Schoolgirl in chains

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain countless examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Vicki Stapleton, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A teenager with everything going for her, she finds herself swept into a web of depravity and perversion she could only have dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the depraved whims of her captors.

SCHOOLGIRL IN CHAINS -- the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story revealing another side of our complex society.

Chapter ONE

"Oh yeah, fuck me, Dan! Fuck me!" The shrill cry echoed down the hall, startling Vicki as she closed the front door behind her.

For a moment, she thought she was mistaken. Dan, her older brother, was supposed to be at his afternoon job at the filling station, and her mom was at the beauty parlor. She had gotten off of cheerleading practice early, and she hadn't expected anyone to be home.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Suzie! Shit!"

Vicki's eyes nearly popped. She laid her school books down and crept down the hall to her brother's room. The door was partly opened, and she got quite an eyeful.

A plump blonde girl was lying naked on her brother's bed. Her legs were widespread and bent at the knees, revealing her pink cunt slash, which was oozing a profuse amount of thick, clear cunt juice.

Dan was lying next to her, his tanned muscular body in marked contrast to her soft, pale flesh. Vicki had not seen her brother naked in over ten years, and she felt a spasm in her cunt as she zeroed in on the taut flesh of his ass cheeks and his long muscular thighs. He was fondling the girl's big tits, squeezing her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as he licked and sucked her neck and nibbled her ear.

"Fuck me, Dan! Don't tease me, baby!" the blonde whined, humping her cunt up, bouncing her ass off the bed.

"Oooooooh shit, Suzie! You're fuckin' hot! You're a hot fuckin' chick!" Dan growled as he raised himself over her, revealing his big meaty prick, erect and throbbing.

Vicki dodged out of sight quickly, afraid her brother might see her. She was outraged, disgusted by the whole thing. Only a real slut -- a real whore -- would let a boy go all the way with her, she reminded herself. And to think Dan would bring a sleazy thing like that into our home!

Nevertheless, Vicki's curiosity was piqued. She was an accomplished prick teaser, but she was still cherry, and she had never really seen, let alone experienced, actual fucking. She even refused to watch the stag films that some of the guys showed at their parties, forcing her dates to take her home rather than watch them.

"Suck it, Suzie! Suck my cock, and I'll fuck you!" Dan rasped.

Vicki felt a fluttering in her stomach and pulsing in her cunt and tits. She inched back toward the door and nearly fainted at what she saw. Her brother was on his knees, holding his big, pulsing cock in his hand, waving his prick over the blonde slut's face.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah!" the girl sighed, reaching up for Dan's purplish cock head. "Mmmmmmm, looks real good."

She sat up opposite him, her big hard nippled tits jiggling on her chest, and she licked her lips. Then she stuck out her tongue and stabbed it lightly, experimentally, into the piss slit on the end of Dan's big, rubbery prick head.

"Awwww, shit! Suck it! I can't stand it, Suzie!"

Suzie smiled lazily, sensually, and leaned forward, sucking his whole cock head into her mouth as she grabbed his big prick at the base.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ!" Dan moaned, immediately humping his hips forward, trying to fuck his whole cock shaft down the girl's throat.

Vicki gasped. She hated to admit it, but the girl was certainly sexy, even if she was a slut with her heavy make-up and her dyed platinum-blonde hair. She had enormous tits, a tiny waist, and a hairy cunt mound. And she had thick, sensual lips that looked obscene when ovaled around her brother's enormous cock.

The girl slid her mouth back off Dan's prick, not allowing him to fuck his monster prick all the way inside her mouth and down her throat.

"Uh-uhn, baby. Let me play a little first. Then I'm gonna suck you off. Love this cock -- wanna take it slow," she said huskily. Dan was breathing hard, and his cock was visibly lurching and twitching. "Aw shit, Suzie, I'm just about to pop my nuts. Don't fuckin' do this to me!"

"Now look who's teasing, lover!" The girl winked lewdly at him and then stuck out her tongue once again and lapped all the way down his cock shaft, slurping and kissing his throbbing, gnarly hard-on.

"Aw, Christ!" Dan moaned, wincing as sharp, pleasurable sensations raced down his prick to his balls and up his spine.

With the handsome teen's prick now completely soaked with her saliva, Suzie began inch by inch to suck his enormous cock into her mouth and down her throat. She constricted her throat muscles, exerting maddening pressure on his cockhead and the underside of the flared rim, and at the same time, she licked her tongue up and down his prick shaft, gently squeezing his balls in her palm as she did so.

His groin was pressed right up against her nose, and she breathed in the strong aroma of his crotch, luxuriating in the delicious scent.

Vicki leaned closer. She had only gone as far as giving boys hand jobs. Many had pleaded with her to suck their cocks, but she had always refused. It was dirty -- filthy and disgusting. But very interesting, now that she had an opportunity to watch.

She felt her thigh muscles flex involuntarily. Then her cunt spasmed and started to ooze fuck juice, and she looked around her nervously, afraid someone might walk in and catch her spying, or worse, humping and moaning like a cat in heat.

Suzie was doing amazing things with her throat muscles. Vicki could see how the muscles in the girl's throat were rippling around Dan's big cock, how her mouth was taking his fucker down to its root.

"Fuckin' shit!" he groaned as he reached down and started squeezing the girl's tits roughly. "Suck it! Suck my cock, baby! Gonna shoot my load, honey! Fuckin' shit!"

Vicki leaned closer, dying to see her brother's cock shoot its load of fuck cream. On her dates, she had jacked boys off, but she had never swallowed their cum, and she had never, never let them get their pricks near her cunt. But now, here it was all out in the open for her to see.

Suddenly, Suzie pulled off the humping, groaning boy's cock and smiled up at him.

"Shit!" he spat. "What the hell are you doing?" His cock jerked and dribbled clear pre-cum.

"Not so fast, lover-boy!" Suzie giggled. "I got a hot cunt here. Now just what are you gonna do about it?"

She let go of his sloppy cock, and, falling back on the bed, spread her legs wide in the same position Vicki had first seen her.

"You asked for it!" Dan rasped, and, without any preliminaries, he dove between her legs, hurriedly pulled apart her fat cunt lips, and fucked his greasy prick inside her moist pink cunt.

"Aaaaaaah!" the girl gasped, humping up to meet him, then pressing her ass back into the mattress. "It's so big -- so damned big!"

With his bulbous cock head and half of his prick shaft fucked up her tiny drooling pussy, Dan was very close to popping off. He reached down and grabbed his prick by the root, listing his cock hard so he could hold back.

Suzie was hunching forward, pressing her hips and ass off the bed, trying to get his cock to fuck to the depths of her horny cunt.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she pleaded. She swiveled her hips, reached around, and grabbed his ass checks, pulling his cock into her.

Slowly, Dan fucked the rest of his prick into the girl's clasping hot pussy tunnel.

"Aaaaaaahhhh, yeah! That feels good," he sighed, holding himself motionless for a moment, savoring the feeling of having his cock buried deep in the slick velvety confines of Suzie's cunt.

He lowered his head over her tits and ogled the firm, resilient flesh, the burgundy-colored nipples.

"God, I love your fat tits!" he groaned, sticking out his tongue, swirling it over her sweaty tit-flesh. As he sucked the hardening nipple of one tit between his lips, he grasped the other tit in his hand and kneaded it, then began twisting its spiking nub hard.

"Uuuuunnnn-uuungh-uhn!" Suzie gasped, loving the sharp sensations of pleasure that were coursing through her body-streaking out from her tits, down to her fluttering, spasming belly, and burning into her swelling cunt.

In control of the situation now, Dan slowly eased his prick back till only the swollen, rubbery cock head remained in the blonde's steamy cunt.

Suzie pressed down, contracting the muscles of her pussy around his embedded cock head, exerting pressure on the sensitive underside of the prick knob.

"Aaaaawwww, shit! That feels damned good!" he rasped, lunging forward, reaming out her tight fuck hole.

Vicki was shocked and excited by what she was witnessing. So this is what fucking is all about! she thought. It's disgusting! Revolting! She turned her head momentarily, intent on leaving the scene and going to her room. But she couldn't seem to make herself budge. She turned back for a moment and opened her eyes wide.

Suzie was raising her legs, locking her ankles behind Dan's neck. Vicki had an excellent view of his immense prick fucking into the girl's creaming pussy, her cunt lips spread wide, her fuck hole distended erotically around his plunging cock.

She had a terrible itch in her cunt, and she absentmindedly began to rub her pussy as she continued to watch the lewd scene.

"Oh yeah, honey, I feel you! I feel you! You're really fuckin' me! Yeah! Fuck the shit outta me!" Suzie was crying as she humped her ass off the bed, fucking herself on Dan's long, pulsing cock stalk, swiveling her tits and banging her fists against the mattress.

Dan rose slightly, rearing back in a kneeling position. He now had a fabulous view of his throbbing cock, coated with pussy cream and pre-cum, as his prick fucked in and out of the blonde bitch's writhing, churning cunt. He stared, fascinated, as he fucked in and pulled out, fucked in and pulled out.

Vicki could see that his heavy ball sac was now resting right up against his cock root, the balls swollen and well-defined. The sight mesmerized her, and she pressed up against the doorframe, thrusting her cunt mound against it, moaning softly as she only increased the itchy feeling in her clit.

She jacked off in bed sometimes, rubbing her clit almost raw, so she vaguely recognized what she was doing as she humped the door frame. But she couldn't stop -- she had to stimulate her pussy and watch her brother bring the blonde to a climax.

"Yeah, keep fucking me, baby!" Suzie screamed suddenly. With one hand, the blonde began to tweak her own nipple and with the other she shamelessly toyed with her blood engorged cunt. "Ooooh... uuuuhhhhhh... yeeeeaaaah!"

Her eyes rolled up so that only the whites were visible through the slits of her lids. Vicki began to shake violently as she continued to jack off, and Dan continued to fuck Suzie.

"Uuuuungh! Jesus!" Suzie grunted. "I'm coming! I'm fuckin' coming!"

She ripped at her tits and humped wildly up onto Dan's cock, thrashing her head from side to side.

Watching the girl convulse so violently, so like a rutting animal, Vicki could barely contain the fierce need in her own cunt. She had never fucked, but she knew the release of orgasm. She smashed her cunt mound and tits against the doorpost, bruising her throbbing cunt, crushing her sensitive nipples. Then, as she saw the thick pussy juice flood out of Suzie's cunt and dribble dawn her brother's massive cock, she groaned and humped faster, madly aroused.

As Suzie's frenzied motions began to subside and she slowly came down from the heights of her orgasm, Dan began to fuck in and out of her cunt again, gradually picking up speed. He was exhibiting more control than usual, and sweat began to drip off of his forehead and chest. He frowned and gasped at the intense pressure building up in his big cumfilled balls.

"Aaawwww, shit! I'm gonna shoot now! God, I'm close!"

Suzie opened her eyes, a look of shock and fear passing over her face momentarily. "Baby -- you promised you'd pull out, remember? You promised! Don't shoot in my cunt!"

Dan nodded, gritting his teeth, exerting all of his self-control. He kept fucking in and out of her pussy, the muscles in his ass clenching and unclenching, a large vein bulging on his neck.

"Uuuuungh -- so tight! So fucking, fucking tight! Aaaaarrrrggghhh!" he screamed, pulling his prick out of the blonde's cunt just as his cock head began to belch but a thick hot wad of cum.

Vicki saw his jizz arc in the air and splatter on Suzie's tits. Then another wad shot from his red prick knob and landed on the girl's belly.

"Aaaaagh! Jesus Christ!" he bellowed as the pleasure of his release invaded his senses, driving him to jack on his prick and eke out one last, pearly wad of cum.

It was the sight of her own brother's jizz erupting from his angry red cock head that finally sent Vicki over the edge. Her eyelids fluttered, and she stifled the deep moan of pleasure that was forming in her throat. She tossed her head back and writhed and undulated as waves of ecstasy swept over her body.

It was by far the best orgasm she had ever had, and this was almost entirely due to the lewd, arousing fuck she had just witnessed.

Dan collapsed forward on Suzie's sweaty, sticky body, drawing in heavy, jagged breaths, nearly delirious from his shattering climax.

Both teenagers lay like that for several minutes. Then Dan lifted his head groggily. He glanced over at the alarm clock on the night stand next to his bed.

"Aw, holy shit!" he groaned, quickly lifting himself off the half-dozing girl. "Suzie, baby. You gotta get up now, honey. My sister's due home now from cheerleading practice, and she better not see you."

"Yeah, yeah," Suzie said wearily, a slight smirk crossing her face. "She's that gorgeous redhead all the guys are wild over, ain't she? The cheerleader -- the one that was homecoming queen earlier this year at your school? I saw her picture."

"One and the same," Dan said, swatting her playfully on the ass. "Now I mean it, babe. You gotta get goin'."

Vicki, recovered from her mind-boggling orgasm, gathered her wits together and hurried down the hall to her room, closing the door behind her.

A few minutes later, when she heard the front door slam shut, she stepped back into the hall. Her brother was standing in the entryway, his mouth wide open. He had noticed Vicki's books on the living room coffee table.

Vicki folded her arms across her chest, trying to look as stern as possible. "You should be ashamed of yourself, Dan," she said, tapping her foot on the carpet.

He looked up at her and smiled lamely. "I suppose you heard everything."


"Well, I'm not gonna make excuses. I'm a growing boy, and I was horny as hell. She was a good fuck." He looked at her defiantly.

"Dan -- she's nothing but a two-bit whore, and you know it! That gross dyed hair! Where did you dig her up? Must be from Dalton High -- the place is full of real sleazy sluts!"

"Hell, I'm not gonna marry her. Besides, who the hell are you to talk? At least this chick spreads her legs for a guy, instead of teasing the shit out of him. You've got quite a rep at school, little sister. Sure, all the guys are hot for you -- you're a fuckin' knockout. You go struttin' around, pushing them pointy tits of yours out through those tight sweaters, wiggling that cute ass... but you're nothing but a fuckin' prick teaser, and that's pure shit! In my book, you're no better than little Suzie -- in fact, you're worse!"

"You son of a bitch!" Vicki spat. "I don't have to take that from you!" She turned on her heel and walked into her room, slamming the door behind her.

She threw herself across her bed, tears springing to her eyes. Didn't any of them understand? She was beautiful -- fabulously beautiful -- and talented, too. And she was saving herself for some rich and famous man who would give her everything she wanted.

"I'm not gonna let just anyone fuck me," she sniveled, staring up at the ceiling. "Especially some stupid high school wimp. I'm just too good for them all. They can't possibly appreciate me!"

With that thought, she cheered up, scampered over to her vanity, and began to try out the new mascara and blusher she had bought the day before.

Chapter TWO

"Where's Bud?" Lana asked as she walked over to the group of leather-clad boys by the vending machines. Her skin-tight, straight-leg jeans displayed her plump rounded ass and long legs. She wore high-heeled shoes and a see-through blouse, and her heavy tits were clearly visible. The guys winked at each other and just ignored her.

"Hey, Mike! You son of a bitch! I asked you a question!" the girl said, squinting her eyes, which were heavily ringed with black eyeliner and blue mascara.

"Man, you're gonna have a conniption, Lana. He's over there!"

Lana followed the direction of Mike's pointing finger with her gaze. She tried to hide her shock with a nonchalant toss of her head. "Jesus! What's he talking to that uptight cheerleader bitch for?" she asked, turning back to the guys.

"I dunno." Mike shrugged, trying to ignore the girl.

"What the shit's coming down here! You better tell me, you guys! We don't screw around with jocks or their girls!"

"When they look like her, Bud does!" Spike snorted.

"She's a stupid, prick-teasing bitch, and you know it! Besides, she and her fuckin' squeaky-clean crowd think we're all greasers. What the fuck does Bud want with her?"

"For your information, bitch," Mike said with a sneer, "he's asking her to be his date for the prom."

