?"

"Doesn't make any difference to me where I bare my butt, long as we all get in the nude," Wayne chuckled.

"Sure, let's go to the bedroom," Terry agreed. And then the three of them moved to the bedroom, and began undressing. They took off all their clothes, and then, Wayne was the first to flip back the bedspread, tossing back the white sheets, and to lie on the bed, with his legs outspread, "You know what I've always thought I'd do with two women," he smiled, his huge, thick penis standing up, rigid, and ready.

"What?" Laura smiled, coming over and sitting naked on the bed beside him.

"I thought it would be fun to have one chick doing the ass-eating, and the other sucking on my nuts, and eating my joystick!"


"That's what I always call it. A juicy joystick. It's sure brought a lot of joy to enough women, I'll tell you that!"

"I'll bet it has," Laura smiled. And then, she bent over, letting her tongue flip over the head of it. She moved down it, and took the head of the joint in her mouth, and sucked. As she sucked, Terry went to work on his behind, just as he had requested.

"Baby," he told Laura, "Do your thing on my nuts first -- lick 'em, and tickle 'em with your tongue, and then suck them up in your mouth. Do it first one at a time, and then try to get both balls in your mouth. It should really prove exciting!"

Terry let her hands, part his clean-looking blonde behind, allowing a good view of his golden, hairy asshole. It seemed like a simple request for he was beautiful all over. Her hot tongue lashed the inner walls of his buttocks, and he quivered in sexual ecstasy.

Then, she flipped her tongue inside his hot hole, and shot it speedily back and forth. Now, the excitement built and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ramming the tongue up his anus, as if it were a small penis produced intense delight for Wayne, and his butt wiggled in time to her tongue jabs.

"Ohhh, baby, does that ever feel good," he took her quickly, responsive to her intrusive tongue sliding up his hot asshole. Not to be outdone by her sexual performance, the competitive spirit surfaced in Laura and she quickly went to work on his testicles. At first, she merely let her tongue slowly drag over them, and then she sucked them into her mouth, and let her tongue slip over them.

The pressure built up, and she opened her mouth, permitting his testicles to fall into it. Then, be moaned in delight, letting his hands reach down on Laura's shoulders, arid his finger tips touched the head of Terry, as she worked industriously with her tongue to produce an erotic effect.

"That's it, girls -- love me! Love me -- up my asshole, suck those big, juicy balls!"

Laura intensified her tongue action, and when his balls slipped out of his mouth swept up the underside of his penis, focusing on the sensitive glans portion of his penis. Soon she capped the crown of his cock with her mouth, and sucked.

The suction pressure she was building up on the head of his penis was a pleasant contrast to the action going on in his hot asshole. Terry's tongue, uninhibitedly slid up there, stimulating him completely.

"Go, girl go," he panted, as the passionate delight swept over his body, "Stab my asshole with your tongue! Side it in there, way up there, baby -- way up there!"

The hot tongue action, merging with the cock-sucking was giving Wayne one of the best three ways he'd ever experienced. He could hardly keep his body on the bed, as the sensational excitement shot through his body.

"Lick that ass out! Clean it out with your tongue, honey," he begged her. With her eyes closed, and no feeling or sensation, but her tongue slickly sliding up his hot, tight anus, she was lost in his behind, and loving it.

Now, Laura let her mouth travel the length of his penis, and he thrust it ahead, letting, the head of it touch the back of her throat.

"Ohhh, I like that -- when it touches pour throat, honey, that's fantastic! Keep it up -- that's wild!"

The excitement persisted, and the two of them went faster, and faster, and the passion built up.

"Suck my cock -- suck it, ohhh, yes, baby, yes, get that juice!" he cried impassioned, as his hand held her down at his loins. Both women, confined to one man's genitals, and loving the debasement, savoring the sweet, sweaty aroma of his blonde genitals.

And then he felt his juices ready to burst out of him. With wild, rampaging movements, he drove forward.

"Eat it! Eat my pecker," he begged, "Ahhhhh ohhhhhh, I'm coming! Suck my prick! Suck it off!"

The hot juice flashed down Laura's throat, and she was happy to suck the joy juice out of it.

"Ahhhh ohhhh, eat it -- eat my pecker," he panted, as Terry kept her tongue-jabbing up his asshole going at a good clip. And Laura wouldn't move off her mouth until she'd finished him off. "Beautiful -- beautiful," he smiled, in total satisfaction as both women had given him his ultimate orgasm.

Once Laura had gotten her juice, and enjoyed the delicious taste of his thick sperm-load, she slipped off, and smiled, "I need a drink!"

"You just had one," he laughed.

"I mean something tall and cool," she smiled.

"Well, you've had it long and hot," he grinned, "Isn't that good enough for you?"

Terry took her tongue out of his hot asshole, and he complimented her, "You're a real good ass-fucker. That tongue of yours is talented! And I mean, talented!"

