Bondage slave wife

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In BONDAGE SLAVE WIFE, Honey Harris finds herself in such a situation. Because of her frigidity, her husband has decided to enslave her in chains and degrade her -- the end result is a wife whose passion has no limits.

Though Honey Harris suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing that bondage has unleashed her sexually.

Chapter ONE

It was almost midnight when Honey and Greg stepped out the door of the Justice of the Peace. Honey hesitated on the steps, smelling the night air and listening to the chirping crickets. It all seemed too wonderful to believe. One minute she was Honey Bromfield and the next she was Honey Harris. "Oh, Greg, I love you so much," Honey said, taking his arm as they walked to his new white Buick.

Greg opened her door just as the lights in the house went out. They'd driven all the way from Cedarville to get married. Honey still couldn't believe it was really happening. She'd lied about her age to the Justice of the Peace, John Ramsey, but Greg had told her he was a personal friend of his and wouldn't check things. Greg had taken care of all the paper work.

Honey ducked her head to step into the car, but Greg stopped her. "Wait," he said. "I want something first." Pulling her against him, he circled her waist and pressed his lips against hers. She felt his tongue stabbing into her mouth and exploring her tongue. When he drew back, his hands moved possessively to her firm tits. "From now on," he said, "you're all mine."

Honey felt a wave of warmth surge through her. The touch of his fingers on her breasts brought her nipples instantly erect. Her pussy quivered and throbbed with growing arousal. "Yes, Greg. I'll do my best to make you happy. You won't be sorry you married me, I promise."

"Then turn around and bend over." Greg didn't wait for Honey to respond. He twisted her in his arms and pushed her head into the car so she was forced to hold herself up with her hands on the seat. He lifted her skirt and pushed it over her hips. With one swift jerk, he pulled her white panties down to her ankles.

Honey gasped. "What are you doing? Oh, Greg, not here, please." She looked at the dark house and quickly around the neighborhood to see if anyone could see them. She almost stumbled when he pulled her panties the rest of the way off, so eager was he to expose her cunt. She felt his fingers spreading her buttocks and stroking her ass crack.

"You're beautiful," he moaned huskily. "When I met you yesterday on that park bench, I knew you were going to be my wife." Reaching around her hips, he stroked the inside of her pussy, flicking his finger over her clitoris and arousing her cunt to the point that she pushed eagerly against him.

"Oh, that feels so good. But, please, let's wait until we get to a motel." She felt sinful with her ass and pussy exposed to him so obscenely and so soon after getting married. She tried to reason with herself that it was all right and his enthusiasm showed how much he loved her and not a lack of respect, but she couldn't shake the flicker of doubt that crossed her mind.

"Everyone waits, but not me. We must have set a time record getting married less than thirty-six hours after we met. Let's set another record by fucking for the first legal time in the Justice of the Peace's driveway."

She heard his pants unzipping and looked over her shoulder to see his mammoth cock flip out of his fly. His cock was already swollen to complete erection. His shiny purple cockhead glistened eagerly in the moonlight. She felt it pressed against her buttocks. He caressed his cock up and down her perineum, running his nob from her pussy to the top of her ass. She felt his warm cock stroking along her ass crack and arousing her passion to the point that she didn't care if what they did was sinful or not.

Unsnapping her bra, he cupped her tits and hefted them in his palms. He twisted and pinched her nipples until she felt them surging with arousal. "All right, Greg. If this is the way you want it, take me. Put your beautiful cock inside me." She arched her back and rested her shoulders on the edge of the seat, presenting her pussy submissively.

As he caressed her tits and stomach, allowing his hands to roam freely over her body, she felt a delicious shiver of enjoyment. Her life would be so powerful from now on. No more would she have to put up with a nagging aunt who would be relieved when she discovered Honey had ran away from home. Honey knew she would never be able to go back there, but as Greg continued stroking and arousing her cunt flesh she put all thoughts of the past from her mind and vowed to spend the rest of her time making her husband happy.

"Spread your legs wider. I want to put my cock in your pussy. Oh, that's it." He pressed his cock between her pussy lips and hunched forward gently. "Your pussy feels so good on my cock, so hot and sticky." He stroked harder into her cunt, forcing his shaft deeper into her pussy.

She felt his huge cock stretching and tunneling up her body like a hot cudgel. Wiggling her hips against him, she struggled to make its passage easier, but his cock was so large that it felt like it was ripping and tearing its way into her body. She moaned and bit her lower lip to keep from screaming, but at last she felt his pubic hair pressed against her buttocks and realized she had managed to accommodate his cock.

She felt a sense of accomplishment and gingerly ground her buttocks back against him. His cock moved back and forth until his shaft was lubricated with the hot juices oozing from her aroused pussy. She felt his cock sawing back and forth, pulling and sucking at her cunt until her lust bubbled within her like hot coals. "Yes, yes. Fuck me. Oh, it feels so good moving back and forth."

"Your pussy's as tight as a baby's. I love it. I'm going to fuck your brains out, baby." He slammed his cock in and out of her pussy with vicious strokes that drove his shaft back and forth like a piston. As his cock ground into her cunt, his fingers toyed with her clitoris, flicking it with eager strokes that caused her juices to flow copiously.

And then he pulled his cock from her pussy and stabbed it between her buttocks. He rubbed up and down her ass crack and worked his cock against her sphincter. "Hold still, baby. I'm going to drive this up your ass."

"No, no," Honey pleaded, panic shooting through her ass. "It's too big. You'll rip me apart." But she didn't have time to beg him longer. His cock tore into her anus with savage intensity. She felt her ass stretching and tearing to accommodate his massive cock. She muffled her scream with her hands. "No, Greg, it hurts." But as his cock continued pumping in and out of her ass, she felt her ass relaxing and stretching.

A warm burning sensation replaced the pain and traveled through her cunt with a perverse arousal. As his cock continued reaming in and out of her ass, she felt humiliated that he should take her in such a way. Yet her lust kept her humping back into his cock, matching his forward thrusts. After all, she was his wife. It was her duty to satisfy him sexually.

He twisted her long blonde hair at the nape of her neck and used it like a rain to pull her harder against him. His cock churned feverishly in and out of her ass. Each forward thrust forced the air from Honey's lungs and each time he drew his cock back until only his pulsing nob remained inside her sphincter, she felt as though her insides were being sucked out by a vacuum.

Yet the feeling drove her to excruciating need. She felt her nerves tingling with electric charges of energy. She wanted his cock fucking in and out of her body forever. She moaned and arched her back even farther to allow his cock to ram deeper into her ass. "Fuck me, Greg. Drive your cock in me as far as you can. It feels so good. Oh, yes. Do anything you want to me."

He humped and fucked into her butt like a man possessed. His cock sloshed noisily between her buttocks. She felt her pussy juices dripping into her blonde pubic hair and running down her thighs. And then he exploded in a convulsive spasm that blasted cum into her asshole like a geyser. She felt her ass filled with spurt after spurt of burning cum.

Her orgasm exploded with an intensity that shocked and delighted her. As his cock continued emptying his balls into her ass, her pussy surged and pulsed with sensual contractions that gripped her body and turned her into a writhing mass of sensual flesh. She flayed backward into his cock, feeling his shaft sizzling over her sphincter with delicious need.

"I'm cumming!" she gasped. "Oh, keep it fucking into me. It feels so good. Don't stop. Oh, oh."

Greg unleashed a stream of curses as his orgasm took control of his body. His semen tilled her ass so fully that it ran back out around the sides of his cock and dripped in thick gobs down her thighs and into her blonde pubic curls. His cock made a sucking and popping noise as it continued flaying into her ass with savage strokes.

Suddenly the front porch light came on and a male voice called out. "What's going on out there? Is everything all right?"

Still in the final throes of orgasm, Greg managed to gasp out an answer. "Everything's okay, John. We're just finished up here." His cockhead throbbed and pulsed as the last of his cum gushed into her ass. He pushed his cockhead as far into her ass as possible and let his cock drain as his arousal drained.

Honey could not see the porch from where she was, but she prayed the Justice of the Peace would not walk out to the car. Her orgasm slowly cooled. She heard the front door close. Shame washed over her at their perverted behavior. She wished they had waited, yet Greg's forcefulness was one of the things she admired about him. She felt his cock shriveling inside her ass. At last it popped out of her with a soft sucking sound. She felt more cum draining from her ass and dripping down her thighs.

Greg dried his cock on her buttocks and zipped his pants up. "Get in the car," he ordered. "We might as well drive all the way back to Cedarville tonight."

Honey felt his sticky cum smeared over her ass. She crawled into the front seat on her knees to keep from staining his car seat. He walked around the car and got in the driver's side. Handing her panties, he said, "Wipe up the mess with these. When we're out on the road, you can throw them out the window. And after this, I don't ever want to see you wearing panties again." She felt good inside knowing how she attracted him sexually, but somehow the way he had taken her so thoughtlessly and now wanted to drive straight back without even one night in a motel for a honeymoon made her wonder if there were things about him she should have known before marrying him.

Putting the thoughts out of her mind, she rolled down the window and felt the warm summer night whipping over her body. When they pulled onto the main highway, she tossed the pants out the window. She leaned forward to hook her bra.

"Take that off too," Greg said, his lips curled back in a lascivious smile. "I want your tits free all the time. I like seeing them jiggle when you walk."

Honey did as he requested. She had to pal ha white sweater ova her head to remove her bra. When she started to put her sweater on again, he stopped her from doing that too. "Come over here I want to see your tits naked all the way back." He put his arm around her so his hands could reach her tits.

She snuggled against him, feeling deliciously evil. "I love you, Greg." He stroked her tits as he drove. She rested her hand between his legs and felt the warm bulge of his cock. There was so much she had yet to learn about him. Their whirl-wind romance left her head spinning with unknown questions about their future. She didn't even know where he lived. She knew he worked in reel estate, but that was about all she did know, except he was the most wonderful person in the world.

She hated to think how her life would have gone on in its painfully drab way if she had not met Greg yesterday. Until then, she had not believed in love at first sight, but now everything was different. The virginity she had saved for eighteen years had been given to Greg less than two hours after meeting him. She shuddered to think what her aunt would have said about that.

A new exciting world was opening for her. She wanted to know and experience everything there was to know about sex. Greg was so wonderful she could not get enough of him. She squeezed his cock and felt it respond with surprising enthusiasm. The entire four hour drive back, she stroked and fondled his big cock while he kept her nipples and tits tingling erotically.

They were still five miles from Cedarville when Greg turned off the main highway onto a small country road. Two miles later, he turned into a dirt drive that led, twisting and bumping among heavy underbrush and trees and finally ended at a small, but modem looking brick house. "We're home," he said, opening his door and walking up to the house without waiting for her.

Honey removed the small suitcase containing all the possessions she had taken from home out of the back seat and followed Greg to the house. He took her suitcase at the door, swung her laughingly into his arms and carried her across the thresh hold. As soon as he let her down, she felt a stab of disappointment when she realized they would not be living alone. Sitting on a red velvet couch, his feet propped on a coffee table, his bearded mouth hanging open in a drunken snore was a naked man. A whiskey bottle was cradled in his crotch.

Chapter TWO

Honey stared in horror at the obscene position of the man. "Who is that?" she whispered, clutching Greg's arm.

Greg laughed and kicked at the coffee table. "A friend of mine. Jay Simms. He stays with me sometimes. He's sort of a business partner." The man stirred but didn't wake. Greg continued walking through the room. Honey scurried after him, but he stopped her. "No, wait here. I'll take your suitcase to the back bedroom. I want to make sure there aren't any other surprise sleepers around."

Honey felt terrified waiting in the living room alone. As soon as Greg left, the drunken Jay grunted and began rubbing his crotch with the whiskey bottle in his sleep. Honey tried to turn her eyes away, but her curiosity got the best of her when she saw his cock swelling to erection as he rubbed himself. His cock was huge. His balls churned up and down with the whiskey bottle.

Jay grunted again and stirred. His eyes fluttered. He caught sight of her. A pleased purr came from his throat. He set the bottle on the floor and settled back on the couch more comfortably, his eyes half closed, eyeing Honey's body slowly up and down as though he thought he was dreaming. His hands returned to his crotch and stroked his cock and balls.

Pumping his shaft slowly, he caressed his nob with his foreskin. Despite her embarrassment, Honey felt a twinge of arousal. He wasn't really bad looking. He looked like he was in his early twenties. Maybe a year or two younger than Greg. Feeling ashamed by her curiosity, Honey turned and forced her eyes to explore the room.

"What's the matter, angel? You can look at it. You know you want to. Turn around. In fact, come over here and suck it. I'd love a blow job from you, baby."

Honey spun around, her hands covering her open mouth. He was awake. Her face flushed as she stared at him in embarrassment. He continued stroking his cock, inundating his hips with slow, sensual movements that caused his nob to glisten like purple velvet as his fist masturbated his shaft. Honey was speechless. She backed toward the door through which Greg had disappeared, bumping into furniture on the way until she could turn and dash to safety.

She went through a dining room and into a hall. Hearing voices coming from one of the doom, Honey hurried down the ball and peeked into a kitchen. She saw Greg arguing with a woman at the back door. As soon as she stepped into the room, Greg pushed the woman out the door and closed it. He turned around, surprised to discover her looking at him. His face smiled sheepishly.

"Honey, I'm going to have to drive someone home. I'm sorry to rush off like this so soon after getting here, but you can get yourself settled in. Take a shower. Your things are in the master bedroom. I'll be home later."

"But, Greg, what about Jay? He's awake. He said something obscene to me."

Greg laughed. "Then say something obscene back to him. Look, I have to go. I'm not going to have to baby-sit you all the time, am I?"

His words stung like a whip. Honey backed away. "No, of course not, Greg." As soon as he was gone, she heard footsteps behind her. She spun around. Jay stood there with his cock standing out like a monstrous bull's horn. His pulsing nob throbbed with aroused lust.

"You're real," Jay said. He walked slowly toward her, his erection wagging back and forth. "I can't believe it. A beautiful blonde angel has been dropped on me out of heaven just at a time when I'm hornier than I've ever been before."

"Stay away from me," Honey said, back against the stove. "I'm Greg's wife."

"Yeah, and I'm the President of the United States. And you're going to give me a piece of ass." He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back until she was forced to lean over the stove, her elbows supporting her weight, her thighs spread as his body wedged between her legs. He looked at her naked nipples pressing into her blouse. He licked his lips.

Honey struggled to get away from him, but his fingers were like iron. "Let me go. I'll tell Greg when he gets back."

"If you don't, I will anyway," Jay countered, leaning over and brushing his face over her tits. Releasing her hands Jay pulled her blouse out of her skirt and began tugging it over her head, heedless of the buttons.

Honey's cries of protest were muffled inside her blouse. The material ripped as it came over her head. "Leave me alone," she begged, covering her tits with her arms. Jay pulled her arms apart and stared at her quivering breasts. He pushed her back again and sucked each of her firm nipples into his mouth in turn. She felt his tongue flicking her nipples to attention. Passion surged into her heavy tits like tiny currents of electricity. "No!" she pleaded.

"I'm going to eat you up," Jay said, his blood-shot eyes devouring her nakedness. He slurped his tongue over her tits like they were huge mounds of ice cream. "Ummmmmm... that's goooood!"

Honey pulled and twisted her shoulders to get away, but her effort only caused her tits to slap back and forth against his face, further enflaming his passion. He bit into her tits and sucked her flesh like candy. His hips pushed into her crotch, forcing her skirt up her thighs until she felt his cockhead pushing at the entrance to her pussy. Frantically, she intensified her struggle, but she was no match far his eager attack.

"You're not going anywhere, baby. I want my cock inside your pussy. I don't know who you are and I don't care. I just know you got here all alone, naked and perfect for what I need." He humped his hips forward, driving his feverish cockhead against her cunt lips.

Honey felt his cock pushing into her pussy. The harder she fought, the farther his cock worked into her cunt. She felt it stretching and tearing its way forcefully into her body. Finally she managed to get her hand free. She slapped and clawed at his face. He screamed and grabbed her wrist again. Twisting both arms behind her, he held them with one hand and ripped away her skirt with his other.

"If you don't want to get hurt, you'll be a little more cooperative." He carefully released her arms to see what she would do. When she didn't strike at him again, he rubbed his face. "You're a wild cat, aren't you? But you better be a little more careful because I'm going to get what I want whether you like it or not."

Honey felt a mixture of fear and arousal pulsing through her flesh. What would he do to her if she refused him? In his drunken condition, he might not even be responsible for his actions. He began grinding his cock deeper into her pussy, she turned her head and submitted shamefully.

