Cuffed and whipped wife

Most Americans love to think they know what the word "normal" means, and define the word by the lifestyle they live. But if they could look behind closed doors, they would find that there are no real definitions, that the lifestyles they follow might, be considered perverted by their friends and neighbors.

People lead secret lives because of fear, because they live in a society that punishes anyone who admits to being different, who admits to having desires that cannot be denied.

In CUFFED AND WHIPPED WIFE, a young wife learns that her true place in life is to be a slave, not only to her husband but to all men. Though rebellious at first, she is beaten and broken by the man she loves.

CUFFED AND WHIPPED WIFE may seem outrageous to some, for the lifestyle it portrays is rather bizarre, but it is no more outrageous than what really does go on behind closed doors. This book, then, is a novel with a message for all.


Chapter ONE

Her husband had not been gone an hour, but Lanore Giliman was horny again already. He had fucked her twice just before leaving for work, but that wasn't enough. Lanore could never get enough.

She loved her husband dearly, but loved good hot sex even more. She remembered her first fuck with Gill, her husband.

Gill was four years older than her and a lot wiser. He had pulled her panties down and fingered her cunt on the first try and fucked her on the second. Gill had popped her cherry and bloodied her golden-haired pussyhole with nine solid inches of steel-hard cock.

Lanore had loved it that first time. He had married her after two weeks and twenty more times in her lusciously hot and insatiable cunt. They splurged on a honeymoon trip to Hawaii, but that was a waste of money. They only went to the beach once.

Gill spent the rest of the week there fucking his sexy young wife almost non-stop. They fucked in bed, they fucked in the bathtub they fucked on the balcony of their hotel room overlooking the sea.

They once went for a moonlight cruise on a catamaran and even managed to fuck there.

Lanore hiked up her skirt and sat on Gill's lap, working his stiff cock into her cunt beneath the cover of her dress.

It was wildly exciting for her to be fucking with the other passengers watching, even though they didn't know what was going on.

And Gill's cock wrenched violently inside hr whenever the boat swayed. Lanore gasped cries of delight the whole three hours they were aboard, and those watching thought it was sailing that excited her so.

She writhed now on their king-sized bed, enjoying the feel of the satin sheet beneath her ripe body. Moaning sounds of restless desire, Lanore slid her hands down to her slender waist, then down to the richly furred hump of her pussy mound.

She parted the soft pink lips of her cunt with the fingers of her left hand. Then she teased her right middle finger around the nub of her clit, joyously recalling that wonderful week in Hawaii.

Lanore plunged her middle finger into her tight cunt. Her pussy was hot and wet with fuck honey and still slick with Gill's cum. She fucked her finger in and out with blurring speed and whirled her cunt with her thumb. She gasped, quickly reaching a climax of sorts.

"I need a man's cock!" Lanore moaned. "God damn it, Gill! Why can't you be here when I need to fuck?"

She knew why, but that didn't help in her horny state of mind. Gill was a security guard, working the four-to-midnight shift at a local electronics plant. And he wouldn't be home for eight long hours.

"I just can't wait that long!" Lanore cried softly. "I've got to feel a big throbbing cock inside of me now, and I don't care whose it is!"

Lanore felt a twinge of guilt as soon as she said it. She had never been unfaithful to Gill before and had not thought she would? But the anxious blonde had never been this horny with so long to wait for the man she loved. Her mind was torn between conscience and the steaming heat of rampant desire.

Finger fucking herself had only made things worse, but what could she do about it? Gill had taken their only car and hadn't left her enough cash for cab fare. There was no bus service in their suburban neighborhood, so she couldn't go anywhere.

Lanore thought about some of the neighbors.

Al Freeman who lived next door on the left came first to mind. He was in his late thirties with dark wavy hair just starting to gray. Lanore grinned and said to herself, "He'd be a great one to fuck!"

She could hear the power mower running in front of Al's house and knew he was outside working. She also knew he was happily married to a gorgeous raven-haired beauty who used to be a Vegas chorus girl.

And, to make matters worse, Al and Gill were good friends. They played poker in a neighborhood group one night a week, went fishing together when they had the same days off. Al would never fuck the wife of his friend, she decided bleakly.

Then, like a cartoon character with a light bulb gleaming in a bubble over the head, an idea flashed through Lanore's sex-obsessed mind. What man can resist a woman in distress? she asked herself. Certainly not Al Freeman. And, if he could be made to think that Gill isn't the adoring husband be appears to be.

Lanore rolled off the bed and pulled open a dresser drawer, looking for her sexiest black underwear -- a pair of lace-trimmed bikini panties with the crotch cut out, and a strapless under-wire bra that made her creamy big tits bulge even more invitingly.

She put those on and then went to the bedroom closet. Gill kept an extra duty belt there, and in one of the black leather pouches she found what she wanted -- a pair of handcuffs.

The blonde put one locking band around her slender left wrist and clicked it shut, snug but not too tight. Then she put both hands behind her back and snapped on the right cuff the same way.

"Hungh." She pulled to test their restraint. "Good, I can't slip them off."

Grinning like a hungry cat in a canary cage. Lanore walked to the front of the house and looked out a window that faced Al's yard. It was high enough so he would only be able to see her head and shoulders from the outside.

But, she discoid to dismay, two hands cuffed behind her back, there was no way to open the window and call to him. Lanore raged in frustration and finally banged her forehead against the glass when Al and the mower were headed her way.

Seeing him made Lanore even more anxious than before. She almost knocked her head through the glass.

Al was wearing a pair of shorts that showed the well-defined muscles of his long legs.

He glanced up. Lanore pleaded, "Help me!" with greatly exaggerated movement of her sensuous lips.

Al stopped the mower and came running.

"Lanore, what's the matter?" The front door was locked and he couldn't get in.

With her hands cuffed behind her, Lanore could not reach high enough to release the latch from the inside. "There's a door key taped under the mailbox," she called to him. "Let yourself in, Al. I need help!"

The straining heat of wanton desire made her cry frightfully convincing. Al Freeman found the key, unlocked the door and burst in with a worried look on his face. He gaped at her and said, "My God, what happened? Did someone attack you after Gill left?"

"No," she sobbed. "He did this to me. Gill's afraid that I might fool around with another man while he's at work!"

"That son of a bitch!" Al went behind her and studied the cuffs. "Damn, I don't see how we can get those off without a key."

"He takes that with him," she moaned, "and I can't stand this anymore! Leaving me in my underwear with my hands cuffed like a common criminal!"

"There, there... we'll think of something. Those cuffs are hardened steel, it would take hours to cut them off. Maybe I should call Gill at work and tell him to bring that damn key here right now!"

"Oooh, no! Don't do that," she begged tearfully. "He'd beat me worse than ever if he knows I told anyone." Her pillow soft tits heaved with each wracking sob, almost bulging out of the low-cut black bra.

"Wh-what do you mean, beat you worse than ever?" Al asked, moving around to face her again.

He put his strong hands on her quaking shoulders and tried to calm her, but his eyes drifted down to that deep soft cleft between her luscious tits.

"Gill likes to whip me with a leather belt," she lied with a sorrowful look. "He thinks I cheat on him, so he punishes me! And I haven't done a thing to deserve it!"

"I know, I know." Al hugged her and felt her pussy mound as it rubbed his groin and made his cock ache. He tried to control, its throbbing, but that was like trying to hold back the tide.

"Sometimes I wish another man would fuck me. That would serve him right! I wouldn't mind so much getting my ass whipped if I really deserved it."

"Oh, hey... don't talk like that, Lanore. And -- ungh -- don't keep rubbing your tits across my chest."

"Why not, Al? Don't you like the feel of them?"

"I like it too much, that's the trouble."

"Mine are much bigger than your wife Marilee's," she purred.

"Yeah they are." He tried to pull away, but Lanore pressed against him again, rocking her shoulders and pumping her hips.

"I can feel your cock getting hard," she said in a breathy voice. "Is it bigger than Gill's?"

"Agh, I don't know. Men don't usually talk about such things."

"Men don't usually handcuff their innocent wives either. Why don't you take your dick out? I'll tell you which one is bigger."

"Lanore, I don't want, to do that. Gill and I have been friends ever since you moved in."

"Yes, but now that you know all he does to give his wife some real pleasure?"

"I would, yes -- but, oh what the hell!" Al stripped off his shorts and a fully hard ten inch cock leaped out.

"Oh, that is a big one!" Lanore gasped delightedly. She whirled around and grabbed his prick with hands cuffed behind her back. She stroked fondly, teasing with delicate finger strokes. "I want you to fuck me, Al. Then I won't mind when I get whipped tonight. I'll think about your beautiful big hot prick in me and I'll laugh no matter how much it hurts."

"All right, come on!" He turned her toward the hall and they went to the bedroom together. "You'd better lie on your stomach," Al said. "That way there won't be so much strain on your arms."

"Yes, I like it that way. Put the pillows under my hips, Al. That puts my pussy at just the right angle. My panties are crotch-less, so you don't even have to bother taking them off."

"No, but I want you out of that bra. I want to feel those gorgeous big tits of yours. I've wanted to feel them since the first day I saw you."

"Have you really?" Lanore purred as be unclasped her bra. "I didn't think you'd even noticed."

"With the low cut blouses and skimpy little halter tops you wear so often... my God!" He dug his hands beneath her and cupped her two creamy big tits.

"Aaahhh," she sighed anxiously. "You don't have to spend a lot of time getting me hot. I want you now! Put your cock in, Al. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

He aimed his cock in from the rear and nudged her tender cunt. She arched and squirmed her hips to feel morel.

She said with a moan, "God, Marilee would shit if she knew what we're doing!"

"We'll never tell anyone. It will be our secret. You can come over and fuck me whenever Gill is at work. He usually leaves me handcuffed like this. I'll be your slave."

"A damn willing little slave," he remarked, easing his cock in.

"Yes, Gill never has satisfied me. He has trouble getting his dick up. It's been months since he was able to fuck me. I think that's why he's so mean and insanely jealous."

"Could be." Al felt the tight contractions of her anxious pussy and almost came before getting his cock all, the way in.

He gave a fierce grunt and fucked his cock to the hilt. Lanore screamed a shrill cry and reamed herself back to the root of his prick.

"And it's so thick that it strains my cunt!"

"Your cunt seems to love it," he said.

"Aaagh, yes! Oh, God yes!" Lanore was bucking, not content with just the force of his fucking thrusts. She arched and twisted backwards to meet each one, babbling sounds of lewd pleasure and not caring a bit about the pressure of her cuffed wrists.

The stinging sharp jolts of pleasure shot deep, made her spine rock. Searing heat made her pussy clench and pull on his hot prick. Lanore's head bobbed and swayed, stirring her long waves of golden hair.

Al fucked her hard. After that initial urge to let his cock fire, he managed to regain his usual control. He was a man who liked to fuck a good long time before letting go. He liked to leave a woman weak and gasping, unable to take anymore.

It worked that way with his wife Marilee and the several other women with whom he'd shared the pleasure of a fleeting fuck. Al Freeman fancied himself to be an expert cocksman, and not without good reason.

She came to three screaming climaxes, one right after the other. Her ripe body thrashed and bucked. Her pussy clenched in insane spasms. She milked and sucked his hot prick with her clever cunt and finally got his cock to fire.

The timing was perfect. Her fourth and best climax yet was just starting. Jets of fiery turn increased her pleasure. Her lush body was bounding up and down. Her golden hair was a swirl, and her pussy was a tight vise of volcanically hot flesh.

A full minute passed in wild rapture before she could drain him completely. And then it was Al who lay weak and gasping, his full weight pressing down on her cuffed wrists.

Lanore could feel his cock starting to go soft in the snug wet tunnel of her cunt.

"Let's do it again," she cooed. "Gill won't be home for hours yet."

"Uh, no... I can't. If I'm gone too long, Marilee will wonder where I've been."

"We've got time for one more round," she pleaded.

"I'd sure like to, Lanore. But if I stay too long and she gets suspicious, I'll never be able to come back."

"Oh, that wouldn't be good. I do want to fuck you again, Al. Anytime we can. Every time we can!"

"You can count on it," he said, reluctantly easing his cock out. "I just hope Gill doesn't beat you too much when he gets home." He shook his head. "That son of a bitch. I'd have never dreamed he was like that!"

Lanore was grinning smuggly, not a bit worried, only thinking of her illicit pleasure and new thrills to come. She had no reason to fear Gill -- he'd never so much as slapped her face, not even in the heat of an unusual argument.

But when Al had left and the delightful aftershocks of her last climax had faded, Lanore suddenly had cause to worry. She couldn't find the handcuff key!

Chapter TWO

Lanore searched everywhere, pulling open all the leather pouches on Gill's duty belt and shaking them upside down on the bed behind her. No key appeared.

Damp stains of cum blotched her panties and more silvery cream was running down the inner slopes of her thighs. She couldn't use her hands to wipe it off. How could she possibly explain to Gill when he got home?

Only one thought came to mind... to say it was rape.

Lanore's fevered mind began to weave another web of lies. She couldn't blame Al, of course. She couldn't blame anyone that might be falsely accused. A masked man, she decided. A hulking stranger had done this to her. A man with a huge hot prick had ravaged her all the time Gill was gone.

That was the story she told her shocked, ashen-faced husband when he returned. He produced a handcuff key from a small pocket hidden on the inside of the belt itself. Lanore blushed and felt like a fool, but at least now she knew where it was kept.

"I don't know how he broke in," she moaned, playing it for all it was worth.

"He didn't break in. The spare key was in the lock when I got home. Somehow be found it taped under the mailbox. And that's going to fry his ass!"

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"I mean there must be fingerprints on that key. I've got a good friend down at police headquarters who can tell me who it was."

Lanore shuddered. She hadn't thought about that. Then she saw a glimmer of hope. "If the man isn't a known criminal, they won't have his fingerprints on file."

"They might. Every guy who's ever been in the service was printed. I had to be to get my job."


"Yeah, the company he works for just got a big defense contract. He was fingerprinted to get security clearance. All those records are in a big computer. I should known by tomorrow afternoon who did this to you."

"You mean the man will be arrested?" Lanore's voice tightened into a fearful squeak.

"No," Gill said grimly. "I'm going to have my cop friend check the record on the sly. Then I'm going to kill the bastard who fucked my wife. I'm going to cut off his cock and balls with a dull knife and make him eat them!"

Lanore said, "Oh, Jesus, nnnooo!"

"What's with you? Sounds like you feel sorry for the son of a bitch!"

"Well..." The shivering blonde couldn't think of a thing to say that would make sense now after all the lies she'd told. "I wasn't badly hurt. There's no lasting damage."

"What the shit do you mean, no lasting damage? Some other man's had his stinking cock in my wife's cunt! And that has done lasting damage to me!"

"Gill, please..."

"Why all the sympathy for him?" he wanted to know. "For Christ's sake, it almost sounds like you enjoyed it!"

Gill just gaped at her, his jaw hanging slack for a full second.

"You enjoyed being fucked by another man?" he said numbly.

"I-I didn't want to, but I couldn't help it. You know how I am when I get horny."

"Yeah, I sure do. I also know that you aren't telling me the whole truth. I can see it in your lying eyes. There was no naked man, was there? You got fucked while I was gone, you probably asked for it, and you damn sure know who it was!"

"Nnnooo, Gill! I swear!"

"Bitch! I can see through you like cellophane!" Gill grabbed her arm and pushed her down the hall toward the bedroom.

"Gill, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to beat the truth out of you," he snarled. "A few good whacks with my heavy belt and you'll tell me who the hell it was!"

"I told you, I don't know!"

He shoved hard and sent her sprawling face down upon their bed. Gill had his own cuffs and the spare set of handcuffs with him. He used than both. He cuffed her wrists to the posts at the head of the bed.

Spread-eagled helplessly, Lanore could only beg for mercy, but she was so frightened that her voice had been so raging violent before. She heard an ominous slither as he stripped the broad black leather belt from the loops of his uniform pants.

He whirled it overhead and let her listen to the angry hiss. "You've got one chance to tell me who fucked you before I lay a two-inch red welt across your ripe ass!"

"I can't tell you!" Lanore didn't want to invade Al. Nothing that had happened was really his fault.

Gill's powerful arm lashed down. He gave a grunt and the basket weave patterned belt blazed a stinging red path across her ripe domed ass.

"Aaagggh!" Lanore bucked and wrenched both cuffed wrists. Gill had locked the handcuffs tighter than she had. The metal bands chafed her tender skin.

"Who was it? Who had his cock in your sweet cunt?"

"The seven dwarfs," she spat defiantly. "They all stopped by and stuck me with their teenie-weenies!"

Burning pain had turned her fear to sullen rage. Lanore vowed not to confess now no matter what.

Gill snarled and lashed down again, varying the angle so the two welts crossed to make an X right over her cringing little shithole.

"Who was it?" he asked again, snaking the belt high again just in case.

Lanore felt the sting of the belt. This time be laid it right up the middle of her back.

