Beach girl in bondage

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals a story as old as man. The Bible history books, law books all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is a naive young girl, the story is so much the sadder...

Camey Williams is the victim of immoral people. A young teenager, Camey finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another at the hands of these brutal people, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

BEACH GIRL IN BONDAGE the shocking story of an innocent young woman learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

Chapter ONE

"How'd you like to stick somethin' hot and hard into that wet little cunt?"

The words rang out like a shot in the still summer air. Camey Williams flushed red, sitting up from her beach blanket and glaring at the weightlifter who'd just spoken. No one had ever talked to her like that, used such foul language about her! And yet the petite teenaged blonde knew she'd asked for it. Her mother had warned her about that string bikini and the kind of men who'd be watching her.

"You're a young woman, Camey, you've got to realize it," her mother had said as Camey was walking from the house with the blanket under one arm. "You just can't dress like that."

The words fell on deaf ears. Camey was proud of her firm, high-riding tits and her boyish, narrow thighs. Sometimes after a hot shower the young teen would stand naked in the middle of the bathroom and stare into the steam-fogged mirror. How strange it had been to watch her own body change so rapidly, developed so completely into that of a young woman! Her flesh had become smoother, while her nipples had turned a darker red. And how odd it had been to see that tender, sensitive spot between her legs gradually become covered with soft curly down. At times she put her finger there, touching the tiny bead of her clit. A small shock would usually cut through her loins, making her suck in a shuddery breath. But she felt it was wrong to do something like that and she would beg God for forgiveness.

And yet later she would find herself standing in the bathroom once more, her young body aroused, tingling with life and sexuality. And once again she'd move her hand down to that warm soft little mound, pressing her shaking hand against it, drinking in that funny feeling while the room swam around her.

"Yet, man, she'd probably cry when I stuck my cock in she's so fuckin' hot."

That was it! Camey shot an angry glance at the two men wearing only brief bathing suits, and started gathering up her books and beach materials. She'd been sunning herself near the weightlifting pen on Venice Beach, watching some of the men flexing their muscles and pumping iron.

Watching their arm and leg muscles tense and bulge as they pulled the barbells high above their broad shoulders made Camey feel that hot, tight, itchy feeling tingle through her body again.

The tallest weightlifter with the jet-black hair especially excited her. She tried not to stare. But when he riveted his dark-blue eyes on her as he pumped three hundred pounds Camey felt her body turn to butter. It was a game, she thought as she licked her lips and fell back across her blanket. She let her legs go apart just enough so the tiny bikini was tight against her cunt. She was sure that from where the weightlifter was he could see the soft curve of her virginal cuntal mound. She felt so hot and moist down there. It was almost as if that tiny sex spindle she'd jerked and pushed only the night before was actually glowing.

Camey hadn't realized teasing a man like this would work her up. But she was excited! Something like this had never happened to her before. But then she'd never posed almost nude in front of a man, almost exposing her pussy to him in public!

A thrill shot through her body. There was no mistaking the sensitivity of her tits, the way her nipples glowed when the little patches of her bikini top rubbed against them. Camey felt a little breathless and tired. She stretched out on her back across the blanket, biting her pouty bottom lip. And then came those terrible, biting words!

"Hey, where you goin' hot stuff?" the first man asked.

Camey was standing up, brushing sand off her well-developed legs. Ignore him, she told herself, gathering the blanket and two books up under her arm. She'd turned toward the pen to flash another disapproving look when Camey realized the first athlete was walking in her direction.

"Oh!" the teen exclaimed under her breath, glancing from side to side. Thank God there were people around. Most of them had ignored their mini drama unfolding in front of them, absently flipping through magazines or soaking up the brilliant Southern California sun. In the background Camey heard the clinking of weights being dropped on the lifting pit floor.

"Hey, baby, come on," the big man said in a husky voice, standing only a foot away from her.

Camey tilted her head back and stared into those dark-blue eyes. They seemed to cut right through her defenses, burn through her skull and sear her very soul! Camey felt her knees turn to rubber and stepped back to regain her balance.

"I got a place down the Walk. Ain't nobody there now. We could have a good time," he said, moving one hand out and smoothing his callused fingers up and down her arm.

Camey felt her body explode with excitement! She was breathing rapidly, her chest and throat tightening while her mouth went as dry as cotton. She knew she should tell him to get away from her. Camey knew she should call out for help, maybe even hit him and run for the police. But all she could do was stare silently up into those cutting blue eyes and feel her defenses evaporating under her own budding sexuality.

"I can't," Camey finally managed to mutter, dropping her eyes to the sand and feeling shame and guilt wash over her like a tidal wave.

"Sure you can," he said, glancing over his shoulder and winking at his blond buddy who stood leaning against a wire fence watching them. Camey was so engrossed in her own drama she didn't notice.

"No, I have to get home," she retorted. But Camey's own body was betraying her. Electric shocks were racing through her loins, radiating up to her tits and back down to her cunt. The blonde teen kept moving back, sucking in air to feed her swaying body. The friction of her cunt lips over the swollen nub of her clit became excruciating. Could she actually go home with this total stranger? Could she commit an act she'd wanted to commit for so long but managed to avoid? Could she go against all these years of parental training?

"Man, when I get through with you you won't wanna go nowhere 'cept with me."

Camey reached back with one hand, steadying herself by holding on to the low wire fence behind her. People were staring at her, some of the men smiling. A new flush of shame gave her the courage to speak.

"Leave me alone," she said in a whisper. How unconvincing the order sounded. She was cringing under the hot sexy glare of the big man. And when he touched her the girl felt her flesh crawling and tingling with unspeakable sexual excitement.

"You want it bad, baby, real bad," he said, his lips curling into a smile beneath his untrimmed black mustache.

What was "it"? In a flash she knew and blushed an even deeper red. She should run. But something held Camey riveted to the spot.

"Hey, Brad, you gonna press some more?" the thickly built blond shouted.

The sound of that voice was like a lance piercing her body. Camey turned once again to go but Brad held tightly to her wrist, pressing his fingers down hard until they nearly bruised her flesh. "Come on," he ordered.

Camey closed her eyes. Her heart stopped, then started again. She clenched and unclenched her fingers. She felt numb, helpless. Camey had to keep her eyes shut. She couldn't bear to see his face so close. The girl felt she was going to do it, actually go home with this man! She was going to do what she'd secretly wanted to do with all those boys who'd gone out with her and tried to get into her panties. Oh, how she wanted them to fight back, to hold her down, pin back her arms and force her to submit. But they all said they respected her too much, were afraid to go further if she said no.

"I... don't understand," she stammered.

"You understand, baby, understand a hell of a lot," Brad said, his eyes narrowing.

Camey felt a rush of excitement. She hugged her blanket tightly to her tits, licking her lower lip. She was as shameless as some of the girls she called sluts in her class. Well, at least no one would know what she had done.

"Come on," he said again, taking her by the arm and escorting her from the weightlifting area.

Camey didn't see anything clearly for the next several minutes. Her feet were moving. People stared, someone laughed behind her as she moved north on the Walk. But all she could feel was Brad's strong fingers pressing down on her upper arm and his chest occasionally brushing her bare back. At times she wanted to stop, wanted to tear away from the handsome young man shoving her down the boardwalk and run for home. But something powerful had taken hold of both her body and mind.

What am I doing? Oh, God, what would my mother say?

These and other similar thoughts rushed through her head as the two of them threaded their way through the thickening Saturday afternoon beach crowd. A light breeze blew Camey's hair back as they turned a corner and started up a long narrow stairway.


Camey stepped into the second-floor garage apartment. There was the odor of stale beer and smoke hanging like a perfume in the air, mixed with a heavy musty smell. Clothes were strewn all over the floor, draped over the chairs and on what appeared to be a mattress on the far side of the room.

"Ain't much," Brad said, closing the door and snapping the bolt shut.

Camey jumped at the sound, wheeling wound and staring wide-eyed at the big man. What was she doing in this strange place? How had she managed to muster the courage to be with him alone, to do what she was doing to do? Her friends had always called her daring and unorthodox. Her mother had always said she had a curiosity that would get her in trouble some day. Well, it appeared as if they were all right.

"I... I've never done this sort of thing before," Camey stammered, holding her blanket tightly to her tits. She felt suddenly vulnerable, small in front of this large weightlifter whose bulky frame seemed to fill the room.

"Then you need lessons, and I'm the one to give 'em to you," Brad said, tossing the room key on an end table.

He walked up to her, passing one hand over her shoulders and down her slim arms. Camey shuddered, dropping her beach towel and books to the floor. Everything in the tiny room seemed to sway back and forth. She could hear her blood pounding in her ears.

Then he was making her stand up, bringing her against him. She opened her eyes at last and tilted her chin up.

"Man, I been watchin' you for the last couple of days. Thought this'd never happen, baby," he breathed into her ear.

Camey thought her heart was going to rip through her ribcage. She felt his breath against her face, then closed her eyes as his tongue speared her lips and shoved deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she groaned. Frenched! Only twice had she done this with boys, and both times it had made her cum. Of course she never let them know she'd reached climax without them even touching her cunt.

The girl groaned and circled her arms around his back. Feeling bold, Camey made soft fucking movements with her thighs while wiggling her tongue back and forth. It was incredible! Oh, how hot she was getting, hot wet and tight her little virgin cunt was feeling! She slid her hips back and forth, feeling the hot bulge of Brad's cock pressing against the thin material of his bathing suit. It shoved against her belly and she struggled against him. He was so tall, so big, so muscular! And Camey was more than just a little afraid about what was going to happen. But the young woman was excited past anything called sanity now. She threw caution and fears to the winds. The newness and danger of this situation intrigued her, cleared her mind of everything to her.

"Baby, I'm gonna fuck you 'til you can't piss," he whispered, pulling away from her and holding her head gently in his hands.

Camey was panting. She felt weak. Brad's hands moved down her body, tracing every curve, stopping finally at the tie of her bikini bottom. She felt him fumbling, then felt the tie come loose. Camey gasped as she felt the damp nylon pull away from her soaked cunt lips. Oh, how shameless this was! "Don't, don't," she cried weakly, resting her head on his broad chest. His flesh was so hot, so damp. She could hear his heart pounding as rapidly as hers! The thought that Brad was as excited as she made Camey fight for breath.

"Oh, baby, you want this bad, don'tcha?"

Gently the big man peeled the bikini bottom away from her pussy. Camey shuddered as the soft material of her suit brushed over her cuntal mound. Every nerve ending was alive, standing on end, sputtering with energy. The young girl moved slightly, sucking in a deep breath when she felt her cunt lips move against one another and over her clit.

"Wanna get fucked bad?" he said in a mocking voice.

"Ohhh, I... don't know, I... don't know," Camey said.

"I love your pussy," he said, moving her back, then lowering her onto the mattress. The bottom of her bikini dangled from his fingers. As she lay spread-eagled Brad stared at her. Camey blushed, wanting to cover herself with both hands and yet not daring. Something inside her was telling her to be sexy, to move her slim hips back and forth, up and down in a fucking motion. When she did Brad's eyes lit up.

The young man rubbed one hand over his bulging crotch. Camey lowered her eyes, studying the tubular bulge pressing hard against the damp material. She'd seen pictures of erections in sex education books. Once or twice some of her dates had forced her hands over their dicks. Then the young blonde had slapped their faces, threatening to scream for the police if they did that again. But now she was anxious to see his dick, even touch it! How quickly the girl had changed!

"Nice cunt, nice pussy," he murmured, bending down and touching one finger to her outer pussy lips.

Camey sucked in air, pulling her ass back, and shaking.

"It's so soft..." Brad was lowering his head, kissing her belly now.

"Ohhhhh, God!"

"You wanna fuck real bad, don'tcha?" he asked again, studying her as she squirmed uncomfortably on the lumpy, dirty mattress.

Camey couldn't answer that kind of filthy question. She rolled her head from side to side, feeling her cuntal muscles cramp, relax, then cramp again.

"Come on, just say it," Brad laughed, kissing her forehead while rubbing his thumbs on either side of ter bloated cunt lips.

He licked one of her nipples until she felt the tiny dark-pink nub almost tear through the thin material of her halter. Camey arched her back, pressing up against that wonderful sensation. "Yes, yes, I want to... fuck!"

The word made her shiver. She'd never said anything like that, although at times Camey wanted to. What would those nice boys have done if she'd admitted to them just how hot she was? Word, she knew, would spread like wildfire around the school. Her parents would find out about it and send her away. No, she had to protect herself, her family's reputation. But here, alone with this stranger, Camey could explore all those hidden desires that had been flaring up inside her more and more frequently lately without worrying about being discovered.

Reaching down, Brad untied the halter, sliding it out from under her shoulder blades. Now she was completely naked, exposed to this man.

"Mmmmmmmm," Brad groaned, dropping his head down again and sucking that nipple hard.

Camey glanced down and watched as he twisted his head from side to side. His eyes were closed while he kept making that moaning sound, moving his thick-muscled thighs from side to side over the mattress. Oh, how his flicking tongue raked her nipple! Sharp cutting jolts of pleasure knifed through her clit.

When Camey started twisting more actively on the mattress, digging in with her heels and hunching up against the young man, Brad pulled away. He rolled back, squatting in front of her, scratching his groin.

"You undress me, baby."

He stood up, spreading his legs apart yet keeping them close enough together so she could easily slide his bathing suit down over his knees.

With trembling fingers she hooked her thumbs around the top of the suit and pulled down. The swell of hot cockmeat inside bulged out as she inched the suit down over his hips. Camey could hardly breathe. She'd never done anything that had excited her like this before! And that swollen dick inside looked much bigger than anything she'd ever seen in the sex-education books. Could a man have so much prick? It looked as if his cock must weigh pounds! Holding her breath the young blonde lowered the garment slowly.


Camey jerked back a little with that cry when his huge cock bobbed up and out. It was so fat, so long, at least ten inches of throbbing dickmeat! And he was going to stick that thing in her? No, no! It was so thick across the head. That head or tip or whatever it was was bluish purple, with a texture like silk.

As she watched, the cock throbbed and grew even fatter. Camey nearly fainted with fear and excitement. Her loss of innocence was at hand, and the thought excited the hell out of her!

Chapter TWO

Camey tried to guess how wide that thing jerking in front of her face was. Two inches? More? She wasn't sure. All the girl knew was that his dick would probably tear her in two. Now as she swallowed hard and stared at his still-growing cock Camey began to wonder if she shouldn't try to get out of this apartment before it was too late.

"Like it, baby? Most chicks go nuts when they see it," Brad said proudly, his eyes slitting as he reached down and scratched his balls.

Camey watched the fat, blood-heavy cock bob back and forth lazily. A sharp and yet pleasant odor coming from Brad's hairy crotch was triggering something exciting between her legs, making her cunt juice even more than before.

"We can't... fuck," she whispered, her eyes growing wider as his dick lengthened by the second.

"Sure we can. You can take it, baby, take it all," he whispered back.

Camey started crawling backward on the mattress while Brad finished sliding off his bathing suit. In a second he was on his knees, smoothing his fingers over her flesh, reaching up and pushing her back down onto the mattress.

For a while nothing happened. Camey closed her eyes and shuddered, drinking in the wonderful feeling of Brad's fingers tracing circles over her body. When he came up to her cunt the young man stopped short of touching those glistening, swollen lips. He toyed with the outer curly hairs, pretending he was about to slide his fingers through that cuntal thicket, then backing off at the last possible second.

Camey was going mad with the teasing. She wiggled her shoulder blades against the mattress, bobbing her ass up and down, undulating her legs against the dirty lumpy mattress covering. She found herself saying things, whispering things that would have made her blush an hour ago. If only he'd touch her, do something to relieve the terrible pressure building up between her shivering white legs!

Then suddenly the girl felt his breath against her calves. He was licking her, smoothing his hot wet tongue over the backs of her legs while stroking her inner thighs with his fingers. The sensation was wild! Camey arched her back, rolling her head from side to side while clawing at the mattress cover. Bright lights popped in front of the moaning teen's eyes while her breathing became shallow and labored. Her tits jiggled like two bowls of jello. She was rocking her body slightly from side to side, holding onto the mattress as if letting go would send her flying into the ceiling.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Camey groaned as he edged his tongue higher and higher, leaving a wet trail of spit. He was going to touch her cunt with his lips and tongue! Camey knew it! Her mind whirled around faster and faster while her chest tightened so she could hardly breathe.

