Mother's into s&m!

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or positive experience.

In MOTHER'S INTO S&M! Rhonda Foster and her daughter Cori find themselves in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, they nevertheless find within themselves hidden resources, a strength of character they never realized they had.

These women suffer an unspeakably horrible experience, but come through with their sensibilities intact, each knowing that she is more of a woman.

Chapter ONE

"No! No! Don't whip me, Uncle Jim! Please, don't whip me!" Cori Foster pleaded.

Her bare feet whipped back and forth against the dead autumn leaves. It was cold outside, the night wind stirring the bare branches overhead and whistling through the small grove of pines.

But Cori felt nothing but the sheer power of her terror as she hung there from the overhead branch. Her naked asscheeks jiggled against one another while she banged her knees painfully against the bark of the tree trunk. Uncle Jim had dragged her out stark naked from the shower by the hair, throwing her into the dirt and backhanding her into a stunned semiconsciousness. When she shook off the stupor, Cori found herself tied to the tree, the quarter inch line crisscrossed around her wrists in figure eights biting painfully into her flesh.

He was drunk again. Uncle Jim was always mean when he was drunk. But he had never abused her this badly before.

Twisting her head around Cori looked with rounded eyes at the half naked man behind her. Shirtless, clad in jeans, he was reeling from side to side, a rawhide whip dangling form one hand while he swigged down yet another can of beer. Crushing the can with his fingers, he flung it at the girl's head.


Cori winced, doing her best to catch her breath as she swung there from the tree. He had tied her tightly to the limb, making sure only her toes dragged over the cold, hard ground. Cori moaned, pressing her face against her upper arm as she felt her muscles relaxing and pulling flat. Her arms ached, the throbbing radiating to her head. Slowly, she felt her feet start to touch the ground. Uncle Jim was burping and farting behind her, yelling at times, then cracking the whip against the ground. They were miles from any house, miles from civilization. Oh, why had her mother thought it would be a nice vacation for her to be out in the country?

"Been watchin' that nice little butt of yours. Too bad your mother went home today. I could've tied you both up and whipped ass all fuckin' night. But you'll be enough for now."

"No, no!" she whimpered, feeling the flesh around her aureoles wrinkle while her nipples brushed painfully against the bark.

Cori froze, hearing the footsteps of her drunken uncle approach her from behind. He stopped, curling his fingers around the back of her neck and squeezing hard until she thought he would snap her neck. Crying out, the girl snapped her head forward, banging her nose against the tree.

Taking advantage of her fright, Jim twisted the whip around, shoving the rounded leather handle up into her asshole.


Never, never had she experienced anything that... that awful! Cori screamed, her knees jerking out like those of a frog, her thighs wrapping around the tree trunk and sawing back and forth. It was awful! And Uncle Jim was still pushing the handle up her ass, twisting it around and around while swatting her bare ass with the flat of one hand. Cori wept and screamed, her voice echoing through the pine grove. She could feel the big thing being crammed up into her asshole then slipping out until she thought he was going to yank out her bowels! Her arm muscles knotted up as she tried to climb up to the limb, to do anything to escape the dreadful tearing pain ripping through her shitter.

"Like gettin' fucked in the ass? Lots of girls do. They get butt-fucked and keep their cherries. Fools their boyfriends a lot."

Uncle Jim kept twisting the whip handle in her ass, reaching around with one hand and working his fingers along her thighs until he was feeling her pussy. Cori moaned, clenching her teeth tightly together and shaking her head. No, no, this had to be some awful nightmare! She was still a virgin. She had been a good girl, just like her mother had instructed her to be. No boy had ever done anything like this to her. And here was her own uncle, her mother's brother, savaging her like this!

Uncle Jim pulled the handle out, sniffing at the smooth slick black leather, then twisting it around until he was gripping it tightly. Cori shivered, aware of the whistling wind chilling her flesh and making it break out into goose pimples all over her naked body. Uncle Jim staggered around a little more, dragging the leather whip behind him like a tail.

Cori refused to look. It would only make her feel worse. Instead, she concentrated on the thin rope binding her wrists together to the limb, holding them prisoner while her feet swept back and forth against the ground.

He stopped. Slowly, Cori twisted her head around, peering over her shoulder. He had his legs apart, the whip in his right hand. She watched him cock his arm back, the biceps bulging as he staggered forward. For a moment, she thought he was going to fall. But he regained his balance and brought the whip down.

Cori screamed, hearing the leather sizzling through the air before it crashed between her jutting shoulder blades.


Cori's body snapped forward, her belly scraping painfully against the tree. She clenched her fingers around the white line holding her wrists together, half hauling herself up from the base of the tree while sobbing hysterically. Uncle Jim was laughing behind her, pleased at his reaction.

"Yaghghhhhhhh!" Another blow, this time right across her bare ass. Cori screamed again, feeling the slicing heat explode across her ass and smash into her belly and cunt. The rope was starting to cut into her wrists. All her weight was suspended from those bonds while her legs swung back and forth. In a moment Cori sagged downward once more, sobbing, feeling the throbbing pain in her back match the ache in her violated ass. She shook her head, not understanding why her uncle was acting this way. She had seen him leering at her during the day, especially when her cousin Cindy wasn't around. But she thought that was her imagination. How a member of her own family could act this way was beyond her!

When Uncle Jim came up behind her again she felt him grabbing a fistful of her long blonde hair, pulling it back so hard tears sprang to her eyes.

"Uhhhhh, no, don't... no more, no more hurt, Uncle Jim, no more!" she muttered as the tension spread.

For a moment, Cori thought he was going to snatch the hair from her scalp and leave her bald. The pain was horrid, her eyelids flickering. He was pushing her up against the tree, forcing her cunt into the bark. Cori let out a soft moan, feeling something very sharp poking into her puffy cuntlips, rubbing up and down until... until she was starting to feel very warm and tight down there.

He pushed her forward harder, tugging at her hair until Cori could feel the strands ripping from her scalp. She sobbed and shrieked again, her muscles knotting while her legs kicked.

Suddenly, Uncle Jim let her go, backing away a few feet, then bringing down the whip against her shoulder. She screamed, fearing he had sliced away a part of her flesh. Terrified to look, Cori stared straight ahead, looking past the trunk of the tree to the house that looked so warm and comfortable and inviting now.

He was in front of her now, holding the whip doubled, shaking it in front of her eyes. In a moment, he slashed the leather across her cheek. The force of that blow snapped her head to the side, the girl choking on a stifled scream. She pulled back at the ropes, her legs kicking down against the tree until her toenails shattered. The warm trickle down her cheek told the teenager that he had done terrible damage to her. She screamed like a wild woman now, her body jerking and twisting as if electrified while her arms pulled madly against the restraining line.

Uncle Jim liked her reaction, laughing and burping as she licked the blood from the corner of her mouth. He jabbed the end of the whip against her ribs hard now, calming her down with the threat of more pain. In a flash, Cori's terror turned to terrible hatred.

"Why are you doing this? You bastard, why are you doing this to me? I haven't done anything to you!"

"'Cause you're a fuckin' bitch-like most of them teases around here. All you can think about's fuckin'. Well, you're gonna get more than your share right here," he said, grabbing hold of his crotch and rubbing it.

Cori turned away, biting her lower lip and feeling herself utterly lost. He was in no condition to reason with. All he wanted to do was humiliate and hurt her. She could see that in his eyes. Trembling, she looked up through the fine network of branches overhead. She could make out a few stars and the moon as her uncle grabbed her by the waist and twisted her around. Cori screamed, her wrists turning around, the tiny bones cracking from the unnatural tension. In a moment her arms were trapped like a pretzel, a dull throbbing ache reaching out from her elbows into her shoulders.

Something popped in her arm as she felt her ass working back and forth against the pine's rough bark. One tiny sliver slipped into her ass crack, creating a hot little shock.

Uncle Jim lashed the whip across her face, the leather stinging her cheeks, leaving long red marks just under her high cheekbones. The weapon came back again, sizzling through the air and striking her forehead. Cori's head snapped back, banging hard into the tree. She saw bright lights as her body slumped forward, her tits jiggling together. Uncle Jim stopped for a moment, his breath short, wheezy, uneven. Another sharp blow stung across the tops of her tits, reviving the half-stunned girl. She screamed, struggling against the tree. Cori could feel the bark tearing into her flesh, ripping her skin while her heels beat savagely against the trunk.

"No, please, no! My mother will give you anything, Uncle Jim! Uh, please, oh please, don't hurt me!" Cori shrieked, her head falling forward.

Uncle Jim stopped, walking up to the girl and grabbing hold of her hanging blonde hair. He jerked her head up, pulling the strands hard again and tearing a few from her scalp. Cori winced, feeling the sharp pain around her face and tits dulling to a throbbing ache. She seemed to be in agony all over, hardly able to draw a breath without shuddering. She blinked her eyes clear and saw a thin smile crossing her uncle's fat, puffy face. He had something in mind. Cori tried to clear her head. Something was up.

"You'll do anything? You'll make your mother do anything?" Cori looked at him quizzically. "Wh... what?"

"Your father's will. He left those mining interests up in Colorado to you and your mother. They're yours now. That is, unless you sell them to me. Or give them," he added with a wider grin.

"Interests? But Momma said they're worthless. She was gonna throw them away," Cori whispered, her arms feeling as if they'd pull from her shoulder at any second.

"Throw... she didn't, did she?"

His face grew anxious, his nostrils flaring as he pushed his face against hers. Cori shook her head, remembering her mother putting the certificates into the bottom bureau drawer. Maybe they weren't so worthless, after all.

"Good. We'll talk later. But I want you to feel what'll happen later if you don't cooperate."

Uncle Jim grabbed her by her slim shoulders, pulling her down purposely and twisting her body lightly from side to side to increase the pressure against her wrists. Cori threw back her head and screamed. She could feel her fingers going numb. As her nerves bruised and parted, she screamed again, staring at her hideous uncle who still laughed and grinned hellishly at her.

"No, don't, Uncle Jim! No, no, please!"

As hard as Cori tried to fight her uncle, she brought only more pain to herself. When she tried pushing herself back up, her spine pressed against the tree trunk, Cori felt the bark scraping her flesh once more. Wincing, the young teenager screamed out again at the big man in front of her, calling him vile names. He seemed to revel in the filth, bringing the doubled whip down across her nipples until they stung. Twice, she felt the edge of the whip slice across her left nipple, distending the brown nub and nearly ripping it from her tit. Kicking her legs out, she wanted to wrap them around him, mash his cock and balls until he would suffer as much as she was suffering. He kept back from her now, lashing and beating at her, finally bringing the whip down hard across her belly. "Aghhhhhh!"

Cori backed up, her ass slamming so hard against the tree trunk that her spine nearly shattered from the force of that blow. A long red welt erupted from her flesh, throbbing against her lightly tanned skin. Uncle Jim growled, lost in the rugged rage of his excitement. Swearing at her, the big man threw himself against her thighs, pinching and grabbing at her flesh while pushing his mouth up against her right nipple. Cori shrieked, feeling his front teeth sinking into the half-inch long nipple, tearing at it while his fingers slithered through her blonde cuntal hair. With a powerful downward yank, he ripped a fistful of her pussy curls from her cunt.

Cori let out another heart-rending scream as her legs kicked apart. The pain between her thighs and his vicious biting were combining to do something awful in her, something that made her cunt grow hotter and hotter with each passing second.

Uncle Jim still whipped at her tits and belly. But his grabbing, twisting hand moved more slowly on her cunt. He was feeling her up, scraping his fingertips around the sensitive spot between her outer and inner cuntlips. The man's fingers excited her horribly, making her shudder while the bark was biting deliciously into her bare ass. Cori turned her head, afraid her uncle would see the growing lust in her face. But Uncle Jim didn't have to study her eyes to read her feelings. He smiled with satisfaction, pushing another finger into her pussy while rubbing her clit with one thumb.

"So, now you don't find what I'm doing so bad, right?" he laughed.

"No, you... you're awful! You should be shot for what you're doing to me!" Cori cried.

"Maybe someday that'll happen," he said with a shrug. "But not before I've got you crawlin' through the slime like the pig slut you are." She trembled at his words, shuddering as he pushed his face between her big tits and started biting until large blue marks appeared. It was awful. Nothing, not even those sex education classes and all the whispered gossip sessions with her girlfriends in the john had readied Cori for this ordeal. The pain had turned into something different, something deliciously wicked that took over her mind. She could feel her cunt drooling from her excitement, the fluid running like a river of molten lava in her cunt.

She found the bulge of his prick with her thigh. But when she tried to knee him in the balls, Cori only slithered her leg up the side of his rigid cock. She hated herself for failing. Hanging from the twisted rope, she felt her shoulders twisting to press her tits against the scrubby sides of her uncle's face.

"Yeah, that's it, baby! We're gonna have the time of our lives out here."

Uncle Jim pulled back, his blue eyes half closed. A line of spit trickled from his lower lip. Grinding his teeth, he stared at her and unbuckled his belt, pushing his Levi's down to his ankles and stepping out of them. Reaching up, he untied the ropes holding Cori to the branch, backing up as she crashed to the ground and crumpled into a heap at his feet.


Kicking her in the ribs, Uncle Jim rolled her onto her ass, then spread his legs on either side of her chest, squatting down until his fat hairy ass pressed against her tits. Cori found herself staring at his long thick cock, the cockhead about to brush her lips. Instinctively flinching away, Cori felt his fingers wrap around her hair and jerk her face up into his crotch. It was so sour smelling, so awful she gagged and nearly threw up on his balls.

"Suck it, bitch! Suck my dick! Take it all the way down your mother-fuckin' throat!"

Before Cori could think of what was happening, she felt her mouth opening, felt his thick, hot prick shoving down over her throat until his cockhairs tickled her nostrils. In and out, in and out he fucked her mouth, tearing at her hair, nearly suffocating her with his prickmeat until he let out a howl. She could taste the bleachy wash of his jizz spattering over her tongue, choking her while his big thighs shuddered against the sides of her skull. Cori sobbed, humiliated and frustrated.

"Yeah, yeah..." Uncle Jim sighed, letting Cori go and rubbing his prick across her cumsmeared lips.

"Get up. We're gonna call your momma up later and make her think that the best gift she can give her brother-in-law would be those mining certificates."

Cori huddled into a tight fetal ball, shuddering, feeling her cunt clenching as she thought of the whip and all the pain it would bring if her mission should fail.

Chapter TWO

It was terribly wicked of her to do these kinds of things, Rhonda Foster knew. But she couldn't stop herself once things had been set in motion. Lying there in her own bed, feeling the rough hemp rubbing painfully against her wrists, the attractive woman couldn't help but work her ass from side to side. Rhonda felt her cuntlips slipping against one another as the heat increased between her legs. The man kneeling to her right was looping the rope around in a figure eight, cinching it tightly around her flesh until she winced in pain. "Oh, I think it's too tight," Rhonda said.

He looked down at her silently, his face dark with concentration. "I'm... sorry," she murmured.

She knew she shouldn't have spoken. Those were the rules of their club. Complete submission when playing their little games. Rhonda had only belonged to BISMAR for two months, hiding the meetings from her daughter. This was the first time she had actually let one of the members come to her home and do something to her. All the talk during their meetings about dominance and submission had made her more and more curious about doing something about those feelings stirring deep inside her. That was why when she had taken Cori to the farm, she'd returned to Los Angeles trembling and anxious. Jack Beddingfield was there at her doorstep waiting for her, his handsome face threatening and yet at the same time appealing...


He rolled her onto her right side, tightening the knot a little more, then drawing her hands down until they were pressed against the small of her back. She heard him digging around in the black leather bag he had brought up with him from the first floor. Staring at the wall, she felt the mattress sinking behind her as he put something over her face for a moment. She felt him shoving it between her lips now, a rubber ball pushing into her mouth. When Rhonda tried to protest, she felt a knee in her back, the pressure making her open her mouth.


The ball slipped in, fixed to her skull with two leather straps. Rhonda panicked. Perhaps the game had already gone too far. All the fine talk about S&M and the beauty of pain and discipline was starting to fade from her mind. There was the harsh reality of being bound, of having her arms pulled tightly behind her while this horrid thing was crammed into her mouth. She tried pushing it out with her tongue, gasping and jerking while tugging at the rope around her wrist. Nothing.

