Her mother in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In HER MOTHER IN BONDAGE, Rhoda Williams finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself bidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Rhoda Williams suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact knowing she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

Marcie Williams stood in the small room, standing on tiptoe and peering out the window. She saw the fence -- tall, strong, topped with barbed wire. It looked forbidding. The barbed wire made her flesh crawl. The teenager wiped a tear from her eye and looked at the gathering darkness. She'd been in this awful place for nearly a day now. In the distance she could hear dogs barking.

"Oh God!" Sobbing, Marcie turned from the window, hugging her body protectively, wondering what on earth was going to happen to her next. Kidnapped! The word made her gasp for breath. The girl closed her eyes and fought down the terror rising in her throat. No, she couldn't give in to these vague fears. She didn't even know what these men wanted. All she remembered was some pounding at the door. Her mother wasn't at home.

"Oh, it's getting cold!"

Marcie rubbed her palms briskly over her arms, feeling the goosepimples. What possibly could these men want of her? Her mother had no money, not really. Rhoda Williams, Marcie's mother, was a widow who worked as a registered nurse at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. Her pay was barely enough for them to get by on. When those two men burst into the house, threw some cloth over her head and dragged her out the back door, Marcie couldn't believe this was really happening. What on earth could they want?

The girl sighed, wondering what would be in store for her. Stories of what kidnappers did to their victims, especially if they were young and attractive, flashed through her mind. They were animals. They'd strike tomorrow, or possibly tonight. It was inevitable. Marcie became faint with terror.

Stretching out an arm, the girl supported herself, trying not to think of this insanity. The thought of her being taken by force to this out-of-the-way spot was almost hilarious. For a moment Marcie thought her kidnappers might be sex fiends, taking her just for pleasure. Rut then they would have raped her in a moment, violating her in the car.

Instead they had tossed her inside a smelly room, then locked the door without saying a word!

Marcie was a fully developed teenager with thirty-six-inch, high-riding tits, a waspish waist, long lithe legs, and a pretty face framed by long, blonde hair. Her full tits and ass made many a man turn his head. Plenty of boys at school had wanted to fuck her too. But, miraculously, Marcie had managed to keep her cherry intact, fending off anxious studs with their crawling hands. Several times in parked cars they had managed to get their hands up her dress to cop a feel. But that was their last date with her. No, Marcie wasn't going to wind up in a maternity dress just because some guy wanted to get off.

She paced six feet in one direction, six feet in another. What were they going to do to her? If only she knew. Marcie thought she'd be able to face anything if only she knew!

The frustration, anger and tenor brought about a change in her that she found strange. Surprisingly the girl discovered her pussy was becoming hot and tight. The more she thought about her captivity and the possible horrors it could entail, the more aroused her cunt became. Why? Why on earth should this imprisonment delight her in this odd way? Marcie closed her eyes, passing one hand over her burning forehead. It was so confusing.

"What is this?" she moaned, swaying back and forth.

Glancing nervously around, Marcie sat on the floor, then she glanced quickly at the window then the door. She'd brought herself off many times before, thinking of one or two of the guys on the football team while moving her fingers through her cunt. This, she thought, would be a perfect time to take care of the bothersome itchy ache that plagued her now.

Her mother had told her that good girls don't "touch" themselves. That term was so outdated, especially considering her mother was a nurse. Squatting on the floor now, the girl pushed one hand under her skirt, her fingers crawling up the smooth silky flesh of her thighs until they reached her pussy hairs.

Marcie never wore panties, much to the dismay of her mother. She liked the sensation of the breeze wafting up against her cuntlips as she walked or ran.

Now, having no panties was convenient. Easing her ass back and forth, she touched her matted cunthairs. The girl straightened up, wriggling her hips to position her fingers against her clit. Contact was made. Marcie gasped, closing her eyes and feeling her cuntal muscles snap shut on her fingers.


Was this how a cock felt? In spite of her resolve not to let a man fuck her, Marcie was curious about men, about how they fucked, about how they felt when they were inside a woman. She and her girlfriends talked lots about that. But only a few had really gone all the way. Her high school, it seemed, was out of the mainstream of the sexual revolution. What they told her wasn't all that attractive. One of the girls mentioned all the pain and blood that followed her first fucking. It didn't sound at all attractive.

Now, as Marcie worked her hips back and forth, fucking her fingers while letting her head fall back, the thought of having a hard cock sawing in and out of her pussy didn't seem particularly horrible.


She raised, then lowered her ass, rubbing her clit. There were a few guys in school, Brad Harrington in particular, whom she wouldn't have minded going to bed with. Of course, this was all in fantasy. She was the kind of girl who would never go right up to some guy and ask him to fuck her.

Marcie closed her eyes and tried to imagine Brad naked. Once or twice she'd seen him at the highschool pool, his well-formed pecs wet, his strong muscled legs flexing as he dived off the high board in a broad graceful arc into the pool. Oh, God, how she wanted him now!


Her hips were working faster and faster. The slick sound of her pussy sliding over her fingers filled the tiny room. Her back was straight, her head thrown back, her eyes closed tightly. Marcie was fucking herself as carnal images rushed through her head.


Her fingernail brushed against her clit. Marcie felt the familiar hot/cold flashes tearing through her clit. She was cumming -- not fast, not hard, but cumming nonetheless. She couldn't stop. The girl kept at it even after the tiny orgasm made her lose her breath. She rolled her hips. Then, as another orgasm erupted, she lurched back and forth. She moved side to side, rubbing her hot cunt. Her knees snapped together, trapping her wrist as she fucked wildly, grunting like a stuck pig.

Brad. Brad!

She thought of him, and her hips worked faster and faster. She dug into her cunt harder. Then, with one final wrench, she was through. With a groan she fell on her side, her legs drawn up against her belly, her knees digging into her swollen tits.

Marcie sobbed, tears falling freely over her cheeks. What had happened was due to her strange situation. This wouldn't happen at home. No, it was only because...

Sound outside the door made her stiffen, straighten her back and sit up. Someone was approaching the room. Maybe now she would find out what was happening, why these strange men had kidnapped her.

When the door opened, Marcie saw a tall, thickly built man standing some four feet in front of her. She shrank back instinctively, drawing both hands up to her throat. His black beard and moustache and his long black hair made him look like the devil.

Marcie tried to shake away her growing terror, finding some courage to speak.

"Why am I here?" She sounded so weak, so tiny.

The big man didn't say a word, stepping forward and slamming the door shut behind him. He was handsome in a dark, rugged way. There was the faint smell of cigarette smoke and beer about him as he drew closer. He stopped in front of her. On the floor, Marcie saw that his boots were caked with mud. Where were they? They had kept the hood over her head all the while they drove from her house.

"Does it matter?" he finally answered in a deep voice.

His answer made her shiver. For the first time Marcie realized he was here to play with her, to fuck her. He didn't have to say anything. It was the way he stood, the way he looked down at her. The girl felt real fear creep along her spine.

As he took another step forward, Marcie drew back. The window light caught the man's face and upper torso. He was sweating, his eyes glistening with excitement. His forehead wrinkled and the skin around his dark eyes tightened. It looked as if he hadn't washed for some time, streaks of dirt appearing on his face.


It was a silly plea considering her predicament. But Marcie couldn't think of anything else to say. He was such a big man, bigger than Brad or any of the other guys at school. Then she saw a large, ominous bulge down his right pantleg. It was growing, throbbing against the dirty faded material.

Chapter TWO

Marcie drew back a little farther, feeling her heart pounding so hard she thought it was going to tear through her ribcage.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, the question stopping the big man's advance.

"What do you wanna know for, baby? We're just gonna have ourselves a little fun," he said, running his fingers through his long black hair. "And if you play it right, you can have a good time too."

Marcie let out a choked sob, drawing back until her ass was pressed into a corner of the room. She drew her legs under her butt. No, no, he can't rape her. She won't let it happen. It won't happen!

"You're gonna have one hell of a time with ol' Jack here," he said, pushing out his massive chest. At the same time he ran his fingers down his pantleg. His dick responded by growing even more, twitching under his touch.

"Ain't never had no woman complain about my cock once they had it between their fuckin' legs. You're gonna have one hell of a thrill. Bet'cha none of them high-school punks got a rod like this 'un," Jack said, unbuttoning his Levi's.

Marcie's eyes widened. She shook her head. "No, don't. I've never... never done this before."

Jack stopped unzipping his trousers, his sensuous lips curling into a smile.

"Yeah?" He chuckled, smiling more broadly. He licked his chops like a hungry wolf. "Well, baby, I'm gonna break you in right, so when some other guy fucks you, you'll know how to act," he said, approaching her again.


"Stupid little bitch," Jack growled.

When she hesitated, he grabbed her hair, filling his palm with several strands. Curling them around his fingers, he jerked hard.

Marcie screamed, her eyelids fluttering. Pitching forward, the girl was dazed. She scrambled about on her hands and knees, her fingers clawing at his offending hands.

Jack kept her, down, refusing to let her rise to her feet. He laughed loudly, watching the young teenager twist and writhe helplessly under him. At times, her fingernails scratched his hands badly, but the pain seemed to add to his pleasure. He dragged her about the room, yanking at her hair, threatening to snatch her bald then fuck her in the ass.

He jerked her close to him. He slapped her, cracking her lip. Marcie moaned, tasting blood. He growled, calling her all sorts of filthy names. Suddenly nothing but terror filled her mind. He was obscene, sick, someone who could very possibly kill her. She stopped struggling, falling back when he let her go.

"Nice, nice. You're gonna be so nice between my fuckin' legs," Jack whispered tightly, rubbing his cock again.

Marcie saw him raising his hand as if to hit her again. She tensed, scooting back to the wall. The big man advanced.

"No, don't..."

She saw his big hard-on, heard his heavy breathing. His eyes glowed evilly. It was awful! Nothing in her life had prepared the girl for this terrible ordeal. The more she trembled, the more he smiled. His big lips pulled back across his straight white teeth. The girl drew back, trying to flatten herself against the wall. Then his hand came down as if in slow motion. The shadow of that descending hand cut across the room. Marcie could feel the rush of air that preceded it. Then there was the sharp sensation of the blow.


Her head snapped to one side, her long blonde hair lashing across her face as her legs flew apart. Marcie's body twisted halfway around, one leg folding over the other. Her cheek throbbed while tears streamed from her eyes.

Jack let her lay there. The excitement in the room was rising quickly. Yes, excitement. Of course Jack was aroused. One look at his fly could tell anyone that.

But strangely enough, Marcie was feeling something hot, something warm and moist rising in her pussy. It was similar to the feelings she felt just before the kidnapper walked in. Was there some dark force responding to all the pain and degradation? Her head was too confused with such thoughts for her to think clearly.

Jack let her cry for a moment. Then he unzipped his pants, curling his fingers around the waistband and shoving them down.

Marcie let out a cry, her eyes widening when his big nine-incher sprang free and bobbed up. The tip was so huge, so red! Something was leaking from it. Her scalp crawled as she examined the thick blue veins pulsing on his long, thick shaft. Surely he couldn't be serious about sticking that... that thing into her! Maybe a woman who'd been fucked for years could take something that big between her legs. But she'd never had anything larger than her finger in her poor little pussy.

As Jack strode toward her, his cock bobbed from side to side, his balls swinging.

"No, you're not going to... to touch me with that thing, are you?" she whimpered.

"Naw, I gonna write a letter home with it," he snapped, throwing back his head and laughing. "Yeah, I can see you ain't never had a dick before," he said, his voice softening, trembling with excitement. "Baby, it's gonna be work. But I'm gonna shove this fuckin' thing in you if it rips you up."

The threat made her groan.

"Oh God, God..."

"That's it, baby, fuck while I make you bleed," he snarled.

When he approached her again, Marcie scooted to one side, whimpering. He bent down, holding her by the wrist, tugging her forward, pulling her to the center of the small room. Marcie's nostrils flared as she fell onto her side, her legs sprawled out.


He was on top of her, his pants still knotted around his ankles, his cock sliding over her naked thighs. The big man had pushed up her dress, wadding it into a knot around her waist. Still holding onto her wrist with one hand, he moved his other hand between her legs.

The sensation of a man's hand against her pussy drove her wild. Marcie screamed, jerking her legs apart as if they'd been touched by a live electrical wire. Her ass danced over the filthy floor as her rape began. And when his thumb rammed her cunt, cutting into the slick sensitive tissues, Marcie realized it would be a brutal one.

Chapter THREE

"No, stop it... STOP IT!"

But Jack wasn't going to stop anything. He kept fingering her pussy, pinching her cuntlips, tweaking her clit until, without thinking, the young girl thrust her hips down, imbedding his thick thumb in her hot pussy.

