Tortured daughter

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Cindy McArthur, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A young teenager, she finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captor.

TORTURED DAUGHTER -- the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

Chapter ONE

"We observe the strictest rules of discipline here, Cindy. You've been put here for a good reason by your parents. You were caught getting drunk once too often."

Cindy McArthur kept her crying blue eyes lowered to the tiled floor of the reception room. It was a lie. It was all such a terrible mistake. She wasn't an alcohol abuser like her mother kept screaming over and over the night she'd found some peach brandy in her bureau drawer. Her girlfriend, Judy, had had some problems with liquor and she was only holding the bottle from her until she could get rid of it.

"Are there any questions, Cindy?"

Dr. Alicia Endicott was tapping her well-manicured nails against the polished oak desk, tilting her head to one side. Cindy realized she was expected to say something. But what could she do? The teenaged blonde thought she would break into wild tears if she were to open her mouth. Her parents had brought her here to the sanatorium after they had heard such good things from Judy's parents about the place. Yes, her best friend had been incarcerated here for nearly one month now. And her parents had decided she would follow. It was so unfair, so unjust! Even their doctor had felt her parents were going overboard in their decision to send her to Hannah Manor.

Her voice was trembling and low as the room began to swim in front of her eyes. Crossing her legs at the ankles, Cindy dug her fingernails into her palms, fighting for courage, for some confidence in this terrifying nightmare that had suddenly invaded her life. Alcohol. She was no user, no alcoholic. And yet for trying to help a friend, she had been shunted off to this horrid place!

Raising her eyes, she looked once more at Dr. Endicott. The woman was tall, in her mid-thirties, with a head of fine silver hair pulled tightly back across her skull into a tight pinned bun behind. Her eyes were a strange tawny color, reminding Cindy of a cat's. Those eyes, how they seemed to look right through her. Cindy shivered, pressing her nails more firmly into her damp palms. The sound of a buzzer made Cindy nearly jump from her skin.

"Reaction from alcohol withdrawal," Alicia said, raising one eyebrow. "Well, that's to be expected. You won't find any babying here, Cindy. We all believe in developing discipline. That's the key." She raised a threatening finger and pointed it at the girl as if it were a knife. Cindy wished she could have sunk right through the bright blue carpeting under her feet. "We've taken the liberty to search your luggage, even though your parents assured us that they had gone through your belongings before you came here." Alicia patted her bunned hair. "Your things are in your room. An attendant will take you there. Of course, you'll be expected to adhere to our schedule. All our girls do."

Alicia's monologue was interrupted by the sound of the back door opening. Turning around, Cindy found herself face to face with a tall, stockily-built attendant dressed in white pants and coat. There was nothing particularly attractive about him. His small cold blue eyes, round pock-marked face and sensuous thick lips seemed to be in place with the forbidding nature of this place.

"You can take Miss McArthur to her room now. She needs time to get her things in order. We'll see you later, Cindy, to talk about our schedule here," Alicia said, her voice following the trembling girl out into the ball.

"This way," the attendant said, taking her roughly by the shoulder and directing her down the long, tiled corridor.

Cindy flinched under the hard grip of that warm paw digging into her slender shoulders. She had never felt so naked, so exposed and vulnerable before in her life. Watching her parents' car drive down the long curved road over the hills back to Los Angeles, the young teen had felt as if she'd been abandoned to the world.

"Nice ass."

Her flesh puckered up into goose-pimples as Cindy looked into his cold eyes, then turned back around and walked more quickly down the hall. Her sandals clicked against the polished brown tiles while overhead the glare from the blue-white fluorescent lights burned her eyes. It was such a cold, terrible place.

"Here," he muttered.

They made another turn into a narrower corridor, stopping in front of some green elevator doors. The attendant pressed a small red button. Immediately, groaning and whirring sounds filtered through the old doors. Momentarily they parted, revealing a small, foul-smelling elevator compartment. Cindy stepped inside, feeling less and less sure of herself as the seconds ticked by. Another attendant was there, somewhat taller and thinner than the first. His eyes, she thought, looked a bit kinder.

"Hey, Jack, got a new one from the doc," her escort said, closing the door and pushing three.

"Nice... not bad, Max. Been broke in yet?" the friend asked, flashing Max a toothy smile.

"You been poked yet, honey?" Max asked, his eyes narrowing as he pushed the elevator stop button. Immediately, the car jerked to a halt, the whirring sounds stopping. Cindy looked at the two attendants in disbelief, her heart pounding like a triphammer.

"You heard me, angel tits. You get rodded yet?"

"Hey, Max, come on, the bitch don't know what you're talkin' about," Jack said, his lips curling into a false friendly smile. "What my friend here wants to know, baby, is whether or not somebody's gotten to you. You know fucked you."


Pronouncing the word made Cindy shiver. She had never talked like that, had never had anyone speak to her in those foul terms. Her parents had been very strict, too strict at times, she felt. Never, never would she have considered having a boy do... that to her. Even the thought of letting him touch her there sent shivers of terror rushing through her.

"Yeah, you know, taking his prick and sticking it down there between your legs," Jack explained.

Max took a step toward her. Flinching again, Cindy backed away, her firm pert ass pressing against the cold metal walls of the elevator car. Above her, the girl could hear the cables swinging against one another. The alarm. If only, she could reach the alarm button. That would stop this madness.

"No, please... no, that never happened to me," she whimpered.

"We got ourselves a little virgin, then," Jack said after a moment's pause.

"Yeah, if you believe what she says. Fuck, kids nowadays are knocked up by the time they're outta high school. She's been hittin' the booze scene, too."

"That's not true!" Cindy blurted out, wiping a tear from under one eye with the back of her hand. "It's all some terrible mistake."

The two attendants threw back their heads and laughed heartily.

"They all say that," Max said, calming down, then rubbing the back of his hand against his fly.

Cindy's eyes flashed down quickly to his crotch and saw, to her horror, that he wasn't wearing shorts. She could see his cock sharply outlined against the white trouser material. Her eyes widened. Cindy had heard, of course, about men, about what they liked to do, and how it was all to come about. But having to come face to face with sex, and like this, made the girl gasp with revulsion. Max and his friend Jack were about to rape her. The idea suddenly flashed through her brain like lightning, making her shiver all over.

"The poor little thing's shaking," Max said, his voice thick with sarcasm.

"She should be all smiles, considering what we're gonna show her. By the time we get through with her, she's gonna feel all better, being here at the Manor."

"Oh, no, no, you're... you're all crazy," Cindy said, her voice whispery and breathless. "I'll tell Dr. Endicott about this if... if something happens to me and... and..."

"She won't listen to an alky. Besides, it's all part of your treatment. Discipline, that's her, thing. And this is part of the training," Max said, wiping his thick lips with the back of one hand again.


"You ain't got nowhere to go," Max said, observing the girl's frantic search with her eyes for some escape route. "So you'd better just get used to the idea you're gonna get fucked."

"What do you want from me?" she asked tearfully, seeing both men rubbing their crotches now. If only she could get near the button panel of the elevator!

"What I get from all the other girls around here," laughed Jack.

"You'll be fired if you touch me," Cindy blurted out.

"Cut it out. It's gonna happen, baby, whether you want it or not. If you treat us nice, then I'll try to keep some of my other buddies from having fun with you when I'm through."

"Oh, no, no!"

Cindy was about to scream. Seeing this, Max darted forward, wrapping one hand tightly around her waist while his other hand clamped over her opening mouth. His palm was damp and coarse, pressing her lips so tightly against her teeth that the flesh was being cut. Her head was suddenly twisted and pressed against one wall of the elevator. "Mmmfmmfmfmfff!"

Cindy's feet went out from under her several times as he wrestled her around in the elevator car. Twice her knees struck the metal walls hard, sending shocks of pain racing up her thighs. There was simply no way of escape from this horrid place! The car jiggled and bounced against the outside concrete chute while Jack muttered encouragement to his struggling buddy.

"Go on, man, fuck her, stick that thing into her. And then I'll take over," Jack said, his eyes wide as he began unzipping the front of his trousers.

There was another jiggling sound just after the one hand disappeared from her waist. They swung around once more, Cindy's head striking the wall near the control panel. She could see the alarm button so close, so very close to her face. But he had her arms pinned to her sides.

Jack was opening his pants! At this point the girl realized that Max had pushed down his pants. Twisting her around, he was making her look at his crotch.

"Take a good look, baby. Soon I'm gonna stick this thing in you. Fight me, and I'm gonna piss down there, too. My bladder's fuckin' full. It wouldn't be too hard to get you dirty down there, and you don't want that, right?"

And now he was twisting his fingers in her hair, tugging on the strands, making the young teen scream through his clamping palm.

"Come on and have a closer look."

Taking the hand from her mouth, Max shoved her down to the floor. How dizzy she was, dizzy from fright, from struggling in that small car. There was a smell, an awful smell. It was then the girl realized that she was only a few inches away from Max's groin. She could see the black wiry cock hairs frizzing all around his long, thick prick, protruding from his crotch. She had never, never seen anything so terrifying and yet so fascinating before in her life! He was shoving her toward it. Flinching backward, Cindy struggled against the offending hand.

"She don't like havin' her face down there. We can change all that," Jack said, shoving his trousers down to his knees and freeing his prick.

"Yeah. Might be able to do both -- fuck her and make her give you a fuckin' blowjob."

"Yeah," Jack crooned, closing his eyes while jerking his fingers up and down his seven-inch prick. "She's got pretty lips, nice lips that'd feel real good against my hot cock," Jack whispered.

"Help me! Help!"

Once more the girl tried screaming, when she'd shaken off that temporary stupor. But Max's hand clamped hard once again ever her mouth, choking out the last of her protests.

"That's better," Max said, observing the girl's diminishing struggles. "For being such a nice girl, I'm gonna give you a gift. Yeah, I'm gonna give you something nice and hard and hot. You're gonna learn to like having this all the time from old Max."

His breath stank with beer and decay. She felt a damp stickiness forming between her side and his belly as he pressed himself hard against her body. The sweat seemed to seep through his white shirt onto her blouse. Though the hand around her mouth relaxed a little, the other hand stayed tangled in her hair, pulling at the blonde strands at times. Max laughed when she whimpered through his fingers. She could see that he enjoyed watching her twist about in pain. The more she cried, the mere she begged with her eyes to be let go, the more agony he caused her.

Suddenly the hand around her mouth loosened, and then let go. Max flung her to the floor of the elevator car, then dove down after her, jerking up her skirt and pulling down her white cotton panties to her knees. The shock of having her cunt and ass exposed so suddenly, so vigilantly, prevented the girl from screaming. And then she felt Max take her right asscheek between one thumb and forefinger, squeezing the resilient flesh so hard that she squealed in pain.

"Yagghghghhhhh!" Cindy's eyes widened as she started to scream again.

"Take off your socks, man. Gotta gag this bitch before she screams down the whole place," Max grunted, mounting the girl and hunching his cock against her asscheeks.

Cindy's cries sometimes came out nothing more than hissing air. It was shock, numbing her confused, horrified brain. The dirty floor of the elevator car hurt her knees and shoulders as Max kept slamming her against the filthy tile. Behind her she could see Jack fumbling around, sliding off his socks.

Max rolled halfway off her, taking the blue socks and knotting them at the toes. Then slipping the filthy, foul-smelling material into her mouth, he stretched the material around to the back of her head, tying it around behind her ears.

"Mfffff!" she choked.

Cindy gagged, closing her eyes and trying not to swallow the filthy mixture of blue dye and Jack's sweat.

"Fuck her, man, fuck her good."

Max rolled back on top of her, shoving her what he was about to do to her made her shiver with revulsion. That this horrible man, who was supposed to be helping her, was going to push his smelly prick into her made Cindy want to throw up. But the taste of the sour bile in her mouth made her swallow once more. No, she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her vomit. And what would it prove, anyway? The gag would hold her bile in. Perhaps she'd drown in it while they were fucking her.

Max tugged at her hair again, tearing out a few more strands. She could feel his cock pushing down between her thighs. She could feel his cockhead jabbing at her cunt, touching her whisper-soft pussylips. Cindy let out another moan, tears welling up behind her eyes. To think she was going to lose her virginity this way. And her parents thought they had left her in the care of kind but firm hands!

"Ughghhghhhhh!" she squealed.

Max let go of her hair. With both hands, he began kneading her asscheeks, his callused fingers digging deep into her white, plump flesh.

"Nice ass... just like I said before beck there," Max commented, stretching her asscheeks apart and exposing the pink puckered hole of her shitter. Cindy whimpered through the sock gag, feeling the cool air brushing up against her exposed asshole.

"Get her panties all the way off and start fuckin' the shit outta her."

"Yeah, gotta get my prick back into somethin' nice and hot and tight."

Max grabbed the bottom of her skirt in one hand and he tugged it up farther while tearing open her bra and blouse with the other. Buttons flew in all directions as the bra slid torn from her shoulders. Her full tits tumbled out as the bra fell away.

"Man, nice tits... nice tits and ass. She's got it all, man," Max said.


He had grabbed her panties, his fingers tugging at the thin material. In a moment they slid free from her ankles, quickly followed by her skirt. They had stripped her naked, tossing her clothes into a corner.

"Naked and ready... hot 'n' ready," Max said, eyeing her white, trembling body.

"Man, look at her cunt," Jack said, kneeling down to her. "Seems to me somethin' that pretty shouldn't go unused. It's downright criminal, leavin' that thing untouched for so long. When are you gonna fuck her, Max?"

"Right now. I can't wait no longer."

Cindy struggled wildly, realizing what was about to happen to her. Her mouth opened once more, her tongue trying to shove aside the foul blue sock material. Seeing her struggling to scream, Max slid one dirty hand over her lips again, pressing them back against her teeth, cutting them once more.

"Oh, ohhhhh!" she gasped.

Max was squeezing her round asscheeks, digging his fingers hard into the flesh. He squeezed hard, making her scream in pain.

"You keep tryin' to get away like that, movin' and tryin' to throw me off, and I'll punch your ribs 'til they break," he threatened.

His words burned into her brain. As if to emphasize his point, the attendant took a few blonde cunt hairs between his fingers, tearing them hard from her pussymound. Cindy felt flashes of incredible heat and pain sear through her cunt.

"Uhhfhfhhffff!" she cried.

Max had made his point. She was helpless, unable to fight back in this horrid elevator car. Jack and he would have their way with her. All she could do was endure this rape the best she could, then report their actions to Dr. Endicott later. But the thought of being so brutally raped by these two sickened her. The worst, she knew, was yet to come!

Chapter TWO

Max was playing with her, teasing her. His hands roamed over her naked outer thighs. He kneaded the white flesh around her asscheeks into tight little ridges, clenching them hard in his rough fists. He pinched her soft inner thighs between his fingers, laughing when Cindy cried out and began twisting frantically under him. Her cries drowned into whimpers of anguish. The sounds made Max yank her a bit harder. He rubbed her asscheeks wildly, squeezing them even harder than he had squeezed her inner thighs. Cindy ground her belly solidly against the dirty floor, her mind exploding again and again.

"Oh, man, man, she's gonna burn my prick up," Max said, closing his eyes and rubbing his cock up against her asscrack. "Yeah, when my jizz comes poundin' out, it's gonna burn me up, I know it."

Cindy wanted them to stop this, stop it before it had gone too far. But there was nothing she could do. Jack was down next to her. She could feel his fingers twisting around her hair, lifting her head from the floor into his lap.

Again, she smelled the sour odor of an unwashed, sweaty groin. Wrinkling her nose, she pulled back. But Jack was determined, shoving her nose against his cock, making her inhale the stench coming from there. Her nose flattened against his hairy groin. She could feel the blood-heavy lobes of his fuckrod rubbing against her lips.

"Uhfhhfhfhffff!" she whined.

Cindy kept her lips shut. But she could feel the wetness of his prick against her face. She tried moving her cheek away from it. But Jack clamped his hand against the back of her head, pushing her face against his crotch.

"It's good, man," he groaned, pushing up harder against Cindy's nose. "Maybe I'll bring 'er around, make her suck me off while she fucks you."

"Don't care," Max panted, repositioning himself on top of the struggling blonde teen. "Just don't get in my way, man."

Max scooped her tits up in both hands, rubbing her nipples with his fingertips, squeezing her tits, making the girl blush with shame.

"Nice, man, you should feel those tits," Max said, digging his stubbly chin against the back of her neck while cupping his hands around her tits and pinching her long, red nipples. Cindy wrestled her tits against his offending hands. And then the girl felt something down around her cunt once more. Fingers were caressing her soft pussylips, un-sticking them, pushing them apart.

"I'm gonna fuck her now."

Cindy screamed through the sock gag again. No, it couldn't be happening, not now! But she could feel Max reaching down between her thighs with his thumb, digging his fingers into her asscheeks for leverage. Slowly, steadily he was forcing his thumb into her tight, dry cunt. Cindy groaned, arching her back, pressing her knees against the hard, dirty elevator floor. Instinctively she tried squirming her body away from the increasing hot pain. But Max's weight and hands kept her firmly pressed against the floor. His thumb kept pushing into her, violating her pussy, stretching her cunthole until the girl thought she would die from pain and shame. Next to her, Jack was easing the sock gag away from her mouth once more, pressing his prickhead against her lips. Cindy spat violently, jerking her head away so hard that she hurt her neck.

The pain was terrible! Her pussy felt tight, hot and dry, pinching around Max's invading thumb. His jagged nail was tearing at the elastic flesh. Again, she tightened her white, naked thighs, her flesh tensing, the tendons bulging out against her sweating skin. And then the girl felt a pain she had never experienced before in her life. His thumb was pressing against her cherry, that tiny, thin membrane which still kept her a little girl.

"No!" she gasped.

Jack grabbed another fistful of her hair, taking advantage of her opened mouth, and he slid his cock in. Cindy screamed, her cries choked off by a mouthful of prickmeat! She was disgusted, horrified beyond thought as Jack began sawing his fuckrod in and out, in and out, the thick, taut pink skin rubbing against her front teeth.

"Christ, Jack. You're knocking her off balance. Can't get my cock in her with you making her give you a blowjob now. Get the fuck oft this cunt. You can have 'er after I'm through."

Reluctantly the big attendant withdrew his prick, wiping his cockhead against her forehead.

Cindy's relief was short-lived. Max's thumb was corkscrewing painfully back into her pussy. There was more pressure against her cherry. Cindy screamed and shouted involuntarily, her cries cut off by a downward backhanded slap from Jack. There was another shock of pain. And then her cherry was torn, ripped from its anchorage by Max's thumb.