Kicking her legs around, Rhonda managed to roll back on her ass, shaking loose hair from her face. She was looking up at Jack, moaning and gasping behind her gag.

Downstairs the phone was ringing, but Jack ignored it.

He slipped one hand down to her wrists, pulling her from the bed. She cried out, digging her teeth into the rubber ball as a terrible shooting ache exploded in her shoulders.

Tumbling head over foot, the young woman crashed onto the floor, her ankles striking the bureau.

Things had definitely gone too far. Trying to struggle to her feet, Rhonda felt completely disoriented. The ringing phone seemed to be coming from inside her skull. She drew her feet under her ass, pressing her spine against the wall in an attempt to raise herself.

Jack was on her in a second, shoving her body back to the floor, then grabbing her foot and wedging it between his thigh and belly. He had something in his other hand, a long metal bar with cuffs on either end. Leg irons! She screamed through the gag, pushing back with her legs. This was crazy! Insane! She never should have joined that silly club to begin with!

Rhonda felt her bare ass frictioning against the blue carpeting while she tried wriggling away from her tormentor. Impossible! Jack held her more firmly than ever, swinging the bar around until the top of the cuff clamped hard over her ankle. In another moment, Rhonda felt the iron restraint snap shut, trapping one leg firmly in its grasp. "Mmmfmfmmfmffffff!"

Her eyes rounded while dots of perspiration broke out on her wrinkled forehead. She felt her belly churn as Jack grabbed her other leg and held it firmly, clamping the iron cuff around that ankle. It was done. Rhonda winced, feeling the tight rusty iron bands biting into her flesh while the metal rod kept her legs fourteen inches apart.

Muttering with satisfaction, Jack pulled Rhonda to her feet, keeping her bent over at the waist. She was in no condition to fight him, she thought to herself, her blonde hair curtaining her flushed face. He was going to do more to her. He was going to rape her right here in the bedroom. Fine. He would soon grow tired of her and untie her. This would be the last she would have anything to do with this crazy club!


He was slipping something around her throat, something smooth and tight. A collar! She felt him buckling it behind her neck, then threading a length of rope through a small hook in the front to the center of the metal bar at her ankles. Pulling it taut, Jack made certain Rhonda would remain bent over, her ass high in the air as he cinched the line tightly around the iron rod.

"Yeah, that's it," he whispered, smoothing one hand over her spine. She cringed, feeling his hands slip over her exposed asscheeks. No man since her husband had touched her back there. She flushed beet red, her heart exploding with horror and excitement as Jack's fingers slid over her pussy, then tickled her asshole.


He slapped her hard, his open-palmed hand nearly knocking her head-first down onto the floor. She staggered about, the iron bar keeping her from moving too well. The cuffs were slicing into her ankles now as she tried to balance and steady herself.

"Nice ass, real nice..."

Another slap, this one across her ass. Rhonda felt hot tears welling up in her eyes while her nostrils flared with her indignation. Blinking her eyes, the woman felt the stinging hot warmth spreading outward from her ass to her belly and cunt. Jack was fingering her again, dipping his forefinger into her pussy.

Moving around, the big man started working both hands over her asscheeks, pinching them, kneading them while rubbing his hot cock-bulge over her ass. She squealed into the rubber gag, biting into the disgusting ball until she thought she would vomit with horror. He slapped her again, beating her ass with his fingers, then slipping them back into her pussy until she felt her cunt muscles clamping with arousal.

"C'mon. Let's go for a walk," Jack said.

It was humiliating, not to mention nearly impossible to move in this position. Carefully, Rhonda waddled forward, one step at a time, her toes brushing over the carpeting as she waddled past the bureau toward the opened door. Her tits pressed against her upper thighs while her wrists and upper arms ached terribly! It was all she could do to keep from sobbing out loud as she moved through the doorway and out into the cooler hall. Her long hair swept over the tops of her feet as she continued to push one foot in front of the other, the iron bands rubbing her ankles raw by this time.

"That's it, right to the stairs."

She stopped. No, she wasn't going to set herself up for that one. All sorts of strange images flashed through her mind now, none of them particularly pleasant, as Jack kicked her hard in the ass. She grunted, pitching forward, banging her head against the wall. Still, Rhonda refused to budge.

"Stubborn as a mule, eh? Thought you'd be that type at the meeting," Jack said with some pleasure, moving around and grabbing her by the hair.

Rhonda shouted around the gag as she felt him grab a fistful of her hair and pull forward. She screamed again, pitching forward, waddling with her leg bands as he tore strands from her scalp. Salty tears sprang from her eyes, running down her flushed cheeks as she moved forward reluctantly. He pulled her like a horse around the corner, stopping as she poised herself at the top of the stairs.

"Now, we go down."

She stared wide-eyed at the steps, pushing back with all her might. She felt him pushing her down, his hands shoving hard against her ass. Tensing, her muscles like iron, Rhonda moved one leg down, her body pitching dangerously to the right. She felt her shoulder strike the banister hard, her body leaning heavily against the wall as she dragged her other foot down. One step! She had made only one step down, and she was already exhausted.

Rhonda was about to try for the second step when she felt Jack's hands on her hips once again.

"Too slow, man. We'll be here all fuckin' night. Here, I'll help." He pushed her forward, grabbing her at times as she pitched downward, losing her balance and half-rolling, half-falling down the stairs. He made certain her neck and head didn't strike any of the steps, keeping her upright, her body spinning and toppling as she thudded down the stairs.

Rhonda collapsed onto the marble floor, her body black and blue from the fall. He was crazy. They were all crazy. He was going to kill her here, and her daughter would find her when she returned from the country! Afraid to move one inch, Rhonda tried to regain her breath, feeling every inch of her body aching.

He left her there for a while, rushing back upstairs for his bag of devilish toys. When he returned, Rhonda had managed to crawl toward the door with snake-like movements, her head resting on the step. She was beating the molding with her forehead and screaming as loudly as she could, her knees bent up to her tits as she stared wild-eyed at him. Jack dropped the bag, rushing over to her and pulling her back by the ankles. Dragging the woman into her kitchen, he held her with one hand, opening the oven and turning it on.

Immediately she felt a blast of dry heat rush over her naked body.

"You want that, baby? You want me stuffin' you in there until you're good and baked?"

Rhonda fought back, struggling against his hard grip as she felt the burning increase more and more around her face and tits. He had her halfway inside the oven now. She could see the blue flames below her while the smell of gas nearly made her faint. The door was starting to burn her tits as she squirmed her ass against his crotch. Yes, he was hard, his prick throbbing against the front of his Levi's while he tried shoving her into the oven.

"Maybe now you'll be a little more cooperative, huh?"

Jack pulled her back, hooking one finger under the collar and leading her back into the living room. Rhonda wanted to lie down. He kept her standing and bent over, leading her to the couch, then backing away for a moment. She heard a snapping sound and was about to turn around when a terrible flash of pain exploded over her ass. There was the sound of leather smacking flesh. He was whipping her, reddening her asscheeks with some terrible weapon.

Rhonda bit into the rubber ball, letting out a muffled shriek as she pitched forward. The leg bands again made it nearly impossible for her to keep her balance. She felt herself sagging the floor and only another blow, this time to her inner thigh kept the woman from completely collapsing.


When Rhonda turned around and peered over one shoulder, she saw he was holding a short riding crop in his right hand, the leather strips dangling threateningly from the rounded tip. Rhonda jerked her head, trying to fill her lungs with air, as Jack cocked his arm back and brought the weapon down hard a second time. "Yaghhhh!"

The crop came down again and again, hitting the inner rounded curves of her asscheeks, then finally working its way into her split. She could feel the thongs yanking her shitter out of shape, the tips biting into her asshole, setting off wild fires of delight and pain.

And then Jack concentrated on her pussy, purposely aiming the leather on either side of her puffy pussy labes. She winced, screaming and pitching forward. Her body fell hard onto the sofa, twisting around and making it difficult for him to beat her ass. Swearing, he grabbed her hair and twisted, tearing more strands from her scalp and pushing her forward until she was squatting once more, bent over, her reddened, whip-striped ass high in the air.

"Uh! Ahhh! Mmmmffff!"

Rhonda was gagging on her own spit, chewing down on the ball again and again while her thighs trembled from pain and horror. Jack noticed this and brought the crop down hard against her rippling thigh muscles. All her nerve endings were aroused and tingling as he brought the crop down next against her spine, cracking the leather again and again while fingering her cunt. She grunted, his knuckles pressing against her clit while his fingers raped her fuck-hole.

Jack stopped for a second, wiping his forehead with the back of one hand, then gripping the base of the crop more tightly. He brought the leather thongs down across her ass, making the flesh blaze red until Rhonda thought she would faint from the pain. The hissing, whistling, clacking sound of the five black leather thongs combined with her muffled screams. The tempo of the beating seemed to increase in both speed and intensity.

Rhonda could only howl like a mad woman, her ass jerking up and down, her flesh growing red and purple with welts while cunt juice bubbled from her pussy and ran down her inner thighs. She wriggled her ass, her buns so very hot from the thrashing.

Just when she thought she would faint from the agony, Jack stopped, moving up to her and cinching the crop around her throat. He pulled back, the leather thongs tightening around the collar and pressing into her windpipe.


Rhonda's eyes bulged, her nostrils flaring while her lungs nearly burst from lack of oxygen. Struggling, feeling her legs move back and forth in those horrid leg irons, Rhonda sucked in spit instead of oxygen. She was dying, the world seeming to spin.

Jack released her, letting her crumple to the floor, coughing and gagging around the rubber ball. There was movement behind her. Jack was picking her up again, pushing her up against the sofa while still keeping her ass high in the air. All her senses were confused. She felt him pawing her ass again, spreading the asscheeks while he stuck fingers simultaneously in her asshole and cunt. He sawed them back and forth, fucking her, making her grunt like a stuck pig before yanking them out. She jerked and shivered against the sofa, hoping she would die.

It was then she heard the rasping sound of his zipper going down, then his jeans went down around his ankles.

"Man, good hot ass!"

He had his fingers wrapped around her jutting hipbones, her ass pressed against his hairy groin as he rubbed his prick back and forth over her sweaty asscrack. He was pinching her black and blue, kneading her flesh, then gathering it up into tiny balls and squeezing them between his fingers. When she squealed with pain, he pulled back, pressing his bloated prickhead up against her cunt.

It was a fire Rhonda had never expected to feel! All the pain, all the horror, all the degradation seemed to combine now in a wonderful hot sensation, driving her up the wall as Jack moved in and fucked his eight thick inches of cockmeat into her cunt. She was panting hard, feeling her pussy walls expanding itchily for the fat cockrod. It had been so very, very long since a man had fucked her. And she certainly had never had a man fuck her this way. The ropes slicing into her wrists, the irons chafing her ankles, the collar, the beating everything was adding to her arousal.

"Ugh!" she grunted.

Jack was fucking her harder now, his crotch beating her nearly as savagely as his crop had. Shoving his prick in, pressing his thumbs against the inner curves of her asscheeks, he rode her down, down onto the floor.

"Damn slut! Man, you're good and hot! Christ! I thought I'd fucked 'em all in my life. But shit! You take the cake, baby!"

Rhonda felt her cunt catch fire, her clit shrinking back while her pussy walls tightened like a vise over his fucking prick. Jack slapped her several times, finally hunching over her and biting the nape of her neck. She could feel his prick expanding, ballooning and jerking around in her pussy. He was going to do it, going to cum in her while hurting her this way.

When she felt him shudder mightily, Rhonda bit hard into the rubber ball, twisting and bobbing her ass while sweat oozed from her forehead. She was cumming, feeling the heat explode between her shivering thighs. Again and again, her cum-smeared cuntal walls clasped at the jizz-spitting prick, holding it while Jack's balls pumped more and more white-hot jizz into her fuck-hole.

When it was over, Rhonda felt herself prone on the floor, curled halfway under the glasstopped coffee table. Jack had already pulled the ball-gag from her mouth and was releasing her ankles from the cuffs. He was humming some country tune, not even paying her much attention while retrieving his toys.

"I'll never do this again... never," Rhonda said bitterly, refusing to look at him.

"That's what they all say... at first," Jack said with a laugh, swatting her playfully on the ass.

Chapter THREE

"No, Daddy! What are you doing? You promised you wouldn't do that anymore, not after Mommy died! No, no, don't!"

It was awful. Cori clapped her hands over her ears as she stood there naked and watched her cousin Cindy struggle with Uncle Jim. He finally pushed Cindy away, slapping her twice, then backhanding her until she collapsed onto the wooden floor.

"You're all alike, damn it!" he snarled, kicking the door closed. "You can squat there and cry with your damned cousin till I'm ready for you. And you're gonna try callin' Rhonda again."

Cori hugged her body with both thin arms, afraid to make one sound as she listened to her cousin sobbing quietly in the far corner. Cori felt as if she'd just uncovered some dreadful family secret. Guilt-ridden, she waited until Cindy's sobs had abated, then slid over the splintery cold floor to the near-hysterical teenager.

"I... I'm so sorry, Cindy. I don't know what came over your father. I was watching TV and..."

Cindy put one hand up in the air acid shook her head.

"He got like this just before my mother died. I don't know why, but he's really crazy. He's even gotten some of the guys around here interested in... in doing horrid things to women."

"He didn't..." Cori couldn't finish. A terrible thought rose in her mind, one that made her skin crawl.

"Uh? No! He didn't kill Momma. I don't even think she knew what was going on around here at the end. I'm glad she died when she did," Cindy said bitterly, turning her head from Cori and sobbing.

"Oh, God! He's done... things to you, too?"

Cindy nodded, her sobs quieting.

"I don't know what to do. He just gets crazy. And then the others join him."

Cori thought about what her uncle had said. "Did he ever mention something about mining certificates?"

Cindy shook her head, pushing the brown hair from her eyes.

"No. Wait! Something... yes, something about a mine up north or out west. I don't know. Oh, it's awful!"

The two girls hugged on another, cringing when they heard the sound of a footstep near the shed Uncle Jim had pushed them in. Cori heard her uncle's boots scraping toward the door. She drew back, instinctively feeling her jaw that still hurt from the awful mouth-fucking she had endured. Swallowing hard, the blonde teenager thought she could still taste the jizz that had spattered over her tongue while Uncle Jim had held her by the ears and fed her more and more of his prickmeat.

The door swung open. There he stood, a little more sober than before. Of course, three hours had passed, three long hours in which his daughter had come home and discovered what he had done.

"Out... both of you."

Cori staggered to her feet, shielding her eyes from her uncle's bright flashlight. It was dark outside now, and the lights were on in the nearby house. Cori swept the long hair from her eyes, only to feel her uncle's hand press roughly against her upper back. Shoving her forward, Uncle Jim thrust one foot in front of her, tripping the terrified young girl. Cori pitched forward, falling flat on the ground with a dull thud. Scrambling to her feet, she tried to run for the house. Cindy was crying out something behind her when she felt her uncle's fist come down heavily against her back. The blow drove her down into the ground once more, her legs flying out to either side while sounds of slaps echoed through the night air from behind her.

"No, Daddy! No, don't... uhhhhh! Oh, you're hurting me!"

Cori felt herself wallowing in mud like a pig, her arms and belly covered with the brown slime. Coughing, Cori started to push herself from the ground when she felt something very hard pressing against the back of her neck. Her elbows buckled from the pressure as she fell back to the dirt, her arms out to either side. Uncle Jim had the sole of his black leather engineering boot down against her neck, rubbing it back and forth, forcing the teenager down into the mud.

Cindy was begging her father to stop, beating him on the shoulders, then trying to pull him away while he rubbed the boot back and forth over Cori's neck. Cori thought surely he would kill her. Mud oozed into her mouth as she struggled under the big man.

"Uh, no, don't!"

Uncle Jim pressed his heel against the nape of her neck. Cori could feel the hard leather scraping her flesh, then moving down until it was between her shoulders. He kicked her hard there, then brought the pointed tip of his boot to her ass. Cori squawked, feeling the filthy leather pressing in against her asshole. She lurched forward, her knees and elbows digging into the mud as her belly slid over the slime.

Cindy was screaming again, then the sound of a loud slap rang out. The brunette shrieked, then fell to the ground.

Cori started to turn around to see what had happened, and she received a hard kick in the belly.