Jack grunted, satisfied he'd aroused her against her will. He enjoyed doing that, forcing women to do what he wanted, raping them at rim, then watching their attitude change when he slipped his thick nine-inch cock between their legs. What started as a rape would turn into a hot fucking session with women clinging to him in the end, begging him not to go.

He laughed at Marcie as she struggled under him now, beating his chest with her one free hand while trying to wriggle put from under his legs. No, she'd be begging him for more too, asking him to fuck her again long after his cock had spat out its heavy, hot load of jizz.

Marcie screamed with outrage as she felt his fingers shamelessly exploring her cunt. His hand moved from her pussy, smoothing over her sides, then landing on her tits. He tore the material from her bodice, exposing her bra-cups. Jack smiled, then slid two fingers under the small band holding the cups together. With a sharp upward thrust, he ripped the material, pushing aside the ruined halter.

"Nice, nice tits," he moaned.

Marcie's mouth was like a tight scar. Her forehead beaded with sweat as Jack lowered his head and started licking the peaks of her big tits with the tip of his tongue. She groaned, twisting her thighs more furiously. He kept on licking, dropping his mouth down onto her left tit and, sucking hard, gently biting around her areola.

Marcie felt his spit oozing down her tit, collecting in a small pool on her chest. Yes, yes, in spite of her disgust and terror she felt herself excited, enjoying his mouth on her nipples, wishing he would bite them harder, pinch them until she squealed with delicious pain. Oh, what on earth was she thinking?

"No, no, stop it!"

Jack drove his knees up against her ass, holding down her antis, stretching them high over her head while he kept talking filthy to her.

"Yeah, you feel real nice... real nice. Man, uhhhoooo, feels good havin' my cock slide through your pussy hairs, you know?"

He was obscene, foul, filthy! Marcie rolled her head away, trying to take her mind off her cunt. But her pussy was throbbing wildly. She felt her tense, tightly drawn cuntlips quiver each time Jack's cock slipped over them. Juice seeped from her velvety cuntal lining, oozing from her hole and running down into her asscrack. Surely he could feel her wetness, feel her juices bubbling out of her cunt and wetting down his cock and balls.

Jack dropped his head to her other tit and started sucking hard, biting her stiff nipple while flicking his tongue around the rubbery hard tip.

"Now, baby, now I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you. You ain't gonna be able to walk far a long while," he said.

Marcie felt his hips move around, felt his dick moving through her cuntal thicket. His cock was so huge. Surely it would tear her to pieces. When he spread her cuntlips, shoving his knees harder under her ass, the girl sucked in a deep breath and held it. Oh, to be violated this way, to lose her cherry this way to a complete stranger was terrible! Wallowing on the filthy floor, a foul-smelling brute pinning her down, beating her, pinching her while shoving his cock hard against her pussy -- all this made Marcie sick to her stomach as she tried to prepare herself for her first fuck.


Her eyelids fluttered open. She arched her back.

She kicked. He was going in, forcing that long thick thing between her legs. She squirmed, begged him to slow down, screamed out that he was going to kill her with that cock. But Jack only grunted, holding his breath and shoving hard.

His sudden forceful thrust sent slivers of pain along her cuntlips and her clit. She threw her head back, shouting for the help that would never come. "Yeah, that's it, baby, just keep it up, keep begging me to go slow. Sure, I'm gonna, go at my own pace, you little bitch!"

Chapter FOUR

She felt him moving around, centering his cock over her pussyhole. The girl tensed, waiting for that initial thrust, the one some of her girlfriends sat was the best and yet the most painful thing they'd ever felt before in their lives.

Margie felt his legs tense, felt his arms circle more tightly around her shoulders while his hips shot forward. She let out a strangled cry, spitting out a fine spray of saliva, as he pile drove into her hot little hole. The elastic wet tissues of her cunt spread, making room for his invading fat cock. Juice sprayed out, flecking the kidnapper's thighs.

The blonde teen thought she was going to go out of her mind. His dick touched her clit, setting off a series of mind-blowing spasms that made her scream, buck, scratch his back with her sharp nails. Jack reared back when he felt something holding back the forward drive of his cock. It was her cherry.

"So, you was telling the truth. Good. Man, I dig breakin' 'em in like this. Shit, you're gonna feel a real man inside you for the first time, baby. Ain't too many broads can brag about this one."

"Take it out! TAKE IT OUT!"

She wrenched one hand free, beating his chest with it, begging him to let her go. Jack laughed again, tensing his thigh muscles, drawing back, then letting his hard thick shaft fly forward again. "Aiyyyyeyyyyeeeee!"

There was a tearing sensation deep in her belly. He was tearing her cherry, ripping it to pieces with the flared spongy head of his cock. The girl shrieked again, her body quivering as if she were having some sort of fit. Then Marcie relaxed, her arms falling limply to her sides. She felt Jack's cock burrowing deep into her body, pushing aside her virgin tissues, tickling her aroused nerve endings. When she felt his balls resting against her ass, Marcie knew his cock was all the way inside her! Nine inches of dickmeat inside her! The thought made her shiver again.

Jack stayed still for several minutes, letting her get used to his cock. Then he moved his hips, grunting with satisfaction when he felt her move her thighs in response.


Marcie was coming around. The sharp pain had become a dull ache. Slowly she began to feel a tight, itchy sensation. Her ass was moving. The girl was resting on his prick now. Jack had drawn his cock back to the most sensitive part of her cunt. The ridge along the underside of his cockshaft was stimulating her pussy nerves.

Marcie felt her cunt muscles contracting, milking lightly at him without moving her hips. It was something she had never felt before! Jack loved it! He looked down at her with mocking eyes, shifting his powerful hips from side to side so his cock stirred in her pussy like a giant spoon.

"Dig it, honey? Don't you dig havin' my cock inside you? Feel real nice?"

His mocking words made her face burn with shame. Yes, yes, in spite of her anger, in spite of her intense feeling of humiliation, she loved having his cock working inside her! But surely all these sensations were because of her kidnapping, because she was confused. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't be acting this way would she?

The rising heat in her cunt made her move more sensuously. Jack led, but she followed in a perfect rhythm. Soon she was off in another world, not even thinking about him, about her mother, about her friends. A force had taken over. She was arching her back as he pulled his cock outward until the knob of his cock tugged at her outer labes. It was too much for the girl to stand.

Marcie was clutching wildly at him, her fingers scratching his handsome face, her legs curling around his and drawing him closer. She was stuffed to the hilt with dickmeat, so full that she was sure the head of his cock would be coming out of her mouth soon.

"Fuck... fuck..." She was saying things she couldn't believe. As Jack whispered about how hot her body was, she begged him for more dickmeat. And when his balls rolled over the bottom junction of her cuntlips, the girl thought about all that hot jizz stored up inside. She wanted to feel it spraying inside her, spattering over her pussy walls, filling her up.

"Baby, move that ass... yeah, just like that," Jack said.

He'd slipped one hand under her ass and was drawing his fingers down the crack to her shitter. She danced her ass around, moaning when his finger slipped into her asshole up to the second joint.


A mass of tension swelled like a balloon inside her. Cuntjuice poured out, squishing from her hole and dripping onto Jack's jiggling balls. Yes, yes, she wanted him, needed him. He was right. He had her begging for his cock. The girl felt her body turn into a rubbery, melting mass of clinging fluid. A whirling ball of sexual hunger spun out of control somewhere in the middle of her body.

"Huhhhrr! Huhhhrrr!" she cried with each thrust of his cock.

Is response Marcie tossed her hips in wild abandon. The simmering heat miter pussy was threatening to boil over soon. She started holding her breath, knowing her pussy was going to pop.

"Fuck, baby, yeah, gonna dump it... gonna pop!" Jack groaned, biting her earlobe and flicking his tongue inside.

Her cunt felt so full. His pistoning cock rammed in birder and faster. Her pussy mouth hurt from the friction from the brutal fucking. This was the first time she'd ever had a man inside her and he was going at lips if she were some experienced slut. But, of course, what did he care? She was the victim, subject to whatever ho wanted to do to his.

Marcie's enjoyment was something that didn't matter to him. Jack cared only about his dick. How she got off -- if she got off at all -- was her business.


The shame, the horror of cumming, actually reaching orgasm while under these circumstances knifed through her. Jack came, his fingers bruising her arms she held on for life and fired his hot load into her snatch.

"Take it, bitch! Take it... all of it!"

Marcie wept and struggled, her fists striking the big stud. Waves of ecstasy ripped from her cunt, going to all muscles in her body. She kicked and bit and clawed at him as the massive thrusts of his cum-spurting dick seemed to last forever. Her cunt was wet, hot and milking. The girl thrust up against his body, wailing and screaming while Jack held her pinned to the floor.

How long her obscene, grotesque climax had lasted the girl didn't know. When it was over, she found herself alone. She peered down at her cunt. Her pussy was still wet with her juice and his cum. Dots of pink flecked her thighs, signs of the bloody fucking she'd just endured. Sobbing, wiping the tears from her eyes, Marcie pushed down the torn remnants of her dress, holding up the material to cover her tits.

Jack was standing quietly in the corner. His cock was back in his trousers.

"Enjoy yourself?"

The question stung her pride. Yes, she'd enjoyed herself immensely. It was one of the best thing she'd ever felt in her life! But she'd never tell that animal a thing!

"Won't talk, eh? Well, it don't matter much. You did enough talkin' when we were fuckin'. Man, I knew you couldn't get enough dickmeat especially mine," he said with satisfaction.

Marcie flushed beet red. She curled her fingers, digging the nails into her thighs. No, she wasn't going to let them get to her. Alright, one of them fucked her, fucked her so well that he had her begging for more cock at the end. But they couldn't do more to her. Now they'd had their fun. Surely she'd find out what they wanted and, if it were possible, she'd get it for them somehow.

"Now... will you let me go?"

Jack grunted, wiping his lips with the back of one hand. He looked sneeringly down at the young girl. Marcie drew back, never before feeling this low, this insignificant before.

"Wanna know why you're here, huh? We've been watchin' you, you and your fuckin' old lady for a long time," Jack said. He was enjoying this, watching the shock and horror register on her face as his words sank in.


"You don't remember me, do you? At the hospital? I'm Jack... used to deliver laundry up to your mother's floor?"

Marcie felt her mind whirling around and around. She found herself holding onto a table leg as if to steady her thoughts. Laundry? Her mother's floor? Wait, wait a minute! She leaned forward a little, narrowing her eyes and studying the big man standing before her. She couldn't be sure. But... yes, yes, he looked familiar!

"I... I think so. But what does that..."

"Me and my brother wanted to have a good time with your old lady... maybe even with you," Jack started, his smile fading. "One night in the elevator I made a pass at your mother -- nothin' big, just a little pass. And man, did she get bent!"

The big stud rolled his eyes, his hands on his thighs. He snorted out a laugh, his smile completely fading.

"She called the hospital security. Security!" Jack repeated, his bushy black eyebrows knitted together in anger. Marcie trembled for her life. For a second she thought the was going to kill her. Jack calmed himself down, smoothing his palms over his Levi's.

"She lives alone... alone with me. She's afraid of... men," Marcie whispered.

"Don't matter. They came runnin' up and took me away. Shit, I was lucky they didn't throw me in the slammer. They just threw me out of the hospital. Man, that was all I had to live on."

Marcie already saw the reason for what had happened. She hugged her body tightly again.

"My brother got in as an orderly a couple of weeks after I got canned. We decided we were gonna teach your old lady a lesson... her and you," Jack said, grinning down in triumph at the girl.

"But I..."

"Shaddup!" Jack snarled, slapping her.

Marcie screamed, the blow stinging her cheek. She struck the wall. Lying there and moaning softly, Marcie wondered how her mother would escape this horror. Jack's brother undoubtedly was dogging her mother, waiting for her to be alone so he could pounce on her the way Jack did.

"But you brought me here. Why?"

"None of your fuckin' business for now. Better get used to it, bitch. It's gonna be your home for a long time," Jack said, hitching up his pants, then backing out of the room.

Marcie lay still after Jack had slammed the door shut. She listened to the fading footsteps. Now she was alone, alone to think of her shame, alone to rehash all that had happened to her. When she thought of Jack's hammering prick, when she thought of the brutal way his dick had torn away her cherry, the girl sobbed. Marcie covered her mouth, stifling the hysteria rising in her. No, no, she would survive all this. Soon they would be after her mother, possibly bringing her here. She had to be strong. Her mother, God only knows, lived in a Never-Never land where things like this just didn't happen.

Chapter FIVE

Rhoda tapped her fingers nervously on the kitchen table. Marcie should have been home hours ago. It was nearly seven-thirty. Her daughter had been increasingly difficult to handle. But she wouldn't have stayed out this long without a phone call or at least a note!

The attractive nurse put both hands to her mouth, sighing deeply, wondering if she should call the police. She hated to put them on a false track. But really, this was going too far even for Marcie.