"A fuckin' virgin," Max muttered, pulling his thumb out and examining it.

"Yeah, who would've believed it."

Max popped his thumb back in, wriggling it around and around, laughing as Cindy began moving her ass around in a counter rhythm.

"She's startin' to like it. Told you she would," Max commented.

The girl hated it, hated Max, Jack, all of them who were tormenting her for no reason. She had lost her cherry and now felt nothing but disgust for the men raping her. Her flat belly ground against the floor once more as she tried to escape Max's invading thumb.

"Man, a virgin," Jack whispered once more.

"And let me tell you, she's got one tight cunt," Max said, fighting to keep his thumb in the tight ring of her pussy. He tried worming another finger into her cunt but kept meeting resistance as her pussy walls tried to close tightly against him.

"Now you're gonna shut up... you're not gonna scream or say one word, or I'll let Jack shove his prick right back into your mouth," Max whispered in her ear as he remounted her in a fucking position. "And you don't want that dirty ol' thing in your mouth, do you?"

"Oh, no, please... please," Cindy said, shaking the tears from her flushed cheeks.


Max took the sock gag completely from her head, then reached down to tug her asseheeks apart. The movement of his thumbs began doing something to her, something Cindy would never have believed possible. As he rubbed her cuntlips together, a strange kind of heat began to manifest itself. She rolled up her eyes, wrinkling her forehead as that heat turned into a kind of tightness until, gradually, her cunt began to get very warm and very moist.

"Man, she's goin' for it," Max said with satisfaction, moving his hand up and brushing the knuckles against her stiffening clit.

What was her body doing? Her mother had told her only bad girls got excited this way. Cindy knew she wasn't a bad girl. And yet the more Max was touching her back there the more he moved his fingers back and forth in her pussy now while touching her cunt, the more she wanted him to touch her.

"Nd more!" Cindy gasped. "Oh, please, please, no more, no more!"

But her pleas weren't so frantic, so desperate any longer.

"Yeah, right, right," Max said, sensing the change in the girl's attitude.

Max moved one finger back into her cunthole, stabbing it in. Slowly, very slowly, her sodden pussylips were spread apart once more. Her fleshy, fleecy cuntlips were tugged wide open.

"Man, she's got juice comin' outta her like crazy," Max said.

"Yeah, she's wantin' a fuckin' real bad now. She was screamin' down the walls, but now she's hot for us."

"No, that's not true!"

But her words didn't match her actions. Cindy twitched, jerking forward as his middle finger shot out. The fucking tip was teasing her once more, circling along the tense, rubbery edges of her soaking cunt. His long middle finger kept on its maddening tickling against her clit, making Cindy groan now, long and loud. She could feel the working of his finger as it found its way along the slick length of her cuntslit. More and more juice frothed out, wetting down her tensing inner thighs while her asscheeks flexed against Max's overhanging belly.

He moved his finger down to her thighs, up to her asshole, then back to her cunt. She could feel Max holding her a bit more tightly, stabbing his finger into her up to his second knuckle. Her tight hot flesh gripped and slid around the thrusting finger. Cindy felt her cunt sucking so solidly, cinching down on his finger.

"She's goin' for it, man. I'm gonna stick my prick into her now."

Cindy wept with complete shame and humiliation. She was being raped by these men. And now her body was turning against her, warming up to Max's foul fingering. The finger that had been stabbing in and out of her hot little cuntslit suddenly slipped out, making the girl gasp. He was sliding up now, pushing the hot load of his prick against her cunt. It was immense! There was nothing small or yielding about his cock. It seemed like a length of hot lead pipe. His fat prickhead was trying to force its way in.

Cindy thought she would go mad. His awful cock was rubbing up and dawn her creaming cuntslit, touching her clit again and again, threatening to split her in two, only to back off at the last minute. The girl cringed, rubbing her bare belly against the floor of that elevator car. Her eyes were wide with fear and excitement, staring at the other bloated mass of cockmeat, inches from her mouth. More terror and excitement gripped the teen as she felt Max's prickhead make solid contact with her pussylips.

"Goin' in," Max grunted.

Jack gripped her head, turning her face around so she would stare at his prick.

"One just like this is goin' in you now, baby. Your first fuck, and it's gonna be a big one," Jack taunted, enjoying her horror and pain.


"Shaddup or I'll shut you up with my cock."

Cindy felt her teeth rattle as her inner pussylips were forced apart. The rubber-like rim of her cunt clenched together in an attempt to keep out his hard, hot invading prick.

"Nooooo," Cindy murmured, her forehead wrinkling once more, beads of cold sweat appearing on her flesh. She could feel Max shoving, down and forward again. Her tight little cuntlips resisted for one more second, then finally gave way. Cindy shuddered, her cries turning into a long moan as his cockmeat squeezed down into her pussy, pooling its way through her body. Her legs stiffened, then jerked out on either side of her body like those of a frog. Jack laughed mirthlessly at her. Her legs kicked out violently once more, sometimes hitting Jack's shin, but usually striking nothing.

And still Max fucked her, sticking his prick deeper and deeper. Shock waves of agony slammed into her as she felt her cunt walls being stretched. The throbbing inside her body kept her conscious as she squirmed and writhed like a pinned insect. Jack's fingers, tugging and tearing at her hair, kept her in place.

"Oowowoowowoowowwww!" she wailed.

Max pulled back, the pressure of her tight cunt walls around his prick keeping him from fucking down all the way. "Ohhh, you're... you're... uhhhhh hurting me!"

Cindy squealed more loudly, her fingernails cracking against the hard, dirty elevator floor. She dragged in ragged lungs full of air to feed her wriggling, cock-knifed body while Max kept struggling to get more of his prick in her pussy.

"My... uhhhh, tight, really tight, but I think I got a way to 'er up."

Cindy waited, panting like a cornered, doomed little animal. The foul smell of the elevator seemed to be getting worse while his fat cockhead was struggling to slide deeper in her cunt. Above her, she could hear Max taking a tremendously deep breath. At the same time, he began beating her asscheeks hard, slapping them violently with his fingers until they burned. The girl screamed, beating her fists against the floor. Max cursed violently, hitting her on the back of the head while sliding one hand under her hipbones to jerk up her thighs. The ploy worked. The sudden violent attack relaxed the teen's muscles. Max shuddered, tensing his thick-muscled thighs and driving his cock in to the hilt.

"Eaaghghghhgyaghghhhhhh!" Cindy shrieked, her body trembling as if it would tear to pieces. She couldn't believe something that big, something that hard could be slipping into her! Eight inches, eight thick long hard hot inches of cock were spearing into her virginal pussy. Cindy would have screamed again. But the terrible pain seemed to take the wind from her. All she could think of now was his long thick fuckpole rodding her, skewering her all the way to her throbbing heart. His giant cockpole of flesh, blood and muscle, lodged inside her, felt immense. Sobbing, begging Max to take his prick out of her, Cindy waited for the inevitable.

"Uhhhh... oooohhhhh!"

"Better man," Max crooned, dropping his head and slobbering all over the back of her neck.

"Yeah, she looks like she's really gettin' into the swing of it."

"It just takes a little bit of 'ol Max's cock to get 'em going."

"Ohhhh, God, help me, somebody help me!" Cindy cried.

"Shut the fuck up?" Jack knelt down once more by the side other face, twisting her head around nod slipping his cock against her mouth. Cindy didn't want that thing down her throat again. Groaning, she clamped her lips shut, grinding her teeth together so hard that she thought she could hear them cracking from the force. She could taste that awful bleachy, sour taste of his cum oozing from his piss-slit, coating her lips as if it were cosmetic gloss!

Max began fucking slowly at first, his hips rising and falling against her asscheeks, the pressure of his thighs flattening her full ass. It was getting harder and harder for her to breathe. The helpless girl wondered for one crazy minute if it were physically possible to be fucked to death. The huge, blood-bloated knob of his prick made her think so. "Ughhfhhffhfff!" she moaned.

Jack was, still trying to work his prickhead into her mouth, slapping her across the face, but making sure non of his moves spoiled Max's enjoyment.

"Uhhhh, man, baby, this is something else ridin' this bitch is a real trip," Max groaned, stopping his fucking for a second and shaking the sweat from his face. His hands were braced on either side of her jutting shoulder blades as he kept on fucking her from the rear. "She's gettin' hot, really hot and wet. Gettin' easier to fuck the little bitch."

Cindy groaned, writhing helplessly under him, agonizing to the constant beating pressure of his prick. She flexed her cunt muscles together, still trying to slide out that unwelcome intruder. But the pressure of his muscles and tendons seemed to arouse Max all the more. He shuddered on top of her, hitting the back of her head at times, pinching her asscheeks at others, but always fucking her, driving in his prick again and again.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" he grunted.

Max flexed in again. Cindy held her breath now as she felt his fat fuck-pole jerking around inside her. Max was lowering himself completely onto her body, his hands smoothing down her naked thighs, pinching the flesh while he moved his hips subtly from side to side. She felt completely possessed, taken over by his prick. And now he was pulling up, withdrawing slowly. Cindy could feel her elastic pussy walls shrinking back together like the top of a drawstring purse. How odd! It seemed to be increasing that hot, itchy feeling that had begun to take her over.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed.

She could feel his cockhead easing farther back until only his prickhead remained in the grip of her violated cuntlips. And then with a quick shove, Max drove his prick back in. Back and forth, back and forth, he sawed his cock, his hands pinching her ass once more, then sliding up to her tits.

"Ohhhhh, God!" she gasped.

Jack rubbed his cockhead up against her nostrils, filling her nose with the smell of his crotch. She felt his leathery balls pillowing against her chin while his cockhairs tickled her nose. She sneezed. Max fucked, moving his hands under her belly to raise her. Cindy whimpered. His fingers fanned over the flatness of her stomach, making the girl cry out in anguish and humiliation. He had overpowered her, raped her, forced her into this brutality. And now she was enjoying it. As much as she hated Max and Jack, Cindy couldn't deny the simple, true fact that she was enjoying the hell out of this brutal rape.

Chapter THREE

"Ohhhh, man, man, her cunt's gonna burn up my prick," Max groaned, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back.

"She that good?"

"Great, man! This fuckin' virgin's hotter 'n most sluts I know."

The words burned Cindy's pride, shamed her terribly as Max continued to fuck her. She felt his fingers squeezing her nipples again, pinching the red, half-inch long nubs until she squealed with joy and pain. Jerking her ass up, then back and forth violently, Cindy yelped and cried while Max continued torturing her tit tips.

His hands were slipping back down to her hips again, tugging her more firmly up. He yanked her asscheeks all the more tightly against his hairy belly, piledriving his cock into her pussy, his thrusts making her asscheeks jiggle, her belly quake with fear.

"Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!" Jack gasped, his prick snapping up against Cindy's nose.

The elevator car jiggled from the movements of the three. Jack began jerking off more frantically, scooping up some strands of her blonde silky hair and rubbing them with his fist against his fuckrod. Cindy didn't care what he did. Jack no longer mattered. His buddy's cock had taken over, his prick slamming again and again into her cunt. Slowly she felt her mind simmering, settling into a kind of red fog of sensuality. She was feeling her pussy coming alive, burning with delight as the big man fucked her into oblivion. His soft, leathery balls kept slapping against her clit, making it tingle while his fingers tweaked her nipples again and again.

"Ohhhh, man, man, this bitch's wild," Max whispered, shaking more sweat from his face.

"What she doin'?"

"Every time I fuck in hard, I can feel her cunt walls cinching down me," Max said, drawing his hands back and, smoothing his fingertips over her lush, white asscheeks. There were still some red marks crossing the girl's ass, reminders of Max's slaps.

It was true. Cindy couldn't believe it was happening, but there were moments when she could feel her cunt walls buckling under the sexual heat, the slick flesh contracting and grabbing hold of Max's rodding prick. It was almost painful having her pussy muscles contract that way. But oh, the pleasure that accompanied that pain!

Cindy gasped once again, tears running down her flushed cheeks. She could feel Max's cock swell, actually balloon outward as the excitement built. The blonde teen knew he was going to shoot his jizz into her soon. She could tell from the rising excitement, from his uneven breathing, from his gasps, from his comments to her and Jack that he was about to cum. Yes, Max was going to cum in her, firehose his jism into her hot little cunt. And she wanted it! Her ass pranced for it now, dancing up in the air, rubbing against Max's overhanging belly while his prick split through her again and again.

"Fuck it out, baby! Come on, move that God damned ass," Max growling, slapping her again, then riding high so that his prick would rub against her clit.

Yes, Cindy thought to herself, the feeling in her cunt mounting higher with every second. It felt so good, so very good. Shamelessly, the girl jerked her ass up and down, exciting Max even more.

"Thatta way, baby, that's the way to move that fuckin' butt! Ohhh, man!"

Cindy concentrated on his perpetually moving prick rushing through her pussy. Her thighs were spreading farther and farther apart while a violent buzzing began in her head. It was as if she were losing her mind.

"Ohhhhh, man, man..." Jack was going wild, jerking off in her hair. Seeing Max about to shoot, he slid back a few inches, twisted his fingers in Cindy's hair even more and jerked her head off the floor. Her face rose to meet his. He jammed his mouth against hers, kissing her, shoving his tongue inside. Normally Cindy would have been appalled at doing something like this. But she was too far gone to struggle, to protest. Foul as Jack's breath was, the young girl began sucking wildly on it as Jack shoved his tongue in as far as it could go. At the same time, he slipped his hands down to her tits, squeezing them as his buddy had done, pinching her nipples, rubbing them until Cindy was frantic with desire. There seemed to be no end to her torment, to her delight!

"Cumming, man!" Max warned. "Gonna shoot my stuff right into her cunt!"

His voice was strained, choked. Cindy knew the end was near, just around the corner.

"Fuck, man," Jack groaned, pulling away from the tonguing kiss and edging up to the girl's face once more. He twisted her around, slapping her several more times, then jerked up on several strands until Cindy's lips parted to scream in pain. It was at that moment he lunged forward, burying his prick in her mouth the way he had buried his tongue moments before.

"Mmfmmfrnfffff!" she moaned.

There were no more struggles, no more screams, not even an attempt to bite. Cindy tasted the warm, bleachy flavor of Jack's precum and swallowed hard, coating her throat with the vile jizz. She moved her tongue around and around the sensitive underside of his rodding prick, wriggling the tip of her tongue against the point just under his double-lobed cockhead. Jack was going crazy, his body pitching forward as he kept chugging his prick into her mouth.

"Ughhfhfhhffff!" she squealed.

Cindy was going wild with sensation. The two cocks, one fucking her cunt, the other fucking her mouth, worked her up into a frothy frenzy. She could hear the slick, clicking sounds of Max's cock as it pistoned through her cunt. Max's hands gripped her asscheeks hard, holding them, spreading them apart. And now he was using a finger to jam into her asshole. Yes, she could feel that digit spearing into her shitter, sending hot, dry shocks of pleasure and pain into her cunt. And all the time, Jack was filling her mouth with his filthy cock, pillowing his balls up against her chin, filling her nostrils with his wiry cockhairs once more.

"Man, she's sucking me off," Jack groaned, his face slackening as Cindy's tongue began to work frantically, fluttering over his prick.

"Yeah, man, she's somethin' else... a real whore! We're gonna have lots of fun with her here."


Yes, he was right. She was no better than the whores that walked Hollywood Boulevard at night. She was turning onto this vile attack, loving this rape. And how she loved it! Oh, God, how she loved having her cunt speared this way, her mouth spread open by that cock. Cindy wanted to feel Max's cum burn into her pussy. She wanted to feel Jack's jizz filling her mouth, choking her as it slid down to her belly.

She felt it, felt the burning jizz shoot out of Max's prickhead and scald the walls of her pussy. At the same time, that sadistic fiend was twisting his finger around and around in her shitter, the nail threatening to tear the tight, slick lining.


Cindy's ass slammed against Max with a wild force as she felt him swaying on top of her. His hands seemed to be everywhere, his fingers gripping her ass, pinching her thighs, squeezing her tits. She was surrounded by prick, her body impaled on cockmeat. Jack was fucking her mouth more frantically, his eyes wide as he watched his buddy go crazy over the girl.

"Oh, man, man, gonna shoot in her fuckin' mouth... uhhh... gonna do it!"

Jack's voice was strained, pained. Cindy could taste more and more of his pre-cum oozing into her mouth. And then steady, pulsing streams of jizz splashed over her teeth, spattering against the back of her throat, then sliding slimily down toward her belly. Again and again he shot, filling her mouth, making, her cheeks puff out. Cindy couldn't swallow it all, there was so much. It frothed out around the corners of her stretched mouth, oozing out with her spit. She coughed, choked, gasped for breath around the jerking cock buried in her mouth. Cindy could feel his fat, red prickhead rubbing up against her tonsils as more cum squirted out of his piss-slit and filled her mouth.

And then her own climax came rushing, a roar from hell burning her cunt. It was as if someone had touched her cunt with a drop of acid, that acid triggering her violent climax. She screamed and yowled like a cat, jerking her ass up and down, silently begging for more sensation, for more cock. Max laughed at her reaction, slapping her back, her asscheeks, the back of her skull as she came and came and came. How long her climax lasted, Cindy had no idea. She was off in another world for what seemed like hours. Her head exploded again and again while her body drank in that wonderful jism shooting from those two hard cocks.

When she came to, she found Jack had already pulled his prick from her mouth. Max was withdrawing his cock from her pussy, rubbing his callused fingertips along the sensitive under swells of her asscheeks. She could feel his fingernails coming dangerously close to her asshole, and then remembered how he had fucked her shitter with one of his fingers. How awful! She had entered the elevator, thinking she was going to a room to begin her rehabilitation. Instead, she had been raped, violated in the most foul, violent way. And what was so unthinkable was that she had enjoyed it.

"Come on, baby. I don't want the staff thinkin' anything was goin' on between us," Max said, pulling his prick out of her cunt with a squishy pop.

Cindy lay on the floor exhausted, her hair curtaining her still-flushed face. Reality began to trickle in. Why was she stretched out naked like this, her body violated, these men staring down at her and laughing at her dismay? Slowly she turned her head away from the men, sobbing quietly, feeling as if the world, the universe had turned malevolently against her for no apparent reason.

"Get up and get dressed," Max growled, stepping back into his white uniform trousers and zipping up.

Cindy pushed herself upon all fours, her tits hanging sexily down from her upper chest. She wiped the back of one hand across her lips, still able to taste and even smell Jack's prick juice. Cum oozed from her open cunt as she stood up, shaking the hair from her eyes.