She opened her eyes and stared blankly at the light fixture overhead, her fingers working through the tangled black strands of hair on Brad's head. He was only inches away from touching her pussy. Oh, how could she take something like this? Camey just knew it would make her pass out with delight.

The suddenness of his mouth fitting tightly over her cunt and the invasion of his magic tongue into her juicy slit almost made the girl go into shock. Her body stiffened, then trembled as if someone had touched it with a live electric wire. She panted out obscenities, begging the young weightlifter to do things to her she'd only heard about in the school bathrooms.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me," the girl whimpered, clinging to Brad like a drowning kitten.

The big athlete only chuckled, pressing his fingers and thumbs against her warm, silky thigh flesh and spreading her legs farther apart.

Camey felt her cunt lips unstick and peel back while his tongue gently caressed the sensitive membranes. Brad was sliding deeper, his thick lips smoothing teasingly against her inner cunt lips. She could feel his front teeth gouging too, scraping against the super-sensitive flesh separating her inner and outer cunt lips.

The blonde teen was going wild, bouncing her ass crazily on the mattress, sliding her feet back and forth over the covering. Camey tugged at Brad's hair, almost yanking it out by the roots as she built toward her first climax with a man.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she whispered each time he stuck his tongue into her hot drooling hole. It was marvelous how he could flick his tongue in and out, in and out, back and forth, filling her cunt with it as if it were a tiny cock.

"Oh, man, hot, baby, hot and wet," Brad murmured, the vibrations of his voice rippling through her cunt.

It was so wonderful getting fucked by that tongue. His fingers were pinching her now, hurting and teasing the flesh of her thighs as her cunt bloomed wetly against his mouth. Without any control left Camey began squirming like a snake across the bed, hunching her glistening pussy against his mouth.

"You move your ass real nice," he whispered, pulling his face out of her cunt and starting to kiss her on the belly.

Camey let out a shuddering breath, relaxing a little when his tongue left her snatch for the moment.

The young man moved up higher, sucking on her nipples again while working his fingers around in her tight little cuntal mouth. When he moved higher still she could smell her cunt on his cheeks. She felt faint and flushed.

"Ready to fuck, baby? Man, I'm gonna drop my load right here if you don't let me in," he whispered, pulling back and inching his knees up against her upturned ass.

"No, I'm afraid, I really am. I swear I haven't... done this before," Camey whimpered in a tiny voice.

Brad wrinkled his forehead, studying her face for a second before curling his lips into a weak smile.

"Poppin' a fuckin' cherry," he said more to himself than to her, sniggering and shaking his head back and forth. "Ain't done somethin' like that in years."

The young man swallowed hard, inching his knees farther up until Camey felt them rolling her ass back. Something hard and stiff was pressing against her outer cunt lips. The electric shock of his dick touching her pussy made the girl cry out. She closed her eyes, her mouth a tight scar while a cold sweat broke out on her forehead. Camey sucked in a ragged breath, holding it while bracing herself for the initial entry.

"Oh please, don't hurt me," she begged between pants.

Brad said nothing, squeezing his asscheeks together and shoving down and forward. Camey felt her cunt lips flatten back as the slick cockhead moved through the tight pussy curls, up, touching her cunt, making the girl shiver with excitement, then back down again. He was playing with her, pushing his dick into her slick hole half an inch, dragging it back when he felt her pussy muscles start to work, then shoving it back in.

"Uh, uh, UHHH!" Camey groaned with each teasing thrust. She started tightening her thigh muscles, hunching her drooling cunt up, pressing the bottoms of her feet hard against the mattress for better leverage.

The girl felt his cock brush against the tingling trigger of her clit again. Camey thought she was going to strangle from excitement as she babbled meaningless phrases to the big weight lifter.

Brad moved his hands down to her shoulders, holding her tight against the mattress, trying to keep her still while keeping up his teasing mini fucking motions.

"Don't tease me, oh, God, no, no, oh... OHHHHH!" Camey cried.

Brad pushed his fingers through her wet blonde hair, holding her face up as he kissed her passionately. Their mouths gurgled. Camey felt her spit mix with Brad's and ooze down her chin and cheeks. She felt happy, wild with a newly found sexual freedom. All the old taboos her mother and father had tried to instill in the panting young teenager exploded in a second.

"Uhhhh!" Camey groaned, her happiness tempered now with fear.

She felt him pushing forward with his hips. That hot, hard dick was starting to hurt. Brad had become tired of the teasing game, feeling his balls tighten and rise up against his crotch. His breathing was short and shallow, catching at times when a particularly powerful spasm shot through the girl's cunt and forced the tiny muscles to spasm and milk at his cockhead.

"Now, now," he panted.

"I'm afraid," Camey whispered in a tight voice.

She clung to his chest, feeling her nipples touching the curly, wiry hairs. Brad slipped one hand under her back. The young blonde teen felt so small writhing under him. Brad was dragging his cock back after having hunched it in two inches. Camey shivered, feeling her elastic cuntal walls shrink back to their original shape, touching one another as a flood of hot cunt juice streamed out of her hole.

"Ohhhhh, it's... it's sooooo weird!" Camey said as she felt her cunt stretch wide once more and the surrounding ring of muscles cramp tight. A shot of pain made the girl gasp and stiffen.

"Just take it easy, baby, take it easy," Brad breathed in her ear, stroking her tits gently while rocking his body back and forth.

Camey tried, concentrating on the pain and wishing it away. Slowly she felt the muscles rein. Brad's breathing, meanwhile, had become more regular. He'd passed a crisis, managing to keep his cock under control. The big man reached down and worked two fingers into her hot little hole, scraping the tender walls with his jagged fingernails. Camey cried out with short, tight little cries, bunching rapidly up and down, pistoning her thighs wildly while clawing at the big man's back.

"Yeah, in, baby, in," Brad whispered.

Camey felt his dick draw back, then slowly slide in on her hot, bubbly fuck oil. She shivered with the sexy feeling of her pussy being filled with cock, stuffed to the hilt with that fat hunk of dickmeat. After several seconds had passed Camey dared to move her hips, changing the angle her cunt made with Brad's cock. He was up to her cherry when her cuntal muscled spasmed again and tightened down on him. He stopped breathing, gasping and jerking up from her twisting body while digging his fingernails into her sides.

"Don't... do that," he managed to whisper.

"I can't help it," Camey said, modestly lowering her eyes. She'd managed to impress this man, this stud who'd probably fucked hundreds of women in this tiny, run-down beach flat.

In a moment the spasm had passed. The muscles softened, let go their hold. Brad was easing his cock back through the gushing hot folds of her cunt. He was going slow, very, very slow. Camey tensed, instinctively knowing he was getting leverage for the big thrust, the one that would tear through her cherry.

"I'm afraid," she said.

"It's gonna hurt for just a second," Brad panted, tensing his muscles while holding his cock at the throat of her pussy for a second. Then the girl felt his prick rush into her cunt.

"No, stop, no please, I'm not ready, I... AHHHHH!"

Camey had jerked her arms up, pressing her palms against his chest, trying to push him off. It was useless. Brad held her down tightly, pinning her to the mattress with his knees, chest and arms. She screamed as the pressure against her cherry increased. There was a tearing sensation followed by sharp jolts of pain that knocked the air from her lungs.

Camey tried to cry out again but found her vocal cords were paralyzed. Only rushes of air came from her opened mouth as Brad's cockhead ripped through her cherry and slid down into the dark, secret, velvety depths of her cunt.

Camey didn't know how long the two of them lay there quietly. He was regaining his breath, kissing her softly on the cheeks while stroking her thighs with both hands. Moving her thighs back and forth tentatively Camey felt his cockhead touching the bottom of her cunt. He was so deep inside her. She could sense the added heat inside her belly. She could hear the slick noises of his cock shaft sliding gently back and forth in a massaging motion. He was easing the throbbing pain with his cock.

Gradually, slowly, Camey felt more relaxed. The itchy ache that had nearly driven her mad before was starting to return, replacing the pain. The thought that so much cock was inside her made the girl dizzy with excitement.

"Hun now?" Brad asked, pulling his head up and looking at her.

Camey opened her eyes. The brutality she'd seen flicker in his eyes before he was gone. Now she could see concern mixed with sexual excitement.

"Just a little... not very much," she answered in a small voice.

One heavy ball nestled against one cheek of her ass. How good it was to know he was all the way inside her, his fat cock root stretching her cunt lips to the tearing point. Camey felt Brad searching around her stretched hole now with one hand, teasing her clit, pressing it down, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger until she thought she was going to piss from excitement.

"Ohhhhh yes, yes," she moaned. The girl had her arms around his neck again, hugging and kissing him, coming apart with the shivery flames burning in her cunt. Brad was holding himself very still.

"Ohhh man, you're hot and tight and fine," he whispered, rocking his hips from side to side.

Camey let out another shivery moan. How strangely exciting it was to feel his cock stirring her insides around as if it were a giant spoon. His fingers slid down until she felt them pressing into her soft asscheeks. Camey rocked her hips just to feel that fat cock digging against her cuntal walls again. Ohhh, how good it was, especially when Brad warned her not to do that too fast or she'd make him cum. Make him cum! The thought of it made her gasp with delight.

"Oh, oh, OH!"

Camey felt she couldn't keep still if someone had tied her up with barbed wire. She gasped again, moving her thighs from side to side, rolling her ass back, then bunching forward, swallowing up those thick inches of throbbing dickmeat. How wonderful, how exciting to feel that big cock gouging hotly inside her cunt. Brad was going wild, clawing her, hammering his dick home again and again.

"Uhhhhhh, nooooo!" Camey cried. She felt a whirling ball of sexual hunger in her belly, taking over every sensation in her body. He was moving his hands all over her body, smoothing the callused fingers over her cunt lips, pinching her clit, moving them back up to her stiff nipples and rolling them back and forth until the blonde teen begged him to stop.

"Ahhhhhh!" Camey cried.

She almost went mad, drooling and tossing her head from side to side. He fucked in and out without mercy, the veins in his forehead sticking out and throbbing while sweat dripped down onto the girl's flushed cheeks. His hips pistoned up and down, his thighbones hammering against hers.

Camey's body shivered with each powerful fucking blow. Feverish itching thrills burst in the young woman's pussy. How wonderful it was to feel the glossy rub of his dickmeat as it pumped faster and faster, trenching out her dribbling fuckhole.

"You're killing me!" the girl screamed, her back arching. She raked her fingernails over Brad's back, kicking one leg out as the heat burning in her pussy exploded. She was cumming, actually climaxing with this strange man's cock in her! Camey heard someone screaming in the distance and only dimly realized it was her.

"Now baby, now, I'm gonna blow it," Brad warned, clenching his teeth while burying his face in the nape of her neck.

Camey kept screaming, beating the soles of her feet against his sides. She didn't think anything could be as powerfully good as this orgasm! Her cuntal walls cramped and buckled, holding his shooting cock tightly, milking at the fat rod.

"Aiyeeee!" Camey shrieked. She thrashed and grunted and pumped her shivering asscheeks as squirt after spurt of jizz ate into her cuntal walls.

How long had it lasted? Camey didn't know. An eternity seemed to drift by before her mind finally focused on the present.

"You're one hell of a fuck, baby," Brad finally said, raising his head and wiping some sweat from under his eyes.

Camey winced. She didn't like to be thought of in those terms. A hick? Baby?

"My name's Camey," she said a little hesitantly.

"All right, Camey. I like you and..."

Brad was lying on his side, having rolled over after gently withdrawing his softening dick from Camey's cunt. The girl was wondering what he was going to do with her now. She felt some guilt, though she didn't know why. The delicious feelings of only moments ago had diminished but still floated through her mind and every pore of her body. Only dimly did the girl realize that Brad's speech had been broken off by the presence of another person in the room.

"You Goddamned mother fucker!"

The words shot through Camey's brain. She shook off the dreamy mood that had anesthetized her brain and sat up abruptly. A tall dark-haired woman in shorts and halter stood in the doorway, a sack of groceries in one hand. Her face was drained of all blood while her eyes glared, first at Brad, then at Camey.

"Hi, honey," the weightlifter said a little uneasily, shifting away from Camey. The blonde teen looked with horror at both of them, then buried her face in her hands. Suddenly she felt cheap.

Chapter THREE

Camey let out a low moan as the tall woman unleashed a torrent of abuse. She called Brad all sorts of names, told him he wasn't fit to fuck pigs, then called the blonde teenager a slut.

"Please, I... I'm sorry," Camey stammered, reaching forward and gathering her damp bikini in both hands. She wanted to get dressed quickly and get out of that tiny apartment.

"You Goddamned little bitch!" the pretty woman shrieked, dropping the groceries and running over to the mattress. Reaching down she gathered Camey's long blonde hair in her hands and started pulling, kicking the girl with her sandaled feet while screaming obscenities.

Camey jerked both hands up and fought back, hitting the woman on the chest, belly and upper legs while scooting around and kicking out one foot. Brad scrambled to his feet and was behind the shouting woman, hands wrapped around her waist, trying to drag her away from Camey.

"Come on, Karen, you know I dig you, baby. Come on, she don't mean nothin' to me," Brad said in a loud voice, tugging at the woman's waist.

"Lemme go!" Camey screamed, curling her fingers and clawing her nails across the woman's bare midriff.

"BITCH!" Karen screamed, finally letting go of the blonde's hair. She almost collapsed, then stiffened and glared silently at Camey for several seconds while the girl hurriedly slipped into her bikini, then gathered up her towel and books.

"I'm sorry," Camey muttered, sliding against one wall, trying to keep as much distance between her and the tall woman as possible.

"I'll get you," Karen said under her breath, her eyes glowing with hatred. "I'll get you the way I got the others who tried to take him away from me."

There was a certainty, a conviction in those words that made Camey shiver. Even Brad's easy smile flashed at her as she left the apartment didn't help. All the girl wanted to do was run and hide her shame in her bedroom.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Camey groaned, running down the stairs, the blanket streaming behind her. In the street she slowed her pace, feeling the tightness in her chest lessen a bit. What a horrible scent! Who would have guessed that she could have caused such unhappiness, could have set another woman off like a crazed asylum inmate?

She stopped several blocks south of Brad's apartment and leaned against a concrete beach bench. In front of her the sun was a large orange ball, the sky above becoming a riot of reds, lavenders and purples as the day drew to a close. Every shape seemed sharply outlined, almost lurid in the decreasing light. A soft damp breeze blew against Camey's flushed cheek as she closed her eyes and thought about the series of events leading to this terrible moment.

"Oh, how terrible," she said.

But a smile crept over her lips. She'd been fucked, and by someone who obviously knew what he was doing. There were no adolescent gropings, no wrong moves. Everything Brad had done had increased her excitement a thousandfold! She could still feel his body squirming over hers, feel his hot dick plowing through her tight cuntal curls, edging her swollen cunt lips apart while his balls dragged over her upturned asscheeks!

Just thinking about it made Camey shiver with sexual fever. How delicious it had been to feel his strong, hairy body pinning hers to the mattress! Camey enjoyed that feeling of being helpless, of being swallowed up in Brad's overpowering masculinity while his dick plowed aside the slick, hot folds of her virgin cunt and tore through her cherry.

A stronger, cooler breeze snapped the girl out of her reverie. It was getting late, and Ocean Front Walk in Venice was no place for a single woman at night, especially dressed as scantily as she was.

Camey gathered up her thoughts and walked stiffly south, hearing again the shrill voice of that woman screaming at the two of them. Her face burned with shame as she remembered that look of hatred glittering in Karen's eyes. Who was she, his wife? His girlfriend? It really didn't matter any more. She'd never go back to that apartment and risk having that sort of scene again!

Dinner went quietly, her parents looked quizzically at her but saying nothing. They had become used to the girl's occasional moodiness and attributed it to adolescent behavior.