Brushing away her fears, Rhoda reached for the receiver, then dropped her hand. No, she could just see her daughter's face, red with anger, as two armed policemen escorted her to the door. Already Marcie had told her she was too old-fashioned, not letting her go out as often as she wanted.


Rhoda jumped, nearly overturning the kitchen table chair she was sitting on. A noise in the doorway startled her. Oh, it was only the dog.

"Come here, Rex. That's a good boy," she crooned, scratching the large Irish Setter's ears. At least this was one being that didn't turn away from her. How it hurt Rhoda to see her daughter growing distant from her. She'd given her life to raise Marcie. Everything she did, she did for her daughter. And now the teenager was... she didn't want to think about it any more. Petting the big dog's head, Rhoda straightened up, running her fingers through her long blonde hair. She decided to climb out of her white nurse's uniform, take a shower, then see if her daughter had returned home. If not, she'd call the cops.

"No, no!" she said, smacking Rex lightly on the head.

He was swirling around her feet, rubbing his body up against her ankles.

Rex whined, stopping at the foot of the stairs and tilting his head to one side. Rhoda climbed halfway up, turning around and shaking her finger at him again.

"No, bad boy. You stay down there and guard the house," she said.

As she resumed her climb upstairs. She entered her bedroom and looked at her reflection in the full length mirror.

"No, you're not so bad-looking, Rhoda," she said softly as she reached behind her neck to unzip her uniform.

Men. Once again someone had made a pass at her. At least it wasn't some filthy laundry man. This time it was Dr. Jack Warner, one of the hospital's hot-shot interns. It's amazing how, fast they work, she thought, stepping out of her formfitting outfit, then reaching down and pulling off her panties. They had only gone two floors and he was already pawing her. Rhoda tried to push him off her without offending him. After all, she depended upon the good will of the medical staff to make her job easy.

But Jack Warner was insistent, rubbing her ass with one hand while touching her tits with the other. Her pussy warmed to him, grew so hot and moist that she nearly fainted from the sudden feeling. It was something she'd told herself she would never feel again. No, she was too busy raising a daughter and building a career. But there it was, sex raising its ugly head in the hospital elevator. Once she thought she felt his hot dick brushing against her leg. But, of course, that was an illusion.

Finally she got rid of him by promising a date for next week. Having reached behind her and unhooking her bra, Rhoda looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, she could understand why Jack Warner and others have been after her. She was still a good-looking woman for thirty-eight -- hell, for any age. Her thighs were still slim and firm, not blotched with ugly stretch marks. Her full tits rested high on her chest, her dark-red nipples stiff just from her thoughts on Jack Warner and his pass in the elevator. Between her thighs was a thick bush of blonde cuntal hairs, just behind which she could make out the dark pink, moist lips of her cunt.

Yes, yes, she could see why men were after her. Her fingers trailed lightly along her tits, barely touching her nipples, then ran down her navel to her cunthairs. Oh, how good it felt to brush her fingertips over her pussy hairs. The subtle movement of her fingers against her swelling cuntlips made the woman shiver with delight. All these years without once having gone to bed with a man. She must have been crazy! Now she could see her foolishness. As she stood there stark naked in the middle of her bedroom, she began to realize just how foolish she'd been. Surely there would have been ways to go out with a man without upsetting Marcie. She'd been so nervous about that, about her dating having an adverse effect on her daughter.

Well, all that was over. Marcie was old enough to understand. She'd been perhaps overly strict with the girl. There was no sense in her being a hypocrite. Yes, she'd ease up on her daughter, let Marcie do more of what she wanted to.

Marcie! The thought of her absent daughter brought her back to reality. She'd shower quickly, then call the police. Surely something must have happened to her!

"Dear God," she breathed, resting heavily against the wall.

She heard her breath coming in shallow, uneven pants. Had he excited her? Had his touch aroused her pussy even more than it was? Rhoda held her head in both hands, moaning softly. Maybe it was everything... her encounter with Jack Warner today, her daughter's disappearance. All these events were confusing her mind, making her feel things she shouldn't.

Rhoda walked unsteadily to the bathroom. She needed a shower, some cold water to temper her thoughts.

"Oh, hell."

Rhoda shrugged her gown off, bent down and turned on the water. Stepping into the shower tub, she let a cool spray of water wash over her pussy. Immediately she felt a pang of protest from between her legs.

Shaking the woman reached up and concentrated the spray of the shower nozzle on her cunt. No, she couldn't be feeling arousal with that animal around. Now she knew what he was up to, what all that rubbing had been about. He wanted to mount her, to... to fuck her! The thought sickened Rhoda.

As she twisted under the cool spray, reaching out and taking the soap from its dish and lathering her body.

Rhoda felt her blood run cold. The voice had shot out of the dark, down the hall, in the direction of her bedroom. Someone was there. Rhoda gathered the gown more closely to her body, stepping back until she touched the wall. Her heart was beating like a trip hammer while sweat broke out all over her body.

"Who... who are you?" she asked haltingly, feeling her breath catch.

"Out for you."

Footsteps! He was coming closer. Rhoda shrank away, one hand sliding along the wall. She edged toward the bathroom. Big... strong, that she could see from his hulk.

"Don't try nothin' funny. You ain't got nowheres to go. Ain't nobody home 'cept you and the mutt."

"Rex, help!" she cried as the big man came into full view.

He was tall, unshaven, well-built, with a broad, smooth-shaven face that radiated brutality.

"He ain't gonna help you," the big man said. "We knew you had a mutt... you and your daughter."

"Daughter... oh God, Marcie..." Rhoda whispered, holding her hands cupped over her face. He was beating on the wood. The sounds of the hinges splintering filled her ears. She backed away, her vocal chords paralyzed with fear.

"Lemme in, you fuckin' bitch or I'll tear you up, cunt."

Rhoda turned around and ran for the cabinet. Frantically she threw open the mirrored door and searched for something, anything, she could use as a weapon. The door was caving in under his heavy, insistent pounding. The bottom was buckling in, pieces of freshly splintered wood dropping to the tiled floor. She turned and watched the door slowly gave way. Terrified, the woman spotted a drinking glass. It was a desperate chance, but her only one. Rhoda held it tightly in one hand after having wrapped a small hand towel around the rounded base.

As the top hinge popped free and the door threatened to cave in at any second, she drew her hand up, wincing and holding back her face as she struck the edge of the glass against the sink. It shattered, leaving a long pointed shard in her hand. Rhoda braced herself, mustering every ounce of courage and strength she could, as the door finally gave way and crashed to one side.

"There you are, you Goddamned..."

The big man stopped in his tracks, several feet away from the desperate Rhoda. She ground her teeth together, bracing herself, moving the makeshift weapon slowly from side to side.

"Come one step closer and I'll draw this thing across your face," she hissed.

"Hey, lady, hey," he said, chuckling and backing slowly away. "I ain't, gonna hurtcha... really. I just wanted us to have some fun."

"Where's my daughter?" Rhoda asked. "Listen, I was just kidding," he said, spreading out his hands and smiling nervously at the approaching woman.

"My daughter!" Rhoda said louder, feeling a surge of power propelling her forward. "You good-for-nothing animal, what've you done with her?"

She was lunging, holding the glass in front of her, sweeping it close to the man's face in broad arcs.

"You tell me, tell me or..."

"Hey, everything's all..."

He moved quickly. It was the fastest movement she'd ever seen in her life. He kicked and the toe of his boot struck her wrist. The glass and towel flew from her fingers.

Rhoda backed away.

"Now let's see you get so fuckin' feisty," he said.

Rhoda screamed. The tiny bathroom seemed to fill up with him as he stumbled in, his hands stretched out for her. She turned and grabbed at the shower curtains for protection. Then she felt powerful fingers around her throat, yanking her back. The plastic curtain hooks ripped from the pole as he twisted her around.

"Now it's my turn, slut!" he barked.


Rhoda managed to cover her face, half blocking his blow. She fell to the right, her feet sliding out from under her.

"UGHHH!" the woman groaned, her head striking the toilet bowel. She was sprawled on the floor, her legs wide apart.

"Not a bad way to start you off. You gotta listen to me, bitch, or I'll take care of you," he snarled.

Rhoda was stunned. She felt him curling his fingers in her hair, yanking her head up. The woman groaned, feeling herself being turned around, being draped over something. It was the toilet bowl. She found herself looking into the shallow clear water, her elbows resting precariously on the edges of the plastic seat. He still had her by the hair, telling her she was going to learn a lesson she'd never forget.

Chapter SIX

He forced her head down, wedging her body between his powerful legs and forcing her head into the toilet bowl!


She fought him, stiffening her elbows, tensing the muscles of her arms, trying to push back with her knees. But he had her wedged in. He raised his right hand and slapped her hard on the back of her head, dazing her for a moment.

"Get down there, bitch! Down where you belong?" he snapped.

Rhoda let out a groan, her elbows straining. He was holding her head with both hands now, his knees pressing hard against her sides. Something very cold and wet was brushing her nose and forehead. God, he was shoving her head into the toilet water.

"No, please..."

She felt his fingers tighten against her skull. Then there was nothing, nothing but the sensation of cold water washing over her face, her ears, the back of her neck. Rhoda held her breath, struggling desperately, clawing at the cold porcelain bowl, fighting for her life.

A strange buzzing sound began in her head. Her lungs felt as if they were going to burst. He was moving her head from side to side, her face striking the edges of the bowl. Her hair floated like a halo around her head. No, no, she couldn't die this way! It was too awful! Again she fought desperately, slapping back with her right hand, pushing up with her left. The buzzing in her ear increased.

Then she felt the water rushing around her face, crashing into her nose and eyes and mouth with a roar. He flushed the toilet, jamming her head down farther until her nose was flat against the bottom drain.


When the water reached low level, Rhoda was able to let out her breath, cough, gag, then suck in another deep breath before the bowl started to fill with water. Just as the water reached her ears, the big man pulled her back, throwing her flat on the floor, folding his arms across his big chest and laughing at her.

Rhoda couldn't speak. She held her belly and gagged, coughing violently, sucking in air so hard that she was hurting her chest. Her hair hung in blonde wet tangles around her neck. Water cascaded down her chest to her navel and pussy.

"You're not gonna fuck around with ol' Brad no more, are you?"

Rhoda shook her head back and forth, still holding her belly. It seemed as if she couldn't get enough oxygen to feed her air-hungry lungs. She didn't care what he did or thought at this moment. The woman wheezed and choked, glancing sideways at the toilet bowl, then up at Brad.

"You... pig," she choked out, regaining her normal breathing.

Brad's face darkened. He gave her another brutal slap across the face. The blow was so violent that it sent her sprawling across the bathroom floor. She stared malevolently at the big man. The sting of his palm throbbed on her cheek. But still she felt anger rather than fear at this point. How dare he do this to her and her daughter? What right did they have?

"You're a pig, whether you beat me or not!" she shouted defiantly, brushing back some wet hair that had fallen across her face, "You're nothing, you hear me, nothing!"

Brad looked as if he could kill her. Then his face relaxed, his sensuous lips curling into a smile.

"You're nuts, you know that, baby? You're really crazy. Nobody says shit like that to me and gets away with it." His fingers tapped against his thighs.

"What are you going to do, shove me back in there?" she asked, pointing at the toilet bowl.

"Better stuff," he said, grabbing her by the wrist.

Brad hauled her up, dragging her out of the tiny bathroom and down the hall. She followed reluctantly, pulling back, at times swinging one foot around and trying to kick him. Rut he was much stronger.

Rhoda stumbled along the dark corridor. He swung her around when they reached a bedroom, throwing her through the doorway as if she were a sack.

"Get down there, baby, on the bed," he said, going up to a dresser and pulling open the drawers.

Nervously the woman did as she was told, sitting on the edge of her king-sized bed and watching.

Brad fished through various drawers. He sent up a rain of panties, bras and other personal items. When he turned around, Rhoda saw he had several pairs of nylons draped over his arm.

"Get back and on your fuckin' hands and knees," he said derisively.

Brushing away tears of anger and fright, the woman turned around, getting on her hands and knees, exposing her cunt and asshole to that animal. She heard him laughing, then move up to the bed. The mattress sagged as he slid onto the bed, making her hanging tits sway back and forth. Her stiffening nipples nearly touched the soft coverlet.

"We're gonna have a real good time," he whispered, looping the nylons around her wrists, then threading them through the wooden ornamental rods in her Spanish-style headboard.

Rhoda sucked in a nervous breath.

Brad was thorough, tying the nylons tightly to each wrist, then fastening the nylons to the headboard. He looped one long stocking around her knees, making sure she couldn't move them.

Rhoda was breathing heavily, feeling her flesh grow hot and wet from nervous anticipation. The longer he didn't do anything, the worse it was. She turned her head, peering over her shoulders, seeing him fishing in his pocket for something.