Lana didn't even try to hide her alarm this time. "Wh-wh-what! You've gotta be kiddin'! I'm his girl! He wouldn't do that! Besides, proms are for jocks! Who the fuck does that stupid bitch think she is, messing with any man!"

The guys chuckled, and Mike reached over and pinched Lana's ass, a dead giveaway that he wasn't worried that Bud would mind anymore if he touched the sassy chick.

Lana got a strange, crazed look on her face for a moment, then smiled casually. "Well, well. We'll just have to see, won't we, guys? No one crosses me -- not even the big man, himself!"

"Yeah, big talk, Lana!" Spike said. "Think Bud's interested in a little new meat. He's been drooling over that beautiful bitch for over a year now! And can't say as I blame him!"

Lana fought to hold back the tears. She turned and walked toward the other end of the center court, toward the girls' bathroom. She needed a smoke badly.

"Like I said," Bud continued, swaggering slightly in front of the beautiful redhead. "I really dig you. You are one classy chick. And I, uh, want to take you to the prom." Finally, he had blurted it out.

Vicki lost all self-control. She looked at the straggly, greasy hood and began to laugh. "Is this some kind of a joke?" she finally managed to ask. "I happen to be going to the prom with Sam Tomlin, the captain of the football team. And I'll probably be voted prom queen. Do you actually think I would even consider going with a greaser like you?" She laughed some more. "And I'd really appreciate it if you'd stay clear of me from now on. Sam wouldn't like it if he saw you talking to me. Now buzz off!"

Just then, the bell rang, echoing across the central courtyard, indicating that the lunch hour was over. Vicki turned to go to her locker as if Bud weren't even there.

The lanky, dark-eyed boy stood frozen for a moment. Then his eyes narrowed, and he ran his fingers through his slicked-back black hair. He looked across the courtyard and saw Lana coming out of the girls' bathroom.

Quickly, he sauntered across the freshly clipped lawn, bumping into a few giggling freshman girls. As soon as Lana spotted him, she turned and headed the other way, as if she hadn't seen him.

"Hey, whoa there, girl," Bud called, running to catch up with her, grabbing her arm.

"Get away from me, you son of a bitch!" she spat.

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" he asked, tightening his grip. "Hey, I wanta fuck you this afternoon! Let's ditch class -- come on!"

Lana tried to break away. "Nothing doing, you two-timing son of a bitch! Kissing that redheaded bitch's ass! Asking her to the fucking prom, of all things!"

"Spike's got a big mouth!" Bud said, his mouth tightening. "Well, yeah, I ain't gonna deny it. But that bitch insulted me, and I intend to get even."

"Turned you down, eh?" Her eyes lit up as he nodded, his dark eyes smoldering. She decided not to taunt him with his rejection. "Can I help ya get even? I'll show that bitch to mess with my man!" She smiled and reached out, patting Bud's cock bulge through his pants.

Bud responded by tweaking one of her oversized tits through her thin blouse.

"Oooooooh, you son of a bitch! I love you, you bastard. I'm hot for you... only... be nice to me, man."

"Hey, you know the ropes. I don't make promises. Now, do you wanta fuck?"

Lana looked up at him through her mascara-stiffened lashes. She smiled and nodded, gesturing toward the parking lot.

"Uuuuunnnng, aaaah! Jeeeesus!" He was ramming her hard, fucking his big prick up her foaming cunt, then withdrawing his cock and fucking his prick up her writhing, stretched asshole.

"Uuuuunnngggghh -- oooh, Bud! Aaaaah, take it easy, baby!"

She was in dog-fucking position, her big ass stuck up in the air, her arms on the floor, cushioning her head. Her big, hanging tits were smashed against the cold floor boards. And her two fuck holes were lewdly exposed.

Dark, glistening cunt hairs surrounded her reddish pussy gash and grew sparsely in the crack of her ass, all the way to her little brown ass pucker.

Bud was growling and groaning, raking his jagged fingernails over her tender ass flesh, leaning forward and biting her ass, leaving red teeth marks in her tender ass meat. When she groaned or cried out too loudly, he swatted her hard across her inflamed ass.

"Ooooowwww! Bud, honey! Gentle!"

Lana whined as he bit her ass cheeks and stuck his finger up her asshole, fucking his cock in and out of her cunt rapidly.

"Uuuuungh! Take it! Take it!" he rasped. He was usually rough with Lana, but not this rough. He liked to knead her flesh and nibble while he fucked hard and deep. Usually, when he fucked her up her ass, he took it nice and slow, building up, letting her get so excited that she would suddenly begin ramming her wriggling shitter down on his steel-hard prick.

But today, while he fucked her in this empty house, while he brutally fucked his big prick up her battered ass and cunt, he was imagining that she was Vicki he was fucking and mauling.

He imagined that it was a red, fur-fringed pussy that was taking his fuck stabs, and a tiny, delicate pink ass that was shuddering under his demented fucking.

"Fuckin' stuck-up bitch! Take this!" he groaned. He ripped his cock from the sheath of Lana's cunt, causing her to squeal in pain at such sudden, devastating fuck motions. "Aaaaaagh! Take it! Fuckin' bitch!"

He lunged forward, fucking into her gaping cunt hole, and, as he did, his prick head bottomed out at the end of her fuck tunnel. Then he rammed two fingers up her asshole to the second knuckle, and scraped his nails along the sensitive slick walls of her ass chute.

"Oh God! Pleeeaaaase, Bud? You're killing me! Stop! Stop!"

But Bud was in another world. He had been insulted. He had been laughed at, and he had to vent his anger somehow.

"Uuuungh-unnngh!" he grunted as he fucked in and out of the frightened girl's cunt.

The fear and pain that had overtaken Lana when he started fucking her like a wild animal, tearing at her raw nerves and bruising her flesh, had caused her cunt juices to dry up. And now, the steady pounding of his cock in her ass and cunt was scratching and wounding the walls of her tender, dry fuck holes.

"Jesus Christ, Bud! You're hurting me! You're hurting me!"

Her protesting wail penetrated his delirium, and he imagined the red-headed cheerleader writhing beneath him, begging him to stop his fucking, pleading for his mercy.

His lip curled. He raised his hand and whacked Lana hard across her ass cheeks, then faked his big swollen cock harder up her cunt tunnel.

"Aaawwww, God! Stop it, you bastard!"

His eyes flashed with anger and lust. Quickly, he withdrew his cock from her jerking, reddened cunt. He rolled her roughly onto her back and leered at her large stiff, dark-red nipples.

"You fuckin' whore! You're turned on, ain't you? You're fuckin' turned on!"

He laughed and slapped her hard across the face. She was terror-stricken now. It was as if she had become a part of some horrible nightmare. While Bud had always been rough, he'd been sexy, too. And he had never really hurt her, just fucked her hard and talked dirty to her. But now, he was hurting her, and she didn't think she could stand it. Maybe -- just maybe -- he would injure her seriously.

"Beg for my cock, you stuck-up bitch! Beg for my cock!"

Lana just stared up at him wide-eyed. She tried to struggle out from under him, but he slapped her hard, the sharp pain expanding outward, on her cheek. She closed her eyes, tears running down her face. He reached down and started twisting her nipples hard, pinching them between his thumbs and forefingers.

"Oh, God! Bud! What's come over you, man? I love your ass, but you're... you're... you're..." She was sniffling, trying to hold back the tears.

Bud's cock jutted out in front of him hugely, and now, as Lana opened her eyes ant looked up at his immense fucker towering over her, she licked her lips in fascination. His prick was at least nine inches long and was coated with her pussy cream and ass juice, the big purple cock head pulsing and throbbing, the piss slit gaping, a huge drop of pre-cum about to drip off.

She knew what she had to do. "I-I want your cock! I want it bad. Please, please, let me lick your cock, Bud!"

She was relieved when she saw him smile. If she had to beg for his prick to please him, she would do it.

"Uuuummmm, yeah, that's better," he said. He squinted and imagined that a sexy, pale redhead was begging him for his cock. A beautiful redhead with big green eyes, a pert little nose and large, perfectly shaped tits. "Yeah, Vicki, you can suck my cock."

Lana jerked her face up, looking at him closely. Her mouth compressed into a thin, angry little line, and she felt her face flushing with jealousy and shame. That fucking bitch, Vicki again! She was behind all this. Bud, her man, wanted that redhead bad!

She pretended she hadn't heard, her mind racing a mile a minute. She smiled sweetly and sat up, reaching out for Bud's cock, kissing all around the prick head, finally sticking out her tongue and stabbing it right at his piss slit. She shuddered as she lapped up the thick drop of pre-cum that hung suspended there.

"Aaaaahhh, yeah. Suck my cock!" Bud rested back on his haunches and let the dark-haired girl go down on his hard prick.

Lana had sucked Bud's prick many times, and she knew exactly what he liked. Slowly, playfully, she teased her tongue along the rim of his cock head, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside. She combed the fingers of one hand through his thick wiry cock hair and tickled and massaged the entire area of his crotch, tapping lightly at his balls.

Then she began to lick and kiss down his entire prick shaft, jacking his prick root hard in her fist.

"Aaaaahhhh, yeeeeaaah! Shit, that feels good!" Bud rasped as she slid her tongue up and down, up and down. "Uuuuuuuuuungh! Jesus!"

"Mmmmm," Lana moaned as she luxuriated in the hard rubbery texture of his prick meat and the pungent, shit-tinged flavor of the cock shaft.

And it's all for that redheaded cunt, she thought, a large tear rolling down her cheek. At last, she licked one more time up to the head of his cock and then sucked his huge prick into her hot mouth.

"Fuckin' shit! Yeah, suck it! Suck my cock!"

Lana glanced up at him, saw his contorted lust-crazed face and began sucking hard on his prick. She instantly got a mouthful of precum. He always had lots of the stuff, could fuck her ass easily without Vaseline because his fuck lube was so abundant.

She rolled the goo around in her mouth, swallowing it as she began to work her way down his cock shaft. At last, she had his whole prick gobbled up, his large leaking prick head fucking her throat.

"Ah, yeaaaahhhh, fuck!" he groaned.

She held his imbedded prick tightly, licking her tongue up and down the cock shaft. Then, slowly, she pulled her mouth off his cock rod, and inch after inch of spit-slickened cock meat reappeared from between her lips. She repeated this process four times, slowly gliding her mouth over his throbbing cock, holding his prick in her hot suctioning mouth and throat, then sliding, back down and off.

Bud's excitement was building rapidly. His heavy balls tightened in their hairy sac against the base of his cock, and his ass and hips jerked wildly. He was flushed, and sweat covered his slim, wiry body.

"Fuckin' shit. Gonna fuck your face!" he groaned. He reached forward and grabbed two handfuls of her coarse dark hair and held her face steady, his prick head still embedded in her mouth. Then he reared back and fucked in hard.

"Aaaaaggggh! Mmmmmph!" she spluttered, unprepared for the savagery with which he fucked into her face.

"Goddamn! I'm gonna make you pay!" He pulled out of her mouth to his cock head again and then fucked in, building into a hard, fast fucking pace.

Lana's face was turning red as she gasped and choked, trying to accommodate his vicious fuck-lunges.

"God fuckin' damn! Gonna fuck your face, you cocksucking, stuck-up cunt!" There was no escape for Lana. He held tightly, and when she tried to wriggle free, he only pulled harder on her hair, sending jolts of sharp pain racing from her scalp down her spine. "Take it! Take it!" he gasped as he hinged forward, reaming out her mouth, fucking her raw, ravaged throat.

"Uuuungh! Unnngh!" she gasped, her windpipe blocked, her eyes bulging in their sockets. He released a tuft of her hair and reached down to grab one of her oversized, fleshy tits. He squeezed hard, and she involuntarily bit down on his swollen prick shaft.

"Aaaaaiiiieeee! Shiiiiiit!" he screeched. "You fuckin' cunt!" The pain was intense. He threw back his head, clenching his teeth, fighting down the searing pain shooting through his cock. "Jesus Christ! Shiiiiiit!"

Lana's jaw went slack, and he pulled his injured cock from her mouth. She tried to back away. The pained, hate-bloated look on his face boded ill for her. But before she had gotten far, he shook himself from his agony, looked over at her, and lunged on top of her, tackling her to the floor. He was grunting and panting, slapping her face repeatedly as his pain echoed through his groin and in his brain.

"No, Bud, it was an accident! I didn't mean..."

He was on top of her, his weight pressing the air from her lungs. Staring into her frightened dark eyes, he reached down, spread her pussy lips and humped back, pressing his still-hard, aching cock into her cunt hole.

"Uuuuungh, uuuungh!" She couldn't help but register the pleasure this brought her. Whenever she felt his prick invading her sensitive cunt, a dizzying series of pleasurable sensations filled her, and, even in the midst of this ugly little scene, the same thing was happening. "Oooooh, uunnnngh, yeah," she gasped, short on air but full of desire and pleasure.

Bud, confused, angry, in pain, paid no attention to her. He rocked his hips over her, fucking her hard as he bent down and bit into her tits, leaving livid marks all over her skin.

Lana was caught up in a contradiction of sensations. The excruciating pain and the outlandish pleasure somehow combined in her mind and body, and she was writhing and moaning, working up to what she knew would be an incredible climax.

"Fuckin' cock-suckin' whore!" Bud was chanting, an image of Vicki blown up bigger than life in his mind, the aching pain in his cock torturing his nerves. The cum in his balls was churning and steaming, and he knew he would soon blow his load. "Aaaaagh, gonna cum! Gonna shoot up that cunt! Gonna cream you -- yeah! Gonna make you pay!"

"Make me come, honey! Oh, Bud, make me come!"

Just as Bud felt his release overtake him, felt his jizz shoot up his thick cock shaft and spew out the prick head, he reached down and grabbed Lana around the neck, squeezing hard, cutting off her air.

As she felt him strangling her, felt her body protest by humping and shaking, a powerful orgasm ripped through her cunt, searing her nerves. Her climax jarred her bones and sped her heart up to an alarming rate.

Wad after wad of jism shot from Bud's angry cock and the relief he felt at popping his nuts was so overwhelming that he loosened his grip on the choking girl's throat and neck. She gasped and coughed, sucking in the fresh air she needed.

It was her pitiful rasping and gasping that brought Bud back to his senses. He looked down and saw Lana, not his lust-crazed vision of Vicki. The girl was looking up at him, a wild, crazy expression on her face. And he knew he wouldn't be at peace until he found Vicki Stapleton and taught her a lesson.

Chapter THREE

"The ballots have been, counted, and this year's prom queen is... Vicki Stapleton!"

There was oohing and aaahing, polite applause, and some wolf whistles as the beautiful redhead, in her satiny peach-colored dress, ascended the platform.

The young couples on the dance floor and seated at the tables looked on appreciatively. Vicki Stapleton looked like a beautiful young Goddess with her shimmering red hair, her large pointy tits, barely concealed by her low-cut clingy gown and her brightly shining green eyes.

The crowning ceremony did not take long, the prom princesses having been named and congratulated before the queen of the ball was announced. And then Vicki and her escort of the evening, Sam Tomlin, enjoyed a sexy, slow dance by themselves on the dance floor, the lights low, the music soft.

When the lights went up again and the other couples began stepping out on the floor, Vicki excused herself from Sam for a moment, wanting to go to girls' rest room just outside the gym to comb her hair and adjust her crown more attractively before the portrait pictures were taken.

Lana Hague was watching the gorgeous redhead's every move from across the room. "Well, I think this is it," she said, turning to Spike, who looked uncharacteristically dapper in his rented tuxedo.

He nodded gravely, a nervous smile playing about his lips. "I'll be ready," he said.

Lana, in a slinky red gown, grabbed her purse and followed Vicki out of the gym at a safe distance. By the time she walked into the girl's room down the corridor, the redhead was standing before the mirror, the crown lying before her on the sink top.

"God, we just knew you'd win. You look so great -- really you do." A flushed, animated sophomore was congratulating Vicki, her shy friend looking on in silent, worshipful admiration.

