Bondage slave niece

Everyone seems to have a different goal in life these days. One person is into health and the great outdoors; another seeks solace and fulfillment in religious faith, while another still looks to the occult for a more mystical understanding of the world. The various groups in society have difficulty understanding each other, but more and more these days, there seems to be a liberal acceptance of the individual search for truth. A most admirable quality in people these days is that of being judgmental. It is this quality that allows us to accept, if not to understand, another's unique search for truth.

In BONDAGE SLAVE NIECE, we find people seeking truth in various ways -- ways that may or may not be acceptable to the general public. Diane DeMarrow has found a truth. She has found a life that suits her perfectly. She has found a life that fulfills all her needs. But could you accept her way of life? Can you read the escapades of Diane DeMarrow and still call yourself a "non-judgmental" person?

Chapter ONE

The bell above the door rang and Melissa rose to answer the summons of her cruel mistress, Diane DeMarrow. She quickly stood, spun on her heels and turned to leave the tack room.

"Oh, my God!" Melissa gasped as she found herself looking into the evil brown eyes of Bruce. Bruce was blocking the doorway, standing up straight, with his arms crossed and leering at her with a look of lust pasted to his handsome face.

"Well, hello there Melissa," Bruce hissed. He licked his lips and surveyed the curvaceous lines of her body. Then he stared right at her, piercing her eyes and making her shudder with fear.

He was certainly a good-looking man, she thought. A big man, with a massive chest, muscular arms and a thick shock of black hair on his head. Yes, Bruce was handsome. But he sure was a mean son of a bitch.

"I think it would be a very good idea for you to suck my cock, Melissa. I'm in a rather sexy mood and your cute little mouth will satisfy me for the present. So get down on your knees and suck my prick, you little wench!" As Bruce spoke, he pulled his big, thick cock out of his pants and wagged it obscenely in front of him.

Melissa dropped to her knees and, after pushing aside the black leather riding boot that she had been cleaning when Bruce first startled her, she glanced up at him. A tear ran dawn her cheek. She felt so degraded, so terribly humiliated, but she knew that Bruce would force her td suck his prick. She had no choice at all. If she refused his depraved demands, he would beat her. She reached for his cock, but he slapped her hands away brutally.

"You stupid slut," he said. "You'll suck my cock, but you'll just have to wait a little bit." At that, Bruce stepped forward and pressed his bulbous cock-tip into her eye. He moved his prick slowly over her face, stabbing it into her other eye and jabbing it into her nostril. Then his yoke thundered with a loud sadistic laugh.

Feelings of fear and hate welled up inside of the debased woman. Suddenly the bell rang again. Melissa gasped. She knew that Diane must be growing very angry at having to wait after ringing for her! If only Bruce would leave her alone.

"Bruce, please let me go," Melissa pleaded. "Diane just rang for me again. If I don't go at once, I'll be in real trouble." Melissa was begging now, hoping that he would take pity on her.

"You dumb bitch. You're not going anywhere until you suck my cock." He pressed his cock-tip against her closed lips and rubbed his member lewdly across her straight row of sparkling white teeth. "Now suck my cock! Now!" he commanded. "And suck it right or you'll be damned sorry, you stupid cunt."

Melissa had no choice. She opened her mouth wide and his prick slipped between her lips. She licked and sucked at his cock-tip. She really hated Bruce. She had only known him for a week, but she knew that he was a brutal and vicious man. Oh, he was red handsome, and quite a stud of a man, with a giant prick, a real credit to his gender. But the trouble with Bruce was... well, Bruce was nuts.

He was evil, wicked, nasty, crude and depraved. And, as if that were not bad enough, so was Diane DeMarrow, the voluptuous blonde beauty who was waiting for her upstairs in her luxurious bedroom. They were both as crazy as drunken loom. Melissa wondered how she had ever been dumb enough to get mixed up with Bruce and Diane. It was such a dreadful situation.

"I don't think your mind is on your work, Melissa," Bruce snarled. "I'm in a real horny mood today. Right now, I need a good fucking. And I think your mouth will do quite well for starters. Now get your fucking mouth moving over my prick, you bitch! And suck me nice and hard!" he shouted as he rammed his cock deep into her throat and jerked his hips violently.

Melissa sucked hard on his prick, trying to please him. But Bruce was not satisfied with her efforts. He grabbed her behind the neck, pinching her flesh cruelly, and brutally forced her head forward.

"Unnnggghhhhh!" he panted. "That's better. Keep it up sweet-cunt."

As Melissa sucked his prick, her thoughts returned to her lamentable situation. She was their slave! She had served Diane for two years, but more in the role of a servant than a sex slave. Then, a week ago, Bruce had moved into the mansion and the two of them had turned poor Melissa into a bonafide sex slave! It was almost too absurd to believe. But, it was true!

They used her as though she were a mere sexual toy to be played with whenever they felt the urge to act out their perverted sexual desires. She hated them both and swore that some day she would have her revenge. But, as for now, Melissa had to obey Bruce's decadent command or she would be brutally punished.

Bruce was panting as he stabbed his mammoth cock into her mouth. His hips jerked rhythmically as he ground his crotch into her face. His huge, thick prick was forcing Melissa's jaws apart brutally.

She grimaced in pain; tears filled her eyes. His giant cock was literally tearing the muscle fibers of her jaws. She gagged and pulled her face away from the man. His prick slipped out from between her lips. It was hard and slick, and stuck out from his matted crotch hair, wagging obscenely, as if scolding her for doing an improper cock-sucking job.

"I'm so sorry, Bruce!" she cried. "Please believe me. I'm doing the best I can. It's... it's just that your cock is so huge. It is really too big for my mouth. Please forgive me!"

"Fuck you!" he yelled as he struck her, slapping her hard across the cheek with a backhand blow that sent her sprawling on the floor. He kicked her in the side and she winched in pain. "Get the fuck up, bitch! I haven't finished with you yet. I told you to suck my cock and I meant it. Now suck me hard," he commanded. "And if your mouth is too damned small," with a cruel rasping tone of voice, "then maybe well just have to stretch it so that it fits around my cock. Now get on with it, sweet-cunt!"

She lifted herself from the floor, leaned forward, and gasped his cock once again. Melissa was really scared now. What the hell did he mean anyway when he said: we'll have to stretch your mouth so that it fits my cock?

Lifting his prick to her lips once again, she licked the underside of his cock-shaft with long tongue movements, giving special attention to the sensitive flesh just below his bulbous, hot cock-lip. Then she sucked his cock as hard as she could. She managed to suck his entire cock-shaft between her lips. But, as she sucked, his cock kept growing in her mouth. It kept getting harder and harder, bigger and bigger, thicker and thicker. Her jaws began to ache again as she sucked Bruce's cock. His giant cock seemed to grow an inch or more every time she sucked hard on it.

"Uuunngghhh," Bruce moaned. "That's it sweet-cunt. Keep it up. You're starting to get the hang of it now. Just keep on going, bitch."

Bruce was a big, muscular man with a rather extraordinary slab of cock between his legs. Melissa had never seen a cock the size of Bruce's spectacular prick. And she had seen quite a few in her twenty-one years. Bruce had an abnormally large cock, she thought. Hell, with a prick like that, Bruce could clean up at a carnival. His prick was so huge and thick that it seemed almost freakish. Yeah, she thought, Bruce would undoubtedly be a big attraction in a carnival side show. As she sucked his cock, she wondered if people would actually pay money to gape at such a gigantic cock. Then she wondered if some people might actually pay to suck his big prick.

"Oh, yes. Way to go sweet-cunt. Get down on my big cock, you little fucking bitch," Bruce blurted. "Keep it up."

Bruce was really into it now, she thought. He was face-fucking her. Stroking her brutally with his thick cock. His hips ground away in a steady back-and-forth movement. His cock was so big now that it filled her mouth to the brim. And still there were about two inches of fleshy cock-shaft that had not yet penetrated her mouth.

Melissa began to feel a swelling of hot sensation in her cunt. At first, she tried to shake off the thought, but... but there was no denying it. This brutal bastard was beginning to turn her on with his crude raping, of her mouth. Her cunt was beginning to leak pussy-juice, and a feeling of lewd sensuality welled up in her loins. She simply could not deny it.

"I'm gonna keep strokin' baby. And you just keep on suckin' and everything will be all right," Bruce hissed. His hips were jerking faster now. He was gasping for breath between each stroke. She knew that he would cum soon.

His prick sluiced deeply into her throat, cutting off her intake of air. She had a hard time breathing. She could feel the tip of his prick bouncing off of her tonsils. My God, she thought, if he does not cum soon, I may choke to death!

But she did not dare stop sucking his cock, not even for a breath of air. Bruce was a brutal bastard. He seemed to enjoy hurting people. And he might hurt her real bad if she failed to please him.

"Come on sweet-cunt," he moaned. "Get it an, you sweet little cock-sucker. Suck me off real good. Yeah!"

Melissa just kept sucking his huge pulsating cock as hard as she could. Her jaws ached terribly, but she kept it up. His cock rifled her mouth and blocked her breathing, so she just held her breath and hoped that she could bring him to an orgasm soon. She would soon faint from lack of breath! She simply had to make him cum at once.

But, at that very moment when she thought he would cum, he stopped jerking his hips. He stood perfectly still. Melissa waited for his sperm to fill her mouth and waited for him to moan in ecstasy. But he did not! He was teasing her, torturing her, she realized. He was holding his climax back she simply had to take a breath.

She pulled her mouth back along his lengthy cock-sheath until only his cock-tip was between her sucking lips. Then she took in a deep breath of fresh air. She ran her tongue along the base of his bulbous prick-knob in hopes that he would be satisfied and cum soon. But he did not cum! And he made not a sound. Melissa was scared out of her wits. What would he do next, she wondered? Her question was quickly answered.

A sharp blow of Bruce's big fist struck her forehead. For a moment, she actually saw stars and began to drift off. When she came to, she was furious. The bastard damned near knocked me out, she thought.

Bruce grabbed her by the hair, his big clammy mits clenching her curly brown locks. He yanked her mouth all the way off of his cock and cruelly twisted her face upward until their eyes met. He looked at her with a vicious grin on his face, while his prick slipped out of her mouth and hung obscenely, threateningly, menacingly.

"Listen, bitch," he said in a cold, cool, frightening voice. "I told you to suck my cock. All of my cock." His voice grew louder by measures, until he was screaming at her. "Now bitch. If I have to tell you again, you are gonna be in real big trouble. Do you get the drift, sweet-cunt? I mean, do you know exactly what I am saying to you? Because if you don't, then let me enlighten you a bit. What I just gave you was a little love tap just a little rap on the side of the head to straighten out your generally poor attitude and relative lack of enthusiasm. Now if I really get angry, I'll give you a left hook that you'll never forget... or never remember, because you'll be in a coma and won't be in any shape to remember anything. Got it, sweet-cunt? If you don't, then get it! Because I don't fuck around, see. I am one serious son of a bitch. And people who fail to take me serious, well, they usually don't live too long." He smiled wickedly and added, "You understand, don't you?"

"Yes, I understand, Bruce," she answered. "Believe me, I understand. I'm sorry. Please give me another change. I'll suck your cock right. I promise. It's just that your prick is so big. I mean, it's really beautiful. It's the most beautiful prick in the world, honest. But it's so big. I have a hard time..."

She never had a chance to finish the sentence. Bruce nailed her with a short right-hand jab to her cheek. At first, she did not even feel any pain. She was just stunned and dazed, totally confused. She drifted off and began to dream about the ice-cream man who gave her free popsicles whenever she showed him her little titties. She was back in Chicago, at her brother's funeral, at her aunt's dinner party, at the Girl Scout camp, at her church confirmation... Everything was pleasant. Her life made sense. She was happy.

"Wake up, you stupid fucking whore. Wake the fuck up, God dammit!" Bruce was shouting into her face and slapping her cheeks to bring her around. She thought about what a drag it was to be awakened out of her dream. She had been happy dreaming about the good times of her life, when she was a little girl.

But she was in reality now. And Bruce was smacking her hard, dammit. So she gazed up at him and said, "I'm okay, Bruce. I'm okay. I just passed out for a minute, that's all."

"Well, that's just fine, sweet-cunt. That's real fine because I'm not through with you yet. I almost came you know. You had me right on the edge there for a second. But then you blew it. No pun intended," he quipped. "But, now let's you and me get down to basics for a moment here sweet-cunt. I wanted you to suck my cock until I came in your cute little pouty mouth. But, the fact of the matter is, you didn't manage to complete the job, now did you?"

"No, Bruce," she replied. "I'm sorry. Really I am. I tried, but you knocked me out before I had a chance to finish."

"Well now, sweet-cunt. That's a mighty fine excuse, I must admit, but there is one major flaw to that excuse. You see, if you would have brought me off like you should have, then I wouldn't have been forced to knock you out. See what I mean?"

"Yes, Bruce. You're right," she said. All the while she was thinking about what an absolute nasty son of a bitch Bruce was. Melissa was so angry that, if she had had a gun at that moment, she would have shot Bruce right in the balls. But she knew that she simply had to be cool for now. Play it his way, because he was in charge. She had to do whatever he said or there was no telling what he might do to her.

"Well," said Bruce with an evil grin pasted on his face. "I'm still determined to cum. I'm one horny son of a bitch. And, like I told you before, I want to get my rocks off. So, since you aren't a very good cock-sucker, I guess I'll just have to use you some other way. Ain't that right sweet-cunt?"

Melissa nodded obediently.

"Get your fucking ass up off the floor, bitch!" he shouted as he grabbed her under the armpits and dragged her to the far end of the tack room.

"Don't you know that it's filthy on the floor of the tack room here?" Bruce asked her mockingly.

"Yes, Bruce. You are right. Of course," she answered, frying to humor him.

Bruce grabbed a ten foot piece of rope and began to tie her hands together behind her back.

"Please, Bruce," she wailed. "Please don't hurt me I'll do whatever you say. But please don't hurt me."

"Don't sweat it, you little whore. I'll take real good care of you. After all, if I hurt you too bad, then what would I do for fun? Now, move your little high ass over to the bench there so I can tie you down."

She obeyed his command. Before she knew what was happening, Bruce had tied her up real tight.

Her arms and legs were spread-caged over the work bench in the tack room. He had removed all of her clothing. She was totally helpless.

"Well now," said Bruce with a sneer. "Don't you make one hell of a sight for sore fuckin' eyes? You look real sweet all tied up there, girlie. Got your little high ass butt stickin' straight up for all the world to see."

"Please don't hurt me, Bruce," she pleaded.

Tears ran down her cheeks in streams. Melissa was scared to death. My God she thought. What was this depraved animal of a man going to do to her? She closed her eyes and hoped that he would go away. But her hopes were quickly shattered when the leather hide of a horse whip fell upon her exposed shoulders. She winced in pain and struggled to free herself from her bonds. But it was of no use. Even though she thrashed about wildly, she could not get free. Bruce had bound her hands and feet tightly. There was no escape. She was at the mercy of this debauched, decadent man. She could do nothing. There was no way to escape. But, she thought in the deep, dark recesses of her mind, some day she would take revenge on this brutal bastard. Some day she would repay him for all the suffering he had caused her. She would pay him back double.

"What's your fucking problem, wench?" he asked. "What is going on in that little mind of yours anyway? Are you dreaming up some kind of way to get back at me? Huh? Well, if you are..." He lashed her buttocks with the whip... "then you are sorely mistaken. Understand?"

"No! No! I wasn't thinking about anything! I just want to be freed from these ropes. Please, Bruce," she begged. "It feels awful to be tied up and left totally helpless. Let me go and I'll do anything you want."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Bruce began to finger Melissa's cunt-lips. He spread them apart and teased her with his thick fingers, pinching her clit and rubbing his knuckles across her cunt-lips.

"You'll like this, you little slut. You'll like this a lot. I'm gonna make you nice and hot. I'll get you real wet and hot and creamy with cunt-juice. And then, you'll feel my cock sliding into your juicy pussy. I'll ram every inch of my giant prick into your snatch, and you'll just have to take it all."

Damn! Bruce sure was a sickie, Melissa thought and a real bastard. The way he spoke to her was gross and obscene, but, somehow, it seemed to turn her on. She felt ha cunt begin to swell, and a feeling of lust enveloped her loins. She was hot and eager. There was no doubt about it. But she hated herself for feeling hot for Bruce. Bruce was an evil bastard. Sure, he had a giant prick, and he knew how to use it to maximum effectiveness. And he was a handsome stud. But Bruce was a sadist, a jerk, a lewd, pompous asshole. It was ridiculous for her to get sexually aroused by such a fucking asshole. But it was happening. As much as she hated to admit it, she was getting hot. Her cunt seethed with unfulfilled lust and passion. She wanted Bruce's prick, his gigantic cock. And she wanted it now. She hated him, but, God dammit, she wanted -- she needed -- his mammoth cock now. Right now!

"Oh, Bruce!" she gasped. "Give it to me. Give me all of your cock. Please! Fuck me, Bruce! Fuck me with all of your giant prick. I need it! Please!" she screamed.

Bruce moved in from behind. He pinched her ass-cheeks hard. She cried out in pain. Then he leaned forward, pressed his huge cock-tip against her flaming red cunt-lips and uttered, "Now you're getting into the swing of things, sweet-cunt. I like it when you beg for it. You didn't do such a hot job sucking my cock, but maybe now that you're all tied up with no place to go, you'll give me a good fucking. What do you say, bitch?"

"Oh, yes, Bruce. I'll fuck you really good. I promise. Take me from behind. I'll make my cunt me and small. I'll squeeze your cock and make you feel real good. Just give me the chance. I won't let you down. Trust me."