He pushed her back farther on the stove until she was almost laying down with her buttocks hanging over the edge. Spreading her thighs wider, he pulled her pussy against his pubic hair, forcing cock to the hilt in her cunt. "How does that feel, baby?" He hunched in and out, sucking and puffing at her insides.

"Oh, no, please stop!" Honey begged, but she couldn't deny the arousal that surged inside her with each stroke of his huge cock. She felt his nob slurping inside her like a hungry mouth, sucking and drinking in her hot juices. She felt her lust building like a growing fire. Her body seemed to respond on its own, as though she no longer had any control.

She felt her pussy sucking and clawing at his cock as eagerly as it plunged into her. His fingers spread her ass cheeks until he could stoke into her crack. He pushed against her rectum. She shivered as his finger stabbed into her ass and forced its way deeply into her bowels. He wiggled and twisted his finger at the same time he churned lustfully into her pussy.

"Oh, oh, it feels good," she heard herself gasp. "Don't stop now. Oh, fuck me! Yes, yes!" She wrapped her heels around his waist and lunged upward to meet each stroke of his cock. She felt his prick driving into her faster and faster burning and sizzling over her clit until she was more and more around than she had ever been.

They thrust against each other's bodies like starving animals, grunting and snarling with need. And then Honey felt his cum shooting into her, filling her pussy with hot, viscous fluid. Each copious gush splashed against her cunt like hot lava. She felt his semen oozing back out her cunt around his thrusting shaft and dripping as fast as it drained from her pussy.

Their climax went on and on, exploding through their flesh like an erupting volcano. Honey felt every nerve in her body tingling with sensuous vibrations. She pounded her heels into his ass and clawed at his back. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh, yes, keep fucking me! Oh, it feels so good!" She buried his face in her tits and felt his mouth sucking and biting her nipples.

"Your pussy feels like a furnace around my cock." Jay gritted his teeth and slammed his cock as deeply into her pussy as possible. His body quivered and warned as his balls unloaded into Honey's slurping cunt.

He kept his cock inside her until their organ dwindled away, leaving them both drained and limp. She felt his cock shriveling inside her and finally slip from her cunt. More cum drained from her pussy and dripped down her buttocks. He stepped back and looked at her appreciatively. Shame washed over her and she turned her head away.

"Why so shy now?" Jay asked, laughing at her. "You were terrific. I don't think I've ever had a better piece of ass. Who are you? A friend of Greg's?"

"I told you, I'm his wife." Honey felt a fresh surge of indignation now that her orgasm was over and she had control of her senses again. "You'll be sorry for what you did."

That brought a new burst of laughter from Jay. "I don't see how I could ever be sorry for what I just did. The only thing that would make me sorry was if I thought I would never be able to do it again."

"Well, that was the last time you ever will do that," Honey flared. "You'll be in jail as soon as Greg gets back."

"Don't believe it, baby. Greg and I share everything."

He spoke with such confidence that Honey felt a sense of doubt slipping into her own confidence. Why did he laugh when she mentioned she was Greg's wife? It was obvious he didn't believe her. She wished she had the marriage certificate to show him. She would ask Greg for it so she would have it in the future. Completely humiliated, she began picking up her shredded blouse and skirt from the floor.

She rushed from the kitchen into the hall. She found the master bedroom at the far end of the hall. She closed the door and looked for her suitcase. It was unopened on a king-sized bed. She opened it and took out a yellow cotton dress that matched her hair. Fearing Jay would follow her into the bedroom at any moment, she quickly hurried into the bath.

Honey locked the door and looked at herself in the floor length mirror covering one wall. She looked strained and drawn. She smelled like cum. Turning on the shower, she stepped in and adjusted the spray as hot as she could stand, letting the water wash away the remains of cum staining her body. She took deep breaths, trying to relax and steady her nerves. The day had been too much. No one should be raped on their wedding night. She couldn't believe it had actually happened.

She lathered her body with soap, working rich suds over her skin. She rinsed and stepped out. Drying on a large white towel, she watched her reflection in the mirror. She didn't feel like the same person she had been just a few hours before. Somehow the experience with Jay had matured her in some way.

Before slipping into her dress, she stood for a moment inspecting herself in the mirror. Her large tits felt tingly and more alive than ever before. She stroked her cunt mound and caressed her pussy lips, feeling the swollen flesh still warm and aroused. She hated admitting to herself that she had enjoyed being raped by Jay. Guiltily, she realized she had not acted like she was being raped. Shame flushed her face at the thought of telling Greg what had happened. What if Jay told him how she had cried out and begged him to keep fucking her? Honey cringed inside. What had made her say that? What was wrong with her that she could not control the passion that boiled inside her pussy once she became aroused?

She slipped into her dress and returned to the bedroom. It was a small room. Clothes were scattered over an arm chair. The closet had both men's and women's clothes hanging in it. Doubts and apprehension began to cloud her mind -- not only about herself, but about the living situation she had gotten herself into. What kind of a business partner would help himself to a partner's wife and insist that he shared everything? And who was the girl Greg had left with in the middle of their wedding night?

Honey stretched out on the bed, listening intently for sounds of Jay in the house. She couldn't hear anything other than a soft breeze moving through the trees outside. She pushed the drapes back from the window and looked out. A faint light came from the East, illuminating an abandoned barn and a wooded area. She knew she would not sleep until Greg returned.

She heard the front door open and close. The sound of footsteps echoed down the hall. The bedroom door opened. Honey sat up, her hands clasped at her tits. Relief flooded through her when she saw Greg. She jumped up and threw her arms around his neck. But her happiness was short lived when she saw Jay, now dressed in a pair of patched jeans, walk around the corner and learn against the door.

Chapter THREE

Honey pulled away from Greg and looked at Jay angrily. "What is he doing in our bedroom?" she demanded. "And who was that girl you ran off with?"

Before Greg could answer, Jay spoke up. "She does sort of sound like a wife, doesn't she, Greg?" He scratched his crotch and grinned. "Maybe I shouldn't have fucked her. She might start thinking she's got two husbands to boss around." Laughing, Jay turned and left the room.

When Honey looked back at Greg, she realized he was angry with her. His eyes searched up and down her body as though he was looking for something to yell at her about. "Are you wearing panties or a bra?" He felt her tits and ran his hands over her buttocks outside her dress. "Take your dress off. I don't want you wearing any clothes when you're in my house."

Honey felt as though he had slapped her. Not only did he ignore her question, but he ordered her around like she was his slave. Still his possessiveness made her feel important to bun. Submissively, she pulled her dress off over her head. His eyes devoured her naked body lustfully. Her emotions surged through her body in a mass of contradictions. He didn't even seem interested in the fact she had sex with Jay, only in whether she obeyed him.

"It's none of your business who the girl was I took home." Greg stripped his clothes off and crawled naked on tap of her, straddling her hips. He held her wrists above her head. Smiling down on her, he said, "And now I want to finish off our wedding night with a good blow job and fuck!"

Honey couldn't believe what was happening. She was seeing a cruel, thoughtless side of Greg she hadn't seen before. How could he ignore what they had done to her? How could he insult her by secret tripe in the middle of the night? She struggled to pull her arms away and roll off the bed, but he held her so tightly she could not even move her arms. "Let me go," she insisted. "I don't want to do either one of those things."

"It doesn't matter what you want. You're my wife new and you'll do what I say whether you like it or not." He wiggled his hips until he lay between her thighs, his weight resting on top of her. She felt his cock rubbing against her pussy as he ground his hips into her center. Covering her lips with his, he forced his tongue deeply into her mouth. His teeth nibbled at her lips while his tongue explored freely inside her mouth.

Struggling against him was useless. She felt her arousal stirring within her body, despite the anger and resentment she felt at the thoughtless way he was heating her. She hated herself for responding to him now, but she couldn't stop the arousal that pulsed with growing need through her cunt flesh. She felt his cock arousing into a huge erection between her thighs. She felt his nob poking into her cunt and burning against her clitoris.

As his tongue continued flicking in and out of her mouth like a cock, Honey felt her arousal flaring to such a state of need that she began responding to his advances despite her anger. She pulled his hips harder against her and opened her mouth wider, allowing his tongue freer access to her mouth. He released her wrists and moved his hands to her tits, stroking and massaging her heavy tit-flesh until every nerve tinged and surged with arousal.

Honey wanted to push Greg away from her and tell him what she thought of his cruel actions, but now that her arousal surged in hot pulses through her flesh, she could think of nothing ether than carrying their actions to completion. She needed release from the compelling need that grew hotter and hotter. She felt his mouth sucking and nibbling her nipples until they stood up like hard points.

Greg licked her tits hotly. He slurped his tongue over her firm globes until she was in a state of excitement that she would have agreed to do anything he wanted. She ground her hips up against his cock, feeling his cock nob pushing deeper between her pussy lips and working its way into her cunt.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around bin hips. She felt his buttocks tense and then he slammed forward with all his strength and drove his cock into her with such force that her breath gushed from her lungs. She felt his mammoth cock tear like a savage beast into her body, ripping and pushing aside her tender cuntal membranes until his shaft was buried to the hilt in her pussy.

"I love fucking you," he moaned, driving his hips faster and faster, his cock reaming in and out of Honey's cunt with lustful abandon. Every stroke brought her to a more and more intense state of arousal. "Your pussy's so tight it feels like a south around my cock." He humped into her as hard and fast she could, aiming his shaft to the hilt with each stroke.

She felt his cock driving her wild with aroused need. She clawed at his buttocks in an attempt to draw his cock even deeper into her cunt. She felt his thick cock shaft stretching her pussy each time it tore savagely into her body. She spread her thighs wide and pressed her heels into his ass. "Yes," she pleaded, "fuck me! Push it in as far and hard as you can. Make me feel it. Oh, yes... that's it. Your cock feels so good going in and out of me! Don't stop! I want to feel you inside me forever!"

Greg savagely ground his cock into her cunt. His hips churned in and out like an exercising athlete. His fingers bunched Honey's tits together until he could lath his tongue over both nipples with one lick. He sucked them into his mouth, circling her nipples with his teeth. He bit and chewed her flesh until she screamed with erotic torture.

Even with the arousal churning with gripping need through her flesh, Honey could not help wondering if maybe she had made a mistake marrying Greg. Perhaps sex was the only thing between them. She felt ashamed of the compelling lust that continued washing over her flesh like surging currents of erotic energy. But she couldn't stop her body from responding. Her arms and legs moved against her will. She pounded her heels into Greg's ass like she was riding a horse.

Her fingers twisted in his hair and she pulled his mouth from tit to tit. "Lick me all over," she begged. "Eat me. Lick my pussy. Oh, I want to feel your tongue all over me!" She pushed his head away, encouraging him to eat where his cock was feasting. "Take your cock out. Let me lick it dry."

Honey felt her face flushing in shame over the humiliating spectacle she was making of herself, yet she couldn't stop that, either. She felt like an aroused nympho. Surprising even Greg, she forced him to withdraw his cock by twisting under him until she could reach his balls with her hand. She circled them tightly between her fingers and began puffing slowly. Immediately he responded. He became for a moment, a helpless baby in her hands.

At that moment, Honey had complete control of him. But she held it only a moment. Then she pushed his face down to her steaming crotch. He turned so she could suck his cock into her mouth. His cock tasted hot and tangy. She felt her arousal surging as the erotic flavor swept over her tongue. She gulped and swallowed, forcing her head against his shaft and pulling down on axis hips. She wanted his cock all the way down her throat.

As he lapped hungrily between her thighs, his tongue delving into her pussy slit with thirsty strokes, she felt her climax approaching. She sucked harder at his cockhead, feeling it working deeper and deeper into her throat. She sucked and slurped her tongue over his cock each time he pulled back, breathing air into her lungs at the same time. She relaxed her throat muscles and arched her neck slightly, guiding his shaft into her throat.

His hot cock slid over her tongue and cheeks. His mouth gobbled her pussy. She felt her cunt lips swollen and throbbing as his mouth feasted with loud, grunting noises of contentment. She felt her clitoris throbbing and pulsing with energy. His tongue stabbed into her slit and squirmed up her pussy, slurping up her hot juices.

And then her orgasm exploded over her like molten lava. She convulsed in erotic spasms that tossed her body helplessly against him. His cock suddenly began spurting thick wads of cum into her mouth as his orgasm erupted with equal intensity. She felt her mouth quickly filled until it dripped out the sides and ran down her cheeks. She swallowed just as another copious gush again filled her mouth.

Their orgasm kept them gripped together, sucking and gobbling each other's sex until they were drained and exhausted. Honey felt as though a fire was slowly being extinguished. She kept his cock in her mouth, sucking it even as it began to grow soft and shrink. She tasted the last of his cum as she milked his cock shaft with her lips and teeth. She felt his tongue drink the last of her cunt juice. His tongue slurped along her slit with tingling caresses.

When he finally rolled away from her, Honey felt her anger at his previous inconsiderate actions returning. "Why did you have to take that woman home in the middle of the night? Who was she?"

Greg sat up, his anger suddenly matching Honey's. "I told you it was none of your business. Listen, you've got to understand who's boss in this marriage. You do what I say and know what I want you to know."

Honey shivered at his concept of what a marriage was supposed to be like. "You knew what kind of a person Jay was, yet you left me here with him all alone. And when he tells you what he did to me, you act like it didn't even happen! That's not what I think a husband is supposed to act like." She turned away from him and huddled with her arms wrapped around her tits.

"That's another thing. From the story Jay told me, you acted pretty excited about what you were doing. But from now on, you'd better not fuck Jay unless I tell you to."

Honey spun around. "Unless you tell me to. Do you mean to say you think you have the right to order me to make love with other men?"

"You better believe it. I told you, from now on you do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. I didn't marry you so you could tell me what to do."

Honey couldn't believe what she was hearing. Living with Greg would be worse than living with her aunt. How could she have been so silly to marry someone she didn't even know? And now it was too late to go back to her aunt. But she wouldn't live with Greg. "I'll get a divorce," she said. "I'm leaving." She started to get off the bed, but he grabbed her arm and spun her onto her back.

"You're not going anywhere." He dashed to a dresser and came back with several neck ties. He straddled her waist and twisted her arms together. "I'm going to teach you a lesson right now. It looks like you're going to take a lot of training, but I've got all the time in the world."

She tried to stop him when he pinned her arms with his knees. Next he tied the free ends to the bed corners. He crawled off and repeated the process to her ankles. When she was completely spread-eagled and helpless, he sat on the edge and watched her twisting and squirming to pull herself free.

"You're not going to get loose that way. The only thing that will do is tighten the knots." He stroked her stomach and tits, allowing his hands to tantalize her tit-flesh and pinch and twist her nipples. He moved to her pussy and dipped his fingers into her still-dripping cunt.

"Untie me, please. What are you doing to me?"

"I'm going to teach you what happens when you don't obey me." He continued fondling her cunt lips and stroking his index finger along her slit. He flicked over her clitoris until he felt it responding. "I'm going to whip you."

Honey flinched. "No! You've got to be kidding!" But she knew he wasn't. She watched him return to the dresser and take out a thick, black belt. "Don't you dare!" she cried, pulling frantically at the bonds around her wrists and ankles. She was helpless against him. He could do anything to her and she would not be able to stop him. The thought sent chills of terror surging though her.

He doubled the belt and snapped it together several times, the sound echoing ominously though the room. "When I'm through with you, maybe you'll have learned not to be so bossy. Cooperation is what I want from you." As he advanced toward her, he began rubbing his cock and balls back and forth.

Haney watched horror stricken as his cock began to swell again. He was a pervert! He wanted to whip her! "No!" she begged. "Don't! I'll do anything you want. I'll fuck anyone you want. Just don't whip me, please!"

He laughed at her. "Of course, you will. You'll fuck a donkey if I want you to, but you're still going to get whipped. You deserve it, don't you?"

Honey shook her head. "No, please. I promise I'll do what you want. I'll be whatever kind of wife you want me to be." But inside she vowed she would escape from the horrible nightmare she had stepped into. She was not going to live with a man who enjoyed cruelty and only wanted to beat her. How could she have been so wrong about someone? And then she felt the first lash biting into her flesh.

The belt hissed through the air and landed with a loud crack across her stomach. He drew the whip back again and again, lashing as a steady rain of stinging blows over her tits and thighs. She twisted and writhed under the merciless lashing. She felt the sharp crack of the leather like fiery kisses burning over her tender skin. The more she begged and screamed for him to stop, the harder he whipped her.

Chapter FOUR

Greg continued whipping her with the belt. Honey felt the leather turning her flesh into a raging fire. Smack! Smack! The belt bit into her thighs. She felt as though her skin would be stripped away. He whipped her with such obvious sexual enjoyment. He held his cock, pumping his fist up and down his shaft while he lashed her. "Squirm all you want, baby. You're not going anywhere."