Brad smiled more broadly at her when he saw her staring wildly at him.

"Ready, baby? Man, I know you're ready for some action. Bitches like you scream a lot, but they really dig pain, know what I mean?"

"You're sick, sick!" she shouted.

Brad shrugged, pulling a silver lighter from his pocket and smiling. He toyed with a child-like fascination with the lighter.

"Well, baby, if I'm sick, then you're in one hell of a lotta trouble, right?"

Rhoda felt her flesh crawl. She cringed. He had something terrible planned. He was only playing with her, watching her reaction, enjoying the way she cringed, the way she looked at him with wide, terrified eyes. She shuddered. For some strange reason her pussy started to tighten and flutter. Rhoda remembered she'd read somewhere where extreme danger or anger could actually produce sexual arousal in a person. The hormones or something go wild, producing all sorts of strange side-effects.

Her tits moved from side to side, her nipples growing long and hard. Her breath became more labored as Brad flipped open the top of the lighter and gave the tiny wheel a flick. A tall red-orange flame shot up, flickering. Rhoda knew he was going to burn her with that thing, knew, it without having to be told. And grotesquely this thought aroused her further. Her cunt dampened, juice seeping from her velvety little hole. Droplets clung to her frazzled blonde cunthairs like dew.

Brad saw her, saw her arousal. He felt his cock stirring in his trousers. He reached down with his left hand and gave his stiffening cock a squeeze.

Rhoda sobbed, tugging at the nylon bonds. She twisted back and forth, trying to tear free. But the silken material only tightened the more she struggled. Her cheeks flushed, her pussylips became hot, slick, bloated. Brad moved the lighter back and forth in front of his face, the light from the flame making his rugged face appear lurid, hellish, as if he'd just risen up from hell with the express purpose of torturing her.

Rhoda begged him to loosen the bonds that were starting to cut into her flesh. But he ignored her. Instead he sat on the edge of the bed, moving the flame back, back to her bouncing ass.

The woman suddenly became quiet, her face a mask of intense concentration. She didn't even dare breathe too loudly as she felt her ass warming. He was moving the fire closer and closer to her sweaty flesh. Rhoda wanted to scream, but she knew it was futile. Looking back, she saw the slim flame dancing back and forth, inches away from her thigh.

"You like heat, baby? You enjoy having this close to you, keeping you warm? Lots of girls dig fire, know that?" Brad said with a chuckle.

He was going to burn her ass! Rhoda sobbed, jerking her head around and closing her eyes tightly. He was going to burn her, disfigure her, mutilate her in her own bedroom! The thought made her retch. She pulled back on the nylons that bound her wrists to the headboard, jerking from side to side, hearing Brad's laughter as he watched her futile struggle.

"No, no," she whispered softly.

She writhed and twisted, raising her hips, doing anything to escape the licking heat. The fire flickered against her flesh, then disappeared. Rhoda gasped. It felt like a scalding feather was brushing over her ass. Her cries turned into gurgles as the pain, ebbed. Brad smacked her on the ass, sending up a sensation of warmth over her butt. Her clit started to tingle.

Rhoda screwed up her eyes wrinkling her forehead, wondering how pain could be so closely related to the pleasure she was feeling now. Her cunt walls were throbbing, the tense, eager muscles surrounding her pussy mouth pulsing regularly. It was as if she were about to embrace a lover. She was getting all warm and wet and tight between her legs. And while she was bound helplessly to the bed, Rhoda was waiting for Brad to touch her tits, her ass, her cunt. She bit her lips to keep from screaming out the rising need in her snatch. Yes, there was pain and anger and fear. But there was also an overwhelming feeling of lust rising in her pussy. The beating, the rough treatment, the restraints, they had all contributed to it.

Brad sat and felt his cock get harder. It was pressing up against his fly now. He felt he had to have her pussy or her asshole.

"This feel nice and warm, comfy?" he asked mockingly.

Brad moved the fire up and down near the insides of her thighs. Immediately Rhoda jerked to life, groaning and yelping, pulling wildly at her bonds. He was going to burn her cunt! She screamed, her eyes bulging out, the cords sticking out from her neck while her body twitched frantically. Brad moved the fire over to her right thigh, bringing it so close that a small area of flesh started to turn red.

"No, no, stop it!" she squealed, swinging her hips back and forth.

"You don't want it to stop, do you, baby? You really dig this, dig havin' something like this playin' with your pussy."

Chapter SEVEN

Brad moved the lighter away from her thighs, swung it behind her asscheeks, then pushed it toward her cunt.

Rhoda went crazy, banging her head against the headboard, then pulling so hard that the nylons cut into her knees. The big bed groaned under her frantic struggle. She felt that horrible fire licking at her cuntlips, actually singeing some of her frazzled pussy hairs. Rhoda let out a wailing shriek, twisting with agony and delight.

"Yeah, you really hate it, don't you?" he said ironically, glancing down at her thighs. Streams of cunt juice seeped from her hole, making long glistening trails on her flesh. He laughed, sticking out one finger and touching the outer edges of her puffed cuntlips. Rhoda trembled, her cries diminishing as the fire was pulled away.


Brad stiffened his finger and corkscrewed it into her pussy, watching as the woman straightened her back and clawed at the bedspread. He touched her stiff little wet clit with his thumb, toying with the tiny organ, making Rhoda gasp and babble incoherently. With his other hand Brad moved the fire back to her ass, watching as the flame flicked teasingly at her white, shivering flesh.

"Huhhh... huhhhhrrrr..."

Rhoda writhed as the flame burned more intensely. The excruciating pain combined with delight that nearly made her faint. What terrified the woman was the need she began to have for the fire. She felt she had to have it in her cunt, to match the raging inferno swirling around her stiff clit. That finger, that horrible, wonderful teasing finger was making her hotter and hotter. She tilted her ass back, jerking her thighs from side to side, feeling her cunt walls milk the digit so hard that she was certain she'd pull it out of joint.

"Man, baby, yeah, move that butt," Brad sighed, moving the flame up and down her asscrack. He watched as her eyes glazed over, an expression that meant she was close to climax.

Rhoda squealed and gagged as another finger slipped into her greasy slot, the ragged nails gouging against her quivering cuntflesh.


That the big man was holding a switchblade in one hand! He was examining the blade, the razor-sharp edge.

Brad licked his lips, staring at the firm, round swell of Rhoda's full asscheeks. She was shaking with terror.

"Yeah, yeah," he whispered, breathing a little harder.

His deep shuddering breaths seemed to echo through the small room. He knelt behind the woman.

Rhoda wanted to sink out of sight. She wanted to disappear, feeling shame at having revealed herself like this so openly to him. She was feeling things she never thought possible, things she didn't know how to handle. And now -- crouched down shamelessly like this -- the woman felt her pussy being pried open and toyed with. Rhoda closed her eyes in humiliation.


The tip of the knife slid across one asscheek, tracing a broad path to the other. The arc it followed went from the outside, up to her waist, then slowly back down to her ass. The pressure increased as the point slid closer to her pussy. Rhoda wanted to cry out, but she knew that the slightest move might put the knife's blade through her flesh.

No, she didn't want to chance that. "Oh stop, please..."

Rhoda's cunt opened in an uncontrollable spasm as the blade traced the outer line of her puffed cuntlips. The knife terrified her. Opening her eyes and staring blankly at the headboard, Rhoda bit her lower lip hard. She felt her scalp wrinkling in terror, her thighs quivering at the light, feathery touch of the cold blade.

Brad pulled the knife away. The woman sucked in a breath of relief, her tits touching the coverlet. Thank God, she had a moment's rest. Her nerves were racked and frayed. She couldn't have taken much more of this without turning into a screaming wreck.


A shocking chill right in the center of her pussy made Rhoda stiffen, clawing at the bedspread, groaning a wail of despair. Rhoda jerked her head from side to side, her wet hair splashing over her bound wrists. The flat of the blade was pressing against her wet slit, touching her clit and the bottom junction of her cuntlips. Her pussy clamped down instinctively. The razor edge of the blade started moving between her cuntlips.

Brad laughed, watching her cunt move. He carefully moved the knife down, pressing the tip harder against her clit. Rhoda gasped, her mouth opened, drool hanging in strings. She arched her back, offering her open cunt eagerly to Brad's stare.

"Yeah, slut, a good little whore. All that screamin' around back there was for shit, wasn't it?" he said in a thick, hoarse voice.

"No, no, no," she said over and over again, more to herself than to him.

"Swing that ass, baby, swing it," Brad said, rubbing his cock.

The big man got up, fumbling with his zipper, tugging down the tab and fishing out, his rigid cock. While still rocking that blade back and forth, he moved his fingers up and down his eight-inch cock, smearing his pre-cum as a lubricant over the veined flesh.

The repeated touch and chill of the knife sent pangs of lust through the terrified woman. She slowly became conscious of the sensation in her cunt. The stinging juice dribbling across her cuntlips made her clit swell bigger, harder. Rhoda groaned, wiggling her ass. She experienced an incredibly intense flash of lust shooting out from her clit. Her nipples throbbed in time to the beating of her clit!


She was grunting, wheezing and yelping like a dog. She sounded more and more like Rex as her cunt exploded with excitement. The nylons sliced into her wrist as her pulse raced.

She opened her eyes and turned her head around again, seeing the big man hovering over her. He was stroking his long, fat cock that stood out from between his halved Levi's.


Rhoda felt the tip of the knife touching her clit. The searing, titillating pain was inseparable from the thrill of the direct touch. The more he moved his knife around, the more she felt her cuntlips blossom. It felt as if they were on fire!


The woman didn't know what to do. She whimpered and wailed. One moment she was begging him to let her go, the next moment she wanted him to stick that long fat dick up her cunt. Her pounding pulse amplified as the knife trailed around and around the wet base of her clit.

Her cunt juice flowed out faster. Rhoda felt lust rising in her belly and spreading to her swinging tits.

"Oh stop it! Please stop it..."

Rhoda felt as if she were sailing up to the ceiling. The knife was poking now at the rim, of her asshole. The woman gasped with shock. The pinprick-like stabs forced the rubbery ring of flesh inward, barely breaking the gray-pink skin. For a second she imagined that it was Brad's dick poking at her asshole, trying to force itself in, forcing her to fuck in a way she'd never dreamed possible.

"Man, baby, yeahhh! You're sure hot!" Brad gasped.

He was panting heavily now, still jacking at his cock. His fist moved harder and faster, up and down his slippery shaft. He poked the tip of the knife back between the puffy outer edges of her cuntlips. Rhoda rolled her hips from side to side, arching her back and shoving her butt back at him.


Her cunt, her asshole, her buttocks all blazed with hellish sexual fury. Sweat trickled into her eyes, making them burn and itch. She felt sweat rolling down her thighs, mixing with her cuntjuice and staining the bedspread.

"Stupid bitch. Goddamned little whoring cunt," Brad panted, hitting her ass again and making her asscheeks jiggle. He threw the knife away, pulling his Levi's all the way down and crawling up behind Rhoda.

The woman was panting for breath now. She felt the blind stabs of his cock against her cunt. Then he moved it farther up. His prick slithered up, up her wet asscrack toward her bunghole. Desperately the woman tilted her ass downward, wanting something, anything to fill her cunt.

He was fingering her clit, rolling it, until Rhoda thought she was going to piss from the increased friction. She rolled her hips forward while Brad grabbed her thighs and centered his cock over her asshole.

"No, no, not... not there!"

The big man tightened his grip, bearing down on Rhoda with a grunt.

She screamed, her back arching. Her face drained of blood. She twisted in her bonds, rearing back, then pitching forward as the spongy head of his cock pushed hard against her wrinkled shitter skin. The ache radiated out to her asscheeks as Rhoda yelped and shrieked.

All the screaming and pleading in the world wouldn't keep his cock from violating her.

Chapter EIGHT

Rhoda brayed like an ass.

Her lungs filled with air while her nostrils flared wildly. She was letting out strange-sounding strangled grunts. He was trying to stick that big thing into her ass, trying to screw his cock up her ass while holding tightly on to her hipbones. The woman was going crazy. The pain was terrible, making her belly buck and turn over. The big muscles in her thighs and ass cramped.

"No, stop, uhhghhhh..."

Tears of shame and rage rolled down her flushed cheeks. Several times Brad reached under her belly and toyed with her tits, squeezing her nipples, rolling them around while pinching the tiny rubbery tips. Rhoda let out a long breath, then sucked in more air, holding it there while she felt the big man trying to shove his cock in a little farther.

"Damn it," he muttered in frustration. "Relax, baby. This is gonna be better than any cunt-fuckin'," he said, slapping her ass again and again.