Terry seemed well-pleased with the compliment he had given her. "Thank you, Wayne," she nodded, "I've had my tongue sliding up some real groovy assholes, and I guess I'm well trained now."

"You sure are, baby," he smiled.

"I'll get some more booze and bring it in here where are your ice cubes, honey?" Laura asked, apparently trying to down all the liquor she could now that it was on Terry.

"There are ice cubes in the bar-refrigerator or in the refrigerator in the kitchen," she told her. Laura got up, and when she was out of the room, Wayne smiled, "Baby, you didn't get a drop of my cum, did you?"

Terry shook her head.

"Well, I'm not going to play, favorites," he grinned, "There's enough juice in there to feed both of you! Now, why don't you open up, and I'll slip it into your hot mouth!"

Returning to his loins, Terry let her mouth slip over the head of his still erect penis, and tried to pump some life back into it.

"You see, honey -- I'm getting nice and hard again," he told her, "All you have to do is suck on the head of it a couple more minutes and I'll fill your sweet mouth with cock juice."

When Laura came back in and caught them going at it again, she complained, "Now, that's not fair, Wayne old boy. This is a triple-play screw, and you shouldn't leave little old Laura out of the action!"

"I'll fix you a drink," she smiled, when he didn't reply.

"Good, honey, and if you want to, you can eat my ass out while I feed her some sperms."

"I'll need a good strong drink myself," Laura giggled, "before I go down on your asshole!"

At that point, she prepared the drink for herself, handing the one she'd made over to Wayne. Wayne sipped his liquor slowly, as he watched the woman slip up and down over the meaty penis, he was presenting her.

Laura gulped down a hefty slug of liquor, and then she smiled at Wayne.

"Alright, I'm ready to suck your sweet ass out!"

She crouched at his crotch, and got down in there so her face was even with his behind. She slipped her tongue up between his ass-cheeks, and licked all around his quivering asshole.

Wayne leaped his head back, and finished the liquor. Reaching over, he put the glass on the floor.

"Oh, that's wild! You two women are too damned much! Suck that ass out, Laura, baby let your tongue slide away up there, and give it to me -- give, baby, give!"

As one tongue lashed inside his tight asshole, the other woman's mouth moved quickly up and down his rod -- faster, ever faster as she increased the pace.

"Fuck me," he gasped, "Fuck me!"

With the double-mouth action, everything was coming up sucking for Wayne, who reached out to grip the sheets in his sexual ecstasy.

"Ohhhh ahhhhhh," he grunted, as his head went from side to side, and his eyes became misty with sensuous delight.

"That's it! Eat me -- eat my dong! Eat it, baby, eat my prick!"

The hot sperm exploded in Terry's sucking mouth, and she was panting, sweating, and thrilled, as she tasted his sperm. Having developed a decided taste for the precious juice, she was elated Wayne had given her an opportunity to sample his juicy goodness.

"Suck it," he moaned, reaching over to shove her head down to the base of his mainstem. "Suck my dong!"

Laura did her thing in his asshole, making it a point not to slip her tongue out until he was through, with his ass wiggling, as he shot, and shot his cum to Terry's mouth.

When he'd finished shooting, and Terry slid off the head of it, the two women both moved away from him.

"You know what I'd like?" he smiled.

"What would you like?" Laura laughed, bubbling with happy excitement, as she always did in the middle of an action orgy.

"I'd like you to use one of those dildos to fuck my asshole -- I heard from one cat who was in the Navy and in Panama they got wicked women down there, who'll wear a dildo, and fuck a guy's ass out, and give him a wild sensation!"

"Sure," Laura agreed, "but I'll have to go back to my apartment to get them!"

"I'll wait," Wayne laughed. "Terry and I will be drinking booze, and maybe I can make a nosedive on her snatch while you're out of the room."

"Sounds like I should let Terry go get the dildos," Laura complained.

"No," he insisted, "You go get those fuckin' dildos, and let me and Terry have our fun!"

At that point, Laura left the bedroom, and went into the living room to slip into her clothes so she could return to the apartment and get the dildos, so the action can commence. At that point, Wayne was brushing his face across beautiful, Terry's bountiful breasts, and then he opened his mouth, letting one nipple slip in gently.

As the mouth opened, and he felt the nipple slipping into it, his tongue swept out, and he titillated the nipple-tip with the end of his tongue. This was producing hot sensations in Terry's body, and she was enjoying it to the utmost.

He moved down her body slowly, finally letting his tongue lick around her vagina. As the tongue swept the hairs of her moist mound, his body quivered, in anticipation of dipping inside her velvety vagina.

"Ohhhh, baby, eat me," she begged him, and then he let his tongue jab up her hot hole. As it lashed inside her juicy mound, he panted, and grunted excitedly.

"Suck me -- suck me," she begged, "Ahhhhh -- ohhhhhhhb, eat my pussy lover, eat my snatch!"

Terry's legs wrapped around his head as he went on eating down there. And he became lost in the pussy-action. Exploring the walls of her liquid, juicy vagina with his tongue, he made small darting movements, and then started lapping her up, licking her there.