"Stop!" she begged. Her words had no effect on him. The belt continued torturing her flesh. He didn't whip hard enough to cut her skin, but he did keep her writhing in helpless spasms of punishment, lashing the belt carefully over every inch of her body. She flayed against her bindings and begged him to stop. "What more do you want from me?"

"Complete obedience. I want you to do everything I my a noon as I say." His cock stood out in hot erection. His balls slapped back and forth against the insides of his thighs each time he dashed the belt against her flesh. He kept a rhythm going that soon turned her creamy thighs a deep crimson.

Despite her humiliation, Honey felt her flesh burning with a perverse arousal and tingling with erotic sensations that caused her pussy to ooze with hot juices. She felt both ashamed and frightened that she should respond to his sadistic treatment with sensual arousal. But she couldn't top the passion that grew with each cruel blow of the belt.

At last he threw the belt aside and crawled between her legs, his hands caressing her thighs and stroking over her enflamed cunt mound. He spread her pussy and leaned forward to dip his tongue into her slit. She felt his mouth sucking and nursing her pussy lips and drinking the juices dripping down her thighs. His hands soothed over her hot body, touching and fondling the places the belt had previously punished.

She tried to stop the arousal flaring through her flesh, but she was powerless against the demands of her body. She felt her flesh churning with compelling lust and begging for release. As his mouth traveled up her body and covered first one nipple and then the other, she gave herself up to the desire that staged like an electric current through her flesh.

His tongue lathed over her nipples and tits, licking and sucking them until they tingled and surged with need. "Be good to me," she begged. "Oh, yes, that's nice. Lick me. Suck me! Please don't whip me anymore." His tongue felt like a soothing lotion slurping over her skin and bathing away the pain of the belt. She clenched her buttocks and ground her hips up against his cock.

His fingers raked over her tits. He bunched them together and licked over both nipples at the same time. He bit and chewed her flesh until she felt every nerve tingling and churning with feverish need. His cock poked at her pussy. He reached between them and guided his head into her slit. With one hard shove, he forced hi cock to the hilt in her cunt. "I'm going to fuck your brains out," he said, gritting his teeth and grinding his hips even harder into her pussy.

Honey screamed as his mammoth cock tore into her pussy and tunneled up her body. She felt her cunt stretching to meet his massive cock. His cockhead slammed against her cervix as he dug his fingers into her buttocks and began kneading her flesh. He fucked into her pussy with hard, vicious strokes that soon brought her to the very brink of orgasm.

As her arousal surged and grew with each stroke of his cock, Honey tried to maintain her anger at him, but somehow the feeling dissolved with her hot arousal. Each stroke of his cock into her cunt caused her to seethe with need. She wanted his cock ramming in and out of her cunt forever. "Don't stop," she said. "I love it! Oh, your cock feels so good in my pussy. It's so big and hot. I love it!"

As soon as she stopped talking, he stopped fucking his cock into her cunt. He looked at her and smiled sadistically. "In that case, you can't have it." He pulled his cock from her dripping cunt. "You don't deserve what you want yet I'm going to have to punish you some more." He untied the straps binding her wrists and ankles to the bed. Pulling her from the bed, he dragged her across the carpet and out the room.

Jay was not in the living room when Greg tied Honey's hands together above her head and strung her to a hook in the center of the ceiling. He tightened the strap until only the tips of her toes could barely touch the floor. She swung helplessly, feeling the leather cutting into her wrists. He left the room and returned a moment later with Jay. "I want you to watch," he told Jay. "Honey is going to be punished for fucking you."

Jay flopped on the couch and looked at Honey as though he had been called in to referee a fight. "Good," he said. "She needs to be punished. She practically raped me." He laughed at his joke.

"Liar!" Honey cried. "You raped me!" Frantically, she jerked and pulled at the strap, but she was helpless to defend herself. She twisted in a slow circle as her toes dug at the floor in an attempt to ease the strain on her wrists. "I didn't want to make love with you. You forced me and you know it." She looked at Greg, her eyes pleading with him to believe her, but she could tell he really didn't care one way or the other. What he wanted was to torture her. He enjoyed humiliating and punishing her.

Using the same black belt he had used in the bedroom, Greg began lashing her flesh. The belt hissed through the air. Crack! It kissed against her buttocks and forced her to spin half way around. Crack! The leather bit into her tits. She cried out for mercy, but her begging only aroused Greg to increase his effort. She felt her flesh being punished with savage strokes that perversely caused her arousal to flare as eagerly as Greg's.

She tried to hide the face that she responded with need, but the moans that came from her throat were obvious cries of pain and pleasure. What was wrong with her that she should respond erotically to such sadistic treatment? She hated herself and she hated Greg, but as her passion continued with each vicious whip of the leather, she wanted it to continue. Somehow, she felt the whipping made it all right to enjoy the passion pulsing through her body.

Greg whipped her with a rhythm that soon covered every inch of her flesh. She felt her skin burning with flushed excitement. She writhed and twisted under the lashing. Her tits danced and flayed from side to side. She felt her cunt juices dripping down her thighs. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted Greg's huge cock buried in her pussy. She wanted to feel his big cock thrusting and plowing in and out of her cunt with hard, eager plunges.

She didn't get what she wanted. When Greg tired of whipping her, he handed the belt to Jay. "You are the wounded party," he said. "You whip her. And remember, she needs to learn her place so don't be easy on her." Smiling, he sat on the couch and watched.

Honey tensed herself for what she knew would not be an easy whipping. Crack! The first lash took her breath away as the leather cut across the backs of her thighs. Crack! Crack! Jay worked carefully over her body, whipping her methodically so he didn't miss any spots. She felt the belt enflaming her skin from her feet to her shoulders. He paid more attention to her tits and her buttocks than the rest, but before he was through, she had tasted the kiss of the belt everywhere.

When Jay finished whipping her, he examined her flesh as though checking to insure he had done a good enough job. His fingers traced the criss-crossed pattern of the belt. He stood behind her and cupped her tits in his palms, hefting them and massaging them against her chest. He pinched and twisted her nipples, further enflaming her arousal. He stroked down her stomach and ran his fingers through her blonde pubic hair.

Honey felt his cock poking between her buttocks like a hard club. Pressing his cockhead into her ass crack, he stoked up and down her cleavage. She felt his swollen nob poking against her anus and sliding forward over her ass crack and across her pussy lips. His cock felt hot and slick stroking against her flesh.

"How would you like my cock up your ass?" he taunted, spreading her cheeks with his fingers and guiding his nob back to her anus. He stabbed against her sphincter. "I'm going to drive my cock all the way up your ass." As his nob pushed against her ass, he circled her hips with his fingers and pulled her savagely back against his plunging cock.

Honey bit her lip to keep from screaming as his cock plunged past her tightly clenched sphincter and tore up her ass with savage lust. She felt his cock ripping and stretching her bowels sadistically as it plunged into her body. She tried to twist away from him, but his fingers held her securely as he drove deeply into her body. He ground his hips forward and back, puffing and pushing at the same time so her body assisted in driving his cock viciously in and out of her ass.

She felt his hard cock sucking and pulling at her insides and arousing her to a deviate state of need. His erection burned and tore between her sphincter. And then Greg got into the act. Standing in front of her, he began tantalizing her tits with his fingers. He pulled and stretched them like he was kneading dough. He twisted and pinched her nipples. His cock poked at her pussy. It took moment before he could work his cockhead into her entrance due to the frantic pace of Jay's cock plunging in and out of her ass, but when he finally managed to get his pulsing nob into position, he drove it all the way up her pussy with one cruel plunge.

Honey gasped as both cocks began working in and out of her body. They timed it so Greg's cock fucked into her as Jay's cock pulled out. Keeping a sawing motion going, they humped in and out of her body like savage animals. They raped her ass and pussy like they were trying to split her in two. Honey couldn't believe what was happening to her. She felt like she was in a dream. Their cocks tortured and aroused her flesh to a perverse state of sensual arousal greater than she had ever known.

Despite her humiliation, she heard herself begging them to continue. "Rape me! Fuck me! Oh, it feels so good." Yet even as she said it, she felt her shame growing at her actions. She flayed her hips forward and back to match their thrusting cocks. The arousal that burned with perverse need through her flesh took control of her body.

Greg reached a climax first. Cum gushed from his cock and filled Honey's cunt with his copious cum. She felt his hot fluid splashing against her cunt and running back out her pussy around the sides of his thrusting cock. His semen dripped down the insides of her thighs in thick streams. And then she felt Jay's cock blasting thick wads of cum into her ass. As both holes were filled with their hot, viscous fluid, she felt her climax erupting with an intensity greater than she would have believed possible.

She flayed frantically against them, feeling their cocks reaming back and forth in her ass and pussy with slick thrusts that stabbed even deeper than before into her body. She felt their cum dripping down her thighs as it ran in gobs from her pussy and asshole. Every nerve in her body surged with releasing passion. She gasped at the intensity of her orgasm and drove herself to an even faster pace, feeling their cocks raping her flesh with vicious strokes.

Their orgasm went on and on as they churned and thrust against each other. Honey felt her orgasm gripping and convulsing her body. She flayed from front to back, driving their cocks in and out of her body with eager strokes. She felt her pussy and ass sucking and clawing at their cocks, milking the cum from their balls. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she cried.

Jay cursed obscenities and slammed his cock in and out of her ass with savage thrusts. Greg moaned and bent his head, until his mouth could slash and bite at her tits. Honey felt as though she was being carried away by a churning mass of fiery energy that washed over her like erupting lava. She closed her eyes and felt their cum bubbling within her.

When their orgasm at last drained away, Jay was the first to pull his cock out. She felt it slip from between her buttocks like a slick piece of meat. More cum drained from her ass and dripped down the back of her thighs. Greg kept his cock in her pussy until it began to grow soft. And when he pulled it out, it made a soft sucking sound. More cum oozed from her pussy and ran down the inside of her thighs.

Honey sagged exhausted against the strap around her wrists. She felt her body tingling and throbbing with an after glow of erotic energy. She sacked air deeply into her lungs, feeling drained and exhausted. She felt humiliated at the way they had treated her. But she felt more shamed by her own actions. How could she have begged them to keep fucking her? What was wrong with her that she enjoyed the sadistic way they treated her?

She kept her eyes turned to the floor, unable to look at them, afraid to see the leering conquest on their faces. She waited for them to untie her, but neither of them made a move and she realized her enslavement had just started. She looked at Greg and felt an ache of betrayal deep inside.

Chapter FIVE

Leaving her dangling from the ceiling, cum still oozing from her cunt and asshole, both men calmly began dressing. Honey felt her tits and pussy pulsing with a deep, sensual afterglow. This could not be what marriage was all about. Jay finished dressing first. He patted Honey's buttocks. "You were terrific, baby. If Greg and I didn't have important business in town today, it would be fun to stay and play some more games, but we just don't have time."

"Untie me, please," Honey begged, feeling the straps cutting into her wrists. She pressed her toes into the floor to try and relieve some of the pressure, but she only caused herself to twist on the end of the strap like a helpless doll.

"Wait for me in the car, Jay. I have a few things to get straight with my wife before we go." He waited until Jay closed the front door behind him and then turned to Honey. "Possibly you're a little confused at the kind of wedding night you've had. I just wanted you to understand that your life is no longer your own. You belong to me and I expect you to be an asset to me and that means helping me in my business."

"I don't even know what your business is."

Honey felt tears coming into her eyes. She felt like she was living a nightmare. "How can I help you? You treat me like a whore or a slave or something. I just don't know what you want from me, Greg. You're not who I thought you were."

Greg laughed and stroked Honey's heavy breasts, cupping them in his palms and massaging them tenderly. "Don't worry about a thing. You're going to work out just fine. Jay seemed happy with you and he's a hard man to please. If you continue pleasing the right people, you'll please me too."

Honey wasn't sure anymore that she even wanted to please Greg. But as his hands continued to stroke and caress her body, she felt an arousal miraculously again stirring deep within her body. She cringed with shame. Oh, no! Not again. She tried to stop it, but her passion responded to his touch the same way it had the day she met him. She was powerless to do anything about it. She moaned as his hands moved down to her cunt and stroked over her pussy lips.

He smeared the cum over her mound and into her blonde pubic hair. "You've got a delicious pussy, baby. I'd like to stick my prick in again, but business calls. I'd untie you but I'm not so sure I trust you yet. I won't be gone long. When I come back, we'll have a nice long talk and I'll explain everything you have to do to make our marriage work."

He was gone before Honey could protest. The front door closed and she heard a car start up and drive away. She couldn't believe they had left her tied. Tears streamed down her cheeks. It was all too horrible to believe. What a silly child she'd been. If it had not been for her perverted curiosity about sex, she would not be where she was now. How could she have been so eager to leave the safety of her aunt's house and get married and run off with, a man she'd known for only one day?

As she sagged against the leather strap, she realized with a shudder of shame that none of it would have happened if she had not been perverted. She had never been so turned on sexually until Greg came along in the park and used force to drag her into the bushes. Even now, hanging from the ceiling, her arms aching, the smell of cum all over her, she felt a perverted arousal. She deserved to be punished for her deviate lust.

Three short raps sounded on the front door. Honey started as the door was pushed open from the outside and a man about twenty-five stepped in. He was dressed in blue slacks and a white turtle neck sweater. His face behind a full beard didn't seem at all surprised to see a woman hanging naked by her wrists from the center of the ceiling. "I saw you through the window," he explained. His voice sounded slightly amused. "They told me you could get a free piece of ass if you bought a tract of desert land from the Simpson Realty, but I didn't think they kept the women tied up naked." He smiled, letting his eyes feast lustfully over her body. "Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?"

"Yes! Untie me." Honey felt even more perverted as an obscene arousal stirred in her at the realization of what the man expected from her. So that was what Greg expected her to do to help his business. Her face flushed with shame and humiliation. Yet she would have agreed to anything to be let down and relieve the numbness in her arms and shoulders.

"My name is John," the man said, running his fingers through his dark beard, his eyes still feasting lustfully over her helpless flesh. "I don't know if I should untie you or not. Maybe you're not supposed to be let down until it's time for you to fuck someone," he taunted. "I haven't actually bought any land yet and probably don't rate any pussy yet. So maybe I shouldn't..."

"I'll do anything you say," Honey begged, feeling her chance of escape slipping away. "Please. I'll fuck you. I'll suck your prick. I'll lick your body all over if you'll only let me down." Honey couldn't believe the perverse and filthy things she was saying. Yet she couldn't stop herself. She couldn't stand being tied any longer.

"That's the kind of delicious talk that will get you down real fast," John said, untying the leather and lowering her to the floor. He kept his arms around her and pulled her naked breasts against his chest. "I can't think of anything I'd rather do than fuck you right now." He covered her lips with his and forced his tongue deeply into her mouth.

"Uhhh... please. Let me rest for a minute," Honey begged, puffing away from him. She hugged her tits self-consciously. He grabbed her arms and pulled her back to his chest, spreading her arms to expose her naked tits again. He dipped his head and licked over her quivering globes. He bit each of her nipples in turn, sucking them into his mouth and chewing them until they stood up like aroused clits.

"I don't want to wait. I want to fuck you now. I want my cock buried in your pussy. You want it too. I can tell you're a sexy little bitchy. Get on your knees and suck my cock before I decide to tie you up again."

His cruel threat shot panic through Honey's body. She quickly knelt in front of him. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor. His cock stood out in complete erection. He didn't wear underwear. She marveled at the size of his cock. His knob pulsed with aroused eagerness. His balls swung like twin walnuts against his thighs.

"Eat it, hurry. I want to feel your mouth sucking my cock all the way down your pretty throat. And if you don't satisfy me, I'll put you back where you were."

Honey cupped his balls in her palm and hefted their heavy weight. She held his shaft at its base and licked timidly at his knob, tasting a tiny drop of cum that oozed from his cock. She felt ashamed for giving in so easily to his demands. She felt more shamed by the perverse desire to do what he wanted. She wished she had never discovered how sexually perverted she was. Passion throbbed through her flesh as she sucked his knob into her mouth and bathed his glistening flesh with her tongue.

"Oh, that's it, baby. Suck it. It feels, so good in your hot mouth. Lap your tongue all over it. Lick it like ice cream. Gobble it down." He held her hair and pulled her face harder against his cock, forcing his knob against the back of her throat.

Honey swallowed and bobbed her head, trying to work his cock all the way into her throat. She relaxed her throat muscles and felt his pulsing cockhead going deeper and deeper with each thrust. His cock felt hot and erotic reaming back and forth between her lips and sliding slickly over her tongue. She tasted and smelled his arousal. She felt like a whore sucking his cock, but even that feeling added to the perverse arousal that grew steadily in her cunt.

