Two moms for fun

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the strait-laced, middle-class look that believes the social foment behind closed doors.

There is the widespread use if recreational drugs. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of mate-swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun... but where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another -- and another -- to what? What happens when the children set as the pattern of their own life style that which is already the norm at home?

This is the story of what outwardly appears a normal average American family. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors.

TWO MOMS FOR FUN -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

Chapter ONE

"You think Mrs. Moran is sexy, Tony?" Tony Juliano looked up from his Wheaties and fixed his mother with his smoldering blue eyes. Sometimes when he looked at her that way, Angela found it hard to breathe. Now was one of those times.

He lowered his eyes to the big tits bulging against his mother's flower-print robe as he said, "She ain't got no tits."

"Doesn't have any tits," Angela corrected absently. "Only she does. She's got nice tits."

Tony shrugged, returning his attention to his cereal. His curly hair was so black it gleamed blue. His t-shirt was like a second skin over the big, hard curve of his chest. The sleeves were rolled to show hard muscles rippling under his tanned skin. She could see why he turned Brenda Moran on. She hated to admit it, but he turned her on, too.

"I like big tits," he said, looking up again. After a pause, he said, "Like yours, Mom."

"Come on, Tony! I'm your mother."

"So? You got great tits."

Angela sat up a little straighter, arching her back slightly to push her tits out even more. She couldn't hide her pleasure at the compliment.

"Wouldn't you like to fuck her?" Angela asked. Tony pushed his chair away from the table and leaned back, picking his gleaming white teeth with a match. The shape of his big, hard cock was plainly outlined in his skin-tight jeans. Angela found it hard to raise her eyes from his prick. She felt hot all over, and she felt a trickle of moisture seeping from her cunt-lips.

Angela hadn't fucked a man in five years, not since Vito had been killed on the job. Five or six months ago, she had started making it with her next door neighbor, Brenda Moran. She had thought that was enough to satisfy her. But looking at her son's hard cock, she knew that Brenda's tongue and fingers were no substitute for a big, male prick in her cunt.

"Who?" Tony asked, unashamedly cupping his cock and balls in his hand and hitching them up in his tight jeans.

Angela had to clear her throat before she could speak. "Brenda," she said. "Wouldn't you like to fuck Brenda Moran?"

"I'd rather fuck you, Mom."

"Tony!" she cried, blushing and lowering her eyes in confusion.

He stood up and came around the table to stand over her. He lifted her chin with his fingers, and in the next instant he was kissing her in a way he'd never kissed her before, trying to slip his tongue between her full, voluptuous lips.

Angela tried to resist, but she felt her insides turning to hot jelly, and it felt as if the hot jelly was leaking from her cunt. She opened her mouth and accepted her son's tongue, and she didn't even try to resist when he pushed open her robe and bared her big tits. He caressed one of them expertly and eagerly, and her big nipple went hard as a rock under his pinching and pulling fingers.

As their tongues tangled together, she heard the soft sound of Tony's zipper opening. Soon the hot tip of his cock was pressing against her other nipple and leaking sticky fluid against it.

Tony broke off the kiss and stood up, running his fingers through the luxuriant thickness of his mother's long, black hair. As he stroked, he gently drew her head closer to his out thrust cock. Angela knew just what he wanted, and she moistened her dry lips with her tongue as she stared at the purple, juice-dripping head of his swollen cock as it thrust from his fly. She undid his belt and pushed his jeans down to free it completely, revealing his big, hairy balls to her lustful gaze.

"I never..." she started to say, and it was true.

She had never sucked his father's cock, no matter how much he'd coaxed her.

He pulled her head more firmly, not really forcing her, but making his desire clearly known. As her warm breath touched his prick, it swelled even harder and stiffer.

She parted her lips and pressed them together over the bulging knob at the end of her son's cock. It felt like satin under her tongue, and it tasted salty. She slid her hands up to cup the muscular cheeks of his ass, drawing him a little closer and drawing his cock more deeply into her mouth as she rolled her wet tongue around its burning-hot skin.

The more she sucked, the hotter she got. Her cunt felt like it was on fire, and she felt herself sweating all over into her robe. She pulled it all the way off and spread her thighs as if to let her hot cunt breathe. She wished Tony would lick her cunt, but she didn't want to take his cock out of her mouth for an instant to tell him.

Vito used to tell her what a big cock he had, and he liked it when she told him how big and handsome it was. But his was the only cock she had ever seen until now, and Tony's was a lot bigger. She was unable to take the whole thing into her mouth, even though Tony kept trying to push it farther. She finally had to take one of her hands from his ass and wrap it around the thick root of his cock to keep him from choking her.

Drawing her head back, then moving it forward, she pumped her lips up and down his cock while she squeezed his cock-root with her fingers. Meanwhile she swirled and slithered her tongue around it. Brenda had told her that men liked a lot of tongue action in a blow-job.

When she and Brenda weren't eating each other's cunt, they talked a lot about fucking and cock-sucking. During those talks, they had formed a plan to help each seduce the other's teenage son. Angela was supposed to fuck Kevin, and Brenda was supposed to fuck Tony. Only something had gone wrong with the plan and she was sucking her own son's big prick.

Angela was aching to feel his tongue on her hot cunt. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and gasped, "Let's go in on the couch, Tony, where there's more room."

Groping and feeling her big tits and her wet cunt, unable to keep his hands off her lush, voluptuous body for a second, her son walked with her into the living room. Angela thought about pulling down the shades in case somebody came up onto the front porch, but she just couldn't bring herself to take the time.

She lay back on the couch and spread her legs wide, opening her hairy, big-lipped cunt to her handsome son's eager gaze. She didn't need to tell Tony what she wanted. He lay on top of her and ducked his head down between her wide-flung legs so he could lap and lick and suck at her oozing cunt. He was a hell of a lot better at it than his father had ever been, and he was a lot more eager. She groaned and whimpered and moaned until he quieted her by sticking his cock back into her mouth, and she began sucking it greedily.

With Angela on the bottom and her hot and horny young son on top, the two, of them writhed and groped, mouth-fucking and cunt-eating like there was no tomorrow. Angela was pierced by a brief of pang of guilt when Tony stuck his tongue deep inside her cunt-hole. The very hole from which he had come into the world, but it felt so good to suck his hot cock and feel his slithering, probing tongue inside her slimy cunt that she flung her guilt to the four winds and just enjoyed their delicious bout of sixty-nine.

Tony had incredible self-control. No matter how hard she sucked and how eagerly she pumped, he just wouldn't come. He had been so hard at first; she had expected him to come right away. But the more she sucked, the harder and stiffer and more swollen his big cock became.

She pulled his prick out of her lips with a wet, plopping sound and began to tease him, licking it all over with her wet tongue. She raised her head so she could lick his big balls, too, with their thick forest of crinkly black hair. She loved the way the pebbly skin tightened over his ball sac when she rolled her tongue around on it. She even slipped her tongue around the rim of his asshole and toyed with the idea of sticking it inside, but Tony was impatient for her to suck his cock again. He jabbed it blindly against her throat and into her thick hair, wetting her with the sticky seepage of his cock-head in his eagerness to get it back into her mouth.

Meanwhile he was concentrating his own efforts on her cunt-button. Angela knew that Tony was no virgin. Pussy was the only thing on his mind at this stage of his life. He must have gotten plenty of practice eating the cunts of his girl friends, and his mother now derived the benefit of all this expertise. He knew what her cunt-button was and he knew just what to do with it. He sucked the little nub right in between his lips and gave it a good, hot licking that just drove Angela wild. She clenched his head sweating thighs, dragging her son's face tighter in her against her steaming cunt while she bucked it against him and swabbed his lips with her hairy cunt-flesh. "Come on, Mom, quit teasing me and suck my cock!" he groaned, his voice muffled by her wet cunt.

Angela relented and stopped teasing him. She had been teasing herself, too, for she had discovered that she loved to suck his cock almost as much as he loved having it sucked. She puckered up her lips and let him push his prick right in. She kept her lips tight, making him work to get his throbbing cock inside her mouth and skinning it almost as tightly as the cunt of a young virgin.

Tony had been gripping her big, fleshy ass in both of his strong hands, but now he reached back to use one of them on her tits. The touch of his fingers on her painfully swollen nipple was all that Angela needed to shoot her over the edge of a tingling orgasm. She howled and moaned around her mouthful of cock as Tony's excited tit feeling and cunt licking made her come.

Angela's cunt was now so tingling and sensitive in the afterglow of her climax that she just had to pull it away from her son's mouth. She wouldn't have been able to stand one more touch of his lapping tongue. Tony braced himself up on his hands and feasted his eyes on his mother's wet, wide-open cunt as he continued to fuck her in the mouth with short strokes of his lean hips. He seemed to love the sight of her cunt almost as much as he loved the taste of it, and his burning interest excited her almost as much as his cunt-licking had done.

It had seemed like Tony was going to stay hard forever, but just when she least expected it, his cock exploded in her mouth. He grunted and cursed with ecstasy as his hot cum spattered into his mother's mouth. She moaned with pleasure at the taste and texture of the slimy jism as she swallowed it down and sucked for more, not wanting to waste one delicious drop.

When she had sucked out every last bit of cum that she could and Tony's cock started to go limp, she tried to roll away from him, but her horny young son wasn't finished with her yet. He went right down on her cunt again. Now that the fire of her climax had faded to a soft glow, she found his licking bearable -- and more than just bearable, it began to turn her on again as he eagerly slurped and sucked at her juicy cunt.

She lay back and spread her legs as wide as she could, flinging one of them over the back of the couch and letting her other foot rest on the coffee table as Tony reversed his position and crouched over her wide-open cunt like a hungry dog over its dish.

Angela ruffled his soft, curly black hair and pulled his handsome face down into closer contact with her cunt as she felt her simmering cunt-juices building up once again to a full boil. Tony used both hands on her big tits now, making the springy nipples stick up and quiver just as stiffly as before.

Eating his mother's cunt got Tony so hot that his cock rose right up again. Angela licked her lips and moaned as she watched his big prick rising to its full, hard stiffness before her lustful eyes.

"Fuck me, Tony!" she groaned. She hated to put it into words like that, but she wanted him to fuck her so badly that she just couldn't help herself. "Stick your cock right into my cunt and fuck your mother! I gotta have it now, Tony, I can't stand it no more!"

Tony took his own sweet time, teasing her a little longer and maybe paying her back for the way she had teased him with her blow-job. He seemed to spend an eternity sliding his tongue up and down her hot cunt-lips before he at last gave in and wriggled forward on his mother's voluptuous body.

Angela clamped her mouth to his and relished the delicious taste of her own cunt-juice on his tongue as Tony guided his cock up into her cunt with his hand and stuck it deep inside.

She gasped as she felt his big cock filling her cunt right up and rubbing all the tingling places that Vito's smaller cock had never been able to reach. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around her son's back, letting his cock sink into the deepest depths of her quivering cunt.

As soon as his cock was all the way inside her cunt and his balls were tickling her asshole, she tightened up to show him what a real woman could do with her cunt. Even though her fucking-muscles were long unused, she remembered all the tricks she had perfected on his father, and she would have been willing to bet that her cunt was a hundred times better than any of the cunts of his young and inexperienced girlfriends. She squeezed his prick so hard with her cunt that he cried out with shock. He had to strain his hard young muscles to pull his cock out and push it in against the wet clasp of his mother's cunt.

Angela twisted her big hips and humped her ass, rubbing her son's cock every which way as he pushed it in and out of the hot tunnel of her cunt, faster and faster by the minute. Tony's eager lips found her tits, and he sucked first one and then the other in a dizzying alternation as he hammered his cock in and out of her pussy.

Before long the springs of the living room couch were screaming as Angela slammed her ass against them and began fucking her son for all she was worth. She didn't know where she got all the energy, but it probably came from five years of cock-hungering frustration, and Tony was hard put to keep up with her as she pumped her cunt up and down with maniacal speed. Her cunt squelched and sucked like a swamp as it slithered and wriggled on his steely-hard prick.

Angela howled and whimpered as her cunt took charge of her mind as well as her body and soul, and transformed them all into a golden glow of fucking ecstasy. She could no longer control the erratic humping of her ass as she pushed up and down to meet the plunging thrusts of Tony's cock. She was demolished completely when she felt his prick shooting spurt after spurt of creamy jism into her cunt, and she sagged back with a shuddering sigh as she felt the overflow trickling over her asshole.

Chapter TWO

Brenda Moran was sure that her next-door neighbors, Angela and Tony Juliano, were home, but the phone just kept ringing. Somebody picked up on the twelfth ring, but whoever it was out of breath and unable to speak immediately.

"Hello?" Brenda said. "Is anybody there?"

"Yeah," Angela said at last. "Brenda?"

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing. What should be the matter?"

"You sound like you've been running a marathon," Brenda said.

Brenda heard voices and giggles, muffled as if Angela had just clapped her hand over the phone. Then Angela said, "I was... doing the wash. In the basement. I had to run upstairs."

Angela was kind of fat by Brenda's standards, but she wasn't in such bad shape that a run up the stairs would leave her gasping. What the hell were they doing over there? But Angela obviously didn't want to tell her, so she dropped the subject.

Brenda said, "Tony's home today, huh?" When she got no answer, she said, "Is he sick?"

"No, he isn't sick. I... He just didn't feel like going to school."

The hand was again clapped over the phone. Brenda heard more female giggling and male muttering. Brenda couldn't shake off the crazy idea that her phone call had interrupted a fuck. But that was unthinkable. Angela was hungry for cock, but she wouldn't fuck her own son. It had taken all of Brenda's powers of persuasion, over a long period of time, to bring Angela around to the idea of swapping their sons.

She hadn't told Angela that she and her own son, Kevin, had been fucking regularly for years. Angela and Tony weren't like that.

"Does he feel like coming over here?" Brenda asked. "Did you tell him?"

"Wait a minute." After another long pause, Angela giggled and said, "Tony says, warm up your cunt, he'll be right over."

"Warming up my cunt, that's his job," Brenda said. "Send him over."

It wouldn't need much warming up. She had been thinking about fucking Tony all morning. It seemed like that was all she thought about anymore. He was just a dumb kid, but something about his raw, animal maleness turned her on.

She slipped out of her jeans and sweater, planning to put on something sexy, like a black negligee, but then she figured, what the hell? He knew what she wanted. Why waste time? She would answer the door naked.

She paused before the full-length mirror in the hall, studying her nakedness critically. Her body was as slim and lithe as it had been at eighteen. Her tits weren't very big, but they were just as high-set and firm as they had been then. She didn't think Tony would be disappointed. She was thinking about undoing her thick braids and combing out her long red hair when the doorbell rang. She wouldn't have time.

She opened the door without even checking. Christ! What if it was the mailman, or a Jehovah's Witness? She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Tony standing there, smirking as he eyed her slowly up and down. Barefoot and bare chested, he looked as if he had just rolled out of bed and fallen into his jeans. She saw that he hadn't even zipped his fly.

"Hi, Mrs. Moran. You got red cunt-hair, too, huh? I always wondered."

"Don't talk," she said, pushing open the screen and drawing him in. He looked like a Greek God, but he spoiled it when he spoke; she could get better conversation by dialing the weather. "I have other plans for your mouth."

"Me, too," he started to say, but she cut him off with a kiss. While they were kissing she deftly undid the top button of his fly and pushed his jeans down. Hi wore no underwear. His cock was every bit as big as she had hoped, and it was stiff as a baseball bat.

She pulled him down onto the rug with her and capped his cock with her lips. She sucked hungrily, loving the taste and the feel of a big, young prick in her mouth, a prick that was chock-full of lust and juice. She slurped in half its hard length and began sliding it in and out of her mouth, licking it on its inward and outward strokes.

She was shocked to discover that it tasted strongly of cunt. She was sure that Tony had been home all morning. As far as she knew, Angela was the only woman at home next door. Maybe one of Tony's girls had spent the night. That seemed unlikely, considering how straight and square Angela Juliano pretended to be, but it was a lot likelier than the idea that Tony had been fucking his mother. She decided not to worry about it. She liked the taste of cunt almost as much as the taste of cock.

Tony needed no coaching to get his curly black head between her legs. She spread them wide to let him get at ha cunt. Just by looking at Brenda's cunt, nobody could have told that she was the thirty-plus mother of two children. It was plump and pink and prim as a virgin's.

She tickled Tony's big balls with her fingers while she sucked his cock. They felt hot and hard, the skin firm and springy. Using all her skill, and with a little fuck, she knew from experience that she could make a kid his age come a dozen times in the long and leisurely course of an afternoon's fucking.

Tony's cunt eating outdid her wildest expectations. He knew how to handle a cunt. He licked his way slowly up one plump lip and down the other. His strokes were slow, but he fluttered his tongue constantly all the while, like the wings of a butterfly pattering against a flower. His hands moved very gently but firmly on the exquisite contours of her pink and white ass. She knew he loved her ass from the way he handled it, and his flattery translated itself into electrical tingles in her superheated cunt.

He was too busy enjoying her cunt with his mouth and playing with her ass with his hands to pay any attention to her hot tits, but she got a kick out of rubbing her hard nipples against the hard-ribbed washboard of his flat belly.

When she took Tony's big cock out of her mouth for a moment, meaning to go down and lick his balls, a glittering strand of cock-juice united the tip of his prick to her sensuous lower lip. She smeared the juice around the big ball at the end of his cock with her thumb, peeling his cock gently with her other hand.

Tony's hot tongue-stroking on her inflamed cunt became deeper and firmer. He pressed his tongue down between her cunt-lips to sample the hot juice brimming up from Brenda's percolating cunt-hole. She gave his tongue a good, hard squeeze with her cunt, letting him know what she had in stare for his big prick once he got around to sticking it in her cunt, and he murmured with anticipation.

She sucked his balls into her mouth, delighting in the softness of his curly, luxuriant cock hair. His balls were so big that she could barely tit them inside her mouth with any room left to wiggle her tongue around. And a hot flash simmered in her cunt as she pictured all the creamy cum they must hold, enough cum to fill her mouth and her cunt and her asshole at least three times over, with still some cum left to splash all over her hot tits.

Brenda loved to lick men's balls, but even more than that, she loved to suck their cocks, and she couldn't resist the temptation to leave his balls alone for the moment and go back to give Tony's big cock the sucking it deserved. She sucked it just as hard as she could, pumping it and peeling it with her lips while she licked it with her tongue and grazed it with her teeth. When Brenda threw a blow-job, she used everything she had.

Long before she expected it, Tony's cock went off like a firehose, blasting so much thick, hot cum into her mouth that she had to swallow fast to keep from choking on the ropy fluid. She sucked for more, and just when she thought she had gotten every last possible drop, Tony's cock gave a last, surprising pump that was even greater than the first. He groaned against her cunt while he was coming in her mouth, and the vibration of his voice was just the extra touch that she needed to make her come, too.

"Eat my cunt some more," she urged when it seemed that he was beginning to slack off. "Lick my ass, too, and my asshole. I know you're an ass man. I bet that'll get your cock up again."