"Who?" he repeated coldly.

Lanore was sobbing, her whole lush body burning with pain. She gulped and moaned.

Gill's anger flared even more. Her stubborn defiance was fuel for the rage already gnawing in his gut. He lashed the belt two more times up her back in rapid succession. That left a total of three blazing red welts side-by-side.

"You look like a stinking skunk done up in the wrong colors," he said with a wicked laugh, pausing then to catch his breath.

Gill was shocked to find his cock swelling hard. Knowing that his wife had first cheated and then defied him caused such a hateful rage that he had thought he would never want to fuck her again. But whipping her ass was the most exciting thing he had ever done. It even beat their catamaran ride.

"I like whipping your ass," he warned. "You better tell me who fucked you while you've still got some hide on your back."

"I won't even tell you what time it is -- yeeeeoooow!" That was the most vicious lash yet. Lanore's whole body convulsed. Shocks of burning pain flashed tore every nerve. "I'll tell you that his cock is bigger than yours." She clenched her teeth to resist screaming. "Longer and thicker both!"

"You bitch! You stinking, whoring slut!" The belt flew so fast and hard that neither of them could keep track. Lanore's whole backside, from heels to shoulder blades, became a fiery mass of pain.

"Enough," she sobbed finally. "Enough! Please, no more."

Gill was sweating profusely and wiping his brow with the hand that held his belt. "Who was it?" he rasped.

"Al," she croaked.

"Al Freeman from next door? I don't believe it!"

"I seduced him," she confessed. "I set up the whole thing. You aren't going to kill him are you?"

"My neighbor? My buddy? No way! I'm going to rape his wife!"

"Oh, Gill!" Lanore sobbed, wishing none of this had ever started.

"I've had the hots for her ever since the day we moved in. She's so tall and slinky! And Marilee used to be a dancer. I'll bet she's got some great moves! I'll bet she fucks like a mink!"

"Fuck me instead," she begged him.

Marilee doesn't deserve this anger.

"Fuck you?" he sneered in contempt. "Dirty my cock in a pussy that my neighbor has been fucking while I'm away? Forget it, you cheating whore!"

"Gill, please... I'll make it up to you. I'll be better than I've ever been before!"

"Oooh, did fucking Al teach you some new tricks?"

Lanore sobbed bitterly, hating herself, wondering what, if anything, she could do to make things right again.

"Did he fuck your ass too?" Gill asked sharply.

"No, I won't even let you do that."

"I know. I've been wanting to get my cock into your sexy round ass ever since my honeymoon in Hawaii."

"Your prick is too big for that!"

"But not as big as Al's," he reminded her sternly. "You told me that yourself. It ought to fit up your little ass just tine!"

Gill was climbing up onto the bed behind her.

Lanore cried, "No! Please don't! Ooooh, God!"

He was bending down and pressing his burning cockhead into the crack of her ass.

While they were talking, Gill had undressed, but Lanore hadn't known because of being handcuffed face down to the bed post. She didn't yet have the courage to face him. The pressing heat of his blood-gorged cock was all she could stand.

"Nungh! It hurts! You're killing me!"

"You didn't want me to kill Al. Somebody has to pay, you bitch!"

"Grungh. Ooowww!" Lanore had never expected to ever hate the heat and throbbing vigor of Gill's big cock. Now there seemed to be no nerves that sensed pleasure in her asshole. What she felt was a searing hot stab of pain.

His prick inched into her slowly. Gill liked the way that made her writhe and squirm. Her twitching and tossing put delightful new pressures on his heated cock, strange new sensations.

Lanore felt tortured by the intrusion into what she considered to be her most private place. She had happily fucked and sucked Gill's cock more times than either of them could remember, but she thought now that she would never welcome him again.

Their wonderful marriage was already over in her mind. All the lusty, fun-filled times they had shared... she'd ruined that. They now hated each other, and Gill was pumping all his raging fury into her tortured ass. That mental anguish pained her more than the swollen heat, because Lanore knew she had only herself to blame.

She shuddered violently, trying to relax the tight muscles of her ass enough to at least make the fucking she deserved more bearable. She couldn't. Lanore had practiced endlessly to increase control of her cunt muscles, but her asshole had been only a thing to shit through before this.

Lanore knew better than to beg for relief. In Gill's present frame of mind, it only would have made him fuck harder. She tried to rein, to tell her body that there might be some pleasure to be found in even the most savage abuse.

Her body wouldn't listen. Gill was in her ass to the root, grinding his cock-hair on the hot whipped cheeks of her tender ass. It made the X-welt burn.

As a last resort, the nearly distraught blonde decided to try a little reverse psychology. "I love it!" she screamed. "Ooh, Gill! Your cock feels so good, so deep in my ass! Fuck me hard! Punish me with your hot prick, I deserve it! I need it! I want it!"

"Grungh!" he roared, responding with a series of deep reaming jackhammer thrusts.

Lanore shuddered and cringed, thinking that she might pass out as fiery sparks of pain shot through her.

Her fingers had been almost numb until that moment, the circulation cut off by tightly locked steel bands. As feeling flared back, Lanore realized there was something strangely exciting about being bound and helpless.

When Al had fucked her, she'd dismissed the sensation as just being part of the thrill that came with a new and, different cock. Lanore was actually enjoying the cruelty of restraint. It added some perverse pleasure.

She humped her back with a grunt and twisted to meet Gill's next angry cock thrust.

"Fuck it in harder!" she told him. "Rape my ass! Use it for your lewd pleasure!"

She jarred his loins with the willing spiral thrusts of her ass. Gill wasn't quite sure what to do then. He had started out wanting to hurt her, but if pain was what she enjoyed most, how could he do that?

He settled into what was his normal fucking rhythm, fucking slow and deep, taking enough time to savor all the wringing pleasures Lanore knew how to give. But this was her inexperienced asshole, not a clever pussy. The muscles of her ass had never done anything but squeeze out shit before.

Gill found even that instinctive motion to be exquisite. She tried to drive him out as he was in pleasure.

He began to moan ecstatically, driving in and twisting around in the sleek, tight friction of his young wife's luscious ass.

Lanore's reverse psychology was working -- and not just on Gill. When she heard him gasp sounds of pleasure, that inspired her.

In fact, she found herself responding to the deep, twisting cock thrusts she had detested only moments before. She groaned, "Ungh, you bastard! You're making me like it!"

"You'd like fucking a flagpole," he shot back.

"Uungh, but I love to fuck your big cock. I even like it up my ass now!"

"Yeah, I can tell!" It was like trying to ride a mechanical bull in one of the country western bars. Lanore's ass was in a wild fuck frenzy.

She had figured out how to reverse the instinctive motions that squeeze shit out, and she controlled them to pull Gill's cock deeper in, to cling and milk warmly when his prick had sunk to the root.

"Aaagggh!" he roared, feeling the surge of fluid pressure in his balls. He clamped the muscles at the base of his cock and tried to hold back, but that couldn't be done.

Gill fired and fucked her shithole full. Slick cum glossed his cock, and he fucked her harder still, until neither of them had the strength to move.

Later, when they were both breathing almost normally, Lanore said timidly, "I haven't made up yet for all the awful things I did. But I have an idea."

"What's that?" Gill wanted to know. Having seen a new side of his wildly horny young wife, he was immediately suspicious.

"You said you want to fuck Marilee, and I think I can arrange it. Al will, be at work all day tomorrow. She and I are good friends... it won't be hard to get her over here."

"And what are you going to do then? I might want to fuck her all day long."

Lanore finally gathered enough courage to turn her head around. It was hard the way her wrists were cuffed.

"I want to watch," she said with a blush.


"Al's a great fuck, but, I still think you could teach Marilee a thing or two. And I would love to see your cock sink into her slinky cunt!"

Gill took in a deep breath. His blood was still boiling, but he just couldn't remain angry with his sexy blonde wife. He got the handcuff key and unlocked the metal bands.

"Are you going to let me go?"

He said. "I'm ready to fuck that cunt of yours now."

Lanore grinned with more lewd delight than she had since their honeymoon. If everything went all right tomorrow, Lanore had no doubt that her marriage would be saved.

And if she could get a thing going between Gill and Marilee, she'd be able to fuck Al whenever she wanted. Lanore's soft, sensuous lips curved into a grin.

Chapter THREE

Getting Marilee to the house turned out to be no problem at all. She knocked on the Gilimans' front door soon after Lanore got out of bed Gill was sleeping late, as he usually did, because of working the swing shift. And he would probably sleep even later today, weary after fucking his wife most of the night.

Lanore was still blury-eyed when she answered the door, fetchingly gowned in a filmy black covering.

"Oh, hi," she said sleepily.

"Don't oh hi me, you little bitch!" Marilee pushed into the house like a raven haired Goddess of wrath. "Al talks in his sleep," she said curtly, kicking the door shut behind her. "And last night all he did was talk about you!"

"I'm not responsible for your husband's dreams," Lanore said defensively.

"He did more than dream, you bitch! We fucked before going to sleep and he hardly had any cum at all. I know the lawn mower was off for a long time yesterday afternoon. He was over here, wasn't he? My husband fucked you right after yours went to work!"

"Marilee, how can you even think such a thing?"

"Because I've seen the two of you making goo-goo eyes at each other every time we get together. That's how!"

Marilee pushed forward aggressively, and Lanore could only stumble back. Her neighbor was six feet tall, only an inch shorter than her husband and Gill -- a towering beauty with long black hair.

She wore a tight pair of silky black pants that made her long, shapely legs look even more elegant, and a snow-white halter top that hugged her jutting tits.

"Fess up, he did it, didn't he? Al finally got into your pants, he's been wanting to do it since we moved in!" Marilee's voice was close to being a scream.

"Yes, God damn it! Keep your voice down. Gill is trying to sleep!" she said with muted urgency.

"Does he know?" Marilee demanded, not lowering her voice the least little bit.

"Yes, he tanned my ass with his belt last night and finally got it out of me."

"Well, that's not the only tanning your ass is in for." Marilee lunged and grabbed a handful of long blonde hair, whipping Lanore around before she could even make a sound.

She was being pushed forward toward the couch. Lanore tripped over the coffee table, lunged forward and hit her head against the wall. Marilee came right along with her, still yanking hard on her long hair.

"Al kept mumbling something about hand cuffs," the black-haired beauty said. "Where are they?"

"Ungh, damn it, stop pulling my hair! They were on the coffee table until you pushed me over it. I was getting Gill's things together for work this afternoon."

"Yes, here they are!" Marilee held Lanore's golden hair in a twisted, vise-like grip with one hand while she groped around with the other. "Be glad I didn't find his gun first, because I might have blown those brains out!"

Marilee was much stronger than Lanore. She pushed the struggling blonde face down on the couch and wrenched both arms behind her. She snapped the cuffs on with startling east and locked them tight.

"What are you going to do?" Lanore gasped weakly.

Her neighbor laughed coldly and yanked off Lanore's blonde hair again, flipping her onto her back and spreading the front of her filmy black covering. "Now, first I'm going to suck all the cum that Al couldn't give to me last night."

"Gill fucked me three or four times after that. There won't be anything left from what Al did," Lanore moaned.

"So much the better. Gill's cum might taste better to me. I've always wanted to fuck him, but he was so blindly devoted to you."

"Yes, I know," Lanore moaned. She had never thought that others might share her restless desires.

Marilee was bending over Lanore's blonde furred pussy slit, anxiously slathering her tongue over tightly drawn lips. Lanore's eyes widened in disbelief. "You're a lesbian!" she cried. "No wonder Al was so anxious to fuck me. You can't satisfy a man!"

"No, that's not it. I've never had any complaints from either sex." Marilee chuckled and kissed Lanore's cunt. "Men are still my biggest thing, but you can't work a chorus line for five years with fifty of the world's most beautiful women and not acquire some taste for cunt!"

Lanore's neighbor burrowed into her crotch, probing and thrusting with a tongue that shocked her more than the sting of Gill's belt. The ravenous raven-haired witch parted her cunt lips deftly and circled Lanore's cunt.

Lanore hated the idea of having sex with another woman, but Marilee was an expert cunt sucker. She did quick and clever things that Gill had never thought of. She brought Lanore to a climax before the blonde could even catch her breath.

Then she did it another way, thrusting and wiggling her tongue deep into the blonde's slit, then drawing back to sweep around her cunt between strokes. The silky magic of Marilee's tongue made Lanore buck and writhe despite the pain of her cuffed wrists.

Lanore climaxed again. She hated being under the control of another woman and made to enjoy it.

While Lanore's body still quaked with the shuddering spasms of her second lesbian climax, Marilee stood up and untied her halter top to bare her tits. Then she pulled down her [missing text].

Marilee's cunt hair was a narrow wedge of coal black that dipped between her long legs. Dense and thick, the dark muff completely concealed her pussy slit. "This time you're going to suck my cunt while I eat yours!"

"No, I don't want to!" Lanore made an awful face. "I don't want to touch another woman that way."

"And I didn't want another woman fucking my man!" Marilee said. "You're so damn hot for Al's cock, maybe you can get a taste of it in my pussy. He fucked me this morning just before he left for work."

Lanore moaned, wincing in disgust.

Marilee was straddling Lanore's head, facing her feet, bending down to eat pussy again.

"Dig your tongue into me," Marilee said. "Wiggle my cunt out and suck on it like this!"

"Aaaaggghhh!" Lanore gasped. Marilee was sucking on her clit, lashing with her tongue and nibbling softly with her teeth. The sensations of lewd pleasure were almost more than she could stand.

The blonde probed timidly with her tongue, slowly parting Marilee's busy black-furred cunt. Her eyes watered from the pungent odor of female musk. Her lips and tongue cringed when stung by the bitter-sweet tang of fuck honey.

In the softly furred lips of Marilee's slender cunt slit, Lanore found something that shocked her even more -- a cunt much larger than her own. It was as big around as her thumb tip and over an inch long.

Marilee's fascinating bundle of tender nerve ends swelled and throbbed as soon as it was touched. It reminded Lanore of a small cock, swelling and throbbing in response to her reluctant tongue caresses.

"Don't just tease it," Marilee said sharply. "Suck it hard. Whirl it with your tongue! Make me cum with you!"

"Ungh," Lanore moaned, detesting the idea even though the size and pulsing vigor of Marilee's cunt was strangely intriguing. She circled her lips and pulled, stroking her tongue around, the cunt.

More tangy honey from Marilee's spread cunt flowed and dripped as her excitement increased. Lanore felt the warm, creamy drops on her cheek and her chin. She had never realized how wet and strong a horny woman's cunt can be.

Lanore spread Marilee's slender cunt lips and wiggled her tongue in with trepidation. The taste was stronger inside, the aroma more pungent. And Lanore could feel the briny slickness of cum rolled up by Marilee's anxious actions.

"Fuck me with your tongue. Like this..."

"Hhhooa!" Lanore gasped, arching her back, partly in joy and partly to relieve the pressure on her cuffed wrists. Marilee's tongue was fucking in and out of Lanore, and Marilee reached back to feel the blonde's lush tits.

"You've got a great body!" Marilee said, coming up for a breath of air. "I'm not surprised that Al wanted to fuck you, but I'm still pissed!" She went back to Lanore's cunt.

Lanore's breath came in ragged gasps, muffled by the cunt spread over her sensuous lips. She attacked Marilee's pussy with a fevered hunger as her own passions swelled toward another lewd crest.

Sex with a woman's wasn't so bad after all, Lanore decided. Marilee pumped her hips up and down, thrusting her cunt forward and drawing it back. Lanore clung to Marilee's bulging nub and caressed it with swipes of her tongue.

They both gasped sounds of joy. Their bodies tensed, writhing and twisting with delight. Wet gurgles came from their warm lips. Tongues raced back and forth and made slobbering sounds as lust churned more damp fuck honey and cum from their cunts.

Gill awoke yawning in the bedroom at the back of the house, uncertain of what had disturbed him. Then he heard Lanore's voice. She babbled muted cries of excitement, her voice straining as her pleasure increased.

His gut clenched into a knot. He thought she was fucking again, or maybe sucking some man's cock. But then he heard Marilee's joyous squeals. As their mutual climaxes soared to a peak, both of them screamed.

A grin curved his taut lips. Lanore had kept her promise. She hadn't just gotten Marilee in to the house, she'd also gotten into her pants. They were back at it again, licking and sucking their way to another all-female orgasm.

Gill slid out of bed and walked naked toward the closet, his flaccid cock already starting to swell. He found it exciting to hear the two women eating each other's cunt. And, by the way Marilee was gasping in ecstasy, he knew that she would be wet and ripe for fucking by the time he got there.

He took out tie pair of handcuffs from his spare duty belt and started down the hall. Lanore and Marilee were too absorbed in their own pleasures to notice when he entered the living room. Gill stood by the door for a moment and just watched.