The girl doubled over, her knees jerking up to her tits while her arms flew out in front of her. Again, Uncle Jim kicked her, this time his boot landing across her naked ass. Cori screamed, free for the moment, crawling toward the house. Her mind reeled dizzyingly. Where was she going to go? How could she escape? The only thing that mattered for the time being was getting away from her awful uncle.

Uncle Jim had reached down and caught Cori by her hair, yanking her head up from the mud and holding it high above the ground while pushing his face against hers. How she loathed him! She wanted to spit in his mouth but was terrified of what his reaction would be. Jim studied her for a moment then let go, moving around to his moaning daughter, who was sitting up, rubbing her injured jaw.

Cori stared blankly as he bent over and grabbed hold of Cindy's dress with one hand. Deftly, he ripped the garment from his daughter, leaving her squatting in the dirt wearing only her pink panties and matching bra. The girl shrieked in horror, throwing her slender arms around her jiggling tits while scooting back from her father.

Jim looked back at Cori as if to warn her not to move, then stood spread-legged over Cindy, slapping her several times, then tearing her bra and panties off. Cori looked the other way, feeling as if this whole scene were unreal. Her own family, acting this way!

"All right, both of you -- this way."

Uncle Jim motioned to the back yard that sloped gently down from the house to a small cluster of utility buildings barely visible now in the dark. He made the girls crawl on their hands and knees. Cindy had stopped crying, her jaw set firmly as she stared ahead. Her small tits jiggled against her heaving chest as she moved like an animal next to Cori. Uncle Jim followed the young girls, slapping their asses at times, drawing grunts from Cori but nothing from his daughter. She's been through this before, Cori thought grimly to herself. When they reached a point midway between the house and the buildings, Uncle Jim barked for them to stop. Cindy still didn't look at her cousin while remaining in that doggie position.

He's going to fuck us, she thought, that mad idea racing through her mind.

"Get up."

Slowly, Cori rose, feeling the mud sliding down her arms, her thighs, her face. She trembled with anger and humiliation, unable to look either Cindy or her uncle in the face. She could feel some of the brown slime easing past her cuntlips, drooling through her pussy hairs. What was he doing? Cori wanted to ask Cindy who stood quietly by her side, her arms slightly extended in front of her as if begging her father silently to stop this. He was fumbling around with something near the house, then coming back toward them. Stopping, he dropped something on the ground, the walked up to the two girls.

"Down on your knees and lick my boots, now!"

There was no mistaking the authoritarian note in his voice. Cindy didn't hesitate at all, wiping her eyes with the back of one hand and dropping to the dirt. Cori thought it was wise for her to do the same, shaking the loose hair from her face and kneeling in front of her uncle.

"Now lick those fuckin' boots clean... both of you." Lick them? The thought revolted Cori as she stared at the filthy leather in front of her. But she knew hesitation might prove fatal. Cindy looked at her sideways, then bent over, her tongue sticking out. Yes, she'd done this before. This was what she'd implied in that shack about her father going mad. Bending over, feeling her tits swing lightly out, Cori began licking her tongue gingerly over the tops of his boots. Maybe if she just cleaned the black leather around his shoe laces he would be pleased. Maybe he would just watch his daughter, unaware that Cori was trying to cheat.

But no. Uncle Jim was very observant. He let the girl tease her tongue around the laces for a minute. Then Cori felt his big paws grabbing her head, pushing it down hard against the side of his boot. Cori screamed, her lips flattening against the filthy shoe gutter. She could taste dirt and something vile easing into her mouth. It was making her sick, her belly rumbling while the sour bile began rising. She braced her hands on either side of his spread legs, fighting the hands pressing down on the back of her skull. Uncle Jim was laughing at her, rubbing her lips back and forth over his boots, then pushing her face down farther until her tongue was scraping the sides of his heels.

"That's it, baby, wash it down, lick my boots real clean. I wanna see that tongue workin' or I'm gonna crush that sweet little head of yours!"

Cori moaned as she did as she was told. There was little left for her, hearing Cindy's mouth busily working over her father's boots. She drew her tongue across the heel, twisting her head away for a moment and spitting out the mixture of filth and spit. She thought she was going to vomit when her uncle pushed her mouth up against the back of his heel. Cori could smell something like shit wafting up her nostrils. "That's good, real good. You cleaned me up real nice."

He let her go, throwing the teenager back into the dirt while Cindy knelt there, her hand over her mouth, her belly convulsing while she made gagging sounds.

"Stupid little slut!" he grunted, backhanding his daughter and sending her body rolling end over end down the long, low hill.

Cori was about to rush to her cousin's aid when she felt Uncle Jim's hand grab her shoulder and push her back. Sitting there in the filth, Cori twisted her head again and spat onto the ground. It was wretched he should do something like this to her and his own daughter. Drawing one hand across her mouth again, Cori watched him saunter back up to the house and grab something. Narrowing her eyes she could see it was a hose. For a moment she thought he was going to grab a garden hose leaning against the house and hit her with it. Her soft blue eyes hardened and she set her mouth in a tight line. She was going to be tortured again.


The sound of her own voice startled even Cori as she crouched there, waiting for the next horror. Uncle Jim wasted no time, reaching back and twisting the nozzle.


A blast of water smashed into Cori's ribcage. Opening her mouth in surprise, she fell backward into the mud, her ass sliding back and forth while her heels dug into the filth.

"No, don't... ohhhh!"

Cori glared at him. She summoned enough energy to spit in his direction. But the effort made the next blast of water catch her unaware. While trying to get up, Cori fell forward, feeling the blast of water catch her ankles, that force upending her. Cori fell heavily onto the mud with a sloppy sound, her tits jiggling while Uncle Jim played the steady stream back and forth on her slick body.

The girl tried to struggle to her feet again. But Uncle Jim liked her on the ground. He directed the stream at her crotch purposely. The water hit like a tiny little hammer on the girl's sensitive pussy flesh, opening her cuntlips and setting a lusty flash of fire on her clit. Cori was horrified, doubling up while her mouth opened wide. That erotic blast of pleasure nearly paralyzed her. She fell back onto the dirt, her hands braced slightly behind her ass while her thighs rippled and ridged from the delight coursing through her veins.


Cori tried to deny the delight she felt, shaking her head while crawfishing back. When she couldn't get away from the water, the teenager rolled onto her belly, trying to hide her pussy from the strong stream. Her long blonde hair tangled around her neck, catching under her shoulders.

Then Uncle Jim shot the water straight up between her long thighs, laughing when he caught his niece hunching back at it.

"You dumb slut! You're all dumb sluts, but you take the cake." Cori gasped, her eyes wide with horror as her skin reddened under the watery attack. She turned around, her hands in front of her face as the water splashed mud into her eyes and mouth. In another moment, the girl was on her back, kicked over by Jim. It was becoming a muddy lake quickly around the young girl wallowing in the filth.

Sobbing, Cori felt the water blasting against her tits. Her nipples were driven downward into the tingly flesh of her tits. She could feel each big tit aching with arousal, matching the throbbing going through her pussy at the same time.

Cori's face twisted up into a mask of concentration as she tried pushing those horrid feelings to one side. Why was she experiencing those awful sensations between her legs? The shame of feeling herself crawling around like that and rutting right in front of her uncle made her want to die right then and there! When she tried rolling onto her belly once more, Uncle Jim slapped her hard, knocking her back into the mud.


Cori felt the slime oozing around her ass and shoulder blades, the mud pushing into her shitter and cunt while Uncle Jim stepped around and shot more water into her cunt hole. The incredibly heavy rush of the stream on her clit and the sensitive flesh around it made the teenager hunch her hips up and down in a fucking movement.

"Yeah, all the same," Jim muttered, stepping back and laughing even harder when Cori covered her cunt with her hands.

He brought the stream up to her face, hitting her mouth and nostrils with it and nearly drowning Cori. The young girl coughed, twisting around, covering her face with both hands protectively and leaving her cunt unprotected.

Twisting the hose to one side for the moment, Uncle Jim waded into the muddy lake, his boots making soft sucking sounds in the filth. Reaching down, he grabbed a fistful of her cunt hairs, tearing them from the hot, swollen flesh and making Cori yelp and shriek.

He stepped back, bringing the hose back to her cunt and sending the stream splashing into her hot pussy hole. Cori sobbed, putting her fist to her mouth and gnawing on her knuckles. No matter how much the hosing aroused her, she couldn't let her uncle see her starting to cum. She could feel the unmistakable tension in her crotch, the slow opening and closing of her cuntal muscles milking against one another. And when she twisted her hips, seeking out the stream, she knew it was only a matter of seconds. She was breathing heavily, her tits rising and falling while the hot tight feeling between her legs rose to an incredible degree.

Uncle Jim was rubbing his crotch with one hand, moving the stream back and forth, up to her tits, then back to her cunt. Cori lay there, sobbing and coughing, her shoulderblades wallowing in the mud while her knees fell apart. Uncle Jim was shouting out something, laughing at her as she writhed there in the muddy lake, agonized by the cunty onslaught against her tingling nerves. She knew her mind was fading out even as she tried to regain some control over her body. The sound of the splashing water drowned out his laughter and cursing. She rolled over, her tits pillowing in the mud while the stream blasted against her spasming asshole.


But her denial was useless. She was struggling against herself, fighting an overwhelming wave of climax that crushed her into the dirt more powerfully than anything her uncle could have dreamed of. Cori strangled on her sobs, her breath driven out by her exploding climax. The teenager clawed her way through the dirt as if trying to get away from the terrifying power of her own orgasm.

Where was Cindy? Cindy was over the hill somewhere, possibly dead, while Cori was cumming with her own uncle.


The water splashed at Cori's shoulders, pinning her to the ground. She collapsed, giving herself up to the wild climax exploding in her cunt as the world darkened around her and she fell into a sudden silence.

Chapter FOUR

Rhonda hung up the phone, her forehead creased with worry and confusion. Cori had seemed so happy to be spending some time with her favorite cousin Cindy. And now... well, there was definitely something strained about her voice, something that Rhonda picked up on. What was the matter? She told her daughter she would come up on her request the following evening, but she couldn't come up tonight the night when once more she was going to give in to those feelings she thought she'd conquered only yesterday.

Jack had called her. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to, as he said, "whip her ass raw."

And though Rhonda knew she should have slammed the phone down after a few well chosen words, she couldn't. Even as her memories of that night when he had roped and raped her like a common street slut burned in her mind, Rhonda could only think of getting more. Her mind was so taken with that possibility that she chose to ignore the obvious nervousness of her daughter's voice, putting off the trip so that she might visit Jack and check out what he called his playroom.

The word sounded too innocent to be true, Rhonda thought as she slipped behind the wheel and backed her Mercedes from the drive. Her mind whirled at the possibilities as she threaded her way through the evening rush-hour traffic. Rhonda nearly ran two lights as she tried to concentrate on her driving, her mind racing ahead to Jack's house and what he might have in store for her.

Pulling in front of the deteriorating two-story house, Rhonda leaned forward and checked the address he had given her. Yes. This was it. Looking nervously about, she slid from the car, walking hesitantly up the curving walk to the front door. Her heart raced madly as she heard dogs barking next door. From across the street, she could hear Mexican salsa music coming from a darkened house. Rapping lightly on the door, Rhonda half hoped Jack wouldn't be there.

"Good, right on time! I like a woman who's not draggin' her ass... unless I make her do it. Come on in, Rhonda."

Jack backed away from the torn screen in the door. Rhonda gripped the handle, wondering how on earth she had ever become involved with people like this. What was so odd, so strange was that she could have walked away from them so easily. But she chose not to walk away. Stepping into the darkened room, she immediately wrinkled up her nose. There was the smell of stale tobacco and strong liquor hanging in the air like a foul perfume. She stopped, her heart skipping beats. They weren't alone!

"Who... who are they?" she asked.

"Friends, buddies. You don't think I'm the only one in the club, do you?"

"No, of course not," Rhonda said in a low tone as her gaze quickly moved from one man to another. They all stared at her, the three of them nodding a greeting.

"I told 'em about you, that you were the hottest chick to come around for a long time. We've been puttin' out these ads," Jack said, scratching up a paper from the table and waving it in front of her face. "And you've been the prize catch so far."

"No, I don't think... I don't think I want to do this."

Jack had been enough for her before. How could she possibly handle three of these men, plus him? And yet her body was betraying her. The tips of her tits were so hard they were about to poke through her bra. Her moistening cuntlips curled and shivered while her clit popped up full and hard. She curled her fingers into two fists, trying to appear cool and even a little offended at Jack's crude remarks.

"I thought it would be just the two of us, Jack. I wasn't expecting a circus," she said, eyeing the other men nervously while feeling her heart beating hard.

Jack wasn't put off by her change in attitude. His lips curled in sardonic amusement while his white teeth gleamed like polished ivory. Rhonda was feeling less and less sure of herself, and she wondered about simply bolting from the house while she still could.

"You don't get to choose around her, once you cross that door, that is."

Rhonda's eyes flashed over Jack's body. He was even bigger than she remembered him. What did he do for a living? He could have been a body builder if it weren't for his rough-looking face.

"Now, you're gonna give us a whole lot of fun. Right, Rhonda?"

He slammed the door behind her, making her jump as if he'd fired a pistol. Rhonda whirled around, staring at him, pressing her fists tightly against her thighs. Her pussy spasmed as she thought about the other night and how good it had felt when he finally fucked her. Why were these other men here? Were they going to spoil everything?

"No! No, I won't! I'm not going to entertain your friends. Let me go," she said with determination, heading for the door.

Jack's face darkened, something that made the woman freeze in her tracks. Her right hand fluttered to her neck as she backed away, terrified he would strike her. With a quick downward movement, he brought one hand down, his fingers wrapping around her upper arm and keeping her prisoner. Rhonda winced, dropping her purse as she bent over and squirmed with pain.

"Don't ever, ever think you can sass me and get away with it, missy. You're nothin' here. Understand me, bitch?"

It was starting! Rhonda felt her knees knocking against one another. He shoved her forward through the kitchen doorway roughly, slamming her against the stove.

"You're... you're hurting me!" she cried, her face blanching while her eyes narrowed in pain.

Twisting her around, Jack pushed her belly against the stove then shoved her head down against one of the gratings on top of the stove. Rhonda cried out, her nose flattening against the chipped enamel top of the stove, her legs kicking out against Jack's.

Two of the men staggered into the kitchen and roared their approval, half drunk on wine. Jack muttered something, then reached around and turned a little black dial. In an instant a small blue flame shot up from the center of the grating, singeing her eyebrows and hair.

"Ahhhh, no!" Rhonda panicked, her eyes rounding while she bucked and thrashed. Fire! Flames in her face! He would disfigure her for life! Her dress tore against the oven door while her feet slipped from her black high heels. Jack pushed her up a little more, shoving her face closer to the steady blue flame. Rhonda could hear crackling, could smell the sharp aroma of burning hair.

"Now, you get me, bitch? You try anything I don't allow, and I'm gonna burn your fuckin' face off, get it?"

Rhonda slumped weakly against the top of the stove, a sign she had surrendered. Jack grinned, pulling her up slowly from the burner and shutting off the flame. His fingers slid up the back of her straight black dress, toying with the zipper tab before pulling it down with a ripping sound. Rhonda stiffened, fighting back as she felt her garment slackening around her shoulders.

"Goddamned feisty slut!" he growled, slapping her hard across the face. Rhonda screamed, her head jerking to the left from the force of the blow. She backed away from him, rubbing her flushed cheek, still feeling the hot sting of the blow. Some of the men laughed at her, one of them grabbing hold of her dress and tearing it down.

The woman screamed again, clutching wildly at the frayed ends of her dress, holding it tightly against her body. She was terrified, realizing her situation was completely out of control. Hands stretched out, grabbing at her, pinching her, tearing her dress even more until she had nothing but a tattered rag gathered in her fingers.

"Man, she's got one fuckin' good body," a tall blond man said, slapping Rhonda hard across her ass. There was more laughter as the man watched her ass and tits jiggle, her gaze roving around wildly, searching for some escape path. The tall blond guy took a beer from his buddy and spilled it on himself, wiping his face with the back of one hand and laughing all the harder at his own carelessness.

"Hey, man, you're really sloppy tonight. Must be all that fuckin' booze you've been mixing. Hey, you, clean him up," Jack said, shoving Rhonda toward the blond.