But nothing could have teen further from the truth. Even in front of her parents Camey was thinking of Brad, feeling his arms circle her waist while his cock plowed harder and deeper into her cunt. What was happening to her? All she could think about was cock. Struggling through dessert, Camey finally excused herself, saying she'd gotten too much sun.

In bed with her door closed and locked Camey gave herself completely over to her fantasies, rolling on the bed, smoothing her fingers over her tormented body, closing her eyes and pretending Brad was with her. Even in her broken sleep that night the young blonde teen dreamed of cocks hard, stiff, long and thick cocks jerking in front of her face while her burning cunt ached and throbbed and juiced for them.

The following day went badly for the girl. Camey wanted to go to the beach, see Brad, talk with him, although the thought of doing anything else terrified her. She remembered the woman's face, white with anger. No, she was afraid of Karen, afraid of what she'd do to her if she saw her with Brad again. But maybe they could just talk. Oh, if only she could hear his voice again, feel his fingers against her soft flesh!

But Camey stayed home, feeling as if she were going to die of lust at any moment. She remained home all that day, the next, and the next. But the fourth day found her gathering her beach materials together and stealing out of the house in the late afternoon. She couldn't resist walking the four blocks to Ocean Front Walk, turning north and heading toward the weightlifting pit.

As she neared that compound Camey felt her chest tighten and her mouth go as dry as cotton. What would she say to him? Would he laugh at her, or worse, ignore her? Camey didn't think she could take being ignored. For a second she stopped on the Walk, her eyes lowered modestly, her face a mask of intense concentration. In the distance she could hew the sounds of weights being thrown to the ground.

No, she had to see him. Walking forward again, Camey tilted her chin up and narrowed her eyes, trying to pick out Brad's massive body among the five or six men gathered together in the center of the pen.

When she arrived, Camey felt her heart contract and sink. Brad wasn't there. That tall blond friend of his was squatting in the center, a barbell with several heavy weights on either end sitting squarely on his shoulders. How his calves and thighs bulged with the strain of lifting those round hunks of iron!

Camey let out a little sigh of disappointment and turned as if to go. Her narrow shoulders sloped down and forward while she shuffled away from the weightlifting area.

"Hey, babe, wait up," a voice sounded front behind her.

Camey froze. It was the voice of the blond. She remembered it from the day Brad had picked her up. She remembered his mocking laugh, his cynical smile as the two of them sauntered up the Walk toward his apartment. Now she felt her cheeks burn with shame and guilt. But still he was Brad's friend. He might know where the young athlete was. Camey by this time was so desperate to see Brad she'd put up with his friend's arrogance to find out any information.

"Yes?" she said coolly, turning around and facing the pen. The blond weightlifter had eased the weights onto the holders, wiped his hands on his skimpy bathing suit and was now walking up to her. He was handsome in a pretty sort of way delicate features with bushy blond hair falling rakishly over his forehead. His body was as developed as Brad's, while the jiggling bulge in the crotch of his trunks indicated that muscles weren't the only thing he and his buddy had in common.

"Do you know where... do you know where Brad is?" she asked nervously.

The big blond flashed her a brilliant, mocking smile, his hands placed squarely on his hips.

"Got to you, didn't he?"

The words shot through Camey. She saw herself clearly a begging dog, begging for the big man's dick, crawling on the ground, humiliating herself publicly just so she could have more cock! It was a terrible, degrading mental image that flashed through her confused mind.

"I don't... know what you mean. I lust want to talk to him," she said in a quavering voice.

"Sure you don't. Anyways, ain't seen him for a couple of days. Heard you and his old lady got into it," he said, his face lighting up again with mocking laughter. "Yeah, ol' Karen ain't no one to cross. She's got lots of friends around here."

There was something threatening in his voice now, something that made Camey's blood run cold. She ran one hand up and down her arm while backing one foot away from the big man.

"But I'll tell you. Just gimme time to clean up a bit and I'll see if I can find 'im for you. Brad gets under the skin of lots of chicks lately," he said, flashing Camey that brilliant smile before turning and gathering up his leather waist support belt and gloves.

The blonde teen didn't know what to think. Should she risk going with this man? Risk? That word made her laugh. What had she done four days before, trotting off like a bitch dog after some hot man who promised her nothing more than a fast fuck and an end to her innocence? Somehow that image excited the hell out of Camey.

"Come on," the blond weightlifter said.

She followed the tall, thickly built man down the Walk toward Brad's apartment, learning his name was Rick Urban. He and Brad had served in the Marines together, had fought together in Vietnam, and had finally come to Southern California together and settled in Venice.

"Sometimes he hangs out a lot down here," he said, gesturing toward a beach side bar. Camey peered through the dirty plate-glass window. There were only a few people there, none of them being Brad.

"No," she said, wishing she hadn't bothered Rick or anyone else. This was stupid. What was she going to say to Brad when she found him? What was the sense of it all?

"Okay, then let's go down here," he said, indicating a side street leading off to the east of the Walk. "We got some buddies who rebuild bikes. Sometimes he likes to hang around there."

Camey was beginning to shiver. It was growing cold. Glancing over one shoulder she saw a gray fog bank hanging off the coast, getting ready to roll in at any second. Still she followed Rick down the narrow street lined on either side with one story wood beach houses. At the end was a larger home, apparently deserted. There were no signs of cars or bikes. But Rick marched up to the side door and motioned impatiently with one hand for her to follow. Camey shrugged and walked quickly up to the home. This, she was sure, would be another wild goose chase.

"Come on inside," Rick said, opening the door.

How odd it was that someone in this neighborhood would leave his door unlocked. There was something sinister about this. Camey sensed she should, run down the street while she could. But curiosity got the better of her.

"OH!" the girl screamed as the door slammed shut and locked behind her. For a while she saw nothing, her eyes unaccustomed to the sudden dark. There was movement in front of her. Two shapes loomed out of the dusky light, one of them being Rick.

"Looks like Brad ain't here," he said mockingly.

Camey stepped back, her shoulder blades touching the door. She reached behind her, her fingers searching frantically for the doorknob.

"What's going on?" she asked, trying to make her voice steady and defiant. No sense in showing these men she was terrified until it became clear what they wanted with her.

"Karen's a good friend of mine, a lot better flow than Brad. She's gonna be here to teach you a fuckin' lesson on how to behave," Rick said, running his fingers through his blond hair and smiling curiously at her.

Camey's eyes raced down to his crotch and saw his cock bulging more stiffly against the thin silky material of his trunks. Panic shot through the girl's mind and body.

"Don't... oh please, I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I wasn't going to hurt anyone," she stammered.

"Sure, sure, that's why you came down here to look for Brad, right? You gonna play checkers with 'im or something?"

Camey trembled. She found the doorknob and twisted the cold hard object around and around. But the lock held the door shut.

"We keep this place as a kinda playroom. This here's Jack, Jack Henshey. He's just one of the guys you're gonna meet tonight," Rick said.

He stretched out one hand and gripped Camey by the wrist. The blonde teen let out a whimper and struggled futilely against him. For several seconds the two men just stood there, their faces glowing with growing excitement while she twisted and panted, struggling to free herself. Finally growing tired of the game, Rick jerked her forward, catching her with both hands and pulling her hard against his body.

Camey let out a sharp cry, her eyes wide with terror. She was pressed against his smooth tanned body. The girl could feel his growing body heat warming her flesh as he moved her hands around her hips and pinned them to the small of her back. His breath was blowing against both her cheeks while his dick jumped and throbbed against the dampening crotch panel of her bikini bottoms.

"We're gonna have lots of fun, the three of us, before Karen gets here, right Jack?" Rick said, his eyes burning with perverted desire.

"Yeah, just like the last two broads," his buddy said, licking his lower lip and scratching his groin.

"Naw, better," Rick said. "This one's hot like an iron. That's what Brad said a couple of nights ago. That's why Karen's so uptight about her and wants her out of the way."

Out of the way? What was going on here? Why was she so important. Something was behind all of this, something more than a woman's simple jealousy.

"Let's take 'er down to the basement now," Jack said, unable to wait any longer.

"Okay, baby. You try anything and we're gonna beat the livin' shit outta you, hear? Ain't no one gonna come runnin' and save you."

Camey felt thoroughly defeated. She sensed that at least for the time being she'd better cooperate. Maybe when Karen got here she could convince that crazy lady to let her go.

Reluctantly she followed Rick as he led the way down the narrow wooden stairs to the basement. The dampness and chill made her flesh pucker up into goosepimples. When her feet touched the cold cement floor Camey stopped what were they going to do to her, fuck her? She was sure there'd be some kind of sexual abuse. Surely she should be begging them to spare her, doing something to defend herself.

But Camey realized a kind of anxiety, a strange sort of curiosity and excitement was mixing with her growing terror. She wanted them to humiliate her, degrade her, fuck her wildly. It was a new, odd part of her mind awakening to this situation, taking her over now and guiding her words, her thoughts, her deeds.

"Karen didn't like you messin' around in her territory," Rick began, flipping on an overhead light.

The bare white bulb glared menacingly. Camey covered her eyes with one hand and backed away from the two approaching men. The backs of her legs brushed against an old desk.

"No, NO!" she screamed, protectively covering her face as she saw Rick raise one hand high above his head.

"Stupid little bitch," he growled, grabbing her raised hand by the wrist and jerking it away.

The violence of that move sent Camey tumbling to the floor.

"Please, please..."

"I told you not to scream. Now you're gonna pay for it," he said.

Camey could tell the young man was excited by her terror. And Jack was encouraging his buddy to beat and kick her.

"Got better plans for the little cunt," Rick muttered, hooking his thumbs around the waistband of his trunks and pushing it down. A long, thin cock with a cherry-red tip tumbled out, bobbing inches away from the girl's open mouth.

"NOOOOO!" Camey cried out, scooting back on her ass.

"Gonna suck it, bitch. Gonna lick my dick clean, and it's gonna be just the staff," Rick said in a thickening voice.

Feeling a sick, whirling sensation growing in her belly, Camey sensed he was telling the truth.

Chapter FOUR

Camey saw Rick's hand pause for a second above his head. She stared at it in terror, almost feeling the sting from the blow she knew would surely follow. Rick laughed at her, his fat dick wiggling back and forth, striking his strong thighs while his balls rolled forward with every move he made. Once more, she raised both hands instinctively.

But the blonde weightlifter would have none of that. He kicked them aside. Her tits bounced in the halter, nearly spilling out. As she trembled, terrified, he smiled more broadly.

"Smack 'er good, man, hit her hard!" Jack encouraged from behind.

Camey tensed as Rick stiffened his arm. She saw that hard-on waving in front of her. A droplet of pre-cum dangled from the tip. His chest and belly showed he was breathing hard, sucking in air to feed the excitement racing through his body.

"No, no, please," she said in a tiny voice.

It was just what Rick needed to send him over the brink. Camey watched as the big, paw-like hand arced down toward her. The report of the slap and the following backhanded blow echoed through the basement. Camey screamed, her head snapping back and hitting the concrete wall behind her. She shook her head, holding it in both hands while tucking her legs under her ass.

She whimpered. The odor coming from Rick's hot crotch was the same as Brad's flow that smell triggered a riot of sexual sensations in her! She knew he would brutalize her without conscience, that he would fuck her, make her suck his cock without feeling any kind of guilt. That thought terrified her and, at the same time, she was aware of the definite sexual thrill intensified by the gnawing fear she felt.

Rick let her cry for a moment. But the excitement in the basement built quickly.

"Eat it, bitch. Eat it the way you fucked Brad. Man, you're so fuckin' hot you're gonna gobble this mother down," he said, working his fingers up and down over the thickly veined cock shaft.

Camey stared at the long thin dick waving in front of her face. He was inching closer to her. Her eyes crossed as she tried to back away from that cock. The smell of sweat grew more intense.

Sobbing, Camey pressed her back against the wall, her fingers clenched into two tight fists and shoved against her thighs. Pieces of chipped concrete dug into her asscheeks. The girl was dizzy with fright.

Rick was enjoying every second of this, probably enjoying Camey's terror as much as he'd enjoy the sensation of her hot, wet mouth caressing his prick. The girl felt her sweat trickle from her armpits and crotch.

"Open that pretty little mouth," he whispered tightly.

"Hey, man, when you get through I wanna fuck 'er in the ass," Jack said.

He'd moved closer and to one side, working his fingers over his glistening dickhead. Camey shot a glance in his direction, then moved her eyes back to Rick's threatening cock.

"Maybe we'll both get 'er at the same time," Rick said, the idea having suddenly occurred to him.

"Yeah, two cocks in you, honey. How does that sound?" Jack said.

Two cocks! The thought repulsed and attracted the trembling blonde teen at the same time.

"Take it!" With that Rick tangled his fingers in the strands of her hair.

Camey let out a sharp cry, her eyelids fluttering as the pain in her scalp grew worse. He tugged the strands, forcing her head back slightly and her mouth open. She rolled her eyes down, letting out low guttural sounds as the dick bounced over her pouting lower lip. She could taste something salty, something bleachy washing over her tongue. No, no, she couldn't be made to commit this act of depravity! Only whores and sluts did this sort of thing.

Rick pulled harder at her hair, ripping several blonde strands from her scalp, making the girl scream, forcing her lips farther apart. He laughed at her, clenching his muscular asscheeks and bunching in.

Camey gagged. Her spit washed down her throat, nearly drowning her as Rick's fat cockhead slid over her lips and down into her mouth. She tried to jerk her head away, but his hands held her firmly. In the end Camey let out another sigh of defeat and let the big man do as he pleased.

"Yeah, oh yeah, gimme head. Yeah, baby," Rick whispered, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back while sawing his cock in and out of the girl's mouth.

Strings of drool oozed from the corners of Camey's lips and streaked the sides of her chin. She let out soft groaning sounds while the blond weightlifter's cock plunged down her throat. At times he'd shove his cock all the way in, moving his thighs from side to side, stirring his prick around in her mouth. It was then that she gagged and nearly vomited as she tasted the strong flavor of his cum oozing more freely from his piss-slit. His balls rubbed against her chin while the curly blond hairs surrounding his dickroot tickled her nostrils. His flat belly was so hot, so damp against her forehead!

"MMMMMFFFF." Camey groaned, still pressing her clenched fists against her thighs. If only she could beat him away, bite down, anything to get rid of that terrible taste in her mouth!

"Move that tongue around. Yeah," he sighed, his chest heaving mightily up and down as Camey did as she was told.

The girl swallowed again, catching her breath as Rick slid his cock out. It had gone nearly all the way down her throat, choking off the air needed to fill her lungs! Now she felt the flanged head resting heavily on her lower lip. He was teasing her, hunching slowly, moving a few inches of cock into her mouth, then drawing back, shuddering as he looked down and saw his prick shaft glistening with the floor.

Camey looked at the tiny pieces of concrete and dirt clinging to his big feet, then searched around for some cloth.

"Hey, ain't nothin' clean around here 'cept your tongue. You cleaned that off on my dick, remember?" Rick said, his thick lips curling up in a smile.

"What?" the girl cried in disbelief, her eyes growing round while her lower jaw slackened. She crossed her hands and placed them protectively over her tits while scooting back. She couldn't believe he had said that. Clean his feet with her tongue? She'd rather have them fuck her in the ass than do that!

"I said lick 'em clean."

He raised that hand again, and before Camey could duck he hit her hard against the side of her head. At the same time the young man kicked her in the ribs, knocking the wind from her. He was brutal, hitting her again and again, raising bruises on her arms and belly until she screamed out she'd do anything he'd tell her.

Sobbing, Camey raised herself from the floor, her long blonde hair curtaining her face and hiding the flushed cheeks and pouting mouth. She sucked in air with a wheezing sound, her lung burning as if on fire. In front of her stood Rick stark naked, his dick standing out like a pole from his groin. He was scratching his balls again, laughing at her as she gathered the stomach to actually get on all fours, and start licking those filthy feet.

"Come on, bitch, ain't got all day," Rick said menacingly.