Marilee's long black hair gleamed and swirled as her head bobbed up and down. He couldn't see her face because that was smothered in his wife's wet cunt, but Gill could hear the happy slurping sounds she made. His cock twitched and stirred, puffing itself half erect.

Marilee's slim, shapely ass bobbed up when her head went down. A fringe of her black cunt hair ran back almost to her shithole. That puckered rim was seething with motion, and Gill recalled the lewd pleasure of fucking his wife's ass for the first time last night. His cock strained fully hard and began to throb.

He approached them quietly, sniffing the scent of two heated cunts. Gill loved to suck and eat pussy, but he liked watching the two women do it almost as much. He stood watching, only a foot away.

All he could see of Lanore's head was her fan of golden hair. That swayed and gleamed brightly as she rocked her head up and down. Then both women tensed and began to shudder.

Marilee threw her head back and let out a lewd cry of delight, pressing her cunt down hard on Lanore's face. "Good, you little bitch! Aaahhh, that's the best you've given me yet!" She twisted and squirmed with shoulders thrown back, writhing in rapture.

As her voice pitched into a scream, Gill reached out and took hold of her left arm. Marilee was so entranced that she hardly noticed when he drew her back. Then he caught her right arm and drew them together. She moaned a questioning sound, but her eyes were clenched shut in blind delight.

Gill slapped the cuffs on her with hands deft from lots of practice. Marilee reacted then, but it was too late. She felt the firm, cold jaws click shut around, her wrists.

She wrenched her arms under the long fall of coal black hair and screamed hysterically, "Lanore, how did you get out of the cuffs and put them on me?"

He stepped forward then and said, "She didn't. I've got two pairs. And two pussies now!"

"You son of a bitch! Take them off of me this instant!" Marilee leaped off the couch, graceful and quick considering that her wrists were steel-bound in an awkward position behind her back.

"Not yet, Marilee. We have a little score to settle."

"I do, you mean! Your slut wife seduced my husband!" The towering beauty wrenched her arms again, helpless, frustrated and raging.

"And your horny husband was only too happy to give in," Gill replied with a twisted grin. "I guess he's been wanting to fuck her as much as I've been wanting to fuck you."

Marilee backed away from him, around the upset coffee table and into the middle of the living room.

Gill came after her, his hardened cock twitching wildly. Marilee's face paled into a stricken look. She backed up again, eyes flared wide in panic. Gill came forward confidently.

Marilee launched a vicious kick at his balls. Training as a dancer made her dangerously quick, but Gill leaped back and turned. Her spike heel hit his thigh and drew blood. "Ungh," he grunted, more surprised than hurt.

"I haven't done a high kicking routine in years," she said, "but if you come another step closer, you're going to find the heel of my shoe where your front teeth used to be."

He circled her warily, Lanore sat up and watched, her blue eyes shifting between them, intrigued and excited by a contest unlike anything she'd ever seen before.

Watching Gill subdue their proud neighbor would be as exciting as watching him fuck her. And Lanore had no doubt that Gill would do both. But then Marilee surprised them.

Chapter FOUR

She danced backward, bending down until the hands cuffed behind her nearly touched the floor. Nimble as a deer, she stepped back again, this time putting one foot then the other between her cuffed wrists. When Marilee straightened to full height, she had her shackled hands in front.

Better balanced now, her next kick came with more speed and force. Gill barely had time to block it, and even then he was rocked back by the impact. Marilee came in with a grunt and kicked with the other foot, this time catching him squarely in the gut.

Gill doubled over and Lanore gasped a cry of alarm. Marilee swooped down on his hunched figure, both hands raised like a club. She hit him behind the neck and made his vision blur. He sank to his knees, his head spinning.

She swung sideways with both fists, wrists locked together, looking like a golfer teeing off. Marilee hit Gill alongside the head and knocked him sprawling. Lanore was screaming before her husband hit the floor.

He was down and dizzy, but not out by any means. Gill hit the floor with a thud. Marilee came after him, glaring down like an avenging angel. He lunged and tackled her, clamping her shapely legs together as he drove her back with a shoulder pushed into her crotch.

Marilee gushed in shock and fell hard on her ass. Gill was atop her lithe body and forcing her down flat. His hot cock was pressed between them, throbbing on her heaving belly. Her head hit the carpet and she groaned.

She got hold of his cock in her cuffs hands, squeezing and twisting like she wanted to rip his prick off. Gill gave a cry of stunned pain and felt her reaching down farther, trying to get a grip on his even more tender balls.

"You bitch!" With both hands on her tits she squeezed her nipples hard.

"Aaagggh!" Her grip on his cock went slack as she shuddered in pain.

Gill rolled off and pitched Marilee onto her face. She moaned as her weight felt on her cuffed hands.

"I was going to start with the pussy my wife got so nice and hot for me," he said, straddling her flailing legs. "Hut since you tried your best to bust my head, I'm taking your ass first!"

"Nnnooo," she begged. "I've never let anyone do that!"

"Two cherry butts in two days," he chuckled. "Things are looking up!"

"You bastard! Al will kill you for this!"

"After fucking Lanore? I doubt that. He'll probably bring you to me every time he wants to fuck her."

"He wouldn't! He'd never!" Marilee's lithe body twisted in a vain effort to escape the probing head of his cock.

Gill had found combat with a woman to be an exciting prelude to fucking. Like belt whipping his wife, only better, forcing the struggling woman to the floor made his cock pulse with a raging intensity stronger than anything he had ever felt before.

His cock burned into her ass. There wasn't enough lubrication to make it glide smoothly. Each slow inch felt like a flaming yard.

"Tell your husband you get this every time he gets my wife!"

"I'm going to kill both of you! I've never been so abused and degraded!"

Gill laughed and said, "If your asshole was as big as your mouth, this wouldn't hurt a bit." He pushed in another inch or two and listened delightedly to her tortured wails. Her ass was cock-strangling tight, wringing and burning and cringing in shock.

Marilee's tormented wails kept getting louder, and Gill began to worry that some other neighbor might call the police. He said, "Lanore, come here and give her mouth something better to do. Sit in front of her with your legs spread and let her eat cunt."

"I'd rather lie face down and make her kiss my ass!" she said.

"That's even better!" Gill agreed.

"I won't do it!"

"Oh, yes you will!" he said, spiking her ass with another two inches of cock.

Marilee raged while Lanore maneuvered herself into position. Gill grabbed her silky black hair and yanked her head up.

Lanore slid back until her ass was right under Marilee's mouth. She could feel the warm rush of her breath and her ass, shivered with anticipation. Gill let go of her hair and pushed Marilee's head down.

"Humph!" Marilee groaned, trying to twist her head away.

Gill flipped Marilee's long hair up over her head so Lanore could grab it in her cuffed hands.

"That should help you keep her in control," he said. "If you aren't getting what you want, just give it a good yank!"

Marilee began to sob. Taking control of Lanore had been a lewd thrill that she had greatly enjoyed. Having the tables turned suddenly was a horror. She shuddered as Gill fucked deeper into her ass, as Lanore pulled her hair and ordered her to kiss ass.

Marilee kissed Lanore's rounded ass cheeks first and felt her own shiver. Gill was in her all the way now, grinding his cock-hair on her firm ass.

Then he began to fuck her from behind, slowly at first, easing his cock in and out. Her asshole had relaxed a little. Gasping thankfully, Marilee worked her tongue around Lanore's puckered ass rim.

The blonde giggled, anxiously. "Oooh, I like that! Wiggle your tongue into me, Marilee."

Marilee moaned, unable to think of anything else now.

"Do it!" Lanore insisted, giving her raven tresses a viciously hard yank. "I hated the idea of restraint when you lacked the cuffs on me, but I like it now that I've got a hold of your hair."

"You spiteful bitch!" she cried, fluttering her lips in the crack of Lanore's ass.

"Well, you didn't come here like a grinning good neighbor," the blonde said with a sneer.

"I think she's a good neighbor," Gill said. "I like fucking her taut little ass!"

"Is it tighter than mine, dear?"

"It might be, and not so nicely padded. Ungh, I don't have your sweet soft cheeks to cushion my loins."

"You're both sick and depraved!" Marilee said with disgust.

Lanore yanked her hair again and said, "Kiss my ass! You're not a damn bit better!"

Gill picked up the pace of his ass fucking, whipping his cock faster into her tight asshole. Each time he fucked in, Marilee's head was thrust forward, her face jammed more firmly into the crack of Lanore's ass.

As Gill's cock fucked faster, Marilee became less aware of the pain. Only her wrists hurt, manacled beneath her, jarred against the floor when he spiked her with his long prick.

She arched her lithe body and got her fingers down to her cunt slit. The cock fucking was stimulating her pussy from the inside, straining the frail wall of muscle.

Marilee fingered her cunt and whirled it as Gill fucked even faster, slamming her down so that even her own hands mauled her cunt. She fucked out her tongue and wormed into Lanore.

Muffled groans of pleasure were forced from Marilee's lips each time Gill fucked his cock deep in her. Her breath rasped and became faster to match his heated thrusts. She whirled her cunt madly and that started surging tremors in both her pussy and ass.

"I'm going to cum!" she cried in an astonished voice.

Lanore said, "Don't let her, Gill! Make her excite my ass first!"

"Sure, anything my sexy wife wants." He slowed his fucking and heard Marilee gasp a sigh of distress.

"Make me cum! Oh, please... I'm sssooo close!"

"I'll fuck your ass to an orgasm when I hear my wife cum," he said, stopping his fucking entirely.

"Oh, you bastard! Don't stop! Don't leave me hanging!"

"I'm the one that's hanging," Lanore said. "Get your tongue deep into me and make it."

"All right!" Marilee bowed her head and speared with her tongue. Lanore gasped and kicked her feet.

"Hhhmmm, that's better!"

W was grinning, watching them both. He had them under his control. Wife and neighbor were both his slaves now. As Lanore began to sigh in delight, he started fucking his cock into Marilee's ass again.

That made Marilee hot, her tongue more willing. Lanore began to moan. Wiggling shocks of pleasure ran up Lanore's back as though sparked from the tip of Marilee's tongue. The woman liked making the young blonde respond. Site thrust faster and made her scream.

Gill drilled Marilee's ass, slapping his hard muscled loins on her firm ass. She gave muffled cries of increasing delight. The surges of tension before orgasm had started again. Her cunt was squirming and her ass was too.

"Now!" Marilee cried. "Oh, Gill! Give it to me! Let me feel your cum!" And then she dropped her head, tonguing deep into Lanore's sexy warm ass.

Gill rammed and let his cock fire. Lanore's ass quaked around Marilee's tongue. Marilee's ass went into spasms around Gill's cock. Obscenely linked, they shared a simultaneous moment. The room was still, not even the sound of a breath being taken could be heard. Then came a roar, three voices in chorus.

"I never thought I could enjoy that," Marilee said after a moment.

"Neither did I the first time," Lanore told her with a lewd grin.

"I'm going to give Al a real treat when he gets home from work," the tall beauty said. "He's been wanting to fuck my ass ever since we got married, but I was too afraid of the pain."

"The way pain turns to pleasure is what makes it so exciting," Lanore said, tossing back her long blonde hair. "Even being lashed with a belt works that way."

"Not for me it won't," Marilee said flatly. "That is something -- I'll never endure!"

"Oooh?" Lanore said, turning and raising one eyebrow as she grinned at Gill. "I don't think she's been punished enough yet, do you?"

Gill flashed a smile back at his blonde wife. "Not for cuffing your wrists and trying to kick the shit out of me," he agreed.

"No, God damn it! No man is going to take a belt to me!" She kicked and tried to sit up, grunting in a fearful rage.

Gill sat on her ass and effectively restrained her. "Right, no man will take you. I'm going to give Lanore that pleasure. She's going to whip your pussy hot for me and then watch me fuck you long and hard."

Reaching back, he got the handcuff key from the hidden pocket inside his duty belt which had fallen to the floor when the coffee table had tipped over. He unlocked the cuffs around Lanore's wrists.

"Clamp them around her ankles," he said, "I don't want this bitch to kick me again."

"Are you really going to let me whip her?" Lanore asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I like watching the two of you."

Marilee hated the helpless feeling of restraint. She bated the thought of a belt whipping even more, but, with arms and legs both in handcuffs, she was powerless to resist. Gill rolled her over and dug his hands beneath her arms. He lifted Marilee's upper body and dragged her backwards down the hall.

She begged and pleaded all along the way. "Don't let her do this to me, Gill! I can give you a great fuck without being beaten!"

"You weren't at all willing a little while ago," he said coldly.

"But I am now. I loved it when your cock made my ass climax. I want you to fuck me. You'll love it when I squeeze my long legs around your waist and drive your dick so deep."

"You aren't going to be wrapping those long legs around anything while you're wearing two sets of cuffs," he reminded her. "And those don't come off until we're ready to send you home to the man that fucked my wife! Maybe not even then."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Never mind." They'd reached the bedroom door. He hauled Marilee into the room and wrestled her up onto the bed.

"Get those two cords that, tie back the drapes," Gill said to his wife.

"What for?" Marilee asked shrilly.

"So you don't bound around, fall off the bed and hurt yourself," he said with mocking sweetness.

Gill knotted one length of cord around the chain between the cuffs on her wrists, pulled her arms overhead and tied it to the head-board. Then he knotted the other to the chain between her legs and pulled until her long, lithe body was drawn tight. He bound that to the frame of the foot of the bed.

"I thought you two were my friends," Marilee moaned pathetically.

"We are," Gill said with a taunting smile. "If a man had kicked and hit me the way you did, I'd have beaten the living shit out of him. You're just going to get a mild whipping that will make you all the more anxious to please my cock."

Lanore already had the belt in hand and her heart was racing. She recalled vividly the pain of her first lash and so she cringed when she brought her arm back.

"Lanore, please don't! We've always been the best of friends!"

"Yes, until you locked those handcuffs on my wrists." Her arm wavered, the belt held high. "See the awful red marks they left?"

"I'm sorry!"

"So am I," she said with a wicked grin. The belt hissed down and cracked diagonally from left hip to right tit. Marilee yelped and bucked.

She flopped face down and took the next lash across her ass. Her asscheeks wrenched so violently that beads of silver-white cum bubbled out.

"I don't need more punishment than that."

"You'll get what I think you deserve, bitch. And right now that's a lot!" The belt hissed and cracked across her ass three times so fast that it sounded almost like machine gun fire.

Her fiery welts blazed and kindled a glow of eerie recollection. Marilee had not been spanked since she was a young girl bent over her father's knee.

Chapter FIVE

Marilee's body bucked and heaved, flipping over on her back. Busty blonde Lanore loomed at the foot of the bed, her soft features distorted by a leering grin. She loved her position of power. It erased memories of all she'd suffered on the same bed the night before.

Her filmy black peignoir swirled like the clouds of a gathering storm each time she threw her arm back. The belt hissed and flashed down like a lightning bolt.

The sleek, black-haired beauty moaned as the simmering heat in her whipped crotch increased.

Lanore was whipping her to climax. Marilee knew that in a way she'd asked for it by resisting so stubbornly at first. But what both troubled and excited her mast was knowing that she would very likely ask for it again.

Lanore kept the whip flailing, determined that her neighbor would feel more pain before the pleasure of Gill's cock. Marilee's body bucked and twitched just as it had before. Her anguished wails were exactly the same. Only the raven-haired woman knew that she was passing over the threshold of pain into anguished delight.

Lanore hissed the stinging belt down and hit the nub of her neighbor's clit a vicious blow. That sent mind-warping shacks of both pleasure and pain up Marilee's back, feelings so intense that Marilee could not tell one from the other. She tensed and screamed and shivered violently.

"Enough!" Gill said.

His wife had whirled her arm back again, jaw tense, eyes narrowed and flashing with jealous spite. "No, it's not enough!" she snapped back.

"It's enough when I say it's enough!" he barked.

"I like it, and so does she!" Lanore protested. "Don't you see? I've whipped her to an orgasm!"

"Yes, and one that way, is enough!" Gill pushed his sputtering blonde wife into a chair. "Sit down!"

She strained to get up.

Gill looped the belt around Lanore's waist, snarling both arms beneath the leather band, still hot from stinging tender flesh. He cinched it tight around the back of the chair, binding her arms just above the elbows.

"No, no! Let me up!"

"She's mine now," Gill said. "I'm going to fuck her, and you're going to watch!"

"I don't want to do that!"

"You said last night that you did!"

"That was before. Now I'm jealous. I can see how trim and beautiful her body is. I can see how hot and wet her pussy is!"

"You made it that way for me," he reminded her. "I love you for that."

"Do you really?"

"Yes, really. You didn't stop loving me when you fucked Al, did you?"

"No, of course not."

"This is the same thing. I want Marilee now, and I want you to watch. We don't hide things, we can't stand that?"

"Y-y-yes," she stammered, soft lips quivering. "But I liked it better when more discreet."

"You liked it better when you thought you were getting away with something. Did you like it when I found out?"

"That's the reason we aren't going to do it anymore." He turned away from her and saw Marilee waiting on the bed.