"What've you done to me? Oh, God, I'm going to tell... I swear," she said, staring tearfully at the unfeeling attendants.

Max's eyes narrowed as he threw her skirt, blouse, panties and bra into her face. He stepped forward, laying a firm hand on her shoulders and nearly pushing her back down to the floor once more.

"Before we get this fuckin' car goin' again, there's one thing I want you to know," he said, pushing his face against hers. Cindy flinched, hugging her torn clothing tightly to her body. "You ain't gonna tell no one about this. And even if you did," he said, turning and smiling at Jack standing behind him, "It wouldn't do no fuckin' good. This is Hannah Manor, not some dumb state place with officials stickin' their fuckin' noses in. Ain't no one's complained about the results here -- no one."

Max's wards sounded terrible, coming from him. Cindy couldn't believe it. No one said a word? She was certain there had been other girls violated this way by Max and Jack, and no one complained? It was difficult to believe. She turned her face away from Max, trembling under the cold, steady gaze of his eyes.

"So, if you cooperate you can have a lotta fun here. But," he added, his eyes slitting forbiddingly, "if you fuck up, you ain't seen nothin' yet."

He let her go, standing at the rear of the car as Cindy dressed hurriedly. She wanted to get away from these men, away from their horrible stares. She had to be alone, to think about what had happened to her. These men, their rape, their words all confused her. Sliding her torn panties over her injured pussy, Cindy felt her hot, cum-smeared cuntlips pressing against the cool nylon crotch panel. The resulting sensation was shockingly good! But she couldn't let the men know. Shaking off the feeling, she finished dressing, then felt the car begin its continuing upward journey.

The Manor, from what she could tell, was almost medieval in structure. There were tall, cathedral-style ceilings in the corridors, and always the faint smell of antiseptic in the air. She hadn't seen any other patients yet, although Cindy was certain they were nearby. After all, her very best friend was imprisoned here. Imprisoned? Yes, that was a good word, an accurate word to describe what it was like to be here. As she stepped into her small ten-by-fifteen room, Cindy felt she was being imprisoned for some hideous crime.

"Your luggage is there," Max said, kicking the door shut and speaking to her through a small wired opening at the top of the door. "You'll find your uniform in the locker."

Cindy looked around. Next to the small narrow iron-posted bed was a green metal locker, the door shiny and newly painted. A chair was the only, other furniture, in the otherwise sterile room. She had seen more warmly furnished rooms in pictures of Nazi concentration camps.

"Doc Endicott'll come down around here in about an hour for your first interview," Jack said, leering at her.

"Yeah, and don't forget. You ain't gonna say nothin' about what happened to you in the elevator, right?"

Cindy nodded her head up and down, willing to agree to anything to be alone.

"Good, baby, good. I think we're gonna have us one hell of a time... until you're cured."

Both men broke out laughing wildly at the last pronouncement, walking quickly away from her room. Cindy turned, letting the hot tears flow readily now. Raped and violated in the mouth by... oh, the thought of it now only made her sick with shame!

"Oh, my God, my God, what have I done?" she whimpered, throwing herself over the narrow bed and burying her flushed face in the pillow. Cindy moved her knees together, feeling the slippery slide of her cuntlips against one another. It was a horrid reminder of what she'd done, of how she had let those men fuck her.

Two hours passed quickly. Dr. Endicott arrived as Max had predicted, as cold as ever, telling her sharply to get dressed, then showing her the various facilities nearby -- washroom, shower area, dining hall down the way.

"Of course, everything here is regulated," Dr. Endicott said, stopping in front of her office door. Cindy felt so vulnerable once more, just as she'd felt when Max and Jack closed the elevator door behind her. "Is everything all right?"

"Oh, yes, yes, Dr. Endicott!" Cindy gasped, remembering what Max and Jack had said.

"Fine. Then come in. I want to acquaint you with some more of our policies."

They entered Alicia Endicott's office, the setting sun adding a peculiar pall to the setting. Against the back wall, near a tall wide case filled with medical books, was an enormous fireplace with gargoyles carved into the surrounding molding. Cindy felt chilled just staring at the hideous thing. Two throne-like chairs flanked either side of the fireplace, their faded-gold upholstery contrasting oddly with the dark-blue carpeting covering the floor. Dr. Endicott sat behind her large desk, sifting through several papers and reading in a monotone voice finally about the various disciplinary rules.

"... and at no time are patients to question the authority of the doctors, nurses or attendants at the hospital."

Hospital? Is that what she called this place? Cindy nearly laughed. She remembered how she had squirmed and bucked under Max's attack. Would Dr. Endicott call that part of her treatment? She kept still, sitting primly in front of the doctor with her hands meekly folded in her lap.

"Is everything clear now, dear?"

"Yes, Doctor."

Cindy felt her stomach growling with hunger. Only now did she realize that she hadn't eaten since breakfast. The idea of going to Hannah Manor had upset her so much that she couldn't even think of having lunch. It must be five, maybe six o'clock by now. The girl remembered what Dr. Endicott said about the dining hall and wondered if they would be serving dinner soon.

"Come with me," she said, rising from behind her desk. "I think it's time we have our first therapy session... before dinner, that is. It's good to start off on the right foot."

The woman was so businesslike that Cindy actually felt some of her fear fading away perhaps things would be better.

Chapter FOUR

Cindy followed Dr. Endicott down a long corridor, the facing red, sunlight coloring the walls oddly. In a moment she realized that they were heading toward the rear of the large castle-like house. Again, she saw no one else. Where was everyone? How many girls did they have here? Once or twice she had heard stories about Hannah Manor, wild stories about this place that was supposed to be an experimental house for alcohol abusers. Many newscasters had tried to find some sort of story angle to the place, but nothing had been found. Dr. Endicott had a psychiatric degree, was state licensed, and had served the institute well, apparently. Gossip stories still abounded, whispered about by some of the girls at school who said they knew girls who'd been to the institute and how screwed up they were afterward. Ex-drunks might tell lies. They would do anything to get sympathy or attention for what they'd gone through. Cindy had seen some of them on television and almost giggled at the way they looked and talked. Well, now she was in the same situation, and there was nothing particularly funny bout it.

"In here."

Cindy followed Alicia down a narrow flight of concrete stairs into a large, oak-paneled room. The door closed behind her. When Alicia fucked on the lights, Cindy was able to see the furnishings of the room more closely. And what she saw made her break into a cold sweat. Hanging on the walls of the room were strange, frightening-looking instruments. In the center of the room was a large wooden keg with a small brass faucet in it.

"What is this?" Cindy gasped, turning, her eyes wide with fear as she felt her uniform clinging damply, uncomfortably to her flesh.

Dr. Endicott said nothing, her businesslike manner still apparent as she slipped the keys into her white uniform and began unraveling the tight bun at the back of her head. Cindy watched mutely as Alicia's silver hair tumbled to her shoulders. Even with that, the woman looked no less stern.

"Come here, dear."

Cindy hesitated, then realized she had no other alternative. Alicia had locked the door and slipped the keys into her pocket. Sucking in her lower lip, she moved toward the woman, her heart beating wildly.

"Now, we have our session," Alicia said, mechanically removing the teenager's clothing. The gown fell easily from Cindy's shoulders. Panties and bras were just not part of the uniform at Hannah Manor. Cindy was to soon to find out why.

"Why are you doing this to me?" the girl asked. She had heard about all sorts of strange psychiatric treatments. But psychoanalysis in the nude? That was something new to her.

"It's all part of your treatment here, dear," Alicia went on, undisturbed by the girl's growing anxiety. "Actually, it's going to be in two parts. The first is solo," Alicia began to explain, leading Cindy by one hand to a large wooden stockade to the right of the barrel. "The second part will involve your friend, Judy Farraday. She'll be down here to join us shortly."


Before she could ask more questions Cindy found herself thrust forward against the stockade. Alicia took advantage of her disorientation and shock, quickly opening the top portion of the instrument and shoving her arms through the two holes.

She was being pilloried just like some Puritan back in New England! She knocked her knees against the flat wooden, board, twisting her head around and staring uncomprehendingly at Dr. Endicott.

"It's true!" Cindy gasped, staring up wide-eyed.

"What's true, dear?"

"The stories. The stories about this place I've heard!"

Alicia moved around, raising another portion of the board up and thrusting one of the girl's legs into another hole. She was a strong, determined woman, ignoring the teen's frantic attempts to kick herself free. In a moment Cindy was entrapped, her arms and legs locked firmly in place. Only then did the full force of her panic hit her. Snapping her head from left to right, she pulled at the holding boards. But the device held firm, keeping her in place. The brace at the bottom keeping the pillory level didn't even squeak as Cindy bounced her ass up and down in mid-air. Finally she stopped, feeling her head pounding violently. Her heart raced as she watched Alicia step slowly toward a leather riding crop hanging on the wall.

"That," said Alicia, when Cindy was finally quiet, "is called a pillory. It was used to punish people who varied from the norm of society. You did that by using liquor." Alicia removed the crop and fingered the smooth black leather almost lovingly.

"That isn't true!" Cindy cried.


Alicia brought the crop down hard just to the right of the girl's chin. The cracking sound made Cindy scream, her flesh dampening with perspiration. The woman moved around slowly, rhythmically tapping the crop against the palm of her other hand.

"Your parents caught you. They did the right thing, taking you here to Hannah Manor before your problem became too great," Alicia went on more calmly, stopping just behind the trembling blonde teen. "And now we've got to make certain you won't slip back into an alcohol-abuser's pattern."

Cindy tried adjusting her position as best she could in the pillory, the rough wood scratching and prickling her naked flesh painfully. Cindy waited, waited for the first blow she was certain would come. Her father had occasionally whipped her when she was a bad little girl. And now it was happening all over again. Only this time she couldn't use her hands to defend herself.


There was a hissing sound, the sound of the crop arching through the air, quickly followed by the dry smacking smack of the crop crashing against her right asscheek. Cindy yelped, jerking up against the pillory. How her ass burned! Alicia said something about discipline, something about girls of Cindy's type needing all the help they could get from corporal punishment. And then came another blow, this time nearly touching her asshole Cindy yelped once more, thinking of how Max's fingers had strayed dangerously close to her shitter and how one had even entered it. That was exciting, pleasant compared to this!

"You must learn to obey me at the slightest suggestion," Alicia went on, her voice thickening.

"Oh, God?"

"No, no God here," she corrected, raising the crop once more and bringing it down severely across Cindy's right thigh.


Her cunt spasmed at the biting touch of the crap. Flashes of heat raced into her pussy, tingling against her clit as another and third leather blow smacked against her thigh flesh. Alicia was closely watching the girl, her cat eyes narrowing even farther as Cindy bucked and jerked against the restraining pillory.

"Well, you certainly seem to adapt well to this," Alicia said, slowly drawing the leather crop along Cindy's chin, then down to her tits. The girl shivered as she felt the good doctor hefting her right tit up, then lightly smacking her reddening nipple with the tip of the crop. "We'll see bow well you'll do with this."

"Oh, please."

Dr. Endicott placed the riding crop carefully back on the wall hook, then turned and began removing her uniform. It was shocking and yet fascinating to watch this full-titted woman stripping before her. Cindy watched silently, her heart still pounding as the white smock slipped off her shoulders, revealing a well formed slim-thighed woman.

"I've always been fascinated by the trappings of authority, haven't you, my dear?" Alicia went on, folding her uniform neatly and placing it on a nearby wooden chair. She moved one hand back, her fingers gripping two small silver metal tit cups. She put them ow her hardening nipples, rubbing her high-riding tits, then sliding her fingers down to her cunt. Through the thick forest of blonde cunthairs, Cindy could see the doctor's pussylips reddening, swelling open, revealing the dark red rich meat juicing with excitement.

"Ohhhh..." Cindy moaned.

"There's so much to say about domination and submission, something you're going to learn about here at the Manor. Perhaps that will take your mind off alcohol, off the things that can destroy you."

"Oh, no, no..."

Under her tits, Alicia wound black leather bands around her ribs. It was an incredible show, one Cindy couldn't believe was taking place right in front of her eyes.

"And now, the finishing touch." Alicia said stepping back and pulling out a pair of long black boots, boots that came halfway up her thighs. Cindy watched as if hypnotized, her growing fear serving to make her weaker.

Standing before the young blonde, Alicia looked as if she could had killed the girl without thinking twice. "You probably have never recognized authority... or have rebelled against it."

"No, it's some mistake, it's..."

"Shut up!" Alicia barked, slapping the girl hard across the face, then backhanding her with her knuckles. The blows nearly knocked Cindy unconscious.

"Accepting the truth about yourself is the most important thing to learn here at the Manor. This," she said, indicating the cask nearby, "will help you come to that conclusion as well."

Cindy watched, still fascinated by all these goings-on. Alicia moved quickly, picking up a long black hose and attaching it to the brass faucet of the barrel. There was a long steel nozzle at the other end of the hose, making it look like an enema tube.

"I can't believe this!" Cindy gasped, again pulling at her arms, feeling the splinters of the wooden pillory tearing at her wrist flesh.

"It's happening, dear. And there's more to follow."

Next Alicia moved around and brought out a tall three-legged wooden stool, scraping it across the cracked concrete floor. It was about the same height as her asscheeks were sagging in the pillory. But what was particularly frightening about it was a large steel projection, about eight inches long, sticking up from the center of it. All around that thing were tiny metal spikes.

"Now, since you've chosen to destroy yourself by overindulgence in liquor, I'm going to give you an example of what can happen when things go too far. I'm sure you'll make the connection."

"No, oh, no!"

Cindy struggled violently, her body twisting and writhing as best it could in the confines of the pillory. Alicia slipped the stool near her, then went back to the rubber hose and took it, by the nozzle. Cindy watched with horror as Alicia moved around, then shoved the steely tip into her asshole.

"Owwwww! Owwwww! Oh, God, take it out! It hurts! It hurts!"

She bounced her ass up and down, her white fleshy thighs jiggling from the violence of her moves. But Alicia only shoved the nozzle in deeper until it nearly disappeared between her asshole lips.

"Oh, dear, it's a little painful, isn't it? But no matter. You'll become accustomed to it, especially after I take care of your other end."

Cindy felt her flesh crawling with terror as she watched the good doctor take down more black leather straps, then attach them around her waist. They slipped through her asscrack, securing the enema nozzle in place. Additionally, they cut through her cuntslit, rubbing the leather against the girl's clit. That touch, that subtle, rubbing touch did something Cindy didn't even want to think about. She was feeling that hot, tight itch again. But this time a man wasn't involved. There was no sex, at least, not the kind she was familiar with. There was only restraint, threats and pain.

Next came the stool. Alicia positioned it under the girl's bouncing ass, smacking her asscheeks hard until Cindy jerked them in the air. It was just what the doctor wanted.

"No, don't touch me with that horrid thing!" Cindy cried, staring wide-eyed at the long metallic dildo.

But Cindy could do nothing to protect herself. Alicia moved her hands forward, moving the straps to either side of the girl's pussy, exposing her hot, drooling cunt.

"SO, you demand to be let go, and yet your cunt's this hot?"

Alicia gripped Cindy hard by the shoulders, moving her trembling ass to one side, then positioning the girl's hot little pussy directly over the pointed, cold steel dildo. Cindy cinched her eyes shut, her teeth chattering as she felt that inanimate prick brushing against her superheated cuntlips. To think that only several hours ago she was a virgin, a young girl who had come to this place for supposed help. And now she was nothing more than a victim, a helpless teen in the hands of these animals. And apparently, the head mistress of this institution was in the same category. Again, Cindy fought against those strong hands, the fingers digging into her narrow shoulders.

"Don't fight me, Cindy," Alicia warned, her lips drawing thin over her teeth. There was a hellish gleam in her amber eyes. Cindy could smell the older woman's cunt creaming only inches away from her!

"No, don't!" the girl cried.

Alicia shoved down hard, striking Cindy in the ribs at the same time with her right knee.


Down went Cindy's ass, her cunt being skewered by that dreadful cold thing. Her spine stiffened, her head snapping back while her eyes fluttered open. She could feel her cunt walls shudder, then snap tightly around the unwelcome invader. All the squiggly folds and hollows of her moist dark-pink cuntflesh snugged up to that horrible thing as if it were a man's cock.


"I see you're not a virgin," Alicia said, her head tilting to one side as she stared knowingly at the trembling girl.

"No... I..."

She nearly confessed to what had happened in that elevator car. But the warning face of Max reappeared in front of her. She shook her head, her long blonde hair splashing over her face.

"Well, that's not surprising," Alicia said with a sigh, dropping her hands from the girl's shoulders. "There aren't many pure girls around these days."

There was a sour note in the woman's voice as she moved around to the keg and bent down, her fingers playing about the spigot.

"Discipline, Cindy. That's what you must learn here. Discipline, and this will help you, in spite of what you may think now."


What was happening? Something cold was coming out of the tube, filling her ass, splashing about in her bowels.

"This will clean you out, Cindy, clean out the poison you've ingested from all the alcohol you've drunk."

"No, no, you don't understand!" the blonde wailed frantically, staring wildly at the doctor. "I never drank anything. If only you'll test me... please," Cindy begged, her belly feeling as if it were about to burst from the continued swelling of her asshole.

Cindy began to cry, shaking the tears from her cheeks. Cindy was violated at both ends now, the cold-water enema filling up her ass, the dildo spreading her cunt walls wide. She felt the water sliding in, stretching her, making her puff out her cheeks and take in lungfuls of air while the dildo continued its steady upward progress.


Alicia watched for a moment, obviously pleased by the girl's discomfort. Cindy pulled back several times against the pillory, the splinters chafing her wrists. Finally she gave up in despair, letting her ass muscles relax. Slowly, she began sinking down, down to the base of that awful steel cock.

"Now, you'll service me," Alicia said, drawing a higher stool up in front of the girl.

Sitting before Cindy, Alicia spread her legs, the tops of her boots cutting slightly into her soft white thigh flesh. Cindy could tell the woman was highly aroused. Her dark red cunt flesh was slick, oozing with juice, almost throbbing with excitement. Cindy shook her head, trying to clear her confused, tormented mind.

Cindy could feel the steel dildo warming, heated by her hot, wet pussy. And she was starting to experience a kind of strange pleasure from having it inside her, stretching her itching cunt walls so delightfully. Again and again, the girl felt her cunt muscles stretching thin, tightening, relaxing, then tightening again against that cock.

"You seem to be enjoying this, Cindy. That's good," Alicia said, her eyes narrowing with pleasure once more. She slipped forward on the stool, bringing her cunt within tonguing distance of the blonde teen.