"Keep it up, baby. Suck! Blow me! Augggggg... that's sooooo goooooooood!" He ground his cock back and forth in her mouth with slow, easy stokes that caused his knob to pulse rhythmically. "I want you to eat all my cum when I climax. I want to watch you swallow it."

Honey had no choice in the matter. He pulled on her hair so she was unable to take his cock out of her mouth even if she had wanted to. She felt his cock sliding deeply into her throat and throbbing with sensual passion. She held his hips and helped work his cock back and forth. It felt good plunging into her throat and pulling back out with a sensual cadence. And suddenly his climax blast cum into her mouth with surprising force.

She tasted the first wad of semen flooding her mouth and managed to swallow just as a second gush splashed over her tongue. A third and forth stream filled her mouth. She rolled the sticky cum over her tongue and against her cheeks before swallowing. He pumped his cock with rapid strokes as his orgasm gripped his body with violent contractions.

When she had eaten all his own, she started to pull her head from his cock, but he held her hair. "Keep it in your mouth. I want to let it drain. Suck on it. Nurse it like a baby sucking its thumb. Keep it up until my cock gets soft."

Honey kept sucking as his cock slowly grew soft. Sucking a soft cock was different than sucking a completely erect organ. She discovered she enjoyed it almost as much as she did when it was hard. Moving her head slowly up and down, she drew his cock out until only his head remained in her mouth and then sucked her lips down to the base of his shaft.

As she continued nursing his cock and rolling it around her mouth, she felt it again growing hard. His balls churned to produce fresh cum. She stroked his scrotum with her fingers. She tantalized him by tickling his perineum with light strokes, brushing sensually over his flesh from his asshole to the tip of his shaft. The harder his erection grew, the more aroused she became.

When his cock was again as hard as it had been at first, he pushed her mouth from his knob and forced her onto her back on the floor. He crawled on top of her and positioned his cock at her pussy. "I'm going to bury my prick in your pussy, baby. Spread your thighs wider." He rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit, smearing the mixture of cum and saliva over her cunt. "Tell me you want it. I know you do. You're so hot you'd do anything to have my cock in you. Say it!"

Shame washed over her at the realization that he recognized how perversely aroused she was. "Yes," she admitted, feeling even more humiliated by her honesty. "I want it. I want your cock fucking into my pussy." Her face flushed as she said the dirty words. Yet saying them increased the deviate passion burning through her pussy.

She felt her juices flowing hotter than ever before as he pushed his cock deeply into her pussy. She felt his knob slowly working its way up her cunt until his cock filled her pussy. He pushed her knees against her tits and rammed his cock as hard into her as possible. She felt her breath forced from her lungs as his giant cock fucked savagely into her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust again him, feeling his cock going even deeper into her pussy. Every nerve in her body tingled and burned with a perverse need for release. And suddenly her climax exploded like a spewing geyser. She writhed in ecstatic bliss as fire blasted through her flesh in passionate waves of burning energy. She flayed and bucked against him. "I'm cumming!" she cried. "It feels so good. Don't stop. Keep fucking me. Oh... augggggh!"

As her pussy clawed and sucked wantonly at his cock, he too reached an orgasm. His cock again shot cum into her pussy. Their bodies slapped against each other with reckless need. Cum oozed out around the sides of his cock and dripped in thick gobs down her ass crack. She clawed and raked her fingers over his shoulders. Their climax went on and on until they were limp with exhaustion.

John pulled his cock from her pussy and stood up, pulling his pants up. He zipped his fly, buckled his belt and smiled down at her. "You were good, baby. If I do decide to buy property, from you boss, I hope I get to see you again."

Honey was still laying dazed on the floor when he left. She watched the door close. Silence engulfed her. She looked around the room almost expecting someone else to pop out and demand that she fuck them or blow them or some other perverse thing. She closed her eyes and opened them as if to check to make sure she was not dreaming.

Honey couldn't believe the awful change that her life had taken in such a short time. Her expectations of a wonderful marriage were completely shattered. She felt used and dirtied. She wanted to cry, but no tears came. She thought the shameful and humiliating way her body had responded to Jay and to John. What was wrong with her that she could enjoy sex with them as much as she had with Greg? Greg was her husband and she was supposed to only want it with him, but she had found as much satisfaction with the other men.

Chapter SIX

She stood up and rushed into the bedroom. She would take her suitcase and leave, even if she had to walk back to town. Her suitcase was not where she had left it. She looked in the closet and under the bed. It was no where. She didn't even have the clothes she had been wearing to put on. Naked, she searched through the rest of the house. She found nothing she could wear.

So she really was trapped. She thought about putting on some of Greg's clothes and walking out the door, but where would she go? The truth of the matter was she was afraid. She was afraid to go and afraid to stay. No, she was ashamed to go and ashamed to stay.

She sat at the kitchen table and tried to figure things out. All her life she'd dreamed about how wonderful sex would be when she got married.

She'd wanted to experiment and taste everything sex had to offer. But she was unprepared for the degradation Greg was submitting her to.

She heard a car in the drive and realized it was already too late to escape. Greg entered the house by the back door and stopped in surprise when he saw her sitting naked at the table. "How did you get loose?"

When she explained about John, she expected him to get mad, but instead he seemed delirious with happiness. "Far out," he said. "I thought you were going to give me a hard time about cooperating with my clients, but you're pitching in without me even telling you." He leaned over and kissed her lips, cupping her breasts and caressing them gently. "You're going to work out just fine." He told her his real estate business was selling desert lots.

"Why do you have to offer people more than just the land to get them to buy it? Is something wrong with the land?"

He seemed evasive when he responded. "It's good land. A piece of ass just cinches the deal," he said.

Greg ordered her to spread her thighs. He knelt in front of her and stoked her legs and licked into her gaping slit. His tongue speared deeply into her pussy and lapped out the juices.

She felt his mouth nursing her pussy and nibbling her cunt lips. Sensual energy filled her flesh with renewed passion. She felt his tongue doing wonderful things to her pussy. Her juices began to flow copiously and she realized she would do anything for him as long as his tongue kept her aroused and delirious with lust. It was only after that she felt shame and humiliation for the deviate things she did and the perverse way she responded.

As he continued sucking her pussy and caressing her body, she spread her thighs even wider and pulled his mouth hard against her cunt. "That feels so good, Greg. I love it when your tongue is stabbing into my pussy and you suck me out. Oh, I could take this all day." She wiggled her buttocks closer to the edge and leaned back on her elbows.

He flipped her legs over his shoulders and lowered his head so he could lick between her ass cheeks. His tongue washed over her anus. She gasped at the erotic contact. His tongue felt as wonderful licking her anus as it did licking her pussy. Her face flushed as again she realized how perverse her body responded to deviate sex.

She closed her eyes and tried to tell herself it didn't matter. The only thing was to pretend to be obedient to her husband. That was the only way she would be able to find a way out of her marriage. But even as she thought those things, a flicker of doubt passed through her mind. She forced herself to ignore it and concentrated on feeling the erotic tongue bathing of her pussy.

Greg straightened up and pushed his cock into her pussy. She felt it tunneling up her cunt and filling her to the maximum. She loved the feeling of his cock fucking in and out of her cunt. She tightened her grip on his hair and wrapped her thighs around his waist. He lunged in and out with eager strokes that quickly brought her to the brink of orgasm.

And then he withdrew his cock and crawled onto the table with her, turning so their faces were buried in each other's sex. He sucked her cunt lips and licked the insides of her thighs. Honey opened her mouth and engulfed his cockhead. It tasted better than anything she'd ever had. She bathed it with her tongue and swallowed it quickly down her throat.

He pound his hips gently into her face. She relaxed her throat and allowed his shaft to plunge in and out as though going in and out of her pussy. As her arousal grew hotter and hotter, her doubt and frustration at the sinful relationship he wanted from her began to seem less important. She could only think of the burning arousal that surged through her flesh with compelling urgency.

She hummed and talked around his shaft. "So good, so hot. I love it. I love the taste of it." She pulled his hips and strained upward to devour his entire organ. She spread his ass cheeks and licked obscenely into his crack. She tasted his anus with her tongue tip and even that added to her arousal.

She felt his fingers spreading her buttocks and then the stabbing pain of his finger plunging into her butt. He worked his finger in and out like a cock fucking her cunt. As his finger continued reaming between her sphincter, the pain went away and was replaced by a growing fire that spread through her cunt and caused her sexual need to flare even hotter.

Licking Greg's ass and giving herself up to the delicious feeling of her body being literally devoured was proof of her humiliating perversion. There was nothing she could do about it. She would just have to accept that face and make do with it. She didn't deserve a normal marriage. She was so perverted that she should be made to do sinful things.

And then their climax exploded and left them churning and writhing in delight. They fucked and humped against each other as though their life depended on it. Cum filled Honey's mouth. She rolled it around her tongue, savoring the flavor before swallowing it down. She felt his tongue lapping and drinking the hot juices of her cunt.

When it was over and they finally pulled apart, Honey sat up and felt ashamed and disgusted with herself. What made her act like such a whore? She asked Greg for her clothes and suitcase, but he pulled her back to him. "You don't need clothes yet. I told you once before I don't want you wearing clothes around the house. I want you naked and aroused all the time. I don't want you thinking about anything other than eating my cock."

She looked away in shame. When she was not aroused, the perverse things he said only made her realize more clearly just how degraded and perverted she was becoming. And she had so much as agreed that she would service any customer he waited her to. She couldn't believe a loving husband would expect his bride to do such bizarre things.

"What if I don't want to make love to your clients?"

Immediately Greg's face clouded over. "I thought we had that settled. You'll only have to do it until I sell ill the desert property. After that it will be only you and I."

"But, Greg I don't want to peddle myself like a common whore." Again she looked away from him. "I'm not like that. I'm a... I'm..."

"I know what you're like. You're a prissy bitch who thinks she's too good to fuck if she's not married to who she's fucking. You told me that two days ago in the park. Well I promised to marry you, didn't I? And I did, right? So you've got no complaint now."

"But I married only one person. You! I didn't marry your friends and your business partner." She felt like she was close to crying again. She sniffled and tried to get down from the table, but again he pulled her back.

"Maybe, you didn't learn your lesson this morning. Do you want to be tied up again and left like an animal until feeding time or work time?"

Honey shook her head in horror. "No, please. Not that again. I couldn't stand it." Fear raced through her at the thought of repeating the mornings experience. She felt her cunt quivering with arousal at the pain and humiliation she had suffered earlier. Perversely she both wanted and didn't want to be tied up. She hated that part of her that acted like an animal.

"If you don't want to be tied up, you'd better act more like you want to do what I ask, no matter what it is I want you to do." He stood up and pushed her head down so his cock dangled inches from her mouth. "And right now I have to piss so I want you to drink it."

Honey was horrified. "You want me to what?" She tried to squirm away from him and sit up. "You've got to be kidding." But she knew from the tone of his voice that he wasn't. "No. I won't do it!" she flared.

Chapter SEVEN

Pee shot from Greg's cock into Honey's mouth. She felt the hot piss burning against her tongue and flooding her throat. She swallowed involuntarily, gagging on the sudden stream of piss. Urine ran out of her mouth and poured down her chin. Greg pulled his cock from her mouth and aimed his piss at her face, spraying obscenely over her nose and into her eyes. He directed the stream at her tits and stomach, wagging his cock back and forth so her body was sprayed with piss.

Honey had never felt so humiliated. She accepted her degradation. She deserved to be treated even dirtier. When Greg finished peeing, her body was covered with urine. He let go of her hair and stepped back, zipping his trousers at the same time. "You're too filthy to go back to the house like that," he said. "Stay out here until you dry off."

The only thing she could think of was escape. Yet she knew that covered with urine and stark naked was not the time to run away. She would have to go back to the house. She knelt on the floor long after the pee had dried on her body. She put off going back to the house as long as she could. Finally she stood up and followed the path back to the house.

Greg and Jay sat at the kitchen table when she walked in the back door. They looked up and snickered as she fled past. She went directly to the bath. She stood in the shower a long time letting the hot spray wash over bet. No matter how long she stood there, however, she knew she would never be able to wash away the stain of what he had done.

She dried off before leaving the bathroom. She looked for her suitcase in the bedroom, but it was still hidden some place. Greg came into the room. "Still looking for your clothes? I told you you wouldn't need them while you it here. Tomorrow I'm taking yow down to the office. That will be soon enough for you to get dressed. Now you can come out to the kitchen and fix Jay and me something to eat."

The rest of the day and evening was spent catering to Greg's and Jay's demands. The next day, Greg dressed her in her oldest dress.

Greg introduced her to a blonde haired man. "Entertain him, baby, while I draw up a contract for some land he's going to buy."

When they were alone. Honey asked him about the property. "Did you really want it or do you just want to make love with a girl?"

"I would have bought the land anyway," he stammered, too embarrassed to look directly at her.

Honey felt confident around someone who was so inexperienced. She realized that only a few days ago, she would have been horrified at what she was doing now. She knew it was wrong, but by making love to Greg's customers, she was punishing herself for being the perverted person she was. She moved closer to him. "Your name is Jerry?"

He nodded. Honey pressed her body against his chest and circled his waist with her arms. She tilted her head up to be kissed. His mouth covered hers as he slowly overcame his shyness. His tongue pressed into her mouth and explored over her tongue and cheeks. She felt his cock poking through his pants into her crotch.

Leading him to the couch, Honey quickly helped him undress. She felt her pulse racing at the evil, wicked thing she was doing. She felt like a whore. Except she was not getting paid for what she did. She took her clothes off slowly, letting him watch as she tried to imitate a stripper. His cock throbbed in hot erection when she finished.

Honey lay back on the couch and crooked a finger at him. He rushed to her like a long lost lover and began kissing her thighs and working his way thirstily to her pussy. She guided his head as he licked the insides of her legs. She mulled at his eagerness. It was more enjoyable to be making love to someone so inexperienced.

She felt his tongue lapping at her pussy and sucking at the juices beginning to flow hotly between her cunt lips. She held his head and lifted her hips slightly to make room for his face to bury itself into her hairy mound. She pulled his head harder against her cunt and felt his tongue stabbing deeper into her slit.

"Oh, that's it, Jerry. Eat me out! Suck my pussy! Lick it all over!" She lifted her legs so her ass was exposed to his tongue. At first he hesitated when she pressed his head down, but when she moaned softly, he quickly began licking her ass hole and slurping his mouth over her ass crack. She felt her passion stirring hotly as he continued feasting over her pussy and ass.

She wiggled her hips against his face and felt his tongue respond eagerly. She began rocking her hips into his face as his mouth sucked and slurped with heated enthusiasm. He gobbled at her pussy hungrily.

"Put it in me, Jerry. I want to feel your big prick fucking into my pussy. Oh, hurry. Do it now!" But when he lifted himself up and began working his way up her body, she caught sight of his cock just before he started to push it into her pussy. "Wait. Let me suck it a little first."

He rolled over onto his side like he couldn't believe his good fortune. "Would you?" He licked his lips as they exchanged places and Honey knelt between his legs.

She circled the base of his cock and pumped his shaft, watching his cock knob swelling and filling with blood. She sucked it into her mouth and bathed her tongue over his satiny flesh. It tasted hot and tangy on her tongue. Bobbing her head, she forced his knob to poke against the back of her throat. She tickled his balls and felt his scrotum tightening as his balls churned and prepared his cum far climax.

"Oh, that feels good," he moaned. "I love it." He stroked her hair and caressed the outsides of her thighs with his bare feet. "I could lay here forever with you sucking my cock."

Haney tasted the tiny drops of clear fluid that oozed from his cock slit. She relaxed her throat muscles and forced her head down hard over his shaft. His knob plunged deeply into her throat. Breathing on the out stokes, she pumped her head up and down, feeling his shaft throbbing as blood surged along his veiny cock.

She licked the sides of his shaft like she was eating a candy bar. She rolled and fondled his balls in her palms. It felt good taking control of a sexual situation. She liked hearing him moan as she sucked and licked his cock. She knew she was giving him more pleasure than he had ever had before.

Sucking each of his balls into her mouth in turn, she tantalized him until she knew he was close to reaching a climax. Then she crawled onto the couch with him and rolled him on top of her. Spreading her thighs, she guided him between her legs. She held his cock as he pushed his knob into her slit. It felt good pushing into her cunt and sliding hotly up her tunnel.

"Oh, Jerry, that feels so big and hard going into me. That's it, baby. Push it in all the way. Oh, yes... yes. Harder! Harder!" Honey felt wicked and evil.