Camey cringed. She got on all fours like a dog, her hair hanging down on either side of her head and failing once again over her face. She felt her skin crawling with disgust as she dropped down to his toes, sticking out her tongue, fighting down the sour feeling rising in her belly. With a shiver she touched the tip of her tongue against his toes, starting to lick up and down, picking up particles of something on her tongue at times. She reached up and wiped them from her tongue on the back of one hand, not daring to glance down and see what they were. Her tits jiggled, pressing heavily against the halter still holding them from full view. She curled her fingers, breaking a nail or two against the concrete basement floor.

"You missed a spot. Come on, baby, do a good job or I'll make you start all over!"

Jack was laughing his buddy, at time raising one foot and kicking Camey on the side of the head. She lost her balance temporarily, falling on one side with a sharp cry. It was then Rick ordered her quickly back on her hands and knees, telling her to start all over again or the two of them would beat the living shit out of her.

"Ugh!" Camey muttered, doing as she was told.

She tried to lick thoroughly, washing that filthy foot with her tongue. She could taste sand and something awful between his toes. Tears welled up in the girl's eyes as Rick moved one wet foot back and presented her with the second.

"Ain't a bad cocksucker. And she digs feet. Man, this girl's gonna be somethin' when we stick our dicks in 'er," Rick said mockingly.

Camey finished licking off his feet, rolling back and turning her face away from the leering, naked young men.

"Hey, honey, lick my balls," Jack said thickly. Rick stepped to one side, holding tightly onto his throbbing cock to keep from shooting. His dark-haired buddy swung his legs around, holding his fat dick up while swinging his balls up against Camey's forehead.

They were defiling her, degrading her, humiliating her! She felt as if she were crawling in the gutter. How could she ever live with the shame being heaped on her now!

"Lick it!" Jack insisted.

Camey tilted her head back after turning her face back toward the big man. His leathery balls jiggled in front of her nose. That same sour odor filled her nostrils, triggering a strange reaction in her aunt. Camey licked her lips as if there was something tasty on them, then leaned forward and did as she was told.

"Oh fuck, yeah lick my cock too! Oh, baby, lick it good!" Jack crooned. He closed his eyes and rocked back and forth. At times the young man moved his thighs from side to side, directing the blonde teen's tongue, telling her to stop when he felt himself coming up to the edge of orgasm.

Camey moved her tongue along the sensitive skin of his balls, trailing the tip around the edges, then moving up to the young man's cock root. He was breathing heavily, telling her to go slower at times.

These awful men! she thought to herself as she began to feel a twinge of pleasure in her clit. Camey was surprised at how quickly they rose toward orgasm when only now was she beginning to feel some pleasure from all of this. Could she actually be feeling something hot and itchy between her legs while performing this sick act?

"Take'em both in your mouth now. Go on, take 'em," Jack insisted.

Camey dropped back and took a good look at those spit-wet balls as they jiggled merrily in front of her. Darting a glance to the right she saw Rick standing there, playing with himself, looking on with delight as he watched her further degradation.

Sucking in another deep breath Camey began to lick her way back along the ridged underside of his cock. She moved down to where the shaft thickened and met the high-riding balls. It was then the girl realized her nipples were stiff again, pressing hard against the silky material of her bikini halter. Oh, if only she could take off that top!

Rick seemed to read her mind. And while she kept on licking over and around that jerking cock the blond weightlifter reached down and unhooked the bikini top.

"Ummoohhhhh!" Camey moaned. It was disgustingly shameful, but it felt so good to have that top removed. Her tits rolled forward, hanging slightly away from her angled body. Reaching up the young woman passed her palms over the hard nipples and felt a shiver of excitement race through her body. How hard they were! Was she really turning on to this act?

"Yeah, baby, oh fuck, gimme good head just like you gave Rick," Jack sighed. He arched his back more while hunching forward.

Camey kept trailing the tip of her tongue up and down the jerking shaft, finally coming back down to his dickroot once again. She widened her mouth, then sucked in both balls. Jack went wild, dropping his hands to her head and pressing in so hard with his fingers she thought he was going to crush her skull.

"Go for it, baby, go for it!" he said in a choked voice.

"MMMmmmfffff!" Camey groaned, fully enjoying what she was doing now. The girl felt a rush of power that increased her excitement. Just as it had been with Rick, she was discovering she could manipulate her tormentors, flicking her tongue lightly around his cock and making him weak as a kitten.

"Come on, honey, use them hands for somethin' besides playin' with yourself. Slide 'em up and down his dick," Rick suggested.

Camey once again did as she was told, moving her hand up until she touched his hot cock with her fingertips. Jack moaned, his body shuddering as if he were having a fit. While she twisted her head around, flicking her tongue over the sensitive ball flesh, the young woman curled her slender fingers around his rod and started pumping. How strangely exciting it was to feel the loose outer cock skin moving over the steely inner core.

Rick knelt down and started playing with her nipples. He plucked at them, rolling them between his fingers until her moans almost turned into screams. He heard her sucking wetly for breath, air whistling through her flared nostrils. The room was filled with the wet slurping sound of her mouth moving over his balls while her fingers kept jacking on his dick.

"OHHH FUCK!" Jack cried, snapping straight as a board and yanking his balls out of her mouth. "Not yet, baby, not yet."

Camey was to the point of feeling cheated. Her arousal was such that all she could think about was satisfaction and not the fact that these men had just kidnaped her and might maim her for life, or even kill her!

Chapter FIVE

"She's like a mink, man," Rick said, peering down at her.

"Come on, let's get 'er dressed for Karen," Jack said, sure now his cock wouldn't pop off.

"What are you going to do?" Camey asked, feeling a little closer to the men than before. Maybe they'd let her go if she was nice to them.

"None of your fuckin' business," Jack snarled. He pulled her roughly to a standing position by sliding hands under her armpits, then shoving her across the room to a small desk. He pushed her down, face forward. While Camey was trying to catch her breath she felt him fumbling behind her for something. As she was about to cry out the girl felt something cold and hard move around her shoulders, then around her neck. There were snapping sounds. It was some sort of collar, leather she thought by the feel!

"No, NO!" she cried.

But the fight was going out of her. She'd been weakened by her own hot sexuality and by the increasing tightness of the leather choker. Rick reached down and grabbed both of her hands, pulling them so hard behind her back she thought her arms were going to pop from her shoulders. The rough edge of the wooden desk bit into her thigh flesh. Tiny splinters knifed into her skin. Camey drew in air more slowly, trying to calm herself down. It was easier to breathe that way with that tight leather collar on. Mustn't panic, the blonde teen told herself over and over again as Rick started to bind her wrists together with leather straps. He was wrapping the bonds fast and furiously around her arms. She could hear his irregular breathing as he hogtied her.

"Not bad, man, better 'n the last one," Jack muttered approvingly.

"Practice, brother, practice," Rick commented. Only when the bonds were secure did the young man reach up and loosen the leather collar and let her breathe. He rolled her over onto her back and saw that look of fear and confusion that always excited the hell out of him. Camey could tell he was hot, ready to fuck her right there on the spot.

"What are you doing to me? Oh, this is sick! Please don't do this!" she cried, knowing full well her words only excited them further.

"Yeah, go on, scream down the fuckin' walls, bitch. It ain't gonna help you," Rick said between clenched teeth.

He pitched himself forward, hugging her tightly, pinching her soft white flesh while hunching his dick up against the wet crotch panel of her bikini bottoms. Camey groaned as he rubbed her bare flesh against the rough-edged desk. Splinters were tearing at her asscheeks while his fingers caused her a good deal of discomfort. She screamed at him to stop, then jerked her head back and spat violently into his face.

"CUNT!" he screamed, his cheeks turning red while his lips trembled with anger. His hand jerked back, then shot down across her face. Again and again he slapped her, his fingers leaving dark-red marks on her cheeks.

Camey thought she had passed out. The room went dark for a moment while a buzzing sound grew louder in her ears. She heard the men laughing at her once more, calling her all sorts of filthy names. Some of those horrible epithets were true. Cocksucker. Yes, that was what she'd done earlier. Oh, how awful, how those terrible filthy terms applied so accurately to her now!

"You're gonna enjoy what the fuck we do to you, babe. You're gonna love it 'cause you're that type. Brad kinda told us he suspected it was true. You dig this kinda shit, don'tcha?" Rick sneered.

No, no, it wasn't true! Camey shook her head back and forth, tears streaking her cheeks while her long blonde hair hung partially over her face. It couldn't be true. She wasn't one of those weirdo types of girls who enjoyed being humiliated and tortured by men.

But could she deny that hot, tight feeling still getting more intense, especially now that Rick and Jack had begun beating her? And when she had realized they were tying her up with leather straps, wasn't it true that tingling sensation she'd felt earlier while sucking on Jack's balls had exploded into a riot of pleasurable sexual sensations?

"No, no," Camey whined, more to herself than the two men.

"Yeah, baby, you're gonna dig everything we do to you," Jack echoed his buddy.

Rick flipped her back onto her belly, face forward over that small desk. Jack had moved behind her, rubbing his dick over her asscheeks. She remembered how the young man had talked about fucking her in the ass. Struggling against the leather bonds Camey wailed, jiggling her rounded asscheeks up and down, sliding her feet over the slick, cold, concrete basement floor. No, no, he couldn't be thinking about fucking her tight little shitter! She'd die, split apart with something that big inside her bowels! Fucking in the ass was something queers did and half of them got sick from it, she'd heard!

But Jack was steadying himself behind her, spreading his bare feet apart while holding her tightly around the hipbones. His hard dick stood out from his hairy groin like a spear, its dark-red tip pulsing with unnatural lust. Camey's face was pinched and red as she sucked in air through her mouth. Again and again the young blonde teen begged the men to let her go.

"No, no, DON'T!"

Camey still tried to free herself. But Rick was something of an expert by now when it came to tying knots. He'd hooked up the leather wrist strap to the neck collar purposely. Each time the young woman struggled for freedom she pulled on that strap. In turn it tugged on the leather collar, choking her, coaxing the girl to stop her useless and painful gyrations.

"Damn it!" Jack muttered between his teeth.

Camey was moving her ass around frantically. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open while her nostrils flared. She was panting hard, her tits rolling from side to side while her chest heaved up and down mightily. She felt a pair of hands grab onto her flimsy bikini bottoms. With one tearing movement she was naked. Peering over her shoulder the young girl saw the shreds of her bathing suit float to the filthy floor.

"Now you can fuck her good," Rick whispered. "Man, she's scared shitless. That's the way I dig it," Jack said, holding onto the struggling girl with one hand while guiding his fat hot cock up Camey's narrow ass crack.

As soon as she felt that hot slick rod moving up her ass the girl screamed again, moving her hips violently from side to side to shake off that invader.

"Damn!" Jack muttered, again failing to impale the girl in the ass with his cock.

"Come on, let's see how much she wants to move her ass around with this," Rick said.

Camey didn't know what he was talking about. But at least that terrible cock was gone for a while. She felt arms lifting her off the floor and onto that rickety old desk. Through one of the small, cracked basement windows Camey heard a dog barking in the distance, sad reminder of a normal, peaceful life outside these walls. She almost cried when she thought of it, then fought back the tears. Surely this would end soon. God couldn't punish her this severely for nothing, for surely she hadn't done anything to deserve this kind of treatment.

"Get those knees under your tits," Rick growled, shoving her forward on the desk.

"What are you going to do?" Camey stammered nervously.

"Do what I tell you to," he answered roughly.

Camey shook with absolute terror. She didn't dare look back at the young men. She tried closing her eyes, but nervous fear made her open them again. Camey stared forward, concentrating on several cracks in the concrete block basement wall. She thought she heard the sound of something hard being scraped against the edge of the desk. It was a rhythmic sliding sound, reminding her of the regular slurping sound Brad's cock made when it pistoned in and out of her sucking pussy. Even now the thought of what had gone on between them excited her. She let out a little moan and felt a rush of cunt juice trickle from her pussy.

"Get that ass up higher, bitch!" Rick barked.

Camey wanted to sink out of sight. But at least Jack wasn't behind her, threatening her with that fat cock of his!

There was some muted laughter behind her, followed by silence. Then she heard Rick move up against the table. Slowly the girl brought her knees back up, raising her asscheeks high in the air. The wet sticky line of her pussy-crack was exposed now. Camey shut her eyes in shame.


Something cold had touched her asscheeks. It didn't take the girl long to figure out it was a knife! Oh, she'd heard him scraping his knife against the edge of the table. The girl screamed, then bit her lower lip and struggled for self-control. No, no, she wasn't about to give in to her terror. She had to keep quiet. Even though her shoulders throbbed from the unnatural position her arms were tied, Camey kept quiet, enduring the cold, frightening sensation of that blade.

The tip of the knife slid across one asscheek. Camey shivered. The arc it followed went from the outside, up toward her narrow waist, then slowly back down to where her ass met her thigh. The pressure increased as the sharp point slid closer toward her cunt. Camey wanted to cry. But she knew the slightest move would move the blade through her flesh.

"Not movin' that butt around so much are you, baby?" Jack asked.

"Naw, she's keepin' pretty fuckin' still," Rick said.

The young man was growing wildly excited as he toyed with the trembling girl in front of him. He studied her bound arms, watched her face turn red, watched her long blonde hair splash over her cheeks and sweep over the desk top as her skin puckered up into goose pimples. And all the while her cunt lips grew puffier, slicker, as trickles of pussy oil seeped from her hole. Yes, she was enjoying this, growing more and more excited by it as the seconds passed.

Camey's pussy sucked in air, opening in uncontrollable spasms as the knife traced around the outer line of her cunt lips. The soft vulnerability of that area terrified and excited her. She bit her lower lip until she could taste blood. Her eyelids fluttered while her face became a mask of terrible concentration.

"Ohhh!" the girl moaned. For a second she thought this particular part of her ordeal was over. The blade was gone. She relaxed, only to stiffen again when she felt the chill of the tempered steel in the center of her cunt. The flat of the blade was pressed full length against the wet slit from her budding cut to the bottom junction of her outer cunt lips.

"Man, look at that!" Rick commented, rocking the knife back and forth.

The two men murmured something. Camey gasped, feeling her pussy muscles involuntarily contracting, forcing her outer cunt lips shut against the blade. Her back arched, presenting her open cunt more openly to the men's stares.

"That's it, slut," Rick hissed. "You're nothing but a fuckin' whore," he muttered, rocking the tip of the knife faster and faster on her clit...

The constant touch and chill of the blade sent shockwave after shockwave of lewdness through the terrified girl. Slowly Camey became conscious of tiny slits on the edges of her outer cunt lips. She was actually cutting herself, her pussy still clamping shut on the razor-sharp edges of that threatening dagger. The stinging cunt juice dribbling across those tiny cuts made her clit actually swell bigger. Camey found a hotter, more intense lust radiating out from her crotch. She was fighting with herself, unable to fully grasp what was happening to her.

"No, no," she said, trying to deny the wonderful feeling coursing through her.

"Sure, baby, sure," Rick said, guessing what was going on in her mind.

Camey's pulse raced madly. She opened her eyes and saw Jack in front of her, stroking his cock, looking as if he were ready to slide that thing back into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh!" she said, turning away from that fat hot dick with difficulty. Everything was exciting her now. Nothing they did to her seemed repulsive, sick. She grunted like a stuck pig, the tip of that knife slicing deeper into her cunt folds. The seating pain was like acid touching her sensitive cuntal membranes. There were wild electric thrills shooting out from her cunt. Her cunt lips were on fire. Her head was throbbing from the excitement and from the violent blows given her by Rick and Jack.

No, no, they're going to cut me up! the girl thought. And that idea excited the girl further. The fiery stinging in her cunt lips and the terror of that blade moving threateningly around her snatch wound her excitement higher and higher. Camey hated herself for this maddening excitement taken her over.

Rick dragged the tip of the knife back, tracing a line down to the edge of Camey's cunt mouth. The buzzing flashes from her clit slackened for a bit. But the fear of having her pussy carved up made a wet sensuality bloom in the bottom of her cunt.

Camey shoved her ass back at the young man. The tip of that knife slipped around the rim of her cunt, then up to the puckered rim of her asshole. With a sudden cry the girl dipped her asscheeks, feeling her cunt open up and the air in the overheated hole blow out.