Rhoda couldn't think straight. The fire, the knife trailing along her cuntlips, had confused her. She was whimpering, unable to control her thoughts and emotions. How could she relax? She sobbed, the bruising fingers on her nipples making every ounce of her heavy tits ache. She wished in a strange way that he would tear the aroused nubs off her tits.

"Come on, baby, come on."

He bent forward, draping his muscular body over hers like a rug. He bit her neck. Rhoda threw her head back. She raised herself up, her ass swiveling. She needed to feel a cock up her cunt, something good and hard and hot there. But instead this animal was trying to skewer her ass.

"Fuck, fuck..."

Rhoda whispered the terrible word, hoping Brad would change his tactics and move his cock over to her pussy. But the big man was adamant, still holding her tightly, still tightening his thigh muscles and trying to shove his dickhead up her tight shit-chute.


The itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt was driving her crazy. Even the pain shooting out of her asshole made her wild. Rhoda thrust back against Brad's dick like a dervish, her ass weaving, her back sagging at first, then arching. Rhoda couldn't control herself. She felt wanton, crazy and lustful, wanting every pore of her body violated by this animal.


Brad's fingernails clawed at the sensitive rim of her nipples. The woman grunted and sobbed with pain. The combination of the ungodly stretching in her shitter and the tough, gouging pain around her nipples drove her crazy.

"Shit, move it like that. Like... ughhhhhh, like that, baby," Brad whispered, flicking his tongue in her ear.

"No, no, noooooo!"

Rhoda cursed and drooled, her head rolling from side to side. She clawed desperately at the bedspread, tugging wildly at the nylons still holding her wrists captive. The throbbing ache in her heavy tits needed more stimulation. She forced her big-tipped tits against Brad's hands. The twisting, itchy agony in her nipples was unbearable.

"Shit, you're still too Goddamned tight," Brad said, moving off her body.

My cunt. Fuck my cunt! Rhoda thought desperately.

But, in spite of her arousal, she couldn't bring herself to say those words. Instead, she grunted and panted, hoping he'd get the idea. At times she was growling like a dog. The whirling, knot of lust in her crotch was growing hotter and hotter, threatening at times to explode.

Sometimes she hated the excitement, hated the cock and the hands causing it. She was a good woman, a moral one, a working girl who supported her daughter adequately. And then at other times the woman wanted more of what was happening to her -- more pain, more excitement, more humiliation.

"Need a little lube job, I guess," Brad said, pulling his cock back with a squishy pop.

Rhoda felt suddenly abandoned, left alone. She let out a long wail, then realized he was touching her asscheeks with his tongue. Yes, he was tonguing her, licking her ass the way Rex had done earlier. She felt his hands holding her tightly by the hips while he shoved his face into her asscrack.

"Ummmmm!" Rhoda sighed, bouncing her ass up and down, flexing those buns, tightening them so they closed in around Brad's shoving nose.

She felt his wonderful tongue sliding up, up toward her pussy then going beyond that wet, sucking hole to her shitter. What a sensation it was -- having his tongue getting stiff and entering her butthole! At the same time Brad was playing with her clit, rubbing his fingers over her tiny sputtering nubbin as he rimmed her shitter. She growled, clawing at the coverlet, wishing she could tear her hands free and help him with the stimulation of her body.

"Yeah, nice and hot, nice and hot," he said over and over again.

He was scraping the sensitive slick insides of her pussy with two fingers now. She felt her cunt muscles fluttering, cramping against his invading digits. He licked her shitter clean. His unshaven face scraped against the smooth white flesh of her ass. Her cunt was making wet sucking sounds as he smacked his lips against her shitter. It was a feeling she'd never felt before! Rhoda loved the excitement rushing along her cunt and asshole now.

"Now let's see if you're ready," Brad said, getting up and placing his broad hands on both of her asscheeks.

Rhoda held her breath. He was pushing once more against her shitter, bracing his dickhead against her asshole. Her face drained of blood once again. She felt that wide, flanged head of his cock stretching her asshole, shoving inward, making her hole pucker with the increasing pressure.


The woman jerked her head up. Her mouth opened. She gasped. Her muscles bulged as every inch of her body seeihed excited, tormented.


The head of his cock had popped through! She felt the tense ring of her sphincter muscle suddenly give way, admitting his fat-headed cock. Rhoda heard Brad give a sigh of relief, his fingers working up and down her thighs. The widening head of his cock seemed to be bigger. Rhoda wept, tears rolling down her cheeks and splashing onto her whitened knuckles. The stretching sensation in her asshole was a strange feeling. It was as if someone were tearing her flesh to pieces, slowly, steadily ripping her body in two. Ant yet there was a growing excitement, an excitement related to and yet different from the one raging still in her pussy.


Brad played with her long nipples again. He twisted them, pinching her flesh cruelly. Rhoda thought surely that all that manipulation would make them bleed by now.


More inches of his stiff hard cockmeat slipped into her asshole. She thought she was going to pass out at times, especially when he slipped more than an inch in at a time. She was gasping hoarsely, begging him to go slow, even to stop. Then suddenly the pressure eased a bit in her ass. The cramps hurting her thighs and ass slackened. Rhoda breathed a sigh of relief.

Then suddenly Brad shoved hard again. Her legs and arms spasmed. Brad started to pull back. The pull-out was like a vacuum sucking at her belly. She couldn't stand it.

"Stop! Oh God, don't, don't do this to me!" she wailed.

"Man, you dig it, baby. You really dig it," Brad countered.

It was true. It was so obvious! Whether he fucked her in the cunt or the ass didn't matter any longer. He was touching her nipples, then drawing one hand back and toying with her pussy. She felt the walls of her cunt flutter, then crash in on his invading fingers. He knew she was fully aroused, wanting him, needing his fingers and dick.

"Ohhhh, yesss, yesss," she admitted shamelessly.

Her mind was completely confused. The overwhelming sexual joy was tempered a bit by the sense of what was happening to her. This man was a kidnapper, a tormentor who would degrade both her and her daughter. He'd kidnapped Marcie -- he and his brother. This was only the beginning. From what she gleaned, there would be more trials both for her and her daughter before they were free of these animals.

"Move it, bitch! Move that fuckin' ass of yours!" he growled.

Rhoda did as she was told, wagging her buttocks. Of course he didn't have to order her to do it. Shivery thrills caused by the sliding of his cock made her move her ass sensuously back and forth. She let her belly sag, letting her tits drag over the smooth bedspread. Rhoda felt her guts filling with Brad's dick. There was a pressuring heat in her ass. She thought surely he'd be cumming soon, firing his hot load of jizz up her butt. He'd finish and relieve her ass of the killing pressure.

Chapter NINE

But Brad had stamina. When it seemed as if he was about to shoot, he backed off, not moving an inch while trying to catch his breath. Then she could feel his dick jerking in her asshole. The thought that he was so close, so close to shooting off in her shitter, drove Rhoda wild.

She clenched her ass muscles, prancing her ass around in the air frantically, feeling that hard lump of cockmeat throbbing against her shitter. At times, Rhoda could also feel his balls -- big, hairy, leathery, resting against her buttocks. They were packed with jizz-hot, white, thick cum she felt she needed in her pussy. Oh, why, why didn't he pull his dick out of her shit-chute and shove it up her cunt?


Brad paused another time. He breathed heavily, his massive chest rising and falling irregularly. The big man didn't want to shoot off all at once. He hadn't had a woman like Rhoda for a long, long time. He couldn't believe this ordinary woman was carrying on like a first-class slut! He loved the way her sweaty ass moved, the way her shitter actually clutched at his prick. And when he moved his fingers around her cunt, he enjoyed feeling those tiny muscles cramping and closing down on him. Yes, he hadn't had anything quite like this woman for a long time, and he wasn't going to spoil the scene by popping off too soon.

Rhoda squealed, feeling her pussy going into spasms of need. Brad, she knew, was toying with her, purposely leading her up to the brink of orgasm, then backing down. She felt the hot skin of his cock massage the sensitive nerves of her ass.

"OHHHHHH MY GOD!" she screamed.

"Move it, you fuckin' cunt. Move that ass, oh shit, yeah, you fuckin' bitch-whore! Christ, is your daughter like you?"

"I don't... know, don't... know," Rhoda repeated over and over.

"OHHHHHH!" Brad sighed, holding back his cum.

The sliding of his cock as it moved deeper in her guts sent more shivery thrills through her ass. Rhoda loved feeling her guts being filled with the big man's load of iron-hard dick. She couldn't last much longer. Brad was toying with her clit too sensuously.

"Yeah, baby, yeah!"

He was moving his cock back and forth, faster and faster. She knew what this meant. He was growing tired of the foreplay, wanting to get off. The tempo of his ass-ripping fuck-strokes increased. Rhoda squeezed her asshole tight around him, trying to draw more sensuous tingles across her nerves. She didn't care how much it hurt her now. She didn't care how her shitter stretched with the fucking she was receiving. She just wanted his cock to drive into her until the spinning ball of heat in her shitter exploded, relieving her of the pain and achey itch that seemed to be coming from all parts of her body.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Brad cried with each downward thrust.

Rhoda couldn't talk any more. Her pussy was fluttering out of control. Juice squirted out of her hole, spraying onto her thighs, dribbling down and staining the coverlet. It was going to be soon, oh so soon, when she'd have relief from...

"Baby, uhhhHHAHHHHHH!"

Brad threw himself over her, holding tightly onto her tits and belly as if he were afraid of crashing against the ceiling. He was shaking and jerking, his dick throbbing wildly in her asshole. She screamed, feeling a firestorm raging in her ass. He was cumming, shooting his jizz into her hole!

"Noooooo!" Rhoda answered with a wail.

She convulsed, her body swaying violently from side to side. At times she thought she was going to slide off the bed. Even the strong nylon bonds couldn't keep the two of them steady as their mutual cum exploded like a nuclear detonation. "Ughhh!"

Her tits were mashed against his hands. Her forehead banged against the headboard. All Rhoda felt that moment was the cum-shooting pole in her ass and the earth-shaking power of her own climax.

"Move it, bitch! MOVE IT!"

The lightning-like jolts of heat in her cunt seemed to amplify the spasming feelings in her ass. Rhoda's mind whirled around. Every motion of Brad's dick heightened the wrenching torture racking her cunt and shitter.

He started pulling back from her several minutes later.

"No!" Rhoda cried.

She wanted his cock to stay in her ass until the whole incredible process of her climax was finished. Rhoda heard him chuckling, then she felt his softening dick sliding back into her ass. He held her tightly, working his thighs back and forth, his balls rubbing against her ass while she finished with her orgasm.

Rhoda kept on weeping. For a while her orgasm had been interrupted, sending top many hot signals up her spine. The woman fought to keep his dick up her asshole. The feeling was so different, so very different from anything she'd ever felt before.

"Work it out, baby! Work it on out!" Brad whispered, biting her ear, loving it when she went crazy under his big body.

Rhoda felt her asshole still fluttering. She jerked and twisted, feeling the last of those wonderful asshole and cunt spasms pass through her body. Oh, she was so wet, so exhausted! It was as if every ounce of her strength had evaporated with her sweat and pussy juice. Her arms buckled slowly and she fell on the bed.

"Nice, real nice," Brad said, reaching forward and untying the nylons that held her wrists bound to the headboard.

Rhoda was horrified. Oh, what had she done? She remembered vaguely how she had pranced her ass in the air for his dick, how she loved the way he pinched her nipples, touched her clit, stuck fingers up her pussy! She'd acted without morals, without a sense of shame, of guilt. If she could, she would have thrown herself out the window. Rut Brad was there, determined to have his way with her. And besides, there was Marcie!

"We gotta get goin', baby. I didn't wanna have to kill the mutt when he comes to, know what I mean?" Brad said.

Rhoda rubbed her sore tits. She rolled over on the bed and looked up. The big man. He was handsome in a brutal way. He had already slipped his cock back into his trousers.

"Come on, baby," he said impatiently.

Rhoda forced herself up from the bed, feeling his cum still oozing from her shitter. Stumbling around in the bedroom, the woman felt such an empty feeling in both her asshole and cunt. She shook as if she were having a fit. This was only the start, the beginning of some horrible ordeal that both she and her daughter would have to endure. Glancing nervously at Brad as she dressed, Rhoda wondered if Marcie were faring any better than she was at this moment.

What was this? What awful thing had they constructed to torture her? The smell of freshly-cut yellow pine made her nostrils flare. Marcie was afraid to yell, afraid to call for help. She thought that the slightest sound would bring on untold harm to her.

Slowly she moved her arms up. She didn't have too much movement. The coffin was so dark, so terribly confining. When the kidnapper had dragged her to it and shoved her inside, the girl couldn't believe he was doing this. It was something straight out of the horror flicks.

She moaned softly, her eyes widening with terror. It was so dark.