Cindy shook her head again, worried about those spikes she saw ringing the base of the steel cock. She tensed her body, the tension creating more pain in her thighs and upper arms. She tried not to slide down on the steel prick. Again and again, she clenched her pussy around that thing, jerking her body up, succeeding somewhat in stopping her downward movement.

"Do you like the smell, Cindy... the smell of my cunt?"

"No, no!"

"Liar! You lie here like you lied to your parents about the booze!" Alicia snapped, reaching forward and twisting the girl's hair around her fingers. With one forward, hard jerk, Alicia snapped Cindy's face into her hot cunt. The girl, shocked at the move, could only groan, wondering what horror was in store for her next.

Chapter FIVE

"Eat me!" Alicia demanded.


Cindy was awarded a sharp slap across the face for her answer.

"From now on you'll do as I say, or there'll be more where that came from."

Cindy shook the burning tears from her eyes, staring at the angry red pussyslit in front of her. The water began hurting her now, filling her asshole up to the tearing point. She wriggled her ass, making the latex hose slap against her asscheeks. Twice Cindy tried pushing down with her muscles, as if she were about to take a shit. Nothing worked. The steel nozzle remained stuck up her shitter, letting more and more of the cold water slip into her bowels.

"Maybe you have to get down on that cock a little more... something to convince you I mean business," Alicia said, sliding forward a little more and shoving the trembling blonde harder onto the steel phallus.

"Eaagghghgh!" Cindy cried.

Alicia would tear her to pieces with that thing! She straightened her spine again, jerking her head from side to side while her fingers curled and pressed hard against her damp palms. How her body jumped and writhed against the stocks as that horrible thing pierced her body even more! And then Cindy could feel those horrible tiny spikes touching her asscheeks. Alicia laughed cruelly at her, slapping her twice across the face once more before resuming her sitting position and shoving her drooling pussy in front of Cindy.

"Now, take your enjoyment when you can, and remember what I said about discipline," Alicia whispered, pointing a crooked warning finger at her. "If you bounce too hard up and down on the dildo you'll tear yourself to pieces. The harder you struggle against me, the more painful the enema will be. Meanwhile, you'll have to pay for what pleasure you get by eating out my cunt."

Cindy sobbed, shaking her head from side to side. This was awful, more horrible than she could possibly have imagined!

"You can't make me do this... you just can't!" she cried, her words dying to a whisper as Alicia mutely answered her with a shove of her cunt against the girl's face.

"I said eat it, and eat it you will."

Alicia's eyes glowed with lust and power as she stretched out both hands, lacking her fingers behind Cindy's head. The girl ceased struggling, sensing only more pain would come from her efforts. Alicia smiled with triumph, spreading her thighs a little more. Opening her eyes wide, Cindy saw cuntjuice had already slicked down the tops of the doctor's black boots. The more Alicia spread her legs, the more of her dark-red moist cuntmeat became visible through her feathery pussyhairs. Cindy could smell the woman's aroused cunt now, her nostrils wrinkling up at the sour odor.

"Eat," Alicia said, her voice calm, almost soothing now.

Gingerly the girl stuck out her tongue, the tip of it barely grazing Alicia's left swollen cuntlips. Alicia groaned, her fingers trembling, then tensing against the girl's head. Cindy flicked her tongue out again, moving it up, up along the outer edge of Alicia's right pussylip, then on up to her clit.

"Ahhhhh, oh yes, Cindy, you know what to touch, don't you?"

This entire thing was crazy, bizarre. And yet something inside her was beginning to enjoy this. There was a kind of buzzy elation taking over, blunting the sharp edge of the pain knifing through her asshole and pussy. Cindy was moving her head around, rubbing her lips against Alicia's hot cunt, pressing her nose against her clit. All the time, the doctor was telling her how good it was to have Cindy's mouth against her cunt, how wonderful it was to have the girl's tongue flicking in and out of her dribbling pussy.

"Ahhhhh, do it, do it!" Alicia cried, her back stiffening, her left leg kicking out and striking hard against the wooden pillory.


Alicia was moaning louder as Cindy moved her tongue up and down the slick, sensitive flesh separating the woman's inner and outer cuntlips. The doctor's soft cunthairs tickled the insides of her nostrils as Cindy continued lapping up the flowing juices. There were times when the girl experimented, stiffening her tongue and burrowing through the quivering mass of greasy cuntmeat just like a cock, she thought. Then Alicia would groan more loudly, her ass dancing on the wooden stool.

"Oh, yes, yes, you cunning little bitch!" Alicia exclaimed, her eyes wide, glazed with excitement. "Do it that way, eat me that way!"

As her excitement built, Alicia shoved Cindy's face harder and harder against her crotch. The young teen didn't seem to mind this act any longer. The pleasure was building, building to a tremendous degree. And as that pleasure built, her pain diminished. Moving her tongue around and around, pursing her lips to suck on Alicia's pussy all the harder, Cindy pranced her ass frantically on the steel dildo, feeling her cuntflesh gripping onto that prick.

"That's it. Oh, yes, yes, eat out my sore pussy," Alicia crooned, smoothing her fingers now along the sides of Cindy's face. "You don't know how sore it is, how hot it is. You're too young yet. But oh, oh, sometimes it gets so hot, I think it's going to burn my panties," Alicia moaned, drawing Cindy's face away from her crotch just for a moment.

"Oh, my God!"

Alicia's eyes were wider than ever while her nostrils flared. Her tits seemed to have swollen while a fine coating of perspiration made her milk-white flesh glow under the yellow overhead light.

"You're a wonderful little bitch," Alicia moaned, wriggling her tensing ass against the stool seat. "You enjoy eating me out, don't you? Like having your tongue up my cunt while you fuck yourself on the dildo?"

"No, no!"

Alicia laughed at the obvious lie, shoving Cindy's face back into her crotch and rubbing the girl's nose frantically against her clit.

"Mfmfmmf... ooohhhh!"

Cindy began acquiring an erotic rhythm, her ass slowly rising and falling against the steel dildo. How it rubbed against her itchy cuntflesh! How it spread her open, just the way Max's prick spread her. And yet there was something exciting about this thing, perhaps even more exciting than a real cock. There was something unyielding, something cruel about having her body penetrated this way, violated this way. Cindy couldn't quite understand her feelings and their origin. But she knew what she felt. And the overwhelming pleasure that had taken her over couldn't be denied.

"Fuck my cunt, fuck my pussy with that Goddamned tongue, bitch!"

Cindy did as she was told, sucking and tonguing Alicia's pussy frantically while bouncing up and down on that unyielding steel prick. The more she bounced, the hotter she became and the harder she worked her pussy against that thing.

"Little whore, little bitch! No wonder your parents locked you up here with me!" Alicia gasped, her long fingernails scratching Cindy's face painfully.

"Oh, oh, oh!"

Cindy flattened her tongue, lapping up and down against Alicia's hungry hot cunt. The change of motion, and position drove the older woman wild. Cords stood out in her neck as she began making strangled cries in her throat. Both legs kicked out now, striking the pillory, her movements threatening to overturn her stool Cindy licked all the harder, concentrating her attack now on the woman's clit. Alicia loved it, bouncing wildly up off her stool, embracing Cindy's head, scratching her face in ecstasy.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" the doctor cried, her eyes rolling up into her head now. "Ohhhhhh!"

Cindy knew the vibrations from her moans were echoing through Alicia's cunt, making her aroused nerve endings vibrate even more than before. The doctor was spreading her legs as far apart as they could go now, thrusting her ass up, giving her cunt completely up to the young teen. How good, how delightful it was, feeling the woman writhe and twist in front of her. She was fucking. Yes, she was doing the fucking, fucking herself and fucking Alicia at the same time. She wanted to make the woman cum violently in her mouth. She wanted to feel Alicia struggling against her tongue, drowning her with her pussy juices. She shoved her mouth forward hard, licking down deep in the woman's cunt.

She could feel Alicia's pussy starting to spasm now. She felt Alicia hunching wildly as if she were going out of control.

Again, Alicia threw her head back, bouncing up and down as Cindy brought her tongue downward again, only to tease up to her clit once more.

"Do it! You little bitch, you're going to make me... going to make me cum!" Alicia confessed, her booted legs kicking against the pillory.

Cindy bounced up and down, feeling herself soaring beyond anything that could be called rational. The pressure in her belly was incredible. And the high she had gotten from Alicia's dribbling pussy was beyond description. She moaned against the doctor's pussy once again, the vibrations from that cry driving Alicia even higher. Cindy could taste the rich, thick cream oozing form the woman's cunt, coating her tongue and mouth, dribbling down her throat.

Cindy was being driven crazy by her own desire. She bobbed like a crazy woman on that steel cock, ignoring the prickling stabs of all those spikes at the base. She felt that hard dildo filling, her pussy, the nails biting into her asscheeks again and again. There was no pain now. There was no agony. There was only pleasure, the pleasure of having the doctor's cunt stabbed again and again by that hard cock, the pleasure of having her asscheeks poked by those nails!

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Cindy moaned.

As she bounced up and down, riding that pole like a merry-go-round horse, she pressed her mouth tightly, greedily against. Alicia's pussy. Yes, the doctor was cumming. She could feel those vibrations rumbling again.

"Ohhh, you Goddamned little cunt!" Alicia cried, her hands slapping against Cindy's head. "You... ohhh, God, you're making... making me cum!" she panted.

Cindy felt those hard spasms hit Alicia's cunt, suddenly she forgot everything except the explosion rippling down through the woman's tight, hot pussy. Tremors and quakes tore through the fibers of the woman's pussy. Her clit popped into Cindy's sucking mouth while her legs kicked again and again against the pillory. Cindy kept her mouth shoved up hard against the woman's convulsing pussy, sucking and tonguing, hearing Alicia groaning and screaming with delight. The room echoed with the sounds of their fucking. Cindy could hear the squishing of her pussy riding that steel cock. And all the while there were the sounds of her mouth sucking and tonguing the doctor's cunt.

Cindy could feel her body spasming now. It was her turn, her turn to reach climax! Her toes curled, her fingers fanned out while her wrists twisted against the splintery wood of the restraining pillory. The world seemed to explode, blow apart in front of her in a wild rainbow of colors. Cindy wanted to hold onto someone, something. But the stock kept her in place. It was happening all over again, cumming, and climaxing with a woman!

"God!" Cindy growled.

It happened with an explosive force! Her orgasm peaked with the force of a thunderbolt. Again and again, she bounced against those horrible spikes, tearing her ass against the nails while her cunt convulsed against the steel cock.

Slowly, gradually Cindy began to feel herself coming down from the climax. Her cunt walls began relaxing around the metal prick. She felt her body finally become relaxed, become a warm, glowing thing. She was too reined to keep the stiffened position in the pillory she had maintained earlier. The spikes stuck into her ass once more. Trembling, Cindy rested her asscheeks on the stool in spite of the pin, her pussy still quivering and creaming around the prick.

"Oh, yes, Cindy, that was very good," Alicia panted, shaking the hair from her eyes. "Very good. If you keep this up, I can see you're going to be one of our star patients here at the Manor."

Cindy could have laughed. Star patients? Star victims, more likely! She couldn't think about that now, however. She had to catch her breath, clear her mind of all the wild visions that had crowded it earlier.

The room was silent except for the heavy panting of the two satisfied women. As Cindy began coming down from her high, the enema started to cramp her stomach.

"Hurt... hurt," she moaned.

Alicia was stroking her upper arms with her fingers, enjoying her afterglow. Peering down, she smiled dreamily at the shaking girl.

"Pain. Yes, I suppose having the enema now isn't quite as pleasant as it was earlier."

Alicia slid off the stool with maddening slowness. Cindy was panting now from the agony laced with the panic that she would shit all over herself. The doctor released her and pointed to a small room at one end of the room. Cindy raced to it and barely saved her dignity.


The girl stood in the doorway, swaying almost drunkenly with dizziness. What had she done? Oh, God, what had she felt with this woman? She had eaten out her cunt while fucking herself on that horrible thing. And she knew her ordeal was far from over. Alicia had said something about Judy, something about her friend coming down here for the second part of her initial treatment.

"Now you've learned something about discipline," Alicia began, walking slowly to an intercom near the keg. Her high-heeled boots clicked rhythmically over the concrete floor. Reaching up, Alicia clicked down a small lever. "Send Judy Farraday in."

They waited, Cindy terribly aware of her nakedness. What would Judy say when she saw her like this, standing stark naked, obviously having undergone some kind of ordeal.

"Ah, there she is."

The door opened, and in came Judy with Max closely behind her. Cindy gasped, the perky brunette, always so full of life, of mischief, now stood there listlessly, her head bent slightly forward. There were marks on her naked body, marks that closely resembled those inflicted by a belt or whip. Judy's face was curtained momentarily by her hair.

"Judy, I'm sorry to say, hasn't been one of our better success stories." Alicia sighed, crossing her arms over her tits and shaking her head. "She's been something of a disappointment, in fact. But we have hopes," Alicia said, her face brightening.

"Max... then you know about him... I mean, that he's..."

"Like us? That I let him fuck you girls when you get here? Of course, dear!" Alicia laughed at the girl's apparent innocence. "I wouldn't have it any other way. He always enjoys telling the girl's he'll hurt them if they talk. It adds a kind of spice to it all," Alicia said, her voice almost lilting as she moved up to Judy and pushed away her long, brown hair. "Judy thought she was doing him harm when she confessed everything Max had done to her. Too bad she didn't realize Max and his friends are all part of the treatment."

"Treatment? Treatment here? You can't call this treatment," Cindy blurted.

Alicia shrugged.

"Call it what you choose. It works, dear, as you'll soon find out. Get them ready, Max?"

Judy looked at her friend and smiled blandly in recognition.

"Hi, Cindy. Guess your folks dropped you into this place, too, huh?"

"No talking!" Max snapped, striking the brunette hard across the back of the head. Cindy flinched at the sound of that blow.

"In the seats, Max. I want them to see just how powerful friendship can be... especially when something's added to brace it up."

He took them across the room to two wooden chairs, thickly built, facing one another. Cindy sat down, her asscheeks, flinching at the cold wood. Judy moved to the other chair, her eyes still having that vacant, terrified stare.

"I thought this up after hearing about similar devices at Treblinka," Alicia began as Max strapped Cindy's arms and legs to the chair. Broad leather straps kept her wrists and ankles bound tightly against the wood.


"A concentration camp in the Ukraine, a southern part of Russia," Alicia explained as Max then moved to the other chair and belted in Judy. The girl looked dumbly at her friend, realizing yet more torment lay in store for them.

"What is this?"

At this point, Cindy saw several black wires leading both to her chair and Judy's. A small black dial was on the right armrest, within easy reach of her restrained fingers.

"It's a way to see just what your resistance is to us... and a way to measure just how strong your friendship is with her."

Alicia stepped back and Max moved forward, pulling more wires that were curled behind the chair. He stared up at Cindy, his eyes laughing at her confusion, at her pain. Glancing down, Cindy saw he was holding several tiny pincers attached to several wires.

"Open your mouth. We don't want you biting your tongue off," Max said, pulling out a filthy rubber wedge from his back trouser pocket and shoving it between her teeth. With that done, he resumed attaching the pincers, opening the dreadful clamps, then closing them on first her right, then her left nipple. Cindy winced, feeling the cold tiny teeth nipping hard at her nipples.

Next Max attached the third pincer to an area just below her clit. Cindy felt her cunt starting to warm again. How sore she was from the last ordeal. And now they were pushing her through yet another!

"Hfh hfhhfhhfff!" she grunted.

A fourth wire was shoved up her ass. Max backed away, smiled cruelly, then turned and began doing the same thing to Judy. Cindy waited, her body breaking into yet another sweat as Alicia began plugging in several thick black wires to two wall sockets near her.

Chapter SIX

"You see," Alicia began to explain, "you're hooked to one another in relay. When one turns on the current here," she pointed to Cindy's dial, "the current will automatically flow to Judy. And vice versa. The more you turn your dial to the right, the more electricity your friend will receive."

She wouldn't play their game. That would make her as bad as they were. But would her friend think the same way? The thought of having her body fried by her friend excited and horrified her.

"And don't think you won't get away by doing nothing at all," Alicia added, her thin lips curling into a cunning smile. "We'll start with you first, Judy." She walked to the brunette and placed the girl's fingers on the dial. "There, that's it. Just twist it this way... just a little at first." Alicia looked up at Cindy. "We don't want our friend to wind up on fire, do we?"

A look of incredible surprise crossed Cindy's face. She felt a faint pulse teasing her tits, cunt and ass. Jerking, the girl flew back into her seat, her toes curling, until they cramped. Judy had done it!

"Like that, baby? You dig this more than havin' my prick plow through you?" Max taunted, slapping her several times across, the face.

"Max! You had your pleasure earlier. Wait until I'm through with them. Then you can have your fun," Alicia snapped.

Max pulled away, still leering at the tormented blonde teen.

"I suggest you turn your dial, too, Cindy, or I'm going to have to increase the voltage," Alicia warned.

No, she wouldn't, she wouldn't! Her fingers trembled over the black dial, then pulled back.

"Very well?"

Another notch. Cindy tensed, waiting for what was surely to come. She started to shiver, her cunt and tits aching. How strange, but this waiting, this suspense was making her cunt itch! It was almost like having her pussy violated by Max's prick, or by that steel dildo. There seemed to be some connection in her mind between pleasure and pain. Cindy wrinkled her forehead, wondering what on earth could be happening to her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by another surge of voltage. It was like having thousands of fiery tiny knives pricking her cunt, asshole and nipples. She jerked, arching her back slightly while throwing her head back against the chair. She could hear Alicia and Max laughing in the background while a strange buzzing seemed to enter her head. She bit down hard on the rubber wedge, and her temples throbbed. There was a ringing sound now in her ears while her nipples actually swelled against the chewing tiny teeth of the pincers. Cindy could feel her thigh muscles tightening, relaxing, then tightening again while her clit burned even more. The electricity was doing such strange things to her. She bounced on the chair, feeling herself becoming terribly aroused.

"Still no response? Do you want more electricity, dear?"

No, she couldn't take it. Her fingers trembling over the dial once again, Cindy turned it to the right, hearing Judy cry out almost immediately. She'd turned it to the third setting! The girl was jerking and twisting in front of her, the black wires on her body bouncing madly up and down. She had given her friend a double dose!

"Oh, my, Cindy! You're making your friend feel so much more pain than you are. Come on, dear, why don't you show Cindy just how you feel about that," Alicia said, bending down to the brunette.

