Bound for pleasure

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now learning to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

The characters in BOUND FOR PLEASURE are a case in point. Their story is one of real importance for our hung-up society. It is a story well worth the reading if we are ever to understand our own sexuality.

"Don't Billy! You're... hurting me!" Janice twisted away from the tall dark-haired man, brushing several strands of her blonde hair away from her face. This wasn't what she'd expected at all. It was too fast, too hard, too brutal. She thought there'd just be some kissing, maybe a little fondling, a little sneak touching at her pussy, and then go home. But now there was something in the way he was holding her, the way his tongue dug into her mouth while his hands squeezed her ass cheeks that made the perky cheerleader nervous.

"Shit, baby, you're enough to make a guy go nuts," Billy said.

Billy looked down at his body, staring at the familiar bulge starting to press against the front of his wet bathing suit. The two of them had just climbed out of his parent's jacuzzi in the back yard and now stood in the cluster of ornamental trees just outside the recreation room. It was so hot outside. The sun made the paving stones burn under Janice's bare feet. It had been so much fun touching like that under the hot, swirling water. She had giggled, watching Billy's handsome face twitch with emotion when she rubbed her feet over his hairy, thick-muscled legs. God, how she enjoyed doing that, how it made her pussy swell open with lust.

But now he wanted more. And with his parents gone for the afternoon Janice feared he was going to get it.

"Let's just dry off and talk, all right, Billy?" The girl asked nervously.

Janice backed up, feeling the water trickle uncomfortably down her back and over her high riding tits. Wearing that skimpy two-piece bathing suit hadn't been the best idea. Now the girl saw Billy's eyes lighting up like two coals as he swept them over her lithe, well-developed body. Janice instinctively knew he wanted her at that second. He ran his tongue over his lips while his breathing became deeper, more irregular. And to her surprise Janice found her breathing had become uneven.


Billy laughed. He purposely pulled the thin material of his bathing suit back, stretching it over his hardening cock.

Janice's eyes widened, her mouth going dry as cotton while her chest tightened. It was so huge! It must be at least seven, maybe eight inches long and God only knows how thick it was! Sure, she'd played around sometimes in the backs of cars, letting her fingers slip down a guy's stomach toward his crotch. But Janice had never touched a cock. No, that was something even her curious personality wouldn't let her do. Her mother, and then her aunt had told her enough about men, about how they wanted only one thing. No, she wasn't going to be left alone and pregnant the way her mother was. Now she had to live with her maiden aunt while her mother worked day and night.

"Please, Billy, don't do this to me," Janice whimpered.

She panicked. Of course she could scream down the walls for help. But wasn't she at fault for some of this? Hadn't she encouraged him in the jacuzzi, touching him all the time, letting him kiss her like that? And he'd probably set back at her in school somehow if she alerted the neighbors with her cries.

"Come on. There's nobody home... won't be for along, long time," he said, his voice getting low and husky as he approached her again.

Janice backed away, letting out a sharp little cry when she felt her buttocks brushing against the sliding glass door. She moved to the right, her fingers searching nervously for the door handle. And all the while her pussy was getting hot and tight, thick foamy cream bubbling out from her crack and oozing through her cuntal thicket. Thank God her bathing suit was wet already. Billy would be able to see the crotch of her bikini growing dark and damp if it weren't!

"I... I never did anything like this before, Billy, and I don't want to start now."

It was a lie. So many times Janice had fought off men, sometimes even threatening to kick them between the legs it they didn't leave her alone. And all the time she'd been wanting them to fuck her, wondering what it would be like to have a man slip that hard, thick thing between her legs. But the warning images of her mother and aunt had prevented her from going that far. Their voices were still in her head. But the pounding of her heart seemed to drown them out.

"Oh, yeah, you want it bad... real bad," Billy sighed.

He was touching her gently now, rubbing his fingers over her chin, tilting her head back and lowering his face to hers while curling one strong arm around her waist. Janice liked this feeling, the sensation of being protected by his strong, masculine body. The hot, musky feeling between her legs was making her so weak! Her little fuzz covered pussy was hot, dripping with juice. Yes, oh, God, yes, she wanted him to fuck her. Janice didn't care what her mother and aunt had told her about men. She'd take her chances. She had to find out for herself.

"Oh, yes, yes, I want..."

Her sentence was cut off when Billy pressed his lips to hers again.

Janice shivered, falling forward, giving in completely to the big young man. She pumped her hips in soft, fucking motions against Billy's crotch. Janice groaned again when she felt the tip of his tongue trace along her lower lip, then stiffen and press hard against her front teeth. She relaxed, opening her mouth and letting in that wonderful, wiggling probe.


Janice fenced with his tongue, loving the sensation. While Billy kept on kissing her, he let both hands slid down to her buttocks. He cupped both soft cheeks of her butt, grasping them.

Janice loved that, loved the way be worked the wet silken material against her wet flesh. She cuddled against his broad chest, feeling her tits nestling against him. His arms closed more tightly around her. Janice loved the way his touch made her heart beat faster and her flesh creep with pleasure. There was even more excitement in the knowledge that she was going to let him go all the way with her.

"Oh, oh, yes, yes!" she cried in a tight whisper. Janice's head fell back, her mouth open as she sucked in air. They were so strange, so odd, those feelings rushing through her now. Janice began to feel things she'd only read about. Her nipples hurt, pressing against the halter of her bikini, her tits felt so hot and sticky. Janice felt Billy's chest rise and fall with his deep breathing. When it rose, his grip tightened around her waist until every hard inch of his body seemed to be pressing against hers.

Billy slipped his hands down her body and back onto her ass again. As he pulled her tighter to him, he gave a little thrust with his hips. This time Janice didn't try pulling away. Oh no! She was enjoying this to the hilt. Every touch, every little hump and bump sent her brain soaring. Her feet touched his. She draped her arms helplessly over his broad shoulders and sucked wildly on his tongue.

No, there was no stopping now. Janice didn't want to stop. Her mother could have walked into the place now and she wouldn't be able to stop. A rush of feelings had turned her into a sex maniac. Having her ass squeezed like that felt so good. Billy's hands were gentle as well as strong. It was only when he started humping harder against her that she started to worry.

Her body was doing funny, weird things when that happened. She was creaming heavily, the juice trickling maddeningly between her cunt hairs. And the tingle she'd felt earlier between her legs had become a more urgent, concentrated feeling. Her plump cunt lips were aching to be touched, to be rubbed together. Janice groaned into his mouth, tightening her arms around his neck. Spittle oozed from between their mouths and dribbled down their chins.

"Oh, baby, I wanna fuck you good... fuck you 'til you can't walk."

The words burned deliciously into her confused brain. Janice murmured the word "fuck" over and over, hardly realizing that Billy was moving her through the opened patio doors. She wanted him to stop. Yet, at the same time, she wanted him on top of her, his fine, strong body pinning her down to a bed while his cock pushed through the tangled hairs of her pussy and split her wide open. Oh, how often she and her girlfriends would sit in the bathroom at school and giggle about guys. None of them had yet dared let a boy do that to them. But, oh, how they wanted dick meat, how they wanted to feel possessed by a man, fucked by a man! Behind their girlish laughter was the nervous tremor of an emerging woman.

"We'll have a good time, baby, and we're not gonna worry about anything," Billy whispered.

He moved his head to one side and flicked his tongue into her ear. The touch sent shivers up and down Janice's spine, taking what little will power she had from her. The room and hall seemed to swirl in front of her. Were they moving somewhere? The light seemed much darker, the air much cooler. Somewhere she could hear the comforting hum of the air conditioners as the two of them glided through the long darkened hall to an open doorway.

"In here."

She found herself in a large bedroom, the curtains having been carefully drawn over the window. In the dim light Janice saw the disarray of the young man's room, an unmade king-sized bed, several tennis rackets on the floor, underwear and athletic gear sticking out from opened bureau drawers, socks on the floor. It was all so masculine. There was a faint odor of sweaty clothing.

Janice backed away from Billy as be closed and locked the door behind him. She felt the backs of her legs brush against the bed. With another shudder the teenager sat down, feeling her ass settle comfortably into the soft mattress.

"Yeah, you're damned beautiful, chick," Billy said, smacking his lips hungrily while his eyes traveled once more over her body.

Janice didn't have to be told about her looks and body. She knew her tits were high and firm, almost too large for her tall, thin body. She noticed the eyes of the bays at school, and even same of her teachers who stared at her bouncing tits as she walked down the corridors, rushing to her next class. The girl knew they wanted her humping against them, begging for more cock. Janice and her attractive girlfriends used to giggle about how they could tease the men at school, then back away, giving them wide-eyed stares of innocence. The teasing, even though Janice knew it was wrong, excited her so much she nearly came in her panties several times while doing it.

"Nice body, nice tits, nice everything," Billy continued, curling his fingers around the elastic waistband of his swim trunks and pushing them down.

Janice saw the first black curls of his cock hairs come into view.

They matched the color of his straight black hair that hung rakishly over one eye. She licked her lips. Would she be good enough for him? Would she perform well? And, even more important, would there be that terrible pain her mother and aunt told her went along with the first fucking? That more than anything worried her as she watched him peel his swim trunks down his tanned flesh.


His eight-inch cock sprang free just as his trunks slipped below his kneecaps. Janice scooted back on the bed, her forehead wrinkled with fear while her nostrils flared. She somehow knew this handsome young stud would have a heavy piece of fucking equipment like that. His cock reminded her of an arrow, a long, thick, arrow meant for her pussy, meant to split her in two. She studied the purplish, satiny flesh at the end, at the droplets oozing from the long slit. He was wet, wet just like her! Her eyes dropping a bit, Janice saw his balls pressing against the thick base of his dick. The blonde, wanted, to stretch out one hand, to curl her fingers around those nuts and squeeze them gently. No, that was too bold right now. Oh, how alive her body felt! Every square inch of her flesh seemed charged with a special kind of electricity. No one had prepared her for this kind of feeling, this kind of overwhelming ing ecstasy that made her forget everything except Billy and that wonderful long prick sticking out from his groin.

"Oh, baby," Billy said, stepping out of his trunks and kicking them under the bed. He reached behind her, unsnapping the halter and letting her bikini top slip to the bed.

At first Janice crossed her arms, protecting her naked tits. Two dark-red spots appeared on her checks as she turned her face away from him in embarrassment. But he was gentle at this point, touching her face, moving his hands down to hers.


Billy was kissing her again, his mouth cemented onto hers as he pushed her back on the bed. Janice knew it was useless, even stupid, to struggle. Holding him tightly, her fingers occasionally raking the flesh of his bare back. Janice fell down on to the bed.

"Baby, baby, baby," Billy cooed, stroking her sides with his fingers.

Janice could feel the eight hard inches of his cock pressing against her thin bikini bottom. How good and strange it felt. She moaned into his mouth, spreading her knees apart and bending them up slightly while rubbing her feet against his calves. It felt so good having a man on top of her. The scratchy feeling of his chest hairs brushing over her tits and belly drove her wild.

She writhed like a snake over the wrinkled sheets, moving her ass around in frantic circles.

"Oh God! God!" Janice cried.

Billy was rubbing his cock over her belly, slipping one hand under her hips and slowly working her bikini off. In a last moment of panic Janice pressed her ass down hard against the groaning mattress. It would be her last defense.

Billy only laughed at her, kissing her passionately again. Janice realized she was naked, her bikini having been slipped off. Billy rocked to one side, making just enough room between them to strip her, then roll back on top of her.

"Pussy... nice hot pussy," Billy said, his fingers working teasingly, maddeningly over her pussy cunt lips. He was milking the lips, working their rubbery, bloated edges together. Cream started dripping from between them, wetting his fingers. She was bucking frantically against his wonderful hand. Oh, how could she keep her mind?

"Pussy... pussy!!" He gasped as he spread her legs apart.

Lust had taken complete control of Janice now. She flowed with the feeling that surrounded her like scenes from a half-remembered dream.

"Fuck... gonna fuck you good, Janice."

"Fuck," Billy babbled.

Janice smoothed her fingertips over Billy's broad shoulders. Her fingers trailed down his back. She closed her eyes, drinking in every sensation she could. She felt a wave of happy surrender lift her from the bed. Her hips rolled against Billy's crotch while she moved her greasy cuntal cleft back and forth over the stud's dick.

"Shit, you keep doin' that and I'm gonna shoot," Billy warned.

Janice couldn't help herself. She tried to stop moving her body, tried to keep her ass from wriggling all over the bed and bunching up. But the throbbing beat in her cunt was too much to stand. Her cuntal walls spasmed, buckling from the rising sexual heat. Searing throbs of pleasure passed through her pussy.

"Just relax... relax and nothin's gonna hurt you," Billy said.

Janice wanted to believe him. But the voices of her mother and aunt echoed in her brain. She nodded, tears starting to seep from her eyes. She turned her face away, embarrassed by her own futile fears. It was something every woman had to go through. There would be pain. But after that all the pleasures in the world waited for her.

Billy spread her cunt lips. His movements were slow and gentle. Janice closed her eyes, her mind riveted on her pussy. She pushed her knees a little farther apart. She bore down, trying in her own way to force her virgin fuck hole open for cock. In the background she could hear some disco music coming from somewhere outside. The beat was in time to the pulsing in her snatch.

"It won't hurt," Billy whispered.

Janice sucked in a deep breath and held it, tensing every muscle as she waited for the initial cock thrust that would tear her childhood innocence away from her forever.

Janice nodded as Billy looked down at her, tightening his grip around her waist. She felt his legs tensing, pinning hers more firmly to the sagging mattress while his body shivered with anticipation. He was going to pop her cherry now. The sensitive flesh of her pussy throbbed against his cock head. Janice's clit throbbed as his fat cock came closer. Her cunt was too sensitive to take a direct touch. For a second the blonde wondered if she were going to wet herself in excitement.


Janice tensed her thighs and ass-muscles, flexing them, rocking her body from side to side as she felt Billy's cock slip deeply into her hole. As she moved her hips in a tiny circle, she felt his cock head touching all parts of her cunt.

"Oh... OHHHHH."

Her breath caught. She stiffened. Her fingers worked frantically against Billy's shoulders. Her body shivered as if someone had touched it with live electric wire while her legs spasmed against Billy's. The ache between her thighs became concentrated pain. Janice tried to clinch her ass back to ease the pain.

But Billy held her firmly, burying his face in the nape of her neck while pinning her mercilessly to the bed.

"Easy, baby, easy. It's not going to be too bad now," Billy whispered. He moved his cock back and forth, more and more wish, each stroke. He was battering her defenses down, slowly tearing the small, thin membrane from its fixed position.

"I... I hurt... uhhhh..."

Janice clung desperately to Billy, her eyelids fluttering while she kept trying to move her ass back.

Billy didn't say much from then on. He slipped his hand between their bodies and gently run one finger along the center of Janice's pussy. She let her hips roll back toward him again, letting out a sigh of relief as the pressure eased up against her cherry for a second. He was touching her cunt, making her pussy feel good and hot and tight again. The pain that had tightened her cuntal muscles eased off. A new flow of pussy oil seeped from her hole, wetting down his hairy, hanging balls.

"Unohhh, yes, yes, fuck me."

Janice felt the ridge around his dickhead inside her fuck hole now. The tiny hunching movements of his dick made her puffy pussy lips feel bigger, more sensitive than before. Janice timed the motions of her thighs to the strokes of his fingers and the power of his humping dick.

"Better now, eh, baby? Better when I do this, right?" Billy asked.

"Yes, oh, yesss."

Janice rolled her head from side to side, strands of her long blonde hair clinging to the corners of her mouth and her dampened cheeks. She was out of control, her body jerking and shivering while alternate flashes of heat and cold raced through her cunt. Billy had pushed one finger right on the tip of her clit. The girl gasped, her back arching and her shoulders wallowing against the bed, while her feet dug against the mattress.

Billy grunted, shoving forward hard, realizing the girl was ready for the big fuel Janice felt a shock of pain. Followed by a tearing sensation that made her cry out with fear. In a second his fat dickhead had pierced her cherry.


For a second, there was sheer terror a blind kind of sensation that numbed all feeling. Thoughts of getting fucked up, of becoming a slut or a nympho whirled around in bet mind as Billy's cock sank into her pussy. The voices of her aunt and mother echoed in her brain while his balls settled comfortably against her pussy lips.

Then the tearing sensation was gone. The voices of reprimand faded, replaced by her muffled groans. The pain merged with the hot lance of sexual pleasure. After several seconds had gone by, Janice realized the pain hurt less than a skinned elbow. She nearly laughed. How wrong her mother and aunt had been about this whole business of fucking!

