Want to whip my aunt

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy that many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed -- and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society's demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear -- and the consequences would be devastating.

WANT TO WHIP MY AUNT? -- is about an unwilling victim of a suburban subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, a young woman struggles to free herself -- until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.

Chapter ONE

"Oh, yes, I think it's wonderful to see the young people enjoying themselves," Mirabelle Adams lied to her brother Manfred as she looked around the party room.

There had been no way out of her niece's birthday party. Her niece Eileen had even gotten onto the phone personally and begged her to come.

"Oh, Auntie Mirabelle," she had gushed, "the party wouldn't be right without you!"

The party was even worse than she'd expected. These young people were behaving disgustingly, rubbing up against each other while they danced, blatantly kissing and fondling each other. Eileen was dressed in an outfit that revealed every curve of her wonderful young figure and that slit in her skirt went almost as far as her stocking tops.

At least Eileen was wearing stockings for a formal occasion and not those horrible tights, Mirabelle thought, crossing her own long legs again. But, still, the behavior was outrageous, young people today just had no manners.

Not that Mirabelle was much older than them, she was only in her late twenties. And she had a wonderful figure, it was just that she didn't flaunt hers and let men get wrong ideas about her. With her irritation rising, she crossed her legs once more.

Her brother Manfred had married a slut who had run off when Eileen was six. And Manfred had gone on, having other women at home. Mirabelle knew he hadn't been at all discreet in his affairs, which was probably why Eileen was like she was, clutching her boyfriend Dustin while she slid her body against his. Mirabelle shivered at the thought of allowing herself to rub up against a man.

"Another drink?" Manfred asked. "No, thanks," Mirabelle replied.

"Okay, mind if I get one?" he asked.

"Sure." Mirabelle smiled, watching Eileen dance with Dustin.

Eileen had the same honey-blonde hair, though it was considerably lighter than Mirabelle's. Her deep brown eyes seemed to suggest sex as she danced with Dustin. Eileen's lovely tits almost pushed out of the top of her party dress and she didn't pull away at all when Dustin's hands slid over them.

Mirabelle stiffened and turned her eyes away. It was Manfred's business, of course, but that girl was in considerable moral danger.

Manfred and his friend William were chatting with Nichole, Eileen's closest friend, a real slut if Mirabelle had ever seen one. A dark brunette, pouting face, sulky lips and a come-on look to her slim figure. She was even coming on to Manfred and William, flirting, pushing her tits out at them.

William was a tall, good-looking man, in his thirties, like Manfred. He'd showed an immediate interest in Mirabelle, but then many men did and she had no trouble putting him in his place.

Mirabelle was glad when people began to drift away. She even allowed herself a drink of wine. But that meant she had to go to the bathroom, something she was very nervous about because all the people were going in and out.

Mercifully the bathroom was empty. She checked the lavatory seat carefully before she sat down. She gazed at herself in the mirror as she checked her makeup.

When she came out of the bathroom, things seemed even quieter downstairs and somebody had switched the light off by the bedrooms. She tiptoed along toward the top of the stairs, regretting that she didn't really know where the light switches were. Then she heard voices, a cooing and moaning coming from Manfred's bedroom.

She didn't really believe that Manfred would be having sex with one of his women at his daughter's party, but if he was, then she would let him know exactly what she felt about him. She tiptoed to the partly closed door.

"Ohhhh, Dustin!" Eileen giggled. "It's so big! Isn't it, Nichole?"

The two girls giggled.

"Do you think he's been a good boy?"

Nichole asked. "I mean good enough for the full treat?"

"Yeah, I think so, if he promised to give us nice things later," Eileen said. "I mean he always does, right?"

"Yeah, so, maybe we'd better give him it?" Nichole teased.

"Sure, why not!" Eileen gasped.

Mirabelle couldn't think what this gift Eileen and Nichole were giving Dustin, but it sounded suspicious. She pushed the door open a little and peeped inside. What she saw stopped her breath instantly.

Dustin lay on the bed, his pants off, his cock looking like a stiff pole. Mirabelle's niece and her friend were sprawled across the bed beside him, stroking his thick prick and giggling.

Mirabelle was so shocked, she stiffened in disgust.

"Mmmm!" Eileen purred, sliding her soft lips over the tip of her boyfriend's cock, sucking at it gently. She stroked the shaft, her fingers butter flying up and down the stiff flesh, her mouth running gently over his swollen cockhead.

That was disgusting enough, but Nichole was reaching around Eileen, her hands on Eileen's heaving tits! Mirabelle thought she'd faint. "You like her tits." Nichole giggled, sliding her hands into the top of Eileen's dress and easing the girl's tits out. "I mean, I know you like 'em, you get 'em often enough." She caressed the girl's soft swelling tit-flesh as Eileen's mouth sank a little deeper on Dustin's cock. "Ohhh! Lemme have some of that cock!"

Nichole twisted round on the bed, her blouse already open, the clasp and cups of her bra visible. She sank down beside Eileen and kissed Dustin's cockshaft, moving her mouth down to his balls.

Dustin fucked his cock harder into Eileen's sucking mouth. "Ohhh, fuck! You two drive me crazy!"

The two girls giggled and licked his cock, their mouths working together, moving up and down the full length of his thick fuck-meat, covering it with saliva. Slowly their sexy, pouting mouths met over his cockhead. Their tongues flicked over each other's lips and his swollen prickhead, their fingers working his shaft, caressing his balls.

Mirabelle clutched the door, sure she was witnessing the most depraved act in the world.

"You wanna a real treat?" Eileen giggled, looking up at Dustin.

"You bet, you little nympho." He chuckled, running his hands in her hair. "If you want it later, you gimme everything, whore!"

"Ohhh, nasty big man!" Eileen gurgled, licking his cockhead, her soft red lips sliding on his thick flesh. "So, who's first?"

"You!" Dustin gasped, leaning back on the pillows and moaning with lust.

Eileen giggled louder, her tight formal dress rucking up over her thighs, showing her stocking tops as she moved up, her mouth on Dustin's fucker, her hands caressing his balls. Then, very slowly, an inch at a time, she eased her mouth down the length of his cock while Nichole licked at his balls and kissed her friend's luscious lips.

Mirabelle couldn't believe it! More and more of Dustin's cock slid into Eileen's sucking mouth. Her depraved little niece was sucking all of the man's disgusting fuck-rod in.

Eileen's throat started to bulge as she worked his thick cockhead into it. As Dustin lay on the bed and groaned with lust, Eileen slid her mouth to the base of his cock and held her lips there.

"Ah, ah, yeah!" Dustin gasped, griping the pillows in his lust, his cock heaving and jerking deep in Eileen's throat.

"Don't come yet, you fucker!" Nichole giggled, moving her soft mouth over his lower belly, licking and kissing his skin.

"Ohhh, fuck, Jesus! Nichole, do it soon or I'll come! I will, fuck, I'm so hot!"

"You're always fuckin' hot," Nichole sniggered, biting him a little, her sharp teeth nibbling at his hard, muscular flesh. "You'll just have to be a man and hold it."

"Aaahhh!" Dustin sighed, staring at the two girls working his cock over.

He groaned and fell back, gasping for breath, his cock buried in Eileen's sucking throat.

And Eileen wasn't just holding him down there. Her throat sucked and spumed over his thick prick, driving him crazier than ever. Her mouth bobbed up and down, moving over his flesh, working his cock to the depths of her throat.

Dustin moaned. "Come on, Eileen! Let Nichole do it! I can't hold on much longer!"

But Eileen ignored him, her soft lips still in his cockhair, her throat working his prickhead, driving him into surging groans of pure lust.

"If you bring me off now, you bitch, I'll tie you down and whip your fuckin' ass!" he yelled, fucking his cock harder and faster at Eileen's throat.

Eileen gurgled around his cock and rammed her mouth down even farther, taking the last half-inch of his cockshaft in, filling her throat with his hardness.

"Come on, you cunt! Come on, Eileen!" Nichole yelled, pushing her friend. "I wanna go! Come on! Fair's fair -- don't be a jerk!"

Very slowly Eileen slid her mouth back up the length of Dustin's fucker, giggling and moaning the whole way. She kept her mouth on his cockhead, the tip of his fucker pushing past her lovely lips.

"Would you really tie me down and whip my dirty little ass if I suck you off?" she gasped.

"Damn right!" Dustin snarled, his cock swelling between Eileen's lips. "And I'd do it till I was hard again. And you know how long that takes, even with Nichole sucking my cock!"

"Ohhh, yeah, I know how long that takes!" Eileen giggled. She laughed and rammed her mouth down his cock in one go, taking it all in.

"Aaahhh!" Dustin yelled, writhing on the bed, his cock slamming to the depths of Eileen's throat.

"You fucker, bitch!" Nichole screamed, pushing at Eileen. "It's my turn! I get to suck him!"

Outside the door, Mirabelle bit her finger, staring at the depraved scene, forced to take it all in so that she could tell Manfred exactly why she had to take Eileen away from him. But even she didn't believe what she saw next.

"You cunt!" Nichole screamed. She pulled the hem of Eileen's dress up. "Get off his cock!"

Her hand went up and she spanked Eileen hard, slapping Eileen's asscheeks.

Mirabelle shuddered and gasped as a wave of pure horror washed over her. She saw Nichole's hand sweep down again, slapping Eileen's ass, right across the tight, stretched material of Eileen's panties.

Dustin was groaning as Nichole spanked Eileen again.

"Off his cock!" Nichole demanded, slapping Eileen's taut asscheeks.

Eileen moaned with lust and pushed her throat deeper on the swelling cock. Her head bobbled up and down and her ass hunched as Nichole's hand swept down.

Then Mirabelle noticed that there was a wet patch on the crotch of Eileen's panties.

Mirabelle shivered in disgust.

"Ahhh!" Dustin yelled. "I can't hold on, bitch. I'm coming and your ass is grass, you got that?"

Eileen gave a moan of pure lust and she shivered, her ass heaving up as Nichole spanked her. She kept her mouth on Dustin's cock, working it over as he gripped the pillows and yelled with releasing lust.

"Fuuuck!" he roared. "You got it coming, baby! Boy, do you have it coming!"

His cock swelled with the cum rushing up out of his balls.

"Gimme! Come on, bitch, share!" Eileen screamed, then pushed her mouth down beside Eileen's, kissing and licking at Dustin's thighs.

Eileen gurgled in delight as a hot stream of cum poured into her throat. She took the next jet over her soft lips, cum running out of her mouth in a disgusting display of lust.

Mirabelle stared in horror as Nichole screamed with passion, then pushed her mouth over the tip of Dustin's shooting cock, taking a shot of jizz, letting it run over her lips while she and Eileen caressed the heaving shaft.

Dustin screamed, his cock punching in and out of Nichole's mouth, pouring out cum.

The two girls ran their mouths over the jerking cockhead, taking the squirting juice, letting it run over their lips and teeth, licking it off his spurting prick as it poured out.

"Fuuuck!" Dustin yelled, his ass jerking up off the bed as his cock slid over their hot mouths. "God, what a suck! Fuuuck!"

He jerked, his stream of cum still gushing out of his piss-slit, getting all over their mouths.

The two girls sucked and licked at his cockhead, sharing his cum, licking it off each other's mouth, giggling as they swallowed and kissed. Eileen plunged her mouth down on his prick for a moment, then came up, allowing Nichole to swallow his fucker.

Dustin gasped, his cock becoming limp as his supply of cum started to run out. He fell back across the pillows, moaning with release, while Eileen and Nichole sucked his cock, sharing the last dribbles of cum.

Mirabelle stared, still not really able to believe her eyes as the two girls worked their mouths over Dustin's fucker, licking and kissing it.

His cock was coming down slowly, cum still dribbling over their willing lips.

Mirabelle got a grip on herself. She had to go downstairs and see Manfred at once.

The party had broken up, and the last guests had gone. Mirabelle picked her way over the debris on the floor and went into the kitchen.

Manfred was lounging on a stool, a beer in his hand, chatting to William.

"Do you know what your daughter is doing!" Mirabelle demanded.

Manfred turned, looking at her quizzically. "She and that friend of hers, Nichole, has just, just -- er, just had sex with Dustin!" Mirabelle snapped.

"What, blowing him again?" Manfred chuckled. "Those two can never wait, you know that? And on my bed, I bet."

"Yes!" Mirabelle snarled. "Your daughter is immoral! I'm taking her away from here!"

Manfred laughed.

Mirabelle screamed in fury. "Do you realize what she's doing! She's my niece! If you don't come upstairs with me now, I'm... I'm taking you to court, Manfred! I don't care if you are my brother!"

"Oh, if you want us to come upstairs, fine," Manfred said easily, sliding off the stool. "Hey, I'll tell you what, William'll come too, how about that?"

Mirabelle stormed up the stairs with Manfred and William, banging the bedroom door open. "There!" she said triumphantly.

"Oh, hi, Daddy!" Eileen sighed, still running her mouth over Dustin's fucker. "I was very naughty. I wouldn't take my mouth off Dustin's cock and he came. He's got to whip my dirty little ass for that! Right?"

Eileen's wicked little tongue flicked out over Dustin's cockhead.

"Hi, Auntie Mirabelle! You wanna join in? There's always plenty of cock around her."

"You're coming with me!" Mirabelle snapped. "I'm not going to let you stay in this den of vice a moment longer!"

"But I gotta have my cock, Auntie!" Eileen whimpered, her lips running over Dustin's prickhead. "And I was so bad, so very bad. You wouldn't want me to get away without being punished, would you?"

She giggled and her mouth slid over the hardening shaft of Dustin's fucker.

"Get up, girl!" Mirabelle snapped, taking a step toward the bed. Then she turned uneasily to Manfred. "I'm reporting this to the police. Your attitude is disgusting!"

"You don't even know what my attitude is," Manfred replied, strolling into the bedroom.

"You wanna stay and find out?"

"No! I'm leaving this instant! With Eileen!" Mirabelle stood defiantly, her heart beating fast.

"Oh, no you're not!" Manfred snarled. "I think you oughta stay. I mean, as you said, Eileen's been very bad. She's gotta be punished. Surely that'll satisfy you."

"Punished?" Mirabelle didn't know what else to say.

William closed the door and pulled a chair over to block the doorway. He sat down and leaned back, gazing at Mirabelle.

"Don't you believe in punishment for bad girls?" Manfred asked.

"Yes, uh, of course," Mirabelle said uncertainly. "It's just that I think Eileen would be better..."

"Sit down and see the punishment, then decide!" Manfred interrupted, taking Mirabelle's arm and leading her to a high backed, padded chair. "Go on! Sit and watch!"

Mirabelle trembled as she sat down, wondering why she felt so uneasy. She crossed her legs and waited, her whole body tight with tension.

"Okay, Dustin, show us how to punish the slut," Manfred said.

Mirabelle watched as William got up and Manfred took his place in the chair of her chair, sipping a bourbon.

Dustin grinned and got off the bed, his cock hard. He nodded to the two girls.

The nymphs got up and stripped the rest of his clothes off, his jacket, his shirt and tie.

Mirabelle stared in horror.

Nichole brought Dustin a black robe which he slipped on. Suddenly Mirabelle stifled a sob as she saw Eileen coming out of the closet with a thin rod in her hands.

"Good," Dustin said. "It shows you're trying to be good."

"Oh, yes, Master!" Eileen exclaimed. "I'm always trying to be good!"

Dustin nodded, his cock poking out of the front of his robe. "Take the dress off."

"Yes, Master! Please, could Nichole unzip me?"

Dustin nodded. Nichole unzipped Eileen's dress. Eileen slid the slinky dress down her arms and off. But she made the most of it, knowing her aunt was watching and hating every moment. She dropped the expensive garment onto the floor.

Eileen had on high heels, stockings, slip and matching bra and panties. The hem of her little slip just reached her stocking tops, revealing every luscious curve of her legs. She went up to Dustin and held her tits, stroking them. She spread her legs and pouted at him.

"Is this right, Master?" she whispered.

"Yeah," he said, his voice husky with lust. "Now get over the bed and wait for your punishment!"

"Oh, yes, Master!" Eileen trembled with passion.

She bent over the bed and turned, pouting at her aunt before she spread her thighs wide. The end of the bed was at the, right height for her to rub her pussy against it, and she did, moaning in lust as she waited.

"Take that off," Dustin said.

Nichole obeyed, pulling her blouse and skirt off fast, revealing her slim, curvaceous figure in nothing but a little white teddy and stockings held up by fluffy garters.

She grinned and pouted at him, sliding her hands over his cock. "Ready, big boy?"

Dustin grinned. He pulled Nichole to the side of the bed and pushed her to her knees. She moaned and went down willingly, sliding her mouth over his cock at once, her fingers caressing his balk.

Mirabelle had seen more than enough and she was sick to her stomach. "I'm leaving! And I'll be back with the police!"

"Sit down!" William snapped.

"What did you say?" she gasped, staring at William, her resolution suddenly weakening.