The horny teenager murmured eager agreement as she lifted her long, lithe legs and flung them over his shoulders to expose her ass to his lips and tongue. Lying back and tilting her head, she could watch him in the hall mirror as he ran his tongue greedily up and down the deep cleft of her ass and tickled her asshole with its flickering tip. Her cunt was red from the pressure of his mouth, and it gleamed with spit and cunt-juice in the sunlight that filtered through the venetian blinds.

Tony Juliano was ready for anything, Brenda was delighted to discover, and he stuck his tongue right up her asshole. Sometimes -- like now, for instance -- it seemed that her asshole could get every bit as hot as her cunt, just itching for cock, and his wet, wiggling tongue partly cooled that itch. He gripped her ass more firmly now with his big, strong hands, kneading it and squeezing it while she clenched and unclenched her voluptuous ass-cheeks to give him a special thrill.

But before very long Tony was right back at work on her hot cunt again, his nose pressing her cunt-button, his chin pushing hard at her asshole, and his tongue stuck just as far into her cunt as it could possibly go. She ruffled, his gleaming black hair affectionately, then grabbed one of his muscular arms and dragged his hand up to play with her right tit.

He got the message and put both of his hands on her tits, fondling her hot, stiff nipples while he licked and slurped at her cunt. She stared back at herself in the hall mirror, lithe and lovely and naked, sweating in the embrace of the sexy boy next door, whose tongue flickered in and out of her cunt and was glistening with a sheen of sticky cunt-juice. The sight of herself turned her on almost as much as the sight of his tapered back and muscular ass as he labored over her hot cunt.

But what turned her on most of all was the sight of his cock. Licking her asshole and eating her cunt had turned Tony on until he was every bit as excited as when he'd first walked in the door. His big cock was thick and swollen, and Brenda knew just where she wanted it this time. Blow-jobs were fine for appetizers, but she was hot to get down to the meat and potatoes of fucking.

The swarthy youngster scrambled forward to lie on top of her eagerly quivering nakedness, and soon she felt his big cock squeezing its inexorable way through the lips of her cunt and into the moist depths of her quivering cunt-hole.

Brenda slipped her long legs upward and wrapped them tightly around his strong back, her thighs jammed into his armpits and her dainty heels pressing the small of his back. In this position, she knew from extensive experience, he would be able to ream every last itching inch of her cock-hungry pussy. By squeezing her cunt tightly around his cock, she could get all tile action she could want on her cunt-button as the inner lips of her cunt dragged it up and down in time to his fucking strokes.

He kissed her deliciously, slithering his tongue against hers, and he felt her tits while he fucked her, but soon his hands, as if drawn by an irresistible magnet, were back on her ass once again. He loved her ass, and she loved him for it. But he knew that Brenda liked a lot of action on her tits, and he ducked his head down to suck one of them into his mouth as deeply as he could. He gave her nipple a tongue-lashing while he sucked and made her scream with pleasure.

Writhing and moaning and groaning, flinging her hips this way and that, rubbing her ass on the rug of her living room floor, Brenda hammered her heels into Tony's back to urge him on as the strong young man reamed her slithery, slippery cunt with his big, hard cock and sucked on alternate tits.

One of his fingers began to tickle the puckered bud of her asshole, and that drove Brenda even wilder. She thrust her ass up to impale her asshole on his finger while he fucked her. The pressure inside her ass made her cunt tighter, and she was better able to feel the stroking of his hard cock.

Grunting and groaning and gasping, slurping at her tits and squeezing her ass and fucking like a maniac, Tony drove his red-hot prick in and out of her cunt with the speed of a red-hot piston in an oily sleeve. She banged her ass down on the floor to hump up and down and meet his thrusts.

All this time Tony had been wriggling and squeezing his finger in her asshole, trying to get it all the way in, and one of Brenda's wild plunges suddenly engulfed his whole finger. His finger was all the way up her ass now, and she screamed again as that delicious touch pushed her over the edge of still another orgasm. He began to push it in and out, fucking her ass with his finger at a different tempo from the thrusting of his big prick in and out of her cunt.

It seemed as if he was able to read her mind, because he was fucking her just the way she wanted it now -- stabbing her vigorously with his big cock, using it like a lethal weapon as he pulled it all the way out and plunged it all the way in. Once Brenda got started, she liked her fucking hot and rough and dirty, and that was the way young Tony was giving it to her.

Every minute, Tony seemed to be fucking her harder and faster and deeper. His muscular ass seemed to be moving up and down with the speed of a dribbled basketball as it powered his cock again and again into the depths of her cunt.

Brenda let her knees droop wide, trying to spread her cunt and take him deeper still into its squirming and slithering depths. He rose to the challenge, pulling her ass up even harder until he seemed to be probing nerves that no man had ever probed before. She felt her orgasm rising to an even more intense plateau as her cunt throbbed and his cock rammed in and out.

Brenda lost track of all the many times she had come while Tony was fucking her. One orgasm blended into the next, each one bigger than the last -- but then all of them were washed from her memory on a final tidal wave of coming as Tony's cock squandered its spurting load of jism into the depths of her red-hot cunt.

Chapter THREE

Brenda Moran was on her knees before the couch where Tony sat, sucking his soft cock and trying to get it hard for the sixth or seventh time -- she'd lost track -- when her son Kevin walked through the door.

"Mom!" he cried.

"Oh, shit!" Brenda muttered, pulling her mouth off her young neighbor's cock and wiping her lips.

She turned to look at her skinny, angular son, whose normally pale face was white with shock. Even his mother had to admit he wasn't handsome.

His jaw was too long, his nose was too big, and the red hair he had inherited from her was too carroty. But with his clothes off, no girl would notice his shortcomings. He had an even bigger cock than Tony, and he knew how to use it.

"School isn't out already, is it?"

"I cut my last two classes to... what the hell difference does that make? What are you doing?"

"She's sucking my cock, dope," Tony said with a smirk.

"Shut up, Tony," Brenda said.

She had no idea how she could explain this. She and Kevin, in the privacy of their home, were in the habit of sneering at what they called "the dumb wops next door". Kevin didn't know that she and Angela had been making it for the past six months. She hadn't had the opportunity to tell him about the swap that she and Angela had arranged -- although she had sounded him out, and she knew that he was hot to fuck their buxom brunette neighbor.

"Kevin," she said, deciding to plunge right in, "Angela and I made a deal -- you can fuck her if you want to."

"Huh?" Tony demanded. "He's gonna fuck my mother? Who says?"

"Your mother says, Tony. Now be quiet."

Some of the color returned to Kevin's face. He even smiled slightly. She breathed a sigh of relief.

He was a smart kid, and it took a lot to shock him. Seeing her sucking Tony cock had been enough to do it, but now he was regaining his composure.

"I think he'd rather fuck you," Tony snickered. "Look at the fucking hard-on in his pants."

Tony was right. Shocked or not, the sight seemed to have given Kevin an instant hard-on.

His smile broadened as he said, "Yeah. How about it, Mom?"

Brenda found herself blushing. It was one thing to fuck her son; it was another thing to let the neighbors know about it. She glanced at Tony. He seemed even more shocked than Kevin had been as her son casually tossed his schoolbooks aside and began shedding his clothing.

As soon as Kevin got his clothes off and had bared his big, beautiful cock to her hungry eyes, Brenda threw caution to the winds and pulled him down to the floor with her, where she began sucking her son's cock right under Tony's incredulous gaze.

"Jeez," Tony breathed, absent-mindedly pulling on his prick, which began to stiffen almost as soon as he saw Brenda take Kevin's cock into her mouth.

Kevin seemed a little shy at first about eating a cunt that was oozing with somebody else's cum, but his mother's pretty pink cunt with its red-gold corona of hair proved to be an irresistible temptation. He soon had his eager tongue right up inside her slimy cunt-hole while she sucked his cock. She squeezed his head with her lithe legs and pulled his face in tighter against her cunt as she wiggled it hotly against his mouth.

Brenda's slipping and sliding tongue made her son's cock so hard and stiff that it quivered like a steel spring at each lascivious touch. He was eager to fuck her in the mouth, but she skillfully avoided his lunges, letting his cock slip along her cheek or tangle with her thick red braids as she continued to tease him with her tongue. She wanted to lick every last hot inch of his oversized cock before she sucked it.

Incapable of sitting by and watching this delicious sight any longer, Tony knelt beside her and began feeling her tits while Kevin licked her cunt. She turned to her young neighbor's cock. With its fresh coating of her own hot cunt-juice, it tasted even better than her son's cock, and she gave it a thorough licking. She savored fully the delicious blending of cock and cunt on his now-rigid prick.

When Kevin wrenched his face out of her tightly clutching thighs and protested that she ought to be sucking his cock, she slipped Tony's from her tongue and turned to suck Kevin's bigger prick.

Her son was so hot that he wanted to shove it right down her throat, but Brenda restrained him with her hand. She used her fingers to peel the skin of his prick up and down while she sucked hard on the end of his bulging, lustful cock.

Although he had gotten off to a slow start, Kevin was a dedicated cunt-eater, as his mother knew from long experience, and he gave her everything she could possibly want with his lashing, swirling tongue and sucking lips. Because she had loved the feeling so much, Brenda had kept her son nursing at her tit for years after most children were weaned, and one day she had given in to an unbearable temptation and gotten him to give her cunt some of the same sucking-action. That day had marked the beginning of Kevin's education as a cunt-eater, and he had learned his lessons well. His talented tongue made her come almost right away. She swabbed her wet, wide-open cunt around on his nose and chin while he sucked it and kissed it with every bit as much eagerness as he had displayed on the first day he'd done it.

Then her son's cock went off in her mouth, and he gave her a load of hot turn that was every bit as copious and juicy as the one that Tony had first shot into her mouth. She sucked out every last drop and swallowed it down, peeling with her busy fingers and pumping with her tightly-compressed lips in a frantic effort to drain every last drop from his big, red-haired balls.

When she rolled away gasping for breath, with rivulets of glistening cum trickling from her sensuous lips, she rolled right into Tony. Grabbing her in his arms, he speared her cunt with his cock and shoved it all the way in to the root.

She knew at once that Kevin's tongue, however skillful, had not fully unfolded the fiery core of her orgasm, and she felt her cunt heating up to the boiling point around its big stuffing of cock. She was eager to start bouncing in the hot, hungry rhythm of a slam-bang fuck, but Tony only stirred his cock around in her cunt like an oversized swizzle stick before pulling it out.

"What? Fuck me, Tony, come on and fuck me, for Christ's sake!"

"Let me fuck your asshole, okay? You'll like it, I promise."

Brenda knew damned well she would like it, since her asshole was like a second cunt to her, but she didn't tell Tony this. She rolled over on her hands and knees and shoved the rosy moans of her ass up at him as she breathed, "Yeah, go ahead, Tony, fuck me up the ass!"

With a big cock like Tony's pushing against her cunt from behind, rubbing the sensitive walls of her cunt from deep inside, it would be every bit as good as having a cock in her cunt, Brenda knew from experience. She whimpered with pleasure as she opened up her asshole and took Tony's cock all the way in.

With its greasy coating of hot cunt-juice, Tony's cock could slip and slide every bit as fast and deep as the over sexed redhead wanted it. He clutched her small but perfect tits like handles to give him leverage for his fucking as he plunged his cock in and out of her asshole again awl again.

Each thrust of his big cock drove her farther forward on her knees, until she found her cheek resting on Kevin's hairy thigh. His sucked-out cock lay on his thigh like a beached and bloated fish.

Brenda began licking her son's hot cock up and down its limp length while Tony fucked her ass, and she soon felt a quiver of life returning to it. She sucked his cock into her mouth and stretched it out, lashing his cockhead with her tongue and moaning encouragement's to her son. She desperately craved all the cock she could get, and in every hole she had. She was so hot, today that she began to question whether the two teenage boys could completely satisfy, the boiling lusts of her cock-crazed cunt.

She had no complaint whatsoever with the way Tony was plugging her asshole. Her hot cunt squeezed and stretched with each stroke of his prick up her ass, and she felt its steaming cunt-juice bubbling out to trickle down her thighs. When Kevin reached down to bathe his fingers in the hot spring by rubbing her cunt while Tony fucked her ass, Brenda's joy was almost complete.

She had succeeded at last in sucking her son's cock up to its full, enormous erection, and now she had a big stiff cock to suck while another one reamed her ass. But sucking alone could not satisfy her, and she pushed Kevin downward until his cock was prodding the wet threshold of her cunt.

"Mom, do you really want me to fuck you while he's fucking your ass?" Kevin asked in amazement.

Brenda could only nod eagerly as she gasped for breath in the grip of her hot excitement. Although Kevin had never participated before, this wouldn't be the first time that Brenda had been in the middle of a sandwich, and she loved that particular thrill. She reached down to grip her son's big cock with her hand and to guide it at her own pace into her hungry cunt.

Even though she was experienced at taking a cock in her cunt and her asshole at the same time, this was a particularly tight squeeze. Tony had a big cock, and Kevin's was even bigger. But she was sure that she could do it, and she pulled Kevin's cock into her cunt while Tony's pounded in and out of her asshole.

"Let me suck on one of Mom's tits," Kevin gasped, and Tony relinquished his grip on one of Brenda's hot, pink tits to let her son suck it deeply into his mouth and tease its hot nipple with his tongue.

The lashing of her son's tongue against her ruby hard nipple seemed just the touch that was needed to fully relax Brenda's cunt, and soon she found it squeezing down to engulf Kevin's cock fully. Soon Kevin's and Tony's balls were bouncing together in her crotch as they fucked her in the cunt and in the asshole.

The mirror in the front hallway permitted Brenda to see herself in the grip of the two teenagers, but the writhing and pumping of Tony's muscular ass hid the core of the action from her greedy eyes. Brenda loved to watch fucking almost as much as she loved to fuck, and she loved nothing better than being able to watch herself fucking.

She nudged and prodded the two young men who were both pinning her up the middle with their stiff cocks until they were all lying on their sides. She pulled her knee up on Kevin's ribs and succeeded at last in exposing all the action at her cunt and asshole so she could watch what was happening in the mirror.

She could hardly believe what was revealed to her lustful gaze. The lips of her cunt and the rim of her asshole seemed to glow red, so tightly were they stretched by the thick cocks that stuffed them. Cuntjuice slicked her tight flesh and made it shine, and each outward stroke of Kevin's big cock dredged up more of the sticky fluid to moisten her asshole and cunt.

Meanwhile Tony's cock had begun to dry off in her tight, hot asshole. No longer lubricated by the greasy juice of her cunt, its squeezing had become a little painful. She reached down to wet her fingers with cunt-juice from her son's prick on its next outward stroke and transferred it to Tony's cock. When she had done this three or four times, Tony's cock was just as slippery as it had ever been, and he could fuck her ass just as fast as he wanted to. He instantly speeded up his ass-fucking, rattling her teeth with his quick, eager thrusts.

Tony had given up both of her tits to Kevin so that he could devote his full attention to stroking and squeezing her ass while he fucked it. That was just fine with Brenda. Her swarthy young neighbor was a real ass-man, while her son was crazy about her tits, and each of them now had just what he wanted.

Kevin moved from one nipple to the other and back again, giving them such a determined and enthusiastic licking and sucking that he swept her up to a new plateau of orgasmic ecstasy. Tony caressed her ass-cheeks just as eagerly, squeezing them together against his cock as he pushed and pulled it in her asshole.

Squeezed tight between the two horny young men and impaled by their hard cocks, Brenda found that she could hardly move, much as she wanted to reciprocate the action of their hot fucking. Tony and Kevin partly made up for that lack by pushing her against each other as they fucked her. When Tony's cock filled her ass, it pressed her cunt hard against Kevin's cock, and when Kevin was shoving into her hot cunt, her asshole moved back more firmly against Tony's cock. All she could do was wiggle and writhe from side to side to make sure that their cocks were both getting a thorough rubdown in her hot holes.

Neither one of the boys tried to keep in step with the other's rhythm, and that was just the way Brenda loved it best. Sometimes Kevin's cock would be buried all the way down to his crinkly cock-hair in her wet cunt while Tony's cock was pulled out to the limit from her asshole, with only the head clasped inside the hot rim. At other times, it was Tony's cock that filled her right up the ass while Kevin's huge prick was all but absent from her cunt. And sometimes they both filled up her holes at the same time, so that she was so full of cock that she felt like she was in danger of being split open up the middle.

She knew that Tony's cock was getting a good rubdown from all this action, because it suddenly throbbed and pumped a load of hot cum up her asshole. His cock kept throbbing and pumping, filling her ass with such a monstrous wad of slimy jism that Tony was able to slip his cock in and out of her at a bone-jarring pace as he finished off his ass-fucking orgy.

The speedup of the action on her ass was all Kevin needed to set his cock off, too, and she felt his prick spurting creamy cum into her cunt. Her crotch became a slimy cum-bath where the boys pushed and pulled their cocks, pumping and shooting and fucking like mad in her cunt and in her asshole.

Writhing on the rug, staring in the mirror at the muscular bodies of the two boys who fucked her, at her own sweating nakedness and at her cum greased holes with their fillings of hard cock, Brenda screamed as she was devastated by her best orgasm yet.

Chapter FOUR

After Angela sent Tony next door to fuck their pretty, redheaded neighbor, she prepared herself for Kevin Moran's visit by taking a long, hot bath and shaving her legs and armpits. She painted the nails of her fingers and toes blood-red and anointed herself with perfume. As she brushed out her long, lustrous black hair in the mirror, she was pleased by what she saw.

She had the smooth, oval face and liquid, black olive eyes of a madonna in a religious painting, but she had always thought her mouth was ugly and that it spoiled her looks. It was Vito, her late husband, who had first pointed out that her overly full mouth and protruding lower lip were just like Sophia Loren's and she had to admit he had been right. Tony had confided to her this morning that her mouth was her sexiest feature. He had said he couldn't look at her lips without imagining what they would look like wrapped around his prick.

Her cunt lips were big and plump, too, much thicker than Brenda's was, and her clit, when it was swollen, was almost embarrassingly large, as if the Lord had absent-mindedly started to put a cock on her before he remembered what he was doing. But Vito had loved her big clit, and so did Brenda and Tony.

But the features that men prized most were her ass and her tin. They were so big and fully rounded that sometimes she thought her figure was grotesque, like that of a primitive fertility Goddess, but men had no objections. It scared her, the way some of them would whistle and yell at her in the street. She was only an inch or so over five feet in height, but her tits seemed to have been designed for a woman at least a foot taller.

She knew that Kevin Moran loved her tin and ass. When he talked to her, he had trouble wrenching his eyes away from her tits. He was kind of a funny looking kid, but his mother -- who had a lot more experience than Angela -- said he had the biggest cock in the world. She wondered how Brenda would know a thing like that about her son.

Angela completed her preparations by slipping on a white silk wrapper that was nearly transparent, adjusting it carefully to reveal a generous portion of her enormous tits. Kevin ought to be home from school by now. If Brenda waited much longer to send him over, they wouldn't have much time together at all; her younger son, Mikey, usually got home from football practice around five, and she didn't want him walking in and catching her fucking Kevin.