"Okay, you little slut," rasped Bruce. "Here it comes." He rammed his giant cock into her pussy to the hilt. Jerking wildly, Bruce pumped her cunt. Pumped her hard. Stabbed into her pussy with hard, deep, penetrating thrusts. Sluiced through her cuntal opening and far into her twat with such tremendous force that she felt his prick-tip way up in her belly. She glanced down at her stomach, half expecting that his giant cock would actually pierce through her skin and come out through her flesh. His cock felt so good, so delicious. He filled her cunt to the brim with lovely, hard prick.

"Oh, my God! It's so damned good! Your cock is so big and hard," she rasped. "I can't believe it. It's just so terrific! Keep fucking me, Bruce! I love it! I love it!"

My it was all true. As much as she hated Bruce, she had to admit that he was one hell of a stud. He had a giant cock that was for sure. But Melissa had fucked many guys with small cocks, and some of them were good in bed too. She had long ago learned that it was not the size of the cock that mattered. It was how the guy used his cock that really counted. And Bruce was an expert. She hated Bruce for being a sadist and an all-around sexual pervert. But, she had to admit that this guy knew how to fuck a woman. Bruce was all man, every inch of him.

"Just keep on grinding, bitch," Bruce said. "Just keep on bumping and grinding until I get my rocks off. This time I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna shoot my load right into your hot little box. So get ready, 'cause here I come."

Melissa steeled her nerves. She prepared herself for the powerful onslaught of Bruce's pent-up cum. His balls were loaded with thick jism. And he was going to shoot it all into her cunt. She got ready to receive it. At the same time she got ready to experience her own climax. She was ready for one. She was almost there. In fact, she was there!

"Uunnggghbhh! Oh, God help me... Uunnggghhhh! Ohhhhh." Melissa moaned as chills of ecstasy ran up and down her spine. She felt as though she had gone to heaven. It felt so good, so hot. Her cunt tingled with beautiful sensations of lust.

It was hard for her to believe, but Bruce had actually made her cum. His huge cock had stroked her to a terrific orgasm. Maybe, she thought, maybe Bruce wasn't such a bad guy after all but her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the slashing of a horse whip on her neck and shoulders.

"Don't you dare stop fucking now, sweet-cunt!" Bruce shouted in a threatening voice. "You just keep on going until I've had my fill, bitch!"

Bruce pumped furiously into her cunt. He hammered away, grinding his hips, stroking brutally into her pussy. His cock-tip pounded her thin cuntal walls until they hurt. Bruce was in a veritable fury of lust and passion. He was determined to cum in Melissa's cunt and he whipped up his passion by whipping her shoulders with the horse whip. The whip slashed hard upon her back and shoulders. Sometimes the tip of the thin leather lash cracked against her tits, causing her to wince in pain. She simply had to make him cum soon or she would be a mass of welts and bruises.

Melissa concentrated all of her strength and energy into tightening her pussy-muscles around his swollen cock-tip. She squeezed as hard as she could, entrapping his prick in her cunt, holding it light, milking the cum out of his cock.

"Oh, shit! Fuck! Piss! Get it sweet-cunt! Get it! Oh, my cock... it feels so damned good. I'm gonna cum if you keep it up. Yeah! Yeah! I'm cumming!"

She felt his thick, hot load fill her curt. It felt as though he had shot a gallon of jism into her pussy.

Bruce pulled his cock out of her curt and fell backwards, sitting on the floor. Then he rolled aver on his side and relaxed, savoring his powerful orgasm. "Oh, that was all right, bitch," he said. "You did a pretty good job, I must admit. Just make sure you keep that pussy nice and tight for me so I can get my kicks whenever I get the urge for a good fucking." He breathed deeply and sighed with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Melissa felt awful. She looked like a cheap slut. Her make-up was all smeared from when Bruce had rubbed his cock all over her face in her eyes and nose and mouth. She was covered with sweat, and her hair hung in a tangled mass about her flushed face. Her checks were red and hot, and her facial make-up was caked in places. Thin red stripes, marks from the whipping she had received, were visible on her shoulders, neck, back and tits. They were not deep welts, and they were not bleeding, but the stripes of punishment and torture were visible nonetheless.

Then she felt the thick, gooey mixture of cunt-juice and sperm running in slow-moving, obscene rivulets down her inner thighs. Bruce's jism was streaming out of her cunt. Her sexual desires were satiated and now she felt ashamed of herself ashamed for having given in to Bruce's wild and perverse demands upon her body. He had ravished her. He had taken her against her will. First, he had forced her to suck his cock. Then he had tied her up and used her. Used her cunt to satisfy his gross feelings of unbridled lust. But, worst of all, she had gotten off on it all. At first, she had fought him. But, after a while, she wanted him. She had wanted his giant prick. Craved it. She had acted like a wanton hussy, a two-bit whore. Worse than a two-bit whore because she was not even getting paid. In short, she felt like two cents waiting for change.

"I'll get the son of a bitch," she muttered under her breath. She struggled wildly, to free herself from her rope bonds, but that only chafed her wrists and ankles. She sighed deeply and cursed Bruce again. "You fucker, you asshole. Some day. Some day I will have my revenge. And when I do, you will be sorry that you ever laid eyes on me. Some day you will pay for what you have done to me. You will pay... and so will Miss Diane DeMarrow."

Bruce pulled himself up from the floor. He untied the ropes that held her in bondage. Then he pushed her roughly to her knees. Pressing his knee under her chin, he slowly raised her head until her eyes looked up into his.

"Here's a special treat for you, sweet-cunt," he said cruelly. "Yeah, an extra-special treat for our lady of the sweet cunt here." At that moment, he grabbed his thick, hot cock and rubbed the drooling prick-head all over her face. First he pressed his cock into one of her eyes. She blinked as he deposited a slimy gob of jism on her eyelid. Next, he slid his prick down to her nose. He shoved his drooling cock-tip into her nostril. Then he squeezed his prick so that a big drop of cum squirted out of his cock and into her nose.

He stepped back and looked at her. He laughed heartily as he saw the wretchedly degraded girl kneeling before him.

"Boy, do you ever look great," he teased. "Honey, you are a sight for sore eyes. Christ, I'm telling you. You ought to be in movies." Then he broke up laughing.

She looked awful. She felt awful. And she hated Bruce for having done this to her, hating him for making fun of her this way. What kind of man was he? She thought. Never had she met anyone as mean and brutal as Bruce. Until now, Melissa simply would not have believed that men like Bruce existed.

"You are really a pretty little piece of ass," said Bruce sarcastically. "Yeah," he said, nodding his head and looking her up and down as if he were inspecting a slab of meat. "You are a nice little cunt. But, you really ought to be more concerned about your appearance, sweet-cunt. You look like shit." He laughed loud and long.

She pouted and cried. She felt terrible. She was totally humiliated. She knew that she looked an absolute mess, kneeling on the dirty tack room floor. Her knees were chafed and sore. One of her eyes kept blinking as Bruce's cum dried and hardened on her eyelid. A stream of sticky sperm streaked out of her nostril and crept down her cheek in a slow-moving ovule. Her stomach felt queasy.

Bruce shoved his cock back into his trousers, zipped his fly and turned to leave. As he reached the door, he glanced back at Melissa who was kneeling on the floor and sobbing.

"Correct me if I'm mistaken, sweet-cunt," Bruce taunted, "but didn't Diane ring for you a while ago?" He laughed loudly as he strolled out, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Oh, my God!" Melissa gasped. "I'd better get my ass up there fast or I'm really gonna catch hell. God, how I hate them both!" she screamed. Then, regaining her composure, she quickly wiped the cum from her face and dashed through the door.

Melissa pushed her long brown hair out of her eyes as she ran upstairs. She entered Diane DeMarrow's spacious bedroom, knelt before the imperious blonde beauty and reverently kissed the tips of her red patent leather high heel shoes. Every time she was forced to perform this debasing ritual, Melissa was repulsed. But Diane demanded that Melissa kiss her feet several times a day. Melissa had no choice but to obey or be punished. Even so, Melissa thought, it could be worse. After all, Diane DeMarrow was one very beautiful woman, even if she were a haughty, wicked bitch!

Diane DeMarrow was a voluptuous blonde. Her piercing eyes, dark blue and large, stared forth from under clear stenciled, clean arching brows. Her rose cheeks, high boned and prominent, led to a cruel mouth, thin and wet lipped and strong. It was a face which advertised more than a trace of worldly wisdom, the result of a hard younger life which she would never forget -- nor forgive. This effect was heightened by the delicate nose with its thin flaring nostrils, and by the general air of sensual wildness which seemed to characterize not only the face, but the creature herself.

Melissa looked up sheepishly at her mistress and humbly muttered, "You rang for me?"

"Yes, now that you mention it, I guess I did ring for you," Diane replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She stretched back in her leather chair as though preparing to relax. Then, all of a sudden, she kicked Melissa in the face, imbedding the point of her shoe in the girl's cheek.

"You fucking slut!" the blonde beauty rasped as she reached clown and slapped her servant hard in the face. "I rang for you fifteen minutes ago. In fact," she added with another slap to the side of the girl's face, "I rang for you twice. Where the fuck have you been, anyway?" Diane DeMarrow's voice was loud and evil sounding. The stunning bitch was cruel and sadistic, over spilling with hate -- sinister, malignant, and diabolical. She was a gorgeous, voluptuous, indescribably sexy blonde bitch, with lots of money and a most evil disposition. Diane treated Melissa like a slave, and there was nothing that the wretched big brunette could do about it.

"Well, where the fuck have you been, Melissa? Speak up girl. Answer me at once or you'll taste my whip!"

Melissa could tell from the nasty look in Diane's eyes that she meant serious business. "I... I was in the tack room, cleaning your riding boots," she replied meekly.

"Oh, and I suppose it took you twenty minutes to put my boots down and come upstairs to answer my call?" Diane said sarcastically.

"Well... Bruce came into the tack room just as you rang for me and..."

"Go on bitch! Let's hear the whole explanation."

"Well, I begged him to let me come to serve you but... but Bruce made me suck his cock. He heard you ring for me and he knew that you were waiting for me. But he wouldn't let me go. He told me that I couldn't leave the tack room until I had sucked him oft I begged him to let me go, but he insisted that I suck his prick first. So I sucked his cock, and then he raped me. And then I rushed upstairs to serve you. Please forgive me." Melissa broke down in tears, hoping that Diane would take pity on her.

But the cruel blonde simply laughed heartily. "That's just like Bruce," she said. "He is a horny fucking stud. And, sometimes, I think he is just as mean as me. I guess that's why we get along so well together," she mused. Looking down at the slight framed pretty brunette who knelt abjectly at her feet, Diane giggled, curled her lips in a lewd manner and spoke. "Get up and pour me a glass of brandy, you little whore. The world isn't going to come to an end just because Bruce decided to rape your worthless fucking ass. And bring me a cigarette too."

As Melissa went about her tasks, she thought of her unfortunate situation. For the past two years she had served Diane DeMarrow. At first, it had not really been too bad. She had merely done various chores around Diane's modest little house. But that was before Diane had inherited a huge fortune and a spacious, secluded Long Island estate from her wealthy step-father.

Diane's step-father was a first-class bastard, a real prick. Diane hated the way he took advantage of her when she was a teenager. When she was only fifteen years old, her step-father had raped her brutally. And, right under her mother's nose, the cruel old man continued to fuck Diane until his death six months ago. Diane smiled wickedly when she thought of her step-father's heart attack, his third, the heart attack that, killed him. He had died while fucking Diane. Poetic justice, she thought. Her mother had died only two weeks earlier. So the bastard's entire estate was left to Diane. All two hundred acres, with a huge mansion, and stables, and servants, and more money and stocks and bonds than Diane had ever dreamed of having.

After receiving her huge inheritance, Diane fired everyone who worked on the estate. She replaced them with employees who were unswerving in their loyalty. Every new employee had to kiss her feet and swear allegiance to Diane, and promise to obey her every whim. She now had personal cooks, a butler, a stable boy, maids and a gardener. And she had Melissa.

Melissa's job was to serve Diane as her personal body servant. Her job was to dress and bathe her mistress. And, of course, she was required to minister to Diane's depraved sexual needs. That really had not been too bad, thought Melissa. After all, Melissa was attracted to the voluptuous Diane DeMarrow. And the two of them had frequently engaged in lesbian sexcapades. In fact, Melissa often thrilled in ecstasy when sucking and fucking her mistress. Diane was the sexiest woman she had ever met. And she was so damned beautiful! Melissa could not help but get hot and horny whenever she saw the blonde beauty. She loved to bury her face in Diane's cunt and suck the imperious bitch to orgasm after orgasm. So, even though Diane forced her to do vile and lewd things, Melissa felt that it was not too bad.

But then, only a week ago, Bruce moved into the mansion. Diane had met him at a party in New York. She was immediately attracted to him and she brought him home to the mansion. Bruce and Diane got along famously. They shared similar traits. Both loved sex. Neither of them could get enough of sex. Moreover, they were both brutal and cruel in a word: sadistic.

Melissa could put up with Diane's viciousness. She was used to being forced to suck Diane's cunt, and she was accustomed to being slapped and kicked around by Diane. That was not unbearable. And, sometimes, although she hated to admit it, Melissa found herself turned on by the sadistic way Diane treated her.

But Bruce was a different story. Melissa hated Bruce with a passion. He was a real fucking asshole, a crude bastard. Bruce was a failed actor who insisted upon taking out his frustrations on Melissa. Ever since Bruce moved into the mansion, Melissa had been treated like slit. Bruce loved to degrade her at every opportunity. He got a kick out of making her perform bizarre and sickening sexual acts. Bruce liked to play out strange scenes -- like the scene in the tack room. Sometimes he would tie her up so that she was completely helpless. Then he would fuck her or make her suck his huge cock. What scared Melissa the most was when Bruce would talk about unspeakably perverted things that he intended to make her do in the future. Once, he had even threatened to fuck her in her asshole! God, what a sickie! Melissa thought. She could not even imagine such a gross and bizarre thing as being ass-fucked!

Diane was just as bad as Bruce at times -- if not worse! The sexy blonde bitch treated Melissa like a slave and Melissa could not even complain, or she would be severely punished. Diane would use any excuse to thrash her with one of her evil whips or torture her in the dreaded dungeon.

If only she had not trusted the evil woman. But, two years ago, she had thought that Diane was her very best friend. So when she fled California as a fugitive, it seemed only natural to turn to Diane for help. She had confessed everything to Diane. She told her how she had finally gotten fed up with her husband beating her whenever he came home drunk. She had killed him, shot him with a shotgun when he came in the door one night.

She had told the police that she killed her husband, thinking that he was a burglar, but they did not believe her. They were going to put her on trial for first-degree murder. So Melissa ran away. She went straight to her old high school friend Diane, and poured out her heart to her, telling her the true story of the murder. And Diane, the bitch, had put it all on tape. She had all the evidence on tape, locked up in her huge steel vault. She could turn Melissa in at any time. And Melissa would face the death penalty! So she had to obey Diane's every whim and fancy. Or else!! "Damn, what a mistake I made in trusting that fucking bitch," Melissa muttered quietly.

"What? What the hell are you mumbling about, slut? Well? What the fuck is your story, bitch?" Diane was shouting at her.

"Nothing, mistress," Melissa replied wieldy.

"You little bitch! You don't speak unless spoken to, do you understand?" Diane said, punctuating her remark by digging her spiked heel into Melissa's forehead, which caused the wretched slave to recoil in pain and fear.

Melissa nodded. "Yes, mistress," she said as she handed the blonde beauty a glass of brandy. Then she carefully placed an expensive imported cigarette in a diamond studded holder and placed the tip between Diane's sensuous ruby lips. She lit Diane's cigarette and backed away.

"Get naked and kneel at my feet!" Diane commanded. "I rang for you because I just happen to be in a very horny mood today."

What a joke, thought Melissa. Diane was always in a horny mood.

"I rang for you because I want you to suck my luscious cunt. You are going to eat my pussy, bitch. And you better suck me good this time," she warned. "I wasn't entirely pleased with the way you sucked my clit last night. I knew that you can do better. And I expect the very best. So get naked and fall to your knees, wench. You are going to worship my cunt with your mouth and face."

Melissa quickly stripped off her brief maid's uniform. Diane did not allow her to wear panties or a bra, only her skimpy black and white French maid's uniform and black high heels. Kneeling on the floor, she looked into the cruel blue eyes of her mistress. She knew that she had, better suck Diane's cunt just right and bring her to a strong climax in a hurry or there would be hell to pay.

Mistress Diane spread her beautiful, long stocking legs, draping them over the arms of her chair. She raised her tight black leather mini skirt, exposing her succulent pussy, nestled in a nest of thick blonde cunt hairs.

Melissa had to admit that Diane DeMarrow was a strikingly beautiful and sexy woman. She had big, firm conical tits that pointed skyward even when she was not wearing a brassiere. Her exceptionally long, straight blonde hair hung below her waist. Diane's body was absolutely flawless. She looked like a Vegas painting in Playboy Magazine. Diane's pink cunt lips were fringed with soft, downy cunt fur. Her cunt was indeed inviting a real treat and Melissa had developed a taste for it during the past two years. She had grown to enjoy lesbian love with this gorgeous woman. If only Diane were not such a wicked bitch...

A swift kick to her shoulder brought Melissa back to her senses. "What the fuck are you doing, slut?" Diane rasped. "Are you going to suck my cunt or just spend all day staring at it? You've already kissed my feet. Now get on with it. Pleasure me, slave. Suck my beautiful cunt. Eat me out! And suck me good or you'll taste my whip!"

With those words of warning, Diane reclined in her chair. She folded her hands behind her head and closed her eyes as Melissa leaned forward and licked tenderly at her mistress' sensitive, pink pussy lips.

"Oh, thank you Diane," whispered the kneeling brunette. "I love to suck your lovely cunt. I know that I really do not deserve the privilege of eating your beautiful pussy, so I cannot thank you enough." This was another weird ritual that Diane insisted upon. Melissa was required to thank Diane for letting her suck the woman's cunt. Diane sure was a demented bitch, she thought. A real weirdo!