"Sit down."

"This isn't punishment, this is depraved sex!" Mirabelle gasped. "I'm..."

"Sit down!"

There was something in his voice that made Mirabelle tremble and her legs went weak. She moved back to the chair, sitting down.

"Good," Dustin whispered into her ear. "One more outburst like that and I'll tie you to the chair."

Mirabelle shuddered and looked at her brother, but he was watching his daughter. She tensed, thinking desperately of some way out of the degradation.

"You gonna take it like that?" Dustin asked Eileen, running the whip over her ass.

"Ohhh, yes, Master! You know. I can!" Eileen pulled her slip up to her waist.

"You move before I've finished and you get double," Dustin warned.

"Yes, Master, I know!" Eileen moaned. "So maybe I'll move anyway!"

"You bitch!" He tapped her ass with the rod, a short, stinging blow.

Eileen jerked and gasped.

Mirabelle trembled and thought she was going to pass out.

"Yeah!" Dustin pulled on Nichole's head. The little nympho moaned with excitement and slid her fingers into her teddy crotch, rubbing her pussy.

Dustin lashed Eileen's ass.

Mirabelle had had enough.

Chapter TWO

"Sit down, cunt!" William snapped. "What are you talking about?" Mirabelle gasped, turning on him in a fury. "You stop that at once!"

Viciously she slapped him across the face. On the bed, Eileen gave a moan of lust and twisted hard. "Come on, Dustin, you fucker! Whip me, come on!"

Her ass hunched at him, but he stood there, waiting for William.

William grabbed Mirabelle's arm, swung her around and slapped her face. She gasped and put her hand to her cheek.

"Sit down!" he snapped.

"Don't you dare do that to me!" Mirabelle screamed, lashing out at him.

He blocked her hand, then slapped her, backhanding her for good measure. Her head rung as she gasped and her legs went weak.

"Manfred, what are you doing?" she screamed. "Look what he's doing to me!"

Manfred grinned. "You had it coming, Sis. William wants to get into your pants real bad. Seems fair to me."

"I'm your sister!" Mirabelle screamed as she was twisted in the chair. "You can't let this happen to me! I'm a virgin!"

"I knew there was something wrong with you." Manfred leaned back, his eyes hooded as he watched.

Mirabelle screamed, but William slapped her face again as he pulled one of her arms up to the top of the chair.

"What are you doing!" Mirabelle screeched as a leather bond slipped around her wrist. She wailed and pulled, but her arm was suddenly lashed to the top of the chair. "Stop this, no!"

William grabbed her other arm. Mirabelle screamed at him, but he had another bond on her wrist before she knew what was going on.

"You can't do this!" she wailed, trying to stand up.

"Come on, Dustin, whip me!" Eileen demanded, her ass heaving up for more.

Dustin grinned and lashed his girlfriend's ass with the thin rod while he pushed his rock-hard fucker deeper into Nichole's sucking mouth. "You wait, bitch! I wanna see your aunt get tied up."

"Uhhhh, please, Dustin! Please!" Eileen begged, thrusting her whipped ass at him. "I'll give you anything you want, anything, you know I will!"

"Wait, bitch!" Dustin yelled, then whipped her again.

"Aagghh!" Eileen screamed, jerking on the bed. "Oh, darling, give it to me, please!"

Dustin slid his cock in and out of Nichole's willing lips while he watched Mirabelle's increasing humiliation.

For her part Mirabelle stared at her little niece in horror. She vowed that she would get them both away from here somehow.

Dustin grabbed one of her ankles and began lashing it to the bottom of the chair leg. She screamed, then shivered as William grabbed her other leg and tied it to the bottom of the other chair leg.

"Manfred! For God's sake, Manfred! What are you doing!" she wailed.

Manfred grinned and turned to Dustin. "Go on, fella, or you'll come in her mouth. Eileen needs her ass whipped, the little slut."

"Sure, Manfred," Dustin said, then laid the rod across Eileen's asscheeks.

"Ooouuhh!" Eileen gasped, her little white panties ripping under the force of the blow. Her ass burned as she clutched the bed clothes, moaning with pain and lust. "Yes, Dustin, yes!"

Mirabelle struggled in growing disgust as she watched the terrible display of sadistic passion. But then William's hand was sliding up her calf and she screeched with terror.

"No, no, you can't do that!" she gasped. He grinned and ran his hand up her stockings to her knee, pushing her dress up over her thighs.

"No, please, no!" Mirabelle walled, but nothing stopped him.

Her legs were now exposed and William looked at her with a very appreciative gaze.

Then he took another set of bonds and slid them around Mirabelle's knees.

Mirabelle shrieked and struggled, but he pulled on the ropes hard, forcing her legs open until her thighs were spread wide, her knees lashed firmly to the legs of the chair. She shuddered -- her hands were tied to the top of the chair, her knees were spread wide open and lashed tightly, and so were her ankles. She stared up at William as he leaned down and eased her dress up her thighs, inch by inch, enjoying the view that was being slowly revealed.

"Please, don't do that!" Mirabelle begged as her wonderful shapely thighs were spread out for him.

He pulled her dress to the tops of her stockings. He whistled with surprise and lust. "Wow! I gotta have some of that for later."

"No, please!" Mirabelle wailed, bursting into tears. "Please, don't do it! Please!"

"Shut the fuck up!" he gasped. "Watch that, you stuck-up bitch!" He pointed at the bed. "That'll be you if you fuck me around."

Mirabelle shuddered in absolute horror as Eileen screamed on the bed, the rod cutting into her ass. Her white panties were torn in several places and her ass was a mass of weals and thin lines of deep agony. But Eileen was screwing with lust, gasping, as she pushed her face into the covers of the large bed.

"Uuurrrhh! Yes, Dustin, yes, do it! I was so bad! Aagghh! Yes, yes, whip me, beat me, do it! Aaagghh!" She thrust her ass up for him and he whipped her hard.

Nichole's soft lips sank over his cockhead, sucking gently on his massive thick fucker. With one hand, she played with his balls, stroking them, urging him on. The fingers of her other hand were down in the crotch of her teddy, rubbing her pussy. She groaned with excitement, working Dustin's cock deeper into her mouth.

"Come on, bitch!" Dustin yelled, whipping Eileen's ass with all his force. "Come for me if you want my cock up your pussy! Nichole's gonna make me shoot again if you don't!"

He gasped, his stiff fucker fucking into Nichole's throat, his chest heaving.

"Ooohh, plow, Dustin! Plow -- harder, faster, whip me! I'll come for you!" Eileen screamed, clutching the bedsheets, her white slip tossing over her back in her frantic heaves. "Aagghh! More, more, hurt me, Dustin, hurt meeee! Aagghh, yes -- I'm coming! Whip me! Whip me!"

The little blonde writhed on the bed, screaming her heart out. Her back was arched, her legs trembling as her high heels dug into the carpet. Her panties were torn, and there was a damp patch on the crotch that had spread almost to the waistband.

"Yeahhh!" Dustin yelled, lashing Eileen's ass faster and harder, his arm blurring as he laid it in. "You come for me, honey, and I'll fuck your pussy until you can't stand!"

"Yesssss! Please!" Eileen screamed, grating on the bed as she spumed in lust.

Mirabelle was getting sick with horror at the sight, but she had something even worse to worry about. William's hand was sliding into the neck of her dress.

"No, don't do that!" she screamed.

"Lady," he said gently, "if you scream at me one more time, I'm gagging you. I don't like bitches who scream at me!"

"You pervert, you disgusting sadist!" Mirabelle jerked in the chair, pulling helplessly at the bonds.

His hand came around, holding three hard rubber balls.

Before Mirabelle knew what he was up to, he had forced all three of them into her mouth and clamped her jaw shut while he rapped a thick black leather strap around her face. She gasped as the leather gag was tightened and the gag-balls filled her mouth. She stared at her brother, who ignored her and watched his daughter coming in obscene lust as her ass was whipped to a pulp.

Mirabelle gasped, tonguing the gag-balls around in her mouth until she got them into a position where she wasn't in absolute terror of swallowing them.

William reached into the top of her dress.

Mirabelle stiffened, all her disgust at the touch of a man rushing over her until she was bathed in a cold sweat. But his hand slid over her neck and down, reaching for her bra and tits.

"Hey, you like watching little bitch get theirs?" William asked, his mouth close to Mirabelle's ear. "I'm gonna whip your ass like that, you cunt, you're going to learn to be good, I promise you that."

He reached for the top of her bra and Mirabelle thought she'd pass out with horror. She stared at Eileen and shuddered with more terror. She'd die if anybody whipped her like that.

But Eileen was screaming for it, heaving, wailing with lust as she came. She gripped the bedclothes. Her ass jerked and she gave a long gurgling moan of climax.

"Yesssss, oouuhh, yessss!" she screamed, then collapsed across the bed, her ass twitching, her body heaving with her frantic breathing. "Ooohh, fuck, that was wonderful! That was just too much! Please, Dustin, fuck me! Rip my panties off and fuck me! Fill my dirty little cunt right up, I deserve it!"

Dustin chuckled, then shoved his cock into Nichole's mouth for a final suck. He pulled out and advanced on his girlfriend's ass. He gripped what remained of her panties and pulled, ripping them away in a single heave.

Mirabelle stared with new disgust and horror as she saw the full effect of the whipping on Eileen's ass. It was a darkened mass of lines and welts from the top of the tight curve to the tops of her thighs. Dustin ran his hand over the crimson flesh and Eileen gave a deep shuddering moan of passion.

"Please, Dustin, fuck me!" she begged.

Dustin laughed and slid his cock into the slippery crack of her pussy, working on the wet flesh with his hard cockhead. "You gotta thank Nichole too, bitch!"

"Yes, yes, I will! Anything! Just fuck me!" Eileen wailed, thrusting her ass back at her boyfriend's cock. She gave a scream of depraved lust as the thick round head of Dustin's prick pushed into her pussy and rubbed softly over her cunt entrance. "More, Dustin, please, more!"

Dustin gripped her asscheeks hard, drawing a scream of pain from the little blonde.

"Beg, Nichole!" he growled. "Come on beg her!"

"Uurrhh! Please, Nichole, please come here! I wanna suck your pussy!" Eileen wailed, trying to get more of Dustin's cock up her cunt.

Nichole giggled and skipped over to the bed, sprawling over the covers, unclipping the crotch of her teddy as she went. She spread her thighs around Eileen's face and grabbed her friend's hair.

"Come on, honey, suck me!" she demanded. Eileen didn't waste any time. She buried her face in Nichole's cunt, her tongue flicking out over her friend's clit. Nichole gave a gasp of pleasure and lay back, pulling Eileen's mouth harder onto her cunt. Then Dustin gave a yell of lust and plunged his cock into Eileen's cunt to the hilt.

Eileen screamed with joy and thrust at him, her white slip slipping down over her ass in her raging lust. Her tits pushed into the bed as she sucked Nichole's cunt and took the full length of Dustin's cock in her sucking cunt.

Mirabelle's desperate horror just went on getting worse as she watched the depraved scene. William's hand was running over her bra, which was all that stood between her lovely tits and his fingers.

He grinned and leaned close to her again.

"You know one of my favorite ways of fucking?" he whispered, his hand sliding over her bra-cups. "I just love to fuck a chick's tits, you know, sliding it in and out, fuck that's nice."

He reached inside Mirabelle's bra-cup and she screamed into the gag, jerking up in helpless shivering horror.

"And then, I just love to shoot cum all over her face!" he went on, his fingers almost at Mirabelle's tight nipples. "You like getting cum on your face? Fuck, that's nice, you know that?"

Mirabelle's scream was muffled by the gag. His fingers ran over her nipple and twisted the hard fleshy bud. Terrible shivers of disgust rushed through her ass he strained in the chair. "You know, you look like you got the best pair of tits I've seen in a long time," William said thoughtfully.

He withdrew his hand, and Mirabelle breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly he gripped the neck of her dress in both hands and started ripping at it. The material tore downward.

Mirabelle screamed in terrible horror, tensing like an iron rod, her fingers spasming. The top of her slip came into view, and the cups of her bra underneath that.

William ripped harder, tearing the dress to Mirabelle's waist before he stepped back and came around to examine her. He ran his eyes over the heaving mounds of her tits that were almost out of her bra after her struggles.

The three kids fucked on the bed, Dustin rammed his cock in and out of Eileen's hot fuckhole while she sucked at her friend's cunt, making Nichole gasp. Nichole crossed her legs over Eileen's back, pulling her in as they both surged up to climax.

"Fuck, you look better all the time!" William laughed, pulling the sides of Mirabelle's dress open even farther. "How do ya feel about stripping for me?"

Mirabelle shook her head adamantly. "How about you and me take a bet?" His eyes looked vicious as he fixed his gaze on her. "I can make you beg to strip before Dustin comes, how about that?"

Mirabelle had a headache from the way she was shaking her head.

William laughed. "If you win, you can go, okay? If I win, you blow me. You suck my cock, right?"

Mirabelle screamed into the gag, still shaking her head. Nothing could make her do something as disgusting as suck a cock.

William moved fast.

Mirabelle twisted in the chair as he ripped her slip down, then reached for her bra.

Her terror and disgust brought out a cold sweat alt over her body as William put one foot on the edge of the chair, right between her thighs and tugged at her bra.

She lurched forward as he heaved again. The bra was thick and strong, but it couldn't hold against William's strength. The catch snapped.

Now Mirabelle's luscious tits were in view. He grinned as he looked at her tits. "Fuuuuck! They're even better than I thought. Shit, you sure kept them well hidden." Mirabelle sobbed. He eyed her tits, which were luscious and just the right size for her body. Her nipples looked tight.

William grinned and pulled a couple of pincer devices out of his pocket. They were clamps with screws and tiny serrated jaws.

"Know what these are?"

Mirabelle stared at him, terror rising in her throat.

"They bite your nipples." He chuckled. "Just lemme know when you wanna get up and strip for me."

Mirabelle shuddered, almost vomiting into the gag. The sheer horror of her situation went on getting worse. She couldn't believe it as William slid one of the clamps over the trembling bud of her nipple. Her hands struggled helplessly against the bonds, her thighs trembled and she choked into the gag, the taste of the rubber balls making her feel sick.

William turned the screw of the clamp and the first bite of the jaws chewed into Mirabelle's nipple.

She gasped, tossing in the chair, staring at the mass of people fucking on the bed. She only had to hold out until Dustin came, and she was certain she could resist any pain until then. After that she was going straight to the police.

But Dustin was still fucking Eileen, gripping her ass, thrusting deep, his thick cock plunging in and out.

William turned the screw again and Mirabelle leaped in the chair, agony surging all over her body. She gasped, tears rushing out of her eyes, her tits ringing with pain.

"Ready to strip?" William asked, turning the screw again.

Mirabelle's scream burst around the gag as the agony pulsated through her nipple. She heaved, rocking the chair, her eyes pouring tears, her tits in agony as she gasped for breath.

Nichole was coming, screaming with lust, her pussy rubbing all over Eileen's face. And Eileen had been climaxing since the fifth or sixth lash of the whip. She spasmed hard, her whipped ass cheeks writhing in Dustin's strong grip, her pussy sucking and working at the hard flesh of his cock.

"Yeahhh!" Dustin growled, fucking Eileen with all his force, his cock sinking to the depths of her cunt, churning in her fuck-hole. "Ooooh, shit! That feels sooo good!"

But he wasn't coming and William was sliding the second clamp onto Mirabelle's other nipple. The first one hung from her right tit, each fuck of the metal sending more spasms of pain through her. She pitted her teeth, determined not to give in.

William twisted the screw on the other titclamp, and pain shot through her left tit.

Mirabelle gasped and tensed in the chair, her body aching with pain.

"Ready to strip?" William asked, holding the tit-screw, waiting.

Mirabelle shook her head frantically, her tits in agony. She could hear Dustin yelling as he fucked Eileen, but he wasn't coming yet. She glanced at her brother, but he was ignoring her pain and suffering, making her feel deserted and friendless.

William twisted the screw of the clamp on her left nipple.

Mirabelle thought she'd pass out. Her nipple felt as if it had been crushed, the pain surging through her tit.

"Ready to strip for me?" William asked, moving his fingers to the other clamp.

Mirabelle choked and screamed into the gag, her head spinning.

"Yeah, yeah! Ohhh, fuck! This is great!"

Dustin yelled as his cock slammed in and out of Eileen's spasming cunt.

The little blonde was moaning with satisfaction and passion as she licked and sucked at Nichole's pussy, taking the girl's hot cuntlips into her mouth.

"Come on, bitch, tell me you wanna strip for me!" William demanded.

He twisted the screw of the clamp on her left nipple.

Mirabelle almost broke, the agony was too great to bear. She began thrashing in the chair. Her legs throbbed as she tried to close them.

"Tell me, bitch," William said softly. He took hold of the tit-clamp and started turning it slowly, tightening the teeth on her shivering nipple bud.