Damn! Just my luck! Lana thought as she spotted the two underclassmen. The two girls turned and stared shamelessly as the exotic brunette walked in and went directly to a stall.

Lana flushed the toilet and waited impatiently, removing the handkerchief and plastic bottle from her purse. At last she heard the gibbering school girl and her friend take their leave, and she breathed a sigh of relief. The plan might work after all! Her heart was thumping in her chest, and strangely enough, her pussy was creaming. The bathroom was empty now. Slowly and very quietly, she opened, the door of the toilet stall and walked toward the sinks, positioning herself directly behind the prom queen.

Vicki felt the movement behind her and looked up in the mirror to see Lana's reflection. She caught a glimpse of the handkerchief in the girl's hand and then a whiff of the chloroform.

She started to whirl around. "What the..." Lana pounced, clapping the handkerchief over Vicki's nose and mouth, grabbing her around the waist. Vicki began to struggle, jerking and twisting, trying to get free, jabbing her sharp elbow into her attacker's rib cage.

"Aaaaaaah shit!" Lana groaned, wincing with pain. Viciously, she retaliated by punching hard into Vicki's back, knocking all the breath out of her.

Lana, being much bigger and stronger than Vicki, managed to hold her in spite of Vicki's wild defensive movements. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to her, Vicki collapsed and the chloroform-soaked cloth dropped to the floor.

Feeling the girl go limp and lifeless in her arms, Lana dragged her back to one of the bathroom stalls, sat her back on the toilet seat, and locked the stall. Then she shinnied up the door and dropped down by the sinks.

She opened the door to the outside and craned her neck. "Everything clear?" she whispered.

Spike was standing in the shadows by the lockers next to girls' bathroom. "Yeah, hurry up!" he rasped. "It won't be clear for long!"

Lana rushed back into the bathroom and hoisted herself into the stall again. She dragged Vicki across the filthy tile floor and out the heavy door. Spike was waiting there with a large dark dress and coat bag, designed for traveling purposes. The two teens slipped the unconscious girl inside the bag and zipped it up.

"Hurry! Someone's coming!" Lana said, panic-sticken.

A group of giggling girls in long gowns had just stepped outside the gym and they were looking down the corridor in their direction. The night was moonless and very cloudy, so they wouldn't see much.

Lana and Spike hoisted the garment bag between them and headed toward the back parking lot.

Mike and Bud were waiting in the van. As they lifted the precious cargo inside the vehicle, Lana made her way over to the sleek Porsche at the other end of the lot.

From her purse, she pulled out a folded piece of paper, placing it under the windshield wipers. Earlier that week, she had stolen one of the cheerleading schedules from the athletic board. Vicki had written it, and so Lana was able to copy her handwriting while composing the note she was now disposing of. It read:

Dear Sam:

Please forgive me. I met John Camden in the parking lot and realized that it isn't over between us after all. I needed to talk to him. It's beyond my control. Try not to hold it against me, Vicki.

John Camden was the senior class football hero Vicki had dated the year before. The yearbook had called them the perfect couple. Lana smiled, satisfied with her own cleverness. Now Sam wouldn't wonder what had happened to Vicki. They had her all to themselves.

When Vicki awoke, she had a splitting headache. It felt as if there were a sharp stake jammed right between her eyes. As she moved to press her hand to her hot, feverish forehead, she gasped in annoyance. Her hand wouldn't move. She tried again. Something hard and cold was wrapped tightly around her wrist -- both wrists, she realized.

"What the..." she opened her eyes and shrieked.

She had to be dreaming. She was lying on a large bed, her hands in manacles. And the manacles were attached by short chains to the bedposts on either side of the headboard.

She whimpered and shivered; the fear she was feeling causing goosepimples to erupt all over her flesh. She looked down at herself and saw that she was bare-ass naked. The room she was in was dark, but a bright light was coming in through a crack under the door.

She could see her plump tits, the nipples lewdly distended with fear, could see her silky cunt muff and her long slender legs stretched out before her. Her legs, too, were manacled and chained. It was surreal. It had to be a nightmare.

She wracked her brain, trying to remember the last thing that happened before she woke up in this room. She had been at the prom, had been crowned queen... she smiled at that. She had been looking in the mirror, and a sullen-faced, dark-haired girl had come up behind her and [missing text].

"Lana Hague!" she gasped.

As if on cue, the door suddenly opened and a tall figure entered the room, flipping on the switch.

"You called?" It was Lana, still dressed in her blood-red gown.

"Wh-what am I doing here? What's this all about?"

"Oh, you'll see soon enough, honey. There are three horny guys out front just waiting to fuck you silly. But Bud made them wait until you woke up. And I figure I deserve to have a little fun with you first. Even us stupid greaser sluts have a sense of justice you know," she said sarcastically. She moved closer, bent over the girl, and spat right in her face.

"Eeeeeeeeew! You bitch!" Vicki rasped, struggling vainly against the chains. It was all beginning to fall into place now. Bud was behind it -- the little greasy weasel who had had the nerve to ask her to the prom.

"Nice little body you have there," Lana said. "Of course, it's not nearly as nice as mine, but you have them all fooled with that red hair of yours, that uppity attitude and those expensive clothes. Well, let's just see what they're all raving about."

She went over to the bed and sat down beside Vicki. Then she reached out, placing her hand lightly on the girl's belly Vicki flinched and tried to move away, but the chains didn't give her much leeway.

"Mmmmm, you do have nice smooth skin," Lana said, trailing her sharp red fingernails over Vicki's taut stomach. "And such a sweet-looking little cunt. Why, there's practically no hair at all on your cunt mound."

Vicki was breathing fast now, her blood racing with fear. She knew now that this girl hated her -- hated her passionately -- and she was completely at her mercy.

Lana ran her hand down the inside of one of Vicki's soft, sleek thighs. Vicki shuddered and flinched, trying to move away from her caressing hand. Then Lana began to comb her fingers through the redhead's sparse, silky cunt hair.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Vicki protested as the girl's fingers grazed her clit and squeezed the fat lips of her cunt. "Stop it! You're sick! Sick!"

Lana just smiled, prying open the lips of the helpless girl's cunt. "Ooooooh, it's tiny and dry. Your cunt's dry, bitch!" Lana sneered.

She stuck the tip of her finger inside, and Vicki jerked violently. "Stop it! You're crazy!" she cried. "This is all a mistake. Let me go, and I won't tell anyone about this! I promise!"

"Shut up!" Lana spat. With her other hand, she pressed down once again on Vicki's belly, keeping the girl in place as she skewered her finger up her tight little pussy.

Vicki trembled uncontrollably. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. It was perverse. And she knew that when the bitch got done having her fun, three boys were waiting out there to fuck her. She couldn't control herself -- she began to cry softly.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gee, it's tough, ain't it?" Lana chuckled, pulling her nail along the inside wall of the girl's cunt, scratching it and making her wince.

"Please don't! Stop! You're crazy!"

"Yeah, I'm crazy -- crazy about Bud! But you just couldn't leave things as they were, could you? You had to go around, strutting your stuff, shaking that fanny of yours... holy shit!"

Lana's eyes opened wide. Her fingertip had pressed against something rubbery and unyielding.

"Holy fuckin' shit! You're cherry, aren't you? Jesus Christ! You're a fucking cherry!" She began to laugh uncontrollably, her big tits shaking in her tight red dress.

Vicki closed her eyes in shame as Lana pressed and scratched at her cherry membrane. "Bud and the guys would kill me if I busted your cherry before they got to you." She smiled when she saw the look of fear and loathing cross the redhead's face. "So, I guess I'll just have to entertain myself some other way."

She jumped off the bed and walked over to the large oak dresser, pulling a pair of scissors from off the top. Vicki's eyes widened; she could feel sharp pangs of fear once again racing up and down her spine.

Lana whirled around, a sly smile on her face. She took careful note of the look of terror on the redhead's face. She opened and closed the scissors as she walked toward the bed. Then, with one hand, she unbuttoned the bodice of her dress and shook her shoulders, letting the top fall down around her waist.

Vicki gasped at the sight of the brunette's oversized tits with their dark areolas-areolas fleshier and bigger around than she had ever seen before.

"Well? Look at these big, beautiful tits. Yours can't even compare to mine, bitch. You're nothing. Nothing." She crawled back on the bed and straddled Vicki's hips, bending low over her, pushing her large hanging tits in her face.

"Suck 'em. Suck my tits!"

"No!" Vicki said, her eyes narrowing, her nostrils flaring. "No, you fat slut!"

Lana chuckled. She reached out and grabbed a handful of shiny red hair at Vicki's temple and calmly snipped it off with the scissors. "Nooooooo!" the girl wailed as she felt the silky-soft strands fall across her chest. "Noooooo! My hair!" Vicki had always known that a great part of her appeal lay in her amazing waist-length red hair. It was shiny and luxurious, with just a hint of a wave, and it caressed her face and splashed over her shoulders like a fiery mane. Men felt they could get lost in it. It was her allure, her fortune.

Tears streamed down her face, and Lana seemed very nearly ecstatic as she observed the intense sorrow Vicki felt. "Well?"

Vicki closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, lapping it up and down the dark girl's tit, sloshing her saliva along her soft flesh.

"Not like that, bitch. With feeling. Tease my nipple! Then suck it. Kiss my tits. If you don't, you're gonna end up bald!" Lana laughed hysterically, looking down expectantly at Vicki. "Open those eyes. You hear me? Open 'em!" She grabbed another handful of Vicki's hair and yanked on it, holding the opened scissors up next to it.

Vicki opened her eyes, terrified. She looked up at Lana's huge hanging tits and felt a tremor in her stomach. Once again, she stuck out her tongue, this time, stabbing it lightly into a dark, semi-hard nipple. The texture was rubbery, but not unpleasant.

She swiped around and around the areola, testing the change in the texture of the flesh, tasting the slightly salty flavor of the sweaty skin.

"Yeeaaaah, that's better," Lana whispered, as she began to rotate her ass slightly. "Now suck!"

Vicki strained her neck up and sucked hard on the nipple.

"Aaaaaagh! Shit!" Lana groaned, the sharp exciting pleasure penetrating her brain.

She began to croon and to swivel her hips, loving the pressure, the intense sensations shooting from her nipples down to her clit.

"Oooooooh, yeah. Suck my tit. Suck it!" she gasped, reaching down to finger her clit.

Vicki sucked hard, automatically humping her crotch up as she did so, punctuating her sucking with gentle nibbles.

"Ah, God! That's it!"

Lana pulled her tits from Vicki's mouth, and, as she did so, Vicki's teeth scraped across her sensitive nipple.

"Aaaaaaah, shiiiiiit!" she groaned, twitching and writhing, cunt juice trickling down her inner thighs. "Now suck on this tit!" She poked her other tit against Vicki's closed lips.

Vicki obliged immediately, feeling somewhat comforted by the feel of the nipple between her lips, the soft tit-flesh resting against her face.

"Ah, you fuckin' bitch!" Lana gasped. She continued to stimulate her swollen clit with her thumb while she fucked two fingers up her churning pussy. "Aaaaaaah, shit, it's good!"

Vicki sucked and nibbled, bouncing her ass up and down on the bed in rhythm to her suckling rhythm. She felt a tingling down in her own cunt as she sucked the other girl's tits, felt the moistness in her pussy seeping out onto the bedspread.

"I'm gonna come, bitch! Gonna come, you fuckin' cherry cockteaser!" Lana rasped as she began to jiggle her ass and tits wildly and to spear into her cunt with brutal strokes. "Aaaaiiiieeee!"

Vicki could feel the girl's pulse nearly double as she was overtaken by a violent orgasm. And as her tormentor twitched and spasmed uncontrollably, she too felt a mild sympathetic climax pass through her cunt. She finally released Lana's tits when she felt the girl collapsing on top of her.

Vicki couldn't help envying the dark slut for the mind-boggling orgasms she was capable of experiencing. She couldn't remember ever having experienced a climax as powerful as the one she had just witnessed, where her whole body twitched and gyrated and cunt juice came streaking down her thighs. No, she knew she had never felt such sensations even though she had finger fucked herself on numerous occasions.

At last, Lana raised her head and looked closely at Vicki. "I'm not through with you, you know. Not by a long shot."

"Let me go, Lana," Vicki whispered in desperation. "I swear to God I won't tell anyone anything about this. Just let me go now, and we'll both forget this ever happened."

"Uh-uh." Lana giggled and raised herself up over Vicki's smooth, slim body. "You're gonna suck all this nice pussy-cum out my cunt. Yeah, that's what you're gonna do, honey."

"No, I'm not. I don't care what you threaten me with! I'm not gonna suck your-your..."

"Cunt. You afraid to say it?"

"I'm not a dirty, vulgar slut like you, Lana."

"Ooooooooh, yeah, I forgot. You're just a no-good, stuck-up little prick teaser, ain't you? Well, you fixed it bitch. Now, the stakes are higher. Now I want you to lick out my ass."

"You know I won't do that, you bitch."

"We'll see, honey," Lana said. Once again, she got up off the bed and headed for the dresser. This time, she opened the top drawer and pulled out some rope and carefully began to uncoil it.

"What the..."

"You'll see," Lana said, grinning. She climbed on the bed and straddled Vicki, then lifted the girl's back, running the rope underneath and doubling it so that it lay directly over her swollen nipples. Then she twisted it underneath and around again. She laughed softly as she tied a slipknot in the end, making it adjustable so that the slightest tension would tighten it.

Vicki had been struggling all this time, but Lana had slapped her once hard across the cheek, and that had so shocked and hurt the girl that she had quieted down immediately.

"Now, sweet thing," Lana said in a voice dripping with honey, "you wouldn't refuse my nice polite request again, would you? Suck my ass, Vicki -- please."

Vicki didn't move, didn't utter a sound.

"No?" Lana said. "You really shouldn't be so negative, darling." She pulled the end of the rope, and the knot slid down, tightening.

The hemp cut uncomfortably into Vicki's nipples. "Ooooooooow!" she whimpered, tears springing to her eyes. "Stop it, you pervert! That hurts!"

"Too fuckin' bad! Now, you gonna suck my ass?" Lana was pulling her confining gown the rest of the way down over hips and legs. She kicked off the dress, then her shoes. Finally, she skinned out of her panty hose and stood naked before her prisoner.

"Please, Lana... don't do this thing! You don't know what serious trouble you could be getting into. Let me go!" Vicki tried to sound cool, but her last words had a whining, frightened tone to them, and Lana knew Vicki was scared out of her wits.

For good, measure, the brunette reached down and pulled the rope tighter.

"Aaaaaaaw, God! It hurts!" Vicki screamed. Her tits bulged obscenely, the rope cutting deep into her nipples and titflesh and around her rib cage.

Lana felt a tremendous tingling in her cunt and clit at the sight. "Jesus!" she muttered as her thick pussy cream began to spatter the floor. "Jesus! I've changed my mind, bitch. Suck my cunt, and I'll leave you alone. I gotta get off! You understand?"

Lana was in a strange new world of pleasure. The intense fluttering in her stomach, the spasming in her cunt, demonstrated just how vastly turned on she was getting by torturing the sexy, bitchy little redhead.

Vicki nodded her head slowly, swallowing down her feelings of revulsion.

Lana crawled up over Vicki, turning to face her feet as she lowered her cunt slowly over her face. Before she pressed her juicy pussy down over the girl's mouth she said, "Just one thing, cunt. Since you're cherry, you probably never had anyone suck your cunt before... so I'm gonna tell you exactly what makes me feel good -- what I want you to do for me. Dig? That's a good girl. Now, first off, you kiss my big pussy lips. Then you lick down the slit..." Lana swirled her dripping cunt gash over Vicki's face. "Then you twirl your tongue around my clit and back to my fuck hole. And you stab your tongue in for awhile. Then, back to my cunt. Understand? If you don't do it right, you know what's gonna happen."

She tugged on the rope, and the knot tightened still more, causing the rope to dig cruelly into Vicki's tit-flesh, cutting off the circulation, mottling the skin.