Melissa's tongue lashed out and she slowly licked the very tip of Diane's sensitive cunt. The gorgeous blonde bitch moaned and hunched down further in her chair to meet her slave's worshipful tongue. Melissa responded by quickening the pace of her cunt-licking tongue movements. Her tongue licked in small circles around the tip of Diane's cunt. Diane moaned in ecstasy.

As she licked the blonde cunt, Melissa felt herself getting hot. A tingling sensation filled her pussy. She felt a thin trickle of slick pussy-juice slide down her naked inner thigh. God, how sexy it was to lick Diane's sweet pussy, she thought.

Melissa purposely teased Diane's cunt with her quick tongue strokes. She worked her tongue in deliberate strokes all around the woman's clit, occasionally slipping her tongue inside of Diane's cunt lips and slithering it around like a snake against the sides of her pussy walls. She really wanted to plunge her face between the blonde's quivering thighs and suck her cunt lips deep into her mouth. But she would wait. She would do that later, she thought. First she would tease Diane for a while-for as long as she could get away with it. Teasing Diane this way was the only way she knew to get back at the woman who had done such terrible things to her during the past two years. Feeling good and hot inside, and satisfied with herself for controlling her emotions and teasing Diane with her tongue job, Melissa moved her tongue in one long, slow sensuous lick. Her tongue licked all the way from Diane's puckered asshole, through her cunt-slit to the very tip of her stiff, hot clit. Diane moaned loudly and shook all over, jerking her hips and convulsed with sheer lust and unmitigated sexual delight.

"Ohhhbhhh! Aggghhhhh!" Diane gasped. "Suck my cunt, you lovely little whore! Lick my twat. Oh, yes," she moaned. "My own little cunt lickstress. Worship my twat. Worship your beautiful mistress, slave. Eat my pussy all up, you slit sucking slut!"

The lewd way that Diane spoke when her cunt was being sucked turned Melissa on. Her pussy felt as though it were on fire. She could feel her cunt fill to the brim with hot cunt nectar. Cunt juice was dripping down both of her thighs now. She wanted to look at her flowing pussy juice, but she dared not stop licking Diane's delicious cunt. Still, the very thought of the twin rivulets of cunt juice streaming down her legs was exciting her, causing waves of passion to splash about inside of her confused mind.

"Oh, yes! Yes! Keep sucking me, bitch! Keep sucking my cunt. Eat my twat, you filthy slit sucker!"

God, how sexy it was when Diane spoke like that to her, Melissa thought. It was so nasty and crude, but she was beginning to love it. When Diane talked dirty and called her nasty and terrible names, it only sewed to heighten Melissa's sexual fever.

Melissa nibbled Diane's clit, gently pulling her teeth along the blonde's sensitive cunt-nubbin, stretching it as far as it would go. Suddenly, she mashed her mouth into Diane's twat, took all of her cunt into her mouth and sucked it as hard as she possibly could. Her sucking lips stretched Diane's clit out again. She held Diane's clit stretched to the limit, and then released her sucking grip. Diane's clit snapped back into its tender cuntal sheath with an obscene slapping sound.

-Diane moaned deep and long. The sensuous feelings flooding her cunt were so extreme that she could no longer stand it. Her loins ached for quick, passionate total release. She needed to cum, and she needed it soon.

"Suck my cunt, dammit!" she screamed. Then she grabbed a thick swath of Melissa's pretty brown hair and pulled the girl's face away from her cunt. Diane was as angry as a hornet. "I told you to suck my cunt, you stupid little whore! I absolutely forbid you to pull any more of your teasing tricks! You are going to pay for this later, bitch! Believe me! Now bury your face in my cunt and eat me out! Make me cum, slave bitch!"

Yanking Melissa brutally forward by her long brown hair, Diane screamed lewd obscenities. "Suck, bitch! Suck!" Her cunt hit Melissa's mouth with the force of a fist. Hit so hard that Melissa even feared that her teeth might have been loosened. Diane was obviously in a bad mood today, she thought. So she decided that it would be best not to try to tease the evil blonde any more, or Diane might really hurt her badly.

Melissa fell to her cunt-sucking task with vigor. She lapped rapidly and hungrily at the wicked blonde's luscious cunt. She plunged her tongue deep into Diane's slick twat, grabbing hold of the woman's tight, smooth ass-flesh so that she could tongue fuck her better. The petite brunette pumped her tongue in and out of Diane's twat. She lost herself in the passion of the moment, licking, sucking, lapping at the moist hot cunt as Diane jerked spasmodically above her, moaning and whining and hissing in a low lewd whisper, "Suck my cunt, bitch! Lick it! Yeah, bitch. That's it. Do it, my little cunt lickstress. Eat my beautiful snatch."

She licked and sucked in a frenzy of hot thrilling sensuality. Doing her very best to pleasure the evil blonde woman whose moans of ecstasy filled the luxurious room. Diane's cunt was as slick as a grease-covered dance floor. And Melissa's hot and willing tongue sluiced in and out of Diane's glistening pussy-sheath in rapid licking, lapping and sucking motions.

"Suck me harder, slave! Eat me out! Lick my twat, bitch! Tongue fuck my gorgeous pussy. You're my cunt lickstress and I expect you to do a good job. Get with it bitch! Oh, yes!" Diane grabbed her hair again and jerked the girl's face brutally across her slick hot pussy. Her cunt-hairs rubbed the tender facial skin around Melissa's mouth so hard that her face began to feel sore. To her horror, Melissa discovered that her face was literally being rubbed raw by Diane's frantically jerking and twisting cunt-mound! It really hurt! Melissa worked harder to make Diane cum.

Melissa was so hot, she almost did not care that her flesh was being chafed by Diane's cunt hairs. She was into the depravity of the scene. Her cunt was leaking pussy juice and a wonderful feeling of lust and passion spread through her body like a cocaine rush. She was thoroughly caught up in the lewd act of sucking Diane DeMarrow's luscious blonde cunt. If only she could finger-fuck herself, she would be happy. But she knew that Diane would kick her ass all over the room if she caught her doing that.

"Aaggghhhh! I-I'm cumming!" Diane gasped. "Ohhh, ummmph! Ummmph!" She jerked her cunt across Melissa's raw red face, grinding her cunt in the girl's mouth, rubbing her slick pussy juice all over the girl's cheeks and lips. Suddenly, the depraved sex-crazed blonde stopped moving. She sighed. Her legs muscles twitched briefly, then she went limp in the chair. Her body was in a state of bliss and total relaxation. She closed her eyes and appeared to drift off into a deep sleep.

Melissa pulled her chafed mouth from Diane's wet pussy. She looked up at the cruel blonde, and saw that the woman's eyes were closed. Diane was sprawled out in the chair, legs and arms askew. She appeared to be sleeping soundly. But Melissa could not be certain. So, according to the prescribed ritual, she pressed her lips to the tips of Diane's high heeled shoes. "Thank you mistress," she said softly.

Diane did not respond. Melissa assumed that the evil blonde woman was indeed asleep. After all, she had sucked. Diane's cunt to a powerful, all consuming orgasm. In fact, she thought, it had most likely been Diane's first orgasm of the day. Diane was an insatiable bitch. She usually required nine or ten orgasms every day! And some days, she demanded even more! Moreover, she thought, Diane had been up very late the night before, having a debauched orgy with Bruce. So, she reasoned, Diane was probably really asleep at this moment.

What the hell, she thought. I'll chance it. Her mind made up, Melissa plunged her finger deep into her hot, seething cunt. Sucking Diane's pussy had made her hot as hell. Her loins were burning with lust. She hated to admit it, but it was true. The blonde beauty that slept in the chair above her was a sexy bitch. And, although she despised Diane, she had to admit that the foul and crude way in which she cursed Melissa as she tongue fucked her was exciting. Diane spoke to her in an obscene way, without any compassion. Just as though she were a worthless slave. But, somehow, it seemed to excite Melissa. She just did not understand what it was all about. The whole perverted situation. Melissa was totally confused.

But she needed to climax in a bad way. She finger fucked herself as she stared at Diane's perfect body. It did not take long. As she neared an orgasm, she had to stifle her cries of passion and ecstasy to avoid awakening the blonde bitch. If Diane woke up and caught Melissa finger fucking herself without permission, there would be hell to pay. Thank God, Melissa thought, as her lustful fires burned to a smoldering ember; thank God Diane is sleeping soundly. Melissa curled up at her mistress' feet and, within seconds, she too was sleeping soundly.

Chapter TWO

At breakfast the next day, Melissa assumed her usual position -- on her knees under the table. She had grown accustomed to kneeling under the breakfast table while Diane and Bruce ate their meals. They threw scraps of food under the table and she was forced to eat the scraps off the floor.

It was a humiliating way to eat her meals, but she really had no choice in the matter. She either ate the scraps that Bruce and Diane threw on the floor, or she starved. It was as simple as that. If she refused the table scraps, she would get nothing at all to eat. And, more than likely, she would get a beating as well. Bruce really loved to slap her around, and he would use any excuse possible to do so. And when he beat her, it always made him hot to fuck her with his huge cock. At other times when she disobeyed them, Diane would take a riding crop to her bare back. And then there was always the dreaded dungeon! God, how Melissa feared the dungeon! So, whenever Bruce and Diane ate breakfast, Melissa dutifully licked up the scraps of food that they threw on the floor. She never complained. She knew better.

Melissa was scared to death of Bruce. He was a crude, evil son of a bitch. But, more than anything else, Melissa was afraid that, if he ever got really angry at her, he would carry out his threat to fuck her up the asshole. The mere thought of getting ass-fucked terrified Melissa and made her shudder. Bruce's prick was so huge that it would probably tear her tender little asshole apart. God, how she hoped Bruce never did that to her.

Before Bruce had moved into Diane's beautiful mansion, it had been pretty bad too. But then, she only had to worry about Diane tormenting and huffing and degrading her. Nevertheless, Diane was almost as bad as Bruce. She was a real weirdo, all right. No doubt about it. Melissa was not very smart, but she did not have to be a genius to realize that Diane was a sadistic pervert, who belonged in the looney bin with a bunch of other crazies. In short, Diane was one kinky bitch!

Diane got her kicks out of degrading people. She loved to make Melissa perform lowly, servile tasks. Two years ago, when Melissa made the mistake of confessing her crime to Diane, she became Diane's personal servant. One day, Diane started feeding Melissa oatmeal for breakfast. A few days later, Diane made her eat the oatmeal from a bowl on the floor. Melissa could deal with that. After all, oatmeal is a pretty hearty meal. After about a week of that, Diane came to a late breakfast after having ridden her beautiful black stallion in the morning. She was tired and in a bad mood. And she had been drinking already. She was in a real bad mood. Melissa pulled off Diane's leather riding boots. Then Diane placed Melissa's bowl of oatmeal on the floor. Diane laughed demonically and plunged her bare foot in the bowl of mushy oatmeal. The oatmeal mush squished under Diane's naked foot and filled the spaces between her finely chiseled toes. "Today you eat your breakfast from my feet, bitch. Today you lick your oatmeal from between my toes!" Diane had hissed. Melissa never forgot the evil glint in Diane's blue eyes as she knelt on the floor and licked and sucked the warm oatmeal mush from Diane's feet. How gross! Melissa thought as she remembered that terrible morning.

Since that time, Melissa had grown accustomed to obeying Diane's crude commands. But, now that Bruce had moved in with Diane, things had changed drastically. Now she had to serve Bruce as well as Diane!

A swift kick to her tit brought Melissa back to present day reality.

"Hey, slut," rasped Bruce. "Are you falling asleep down there or what?" He kicked her again and then he and Diane broke out laughing and, ignoring her as though she were not even in the same room, they returned to their conversation.

From her kneeling position beneath the breakfast table, Melissa listened closely to the chatter going on above her. Diane was busily telling Bruce about her thirteen-year-old niece, a girl named Doris.

"Yeah, well Doris will be here this afternoon. She is arriving by plane and I'm sending Bull out in the Rolls Royce to pick her up at the airport," Diane said matter-of-factly.

"Well, what kind of girl is she?" asked Bruce, his voice full of eager anticipation.

"I've only seen her once," replied Diane. "When my brother Jake died, I went to the funeral and she was there. She was dressed in a little blue school uniform. It didn't do anything for her figure," Diane quipped. "She was real cute though. Cute and ripe. A teeny-bopper. Or, as you would say, a teeny-cunt. I think you'll like her, Bruce. I know your taste."

"What do you mean, you know my taste, you think I'll like her, she's cute?" Bruce was irritated and spoke in a shrill, angry voice. Diane was baiting him and he did not like it one bit.

"She's cute," Diane answered. "She's about five feet tall, with freckles, short red hair, and brown eyes. Nice high, tight ass. Firm little titties. A deep suntan. Obviously healthy she probably plays a lot of tennis and swims a lot, and I understand she rides horses like an expert. You know, they do a good bit of riding at those fancy New England boarding schools."

"Yeah, sure," said Bruce impatiently. "But... is she... is she a virgin?" He waited as though his life depended on the answer.

"Of course she's a virgin. Christ, Bruce. Sometimes you are really stupid. Hell, she's been in a boarding school ever since she was five years old. An all-girls' boarding school."

Bruce was jubilant. He smiled wide, slapped his hands on the table and yelled, "All right! What a fucking treat! A teeny-cunt! I dig teeny-cunt's. And I just love to break in sweet, innocent little virgins. I'll bust her cherry and give her one hell of a good fucking, a fucking she'll never forget. And, hell, I'll throw in a few extras just for good measure. Goddamn! This calls for a celebration! Let's break out the booze and toast the teeny-cunt!" Bruce was absolutely ecstatic.

"Fuck you!" Diane hissed as she stood up and left the breakfast table. As she turned to leave the room, Diane shouted down at Melissa, who still knelt under the table. "When Bruce is finished celebrating, hussle your little ass up to my room. I'm good and horny this morning, and if my cunt doesn't get some satisfaction soon, I'll take a whip to your tender hide."

Melissa peeked out from under the table, pouted, smiled weakly at Diane and answered dutifully, "Yes, mistress. I will be right up as soon as I can."

Diane stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her.

As Bruce finished his meal, Melissa cringed under the table, hoping that he would forget that she was still there. She felt so disgraced at having to kneel while Bruce ate. And she was hungry. They had not thrown her any scraps of food this morning. And the only thing she had eaten for dinner the night before was Diane's cunt. So she was really hungry. She was so hungry that she would gladly have eaten oatmeal from between Diane's toes. All of a sudden, she noticed that Bruce had shifted in his chair above her. He was unzipping his pants. He pulled his prick out and shook it.

"Here's your breakfast, Melissa," said Bruce. It was an eerie situation. She could hear his voice speaking to her from above the table, but she could only see him from the waist down. She looked at his giant cock and wished that she had a knife so that she could cut it off. That would fix the bastard, she thought. She hated Bruce so much. He was such a brutal, sadistic bastard.

Bruce wagged his cock once more.

"Let's go," he said impatiently. "Suck my cock for breakfast. Think of all the good nutritious vitamins you will get when you swallow my nice hot cum."

Melissa crawled forward and gripped his cock in her hands. She was repulsed at the thought of sucking Bruce off and drinking his sticky, slimy cum. But she had to do it. If she failed to please him, he would surely beat her. And, what was wont, he might be so mad that he would ass-fuck her! God, what a revolting thought.

She bent forward and licked the tip of his mammoth cock. The head of his prick turned a deep red color as blood coursed through its veins. She teased his prick-tip with a few long, lingering licks. His cock leapt upward with every lick. Before long, Bruce had an enormous cock-stand.

"Suck me, bitch. Suck my cock," he shouted. "You haven't had anything to eat for breakfast, so I'm gonna feed you. I'm gonna feed you the cum in my cock." He laughed loudly.

Taking half of Bruce's giant cock into her mouth, she began to milk his prick-tip, sucking smoothly, slowly and deliberately in an attempt to tease him. Teasing Bruce was the only way she had to get back at him for the awful things he forced her to do. It was her small way of getting some kind of revenge.

"Harder! Suck my cock harder!" he yelled. His muscular ass-cheeks shook and quivered as he began to pump his mammoth prick in and out of her jaws. "Take all of my cock into your mouth, you little slut. I want to fill your mouth with my prick. Suck my cock and suck it good, or else."

Melissa knew that it was time to quit teasing and get down to some serious cock-sucking. She took a deep breath and sucked hard on his prick.

Bruce drilled his prick relentlessly into her hot sucking mouth. He face-fucked her with all of his strength. Pumping back and forth in her mouth face fucking her with ferocious, furious strokes.

It was such a bizarre scene, Melissa thought. All she could see were his prick, his hairy crotch and his huge balls. She could not even look up into his face because Bruce was still sitting at the table above her.

Sucking his prick in this manner was a degrading task at best, but, as she lapped and sucked on his giant cock, she began to feel a sensuous itch deep down inside of her cunt. In her mind, she tried to deny the fact that sucking Bruce's prick was actually beginning to turn her on. But it was definitely true. Cunt-juice was beginning to seep out of her tight little pussy. Her sweet pussy-nectar welled up inside of her cunt and ran down her creamy thighs. Waves of lust and passion pulsed through her veins, swelling her clit and filling her mind with visions of pure, unadulterated, hot sexuality. Her cunt tingled with stabs of roaring, passionate fire. Raw lust! It could not be denied. Bruce was a mean fucker. But, she thought, that expression could have a double meaning.

She sucked harder on his cock. Placing her hands on his muscular thighs to get a better grip, she lapped at the sensitive spot just under his cock-knob. He responded immediately to her sexual ministrations by wriggling in his chair and thrusting his hips forward, ramming his cock deep into her throat.

"Aaaggghhhh! Oh, yeah. That's really damned good, sweet-cunt. Aaaggghhhh!" he moaned. "Get down and go to it, bitch. Suck me harder! Your mouth feels so fucking hot and juicy. Keep it up. Suck. Suck harder!"