Billy swiveled his hips slowly, his dick stirring like a big spoon, moving around and around inside her cunt.

Janice gasped with wild delight. How good this felt! She loved the sensation of something that big and hard moving around so deep inside her, touching her clit at times. Janice felt herself starting to move against Billy's circling strokes. Every additional fraction of fucking penetration was a whole new experience for her. She wished this could go on for hours. Could boys keep it up and hard that long? Her girlfriends didn't think so. Some boys, she knew, popped off early, leaving a girl high and dry. God, she hoped Billy wasn't like that. There was so much more to do. Something told the girl she had just entered the world of sex and was experiencing only the tip of the iceberg.

"Yes, yes! Fuck, fuck!"

Janice stroked and caressed his back. She loved the sensation of feeling him all over. A whirling ball of sexual hunger moved down around to where the tip of his cock was fucking her hole. The nerves in her cunt were throbbing, while her pussy walls buckled again from the rising sexual heat.

"Baby, work it on out! Go for it, chick! Come on, Janice!" Billy said, groaning.

The stretched, bleeding cuntal tissues still hurt from the initial piercing. But Janice didn't care at this paint. She gradually moved her body faster, urging Billy to increase the depth and speed of his fucking strokes.

The bed groaned with the double weight of the twisting couple while the still air was filled with the slick sounds of wet flesh rubbing against wet flesh. Janice felt the two of them were a tangle of arms, legs and bellies.

"Fuck, fuck!" Billy panted in her ear, his cock moving faster.

Janice bit her lip. The sensations of fucking were driving a new feeling up into her. It shot along her spine, then out to the tips of her fingers. A knot of hot, tight sensation spun in her belly. Her hips rolled uncontrollably as the cock in her pussy seemed to grow bigger and bigger.

"Oh yes! Oh, God! God!" Janice screamed, her eyes rolling up into her head.

Billy's dick rammed into her like a machine, driving full length now. His heavy, sweating balls slapped against Janice's upturned butt, making her cunt clench.

Janice felt as if she were impaled, sacrificed to some strange pagan God there in the bedroom. She spread her knees even wider apart, wanting in a way to stop the brutal thrusts. But at the same time Janice wanted them to go on. No, she couldn't stop now. The heat, the tension gripping her pussy were all too intense. Besides, Billy was too aroused, moving too quickly and brutally for her to plead with him. He was in his own world and wouldn't get out until he dumped his load of spunk down her pussy.

"Soon... soon," he stammered.

Billy's crotch ground against her cuntal mound. The fiery friction of her ruptured cherry added to the electric shocks jolting from her clit.

The entire zone of her crotch was on fire. The pain and the blazing delight shot through the blonde teen like fire and light. She realized she was close to coming.

The roaring of her heartbeat was all Janice heard. The swirling, jabbing motions of the stud's cock head in her cunt jabbed into her every sense. Janice heard the pistoning strokes, seeing them as flashes of color. She smelled the heavy sweat, the result of their wild fucking. She felt herself drowning in sensations. The noise of her heartbeat increased. Someone was crying out, and it wasn't until much later that Janice realized it was her.


An ocean swell of lust rolled up in her crotch. Janice could feel the cock in her cunt fucking madly, driving even more sensation into her overloaded nerves. Her hips churned, the noisy slurping of their fucking filling her ears. A great, earthshaking vibration started up in Janice's cunt, then blasted out in waves through the rest of her body. With a wild cry, the teenager opened her eyes wide.


The tension in her belly exploded. Janice felt herself shattering into millions of small pieces. The far-off screams faded into sobs. Janice thought she'd died in that first second of her orgasm.

"Hang on, baby, hang on!" Billy cried, holding onto the desperately writhing girl under him. She scratched and clawed at the big man holding her down, fighting him, kicking and biting while wave after wave of orgasm shot through her injured pussy. Never before had the girl experienced such powerful emotional feelings.


Another monstrous wave racked her. She bucked and shook under the ramming strokes of Billy's cock. Janice released the power of her orgasm in a high wail of pleasure and pain. Her fingers dug into Billy's hairy ass. She pulled him deeper and deeper into her cunt. The girl closed her eyes and let the tapering waves of her climax carry her away.

Then she felt his dick moving in spasms, sending jets of hot cum spatterring against the fluttering walls of her pussy. Billy was groaning, jerking all over her as if someone had just stabbed him in the back. He was coming, filling her with his spunk. She could actually feel the globs of the white-hot jizz hitting her cuntal walls, making them clench again and again at the greasy, wriggling hunk of his cock meat. It was marvelous, the best thing she'd ever felt in her young life!

"Oh man! Work it out, baby! Work that mother fucking cunt out!" Billy groaned.

He twisted his head around, biting hard into her neck like a vampire.

Janice loved the pain, loved that mixture of pain and pleasure racing through her body. After several more thrusts Billy settled on her cuntal mound, the cum cementing the two of them together.

"Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me..."

Janice felt herself floating away, drifting far away from the room. The hammering orgasmic blows of her cuntal walls were easing up. Now she felt a comforting warmth spreading over her flesh.

"You're somethin' else, Janice, something else," Billy said, smoothing his fingers over her tits.

Several minutes had passed since her cunt had been split open. She didn't dare look at the young man still pinning her to the mattress. What she'd done was something so good. But still the memories of what her mother and aunt had told her were still in her mind. They were coming back sharper now, especially since the urgent pulsing between her legs had been satisfied for the moment.

"Billy, I... I don't do this sort of thing," she stammered, her face turning red and hot.

"Hey, don'tcha think I know that? Baby, you still had your cherry. Man, I wouldn't have believed it if you told me," he said, shaking his head from side to side while fingering her still hard nipples.

Janice sucked in a sharp breath, snapping her legs together and flexing her ass-muscles. She moved her thighs up and found to her surprise that Billy's dick was still relatively hard. She felt it slip through her pussy, then slide back a little.

"Don't you think we'd better... better get cleaned up?" Janice said, feeling out of place suddenly.

She wanted to get home, get into her room and think about what had happened. She was confused. Her head was spinning around and around. She needed time to think, time to look at herself and what she'd done. Certainly she'd have to think more seriously about this fucking scene before she faced her stern mother and aunt again.

"Okay, okay, I know when I'm not wanted!" Billy said, pulling his softened cock from her cunt with a sucking, wooshing sound.

Janice shivered, covering her cunt with both hands and watching the young man back down and slide out of the bed. She stared at the long, flaccid thing hanging from between his legs. It had been inside her, causing all those wonderful, wild emotions to boll up inside her. How good that had been! Why had she stopped? Why hadn't she decided to stay with him, let him touch her again, finger her cunt, play with her tits, maybe even stick her pussy? Some of the girls said their boyfriends had done that, although they stopped them dead right after that. Sucking was fine, but fucking was another thing.

"Come on. Let's shower up," Billy said, stretching out one hand.

Shyly Janice eased off the bed and curled her fingers around his. How strong he was, how masterful! Why should she have all these doubts? Hadn't she had a good time?

"Maybe we can talk more about... you know, doin' lots of things later on, you know?" Billy said, hooking one arm around her tiny waist and guiding Janice out of the bedroom into the hall.

"I don't know, Billy. I have to think first," Janice said, feeling her cunt heat up again. No, she had to control herself.

They stepped into the bathroom, Janice pausing by the door while Billy leaned over and turned on the water. She climbed into the sunken tub with the young athlete.


"Stop it, Max!" Linda cried, covering her face with one hand while supporting her body with the other. The sting of his slap made her head whirl around as she backed away from the drunken truck driver. "Get out... get out of my house!" she shrieked.

"You dig it, baby. You're the kind who loves bein' dragged down from that fuckin' pedestal you put yourself on, don'tcha!" he sneered.

Linda shook her head from side to side, terror searing her brain. She reached down taking some of the torn dress and drying to cover her naked tits with it. He'd been more savage than before, pushing her around the living room after having downed his usual five beers. Why had she even gone out with this animal? She was a college graduate, a teacher at her niece's high school! Certainly she was a woman of refined tastes. And yet she'd been attractive to this foul truck driver and his group of obscene friends. Thus far she'd managed to keep her, affair a secret from everyone, going out at nights and meeting him at his filthy apartment downtown. But lately heed been coming over in the afternoon, drinking heavily, fucking her to bed sometimes on the rug, making her terrified with his threats of abuse.

"That's a lie! Now you get out of here... get out!" Linda choked with rage, her face turning red as the truth confronted her. Yes she loved it, loved the sense of being pulled down into the dirt. She wished she could get her hands on a club, a knife anything that could take the life out of that grinnning animal towering over her now.

"Come on, baby. Let's fuck. I'm gettin' one hell of a hard-on," Max said.

Linda shook her head from side to side again, her eyes opening wide. She stumbled over a footstool, her arms flailing out to either side. The top of her torn dress slipped down to her waist again, exposing her tits. Max smiled in derision, knowing how hot the woman could get when fully aroused.

"Come on!" he shouted.

With a growl he strode forward, stretching out his hand and grabbing her hair. He filled his hand with the blonde strands that curled around his fingers. Some of them snagged against his dirt crusted fingernails. Linda cried, her head snapping forward as she dropped to her knees. She couldn't let her life go on like this. She had a niece to raise properly, especially considering that Janice's mother was far too busy hopping from coast to coast with her new job.


But Max kept tugging at her hair even when she was brought to her knees. He jerked her close. Her mouth was struck by the side of one filthy boot. Her lip cracked and she could taste blood. Linda shivered. This had been the most violent she'd seen Max. And now as she cringed beneath him, rolling up her eyes and staring at the beer-bellied trucker, she could see he had a lot more hostility stored up in him, ready to be unleashed on her at a moment's notice. That thought made the woman whimper, a sound that both infuriated and excited Max. It was going to be a long, exciting afternoon.

"What are you doing?"

Max had stripped every stitch of clothing off Linda's back, marching her to the bedroom while fishing out a set of handcuffs he always had hanging from his broad leather belt. At the bars he always told his buddies he kept them for any kinds of hoods he might find attacking old ladies. He and several of his cronies had started up a kind of vigilante group in the area, looking for punks hustling old women and kids. But now Linda saw another purpose for those cuffs as he hitched them to her wrists, pinning her arms behind hot.

"Shut up and move," he said, shoving her roughly between the shoulders.

The cold handcuffs felt strange against her hot flesh as Linda stumbled through the opened doorway into her bedroom. She glanced at the alarm clock resting to one side of the queen-sized bed. It was three o'clock. Janice would be coming home in several hours. No, she couldn't bring that subject up to Max. He'd mentioned her niece several times and said it might be fun if they could make it a three-way some night. No, she couldn't let her young ward fall into the same pit she had. Linda couldn't let Max get his filthy hands on her niece.

"Please, Max, don't do this. I swear I don't know what I've done to..."

"You got a fuckin' noisy mouth. Baby, I don't know what the fuck I ever seen in you back at the bar 'cept a damned good body and a hot cunt," he said, his thick lips curling up into a curling up in a sick looking smile.

Linda shivered with revulsion. What had she seen in him? He certainly wasn't particularly handsome. But there was an aura about him, a feeling of brutal masculinity that appealed to her. She'd gone out slumming that night just for fun with several of her daring friends and had found Max, found him the way someone finds a pet. In the beginning Linda thought she could tame him, keep him for her peculiar needs then discard him. But soon the woman discovered discarding Max wasn't all that easy.

The unhappy woman was tugging at the steel bands on her wrists. Panic gripped her by the throat, choking off her breathing. She was trapped, helpless in these handcuffs. What was he planning to do to her? The possibilities terrified her.

"Max, don't do this. Please, I'll pay you anything. I swear I'll pay you money. You say you need it. I'll..."

"Jesus Fuckin' Christ, stop that damn yammerin'," he shouted impatiently, pulling a length of rope from his pocket.

Linda's eyes widened as she saw him stretch out the rope, loop the end and slide it over her head. She started screaming, moving backward, trying to turn around and kick him in the balls.

Max kicked her back, stepping several times on her feet with his boots, laughing at her pain and degradation. When her screaming tired him, the big trucker brought some pressure to bear. Linda's face reddened as the rope cut off blood. She struggled, nearly losing her balance as she toppled toward the bed. Her tits slapped together while her legs flailed wildly under her. Her eyes bulged while gagging, choked sounds came from her mouth.

"You gonna keep it shut now?" he growled, loosening the noose around her throat.

Linda nodded her head up and down, sucking in air.

He's crazy, gone crazy, she thought, not daring to say a word for fear of reprisals. She knew she shouldn't have let him in today. There was something in his eyes, something in the way he entered the house that made her fearful of her life. But she couldn't leave him outside. The neighbors would talk, and that talk would reach Janice and her mother.

Max threw her onto the bed, taking the noose off her neck and tying another loop in it. The young woman crashed face first onto the bed. The brutal trucker looped first one, then the other end of the rope around her ankles. Linda was confused, wondering what on earth he was doing to her. She felt him tightening the ropes around her ankles, then drawing her feet together and binding them tightly with a figure eight knot. She twisted her head around from the pillow, gasping in oxygen through her flared nostrils as her knees pressed in against the soft mattress. Behind her she could hear the sound of his leather belt sliding against the material of his Levi's.

"Nice, ass, real nice," he murmured, his eyes sweeping aver the full, plump round globes quivering under him. Linda let out a sharp little moan when she heard Max double the strap and slap the ends together. Her ass cheeks flinched, the globes shivering under the dim lamplight of the shaded bedroom. Max set his jaw firmly, feeling his cock stirring in his jockeys. He saw the small blonde tufts of cuntal hair curling up around her butt crack, shivering with the rest of her body. He smirked, letting the strap unfold as he drew his arm back. Linda tensed, grinding her teeth together, knowing full well what was about to happen.

There was a whistling sound, the sound of the broad band of black leather cutting the air. The blonde woman shivered as the whistle turned into a wooshing sound. Then Linda screamed as the belt sliced into her buttock, leaving a long red mark.


She tried jerking her legs apart. But the ropes held firmly while the steel cuffs held her arms in place. The woman's body bounced and jerked like a speared fish as the strap sliced over and over into her body. Criss-crossed whip marks soon marred the woman's buttocks. Sweat trickled down her back, burning into the stripes. Again and again Linda begged for mercy, screaming that she'd do anything if he'd stop.

"You gonna give me your niece?" he said, finally pausing as he wiped the sweat beading on his forehead.

"No, Max! Oh God, you're sick, sicker than I thought!" the young woman moaned.

The welts on her back, the long red marks marring her milky white flesh stung cruelly. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she struggled uselessly with the cuffs binding her wrists.

"Come on," he growled, slapping her behind with the belt again, this time making sure the beveled end curled into her buttcrack and nippled at the wrinkled flesh surrounding her asshole.

Linda screamed, a shot of pain racing to her brain. Her body trembled, bouncing against the bed while the girl moaned for mercy.

"Yeah, sure, I'll stop it, baby, stop it when you want it. But you dig this, right?"

To prove his point Max reached down between her legs, sliding his fingers over her pussy. Linda realized she was creaming all over herself, wetting down her thighs and legs with pussy juice while Max had been beating her savagely. She couldn't look at him.

"Yeah, good 'n hot," he said, jerking her legs apart and squeezing her cuntal mound until the young woman cried out in pain.

"Stop it!"

"Don't back talk me, bitch," he said, backhanding her cruelly.

Linda saw stars exploding in front of her as the force of the blow nearly knocked her off the bed. The rope chafed her ankles while the cold steel hurt her wrists.

"Come on, baby, and I'll show you some discipline. When I want something, I want it now!"

Max curled his fingers into her hair and yanked up. Linda screamed, her eyelids fluttering, her fingers working desperately against the cold metal of the wrist cuffs. She tried struggling against the big trucker. But it was a hopeless cause. Instead she felt the bonds even more savagely than before.

"Piece of garbage. That's what you are," Max muttered under his breath.

"No, no, I'm not, you..."

He lashed the belt against her shoulder blades. The pain nearly knocked Linda unconscious. The woman let out a shout, then fell limply to the bed.

"You listen to me. I'm gonna make sure you don't forget this little lesson today," Max growled, pulling her off the bed and forcing her to stand.

Linda ached all over. She never believed another human being could do something like this to her or anyone else. It was something straight out of the movies or history books.

"You walk straight, baby... that's it, hop! Hop to the bathroom," Max said, laughing at Linda's distress when she realized her legs were still tied. The woman staggered, doing her best to obey him, fearing the cutting blow of the belt. She didn't want to feel that leather slicing into her butt again.