Vicki was in such intense pain she could only whimper in response. She said a silent prayer, asking for deliverance from the overwhelming pain she was experiencing. Then, Lana's dribbling cunt pressed against her face.

Lana was so turned on that her cunt was juicing heavily, and thick drops of cunt honey were spilling onto Vicki's nose and lips. The girl coughed and sputtered at the heavy, pungent aroma of the girl's cunt juice. It smelled much different than her own pussy cream -- earthier, somehow. Then she felt the scratchy wisps of Lana's pussy hair rubbing against her face and her thick cunt flesh mashing against her lips.

"Uuuuuunnngh!" Vicki moaned. The whole thing was so revolting she was gagging, certain she would throw, up all over herself. Thick pussy cream was flowing over her mouth, and she clamped her lips tightly shut.

"Suck! Suck!" Lana growled as if from a great distance. She pulled on the rope and cinched it so tight that Vicki's tits were squeezed out of shape, the abused flesh turning an alarming red color in some spots and ghostly white in others.

Vicki thought she would pass out from the pain. Destroying the beauty of her tits, possibly scarring them for life, seemed too high a price to pay for her prideful resistance. Hesitantly at first, she began to kiss Lana's greasy cunt opening, running her tongue up and down the long pussy gash that ran from her asshole to her nubby clit.

The clit was outrageously distended, fat and slippery, pulsing with lust. She swirled her tongue around and around the grossly swollen cunt nub, teasing it into even greater stiffness.

"Uuuuuungh! Shit, yeah, yeah!" Lana screeched, twisting wildly, fucking her squirming pussy down hard on Vicki's face. "That's it, that's it!"

Vicki felt a strange sense of power over Lana even though she was manacled and chained. She had the power to bring the girl off, to send her into ecstasy, and this notion made her own pussy begin to heat up. As Lana's rough cunt hair brushed across her swollen lips and her fuck cream oozed out, Vicki felt a melting, tingling sensation in her own fuck hole.

But before she lost all sense of proportion, Vicki snapped herself back to reality. I hate this slut! she reminded herself as she swiped her tongue back up the dark girl's sleek pussy gash and stabbed it back into her cunt hole. I must never forget -- she's forcing me -- degrading me!

"God damn it! God fuckin' damn it!" Lana groaned. She was coming violently and completely. The little bitch had somehow or other managed to suck her cunt just right, much better, in fact, than Bud ever had.

Maybe it was the threat of marking up her pretty little tits, Lana mused. But she couldn't concentrate on such thoughts for long because the wrenching waves of orgasm were washing over her. She slammed down brutally on Vicki's face, squeezing her thighs against the girl's mouth so hard she practically suffocated her.

Vicki was being, deluged with tangy cunt cream. It flowed out all over her face and dribbled down her neck and chin, some of it escaping onto the bedspread. In order to breathe, she had to open her mouth wide and gasp in the air trapped between her, face Lana's sweaty crotch. And when she breathed in this way, she gulped up a load of pussy cream. The fuck juice was subtle and delicious in an off-beat, exotic way, but Vicki was too upset and frightened to think about the taste of cunt cream or the sexiness of sucking out another girl.

Lana lay heaving and groaning. She was still straddling Vicki's face, but now, her head was lowered onto the girl's abdomen. In this position, she didn't see the door swing open.

"Well, well, well. Jumping the gun a little, ain't you, you sorry slut!" Bud's voice was even, a hint of a chuckle in it. Two boys stood behind him in the doorway, their eyes wide, gathering in the lewd scene before them.

Lana slowly raised her face and tits from off of Vicki, revealing the sore, lacerated state of her prisoner's tits, tied up so tightly in the rope.

At the lewd sight of the gorgeous redhead with her tit-flesh cruelly bound up, the boys groaned with excitement and desire, their cocks hardening and swelling. At that moment, any one of them was perfectly capable of busting Vicki's cherry.

Chapter FOUR

Even Bud was surprised at the vicious way Lana had bound up Vicki's tits, but he couldn't help being excited at the sight. His prick throbbed painfully, stretching the fabric of his tight pants.

"Get off her, Lana -- now!"

Lana frowned, but immediately scrambled off the girl.

Bud, wrinkling up his nose, saw Lana's cunt juice all over the girl's face. Some of it was drying into a flaky white consistency on her forehead and hair.

"Get some water and a towel and wash that bitch off," he said.

Lana immediately left the room, attracting some attention from the other boys as they looked up and down her voluptuous body. They knew that now that Bud was interested in the red-haired chick, they could fuck Lana as much as they wanted. Up till now, it had always been strictly hands off.

"Well, well, well..." Bud said again. He walked casually up to the bed where Vicki lay trembling.

"Get away from me, you... you..."

"That's not nice, Vicki. Better not say it. That would make the second time you've insulted me, and I don't take kindly to insults -- not one little bit."

He reached out and ran his hand along her smooth belly and thighs, passing lightly over her silky red cunt hair.

"Let me go, Bud. If you let me go now, I promise I won't tell anyone what happened. Don't get yourself into more trouble than you're already in." Vicki was trying to think fast, trying to scare him but not so much that he would lose his temper and strike out at her.

"Shaddup!" he grunted, slapping her hard across the belly. "Shaddup, you cunt. You laughed at me! You treated me like a piece of shit, and now it's my turn."

Vicki held back her tears and thrust her chin out defiantly. She tried to keep, from losing her cool. She knew that might be all that saved her life.

"Listen, you -- Bud..." Her tone suddenly softened. "Someone will miss me. They'll trace me here."

"Not a chance." He smirked knowingly. "This is my dear sweet old grandmother's house," he said sarcastically. "And she's in Florida for another month. So we can keep you here a long, long time, and no one will find you. The place is on the outskirts of town. Ain't no one gonna pay your screaming any mind. No one."

He began to drag his fingers through her cunt muff, letting his blunt thumb strum her clit.

"Aaaaaah!" she gasped as his surprisingly gentle touch sent sparks of pleasure up her spine.

Just then, Lana came back in the room, a bowl and towel in her hands. She set about cleaning Vicki's forehead and neck as Bud continued to caress her pussy mound. The other boys looked on with leering expressions. They knew their turns would come.

"Bud, baby, this prick teaser is cherry!" Lana said as casually as she could, a strange gleam in her eye. "I felt it -- I felt it with my finger!"

Bud's cock gave a wild lurch at this bit of information. "Cherry, hunh?" He laughed long and loud for a minute. "Fuckin' shit, I should've known. Her walking around in them tight sweaters and clinging skirts, lookin' real sexy, walking around with them bedroom eyes, like she liked nothin' better than a slow fuck with a guy who rates... and she really didn't know nothin' about cock. Shit, that's a good one! What a stupid little fake you are, you stupid little bitch!" He had a surprisingly cheerful smile on his face. "Well, old Bud, here, is going to end all that. I'm gonna bust your cherry for you."

"No... please! Don't do... do this thing. Don't! You can't!" Vicki began to blubber. It was all true. Even though she tried like hell to look sexy, she was scared to death of being fucked.

Lana had finished cleaning up her face. Bud looked down at her intently as he unzipped his fly and kicked off his boots. He lowered his pants, and, since he wasn't wearing underwear, his prick jutted out immediately, hard and erect.

Vicki squealed in terror. She had lost all self-control. She went livid at the sight of his huge, drooling prick, his prick head so big and rubbery and menacing-looking. Her cunt contracted with fear. She couldn't imagine having something as big as that fucked into her precious cherry pussy.

"Oh my God! Please... don't do it! Please!" She was shaking with fear, tears coursing down her face. But Bud paid no attention to her outburst. Slowly, he untied the rope strangling her tits, easing it out from under her. Vicki sighed with relief.

Nude except for his shirt, Bud climbed on the bed and reached toward her. She stiffened immediately. She could feel his hard prick touching the inside, of her thigh as he worked on the rope. The hot, throbbing cock scared her to death.

She knew he would fuck her now, that it was all inevitable. But then, she kept feeling that somehow it would all turn out to be a bad dream, that it wasn't really happening. Things like this didn't happen to beautiful young prom queens who were destined for great things.

Bud threw the rope aside and began to knead her poor tortured tits. They were sore and swollen, red rope burns cuss-crossing them. Bud massaged them thoroughly, bringing back the circulation, teasing blood into the stiffening nipples.

For a moment, Vicki almost felt comfortable, soothed. But as soon as Bud saw a faintly dreamy look cross her face, he lifted his hands, lowered his head, and took a brutally deep bite into her left tit.

"Aaaaaaaaah!" she shrieked as the intense pain ripped through her jagged nerves. "Aaaaaaaah!" She writhed in agony, her ankles chafing against the manacles, the thin skin of her wrists becoming torn with her wild movements.

"Shaddup!" Bud growled. He lunged onto her other tit, sinking his teeth right into the nipple.

"Ooooooow! Aaaaaaaagh!" she screeched. The intense pain distorted her perceptions. The room seemed to be spinning around, and her head felt suddenly cold and empty. She thought she might faint.

Bud was slobbering all over her tits now, his licking and sucking punctuated periodically with cruel bites into her tender flesh.

Vicki was writhing with the sharp pains he was inflicting on her delicate flesh. The numbness left by the ropes had quickly subsided when he had kneaded her flesh, and now every nerve in her sensitive tits was receptive to the agonizing sensations he was causing to sear through her.

"Uuuuuunh, unh, unh," she groaned, squirming under his sharp teeth, pulling frantically against the chains that held her prisoner under him.

He raised his head, smiling down at her as he noted how her face contorted with pain. "Paying you back, you filthy little cock teaser, you stupid uptight bitch."

He slapped her soundly across the face, leaving a large handprint on her pale cheek. Then he began to kiss, bite, and lick farther and farther down her body, leaving small purple bruises on her abdomen and belly and on her delicately curved thighs.

She thrashed and moaned, edging closer and closer to absolute terror. "Please... ungh, oooow! Please, stop!" she begged. But she knew it was futile. It was almost as if he knew exactly how to inflict the most pain. If he had just kept biting and gouging her continually, she might have grown numb, might even have fainted.

But he had a different, more subtle approach. He would bite into her flesh savagely, causing deep shocks of pain to travel throughout her body, then he would let up, gently licking and nipping at her, soothing momentarily the bitter agony.

When he had left a trail of bruises and saliva up and down her inner thighs, he raised his head and looked back at his friends. They had all dropped their pants and were jacking on their cocks as they looked on, their attention riveted to the lewd action on the bed. Spike looked as if he were about to shoot off.

"I'm gonna fuck out her cherry now, and then... then, she's all yours, guys." He winked at them and turned back to the girl. A look of pure lust passed across his face as he gazed down at her perfection, marred only by the bruises he had left.

Vicki, knowing what was coming, knowing there was nothing that could save her, shut her eyes tightly in fear and in shame. She couldn't watch as he fucked her -- as he took away her precious cherry.

Bud's cock was bobbing before him, drooling a thick stream of pre-cum as his prick always did when he was highly aroused. Nevertheless, figuring the red-headed bitch was uptight and probably frigid to boot, he spit into his cupped hands and then spread the saliva up and down the length of his cock.

"I'm gonna fuck that tight little cherry cunt of yours," he grunted, smiling when he saw that her eyes were tightly shut. "You're gonna feel it, bitch. You're gonna feel my cock up your tight little pussy. Does that appeal to you? Hmmmmmm?"

Vicki didn't answer, but lay motionless except for the slight trembling in her legs.

"Hmmmmm?" He dragged his ragged nails across her tender cunt lips, drawing a high, sharp yipping sound from her.

"Y-yes..." she moaned.

He smiled, satisfied with her reply. He looked down as he slowly spread the lips of her little cunt. His prick jerked wildly when he got a look at her bright-pink inner pussy flesh. It sparkled only faintly, most of her cunt juice having dried up with the onset of her fear.

Vicki gulped loudly. She could feel the cold air in the room waft up her exposed fuck hole -- an eerie, scary sensation. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life.

Bud nudged his cock head up against her fuck hole, enjoying her whimpering and the frantic tremors pulsing through her torso. His cock head was much bigger than her pussy hole, and she could feel her tender pussy flesh begin to strain as he moved forward slightly, grinding a small portion of his prick knob in through her cunt opening.

"Uuuuuuunh! Noooooooo!" she screamed, unable to control herself any longer.

Bud paid her no mind except to scrape his fingernails once again across her exposed cunt lips, this time drawing a very small amount of blood.

Vicki shook convulsively, and Bud rammed forward, fucking his whole prick head into her cunt tunnel.

"Aaaaaah God!" Vicki screeched.

The biggest thing she had ever had up her cunt was a tampon, and it couldn't possibly compare in girth to Bud's huge cock head. She thought her pussy would burst, unable to stretch any farther.

"Stop it!" she cried. "You're killing me! Killing me!"

Bud groaned, the intense pressure of her writhing cunt on his cock head driving him nearly mad. "Gonna fix you, you high and mighty little tramp! Gonna fuck out your cherry! Yeah, yeah! Uuuuuuuggghhh!"

Savagely, he thrust forward, fucking his cock in hard. He felt his prick head smash through the cherry membrane stretched halfway up her cunt channel, and he nearly shot off at the fabulous new experience, ripping out a girl's cunt flesh, tearing from her carefully guarded virginity. She was his first cherry -- all the other girls he had fucked had been experienced by the time he got to them.

Vicki was thrashing her head, screaming at the top of her lungs with the sharp pain that expanded through her tortured pussy tunnel.

It was the worst sort of agony she had ever experienced. The ripping, searing sensations communicated from her injured cunt to her spine and traveled up and down her body, aching and pulsing, wringing cries and whimpers front her.

And Bud would not stop to allow the pain to subside. He was much too exhilarated. He withdrew his prick slowly from her cunt tunnel and looked down in amazement at his blood-coated prick. The blood was bright-red, but it was already beginning to congeal and grow sticky on his pulsing cock.

Spike, Lana and Mike huddled up close to get a good look at the lewd sight. Even Vicki strained against her chains to look down at the weapon that had slashed through her cherry. She winced and shivered when she saw the bright blood smeared over his enormous, obscenely swollen prick.

Spike quickly grabbed his cock by the root, so turned on at seeing the rape of the prom queen that he nearly shot off. Lana saw him do it and smiled wickedly.

Jealous of the intense desire Bud felt for Vicki, she was determined to pay him back in kind. She smiled sexily at Spike and knelt down before him, brushing away his hand from around his cock root. Then she grabbed his prick and began to lick up and down the prick shaft.

He groaned loudly, humping his groin forward as the practiced cocksucker then popped his prick in her mouth and began sucking in earnest. She glanced up at Bud and narrowed her eyes in anger when she saw that he hadn't even noticed what she was doing for his friend. He was too caught up in satisfying his lust and his need for revenge on the pretty redhead.

Without warning, Bud slammed his prick head up against Vicki's cunt once again and lunged forward, fucking his cock to the hilt up her tiny cunt channel. The blood and his precum eased the way, and almost at once his big prick head bounced off the end of her cunt tunnel.

"Aaaaaaiiiieeeee!" Vicki screamed, rattling the chains and biting down hard on her bottom lip. "Awwwwww, God!"

He had reawakened the terrible pain in her cunt, and she prayed that she could pass out now so she wouldn't have to endure any more agony.

Now Bud began fucking her in earnest, his cock squirting out a liberal supply of pre-cum as he rammed in and pulled out, rammed in and pulled out.

Vicki let loose with one long, heart-rending wail that brought goose bumps to Lana's flesh as she sucked on Spike's cock.

The pain only seemed to worsen as he fucked her internal wound raw, and his prick bounced and scraped pussy walls that had never before been touched by prick meat.

He reached up and began to twist her nipples viciously as he continued to rape her defenseless cunt. He fucked in so hard that his balls slapped noisily against her ass cheeks.