Melissa sucked harder. As much as she hated Bruce and his crude commands, she realized that she was getting hotter by the second. Her cunt throbbed with passion, begging for sexual release. She hated herself for getting so excited and hot while sucking Bruce's thick prick. What he was making her do suck his cock under the table was degrading, lewd and repulsive. And yet, she was experiencing strange thrills of lusty sexual passion. "Harder! Harder!" he yelled. His ass cheeks were shaking and jerking spasmodically as he pumped his prick in and out of her jaws, face fucking her. "Ohhh, aggghhhh! I think I'm... gonna... cum. Aaaagggghhhhh!" Bruce wailed. A big slick load of jism spurted out of his cock slit and filled her mouth to overflowing.

"Eat it, bitch!" he commanded. "Swallow my cum. Swallow all of it. Don't miss a drop," he added.

Melissa gulped down the load, but Bruce was not finished cumming yet. He pumped his cock into her mouth again and again. With each brutal thrust, he released thick gobs of hot slimy sperm. She took it all in, swallowing it hungrily. Her cunt was dripping wet with hot cunt-juice, and, although she hated Bruce with all of her heart, her lust kept rising higher and higher. Her cunt was aching for an orgasm. She just had to climax. She was dying to be fucked. That was what she really wanted. She wanted a nice big cock stuck into her cunt. And Bruce had just the cock that she needed at this moment. More, than anything in the world, she wanted Bruce to sink his huge cock in her slick seething cunt. She wanted him to bury his prick to the hilt, balls deep in her twat, and fuck her to a wonderful frenzied orgasm.

"Please, Bruce! Fuck me!" she pleaded. "Fuck me, Bruce. Please fuck me," she begged. "I just have to have your beautiful big cock in my pussy. I'm so damned hot and horny. I need it real bad, Bruce. Take me, Bruce! Fuck me!"

"So, you want nip to fuck you, huh sweet-cunt?" Bruce replied in a cool voice. "Hell, Melissa. I thought you'd never ask. What is this, a lady's choice?" He chuckled and stood up from the table. "You want me to shove my big prick up your little snatch, huh? Ain't that fight, sweet-cunt? You're asking good ole Bruce to fuck your tight hot little pussy, is that right?"

"Yes, Bruce," Melissa answered quickly. "Please fuck me! I need it so bad right now. I can't stand it any more. My cunt is so hot and ready. You'll like it Bruce. Honest you will. I just have to have your beautiful cock deep down inside my cunt. Please fuck me, Bruce."

"Okay, sweet-cunt. Get your ass out from under the table and I'll give you a fucking you'll never forget."

"Oh, thank you Bruce," Melissa sighed. She crawled out from under the breakfast table. She was burning up inside. She was ready to be fucked. Her cunt was oozing pussy-juice. Hell, she thought, it was running down her thighs in streams. Streams of cunt-juice just pouring out of her tight, hot cum. "I'm ready Bruce," she said. "My cunt is slick and hot and just waiting to be fucked by that oversized prick of yours."

"Okay, bitch. I'll be gad to oblige. Now, lay down on the floor."

Melissa stretched out, spread eagled on the floor, face up. She closed her eyes and prepared herself mentally for the great moment when he would bury his cock to the hilt in her hot pussy.

But Bruce was not at all pleased.

"No, that just won't do, sweet-cunt," he said, shaking his head in disgust. "I want you on your stomach. Stick your ass up in the air real high. I wanna fuck you doggie style. Get you good and warmed up that way. Then you can turn over and I'll give it to you the straight way. But I want to start up by fucking that cute little pussy of yours from behind doggie style. You'll do that for me, won't you darlin'?"

"But I'm already warmed up and ready to go," she protested. "Hell, I'm hot as hell right now. Can't you just..."

"On your stomach, wench!" Bruce interrupted. "I was frying to be nice, but you ruined it. Damn! I just don't know what I'm gonna do about you girlie. Now didn't I tell you that I was gonna fuck you doggie style first? Didn't I say that?"

"Yes, Bruce," she replied.

"Well then, doggie style it'll be. You'll like it. I guarantee it. Now get into position."

Melissa could tell from the nasty tone of his voice that he was in no mood to argue with anyone. So she dutifully stretched out on the floor and arched her hips upward so that his cock could easily penetrate her hot juicy pussy.

Kneeling behind her, Bruce stuck three fingers up her cunt. "My, my, sweet-cunt. You are a hot little bitch. A real bitch in heat. Nice and wet and slick. Made to over for my prick. Get ready, you little slut, because here I come. My cock, that is."

Bruce stabbed his rock-hard cock into her ripe hot pussy. He plunged deeply, pushing her forward on her forearms. He pumped hard into her pussy.

Melissa moaned as his mammoth prick speared her seething cunt. Her pussy-walls were stretched to the absolute limit by his thick prick. At first, it hurt and caused her to wince and cry out in pain. "Oh, my God," she gasped. "Your cock... your cock is so big. I don't know if my little cunt can take it all. Aaaaggghhhh!"

She wailed as he plunged forward again. He sunk it into her hot cunt. Damn, Bruce could be a real bastard at times, she thought. But he sure had a big cock. This was one weirdo who knew how to fuck a woman!

Bruce's cock pumped rhythmically into her tight cunt. He fucked her roughly and brutally, but his long cock-strokes were sexy as could be and they felt just great. Only minutes ago she had sucked him until he came in her mouth. But here he was, rock-hard again, fucking her cunt like a champion stud. He was fucking her with fevered urgency. And she was thoroughly turned on and going strong. His prick was so long and thick and it caressed and stroked areas in her cunt that had never been touched before. The slick oily walls of her cunt were rubbed sensuously with every prick-thrust.

"I told you you'd like it, bitch," he said. "Just keep on moving I'll do the rest. My big prick can take good care of you, darlin'."

"Oh, yes," she whimpered. "Ohhhh. Fuck me, Bruce. Fuck me hard. Give it to me real good. Give me all of your cock, baby. Oh, God! It feels so good."

"Unnnggghhhh!" he groaned. "Get it, sweet cunt!" he said as he thrust his prick in and out of her pulsating, spasming cunt. "Nice tight pussy. Feels nice. That's just the kind of cunt I like. Nice and tight and wet and juicy and hot, dammit!"

His prick was drilling her cunt fast and hard now. Fucking her cunt from behind -- doggie style. Wow! thought Melissa. This way of fucking was really great. She had been fucked in many different positions by many different men, but never, never had she been fucked doggie style. And, she mused happily as Bruce pumped his prick into her cunt; Bruce was being really nice for a change. She had wanted him to fuck her. Hell, she had needed Bruce to fuck her. She had asked him to do it, and he was doing it. Not only was he doing it, but he was teaching her a new way of fucking doggie style. How nice of him! And he was fucking her nicely.

The rapid-fire stabbing of his mammoth cock into her cunt felt simply terrific. He was pretty rough, driving hard into her pussy with every lunging thrust of his rock-hard prick. But that was what she really wanted. Maybe she had misjudged Bruce, she thought. Maybe he was not such a mean jerk after all. Sure, he talked dirty while fucking her, but that really was not so bad. In fact, she kind bf liked it.

"Oh, damn, Bruce," she purred. "It's so good. Your cock feels so nice in my sweet little cunt. Your prick is so nice and hard. God, you really are a fantastic lover," she gasped and moaned as spine chilling sensations swept her into a world of sexual bliss. Melissa was so caught up in the lustful thrills of fucking that she momentarily forgot the sadistic and depraved manner in which Bruce usually behaved. She forgot that, only minutes before, he had degraded her by making her suck his cock under the breakfast table. All she could think of was the beautiful feeling of Bruce's huge, hard, hot wonderful cock that filled her hot tight pussy.

"Keep on pumping your ass, wench," Bruce moaned as he accelerated his powerful thrusting movements. "Keep it up. Don't stop now, dammit!" He gasped and jerked his hips forward, ramming his prick into her seething pussy, sluicing her slick pussy walls and humping hard with his hips.

"Oh, yes. Yes! I'll keep it up. Just keep on fucking me, Bruce. Don't stop. I'm almost them, lover. I'm just about ready to cum. Just a few seconds more and I'm gonna cum. It's so damned good, Bruce. God, this is the best fucking I've ever had. Just a few seconds more. Unnggghhh! Ohhh! Unnggghhh! Just a few seconds more and..."

And Bruce stopped pumping his prick into her cunt. Just when she was about to cum. He quickly pulled his hard prick out of her pussy, and it did a springing cock stand and pointed at the high ceiling. Damn, that sucker would look just great with a little American flag pasted to the end of it, Bruce thought.

"No! No!" she yelped. "Please don't stop now. I'm almost there. Damn! I'm gonna cum any second! That's not fair, Bruce," she pleaded. "I really need it and you said you'd give me a fucking I'd never forget. Come on, Bruce! Put your cock back in my cunt!"

Melissa was in a frenzy. It was so frustrating. Bruce had brought her to the very edge of the most powerful orgasm in her entire life and then he had pulled his prick out of her cunt. Just when she was ready to cum! She just had to have his cock back inside of her so that she could finish fucking and climax.

"What's the matter, sweet-cunt?" Bruce taunted. "You want more? Is that it? Didn't get enough?"

"Yes... I mean, no! I didn't get enough. Please, Bruce. I beg of you, please. My cunt is so hot and ready. Please put your prick back inside of me. I'm almost there. Fuck me some more! Put your cock back in me and fuck me some more until I go absolutely crazy. I really need it!"

"Sure thing, baby," he replied. "I'd hate to see you go unsatisfied. That just ain't my style, you know? I mean, I'm one big fucking stud, so I gotta make sure I please my women. Else wise, it might damage my reputation. Now just lift your tight little ass up nice and high, and I'll shove my cock back in before you can say shit."

"Yeah!" Melissa hissed. "Do it, Bruce! Do it!" Melissa screamed as she pulled her knees forward and hunched her ass upward to receive his thick hard cock in her cunt.

Bruce moved forward and, with a quick, forceful lunge, he shoved his big cock deep into her ASSHOLE!

"Shit," Melissa said as his slick, thick lengthy prick slithered between her ass-cheeks and rammed deeply into her asshole.

"What did I tell you?" Bruce quipped. "Didn't I say that I'd shove my cock in you before you could say shit?"

"Oh, my God!" Melissa wailed. Tears poured down her face and she winced in pain. Her ass was actually impaled on his giant cock, she thought fearfully. Her asshole felt as though it were being torn apart at the seams. Her rectal muscles were stretched to the absolute limit. She had never been fucked in the ass before, and she had never in her entire life ever expected to be fucked in the ass. But it was happening! No doubt about it. It hurt so much. Her mind visualized Bruce's mammoth prick and she shuddered at the thought that his prick was, at this very moment, buried deeply in her tight asshole!

"Yeah, that's it, sweet-cunt. Or should I be calling you sweet-asshole now that I got my prick stuck up your behind?" Bruce asked sadistically as he butt-fucked her virgin nether hole. He gripped her taut ass cheeks tightly, digging his fingernails into her tender ass-flesh to make sure that her asshole could not escape his steadily stroking cock.

"Oh, God. I can't stand it, Bruce. Please stop. Please stop ass fucking me. It's so awful. It hurts so much."

"Hey now. Let's not be getting off the subject, bitch. Well now, what do you say? I should be calling you sweet-asshole instead of sweet-cunt right now. Shouldn't I?"

"No!" she yelped. "Bruce, please stop. Please..."

He cut her short. He slammed his fist hard into her shoulder and shouted, "I asked you a question, bitch! Now answer me. I should call you sweet asshole, shouldn't I?"

"Yes! Yes!" she rasped. "Call me sweet asshole. Call me anything you want. But please stop. I can't stand it! Your cock is tearing my poor asshole apart. It hurts so badly, Bruce. You just can't imagine how bad it hurts. Please stop. I feel like my ass is being torn up inside."

Bruce paid her no mind. He kept grinding his hips, ramming his thick cock into her asshole. He pushed his cock forward into her ass with brutal strokes. He reamed her asshole with wild abandon.

"Oh yeah! That's one tight asshole you got there, guile. So fucking tight. Come on, bitch. Swivel those hips. Get your cute little asshole nice and tight around my prick. Milk my cock with your asshole. Yeah. Oh, yeah! Wild, crazy ass!"

Melissa groaned in pain. Boy, Bruce sure was a wild and crazy asshole, she thought. A real mental jerk-off! She sobbed and cursed at Bruce. "Bastard! Cocksucker! Prick! Shit-sucker! Fan-eater. Fucking asshole!" she screamed. She had been a real fool to think that he could be anything but a crude, debauched, evil, demonic stupid son of a bitch.

Then, all of a sudden, it occurred to her that the intense pain in her nether-hole was beginning to dissipate. The pain was starting to meld with feelings of unbridled lust and pleasure. Yes, actual pleasure. Although Bruce was brutally raping her asshole, she began to respond to his vicious cock-thrusts by bucking her ass backwards so that his prick could penetrate even deeper. She felt both shame and ecstasy at the same time. A strange carnal mixture of steamy sexual tension and desire built inside her loins, and she yearned for passionate, sexual release. The Big O.

"Oh, oh my God. It's... it's... oh, Bruce. Don't stop," Melissa cried out. She could hardly believe her own words. But she tightened the muscles in her asshole and milked his prick.

"Unnnggghhhh! Unnnnggghbhh!" he moaned as he pumped his cock faster into her asshole. "I'm gonna cum! Yeah! Oh! Aaaggghhhhh!"

As his thick jism shot up her asshole, Melissa whimpered, writhing on his thick spurting cock. She jerked her ass hard against his prick. Every muscle in her body went rigid. She shuddered.

"Unnggghbhh! Oh, God. Fucking shit!" she wailed. Her orgasm was sharp and hit her like a ton of red-hot bricks on a cold winter night. A warm glow of passionate release spread through her loins, enveloping her asshole, her cunt, her tits, her face, her legs, every part of her body, as the climax swept away the pain of the ass-fucking and the degradation she had experienced.

Bruce rolled off of her and stretched out on the floor. He fell asleep almost immediately. Melissa looked at him as he lay on his back. She sat up and watched his giant prick slowly soften and shrink in size. Slimy cum oozed from his prick-tip. With mixed feelings, she leaned forward and flicked her tongue over his balls and cock. Then she eagerly licked the drop of thick jism that clung to his prick-tip.

Raising herself off the floor in tired, slow movements, she managed to stand up. Her leg muscles were so tired that they twitched and spasmed, causing her to wobble on her feet and almost to fall down. From head to toe, her body ached. Her cunt was sore and, as she began to walk, she winced as she felt a sharp pain engulf her ravaged asshole.

Bruce was snoring loudly. He lay on the floor, sleeping soundly. Melissa looked down at him, shrugged and, shaking her head, said, "Boy, Bruce. You sure gave me one hell of a work out. You fuck pretty good. But, I got a say that you are one big fucking pain in the ass." Bruce was asleep and could not appreciate her little joke. He just kept on snoring, a big grin pasted on his face.

She strolled wearily to the regal spiral staircase and walked upstairs to service Diane. "Boy," she muttered to herself. "Diane and Bruce sure do wear me out. I don't know how long I can keep this up. If only I can get my hands on those damned incriminating tapes in Diane's safe, I'll run away from this house of perversion and start a new life." But, there really was not much chance of that, she thought. She would probably die of exhaustion before she ever got the opportunity to steal the tapes of her confession and escape.

Then she remembered the girl that Diane and Bruce had bed talking about at breakfast. What was the girl's name? Oh, yeah -- Doris. A cute, little thirteen-year-old virgin. That was how Diane had described her niece. And Doris was due to arrive at the mansion this very afternoon, Melissa thought.

Well, with Doris around for Bruce and Diane to fuck with, Melissa would finally get some rest. Little Doris. Only thirteen years old. Poor kid. Poor little innocent virgin kid, Melissa thought, shaking her head in pity for the little girl. If only Doris knew the depraved household she was about to enter, Melissa mused. Then she rushed toward Diane's bedroom to service her mistress.

The huge, muscular man nicknamed "Bull" drove out to meet Doris at the airport. Doris had expected to be greeted by her aunt, Aunt Diane. She looked about the airport anxiously after stepping into the lounge area, but she could not see her aunt. To her surprise, a hulk of a man I lumbered forward, gripped her firmly by the arm and spun her around.

"Your name Doris," he asked in a deep, gruff voice.

"Yes, Doris is my name," replied the startled thirteen-year-old redhead. "But, who are you?"

"Just call me Bull. Everybody calls me Bull. So just call me Bull. When I was a kid, they used to call me Ape. Can you imagine that? Yeah, they called me Ape when I was a kid, but now that I'm a grown-up, they call me Bull. Don't know exactly why, they just do is all. So just call me Bull, okay?"

"Okay, Bull," replied Doris. My heavens, she thought, why in the world did Aunt Diane send this animal to pick her up at the airport? No wonder he had always been named after animals. Bull was a hulking, hairy guy. He weighed about three hundred pounds, all of it muscle. He was so hairy that he looked like he had swung in on a vine.

"Hey, Bull. Let go of my arm, will you please? You're gonna break it in two!"

"Oh, yeah," said Bull, releasing his grip. "I'm sorry, Doris. They tell me I don't know my own strength. Ever since I was a kid, they told me that."

"Where's my Aunt Diane? She's not sick is she? I expected her to pick me up."

"No, she ain't sick," Bull answered. "At least, I don't think she's sick. She didn't say nothin' about bein' sick. But, maybe. Oh, jeez, Doris. You're getting me all mixed up."

"I'm sorry, Bull," said Doris, reaching up and patting his thick broad shoulders in a gesture of pity, understanding and forgiveness. Gee, she thought, Bull was not too bright. But he seemed like a nice fellow. Just stupid. He seemed harmless. Then she wondered how such a nice guy like Bull got tagged with such an awful nickname.

Bull led her to the impressive purple Rolls-Royce, opened the back door and said, "Get in, Doris."