The pain induced shocks at her strange organ still lingered. Heat from every smoldering welt seemed to seep straight down into her cunt.

Gill stretched out beside her on the satin sheet and brushed silken wisps of raven hair away from her face. "I've always wanted to fuck you," he whispered just loud enough for his wife to hear.

Marie managed a weak little grin just before down to seal her lips with a passionate kiss.

"Hhhhmmmm," she purred.

His tenderness clashed with vivid memories of brutal pain. Marilee thrust out her sinewy tongue and he sucked on it gently. Then he pushed into her mouth and felt the clinging embrace of her warm lips.

Lanore lunged against the heavy belt binding her in the chair. "Al," she cried. "We just fucked, we didn't make love!"

"But fucking is much better when people have time to share affection," Gill said to her without turning his head away from Marilee's face. "That's why we aren't going to sneak around any more. That's why Marilee is going to enjoy an orgasm much greater than anything Al was able to give you."

"Uuunnngh!" Lanore raged, wrenching against the tightly cinched belt again.

"You're so stunning, so regal, so elegant that it makes my cock ache," Gill was saying, kissing Marilee's long neck and graceful shoulders. "You're the gorgeous princess of all my lewd dreams."

Lanore tugged at the tightly cinched belt again. Gill's words of endearment enraged her as much as they delighted Marilee.

Gill enjoyed his wife's futile raging as much as he did Marilee's purring response. He knew he was hurting Lanore worse than by any lash of his leather belt.

He nibbled down to the base of Marilee's sharp tits, avoiding the patterned welts left by hot leather. He kissed and tongue-stroked only her creamy and untouched skin, spreading a gentle kind of warmth. The tremors reaching her pussy were hotter than anything so far.

Gill's head was held high enough so that his wife had a clear view of every move.

Lanore could see Marilee's ripe nipple bulge with desire. Her own nips were swollen tad tingling, too, but in the chilling cold of jealous fury.

Gill bowed and kissed her throbbing nipple, spreading his lips slowly to suck in the whole creamy cone of her tit. Her nipple lodged against the soft back part of his mouth, but Gill's tongue hooked around and teased it even wore.

Marilee hadn't enjoyed such fabulous foreplay in many years. Like most married couples, her love-life with Al had become a practiced routine, always the same, night after night.

Gill's tongue tingled and sparked with originality, it brought sensations completely fresh and new to her. And she gave him cooing responses that were just as exciting. The only one left out was Lanore, and the fury of her frustration made her fume.

Her luminous blue eyes had turned a hot green with envy. Her budding pink nipples darkened, gorged with jealousy that hammered through her veins.

He dragged a swirling tongue down the light lithe body, a path that led first to her protruding belly button. Gill sucked on the gnarled little button that seemed to be reaching out for him.

Gill worked his way down to the narrow wedge of black curls that adorned Marilee's taut pussy mound. That was now pitching and tossing in a storm of excitement. She gasped anxiously when he nipped at her sheening black curls and tugged them softly with his lips.

Lanore's golden-haired cunt seethed with envy, leaking the dampness and musky scent of lust. She wanted to have her big tits sucked, have her tummy kissed and her cunt nibbled, but her husband lavished all that affection on their sultry neighbor.

Gill parted Marilee's taut, black-furred pussy lips, gasping anxiously when he reached that point. Holding back had been pure hell for him, but he wanted Marilee to experience exquisite pleasure and he wanted his wife to know the hurt of exquisite pain.

He avoided Marilee's clit at first, knowing it had felt the sting of leather. Gill stirred his tongue in her narrow pussy gash. It was long, lean and trim like the rest of her. And the taste was, different from his blonde wife. More pungent, not quite as sweet.

Lanore was cuddly and soft. Marilee was more like a boa constrictor. If her ankles weren't cuffed and bound to the foot of the bed, he knew she would have jerked up both legs, twined them around his neck and powered his face into her pussyhole.

Marilee had not even thought of her restraints until Gill kissed and parted her cunt lips. Then she did try to jerk her legs up. That was her usual response, but impossible to do now. She moaned in frustration and Gill continued his slow teasing, tormenting both frustrated women at once.

"You're a cruel bastard," Marilee moaned. "The most exciting cruel bastard I've ever known!"

"Better than your husband Al?" Gill asked, mainly for his bound wife's benefit.

"Yes! Ooooh, God yes! He can fuck Lanore anytime he wants as long as I can have you!"

Lanore winced sharply, contorting her soft features. Marilee's unleashed passion put everything she'd done in a new light.

Gill swiveled around to straddle Marilee's bound legs.

"Take the cuffs off my ankles," she begged softly. "I like to be able to spread wide for a man, to hook my legs around his waist and help hammer his cock into me."

"And I like your legs just the way they are. My cock will feel twice the size it really is if you can't get your legs apart."

"Oooh, that's going to hurt!"

"Only if you think it will. As a new pleasure, it might feel better than anything before."

Marilee looked up at him, her dark eyes fluttering. "Please don't hurt me... not after such a wonderful time."

"No, I won't."

Marilee gasped anxiously and tried to wrench her knees apart. Gill wouldn't let her. His bent legs were outside of hers and he bound them in, pressing down on her wet but tightly constricted pussy slit.

"Aaagggh!" she gasped, straining to part her long legs. "My pussy didn't feel this tight my first time."

"When was that?" Gill asked.

Marilee grinned mischievously and said, "On a casting couch, where else? How do you think I got to be a chorus girl?"

Gill brought his throbbing cockhead up to stroke her clit, the biggest that he'd ever seen. He liked massaging it, hearing her gasp cries of wailing delight. "You've almost got enough meat to fuck like a man," he remarked.

"No, what I have is enough meat to make me feel more like a woman!"

"Good, because my cock is so full and hard that it's about to explode!" Gill gave Lanore one last glimpse of his prick poised above Marilee's black-furred cunt. Then he fucked it all into her with one mighty thrust.

"Ohhooo, God!" Marilee's body convulsed in spastic contortions of lewd delight. "That fucker feels like a fire plug!"

"Al's cock is bigger!" Lanore rasped spitefully.

Marilee just grinned, settling back with a long sigh to roll her head in a black sea of silken waves.

"And there are a lot of dancers who had better legs and bigger tits than mine," Marilee said with a grin. "But the secret is how you move it around. I got my job on the casting couch, but I kept it by being damn good at what I do!"

Marilee arched high and clamped her pussy so that her cunt was like a slithering washboard of flesh when she settled back. Gill's eyes bulged. His anxious cock almost went off from the teasing splendor of that first stroke.

He clenched hard and fought to maintain control. Marilee's supple body arched again, lifting him. Gill gasped as they reached the peak of extension, then felt her sinewy cunt squeeze and ripple again.

She dropped with a moan, pulling him down.

Gill began to wonder which of them had been restrained. If Marilee was even aware of the biting metal cuffs locked around her wrists and ankles, there was no sign of distress on her face. She was grinning lewdly, delighting in the pleasure she could give now.

Gill's expert foreplay had fired a fuck frenzy like nothing the sultry raven-haired beauty could recall since her wedding night. And now he was reaping his reward. Glowing coals had been set ablaze. Marilee wanted to fuck like she never had before. The contrast between pain before and pleasure now made her a wanton slave to Gill's fucking cock.

He just couldn't fuck hard or deep enough. Marilee bounded back at him despite restraint and groaned. Lanore had quit struggling and sat misty-eyed and watched her husband get what had to be the best fucking of his whole life.

The feckless yearnings that had brought Al to that same bed the afternoon before seemed temperate compared to Marilee. The woman was as wild as a trapped mink, mindless of the steel that restrained her.

Gill's balls slammed into the taut crack of Marilee's ass every time she arched. Then she fell back and dragged his aching ball sac down with that narrow cleft. He thought at times she might clamp her ass tight enough to rip them off.

He forgot that he even had a wife in the room. This was the perfect pussy, the dream fuck that all men craved. Gill didn't stop to think what it was that tempted Al away from her. He would have been happy to fuck Marilee non-stop for the rest of his life.

She climaxed once, twice, three times. Her voice shrilled higher, her writhing contractions became even more frantic. Her head tossed.

Gill just couldn't stand it anymore. He fucked his cock in to the root and let go all the steaming hot force that had begun building years ago, when he first had laid eyes on the tall and stately Marilee.

She wrenched her cunt, threw back her head and let go a warbling cry that trilled higher with each gush of jetting cum she received.

Chapter SIX

Marilee went home hours later in a dazed mood of bliss. Gill had fucked her long and hard.

She'd have happily done it all over again, but Gill had to leave for work by and he insisted on having some time with his sexy blonde wife before that. Watching him with their lusty neighbor had stirred wild passions in Lanore that he didn't want to miss.

They quickly resolved their differences and made anxious love.

Lanore was grinning confidently by the time she had climaxed twice. "I guess you still love me, despite what I've done."

"Yeah, I do... but no more sneaking around while I'm at work."

"What about with Al and Marilee?" she asked cautiously.

"If they both agree," he said. "If you tell me all about it, and if you don't mind my having fun with her."

"O.K.," she said, grinning happily. "I'm sure they'll work things out when he gets home. And I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday. We can all spend the whole weekend together."

"Yeah, that's a good idea. If Al is ready for that. I don't know."

"I'm sure he will be," Lanore said.

"How do you know?"

"Because before Marilee left, she asked me if she could borrow your spare handcuffs. She's going to have a special treat for him when he gets home from work this afternoon."

After Gill had dressed and gone to work, Lanore sat expectantly by the telephone, hoping it would ring. If Al and Marilee got their new relationship settled on, she thought they might want to start the weekend party early.

Al came home as usual at the same time Lanore was watching the front window, still wearing her filmy black peignoir. Their eyes met briefly and they both smiled. Then Lanore held her beneath. Only she knew what was waiting for him inside the house.

She heard nothing but sighs of pleasure and lusty moans for two hours after that. Any problem of jealousy they might have had was quickly solved. Listening to the two of them made Lanore even more anxious to join in the fun.

By the house next door was quiet and a moment later her phone rang. Lanore's heart leaped, skipping anxiously. "Hello?"

A woman's voice said, "Lanore?" It wasn't Marilee...

"Uh, yes?" Lanore answered questioningly. "This is Marge Bennett from down the street."

"Yes, Mrs. Bennett?" They weren't good friends, hardly knew each other in fact.

"Call me Marge, please. No need to be formal. My husband and I are giving a little party tonight, and we thought that you and Gill might like to attend."

"He works swing shift," Lanore said. "It'll be after midnight before he gets home."

"Well, he can join us then. Why don't you come at eight? Wearing something sexy," Marge said.

"Sexy?" Lanore repeated strangely. The Bennetts had seemed to be such a proper couple, both in their late forties.

"Yes, a slinky dress and your sexiest under-things."

"Why does it matter what I have on underneath?" Lanore asked.

"Because it's that kind of a party. Some of the most important people in town will be here, and I'm sure you'll want to impress them. The men particularly."

"Oooh, wait a minute. You mean it's a swingers party?"

"We never use that word. It sounds so vulgar. But our friends do enjoy varied pleasures with new partners."

"I can't go to a party like that," she said flatly.

"Lanore..." The woman was almost scolding her. "...the whole neighborhood is talking about what's been going on at your house the last couple of days. I think you'll fit right in."

"What do you mean, the neighborhood is talking?"

"Well, you haven't been exactly quiet and discreet. Do join us, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself."

"Gill won't like it if I go alone."

"Leave him a note. Tell him to hurry down right after, he gets off work. He'll enjoy himself too. There are some really gorgeous women in our group."

Lanore thought about it. Al and Marilee were obviously having a good time all by themselves, and the blonde was starting to feel horny again. "All right," she said. "I'll see you at eight."

She brushed her long golden hair until it shimmered brightly, and put on a clinging low-cut dress that was soft and sheer and fiery bright. Lanore got so excited doing that, she completely forgot about leaving a note for Gill.

The Bennetts lived in a big two-story house at the end of the block, spacious and impressive, much nicer than anything she and Gill could afford. Lanore's heart beat nervously when she rang the doorbell.

"Aaahhh, Lanore!" Blake Bennett greeted her warmly, as though they'd been good friends for years. "You look ravishing! Simply stunning!"

"Thank you," she replied softly. There didn't seem to be anyone else in the house.

"Everyone is downstairs in the basement rumpus room," he explained, ushering her inside. Blake Bennett was some kind of business executive, Lanore recalled. Obviously very successful. The house was elegantly furnished, everything expensive and in the best of taste.

He was tail, trim and impressively distinguished. But instead of the usual business suit she remembered seeing him in, tonight Blake was dressed more like an old-time riverboat gambler.

Marge hadn't said anything about it being a costume party, but half the people in the huge basement room were strangely dressed. Several women wore harem outfits.

There was a dark-haired woman dressed from head to toe in snug-fitting black leather. She was wearing a bandits mask and carrying a coiled whip.

A man on the far side of the room had on only a black leather jock strap and spiked leather wrist bands. There were men in tuxedos, women in diamonds and furs. A strange group, Lanore thought. But exciting. Every man in the room was looking at her.

Blake Bennett left her with his wife Marge who introduced Lanore to a few friends -- a city councilman dressed like a Roman soldier and his wife who looked like dancer with nothing but gold chains and spangles to cover her tits.

Blake climbed up on a raised platform that spanned the far end of the long, narrow room. He walked to a microphone at center stage where a little spotlight shined down from the ceiling above.

"Everyone is here now," he said. "It's time for the auction to begin."

The guests cheered and clapped, all but Lanore who whispered to Marge, "What auction?"

"It's our club's annual charity event," she said, "to raise money for the new children's wing at City Hospital."

"Oh, I wish I'd known. I didn't bring any money."

"A check will do if there's someone you want to buy."

"Someone?" Lanore repeated.

"Yes, dear. It's a slave auction."

The masked, leather-clad brunette had climbed up on the platform.

Blake moved aside and put her under the glare of the overhead spotlight. "Our first offering of the evening is this lovely dominatrix, perfect for the person or couple who would like to learn discipline. What am I bid?"

"Fifty dollars," a male voice said, the man with spiked wrist cuffs.

"Sixty!" said a woman in a gorgeous white mink.

The city councilman's wife went to the block next in her chains and spangles. He didn't even bid for her. She was sold to a frat jock for a contribution to the children's hospital wing. Then Blake said, "How about you?"

"Come on," Marge urged quietly. "It's fun for a good cause. The way all the men have been looking at you, you will probably bring in the highest price of the night."

"Do you think so?" There was something strangely exciting about it. "All right!" she decided, stepping forward uncertain.

"Now who need special care!"

"Six!" shouted the city councilman.

"Seven!" Blake said firmly.

"Seven-fifty," said the matron in white mink.

Blake whispered to Lanore, "Take off your dress. Show them what you got."

"No, I can't do that."

"Oh, come on... it's for a good cause." He reached over and pulled down the zipper that closed the back of her dress.

"Stop that!" It was sliding off her shoulders, starting to slip down, showing more of her creamy big tits.

"Aaahhh, we have a timid one tonight," Blake said. "I'll bid eight hundred dollars for this buxom little beauty."

"Nine," challenged the councilman. A hush fell over the crowd. Lanore was flustered, trying to pull her dress back up.

"One thousand dollars!" Blake shouted anxiously. There was silence after that.

The city councilman was heard muttering, "Shit, I could get three harem girls for that."

"Going once," Blake said. "Going twice. Three times. Sold to the auctioneer -- one beautiful blonde slave girl for twenty-four hours!"

"Wh-what do I have to do?" She was bending down, trying to pull her dress back up.

"Oh, wait! I'm not a whore you can just pay for and fuck!"

"I'm making a donation to charity on your behalf," he reminded her. "And I'm not going to fuck you, my son is."

"Your son? This is getting crazier by the minute. What do you think I am?"

"We all know what you are, my dear. You're my son's slave for the next twenty-four hours. Don't bother putting your dress back on." He gripped her arm and pulled Lanore upright.

"Let go of me! I'm getting out of here!"

"No, we can't allow that. Not once you've volunteered yourself. My son and all the other guests would be so disappointed."

"God damn you, let go of me!" Lanore whirled and slapped him hard across the face with her free hand. Bennett was stunned briefly and lost his grip. Lanore kicked free from the red test that was down around her knees and bolted for the door.

"Stop her!" he shouted, his cheek ablaze.

Lanore feuded off the first man who trial. Then the councilman grabbed her bra from the back.

The bra broke and she slipped out of it stumbling forward in blind fright.

She clawed viciously at a woman who made a grab for her and kicked the man with spiked wristbands in the balls. He went down in a groaning heap, and she almost made it to the door. Then the dominatrix uncoiled her long braided whip and whirled it toward her feet.

The sinewy braid snaked around her ankles in a binding set of coils. Lanore tripped and sprawled, her hands just short of the door.