"Oh!" Linda lost her balance, tumbling onto the floor.

Linda was beaten around the head with the belt, the buckle striking her ribcage twice just below her tits. Max slipped one booted foot under her right tit, moving it up and down. Linda flinched, wondering if he was going to kick her there, cave in her chest with his massive feet. At this point she didn't put anything past him.

Instead he kicked her moderately, forcing her over on her hands and knees and telling her to crawl to the bathroom. It was a terribly awkward, painful position. Her wrists were still cuffed behind her while her ankles were rubbed raw from the line binding them together. Her knees moved slowly over the carpeted hall, the piling burning her skin.

Max was shouting at her, telling her what a whore she was, what a bitch she was while all the time she was pretending to be a high-minded lady around town.

"Okay, baby, inside."

Max stepped to one side, holding the door open while he watched Linda crawl over the bathroom floor tiles. She looked confused, staring at him, wondering what else he had in store for her.

"You're all fucked up with the belt. Gotta wash you up."

He scooped the woman up from the floor, pushing her hard against the wall. Linda's head struck the wood molding of the doorway, dazing her temporarily. Max held her around the waist, wheeled her around and dropped her into the shower stall. Linda felt the cool plastic bottom of the tub against her bare feet. Leaning against the white plastic siding, she moaned, her knees starting to buckle under her. She couldn't give in like this. She had to fight back, had to find the strength to resist somehow. If she didn't, Linda knew she'd give in to Max's desires; she'd be turning Janice over to this animal. She couldn't do that!

"This'll wake you up."

There was a squeaking sound, followed by the rush of a broad stream of icy water. The cold spray shocked Linda into consciousness. The breath went out of her while her flesh tightened and started to turn a light blue. Linda's pussy snapped shut while the woman tried crossing one leg over the other in an attempt to protect it from the icy water. Twisting around to one side, Linda screamed in indignation, calling Max a filthy son-of-a-bitch while her feet slipped dangerously on the wet plastic floor of the tub.

"Son-of-a-bitch, am I?" he laughed, directing the wet stream now at her cunt.

Linda cried out, her legs sliding out from under her as the shock numbed her brain. With a cry the woman fell on her ass, the force of the fall knocking the air from her lungs.

"Let's see how a little warm stuff works," he said, shutting off the water for a moment and dropping his trousers.

Linda's eyes widened when he brought out his long, nine-inch cunt spreader. She'd been to bed with him several times and let him do all sorts of things to her with that thing. How she loved it when he fucked her in the cunt while teaming out her asshole with two fingers! He knew how to fuck a woman, make her feel whole, loved, wanted. But now she was seeing another side of Max, a side she always suspected was there. Perhaps that was why she kept going to bed with him, hoping that dark side would appear.

"What-what are you doing?"

Watching Max standing there, holding his limp cock in one hand while scratching his balls with the other, Linda felt as if her vocal chords were frozen. He was going to piss on her! She saw a yellow droplet oozing from the slit, then drop with a plunking sound to the tub floor. The big trucker bent his knees slightly, resting them against the side of the bath tub. That same smirk was on his lips.

"Better angle this way," Max muttered, climbing into the tub and standing over her. His long, broad hairy legs straddled her while his eyes riveted on her face.

"Please, don't..."

Linda sucked in her breath as she saw another droplet, then another coining from his piss-silt. Soon a yellow stream splattered out, splashing near her bound ankles. In an instant the hot yellow stream was cascading on her belly, some of it splashing onto her tits.


The woman shivered with revulsion, closing her eyes as she felt the sour, hot flavor of bile rising in her gut. His piss filled her navel, then spilled over onto her cuntal mound. It slicked down her pussy hairs and tickled her cuntlips, splashing onto her thighs before trickling into the tub where it gathered under her ass in a warm pool. Linda shivered, her hips wiggling, instinctively trying to get rid of the hat droplets.

"Don't move, baby, or I'll piss on you all fuckin' night," Max warned.

Linda turned her face away, biting her lips to keep from crying out in rage and frustration and disgust. The thin, hot spray was moving, up her belly now, up to her tits where it stung her nipples, then slicked the deep valley between her jiggling boobs. Oh God, he was moving the stream up, up to her mouth! Linda let out a groan, turning her face away just as the stream hit her chin. She could smell the foul stuff now, the sour odor reaching her nostrils as Max bent his knees a little more and directed the stream at her face.

"Hey, bitch, I told you not to move," he said in a low growl.

"I can't... can't help it!" Linda cried.

Max had run out of piss fuel. He looked down at his cock and shook the last few drops onto the young woman. Linda wiggled her ass, feeling her smooth flesh sliding over the piss-slickened tub floor. It was horribly disgusting! She wanted to vomit, but somehow she managed to keep calm. How could this be happening to her? It was all like some terrible nightmare, but one she knew she'd been courting for the past few months.

"Gotta get some water," Max muttered, getting out of the tub.

As he filled a glass with water and drank, Linda shut her eyes again, praying for strength. Already the stink of his piss rose like steam from a pavement sewer. She didn't know if she could take much more of this.

The beating was one thing. But this was something she wasn't ready for. This was something she couldn't enjoy no matter how exciting it might for Max. Linda saw that gleam in his eyes, that sadistic glimmer that told her he loved watching her cringe under him, retch while he covered her with his vile piss.

Max climbed back in, his cock now half erect as he held it again in one hand. He covered a watery belch with one hand and smiled down at her again.

"We'll start again, bitch."

He was positioned, his legs far apart on either side of her piss-stained belly. Her tits rested like two mountains on her heaving chest. His balls were high and tight, pressing hard against his dick root. What was he going to do, mouth fuck her? He'd wanted her to suck him off many times before, but somehow Linda had managed to avoid it, providing a hot-running cunt to satisfy the trucker's need.

"Open your fuckin' mouth," Max threatened, holding one hand up as if to slap her.

Linda closed her eyes, taking deep breaths. With each inhale her tits raised and slapped together. They were so sore, like they always got when she was aroused. Aroused? The thought shot through her confused brain like lightning. Could it be that she was turning onto this? Had she sunk this low in life?

"I said open that fuckin' mouth of yours or I'll break your damn jaw."

Feeling her clit tingling, the woman did as she was told.

The piss started. Max directed the center of the stream along her lips, moving it to her tongue, down to her chin, then back up to her nose and eyes.

"Uh... unnnghbh..." Linda grunted like a wounded animal.

The stink spread like a sickening fog. Piss spattered her forehead, wetting down the hairs along the sides of her face. She wanted to draw back but couldn't. The cuffs pinned her arms helplessly back while the ropes held her ankles together firmly. She was trapped, helpless under this man, and yet a willing prisoner. For even as the piss splashed all over her body and face, she could feel her pussy creaming. Her clit was swollen to the bursting point. God help her, she was actually enjoying this!

"Yeah, yeah, good for nothin' but piss and shit," Max said as he stared down at the young woman.

Linda had her mouth still opened wide, her eyes unblinking, meeting his wide-eyed stare as she drank more of his piss. Linda choked, swallowed the foul liquid, then choked some more. But some how she managed to keep up with his attack. It was awful, terrible, as if they were engaged in some rite of unholy love. Sexual heat was spreading, burning through her skull like hot pokers. The fire flashed down her belly in her cunt. Her clit seemed to curl from the heat, aching with the strain of another approaching cum.

Just as Max went dry, Linda felt her climax peak. She whipped her hips as best she could, throwing her head back, her hair splashing over her shoulders. Her eyes screwed tight into a squint while her fingers dug into her wrists. Oh, if only she could touch herself, bring herself off more powerfully. It was a cruel thing to experience orgasm without being able to intensify it with some kind of touch!

"Slut," Max grunted, watching her writhe helplessly under him.

Steadying himself with both hands, he wriggled his booted foot against her pussy. It was more than she could bear. The touch of that filthy leather boot against her hot pussy made her cry put again and again, throw her hips shamelessly around, grunt like a stuck pig.

Linda sat there, covered with piss, wondering what was next.

"Yeah, good for shit," Max sniggered, stepping out of the tub for a second and pulling off his boots.

She watched him squatting there on the toilet seat, stripping the lower half of his body, wonder ing what on earth she'd ever found attractive in him.

It wasn't Max so much but what he represented -- rough manhood, something that would stand up to her, fight her, crush her. There was something in her personality that responded to that crudity, to that kind of violence. Even in her horrible condition Linda couldn't help feeling a high state of sexual arousal. It was a terrible thing to admit, but a true one. She waited, waited for the ultimate degradation. The woman had no doubt Max was preparing something most foul for her. As he pulled his faded dirty Levi's over his ankles and threw them over his boots, she knew it was only seconds away.

"Good for shit," he repeated, chuckling secretively as he climbed back into the tub.

His belly growled. He belched, sneering down at her. Linda flinched, guessing with a flash of horror what he had planned for her. He put his hands on his hips, turning around and squatting over her belly. She peered up, seeing the black thick growth of hairs darkening the crack between his ass cheeks. Just above her was his big shit hole stretched open by his pose. He held onto the sides of the tub, keeping himself from sliding around on the piss that now covered the entire floor of the stall.

"Don't move, baby."

Linda couldn't believe this. She wanted to faint, lose consciousness before it happened to her. She smelled something terribly foul. Once more a combination of fear and anger swelled through her. But the anger wasn't strong enough to resist. The fear and self-hatred racked her, making her stay there quietly as he grunted. The muscles in his legs and thighs strained as his buttocks jiggled above her.

"No! Oh God no!" she muttered.

Linda raised her knees, her thighs parting. Her belly muscles tensed. She opened wider, twisting to one side as the first jump of shit fell on her belly. Max was jerking off at the same time, grunting, farting, shifting on her while sliding his fingers up and don on that damned cock of his! She was so close to vomiting. How Linda managed to keep from vomiting she never knew. Somehow the woman kept lunch down as lump after lump of shit plopped down on her belly and thighs. Glancing up, she could see the hot cum dripping along the inner side of her right knee, mingling with the piss and the shit. It was the ultimate degradation. She felt numb now, almost impervious to the foul humiliation.

Max growled as the last of his spunk shot off and spattered down on her. She lay there helplessly, listening to the big trucker getting off this horrible way. When he was through, he stepped out of the tub, looking at his soiled feet, then squatting back down on the toilet seat and wiping them off with a bath towel.

"You look like a piece of horse shit, baby," Max said, laughing hard. "You gonna come through with your damned niece?" he asked, raising his eyebrows while throwing the towel away. He started dressing, puffing his pants up while still staring at Linda as if she were some kind of interesting art piece.

"Never!" she spat back, the smell rising from the tub.

"I should leave you like that... leave you so your fuckin' precious niece can rind you and figure out your number," Max said, chuckling.

He pulled his boots back on and slipped his flannel shirt over his broad shoulders. Humming some country and western tune, the big man bent down and untied the ropes holding Linda's ankles together, then reached around for the keys to the cuffs and freed her hands.

Linda sighed, rubbing her sore wrists, then she climbed out of the filth and mess under her. She retched, holding her hands to her mouth. She grabbed the towel Max had cleaned himself with. All the water in the world couldn't wash away the horror. It would take her forever to clean that tub, not to mention herself.

"I'll be back, baby, back to take care of you again. And you think about your niece," he said, pointing a finger at her as he ducked out of the bathroom.

Linda sank down on the toilet seat, covering her face with both hands and sobbing. She heard the sound of the back door slamming shut. Max was gone for the day.

She had to move, had to cleanup that foul mess, get ready far Janice who would be coming home any second. Even though her body ached, her buttocks and back stung from the beating. She had to move, act as if nothing had happened when her niece came home.

Somehow she managed to clean up the bathroom, finding more strength as the final traces of the piss and shit disappeared, gurgling down the drain. Linda washed herself well in the shower, twisting her lithe body under the stinging cold water, soaping herself down again and again as she thought of the horror Max had put her through.

What she found interesting was that she had actually enjoyed what had happened -- enjoyed it at least in part. It was an experiment in depravity, in terror. And in spite of the anger she felt toward Max, Linda couldn't deny that her pussy had swollen open under the various attacks and that her cunt had gone good and hard.

She toweled herself dry, examining her bruised body in the mirror.

The savage belting had left long red and purple marks on her butt and back. Janice wouldn't be able to see them, thank God! There were a few scratch marks on her face. But her niece was so wrapped up in her own world that she wouldn't notice them.

Linda dressed hurriedly, slipping on what was one of her dowdier housedresses. She smiled in the mirror as she adjusted the plastic belt around her waist. God, she looked like the last person in the world who would have been involved in a sex orgy, especially one that just took place in her bathroom.

The front door slammed.

Linda jumped, then peered for a last time in the bedroom mirror. Oh, she was so sore and tired! She wanted to lie down, to sleep, to get away from the world. But there was her niece to raise. Janice had become almost ungovernable. If only her sister would come home and speak to her daughter. Janice was becoming something of a burden.

"To hell with it," Linda muttered, brushing back her hair and pinning it in a matronly bun. She basically enjoyed Janice's company, but there had been times when she could have turned the girl out.

The squeak of tennis shoes in the hall told Linda her niece was close at hand.

"Hi!" Janice chirped, sticking her head into the bedroom.

"Hi," Linda responded warmly. Well, at last they weren't at one another's throat as they usually were. Maybe this was some kird of truce, then Linda spotted the skimpy bathing suit Janice was wearing and frowned. How many times had site told her niece not to go trotting around town wearing that sort of thing. Even though this was sedate little Glendale, California, things could happen to a young girl when she exposed herself like that. The puritan side of Linda was rising, making her forget what had happened several minutes before.

"How did things go today? Did you see Billy?" Linda asked, her eyes narrowing accusingly.

Janice's face was flushed as she sashayed past her aunt and plopped down on the bed, resting back on her elbows. Janice knew her nonchalance during times like this maddened her aunt. She didn't know, exactly why she enjoyed bothering Linda like that. The teenager only knew she loved watching her aunt get red and excited, trying to hide her mounting anger as she lectured her niece on propriety.

"Yeah, we were in his jacuzzi for a while," Janice said, moving her thighs over the bed suggestively.

Linda blushed. "Well, I hope his parents were home," Linda said, staring at her niece.

This was going too far. Janice almost felt like telling her aunt the whole story. But then, what would happen to her? She actually feared her aunt in part. Certainly, she didn't totally disregard her aunt's threat about throwing her out of the house should she be caught fucking around with men.

"Yeah, they were there... all around the tub talking their heads off," Janice said, dropping her eyes and shuffling her feet against the rug.

Linda tilted her head to one side, unsure of the truth of Janice's statement. It sounded true -- the tone of Janice's voice suggested disappointment, as if she hoped Billy's folks had not been there. Still...

"Janice, when you go out on a date... I mean, what do you do?" Linda blurted out, wanting to get to the bottom of her niece's activities. She felt driven to find out. She had to know if Janice was traveling the same path she was.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want to pry. I'm just concerned about your well-being." God, it sounded so stiff, so self-righteous. Still, Linda didn't know quite how to go about this. "I just see that you're very attractive, and men... men might take advantage of you."

"You want to know if I've been to bed with a guy yet?" Janice asked, staring steadily at her aunt while swinging her legs back and forth.

Linda swallowed hard. She wanted so much to be friends with her niece. She wanted to tell Janice about life, about the wonderful things she'd experienced, even about the wild times she'd had with Max. But her sense of responsibility swept over her again. No, that was something her niece might not be able to handle. She was too young, too inexperienced to understand her particular quirk.


Janice affected a bored expression.

"No, your... your private affairs are your business," Linda said, feeling as if she needed a drink. "I'd better go and make dinner," she muttered, turning and walking out of the bedroom.

Linda felt as if she'd just finished with a third degree drilling by the police. How her niece looked at her with those accusing eyes, eyes that made her think Janice knew what had happened in the house minutes ago.

What was with her? Janice wondered as she flopped back on the bed and ran her fingers up and down her bare legs. Qh, how good that felt, it would have been a much better feeling if those fingers belonged to Billy. She'd weakened in the shower stall as they showered, telling him she'd meet him later that night behind her house. She was acting like a hot little whore. She knew that. But she couldn't help herself. Her pussy had been awakened to the mysteries of sex, and now the girl felt she had to have more.

Making it behind the house would have its problems. But there was a small room over the garage. Linda would be asleep in the big house. Her aunt usually knocked off several drinks before going to bed. At times she could hear Linda stumbling up to bed around eleven o'clock, quickly dropping into unconsciousness. Billy's parents would be busy entertaining as they usually did. It was perfect!

