Punished wife

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the flyer of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

PUNISHED WIFE is the story of one young housewife, Sherry, who gradually discovers some startling and perverse fantasies she is desperate to play out. Her story is a mirror of a way of life behind many closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, to Clara, her behavior and fantasies become a norm.

PUNISHED WIFE -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.

Chapter ONE

The guards pushed Sherry into the office and locked the door behind them. Then they dragged her to the center of the room. She was scared out of her mind. Both of them were tall and stocky and she knew there was no way she could escape. They caught her shoplifting and now she had to pay for it. She thought of her husband, Dan. He would kill her if he ever found out.

"Get against the wall," the older guard said. The look on his face was so cruel and hard that Sherry had to turn away from his gaze.

"Why?" she said. She brushed her long red hair over her shoulders and tried to look, defiant. Then she saw the other guard, the one with the thick mustache and the long dark hair, leering at her. He stared at her tight blouse without even trying to hide it. His eyes were glued to her huge tits.

"We're going to search you," he said. "That's why."

Sherry backed away from them. "You can't do that," she said. "You're supposed to have a woman for that kind of thing."

"Looks like we got a tough bitch here, Steve," the older guard said. "Take care of her."

"Sure, Al, you're the boss," he said. Steve grabbed Sherry's wrist and twisted it hard. The next thing she knew she was right against the wall. The longhaired guard spread her arms and her legs wide apart so that she had to lean against the wall with her palms flat out. Sherry tried to get away from him but he slammed her back against the wall. "You just stay put until we're finished with you, honey. We saw you take all that stuff and now we're going to find it."

"Try anything and I'll scream," Sherry said. She thought of all the things she'd taken from the main floor of the department store. The bra that she'd stuffed down her jeans, and the jewelry that she put into her purse when she thought no one was looking. They'd find it all. "I'm warning you," she said. "I'll scream!"

"Go ahead and scream all you want. No one will hear you. This room is soundproofed." Steve slid his hands up and down her thighs, as if he really was searching her. But then his fingers gripped her flesh through her tight pants.

He slid his hand around to the front and then reached down into her jeans. He pulled out the frilly red bra that she stuffed down her pants. "Nice piece of evidence," he said, and threw it to the floor. He moved closer to her and now she could feel the hard bulge in his crotch press against her ass. "We got you, baby. We got you."

Sherry turned her head over her shoulder and saw the cruel smile on his face. Then she saw Al over at the desk. He had her purse emptied on the surface. And he was looking through her wallet. "Married, huh?" he said. "Guess we'll just have to give your husband a call."

"No!" Sherry said. "Don't. Please don't."

Al laughed. He stood right next to her by the wall. "Sorry, honey, but we have to report you. It's the rules."

Steve's hands slid up her stomach and then cupped her huge tits, squeezing them through her blouse. His prick grew harder and throbbed against her butt. "Unless you want to be nice to us," he said. "Then maybe we won't call your husband."

"I'll do anything you want," Sherry said. "Anything." She knew they were just after her ass. And there was no way she could stop them from getting it.

"Good," Al said. A wicked smile broke out on his dark, unshaved face. He ran his hands through his short gray hair and then clasped them behind his neck. "Strip for us, honey. Let's see what you got."

Steve stepped away from her. "Come on, bitch. Strip!"

Sherry unclasped her jeans and pushed them down to her thighs. She saw both of the guards staring at her firm rounded ass cheeks. Her black panties were transparent and the silky material clung to her ass. "Promise me you won't tell my husband," she said. "Just promise me."

"Shut up and strip, bitch!" Al said. "Unless you want some help."

"No," Sherry said. "I'll do it." But before she could do anything Steve grabbed her waist and turned her around so that she faced Al. He tore at her white blouse and pulled it wide open. She struggled with Steve, trying to break his grip, but his fingers dug right into her flesh. Al grabbed her huge tits in his hands and mauled them. His fingers dipped under the skimpy black cups and scratched at her firm fleshy mounds.

When they had her down to just her panties and bra they pushed her back to the center of the room. "Get down on your knees where you belong, bitch!"

She hesitated a few seconds too long. Steve clamped both hands down on her shoulders and pushed her to the floor. "Do what we say, honey. Or else."

As she knelt there in front of them both guards unzipped their pants. They took out their hard pricks and waved them in front of her face. She could see the hard veins surging and throbbing, and there were already drops of liquid seeping out of the fleshy tips.

Al sat down on the couch in one corner of the room. He was naked from the waist down and his thick cock stuck straight up in the air. "Get over here and suck it," he said. "Take it in your fucking mouth and blow me!"

Sherry started to get up on her feet.

"Crawl over," Al said.

She got back down on her hands and knees and crawled across the hard wood floor. Her huge tits flopped out of the bra and jiggled in the air as she made her way towards Al. Both men laughed at her and made her feel like a slut. But she had to go through with it.

She knelt in front of his wide open legs and reached for his prick. It throbbed in her hand, and even though she was forced to do it, she felt a thrill run through her body as she grabbed his meat. Her finger flew up and down the long wet shaft, jerking it off. She watched his hairy nuts jump up and down with each stroke.

"Eat my cock, honey," he said. He grabbed her head and shoved it down onto his prick. The hard wet cockmeat split her mouth open and shot deep into her throat. Sherry sucked on it as hard as she could while she pounded the base of his shaft up and down with her tight fist. "Oh, she's good. She's a real cocksucker, this one. Looks like we lucked out again, Steve," he said. He moved his hips up and down, fucking her mouth while he pushed her head hard against his groin.

While her cheeks bulged with hard wet prick, Sherry heard Steve coming up behind her. His hands slid under her black panties and then rolled them down her thighs. The material was taut on her legs as he spread her thighs apart.

"What a nice fucking ass," he said. "Baby, you're going to love this."

Sherry felt his hard thick tip press against her asshole. She shuddered and tried to move away but he grabbed her hips and held her still. His prick slid up and down her crack, getting her all wet. His balls slapped on her firm round skin over and over while he prodded her asshole.

She grunted when he forced the tip of his prick into her hole. It burned and throbbed inside of her tight ass, splitting her apart with each hard wet push. It was thick and hot and hard as a rock. She could feel it surging and growing inside of her tunnel.

Al made her bob her head up and down, sucking on the full length of his prick. He brought her head all the way up so that her lips sucked on the fleshy tip, and then he slammed her face way back down, fucking her as hard as he could. His cock bashed in and out of her lips really fast, making her gag and drool on his cockmeat. "Come on, honey. Lick my fucking prick. Show me what you can do... Ahhhh, suck it, you bitch. Suck it up!"

Sherry swirled her tongue around his cock while she blew him, taking the throbbing meat as far down into her throat as she could. His nuts slapped against her lips while he held her head to his crotch.

She couldn't move at all. All she could do was suck and squirm as the two guards battered away at her holes with their stiff pricks.

The cock in her ass moved from left to right as Steve pried her cheeks apart, making her asshole get wider and wider. He plunged his stiff prick all the way into her asshole in one sudden shove.

Sherry groaned in pain. She tried to scream for him to stop fucking her ass but all that came out of her was a strangled gasp.

"She likes it," Steve said. "Listen to the slut squeal for it."

"Yeah, she's a real cock lover. Aren't you baby?" Al said. He pulled her long red hair and lifted her head up.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, I love it."

He held his prick and led it back to her mouth. The thick wet tip slid across her lips and then he stuck it back into her mouth.

Steve slid his hands up her hips and then tore her black bra off of her. He dug his fingers into her huge firm tits and squeezed as hard as he could. The pain shot through her and made her groan even louder.

"That's right, baby," Steve said. "Let's hear you moan. Let's hear you beg for it."

Sherry sighed and gasped and sucked as hard as she could. She wanted to get it over with as fast as possible, hoping they would let her go when they were finished with her body. She writhed and gasped as they fed her their hard pricks.

Steve's hands slid up and down her tits, making them jiggle back and forth. Then he pinched her nipples really hard. Sherry bucked up and down, frying to get away from his squeezing fingers but she couldn't. Over and over he tormented her, hurting her with his hands while he pounded away at her asshole with his hard stiff prick. It shot in and out of her so fast that her whole body shook with each murderous stroke.

Bit by bit the pain turned into pleasure. And Sherry moved hard against them. Her cunt was drippin' wet, full of hunger for a stiff cock. She sucked on the prick in her mouth really loud, slurping and pulling it way back into her throat. Saliva dripped out of her mouth while she jerked and sucked off Al's thick wet prick.

She pushed her hips back against Steve, trapping his cock deep in her ass. The wet tip throbbed against her hole, and she felt like he was going to push it through her and tear her apart. But the hot meat sloshing in and out of her ass made her feel nothing but pleasure now. Her hole was so tight, and his cock was so hard and wet that the friction of each stroke sent a thrill through her. She lifted her hips up and down for him, rolled them left and right, while he hammered away at her asshole.

"Ohhh, what a tight bitch!" Steve said. "What a piece of ass." He jammed his prick all the way into her asshole and kept it there. Then he pulled back on her hips, moving them up and down on his cock.

Sherry's red hair danced across Al's hairy legs as she sucked on his prick. She jerked him off as hard as she could while she stuffed the long meat into her mouth. She closed her lips tight around it and slurped hotly. She could feel his prick quiver and grow inside her sucking mouth. "Uhhhhh, uhhbhh," she moaned, as she took it down her throat. She cupped his nuts and rolled them in her fingers while he fed his prick into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, bitch, here it comes," Al said. "Here it comes, you fucking slut." He grabbed her hair again and pulled her off of his cock so that her mouth was just an inch away from his throbbing cocktip. She jerked it off fast, slapping it in her hand as hard as she could. A thick hot gob of cum squirted into her wide open lips. The cream splattered onto her tongue and then slithered down her throat. Gush after gush spit out of his cock and filled her mouth. She swallowed the big pool of his semen. His cock sprayed all over her face. The cream splashed onto her nose and her chin and then dripped down onto her bobbling tits.

"You fucking little slut!" he said. "Ohhhh, you big-titted bitch! Eat it! Eat it!"

She stuffed it all the way back into her mouth and sucked up the rest of his cream. Then he pulled it out and ran it around her face. It was still hard and throbbing as she pounded her fist up and down the wet sticky meat. He leaned back into the couch and groaned while she licked and jerked his cock.

A long shudder ran through her body as Steve pierced her asshole with his cock. He drew it almost all the way out of her butt, and then slammed it back in as hard as he could. He did it over and over until she grunted with pain and pleasure.

"Fuck it," she said. "Fuck my ass! Ohhh, it feels so good. So damn good!"

"You fucking whore," he said, slamming his meat into her asshole. "You love it, don't you? You love getting it in the ass."

"Yes," she said. "I love it. Fuck me. Stick it all the way in. Come in my ass, come in my fucking ass." She moved her ass in a circular motion, tugging on his swollen prick with her ass muscles, milking it as hard as she could. Her cunt was dripping wet now and she could feel it slithering down her legs. All that pussy juice seeped out of her slit and made her thighs all sticky.

"Do it," she said. "Fuck me! Rape me! Tear me apart with your cock!" While he fucked her asshole she beat up and down on Al's cock, pulling it close to her mouth and running it all over her lips. Two hard cocks, she thought. Two hard cocks fucking her. It was ecstasy! Nothing but pleasure.

"Here it comes, whore! Here it comes! Right up your asshole!"

"Fuck it! Fuck me good!"

He shot off into her asshole in gush after gush of hot sticky semen. The gobs of cream splashed into her ass and dripped out of her hole with each stroke of his prick. His nuts slapped against her ass, getting sticky with the cum that spilled out of her.

"Uhhhh, I love it," she said. "I love it. It's so hot and wet."

"Take it alt you bitch!"

"Yes, ohbhhh, uhbihuih, fuck me. Fuck me! Cream my fucking asshole. I love it!"

His prick split her apart. His strokes grew harder and harder. Soon her body swung back and forth with each shove of his wet, spitting prick. Her tits bounced up and don while she rode his cock. The cum squirted into her in hot gobs. Then bit by bit she felt the stream of semen slow down. The spurts were farther apart now. She reached behind her and grabbed his nuts, milking him for more hot cream. She wrapped her fist around the base of his shaft and jerked it off. His cock rammed against her bud while she squeezed the last few drops of cream into her sore tight asshole.

Steve rammed his prick into her asshole a few more times and then pulled it out of her tight wet opening. Sherry slid her hand up and down the wet shaft and wiped the cum off it. She licked her fingers clean of semen.

Steve and Al stood in front of her, their long cocks dangling in her face. She stared at the wet pricks that had lust emptied into her holes. And now she wanted to feel one of them in her cunt.

"Get down on your back," Steve said.

Sherry rolled over onto her back. She slid her hand between her less and then rubbed her drippy slit. "Put it in me," she said. "I want it bad!"

"Tough," Al said. "You do what WE say."

She looked up at them, and now she was getting nervous. They weren't laughing at her anymore.

And then she saw Steve pull a camera out of the desk.

"Wait a minute," she said. "I'm not letting you do that."

"Yeah?" Steve said. "Then maybe we'll just have to give your husband a call. And let him know what you've been doing."

"Fingerfuck yourself, honey," Al said. "Just keep it up."

Sherry stuck her finger into her cunt. She slid it in and out, obeying them. But at the same time it felt good. She could feel her juices dripping out of her pussy. Her black panties were still stretched across her smooth thighs and the pressure on her skin felt good.

Steve knelt down and pointed the camera at her. "That's it," he said. "Stick your fingers in there, slut. Fuck your cunt." He snapped a few pictures of her with her hand between her legs.

Al moved to her head and dangled his cock in front of her face. "Give it some more sucking, bitch," he said. Sherry was scared. She knew the pictures would get worse and worse. She turned her head away from his cock.

"Eat it, you whore!" he said. He brought her head right next to his crotch and battered away at her face with his cock. Then he forced it into her mouth. "Jerk it off, too, baby. Make it look good."

She grabbed his prick and pumped it while he fed it into her mouth. She felt it grow hard after just a few sucks, and then it stuck into her, firm and long again.

Steve took more pictures of her, catching her with a mouthful of stiff cock. Her finger pressed her swollen clit and, then rubbed it back and forth. Waves of pleasure poured through her. And then she forgot all about the camera. She sucked on his prick and fingered herself, bucking up and down on the floor. "Ummmm, uhhhhh, ahhhhh," she moaned as she blew him. His long prick slid in and out of her lips, making her cheeks bulge with each stroke. She bobbed her head up and down, taking the full length of his meat down into her throat. The warm wet flesh felt good in her mouth as it darted over her tongue. Hot and thick and wet, she thought. Just like her cunt.

Then she felt the pleasure building up inside of her. She fingered herself as fast as she could, sticking her hand inside her wide open cunt. The hot liquid gushed out of her pussy and drenched her fingers. Her cheeks moved in and out as she sucked on his hot cock.

Another series of spasms went through her body, making her jerk and twitch all over the floor. The wild movements of her bobbing head made Al lose control and he flooded her mouth with cum.

Before she could swallow it all he pulled his prick out of her lips and then jerked off his cock. The hard long flesh pulsed and throbbed as he shot off all over her big jiggling tits. White gobs of cum slithered down her jugs as his prick pressed into her tits. Sherry moaned and squirmed and then smeared the cum all over her stomach and her chest.

Steve took more pictures of her as she rolled on the floor, covered with cum, pulling on the thick prick that stuck into her tits. "Now it's my turn," he said. He handed the camera to Al and then made Sherry turn over onto her stomach. He spread her legs out wide and then stuck his cock into her drippy cunt. She was flat on the floor, with her bare tits sliding across the hard wood, her arms spread out on both sides. His prick slammed in and out of her pussy, pinning her as she squealed and moaned with pleasure.

She heard the clicks of the camera as Al took pictures of Steve fucking her on the floor. But she didn't care. At least not now. She opened and closed her legs, putting as much pressure on the thick prick in her cunt as possible.

"Uhhhhh, stick it in me!" she cried. "Stick it in my fucking cunt!"

"Sure, bitch. Take it, you slut. Take it all the way!" He gripped her hips and pulled them up and down, raising her off the floor so he could force his prick deeper inside of her. Then he slid his hands under her and mauled her tits. His fingers dug into her flesh, scratching and squeezing, pulling her tits far apart.

"Come on, whore, move it, move your fucking ass."

Sherry bucked against him, sliding and squirming on the floor while he filled her cunt with his hot prick. She wiggled her hips in a circle and tugged on his meat. He grunted and then jammed it into her all the way. A flood of cream spurted into her pussy and then gushed out of her cunt hole and dripped down her thighs. "Uhhhh, you fucking whore, you fucking whore," he said, humping her until the last drops of semen seeped into her juicy slit. As soon as he was through fucking her he pulled his cock out of her hole and pushed her away from him. "Okay, bitch, you can go now. We got what we want."

Sherry got up from the floor mid put on her clothes. There was cum all over her body, dripping down her tits and her thighs, and it got her clothes all wet.

She started to leave the office.

"Wait a second, you slut," Al said. "Come over here and take a look at this."

Sherry went over to the desk. She saw a list of names on a sheet of paper. All of them were women. Her name was on the bottom. Next to it was her address, her phone number, and her husband's name. The information came from her wallet.

"Just remember that we know where you live, baby," Al said. "And we've got some pictures that are going to be pretty interesting when we get them developed."

Sherry knew that she wasn't the only girl they did this to. They probably had pictures of all the chicks that they had caught shoplifting. And they were all blackmailed into sex, just like Sherry...

Steve came up behind her and slid his hand across her chest. His lingers clamped onto her huge tits. "From now on you're ours, slut. Any time we want it, you better come running. Or else."

Sherry backed away from him. She knew what he said was true. They were going to use her again, she thought, and next time it would probably be a lot worse.

As she left the office and went back out into the department store she looked back at the wall. She saw the long one way mirror right where their office was. That was how they caught her. And she thought she'd been so smart when she tried to steal all that jewelry and the bra.

Just for thrills, she told herself that was the only reason why she shoplifted. She had more than enough money to buy what she wanted. Dan made sure of that. He always gave her enough to spend. He would be mad as hell if he ever found out what she'd done.

And the only way to keep him from finding out was to go along with the guards. Anything they wanted to do to her, they could, and she couldn't stop them.

As she walked out of the store she almost burst into tears. But she held back. Even though she was scared and worried, she couldn't help thinking about the two hard cocks that had just made her into a slave. She loved it, she thought. She loved the way they made her take it in the ass and the mouth. She knew it was going to happen again.

She got into her car and drove home fast. She had to shower and wash off the cum before her husband got home. Or else he'd kill her.

Chapter TWO

Sherry stood under the hot jets of water for nearly half an hour. She slid her hands up and down her flesh, washing away the sticky cum from her tits and her ass. She felt sore. Her lips were puffy and she could hardly touch her asshole. She hadn't been fucked in the ass for over two years, just before she got married. Her old boyfriend used to do it to her all the time. But her husband Dan was old fashioned about sex. He never ate her cunt but he made her suck him off all the time. That, and regular in and out fucking, was all she got from him.

Now as she showered under the water she couldn't help being excited again. She thought of how the two guards had forced her to strip. And then she thought of the pictures she was forced to pose for. Taking it in the mouth, and on her tits. It was good for her, she thought. Good to have different men using her body. After all, she was still only twenty-one. She needed more than one man, she told herself.

With the suds running down her body, Sherry felt relaxed and warm. She fingered her slit, sticking her hand in and out of her cunt, until she came all over, and her hot juices ran down her thighs.

She dried herself and got dressed. Then she waited for Dan to come home from the real estate office. She didn't know too much about his job. All she knew was that he made a lot of money. He worked about six days a week, and sometimes at night too.

Here she was, a pampered housewife with everything she could want. A modern house, a swimming pool, and plenty of cash. And she'd been caught shoplifting. For a thrill, she told herself, but she ended up getting more thrills than she counted on. Her husband would never forgive her if he found out what she did.

So when he came home from work she was extra nice to him. Maybe too nice. "Is something wrong?" he said, sitting in the living room, watching television. "You're acting kind of strange tonight."

"Wrong?" she said. "No, nothing's wrong." But even as she spoke she thought of the two hard cocks that filled her with cum earlier in the day. And it was turning her on. She hardly even listened to Dan for the rest of the night as she drifted off into fantasies about the two guards from the store.

Dan was still good looking. He had blond curly hair, a trim atheltic build, and a handsome face. But now, even though she was aroused, it wasn't because of him.