As she sat in the plush seat on her ride to Aunt Diane's home, Doris could not hide the fact that she was very impressed. "Why, wait a beautiful car, Bull," she said. "I guess Aunt Diane is really rich, huh?"

"Yeah, she's rich all right. Your aunt is about as rich as they come, I guess."

"I really don't know her very well, you know?" she said. "I only met her once, at a funeral. So I really don't know her, but I guess she's a pretty nice lady, huh?"

"Oh, you bet. She takes good care of old Bull," he responded. "Golly, Doris. I just don't know what would have become of me if it hadn't been for your Aunt Diane. You see, I used to be a professional football player. Played for the Green Bay Packers tackle. But, one day, I was under a whole heap of players, and my helmet cracked, and, well, I guess all that weight on my head just kinda squished my brains around. And, well, I ain't been able to think too well since then. Oh, I can follow orders, all tight. Miss DeMarrow needed somebody big around the place, and she gave me a job working for her. She gives me the orders, and I do what she tells me is all. Half the time, I don't remember from one day to the next what she has me do. But it's okay. I don't live too badly. I don't know what would have happened to me if it wasn't for your Aunt Diane."

Gee, Doris thought. Aunt Diane must be a really nice lady to help Bull out like that. The poor guy.

After a half hour drive, the purple Rolls-Royce turned off the highway and entered the DeMarrow estate. Doris knew it was her aunt's home when they passed under a huge gate with a sign which proclaimed "DeMarrow Manor" in tall, bold letters.

The big car rolled along a driveway for what seemed like a mile. The estate was huge. Doris surveyed the grounds with wide eyes. There were spacious, well-kept fields, dozens of beautiful, thoroughbred horses running free in a pasture. As they approached the huge white Grecian mansion, adorned with five white pillars out front, Doris saw the stables, a tennis court and a huge swimming pool.

"My, what an absolutely lovely, beautiful place!" Doris exclaimed. "Does Aunt Diane own all of this?"

"Yep. All two hundred acres of it," Bull replied.

"Wow, this is really something!" Doris was really excited. Her new life with Aunt Diane was going to be so much fun and so thrilling. Doris came from a very wealthy family and had always lived well. Her boarding school in New England had been one of the most exclusive boarding schools in the whole world. But never had she seen such luxury as this estate. Aunt Diane must live like a queen, she thought.

The Rolls pulled to a stop in front of the mansion and Bull opened the car door for Doris. As she stepped out of the car, Diane came out of the mansion to greet her niece.

"Well, hello Doris!" she welcomed her niece, giving her a peck on the cheek. "So nice to see you again. I'm so gad that you are coming to live with us. I have a room all fixed up for you and, since I know how much you love to ride horses, I picked out a beautiful little Shetland pony just for you. You'll simply love it here, I'm sure."

"Oh, Aunt Diane!" the cute little thirteen-year old girl exclaimed. "You are so nice! My own pony! Wow! I can't think of anything I'd like better. Thank you ever so much. This place is so big and beautiful, and you are so nice, I just know I'm gonna love it here. Gee, I am so happy. I'm so lucky to have such a nice aunt." Her face flushed with unbridled joy as she hugged her aunt tightly.

Chapter THREE

Gushing with happiness and enthusiasm, and excitement at starting a brand new life at DeMarrow Manor.

"Well, let's go inside and get acquainted, shall we?" Diane said. "Bull, you take Doris' bags around back and put them in the shed for the time being. I don't think she'll be needing them right now."

They walked together up the stairs and through the huge front door of the mansion. As they entered the hallway, Aunt Diane stopped Doris and said, "Okay now. Here is your biggest surprise. Close your eyes and hold your hands out in front of you."

"Oh, Aunt Diane, you are so good to me!"

"Yes, and I am going to be even better, sweetheart. Now, close your eyes tight. No peeking..."

She closed her eyes tight and placed her hands out in front of her, wondering what wonderful surprise Diane was going to give her. She felt a heavy bracelet being slipped around one wrist, and then around the other. My, they were heavy, but Doris did not dare peek. Aunt Diane was being so nice that it would not be fair to ruin the surprise.

"Okay, darling. You can open your eyes now."

"Thank you, Aunt Diane."

Doris' heart skipped a beat as she looked down in disbelief. Aunt Diane had handcuffed her! The bracelets weren't bracelets at all; they were heavy steel handcuffs. She was bound!

Diane laughed cruelly. Her lips curled, and she hissed through her perfect white teeth. "Well, have you no manners? You aren't going to thank me for your latest present, you little bitch!" At that, Diane slapped her niece's face hard. Once, twice in quick succession. Smack! Smack!

From behind her, Doris felt big, clammy hands fitting a dog collar around her neck. She turned to see who it was, but before she could turn all the way around, Diane slapped her again.

"I didn't give you permission to turn, bitch! Now that you live under my roof at DeMarrow Manor you do only as Bruce and I tell you to do. If you disobey, you will be punished, instantly and brutally. Do you understand?"

"Y-Yes. I guess I understand. I just didn't expect..."

Doris was slapped again. She got the message and shut up real fast. Bruce stepped from behind Doris and handed the dog leash to Diane. He stepped forward and took a close look at the bound and leashed little thirteen-year-old girl.

Doris was crying. Her mind was spinning all of her hopes and dreams of only a few minutes ago had been shattered. She wondered if she were not dreaming. Could this really be happening? It was all so bizarre!

Bruce looked her over as though he were teeny-bopper virgin. Hell, he almost shot a load in his pants just talking about it. Well, let Bruce break her in with a good fucking, then she would have her fun, or they would have fun together with Doris. It did not really matter anyway, because, as of this moment, Doris was a new, permanent member of the family. A new slave! Diane's cunt filled with pussy-juice at the thought of owning a new sex-slave. But, she had promised Bruce first crack at her. So she decided to go upstairs and finger-fuck herself while she watched Bruce fuck Doris on closed circuit T.V.. "Listen, Bruce," she said. "Take her into the special room the one that's wired for stereophonic sound and full color. I think I'd like to watch this play in Technicolor."

"No!" Doris screamed.

"Sure thing. It'll be a fine performance. Believe me. I'll use all of my acting and directorial skills to make this a great show, even if I only have an audience of one."

Then Bruce turned to Doris, grabbed the leash and led her down a long corridor and into a square room. Bruce turned on the lights, and the worn lit up with harsh, hot bright lights. She glanced around and found that there were five movie cameras in the room, one in each corner and one staring down from the ceiling. They moved back and forth slowly, just like the cameras she had seen in stores, where the cameras record shoplifters stealing stuff, or in banks, where the cameras record the actions of bank robbers.

How strange and repulsive this all was, Doris thought. She could feel Bruce's hands clawing at her clothing, ripping off her little uniform and bra and panties. She could feel it, but she had a hard time believing this nightmare. Everything had changed so much in the past fifteen minutes. She had come here believing that her life was going to be so wonderful, and now this cruel man named Bruce was stripping her naked and preparing to do God knows what to her, while she was helpless not only helpless, but totally humiliated, handcuffed and held fast by a dog leash. She thought that she was going crazy! She tried to scream, but she was so scared and confused. Her vocal chords refused to work! She couldn't make a sound.

Diane went upstairs to her bedroom and rang for Melissa. She got comfortable in her big bed and picked up the remote control device, and began pushing buttons. One at a time, five television screens began to focus in front of her. She chuckled and laid back to enjoy the production. She had five different views of the action going on in the special room. She picked up her battery operated dildo and rubbed its tip over her cunt lips, pressing it lasciviously against her clit. Her cunt-juices started flowing as she watched Bruce slap her niece across the face. Bruce had the thirteen-year-old teeny-bopper stripped naked, and he was no doubt getting ready to fuck her. Bruce was starting to get into it. He had his cock out of his pants. Damn, what a giant prick Bruce had! Then she pressed another knob on her control box and turned up the sound. She did not want to miss any of the action. This was going to be a great performance, she thought.

"Okay, now, my little, teeny-cunt," said Bruce. "This is the way we are going to play this scene. It's a love scene you see. The reason that I call it a love scene is because it's the type of scene I just love. Ha! Ha!"

Doris felt miserable. She was frightened and totally overwhelmed by this dreadful situation. Bruce seemed to be a very mean man, with a somewhat crummy sense of humor. She knew that she had better do whatever he ordered. He looked like the type of man who [missing text].

"Oh, my God!" she screamed as she saw his huge limp cock flopping around in front of his trousers.

Doris had never seen a cock before, and she was shocked to see Bruce's mammoth prick. She had studied biology, and she knew how people had intercourse, but she had never dreamed that a man's cock could be so huge! She had seen big cocks on homes, but, after all, horses were pretty big animals. Bruce's prick scared her. It was abnormally large, she thought.

Bruce laughed. "Ha! Ha! You like my big cock, huh? Well, I think your mouth and my prick should get acquainted. Yeah. I think that's how I want the first scene of our little melodrama played. The name of this scene will be 'The Nasty Prick Ravages the Sweet Teeny-cunt's Virgin Mouth'. How's that for a title? A little long, I guess, but it fits. Ha! Ha!" Bruce laughed for a long time. "And if it don't fit, we'll just make it fit, won't we, sweet-cunt?"

Doris was too scared to reply. Smack! Bruce smacked her across the face. Smack! He smacked her again, harder this time.

"Okay, teeny-cunt. Let's get you trussed up real good, so you won't have any distractions while we play our little scene out."

He went to a big closet and rolled out a big wooden device. It was a slab of oak with holes in it, two little ones and one big one. It looked just like the stocks that they used to put people in back in the 17th century. People who were caught stealing were placed in these evil devices, and put out in public places so that they would be humiliated and embarrassed. The little holes were for the victim's wrists; the big hole was for the victim's neck. Good lord, she thought. He is going to put me in that thing! How awful!

Finally, Doris found her voice. And she let out a piercing scream.

"No! No! Please don't put me in that terrible thing. No! Good God, what did I ever do to deserve this? No! No! Please! I'll do anything you tell me. Honest," she pleaded. "Just, please do not put me in that awful thing. It's so ugly and horrible!"

Bruce laughed. "You're doing just fine, sweet-cunt. You are a marvelous actress! Damn, you are a natural born actress! But, with a few acting lessons from me, you'll be even better. You played that scene just like I wrote it, but once we get rolling, I want it a little bit more realistic, okay?"

He uncuffed Doris and took off the leash. Then he forced her to kneel, and inserted her head and hands into the holes of the block. Then he clamped the upper part shut tight, and bolted the device shut. She was bound and totally at his mercy. Bruce quickly stripped off his pants. His prick sprung up from his loins. An enormous cock-stand! Bruce was hot and horny and ready to go.

"Okay, now sweet-cunt. Wipe those tears or your eyes won't photograph correctly. Oh, I guess you really can't wipe your eyes. You seem to be tied up at the moment," Bruce joked. "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

He clapped his hands together, then, in a serious manner, he said, "It's time to get down to work, now. Time is money and money is time. We wanna bring in this production below cost if possible, or some of the people in the front office are gonna get mighty pissed off. So I want everything done on the first take. Got that, darlin'?"

Doris nodded. What in the world was going on? This guy was nuts! He was taking it all seriously, acting as though he were a real big-time Hollywood director. This guy was absolutely crazy! But she had to go along with him. Unless he tried to make her do something immoral. She would draw the line at doing anything lewd or immoral. They had taught her at boarding school that she was to act like a lady at all times. But, how in the world could she act like a lady when she was naked and bound in wooden stocks and some crazy nut who was acting like a hot-shot director stood in front of her, with a giant cock standing out of his crotch? This was all too much to understand. Nevertheless, she would act like a lady. She was bound and determined.

"Now, you are my star, sweet-cunt. Don't thank me! You got the part fair and square. I needed a thirteen-year-old hotsy totsy boarding school type with red hair and brown eyes, about five feet tall. And you just fit the part. You were type cast. Now, the first scene all revolves around a very complicated plot. But, despite your age, I think you are smart enough to grasp it. Ha! Ha!"

Bruce smacked her hard. "You don't have to laugh at my jokes, sweet-cunt. But it would probably pay off if you did. But, hell, you're such a sweet, young thing that you probably don't even get my jokes. Oh, well, let's get back into the action. Get in character. You are a cute young wench and you are all bound up, and I am gonna make you suck my cock. Okay, roll the cameras."

He stepped forward, his cock painting at the ceiling of the harshly lit room, filled with movie cameras.

"No! No! Please! I can't! I don't even know how to... to suck a cock. Please let me go!" she screamed, hoping that he would take pity on her and let her go.

"Cut! Cut!" Bruce shouted to a film crew that existed only in his warped imagination.

He paced about the room, shaking his head in disgust, then he strolled back to Doris and stared down at the poor, helpless little teenager.

"Doris, don't you understand that this is your big chance? This is your big chance and, let's face it, you are blowing it. Or, that is, you are not blowing it. Ha! Ha!"

Doris laughed, figuring that this was one of Bruce's sick jokes, and that if she did not laugh, he would slap her again. She definitely did not want to get hit any more. Her face throbbed with pain from all the abuse she had received since arriving at DeMarrow Manor.

"Okay, sweet-cunt. This time I don't want any fuck-ups. You are my star, and I expect you do it right on the first take. Now, well do a second take on this scene. So don't screw it up. Okay?"

"Okay," Doris muttered weakly.

Bruce moved forward and thrust his prick into her mouth.

"Lick it, bitch. Lick my cock. Lick it real nice."

Doris was repulsed, but she felt as though she had to do the awful thing that Bruce demanded of her. Otherwise, he might beat her to a pulp. He was a brutal man, and he was obviously a degenerate and a seriously sick pervert. Doris had been warned about such men. She had been taught never to take rides from strangers, because some of them were sexual perverts. Now she knew that those warnings were indeed true. Bruce was a pervert! A real crazy man!

She licked his long cock-shaft. She hated having to perform such a lewd and grotesque act, but she just felt that she had no choice in the matter. She either obeyed him, or she would be beaten. And she definitely did not want to be beaten any more.

Bruce gabbed her red hair and thrust her head toward his long hard cock. Her lips were forced open as he slid his rock-hard prick into her mouth, feeding her his lengthy cock inch by inch into her moist mouth. "Suck my cock, sweet-cunt! Suck it!"

She felt his prick throb and bob back and forth inside of her mouth as he stabbed his cock between her wet lips. He laughed loudly and tore at her red tresses, tugging on her hair, pressing his crotch to her face, making her head bob up and down on his thick hard cock. He was brutally fucking her mouth.

"Unnggghbh! Yeah, sweet-cunt! Do it! That's pretty good. Not a bad start in the movie business. Unnggghhhh! Keep on sucking my cock. Ummpphhhhh! You might do well in this business, bitch. You suck cock pretty well for an amateur. Just think, you might have a great future in the movie business. You might even become a star," he grunted. "We could make a great team. With me as director and you as the star, we can do great films together. Unnggghhh! Keep on sucking, you little teeny-bopper cocksucker."

Doris obeyed him completely. She was convinced that Bruce was a mental case, and she would not dare disobey him. Her lips made an obscene sucking sound as she licked and lapped and sucked his prick. She slurped his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock smashed into her mouth and bounced off the back of her throat, causing her to sob from the intense pain. She moaned and panted in pain, but she did her best to please him. She knew that the only way to get out of this awful situation was to please him, to do whatever he commanded her to do. And right now he wanted to be sucked, so she sucked for all she was worth.

Bruce plunged his prick deep into her mouth. He smiled as he felt his prick-tip bouncing off of the sides of her throat and the insides of her mouth. He looked down at her and enjoyed the way that her cheeks bulged with his prick as he pumped it into her face.

"Come on now, bitch! Suck it harder. I don't want to have to do another take of this. If you don't do it right this time, they are liable to get real angry in the front office. There will be hell to pay. Suck my cock harder. Suck!" he commanded.

"Mmmmmmplh!" was the only sound Doris could make. His cock filled her mouth to overflowing. And she was doing her best to suck him hard. She had never sucked a cock before, so she really did not know how to go about it. But she just did what he said, and it seemed to be going okay. At least, he was not hitting her any more.

"Yeah, that's it, bitch! I'm gonna cum now. Get ready. I'm gonna cum! And, when I do, I want you to swallow every drop of my thick slimy cum. If you don't eat all of my cum, we'll have to shoot the whole scene over again. So swallow it all. Unnggghhhh! Unnggghhhhh! Here it cums! Ummppphhhh!"

Bruce shot a thick stream of cum into her mouth. His load poured out of his balls, through his cock and splashed into her mouth, coating the inside of her mouth and throat with thick, sticky, slimy sperm.

She gulped the load down her throat, but it seemed to coat her mouth and throat. She had a difficult time swallowing it all. And there was so much of it! He squeezed his cock at the base and another load of cock-juice oozed out of his prick-tip and into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, yesssss. Not bad, sweet-cunt. Not bad at all," he moaned. "You did a real good job. In fact you did just fine, bitch."

Chapter FOUR

The voluptuous Diane DeMarrow lay in supine repose, stretched out on her bed, her lovely long legs spread wide apart. She shoved the long dildo in and out of her hot juicy cunt, fucking herself with the plastic prick. Fucking herself with rapid, thrusting movements as she stared wide-eyed at the five closed-circuit television screens.

It was all so sexy and exciting, and lewd and wicked. She loved it! It was truly thrilling to watch Bruce face-fuck her cute little virgin niece. She laughed as she watched the debauched scene being played out before her in living color.

Bruce was doing a pretty good job, she thought. Diane had been so wrapped up in the decadent little play that she had even forgot to turn on her battery-operated dildo. She pressed the switch and the plastic prick began to vibrate in her pussy, filling her loins with spine-chilling sensations of unadulterated sexual bliss.

Then she reflected on Bruce. Bruce had been a fairly good actor and director at one time, she recalled. He was a big man, muscular and handsome. And a setter-than-average actor. He had appeared to be on his way to fame and fortune as a successful actor. Perhaps he might have become a great director as well.