She stared at the big man with disgust, her eyes taking in his stringy hair, his dirty Levi's. He looked as if he'd crawled all the way to Los Angeles from Oklahoma. She backed away, drawing one hand over her face, feeling terribly naked in front of all these men. Her dress fell from her hand.

"No, I... uh!"

Jack backhanded her, his knuckles crashing hard against her chin. Rhonda's head whipped to one side, her hair splashing over her face while her knees buckled. For a moment, she thought she would black out. But something kept her conscious as she staggered around. Hands reached up and cupped her asscheeks, squeezing and kneading the white flesh through her pink panties until Rhonda screamed from the pinching pain. She nearly pissed on herself from the growing terror, and someone else slapped her hard on her ass.

Across the street the salsa music grew louder.

They must be used to this, she thought, guessing she would get no help from the neighbors. Steadying herself, Rhonda straightened herself and slapped back at the grabbing, offending hands.

While she was fending off a fat redheaded man trying to pull her bra down from her tits, Jack moved up behind her, his hands pressing down on her narrow shoulders. She felt her knees buckling again, this time from the force of his hands. She bent her knees, sobbing softly as she sank down to the filthy carpet. There were disgusting stains all around her, stains she would rather not think about.

The blond stud came up to her, swaying drunkenly, still holding a can of Mexican beer in his hand. He was starting to bend the aluminum with his fingers, looking down at her and licking his lips. She was terrified of what he would do to her. They were all drunk, out of their minds. Jack was guiding them. But they could all swing out of orbit and hurt her. The blond dropped one hand down to her neck and tightened his fingers around it, drawing her hard against his bony thigh.

"That's it, Gus. You gotta show the slut who's the boss. She likes that, anyway. That's why the fuck she's here right now. And that's why," Jack said, tearing open the top of another beer can and holding it in one hand, "she's gonna keep comin' back."

"Lick it real good, or I'm gonna have you suck my cock right now," the blond said.

The threat was enough. Swallowing her pride, Rhonda leaned forward, sticking out her tongue and starting to lick at the stained denim material. She could taste the pungent flavor of spilled beer right away, her lips flattening against his jeans while the big man watched stupidly, then tilted back his head and finished gulping his beer. "Over here," he slurred, pulling her hair until she moved her mouth around his cock-bulge.

The other men chortled, knowing what was on his mind. Rhonda burned with shame, afraid to move her tongue again, then sliding it back and forth when she felt him starting to yank on her hair. She knew she was turning him on. She could feel the heat of his cock-bulge growing more and more intense, warming her lips as she soaked down the faded blue material with more of her spit.

"Oh yeah, man!" Gus said, closing his eyes and licking his lips. He swayed dangerously from right to left. "Man, I can already feel them lips curlin' around my of prick and suckin' it down till I choke her with my cum."

Rhonda stopped, wanting to rise from the carpeting. Hadn't he had enough? What more did he want? She had cleaned his filthy jeans more than well enough. And then, to emphasize his point, Gus reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling and yanking on it until he had Rhonda shouting with pain. She flattened her palms against his thighs, wildly trying to pull away from him. But he showed surprising resistance for a man so drunk, holding her, moving her head around until he was rubbing her mouth against his fly again. He was nearly tearing her ears off with his fingers, his body trembling as if he were on the brink of climaxing. Gus stopped hunching, pushing her back violently and bringing one foot down against her throat. He reached back, pulling out a switchblade knife and pressing a small silver button in the center of the pearl handle. Rhonda froze! A four-inch blade snapped straight, the blue-silver steel glistening in the light.

She let out a fart of terror, the men laughing at her as she squirmed against the floor.

Gus bent down, grinning, his lips parting to show a crooked set of yellowed teeth.

"Now, little missy's gonna be real free to show us what the fuck she's got under them panties," he said, flashing the blade menacingly in front of her and bringing it down slowly to her throat. "Jack's not gonna be the only one around here who had a taste of her pussy."

He pressed the flat of the blade against her nose, twisting it around and bringing down the tip past her nostrils, down over her throat, the pointed tip leaving a long trail of white on her flesh. He was barely cutting her, listening to her breathing catch, watching as her flesh quivered with the cold, sharp touch.

Rhonda finally felt the terrible thing come to a stop at her breastbone. Gus was breathing heavily, his prick poking against the front of his Levi's as he slipped the knife between her bra cups and cut the narrow band.

"Man, nice tits, nice..."

Rhonda let out a whimpering scream, feeling her bra fall from her tits.

Gus licked his lips again, bringing the flat of the blade against one nipple and watching it stiffen until it was nearly a half-inch long. He began grinning even more, poking the other nipple with the tip of his knife until it too was thick and stiff. The other men were watching closely, rubbing their cock-bulges slowly, watching as Rhonda squirmed uncomfortably on the floor. Gus backed away, bringing the knife down, down past her navel, scraping her flesh painfully until he started slicing at her panties.

"Yeah, this is nice, real nice."

With each word, he cut a little more of the elastic band, slicing it until the briefs hung in shreds from her thighs. He poked the tip of his blade through the pink nylon material, tearing it down from her thighs and throwing it away.

She lay there naked, helpless under this maniac whose eyes bugged out, reminding her of a lizard's. He looked at his knife, then brought the blade down right against her cuntal mound.

Rhonda couldn't hold back the scream any longer. Throwing back her head, she screamed as loudly as she could, her fists thumping against the floor while her legs shivered back and forth against the carpeting. Gus watched her as if he would eat her alive, finally throwing the knife to one side and flinging himself onto her. His mouth sucked hers. It was filthy, horrid, exciting! The man who had humiliated and hurt her this way was going to fuck her... and in front of these men!

"Dig into her, man, dick her!" the fat redhead called out.

Rhonda could feel Gus fumbling between their bodies. In a moment something very hot and stiff was poking against her cunt, shoving in while he knocked her legs out and up into the air. He was mounting her, still wriggling his tongue deep in her mouth while his hands gripped her thighs and tugged them savagely apart. He fucked like a wild man, his hips banging against hers so hard she scooted on the carpeting, her spine reddening from the friction. Rhonda fought back, beating his back with her fists while her cuntal muscles gripped his long skinny prick.

"Uh, man... fuck!"

Rhonda suddenly felt his jizz scalding her cuntal walls while her pussy muscles went into spasms. Her eyes rolled back, and Rhonda could hardly hear anything except the big man's harsh panting and a string of obscenities that excited her more and more. How she loved his filthy mouth as he fucked her, churning his prick around in the musky heat of her cunt while his balls finished dumping the last of his cum-load.

"Awwwwh, fuck, man! She's too much! You know she wants more, too," Gus said, shaking the sweat from his forehead and looking down at her.

"I don't think we have to worry. She's gonna be givin' us a whole lot before we're through here," Jack said, looking down at the trembling woman.

Rhonda thought of her daughter now, and she wondered just what it was that had made Cori sound so terrified.

Chapter FIVE

Cori had prayed that her mother would come here soon. Perhaps Rhonda would be able to see through what was going on and free her. But Rhonda had been evasive, saying she would come up the following afternoon, and there was little Cori could do to get her mother here. Uncle Jim, though anxious to see Rhonda for his own reasons, didn't really mind having another day to torment Cori. After the awful hosing down, Cori had lain in the mud while Uncle Jim strode down the hill and fetched his half-conscious daughter. He carried Cindy back to the house like a sack of potatoes, leaving her draped over the steps of the front porch.

"You, come here. You stay there."

Cori slipped from the muddy lake, sobbing, trying to clean herself off as best she could. Uncle Jim turned around several times and laughed at her plight, leading her around to the side of the house, where he bent over a low mound in the yard and pulled open a set of horizontal double doors. It was a fruit cellar. He nodded toward the stone steps below.

Cori was in no mood to argue. Exhausted, humiliated, all the girl wanted to do was get away from her horrid uncle. Quickly, she rushed by him and nearly ran down the cold steep steps, feeling her naked asscheeks jiggling against one another. She wanted to ask him for a blanket, anything to stay warm. But he would only hit her again, she thought.

Once in the fruit cellar, she huddled in a cold corner against the shelves of fruit jars, feeling her heart sink as the dampness in the air made her bones ache. She thought about what she had endured, about the water stream that had made her climax right in front of her uncle's eyes. He had beaten Cindy, then worked on her.

The young teenager drew into a fetal position, resting her chin on her knees while hugging her ankles tightly with both hands. At times, Cori thought she could hear the skittering of tiny claws across the floor. The thought that there were rats in the cellar here made her flesh crawl. Cori pulled her feet in harder under her ass, shivering, wondering how long Uncle Jim would keep her here.

What seemed like hours passed without a word from Cindy or her father. Cori relaxed, her thoughts drifting from this awful farm where she was imprisoned. The young blonde thought of her home, of the comfortable bed she would be resting in now, the coverlet drawn up tightly against her chin while through the half-opened door she could hear her mother busy in the kitchen. Dozing, the girl thought about warmth, about the soft, fuzzy feel of the blanket tickling her chin.

And then suddenly the dream was shattered. The crashing sound cut through her reverie, startling Cori awake. Uncle Jim was coming down the stone steps. He was worse than rats, she thought grimly, pressing her spine against the wall behind her. "No... don't..."

She was trembling, her head shivering as she curled her toes against the cold floor. Jim stood there, pushing his fingers through his hair, swaying unsteadily on his feet. Cori knew he'd been drinking. Maybe she could catch him off guard, she thought to herself with a grim smile. Drunks were usually sloppy in their moves.

"Up!" he demanded.

When she hesitated for a second, Jim roared, jerking one hand down and curling his fingers in her long hair. Cori clawed her fingers up against his wrists, digging the nails into his flesh as he tore more strands from her scalp. With a scream, Cori unfolded her legs and twisted herself into a standing position. He laughed at her cries and whimpers, dragging the teenager to the steps and pushing her forward. Cori stumbled, stubbing her toes against the stone steps while her hair splashed across her face. Regaining her balance, she swept the hair from her eyes and crawled up, her tits dangling down and slapping against one another. Uncle Jim was right behind her, pinching her ass and laughing again as she squealed like a stuck pig.

When she crawled out into the yard, Cori looked back over her shoulder, spotting Uncle Jim climbing up the final step. Flight! She could race away from him, rush into the woods and hide out there until morning. Then, perhaps, she could head off her mother before Rhonda drove into the farm compound. Cori didn't care what her mother would think at that point. She just wanted to get out of here, to escape from this madness.

"Don't even think it," Uncle Jim said, noticing her second of hesitation.

Cori's heart sank as she felt his callused fingers gripping her wrist. He led her around to the back of the house again. There it was, that muddy lake she'd been wallowing in only hours before. Cori shrank from the mess, feeling her flesh crawl.

Uncle Jim led her into the kitchen, then down another set of steps to the basement beneath the house. Cori wanted to ask him about Cindy. She cocked her head to one side, hoping she would catch some sign of her cousin's presence. But there was nothing.

In the big basement, Uncle Jim reached up and switched on a bare overhead light. Cori blinked her eyes, shading them while backing away from her uncle. He had a knife in his right hand. Cori cringed, her mouth opening as he came toward her.

"Over there... on the crate."

Uncle Jim bent over, never taking his eyes from the trembling teenager as he turned over a battered wooden crate, then kicked it over in her direction. Cori shook her head, backing away into the darkness while crossing her arms over her naked tits. The knife. Her nakedness. The crate. She was terrified what the combination would do to her.

"You heard me, you little slut! Down!" His voice was loud, threatening. Cori still shook her head but found herself bending to his order.

Shuddering, Cori brushed away one tear that had escaped from under her long blonde lashes, and then she dropped to her knees. It was as if she were going to have her head chopped off. Uncle Jim moved around her, pulling both her hands back and telling her to keep them there poised atop her ass.

He was busy getting something from the workbench. Rope! She could feel the hemp twisting around her wrists, binding them together tighter and tighter until she felt her fingers growing numb and icy. Cori groaned, looking around and watching Uncle Jim smiling grimly. He pushed her head back down, forcing her to drape herself completely over the crate. Cori knew she had to be arousing her uncle. She found her ass shoved back and out at an obscene angle, her cunt and shitter completely exposed. She pulled her ass back in, realizing she was shaming herself in this dreadful way.

"Nice knife. You saw it? Be surprised what something like this can do, even with a dull blade like this one has. You wanna look at it closer?" Cori shook her head, twisting her bound wrists together and feeling sweat start to bead on her helpless body. Then her heart nearly stopped as she felt something cold against one side of her face. It was the knife, she knew, rubbing back and forth across her flesh, pressing into her cheek, then rubbing over her nose. She crossed her eyes, staring at the awful blade until she thought her heart would crash through her ribcage. Uncle Jim laughed at her reaction, watching her body shiver and tremble against the box as he pulled the blade back until it was pressed against the back of her neck.

Cori whimpered again. She could feel the chilly, rusty, steel against her warm flesh. The girl let out a small moan, shifting her position on the floor and feeling the splintery wood of the box against her belly. Stiffening her back, Cori drew her knees together as if that would somehow protect her. She felt so naked, so vulnerable with the terrible pressure of that cold blade against her flesh.

Letting out a gasp, she could feel something else that felt oddly out of place. Her cunt was starting to tingle, the cuntlips growing swollen with blood while her clit slowly began to stiffen. She rolled her ass lightly up and down, feeling a growing slick rub of her pussy folds. She hoped her uncle didn't notice her curious little movement.

"Used this for a long time," he said with a chuckle, turning the knife around so the sharpened edge was against her soft skin.

Cori let out another whimper, her knees brushing up against the box while her asscheeks separated, clenched, then separated again in an uncontrollable spasm. It was all Cori could do to keep from pissing in fear.

"Could cut through wood with it at one time. Shame I haven't kept it up. But then again, I've got more of 'em in the house. That ought to be real nice for you to know, right?"

He laughed nastily, pushing the knife back and forth, making Cori feel he was about to cut her throat at any time. She let out a little fart, bringing a laugh of approval from her uncle. Uncle Jim kept on talking, talking about the knife, about how it could cut open things, bringing the knife down from her neck to the upper portion of her back. She shivered, working her shoulders back, feeling her nipples standing up at attention, the nubs rubbing teasingly against the splintery wood. Uncle Jim left a small narrow white line on her flesh as he drew the blade down her back. He traced the small bumps on her spine with the tip of the knife, drawing it down in a broad arc to her full thighs. That was when Cori panicked.

But she strained to be silent, knowing her uncle derived more awful pleasure from her cries when she screamed out in pain or fear. But it was so hard not screaming out anything right now. He could shove the blade into her and end her life at a moment's notice. Stories of young girls being found brutally murdered went through her head as she crouched there helplessly, the ropes burning into her wrists. And now he was sliding the knife down her body. Cori couldn't help it. She turned her head to one side, resting her cheek against the box and let out a cry of despair. "You dig this, don'tcha, baby? You really like this almost as much as fuckin', right? You like gettin' hot cock in your pussy? Most girls your age do," Uncle Jim said, bringing his right hand around her hip and rubbing his fingers up into her asscrack.

Cori flinched, her ass bobbing up and down as she felt her flesh crawl with horror. His right index finger was poking into her cunt now, jabbing in until the ragged nail was scraping painfully along the slick pink walls of her pussy. Cori let out another cry of despair, trying to tuck her ass away from him. He stopped in a moment, his finger touching a firm solid wall of flesh inside her cunt channel.

"Well, I'll be damned!" he whispered, poking the flesh harder, watching as Cori jerked away and cried out in pain. "You're a fuckin' virgin! You ain't never been with a man, huh?"

"N-n-n-no," Cori sobbed, feeling this discovery would work more against than for her.

"Well, that's gonna change real fast. Ain't right for a young lady like you not to know what a man feels like... a real man," Uncle Jim said, slapping her ass once more while still tracing the outline of her thighs with the blade.

"Oh, Uncle Jim, no, don't... please don't..."

"Fuck you? Come on, gal, say it. Say it!" he commanded.

The blade slipped down a little more. Now he was tracing the outline of her thigh, pressing in more firmly as he demanded an answer.

"Don't fuck me," she whispered, feeling tears burning her eyes.

"Sorry, Cori. You're just gonna have to put up with your of uncle and his ways," he said with a cruel laugh.