Cindy screamed as yet more voltage smashed into her cunt, tits and asshole. Her muscles were spasming uncontrollably as she jerked from side to side. Her wrists and ankles pulled at the restraining leather strap while the chair scraped a few inches along the floor.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she groaned.

It was like having a fist hitting her, again and again. Shards of fire sliced against her clit as sparks flew into her body. A fist of air burst from her asshole, nearly dislodging the clump of wires shoved up in her shitter. Screaming through the rubber wedge, Cindy felt rage, revenge and lust all combining into some unspeakable frenzy as she twisted her black dial yet farther up the scale, hearing Judy shriek in response.

"Mghghghghghhgh... eaagbghghhghh!" The brunette's body was bowed outward, her spine nearly snapping from the position while the cords stood out from her throat. Judy's eyes bulged while her nostrils flared widely open. It was grotesque, and yet oddly beautiful seeing the young teenager shaking and bending that odd way.

"Oh, dear, I think Judy's going to give you more voltage as well," Alicia said, smiling as the brunette's fingers trembled over the dial.

Cindy felt as if she were struck by a fallen tree. Her tits, belly, cunt and asshole were ripped to pieces by flames of torment and pleasure. Her bones ached, rattling against one another. Her screams intensified behind the rubber wedge, then another increase, another series of shrieks! Cindy thought she was going to die. Surely a human being couldn't take this much torment!

"Eaghghghhghghhhh!" Cindy screamed.

The girl's lips were turning purple, her eyes widening while spittle frothed out around the corners of her mouth. Cindy wished she could have fainted. But something kept her conscious.

"More, Judy. I'm sure your friend can take more," Alicia goaded.

The pain was overwhelming now. Cindy felt rage at her friend, and she twisted her dial all the way. She heard Judy shrieking the walls down. Through her bleary eyes, she saw her friend snapping from side to side, her body jerked by all that voltage. Yes, it was Judy who had landed her here. It was Judy who was responsible for all her pain. It was Judy who should pay for all this agony.

"Nooooooo!" Cindy screamed.

Judy, too, had twisted her dial all the way before passing out in the chair. The girl now bounced and jerked like a shaken lifeless puppet. How Cindy envied her. But something kept her awake, enduring this horror. It was her climax. Yes, it was her own sexuality that was doing this to her. She could hear her head exploding, or so it seemed, while her cunt shattered into a maddening orgasm. She shuddered and jerked against the chair, wishing for one mad instant that Max and Alicia would increase the voltage.

"That's enough."

With Alicia's simple command, the electricity was turned off. Cindy sank back onto the chair, feeling her body relax into a warming glow. She had endured so much this day! Her mind was awhirl at the thought of what she had undergone and survived. Max came up to her, his trousers peaked in front. It was an obvious indication of his arousal. No, she couldn't stand another fucking. She would die, surely collapse and die if someone were to fuck her now!

"Let her rest, Max," Alicia said, gesturing to the girl's clothes on the chair. "She's had enough today. There'll be other days to enjoy her. One treatment per day is enough."

Max grunted in assent, loosening the straps after having taken off the pincers. Cindy stood up shakily, bracing herself against the chair for a moment. She took her clothes, dressed as quickly as she could, then walked in front of the guard back to her room. Never in her life was she more happy to see a bed! For an instant she thought Max would push his way into her chamber and fuck her in spite of the warning hurled by Alicia. But apparently Dr. Endicott ruled with a firm, iron hand. Max could play with the patients, but only on approval from the mad doctor.

"Oh, oh, what have I done? Oh, my God, what am I going to do?"

Throwing herself over the bed, Cindy gave herself over to a torrent of feelings, pounding her clenched fists against the pillow. She had allowed herself to be violated again and again. She had even enjoyed this perverted torture, wallowing in the filth and loving every second of it. Nothing, nothing in her life had prepared her for something like this. Her mother had never indicated there were people like this, men and women who enjoyed inflicting pain on others for sexual enjoyment. She doubted that her parents even suspected this kind of fact. And yet there she was, face to face with an entire institution of those kinds of animals. And her friend, Judy, had turned into one of them. She could see that in Judy's eyes!

Sobbing and crying out, Cindy fell slowly into a deep slumber. How long she had remained asleep, she didn't know. Her dreams were tormented by images of Max and his hard prick, of Alicia and her hot cunt, and all the while something very hard was piercing her own pussy. And there was Judy, sitting opposite her like a judge, her fingers playing around the dials, sending more voltage into her body and rocketing her to yet another crashing climax!

Twice the girl awoke, sitting bolt upright in her cell. It was dark. The hall was quiet. Cindy didn't even bother to get up and try to open the door. Alicia Endicott had assured her about the complete security of the Manor, and Cindy was certain something awful would happen to her if she tried to escape. Besides, they were nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains, far away from anything that might be called civilization. What would she do, where would she go, once she got out? Cindy lay back down on her bunk, thinking about the unjustness of it all, about how she was shunted off to this sexual insane asylum. Sighing, she fell asleep again, tormented once more by dreams of cocks and cruelty.

The next day was quite the opposite from the first. A nurse -- at least, Cindy assumed she was a nurse -- came in and took her blood pressure, drew a blood sample, then kindly told her she'd be expected in room 223 for a lecture on alcohol abuse. For a moment Cindy wanted to confide in the woman everything that had happened to her. Secrets, apparently, had no place here at the Manor. Dr. Endicott knew everything. Instead, she remained passive, vowing she would find some way to get out, some way to tell her parents about the wild goings-on at the Manor. That surely would bring them up here and get her out.

Once in the classroom, Cindy saw four other girls, all of them somewhat tearful and looking as if they wanted to talk. Judy was in the back, holding her upper arms hard with her fingers and staring straight ahead like a zombie. One of Dr. Endicott's less successful cases? Cindy shivered. Would she wind up that way? Dr. Endicott entered the room, dressed as she was earlier the other day, wearing a pressed starched white smock, her hair tied up closely in a bun, a pair of black-rimmed glasses resting easily on her nose. She smiled breezily, then began her lecture on alcoholism. It was all so matter-of-fact, as if the sexual torment that had gone on the other day simply was a myth. Twice Cindy had to pinch herself, wondering indeed if she had endured the rape and Alicia's brutal treatment. The marks on her arms and wrists told her she had. The soreness still surrounding her violated little cunt was a constant reminder of Max's brutality.

The remainder of the day was spent in varying kinds of therapy and other classes, all of them increasingly boring to Cindy. She had no booze problem. Her parents had overreacted, shoving her in here. None of this meant a thing to her. And yet she played the game, looking constantly for a phone, something that would give her contact with the outside world.

Just before four o'clock Max came up to her, and he leaned against the chair. He was rubbing his crotch against the wood, right there in front of the other girls. They looked the other way, one of them biting her lip. Judy was just sitting there, staring out of one of the barred windows. Soft music drifted in from the overhead speakers. It was all so grotesque.

"Dr. Endicott wants to see you," Max said, bending, down and speaking softly in the blonde's ear.

Cindy shuddered. Not again. Dear God, not again, not another of Dr. Endicott's "treatments". She thought about resisting, thought again, then rose, smoothing down her skirt and staring up at Max. There would be another detour, she was sure of that, before she would reach Alicia's office.

"This way, baby."

Cindy walked down the long corridor, wishing she could bolt but knowing only more pain would follow if she tried escaping so openly. They turned down one hall, past the elevator where she had been so brutally raped, then turned down another. They were, she guessed, in the same area where Dr. Endicott had had her the day before. Max grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, pushing her to one side so hard that she nearly lost her footing. No one was around, Max's ideal circumstance for fucking -- dark, silent, alone.

"No, stop!" she cried, pushing her hands up to his chest and trying to shove him away.

"You gotta be kiddin'," Max said, knocking her hands away, then wrestling her against the wall behind her. Her shoulders hurt from the violent slamming contact. "You been fucked so Goddamned many times around here, and you think you can stop me from fuckin' you again? I told you I was gonna fuck you when I could. The time's now, baby!" Max's voice dropped and thickened. "And like Dr. Endicott says, you gotta learn discipline, learn to jump when she or me or anybody around here says jump!" Max's fingers gripped her shoulder tightly.

"Oh, God, no, no this can't be happening to me, it just can't," Cindy groaned, her shoulders aching from the tight grip.

"Sure is, baby, and it's just startin' up," Max said, his voice dropping yet another tone.

Cindy felt his hot breath pumping against her throat as he shoved his knees between hers, spreading them far apart. At the same time, Max dropped his hands to her thighs, gathering the coarse wool dress up in his fingers until the hem was well above her knees. Cindy could feel her ass becoming exposed. Panties were something unknown here at the Manor, according to Dr. Endicott. It was another of her rules, rules meant to humiliate, to degrade the patients.

"Stop it!"

But Max's hands knew no stopping. The girl felt them crawling like spiders around her thighs, inching toward her tight, firm asscheeks. She sucked in a ragged breath, holding it until she thought her lungs would burst. Max smelled strongly of stale beer and cigarettes as he dropped his face to hers, kissing her hard on the mouth.

Cindy felt his tongue trying to work its way into her mouth. She nearly vomited, hating that squirmy, wet thing! His hands ran over her plump young ass, his fingers pressing into her resilient [missing text]. Cindy tried straightening her arms, tried again to push the animal away from her. But Max only laughed at her efforts, slipping bis fingers over her asscheeks until his fingernails were scraping along their inner curves. When he shoved one forefinger into her asshole up to the second joint, Cindy rebelled, drawing back her teeth and biting down hard on his offending tongue.

"Yaghghghhh," he wailed.

Max drew back quickly, one hand cupped over his mouth. The young teen looked from left to right, desperately searching for a fast path of escape. But her biting had only temporarily stunned Max. He still blocked bet way out. Cindy crossed her arms over her tits, knowing she had only worked herself into a worse corner with that move.

"You bitch!" he hissed, drawing one hand away from his lips and checking his fingers for tongue blood. None. She had done nothing, nothing except worsen an already desperate situation. "You Goddamned little slut!" His face turned white with rage. Cindy watched as his fingers clenched and unclenched his body tensing as if he went about to pounce on her. She could already feel his hands breaking her in two.

"Oh, no, no, please, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, I..."

Max let out an unintelligible howl, spreading his legs far apart quickly for balance. Cindy watched wide-eyed as he jerked his right hand up high over his head, spreading his fingers, then bringing down that paw-like hand in a broad arc to her face. There was little time for her to duck, to move away from the inevitable blow. She had just a second to begin a scream. The hard crashing of his opened fist against her jaw cut it to a whimper.

"Yaghgh... ooohohhfffff!"

Cindy's head jerked violently from the force of the blow, her body half turning around as her knees buckled. She raised her arms, clawing at the wall to keep from falling to the floor. Another blow, this time directed at the back of her head, knocked her down. She fell heavily to her knees, fearing she had cracked several bones on the way down.

The blonde teen lay on the floor, one arm draped over her face while her legs remained crossed over one another. Max was breathing heavily, one hand still wiping across his lips. She felt him kicking her lightly in the ribs, driving the toe up into her asscrack, then working it back and forth until it began to chafe her shitter. She groaned, moving one hand back to knock that offending foot away.

It was what Max had been waiting for. He stepped on her hand, nearly breaking her fingers with the weight of his heel. Cindy shrieked, jerking around until she was lying on her back.

"No, stop it, no!" she screamed.

Max withdrew his foot, then shot it forward, the toe catching the girl hard in the ribs once more. Cindy let out a woosh of air, doubling over in pain as another kick bruised her thighs.

"No, stop!"

Tangles of her blonde hair clung wetly to her dampened checks as the blonde teen tried desperately to get to her feet, Max's kicks and shoves kept her on the floor. When she finally got to her knees, the attendant grabbed her by the hair, yanking up several strands, until Cindy's eyelids began to flutter in agony. She screamed, fearing he would snatch her bald.

"You're gonna listen to me, baby. And you try anything like that again, and I'm gonna burn out your pussy with a branding iron, savvy?"

Cindy nodded, feeling the hand leaving her hair.

Chapter SEVEN

They were in another room, different from the one in which she had experienced the water torture and had her friend, Judy, half electrocute her. There were the same devices banging from the wall, although the keg of water and stools were missing. Cindy looked around, wondering just how many of these discipline rooms there were at the Manor.

"Your little friend's kinda spaced out. Judy's her name, right?"

"Yes," Cindy said meekly, crossing her hands in front other.

"She'll be back to play with you later. But now, this is my time," Max said possessively.

Cindy raised her eyes and saw Max staring at her with that wolf-like glare in his eyes. She could see that the man loved playing with young girls like her and Judy.

"Lie down over there," Max said, pointing tor a spot somewhere behind her.

Turning around, Cindy saw a long wooden table. The top was composed of several thick lengths of board held together at either end by two large black bands of iron. Max was rubbing his crotch again, his cock clearly visible through his thin white uniform trousers. Yes, she could see why Judy had turned into a kind of zombie. There was less pain, less confusion and torment involved if you could block out everything around here.

"Move!" he barked.

Cindy turned and she walked to the table, which now reminded her more and more of a medieval rack.

"Off with the clothes."

Criss-crossing her arms, Cindy mechanically lifted her dress from her body the material catching her tits and hefting them sexily from her chest. Max smacked his lips as if he'd just sat down before a fantastic dinner. Cindy crawled onto the table, sliding her legs to the center, feeling her asscheeks pillow out under her. She sat up, folding her arms inward to block her nipples from view. The show of false modesty amused Max.

"I know what you look like. But I don't know what you taste like," Max said, wiping one filthy hand across his lips. "Dr. Endicott probably took care of that for me. But I wanna find out, myself."

Cindy watched him approach, her heart beating so hard that she was sure it would tear through her chest! Then Max was next to her, his callused fingers back on her thighs, his thumbs caressing her jutting hipbones. Eyeing her for a moment, Max tightened his grip on her thighs and dropped his head.

"Ughhhhhh..." she moaned.

Cindy thrilled to that touch, the touch of a man's mouth on her pussy! She danced her ass against the wood, her head falling back, her long blonde hair sweeping over her shoulders. Max was sticking his tongue into her, scouring the slick bumps and hollows of her pussy. So this was what it was like to have someone eating you out! Max was wrong. Dr. Endicott hadn't eaten out her pussy. But let him think what he would. She enjoyed the touch, stiffening, then bowing out her spine as his tongue licked up and down against her furry frothing cunt.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, you got the juice come outta you real good," Max said, drawing back, then raising one hand to pull out several curly blonde cunthairs from between his front teeth.

"Disgusting... it's..."

"Yeah, sure it is. That's why you can't keep your damn ass from movin' all around. That's how disgustin' you think it is."

He pulled all the way back, bending down and picking up a length of half-inch rope. He slipped a loop over one of her ankles, then moved around and secured the other in the same way. Bending down, the attendant attached the free end of the rope to the foot of the rack. Cindy felt the rope tighten hard around her ankles. And to her shock, she enjoyed that touch, that feeling of restraint.

"Now, we have more fun with you, baby. Move your hands back. Lie down and shut up."

Cindy did as she was told, her shoulders pressing now against the hard wood, her arms stretched above her head. This indeed was a rack. Dr. Endicott probably had it especially constructed for the Manor. There were gears behind her. She could see them now as she twisted her head around. Max picked up more rope and looped it around her wrists, stretching the line back and attaching it to the rack's stretching mechanism.

"What are you going to do now?" Cindy gasped with a desire halfway between fear and anticipation.

"You're gonna have a good time, a better time than when your friend shot your cunt and asshole full of electricity," Max promised.

"Oh, no!"

Max moved behind her, bending down once more and gripping a wheel. There were groaning sounds, then the sound of gears meshing against one another. She felt the rack shudder, then felt the top ropes stretching, pulling her arms back farther. She moved her asscheeks from side to side, feeling the splinters knifing into her asscrack.


At first there was the sensation of being stretched as much as possible. It was almost pleasant, the feeling one gets when jumping from bed and stretching in the morning.

"You enjoy this, right? Let's see just how much you're gonna dig it now."

But then the strain became more intense. Soon Cindy could feel her joints throbbing, the stretching sensation turning more and more into a tearing one. She jerked her head from side to side, her eyes wide, her forehead throbbing while a scream stuck in her throat. That was where Max locked the wheel, keeping the girl completely stretched out with just enough strain to make her feel uncomfortable.

"Now, for more fun."

Max climbed back onto the table, kneeling in front of the helpless girl. Unbuckling his belt, he slipped his trousers down to his knees, exposing his fat, long cock.

"Ohhhh, stop this!"

Cindy twisted her body a little to the right, feeling her tendons pulling even more, her muscles bulging against her stretched flesh. Max was working his lingers up and down over the dark-blue veins of his prick, greasing down the skin with his dribbling pre-cum. Letting go of his cock for the moment, he lowered himself somewhat, pressing his foul mouth against hers, letting his long tongue shove down into Cindy's mouth. When the girl was about to bite down again, Max drew both hands to the side of her head and pulled back.

"You feel this?"

She was very conscious of the sudden pressure of his palms against her skull.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Like I told you before, I could crush your fuckin' head. And I'll do it if you've got any Goddamned thoughts about bitin' me."

Max's hands flew away, once again his horrid mouth was shoved against hers, his tongue squirming down, rubbing against the insides of her cheeks, finally delving toward the back of her throat. It was sickening! She could taste his spit oozing into her mouth. And all the while, Max was moaning, moaning into her mouth while sliding his fingers down to her nipples and squeezing the rich red, tips of her tits.


Max let his hands go down, down, sliding his fingers to her ribcage, then slipping them down until they were pinching at her asscheeks.

"Nice, baby, nice. You look good all stretched out like this."

Cindy gasped for breath, twisting her head away, unable to stare that monster in the eye. She was breathing heavily, gasping for air while Max knelt there and stared at her. Oh, how much more aware she was now of the stretching of the rack! There was pain as the strain of the pulling on her arms and legs began to make itself felt. The teen gasped again, feeling herself drifting in a state between thrill and torture. The pulling on her arms seemed to increase.

"Please, loosen that up, please..."

Cindy winced pushing back with her toes, trying to ease the pulling on her arms. Max only laughed at her, watching her tits rise and fall with the panting gasps she took as the strain became more and more telling. Her tits rose and fell mightily, standing straight up with the long red nipples pointing at the cracked plaster ceiling. Then Cindy shuddered as she watched Max lowering his head again. She saw his lips working against one another, saw his tongue just start to poke out, when his mouth engulfed her right nipple.