All through dinner Janice yammered about school, about how classes would be too hard and too long.

Linda looked at her niece suspiciously, wondering what was up. Janice was suddenly friendly, open, something she hadn't been since she was nine. Nine! Had she had her that long? Janice's mother hadn't bothered about her all those years, visiting only occasionally. Of course, the support checks came in like clockwork and they were more than generous. Still, Linda began to feel the pull and drag of raising a child. And now with Max, the drag might be too much. A chill flashed over her spine.

"I'm going upstairs for a while to study," Janice said, pushing her chair away and drinking the last of her milk.

A tiny white moustache appeared on her upper lip, making Linda realize how like a child her niece was. Time had flown by, and now Janice was a young woman, facing all those problems young women face. If only she could shield her from some of them!

"But it's vacation," Linda called after her niece, but Janice was ahead of her, taking the stops two at a time, unable to sit still in the kitchen and talk any longer. It was seven o'clock, five hours to go before Billy would meet her. She slammed the door behind her and threw herself down on the bed. The seconds ticked by like hours as she stared blankly out the window, wondering what would happen this evening. How could she do something like this right under her aunt's roof?

Janice closed her eyes and pictured Billy naked, the way his washboard chest and belly looked, how his strong, hard thick cock jerked and twitched as he approached her. How silly she'd been to be afraid of fucking. It was so wonderful! She felt dreamy and warm. Her fingers strayed to a portion just under the elastic waistband of her bikini bottom. She could smell the young heat of her body, that musky smell coming up from her moist, warm cuntal mound.

Already she was aroused, hot to fuck just thinking about Billy! Groaning, Janice moved her legs apart, feeling her cunt lips stickily peel back while her hand slipped over her pussy mound. She peeled her outer labes back, working some pussy oil into the steamy crack. Her knees jerked up, then flopped back down to the bed. There was a squishy, wet sound as her fingers worked around, flicking at her stiffening clit. Janice licked her lips, half shutting her eyes. The room started to swim around her while her breathing became shallow and uneven. Her nostrils flared. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. Her bathing suit clung uncomfortably to her body. Oh, if only she could have that male cock spreading her cunt lips apart now, pushing apart her pussy walls. His cockhead cooked in her boiling cuntal oil! A flash of preorgasmic thrill heated up her cunt even more. Janice groaned louder than before, checking herself. Her aunt might hear her and open the door. Those damned rooms! None of them had any locks on the doors.

Quickly Janice drew her hand out from under her bikini bottom, folding her legs together and rubbing them back and forth. No, she wouldn't bring herself off just yet. She'd wait those long hours for Billy.

And long they were. Janice skimmed some magazines, cracked open one of her textbooks. But her mind couldn't focus on anything except the midnight tryst scheduled behind the house.

The sound of her aunt moving down the hall, cracking open her bedroom door then closing it softly behind her, made Janice's heart jump. Glancing at the clock, she saw it was eleven-thirty!

Stealthily Janice opened the door, creeping down the hall some fifteen minutes after her aunt had disappeared into the bedroom. Her heart was beating so fast while her chest tightened and her mouth went dry. She could hardly keep from giggling as she stole down the stairs and moved like a ghost through the living room.

The kitchen floor creaked several times, making Janice freeze. No, of course it would be impossible for her aunt to hear those tiny sounds all the way in her bedroom. Unlocking the door, Janice slipped out into the backyard. A full moon silvered the broad lawn and spreading elms bordering the garden. It was a warm, quiet evening, the kind that made her pussy shiver with excitement.

The garage loomed ahead of her. Quickly she moved through the garden, nervously glancing up at her aunt's darkened bedroom windows was she awake, staring out at the beautiful warm fall night? No, Linda wasn't that kind of woman. Janice stopped by the rotten, wood stairs to the side of the garage that led to the second floor. A movement to one side made her freeze. But on closer inspection she saw it was Billy creeping along the hedge row.


"Yeah," she cried happily, throwing her arms around the big stud and hugging him hard. He was so strong, so warm. She felt his lips close over hers, his tongue slide into her mouth, exciting her with its wiggling movements. Yes, yes, this was worth the wait, worth everything she was risking. Arms looped around one another, the couple moved quickly up the stairs.

"Come on, let's go this way," Billy coaxed. "Oh, what are you doing to me?" Janice was hot. She'd let herself be rolled over onto her belly then pulled up by the ass until she was on her knees. The air was musky, filled with the smell of an abandoned room. Billy had been fingering her pussy until she nearly cried from the rising sexual heat seeping up the grooved sides of her clit. He knew how to play her well, getting her up close to climax, then backing down just when she was ready to pop.

"Just makin' you feel good... good like me," he whispered in her ear, flicking his tongue around the nape of her neck, making her shiver and groan with delight. Oh, what a fool her aunt was for not letting men do this to her. Janice wondered what men Linda had gone to bed with if any. Did she still have her cherry? That thought made her giggle.

Billy knelt behind her, working his fingers along the insides of her thighs. He forced apart her pussylips, making the girl's giggles turn into groans. The finger slipped in with a squishing sound, probing along the heat-seeping walls of her pussy. Janice grunted with the teasing sensation of almost being filled. She flipped, feeling like a bitch dog in heat. Billy was going to mount her that way, something new, something exciting in her sex training. It was almost better than that missionary position. Oh, how much she had to learn yet! And Janice knew she'd be more than a willing pupil!


Janice was burning between her white, shivering legs. Her tits ached to be touched, to be pinched, to be sucked. Janice let her ass angle up and wiggle from side to side, shamelessly encouraging the young man to violate her. He seemed to read her mind, looping one hand under her belly and stroking her stomach. The light, feathery touch drove Janice half crazy. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, growling like a mad animal.

Yes, yes, she had to be touched, to be fucked hard. The thought of Billy's body draped over hers, his hard groin pounding against her pussy made her mind boil over with delight. Then he pinched her right nipple, rolling the tiny nub between his thumb and forefinger. It was delicious, mind-blowing! The girl couldn't control herself. She let out a long, low growl.

"Hey, easy, baby. You don't wanna wake up your aunt, do you?"

Linda forced herself to be calm. Turning her head around and peering over her shoulders, she saw Billy. He was like, a dog, down on his knees, spreading them farther apart for more thrust. His long fat cock was in one hand as he moved behind her and braced himself against her tilted-up butt.

"Feel it?" he asked, rubbing his juicy cockhead over her cunt.

His touch was like acid to her sputtering little sex spindle. Yes, she felt it. Her ass pranced for it.

"Oh, give it to me," she whispered, wiggling her ass back and forth. Janice wanted to back up into that wonderful thing, feel it splitting her in two, halving her juicy hot slit. Oh, what a little slut she was turning into the thought of her aunt sleeping up there in the house not knowing what was happening to her niece excited Janice even more. Forbidden fruit was so delicious!


Billy was holding onto her hips, hunching forward, teasing her with his fat dickhead. As the head gouged past her puffy outer labes, Janice cried out, closing her eyes and drinking in the hot, swampy feeling that radiated out of her cunt to all parts of her body.

Janice was curious about the sensation raking her pussy. She reached back with one hand, pushing her fingers between her widely spread thighs. She could feel Billy's dick settling against her cuntal mouth. Her juices had coated the shaft. Billy was spreading her thighs even farther apart with his strong hands. The girl felt peeled open, stretched, her knees spread wide on the rug.

Then he tired of the teasing game and tucked under and up. It was a powerful hunch that took her knees off the floor.


Janice swung her head from side to side, her hair sweeping over her whitened knuckles.

"Baby, you're good and fine. Sheeit!" Billy cried out, throwing his head back and sliding more inches of his thick cockmeat into her hole.

It had only been a few hours ago since she'd had a cock in her cunt. But how violently her pussy reacted to that fucking. It was as if she hadn't been fucked for years. The long shaft drove along the seepy velvet lining of her cunt. Janice swore she could feel each vein that throbbed against the taut flesh covering the stud's hard, steely cock.

"Ohhhh, you're going so... deeeeep!"

It was wonderful, one of the best feelings she ever had. Billy seemed better now than earlier. Of course, she didn't have the terror of getting fucked, of having her cherry bopped. All that, bullshit about the pain and bleeding had terrified her. How she wanted to tell her Aunt Linda this afternoon that all those stories about getting fucked were stupid lies! How she would have laughed at her aunt's blanched face if those words had been spoken.

But she thought better of it later and kept quiet. Well, it was too bad if her Aunt Linda didn't know about fucking. Maybe later she'd approach the subject. That would be a switch... her acting as teacher to an adult.

"Ahhhhhh, oh, Billy! Oh, fuck me good, fuck me good and hard!" she gasped.

When Billy pulled his cock back slowly Janice thought she was going to die. Long strings of drool oozed from the corners of her mouth as her ass trembled, threatening to collapse. Her ass was tilted up and back, prancing in the air, trembling as Billy dug his fingers into her hips and fucked deep again. Sometimes the only thing touching her was his cock and fingers. He held her firmly in his grip. She wriggled in his grasp, loving that sensation of female helplessness.

"Christ, Jesus Christ!" Billy gasped, not believing how hot and tight and wet his newly found girlfriend was. When he worked his hips back and forth, stirring his cock like a giant spoon inside her pussy, the young stud felt Janice's cuntal walls clamp shut around his dick shaft, milking his cock. "Shit, no girl's ever done that."

"No?" she gasped, her heart skipping a beat as her pussy walls cramped again, holding tightly onto Billy's rod.

"Baby, you're unreal!"

Janice felt flushed with delight. She'd managed to excite someone like Billy, someone who probably had a dozen girls dangling on the line. Now he was riding her, gasping for breath, not believing what she could do with her young body.

Janice loved the sensation of him climbing her, fucking her powerfully, driving his cock into her drenched cunt. His dickhead was making soft, squishy noises inside her steamy pussy. She curled her fingers, digging the nails into the dusty rug. Oh, how she loved this! Janice whimpered in heat, wishing this could go on forever. She wanted to see the sun rise with Billy's cock fucking her cunt red hot.

"Close, close to... to cumming!" Janice wailed, tossing her head from side to side.

Billy stopped, his balls nestled against her jiggling buttocks. He had managed to keep his balls from spilling their load. Now he held tightly onto the moaning teenager, feeling her pussy spasm against his buried dick. Shit, it was hard not to blow his load right then and there. Watching her wet body glistening under the moonlight, seeing it tremble with excitement, feeling her tits with both hands now while bunching teasingly into her cunt was almost too much to stand.

After several minutes passed, Billy eased his cock gently from her cunt Janice felt hot streaks of juice dribbling down her inner thighs. She was soaked, frothing with hot fuck oil. It was a weird feeling, one she never had before this. Even during the first time she fucked with Billy, she hadn't turned on quite this mouth.

"I'm gonna try something... something real kinky," Billy said, pulling his cock all the way put.

Janice moaned, collapsing completely on the rug and writhing against the stiff material. It was awful, that terrible feeling of emptiness in her pussy. Her cuntal muscles relaxed, opening her hole, then snapping it shut in frustration with an accompanying woosh of air. She moved her thighs sensuously over the carpeting, wanting Billy inside her, wanting his dick trenching out her soft, swampy fuck hole, wanting to feel his hairy balls slapping against her buttocks.

"What... where are you going?" she asked weakly.

Janice pushed herself partially up from the floor and looked around. Billy was crouched down, searching the floor and various overturned boxes for something.

"Gotta have some of it around here. Can't be empty," he muttered.

Janice soon found out what he was looking for. In one box the young man found several pieces of quarter-inch line. He was going to tie her up! The thought of being held captive by the young man excited Janice even more. Her nostrils flared as she saw the heavy-cocked youth coming toward her with those pieces of rope hanging from one hand.

"Oh, are you going to... tie me up?" she asked, breathing hard.

"Think you're gonna dig it," he whispered, flicking his tongue in one ear.

Janice had read about such things in books she'd found in her mother's house just before she left. At times the girl wondered if her mother had practiced some of those strange positions she'd seen in the pictures.

They looked so awfully odd all those ropes, gags, leather devices that appeared to hurt the model. But yet they were all having such a good time or so it seemed. Pleasure and pain. The girl hadn't given much thought to it since she'd come to live with her maiden aunt. But now, watching Billy working away with those ropes, Janice thought back to those photos and books in the old house and wondered how much fun and pleasure she was going to derive from this new act.

"Give me your hands..."

Billy rolled her over, taking both hands and wrapping one piece of rope around bet wrists, tying a bowline knot and slipping it tightly against her hands.


"Too tight?" he asked, searching her face.

"No, no," Janice whimpered, feeling so strange as the rough hemp chafed her flesh. It hurt, and yet at the same time sent a shiver of goodness all through her body.

Billy finished with the knots, then reached back and picked up a longer piece of rope. He had her on her right side now, helpless as baby as he bent her knees all the way back.

"Oh, yes, yes..."

Janice felt so odd, so strangely old now. How quickly she'd become used to fucking, wanting it so desperately, willing to go this far as long as Billy brought satisfaction to her pussy! Only yesterday she was a virgin, protecting her precious cherry, afraid the sky would fall in if she were to lose it before marriage. And now she was stark naked, bawling like a cat in heat, hunching into the air, wanting this stranger to fuck her, letting him tie her up so he could do what he wanted to her. The thought drove her near mad with ecstasy.

Billy muttered something, pulling her wrists and ankles together. First he bound her ankles to one another with two figure eights. Then quickly he took the final piece of line and hitched two square knots that held her wrists tightly to her ankles.

Janice felt completely peeled open, totally exposed to the young man. It was exciting. She couldn't possibly close her knees or roll away. Billy stood back, admiring his handiwork, then moved forward again, edging between her opened thighs. Janice fluttered her eyelids, feeling a rush of intensely hot sensations burning her clit. Juice seeped down into her butt crack, burning into her asshole. Yes, it was deliciously wonderful to be tied up like this, bound helpless while a man did what he wanted.

"Oh, this feels so... so crazy. I... I've never been tied up before," Janice said, almost laughing at her words. Of course she'd never been tied up before! How could she have indulged in something this kinky before when Billy had just popped her cherry this afternoon? But she had to say something, do something while her pussy throbbed achingly.

Billy smiled, then dropped his head and kissed one knee, slowly licking the tip of his tongue down her inner thigh toward her pussy. Janice sucked in a deep breath and held it, feeling his lips and tongue sliding down toward her pussy. Qh, if he would only touch it with his mouth, drive his tongue into her hole. She closed her eyes and felt her chest tighten even more while she imagined what that sensation would be like.

But the young man was enjoying his toying with her. Just before his hips touched her cunt, Billy moved his head back up and started tonguing the other knee and thigh. Janice was going, wild. He was purposely avoiding her pussy, making her struggle uselessly against the ropes as she tried to work something against her pussy. Oh, she needed friction, the feel of a hard object against her cunt and pussy walls!

"Huhhhrrr... Huhhhrrrrr!" the young woman growled like a frenzied animal. She sucked in a ragged breath. Billy stopped for a moment, then fell between her legs and pushed the underside of his dick into her slit.

Janice thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Her juices soaked his dick and balls. The girl twisted and bucked, her muscles cramping from the spread-back position. But the girl loved the hurt. Billy moved again, letting his heavy-hanging balls drop back against her buttocks.

The blonde teen whimpered with lust, straining hard against the ropes. They cut deliriously into her flesh, a tingly thrill building up in her quickly. She loved being helpless, bound like an animal. Oh, how every inch of her body longed to be touched, to be licked, to be pinched by this handsome young stud!


Janice arched her back, trying to shove a tit between Billy's lips. The young man laughed and moved back until her mouth fell open with wild lust and she thrashed crazily. Billy watched for a second, then opened his mouth wide and covered one nipple with his mouth. Janice screamed, snapping her body from left to right while wallowing up against the biting/sucking sensation. She felt the hot spit trickling down her side. She heard Billy smacking hungrily, sucking with a kind of frenzy she thought was possible only in wet dreams.

Now his dick slid back, sliding toward the fat dickhead. Linda bit blood from her lower lip, whining like a puppy through her flare nostrils.

"Fuck, fuck!" she cried, closing her eyes again and drinking in the wild sensations raving through her snatch. The way she was bound made it hard to move her ass very much. But those restricted movements were as exciting as the ones made when she was free to do as she pleased. Janice found that by tensing her large ass muscles, the rub of his fat dick was amplified. It felt like a crazy, gouging animal that was burrowing away in her velvety cunt.