"You don't wanna fuck in the ass, eh?" Rick said, moving the knife up to the rim of her shitter.

Camey gasped with shock. The pinprick stabs forced the rubbery ring of her asshole inward. For a second she thought of Jack's cock as it might feel piercing her shitter. No, no, that was a terrible thought, just the kind of thing she was trying to keep from happening.

Rick was panting now, breathing as heavily as his buddy. He was jacking at his cock with one hand while still toying with the girl's pussy with the other.

"Man, I can't take this fuckin' around any more," Rick said.

"You can't?" Jack said, his eyebrows rising.

"Come on," his buddy said, jerking his head around.

Camey was breathing heavily through her nose, wondering what new pleasures they were going to visit on her.

"Get up higher," Jack said, moving around behind her and pushing her further forward. He climbed up behind her, grabbing the girl around the hipbones and angling her ass up higher. He touched her cunt with one forefinger and watched Camey go crazy. That touch was like acid on the tip of that stiff nub. She rolled he hips forward, arching her back.

"Man, oh, man," Jack moaned, spitting on both hands and greasing down his dick with saliva.

Rick, meanwhile, climbed onto the front of the desk, determined not to let another minute go by with his cock unattended. Reaching down, he took Camey's head in his hands once more and jerked it back. The young girl knew what he wanted by this time. Shutting her eyes, and giving herself up to that fingering in her cunt, she opened her mouth. In a second her cheeks bulged out with Rick's hot, throbbing dickmeat.

"Gonna fuck 'er in the ass now?" Rick asked, sawing his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Yeah, yeah," Jack whispered, gripping her asscheeks hard between his hands and angling his cock down. The wrinkled flesh surrounding that little hole glistened in front of him. Sucking in a deep breath and holding it, the young athlete hunched forward.

Camey stiffened, her eyes bugging out while her breath caught. Her ass and thighs felt as if someone had taken a spike and driven it right up her bowels. She'd never felt that kind of splitting pain before in her life!

The girl made raspy, choked sounds as she struggled for air. Her face turned beet red. Camey spat out Rick's cock, jerking her head from side to side while she twisted her wrists around in the tight leather bonds. Sweat poured from her pores, making her white flesh glisten under the light. Camey sobbed, begging Jack to take his cock out of her ass. Her knees scraped over the splintery wood. Oh, if only she could shake off his dick. But the young man was holding tightly onto her, breathing heavily, panting like an animal while keeping up the pressure on his invading cock.

"Man, I just got the head in," Jack said between heavy pants.

"Oh, no, NO!" Camey shrieked. Only the head!

There were all those inches to go! She screamed again and again, not caring if they beat her.

"Easy, babe, easy," Jack crooned, moving his thighs from side to side.

For the next few minutes he backed off, working only his cockhead around her tiny shit hole. At the same time he played with her swampy cunt, tickling the outer lips, playing with her clit until he had her breathing as heavily as he was.

Rick, meanwhile, had slipped his cock back into her mouth.

In a few minutes, Jack decided she was ready to take the rest of his cock up her virgin ass.

Chapter SIX

"Ohhhh, it hurts, it buns!" Camey moaned, throwing her head back and letting out a groan of pain. She'd never had anything like this happen to her in her life. The blonde teen shivered, squeezing her ass muscles, trying to force that fat cock out of her whole.

But Jack held her tightly, steadily increasing the pressure against her tightened sphincter. Camey sucked in a deep breath and held it, her face turning a dark red from the effort. She snapped her head from side to side, her long hair splashing across her face. Sweat dampened her forehead while her fingers clawed at her legs. The cramping ache radiated through her arm and leg muscles as Jack forced yet another fat throbbing inch of his dick into her ass.

"Please, please don't go so fast," the girl pleaded between her strangled sobs. Saliva drooled from her mouth.

"Baby, I can't slow down or, I'll shoot. And I ain't gonna cum all over the fuckin' table," Jack said.

"Get this dick back in your mouth Goddamn it," Rick said angrily, holding her head with one hand while guiding his cock back between her lips.

Camey tried to beg again but found her mouth stuffed with the big blond's cockmeat. She sucked hard, wiggling her tongue around the shaft, hoping that would take her mind off the killing pain in her ass.

But nothing seemed to help. Jack was playing with her turn, stretching the outer lips farther apart while crushing her clit with his thumbnail. At times, shocking jolts of pleasure shot through her cunt and spread to her violated ass. But then the big man would hunch in another few inches of his cock and the pain would start all over again.

"Yeah, yeah, get that tongue around it good," Rick breathed.

Camey was gagging now between cock thrusts, saliva oozing freely from her mouth as the big athlete spun out of control.

"Man, slow down. You're gonna knock her the fuck off the table," Jack cautioned, still left with a good four inches of cock to shove in her ass.

"Fuckin' Jesus, what the hell you think I'm made of?" Rick answered, opening his eyes, then shaking his head violently from side to side to knock off the sweat coating his face. "I'm so fuckin' close I can feel the cum in my Goddamned cock!"

His words excited Camey. Once again she was feeling her pussy heat up. Even though there was nothing inside that soft, tight little hole, she could feel the cuntal muscles contracting, her pussy walls buckling from the rising sexual heat, clamping down on nothing. Oh, if only Jack would take his dick out of her ass and shove it into her snatch! How she'd gasp with delight if that were to happen.

"Man, okay, I think I'm okay," Rick said, a little breathless from both the excitement and the effort of keeping it down to a safe level.

"Okay, then we both make it at the same time, right?" Jack asked, not waiting for an answer as he draped himself over the young girl and shoved in the remaining four thick inches of dickmeat.

Camey sobbed. The bruising fingers on her nipples made every inch of her heavy tits ache. She wished he'd stop, and at the same time wished he'd tear those nipples off.

"DAMN!" Jack muttered. He clamped his teeth on the nape of her neck. That made the girl shriek, nearly spitting out Rick's dick again. She snapped her head back as far as she could without pulling away from his prong. The constant swiveling of her ass continued. The shame and pain over what was happening was gone now. She felt she needed to feel that crazy release she had before. There was no way she could escape it.

Jack's belly lay heavily on her back while his legs tucked up against the backs of hers. He was hammering his cock home now, pile-driving his prong while pinching her nipples until the girl thought he actually was going to tear them off. Oh, if only something could take care of her pussy! If only she could have something inside her curd to help bring her off and relieve that terrible pressure driving her insane!

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Camey cried with each downward thrust. Her tits jiggled, the stiffened tips barely brushing the desk top. If only he'd touch her cunt. If only Jack would run his fingers along the wet, furry edges of her fluttering cunt lips! Camey tilted her ass up, hoping she could silently tell him what she wanted, what she needed.

But the young man was too wrapped up in his hard, stiff dick. She felt his fingers clawing her sides while he breathed hard on the back of her neck. He was going to cum, going to fire that thick load of jizz down her shitter.

At the same time Rick let out a loud groan, snapping his head back and squeezing his eyes shut while jerking Camey's head forward. She felt the wiry cock hairs tickling the insides of her nostrils again while his balls nestled just under her chin. Spurts of cum shot out of his piss-slit, spattering against the back of her throat, then oozing down toward her stomach. More and more of the slimy white-hot stuff filled her mouth, some of it seeping from the corners of her lips and wetting down her chin.

"FUCK!" Jack cried out. He was cumming too, keeping his groin cemented to her ass while squeezing her tits hard. Camey felt a tiny orgasm, soft as a baby's kiss, ripple through her hot little pussy. It wasn't the release she needed to satisfy the terrible tension between her legs. But it was enough for now.

"Man, good head, real good," Rick muttered, drawing his softening cock from her mouth.

He left the fat head between her lips for a second, moving his thighs from side to side, drinking in the delicious final spasms before pulling out completely. Shaking the last few droplets of cum on her face the blond slid off the table and began searching around for a rag to clean his cock with. "Fuckin' grade-A ass," Jack commented, pulling his cock out of the girl's shitter.

Camey thought her insides were coming out with his fat dick. Her belly turned-over while her pussy rumbled with dissatisfaction. Oh, how she'd wanted something to stimulate her clit, fill her cunt, push her pussy walls apart! But Jack had been too wrapped up in fucking her asshole.

After he yanked his cock out the girl steadied herself on the desk top, feeling something hot and sticky oozing down her thighs and asscheeks. If only she could reach around and touch her clit, bring herself off while these two men were concerned with cleaning up!

"Let's clean 'er up before Karen gets here," Rick suggested, throwing an old towel over to his buddy after wiping up his crotch.

"Thanks," Jack said, making a face as he tried to find a clean spot on the towel before wiping up.

The two men said little, glancing at Camey occasionally to make sure she didn't try to get away. The young woman was exhausted, lying on one side and curling her legs up to her chest. She still felt that burning, pulsing ache in her clit. Glancing up she saw both Rick and Jack dressing, sliding their bathing suits up, flipping their cocks into the small nylon pouches. Camey bit her lower lip, trying to fight down that terrible feeling still glowing between her legs. What kind of awful little slut was she becoming? Those two men had made her commit two acts of sexual perversion, and still she wanted more.

"Upstairs for a while, baby. You've had your fun here," Rick said, walking over to the desk top and sliding his hands under her arms. He unbuckled her bonds.

Camey shuddered at his touch. Oh, her body was still alive, still wanting to be held, pawed, fucked! But the two men weren't interested in screwing her now. Weakly she climbed the stairs, her legs giving way occasionally.

They reached the kitchen, moved through the darkened hall to the bathroom.

"Jesus fuck, she's a load to handle when she's down," Jack commented as Camey nearly passed out. Her legs gave out from under her and she fell back against the big dark-haired weightlifter.

Rick flipped on the light and stood back while his buddy shoved the girl up to the cracked porcelain tub. When her legs touched the cold lip of the tub Camey snapped to, looking around and seeing where she was.

The place was filthy, as dirty as the rest of the unkept house. Water dripped from an unwashed sink while the floor had buckled years ago from seepage. A strange pungent odor hung in the air of that tiny room. Camey saw roaches scurrying to get out of the sudden burst of light. She shivered, rubbing her fingers up and down her arms.

"Up you go, baby. Time to wash up. Whew, you smell of cunt juice and cum!" Rick said, wrinkling up his nose as he lifted the girl off the floor and hoisted her into the bathtub.

"Sit down," Jack ordered.

"Yeah, enjoy it," Rick said, leaning over and twisting the spigot. At first nothing came out. The pipes rattled, threatening to tear through the poorly plastered wall. Then a gush of rusty water shot from the old faucet, splashing all over the tub and onto Camey's hot little body.

"AIYEEE!" the girl shrieked.

Camey jerked her arms up, placed her hands on the edges of the bathtub and tried to climb out. The water was cold, icy cold, as it splashed on her hot flesh, knocking the air from her lungs. She gasped, kicking both legs out, trying to tuck then under her ass for support as the brown water swirled under her.

"Get back," Rick snarled, backhanding her.

The blow knocked her against the wall, dazing the blonde teen temporarily. She slid back onto the cold porcelain bottom, the icy water reviving her quickly. Camey scooted back, her eyes wide with fear. For a second time the girl tried to scramble out of the tub. Jack shot his knee against one cheek, sending her tumbling back in.

"I'll take care of this," Rick said, getting up on the toilet and balancing himself on the narrow lip.

He reached down, peeling the front of his bathing suit down to his knees. Camey looked up and saw he was holding his dick in both hands. What was he going to do, force her to give him another blowjob?

But no, his cock was still soft. He made no attempt to work it up to full length and thickness. He was just standing there, closing his eyes, flexing his thigh and butt muscles occasionally while breathing heavily. What was he trying to do?

Camey found out the terrible answer in a second.


The young woman saw a few yellow droplets ooze from his piss-slit. At that moment she knew he was going to piss on her! She shrank back, covering her face protectively with one hand while still hanging onto the edge of the tub with the other. The cold water seemed to get warmer as the few droplets became a strong yellow stream of hot piss.

"Yeah, yeah!" Jack said, his eyes widening with pleasure. Standing next to his buddy, the big man pushed the front of his suit down and held his soft cock with both hands, aiming the head at the girl's face.

"Open your mouth, honey. Open it up so I can fill it with my piss," Rick said.

"No, no!" Camey cried, turning her face away from them. The girl kept telling herself it would be over soon. No matter what they did to her it would soon end. She'd wash herself clean of their filthy piss, bathe her body in that cold water.

But still she shuddered with revulsion. How low could she slip? Now she was no better than the bottom of an old toilet bowl! Camey sucked in her breath as the hot yellowish stream cascaded over her belly, splashing onto her tits and neck. It was useless and stupid for her to try to get away from them. Turning away she felt the double stream splash over her asscheeks and into her crack. Twisting the other way made her cunt fair game.

Finally the girl sat half turned away from Rick and Jack, enduring this latest humiliation. Their piss filled her navel, trickling down to her cunt and wetting down the hairs there.

Camey shut her eyes, biting her lips to keep from crying out with frustration, anger and disgust. The hot double stream stung her nipples, slicked down her tits and chest and belly. She felt piss on her chin, and she clasped one hand over her mouth to muffle the gagging sound she began making.

"Okay, man, she's ready for a wash down," Rick said, shaking the last of his piss off.

Jack joined him in unplugging the bathtub drain and letting out the mixture of rusty cold water and piss. Then they told her to wash down well, watching her all the while, commenting on how well she could give head, fuck, even take on a pissing session. All those "compliments" bit into the girl's strong pride. As she splashed the cold water all over her body Camey tried to think of her home. Even Brad wasn't all that important any more. All she wanted was out of this terrible place, away from these men who were bent on degrading and hurting her as much as they could.

"Okay, honey, don't spend all fuckin' night in there," Rick said, bending over and letting out the water.

She stepped unsteadily from the tub, dripping water, her flesh turning a light blue from the drafts whistling through the tiny bathroom. They didn't give her anything to dry with until they were back in the basement. And then it was the filthy towel both and Rick had wiped their cocks off with earlier.

Both men were about to try something else with Camey when they stiffened, their ears pricking up at the sound of an approaching car.

"Karen," Rick said, his lips curling into a smile.

Camey shivered, wishing she had something she could wrap around her shoulders. She was cold, her body aching with fatigue and tension. Apparently they were all turning some sort of corner with the arrival of this strange girl she'd met briefly at Brad's.

Camey sat quietly as she listened to the sound of an opening door upstairs, the creaking ceiling as someone walked toward the stairway, and the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

"You've got her?" A soft feminine voice asked in the darkness.

Camey leaned forward, seeing the familiar shape and face of the girl who'd become hysterical in that beach-front apartment earlier. She seemed changed now, more in control, far from the hippy-type girlfriend she appeared to be four clays ago. Karen wore her long hair pulled back and rolled into a small bun. Her tight-fitting black blouse and matching slacks clung to her lithe body like a second skin.

"Sure, baby, we don't mess up," Rick said, sliding one arm around her small waist and kissing her on the cheek.

Karen didn't turn, her eyes flashing with anger as she stared at the naked blonde teen cringing under her steady gaze. Karen smiled coldly, drawing away from Rick and folding her arms in front of her.

"All this must seem a little over dramatic," Karen began.

Camey didn't know what to say. Over dramatic? She nearly laughed. That certainly was an understatement, considering the hell both men had been putting her through.

"I have my reasons," Karen continued, pacing back and forth in front of Camey. The taller, older woman went on in a monotone, speaking almost like a professor in front of his class. There was no sense of the personal in her tone of voice. Everything was calculated, businesslike, almost as if the girl had prepared this speech days earlier.

In it Camey learned Karen had more than a sexual interest in Brad. What it was she couldn't tell for the moment. But apparently Karen felt Camey was a threat, a big enough threat for her to be "eliminated".

At the sound of that word the girl let out a low moan. Karen's eyes flickered with excitement at that sound. She turned and smiled at the girl.

"I don't necessarily mean we're going to kill you. That, of course, is up to [missing text]."

Camey wanted to drop to her knees and beg for mercy. But she could tell that kind of movement would get nothing from Karen but scorn and possibly a kick in the ribs from one of the men. No, she had to play the game and find out what was happening.