After an hour they went into the bedroom. She stripped off her clothes and then lay down on the bed and watched his cock grow as she spread her legs. Sherry pretended that it was one of the guards kneeling between her thighs, poking at her cunt with his hard prick. He put all of his weight down on her and pressed his hairy chest against her huge tits. Her nipples grew hard as she rubbed against him, and her hips churned up and down on the bed. Rape, she thought. She was being raped. Held down, forced to take it in her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, fuck it," she said. "Fuck it!"

He drove his prick in and out really fast, making wet sloshing sounds with each stoke. It throbbed and pulsed inside of her as it grew longer and longer, filling her, aping her. And then she couldn't hold back any longer. She shuddered and then poured her cum all over his prick. It splashed out of her and drenched the thick hard meat. She whimpered and moaned, still pretending it was one of the guards raping her, fucking the hell out of her.

When the frenzy of orgasm slid away she opened her eyes and saw Dan staring at her. He plunged his prick in and out of her, mechanically. It wasn't enough for her anymore. She wanted to feel his cock tear her apart. She wanted him to treat her like a slave.

Sherry pushed him off of her, "What's going on?" he asked. "What's the matter?"

She turned over on her stomach and then got on her hands and knees. She cupped her huge tits, squeezing and mauling the milky flesh. Then she wiggled her ass for him, rolling it up and down in a circular motion. "Put it in there," she said. "Put it in my ass."

His hard prick dangled in the air and she could see wet drips sliding out of the tip. She wanted his cockmeat in her asshole, fucking away at her tight opening, ripping her apart. But his face held a look of shock.

"Sherry, come on, you know I don't like that..."

She rocked her hips back and forth. Then she gabbed his wet cock. Her hand slid up and down the shaft, pumping it. "Stick it in my asshole," she said. "Fuck me in the ass." She led his prick to her hole and then rammed it against her soft skin.

Sherry knew he didn't want to do it, but it was the only way she wanted it. He realized how bad she needed it, and he knew that she wouldn't get him off any way. He pressed against her and poked the thick knob into her hole.

"Uhhhhh," Sherry groaned. "It's so hard, baby, it's so fucking hard."

He pushed it in a few more inches. The swollen flesh burned inside of her, tearing and prodding her, making her hole get wider and wider.

"More," she said. "More. Put it in there, baby, put it all the way in."

"Sherry!" he gasped. "We gotta stop. I don't like this. I never did it this way."

Before he could do anything she pressed back against him and trapped his prick with her tight hole. It sloshed all the way into her butt, impaling her, pinning her with all those stiff inches of flesh. She fucked him as hard as she could, pushing and pulling, bucking up and down on the bed with his cock embedded in her asshole.

As her hands ran over her tits she pretended it was the guard again, the older one, pinning her down, raping her, forcing it into her asshole. That's all that, turned her on now. She had to be forced into sex, forced to worship hard cock.

"Ohhhh, ahhbh, fuck me, baby, fuck me. Come in my ass. Fill me with your hot cum!"

Dan pounded away at her asshole. She moved so fast against him that he couldn't pull away from her. She knew she was giving him too much pleasure to stop. And then she felt the first spurt of cream shoot into her ass. It was thick and hot as it spattered against the end of her tunnel. Then jets of semen squirted into her asshole, filling it with sticky gobs. It dripped out of her ass and ran down her thighs while his hairy nuts slapped away at her skin.

"Oh, it's so good," she said. "So fucking good. I love it in the ass. I love it. Fill me, fuck me with it. Squirt it into me, baby. It feels so good!" Sherry rocked up and down on the bed, tugging on his hard spitting shaft with her tight hole. She fucked him until every last drop of cum was inside her.

She didn't want it to end, but as soon as he stopped spurting into her ass he pulled his wet prick out of her. And then he rolled over onto his back. He didn't say a word to her. She knew he was upset, that he didn't like this kind of sex. But at the same time Sherry knew that she had to have it.

It had been building up inside of her for a long time. The desire for wild and rough sex was at the surface now, brought out by the way the two guards treated her in the office earlier today.

She still loved Dan, but he was too straight for her when it came to sex. It was just that she needed more than he could give her. While she lay there in the bed she thought about the guards and how they were blackmailing her. She knew she would do anything they wanted her to, just to keep them from telling Dan. That would hurt him too much.

Forced into sex, she thought. That was the best way. She thought about Steve and Al, even as her husband slept beside her. And she slid her hand down between her legs, fingering her juicy slit. She moved her fingers in and out, rubbing her swollen clit, then sticking them way inside of her pussy. After she drenched her fingers with more hot dripping cum, Sherry closed her eyes and drifted off into sleep.

When she woke up in the morning, Dan was already gone to work. Usually he woke her up so they could have breakfast together, but today he didn't. She knew he was still mad at her because of what she made him do last night. He was so strange when it came to sex, she thought. So afraid of experimenting. And now, that was just what Sherry lived for.

For the next two days Dan didn't even touch her. Sherry was hornier than hell, but she didn't make an issue of it. She fingered herself whenever she felt the urge. But it just wasn't the same as the real thing. There was something missing. Hot cum, she thought. Hot sticky cum gushing into her mouth and her ass.

Wednesday afternoon, after she'd been out in the swimming pool for a couple of hours trying to get more of a tan, Sherry heard the phone ringing. She had a drink in her hand when she picked it up. When she heard the harsh voice on the line she almost choked on the liquor.

It was Steve.

"Hello, sweetie," he said.

"Who's this?" she said, pretending not to recognize his voice.

"You forget things real fast, bitch," Steve said. "Just the other clay you had my prick up your ass. Remember me now?"

"What do you want?" she said. She was afraid now. Her voice was shrill, laced with fear. For a while she'd been wishing that the guards called her, that they brought her down for another session, but now on the phone she suddenly felt afraid. She no longer felt safe in her own home.

"Listen, Sherry," he said. "It's my day off, you know. And me and a couple of my buddies are just hanging around."

"So? What's it to me?" Sherry said.

"Listen, you stupid cunt. Don't play any games with me. I want to see your fucking lips wrapped around my cock, honey, and we're coming over now."

"No!" Sherry said. "You can't. My husband's coming home soon."

"Don't give me that shit," Steve said. "He's working, honey. We checked up on him. So you just sit tight. My friends are dying to meet you." He hung up the phone.

Sherry stared at it for a while. She didn't know what to do. The neighbors were real nosy, and if all of a sudden they saw some guys coming to her house there would be alot of talk. But there was nothing she could do. No way she could keep him from coming over. All Steve had to do was show the pictures to her husband, and then it would be all over for her.

She went into the kitchen and fixed herself another drink. This time she made it a double shot of whiskey. She would need it, just to settle her nerves. By the time the doorbell rang she was on her fourth drink. She tossed it down her throat and felt the hot burning sensation as it went down.

Then she stumbled through the house and opened the front door.

Sherry was still in her bathing suit, a skimpy red bikini that hardly covered her full ripe flesh, and she knew it was a mistake. As soon as Steve saw her in the revealing outfit he laughed and said, "I told you she was a hot piece of ass. Look at the bitch!"

The two men with him laughed. They looked her over like she was a piece of meat. They were about the same age as Steve, probably about twenty-five or so. One of them was a tall skinny redhead named Jack. The other was short and stocky with curly black hair. His name was Mark. And all three of them were ready for action. Their eyes swept up and down her body until she had to turn away from them.

Steve ran a finger around the bikini top. Then he yanked it down. Her huge tits flopped out into the open. "Take a look boys. Just ready for some good fucking. Aren't you honey? Yeah, you want to feel some hard dick on these tits of yours!" He cupped both of her tits and lifted them up and down. His thumbs pressed hard into her nipples while his fingers clawed at her tender flesh.

She wanted to run from them. But where? They'd closed the door behind them. And besides, it felt good. The pain from his grasping fingers made her crotch feel nice and wet. And the way the other two guys stared at her huge jiggling mounds of bare flesh really turned her on. She could tell they were going to give her a good workover.

"Get us something to drink, honey," Steve said.

Sherry just stood there. She thought of protesting, just to show them that she could stand up to them. But then he twisted her wrist and pushed her towards the kitchen. "Move it, slut."

She went out to the kitchen and picked up the bottle of whiskey. It was half gone, and as she staggered back into the other room she really felt the effects of it. She was tired and felt dizzy. But the wet feeling in her cunt drove her crazy.

"Here you are," she said, handing the bottle to Steve. He took a long sip and then passed it to the other guys.

"Give me spine head, baby," Jack said.

Sherry got down on her knees right away. She didn't want to argue with them. Right now all she wanted to do was feel some hard prick in her mouth.

She unzipped his jeans and then reeled out his long prick. It was soft when she took it into her mouth but after a few suck it grew and throbbed. He rocked his hips back and forth, sending his shaft down into her throat. Sherry looked up at him. He was drinking the whiskey again, not even looking at her. His cock hanging half way out of her mouth. She grabbed the hard meat and jerked it oft pulling it into her lips and sucking on it. The taste of his cock really got to her. The musty odor drove her crazy.

"I told you she was a hot bitch!" Steve said. "Look at her suck, that meat."

Sherry bobbed her head back and forth while she blew Jack. Over and over his long prick stabbed into her mouth, filling her cheeks with wet stiff flesh.

"We got a teat for you today, baby," Steve said.

"Yeah," Mark said. "We're going to have a real good time." He took the black leather belt out of his pants and dangled it in the air. "Know what I mean, baby?"

She stared at the belt and then at the hard look in his eyes. She was scared now. She knew what they wanted to do to her. She pulled Jack's prick out of her mouth and tried to get away.

"Not so fast, honey," Jack said. "You're not done yet." He grabbed her red hair and twisted it in his hands, pulling her back in front of him. When she opened her mouth to scream in pain, he stuffed his prick into her lips. "Now suck it, you whore," he said.

While she ate his cock she looked around. Steve and Mark had their pants unzipped and their hard cocks stuck straight out. Mark knelt down beside her and then yanked her bikini top really hard. The skimpy material ripped and then her big tits bobbled in the air. "Ahhh, yeah, you look good, slut," Mark said. "Real good." He pulled her over to his cock and stuck it into her left tit. The wet knob slid over her nipple and then poked deep into her flesh. The touch of his prick sent a shiver through her. "You like it, don't you, baby? I can see that."

Jack and Mark pulled her down to the floor so she knelt on all fours. While she buried her head into Jack's groin and licked and sucked his cock, Mark held her tits and rubbed it hard against his prick.

"Here," Mark said, tossing the belt to Steve. "You start her off."

Before she knew what was happening, Sherry felt Steve pulling on her bikini bottom. He pulled it down to her thighs, exposing her milky white ass. "What a target, honey," he said. "What a fucking target."

Sherry tried to pull away but her mouth was full of prick and the two other men held her in place, held her for Steve. She heard the belt crack through the air and then it slashed into her bare ass. The stinging sensation made her yelp with pain. But that only made her mouth open more, and Jack shoved his hard prick into her throat. She gagged on it while he fucked her mouth. And then the belt came down on her ass again, harder this time. She shuddered and wiggled all over the floor, but she couldn't get away from them. She could almost feel her ass getting red as the leather cracked into her.

"Come on, Steve," Mark said. "Screw her in the ass. She needs another stiff prick. Don't you, honey?"

Sherry drooled and sucked on Jack's prick. She tried to talk but all, she could do was whimper and moan. And that turned them on even more.

Steve knelt behind her and pressed his thick hard prick against her asshole. He slid it up and dawn her asscrack a few limes, making her nice and wet. Then he gripped her ass cheeks and pried them apart. With one sudden shove he buried his dick into her ass.

She grunted and gasped with pain, but his burning cock hammered away at her asshole harder and harder. The louder she moaned, the harder he pushed it in.

The three men worked her over as rough as they could. Their cocks battered away at her naked flesh, sticking into her, sliding over her, fucking her really hard. Sherry's body shook each time she felt a cock push against her.

Each time Steve plunged his dick all the way into her asshole, the force of his shove sent her head down into Jack's groin. His prick shot down her throat and his balls slapped at her puffy lips. He fucked her mouth as hard as he could, sending her back against Steve's prick.

Mark grabbed her tits and squeezed them as hard as he could. He turned her sideways so that he could fuck her tits with his wet long prick. Her body was in terrible pain. Her ass was on fire with a hot plunging cock, and her mouth was being fucked mercilessly by Jack's thick, sticky prick. She groaned out loud, sucking and drooling. And then she found herself pushing hard against Steve's prick. It started to feel good as it sloshed in and out of her wet asshole. She reached behind her and grabbed his nuts in her fingers. When she squeezed his hairy sack she heard him groan. She jerked off Mark's cock, pulling it into her tits, pressing her huge mounds onto his swollen shaft.

"Get ready, bitch!" Jack said. "Get ready to suck it up. I'm gonna come in your mouth, honey." He grabbed her head and shoved it all the way down so that his prick stabbed deep into her throat. Then he flooded her with hot gobs of cum. It splashed into her mouth and then slithered down her throat in steady warm spurts. Sherry bobbed her head up and down and tried to suck up all of his cream. But there was too much of it for her and she choked on it. He kept on fucking her mouth and then it dripped out of her puffy lips and ran down her chin. His cock sputtered and throbbed inside of her mouth while she sucked on the long fleshy shaft. Then he pulled it almost all the way out and spurted more gobs onto her tongue.

Jack laughed and pulled his prick out of her mouth with a wet popping sound. The hot cream gushed out of her mouth as she fought for breath.

"Move your fucking ass, bitch!" Steve said. He gripped her hips tightly and slammed his meat into her hole. Sherry rocked back and forth, grinding against him as hard as she could, pushing against his slippery cock as his nuts slapped away at her ass cheeks.

The hot cream flowed out of her lips in a steady gush, dripping down her chin, spilling onto her jiggling tits. Then she felt the hard cock trapped in her asshole quiver and throb.

"Uhhlih, uhhhh," she said. "Fuck it, slam it into me! Cream my asshole!" Her tongue lapped up the cream. And then Mark came all over her tits, spurting it onto her nipples while he poked his cock deep into her flesh. He pressed his nuts right against her skin while he splashed semen all over her bobbling jugs.

The two men stepped away from her and watched as she took it hi the ass from Steve.

"Give it to her!" Mark said. "Give it to the fucking bitch!"

Sherry looked at them and saw how they stared at her flesh, how they leered at her. She didn't mind putting on a show. Not for all of them, with their long cocks just waiting to come on her.

She leaned back against Steve, sinking deeper onto his cock. He bounced her up and down on his prick, sending the hard wet meat all the way into her asshole. Sherry slid her hands all over her tits, lifting them up and down, smearing the cream over her jiggling flesh.

"Ohhhh, baby," she moaned. "Fuck it. Stick it in me. Rape me with your fucking cock."

"Here it is, slut, take it all the way." He pinned her to his prick, clamping his hands hard on her hips. His prick split her apart, tearing into her hole, and then it spit hot gobs of cream into her ass.

"Ohhhh, it's so good, so fucking good. Cream me, cream my fucking ass!"

His prick rammed in and out of her butt, squirting and stabbing all the way into her tunnel. The pain and the pleasure of his burning hot cock drove her crazy. She ran her hands over her body, gasping as he shot his load into her. Then she touched her cunt and went off in a series of spasms that shook her body. The cum spilled out of her pussy and coated her fingers, making them sticky and hot. Sherry bounced up and down on his prick until all of the cum was in her ass. Then he pushed her off of him and threw her down onto the floor.

She lay there on her back, waiting for them to abuse her again. She didn't say a word, knowing that they could do anything they wanted to her. She craved their abuse, too.

"Spared your legs, bitch," Jack said. "I want to see your cunt."

Sherry opened her legs wide and then cupped her tits again. She lifted them up while Mark stuck his prick up her cunt. She moaned on the floor, dizzy and covered with cum, but she couldn't stop. She wanted mote. She writhed and bucked up and down.

Then Steve straddled her chest and poked at her tits. He slid his wet prick up and down, fucking her nipples with his hard flesh.

Over and over they came on her naked flesh, in her cunt, her ass, and her mouth, fucking her until she could hardly move. Every opening in her body was sore and sticky.

They left her there on the floor of the living room, smeared with cum. She watched as they walked out the door, laughing.

"We'll call you when we need some more sucking, slut," Steve said. He slammed the door behind him. Sherry closed her eyes and spread her fingers through the semen that coated her tits and her mouth. Then she fell asleep on the floor.

Chapter THREE

After a half hour Sherry woke up. She dragged herself up from the floor and staggered around the room. She was dizzy from the whiskey and her body was sore from all that hard cock that spit onto her.

She managed to clean the house and shower by the time her husband came home. And then, later at night, Dan took her into the bedroom. White he climbed on top of her and stuck his dick into her cunt she faked being excited. During his hard thrusts she gasped and sighed but it wasn't real. She thought it would never end. Finally he shot his wad into her pussy. The cum dripped out of her hole and then coated her thighs.

Sherry turned over onto her stomach. And she thought about the three men that used her, that raped her. That was what she needed. Not just the old in and out that her husband went in for. Maybe it satisfied him, she thought, but it sure as hell didn't satisfy her.

She admitted to herself that she needed more than one man, and she had to be treated like a sex slave. There was no holding back now. That was all she lived for.

During the next few days Dan made it with her a few more times and it was just like before. She hardly felt any pleasure at all. Every time he made her spread her legs for his cock she pretended it was someone else. In the back of her mind she had a desire for the guards. She almost wanted them to call her again, to make her come down and put out for them. It would be dangerous, she knew that, but at least it would make her feel like a woman.

Still, even though she wanted it to happen again, she was afraid when they contacted her. It was on a Wednesday, around five o'clock. She'd just finished cleaning up the house and was about to start supper for Dan when the phone rang. This time it was Al.

"Come on down to the store tonight, honey," he said. "We need you."

"I can't," Sherry said. "Dan will be home pretty soon. I can't go out."

"Don't give me that bullshit," he said. "You know what we got on you, bitch. The pictures of you sucking my dick are right in front of me. I was thinking about you, thinking it was time we had some more action."

"Alright," Sherry said. She was scared and excited at the same time. "I'll tell my husband I'm going shopping."

"I don't care what you tell him," he said. "Just get your pretty little ass down here. We got a surprise for you."

Sherry hung up the phone. She wrote, a note for Dan, telling him she was out shopping. Then she went to her bedroom to dress. She put on a short skirt and a skin-tight blue top with a deep neckline that showed off her tits. No bra tonight, she thought. And then it hit her. She was actually making herself as sexy as possible. Just for the guards. As she walked out of her house she already felt wet in her crotch. Her cunt juices seeped through her panties as she thought of what they were going to do to her.

The department store was crowded with shoppers when she walked inside. She headed straight towards the office at the rear of the store. After climbing one flight of stain she knocked on the door.

"It's open," Al said. "Come on in."

She went inside. Steve and Al were sitting by the desk. Steve smirked at her. "Hello, slut, ft's nice to see you again."

"Sit down," Al said.

"Looks like you're ready for us tonight," Al said. "But first we got some news for you. Remember that surprise I told you about on the phone?"

Sherry nodded her head. "Yeah, what is it?" she said.

"It's good, baby," he said. "You're really going to like it." He paused for a moment and stared at her thighs. "Yeah, you're really going to like working around here. With us."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just shut up and listen," Al said. "For a long time the boss has been on our ass to get a woman to work with us in the store. He says we should have one female security guard just to make things look good."

"Yeah," Steve said. "He's heard some rumors about me and Al. Something about the way we mistreat the ladies."

Sherry didn't like what they were saying. She knew what they were getting at. She almost laughed, too. Rumors, nothing, she thought. They probably fucked over a hundred women by now.

"So now we got no choice. He wants a woman to work with us. And you're it, baby. We thought of you right away. You really know how to suck dick. And you're going to get plenty of it."

"But I can't do that. I can't work. My husband will kill me if I even mention it."

"Too bad, bitch," Al said. "You just do it. And you better not give us any trouble, either. Or else." He waved the photographs in front of her face. They showed her stripped naked, sucking on cock, with cum all over her tits. She knew he would send them to her husband if she didn't go along.

"When do you want me to start?" she said.

"Right now," Al said. He cleared off the top of the desk and then stood up from his chair. He undid his belt and then unzipped his pants. His prick was hard and long. "Get over here, bitch!"

The sight of his hard meat made her mouth water, but she didn't want them to know how much she wanted, it. She stayed in her chair, but kept her eyes on his prick.