Just as she was about to pick up the phone in her bedroom, she heard someone knocking at the screen door, and then Kevin's voice called, "Mrs. Juliano?"

"I..." Her voice came out as a nervous squeak, and she had to clear her throat before she could say: "I'm upstairs, Kevin, come on up?"

She barely had time to arrange herself on the bed, opening her wrapper even more boldly and baring the length of one of her plump, shapely legs all the way to the hip, because Kevin all but galloped up the stairs in his eagerness.

"Wow," he breathed when he entered the bedroom and ate her up with his lustful eyes. Those eyes were a pale shade of green, like a cat's, and they did funny things to her insides when he looked right into her own eyes the way he was doing now. But he didn't look into her face for long. He was too busy flickering them up and down the lush curves of her voluptuous body.

He got out of his clothes in nothing flat, and she had no opportunity to inspect the enormous cock she had heard so much about as he began kissing her eagerly. But she put her hand on it, and she realized that it was incredibly thick. She could barely circle its hot, pulsing girth with her thumb and forefinger, and she felt her cunt getting hot and juicy as she imagined what it would feel like inside her. She thought that Tony had satisfied her pretty thoroughly today with all the fucking they'd done, but just the feel of Kevin's huge cock was enough to get her as hot as she'd been this morning.

Kevin couldn't wait to get at her tits, and the first thing he did was to pull her wrapper open completely to bare them to his lustful gaze.

Kevin seemed to take all eternity to lick her left tit, swirling his tongue around the big, pebbly-halo of her nipple as slowly as the hour-hand of a clock. Angela was going wild, but she forced herself to relax and enjoy his leisurely lovemaking while she toyed with his cock. Tickling her fingers up and down its length, she wondered if he would be able to fit the whole thing inside her cunt. It seemed twice as long as her son Tony's, and she had thought that Tony's prick was enormous.

While she teased his cock with her fingers, he at last pulled her stiff nipple into his mouth and stroked it with his tongue. She gasped aloud as his stroking was instantly translated into little electric shocks that shot their way right down to her wet cunt. She felt its hot juices leaking out and trickling down her thighs.

She spread her thighs wide, willing him to kiss her hot cunt, but instead he went to work now on her right tit, lavishing the same slow care on it that he had given the left one. She was itching and squirming and begging the horny teenager to fuck her by the time he got around to sucking on her right nipple. He seemed eager to suck the whole of her big tit into his mouth, but there was just too much of it.

She began vigorously jacking his cock, pumping her hand up and down as quickly as she could in the hope that would get him started. But Kevin refused to be distracted. He licked and sucked her tit as if it were the whole purpose of sex. Floating off on a daze of tit-licking, Angela began to believe that it really was: she was coming just from having Kevin suck her tits. She writhed and bucked and squirmed and made the bedsprings squeal as he sucked harder and her cunt began to throb in the grip of a mighty orgasm that crept up on her unawares.

He began licking his way down the plump contour of her belly, and her muscles leaped in involuntary contractions as her cunt anticipated the slow approach of his lascivious tongue. Even though she had come once, it hadn't satisfied her, and she knew that he had hardly begun to tap the deepest reservoirs of her cock-lusting frenzy.

"Eat me, Kevin," she moaned. "Come on and kiss my cunt!"

Nobody had ever gotten her cunt this hot before -- not Vito or Brenda or Tony -- the only three persons she'd actually made it with before this. But Kevin really knew how to get her cunt hot. It was seething and oozing simmering cunt-juice by the time he licked his way over her furry pubic bone and at last touched her thick, swollen cunt-lips with his lapping tongue.

"Agh!" she cried, coming again from just the touch of his tongue on her cunt-lips.

Angela itched for him to suck her cunt-button and stick his tongue deeply into her cunt-hole, but Kevin took his own sweet time, teasing her until she thought she would go clean out of her mind. He took just as much time on each one of her hot cunt-lips as he had taken on each of her big, hard-nippled tits. She squirmed and moaned and grunted, plead big with him to lick her hot clit that felt like it was about to burst, but he kept on going lower and began instead to lick the rim of her asshole.

Angela was shocked at first. Nobody had ever licked her asshole before. She was on the verge of telling him to cut it out when she suddenly realized how great it felt. She raised her legs and pulled them back until her knees were pressed against her tits and her dainty feet rested on either side of his head, opening up her cunt and her ass wide to the lecherous teenager's questing tongue. After he had licked his way around the rim of her asshole for a hundred million years, or so it seemed in her mindless frenzy of lust, he made a stiff roll of his tongue and stuck it deep inside her ass.

Angela had never taken a cock up her ass, and she hadn't believed Kevin's mother when she had told her how good it could feel. But she knew now that she would just love to have Kevin fuck her asshole. She had never imagined how good it could feel to have a stiff, wiggling tongue inside her asshole, and she was astounded to find herself coming again, just from having Kevin lick her red hot ass. It made her dizzy to think how good it would feel to have him fuck her asshole.

"Stick your cock up my ass!" Angela groaned. "Stick your cock in my cunt -- stick it anywhere -- just gimme your cock, Kevin, I want your cock!"

But Kevin refused to give her the great big cock that she lusted for so hungrily. She couldn't even reach it with her fingers now that he had gone down to kneel between her wide flung legs. But he kept giving her his tongue in her cunt now, and deep down inside her cunt at long last. He slurped and sucked to get all the red-hot, sticky cunt-juice that he could possibly get, and he swallowed it down like some expensive liqueur.

Angela groped for his cock, but he refused to let her have it. She wondered if he was saving it to stick into her cunt, her mouth, or her asshole. At this stage of her excitement, it didn't really matter. She would have welcomed it anywhere.

He sucked her swollen cunt-button into his lips now and lashed it vigorously, and she found herself coming again. She couldn't believe it when he suddenly wriggled his way up to lie on top of her. She laughed and babbled and sobbed with inarticulate excitement as she felt his big, hard cock at long last pushing its way inside her steaming cunt, stretching her cunt-lips so tightly that it was almost painful. But she was so hot to fuck that even the pain felt good.

Tight though it was, her cunt was hot and sticky and greasy as it had never been before in her life, and he had no trouble at all squeezing his mammoth prick inside it. He grabbed her big ass with both hands and pulled her up tightly against him to make absolutely sure he was getting every last inch of his cock that he possibly could into the steaming cauldron of her superheated cunt.

Kevin's prick felt even bigger inside her cunt than it had felt in the clasp of her fingers. It was so thick that it felt like she was taking a fireplug up her cunt, but she just loved it. Nobody had ever stretched her cunt-lips so wide, not even that time Vito had squeezed four fingers inside it.

After all of Kevin's skillful but often exasperating teasing, Angela wanted nothing more complicated now than some hard, headlong, belly-to-belly fucking, and that was just what her young neighbor gave her. Gripping her ass tight, he shuttled his cock in and out of her slimy cunt with machine-like speed and energy. Each stroke of his hot cock seemed to go harder and deeper and faster into her tingling cunt.

Angela didn't just lie back and take it, either. She squeezed and wiggled her cunt for all she was worth, manipulating it as skillfully as a hand on his cock, wanting to let Kevin know that she was the best fuck he would ever get. She pulled her thighs up into his armpits, giving him a straight shot downward into her cunt and letting him go just as deeply as he could. His hairy balls did a jig on her glowing asshole as he rammed his cock home with dizzying speed.

It was summertime, the windows were open, and they were making enough noise to wake the dead. Any of their neighbors who passed by in the street would know that Angela Juliano, the very proper widow, was fucking her brains out, but at this point she just didn't give a shit. The bedsprings jingled and squeaked, she was groaning and screaming, Kevin was grunting and cursing. The sweetest sound of all was the squelching and sucking of her hot cunt as his cock plunged in and out.

When still another orgasm surged through her electrified cunt. She thrashed around and flung her hips so wildly that the two of them rolled off the bed and fell to the floor with a thud that shook the house, but they didn't pause for an instant in the rhythm of their frenzied fucking.

Angela landed on top. Now she could bring her legs into play, and she used them to ram her cunt down on Kevin's upright prick at a pace that was every bit as fast as the one he had been, keeping up. Her knees straddling his hips, she slammed her ass down with the blinding speed of a punching bag in the hands of an expert boxer.

Kevin's eyes were fixed greedily on the oily junction of his cock and her cunt as he lay back and let his schoolmate's mother do all the work. Angela thought it was a delicious sight, too, seeing his glistening cock emerging and disappearing from her tightly stretched cunt-lips as she impaled herself on it. This was the first really good look she had gotten at his cock, and it seemed as big as salami. If she had seen it beforehand, she might have hesitated to let him try to fuck her, but now it felt as if it belonged in her cunt.

Kevin was not content to lie back and do nothing for long, and she moaned with delight when her flopping and quivering tits attracted both of his bony hands. His fingers fine-tuned the action in her cunt as it slithered and slurped on his rock-hard cock. He squeezed and tickled her hard nipples, flipping them sparingly from side to side as he caressed the huge globes of tit-flesh.

She wanted more than just his fingers on her tits, though. Crouching lower, she slapped his face with alternate tits and rubbed her nipples against his mouth. He got the message and slurped one right inside and gave it a thorough licking while his fingers worked busily on the nipple of her other huge tit.

With her hands on his shoulders, Angela discovered that she had even more leverage for her big ass, and she threw it into high gear. Kevin must have felt like someone caught in a runaway machine -- but it was a soft, wet, warm machine that gave nothing but pleasure to the hard cock trapped so tightly in its clutch.

Sucking first on one tit and then the other and squeezing her sweating ass with clawing fingers, Kevin began to writhe beneath her, complicating the action of the fuck and rubbing his bulging cock-head all over the inside of her cunt as she pumped it up and down. Sometimes his spine arched up like a bridge as he strove to drive his cock all the way into her cunt, and he went deeper into it than she would have believed possible. It was as if the suction of her hungry cunt had added inches to his already incredibly huge prick.

"Oh, Christ, I'm coming!" Angela shrieked, plunging even faster as she felt the biggest orgasm of all surging through her cock-crazed cunt, and Kevin's face twisted with a pleasure sharper than pain when he came, too.

Shaken to the core of her cunt, Angela could no longer control the erratic twisting and humping of her ass as she slipped it up and down on his hard cock. She was demolished completely when she felt Kevin's prick spattering spurt after spurt of hot jism into her cunt. She sagged forward to lie on him, panting, as the creamy cum oozed from her exhausted cunt to trickle down his big balls.

Chapter FIVE

As if nothing out of the ordinary had happened yesterday, Brenda came over to Angela's in the afternoon to watch their favorite soap opera. She said nothing at first about Kevin and Tony, and that was just fine with Angela. She was embarrassed to think about what had happened.

But then a commercial came on, and Brenda asked casually, "So how was he?"

Angela opened her mouth to answer, and then she blushed and became tongue-tied in confusion.

Forgetting about Kevin for the moment, she had believed that Brenda was asking about her own son, Tony, who had slipped into her bed last night and fucked the stuffing out of her. But Brenda didn't know about Tony, and Angela wanted it to stay that way.

"What's the matter?" Brenda asked, eyeing her sharply. "Didn't Kevin do okay?"

"Oh... he was great! Where did he learn to eat cunt like that? I never noticed that he was so popular with girls." Angela was making a charitable understatement. She had never once seen Brenda's son with a girl, and for a long time she had assumed he was queer. But she knew better today.

Brenda giggled. "I taught him everything he knows."


"Sure. I used to make it like a game -- 'You can't have any ice cream, Kevin, unless you lick Mommy's cunt first.'" She giggled again. "Before long, he didn't give a shit about the ice cream, he just wanted to lick my cunt all the time."

Angela was deeply shocked, but at the same time she was excited by Brenda's story. She imagined what it would have been like to do that with Tony or Mike, and her cunt began to squirm.

"Didn't Tony tell you?" Brenda asked. "Before I sent Kevin over here yesterday, he and Tony were both fucking me."

"Oh, my," Angela said, because she could think of nothing else to say. She was a little miffed, that Tony hadn't mentioned this to her. She said, "How was Tony? Did he do okay?"

"He did just fine. To tell you the truth, I don't know which of them I like better. How about you?"

"I..." Angela felt her cheeks burning as she realized that Brenda had trapped her into revealing the truth. She demanded: "Did Tony tell you he was fucking me?"

"No, of course not! But you look guilty today -- I knew something funny happened yesterday. It was just a wild guess." She added mischievously, "Shame on you, Angela, fucking your son!"

"I don't know which I like better," Angela said seriously. "Kevin has a really big cock, and he sure knows how to eat cunt... but fucking Tony gives me a special kind of thrill."

"Speaking of thrills," Brenda said, casually pulling down her shorts, "I can think of better things to do than watch this dumb soap opera."

It was as if she had read Angela's mind. Talking about fucking their sons had gotten Angela's cunt hot and wet, and the two women hurried upstairs to the bedroom. Soon Brenda's tongue was weaving its familiar patterns on the hot lips of Angela's cunt.

Angela sighed with pleasure as she opened her cunt wide to the other woman's insistent tonguing. She propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch.

Her cunt was soon just as hot and wet as it could be, coating Brenda's pretty pink tongue with a slimy sheen of cunt-juice.

Brenda had a really long tongue, and it felt almost like a cock as it rolled around deliciously in the depths of Angela's hole, pushing this way and that against the moist tube of her, cunt. Meanwhile Brenda's hands stroked and groped busily. Even though Brenda had eaten her cunt more times than she could remember, the redhead brought the same enthusiasm to her cunt-licking each new time. It was as if she had never felt Angela's big ass and plumply pretty thighs before and was trying to memorize them with her sense of touch as she caressed them.

Gazing down between her big tits and over the hairy mound of her cunt-bone, Angela saw Brenda's bright green eyes staring up at her as she sucked and slurped at her cunt, and the eye-contact turned Angela to hot, quivering jelly. She had almost forgotten what a pretty sight it was to see Brenda eating her cunt. Brenda's snub nose gleamed with cunt-juice, and now Angela gasped as Brenda pressed and rubbed it against her big, swollen clit. Under this delightful pressure, Angela's oversized clit swelled up and gleamed with a red, satiny sheen.

Brenda was eager to sample all the goodies thrust under her face, and soon she was licking Angela's asshole just as eagerly as she had licked her cunt. Just as her son had done yesterday, she stuck her tongue deep inside and vibrated it in a fluttery motion that turned Angela's mind to mush. She clenched Brenda's head between her thighs and bucked against her face, rubbing her sopping cunt against her pretty nose while Brenda tongued her hot asshole. She had thought it was a bizarre experience, a one-time thing, when Kevin had made her come yesterday by tonguing her asshole, but she was shocked to find herself coming when Brenda did it, and she screamed aloud with pleasure.

Angela heaved a profound sigh and relaxed the grip of her shapely legs, letting Brenda breathe, and letting her blink the. Cunt-juice out of her eyes. Floating on the golden cloud of an ass-licking orgasm, she wanted now to do something in return for the sexy redhead.

Angela squirmed around to get her head down between the other woman's legs. Brenda's cunt steamed an aroma of hot cunt-juice. The lips were wide open to reveal the almost purple depths of her juicy fuckhole, and Angela dived right in without wasting time on any preliminaries, giving Brenda some fast and furious tongue-fucking. After all the cock-sucking she had done yesterday, she had almost forgotten how much she loved to eat Brenda's juicy cunt, but she remembered as soon as she got her tongue deep inside it.

Even though Angela knew that her big ass and tits turned men on more than Brenda's slim body did, she was jealous of Brenda's velvety firmness. But her jealousy dissolved in the pure pleasure of being able to stroke Brenda's tits and squeeze them while she ate her cunt. The feel of her firm, lithe body and the taste of her soft, wet cunt turned the voluptuous brunette on more completely than before, and she wiggled her big ass provocatively and pushed her cunt invitingly toward Brenda's face once more, hoping that the redhead would go back to work on it.

Brenda understood perfectly just what her friend wanted. She began licking her hot cunt again eagerly. Angela shivered with pure pleasure at the sound of Brenda's lip-smacking delight in her steaming cunt. She seemed to love eating cunt almost as much as she loved having her own cunt eaten, and her moans and whimpers testified to how much she loved what Angela was doing to her own juicy pussy.

Angela now slipped two fingers into Brenda's cunt and pumped them in and out like a cock. They emerged all sticky and wet with hot cunt-juice, and Angela paused to lick the delicious nectar from her fingers before slipping them deep inside once again.

Angela sometimes envied the incredible control that Brenda had over her cunt. It had been slack and loose while she had been eating it, but now the redhead showed her what she could do with her cunt when she pit her mind to it. She squeezed Angela's fingers so tightly in the hot, snug clasp of her pussy that she had to work hard at pulling them out and pushing them in again.

Angela kept her tongue busy, too, while she finger-fucked her pretty neighbor. She slipped her tongue up and down Brenda's cunt-lips and through the soft, wet tangles of her red cunt-hair. The little nugget of Brenda's cunt-button, so much smaller than her own, was so hard and red and obviously poised on a hair-trigger that she gave it only an occasional, teasing tickle with her tongue, not wanting to get Brenda off too, soon.

Brenda's deep, brown-rimmed asshole posed a delectable temptation, and Angela yielded to that temptation by slipping one of her fingers, slick with a coating of oily cunt-juice, deep inside it. It slipped so quickly and easily into her hot asshole that Angela suspected her neighbor was experienced at taking cocks up her ass. She stuck her finger just as far as she could into the redhead's asshole, and Brenda moaned with deep contentment around her mouthful of cunt. The vibrations of her moaning made Angela's cunt squirm deliciously.

On impulse, Angela slipped a second finger into Brenda's hot cunt and rubbed it against the tip of the finger that was already buried in the hot softness of her asshole. The sex-crazed redhead wriggled all over as she cried out with pleasure, rubbing her tits vigorously against Angela's soft belly.

It was more than obvious that Brenda was crazy about the double finger-fucking that Angela was giving her, but her own style with Angela's cunt was different: she kept her hands free to stroke and squeeze Angela's ass and tits, using only her lips and tongue on the voluptuous brunette's cunt and asshole. She flickered her long tongue from one to the other, wriggling it from asshole to cunt and back again as if she could not decide which delicious fuckhole she loved the most. Angela was so far gone in a cunt-crazed delirium of pussy-licking ecstasy that she could not tell, which of her holes she preferred Brenda to lick, either.

Angela concentrated her own tongue exclusively on Brenda's quivery-hard cunt-button now, and the lithe redhead went mad under the determined assault of her licking tongue and fucking and buggering fingers. Brenda was able to lift the heavier woman right off the bed with her taut belly as she arched her back and thrust her quivering cunt up. The whole of her firm, taut body vibrated like a violin-string stretched to the point of snapping, and the muscles of her loins leaped and jerked spastically in an orgasm that was almost like an epileptic fit in its consuming intensity.