"Fortunately, I've got other ways to ensure you won't be seeing Brad or any of his friends again," Karen said, her eyes narrowing.

For the first time Camey felt really afraid.

Chapter SEVEN

Both men fucked her once again while Karen disappeared upstairs for a while. While Rick fucked the girl Jack searched around the basement, smoking and finding a half-full bottle of whiskey.

Rick fucked her rapidly this time, apparently not caring whether the girl enjoyed herself or not. Had he fucked her like this an hour earlier Camey knew she would have cum. She'd been so hot after that ass-fucking she'd have reached climax at the touch of a dick against her clit.

But now she was somewhat calmed down, and his rapid cunt-trenching did nothing for her. She could barely feel the pistoning thrusts.

Camey thought about her house again, about her mother and father who were worrying about her, she was sure, by now. Would they call the police? And even if they did, what good would that do? How could they possibly know she'd become mixed up in this horror show? The young woman turned her head and cried. Her sobs excited Rick even more.

"You think I'm hurting' you, eh, baby? Man, wait 'til later," he said in a thick voice.

He pumped for a few more seconds, then hooked his legs around hers and thrust wildly. His face turned a bright red while his breathing became rapid wheezing. Camey felt his dick jerking inside, twitching against her moist cuntal folds. He was cumming, shooting his wad inside her. Already she could feel streams of his jizz trickling out from her cunt and wetting down her asscheeks.

"You through?" Jack asked, his voice a little slurred from the whiskey he'd consumed.

"Yeah, you want her?" Rick asked, climbing off the moaning girl.

"Naw, don't care much for sloppy seconds."

Both men giggled at that comment. Jack waved the now-empty bottle over his head and a kind of salute to his buddy, then stared at it and smiled vaguely.

"Let's see if the bottomless pit's got a bottom," Jack said, crawling over to the supine girl and shoving the neck of the bottle into her cunt.

Camey cried out, jerking her ass up, then falling back as the smooth cold glass penetrated.

Jack corkscrewed the bottle, pushing it deeper until the blonde teen screamed that she couldn't take any more. Twice Camey tried to shove the awful invader from her cunt, drawing her knees together, catching Jack's wrists with her fingers and pushing with all her might.

But the men were stronger, laughing at her vain attempts to break free.

"Okay, baby, fuck it. Go on, fuck it like you fuck all those hot dicks in you," Jack muttered.

Camey moved her thighs slowly at first. Then she increased her speed as the slick, coldness warmed in her pussy. She thought of Brad, of Rick, of Jack, and those images created a wild sensation in her mind. Still it didn't create the satisfaction she needed to bring herself off.

Suddenly Karen's cold eyes, Jack's sneer, Rick's filthy words and beating hands flashed through her mind and the girl felt her clit bristling, alive now with lust. She fucked back at the bottle drilling her cunt, the juices flowing freely, creating soft, slurpy, sucking sounds as Jack pumped the bottle in and out faster and faster.

Camey jerked her hips, raising her ass, pumping up and down. The bottle jiggled, Jack barely able to keep his fingers steady on it. Rick fell on her, shoving his bathing suit down once more and shoving his cock in her mouth. God, how he loved it when she sucked on his dick. Now the girl didn't think twice about sucking cock. Instead she meekly obeyed his silent command, peeling back her lips and taking the full length of his prick while her cuntal muscles sucked the bottle in deeper. The bottle jerked and bobbed, the smooth finish sucking softly against her cuntal walls. Her clit swelled to the bursting point.

Just as she exploded into a powerful orgasm Rick shot off in her mouth. Camey choked and coughed, her belly, tits and face flushed with excitement as her pussy clamped shut on the fucking bottle.

"Man, she ain't no better than some retarded Hollywood whore," Rick muttered, drawing back and flipping his cock back into his trunks.

Yes, he was right. She was no better than some slut. That was all she was good for fucking. Camey gradually began to realize that she was out of those women who could never get enough fucking. Let them fuck her to death. Right now she didn't care if she lived or died.

"Okay, baby, clean up. We ain't got time to take you back upstairs," Rick said, tossing her the filthy towel.

Camey winced. It smelled of cum. Still it was better than nothing. Quickly she wiped her mouth and tits, dropping the soft material down to her crotch and dabbing the wet curly hairs dry.

At that point they all heard Karen coming back down the stairs. Camey dropped the towel, and her mouth opened wide as she saw the girl reappear with a Polaroid camera and flash attachment in one hand, and German shepherd dog on a leash in the other.

"I brought him with me," she explained, smoothing her hair back and patting the bun while handing the camera over to Jack. "I had to feed him upstairs. He doesn't do a thing unless he's had dinner," she said, glancing down at Camey and smiling coldly.

"You want shots of her and him?" Jack asked. Both men's eyes lit up. Already Camey was beginning to get an idea of what was going to happen next.

"It's insurance, dear," Karen said, her voice having the edge of a knife.

The woman jerked the leash up, making the sniffing dog whine with surprise. He sat down, his bushy tail moving back and forth slowly while he stared up at his mistress. Karen ignored him for the time being, watching as Jack made sure the camera was in working order.

"No one will doubt the authenticity of those shots. I'm sure you'll keep away from Brad, from the beach, if we want," she added, her smile broadening.

At this point Karen knelt down, running her slender fingers through the animal's gray fur. She seemed to enjoy this sensation, closing her eyes and seemed to enjoy breathing lewdly while hugging the whining dog close to her body. There was something erotic about what Karen was doing. Of course she was only petting the beast. But it was the way she moved her hands through his hair that made Camey shudder.

"You've got a new friend," the girl said to the big dog, standing up a little immediately and unhooking the black leather leash from his collar. The animal whined through his nose, looking quizzically up at his mistress.

"Some shots now?" Jack asked.

"Don't waste film," Karen snapped. "Get up." Camey shook her head from side to side, her eyes rounded with terror as she stared fixedly at the approaching animal. He had dropped his head, his tail wagging slowly from side to side and lowered between his hindquarters. His fur seemed to bristle, especially around his thick powerful neck. With a tiny whimper Camey put her hands behind her and slid backward. Jack, Rick and Karen were in front of her, their lips curled into cruel smiles. Dangling from Jack's right hand was that awful camera.

"Feed!" Karen snapped.

That word made Camey cry out. Feed? What was she, nothing better than the slop dribbled out of some can for that dog? Her thoughts were interrupted when the animal leaped forward, his mouth open, revealing that double white row of fangs.

Camey screamed, falling back and snapping her naked legs together while protectively covering her face and throat with both hands. Something hot and wet licked her chin and cheeks. She screamed again, thrashing wildly on the floor, trying to knock the animal off her.

"No, get him off, oh, God, get him off me!" she screamed.

His jaws leaked spit. The big tongue slopped over her, chin and mouth. He seemed almost friendly for the moment. But Camey was consumed with horror and revulsion. His hot, furry weight was disgusting to her. She wanted to throw up. Her belly turned over while her mouth went sour and dry.

There was some laughter. Then Camey felt the animal draw back.

"No, no, get away, get away!" Camey cried in a tiny voice. She leaned back, one foot tucked under the ass protectively while her hands were still crossed in front of her throat. Would he tear her to pieces? Could Karen and the others control this animal if he were to get out of control?

The woman snapped her fingers. Camey jumped, then saw the dog start to crawl toward her. His body trembled with excitement. A low, steady growl came from his powerful maw. Camey felt every nerve ending in her body stand on end. She was alive to the slightest sound in the room. When the German shepherd was even with her lags he shot out his long pink tongue. Camey cried out, feeling the hot wet sensation of that surface brushing over her plump calf.

Whimpering, Camey jerked her head to the right and raised her ass to escape this attack. The big dog growled, then moved forward. She watched his ears flatten-back while his dark-brown eyes rolled up and met hers. There was a cunning, almost human intelligence behind those glistening orbs. The thought that this beast could psyche her put made Camey tremble even more furiously.

"Ohhhh!" she cried.

"You think she's gonna turn on?" Rick whispered over to Karen.

"Haven't the others?" the woman answered instead she found herself bending one knee slightly, then letting it sag toward the floor. The big dog sniffed at her puffy cunt lips, licking his chops as he stared at the curly blonde tufts fringing those lips. When the tip of his tongue pressed along the closed slit the girl made a tiny crying noise in her throat. Oh, how could she actually be feeling something good from all this? Camey shook her head violently back and forth, temporarily blinded by a sudden flash of light in front of her.

The blonde teen put her hands down to her sides, pressing her fingertips against her thighs. Ohhh, how wonderful those spasms were tearing through her cunt! She was moving her bare ass over the concrete. She could feel the surface under her butt heating up, becoming wet with her flowing pussy juices and sweat.

"Oh, no, no," she repeated over and over.

"Come on, baby, give us a little smile," Jack taunted.

Camey mustered the strength to get up, twisting around and holding onto the desk where she'd been so brutally raped a little while ago. She clung to the slippery top, her fingertips holding onto the wood while she spread her legs apart for better balance.


But instead of discouraging the animal, Camey found herself actually widening her feet on the German shepherd growling with impatience.


Another flash popped in front of her. They were still taking pictures, laughing at her, she held onto the desk for dear life. The animal moved back, licked around her ankles, then moved back to just under her cunt and licked her all over again. Camey struggled to keep standing, afraid of what would happen should she fall to the floor again.

Camey flushed beet red, thinking those people were taking photos to show around at some later date. She wanted to sit down, to rest, to run away from these horrible people. Instead she found herself falling, her fingers clawing uselessly at the desk top while her body sagged toward the floor.

The animal backed away, patiently waiting, at times moving up and giving her a lick across the area just behind her knees. Then the gri sucked in a ragged breath. Finally she collapsed on the floor, her thighs spread apart for the animal. She could no more stop him now than she could fly through these concrete walls for help. Camey was ashamed, disgusted with herself for degrading herself in front of Karen and the others. But she was also curious about these new sensations shooting through her cunt.


Camey felt her cuntal muscles convulse deep inside. She rolled onto her back, lifting her knees and [missing text].

Chapter EIGHT

The animal had backed away, studying the groaning young woman, watching her as if he were her human lover. Camey looked heavy-lidded at the big dog. She saw his fur bristling with excitement, his powerful body heaving as he breathed through those black nostrils, wet with her own juices. Everything about him made her quiver with anticipation, eager to have him bury his muzzle in her cunt again. She wanted him to devour her like a bitch in heat. Another flash indicated a third picture had been taken. "Oh, oh, OH!"

Camey reached down and slid her fingers back on either side of her bloated outer cunt lips. How good that sensation felt. She was greasing herself with her own juices, rubbing them into the delicate petals fringed with her wet, blonde cunt hair. The young girl closed her eyes and drew her hands back, flexing her ass muscles and hunching her pussy up into the air.

This was too much for the big animal. As she parted her thighs and moved her fingers over her already soaked cunt lips the big dog lurched forward, starting to eat at her pussy again. She held her breath, feeling his nose move up and down through her slit. It was forcing the inner pussy lips apart, stretching the mouth of her cunt. The girl's pussy muscles spumed, closing her cunt lips tightly around the shepherd's cold nose.

"Oh, OHHH!" Camey sighed again, breathing through her flared nostrils. She kicked one leg out, then brought it around so she could pet the big dog's back with her foot. How oddly good it was to feel his short fur tickling the sensitive places between her toes.

Camey scooted down a little, moving her asscheeks over the juice-slick concrete floor. She rocked her body from side to side feeling that chilly fever racing through her cunt. Dog! It didn't matter to the girl what was between her legs now. All she cared about was that release she knew was only minutes away.

"Good, good," she whispered excitedly. The girl moaned, writhing her shoulders on the floor. She petted the dog now with both feet while he lapped and wet her cunt again and again. Camey didn't care what Karen and the others thought about her any longer. She didn't care what her mother, father and the rest of the world would think either. All she cared about was keeping that growling animal between her thighs until she came.

"Ummnimm, yessssss!" she hissed between her teeth.

The dog growled and moved his fangs along the puffed outer cunt lips. The feeling was excruciatingly good for the girl. It hurt Camey in a way she loved. She humped her back harder, pressing her cuntal mound up harder for him to eat. She loved that sharp, hard feeling against her pussy. For a second she pictured the dog on top of her, his fangs bared, his rubbery lips pulled back while spit dribbled from his mouth. How would it be to be completely at his mercy as he threatened to tear out her throat?

The thought made her cunt muscles cramp up again, massaging the dog's pointed snout. Her pussy was getting closer and closer to climax. Her hair clung to her dampened cheeks and forehead.

She lay back, wriggling on the floor, feeling her pussy explode with a wild, killing climax.

"AAIJHHHH!" Camey cried, feeling the world crash down into her cunt. The blonde teenager had no idea that a dog could make anyone feel this way. Of course it was nothing more than one wet surface rubbing against another. But still the thought of having an animal do this sort of thing... well, it nearly made her faint!

Camey plunged and writhed and grunted with the ecstatic tickle that took a long time to unwind. She felt choked at times as the stunning spasms tore through her body. Even when she closed her thighs to the dog to keep him away now that her orgasm had peaked the shepherd whined and nosed around her, wanting to get back between her legs. Through the red fog that had settled on her brain Camey realized he wanted to mount her, to take care of his sexual needs. The blonde also knew that if Rick and Jack hadn't run out of film, as they had announced just as she'd come, Karen might have made her go that far with the animal.

Camey curled up and hunched away from the whining dog. He was trying to rub his doggie cock against her leg. Camey felt something incredibly hot and slick touching her flesh, and she cried out. No, no, she wasn't going to let him fuck her. No, that was going too far!


She handed Jack a short piece of rope, which he tied tightly to Camey's ankles. The girl cried out, feeling the blood stop flowing to her feet.

"A little less tight," Karen said, observing the girl's violent reaction.

Jack muttered, adjusted the half-inch line, and secured it with a figure-eight knot. Camey cried out, moving her legs back and forth slightly, feeling the rough surface of the rope chafing her tender flesh.

"Her hands?" Jack asked, holding another short piece of line in the air.

"Leave them. I enjoy watching them trying to free themselves," Karen said, her cheeks glowing with excitement. She looked like a girl getting ready for her first big dance.

"Put it over the beam. It'll hold her," Karen said, rolling her eyes up and staring at a long ceiling beam directly above the young woman.

Jack took one end of another rope and secured it to the line holding Camey's ankles together. After satisfying himself the job was done well he threw the rope over the beam, pulling it taut. Jack helped him, grabbing the free end of the rope and yanking it down with all his strength.

Camey cried out, feeling the rope around her ankles tighten as the line attached to it and the beam grew straight. She felt her body slide a few inches along the cold floor while her legs gradually angled up toward the ceiling. The tension increased in her muscles and tendons.

"No, don't, oh, God no!"

Camey kept screaming at them. Once or twice she shot out both hands and tried desperately to stop herself. She clawed at the slick surface of the basement floor, only to bring about the laughter of her captors.

"Higher, pull her higher," Karen ordered.

Jack and Rick grunted. Pieces of wood from the beam rained down on them as they yanked.

Camey screamed, only her shoulder blades and the back of her neck now touching the floor. The muscles in her legs and thighs were beginning to cramp while the rope was cutting into the flesh of her ankles. The two young men paused for a second, wiping their sweaty foreheads on their muscular upper arms, then went back to pulling.

"That's it. Leave her head dangling about a foot off the floor," Karen said, smiling as she watched Camey's body finally hoisted clear of the floor.

"Ohhhhhh, God, God, help meeeee!" Camey wailed.

The pressure on her ankles and legs was terrible. She was hanging from the ceiling upside down like a side of beef. Her body swung slightly from side to side, turning slowly. Camey was completely helpless. She thought her legs would pull out of her hip joints. Once or twice she tried to curl up, reaching her hands toward her ankles in a desperate attempt to lessen the pressure of the ropes against her flesh.

"I think I'm going to have some fun now," Karen mused out loud, moving back, her eyes riveted on the hanging blonde girl while she reached down and pulled out what appeared to be a short stick of some kind. Unraveling several strands sticking from one end of it, Karen showed the blonde teen that the stick was actually a buggy whip!