It was all becoming a whirling, nauseating nightmare of pain and excruciating sensation for Vicki. Every nerve in her body seemed to be stimulated. Every wild moment of fucking seemed drawn out beyond endurance.

"Aaaaaaiiiiiieee!" she screamed, his rough cock hair was rubbing harshly over her cunt mound as he fucked her and mauled her tits, rousing her little clit. He was sparking a series of wild, exciting sensations on top of the cruel, painful ones, and the strange mixture of torture and arousal was driving her nearly mad.

After ten minutes of the rough treatment, she was becoming numb. But through the numbness she could feel a weird tingling building in her clit. She gasped and moaned as he continued to fuck into her little cunt, only now she could feel that her pussy was creaming hotly, pouring thick cunt juice out around his fucking prick shaft and out of her cunt hole. It was as if her tortured pussy was somehow separated from her thinking mind, acting on its own, no matter what sort of mortification she was feeling.

"Uuuuuuungh! You little cunt! You're creaming, you little tight-assed cunt!" Bud grunted as he fucked faster and faster. The cum began to build up in his balls, and he knew he would shoot soon. "Fucking dirty little tight-assed bitch!" He lunged forward suddenly, unloading his heavy wad of jizz into her scratched, bleeding cunt hole.

"Aaaaaah!" Vicki screamed when she felt his hot cum shooting along her bruised cunt walls, searing her raw cunt meat.

She began shaking uncontrollably, a dizzying series of contractions erupting along her tummy, cunt and thighs. She felt wave after wave of stimulating sensation wash over her. She had climaxed. She shut her eyes in disbelief, and tears began to flow once again down her cheeks.

Bud lay over her for a moment. His cock continued to shoot out little spurts of cum as her pussy muscles involuntarily contracted around his prick shaft. He groaned at the intense suction her little cunt was exerting on his fucker.

Then, when her contractions subsided and his prick had dribbled out the last of his cum, he withdrew. He looked down at Vicki strangely. He had felt the climax overtake her, had felt her cunt cream pour out over his cock shaft. But he did not have long to contemplate. A few moments later, Spike bellowed as his own orgasm overtook him and he shot his wad in Lana's sucking, hungry mouth.

Chapter FIVE

Vicki blinked uncertainly, opening her eyes as Bud climbed off of her. She felt sweaty and slimy all over, and she could feel his thick sticky cum slowly oozing, out of her cunt hole. Please God, let it be over. Please let it be over, she prayed silently. She was exhausted and felt sick. Her tits throbbed painfully, and a dull ache pounded in her cunt.

Bud walked around the side of the bed and reached out for a handful of her long red hair.

Holding his wet sticky cock in one hand, he rubbed her hair back and forth over his prick with the other, wiping his cock off.

Vicki shuddered and closed her eyes. She couldn't bear to look at the sadistic grin on his face.

When he was finished cleaning his prick, he looked up at the others. "Guess you're next, Mike. Old Spike there looks kinda limp."

Bud had satisfied his aching lust for Vicki for the moment, and, as a good leader, he knew he had to offer the rest of his gang some of the goodies.

"Now, Mike, here, is an ass man, baby, so I think we better turn you over." He gazed down at Vicki again and chuckled softly at the sight of her fluttering eye lids.

Eagerly, Lana scooted around to the dresser and pulled out two keys. She flipped one to Mike and one to Bud.

Bud palmed the key, using it to unlock one of the manacles around Vicki's wrist, slowly sliding the heavy metal from off of her. She sighed with relief and slowly moved her wrist around, clenching and unclenching her fingers. She lowered her arm to her side, allowing the circulation to flow freely once again.

As Bud walked around to the other side of the bed to unlock the manacle around her other wrist, Mike was busy releasing her from her ankle bonds.

Sore and aching, Vicki tensed her muscles: ready to spring, ready to try to escape. Bud had said Mike liked asses. What did he mean? Ass-fucking! That was for real perverts, and she could never, never in a million years, accommodate a prick up her little shitter. No, far better that she at least try to escape from these insane rapists. They might end up killing her if she didn't get away.

As she felt the last of the heavy metal bonds falling away from her flesh, she made her move. She lurched up and bounced off the end of the bed, crushing into Spike. She hadn't reckoned on the tight, cramped condition her legs were in, and she collapsed not far from the doorway, desperately scrambling to get back to her feet, to make a break for it.

"You fucking bitch!" Spike threw himself on top of her, biting deeply into the soft flesh in the back of her neck. "Mmmmmmmmmm, just wait till it's my turn to fuck you, you bitch." He didn't really sound angry -- he was enjoying the feel of her flesh rubbing against his.

He had her nailed to the floor with his weight, and he was humping his groin into her ass, smoothing his hands along her flanks.

Vicki began to cry again, the hopelessness of her situation overcoming her.

"Get off that little slut!" Bud commanded as he and Mike walked over to the pair.

Spike lifted himself off reluctantly, and Mike and Bud grabbed her arms and feet, swinging her between them like a hammock.

They heaved her onto the bed on her belly and set to work once again locking her wrists and ankles into the manacles. This time her tight curvy little ass was exposed, her mauled tits crushed beneath her into the bed.

"Will you look at that ass!" Mike rasped as he stepped back from the bed to get a better view of the girl's perfect, high, rounded little ass and her long smooth thighs. "Mmmmmmm, gonna love fucking that work of art!"

He began jerking on his prick as he watched Vicki writhe in terror. He could see the muscles in her sweet little ass clenching and unclenching.

"Oh, God, please! Please don't! No one -- no one's ever gone near my ass -- you'll kill me!" Vicki whimpered, shaking furiously now.

She was terribly vulnerable in this position, with her legs spread wide, her ass and entire crotch exposed to the view of the boys. She felt fear, yet at the same time she could feel that she was aroused. Her nipples were hard and tingly. Her cunt was churning pussy cream down her thighs.

Maybe the body reacts to fear in exactly same way as it does to sexual excitement, she thought briefly. But then she jerked violently as she felt a hand smooth its way down her ass, slicing into her ass crack.

"Uuuuuuuungh!" she grunted, a cold sweat breaking out on her forehead and tits. "No! No!"

"You know, Mike, this bitch is an uptight little prick teaser, and I think I better warm her up for you a little bit before you try to fuck her," Bud said.

He picked his pants up off the floor and began to slide his leather belt from the loops.

"Yup. Gonna have to warm that little ass of hers up a little."

Mike gave in to Bud as he always did. He took his hand out of Vicki's warm, slippery little ass cleft and stepped back, his cock jerking and lurching as much at the prospect of seeing Bud punish the girl as from touching her flesh.

Bud coiled the belt in his hand, pulling tightly on it. "Well, little bitch -- you want old Mike, here, to fuck your ass, don't you?"

"No!" Vicki cried, wrenching her head up, trying to look at them all over her shoulder.

Bud quickly drew back and then flicked his wrist, sending the end of the belt whizzing out till it slapped hard against the soft mound of her left ass cheek.

"Aaaaaaaiiiiieeee!" she hollered, the stinging pain flashing throughout her body.

There was a burning sensation where the belt had hit her ass, and she knew a welt was forming there. With very little pause, Bud lashed out again, hitting Vicki's right ass cheek this time.

"Uuuuuuuuunngh! Shiiiiiit!" she cried, wrenching and spasming, shaking the chains that bound her manacled wrists to the bedposts.

"You want your ass fucked, don't you? You wanna feel Mike's big cock up that smelly shitter of yours, right?"

Vicki did not reply. She simply cringed, waiting for the slap of the belt, the fiery sting, the dull ache.

"Answer me, you little cunt!" Bud sent the whip hissing toward her tender ass flesh once again, this time laying it across both cheeks, stinging and burning the area around her ass crack.

"Jesus Christ! Eeeeeegh!"

Through the curtain of pain, Vicki could feel another sensation, and she almost fainted from sheer shock. The bed beneath her was soaked with her pussy cream. Her cunt was pumping the stuff out as if she were actually enjoying the degrading pain and punishment.

She clenched her eyes shut and moaned, the searing pain once again blocking all thoughts from her mind. She was churning her hips from side to side, trying to evade the cruel sting of the whip, unconsciously mashing her blood-engorged clit into the bed.

"Son of a bitch! I think she likes it!" Mike said shrilly, as he grabbed his cock at the root in order to stop the flow of hot jizz that was building in his balls, ready to erupt.

He had detected the sensual thrusting of the girl's crotch into the bed and the wet, gleaming pussy cream which was dribbling out into her ass crack.

"Shit, let me fuck her, man! Let me fuck her!" Mike gasped, his raging lust becoming uncontrollable.

"Yeah man, yeah," Bud puffed as he shot the belt out once more, his prick hardening each time he heard the crack of leather against her flesh, saw the chained girl squirm and shriek. "She's almost ready, man. Gotta... unh... warm her up some more."

The belt shot out again and again, leaving welts and angry criss-crossing lines across Vicki's ass. She was delirious with pain, fear and anger, and her body felt hot, sweaty and flushed. A strange sort of excitement was building up within her. Her heart was racing rapidly, her muscles were clenching and unclenching, her cunt and ass were throbbing furiously, and her cunt continued to churn out thick gooey cunt cream. She passed in and out of consciousness.

"Now, Mike, now!" Bud grunted, tossing the belt tp the floor. His prick was hard and pulsing once again, and he wanted desperately to see his friend fuck his big cock up the defenseless girl's ass.

Mike quickly got into position over Vicki, his sweaty, chest pressing down on her lower back, his big prick head nudged up against the crack of her ass.

A series of thrilling pulses and shudders traveled up Vicki's ass to her cunt and tits when she felt his hard rubbery prick head pressed up against her ass. She was helpless. Her heart skipped a beat, and her cunt spasmed wildly. Her naked, flaming-red ass ached with the punishment she had received.

"Wait," Lana said. "Let me squeeze this up her asshole first. It should give her quite a ride." She had a small half-empty tube in her hand. She giggled. "It's a lube -- mentholated. Should be quite a thrill for the little slut!" She stepped forward, grinning widely. "Come on, open those pretty little cheeks."

Mike was impatient. His cock was already dribbling out pre-cum, and, with the touch of the girl's soft ass flesh against his prick head, he was more than ready to lunge in and fuck her little ass.

He dug his finger into Vicki's ass and spread her cheeks wide, exposing her pinkish-brown asshole. Vicki clenched her ass tightly as she felt the cold air, but Lana ruthlessly stabbed the tube up her ass and squeezed.

"Uuuuuuunngh!" A cold, tingling sensation flooded her shitter and made her buck up, titillating the nerve endings in her ass channel.

"Jesus! Look at her squirm!" Bud groaned, his eyes widening.

Lana removed the tube and stepped back, gently patting Mike on the shoulder.

"Aw, yeah," he groaned as he nudged her now-sloppy asshole with his aching cock.

Once again, Vicki felt the strange fluttering sensations traveling up her shit hole and somehow spreading to her cunt and clit. She was hovering very close to some sort of release, every nerve and muscle straining, swollen with need.

Maybe I'll just pass out, she thought, hoping she would not have to be conscious to endure the torture of being fucked by Mike's big cock.

"Shit!" Mike gasped as he pushed forward, his hands still roughly pulling her ass cheeks apart.

"Noooooooo!" Vicki screeched, as he lunged forward and, his big rubbery cock head fucked in past the rim of her clenching asshole. "Eeeeeeegh!"

The pain was outrageous. His thick prick head pushed against the walls of her ass, rubbing the mentholated lube into them and sending cool, ticklish sensations up her ass tunnel.

She clenched and unclenched her hands, straining her muscles against the manacles and chains. Her toes curled, and her tendons flexed. And her release was upon her. The heavy pressure of the boy's cock head had been the final straw, had burst the dam and released the waves of passion and sensation. She wriggled and moaned, cried out and bucked up, fucking more of her ass on his prick meat.

She shuddered from head to foot and screamed till her throat was raw. Her ass chute was milking at Mike's cock, and she could hardly stand it. He began to fuck in and out of her ass violently. The lube caused prickly, thrilling sensations in his cock tube. He was nearly insane, nearly overloaded with stimulation.

Vicki's orgasm subsided, leaving her whimpering and shuddering, feeling suddenly cold and empty. But she was far from empty, she soon realized. Mike was brutally fucking his cock in and out of her asshole, bottoming out and brushing the sensitive tissue at the end of her ass tunnel. It hurt terribly.

Vicki moaned and cried, clenching her teeth, pushing her face into the bed to stifle her screams as he fucked in and withdrew repeatedly.

She thought she was going to die. She thought he would stretch her asshole to the breaking point, and then her ass would split and she would bleed to death. "Oh, God! Save me! Please, I'll never... never do anything uhhg... bad again. Aaaarrrgh!"

Mike's cock swelled up even more now as he prepared to shoot his heavy load up her bruised shitter. The strain of his prick meat against her battered, shit-streaked ass canal was more than she could bear.

She lost consciousness just as the spurts of Mike's cum invaded her ass. The sudden warmth of his high-powered jizz, tingling with the mentholated lube caused such a foaming, steaming reaction that she overloaded and descended into darkness.

Wad after wad of Mike's greasy jizz shot into Vicki's asshole, and the boy humped and groaned and cursed and, bellowed as his prolonged climax continued. He scratched Vicki's wounded ass with his ragged fingernails, but the girl was mercifully unable to feel it.

Then, just as she surfaced again to consciousness, Mike's spent prick still embedded in her flooded ass, Bud yanked her face up. He had wedged himself between her head and the headboard, and he was holding his incredibly swollen prick right before her eyes. "Open your mouth! Hurry! Now!" he commanded.

Without really thinking, Vicki did as he said. He fucked his cock inside, and, as her lips closed around his prick shaft, he came, his prick belching great steaming wads of jism down her throat. She nearly choked as she began to swallow furiously, drinking down the salty-tasting fuck juice.

Bud groaned and sighed as he pumped and fucked. He had gotten so turned on whipping her and watching her ass get fucked that he had built up a huge load of steaming jizz.

When his prick trickled out its last drops of cock cream, Vicki instinctively opened her mouth and his prick slid out.

She had never been so disgusted in her life. She wanted to throw up, but she was afraid that if she did, they would punish her all over again. She let her head flop back onto the bed and groaned with despair. She wanted to die.

Chapter SIX

They sat around the bedroom, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. The heater was on, so they were content to stay naked. Lana was sitting on Bud's lap, alternately taking a sip from her can of beer and nibbling at his ear.

Vicki lay just as they had left her -- facedown, her legs and arms manacled and chained. She could feel the cum and pussy cream that had dried on her asshole, thighs, and cunt. A few dried globs remained on her chin from when Bud had come in her mouth.

She was miserable when they had finished with her, she had begged them to let her go, but they had refused. They had gone to the kitchen, gotten some beer, and spent the next twenty minutes guzzling it and insulting her.

And not only did the manacles chafe at her wrists, but her ass was really smarting from the brutal whipping and fucking she had received. And she desperately had to take a piss. She had drunk a lot of punch at the prom before she had been kidnapped, and her bladder was full. She was afraid she would wet the bed and then have to lie in her own stinking piss.

She sighed and summoned up enough courage to speak. "I have to go to the bathroom," she said, cringing, expecting them to jeer at her and hurt her some more.

Bud lowered the can of beer from his mouth. "What did you say, cunt?"

Vicki took a deep breath. "I have to go to the bathroom."

To her amazement, none of them laughed at her or said anything obscene.

"Lana, take care of her," Bud said, returning to his beer.

Lana got up off his lap and collected the keys from the dresser top, along with a switchblade knife. "Don't try anything funny, Vicki, or I just might mess up that pretty face of yours," she said.

Vicki winced. She hadn't the strength to attempt escape even if she had been brave enough to try again. Lana unlocked the manacles and set down the keys. With the knife still in her hand, poised for action, she helped Vicki sit up and then step down onto the floor.

"Uuuuuungh," Vicki groaned, every muscle in her body aching as she moved, her ass throbbing with pain.