Brenda was unable to stand even one more touch on her devastated cunt, so Angela pulled away her fingers and tongue with some reluctance. But she herself still wanted all the cunt-eating she could get, and she twisted around to sit on her neighbor's pretty face. She spread her knees wide and pushed her dripping cunt right down on Brenda's mouth.

"Eat my cunt some more, Brenda! I know I can come again," she moaned, swabbing the other's face with her sopping-wet cunt almost violently in her hunger for Brenda's mouth.

Brenda's eyes popped wide with wonder at the voluptuous brunette's voracious appetite for mouth-fucking. It was as if all the fucking she had done yesterday had opened some previously locked floodgate of sexuality. But Brenda gave her just what she wanted. While Angela sawed her cunt up and down Brenda's pretty face from her nose to her chin and back again, Brenda used her tongue for all it was worth, licking and vibrating it while she sucked out the freely flowing cunt-juice and swallowed it down. Soon her face gleamed with a coat of the sticky juice as Angela rubbed her hairy cunt all over it.

As she squirmed and gyrated over Brenda's face, Angela's big ass rubbed Brenda's nipples, and she discovered that they were hard and upright again. Despite the mind-blowing totality of her recent orgasm, the foxy redhead was already hot for all the action on her cunt that Angela could give her.

But as her sweating ass pressed down on Brenda's hard nipples, Angela was struck by a wild idea. The redhead's tits were small by her standards, but her nipples were even bigger than her own. They stuck up like the tips of little thumbs, so that it felt almost like the heads of two hard cocks pressing Angela's plump ass-cheeks. She had never heard of anyone doing such a thing, and she wasn't at all sure it was possible, but she was overcome by a lust to take one of Brenda's tits inside her cunt as if it were a cock.

Wriggling back on her knees, she slipped her cunt down from Brenda's face and lowered it carefully onto her left tit. Rubbing the cunt-juice from her scuffed and reddened lips, Brenda watched with amazement, but she said nothing to stop Angela from fulfilling her crazy desire. At first obviously skeptical, she was soon groaning with pleasure when she felt her hard nipple bathed in cunt-juice and snugly surrounded with squeezing and rippling flesh inside Angela's cunt.

Angela now switched to Brenda's right nipple and gave that one a good squeezing and rubbing with her talented cunt. Brenda just loved it. She thrust up her chest to push her firm little tit even deeper into Angela's wet, hot pussy. Angela squirmed her ass to readjust her position and take it as deeply as she could.

Angela believed that she could never take all of Brenda's tit inside her cunt. Small though it might be for a tit, it was still bigger around than even the biggest cock, having roughly the same circumference as a tennis ball. But she did the best she could, squeezing it and fondling it with her well-exercised cunt-muscles as she slipped it in and out.

Brenda grunted and sobbed with pleasure, bucking up and down on Angela's bed as she strove to fuck her with her hot tit. Each stroke squeezed it deeper, and Angela began to wonder if she really might not be able to take Brenda's tit all the way inside.

Angela squeezed Brenda's tit in her hands to compress it and make ft stiffer, and this time it felt exactly like a cock when she pushed her cunt down over it. She relaxed her cunt-lips completely and took even more, and then she began to bounce up and down at a faster and faster pace to fuck herself with Brenda's tit.

Brenda loved it, but she begged for something more, for some action on her freshly-ignited cunt, and Angela responded by reaching back to massage her hot cunt-button with her fingers. She compressed Brenda's tit with her free hand and continued to fuck herself with it, taking it deeper on each stroke.

"Oh, fuck -- I'm coming!" Brenda shrieked.

"Me -- ungh -- too!" Angela grunted as the hot tit fucking turned her cunt to a bubbling cauldron of orgasmic ecstasy.

Chapter SIX

"Did I ever show you my cunt-ring?" Brenda asked, as the two women lay naked in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Angela wasn't sure she heard right. "Your what?"

"My cunt-ring." Brenda rolled over onto her belly and fished for the purse she had dropped beside the bed. Finding it, she pulled out what looked like a gold earring, which she opened and inserted through her cunt-lips at the bottom. Although Angela must have eaten her cunt hundreds of times, she had never noticed that the redhead's lips had been pierced -- probably because such an idea was virtually unthinkable to her. The sight of it made her wince.

When the ring was closed, it tightened her cunt to what must have been a virginal squeeze, and any cock that she took into her cunt would have gotten a good tickling on its sensitive underside from the ring.

"My ex-husband, Pat, the son of a bitch, had a really dinky cock, and. I got this so I could feel it when he fucked me," Brenda explained.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"No, not at all. I wouldn't use it when I'm fucking a monster like Kevin, of course. Even with Tony it would be too tight a squeeze." She shocked Angela by asking: "How big is Mikey's cock?"

"Mikey? Oh, no, Brenda, he..."

"Why not? Can't he get it up or something?"

"But he's so young!"

"Don't be silly. I was fucking Kevin before he was old enough to come. Mikey's an old man, for Christ's sakes. Wouldn't you like to fuck him yourself?"

Why not? Almost against her will, Angela found the idea tempting. She was sure Mikey had never had a girl. She felt a shiver of delight at the idea of being her younger son's first fuck.

"I think he has a crush on Patti," Angela said, naming Brenda's daughter. "She's the one he'd really like to fuck."

"Fat chance," Brenda laughed. "There's something wrong with that kid. I try to get her to fuck Kevin, but she just won't. I..."

Brenda was interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps on the stairs. Horrified, Angela saw that it was time for Tony to come home. She was ashamed to let him know that his mother making it with another woman. She tried to get up and grab her clothes, but Brenda restrained her.

It was too late anyway. Tony was already at the door. What was far worse Mikey was with him, peering eagerly over his shoulder. Tony acted as cool as could be, but Mikey was eating up both naked women with his eyes, a lecherous grin on his face.

"Mikey -- don't you have football practice?" Angela asked lamely.

It was Tony who answered: "I told him all about yesterday, Mom, and he figured he'd rather get in some fucking practice. How about it?"

Not waiting for an answer, Tony tugged off hit clothes, and Mikey followed suit. Both of their cocks were fully hard and erect.

Mikey sat down beside his mother and kissed her on the mouth while she fondled his hard cock. It wasn't a big as Tony's, but it was more than big enough to do the job, and Angela's cunt turned to jelly as she traced its hard contour with her fingertips.

Tony didn't even comment on Brenda's strangely ornamented cunt as he pushed her back on the bed and guided the head of his cock inside. Angela watched from the corner of her eye as she went down on Mikey's cock. All of the cunt-juice she had drunk today had only made her thirsty for male cum, and she was sure Mikey would have plenty of it to give her.

Outside of some dirty pictures that Vito had once brought home and tried to hide in his underwear drawer, Angela had never actually seen people fucking, and she was surprised to find that the sight turned her on enormously. Brenda lay on her side now, with her back toward her and Mikey, so that Angela got a perfect, close-up view of Tony's cock squeezing into her red haired neighbor's artificially constricted cunt-lips. Still sticking Mikey's cock, she wriggled around to get even closer to the action that excited her so wildly.

It looked like an incredibly tight squeeze. Brenda's cunt-lips were stretched so tight that they seemed to shine like satin at they clung to Tony's big cock like a rubber band, and Brenda had not yet even taken the full length or the thickest part of his big cock into her cunt. The ring had jerked up to lie tight against the underside of Tony's prick, and it seemed in danger of being pulled right inside Brenda's cunt as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her hot cunt.

Brenda's ass-cheeks, firm and shapely and lightly dusted with freckles, made a delicious frame for the picture of Tony's cock pushing into her wet and hairy cunt-hole. As Tony pulled his prick out slightly, the ring flipped down, winking in the sunlight, to tickle her puckered asshole, and Brenda squirmed and moaned as if that touch gave her an extra-special thrill.

Brenda's cunt-ring flipped up again as Tony pushed his cock inward, going much deeper this time and giving the redhead the thickest and meatiest part of his cock. When he pulled out a second time, the upper half of his cock glistened with hot cunt-juice, and his prick was every bit as red as Brenda's distended cunt-lips from the squeezing it had just endured.

Moaning with pleasure, Angela sucked Mikey's cock harder and harder. She wished that she could suck both of her sons' cocks and Brenda's cunt, too, at the same time. Hardly knowing what she was doing, she sucked so hard and deep that she managed to take every last inch of her younger son's cock inside her mouth without gagging on it. The juicy head of his prick was way down inside her throat, and her chin rested on Mikey's hairy balls. When she realized what she had done, Angela felt a moment of panic, fearing that she might choke, but she discovered to her amazement that taking a cock down her throat seemed like the easiest thing in the world.

Grunting and groaning with the effort, his clawed fingers digging deep into the smooth flesh of her ass, Tony at last succeeded in getting all of his big prick into Brenda's tight cunt, and flaw the cunt-ring pressed tightly against his balls. Brenda's cunt looked ready to burst from the pressure, and Angela winced sympathetically at the thought of that odd ring tearing her friend's cunt-lips, but Brenda apparently knew what she was doing in trying to take on such a big cock as Tony's. To judge by her soft whimpers of pleasure and lascivious encouragement's, it didn't hurt at all.

Angela slipped the tight circle of her lips all the way to the head of Mikey's cock, and there she sucked as hard as she possibly could to savor the copious flow of sticky lubricant that her blow job was dragging out of his cock. There was so much of this hot cock-juice that it seemed almost as if her young son was coming her mouth already, but she knew he wasn't quite ready to shoot his wad yet.

She would have liked Mikey to feel her tits, but he was too busily feeling Brenda's tits while his older brother fucked her. The sight of his eager hands squeezing and kneading the redhead's ass was a turn on for Angela, too, though. Mikey tickled her asshole while Tony reamed her tight cunt with his big cock, and Brenda just loved every minute of it. Now that Brenda's cunt was thoroughly greased wither freely-flowing cunt-juice and Tony's cock-juice, the two of them were fucking away just as fast as they could. Her readily inflamed cunt-lips gleamed with the overflow of her sopping cunt, and tiny diamonds of juice sparkled in her cunt-hair.

Licking and sucking her way up and down Mikey's cock, Angela learned that the trick she had stumbled upon by accident still worked. She could take every inch of her son's cock into her mouth. It wasn't as long as Tony's, of course, and it was nowhere near so big as Kevin's mammoth prick, but it nevertheless gave her a sense of accomplishment. She kept taking Mikey's cock deep down into her cunt on each inward stroke.

An impulse, she wet her forefinger with a blond of her own spit and Mikey's cock-juice and tried to stick the finger into Brenda's asshole while Tony fucked her. She half expected that Brenda would try to squirm away from such an intrusion, but instead she pushed her trim ass back and opened her asshole to receive the wet finger as Angela pushed it in deep.

"Hey!" Tony gasped. "How are yaw doing that with your cunt? It feels great!"

Angela giggled around the cock in her mouth. She could trace the hard, veined outlines of Tony's big cock with the linger she had buried inside Brenda's stoic. She pushed and prodded and wriggled it, so that the tube of Brenda's cunt must have seemed to be doing incredible tricks with the cock that was buried inside it. Tony didn't realize that his own mother's finger was giving him the special thrill that he ascribed to Brenda's cunt.

Continuing to finger fuck Brenda up her hot asshole and feel Tony's, cock, she turned most of bet attention back to the blowjob she was giving Mikey. He had surprised her by staying hard so long under her best cock sucking efforts, and she decided that her younger son had incredible self-control. She redoubled her efforts, sucking harder and licking faster. She even grazed his cock lightly with her teeth in an effort to excite him still more and suck out some of his cum.

She managed to seize Mikey's full attention with these efforts, and he at last took his hands off Brenda's ass in order to feel his mother's big tits. He began rocking back and forth eagerly now to fuck her in the mouth, and she was still able to let him push his big cock all the way inside.

Watching Brenda and Tony fuck, sucking her son's cock, only one thing on earth could have made Angela's joy complete, and that would have been a great big cock stuck inside her cunt. And hardly had she formed the wish in her mind when she felt one pushing into her red-hot cum-hole. For a frantic moment she had no idea whose it could be, but she managed to twist her head around without fully releasing Mikey's cock from her mouth and saw that it was Brenda's son Kevin, who had apparently crept quietly up the stairs to join the party.

"Mmmm," was all she could say, but she put her heart and soul into that wordless murmur and Kevin knew that he was giving her just what she wanted as he gripped her hips and pushed his enormous cock all the way into her cunt.

It was impossible for Angela to say which of these wonderful young cocks she loved the most. She guessed she loved Kevin's the best because it was the one that happened to be in her cunt, but Mikey's cock in her mouth ran a close second. Kevin's cock was so huge that it could squeeze her cunt-lips almost as tightly as Brenda's tit had done, and she spread her knees and pushed her big ass back to take every inch of it.

When she was least expecting it, when his cockhead was way down in her throat, Mikey gave a strangled cry and began hosing hot cream. She pulled his prick out quickly, desperately wanting to taste his cum on her tongue, end she neatly choked on his gushing jism in her haste to get his cock out of her throat. She felt his cum running down inside her nose and spilling over her lips as she struggled to swallow his pumping wads. But Mikey a young balls were so loaded with cum that he just kept shooting it, again and again, and she managed to get a real mouthful despite all the jism she had wasted.

She could tell by all the screaming and grunting and writhing of naked flesh beside her on the bed that Tony and Brenda were coming, too. Tony fucked like a maniac, shoving his cock into her cunt at blinding speed and spattering a spray of cum and cunt-juice as it overflowed from Brenda's cunt-lips. The action was so wild and furious that Angela was forced to pull her finger out of Brenda's asshole, she was pumping and bucking her ass so vigorously.

At last Mikey pulled his cock from his mother's lips and allowed her to concentrate completely on Kevin's hot fucking. He was starting off in his slow way, taking a million years for each stroke of his cock into her cunt, and two million years to pull it out again. At her present state of fucking frenzy she had no patience with that exasperating style, and she began hammering tier big fleshy ass against his belly to get things speeded up.

Kevin gripped Angela's ass tightly and tried to slow the voluptuous brunette down. Wanting to savor his fucking like a gourmet, but he might just as well have tried to slow down a galloping horse by grabbing its tail, for Angela was like one possessed in her eagerness to ream her cunt on his cock. All he could do was lean over her and hang onto her tits for dear life as she rocketed back and forth to sling her cunt on and off his hard prick.

Brenda had barely gotten her breath when Mikey, with a brand-new hard-on, rolled her over and began fucking her the way Kevin was fucking his mother. The cum-ring gave him less trouble than it had Tony. He was able to slide right into her cunt and immediately start fucking up a storm, while the sexy redhead wiggled her cum-filled cunt and begged him to fuck her till she shit.

Kevin had given up his efforts to get the long, slow fuck he wanted, and now he was going every bit as fast as Angela wanted him to go. His hot, hard stroking syncopated the rhythm she had set up, and she felt her cunt throbbing to still a different beat as she came and came again.

She gasped and panted for breath, but she didn't stop to think twice about it when Tony knelt in front of her and angled his cock down toward her mouth. She sucked it right in, shivering with pleasure at the taste of his cum mingled with the fishy flavor of Brenda's cunt.

Soon as she had licked off every last drop of the delicious fucking-grease and swallowed it down she tried to suck Tony's cock all the way in, as she ball done with Mikey's, and she found that she could do ft with ease. Soon her nose was crammed so full of his black cock-hair that she could hardly breathe but it didn't seem important as she reveled in the delicious sensation of fucking one boy and sucking another.

She was getting off again, her biggest organ yet, but it was turned into something beyond her wildest dreams when Kevin's cock filled her cunt with cum just as Tony's cock filled her mouth.

Chapter SEVEN

Mikey stayed borne from school the next day, pleading an upset stomach. But he staged a miraculous recovery when his mother was taking a shower after breakfast. He sneaked into the bathroom and slipped right into him shower with her, his cock pressing hard between the cheeks of her big ass and his hands cupping her wet, soapy tits. "Mikey! You're supposed to be sick."

"Shit. Mom, I just wanted to have you all to myself, all day long."

"But..." Angela's protest died on her lips as one of his hands slipped down to fondle her cunt. She spread her bare feet a little wider on the wet tiles to let him feel her cunt.

"You got a real hairy cunt, Mom. I love that."

"What do you know about cunts?" she giggled. "I'm the first girl you ever fucked, right?"

"Yeah, but I see pictures," Mikey breathed in her ear, his probing finger turning her cunt to a quivery, itching jelly.

"You like it, huh?" she murmured, squeezing around in the narrow, steamy confines of the shower stall to face him.

"I love it," he breathed, squirming down to his knees and pressing his knees to her wet, hairy cunt muff.

Angela sighed and leaned back, spreading her legs as wide as she comfortably could and opening up her cunt to her younger son's ravenous mouth. Mikey wasn't as skillful, a cunt-eater as the remarkable Kevin Moran, nor did he have as much experience at it as his brother Tony, but he more than made up for it with his eagerness. Her cunt trembled and seeped fresh, hot juice at every slip and slide of his eager tongue.

He just loved his mother's overly plump cunt-lips, and he sucked each one separately into his mouth and gave it a good licking before sucking them both in together and sticking his tongue into her squirming cunt-hole.

He seemed to be trying to suck her clit inside out as he struggled to stick his tongue just as deep as he possibly could inside her hot cunt. He wiggled his tongue around inside to scoop out her sticky cuntjuice and swallow it down. Meanwhile his hungry hands gripped her big ass, squeezing her ass cheeks and kneading them as he pulled her cunt into tight contact with his mouth.

"Suck on my clit, Mikey," she pleaded, pushing her hips forward to touch his nose with her tingling cunt-button. "It's so hot..."

Her son complied, but only briefly, making Angela scream aloud with pure pleasure when he flickered his tongue over the tightly swollen nub that protruded from her thick cunt-lips. It got harder and hotter by the second, but he took a perverse delight in teasing her by avoiding it as he lapped at her hot clit.

Mikey had been tickling her asshole while he ate her, and now, before she realized what he had in mind, he slipped his slick finger inside, all the way to the hand. She suspected he had gotten the idea from watching her do that to Brenda yesterday.

"Oh, no, Mikey, I don't..."

But her words of protest trailed of in a moan of pleasure as she found that she really did like having his finger up her ass, after all. He wiggled it around inside her hot asshole, and it felt like he was rubbing her cunt from deep inside.

She sighed deeply as her younger son began to finger fuck her asshole, slipping his finger in and out at a faster pace. She curled her ass forward to let him go on deeper while he licked her cunt.

Leaning back against the wall of the shower with her eyes closed, luxuriating in the hot needles of spray from the shower-head on her big tits, Angela believed that her son had actually begun to fuck her, but surprisingly she still felt his tongue on her cunt. Opening her eyes, she looked down to see that he had pushed his thumb into her cunt while his forefinger was stuck up her ass. She twisted her hips to get them both as deeply inside her as she could.