"Ahhhh -- ohhh, eat my pussy," she demanded, "That's it! Give me a tongue job. You're a real horny tongue man," she grunted.

At that very moment, her husband unbeknownst to her was landing at O'Hare Field. He'd been able to complete his Miami assignment in a couple of hours, and decided he might as well hop the next jet back to the windy city.

He hastily got in the plane and all the way home, Brad thought of Terry. He thought of her alone in bed, wishing he was there beside her.

The very last impression he had of her was when he saw her looking at him sadly, as he was boarding his plane. He felt almost guilty leaving her alone like that. She was a young, spirited woman, and he felt he was doing their marriage a grave injustice being on the road as much as he had to be. The skyways had been fun at first -- Chicago, one day, Miami or Los Angeles, the next.

He had thought he'd have a ball screwing the stewardesses.

But, fucking the stewardesses had become boresome. They were damned good screws he had to admit, often picked for their cunt capabilities. Yet, they charged so much, dividing each act into categories, and not willing to give an ass-suck or cock-suck without an inflationary charge, that it sickened him. They could keep their hot little cunts to themselves, and their mouth and hand jobs with the inflated egos, and price-tags. He was heading home to his loyal wife -- who loved only him -- and would do it any way he told her to, at the drop of a request!

The lights over Miami were a glorious spectacle, as he saw the shimmering spectacle below of the small arm of Miami Beach, where the world's most dazzling array of splendorous hotels held forth.

He leaned back, and listened to the music coming from the stereo earphones, and enjoyed himself.

He fell asleep like this, and when the stewardess wanted to serve him food, she had to awaken him.

"Would you like the Paris steak or the Chicken Florencia?" she smiled sweetly at him, giving him an instant hard-on, and making him immediately forget all his prejudices about stewardess prices.

"Oh, thank you -- the Paris Steak -- that sounds good -- I guess I fell asleep."

"That music will do it," the attractive stewardess smiled, "We'll serve you in just a moment!"

The cart which was a few feet down the aisle in the airplane, came closer moments later, and the meal was served. He enjoyed it, and decided he might as well make a pitch for the sweet, innocent-appearing stewardess.

"I'm Brad," he smiled, "and you're..."

"I'm Joyce," she grinned, "Fly me..."

"Fuck you," he chuckled.

"That wasn't funny," she snapped.

"Well, you said 'fly me!' -- didn't you?"

The girl moved away, and Brad got bitter about the hypocrisy. Then, about two hours later, he saw Chicago spread out in all her bedazzling glory along the lakefront. He leaned forward to see the lights of the city, as the plane lowered. The Captain came on, "All passengers are asked to stop smoking until we land, kindly go back to your seats, and fasten your safety belts. We are arriving in Chicago, and eleven p.m., the visibility is clear, the temperature is sixty-four degrees. We will land at O'Hare Field in Chicago in ten minutes."

As the great plane hastened by the sprawling city of Chicago, Brad was more eager than ever to be with his wife. He could envision her in bed -- alone, and waiting, just for him.

As soon as Brad got off the plane, he took a taxi to his Lakeshore Towers apartment. He thought it would be much more exciting for his wife, if he just walked in and surprised her. So, he hurried up the elevator, went down the ball to their apartment, and quietly opened the door. As he hurried through the living room, he didn't even notice some clothes on the floor. He was too intent to surprise Terry with his unannounced presence.

Walking into the room, he stood, there in shock. Big, athletic, Wayne was going down on Terry, as she had her legs wrapped around his neck.

"What the hell do you think you're doing with my wife!" he bellowed furiously.

"Your wife?" Wayne gasped, lifting his mouth from Terry's poised vagina.

"Oh, honey, I wasn't expecting you," Terry stammered, unable to find words to fit the situation.

"Apparently not," he ranted, and just then Laura walked in carrying the two dildos, and stark naked, having left her clothes in the living room.

"What the hell are you doing here with that damned dildo strapped on your body?" he shrieked at Laura.

"Nothing," she giggled nervously.

"Get off my wife," Brad demanded, and then as he came closer to her, he became so infuriated, he yelled, "No, you stick your foul tongue in her rotten hole -- I don't want her anymore!"

Wayne dropped his face back to her vagina, and went ahead licking it.

"Keep his tongue, honey -- cause I'm going to make damned sure you never get mine," Brad snapped, and turned and walked boldly out of the bedroom.

"Get off me," Terry shrieked, realizing that her husband was going away forever. Wayne didn't know what to do. One minute somebody was telling him to go ahead, and the very next someone was shrieking savagely to stop.

She didn't take long to push Wayne off, and get off the bed, dash through the living room, and hurry to the hall, poking her head out the door.

As Brad looked back, and saw her, he warned, "Don't come out into the hall, honey -- you're not decent!"

Tears moistened Terry's eyes, as the truth of what he'd said hit her with shocking impact.


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