"Uuurrhh!" Mirabelle gasped, sweat breaking out on her forehead and all over her tits.

She closed her eyes, trying to hold out. William shifted to the other clamp and twisted. The teeth gripped her nipple, crushing it, as he turned the screw.

Mirabelle knew she'd have to give in. Dustin was still fucking his cock into Eileen's sopping wet pussy, but he hadn't come.

The pain was too, great.

"Tell me." William snarled, twisting the clamp viciously.

Mirabelle jerked in the chair, nodding her head, her eyes pouring team.

"Fuck, you ready to strip?" William asked, his fingers on the other clamp.

"Uuurrhh." Mirabelle gurgled, nodding her head as fast as she could.

William smiled and loosened the tit-clamps. Mirabelle moaned and sank back in the chair, her tits still throbbing with remaining.

"Okay, you promise not to scream and I'll take the gag out."

Mirabelle nodded again.

He reached for the strap, unwinding it from Mirabelle's face and turning it away. She spat the gag-balls out.

"You vicious beast!" Mirabelle mowed. "You disgust me!"

He grinned and slid his hand over her knee. "Sure, bitch," he growled. "You know something? I don't give a shit as long as I get what I want."

His hand began to slide up the inside of her thigh.

Mirabelle stiffened, a scream starting in her throat.

"Don't do it," he warned. "Not if you wanna get those clamps off."

Mirabelle stifled the scream, but her thighs ached from the horror of feeling his hand moving over them.

"Please, please, take them off!" she moaned. He laughed, his vile fingers caressing her stocking tops.

"You get what you get, slut." He grinned and slid his hand an inch higher, over the creamy white flesh of her thighs. "And I just gotta play with your pussy as Dustin comes, make you feel good."

Mirabelle sobbed. The clamps were looser now, but there was a strange feeling in her guts.

Dustin gave a roar of lust and slammed Eileen hard into the bed as the cum burst out of his balls.

"Fuuuuuck, yeah! I'm coming!" he yelled in triumph.

Chapter THREE

William laughed as Dustin bellowed with lust and started to fuck his cock even harder into Eileen's pussy. He slid his hands around the top of Mirabelle's stockings, playing with the creamy white flesh.

"You like to watch people fuck?" he asked.

"Y-you pervert," Mirabelle moans.

Her wrists and ankles ached, but nothing hurt as much as her nipples. They throbbed in pain, even though the clamps weren't as tight as they had been.

"Naughty," William said reprovingly. "You don't want me to think you don't like this, do you?"

His fingers gently touched the clamp on her right nipple, and Mirabelle gave a low moan of horror.

"Do you?" he asked.

"Please... don't torture me!" she sobbed. He twisted the screw of the clamp and the jaws tightened on Mirabelle's nipple.

"Please, please!" she screamed, her lovely blonde hair flying around her shoulders.

She jerked in desperation. His other hand was closing in on the tight crotch of her panties and she wasn't sure which was the worst -- the pain in her nipple or the feel of a man's hand on her inner thighs. Never in her life had she imagined that she'd let a man touch her there.

"Tell me how much you love watching people fuck," William whispered, twisting the tit-clamp again.

"Yes, yes, I love it!" Mirabelle screamed as her tit surged with pain.

"Good. But you took so fuckin' long, you can wear that clamp until Dustin's shot his load."

Mirabelle gave a bubbling scream sad fell back in the chair, her face wet with sweat tits throbbing in agony. But that wasn't the worst thing -- William's fingers were at the edge of her panties now and she couldn't stop him.

"Please!" she wept.

"Please what?" he asked, his fingers running up over the material of her panties, over the shivering lips of her pussy.

"Please, don't touch me there!" Mirabelle moaned.

"But I thought you loved to be fingerfucked." He reached for the other tit-clamp.

"Yes, yes, I love it!" Mirabelle shrieked, her tits jerking as she shuddered in desperation.

"Then don't tell me not to touch you, got that!" he snapped.

He twisted, the second clamp hard. "Yes, yes -- aaagghh." Mirabelle screamed. Her thighs ached horribly as she tried to close them, but the straps around her knees kept them wide apart.

"Watch!" William said, his fingers running over Mirabelle's pussy.

By now Mirabelle knew she had to obey. She looked over at the three young perverts fucking on the bed.

Dustin was roaring with lust as he pumped his cock faster and faster into Eileen's pussy. He gripped her slip, his cock pistoning in and out as the cum burst out of his cock.

"Yeeaahh!" he yelled. "Ohhh, fuck, what a piece of ass!"

Then, with a great bellow of passion he shot another wad of cum deep in Eileen's cunt.

She was screaming with delight as she took her boyfriend's cock up her spasming fuck-hole and sucked Nichole's pussy, pulling the sexy little slut closer, her mouth working overtime. Eileen's blonde hair was all over Nichole's thighs as the dark-haired girl leaned back moaning with passion, her dark pussy hair becoming wet and slicked down with Eileen's saliva and her own juices.

"Ohhhh, wow!" Nichole gasped, her ass heaving up off the bed, her pussy shuddering with lust. "Come on, suck me, Eileen! Suck me! Ohhhh, yeahhh!"

She gripped her tits, rubbing them hard as she came.

William's fingers slid over the tight material of Mirabelle's panties, stroking her twitching pussy.

She moaned, shudders of painful horror rushing out of the contact. Everything she had feared about the touch of a man was coming true. She was revolted as his fingers brushed against her pussy, rubbing his fingers into the crack of her cunt, easing the outer lips of her pussy apart.

Eileen was going out of her mind with climaxes as Dustin pumped cum into her cunt, his thick, swollen cockhead scraping over her pussy walls with each ramming fuck. Her ass jerked back at him, the crimson mass of assflesh tightening and relaxing as she tried to get as much of his cock as she could. Her muffled screams of lust burst out from around Nichole's pussy while her wicked tongue flicked out, brushing against Nichole's clit, then burrowing deeper, into her tight little fuck-hole.

"Ooohhhh!" Nichole screamed, spasming harder, her cunt clutching at Eileen's tongue as the two of them came shamelessly, twisting and heaving until the bed rocked and creaked.

Dustin gasped, feeling the stream of cum diminishing to oozes of white goo. He slapped Eileen's ass and she gave a high scream of lust, coming again as hr hungry cunt swallowed his fucker.

"Yeah, shit, man, that was somethin' else!"

His cock dribbled spunk into Eileen's spasming fuck-hole as he gasped for breath.

He leaned forward, ramming his cock all the way into Eileen's cunt, letting the last drops of his fuck juice run out. Then he gasped and pulled his cock out of Eileen's pussy and flopped into a chair.

"Oh, fuck, Dustin!" Eileen moaned. "Keep it in there till it gets soft!"

But he ignored her and leaned back in the chair, pulling his robe over his cum-streaked cock. His cock was bobbing, and Mirabelle thought it was the most disgusting sight she had ever seen.

"You want cock, Eileen, come here and bring your dirty little friend with you," Manfred said suddenly.

"What!" Mirabelle moaned, turning to her brother in deeper horror. "No, Manfred! You can't do that, you can't do it to your own daughter!"

He laughed at her, his eyes alight with vicious lust. "You think I'm gonna let the two best pieces of ass in this town get away from me? Even if one of them is Eileen's?"

He got up and Mirabelle saw the massive bulge in the front of his pants for the first time.

"Tell you somethin' else," he said, "my fuckin' sister looks pretty good too!"

Mirabelle knew she would pass out. She fell back in the chair, busting into tears.

William's fingers worked her pussy through her panties and he leaned closer, grinning all over his face. "Now you get up and strip, right?"

Mirabelle moaned in terror.

"Please, take the clamps off my nipples," she whispered.

"Not yet. They come off when I know you're being a good little slut, like Eileen and Nichole."

Mirabelle sobbed, her whole body shaking. "And if you take them off before I tell you, I'll put you aver the bed and whip your ass like Dustin just whipped Eileen's." William smiled. "Only a lot harder. Now, are you ready to strip?"

Mirabelle saw that Eileen and Nichole were giggling like schoolgirls on their first date as they knelt at Manfred's feet and slid their hands over the front of his pants. Nichole was already pulling his zipper down and the massive hunk of his fuck-meat was bulging so close to his belt that Mirabelle choked with horror at the size of it. Her own brother had a massive cock!

"Are you gonna strip?" William asked.

The pain in her clamped nipples was more than enough warning for Mirabelle.

"Yes," she sobbed.

William laughed and got up.

She kept looking down as William freed her, and she closed her thighs, rubbing them against each other to take away the itch and throb of feeling a horrible shame in her pussy. Then she rubbed her wrists. Circulation returned to her hands.

"Stand up!" William snapped.

She obeyed, rubbing at the clamps still attached to her nipples. It was all she could do to stop herself from pulling them off.

"Out there," William said, "and do it where we can all see."

In an agony of horror, Mirabelle walked to the middle of the bedroom floor. To one side, the two girls were easing Manfred's cock out of his pants and Mirabelle couldn't help but sneak a glance at it. His prick was enormous, sending another shiver of horror through Mirabelle. The two girls were drooling over it, Eileen's soft lips running up and down the shaft, licking and kissing her father's prick. Nichole was undoing Manfred's belt, puffing his pants down.

"Take that dress off!" William snapped.

In a daze of horror, Mirabelle undid her belt, letting the dress drop to the floor as she stared in absolute horror at her niece sucking on her father's cock. She shivered with desperation.

Manfred's eyes were on her now, taking in his sister's body.

Mirabelle shuddered and wept as the luscious curves of her body were revealed, and even Dustin gave a whistle of lust and started working on his cock as he watched.

Manfred's pants were off and Nichole began to suck while Eileen pulled her father's briefs over his massive boner and down.

"The slip!" William ordered.

Mirabelle slid the straps of her slip off her shoulders and let it slide down. Now she was nearly naked. Her tits were in full view and only her panties protected her pussy from their stares. She stepped out of the ripped slip, still clad in panties, garter straps, stockings and shoes. Suddenly she wished she wore tights.

"Jeez!" Manfred gasped as his cock jerked in Nichole's mouth. "What a fuckin' figure, hey, William? No wonder you wanted to get in her pants!"

William chuckled and walked slowly around the cowering Mirabelle, drinking her full beauty in.

Mirabelle had long, shapely legs. The curves of her calves were tight. Her waist was slim, and her tits large and luscious.

"Slide the top of your panties down," he said. "Don't take them off, just slide 'em down."

Mirabelle moaned and obeyed, the tit-clamps swinging from her nipples, sending sparks of pain through her with each movement. The top of her panties slid down almost to her pussy as she worked them lower. He made her tuck it in as if she was wearing little bikini briefs.

"Yeah!" Now, walk around a bit, I wanna see your ass move.

Mirabelle moaned, the pain in her tits swelled with every step. She could feel Manfred's gaze on her as his cock slid between the two sets of willing lips that moved up and down his swollen length.

"Fuck!" William gasped. "You couldn't turn a fuckin' rapist on with a walk like that. Work your ass, bitch, turn me on!"

Mirabelle sobbed louder and swayed her ass, but it wasn't doing any good. She walked to the bed and back as the three men grinned at each other.

"Fuck," William said. "Let's try something else. Stand there."

Mirabelle obeyed him, her body trembling with shame. She was close to the bed, facing them so that all three men could see her.

"Open your legs," William said. Mirabelle kept her eyes cast down as she slowly spread her legs until William told her to stop.

"Rub your pussy."

"What? Please, no!" Mirabelle screwed, fury overtaking her terror. "Never, never!"

"Do it, bitch, or you'll be in trouble!" But even the pain in her nipples couldn't bring Mirabelle to obey William's order.

"No!" she screamed, rushing for the door. William grabbed her before she'd gone more than two steps, and Dustin was with him at once.

She screamed and struggled, but the men hustled her back to the bed.

Dustin held her as William put a thick black collar around her neck. It was studded and a chain attachment.

Only then did she remember the ornamental beams in the ceiling. And the hooks that were screwed into them. She screamed as William slipped the chain through the loop of one of the hooks and pulled on it.

It wasn't a noose, but it almost felt like it, as she was pulled upward until the thick collar was half choking her. She gasped, her hands going up to pull on the chain. Her toes barely touched the floor. She swung and made a grab at the chain.

Dustin slipped cuffs and a chain over, one wrist, then pulled her arm back behind her head. William had pushed her other arm up, back behind her head, and the other end of the chain and leather cuff were around that wrist. The chain between her wrists was short and was attached to the back of the neck chain, trapping her arms behind her. All she could do was grab the main chain and try to take some of the pressure off her neck.

She gasped and choked, terrified out of her mind.

"Open your legs!" William snapped.

Mirabelle gurgled in horror as she slid her legs apart. The more she spread her legs, the more pressure was applied to her neck.

"Wider!" William snapped.

Mirabelle tried to obey, but her feet almost off the floor. She couldn't do it.

"If I lower you a link or two, you can do it." William said. "How about it?"

Mirabelle gasped and tried to nod, her head spinning from lack of air.

"Ask nicely."

"Pluuurrss!" Mirabelle gurgled as she swung on the chain.

William laughed and lowered her a couple of inches. It wasn't much better, but at least Mirabelle could now hold her legs wide open and breathe more easily. She spread her legs, sobbing as she waited for his perverted desires.

Then she screwed.

William held a whip in his hand, a short handled whip, with knotted tails, and it swung cagily in his hand as he grinned at her.

"You just tell me when you wanna rub your pussy for us," William said, swinging the whip.

It happened so fast that Mirabelle didn't have time to react.

The whip swung up, then came down until the tails brushed the floor. Quickly William lashed up, right between her open thighs. The knotted tails bit into her pussy and she screwed.

Mirabelle gripped the chain, her body tossing, as agony erupted from her clit. Her thighs closed, she twisted, staring at her tormentor.

"Open your legs!" William snapped.

Mirabelle couldn't believe it. He whipped right across her tits, beating sheer agony into her flesh. One of the clamps was yanked off her nipple and went bouncing across the floor as her gurgling scream echoed through the room.

"Open your legs!" William snarled, whipping Mirabelle's tits again.

The tails caught on the remaining clamp, pulling her nipple.

Mirabelle screamed again and her legs parted. The whip lashed her tits again, and she spread her thighs wider apart, sobbing and wailing with pain.

"Better. Now are you ready to rub your pussy for us?" William asked.

Mirabelle sobbed and tried to beg, but nothing came out except a hoarse whisper. The whip lashed her pussy, the knots biting through her panties as if they didn't exist. She screamed and jerked in her pain, her legs closing instinctively.

He lashed her tits again and she spumed. Pain rolled over her. Quickly she spread her legs, then took another lash into her helpless pussy.

"Fuck, I can't stand this!" Manfred roared. "Get on my cock, bitch!"

He pulled Nichole up, and the giggling little minx swarmed over his tall, hard body. She grabbed his cock, sliding it to the wet entrance of her pussy.

"Ohhh, Manfred!" she gasped as her hot cunt slammed down the length of his massive cock, filling her cunt to the brim.

She clung to his neck, gasping with lust, her ass moving, her cunt fucking his thick rod.

"Fuck!" Eileen pouted. "I want some too."

She rubbed her pussy, her fingers sliding on the cum cream that smeared her cunt.

"Lick her ass while she fucks me!" Manfred demanded, moving the squealing Nichole on his cock.

He ran his hand over her tits, and Nichole gasped, holding onto his neck, her pussy sucking wildly on his massive fuck-rod.

"No, not yet!" she gasped. "Take me up there! You know what I want, baby!"

Manfred grinned and walked effortlessly to the bed, holding Nichole on his cock.

William lashed into Mirabelle's cunt and she spasmed, the pain rushing through her body like a raging fire. She gasped, the right collar pulled, digging into her windpipe. But still she couldn't give them the satisfaction of watching her do something as disgusting as rub her pussy.

Her legs closed and the whip clit her tits, pulling off the second clamp. She opened her legs once more, unable to take the whip either on her pussy or tits.

But William always had a target. He swung the whip effortlessly, the tails cutting into her flesh each time.

Mirabelle gripped the chain above her head and prayed for strength. She was weakening. The pain was so great that even rubbing her pussy in front of them all didn't seem so bad. She gritted her teeth, screaming, trying to hang on.

Then William changed his attack. After the whip cut into Mirabelle's pussy, he swung it around and lashed Nichole's tight ass as she clung to Manfred and rode his cock.

Nichole screamed with delight, her ass reddening fast, as she jerked on Manfred's cock. She gasped, plunged down the length of his cock, gripping him hard, her legs sliding up higher and clutching him around the waist.

"Ohhh, fuck, yes!" she screeched. "Come on! I wanna make him tome! Aagghh! Yeah, William, yeah! Come on, I'll suck you off if you do it good!"

William laughed and swung the whip, beating Mirabelle's tits, then going back to Nichole's jerking ass.

The sexy little brunette wailed and gasped, her pussy sucking wildly on Manfred's cock.