"Get her over here, Steve," Al said. "We better teach her a lesson and show her who's the boss."

Steve grinned. Then he grabbed Sherry's wrists and lifted her off the chair. He twisted her arms and then flung her towards the desk. The hard wood cut into her stomach as she sprawled on top of the wide surface. Steve held her down, pressing his hand hard into the middle of her back. Her hips were right at the end of the desk so that her legs dangled in the air. Her mouth was just inches away from Al's thick swollen cock.

"Eat it, whore. That's your first assignment." Al laughed and then shoved his prick into her lips, forcing her mouth wide open. She sucked geedily on his wet meat, inhaling it as hard as she could. The flesh grew in her mouth and poked at her cheeks. Then he slammed it all the way down her throat and made her choke. His nuts bashed away at her lips while she munched on his prick.

Steve lifted her skirt up over her hips and pressed against her ass. She wiggled on top of the desk, acting as if she wanted to get away from him.

But all she wanted to do was to feel his hard cock sticking into her.

Her lips made loud smacking sounds as she sucked on his cock. Her head bobbed up and down while Al forced the full length of his stiff rod into her. He moved it from left to right, impaling her while he pushed her head down further and further. She couldn't even breathe, except for choking gasps that escaped her mouth each time he stabbed her lips with prick.

Then she heard the sound of Steve's zipper going down. He peeled her panties over her ass and then pressed his hot cockmeat against her hole. The tip was wet and it made her sticky right away as he slid it up and down her crack.

"You missed me, didn't you, slut?" Steve said. "You missed my dick up your ass."

Sherry grunted. She twitched her hips, pressing back against him, trying to get him to shove it into her asshole right away.

"Oh, you want it, that's for sure. You really want some hot prick, baby. And that's just what you're going to get."

Steve plunged his cock into her asshole in one hard burning stroke that made her writhe in agony. The thick flesh tore into her, sloshing and ripping her apart. Her ass moved up and down, jiggling faster and faster while he pounded his dick into her hole.

The two of them moved her back and forth on the desk, slamming their stiff pricks into her mouth and her ass. Al reached down and stuck his hands into her tight top. He squeezed her, huge milky tits while he made her blow him. His fingernails mauled her flesh, sending flashes of pain through her body. She gasped, sucked and drooled on his prick, closing her lips tight around his meat while he fucked her face, slamming his nuts harder and harder against her mouth. His long prick slid over her tongue and then buried itself way down in her throat. He moved it left and right and then grabbed her by the hair. He squeezed her tits and yanked her long red hair with the other, making her head bob up and down.

The pain in her ass got worse and worse as Steve drove his cock way inside of her, slapping his nuts against her firm ass cheeks. But the pleasure of his tearing prick made her forget the pain. All she wanted was to feel his cream spurt into her asshole.

Sherry moved faster and faster, rocking her hips up and down, pulling on his dick with her ass muscles, while she used her tight lips to slurp on Al's prick.

"Suck it, baby, suck it. Eat my fucking cock!" Al said. Then he lifted her head and rammed her mouth with his cock as hard as he could. His prick spat a hot wad of cream into her mouth. It slithered down her throat in gush after gush. "Mmmmn, mmmmn, uhhhh," she gasped while she slurped up his hot load of semen. It dripped put of her mouth and ran down her chin, but still he spouted into her. The taste of his cream and the feel of it gushing out of her lips drove her crazy with pleasure. She pumped her ass on Steve's prick, tapping it and squeezing it with her tight hole. Then hot milky spurts of cream shot into her ass.

"Take it, bitch!" Steve said. Another gob of semen squirted into her tunnel. He pounded his prick hard against her, tearing her apart. "Take it all, you fucking whore. Take my dick all the way!" He pried her ass cheeks apart while he rammed her butt. Then he pumped his cock in and out of her tight wet hole as hard as he could. Each time his stiff spitting meat shot into her, she grunted and bucked up and down. Then the hot cream ran down the back of her thighs, dripping down from her asshole.

He fucked her ass for another minute, until all of his cum was dripping out of her, and then he slid his wet prick out of her hole. Al laughed and pushed her away.

"Wipe up the cum from your face, honey. We don't want everybody to know what a whore you are."

Sherry ran the back of her hand across her lips. Then she licked her fingers and sucked the cum into her mouth. She pulled up her panties and smoothed her skirt. Now that they got what they wanted from her they were real business-like.

They gave her a few forms to fill out. When she finished doing that, telling them all the while that her husband wouldn't ever let her go to work, Al said, "Okay, now we'll show you what you're supposed to do around here." He brought her over to the long rectangular window at one side of the office. She looked down though it and saw the long crowded floor of the department store.

He handed her a pair of binoculars and told her to scan the floor. She could see all of the shoppers as if she was right next to them, even the ones at the other end of the store. No wonder they caught her so easily, she thought. Shoplifters didn't have a chance. Especially female shoplifters.

"We got these windows all around the store. All you got to do is look through them and check out the customers and then walk around with them every now and then. Make like you're shopping so they won't be suspicious of you." Al grabbed her chin and pulled her face towards him. "Think you can do that?"

She nodded her head.

"You work nights, from five to nine. Five days a week. You can meet the boss tomorrow. And you can suck him off, too. He gets a piece of ass from all of the chicks that work in this store. It's his policy, either put out or get out."

Sherry nodded again. She was going to like it here. With the two guards around, and the boss, she was going to get plenty of dick up her ass. Now all she had to do was make Dan believe that, she needed the job. She had plenty of time to make up an excuse.

Steve and Al took her around the department store, showing her the other checkpoints. Each window had a chair under it. Except for the one over the women's dressing rooms. That window had two chairs. She knew that Steve and Al spent a lot of time there, looking right down into the stalls where the ladies thought they were in complete privacy.

Steve and Al left her alone behind one of the windows. Sherry sat there for a half hour, just watching all of the shoppers. She didn't see anything suspicious so she went down onto the sales floor and mingled with the customers. She wanted to catch somebody shoplifting, but she knew that if she saw anything she would be too afraid to do anything about it. Steve and Al, though, that would be a different story, she thought. They'd catch somebody. And it would probably be another chick. Sherry couldn't wait for it to happen.

Around eight o'clock, while she was behind one of the spying windows, she saw Steve and Al leading a young girl to the back of the store. She looked like she was sixteen or so, but Sherry couldn't be sure. The girl had long brown pigtails, cut-off shorts, and a halter top. Her skin was deeply tanned.

They brought her to the stairway leading to the office. Sherry hurried down to the sales floor and then practically ran to the back of the store. She didn't want to miss anything. A part of her felt guilty because she knew what Al and Steve were going to do to the girl, but she felt turned on more than ever before. Sherry ran up the stairs and then went into the office.

On the desk was the girl's purse, a small cheap vinyl bag. Next to it were two stereo tapes that the girl tried to steal.

The girl was standing over by the couch, in front of Al. Steve was standing behind her, looking her over. Her ass stuck out of the skimpy cut-off shorts and Steve's eyes were glued to her young flesh.

"It's up to you, honey," Al said. "We can report you and get you in a lot of trouble. Or you can do what we said." Al looked over and saw Sherry standing there. "Close the door," he said. "And lock it."

The girl looked really scared, and now that she was close to her, Sherry could see that she was just a young girl, probably still in high school.

"I... I'll do it," the girl said. "I don't want to get into trouble with the cops. My parents would freak out."

"Then do it," Steve said. "Take it off, honey." Her face was red and she looked down at the floor. For a minute Sherry thought the girl was going to change her mind. But then she pushed down her cut-off shorts and stepped out of them. Her white panties were tight and they clung to her slender hips. Her firm round ass was milky, white, while her thighs were deep tan.

"Show us your tits, honey," Al said. "Don't be afraid. Just show us what you got."

The teenager slid her hands under the halter and slowly pulled it away from her tits. They were small but rounded and her tiny nipples were rock-hard.

"Come over here," Al said, reaching out for her.

"But you said all I had to do was take off my clothes. You said you just wanted to look."

"You want us to call the cops?" Al said.

The girl shook her head and stepped closer to him. He slid his large hands across her tiny waist and pulled her to him, turning her around at the last minute. He pulled her ass right on top of the hard bulge in her pants.

"Please," she said. "Please don't."

His hands grabbed her small tits and lifted them up and down. Then he bounced her up and down on his lap. The girl closed her eyes and shuddered while he moved her body up and down.

"Now, honey, now you can have some real fun," Al said. He stood up from the couch and brought her over to the chair behind the desk. Steve stood in front of her and unzipped his pants. She stared at his thick cock as he brought it out into the open.

"No," she said. "Don't make me do it, please, don't."

"You can go any time you want to," Al said. "After we call the cops." The girl gave in then. She stopped struggling as Al peeled her white panties down her thighs. He slid one hand under her ass and then yanked his prick out of his pants. "Ooooh," the girl gasped, and Sherry could see Al sticking his cock right up her cunt. She wiggled all over his lap while he pounded his prick into her pussy. His hands gripped her hips and lifted her up and clown while he fucked her.

She gritted her teeth and grunted each time he drove his hard meat into her cunt.

"You ever been titfucked, honey?" Steve said.

"No, no, don't do that," she said.

Steve touched his erect cock to her small tits and poked it right into her flesh. His wet prick stuck into her nipples, one after the other, as he spread his legs and slapped his nuts against her smooth stomach.

"Ahhhh," the girl said. "Ahhhh, uhhhh!" Sherry saw a look of ecstasy on the girl's eyes and she knew that the teenager loved it, every minute of it. The girl pulled Steve's ass closer to her, driving his dick into her tits.

The sight of it made Sherry drip. The girl looked so young, but Sherry knew she had plenty of cock before. She could tell by the way she bounced up and down on Al's prick.

"Fuck it," she said. "Fuck it, stick it into my cunt. Ohhhh, ohhhh, it's good and hard, fuck me, come inside me, ahhhh, fuck me, fuck me good!"

Al laughed. He lifted her up and down faster and faster, pounding his prick into her cunt. He looked at Sherry. "Get over here," he said. "Give this little slut something to do with her mouth."

Sherry froze. She'd never even touched another girl. And now she knew what Al wanted the girl to do to her. It made her feel weird. She knew she had to go through with it, just like the teenager had to go along with anything that Al and Steve made her do.

She walked up to the chair and stared at the girl as she bounced up and down, taking a cock in her cunt and on her tits at the same time.

"Suck her off, honey," Al said. "Give her some head."

The teenager looked up at Sherry. Her eyes were glazed with lust and she knew that the girl would do it. She would do anything.

"Give it to her, Sherry," Steve said. "Make her eat your cunt."

Sherry slid her panties down to the floor. Then she lifted her skirt up to her hips and stepped closer to the girl. She spread her legs wide.

The girl turned her head and stuck out her tongue. She buried her face into Sherry's hairy cunt. She licked her drippy slit and then probed around with her tongue. Sherry moved her hips back and forth. The hot wet tongue drove her crazy as it fucked her slit.

Sherry looked down at Steve's prick as it plunged into the teenager's small tits, sliding across the nipples, then poking way into her flesh. She grabbed Steve's hard wet meat. His prick throbbed in her hand as she jerked it off. She led it into the young girl's tits, and then she let her fingers trail across her nipples. The feel of her flesh made Sherry shiver all over. Her juices flowed out of her. She looked down and saw the young girl's pink tongue stab at her clit. Sherry grabbed her head and pushed it back and forth. "Eat it," she said. "Eat my cunt! Ahhh, that's it, now suck it! Suck it for me!"

The three of them moved the girl all over, making her suck and fuck them all at the same time. It was pure pleasure, pure hot pleasure.

Sherry couldn't hold back long. It was too much of a thrill for her to have another girl licking her wet pussy. She let out a long groan and then came all over the teenager's tongue. Spasms wracked her body as the juices poured out of her cunt into the girl's mouth.

"Ahhhh, uhhhh!" the girl gasped. Al pulled her hips all the way down and then rammed her with his dick, making wet slapping sounds each time he forced it into her cunt.

"You're cum is so hot," the girl said. "So fucking hot." She shook all over, and then her tits were soaked with gobs of hot cum as Steve shot off into her small tits. The sticky white semen flew out of his dick and splashed onto her skin. Pools of cum ran down her tits and coated her stomach. The girl rocked back and forth, still pumping away at Al's cock. She smeared the cum all over her tits and then she bent down to take Steve's prick into her mouth.

The way she sucked on it made it clear to Sherry that this little teenager had taken plenty of cock into her mouth before. Her head bobbed up and down, taking the full length of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue darted and then circled the sticky flesh, lapping up all of the hot white strands of semen.

Steve and Al kept plunging their cocks into her. They pushed her down to the floor and then took turns fucking her mouth. The girl lay there with one hand jerking off Al, while her other hand led Steve's prick in and out of her mouth.

Her legs were spread wide apart and her hips bucked up and down on the floor, as if she was bringing herself off simply by handling two cocks at the same lime.

Sherry watched the young girl. The sight of her flesh covered with cream made her feel hot again. And she, too, knelt down on the floor. When Steve shot off into the girl's mouth, Sherry took his place and straddled the girl's head with her wide open cunt.

They kept her there until nine o'clock, until it was time for Steve and Al to make their last rounds. The girl dressed without saying a word. She just wiped the cum off her face and left the office.

"We'll have to bring her back soon," Al said. "She's a nice little whore."

"Yeah," Steve said. "She's just like Sherry. She'll do anything for a stiff dick. Isn't that right, baby?"

Sherry nodded her head. It was true. She would do anything they wanted her to, no matter how rough they got. And it wasn't just because of the blackmail, either. She needed it now. As much cock as she could get.

Chapter FOUR

Sherry's husband exploded in anger when she told him about the job. She'd been waiting all night until she thought he was in the right mood. But now, as he stormed back and forth across the living room, screaming at her, she knew that Dan would never get used to the idea.

She had to keep the job, though. She had to obey Al and Steve no matter how upset her husband was.

"What the hell do you need a job for?" Dan said. "Especially a stupid one like that!"

"It's just something to do," Sherry said. "I want to take my own money. And besides, I like the job, I really do." She thought of all the cock that Al and Steve gave her. She wasn't lying when she said she liked the job. Sherry almost smiled then, picturing herself back in the office, down on her knees with a hard prick stabbing into her mouth. But she didn't want Dan to get any madder than he already was. She kept a straight face, listening to him while he yelled at her.

"Mid what about those hours they're giving you? Five to nine! How the hell are you going to make dinner for me?"

"I'm keeping the job, Dan," she said. "So let's just leave it at that."

She thought he was going to hit her. His face was red with anger as he walked up to her. Sherry slid across the couch and covered herself with both arms. But then Dan walked away from her, swearing under his breath.

He ignored her for the rest of the night, and when they climbed into bed he didn't even touch her. Fuck him, she thought. If he wanted to act like a real asshole then she didn't mind it a bit. She still had plenty of opportunity at the store to get her kicks. She turned over on her stomach and fell asleep, and then she dreamt about Steve and Al.

When she woke up in the morning Dan was already gone.

She spent the day fixing herself up, showering and then combing her long red hair. At four o'clock she slipped into a light red dress with a deep V-neck that showed off her tits. She wanted to look really good for the store manager.

Sherry was at the department store right at five o'clock. Al and Steve were both there, working at the desk. Before she even had a chance to sit down Al said, "You've got an appointment, Sherry. The boss wants to see the new girl."

"Yeah," Steve said. "He wants to see all of her."

"So get your ass down to his office," Al said. "Let him fill you in a bit." He laughed and then told her where the office was.

Sherry went back downstairs and crossed the sales floor. She went down a long hallway and knocked on the last door.

"It's open," a girl's voice said. "Come on in."

Sherry pushed open the door and walked inside. A young blonde sat behind a large wooden desk, staring at her. "Yes?" she said.

"I'm Sherry," she said. "I'm supposed to see..."

"Oh, yes, go right in," the girl said. "He's waiting for you." She smiled at Sherry and then let her eyes travel up and down her body. The girl knew exactly what was going to happen to Sherry. "In there," she said, pointing at another door at the back of the office. "Go ahead."

Sherry walked to the back of the office and then opened the door. She closed it behind her and saw a man in a dark suit staring at her. He sat behind his desk, tapping his fingers on the surface. He was about forty. His hair was mostly black, but there was a bit of gray around his sideburns. Sherry thought he was good looking, except that he didn't smile at all. His eyes swept up and down her body as if she was a piece of meat. It sent a chill through her hot body.

"Sit down," he said.

Sherry sat in the chair in front of his desk, crossing her legs. Her dress slid up to her thighs.

"Nice," he said. "Very nice."

His stare was so direct that she felt herself turning red. But at the same time she felt turned on. She took a deep breath, letting her tits stick straight out.

"Your name's Sherry, isn't it?" he asked.

She nodded her head.

"You can call me. Lou. But only in here. Out there on the sales floor you don't even talk to me. Understand?"

She nodded her head again. And then she turned away from his stare. She couldn't meet his eyes. They cut right into her, mean and hard. Sherry could sense the cruelty in Lou, and she knew she was going to feel it any second now.

"I don't believe in playing around, Sherry. I expect a lot from the girls that work for me. Now all I want to know is whether or not you're willing to give it to me."

"What do you mean?" she said.

"You know damn well what I mean," he said. He stood up from the chair and walked around to the side of the desk. He was tall and lean. "If you want to work for me you have to put out. Just like the other sluts I hired. Give me your answer. Or get the fuck out."

She saw the bulge in his pants. It was hard and long, straining at the dark material that held it in. Sherry felt scared. She knew she had to go through with it, but she didn't like the way he acted.

"Answer me, bitch!"

"Yes," she said. "I'll do it."

"Then get over here. And make it fast. I don't have too much time to waste on a bitch like you."

Sherry walked up to him and put her arms wound his shoulders. Then she pressed her tits against his chest, rubbing up and down.

"None of that shit," he said. "Turn around."

Before she could move he spun her around and pushed her over the side of the desk, lifting her feet off the ground. While her legs dangled in the air he moved between them, spreading them far apart. His hands worked at his pants and she heard his zipper going down.

Sherry looked over her shoulder and saw his thick cock poking straight out in the air. But then he slammed his hand into the middle of her back and pushed her back down onto the desk. "You just stay put, bitch, and you do everything I want you to. Understand?"

"Yes," she said. "I'll do anything you say. Anything at all." She slid her hands down to the end of the desk and gripped it tightly.

He lifted her dress up to her hips and then yanked her panties down to her thighs so that the elastic band cut into her skin. His hands cupped her bare ass, pulling her asscheeks wide open. Then he moved them down to her thighs and dug his nails into her flesh, spreading her even wider.

The thick wet head of his cock touched her hole and then poked around, teasing her dripping slit. He grunted and then rammed his hard meat into her asshole in one quick stroke, making her grunt out loud with shock. It filled her completely, thick and throbbing, growing longer as it slid in and out of her asshole. His nuts pressed against her thighs, jumping and swaying each time he fucked her cunt.

"Move around for me, slut. Don't just lie there like a cheap whore. Use your fucking cunt." He pinned her down to the desk while he banged away at her slit, sloshing his prick in and out of her hole as fast as he could. Sherry obeyed him, more out of fear than anything else. She pushed back against his cock, tightening his cunt muscles around his hard throbbing meat, groaning while he pounded his dick into her. Then he rammed into her cunt.

"That's more like it, slut. Pull on my cock with your fucking pussy. Ahhh, that's it. That's how to do it. You sluts are so stupid, you need to be told how to do it. Don't you, slut?"

"Mmmmmn," Sherry grunted, bouncing all over the desk, taking his hard thrusts all the way to the end of her cunt where it pressed hard against her, throbbing and jumping wildly.

He used his cock like he wanted to tear her apart. In and out, harder and harder, stabbing her, filling her juicy slit. Each time he buried his prick into her cunt she sprawled out on the desk.

And then she felt the pleasure start to seep out of her pussy. She dripped more and more, coating his cock with her hot juice. She was still afraid of him, but now she loved the feel of his thick cock as it plunged in and out of her, making wet slapping sounds.

He grabbed her legs and pulled back on them, lifting her up and down, impaling her with his cock. Her whole body jerked each time he yanked on her, each time he pierced her cunt lips with his hot sticky prick.

"More," she said. "More. Give it to me harder! Stick it way in me! I want to come, uhhhh, I want to come all over your fucking cock!"

"Just keep squealing for me, honey," he said. "That's what I like."