Jerry's cock slammed into her pussy with eager strokes that grew more reckless with each plunge. She took his cock. "Yes, yes. Ram it in me. Stab me with it. Oh, it feels like a club raping ray pussy!" She pounded his buttocks with her heels, driving him faster and faster. "Keep it coming, Jerry! Don't stop! I'm almost there!"

He humped his cock into her pussy like a mad man. His fingers clawed at her shoulders, his mouth chewed her tits and his balls slapped against her buttocks as he feverishly raced toward climax. She reached under her thighs until she captured his balls. She cupped them in her palms and squeezed them gently. She stroked her fingers up his perineum to his ass. Spreading his cheeks, she toyed with his tightly clenched asshole.

"I'm going to stick my finger up your ass," she said, pressing against his sphincter. She felt him quivering with both alarm and curiosity. Gently at first, she pushed her finger deeply into his ass. When he didn't respond negatively, she began fucking into his butt with strokes that matched his cock humping into her pussy. Each time he withdrew, she stabbed into his ass.

Raping Jerry's ass with her finger caused him to do a turn about. Instead of submissively letting Honey take the lead, he boldly announced his intention to fuck his cock into her ass.

"No, Jerry. Not that," Honey quickly pleaded. "It's too big. Just do your finger." But he was too aroused to pay any attention. He pulled his cock from her cunt and pushed it between her buttocks. She felt it sliding along her crack and skidding past her anus. She wiggled her hips to try and dodge it as he pulled back and humped forward again.

"Hold still," he growled. "They said you would do anything I wanted." His fingers spread her buttocks as he continued stabbing at her ass. "I want my prick in your ass. I've never fucked anyone there before." Despite her protest, he persisted in struggling with her until he managed to get his cockhead against the opening of her ass.

"No!" she begged, but with one hard, vicious shove, he crammed his cock to the hilt in her asshole. She felt his knob tunneling up her hole and stretching aside her tender membranes until her bowels were filled to the bursting point with his hard cock. As he pushed into her butt, she felt her breath forced from her lungs.

His cock pumped back and forth, whipping in and out of her ass like a piston. The initial pain was replaced by a warm glow that quickly spread through the rest of her body and mingled with her already aroused need. Honey felt close to a climax. And when his hot cum began shooting into her ass, there was no way she could stop the fiery explosion that blasted through her body. She writhed and twisted with the sensual spasms that washed over her. "I'm cumming!" she screamed. "Fuck me!" She hunched up at his thrusting cock as hard as she could, feeling his burning shaft sliding back and forth over her sphincter.

Her ass sucked and clawed at his cock like a hungry mouth. His cum flooded her butt and oozed in gobs down her buttocks. He cursed as his orgasm pumped itself into her ass. He shuddered and spurted load after load until his balls emptied themselves completely. And then he sagged against her, his breath burning against her tits. "Oh, you were good," he puffed. "That was wonderful. Your ass felt so good on my cock."

Honey cringed in shame hearing him talk about what he'd done to her. She felt his cum draining from her ass and dripping onto the couch. She reached under her crotch with her palm and scooped up as much of the sticky mess as she could so it would not stain the couch.

Jerry followed her and watched her cleaning herself at the sink. When she finished, she washed his cock and dried it. She felt funny about looking at him after it was all over. And when he finally walked out the door, she felt a sigh of relief. It didn't take Greg long to come into the room. She knew it wouldn't. She left her clothes off on purpose to see what kind of a reaction he would have. Mostly she wondered if he would be jealous, but she couldn't tell from his face. But what she did find out shocked her.

"Well, you passed the first test," Greg said, leaning against the door. He laughed at her surprise. "You are now a full fledged slut." He hold up a camera he'd been hiding behind his back. "And I have the pictures to prove it."

Chapter EIGHT

During the next few days, Honey was not allowed to go anywhere by herself. Escape became a fantasy that grew dimmer and dimmer as Greg produced more and more pictures of her in sexual positions with different people. Finally she realized she was too ashamed to try and get away. Despite not wanting to go back to her aunt, she didn't want the pictures shown to anyone she knew -- especially her aunt.

After passing the test with Jerry in the office, Greg did not bring her back to the office again. She was kept at the house and any service she was required to render was performed there.

Thursday afternoon she had her first repeat. He knocked on the kitchen door instead of the front. She remembered him immediately as John, the man who had untied her the morning Greg had left her hanging from the living room ceiling. "It's you," she said, feeling a familiar surge of warmth toward him. He was one of the few she had known lately that had treated her half way civil.

"Glad to see you're not still strung up," he said smiling. "But they still don't let you wear any clothes I see."

Honey blushed. She had became so used to being naked that it normally didn't bother her anymore. Somehow John was different. She wanted him to think well of her, but she knew it was pointless to pretend to him she was different. Tears came to her eyes suddenly and she found herself telling him about her life and how unhappy she was.

"Why don't you leave him?"

"He would show those pictures to my aunt and everyone I ever knew would find out what I've done." She couldn't stop crying. Her shoulders shook as he pulled her protectively into his arms. Why was she telling everything to John? But somehow it seemed all right. And then she felt his cock poking through his jeans into her crotch. She pushed against it, feeling excited that she still turned him on even after telling him ail about herself.

"You're either crazy or the most naive person I've ever met," he said, cupping her buttocks and pulling her harder against his crotch. "But either way I dig you and I'm glad you told me the truth. It won't mean anything to you now, but in a few days, everything you're unhappy about will change. I can't tell you any more right now but you're dealing with a bunch of crooks."

Honey felt his hands caressing over her body. She shivered with a relaxed sensual feeling that spread through her body. She felt like a heavy weight had been taken from her after telling John her problems. She wanted to repay him for his kindness. And she had only one thing to give. Slowly, she began unbuttoning his shirt and stroking his hairy chest. She pulled his shirt down his arms and unbuckled his belt. When his pants dropped down, his cock slipped into her spread thighs.

Honey licked his nipples and began working her way down his body, licking his flesh and stroking his buttocks at the same time. When she reached his swollen, cock, she sucked his knob into her mouth, tasting his hot arousal. His knob felt like satin against her cheeks. She licked his shaft and balls until his cock glistened with her, saliva. It tasted good in her mouth.

He held her head as she nursed his cock and tantalized his balls with her fingertips. She stroked along his ass and up his shaft until she scooped up a tiny drop of cum that oozed from his cockhead. She licked it from her finger and sucked his pulsing knob back into her mouth. Flicking her tongue over the under side of his cock, she felt the blood pulsing hotly along his shaft.

"Oh, that feels so good," he moaned. "Keep sucking my cock. Ummmm. Take it all the way down." He pulled her head harder against his knob until she was forced to take his cock into her throat. She bobbed her head up and down over his prick until she felt his knob working its way into her throat. She relaxed her throat muscles and pushed her head down harder until she felt his cock burying itself deeper and deeper until her nose and lips were pressed into his pubic hair. She breathed on the out strokes and relaxed on the in strokes. His cock pumped in and out of her throat with a soft plunging sound. She felt her need growing inside her pussy with each thrust of his cock.

"I love your mouth on my cock," he moaned, his hips churning faster and faster. "That's it, baby. Take it all the way down. Suck your lips around my shaft. Ummmm... play with my balls. Use your fingers... unmmmmm! Yes, eat it." With his fingers entwined in her hair, he moved her head up and down while his hips pumped his big cock to the hilt.

She kept her lips tightly around his shaft as his cock slid in and out, savoring the juices building in her mouth. She lusted for his cum. She wanted it squirting into her mouth and filling her cheeks with its tangy flavor. She wanted to smell it smeared over her lips and chin. She wanted it spilled over her tits and sloshed into her pussy. She wanted his cum all over her, wanting such a perverse thing caused a surge of erotic need pumping hotter and hotter into her pussy.

Suddenly her mouth was pushed from his cock and he pulled her eagerly to one of the kitchen chairs. He sat on the edge and forced her spread thighs over his pulsing cock. "Eat me with your pussy," he ordered. "Gobble me up. Make your cunt go all the way down to my balls." His fingers raked over her breasts, puffing them down as though using them far handles to direct her pussy onto his cock. He twisted and pinched her nipples until they sizzled with erotic arousal.

She held his thick shaft to guide her pussy down over his knob. She felt his cock pushing into her cunt until she was impaled to the hilt. Her pussy lips worked their way down his shaft until she felt part of his scrotum crammed into her dripping slit. His cock fell like a huge club buried in her cunt. She pressed against his legs, humping her cunt up and down his shaft. "Your cock is so big I feel like I'm being ripped apart. Oh, push it into me. Yes! Harder! Harder!"

He pulled her hot tits together against his face. His tongue lathered over her heavy globes while his teeth nipped and slashed at her nipples. He bunched her tits together and buried his face in her cleavage. She held the back of his head while they thrust into each other. She felt his cock bringing her closer and closer to climax.

With his cock crammed completely into her pussy, he held her hips and stood up until her back lay on the table. His hips plunged into her spread cunt with reckless strokes that tore into her like a knife. She felt her pussy being reamed and punished until every nerve in her body cried out for release. "Keep it coming," she begged. "Fuck me! Ram your cock into me hard. Make it hurt!"

He did his best to satisfy her. He became like a mad man, slamming into her pussy like he was trying to kill a wild animal. His cock made loud splashing noises as it plowed again and again into her feverish pussy. Her cunt lips sucked at his shaft. "You like my cock fucking into you more than anyone I've ever known before," he marveled, humping harder and harder into her cunt. "Ummmm... that feels... Your pussy feels like a fire around my cock."

She pulled his face back against her tits, guiding his mouth to first one nipple and then the other. As he chewed and sucked her flesh, she reached under her legs until she could hold his balls. She stroked them and squeezed them gently, encouraging them to spurt their heavy load of cum into her pussy. "Give me your cum," she begged. "Squirt it into me. I want your cum all over me. Now! Hurry!"

"Not yet," he said, pulling his dripping cock from her cunt. "I have another place in mind." He rolled her over and pulled her from the table until only her shoulders rested on the surface. Her tits swung under her like succulent melons. He spread her cheeks and knelt behind her. Lewdly, he began licking her twin cheeks, bathing his tongue over her flesh until her buttocks shined.

At first, Honey froze at what he was doing, but as his tongue splashed into her ass crack and slurped over her asshole, she gave herself up to the sensuous pleasure that washed over her. He buried his face between her buttocks, using his hands to pull her back against him, and slurped and sucked at her ass. She couldn't believe he actually wanted to do such a perverted thing to her. Yet knowing that he did made her feel closer to him. She felt his tongue stabbing into her ass like a cock.

"Your tongue feels wonderful licking my ass. Don't stop. I love it. Oh... mmmmmm." She arched her back and ground her buttocks back into his face, feeling his tongue stabbing deeper into her asshole. His fingers reached between her thighs to her pussy. Spreading her cunt lips, he stabbed both thumbs into her slit. He rolled and pinched her pussy lips and clitoris until her cunt juices flowed like honey onto his fingers.

Tilting his chin back further, he lowered his head until his mouth could suck its way from her ass to her pussy. He pressed his face between her thighs and licked and sucked her cunt juices into his mouth, slurping her viscous fluid noisily. And then he moved back to her ass, eating his way up her crack until he reached her lower back. He stood and positioned his hard cock against her dripping sphincter.

Honey felt his swollen knob spearing between her clenched anus and plunging deeply into her bowels. His shaft tore into her easily. She felt his cock stretching and tearing its way into her ass until she thought she would be literally ripped apart by it's vicious invasion. Even the pain of initial entry caused her need to swell.

"Stick your cock up my ass. Harder! Deeper! Oh, it feels like fire in my ass! Fuck it into me, John!" He used one hand to stab into her pussy while his other hand clawed and mauled her tits and nipples. She felt like her climax would explode at any moment.

And then his turn gushed like molten lava into her ass. She felt his hot fluid exploding into her butt and filling her bowels with his sticky fluid. "I'm cuming!" he cried, ramming his cock into her ass as deeply as it would go. He cursed and raked his fingers over her clitoris until she too burst into spasms of orgasmic bliss.

She felt his hot cum spilling back out her ass around his cock shaft and dripping in thick gobs down her thighs. He screwed into her with harder and harder strokes as his climax released all bonds of restraint. His cock slammed so deeply into her ass that she felt his balls whipping between her thighs and splashing into her pussy. Their climax went on and on until they writhed and churned in helpless spasms that drove them to frenzied excitement.

"Don't stop!" she begged. "Fuck your cock into me deeper. I can't stand it! Oh... I'm cuming! I'm cumming!"

He emptied half of his thick load into her ass, the other half he spurted over her, back and buttocks. When his cock had emptied his balls, he pushed his knob back into her ass, letting his exhausted cock drain in her bowels. He smeared the cum over her buttocks. The smell of his spent passion filled the kitchen with a heady, intoxicating aroma.

Honey sighed with contentment. She wiggled back against him, feeling his cock shriveling in her butt. Her ass sucked at his soft cock as though to milk even more cum from his balls. She felt every nerve in her body tingling with a sensual afterglow of erotic passion. She rested her shoulders on the table until his cock slipped from her ass. Then she turned and buried her face in his chest. With his arms around her, she felt more content than she had felt since running away from her aunt.

"You're crazy," he said. "You're like a little lost sheep in the woods that doesn't even understand what's happened to her. I understand now why you haven't left your husband. Your aunt must have reared you in an awfully strict environment."

"How did you know that?" Honey asked, surprised at his insight. "What do you understand that you didn't before?"

He stoked her tits and dipped his mouth to her nipples. After kissing each one, he straightened up. "Never mind that for now. I'll explain it to you soon enough. But for the time being it's enough for you to know that you won't be with your husband much longer. I'll see to that." Reaching around her hips, he caressed her sticky cum-smeared pussy and ass.

Honey felt a sense of security being near him. She didn't want him to ever let go of her. But all too soon he pushed her away from him and began gathering his clothes and dressing. "Do you have to go so soon?"

He smiled. "You've caused a change in my plans. I don't want Greg or Jay to see me at the house again until I'm ready." He stopped and looked at her very intently for a moment. "You do feel the same thing toward me that I feel for you, don't you?"

Honey was taken by surprise. "Oh, yes," she said. "Yes, I do!" She felt as though the weight of the world had been taken from her shoulders. But what he said next shocked her even more.

"Then there is more that you need to know about me," he stated. "First, I'm an investigator for the District Attorney's office and I'm going to need your help."

As he outlined exactly what he wanted from her, Honey felt a flush of panic and excitement begin pounding drum-like through her body. It was all happening so fast. She believed his warning that it would be dangerous. Yet she didn't care.

Chapter NINE

Honey was soaking in the bath when Greg returned home that evening. As soon as he opened the bathroom door, she put John's plan into operation. "A policeman was here today asking for you," she said, watching his reaction closely as John told her to do. But the only reaction she could identify was a slight widening of his eyes that disappeared as fast as it showed up. "Have you been doing something illegal?"

He acted as though she had not even spoken. His eyes stared at her tits floating in the water. "Have you ever sucked a cock under water?" he asked. When he was naked, he stepped into the water and stood with a foot on each side of her hips, his cock dangling limply above her face. "Suck me hard," he ordered.

Her response came out of her mouth before she had time to think about making him mad. "Now now, Greg." And as soon as she said it, she wished she hadn't. His eyes turned angry. His lips curled back. He held his cock and pointed it at her face.

"When I tell you to do something, bitch, you'd better learn to do it fast." Suddenly he began peeing in her face. His urine gushed from his cockhead in a thick yellow stream that splashed against her nose and into her eyes and mouth. His piss ran down her neck and shoulders and onto her tits.

She gasped at the unexpected insult. She put her hands over her face and he continued pissing on her and over her hair. When he had emptied his bladder on her, he pushed his foot against her face and pushed her under the water. She came up willing to do anything he told her. He knelt with his knees straddling her tits, his cock and balls dripping on her face.

"Now, suck me hard," he repeated, stroking his cock back and forth. "And you'd better do a good job. I want to feel your hot little tongue licking me up real good." He held her hair and pulled her head against his cock.

Honey opened her mouth and allowed his cock to push past her lips. She tasted the remaining drops of pee on his cock. Sucking his shaft deeper into her mouth, she felt his cock swelling as blood pumped eagerly along his shaft and filled his knob with hot arousal. She felt like a slut.

As she continued nursing and sucking his cock to a greater and greater erection, she felt her pussy swelling and throbbing with a perverse arousal. She couldn't stop it. She tried to think of John and what he would think if he saw what she was doing, but even that caused her flesh to respond erotically. Greg's cock grew until his pulsing knob pressed into the back of her throat.