"Fuck!" Manfred roared, his cock slamming deep in her fuck channel. "Don't stop whatever my bitch of a sister promises! I wanna watch her get whipped as I come! Yeahhh!"

"Oh, darling, yes!" Nichole wailed, her cunt working over his throbbing, heaving fucker. "Come up my cunt -- ohhh."

She screwed as the whip cut her ass her pussy working over Manfred's hard fuck meat in a frenzy of lust.

Mirabelle only heard this vaguely through the haze of her pain and gasping breath. She knew she couldn't hold out any more. The pain was breaking her. Anything, even masturbating in front of them, would be better than this.

She gasped, nodding her head as hard as she could.

"You wanna rub your pussy?" William yelled, lashing her tits.

Mirabelle screamed frantically, her head nodding furiously.

"Well, tough, bitch! Manfred wants to watch you get whipped while he comes!" William yelled, lashing the cat-tails upward between Mirabelle's thighs.

She screamed as they bit into her pussy and he laughed, swinging the leather at Nichole's ass.

"Ohhhh, do it!" Nichole screamed, shoving her ass up for more pain, her pussy working over the spasming, heaving rod, of Manfred's cock. "Fill me up, honey, fill me up!"

Her large tits bounced in the top of her little teddy. She gripped Manfred's neck hard, moaning and gasping with lust.

"Ooohhh, yesss, darling! I'm coming too!" Nichole screamed.

Manfred yelled as he watched his sister take another slashing blow across her tits.

Mirabelle's legs opened.

"Yeahhh, here it comes!" Manfred bellowed, hunching his ass faster, his cock slamming to the top of Nichole's hot little cunt. "Whip that bitch, William!"

He gripped Nichole's tits as the cum rushed out of his balls and up his jerking cockshaft.

Mirabelle clutched at the chair. She screamed hoarsely as he lashed up into her pussy. The pain was a constant, soaring rush now, bursting all over her body. Her tits ached and throbbed, and her pussy felt as if it was being burned with hot rods.

Another stroke lashed her tits, she screamed watching Nichole's take the first shot of Manfred's cum in her sucking cunt.

"Yeaahhh!" Manfred roared, his cock pouring spunk, his hands gripping Nichole's tits.

Nichole screamed with lust. Her cunt was sucking the cum out of Manfred's cock in huge gobs. The whip lashed over her tight asscheeks and she came, wailing and gasping with satisfaction. Her tits pressed into Manfred's hands as the whip cut right through the lacy material of her teddy.

Nichole screamed again. Her ass was beet red, her cunt oozing cum while the tight muscles sucked the rest of Manfred's jism out of his cock.

"Ohhh, fuck! That was worth waiting for!" he yelled, his prick still thrusting up into Nichole's cunt as he watched his sister gyrate and spasm on the chain. "Fuck, she looks so good!"

He laughed at Mirabelle as she twisted and tried to hold her thighs spread apart. He held Nichole on his cock and she rode it, moaning with pleasure, her hot cunt still pumping out the last drops of cum from his prick.

"You ready to rub your pussy now?" William demanded.

Mirabelle moaned once more, nodding her head.

"Good!" he said, then gave her one last lash right on her pussy.

She hung there, her whole body aching but now there was a warmth in her cunt and it was overwhelming the pain. She didn't know what the feeling was, but she was externally grateful that William loosened the neck chain as he also freed her hands.

"Okay, cunt, deliver," he said.

Chapter FOUR

They were all watching her.

Mirabelle's throat was raw from the collar. Desperately she rubbed her tits, stroking the red flesh, trying to ease the pain. But hot flashes of arousal pulsed out of her nipples every time she touched them, and she stopped, feeling guilty, panting and gasping for breath. She'd never felt anything like that shudder of awful excitement before.

"Do it, whore, or I'll use the whip again," William said, grinning at her.

Moaning in horror, Mirabelle slid her hand down her tummy and over the tight material of her panties. She could see Dustin lounging in his seat, his cock already bud; Manfred still fucking Nichole, making her ride it and moaning gently as she came down; and William, the front of his pants straining with a cock that looked even bigger than Manfred's.

Desperate tremors of horror beat through her as her fingers slid over the front of her panties and down to the gash other pussy.

"Keep your legs open," William warned, strolling around the bound Mirabelle, the whip in his hand. He came up behind her, his mouth close to her ear as she rubbed her spread pussy lips gently. "That's it. Make it real exciting for us. We love to watch chicks rub their pussies."

Mirabelle gurgled and moaned as she worked her clit gently, her eyes cast down, avoiding their stares.

The whip lay over her shoulder, the tails draped over her tits. She shuddered and moaned at the threat.

"Hey, honey, how about putting your hand inside your panties?" William laughed.

He dragged the whip up over her tits, the knots catching on her nipples. Mirabelle gave a low moan of horrible arousal and dug harder at her cunt.

"Oh-ho!" William said softly, lowering the whip again. "That really turns you on, huh?"

"No, no, I mean..." Mirabelle gasped. As she realized her mistake. "I mean, yes, I -- aagghh!"

She jerked as the whip cut across her tits, slashing them hard. Her fingers spumed on her pussy and a shock of terrible arousal shot out of her cunt and burst inside her guts. She moaned and her long legs shook. She almost lost her balance. Her fingers couldn't stop rubbing her pussy. In a haze of gasping passion, she slid her hands into her panties and rubbed the crack of her pussy. To her horror, her cunt was damp and her fingers slipped on her juices.

"Oh, wow!" William said quietly into her ear. "You're quite a little slut underneath."

"Uuurrh! No, no!" Mirabelle moaned, rubbing her pussy faster as she suddenly spumed with dreadful power.

She was coming. It was horribly shameful, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She gave a shrieking moan and almost fell forward, her fingers jerking over her pussy as the shuddering climax pulsed through her body. Slowly her head cleared, but her whole body was still twitching shamefully.

"Disgusting, slut, you came just rubbing your pussy," William said, draping the whip-tails over Mirabelle's tits.

"No, please, I was just..." Mirabelle began moaning desperately. She pulled her fingers out of her panties and saw that all of them were laughing at her.

"Wow, Auntie Mirabelle!" Eileen said, sliding close, her lips running over Mirabelle's face. "What a hot little cunt you are under that shitty exterior! I mean, fuck, Auntie! We gotta do some serious cock work on you!"

She giggled and played with Mirabelle's tits, running her fingers through the whip tails as she caressed and squeezed.

Mirabelle didn't dare stop the little bitch. She sobbed, trying to stop her pussy from twitching and begging for more caresses.

"I reckon William's gonna want his cock sucked now," Eileen sighed, her mouth close to Mirabelle's. "You know what men are about having their cocks blown. If you like, I'll suck your pussy while you suck him. That feels real good. I'll make you come!"

Eileen's fingers rolled Mirabelle's nipples, and Mirabelle gave a low moan of horror. She was sure she'd get whipped if she refused, but she had always told herself that she would rather die than suck a man's cock. Now she had to prove it.

"No, I won't, I wont!" she moaned. "I don't care what you do to me!"

"You cunt!" William turned away. "You'll learn so fuckin' fast, your head'll spin!"

The next thing Mirabelle knew there was a low-backed chair pushing into her at cunt level. She screamed, falling forward as the chain was hauled off the hook.

Manfred held the chain, forcing her facedown over the chair back while the two girls grabbed her ankles and pulled them out, lashing them to the legs of the chair.

Mirabelle screamed, telling herself that she had to put up with any pain rather than submit to their perverted desires.

Manfred sat down on the floor, leaning on the chain, stretching Mirabelle over the chair back until pain shot all over the bound blonde's back and legs. He grinned and called Nichole over. The little whore slid to the floor and took Manfred's already-hardening cock into her mouth, sucking it softly while he watched Mirabelle's suffering.

William stood in front of Mirabelle, holding a thin rod. "I'm gonna whip your panties off. So we can fuck you when we want. I think Dustin's just about ready."

He lifted the rod and rubbed it over Mirabelle's trembling lips.

"Be sensible, bitch. Beg to suck cock, this sucker really hurts!"

Mirabelle shuddered, her hands at the collar, trying to pull it off. A terrible ache ran down her back.

"Eileen, hold her hands," William said, getting behind Mirabelle.

"You bastards, you -- you perverts!" Mirabelle screamed, trying to keep her hands away from Eileen, but her niece was faster.

"Hey, Auntie, come on, give in. I mean, fuck, it's the best getting your brains fucked out every week," Eileen said.

Faster than Mirabelle could react, Eileen slipped the collar-clip on the chain and held Mirabelle's arms down easily.

"Please, you've got to let me, go -- pleaaagghh!" Mirabelle screamed as William lashed into her ass.

She heaved up in the most horrible agony. William hadn't been lying, the pain was worn than anything she'd felt before. Another blow landed and she knew she'd have to surrender. There was no way she could take the agony. Sweat broke out all over her body as another blow landed.

"Not bad. Here's another one," William said, lashing Mirabelle's ass, tearing another gash in her panties. Under the thin white briefs Mirabelle's ass was already a pulped mass of welts and crimson lines. "A few more and well have them off."

He lashed Mirabelle again. Mirabelle lurched up pulling Eileen almost off the floor in her struggle.

"Alright!" she shrieked. "I'll try and do it!"

"You won't try, bitch! You'll do it and you'll beg!" William snarled, lashing her hard.

Mirabelle screamed, her body throbbing with agony. "Please, let me do it!"

"Do what, you stupid cunt? Say it!" William snarled and whipped her again, tearing her panties.

"Aaaggghhh! Please let me suck your cock." Mirabelle screamed.

"Okay, just a minute," William said.

"There's a bit of your panties left."

He lashed Mirabelle's ass and she screamed in the most terrible agony, pulling at the bonds, her legs trembling.

"Just one more," he said.

The pain burst in Mirabelle's ass. She felt her panties tearing, exposing her ass and pussy to them. But she was too far gone to care. Her ass pulsated with agony.

Manfred let go of the chain, though he kept Nichole's hot little mouth on his cock. And Eileen let go too.

Mirabelle pushed herself upright, trying to reach back and rub her ass, but she couldn't because her wrists were chained. So she had to stand and sob, her ass still ringing with pain. Her panties fell to the floor.

Eileen untied the bonds that held Mirabelle's ankles to the chair. William forced her to her knees and flipped the chain over the hook in the beam, holding it in one hand.

"So, take my cock out and give me a real good time," he ordered.

Mirabelle sobbed as she reached for the zipper of William's pants. It slid down slowly. Then, with her hands shaking even more uncontrollably, she reached inside and tried to grasp William's cock. Her fingers touched the massive pole of his cock and she almost fell back in horror.

His prick was enormous, almost too thick to her hand around. She moaned and pulled at his prick, but it was caught in his briefs.

It was horribly humiliating for Mirabelle. She had to pull on his briefs and case his cock out while he watched her.

Then his cock was in her hands and she choked in more horror. It was easily as big as she'd feared it would be. There was nearly a foot of cock-meat thrusting at her, and she knew she'd never get her mouth around the massive cockhead.

"Suck it, honey!" William ordered.

Mirabelle sobbed, but her soft lips moved down to the head of his enormous prick. It was hot and hard. She kissed the throbbing flesh, moving her mouth over it, trying to avoid the piss-slit where a drop of pre-come appeared.

"Open wide and suck!" William snapped.

Mirabelle closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Very slowly she eased her mouth down and the massive thick cock pushed in, filling her mouth. The little drop of liquid rolled over her tongue.

His cock was disgusting, thick, warm and so hard. It was raping her mouth, running in and out a little, filling her mouth with each, thrust. She sucked on it, feeling it slide over her tongue, running almost to the entrance of her throat.

"Yeahhh!" William murmured, running his hand through Mirabelle's blonde hair. "That's better. Now tell me how much you'd like to have Eileen suck your pussy while you bring me off."

He eased his cock back. Mirabelle moaned around his cockhead, her mouth sliding over his cock-tip.

Mirabelle wanted to scream no, but she knew that she couldn't take any more of his cock. She hated herself for breaking under the pain, but there was nothing else she could do.

"Yes, please! I'd love to let Eileen suck my pussy!" she sobbed.

"Good," William sighed. "That way you can suck her later, right?"

"Yes, please!" Mirabelle wept.

"Good, now spread your thighs, slut. You're about to get the best suck you ever had. Eileen is a fuckin' expert, with cunt or cock." He laughed and shoved his fucker back between Mirabelle's sensual, red lips.

Mirabelle wept, still sucking at the hard flesh filling her mouth. Somehow it wasn't so bad, in fact the feel of the cock was nice, something big and solid to suck on. She moaned and her mouth sank deeper, feeling a sudden rush of excitement running out of her cunt. Then, before she knew it, she felt Eileen's head between her thighs.

Her niece wriggled under her, then pulled Mirabelle's thighs wider, urging her aunt's cunt down on her mouth.

"Mmmmm!" Eileen purred as the widespread lips of Mirabelle's cunt came down over her mouth. "Ooooh, hey, William, she's real wet, you know that?"

Eileen giggled and slid her tongue along the groove of Mirabelle's pussy, licking all the way.

Mirabelle shuddered in shame, her ass still aching from the whipping, her pussy spuming with twinges of excitement. William's cock filled her mouth and she felt the pain and excitement from her ass and pussy blending together into a rush of passion that she'd never known before. Lust started to burn in her guts, twisting her around, as Eileen's sucking mouth worked her cunt. The pain rose, but so did the passion in her guts. She sobbed and moaned, running William's cock deeper into her mouth, right to the entrance to her throat.

"Not bad, fuck-face, not bad!" He chuckled and shoved his cockhead at her throat.

His cock pushed in a little and she gagged, then it was out at once and she gave a gurgling moan as she sucked on his massive hard prickhead.

"Fuck, you gotta nice mouth!" he commented, sliding his cock over her lips. "Don't you just love sucking cock?"

"Yes, yes, please! Let me suck it!" Mirabelle moaned -- and the horror was that she did want to take the cockhead back in. It was so hot and hard that her mouth salivated at the thought of getting it back.

But William knew she was betraying herself, and he continued playing his stiff cock over her lips, grinning, as she moaned and licked it.

"Beg for it, bitch!" he ordered.

"Please, please let me suck your cock!" Mirabelle wailed, pushing her mouth at his enormous prick.

He grinned and held her hair, puffing her head back until she could only just lick and kiss his cock-tip.

"Beg!" he grated.

"Please, please, let me suck it! Please, I want it in my mouth so much!" Mirabelle sobbed. Her pussy rolled against Eileen's mouth and she shuddered with a combination of disgust and terrible lust. "Please, William, let me suck your cock! It feels so good in my mouth!"

"Yeah!" William chuckled, his cockhead throbbing and pushing at her lips. "Now you're talking."

"Oh, yes, yes, William, yes!" Mirabelle moaned, lick pussy shuddering with desperate pleasure as Eileen's tongue pushed into her clit and licked her shivering fuck-channel. "Please, I want it so bad!"

The chain from her collar rattled as Mirabelle shook with shame and lust.

"Okay, bitch! Now beg me to shoot in your mouth -- fill it with cum!" William laughed and pushed his cock into her mouth, making Mirabelle groan and gag on his massive hunk of meat. Then, very slowly, he eased his cock out a little, still laughing viciously at her. "Came on, shit-face, tell me!"

Mirabelle trembled with deep disgust, but there was no turning back.

"Yes!" she sobbed. "Yes, come in my mouth, William, come in my mouth!"

William shoved his cock back into her mouth.

The blonde screamed as her mouth was filled with his massive fuck-meat. She started to pull back, but Eileen's fingers dug into her whipped ass and she flicked her tongue over the wet gash of her cunt.

Horrible spasms of excitement burst in Mirabelle's pussy and ass. The pain and lust melted together and she sank her mouth deeper on William's cock, moaning, her throat heaving desperately.

"Yeah, lemme give you a mouthful, you stuck-up little cunt!" William gasped, grabbing Mirabelle's hair. "Won't be long, honey, have a good time!"

Mirabelle moaned, spasming as she took his thick fucker deeper, right to the entrance of her throat. There were still more than four inches of the massive cock outside her lips and she knew William wanted to get it all in. There was no way she could take it, she was sure of that. She gagged and struggled, her chained hands reaching up, holding the shaft as it throbbed in her mouth, pushing deeper each time.

But the excitement and lust were building in Mirabelle's body. Eileen's mouth ran over her pussy, sucking wildly, while she scraped her fingernails over Mirabelle's whipped ass, dragging hard at the red flesh. Horrible spin of pain rushed out of the contact, rushing through Mirabelle's and into her pussy where Eileen's sucking mouth and flicking tongue drove her wild.

"Fuck!" William yelled, his cock sliding faster in and out of Mirabelle's mouth. "You got it coming, bitch! Right in your mouth! Get ready! Yeaahhh!"

Over in the other chair, Manfred took hold of Nichole's hair and pulled the little whore's mouth off his cock.