Jack had shown her all sorts of devices he and his brother had obviously been making or gathering for some time. This had been a well-planned plot, something the two brothers had been working on for some time. It wouldn't be easy trying to talk either of them out of carrying out their revenge plot. After he'd raped her, Jack mentioned her mother's name, told Marcie that he'd be fucking her too. Oh God, would this never end?

"Enjoyin' yourself?"

Marcie was trapped in that confining space, standing straight with less than six inches of room on either side of her. The front of the wood case crushed her tits and the back of the coffin-like contraption pushed her ass. It was so confined. It was so warm.

"I can't hear you?"

His mocking voice wanted to make her cry. It had been ten, maybe fifteen minutes since he had shoved her inside his makeshift coffin. Marcie's scalp still crinkled with fear. It was like being buried alive! Fear gripped her. Was that part of their game? Were they going to plant her in the ground like a corpse? The thought made the teenager wail softly to herself.

"Yeah, I thought you'd dig it," Jack said, chuckling softly.

A faint scraping sound brought her out of her daze. Something was touching the coffin, scraping over the wood.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me?" she asked in a nervous whisper.

No answer.

"What are you going to do?" she asked in a firmer voice.

Marcie curled her fingers, digging the nails against her bare thighs. She thought she was going to go mad, shriek like a crazy woman if she didn't hear some kind of response.

The response she got was something she hadn't bargained for. She was dimly aware of a trickle of air coming through needle-thin holes all around her. She could barely make out dots of light coming through them. Then, before she could figure out what possibly might be happening, something scraped the wood in front of her.

Marcie saw what appeared to be a long, narrow sharp object. It was a needle! When the sharp tip touched her throat, she coughed and gagged, drawing back as far as she could.

The needle stopped, then drew back. Marcie let out a long sigh.

"Don't. Oh God, don't hurt me like this!" she screamed.

Marcie threw her body from side to side, trying wildly to break open this box of torture. He was going to stab her to death with those awful things!


Another needle came through the lower section of holes, followed by a third, both aiming at her tits. Marcie shrieked, hearing the steady advance of the needles. Then there was the pin-prick feeling of those sharp instruments. In the moment, before the needles struck, the girl flattened her shoulders against the wood. Whimpering, Marcie tried drawing her hands protectively to her tits. But there was no room, no room to protect herself!

The terrified girl gasped as her nipples hardened against the cold sharpness of those tiny knives. Marcie sobbed and tried to sink to her knees. But her knees touched the case as she tried bending them, preventing her from sinking anywhere. Hopeless, helpless, the girl prayed.


The needles drew back, then advanced again, nearly puncturing her tits. She waited for him, to make a wrong move, to shove the needles in so hard that they pierced her flesh. Then maybe he could have a good time listening to her scream, watching her bleed to death!


The girl beat the sides of the case as the needles slowly advanced. They dug deeper into her now, their steady probing making her sweat run and her cuntal nerves tingle strangely. It was happening all over again. She was becoming aroused to the pain, responding to the agony brought on by those sharp instruments.

The searing agony made her body tremble. She was on the brink of losing consciousness. Bawling in pain, Marcie also panted with excitement. Another needle had slipped through a tiny hole and touched her pussy. She sucked in a deep breath, slamming her ass against the back of the mummy case. The needle advanced, now touching her clit. The sensation of cold steel against her moist clit made her shudder. Juice flowed from her hole, wetting down her thighs.

"Stop... ughhhh... STOP IT!"

Nothing could stop the rush of pleasurable sensations tumbling over her mind and body now. She couldn't believe anything like this could be so overpoweringly wonderful!

Chapter TEN

Marcie gasped as her clit vibrated. She bawled and begged for the pain to stop. And yet, in a way, she was begging silently for the pain to keep going. Somehow it was connected to the powerful feelings shooting through her fluttering cunt.

As her climax erupted, the girl humped her belly forward, nearly impaling herself on the needles. Her tits were swollen full, the nipples pricked constantly by the long needles. Sweat burned into her eyes, trickled maddeningly into her flared nostrils. She wailed.

The torture inflicted on her only heightened her sexual hunger. She wanted to be fucked again. She had to be fucked again. That wonderful word "fuck" filled her mind, forced all other thoughts from, her consciousness.


With a wail she sagged against the wood, gasping and sobbing. She was so hot she thought she'd burn up. Her pussy fluttered. Her cuntlips worked against one another, milking at an imaginary cock. Marcie's eyes rounded, her face looking haggard.

The door finally opened. A burst of cool air blew against her flesh. Jack caught her as she slumped forward. She felt his strong arms circle her waist, hold her up while his legs pressed against hers. Her damp pussy was wetting his trousers. She moved her thighs back and forth, loving the sensation that his Levi's material made against her cuntlips. She was so hot, so hot, so wonderfully hot to be fucked. Yes, she wanted a man inside her, drilling his cock deeper and deeper.

"Had enough?"

The words almost made her laugh. If he fucked her all night and beat her in the morning, she wouldn't have had enough.

"What do you want me to do? Oh, I don't know!" she wailed.

"You do it real nice, baby. Maybe I want you to do it all over again," he said, sneering down at her.

"Oh no! No!" Marcie pleaded, feeling the blood rush down to her cunt, making her clit stand up and grow stiff all over again.

Jack could see her arousal. It was written in her flushed face, in her slightly swollen mouth and her stiffened nipples. Tiny rivulets of blood oozed down her flesh where the needles had punctured.

"Gotta make sure you don't get no funny ideas about breakin' loose," he said, dragging her over to a pile of lumber.

Marcie could hardly stand. Her legs were like rubber, dragging behind her. He pushed her against a wall, yelling at her to stand up while he dragged a five-foot length of two-by-four out of the pile and dropped it in front of her. The blonde teen brushed the hair from her eyes, staring down blankly at the wood. What did he want her to do next?

"Bend down."

She obeyed automatically, steadying herself first by spreading her legs apart widely and, bending at the waist. He told her to place her wrists on the two-by-four. She did as she was told, watching as Jack fished out two ten-inch pieces of quarter-inch hemp, dropping one to the floor while looping the other around her left wrist. He tied a loose slipknot, securing it with a double figure-eight. The rough-edged rope cut into her flesh, making Marcie wince.

Jack snickered, tightening the knot and watching her face blanch.

"You're... you're cutting off my circulation!" she wailed.

"You're damned lucky that's all I'm cuttin' off," he said threateningly, picking up another piece of rope and securing it to her other wrist.

Marcie bent her knees a little, easing the strain on her arms and shoulders. She was so weak. The excitement of her fucking and of the torture in that awful mummy case had pained her. Added to this was the arousal in her pussy. It was still throbbing, pulsing with a wildly exciting rhythm that nearly took her breath away.

Every time Jack brushed her thighs, she felt her cunt muscles cramping. Marcie tilted her head up feeling the pressure from the blood rushing to her head. Jack finished with the knotting.

"Wait 'til your old lady gets here," he said, biting down on his lower lip. "Then we're really gonna see some action. Now."

Jack stepped back, admiring his handiwork. He stared at her full, rounded tits hanging forward, her red half-inch-long nipples standing straight out. Marcie's thighs were slicked down with juice that kept oozing from her cunt. Her ass quivered nervously while she bent her knees more.

"Wanna suck my dick?"

"What? No! NO!"

Marcie shook her head back and forth, closing her lips tight. The thought of taking a man's cock in her mouth revolted her. If he had to stick his cock somewhere, why didn't he shove it up her pussy? She needed it there, wanted it there!

"Sure you do, baby. You wanna open up them lips and take it all in, don't you?"

Jack stepped in front of her, unzipping his trousers and fishing out his cock again. He rubbed his cock rapidly, pulling the loose outer skin over the rigid inner core until his prick was fully extended.

The smell of his unwashed crotch reached Marcie's nostrils, triggering more juices that flowed freely from her pussy. She was so hot, so wet down there! The young blonde teen found new energy now as she was bent over in that obscene position, her ass sticking straight up in the air as if it were ready for fucking. Her long hair touched the floor.

"Let's see you be a good cock-sucking slave, baby!" he snarled.

Marcie's eyes crossed as she kept them focused on his big cock dangling in front of her. She could smell the sour odor of his crotch. Looking up, she saw the thick bush of dick hairs growing around his fat cockroot, then spreading upward in a broad fan to his belly and chest.

"Yeahhhh," he sighed, taking his cock in both hands and rubbing it over her face.

Marcie closed her eyes and shivered. The touch of his red-hot prick against her flesh weakened her. She felt her cuntlips spasm as his greasy dick moved up and down over her forehead.

Jack grabbed a handful of hair and curled it around his dick, using the strands to stimulate himself.

His big, cum-packed balls dangled in front of her eyes, at times brushing her eyebrows. Marcie tilted her head up a little more. She was rowing dizzy.

"I wanna feel your fuckin' mouth all over my dick, baby. I'm gonna shove this mother all the way in until you can't breathe!"

Marcie shook her head back and forth. No, she didn't want this cock there. If he was going to do something to her, why didn't he fuck her?

"Suck it!"

Jack moved both hands to the sides of her head, tilting it back. His thumbs pressed hard where her upper and lower jaw met, forcing her lips to part. The pain was terrible! Marcie let out a little shout.

"Shut up!"

Brad was breathing harder, his chest rising and falling irregularly as he peered down and watched his cock brush up against her nose. He loved the way she looked -- helpless, bound, bent over, her ass wagging in the air while her tits sagged toward the floor. He sucked in a deep breath, feeling her breath blowing against his prick. In a way he almost hated to end the suspense by having her suck him off. But he couldn't hold back any longer.

Marcie pulled her lips back as if she were going to give a kiss. Jack's hands tightened around her head, guiding it forward. The smell of his crotch became stronger, making her dizzy. Her knees wobbled while her head spun around and around. She felt something soft and spongy touch her lips, tasted something very salty and kind of bleachy! He was rubbing his cockhead over her lips, moving his piss-slit first along her lower lip, then across her upper one.

Marcie swallowed hard, feeling the oily jizz coating her throat. The touch, the taste, the smell of the big man made her heart pound wildly. Once again she was aroused to a fever-pitch, all thoughts of exhaustion having fled her mind.

"Here you go," Jack said, squeezing her cheeks and hunching forward.

Marcie felt his fat cockhead sliding, over her lower lip, brushing against her teeth, then moving up and slipping back on her tongue. She had never had anything that big in her mouth before. Almost at once he shoved all of his prick into her mouth.


Marcie's eyes bulged, tears welling up in them as her cheeks puffed out. She felt incredibly hot, blood rushing to her face. Her nostrils flared as she sucked in more air. The girl's lips stretched around his blood-filled cock.

"Move that tongue around it, bitch, move it!" he snapped, hitting her across the side of her head. Marcie groaned, doing as she was told. Immediately she felt his cock respond, jerking against the slick insides of her cheeks. The girl let out a choked cry. His cockhead was brushing the back of her throat, making her gag. Phlegm was rising in her nasal passages, making it difficult to breathe! She shook her head violently, nearly pulling free of his dick.

"Damn it, you little slut! Don't do nothin' like that," Jack groaned.

Marcie remained quiet, moving her tongue up and down over the long ridge that ran the length of his cock. She heard him groaning, felt his fingers fanning out over her ears, and press hard against her head. At times she felt his wiry dick hairs tickling her nostrils, felt his hot flesh press against her nose and chin. Spittle frothed around the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin to the floor. Her muffled coughs filled the room as Jack slipped his cock faster and faster into her willing mouth.

"Ohhh yeah, baby! Gimme that head!"

He was twisting his hips back and forth, making his cock revolve around in her mouth.

Was he going to cum in her mouth, choke her with his jizz while he left her cunt unsatisfied? The thought made Marcie tremble with fear and frustration as Jack moved his prick over her tongue faster and harder.

Chapter ELEVEN

Marcie rocked her hips as best she could, trying to get some friction on her clit. She felt her cuntlips brush against her tiny sex spindle. It was then she moaned loudly, closing her eyes and feeling lewd flashes of lust rush up and down her spine.

She rocked her body back and forth, nearly tipping over several times. She wished she could touch herself, even touch his cock, rub her hands over that long rigid shaft while sucking the jizz from it. But the ropes held her wrists firmly bound to the two-by-four.

"Take it, take it," Jack ordered breathlessly.

The young girl felt his cockhead pushing back over her tongue, going farther and farther toward the back of her mouth. Marcie took a deep breath and let the big man shove his prick all the way into her throat. It was as if someone were holding a pillow over her face, keeping her from breathing! The girl held her breath and felt herself diving deeper onto the rod.

Jack groaned, snapping his head back while pressing his fingers down even harder. He was working his hips faster now, banging his groin against her face.

"Ohhhh yeah! Suck me off!" he groaned.

The big man rotated his hips, making his dick rotate in her throat. His hands held her tighter against his groin as he hunched his meat into her.