"Oh, why, why?" Camey sobbed, her flesh already stinging.

Karen stepped up to her, fingering the strips of black leather on the end of the whip, licking her lips with excitement.

"Why? There doesn't have to be a reason why," Karen mocked, her eyes narrowing.

"I... don't understand," Camey stammered, watching that whip as the older woman stepped back.

"Some people are born to dominate. There's nothing more to it than that. You tried to upset that order," Karen said, her smile fading. "Now, I'm here to correct that."

With those words the woman stiffened, snapping one hand back and sending the leather strips of the whip whistling through the air. Camey shrieked, her eyes bugging out as she saw the arm cut [missing text].

Chapter NINE

Karen's fingers closed around the handle of the whip. Camey noticed the slightest tremor of excitement in the woman's right hand as she studied the helpless blonde teen hanging from the ceiling beam.

"Harder, baby, harder," Jack breathed. "Yeah, really slice it into her," Rick said. Both men were cupping their bulging crotches, working their fingers over their dicks while Karen rubbed one end of the buggy whip teasingly over Camey's flesh.

The teenager hissed with terror at the touch of that cold black leather. At times she thought Karen would send the thin leather straps hissing across her skin. But the older woman was only teasing her, probing her tits, at times even rubbing the instrument of torture against her cunt lips.

"Man, make her know she's gettin' a fuckin' good beating," Rick said, anxious to see the show begin again.

"All right," Karen said simply.

Raising her right hand again the tall woman brought the whip down hard between Camey's thighs. The leather thongs struck hard against her clit, sending the girl off into spasms of agony.

"EEEYYYAAAGHHH!" she screamed, writhing insanely as pain ripped through her body. No longer was she thinking about how hot her tender little cunt was. Now Camey was fighting for her sanity, struggling to twist her body around from the killing pain inflicted on her by that terrible whip.

The whip hit her a second time, this blow off to the left. It bruised her left thigh. Again and again Karen brought the leather down. The pulling of the ropes on her ankles seemed to intensify the pain even more. Her asscheeks jiggled and bounced. Karen kept striking the girl's flesh, whipping it again and again, raising welts on her belly and thighs.

"Oh yeah, yeah, Karen baby, come on, let me try it," Rick begged.

"My hand is getting a little tired," Karen admitted, wiping her forehead with the back of one hand. Sighing, she handed her whip over to the tail blond weightlifter.

"Yeah, beg for it, baby, go on, beg for it," Rick muttered, fingering the whip with one hand while staring wild-eyed at her.

"He means that we've found some of the girls actually enjoy this sort of thing you're one, I think, that will," Karen said, folding her arms in front of her and sneering at Camey.

The blonde shook her head from side to side. Never, never could she enjoy something like this. It was a disgrace, it was a painful humiliation she couldn't imagine enjoying. They were all sick, perverted!

"Beg!" Rick repeated, holding the whip high over his head. His muscles tensed, rippled under the smooth tanned flesh.

"No, no!" Camey spat back defiantly.

The crop sliced over her jiggling tits, then more accurately over her stiff nipples. Camey threw her arms over her jugs protectively, shrieking obscenities back at her tormentors, telling them exactly what she thought they were.

Rick was infuriated. Reaching out, he spun the girl round, then standing back and watching her body twirl around as the rope unwound. Then he brought the whip down again and again.

Camey thought she was going to lose consciousness. She felt the blood pounding in her head. She no longer felt the incredible hot sting of the individual blows. The girl was growing used to the pain, feeling only the pressure of the leather as it criss-crossed her body with whip stripes.

"Stop," Karen ordered, putting out one hand. "Let her hang for a while."

The three of them talked for a while as Camey hung limply from the ceiling. She sobbed, reaching up after some time and rubbing the sore areas of her body. She saw large, ugly, dark-purple marks appearing on her legs, thighs and belly. At least they hadn't broken her flesh with that leather crop!

Nearly fifteen minutes passed before the three of them returned to her.

"Lower her," Karen ordered.

Quickly Rick untied the knot fastening the free end of the rope to an upright beam just behind Camey. The girl let out a sigh of relief when her back touched the floor again. The tension that had nearly pulled her legs out of joint eased.

"Bind her wrists together, then string her back up... head first," Karen said, an icy smile crossing her thin lips again.

Rick and Jack murmured approval. Camey shook her head from side to side, not struggling to get free. Jack wrapped another short piece of line around her wrists, holding her as Rick adjusted the long rope around that line and hauled her back up toward the ceiling. Camey felt strong pain as the ropes cut into her flesh. Her weight, pulling down on the ropes, made all the welts hurt even more. Once again Camey found no pleasure in this.

"Ohhhh," the girl moaned. She looked at Karen who was standing in front of her, holding what appeared to be a rubber cock. It was a dildo.

"See this? It's a special design," Karen said, twisting the instrument around and pretending to examine it herself for the first time. "See, when I squeeze this bulb attached to it part of it swell up. Those bumps," she said, demonstrating it for the wide-eyed teen, "stretch you apart without tearing. And if I finish this with water you'll get a kind of cunt enema."

With those words Karen's face lit up.

"Oh no, just leave me alone!" Camey gasped.

"Oh no, you don't want to be left alone," Karen nearly gasped. She was growing more and more excited. A dark wet patch appeared around her crotch panel. Her nipples pressed hard against the thin material of her bra. She fingered the dildo lovingly.

"What are you doing?" Camey asked in a trembling voice. She felt the ropes biting into her wrists even more than before.

"I'm getting ready," Karen said, turning around and walking over to a small sink to the left. She turned the spigot, filling the dildo half full with icy water. Karen studied the instrument dripping with water, turning around and smiling coldly at the helpless blonde teen. Camey shivered, imagining the discomfort she'd experience when that grotesque thing was shoved in her cunt.

"Do you want the honors?" Karen asked Rick with some reluctance.

Camey heaved a sigh of frustration when Rick took the rubber dick filled with water and shoved it into her tight pussy without warning. The dildo was so thick, felt so strange in her cunt. She jerked her knees up, trying to snap them tighter together. But the ropes around her ankles kept them from moving.

Stark terror shot through the girl as she realized Karen's pleasures derived primarily from causing her pain. The woman wasn't interested right now in money. No, she was enjoying this shabby scene of manipulative humiliation. She was controlling those men just as she was controlling Camey.

Camey felt ice shoot along her spine as she stared into Rick's glittering eyes. Would he believe her if she were to tell him what she thought about Karen? Would either he or Jack admit to having been manipulated by this woman, or did they already realize her game and played along for the sexual rewards?


Camey jiggled on the rope. When the dildo was all the way in Camey felt a strange kind of suction surrounding her outer cunt lips. She realized a plastic suction cup at the base of the dildo had attached itself, preventing air from touching her pussy.

"Now, babe, you're gonna go to the moon," Rick said. Slowly he started squeezing the dangling rubber bulb.

"EeeeAAAGHHH!" Camey screamed as the icy water splashed all around her hot cunt. It washed her down, making the girl writhe in agony as her hot, slick folds of her pussy were stretched by that rubber dick. Twice the girl tried to spread her thighs apart to ease the stretching, tearing sensation. But the ropes kept her from doing that. Agony shot through every fiber of her body while she screamed like a wounded animal.

"Yeah, yeah," Rick whispered, sweat beading on his forehead. All three of them stared at the young blonde as she writhed on the ropes, bouncing up and down, frantically trying to get away from the cold as more water entered her cunt.

"Oh, God, please, please stop it! You're killing me, KILLING MEEE!"

She snapped her head back, her long blonde hair sweeping between her shoulders. The cords of her neck stood out while her face flushed red, then drained white of blood.

"Take it out," Karen snapped. She saw Camey's eyeballs roll up into her head. In another second the girl would have passed out from the pain and shock.

Obediently Rick twisted the dildo around, unscrewing the odd-looking dick from her pussy. With a rushing, whooshing sound all the water spilled from her cunt and splashed onto the floor.

"Uhhhohhhhh," Camey sighed, her muscles relaxing. She felt her cuntal walls shrinking back to their normal position. Opening her eyes the girl shot a glance of hatred at the two men and Karen. It was what they wanted tore.

"See if she likes it in the asshole," Karen snapped.

"No, no, not there, not him!" she screamed, her eyes darting in Jack's direction. She knew he enjoyed fucking in the ass, enjoyed tormenting a woman by driving his dick up her shitter and leaving her cunt alone while pile-driving his cock between a hot pair of asscheeks. Now with that vile weapon in his hand God only knew what he was going to do.

"In ya go," Jack said, moving around the hanging girl.

"No, no, oh, God NOOO!" Camey cried, twisting her head around as best she could and peering down at the leering dark-haired athlete. He was smoothing his palms over her asscheeks, feeling the fine hairs covering those white globes.

Camey tried moving her legs away from, him, twisting her body away from his probing fingers.

But it was futile. She felt his fingers pushing apart her tight wrinkled shitter lips. She shrieked, snapping her body from side to side. The device was moving in, forcing her bowels to form a tunnel. Camey's eyes bulged as she wailed louder.

"She's got a nice tight asshole, even though I fucked the shit outta it," Jack said.

Suddenly he stiffened, looking at Karen who pretended to ignore his remark. He felt his heart sink a little, knowing full well the woman didn't like to be countered in any order. She didn't like her victims "tried out" before she got her hands on them.

"AHHHRHHH!" Camey screamed, wriggling even more frantically.

She twisted on the rope, the line cutting into her wrists cruelly. The girl sobbed, pleading for him to stop fucking her ass with that dildo. Then came the rush of cold water. It was as if all her insides had buckled against her shrinking bowels. Camey thought she was going to faint from the odd sensation. It was as if she were trying to take a shit and couldn't.

"You've enjoyed yourself enough," Karen said.

"Yeah, yeah," Jack answered, not wanting to counter the girl. Thoughts that he'd be cut out of this operation and the fun that went along with it entered his mind. Nothing was worth losing all that bread.

"Ohhhhh, no, no, nooooo," Camey cried, burying her face in her arms. Once again she sagged on the ropes, her toes nearly touching the cement floor.

Jack had pulled the enema out of her shitter, laughing as the water trickled from her asshole and wet down her thighs. Camey shuddered. Hadn't they tortured her enough? Hadn't they degraded her so completely that she wouldn't be able to look at herself in the mirror for months?

"Easy, boy, easy," Karen said, holding the dog down. The older woman's German shepherd had been prancing around the basement, barking loudly while Camey dangled and kicked and jerked in her bound position. "Take her down. Sport wants to play again," Karen ordered.

"Let's really make it rough for her," Rick suggested, leaning over and whispering into the woman's ear.

Karen's face lit up as she nodded in approval.

"You're not going to forget this so easily, honey," she said as Jack loosened the rope and slowly let the blonde teen down. "Don't untie her wrists," Karen said, eyeing Jack angrily once again. "Take her back over to the desk."

Camey moaned loudly as Rick and Jack pushed her over the floor toward that piece of furniture. Were they going to fuck her again? She screamed as her knees banged hard against the front of the desk. Rick gabbed her around the waist and hauled her up, throwing her like a sack of potatoes onto the top of the desk. Before she had a chance to think Jack had taken over up front, pulling her forward while Rick pulled more lengths of rope from the valise Karen had brought down earlier.

"Oh, God, not more!" Camey whispered to herself as she saw the handsome blond athlete come at her. It was hard to resign, herself to more bondage, more torture, more humiliation. He grabbed her bound wrists, tugging them forward then wrapping a long piece of line around them.

"This'll hold you," he muttered, looping the rope around one leg of the heavy desk and securing it with a knot.

Camey peered down at the floor, then moved her eyes to the left only to see the German shepherd she'd heard Karen call Sport standing quietly by Rick's side. His long pink tongue hung from one corner of his mouth while his eyes glistened with excitement. She could hear the dog's panting, and unconsciously matched her breathing with his.

Rick moved behind her and untied the rope that had secured her ankles together.

"Ohhhhh," Camey moaned with relief, wishing she could reach back and rub the sore, chafed area. Tears sprang to her eyes. Lord, how much more was she expected to go through before her ordeal would be over?

"There ya go," Rick said, looping one rope a little higher on her leg than the first had been, securing it to a desk drawer handle. He performed the same operation on her other leg, thus making sure the girl's ass rode high in the air while her thighs were widely spread apart.

"Let's give Sport a little incentive," Karen said, whispering once more to the blond weightlifter.

Rick laughed, then turned and ran up the stairs, taking two at a time. Karen folded her arms and strolled easily in front of the panting, embarrassed young teenager.

"Let me go," Camey begged. It was useless, but it was all she could think of to say. She had to say something. She just couldn't squat here and be silent!

"In time," the woman replied, still smiling that icy smile that chilled Camey to the bone. "I just want to make sure you don't forget us."

Camey stared the woman in the eyes. Yes, she would have made a perfect concentration camp commandant.

"Got it!" Rick shouted from the top of the stairs, running down so quickly he stumbled twice. Camey saw him holding a small can in one hand as he moved around behind her. She picked up a meaty kind of odor, and only when he was smearing something on her pussy lips did she realize it was dog food!

"STOP! STOP IT!" she screamed, tugging at her bound wrists so hard the rope began slicing away the skin. Camey wanted to throw up. This was awful, vile, sickening! Why did they have to do something like this? Wouldn't the animal be excited enough? If she had to submit to the dog once again, did she have to do it this way?

"Yeah, nice little pussy, all smeared up with this shit," Rick said, making a face after greasing down the screaming young woman's cunt. Bits of the red meat clung to Camey's cuntal hairs as she jerked and twitched on top of the desk.

Sport was whining, stretching his head up and trying to lick Camey's face. When she saw what he was trying to do the girl screamed down at him, wishing she could tear one arm free just for a second to hit the animal hard across the head.

"Come on, boy, come on," Karen said, clapping her hands briskly behind Camey.

The animal didn't need much coaxing. He'd been trained well enough. With a loud bark lie trotted around to the rear, sniffed the air, then leaped onto the desk. Camey wailed with despair as she felt the dog's hot breath against her asscheeks one more time.

Chapter TEN

Camey's tits brushed over the desk top. Why couldn't she control her own body? Why, after that humiliating act Rick had performed, couldn't she keep her cunt from getting so damned hot and tight? Didn't she have any pride, any respect for herself? Was she so much of a whore, a slut, that she heated up every time something hot, stiff and wet started playing around with her pussy?

These and other questions whirled around her mind as Sport began his slow licking session with Camey. The touch of his tongue gave her a feverish chill. He was tasting both her and the food. She could hear him smacking his lips as he cleaned off the particles of meat that clung to her cuntal hairs, then worked the grease off her cunt lips.

"Ohhhhh," Camey sighed. The effect of that animal's tongue was electric. The first time he'd touched her there had been revolting. But now Camey felt none of the social and moral restrictions she felt before. The beatings, the fucks, the humiliating acts she'd had to endure before those laughing, mocking people had stripped away her pride. Now she squatted there, hogtied, helpless, cringing under the dog's oral caresses. What else could she do except lie back and enjoy it?

Moving back and forth Camey found she could rub her nipples against her arms and the desk top. The effect was electric. She sensed the tension in her body building. She felt the connections forming between her tits, cunt and asshole. The tickle of her nipples had started slick juices flowing between her cunt lips, adding to the flavor of that greasy dog meat Sport was still licking off.

When she rocked her hips as best she could, Camey felt that strange buttery heat spreading. Even after all she'd endured the girl found herself ready for more. Camey felt her breathing growing shallow. She licked her dry lips, tossing her head from side to side, shaking the blonde hair from her eyes. Her belly was trembling while the animal kept up his lapping.

Camey twisted her head around, peering over her left shoulder. She could barely see his pointed ears standing straight up. At times she made out his tail swishing back and forth. He was excited, growling deep in his throat, wanting more than just a licking session this time. Camey could sense this. And now she was completely helpless to prevent something like a doggie fuck from happening. They had tied her well.