Mikey began moving both fingers in and out, finger-fucking her ass and her cunt simultaneously, sometimes squeezing his fingers together deliciously, as he lolled his tongue around the lips of her boiling cunt. Before long he gave her just what she had been aching for by sucking her oversized cunt-button in between his lips and lashing it with his tongue.

Angela's cunt dissolved into a glow of pure bliss as her son sucked on her clit and finger fucked her cunt and her asshole, but all the work he was doing only made her hungrier for his cock. She begged and pleaded with him to fuck her, now that she was as hot as she would ever be.

At last Mikey gave in and rose to his feet, still fucking her cunt and her asshole with his fingers. He paused for a long time to suck on her tits, first one and then the other, giving each hard nipple the same kind of treatment he had given her cunt-button.

At last he rose fully, puffing his fingers out of her cunt and her asshole. Holding onto her tits and her ass, he made her to turn round in the narrow shower stall until her back was toward him. She leaned forward to grip the towel bar, sticking her ass out toward him and spreading her shapely legs wide.

She moaned with pleasure as she felt his bulging cock-head at long last squeezing its way inside her cunt. She wriggled and squirmed in an effort to impale her cunt fully, but Mikey took his time about slipping his cock into her greedy cunt. She knew that he wanted her every bit as badly as she wanted him, for his cock felt stiff and hot as a poker fresh from the fire as it slipped upward into the juicy clasp of her cunt.

Inch by slow inch his cock slid in as he kissed her neck and fondled her big tits beneath the stinging blast of the shower. Soon he was in as deeply as he could be, filling up her cunt and scratching all of its tingling, cock-hungering nerves.

"Fuck me, Mikey, fuck your mother like a good mother-fucker!" she babbled in her frenzy of excitement, straining back to take all the cock he could give her. Soon the mat of his cock-hair was grinding tight against her sensitive asshole and his prick was buried to its last inch inside her cunt.

Her son obeyed her command, clutching her fleshy hips tightly and ramming his cock in and out of her hot and juicy cunt. Primed by all his delicious cunt-eating and finger fucking, she felt herself coming almost at once, but from the the warm glow throbbing in her cunt, she knew that this wouldn't be the last time she would come in the course of this delicious fuck. She groaned and whimpered as the hot flushes of her orgasm surged from her cunt down to the tips of her pink toes and the top of her head.

Mike was unable to fuck her nearly so hard or fast as she wanted when he was standing up, but Angela somehow found the strength and muscular coordination to make up for this lack. She banged her ass against his flat belly in hard, rapid-fire strokes, and she slung it around to rub every inch of her cunt on his cock as she slipped it up and down on his prick. She gripped the towel bar harder and half-crouched as she rattled her ass back to meet the thrusts of his fucking.

She kept her cunt-muscles busy too, slithering them along his cock in rippling waves that drove her young son wild. Summoning up all her practice and experience, she squeezed his prick until her cunt was just as tight as a rubber band around it, then released it, and then squeezed it again in a dizzying sequence that complemented the pounding action of her big ass.

Her teenage son gasped and groaned with undiluted pleasure as she gave him all the special, secret tricks of her cunt, and her display of fucking virtuosity inspired him to fuck his mother just as hard and deep and fast as he could. He leaned forward over her slick, wet back and grabbed her huge tits for leverage as he rode her like a demon jockey.

"Jesus, Mom, your cunt must be the greatest cunt in the whole world!" Mikey gasped in her ear as he slammed his cock in and out of her.

Exhausted by this hard workout, Angela had been almost on the verge of collapse, but her son's compliment pumped new strength into her legs and her ass and she redoubled her efforts to give his cock the kind of rubdown that he loved so much. While he squeezed her big tits and grunted in her ear, she slammed her ass against him and sheathed his cock again and again in her squirming cunt, rippling the soft tube in surging waves around his hard prick.

She was coming like she had never come before in her life, one terrific orgasm surging on to a newer and bigger one. It seemed like she could come just by stroking back and burying his cock in her cunt, then come again by pulling it out.

The biggest orgasm of all swept through her when she felt her son's cock throbbing inside her cunt and spurting hot cum deep inside it. Even as his cock was pumping and shooting, he increased the speed of his fucking. He was fucking a lot faster but more erratically, and she never knew which part of her itching cunt his cock would probe next, but it hardly mattered, because each and every centimeter of her burning cunt-tube was equally sensitive to the thrusting of his hot cock.

But at last his cock began to grow limp. She groaned with frustration when she felt it slipping all the way out as Mikey collapsed gasping to the floor of the shower.

"You can't get off that easy," she cried, dropping on top of her exhausted young son and sucking his slimy cock into her mouth.

It was the most delicious thing she could imagine: a hot cock coated with cum and cunt-juice, and she licked greedily all along its length to get every last drop of their fucking-fluids.

Mikey groaned as if in pain, but he was grinning while he did it. He spread his legs wide to let her get at his cock and balls with her hungry mouth while he panted for air in the billowing steam of the shower.

His cock was swollen just as thick as it had ever been, but all the starch had gone out of it, and she found that she could slip the whole of his cock inside her mouth when it was in this shape. She sucked and licked as if her life depended on it, slurping off all the tasty juice.

She tickled his balls while she sucked his cock as hard as she could, struggling desperately to suck another hard-on into his cock to satisfy her still hungry cunt. Despite all the coming she had already done, Angela wanted more.

Now that she had licked off every last drop of sex grease from his cock, she pushed his still-limp prick from her mouth and concentrated on sucking his cockhead. Holding it tight in the clamp of her voluptuous lips, she stretched his cock until he cried out for mercy, but she refused to listen until she felt it beginning to stir up to stiffness again.

She gave her son a brief respite by going down to lick his balls. As she sucked his hairy ball sac into her mouth, she felt his cock beginning to stiffen, rubbing against her ears and into the sodden mop of her wet hair.

She went back to give his stiffening cock an even longer stretching with her tight lips, and that was all it needed to spring back fully to life again. Soon its full erection filled her sucking mouth with hot hardness, and she slipped his cock head all the way down her throat to take every inch of it and show off the new cock sucking trick she had learned.

"Yeah, Mom, come on and suck me off!" he moaned, writhing on the wet floor and pushing his cock harder into her throat.

But she was determined to get his hard-on back inside her hungering cunt. She squirmed forward to straddle his supine body with her knees until her wet cunt was poised right over his stiff cock.

Guiding his cock with her hand, she sank right down and impaled her hot cunt. She twisted and writhed to get every last inch while Mikey reached up to play with her stiff and tingling nipples. Each touch of his fingers sent a hot flash of fresh, sexy excitement straight down to her cock-crammed cunt.

Gripping her son's shoulders for balance, Angela began raising and lowering her cunt on his upright cock, stabbing herself with its hard thick length again and again while she pounded her ass down on his thighs. It was a delicious sight, looking down her belly to see his huge red cock disappearing and emerging in her thick, inflamed cunt-lips, while her oversized clit quivered above it, wriggling in time to her upward and downward thrusts.

But the sight was nothing compared to the way it felt, and Angela howled and whimpered as her cunt took charge of her mind and body and soul and transformed them all into a golden glow of fucking ecstasy.

The hot shower turned cold, but that didn't even slow them down as Angela fucked her son until a second hot wad of cum came shooting up into her cunt.

Chapter EIGHT

It was probably the longest shower Angela had ever taken, but at last it came to an end when it seemed that Mikey just couldn't get his cock up anymore. She was blow-drying her luxuriant black hair in the living room when Brenda tapped at the screen door. Angela saw that she had her slim, leggy, blonde daughter with her.

"Remember what we were talking about yesterday?" Brenda asked.

"About Patti. You said Mikey had a crush on her..."

"Mom thinks I'm weird because I don't want to fuck Kevin," Patti interrupted. "His cock's too big, that's the problem. If he fucked me the first time, it'd probably kill me. But Mikey, now..."

"I told her he has a nice, normal-sized, cock, and that convinced her!" Brenda said.

"Hey, Mom!" the object of their conversation suddenly yelled as he galloped down the stairs. Not having heard the neighbors arrive, he was stark-naked, and his cock was stiff as a flagpole. He blushed furiously when he saw Patti staring at him.

"I don't know," Patti said. "It looks pretty big to me."

"Don't be ashamed, Mikey," Angela told her son, who was crouching and trying to cover his hard cock with his hands. "Show Patti your cock. Wouldn't you like to bust her cherry?"

Mikey's blush faded and his grin widened as he took his hands down. The young blonde stepped forward hesitantly and felt his prick with her pretty fingers. While she was studying it, her mother rolled Patti's t-shirt up to reveal perfect little tits like scoops of vanilla ice-cream capped with strawberries. Patti didn't object when Mikey unbuttoned her shorts and rolled them down. Her pretty pink cunt had only the finest gold peach-fuzz on it.

No longer at all shy, Mikey tried to feel every inch of Patti's skin with his greedy hands at once while he sucked at her face. She managed to fend him off long enough to lead him to the living room couch, where Angela and Brenda sat down on the floor to watch.

Patti pleaded with him to slow down, but Mikey was just too horny to listen. He had her on her back and was already sticking his cock into her cunt. Angela and Brenda slipped out of their clothes and snuggled together, feeling each other's cunt and tits as they enjoyed the sight of their children fucking from a ringside seat.

Angela thought it was a delicious sight, watching her son stuff his cock into Patti's cunt. Patti had managed to overcome her qualms and relax, and soon she was every bit as, hot and ready to fuck as Mikey was.

Angela's young son braced himself up on his arms he could eat up the girl's body with his eyes as he pushed his cock into her cunt, and that allowed Brenda and Angela to see the action, too. His cock scorned to be slipping in so easily that Angela couldn't believe she was a real virgin.

Patti raised her pretty legs and waved them above his back in random patterns, like the wings of a skewered butterfly, as Mikey rammed in deeper and deeper into her cunt. It seemed as if he would never get all of his prick into Patti's cute little pussy, but he somehow managed it, and soon his curly black cock-hair was pressing down tightly against her downy cunt-bone. Patti stared down between her small tits and over her flat belly to inspect the sight with wide-eyed amazement.

"Fuck her nice and slow, Mikey, until she gets used to it," his mother advised.

Mikey only grunted as he slowly unsheathed his big, red prick from the blonde's simmering cunt. Angela had expected to see some blood on it, but there was none, and she assumed that Patti must have been practicing on her cunt with her fingers.

Much as she loved watching her younger son fucking Brenda's daughter, Angela could not resist the nearby temptation of her neighbor's cunt. She bent her head down between Brenda's lithe thighs and slipped her tongue inside her cunt, which was hot and ready from watching the action on the couch. Brenda spread her legs wide and let Angela lick it to her heart's content, stroking her hair and pushing her face down into even tighter contact with her cunt.

She wished Brenda would eat her cunt, too, but Brenda was too enthralled by the sight of Mikey fucking her daughter to take her eyes off them for an instant.

Angela herself could only hear the action, but the squishy sound of fucking, the creaking of the couch springs and Mikey's and Patti's mingled, rhythmic gasps and moans provided perfect background music for her own eager cunt-licking. Mikey had followed his mother's advice and started fucking Patti slowly, but now he was fucking her faster and faster by the second, and she was urging him on to even great speed with her frenzied cries of lust and lascivious encouragement's.

Just as hot as she could possibly be now, Brenda spread her legs wide to give Angela full access to her red-furred cunt and her puckered asshole, and Angela made the most of it. She felt as if she had already drunk a pint of hot cunt-juice, but she just couldn't get enough of it, and she sucked and guzzled for more.

Brenda's cunt reminded her of a lovely conch-shell in the intricacy of its convolutions, in the way the pearly white shaded to rose-pink, and then to a deeper red that became almost purple in the depths. It glistened as if fresh from the sea, and it had something of the taste and feel of raw oysters under her tongue.

She stroked Brenda's firm, pretty ass while she licked her cunt, and soon the redhead was lying beside her and doing the same things for her. Brenda slid her tongue into the simmering slit between Angela's thick cunt dips and stirred the sticky juice inside, wriggling with delight as it trickled down her tongue.

She found that Brenda's asshole was just as tempting as her cunt, and she slipped her tongue around its rim before plunging into its red-hot depths. Brenda moaned, loving her ass-licking almost as much as her cunt-lapping.

Meanwhile Brenda concentrated solely on Angela's cunt, curling her, tongue into a stiff little rod and rolling it around in slow circles to stretch the rim of Angela's cunt-hole wide open. When it was just as loose as it could be, she sucked all, of Angela's cunt into her mouth and stuck her tongue into it as far as she could. With her cunt stretched outward by this sucking-action, Brenda's tongue seemed to be going just as deeply as a cock into her cunt, and Brenda flicked her long tongue in and out rapidly as if it really were a cock.

With her big, sizzling-hot cunt-button inside Brenda's mouth, Angela found herself coming before she knew what hit her. She thrashed and writhed and kicked, rolling Brenda over with her and gripping her ass convulsively.

Brenda wound up on top, with Angela's tongue deep inside her cute little asshole and her mouth still clamped like a leech to Angela's twitching, juice oozing cunt. Angela quickly transferred her tongue to the redhead's cunt, wanting desperately to take her to exactly the same place she was, and the key to that place was Brenda's inflamed cunt-button. Angela sucked it in hard, just the way she liked her own clit handled, and snaked her tongue around the swollen little nub.

Angela loved to grope and feel Brenda's trim, sexy ass, so unlike her. But she knew how much better she herself loved to have her tits groped, so she transferred her hands to Brenda's small tits and played with her large nipples.

Under the combined assault on her tits and her cunt, Brenda stiffened as if she had been shot, and the lithe muscles of her flat belly jerked convulsively. A little rivulet of steaming cunt-juice flowing over Angela's chin from Brenda's quivering, quaking cunt, and she knew that she had taken the redhead along with her to a cunt-clutching orgasm.

In her daze of cunt-licking pleasure, Angela had almost forgotten about the kids on the couch beside them, but now their fucking rose to a noisy crescendo as Patti shrieked and thrashed and babbled lecherous obscenities that gradually gave way to long, soulful murmurs.

And in the next instant, Angela heard Mikey say the words that turned her cunt to jelly once again: "Now I gotta fuck Mom."

Her cheek resting on Brenda's hot cunt, Angela spread her knees wide and lifted her firm ass to receive his cock. Dripping with Patti's fresh cuntjuice, and with his mother's cunt drooling the same sort of fishy syrup, Mikey's cock went into her cunt. Angela gave a muffled shriek into Brenda's oozing cunt as he drove her to an orgasm before his cock was even halfway inside of her.

Beneath her, Brenda groaned and murmured with renewed life, wriggling around to press her cunt against her mouth. She gripped Angela's head with her sweaty thighs and pulled her face even tighter against the slimy fuckhole.

As soon as she could think again after her devastating orgasm, Angela wriggled her tongue against Brenda's cunt faster and more firmly than before, licking every inch she could reach and unplugging a brand new fountain of hot cunt-juice. Mikey's cock was all the way up her cunt now. She knew it wasn't an especially big cock, but to her fevered, sex-crazed imagination, it seemed as if it was as big as a telephone pole, and that it might at any moment emerge from her mouth to impale Brenda's cunt.

She squeezed her cunt tighter, until Mikey's cock felt as tight as a driven spike inside it. But he could still move it, and then some, as his strong young hips battered her to fucking ecstasy with the hard strokes of his prick.

Mikey squeezed her tits almost painfully hard in his eagerness to feel the delicious globes of his mother's flesh. But even the discomfort was translated instantly to pleasure in Angela's cockcrazed delirium as she slung her ass back to pound his belly and impale her clutching cunt on his plunging cock just as vigorously as he was fucking her in return.

Mikey gasped and grunted and threw himself into high gear as he tried to keep up with the relentless bucking of his mother's hot ass, and he somehow managed to hang on and keep pace with her in her fucking frenzy. Angela tried to pound her ass through his flat belly to his spine, and he tried to push the head of his cock all the way up into her stomach as mother and son fucked their heads off.

Even if Angela hadn't done a thing to Brenda's cunt, the rhythmic rubbing of her mouth on the hot cunt-flesh, powered by the engine of Mikey's pistoning fuck, would have gotten the redhead off. But Angela kept her tongue busy and in constant motion, and Brenda was soon howling and groaning and pounding her heels against the carpet as wave after hot wave of coming crested in her cunt and dissolved it to a puddle of fire.

Unstrung by the rippling shock-waves in her own cunt, Angela's knees betrayed her and slid away. Brenda only just had time to wriggle out from beneath her as Angela sank to the floor with her belly flat on the carpet. Mikey rode her all the way down and kept fucking her for all he was worth even after all the strength had left her legs and it seemed that she could no longer move a muscle.

In a moment of inspiration, Mikey slipped his hand beneath her belly to fondle his mother's cunt-button, and the orgasm he unleashed with that one touch was so stupendous that Angela believed that she completely lost consciousness for a moment.

When she came to her senses, her son had rolled her over on her back and was fucking her from the top, his face set in a twisted mask of beet-red lust as he shuttled his cock in and out of her cunt with maniacal speed.

As Angela's strength gradually returned and she could move again, she flung her legs around his back and returned his fucking interest, the cheeks of her big ass pounding the floor like padded pile drivers.

She pushed Mikey's head down to her hot tits, and he slurped one of them inside greedily, sucking hard and flailing the inflamed nipple with his tongue. His hands were busily feeling her ass as it writhed and twisted like a sack full of boa constrictors, and he kept jumping from one tit to the other until, it seemed as if he had two mouths.

Angela's tits felt tight enough to burst under the assault of her son's hot lips and tongue, and each lick and suck of his eager mouth telegraphed a and hotter message of mother-fucking lust to her cock-hungry cunt as she slipped and slithered it around his cock.

Now Angela pulled her legs all the way up through her son's armpits and slung her knees over his shoulders, presenting her cunt for a straight, up-and-down fucking that would take Mikey's cock to the very deepest depths of her cunt. He drilled her like all oil-well, and soon he struck such a gusher of pussy-juice that his cock spattered in a fine spray against her legs as it reamed in and out to his furious fucking.

With the strength of a cunt-crazed maniac, Mikey staggered to his feet and fucked his mother standing up while she bowled with pleasure.

Angela wouldn't have believed that her young son could have supported her weight like that, but he could not only held her up, he could fuck her like a machine while he was doing it. She watched his cunt-greased cock shuttling in and out of her cuntlips, and the sight was so delicious that it drove her right over the edge again. She felt her hot cunt-juice trickling down to fill the slit of her navel, and from there branching out on her belly to tickle her tits as her body vibrated to the thrusts and returns of Mikey's hard-driving fuck.

At last Mikey collapsed to his knees, unable to hold her up for another second. He would have paused for breath, but Angela couldn't wait. Without breaking the conjunction of his cock and her cunt, she pushed him back and squatted over him, letting him lie back and catch his breath while she pounded her cunt up and down on his cock.

She screamed aloud as a white-hot ball of pure energy coalesced in her cunt and began beating more strongly than her heart. She would have thought that nothing could exist beyond that plane of fucking ecstasy, but it was torn away like a dream, and she found out what a real orgasm was when his hot cum spurted up into her cunt.