But then Bruce made a terrible mistake. He started fucking a wealthy, aging Beverly Hills widow. The woman was so rich that her middle name should have been "Money". Bruce cultivated the widow, fucking her day and night. Finally, he managed to get her to put up a million dollars to produce a movie which Bruce would direct and star in.

In essence, Bruce was black-mailing the bitch at the time. He let her know in no uncertain terms that, if she failed to come across with a cool million to produce his movie, he would quit her. He led her to believe that, although he loved her deeply, his art was the most important thing in his life. And that he simply had to have the million. She was completely taken in and besides, she loved his giant prick -- and she gave him the million dollars.

Then, Bruce, in his new and powerful role as director, proceeded to fuck every girl who tried out for parts in the movie. His big mistake came when he unknowingly tried to fuck the daughter of a prominent tycoon who owned a big newspaper chain. She refused to go along with his game. So Bruce raped her brutally. Right in his office. He raped her and made her suck his cock and beat her and ass-fucked her. It was the biggest mistake in his life.

She wasted no time in getting revenge. She ran home and told her influential daddy the whole seamy story about Bruce. Her father promptly sued Bruce and took the whole million in an out-of-court settlement that saved Bruce from spending the rest of his life in jail.

Although the girl's father managed to keep the sordid story out of the newspapers (largely because he owned most of them), the affair became a well-known scandal among movie moguls. As a result, Bruce was effectively black-listed from the entire movie industry.

So now Bruce was reduced to directing and starring in films made in DeMarrow Manor. Diane had equipped the special room for him to act out his decadent scenes. It was a far cry from Hollywood, but Bruce seemed happy. And Diane enjoyed it thoroughly.

She loved to lay back and watch Bruce direct and act in his obscene films while she finger-fucked herself or dildoed herself to wild orgasms.

It was especially enjoyable to watch Bruce's films as they were being made. Like watching live theater, she thought. Damn, she sure got hot and horny as she stared in rapt attention at the television screens, while her dildo sluiced back and forth across her clit and in and out of her cunt.

"Unnnggghhhh!" Diane moaned as the dildo vibrated wildly in her boiling twat. She stared at the television sets and watched Bruce forcing little Doris to lick the cum off of his flaccid cock. "Give it to her good, Bruce," she hissed at the screens. "Make her lick all of your thick cum off. Yeah."

At that very moment, Melissa walked into Diane's bedroom and knelt at her feet.

"How nice to see you, Melissa," Diane said sarcastically as she kept sluicing her juicy cuntal sheath with the viberator. "Ohhh, this feels so damned good. But, you know? I think that your little tongue would feel even better. So get your little ass up on the bed and put your mouth right between my legs, bitch. Suck my cunt while I watch this little home movie."

Melissa obeyed Diane's obscene command. She crawled forward on Diane's bed and buried her face in the voluptuous blonde's hot cunt. She lapped Diane's cunt-lips and the beautiful woman responded by writhing about, pressing her pussy down tight on Melissa's lips.

"Suck me, Melissa. Suck my cunt."

Melissa slurped Diane's clit between her lips and began sucking it. Damn, Melissa thought. How lewd Diane could be when she wanted to which was most of the time. The blonde's cunt-juice saturated Melissa's mouth and, as she sucked on the woman's hard sensitive clit, her mouth filled with sticky cuntal nectar. But, as awful as this was, it could always be worse, Melissa thought. She had glanced at the television screens on her way into Diane's bedroom, and she had seen Bruce slapping the little thirteen-year-old and making her lick cum off of his prick. Melissa had thought that when Diane's niece arrived, she would get some relief. And it had turned out to be true. Although, the only relief she was getting was from having to serve Bruce's obscene demands. Melissa still had to serve Diane. But, she thought stoically, there were worse things than having to suck Diane's beautiful blonde cunt.

After little Doris finished licking the cum from Bruce's prick, he unlocked the stocks. Smack! Smack! He slapped her sharply on each firm little ass-cheek.

"Okay, sweet-cheeks... You can come out now. I can't have my best actress in the stocks for too long. Hell, you might get a bad back or something. Then we wouldn't be able to finish the movie. Ha! Ha!"

Thank God, she thought. Some relief. Maybe now that Bruce had got his kicks by making her suck his cock, maybe now he would leave her alone. She was just so happy to be out of those awful stocks. She sat on the floor and rubbed her wrists, which had been chafed raw. Her neck was sore too. That was a terrible, wicked thing he had done to her, she thought. She would never forgive him. He was mean and rotten to the core. People like Bruce should be locked up in cages and she intended to tell him that, right to his face! Then, she thought about it for a moment. And decided that it would not be a very wise thing to do, actually, she did not know what to do. She was at his mercy. She only wished that he would leave her alone, that he would leave and never return that she would never have to see his evil face again.

"Well now, sweet-cheeks. What've you got to say for yourself?"

"Nothing," she muttered. She pouted and stared at the floor.

"Well, now. What kind of way is that to act? Weren't you pleased with your performance? Hell I thought you did a pretty good job. I just loved the look of helplessness on your face when you sucked my cock. Damn, I've worked with lots of actresses. Actresses with plenty more experience than you have. And, I've got to give it to you, sweet-cheeks. You did a mighty fine job. We only had to do two takes to get that scene down right. Let's see how you do on the next one."

"Oh, no! No! No! No!" she screamed hysterically. "Please! I can't take any more of this! Please let me go now!"

"Hey now, sweet-cunt. Our lady of the fancy boarding school. What kind of attitude is that? This is your big chance. And you're doing just fine. I didn't want to have to tell you this, darlin', but this is a limited budget movie. We can't just shoot one scene an evening and wrap it up. The cameras are rolling and we can't afford to waste film."

Doris knew that it would be useless to protest. Bruce was an awful man. Disgusting. Repulsive. Nasty. Mean. And, on top of that, he had a sick sense of humor.

"Okay, I'll lay down the plot of this next scene as we go along. It'll be more realistic that way. But first we have to get the set ready. So we'll move this prop out of the way."

He rolled the stocks back into the big closet. She heard him moving about in there for a few seconds, and then he returned to the center of the harshly lit room. And he was carrying ropes and a whip! Doris had to look twice to be sure that she was seeing correctly. It was true! He had a real whip in his hand, and ropes.

"My lord in heaven!" she wailed. "What are you going to do to me? What are you going to do?"

"That's good, sweet-cunt. Very realistic. If I didn't bow better, I might have thought that you weren't just acting. Ha! Ha! Ha!"

He grabbed her by the wrists and hoisted her to her feet. She screamed and cried, but he paid absolutely no attention to her protests and exhortations and begging for mercy. He dragged her to the wall and tied her hands and feet to thick steel rungs which were affixed to the wall. She was tied face forward and spread-eagled. Totally helpless and, once again, a slave to his every whim.

"Please don't hurt me," she begged. "I never did anything to you. Why do you have to treat me this way?"

"Good! Very good! You really are a fine actress, sweet-cunt. I swear, I think I found myself a star!"

Was he serious? she wondered. He seemed to really believe that he was a movie director and that he was directing her in a scene from a movie. Did he really believe that, or was he just acting? If he believed it and was really serious, he was crazier than she had originally believed! My heavens, she thought, this man is a psycho! What was he going to do with her next? What could he possibly do that was worse than he had already done to crack! The slashing sound of the whip and the intense pain that it caused as it struck her little titties quickly answered her questions.

"Ooowwww! Oh, no!" she yelped as the whip bit into her tit-flesh. "Please don't whip me! Please don't..."

Crack! Again the leather whip slashed across her little titties. She winced in pain and struggled in her tight-fitting bonds. But she was held fast in the spread eagle position.

The whip slashed down again, cutting her across her firm thighs. Flickers of pain shot up through her thighs, into her loins and registered in her brain, producing a spine chilling scream.

"What's the matter, teeny cunt?" Bruce teased. "Don't you like my little friend here?"

"No! No! No! I hate it. It hurts so much. Please. No more! I beg of you. No more, please!"

"Okay," Bruce replied, with an evil glint in his eyes. "Let's try something else," he taunted as he dropped the whip and strolled forward. His prick was hard again. He had an enormous cock stand that frightened little Doris to death. What if he decided to put that nasty thing in her little cunt? The thought was simply too repulsive, and frightening, and she tried to push it from her mind. But, as he moved forward, she could not help thinking about it. It was unspeakable! He simply would not try to put his big cock into her little virgin pussy. Besides, she consoled herself, it simply would not fit.

He tweaked her nipples. Then pinched them until they hurt.

"Ow! That hurts."

"No kidding," he replied.

Then Bruce's hand slid down her ripe little titties and across her stomach, and he began to scratch her soft cunt-hairs.

"My, my. What cute little red cunt hair you have, darlin'. I didn't think thirteen-year-old pussies had any cunt hair. But, ten, I guess we all make mistakes."

Doris shuddered as his fingers moved around in her downy red pussy hairs. Then, all of a sudden, she felt his middle finger slide into her tight young pussy. His finger slid in easily and she realized that her cunt-juices were flowing as never before.

"Well, now," Bruce drawled, a crude, lewd, lascivious grin pasted on his face. "What have we got here? Wet virgin pussy. Yeah, you are nice and juicy down there, sweet-cunt. How about that? Well, girl. What have you got to say for yourself?" he said as if reproaching her for her naughtiness.

"I-I-I j-just don't know," she stuttered. It was a surprise to Doris too. She had not known that her little cunt was getting hot and juicy. In fact, she did not even know what it meant. Her mind was in a state of complete confusion.

"Well, I know," Bruce responded with a wicked sneer. "It means you're hot and horny. That's what it means. It means your cute little virgin pussy is ready. That's what it means."

"Ready for what?" Doris asked inquisitively.

"Ready to be fucked!" Bruce answered. "That's what a nice, wet, juicy virgin pussy means. It means it's ready to be reamed put by a nice, thick hard cock. Just like mine," he said, pointing to his slick cock-stand.

"Nooooo!" she wailed. "Not that! Nooooo!"

"Not yet, darlin'. I'm gonna slick you up a little bit more first."

With that, Bruce plunged his finger deep into her seething pussy sheath. He wriggled his finger around inside of her virgin cunt, wriggling it around like a serpent.

Doris tried to fight the chilling sensations that began to run up and down her spine. But it was useless. His finger was beginning to feel good. Yes! It was true! Much to her surprise, this lewd psycho was turning her on! Her pussy-juices were flowing. She could feel her virgin cunt-juice running down her inner thighs in thin sticky rivulets.

"Oh. Oh. Ohhhhh," she moaned.

"Well, how does it feel?" Bruce asked.

"It... it feels kinda good," she answered.

"I knew you'd like it."

"I don't believe it, but... but it does feel kinda good. I think I do kinda like it... kinda."

Meanwhile, back in Diane's bedroom, the voluptuous blonde was nearing the throes of orgasm while Melissa sucked her cunt.

"Suck my cunt, bitch. I am nearing the throes of orgasm," Diane said. "Oh, yeah. I'm almost there."

Melissa bent to her task with wild abandon. Her own cunt was seeping with pussy-juice, and she too was almost ready to cum. Her tongue sluiced in and out of her mistress' hot juicy cuntal sheath.

What a depraved scene this was, Melissa thought. There was the cruel bitch Diane DeMarrow, writhing in sexual bliss above her. Watching the lewd display of Bruce tormenting Doris. It was pure debauchery. But, she had to admit, it was kind of sexy. Kind of, hell. It was sexy as could be. She licked and lapped and sucked Diane's lovely cunt-slit until she felt the beautiful blonde shudder and moan in ecstasy.

"Oh, yes. Suck me harder, you whore. I'm cumming. I'm gonna cum any second now. Yeah! That's it! Ummmmppphhh! Aaaggghhh!"

Diane climaxed. She shook. Her cunt spasmed and jerked against Melissa's hot sucking mouth. Then, her muscles went limp and she laid back. Spent. Tired. Exhausted. Satisfied.

Melissa slipped off the bed and dropped to the floor. She kissed Diane's feet. Then she began to finger-fuck herself frantically. Her pussy was so hot and juicy. She simply had to cum. Even if Diane caught her and beat her it would be worth it. She couldn't stand it any longer. She had gone two whole days without sexual release! Her finger sluiced through her pussy-lips and pumped into her cunt. Then she added another finger. And another, until she had three fingers buried in her horny twat. She clamped her thumb over her clit and rubbed the sensitive nubbin hard.

"Mmmm mmmph." She tried to stifle her cries of ecstasy so that Diane would not catch her fingering her seething pussy. Then she moaned and her climax hit her hard. Her climax rocked her body, sending red-hot sensations up her spine. Then her body went limp and she collapsed. She curled up on the floor and fell into a deep sleep.

Diane cried and shook fitfully in her sleep. She was having a nightmare about her brutal step-father. It was a recurring nightmare, a dream which came to her in vivid, spine-chilling clarity.

Her step-father was dressed in loose-fitting plaid pajamas and his cock was sticking out, wet and I slippery. He was sweating profusely, and his body cast off a pungent odor that made Diane retch to keep from throwing up. He was fucking her, thrusting his prick into her tender young pussy with long, brutal lurches, stretching her tight pussy-walls to the maximum as he pound his hips and panted.

Drops of sweat dripped on her firm young tits as he whispered lewd, crude obscenities in her ear. "Keep on fucking, Diane, my little bitch daughter. My cute little step-daughter. Keep on fucking your dear old daddy, you little slut. This is real good practice for you, daughter. Real good practice, because when you get old enough, I'm gonna put you to work on the streets. As a whore!"

He pounded his prick mechanically into her cunt. Then, as he neared his climax, he began to slap her viciously. "Take that, you fucking tramp! My daughter -- a stinking, filthy whore!" he would shout as he came. Then he would grunt and roll over and fall asleep. And she would return to her room and stay up all night long crying.

Diane awakened from her nightmare sweating, shaking and cuing. Tears pouring down her cheeks, her body shuddering in revulsion, her face contorted in fear and pent-up frustration at the horrible memory. It was a horrid dream that she had dreamt hundreds of times and would dream hundreds more times. Every time it was the same. Vivid, spine-chilling, frightening, and real.

She surveyed her surroundings to get her bearings. She was in her bedroom. The screens flickered in front of her. Melissa lay sleeping on the floor at her feet. She breathed deeply. Everything seemed to be in order. She shook her head and ran her fingers across her brow, wiping off sweat, then through her hair. She shook her head again, violently this time, in an attempt to blot out the memory of the cruel scene that she had relived so vividly in her nightmare.

Diane riveted her eyes to the screens. Before long, she was absorbed in the depraved scene that Bruce was acting out with her niece in the specialty equipped room.

Bruce was teasing Doris. She was panting. Cunt-juice streamed down her firm young thighs. She was hot.

"Well now," Bruce said. "I think you're nice and wet now, sweet-aunt. It's time for another take. What do you say to that?"

"Ohhh, I... I don't know, Bruce. I just...! just... just... ohhh, unnngggghhhh." Doris was lost, enraptured in the sensual feelings that welled up from deep inside of her virgin pussy. Bruce's lewd manner of finger-fucking her had done strange things to her pussy. Her little cunt felt like it was on fire. She had, never experienced anything like this before. Her virgin pussy yearned for sexual release.

Bruce stepped in front of her, licking his lips, savoring the nubile young virgin whose cunt he was about to ravish with his hard cock.

He thrust his prick forward and rubbed his cock-tip over her sensitive, tender young clit. Rubbed his cock-tip back and forth in slow, deliberate movements, exciting her, making her clit hard and hot and horny for a good fucking.

"Unnnggghhh!" she gasped. "W-What are you doing to me? What are you? Uunnnnggghhhh!"

"Yeah," Bruce said. "You're getting into the swing of things now. You are one hot little bitch. You're ready for a good fucking. And I'm gonna give it to you. Get ready, darlin', because I'm about to fill your tight little virgin pussy with my big prick."

"No!" she yelped. "Please don't! Your prick is too big for my little cunt. You'll split me in two. Don't." She struggled against her bonds, but it was useless. She was secured tightly to the rungs in the wall. Bound in a helpless spread-eagled position. She was totally at Bruce's mercy, and she knew from experience that he was a merciless man.

It was too late to protest anyway. Bruce rammed his thick prick-knob between her virgin pussy-lips and began to work his cock deep into her cunt. He jerked his hips forcefully, pressing his hard prick between her juicy pussy-lips and sliding deep into her tight, virgin cuntal sheath.

"Ummmppphhh!" he groaned as his prick sluiced slowly into her seething cunt. "Damn, bitch, you are one tight little cunt. I... ummmppphhh! I don't believe I... ever fucked a tighter pussy in my whole life."

"Oh, no! Stop! Stop! Stop!" Doris yelled. "It hurts. God, no! Your cock is too big! I can't take it anymore!"

"Shut the fuck up and enjoy it," Bruce rasped. "If you think I'm gonna stop now, you got pea soup for brains. Christ! I'm gonna fuck you silly, whether you like it or not."

With each pumping cock-thrust, Bruce's prick moved deeper into her tight pussy. Then he felt his prick-tip press against an obstruction her hymen! He thrust his hips back, paused for a split second, breathed deeply and lunged forward, tearing through her hymen in one mighty cock thrust.

"Aaagggghhhh!" she screamed. The pain coursed through her loins. It was a sharp, all consuming pain and she felt as though she had been split in two. Never in her life had she felt such intense pain. Tears poured out of her eyes and streaked down her cheeks.

"Yeah, man," yelped Bruce. "I got your cherry, sweet-cunt! You ain't no virgin any more. I just reamed right on through to your cherry and popped it." Bruce was bubbling over with glee.

"Oh, no!" Doris cried. Then, all of a sudden, the pain subsided. And all that she could feel was a warm, tingling glowing sensation welling up from the depths of her seething pussy. Her cunt was on fire, demanding release. She began to jerk back and forth, gyrating her hips. She was impaled on Bruce's thick, lengthy hard cock. And, much to her surprise, she loved it! It no longer hurt. It felt great!