The touch of his tongue made her belly buck with fear. Then the heat from her pussy took over, making Camey relax and fall into a drowsy kind of sexuality. She burned with a wild fever. Closing her eyes the blonde gave herself over completely to that steady, wonderful lapping across her pussy lips.

At times, when his tongue stiffened and entered her hot buttery cunt, Camey thought she'd die from ecstasy. She felt her cuntal muscles tremble, convulse, then contract, trying to trap that wonderful tongue and squeeze the life from it. She wriggled her ass around in frantic circles then, breathing with a whining sound through her nostrils. All the muscles in her body trembled and bulged against her sweaty flesh. What kind of sick, wild hunger had taken her over? Camey could hear the dog's lips smacking against one another, could hear the wet lapping sounds of his tongue raking over her pussy. Ohhhh, how lovely those sounds were to her cars!


Sport nuzzled his black nose between her flushed, bloated cunt lips, trying to shove more of his maw into her. Camey thought she was going to faint from pleasure! The short bristly hairs surrounding his nose tickled the girl's sensitive pussy unbearably! She jerked her asscheeks from side to side, wanting more and at the same time wanting him to stop. Her movements were completely uninhibited now.

"Come on, boy, fuck her," Rick breathed.

"Oh, ohhhh," Camey groaned. The aching pleasure between her legs intensified incredibly. The animal was eating her out, lapping at the squishy, steamy mess between her thighs. His tongue bathed the bottom of her asscheeks, moved up to her asshole, then back down to her juicy little cunt. The insides of her thighs, her ass, and her cunt were dripping with Sport's spit.

"Go for it, man, go for it!" Jack whispered, fingering his cock.

The dog needed little encouragement from them. His pink tongue was driving rapidly up and down Camey's cuntal crack.

It was so good, so shamelessly good! Her clit burned from the steady lapping friction. Camey tried spreading her legs even farther apart, wanting the dog to get at every inch of her cunt.

She gasped and babbled senselessly as the dog lapped her. Drool oozed from the corners of her mouth as she moved her ass up, let it fall down, then moved it back up again. She twisted from side to side, wishing she could tear through the ropes to increase the lovely feelings washing over her.

Camey cried out excitedly. Her nostrils burned with the air she sucked in to feed her trembling body while her chest tightened horribly. The dog's lapping seemed to be everywhere on her body. How devastating it was to feel his tongue continually caressing her ring of pulsing cuntal muscles.

"No, NOOO!" Camey cried. She felt the tender membranes filling with more blood. The thought of her climaxing like this with the animal hurried her on. She pitched on the desk, straining the ropes until they groaned from the pressure. Camey wanted to embrace the animal like a human lover, to scissor her legs around his powerful neck and feed her pussy up to him.

But the ropes prevented her from doing anything except moving her ass from side to side and screaming with frustration at her human tormentors.

Then suddenly the licking stopped. Camey's eyes opened. She stared blankly at the wall in front of her, her mouth open. A rush of air came from between her trembling lips. What had happened? Why had Sport stopped that wonderful oral caress?

The answer came soon enough. There was some movement behind her. What was he doing? Then she felt his forepaws scratching at her ass. He lay one paw on the top of her ass crack. He seemed to be studying something, weighing something in that little mind of his.

Then suddenly Camey felt a furry weight bowing her back. He'd mounted her, climbed on top of her and wrapped his forelegs around her chest. The blonde groaned, unable to scream any longer. She felt the air squeezed from her lungs by this sudden weight.

"Man, go for it!" Rick said.

Camey thrust out her ass to make the angle of her pussy right. But what was right? How could she possibly know or even care what angle her ass had to be at in order to make the dog's fucking easy?

Well, it didn't much matter. Sport was going to have his way one way or the other. She might as well make it easier for him and get it over with.

"Uhhhh!" the girl grunted. A thrill filled her chest. She was doing something forbidden, not even mentioned in whispers. Shaking her head, the young blonde curtained her face with her hair. She didn't want her tormentors to see the insane pleasure she was feeling. Her shapely ass moved, dipped, rose, then fell again. Something hot, very, very hot brushed her cuntal crack.

"Fuck... fuck..."

Camey was babbling, throwing her ass around to urge the animal on. Her mind was reeling with excitement. Camey knew she was walking a thin dangerous line. There were limits a person shouldn't go beyond! And as she sobbed, feeling the animal's cock gouging against her cunt lips, the girl knew she had trespassed into that forbidden territory.


Camey felt the red barb penetrate her pussy mouth. The cuntal muscles convulsed again, clamping shut, trying to keep Sport's knobby little boner out. But the dog was determined, tightening his grip around her upper chest while moving his hind legs up against the backs of hers. Camey could feel the furry warmth of those hindquarters pressing against her body. Her flesh glistened with sweat as a combination of panic and sexual pleasure shot through her mind.


He was in, actually in! Camey's eyelids fluttered while a steady low groan came from her throat. She could feel those tiny bumps and knobs tickling her convulsing pussy walls with excruciating madness. Quickly the dog had begun his fucking movements. She could feel his dick pistoning rapidly in and out of her hole, could hear that wet sucking sound of fucking. He was whining, moving his head from one of her shoulders to the other, finally resting it in the valley created by her jutting shoulderblades.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!"

Camey didn't know what she was saying. All she knew was that the feeling in her pussy was reaching a terrible explosive state. The pressure was maddening. Her eyes glazed over and rolled up into her head as the animal gave her the final fucking thrusts. Then with a high-pitched wail Sport stiffened, his hindquarters trembling mightily.

Camey could feel his prick jerking inside her pussy, firing long, steady squirts of doggie spunk into her hole. Tossing her head back, the girl went wild. The world seemed to blow to pieces in front of her. Her cunt contracted, gripping the German shepherd's dick and holding tightly onto it while the cock fired and fired.

Camey didn't know how long she remained in that obscene position. The dog had jumped off her quickly after having dropped his load. She heard Karen laughing at her, telling her no man would want her from now on. Even Rick and Jack, who normally would have fucked her at the drop of a hat, made fun of her, saying that even her mouth and asshole didn't turn them on any more.

Someone untied the ropes, lifted her down from the desk and gave her the torn remains of her bikini. Like a robot Camey slid the tiny pieces of material over her tits and thighs. How strange it was to be wearing even these small bits of clothing!

"Okay, baby, you can get the fuck outta here now," Rick said, looking at the pictures again. He was smiling dirtily at her.

"And don't forget," Karen said, tilting her head in the direction of the photos. "You say anything to Brad, you so much as talk to him and I'll make sure these photos get around. Understand?"

Camey nodded, hugging the beach towel close to her body. Now that she was on the brink of freedom she felt waves of guilt and shame wash over her like tidal waves. In a way the girl wished she could stay here with these people. At least there wouldn't be the world's condemnation to face.

"Okay, then get the fuck out," Jack said, moving behind her and pushing her roughly toward the stairway.

Camey stumbled, regained her balance and climbed the stairs. She felt tired, exhausted, shamed. Where could she go? Gould she face her parents after this ordeal? The marks on her body would tell them everything, or nearly so. Could she stand her mother's screams, her father's outrage and probing stare?

"Outside," Jack barked, holding the rear kitchen door open.

Brad! She had to find Brad. He'd know what to do. Even at the risk of having those pictures shown around she had to tell him what had happened, warn him about Karen and his so-called friend, Rick.

Chapter ELEVEN

"They did WHAT?" Brad asked, his eyes wide with disbelief and surprise.

"They... beat me with... whips and... fucked me," Camey stammered, hiding her face in shame in her hands. She felt sick. The room swayed and whirled around her as she made this confession to Brad. It was getting hard to breathe! Sucking in air through her mouth, the young woman wondered if coming to him was so wise.


Camey wondered if he was going to believe her. She'd stumbled into his apartment in the early hours of the morning, sobbing hysterically with obvious beating marks on her body. Brad had taken her in, locked the door and let her sleep for at least nine hours. When she awakened Camey was less determined to tell him the truth about what happened than before. But she knew an explanation was needed.

Slowly Camey began her story, telling him everything... everything except about Sport. How could she confess to anyone what had happened with the animal. Brad sat on the edge of his bed, occasionally shaking his head from side to side as the teenager sobbed.

When she was through Camey looked up through her tears, wondering if Brad would throw her out. She didn't know why he was now so important in her life. She knew only that he was.

"My old lady's fuckin' money," he muttered, dropping his eyes to the floor. "It's been more damned trouble than it's worth. Too bad about Karen," he said, his voice changing a little. "She was a damned good fuck in the sack."

There was a note of regret mixed with anger. "And Rick and Jack too?"

He looked at her for confirmation. Camey nodded, burying her face in her hands once more and sobbing hysterically. The force of what she'd done hit her squarely in the face now.

"Hey, come on, it's over now. No one's gonna hit you up any more," Brad said, moving over to the crying young woman and stroking her hair gently.

Camey felt her body glow all over. For the first time in a long time she was safe. Leaning over, the girl rested her head on his bare chest, loving the sensation of his fingers caressing her thighs. Oh, but she was so tired, so sore could she do anything with him? Was he even thinking about doing something with her, especially after the ordeal she'd endured?

Camey's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar sound on the stairs. It was Karen's step. She'd recognize that step anywhere. Camey stiffened, pulling sharply away from Brad and standing up. She felt all the blood drain from her body and swayed from side to side as if she were going to faint. No, that woman couldn't find her here!

"In here," Brad said, guessing her thoughts and rushing toward the bathroom.

Camey didn't need any persuasion. Gathering up her towel the young girl dashed into the tiny room, sitting on the stool after having locked the door.

At first she could hear only the murmur of voices behind the mirrored door. Nothing much seemed to be going on.

Then the sound of an argument began. There was shouting, screaming, threats, then finally the report of several slaps followed by shrill female screams. Furniture was overturned, glass broken, and all that accompanied by more screams.

Camey was horrified. Brad was beating Karen up, thrashing her within an inch of her life while threatening her with a violent death. Camey could hear something mentioned about a "fuckin' young girl." But then there were sounds of more slapping followed by more shrieking.

Finally it was over. There was the sound of the front door slamming, then silence. Camey felt her hair stand on end as Brad walked to the bathroom door and knocked gently on it.

"Okay, babe, come on out," he said softly.

Camey stood up, gathered her courage and unlocked the door. What had Karen told him? When she looked into his amused face she guessed everything. And when she saw those five photos fanned out in his right hand the girl collapsed with a groan.

"Hey, no dramatics here," Brad said, bending down and scooping her up in his arms.

But he saw she'd passed out. Kissing her gently on the forehead the weightlifter laid her down on the mattress, letting her sleep for nearly two hours.

"Wh-what happened?" Camey stammered, rubbing her eyes open while wiggling her ass on the soft mattress. Then she remembered and flushed beet red.

"Actually Karen should go into photography. These aren't bad," Brad said, waving the pictures in the air. He was sitting opposite her in a chair, completely naked. His dick was lying across his thigh, semi-erect.

"How... could you even talk to me after seeing... those," Camey managed to say.

"Babe, I don't give a fuck what they made you do. Seems she said you dug it. I dunno," Brad said, shrugging his shoulders. "The way I see it you're a damn fuckin' sight better 'n that group I was hanging' around with. At least you don't want my old lady's cash."

Camey felt a chill rush up and down her spine.

"Come on, better clean up."

Camey thought of that old cracked bathtub in that house. She shivered, then felt better when Brad nodded toward his bathroom and smiled. Quickly she washed, sitting in the tub for some time and letting the warm water soothe her injured flesh. If only she could wash away the memory of what had happened to her. In time, she knew, it would all fade. At least the horror of what had occurred was tempered somewhat by Brad's presence.

"That's better," he said from the mattress as she entered the room with a long white bath towel wrapped around her body. Camey walked slowly toward him. She let the towel fall from her body. "Too bad about them," Brad said, pointing at several ugly purple welts. "But it don't matter much. I kinda like 'em... you know, like beauty marks."

Camey smiled weakly. How could she feel ashamed? Kicking the towel to one side she dropped to the mattress. In seconds she was enfolded in his strong arms, pressed hard to his body. Oh, how hot his lips felt sliding over her throat! How much better this was then all that shouting, all that beating. Even now, with her aching muscles, her chafed flesh, her tortured mind, Camey was enjoying herself immensely.

Her cunt flooded with hot juice. Her tits ached for his touch. As if reading her mind Brad backed up and moved his hands over her nipples, squeezing them. Camey closed her eyes and let out a long, shivering sigh.

"Ohhh, what are you doing to me?" she asked. Camey let herself be rolled over onto her belly, then he pulled her up by the hips until she was on her knees, her face resting sideways on the pillow. Camey didn't have the strength to push herself up on her hands.

"I liked the way you looked in those shots... you know with the mutt like this," Brad breathed into her ear.

Camey should have felt a rush of shame at that suggestion. But instead the girl experienced, an excitement she'd never known before. He was turned on by those dirty pictures of her. How wonderful it was not to be condemned for what she'd done. How many people would have spit at her for what she'd let happen. But instead Brad was turning on to her!

Brad knelt behind her, working his greedy fingers along the insides of her thighs, forcing apart her pussy lips so he could work a finger into her cunt. The finger moved along her tender walls, probing around until she grunted with the teasing sensation of almost being filled.

Camey growled, bobbing her ass around. She felt so weak, unable to turn around and see what he was doing to her.

"Want my dick?"

Camey didn't have to answer that question. Yes, of course, her ass pranced for it. She wanted to be raped by it, fucked until she couldn't talk any longer. Brad spread her thighs farther apart with his strong hands. She felt peeled open, stretched. Her knees spread wide on the mattress. Then he tucked under and up, a powerful lunge forward that took her knees off the mattress.

She sighed. His cock drove along the velvety lining of her cunt. His cock seemed so huge, especially after the dog's smaller dick.

"Oh, when you pull back like that... oh, God, I'm gonna shit!" Camey cried.

Her arms trembled and threatened to collapse. Then she let them go and fell against the pillow. Her ass was still high in the air and prancing around as Brad dug his fingers into her soft hips and fucked deep. Sometimes the only thing touching her was his cock and fingers. He had them hooked around her pelvic bones, holding her firmly in his control.

"Oh, fuck, FUCK!"

Camey was rising quickly toward climax. All the events of the day before combined with the delicious sensation of Brad fucking her here and now. She sucked in lungfuls of air while the big man climbed her, fucking her powerfully. His dick made squishy, sexy noises as it probed deeply into her pussy. It was heaven! That sensation of his thick hunk of hot meat in her cunt made her clench at the mattress and whimper.

"Oh, baby, no, now, NOW!" Brad suddenly shouted, holding her more tightly.

"YESSSS!" Camey screeched back. She felt hot streaks of her juice dribbling down her thighs. She was soaked with her own fuck oil. She wanted to fuck every way there was to fuck now. And when the killing spasms washed over her cunt, making her muscles clamp down hard on the athlete's spurting cock, Camey hoped their fucking spree would go on for hours.

Minutes later they were side by side, his fingers stroking her throat gently while he made small, fucking motions with his thighs against her hips.

"What did you tell Karen?" Camey finally dared to ask.

"I told her everything you told me plus a few goodies I figured out on my own. I don't think we'll be seeing much of her," Brad said, smiling down at her. "Just keep out of her way for a while. I know Karen now," Brad said, smiling grimly. "She'll find another fish soon enough."

"But those pictures..."

"Hey, don't worry. I'll tear 'em up... after I get through usin' 'em for my own enjoyment," Brad said.

Camey felt another rush of joy flash through her. Yes, let him keep them, jack off over them. She didn't care.

As she kissed Brad's hungry mouth, thrusting her hips against his hand, she didn't care about Karen and what had happened... the girl had suffered, but had learned a great deal about herself. Maybe she and Brad would try out some of those kinky things forced on her earlier. As Camey sucked the weightlifter's tongue into her mouth she thought only of fucking and the joys waiting for her. Let the world frown. The world didn't have to know what had happened to her, or what was about to happen.

"Fuck, fuck," she whispered in Brad's ear as he rolled on top of her and pushed her tender young thighs apart with his knees. She could go on like this forever. And with a little luck, Camey swore she would.


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