The whip cinched tight around her ankles and she was dragged back screaming, clawing desperately at the floor. That brought a cheer from the strangely dressed crowd.

Lanore screamed, terrified by the way they bunched around her, all more frightening in appearance when viewed from her position, helpless on the slick floor.

"Chain and whip her!" said the man she had kicked in the balls. He was just getting up, grunting fiercely and holding the contents of his leather jock.

"Yes, master!" replied the dominatrix with a twisted. Lanore had forgotten until that moment, the man was the one who had purchased her for his pleasure.

The crowd cheered wildly and pulled back to give the leather-clad masked woman plenty of room. Lanore kicked free from the coils of the whip, stumbling to get up, then saw that the whip was hissing in a high arc and heading for the pain seemed to shoot right through Lanore. It made her budding pink nipples heat up and throb. She fell sobbing, on her knees, her luscious panty-clad ass on the carpet.

The bullwhip hissed again with a menacing sound. It cracked her ass with a sting of pain so intense that Lanore felt as though she'd been cut. The echoing crack of the whip increased that illusion.

She yelped and twisted, pitching over on her back with both hands clamped on her burning ass. Her panties were torn where the whip had struck, the check of her ass wetted beneath. The whip flew again, right up the middle of her chest.

The man she'd kicked stood over her and smiled, "There, my pretty little bitch. That's what it feels like to be kicked in the balls!"

He laughed and began to pull his cock out, still leering with rage. Other men began to do the same thing, all of them gathering close, leaving an opening in the circle at her feet for the lash of the whip.

Eyes laming brightly behind the mask, the dominant one lashed out. Lanore shrieked in horror and all the men watching began to pump their cocks. There must have been a dozen of them circling her -- pricks of all shapes and sizes.

As the stinging braid lashed her again and again, the men all whipped their cocks faster, obviously enjoying the lewd spectacle of her distress. Repeated snaps ripped her panties so that they fell off when she writhed on the floor. And then all the men bunched around her began to climax.

Jism fell like a pouring rain. "Some creamy cum to soothe your welts," one man said with a hideous laugh.

Lanore sobbed pitifully, stark naked on the floor in a circle of jetting cocks. Jism sprayed her anguished face. Cum spattered on her heaving tits, running down from her nipples. It fell in silver-white globs in her golden tangle of cunt hair.

Lanore could see nothing through her tear-streaked eyes but the men's cocks. She shuddered and opened her mouth to scream. When she did, three men took aim and shot spurts of jism into her mouth.

With the men so close around her, all with their pricks out, there wasn't room for the masked woman to swing her whip. When Lanore realized that, the obscene rain of jism didn't seem quite so bad.

And strangely, it did seem to ease the sting of her burning welts. Lanore began to rub it in all over her body, squirming on the floor.

Slick cum made their hands glide so smoothly.

Lanore's skin sheened when they lifted her. By then, she was hardly aware of what was going on, but someone had wheeled a hospital gurney into the room. Blake Bennett was standing beside it and smiling when they laid her out.

"This is some of the equipment our little group of public-spirited citizens will be donating to the new hospital wing," he said, looking almost saintly.

The narrow bed on wheels was fitted with restraints. Someone cinched a strap across her chest just below bet large tits, also partly flinging her arms. Another went around her waist, a third over her knees.

Lanore felt the helpless terror of being bound. This was worse than handcuffs. She could hardly move a muscle. She pleaded with Blake, "Let me go."

"Not yet, my sweet beauty. You haven't even met my son yet. Take her to the operating room," he told the others.

"The operating room? What are you talking about?"

"My son likes to play doctor," he said.

They wheeled her into a room that was all harsh white, lit by a blinding light fixture overhead.

She wanted to scream, but was too numb with fear. Half a dozen strange spectators gathered around her, all people in pale green surgical gowns, caps and white gauze masks. With all but their leering eyes hidden, she couldn't tell men from women with any certainty.

"Is the patient ready?" the tallest figure asked. That was a young man's voice. He had ceded, stern, dark eyes that never seemed to move.

"Yes, doctor." That was Marge Bennett, Lanore recognized her voice.

"Scalpel," he said.

"Scalpel!" Marge repeated in the detached tone of a real nurse, slapping a gleaming surgical knife into the man's gloved hand.

Lanore screamed. She twisted and strained against the straps binding her. She didn't know the scalpel had been specially ground to a dull, smoothly rounded edge and kept chilling cold. It looked like the real thing to her.

He held it over her, eyes flashing. He pressed the tip of the cold blade into the hollow at the base of her neck and swept his hand down, seeming to make an incision that reached cleat to her pussy mound.

The blade was so bitter cold that Lanore thought surely she had been cut. She screamed hysterically and winced her eyes shut.

"Suction," she heard the doctor say.

Lanore's eyes fluttered, expecting some kind of mechanical device, but two of the robed and capped attendants pulled down their masks and bent over her.

"Suction," they both repeated. One was a man with a bushy mustache, the other a woman with anxiously quivering lips. Each one sucked on a tit and whirled her nipple around. Lanore was gasping fearfully, still thinking she'd been badly cut.

The man playing doctor beamed a reassuring glance to her. "You'll be all right," he said calmly. "You'll receive the best of care. Lather, please, nurse."

"Yes, doctor. Lather." Marge handed him an old-fashioned mug and shaving brush overflowing with white foam. He began to lather her pussy mound. The heated warmth made her squirm, and the two strangers were sucking on her tits, each tongue lashing a nipple with a different stroke.

The young man playing doctor seemed to enjoy lathering her cunt. He took a long time doing it and often tingled her clit with the soft warmth of the shaving brush. Lanore was breathing unevenly, cringing with fear. Finally he handed the brush and mug to Marge Bennett, his mother no doubt.

"Release the lower strap," he said. "Two of you spread her legs and relax for me."

"Yes, doctor," said two voices from the foot of the table. Because of the glaring light directly overhead, Lanore could hardly see them, but both voices were male and both sets of hands were very strong. Lanore felt her soft, shapely legs being wrenched cruelly apart.

"Razor," the would-be doctor said. He paused to wipe his sweating brow with the back of his gloved hand.

"Razor," Marge repeated, handing it to him -- an old-fashioned straight razor, the kind her grandfather had used.

"No!" Lanore screamed, trying again to kick her feet loose.

"My dear, don't thrash about. My skilled hands might slip and cut your pretty cunt."

"Don't touch me!" she screamed. "Ooooh, God! You're all crazy!"

"More suction," the doctor ordered.

The two lapping and sucking her tits pulled painfully hard on her soft mounds. Lanore whined, hating that and fearing the razor that flashed over her pussy mound.

She had figured out by now that the scalpel hadn't cut her -- there wasn't a trace of blood when she looked down toward her lathered cunt. But the razor was keenly sharp and she could see it shaving off her pussy hair, starting at the top while wide spread.

"Ooohhhooo!" she sobbed, not wanting to watch anymore. The razor slithered and scraped methodically, moving up and down. He pulled her soft flesh tight with the other hand and shaved it bald.

"Irrigation, please. There's so much shorn hair and lather, I can't see the operating field."

"Yes, doctor. Irrigation." A masked man at the middle of the table pulled out his flaccid cock, aimed for Lanore's pussy and started to piss. The heat and stench of it made her feel sick.

"Aaahhh, just a little wisp left here. Lather, please."

Lanore felt the stroke of the brush and then the scrape of the razor's sharp edge. She moaned desperately, knowing that her pussy was completely bald now. The depraved make believe doctor was holding up a mirror so that she could see all of her denuded cunt.

"Another successful operation," he said proudly. "Another lovely cunt restored to the bald, blushing innocence of girlhood. Water, please. Lots of it." Madge Bennett, her son and the others backed away from the table.

Lanore strained to see what they were doing, but outside of the glaring light focused directly on her, she could only make out shadowy forms. She hear buckets rattling, a faucet running hard and the containers splashing full.

They filed by her one by one, each dousing the blonde with a bucket of cold water. Her cunt was hit three times in rapid succession, and chills ran up her spine. Then a girl with flashing green eyes tossed a bucketful into her face.

She was cold and shivering when the doc stepped back beside the gurney, stripping off his mask and cap.

"My name's Dave Bennett," he said with a disarming smile. "Doctor Bennett to you."

"You're no doctor. You should be seeing one -- a psychiatrist!" Lanore said, spitting out water that had been splashed all over her face and hair.

"I'm a psychologist," he said. "That's close enough. I listen to my patients' lurid fantasies day in and day out. On the weekends I just have to find some relief."

By the steadiness of his gaze and flat, matter-of-fact tone of voice, Lanore thought he just might be telling the truth. Or he was a convincing liar. Either way, he was a handsome young man in his late twenties.

"Take the patient to her room," he said with a nod. "I'll check on her later."

They wheeled her into another small, windowless room painted harsh white, this one furnished with a hospital bed. Ropes and counterweights were suspended from the four corners of an overhead metal frame -- the kind that would be used to support the broken limbs of a patient in traction.

Lanore got a sinking feeling when they lifted her from the gurney onto the bed. Those ropes and heavy counterweights weren't there just for decoration. They bound her hand and foot and adjusted the heavy weights so that all her limbs were slightly upraised.

Then the red-haired girl began taping little wire electrodes to her forehead and wrists. Her hair was long and fiery bright, and the gleam in her green eyes was devilish.

Lanore tried to push her hands away, but found she couldn't pull hard enough against the dangling counterweights to move her arms more than a few inches in any direction. "What are those for?" she asked in weary resignation.

"To monitor your vital signs," the redhead said impishly. "Lie very still, hold your breath and look at the TV screen on the wall."

Lanore did as she was told and saw only a flat green line across the middle of the screen.

"That's the monitor. Now keep watching and breath normally," the redhead told her.

She did that and saw the green line ripple like the surface of a pond when a gentle breeze stirred. The redhead bent over to plant a warm, lip-smacking kiss on Lanore's shaved cunt.

"Aaaggghhh!" Lanore gasped, and the wavering green line spiked up and down violently.

"All your emotional reactions will show clearly on that screen. It's something my brother has been working on for years. Spikes up toward the top of the screen are good things, those you find pleasant. Spikes down indicate dislike or disgust, even loathing. I can see that you have mixed feeling about me."

"The machine is as crazy as your brother. I loathe everyone and everything in this room!"

"Perhaps, but you like having your pussy kissed. You can't keep that from showing up."

"I hate it! I want to go home!" Lanore said. "My husband will home from work at twelve-thirty. He'll expect to find me there. I forgot to leave a note."

Lanore was hoping another woman about her age would understand. The pretty redhead just smiled. "We'll send someone down to get him. It's the little blue house, isn't it? The one where all the wild fucking has been going on recently?"

"Yes," Lanore moaned sadly.

"I notice that when your husband is mentioned the radar goes up and down. Does that mean you both love and hate him?"

"It means I love him but hate to think what he'll do when he finds me here. I wasn't supposed to come, and I certainly wasn't supposed to end up like this -- a slave to some medical crazy man!"

Again the green line spiked up and down, but even more violently than before. The tawny redhead flashed a knowing grin. "But something about this or my brother must excite you. Your reactions aren't all negative."

"I hate him for shaving my pussy and enslaving me like this!" she snapped, but again the line spiked up and down.

"He's very sexy, in a strange and sinister way," the redhead mused. "Especially those piercing dark eyes!"

"No!" But the line leaped up to the top of the screen.

She laughed and shook her tawny hair straight. "Ooooh, he's going to have fun with you, I can tell." And with that she walked out the door, closing it quietly behind her.

Lanore looked around and decided this and the make-believe operating room had once been basement storage rooms, cleaned out and converted for this ridiculous and terrifying charade. The green line remained flat while she was thinking about that. It flashed up and down wildly as Bennett walked back into the room.

He noticed the monitor screen and grinned. "I'm glad to see that you don't completely detest me."

"I do for shaving all the hair off my pussy," she snarled. That slammed the line clear to the bottom.

"Hhhmmmmm, yes... I see. But there's a good reason for that," he said with apparent seriousness. "I've been working on a new circuit, one that will make even more accurate measures of human emotions. And for this one to read properly, the pussy must be shaved bare."

"You're going to put the wire in my cunt?"

"No! It's a sensor and I'm going to tape it right above your cunt. It's small and flat, it won't get in our way."

"I don't like being part of a damn video game. Why don't you just fuck me and get it over with?"

"Because you're mine for the next -- well, twenty-three hours or so. And there are several important experiments I want to run. You aren't just my sex slave, Lanore. You're also going to be a guinea pig."

"Jesus! You're all crazy!"

"No, we're just enjoying ourselves. Isn't that what life is all about?"

Lanore shuddered. "I don't know."

"Well, let's!" Dave bent down and kissed her nipple with warm and supple lips. The green line spiked up. He sucked one tit and fondled the other. The spikes shot higher. "You are certainly not unreceptive to simple human pleasure."

"I-I guess not." Lanore was thinking about the tender way dill had made love to Marilee and hoped she might experience something like that with another man. Her time with Al had been all too quick and hurried.

He held both tits under his cupped hands and slid his head down to her freshly shaved pussy. Lanore's lush body, bounced at each stroke of his tongue, restrained by the ropes and counterweights.

Dave grinned. He liked having a woman wired their first time together. With a quick sideward glance, he could tell exactly what she was feeling -- especially now with a remote sensor stuck just above her tender clit bud.

He kissed that and circled it with his tongue. The green line shot upward and disappeared off the top of the screen.

Dave obviously enjoyed sucking her bald pussy. And she didn't need a machine to know that.

Chapter EIGHT

Dave Bennett attacked her wolfishly, but with constant skill. Dave discovered quickly, thanks to his monitoring system, that Lanore liked having her cunt licked up and down slightly more than she did left and right. But she liked having it worked around with a tight spiral motion of his tongue best of all.

Bennett did that until she screamed into the throes of orgasm, twisting and bucking so violently that the pulleys squealed and the counterweights clanked against the frame.

This part of his research never ceased to amaze him. The blonde had been subjected to pain, abuse and humiliation. But she still responded strongly to basic human pleasure.

In fact, Lanore's soaring pleasure was, so great that when her climax was through, he had to recalibrate the machine in order to measure it properly. The indignities she suffered seemed to intensify the pleasure that followed.

Sucking and tongue lashing the luscious blonde to a climax had swelled his cock. His prick was a monitor of his emotional responses as accurate as the machine wired to her. He liked her shimmering blonde hair, her big tits and softly curved body. And he liked her hairless, innocent-looking cunt best of all.

He slipped off his green surgical gown after adjusting the monitor setting. The line rippled upward, electronic echoes of her lingering orgasmic aftershocks. Then the robe fell away and she saw his stiff cock for the first time, almost a foot of hard flesh wrapped with a tangle of pulsing blue veins.

Lanore's eyes flashed and the line spiked upward sharply. The first look at a strange cock always produced the strongest response.

"You like it, don't you?" Dave stood naked by the side of her bed and stroked his cock with his hands.

"It's the biggest one I've ever seen," she moaned.

Her pussy was seething, pumping damp warmth. He climbed up at the foot of the bed and maneuvered between her suspended and spread legs. The green line spiked up and down. Second thoughts. Feelings of guilt. Perfectly normal.

He came forward and massaged her juicy cunt slit with his cockhead, lifting his prick slowly to circle around the button of her clit. Downward strokes of the line all but disappeared. Instinct was overcoming conscious control.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered softly, gazing in admiration. Sharp spike upward. "And such a slut!" Sudden drop. "You have the morals of a cheap whore! The attitudes of an alley cat!"

Lanore moaned pitifully. "Don't say those things, please." She didn't want to be reminded. She didn't want to think about what she was doing.

"What's wrong with calling a whore a whore? You came here willingly. You walked onto the auction block and offered yourself to the highest bidder. If that's not a whore, I don't know what one is."

"I did that for charity. I didn't know..."

"Bullshit! You had to see if your luscious body and all that long blonde hair would bring a higher price than the other women, isn't that right?"

"Yes, uuunngh!" Her face twisted into a knot of despair. "My husband fucked our neighbor all afternoon and made me watch. I got so jealous! I liked it when the other men here were all looking at me!"

"So, you're not just a slut. You're a jealous, spiteful slut!"

"I'm not! Just because I like to fuck."

"Yes, you do like that, don't you?" He pressed harder and circled his cock around her tender clit again.

"Oh, God yes! I can't help it! Hhhhmmm, my pussy needs cock!" The jagged green line was spiking up again, higher and higher.

Dave was taking mental notes in addition to enjoying himself. If Lanore proved to be like other women he'd tasted he would be able to call her a whore and a slut when her passions soared, and those normally disgusting words would then add to her pleasure.

He slanted his big stiff cock down and fucked into her pussy slowly, forgetting all about the monitor screen. All he needed to see was reflected in her limpid blue eyes. They widened and gleamed expectantly.

"Oh," she gasped. "I -- oh, it's so thick and hot!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, I want you to fuck me!"