She put her arm around Lana's shoulder for support, and Lana walked her, out into the hall, then a few steps forward toward the bathroom. Then, she helped lower Vicki onto the toilet seat.

Vicki was so tense it took her a few moments to relax her muscles enough to start pissing. Slowly, the warm yellow piss began to trickle into the toilet bowl, but the stream stopped immediately when she saw the three boys crowded into the doorway.

"Don't mind us," Bud said, another can of beer in his hand.

Vicki just stared at him in disbelief. Her bladder was so sore it was distended. She simply had to piss.

"Crouch over that seat and let us watch you pee," he rasped. "If you don't, we'll make you drink your own piss."

Vicki gagged. Tears began to roll down her checks. She knew that he meant what he said. They were all staring at her, watching her perform the most private of acts.

Her heart started pounding violently. They were watching her... watching her do something dirty. Her cunt wrenched. Her nipples hardened and stood stiffly out from her tits.

Oh God! Save me... save me from these monsters! she kept praying over and over again. She kept hoping this was all a bad dream, that she would wake up safe and warm and clean in her neat little bedroom back home.

"Better hurry up, cunt," Bud said menacingly.

Vicki gripped the sink top, which was right next to the toilet seat. Then, carefully balancing, she placed her left foot on one side of the toilet seat and her right foot on the other. She lowered her ass, and her cunt and clit were clearly visible through the wisps of her red cunt hair.

She consciously relaxed her muscles again, but she could not control the wild spasming and fluttering in her stomach. She felt as if she were on a roller coaster, making the crest and plunging downward. She was excited.

Slowly, she started pissing again, the warm liquid splashing in the toilet bowl beneath her. The boys watched closely, their cocks jerking and wagging slightly, not getting very hard. But their eyes glinted with lewd pleasure as they watched the humiliated girl piss.

When she had finished, she looked up at them. She hated them, wanted to kill them. She thought that if she had a gun handy, she would not hesitate to mow them down.

She started to move to get down off the seat, but Bud held up his hand. "No, stay there -- in exactly that same position. Now jack yourself off."

"You son of a bitch!" she spat, continuing to move off of the seat.

But brought the hand behind his back forward. He was holding the leather belt. He flicked sharply, so that it just missed her.

Vicki cowered, huddling back down on the seat. She refused to look at them as she began to jack off. She leaned her back against the toilet seat cover and tank for support and reached down with one hand, spreading her cunt lips wide and revealing her already swollen little clit bud.

The boys gazed intently at her, cupping their balls and stroking their cocks. They had drunk a lot of beer and their bladders were full, so they could not get hard-ons, but they were aroused, nonetheless.

Vicki began to slide the index finger of her other hand up and down her greasy pussy slot, shaking free some droplets of piss that had caught in her cunt bush.

Touching her cunt slot and her clit just naturally turned her on, but she didn't want to be turned on in front of these animals. She could have cried from the shame of it all. Stopping her diddling as spasms of pleasure shook her, she hunched down, waiting for the punishment.

"Keep it up!" Bud barked hoarsely, flicking the belt so that it slapped against her shins this time.

Back and forth she fucked her finger through her pussy gash, touching her asshole briefly, then sliding toward her pulsing cunt nut.

"Uuuuuuuungh-unh-unh," she grunted as she felt her clit vibrating from the wonderful stimulation.

They were watching her, taking in every movement she made. Just thinking about them watching made her heart race and her cunt churn. She blushed with shame and lust. She was confused. Her body reacted naturally to her probing and prodding, and yet she despised it all, wished she were dead.

Her pussy cream gushed over her hand, and she fucked two fingers up her fuck hole -- her fuck hole which was no longer cherry, which had betrayed her, which had provided pleasure for these scum watching her.

"Uuuuuungh, ummmmm, aaaah," she moaned, her thighs spasming, her asshole jerking, the remaining menthol lube reactivating and exciting her.

"Yeah, shit! Fuck yourself, whore!" Mike gasped as he watched her through slitted eyes.

She pressed down on her clit with her thumb and mashed her clit around and around as she continued to stab her finger up her aching cunt, bringing back some of the pain she had felt when her cherry had been busted.

"Uuuuungh, ungh, aaaargh!" she grunted. She was swollen all over with lust -- even her eyelids and lips looked puffy. She had worked herself up to the brink of a mind-boggling orgasm.

Yet she didn't want to come, didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing her go over the edge. She pumped and diddled, spiraling upwards toward her inevitable orgasm as they watched silently, the sight too dirty and erotic for words.

"Aaaaaannnggghh!" she shrieked at last as a nerve-shattering orgasm slammed through her body. She jiggled and spasmed, nearly losing her balance. She heard the plop, plop, plop of her heavy cunt cream splashing into the toilet. At last, she sat back on her heels, completely spent and humiliated.

This movement seemed to rouse the others from their voyeuristic stupor.

"You ain't done yet, slut," Bud said, smirking at her. "Get off that toilet. Now."

Vicki looked up at him, hate flashing from her eyes. Unsteadily, she got off the toilet seat.

"Get in the tub."

She did as he said.

"Now you get to watch us piss, and feel it, too!"

Suddenly, she knew what they were going to do. "Nooooooo!" she wailed. She began to scramble out of the tub, but Bud pushed her down viciously.

She crashed against the cold porcelain.

Before she had a chance to recoil from him, he was standing over her, his prick aimed right at her tits. He let loose with a stream of pungent warm piss that splattered all over her tits and splashed down her belly and crotch.

"Aaaaaauuuugggghhhh!" she screeched, totally nauseated by the attack. She began to scream hysterically, her frayed nerves giving out. "Auuuuuuggggh! Noooooooo!"

Mike stepped up to the tub and let loose with a stream of piss, too. It splashed the side of her head, wetting her hair down. The stench of the piss overwhelmed her. She shut her eyes just as Spike's piss jetted forth and splattered against her forehead.

She could not even open her mouth to scream for fear of getting a mouthful of the rancid beer-laden piss.

"Uuuuuuunnng! Iiiiinghhh!" she grunted. She whipped from side to side in the tub, her ass slipping and sliding on the piss.

"Turn over! Stick that ass of yours in the air!" Bud commanded.

Vicki did exactly as he said in order to protect her cunt and face. But the change of position titillated the boys, and they immediately aimed their streams of piss at her injured, welt covered ass, and she felt the warm streams of piss sear into her wounds. Her clit began vibrating violently at this latest humiliation, and she cried and prayed as yet another orgasm overtook her. The orgasms themselves were becoming punishments, creeping up on her, destroying her self-respect, forcing her to acknowledge her own depravity. She sobbed steadily, her long red hair, matted and steaming with the sickly sweet odor of piss, coiling like wet hemp on the bottom of the bathtub.

At last, the rivers of piss ran dry, and the boys stepped back to enjoy their handiwork -- to stare at the whimpering, piss-soaked prom queen -- the high-and-mighty ball buster who was now wallowing in their piss.

Vicki began to shiver, a draft from the hallway rushing over her as she huddled down in the tub, wet and stinking.

"Wait, it's my turn," Lana said, stepping forward putting her empty beer can down on the edge of the sink.

Vicki looked up in horror and disbelief. "L-Lana... you wouldn't... you wouldn't do that to me, too?"

Lana smiled and stepped into the tub. She squatted over the girl, who had ducked her head down, forming herself into a ball.

"Aaaaaah," Lana sighed as she began to piss directly over the girl's flanks. Even Bud was shocked as he watched the brunette squatting and pissing over the degraded prisoner, totally uninhibited about performing the lewd act in front of them.

Suddenly, he realized that she was someone to be reckoned with and kept in line, too. Still, it was very arousing to watch her humiliating Vicki that way, hunching her crotch back and forth as she drenched her.

When Lana had finished, she bent down and rubbed Vicki's face in some piss that had puddled by her head.

"Uuuuuuung... bbllllp!" Vicki gagged. She reached out blindly and tore at Lana, leaving a deep scratch along the girl's right tit.

"Shiiiiiiiiit! You little monster!" Lana screamed, and kicked her brutally in the ass, reawakening the bitter hurt left there by the belt.

"Aaaaaiiiiiieeee!" Vicki screamed, slipping and sliding some more along the bottom of the tub.

"That's enough, Lana," Bud said, shaking his head. "You're a real bitch, ya know? Now clean her up good and bring her back into the bedroom. I ain't gonna fuck no chick that smells like piss!"

Chapter SEVEN

Lana had her switchblade poised in readiness as she ushered Vicki back into the bedroom. She had drawn the redhead a bath and soaped and rinsed her body and hair, cleaning her with surprising gentleness and thoroughness.

Vicki now looked clean and flushed, and she smelled strongly of lavender soap. But her heart sank when she glanced at the bed. The manacles and chains were arranged differently, and she knew that they had prepared yet another torture for her.

She cringed and tried to take a few steps back, but she felt the point of the blade nudge her back lightly.

She swallowed hard and stepped forward.

"That's a good girl," Bud said, grinning. "We have a special surprise for you, baby, and we just know you're gonna love it."

Vicki felt too weak to reply. She wished she could somehow melt down and seep between the cracks of the floor, like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. She whimpered and began shivering uncontrollably.

"Cat got your tongue? Well, don't worry, we'll have you howling and screaming -- with pleasure, of course -- in no time at all."

Bud grabbed her roughly and threw her onto the bed. All four chains were attached to the bedposts by the headboard now, two on each post.

Before she had a chance to utter her protest, Spike and Mike had grabbed her wrists and locked them into the two lower manacles. She began to kick and thrash wildly.

"Stop it! Stop it!" she cried. "Haven't you had enough? What more can you possibly do to me?"

But she could feel that strange, wrenching, fluttery feeling begin to creep over her from deep in her bowels.

"Stop it!" she wailed again as Bud grabbed one ankle and Lana the other. She thrashed and bucked, kicking Lana in the tit hard, but they eventually secured their grips on her and pulled her, legs back so that she was jackknifed, her knees over her chin, her ass lewdly exposed.

They slammed the upper manacles around her ankles and so she was locked, into an uncomfortable shoulder stand, practically immobilized. Every time she jerked or squirmed, the chains clanked loudly, frightening her, making her predicament all the more alarming.

"Please..." she said very softly. "Please don't do this thing... please."

Bud threw his head back and laughed. Then he reached forward and stuck his index finger into her cunt, pulling it out, covered with thick, sticky cunt cream.

"Sure -- you really hate, it don't ya, bitch!" They all guffawed, seeing the evidence of Vicki's desire. "That's why you're creaming so hot and heavy -- 'cause you really hate it."

Vicki, filled with shame and loathing, blushed a deep scarlet. She bared her teeth and hissed, just like a cornered cat.

"Well, ain't she the wild one," Spike said. He had picked up an extra length of chain, and he now tossed it to Bud, a strange glint in his eye.

"Spike, here, really hasn't had much of a chance to fuck you, so in all fairness, we oughta give him a turn, don't you think? What? No smart answer this time, doll? You're slipping, babe."

Bud was winding and unwinding the chain around his left hand, pulling on it occasionally as if testing its strength.

"But hey," he continued, "don't worry. We thought of something to make it extra exciting for you." He looked down at the chain, then back up at the girl. "Gonna ream your sweet little ass with some nice cold, metal."

"No -- you can't mean that! You wouldn't... Jesus Christ!" Vicki gasped, a cold clammy sweat oozing from her pores.

"Yeah, and Mike here'll do the honors while you suck my cock and Spike fucks your pussy. That sure oughta keep you occupied, you little slut!"

Lana laughed uproariously at this, licking her lips in anticipation.

Vicki knew her protests were in vain. She was beginning to realize that the more she complained, the more she whimpered and screamed, the more they enjoyed it. She was foolishly egging them on.

She resolved not to give them any more of that sort of pleasure. She went as limp as possible and stared up at the ceiling, trying to hypnotize herself into numbness by concentrating on one spot and not letting anything interfere with that concentration.

"Aaaaaaiiiiieeee!" she screeched.

A cold metal object was being pressed up against her tender, sore asshole. She clenched her shit hole shut and tore her gaze from the ceiling.

"Thought that might get your attention," Bud chuckled. He was pressing the first link of the chain against her asshole, not really trying to push it inside, just rubbing it back and forth against her tiny ass pucker.

Vicki gritted her teeth and clenched her hands into fists. She would not let him stick that thing up her ass.

"Hey, bitch, make it easy on yourself loosen up, or it's really gonna hurt!"

He reached down and, with his thumb and forefinger, pried her ass ring open. With his other hand, he jammed the first link of the chain up the redhead's tight ass canal.

"Aaaarrrgggghhhh! Jessssus!" she howled, the cold, hard foreign object scraping and stretching her ass almost beyond endurance.

"God help meeeeee!" she wailed, bucking and crying as the excruciating pain bored through her ass guts.

"I think she likes it!" Spike said sarcastically, smirking evilly.

But Bud didn't laugh in reply. He was staring, fascinated, at Vicki's face, contorted grotesquely with pain. Then he gloried in the sight of her writhing, clenching asshole with the length of chain protruding from her ass pucker.

His cock jerked and throbbed, dripping a huge amount of clear, slimy pre-cum. He changed his mind about letting the others have her.

"Though you were better than me, huh, bitch?" He jammed another link up her ass, and she stiffened immediately, the pain so unbearable that it froze her in place. Her eyes rolled up in their sockets as wave after wave of agony engulfed her.

This is it, she thought. I'm gonna die now. I'm gonna die for sure. She swallowed with difficulty, and even that slight movement caused jolts of electric-like pain to travel from her shitter up her spine.

"Think your shit don't stink, huh, Vicki? Still think you're hot shit? Fuck you!" he rasped, then fucked two more links up her tortured asshole.

He smiled with satisfaction as he watched the blood drain from her face, as he saw her swoon then come back to painful consciousness once again.

"I'm ready to fuck you now, you stupid little cunt. Ready to fuck you!" He delighted in the fact that the others were watching, that they would get tuned on and then, when he was finished, would take their turns fucking the bitch, using whatever special equipment appealed to them.

Vicki lay stiff and chalk-white, the cruel, sharp pains streaking up her ass and spine whenever she made the slightest movement. The hard, cold metal fucked up her shitter gave her a feeling of urgency -- as if she would lose control and shit all over the bed at any moment. Her lip trembled as Bud mounted her, aiming his cock at her dry, contracted cunt.

His cock head was spewing pre-cum, providing enough lube for him to fuck into her little pussy with little difficulty.

Vicki merely grunted when she felt his thick rubbery prick head, invade her fuck hole. Otherwise, she showed no reaction, trying desperately not to move, not to grind the torturing chain around in her ass canal. Bud eased forward until his entire cock shaft was embedded in her cunt.

"Aaaaaaah! That's fuckin' good, you little cunt! Real nice. Now move that ass! Move it!" He slapped her across her tits, and she bucked involuntarily.

The torment in her ass increased, but he kept fucking her, hitting her, goading her on. And she had to move, the pain increasing, the heat rising.

"Uuuuuunnngh! Unnngh!" she grunted as he fucked his prick in, then withdrew, over and over. He slapped her tits repeatedly with the back of his hand, tearing into her in a rhythmic pattern so she knew exactly when the slap was coming. The slap was always followed by a lunge of his prick and a tearing, searing sensation in her ass.

On and on the fucking and slapping went until Vicki fell into the rhythm of it, purposely humping up so she could feel the grinding hurt of the metal and the lash of his cock. Then she would fall back as his prick withdrew and the pressure lightened.

She didn't think, only reacted. The pain, the pressure, the withdrawal and release began to melt into one overwhelming sensation -- a sensation that was building and building.

The fucking tempo increased as Bud fucked into her cunt mercilessly, slapping her flanks. Every once in a while, he would twist the end of the chain that protruded from her battered ass, intensifying the gripping spasms in her cunt and bowels.

"Uuuuungh-un-uuuuuuungh!" she grunted, following his lead, sensing the right moves to make, rolling back and forth, rattling the chains, approaching a wild state of delirium.