"Don't make me come, sweetheart," he warned. "Your ass will be real sore if you do!"

Nichole pouted at him.

"Promises, promises!" she cooed, then worked her hot lips back over his throbbing cockhead, swallowing it effortlessly.

Manfred sank back in the chair. "Don't say I didn't warn you!"

Mirabelle screamed around William's cock as surging flashes of passion erupted in her pussy. Eileen sucked her cunt-gash and worked it over. Mirabelle could feel Eileen's tongue flicking on her clit and her niece's teeth chewed at her pussy-flesh. She moaned and took another inch of William's cock into her mouth, her body pulsating with horrible passion.

Then Eileen dug her fingernails into Mirabelle's ass with incredible fury as she bit on Mirabelle's clit, chewing the hard fleshy bud, her tongue rasping on the wet flesh.

The pulse of lust erupted in Mirabelle's guts like a bomb going off. She screamed, swallowing William's cock to the balls, her throat spasming as the massive prickhead sank in. Pain and lust surged and blended together into a raging orgasm. She screamed blended together into a raging orgasm. She screamed harder, her head pumping on William's cock, ramming down the stiff shaft to the limit and back again, sucking his prick all the way, her mouth going wild.

"Ohhhh! Shit! What the fuck are you doing to her, Eileen?" William bellowed, his cock ramming in and out of Mirabelle's lips. "Shit, I'm coming! Fuuuck!"

He groaned, the cum bursting out of his balls and rushing through his thick shaft.

Mirabelle didn't know any longer what was happening to her. She was dizzy with lust, her head spinning, her throat spasming around William's fucker. Dimly, she felt his enormous hard-on rim in and out, but every sensation was concentrated in her pussy and ass, where the combination of and lust still had her it the grip of endless climaxes. Each sharp dig of Eileen's fingers drove her higher, and the little blonde always sucked and bit her clit as her fingernails dug in. The chain between Mirabelle's wrists jangled as she came, her mouth full of William's cock.

Then the first massive jet of jism burst in Mirabelle's throat. Even a couple of hours before she would never have imagined that she would do anything so depraved. Now she swallowed the sticky goo effortlessly, her pussy throbbing with passion, her fingers caressing William's balls. Her ass was hunching back and forth as she rubbed her pussy over Eileen's mouth, her body on fire with lust. Another jet of cum spat into her throat as William roared with lust and slammed his shooting fucker at her throat with all his power.

"Jeez! I don't believe it! I want this cunt, Manfred, I want her -- fuuuuck!" He groaned, his hand sliding through Mirabelle's hair, easing her head back. He gasped. His other hand gripped the chain to Mirabelle's collar.

Manfred laughed, letting Nichole sink her mouth back down his cock. "Sure, but after tonight! I mean, shit, man, I gotta take care of my sister, right?"

William roared with laughter, his cock still pouring cum into Mirabelle's mouth. "Sure, I mean, fuck, what are friends for, right?"

He groaned, watching his cock spurting cum over Mirabelle's tongue.

Mirabelle tasted the salty goo. She hated it, it was disgusting, but she couldn't stop coming. Eileen's hot mouth and fingers were driving her out of her mind as the orgasms crashed over her. The collar was tight around her neck, making her gasp for breath, but even that added to her passion. She sobbed and moaned, taking more hot spurts of cum.

William pulled back and shot spunk over her lips. Mirabelle still rocked with lust, coming in surging rushes. The cum poured over her mouth, shooting out of William's cock, the thick stream running down her chin and hanging there as she licked at his hot cockhead and swallowed the white goo.

"Uuuurrhh! Fuck, yeah!" William gasped as the spurts of cum diminished and his cock oozed fuck-juice over Mirabelle's lips.

He pushed his cock back between her lips for a moment, then pulled it out, watching as she gargled his cum.

"Ohhhh, fuck, I'm gonna have such a great tame fucking you!" he groaned, his cock jerking in Mirabelle's mouth. "Lick it all up, whore. I like a clean cock, you gotta learn that!"

Mirabelle only heard him dimly. Her mouth was full of cum. Jizz was all over her tongue and teeth, and there was still more oozing from his prickhead. But the orgasms still burst out of her pussy as Eileen sucked her. She had given into lust and she had come! There was nothing more disgusting than that!

William eased his cock and smeared it over her lips.

Mirabelle sobbed and sucked, still going out of control in the grip of Eileen's expert mouth.

"How about that, whore?" he asked. "You came so good, hey?"

"Nooooo!" Mirabelle sobbed, rocking her body, smearing her pussy over Eileen's face.

"You lying bitch! You want Eileen to stop!"

"Yes, yes, make her stop!" Mirabelle screamed.

"Okay." William laughed. He released her chain, then hauled Mirabelle up by her hair and threw her onto the carpet.

Mirabelle screamed as pain burst in her scalp. She collapsed onto the carpet, then she rolled and crouched, rubbing her tits and ass, hoping to stop the pain. But her pussy was throbbing and spasming, begging for a mouth to suck it.

Mirabelle groaned, holding herself tightly, waiting for the horrible lust to go away.

William stood over her, his cock getting hard again. "You said you were a virgin, right?"

"Oh, no, please!" Mirabelle begged, clutching her stomach.

"Get up or go up on the hook," William said.

Chapter FIVE

"Please, not that!" Mirabelle wept. "You can put it in my mouth again if you want, but not that!"

She crouched on the floor in terror. "Get up, bitch!" William said, standing over her. He bent down and picked up her neck chain.

"No, please, I -- aaahh, all right!" Mirabelle screamed as she was yanked up by her collar. She half choked, staggering, her legs feeling rubbery as she was pulled back over to the bed. "Please!"

William flipped the chain over the hook and gave the end to Eileen.

"Hold her," he said.

Mirabelle turned, clutching her collar, trying to ease it away as she gasping for breath. In front of her, William was pulling off the last of his clothes, grinning at her the whole time. His cock was throbbing back to full hardness as he watched her struggle.

"Please, let me down!" she gasped at Eileen, but the little blonde just leaned harder on the chain and made Mirabelle choke.

"Don't be silly, Auntie." Eileen giggled. "You gotta learn to be good."

She looked over to Dustin, who grinned at her and pointed to his thick cock, standing up ready to fuck once more.

"See that?" Eileen laughed, turning Mirabelle around to look. "That's the kind of men we got here -- always horny. And shit, you gotta fuck horny men, right, Auntie!"

Eileen laughed and spread her legs, rubbing her pussy at Dustin, spreading her cuntlips for him.

"Don't you wanna fuck my auntie?"

"You bet," Dustin growled.

"So wait, hot-cock," Eileen teased. "Or are you gonna whip me again?"

She pouted, spreading her pussy for him while she managed to hold onto the chain with her other hand.

Dustin leaned back in the chair, content to watch for the moment. Then William was there, his massive cock swinging as he took the chain from Eileen and pulled Mirabelle to him.

"Open your legs," he ordered.

"Please, William don't make me..."

"Whip!" he yelled.

"No, please, William! I'll do it! I'll do it!" Mirabelle screamed, spreading her trembling legs, waiting for him.

Eileen handed William the whip and he swung it, his eyes devouring Mirabelle.

"You gotta learn!" he said softly. "Yes, William, I'm sorry," Mirabelle wept. "I won't do it again."

"Hold my cock and beg for six strokes because you were so bad, or get really hung up and get twelve on your tits, pussy and ass."

Mirabelle looked over at her brother. Manfred was still in the chair, getting his cock sucked by the little whore, Nichole. He watched, giving no sign that he was going to save his sister.

Shaking all over, Mirabelle reached out, the chain between her wrists jangling, and slid her fingers over the stiff shaft of William's fucker.

"Please, William, I was so bad!" she choked. "Please, whip me six times, I deserve it!"

She sobbed with shame, but a terrible spasm of lust burst in her pussy. She trembled and her cunt juices flowed as she gasped and gripped his cock harder.

"Pussy, ass, or tits. It's your choice." Another horrible spasm erupted in Mirabelle's cunt. She almost came, gasping, gripping William's cock.

"Oh, God, you bastard!" she moaned. "On my pussy!"

She watched the whip swing up, and she spread her thighs wider, moaning in horrible submission, her pussy throbbing as she waited.

The whip swung back down and then up between her legs. She screamed, spreading her thighs, taking the full impact on her wide-open cunt.

"Uurrhh!" she moaned, her pussy-flesh burning with terrible pain.

The whip lashed upward, beating into her thighs and pussy. She screamed in horrible passion, pain and lust mingling, sending her swaying and gasping.

The next stroke took her to the brink of orgasm. The lust rocked through her body. She swayed and moaned, her thighs shaking. She rubbed William's cock, her hands blurring on his cock flesh, her mouth watering, wanting to go down and swallow his prick again.

Her thighs were spread wide as the fourth blow lashed her pussy. The orgasm broke, churning inside her cunt. She worked William's cock, feeling helpless in the surging grasp of the lust that raged inside her. She watched the whip come down on her cunt. She lurched, taking the full power of the whip-tails, her cunt erupting with savage lust.

Drops of her pussy juices splattered away as the leather bit, the tails becoming shiny and wet. She screamed as she waited for the last blow. She took it right on her cunt, climaxing helplessly in front of them all.

"Fuck, Auntie Mirabelle," Eileen sighed. "You're a bigger whip-bitch than I am!"

"You bastards, you bastards!" Mirabelle wept, holding onto William's cock. She wanted to rub her pussy so badly, make herself come some more, but she knew she couldn't.

"Beg to fuck me!" William said, his eyes glazed with lust, his cock quivering in her hands.

"Please, fuck me!" Mirabelle moaned, clutching at his fuck-rod as the surging desire ran through her.

The worst was her fading orgasm. She needed a cock or pain to get to going again. She sobbed, trying to get a grip on herself.

"Put it in for me!" William demanded, then stepped up close between Mirabelle's spread thighs.

His cock pushed against her tummy.

Mirabelle looked over his shoulder at Manfred, who was still getting a gentle suck from Nichole. The little whore was kneeling between his thighs, her hot little mouth sliding over his thick fucker. Then Mirabelle looked at Dustin. Eileen was on his lap. She was playing with his cock, stroking it. Mirabelle knew they were all waiting for her again.

"Please, William, how will I do it?" she moaned.

"Work it out." He slid the cat-tails over her tits.

Mirabelle gave a deep groan of despair, then tried to pull his cock down to the wet entrance of her cunt. But even the tip was too big for her pussy.

He smiled.

In desperation, Mirabelle slid her leg to his waist. She hung round his neck with one had and pulled herself up. His body was as hard as iron.

Moaning, Mirabelle moved her pussy up the length of his massive cock, then slid the thick cockhead over her cunt-slit.

He took her weight effortlessly, and she clutched his strong body, her cunt quivering as she moved his cockhead to the tight entrance of her fuck channel. Only when the thick cock head was actually about to ram into her pussy did she remember her virginity.

She sobbed, shame rushing over her.

"Fuck me, bitch!" William ordered.

Shaking her head, Mirabelle shoved her cunt down on the thick shaft of William's fuck-rod.

His thick prickhead pushed at her pussy entrance and stretched her cunt-hole a little. Pain rushed out, but it was nothing compared to the pain of the whip and she hardly noticed it. She heaved up, keeping one hand on his cockshaft, then slid down again. This time his cockhead rammed into her cunt, and she gasped with shock, her body trembling as her virgin pussy walls stretched painfully.

"Yeah!" William grinned, sliding the cat-tails over her tits. "Don't you just love it?"

"Ohhh!" Mirabelle gasped, moving down again, this time taking more than an inch of his cock into her trembling cunt. She jerked and moaned as the tip of his prick touched her tight cherry.

"Fuck!" he gasped. "You weren't joking, hey, bitch?"

Eileen giggled, and Manfred watched closely as his sister was violated.

"Do it!" William ordered.

Mirabelle gave a low bubbling moan, then she rammed down on the cock invading her pussy. For a second her cherry stretched. Then it tore, and William's cock slammed to the top of her cunt, filling her to the brim.

With a scream of lust and pain she took it all, rocking on his cockshaft, her pussy throbbing and sucking at the enormous prick filling it.

"Ohhh, God!" Mirabelle moaned, thrusting her pussy up, her legs clutching around William's body, her cunt spasming with feelings that she'd never felt before.

She rolled on William's cock, taking it in to the hilt, then heaving up, her pussy walls sucking at the thick shaft as it rubbed over them. She moaned, sobbing and gasping. Surges of lust tint out of her cunt as the slick wet walls of her pussy rubbed over his cockshaft. Her fuck-strokes got more frantic, her hands pulling harder on the back of William's neck, the chain jangling down his back.

"Tell me how good it feels!" William growled, his ass tightening as Mirabelle rode his cock.

"No, please, no!" Mirabelle sobbed, her breath getting shorter, her tits throbbing as the passion surged.

"You wanna suffer more?" William snarled, his cock shoving deep in her cunt.

"I don't care! It's a lie! It doesn't feel good! It's horrible!" Mirabelle screamed.

She was so close to coming she was terrified. She was out of control and she needed control so badly. If she came again, they would all laugh at her and that would be worse than a whipping. She hunched on William's fucker, her pussy sucking at the hard flesh, her whole body desperate for cock.

"I'm gonna get you straightened out if it kills you!" William swore, his thick fuck-rod churning in her cunt.

He gripped her chained wrists with one hand and pulled her arms out from around his neck.

She lost her balance and screamed, her cunt ramming down even harder on his cock. She spumed with a near come, her cunt throbbing around the enormous thick hunk of meat buried in it.

William flung the chain over the hook, and yanked hard. Suddenly she was hanging. She screamed as he leaned back, his cock still thrusting deep in her cunt. He gripped her waist.

"Now you learn, bitch!" he promised.

Mirabelle didn't know what was going on until she saw that both Eileen and Dustin were there with whips. Dustin had a long, single tailed whip while Eileen held the rod.

"No!" Mirabelle screamed, twisting on the hook, her arms straining desperately. She might have pulled herself up, but William held her waist.

He grinned and pulled her harder onto his cock.

"Do you know what pain does to a cunt?" He chuckled. "It sucks like crazy, I mean, it goes berserk!"

"No!" Mirabelle gasped, staring at the whip and rod.

She could see that Dustin was lining the whip with on her tits while Eileen ran the rod over her asscheeks. She trembled in expectation of the agony, but, at the same time, that shudder of horrible excitement also pulsed in her guts.

She looked over at Manfred. He was finally showing signs of arousal. He was gripping Nichole's hair and forcing his cock deep into her throat.

Then Dustin lashed the long-plaited tail of the whip at Mirabelle's tits. At the same moment the rod lashed into her ass.

Mirabelle gave a desperate scream. She pulled on William's cock, then rammed back down, coming again as his thick fuck meat filled her pussy.

"All right, I'm having a good time!" she screamed, breaking out in a cold sweat.

"You love it, whore!" William roared, slamming his cock deep in her cunt.

"All right, I love it!" Mirabelle screamed as the whip cut her left tit and the rod lashed her ass.

"Yeah!" William yelled. "But it's too bad, bitch! You get this until I come! So bring me off fast, save yourself some pain, shit-head!"

"Aagghh!" Mirabelle wailed.

The whips beat into her and she came helplessly, her cunt sucking at William's cock like a vacuum pump. She jerked, coming even harder as the whip lashed more stinging painful welts into her ass and tits. She swung from the hook, her arms aching, her cunt fucking up and down on William's massive cock.

"Fuck!" Manfred growled, gripping Nichole's long dark hair as her throat took the full length of his cock. "My sister sure can fuck!"

Nichole gurgled and slid her mouth up the length of his fuck-rod, her tongue swirling around his hard flesh.

"Oh, please, Manfred, lemme fuck you!" she moaned. "Come on. My pussy wants it so much!"

She sucked at his cockhead, her lips working over the swollen flesh, her fingers butterflying up and down his shaft.

"If I fuck you, bitch, I'll come," Manfred said, pushing his cock into her willing mouth.

"I know! I know you wanna fuck her!" Nichole groaned, caressing his balls gently, her tongue probing into his tiny piss-slit. "But I gotta have it, Manfred! I just out! And I'll get you hard again, you know I can! Come on honey, you can fuck more than a couple of times a night!"

She gasped and slid her mouth right down his boner, taking it to the limit, filling her throat with it.

"All right, all right!" Manfred gasped, his cock throbbing deep in Nichole's mouth. "But you get me hard again, real hard!"

"Oh, yeah!" Nichole moved her mouth back up at his cockhead. "And it's not hard till you tell me it's hard, right?"

"Right!" Manfred replied.

Nichole got up and led him by his cock to a chair. She spread her legs and leaned over the chair, her ass circling for his fucker. "Oohh, come on, fuck me!" she begged.

Manfred pinned and worked his cock into the quivering gash of her pussy, his eyes on his sister, who was rolling and screaming in the chains. His cock slid into Nichole's tight hole, sliding over her shivering pussy walls.