"Now you're getting it, sweet-cunt," Bruce groaned. "Take it all. Take all of my cock. Yeah. Get it, bitch!"

"Yes! Yes! Do it to me! Fuck me, Bruce! Fuck me silly like you promised. Oh, my God. It feels so damned good!" She pumped her taut hips wantonly, doing everything possible to take all of his cock into her tight, slick pussy. She was amazed that her cunt seemed to expand and suck in his giant cock. And, strange though it seemed, she actually felt proud. Yes, proud! She was a woman. A real woman! She forgot all about the terrible way that he had treated her. While Bruce was fucking her, all she could think of were the wonderful indescribable sensations of lustful pleasure which coursed through her juicy pussy. She had never dreamed that anything could feel so good.

"I'm gonna cum, sweet-cunt," Bruce gasped. "So if you wanna get your jollies, you better get 'em real quick. I can't be waitin' round much longer. The boat's leavin' and if you wanna be on it, you better climb aboard. Ummmpphh!"

"Yes! I think I'm... I think I'm cumming! Aaaggghh! Ohhhh! Aaaggghhh!" She came. Her orgasm racked her body with unbelievable force. Her cunt spasmed and her ears filled with the sounds of a jet taking off. Then she blacked out completely, and fainted.

Bruce thrust forward with one final lunge. "Unnnggghhh! Umnmppphhh!" he gasped. And he came. He shot a thick load of jism deep into her wet, seething cunt, then he sighed and fell over backwards, catching himself with his big hands as he reached the floor. He sighed and stretched out on the floor, totally relaxed. "Got her fucking cherry," he groaned in self-satisfaction. His cock began to shrivel and cum oozed from his prick-tip.

The sound of hands clapping startled him. It was Diane! He heard Diane's voice speaking through the loud speakers which were suspended from the ceiling of the special room. "An excellent performance, Bruce!" she said enthusiastically. "Superb! Bravo! You did a fine job of acting and directing. Or deflowering my cute little niece. I'd give you a standing ovation, but I'm a bit weary myself," she quipped. "After you've had some rest, suppose you wake up my niece and take her down to the dungeon. I'll send Melissa down there too. They can spend the night together in the dungeon while you and I make love. I think Melissa will fill Doris in on how things are run around here. Then we won't have to worry about her getting any fool ideas about running away. Don't be long, Bruce. My cunt is hot and ready for your prick, darling."

Chapter FIVE

That night, Melissa and Doris were thrown into the dungeon. It was an awful place. Damp and dreary, with stone walls that were three feet thick. The dungeon had originally been constructed as a wine cellar when the mansion was built back in the nineteenth century. So it was cold and dark. The only light came from a torch which protruded from a hole in the wall. The dungeon was a small, square room, about ten feet by ten feet. It was a dreadful place, right out of the middle ages.

Both girls were naked and shivering. They huddled together to keep warm. Melissa held cute, thirteen-year-old Doris lightly, gripping her shoulders in the arms in a comforting and reassuring gesture. She figured Doris needed some warmth and understanding after what she had been through. It had been quite a day for the little girl one that she would never forget.

"Well," Melissa. "How do you feel now? Are you starting to feel a little better? I notice the tears have stopped flowing. For a while there, I thought that you were going to cry yourself to death."

"I'm beginning to feel a little better, Melissa. Thanks."

"Thanks for what?"

"Thanks for being so understanding and kind."

"Hey, listen kid. You need understanding and kindness after what you've been through. I know. I can still remember the first night of my ordeal with that bastard, Bruce. Hell, I guess I should remember it. It was only a little over a week ago. But the asshole has raped me and tied me up so often, it seems as though he has lived here far a year or more." Melissa shrugged and shook her head. "It's not gonna be easy for you, kid," she said. "Bruce is bad, but your Aunt Diane is a real nut too. Wait till she gets a hold of you. She's a real fucking weirdo. You won't believe some of the depraved stuff she thinks up."

"Oh, no!" Doris cried. "I can't stand it. I just can't. I-I'll kill myself! That's what I'll do. I'll kill myself! I just can't go through any more of this." She broke down and wept, her tears flowing onto Melissa's firm tits.

Melissa hugged her tighter. She slipped her hand down to the teenager's thigh and stroked her firm flesh. "Gee, Doris," she said. "Please don't cry. I didn't mean to upset you. That's the last thing I want to do. Here we are in this dreadful dungeon, and all we have are each other. So relax and don't think about Bruce and Diane for now. Let me comfort you."

Doris continued to sob, but she felt Melissa's hand slide down her thigh, rub her knee, then slide back up until the woman's hand rested at the edge of her red pussy-hairs. Was Melissa going to finger-fuck her? Doris thought. Then she began to wonder whether it would be nice if Melissa fingered her little pussy. Her cunt was still sore from the ruthless fucking that Bruce had given her with his huge cock. But Melissa was so understanding and tender. And her hand felt warm, so Doris spread her legs wide in an open invitation for Melissa to finger her cunt.

"Mmmmmm," Melissa sighed as she slipped her middle finger through Doris' tender pussy-lips. She slowly wriggled her finger around in the girl's cunt, stirring up Doris' cunt juices. "Poor baby," she whispered. "Let me make you feel better."

"Ummm-hnnunn. You are so nice and sweet and tender, Melissa. Not like that prick Bruce!"

"Now, let's forget about Bruce for now," Melissa chided. Then she leaned over and pressed her mouth to Doris' lips. Their tongues touched and Melissa sucked Doris' tongue into her mouth. They embraced and their bodies filled with the warm glow of lesbian love.

"Mmmnn. You are so lovely," said Doris. "I think you are beautiful and you are so nice to me. Mmmmmm," she sighed.

Melissa licked down the thirteen-year-old girl's firm ripe titties, and began to suck on her nipples, sucking first one, then the other. Sucking the girl's nipples tenderly, lovingly, sensually.

Doris thrilled to the older woman's caresses. Her loins ached with hot lust. Her pussy was soaking wet with cunt-nectar. She felt so good. Melissa was really a great lover, she thought. So tender and nice. She made Doris feel good all over. This was so marvelous; such a wonderful, exciting experience it was lesbian love!

Melissa licked down the girl's flat stomach until she reached Doris' seething quim. She buried her face in the girl's cunt, lapping the pretty girl's cunt-lips and sucking her clit into her mouth. Melissa felt her own cunt juicing up with pussy nectar. This was really exciting, she thought. Tongue fucking this cute little thirteen year old. And, the girl was so sweet and lovely. She was... she was beautiful, Melissa thought. Her girlish figure would some day blossom into voluptuous. She would become an incredibly sexy red-haired beauty. She would become as gorgeous as Diane DeMarrow -- if she could escape Diane's clutches! Because Diane and Bruce would destroy Doris. If Doris became their sex-slave, they would rape and beat her every day of her life until she became a used-up, scarred and wretched woman. Melissa knew that it was true. Indeed, she thought, it was happening to Melissa herself! The thought sickened her.

It was then that she resolved to escape! She would escape and take Doris with her. She had no idea yet how she would do it. But somehow she would manage to escape. She had only to devise an escape plan, some way to get into Diane DeMarrow's safe so that she could take those incriminating tapes. Yes, she would escape. And she would take lovely Doris with her!

Doris squinted around as Melissa's worshipful tongue sluiced in and out of her ripe young cunt. The woman's tongue felt so good, and it stirred the pussy-juices in her cunt. Melissa really knew how to suck a cunt, Doris thought. She loved the way the woman bit her clit and pulled her tiny hard clit-nubbin out of her cunt-sheath, then released it, letting it snap back.

"Oh, Melissa, it feels so good the way you tongue my little pussy," she moaned. "Mmmmmm. Tongue fuck me. Suck my clit. Suck it harder. Mmmmm. It feels so good. Tongue fuck me!" she gasped. Doris could not believe that she was actually saying such lewd and lascivious things. Here she was in this dreadful dungeon, writhing about bare assed naked on the cold stone floor, moaning in ecstasy as the beautiful brunette licked her pussy and clit snapped her cunt nubbin. Melissa was so kind and tender, and damn, she thought, her tongue felt so good as it lapped her young pussy. She was acting like a wanton slut, but she did not care. She loved it, and maybe, maybe she loved Melissa.

Doris bent down and twisted her body around so that she could lick Melissa's pussy. She flicked her tongue across the brunette's sensitive clit, and Melissa responded by gasping and jerking her hips forward to meet Doris' hot tongue.

The two females were in the classic sixty-nine position. Tongue fucking each other. Sluicing their tongues in and out of each other's hot juicy pussies.

They groaned in ecstasy. It was as though a fever burned inside both of their sweet pussies. And then, all of a sudden, they gasped and came together. They both came, at the exact same moment their pussies summed, tightened, then jerked. They moaned and breathed deeply as orgasms racked their hot bodies. It was wonderful, delicious, and beautiful. They were in love!

Melissa moved up Doris' tight young body and hugged her tightly. They fell asleep in one another's arms. They slept soundly, wrapped in a warm blanket of bliss and love. Lesbian love!

The next morning, Doris felt Melissa nudging her and kissing her cheek softly and lovingly. So tenderly Melissa spoke to her clit a soft voice. "Wake up, dear. Wake up, my lovely. We must talk before Bruce and Diane come down to get us. We must formulate our plans."

Doris rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat up. "Oh, God," she moaned as she looked around her and found that they were still imprisoned in the horrid dungeon. She had slept soundly in Melissa's arms and she had dreamt beautiful dreams about her lovely, tender lesbian lover. Her dream had been so beautiful that she had forgotten that they were locked up in the dreadful, dreary dungeon, that they were slaves of the wicked and decadent and depraved Bruce and Diane.

Melissa kissed her on the lips and hugged her lightly. "Don't worry, my love. I have an idea of how we can escape this awful life of depravity. Just listen to me carefully, and we will escape forever. We'll run away and get our revenge as well." Doris listened carefully as Melissa detailed her plan. It was noon when Bruce came down to the dungeon to get Melissa and Doris.

"Okay, girls," he said as he opened the thick wooden door to the dungeon. "It's another day, my little sweet-cunt's. Get your asses up and follow me." Doris jumped up and ran to Bruce's side. She gripped his muscular arm and said, "Oh, Bruce. I thought you'd never come. I've missed you so much." Her eyes twinkled, and she smiled at him. Her look towed love and admiration. And unbridled lust!

"Well, well. How about that?" Bruce said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Hell, girl. I thought you'd be pissed-off at me after last night."

"Oh, no Bruce. You were wonderful! You took my virginity, and today I am a real woman. I love you, Bruce! You're so big and handsome, and you have such a beautiful big cock," she said as her hand gripped the bulge in his pants. She stroked his prick lasciviously, and she felt his prick begin to get hard in the confines of his trousers. "Oh, Bruce. I love you so much," she repeated.

"My, my, little darlin'," Bruce said. "I'm glad to know that you appreciate me. Mmmmm. That feels good, bitch. Yeah."

Doris smiled at him and licked her lips in a sexy gesture. She kept rubbing the bulge in his pants, stroking his crotch hard and fast. Bruce gasped. He had not expected such loving treatment from the thirteen-year-old girl whose cherry he had copped the night before. After all, he thought, he had brutally slapped her around, and tied her up, and forced her to suck his cock, and raped her virgin pussy. But he was a studly dude, he had to admit. And he had a giant prick, a prick that he was very proud of, a prick that had captured the hearts and pussies of women all over the country. He groaned as she stroked his crotch again.

"Oh, Bruce," Doris moaned. "Why don't you fuck me here, right now? I need your gorgeous cock so bad. I'd just love it if you'd fuck me here. Before we go upstairs."

"I don't know," said Bruce. Damn, decisions, decisions, he thought. He knew that Diane was waiting upstairs in her bedroom for her cute little niece. Diane was just dying to get hold of the little bitch. And she had told him to bring Doris straight to her bedroom. But he was getting an enormous cock-stand from the girl's stroking hand. "No, I better not," he said tentatively. He knew that Diane would be furious if he fucked Doris before he took the girl to Diane's bedroom.

"Oh, Bruce. I want your cock in me so bad. Please," Doris begged. "And there is one thing that I've never done. I mean, I was only a dumb virgin until you fucked me yesterday. And you taught me how to suck your lovely big cock and how to fuck. But, there's still one thing. I've never done. Something that you haven't taught me." She kept fondling his cock through his trousers as she managed to pull his zipper down. She reached into his fly and tugged at his cock-stand until it popped out.

"Ummmppphhhh," he groaned. "What's that, sweet-cunt? What haven't I taught you?" he asked.

"Well, I understand that there is another place to fuck a woman. And you haven't fucked me in that place."

"What place?" he asked weakly as his knees began to grow weak and his cock throbbed with urgency.

"My asshole," she replied in a sexy voice. "You haven't fucked my asshole yet. Wouldn't you like to fuck my tight little virgin asshole, Bruce? Wouldn't you? Huh, Bruce? Huh? Wouldn't you just love to stick your beautiful cock into my little virgin asshole and fuck it? Huh, Bruce? Huh?"

"Yeah! Hot damn!" Bruce replied. Then, turning to Melissa who sat in the corner, Bruce shouted, "Get the fuck out of here, Melissa! Go upstairs to Diane. And tell her that I'll be right up with Doris."

"Okay," Melissa replied as she stood up.

"Lay down and pull your pants down," Doris said. "I want to treat you really nice."

"Sure, honey," Bruce said. He lay down on the floor and stretched out, his cock-stand sticking straight up.

Doris knelt beside him and unbuckled his belt. She tugged at Bruce's trousers while she continued to stroke his prick. When she had pulled his pants down to his ankles, she quickly moved aside. Melissa stepped forward, leapt high in the air and landed right on Bruce's naked balls!

"Aaaagggghhhhh! Ooowwwww!" Bruce screamed as the unbearable pain seared through his balls. He doubled over on his side. He was totally helpless, writhing in terrible pain and holding his balls.

Melissa pulled his belt out of his belt loops and began to whip him. Crack! Crack!! The belt slashed across his shoulders and back. He reeled in pain and writhed on the floor in a vain attempt to escape the blows. Melissa rained whipping blows all over his writhing body.

"Take that, you filthy fucking bastard! You asshole! You mental midget! Prick! Jerk! Penis lick!" Melissa shouted.

"Bastard!" Doris chimed in. Then she took the belt from Melissa and began beating Bruce. Slash!

Crack! Crack! She mined blows on his back and shoulders and legs. He screamed in agony.

"Please, stop! No! I beg of you! Stop! Please!" Bruce cried.

They whipped him some more, then Melissa said, "That's enough. He's not going anywhere. We have other business to take care of, you know. We gotta get your Aunt Diane!"

Melissa tied Bruce's wrists together with his belt and they turned to leave the creepy dungeon.

As they made ready to slam the dungeon door and lock Bruce inside, Doris grabbed Melissa by the arm. "Wait a minute," she said. Then she stuck her head back into the dungeon and screamed at Bruce. "You belong in a cage, you filthy bastard!" Then they slammed the door shut and bolted it.

The first step of their plan had been brilliantly executed. They congratulated one another on a job well done.

"We showed that asshole," said Melissa. She smiled broadly.

"Yeah," said Doris. "We got him good." She beamed with pride.

"You played your part beautifully, like a professional actress," Melissa commented.

"Yeah, I did do a pretty good job, didn't I? But then, Bruce taught me all I know," she quipped. "He said that he'd make me a star, you know."

"Well, you ought to win an Oscar for that performance," said Melissa.

They hugged each other tightly and took time out for a long, sexy kiss.

"Well, partner. Let's finish the job," said Melissa.

"Yeah," Doris replied. "Let's get my Aunt Diane!"

Diane DeMarrow lay stretched out in her bed. She smoked a cigarette and sipped a glass of French wine. Damn, where the fuck is Doris, she wondered. Bruce should have brought her to me by now. That bastard! I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to fuck the little bitch first. Well, fuck him and his over-sized cock. If he did fuck my niece before bringing her to me, I'll throw his ass back out on the fucking streets, she thought.

"Well," she sighed. "If I have to wait a little bit, I may as well juice my cunt up a little." She reached over and picked up her dildo from the night stand beside her bed. Flipping the button on, the dildo began to vibrate. She moved the dildo tip around her clit and her cunt immediately began to spasm with thrilling sensations. Her cunt juices began to flow as she shoved the vibrating dildo up her pussy.

"Uuummmppphhh," she groaned. "Yeah, it feels so good. Damn. Whoever invented these neat contraptions really had a good head on his shoulders. He should get a Nobel Prize for this invention. Mmmmmm, so good."

The dildo sluiced deep into her cunt, vibrating against her cunt-walls and sending lovely sensations throughout her body.

Melissa and Doris stood outside Diane's bedroom door, listening carefully.

"It sounds like your Aunt Diane is dildo fucking herself again. She probably got tired of waiting for one of us to come up and suck her cunt, the nasty bitch!" Melissa whispered.

"Yeah, but we're both here now. And if she thinks we're gonna suck her cunt, she's all wet. Ha! Ha!" Doris could not help laughing at her little joke.

"Shhhh! Be quiet. We want to take her by surprise. Now I'll count to three, and then we'll rush her. It'll be really easy to overpower her since she's so busy dildo-fucking herself. In fact, let's wait until she cums. Then she'll be real weak, and she won't be in any shape to struggle or fight us."

"Yeah," said Doris. "We'll rush in right after she cums, then we can get her real good. Gee, Melissa. This is really exciting."

They listened at the door until they heard Diane gasping and groaning.

"Unnnggghhhh! Ohhhh! Uuuuuggggghhhhh! Yeah! Ummmm!" Then there was silence.

"That's our cue, lover," said Melissa with a wink. "One. Two. Three. Let's go!"