Bud felt the tell-tale churning in her cunt. Her pussy walls grasped his enormous cock and milked his prick shaft, exerting intense pressure on his fucker. Huge amounts of cunt cream now lubricated her cunt tunnel and dripped dawn the root of his cock to his groin. She was close, he knew -- very close.

"Give it to her! Knock the shit out of her! Fuck that stuck-up bitch!" Lana was gasping aver and over as she passionately finger fucked herself.

But Bud held on, waiting for exactly the right moment. Having come earlier, he was able to control his own release, putting it off till he had completely humiliated her, made her feel the pleasure of his cock, and, at the same time, realize the depth of her own depravity, realize that she was just like the rest of them -- an animal, a sweaty, lust-filled animal.

"Aaaaarrrgh! Shit!" she groaned, thrashing from side to side on the bed.

Bud's cock swelled even bigger, and his ball sac tightened even more around his cum-laden balls. Now is the time, he thought. Now is the time.

Vicki was out of her mind, caught up in the fuck rhythm, overtaken by the mind-boggling blend of pain and pleasure that gripped her body. She was not consciously aware of the astounding orgasm that was beginning to burst through her flesh.

"Aaaaaaagh! Nooooooo!" she screeched as she began to go over the edge.

Bud felt his balls contract. His hot jizz was traveling up the core of his cock shaft at precisely the same instant as she wailed with the onset of her climax. As a thick, oily wad of cum jetted out of his piss slit, he reached down and began to yank the chain out of Vicki's ass.

"Aaaaaargh! Eeeeeeggggh!" she shrieked, blasts of bright color exploding behind her eyes, intense bursts of heat, pleasure, pain and release converging on her all at once.

Bud had never been so excited in his life. He kept shooting hot jizz up Vicki's spasming pussy, slapping her tits with one hand, grasping the shit-caked chain with the other.

When his climax had at last subsided, he looked down at the battered prom queen and smiled with deep satisfaction.

She had said nothing to him, but defeat was written across her face and her limp body.

He had made her do unspeakable things, had invaded and degraded every inch of her body. And she hated herself; she wanted to die. This much he knew. He also knew he had given her the most fabulous orgasm of her life.

He got up off her, the chain still in his hand. "She's all yours," he said to the others. "I'm hungry." With that, he headed toward the kitchen.

Spike already had the pliers ready. He had had to wait feverishly as Bud went against the plan and fucked the girl's cunt. Now he was more than ready to vent his passion. He mounted the semi-conscious girl immediately, fucking his prick into her reamed-out ass. Then he leaned forward, clamped the pliers around her swollen pink nipple, and began to twist hard.

She screamed in pain, and Spike smiled and sighed, fucking his cock deep in her ass. For nearly twenty minutes, he fucked in, then withdrew, applying the steady, excruciating pressure of the pliers to each tit in turn.

Slowly, Vicki became numbed to the pain. When he finally shot his load up her ass and removed the pliers from her tits, he demanded that she lick his ass and tell him how good it tasted, how much she worshipped and adored him.

She did exactly as he demanded, so broken down, so racked with pain that she knuckled under to all of his demands.

For another hour and a half they tormented her. They fucked a wine bottle up her cunt, screwing it around unmercifully. Then Mike fucked her mouth hard, pulling her hair and bruising her lips.

And Lana who had waited patiently while the boys raped and ravaged the girl, provided the finishing touch. She brought out the scissors she had used previously and methodically clipped away the luxurious red locks that had contributed so much to Vicki's beauty.

Vicki wailed and blubbered as she felt the snip, snip, snip of the scissors, felt the fine wisps of her silky hair float down her back and over her tits.

Chapter EIGHT

Her girlfriends whispered behind her back. The boys leered at her more openly now. And even her parents' friends treated her differently. They were constantly giving her pitying looks, talking to her in subdued tones. At first, she hated it, but then it began to amuse her.

What a difference that one hot spring night had made! Bud and his gang had bundled her back into her tattered prom gown when they were done with her and had driven her to Central Park. Bud had threatened to go after her brother if she ever told anyone what had happened after she disappeared from the prom. Then he and Spike unceremoniously dumped her in a heap on the dew-laden grass and drove off.

The cops found her an hour later, unconscious. They rushed her to the hospital, where she was kept under observation for a week. Then she rested for a week at home. By that time, the school term was over, and summer vacation had begun.

She had told the cops that a motorcycle gang had kidnapped her and gang-raped her, so they had made her look through hundreds of mug shots. But she had told them she couldn't identify anyone.

She didn't know why she protected Bud and his gang. She just couldn't bring herself to tell the truth.

When she was feeling fit and rested again, she went to a beauty parlor and had her ragged red hair permed and styled, and she emerged with a fiery mop of wild thick curls. She looked more beautiful than ever. She felt like a different person. Her walk had a new sensual sway to it, her eyes had a mysterious depth to them.

And she was restless all the time. She spent hours in her room, finger fucking her horny cunt and twisting her fat nipples brutally. Her fantasies were violent and sexual. Sometimes she would wake up crying in terror, sometimes moaning with sexual need.

Finally, she decided to try to get back together with Sam Tomlin. He had, come to visit her in the hospital, but he had acted strangely, as if it were his fault that she had been kidnapped and raped. But now, she decided to make the first move. She had lost her cherry. What was the point of not fucking Sam now? She couldn't stand the emptiness in her pussy.

She stood at Sam's front door, dressed in a skimpy halter-top and tight cut-off denims. The lines of her beautiful ass were revealed in the close-fitting shorts, and her cute, pert tits thrust out invitingly through the thin fabric of the halter.

She rang the doorbell again. Sam, wearing a pair of red gym shorts, answered the door.

"My God -- Vicki!" he gasped. He swab lowed and stared at her. His cock gave, an immediate lurch as he took in the sight of her gorgeous body, so fabulously revealed, her beautiful face so nicely framed in her cap of tight red curls. "God, you look great!"

"Thanks," she replied. "May I come in? Are you busy?"

"Er, no... I was just working out. Uh come on in. My folks are out golfing, so we have the place to ourselves."


She walked into the living room with him and without ceremony plopped into the nearest chair. She scrunched over as far as she could and patted a spot next to her.

Sam looked at her strangely, but walked over and sat down.

The smell of his sweat and the nearness of his large muscular body excited Vicki. Her cunt began to squirm and churn, and thick oily cunt cream began to ooze out.

She glanced down at Sam's crotch and saw a big cock bulge there. She sighed and placed her hand on his tanned, muscular thigh. He jerked back in surprise, then smiled at her.

"You know, Sam, I've been doing a lot of thinking since -- well, you know -- since the prom... I know I've been an awful prick tease in the past, and, well, uh, I'd like to make it up to you."


"God, Sam, I really dig you, you know. And, and... I'm horny as hell!"

Sam's eyes opened wide. He couldn't believe the change that had come over Vicki. He had always been really hung-up on her fabulous looks, but in the past he'd thought of her as sort of a spoiled brat and, underneath all her sexy appearance, pretty prim and proper.

With a sly smile on her face, she unzipped her cut-offs and slid her hand down through her curly cunt bush, probing her finger through her cunt lips. She wasn't wearing panties.

Sam's eyes popped. His cock sprang up, tenting the loose material of his shorts. "Jesus Christ!" he groaned.

He grabbed Vicki and tore her halter off, ripping the tie straps. Her firm tits jiggled invitingly on her chest as he threw the torn garment to the side. Immediately, he lowered his head and began to suck one of her hard, pointy nipples into his mouth.

"Aaaaaaaah, God, yes!" Vicki gasped, the wonderful stabs of pleasure beginning to race through her tits and spine again. Her cunt was creaming, and her little clit was already expanding, filling with blood.

As he sucked and nibbled at her tit-flesh, she awkwardly began to skin her tight shorts down her thighs, completely exposing her juicy, horny pussy.

"Oh, Jesus, yeah!" Sam rasped, overwhelmed by his sudden good fortune. "Jesus Christ! You're fuckin' hot. You're fuckin' beautiful!"

He mauled her tits and began to kiss up her neck, leaving little purple hickies here and there as he sucked hard.

Vicki was humping up at him, undulating her hips, trying to push her furry little cunt mound against his strong muscular thigh. Stimulation! She desperately needed stimulation.

"Harder, harder!" she gasped, pressing her hands over his, trying to get him to dig harder into her tit-flesh, to scratch the soft silkiness of her lovely, sloping tit.

With her other hand, she lowered the waistband of his gym shorts, revealing his huge cock, purplish and swollen.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" she whimpered, feeling the wonderful rubbery surface of his aroused cock. "Goddamn! You gotta stab me with that thing -- really ream me out!"

Sam couldn't believe the girl's lewd behavior. She was jacking hard on his cock, begging him to fuck her! It was beyond understanding.

"Unh-unh-unh!" she groaned. "Bite it! Bite my tit! Slap it! Slap it hard!"

Once again, Sam lowered his face over her beautiful, swollen tit and began to nibble at it. She pushed forward, pressing her tit-flesh hard against his mouth, but he just continued to nibble and suck.

"Goddamn you! Goddamn you!" she rasped.

She pushed his face away and began to knead and scratched her own tits. She took her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and twisted them hard, nearly all the way around. Her eyes rolled up in their sockets, and she humped and bucked on the chair, pushing her cunt mound hard against his thigh.

"See -- like that, baby! Like that!" she groaned, nearly drawing blood as her nails dug into her heaving tits.

She was building up hot, violent fuck energy, and she couldn't stand Sam's slow, gentle caresses.

She wrestled herself free of him and jumped off the chair. Then she stepped out of her shorts, kicked them aside, and bent over right in front of the startled boy, practically pressing her ass cheeks in his face, lewdly exposing her tempting, juicy cunt and small spasming asshole.

"Spank me!" she gasped. "Hit my ass hard, Sam! Make me feel good!"

"God, Vicki, I don't wanta hurt you. But I do wanta fuck you!"

His cock was so hard that his prick head was hammering against his taut, flat belly. He held his cock down, aiming his prick knob at the beautiful hair-fringed target of her juicy pink cunt.

She felt his thick rubbery cock head pressing against her juicy pussy, and, while the touch excited her, she was still disappointed. "Hurt me, baby!" she pleaded. "Slap me hard!"

Sam, wanting to please the sexy girl, slapped her a few times across the ass cheeks, but stopped almost as soon as he had begun. He just had to stick his big pulsing cock in that beautiful red cunt gash of hers. Just had to feel the tight, velvety walls of her pussy clasping his giant fucker.

She was rotating her hips and moaning, and thick drops of pussy cream were dripping out of her cunt. He could smell the pungent odor of her excitement.

He grabbed her hips in an effort to keep her still so he could fit his prick directly against her cunt opening and fuck his cock in. She protested and tried to move her cunt away from his cock head, but he held her steady and fucked in.

"Uuuuuuuungh!" she grunted as she felt his thick prick fucking into her needy little pussy. "Aaaaahhhhh, yeah! You're in me, now! In me! Fuck me hard! Don't make me wait -- ream me good!"

But Sam had to hold still for several moments. He was so excited by the horny girl and the wonderful feeling of her tight pussy pulsing around his cock that he was afraid he would shoot his load immediately. He had to wait so the pressure of his balls would ease up.

Vicki was crazed with need. She required stimulation. She needed excruciating, mind boggling stimulation, and Sam wasn't giving it to her. She wanted to feel her heart racing with excitement and fear, wanted to feel her flesh burning with pleasure and pain.

"Fuck meeeeee!" she screeched, humping back at him, forcing his prick even deeper.

"Yeah -- fuck me!"

Sam grunted with lust. He slowly withdrew his prick and then fucked his cock in hard.

"Uuuuuuhhhg -- yeah, yeah, yeah! Fucking shit! You fucker! Kill me! Do it! Fuck me hard!"

Sam narrowed his eyes, watching the gorgeous redhead wiggle her ass lewdly and pull roughly on her tits. He braced himself by placing his hands on her shoulders and began to really fuck her hard.

His balls slapped noisily against the bottoms of her ass cheeks and against her upper thighs, and his prick shaft fucked in and out, reaming her churning cunt, bottoming out at the end of her pussy tunnel.

"Yeah, it's good!" Vicki sobbed as she continued to scratch and maul her own tits.

She was feeling more, now. Her cunt was full and her tits were sending out shock waves of excruciating pain, lifting her up and up toward the sort of peak she craved.

"Uuuuuungh! Shiiiiiit!" Sam growled, deeply immersed in the fuck rhythm. His face was flushed with his exertions, and his body was covered with sweat. His ball sac had tightened the loose skin now stretched tightly over his cum-filled balls.

"Goddamn little fuckin' slut!" he rasped.

Vicki's cunt spasmed and her clit sparked when she heard him say that. "Yeah, yeah!" she gasped. "Tell me, baby! Aaaaaaaaah! What am I -- huh? Tell me!"

But Sam did not hear her. He slammed and fucked her pussy, skewering his cock around and around, grinding his prick flesh against the tight slick walls of her pussy.

Vicki moaned in disappointment. She wanted to hear more, wanted him to take control. She frowned slightly as she humped back at him.

Then she let go of her tits and grabbed his hands, which were still firmly gripping her shoulders. She pulled hard, dislodging them from their perch, and placed them around her throat.

She knew that she needed still more stimulation. "Choke me..." she rasped. "Give it to me..."

"Aaaaaarrgh!" Sam gasped. He was in a deep daze, fucking hard, feeling the jizz building up in his balls.

She pressed on his fingers, sending them deep into the tender flesh of her throat, and she felt her wind being cut off. She imagined some dark sleek man with a cruel expression on his face raping her, fucking her, strangling her as she took his pleasure from her, and she immediately felt an orgasm begin to spasm deep in her cunt.

"Uuuuuungh, ungh, ungh!" she groaned, twisting her ass and writhing her cunt violently.

"Holy shit!" Sam gasped, feeling her cunt muscles pulling hard on his cock, milking his prick unmercifully. "Gonna shoot, gonna fuckin' shoot!"

Without realizing it, he gripped her throat hard now as he fucked in and began to shoot hot greasy cum up her spasming cunt.

Vicki's eyes popped, and her face turned a dangerous violet color. She was completely plugged in now -- all her nerves and muscles aching and spasming with stimulation, with pain and pleasure. And she was deeply afraid that he might choke her to death.

Yes! Yes! she thought as a powerful orgasm began to rumble through her cunt and clit, shaking her asshole and sending jolts of sensation through her spine. Yes!

When the last drop of cum had been eked from Sam's pulsing prick and his cock began to shrink, he looked down in disbelief at his hands, wrapped tightly around the lovely girl's neck. Quickly he released his hold. "My God!" he muttered.

Vicki turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder. She winked at him slyly. "Very, very nice, lover," she sighed. "I'll suck you off, and then you can fuck my ass. But I want you to tie me up first, OK?"

Sam hung his head and shook it in disbelief. "I'm sorry that what happened to you at the prom did this to you -- but it's sick. Really sick. And I don't want any part of it. I'm straight, and I like the women I fuck to be straight. I want you to go now."

"You stupid son of a bitch!" Vicki hissed, fire in her eyes. "You stupid asshole. Don't you have any imagination? Don't you want to feel in power? Don't you want to make me scream, to have me entirely in your power? Don't you want excitement? Break me, you stupid slob. Bring me to my fucking knees!"

Sam looked at her pityingly, still shaking his head. "Get out of here, Vicki," he said softly.

"Damned right I will!" she said coldly. She gathered up her clothing, slipped into her shorts, and zipped them up. "I'll need to borrow one of your shirts."

"Yeah, sure," he said, a feeling of loathing and disgust overtaking him. He went into his room and found a light football jersey and gave it to her.

She donned it hurriedly and, without another look in his direction, left his house.

Chapter NINE

Vicki had to do a little research, but during the course of the following week she discovered where Bud's hangout was.