She moaned and shook all over the desk, sliding her hips up and down, taking his dick all the way inside of her. She thrashed, writhed and bucked up and down, pushing herself hard against his meat, wiggling her ass left, and right. She felt his prick stiffen even more as it banged her harder and harder. "Uhhhh, do it to me," she said. "Do it to me. It feels so fucking good." Just as she was about to come he pulled his prick out of her dripping slit.

"Ohhh!" she said. "I was so close. So fucking close. Put it in me again!" He laughed at her. "It doesn't matter what you want, you little bitch. You better learn that now. All that matters is me. Remember that."

He dragged her off of the desk and threw her down to the floor. Her dress was still up to her hips and her panties were practically ripped in half. She peeled them the rest of the way off and threw them on the floor.

Lou stood right in front of her. His pants were down to his knees and his long hard cock dangled just inches away from her face. His shirt and his suit jacket were still on, and she knew be wasn't going to take them off. All he cared about was his cock. And she knew what he wanted him to do to it. She got up to her knees and reached for his prick.

He slapped her hand away. "Not yet, cunt; I want to see your tits."

Sherry stayed on her knees while he walked behind her. He unzipped the back of her dress and then pushed it down her shoulders. Her big tits nearly flopped out of her tight red lacy bra. She wiggled her anus until the shoulder straps of the dress were down.

The dress was bunched up around her waist. Her dripping cunt felt hot and wet while he slid his hands over her body. His fingers darted under her bra cups and closed tight around her tits.

"Gwwww!" she cried. "You're hurting me!"

"Good," he said.

"Please, stop it!" she begged. "I mean it, you're really hurting me!"

His fingers closed tighter around her huge jugs, digging into her flesh. Her nipples were hard against his palm as he squeezed her tits in and outs.

"Uhbhh!" she panted. "Lou, stop it! I don't like it!"

He laughed and then pulled her down to the floor, pinning her shoulders to the thick shag rug with both of his hands. His long prick hovered right above her face. She could see the drops of juice leaking out of the tip of it. And she could smell him too. She could smell the thick heady aroma of cum.

Lou moved his knees onto her shoulders while he slid his hands back down to her bra. He pulled up on it and then drew it down past her tits. Her huge mounds jutted straight up in the air. Then his fingers clasped onto them and pulled them far apart. She stared at his fists as they mauled her tender flesh. His fingernails pinched her nipples until she cried out in pain.

Then he slid his wet prick over her lips, dipping it into her mouth. The tip of it throbbed on her tongue, darting in and out of her tight lips. Then he slammed it all the way down her throat in a sudden hard shove.

Sherry gagged on it, choking and gasping while the thick meat filled her mouth. He fucked her face, putting all of his weight down on her, nearly smothering her with his hairy sack of nuts.

"Mnlmffiph, mmmmmn, uhhhhh," she moaned, frying to pull his prick out of her hips, just so she could breathe again. But he slapped her hand away and shoved his dick into her harder.

"Eat it, you slut, eat my fucking cock. That's all you're good for, so do it." Her lips made loud, wet, smacking sounds as he banged away at her open mouth. He pulled his prick almost all the way out of her lips so that just the throbbing tip of it was inside of her mouth. Then he wrapped his fist around his hard meat and jerked himself off.

His thick knob throbbed wildly in her mouth and his tight fist beat against her lips, faster and faster, making them all puffy and sore. Sherry slurped and drooled on his hard cock, blowing him as hard as she could. She wanted him to come so that he would stop fucking her mouth. The long strokes of his cock made her head bob up and down when he took his fist away.

Her face slid all over his sack of nuts while he fucked her mouth. He pinned her arms to the floor with both of his hands, squeezing her wrists tight. Then he plunged his cock in and out, sticking it as far down into her throat as he could.

She moaned and whimpered but he didn't ease up on her. Instead, he stuck his dick into her faster and faster. The more she moaned the more he plunged his cock into her wide open mouth. Her slobbering lips were coated with saliva and with his cock juices.

Finally he pulled his prick out of her mouth, making a wet popping sound. He held it in his hand and led it across her face, coating her cheeks with the little drops of liquid that seeped out of the tiny slit in the end of his thick quivering knob.

"Stick out your tongue, for a good suck, Sherry. Stick out your tongue."

She slid her tongue out of her mouth and then let him slide his meat across it. Her mouth was full of the taste of cock and all she wanted to do was get him to cream into her so that it would end, so she could get out of his office and get away from him.

"Lick it, whore, lick my fucking cock like the cheap slut that you are."

Sherry ran her tongue up and down the underside of his cock. It throbbed all over her tongue, wet and sticky, hot and long.

He whipped her face with his cock, shaking it all over her skin, jerking it off with his hand and pressing the tip of ft into her cheeks.

"Let me suck it," she said. "Let me suck it. You can come in my mouth. Go ahead, put it in."

"I can give it to you anywhere I want to, you little bitch."

He moved down on her face, so that his swaying sack of nuts slapped at her mouth.

Sherry opened her lips wide and then sucked on his balls, pulling the wet hairy sack into her mouth. She dabbed them with her tongue, sucking and drooling on it while his prick slid back and forth over her chin.

Lou pulled at her tits, lifting them towards her head, tearing at them with his digging fingers. She cried out in pain but it was muffled by his balls in her mouth. He pulled harder on her tits, wrapping them around his cock, slapping them up and down while he slid his prick into the huge and tender mounds of flesh.

She was wet all over now. Her mouth was dripping with saliva and her cunt was full of sticky juice. And now her tits were getting wet each time he slid his cock into them, fucking her nipples, poking his hard meat into her tits until it hurt her.

She stopped moaning and stayed underneath him, letting him use her body the way he wanted to. His thighs slid down across her face while his prick moved lower, pressing into her tits. She opened her mouth and sucked on his hairy balls, slobbering all over them while she stuck her tongue way out and licked his nuts.

Then he slid his hips up and down, coating her tits with small drops of cum. Sherry felt his prick trotting and quivering hard against her. She moved her body from left to right, rubbing his cock with her tits, pushing them together with both hands.

He slammed his prick between her tits and shot off all over skin. Gobs of cream spattered onto her hot sticky pools. His cock sputtered over and over, splashing her tits with hot white gee. She did all ever the floor, pushing herd against his cock while he squirted his semen and her huge bobbling jugs. His nuts pressed down onto her sliding up and down while he fucked hot milky white mounds of flub. "Ah, you bitch," be said. "You fucking little bitch!"

"Mmmmm," Sherry moaned, writhing and squirming under him, grabbing for his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his sticky wet shaft an pumped it hard. Another spurt of cream covered her fist. She jerked him off until every last drop of cum was on her skin.

Lou climbed oft and went over to his desk.

Sherry slowly stood up. She thought he was through with her, that she could finally get any from him. She pulled her dress back up to her shoulders, pulling her bra onto her sticky cum-soaked tits at the same time.

"You're not done yet, slut," he said. "Get over here and suck me off."

Sherry staggered over to him. He made her get into the space under the desk, down on her knees while he sat in the chair. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head into his groin, stuffing her mouth with his prick.

He made her stay there for another half hour, just sucking and drooling on his cock. And then, finally, when her lips were sore from puffing on his meat, he sprayed her throat with cum.

"Swallow it, you slut. Swallow, every bit of it."

Sherry milked his cock, pumping it up and down, sucking his hot sperm into her mouth. She swallowed his whole load and then got up to her feet.

Her dress was wrinkled and wet when she walked out of his office. Her cunt was dripping and she could feel her juices sliding down her thighs. Her panties were still in his office.

The girl behind the desk smirked at her. "Welcome to the club," she said.

"Yeah," Sherry said. "Thanks a lot." She went back out onto the sales floor and walked up and down the aisles. She was mad, not at what he did to her, or how he used her mouth and her cunt. She almost liked the rough way he treated her. But she was still horny. All that sucking, all that hard spitting prick, and still she didn't get off.

She needed it bad. She had to get off, just to relieve the pressure in her sticky hot cunt.

Sherry went to the side of the department store where the cafeteria was; she slid into a booth at the far end and slumped back into the seat. She was exhausted and sore, but she still wanted to feel the cum pouring out of her cunt.

"You're the new girl, aren't you?"

She looked up and saw one of the salesmen standing in front of the booth. He was young and he was cute. His light brown hair was trimmed really short and he had a thin mustache.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm the new girl, Sherry."

"I'm Bill," he said. "Mind if I sit down?"

Before she could answer he was in the booth, right next to her. His leg pressed against her and she could feel the hard muscles in his thigh.

He talked with her for a few minutes, acting really casual at first. But then he moved closer, pressing harder against her. Every now and then, when he thought she wasn't looking, he stared down into her dress at her tits.

Sherry looked around and saw a few other guys that worked in the store staring at her as they walked by. Some of them were grinning.

She knew what was going on. They were seeing who could get a shot at the new girl first. She didn't care. She was dying for it more than they could ever know.

"You just had your first meeting with the boss, didn't you?" Bill said.

"Yeah." She looked at him, right at his eyes, and she saw a hungry stare. "Why? Does it show?"

He laughed. "A lot of girls quit when they find out what he's like."

"You know what goes on in that office?" she said.

"I heard," he said. "I heard quite a bit about what he does."

There was no sense in trying to hide it. Bill knew all about it. And so did the other guys in the store. "Then you must know how I'm feeling now," she said.

"Maybe I can make you feel better," he said. "Why don't you come back into the stockroom and we'll talk about it."

She smiled. "Yeah. Let's do some talking." She was ready to spread her legs right there in front of everybody if she had to. All she wanted was a thick cock pushing away at her wet pussy.

Bill got up from the booth. "Wait here for a minute so nobody sees us going in together." He walked away from her and then went into the stockroom.

Sherry let a minute pass. She looked around to make sure that she wasn't being watched and then she headed back towards the stockroom.

As soon as she pushed through the swinging doors she saw Bill standing off to the side. He waved her over to where he was standing and then gabbed her hand.

He led her down the aisles, practically dragging her past all of the crowded metal shelves, bringing her way to the back of the stockroom.

He pulled her down a thin aisle off to the side.

There were stacks of huge cartons on both sides and it was dark. Bill pushed her against the wall, face first. "Now we can talk," he said. He pressed his cock against her. She felt his stiff meat right through his pants.

Sherry groaned and pushed back against him, sliding her ass up and down. "Hurry up," she said. "I need it bad, real bad!" She lifted her dress up to her hips, holding it above her bare ass.

"Yet, I guess you do, Sherry," he said. "No fucking panties..."

"I left them in the office," she said. "But never mind that. Give it to me."

She shivered with delight when she heard the sound of his zipper going down. She slid her hands down the wall, moving her legs a few feet from the wall so that she was bent over with her legs spread wide.

His cock rammed into her cunt in one stoke, filling her with hard wet flesh.

"Uhhh, fuck it now," she said. "Fuck my cunt, Bill. Ohhh, give it to me hard."

He grabbed her hips and pushed down, holding her still while he pushed his prick into her dripping slit, pounding away at her as hard as he could with his long throbbing meat.

Sherry twitched her ass, tugging on his cock with her cunt. "Ooooh, that's so good," she said. "So good and hard. It's just what I need, Bill! A hard fucking prick up my cunt. Fuck it, fuck it hard!"

"Sure, baby," he said, slamming his prick into her cunt. His nuts swayed and jumped against her ass cheeks. And the sound of his wet slapping cock made her almost lose control. She pushed back against him, rolling her hips in a circle, taking his cock further and further inside of her with each hard and wet stroke.

Then she heard footsteps. She froze, tightening up on his cock. "Somebody's coming," she whispered. "They'll find us."

Bill didn't even slow up. He slid his hands down to the back of her thighs and pried them apart while he rammed her pussy with his dick.

The footsteps came closer. Then she heard a heavy male voice. "Where the fuck are you?"

"Over here," Bill said, "I got her over here."

"Wait a minute," Sherry said. "What's going on? Let me see."

He pushed her against the wall, still pounding away at her slit. "Come on, Sherry, you know you want it. All the girls want it after they meet the boss. And we're here to give it to you."

"That's right, honey. We're here to make you feel good."

She looked over her shoulder and saw a young stocky kid with long hair leering at her. He had a smile on his face as he looked up and down at her body.

And then she saw another kid walking up to her. He had tight jeans on and a blue shirt. His fingers were working.

"Mmmmmn, uhhhh," Sherry grunted, responding to the wet thick meat plunging into her cunt. Three of them. Three hard cocks to take care of.

"Turn her round, Bill. I got her mouth this time."

Sherry knew they did this all the time, to all of the girls that came to work here. And she didn't care. Not now. Not with the juices running out of her cunt while Bill's stiff prick pulsed inside of her.

Bill turned her around, picking her up off the floor. His cock slid straight up inside of her, sloshing in and out of her wet hole.

"I got something for you to suck on, honey." The kid with long hair had his pants down to his knees and his cock was hanging out.

Sherry bent over, reaching for his prick. She wrapped her fingers around it and fed it to her mouth. His cock stiffened inside of her warm moist mouth, growing larger, poking all the way down her throat.

He unzipped the back of her dress and pushed it down her shoulders. Then he yanked her bra off and grabbed her jiggling tits. "Ahhh, she's a real hot piece," he said. "What big fucking tits. Yeah, baby, nice, real nice. Anyone ever tall you what a good looking bitch you are?" His prick slapped in and out of her mouth, making wet sounds with each stoke. "What's the matter?" he said. "Got something in your mouth, honey?"

She grunted and drooled all over his prick, jerking it off, sucking on it as hard as she could. Her body moved back and forth, taking a dick in her cunt and in her mouth at the same time.

Then she felt the other kid grab her hand. He led it to his prick and closed her fingers around it. His hot flesh throbbed in her hand as her fist beat up and down the full length of it.

The three of them pushed against her, sliding their hands all over her body, battering away at her with their stiff wet cocks.

Sherry closed her lips tight around the dick in her mouth and sucked hard. Her head bobbed up and down while the kid fucked her mouth.

"Suck it for me, honey," he said. "Do it good. I want to cream inside your fucking mouth!" He put both hands around the back of her head, guiding her movements, pulling her forward so that her lips opened wider, pressing against his skin. His nuts slapped away at her face, quivering and jumping with each thrust of his hard prick. Her sucking lips made loud and wet drooling sounds. His hard meat plunged way down into her throat, throbbing and growing harder, trapped deep inside of her.

Every nerve in her body was on fire. Bursts of pleasure dripped out of her cunt. She pushed her ass back against Bill, impaling herself with his hard meat.

"Ahhhh, yeah, work on my cock, Sherry. Work on it with your tight cunt."

The cock in her hand slid in and out of her fist, making her fingers wet and sticky. She pulled on his thick knob, pressing it into her bare tits. He moved closer, wrapping his hand around her tit and then stabbed at it with his prick. Drops of cum slid all over her tit as she jerked him off as hard as he wanted it. "Faster, baby, make my cock feel great. Jerk it off onto your tit, honey."

Moans of pleasure slid out of her sucking lips. Her body moved up and down, sticking herself with hard cock, forcing it way inside of her cunt.

She didn't care what they thought of her. All she wanted was to feel their cream spitting into her. She felt like a whore, a real whore, but she loved it. At last she was getting a chance to come. Saliva dripped out of her mouth and her hand was fill of sticky juice. Her cunt was soaked with her hot and wet pussy juice.

Sherry felt the first wave of pleasure pulse through her body. And then it got faster and faster until she flooded Bill's prick with her cum.

"Mmnimmm, mmmm, mmmm!" she moaned, sucking and fucking and jerking off hard cock, screaming all over the prick in her cunt, bucking up and down.

"Look at her go," Bill said. "She loves it, don't you honey?"

Sherry shook all over, moaning like an animal, pouring her hot cum onto his prick.

Then she felt a spurt of cream shoot into her mouth, hot and thick. The milky semen splashed down her throat in burst after burst. Sherry drooled and sucked on the prick in her mouth, as hard as she could, inhaling the throbbing meat, sucking up the load of cum. Her head shook up and down while he forced his prick deeper into her mouth, hammering away at ha lips with his nuts.

When her mouth was full of cum and it was leaking out of her lips, he pulled his prick out and traced it around her face.

White gobs of semen poured down her chin in thick strands. She stuck her tongue out and ran it around her lips, sucking the hot cum back into her mouth.

"Let me have her ass," the other kid said. "I'm ready to shoot my load!"

Sherry grunted as they handled her body, pulling her back to the wall.

Bill slid his prick out of her cunt and then turned her around. "Climb on it, baby," he said. "Put it back into your hot cunt."

Sherry grabbed Bill's shoulders and then lifted herself until she felt the thick knob of his cock pressing into her slit. "Fuck it!" she said. "Fuck it now, Bill. Come inside my pussy!"

Bill grabbed her hips and lifted her, spreading her legs at the same time, sticking his prick all the way into her cunt. Then he bounced her up and down, shoving his cock into her over and over while she moaned and grunted.

Then she felt a hard wet prick poking at her asshole. She felt another pair of hands squeezing her ass cheeks, pulling them wide apart. His cock plunged into her ass in three quick shoves and then it was burning all the way inside of her. The hard meat throbbed in her tunnel, pulsing wildly, sloshing in and out of her tight ass hole.

Each time Bill fucked her cunt ha shoved her back hard, and her ass was rammed with a hard throbbing dick. The two of them held her still between them, filling her with cock in rapid long strokes.

Then the cock in her ass quivered and spat a gush of cum into her ass hole. The semen squirted way up inside of her and then dripped back down onto the hard stabbing prick. She felt his arm running out of her hole and dripping down the back of her thighs.

Bill grunted and then shot his load up into her cunt. Spurts of cream filled her pussy in gush after gush. His prick made loud and wet slapping sounds, spurting and shooting into her, over and over.

They kept her there until every bit of their cum was inside her. When they were through they just pushed her back to the wall, laughing at her.

"We'll see you around," Bill said, fixing his pants.

"Yeah, we'll be back," the long haired kid said. "You're a real hot piece."

Sherry watched them go. Then she wiped herself clean with her fingers. The cum was still hot when she lapped it up. She put her dress back on and smoothed out the wrinkles. She was worn out but she knew she had to finish out the night. She walked back out onto the sales floor in a daze.

For the next two hours Sherry staggered around the store. Then she went upstairs to the security office and slept on the couch.

She woke up with a prick in her mouth. Half asleep she sucked on Al's cock, bobbing her head up and down with her eyes closed. When she felt his cream shoot down her throat she sighed.

She felt Steve turning her over, lifting her dress up over her hips. And then once more she felt a hot load of cum shoot up her ass.

By the time she got off work, Sherry could hardly move. She got into her car and drove home, fast, thinking about bed. But this time all she wanted to do was sleep.

Chapter FIVE

At the end of her first week, on the job Sherry was warn out, but at the same time the felt good. She felt like a real woman now, getting as much sex as she wanted even more, she thought. She had to put out for Steve and Al whenever they wanted her.

Saturday morning she stayed around the house. Just resting, and playing around. In the afternoon she went out in the back yard and sat by the swimming pool, getting the hot sun pour down on her tan skin.

Her husband came out for a while. He was still mad at her, but now at least he was talking to her. But only because he was feeling horny again, she thought. For the past two days he didn't even touch her once. But now he wanted her. She could sense it.

She'd give it to him tonight, she decided. But it would have to be her way. The thought of being underneath him while he pumped his cock in and out of her, bored her. She needed it hard now, hard and rough.

Dan was too straight though. To get him to treat her the way she wanted she decided to go all out. At four o'clock she went out shopping. She spent about an hour picking out really wicked lingerie so that he wouldn't be able to resist her, no matter what she asked him to do to her.

At midnight she got up from the couch and walked out of the living room. Dan was still watching the television. He hadn't said much to her all night long.

"Coming to bed, Dan?" she said, purring at him, letting him know what she wanted.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute," he said.

"Don't take too long, honey," she said. "I'll be waiting for you."

Sherry went up to the bedroom. She dimmed the lights and then peeled off her clothes. Then she slowly put on the outfit that she bought earlier, watching herself in the mirror, getting more turned on every minute.

The black bra was just a thick band of velvet tat covered only the bottom of her tits. Two thin straps crisscrossed in the center, digging into her flesh, making her huge milky just stick out of the bra.

Her panties were transparent and the crotch was open. The back of them were split so that her ass hung out of the clinging material.

Sherry slid on a pair of black fishnet stockings with thick garters cutting into her thighs.