How strangely delightful it was, having his lips cupping her tit, his teeth nibbling all around her sensitive nipple flesh while his tongue lashed away. Cindy arched her spine as best she could, wallowing her shoulders against the wood. She tried jerking her body from side to side but the stretching, restraining ropes kept her movement to a minimum. Again and again, Max bit and licked her right nipple, smoothing one hand up and down her thighs. Oh, how her cunt burned with lust now as the big attendant mouthed her nipple.

The strain in Cindy's elbows was getting worse and worse. She writhed like a snake as Max kept on sucking her nipple, using the flicking of his tongue to stimulate the girl's already aroused nerves. And now Max lay completely on top of her, his weight adding to the pressure straining on the teen's arms and legs.

Max panted, drawing back and wiping his mouth. "You're hot, baby, real hot to fuck. But I'm gonna hold back. When I stick this mother into you, I wanna hear you cryin' for it!"

"Never!" she shouted back.

"You're gonna be beggin' for it," Max countered, slapping her lightly across the cheeks, then going back to sucking her nipples.

Cindy found it hard to believe she could respond this erotically to this kind of torment. The thought of being tormented this way for hours sent a strange-pleasant shudder through her body, making her cunt walls snap shut on nothingness.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she groaned.

Cindy wanted to scream louder, but was afraid of offending Max and making him torture her more. The strain in her arms and legs was growing with each passing second it seemed as Max's foul damp hands crawled over the hills and hollows of her sweat dampened body. And when his fingers began stroking her asscheeks once more, sliding down into her sweaty asscrack and teasing at her shitter, Cindy nearly dislocated her arms in trying to fuck her ass away.

"So, you're a little nervous about that, huh, baby? You think I'm gonna butt-fuck you?"

"No!" Cindy gasped, the very idea of having a man's cock sticking into her shitter driving her wild with terror.

"Don't worry... at least for now. Who knows how the fuck I'm gonna feel in a couple of secs? But now I'm gonna fuck you like you ain't been fucked before," Max said, an odd twinkle in his eye.

Cindy watched as Max climbed off the rack once more, his cock sticking straight out like some kind of thick fuckpole. The girl remembered the initial feeling she had of his cock squeezing into her cunt, of the way his balls had nestled up against her crotch while his hands cruelly dug and pulled at her tits. She had fought him then, pounding her fists against his chest while he fucked her mercilessly. How she had cried, sobbed for her lost innocence, for her torn cherry. And now, now she was licking her dry lips in anticipation, hoping for a fuck that would drive her wild, knock her out of her mind. How she had changed in just a few days. Dr. Endicott and her staff seemed less concerned with her alleged alcohol problem than with getting her laid every second of the day.

Max walked over to the wall, where several dildos hung placidly from small iron hooks. Cindy felt her cunt swell open with heat, a lush feeling washing over her body. Dr. Endicott must have chosen that steel dildo from his room, fastening it to the stool before dragging Cindy into the other room. Max's fingers trailed lovingly over several long pink latex pricks before choosing an especially long one, at least ten inches and two inches thick. Cindy's eyes widened. He'd tear her to pieces with that thing.

"This'll prime you up," he said, pulling the awful thing from the wall, then walking back to the rack. His cock and dildo, and both of them were pointing directly at her pussy. Climbing onto the rack, Max gripped the thing around the flared base, pressing the point against Cindy's seething cunt involuntarily, the girl snapped her knees inward, pulling at the ropes still holding her ankles to the rack.

"You'll have this sliding through your cunt in a few seconds, baby. You're gonna be nice and wide when I stick my cock into you. But then you're gonna shrink up against my cock. Man, we're gonna ride together for a long time before you get back to your room," Max promised.

"Dr. Endicott!" Cindy gasped, her eyes rolling back into her head.

"You're early. Besides, she knows I fool around with the girls here. That's all part of the program, like she says," Max panted.

Cindy arched her spine once more, slamming her head again and again against the wood rack. Max was twisting the dildo around like a screwdriver, pushing forward constantly, sliding that thing past her stretched thin outer cuntlips into her juicing fuckhole.

"Aghghhhhh... no, no... oh, God, you're gonna tear me to pieces!" Cindy screamed, the cords sticking out at her throat. How dry her mouth was! Her tight chest seemed even more tightened as that horrid thing slipped deeper and deeper into her cunt. Several times the frantic girl peered over her jutting, jiggling tits at Max. His mouth was opened, his eyes wide and glistening as he watched the fat thing disappear inch by inch into her cunthole.

Her thighs tensed, relaxed, then tightened again, the tendons bulging against her flesh. The girl let out more grunts. Max was drawing it back a little, angling it up, rubbing the latex skin against her clit. She guessed it was a little more than half-way in now. Max was fucking her, drawing the dildo in and out, twisting it, rubbing it against her clenching cunt walls until Cindy was screaming with delight.

"Oh, oh, oh!"

"Told you I'd have you beggin' for it. But I ain't even begun with this mother. It's special," Max said, stopping the fucking movements for a second.

"Special?" she panted.

"Yeah, watch."

Cindy's vision hadn't been clear when Max had pulled the dildo from the wall. Raising her head slightly from the rack's surface, the teen noticed wires trailing from the far end of the dildo. Again she was going to be tormented by electricity! Cindy dropped her head down, curling her fingers, digging the nails in her palms while sobbing and rolling her head from side to side.

"Oh, no, no, no, no!"

She didn't watch, couldn't watch as Max fumbled around, making the final connections. The dildo began moving again. Only this time the girl felt something shooting through her cunt, a kind of biting warm heat, the same kind of heat that chewed through her body when Judy nearly electrocuted her!

"Nooooooo!" she pleaded.

Max was enjoying this tremendously, chugging that horrible dildo back and forth while sending current through Cindy's aching pussy. Cindy could hear him panting and grunting like some lusting animal. She writhed frantically in response against the rack, her arms mid legs pulling wildly at the restraining ropes. The pulling of the rack seemed minimal now as her cunt filled with electricity.

"You like tint, baby? You dig havin' your pussy warmed like that? Ain't it great havin' your pussy warmed up by this mother?"


Several minutes passed. Cindy knew at this point that there wasn't enough current to cook her pussy. The current, in fact, was far less than the one that Judy had sent racing through her body. But still it was sending wild knifelike shocks reverberating through her like the waves following the striking of a gong. It was shocking, but shocking in a delicious way. Tiny, exciting teeth were nibbling at her pussy, eating teasingly at her clit. She shuddered, gasping for air as charge after charge of electricity made her want to scream again.

But Max's tongue was back at her throat, blocking any attempts for her to shout. Instead, the girl jerked and writhed against him, feeling one hand pinching her nipples, the smoothing over her flattened belly while the other kept sawing that dildo back and forth, in and out of her convulsing, electrified cunthole.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, baby, move that ass as much as you can."

"Stop... oh, please stop!" Cindy gasped, spitting out Max's saliva and twisting her head away again.

Max grabbed her by the hair, pulling several strands out as he jerked her back up and dropped his mouth back onto hers. She could feel his tongue going down into her throat, clogging it, keeping her from shouting. And to her surprise, Cindy found herself sucking on and biting it, but not chewing on the wriggling thing to offend Max. He groaned into her mouth, their mixed spittle dribbling down her chin.

"You're one of the hottest bitches I've ever fucked," Max groaned.

"Oh, no, no..."

"You sure are, baby," he countered, giving the dildo an extra little shove, then letting it rest against her cunt. The charge sent her clit shuddering and shivering with unspeakable delight. It was like having a thousand mini climaxes all at once! Cindy thought she would die, grunting and rutting like this in front of this horrible man.

"Go for it, you little slut! Go for it," Max encouraged, laughing at her increased sexuality as the dildo slipped in yet another inch.

Chapter EIGHT

"Yooowwwwwwww!" she wailed. There must have been a switch or something at the end of that dildo. More electricity was shooting into her body now, making her muscles twitch involuntarily. Her bones began to ache as Max pistoned the rod harder, more frantically in and out of her sucking cunthole. She felt her pussy walls, buckle in more than once, cinching down on the big dildo, holding it for several moments until the spasm passed. Max laughed then, twist in her that thing around telling her how hot she was and how much hotter she would be when he finished fucking her.


"Maybe I'll fuck you in the ass," he said thoughtfully, flecks of saliva dotting his thick lips. He was pounding that dildo in harder now, making sure the latex prick was always in contact with her cunt.

"No, ohhhhh... uhhhhh... oh, no, no, don't do that, please."

"Yeah, you need somethin' different, somethin' you're gonna remember for a long time. A good ass-fuckin' would be somethin' like that."

"Stop talking like that!"

Max shut her up by slamming the dildo in all the way, rubbing the edge up against her pussylips to let her know just how much of that thing was in her. She felt as if she'd been speared by that thing, split in half. And all the while the voltage seemed to be increasing, making her body shake and shiver with the torment of hell!

Max was reaching down now, one of his fingers trailing along the bottom swell of her asscheeks. Cindy tried cinching her skitter shut, but another fucking forward thrust of the electrified dildo made her asshole wink open. His awful finger was pushing in a little. It began sliding past her tight little sphincter, entering the tighter, narrower passage of Cindy's ass. Little by little, his finger slipped in and shoved deeper. When Cindy let out a yelp of delight, Max began fucking her harder until her clit seemed to catch fire.


A blistering heat scorched the tip of her clit making the girl writhe maniacally. She wondered if the electricity were cooking her, baking her. But the sparks were so good that finger wriggling in her ass was so wonderful Cindy simply didn't care.

"Oh, yeah, you tell me you don't want nothin' in your ass, but man you're beggin' me for it. Ain'tcha? You want it right?"

"Oh, no, no, no!"

Cindy no longer knew what she wanted. The feelings scaring through her, scorching her veins were so conflicting, rattling her mind so. She streamed again and again, her body arching, sweating under the double attack. Her brain flashed white-hot once more. Max was shoving that dildo into her with all the power he could, his muscled anus tensing as he braced himself and fucked.

"Yaghghghghghghhh!" she wailed.

Cindy felt the electricity shooting through her clit. She began screaming more loudly as the finger worked deeper into her shitter. She could feel his jagged fingernail scraping the slick lining of her asshole. And then she could feel his knuckles pressing up against the wrinkled flesh of her asshole.

Max stopped his cunt fucking, pausing for a moment, then pulled the dildo slowly from her cunt. Cindy sighed, feeling her pussy walls shrinking back together. Finally it was out. Her breathing returned to normal as she eyed the fat latex prick dangling from Max's right hand. Oh, how slick it was, wet with her juices. The sight of it made the girl shiver. To think that thing had been in her all the way, fucking her, spreading her apart, sending all those volts of electricity into her body and especially into her cunt!

"Mmmmmmmm..." Cindy sighed.

Max studied the dildo, bobbing it up and down in his hand as if he were judging its weight. Cindy watched him, watched as he jerked that thing from side to side. Then be lowered it back to her crotch. For a second the girl thought he was going, to fuck her pussy again and she readied herself, for the initial thrust. But then she felt the dildo's tip slip past her cunt, slide down, down until the rounded latex head was pressing up against her asshole. Cindy's eyes widened, her mouth opened as she felt the small current passing from the electrified cock to her shitter.


All the threats Max made about ass-fucking her came back to her in a jumbling torrent. She jerked her head from left to right, clawing at the restraining ropes while her body slammed against the rack. Max was laughing again, his smirking lips curling into a smile as he twisted the rounded head against her shitter and began shoving it against her puckered asshole.

"No, you can't, you just can't!" the girl screamed, trying to fuck her ass away.

"Sure. It's gonna be rougher. But I'll get this mother in."

Cindy clamped her shitter muscles together, doing all she could to keep that dildo from her ass. Max was sweating with the effort of trying to stab that thing into tier. Once, he managed to slide it past her asshole lips, touching the mouth of her bowel lining with the latex prick. The electricity sent her stomach into a series of spasms.

"We gotta think of somethin' else, baby. You ain't cooperating."

Max pulled the dude out, laying it carefully down, then dropping his face to her belly. He licked the hot, sweaty flesh, drawing his tongue down, down until he was mouthing her cuntlips.

Cindy let out a howl, feeling his tongue entering her cunt, eating her, licking her until she screamed again and again. There was a dull fuzziness in her arms and legs, the same kind of fuzziness clouding her mental facilities.

He was driving his tongue back and forth, fucking her, sucking on her clit at times and then sliding two fingers into her pussy to give her that fucking sensation. Cindy twisted and jerked against her restraining bonds, feeling as if she were being fucked to death. Yes, she believed someone could be fucked to death, and it was probably happening to her right now!

"Fuck," she murmured, her fingers biting down into her palms. Tiny whimpers escaped from her lips as the big stud ate into her pussy, smacking and licking her up toward a wild orgasm.

"Ohhh, lick me, lick me... oh, God, God, it's so wonderful!" she sighed.

Cindy began screaming, in the throes of another minor orgasm. She rolled her body as much as she could, tugging once more at the restraining ropes, chafing her wrists and ankles more severely. Her asscheeks pranced madly against the wooden table top. Had her arms and legs been free, she surely would bait fallen onto the floor. Max was licking deeper, sucking harder, his tongue at times trailing the rubbery edges of her cuntlips, then dipping down all the way. She could feel the teasing, stiff stubble of his chin grinding against her cuntlips. It was driving her out other mind!


"Fuck it out, baby, fuck it out."

Max pulled back, holding his cock tightly in one hand. Cindy blinked open her eyes, seeing a drop of pre-cum oozing from his piss-slit. It was milky, an indication of just bow hot the young attendant was. She saw the way his face waned, the way his body glowed with sweat. His white cotton t-shirt was nearly transparent with perspiration, clinging to his tanned flesh while his balls tightened in their sac. He was ready, ready to fuck her, ready to dump his load of jizz in her twat or ass or mouth.


"You want it bad. You want it so fuckin' bad, you'd probably kill your own mother for it," Max whispered, rubbing his fingers around his swollen, red, double-lobed prickhead.

"Yes, oh, yes!" Cindy would have killed for that cock now. She was so worked up, so mad with lust. Yes, she would have murdered her own mother for that cock.

Max laughed again, his laughter strained with his own desire. Crawling up, he slid until his knees were braced up against her armpits. She could smell the arousal of his groin as his balls dangled over her chin. Max held his cock still, pointing it down toward her mouth.

"Open up, slut."

Cindy did as she was ordered, yielding to his demand. In a moment she felt his cock filling her mouth and stretching her jaws achingly. The veins seemed to wiggle against her teeth. It was almost like eating worms as his cock rubbed against the insides of her cheeks. He was rocking back and forth, grunting like a stuck pig, his hips pistoning his fat prick down into her throat. Cindy gasped for air, feeling at times as if he were going to choke her with his cockmeat. That would be wonderful, so wonderful, to die on prick! Cindy closed her lips tightly around his rodding cock, sucking hard, wriggling her tongue around the fat base of his prick. The girl soon felt pressure against the back of her throat. He had touched her there, rubbing his prickhead against her tonsils. Cindy tried not to choke and gag. By breathing through her nose, she was able to keep the bile down.

Max panted and gasped as he moved his prick back and forth faster and faster. His cockhead struck the back of her throat several times. She could taste the cum oozing down her throat, coating her mouth, making her swallow the salty, bleachy jizz. Peering up, she looked through his cockhairs and saw his face, strained and red, and streaked with sweat, while his nostrils flared. Would he cum in her mouth? Was he expecting her to swallow all his jizz? Oh, it would be so unfair for him to get off this way and leave her so high and dry!

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Cindy grunted each time his prick touched the back of her throat, his balls pillowing up against her chin.

"No, man, no, it ain't gonna go down this way," Max said determinedly, his jaw set in a firm line.

Cindy groaned as he pulled out from her mouth, wiping the tip of his cock over her lips. He said nothing more pulling his sweaty t-shirt off, then dropping back down onto the panting young teen. Cindy couldn't take much more of this. She had sweated so much that her mouth was dry as cotton. She felt that she would surely lose consciousness if he kept toying with her, teasing her up to climax, then withholding the final reward.

Max was reaching back, untying the loops that fastened her ankles to the rack. Her legs were free! Like a well-programmed robot, Cindy knew just what to do. She kicked her legs high in the air, loving the new freedom, knowing she would be fucked now. The terrible aching, hot itchy pressure between her white shivering legs was about to be eased, satisfied by Max's prick.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Take my cock, bitch, and lemme do it for you," Max growled.

Cindy held her breath again, keeping her eyes closed and her legs spread. She felt the big stud settling between her thighs, pressing his cockhead up against her drooling pussy. Sexual electricity seeped from her cunt, singeing the rest of her flesh. She wanted to howl but kept quiet. How good it was to feel his prick sinking into her flesh, shoving and nudging the walls of her pussy. She could actually hear his cock slurping its way in, cooking in her cunt oil. It was getting ready to ram down, to fill her pussy. This was better, so much better than that latex thing. It was attached to a man, a man who wanted her so badly, he would have killed for her!

"Uhhhhhhhhhh..." she sighed.

That wonderful cock was sliding into her body! Cindy gasped and laughed with joy as he shoved the last thick inch into her. Max was gasping, too, twisting his train around on her soft cuntlips beneath him. Then he settled completely down on her body and shoved hard between her legs.

"Ohhhhh, do it, do it!"

He started fucking, and with each forward shove, Cindy's cunt walls squeezed tightly around his prick. Oh, she wanted it, wanted it bad!

"Told you I'd have you cryin' for it, didn't I, baby?"

He shoved his hairy ass up high, getting his cock in position for a hard down stroke.

"Now you can take it all the way!"

Max fucked into her with the skill of an oil fieldhand. Explosions of color and lust racked the girl's body again and again. She thought of his cockmeat, knowing she was filled with it, stretched by it. She could feel his prick tighten into an iron weapon. Oh, yes, this was the end of it! She knew he was going to cum, going to spray her with his white-hot fizz. And how she wanted that feeling, the sensation of the cm spattering against her pussy. Again and again, Max rubbed her clit raw with his cock. Cindy let all control go feeling her body shattering into millions of burning pieces as the final round of their fucking began.

"Fuck..." Max rammed his prick wildly, his balls slapping hard against her body. "Gonna... ohhh, you fuckin' bitch, gonna..."

His words were cut off by the force of his climax. The big stud slapped Cindy brutally, his body pressing down and jerking hard against hers, knocking the wind from her. She could feel stream after stream of the hot cum deep in her tightening cunt. He jerked harder all over her, his feet kicking against her ankles. It was wild, feeling his load burning into her cunt walls. It was just what she wanted, what she needed to push her over the top. Squealing and sobbing, Cindy exploded, her cunt turning into a furnace as throbs ripped through her pussy.

"Eagghghghghghhghghhh!" she wailed.