She relaxed her throat muscles and allowed him to force his cock into her throat. Arching her neck and leaning forward as far as possible, she felt his cock stabbing deeply into her mouth until her lips were circled around the base of his cock with her nose buried in his pubic hair. His balls slapped against her chin each time he thrust his hips forward and drove his cock deeper into her mouth.

She felt his hot organ sliding over her tongue and against her cheeks. His cock tasted tangy and good. She hated herself for liking it. She felt her own arousal growing stronger and stronger with each thrust of his hips. His fingers pulled her head harder onto his cock. Suddenly he leaned forward and forced her head completely under water, driving his cock to the hilt in her mouth.

She struggled and squirmed to get her head above water, but he kept her under until she thought she would be drowned. When he let her up, he pulled his cock free as she gasped for breath. He pushed her back under water and spread her thighs and pushed her knees up until her cunt gaped open. He slammed his cock into her pussy with sadistic eagerness. When he let her up the next time, he kept his cock in her pussy, his hands locked around her buttocks.

He drove into her cunt with vicious strokes that plunged his cock to the hilt. "Do you feel that, baby," he groaned. "That's all you're good for -- fucking. You were made to be fucked by anyone and everyone. Your pussy feels like an oven around my cock. Ummmmmm..." He slammed his cock into her pussy with harder and harder stokes until Honey thought her cunt would be literally ripped apart.

The bathroom door opened and Jay stuck his head in. "I can hear you pigs rutting all the way in the living room," he said. "Is this a private party or can anyone join?" Jay was already naked. He fingered his cock as he looked at them, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his knob until his organ began filling with blood and lifting up in the air.

Greg pulled his cock from Honey's cunt and stood up. "It's open to you. The water is fine and the pussy is already hot." Turning to Honey, he ordered ha to get out and lay over the edge with her head hanging over the bath water. "You can fuck her ass while she gives me a blow job."

Honey felt Jay's hands stroking her buttocks when she assumed the ordered position. Greg squatted in the water in front of her and pulled her face over his cock. He used her ears to bob her head up and down until his knob had again worked its way deeply into her throat. She gagged at first, but then managed to adjust her breathing so she could suck air into her lungs on the out strokes.

Jay's fingers probed along her ass crack until he located her tightly clenched anus. He pressed his thumb against her opening and stabbed his fingers into her pussy slit. Kneeling behind her, he began licking her buttocks and nibbling the backs of her thighs. She felt her own arousal soaring hotter and hotter.

As Jay continued licking over her buttocks and into the crack of her ass and his fingers continued stabbing into her pussy slit, she felt her arousal flaring and sizzling through her pussy in a perverse need for punishment. She gulped and sucked at Greg's cock, her fingers stroking and massaging his heavy balls. Despite the arousal surging through her flesh, she wanted to bring them, both to climax as fast as possible and end the perverse need torturing her body.

She bobbed her head up and down over his cock with hard strokes that rammed his organ to the hilt in her mouth each time. She tasted the hot flesh burning over her tongue and felt Jay's mouth lapping like a hungry animal over her anus. Every nerve in her body sizzled with arousal as they used her to satisfy their deviate lust.

Jay stopped licking her ass and positioned his cock against her dripping anus. She felt his knob spearing into her ass and stretching her bowels to accommodate his massive cock. His shaft slid easily between her sphincter from the lubrication of his mouth. She felt her bowels tilled to capacity by his cock.

As Jay plunged recklessly into her ass, Greg forced her head faster and faster up and down his cock. She felt their cocks reaming into her body with alternating strokes that kept one cock going in as the other came out. Her ass burned as Jay's cock sawed feverishly back and forth.

Greg shifted position in the tub so his cock was underwater except for his head. He forced Honey's head underwater with each stroke. Her face slapped against the surface as she was forced to gulp his cock. She was helpless to stop the continuous up and down movements. Jay held her wrists behind her back, twisting her arms so he could force his prick deeper into her ass.

Honey gasped for air each time Greg allowed her head to come out of the water. As her head was mercilessly forced in and out of the water and up and down his plunging cock, she felt her asshole blazing with erotic lust. Jay came alive in her ass. His cock surged with long, sensuous strokes that caused her to burn with passion. His fingers pinched and raked over her thighs and up into her pubic curls. He stretched and pinched her pussy lips.

"I like fucking your ass," he moaned. "My cock feels so good going in and out of your pretty butt. Ummmm! I'm going to fuck you all night. I'm never going to stop."

Honey felt her anus being sucked and pulled as his cock worked in her ass like a vacuum with each stroke. His bulbous head pushed into her, forcing the air from her lungs, and pulled back with a slow, tantalizing movement that sucked erotically at her insides. As his cock screwed in and out of her ass, it made a wet, slurping sound.

She wanted to beg him to stop, but with her mouth filled and plunging up and down Greg's cock, she could only submit to feeling her ass being aroused into a perverse pool of seething lust that spread like fire through her pussy and breasts. And then she found herself thrusting back against him as her body's need took control. She felt her ass sucking wantonly at his cock.

Greg humped and thrust his cock harder and harder into her mouth. "Eat it up, baby. Swallow my cock all the way down your throat. Oh, that feels so good. I'm getting ready to cum in your mouth. I want you to eat it all down." His fingers gripped her ears cruelly and slammed her face up and down his hard cock.

Honey felt like she was all pussy. With Greg's cock slashing into her mouth and Jay's cock reaming into her asshole, she felt her climax ready to explode at any second. She continued growing more and more aroused. She wanted their cocks to keep fucking into her body forever. Jay's fingers stabbed into her cunt as savagely as his cock stabbed into her pussy.

She felt his fingers spreading and stretching her cunt lips and spearing into her dripping pink slit.

He pinched and raked over her clitoris until her pussy screamed for release. And then she felt Jay's orgasm erupting in her ass. His first squirt of hot own blasted into her bowels and caused her to quiver with a deep beginning of her own orgasm. Greg's cock exploded in her mouth, shooting thick wads of viscous fluid into her throat. She tasted the hot liquid rolling over her tongue and felt the cum shooting into her ass. With her mouth and ass being filled at the same time, she could hold back her own orgasm no longer.

Honey's climax ripped through her flesh like an erupting volcano. She sucked and swallowed feverishly at Greg's cock. Her ass milked greedily at the cock humping into her bowels. She felt as though carried away on a sensual wave of erotic energy. She churned forward and back, gulping at the cock in her mouth and impaling herself on the cock in her ass.

Greg cursed as he unloaded thick wads of semen into her mouth. "Swallow it down," he ordered. "Suck my cum up." As his big cock continued spurting into her mouth, he lifted himself up so his entire cock was out of water. He forced her head back until wily her lips circled his erupting head. "Eat it."

Honey swallowed as fast as she could to keep up with the copious amount of cum flooding her mouth. She almost gagged at first, but she managed to swallow it down before the second spurt filled her throat. When his cock finally stopped shooting into her mouth, she held the last mouthful and rolled it over her tongue and against her cheeks, savoring the tangy flavor before swallowing it down.

She felt Jay's cock empty itself into her ass. He pulled his cock out and pressed his shaft length ways into her ass crack and continued fucking his hips into her buttocks, forcing his still hard cock to saw up and down between her ass cheeks. "Ummmm! I love screwing your ass," he said. "It feels good having my cock inside your shit hole."

As her climax dwindled into a throbbing afterglow, she cringed with shame to hear him talking so plain and dirty. She hated admitting to herself how much she had enjoyed being fucked and having Greg cumming in her mouth at the same time. She was humiliated. She knew her only hope of escaping from the chains Greg held her by was through John. Yet somehow she felt she didn't deserve him. She deserved the humiliation she got from Greg. Still, something inside her fought the bizarre hold Greg had over her.

She tried to pull away from them but they continued to hold her bent over the tub. "Easy," Greg said. "You're not going anywhere. Jay, did you know that a cop was out here to see me today? Honey talked to him." He twisted her hair behind her neck and jerked her face up until he looked directly into her eyes. "What did he want?"

Tears came to Honey's eyes. "Nothing. He just asked if you were here." She tried to keep her voice from crying out. "He didn't say anything else."

"I don't think she's telling the truth," Jay snarled. "Let's see if we can't whip the truth out of her."

"No," Honey pleaded. "I'm telling you the truth." She looked at Greg for mercy, but he smiled sadistically at the idea.

"But not tonight," he said. "I'm too tired. Let's tie her up in the cellar and leave her overnight to think about what we're going to do to her. If anything will insure she's telling the truth, that will."

Honey begged and pleaded with them as they dragged her naked from the bathroom, but they ignored her. Jay opened the cellar door in the kitchen and Greg dragged her behind him down the wooden steps. The cellar looked more like a dungeon. Chains hung from the ceiling and cement walls. A long, narrow wooden table with straps at each end dominated the center of the room.

They spread-eagled her on the table and secured her wrists and ankles. She squirmed and pulled at the bindings but they held her tight. Greg opened a wooden cabinet and took out a monstrous looking electric dildo. He crammed the rubber cock into her pussy and strapped it securely in place. He flicked a switch and the horrible thing came to life in her pussy, vibrating and churning itself even deeper into her cunt.

Neither Greg nor Jay said anything to her as they turned, smiling sadistically at each other, and retraced their steps up the stairs. They closed the door behind them. The single light in the ceiling went out. Honey writhed in helpless spasms as the dildo hummed and vibrated into her pussy with tireless energy.

Chapter TEN

Any doubts or feelings of guilt Honey had felt about escaping from Greg by betraying him to John, disappeared during the torturous night she spent spread-eagled in the cellar with the dildo ravishing mercilessly into her pussy. Despite her attempt to control the feeling throbbing through her cunt, she felt her arousal surging and building as the rubber cock churned into her body with punishing brutality.

She twisted and pulled at her bindings as the dildo drove her into a frenzied state of erotic torture. Her body coiled and writhed with violent contractions of sensual arousal. She was helpless to stop the perverse passion that flared with ever increasing intensity through her pussy. The cock hummed and vibrated obscenely between her cunt lips until she could think of nothing other than the sensual passion torturing her flesh.

"Help me!" she cried. "Someone, please. Stop it from fucking me. I can't stand it any longer." Her words echoed uselessly against the walls. The tireless cock screwed relentlessly into her pussy, torturing and arousing her to a state of excitement that kept her writhing and moaning with growing need for release.

As the passion burning through her pussy grew to intensity, she increased her struggle to pull free of the straps binding her helplessly to the table. But each movement she made only drove the cock deeper into her pussy. She felt the vicious cock reaming into her cunt as though it was alive and knew what it was doing.

She tensed her muscles and tried to force the cock out by straining her pussy and stomach muscles against it, but she succeeded only in causing the cock to surge back and forth between her cunt lips, further enflaming the arousal tantalizing her flesh. She felt the thick cock stretching her pussy sleeve and bringing her ever closer to orgasm.

And then as a body jolting climax ripped through her flesh, the cellar door opened and she saw the girl Greg had taken home the first night Honey had been in the house. The girl had dark hair and looked only a couple of years older than herself. She walked down the stairs after turning on the cellar light. Honey bit her lower lip in an attempt to hold back her screams of release as her climax surged with energy through her pussy.

The girl's eyes sparkled with sadistic enjoyment when she saw the condition Honey was in. "My name is Jan," she said, moving close enough to the table that she could stroke Honey's quivering flesh. She ran her fingertips over Honey's breasts and stomach. She looked at the dildo ravishing her pussy. "Cum," Jan said. "Don't hold it back. Let it go. I want to watch you climax."

Humiliation and shame burned with a deep flush over Honey's body as she continued to writhe and twist against her bindings. She could not hold back the giant climax ripping through her flesh with sizzling fury despite her effort. She felt Jan's fingers adding to the erotic feeling bursting drum-like through her entire body.

"That's it," Jan said. "Cum. Fuck your pussy into the dildo. Let me see you work for it. Faster, faster." Jan forced the vibrating cock in and out of Honey's steaming pussy. She pushed the prick into her with evil enjoyment, grinding it in a cork-screwing motion. "Cum! Cum, cum, cum."

"I am!" Honey screamed. "Please stop it. I can't stand anymore!" But the sensual feeling continued washing over her in a hot discharge of perverse enjoyment. And no matter what she said, she could not hide the obvious from Jan.

"You love it, don't you? You like the cock fucking into your pussy and the fire biting your tits. You can't fool me, you're the biggest masochist I've ever seen in my life. Well, eat it up, baby, because there's lots more coming to you."

Honey felt humiliated that Jan saw so clearly into her perverse nature. Her orgasm throbbed and tore though her flesh until she was left writhing and tortured under the vicious assault Jan forced on her. She felt her pussy sucking and clawing at the dildo in a shameful display of deviate passion. She could not stop herself from forcing her hips upward against each thrust of the rubber cock.

Honey continued screaming and lunging upward until her climax at last ran its course. And when it was over, she begged Jan to take the dildo out and remove the wires from her tits. Jan met her only half way by removing the wires from her nipples. She kept the dildo in her pussy. Jan stroked Honey's body in a slow, sensual motion that soon had her passion stirring again deep in her pussy.

"You are the most naive person I've ever met," Jan said. "You think you're married. You think Greg is going to take you away from all this when he strikes it rich by selling all his desert plots. You're dumb! That's what you are." She pushed the cock deeply and cruelly into Honey's pussy, twisting and driving it to the hilt.

Honey squirmed erotically as she felt her arousal building miraculously again within her body. "That's not true," she said. "I am married to Greg."

"No. You're not married to anyone. Everything that's happened to you since you ran away from your dear little aunt has all been a game Greg and the rest have been playing with you. If you know what's good for you, you'll get away from here the first chance you have because if you try to play the game the way they have it planned for you, it won't be long before you won't ever have a chance to escape again."

Honey shook her head in denial. No, it couldn't be true. Jan didn't know about John. She didn't know that she would be escaping soon enough and at the same time doing the right thing about Greg. Greg should be in jail for all the things he had done to her and the illegal things he was doing about selling land. She felt an urge to tell Jan about John so she would know that she wasn't a complete fool, that she would not be Greg's captive for very much longer, but she kept her mouth shut, knowing that if she did tell Jan her plans they would undoubtedly get back to Greg.

"I'll untie you and let you ran away now if you'll go," Jan said, her hand still moving the rubber cock in and out of Honey's pussy.

Honey shook her head, feeling her cunt stirring and coming to life despite her effort to stop it. "You only want me to leave because you're jealous. When Greg brought me home, he made you leave. You just want Greg back for yourself."

Jan laughed. "All right. If that's what you want to believe. I'm not going to make anymore effort to convince you otherwise. It's up to you if you want to stay and be used like a slave for the rest of your life." She began thrusting the dildo in and out of Honey's pussy with renewed enthusiasm, pumping her hand at her pussy with sadistic strokes.

Fear filled Honey as swiftly as the cock raped into her pussy. Jan's eyes shined with evil purpose as she suddenly jerked the cock from Honey's cunt and climbed onto the table so her pussy hovered over her face. Jan's pussy already dripped with passion juices. Honey tried to twist her face away as her pussy covered her mouth, but she was helpless to avoid the inevitable.

"Eat me," Jan ordered, grinding her hips down and forcing her slick cunt to smear over her face. Honey tasted the tangy flavor of her pussy juice and smelled the heavy aroma in her nostrils. The smell and taste surprisingly caused her sensual arousal to swell with hot passion.

She felt shamed by the perverse pleasure of liking the smell and, taste of another woman's pussy. She could not resist the urge to stick her tongue into the gaping pussy slit. It felt hot and pleasant over her tongue and against her lips. She felt Jan's throbbing clit against her tongue tip. Licking it caused Jan to squirm and press her pussy even harder against her mouth. Honey felt as though she would be suffocated.

"That's it," Jan ordered. "Lap my pussy or I'll see that you can't breath. Oh... oh... that feels good. Yes, stick your tongue in real deep. Ummmm... suck it. Pretend you're kissing Greg's mouth. Suck my lips. French kiss my pussy. Unnnmm... mmmmmmm! Keep it up."

As Jan squirmed and fucked her pussy against her mouth, Honey did her best to satisfy her wicked request in fear of what would happen to her if she refused. But she could not deny the pleasure that filled her pussy as she lapped and gobbled Jan's thighs. She sucked her hot juices into her mouth, drinking it in like a rich liqueur.

"That's it, baby," Jan told her. "You take to eating pussy like an expert. Keep it up. Oh, I can feel myself getting so hot with your tongue lapping and licking inside my cunt. Your tongue feels like a cock in me. Oh, baby! Lick my clit. Make it feel real good. Suck it between your teeth and nibble on it. Ummmmmm... I can feel it getting hard. That's the way to eat pussy."