She shivered, feeling the sharpness of the steel driving her half mad. She could hear him breathing deeply behind her, his weight pressing up against her ass. He was moving up more closely, watching as the knife slipped around her asscheeks. Cori wanted to sink from sight. She could feel him spreading her knees forcibly apart. The wet, sticky line of her cuntal crack was exposed all the way now, the blade dangerously close to that soft, vulnerable area. Cori let out another shout, bobbing her ass away, feeling as if she were going to die from terror.

She worked her wrists back and forth until she felt something wet trickling over her fingers. Blood? Sweat? She didn't know. The young girl stopped struggling, concentrating on survival while he brought the knife up against her asscrack.


Uncle Jim was drawing the blade down to the bottom curves of her ass, twisting it around and rubbing the flat of the cold steel blade between her cunt and asshole. Cori was sure the slightest move would ruin her forever. She knelt there without making a single move, even holding her breath at times.

In a moment, the knife was gone and Cori sagged with relief, letting out a whoosh of breath. Then the chill was back, this time right over her cunt. Cori let out a cry, her spine stiffening while her pussy sucked in air and spasmed uncontrollably. Cori thought she would go into shock from the feel of the knife against her pussy that way. He was moving the knife along now, the tip tracing the edges of her cuntlips. She bit her lip, her nostrils flaring while her throat felt dry.

"No, don't cut me, Uncle Jim! Please, don't do that to me!" she whimpered.

"Don't worry about that, sweet pea," he chuckled. "There's no way I'm gonna throw you away... just yet, anyway."

Cori could feel a trickle of her cuntal juice seeping from her pussy, oozing down her thighs. She shifted position on the crate, hearing the boards groaning from her weight. Uncle Jim was moving the blade back up, up until it was pressed flat against her cunt. It was as if someone had put an ice cube at the center of her hot cunt. He pressed the blade from the bottom junction of her cuntlips to her clit, pricking the spongy, stiff little nub. Cori shivered, biting her lower lip again, wishing this would be all over as she felt her cunt cinching down on the offending knife. The sharp, rusty edges of the blade bit into her pussylips.


There was nothing she could do to stop the spasms racing through her cunt. Uncle Jim rocked the knife up and down, pricking the tip against her clit continually. He was watching her, studying the way Cori rolled her ass, made her buns clench against one another like two white fists.

The teenager felt millions of hot sparks showering into her cunt from that pricked clit. Curling her toes until they cramped, Cori jerked her ass up and down, rubbing her tits and finding that she liked the way her nipples frictioned over the rough surface of the crate. Her back arched, making her open her cunt more.

"Man, gonna be fuckin' into that pussy! Gonna be fuckin' into it and make you a woman tonight," Uncle Jim chanted again and again.

The constant touch and chill of that blade sent jolts of incredible pleasure searing through the horrified girl. She became conscious of the tiny slits on the edges of her pricked cuntlips as more and more juice burned into them.

"Uhhh... ooooohhhhhh!"

Cori felt the tip of the blade pierce her cunt folds. The hot, searing pain was inseparable from the electric thrill. She felt her cuntlips catching fire again and again as the juices stung all through her pussy.

She closed her eyes in defeat, remembering the way her uncle had fucked her mouth, and then had washed her down like an animal while beating her cousin. How she hated him, hated herself for all these feelings coursing through her like hot lava.


He was behind her now, his hands pulling her asscheeks apart, his stubbly face brushing the inner curves of her buns. Cori opened her mouth in shock, feeling her uncle fitting his mouth to her pussy. She squirmed uncomfortably. He put his squirming tongue down into her cunt and licked deep into her fuck-hole until he was petting her cherry with the tip. Cori wasn't sure what was worse, this or the horrid knife that had cut into her cuntlips. She felt that tongue stroking her cunt deeper, the tight, raw hot itchy feeling deep inside her pussy growing more and more concentrated.

The ropes burning into her wrists added to the lewd excitement racing through her. Again, her ass tightened then relaxed as his tongue fucked deep into her cunt. It was as if someone were strangling her. But Cori knew better. It was her own excitement racing through her, taking her breath away as she leaned over the crate and took her uncle's tongue up her cunt.

In a moment, Cori was shoving her ass back at him, feeling him suck hard while his tongue fucked in and out of her pussy with fast, fluttering strokes. Cori couldn't believe what was happening to her down there. And now he pulled away, licking his chops while bringing his hands down and slapping her naked ass until the asscheeks glowed with scarlet.


The knife was back, sliding from asscheek to asscheek while he stabbed one thumb into her asshole. Cori shrieked, bobbing her ass around, feeling that awful digit digging into her shitter and making her asshole hurt that way! She twisted her belly over the crate, stabbing herself with more splinters as she felt that awful finger fuck in knuckle-deep.

"Okay, baby, this is enough fuckin' around. Gonna go in and take care of that cherry. Then it's gonna be smooth sailin' for both of us."

"No!" Cori screamed, trying to struggle up and escape.

Uncle Jim struck her hard atop her head, knocking the teenager back to the crate and holding her against the top.

She heard the knife dropping to the basement floor. He was going to do it, going to fuck out her cherry!

Chapter SIX

"No, don't... oh God, no!"

Cori begged her uncle to let her go, yammering hysterically when she felt something awfully big and cold pressing against her cunt. It couldn't be his prick.

"Yeah, this'll take your mind off gettin' some dick, right?"

"Oh! What is it?"

She felt it twisting up into her cunt, then pulling back. She sagged with relief, only to tighten once more when Uncle Jim began twisting it up into her asshole. Cori screamed, her eyes bugging out while her nostrils flared. He was hurting her, really hurting her with that dreadful thing rodding up into her shitter.

Cori whimpered, her head jerking up and down while she curled her spine and banged her knees raw against the crate. But Uncle Jim only enjoyed her cries of pain all the more, twisting the cold lead pipe deeper and deeper into her shitter until the teenager thought he was going to rip her ass guts apart. When she gasped for air, he pushed it in another inch. Cori thought her belly would explode. She opened and closed her mouth like a fish, while the dreadful pain in her ass radiated out to the curves of her asscheeks, making the big muscles in her ass and thighs cramp horribly.

Again and again, Cori begged her uncle to take the lead pipe from her shitter. But Uncle Jim only twisted the thing more, making her ass guts kink with pain while her pussy spasmed.


He had it buried halfway up into her ass now, taking his big hands from the pipe and watching it bob back and forth as he stroked her pussy. Cori's face was bright red.

He was fucking her this dreadful way, fucking her in the ass with a pipe while pulling down his filthy Levi's to the floor. And when she felt that hard, hot cockhead pressing against her pussy, she let out another cry. It was awful, dreadful feeling two separate things trying to get deep into her body at once. The spongy head of his prick was slipping around in the hot, frothy juices that oozed from her cunt hole.

"So, you don't like this, eh, bitch? Then why the fuck are you so damned hot? Man," Uncle Jim said, shaking his head, "you want a dick bad, real bad -- up your cunt. Don't know how the fuck you've stayed a virgin all this time."

"Oh, no, don't... please don't fuck me, Uncle Jim!" she sobbed.

"Gonna fuck that mother in, baby. Gonna fuck it in so hard you'll be able to taste the cum in your damned mouth without me shoving it down your throat again."


He slapped her hard against the back of the head, then curled his fingers roughly around her hipbones and shoved forward. Cori felt her cuntlips being pressed to the side, Jim's fat prick fucking into her cunt hole. She let out another plaintive cry as she felt the fat prickhead working into her cunt.

"Oh man, hot, real hot, burnin' my dick up with that pussy, baby! Burnin' it up!"

She moaned, rolling her hips around like a boat tossed in the ocean, feeling the power of his thick cocklance fucking deep into her pussy. When she tried to climb over the top of the crate, Uncle Jim knew what to do, grabbing hold of the pipe and twisting it deeper into her shitter. Her body went limp, her asscheeks, flexing and shivering as if someone were passing electricity through her body.


Uncle Jim stopped, stroking her back with both hands while still pushing his prick slowly, inexorably into her pussy. Cori shivered, her flesh crawling with goose pimples while her knees jammed hard into the rotting side of the crate. He had finally wedged the fat cockhead into her fuck-hole, and now he brought his hands down around her belly, his fingers crawling all over the flesh and making Cori feel sick inside. She was being violated by this filthy man, her own uncle. He was making her do things, making her feel things that were unholy!

She groaned, feeling his breath against the back of her neck. It was the most disgusting sensation of her young life, she thought, closing her eyes and sinking into defeat. His fingers crawled to her tits now, kneading the soft tit flesh, then moving around until she felt him pinching her nipples.

Again, Cori vowed not to cry out. He would only enjoy fucking her more, would only cause her more pain if she shouted. But the girl couldn't help it. She was too young, too inexperienced in these things to keep her mind under control. When Uncle Jim squeezed both nipples at the same time, rolling them like peas from side to side, Cori yelped, her ass bobbing up and down, the lead pipe jerking around in her shitter. He laughed, pinching her nipples harder.

He moved his hands down now, feeling her thighs, bringing them around to her crotch, until finally he was strumming her clit.

She hated herself for the delightful feeling he brought out from that tiny organ. Her cuntal muscles relaxed while her uncle shoved in yet another two inches of cockmeat into her cunt. When Cori yelped a third time Uncle Jim twisted the lead pipe into her ass guts.

"No, oh no! God, take it out!"

"Yeah, baby, take that rod! Take it the way you're takin' my dick!" He was pushing the pipe back in, making her legs spasm outward, only to twist it out in a corkscrewing movement. Cori's eyes widened as she felt the awful thing fuck deeper up her ass than before!

And then she felt his prick fuck in deep, touching her cherry, poking against the last wall of her innocence. Cori let out another cry, wagging her ass from side to side, begging her uncle to let her go. Uncle Jim just crawled over her, biting the nape of her neck while fucking in a little harder. He slid both hands back up to her young tits and cupped them, pinching the tips until she reared back and shrieked in pain.

"Ahhhh, don't hurt me like that! God in heaven, don't do that, Uncle Jim!"

He only laughed at her distress, rolling her nipples around like peas until she cried out again. A spray of hot cunt juice wet down his wiry black crotch hairs as more and more of his throbbing, greasy prickmeat fucked into her cunt. Cori opened her mouth once more, letting out a rush of air as she felt a pinpoint of hot pain shoot up from between her shivering legs.

"No, ah, no!"

He was doing it, popping her cherry, tearing the thin membrane! Cori shook her head from side to side, her long blonde hair splashing over her face while her eyes widened. Again and again, the girl begged her uncle to stop. But Uncle Jim was too far gone now, his prick jerking around in her cunt hole while he leaned forward and pressed his legs against the backs of hers. Twisting the lead pipe around in her ass, watching her legs spasm out, he fucked his cock in hard.

Cori bit down on her lower lip until she could taste blood. Uncle Jim slapped her ass with the flats of both hands now, reddening her asscheeks as he sank his fucker in inch by inch. It was wonderful feeling something that hot and hard and thick pressing into her, forcing her inner cunt walls apart in that delicious way. For a mad moment, Cori forgot about the pipe splitting her ass wide open as delicious sensations she had never felt before pricked through her pussy. She could feel the muscles snugging up against her uncle's prick, the cunt walls rubbing back and forth and milking his thick cock while she arched her spine and curled back. Prancing her ass like a bitch, she loved the feeling of his cock disappearing inch by throbbing inch into her fuck-hole.

"First-class pussy, yes, sir!" Uncle Jim muttered, slapping her ass again.

To emphasize his point, Uncle Jim gripped the lead pipe and started fucking her shitter rapidly. He was timing the rodding movements carefully with the fucking of her cunt, working that lead thing in and out, twisting it around while feeding her more and more of his prick. When he fucked back in, she felt the cocktip pressing hard against her cherry. He was going for it now, his body rubbing up against hers while his prick made the thick bunched wall of pussy flesh pucker inward. Cori jerked her hands against the binding ropes, feeling them cut into her flesh as his cock fucked deep into her cunt hole.

"Gotta bust you... uhhh... gotta bust you wide open... now!"

The words terrified her. Cori felt the pressure building up in her cunt hole more and more until she thought she would die from it.

And then... then she could feel her cherry tearing, ripping from its anchorage and pulling loose as Uncle Jim's cock fucked all the way in. The pain was awful. Cori let out a scream, her cries making her throat feel raw while her body snapped and jerked and twitched against his pawing hands. Never had Cori felt that kind of pain. It made her head throb.

To take her mind off the cock in her violated cunt for the moment, Uncle Jim pulled the lead pipe halfway out then shoved it back in, twisting it around and making her bowels kink up painfully once more. She screamed, beating her head against the crate while Uncle Jim fucked all of his cockmeat into her hot, clenching cunt. He was sweating heavily, beads of perspiration dripping onto her upper back while he lay for a while against her, stroking his fingers over her flat tummy. Cori's mind was reeling from the fucking her uncle had given her. She could feel both things in her -- that awful lead pipe, and that big cock jerking up against her cuntal walls.

Uncle Jim caught his second wind and straightened up, fucking her once more. In a second, his prick was sliding in like a hot poker through a tub of butter. His big fucker rammed in and out, in and out, burning a tight passage into her slippery cunt hole. He was making the teenager cry out with every rough fuck-thrust, her body shuddering with the force of his lunges. Her clit was throbbing wildly, spasming while her uncle fucked down hard and nasty into her deflowered pussy.

"Fuckin', baby, that's what we're doin'! Feels real nice, don't it?"

"Oh, no, no!"

Cori lied through her teeth, backing up onto that cock, feeling his prick tearing into her pussy. She could feel the slapping of his fat, cum-packed balls while he braced his body against hers. She knew he was going to shoot soon.

Uncle Jim was holding her hard by the hipbones, fucking his cock into her, nearly forgetting about the long thick pipe jerking around in her asshole. Almost as an afterthought, he took the pipe in one hand, jerking it down, then pulling it all the way out with a sucking popping sound. Cori's body jerked against his, a shout coming from her mouth as he flung the pipe down on the floor.

"Uh! Uhhhh!"

The heavy flow of her cuntal juice made Cori's pussy slippery for that fucking prick. Oh, how she loved that feel now! There was nothing awful about getting fucked. How wonderful it was, getting reamed out! Just when he was about to shoot, he gave his prick a sharp jerk, reaching forward and twisting several strands of her blonde hair between his fingers.

She yelped, her head snapping back as she felt the tearing pain in her scalp. He swore at her, slapping her with his other hand, then shoving his crotch up tight against her ass.

He was doing it, cumming in her pussy, filling her pussy with his hot cum-load. He tore at her hair, swearing at her while globs of his hot jizz burned into her cuntal walls.

"Ahhhh!" he gasped.

He was tearing at her, pulling at her with his fingers as if they were burning pincers. But Cori was in a world of her own, jerking and writhing against his grip while she came and came and came.

Oh, God in heaven, this was better, far better than anything she had ever experienced in her young life.

Twisting up against him, feeling his body pressing against hers, Cori drank in the delicious sensation of this man fucking deep into her while she came hard. She felt her cunt tighten up once more around Uncle Jim's prick, then slacken off as a warming glow slipped like a glove over her flesh...


While Cori was coming down from her sexual high, Rhonda was just crawling up to hers.

The men hadn't finished with her yet. Jack had let her service some of them, her lips curling around cock after cock, her tongue slurping around their balls while they jacked off in her hair. After some time, the confused woman couldn't feel a thing. She did what they told her, sucking cock, licking ass until she felt as if she were whirling around in some wild fantasy.

It was only when Jack dragged her downstairs that she realized reality was only too close.

He had roped her carefully to his work bench, bending out one leg until it was parallel to the cracked concrete floor and tying the ankle to one edge of the worn counter top. Rhonda bent her left leg a little for balance, sobbing and whimpering when Gus took both arms and stretched them forward while Jack slipped a three-foot length of quarter-inch line around her wrists, crosscrossing the rope until it snugged tightly over her flesh. He pulled her arms forward until she had to lean slightly to ease the tension around her shoulders and elbows. Gus secured the rope to the other end of the workbench, making her completely open to anything from behind.

Rhonda looked around her with growing terror, moving her left foot around to try to ease the tension on her arms and bound leg. The men staggered down the stairs to look at her, commenting on the way she appeared, bound and helpless.