Cindy wished she could fasten her arms around Max and hold him to her. But unfortunately for her, the attendant had left the ropes on her wrists. She contented herself with scissoring her legs around his lower back, pounding his kidneys with her heels as she exploded again and again before collapsing in an exhausted heap, nearly unconscious from the workout and climax.

"Good fucking, baby. Good fucking, good head, good everything."

Max slobbered kisses all over her body, sucking oti her sore nipples, chewing on them, then bending down and sucking on her navel. She looked through her long blonde lashes and saw that his cock was semi-rigid. Was that just an after-stiffness, or as he getting hard again? Cindy thought she would surely die if he were to fuck her again.

No. Nothing was happening. Carefully, Max climbed down from the rack, taking the dildo and unplugging it. She watched as he curled up the black wires, then hung the instrument neatly back in place on the wall. When he turned around, she saw that his cock had shrunk back to its normal size. Sighing with relief, the girl closed her eyes, grateful she had survived yet another treatment at the Manor.

"I'll let you rest here for a while, baby. Then it'll be time to see Dr. Endicott."

The mentioning of that name sent a chilling rush through her body. Dr. Endicott. More torture. More sex. More for her to submit to and endure. Cindy shook her head, closing her eyes and thinking of her quiet home, of her parents, of her friends as Max dressed and walked from the room. She could inch back now that her legs were free, and ease the stretching pain on her arms. Lying there naked on the rack, Cindy felt Max's jizz oozing from her cuntslit, wetting down her thighs and asscheeks. She tried not to think of what he'd done, of what they'd all done to her. But again and again, her mind drifted from more pleasant memories to the recent ones here at Hannah Manor.

Again she could feel that electrified dildo stretching her, the voltage teasing her cunt, making it hard and responsive. Again, she could feel Max's tongue in her, taste Alicia's cunt, feel the water pulsing in her asshole, while that steel dildo raped through her cunt. Then there was that awful stare Judy had given her, the look of a zombie as she sent currents of electrons smashing into her body. Her only defense had been to fry her friend in turn! Oh, what a horror she had been led into. And how much longer would it go on? She remembered hearing her mother say something about six weeks! Six weeks? She'd been there only a few days and was dragging close to the grave!

Minutes passed, dragging well into one hour and a half. Still there was no sign of Max, no sign of Dr. Endicott. Cindy tugged at the ropes, hoping somehow that they would loosen. Max was too skilled for that, however. She lay uncomfortably in that awkward position for another twenty minutes before the door squeaked open. It was Max and Jack.

"You fucked 'er again, eh?" Jack said, smirking down at the bound teen.

"Yeah. We really got down to some good fuckin' business this time, right, baby?" Max said. He'd obviously changed into a fresh uniform. Cindy blushed furiously, looking away from the two leering men.

"Can't talk much about that now. Doc's got another treatment scheduled for her... now. And you know how bent she gets when we're late."


Cindy let out a bitter laugh, wanting to spit in their faces. How could they call this treatment when they were torturing her, turning her from a decent girl into some kind of nymphomaniac... and worse! She could have scratched their eyes out. Jack and Max let her writhe against the rapes for a few more moments before Max stepped up and whacked her solidly across the chin. The blow was enough to quiet the girl.

"Now, you're gonna get dressed and come with us. Alicia doesn't like anybody to be late. So move it."

Cindy felt the ropes loosening, then slipping away from her wrists. She was allowed to rest somewhat, ready for another session with the good doctor. Ignoring Max's winks, she dressed, slipping the coarse uniform aver her head, wondering what new torments Alicia Endicott and her alcoholism treatment program had for her.

Chapter NINE

Seconds ticked by maddeningly slowly. Cindy's fingers scraped against her thighs as she stood in the tiny stuffy box. Her elbows brushed against the wooden sides while she waited with an increasing fear that something awful was bout to happen. She could still feel her cunt throbbing from the fucking and sucking it had received only hours before. How she hated herself at times for doing things like that, for letting down her guard and surrendering to her darker side. Max had taken her from the room down the narrow corridor to yet another smaller room. Dr. Endicott was waiting there for her, a knowing smirk on her face. She nodded toward a tall mummy's case, which was standing on end. The door was opened, revealing the simple interior. Cindy was instructed to remove all her clothes, step inside, and face the door. It's like being buried alive, she thought to herself, stepping from her coarse woolen shift. But again, the trembling blonde teen eyed the various whips and riding crops hanging from the wall and did as she'd been instructed. Cindy knew better than to cross either Dr. Endicott or her assistants, especially when they were aroused.

Now she stood in this dark, nearly air-tight case, waiting for... for what? She was trapped there, standing straight, her shoulder blades pressed against the back, her stiff nippled tits barely rubbing against the locked front door. Again Cindy tried finding a position that would be a little more comfortable. The door pushed her ass against the back of the box.

"Oh, please, God, please let this be over soon," Cindy whispered, rolling her eyes heavenward while perking up her ears, hoping she could hear something, some sound, some indication that would let her know what they were doing outside.

More long minutes passed, and still no sound issued from the other side of the case door. She felt the icy fingers of fear gripping her heart. Perhaps this was the punishment, being locked up in here for hours, perhaps days! Panic seized her. She'd go hungry, go without water. And where would she shit? Where would she piss? Cindy groaned, imagining how she would soil herself, disgrace herself in front of Dr. Endicott and her attendants. And how they would point at her and laugh at her humiliation!

Something distracted the girl from her self-pitying daydreaming. It was a faint scraping sound. Air was coming in from some of the tiny holes surrounding her, admitting tiny pinpoints of light. In a second Cindy felt something that made her blood turn to ice. Something was coming in directly opposite her throat. Rolling her eyes down she could barely make out that it was a needle, a long, thick needle about to stab her in the windpipe! Cindy let out a gasp, snapping her head back so hard that it banged against the wooden case. She could hear muffled laughter from someone outside.

"No, don't!"

Nothing helped. In a moment that needle slipped in all the way, the tip pressing against her windpipe. Cindy held her breath, feeling that if she moved she'd die. Someone was twisting that needle against her flesh, drawing it back, then pressing it forward once more. Cindy coughed and the needle was withdrawn.

"Ohhhhh..." she sighed.

Another needle, and then another entered, both of them aimed at her tits. She whimpered, instinctively trying to draw her hands to her tits. But the needles slid in too quickly. They touched her before she could protect herself. Besides, it was impossible for her to move around, anyway!

"Oh, no, no, no!"

Cindy whimpered, tears blurring her eyes as she felt those horrid things touching her tit tips. The terrified girl gasped again as her nipples hardened against the cold sharpness. She could feel them swelling, stiffening against the twisting needles. Oh, how Dr. Endicott knew how to excite her in spite of her terror! She sobbed, her knees shaking, then going out from under her. Cindy would have collapsed to the floor of the case if it hadn't been for the small size of the contraption. Instead her knees struck the front door while her back scraped against the splintery wood behind her. Helpless, trapped, the young teen could only stand there in the box and wait for Dr. Endicott to tire of this latest game.

"Ohhhhh!" she gasped.

The needles were actually advancing against her nipples. Max, or whoever was doing this, was stepping up the attack, twisting the needles, nearly puncturing her sensitive red flesh. Cindy shook her head from side to side, begging them to stop this horror. And yet once more she could feel her clit quivering, standing up from the surrounding wet red flesh and sputtering with delight. More needles and this time they were coming in around her belly and asshole. How many people were out there?

"Stop it, oh, God, don't do this to me!" There was more laughter! Those needles were pricking her flesh again and again, one of them nearly touching the wrinkled flesh of her asshole. Cindy cried out with surprise at each touch, her knees hammering against the wooden box. Two more needles slipped in, biting at her pussy and brushing up against her clit.

"Yaghghhghghg!" she wailed.

Cindy was going wild! She yammered madly, beating the sides of the case with her fists in a hammering rhythm while those horrid needles advanced. They kept digging and pinching at her flesh. When the razor-sharp point of one nearly pierced her cunt, the girl threw her head back, striking the rear panel of the box. Two more were inserted, touching her full, swollen outer pussylips.

A searing, dizzying pain-and-pleasure shock made her body shiver mightily. Cindy bawled, begging for the pain to stop, and yet secretly enjoying it to the hilt. She humped her belly and cunt forward, drawing them back when the pain of the needles became too great. A climax! Orgasm! Could she really be close to something like that from being shoved in this horrid box?

"Stop... oh, please!"

But her voice belied her rousing excitement. Cindy shook the hot tears from her eyes, wishing she were dead, wishing she could bring the ceiling down on all those horrible people at the Manor. Her shame nearly overwhelmed her as her cunt heated more and more from this onslaught.

"Noooooo!" Cindy cried.

She felt she had to be fucked again! Those needles were stimulating her, turning her back into the rutting animal that had wildly fucked Max and Jack earlier. She threw her body back and forth, wanting to feel cockmeat squeezing into her pussy. She thought about Max, about Jack, and went a little crazy.

Cindy sagged against the wooden barrier in front of her. The poor, excited girl was gasping, sobbing with frustration, with terror. Suddenly the wooden wall gave way, the door opening quickly. With a sharp cry the young teen pitched forward, so hot she thought she would burn up.

"Oh, thank you," she murmured, collapsing into Max's arms. Twisting her head around, she saw the needles sticking out from all around the sides of the box. What a time they must have had, listening to her screaming, listening to her beating the coffin frantically while they stuck more and more of those awful spikes in.

"You won't be thanking us for long," Dr. Endicott snapped, a cruel smile crossing her lips.

"Had enough, baby?"

"Why are you doing this to me? I've been good!" Cindy cried.

"Not good enough!"

Max was feeling her up, his hands crawling all over her white flesh, at times stroking her damp pussy. He knew. Oh, yes, he knew she was aroused, knew she wanted him! Turning her eyes up, she saw he wanted her, too. She could tell from the way he was rubbing up against her that he wished Dr. Endicott would go away. But there was nothing either of them could do until the good doctor was finished with her.

"Strap her to the ceiling," Alicia said, pointing to two hooks screwed into the high-beamed ceiling overhead.

"Yes, Dr. Endicott."

Max dragged Cindy across the room as the girl cried out, begging him silently not to do this to her. "She pays the bills," was the only thing he murmured, pulling down a long set of chains attached to a thick black iron crossbar. Cindy stared at the weird device, shivering as Max dragged a chair to the center of the room and hung the device from the overhead hooks.

"Over here!" Dr. Endicott shoved the girl forward until Cindy was directly under the suspended chains. "On your back!" Alicia snapped as Max was adjusting the bar, lowering it to fit her height.

Cindy did as she was told, still feeling the pricking sensations of those needles and how they nearly pierced her flesh!

"What are you going to do to me?" the girl whimpered, never appearing to tire of the question that always brought a smile to Alicia's lips.

"We're going to teach you the blessings of the cat. You know what the cat is?"

Cindy shook her head, cringing as the cold concrete floor bruised her back and shoulders. Max had taken one ankle and yanked it high in the air, bracing the heel of her foot against his broad chest while unraveling the thick chain lift. Alicia brought him two long pieces of leather, buckles on either end. It was apparent to the girl that these were cuffs, attached to the chains, and then in turn wrapped around her ankles.

"This is to make sure you'll stay in one place," Alicia explained calmly, unraveling the bun from her head and letting her silver hair fall naturally around her shoulders. Cindy shivered at that move. The doctor was becoming excited again. And that meant more pain for her! "I don't want Max and I to be chasing you, all over the Manor when we... er, give you your treatment for the day."

Max attached the other cuff, her legs now suspended high in the air over her head. The weight of her body pressed against her shoulder blades. More than ever, Cindy was aware of the cold hard floor under her.

"Oh, God!" she moaned.

Max had in her an awkward position. And it became more and more uncomfortable for her as he raised the crossbar until the full weight of her body was balanced on her shoulders. Cindy cried out, her head twisting around, her shoulders aching from this hanging. Her ass clenched as her tits rolled up against her chin.

"Max, we can start."

The room was upside down from her position. But even with her world rearranged, she could see that Dr. Endicott was getting into the swing of things. Alicia was slipping off her robes, removing her white gown quickly from her shoulders, then laying it nearby across a chair. Max watched closely, his eyes glistening with arousal as Alicia next slipped off her bra, taking those silver metal cups and pressing them tightly ova her stiffened nipples. Next came the boots, the leather straps, the harness. In moments she was in her mistress outfit, one finger pressed against her lips thoughtfully as she studied the various instruments hanging from the cold concrete wall.

"These will do," she said, choosing two riding crops and handing one to Max. "I'll begin," Alicia said airily, stepping in front of the girl. "Then you can follow... when I give the signal."

"Oh, no, no, please..."

"Shut up!" Alicia barked, tapping one hand of the crop against her chin. "Now," she began, more calmly, "what about this nonsense?"

"Nonsense?" Cindy asked, fighting down the sobs and wondering what on earth Dr. Endicott was talking about.

"The nonsense about you not being an alcoholic," Alicia said impatiently, tapping the crop more rhythmically against her chin.

"I..." Cindy hesitated. Of course she wasn't any drunkard. The whole affair had been a terrible mistake. But another denial would mean more beatings.

"You're hesitating. You've changed your story then?"


Alicia let out a curse, drawing her hand back and letting it snap forward. The riding crop lashed across the girl's belly. A resulting searing pain took Cindy's breath away. She screamed, her body jerking violently to the right, the move making the chains clank madly above her.


"Lying little shit! I know what you were about to say!" Alicia cried.

"No you don't! No you don't! Oh, God, I'll say anything, do anything if you just let me go!"

Alicia smiled at this confession of weakness, walking around the suspended girl, rubbing the cold leather against the backs of Cindy's legs and chuckling madly as the girl shivered at the touch. Cindy could imagine more stinging blows of the horrid instrument against her flesh. Anything she said would trigger that beating. The girl knew it! Alicia was only looking for an excuse, a reason for lashing again and again against her helpless body.

"I'll ask you again," Alicia said, ignoring Cindy's pleas. "You were constantly drunk when, finally, your mother caught you and your friend... correct?"

Answer, Cindy thought. Answer anything. Just make sure she doesn't hit you.



Again, the crop hissed through the air, this time slashing across her cheekbone. The force of the blow snapped her head to the left. Cindy choked on the scream, hot tears rushing down her cheeks. What did Alicia want her to say? Oh, if only she could read the woman's mind!

"Now, we'll try again. Do you really believe you're an alcoholic... like your dear friend, Judy?"


"Well, we're making some progress," Alicia said, halting a third blow for the moment. "I never thought you were. I always felt your stupid parents were foolish for having thought so." Alicia silenced Cindy with a warning finger. "But you're here. You have no booze problem, but you're still under my... uh, care!"

Cindy could have howled in rage! It was all a joke, a terrible, horrible joke! And there was nothing she could do about it. She was trapped here, trapped in this institution under the will of this mad woman.

"Oh, God, how I hate you!" she spat out, the feelings which had been bottled up inside her now rushing out, one tumbling over the other.

"Good, that's what I expected!"

"You're torturing me for no good reason! Oh, God!" Cindy screamed, beating her fists against the floor and wishing she could strangle them all!

"You're coming around, dear," Alicia said, bringing the crop to within swinging distance again. "That's good. You're not that limp spined little twit who walked in here before. That's good!"

Alicia paused for a second, then brought the crop down again. Cindy screamed the walls down as the slicing pain across her left nipple sent shards of painful shock racing through her body.

"Oh, no, no, no!"

Cindy ground her teeth. How she hated Alicia now, hated Max, hated them all for doing this to her. Another hard blow, this one striking across the top of her foot. She screwed her face into a mask of twisted pain, feeling herself losing control.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself, Cindy? What do you think about having to endure all this for nothing? For nothing!"

Alicia screamed more loudly enjoying the girl's growing horror.

"No! No!" Cindy screamed back, cinching her eyes shut while trying to force the words from her mind. If she thought about it, she'd go mad. Cindy felt her body sinking down in the cuffs, her legs relaxing.


Alicia slashed the end of the crop across Cindy's face. The girl screamed again, brought back to life by pain. She jerked her arms up, covering her face protectively with her hands while twisting on the restraining chains. How that crossbar rattled and swung with her moves.

Alicia peered down at her, her eyes narrowing, her pussy creaming with excitement. She dropped the crop to the girl's cunt, rubbing the handled end up and down against her pussy while watching Cindy shivering under her steady gaze.

"I should make you eat my cunt now," she began, sliding the crop against the blonde's cunt for the moment and letting out a hissing sigh. "But I've got other plans for you first. I'm going to let you go from the Manor. But you're going to learn something from having stayed here, even if it has nothing to do with liquor."


Alicia brought down the crop again and again, at times lashing across the tops of the girl's restrained legs, at others slashing the instrument over her tits and face. Cindy was going mad with agony, her hands trying to cover her tortured body all at once. Then Alicia reached down and grabbed at the teen's cunt, twisting the hairs, tearing them from her pussymound.

"Yaghghghhhhh!" the girl screamed.

It was as if someone had set fire to her pussy. The pulling, tearing sensation blasted through the girl like a knife up her guts. Cindy raised her torso from the floor, then her spine slammed once more against the cold concrete.

There were more lashes, more beatings. It was Max's turn now, the big man stepping up to her and lashing her asscheeks savagely. Alicia smiled approvingly as the big attendant beat the girl's asscheeks into a ruby red. The crop yanked her asshole out of shape with a hard blow, the contact sending hot flashes into her belly. And then, as quickly as it had started, it stopped.

Chapter TEN

"Fuck her in the ass. Fuck her in the ass while I have her eat out my pussy."

The command sounded like a death sentence. Max grunted in approval, reaching up and unbuckling the leather cuffs that had kept her legs attached to the overhead chains. Her feet fell quickly to the floor. Instinctively Cindy tucked her legs under her ass, sitting up, inspecting the various red marks on her tits, belly and thighs and rubbing the hurt from them with her fingertips.

"It's only the beginning, dear. You'll enjoy this... as you've enjoyed everything else here at Hannah Manor."

"You can't do this to me!" Cindy blurted out. "You can't. I haven't done anything. You just can't!"

"It's a shame," Alicia said after a moment's pause. "I thought we could depend on you to... well, give us more cooperation. I see we'll have to restrain you this time as well." She sighed mockingly and shook her head from side to side. "Max, bring out the sawhorse. We'll have to teach Cindy yet another lesson in discipline."

Had Judy gone through this? Again, she thought of her friend, wondered about her, wondered what she was enduring right now. Had she gone through this kind of treatment, and had it turned her into the zombie she was now?