"Oooh!" Nichole gasped, her dark hair falling over the chair seat in her passion.

She pushed back at him, taking all of his fuck-rod in her pulsating cunt, heaving with the jolts of lust that exploded in her pussy.

"Ohhh, fuck, Manfred! Come on? Fuck the crap outa me!" she begged. She gripped the chair arms, taking every inch of his cock she could get.

Mirabelle writhed, her cunt sucking at William's prick as it reamed her out.

Dustin lashed her tits, the single tail biting a curling path over her flesh. She jerked up and slammed down, her pussy spasming over William's cock, her whole body on fire. The rod whipped into her ass and Eileen gave a shriek of delight.

"Hey, look, Auntie Mirabelle's coming!" she squealed, then lashed Mirabelle again.

Mirabelle screamed with pain, but she thrust her tits out for the whip. The whip lashed into her tit-mounds.

"Uurrhh! Help!" she wailed, climaxing in a frenzy of pain and lust. She wanted to die with shame, but she was helpless. Her pussy spasmed over the massive hard rod of William's cock, fucking up and down the full length, taking it all in her fuck-channel. She wailed and moaned, her tits taking another lash of the thin leather whip-tail, her tit-mounds heaving and jerking. The thin lines of agony were now all over her tits, and her swelling flesh was crimson with the force of the blows. Her tight asscheeks jerked as Eileen whipped them, beating another deep welt into her skin.

She came, feeling her pussy walls throb around William's cock. She couldn't tell which was pain and which was lust any more. It was all one and it made her come, endlessly, helplessly. She fucked up and down on William's cock, her pussy going out of control, sucking at his swelling flesh, tightening each time the whip lashed her.

William gasped, his eyes running over the whipped masses of Mirabelle's tits. His ass heaved up, ramming his cock into her pussy harder and faster as the cum boiled in his balls.

"Oh, yeah, yeah! I'm coming!" he gasped. "Whip her! Fuck, I'm coming!"

"Come on, William, come on!" Eileen screamed, beating her aunt's ass with an incredible fury. "Fuck! Come on! Shoot up her cunt, William! Shoot up her cunt!"

Eileen gasped, sliding her fingers down to her trembling cunt, rubbing it. Her little white slip flicked around her thighs as she moved. She lashed Mirabelle's ass, her long legs shaking excitement.

"Come on, Auntie! This is a real man up your cunt, make the most of it!"

Mirabelle shrieked and came. Her head was flung back, her arms pulling at the chain. The chain to her collar rattled, and her tits thrust out as the whip-tails curled around them. She felt William's cock swell in her pussy, the hard shaft jerking as the cum churned in his balls.

William gripped her waist tightly, ramming her pussy onto his cock with all the force as hot streams of jizz rushed up his thick fuck-shaft. He roared with lust, his cock jerking as the cum burst up it and gushed into her spasming cunt.

Mirabelle screamed as the first jet of cum burst into her pussy. She jerked as the hot liquid rushed over her cunt walls. She was coming in terrible spasms of lust, the climaxes bursting in the depths of her cunt. She hardly knew that her pussy was spasming around his hard, shooting cock, ramming down on it, taking every gush of cum, every inch of meat it could get.

She felt the whip on her tits, but didn't realize that she was making a target of them for Dustin. She screamed in the most depraved lust when the tail lashed into her flesh. And she never knew that her ass rammed out everytime she slammed her cunt to the base of William's cock, never knew that her asscheeks waved and thrust, taking the full beat of the rod, as the agony shot through into her cunt.

"Uurrgghh!" she screamed. "I hate you! Hate you all! I hate youuuu!"

But she came again, her orgasm surging through her to the tips of her nipples as they took the agony of the whip. She swung on the chain, her head back, her eyes closed, her whole body shaking and quivering. Cum gushed into her cunt, then oozed out of her fuck-hole as she fucked on William's spurting rod. Jizz ran into the crack of her ass.

And still she came.

William bellowed with satisfaction as his cock spurted thick gobs of cum-cream into Mirabelle's cunt, his ass jerking, his eyes feasting on Mirabelle's tits.

"Fuck, yeah!" he yelled. "Watch her cunt go!"

Mirabelle's long legs gripped his waist as she came again, her body totally out of control. The whip lashed her tits. The rod whipped her ass, and she took the last gushes of fuck-juice into her cunt.

"Ohhh, God, God, God!" she screamed as she crashed over the top, her pussy sucking William's cock, her tits and ass taking the slashing blows of the whip and rod. She hung on the chains, exhausted. Her legs fell from around William's waist.

William signaled to Eileen and Dustin to stop. He held Mirabelle on his cock as the last gobs of cum oozed out of her cunt.

Mirabelle still felt William's prick in her cunt as she trembled with the most terrible satisfaction that she'd ever known. William rolled her around on his cock like a puppet as he took all he wanted from her cunt and his cock became limp.

Then he shoved her off his cock and threw her across the bed. She sprawled, no longer caring what she looked like, her whipped ass and tits showing to them all. Dimly, through the mists clouding her mind, she heard Manfred yelling as he fucked Nichole.

Chapter SIX

Manfred yelled as he shoved his rock-hard cock into the sopping wet pit of Nichole's fuckhole. "Jeez, this cunt's fantastic!"

He leaned down, grabbed Nichole's swinging tits and played with them, ramming his cock into her cunt harder and faster.

"Fuck, you bitch, I'm gonna come, you know that? I'm fucking gonna come!" His cock rasping over Nichole's hot cunt slammed deep.

What remained of Nichole's little teddy flapped against her body as she jerked against the back of the chair. She moaned and wailed, her pussy sucking at the massive prick buried there, her pussy tightening around it as she rushed up to climax. She pushed her tits into Manfred's hands, her ass trembling as she heaved back for every inch of his cock.

"Yes, yes, Manfred! Come on! Fuck me! I'm coming! Come on, ram it up me! I can't get enough, come on -- aagghhh, yesss!" She lurched up, her dark hair tossing, her tits pressed into Manfred's hands as the spasms of orgasm rushed over her. "Do it, please, Manfred! Fuck meeeeee!"

Her cunt sucked at his stiff prick, her body rocking in her raging lust.

Manfred roared with excitement and gripped her tits harder, holding his prick deep in her demanding cunt. "Okay, you whore! I'll give you a ride! I ain't coming till you can't take my cock any more!"

Her tight cunt walls closed tighter around his cockshaft. He held the squirming, gasping, climaxing Nichole on his cock.

Mirabelle heard this depravity through a dim haze. There was no pain left in her ass and tits, just a low, seething mass of satisfaction. She moaned and lay there face-down, feeling utterly ashamed of herself.

But she didn't have much time for that. She felt hands on her ass and she moaned desperately, pressing her face into the bed covers.

"Yeah," she heard Dustin remark. "I reckon I will fuck her in the ass!"

"What?" Mirabelle moaned and rolled over slowly. She had no fight left, even though a throb of horror passed through her as she thought of what he'd said.

He leaned over her, his legs spread, his robe open, his cock out and being caressed by Eileen.

Eileen grinned at her aunt. "You gotta be fucked in the ass, Auntie. We all get fucked in the ass!"

She giggled and leaned down, running her tongue over the swollen head of Dustin's cock.

"What ya think, Auntie?" she crooned. "You think I can get it wet enough to get in, or do you think we oughta cream it?"

Eileen was still giggling with delight as Mirabelle shuddered, her stomach turning.

"You can't be that perverted!" she moaned. "Auntie, how could you?" Eileen teased, her blonde hair falling all over Dustin's cock as she played with it. "You gotta learn to take a cock up your ass and pussy at the same time. I mean, fuck, you wanna learn persuasion? So, Auntie, what's it gonna be?"

"No!" Mirabelle gasped, pulling her legs up. Her neck chain jangled as she moved and her wrist bonds reminded her of her helplessness. She could see and hear Manfred fucking Nichole. The little bitch was still screaming with lust as she came, her pussy throbbing and sucking at his thick shaft.

"No?" Eileen whispered. "You know what that word gets you, Auntie?"

"No, please!" Mirabelle moaned.

"Turn over and lie flat!" Dustin demanded, his young face beaming with lust.

Mirabelle looked at him, trembling with horror at the submission he demanded. He was only about eighteen and he was telling her what to do.

"Turn over and lay flat or I'll put you back on the chain," he said, rattling her collar links. "You wanna be whipped until I cum in your ass?"

Mirabelle moaned and knew she was beaten. She had no alternative but to surrender to him. Tears ran down her face, but there was also a spasm of excitement that pulsed in her pussy.

It was happening everytime she submits now and it made her feel even more ashamed. Sobbing gently, she slid her legs down the bed and rolled over, presenting her ass to him.

"Open up," he ordered, slapping her ass. Mirabelle jerked. His palm had landed on her mashed flesh and sent hot barbs of agony spurting through her body. She spread her thighs, showing her swelling pussylips surrounded by slicked-down cunt hair.

"Better," Dustin said, his cock thrusting hard in Eileen's grip. He ran his hand over Mirabelle's tight asscheeks. "You really wanna be ass-fucked?"

Mirabelle moaned, feeling her ass burning with pain. She knew what was coming, but she couldn't give in.

"No, please, not that?" she gasped. "Please fuck me in the pussy if you want, but not that!"

He spanked her ass hard, slapping her sore asscheeks.

"Aagghhh!" Mirabelle gasped, jerking up, her ass throbbing with pain.

"Tell me how much you wanna be ass fucked!" Dustin spanked her again.

Mirabelle wailed and screamed, jerking up, agony rushing out of her ass. She tried to close her legs, but he was between them, his knees holding her thighs spread apart.

"Beg for it, whore!" He laughed, his cock rubbing against her thighs. "I wanna hear you beg!"

He spanked Mirabelle's asscheeks harder, each one in turn, five or six times.

"Aaaghhhh!" Mirabelle screamed, trying to roll over and escape the pain.

Instantly Eileen landed on Mirabelle's back and grabbed the chain. She pulled Mirabelle's head up by the collar, pinning her aunt to the bed, her hot ass in the middle of Mirabelle's back.

Mirabelle screamed and tried to push her niece away, but Dustin spanked her ass hard and more agony throbbed out over her. Mirabelle collapsed back onto the bed, gasping, her ass burning with terrible pain.

The spanking went on -- Dustin's hand slapping her asscheeks, beating each side in turn, reddening her flesh further. He straddled her thighs, keeping up the relentless beating.

"Yeah, fuck, I love this!" he yelled. "Beg me, whore, beg me!"

Mirabelle's ass jerked wildly. She felt a dark, desperate excitement rising with the pain.

Throbs of depraved lust shot through, but she needed something more. She needed cock and it didn't really matter any more where she got it.

Dustin spanked her hard and she gave a final scream of submission.

"Yes, yes, please, Dustin! Fuck my ass."

"Fuck!" Dustin yelled, spanking her ass again. "I was enjoying that. Beg me again fuck hole!"

"Aaagghh! Please, Dustin, fuck my ass!" Mirabelle screamed as the pain rushed out of her asscheeks. "Please, fuck my ass!"

"Jeeezz," Dustin sighed, his cock throbbing over Mirabelle's ass, hard and ready. "Your fucking aunt turns me on, Eileen!"

"So what? She turns me on too!" Eileen laughed and let Mirabelle's head fall back to the pillows. "You want her to cream your cock up?"

"Nah, I'll cream her ass."

Mirabelle lay there, wondering what he was going to do with her. She felt a squirt of some kind of cream on her ass. It felt deliciously cool and she moaned gently as Dustin spread it over her crimson flesh. More of it was squirted on her and a soft sensuality poured over the helpless woman.

Dustin moved up, straddling her thighs, his cock still thrusting over her ass.

Eileen took Dustin's prick and pushed it down into the crack of Mirabelle's ass, letting him fuck into the red whipped flesh as he creamed her asscheeks.

Mirabelle was moaning with lust, spasms of excitement rolling over her body. The soft roll of Dustin's hands in the cream and the feel of his cock in her ass-crack were making her come in low submissive pulses. She lay there, feeling the endless soft climaxes running through her.

"Yeah!" Dustin sighed as he ran cream into the crack of Mirabelle's ass, pushing his cock heat at the crinkled, tight entrance to Mirabelle's shit-hole. Then he smeared cream all over her asshole, rubbing it harder, pushing at the crinkled entrance.

Mirabelle tried to tense her ass muscles, but she was too exhausted. She relaxed, hardly noticing as Dustin slid a finger into her shitter. He slid cream into her ass, rubbing it all over her shit-pit walls as she lay there, her face in the pillows, her ass jerking a little. Dustin growled with satisfaction, finger-fucking Mirabelle's ass, his cock sliding in her ass-crack while Eileen slid her own creamed fingers over it.

Suddenly, on the other side of the room, Nichole reared up, her body as taut as a bow.

"Whip my tits!" she screamed at William, who was sitting in a chair. "Whip my tits you fucker! I gotta come higher, whip my tits!"

"Keep your fuckin' pants on!" Manfred roared, fucking his cock deep in her cunt. He grabbed her hair, pulling her body back even harder, ramming her into the chair back. "Do it, William, show the bitch how to come properly!"

William laughed and picked up the long tailed whip. He lined it up, cracked it once over Nichole's head, then lashed her tits.

Nichole's tits swung violently under the impact. A curving red line appeared across them, and Nichole gave a spine-chilling scream of lust and pain.

"Yeeuueegh!" she wailed, her body jerking. "Again! Harder? Whip meeeee!"

William lashed her tits and she lurched, coming in screaming waves of depraved passion. Her body gyrated as orgasms rocked her, bursting in her tits and cunt, sending her screaming higher with each stroke of the long-tailed whip.

William grinned, swinging the whip to the pulse of Nichole's screaming demands. His other hand was running over his cock, which was rapidly hardening.

"Do it, do it, William, I gotta come harder!" Nichole screeched, thrusting her tits out, the twin globes already a deep red all over, with deeper weals in the soft flesh.

The whip lashed in and tore away another strip of her teddy. She screamed louder, shaking and tensing.

"Fuck!" Manfred yelled, his eyes on Nichole's tits, his cock going out of control in her sucking cunt. "The bitch's bringing me off! Whip her tits! Whip her real good!"

He shoved the screaming, twisting Nichole harder into the chair back, almost lifting her feet off the floor.

"Yes, yes, do it!" Nichole screamed, her pussy throbbing out of control around Manfred's cock. "Uurrhh! Fuck, fill me up, Manfred! Come on! You can get hard again, you gotta fuck your sister yet!"

"Uurrhh! Bitch!" Manfred roared as a streaming gush of cum burst out of his cock and splashed into her sucking pussy walls.

He gripped her hair hard, pumping his cock at her pussy, shooting streams of hot cum into her willing body. His ass jerked as he yelled with release, jism squirting into Nichole's hot cunt.

"Gimme more, William! More! Yes -- mooorre!" She climaxed, surging to the crest of her orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Her hair tore out of Manfred's grasp as she bent over the chair, sobbing and gasping with satisfaction.

"Ohhhh, fuck, that was un-fuckin' believable!" she gasped.

Manfred pumped out the last gobs of his cum into her still-sucking pussy.

"Fuck!" He grinned at William. "These two get better everytime."

William grinned and rubbed his cock. "Only trouble is they make you so fuckin' horny everytime!"

"Ohhhh, how terrible." Nichole moaned. "I guess I'll have to get fucked again!"

"You can wait, honey." William chuckled. Mirabelle knew she was about to be ass fucked and a deep terror surged through her.

Dustin was straddling her thighs, his cock in her ass-crack. Eileen was still holding his prick, pushing it down, lining it up on her crinkled little hole.

Mirabelle moaned and buried her face deeper into the pillows. Stabs of excitement rushed over her body and the wonderful satisfaction of the cream on her ass still lingered. She tensed, waiting for the cock to begin fucking her ass.

It wasn't like his finger, that was for sure. His big prickhead pushed at her ass and slammed in an inch or so, sliding in on the slick cream.

Instantly Mirabelle tensed as pain shot through her ass. Her anal muscles stretched under the invasion, throbbing painfully.

Dustin held his cock where it was, only moving it a little in and out of her tight entrance. "Ready, bitch?"

Mirabelle could feel his cock and she knew Eileen was still holding it, waiting for him to drive it to the depths of her ass.

"Yes!" she sobbed. "I'm ready!"

Dustin yelled with laughter and delight. Suddenly he slammed his cock right into Mirabelle's ass as Eileen let go of his prick so he could ram it all in.

Mirabelle screeched with pain as her ass was reamed out by the thick shaft of Dustin's cock. Her ass walls trembled and spasmed, aching, as his cock drove deep into her guts. She gasped, trying to reach back to grip her suffering ass, but the chain stopped her.

"Yeah, Auntie, a real ass-fuck, right?" Eileen laughed, appearing in front of Mirabelle's face. She leaned beck against the head of the bed and smirked at her suffering aunt. "Fuck, does your ass feel as if it's got a great big pole up it?"