She lay don on the bed and waited for him. When he finally came into the bedroom she was sitting against the bedboard, her legs spread wide, and her fingers were wet with juice. Her other hand was pulling at her tits, pinching the nipples and making them hard.

"I'm ready for you, Dan," she said. "I'm all nice and wet." She opened her mouth and moaned while her fingers slid out of sight deep into her cunt.

He just stared at her and didn't say a word. "Do you like it?" she said, running her hands up to the bra, then wrapping them around her tits.

She slid off of the bed and pressed herself against him, rubbing her cunt against the bulge in his pants. "Ahhh, your cock is so hard," she said. "Give it to me, baby."

She got down on her knees in front of him and buried her face in the crotch, of his pants, mouthing his prick through the material, getting it all wet. "Mmmmm," she said, looking up at him. She put a girlish smile on her face, teasing him. "Do you want me to put it in my mouth?" Her hands worked at his belt. She unbuckled it and then slid it out of the loops. She threw it on the floor next to her.

She pulled his zipper down and reached inside. She grabbed his thick hard dick and stuck the tip of it in her mouth. Sherry sucked hard on it, humming and moaning on his sticky flesh, slapping it in and out of her mouth.

She blew him until he was really hard, until his cock was throbbing and growing with each suck of her hot wet hips. Then she led his prick to her tits. She stuck it right down into her bra, squatting in front of him. Her tits got all wet from his hard meat.

"Fuck my tits, baby," she said. "Stick it into me."

He moved his hips, sliding his dick across her mounds of flesh. She could tell that he really didn't want to do it like this because he was so straight. But he was too excited to stop her from slamming his cock into her tits...

Sherry stood up and slipped his prick between her legs. She spread her legs wide and rocked up and down on it, letting it slide across her wet cunt lips.

"Treat me like a whore," she said. "Make me your slave, Dan. Whip me with your fucking belt." She stepped away from him and then sprawled out on the bed, raising her ass for him.

"Do it to me," she said. "Whip me with it."

"Cut it out!" he yelled. "You know I don't like it when you act like this."

"Do it to me," she said. "Tie me up, Dan. I want it hard!"

She closed her eyes and then lifted her ass up and down on the bed, moaning and spreading her legs wide. She slid her hands down over her back. Her finger pushed the slit in her panties wide open. Then she pried her ass cheeks apart, waiting for him to stick it in.

But he didn't do anything. She looked over her shoulder. His belt was on the floor and he was just standing there.

"We're going to do it my way," he said. Then he turned her over onto her back. He slid his pants all the way off and climbed onto the bed.

Sherry opened her legs for his prick. He slid it up the inside of her thighs and then eased it into her cunt. He moved it in and out, really slow. The feel of his warm meat inside of her made her moan, but it wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to be treated hard by him, whipped and then fucked in the ass. And all he was doing was sending his prick in and out like a robot.

After a few minutes he came inside of her. The hot spurts of cream jetted deep into her pussy and then slid down onto her thighs. She didn't even get off. It just wasn't exciting for her.

Dan climbed off of her and them rolled over onto his back. She waited until he heard him breathing evenly, until he was asleep. And then the worked on her cunt with her fingers, fucking them in and out of her cunthole. She rolled her finger over her swollen clit, pinching it while she pushed hard against her hand. When she came she shook all over, bouncing up and down on the bed, drenching her fingers with her hot sticky cunt juice.

The same thing happened the next night. She tried to get him to experiment, to fuck her in a way that she liked. But he did it the same way, pushing her flat on her back, then shoving in into her cunt until he filled it with semen.

Sherry was still horny on Sunday, but she didn't let him touch her. Such a drag, she thought, just lying down, opening her legs and waiting for him to come inside of her. Now that she was getting it hard and rough down at the department store, having sex with her husband was the last thing she wanted. He just didn't turn her on anymore.

She was gad when he left the house Monday morning to go to work. She felt inhibited when he was around. He was such a square, she thought. Afraid of trying something new. He was really freaked out by what she considered natural. Her desire for pleasure was growing stronger, and stronger, her need for new kicks was all she thought about, and she knew she wasn't going to get it from Dan.

In the afternoon she went out back and lounged by the swimming pool. It was hot and the sun was directly overhead. Sherry was in a light bikini, just two strips of red cloth that clung to her body. Her skin felt hot and dry but she didn't want to go into the water. She was too lazy for that.

Sherry poured a pool of suntan lotion into her hand and then smeared the cool liquid onto her flat smooth stomach and her thighs. Then she poured more of it, this time putting it on the huge mounds of flesh that jutted out of her bikini top. Her fingers slid down under the top and dabbed her nipples with lotion. They were hard and the touch of her fingers on them sent a chill through her. Her palm slid across her left tit, squeezing the tender flesh hard. She felt wet in her crotch, dripping wet.

Just as she was about to go inside to get herself oft she heard voices next door. Pete, her teenage neighbor, was out in his back yard with a couple of his friends. She could see them through the slats of the wooden fence that surrounded her yard.

Sherry got up from the chaise longue and then dragged it across the cement, making a lot of noise so they would know she was there. As she flopped back down onto the lounge she saw Pete stick his head over the fence.

"Hello, Pete," she said, and then she looked at the two other boys that joined him at the fence. They were about the same age as Pete, still in high school. Kids, she thought, just kids. But she couldn't help thinking about what a good time she could have with them.

"Hi," Pete said. "It's sure hot out, isn't it?" He looked at the water in the pool right after be talked. Sherry knew what he wanted. She'd let him swim in the pool a few times before, but usually on the weekends when her husband was around.

She laughed to herself. All he wanted to do was go swimming. She wanted to feel his prick sliding into her mouth. She picked up the lotion again and poured more of it onto her skin, putting on a show for Pete and his friends.

"You can use the pool if you want," she said. "Your friends can come too."

The three of them hurried through the gate. They stripped off their t-shirts. All three of them were in their cut-off shorts, and Sherry couldn't help looking at their young bodies.

After Pete introduced her to his friends, Kevin, a skinny blonde kid, and John, a short kid with curly black hair, the three of them jumped into the pool.

She watched them as they splashed around in the water. They were so young, she thought. And none of them even suspected why she asked them to come over.

But every now and then she caught one of the kids looking at her when she put more lotion on her body. She pretended that she didn't notice that she was being watched as she dipped her hand under her bikini top. She felt creamy all over. The cool lotion and the wet feeling in her cunt really turned her on.

When they came out of the water, dripping wet, Sherry got up from the longue. "It's so hot out," she said. "You boys want to come in for a beer? You're old enough, aren't you?"

"Sure," Pete said. "We're old enough."

"Good," Sherry said. "I wouldn't want to get you boys in any trouble."

She led them into the house and they sat down at the kitchen table. She opened up the refrigerator and the beer was on the bottom shelf. She bent way over, giving them a good look at her ass sticking out of her bikini bottom. All three of the boys were staring at her round ass cheeks.

She gave each of them a beer and then stood around for a few minutes talking to them. She wasn't really paying any attention to what they said. All she could think about was bringing them up to her room and then taking on all three of them at the same time.

She went over the chair where Pete was sitting and then she turned around. "I think I cut myself out by the pool," she said. She slid her hand down her back and then dipped it under the tight elastic band of the bikini bottom. "Right here," she said, pulling it down two inches. "Do you see anything?" She acted really innocent, keeping her voice detached.

Pete stared at her flesh. He didn't say anything at all. His eyes were wide and when she looked down at his crotch she saw a thick and long bulge in his cut-off shorts. The other two boys were watching her the same way.

Sherry looked at Pete's eyes again and then she smiled at him. She wanted him bad. The other two boys were cute, but Pete looked a lot harder. His body was heavily muscled and his eyes were dark. His hair was cut short and it made his face look really boyish, even though his body was that of the man.

"Well, never mind," she said, slowly pulling the bikini back up her ass. "I'll be back in a minute. I've got to change out of this suit." As she walked out of the kitchen she reached behind her back and untied the strings. She pulled her bikini top completely off while she was still in sight. When she was walking upstairs she heard the boys whispering out in the kitchen. She had them now, she thought. They knew what she wanted from them. The way she teased them, and flaunted her body in front of them was more than enough to turn them on.

Sherry peeled off her bikini as soon as she got into the bedroom. Then she took out the outfit that she bought for her husband the other day. Even if he didn't like it, she knew the boys would.

She put on the bra, panties, and the stockings really fast. She rubbed her hands down across her big tits as they jutted above the bra strap. Then she got on the bed and spread her legs. The wetness from her cunt seeped all over her fingers, making them sticky. Now she was ready for all three of them.

"Pete!" she called out. "Can you come up here for a minute?"

She heard him walking up the stairs. And she heard the footsteps of the other boys. They were right behind him. "What is it?" Pete said, walking into the bedroom. And then he stopped dead, staring at her hot flesh.

"Come on in," she said. "Alt of you. I want all three of you. You know why I invited you over now, don't you? Came on, don't be afraid." She wiggled on the bed, sliding her hands over her thighs, jiggling her tits. Her mouth was wide open and she moved her cheeks in and out as if she was sucking on a hard dick.

Pete was the first one to reach her. She pulled at his shorts, yanking the zipper down with one hand, reaching inside with the other. She wrapped her fingers around his stiff meat and jerked it up and down. "Oooooh, it's hard, Pete," she said. "It's me and hard for me." Her hand beat him off, flying up and down his shaft. Then she pushed his shorts down his hairy thighs and pulled them all the way off. "Climb on top of me now. Hurry."

He straddled her stomach. His thick swollen prick battered away at her smooth skin. "Put it on my tits, Pete. Go ahead. Fuck my tits."

Pete slid up, pushing his cock over the velvet bra, and then he pressed it into her tit. A drop of cum slithered out of his throbbing tip and then landed on her nipple.

While she pushed her tits from left to right, sliding them all over his cock, she reached out for the other two boys. Kevin was on the left side of the bed and John was on the other. They stared at her tits, at Pete's prick as it moved up and down over her flesh.

"You too," she said. "Come on, boys, take them out. Give me your cocks."

They stepped out of their cut-offs and then moved closer to her. Sherry stared at the hard throbbing pricks just inches away from her face.

Then she grabbed them both at the same time. She slid her fingers up and down Kevin's prick and then led it to her mouth.

He groaned out loud when she sucked on it and closed her lips around it. "Mmmmmm, mmmmmmn," she moaned, slurping hard on it, pulling the throbbing meat way past her lips, down into her throat.

Then she took it out of her mouth and jerked it off while she moved her head over the John's hard meat. She did the same thing to him, sucking on his stiff flesh, swirling her tongue all around it. She moved her head all the way down to his groin, stuffing her face with his prick, cupping his swaying nuts with her palm.

Sherry knew it wouldn't take long to get the three boys off the first time. They were so young, she thought. It would only take a minute. And then, after she sucked up their cream, she would really initiate them into the ways of sex. But it would be her way. Rough and hard and savage. She wanted to feel all three boys mauling her with their pricks.

She bent her head forward, sticking her tongue out towards Pete's prick. He slid up, slapping his nuts onto her tits while he aimed his cock at her mouth. Sherry took it inside of her moist lips and sucked hard on it. She moved her head back and forth, blowing him while she jerked off his two friends.

All that hard sticky meat drove her crazy. She pushed her hips up and down on the bed, sliding all over it, frying to ease the pressure in her cunt.

Then, just as she took her lips off Pete's hard dick, he came all over her face. The thick spurts of cream splashed all around her mouth and her chin. She opened her mouth wide and let him spray into her. The hot cum spattered against the roof of her mouth and then dropped down onto her tongue.

"Suck it," he said. "Take it back in your mouth and suck it." At the same time he moved forward and slammed it into her mouth, fucking her lips with his hard dick. His hairy nuts banged away at her chin while she sucked and drooled on his spurting dick. The cream gushed down her throat in steady hot bursts.

He hammered away at her face until all of his cum was inside her. Then he pulled it out of her mouth, groaning and grunting.

"Ummmmm, that tastes so good. So hot and sticky, but I want more. Fuck my mouth, Kevin," she said. "Stick your prick into me!"

He grabbed her head and turned her so that her mouth was inches from his prick. Then he forced her lips open with a hard plunge of his cock. The thick meat throbbed on her tongue, pushing deep into her throat. Sherry jerked him off as fast as she could, pounding on his meat while she slurped and sucked on it. Then she felt it quiver in her mouth. The thick tip moved back and forth as he fucked her lips, and then she felt a hot load of cram explode into her mouth. The hot goo splashed over her tongue and traveled down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down, choking on his spitting prick, and then a long strand of cream dribbled out of her lips and ran down her chin.

Sherry sucked on him for another minute, pulling all of his cream into her mouth. The taste of it drove her wild, all sweet and thick and hot as it dribbled into her. She pumped his prick a few more times and then pulled it out of her cum soaked lips.

She turned her head to John and then stuck out her tongue. She teased the end of it, licking and slurping on it. "Ahhhh!" he groaned. "It feels so good when you suck it. Ahhh, do it, suck it, I want to come." He pushed his hips back and forth, sending his wet sticky cock in and out of her fist, pushing it into her mouth.

The other two boys climbed off of her and watched her lips as she worked on John's dick. Her cheeks bulged in and out each time she slurped on it. It was tight inside her mouth, thicker and longer than the other cocks she sucked on. Her mouth was puffy but she didn't stop blowing him. It felt good as the hot long meat stabbed into her, filling her face with hard dick.

She pulled it out of her mouth and then ran her lips up and down the full length of it. She nibbled at his balls and tongued them, pulling the hairy sack into her mouth. Her fist beat up and down his shaft faster and faster and she could feel it pulsing in her fingers. She pointed his cock at her tits while she jerked it off. Her lips fastened around the middle of it, sucking and slurping on it. Saliva chipped out of her mouth while his thick meat slid past her lips. Then she felt it grow stiffer than before, hard as a rock, throbbing harder and harder.

It spit semen all over her tits. Gobs of it flew out of his cock and then splashed down onto her milky white skin. Each time a gob of it spattered onto her she shook all over, pumping harder on his cock, jerking him off and licking him at the same time.

The hot cream ran down her bra onto her stomach, making her feel wet and sticky all over. She took his prick back into her mouth and sucked hard on it, blowing him until he shot the last bit of his wad down her throat.

Sherry laid back down on the bed, staring at the naked boys, at their long dangling pricks.

"Now it's my turn," she said. "You have to make me feel good. And you can cream on me again, anywhere you want to do it."

Kevin laughed. "We'll do it again. We'll do it all day if you want."

Pete slid his hands all over her body, pressing his fingers into her pussy, sticking one of them right inside her cunthole. Sherry gasped and closed her thighs around his hand, pushing against it as he sent it deep inside of her. "Ahhhh, that's so good," she said. "But I want a cock in there, now. A hard cock in my cunt."

Pete climbed between her legs, pushing them apart. He held his wet prick, ready to shove it into her wide open cunt.

"Not yet, Pete," she said. "You gotta make me feel good first."

"What do you want?" he said.

"Get a belt from the closet and then use it on me. Treat me like a slave. All of you I'm your fucking slave and you can do anything you want to." She ran her hands over her tits and wiped the cum from her skin. She brought them to her mouth and slurped on her fingers, pushing the them in and out of her lips, licking them clean.

Then Pete turned her over onto her stomach. She didn't have to tell him what to do. He wanted to do it to her. And so did the other boys. Pete went to the closet.

They held her down, one on each side, with her arms spread wide, while Pete came back with a long belt dangling in his hand. "Here it comes," he said. "Just what you wanted." He slashed it really hard through the air and then the leather came down on her ass.

"Owwwww!" she said. "Uhhhhh, that hurts!"

He whipped her again, harder this time, slicing it into her ass. Kevin tore her panties wide open, pulling at the slit until the panties ripped. And then her bare ass was there in the open, sticking up, turning red from each crack of the belt.

Every time the belt whipped into her skin Sherry writhed on the bed, whimpering from the pain. But at the same time she was lost in wave after wave of pleasure that poured through her body. Over and over he battered her ass with the belt, stinging her skin, making her jump all over the bed.

Her cunt was dripping more and more. Her thighs were sticky and she knew she could come. All she needed was some hard cock inside of her.

"More," she said when he stopped whipping her. "Just a little more. I need it. I want you to do it to me until I come."

"You are a whore," Pete said, "a real fucking whore. Damn, what a slut." He slid his hand up the back of her thighs and then cupped her sore ass cheeks. "I'd give you some more but I'm ready to come, honey."

He pulled her arms behind her back and then pressed her wrists together. The other boys kept her arms in place while he wrapped the belt around her wrists, pulling it really tight. He yanked on it, lifting her half off the bed and then dropped her down on her side.

She whimpered and moaned, staring at their hard cocks. She pressed her thighs together, rubbing them back and forth. Her swollen clit was throbbing like crazy, sending bursts of pleasure through her.

Then they took her. All at the same time. Pete lifted her left leg high in the air and then slid between her thighs guiding his cock into her juicy cunt hole. He slammed it all the way inside of her. His hot meat made her gasp and shudder as it filled her slit. His nuts slid up and dawn her thighs as he plunged his prick in and out of her, stabbing her with it as fast as he could. Each time he rammed it into her, it made a wet squishing noise. She loved the sound of it, the sound of pure raw sex. And he was only a boy, she thought, only a boy fucking away at her hot cunt.

John lay down behind her, pressing against her ass cheeks. "Put it in," she said. "Put it in my fucking ass. Come on, give me some prick up my asshole."

His cock was the thickest and the longest but she knew she could take it. She wanted to feel it burning inside of her. She pushed back against him, sliding her sticky ass cheeks all over his dick. Then he prodded her asshole with it. The thick knob at the end of his cock pulsed hard against her ass, and then he pulled her cheeks apart with both hands. He shoved it into her asshole.

Sherry writhed from the pain, as it plunged inside of her. Just a few inches were already in her asshole but it was so thick that she could hardly stand it. He pushed harder, almost ripping her apart, sending his hot wet shaft into her tight asshole.

And then it wall all the way in, throbbing and growing harder. He gripped her hips and pulled her back against him, fucking her ass in quick long strokes. Now it felt good, good and warm as it sloshed around in her ass. "Cum in my ass," she said. "Flood me with your cum."

Then she couldn't talk anymore. Kevin parted her lips with his cock and fucked her mouth as hard as he could. His strokes made her head bob up and down while the long wet meat slammed into her lips. He grabbed her by the hair and then moved her head back and forth, feeding his prick into her mouth, making her gag on it.

She was getting it rougher than she thought possible. All three boys stuck their pricks into her really fast and hard, fucking the hell out of her, using her as rough as they could.

Sherry's body moved forward every time John shot his cock up her ass. And then, when Pete rammed her cunt with his dick, the force of his shove made her head sink deeper into Kevin's crotch while he filled her mouth with cock.

In and out, wet and hot, thick and sticky all that cock, that hard cock, she thought, fucking me, raping me. She groaned and grunted, sweating all over, dripping between her legs while she slurped on dick and took it up her ass and into her cunt.

She couldn't hold back any longer. She shuddered and then bucked up and down, creaming all over Pete's thick meat, coating it with her hot cum. She spread her legs as wide as they could go, sticking herself onto his prick, taking it all the way into her cunt. She flopped around on the bed, whimpering and sucking and fucking while the hot cum poured out of her pussy.

Her wild movements made the boys lose control. All at once they stiffened and rammed their cocks into her body. The pulsing cock in her asshole exploded in a hot burst of sperm. It shot up her tunnel and she could feel John's cock quivering, tightening with each spurt. The cum gushed out of her ass and slid down her cheeks.

A river of cum spattered into her juicy cunt, filling her with hot gobs of white cream. She pushed against Pete's dick, milking it with her cunt muscles while he squirted gush after gush into her pussy.

Then Kevin's fist pounded away at her lips, jerking himself off, keeping just the tip of his prick in her mouth. Sucking on it as hard as she could, Sherry swirled her tongue around his thick knob. She felt his prick jump and throb inside of her. And just as he was about to come he pulled his prick out of her mouth and jammed it down into her tits. He wrapped her huge mounds around his cock and spurted all over her nipples. His nuts slapped away at her while his hot cream dripped down her big jugs.

All three boys kept on fucking her until all of their cum was squishing inside her. She writhed and moaned, letting them move her body any way they wanted to.

When they were finished with her they took off the belt and left her there on the bed, covered with sticky wads of cream.