Early on a hot Saturday afternoon, she decided to make her move. She took a long hot shower, then dabbed musk oil in the hollow of her neck and in her silky cunt fur. She spent half an hour applying make-up, sparkly lavender eye shadow, heavy black liner, and glossy lipstick. She fluffed up her curly red hair and admired the hard, sophisticated look she now projected. She giggled and tweaked her stiffening nipple, then began to get dressed.

She shimmied into a pair of skin-tight designer jeans and pulled a tight, knitted tube top over her head, stretching it down over her tits. Her hard nipples jabbed through the material, presenting a luscious, sexy sight. Next she slipped into some high, platform shoes, completing the image of a hot, eager vamp.

She stole down the stairs quickly and past the kitchen where her mother was preparing dinner as she hummed an unrecognizable tune. Vicki eased out the front door and was soon on her way to the small red-light district in town.

It was a long walk, rather difficult in her high heels, but she didn't have a car, and she didn't want to hitchhike. Nearly half an hour later, she was standing in front of the Les Girls disco bar, featuring nude dancers. Her week of detective work had turned up this place; Bud and Spike and Mike were regular customers. She crossed her fingers, hoping they were inside, and made for the door.

The bouncer looked her up and down, showing his obvious appreciation for her seductive beauty. "Mmmmmmmmm, you're dynamite, baby," he rasped, forgetting to ask her for her I.D.

She winked and flashed him a lewd smile, then trotted through the darkened interior. Loud disco music was playing, and two thin, attractive girls were up on stage, displaying their sleek nude bodies as they undulated to the rhythms of the record being played.

"Sexy!" Vicki said softly to herself as she watched the girls for a few moments. Her cunt began to cream the tight crotch of her jeans.

She surveyed the room and spotted Bud and the rest of the gang immediately. They were in a booth in the back. The place wasn't very crowded this time of day.

Vicki sauntered over to the group, swaying her luscious ass, thrusting her tits out before her.

"Well, will you look at this!" Lana was the first to see her approaching. An expression of genuinely pleased surprise crossed her face.

"Fuckin' shit!" Bud sat up abruptly, his prick beginning to throb in his pants. "Come back for more, bitch?" he rasped.

"Maybe," Vicki said softly, looking him directly in the eye. "Can I join you?"

To her surprise, Lana eagerly made room for her. Vicki grabbed a chair from an empty table and set it down next to the brunette.

Lana put her arm around Vicki's shoulders. "You really look nice, honey," she said throatily.

Vicki didn't quite know how to react, so she smiled, acknowledging the compliment.

"I-I came because... because..." she stammered.

"Because you wanna get fucked," Spike said, belching as he put down his beer.

Vicki raised her chin defiantly, unable to admit to it when it was put so bluntly.

"Ooooooh, sure, baby," Bud said. "We've seen chicks like you before. Well, you lucky little slut, I think we might just oblige you." He moved fast, reaching over and twisting her arm painfully behind her back.

"Uuuuuuuungh!" she groaned.

"Don't make a fuckin' sound," he whispered harshly. He stood up and pulled her with him no one in the club paid them the slightest attention. "Pay the fuckin' bill!" he said to Spike. "We'll be out in the truck."

He swung Vicki around in front of him, still clasping her arm painfully behind her back. Then he walked her out the back entrance to the club, followed by Lana and Mike.

Vicki blinked at the sudden brilliance of the sunlight when they stepped outside into the parking lot. Bud pushed her forward, goosing her ass with his free hand.

"The cuffs, Lana," he said.

Lana fished in her purse and pulled out a pair of police handcuffs. Bud wrenched Vicki's other hand behind her back, and Lana closed the cuffs around her wrists.

"Now wait a minute..." Vicki gasped. "Shut up. Ain't this what you wanted?"

Suddenly, Vicki began to feel that same terrifying fear she had felt the night, of the prom. All at awe, she thought that she had made a terrible mistake.

"I-I've changed my mind," she said, her legs getting wobbly. "I-I want you to let me..."

"Now, now, sugar. Just relax. You're gonna love it," Lana said, tweaking her nipple affectionately. "I tell you, babe, it's where it's at... and today, honey, I'll join you. We'll take it together." As Lana spoke, she began undulating her hips, and her eyelids closed halfway over her smoldering eyes.

Spike joined them then, and Bud pushed Vicki forward so that she fell on her knees, scraping them through her pants on the hard asphalt of the parking lot.

"Aaaaaah! That hurt!" Her heart was beating fast, and her ass and cunt were contracting violently.

"Get Samson's leash!" Bud called to Lana, sneering at Vicki as Vicki stared at him, her gaze filled with hate.

Lana ran to the pickup truck and reached inside the cab. She pulled a dog's leash out, chuckling as she walked over and handed it to Bud.

"What the..."

"Shut up, bitch!" he said, taking the leash from Lana. "We're just gonna try this on for size."

Vicki looked at him, shocked. She immediately began to get up and try to make a getaway, but Spike fell on top of her, pinning her to the ground. He knocked the wind out of her, and she was completely immobilized. Bud was chuckling softly as he approached her, leash in hand.

"Unnngh, no!" she grunted, twisting her head this way and that, trying to prevent him from slipping the leash over her head and around her neck. But Spike reached down and throttled her, forcing her to extend her neck so Bud could easily slide the neck loop over her head and buckle it tightly around her throat.

He cinched it so hard she began to cough violently.

"Now, we're gonna walk over to the truck," Bud said.

Spike got off of Vicki. She was still coughing and spluttering, barely able to breathe, completely unable to speak.

"Heel!" Bud called. He pulled hard on the leash, dragging Vicki along the hot asphalt. She could feel the rough surface through her denims and she winced, a few tears spilling out of her eyes.

"Heel, bitch! Heel!" Bud threw his head back and laughed. He pulled on the leash hard again and Vicki was dragged forward, forced to crawl on her knees behind him. He began to walk quickly as he headed for the truck. Then he waited till she had caught up to him.

"Stand up," he commanded. He pulled up on the leash, brutally jerking her neck, a large bruise beginning to form there.

"Get in!" he opened the door to the truck.

She stepped up, and he shoved her forward. Lana got in on the other side, and Spike and Mike hopped in the back.

God, where are they taking me? she wondered, the fear beginning to mount, gripping her guts as if with icy fingers.

Bud slid in next to her and slammed the door shut. He started the engine, and they lurched forward and out of the parking lot.

As they rumbled along, Lana reached for Vicki's crotch, trying to unsnap the waistband and lower the zipper of her jeans. When Vicki squirmed away from her, she pulled hard on the end of the leash, choking her.

Vicki's eyes bulged, and her face turned red. Lana, breathing hard, eased up and reached with her free hand again, sliding the zipper down, probing Vicki's furry little cunt mound with her fingers.

Vicki gurgled and writhed, feeling the excitement mount in her. There was something thrilling and frightening about having the depraved girl toying with her pussy while she kept a steady hand on the leash, always ready to pull hard on it.

The closeness to the pain, the fact that she never knew when it was coming, was causing Vicki to churn with arousal. Her cunt was spasming, and her nipples were thrusting out, hard and pointed. She could feel cunt juice begin to seep from between her cuntlips.

"Mmmmmmmm, nice and wet," sighed Lana as she slid her finger up and down the groove of Vicki's pussy. "She's hot -- she really loves it, Bud."

Vicki grunted. She was rolling back and forth, bouncing her ass on the seat, the fragrant warmth of Lana's body on one side of her, the tense, sweaty urgency of Bud's body on the other side.

The leather leash chafed her neck, and every time Lana tightened up on it, intense spasms of pleasure and fear raced up and down Vicki's spine. Several times she almost came, but Lana always lifted her fingers from her cunt and clit when she sensed that Vicki was about to come, delaying her orgasm.

The teasing went on for nearly fifteen minutes before they finally reached the outskirts of town. The homes there were very far apart, many surrounded by large yards and gardens, some with a few acres of open fields between them. Bud turned the car into the driveway of one very old A-frame and killed the engine.

Though it had been very dark the night they had abducted her and raped her, Vicki somehow knew that this was where her degradation had taken place.

Lana eased out the side of the truck, the end of the leash in her hand. She pulled hard on it, and Vicki tumbled on it, falling on her side and thumping her head.

"Uuuuungh!" she grunted, dazed and choking slightly.

"We were easy on you last time, you little bitch," Bud said looking down at her, a big cock bulge throbbing in his jeans. "This time, we won't be so gentle. Strip her."

Lana handed him the end of the leash, then she knelt down by Vicki, pulling her unzipped pants down over her hips and legs, pausing to remove her shoes. She flung the pants in the dirt.

"Need your knife," she called to Bud. He quickly dug into his pocket and scooped it out, tossing it to her.

Holding the material of Vicki's tube top out from her body, Lana ripped into the knitted material with the knife, cutting it in half. The halves fell away, revealing Vicki's beautiful tits.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah. Just like I remembered 'em," Bud rasped. "Get the rope." He turned to Mike, who was still standing near the truck. "We're gonna have us a little show, and Vicki, here, is gonna be the star."

He pulled up on the leash and Vicki rose first to her knees and then to her feet. Her lush body, soiled slightly by the dirty driveway, enticed them all.

He dragged and pulled her over toward the back yard, and she looked around quickly, noting that the entire area was enclosed by a tall fence. Bud shoved her roughly to the ground again, and she gasped, falling in a heap. She shuddered violently, for right before her eyes was a large stake sticking out of the ground.

Mike came over with the ropes, and, when Bud nodded to him curtly, he bent down and tied Vicki's handcuffed wrists to the stake, at last removing the looped leash from her neck.

Vicki, lying on her belly, her wrists tied to the stake, eased her head around, trying to get the sore, cramped feeling out of her neck. Her heart was pounding. Her cunt mound rubbed against the rough dirt, setting, her clit to vibrating. What would they do to her now? Fuck her in the ass? Fuck their pricks in her cunt from behind? Whip her maybe? Thick pussy cream began to ooze out of her fuck hole, and she began to breathe in desperate gasps. She just couldn't seem to control herself.

The slight bucking movements of her ass and hips were not lost on Bud. "Think you're pretty hot, huh, bitch? Well, you ain't hot enough... not yet!"

He eased down on his haunches so that he was facing her across the stake. From his jacket pocket, he pulled out a cigarette lighter and flicked it. The flame was set on high, and it flared up hugely. She instinctively gasped and jerked her head back. "Noooooooo!"

"Gonna get your pussy really hot, bitch!"

"Nooooo! Help!" she wailed, kicking her feet and moving her ass desperately.

"Gag her," Bud said.

Lana untied the red bandana she was wearing around her neck and knelt down by the girl. She yanked hard on her curly red hair, and, as Vicki opened her mouth to protest, forced the scarf into her mouth, tying it at the back of her head.

Bud moved around to her feet, the flame still wavering and jumping in the air. Spike and Mike each grabbed one of her legs, spreading them wide, revealing her drooling pink cunt gash.

Vicki had never been so frightened in her life. The blood thudded in her head, and she could hear her heartbeat echo in her ears. But still, her cunt oozed pussy cream and her ass clenched and unclenched with arousal.

Chapter TEN

His face a mask of lust, Bud passed the flame back and forth over Vicki's ass and exposed cunt gash.

She was screaming, but only a muffled murmuring escaped around the bandana. The flame had not been close enough to burn her, but she had felt the intense warmth, had jerked violently as the fire had passed over her tender flesh.

Bud leered down at her wriggling ass and passed the flame in the opposite direction, this time, singeing several of the pussy hairs lining the outer rim of her cunt gash.

She squirmed violently, chafing her wrists against the cuffs, feeling a slight burning sensation.

Bud laughed and then held the flame steady, right at her pussy hole. Vicki was howling, but still, only the faintest of sounds were escaping around the gag. She was frightened and aroused, and the spasming of her cunt muscles was actually creating enough suction to draw the flame partway up her pussy channel.

The fire did not burn her, but created an incredibly stimulating heat, and she bucked and moaned violently. Just as a hand quickly drawn through a flame will not be burned, so Vicki's gyrating, suctioning pussy passed through the ordeal unburned but superheated. She thought she would die from the excitement, from the teasing exhilaration.

She had no more illusions about her own desires and needs. She understood now that she loved the pain, loved being abused and manhandled, plunged into a netherworld of excitement, fear, and pain. She twisted her head violently and worked her jaw muscles, loosening the bandana so that it fell useless from her mouth.

"Fuck me!" she cried, writhing uncontrollably, the wild spasms of her cunt muscles drawing the flame deeper into her cunt and quenching it, then drawing in more fire.

Bud couldn't believe what he was witnessing. His prick was throbbing painfully. He snapped the lighter shut, dropping it to the ground. Quickly, he began stripping out of his pants, shoes and socks.

In less than a minute, his groin and legs were bared, and he was ready to fuck his pulsating prick into Vicki's steaming, overflowing cunt.

"Fuck me! I love it! I love it!" Vicki was screeching, out of her mind with the need to fuck, to feel a hot, hard cock fucking into her pussy canal.

Without hesitation, Bud threw himself on top of her and fucked his cock into her cunt. "Aaaaaargggggh! Shiiiiiit!" she groaned, delighting in the wonderful thickness of his cock meat as his prick forced the walls of her pussy to expand.

Bud was desperately aroused now, and he fucked his prick into her pussy with tremendous force, the friction heating her juicy cunt all the more.

Vicki had been very close to an orgasm even before he had shoved his prick in her fuck hole, and now she felt the first intense contractions of her climax overtaking her.

"Aaaaaah! God, fuckin' Christ!" she groaned as she began to buck and squirm, mashing her cunt even harder into the dusty, rocky ground.

"Uuuuuunggghhh! Uuuuunnnnggghhhh!" Bud grunted, his prick swelling hugely as he fucked in and out.

Her cunt was still hot from the flame he had tortured her with and from the wild lust which was consuming her. The violence of the hot sucking action of her pussy soon brought Bud close to climaxing.

"Shit, I'm... I'm coming! I'm fuckin' comiiiiing!" he gasped. He reared back and fucked in once more, and his cock began spewing thick jizz up Vicki's cunt hole.

As soon as she felt his first wad of cum splattering the walls of her cunt, she began screaming and humping violently. Her orgasm overwhelmed her, causing the muscles in her legs to vibrate and spasm in quick succession, shaking her entire body.

Her cunt pulsed and sucked, drawing all of the jism from Bud's balls. Though he had come and his supply of jizz was depleted, his cock remained hard, and he felt completely energized. He could sense that Vicki was so turned on, she was capable of having numerous orgasms -- one right after the other.

Quickly, he withdrew his prick and stood up, grabbed the leash, which was close by, and began to whip her ass with it, watching excitedly as it left red, criss-crossed imprints on her tender ass flesh.

"Aaagggghhh! Shit! Help!" she screamed.

Another orgasm racked her body. She fluttered her eyelids helplessly and wrenched her body this way and that, only to feel another climax approaching close on the heels of the first.

She came and she came and she came, and then she came some more, the sound and the feel of the lash goading her on.

She didn't know how long she'd been unconscious, but she didn't think it was for long. She let her eyes focus for a moment, and she saw with immediate surprise that Lana was lying next to her on her stomach, completely nude. Her hands were tied behind her back, and there were big red welts all over her ass and upper back. She was moaning softly, humping her cunt mound into the dirt.

"My God!" Vicki gasped.

Lana, hearing the girl, turned her head toward her and giggled softly. "How long... how long you been awake?"

"Just a few moments."

"They fucked the shit outta me and whipped my ass!" She giggled again.

Vicki looked her in the eye and started giggling too. "We're two of a kind, aren't we?"

"Mmmmm... don't you love it?"

Vicki had to admit that she did. Only what more could they possibly do to excite her? They had raped all her fuck holes, beaten her, whipped her, even set fire to her cunt.

"I loved it," she said softly, gently stroking her tits. "I loved it. And this is just a start. I-I have a few ideas of my own -- to make it hurt good, lover."

He smiled as he reached out and helped her stand. He had finally met his match.


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