Billy had the other tit in his mouth now. As he roughed the tender nipple, the girl felt her body respond quickly to the friction and biting. Her cunt was pulled down each time he fucked into her cunt. And then, as her belly filled with cockmeat, the young man bit teasingly around her nipple.

Janice babbled and jerked her wrists and ankles until the pain made her excitement rush along every nerve ending in her body. She groaned out Billy's name as he worked his hips with a building fucklng tempo. The small garret echoed with their cries and the sound of their wet, fucking bodies.

The juice seemed to spurt put of her pussy like lava from an erupting volcano. She felt more of it leak down her ass and onto her wrists and, ankles. It slicked between her buttocks, wetting the carpet underneath. Janice ground her hips around hungrily and wildly, straining as far as possible against the cutting ropes. She was going to cum. She could feel her pussy tightening, flushed with chilly flashes of heat. It would be so good to feel this tremendous climax.

"Oh no, no... going... going to... CUM!"

Janice dug her nails against her palms, opening her mouth for him to kiss. Billy responded, tonguing her mouth while he held his cock inside her. Janice felt her ass just hanging there, trembling, waiting for her clit to explode. She cried and twisted her hips from side to side as the rope twisted and burned her flesh. Her clit was swollen and hard. It pulsed with a raging tickle that jolted cries of lust from her throat.

And then the mad rush of climax exploded. She pulled away from the young man, possessed with yelping fits of white-hot joy. Billy was fucking her hard now, his face pinched with wild delight as the two of them fucked and came and came and came.

"Oh, that hurts... a little," Janice said.

She was on her side. Billy bent over the knot he'd made at her wrists. She felt him gently untie the rope.

"You're one hell of a fuck, Janice," Billy said, finishing with his release of her.

"Oh, do you think so? I didn't know if I was doing the right thing. I mean," she hastily corrected herself, "I didn't know what you'd think of me. Girls don't usually... put out this fast, do they?"

"No, I don't think you were wrong, baby," Billy said consolingly, taking the ropes away and putting his arms around her.

Janice sighed, laying her head against his shoulder. She was happy... happier than she'd been in a long time. The girl finally felt wanted, possessed. She stroked the young stud's hairy knees, wishing they could be together for hours and hours.

But Billy had to get back to his folk's house. And her aunt wasn't that heavy a sleeper. What if she awoke and decided to check in Janice's room? There'd be hell to pay for both of them. Reluctantly the two separated, dressed quickly and sneaked back dawn the stairs.

"Oh, Billy, will I see you again?" she asked in a tiny voice.

Janice kissed the tall boy. She stood on tiptoes as he pulled her thin body against him. In the dim light she moved her trim little ass gently against Billy in soft, fucking motions, a hint of something much more intense working in her mind.

"Sure you will. I'm not going to let something as hot as you slip away," Billy said, grinning from ear to ear. He pulled away, nervously glancing at his watch, then looking cautiously about him as he slipped away into the darkness.

Janice looked after him, imagining she could still see him long after he disappeared behind the elms bordering the backyard. Hands clasped behind her back, the young teenager shuffled her way back to the darkened house, lagging the back door and standing in the kitchen for a few minutes. Oh, how could she be expected to sleep when her pussy glowed... when her cunt could still feel the wonderful hot rushing sensation of his dick as it tunneled deeper and deeper?

"Oh God!" the girl muttered, putting one hand to her burning forehead.

Yes, she had to see Billy again. She just couldn't let something this wonderful this exciting slip through her fingers. The young blonde teenager made her way through the living room, up the stairs and into her bedroom. It was wonderful, wonderful having been fucked like that. As she undressed, then slipped beneath the sheets, Janice closed her eyes and thought about Billy about his hard body, his stiff dick, his...

The phone suddenly rang! Could it be Billy? Had something gone wrong? Janice sat bolt upright and stretched her hand cut for the phone. No one called her aunt this late. She couldn't let Linda know about Billy. Not yet, anyway.

"Hello?" There was silence for a second, followed by some heavy breathing. No, it wasn't Billy. Janice froze, the receiver sliding against her ear. It was going to be an obscene call. Janice kicked the sheets away, swinging her legs over the edge of the mattress. She was going to call her aunt. Maybe Linda could [missing text].

"You're Linda's brat, right?"

The hoarse voice startled her. What a question to ask? And how did he know her aunt's name? What was going on?

"Who... who is this?" she stammered.

"Baby, you're a nice little cunt I'd like to slip my cock into," the voice whispered.

There was more halting breathing. Janice could guess what the man's hands were busy doing as he wedged the receiver between his chin and shoulder.

"Get off... get off," she almost shouted. Jolts of fear nearly paralyzed the teenager. Of course she could have simply hung up. But some force made her stay on the line, curious what the stranger would say next.

"I wanna get on, baby, get on. You know what I'm doin' now? Baby, I got nine inches of cockmeat workin' through my fingers. Wanna hear it?"

Before she could protest, there were more fumbling sounds at the other end of the line. Then silence, followed by a clicking, rubbing sound. He was jacking off against the phone receiver, actually doing that terrible thing. And still she was listening in fascination, feeling her cunt warm up again.

What on earth was happening to her? Was she turning into some kind of sex freak?

"Hear it?"

His voice sounded cocky, self-assured. Janice squeezed the receiver in her damp palm and tried to muster up the strength to hang up. It was wrong to be feeling this, to be doing something this foul, this perverted. At least with fucking there was something to feel, something to bump against, a person she could relate to make love to... But a phone...?

"Stop. I'll call the police..." Janice's voice was getting low, getting almost as hoarse as the man's. What would he think oilier? Why should she even care?

"I'm gonna suck your nipples, baby. Gonna suck those young tips 'til you start beggin' me to stop. Then I'm gonna suck 'em some more. Yeahhhh," he sighed, his voice breaking.

When his breath caught, Janice thought he'd shot off his load. She could picture him big hulking, sitting spread-legged with his Levi's shoved down to his ankles, fingers working over his cock and balls while he whispered hotly into the receiver.

Janice flushed, thinking how ridiculous this was. She was getting a dirty phone call. And there she was, sitting on the edge of the bed, toying with herself. Yes, she'd turned on to this stranger, working her fingers through her cuntal thicket still damp with her pussy juice and Billy's sweat and cum. She worked the mixture into her sloppy hole, rubbing her thumb against her rising clit. The girl sucked in a ragged breath, then collapsed backward on the bed, her thighs spread wide for her fingering. It felt so soft and warm and slick down there.

"You still there baby?" he asked.

Janice licked her lips, keeping the phone pressed against one ear.

"Ohhh... yessss..."

"I'm gonna start eatin' those pretty little tits of yours 'til yah start cummin'. Then I'm gonna back down and lick you all over, good and wet with my spit. Fuck yeah, gonna get down between your legs 'til I can feel 'em pressin' against my head. You know what I'm gonna do next, baby?"

Janice shivered, her answer being a short gasp of delight as she took her clit between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it round like a tiny pea.

"Oh, nooooo."

"Gonna eat up that cunt of yours. Gonna stick my mouth over that hole and suck hard, drink you all up while I move my tongue around your snatch."

It was what she'd wanted Billy to do, what she'd hoped he'd do before fucking her. Of course he'd teased her with it, then backed down at the last second. Oh, how she wanted to hit him, to bite, kick and scratch for teasing her like that without fulfilling the promise of a good cunt suck. But then his fucking had been so good, so expert she didn't have any cause for regret. That is, she didn't have any until now.

"Then I'm gonna stretch you wide open, put my fingers on your fuckin' legs and peel you back while I climb on and stick my cock into you."

Janice panted hard, feeling dizzy as her fingers worked busily, quickly, over, her cunt. She felt her pussy muscles convulsing deep inside.

"I'll bet you ain't never been fucked... not really from those pimple-assed kids you go out with," the man said, chuckling softly.

"Who is this?" Janice asked again. "A friend," the man answered after several seconds, laughing softly again.

"Friend?" she echoed, hardly able to breathe let along speak.

"Yeah, gonna be real friendly with you pretty fuckin soon. Just picture it, baby, you and me... fuckin' like crazy."

The man's voice broke a second, time. It to was breathing unevenly. Janice held her breath, waiting to hear the tell-tale groans that would signal his climax. But none came. Again he'd managed to keep himself under control. The girl slowed her finger-fucking movements, slowly circling her clit with one finger while rubbing her cuntal mound with her other hand. Her feet swung back and forth against the side of the bed while her back wallowed against the top sheet.

"I'm gonna hang up," Janice panted.

"I'm gonna fuck you real slow. I'll let you put it in. You ever put a cock into your hole? It's real good... good when you do that, rub your fingers against my dick, slop it into your cunt."

Janice had slipped two fingers into her cunt when he said that. Images of Billy flashed across her confused mind as the man droned on about how he was going to rim her, then fuck her.

"My dick's real dark at the tip... dark and big, and I got a set of big balls... nice and hairy to lick. You ever suck cock before? You wanna try?"

"Stop it! Oh, please, don't say things like that. Please, stop!"

"Maybe you'll like it, workin' your tongue around my cock, taking it so deep your fuckin' cheeks blow out."

Janice worked her body from side to side, wiggling over the bed like a snake. What on earth was she going to do? What if her aunt could hear her?

She rolled her eyes back, staring at the door. No, it was still closed. Oh, what a honor it would have been if Aunt Linda had been standing there, her eyes wide with horror, catching her niece playing with herself while on the phone!

"Then I'll stretch you with my cock 'til you start pissin'."

"Nooo, I'm going to hang up now. Oh I don't want to talk to you any more!" she cried.

Janice had started moving her ass up and down against the steady, wet rub of her fingers. She couldn't keep her ass still. She tilted her ass as far to one side as it would go, then jerked it back the other way. Her glistening cunt flesh stretched tantalizingly, opening bare hollows to her probing fingers.

"I bet I can make you cum twice, baby." The earpiece was hot and sweaty now against her ear. She found her hand trembling uncontrollably.

"I can do it real slow until you start askin' me to hurry up. Then I'm gonna tie you up good and tight, maybe even put some leather on you. Yeahhhhh, some nice, cool smooth leather. You'd dig that, right?"

What was he talking about? It was almost as if he'd been peering through some window in that garage garret, watching her and Billy perform that evening.

And yet she couldn't find the strength to hang up. The wet mess between her legs throbbed now, throbbed as savagely as it had when Billy fucked her. Her pussy was feverish, swollen. She bobbed her ass around in circles as her fingers brought her closer to the final rush of sexual excitement. It was so strange, her getting this high simply from a phone call and her hands.

"No, stop it!"

But the voice kept on about how he was going to tie her up. Janice's fingers curled into her pussy fur, feeling the dripping cunt press against her hands. She was cumming slowly, achingly. It was wild torture. Her calves cramped. Janice dug her heels against the bed.

"I'm gonna come over some night, come over when your aunt's not home and fuck you. When she gets home, she's gonna find you all tied up and fucked outta your mind. Yeah, fucked outta your mind."

His voice sounded so far away. Janice groaned and tossed her ass high in the air. The wild throes of climax were tearing through her cunt, making it so tight, so hot, so terribly achey. Janice groaned as if someone were strangling her. She knew the man could hear her moaning and carrying on. But there was no way on earth she could keep her growing, mounting passion quiet.

She was dimly aware of the squawking phone as spasms convulsed her slender body. She arched her back and raised her ass from the squeaking bed. Her fingers moved around, gouging her cuntlips. She dipped her hand in and out, drawing more and more cunt juice from the hole. She could feel the thick oil dribbling down her ass and into her shitter.

Then the phone had slipped out of her fingers and hit the floor. The man's voice was so far away. But his words had gotten to her. Who was he who knew so much about her and her aunt? Aunt Linda had mentioned something about having a purse stolen at the supermarket several weeks ago, maybe this was some freak who had followed her home, observed her, then started making these calls.

"Uh... ohhhhh!"

Janice was cumming hard. Each bat sting of lust made her whimper. She whipped her slim hips back and forth against her hand. Oh, if only Billy were there... that wonderful Billy with his hard, stiff dick.

"Cum... cum," Janice whispered shamelessly.

She kept thinking about Billy and how his cock would have felt now against her pussy. Yes, yes, she'd see that boy again, let him do whatever he wanted to her. In an instant he'd opened a whole new world to her!

The phone was silent suddenly. The young teenager's climax had peaked, then ebbed, leaving her exhausted, spread-caged, alone on the big bed. Janice rolled her head to one side and stared at the receiver. A steady buzzing sound came from it. The strange man had hung up. Forcing herself up through the warm glow settling over her limbs, the girl picked up the black plastic instrument and placed it back in the cradle.

"Ohhhh." Janice fell back onto the pillows, closing her eyes after having drawn the sheets over her cum-smeared body. She thought again and again of that man's voice how harsh, how cruel it seemed! How had he gotten their number? Janice wanted to tell her aunt. But how would she explain what happened? Well, she'd just have to lie a little bit and watch Linda's face. Maybe her matronly aunt wasn't so matronly after all. The thought of Linda fucking, of doing something perhaps even more wild than she'd done, was somehow a little unsettling.

Janice rolled over and hugged the soft top sheet against her chin. How strange, getting that phone call. Giggling, the young teenager drifted off into a long, dreamless sleep.

Linda saw little of her niece the following day. Someone had called probably some boy she wouldn't approve of. Someone Janice was hiding from her. Janice had said it was one of her girlfriends who wanted to meet here Linda wished this vacation would be over and her niece would be back in school, her head buried in the books instead of swiveling around looking at boys.

She dressed quickly after Janice left the house, determined to see Max. This had to stop. She couldn't go on with him any longer, especially with Janice growing older and more observant every day. Maybe it wasn't the brightest thing in the world to go to his hangout and talk. But she didn't dare call him and invite him over... not in broad daylight and with the chance of her niece coming in at the wrong moment. Calling him wouldn't do any good. He'd only laugh at her, then appear at her doorstep some evening purposely to bring out their seedy affair into the open and embarrass her. No, this was the only way.

Linda looked at herself in the mirror. She purposely wore the most matronly blue suit she could find, the frilly white blouse unfortunately accenting her big high-riding tits. Well, that couldn't be helped. What should she do, tape them down?

Brushing back her hair, the young woman turned to one side and straightened her back, admiring her hour-glass figure. The curve of her legs apparent even though they were covered by the straight-lined business suit.

Slipping a shoulder bag over her arm, Linda hurried from the house. It wouldn't be easy certainly not as easy as it was to get picked up by him. Why had she done something as stupid as that? Why had she risked everything she'd worked so hard for... a trucker, especially one like Max?

And he had hurt her. This morning she awoke and felt the stiffness still in her arms and legs. The marks, thank God, had faded somewhat on her ass cheeks and lower back. Apparently the beating hadn't been quite as bad as she thought.

As the woman guided her car off the San Bernadino Freeway onto Harbor Avenue in downtown L.A., she remembered how she had become a wild sex maniac, twisting in her bonds, loving the cuffs binding her wrists, enjoying the chafing sensation of the ropes around her ankles while Max oh God, he had pissed and shit on her! Stopping at a light, Linda covered her face with one hand, feeling shame creep over her. Why had she done something so foul, so perverted?

"Oh!" Several cars were honking. The light had turned green. Stepping on the gas, she turned down Olympic, heading for the warehouse district.

Max would be there, leaning on the counter in the deserted bar, drinking his damned beer. Spotting his truck on the corner, Linda swallowed hard and pulled to one side of the narrow street. She had to do it... for herself, for Janice.

"Please, try to understand, Max."

Linda sat by the bar, keeping her hands from the sticky, stained counter as she pleaded with the drunk trucker.

Max was holding his beer carelessly in one hand, the bottom of the bottle resting against one of his thighs. He'd been listening to Linda's argument for the past fifteen minutes, panting at times to indicate that at least several of her words had touched one or two of his brain cells. His broad chest rippled under his stained white T-shirt when she mentioned her niece and bow she wanted to protect Janice from anything bad.

"Bad?" he echoed, raising his eyebrows and smiling at her.

Linda dropped her eyes, wishing in a way she hadn't come. One or two of Max's friends were playing pool behind them. There was hardly anyone in tbe bar. Even the man behind the counter had disappeared with the cocktail waitress probably fucking in the back, Linda thought as she finished with her argument. There wouldn't be much more to his. Max might protest. But she wasn't going to back down. She even came prepared to offer him some money if he'd only leave her alone.

"So, you think you can get rid of old Max like some kind of dirty laundry, right?"