Chapter SIX

After the boys left Sherry rested for a while. Then she showered and cleaned herself off in time to go to work. She wasn't in the mood for doing anything but she had to do it anyway. Al and Steve would really get her in a lot of trouble if she started taking time off. They still had the pictures of her, crawling around with cum on her face, sucking on their cocks. She knew they were the type that would follow through on their threat if she got out of line. And then her husband would really have something to freak out about.

When she got down to the department store she went straight up to the security office. The door was locked. She jiggled the knob a few times and then Al opened it up just enough to stick his head out.

"Get lost," he said. "We're doing some work."

Sherry looked into the office. Two girls, were down on the floor, stripped naked. And Steve was standing over them with his pants unzipped.

"I said get lost," Al said, slamming the door in her face.

Sherry went down to the sales floor. Al and Steve would be up there for quite a while, working over the two chicks. They probably caught them shop lifting early in the afternoon, and now they wanted them all to themselves. Just to break them in the right way, Sherry thought.

She wandered around the store for a long time. She didn't even try to watch any of the shoppers. All she had on her mind was sex. She thought about Pete and his friends. It was good, the way they handled her and did everything she wanted. She remembered how good it felt when they whipped her and tied her, and then gave her their hard dicks all at the same time. But to them it was just a game. They really didn't mean it. They were just humoring her, nothing more. And that wasn't enough to satisfy Sherry.

She wanted the real thing. She wanted brutal sex, hard sex, from someone who wasn't fooling around. Someone who would treat her like a real slutty whore and rough her up. She knew it was a strange desire, and it was dangerous, but she couldn't help it. She wanted it to happen, she wanted to feel totally dominated, no matter what she had to do.

When she went back up to the office at the end of the night she saw the two teenage girls. Their clothes were all wrinkled and they looked like they'd been crying. Al and Steve were ignoring them, doing some paperwork on the desk. The girls walked out of the office, with their heads down, not even looking at Sherry. She could imagine what the two of them had to do in the office all of that time.

"How were they?" Sherry said, leaning on the desk.

Al grinned at her. "Fine young stuff," he said. "Really fine."

"Yeah," Steve said. "We're bringing them back tomorrow night for some more action. Man, that little redhead had the tightest cunt I ever had. Ohhh, man, she was some really hot stuff."

The two of them laughed and talked about the girls. They were still laughing when Sherry left the office at nine o'clcck.

Instead of driving home, Sherry went downtown to where all the bars were. She wanted some excitement, some kicks to relieve all of the tension that gripped her body. She parked her car on a side street and then she walked back to the main drag.

The first two bars she tried were a waste of time. A few guys tried to pick her up but they looked so tame that she wasn't interested. And the bars were too fancy for her taste. Everyone was dressed to kill, and even though she fit in with her pink knit top and a short white skirt, she didn't feel comfortable.

Sherry walked down the street, looking for a good place, a place where she could find some real action. In the middle of the street she stopped in front of a small dingy looking bar. Loud rock music blasted from the juke box out into the street and she could see that the place was crowded.

She went inside and walked back to the end of the bar. It was dark and at first she could hardly see anyone. But when her eyes adjusted she knew she was in the right place. She was the only girl in the whole bar with a skirt on. The rest of them had tight jeans and even tighter tops.

She ordered a drink and then walked around the bar. There was a pool table in the back room and a lot of guys were standing around it, swearing at each other, half drunk, acting really tough. A few of them had leather jackets on, even though it was hot inside the bar.

A few ugly chicks were hanging around the guys. They all stared at her when she walked in. Sherry leaned against the wall and sipped her drink. She felt uncomfortable standing there with all those eyes on her. For a minute she wanted to leave. The guys looked too rough for her. But that was the reason she came, she thought. She couldn't back down now.

She walked over to one of the booths. The table was covered with pitchers of beer but there was only one guy sitting there. He had a tight blue t-shirt on and she could see his heavily muscled body. His hair was long and black and he had a thick scraggy beard that covered his face.

"Excuse me," she said. "Is it alright if I sit here?" Her voice sounded scared and her heart was pumping fast. She was nervous while he stared at her.

"Excuse me?" he said, mocking her. "You're a real lady, aren't you? Yeah, sit down if you want."

Sherry slid into the booth, moving right next to him. He looked at her face and then stared at her tits, leering at her. She looked down at his tight jeans, right at the crotch.

"So what are you doing here, lady? Slumming it?" He was grinning at her now. He picked up a glass of beer and tossed most of it down in a few gulps.

Sherry slid her hand down and dropped it on his thigh. His muscles jerked when she squeezed him. "I'm just out to have some fun tonight," she said. Her fingers moved up to his crotch. She palmed his bulging meat and then slid her hand up and down. She couldn't help it. She couldn't put on an act anymore. She knew he and his friends were the type that would give her what she wanted.

He nodded his head at one of the guys near the pool table. He came over to the booth and sat next to Sherry, sandwiching her between them. His leather jacket brushed against her arm. She loved the feel of it.

"What do you got here, Mike?" he said.

"It looks like, we got a friend for the night, Artie," he said, sliding his hand over his beard. "She says she's looking for some fun."

"Yeah?" Ante said. "What's your name, cunt?"

"Sherry," she said. She was afraid of him. He pushed against her, grinning. Then he slid his hand to her stomach.

"Looks like you're in luck," Artie said. "We got a room at the motel down the street. We were gonna have a party later, but maybe we can have it now." His hand pulled her top out of her skirt. Then she felt his hand move up to her tit, squeezing it really hard. And Mike was doing the same thing to her other tit. Sherry leaned back into the booth, looking around to see if anybody was watching. All of the guys were looking at her, laughing while she squirmed in the booth.

Mike slid his hand under her skirt and sent it straight to her wet panties. He pushed his fingers in and out, pressing against her slit.

The other guys came over to the booth and stood in front of it so the rest of the people in the bar couldn't see what was happening.

Artie lifted her top up over her bare tits, giving his friends a good look at her flesh. "She wants to have some fun," he said. "What do you think? Time for a party?"

Sherry felt the cunt juice seep out of her. She felt excited, just sitting there while the two of them worked her over. Mike's hand squeezed her tit, pushing his fingers way in so that her hard nipple poked straight out. And all of the other guys were watching her now, staring at her huge tits, laughing while Mike and Artie mauled her flesh.

"Let's go," one the guys said. "We can share the new bitch back at the motel."

They all moved at once, heading out of the bar. Sherry pulled her top back down over her tits. When they were out on the street she knew it was her last chance to back down. All she had to do was run to her car. But she couldn't do it. Her cunt was dripping wet and she had to satisfy her need.

The motel was just a minute away. In front of their room about seven bikes were parked. They brought her inside and locked the door behind them. There were ten guys and only a few girls.

Two beds took up most of the room. There was a small table between them, full of whiskey, beer, and wine. Sherry sat dawn on the bed and waited.

One of the girls sat down on the bed across from her. She had long black hair and her face was covered with make-up. Her eyes were really dark and her cheeks were smeared with red. She crossed her hands in front of her and then lifted her top over her head. Her tits bobbled up and down. They were gigantic mounds of milky flesh, hanging almost all the way down to her stomach. Sherry never saw tits that big before. The girl's waist was slim though and her hips were rounded. She peeled off her jeans, sliding her panties down her legs at the same lime.

She lay down on the bed, sideways, and spread her legs wide. Sherry could see how wet it was. Her slit was dripping.

"Eat me, you little bitch," she said. "Eat my fucking cunt!"

Sherry looked around the room. All of the guys were staring at her. And the other girls were smirking.

"Go to it, Sherry," Mike said. "You're going to put on a little show for us." He pushed her from the bed and knocked her down to her knees. Then he pushed her face into the girl's hairy cunt. Sherry stuck her tongue into the hot dripping pussy and then moved it in and out. Her lips were soaked in just a minute as tile girl pushed against her head, opening her legs wider.

"Ooooooh, she's a good little sucker. That's it, eat my cunt, honey. Eat my cunt so I can come on your face." She pushed her slit up and down on Sherry's lips, really hard, making her head bob up and down.

Sherry looked up the girl's body, at her huge tits as they jiggled up and down with every stroke of her tongue. Then one of the other girl's took off her jeans and her panties. She had small tits and looked really young. She climbed up onto the bed and spread her legs wide as she crouched down onto the girl's face.

The sound of the girl's slurping tongue and the sound of her own sucking lips really got to Sherry. She ate the girl's pussy really hard, stabbing into the juicy slit with her tongue, flicking it all around.

Then she saw some of the guys taking down their pants. One of them stood behind the young girl and then grabbed her small tits with both hands. He grunted and then shoved his prick into her ass. The girl cried out in pain but a look of ecstasy crossed her face at the same time.

Hot cum gushed into her mouth. The big titted girl rocked her hips up and down, drenching Sherry's lips with her steamy pussy juice.

One of the guys behind her pushed Sherry's head down hard. "Eat it, you little slut. Do it all the way."

Sherry's lips opened wider and her mouth was planted on a hot gushing pussy. She slurped up all of the cum in her mouth and then swallowed.

When she looked up again the girl on the bed was sucking on a long cock. It was Artie, stabbing his prick into her face. The girl gabbed his meat, and then she beat him off, sucking on it loudly.

She watched his thick meat plunge in and out of the big titted girl's lips. It was wet and sticky and the sight of all that stiffness made her want it bad.

A strong hand pulled her away from the girl. She couldn't even see what was happening. All she felt was pain in her left shoulder and then she was in the air. "It's your turn now, bitch." It was Mike, holding her above the bed. He threw her down on her stomach.

As soon as she landed on the bed she was gabbed by three more guys. They all had long greasy hair and they were drunk out of their minds. They pulled her arms to the side of the bed and held her down while Mike climbed onto the bed behind her. He lifted her skirt up to her hips and then yanked her panties down hard, leaving them stretched tight just below her ass.

"I'll break this bitch in right, and then she's up for grabs," he said. He slid his hands over her firm ass cheeks, rubbing them really soft.

Sherry looked around and all she saw was stiff dick. The young girl with the small tit came over by the bed and knelt down on the floor. She slurped a cock into her mouth, sucking on the guy holding Sherry's hand down onto the bed.

Mike pried her ass cheeks apart with a sudden shove of his hands. And then he slammed his hard dick right up her ass. She screamed when it shot into her, wet and hot, tearing her apart.

"She's tight," Mike said. "Uhhhh, man, she feels good. Wait until you get your cock inside of this bitch." His prick was only half way inside of her ass, pulsing and throbbing, pushing deeper every second. Sherry writhed under him but she couldn't get away. All she could do was lie there and let him force it all the way into her hole.

His hairy nuts bounced up and down against her skin, and then he lifted her hips up off the bed, pushing his cock down into her at the same time. It went in all the way and the thick wet tip pressed hard against the end of her tunnel.

"Uhhh," she said. "Easy. It hurts. You're doing it too hard."

Mike laughed. "It's supposed to hurt, you bitch." His thick cock ripped in and out of her asshole, growing harder and longer with each stroke. He sloshed it in and out of her really fast, pinning her to the bed with his full weight.

Sherry groaned with each shove, bouncing up and down on the bed with her ass full of cock. Then she whimpered really low, as the pain turned into pleasure. She pushed her ass back against him, loving the feel of all that warm and wet meat sticking into her.

"Fuck it," she said. "Fuck it hard, and then come in me, dammit, come in me." She wanted to feel his hot cum squirting up her ass. Her cunt was wet, dripping all over the bed, dripping down her thighs.

"Yeah, you like it now, don't you, cunt? You like it up the ass. Well, that's good. Real good. Because we're all gonna have a shot at your hole before we let you go."

The thought of taking all of that dick into her asshole made her shudder. But she knew she would let them do it to her. She'd take them all on, any way they wanted to stick it into her. She lay there on the bed, panting, reeling with each burst of hot burning prick in her asshole, knowing that she didn't have a choice anymore. Not now. There was no way they'd let her out of the motel room until they were all through with her flesh.

Sherry saw a huge guy get on the bed in front of her face. He still had his shirt on but his prick was dangling up and down, throbbing an inch from her mouth.

"No sense in letting these pretty lips go to waste, now, is there, honey?" he said. He rolled his fingers in her long red hair and made a fist. Then he pulled hard on her, lifting her head, making her open her mouth in pain. Then he stuffed his prick into her mouth, banging away at her at a pace that made her dizzy. Her head rocked up and down, back and forth, while he fucked her face. She drooled all over his cock, her head tilting back while he forced the thick hard meat down her throat.

Sherry gagged on it, choking and fighting for her breath. Over and over he sent it down into her throat. It was hot and wet and long, making her cheeks bulge as it throbbed over her tongue, past her sucking lips. "That's it, honey, suck on it, suck on my fucking cock." He slid his hands under her body while he made her blow him. Then he pulled at her top, tearing it off her so that her big tits jiggled up and down in the air. His fingers dug into her milky flesh and then closed tight. She moaned with pain, slurping on his cock, squirming all over, frying to get away from him. His fingernails scratched her tender flesh, pinching her nipples hard until she thought she was going to pass out.

And then she was surrounded by stiff hard prick. They moved closer to her on the bed, one guy pulling her one way, and another pulling her the opposite way. Hard wet prick slid all over her tits, and her legs were spread wider and wider. They turned her over on her side and then she was buried under hot flesh. A thick prick rammed into her pussy, making her moan louder. Cock bashed away at her asshole and her cunt at the same time. Hard stiff pulsinig cock. She munched on the prick in her mouth each time her body shot forward, pushed by the hard burning pricks in her cunt and her asshole. She was wet all aver, wet with her own juices, and wet with the sticky fluid that dripped all over her. Every hale in her body was filled with hard sticky cock.

Her asshole jerked and tugged on Mike's prick as it quivered inside her. She raised her hips up off the bed, pushing herself back so that his prick was trapped inside her ass, splitting her cheeks apart. Then his thick meat spit a wad of cum up her ass. The hot cream poured into her in milky jets, gush after gush, flowing out of the throbbing dick that tore into her hole.

"Take it, you whore," Mike said. "Take it all into your tight little ass." He grabbed her hips and moved her up and down, milking his cock for more sperm. The cream slid out of her tight asshole and ran down her cheeks. His prick kept on spitting and stabbing, making her cry out with muffled moans of pleasure and pain.

Her lips were puffy now, sore from sucking on the dick that jammed into her mouth every other second. Long strokes of meat forced her to gag on it. She couldn't even breathe as her throat tightened around the pulsing cock. She wanted to use her hands to jerk it off but they were still held down to the bed. She moved her head back and forth, bobbing up and down. And then when it was half way out of her mouth she felt a river of cream spurt into her.

"Suck it up, you slut. Suck my fucking prick. Ahhh, that's it. Drink that cum for me, honey." He grabbed her head and hammered away at her lips as hard as he could. The white sticky gobs of semen spilled out of her mouth and ran down her chin. His cock kept on pulsing through her lips, in and out, spitting wad after wad, of cum. Sherry swallowed every bit of it, using her lips to suck on the hard meat, pumping it for each hot spurt. He took it out of her mouth and then squirted a few gobs onto her face. She couldn't even see. It was all over her eyes, dripping down her face, running out of her mouth. Hot sweet cum. She lapped it all up, hungry for more, writhing and squirming on the bed.

She twitched her hips and closed her cunt muscles around his hard meat, pulling on it while she came over and over. Then she felt more cream spurt into her. It shot right up her cunt and then dripped out of her slit onto her thighs. She lay there in pure ecstasy letting them use her body as hard as they wanted. Every bit of her skin was wet with cream.

And it wasn't over yet. They turned her over onto her back and spread her legs wide. Artie stood next to her, by the bed. He slid his hand over her stomach and then wrapped his fingers around her left tit. "I've been waiting for you, honey," he said. He twisted her tit hard, making her jump almost all the way off the bed. The pain lashed through her, and he didn't stop. He used his other hand, mauling both of her tits with his fingers. She jerked up and down off the bed, crying out as the pain shot through her.

Artie bent his head down and opened his mouth wide. He sucked her left tit into his mouth and then bit down hard on her nipple with his teeth. Sherry screamed this time, pushing at his head with her hands. But then one of the other guys grabbed her again and pulled her wrists over her head. She felt a strong thick rope cut into her skin until both of her hands were bound tight.

"Give it to her in the mouth, Joey," a girl's voice said. Sherry looked up and saw the young girl standing next to the bed. Her hand was sliding up and down a thick swollen prick. The guy that tied Sherry's hands was pushing his hips back and forth, shoving his glistening cock in and out of the girl's hand.

"Sure, Debbie," Joey said. "We'll let the bitch suck on it for a while."

Debbie grinned. "You heard him, honey. Open up your mouth for a nice stiff dick." She led his cock to Sherry's mouth and pressed it against her lips. The thick tip throbbed against her mouth, getting it all sticky. Then he shoved it into Sherry's mouth and forced it down her throat. Debbie laughed and pulled his prick in and out of Sherry's mouth, slapping her tight fist against Sherry's lips over and over.

Artie straddled her stomach and then poked his cock into her. He moved up slow, pulling down on her tits with both hands while he buried his cock into her nipples. His fingers squeezed in and out, wrapping her jugs around his meat. Then he mmmed his cock up and down, pinning her to the bed while he drove it into her tits.

Sherry sucked hard on the dick in her mouth while she slid her upper body from left to right, slapping Artie's hard throbbing meat with her wet tits. Then she felt someone spreading her legs again. She couldn't see who it was. All she could do was moan and shudder while a hard cock slammed right into her cunt.

Debbie pulled the sticky prick out of Sherry's mouth and then climbed onto the bed. She squatted down, shoving her hairy cunt into Sherry's face. "Now you can suck me, you bitch. Come on, do it!" She pressed her dripping cunt onto Sherry's lips and then rocked up and down, pinning her head with her knees on both sides.

Sherry tongued her slit, sticking it way inside, then swirling it all around. She looked up and saw Joey standing above her head with his legs spread wide. He shoved his dick into Debbie's mouth and fucked her lips as fast as he could. The girl's small tits jiggled while her head bobbed back and forth. Her cheeks bulged with wet dick. She slurped on his prick and slid her cunt all over Sherry's mouth at the same time.

Every inch of Sherry's body was wet not, wet and sticky, as they pinned her to the bed with stiff cock. As she sucked off Debbie's pussy, Sherry felt hot squirts of cream shoot onto her tits. The cum splattered all over her jugs, dripping down her nipples as Artie pounded away at her with his hard spitting cock. He pressed her tits around his meat and then slid it up anti down between her flesh, squirting out load after load of hot sticky white cum.

Debbie flooded her mouth with cunt juice, smothering her with her dripping pussy. She shook all over, pouring her cum into Sherry's sucking lips. "Mmmm, uhhh," Debbie groaned, slurping on the dick in her mouth while she rocked up and down on Sherry's face. Her hand flew up and down the long hard shaft, pumping it, jerking it off while she sucked on the tip of it. Her lips nibbled at the thick knob as she pulled it in and out of her mouth with loud sucking noises.

"Here it comes!" Joey said. "Here it comes, honey." He grabbed Debbie's head and slammed it hard against his groin. Then he shot off into her mouth. Debbie grunted and groaned while she sucked on it. She choked on the cum and pulled his squirting cock out of her lips. Her hand still jerked it off and the spray of cum flew onto her tits.

Then Debbie bent her head down and slid her cunt off Sherry's face. Debbie opened up her mouth and let the hot load of cream gush out of her lips into Sherry's mouth. Sherry sucked it up as it poured into her. She swallowed every bit of it, moaning with pleasure as the hot cream oozed down her throat.

They kept her pinned to the bed, hammering away at her. As she writhed and moaned, coated with cum, Sherry felt worn out. She could hardly move any more but she couldn't get off of the bed.

Over and over she felt stiff dick being shoved into her mouth and her cunt, stabbing into her like she was just a piece of meat. She sucked and fucked like crazy, swallowing hot cream, feeling it shoot into her cunt and her ass over and over.

Finally she was alone on the bed. She thought it was over, that she could go now. She had all the pleasure that she needed. But then Mike gabbed the rope that held her wrists together and dragged her over the side of the bed. She landed on her ass and then slid across the floor as he pulled her to the middle of the room.

They kept her on her knees, passing her from one to the other, yanking on the rope. And then she was forced to suck all the guys off again. Her jaws were sore and puffy and her whole body was covered with semen. She just opened her mouth and let them fuck her face until the hot cum shot into her.