Jack winked at them and disappeared around the corner. When he returned, he was holding what appeared to be a long wand. Blinking her eyes clear and shaking the hair from her eyes, she saw it was a long black-handled device with a clear glass tube of about eight inches protruding from it. At the tip of the rod was a tiny ball, also of glass. There appeared to be dial settings on the base of the handle.

Jack turned around, smiling at the woman, then switching the dial until a buzzing, crackling sound filled the room. The men grew silent, leaning on the handrail of the basement stairs and watching with growing interest as Rhonda shrank away from the awful thing.

"It's called a violet wand," Jack said, moving the rod in front of the woman.

In an instant, Rhonda knew what it was. She could only see the glass glowing a deep purple while sparks occasionally shut from the glass ball at the top.

"They used it a long time ago for medicine or something. I souped it up. I think you're gonna like it."

Rhonda shook her head silently back and forth, her face whitening with terror. Instinctively, the woman pulled back at the bonds, twisting her wrists and ankles as she watched Jack move the wand closer to her tits.

He finally brought it down, sending a stream of static electricity biting into her rigid brown nipples.


Rhonda nearly fell to the floor as the crackling electricity burned into her tit flesh. She threw back her head, her eyes rolling while she shrank away from the painful touch. It was as if a powerful set of sharp-toothed jaws were nibbling on her nipple, threatening to tear it off.


Rhonda flinched back once more as Jack touched the rod against her other nipple, watching as her tits slapped together. He brought the thing down to her belly, watching as her stomach spasmed and her body shivered against the work bench. It was all the woman could du to keep from falling to the floor. She knew that if she did, she would be twisted around painfully, perhaps fatally if they gut carried away with the electricity.

Jack moved back go her ass, bringing the wand down inches above her spine. Rhonda tensed, feeling the tiny hairs covering her white shivering flesh like a fine down standing up from the pulsing electricity so close to her skin. Her face whitened again as he moved the wand around to her fleshy, full asscheeks. It was when he brought the thing up between her sweaty asscheeks that Rhonda began screaming again. Pitching forward, she let out shout after shout, spit frothing over her lips while Jack moved the electric wand back and forth over the sensitive flesh between her cunt and asshole.

Just when the woman thought she was going to faint, Jack pulled the violet wand away from her body, bringing it around to her tits once more and holding it inches away from her nipples. Rhonda whimpered, waiting to feel the stinging touch of that awful thing against her nipples.

It was a horror, the electricity stinging into her nipples, pulsing through her tits until they felt as if they were swollen and about to tear off. She shouted, yammering loudly, sobbing and feeling herself growing faint. Still, Jack kept the wand there. The electricity seemed to intensify, almost frying her body as she sank from reality and collapsed, twisted on her ropes, unconscious while the wand still sent sparks into her body.

Chapter SEVEN

"The bitch awake yet?"

"Yeah. Look at the way she's movin'."

Rhonda could hear them talking while she still kept her eyes shut tightly. She could feel the painful pulling on her shoulders and thighs, realizing she was hanging down from the corner of the work bench. She knew she couldn't stay this way much longer. Her muscles were cramping terribly while her bone sockets were popping from the awkward strain. Still, the woman was terrified of showing them she was conscious.

She groaned softly, her head hurting. All her muscles tightened then relaxed, feeling stiff. Breathing slowly and easily, she listened to the men carefully as they walked around her. Someone poked his finger against her belly, making her wheeze slightly. She pretended to be half conscious, hiding the flutter in her belly. When Jack moved in front of her, she peered from under one slitted eyelid. She saw he still held that awful electric wand in his hand.

He moved to the side and hefted one big tit by its tip. Rhonda put every ounce of her being into remaining still. She heard Jack move around, some of the men whispering around her. Then she felt his hands pulling at her waist. Rhonda cringed at the touch, but Jack didn't appear to notice. She let him move behind her, heard him stopping.

Then there was that sound, that awful sound of the wand buzzing and sparking behind her. Rhonda opened her eyes, staring wide-eyed into the eyes of some man in front of her who was jacking off. She saw his big prick, the thick blue veins throbbing against the flesh while his blue eyes sparkled with delight.

Suddenly, she felt something very hot and tingling shoot through her like a bullet. Jack had shoved the wand up her shitter, twisting the glass rod around until at least two inches was buried up her ass guts.


Rhonda twisted up to her original standing position, her muscles spasming. Gagging with the dull pain throbbing in her ass, the woman felt her guts kinking up while agony raced through her body. Her eyes bulged wider as her legs twisted and ridged from the electrical onslaught. It seemed as if her ass and belly were on fire at the same time, her bowels contracting and cramping, pushing the shit back and forth as she grunted in panic. She stared at Gus in front of her, her mouth wide, gasping, for air.

Her terror and pain showed clearly on her face.

"Not so sleepy now, are you, baby?" Jack said.

"No, take it out, take it out!"

As much as Rhonda wanted that wand slipped from her shitter, she was terrified to move too violently in her wild attempts to dislodge the sparkling invader. Frightened that the glass would break and gouge her bowel lining, the woman stood as quietly as she could, her asscheeks flexing and tightening, her bowels moving and kinking while she prayed that she wouldn't disgrace herself and shit all over her thighs.


Rhonda shook her head, her arms aching as she yanked and pulled at the cuffs chafing her bleeding wrists more and more. Her head lolled from shoulder to shoulder, her hair splashing across her tits while she stood on tiptoes until her arches throbbed with pain.

"Let her swallow that thing up her ass, man! She looks good jumpin' around with that wand shoved up her ass!" Gus cried out.

The others agreed, jacking their pricks slowly, rhythmically, watching as Rhonda twisted on the glass sparking spike. Jack stopped fucking the rod in and out for a moment, cocking his head to one side and narrowing his eyes while slipping it in steadily, one inch at a time, until nearly six inches of the sparking wand was pushed into her asshole.

Rhonda shivered as if she were having a fit, foam frothing around the corners of her tensed mouth while her forehead throbbed from the electric assault. Her bowels were stinging and cramping, sending lewd signals up from her shivering white ass into her clit. It was odd, wild to have that kind of sensation racing through her body as she swayed drunkenly against the wooden work bench. Sweat poured from under her arms, itching where it trickled across the sides of her swollen tits. Her nipples were growing thick and tumid, throbbing in time with her clit and asshole as Jack fucked in yet another inch.

"Oh!" she gasped.

He twisted the small black dial at the bottom of the wand's handle, sending the maximum amount of electricity exploding into her ass guts.

Rhonda's mouth opened wide, a gust of air escaping from her throat while her eyelids fluttered nervously. The woman pulled wildly at the cuffs binding both wrists and her right ankle, her body shaking from side to side while her face became a blur. Spit frothed down her cheeks while she sucked in air to feed her bursting lungs. The agony in her ass flamed into an exploding ball of golden agony while her cunt snapped shut again and again on thin air.

Jack watched closely, finally satisfied he had given her the maximum amount of pleasure before shutting off the wand and pulling it quickly from her sucking shit chute. "Yaghghgghh!"

Rhonda jerked and jumped, her hair standing on end as her muscles spasmed and her shitter clamped shut on nothing. Reaching around, Jack unfastened her cuffs and threw her down on the floor. Rhonda still jerked and twitched, arching her spine, throwing her head from side to side while kicking her legs out in wild abandon. She looked like a woman possessed.

Bending over, he slapped her twice across the face, bringing her back to reason.

Sobbing, covering her face with both hands, Rhonda hardly felt the pressure as he threw himself on top of her and fucked his cock into her sucking pussy.

Rhonda didn't care at the moment what was happening to her. She needed something inside her, something that would scratch the maddening itches aching through her cunt and ass. Jack was fucking her hard, his prick sliding all the way in to the hilt and throbbing in her cunt while Gus squatted down on her face and fed her his prick through her mouth. She was filled with cockmeat as the men panted and pumped, rodding the young woman again and again while the others jacked off and wished they could be a part of the action.

Gus came first, fucking his cock all the way down her throat and firing his cum until both balls unloaded fast and hard. While Gus was staggering up and away from her, Jack bruised her cunt with his forceful fucking, corkscrewing his prick into her, driving her half mad with his prick. Rhonda and he came at the same time, her fingers clutching at his face while her long white legs kicked high in the air.

It seemed like forever before she finally came down from her sexual high. The others were standing around, cum stains on their Levi's.

Jack pulled her from the floor and shoved her toward the stairs.

"Get dressed. We're finished with you now," he said, pushing his fingers through his hair.

"But don't you forget, baby, you're on call... all the time, with this club."

Rhonda felt the cramps in her legs, felt the stinging in her ass still while cum oozed from her cunt hole and trickled down her inner thighs. She reveled secretly in being dominated, although she would have died before admitting it to this bunch. But now, she thought as she hauled herself painfully up the stairs, she had other things to think of.

Guilt came over her as she thought about her daughter Cori and her phone call. There was that desperate tone of voice, a tone that told her more than the words. It was probably nothing more than a disagreement between the girls. She had had plenty of them when she was Cori's age, and it meant nothing. Still...

"Good ass, baby, real good," Jack said.

No, she couldn't think of this. At least, she couldn't think of it right now. Her daughter needed her. She would get to the bottom of Cori's trouble, and then she would come back here and let these men do what they would...


Miles away, Cori and Cindy were having problems of their own. Uncle Jim didn't trust Cori now, even in the fruit cellar, especially as her mother was coming up soon. He wanted to make sure nothing went wrong to spoil his plan to get hold of those mining certificates.

Cori stayed in the awful main basement, her legs pushed through two small openings in what her uncle called Pilgrim stocks. It was something, she guessed from Cindy's look as the two girls studied the thing, he had used on his daughter many times before. While the brunette cringed helplessly against the far wall, Uncle Jim had made Cori lie down and raise her legs high above the floor, forcing her to keep them straight as he slipped them into the open stock then clamped the top down over her ankles.

Snapping two six-foot lengths of galvanized chain into two hooks attached to an overhead beam, he then dragged out a three-foot wooden assembly with two holes cut at either end, similar in style to the ones through which her ankles now lay. Opening the assembly, Uncle Jim thrust Cori's arms through, snapping the device shut, then bringing it up with her torso to the level of the chains. It took little effort for him to attach them, leaving the teenager hanging by her wrists, her arms held captive in the portable stock. Her asscrack opened and closed, her shitter forced open by the strain of her position. When Cindy tried to go up to her to sympathize and comfort the girl, Uncle Jim dragged his daughter away, threatening her with the back of his hand if she tried anything.

Cori sobbed, turning her head away, glad they were leaving her, and yet wishing they had stayed.

The minutes ticked by slowly, her thighs aching from the hanging pull of her own body, her wrists and ankles chafing cruelly under the stocks. When she tried to move to ease the pain throbbing in her hip joints, the chains bounced back and forth, increasing the pain.

Sighing, Cori looked up at the ceiling, wishing she could will those awful chains to snap.

It was at least an hour before she heard her uncle's footsteps coming closer. He entered the room, rubbing his hands gleefully, his face lit up like a glowing fire.

"Your mother's coming here. She just called," Uncle Jim said. "That means we're gonna have a little party for the two of you. Maybe I'll even have Cindy here."

Cori froze. Her mother, here! He was going to torture Rhonda as he was torturing her and her cousin! Cori shook her head from side to side, tears tolling down her flushed cheeks while her body bounced obscenely on the chairs. No, this was the last straw, the ultimate degradation.

How could God let something like this happen to her and her family? Uncle Jim's smile faded as he strode up to her slowly, grabbing her chin between his thumb and forefinger and jerking her head up. She found herself staring into his eyes, unable to take her gaze from his.

He was all-powerful, she thought.

"You know," he said, stepping away from her and rattling around in a drawer of a cabinet, "it's gonna be almost a disappointment to get those certificates. I hope your old lady even fights me on it for a while. Oh, I'll get them." He was pulling out four long wires with rusty alligator clamps attached to one end of each. "But I hope Rhonda holds out. If she does, I've got some persuading things like these."

"What... what are they?" Cori gasped, her eyes growing round and wide as she stared at them.

Uncle Jim shrugged noncommittally, licking his lips as he pinched the end of one of them and opened the metal jaws. Cori could see the tiny brown teeth come closer to her, looking like the fangs of a horrid little animal. Uncle Jim brought one clamp down near her throat, then quickly changed direction and let the small clamp snap shut over her right nipple.

Cori let out a shout, snapping her head back while prancing her ass back and forth against the leg stocks. The chains rattled overhead while her fingernails dug at the wooden stock.

"There, that feel good, baby? You gonna have a good time with that biting down on your nipple?"

Cori groaned, twisting her head around and watching him come at her with the other clamp. She was ready this time, grinding her teeth as he let the object bite down on her left tit, the rusty teeth nearly piercing the red rubbery nipple flesh. The weight of the wires pulled down at her tits, distending the nipples, making the young girl groan more loudly.

Uncle Jim moved around between her legs, holding her cuntlips open with one hand while clamping a third alligator clip just below her clit. Now Cori began to panic, bouncing her ass up and down, feeling the wood stock chafing her wrists even more. Her legs tensed and ridged, her thighs pulling back while she swayed obscenely from right to left like a pendulum. The chains supporting the hanging stock that entrapped her arms rattled as Jim stroked the girl's cuntlips, brushing the blonde pussy fur surrounding them with the backs of his fingers and cooing softly to the terrified girl.

Then he moved behind her, stroking her whipped ass, taking the last clip and inserting it into her shitter.


Cori's eyes widened as she bounced her ass up, her buns clenching together while her ass ring worked against the metallic invader, trying to dislodge it. Nothing worked. She hung there, her body wired while Uncle Jim took a small hand-cranked generator from a wooden cabinet and placed it on the floor. Slowly, deliberately, he took each long black wire dangling from each clamp and fastened it to tiny silver outlets at the back of the gray box. Cori watched fascinated, her heart beating faster and faster while her body tensed against the wooden stocks.

When he was through, Uncle Jim looked at the box, taking the silver handle and giving it a slow turn clockwise. Immediately, Cori felt biting agony at all four points. Her nipples tingled while her cunt and sphincter snapped shut against the invading clips. Uncle Jim stopped, noticing how white her face had become while her nostrils flared under the pain.

Cori looked wildly at him. Surely he wasn't going to keep her like this and send more current into her! Surely he had to have seen just how painful it was having the electricity surge through her body!

Perhaps he had seen too well. Walking back to the cabinet, Uncle Jim fished around the top shelf for a while, returning with what at first appeared to be a brown rubber doorstop.

"Open your mouth," he barked. Cori did as she was told, afraid of more pain. "I don't want you to bite your tongue off. If you did, then I wouldn't know more about those certificates, if your mother's unwilling to talk, that is."

Cori tasted the vile rubber. It was awful, making her retch as she tried to take her mind off the deliciously biting pain of the pincers against her nipples, cunt and asshole. Uncle Jim moved back to her ass, taking the wire and pushing it deeper into her asshole. He shoved it as far as he could get it, laughing when Cori started crying and sobbing, her asscheeks flexing against one another. The cold curled wire made her breathe heavily, her cheeks puffing out while her forehead creased with worry. She took shallow, uneven breaths to keep from choking as Uncle Jim shoved the wire in just a few more inches.

Cori had heard about things like this, about torture devices used against young women. Just recently, there had been something about a maniac in Detroit who had held several women prisoners for nearly a year, making them do vile things like this for his own pleasure. Her Uncle Jim, she suspected, was one of these horrid men. And when she saw him again, squatting down like an animal in front of her and gripping the hand-cranked generator, she was sure of it. She could feel the wire in her ass. Tiny teeth were nibbling at her clit, making the pink flesh swim in hot juice while her nipples blushed more and more darkly.

Gripping the handle, Uncle Jim turned it slowly, watching as Cori's body trembled in the stocks. She felt the faint pulse digging into her tits, her cunt and her asshole. The girl jerked again, unused to the feeling. Uncle Jim turned the crank again, this time a little faster.

Cori jerked up against the clamp shoved up her asshole! Jim turned the crank more slowly, watching as the young girl shivered while her cunt and tits ached. The waiting for more pain made her cunt itch and her tits throb so!