The words were loud and made her jump. Carefully, the attractive blonde, shifted her sitting position and glanced at his two friends. They had stopped playing pool and were now leaning against the table, scratching their dirty necks with their cue sticks. The air seemed to grow thicker, and more foul than it had been when she first stepped in. Linda began to sweat.

"That's not exactly what I mean, Max," Linda protested. She wanted to get up and run. But would she be able to make it to the door? What a stupid thought.

This was a public place. Max wouldn't dare try something with her here -- not in front of all these witnesses!

"That's what it sounds like. Baby, you don't into my place, in front of my friends, and dump me likesome load of shit," Max whispered, jerking one hand out and curling bis fingers around her waist.

Linda winced in pain, biting her tongue to keep from crying out.

"You're hurting... me, Max," Linda whispered as she tried to twist free.

"You don't get rid of me, understand? You try, and I'm gonna make you real sorry you and your niece were ever born," Max threatened.

He narrowed his eyes. His lips were tightly drawn while his nostrils flared.

"I don't have a choice, Max," Linda protested again, gasping softly as Max tightened his grip. His fingers were like the iron bands of the cuffs he'd used on her yesterday. She leaned forward against the counter, just about ready to scream for help.

"I said you're my woman and you're gonna stay that way 'til I'm good and through with you, bitch, understand?"

His voice was loud, his words slurred from all the beer he'd been drinking. Linda saw his two buddies smirking at her from behind the pool table. Pain shot up from her wrist to her shoulder and neck. He was going to break her hand! Her breathing became labored as she jerked back.

The bartender came out from behind the kitchen area, zipping up his pants and spotting what appeared to be a fight starting between Linda and Max.

"Hey, Max, you control your lady friend. Don't start messin' around here," he said, raising his voice while squaring his shoulders.

Max had been caught. With a growl he released Linda wiping his hands on the sides of his thighs while still staring angrily at the woman.

With the cocktail waitress coming out just behind the bartender Linda felt somewhat safer. Max's friends grumbled something then went back to playing their game.

"I don't think there's anything more to talk about, Max," Linda said, straightening her suit. It had been an awful scene, one that, however, she had expected.

"I don't want to see you. If you try anything, I'll call the police. And if you try spreading stories about what we've done, I'll deny them all. I'm not going to buckle under anymore Max."

Her words, made his face turn red. Linda somehow managed not to show how nervous she was as she checked her purse, fished out the keys, then turned and walked briskly from the bar.

She could feel Max's eyes burning into her neck as she pushed the door open and stepped into the daylight. God, how good it was to be free of him! In spite of the wonderful times they'd had in bed, Linda was beginning to become terrified of the trucker. And their last sex scene with all the beating and degradation had finally became too much for her to stand. There was a problem of self image. How could she stand to look at herself in the mirror when she knew she'd cum while Max pissed and shit on her? Even now the thought of what had happened that late afternoon sickened her, made her shiver with revulsion. Yes, it would be some time before she could come to terms with herself on that one.

Suddenly, behind her, she heard the sound of rapidly running steps. Linda turned around in time to see Max and one of his buddies rushing from the bar toward her.

Linda staggered back, her purse slipping from her shoulder and falling to the ground. She half turned, running with both hands stretched out. She wanted to scream, but her vocal cords were paralyzed with terror. Her legs seemed to refuse to move quickly enough. It was as if she were running through mud. It was the same kind of feeling she had when having a nightmare and trying to get away from some terrible thing chasing her.

"Get away from me, eh?" Max snarled, catching her by one hand and drawing her close to him.

Linda found her voice at that point and started to shout.

"HELP! OH GOD, HE...!"

It was useless. Max reached around and pulled out a yellow handkerchief, stuffing the foul rag in her mouth while his friend moved around behind and held her hands pinned to her ass.

"Quick, get her inside the truck before somebody spots us," the buddy said.

"You're right, Sam."

The two men moved quickly, holding the struggling woman as best they could, half dragging her from the sidewalk behind several parked trucks. Max's truck was empty.

"Mrnmmmfffff!" Linda cried into the dirty handkerchief.

She tried to scratch Sam's hands as he held her arms tightly to her sides. At times she wheeled around, kicking back, nearly losing her balance in the attempt. But the men were strong and determined. They carried her quickly to a side door of the big truck, Max tiled holding her by himself. But Linda was quick to take advantage of the situation, breaking away partially and clawing her fingers across his face. Her nails left five long scratch marks on his left cheek, some of them oozing droplets of blood.

Max cried out, snapping his head back while still holding onto the struggling woman. Linda felt she was fighting for her life now. They'd torn her suit, dirtied her nylons, broken the heel off one of her shoes. Sam had been quick to pick up any of her articles of clothing from the street, opening the side door of the truck and throwing them in. Now, seeing her fighting with Max, the big trucker reached inside and pulled out several pieces of rope.

"Little bitch! See if you can get free from this," he growled between his clenched teeth.

Max regained his hold, keeping her quiet while his buddy tied her wrists together tightly.

"That'll keep the cat down," Sam said, admiring his square knot that was starting to cut off the circulation to her hands.

"Get 'er inside and you ride with her. I'm gonna climb in and get goin'," Max said as his friend hauled Linda up into the trailer, then slid the door shut.

"Hey, Max, what the hell was goin' on between you and the lady?" the bartender shouted from the door, smirking at him while wiping his hands on his apron.

Max shrugged as he moved around the front of the truck and climbed into the cab.

"Guess she just don't like me no more," he said, smirking while waving the older man off. "Gotta go back to San Berdu and make another run."

"You guys..."

Max started the engine with a roar, watching cautiously as the bartender disappeared back into the building. Max's other friend, Jack was still there drinking. He'd see if any one suspected anything. He doubted it. Bernie the bartender was so busy fucking Maxine in the back room he couldn't see his own dirty fingers. Jerking the gears into low gear, the trucker started the rig moving forward. He knew Linda was in for the time of her life now. Smiling, scratching his stiffening cock, spreading his legs to give his dick more room to stretch, Max knew something like this was going to happen. He'd spotted it early in the woman someone who enjoyed some slumming, then pulled back when things got serious.

"Yeah, she's gonna pay for this," Max said, running his fingers over his scratched checks, then checking in the mirror to see how much damage the blonde had done. Nothing too bad. Well, she was going to have more than just a few scratches for this. He chuckled, then broke out into loud laughter as he guided his rig carefully onto the freeway and thought about the woman tied up in back.

Linda meanwhile was struggling with Sam in the trailer. The vehicle was pitching from side to side. But that didn't stop the big blond trucker from trying to paw her, to fuck her.

Linda kicked hard at Sam as he tried to lay her open and crawl between her legs. She drove her right foot into his belly, sending the big man sprawling against the other side of the rolling trailer.

Grunting, Linda managed to spit out the handkerchief, roll aver onto her knees and start crawling away. Then she felt a hand grabbing one of her ankles. Linda tried kicking him away, wished she could work her hands free from the rough rope binding them together.

"Max said you like to fight back. Yeah, that's the way I like 'em, good, feisty slut."

Linda screamed as he pulled her back, rolled her onto her ass and threw himself on top of her. Her mouth was pulled into a tight scar while her scalp crinkled. He was bigger than Max a little more handsome, something like a German Nazi soldier who'd let his belly get filled with a little too much beer. But nothing could have turned her on at this point. They were kidnapping her, going to do something foul to her. She had to get away, jump from the speeding truck onto the freeway if she had to.

"No!" Linda tried kicking Sam again. But it was futile. He pinned her legs down to the floor with his knees, bracing himself so he wouldn't tumble over with the rhythmic rolling of the truck. Linda stared up at him, hating him with every ounce of strength she could muster. He was sweating, beads of perspiration rolling down from his short crew haircut and streaming down his cheeks and thick neck.


He crossed his arms and pulled off his sweaty T-shirt, revealing a broad chest and rounded beer belly.

"Dressed all up like some kind of Madison Avenue society bitch," he commented, fingering her frilly blouse which was now dirty and torn from the struggling. Sam laughed, then curled his fingers around the thin material and tore it open, revealing the cups of her bra and her bare belly.

"Nice, nice," he said, suddenly dropping down on top of her and biting her neck.

Linda cried out, beating her legs against his, feeling the tearing, pulling pain in her shoulders as he disregarded the fact that her hands were still bound behind her. She tried to tell him to stop, to untie her hands, to do something about the terrible agony racing up and down her arms and back.

But Sam wasn't interested in that. He ripped off the top of her suit, tearing the button from the waistband of her skirt off, ripping the zipper partially away from the material and working the bottom of her suit down over her narrow hips.

She felt his hands tearing, the material, his fingers pinching her skin while his knees kept digging into her fleshy thighs. Linda grunted, tried shifting position, working her hands into the small of her back to ease the pulling pressure.

But nothing happened to ease her distress. The big trucker had torn away her suit, leaving only her bra and white nylon panties left on her body. He laughed at her, then quickly spread both arms apart for balance as Max applied the brakes suddenly. Sam slid backward a foot or two, waiting for the semi to resume its bouncing trip along the freeway to an unknown destination.

"Better," he muttered, rolling his eyes up, then moving back to the helplessly bound woman. "Nice body. I can see why Max digs you."

He was almost politely formal. Linda shuddered when he touched her thighs, sliding his dirt encrusted nail along her flesh to the elastic leg bands of her thin panties. She knew he could see the hairs covering her cuntal mound. She saw his eyes widen, his nostrils flare, his tongue wash along his dry lips. Would he dare fuck her? What kind of relationship did he and Max have? Did the big trucker up front share his women the way he shared his drinks?


Sam slipped two fingers under the narrow band holding her two bra cups together. Pulling upward, Sam watched her closely, enjoying her fear, loving the way she wrinkled her forehead as the straps cut cruelly into her shoulders.


The bra split apart, the cups falling uselessly to either side of her body. Her tits lay like two large mountains on her chest, her nipples becoming strangely stiff and long. Sam dropped one hand down to hiscrotch and curled his fingers around his cock.

"Man, good hard nipples... just the way I like 'em," he muttered.

Linda rolled her head away, still working her hands together, feeling the rope start to loosen around her wrists. Sam and Max had been in too much of a hurry to check their square knot. While the trucker had been busy trying to tear her clothes off and fuck her, Linda had been moving her hands back and forth, twisting them around in circular motion, loosening the tie.

Sam stuck out his tongue, sticking it out and moving the pointed tip over her right nipple. Yes, yes, it felt good even from this animal that hot wet touch against her tit-tip felt good. It made her pussy grow tight again, making the region between her long white legs moist and swampy.

But she had other things to think about. She had to get away from these men. There would be other men, other times, when she could feel sexually aroused. This wasn't one of them.

Groaning, closing her eyes and moving her ass from side to side while spreading her legs seductively, Linda twisted her hands around a little more, this time managing to get some fingers into the loosening knot and finally untying it. God, she was free!

Cautiously opening her eyes, she saw that Sam was well into his own sex trip. He had his lips engulfing her stiff dark red nipple, his teeth gently nibbling around the sensitive surrounding tit-flesh while both hands caressed the sides of her body. Linda slowly pulled her hands apart, curling her fingers, getting ready to scratch her way to freedom.

"RRRRUUGHHHHH!" she cried, snapping her knees together, rolling to one side while bringing her hands swiftly up and raking her sharp nails across his face.

Sam shot back, covering his face with both hands while screaming in pain. Linda scrambled to her feet, rushing across the pitching, rolling trailer.

She had to get free, to take a chance on getting run over by the freeway traffic to get away from these maniacs.


The woman managed to grab onto the door handle, flipping the bolt open and drawing the panel back. A rush of cool air blew her hair back and stung her flesh. It was open! She could see the blur of the countyside -- miles and miles of tract houses -- covered with a thick brown layer of smog.

Thank God Max was on the inside lane. Ice plant and field grass lined the side of the freeway. The woman pulled the heavy door panel back a little farther, bracing herself, trying to muster the courage to jump.

"NO! NOQOQO!" Sam had recovered, hooking both arms around her and drawing her back. The two of them tumbled onto the floor of the trailer, fighting, shouting, kicking and scratching as the truck sped eastward. Linda's fate was sealed.

Sam closed the door.

Linda lay on the dirty trailer floor, one leg folded under her butt while she crossed her arms over her naked tits. Her hair hung in front of her face as she stared up at him, her eyes wide with fear and loathing. Sweat rolling down her flushed cheeks caked some of the dirt on her face. Linda knew she'd blown her last chance at liberty. Her moment's hesitation at the opened doorway had cost her much.

"Goddamned slut!" Sam said, rubbing his hands over his face. He'd laughed when his buddy was mauled by this hellcat. Now it was his turn.


He hit her hard across the face with a doubled fist. The blow sent Linda sprawling onto the floor, her head spinning while the sting of his hand brought tears to her eyes. He kicked her in the ribs, making her body roll over and over, finally crashing against the wall. Sam was swearing, walking unsteadily to her, grabbing her hair and yanking up until she was squealing, beating at his hands while her legs flailed under her. He pulled her back to the center of the truck, strands of hair ripping from her scalp. He hit the screaming woman with a quick, savage movement of the right hand. Linda squealed sharply and saw him unbuckle his belt, sliding it from the pant loops and doubling it up. No, oh no, not another belting! Her back was still sore. There were still marks from the last one Max had given her.

"Please... I'm so sorry, I..."

He lashed the belt across her tits, lashing both nipples at once. Linda's jaw slackened, a rush of air coming from her mouth. Her nipple felt as if it had been ripped from her boob.


Then Sam wrapped the leather belt around her neck, tightening it until she started to choke, her face turning a bright red. He slipped the tongue of the buckle into one of the last holes in the strap, laughing at the woman's frantic attempts to free herself by sliding her fingers up to the belt and tugging at the leather frantically. She was making gagging, coughing sounds, her tongue starting to wiggle while she tried to speak. She was on her hands and knees now, clawing at the air, her eyes bugged out. Her face registered the terror and pain she felt.

"P... PLLLEAASE!" she whispered.

Sam tugged the belt, dragging her all over the rolling trailer. Linda followed like a confused puppy, sometimes rolling over, her nails scratching at the floor, then the walls, then the air. There was no up, no down, no top, no bottom. Everything swam as if in a dream in front of her eyes while the leather belt sliced into her flesh, choking off precious oxygen to keep her alive.

Finally the woman couldn't go any farther. With a groan she collapsed on her side, her legs and arms twitching. The last thing she remembered seeing was Sam's face as he loosened the belt before it choked her to death.

Janice was sitting alone in the big living room, tapping her fingers nervously on one of the end tables, wondering where on earth Billy had gone to. No one had seen him around the school yard where she was supposed td meet him. Janice pouted, kicking the front end of the sofa in petulance, pouting as she thought of him with another girl. Why should she be jealous? They weren't going steady or anything like that. He was free to date just as she was. But he'd promised, and she'd been looking forward to meeting him.

A knock at the door! Janice jumped up, then steadied herself. She tilted her head back a little arrogantly, wiping her sweaty, palms on the sides of her skimpy bikini bathing suit -- one she'd purposely worn to excite Billy just in case he'd gotten a title too used to her body.

Play hard to get, she told herself, barely able to hide the excitement tightening her pussy and making her nipples stand up and poke invitingly against the sheer material of her bikini tops.

"Oh! Who are you?" Janice asked, stepping back while still holding open the door.

"Max. I'm a friend of your mother's. Can't come in?"

"I... I don't know. My Aunt Linda's not at home right now," she said, surprised her aunt would know someone as obviously low and dirty as this man. Then something struck her. The voice. The voice! It was the same.

"I'll wait," Max said, his eyes burning into the girl's as he opened the door, stepped in and locked it behind him.

The company had grown since they arrived in a small town just on the east side of Riverside. Sam had loosened the leather collar on Linda just as she passed out. Although he hadn't expected things to go quite that far he felt it was a mixed blessing. He and his buddy didn't have any trouble hauling Linda from the trailer into the small two-bedroom wood-frame house on the outskirts of the small town. Jack, the third man they'd left behind in the bar to check up on things -- arrived a half hour after them, assuring both Sam and Max that no one suspected a thing. All three of them took Linda into one of the bedrooms, laying her on a large old cast-iron frame bed and tying her wrist and legs to the supports.

"You guys can do what you want with her... but I want her in one piece when I get back with the niece, understand?" Max said, grinning, then turning and marching out of the house.

The two of them started to argue, each one thinking of some sexual act more revolting than the other. Linda listened, her heart pounding wildly while she wiggled her body back and forth, trying to loosen the roped chafing her wrists and ankles.