When the guys got tired with her they threw her back on the bed and left her there while they dressed to go back down to the bar. Sherry passed out on her stomach.

When she woke up she was all alone. The ropes were still on her hands. She worked on them for a half hour, and then, when she freed herself she fixed her ripped cum stained clothes as much as she could and staggered out of the motel room.

Chapter SEVEN

Sherry's husband was asleep when she got home. She walked quietly through the dark house, slipping off her shoes as she neared the bedroom. She stripped off her clothes and eased herself into the bed. He stirred but he didn't wake. She was safe. At least for now. She closed her eyes and then drifted into sleep.

In the morning she felt a hand on her shoulder, shaking her, pulling her up from the pillow. She was still half asleep and she could hardly keep her eyes open.

"Where were you last night?" Dan said. "I waited up for you until two."

Sherry was sore all over. She could feel bruises all over her. All she wanted to do was pass out and forget about everything. The last thing she needed was to hear him yelling at her.

"Answer me, Sherry," he said. He tightened his grip on her shoulder. "Come on, what's going on?"

She mumbled something about spending some lime with one of the girls from the store and then she said, "Now leave me alone!" She turned over onto her stomach, pulled the blanket over her shoulders and buried her face in the pillow.

Then she heard him storming out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. She waited until she heard him slam the front door and then she went back to sleep.

When she finally got out of bed at one in the afternoon she headed straight for the shower. Under the warm water she examined her body. There were bruises on her tits and her stomach. Her ass was sore and so was her mouth. Then it all came back to her. She thought of all the things that happened to her in the motel room. All those guys, she thought, and the girls too, handing out pleasure and pain at the same time. She knew she needed that kind of sex no matter what she had to go through to get it. She had to keep it under control, though. Dan was suspicious and she couldn't afford to stay out late any more. Not if she wanted to stay with him. She still loved Dan, she thought. He just didn't know how to treat her.

For the rest of the week Sherry came home right after she got off from work. Things were almost back to normal. And on the weekend she had sex with Dan a few times. It didn't do anything at all for her. Compared to what Al and Steve did to her at the store every night of the week it was a big letdown making it with Dan.

But she acted like she enjoyed it. Just to make him feel good. Sherry thought she had it all under control again. She could put out for him whenever he wanted it and she could get all of her kicks, the kind she needed, from Al and Steve. As long as she came right home from work Dan wouldn't have anything to complain about.

Sherry found out on the following Wednesday, though, that she had to make up another excuse for Dan. When she went into the office shortly after five o'clock Al called her over to his desk.

"You're coming with us after work tonight, Sherry," he said. "We're having a little party at my place."

Steve laughed out loud. "Yeah, just some close friends are coming."

Sherry knew what they meant. They were making all of the chicks that they were blackmailing come to their party. And the girls had no choice. Just like Sherry they made their decision a long time ago.

"But my husband won't like it if I stay out too late," Sherry said. "He'll be suspicious."

"Too bad," Al said. "You don't have to go if you don't want to, you know that. But then your husband will find out a few things about you, Sherry. Maybe we'll just tell him what you've been doing down here."

"I'll go," Sherry said. She acted like she was upset, but deep inside she was looking forward to it. She was forced to go, she thought. She didn't have a choice. And that, meant that whatever happened wouldn't be her fault.

Al left the store at eight o'clock to set things up at his apartment. Sherry stayed with Steve in the office until nine. Then she got into her car and followed Steve to Al's apartment.

It was a big apartment on top of a tavern with an out of business sign in the front window. The wide drive was filled with cars. Sherry parked on the street and then followed Steve up a long flight of stairs on the side of the building. He opened the door and then pushed her inside. Loud rock music blasted through the apartment. Sherry headed to the front room, one step ahead of Steve. It was crowded with teenage girls and some older women. Housewives, Sherry thought. In the same position as she was. They could leave if they wanted to, but the threat of blackmail kept them here. And not only that, they probably enjoyed it too. She could see the expectant looks on their faces. Half fear and half hunger.

All of the girls were sitting down in the living room while the men looked them over. Sherry saw the teenage girl with brown pigtails sitting on the floor. She remembered how Al and Steve dragged her into the office and forced her to put out for them. And she remembered how good the girl's lips felt on her cunt. Sherry sat next to her on the floor.

Steve's friends were here too. Jack and Mark, the ones who came to her apartment with Steve and forced her to put out for all three of them. Sherry kept a passive stare on her face while the two of them pointed her out to one of their friends. She heard them laughing and talking about her.

The men stood around drinking and staring at the chicks. Some of them were older but most of them were about Steve's age. Sherry felt most of tern giving her the once over. She knew she was going to have a lot of dick in her before the night was over.

Al pulled all of the curtains closed. The other guys stopped talking and they cleared out a space in the center of the room. Sherry could see that they were all used to this. And now they were just waiting far the action to start.

"You can get things going for us, Eileen," Al said. He grabbed the girl sitting next to Sherry and lifted her to her feet. Then he pushed her to the center of the room.

"What do you want me to do?" she said. Her face was red and her eyes were looking straight down at the floor. She was too embarrassed to face any of the guys.

"Strip," Al said. "Show us all what you got for us, honey. Came on, don't be shy. We just want to see what you have to give us."

Eileen unbuttoned the top of her light blouse.

Her fingers moved down really slow, as if she was hoping that Al wouldn't make her go through with it.

"Not like that, you little slut," Steve said. "Do it with the music. Put on a show for us, baby."

She jerked her hips awkwardly and tried to move with the beat of the loud rock music. All of the guys laughed at her as she struggled in front of them but Sherry could see that they were excited by the bit of teenage flesh that showed right through her open blouse.

Eileen peeled the blouse off and threw it down to the floor. Her small firm tits showed through the transparent pink bra that stretched across them. She unzipped her jeans and then slid them down her legs. Then she danced in front of everyone in just her bra and panties.

She jerked her hips and ran her hands down to her slender thighs. Then she moved her fingers up over her stomach and cupped her bra. She lifted the bottom of the bra half way, up her tits and then pulled it back into place.

"Come on, honey, dance like you mean it," Al said.

"Make like you're fucking somebody, Eileen," Steve said. "Make like you're working at a stiff cock inside of you."

Eileen rolled her hips in a circular motion and then she shoved her cunt forward in quick jerky movements as if she was puffing on a prick.

As she watched the teenager dance in front of all of them Sherry felt excited. The girl's tender young flesh really turned her on.

"Maybe she needs the real thing," Al said. He went behind Eileen and grabbed her stomach. His huge hands swarmed all over the front of her body, crushing her tits in his fingers. "That's what you need, isn't it, honey?" he said. He pulled back on her hips, pressing his cock into her ass.

Eileen writhed in his hands with a pained look on her face. But she couldn't stop him.

Sherry saw Al's pants slide down to his ankles. His hands moved down the teenage girl's back and pulled her panties down to her thighs. When they were stretched taut across her legs he grunted and then slid his prick through her thighs. The thick swollen head of his cock moved back and forth. The girl groaned, moving against it with her hairy cunt. She reached down and wrapped her fist around his prick. She jerked him off and now she was really turned on. Her tight fist flew up and down his shaft really fast and her eyes were glazed with a look of pure pleasure.

Al lifted up on her hips and then stuck his cock into her cunt in one quick shove. She cried out and then closed her eyes while he pounded his cock into her wet hole. His hands tore at her bra, ripping it right off of her. He mauled her small tits, crushing them in his fingers, pinching her nipples while he fucked her cunt.

And then Mark, the short and stocky guy, moved to her side. He couldn't control himself any more. He slid his hand all over the front of her body, digging into her flesh with his fingers. "Bring her down to the floor," he said. "It's time to make her suck some cock."

Al and Mark forced the young teenager down to the floor, making her crawl on her hands and knees. Al knelt down behind her and entered her from the back, sticking his prick into her wet cunt while Mark whipped his cock out of his pants and then dangled it in front of her face. Eileen reached for his long hard prick and pulled it into her mouth. Her sucking lips drooled on his meat and her cheeks bulged in and out while she jerked his dick in and out of her mouth.

Sherry wasn't the only one turned on by the sucking young girl. All around her the guys were picking out the girls they wanted. The two men grabbed a black haired woman sitting on the couch. They stripped her of everything but her black stockings and then flung her over the edge of the couch. One of them knelt down on the cushion and then slid his prick up and down the back of her thighs. Her firm round ass was sticking straight up. "Not there," she said. "Please, I don't like it there."

He laughed and slid his prick between her ass cheeks, getting her all wet. Then he stuck his cock into her hole, making her grunt and groan with each stroke of his meat. The other man stood in back of the couch and pulled her head to his crotch. He stuffed his prick into her lips and then made her suck him off while he grabbed at her bare tits. The woman moved up and down, taking dick in the ass and in her mouth at the same time.

Sherry stared at the glistening pricks as they tot in and out of her holes. She felt wet just from watching them. She wanted cock now, stiff long cock ripping into her.

She saw Steve and Jack and a few other men pushing two young blonde girls ahead of them. They were twins and both of them were about eighteen or so. They all went out of the room and headed down a long hallway. Sherry was about to get up and follow them when someone grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. She looked up and saw a bearded man leering at her.

"Open up," he said. "You're no different than the rest of these sluts." He held his swollen prick in his hand and pointed it at her lips. He pulled harder on her hair. "I said open your mouth, you dumb cunt."

As soon as her lips opened he plunged his prick into her mouth and shoved it down her throat. Sherry closed her lips tight around his wet hard meat and slurped on it really loud. Saliva ran out of her mouth and down her chin while she sucked on the throbbing flesh.

He pushed her back against the couch so that her head tilted almost all the way back. And then he straddled her shoulders. His swaying nuts bashed against her face while his cock stabbed deep into her throat. He crouched lower, forcing her to take more and more of his dick with each stroke.

Sherry's head bobbed up and down wildly, rocking with the force of his thrusts. She sucked greedily on it, milking his prick with her hand, sucking and jerking as hard as she could.

All around her she heard wet slapping sounds as hard cocks sloshed in and out of all of the girls. She looked around and saw naked flesh. Most of the girls had at least two guys working on them, taking it in the mouth and the cunt at the same time. Even while she sucked on the prick in her mouth Sherry wanted more. She thought of the two blonde twins that Steve brought into one of the other rooms. And there were probably more chicks in there too.

"Mmmmhh," she moaned, blowing him as loud as she could, taking his sticky prick in her hand and bashing it against her lips. She swirled the tip of her tongue around his fleshy knob and then sucked hard on it. She wanted him to come in her so she could go down to the other room. She knew that she'd find what she wanted in there.

"Eat it, you fucking whore. Eat that cock in your mouth. Ahhh, that's the way to suck it for me." He put both hands on her head and then moved it back and forth, fucking her face with his prick. His strokes grew harder and harder and she felt his prick stiffen even more. He slammed his prick in and out of her mouth really fast. She slurped hard on it just as he creamed into her mouth. The gobs of cum splashed onto her tongue and then slithered down her throat.

"Suck it, suck it harder, you slut. Swallow all, of that cum for me, honey." He plunged his prick all the way into her, pressing her lips right against his nuts while he spurted the rest of his semen into her.

Dribbles of sperm seeped out of her mouth and ran down her chin. She swallowed and sucked and jerked his spitting prick until her hands and her face were covered with the hot sticky cream. When he was through fucking her mouth he pushed her off of his cock and then headed for one of the other girls.

Sherry ran her tongue around her lips and slurped up the drops of cream. She swallowed it and then got up from the floor. All around her she saw naked chicks getting fucked in the ass and the mouth and the cunt. Hard glistening cocks sticking into wet drippy holes... she wanted it bad now. She wanted to feel more than one prick slamming into her. She went down the hallway before one of the other men could grab her. The door at the end of the hall was closed. She could hear a lot of men laughing and she heard one of the girls in there whimpering. Sherry put her hand on the doorknob and twisted it. When she stepped into the bedroom she saw bright lights and a movie camera set up against the wall. A man was behind the camera, aiming it at the blonde twins.

They were both stripped naked. One of them was fled flat on her back. Her arms were spread wide and so were her legs. Her wrists and her ankles were bound by thin black cords to the bedposts. She pulled at the cords that held her, bucking up and down on the bed, frying to get away. Thick gobs of sticky white cum were dripping down from her bare tits and her mouth was covered with streaks of white semen.

Her sister was standing at the bottom of the bed. Sherry saw red marks on her round ass cheeks. The girl held a long black whip in her hand with several leather cat-tails hanging from the end. Sherry knew what the guys made the twins do to each other in front of the camera. The girl tied to the bed was moaning and wriggling all over, still in pain from the whip.

"Put it in her, Linda," Steve said. "Do to her what she did to you."

Linda turned to face the camera. She had a leer on her face. She slid the handle of the whip between her legs and then played with her bare tits with her other hand. "Sure," she said. "I'll do it to her. I'll do anything you want me to." She grabbed her sister's thigh with one hand, squeezing the milky white flesh as she shoved the long black handle of the whip towards her bound twin. Linda slid it into her sister's hole and moved it in and out. Her sister gasped when the long black handle slid into here cunt. She pumped her hips, fucking it with her dripping slit. Linda shot it in and out of her sister's cunt for a minute, until Steve told her to stick it into her mouth.

Linda smiled and then pulled the handle out of her sister's cunt. She moved up to the top of the bed and then pried open her twin's mouth. She stuck the handle into her lips and made her suck up her own cunt juices.

Sherry took her eyes off of the twins and looked round the bedroom. There were two other women in the bedroom. Both of them were chained to the wall. One of them was in a kneeling position with her hands stretched high above her. Her long brown hair ran down to her shoulders. She was naked except for a red bra pulled down just under her tits so they stuck out over the lacey cups. The other woman was totally naked with her face to the wall. Her arms and legs were spread wide. Her ass was all wet and glistening with cum.

Even as she watched the two of them pulling at their chains Sherry saw a long haired kid walk up to the girl that was kneeling down. "Here, suck on this, bitch," he said, and stuck his prick into the girl's mouth. His fist flew up and down his cock as he jerked off into her lips. Just the tip of it was in her mouth.

"Ummmm, uhhhhmph, uhhhhhh!" the girl moaned while she sucked and drooled on his hard meat. He lifted her head with the force of his strokes as his cock beat against her lips. Then he stepped closer to her and shoved his prick all the way into her mouth. He leaned against the wall with both of his hands spread out, fucking her lips, pushing her head against the wood. He groaned out loudly and then slammed his cock really fast in and out of her lips, making a loud and wet sound. He shot his load down into her throat, fucking her face as hard as he could. He pulled his spitting dick out of her lips and sprayed the rest of his cum all over her face. Gobs of sticky white cream splashed onto her skin in thick spurts. She kept her mouth open, lapping up all of the cum that she could as it splashed onto her.

Sherry thought it was getting too rough in the bedroom for her. She stepped towards the door. Just as she was about to get out of the room Steve gabbed her wrist. "Not yet, honey," he said. "It's your turn now."

He dragged her in front of the camera and then stood behind her. His hands gripped her wrists hard and pulled them behind her back. Her tight blouse nearly burst open as her tits jutted straight out. He kept her arms pinned while he tore at her blouse. In one quick move he ripped it right down the middle. He yanked her bra off and cupped her huge tits with both hands. She squirmed and wriggled as he squeezed his fingers into her mounds, lifting them straight up. "Yeah, baby, make it look good," he said. "We're gonna get a good film out of this! Yeah, Sherry, you're gonna get raped."

His cock pressed into the back of her skirt while he mauled her tits. She could feel his hard throbbing meat prodding at her hole through the skimpy material.

His fingers closed tight around her nipples, making her cry out in pain. She pulled away from him and tried to run out of the room. Before she even took two steps he stuck his hand down the back of her skirt and yanked her back to him. "Give me a hand with this whore, Jack," he said.

The redheaded guy came up to Sherry and pushed down on her shoulders. The two of them forced her down to the floor on her hands and knees. Steve pulled her skirt down to her thighs, tipping the material. Then he peeled her panties down on top of her torn skirt.

"Here it comes, bitch," he said. He stuck his prick against her ass and prodded her hole. Sherry grunted while his thick meat forced its way into her ass. He pulled back on her hips, pushing his dick in and out of her asshole.

Jack stood in front of her, sticking his prick right in front of her face. He lifted her head up and shoved his hard meat into her mouth. "Suck it up, whore," he said. "Suck my fucking dick."

Her lips slurped all over the long cock, pulling it into her mouth, sucking hard on it while Steve pounded away at her tight asshole with his cock. Both of them held back their load, keeping her pinned between them while they savaged her with their thick wet pricks. Sherry heard the whirring sounds from the camera as she jerked her body with spasms of pain and pleasure, moaning and sucking as hard as she could.

"Okay, honey, you're ready now," Steve said. "We'll put you on the bed with Janice."

They picked her up and dragged her over to the bed. The blonde girl was still tied, her arms and legs spread wide, and her dripping cunt wide open.

Steve pulled Sherry's clothes all the way off and then tossed her on top of the naked blonde. Sherry's tits pressed right into Janice, sliding all over her hard nipples.

They tied her to Janice's arms and legs so that the two of them were locked together. Sherry's wet cunt dripped all over the blonde and she couldn't help moving against the girl's pussy, trying to get herself off.

"Give me the whip," Steve said.

Sherry looked over her shoulder, twisting her head back. She saw Steve grinning at her, holding the long black whip over his head. He jerked his hand down and the leather cut into Sherry's ass. She bucked up and down, squirming against Janice. Over and over the whip cracked into her ass until she was a mass of pain and pleasure. She sighed and screamed and bucked up and down, dripping more and more with each slash of the whip.

Then he stopped whipping her and laid down on top of her. His thick prick plunged into her wet slit and hammered away at her cunt. He slammed it in and out of her a few times and then slid it under her. Sherry heard Janice groan with pleasure and she knew that Steve was fucking her cunt now. He shot it into Janice a few times and then stuck it back into Sherry. He moved from one to the other, fucking them until they were about to come, and then pulling out.

Someone grabbed Sherry's long hair and twisted it hard. She looked up and saw Jack staring at her mouth. He knelt down on the bed and shoved his prick into her lips. His hand pulled at her hair, making her bob up and down while she sucked on his dick.

Out of the corner of her eye Sherry saw Janice's lips forced, open by a thick swollen cock. It stabbed in and out of her mouth. Janice slurped on it, making loud sucking sounds as she ate cock.

Then Steve slammed his prick right up Sherry's ass, making her groan. She sucked on prick and took it in her asshole at the same time, moving up and down on Janice's naked flesh. The blonde pushed back against her. Both of them whimpered and moaned, tied on the bed with stiff dick in their mouths.

Jack's hot cream splashed into Sherry's mouth in hot jets that slithered all the way down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down while her lips munched on his prick, sucking up his cum. The semen flew out of her lips while he fucked her mouth. And Janice was choking on cum too. Her lips were coated with white cream. The two men moved away from Sherry and Janice. The hot cum poured out of Sherry's mouth and dripped down on Janice's lips. Sherry bent her head down and lapped up the cum, sucking it into her mouth. Janice slid her pink tongue out and pushed it into Sherry's mouth, probing all around, slurping up the hot cream. The two of them tongued one another, drinking up the sweet sticky white gobs that coated their lips.

Then Steve's burning cock flooded Sherry's asshole. The spurts shot down her tunnel, splashing deep inside her. His cock squished in and out of her butt, stabbing her, shooting wad after wad of semen up her ass. Sherry bucked up and down, taking his cream, pressing her cunt hard against Janice. The pressure was enough to get her off. She cried out and spilled her cunt juice all over Janice's hairy pussy, coming over and over while Steve fucked her asshole.

As soon as he pulled his cock out of her hole another man took his place, forcing his prick into Sherry's ass. Over and over she pushed back against him until he spurted his cum into her. Sherry was worn out. She couldn't move, even if she wanted to. She stayed there on top of Janice, tied down, while the men fucked her ass and her mouth one after the other.

The two of them were kept them until the middle of the night, until their naked bodies were coated with hot sticky gobs of cum. When Steve finally untied Sherry her mouth was sore and her lips were puffy. Every hole in her body had been abused. She picked up her ripped clothes and staggered out of the house.

Chapter EIGHT

Dan was waiting for her in the bedroom. As soon as she walked in he turned on the light next to the bed. He sat back against the bed and glared at her. "Where the fuck have you been?" he said. "It's past three o'clock."