Chapter NINE

Mikey was crazy about his mother's cunt. As soon as he finished fucking her, he was eager to eat her. He seemed driven by a passionate urge to crawl right inside her cunt headfirst as he licked and slurped and guzzled at the drooling hole. He seemed not to mind in the least that it was brimming over with his own cum.

But maybe, as a recent initiate to the mysteries of cunt, any cunt would suit Mikey just as well.

When Patti and Brenda began sucking on her tits, Mikey got a finger in each of their cunts and began fingerfucking them just as eagerly as he was eating his mother.

Patti and Brenda just loved it, Angela could tell by their moans and murmurs against her tits as they sucked and licked hers hard nipples. A rich, thick aroma rose from the three superheated cunts to Angela's nostrils, and she breathed deep to savor the delicious smell of cunt that filled the living room.

Angela felt her cunt-juice trickling down her asshole to moisten the puckered bud as it seeped from her cunt. She raised her knees and let them droop wide, exposing her asshole fully to her son and hoping he would be equally attracted by her other hot fuckhole.

He was. Before she could even breathe the suggestion aloud, Mikey slipped his tongue down lower and stuck it up his mother's ass. He buried his nose deep inside her clutching cunt as he slimed her hot asshole with spit and cunt-juice and scratched its delicious itch to her full and sexy satisfaction.

While he was tonguing his mother's asshole, Mikey switched his cunt-smeared fingers to Patti's and Brenda's assholes, giving the redhead and her young blonde daughter the same kind of thrill he was giving his mother. He slipped his fingers all the way into their hot, clinging ass-flesh while his busy thumbs slipped and rubbed and probed their oozing cunts.

Angela profoundly wished that all the female flesh he was feeling and eating and fingerfucking must have had some effect on his resilient young cock by now, and therefore she was not surprised when he slipped his body under the arch of her upraised left knee to bring his stiffly erect cock into view. Angela was eager for him to fuck her again, but instead he pulled his fingers from Brenda's cunt and asshole and squeezed his cock into her ringed cunt.

Angela was disappointed that she wasn't the one getting fucked, but it was nevertheless exciting to see the horny boy fucking their sexy neighbor. Brenda slobbered around her big tit and sucked it deeper into her mouth as Mikey's cock pushed inside her cunt. Angela added spice to Brenda's pleasure by fondling her nipples while Mikey was fucking her.

Not even getting his hot cock inside a cunt could dampen Mikey's enthusiasm for the other cunts that were so readily accessible to his hands and mouth. He slipped his tongue out of his mother's asshole and went back to work on her cunt with redoubled energy, while he continued to finger-fuck Patti's cute little cunt and asshole with his thumb and forefinger.

Whatever guilt Angela had ill felt about fucking her sons was washed away completely as she writhed and twisted among the groping, fucking, sucking conjunction of naked bodies. Anything that looked and smelled and sounded as good as this had to be right, no matter what anybody said. She only wished that Tony was here now, fucking her in the mouth while her younger son ate her cunt.

Added to Mikey's inspired cunt-eating, the sight of his cock slipping and sliding in and out of Brenda's cunt was just the touch that Angela needed to get her off, and she howled like a damned soul as Mikey's tongue ignited the throbbing engines of her cunt. When he came up for air, grinning with pleasure at the way he'd made his voluptuous mother come, she grabbed his head in her thighs and pulled him right back down to her, sizzling cunt.

This rough treatment did not faze him, and he went back to sucking and licking as if he had never tasted her hot cunt before. His wiggling, fluttering tongue and sucking lips blasted her orgasm up to a new peak of cunt-tingling perfection.

He was meanwhile fucking Brenda in his most demonic style now, ramming his cock in and out of her ring-tightened cunt at an incredible speed, spattering Brenda and Angela with droplets of cuntjuice. Brenda could only bang onto Angela and gasp for breath, too dazed with the pleasure of fucking even to suck her tit anymore.

Angela played with Brenda's tits, though, squeezing the big nipples of her little tits and making her beg for more, then taking one in her mouth and sucking it just the way she knew from long experience that the redhead liked to have her tits sucked. The vibrations of Mikey's hot and eager fucking made the tit in her mouth quiver and shake deliciously.

The combination of their efforts made Brenda come so fully and completely that she begged Mikey stop fucking her for a moment, and Angela heard the hot slurp as he pulled his prick from the tight suction of the redhead's cunt. Angela's cunt was just itching for his cock, but before she could say a word, young Patti spoke up.

"Fuck me again, Mikey -- please!" the horny young blonde pleaded.

"Shit, I gotta fuck Mom now before she blows a fuse," Mikey gasped, correctly reading the level of his mother's cock-crazed lust.

Angela's cunt simmered right up to the boiling point as she spread it out wide to receive Mikey's hot cock. Slicked with Brenda's cunt-juice and with her own, his prick slipped into her cunt as easily as a butterknife into a jar of thick honey.

Disappointed though she was at not getting Mikey's cock for her own hot cunt, Patti went back to work on her tits, sucking one and feeling the other. Mikey made it up to her by continuing to feel her recently virginal cunt with his busy fingers. Brenda was momentarily out of the action, gasping like a beached fish, and Angela doubted that the thoroughly fuck-sated young mother even knew her own name at this point.

The reaming that Mikey gave Angela was every bit as thorough as the last time he'd fucked his hot mother, perhaps even more so. Fucking from the top, lying in the cradle of her shapely thighs and banging their hipbones together, he shoved her over the edge of orgasmic ecstasy before she even knew she was near it. Just a few strokes of his hot cock were enough to touch off her climax, and she twisted beneath him like a writhing fish on a hook as he plunged his cock in and out of her cunt.

Mikey was so eager to sample the third cunt spread before him on the living room floor that Angela could not hold him back when he pulled his cock out all the way and turned to slip it inside Patti's tight young cunt. The girl had been so thoroughly finger-fucked that she accepted his cock with ease this time, all the way up her hot little cunt until his balls were pressed against her asshole.

But Mikey had not completely forgotten his mother, and his cunt-smeared hand was soon at work on her tingling cunt with the same avidity his mouth and tongue had demonstrated. Angela groaned and bucked vigorously against his combined assault in her asshole and cunt, and soon he had two of his fingers inside each of her hot holes while his thumb rubbed and wiggled against her electrified cunt-button and stiffened it to satiny slickness.

He gave Patti the same kind of vigorous fucking he'd given her mother and his own. Grunting and gasping, Patti flung her slender little hips against him while he hammered his cock in and out of her cunt and gobbled at her cute little tits. Soon both of the plump little vanilla mounds glistened with spit, their nipples turned from strawberry-pink to a deep cherry-red in her hot, cock-lusting excitement.

Her cunt-lips were an even brighter, shinier red with the stretching his cock was giving them as he thrust it in and out, but she took it and loved it, and before long she, too, was shrieking in the grip of an orgasm.

Mikey jumped right back on his mother when he had gotten Patti off, but she squealed when he slipped his cock into her asshole. "Oh, Mikey, you're in the wrong hole!" she cried. "Get your cock out of my asshole anti put it in my cunt."

"Just try it up your ass, Mom, please," he pleaded as he continued to shove his cock inward. "I want to do it this way, come on."

She had been totally unprepared for the thrust of his prick up her ass, but once she got used to it, she found that it was surprisingly pleasant. She made an effort to relax her asshole, and when she did, his cock, liberally oiled with Patti's cunt-juice, slid all the way inside her ass with no trouble at all. Angela sighed with contentment, amazed that she was able to take a cock up her ass so easily on the very first try.

Angela had never been ass-fucked, but she had always thought it was supposed to be done from the back. Nevertheless, she had no problem taking it up her ass while Mikey was lying on top of her. He seemed to be rubbing new and unknown sources of pleasure in her asshole that no fingers had ever succeeded in reaching.

He used his fingers, meanwhile, to rub her cunt-button while he fucked her asshole, and that extra touch turned the experience into something strange and wonderful. It seemed that both her asshole and her cunt were contributing to a brand new kind of orgasm.

But just as she was quivering on the brink of coming, Mikey unplugged his cock from her asshole. She had no time at all to scream the threats and curses that bubbled to her lips, because he immediately corked her cunt with his prick and turned it into a liquefying jelly. He stayed with her as her orgasm unfolded fully, until her grunts and squeals of ecstasy and died to soft whimpers and her lush body had gone limp beneath him.

Then Mikey pulled his cock out of his mother's cunt and went on to Brenda, turning her over onto her belly and sticking his cock up her asshole from behind.

Brenda was still dazed from her last shattering climax, but not too dazed to forget that she loved taking cocks up her asshole almost as much as she loved to take them up her cunt, and soon she was pushing her ass back against his belly to let him bugger her just as deeply as he could.

Mikey grabbed Brenda's tits with both hands and rode her hard, spearing his cock into her asshole again and again. Her cunt-ring flipped and flopped against the moist lips of her cunt and against her swollen clit, too, as her cunt was squeezed and shaken by the pressure of the cock stuck up her asshole, and Angela could see how that teasing touch of her ring could open up a whole new dimension of asshole-fucking. Brenda was getting off just as thoroughly as if Mikey's cock had been inside her cunt.

Patti watched avidly, too, licking her lips as if all anticipation of getting Mikey's cock up her own ass, and his mother wondered if he would try to prolong her untired asshole with his cock. Seeing him bugger Brenda made Angela want some more of the same action, and when at last he pulled out of the satisfied redhead's ass, she rolled over and twitched her own, bigger and more voluptuous ass temptingly in his face.

But Mikey was just full of surprises, and when he knelt behind his mother and grabbed her tits, it was her cunt that he impaled with his prick, hot and dry from its squeezing rubdown in Brenda's asshole. But Angela had no complaints at all. Without a coat of cunt-juice on it, his dry cock seemed much bigger and the stretching it gave her cunt much tighter, but her cunt soon made up for the lack and greased his prick thoroughly with the fishy nectar flowing from its depths.

Cupping his mother's tits in his hand with loving appreciation of their size and shape and firmness, her son slipped his cock in and out of her cunt with dizzying speed, seeming to accelerate the pace of his fucking with each successive stroke of his cock. She matched him stroke for stroke, her ass slapping his belly like a pair of velvet bowling-balls, first one asscheek and then the other, as she shifted and slid her cunt to complement the tempo of his rapid-fire fucking.

"Fuck my asshole now, Mikey!" she pleaded when she had come, knowing that the thrust of his cock into her asshole would give her a double-barreled orgasm, but Mikey had other plans.

Before his mother knew what he had in mind or could prevent him from leaving her, he had rolled little Patti over and was sticking his cock up her asshole -- but she was begging for it every bit as loudly and eagerly as Angela herself had just been. The girl was sweating and straining to push her succulent young ass back and take every last inch of Mikey's prick right up her virginal asshole. She seemed determined to prove that she would do anything her mother or Angela could do in the way of fucking.

Angela could only stare with apprehension as the pretty pink pucker of Patti's asshole expanded and reddened to receive the seemingly impossible thickness of Mikey's cock. The amazing sight was enough to rouse even Brenda, and she sat up and hugged Angela as she watched her daughter being buggered for the first time.

Patti's pretty face was twisted and red, her eyes were squeezed shut and her teeth were clenched in concentration, but she did not retreat one inch from the unaccustomed pressure of a cock up her ass. When it seemed as if Mikey could not go one inch farther, she bucked her ass back to speed up the action and take his cock still deeper into her asshole. Now Mikey's face was twisted and his teeth were clenched as if in pain as Patti forced him to finish what he had started.

Mikey looked as if he was seriously regretting his rash attempt to fuck the pretty young girl up the ass for the first time and stick his cock into so tight a hole, but Patti refused to let him stop or even draw back. She kept pushing her ass back and begging him to give her the full, thick length of his hard young cock up her ass, no matter how much it hurt either of them.

Mikey didn't give up, though, for he was goaded by the challenge of her asshole and struggled to plow deeper into her tight asstube. Her mother decided to give her some help by reaching down to rub her cunt, and that touch of Brenda's fingers seemed to unlock the gates of her ass as if by magic. The last few inches of Mikey's cock slipped into Patti's tight asshole as if they belonged there, now that her mother had stirred up her hot young cunt.

Mikey couldn't fuck the girl's asshole very fast at all, it was so tight, but he did the best he could, and he squeezed his big balls right up against her cunt on each inward stroke. Angela tickled them whenever he pulled out, and Brenda's hand was still busy on her young daughter's aunt. But that wasn't enough to satisfy Brenda, and before long she had ducked down to eat Angela's cunt while she tickled and stroked her daughter's.

Thanks mostly to her mother's work on her cunt, Patti came before Mikey had given her even a dozen strokes up the ass. He pulled out immediately, eager to sample another of the luscious holes at his disposal, but he miscalculated his powers of endurance. His prick began shooting cum all over the rosy cheeks of Patti's ass as soon as he pulled it all the way out.

He struggled desperately to get his cock back inside, but Patti lay flat on the floor and was too groggy to help him as his creamy cum ran down the crease of her ass. The sight of his spurting cock was too tempting for Angela to resist, and she wolfed it into her greedy mouth to suck out his last jets of jism.

The blowjob his mother gave him set Mikey off again, and his cock erupted like a burst water main giving Angela all the cum she could guzzle. When she had drained his balls dry, she went down to lick off the cum he had spilled on Patti's ass.

Chapter TEN

While Angela was licking the cum from Patti's ass, the young blonde slipped a finger into her cunt and wiggled it around. She seemed amazed by its size, compared to her own tight little cunt-hole, and Angela reined it even more, letting Patti slip three fingers into its hot, wet depths.

Patti at last pulled her fingers out and inspected the thick, white cum that Mikey had squirted into his mother's cunt. She licked the gooey cream from her fingers with the close inspection of a gourmet sampling a new treat.

"That tastes great," she said when she had licked her fingers clean. "Can I lick your cunt? Please?"

Angela couldn't refuse such a delicious request. She lay back on the living room floor and spread her legs wide, opening up her hairy, well-used cunt to the young girl's fascinated gaze. She pulled Patti's body over hers so that her plump little ass and finely fuzzed cunt were right before her own eyes.

Patti had just loved her first taste of cum, and she went down greedily on Angela's cunt to get some more. She was able to get plenty of it, for Mikey had shot wad after wad from his hot young cock into her cunt all day long, before Patti and her mother had even joined the party.

While Patti was eating Angela's cunt, Tony and Kevin walked in the front door and lost no time at all in shedding their clothes to join the fun. It seemed that everywhere Angela looked she saw a hard, stiff young cock, far Mikey was ready to go again, too, and the sight inflamed her almost as much as the touch of the pretty pink tongue on her cunt.

All the boys wanted to fuck young Patti, especially her brother, who had been trying to fuck her without any success for as long as he could remember. Angela fended them off, for she herself was eager to eat the blonde's cute little cunt.

Mikey was just too horny to wait. He slipped his cock into Brenda's cunt and began fucking her urgently beside Patti and his mother.

Patti was not as skillful a cunt-eater as her mother. Her main concern was to suck all the cum out of Angela's cunt and drink it down. But skillful or not, the hot, urgent eagerness of her sucking turned Angela on, and soon the cum that Patti was drinking was heavily diluted with Angela's freshly-flowing cunt-juice. Meanwhile Patti twitched her cunt temptingly over Angela's nose, urging the voluptuous brunette to give her some tongue-action in return.

Spreading Patti's springy young cunt-lips with her fingertips, Angela saw that her cunt looked tiny indeed, despite the stretching that Mikey's cock had given it. Her cunt-hole seemed no bigger around than a dime.

Angela leaned forward to slip her tongue into the hot little hole, pushing it this way and that to open it up as much as she could. Patti would need all the help she could get, because her brother had won the argument about who should fuck her next. He waited patiently, his huge cock sticking out beside Angela's face as he knelt beside her, and she could see that it was going to be an impossibly tight squeeze when he finally stuck it into his sister's cunt. If Patti's cunt seemed no bigger than a dime, his cock had a circumference that seemed as big as an old fashioned silver dollar. It was no wonder that Patti had resisted his efforts to fuck her all this time.

After just a few licks, Patti's tender cunt got just as hot as it could be. Cunt-juice flowed from her pussy-hole like the syrup of a fruit that was ripe to bursting, trickling down to smear Angela's chin as she scooped it out with her tongue and drank it down. Patti's little cunt-button seemed ready to burst, too. She writhed and squealed with excitement whenever Angela gave it a teasing, tickling touch with her busy tongue.

Looking over the plump little mounds of Patti's ass, Angela saw that her two sons were now sharing Brenda between them. Mikey was fucking her while she sucked Tony's cock. Her mouth and her cunt seemed equally busy in their hot squirming and writhing as she fucked and sucked the two boys hungrily.

Kevin was still waiting, but now he was nudging the moist head of his cock against Angela's tit, smearing it with sticky cock-juice. Angela squirmed around and managed to pull her right tit from beneath Patti's belly, so that Kevin could rub his cock-head against her hot nipple. The game distracted him for a moment, but she knew he was just itching to fuck his sister.

Patti had sucked every last drop of cum out of Angela's overflowing cunt by now, and she had begun to experiment with some of the cunt-licking techniques that Angela had been using on her. Angela went wild when the young girl at last began a determined assault on her cunt-button, sucking it between her lips and lashing it with the vibrant tip of her tongue.

Angela lay back, lowering her head to the floor and groaning as she savored fully the glowing heat of the orgasm that Patti had given her. Not thinking, she had momentarily left Patti's cunt wide open and exposed to Kevin's lustful gaze -- and to his enormous cock. He straddled Angela's head with his knees, and his hairy balls rubbed her nose as he squeezed his cock into his sister's cunt. Patti let out a squeal of surprise, but she didn't retreat from the thrust of her brother's cock.

Angela squirmed lower, until Kevin's big balls lay on her forehead and the center of the hot action was right over her eyes. He had already managed to squeeze the head of his cock inside his sister's cunt. He was groaning and grunting with the effort, and Patti was urging him on with excited squeals and whimpers, but he seemed to be stuck at the threshold of her cunt-lips. Strain though he would, he couldn't seem to go much deeper than he had already gone into her cunt.

Angela slipped heir hands down to fondle both of Patti's little tits. She had hardly any tits to speak of at all, but she had inherited her mother's nice, big nipples, and the projected like stiff little pencilerasers in her hot excitement. She got even hotter as Angela fondled and caressed them, just the way she would have liked her own tits to be handled.

Although Patti's cunt was tight, it was just as juicy as it could be. Cunt-juice seeped freely from the tight joinst of her cunt and Kevin's cock to drip down onto Angela's upraised face. The lubrication helped her brother to squeeze inside her cunt, inch by agonizing inch. Patti's cunt-lips were stretched painfully wide, and they stretched wider with each inch of Kevin's cock that they swallowed, but Patti was determined to take it all.

Even though her cunt didn't flinch from the thrust of Kevin's cock, Patti was whimpering against Angela's cunt, sounding less lustful than pained now, and Angela tried to help her out by licking her cunt-lips as they stretched around her brother's cock.