Mirabelle wept, pushing her face down into the pillows to avoid looking at her niece's face.

Dustin was groaning on top of her, ramming his cock in her ass, his cock circling in her shit pit. He forced her thighs wider apart with his knees, his hairy loins rubbing against her sore ass, scraping the whipped flesh. He growled, reaching under Mirabelle for her whipped tits, grabbing the twin mounds, squeezing and twisting them.

"Ooooh, fuck this is great!" he gasped. "My cock feels soo good!"

He laughed and Eileen laughed too, her blonde hair tossing over her shoulders.

Mirabelle hardly knew when Nichole had climbed onto the bed, but suddenly she was there, grinning, her thighs spread, the dark bush of her cunt hair soaking wet and covered in cum. She ran her finger in the gobby mess and pulled it out.

Eileen jerked Mirabelle's hair, and the two little bitches laughed at her suffering. Nichole slid her finger into her mouth and licked off the cum, her wicked eyes on Mirabelle. Then she slid her finger into her cunt again and pulled it out. It was covered with jizz.

"Your turn," she said with a grin, pushing her finger at Mirabelle's mouth.

"Lick it, aunt, or I'll give you something to think about!" Dustin growled, working his cock deeper in Mirabelle's ass as he pulled at her tits.

"No!" Mirabelle wailed, staring at the horrible cummy mess on Nichole's finger.

"Pull her back, Dustin," Eileen said. "You'll get your cock deeper into her fuckin' ass anyway."

"Shit, the bitch is always giving trouble!" Dustin growled.

Mirabelle screamed as he hauled her down the bed. Her legs came off the end of the bed and she was forced to stand on the floor, bent at the waist, her ass thrusting out, taking even more of Dustin's cock. Her ass throbbed as it was fucked by the full length of Dustin's cock. Now he was leaning on her back, ramming his cock to the depths of her ass. But his hands were still on her tits and he pulled her up, twisting her nipples in his fingers.

"Lick it!" he snapped, ramming his cock in her ass, churning it in her shit-pit.

Mirabelle moaned as pain rushed out of her nipples. They were sore, and he was twisting them hard, pinching them with all his force.

"Lick it, Auntie!" Eileen giggled as Nichole held her finger to Mirabelle's sobbing lips.

Mirabelle moaned, her tits aching, her ass throbbing with the raping fuck of Dustin's cock.

"Lick it!" Dustin snarled. He tightened his grip on the hard buds of Mirabelle's nipples with a vicious force.

Mirabelle moaned. Her mouth opened and Nichole pushed her finger in.

Submissively Mirabelle licked at the cummy finger. It wasn't so bad, even if it was her brother's cum. She licked it clean, letting the thick goo slide down her throat. The taste lingered.

"Oh, good!" Nichole giggled and slid her finger back into her pussy.

"Hey, why don't you just give her your cunt?" Eileen said.

"Oooooh, of course!" Nichole replied sarcastically. "Why didn't I think of that?"

Mirabelle sobbed louder, but she knew she couldn't fight any longer. She was too tired, her nipples were still in Dustin's grip and he could send spasms of pain all over her at any time he wanted. Her ass was throbbing with excitement, yet the pain in her tits burst through her exhaustion, sending trembles of lust through her body.

Nichole straddled her, her thighs around Mirabelle's face. She grabbed Mirabelle's hair and pulled her mouth to her hot wet pussy-crack.

"Yeah!" she gasped. "Suck it good for me!" Mirabelle felt the hot wet flesh slide over her mouth, smearing cum over her cheeks and mouth. The smell of fuck juice and female lust assaulted her nostrils, and she moaned. She sucked at Nichole's hard clit-bud, filling her mouth with it as the open lips of Nichole's cunt spread over her mouth. Her tongue began licking up the cum that was oozing from the tight hole of Nichole's pussy. The sticky goo ran all over her mouth.

Dustin's cock was speeding up in her ass, slamming in with all his force. He yelled with rising lust, puffing on Mirabelle's nipples, twisting them brutally.

"Oooohhh, fuck, I'm gonna shoot this time!" he gasped. "How do you like a fuckin' ass full of cum?"

He growled with lust, his cock churning the depths of Mirabelle's shit-pit while the jizz surged in his balls.

Mirabelle sucked on Nichole's wet pussy gash, making the little brunette gasp with hut.

It was setting her off again -- her throbbing nipples, the lust pouring out of her ass as Dustin's cock swelled and throbbed as it filled with cum. She hated herself, hated herself more than anything in the world, but still, she was going to come again.

Chapter SEVEN

"Yaaaaahh?" Dustin yelled as his cock pumped a hot gush of jizz into Mirabelle's sucking ass. "Ohhhh, fuck, fuuck, fuuuck!"

He twisted his cock in Mirabelle's shitter, rasping his body over her whipped ass. Roaring with release, he fucked his prick deep in her ass, ramming her into the bed with all his force.

Mirabelle felt the stream of hot goo pour into her shit-pit. It washed over her ass-walls, making them spasm with horrible lust. The pain in her asscheeks, where Dustin's strong, heavy body rubbed over them, set the lust burning higher and it exploded in another burst of climax.

She screamed, sucking Nichole's pussy for all she was worth, taking in the gobs of her brother's cum as they ran out of the little bitch's cunt. Her tongue worked over Nichole's clit, and Nichole leaned back on the bed, grabbing Mirabelle's hair, forcing her cunt harder at the blonde's mouth.

"Shit, she's making me come!" Nichole gasped, her thighs trembling, closing compulsively as the soaring lust rushed through her pussy. "Come on! Fuck that cunt's ass, Dustin, she's making me come!"

Dustin pumped his spunk into the hot, sucking hole of Mirabelle's shitter. He reached under the spasming woman, gripped her tits, twisting the soft flesh in his raging release. His ass jerked harder as the peak of his come pumped the hot strings of cum into Mirabelle's shivering shit-hole.

Mirabelle moaned in despair as the sweeping surges of orgasm rushed through her. She knew she had completely betrayed herself. Still the pulses of orgasm broke in her ass, and her mouth sucked in desire at the hot wet slit of Nichole's cunt.

"Aagghh, yes, yes! Fuuuuck, do it!" Nichole screamed and twisted as her climax surged and broke. She gasped and rolled over on the bed, moaning with pleasure. "Jesus! That bitch can suck!"

Mirabelle plunged her face in the pillows, trying to ignore the fact that her ass was still eager for more of Dustin's cock, taking the last gobs of his cum, her ass-muscles tightening and spasming around his hard, fleshy pole. Another orgasm surged through her. She lay there, utterly ashamed of herself, feeling Dustin's cock still jerking in her ass.

"That was some ass-fuck!" He pulled his cock out of Mirabelle's ass and hopped around to the top of the bed. "You got it dirty, cunt! Now lick it clean!"

For a moment, Mirabelle didn't understand what he meant. Then she saw his cock. It was covered with cum and her own shit. The lights in the bedroom were dim, but she didn't need to look more than once.

"Oh, God, no, not that!" she sobbed and tried to roll off the bed.

Instantly Eileen was across her back and Nichole grabbed the collar chain.

Eileen grabbed her aunt's hair and pulled her face up. "Gotta lick cock, Auntie. What the fuck do you think you're here for?"

"No, please, that's disgusting!"

"See?" Eileen giggled. "She's learning. We're disgusting, dead right, Auntie. So suck it, be disgusting like us!"

She pulled on Mirabelle's hair.

Mirabelle stared at Dustin's cock and wanted to throw up. Dustin pushed it at her mouth and some of the cum ran over her lips.

"No, please!" she wept.

"Lick it!" Nichole snapped and slid the chain down, over Mirabelle's tits.

"No!" Mirabelle gasped, her throat dry with horror.

Nichole worked a link of the chain over her nipple, then slotted another one over the swelling bud. She pulled, and the two ends of the links started to bite into Mirabelle's throbbing tit-flesh.

"Lick it, Auntie!" Eileen giggled, pulling harder on Mirabelle's hair.

"Aagghh!" Mirabelle screamed, half-choking in the collar as the chain links bit into her nipples. The pain was terrible, nothing like the sensual agony of the whip that she was now so used to.

Sobbing helplessly, she lowered her head and licked at Dustin's still half-hard cock. She closed her eyes so that she wouldn't have to see. The smell was disgustingly earthy, but somehow she managed to forget that too. Cum ran over her tongue as she licked the length of his cock, running up and down the thick fucker while Dustin held it in her mouth and murmured with satisfaction.

"Yeaahh!" he gasped. "That's a good bitch!"

Mirabelle wanted to die. Her mouth sank down over Dustin's cock, taking it in, cleaning all the horrible goo off it.

"Wow, great!" Dustin gasped, fucking his prick into Mirabelle's mouth as the first sign of hardness came back into it. He pulled it out of her mouth and inspected it. "Fucking A!"

Eileen rolled away from Mirabelle, but she took the chain from Nichole and grinned at her aunt. "Guess what now, Auntie?"

Mirabelle didn't want to think, but she could feel the expectation in the room. Then she saw Manfred.

"No, please, Manfred, no!" she gasped in horror, but she could see that his cock was up and hard again and there was no doubt what he intended to do with it.

"Come here, Sis."

He had the long-tailed whip in his hand. Mirabelle pulled herself up, her head ringing with exhaustion. She crawled across the bed to him, terribly aware of the expectant silence in the room.

Eileen still held the chain, and she was giggling with delight. "Hey, Auntie! You want to suck it with me?"

Mirabelle sobbed as Manfred's cock pushed at her lips.

"Suck it, Sis," Manfred said, his voice sounding soft but full of menace.

He coiled the whip and Mirabelle did something that made her tremble with a shame so deep she knew she'd never get over it.

As the whip coiled in Manfred's hand, she gave a guttural groan of lust and brought her ass up like a bitch in heat. Her thighs were spread, and she ran her tongue over her lips, her eyes on the whip.

"Suck it!"

"No, please, no!" Mirabelle moaned. "You're my brother!"

But her ass was circling wantonly, thrusting, as it waited for the pain.

Manfred lashed the whip over his sister's back and into the curving cheeks of her ass. Mirabelle gurgled with pain, her head spinning, her ass jerking.

"Suck it!"

"No! No!"

The whip lashed between her asscheeks and the very tip of it bit right into the crinkled ring of Mirabelle's asshole.

The pain was incredible, bursting in her guts, burning with the most terrible fury and lust. One more of those and she knew she'd come.

"Suck it!"

"No!" she whispered, rubbing her face in the sheets. "No, no!"

The whip lashed right between her asscheeks again, cutting into the tight ring of her asshole. She climaxed, heaving on the bed, shuddering with the terrible combination of agony and lust.

"Suck it!" Manfred snapped.

"No!" Mirabelle gasped. "No, I -- aahh! Ohhh, fuck!"

She took another lash on her shitter. Her fingers dug into the bed as her ass circled.

"Lick it!" Manfred demanded, his cock close to Mirabelle's face. "No!"

Mirabelle took the whip on her whole one more time. She thought she'd burst apart as the passions erupted through her body. Gurgling and moaning, she lifted her head and slid her mouth over Manfred's cockhead, taking it in, sucking it for all she was worth.

"Better," Manfred groaned. "Now show me you can take it right in, right in your throat, Sis!"

Mirabelle pulled back, mewling and weeping. "I can't!" she wept, her ass jerking helplessly. "Take it right in, or else!" Manfred slid the whip over Mirabelle's shoulders, the coiled leather scraping her flesh.

He knew what was happening to her, Mirabelle knew that. He was playing with her and she was helpless.

"No!" she moaned. "I can't take it all in! It's too big!"

She ran her mouth down his massive cock, her lips dragging on it, her tongue flicking over the rock-hard flesh.

The whip curled over her back and bit into her whole. Her orgasm surged. Screaming and gurgling with horror, shame and delight, Mirabelle sucked the massive head of her brother's cock, taking it down to the entrance of her throat.

"Deeper!" Manfred demanded.

He lashed Mirabelle's asshole.

Mirabelle's scream was muffled by his cock. Her head slammed down, taking his prickhead into her throat. Instantly she gagged, but the whip lashed her asshole once more. Her ass jerked as she took another lashing between her asscheeks.

Manfred swirled the whip through the air again, then lashed Mirabelle's ass, deeper this time. The leather cut into her asshole and her clit.

The scream Mirabelle gave burst out from around her brother's cock. She lunged her head down, taking almost the whole length into her throat. Her neck bulged, her head bobbed up and down and her ass trembled as orgasms rocked her.

"Yeah, just one more, Sis!" Manfred snarled, lashing the whip into Mirabelle's ass.

The whip lashed her ass and pussy. Mirabelle's bubbling screams erupted out of her throat. Her lips slid to the base of her brother's cock and stayed there, her head pumping wildly, her throat spuming around his fucker.

"Yeah! That's it honey!" He laughed and whipped his sister, keeping her ass in agony and her mouth lunging around on his cock. "Okay, that's enough. I wanna fuck you right now. You can blow me later!"

Mirabelle didn't hear him. Her throat spumed and she sucked wildly at the massive pole in her throat. Another orgasm rocked her guts as her tongue swirled around the hard rod buried to the hilt between her lips.

She didn't even see who pulled her up off Manfred's cock and threw her on her back on the bed. Her thighs opened. Manfred pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and shoved his cock into her tight pussy. Her cunt throbbed as his enormous prick slid in. She moaned, her head beck, eyes closed. The cock filled her pussy and Manfred leaned on her, fucking her with a rising fury.

Then Eileen was straddling her face, her pussy and ass spread open.

"Suck me, Auntie! This one's just for the family!" With a cackle of horrible lust, she pushed her cunt down on Mirabelle's face.

Mirabelle had nothing left to fight with. Eileen's steaming cunt slid over her mouth and she sucked at it, licking the slick flesh while Eileen moaned and jerked over her. Dimly she felt Manfred's cock sliding in her cunt, filling her up, while her orgasms pulsed through her helpless body.

Manfred laughed and pulled his sister's legs up, then pressed them down as he leaned on them. His cock sank deeper into Mirabelle's pussy.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" Eileen moaned and leaned back, her body arched, her pussy running over Mirabelle's face.

Manfred sucked his daughter's tits, kissing and nibbling at them while Eileen gasped with pleasure. Her pussy slid up, away from Mirabelle's face, and her asscheeks came down to take its place.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" she gasped, pushing her ass harder onto Mirabelle's face.

Mirabelle felt herself being smothered. Eileen's asscheeks spread around her face and the tight ring of Eileen's shiner was moving on her mouth. But Mirabelle was too far gone to do anything to stop it.

She gasped, pulling Eileen's heaving body around until she could breathe through her nose, even if her mouth was pushed against her niece's ass. Slow burning orgasms rushed out of her pussy where Manfred's cock pumped in and out. Her tongue flicked out, licking Eileen's asshole. She gripped Eileen's asscheeks and she gasped for breath whenever she could.

"Ohhh!" Eileen moaned, her tits thrusting into Manfred's mouth, her nipples hard and taut. "Ohhh, bite them, Daddy! Come on, just like you know I like!"

Manfred growled with lust, pumping his cock harder into his sister's cunt as he slid his tongue over Eileen's nipple.

"Ohhh, yes, Daddy! Yes!" Eileen squealed as he rolled her nipples hard, biting down on them and holding the tight fleshy bud. She screeched with lust and came, ramming her ass down on Mirabelle's face, her tits thrusting at her father's mouth. "Ooouugghh! Daddy, yes! Bite me -- yes, just like that! Ohhh, Daddy!"

She spasmed, her pussy oozing juices into her asscrack and over Mirabelle's face.

Manfred fucked Mirabelle, his hands leaning on her ankles, pressing them down hard on either side of Eileen's heaving body. His cock churned in Mirabelle's cunt, swelling and getting harder as his excitement mounted. His mouth roamed over Eileen's tits, closing in on her other nipple while the hot little blonde moaned and begged for more.

"Ohhh, come on, Auntie! Lick my ass!" Eileen screamed, ramming her shitter entrance down on Mirabelle's face. "Make me come, make me come!"

She spasmed, the torn remains of her white slip tossing and flicking around her body.

"Yes, bite me, Auntie, bite me!" she wailed, her ass slamming over Mirabelle's mouth.

Mirabelle felt a surge of fury and lust burning brighter in her body. She sucked the ring of muscles surrounding Eileen's slitter, then she bit, chewing on the flesh, rolling it around, gasping for breath. Her tongue pushed into the tight hole.

Manfred slid his teeth over Eileen's other nipple and bit at it while he pumped his cock in his sister's pussy.

Eileen gave a shriek of horrible lust and surged to a peak of climax. Her ass twitched and shook. Her pussy poured juices, and her stockinged legs jerked all over the bed. Then she gave a final shriek and rolled off Mirabelle's face, gasping and moaning with satisfaction.