Melissa and Doris rushed through the bedroom door and dashed toward Diane, who was stretched out, totally spent from her powerful orgasm. Melissa grabbed her by the arms while Doris gripped her Aunt Diane's titties tightly.

"What! What is going on!" screamed Diane DeMarrow.

"Greetings and salutations, Miss DeMarrow," joked Melissa. "It's your two loyal and ever-loving sex-slaves here to serve their kind and benevolent mistress."

"Yeah, Aunt Diane," Doris chimed in. "We're here to take care of you."

"Let me go, you stupid sluts!" Diane shouted. "When Bruce gets here, I'll have you both beaten and severely punished for your disobedience!"

Melissa and Doris laughed heartily. Then Melissa slapped Diane across the face. Smack! Smack! "Go over to the closet, Doris," Melissa said. "Your Aunt Diane keeps all kinds of stuff in there. Get some rope and bring it here."

Doris went to the closet and returned with rope. They tied the blond bitch to the four poster bed. Arms and legs spread wide apart spread caged. At their mercy. At the mercy of her niece and her former sex slave. And they were out for revenge!

Doris went back to the closet and came out carrying a cat of nine tails. "Let's whip her," said Doris, a beaming smile on her face. "First things first," said Melissa. "And first, I want to know the combination to the safe so that I can get a hold of those incriminating tapes that she's been holding over my head for so damned long."

"Okay," said Doris. "But, then can I whip her?"

"Well, let's see if she cooperates first."

"Fuck you! Fuck you both!" Diane shouted. "You filthy little sluts! Where the fuck do you two get off coming into my bedroom and tying me up? And making demands. Demands! Making demands of me, your mistress! You two are nothing but my sex-slaves. Both of you are miserable, wretched whores. Slaves! Slit-suckers! Cunt's!"

"Up your ass, you nasty bitch!" Melissa hissed.

"Can I whip her now?" Doris asked as she moved closer and raised the cat of nine tails high over her head, preparing to slash her Aunt Diane. "Please can I whip her now?" she asked, seeking Melissa's approval.

"No, not yet," Melissa said. She took the thirteen-year-old girl aside and whispered to her nubile lesbian lover. "Calm down, Doris. You'll get your chance. But first I have to find out the combination to the safe. That is crucial to our plans. Don't forget, I simply have to take those tapes with me when we leave. Okay?"

"Okay," Doris replied, then she pouted and shrugged her shoulders understandingly. She was just dying to beat her Aunt Diane, the sinister blonde bitch who had promised her the world -- not to mention a Shetland pony -- and then turned her over to Bruce, who had beaten and tortured and degraded and raped both her mouth and her virgin cunt. She despised her Aunt Diane, and she was aching to get back at her, to get revenge by whipping the evil woman. In fact, she could feel her cunt-juices beginning to flow and fill her tight young pussy. Doris was getting very hot and horny while she waited for the chance to whip her cruel aunt.

Melissa turned back to Diane, who was bound spread-eagled on the bed. "Okay, bitch. I want to know the combination of your safe. And I am not letting you go until I get it. So tell me now."

"Up your fucking asshole!" Diane answered, then she spit right in Melissa's face. "You slit-sucking wench! I'm not telling you anything. I'm sure Bruce is somewhere around here, and when he finds out what's going on in here, you two are gonna get your asses kicked real good."

Melissa wiped the spit from her face. Then she and Doris exchanged knowing smiles. Diane had no idea that Bruce was bound in the dungeon and could not save her. Melissa climbed on the bed and sat on Diane's stomach. She reached down and grabbed the blonde's tit-flesh.

"What are you doing to me, you slut? What are you?" Melissa pinched both of Diane's ripe nipples at the same time.

"Owwwww!" the blonde bitch screamed as wincing pain shot through her body.

Melissa pinched the woman's nipples again, and again. The blonde bitch screamed in agony.

"Well, now are you going to give me the combination to the safe? Or do you want more?"

"Let's give her more," said Doris with a lusty gleam in her cute eyes. "Let's whip her."

"Christ, Doris, will you give her a chance to answer my question?" Melissa chided the thirteen year-old. Doris pouted. She began to cry.

"Now don't cry, sweetheart. I love you, but you can be so impetuous sometimes." Melissa was exasperated with Doris. She simply had to get that safe combination, and Doris was wasting time and being a royal pain in the ass.

Turning her attention back to the wicked blonde who lay bound beneath her, Melissa asked again, "What is the fucking combination?"

"I refuse to tell you. Bruce will be here to rescue me at any moment, so I am not going to give in to you."

Smack! Smack! Smack! Melissa slapped the helpless blond three times in quick succession. "You damned fool!" she screamed at Diane. "You idiot bitch! How can you be so fucking stupid? All of these years, I thought that you were smart. But you're just a dumb cunt. Don't you know what's happening here? Bruce is locked up in the dungeon where we left him. He's trussed up like a pig ready for the slaughter house. He's in no shape to move, much less rescue you."

"No! No! It can't be true. You're lying. I'm not telling you anything. You can't fool me."

Doris was going crazy. Hot sensations of unbridled lust filled her seething teeny-cunt. This was so exciting, she thought, and she was aching to get revenge. "Now can I whip her?" she pleaded. "Please, Melissa. Now can I? Huh? Huh? Now can I whip Aunt Diane?"

"Okay. What the hell," Melissa sighed. "She's too fucking stupid to believe me. Maybe you can whip some sense into the bitch. She's all yours, darling. Give it to her good. Whip the hell out of her. God knows, she deserves it."

"All right!" Doris exclaimed with glee. Melissa rolled off of Diane's stomach, stood up and backed away, "Go get her," she said with a wave of her hand.

Doris wasted no time. Crack! The whip slashed across Diane DeMarrow's naked fits with brutal force. Crack! Crack! Crack! Doris was in a frenzy. Cunt-juice streamed down her supple thighs as the wicked cat of nine tails lashed her Aunt Diane's tit-flesh.

"How does that feel, Aunt Diane?" she teased in a little girl voice. Crack! Crack! "How do you like it? You are a mean, wicked, depraved, cruel, despotic, evil, sinister, nasty auntie!" The little thirteen-year-old was merciless. She raffled blows on her Aunt Diane's tender tit-flesh. "You led me to believe that you were going to be so nice to me. I was so happy when I learned that I was going to come and live with you. And when I got here you even promised me my own Shetland pony." Crack! "But instead, you let that brutal sadistic Bruce torture and fuck my virgin cunt." Crack! "You turned me over to him, and he made me suck his cock and he tied me up and beat me and fucked me!" Crack! "That was an awful thing to do to your own niece."

"Please stop!" Diane DeMarrow wailed. "Please. I beg of you. I'm sorry! I can't stand it any more. Please don't whip me any more. I'll do anything you say, but please don't whip me any more!"

Doris was not about to stop. She loved whipping her Aunt Diane. Her pussy was so horny and juicy and felt so hot that she was on the very verge of cumining.

Melissa stepped forward and grabbed the little thirteen-year-old by the wrist. "Hold it, Doris!" she commanded. "You have done it. You have beaten your wicked aunt into submission. She just said that she would do anything we say. Now back off and I'll take over." Melissa picked up the dildo from Diane's night stand and handed it to Doris. "Here, push the button and shove this plastic prick up your little cunt," she told the girl. That will keep her occupied, Melissa thought as she turned her attention to the bound blonde bitch.

"Well now, Diane. Tell me the combination to the safe or I'll sick your niece back on you. And next time, I won't stop her. She'll cut your big tits to ribbons."

"No! Anything but that! I'll tell you. It's left to ten, right to twenty, left to fifteen and right again to twelve," Diane gasped.

Melissa strolled over to the safe which was located in the corner of the bedroom. She turned the knob to the numbers Diane had indicated and the safe swung open. The tapes were right on top. She pulled them out and hugged them lovingly to her tits. These tapes were the key to her freedom.

As she turned to close the safe, her eyes lit on a huge stack of thousand-dollar bills. She reached in and grabbed them.

"Holy fucking shit!" she gasped. "There must be a quarter of a million dollars here!" She turned to show the stack of bills to Doris, but the little girl's mind was elsewhere.

"Unnnggghhh! Mmmmmm! Unimmppphhh!" Doris gasped and groaned as she pumped the vibrating dildo in and out of her hot juicy cum. Doris was sitting on the floor, her legs spread wide apart, dildo fucking herself.

"Damn," Melissa sighed in exasperation. Doris sure was one hot little thirteen-year-old, she thought. Then Melissa swiveled on her heels and looked straight into the cruel blue eyes of Diane DeMarrow. This was the moment she had been waiting for. Now she would get her revenge!

Melissa had served as Diane's sex-slave for two years. Diane had humiliated and degraded her countless times during that period. The nasty, depraved bitch had always held those incriminating tapes over Melissa's head, forcing her to obey Diane's every evil whim.

But now the shoe was on the other foot. Melissa strolled leisurely into Diane's walk-in closet. Five minutes later, she stepped back out and stood in front of Diane DeMarrow, who still lay naked and helpless, bound and spread-eagled on the big bed.

Melissa looked absolutely ravishing. She had emerged wearing a sexy black leather halter, a matching mini-skirt and black suede high-heeled boots. She glanced at Doris. The girl was dildo-fucking her tight juicy cunt with rapid, pumping movement. Her hot cunt spasmed and her cute little body shook as the plastic prick vibrated, shaking her titties and her thighs. She looked like a little redhead wanton, a Lolita. But, at the same time, Doris looked like a kid with a new toy, Melissa thought.

Melissa moved forward in her alluring outfit. She stepped onto the big bed. Diane had passed out. Melissa kicked the blond woman in the side. That woke her up. Diane screamed and writhed in pain. Then Melissa stepped on the blonde's face. She ground the sole of her boot into the woman's face.

"Well now, Miss Diane DeMarrow. It seems as though the shoe is on the other foot," she taunted. "Or shall we say the boot is on the other foot. My foot!"

Diane DeMarrow looked up at the leather clad woman from beneath the sole of the high heeled boot. Her blue eyes showed fear and dreadful expectation.

"Kiss my boot, you slit-sucking harlot!" Melissa commanded.

Diane pressed her lips to Melissa's boot.

"Now lick it!" Melissa hissed. "Lick my boot, slut! Lick the dust from my boot!"

Diane sobbed and extended her tongue and licked Melissa's boot.

Melissa loved it! The whole wicked scene. She felt overwhelmingly sexy in her black leather outfit. And she savored the total power that she held over her former mistress, the depraved Diane DeMarrow. Melissa's cunt itched and she felt hot, wet and horny. This debauched scene was turning her on. Her eager cunt craved release and satisfaction. And Melissa knew just how to get it.

She turned her back toward the bound blonde beauty and squatted, sitting right on Diane's face.

"Rim me, you bitch!" she commanded. "Rim me! Ream my asshole out! Lick my asshole, you filthy whore!"

Diane had no choice but to obey. She licked Melissa's asshole. Lapped at her former slave's nether-hole. Stuck her tongue deep into Melissa's asshole, doing everything possible to make the woman cum so that she would take Doris and the tapes and the money and leave. Diane had never been treated this way before except when her step-father had raped her. And she had never been able to forget that nightmare. She just wanted Melissa and Doris to be gone, out of her life forever.

Melissa ground her ass obscenely into the blonde's face. She writhed in sexual bliss as Diane DeMarrow licked her asshole. Her cunt spasmed as Diane's tongue sluiced in and out of her nether-hole. She felt her orgasm coming.

"Unnaggghhhh!" Melissa gasped. Her cunt convulsed. Her body shook as she savored the power that she held over the evil woman who had dominated her for so long. She came. Pussy juice poured out of her cunt and saturated Diane's face. Melissa rubbed her ass and cunt all over Diane's face and, satisfied, climbed off the bed. She looked at Doris, who was on the verge of cumming as she dildo-fucked herself in the corner.

"Oh, my God! Unnnnggghhhh! Oooohbhhh! Aaaggghhh!" Doris moaned and gasped as her climax hit her hard, rocking her tight pussy with wondrous feelings of sexual ecstasy. She slumped over in the corner and stretched out the plastic dildo still vibrated in her limp hand. Doris was exhausted and spent.

Melissa walked over to the cute thirteen-year old girl. "Hey," she said. "Get it together, my sweet. We gotta get the hell out of this place. I've got the tapes and enough money to fly to a foreign country and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of our lives. Get some clothes from Diane's closet and get dressed. I'm going to call a cab and, before you know it, we'll be on our merry way." They kissed and Doris dashed to the closet.

Melissa picked up the telephone and called a cab, giving detailed instructions on how to reach the DeMarrow Manor. "The cab will be here soon," she called out to Doris, who was still dressing in the huge closet.

"And now I want to say goodbye to you, Miss Diane DeMarrow," Melissa hissed as she turned to face the blond beauty who lay bound and helpless on her bed. Melissa had an evil look in her eyes.

"Please don't hurt me," Diane begged. "Please! Just leave me in peace. You have what you want. Won't you just let me be?"

For a brief moment, Melissa actually felt sorry for Diane DeMarrow. She pitied the helpless woman who lay naked, bound and vulnerable in the big bed. The blonde's face was contorted in pain and fear. She was scared, frightened to death.

But Melissa's mind brought forth horrid memories. She thought about how Diane had blackmailed her for two long years. How Diane had made her serve as a sex-slave. How Diane had forced her to perform crude and debased rituals like the foot-kissing ritual. How Diane had whipped her and forced her to suck her cunt and lick her asshole. And Melissa no longer pitied Diane DeMarrow. She hated her! She hated her totally, completely, with all of her heart and soul.

"Well, Diane," Melissa said. "I guess this is goodbye." Then she picked up the dildo from the floor and, with one swift, brutal motion, she rammed the plastic prick deep into Diane's asshole. She turned the dildo on and stepped back to watch Diane shake uncontrollably as the plastic prick vibrated inside of her tight asshole. Then, just for good measure, Melissa thrust her long leg out, and, with the sole of her boot, she shoved the vibrating dildo to the hilt into Diane's asshole. Then, with her boot-tip, she pushed the big, long dildo into Diane's asshole until it disappeared. The dildo was stuck all the way up Diane's nether-hole. Melissa laughed loudly as the helpless woman writhed in agony, her asshole impaled by a long vibrating plastic dildo.

At that moment, Melissa grasped and her heart skipped a beat as a voluptuous raven-haired beauty stepped out of the closet! The woman was stunning! Her ripe figure was clothed in a tight-fitting, gold lame evening gown, with a built-in push-up bra which pulled small, but firm tits together and pushed them upward, exposing a lovely cleavage.

The mysterious woman wore thick makeup. Ruby red lipstick, rouge, blue mascara and unusually long false eyelashes. In her hand, she carried an expensive leather purse. Her legs were sheathed in sheer black stockings, and her feet were shod in black open toed shoes with five inch heels.

The dashing black haired woman stepped into the center of the bedroom. Teetering on her high heels, she performed a slow, sensuous pirouette, licked her lips vivaciously, and smile. As Melissa stood transfixed, in a state of total confusion, the sultry woman walked toward her and said, "Well, what do you think of the new me?"

Melissa instantly recognized the voice. It was Doris!

"My God! You scared the hell out of me!" Melissa gasped. "I almost had a heart attack!" Melissa was furious. She was about to chastise her young lesbian lover, but she quickly changed her mind. After all, the girl was only thirteen years old, Melissa thought. Hell, Doris was only playing dress-up. Melissa remembered that she had done the same thing when she was Doris' age. Then Melissa broke out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Doris asked, pouting and looking like she was about to break out in team.

"Nothing, my darling little lover. Nothing at all. You just scared me. You look beautiful, lovely, absolutely gorgeous. My God, you look like you are in your twenties. You look... you look like a rich and glamorous movie star!" she exclaimed. "But we've got to get the hell out of here. The taxi will be here any minute. Hurry up and change."

"No!" shouted Doris. "I don't feel like it." She pouted again. "Let me go dressed like this. Please. Please let me leave dressed like this. Will you? Huh? Will you let me go like this? Please?"

"Oh, all right. We don't have any time to waste anyway." Melissa picked up the tapes. She handed the thick pile of thousand dollar bills to Doris and instructed her to put the money in her purse. They kissed.

On their way out of the bedroom door, they glanced at Diane DeMarrow, who lay bound and writhing on the bed, the vibrating dildo stuck deep into her tight asshole.

They both laughed heartily at the sight. Then they ran down the stairs and stepped onto the front porch. The taxi was parked right out front, the engine running. Waiting, they ran toward the taxi. All of a sudden, a huge muscular man stepped from behind the taxi and gripped Melissa's arm lightly with his strong hand. It was Bull!

"Let me go!" Melissa cried. "Let me go, you big..."

"I can't," Bull replied in a deep, gruff voice. "Miss DeMarrow gave me strict order. She told me that if I ever caught either you or her niece outside the mansion, I was to stop you. And take you straight to her. I have to do what she told me. Gee, if it wasn't for Miss DeMarrow, I don't know where I'd be right now."

Bull pulled a pair of steel handcuffs from his back pocket and clasped them over Melissa's wrists.

"No!" Melissa screamed. "No! No! No!" she cried hysterically.

Bull turned and looked Doris straight in the eyes. "Who are you?" he asked. He looked her up and down. "I've never seen you before." Once again, he looked her over carefully, but he could not recognize the sexy, raven haired woman, although he felt that he had seen her before. "Who are you, anyway?" Bull demanded.

"Why, I'm a friend of Diane's. Now get out of my way, you fool," Doris said indignantly as she slid into the back seat of the taxi cab. "Let's go," she ordered the cab driver. "And step on it."

As the cab pulled away, Doris leaned out of the. I rear window and shouted to Melissa. "I'll come back and free you! I'll be back. I promise. I'll free you, my love. Trust me!" She waved at Melissa through the window.

The very last word Melissa heard Doris shout was "Goodbye!"

The taxi sped down the long driveway and was soon out of sight.


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