She continued on down to give the young girl's swollen cunt-button a few strokes of her tongue, too, and soon Patti forgot about the pain as a fresh supply of cunt-juice trickled out to grease Kevin's cock on its inexorable, inward grind.

Soon Patti's cunt was plugged just as full as it could be with her brother's big cock. With the help of Angela's soothing tongue, she had managed to take every last inch of it in to her cunt. Kevin's balls were squeezed tight against it, and Angela's fingers couldn't find one bit of cock that remained outside of Patti's cunt-lips.

She licked Kevin's hairy balls eagerly, now that she was unable to lick Patti's cunt. She would have loved to suck his balls right into her mouth, but she didn't want to slow him down as he fucked his sister.

When Kevin pulled his big cock out, Angela was relieved to see no blood at all on its cunt-slicked length. She herself had bled copiously on her wedding night, when Vito had busted her cherry. She wished that she had had the sense to prepare her cunt by stretching it with her fingers, as Patti must have done, over a long period of time.

Patti had understandably been neglecting Angela's cunt during this difficult fuck, but now she went back to it with such skill and dedication that it just couldn't be Patti who was licking it. Angela twisted her head out from beneath the crotches of the eagerly fucking brother and sister to see that it was her own son Tony who was eating her, while Brenda continued to blow him and Mikey fucked Brenda.

Watching the squirming chain of naked bodies as they fucked and sucked was a delicious sight, but Angela couldn't resist going back for a close-up look at Kevin fucking his hot young sister.

Kevin was slipping in and out with the greatest of ease now, and Patti was really throwing her little ass into the fucking, twisting and writhing her cunt in a hot orbit around the axis of his slipping and sliding prick. Angela had to keep rubbing hot drops of spattering cunt-juice from her eyes in order to see.

Tony was a first-rate cunt-eater, and he soon had his mother moaning and screaming beneath Kevin's bouncing balls as she was driven over the flaming edge of another orgasm. She clutched and gripped at Patti and Kevin, kneading their hot flesh as they fucked and her son ate her.

Angela at last gave in to the urge she had long felt to suck Kevin's hairy balls into her mouth. She pushed her lips around them fully, savoring the feel of each big ball on her tongue. It didn't seem to slow him down at all, for he continued to fuck his horny young sister at the same pace as Angela licked and sucked on his nuts.

She soon spat them out to sample all the other tasty delights exposed so openly to her eyes and her mouth. She licked Patti's clit and her swollen cuntlips. She would switch her tongue back to Kevin's cock whenever its wet, gleaming length was exposed on its back-strokes, and she couldn't decide whether she preferred licking Kevin's cock or Patti's cunt. Patti's sweet cunt-juice was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted, especially when it was heated and spiced by the distinctive, male flavor of Kevin's big, hard cock.

She knew from watching Brenda's enthusiastic cock-sucking that she could throw a terrific blowjob, but not even her dedication and talent could distract Tony from the temptation of licking his mother's wet cunt. And now that he had sampled its taste so fully, he couldn't resist pulling his cock from Brenda's mouth and sticking it deep into the cunt he had been eating so avidly.

Angela moaned with pure bliss when she felt Tony's cock sliding deep into her cunt as he knelt between her legs. She pushed her hips up to let her cunt meet the thrust of his cock and slip the wet, hot sleeve down over its thick and throbbing length.

Patti squealed with excitement, for now she was getting every bit as good a view of fucking as Angela was, and the fuck got hotter by the minute as Angela squirmed and writhed to impale herself again and again on her son's cock. He plunged his cock in and out of her cunt, complementing the rhythm of her thrusts.

Meanwhile Angela's licking of Kevin's cock had so inflamed him that he pulled it all the way out of his sister's cunt and slipped his cock into her mouth. Patti screamed with frustration at being deprived so suddenly at a crucial moment, but Angela couldn't resist holding Kevin's cock between her lips and going it a good, hard sucking and licking. She vacuumed it clean of Patti's hot cunt juice and swallowed it down as she scrubbed its juicy length with her tongue and moaned around its hot length.

But Kevin was just as eager to get his cock back inside his hot little sister's pretty cunt as she was to get it back in there; he had probably wanted only a brief respite from the tight squeeze. Before Angela could really warm up to her blowjob and take his cock all the way down her throat, he pulled out and shoved his cock back into Patti's cunt.

Feeling a little guilty about stealing Kevin's cock as she had, Angela now made up for it by concentrating all of her efforts on Patti's cunt. The way the girl wiggled and squirmed and moaned, rubbing her hot little tits against her belly, told Angela that she had been forgiving. She sucked Patti's clit between her lips and gave it the kind of licking that Patti loved.

Patti was now licking Angela's cunt, and licking Tony's cock, too, while he fucked his mother. Tony was fucking a lot faster than Kevin was, though, so she had to slip her tongue in fast to get at his prick or at Angela's cunt-lips. She concentrated most of her action on Angela's cunt-button, just as Angela was doing to hers, and that was just fine with both of them.

Hearing Mikey cry out, she knew that her younger son's cum was pumping into Brenda's cunt, and they were so close that she could detect a subtle difference in the squishing sounds as Mikey's cock pushed in and out of a cum-greased cunt. She could have smelled it, too, if the reek of fucking from Kevin and Patti, right over her nose, hadn't been so strong. She didn't need to feel it, because she could feel what was happening to her own cunt as Tony, shot wad after wad of hot jism into its slithery depths and triggered an orgasm that demolished her fuck-crazed mind.

Chapter ELEVEN

Although Mikey had been fucking all day long, he was the youngest boy there, and he was the first to get his cock up again. He was eager to have Patti give him a blowjob, but she was hesitant.

"I don't know much about sucking cocks," she said. "Will you show me how, Mom?"

"What's to know?" Mikey said. "You just take it in your mouth and suck, right?"

Angela and Brenda both got a good laugh out of that, and Brenda said, "You got a lot to learn, kid. Let me show you."

Mikey sat with his legs spread wide and his cock sticking up, leaning back on his elbows, watching eagerly as his sexy, redheaded neighbor wriggled forward on her belly to take his cock in her hands. Sitting beside him, Patti watched just as eagerly, wanting to know just how her mother would go about sucking a cock.

Brenda took the thick tube of his cock as if it were a tube of lipstick in her fingers. Opening her mouth in a sexy pout, she smeared his fat cock-head all around the circle of her lips, making them glisten with the sticky cock-juice that was seeping from the hole in Mikey's cock in his lustful eagerness.

She rubbed the sticky juice all over her cheeks and her throat with the tip of his cock, murmuring against, the hard shaft of his cock and pumping it with her fingers to draw out more and more juice.

"Suck it now," Mikey urged, but Brenda had not even begun to tease him. She rolled her tongue lasciviously around the big purple ball at the end of his cock, making it gleam with spit and cock-juice while she tickled his balls with the fingertips of her free hand.

Going wild with lust, Mikey spread his legs still wider and tried to spear the redhead's mouth with his big cock, but she refused to let it be speared. Taking all the time in the world, she licked her way down the bulging shaft of his prick in tantalizing little flickers of her pink tongue, like a cat lapping at a bowl of cream.

Still lapping rapidly at his hot cock, Brenda flicked her foxy green eyes at Angela in sexy invitation, and Angela didn't refuse the tempting offer. She crawled up beside Brenda's naked body and licked one side of her son's throbbing cock while Brenda continued to lick the other.

Angela shivered with delight as soon as she got her tongue onto her younger son's prick. It was still well-greased with cunt-juice from Brenda and Patti and herself, and the blended taste of cock and cunt was delicious beyond belief. Her tongue tangled with Brenda's as they licked their way around the upright cock, and that contact of their hot tongues was a turn-on, too. She stroked her neighbor's trim, sexy ass while she sucked her son's prick, and she couldn't say which feel gave her the biggest thrill.

"Say, can I try now?" Patti asked, wriggling up beside her mother with Mike's outstretched leg between them. "I think I get the idea."

Brenda took her tongue off the boy's swollen prick and let her daughter take her place on the side of his cockshaft, but she then slipped her lips over the cap of Mikey's cock. Now Brenda was sucking on it while Angela licked up and down one side and Patti tickled the other side with her tongue. Mikey was going stark raving mad with pure pleasure as the three of them joined forces to work on his cock, and he groaned and pounded his fists on the floor in excitement as he pushed his hips up to make sure they had the full length of his inflamed prick to work on.

Having given Brenda's ass a thorough feel, Angela was now doing the same to her cunt. It was brimming over with cum that had been kept piping hot in her cunt, and Angela was able to slip three fingers inside the snug tunnel of her cunt with the greatest of ease, where she wiggled each to a separate rhythm.

Now she had Patti's tongue to play with, too, and the young girl giggled as their tongues collided and slithered together around the upright pole of Mikey's stiff cock. Their tongues played a game of hide-and-seek around Mikey's prick, a game that he enjoyed even more than they did, to judge by his lustful grunts of encouragement. When Angela slipped down to hide her tongue in his balls, Patti's tongue followed it right down through his crinkly cock-hair to find it. Each of them sucked on one of his balls while Brenda sucked his cock.

Mikey screamed with frustration when Brenda suddenly pulled her sucking lips off his prick with a wet plop! With her fingers, Brenda angled his stiff, wet prick toward her daughter's mouth, silently offering her the chance to suck it. Patti was just itching to suck it now, and she slipped his hard cock deep into the tight compression of her pretty pink lips.

Brenda buried her head between Mikey's legs to lick his balls while her daughter sucked his cock. Angela pulled back for a moment to study Patti's technique and relish the delicious sight of her son's cock buried in Patti's mouth. She was sucking just as hard as she could, and she probably needed no coaching at all, but Angela couldn't resist giving her some advice.

"Use you tongue, Patti," she said. "Lick it while you suck it."

Patti nodded dutifully, and she nodded Mikey's cock along with her head, giving him an extra thrill. He gasped with pleasure when she followed his mother's advice and got her tongue into the action, too.

Patti found it difficult to keep a perfect seal on his cock with her lips while she was licking, and she made the kind of mouth-noises that Brenda would have scolded her for, if she had been eating her soup. But in this context, they were deliciously sexy, and Brenda only giggled wound her mouthful of balls as she heard the noises above her head.

Angela had been busily stirring up the hot cauldron of Brenda's cunt with her fingers, and she could no longer keep her mouth away from that drooling fountain of cum. It just drove her wild to think of all the delicious jism that was being wasted as it trickled down her hand and wrist, and she abandoned her son's cock for the moment to stick her head between the redhead's lithe thighs and swallow some of the cum.

Angela carefully licked off her own hand and fingers first, not wanting to waste another drop of the delicious jism, before she put her mouth down tight on Brenda's wet, hairy cunt and began sucking it.

Angela sucked hard, and she immediately got such a huge wad of cum that she couldn't hold it all inside her mouth, and some of it drooled down her chin and throat. She swallowed a little of it and lasciviously savored the rest with her rolling tongue before she swallowed it all down and sucked for more in the depths of the hot, slimy cunt.

Someone was playing with Angela's own cunt, but she didn't know who, and she didn't want to take her tongue out of Brenda's cunt for an instant to find out. With her nose in Brenda's hot asshole, her tongue in her cunt and somebody's busy fingers in her own cunt, she felt like she was in heaven, and she moaned with pleasure around the cunt in her mouth as she writhed and squirmed her own cunt against the fingerfuck.

Angela got two more good swallows of thick, creamy cum before she found herself drinking pure, undiluted cunt-juice from Brenda's brimming fuckhole. Brenda's cunt was incredibly juicy, and she loved the taste of its juice almost as much as she loved the taste of cum.

Now that she had the redhead's succulent cunt all to herself, she wallowed in it, sticking her tongue in deep and scooping out all the tasty cunt-juice. Brenda wigged and squirmed in a daze of cunt crazed delight, rubbing her stiff cunt-button against Angela's chin and squeezing her nose with her asshole as she wriggled with delight at the sucking and licking of her cunt.

Someone had managed to squeeze four fingers inside Angela's cunt now, and she had finally concluded that these fingers belonged to Patti. She was the only one in the living room whose fingers were small enough that she could fit so many of them inside her cunt with such ease. Though they were the tiny fingers of a young girl, it was still a very tight squeeze.

Now Patti tried to get her thumb inside Angela's cunt, too, and Angela was on the verge of telling her to cut it out when Patti unexpectedly succeeded. Once they were inside, Patti made a stiff bundle of all five of her fingers and slipped them in and out of Angela's hot cunt just as if they were a cock. Angela spread her legs wide and groaned with sexy pleasure against the bat and greasy oven that was Brenda's cunt.

As Brenda writhed against her sucking face, her cunt ring would from time to time pinch Angela's upper lip. But that odd ornament on her pussy-lips gave Brenda such a deliciously tight cunt-hole that the discomfort almost seemed worth it to Angela. Angela loved the way it squeezed her tongue as she slipped it in and out. Brenda's cunt was almost as snug as her daughter's.

Coming up for air momentarily and wiping the hot cunt-juice from her lips, Angela peered over Brenda's shapely ass to see that Brenda was still eagerly licking Mikey's balls while Patti sucked his cock. Patti seemed to love cocksucking now that she had gotten used to it, and Mikey's lecherous grin told his mother that Patti was giving him a fine blowjob. The slim, blonde girl looked like a child bobbing for apples, her braids swinging in time to the up-and-down pumping of her pink lips as she sucked Mikey's cock in hot, short strokes.

While she was sucking Mikey's cock, Patti rammed her fingers in and out of Angela's cunt, all the way to her dainty hand. Each time she thrust into the slimy cunt-hole her fingers seemed to go deeper, smearing her knuckles with glistening cunt-juice.

"All the way, Patti!" Angela urged. "See if you can get your whole hand inside my cunt."

While Angela was speaking to Patti, Brenda went wild with frustration from the absence of Angela's tongue on her cunt, and she begged her to go back to work on it as she squirmed her cunt around and tried to shove it in her face.

Angela returned her tongue to Brenda's asshole, which seemed to satisfy her and keep her quiet for the moment, and which also enabled her to look over the rosy moons of her ass to see what Patti was doing to her own cunt.

Patti kept pushing her fingers in deeper and deeper, striving to fill Angela's cunt as fully as she could. Soon, to Angela's amazement and delight, Patti's hand was buried to the wrist in her wide stretched cunt.

Angela had never felt anything like it, nor had she imagined it would be possible. It was like getting fucked by an impossibly big cock. She just loved it. She stuck her tongue deep into Brenda's asshole while Patti pumped her fist in and out of her cunt.

Brenda loved having her asshole licked and probed by Angela's tongue, but her cunt was getting hotter td hungrier by the minute. Like a simmering saucepan, it exhaled a steaming aroma of hot cunt.

Brenda rubbed her clit hard against Angela's chin and tried to press it against her mouth. The cunt ring she wore now pinched Angela's lower lip, and she believed Brenda was using it deliberately to make her eat her cunt.

At last Angela relented, sinking below Brenda's ass with a sigh of regret that she would no longer be able to see what Patti was doing to her cunt as she stuck her tongue deeply into Brenda's cunt. Brenda's cunt felt hot enough to cook her tongue, and her cunt-juice flowed like blood from a deep wound. If her stiff cunt-button had been any tighter it would have popped like a little firecracker, or so it seemed to Angela.

Angela knew just what the hot redhead wanted at this point, and she horned in on her cunt-button with her tongue like a heat-seeking missile. Brenda screamed around her hairy mouthful of Mikey's balls as Angela sucked her clit as hard as she could, stretching the tiny nubbin of flesh to its limit, and flogged it with her wet tongue.

Brenda went wild, and meanwhile Patti's fistfucking had driven Angela beyond the known universe of orgasms. The taste and feel of Brenda's superheated cunt against her mouth was like an oasis in a cuntless desert. She licked and sucked and slurped, at the same time bucking her own cunt back against Patti's pummeling fist and driving it impossibly deep into her sizzling cunt.

At last Brenda could stand no more, and she rolled away in a whimpering heap of sexual gratification. Angela propped herself up on her elbows to watching Patti blowing Mikey while she fist-fucked her cunt.

She grabbed one of Patti's pretty little legs, meaning to draw her back so she could eat her cunt, but Tony got in the way! He knelt over her tits, pointing his cock right at her mouth with his hand. It was hard as ever, and his bulging cockhead filled her vision like a plum dripping with juice.

"Suck my cock, Mom," he urged.

She rubbed her lips, smeared with pussy-juice and scuffed by Brenda's cunt-hair, but Angela was not about to turn down a request like that. She puckered up her lips and let her older son slip his hot, pulsing cock right into the middle.

Sucking cunt for so long, she had all but forgotten how good a cock felt in her mouth, especially her hot young son's big, thick prick. She had to stretch her jaws wide to accept its girth, but she found that she hadn't forgotten the trick of taking a cock all the way down her throat, and she swallowed Tony's cock all the way down. He grabbed her head and began fucking her in the mouth almost violently, ramming it in and out as fast as he could, stuffing it right down her throat.

She heard Mikey cursing and grunting, and she heard Patti guzzling and slurping, and she knew that Patti was getting a mouthful of cum.

Angela thought she knew all there was to know about coming, but she came like she had never come before when Tony's prick throbbed and began hosing her throat full of creamy cum.

Angela felt so good she wanted to scream, but she was too busy swallowing hot cum and sucking for more.

Chapter TWELVE

After a whispered conference with Angela, Brenda went and got some olive oil from the kitchen. She began greasing up the boys' cocks, but she refused to tell them why Kevin knew, of course, since he had been sticking his cock up his mother's ass for years, but he kept quiet.

She had gotten Mikey's fully coated with oil, and it stood stiff as a flagpole. She was working on Tony's big prick now, and it had begun to stiffen under her gentle massage. Kevin, sitting beside the other two on the couch, wasn't at all hard yet, although his cock had swollen to its full thickness. It lay on his thigh like a fat white worm, waiting for the touch of his mother's greasy fingers to bring it full to life.

"I want Mikey to fuck my ass again," Patti whispered to Angela, for she knew what Angela and her mother had planned. "The other two are just too big."

Angela sighed. She would have chosen Mikey herself, since her ass-fucking experience was limited to the one time he had buggered her. But she supposed it was only right that little Patti should get the smallest cock in the room.

Since she couldn't get Mikey, though, Angela was determined that Tony should fuck her up the ass. Although his cock was enormous, it wasn't nearly as big as the fire-plug that Kevin used for a prick. She knew that Brenda could take Kevin's cock with ease.

"What's this for?" Mikey said, not for the first time.

"Guess," Patti giggled, bending over and wiggling her plump young ass in his face as she spread her trim asscheeks wide with her fingers.

"I get it," Tony said! "They all want us to fuck their assholes."

Angela was already crouching on the floor on her hands and kneeds, her luscious ass presented provocatively to her older son.