"I wanna fuck 'er in the mouth, man. I dig it. When I get a broad's tongue curled around my dick," Sam said, scratching his crotch. Linda stared at the roll of cockmeat pressing against the gathered material of his Levi's.

"Hey, man, I'm gonna have a crack at her ass first," Jack said, smoothing his fingers over her body.

"Oh, please, I have some money. I'll take it out of the bank when I can. Just let me go. You can tell Max anything," Linda pleaded wildly.

The men laughed, then talked further between them. Filially they agreed to hold off on fucking her in the mouth and ass for a while. Neither was too sure what Max wanted to do with her. Sometimes, Jack remembered, the older trucker liked to save the women sexually for himself, turning them over to his friends only after he'd satisfied his cock. Neither of them wanted to make Max angry.

Linda sighed, relaxing her muscles. At least she'd have a few minutes in respite while Max was gone.

"Man, we can have ourselves a little fun doin' a few other things," Jack said, winking at his buddy.

"Man, I gotta see what her mouth's like... man, just for a second," Sam said.

Linda's eyes widened when she watched him unzip his Levi's and shove them down to his ankles. Jack argued with him as he crawled onto the bed, kneeling on her arms while dangling his long, thick cock in front of her mouth.

"Hey, you didn't hear what I said. Max finds out and..."

"Who's gonna tell... you? Her? I ain't gonna cum in her mouth. Just wanna feel that pretty little thing around my meat," Sam said, his body shuddering.

Linda's nose wrinkled up as she turned her face away. The sour smell from his unwashed crotch was almost too much for her to bear. She gagged, feeling sour vomit rising in her throat. She couldn't imagine puffing that cheesy thing in her mouth, actually sucking on it!

"Take it, bitch," Sam growled, grabbing a handful of Linda's blonde hairs while straddling her bucking form.

Linda managed to let out one scream of protest before the spongy head rammed hard against her lips. She tried to keep her mouth closed... tried to keep that filthy, unclean thing out of her throat. But Sam was too strong for her, tearing the hair from her roots, then grabbing another fistful until she thought he was going to snatch her bald. With a groan of despair the woman gave in, slackening her lower jaw and letting him fuck her in the mouth.

"Ohhhhh, man, tight, hot, wet..."

Sam was off in another world, his head thrown back while his hairy ass started pumping back and forth. Linda choked, coughed, gagged, while her cheeks puffed out from the tremendous amount of dickmeat sawing in and out of her mouth. It was horrible, filthy! Her nostrils flared while she closed her eyes. Spittle frothed at the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her cheeks and chin.

Sam stopped for a while, moving his hips in a circular motion, stirring his rod in her throat. Once she felt him shoving down so hard she was afraid his dick would choke off all the air to her lungs. The woman struggled violently, arching her back wallowing her shoulders against the dirty mattress while grunting and coughing against his belly. His knees hurt her upper arms as they seemed to press down harder with each passing minute.

"Shit," Sam said, pulling back.

His cock slipped from between Linda's lips, bobbing furiously up and down. It glistened with her spit.

"Well, how was she?" Jack asked with mixed disgust and envy. He didn't dare fuck the woman in the ass. Sam could take chances. But he had been on the receiving end of Max's rage twice before. He had nearly lost his life the second time and didn't want to take any chances on a third.

"Good and hot, man, good and hot," Sam said, crawling off the bed and shoving his cock back into his pants. "You ain't gonna tell Max, are you?"

"Naw, I ain't gonna say nothin'. But she might," Jack said, his voice dropping as he nodded at the helpless blonde.

"You ain't gonna talk, are you, babe?" Sam asked, moving back to her.

Linda shrank against the mattress, feeling her scalp crinkle with terror. Her eyelids fluttered while her heart pounded so crazily. At first she couldn't speak, her eyes focused on those dirt encrusted fingers curling and uncurling.

"No, no," she managed to get out, rolling her eyes up to the trucker.

"Gotta be sure," he muttered. "Let's have ourselves some fun. Come on, let's get 'er outta bed for a while," Sam said.

Linda felt a wave of relief rush over her as they untied her legs, then moved up to her wrists and slipped the knots off her hands. Her first thought was to strike out at the two men. But as they raised her from the bed and guided her down the hall she knew it was useless to struggle. Whatever Sam and Jack had planned for her... whatever Max was going to do to her she'd have to endure. She'd survive all this... survive it somehow, then take Janice with her and leave the state. She could never continue living in this same city with those three men able to pounce on her and her niece at any second.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, her bare fact shuffling over the dirty wood floor.

"Just downstairs, baby. It's where Max was gonna take you anyways. We're doin' him a big favor," Sam said, stretching out one hand and turning the knob on a door to his right. A sharp, damp smell swelled from the darkness. Linda edged back, pressing against Jack's firm body.

"Ain't no problem," he said, pushing her forward. His fingers moved down to her ass, pressing into the warm resilient butt, flesh.

Linda cautiously stepped down, hearing the rotten wood creak under her feet. Sam and Jack stepped behind her one of them flipping on the light. Below she could see several bare light bulbs burning brightly, harply illuminating the cellar. There was a strange smell in the air reminding her of a kennel. It grew stronger as she climbed down the stairway.


"Hey, back Shadow." Sam said.

Linda shrank back again. A large black Doberman came bounding out from the shadows. She saw a makeshift bed in one corner. There was a bowl of water and another half full of red dog food. She watched the animal prance around the two men.

"Come on, boy, maybe later," Jack said, pulling the barking dog away from them and guiding him back to the bed.

Linda saw Shadow trying to jump up and lick the trucker's face, whining and whimpering when Jack slapped his narrow butt, shoving it down when the animal was messing up his bedding. Reluctantly the Doberman lay down, giving Jack's face a big lick, then resting his head on his forepaws and watching the three of them curiously.

"Good watchdog," Jack said.

"Get down," Sam said, pushing her toward an old-fashioned, high-backed wooden chair. There was something that looked like a small engine resting on a platform next to it. Linda walked over to the chair and sat down, folding one leg over the other. Her tits rested high and firm on her chest, her pink nipples growing darker by the minute. Could it be she was becoming aroused now, thinking of all the awful things the men could do to her down here in this cellar? Her mind whirled around with masochistic thoughts of torture and sex while her cunt creamed.

Linda felt a mini orgasm pass through her pussy. The only reaction visible to the men was a wrinkled forehead and one raised eyebrow. The sharp edge of that climax made her shiver.

"Man, I like those nipples. Nice, pink," Jack said, reaching down into his shirt pocket and pulling out a cigarette. He tapped it against the crumpled packet, then shoved one end into his mouth and lit it. The trucker blew out a long blue trail of smoke into Linda's face, making her cough. Her eyes stung.

"Yeah, let's see if her nipples can get as red as the tip, huh?" Sam suggested.

"Yeah," Jack laughed, bringing the glowing tip slowly toward her tit-tip.

Linda could have gotten up. She could have moved around to the back of the chair and screamed at them. It wouldn't have prevented anything in the end. They would have hogtied her as before and done their worst. But at least she would have had the satisfaction of fighting for her dignity, for her life. Instead she sat quietly, her eyes wide, her cunt clenching like a fist while her nipples hardened and turned a dark red. Yes, she was actually turning on to their threats.

"Oh no, no..."

Linda took deep breaths, then held one. This action made her tits stand out even more. She sat very still, not daring to move as Jack toyed with the cigarette. At times he brought it near to her face, laughing quietly as she flinched and her eyes watered. Then he moved it back down, down toward her cunt. At one time she could smell some burning pussy hairs as he seemed to be thinking of burning her cunt.

Then the trucker brought the tip of his cigarette to within an inch of her right nipple. Fear washed over the woman as she felt the heat starting to burn her tit-tip. It was starting to hurt. But deep down inside her Linda knew something else was happening. She was feeling intense pleasure from this... a pleasure akin to the kind she knew when Max fucked her brutally. The sight of the cigarette an inch from her nipple, the vision of the two hunky men watching her like hungry animals, was exciting the hell out of her. A shiver of delight coursed through her body. Sam and Jack smiled. The sadist in them was enjoying this to the fullest.

When Linda shifted her position, he moved the cigarette closer. Linda's mouth opened, but nothing except a rush of air came out. He touched the glowing tip to that rubbery nub. Linda stiffened, waiting for the pain to scald her brain.

At first there was nothing. Then a rush of intense cold was followed by heat and pain.

"EIYYYEEEEEE!" she screamed, kicking one foot out while knocking Jack's hands away from her tits. She overturned the chair as she stood up and whirled away from the truckers.

"No, baby, you gotta stay still," Jack snarled, throwing the cigarette away and smacking her face with his left hand.

"Oh God!" she sobbed, holding her injured face in both hands.

"Now back into the chair."

Her tit hurt, but there was nothing to be done. Reluctantly, fearfully, the blonde woman parked her ass on the chair, waiting for the next round of abuse.

There was more than enough rope in the cellar for their purposes. Jack took a six-foot length and crossed it over her neck, looping it around her nipples and crossing it again just under her large, high riding boobs. Linda felt him fastening the rope to the back of the chair. Her hands were next. Sam brought her arms down to the sides of the chair, binding both wrists to the splintery wood. The ropes were pulled tight. Linda's temporary freedom was at an end.

"You're... hurting me!" Linda cried.

She moved her head around, watching them bind her body. Yes, they were hurting her. But it was a pain she enjoyed. The rope around her neck, pressing against her ribs, leaving long red marks against her white flesh made her pussy grow moist again. It was beginning to swell open, juice seeping from the slot and wetting down her thighs. Linda curled her toes, scratching her ankles with them while flames of goodness licked up her legs.

Next Sam took another length of rope and looped it several times around both ankles, drawing them finally together and binding them to the bottom rung of the chair. Jack finished the binding by sliding a three-foot length around her waist and drawing it back tightly, nearly choking off the woman's diaphragm by fastening it to the chair with two square knots.

"Now, for the fun, eh, babe? You dig it, don't you? Man, all the cunts Max gets dig gettin' roped and branded spine ways, don't they, Jack?" Sam said, grinning mockingly at her.

The big trucker moved to that odd-looking engine to her right. Bending down, he pulled out a series of red and black wires, at the end of which were two-inch toothed clamps. In a flash Linda knew what they were going to do. That as a portable generator, the kind she'd seen in countless workshops.

At school, in the metal-working class, Linda had seen Mr. Browning the shop coordinator repair several of those. They put out a strong charge of electricity, and now they were going to attach them to some part of her body!

"No!" she shouted, her face reddening as the frantic woman thrashed helplessly in her bonds. Linda jerked her body from side to side, her tits jiggling, slapping together, falling apart, the chair squeaking several inches across the floor. No, no, they couldn't do something that cruel to her.

But both truckers only snickered, growing silent, as each one took a clamp and moved to either side of Linda.

"No," she gasped, her jaw firmly set as she watched the men open the clamps and moved them toward her swollen nipples. The nipple was still sore from the burning! She begged them to leave her alone, not to hurt her again. But they grew more excited, rubbing the cold metal up and down her reddening nubs. Linda shivered, sucking in a short breath. Sam was first, squeezing the clamp open, then letting it snap shut on the half-inch long nub.

"OOOWWWWW!" Linda's head snapped back while a hellish shock of pain shot through her tits. Linda quickly realized the more she moved, the more agony coursed through her body. Gritting her teeth, the young blonde woman managed to keep still while Jack clamped the other instrument to her sore nipple.

The wires drooped to either side of her, crossing over her belly, attached to the dusty little motor that both Sam and Jack were now inspecting. It was awful, terrifying to have something like this happen to her. The tugging weight of the wires hurt her nipples terribly. They were turning a dark red, almost purple, as the tiny grooved teeth bit into the sensitive flesh.

"Go on, baby, beg for it. Go on, ask us to hold up, huh?"

Linda kept her mouth shut. She wasn't going to egg them on, make them so excited they forgot they could kill her.

"Let's switch it on. Hold the back of her chair," Sam whispered softly.

Linda heard and braced herself for the shock. Snapping her head to one side, she shut her eyes, digging her fingernails into her palms. There was a snapping sound, then a strangely warm, tingling sensation in her tits.

"NOOOOOO!" The low current flowed relentlessly through, her nipples. Her small nubs swelled, ballooning out so much they threatened to tear from the surrounding flesh. Her nipples turned a darker and darker red, nearly becoming purple as more of the electricity sparked into her boobs.

The men watched with curiosity, Sam's hand on the small dial. He twisted it a little more counterclockwise, adding more juice.

Linda screamed harder and higher. The cords stood out on her neck while her head snapped back. Her long blonde hair splashed over her jutting shoulderbiades. Sweat streaked down her cheeks and chin, a little pool of it collecting in her navel. Her flesh glistened with perspiration. The pain grew more and more intense. Everything in her body seemed to be going out of control. Her rectal muscles tightened, then relaxed, only to tighten again, making her feel as if she were taking a shit. Linda cried out for them to stop, her feet dancing on the floor while more pussy juice seeped out of her holes.

"Give her some more," Jack said.

Linda thought she was going to lose consciousness. It was as if someone had punched her in the chest. The toothed clamps were slicing cruelly into her tit-tips while more volts of electricity shot into her. The wires jiggled back and forth while her body snapped and swayed. The ropes cut into her flesh as the girl struggled helplessly against the relentless current.

"No more! OH GOD, NO MORE!" she cried.

Then suddenly the current stopped. Linda nearly fell forward. The ropes kept her tied to the chair. Her cries turned into low moans as her blonde hair curtained her flushed face. They stopped, but she knew it was only a ruse. They were making her feel confident, hopeful that they would listen to her pleas for mercy.

Linda breathed deeply, rubbing her fingers. Glancing down, she saw the clamps had moved slightly, revealing the tooth marks in her flesh. The woman turned her head away, sobbing silently. How had she gotten into something as awful as this? Oh, how she wished she could wash away the whole episode of Max from her life.

"Give it to her!" Jack gasped quickly.

Before the sentence registered, Linda felt a sharp shock of electricity punch through her tits. The woman cried out like an animal, her body swaying jerkily from side to side, her fingers curling and uncurling uncontrollably. Something warm and wet trickled down her calf. She was pissing on herself, the piss mixing with her cunt juice as more and more electric current tore through her.


"Hey, man, cut it! She's gonna pass out in a sec," Sam said, turning the dial to off.

Linda slumped once again. For a second she wished Max would comeback. That would end this phase of the electric chair game. But then she knew things might increase, might become deadly.

"Man, I wanna have some of that ass," Jack said, running his hands over her thighs.

Linda flinched, feeling as if she'd been touched by something incredibly filthy. She knew he wanted to butt fuck her. The electricity might have been something better to endure.

"Hey, you know what Max gets like when..."

"He said enjoy ourselves, right?" Jack interrupted as he held a hand in front of him. He stuck out one finger, shaking it at his buddy. "And to me that means little mama here's public property, right?"

Sam shook his head, then shrugged his shoulders.

"I won't tell. And she's dead if she does," Sam said, turning around and seeing that the Doberman was sitting up now. He had his head tilted to one side, his long pink tongue hanging out one side.

He slipped the clamps off her sore nipples, something Linda nearly thanked him for. She felt the ropes loosening around her ankles. Finally the ropes dropped from her legs, along with the ones binding her torso to the back of the chair, the lines holding her wrists together and to the chair were the last to go. Linda couldn't muster the strength to try to escape. They knew this. They knew she was defeated, far too exhausted to try to make a run for it, let alone fight them in the cellar. She sat there, half slumped on the floor, waiting for the next horror.

"Get up," Sam snarled.

Linda tried, then fell bank to the chair, her arms hanging limply at her sides.

"Oh, I..."

"Damned bitch," Sam said, taking her by the waist and hauling her off the chair like a sack of shit. Linda's toes scraped across the dirty floor. They were taking her toward a doorway. Were they going to take her back upstairs, back to the bed where she could at least lie down?

"Hold her up. Shit, she's like a damn heavy weight relaxed like this," Sam grunted.

Jack moved behind her, hooking his big arms around her waist and holding her up while his buddy pulled out two leather cuffs with metal hooks dangling from them. Linda saw them hanging from his right hand as he approached her.

"Oh no, no..."

Not more chains! Not more ropes! The woman tried to straighten her legs more, to make a desperate attempt to get away.

But it was laughable. The men didn't even notice her struggle. Sam buckled the smooth, cool-feeling leather straps to her wrists. At least the material didn't aggravate her chafed wrists where the ropes for the past few hours had been cutting.