Strangely enough Marcie wanted to keep that cock in her mouth. She'd found several movements she could make that rubbed her cuntlips over her clit. She could make herself cum, she thought.

Marcie started enjoying the sensation of his long, fat-headed dick inside her mouth. She stopped her moans, letting Jack fuck her as hard as he wanted to in the mouth. She felt his strong leg muscles, felt his knees pressing against her. Yes, he had her trapped well.

"Shit, man," Jack groaned.

Marcie felt him rocking back and forth. They were joined as if they were a unit. It was wonderful. She felt his cock ballooning out, getting larger as it throbbed hard against her cheeks and teeth. More jizz had oozed from his piss-slit, coating her mouth and throat with a thick coating of the stuff. He was close to popping off.

The young woman sucked harder, breathing in air through her nose with a wheezing sound. She kept his cock tightly lodged in her mouth. No, she didn't want him to slip it out now. She was moving her hips in a way that made her clit hard and itchy! She was going to cum soon, shoot off the moment she tasted the first rush of his jizz.

"Baby, you're good! Too much!" Jack said, pulling his cock from her mouth.

"Mmmm. NOOOO!" Marcie protested, feeling his flanged cockhead slipping back until it was moving against her lips.

"Yeah, you dig this, don't you? You dig everything I do to you," Jack said, pleased that he'd found a true S&M slave.

Marcie stood bent over in that grotesque position. Her cunt was so hot, so wet, so very, very wet.

Jack moved behind her, rubbing his prick with one hand, groaning as his fingers rubbed over the spongy head. Then he reached forward and opened her like a man pulling apart the halves of a loaf of bread. The cool air brushed against her shitter and cuntal slit.

Marcie shuddered with wild expectation. The wonderful churning in her pussy was starting all over again. This time her clit vibrated with a greater fury than before. It seemed that with each sexual experience her lust for cock grew stronger. This animal was turning her into the animal he wanted. She was powerless to stop him, to stop this change that was destroying her.

"Enjoy it, baby. Enjoy it."

Jack worked his dick over the rim of her pussy. She felt her cuntlips quivering, pucker in, then relax. Droplets of pre-cum lubricated her pussy. She wailed, moving her hips from side to side, feeling her asscheeks tighten.

"Wag that ass for me, bitch, wag it!"

He slapped her ass hard, the blows sending confused signals of lust up to her brain. Marcie grunted, begging for more. The big man growled back, raising his right hand again and bringing it down again and again, the room reverberating with the whacking sounds of flesh striking flesh.

Marcie cried out, yelping in fits of delight, feeling her cunt grow even hotter. Her ass was red, long finger marks appearing on her white flesh. Juice trickled steadily down her thighs now, collecting in small pools around her bare feet.

"Oh, baby, you're gonna fry my dick up, ain't you?" he laughed.

Marcie felt him working his cock up higher, higher, until he slipped it between her tight, pulsing outer lips. Her cuntlips relaxed for a moment, then closed up tightly, trapping the head of his cock in that sensitive area between her inner and outer labes. Marcie rocked back and forth, feeling his cockhead reaming out the mouth of her cunt. His wonderful cock seemed to expand her snug hole.


Her pussy relaxed and more cockmeat slid in. In and out, in and out he went, his cock burning the tight hole with friction.

"UghhhAHHH!" she sobbed, her face flushed with lust.

"Make me lose my job, huh? Make me lose everything that was worth while, huh?"

He was working himself up, calling her and her mother all sorts of things while fucking her harder, brutally.

Marcie didn't care what he was doing now. She lunged back, then fell forward. Their hips moved shamelessly, her asscheeks bouncing off his balls. They collided again and again in wild abandon. This was what she'd been waiting for, that wonderful filled feeling, that rushing sensation of his hot cockmeat brushing over her clit continuously. The young woman growled. She wasn't an innocent teenager any longer. She was an animal, a lusting, growling young animal demanding satisfaction!

"Fuck it out, baby... uhhhhh, fuck it out!" he grunted.

Marcie tightened her cuntlips, feeling her pussy walls caving in and milking his cock. It was all the young man needed.

Marcie felt his hands bruising her flesh, gripping her hipbones tightly as his legs pressed up against the backs of hers and trembled mightily. He was popping off, scalding her cunt with his white-hot jizz.

Marcie let out a wild yelp, jerking her head from side to side, her hair brushing over her toes. She nearly collapsed on the floor. Her tits were swollen. The throbbing in her cunt and belly robbed her of what little strength she had. Their bodies slapped wetly together as the big man tore at her sore little pussy with his hot cock.

"Unnghhh! AHHHHHH!"

Marcie spasmed with each pass of his dick over her clit. Jack's cum seemed to scorch her lips as more and more jizz spattered into her hole. The girl could feel the excess cum frothing around her labes, then oozing down her legs, mixing with her juices. She wished this could go on and on.

It was all over too soon.

Jack let out a long, shuddering sigh, pulling his prick out while still holding tightly onto the girl. Marcie was glad he held on. She didn't know if she could stay in that strained position for much longer. Her shoulders ached. And that delicious glow spreading all over her body was robbing her of strength. She just wanted to go somewhere and curl up and go to sleep. Marcie felt so weak, so tired, so sore!

"Bitch! Stupid bitch! I didn't want to cum yet!" Jack snapped, hitting her hard just above her jutting buttocks.

The girl yelped with pain, her eyes bugging out.


He whacked her again and again at the base of her spine, his limp prick jiggling between his halved trousers.

Finally the girl fell forward, her knees bending completely. Marcie jerked her hands, but of course couldn't move then because of the ropes chafing her wrists. Her forehead struck the floor, then she rolled over onto her side.

Jack stood above her, smirking at her.

"Stupid bitch!"

He drew back one foot and kicked forward, hitting her just below the ribcage.

Marcie let out a whoosh of air, groaning and trying to roll over to protect her belly.

"Stupid bitch!"

He repeated the cry, this time sending the toe of one boot sharply into her ribs.


Marcie jerked, scooting away from him as best she could. The damned board kept her from making any moves that might protect her from his kicks.

"Stop it! Oh please, I haven't done anything to you!"

It was her mother, her damned mother! For the first time in her life Marcie felt a flash of hatred against her mother. It was Rhoda's fault for having fired this man, for having gotten him in trouble. Now he was torturing her daughter, making her go through hell! Oh, she wished her mother could see this, could see what her high and mighty principles had gotten them both into. Well, she hoped her mother was going through the same horrors she was... and not having one-tenth the pleasure she was!

"Just bein' around, cunt, you're the problem," he said, kicking her again.

"No, no, don't do this!"

His body landed between her asscheeks, nearly hitting her cunt. Marcie locked her legs together, rolling over on her belly. But the board kept her movement somewhat limited.

Jack pursued her, laughing at her vain attempts at escape. He booted her in the belly several times, backing away as her face reddened and the air wooshed from her lungs. She shot him looks of hatred, pain and terror. Splinters from the floor dug into her thighs, ripping into her flesh as the big man pursued her relentlessly.

Finally he had her trapped in one corner. Marcie was defeated. What was he going to do now, kick her to death?

"Just a piece of shit. You know what guys like me do to pieces of shit?"

Marcie shook her head slowly from side to side, her eyes widening as he gripped his flaccid dick with both hands. Was he going to face-fuck her again?

"My cock's full, baby. But you know what's fillin' it?"

Chapter TWELVE

Marcie shook her head from side to side again, not understanding what was happening.

"Piss, honey! I got a load of hot piss just waitin' to come down on your fuckin' face."

She looked up at him open-mouthed. Piss! He was going to pee on her? Before she could muster her thoughts together, he was positioning himself, his legs apart, his cock pointed at her face.

Marcie breathed harder, her tits rising and falling. She saw his balls were indeed tight, pressed hard against his cockroot. It was the growing excitement, she was sure, of what was about to happen that drew those nuts up.

"Open your mouth!"

"No!" she said evenly, pursing her lips together. "Open up or I'll kick it open!" he threatened, raising one foot.

Marcie remembered how the blows hurt her ass and belly. She could well imagine her teeth spraying from her mouth as kick after kick rearranged her lovely face. No, nothing was worth possible mutilation. Reluctantly, feeling the bile rise once more in her belly, the young teenager opened her mouth.

"That's right, baby, open your fuckin' mouth. You're gonna get one hot mouthful of piss in a sec," he said, straightening his legs a little more and bending forward.

Marcie shut her eyes and took deep breaths. She couldn't believe someone could be this foul. Jack's only purpose in life, it seemed, was to bring constant pain and humiliation to anyone who crossed his path the wrong way.

With each breath she took, Marcie felt her tits rise. They were so sore from the constant arousal she'd been experiencing. And her clit... sore, aching from the fucking it had just received. She tugged at the ropes, feeling some sensation in her fingers and hands. Well, at least the ropes hadn't cut the circulation in her wrists.

"Tilt your head up, baby! Tilt it up and get ready for it!"

Marcie kept her eyes shut tightly, tilting her head back. She instinctively pulled away, wishing she could draw her hands protectively over her face just as the piss started.

It came slowly, warm oily droplets splashing against her thighs and belly. The in a moment it had turned into a hard, hot spray of urine, staining her flesh, making her wince in disgust as the pungent, murky odor of piss filled her nose.

Jack grunted with satisfaction, directing the stream slowly along her lips, then moving up to her eyes.


Marcie felt like vomiting. A pulse leaped in her throat. The stink spread, making her feel sicker with each passing second. She wanted to draw back. But the board holding her arms apart held her back. She was held prisoner by this awful man.

"Yeah, yeah."

Jack moved a little closer. He slapped her across the face. Marcie let out a yelp, that was all he needed. He moved back fast, moving the piss stream to the left and filling her mouth with the foul liquid!


Marcie opened up her eyes and looked up, staring back at the big man. His eyes were half closed in ecstasy. She could see his dilated pupils dancing with pleasure while his piss spattered all over her throat and face.

"Dig it, honey? Like havin' me piss all over you?"

Exhausted, beaten, she felt heat spreading through her crotch again. The flame washed up her belly, licking at her nipples, then spread back down to her clit. Just as he went dry, Marcie felt her clit stiffen. Marcie threw her head back, her hair dancing along her shoulders, her eyes squinting.


"The wilder it is the better, right?" Jack said, raising one foot.

He kicked her. Through a red fog she saw him laughing at her. She squealed, whipping her hips back and forth. The board scraped noisily along the floor.

"Want more? More fuckin' piss, more to make you smell good?"

"No, no, get away from me!" she sobbed, shaking her head violently from side to side to get the foul liquid off her face.

Jack shoved his cock back into his trousers, kicking his feet several times into the yellow pools that had formed around her feet. Droplets of piss splashed into her face.

"Dirty fuckin' broad, dirty little cunt," he snarled, slapping her hard, then backhanding her. The big man repeated this again and again until Marcie was begging him to stop, screaming down the walls.

She was close to unconsciousness when he stopped, catching his breath.

"Ohhhh God, God..."

He stood stiffly in front of her, putting his hands on his hips and regaining control of himself. Turning around, Jack disappeared from the room, coming back with two more pieces of rope. He worked quickly and silently, binding her ankles now to the two-by-four. She sat in that odd jack-knifed position, her hair curtaining her face. Oh, if only she could sleep!

"You'll stay there for a while," he said, checking the knots, then slipping from the room.

He was gone! Even in her twisted position, Marcie was grateful that he was gone. She slumped forward, her head nearly touching her knees. In that awkward position she fell asleep, her mind not daring to think of what further horrors awaited her.

"Have any trouble with the old lady?" Marcie awoke with a start. She heard Jack's muffled voice. Her mother was here! The young teenager tried to scramble to her feet. The damned board! And now both her wrists and ankles were fastened to it! The bruises and the marks on her body told the story. She felt shame and guilt rush through her like a raging river. Tears of humiliation burned her eyes. How could she face her mother in this condition?

"Naw, she was a good bitch. I had to knock 'er around a little. I got a bonus in the car. He's still knocked out. Gave him another dose of chloroform."

Then Marcie couldn't make out what they were saying until they broke out into wild laughter.

It was Jack's voice. He shouted and laughed. What were they talking about? Was her mother there? Marcie felt her heart beating wildly. What had they done to her? Had she suffered similar pain and sexual humiliation? The more she thought about it, the more she was certain her mother had. Marcie cringed when she heard footsteps approach the door. It creaked open. A man stood there, someone who looked like Jack but who was a little larger across the chest and shoulders.

"Wh-who are you?"

He said nothing, standing there and examining the girl and her bonds. Brad rocked slowly back and forth on his heels, his black eyes glittering with evil excitement. Raising one hand, he scratched his unkempt beard and smiled.

"You done real good, brother. She's tied up like a fuckin' hog. Come on, let's have a little fun with them now."