"I'm not sure that you do. Some of your responses are still negative."

"Because it hurts!" Lanore screamed.

"And you want me to hurt you?"

"No... yes. Oh, shit! I don't know. Just fuck me, then all the pain will go away." Lanore racked her hips and thrust her cunt at him. Partially suspended by the ropes and counterweights, her body seemed to be floating and defying gravity. The eerie feeling of weightlessness gave her great freedom to move.

The constant pull and strain on her limbs was forgotten when she started humping her bald pussy at him. Dave grunted and arched himself over her on hands and knees, supporting his own weight so that Lanore would have full freedom to move her hips and satisfy herself.

She bounded like a reckless wanton, fucking herself deeper with his prodding big cock.

"I need more!"

"A wise whore never complains."

"I'm not a whore, damn it!" Hardly any reaction to the insulting word that time. "I'm a woman and I want to be fucked!"

"Then fuck yourself, slut!"

"Bastard!" Lanore hissed and pumped her hips, creaking the pulleys and making the frame sway.

Bennett grinned in ecstasy, eyes partly closed. He savored the tight contortions of her cunt.

He planned to torment her awhile longer just to see how high she could drive the jagged spikes of pleasure all on her own, but sinuous wiggles of her pussy were too intensely exciting to resist. Dave roared and rammed down, fucking his big cock to the hilt.

Lanore felt the press of his cock hair on her shaved cunt mound, and now the sensation of pleasure was sharper than ever before. He grunted, and she sighed in rapture.

He drew back and felt her pussy shiver, trying to cling to his retreating cock. She moaned, not wanting to lose him. Then he lunged back and filled her cunt again.

Hard, deep, fucking produced sharp peaks of pleasure. A slower gliding rhythm kept the line high and wavering. He gave her some of each. He fucked at a smooth and steady pace, then suddenly rammed her hard. She groaned, bucking wildly.

She began to anticipate those deep, jarring thrusts. The shivering tension of her pussy increased as the moment drew near. When that happened, he denied her.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "Fuck me hard! All the time! I'm ready now. I'm used to your big cock!"

"I don't want you to get used to it. I want to keep filling you with surprises." Dave jack-hammered into her with short, fast strokes of his cock, slamming her ass to the mattress despite the insistent tug of the ropes and counterweights bound to her spread legs.

Her breath was hammered out in rasping bursts. Then he withdrew suddenly, rearing back until his cock almost slipped out of her pussy. The suspended weights dropped and yanked her up. Lanore's lush body swayed.

He remained arched high, just quivering his cockhead in the mouth of her pussy slot.

Lanore grunted fiercely, demanding more. She squirmed her hips in an anxious spiral and arched her back so the bulged ridge of his cockhead grated warmly on her clit nub.

That brought high, needle-sharp spikes of pleasure. She didn't have to see the screen to know. She could feel them stabbing into her. She tensed and hissed, wincing her eyes shut. Her pussy twisted and swirled its wet mouth, clinging to him with soft but desperately strong cunt lips.

Then he fucked down hard again and hammered her breath away. Lanore's head rolled and tossed in a billowing cloud of golden hair.

Dizzy with rapture, she never knew what to expect next. It didn't matter. She liked it all. She liked the gentle quivering of his cock in the mouth of her cunt. She liked the fierce throbbing when he fucked deep. She liked the variety best of all. A dull, predictable sex life would never satisfy her again.

Bennett no longer cared about increasing her responses, he was fucking simply to satisfy himself. His cock was raging, the heat in his balls increasing. He could feel a heavy load of cum start to swell and surge, pushing toward the base of his cock.

He held it in, wanting the delicious tension of pre-orgasmic delight to last.

But Lanore was gasping, whipping her pussy up and down his long prickshaft. Rings of sleek muscle milked his prick with demanding suction, weakening his self-control.

Dave let go with a roar, ramming and grinding down on her bald cunt mound. She gushed joyously, knowing what to expect now -- a rushing flood of hot jism.

Cum shot into her in stuttering bursts. Thick and hot, his jizz sprayed the walls of her fuck tunnel. It gushed to fill the depths. Dripping heat made her moan. Excitement made her shrill a lewd wail that could be heard in the next room, even through the closed door.

Cum backed up in her wringing cunt tube, and more was spurting all the time. She felt the rising heat as her passions soared. A scream came to her lips and jism gushed from her cunt slit.

Lanore's frantic cries grew louder, more shrill and intense. The green line vanished off the top of the screen again. Neither of them noticed that. They were twined together and fucking hard, eyes closed, teeth clenched. There was a bright blue flash in the control box. A fuse had blown. The screen flickered and went dark.

The blonde's high-pitched scream suddenly dropped into a deep, gurgling moan. Her body sagged back on the bed under his weight. Lanore sprawled limp, her eyes fluttering, lips moving but not able to make a sound.

She wondered if her life could ever be the same again. She thought not. She hoped not.

Gill arrived home at the usual time, puzzled to find the house empty. He had thought about Lanore and Marilee all through his shift at work, getting more and more horny as the long, boring hours dragged on.

"Lanore?" he called anxiously. No answer. "God damn it!"

Then he remembered her asking if she could get together with Al and Marilee's. All lights were out and their house was quiet next door, but that was the only place he thought she might be.

Gill went to the door and rang the bell, wondering with some anxiety how his friend Al would react. They hadn't seen or spoken to each other since this thing began.

Al came to the door sleepy-eyed and cinching the belt of his robe. "Gill," he said with surprise.

"Is Lanore here?"

"Uh, no. Listen, about what's happened..."

"Later, Al. Lanore isn't home. If she isn't here, where the hell can she be?"

"Search me. We haven't seen her. Marilee and I have been in bed for hours... having the time of our lives, I might add. I should thank you two for turning her on like that."

"Yeah, but Lanore is turned on too, and I don't know where the hell she went!"

Marilee came down the hall then, yawning and stretching, stark naked and stunningly beautiful in the soft glow of a tiny night light.

"Al, what is it?" she asked in a dreamy voice.

"It's Gill," he said. "Lanore isn't home, and he doesn't know where she is."

"Hhhnunm, I thought she'd be waiting here."

"So did I," Gill said glumly.

"Well come in," Al said. "Maybe we can figure this out."

Gill nodded and walked in. Concern lined his ruggedly handsome face. He no more than glanced at Marilee, and that disappointed her a little.

She yawned again and her head began to clear. "You know," she began slowly. "Marge Bennett called earlier about some kind of wild party at her place tonight. She might have called Lanore too."

"Bennett? That big house down the block? There were no lights on there when I came home," Gill said. "Just a lot of very expensive cars parked in front."

"They have a basement rumpus," Marilee said. "If they're all down there, you wouldn't see or hear a thing driving by."

Gill said, "God damn her! I wouldn't have minded if she'd come over here!"

Al grinned sheepishly. "Neither would I."

"Let's just wait for her," Marilee suggested coyly. "MI of us together. I seem to have exhausted Al for the moment. A new man would do me good."

"Not until I know what that bitch wife of mine is doing," Gill said hotly. "I'm going down to the Bennetts' and crash a party."

"Not like that I hope," Marilee said. "In full uniform and carrying a gun."

"I'm not taking time to change. But I will leave the gun here with you. Mad as I am right now, I might blow somebody's brains out. Maybe my wife's!"

Gill pulled the gun out of his holster and was looking around for a safe place to put it when a knock at the door distracted him.

Al said, "Who the hell can that be visiting us in the middle of the night?"

He opened the door a narrow crack and saw a shapely young redhead in a filmy and revealing harem slave's outfit. She grinned uncertainly and said, "Excuse me, but I saw your lights on. I'm looking for Gill who lives next door, but there's no one home."

"Uh, he's here," Al said. "Come on in. That's him over there."

She gawked and gasped, shocked to see him with a gun in his hand.

Gill looked just as surprised to see her, a beautiful, scantily clad girl with green eyes and fiery red hair. A sexy young stranger who was looking for him dressed like that in the middle of the night?

"My name's Celia. Your wife sent me for you."

"She what?"

"Lanore sent me to get you. She's at a party at my parents' house."

"Why didn't she come herself?"

"Well..." Those big green eyes flashed impishly. "At the moment she's all tied up."

Gill's look of angry concern melted into a warm grin. "And you're supposed to entertain me until she gets home?" he asked.

"I might do that if you can afford thy price," she purred.

"Your price? Are you a fucking whore?"

"Oh, no... just a girl who enjoys a good time with a handsome stranger. But the party is a charity slave auction and I go on the block in the next round."

Gill said, "Ooooh, Jesus!" Things were moving too fast for his mind to keep up.

"Your wife has raised the most for the new hospital wing so far," she added brightly.

"Good, because she's going to need it! She's going to be in fucking Intensive Care!" With that he stormed out of the house and left them all gaping. He still had the gun in his hand.

Chapter NINE

Gill stopped near the foot of the stairs and gawked in slack-jawed disbelief at what he saw in the basement rumpus room. The indirect lighting was red and turned low. He could only think of hell's smoldering fires, and the restless crowd seemed to belong there.

He watched a London bobby arrest an older woman in a white mink coat. She was clubbed to her knees with a two-foot-long rubber imitation of a man's cock, complete with big blue veins. The woman loved it. Gill heard her beg the costumed bobby to give her the real thing.

A glaring strobe light flashed intermittently. A Roman soldier's head and plumed helmet bobbed up and dawn in the naked crotch of a harem slave with filmy pants pulled down to her knees.

A masked woman dressed head to toe in gleaming black leather and carrying a coiled whip sauntered up to him slinging her hips. The strobe made her look like an oversexed puppet with a couple of strings crossed.

"I like your outfit," she said in a husky voice, stroking a hand down Gill's uniform front. "Especially the gun. That's really a trip!" She reached for it.

"Jesus, don't touch that. It's real!"

"Everything is real when the mind makes it so," she said. "And I would like to discipline a tough cop just to see how much he can take!" She let the whip uncoil at her feet.

"Get away from me!" Gill pushed around her, holstering his gun, scanning the room for a glimpse of Lanore. He passed a delicious looking pilgrim feasting on the tits of an Indian squaw. Then he confronted a burly pirate with a gleaming cutlass and a patch over one eye.

"I'm looking for a young blonde with long hair and big tits," Gill said anxiously.

The pirate laughed and clapped him across the back. "Aren't we all, mate! Aren't we all!"

Then a dashing riverboat gambler walked to him smiling. "Gill, I'm so glad you could make it!"

Blake Bennett extended his hand. Gill hadn't recognized him at first.

"Where the hell is my wife?" Gill demanded.

"In Intensive Care," Blake said blandly. "My son is looking after her. But you'll find someone else, the second round of bidding is about to begin."

"I want my wife!"

"Impossible. She's already been sold. But my daughter Celia is going on the block this time, why don't you try for her? She's a real beauty. I hope you brought your checkbook, Gill." Bennett moved off into the crowd, ever the genial host.

Gill was left stammering, "God damn it, I've blundered into a fucking loony bin!"

Marilee touched his arm with a wan smile. "Did you find Lanore?" She was wearing a white toga fashioned quickly from a lace tablecloth.

"No, not yet." He was distracted by her lithe beauty and long fall of raven hair.

Al joined them wearing a diver's wet suit and carrying a three-pronged fish spear. In the eerie red glow, he looked like the devil himself, but he said to them, "I don't think my outfit is kinky enough."

Gill was about to answer when the lights went out, all but a spot illuminating the raised platform at the end of the room. Blake Bennett was there at the microphone, calling for quiet.

"Our second round of bidding for this weekend's party is about to begin," he announced. That brought a cheer. "Remember, all the proceeds go to help fund the new children's wing at City Hospital. The slaves have generously offered themselves to support that great cause."

His wife Marge was first on the block, dressed in a crisp while nurse's uniform tight enough to show that she had an enviable figure.

Marge was sold to a woman dressed like a fairy princess and had her head under the woman's long gown even while the check for the woman's contribution was being written out.

"That looks like fun," Marilee said. "And I ought to be able to raise more than the two hundred she didn't."

Al gripped his wife's arm. "Stay here."

"We've lost one wife already!" Gill agreed, holding her from the other side.

"Oh, come on, guys. How much would you bid for me?"

"Ssshhh," they both hissed.

A woman with the biggest tits any of them had ever seen went on the block next, flaunting them proudly. The pace of the bidding picked up, and she was sold to the pilgrim for. Then three women pooled their funds to pay for a bearded giant in a shaggy fur caveman outfit.

As he left the platform, Blake said into the microphone, "The way I figure it, that's less per pound than a good steak. And a lot more fun, you can bet. Come on, folks... let's keep those bids coming in. A lot of poor kids need our help. And here's someone who should really help a lot. My daughter Celia!"

The tawny redhead brought cheers and whistles, and a murmur of excitement moved through the crowd. Some man bid right off. Gill shouted, "Six!" without even thinking.

"Gill, what are you doing?" Marilee whispered.

"I want her. She knows where they've got Lanore."

"Yes, but..." The bidding went on while they talked.

Marilee turned and glared. "What are you doing?"

"Helping my friend and neighbor. We'll go in halves. After he talks to her, I'll take what's left."

"You son of a bitch," she said with a good humored grin.

The London bobby bid, and a man in the back of the room topped that. Gill said, "Nine!" Even with Al paying half, he was kissing off the small sailboat that he and Lanore had been saving for.

A hush fell then. "Going once," Blake said, urging them on. "Going twice..."

Marilee saw the London bobby was about to bid again. "Save your money," she said. "I'm up next."

"Ooooh!" He quickly dropped the hand he was raising to attract the auctioneer's attention.

Gill and Al were so intent on the results that neither of them noticed the exchange.

"Going three times!" Blake said. "Sold to the man who walked in here carrying a gun. Let's hope all the shots he fires tonight are from something more pleasant."

Al and Gill left Marilee to write checks and claim their new slave.

"You know I'm giving up a great new set of golf clubs to do this," Al muttered.

"Yeah, but we've got the only clubs we need to play her three holes," Gill replied with a lewd grin. There was something strangely exciting about this, he'd decided. And he blamed Lanore less for having joined in.

Al's feelings were less charitable when he saw his wife step under the glare of the spotlight, letting her improvised toga slip down enough to show nearly all of one fit. "Hey, what the hell?"

Gill said, "Relax, Al. It's for a good cause. And we're going to be very busy." He gripped Celia's arms and cuffed them behind her back.

The redhead only grinned anxiously.

"So, I have two masters," Celia said, looking them both up and down.

"And we want a private room," fill told her. "We're not used to large crowds."

"There's a nice room upstairs," he told them. "It's all fitted out like a Persian palace."

The bidding for Marilee had reached before Gill, Al and their new slave girl got to the stairs. They weren't paying attention.

"Nine-fifty," said the bobby.

"One thousand dollars," said the woman, in white mink.

"Eleven hundred!" the bobby said, wincing because that was more than he'd planned, to spend. "Twelve," the woman said coldly.

Marilee was amazed, and pleased that hers was the record price for the night. "I'm surprised you'd pay so much for another woman," she said to the lady as she was writing out her check.

"Oh, but you aren't for me. I have three sons waiting at home. They're all virgins, and I want a beautiful older woman to start them out right."

"Oh, my God," Marilee said weakly. By then Gill and Al had left the room. There was nothing she could do... except play the willing slave she'd volunteered to be.

Celia took them to a spacious room, the walls and ceiling all draped with rich brocade in vibrant colors. It was candle-lit and there was incense burning somewhere. Gill took off the handcuffs.

The redhead knew and enjoyed her role as a slave, she found it to be a rare treat after the boredom of her college classes. She clicked on music that came from hidden speakers, a haunting refrain.

She slipped off her vest and bared two lush tits with large nipples that had been pierced to hold a pair of dangling golden ear rings they swayed as her hips began to undulate in response to the exotic stereo refrain.

"Father should have said that I'm a belly dancer," she purred. "I would have brought an even better price."

Al watched, entranced. "I'm glad he didn't mention it."

Celia had slipped little pairs of cymbals onto her hands. They clanged overhead as she swayed sinuously, working her hips in the most tantalizing assortment of fuck motions either man had ever seen.

Gill somehow remained aloof. "I'm more interested in finding my wife and getting her out of this madhouse," he said.

"Hey, let our young slave do her thing," Al told him. "That's your sailboat you're watching drift away."

"Don't remind me." Gill's look remained gloomy, but he couldn't take his eyes off the fluid swaying and rocking of Celia's tawny pussy mound. Her cunt hair showed through the filmy harem pants she wore, and now she was pushing them down.

"Does either of you have half a dollar?" she asked, clanging those little brass cymbals again.

"Uh, yeah... I do." Gill reached into the pocket of his uniform pants, mesmerized by what he felt.

"Put it flat between your teeth and tilt your head to the side," she told him, dancing near. Her pants slipped down to her ankles and Celia stepped out of them, arching her back so that she approached Gill pussy first.