And then Honey felt Jan's lips covering her pussy and her tongue slipping inside her cunt lips to plunge deeply up her vagina. Honey arched her hips and spread her thighs as wide as her bindings would allow. She felt Jan's mouth sucking and eating at her hot cunt until her nerves screamed with need. Passion filled her pussy and caused her juices to flow with the same copious discharge as Jan.

As Jan continued feasting at Honey's cunt, she reached down and untied her ankles. Honey couldn't believe she was being freed. It felt glorious being able to move her legs again. But with the passion flaring hotly through her pussy, she had no immediate desire to do anything other than wrap her thighs around Jan's head and encourage her to continue nursing and licking her pussy.

Jan pulled away and slid up her body until she reached the straps around Honey's wrists. Untying them also, she returned to sucking her pussy. Honey felt as free and excited as though she'd been released from prison. She flexed her arms for a moment and then began stroking Jan's body, running her hands up and down her thighs and buttocks. She cupped her tits and felt Jan's nipples coming to life between her fingers. Honey pressed her face back into her pussy and licked the dark curls covering her dripping lips.

It felt so erotic licking and sucking another woman's pussy. Honey felt shamed by what she was doing, but she couldn't stop. Jan's hungry mouth drove her into such feverish need that she would have done anything to keep her mouth feasting and eating her pussy. The feelings of her tongue plunging and slurping into her cunt was like nothing she had ever experienced before. It was both like a cock and not like it. She liked the feeling. Stiffening her own tongue, Honey attempted to imitate the movement Jan made.

Honey forced her stiffened tongue deeply into Jan's hot pussy. She felt her cunt lips slurping and puffing her tongue even deeper into her gulping hole. Her lips buried themselves in Jan's cunt hair. She sucked at the oozing juices and pulled Jan's hips harder against her face. It felt wonderful eating and drinking at Jan's pussy as her own pussy was gobbled with expert efficiency.

Honey could not stop her fingers from exploring all of Jan's succulent flesh. She stroked her tits and ran her fingers down her sides and over her hips. She pulled her buttocks apart and stroked her ass crack, pressing a fingertip against her puckered anus. She felt Jan responding with increased passion as she pushed her finger past her sphincter and tunneled into her bowels.

Jan picked up the dildo and pressed its wet head into Honey's ass crack. Quickly she located Honey's protesting anus and forced the rubber prick into her butt. Honey screamed with pain, but as Jan rammed the thick cock in and out of her ass, the pain turned to a warm burning sensation that caused her arousal to flare even hotter.

Honey hated the way she responded, but she was powerless to stop the demand of her flesh. And when Jan began sucking her pussy as she raped the cock into her ass, Honey felt herself rapidly approaching another climax. She increased the speed of her tongue licking over Jan's cunt. And when their orgasm came at the same time, they both tore and clawed at each other's bodies in a frenzied display of unleashed passion.

Honey scratched her nails across Jan's buttocks and thighs. She pulled and raked her tits and nipples. At the same time, Jan plunged the dildo with savage cruelty in and out of her asshole. Their climax ripped with sadistic intensity through their clits until they were both dripping with perspiration.

At last, Jan collapsed in complete exhaustion on Honey's stomach. They both lay still, their breath coming in deep heaving gasps. Finally Jan rolled away and stood beside the table. Honey rolled off onto the other side. They stood staring at each other for a moment, neither saying anything, waiting for the other to make the first comment.

Jan looked away and gathered up her clothes. She dressed quickly. When she was finished, she looked back at Honey. "This is your last chance to get out of the mess you're in. I'm being straight with you, Honey. They don't know I came down here. If they did, I'd be in trouble myself. If you want to get away, I'll bring you some clothes and you can leave now while they are gone, but if you wait, you'll never have a second chance. Where they are going to take you, I'll never be able to help you again."

Honey shook her head. Despite a warning inside her that she should listen to what Jan said, if she left now she would be running away from John as well as her responsibility to do the right thing about Greg. "I can't go," Honey said. "You don't understand."

Jan turned in disgust and walked to the steps. "I understand. I know everything. I'm leaving them now and I'll never come back. That's why I don't care if they come back and find you untied. It will be too late then for them to do anything to me, but they'll still have you." She climbed the steps and looked back down. "When I close this door it locks from the outside and you'll be trapped again. Are you sure you won't change your mind?"

"I'm staying," Honey said, but as soon as Jan stepped out the door and she heard the sound of the lock clicking shut, a shiver of fear that she had made the wrong choice shot through her like an icy tentacle. What if John didn't come to save her?

Chapter ELEVEN

The overhead light remained on as Honey waited naked in the cellar. She paced nervously around the table she had been tied to and listened for the sound of someone coming. The longer she waited, the more fearful she became that she had made the wrong choice to stay. What if Greg came back and decided to move her from the house to some place that John would not be able to find her?

Honey shivered and hugged her tits protectively. She felt her pussy still tingling from the stimulation of the dildo and Jan's mouth. She brushed her fingers over the wet hair covering her cunt. She felt funny touching herself there and feeling the slick juices smeared over her crotch. Her pussy lips were swollen and tender, yet the touch of her fingers seemed to calm her -- like a child sucking its thumb.

She avoided looking at the sexual gadgets around the room. Finally she sat on the edge of the table, her fingers still toying with her pussy lips. John had told her he would come back when she had had time to find out enough about Greg's illegal activity that he could prosecute him in court. She didn't know if she had found out anything that would help John, but she knew she would not be able to stay with Greg any longer.

And then she heard the sound of the door opening. She looked up just as Greg stepped through the door and began descending the stairs. Quickly, Honey stood beside the table. His expression showed surprise that she was no longer tied, but he didn't say anything until he was close enough to touch her.

"How did you get loose?" He grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm until she was forced to press hex shoulders back against his chest and stand on tiptoe. His free hand cupped her breast and pinched her nipple painfully, twisting and pulling on it until she felt a shameful stirring of masochistic arousal.

"Don't please," she begged. "Don't hurt me. I'll tell you anything you want. Jan untied me." She felt his fingers continuing to torment and arouse her tit. The bulge of his crotch pressed against her ass and she felt his cock stirring to erection. He enjoyed hurting her.

"What did Jan tell you?" Greg turned her around and pushed her back against the table and wedged his body between her spread thighs. His pants felt rough grinding against her tender pussy. He held her wrists against the table. "Did she say anything about me or Jay?"

Honey was afraid to admit the truth. She tried to squirm away from him, but her action only caused him to press his crotch harder against her cunt. She felt herself becoming aroused as fear mingled with the stimulation against her pussy. "She untied me to have sex with me. All she said about you and Jay was she didn't want to be around you anymore. She said she was leaving for good and that I could go with her if I wanted."

"Why didn't you go?" He unzipped his pants and his cock flipped out in complete erection, his large knob pulsing with sadistic eagerness to penetrate her ravished pussy. "Do you love me too much to leave me?"

"I'm your wife." She couldn't bring herself to say she loved him even though she knew it would help relieve his suspicions. And then before she realized what she was saying, the truth gushed from her mouth. "But I don't want to be your wife anymore. It's not like I thought it would be when I married you. I want to leave."

Greg's eyes narrowed. "Jan did talk to you, didn't she?" He tightened his grip around her wrists. And when Honey still denied that Jan had told her anything else, he growled angrily. "What are you going to do if I don't let you leave?"

Honey tried again to pull away from him. "Let go of me. You can't keep me here against my will if I don't want you to." She tried to sound threatening but he didn't show any fear. If she didn't have any other information that would help John, at least she would be able to tell him she had demanded her freedom from Greg.

"There are things I can do to you to make you tell me what Jan told you about me and Jay." He smiled with sadistic eagerness as though he really wanted an excuse to torture her. Releasing her arm he stepped back and removed his clothes. Completely naked, he turned her around and tied her wrists behind her back. His cock pulsed against her ass.

When he turned her back around to face him, he slapped her breasts viciously. Honey cried out and stumbled back against the table. He grabbed her shoulder and slapped her tits again with his free hand. She felt the blows stinging and burning her heavy flesh in a humiliating mixture of pain and arousal. She begged him to stop, but he was only getting warmed up.

"Since you don't want to talk, I'm going to whip you with a riding crop until you change your mind." He selected a short black leather whip with two strands from the large collection on one wall. "This should teach you obedience." He struck her hot tits twice, letting the leather bite into her sensitive flesh with cruel abandon.

Honey felt her nipples stinging with fire as the leather kissed with savage force against her flesh.

She twisted away and immediately felt the whip lash against her buttocks. Blow after blow criss-crossed her ass until she felt like her cheeks were on fire. Yet the burning feeling spread through her flesh in arousal that made the pain seem secondary to the erotic sensations the whip produced.

"You like it, don't you?" Greg taunted. He continued whipping her flesh with carefully aimed blows that quickly covered her ass with red lines. The whip hissed through the air and cracked against her buttocks.

Honey stumbled and rolled away from him, lost her balance and fell to the floor. Greg did not wait for her to get up, but continued beating her with the whip even as she rolled on the cement floor. Pleading with him to stop was useless. Her words only enflamed him to whip harder. She felt her body writhing from the stinging lashes. He whipped harder and harder. The sound of the whip on her flesh echoed from the basement walls.

She felt her nerves surging with erotic energy as the whip found even her most tender spots. Greg left nothing untouched by the whip. It kissed against her pussy and inner thighs. When she tried to stand, he pushed her back to the floor with his foot and continued beating her. His cock wagged back and forth in iron-hard erection with each lash. She knew he was getting sadistic enjoyment out of her torture. And even if she did tell him everything Jan had told her about them, it wouldn't make any difference. He would still continue to whip her and she would be even worse off than before.

Honey gritted her teeth and tried to steel herself to endure however much torture he decided to give her. As more and more of her body was covered with streaks and welts, she prayed his punishment would soon stop. Yet even as she pleaded with him, she felt her deviate nature wanting it to continue. Her pussy dripped with hot juices. She felt shamed by her enormous capacity for endless arousal from torture and humiliation.

"I'm going to whip you until you tell me what I want to know or until you pass out," Greg threatened. He bent over and twisted her hair in his hand and whipped her ass with the riding crap as she twisted and rolled under him. "I know what she told you anyway," Greg said, continuing to beat her between words, "so you might as well admit it. She told you we weren't mated and that I planned to hide you in a place where no one would ever be able to find you and use you to entertain myself and my friends sexually, didn't she?"

Honey was shocked hearing it come from Greg's mouth. Even when Jan had told her she wasn't really married to Greg she had not believed her. And even now she found it hard to believe. She had been through the ceremony with a real Justice of the Peace. Hadn't she? The whip didn't give her time to think things through. She writhed and twisted under the constant torment. She felt her flesh pulsing with erotic pain and pleasure.

"I like seeing your skin marked by my whip," Greg said, his breath coming in gasps from the exercise of whipping her. Sweat dripped from his forehead, but he didn't stop. His cockhead throbbed and pulsed as though it would reach an orgasm at any moment just from the excitement of seeing her punished and tortured.

Still, Honey refused to say any more. Already she realized she had said too much for her own good. If Greg found out that John was going to come back and take her away, her last hope of escape would disappear. Writhing under the steady ram of sadistic lashes, Honey felt heir flesh surging with sensual passion as the whip cut into her skin. The leather kissed her body with eager bites. She moaned and rolled from side to side in a useless attempt to avoid his attack.

"I dig whipping you, baby," Greg said, letting go of her hair as he whipped her. The leather marked her ass cheeks. Crack! Another line crossed her tit. Over and over, the riding crop licked fire in sharp lashes over Honey's tortured body. The whip covered her in a web of painful arousal, leaving her marked with burning lines.

Honey was humiliated by her response to his savage treatment. Her body actually lusted for the punishment. She pressed her hands into the floor above her head and dug her heels into the cement, lifting her hips and arching her back as though offering her pussy and tits to his whip. She felt each lash with a masochistic satisfaction. The more punishment she received, the better she would be for John.

Finally Greg threw the whip aside and crawled on top of her, pinning her shoulders and spreading her thighs to expose her hot pussy to his huge erection. He pushed his swollen cockhead into her pussy slit. She felt her cunt gulping at his knob like a hungry mouth, obscenely trying to suck it completely inside her. She felt his hips tense and then the force of his body as he drove his cock to the hilt in her pussy with a single savage stroke.

Even with the lust and eagerness of her own arousal burning through her pussy, she was not prepared for the viciousness of his first thrust. She felt her breath forced from her lungs. Her pussy felt as though a mammoth club had been rammed inside her. His cock filled her like nothing she had ever felt before. She feared her pussy would be literally ripped apart by his cruel penetration. But as his hips began fucking his cock in and out, she felt the suction of his knob pulling and pushing at her insides with an erotic movement that made up for the initial cruelty.

"My cock feels good inside your hot pussy," Greg said. "I'm going to fuck you until it hurts to even close your legs. Ummm... your cunt will be in shreds before I'm through with it." He pumped his cock in her pussy like plunging a pipe. His erect cock pulsed with each thrust, fining and stretching her curt to the maximum.

Even though her body lusted for Greg to continue raping her flesh, she didn't like wanting it. "Stop," she begged. "Your cock is hurting me!" But her legs locked themselves around his hips and her heels pounded into his buttocks, encouraging him to drive his cock even deeper and more savagely into her pussy.

Greg became like a mad man, stabbing his cock into her cunt as hard as he could. His fingers twisted and pinched her nipples. His teeth bit and chewed her neck and cleavage. "I'm going to cum inside you," he said, increasing the speed of his cock fucking into her pussy. "I'm going to fill your cunt with cum. Ummmm... Ummmmmmm. Here it comes. Agggggh!" His cock thrust to the hilt and began gushing his hot semen into her pussy.

Honey felt his knob spitting and pulsing, stretching her cunt sleeve even tighter as his balls emptied themselves into her body. Load after load of viscous fluid filled her pussy until it oozed in thick gobs from her ravished slit and smeared down to her ass crack. He moved his hands to her butt and spread her cheeks so his thumbs could find her anus. Cruelly, he stabbed both thumbs into her ass.

She felt as though a second cock was raping her ass. His thumbs fucked in and out of her asshole, stretching her sphincter with sensual alternated strokes to his cock. The feeling of her ass and pussy being raped at the same time brought Honey to a state of erotic arousal that brought her immediately to an intense climax. She screamed and bit and clawed at his shoulders. "I'm cumming!" she cried. "Oh, I can't help it! I'm cumming! I'm cummmmmmming! Aggggh!"

Her orgasm gripped her and tossed her pussy shamelessly into his savage cock. The feeling of being impaled by his spitting cock added to the excitement rushing through her flesh like hot liquid. Her climax went on and on. Her pussy lips sucked as thirstily at his cock as he gobbled at her tits. And when they finally spent themselves, they lay exhausted in a perspiring tangle of limbs.

Finally, Greg pushed himself to his knees. He wiped his cock and dried it on Honey's thighs. He milked his cock for a final drop of cum and wiped that off on her thighs as well. He stood up. "You realize," he said, "that this is only the beginning. I'm not ever going to let you go. I'm going to take you some place where no one will ever be able to find you. I'm going to fuck your brains out."

The door opened at the top of the stain. Honey looked up to see Jay step onto the landing. Mother, man with a slightly familiar look followed Jay down the steps. As the man moved closer, Honey gasped in horror. He was the Justice of the Peace who had performed her marriage ceremony, dressed in faded jeans and a torn sweat shirt, he certainly did not look like a Justice of the Peace now.

Chapter TWELVE

Honey tried to hide her nakedness as Greg turned and watched the two men walk down the stairs. "What are you doing here, Ramsey? I told you and Jay to wait for me at the new place."

Ramsey kept his eyes feasting on Honey's body as he responded to Greg. "We were wondering what was taking you so long to bring the girl out to see us. You promised me a piece of her ass a long time ago." He rubbed his crotch obscenely. "It's about time you paid off."

When she realized they were definitely planning on taking her some place else, Honey felt her heart pounding wildly. If they took her out of the house, John would never be able to find her. "I'm not going anywhere with any of you," she blurted out. "If you try, I'll scream and scream until some one hears me."

The men exchanged glances. Jay offered a solution: "Ramsey can stay here and watch the girl while you and I drive into town and bring the van back. We can tie Honey up and gag her and cover her up in the back. It will be no problem to drive her out to the desert then."

Honey saw the look of lust twisting Ramsey's face into an evil mask of desire. She shivered at the thought of being left alone with him. She kept her hands covering her pussy and breasts. But when they all agreed to the plan, she was dragged naked up the stain and into the kitchen. She was surprised to discover it was morning.