Marcie watched, her flesh chilling as he walked up to her and grabbed her around the waist. "Come on, bitch, up! UP!"

He hauled her up until she was back in that grotesque bent-over position, her ass riding high in the air. She tugged at the ropes automatically as she felt her balance fail her more than once.



"I said move it, bitch!"

Glancing up, she caught the shadow of Brad's left hand rising high in the air, then it sliced through the air in a broad arc. She knew what was going to happen. Closing her eyes, she sucked in a deep breath and tensed. The whacking sound was followed by a rush of hot, painful sensations. She stumbled forward, moving her leg a few inches and nearly teetering over. Her asscheeks reddened and jiggled from the force of that slapping blow.

"Now the other foot."

She moved like a robot. First one foot, then the other, her tits swinging and jiggling as the board cut cruelly into her ankles and wrists. Sweat beaded her forehead as the effort of walking in that doubled-over position with hands and feet bound tired her.

"Though the door."

Marcie glanced up. The doorway couldn't possibly accommodate both her and the board. She kept on walking, turning slightly to one side. The board hit the molding. Marcie backed away and turned a little more, seeing if she could somehow edge sideways through the opening.

Brad watched, his thick lips turning up into a grin. "Try a little harder," he said, reaching down and pinching one fat nipple.

Marcie yelped and started back, nearly falling on her ass. In the next room she heard her mother cry out.

"Oh Marcie, Marcie! What've they done to you?" Rhoda wailed.

"Mom! I..."

"Shaddup!" Brad shouted, slapping her twice across her plump asscheeks. Her firm round cheeks shivered under the blows as Marcie bit her lip and tried to remain silent.

"Okay, baby, you're in the right position for it," Brad said, pushing Marcie through the doorway.

"Oh God!"

Rhoda covered her face with both hands, a torn dress covering her body. She couldn't believe what she was seeing... her daughter, her lovely, innocent daughter stooped over in that horrible position! Marcie was dirty and bruised. Her daughter had obviously been beaten and probably raped several times. Now she was bent over like a crawfish, her ankles and wrists bound together to a board. Rhoda groaned softly, wishing there were some way she could erase the past few hours.

"See there, baby, see?" Brad grabbed a handful of Marcie's hair.

Marcie screamed, her eyelids fluttering as she glanced in the direction Brad indicated. Her mother was standing some ten feet in front of her, her face drained white with horror as she stared in disbelief at her tortured daughter. Marcie felt such shame she could have died!

"Bet you don't know what I caught your old lady doin', do you?" Brad asked, his eyes twinkling with evil merriment.


"You're gonna see you don't fuck around with men, real men, understand?" Brad said, reaching up and gripping Rhoda's hands. It was awful, just like being in some kind of Nazi concentration camp.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have reported the incident," Rhoda wailed.

"Yeah, you shouldn't have done nothin'. But it's too late now," Jack said.

Rhoda watched helplessly as her daughter flashed her questioning looks.

"Like mother, like daughter, eh?" Brad said, slipping one hand down around Rhoda's ass and pinching her asscheek.

"You leave me alone!" Rhoda said, slapping his offending hand.

"Bitch! You ain't got no choice!" he said, grabbing her hand and twisting it until she cried out in pain.

"Let go, let go!" she cried in a hoarse whisper. He was going to break her wrist with that twisting motion. Her knees trembled, then bent. She turned and begged again for him to let go. Her hair hung in front of her eyes. Her face reddened. The woman swore she heard something popping in her wrists.

Brad pulled Rhoda's hair, silencing the woman with a violent tug. She groaned, then forced herself to remain quiet as her daughter's degradation continued.

Marcie didn't care about anything any longer. The thoughts of her home, of her mother, of her friends, disappeared from her mind. She could have died in ecstasy doing this and it wouldn't matter. The caressing light touch of Rex's tongue was the loveliest thing she'd felt. Fucking. Yes, she needed fucking!

"Fuck! Fuck!"

The girl kept repeating that wonderful, horrible word, prancing her ass around shamelessly.

In a moment the two men returned, dragging her out to see yet another horror -- her daughter hanging by her wrists from the ceiling, her naked body twisting slowly, slowly.

"You go up too," Jack said.

They looped ropes around her wrists, then bound them tightly together as they had with her daughter. Then they tied Rhoda to a longer rope that looped over the single beam supporting the cabin's ceiling. Mother and daughter soon hung like sides of beef from the beam facing each other.

Marcie seemed unconscious at first. Rhoda felt the terrible pulling in her shoulders that sent shocks of pain radiating through her arms and belly. But still she wanted to know if her daughter was all right. She whispered her name. But the blonde teen remained lifeless, twisting on the ropes obscenely.

"A little belting will take care of any fuckin' ideas you got about actin' so prissy-assed later on," Jack said, reaching down and unbuckling his belt. He slid the leather through his pant loops, looking up at Rhoda. "I'm gonna strip those fuckin' clothes off you, bitch, with this," he said, looping the belt and tapping it against his thighs.

He circled her, beating the belt in a steady rhythm against his legs. She watched him, her eyelids crinkling, her heart pounding. Rhoda knew she was the prime target, the reason for all this happening.

Suddenly he was in front of her, his fist flying forward. "Ughhhhhhh!"

Rhoda doubled up, her knees jerking almost up to her tits. Jack had swung his doubled fist into her lower belly with all his strength. The blow slammed into the muscles of her stomach, bruising her body severely. Rhoda gagged, the dull pain seeming to wrench her guts inside out.

"That's real good, baby, real good," he whispered, rocking back and forth on his heels.

"How about the bitch over there? Man, she's no good for nothin'... just apiece of meat," Brad called out, poking at Marcie's belly and making a face as if he'd just stuck his hand into a pile of shit.

"Sure, take care of her," Jack said, shrugging his shoulders, then going back to Rhoda.

Rhoda saw Brad licking her daughter's ass, then stepping back and slapping her thighs, her ass, her belly. Marcie awoke quickly from her stupor. Her legs jerked about grotesquely, her mouth opening and letting out a series of strange yelps and screams as Brad kept on working her over with his fists and mouth.

"Both of you ain't gonna forget us for a long, long time," Jack hissed.

Now Rhoda pulled herself up on the rope, trying to figure out how she could protect herself from further blows. She stared down at the big man, her mouth wide, gasping for air. She grunted like a frightened animal, panic showing in her face.

Jack stood back, rocking from his heels to the balls of his feet, pleased with the trussed-up woman.

"You pig!" Rhoda snarled, not caring any longer what he did to her.

Jack shook his head slowly from side to side, his smile curling into an ironic grin.

"Baby, you're real stupid, know that? You ain't never gonna learn how you can get outta here, can you? Well, I'm gonna give you some lessons."

Rhoda shook her head, feeling nothing but loathing for the men doing this terrible thing. The rope on her wrists was starting to cut into the flesh. All her weight was suspended on that line. She groaned, wishing she could kick his balls, cause him the pain he forced on her and her daughter.

"I'll learn. I'll learn," she said, changing her time quickly when she saw Jack bringing the strap up to within striking range. Her tolerance to pain was extremely low. She didn't want to feel the kiss of that belt, to feel the black leather cutting into her soft, white flesh.

"Sure you will. And this is gonna be the teacher," he said, snapping his arm back.

Rhoda tensed as Jack lashed her belly. She screamed, her body jerking backward, then swing jug forward like a pendulum. As she wailed, he drew his hand back again, slashing the belt across her chin bone.

The force of that blow snapped her head back. Rhoda choked down a screw. Some cool air on her cheek and a slow, heavy trickle down her face told the woman that he'd scarred her. So that was how she was going to remember them! Whenever she peered into the mirror, that scar would always be there mocking her, telling her of how she and her daughter had been humiliated and loved it, it would be their real penance, their real torture for life.

Jack stared up at her for a minute, rubbing his cock. Then he let the belt unfold, stepping back and using it as a whip.

"Stupid... stupid... cunt... tellin' me... what... to... do!"

With every word he brought down the lash, ripping pieces of clothing from her body. He was stripping her, bruising her flesh at the same time. Soon her ragged dress was nothing but a memory, lying in ripped pieces at her feet. She was stripped cleaned, her naked body vulnerable to the big man.

"Yeah, yeah, just like the little bitch over there!"

Rhoda peered over at her daughter. Brad was behind her, sticking his fingers in her asshole, telling the shrieking girl he was going to fist-fuck her. Marcie's face was contorted, her mouth twisted open. Screams shot from her throat. Her face was bright red. Her legs jerked out. Something was going on behind her, going on in her ass. Brad was going to fist-fuck her, ruin her shitter for life.

"You got your own problems here, bitch," Jack said, bringing the belt down hard on Rhoda's tits.

Rhoda screamed, her head jerking backward as the belt slashed across her left nipple. The pain from that blow was only the first agony for the attractive blonde. After her scream, after the involuntary spasm that made her legs draw up toward her belly, the pain throbbed on and on. She ground her teeth, hating Jack and Brad bitterly. Rhoda wanted to swing close enough to kick his balls. She screwed her face into a mask of twisted pain, slowly regaining control of her thoughts.

"Beg, baby! Beg to kiss my cock, to suck my ass, to eat my shit!" Jack snarled.

Rhoda spat in his face.

Jack's face darkened. He lashed the end of the belt across the woman's face.

"Bitch! Cunt!"

He lashed out again and again, finally peeling a narrow strip of flesh from just under her right tit.


Rhoda screamed as loudly as her daughter in front of her. They were going to flay her alive, strip the flesh from her bones inch by inch! That thought froze her mind. No, no, she couldn't let that happen. Doing anything, anything had to be better than dying like that!


Rhoda writhed with the agony of her cuts. She felt the warm stickiness of her blood trickling down her ribs, collecting in a pool in her navel, Jack stared at her, licking his lips. He knew she was beaten, knew she was close to the breaking point.

Her daughter had reached that long ago, having become nothing but a screaming maniac dangling on the ropes. But Rhoda wasn't his prize. He wanted to bring this proud woman to heel, make her recognize him as superior, make her repent of her rash act some months ago.

Laughing at her, he reached out and grabbed at the woman's cunt, twisting the hairs and her cuntlips in his fist. The pulling, tearing sensation shot through her like a rusty knife. Rhoda brought her knee up, then dropped it again. She was sobbing, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

"Beg for my dick, bitch!"

He lashed the belt across her face, her lips, the tops of her jiggling tits. Rhoda struggled, curling her fingers around the rope with difficulty and half climbing up, only to fall back down again. Rhoda felt her fingers growing numb. She screamed down at him, dragging out foul words she couldn't remember having used for years. The power of her tortured cries bounced off the walls, mixing with those of her violated daughter.

Jack kept beating at her, grabbing more of her cunt and snatching the wiry hairs. Jack growled, his obscene words lost in the horrible rage of his sexual fury.

No, no, she couldn't go on this way. It had to stop. Her pride had to give way to him.

"Please, stop it. I want to eat your shit. I want to... to suck your cock. Please..."

Immediately, the beating ceased. Rhoda sagged in the ropes, her toes barely touching the floor. The blood still oozed from the wound he'd given her with the belt.

"Say it again," Jack said, his voice trembling with victory.

"I... I'll do anything you want. I'll eat your shit. I'll..." She couldn't go on any further. She knew he'd won, knew she was beaten. They'd had their fun. They'd brought her to her knees. Now they could let them go.

"I oughtta make you do it. But..." Jack smiled, dropping the belt. "Hey, Brad, come on. Let's let these cunts go. I think we're both gonna be workin' in the hospital, maybe even get a raise, right, baby?"

He reached up and grabbed Rhoda's hair, yanking down hard. Rhoda let out a grunting yes, her eyelids fluttering with the pain in her scalp.

"Yeah, guess you're right," the brother said, pulling four fingers from the teen's shitter with a squishy pop.

"Mom, oh, Mom..." Marcie moaned as Brad lowered her to the floor. She collapsed in a heap, panting, feeling as if the world had crashed down on her. Marcie couldn't have moved by herself now if they'd set fire to the cabin.

"It's all right, honey, it's all right now," Rhoda said, having the ropes taken off her wrists and running over to her daughter.

Rhoda gathered Marcie into her arms, resting her head against her breast and closing her eyes. She'd been beaten into the dirt, forced to see a side of herself she knew nothing of before. And Marcie... well, she was certain her daughter had seen something terribly ugly as well.

"Ain't that touching. Come on, we're gonna take you back now."

Rhoda couldn't believe it was all over. Just a few hours. It had lasted only a few hours. And, yet, how changed their lives were! Never, never again would they be the same. They would have a bitter harvest from a bitter planting.

Time -- wonderful time -- might heal the wounds. But Jack and Brad were right. They would never, never, forget what had taken place that night in the cabin. It was indeed a painful lesson learned about her pride, a pride that was forever broken.


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