Cindy had little time to think of that now. Max had gone into a small room to the right of all the hanging whips and riding crops, returning with a carpenter's wooden sawhorse. There were, of course, modifications for Alicia's purposes. Straps were attached on the outsides of all four legs. Cindy stared at the contraption and flinched away, about to get up. A warning look from Alicia froze her movements. She remained until Max came to fetch her, sliding his hands under her arms and [missing text].

"Strap her down."

Cindy hadn't climaxed in the box, and she hadn't achieved orgasm with the beating. But something was happening down there, something that made her cunt hot, itchy and tight! It turned her pussy into a hot pot that needed release from the building pressure. Sucking in another deep breath, the blonde obediently draped herself over the sawhorse, watching as Max slipped the worn leather straps around her wrists. He left her legs free.

"All right, Max. I think Cindy's ready for one of her final treatments," Alicia announced, gathering the riding crops up, then hanging them neatly on the wall once again.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, nice ass," Max said, smoothing his hands over the girl's rounded asscheeks while hunching up against the backs of her thighs.

Cindy could only imagine what it would be like having a thing as big as Max's prick up her ass! She cried out, feeling the blood rushing to her head as her hair swept over the concrete floor. How the leather straps cut into her flesh, cutting down the circulation to her fingers and making them icy cold to the touch. She heard the jangling of Max's trouser zipper opening. Nervously the girl pressed her knees against the sawhorse, closing her eyes as Max jerked his cock up against her ass.

"Oh!" she gasped.

Cindy could feel something very hot and hard rubbing up against her asscheeks, slipping down at times to the backs of her thighs, but always coming back up to her asscrack. Max's fingers were cold with excitement, as frozen as hers as he kept sliding them in and out of her asscrack. When she felt his fingernails pressing against her shitter lips, Cindy let out another cry. She gasped and groaned, tugging violently at the restraining leather straps around her wrists, her knees banging hard against the sawhorse. Max was spreading her asscheeks apart, the tugging sensation opening up her asshole to the cold air. Cindy could feel a draft blowing against the slick, tight lining of her shitter and screamed in fear.

"No, no!"

Her nostrils flared, her eyes bulging while more blood rushed to her head. She felt his fingers gripping her by the hipbones as his prick lodged in her tight, hot, sweaty asscrack. She could feel his cockhead pressing hard against her shitter lips. He couldn't be thinking about fucking her. He just couldn't!

Her elbows bent forward while her knees banged steadily against the horse. Cindy thought of being draped over this horrible thing, of being completely helpless, while he fucked from behind. She thought of the way they had beaten her half senseless, and now of being roped and bound while Max fucked her in the ass. And to her surprise, the girl felt her cunt clenching, winking with sexual heat at those thoughts. Shaking them from her mind temporarily Cindy twisted her head around to see what Max was doing.

"Yaghghhgh!" she wailed.

Max was grunting, shoving his prick into her shitter. Suddenly his wide flaring cockhead slipped past her asshole, making the girl think he'd just driven a spear into her belly. Cindy let out another sharp yell, jerking her head around, not caring any longer to see what Max was doing. Oh, the pain, the pain of having a cock in her ass was overwhelming! Cindy let out a third cry, tears blinding her eyes.

"Ohhh, man, she's got one hell of a tight butt," Max groaned.

"Fuck her, Max, shove your prick in her ass!" Alicia cried, drawing a stool forward to the girl's face. "Fuck her so she can suck my cunt. You'll have her worked up so much, she won't know what she's doing."

Obediently Max shoved forward, pressing more of his prickmeat past the injured rubbery ring of her shitterlips. Cindy knew there was no use fighting Max and Alicia. There would only be more pain. With a grunt and cry of defeat, the girl let her ass muscles relax, ending what little battle there was between her and Max.

"Man, she's loosenin' up. Ohhh, yeahhh, too bad ol' Jack isn't here. He'd shove his cock right up this little bitch's cunt and really take care of her."

"That's a thought, Max. Perhaps the next time we'll do it your way," Alicia said with a false cool as she slipped forward, rubbing her clit with her fingers. "I'm going to wait for a while before I have you eat my cunt out again, dear. I'm going to wait until I know Max has his prick up your ass all the way. Just think." Alicia bent forward and chucked Cindy on the chin painfully. "You're going to have all those inches of cock up your ass!"

"No!" she cried.

Those horrible words burned into her brain and, drove her crazy! How she hated the idea of being fucked in the ass... especially when she could have cried out to have his prick in her pussy. She wanted to feel his hard fuckrod in her cunt, not up her shitter! And instead she was feeling that obscene slickness of his cock entering her ass! Consciously Cindy let her muscles relax around her shitter, moving it from left to right, feeling his big prick slipping more and more into her asshole.

"Ummmmmmmmmm," Max groaned from behind, his hands dancing over her asscheeks. "Move your ass, Cindy. Move it like you really like having Max fuck you back there... that is, if you really don't like it. But maybe, I think," she said, tilting her head to one side and studying the girl, "I think you might just be starting to enjoy this."

Several harsh slaps across her asscheeks convinced Cindy to move her ass as Alicia directed, flexing her ass muscles, the girl squirmed, moving her ass back and forth as sensuously as she could. That awful slow intrusion in her ass hurt her terribly. If only she could scream out to him to fuck her in the pussy where she needed it! Instead, Max was enjoying splitting her wide open. She could feel the pain of his penetration radiating out to the outer edges of her asscheeks, cramping down the backs of her thighs and making every muscle in her body spasm.

His wide, flared prickhead burrowed on and on. The girl wept hot, burning tears as she curled her toes against the wooden sawhorse. More than once, her legs spasmed from the pain and pressure, jerking against Max's. He enjoyed that, loved watching her gyrations as he fucked her ass.


She felt his hands sliding down, covering her tits, squeezing her nipples in pinching fashion.

"Like it, babe? Man, I never get tired of squeezin' them nipples!"

"Fuck her more, Max. The more prick you give her, the less concerned she'll be about her nipples," Alicia advised, rubbing her creaming pussy harder and harder with her right hand.

Cindy bit her lip. She couldn't even sob out now, not with the slow, back and forth movements in her shitter. He was deep inside her enough to start fucking her ass. She felt his fingers holding her more tightly, his hips moving from side to side.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" he grunted.

Max paused for another moment, then shoved farther in. Cindy let out a high-pitched squeal, her cunt going into spasms of frustration. The folding, rubbery ring of her shitter stretched more and more as Max's prick fucked harder in her ass.

"Noooo!" the blonde pleaded.

Cindy felt her mind coming apart. She wrestled her tits against his hands, feeling the pinching pain from his fingers increase as his excitement peaked. The sliding of his cock as it moved deeper in her guts sent shiver thrills racing through her body. Surely he'd have to cum. She could tell from the raspy, uneven breathing behind that her Max was close, close to spraying his fiery load in her shitter. And yet he kept on, slowing down when he was close to shooting, then speeding up, knocking the wind from her with the forceful blows of his thighs against her ass.

"There, there, little girl," Alicia said mockingly, taking her by the chin once more and holding her head up. Cindy peered through her curtaining blonde hair, wanting to spit at this awful woman but not daring to.

"Ohhh God, it... hurts!"

"Of course it does. Everything here at the Manor's built or operated for that very purpose. But you'll soon find that the hurt brings so much pleasure... so very much," Alicia Endicott promised.


Max started hunching faster and faster, the strange fullness inside starting to arouse Cindy terribly. The drag of her cuntlips against one another was driving her wild. She inhaled sharply, her moans shuddering deep in her chest. The incredible stretching of her asshole made her belly seem as if she'd pop.

"Oh, man, man, gonna blow my load into her fuckin' butt."

The wet, smacking, steady sounds of Max's thighs against Cindy's upturned ass filled the room. Her body shook with each fucking blow. Cindy grunted with the effort of keeping up with his strokes. Would he never cum?

Chapter ELEVEN

Max had slowed down now as Alicia slid the stool closer to Cindy's face. The girl could smell Alicia's cunt, could inhale easily the pungent aroma of the aroused woman's pussy. Heat sliced into the sides of her stiff clit as she felt the feathery brush of Dr. Endicott's cunt up against her nose.

"Max has taken care of you. Now, you take care of me," Alicia explained, gripping the girl by either side of her head, then hauling [missing text].

"No! No! Nooofffffffff!"

She found her face buried in another woman's cunt, her tongue pressing up against the pliant, moist hot flesh of Alicia's pussy. Dr. Endicott was moaning, twisting her fingers around in the blonde's hair once more, telling her to eat cunt, while Max was giving the grunting girl short, jerky, ass-fucking hunches.

"Man, oh, man, she's got one hell of a good ass. Shit, love the way it pillows out every time I fuck my prick down into her," Max groaned, shaking the excess sweat from his forehead.

"Oh, she's good, Max, very, very good," Alicia agreed in short, breathy pants.

How her asshole burned from the wet friction! Cindy thought the lewd suction in her ass would drive her mad. And Max's fucking rhythm was increasing now. The girl found herself cinching her asshole muscles down on his tearing prick, holding onto it as best she could. She didn't care how much any of this hurt her now. She just wanted his cock to fuck into her until the spinning balls of heat in her await and in her pussy exploded.

"Ohhh, ohhh, suck my cunt, you little bitch!" Alicia cried, her head snapping back while her fingernails clawed frantically at Cindy's face. "Ohhhhhhh, that's it, stick that tongue in there and fuck me with it!"

Alicia was bouncing her full ass up and down on the stool, fucking the teen's face with her pussy, rubbing her hot red cunt over Cindy's nose while her legs kicked forward time and again, striking the girl's restrained arms, Cindy didn't care. She wanted more sensation and would welcome it from wherever it came. Behind her, Max thrust back and forth, speeding his cock strokes even more until Cindy thought her ass would catch fire from the friction.

Alicia slapped Cindy hard across the face, hunching forward while jerking the girl's face hard into her cuntmuff. Dr. Endicott's spine stiffened then bowed out while her legs jerked and kicked like those of a frog. Cindy grunted with the effort of trying to keep up with the two of them.

"Oh, God, God, this little bitch... uhhh is going to make me cum!" Alicia cried, fucking her full ass back, then jerking it fort ward, sliding her clit up hard against Cindy's flattened nose.

The smell of Alicia's fully aroused pussy drove Cindy over the edge. She licked and lapped, sucking in the flowing juices with slurping sounds, breathing in the pungent smell of the older woman's cunt while Max kept on fucking her asshole like a madman.

The hot, itchy ache now became an angry throbbing, a violent scratching to the itch that had driven all sense from her mind. Cindy was cumming, cumming with a fiery, violent fury that took her breath away. The girl panted with the heat of her climactic fury. She was being fucked, fucked fast and hard. Her cunt reacted, exploding again and again.

And still she kept cumming, her body grinding against the sawhorse as Max cried out behind her. He pulled his cock almost all the way out at one point, sucking her guts down. Only his prickhead stayed in her shitter, teasing her, threatening to leave her high and dry. The girl groaned frantically, jerking her ass up, moaning into Alicia's convulsing cunt and setting the doctor off in yet another fury of climactic spasms.

"Ohhhhh, you little bitch, you... oooohhhhh!" Alicia cried, kicking her legs forward again, her toes striking Cindy's hands.

"Fuck it out, you Goddamned slut!"

With an animal grunt, Max rammed his cock back down deep in the girl's ass. Cindy thought she could feel the slick lining tearing. His cock hit her like a freight train. She screamed, feeling his fingernails tearing at her asscheeks and lower-back. It was at this point that the girl realized Max had finally climaxed. Yes, he was cumming, firing his jism down into her shitter! The girl's eyes widened, nearly popping out as her fingernails broke against the splintery wood. She screamed again and again into Alicia's cumming pussy as thick, spurting masses of cum firehosed into her shitter. She felt her cunt walls buckle in from the sexual heat, her full pussylips swelling open, then winking shut on nothingness. Her ass convulsed as well, wringing mightily at his jerking prick. Cindy jerked and convulsed, her body writhing over the wooden sawhorse.

"Uhhhhhhh!" she wailed.

Max reached down and forward, cupping her tits, mashing then with his fingers as the lightning-like jolts of heat in her cunt amplified the spasms in her ass. Cindy thought she would surely pass out from this massive orgasm. But still she remained conscious, experiencing fully the violent storm of her climax.

The three of them pitched and rolled together for several minutes, Alicia finally pulling away and leaning back on the stool, satiated.

"Ohhh, it's such a shame we're going to be losing you, dear. You'd be so good in our advanced treatment program," Alicia said with obvious reluctance in her voice. "But I can't keep you here. Believe it or not, I just wouldn't feel right about it."

Well the good Dr. Endicott had something of a conscience. Cindy was impressed, as she was indeed impressed more and more with the Manor and its program.

"Of course, we'll tell your parents that you took to the treatment quickly and you need no further time here," Alicia went on, pushing her hair back and looking regretfully at the still-bound Cindy. "That should make them happy, glad their little girl is cured, and thrilled they don't have to spend any more money."

Cindy wanted to tell Dr. Endicott to leave her here at the Manor the full time. There was so much more she wanted to learn about the treatment. But Alicia, she knew, had made up her mind, and that was that.

"Release her, and take her back to her room, Max. I'll phone her parents and tell them they can pick her up tonight. I think we don't have to worry about Cindy saying anything more about our little treatment sessions, do we?" Alicia said, giving the girl a last ironic smile, then dressing and leaving the room.

"You ain't gonna say nothin'," Max added, untying the naked girl, "'cause you dig this kinda shit too much, right? You wouldn't snitch on old pals, would you? 'Cause then we'd have to tell 'em how you dug all this, right?"

Cindy nodded, straightening after Max had released her, and she rubbed her wrists together. She was about to pick up her gown and walk to her room when Jack, the second attendant, poked his head in and asked if the rumor was true, that Cindy was going to leave. When Max affirmed the story, Jack stepped in, slamming the door shut behind him. Instinctively the girl dropped her gown, knowing what was on the big stud's mind.

"I don't give a fuck what Alicia Endicott says. I'm gonna have this little bitch one last time before she gets away."

Max did nothing to stop his buddy.

"'Course, I fucked her in the ass just a few seconds ago. Her cunt's still okay."

Jack laughed, taking his long black leather belt from his trousers and halving it. Snapping the ends together, making Cindy nearly jump from her skin. Rushing toward her, he slipped the belt around her throat, dragging her backward, knocking her off her feet. She hung there, the leather pressing hard against her windpipe, cutting off the oxygen. Cindy struggled wildly, her fingers tearing at the belt while her legs kicked back against the sadistic attendant.


Choking her a few more seconds, Jack suddenly released the belt, letting the girl tumble hard to the floor.

"Awwwwkwkkk!" she cried.

Cindy collapsed face forward, starting to get up. But Jack raised his right foot, pressing his heel against her neck and shoving down hard. The girl pitched forward, her nose nearly breaking from the force of the fall. Cindy had to twist her head to one side as the pressure against her neck increased. Jack slipped his boot over her cheek, the toe rubbing against the corner of one eye. He was pressing down harder and harder, the force threatening to break her head open. Cindy twisted around as best she could, frantically beating at his legs to get him off of her. Laughing down at her, Jack opened his trousers, pulling out his cock and holding it in one hand. When the girl twisted around, she saw him aiming it at her face. Without another word, Jack bent his knees forward slightly his foot still pressing on the side of her face.

Piss! He was pissing on her face, the hot yellow urine splashing over her cheeks, filling her nostrils, nearly drowning her. Cindy coughed and gagged, spitting out the vile sour tasting mixture as it splashed over her cheeks, her forehead, matting down her blonde hairs. At times Jack pissed on the concrete floor near her face, laughing again as the girl screamed at the droplets stinging her cheeks. Cindy tried rolling around, but the foot still threatening to break her skull open kept her on her ass.

"That's what this little bitch is a fuckin' toilet," Jack muttered, finishing his pissing spree, then kicking her onto her back and jerking her legs up. Cindy did nothing to stop him. Her cunt was still burning from the last fuck. She ached to have a man inside her, a man fucking her. Jack obliged her, shoving his pants down farther, kicking her legs apart, then falling down onto her. Using a rag from his back pocket, he cleaned off her face, throwing the urine-stained handkerchief away and tearing at her hair. Max watched amused from the corner as Jack shoved his prick into the girl and began fucking hard and fast.

"Uhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped.

Jack was all the way in her cunthole, his crotch rubbing against her clit. The wiry hairs touching her clit set off mini explosions twat seared into her brain. Again and again, he slammed into her, stretching her cunt open, raising multi-colored lights behind her eyes. And as he rode her, Cindy tightened up, clutching his pounding prick. He panted as the girl started matching his pistoning, hunching up, grinding her crotch against his. They bumped and collided over and over. The cry that finally escaped from the girl's lips was one of greed. She held tightly onto him, scissoring her legs around his back so tightly that Jack raised her body from the floor mote than once with his fucking moves.


As the first bursts of cum burned into her cunt, the girl screamed, kicking her legs out, closing her eyes as the burning delight scorched her veins. Oh, how good it was, how magnificently good it was to feel his jizz splashing into her. She held on for what seemed like hours, until Jack grunted, pulled out and stood up a little shakily.

"You got one hell of a send-off, baby -- Alicia, Jack and me. So get up and get dressed. Time to go," Max said soberly.

Standing up on shaking legs, still feeling the piss on her face, Cindy dressed and walked away from the men who had violated her. And yet they were the ones who understood her best, better than her own parents. She would never forget them, never forget Alicia Endicott.

As she walked through the brightly lit corridor back to her little room, she saw several girls limping along the corridor, their eyes averted, their heads bowed slightly. They were in the beginnings of the treatment program. Cindy smiled secretly to herself, stepping into her tiny cell and looking at the meager furnishings. Oh, how she was going to come back, come back like Judy, a real alcohol abuser. Had her friend recovered from the electric shock treatment? Did Cindy really care? Well, Dr. Endicott seemed to have some effect on her after all. Cindy had her to thank for her new-found capacity to be honest about how she felt, and for giving her the confidence she needed to express herself sexually. Her parents' ability to hide and shelter their daughter from life was over. It had been their mistake to send her here for a booze treatment she didn't need. And now they would have to live with their error.

Picking up her clothes and packing them neatly back into the small blue suitcase, Cindy smiled. Yes, she'd be back here one way or the other, either as patient or perhaps as a volunteer. Yes, she must talk to Dr. Endicott about something like that before her parents came. How noble it sounded, Cindy volunteering her spare time for the benefit of others here at the institute. Smiling more broadly, the young blonde teen packed her suitcase quickly.


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