He had seated himself on one of the many large satin pillows that were all that served for furniture in this exotic room... except for a strange-looking chair made out of camel saddle and Al was sitting on that.

Celia's tawny-baked pussy lips seemed to pulse in time with the music she'd put on. It was something strange to watch. Gill had never seen such motions, such sinewy contractions so close before.

She swayed her squirming cunt toward the coin between his lips. Gill could only think of dropping one into the slot of a vending machine, but he didn't even have to do that. Her taut, writhing pussy lips plucked it from his lips, exciting him with her steamy scent.

Celia danced away swirling, hands raised high overhead as the cymbals clanged and the coin flashed in the grip of her taut pussy lips.

Celia arched backward until her hands touched the floor, then she let her feet slide down and she was on her back, her tawny clit still holding the coin that glittered in candlelight. She worked the half dollar out and flipped it up onto her belly.

Rippling waves rolled it over and over, heads then tails, until it rested flat between her jutting tits with nipples adorned in gold. Working her clever bands of muscle the other way, she rolled it back across her pussy mound. It clanged on the floor between her spread legs and Celia made her cymbals chime.

"Who wants to be first for the best fuck of his life?" she asked sweetly.

Gill said quickly, "I do!"

"Hey, I thought you were worried about your wife," Al said.

"Wife? What wife?"

Al wasn't thinking of his either. "I made half of our contribution," he reminded his friend and neighbor.

"Yeah, you did," Gill had to agree. "So how do we decide who gets her first?"

"What else?" Al said with an infectious lewd grin. "We flip a coin."

The woman who'd purchased Marilee graciously gave her gorgeous white mink coat to the raven-haired beauty to wear. "I don't want you to catch a chill," she said with a smile, ushering Marilee into the back of a chauffeur-driven limo. She slammed the back door and said, ..."Take her home, lames. The boys are waiting."

"Aren't you coming?" Marilee asked. "Oh dear, no! I've got to stay and buy myself a handsome young stud in the next round. The children's wing at City Hospital is my favorite charity. And to think, the contributions are all tax deductible!"

Chapter TEN

Lanore went home Saturday night after completing her twenty-four hours with Dave and his sexual pleasure monitoring machine. The party at the Bennetts' was still going on, with new people arriving all the time, but she couldn't find Gill or the sexy young redhead who was supposed to have gone to get him.

She was feeling guilty and fearful when she walked in the door. Gill was sitting in his favorite chair, relaxing with a beer and a new paperback book. He hardly looked up. "Where you been?"

"Er, I-I went to a party."

He said, "Why don't you go take a shower and change your clothes? You look beat."

"Yes, that's a good idea." She left the room in a hurry.

Lanore undressed in their bedroom and turned on a steaming hot shower. The soothing spray made her feel better until she reached down to lather her golden pussy hair. Feeling the bald mound of her shaved cunt made her cringe. There was no way she could bide that from Gill very long.

She stepped out of the shower, trying desperately to think of an explanation that wouldn't send him right up the wall. That wasn't going to be easy.

Tossing her head back, she covered her face with a towel and began to rub briskly, hoping she could think of something he might accept. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. Not by Gill, but someone smaller but still very strong.

Chilling fear immobilized her at first. She was being dragged backwards out of the bathroom, arms pinned to her sides. "Who are you?" she cried.

No answer, but Lanore caught an unmistakable female scent. The woman threw her into a chair and jerked Lanore's wrist behind her, still not showing herself.

Lanore heard the click and felt the cold of a handcuff being lacked around her right wrist. The other half of the pair snapped shut around a rung in the back of the chair. Before Lanore could think to resist, her left arm was cuffed the same way.

Then she turned and saw the smiling [missing text].

"Celia," she said.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm Gill's slave and I have several hours left to serve," she explained. The girt was naked except for the golden ear rings that dangled from her pierced nipples. Seeing that made Lanore shudder.

"Wh-what are you going to do?"

"Cut your hair." She smiled and clicked a pair of scissors.

"Why?" Lanore shrieked.

"Eve learned not to ask why, only to do whet a man wants."

"And that is a lesson you still need to learn," Gill said. He was standing in the doorway, leaning casually against the frame. "You could have stayed home last night, or gone over to Al and Marilee's, but no."

"Gill, can explain."

"Don't bother, I know you were tempted."

"But! I've been following you," he reminded her. "No more! From now on, I lead the way!"

The scissors kept snipping. The pile of gleaming golden hair on the floor grew larger. Lanore felt drained, like Sampson, robbed of her strength as well as her hair. She was still sobbing but had no more tears left to shed.

Gill walked around her and went into the bathroom. Lanore heard the hum of his hot lather machine. In a couple of minutes he came back with a big double handful. He plopped it all on top of her head and began to smear it around.

"Get my razor, Celia. I'll do the rest."

"You're the most cruel man in the world," Lanore moaned.

"No, a cruel man would have beaten the shit out of you. And I might yet," he warned sternly, stroking her lathered head with the razor his obedient red-haired slave had brought.

Celia stood watching, flashing a catty smile.

"Why don't you dance for us?" Gill said to her.

"I would love to dance for you, master," Celia turned on another haunting melody and her body began to sway. Gill stroked with the razor in time with the eerie refrain. Bright little cymbals changed on her fingertips, a metallic sound that reminded Lanore of the scissors.

Celia has grace she is a seductive enchantress. Lanore felt her seething jealousy swell, especially when the girl turned and swirled her tawny hair.

Gill worked deftly with the razor, still managing to keep one eye on his talented slave-girl. "I never realized how damn bumpy your head is," he said to his wife.

"Bumpy? Is that all you can say about me? That I'm bumpy?" she cried.

"That's the nicest thing I can think of at the moment."

Celia did a lithe back-bend and reclined on their bed, and her belly-writhing motions went on as before. Celia took the cock-shaped vibrator that Lanore sometimes used, turned it on and pushed the padded tip just barely into her pussy slit.

She pumped her hips and worked her clever cunt muscles, drawing the buzzing artificial cock deeper by internal control alone. Lanore gaped enviously, and Gill felt his cock getting hard for the luscious redhead again.

Her pussy sucked in the vibrator until it had vanished completely. She writhed ecstatically on the bed. Slowly, the vibrator emerged from her cunt slit, touched only by wringing bands of muscle that pulsed inside.

"You fuck like a bag of wet laundry compared to her," Gill said.

"Do you need to insult me too?" Lanore wailed.

Gill said, "No, as a matter of fact, I don't need you at all." He reached for the vibrator as Celia worked it out into his hand, Gill took it and stuck the artificial cock partway into his wife's pussy.

"Entertain yourself with that for awhile," he told her. "When your cunt is good enough to pull it all the way in, then I'll take those cuffs off your wrists. Until then, I'm going to be fucking my sexy little slave."

Lanore's pussy wrenched, stung by the buzz of the vibrator that usually pleased her. She pulled and heaved with every fuck muscle she could control, and she couldn't move it even a fraction of an inch.

Gill undressed quickly, scattering his clothes. Celia kept her hips pumping and swaying to entice him. His cock leaped out, hard and twanging when he stripped off his shorts.

He crouched between her legs, just close enough so the head of his cock touched lightly on her clit. Celia sighed in writhing delight, stimulating herself with his stiff prick. He kneaded her tits and made the dangling gold nipple rings tinkle like wind chimes.

Lanore had never seen anything so grotesque in all her life. Pierced nipples? She couldn't imagine the pain that must have caused. Nor could she imagine the pleasure that Celia felt flow.

Gill ran his fingers through her hair next, fanning it wide. "I love a woman with sleek soft hair," he said. "Too bad with my fucking wife is a skinhead."

Lanore's blood was near boiling. She felt the heat most on her bald head. Her temples throbbed and her jaw clenched. Gill was fucking his cock into Celia's slithering cunt, taking his time.

His first time with her had ended much too fast. Gill's cock just wasn't prepared for anything like the erotic pleasures she had learned to provide. Now he had more control. He could savor every clinging motion, and he wanted Lanore to see how exquisite they all were for him.

Lanore wrenched and squeezed the buzzing vibrator, but she still couldn't move it even slightly in and out. That failure added to her seething frustration.

Gill fucked deep into Celia and felt her whirling cunt tunnel try to strangle his cock, sucking with all her internal strength. It made his balls quiver.

He arched above her and slammed down, fucking deep into her sultry pussy again. Wringing contractions greeted him. Gill gave a joyous moan. "You're a great fuck, the perfect bed slave!"

Lanore's raging fury made her cunt squirm more violently than ever before. She felt a subtle change in sensation and gasped in delighted surprise. Her wrenching contractions had drawn the vibrator in another half-inch.

"Gill, look! I can do it!"

They both ignored her. Gill was fucking Celia with a slow, sensuous rhythm that let him enjoy fully all the marvelous things her pussy could do.

Lanore moaned and wrenched her envious cunt again. The humming vibrator remained right where it was. The strength it took to work her pussy like that was draining. She couldn't see how the redhead could keep it up. Lanore watched and strained and managed to move the vibrator a little deeper.

She squealed with delight and pulled on it again. The motion needed was more familiar now. Her cunt rippled and pulled in a whole inch. "Gill! Watch me, please! Look what I can do!"

He didn't even turn his head. He just kept fucking the redhead who was gasping right along with him now, arching her back and writhing, as she took his anxious thrusts. Pressure surged in his balls.

Lanore had all but forgotten her bald head.

Her whole mind, her whole being was focused intently on the humming vibrator between her legs.

The sound became more muted as she worked it in. The joyous tingle inside became more intense. Lanore was breathing as hard as either of the others. She was hardly aware of them although they were both gasping and grunting as their shared pleasure increased.

Lanore could only think one thing -- that she wanted to have that vibrator all the way inside when they reached a climax. She wanted to cum with them, and that was the only way that she could.

Gill's hairy loins slapped down on Celia with a sound like a beating drum. It seemed to fit right in with the exotic melody coming from the tape player. Celia's arms twined around his back and her little finger cymbals clanged in time with his fucking cock.

She lifted her legs and scissored them around his waist, kicking her heels to spur even more throbbing power into her cunt. Gill twisted and fucked his cock into her, wanting to give back as much pleasure as he got.

Celia loved it. She started to wail a sing-song cry of delight. Nothing turned her on like inspiring a man to fuck at his horny best. That was her greatest joy, her fondest reward. It was about to happen again, another great climax. Her lithe body tensed in delighted anticipation.

Lanore's did the same. Her last set of wringing contractions had drawn the vibrator all the way in. She couldn't hear it now. She only felt the tingling hum inside, felt the satisfaction of knowing that her pussy could be as good as any.

Celia climaxed with a cream that rattled the bedroom window and drowned out the eerie music she had played. Her scream went on and on, rising higher in pitch. Gill's orgasmic sounds were deep grunts.

Lanore knew that sound. She could almost feel his hot jism gushing into her. But it wasn't. The bitch Celia was getting it all, writhing and twisting her wet cunt all over him.

The vibrator was bringing her to a climax, but no amount of clever pulsing and squeezing could coax even a drop of precious cum from an artificial cock. She could only, rasp in frustration and hope that Gill would soon tire of his adoring slave and give his wife some of what she needed to achieve real satisfaction.

When Gill's cock was drained, he sprawled gasping and kissed Celia tenderly on the lips. "You're a great fuck!" he said fondly. "I'm sorry that charity slave auction is only held once a year!"

"It's not over yet, you know. It goes on all weekend. I'm going back when my time here is up."

"I think I'll go with you."

"DO YOU want to buy another slave?"

"Er, no... I can't really afford that. But there is a way I can make a contribution to help build that hospital wing."

"Oh, what's that?"

"How much do you think my bald wife will bring in?"

Celia laughed. "Maybe enough to buy a door knob. That's about what she looks like."

Chapter ELEVEN

Gill fitted Lanore with a studded leather dog collar and snapped on a sturdy chain leash. She'd given him a German shepherd puppy for Christmas two years ago, but, the dog soon grew too large to be comfortable in their small suburban backyard. He had given the dog to his brother who lived in the country where it could run free.

"But I'm glad I kept the collar," Gill said. "I've got good use for it now."

"You aren't going to make me wear this are you?"

"Try taking it off," he challenged.

"But it's so humiliating!" Lanore sobbed.

Gill had unlocked the handcuff from her wrists.

"So is having a hot wife who fucks all over the neighborhood while I'm at work. You act like a bitch in heat, so I'm treating you like one. On your feet, we're going back to the slave auction."

"I have to get dressed first," she said. Gill had already put on casual clothes.

"No, you're going just like that," he insisted, tugging on the leash. "Come on!"

"I can't walk down the street stark naked!"

"Bitch dogs do it all the time. Now get out of that chair before I drag you!"

"All right," Lanore moaned, standing reluctantly, her bald head bowed in shame.

"Heel!" Gill told her as he'd trained the dog.

She walked on his right side, a little to the rear. Celia was on his left in her filmy harem pants and little sequined vest. They held hands like a pair of high school sweethearts out to walk the dog.

It was after midnight and the sidewalk was dark except for the glow of an occasional street light. Lanore felt grateful for that, but the night air was chilling cold. She shivered more with each step they took toward the Bennetts' house.

A car rounded the corner half a block away and winded toward the sidewalk. Lanore naked and bald in the glare of its headlights. She lunged to hide behind some shrubbery growing in the yard they were passing, but Gill yanked her back.

The car swerved across the sidewalk on the far side of the street and crashed into a neighbor's white picket fence. The car lurched to a stop in the middle of the lawn and the driver got out, shaking his head. Lights flashed on in the house and Lanore wished she could dig a hole to crawl in.

"Jesus Christ," Gill said to Celia. "Hasn't that guy ever seen a man walking his dog before?"

"Probably not a completely bald dog," the redhead replied with a smile.

Lanore fumed but didn't respond to their taunting. She knew that would only make it worse. She walked along with her head down, thankful that few of the neighbors would recognize her without that long mane of golden hair.

More lights were coming on because of the car that had crashed through the picket fence. Gill waved to the ones he knew with the hand that held the looped end of Lanore's leash.

Lanore forgot the cold before they'd gone half a block. Her whole body was blushing, warm with the heat of shame.

"Good, you can keep it at home where it belongs," Gill said without concern. "I don't even think Al will want to see you as a skinhead."

The once-blonde beauty was sobbing hysterically by the time they reached the Bennetts' house. Lanore didn't want to go down the stairs. She could hear that the party was still in full swing. Blake was conducting another round in the auction.

"Ladies and gentlemen... it's a rare treat you're being offered this time. A tender young virgin! A pretty blonde who still has her cherry intact!"

A thousand dollars was the opening bid, and that went up a hundred each time Gill went down a stair, tugging on the leash to drag his reluctant wife along. It had reached by the time they stepped onto the lower floor.

He had to envy the few men rich enough to continue beyond that point. Gill recognized one of them, the president of the electronics company he worked for.

The girl on the block was a budding beauty hardly old enough to know what was going on. Her hair was ash blonde and as long as Lanore's had been.

Gill's ultimate boss, the company president, claimed they are virgin, with "a final bid of?" That made him wonder how much had been raised for that new hospital wing since the party began.

As if able to read his mind. Blake announced it from the stage. "That's the record price for a slave so far," he said. "And it brings the total contributions from this auction to..."

The crowd cheered as the silver-haired corporation president led the young virgin away.

Blake was saying, "If we had a few more virgins to put on the block, construction of the new children's hospital wing could start Monday morning. Unfortunately, we have no other volunteer slaves to offer at the moment -- oh, wait a minute, folks!"

Gill was waving Lanore's leash to get his attention.

Blake bent over and the two men talked briefly in hushed tones. Then Gill handed the older man the leash and, he pulled Lanore up onto the platform. Lanore was too ashamed to even raise her head. She stood hunched over, arms crossed to hide her blushing tits, hands covering her bald pussy mound.

"Just like any fine store, we do occasionally have a bargain sale. Damaged merchandise. Factory seconds. Customer returns that aren't as good as new."

"Do I hear an opening bid for this sorry piece of goods?" Blake asked in a tone of obvious amusement. "How about ten dollars?"

"I'll hid a dime," some man said.

"Fifteen cents," a woman countered.

"Twenty," said the man. "Cents, not dollars!" he was quick to point out.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Blake protested. "Her chain and collar are worth more than that!"

"Two bucks for the chain and collar," Gill said. "I want those back."

"We have two dollars for the collar and chain. Do I hear three?" Blake asked. He was finding it hard not to laugh out loud. "Maybe two-fifty?"

Al joined the bidding then. He nudged Gill with an elbow and said, "Two-ten... and I'll let the donor keep the collar and chain." Lanore recognized his voice even though she refused to face the mocking crowd.

Blake said into the microphone, "We have two-ten. Do I hear two-twenty? Two dollars and twenty cents, anyone?"

No response but giggles.

"Ladies and gentlemen. This -- ugh -- this hairless wonder will be yours for twenty-four hours. A slave to your slightest whim. That's not even ten cents an hour. Even if you can't stand the sight of her, she can wash dishes scrub floors..."