Mirabelle gasped for breath, her cunt sucking hard at Manfred's cock as he suddenly loomed over her. His face was bright with lust as he fucked his sister, and it was clear to Mirabelle that he'd wanted to do this for a long time. He leaned harder on her ankles, pushing her feet down to the bed, ramming his cock into her cunt to the hilt.

"Yeah, Sis!" he roared, fucking his prick in her fuck-hole, rolling Mirabelle on the bed with the force of his fucking.

Mirabelle wept at the shame of being fucked by her brother, but the passions in her body were far worse than that. Images of Manfred's cock in her throat while the whip lashed her ass burned in her head. The climaxes that erupted from that terrible contact had almost shattered her to pieces. And now the rasp of his cock in her cunt wasn't enough to bring her back to that level. She sobbed and turned her head away, almost glad that she couldn't feel the real hurt she had felt before. If she came like with her brother fucking her, then there was no telling where she would end up.

Manfred groaned as he fucked his cock in Mirabelle's sucking fuck-channel. He rammed her into the bed hard, enjoying the other people sifting around and watching. Groaning with lust, he leaned down, his mouth moving over his sister's tits until he got to her nipple.

"Nooo, no, please, Manfred! Please -- aaahh!" Mirabelle moaned as he sucked her nipple and bit it.

She lurched with a sudden, savage power. She was coming again, the orgasms boiling in her guts.

"Ohhh, Auntie, you want more?" Eileen giggled and slid her tongue over Mirabelle's other tit.

Mirabelle moaned and wept, begging them to stop, but suddenly her brother and niece were both biting her nipples, chewing them. She spasmed again and something of the mind wrenching climaxes she'd felt before surged back. She heaved on the bed, her legs pushing at Manfred's hands, her pussy taking the full length of his cock.

"Please, no, please!" she begged, but her body was betraying her. Her tits pushed at the two mouths working them. She came, moaning and sobbing in shame. Her pussy sucked harder at Manfred's cock, and he gave a great yell of lust as he chewed his sister's nipple.

He gasped. His cock was suddenly swelling with cum as it burst out of his balls. He roared and lunged, slamming his cock to the depths of Mirabelle's cunt, shooting wads of hot white jism deep in his sister's pussy. His jaw spumed and his teeth slid on Mirabelle's nipple, pulling on it until her tit stretched. Then, his grip on her nipple getting tighter, he held there, roaring with lust as his cock emptied into Mirabelle's cunt.

Mirabelle stared at her tit, her nipple burning in Manfred's mouth. The rush of climax burst harder in her guts and her pussy sucked at Manfred's cock as if it was going to rip it off. She screamed, coming in endless spasms of passion.

"Uurrhh, bastard, fucker! Stop it, let me go!" she wailed, but the climaxes rushed on. Her pussy sucked at his spurting cock as she climaxed again. She sobbed, utterly ashamed of herself for her dreadful submission.

"Yuurrhh!" Manfred roared, his cock fucking into Mirabelle's streaming cunt, pouring out the last thick gobs of his cum-cream. He slammed his sister into the bed, his prick pumping spunk, his ass tight and thrusting. He gasped and slammed the last gob of cum into Mirabelle's cunt. He let go of her nipple as he reared up, his cock pulling out of her fuck-hole.

"Yeahh, that was something else!" he gasped and crawled upward. "Suck that, honey!"

Mirabelle gave in and took the thick fucker into her mouth. She licked it clean of cum. She licked the heaving flesh in her mouth, wondering how she could ever survive the horror of her degradation.

"Yeah!" Manfred gasped. "I reckon I'm about fucked out!"

Chapter EIGHT

Mirabelle stirred and woke. Pain rolled through her body and she turned toward the light. Her arm pulled at something and there was something else around her neck. She tried to sit up, then fell back as chains rattled.

Then she remembered.

She was on Manfred's massive bed, chained to it by her neck and wrists. Sunlight streamed through the window over her whipped and raped body. She looked down at the cum encrusted on her tits and pussy, shuddering with disgust. But she remembered the fucking, the climaxes she'd had and she blushed with desperate shame. Trembles of depraved excitement started in her pussy as she looked at her crimson tit mounds.

She flopped back onto the pillows, weeping in shame, as she remembered the most disgusting thing of all. She hadn't told them, but they knew. She'd only really come when they whipped her. Fucking made her climax, but they were weak beside the power of the orgasms that came with the whip. She turned her head into the pillows and sobbed harder. She was depraved and disgusting, nothing she could do now would save her.

The door opened and William came in. He was dressed in a black robe and carried a thin rod. He stood at the end of the bed until she turned and looked at him. Even then she couldn't hold his gaze; she blushed and looked down, her face crimson with shame.

"Well," he said, grinning a little. "You sure showed us last night, huh?"

Mirabelle sobbed and held her tongue.

"You need a shower," William said. "Are you going to behave, or do I have to keep you chained?"

"I'll behave," Mirabelle moaned, her eyes staying away from his.

He unchained her and she stood by the bed, submissively waiting for him. He took her to the bathroom and told her to shower and use the toilet if she wanted to. She had to take a shit and piss, and somehow she felt she deserved to have him standing there, watching. She showered and washed her hair as he told her to. Then he told her to make herself up to look desirable. She broke down at that. It meant that she would have to perform more disgusting sex acts and, anyway, she didn't know how to make herself up to look like a slut.

So Eileen came in, sat her in front of the mirror and made her up.

The effect was stunning. Mirabelle couldn't believe it. She had never known that she could look that sexual, that desirable. Her wide eyes now seemed to invite anybody to fuck her, and her luscious lips seemed to pout naturally, as if they were just waiting for a cock to slide between them.

She glanced at herself and kept her eyes down, ashamed of how she looked and felt.

"Not bad, Auntie." Eileen giggled as she brushed Mirabelle's hair into a teased-out mass around her head. "Fuck, you look real good, you know that?"

Mirabelle blushed and hid her head, but she couldn't avoid the look of absolute lust in William's eyes as he watched. As she stood up, she saw the full effect of the whip on her ass. The weals and stripes across it made her tremble with horror; yet, the mashed, red globes still ached for more, reminding her of her disgusting depravity.

When they were done, William led her back to the bedroom and closed the door. "Put those on. I wanna see how you look."

The outfit was all red. Mirabelle was shivering with a mixture of horror and shame as she put the mesh stockings on and clipped them to the garter belt. The panties were nothing more than little lacy strings and a tiny triangle that covered her pussy mound. The little bra was less than a quarter cup and pushed her tits up, exposing her nipples. The slip was lacy, transparent, and showed every curve of her wonderful body. Finally there were six inch heels, also red, sling-back and open-toed. She put them on and stood in front of William, trembling all over.

"Fuck!" He walked around her, examining every inch of her wonderful body. "You could make me shoot just to look at you!"

It was a horrible suggestion and Mirabelle blushed deeper, shivering with horror. But her pussy spumed at the thought of a man wanting to fuck her that much. Juices ran into her panties.

He came up to her, the collar in his hand. "I'm gonna keep you. Put this on."

Mirabelle looked at the thick black leather collar and shivered. "No, please! Not that! Just let me go, I won't tell anybody! Honestly, I'm so ashamed!" She kept her eyes on the floor, tears forming in them.

He took her chin and lifted it. "I'm gonna keep you, bitch. Keep you as my slave!"

"No!" Mirabelle sobbed, trying to avoid his eyes.

He grinned and tapped the rod against his thigh. "I'll make you deal. If you won't put the collar on and beg to be my slave in an hour, you can go."

Mirabelle moved, almost losing her balance in the high keels.

"Yes!" Mirabelle whispered. She was at the center of so many terrifying emotions that she couldn't think at all.

"You gonna be good and obey me, or do I have to tie you up?" William whispered, his eyes boring into hers as she avoided his terrible gaze.

"I'll be good!" she whispered, her tits bulging in the lacy slip top.

"Go and bend over the bed for six strokes with this," he ordered, holding the rod close to her eyes.

Mirabelle gasped and choked. She stared at the rod as it slid across her gaze, hypnotizing her. Her pussy spasmed harder and her legs shook.

"Bend over or I get the chains," William said softly.

There wasn't anything else for Mirabelle to do. She turned slowly, her eyes fixed on the rod, then walked to the bed. Her breath was short and gasping as she bent at the waist, her face going down into the bed clothes, her ass waiting for the punishment. She moaned, wondering what had become of her, as she reached back without being told and eased the hem of her slip up over her whipped ass. Since the panties she wore were nothing but a thin lacy strap at the back, her asscheeks were fully exposed. She pressed her face into the bed and waited.

"Rub your pussy," William said, sliding the rod over Mirabelle's trembling ass.

"Uurrhh!" Mirabelle gurgled, but she didn't even try to resist.

She worked her hand down under her trembling body and slid it into the top of the little red panties. She knew he could clearly see her as she spread her pussylips and rubbed her hot, hard clit-bud. Terrible jolts of passion rushed out of the contact, and she spread her legs wider, moaning, as she rubbed her wet pussy-slit.

"Six strokes."

William lashed the rod into the stretched cheeks of Mirabelle's ass.

She twisted on the bed, her fingers spuming on her pussy as the agony rushed from her ass and met the lust surging in her pussy.

He lashed her again. She screamed, digging her fingers into her cunt, rushing to the brink of a climax that already threatened to drive her out of her mind.

"Two," William said and lashed her again. "Aagghh!" Mirabelle wailed and came, her body trembling, her fingers blurring on her clit. She twisted, her tits pressing down into the bed, her whole body on fire with depraved lust.

"Three," William said, and suddenly Mirabelle could feel the desire in his voice as he whipped her hot, seething ass. She jerked and fell, her legs kicking up for a moment as she came.

"Four!" William snarled.

Her scream of terrible lust rang around the room. Her ass was already twice as red as before, thin red lines spreading across it. Her fingers were digging into her cuntal flesh, rubbing as hard as she could.


"Aagghh! Oohh, God, fuck!" Mirabelle screamed, coming, swirling helplessly in the grip of her passion.


"Uurrhh, fuck, no!" Mirabelle writhed in desperation, rubbing her clit as another orgasm shattered over her.

Her ass was thrust up, and William stood waiting, but she couldn't move. She moaned, rubbing her pussy, her face tight with agony. Suddenly she knew why he had challenged her. She wanted more. She needed more pain to make her come, and he wasn't going to give it to her.

"Stand up!"

"Uurrhh, no!" Mirabelle wailed, her ass jerking as she rubbed her pussy.

The orgasm she needed was fading, however hard she rubbed her cunt.

"Stand up," he said, sliding the cane over her ass.

"No!" she screamed, suddenly thinking that he'd whip her if she disobeyed and that would solve her problem.

"If you disobey me, it goes to two hours. Disobey me again and it's three. Think about it!"

He slid the rod over her ass and Mirabelle shivered helplessly.

She couldn't think straight. She wanted more pain, more whipping and, worst of all, more cock! She screamed, her fingers blurring on her clit trying to come.

"Stand up," he said.

Mirabelle straightened up, pushing herself off the bed, pulling her fingers out of her cunt and turning to face him, her eyes cast down once more.

He took her chin and lifted her face to his, staring into her eyes. She tried to turn away, but he twisted her face until she had to look at him.

"That's the last time you get until you put the collar on," he said, his eyes as hard as steel. "Then you can have as much as you want. How about it? Put it on!"

He nodded to the pillow and Mirabelle saw the collar lying there.

"No!" she whispered.

He went for the long-tailed whip.

Mirabelle shook all over.

"On your back on the bed." Mirabelle obeyed without thinking. She lay on her back and spread her thighs, lifting them when William ordered her to. She knew what it was doing to him as her long, stocking-clad legs spread and lifted, over her head, then stretched wide open on either side of her head until her toes touched the sheets. Her pussy was wide open, covered only by the transparent triangle of red gauzy material. The full expanse of her cunt and ass spread before him. The red lacy garter straps stretched over her thighs to her stocking tops.

He stood over her and coiled the whip in his hand.

Mirabelle could already see his cock sticking out of his robe, and her mouth watered. She knew what he was going to do to her and she also knew she was going to break. He slid his cock over her lips.

She moaned, sucking the massive cockhead and taking hold of the rod, playing with it as his cock throbbed in her mouth.

"Keep your legs open!" he ordered, easing his cockhead deeper, right to the entrance of her throat.

"Yes, yes, I will!" Mirabelle moaned. She couldn't stop sucking the thick shaft. It filled her mouth, and she wanted it to shoot over her lips, fill her with cum.

The whip curled in the air and lashed down right between her stretched thighs, catching her ass, pussy and clit.

She screamed, spasmed, her legs trembling and jerking as she pushed them back down to the bed. She sucked at the cock, pulling on the hard meat, trying to fill her mouth with it.

The whip lashed down again.

She knew she was lost. Instead of trying to escape the agony, her thighs spread wider, taking it as hard as she could into her cunt and ass. Degrading, total lust burst out of the agony.

William coiled the whip and waited, his cock sliding between her lips.

Mirabelle screamed, pushing up helplessly, her cunt aching, the triangle of red material becoming wet, showing her degraded lust to him.

"Put the collar on."

"Aaagghh!" Mirabelle wailed, sucking at his cock, her thighs spread wide, thrusting, aching desperately for more pain.

She felt his cock throbbing, knew he was close to coming. But she also knew that he wouldn't come until she broke. Only then would she get all that wonderful cum in her mouth. She sobbed, sucking at his cockhead, desperate for the coiled whip in his hand.

He waited, grinning, as she sucked his cock and whimpered, getting more and more desperate, her lust fading, her legs jerking and twitching.

"Put the collar on."

"No, please, don't make me!" Mirabelle wailed.

He lashed her ass and cunt.

Mirabelle's spasmed, her ass thrusting desperately for the whip. Her fingers clutched at his cock and balls, but still the massive thick fuck-rod just played in her mouth and held all its wonderful load of cum back.

"Put the collar on," he said, his cockhead swelling in her mouth.

Mirabelle shivered. The orgasm that had almost surged out of the whip-stroke receded. She knew she couldn't hold out any longer. She sobbed and sucked, somehow unable to confess her most depraved desires.

"Put the collar on." He uncoiled the whip and dropped the long tail into the crack of Mirabelle's ass. "Put the collar on!"

Very slowly, he began to pull the whip tail back, dragging the plaited leather over Mirabelle's open, wet, spasming cunt. The uneven edges in the leather dragged over her pussy.

Mirabelle's throat tightened. She choked and a terrible, drawn-out scream of desperate lust burst out of her mouth. She jerked on the bed, her thighs twitching. Each pull of the plaited leather set off tremors of depraved desire in her pussy. Her cunt jerked up to try and get as much of the leather as she could. Then her mind cleared wonderfully. She knew what she had to do. If she took enough pain, it would be the proper punishment for her depravity. Only real pain could make everything all right for her.

"Ashh! Oohh, God! Please, let me put the collar on!" she screamed.

He gasped, dragging the whip against her thighs.

Mirabelle rolled, clutching her cunt, rubbing it in desperation as she crawled toward the collar. Her trembling fingers picked it up, caressed the shiny leather.

She turned to William and got off the bed, standing on shaky legs. She moved close to him and slid the collar around her neck. She tightened it. Finally it was on. She waited.

"Now, my little slave, what do you want?" he whispered, running a finger over the black collar.

Mirabelle went to the bed, crawling onto it, turning until she could rest on her elbows and take his cock in her hands.

He stood over her as she arched her back hard, spreading her knees on the bed. Her mouth sank down over his cock and she filled her throat with his massive fuck-meat. She eased back, licking and sucking at his cock.

"Please, William, please! Whip me like Manfred did yesterday," she begged, "Please, really hard, hurt me, make me scream? Please, I want it so bad, I want it so bad! Please!"

She sank her mouth back over his cock and reached back, frantically pulling the hem of the slip up over her ass, exposing her ass-flesh to the whip.

"Okay, slave!"

He lashed between her thighs. The whip tail landed on her ass and into her pussy.

Mirabelle's screw bubbled out as she sank William's cock into her throat, spasming with release as she came.

William didn't tease her any more. He lashed her ass and pussy, finally giving her the absolute release she wanted.

She pumped her head on William's cock, feeling it spasm as the cum erupted from his balls.

Cum gushed into her mouth. The whip lashed her pussy. Spunk oozed from her lips.

Gurgling and sobbing with release, she worked her mouth back up William's cock, taking the shooting cum over her lips, shamelessly licking at the precious fluid as it shot out.

"Ouuhh! William, William! Whip me, yes! I'll do anything you want! Whip me, hurt me -- really hurt me!" Her teased-out blonde hair flowed over William's cock as she sucked his prick, her lips taking the thick gobs bursting out of his piss-slit.

"Don't worry, whore!" he gasped, the whip curling in the air, heading back down for her ass-crack. "You're gonna get everything you can take!"

"Aagghh! Yes, yes!" Mirabelle screamed, sinking his cock back into her mouth, filling it with his glorious spunk.


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