"Hitch 'er up," Jack said, nodding his head from one side to the other. He was indicating two iron rings driven into the wooden molding of the doorway.

Sam took first the right arm, then the left, attaching the hooks threaded through her cuffs to the iron rings in the doorway. Sam backed away, watching the woman's body sag slightly forward. Her arms were spread apart at about a seventy degree angle from one another, bound high over her drooping head. She could at least touch the floor with both feet, her knees bending slightly. Jack unzipped his Levi's, pulling out his hard cock. Linda felt she needed all the strength and determination to keep from blacking out. He was going to skewer her with that dick. The woman felt already torn apart, beaten and mocked beyond belief. And now...

"Let's see just how fuckin' tight your asshole is," Jack said.

He stuck out his right forefinger and slid it down between her quivering buttocks, Linda's eyes widened, her face becoming a mask of intense concentration. The cuffs moved back and forth over her wrists as her body swayed.


He was touching her butthole, his jagged flngernail teasing the wrinkled pink flesh, Linda blushed with shame as she felt the callused fingertip wiggling back and forth, sinking slowly into her shitter. Hot flashes radiated from her violated asshole, making her clit vibrate more furiously than ever.


The big man had stuck his finger up her asshole now up to the second joint. Linda's legs shot forward, the weight of her body suddenly being shifted to her aching arms. The pain was wildly excruciating and yet oddly exciting.


Her face was pinched, her eyes shut tightly as tears oozed out from under her long lashes. This was an awful humiliation. White hot flashes of agonizing pain brought more tears coursing down Linda's cheeks while the big man stuck more fingers into her asshole. When a fourth slipped in, scream after scream ripped from her throat, echoing off the walls.

"YIIIIIII!" Linda wailed higher as he yanked his fingers out, making her feel as if he pulled out her ass guts. He let her hang there limply for a while as he spat on his palms and greased down his eight-incher with spit.

"You got a real tight asshole," Jack said, wiping more spit from his mouth. "Gotta loosen that up for Max. When be gets here, he's gonna thank me," the trucker said, working his fingers lightly over his dick.

Linda sobbed and gasped, feeling a strange kind of excitement start to burn through her body. She tried to fight back. But how? How could she fight what were nearly overwhelming feelings? Her tits were so hot, ached to be touched. Red and black stars of bright light popped in front of her as she still tried to convince herself the men were forcing her to commit these foul acts. No, of course she wouldn't submit to something like this, not even from Max.

But hadn't she let him piss on her, shit on her? Hadn't she cum while he beat her with a belt, fucked her so cruelly she nearly cried with pain as much as with pleasure? Wasn't this horrible scene the culmination of something she'd been courting for years?

"Yeah, baby, yeah."

Jack squirmed closer to her, his cock slipping between her buttocks.

Linda's eyes widened while her lower jaw slackened. She felt his cockhead quickly find her asshole, press hard up against it. The young woman wriggled her hips, her ass cheeks bouncing sensuously against Jack's hot cock. The big trucker inhaled sharply, holding his breath while tightening his finger grip on Linda's thighs. The pressure against her butthole increased, the big man's dick bending slightly at the center.

"NOOOOOOO!" Linda cried, her head jerking back.

Jack kept on shoving, his groin tilted slightly up ward while his knees trembled. Finally the woman's sphincter muscles gave in, relaxing and letting the first few inches of the man's cock slip in.


It was the most painful thing she'd ever experienced! Linda felt as if someone had skewered her with a red-hot poker, almost disemboweling her. Her arms jerked the leather cuffs holding her in place while her feet danced frantically in all directions. Tendons bulged out as the woman screamed down the walls.

Jack ignored her screams and pleas, using his broad hips to force her thighs apart. He moved one hand under her ass cheeks, holding her closer and closer to his groin. The big man raised her a bit to aim his cock a little better. Linda was whimpering and gasping, even when he brushed her clit with his fingers.

"Oh, nice and hot and tight. Shit, this woman's a real slut, nice and hot," Jack breathed. He licked the nape of her neck, then started biting her. Linda moaned, feeling another inch of his slippery cockmeat slide into her shitter.


In a second Jack was all the way in her shitter. She could hear the slapping of his balls against her rounded buttocks. He was starting to saw in and out of her shitter, pounding her without any regard as to damage he might cause in her body. The pressures in her cunt and asshole wore building up. Linda was starting to enjoy this fully, pretending to be in intense pain and indignation when her pussy was really so hot it could melt steel.

The trucker reached around her thighs with both hands now, fingering her pussy mound, laughing when he felt it move like a tiny furry animal at the lightest pressure. He peeled back the outer labes, revealing the dark red moist meat. When be traced his fingers up and down her small inner cunt lips, Linda thought she was going to die. Hot flashes soared through her cunt, radiating to her asshole, then shooting back again. And swirling below her prancing feet was Shadow, his big head tilted back, his tongue hanging out invitingly, watching the woman struggling and twitching above him.

It had hurt her badly. But accompanying that hurt was a wonderful, thrilling sensation. The excitement was building in Linda. Her basic fear at this point was the power of her orgasm.

"Baby, you dig this, don't you. Come on, fess up. You dig it, right?" Jack panted.

"Oh yes! YES! Goddamn you, yes, I love it!" she panted. There, she'd said it! Let them think what they would of her.

Jack stabbed into her asshole viciously than before, pounding into the tight clutch of her shitter. Linda writhed from side to side, her body swaying. Qver and over Jack's cock pistoned into her asshole.

"Baby, you're killen' me. Man, she's too much," Jack said, slowing down for a second while flicking one finger over her hot little cunt.

Linda went out of her mind. She tossed her hips wildly, her head snapping back, her long blonde hair washing over her face and jiggling tits. Hot electric jolts -- more intense than those from the generator -- flowed from her sex spindle. Jack was toying with her well, drawing the maximum amount of pleasure possible from her cunt with his careful finger manipulations. Oh, how she wanted to be flat on her back, her legs scissored around the big trucker while her cunt was stuffed to the hilt with that fat dick. The image of that scene burned into her brain, actually intensifying the delight sparking around her clit now.

"Uhhhh... ohhhhh."

She was starting to feel her butthole tighten up, tighten up almost as much as her cunt. She was working her ass around in frantic circles -- at least as much as she could considering Jack was splitting her butt in two with his dick on her neck. He was close, close to firing his hot load in her butt.


Jack pumped faster and faster. Suddenly Linda felt a searing sensation shoot through her butt. It was so powerful it took her breath away. She couldn't control herself. Wailing, the woman felt herself topple over the brink. It was a double orgasm -- her asshole and pussy clenched, relaxed, then exploded into a fit of grasping again and again. Jack kept fucking her butt with his cock, then let out a few yelps, his signal that jets of white hot jizz were spurting into her shitter, scalding the sides of her bowels.


"Go for it, baby!" Sam encouraged.

When she was through, the woman hung exhausted from the hooks. They could have turned lions loose on her and she wouldn't have flinched.

"Take her down," Sam said.

"Ohhhhhh God, God."

Linda didn't remember much of what happened next. Hands moved along her arms, then she was gathered up and carried somewhere. She faded in and ant of consciousness, knowing only that she had had one of the most all-encompassing, powerful sexual experiences of her life. Soon comforting darkness enfolded her and within seconds she was asleep.

Linda had no idea how long she'd been out. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on the crumpled rags that had been Shadow's bed. The smell was almost overpowering. Oh, how her shoulders and arms ached! She tried to get up, then realized the men had tied her wrists together again. The ropes were scraping away what little flesh there was.

Blinking away the light fog of sleep, Linda heard the sounds of a struggle coming from the other end of the basement. She made out Sam and Jack, then realized in a flash that Max was back. But there was someone else there, a woman crying out for help. In an instant she recognized the voice as belonging to her niece.


Linda was filled with horror and despair. She'd done everything to keep her niece out of this. And now the girl was here, forced to endure what she had. And there was nothing in the world Linda could do about it.

"JANICE!" she screamed again.

Max turned around, his hands on his hips. He strolled over to her. Linda tried to struggle up, then felt back against the wall. She stared up at the big trucker with a sneer of contempt. Oh, how she hated him! How she wanted to plant her feet hard right into his balls, make him pay for what he'd done to her and what he was going to do to her ward!

"Janice's over there. You wanna see her?" Max slipped one hand under her right arm and half dragged her across the floor. Linda tried to gather her legs under her, tried to walk. But Max purposely kept her at such an angle she crawled, stumbled, was dragged to the opposite corner of the cellar. There she saw her niece.

"Oh, Janice," Linda said in a low, trembling voice. The girl's clothing was badly torn, her tits exposed, her cunt naked to the world. "Have they... done anything to you?"

"Oh, Aunt Linda, who are these men?" Janice asked, her eyes filled with tears.

"Boyfriends," Sam interrupted. "And we're gonna show you both one hell of a date."

Janice sobbed quietly, staring wide-eyed at her bewildered aunt.

Neither woman would ever forget what happened next. Linda tried to kick and bite at the men. But all three only laughed, pushing her aside whilethey finished with Janice's degradation.

Linda watched helplessly as her young niece was totally stripped, slapped several times across the face, then on her butt. Janice was constantly screaming, hitting back at the men, trying to kick them as they ripped her clothing off.

"Stop it!" Janice cried.

"Hey, don't worry. I ain't gonna let nothin' like that happen to you... not until I get a taste of that hot fertile cunt first. You sure dug me on the phone, know that?"

"What?" Linda asked, her forehead wrinkled up with curiosity.

"Man, one night I called up the house just for the hell of it and got this young piece of ass," Max said, running his fingers over Janice's thighs and licking his lips.

"Don't!" Janice wailed.

"And she answered," he continued, fumbling with his zipper. "Man, I started tellin' her what I was gonna do to her. And she couldn't keep still. Must've been fingerin' the shit outta her cunt. Now you're gonna find out firsthand, ain't you?"

"Man, do anything you want with me. But just leave her alone," Linda said as firmly as she could.

"Now, that's a tempting offer. But one I'm gonna pass up."

They fell on the girl like a pack of wolves. Sam had unzipped his trousers and shoved his cock into Janice's mouth before she could let out another shriek of protest. When he tried to back away, he slapped her several times, back-handing her, making the girl finally surrender to his dick.

Max told his buddy to move up. He didn't want to smell his ass when he stuck his dick into her slot.

"She ain't no virgin," he said, shoving three fingers up her cunt up to his knuckles and feeling around. Janice's knees shot up, clenching his wrists. "Hot... hot like you."


Jack was left to tend to Linda. He held her back, pinching her nipples at times, laughing at her and her niece as the girl was violated cruelly before her eyes.

"She's starting... uhhhh... to loosen up. She was a little tight. But she's been around. Not surprisin' with that kind of aunt around, eh, guys?"

Janice sobbed with shame and total humiliation. The dick was forcing her jaws so far apart they hurt. And Sam was kneeling on her arms, his hairy groin making it hard for her to breathe. That awful, big man her Aunt Linda knew was playing with here, forcing her pussy to stretch wide open while he toyed with it cruelly.

"Gonna go in," Max said.

He bent down, gathering her up in his powerful hands and tilting her thighs and ass up. With a downward thrust he drove his fat cockhead into her hole.

Janice let out a groan, nearly spitting out the dick while her body stiffened and trembled. Linda wailed, clenching her teeth together, wanting to get hold of a shotgun and blow them away. The cries and muffled screams of her niece were like knife blows to her.


Max drew back, then stabbed forward again, this time driving the full length of his prick in. Janice thought his cock was going to come out of her mouth, touching the other one already shoved in.

Max's prong was filling her snatch to overflowing. At the same time she felt her face covered by sweat oozing off the trucker's belly.

Janice writhed helplessly under the two men, agonizing to the pressure of hot, searing delight caused by that dick. Yes, delight, because like her Aunt Janice quickly turned on to abuse whether she was conscious of it or not.

"Man! MAN!" Sam couldn't stop himself. It was a fast cum, jets of hot jizz splashing into the girl's mouth. Linda wailed, turning her face away as Janice coughed and gagged on the bleachy tasting liquid. Spittle and spunk foamed out from the corners of her mouth as the big man hunched down hard, his balls pressing against her cheeks and chin. He squatted there for several seconds, then crawled off her, panting and moaning.

"Good head, baby, good head."

Janice spat out his wile stuff, concentrating now on her pussy. She gasped, tears big down her flushed cheeks as she felt Max's cock swell inside her. Oh, this was worse than the first time with Billy. She was dry when he'd started his fuck, although now some of her juices were starting to flow. Janice felt confused, enraged and humiliated, knowing her aunt, who obviously had been likewise abused, was sitting there, bound and helpless, watching her humiliation.


The steady thrusts of Max's dick inside her had built up wild sensations, sensations she had felt with Billy. Closing her eyes, Janice tried to picture that young man. Maybe that would help her cope with this horror.

"Stop it, stop it!"


Jack slapped Linda across the face, back-handed her, then slapped her again, this time with his fist. Her head swayed. Her brain swirled around like a whirlwind. In front of her she could hear her niece wailing, Max grunting and howling like an animal in rut.

"Yeah, that's it, move it around, baby, move it," he grunted.

"Like aunt, like niece," Sam said, shoving his cock back into his Levi's.

"Make me cum!" Max growled.

Janice felt Max's constantly moving cock continue its chugging trip back and forth inside her aroused fuck chute. Her thighs were spreading farther and farther apart. She moved her thighs, actually encouraging him now. It wasn't Max, it wasn't any of them. It was just the tight, hot feeling in her pussy that made her do this terrible thing.

Max pounded his cock even faster, feeling the hot white jizz boiling in his dangling nuts. His prick was growing harder and hotter because of the girl's moans. He pinched her tits, his ass rising and falling, the force of his fucking blows making her body shiver.

Jack was holding Linda around the waist now, fingering her pussy, growing hot while watching Max fucking the young teenager. Janice felt herself going insane with sensation. Max's hands were grabbing her asscheeks tightly, squeezing, kneading, pulling and tugging crazily. Then, going insane with excitement, he used one forefinger to slide into her asscrack. Little did Janice know Max loved fucking women in the ass. He certainly would have rolled her over and driven his prick hard and violently into her butthole if his jizz hadn't, suddenly boiled aver.


It was like having lava poured into her hole. Janice screeched, wallowing her shoulder blades against the floor while arching back up. Hot knife-like pains raced from her cunt to her asshole while her body quaked and shivered. Her asscheeka ground against the big trucker in a hungry dance for more.

"YEAHHHHHHHH!" Janice wailed.

The squirmy liquid blasted into her seething hole. The two of them for minutes howled and clawed, each one temporarily forgetting they were being watched by a mixed audience.

When the cum finally over, Max pulled out, wiping his slick cock against one of her thighs. He stared down at the girl and shook his head from side to side.

"Clean 'er up. Man, we been stayin' here too long," Jack said, glancing at his wristwatch. "We gotta get up to Bakersfield and make a run."

How could they? They were talking business just after they'd humiliated them so horribly! Max bent down and untied Linda's hands.

"Grab somethin' and get ready. We're gonna take you back. Don't worry," he said as Linda was about to say something. "We'll get in touch. Ain't gonna let a couple of hot pussys like you get away."

As the men gathered in one corner and had some beer from a cooler, Linda gathered her niece in her arms and tried to comfort her.

"Aunt Linda. Oh, I... I slept with only one man... before today. And that dog..." Janice hid her face in Linda's arms and sobbed hysterically. The older woman glanced nervously at the three men. No, they had some time, some time to pull themselves together. Exhausted, beaten, she still managed to find same strength to give to her young ward.

"Don't worry, baby, don't worry," Linda cooed, holding her niece tightly. "We'll get away. I'll get a transfer. We'll move to another place."

"Don't let your mother know, where we are. They'll never find us."

"Come on. It's gettin' dark. You can get back into your place without the neighbors seein' how you're dressed," Max said, looking at his watch again.

"Can you walk?" Linda asked.

Janice nodded, gathering her legs under her and standing up shakily.

"They'll never find us again," Linda vowed softly to her niece as she picked up several dirty blankets and draped them over their shoulders. But she knew there was another devil, one more powerful than Max, Jack and Sam combined. Would they be able to fight that one? Certainly they could never escape it.

Avoiding the dog, Linda stepped outside, her arms still around her niece. A beautiful night. Yes, she'd have to try, try to understand, then fight the sexual rage that burned in them both.

"I'm afraid, Aunt Linda," Janice whispered as they climbed in the car.

"So am I, but we'll make it," Linda said, wondering if her words sounded as unconvincing as they felt.


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