Looking back over her shoulder, she saw that his cock and Kevin's, too, had shot up to full erection as they contemplated the treat in store for them. Even though Brenda had not quite finished greasing Kevin's cock, he was so eager to fuck his mother's asshole that he pulled her down onto his lap, facing front, and began nudging his oil-slicked cock right up into the tight little hole, despite her protests that she wasn't ready.

Angela and Patti knelt side by side, and Angela could see that Mikey had knelt behind the young girl and was pushing his cock up her ass. Even as she watched, she felt the big head of Tony's cock pushing into her own asshole. She spread her knees wider and lifted her voluptuous, ass at a better angle for penetration.

It was a much tighter squeeze than when her younger son had first put his cock up her ass, but Angela was beginning to believe that she could handle Tony's much bigger cock.

When she reached back to determine how much more of Tony's cock she had to take, however, she was disappointed to find that he had thus far succeeded only in putting the head of his cock into her asshole. Most of the thick, greasy length of his cockshaft was still out in the cold. She made an even more determined effort to open up her ass and let her son squeeze his cock in.

For some reason Patti was having as much trouble this time as Angela was. She was squealing and trying to crawl away from the intrusion. But Mikey was so hot for the young blonde's ass that he held on tight and refused to let her go. As he tried to bull his cock inside her tight little asshole, twisting his hips this way and that as if he were trying to insert a corkscrew in a cork.

"Feel her cunt, Mikey," Angela suggested. "That'll relax her."

Patti abruptly stopped squealing and a smile of bliss spread over her pretty face as Mikey took his mother's advice and began rubbing the young girl's cunt while he fucked her ass.

At the same time Tony got the message, too, and Angela felt his finger slipping and sliding in the wet slit between her plump cunt-lips while his cock squeezed more deeply into the hot channel of her asshole. She sighed with pleasure as her son stroked her cunt, but her ass seemed just as tight as ever.

Angela felt a twinge of envy when she turned her head to see how her redheaded neighbor and her son were making out. Kevin had the full length of his huge cock all the way up his mother's asshole, with her glittering cunt ring all but hidden by the hair of his balls.

As Angela watched, Brenda pulled her ass up, revealing the full, oily length of her son's cock, then slid down again to sit in his lap easily, her ring tickling his cock all the way up and down. The pressure of Kevin's cock in her asshole made her wet cunt squeeze open and shut like a little mouth, drooling hot juice from its swollen lips, as they fucked.

Patti, too, had settled right down after Mikey had begun feeling her cunt, and she was taking his cock in and out of her asshole as easily as Brenda was taking Kevin's cock up her more experienced ass. She was wiggling her taut young ass eagerly and urging Mikey to fuck her just as fast as he could. Mikey's fingers dug like claws into her trim ass as he held on tight and tried to obey her wishes, shoving his cock in and out of her hot ass.

Angela was annoyed with herself for being unable to take a cock up her ass as easily as the others could. It was especially galling that little Patti, who had been as much of an asshole-virgin as herself until a few minutes ago, was taking Mikey's cock so easily now.

It was true that she was trying to take a bigger cock than Patti was, but that seemed no excuse at all, for Patti was much younger and smaller than she was. Maybe her own asshole was just too small.

Angela struggled to relax, but still Tony really had to struggle to get his cock inside his mother's ass. He grunted and cursed and gripped her hips painfully tight as he strove to shove his cock inside.

"Feel my cunt some more, Tony," she pleaded as she struggled to shove her big ass higher and take his cock more deeply.

She moaned with pleasure when he again put his fingers on the steaming wet meat of her cunt. Even though the ass-fucking had still not progressed very far, it was getting her cunt as wet and hot and squirmy as it had ever been. In her life, and the pressure of her son's fingers ow her cunt-button threatened to blow Angela's mind away as he pressed it and squeezed it.

She begged him to rub her clit good and hard, and as soon as he complied and began giving it a really good feel, she found herself grunting and whimpering in the grip of an orgasm, even before he had even gotten his cock all the way up her asshole.

She forgot all about her ass. And she learned to her amazement that that was the trick of success, for when she had drifted out of her ecstatic daze, she found that her son had managed to stuff her tight asshole full of his big cock, and now he was fucking her ass just as easily as the other boys were fucking the asses of Brenda and Patti.

Angela had begged him to leave her cunt alone for a moment when the full force of her orgasm had rendered it too sensitive for any touch, but now it was warming up again, and she slid her own thumb inside it. It was a tight squeeze, with the tube of her cunt compressed by the bulk of the cock up her ass, but once it was inside, her thumb felt just great in her cunt.

As soon as she got her thumb fully inside her cunt, she rolled it around deliciously and pressed it back to feel the veins and ridges of Tony's cock through the flesh of her cunt-hole. He moaned with delight at the extra touch of pleasure on his ass-fucking cock as he reamed his mother out, and he tried to squeeze deeper to get the full benefit of that extra thrill.

Mikey was so thoroughly preoccupied with Patti's pretty little ass, feeling and squeezing and stroking it with his hands while he fucked its tight hole, that he was giving her tits no attention at all. The sight of them, like plump little white kittens with pink noses, made Angela's mouth water, and she couldn't resist reaching out with her free hand to caress one of Patti's tits. It felt every bit as good as it looked.

The touch was so exciting to Patti that she forced Mikey to roll over on his side, taking her with him, so she could thrust her little tits in the direction of Angela's sexy mouth. Angela gabbled one of the plump little tits greedily, lashing the nipple up to rigid erection and easily sucking the whole of the little tit into her mouth. She was delighted when Patti began playing with her own big tits, squeezing and pulling the hot nipples eagerly.

Patti and Angela both lay on their sides now, being fucked up the ass by Angela's two sons while they took turns sucking each other's tits.

Angela still had her thumb in her cunt, fingerfucking herself and feeling Tony's cock while he fucked her ass, and now she tried to give Patti a taste of the same thrill. She tried to slip her other thumb into Patti's cunt, but it was a very tight squeeze indeed, with the pressure of Mikey's cock in her asshole.

Patti gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut, but she made no effort to wriggle away from the pressure of Angela's thumb. She spread her legs wide, giving Angela a delicious view of Mikey's cock as it squeezed in and out of her asshole in its greasy coat of olive oil. Watching it was doubly delicious when she could feel another oily cock, an even bigger one, squeezing in and out of her own asshole.

Although Patti's cunt was squeezed tight by Mikey's cock in her ass, it was hot and wet, and it still oozed cum from her last fuck. After the first few tries, Angela found that she could fit her thumb right inside. Once she had done so, Patti's gasps and smiles told her how good it felt. It felt good for Angela, too, for now she could feel Mikey's cock as well as Tony's, each covered with a soft sheath of cunt-flesh.

Patti repaid her by working her tongue around on her tits with manic dedication, swirling her tongue around the halo of her nipple and pausing now and then to tickle the nipple itself with her pretty pink tongue.

Driven wild by Patti's tit-sucking, Tony's assfucking, and her own thumb-fucking, Angela's cunt erupted in a soft bonfire of sexy ecstasy that leaped higher and higher and seemed like it would never go out.

The only thing that could possibly make this perfection even more perfect, she knew, would be a load of cum pumping up her asshole, and she struggled to make her son come.

She writhed and wriggled her big ass for all she was worth, shaking and sliding her hot asshole around his cock as he rammed it in and out, squeezing it and rubbing it and pinching it as she experimented with the fucking-muscles of her asshole.

She rubbed hard with her thumb, too, giving her son a handjob while he drove her own climax even higher with the massage. Tony was grunting and straining, struggling to gallop toward his climax, but only able to trot toward it in her ass, so much tighter and dryer than her cunt.

The springs of the couch were squeaking at a loud, fast rhythm, and she turned to see that Brenda was now plunging her asshole on her own son's enormous prick at an incredible rate. When she saw the creamy cum that coated Kevin's cock and leaked from his mother's ass, she knew that his jism had greased Brenda's asshole and made such a fast fuck possible.

Mikey was next, and Patti's eyes widened with shock at first when she got her enema of hot cum. But then she sighed with sexy satisfaction and bucked her ass hard against his cock, giving Angela's thumb a good squeezing with her ignited cunt.

At last it was Tony's turn, and Angela howled with delight when she felt spurts of greasy cum spattering hotly into her clutching asshole.


Watching Kevin's big cock slipping in and out of his mother's ass had given Angela a burning hunger to get it in her cunt once again. She begged him for it, writhing on the floor with her thighs wide-spread to expose her wet cunt, and the sexy invitation got Kevin hard again in record time.

She moaned with pleasure and ruffled his red hair as he slipped his huge, stiff cock into her percolating cunt. He made her moan even more when he sucked on first one of her big tits and then the other as he slowly pushed his enormous prick all the way to the limit in the hungry depths of her clutching cunt.

Angela rolled them both over on their sides, her ass facing the couch to give the others a beautiful, closeup view of Kevin's cock sliding in and out of her plump-lipped cunt. From the giggles and squeals behind her she knew that her two sons were getting ready to fuck Brenda and Patti, but that wasn't what she wanted. The feel of her thumb in her cunt while a cock was in her asshole had inspired her with a strange new desire for something she had never tried before, and she was anxious to see if she could possibly fulfill her wish.

"Mikey," she murmured, "come over here and see if you can get your cock in my asshole while Kevin is fucking me!"

Mikey was eager to try it, but Brenda held him back until she could give his stiff cock another coating of olive oil. Having the sexy redhead feel his cock like that, he almost forgot why she was doing it and tried to fuck her, but Brenda directed him firmly to his mother when his prick had been thoroughly greased.

Angela had some misgivings now, but she was so hot for all the cocks she could possibly get that she wouldn't have stopped now if the house had caught fire. She pulled her sucking cunt off Kevin's cock all the way to the tip, presenting her asshole as a beautiful target to Mikey's well-oiled prick. He wriggled down behind her and gripped her by the hips as he shoved it right in.

She squealed when Mikey shoved his cock into her ass as if he were fucking her cunt, but it was more from surprise and apprehension than from pain. Despite her fears, Tony's big cock had stretched her ass so well that she could open up and take her younger son's prick right up ber ass, even though Kevin's cock was still partly inside her cunt and narrowing the space available to Mikey.

When Mikey's cock's all the way up her ass, she urged Kevin to probe the depths of her cunt with his prick once ore, and he needed no coaxing. Soon both pricks were snug inside her fuckholes, stuck in so deeply that the two boys' balls were snuggled together at the entrances to her cunt and her asshole. She shivered with delight when she reached down and found that she could fill her greedy hand with four hairy balls at once.

She looped her leg over Kevin's body to give Patti and Brenda and Tony a wide-open view of her crotch, and to show them how she'd taken the two cocks to the limit in her cunt and asshole. Kevin and Mikey began sliding their pricks in and out to different tempos, Mikey fucking her ass as fast as he could while Kevin fucked her cunt as slowly as he could. She wriggled and squirmed in the middle of the hot, sweaty sandwich, writhing her cunt and her ass to give each of the stiff pricks the best rubdown she was capable of giving.

"Come on, Tony, let me suck your cock," she pleaded. "I want it all!"

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that Brenda and her daughter were taking turns sucking Tony's cock. First Brenda would suck it for a few strokes, and then she would slip it from her mouth and pass it over to Patti, who sucked just as eagerly as her mother. Tony's expression suggested that he thought he had died and gone to heaven, and she doubted that he had even heard her plea.

But Brenda and Patti had heard her, and they reluctantly released Tony's prick from their greedy mouths and nudged him in the right direction. Tony knelt by the heads of the fucking trio, and his mother propped herself up on her elbow to take his cock into her mouth. It was just, as hot and hard as it could be from the sucking that Brenda and Patti had already given it, and Angela sucked it eagerly, licking it all over with her tongue while she pumped her full, sexy lips up and down on his stiff cockshaft.

Kevin's cock seemed to get even stiffer inside her cunt, and she guessed from his eager gaze that he had never seen a woman sucking a cock in such a tight close up before. She gave him her sexiest look as she sucked her older son's cock, and it turned him on even more. Not only did his prick seemed to swell even more in its tight sheath of cunt-flesh, but the pace of his fucking picked up. She had been a little impatient of his slow style of fucking, but she had no complaints now as he lashed his hot prick in and out of her cunt.

Angela's cunt and asshole were stretched to the limits of endurance, and she felt as if the two boys might split her up the middle at any minute, but nevertheless this combination cunt-and-ass fuck scratched a deep itch that she hadn't even known she had.

And while they were fucking both her holes, the added thrill of Tony's big cock sliding all the way down her throat was just the touch she needed to push her over the edge. She found herself humping and squirming and moaning around the three cocks that filled her in the grip of an unbelievable orgasm.

As if the room itself had revolved while she was ma sexy daze, she wound up lying on her back on top of Mikey, his big cock still spearing her asshole. Kevin was on top, bracing himself up on his arms to keep the younger boy from being crushed by their combined weight.

Groggily, Angela rose to put some of her own weight on her elbows, and Mikey sighed with relief.

She was forced to bend her head back now in order to give Tony his blowjob, but he seemed able to go even deeper down her throat at this odd angle. With her nose buried deep in the hair of her son's balls, Angela could hardly breathe, but at this point it didn't seem to matter to her.

Someone was now sucking eagerly away at her left tit, and she had to grape with her hand to identify her as Patti. Angela twiddled the girl's stiff nipple, stiffening it and making her murmur with pleasure around her own big mouthful of Angela's tit.

When someone went to work just as eagerly on her right tit, she knew without having to feel that it was Brenda, but she felt anyway, delighted by the smooth, satiny texture of Brenda's plainly firm tit and by the sexy hardness of her big nipple. She loved the feel of the tits in her hands almost as much as she loved the feel of Tony's cock in her mouth but none of those feelings, however delicious, could compare with the ecstasy of Mikey's cock in her asshole or Kevin's huge prick in her cunt.

Even though she was taking up some of her weight on her elbows, little Mikey found it difficult to fuck his mother's asshole as deeply or as rapidly as he would have liked, with the weight of her big, voluptuous ass pinning down his belly. When she tried to help him speed up the action by wiggling her ass, his cock would sometimes slip all the way out, driving both of them wild with frustration. And getting his cock back into her asshole from his awkward position sometimes seemed impossible, with Kevin's big prick pounding in and out of her cunt and making her whole body quiver like jelly.

Feeling Mikey's hot, dripping cock rubbing against her ass-cheeks or snuggled in the cleft of her ass -- so near and yet so far from her tingling asshole -- would make Angela groan in an agony of lust. Worse, she was alarmed that he might shoot his wad against her ass, rather than right into the deepest depths of her hot asshole, where she itched for the hot cream.

When Mikey's cock had slipped out for the third and most exasperating time, Angela rolled over to fuck Kevin from the top. Mikey scrambled after her and climbed aboard, able to shove his cock back in her elusive asshole with ease now, and starting off by fucking her almost as fast as Kevin's prick was shuttling in and out of her squirming cunt.

All during this maneuver, she didn't detach her thirsty mouth from Tony's, cock for a minute, although he groaned with pleasurable agony at the way her mouth twisted around its super-sensitive skin while she rolled over. She did lose contact with the girls mouths and tit's, though, and she groped frantically for them once more as soon as Kevin and Mikey had fallen back into their fucking-rhythms.

While she was groping for Brenda's tit with her left hand, Brenda seized her by the wrist and guided her hand right down to her wet, wide-open cunt. Angela was just as happy to feel her cunt as she was to feel her tit, and Brenda preferred it infinitely more when Angela rubbed her fingers around the hot, slimy lips of her drooling cunt. Brenda wriggled right up against the frantically fucking threesome so that she could suck on Angela's scuipturesque tit while Angela continued to play with her cunt.

She found that Brenda had removed her cunt ring, and without that hindrance, Angela slipped four fingers inside her hot cunt-hole with the greatest of ease. She reserved her thumb to flip her redheaded neighbor's cunt-button back and forth, sometimes alternating this action by rubbing it hard with the ball of her thumb, just the way she knew Brenda liked it.

Brenda responded eagerly, groaning around her mouthful of tit and arching her hips up to take Angela's pumping fingers just as deeply as she possibly could in her simmering cunt. She demonstrated what remarkable cunt-muscles she had by squeezing Angela's fingers so tightly that the voluptuous brunette would have cried out in surprise, if her son's cock had not been buried so deeply in her sucking mouth.

Patti didn't want to be left out of this kind of action, and she snagged Angela's right hand and pulled it right down to the syrup-dripping peach-fuzz of her own hot young cunt. Angela could get only one finger inside her tight little cunt-hole, but as soon as that finger was liberally smeared with Patti's hot cunt-juice, she transferred it to the horny girl's asshole and replaced it with her thumb in her cunt.

With a finger up her asshole and a thumb in her cunt, Patti quivered with delight, relishing some of the sensations that Angela had just now learned to love, with a cock penetrating each of her holes. Angela gave her a further taste of that delight by pumping her thumb and finger in and out of the young girl's fuckholes at a pace that approximated those of the two cocks that were pinning, her up the middle. Patti responded by gobbling greedily at her other tit. The sexy mother and daughter team worked on both of her tits as if their lives depended on it, sucking her nipples out and stretching them to new peaks of stiffness and hardness, and each slurp of their tongues sent lightning bolts of lust straight down to Angela's cunt.

With Kevin on the bottom now, spearing her cunt with his huge prick, Angela was in charge of the fucking action, and she slipped her greasy cunt up and down on his stiffly up thrust cock just as fast as she could. She slithered and slid her pliant pussy every which way to give them both the fucking rubdown of their lives.

Free to move just as fast as he liked now, Mikey fucked her ass like a wild man, his balls bouncing against Kevin's as he reamed his mother's asshole. Even though he knew his cock was the smallest in the room, it seemed to assure immense proportions in the sensitive sheath of her shit-chute.

Despite all the effort she was giving to slapping her cunt up and down on Kevin's thick prick and wiggling her ass against the hard thrusts of her younger son's buggering, Angela had more than enough energy left for finger-fucking Brenda and Patti and for sucking her older son's cock. She sucked it down until her nose was buried in his cockhair, then released its spit-slicked length all the way to his fat cocktip, again and again. Four fingers squeezed steadily in and out of Brenda's red-hot cunt while the thumb and forefinger of her other hand played delicious games with Patti's cunt and asshole.

Tony came first, and she counted herself lucky that just the head of his cock was inside her mouth when he blasted off. She was able to get the slimy ropes of his jism on her tongue, where she could taste them, rather than deep inside her throat. She sucked hard for more, refusing him when he tried to stick his spurting, gushing cock deeper into her throat, and she managed to suck a whole, hot mouthful out of his pumping prick.

While she was rolling his slimy cum around in her mouth and moaning over its delicious taste, Mikey shot his hot cream up her asshole, washing some deep nerve that triggered a mind-blowing climax in her throbbing cunt.

Her orgasm seemed almost contagious -- Brenda and Patti were screaming as she pumped them to a finger-fucking ecstasy. And before Angela could drift down from the glowing plateau of her first climax, Kevin sent her into orbit by pumping her cunt full to overflowing with his molten cum.


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