Uncle Jim was satisfied, licking his lips like a wolf and turning the handle more quickly. Cori let out a sharp cry now, throwing her head back while the cords stood out against her throat. She made strangled cries while pain shot through her cunt and ass. It was as if some awful animal were tearing at her tits, cunt and shitter. Her skin felt as if it were burning while her nipples became swollen. The muscles in her belly knotted and cramped, her tummy ballooning while her ass clenched hard against the clamp. Her clit seemed to buzz, defying the pain coursing through her cunt. She tried to close her legs to squeeze off her orgasm. But the stocks were keeping her legs apart.

How odd! Pain and climax happening at once. The current was doing such bizarre things to her.

"Like it, baby? Enjoy havin' this in you?"

Uncle Jim's mocking words seemed to echo in her rattled brain as he turned the crank faster than before. It felt as if someone were hitting her in the belly and ass with a fist!

Cori let out another shout from around the rubber wedge, her head lolling from side to side while a fist of air burst from her shitter, nearly dislodging the clump of wires stuffed in her ass. And when Uncle Jim began turning the crank even faster, the young girl thought she would surely die. She screamed, her tits and belly and cunt and shitter being ripped apart by wild sensations. Cori jerked her body up and down, her spine arching, her asscheeks clenching and unclenching while her legs pulled wildly at the wooden stocks.

Blood oozed from her chafed ankles and wrists as the girl fought to escape the killing agony. She writhed harder as spit and cunt juice gushed from her. Her lips turned purple while diamonds of saliva stood out. Her thighs rippled uncontrollably as the pain tore through her body. As she shuddered and jerked on her chains, Uncle Jim shouted with approval, turning the crank faster and faster. Cori's face was a blur as she shouted and screamed around the rubber wedge. She nearly broke her teeth as she bit down hard.

God in heaven, she was going to die. She knew she was going to die, electrocuted here in this dismal basement.

Uncle Jim gave a final twist.

It was all Cori needed. Her climax exploded with a fury that knocked her out. Her clit throbbed in time with the pulsing electricity, her body bouncing up and down on the restraining chains. Her eyes rolled up into her head, her mind shattering as she collapsed against her restraints and the electricity stopped. The last thing she remembered was Uncle Jim's face peering into hers, his hands on her thighs as she dropped back, back into wonderful, comforting blackness.

Chapter EIGHT

Rhonda had hoped she would arrive during the day. She hated driving at night. But she had had trouble starting her car, and the mechanic didn't arrive for nearly an hour after she had called. Tightening her grip on the wheel, she guided her big car down the highways, wincing at all the headlights and wishing she had postponed driving until the next morning.

No. She had promised Cori she would be there that evening, and be there she would.

Carefully, Rhonda had chosen her wardrobe, being sure there would be no telltale marks her daughter or Jim would notice. She blushed thinking about what she'd done, remembering that violet wand and how the electricity had heightened her arousal. No. She would think of that later. She eased her big car onto the narrow road that ran past her brother-in-law's home.

There would be nothing wrong, Rhonda thought as she pulled up in front of the brightly lit house. It looked cheery enough. There was nothing forboding about it. As she stepped from her car and brushed her hair back, Rhonda was certain she would find everything normal. Then she would return to the city and call Jack and...

Her pussy winked shut at the thought of what would happen. She felt her clit rising now, her cuntlips folding over one another and frictioning deliciously as she walked to the front door.

"Yeah, hi, Rhonda. Come on in."

Jim looked pleased enough. The TV was on, although neither of the girls were around. They were probably upstairs, she thought.

"Is Cori around?"

"Oh, yeah. Cindy, too. They're downstairs. Want something to drink?"

"Uh, no, no thanks. I came up here mainly to see Cori."

Jim shrugged, opening a beer and pouring out half a glass. He drank it, then turned around and shut off the television.

"You know, I was thinking about those mining certificates my brother had before he died. You know the ones?"

Rhonda looked at him quizzically, feeling her heart start to beat.

There was something in that gaze, something in that look that reminded her of Jack, of Gus, of the whole crew back in the city. No. That was foolish. Jim wasn't that way. She pushed the thought from her mind for the moment, focusing in on what he was saying.

"Yes. In fact, I was looking at those papers the other day. I was going to throw them out."

"You didn't, did you?" Jim looked almost sick.

"No. They're still at home. I thought I could use them for decoration of some sort. I don't know."

"Well, I thought I'd go back up to Denver and look at those mines. If I had those certificates, I'll bet they'd let me in a lot easier. It'll be a kind of retirement hobby of mine."

"But they're worthless. Doug told me that before he died," Rhonda protested.

"Don't matter. I like goin' out for lost causes. So, why don't you just sell 'em to me? I'll give you a good deal."

Rhonda looked at her brother-in-law suspiciously. Something was up, and it wasn't just those certificates in her bureau drawer.

"Well, let me think on it. I'll let you know... ow! What are you doing to me, Jim?"

He had run out of patience, jerking one hand forward and holding her arm tightly.

"I want those damned certificates, and I want them now! Where the fuck are they?"

He was twisting her arm around, bringing it behind her back and pressing the wrist against her spine as he pushed his face against hers. Rhonda could smell the beer on his breath, an odor that made her wince. He was pushing her down onto the floor, keeping up the pressure, shouting and yelling terrible things at her while still demanding to know where the certificates were.

Rhonda kept quiet, suddenly thinking of her daughter and fearing the worst. Jim stopped, pushing her down onto the floor and running his fingers through his hair. Rhonda lay there trembling, drawing herself away from the big man. Her daughter was here, her Cori. If Jim had done this to Rhonda, what had he done to Cori? And where was Cindy? A rush of horror went through her.

"Where is she? Where's Cori?" Rhonda whispered as she got up, feeling her hair stand on end when Jim just grinned back at her and rubbed his cock-bulge.

"Your daughter's a real fine fuck. You know that, baby? And I'm gonna find out about you now."


Rhonda threw herself at her brother-in-law, her fingers curled, scratching at his face. Startled at first, he grabbed both wrists and threw her back, sending the woman crashing against the wall behind her.

Striking her head hard against the plaster, Rhonda fought to stay conscious. Her legs felt like rubber, but she braced herself against the wall and kept screaming the same question about her daughter.

Jim came at her, cocking one hand back, then bringing it down hard against one side of her face. Rhonda screamed, feeling the hot, stinging blow of his fist against her jaw. Her head snapped to one side, her mind in chaos as her body twisted around and crumpled to the floor.

She felt him straddling her body once more, gripping her dress from behind and tearing it away from her body.

Jim stopped, laughing at her.

"So, looks like somebody else has been fuckin' around with you. Look at all those marks!"

"I... I fell," Rhonda said, blushing.

"Yeah, sure. Well, in that case, you won't be so clumsy here, will you?"

He pulled her up from the floor, tearing her dress from her body. Rhonda backed away from him, covering her bra and panties with both hands. She knew he could see the dark cuntal vee under the sheer nylon of her briefs, something that was exciting her brother-in-law. Again, she whispered about her daughter.

"You wanna see Cori? You gotta give me some pleasure first, bitch."


"Over here."

He led her to one end of the living room, forcing her back down onto the floor. Drawing her hands behind her head, Jim fished out a fourteen-inch length of clothesline, twisting it around her wrists just below the chafe marks and securing it with a double slipknot. He laughed at her, shaking his head as he examined the various stripes and wounds on her flesh.

"Somebody really knows what the fuck they're doing with you," he remarked, tying the rope to one leg of the heavy sofa behind her. "I'd like to meet the guy. Maybe we can exchange ideas. You know, kind of like pen pals and all that shit."

"No! Oh, no, you're... ohhhh!"

"Hurting you? That's why I'm doin' it, bitch!"

He was smiling down at her almost kindly, securing the line, then running his hands up and down her half-naked body. He reached around, pulling out a small knife and releasing the blade. Rhonda looked at the horrid thing, her eyes widening as he brought it down to her bra and cut the straps, then pressed the flat of it against her nylon-covered cunt. She could feel the cold steel pressing against her pussy, feel her cuntlips start to shiver. Against her will, she pissed on herself, wetting down her panties while soaking her thighs.

Jim laughed, shaking his head while pulling her wet panties from her thighs. "Couldn't hold it back, could you?"

Rhonda turned her face from him, horrified at having disgraced herself that way. Jim lay the knife down, then reached in his back pocket and pulled out a pack of matches. He struck one.

"You know, you'd be surprised to see what kinds of reactions I get with something like this," he began, holding the blue flame in front of her eyes. "It's not the best thing I've got. But man, you wouldn't believe the really great kind of fun I can have with something as simple as this."

Rhonda sucked in a deep breath, watching as he brought the flame up to her right nipple. She was sweating, her body glistening with a perspiration sheen as Jim moved the fire from one nipple to the other, letting it drop to within a quarter of an inch from the turgid nubs. She felt her nipples tingling and stiffening.

"Yeah, you're into this as much as I am, but I bet you don't like to admit it."

Rhonda squirmed uncomfortably, wriggling her ass against the carpeting as she felt the burning warmth prick her right nipple. Jim waited, then brought the flame down against the thick nub.

"Aiyeeeee!" Rhonda screamed, arching her spine. He was burning her alive, searing her nipple with that awful fire. Her tits rolled and jiggled against one another while Rhonda jerked her body away from the awful pain. Jim swore, shaking the match out. He had burned his fingers. Flipping open the box, he took out another match, lighting it then moving it down to her tits. Rhonda stopped her shouting, watching him with mounting terror. No. No. He had to stop. He couldn't keep her going this way!

But Jim moved the flame down, this time touching the bottom of it against her right calf. He moved the fire along quickly enough not to burn her flesh too seriously. Rhonda jerked her legs open instinctively, her mouth a tight scar as she watched him with rounded eyes. The line of flame was moving closer and closer to her cunt. With a whispering crackle, the first few curly hairs of her cunt burned. The smell of singeing hair added to the smell of his beer, making the woman gag at the smell of it.

And the pain was horrible. The heat felt as if he had dumped blazing coals into her pussy. Rhonda shuddered, arching her spine again, wallowing her shoulderblades against the carpeting until they reddened from the friction. She could feel the tears flowing over her cheeks while she begged him again to stop.

But Jim kept moving the fire over her pussy, watching the blonde hairs blacken and burn back to her swollen cunt flesh. Pussy sweat dotted her cuntal curls, oozing over her flesh, failing to ease the burning pain aching through her pussy. Jim saw the slickness coating her cuntlips and smiled more grimly than before, bringing the flame down, down until it was nearly touching her clit. He shook out the fire, giving the woman a reprieve.

Rhonda yammered for mercy, tugging at the line holding her bound to the sofa behind her, her body twisting and turning while Jim struck a third match, this time bringing the fire down to her cunt without hesitation. She screamed, the agony racing through her like wildfire. He had touched her clit with the fire, watching as she bounced her ass against the floor and rolled her thighs up. Drumming her legs over the carpeting, Rhonda shouted and screamed, her voice echoing through the big house.

With a final gush, her pussy extinguished the flame with the thick heavy juices. Rhonda ground her teeth together, grunting and moaning, sobbing her agony as Jim threw the matches onto the sofa. "Up and around!" he barked, his big hands gripping her hips and twisting her over until Rhonda was on her knees.

Her arms were twisted painfully against one another. But that didn't frighten her. Jim took that knife again, bringing it up against the side of her throat and pressing it into her flesh.

"Your daughter liked this a lot. She screamed for more before I finished with her."

"You're lying!" Rhonda screamed back, tears flowing from her eyes.

"You just watch, bitch. You just watch, and you'll find out about that little slut you've got... and yourself, too."

For a moment Rhonda feared her brother-in-law would slice her throat.

Then she remembered she hadn't told him about where the certificates were hidden. Neither, apparently, had her daughter. They were safe for the time being, she thought, feeling the icy trail of the knife against her flesh. And then Jim brought the blade down against her cunt, rocking it down, pressing the sharp tip harder against her clit. Rhonda gasped. The pressure on her cum center made a shock as sharp as the knife itself shoot through her. She arched her spine, presenting her cunt eagerly to Jim's stare.

"Yeah, you're just like your fuckin' daughter. Both whores," he muttered.

The repeating touch and chill of the blade sent streamers of delight through the woman. Rhonda became acutely conscious of the tiny slits on her cuntlips, slits Jim cut with the tip of his knife. She found a hotter, more intense lust flowing out from her pussy. Rhonda fought with herself, trying to keep her mind intact while her body was racing out of control.

Rhonda's pulse was racing like mad. Her slit cuntlips were on fire. And there was Jim, teasing her more than ever. He dragged the tip back, back, stinging a groove down to the edge of her cunt mouth, then back again until the buzzing, spinning flashes of delight grew worse and worse. And then in another moment she saw him pulling his jeans down, shoving his hard cock forward, the salty drop of pre-cum oozing from his piss slit setting the tiny cut in her clit on fire. It burned like acid, and yet at the same time excited her all the more. Rhonda rolled her hips forward, and his cockhead lodged in her cunt hole.

"Man, I've always wanted to fuck you, baby. Always fucked your sister and kept thinkin' of you. And now I've poked mom and daughter, too!"

Rhonda could have screamed. But the perverse delight soaring through her kept her from doing anything but grunting with delight. The long, thick cock slipped into her cunt hole like a greased set of fingers.

Once Jim's prick went halfway into her dripping fuck-hole, he let go of her hips and shifted his grip to her pendulous tits. His fingers dug into her tits and kneaded at them. Rhonda felt an aching heat burst in her nipples, telegraphing even more lust into her tormented cunt.

How Rhonda loathed the man fucking her. But still, she couldn't help but hunch against him even harder. The whole length of his prick was in her pussy now, stretching her fuckchannel, churning around inside her cunt.

"Uh, no, no!"

The teeth clamped on the nape of her neck made Rhonda throw her head back. She raised herself on her arms a little, swiveling her ass around. She had to feel that release now. Nothing could stop her from wanting it. Jim's belly slapped loudly against her ass, the wiry hairs of his cock bush scratching her asshole. The itching, burning sensation in and around her ass drove her crazy. Rhonda shoved back against her brother-in-law's pounding prick, wiggling her ass.

"Man, oh man!"

Jim clawed at the sensitive rims of her nipples. Rhonda sobbed and grunted, the combination of the stretching and gouging against her body driving her higher and higher. She cursed and gasped, her head rolling as she clawed at the carpeting below her. The tearing pain of the ropes against her wrists added to the delight. She forced her big-tipped tits against his clutching hands once more, loving the feeling, enjoying having him fuck her this way. And then the great blast furnace of heat stoking in her cunt exploded, sending floods of pussy juice searing over her shrinking clit.

Rhonda let out a howl, tugging at the restraints, beating her ass against Jim's groin as she felt him starting to fire load after hot load of cum into her cunt. He growled and struck her, biting down against her once more as she came and came and came.

Oh God, she thought as her climax slackened, what has become of my daughter? Has she endured the same thing?

Chapter NINE

"So, you wanna see your daughter, eh? Okay, no problem," Jim said after unfastening her wrists from the sofa.

Rhonda kept her head down, her eyes lowered, too ashamed to look him in the face. She had shamed herself, pissing on her thighs, then rutting like that after he had tormented her in that foul way. And now he was taking her, naked and disgraced, to see her daughter.

"Please, just let me get dressed."

"You wanna see her? You see her like this. March, bitch!"

He pushed her forward, shoving the woman through the kitchen, past the filthy stove and toward a large white door that was ajar. Rhonda stopped, shrinking back. They were all the same, she thought with a shiver. Jack, Jim. They all had their little playrooms in their basements. She felt him gripping her just below the elbows, forcing her down the narrow steps. As Rhonda made her way carefully down the stairs, she knew instinctively her daughter was down there.

"Oh, my... my God!"

She had been prepared for a shock. But she hadn't been prepared for this!

It was Cori -- or at least, she guessed it was her daughter -- hanging there from the ceiling. The girl was wearing a leather mask that fit tightly over her face. Two small slits appeared at the center for breathing purposes, while a zippered mouthpiece allowed Jim to open and close the girl off as he chose. From a small eyehook sewn into the top of the leather hood, a doublelinked chain rose to the ceiling, apparently attached to something out of sight up there in the darkness. The chain was taut, pulling her daughter up from the floor until just her toes barely touched the cold concrete.