Greg and Jay did not leave to get the van immediately. They ordered her to fix breakfast for them while they sat around the kitchen table making jokes about her nakedness. As she moved back and forth from the stove to the table, fixing their breakfast, she tried to think of a plan of escape, but she could not concentrate the way they teased her and pinched her each time she passed close to one of them.

Ramsey was the worst. He followed her back and forth, his hands constantly touching her ass or her pussy or her tits. "As soon as Greg and Jay leave, I'll have you all to myself," he taunted. "I'm going to screw you like you've never been screwed before."

Honey shivered as his hands stroked her buttocks. Greg and Jay kept laughing as Ramsey continued humiliating her by probing into her most intimate places. He brought a length of chain up from the basement and padlocked it around her ankles so she was forced to take tiny steps from the stove to the table as she was forced to take tiny steps from the stove to the table as she set out the food. And when they started eating the eggs and bacon, Ramsey made her stand in the center of the kitchen and pose for them as though she were a marble statue.

Honey's ordeal with Ramsey started as soon as Greg and Jay left to drive into town for the van. Ramsey unlocked the chain from her ankles and padlocked one end around her neck. The free end dangled against her breasts. Ramsey used the chain to lead her into the living room like a slave. "I'm going to teach you what pussy is for." He stripped away his clothes and began rubbing his large cock.

Honey stared at his cock with fear racing through her tits. She felt her pussy quivering and burning with terrifying anticipation of what waited for her. "Leave me alone," she begged. She tried to run from the room, but he grabbed the chain and pulled her back. She tripped and stumbled between his spread feet. She looked up at his cock and balls as he pumped his shaft into a monstrous-looking erection.

"Suck it, baby. Take it in your mouth and lick it all over. Lick my balls and cock like you were slurping candy." When Honey did not respond to him, he began twisting the chain around her neck, slowly cutting off her air. "Suck my cock or you'll never breath again," he vowed.

Honey knew he was serious. She felt panic rushing through her tits as black spots danced in her vision. At last, humiliated and defeated, she could hold out no longer. She slowly allowed her mouth to be pulled against his throbbing cock head. She felt his pulsing knob against her lips and tasted his hot flesh.

"That's it, baby. Suck my cock way inside. Eat it real good. Take my cock all the way down your throat. I want to feel your teeth on my scrotum. Ummmm... yes. You're a good cock sucker. Ahhhhh... ummmm. I like that. Keep it up." He began grinding his hips forward, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

He kept the chain pulled tight around her neck and her face locked against his crotch. She felt his thick shaft working its way into her throat until her nose was buried in his curly pubic hair. His cock felt like a burning branch being stabbed again and again into her throat. She tilted her head up to ease the passage down her neck. She felt his knob sucking at her throat like a plunger as his hips forced his cock in and out with vicious strokes.

"I've wanted to fuck you since that night Greg brought you out to my house with his wild scheme of pretending I was a Justice of the Peace. And now that I have you all to myself, I'm going to make you wish you'd never seen me." He let go of the chain so it hung down her back and grabbed her hair. He used her hair to pull her face against his cock in time with his thrusting hips.

He began pumping his cock into her mouth. His thick knob filled her to the point that she was afraid she would not even be able to suck air into her lungs on his out strokes. He raped into her mouth faster and faster. Honey tried to keep her throat muscles relaxed, but she was so tense that his cock felt like it was ripping and tearing its way in and out of her throat.

Suddenly he pulled his cock from her mouth and pushed her onto her back. He kicked her legs apart with his feet. "I want to look at your pussy," he said. "Spread your cunt lips apart with your fingers. Let me see your pink center gapping open. Hurry up, stretch your pussy lips apart. Ahhhhh, that's it. Wider." As she did as she was told, he resumed masturbating his cock, pumping his huge organ with his fist until his knob shined a deep purple and pulsed with sadistic eagerness to spurt his cum into her body.

To end her torture, Honey wanted him to cum as soon as possible. She pleaded with him to climax on her. "Cum now," she said. "Squirt your cum on my stomach." She rested on her back and stroked her pussy as erotically as she could, hoping it would spur him to orgasm. Instead, he only laughed at her.

"I'm not going to let you off that easy. You're going to get my cum in your ass." He grabbed Honey's ankles and twisted her onto her stomach. As soon as he let go of her ankles, she rolled back over and kicked at him. He caught her foot and twisted her back again. He straddled her back, facing her feet, and began slapping her buttocks. His hand spanked her ass cheeks until they burned and stung with the red imprint of his hand.

Honey squirmed and tried at first to block his hands with her feet, but he used the chain on her feet every time she got them in the way of his hand. After feeling the chain on her a couple of times, she resigned herself to being punished by his hand instead of feeling the excruciating pain of the chain. As his hand continued whipping her buttocks and thighs, she felt the humiliation of her arousal growing stronger and stronger the harder he spanked her ass.

He immediately recognized the change in her. "You like being spanked, don't you? Greg said you were a masochist." He slapped her already enflamed buttocks harder and harder. "I'm going to really enjoy this." His hands beat each of her ass cheeks in turn. He kept her buttocks shaking and quivering as his palms turned them redder and redder.

Honey felt her arousal churning within her pussy. Her cunt dripped with hot juices. Each slap of his hand sent her into an erotic spasm of sensual sensation. She tried to hide the shameful feelings surging within her cunt, but it was pointless. She could not control the way her flesh responded to his sadistic treatment. She felt herself growing closer and closer to an orgasm herself as he continued punishing her ass.

She begged him to stop, denying the obvious arousal of her body, but he saw through her. His hands gave her no mercy. And finally, when his hands began to sting, he grabbed his pants from the floor and pulled his belt loose. The leather bit into her thighs with the sound of gun shots. Crack! The harder she squirmed to get sway, the harder the leather kissed against her thighs and buttocks.

He stood up and straddled her body. "Roll over," he ordered. "I want to whip your stomach and tits." The belt kissed viciously against her buttocks.

Honey gasped with shock and immediately rolled over. The belt began whipping her tits and stomach and cunt mound. Crack! Crack! Her breasts danced back and forth as the belt kissed her flesh with eager bites. Again Ramsey forced her thighs apart with his feet and began lashing her thighs and pussy. The black belt cracked again and again against her cunt. She felt as though her pussy was on fire. Juices boiled down her ass.

"Stop!" she begged. Yet even as she pleaded for the punishment to be over, her body lusted for the belt to continued whipping her pussy into a frenzied state of deviate excitement. Her hips thrust her cunt upward and she cried out for him to fuck her and end the punishment. "Please, I can't stand anymore!" she pleaded. "I want your cock in my pussy!"

"I'm not going to fuck your pussy. I told you I want my cock inside your asshole. I'm going to flood your butt with my cum." He continued lashing her body from her neck to the bottoms of her feet, missing not one inch of tortured flesh. The belt marked Honey's body until she was covered with a criss-crossed red marks. "Now roll over and get on your hands and knees," he ordered.

Honey was too overwhelmed to resist any further orders. Like an obedient slave, she submitted to his evil desire. Once on her hands and knees, she watched fearfully over her shoulder as he knell behind her and spread her ass cheeks. He pushed his purple cockhead into her crack and plowed between her buttocks in search of her anus.

Honey felt his cockhead moving along her crack like a hot snake. She tried to squirm away to avoid the disgusting thing he wanted, but he held her securely between his hands and continued searching for her anus. She felt his knob pushing at her puckered entrance. "No!" she begged. "Not in my ass. Your cock is too big. It will split me apart!"

Her pleading only spurred him to greater effort. Locked helplessly between his arms and thighs, she felt his cock head spearing between her sphincter and penetrating deeply into her as he plunged his cock forward with one cruel thrust. Honey screwed as her butt was raped savagely by his huge cock. "Agggggh... no, no, no. Please stop! Oh, it hurts!"

Ramsey plunged his cock as far into her ass as he could, his thick shaft reaming into her hole like a club. Honey gasped and tried to relax her muscles so her ass could accommodate his cock without tearing her flesh. She felt his slick shaft surging back and forth over her sphincter as he fucked savagely into her body. After the first few strokes, the pain was replaced by a warm burning that caused a fresh surge of erotic sensitivity to flood through her entire body.

She hated herself for responding to his deviate need with sensual arousal, but she could not stop the way her flesh sucked at his cock as though it wanted his savageness to continue. She felt her flesh drawing closer and closer to a climax as his cock raped viciously in and out of her ass. She felt her butt sucking and clawing at his cock in an effort to draw even more of his hot shaft into her burning ass. Again and again his cock plunged to the hilt in her butt.

"I'm going to cum!" Ramsey cried, his hips thrusting harder and harder against her buttocks, driving his cock in and out of her ass like a racing piston. "I'm almost there!" His fingers dug into her ass cheeks. His cock raped sadistically into her ass. "Now! Now!" he cried. "I'm cummmmmmming!"

Honey felt his hot semen flooding into her bowels in thick spurts that quickly filled her asshole to overflowing. His cum caused his cock to suck like a slurping vacuum at her insides. As spurt after spurt of hot cum gushed into her ass, Honey felt her own orgasm exploding with excruciating intensity. She could not restrain herself from bucking back against his plunging cock in an effort to devour his entire shaft.

Ramsey's cum dripped from her ass and ran in thick gobs down into her cunt and pubic hair. Their climax kept them locked together in an obscene display of unleashed passion. Their orgasm went on and on until Ramsey's balls had completely emptied themselves in her ass. She felt his cock finally beginning to soften inside her ass.

As he pulled his cock from her butt with a soft sucking sound, Honey looked up and saw a face at the window. It was John. As quickly as he appeared, he disappeared. Honey felt a rush of shame that he had seen her being screwed in the ass and, at the same time, a tremendous surge of relief that he had returned in time to save her from being kidnapped and bidden in a place where he would never be able to find her.

Almost as though God were smiling on her, Ramsey announced his intention to leave her alone for a minute. "I'm going down in the basement to get a little something to let you understand your place as a slave." As soon as he walked through the basement door, Honey rushed to the window.


At first, when she looked out the window and didn't see John. Then she heard the kitchen door opening. She rushed to the kitchen. John stood there with a big smile on his face. Honey threw herself into his arms. They had time for only a quick hug. "Come on," John said, taking her hand and leading her out the door.

Honey felt a tremendous sense of exhilaration and freedom as she ran naked behind John across the back yard and into the protection of the woods. John held the end of the chain still padlocked around her neck as they ran. He led her through the trees to his car hidden behind some bushes beside the dirt drive leading up from the main road. Quickly, he opened the trunk. "Hide in there so I can drive you out of here without anyone seeing you. Don't make any noise."

Gratefully, Honey crawled into the trunk. As John shut the door, she curled up in the dark, hugging her knees to her tits and relaxing for the first time in days. Finally she had someone on her side, someone who loved her and would protect her from Greg and his sick friends. She heard the car engine start and felt the new Ford lurch forward as John drove her to safety.

The ride in the trunk seemed to last forever. She kept expecting John to stop the car and let her out, but minute after minute ticked by as the car hummed over the road. She felt the car stopping and starting and heard the sound of other cars and pedestrians around them as they drove through town. And then they were on the highway again. Honey couldn't figure out where John was taking her, but she didn't care as long as she would be with him.

When the car finally stopped and John opened the trunk and helped her out, Honey couldn't believe where she found herself. They were parked beside a two story stucco house surrounded by a high wire fence on the edge of the desert. Barren, rocky hills stretched away to the west on one side of the house. The house was so isolated and far from the highway that she could not even see it despite the flat desert land that allowed her to see for miles.

Four vicious Doberman's charged them from the house, but John barked an order and they immediately became docile. "You'll be well protected here," John said. "No one will be able to get in here without being torn to shreds by the dogs." He smiled and led her into the house. The bottom floor was completely empty of furniture. Only the kitchen looked like it was lived in. The cupboards were well stocked with good.

Honey felt an outpouring of love for John. It was the same feeling she had felt for him the very first time she saw him. She pressed her body against him, wanting to show her appreciation for her freedom. Her arms circled his waist and she felt his cock bulging against his crotch. She reached down and felt his cock through his pants. She wanted to make him happy more than she'd ever wanted anything. At last her slavery was over.

"Not here," John said, pushing her hand away. "I've prepared a place for you in my life." Holding the chain in one hand, he led her down the hall to a trap door in the floor.

Honey felt a quiver of apprehension. She didn't want to step over the door, but John pushed her. "What are you doing?" She watched with growing fear as he threw open the large door and blocked their exit down the hall, Honey could not see where the descending steps led, but she knew they did not lead to freedom.

John stripped away his clothes. His cock stood in complete erection. "You think I saved you from Greg and the others, but I didn't. I saved you for myself." He began leading her down the stairs, pulling her along with the chain.

"Why, John?" Honey cried. "I came with you willingly. What are you going to do with me? Why are you taking me down here?" But each step of the way, Honey realized she had made a bad mistake when she had not left with Jan. The coldness and matter of face way John pulled her down the stairs made her realize that her previous enslavement had been nothing compared with what waited her.

"You thought you couldn't leave Greg because he was your husband. Then you thought you couldn't leave him because you were spying on him for me. But the truth is, you could have left him any time." John chuckled. "Now, however, you have absolutely no choice. You're my captive for as long as I want you and that will certainly be for the rest of your life."

Honey couldn't believe what she was hearing. John stopped at the foot of the stairs and Honey looked around. Her breath caught in her throat. The basement had been converted into a dungeon that made the one in Greg's house look like child's play. Honey felt her body trembling with fear. The love she had felt for John had been the same romantic attraction that had gotten her enslaved to Greg.

Now her enslavement was something beyond belief. She stared horror-struck at the evil torture racks of punishment. Whips and chains hung from the cement walls. Honey tried to back up the stairs, but John held tightly to the chain and dragged her to the center of the room and padlocked her like an animal to a cement column.

He pumped his swollen cock back and forth as his eyes feasted on her naked body. He moved closer to her and Honey backed against the cold cement. "I'm going to fuck you and fuck you until you can't even stand up. From now an you're mine to do with as I please."

"You can't do this to me," Honey pleaded, cupping her tits and sliding down the post to a fetal position as though that would protect her from the ravishment she knew was coming. "Please let me go."

"I'll never let you go. I would have brought you here sooner except I had to get the house ready. As soon as I saw you at Greg's house, I knew what I was going to do with you." John's chuckle sounded evil and ominous. "You're so naive. I don't know why you didn't leave Greg when you had the chance. You sure won't be leaving now. No one knows where you are. And no one would ever suspect me of doing something like this."

Honey realized she had been a fool. But now it was too late. As John knelt beside her and twisted her hair behind her neck, she felt his knees spreading her thighs and then his thick cock forcing its way between her cunt lips. "No," she begged. "Not this way. I loved you!"

"You loved Greg and look at the way he treated you. I know Greg," John said. "I bought this land from him. He told me about you after I saw you that first day at his house. You liked the kind of treatment he gave you. Well, if you liked that, you're going to love the kind of treatment I give you because you're going to be my slave from now on."

John thrust his hips forward, driving his massive cock deeply into Honey's cunt. She screamed and struggled uselessly against his cruel penetration. But even as she screamed she knew it was useless to fight against him. No one would hear her. She was powerless against him.

As John began grinding and thrusting eagerly into her pussy, Honey saw the bizarre instruments of torture surrounding her like a message of doom.

She didn't want it to happen. She wanted to feel nothing. She wanted to show contempt for the awful thing he was doing to her, but instead her fingers clawed at his back and her cunt sucked wantonly at his cock as though her body was beyond her control.

"Your pussy feels so good around my cock," John said. "Your cunt's so hot and juicy. I love fucking you! And from now on you're only for me." He plunged his cock harder and deeper into her body.

Honey felt his balls slapping against her buttocks with each merciless stab his cock made into her cunt. She felt his thick shaft stretching her cunt. John raped her flesh with complete abandon, driving his hips against her body like he was trying to crush her.

His cock sucked and plowed into Honey's cunt until she felt her nerves stretched and charged with sensual energy. She tried to ignore the feeling of arousal and need that dominated her own flesh, but it was too strong. She continued responding to his attack with her own shameful need. This couldn't be happening to her. She had to show him she didn't like it. But she still could not stop her heels from pounding against his ass and driving him on to even greater effort.

"Don't stop!" she screamed. "Fuck me! Do what you will! I love it! Oh, someone help me! I love it!" Honey felt herself on the brink of orgasm. She tried to stop words gushing from her mouth, but it was useless.

Honey felt John exploding his seed into her cunt as his climax erupted with violent intensity. "I'm cumming!" he screamed, thrusting his cock savagely into her pussy. Honey felt John's cock filling her cunt with his hot cum. And then her own climax erupted with equal intensity and she felt her pussy sucking and gobbling at his cock with wanton humiliation.


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