Sherry just stared at him. She didn't know what to say. Her clothes were torn and she knew she looked like a wreck. She peeled off her skirt and her blouse really fast, hoping he wouldn't see what condition they were in. Then she walked next to the bed. "I was out with one of the girls. We had a few drinks and..."

"You're lying to me, Sherry," he said. "Now give me the real answer."

"I'm not lying! We had a few drinks and I lost track of the time." She turned the light off and climbed into bed. "Now let me get some sleep."

He was furious. She could sense it. But he didn't say anything else. That was the way he always handled it. He wouldn't confront her until she had no way of denying his accusation. Proof was what he wanted. As long as she could lie her way out of it he wouldn't do anything to her.

But the next night, no matter how much she pleaded with Al and Steve, they kept her late at the office. They made her stay in there, putting out for the two of them, for over an tour. And when she got home Dan just said one thing to her.

"Yeah, I know why you're late. You don't have to tell me. You were out, for a drink with one of the girls."

Sherry just nodded her head. He could think what he wanted. There was nothing she could do about it. Al and Steve had her totally under control. If they wanted her to stay late at the office then she had to do it. They didn't care what kind of trouble she got in with her husband. All they cared about was getting as much of her ass as possible.

Friday morning, just before he left for work, Dan woke Sherry. "Think you can be home on time tonight?" he said. "We'll go out on the town. It's been a long time since we've done anything like that."

Sherry nodded her head. "Sure," she said. "Anything you want to do is fine with me." Good, she thought. Here was her chance to make up with Dan, to get him to drop his suspicions about her.

As soon as she got into work on Friday, Sherry asked Al if she could leave at nine. "I really have to get home," she said. "My husband's been wondering what's been going on down here."

"Oh," Al said. "That's too bad. We'll see. Maybe we'll let you go early tonight." He grinned at her. Right then she knew she'd made a mistake in asking him. Now that he knew she had to be home on time he'd probably keep her really late, just to torment her.

She dropped the subject right away, hoping that he'd forget all about it.

Around seven at night Sherry went with Al and Steve to the window that looked down into the ladies' dressing room. Al had been watching a young woman walking around the store looking over her shoulder whenever she picked up something from the sales counters. When she headed towards the dressing room he was sure she was going to try something.

The three of them watched the woman as she stepped inside the small booth and pulled the curtain closed. She had short blonde hair and a real pretty face. She was about Sherry's age and she had a figure that even Sherry was jealous of.

The woman lifted her light tan top up over her shoulders. She was braless and her perfectly shaped tits jiggled up and down as she removed the top.

"Look at that," Al said. "Mmmmm, I can't wait to give it to her in the mouth."

She stepped out of her skirt. She didn't have anything on underneath. The woman picked up a bra from the clothes that she brought in with her. She tore the price tag off it and then slipped it on over her tits. She faced the mirror and cupped her tits as the black lace stretched across her milky flesh.

"Damn, she's a hot bitch," Steve said. "We gotta get this one." He pulled. Sherry's skirt up and then slid his hand down under the back of her panties. His fingers pried her crack apart and slid down to her wet hole. Sherry felt turned on watching the half naked blonde. She grabbed Steve's prick through his pants and squeezed his hard meat.

The blonde tore the tag off a pair of black panties and then slid them up over her bare ass. She folded up another bra and stuffed it down to the bottom of her handbag. She put her clothes back on and headed out of the dressing room.

"We got her now," Al said. "I'll go down and get her when she tries to leave. And then I'll meet you back at the office." He hurried away from them to make sure he reached the woman in time.

Sherry went back to the office and waited with Steve. In a minute the door opened up and Al pushed the blonde into the room. "Sit down," he said, pushing her into the chair in front of the desk.

"What's your name?" Steve said, acting really tough.

"Jane," she said. "Look, I didn't mean to do anything. It's just a bra, that's all. Can't you let me go?"

Al emptied her handbag on the desk. He pulled the bra from the desk and waved it in front of her face. "Lady," he said. "We have to prosecute everybody... I'll have to call the cops and have them take you away."

"And besides," Steve said. "You took more than just one bra, honey."

The blonde turned red. She realized they'd been watching her all the time, even in the dressing room.

"If you cooperate with us, though," Al said. "Maybe we can let you go." He slid his hand across her face and then pushed his fingers down under her knit top.

"Wait a minute," she said. "I don't want to..."

"It's this or the cops, bitch. Make up your mind." Al laughed when she slumped back into the chair. He knew he had her. He stuck his hand way down under her top and fumbled around with his hand, moving it all over her tits.

"Give us the stuff that you took," Steve said. "Now!"

Diane stood up from the chair. She pulled off her top and then tried to cover herself with both hands.

"Come on, honey," Al said. "Give it to us."

She took off her bra and handed it to Al. He took it and then grabbed her right fit and squeezed hard. "Give us the panties, too, you slut." He flung her down to the floor. Steve held her arms down while Al lifted her skirt and peeled the panties down her legs. He kept the skirt pushed up over her hips while he grabbed at her flesh.

Steve unzipped his pants and knelt down in front of her. He showed his dick into her mouth and made her suck on it while Al slid his swollen cock up and down the crack of her ass. The blonde grunted and rolled all over the floor while the two of them mauled her with their stiff cocks. Sherry wanted a piece of her too. She knelt down and led the girl's hand to her cunt.

"Not now, you slut," Al said. He pushed Sherry away. "We want you for later on. You get yourself nice and hot for us." He ignored Sherry and then pried the blonde's ass cheeks apart. He laughed when she groaned in pain as the thick head of his dick forced its way into her hole.

Diane grabbed the cock in her mouth and pumped it up and down. Her fist jerked on the throbbing flesh as she sucked away on Steve's meat. Then she raised her hips up off the floor, sticking herself in the ass with Al's prick.

Sherry knew the girl would do anything that Al and Steve wanted her to. Instead of facing the cops she used her ass and her mouth on both of them, letting them maul her naked flesh with their stiff dicks.

They turned her over onto her back and then Steve jerked off onto her face while Al got the camera. He snapped picture after picture of the blonde as Steve's cock spurted all over her. The cum splashed into her wide open mouth and onto her tits. Then Al knelt next to her and shoved his prick into her lips, taking more pictures of her while she slurped on it.

Sherry was hot. She couldn't hold back anymore. "Make her suck my cunt," she said. "I want her mouth on my hole."

"Not now," Steve said. "We want you hot for later on, bitch." He pushed Sherry out of the office and then locked the door. Sherry heard the blonde whimpering and groaning as Al worked on her with his prick.

Sherry walked around the department store, thinking of what was happening to the girl. She was horny but she knew she had to wait. When she went back to the office just before nine the girl was already gone. And Al and Steve were waiting for her. "Now, baby," Al said. "We're going to have some real fun."

Sherry thought of her husband. She knew she'd really get into a lot of trouble if she was late again. But she was too excited to go how, even if they decided to let her.

"Bend over the chair, Sherry," Al said. He was naked and he held a belt in his hand, the leather one that he used on her so many times before.

Sherry leaned over the back of the chair.

"Let's see your ass, bitch," Al said. "It's all I want from you right now."

Sherry reached her hands down under the back of her skirt. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and peeled them all the way down her thighs. Then she held the skirt above her waist with both hands, bending way over the back of the chair so that her bare ass stuck straight up.

Al slapped her ass with the belt. It stung her flesh and made her jump but she knew better than move away. She stayed there and let him punish her. The belt whipped into her firm ass cheeks, harder and harder, turning her skin all red. Sherry whimpered and shuddered with each slash. It stung her really bad but at the same time it made her cunt start to drip. She was ready for a hard cock.

Al was closer to her now. He dropped the belt to the floor. Then he ran his hands all over her bruised flesh. "I got something to make you feel good now, baby," he said. He pushed down on her shoulders so that her ass was straight up and her legs dangled in the air.

"Put it in," she said. "Fuck it, fuck my ass! I want it bad!" She shivered with pleasure when she felt the thick knob of his prick touch her hole. It was wet and it made her all sticky as he slid it up and down. Then he jammed it into her. It slid into her hole, pulsing and throbbing. It burned as he pushed it into her ass and she grunted and squealed with moans of pain. She reached her hand behind her and wrapped her fingers around his sticky cock. She squeezed it and pumped it up and down, pushing it into her ass as her fist beat against her cheeks. He lifted her hips up, plunging his prick all the way down into her asshole, pushing her hand away. Then, when she was stuck on it, he pulled her hips back and forth, fucking her ass with quick savage thrusts.

Steve reached down into her blouse and crushed her tits while he slid the head of his wet cock across her face. She opened her lips and slurped on it while he slid it between them. The throbbing prick forced its way down into her throat so that she gagged on it while he fucked her mouth.

Sherry loved the feel of their stiff dicks as they ripped into her, wet and sticky, forcing her mouth and her ass to open wide for the hot meat.

"You're going to stay here all night, you tight-assed bitch," Al said. "We're going to keep you here until you can't even move." He slammed his prick up her ass and kept it buried there. Then he dug his fingers into her fleshy hips and jerked them up and down. His cock throbbed hotly against her hole as he wiggled her all around, impaling her with his stiff long meat.

Sherry sucked and slurped hard while she pushed her ass against Al's prick. The cock in her mouth slid over her tongue and lodged deep in her throat. Steve grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so that he could watch her sucking lips work on his dick.

"Eat it, whore, that's all you're good for. Suck on it, suck it into your mouth, bitch!" Steve hammered away at her hips, laughing and swearing at her while he made her drool on his prick. Sherry closed her lips tight around his throbbing flesh and then swirled her tongue around it, licking and sucking as loud as she could. Her whole body was a mass of quivering nerves. Cock, she thought, that was all that mattered. Hot sticky cock fucking her mouth and her ass at the same time.

She felt Al's thick knob quiver deep inside of her hole. Then it sputtered and a thick wad of cum shot into her. She wiggled her ass for him, tugging on his prick, milking his meat for more hot semen. It gushed into her over and over and as his prick sloshed in and out of her hole she felt, his cum sliding down her ass cheeks, dripping down her thighs.

"Uhhhh, take it bitch," Al said. "Take it all in your fucking asshole!" He sent it all the way in again, burning and ripping her apart as he squirted gobs of sperm into her sticky asshole.

While Al's prick spurted into her ass Sherry slurped hard on Steve's prick, pulling on his meat with her sucking lips. His pulsing flesh fucked her face faster and faster, lifting her head up and down. When she felt it stiffen and quiver she grabbed it with both hands and pumped hard, jerking it off. Her hands flew up and down his meat, keeping just the thick swollen tip of it in her mouth. When the first gob of cream spit into her she pressed her tongue against the tiny slit. Hot cum splattered into her squirting down her throat in thick wads. Sherry pulled his cock out of her mouth and then let him shoot off all over her face. Strands of sticky white semen dripped down her chin while she lapped at his nuts with her tongue.

"Okay, slut, get down on the floor," Al said. He pulled away from her and shoved her off the chair. Sherry tumbled onto the floor, landing on her ass.

She looked up at the two men, and then stared at their long wet cocks. She ran her hand across her face to wipe off the cum. Her tongue slid out of her lips and lapped the cream into her mouth.

"You look like you want some more, honey," Steve said.

Sherry smiled at him. "Yeah, I want it!" she said. "I want all you can give me!"

Steve walked over to her. He tore her blouse open. Al moved to the other side of her. He held his prick in his hand and waved it in front of her face. "Get it hard again, bitch," he said. "Use your mouth on it for me. Come on, suck it."

Sherry turned her head away from Steve and planted her lips around the end of his cock. She held his nuts in her right hand and squeezed them while she sucked him off. Steve got down behind her and pulled at her hips until her knees slid across the floor. He dragged the lower part of her body towards him so that she was stretched all the way out. To keep her balance she had to grab Al's legs and bury her face into his crotch. Her tits dangled in the air while she sucked on his meat. And then she felt Steve sticking his dick up her ass. She grunted and pushed back against him, letting him drive it all the way into her hole.

"Go to it, baby," Al said. "That's what I like to see. Suck on it like a whore, honey! Eat my prick!" He grabbed her head and pulled it against him, stabbing her lips with his prick.

Steve pounded her asshole with his cock, slapping his nuts against her skin, prying her ass cheeks apart with both hands the two of them pushed and pulled at her body, sticking her mouth and her ass with hard dick. Sherry moaned and sucked and bucked up and down, shivering with pleasure.

And then she heard the door to the office open up. She looked over and saw her husband standing there, staring at her with a look of shook on his face. Dan saw her head bobbing up and down with a mouthful of cock and he saw Steve plunging his cock up her ass.

"What the hell is going on?" he said. "Sherry, who are..." He stopped talking and then watched her half naked body squirming and bucking up and down. It was like he knew what he would find once he came down to the office, and now that he was here there was nothing to say.

Sherry couldn't stop. Even though her husband was tight there in the room she couldn't stop sucking on the prick in her mouth. She wanted to eat and suck it and suck it harder until the sperm shot into her again. And the cock in her ass made her whimper with low animal groans of pleasure. She didn't care about anything else. All she cared about was feeling hard long cock shoot cum into her holes.

Al and Steve kept hammering away at her, ignoring Dan. They wouldn't let her go for anything. Not now. Not while she was sucking and fucking them with everything she had.

Sherry felt a perverse pleasure as she slid Al's prick into her sucking lips, right in front of her husband. She drooled on it and bobbed her head up and down, letting her long hair swing wildly across his thighs while she blew him. And the hard burning sensation in her asshole made her wriggle and moan really loud. She let her whimpers and gasps build until she sounded just like a whore, a real whore who would do anything for a hard cock.

Sherry watched Dan out of the corner of her eye. She wasn't going to stop sucking and fucking even if he saw every second of it, and now he knew it. She saw that he was excited now, excited and mad at the same time. But finally he saw her for what she really was. A slave to sex.

He walked over to her and then stood by her head, looking down at her mouth, watching her sucking lips work on Al's thick wet cock. Then he unzipped his pants and let them drop down to his ankles.

Sherry saw his cock dangling in front of her. It was stiffer and longer than she'd ever seen it before. "You fucking tramp," he said. His voice was cold and mean but she sensed an excitement in it, a hunger for her. He held his prick in his hand and moved it across her cheek. Wet drops slid onto her skin as the pulsing knob pressed into her. "Came on, you cheap slut, do it to me," Dan said. He grabbed her hair and twisted it in his hand, pulling up on her at the same time.

Al's prick slid out of her mouth as Dan yanked her head to his groin, battering her face with his hard prick. He kept on pulling on her hair, making her cry out with pain. While her mouth was opened wide he stuffed his prick into her, slamming it all the way down into her throat.

Sherry gagged on it but he didn't let up. Instead he plunged it into her harder and harder, forcing her lips to open wide as he rammed his nuts against them, filling her mouth and her throat with hard and wet throbbing cock.

"Eat it, Sherry! Give it to me, give me what you've been giving to everybody else in town. Suck on it, bitch. Suck on my fucking prick!" Over and over he fucked her mouth, stabbing her with his prick as hard as he could. The force of his shoves made her head rock back and forth. She was dizzy and her lips were sore and puffy but she knew Dan wouldn't stop until he creamed into her.

Now, that Steve saw that Dan wasn't a threat to him or Al, he tore into Sherry's ass harder than before. He pulled back on her hips, shoving his prick way into her hole. When he had it all the way in he wiggled it around, left and right, sloshing it against the end of her tunnel.

Sherry felt a strong hand grab her fingers. Al led her wrist to his cock and closed her fingers tight around his prick. Sherry jerked him off, fast, slapping her fist up and down his long sticky cock. It throbbed in her hand, thick and hot as he slid it in and out of her fist.

She knew that her husband was really getting a kick out of this, out of seeing her treated like a slut, taking cock in her ass and her mouth. His prick bashed away at her, throbbing faster every second, growing thicker as it lodged deep in her throat. She rocked back and forth while she took care of all three cocks.

"Do it, Sherry, ahhh, do it," Dan said. "Suck on it, suck on it hard, you slut."

"Yeah, Sherry," Al said. "Work on it, bitch. Work on my cock." He pushed his hips back and forth so that the thick knob of his prick squeezed through her sticky fingers and throbbed right next to her face. He pushed closer to her until he touched her skin, just inches away from her lips, coating her with his hot sticky juices.

Steve's prick plunged into her ass, pounding at her hole while his nuts slapped against her cheeks. She grunted with each stroke.

Every time she moved she made a wet slapping sound. Her mouth drooled and slurped all over Dan's prick and her hand made a nice hot squishing sound every time she jerked off Al's hard wet meat.

Sherry closed her lips tight around her husband's prick, sucking him off as hard as she could. She wanted to please him, to worship his cock now that he understood what she needed. At last he was treating her the way she wanted, at last he was using her flesh the only way that turned her on. Rough and hard and fast.

Dan's prick quivered in her mouth. The thick head of his cock sputtered and then a hot load of cream shot down her throat. Gobs of it splashed into her in steady hot bursts. She sucked up the cream, inhaling it with a loud sucking sound. And her head bobbed up and down while her lips pulled on every inch of his spitting cock.

"Suck it, bitch," Dan said. "Suck it all up." He grabbed her head and slammed it against her body, shooting the rest of his load down into her throat. Her lips were pressed right against his nuts and all she could taste was the heady odor from his sweaty sack and the sweet cum that spurted into her.

As her husband's cream shot into her Sherry felt a wave of pleasure pouring though her. Just the feel of all that hard cock sticking into her was enough to send her off. She shook her whole body while her cum spilled out of her cunt and dripped down her thighs. The movements of her body made Steve lose control. And, as she shuddered with the warm feel of her orgasm he spurted his cream into her asshole. Sherry took each squirt of cum with a gasp of pleasure, pushing back against his hard cock, impaling herself with it.

Her hand beat up and down on Al's prick faster and faster until she felt a jet of semen splash onto her face. The sticky gobs of cum dripped down her, flooding her lips and her chin, oozing down onto her jiggling tits.

She was lost in pleasure as she sucked and fucked and jerked off the hard cocks that pounded away at her flesh. The hot cum bubbled out of her asshole and ran down the back of her thighs. It poured out of her lips in steady streams of sticky white semen.

All three of them pushed and pulled at her, mauling her flesh, stabbing her with hard spitting cock. She bounced up and down, letting them use her body, letting them fill her holes with hot cream.

Where they were through coming into her mouth and ass and onto her skin they pushed her away. Sherry fell down on the floor onto her back. She was breathing hard, looking up at the men, staring at the pulsing flesh.

In just a few seconds Dan reached down and grabbed her by the wrist. He dragged, her across the floor and then pulled her to her feet. He turned her around and forced her to bend over the desk.

"Hold her down for me," he said. "Keep this bitch still while I give it to her in the ass. She's been asking for it for a long time and now she's going to get it."

Al and Steve hurried over to the desk. They each grabbed one of her arms and spread them wide so that her upper body was sprawled across the desk.

Dan slid his prick between her thighs and then moved it up to her ass. His prick ran up and down her crack, getting harder with each stroke. She felt it growing as he pushed it hard against her.

"Yeah, Sherry," he said. "Here it comes, baby. Just what you've been asking for." He pushed down on her ass cheeks and pried them apart. At the same time he prodded her hole with the tip of his cock.

"Do it!" Sherry said. She grunted and squirmed on the desk, pushing back against her husband's thick cock. "Give it to me in the ass, Dan. Fuck me with your cock. I need it, I need it bad!"

He pressed it into her, forcing her hole to open wider for him. Them his thick hot meat slid into her, inch by inch, burning and plunging. His prick throbbed and pushed into her, making her groan and whimper with pleasure as the hot long flesh filled her hole.

"Ahhh," he said. "Take it, Sherry, take it into your ass, you bitch."

With a sudden shove he forced it all the way into her asshole. Then he pushed it in and out of her in quick savage thrusts. Sherry rocked all over the desk, taking it in the ass from her husband while Al and Steve held her down. She cried out louder and louder with each stroke of dick, begging him to come in her ass.

"Yeah, you whore," Dan said. "I'll fuck you in the ass all you want from now on. It's all you're going to get from me, bitch! That's all you're good for!" He hammered away at her ass harder and harder. Then he cried out loud in strained gasps of pleasure as he shot his load into her asshole. His cock ripped into her, tearing her apart, filling her with hot sticky semen.

Sherry groaned and shuddered with pleasure as he creamed into her hole. At last he knew how to treat, her. And she knew it could only get better from now on. She was his whore and he was her master.


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