What was particularly upsetting was the long pole thrust up her daughter's cunt. Set in a large round copper base that rested flat on the floor, the pole was smooth, about two inches thick, and attached to a portable generator. Cori, at times, stood higher on her tiptoes, wriggling her hips and ass slightly, trying to screw herself up from the pole. But it was pushed in too far, Rhonda guessed. To keep the girl from pushing herself up from the pole with her hands, Jim had cuffed them behind her back, the rusty steel biting into her delicate wrists.

Jim had been telling the truth. He had had Cori in more than one way. Rhonda felt sick, grabbing her stomach and turning away from him. It all had to be some dreadful nightmare.


There in the corner was Cindy. No hood or mask hid the young brunette's face. She was squatting in some kind of cage, her arms thrust back and roped behind her while her knees had been brought up and bound to her upper arms. A rope was tightened around her throat, pulled taut and cinched around one of the bars of the cage. Jim had gagged his daughter with a wide piece of black leather secured at the back of her head.

Cindy was crying, tears rushing down her pretty face as she looked at her horrified aunt.

"My God! Why are you doing this to us?" Rhonda asked.

"The mining certificates," he said simply, one hand stretched out.

"Oh, God! Are they really that important?"

Jim shrugged, saying nothing more. He strolled to one corner of the room, disappearing from sight for a moment.

Cindy started grunting through the gag, her eyes wide while her body jerked from side to side. She was trying to tell Rhonda something.

Before the woman could even begin to understand what was happening, she heard her daughter shriek through the hood. Cori's body stiffened, bouncing up and down on the pole while her legs kicked out. Like those of a frog. Her nipples blushed while her tits swung back and forth against her heaving chest. It was grotesque.

Rhonda clasped her hands over her ears, dropping to her knees while waiting for Jim to stop it. She could smell something burning, the smell of singeing human flesh! Rhonda scrambled to her feet, rushing to her daughter. He was electrocuting Cori, sending currents of electricity into her cunt as she bounced and jerked obscenely on that pole like a crazy puppet.

"Stop it! Oh God, stop it!"

Cori's head cocked to one side. Her mother! Her mother was here, watching her fuck herself on the pole while her cunt shivered under the electrical attack. Cori sobbed, trying to stop what she was doing. But the current was making her thrash and writhe against the pole as if it were her human lover. Against her will, Cori fucked herself, feeling the smooth rounded end nudging her womb while her clit sparked deliciously with excitement.

Jim turned off the generator, watching as Cori's body sagged back down toward the floor. The chain grew taut again, keeping the bottom of the hood snug against the girl's chin and throat. Rhonda hurled herself at Jim once more, demanding that he let her daughter go. But this time Jim was ready, catching her by the shoulders and squeezing her so hard she thought he was going to shatter her bones. He pushed her down, down to the floor, his eyes blazing with a fury that she could only think of as hellish. He looked back at Cori, then dragged Rhonda to her feet, keeping one hand wrapped around the back of her neck.

Rhonda gagged, hardly able to breathe as she felt herself led past her daughter and into the darkness at one end of the basement. Banging her knees against something, she stopped, her hands jerking out and touching something very hard and very cold.

"Inside," Jim said.

Before she could question him, Rhonda felt Jim shoving her forward. She jerked her arms out for balance, feeling herself pitching into space. Rhonda had managed to discern a kind of white, oblong object in front of her, perhaps a bathtub. When she tumbled forward, her legs leaving the floor while her arms struck something hard, the woman knew it was indeed a tub. Tumbling in head-first, Rhonda rolled to one side, her legs folding over one another. She scrambled halfway up, but Jim knocked her back into the tub with a backhanded slap.


Rhonda fell against the back of the tub, covering her face, able to see her daughter still impaled on the awful pole. Jim moved up to Rhonda, standing spread-legged in front of her, blocking her view of Cori. He unfastened his Levi's, pushing them down, then pulling off his boots before stepping out of his jeans.

At first, Rhonda thought he was going to make her suck him off, perhaps fuck her in this odd place. She would still keep those certificates hidden, she thought to herself, inching away from the big man as he rested his thighs against the top edge of the tub. They were valuable, they had to be, considering the trouble Jim was going through to get them. No matter what happened here, she would keep quiet. Sooner or later they would escape, and with those certificates, they would make a better life.

"Open wide."


He was bending his knees slightly, holding his prick in one hand and rolling the fat prickhead gently between his thumb and forefinger.

Rhonda looked up at her brother-in-law curiously, finding it strange that he hadn't tried to climb into the tub or even force her head forward. And then suddenly a hot spray of something very wet and warm struck her squarely in the face. It took a moment before the woman realized the spray was coming from his cock. Jim was pissing on her, directing the stream of piss right at her nose!

"No!" she cried out.

Mortified, Rhonda started climbing from the tub once more. Jim struck her across the face with the back of his hand, knocking the woman back into the tub. Sobbing, feeling degraded, she shivered as she felt the man's hot piss stinging a path along her tits, the piss splattering over her nipples before it trickled down and gathered in a warm little puddle at her navel. Rhonda slapped her hands back and forth as if she could get rid of the vile-smelling piss gathering in a pool under her ass. Jim was laughing, directing the stream up at her face once more, trying to piss right into her mouth.

Rhonda groaned, turning her head, feeling the piss plastering down her hair. Her ass slid back and forth on the slick, wet porcelain bottom of the tub while his piss gurgled down the drain. Finally, the stream of his piss stopped.

"Gone dry. But I can fix that. You stay there," he warned, pointing a finger at her.

Rhonda didn't move an inch, shuddering with revulsion as she watched him walk to a sink and down three glassfuls of water. He swaggered back to the tub, covering his mouth and letting out a loud belch. Rhonda cringed back, feeling the bile rising in her throat as Jim stepped into the tub and braced each knee against the sides. He was squatting, directing his big cock at her face.

"Now, open that mouth wide, or I'll send more voltage into Cori. You thought she was dancin' before? Wait till you see..."

"No! All right!"

Rhonda leaned forward slightly, placing her hands on her knees and opening her mouth wide. Jim smiled with satisfaction, holding his cock with one hand while starting to piss. Rhonda heard the first drops spatter on the tub, then felt the warm piss start up her thighs, rush over her belly, then finally wind up spattering against her face. He was pissing in her mouth now, directing the yellow stream over her teeth, onto her tongue, laughing as he watched it gurgle around like water in a toilet before spilling over her lips and down her chin.

This time, Jim had more piss in him than before, his bladder gradually emptying into Rhonda's open mouth. When she'd finally had all she could take, Rhonda turned her head and gagged, spitting out the vile piss while holding tightly onto her belly. It was all she could do to keep from vomiting. Jim grabbed her hair and twisted it around savagely, finishing by pissing all over her nose and eyes. He let her go, pushing her away, then shoving one big toe into her cunt. Rhonda jerked her hips up, shamed by the insertion, and yet feeling the rising heat surge through her pussy. Jim laughed, fucking her with his foot, holding onto the sides of the piss-smeared tub. The woman moved her thighs in the opposite direction, loving the feeling, wanting more.

"Damned slut! The more I throw at you, the more you want."

"No, no!"

Rhonda sobbed as he shoved her legs apart, his prick stiff now. Draping her legs over either end of the tub, Jim shoved his prick in, feeling her cuntal walls snap shut on his cock. She loved it, loved wallowing in the piss, feeling his filthy piss staining her ass and thighs while he fucked more and more prickmeat into her pussy.


Rhonda twisted her body up again, bouncing her ass, cumming hard and fast while Jim fucked her cunt. And, as horrid as all this was, Rhonda knew she was having one of the biggest climaxes of her life.

Chapter TEN

Cori had heard everything. She had heard her mother's cries, her uncle's laughter, the sound of piss splattering against the sides of the tub. At least, she thought it was piss splattering. Listening to things happening through the black leather hood was difficult. With a sigh, she let her body relax a little more, feeling the rod poking its way gently into her pussy.

There was something pleasant about being left alone this way. Cori felt her pussy walls snugging up teasingly against the long pole, sucking more of it in while the hood pressed deliciously against the sides of her face. She had countless small orgasms while her mother thrashed wildly under her uncle's piss.

He was coming back! Cori heard her uncle stop at Cindy's cage. There was some muffled cries, then the sound of his shuffling footsteps resumed. He brought one hand down to Cori's hood, tightening the leather by pulling it forward while rubbing his fingers down over her stuffed pussy. She could feel one finger edging up to her clit, teasing it while she felt the copper rod pushing deep into her cunt.

Uncle Jim pulled the hood from Cori's head, unfastening all the bonds and gathering her in his arms. He raised her up, the copper tubing sliding from her pussy. Cori looked back and saw the cunt juice running down the pole. God, she had turned into nothing better than a whoring slut. And he was dragging her toward her mother, who clung uneasily to the side of the piss-stained tub. Even Cindy was looking at her, her eyes wide with terror as Jim brought Cori to them, then motioned for Rhonda to climb from the tub.

Cori wanted to say something to her mother. But Uncle Jim stopped her. "Keep your mouth shut. I like it that way," he told her, taking a small rubber ball from a nearby box and stuffing it into the girl's mouth.

Rhonda started to complain, then shut her mouth. It would be better for them if she said nothing, keeping quiet as she looked at her daughter and prayed God they would be all right.

Leading Cori to one side, he sat her in a wooden chair, drawing a broad brown leather strap over her waist and fixing it tightly. She groaned, feeling the awkward position of her bound arms hurt her even more than before.

"Here, stand on the chair arms like so," Jim said, patting the arm rests of the wooden chair.

While Rhonda climbed from the tub, wishing she could wash the stinking piss from her flesh, Jim walked to his daughter's cage, opening the wooden gate and unfastening the bonds. Cindy shrank back from her father's touch. But Jim yanked the reluctant girl forward and pushed her around until she was behind Rhonda. Cori looked up and found herself at eye-level with her mother's cunt. She could smell the pungent aroma of hot pussy and knew immediately that Jim had fucked her mother.

"Oh God!" Rhonda gasped.

"Now, you stick your cunt in her face. You eat it, baby, eat it out nice and hot," he said, shoving Rhonda forward and pushing her pussy right into Cori's mouth.

Cori gagged, the cunt hairs tickling her nose while her mother's cuntlips flattened against her mouth. She tried twisting away, the strong smell making her gag. But there was nothing she could do. She felt her mother's body shiver, then realized something was making Rhonda push forward more emphatically than before. She heard her mother groan, feeling her cunt warming up against her mouth as she stuck her tongue out and wriggled it up into the woman's hot, drooling fuck-hole.

Cindy was up, pushed forward against her mother's ass and forced to eat out Rhonda's shitter. Cori blushed, hearing her mother moaning shamelessly, hunching against her mouth while her feet slipped dangerously on the narrow wooden arm rests.

"That's the way, girls. Come on, eat out that pussy," Jim said with a sharp laugh, reaching around and pushing his daughter's face deeper into the cleavage of Rhonda's white, shivering ass.

Cori tried pulling her head away. But the strap and the bonds around her wrists restricted her movements.

Rhonda was going a little crazy, holding her hands against her daughter's slender shoulders while moving her hips back and forth in a fucking movement. She was feeling two tongues eating her out, one flicking deep into her cunt while the other was laving spit into her asshole! Rhonda wanted to stop, but her body refused to respond to her wishes.

"Goooooood, so goooooood!" Rhonda cried out, shocking even herself. Never would she be able to explain to her daughter how she became so involved in doing this, in how she grew to love bondage and pain. She wondered as she fucked her cunt harder against Cori's nose and lips if her daughter would understand Jack and his friends.

"Man, too bad I didn't call up my buddies," Jim said, his prick pressing up against the Levi's he had just drawn up. "Man, they'd make mincemeat outta you both -- fuck, all three of you, including that cunt of a daughter of mine."

Cindy pulled back, wiping her mouth and starting to run toward the stairs. Jim bolted after her, catching the fleeing teenager by the right arm and wheeling her around like an old sack. She screamed, her legs tangling up with one another. Losing her balance, she pitched forward, doing a half-roll before crashing against the floor. Cindy shrieked, rolling head over heels until she crashed to a rest against the old tub.

Rhonda looked at the unconscious girl through lust-glazed eyes, breathing heavily while still hunching her cunt up against her daughter's face. She should have felt horror, compassion, empathy. But all she felt now was more lust surging through her pussy, firing her up until her nipples seemed to be glowing like two embers while her clit throbbed against Cori's lapping tongue.

"The certificates, bitch!" Jim shouted, aroused by his daughter's fall.

He grabbed Rhonda around the waist and hauled her away from the chair kicking and screaming, her fists beating at him. He hauled her off to another chair, slamming her into it and drawing it with loud scraping sounds toward her daughter. Cori shook her head, crying out to her mother while Uncle Jim carelessly roped Rhonda's wrists to the broken wooden arm rests.

"No, Mama, no! He told me about this. Run!" Cori screamed as she thrashed against the chair.

Rhonda watched as Jim worked quickly, unraveling a nest of wires, then pulling them free. More electricity!

She managed to wrestle one arm free, the ropes cutting her flesh painfully. Jim was attaching the clips onto her daughter's nipples, tugging at them, pulling them nearly from her tits while Cori shrieked, her head jerking crazily. She yammered loudly again, her legs kicking against the stool as Rhonda tore through the bonds, her wrists dripping with blood.

Lurching forward, the woman grabbed a fistful of wires, holding them taut, and twisting them quickly around Jim's neck. She had no idea where the strength came from that surged through her slender frame as she choked him, dragging the gagging man back toward her chair.


He was helpless! After all this, now he was finally helpless! She felt his body twitching, his hands jerking back for her. But something surged through her again, giving her the strength of ten as she choked the air from his lungs. In a moment, Jim lay limp, his eyes rolled into his head.

"Mama, don't kill him! Just get us out of here!" Cori screamed.

It was all Rhonda could do to keep from finishing the job, but she rushed to her daughter and freed her, then pulled Cindy up from the side of the tub, helping her toward the stairs.

"Don't worry, honey. We're gonna make sure he never touches you again," Rhonda said soothingly as the three battered women staggered up the stairs without looking back.


Much time had passed since Rhonda's visit to the farm. She had thought that with proper counseling she and her daughter would forget and overcome what they had experienced. But even with the new rush of money they received -- the certificates were incredibly valuable, as Jim had guessed -- nothing could stifle the raging fire in her body and, as it turned out, in her daughter's.

While Cindy preferred to leave the city and live with relatives while Jim quietly resumed his life alone in the country, Cori and Rhonda finally gave in to the perverse desires that had been lurking in the backs of their minds all the time.

Jack and his friends were pleased...

"So, a mother-daughter team. Man!" Jack said, wiping one big hand over his mouth. "I never would've believed this would happen. But hell, I'm all for it!"

The others agreed, looking on with pleasure as Rhonda hung from the ceiling, her arms stretched high above her head, with the iron cuffs cutting once again into her wrists. Her muscles bulged against her flesh while her tits were pulled flat against her heaving chest.

Standing in front of her, a riding crop in one hand was Cori, her daughter. Rhonda looked down pleadingly, her ass scarred with red crisscross marks, evidence of a recent beating.

Cori's nostrils were flared while her eyes were wide with arousal. The men could see how red and swollen her cuntlips were while juice frothed from her fuck-hole and dotted her curly blonde pussy hairs. Cori moved around to her mother's front, jabbing the crop against Rhonda's pussy and watching the woman's legs kick outward. Then she stepped back, bringing the leather whip back, then crashing the thongs hard against Rhonda's upper thighs.

The woman shrieked, feeling the hot sting of the crop biting into her white flesh. Her body jiggled against the overhead chains while she swayed from side to side. Again, the crop flayed over her thighs, threatening to peel the skin off.

"Okay, baby -- now the two of you get it."

Cori groaned as they wrestled the crop from her, shoving the teenager back against the wall where four iron rings for her wrists and ankles lay open, ready for use.

Yes, Rhonda thought, watching Gus and Jack jerk her daughter up against the rough cinderblocks and pin her down like an insect, she and Cori had finally found something to do together. It was, she thought wryly as the cuffs pulled her shoulders nearly out of joint, something most families wouldn't do. But then again, she and Cori weren't most families. They were rich now, and they could do as they pleased.

"Oh God, no! Fuck, fuck!" Cori screamed from the wall as the men yanked on her cuntal hairs and bit hard into her tits.

Yes, it would be fun to finally do things with her daughter. And perhaps, in time, with Jim.


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