"No, God damn it! No!" Lanore snapped up her head.

"Does she do windows?" a woman asked from the back of the room. Another peal of laughter made Lanore drop her head and start to ball again. She didn't seem to have a friend or supporter in the whole room.

"Two dollars and ten cents," Blake repeated. "Going once. Going twice..." Still no response. The guests seemed to sense there was something going on between the two men at the edge of the platform. No one else would put in a bid. "Going three times... sold to the lucky gentleman with the smirk, on his lips!" Blake gave Al the looped end of Lanore's leash.

"Oooh, Al," Lanore moaned as he was leading her off. "Get me out of this awful place. Take me home and fuck me!"

"Hey, not until after you've cleaned my house!"

"You aren't really going to make me do that."

"Damn right I am! I can fuck you for free. For cold, hard cash you're going to work your ass off, even if I have to stand over it with a whip!"

Gill was still grinning when Marilee got back to the party about ten minutes later, resplendent in the borrowed white mink coat.

And she looked no worse for wear despite having spent the last twenty-four hours with three young men who, between them, managed to have at least one cock hard all that time.

"Have you seen Al?" she asked.

"He just left with Lanore," Gill said. "She's going to spend the next twenty-four hours cleaning your house."

"Oh, then I'd hate to disturb them. Why don't we go to your place and wait until she's through?"

,Before Gill could do more than nod in consent, Celia appeared beside them holding something in hands behind her back. Her vest was open, her tits thrusting out.

"I got to feeling a little sorry for your wife," she said to Gill. "When you think she's learned her lesson, please give her this from me." It was a beautiful wig, long and tawny red like Celia's own hair. "It's my mother's. She has a bunch. I thought this one might help remind you of me."

"Celia, I hope I'll have more than a wig to remind me..."

"Don't worry," she grinned mischievously. "We are neighbors aren't we? I expect to be seeing a lot of you."

"You will, Celia. And thanks for the loan of the wig. I know Lanore will appreciate it -- when she's learned her lesson."

Al was leading her down the street, tugging on the leash, half dragging Lanore like a pup. She was sobbing and pulling back, as angry as she was humiliated.

The old man whose car had crashed through the picket fence had given the card of his insurance agent to the sleepy homeowner and was backing into the street when the two of them walked by.

They passed, the naked and bald woman straining against her leash. The old man gawked and his car swerved again, bounding over the sidewalk to crash through a split rail fence just two houses down.

Al shook his head and said, "Jesus Christ, how did that guy ever get a driver's license?"

Lights were coming on all over the neighborhood and people were staring out their windows up and down the block. Lanore wanted to die. He dragged her straight into the kitchen and to a sink piled high with dirty dishes.

"I'm a lot like Gill," Al said sheepishly.

"I've been letting my wife get away with things, I don't like it. No more! Clean that shit up! I want to see every dish sparkle when you put it away."

Al fashioned the looped handle of her leash into a slip knot and cinched it tight around the base of the sink faucet. "I'm going to get a whip in case I need that to keep you on your toes!"

Lanore thought of running, but where? People now were milling around in front of their houses, drawn by the noise of the second accident of the night. And she was bald, naked and so ashamed. Even if she made it home, Gill would only drag her back.

Gill left the Bennetts' house arm in arm with Marilee. Celia had put the long red wig on a foam plastic stand, one that was flocked a flesh color and shaped with a model's classic features. He had that tucked under the other arm and he felt on top of the world.

"Al's going to be a lot more strict with me in the future," Marilee said as they walked up the street. "Once he's had Lanore as a slave for twenty-four hours..."

"It will do us all good," Gill said.

Marilee had lost her tablecloth toga nearly all the way. She rapped the sleek white mink close around her lithe body and still managed to keep pace with Gill's hurried strides.

They hardly noticed all the gawking neighbors in bathrobes and pajamas, those still curious about the second car crash of the night. The old man gave the required insurance information to another homeowner and was just untangling his car from the ruins of the split rail fence when they walked by.

Gill appeared to be carrying the severed head of a tawny haired beauty under his arm, and the old man remembered seeing him with a woman just like that the first time he crashed. Then the night wind caught the open front of Marilee's borrowed coat and spread it wide.

She was stark naked underneath, her raven pussy curls shining in the glow of a street light overhead. The old man gaped, his jaw hanging slack, his foot coming down hard on the accelerator while the car was still in reverse.

It shot backward, swerved again and took out all that was left standing in the white picket fence he'd hit before. "The insurance adjusters will never believe this," he moaned. "Never!"

Lanore hated the studded-leather dog collar cinched round her neck. Al seemed to be enjoying it greatly. He was sitting naked in a kitchen chair behind her, contentedly with a beer in one hand while he swirled and cracked a three-tailed whip in the other.

The sound and her fear of hissing leather was all that kept Lanore busy with her assigned chores. She breathed in weary resignation, envying males for their strength and virility, hating them for the power they possessed. She had been shamed and mocked and made a fool of. She'd been walked naked like a dog in front of the whole neighborhood. And she knew she had only herself to blame. That's the part that hurt worst of all.

She'd been shorn of her beautiful golden hair, chained like a humble slave to a sink full of dirty dishes. One man she adored was sitting behind her, slashing the air with a cold leather whip, just waiting for an excuse to lay it across her ripe ass.

And her husband was somewhere with another woman, Lanore had no doubt of that. She watched him, if not all to herself, at least part of the time.

"I have to be more than just a neighborhood slave," she sobbed.

Chapter TWELVE

Al wasn't the heartless bastard she imagined him to be at that moment. Neither was Gill, she knew. They were both typical fun-loving American males, the kind who might be found in any city or suburban neighborhood. That yearning for pleasure, and the desire to avoid hassles had been mistaken for weakness.

Gill had always given in to her, and Al had come running when she had wanted him, practically with his cock hanging out. Now, to her horror, she discovered there was tougher stuff underneath.

Ad was glaring, telling her, "Wash the dishes before I whip your ass!"

And Gill was fucking Marilee next door. Lanore could hear her sultry neighbor's cries. They made her heart wrench, her stomach churn and the sink full of dirty dishes seem larger than it was when she started.

"Whip my ass, I don't care. I deserve it," she moaned. "I started this to have fun all my own way... and now everyone is having a good time except me!"

Al grinned, but she couldn't see it. He lashed across her luscious ass cheeks with his whip. He owed Gill at least that much. It wasn't a full-force blow, but enough to make Lanore wince and toss her head back, yanking the chain of her leash tight.

"Aaagh! You don't have to hurt me. I've learned my lesson!" she cried, slumping forward again.

"Somehow I doubt that, Lanore. I think there is some of the devious bitch still left in you," Al said. He whirled the whip overhead and then lashed it across her ass again.

He struck harder that time. When her head tossed back to howl in pain, the studded collar pulled tight around the back of Lanore's neck. Her bald head bobbed so furiously that Al thought for one moment he might have broken her neck.

But Lanore quickly recovered her senses and said, "Please, Al. Let me see Gill. There's so much that I have to make up for."

He hesitated a moment, then Marilee's orgasmic scream shattered the stillness of the night.

"O.K.," he said. "Sounds like Gill might be ready for you now. And Marilee can God damn well wash her own dirty dishes!"

Al took off the hated dog collar, and he walked Lanore to her own house. Both of them were stark naked, but all the other neighbors had gone back to bed.

Lanore first saw the red wig sitting on its stand on the edge of the coffee table, long and tawny tresses banging down to swirl on the floor.

"Ooooooh!" she gasped. "Gill must have gotten that for me!"

She rushed and put it on, tossing her head to straighten its long flowing waves. Then she spied that luxurious white mink coat draped over the arm of the couch.

"Aaahhh, and that too? Gill must really love me despite all I've done." She reached to put it on.

"Un-ungh," Al said, shaking his head. "The wig I'm sure was meant for you. A coat like that would cost Gill two year's pay -- I don't think so. You better check with him before reaching for things you aren't suppose to have."

"You're right." Lanore jerked her hand back as though the snowy white fur she'd barely touched was red hot. "Besides, I'm sexy enough without it."

Al said nothing. He decided to wait and see. Gill and Marilee were coming down the hall, both of them smiling. Because of the tawny red wig, the raven-haired beauty didn't recognize her own neighbor at first.

"Oooh," Marilee said. "And whose luscious little slave are you?"

"I'm Gill's," she said without flinching. "And I'm going to be the best he ever had!"


"Yes, it's me."

"Did you dye your blonde hair?"

"No, I lost it. And I almost lost something that means so much more!" She sobbed and rushed into Gill's waiting arms. He hugged her and pressed her lush tits almost flat against his chest.

Marilee said, "Unnnngh, I think we should leave them alone."

Al grinned and said, "You're right. You've got a sink still half full of dirty dishes to do, floors to scrub, windows to wash..."

"Now wait just a minute!" she snapped.

"No, I've already been waiting too many years." Al brought the dog collar and leash out from behind his back. "Best damn two dollars and ten cents I ever spent in my life," Al chuckled as he cinched it tight around Marilee's neck.

"Aggghhh, you bastard!"

"Come on," he jerked the leash. "They need to be alone. And so do we!"

Lanore sucked in a long breath after Al and Marilee had left. She raised her chin and said, "So am I." Gill hugged her again and stroked his hands down through her tawny fall of hair.

"You like me better as a redhead?" she asked coyly.

"Yeah, I think I do."

"Because I remind you of Celia?"

"No, your tits are much bigger than hers. Your nipples haven't been pierced?"

"And you don't think my pussy is as clever," she said.

"Well, she has been studying muscle control for a long time."

"I have too. Ever since I had to witness the job that bitch did on your cock." Lanore writhed her bald pussy against his cock. "Is she the first!"

"So far, yes." Gill had to groan. The sensuous offering of a hairless pussy made him think of delights with very young girls.

"Watch this," Lanore said. She eased back from him, swaying her hips with snake-like grace. Lanore tossed her head, arched her back and spread her legs with knees bent wide apart.

Her pliant belly began to heave with rippling motions that surely would have flipped over a coin had they had one handy. And the inner muscles of her cunt squirmed tight, turning like a screw thread.

Lanore demonstrated proudly, not moving her back-bent body except on the inside.

Gill clasped his hands on the cheeks of her ass and pushed his cock in without warning.

"Hunnngh," she groaned. "The pleasure of that would blow all the fuses in that crazy fuck-meter!"

"It just might. Your pussy has never felt so good to me!"

"Put me on our bed where you can fuck me hard! Bind my arms and legs so there is no way I can resist!"

"I didn't think you liked that."

"I didn't think so either... but I love it. I want you to tie me down and take your pleasure. I want to be your slave. I've learned my lesson. Do whatever you want. I'm yours, and I always will be!"

"No more sneaking around behind my back?" he asked sharply.


"What if I want to fuck Marilee or Celia?"

"I'll suck their cunts and make them hot for you. Ooooh, I would love to eat that redhead and show her that I'm as much a woman as she ever was!"

"Suck my cock and maybe I'll believe you."

"Yes, master!" Lanore dropped obediently to her knees. That was quite a change for her, but she liked seeing how it made Gill's glossy cock twitch. His prick looked longer and harder than ever before. He really wanted her, and all she had to do was please him.

Lanore lunged and sucked down the whole length of Gill's straining cock with one gulp. He rocked back, both stunned and pleased by her heated passion. She bobbed her head back and forth, pulling on his hard prickshaft with tightly drawn lips. It didn't matter that his cock had been in two other women since she had touched his prick last. Lanore had only to prove that she was the best.

She sucked with that in mind. She pulled with her sensuous lips and lapped with a tongue that moved in undulating waves.

"I'd be blowing on that pleasure monitoring machine too," she said confidently, rocking her head back to catch a breath.

"Yeah, we'll have to invite Celia and Dave over some night and ask him to bring his machine. I'd love to wire her and see how she reacts while being fucked by her own brother."

"They'd never do that," Lanore said flatly.

"They might," Gill said with a chuckle. "It's all in the interest of science, just like the slave auction was all for charity."

"Her pussy would have to be shaved bald to properly attach the most important electrodes," Lanore said anxiously.

"I'll let you do that... if you're a good wife until we can get them over."

"Can I cut off all her hair too? I'd love to see that bitch forced to wear a blonde wig!"

"Suck my cock and I'll think about it," Gill said. He suddenly felt more power, more in control than the corporation president he worked for. That silver-haired son of a bitch had to buy his pleasure with an enormous contribution to charity.

Gill said, "Tomorrow I want you to bring me a young virgin."

"Blagh! What?" Lanore's head reared back.

"You heard me, a very young virgin." No later than noon. I want to be here, and I want her pussy sucked wet and warm and ripe for fucking.

Lanore was now disposed to grant any wish that her man desired, but this one left her gasping.

"I don't even know a young virgin," she moaned. "My sister's daughter, maybe, but..."

"You'll think of a way to do it. You had no trouble getting Al over here when you wanted him."

"Yes, but..."

"No buts. Just do it! And right now suck my cock. Get it good and hard. I'm anxious to see what that clever bald pussy of yours has learned."

"Yes, dear." Lanore got the words out without having them stick in her throat. Her man stilt wanted her, that was enough. She sucked his cock hard and made him gasp with delight.

"Now let's fuck," he said with rasping breath. "There's some rope in the garage. Get me four pieces, each about three feet long."

"Oh, Gill... I'm so hat now, we don't need to do that. Sucking your cock after wanting it so long has made me real horny."

"Get the rope!" he said sternly.

"Yes, dear."

He bound her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed frame. His cock throbbed and twitched as each knot was tied.

"Ungh, not so tight!" she moaned.

"You'll get worse than this if you ever sneak around behind my back again!"

"I know that now, and I'm sorry. I'll never do it again."

"That's what you said before. Then you went to the Bennetts' and auctioned yourself off to the highest bidder." He pulled the heavy basket weave-patterned belt from his uniform pants.

"You aren't going to whip me now, are you?"

"Damn right I am! Getting your beautiful blonde pussy hair shaved off, damn you!" He swung back and lashed her newly shaved pussy mound.

The belt cracked loud on hairless flesh and Lanore let out an awful scream. That tender puff of flesh was more tender than most.

"I used to love burrowing into your hairy blonde pussy," he recalled. "Now I'm going to whip your cunt until it's as red as the wig on your head!"

His black leather belt hissed again and the loud crack echoed to fill the room. Lanore's cry of anguish blended with it, high and shrill and drawn out.

"Not red enough yet," he decided, swinging again.

"Yeeeooow! You bastard! Oh, stop! Please stop!"

"All right, but only because I'm tired. I'm going to have to take a couple of days off to rest up after all this."

"Can you do that?" Lanore looked pleased despite the tears flowing down her cheeks. She thought the extra time would help them restore their loving relationship.

"Yeah, I'm sure the president of the company will understand." He laughed, climbing up onto the bed and bending down between her bound legs. "Right now I want to eat pussy. Even with all his bucks, he didn't get one that was completely bald!"

"Hungh!" Lanore felt his tongue lash into her and the pull of his sucking lips on freshly whipped skin. She groaned and squirmed uncomfortably, creaking the taut ropes that bound her four limbs. Then he hooked under her clit and drew his lips snug to suck on that.

Lanore shrieked lewd cries of long-awaited delight. The heat of her stinging welts all seemed to flow into that button of nerves. Her clit swelled and tingled as his tongue danced around. Gill recalled Celia's seductive grace, the way her lithe body swayed so temptingly.

He moved his tongue the same way, flowing all over and around her bulging clit nub.

It made her gasp sharply and arch her back as much as the rapes would allow. Lanore whirled her hips to increase her own pleasure. She pumped her splayed crotch at him and she screamed, "Fuck me!"

Gill answered with a grunt. He was ready. More than ready. His cock had hardened to give her the longest, most demanding fuck of her whole life. His prick throbbed and twitched between his legs, anxious but in complete control. All the fucking he'd done kept his balls well drained. There was no urgent need to cum again, not until his pleasure had gone on and on and on.

Her bald pussy was red with rushing blood and wet with fuck honey seeping from her cunt. Whipping and sucking her had started a flood. Gill could still taste her fuck juice on his lips and tongue, but now it was his cock that demanded to feel her sleek warmth.

He thrust his cock like a harpoon and pushed his luscious wife flat on the satin sheet of their bed. Her pussy sprang to life. Her cunt convulsed with wringing motions that sucked hard on his long prickshaft. She writhed and twisted violently inside without seeming to move.

"Hhhmmm, you have learned some thing."

While the loving muscle in her cunt seemed to be climbing his cock.

"You can fuck all the other women you want," she said. "But you'll never find one better than this!"

"Unnnngh! Maybe not, but it's going to be fun to find out for sure!"

An hour would pass before even Lanore's newly learned cunt motions could persuade his cock to fire. And years would pass before they knew where the exciting new path of life they had chosen would finally lead them.


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